DREAM SEQUENCE (MF, Mdom, Mpov, flash )

He was standing in the cavernous warehouse with the other job
applicants. The supervisor led him through the maze of rooms, and
past stacks and stacks of goods on high steel shelves. He didn’t get
the job, however. So he had to figure out how to sneak his home
stereo system off his desk and get it back home so that the other
employees wouldn’t think he was stealing it from the store.

He walked outside to the small parking area but no one was there,
and not a vehicle in sight. He walked out of the lot onto the road
that ran along the edge of the cliff in both directions. However,
the road to the west ended in a cuddle-sac. And the road to the
right ended at a washed out bridge far below. There was no way to

He stood there waiting, when a bus drove by and stopped. He got
on, but the driver was sleeping in the back. He got in the driver’s
seat, and drove off.

He stopped the bus in town and walked up to a tiny rustic cottage
just off the street. Inside, sunlight filtered in through the
thatched roof onto the face of the most beautiful girl he had ever
seen. She ran in panic into an elevator on the far wall and the door
closed after her. He ran up and got in the next elevator and pressed
the UP button.

The elevator went a long way up. He watched floor after floor
pass through chain link door. After what seemed like hours, the
elevator finally stopped. The door opened onto a city street.
Stepping outside, the elevator was framed in a large plain concrete
building along a gritty urban sidewalk. The girl was running down
the street as fast as she could run.

He ran after her and came to a pier. A huge ship was docked
there, but there was no gangplank. He climbed up the side of the
ship until he reached the deck. The girl ran down some stairs to the
deck below.

He went to his stateroom and went to sleep. The next morning,
the girl was nowhere on the ship. He climbed back down the side of
the ship into the street. He chased her through streets walled by
faceless concrete buildings.

He came to a wooded area and found a large redwood tree with an
arch in the side. Inside the arch was a landing of a spiral
staircase carved in the center of the tree that led both up and down.
He went down, around and around, and came to another landing of the
staircase. He exited the landing and stepped out onto an open grassy

Off in the distance, the girl ran into the glass-lined lobby of a
large office building. She disappeared into another elevator. He
got in another elevator and pressed the UP button again. After
another interminably long elevator ride, the elevator opened into a
stark gray underground passageway. He heard her footsteps in the
distance and ran after her.

Another man was there and he asked the other man how to get to
the surface. He said the shortest way was down that side corridor a
short way and then up the stairs to the surface. He ran down the
side corridor, but spinning fan blades and loud grinding machines
filled the entire width and height of the corridor. He was terrified
to try and pass through the machinery. He went back and took a
different corridor. He felt like he was running through molasses as
his legs struggled to make headway. After running this way and that,
he corridor exited out onto a city sidewalk again.

The girl was standing there. He caught her by surprise. He
grabbed her tightly and leapt into the air. He flew off with her
flapping his arms to lift himself and the girl higher and higher into
the sky. He flew among tall buildings, searching for his building
and his apartment.

He spotted it in amongst the forest of hi-rise buildings, and let
himself glide down to land on his balcony.

Holding the girl tightly, he brought her inside and pressed her
gently down to the carpeted floor. He quickly pulled her clothes
off. Then he removed his clothes and mounted her. He thrust his
hard throbbing cock in and out, in and out of her pussy. After a
moment, he felt spasm after spasm of joyous relief.

He finished in the nick of time as a distant sound, “BUZZ! BUZZ!
BUZZ!” grew louder and louder in his mind and the girl slowly
vaporized in his arms.