Lord Raine Returns

Marian stood on the flagstone balcony watching as the fleet
enters the harbor on the morning tide. Lord Raine’s standard
billowing proudly from the largest ship. She knows it is only a
matter of hours before he arrives at the manor house overlooking
the small village and it’s harbor.

He will come alone, the rogue Captain; his warriors and sailors
reveling in the village below. She instructs the cooks to prepare
a sumptuous meal then retires to her bedroom to prepare herself
for his arrival. As the noon hour approaches she sends the hired
help away, instructing the governess take the children to their

The clock’s ticking marks the passing of seconds, then minutes
and hours. She sits alone in the parlor, restless, unable to
concentrate on anything other than his arrival. Her mind wanders
to her last encounter with Lord Raine, how his strong hands held
her slender wrists tight as he pleasured himself with her body.

A pounding on the door pulls Marian from her reverie. She smooths
out the dark wool dress and opens the door. Lord Raine is
standing on
the step, his hands placed imperiously on his hips.

“My Lord. I was not aware the door was locked,” she cries. Bowing
deeply, “My apologies kind Sir.”

“No need to apologize my dear, Lady Marion,” he replies, stepping
into the foyer. “Are we alone?” he asks.

“Yes, My Lord,” her hands rising to her cleavage.

“Good,” Lord Raine says quietly, a smile playing across his lips.

Brushing a lock of Marian’s dark hair from her face, he leans in
to kiss her ruby red lips. Marian feels the spark of passion flow
through her body as their lips meet. Lord Raine takes her hands
in his, forcing the scarcely resisting wrists behind her back.
His lips trace their way down to nuzzle her neck, as his free
hand reaches for her breasts. Marian’s breath catches in her
throat as he pulls the garment off her shoulder, freeing a
delicate breast to his touch. His hand moves gently over her
skin, slowly tracing an aroused nipple with his finger. A moan
from Marian causing him to shift the attack of his mouth lower,
taking her nipple into his mouth.

“Take me Lord,” Marian cries softly as he releases her wrists and
frees her other breast.

Without releasing her breast from his mouth he scoops her up into
his strong arms and carries her into the parlor. Placing her on
the settee he continues to tease her breasts, his mouth on one,
his strong hand softly massaging the other. Marian’s breath comes
in short gasps as he suckles her breast. Almost without thought
Marian places her hand on the bulge in his trousers, causing him
to moan himself. She deftly works the fasteners loose from his
trousers. Lord Raine releases her breasts long enough to rip the
gown down the front. Marian pulls her arms free from the flowing
sleeves and lays naked on its tattered remains. She smiles
wantonly at her lover, Lord and Master.

Naked she lays on the settee as he rips his own silk shirt off,
then pulls the trousers from his legs. He attacks her once more
with his mouth, his lips pressing to hers as she grips his hot
turgid member in her delicate hand. He moves slowly placing his
body between her slender legs. She guides his manhood into her as
his hips move forward to meet her. Marian gasps in joy as he
enters her. His long hard cock fills her, easing her needs after
so many months alone.

Relentlessly he begins pumping his hips, sliding his cock in and
out of Marian’s wet pussy. She renews their kiss, her mouth
demanding as they writhe in ecstasy. Marian cries with need as he
continues to work her into a frenzy. A feeling of contentment
fills her as the first orgasm overtakes her by surprise.

Lord Raine feels her pussy clutching his cock, the movement
sending him over the edge. As he fills the young woman with his
seed, she screams with a second orgasm which causes her body to
shake uncontrollably. He collapses onto the settee, careful to
not crush the Lady Marian. Their bodies covered in sweat, they
lay side by side for some time.

His mouth finds her ear, nibbling it gently as he whispers, “I
told you I would return.”

She turns her face to his, “I never doubted you would,” she

His whispered reply, “Happy anniversary Honey.”