An Erotic Head Trip

The first words I ever said to Eve were, “Yes, ma’am!” That
seems funny now, looking back on all that happened that summer, all
the things we did, the things we said, all that Eve taught me.

It was one of the first warm, sunny days of summer and I was
working at the boathouse of a large resort in upstate New York. I’d
worked there every summer vacation during college, starting out my
freshman year as a busboy, working my way up to the job I really
wanted, boatman. I loved being near the water and it gave me plenty of
free time to study because the resort guests would usually come by in
the morning and check out a boat or a canoe and bring it back late in
the day. I had the peace and quiet of the boathouse along with good
books and sunshine every day. What more could a guy want? I was about
to find out.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, “one canoe, coming right up.” I hadn’t
heard her walk up and now she was standing in front of me, wearing
only a white bikini. She was tall, with long slender legs, wide firm
hips, a slim waist and full round breasts. Her eyes, set in a tanned,
finely modeled face framed by shoulder length blonde hair, were light
blue. They were looking at me quizzically, as though she were
thinking, `About time you got around to noticing my eyes!’ I also
noticed her wedding band.

“Will your husband be joining you?” I asked, wondering whether
she would want a small canoe or a large one.

“He’ll be joining me in about a month!” she said, her
twinkling blue eyes gazing directly into mine.”That’s why I need a
canoe – to keep me out of mischief!”

Instead of the small canoe that I suggested she asked for one
of the big ones. When I mentioned that it would be a little hard for
just one person to paddle she suggested that I join her. Well, it was
my job to be nice to the resort’s guests, right? I left the boat house
unlocked, so anyone who wanted a boat could get one, and paddled off
across the lake with…

“Eve,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“Rick. Well, really Richard, but everyone calls me Rick.”

“Hi, Rick.”

“Hi, Eve.”

I think the difference in our ages made me a little nervous,
but Eve put me at ease. She chatted gaily about her husband who was a
stockbroker in New York, her two teenage daughters, and their
penthouse apartment in the city.

The long canoe glided into the deep cool shadows under the
leafy green trees along the shore of the lake. I was paddling, and Eve
was lying back in the bow of the canoe, her long legs stretched out
toward me. Perspiration glistened on the smooth skin of her
shoulders, her white bikini top was damp, clinging to her breasts,
revealing dark, slightly erect nipples.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked, reaching an arm behind
her back to unhook the bikini top.”This thing is just too tight for
comfort.” The bikini top fell away, revealing the most beautiful
breasts I had ever seen. I expected them to sag a little when the
support of the bikini was gone, but they were firm and full, almost as
though they were reaching out to me. She glanced down at the growing
bulge in my swim trunks and smiled knowingly.

It was pretty clear to me what she wanted. I leaned forward
and kissed her. Her lips were playfully soft and inviting. Her tongue
flicked across my tongue and lips. she nibbled and bit me, letting the
long kiss take on a life of its own. Soft and then hard, teasing and
then wide, open and deep.

I could feel her mature breasts, firm and warm against my t-
shirt. My cock, hard as a rock now, pushed against her bikini bottom.
I reached down to take it off her.

“Wait,” she whispered. “I want to do something special for
you.” She gently pushed me back.”Relax, Rick. Lie back,” she said. She
pulled my trunks down over my erect cock and then slipped them off.
“Take your t-shirt off too, ” she murmured.

Starting at my face and neck and shoulders she swept her
breasts across my body, slowly, her nipples swollen and hard now, her
perspiration mingling with mine in a silky smoothness. She slowly
caressed my nipples with her own. I had never really realized before
how sensitive a woman’s nipples were until that moment. I could feel a
tingling spark in my cock as Eve’s nipples brushed back and forth
across my own.

All up and down my body they moved, caressing softly, brushing
down my legs. across my toes, back up again to my cock. She spread my
legs wide and tipped my ass up with her hands. Her firm and heavy
breasts gently stroked my balls, deep down into the slit of my ass and
up the whole length of my cock.

Then she used her tongue, starting at the base of my scrotum
and flicking in gentle little circles up and around my balls. I could
feel the pressure mounting in my erect penis, in my swollen balls,
building to an explosion. Eve opened her warm, wet mouth and slowly
sucked one of my balls into it. The feeling was almost pain, an
intense sensation of pleasure mingled with total vulnerability. I
could feel her teeth snugly but gently holding my ball as her tongue
made slow circles.

She released it and her tongue licked up the length of my
cock. slowly like a little kid with a lollipop, all the way up and
then circling around and around the swollen, throbbing head. Then,
without warning and with a little giggle, she plunged my cock into her
mouth, all the way in. I thought I was going to come with that one
thrust but Eve wrapped her fingers around my balls and gently
squeezed. She held me imprisoned for a long moment, my cock rammed
against the back of her throat, my balls in the tender. gently tugging
trap of her hands.

Slowly, she brought her mouth, with her soft lips and warm
tongue caressing and teasing, all the way up to the head of my cock.
Her tongue circled around and around its super-sensitive head. And
then she slowly and fully engulfed it again. Over and over, slowly at
first, then faster. In, all the way in, then out, to tease the full
length of my stiff penis-in and out with a slowly building rhythm.

One other girl I’d gone to bed with had sucked my cock but it
had never been anything like this. It was always a kind of quick
substitute for fucking, something to be done in a hurry. I was now
learning from Eve how beautiful the sensation of a truly well-sucked
cock could be.

Each time I seemed about to come Eve sensed it and slowed the
rhythm. My cock felt as if it were getting bigger, bigger and harder
than it had ever been. My balls were throbbing as she stroked them
with her fingernails. I thrust into her throat and then she followed
with a tingling, teasing stroke of her nails across the taut skin of
my scrotum, barely touching me.

I knew coming was going to be fantastic, but Eve was teaching
me that this slow, relaxed, lazy building of passion and pressure was
just as delightful. The orgasm was going to be great, but getting
there was half the fun.

She speeded up the in-and-out rhythm, deep and teasing. When
my exploding orgasm came she rammed my cock deep into her throat.
Then, with just the head in her mouth, she sucked the last few drops,
prolonging the ecstasy. She sat back in the canoe and grinned like a
pussycat swallowing cream.

The canoe had drifted far back into the cool, dark shadows of
the big trees that draped their leafy curtain over the cool, lapping
water, blocking out the heat and the sun. Sounds of people laughing
and shouting on the beach drifted across the lake to us as we relaxed.
A dragonfly skittered over the surface of the water, a glittering
green jewel on dark blue. I had never felt so relaxed and easy about
sex before. I was lying back in the canoe, trailing my hands in the
cool water. Eve’s head was resting on my thigh, her silky blonde hair
spread across my cock and balls.

After we’d rested for a while, Eve sat up in the canoe and
leaned back. Her face wore an impish grin.

“Well, how about returning the favor?” she said.

She slipped out of her bikini bottom. The fig leaf formed by
Eve’s pubic fluff was a blonde triangle against her white skin. She
had a terrific tan, but of course it followed the pattern of the white
bikini. so the creamy, untanned skin looked like another bikini. But
this one was complete with dark pink nipples and light blonde pubic
hair. Leaning forward I reached out to cup her lovely breasts in my

“No, Rick,” she said, “no hands. Just use your mouth, see how
imaginative you can be!” There was no hint of challenge in her voice,
only a playful invitation.

Supporting my weight on my hands on the sides of the canoe I
leaned over to kiss her neck, the soft damp spot just behind her ears,
her shoulders. My mouth-lips, teeth, tongue-was the only part of my
body that was touching her, nibbling, kissing, trailing my lips and
tongue down her arms. I put one of her fingers at a time into my
mouth, sucking, nibbling. And then back to her shoulders, the smooth
hollow just below her collar bone, the firm mounds of her breasts that
hung so sweetly.

As my mouth reached the swollen plum fullness of her erect
nipples she moaned-a laughing, crying, animal moan. Slowly I sucked
one nipple into my mouth, held it gently with my teeth as my tongue
played in circles around it. The musky sweet smell of Eve was like a
warm garden, her perspiration tasted salty and spicy.

My mouth played a little game with her nipple, slowly sucking
it in, then pushing it out, past nibbling teeth, then sucking it in
again, then out, then in. Eve’s pelvis was writhing, pushing up and
open, enticing me. My mouth brushed down past her stomach, past the
line between tan and white, across a vein, blue against her pale
creamy skin, past the soft fluffy blonde bush.

“Oh, yes,” she cried. “There, there!” My tongue found Eve’s
clitoris, firm and wet, like a tiny succulent fruit in her blonde
forest. Around her clit in small circles, up into the soft hair, down
into her warm and juicy vagina, flicking back and forth across the
tiny head of her clit. The taste of Eve’s pussy was delicious, somehow
sweet and spicy at the same time.

Eve’s back was arched. and she was thrusting her warm cunt
into my face. I supported her ass in my hands as her legs hung down on
either side of my body. I buried my face in her sweet, silky, spicy
cunt as though I held a juicy melon in my hands, driving my face, my
mouth to its center to find and eat the secret kernel that lay deep
inside it. Eve’s clit was hard and engorged with blood now, like my
own erect penis, and sensitive to every move of my tongue and lips.
Her whole body quivered in rhythm to my tongue as it licked.
flickered, stroked the tiny center of Eve’s sex.

As she came she tightened her legs like a vice on my head,
holding it in place tightly against the swollen lips of her vagina-as
though I would go any where! This was terrific, an absolutely new
experience for me. a new door opened to reveal sensual delights that I
had not known existed. She came over and over again, in building
waves, her body arching, twisting, thrusting her warm, flowing vagina
into my face, tightening and then loosening her legs, and then finally
rising up in one last, wild, total orgasm that left her spent.

Later that afternoon, after we paddled the canoe back to the
boathouse. I had a swim and a shower, but the alluring smell of Eve’s
vagina seemed to cling to my face. She was planning to have dinner
with some friends who had driven up from the city but we made a date
to get together the following evening.

That evening I sat at a little table on the terrace that
overlooked the lake and watched Eve at her table across the terrace
with her friends. She was wearing a long white silk dress, simple and
low-cut. She seemed so totally the sophisticated lady, cool and in
control. I almost felt like I had dreamed the afternoon, but the
lingering smell of Eve was a reminder that it had really happened. She
had a nineteen-year-old daughter and I was only twenty-three, so I
suppose she was old enough to be my mother. However, the firm full
breasts I had held in my mouth that afternoon seemed anything but
motherly, I thought with a grin.

Sleep was not easy for me alone in my bed that night with the
memory of Eve’s pussy in my mouth. Tomorrow night seemed like an
eternity away. But time does pass, even when it crawls like a snail. I
knocked on Eve’s door about ten the next night.

“I always bring my own sheets up here,” she said as she opened
her bed, revealing a sea of dark-blue silk. As she lay back on the
smooth sheets the light blue of her eyes gave off electric sparks. Her
flowing blonde hair formed a veil of golden lace across her tanned
shoulders, caressing the creamy, blue-veined fullness of her breasts,
the dark pink of her nipples.

We talked for a while as we sipped the cold white wine that
Eve had ordered from room service. The silk sheets, the relaxing
conversation, the smooth loveliness of Eve, created a mellow mood that
was a bewitching mixture of easy going companionship and promised
passion. I was learning from Eve to slow down, to ease into sex, to
take my time and let the emotion grow, the passion build. With other
girls I had always rushed. Coming was so great, let’s get to it, I’d
always thought. Eve was teaching me all the gentle, subtle steps along
the way, that felt so good themselves.

As we talked she began to stroke my cock, caress my balls with
just the tips of her nails, barely touching me, just whispers of
sensation. And then Eve served me the ultimate experience of oral

She slid across the blue silk, swinging her legs up over me so
that her blonde, pink pussy was a few tantalizing inches above my
face. As she swung her head slowly back and forth, her long silky hair
brushed across my throbbing cock, teasing my swollen balls. Lowering
her wet, hot vagina into my waiting face she took my cock in her

I wrapped my arms around her ass, I pulled her vagina tight
against my face. My tongue thrust deep into her pussy, smooth and hot
and juicy. I wanted to go as deep as I could, in and out with my
tongue, past her swollen clit, deep-gentle and deep. We were like a
single squirming animal, Eve with her long legs open, her pussy
flowing and hot, spicy and smooth, and me thrusting up into her mouth,
deep against the back of her throat as her tongue and lips teased and

Eve came over and over again, her first orgasm a small
explosion of passion, the next and the next fuller, more intense. My
orgasm came as Eve reached her third-or was it her fourth’? I wasn’t
really counting. But instead of letting my slowly relaxing cock out of
her mouth she held it, softer now. held it gently in her mouth. She
relaxed her legs, rested her weight on my body, her pussy still warm
and wet across my face.

We held each other like that for a long time, drifting,
utterly relaxed, reveling in the taste and smell of each other, until
I began to feel my cock getting hard again.

It was slower this time, the mutual licking and sucking and
teasing. My hands found Eve’s breasts, hanging down full and firm.
Her nipples slowly grew harder, more erect, as I gently squeezed,
slowly tugged the swollen fruits between my fingers. I ran my nails up
the sides of her breasts and across her back, slowly back down to her
nipples in rhythm with my tongue and teeth, licking and softly
nibbling her clit with my lips.

Her mouth was now lightly and loosely engulfing just the head
of my throbbing cock, flicking her tongue around the hard circular
ridge, fluttering it across the swollen tip, then down my cock,
nibbling, teasing, to my balls. She held them in her hand and gently
squeezed, pulling them down and tightening the skin on my cock. In a
single movement she took my cock again in her mouth, all the way
again, deep against the back of her throat, over and over, faster and

I think my scream of pleasure as I came that last time
triggered Eve’s final orgasm. Our hips arched toward each other, my
cock driving deep as my come pulsed out in a spasmodic, ecstatic

For the next month Eve and I were together almost every day,
in a canoe in our favorite spot under the trees on the lake shore, in
the cool darkness of the boathouse, or in her silky bed. Never in the
whole time did I put my cock in her vagina. Oral sex was our special
way, the new world of sensual delight that Eve had opened up for me.