Cassie and The Road Crew

Cassie loved cocks and lots of them; the problem was getting enough of them
into her at one time. She was of average height, with long slender limbs,
small perky breasts and kept her pussy completely shaved for extra

This particular day Cassie had decided to have a little fun with a road crew
working not far from her home, she dressed carefully in a button front dress
with a slightly flared short skirt. Her silky black hair pulled up into
pigtails, only served to make her seem even younger. A light coating of red
lip-gloss and no underwear finished the look; she turned in front of the
mirror, bending slightly, the short skirt lifting above the soft curve of
her naked buttocks.

As she walked down the back alley towards the trucks and machinery, she
could feel the cool summer breeze blow her skirt around, fanning her already
moistened pussy. As she brushed past one of the heavily muscled sweaty
workmen she smiled sexily and winked at him, making her way to a work
vehicle and leaning against it, the cool breeze lifting her skirts giving
generous glimpses of her bald twat.

A few gruff remarks and chuckles accompanied by appreciative glances and low
whistles were aimed at her, some of the workmen walking over to stand
nearby. “Looking for a little entertainment guys?” she asked saucily, the
sensual smile on her lips widening as she started to unbutton her dress,
letting it fall away from her taunt little naked body.

Having all the workmen’s attention by now Cassie’s breathing rate increased
as she let her hands run down over her perky upturned breasts, tweaking the
nipples so they hardened deliciously. Her hands moving sensually down over
her flat youthful stomach, to the neat little ‘W’ between her slender
thighs. Pulling back the hairless lips of her pussy, she silently counted
nine men surrounding her, she tilted her hips upwards as she let the tip of
one finger flick over her excited clitoris.

The workmen didn’t take their eyes off the little slut performing for them;
a few nudges and crude comments were made as they leered at her naked little
body as if they were waiting for a free feed. Cassie’s hips rotated as her
fingers rubbed the hard little pleasure nub buried in her pink glistening
folds, small moans of pleasure escaping from her full parted lips. “C’mon
guys.. who’s gonna go first?” she moaned as she came right in front of them,
her little hole emptying a generous pump of orgasmic juices out front of her
audience of randy workmen.

Two others pushed a young man with his cock already in his hand forward; he
had been pumping his short thick knob while he watched the little slut frig
herself off. Pushing Cassie back onto the hood of the vehicle she had been
leaning against, he lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder and rubbed
the tip of his cock against her cum soaked slit pushing himself straight
into her hole. His thrusts increasing as he felt how slick and swollen she
was inside as the other men cheered and jostled around him, groping to get a
feel of her.

Cassie felt the hot head of someone’s cock against her lips and opened her
mouth sucking it in as she opened her eyes and gazed up at the sweaty
workman she had brushed past when she had arrived. The cock in her cunt was
removed rather suddenly and replaced by another, this one ramming into her
swollen pussy, fucking her hard until it suddenly released a rush of hot cum
inside her.

Cassie’s cunt was pulsating, as the cock in her mouth exploded sending hot
spurts of cum down her throat, she swallowed great gulps of the salty fluid,
then the cock was removed from her mouth. Cassie was in heaven “more cock,
gang bang me!!” she screamed and she felt many hands upon her, rolling her
off the bonnet and lifting her.

A thick erection was shoved into her cum flooded cunt and started fucking
franticly as another cock was pushed mercilessly into her tight little arse,
Cassie screamed then moaned with pleasure as another cock was pushed firmly
into her mouth. The many hands that held her up and open, moved over her
slender body, stroking her clit and twisting at her rock hard nipples.

She was fucked by all three cocks in unison, her slender body, twisting and
turning as strong hands held her off the ground, her legs being held open by
some of the other workmen, who watched their companions work the holes of
this cock greedy slut, pulling at her juicy cunt lips to get a better look.

A chorus of exploding cocks emptying their consecutive loads into Cassie’s
quivering holes shocked her into orgasmic spasms. The wild release of the
three men thrusting within her made her to cry out in ecstasy, her body
riding with the plunging tide of their release.

“Who’s next? I want more!” she yelled as a multitude of hands rubbed at the
juices between her legs, fingers poking her arsehole, delving into her
slippery pussy, pinching her throbbing clit and massaging her tiny breasts
in a sea of pleasure.