Eager Hot Daughter

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

EAGER HOT DAUGHTER — a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


Diane Baily was filled with pride as she sat watching her lovely daughter, Heather. Heather had large, expressive blue eyes and silky blonde hair that fell far below her well tanned shoulders. As the girl stood up for a moment, her mother was struck, as always, by her young daughter’s lovely body. Heather’s flat, tanned tummy and narrow waist served to emphasize the firm roundness of her cute ass and the generous size of her tits.

Staring at the lovely young woman, Diane Baily hoped the girl’s future would be more fulfilling than her own dull existence. Not that Diane had a bad life, but she always had a nagging feeling that some how, some way, there was something missing. Her husband, Roger Baily, was a handsome man and an exceptionally good provider, yet Diane wanted something more, although she didn’t know exactly what it was.

She supposed that their sex life was as normal as anyone else’s, but it wasn’t quite what Diane wanted. She’d always anticipated that something sensational would happen when they fucked, but when it was over and Roger fell asleep, she always felt empty and restless.

She never experienced the flashing lights and bells with her orgasm that she’d often heard about, and had finally decided that they were only in people’s imaginations. She realized what, a fine man her husband was, and she had Heather and young. Billy. Diane knew she should be contented and happy, yet she wasn’t.

“Hi, Dad,” smiled Heather when her father entered the room.

The young girl had a deep love and respect for her father, and as far as she was concerned, there wasn’t another man in the world as handsome or as wonderful as her daddy. That’s why she’d been attracted to her current boyfriend, Vic Webster. He had the same thick wavy hair as her father, and Heather couldn’t wait for the day when Vic’s temples would be flecked with gray, too.

“Hello, honey,” he beamed at her. “Are you staying home this evening?”

“Nope,” the girl replied. “I’m going out with Vic for a while. But I’ll be home early.”

“Where’s Billy?” her father asked, turning his attention to his wife.

“He’s at a Boy Scout meeting,” she smiled. The conversation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a car horn.

“That’s Vic,” laughed Heather as she quickly kissed her parents ant flew out the door.

“Hi, honey,” Vic smiled as she jumped into his car.

“Hi, guy,” she whispered, sliding up close to the handsome youth.

“How’s my nympho tonight?” he teased.

“Ready to fuck, honey,” she giggled, grabbing at his crotch. “Ready to fuck.”

“My folks are out for the evening,” he smiled. “So I thought we could go over to the house and play some records.”

“That’s fine with me,” she beamed. “Just as long as I get fucked.”

Entering the house, Heather’s body was glowing with anticipation. Sitting down next to him on a couch, there was a look of contentment on her face as she felt his hand creeping up under her skirt.

“Oh, Vic,” she teased. “What are you doing, you naughty boy?”

“Just screwing around,” smiled the young man.

“You know that isn’t nice,” giggled the girl. “I think you’re after a piece of ass.”

When his finger finally brushed against her soft warm pussy through the thin material of her panties, Heather let out a low moan and spread her legs further apart for him.

“God, honey,” he excitedly whispered. “Your hot cunt sure likes to be played with.”

“You better believe it,” she whispered. “She loves it.”

Completely turned on by the feel of his fingers on her steamy pussy slit, Heather lolled her head from side to side against the back of the couch, her eyes glowing with excitement. The beautiful young girl’s brain was spinning as Vic stroked the crotch of her panties, letting a finger rub the hard clitoris just at the top of her oozing pussy.

Panting with desire, the youth pulled her skirt up above her hips so he could admire the lusty beauty of her panty-clad body.

“Oooooh, honey!” she shamelessly cried out. “Take my pants off!”

Anxious to bury his face in the hot wetness of her naked pussy, he quickly curled his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. His eyes drooled with lust when he saw the familiar pink cuntlips of her gold-fringed pussy slit.

Spreading her legs further apart, he excitedly watched her pussy open for him, her slippery cuntlips swollen with desire. Never had a cunt looked so hot and wet, or smelled so incredibly good. Taking a deep breath, the young man pressed his face into the swampy warmth of her aroused pussy.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked Heather, feeling like climbing the walls as he began licking her dripping pussy.

The way he was going down on her was fantastic and Heather was enjoying every cunt kissing moment of it.

“Oooooh! Aaaaahhhh!” she squealed with joy, her hips writhing and bucking all over the couch as she frantically rubbed her hot, wet crotch against his face.

“Do you like it, darling?” he excitedly asked, temporarily coming up for air.

“Shit, yes,” she gasped. “But now I want to be fucked.”

“Are you really ready?” he panted. “Oh, yes, honey!” moaned the turned-on blonde. “Stick your cock in me!”

Quickly standing up, Vic began removing his clothes, anxious to bury his throbbing prick in the beautiful girl’s scalding cunthole.

By the time he was undressed, Heather had taken the rest of her clothes off and was spread out nakedly on the couch, excitedly waiting for his hard prick.

“Hurry, honey,” she whispered. “I’ve never needed a fuck so badly in my life!”

With his thick prick throbbing up from between his legs, the young man lowered himself down over her deliciously naked body.

Reaching beneath her, he cupped her asscheeks in his palms and pulled her up tighter against him. He could feel his bloated cockhead rubbing against the hot wet lips of her drooling cunt.

Then pressing forward, the blunt head of his swollen prick poked against her cunt slit. Pushing gently against her pussy, he moaned softly, feeling the girl straining her hips to receive him.

Pulling her knees back as far as possible, Heather spread her legs even further apart, trying to help his penetration. Trembling with excitement, she grasped the cheeks of his ass and, wrapping her legs around him, she tried to pull his thick prick into the juicy tightness of her hot, dripping cunt slit.

Vic could feel, the fat head of his swollen prick pushing through the elastic opening of her lust-slickened pussy hole. The horny girl’s cunt slowly widened around his thick knob as it slithered inch by inch into the deliciously hot juiciness of her cunt. Grunting and pushing, he kept forcing his cock forward until almost half of it was embedded in the hot wetness of her writhing pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, feeling the heavenly pressure of his hotly throbbing cockshaft pressing out deliciously against her softwalled pussy. Heather had been fucked by a lot of guys, but no one could satisfy her like Vic.

“Oh, honey!” she panted when he was almost all the way in. “It feels so good, baby! So fuckin’ good!”

With the throbbing length of his cockmeat stuffed almost to the hilt in her sizzling hot cunt, she moaned softly, feeling the incredible stiffness of her boyfriend’s hard prick sinking deeper and deeper into her. Her beautiful face was aglow with the rapture she felt as whimpers of joy flowed from her parted lips.

Once the entire length of his prick was in, their two naked bodies fit together perfectly. The hot slippery folds of her clinging cuntal sheath passionately grasped his swollen cock. Her tight inner walls massaged, squeezed and pulled on his sensitive prick, making it thicker and harder with every passing moment. In all his years, the youth had never felt such rapture. Her squeezing cunt sent flames of burning ecstasy to every tingling nerve in his body. Never had his blood-swollen cock found such a deliciously hot cunt.

Heather had always reached fantastic heights with other boys, but they had been nothing compared to the unbelievable pleasure she was feeling now. Thrilled by the way he was drilling his cock into her, the aroused young girl screwed her pussy up tighter around the base of his shaft, loving the way his lusty balls slapped into the widespread crack of her ass.

With his belly-shattering prick plunging higher and deeper into her sizzling cunthole, she clung tightly to him, squealing from the intense joy he was bringing her. As her juices flowed around his plunging cock, his hard prickmeat was now slithering easily in and out of her hot, lust-lubricated passage, each plunge rocking her back, pounding her squirming ass deeper into the sofa.

Lost in his wild passions, Vic was rhythmically lunging back and forth, aware of nothing but the incredible pleasure that was streaking up and down the length of his tingling prick. Fucking into her sweet pussy for all he was worth, he was sending shivers of rapturous delight flooding through the girl’s naked flesh, waves of unadulterated joy washing through her writhing loins.

“Oh, God, honey!” she whimpered. “This feels so fuckin’ neat!”

“We’re always gonna fuck, aren’t we?” he, panted.

“Shit, yes,” she giggled. “Any time you want to!”

Becoming more aroused with every hard thrust of his pounding cock, Heather wrapped her deliciously naked legs more tightly around his lurching body. Squealing with joy, she desperately ground her steaming pussy up around his pounding groin, trying to suck more and more of his prick into her heatedly aroused cunt slit.

“Oooooh, baby!” she sobbed, pulling his face down to hers, plunging her sweet tongue deep into his open, panting mouth. With their moistly parted lips, clinging hotly together, Heather was excitedly exploring his mouth with her sensuous tongue.

Writhing and bucking beneath him, she couldn’t seem to get enough of his glorious cock as her burning lust increased with every thrust of his hard prickmeat.

“Fuck harder!” she screamed. “Just fuck the piss outa me!”

Wanting to please the horny youngster, Vic quickly increased both the tempo and the depth of his strokes.

“Oh, yes… yes!” she shrieked, loving the way his rampaging prick was now drilling into her, filling her cunt to the utmost. Her deliciously hot cunthole hungrily welcomed every hard plunge of his throbbing cockshaft. Being so beautifully fucked by his virile cock was thrilling her more than anything ever had. Clinging desperately to her handsome boyfriend, she was wildly bucking and churning beneath him.

“Jesus, Heather!” gasped Vic. “You’re sure a hot-cunted shit tonight!”

“I know!” she cried out, her eyes glowing with excitement. “So stop talking and fuck me harder!”

Increasing the speed, Vic drove harder, slamming his prick even deeper into her horny pussy slit. She could feel her hot, slick cuntal sheath expanding and contracting deliciously around the meaty thickness of his swollen cock as it pounded in and out. She slammed her hips to meet his powerful thrusts, her sizzling cunt deliciously milking his bloated cock head. Meeting his pounding loins with her own, Heather welcomed each marvelous thrust. The horny girl’s oily juices were flowing all around his well-lubricated cock rod, but her strong pussy muscles clung tightly to his lust-slickened prick as they fucked on and on.

“Harder, honey! Faster!” she squealed. “I’m ready to come!”

Her hot cunt was aflame with a million sensations that were driving her wild. Heather felt that if the intense ecstasy mounted any more, she would virtually explode. She clung desperately to him as the ecstasy increased and increased.

“Oh, fuck, honey, fuck!” she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The feel of his hard cock zipping in and out of her hot, slick pussy was almost unbelievable. Squealing obscenities, Heather was beautiful, her face distorted with passion as her head rolled back and forth on the cushion. Eyes staring crazily at the ceiling, her face was a blend of beauty and ecstasy as she writhed around under the wildly humping youth.

She finally reached a point where she thought she couldn’t stand another second of this intense pleasure, yet she didn’t want it to ever end.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she kept squealing, violently throwing her cunt up to better receive every thrust of his surging prick.

Feeling himself rushing rapidly toward his climax, the boy speeded his tempo, wanting to bring the cute blonde off before shooting his load.

“Oh, yes!” she hysterically screamed. “Make me come! Make me come, honey!”

Heather’s darling body was filled with such an intense heat that the youngster thought she’d surely be devoured by the flames. It was a white-hot heat that shot all the way up from her cock-filled pussy to her tingling nipples. The intense ecstasy she felt between her legs was the most incredible thing she’d ever experienced.

“Oh, fuck!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

Then she was suddenly engulfed by an overwhelming climax as her orgasmic juices began flowing hotly around the thick, hot flesh of his thrusting cock. Clinging desperately to him, her entire body was jerking wildly. The intense pleasure was suddenly increased when she felt his thick cum gushing out from the head of his prick, filling her spasming belly with his hot, creamy juices.

Never had she experienced an orgasm as exquisite as this one, and she was still trembling like a leaf when Vic pulled his limp cock out of her cunt.

When Heather arrived home about eleven thirty, her parents were still watching television.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Hello, darling,” her father answered, pleased that she was home early as usual. “Did you have a good time?”

“Gee, yes,” Heather answered, her eyes sparkling radiantly from her slightly flushed face. “It was super!”

Her parents turned their attention back to the television set.

“Well,” Heather yawned a few minutes later. “I think I’ll go to bed. I’m sorta tired.”

Watching his lovely young daughter bouncing up the stairs, her father would never have dreamed that her pussy was saturated with a boy’s cum.

“She’s a real angel,” Roger smiled at his wife.

“Yes,” she proudly sighed. “She’s turning into a fine young lady.”

“It’s amazing how fast they grow up,” the man smiled.

“That’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about,” Diane said nervously.

“What’s that, dear?” her husband asked. “Well,” she hesitated. “Now that our children are old enough to take care of themselves, I think I’d like to go to work.”

“Why?” Roger asked. “We’re certainly well off enough financially.”

“It’s not the money,” Diane continued. “With the kids in college, I have absolutely nothing to do and it’s driving me crazy.”

“You have all your club activities,” he argued.

“That’s just it,” Diane interrupted. “They’re boring me to death. I need to do something more fulfilling.”

“Well, that’s up to you,” he smiled at his lovely wife, “I won’t stand in your way.”

“Thank you, darling,” she said as they stood up to go to bed.


When Diane got up the next morning, her husband had gone to work and Heather was still asleep in her room. Walking down to the kitchen, she poured herself a cup of coffee. Sipping on it, the beautiful woman seemed more restless than usual. She and her husband had experienced another dull fuck last night, and her frustrated pussy was hot and itchy with desire.

Pouring a second cup of coffee, she began glancing through the help wanted section of the morning paper. Seeing two or threes jobs that sounded interesting, she wrote the addresses down and went upstairs to shower and dress.

Shortly after Diane left to go job hunting, Heather sleepily walked downstairs to the kitchen in her nightie. She was just pouring herself a glass of orange juice when she heard her brother, Billy, arguing with someone on the patio. Looking out, she saw it was Penny Morton, his cute redheaded playmate from next door.

“Damn you, Billy!” she heard the young girl squeal. “Stop messing around between my legs!”

“Please?” panted Billy. “Just let me see your pussy?”


“Why not?”

“Because that’s naughty!”

“Please,” he begged. “I’ve never seen one.”

“I don’t give a damn!” snapped Penny. “You’re not gonna see mine.”

“I’ll let you look at my prick,” he bargained.

“I don’t want to see your stupid prick.”


“No,” she said in an angry voice. “And if you don’t stop this shit, I’m going home!”

Watching them through the window, Heather’s thoughts drifted back to the first time she’d been fucked. The pretty blonde had done a lot of fucking since then, but that first one had been the most memorable. She could still clearly remember every detail of how the boy had buried his stiff prick into her tiny pussy.

Staring up between Penny’s cute bare thighs as she sat in her shorts on the patio with her brother, Heather could almost visualize Billy’s cock drilling into her cunt. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. Watching the two as they argued, Heather suddenly thought how exciting it would be to watch her brother fuck the cute young woman.

“What’s going on out there?” she shouted through the open door. “Come into this house right now!”

Looking sheepish, the youngsters slowly walked into the kitchen.

“Now what’s the trouble?” asked Heather, pretending she didn’t know.

“He wants to see my pussy,” whispered Penny.

“Why don’t you show it to him?” Heather asked.

“Because that would be naughty.”

“It might be naughty,” giggled Heather. “But all kids like to look at each other’s private parts.”

“But he’s not gonna see mine,” Penny argued.

“Well, Billy,” his big sister giggled, reaching down and grabbing the crotch of his cut-offs. “It looks like you’re out of luck.”

“What are you doing?” he gasped in a startled voice.

“Checking to see if you have a hard-on,” his big sister answered in a soft voice as she tenderly squeezed the boy’s cock through his cut-offs.

“Heather!” he panted. “That isn’t nice.”

“But it feels nice, doesn’t it, Billy?” she grinned, rolling his young prick between her fingers. “Boys love to have their cocks played with.”

Billy was too shocked to say anything. He couldn’t believe his big sister would play with his prick, but it secretly felt real neat and he could feel his cock starting to get harder.

“Oh, Billy,” Heather giggled in a teasing voice. “You’re getting a real hard-on. May I see it?”

When he didn’t answer, his big sister quickly lowered his zipper and pulled out his hard young cock. It was about four or five inches long and as rigid as steel. Heather could feel the hot cunt juices dripping out of her excited pussy as she gently fondled her brother’s stiff prick.

“That’s a real beauty,” she whispered. “I’ll bet you have fun jacking it off.”

Billy was too embarrassed to speak, but he was sure enjoying what his beautiful big sister was doing to him.

“Does that feel good?” smiled Heather as she began teasing the foreskin up and down over his pink cockhead.

“You better be careful,” he panted. “Or you’re gonna make me shoot goo all over you.”

“Penny,” she whispered, ignoring his remark and reaching for the cute girl’s hand. “Touch his cock and see how good it feels.”

Penny’s heart was pounding wildly in her breast when Heather wrapped the pretty youngster’s fingers, around Billy’s stiff hot prick. Penny had been secretly wanting to see and feel a boy’s cock for months, but she didn’t want to admit it.

“Slide the skin up and down,” Heather suggested. “Boys love that.”

Penny’s virginal cunt was getting all hot and itchy as she excitedly stroked the hot hardness of Billy’s rigid prick.

“Does ft feel good, Billy?” Penny asked as the boy leaned back against the sink to steady his trembling legs.

“Jeez, yes,” he panted. “It’s neat!”

“That’s enough,” said Heather a few moments later, not wanting her brother to shoot his wad yet. “I think it’s time to let Billy play with your titties.”

“But, Heather!” gasped the girl. “I can’t let him do that!”

“Why not?” laughed the older girl. “He let you play with his prick.”

“But that’s different,” Penny argued.

“No it isn’t,” Heather persisted. “Take your halter off.”

“Oh, gee,” the young man blushed. “I just can’t do that.”

“Billy,” said Heather, turning to her brother. “Wouldn’t you like to play with Penny’s tits?”

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Now stop being silly, Penny,” the older girl said in a stern voice. “Take your halter off.”

Seeing that Heather meant business, the cute youngster quickly removed the brief garment. When she’d taken it off, Billy just stared excitedly at Penny as she stood with nothing on but a little pair of shorts. The young woman wasn’t the least bit overweight, but she still had a trace of baby fat that made her bare thighs extremely soft.

Billy’s eyes drifted up over her softly rounded tummy to her cute young tits. They were barely fully developed, but they were firm and round with big, erect nipples thrusting proudly out from her deliciously swollen areolas.

“May I touch them?” Billy asked nervously.

“Certainly,” said Heather when Penny didn’t answer.

The young woman didn’t know what to expect, but a delicious tinge raced from the tip of her tit to her darling pussy when Billy’s fingers lightly grazed across her quivering nipples.

“Oh, Billy,” she excitedly giggled. “That feels funny.”

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

“Gee, yes,” answered Penny as the delicious sensations raced through her body.

He was soon squeezing and rubbing her firm tits as she squealed with joy. The cute young woman had never felt anything so fucking good in her life!

“Why don’t you suck on them?” Heather suggested to her brother. “I’m sure she’d like that.”

“May I?” Billy excitedly asked his cute playmate.

“I guess so,” stammered Penny, her entire body aflame with this new-found ecstasy.

The youngster nearly fainted when Billy wolfed one of her big hard nipples into his hot moist mouth. Penny almost blew her mind when Billy began sucking and pulling on her quivering titty-bud with his hot wet lips. The girl was near hysteria when Billy finally released her turgid nipple from his mouth.

“Let’s go in on the couch,” suggested Heather as the two stared at each other in awe, unable to believe their bodies could give so much pleasure. “I’ll teach you lots of neat games to play.”

When they were in the living room, the youngsters stared expectantly at Billy’s big sister, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Now drop your cut-offs,” smiled Heather, patting her brother’s head.

“Right here?” he gasped.

“Yes, right here, honey,” she giggled, and then turned to Penny. “And you take your shorts and panties off.”

When they’d done as Heather ordered, the two stared down at each other’s pubic area. He’d had never seen anything like Penny’s wet, pink slit, peeking out from the soft triangle of newly sprouting red pussy hair. The soft wisps of downy fuzz were glistening with the warm juices that were oozing out from between her deliciously moist cuntlips.

Penny was just as excited over her young friend’s cock and balls. His nut-sac was a soft pink with a growth of blond cockhairs swirling around it. His stiff young prick was standing up firm and erect against his belly, throbbing wildly from the intense excitement he was feeling.

Staring at the two naked youngsters, Heather could hardly wait to see them fuck. She thoroughly envied them, wishing it was she who was about to experience her first glorious fuck again.

“Have you ever played with a girl’s cute pussy?” Heather asked her kid brother, watching the way he was staring at Penny’s juicy cunt.

“Heck, no,” he excitedly answered. “I’ve never even seen one before?”

“Why don’t you lay back on the couch and let Billy play with your pussy?” Heather whispered to the cute young girl.

“Will it hurt?” asked Penny.

“God, no,” laughed the older girl. “You’re gonna love it.”

When the sweet redhead had spread out on her back with her thighs open and knees drawn back, Heather turned to Billy. “Okay, honey, it’s all yours, so have a good time.”

Sitting down on the edge of the sofa, the young boy reached out and lightly touched Penny’s hot, wet cunt with the tip of his finger.

“Stick it in her,” giggled Heather. “Don’t be afraid. She’ll love it.”

“Wow!” he gasped as he sank his finger into the juicy warmth of her tiny cunt. “It sure feels hot and slippery in there.”

“It’s supposed to,” giggled his big sister. “That’s why cunts are so much fun to fuck. Now pump your finger in and out.”

Penny let out a wild squeal of joy when Billy began briskly finger-fucking her.

“Does it feel good, honey?” Heather excitedly asked the cute young girl.

“Yes! Yes!” cried Penny. “Faster, Billy, faster!”

The adorable redhead was soon writhing all over the sofa as Billy’s finger zipped in and out of her hot young cunt.

“Oh, Billy!” Penny cried out. “It feels so good! Oh, God, that feels neat!”

“Rub her clitty,” Heather suggested, pointing to the nub that was just inside the top of her pussy slit.

“What’s that?” asked the boy.

“Her clit,” answered his big sister. “Just rub it and she’ll love it.”

That was the understatement of the year. The moment he touched her clitoris, Penny went into a wild frenzy and began hysterically screaming.

“Yes! Yes!” the cute youngster shrieked. “That’s it, Billy! Oh, shit, it’s so good so… so good! Oooooh! Aaaggghhh!”

Within a matter of seconds, Penny’s shuddering body exploded into a wild lurching orgasm. She’d never experienced such ecstasy in all her young life.

“Was that nice?” Heather asked when the young woman finally recovered from her traumatic climax.

“Gee, yes,” giggled Penny. “I’ve never felt anything so wild in my life.”

“Have you ever heard of fucking?” the older girl asked.

“Sure,” answered Penny. “Everyone talks about it all the time at college.”

“Well,” smiled Heather. “That feels a lot better than what Billy just did to you.”

“That’s what the older college girls tell me,” blushed Penny. “And I’m gonna try it when I’m old enough.”

“You’re old enough now,” said Heather in a soft, gentle voice.

“But I’m just nervous like a little kid,” grinned Penny.

“You’re old enough,” Heather continued. “I was your age when a boy fucked me for the first time.”


“That’s right, honey,” smiled the older girl, becoming more excited by the second. “Why don’t you let Billy fuck you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Heather answered. “I’m sure he’d like to fuck your cute cunt.”

“Would you, Billy?” The girl turned to him.

“Heck yes,” he grinned, rubbing his stiff young prick.

“But I don’t know how to fuck,” stammered Penny, not sure she wanted a young man to stick his hard prick in her.

“I’ll show you,” Heather smiled. “Just lay back on the couch and open your legs.”

Still a bit apprehensive, but highly aroused from his heavenly finger-fuck, the young woman her sensitive pussylips as it moved back and forth through the hot tightness of her squeezing cunthole. Each slow thrust was sending waves of intense pleasure throughout her aroused body.

“Oh, Billy,” she whimpered, creaming all over his cock, “it’s so good, honey. But fuck me a little faster.”

“Yes, Billy!” cried Heather, giving him a resounding slap on his bare ass. “Fuck the shit out of her! Make her scream!”

“Okay,” he grinned, wanting to ball her like crazy, but afraid he might hurt his friend.

His tight young ass began moving more rapidly, and he was soon pumping his pointed prick into her with short, fast strokes, the friction making his prick sing with joy.

“Oh, yes!” squealed Penny. “That’s the way to do it!”

The cute youngster was enjoying everything about her first fuck. She loved the way his hot thrusting cock was igniting every nerve in her tight cunt, and she loved the slurping sound of her juices squishing around his cock as it pounded in and out of her tingling cunt. She’d never experienced anything like the heavenly jolts of pleasure that streaked through her loins each time his prick slammed into her.

“Faster, Billy, faster!” she shrieked. “God, it feels so fuckin’ neat!”

“Yes, Billy!” shouted his big sister as she began excitedly fingering her own clitty beneath her nightie. “Just fuck the piss outa her!”

When the boy suddenly increased the speed of his thrusts, Penny almost passed out from the flaming pleasure of it.

Her pussy was being thoroughly drilled by the boy’s plunging cock and her tight young cunt slit was creaming all over the length of his streaking cock. Penny was screaming and clawing at the cushions as the boy continued his vigorous assault on her virginal pussy. God, she was so happy that Billy’s big sister was teaching them how to fuck!

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” screamed Heather, frantically rubbing her own cunt.

Penny could feel his slashing cock pumping her pussy to the brink of orgasm, and she began hysterically screaming as the intense ecstasy swept through her writhing body. The girl was suddenly at the very height of her wild climax when Billy’s prick exploded. Writhing beneath him, the girl felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her cunt.

It was several minutes before the two exhausted young adults recovered from their traumatic experience.

“Well,” panted Heather who’d brought herself off at the same time the kids had, “what do you think of fucking?”

“Crazy,” grinned Penny. “It’s super!”

“And don’t ever forget it,” said Heather as she turned to leave the room. “Fuck as often as you can. There’s nothing in the world that’s as much fun as fucking.”

“Heather,” Penny called out to the older girl. “Billy’s prick is all soft.”

“Cocks always do that after they shoot their load,” explained Heather, returning to where the naked young adults were spread out on the couch.

“What do we do about it?” asked the girl in a worried voice.

“Suck it hard again,” grinned the pretty blonde.


“Stick it in your mouth and suck,” laughed Heather.

“Ugh, I couldn’t do that!” gasped Penny, having never heard of such a thing.

“Try it,” the older girl smiled, slowly walking away. “There’s lots of things you still have to learn.”

Lowering her face and slipping Billy’s limp wet prick into her mouth, Penny was startled by the exciting taste of the cum that clung to his flaccid cock.

“Does it taste gooey?” asked Billy. “Shit, no,” she giggled, starting to suck deeply on his limp prick. “It’s delicious!”

Five minutes later she had a stiff hard-on in her mouth.

“Look, Billy,” she squealed with delight. “It’s all nice and hard again.”

“What do you want to do with it?” he grinned.

“Stick it in my pussy,” giggled Penny. “I’m ready for another hot fuck!”


Later that day when Diane returned from job hunting, she was very discouraged. Every position she’d applied for required at least an experience and she had absolutely none.

Glad that her husband and the kids weren’t home, she went upstairs and removed her clothes. Slipping into a satin robe, she came back down and mixed herself a martini. Slowly sipping it, she was thinking how frustrating it was to stay at home, yet the beautiful woman realized she wasn’t equipped to enter the job market in the outside world. She could feel her cunt burning and itching to be fucked to a bell ringing climax, but she knew that that too was out of the question.

She was about to mix herself another drink when she heard a rap on the patio windows. Glancing up, she saw that it was their neighbor, Herb Clayton, and she quickly walked over and let him in.

“Hi, Herb,” she beamed. “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Beth went shopping,” he explained. “And having the afternoon off, I thought I’d drop over and chat with you for a little while.”

“How nice,” smiled Diane as he sat down next to her on the couch.

Herb and Beth Clayton were next door neighbors who’d been close friends with Diane and her husband for tears, and the four of them spent a lot of time together. Diane had never been unfaithful to her husband, but Herb had always strangely excited her. Lately she’d often wondered if he might be the man who could bring her the sexual fulfillment that she needed so badly. Now she felt a naughty excitement when he sat down next to her on the sofa.

“I’m glad you dropped by,” she smiled at him. “I was feeling awfully depressed.”

“Oh, Diane,” he said. “Why should a lovely woman like you ever feel depressed?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “I feel like I’ve been by-passed by the mainstream of life.”

“Nonsense,” he laughed. “You’re the most vibrant person I’ve ever met.”

When Diane nervously got up to straighten a picture on the wall, his eyes hungrily followed her across the room. He stared excitedly at the swaying of her voluptuous hips in the tightly fitting gown she was wearing. Her soft wiggly asscheeks as well as the crack between them were vividly outlined under the clinging material. As she walked back toward him, Diane’s long dark hair was flowing loosely over her shoulders, and the robe deliciously revealed a deep, cleavage between her large, firm tits.

“Would you care for a martini?” she asked as she stood in front of him.

“Please,” he answered.

Preparing their drinks, the thoroughly aroused woman kept wondering how he was hung. She knew she shouldn’t be having naughty thoughts about him, but thinking about having his cock in her cunt was turning her on even more. She realized they were both married, but in her extremely horny mood, Diane was more than ready for a wild fuck. She hadn’t ever been laid by anyone but her husband, and with her cunt on fire from the frustration she was dying to be fucked.

When Diane placed his drink on the coffee table in front of Herb, a strange excitement raced through his loins as she brushed her thigh against his elbow.

“Thank you,” he muttered nervously picking up the glass.

Seeing the effect she was having on him, Diane sat down on the arm of the couch and crossed her legs, letting, the lower part of her robe fall open, displaying a big slab of deliciously bare thigh.

“Do you like my legs?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he nervously stammered. “But what’s going on with you today?”

“I want to be fucked.”

“What?” he gasped.

Before she answered, Diane kicked off her slippers and brushed her bare toes across the bulge that was starting to swell in his crotch.

“I want to be fucked,” she repeated, still caressing his prick with her toes. “I’m tired of being nothing more than a fixture around this damned house.”

Unable to control himself, he sprang up and pulled the beautiful woman from the arm of the couch and pressed her against him, hungrily kissing her softly parted lips. With his tongue swirling, hotly around in her sweet moist mouth, he began running his hands over the soft curves of her delicious body.

“Mmmm,” she softly moaned as the lust mounted in their loins.

“Diane,” he gasped, pushing her away when he suddenly realized what was happening. “We mustn’t do this. We’re married.”

Turning away from her, he sat back down on the couch.

“Look, Herb, look,” he heard the woman urgently whisper a few moments later.

Looking up, he saw Diane standing there completely naked. Staring at her in a daze, he took in the sight of her full firm tits, capped with the biggest Goddamned nipples he’d ever seen! Next his eyes drifted down to the softly rounded curves of her shapely hips, and on to the shimmering triangle of dark pussy hair between her deliciously bare thighs.

In all his life, Herb had never seen a more sensually beautiful body. Unable to speak, he just sat and stared in silent appreciation at the dazzling beauty of this woman who’d been his neighbor for several years. The violent throbbing of his swollen prick in the tight confines of his pants was almost painful. His palms were suddenly sweaty and his throat dry as he gazed at the beautiful naked body in front of him.

“Oh, Herb,” she whispered, suggestively lifting her big firm tits in her hands. “For years I’ve wanted you, but I’ve never done anything because I knew we were married. But today I don’t care whether we’re married or not. I need you.”

Completely aware of the effect her nude body was having on the man, she began teasing her tits, cupping them lovingly as she ran her erect nipples between her long tapered fingers.

“I’ve often dreamed of fucking you,” she whispered, running the tip of her tongue around her moistly parted lips as her naughty fingers continued deliciously teasing her own nipples.

Still smiling at him through her warm, heavy-lidded eyes, she sensually ran her hands down over her naked flesh until her fingertips brushed lightly over the soft crinkle curls of her dark pussy hair.

Herb’s prick began throbbing more violently in his pants as he watched her long slim fingers tracing along the hair-fringed edges of her cuntlips until she wantonly parted them to show him the bright pink inner flesh.

“See this hot cunt?” she whispered. “For years I’ve wanted to feel your hard cock in here.”

Now she was laughing at him, her head thrown back and her long dark hair cascading down over her creamy shoulders, her gray eyes hazy with desire.

Herb could see her deliciously naked body trembling with lust, and unable to control himself any longer, he stood up and swept the beautiful woman into his arms and carried her up to her room where he dropped her on the bed. Staring feverishly at her naked flesh, he began frantically removing his clothes until he finally dropped his shorts, letting his big bloated prick spring free.

Gaping excitedly at his burgeoning cock, Diane felt the fire burning between her legs. As he stood beside the bed, she quickly reached out and tentatively brushed her soft fingers across the hot turgid flesh of his swollen prick knob.

“God, it’s so nice and big,” she whispered, tightening her fingers around the hard thickness of his throbbing cockshaft, sending waves of white-hot pleasure racing up the length of his tingling prick.

With the last ounce of resistance gone, Herb flung himself down onto the bed beside his naked neighbor, moaning with the overwhelming passion that was burning through his entire body. Grasping the soft flesh of her luscious big tits, he began squeezing and kneading them between his fingers. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, and he could feel her naked warmth seeping into his own burning flesh.

“Jesus, Diane,” he gasped. “You’re so beautiful!”

His lust-bloated cock was trapped between their naked bodies and Diane could feel the heat of it against her writhing belly. She thrilled to the way his hands were roaming all over her naked flesh, cupping the firm mounds of her softly rounded asscheeks while his fingers goosed into the wiggly crack between them.

“Oh, my God!” she whimpered, rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs for him. “Please fuck me! God I need a hot fuck!”

“Don’t worry,” he gasped, crawling up between her legs. “That’s exactly what you’re gonna get.”

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” she passionately sobbed. “I want that big hunk of hard cock meat in my cunt.”

Until flow he hadn’t been able to believe this beautiful woman really wanted him to actually fuck her. But at last he realized she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Even when she’d been standing naked before him, Herb still had thought she was only teasing him.

Her soft creamy thighs were spread lewdly apart, the wet naked plane of her open cunt pulsing for him. Kneeling between her legs, he felt the delicious touch of her fingers around his throbbing prickshaft as Diane slowly guided his big bloated cock knob toward her oozing pussy.

A wild tingle of pleasure raced up the length of his quivering cock when the sensitive head of it grazed against the juicy outer lips, sinking slowly into the slippery warmth of her juice slickened cunthole. Pushing harder, he surged forward, feeling his throbbing cock sinking deeper into her exceptionally tight pussy.

“Mmmmmm… ooooooohhh!” she whimpered with both pain and ecstasy when his lust-swollen prick was about halfway into her widely stretched slit. “Slow down a minute, honey. You’re so fuckin’ big it hurts a little.”

Diane had been a virgin when she married, and she’d only been with her husband for the past seventeen years, so the bigness of her neighbor’s thick prick was a bit uncomfortable. Herb vaguely heard the woman asking him to take it easy, but in his wild lust, he plunged forward until his cock was buried to the hilt in her tight cunt.

“For God’s sake, stop!” she squealed as the long thickness of his deeply embedded prick brutally stretched the walls of her unusually small pussy.

Completely enthralled by the deliciously hot tightness of her squeezing cunt, Herb began fucking his hard prick meat in and out, completely ignoring the woman’s cries of protest.

“Oh, Jesus, don’t,” she moaned to no avail.

At that moment, Diane was conscious of nothing but the overriding pain she was feeling. But at last, she felt her tight cuntal walls beginning to relax and expand around the heavy girth of his throbbing prick, and the initial pain began fading. Wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, she pulled his chest down against her delightfully swollen nipples, feeling waves of intense pleasure starting to flow through her. Her lovely body writhed and bucked beneath his deep hard thrusts. Her beautiful face contorted in ecstasy, the nostrils flaring with animal lust, as she squealed out with joy.

“Ooooooooh, fuck it to me, honey!” Diane screamed. “Your big cock feels so fuckin’ good in me!”

She began fucking back at him for all she was worth as he pistoned down into her upward spiraling pussy slit, driving into her with all his strength. The slickness of her hot moist inner flesh clasping and milking around his tingling prick was the most wonderful thing he’d ever experienced.

He pounded into her with everything he had, the full-length of his big thick prick thrusting into the very depths of her sizzling cunt, bringing wild squeals of pleasure from her parched throat. Clinging desperately to him as he passionately fucked into her writhing cunt, Diane was digging her bare heels into the crack of his ass to spur him on.

Wet smacking sounds were echoing throughout the room as the tempo of their furious fucking increased. Herb had never been so aroused in his entire life. Nothing had prepared him for this wild animalistic fuck he was getting from his beautiful neighbor. He humped over her like a possessed demon, his mind completely blank, devoid of everything except this burning lust in his loins. Nothing in the world mattered except the overwhelming pleasure that was building and building throughout his entire body. He knew he’d have to shoot his wad soon, but he wanted to keep going as long as he possibly could.

Diane’s deliciously naked body was slippery with sweat as she bucked up and down beneath him, her hips writhing in ecstasy. Squealing with joy, she pulled her knees back until they almost touched her shoulders, offering more of her upraised cunt slit for their mutual enjoyment.

“Fuck me harder… harder!” she shrieked, her ass shaking and quivering as her hungry cunt rippled up and down over the thick length of his plunging prick.

Her body suddenly stiffened beneath him, her face contorting into a wild grimace of animal lust. Every nerve and muscle froze into a rigid stiffness, and then she exploded.

“Aaaaaaaauuuuuggg!” she screamed. “I’m coming… coming! Oh, God, how I’m coming!”

It felt as if her entire body had shattered into a million pieces as the overpowering surges of intense ecstasy flooded through her.

“I’m coming… coming!” she kept screaming as wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure streaked through her wildly jerking body. Her hips arched up as the woman’s hot sucking cunt grasped hungrily at his bloated cockshaft, begging it to flood her writhing belly with cum. Shaking and jerking beneath her handsome neighbor, her orgasmic juices were flowing hotly around the entire length of his plunging prick.

Panting wildly as he humped, Herb’s long deep strokes were pounding deeper and deeper into her spasming belly, his balls slapping soundly against her soft ass. Suddenly feeling his seething jism starting its fiery journey up through the length of his aching shaft, he involuntarily increased the tempo of his powerful thrusts.

“Auuuuuuuggghhh!” he roared, drilling his prick as deep into her pussy as he could, shooting a scalding gush of jizz into Diane’s writhing belly.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she squealed, elated by the torrent of sperm that was splashing hotly against her womb. “Squirt, baby, squirt!”

Herb’s flood of swirling cum was splattering all over the hot squeezing walls of her climaxing pussy, mixing with her own orgasmic juices. Wave after wave of his liquid pleasure was flowing hotly into her drenched cunt, bringing her more joy than she’d ever thought possible.

Diane had never been fucked like this before in her entire life, and the woman’s ravaged pussy continued milking frenziedly on his slowly deflating cock until she’d drawn the last drop of white-hot fluid from the very depths of his balls. When at last he pulled his limps wet cock out of her flooded cunt, they lay panting together in each other’s arms.

“God, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she whispered, giving his spent prick a loving squeeze.

As she lay in his arms with her jizz-filled pussy glowing with rapture, Diane fully realized that she’d finally reached that bell-ringing orgasm that she’d always dreamed about.

“Oh, Herb,” she whispered to the handsome man who was holding her. “You’ll never know what that meant to me.”

“I know it was fantastic for me,” he smiled.

“Will you fuck me again sometime?”

“God, yes, anytime you want me.”

“Oh, good,” she sighed, thinking of all the heavenly days ahead.


For the next three weeks Herb was fucking Diane into a tizzy, and as the days passed, he introduced the raven-haired beauty to cunt licking and cock-sucking. She and Roger had never practiced oral sex in their seventeen years of marriage, and Diane thought she’d blow her mind the first time Herb went down on her. She was a bit reluctant when he asked her to suck him off, but the moment she had her first taste of cock the woman was wild about it.

As much as Diane was being sucked and fucked, she couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Sitting home alone one afternoon in nothing but her dressing gown, the horny woman was vigorously finger-fucking herself when the doorbell rang.

Answering the door, she saw Heather’s boyfriend, Vic Webster, and another boy standing at the entrance.

“Hi, Vic,” she stammered, her face flushed from what she’d just been doing. “Come on in.”

“Hello, Mrs. Baily,” he smiled as they entered the room. “This is my friend, Norm.”

“Hi, Norm. It’s nice to know you,” said Diane. “Won’t you boys sit down?”

“Is Heather home?” asked Vic as they sat down on a sofa across from the chair where Diane seated herself.

“I’m afraid not,” smiled the woman. “She and her brother have gone out with their dad for the afternoon.”

Diane hadn’t realized that her bare thighs were exposed under the dressing gown until she saw the excited expression in Norm’s eyes as he stared up between her legs. Already in an extremely horny mood from her interrupted masturbation session, she suddenly thought how much she would enjoy being fucked by these two virile young men.

Pretending to be casual, she slowly crossed her legs, giving them a lingering look at her naked pussy. She was more than pleased by how the boys’ eyes almost popped out of their heads.

“Oh, goodness,” she pretended to blush. “I didn’t know you could see up between my legs.”

“We couldn’t see much,” stammered Vic.

“Don’t kid me,” she teased. “I could see you staring at my bare pussy.”

When the embarrassed boys didn’t say anything, she moved over and sat down between them on the couch. “I’m sorry you saw it,” she whispered. “But I thought horny young men your age liked to look at cunts.” When the confused youths still had nothing to say, Diane rested her hand on Norm’s knee. “Now tell me the truth, Norm,” she whispered. “Don’t you like to look at cunts?”

“I suppose so,” he admitted nervously.

“How about you?” She turned to Vic. “Do you like pussies?”

“Of course,” he blushed, unable to understand the woman’s behavior.

“Do you like to play with them?”


“Then what do YOU think of this one?” she giggled, taking his hand and guiding the boy’s finger up under her negligee and into her seething cunt. “How does this pussy feel?”

“Jesus!” he gasped. “That’s sure a hot cunt.”

“You better believe it,” giggled Diane, standing up and removing her dressing gown. “And if you guys will take your clothes off and promise not to say anything about it to Heather, I’ll give you a little party you’ll never forget.”

Watching the big muscular youths stripping, Diane was getting hotter by the second. The thought of being fucked by these virile young men soon had even more juices oozing out from between her legs. Her horny cunt burned feverishly when they finally dropped their shorts, revealing their super hard cocks to her.

“Those are real beauties,” she smiled, sitting back down on the couch and lewdly spreading her bare thighs.

“That’s pretty cute, too,” grinned Norm, excitedly staring at her pink, wet cunt.

“You can bet your ass it’s a cute one,” she giggled, suggestively parting the slippery cuntlips with her naughty fingers. “This pussy’s real eating stuff. Have you ever tasted cunt?”

“I’m afraid not,” Norm nervously blushed.

“Then try mine,” she sensuously whispered. “You’ll never find a better tasting pussy.”

Norm, like all the other boys on the team, often kidded about eating pussy, but the idea of doing it had never appealed to the young man. He’d always thought that cunts were something to fuck, not lick. Yet, now as he stared at Diane’s deliciously pink pussy slit, he suddenly had a strange desire to suck on it.

“Come on. Don’t be chicken,” she teased the boy when she saw him momentarily hesitate. “I need a man, not a scared kid.”

Goaded on by this remark, but still a bit apprehensive about it, he dropped to his knees in front of the couch and stared up between her widely parted legs at the woman’s hotly oozing pussy.

“Hurry,” she whispered.

Wondering how it would taste, the hesitant youth slowly lowered his face down toward the soft furry nest of her juicy pussy, pleasantly surprised that his first whiff of her cunt was so fragrant. The young man hadn’t known what to expect, but the heady scent that filled his nostrils had a strangely exciting aroma that made his erect cock throb even harder. Pressing his face into the swampy warmth of her steaming crotch, he slipped his tongue between her soft, slippery cuntlips.

“Oooooooh, Norm,” she softly moaned, reaching over next to her and unconsciously grasping Vic’s big hard-on. “Now eat me good, honey. Just suck the hell out of me.”

Vic had never gone down on a girl either, and he just stared with total fascination as the whimpering, writhing woman unconsciously stroked his cock. The sound of his friend’s lips sucking and pulling on the beautiful woman’s juicy pussy flesh was driving him wild. Staring at the obscene sight of Norm sucking on an oozing pussy had Vic’s prick throbbing wildly in Diane’s clenched fist. He had no idea how a cunt tasted, but he could hardly wait for his turn to eat it!

On his knees between the woman’s widely spread legs, Norm was swirling his thick tongue all around in the hot slickness of her drooling cunt, thoroughly aroused by his very first taste of hot pussy juice. With his nose buried in her bush of soft cunt hair, his tongue was passionately drilling in and out of her writhing pussy hole.

As if by instinct, the young, inexperienced pussy-lapper partially removed his tongue and slid it up to the top of her cunt where he found her tingling cunt. Sucking it into his mouth, he began gently rolling it between his lips and was soon deliciously teasing his tongue all around her sensitive joy-button.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked as his tongue lashed around her hard girl-prick. “That’s it, honey! Oh, fuckin’ Jesus, that’s good!”

On and on the handsome youth sucked, bringing the beautiful woman closer and closer to a climax. Digging her fingers into his thick head of hair, she forced his mouth down against the hot wetness of her juicy cunt, arching her hips up in anticipation of the wild orgasm that was rapidly approaching.

“Suck, baby, suck!” she sobbed. “Oh, you sweet cunt-licker! I’m coming… coming!”

She feverishly clung to Vic’s cock while she writhed through the throes of her mouth induced orgasm.

“You sweet darlings,” she whispered when Norm finally rose to his feet with his big swollen hard-on standing up like a ramrod. “I’ve just gotta bring you darlings off. Who wants the first fuck?”

“Me!” they both shouted.

“Okay,” she giggled. “And who wants the first blow-job?”

“Me!” they chorused again.

“Great,” beamed Diane, rising to her feet. “I’ll bring you both off together.”

“How?” asked Norm.

“You get my mouth and Vic gets my cunt,” she explained, stepping in front of Vic with her back turned to him.

Bending her knees, she slowly squatted down, and then reaching between her legs, Diane grasped the base of Vic’s thick prick and guided his cockhead up between her, slowly descending cuntlips.

Standing in front of them, Norm could see her slippery pussylips hungrily swallowing his friend’s hard cock. Feeling his throbbing prick sinking deeper and deeper into the woman’s hot slippery pussyhole, Vic pressed his nose into the back of her freshly scented hair.

“Oh, God,” she passionately whispered, glancing back over her shoulder at him when the entire length of his meaty prick was completely embedded in her warm, clasping cunt. “It’s so nice and hard.”

Leaning back against his chest, she could feel his throbbing cock deliciously filing her quivering belly. Her excitement was further enhanced when he reached around her waist and firmly cupped a big hot tit in each hand. Diane’s entire body was rippling with intense pleasure as she sat astride Vic’s big cock while his fingers toyed with her deliciously tingling nipples.

Grinding her pussy down tighter over the young man’s throbbing cock, Diane began rotating her cunt around his steel-hard shaft, feeling his smooth purple cockhead burning deep in her horny pussy.

“Goddamn, honey!” she excitedly whispered, rotating her hot wiggly ass more rapidly around on his lap. “Your hot cock sure feels good!”

With each rotation she could feel his big swollen cock twisting around deliciously in the slippery hotness of her squeezing pussy hole. The experienced sex-crazed brunette’s cunt muscles were excitedly sucking and pulling on the entire length of his hard screaming cock.

Continuing to rotate her hot creaming pussy around Vic’s deeply embedded shaft, she smiled up at Norm who was standing there beating his meat.

“Bring it here,” she whispered, rotating her cunt a bit more vigorously around Vic’s throbbing cock. She began greedily licking her lips when Norm stepped in front of her with his stiff cock poised only inches from her mouth.

“Ooooooooh, that’s it, Vic,” she giggled, feeling his fingers lovingly squeezing and pulling on her big swollen nipples as she reached for Norm’s prick.

Lifting her ass a few inches, she plunged her pussy back down around his slick, hard cock, letting out a squeal of joy, as it streaked back up into her sucking cunt hole again. Smiling at Norm as she bounced up and down on his hard cock meat, she was lustily stroking his prick, the feel of it in her hand adding to the erotic excitement.

The horny woman was soon wildly humping on Vic’s stiff prick. Bouncing faster and faster, she could feel his cock spearing crazily in and out of her lust-swollen cunt slit as she stroked the other guy’s hard-on.

“Honey,” she giggled to Norm, pulling on his prick as she jiggled up and down on Vic’s delicious prickshaft. “I want this beauty in my mouth.”

As he moved still closer to the bouncing woman, she guided his cock into her open mouth. Her entire body was rippling with ecstasy as she covered his big hard cock knob with her sucking lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred around his prick shaft, feverishly turned on by having two cocks in her at the same time.

Her big firm tits were jiggling wildly in Vic’s hands as Diane bounced faster and faster, his cock drilling deeper into her cunt with every thrust. Slithering madly up and down over his spearing tool, Diane was juicily sucking on the big spit-slickened cock that was sliding back and forth between her deliciously grasping lips.

Diane was frantically fucking, coming down harder and harder on Vic’s throbbing prick. The way Vic’s big cock was sawing against her clitty as it plunged in and out of her lust swollen cunt while she sucked on Norm’s juicy prick was driving the raven-haired beauty wild.

With her own climax only seconds away, Diane could feel Norm’s cock jerking frantically in her mouth, and knew he was about to pop his nuts. Then without any warning, she suddenly felt Vic’s hot slippery cum gushing up into her cunt. This triggered the woman’s wild orgasm, and as her climaxing cunt slit jerked and spasmed around Vic’s squirting prick, Norm’s throbbing cock exploded a torrent of cum into her sucking mouth.

When their cocks finally stopped squirting and her cum-smeared lips finished sucking, the three of them collapsed on the couch, Diane lovingly holding a wet limp prick in each hand.

“Oh, you sweet bastards,” she whispered a few minutes later when she felt Norm’s cock starting to swell and throb again in her fingers. “Let’s go up to my room where we can really fuck up a storm!”

When they got onto her bed, Vic’s prick was still limp, but Norm’s was swelling rapidly.

“I guess it will be you first,” she whispered to Norm after several vain attempts to revive Vic’s spent cock. “He’s already fucked me once, so it’s your turn anyway.”

“Sure,” grinned Vic. “Help yourself, Norm. I’m too pooped to pop now. But I’ll be ready again as soon as you’re finished.”

Crawling up between the woman’s soft full thighs, Norm guided his new hard-on toward her juicy pussy slit. He could feel his bloated cockhead grazing against the swampy hotness of her, swollen wet cuntlips.

“If you’re ready for a real hot fuck,” she whispered, “I’m just the gal you need.”

Trembling with excitement, Norm could feel his bloated cock knob slipping through the steamy opening of her deliciously hot pussy. With her pussy filled with Vic’s cum, Norm’s thick prick glided easily through the slippery warmth of her well lubricated pussy channel until his balls were resting in the soft crack between her deliciously rounded asscheeks.

“Oh, baby!” she whispered. “Now just fuck the living piss out of me!”

Leaning on his elbows next to them, Vic was staring at the radiant expression on the woman’s face. Her long dark hair was cascading beautifully across the pillow and her lovely complexion was softly flushed with passion and desire.

“Oh, sweet darling Norm,” whispered Diane, screwing her pussy up around the base of the youth’s deeply buried cock, trying desperately to suck even more of it into her cock-thirsty pussy hole.

On and on they fucked, the beautiful woman’s hot, slippery cunt sucking feverishly on his juice-slickened cockshaft as it drilled in and out of her deliciously sucking pussy slit. Diane’s lovely face was wildly contorted by the fiery passions that filled her fucking body. She was aware of nothing but the unbelievable ecstasy she felt in her cock-filled cunt.

The rock hardness of his virile young hard-on pounding into the hot clinging wetness between her legs was driving Diane wild. She could feel her own slippery fluids oozing out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips and running down over the bare cheeks of her squirming ass.

“Oh, baby!” she cried, clinging tightly to him. “That’s the way to fuck, honey! Ooooh! Fuck me! Fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!”

On and on he drilled his prick into her, the woman’s body filled with such heat that it was literally scalding his plunging cock.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed.

Lifting her widely splayed legs, she threw her knees over his shoulders, offering even more of her pussy to his plundering cock.

“You big fuckin’ stud!” she panted to the young man. “You’re gonna make me come… make me come!”

Further excited by her wild squeals of passion, the youth began pounding his hard cock deeper and harder into her hot slurping cunt hole as his friend excitedly looked on. Clutching the writhing woman in his arms as he lustily drilled his screaming hard-on into her, he could feel his big blunt prick knob pounding against the very end of her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Norm, darling!” she screamed with passion. “Make me come, honey! I wanta come! It’s so good… so good! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The wild orgasm was building up rapidly in her writhing loins, quickly spreading throughout her lurching body.

“Cream me, baby! Squirt me!” shrieked the sex-crazed beauty as her intense orgasm swallowed her. “Shoot me full of jizz!”

Unable to hold back another second, the young man gave one last lunge and exploded a torrent of hot white spunk into her writhing belly.

“That’s it, you sweet bastard!” Diane shrieked when she felt his thick, slippery cum splattering into her pussy. “Squirt it to me, baby! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!”

Wave after wave of his thick fuck-cream spewed out of his belching prick as the woman writhed through her intense orgasm.

“Ooooooooh, sweet God!” she sobbed as her convulsing pussy continued climaxing around his spurting cock. “Keep squirtin’, baby!”

Deliciously exhausted, Norm lay perfectly still over her soft naked body while his prick continued belching more jizz into her gently squeezing pussy hole. Her heavenly cunt pulled and sucked on his cock until the last drop had been siphoned from deep in his balls.

After several moments of basking in the warm afterglow of their wonderful fuck, Norm finally pulled his limp, wet prick out and rolled off her body so Vic could fuck her again.


A couple of weeks later, Heather was walking home from her girlfriend’s house one evening. Vic had been out of town with his parents on vacation for seven or eight days, and the cute blonde was in an exceptionally horny mood. Passing old Wally McCann’s house, she saw him sitting on his front steps.

“Hi, Wally,” Heather called out to the big muscular man. He was a bachelor in his early forties who lived alone, and most all of the young people called the rather eccentric man by his first name.

“Hello, Heather,” he grinned, always happy to see the pretty young blonde. “Why don’t you stop and visit for a while?”

“Okay,” smiled the girl, walking up and sitting down on the step just above the one where he was seated.

“Where’ve you been?” he asked, looking at her through his dull-witted eyes.

“Over at Mary Jane’s house,” answered Heather.

“Were there any boys there?”

“No,” she giggled, amused by the way he always quizzed her about her boyfriends. “Just Mary Jane and me.”

“That ain’t no fun,” he chuckled, staring up between her partially exposed thighs under the short skin. “When I was young, the girls always wanted boys around to help them enjoy themselves.”

“I guess it’s the same today,” laughed Heather.

Seeing how the man was trying to peck up between her legs, the naughty blonde decided to spread her thighs a little further apart to tease him a bit. Heather wasn’t wearing any panties tonight, and her cute gold-fringed pussy was suddenly exposed to the confused and startled man.

“God,” he gulped. “I’ll bet the boys all try to feel you up.”

“They do,” she giggled.

“Do you make them stop?”

“Gosh, no,” she whispered. “I’ll let guys do anything tome.”

“Anything?” he gasped.

“Anything,” she repeated.

“Do you let them go all the way?”

“Do you mean fuck me?”

“Yeah,” he stammered, excitedly licking his drooling lips.

“Silt, yes,” she giggled. “There’s nothing I like better than being fucked by a hard cock.”

“What do you think of this?” the man slobbered, pulling his long thick hard-on out and waggling it around in front of her eyes.

“It’s awfully big,” grinned the shocked blonde. “I didn’t know any cock could be that large.”

“Would you like me to fuck you with it?”

“Shit, no!” gasped the horny youngster. “That big bastard would split my pussy wide open.”

“But I gotta do something with it,” he grumbled, still stroking his huge prick.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he stammered. “Hearing you talk about fucking gave me this Goddamned hard-on and now I just gotta get rid of it.”

“Then try a cold shower.”

“That wouldn’t do no good.”

Seeing the anguish in the man’s eyes as he unconsciously squeezed and stroked his huge cock, Heather suddenly felt sorry for him.

“Wally,” she whispered, aware of the frustration and desperation on his pleading face. “Would you like me to suck you off?”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” she grinned. “I love to give blow-jobs.”

Unable to believe what was happening, the man quickly took the girl’s hand and led her back to his bedroom. Wanting to give him an added, thrill, she stripped the rest of her clothes off and spread herself out on his bed to watch him undress. While the girl stared at him.

“Ooooooooh, Wally!” she whimpered.

“Oh, God, I like this!”

“Shit, that’s a tasty cunt,” he panted, momentarily pulling his face out of Heather’s sweetly scented crotch. “I’ve never tasted anything so good in my life!”

“Wad,” she whimpered. “Because I’ve never felt anything so neat in my life.”

Lowering his face down between her legs again, the man began swiping his thick wet tongue across her swollen clitty until she was almost hysterical from the intense pleasure. Heather could feel an orgasm building up in her loins as he continued sucking and teasing her quivering cunt with his lips and tongue.

“Ooooooooh, Wally!” she sobbed. “Don’t stop! Keep sucking! Keep sucking!”

The girl was shuddering with ecstasy as her hot cunt exploded around his mouth.

“Oh, baby,” panted the roused man when he finally pulled his juice drenched face out of her oozing cunt. “I’ve just gotta fuck this cute cunt of yours.”

“Like hell you will!” gasped Heather. “You’re not putting that Goddamned big cock in me!”

“Sorry, girl,” he whispered, his eyes glazed with lust. “You’re getting fucked whether you want it or not.”

“Please don’t, Wally,” she sobbed, feeling his big strong hands forcing her shapely legs apart.

Wally was grunting and panting, his cock-knob burning hotly against her inner thighs as he tried to guide it into position.

“Oh, please Wally, please don’t do it!” she begged, feeling his hard cock pressing against her cuntlips. “Please don’t!”

A searing pain streaked through the youngster’s tiny cunt as the man gave a sudden lunge and drilled the head of his massive cock through the opening of her pussy. Heather was screaming and clawing, her face etched with agony as his brutal prick cruelly stretched her cuntlips.

“No, you Goddamned bastard!” she shrieked. “It hurts! It hurts!”

“Oh, shut up!” he roared, slapping her hard across the face. “I’m gonna fuck you, so you might as well enjoy it.”

Once more pushing forward, he drove another few inches of hard cock into the trembling youngster’s tightly stretched pussy.

“Ooooooooh!” she sobbed. “Please take it out! It hurts too much! I can’t stand it!”

Ignoring the girl’s pleas, he continued drilling his thick prick into her until he felt his balls pressing into the crack of her ass. Realizing that he was in to the hilt, an obscene grin spread across his face.

“Please take it out,” she begged, tears running down her flushed cheeks. “I just can’t stand it any longer.”

“You can and you will,” he sneered, trying to work even more of his thick cock into her deliciously tight cunt hole. “You’re gonna love fucking me before I’m finished with you.”

“No! No!” she cried, turning her tearstained face away when he tried to kiss her with his wet, sloppy lips.

After remaining completely motionless on Heather’s naked young body for several moments, the man began slowly withdrawing his thick cock from her tight cunt.

“Oh, thank you, Wally,” she whimpered, thinking he was pulling his hard prick out.

When only the bulbous head of his prick remained in her, he lunged forward again, once more drilling his cock back deep into her burning pussy.

“You son of a bitch!” she moaned. “You filthy fuckin’ pig!”

Ignoring the girl’s remarks, the man began rhythmically plunging his thick cock in and out of Heather’s sore, raw pussy slit.

As Wally continued fucking his bloated cock in and out, the intense pain began slowly disappearing, replaced by a strange tingling in her cunt that was vaguely pleasant. The feeling started slowly at first, and then became more and more intense as the earlier discomfort seemed to fade away.

The girl didn’t know what was happening but she suddenly realized how good the man’s prick felt in her pussy. Even though her cunt was still a bit raw, the delicious pressure of Wally’s thick cock plunging in and out of her pussy was really a wild feeling. Unable to hide the intense pleasure any longer, Heather began excitedly fucking her juicy cunt up tighter around the man’s thrusting cock.

“Now, doesn’t that feel good?” he panted, feeling Heather’s body writhing with pleasure. “Aren’t you glad I’m fuckin’ you?”

“Oh, yes! Yes!” she squealed over the loud slurping sound of his huge cock pumping in and out of her tight, hot pussy slit. “I love it!”

The intense ecstasy was mounting and mounting in the young girl’s writhing body as her youthful cunt muscles squeezed and milked on his deliciously slippery cockshaft. Heather suddenly realized that a boy’s prick was no substitute for a man’s big hard cock. It was pure heaven to feel his thick prick reaching into the hot depths of her pussy where no boy’s cock could ever reach.

“God, Wally, your big hard prick feels so good!” she whimpered, writhing her overheated body up tighter against his, wanting to make certain that all of his wonderful prick was embedded in her belly.

Passionately kissing the man as they vigorously fucked, Heather was no longer conscious of anything except his magnificent cock. The girl was completely turned on as these wild sensations raced through every part of her body. It was what she’d always hoped fucking would be like and she was thoroughly enjoying every lust-filled second of it.

Squealing with joy, Heather was wildly throwing her hips up to meet every hard thrust of his plunging prick. Desperately grasping the sinewy cheeks of his ass, she pulled him violently toward her, arching her hips up to take the full length of his cock. With the hot, slippery lips of her juicy cunt sucking and pulling on the thick root of his cockshaft, she was frantically trying to pull even more of his gnarly prick into her thirsty pussy.

Almost beside himself with his wanton lust, the aroused man could feel his cockhead swelling bigger and bigger as it slithered in and out between the soft, fleshy ridges of the young girl’s hot, sucking cunt slit. It felt as though his big blood-pressured prick knob was about to explode from the exquisite sensations that were racing up and down his tingling cockshaft.

As their sweaty, slippery bodies pounded harder together, the man was drilling his enraged prick deeper and faster into the squealing youngster’s pussy hole. He could feel Heather’s deliciously hard nipples burning into his hot flesh as her soft tits squished against his heaving chest.

“Oh, Wally!” she shrieked with joy. “Fuck me harder, honey! Just fuck me to death!”

The man and girl were fucking frantically, their naked bodies slapping noisily together. As they increased the tempo of their mutual thrusts, Wally could feel a wild climax building up deep in his loins.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna come!” screamed Heather, drawing her knees back almost to her shoulders. “Fuck me harder! Harder, Wally, harder! Fuck me!”

The unbelievable ecstasy of this wild fuck was almost beyond the young girl’s endurance.

Frantically clutching the man, she sank her teeth into his shoulder. His massive cock was pounding mercilessly into her writhing belly, slithering deliciously against her hard, throbbing clitoris.

“Oh, God, I love it!” she shrieked. “I love it!”

Aware that Heather was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her, the man began speeding the tempo of his strokes.

“Oh, you big cocked darling!” she cried out. “Just fuck it to me, you beautiful fucker! Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaawwwww!”

Almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure she was feeling, the youngster’s strong cunt muscles were sucking and gulping at the meaty hardness of his thrusting prick. Her hot slippery cuntal sheath was rippling deliciously up and down over his tingling cock rod, giving him the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt.

“Fuck it to me!” she wailed, her cute ass writhing feverishly on the bed as she lewdly waved her naked legs in the air. “Oh, you beautiful fuckin’ bull!”

As the man further increased the tempo of his long hard strokes, Heather was desperately clinging to him, clawing at the humping man as he passionately drilled his huge cock in and out of her horny cunt slit.

“Oooooooooooh, Wally!” she screamed. “Cream me, honey! Shoot it to me! I’m almost ready to come! Shoot me full of juice!”

Increasing the tempo, the man drove even harder, his hips thrusting frantically as he fucked into the youngster’s scalding pussy. He could feel her hot slippery walls expanding and contracting deliciously around the hard thickness of his magnificent prick as it plunged in and out of her overheated cunt hole.

From the way his cock began expanding and jerking, Heather could tell he was about to shoot his hot load. Planting her feet flat on the bed, she raised her hips and tilted her pussy up to receive his jizz. Heather felt her own orgasm starting to envelop her, and her blazing eyes rolled back crazily as she let out a muffled scream.

“I’m coming!” she cried. “I’m coming… coming!”

Screaming through the wildest climax she’d ever experienced, Heather locked her legs tightly around his waist, her spasming cunt sucking and pulling on his huge prick until it suddenly exploded a torrent of white-hot cum into her writhing cunt slit.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked, feeling his hot cock-cream gushing into her pussy. “Squirt, Wally, squirt! Fill me up! I’m coming!”

Shuddering violently, the half-crazed youngster screwed her pussy up tighter around the man’s spurting cock as he lustily emptied his hot load into her deliciously glowing pussy hole. This was the most beautiful climax she’d ever experienced, and the cute cunt-filled girl whimpered and moaned as erotic warm sensations washed through her naked flesh.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried with joy, screwing her hot pussy up around the thick base of his spurting prick.

Whimpering beneath him, her thirsty cunt sucked the hot slippery cum from deep in his balls until her prick-squeezing pussy was deliciously filled with his scalding jizz.


The next Saturday morning when Vic dropped by to pick Heather up, his friend, Norm Leahy, was in the car with him.

“I’ve got the key to the folks’ cabin up at the lake,” he grinned at Heather as he backed his car out of her driveway. “So I thought it would be fun to go out there and fuck around all day.”

“Where’s a girl for Norm?” asked the puzzled blonde.

“He couldn’t find a date,” explained Vic. “So I wondered if you’d mind letting both of us fuck you.”

“Heck, no,” giggled Heather, smiling at her boyfriend’s handsome buddy. “I don’t mind if he doesn’t.”

When they finally arrived, Heather was surprised at the number of cabins scattered around this area where she’d never been before.

“I didn’t know there were so many cabins on this side of the lake,” she said to Vic.

“A lot of them are shack-up places where businessmen bring their secretaries and broads. It’s nice and private out here.”

Entering the cabin, Heather was pleased with the fresh cleanness of it. It was a well furnished room with a bed in one corner and a kitchenette against the opposite wall.

“Okay,” giggled Heather quickly stripping and throwing herself out on the bed. “Who’s first? I’m hot to fuck.”

“Let Norm have it,” grinned Vic. “He’s our guest.”

“That’s right,” grinned the horny blonde, anxious to be fucked by a new cock. “It’s all yours, Norm.”

“It doesn’t seem right for me to go first,” blushed Norm. “After all, you’re Vic’s girl.”

“Please,” she whispered, parting her juicy cuntlips with her fingers to give him a good look.

“Not until he’s fucked you first,” he said, stepping aver by her. “I’d love to fuck you when Vic is finished.”

“Then let me give you a nice hot blow-job,” she smiled up at him. “After I’ve sucked you off, Vic can still have the first fuck.”

Momentarily staring at her, he thought how much he would enjoy filling her sweet soft mouth with jizz.

“Please,” she whispered again, reaching out with her bare foot and pressing her toe against the hard bulge in the front of his pants as he stood by the bed looking at her. “I’m a neat cock-sucker.”

“Well,” he said, slowly lowering his zipper and pulling his stiff prick out. “If both of you want me to do it, I might as well.”

“Take all your clothes off,” she giggled. “When I blow a guy, I like to lick his whole fuckin’ body!”

Within a matter of seconds, the naked youth was spread out next to her on the bed. Grasping his stiff cock, Heather found it wildly erotic to look at. Thrusting, up from his thick nest of hair, his long, thick cock was a milky white color, streaked with big blue veins. His cockhead was a bright pink, reminding her of a scoop of strawberry ice cream.

Her juicy lips were drooling with excitement as she lowered her mouth down over his delicious-looking cock knob. She wasn’t the least bit disappointed with the heady scent and the strong male taste of his big meaty cockhead. Taking it deeper into her mouth, she let it slide over the top of her tongue until his big prick knob nudged against the back of her throat. There was something about the texture of his thick cock that wildly excited her. She’d been sucking cocks for a long time, but this was one of the tastiest she’d ever found.

“D’ya like this?” she whispered, looking up at the boy.

“Shit, yes,” he panted. “But keep suckin’, for Christ’s sake.”

“Oh, Norm,” she teased. “You’re getting all excited.”

“Shut up and suck!” he shouted, his cock almost bursting with lust.

Smiling to herself, Heather began running her hot, juicy lips up and down the length of his cockshaft until it was completely drenched with her sweet, wet spit.

“That’s it, baby,” he sobbed. “Jesus Christ, that’s good.”

Lifting the backs of his knees over her shoulders, she burrowed her face and mouth into the wide crack of his ass. Gently stroking his stiff cock with her fingers, she began licking around the sensitive edge of his asshole.

“Oh, fuckin’ shit!” he roared when the tip of her tongue teased into his quivering ass.

The young man was soon beating the bed with his fists as the girl licked and sucked all around his sensitive asshole. After several moments of this, she moved her mouth up and began washing the crinkly skin of his balls with her naughty tongue. When they were completely drenched, she slowly worked her mouth and tongue back up his prickshaft until her lips once more covered his big juicy cockhead.

Hot to fuck, Heather had no intention of sucking him completely off. She only wanted to get him so Goddamned excited that he’d ram his prick into her as far as possible.

Sucking deeply on his tingling prick-knob, she could feel him trembling from head to toe and she knew he was almost ready to shoot his load.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he was babbling. “Here it comes, honey! Here it comes!”

Quickly removing her mouth from his cock, the cute blonde rolled over on her back.

“What the hell are you doing?” he roared, jumping up to a sitting position on the bed.

“Waiting for you to fill my cunt with jizz,” she giggled, throwing her arms around the youth and pulling him down on top of her.

When she suddenly pressed her hot open lips to his and thrust her slippery tongue into his mouth, the half-crazed youth was frantically rubbing his body over hers. No longer giving a damn about who was supposed to screw her first, he grabbed his big spit drenched cock and rammed it up between her legs.

Reaching down, Heather grasped his luscious big prick as it advanced toward her horny cunt.

“Shit, that’s a beauty,” she whispered, closing her fingers around his hard cockshaft.

Her young body shuddered deliciously as the fat head of his cock pushed against her hot, slick pussy.

“Oh, Norm,” she sobbed, grinding her cum-filled cunt slit up around the head of his straining prickshaft. “Oh, shit, come on you guys, give me a real fuckin’.”

Panting with excitement, Heather guided the bloated cockhead into her steamy cunthole. When the young man felt her eager cuntlips closing hungrily around his pulsating knob, he gave her a wild lurch and drove his fiery cock all the way up her slippery cunt with one mighty thrust.

“Eeeeeeggghhh!” she shrieked with delight as his stiff tool ripped deliciously up through her cunt.

God, how good it felt to have her horny pussy completely filled with cock!

“Oh, baby,” she whimpered, screwing her body up closer against his to better enjoy the bloated prick that was so deeply embedded in her hungry pussy.

The horny blonde was mewling with delight, feeling the hardness of his hot prickmeat rubbing so deliciously against the sensitive flesh of her cunt walls.

“Oh, Norm,” she sobbed as the young man’s stiff cock rod, glistening with her slippery juices, floated in and out of the sucking warmth of her clinging pussy. “D’ya like my hot pussy?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted, continuing the steady rhythm of his deep thrusts.

“D’ya like fuckin’ my naughty cunt?”

“You ain’t just shittin’,” he puffed. “You’re the best piece of ass I’ve ever had.”

Frantically grasping him around the shoulders, Heather was wildly throwing her hips up to meet every stroke of his hard, plunging cock. The open lips of her pink cunt slit were deliciously sucking and grasping at the thick base of his prick, trying to suck more and more of it into her greedy young cunthole.

Norm could feel his cockhead growing bigger and bigger with lust as it plowed in and out through the hot, slick flesh of Heather’s clinging pussy. It felt as if his bloated cock knob would burst from the delicious sensations induced by the horny young woman’s tight young pussy. With his throbbing cock drilling in and out of her slippery, sucking cunt, he could feel her big hard nipples burning into his chest as her young tits squished against his heaving body.

“Oh, Norm!” she cried out, her horny cunt so deliciously filled with cockmeat. “Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Vic was almost out of his mind with excitement as he watched his naked buddy drilling his cock rod into the writhing girl. The sight of his girlfriend’s soft bare thighs locked around Norm’s muscular body was really something to see.

He stared at Norm’s big juice-slickened prickshaft plowing into her cute pink cunt slit. The humping boy’s boner was thick and long, yet it glided in and out of her pussy with a sensual smoothness that had Heather squealing with joy.

The erotic sight had given Vic a horrendous hard-on. Quickly removing his clothes so he could plunge his own hard cockmeat into her when Norm was finished, he clutched at his cock, unable to believe how big it was this afternoon. In all his life, Vic’s prick had never been so swollen and hard!

Staring at his sexy girl friend, Vic could hardly wait to pound his cock into her. The excited youth was unconsciously stroking his fiery prick when Norm suddenly rolled over onto his back with Heather on top of him, his cock still buried deep in her juicy pussy slit.

Heather could feel Norm’s hot open mouth sucking passionately on her quivering nipples as she lay flat over his body with the boy’s thick cockshaft still embedded in her cunt. Slowly pumping her sweet young ass up and down, she was giving him an unforgettable fuck while his wet mouth sucked deliriously on her hard, quivering titties.

Madly humping up and down over his creaming cock, Heather could feel it ripping deeper and deeper into her writhing belly. His thick prick was glistening with the hot pussy juices that were dripping out from between her clinging cuntlips as she slid up and down on his intensely hard prickshaft. Almost out of his mind from the wild ecstasy, Norm was thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her juice-slickened cunthole.

“Oh, yes, Norm!” she squealed, bouncing harder and faster over his magnificent hard cock. “Fuck, baby, fuck!”

Watching the sex-crazed couple on the squeaking, groaning bed, Vic was stroking his swollen cock faster and faster. They were fucking into each other like wild animals, their hot, naked bodies slapping noisily together. The cabin reverberated with the sound of his wet prick slurping in and out of her sucking pussy.

“Oh, Norm!” she screamed, clinging tightly to him when she felt her trembling body tensing for a climax. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!”

Excited by her wild cries, Norm began drilling deeper and deeper into the bouncing body that straddled his cock.

“Harder, baby, harder!” she shrieked, feeling the shattering orgasm starting to engulf her.

Suddenly, and without warning, she felt his hot, thick cum spewing into her cunt.

“No, Norm! No!” she screamed. “Hold it, baby, hold it! I still haven’t come yet!”

The frustrated blonde frantically bounced up and down on his spurting prick, trying unsuccessfully to bring herself off. Almost out of her mind with unsatisfied lust, she rolled off Norm’s spent prick and began desperately fingering her cunt slit, still trying to achieve a climax.

It was then that she saw Vic crawling up between her legs with his big, lust-bloated cock clutched in his hand.

“Oh, darling,” she panted. “Bring me off, honey! Make me come!”

Placing his big cockhead against her slippery cunt slit, the boy could feel her juicy cuntlips slowly opening as his thick, meaty cock began sinking into her hotly sucking cunt hole.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me!” she whimpered, arching her hips up to meet his slowly penetrating cockshaft. “That’s it, honey! Christ, your cock’s never felt this Goddamn big!”

She let out a squeal of joy when his big prickknob finally nudged against the very end of her hot, young pussy.

“Oh, God!” Heather sobbed. “Now fuck me hard, honey! Just fuck the piss outa me!”

Drawing back, he suddenly lunged forward again with all his strength. His bloated balls slapped noisily against her cute, soft ass as his driving prick almost lifted her off the bed.

“Oh, Vic!” she squealed, raising her naked thighs up higher around his waist, offering more of her hungry cunt slit to his battering assault. “That’s it, baby! Drive that fuckin’ cock!”

God, how she loved the way he was attacking her pussy! There was, a boldness about the way he was drilling his prick into her that was almost blowing, his mind. The nearly hysterical girl was clutching and screaming and moaning as Vic savagely pounded his lusty cockmeat into her insatiable cunt.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she screamed. “I love it! I love it!”

After several more violent thrusts, the youth stopped in order to postpone his own climax. With Vic motionless on top of her, Heather could, feel his big hard cockhead throbbing against the very end of her cunt while his big lusty balls nestled in the soft crack between her asscheeks.

When he partially withdrew his prick, preparing for another thrust, Heather’s horny young body was trembling with anticipation.

She drew her knees even higher, exposing as much of her cunt slit as possible for his attack.

“Oh, Christ!” she shrieked when his hard cock brutally ripped into her juice-slickened cunthole again. “That’s it, baby!”

His scalding cock rod was glistening with her slippery cunt juices as it pumped in and out of her clinging pussy.

“Harder!” she screamed. “Harder!”

Heather suddenly exploded into an overwhelming orgasm when she felt his deliciously hot fuck-cream gushing into her spasming cunt. When Vic collapsed back on the bed, she just lay there, staring at the two exhausted young men.

Finally getting up and slipping into her clothes, she walked out into the coolness of the tall pines. There was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as she walked along the winding road.

She had just rounded a curve when she suddenly saw a familiar car parked next to a small cabin that was partially hidden in the trees. Staring at it, she realized it belonged to Herb Clayton, their neighbor.

The girl was about to mind her business and continue with her walk when she heard a loud giggle coming from the open window. There was something familiar about it, but Heather couldn’t place the voice.

“That’s it, Herb, baby!” she heard the voice squealing with joy. “Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard!”

Heather froze in her tracks when she realized it was her mother! Unable to believe her own ears, the girl slipped over by the open window to peer in. There on the bed was Herb Clayton, fucking his cock into her mother’s naked body! Heather was completely stunned, unable to believe the woman would cheat on her wonderful husband.

“Faster, Herb, faster! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!” Diane screamed as Heather watched Herb’s prick ripping into her cunt.

The couple was so engrossed in their lust that neither of them were remotely aware that Heather was watching through the window.

“Oh, Herb, darling,” Heather’s mother was saying. “Fuck, honey, fuck! I’m almost there!”

Suddenly feeling her lover’s hot cum splattering against the walls of her cock-filled cunt, Diane exploded into a wild, screeching orgasm.

“Oh, shit, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her lovely naked body was trembling with ecstasy as the man’s spurting prick continued filling her pussy with jizz.

“Oh, God!” she whispered. “Oh, Herb, darling, that was so fuckin’ good!”

When the man heaved over onto his back, Diane crawled down and slipped his wet, shrinking prick into her mouth.

“Darling,” he whispered. “Are you sure your husband won’t be suspicious about us spending the whole weekend here?”

“Shit, no,” she giggled. “Before we left this morning, I told him I was going to visit my sister.”

“But suppose he calls her?”

“He can’t,” grinned Diane. “They live on a farm where there isn’t a phone.”

“That’s great,” sighed Herb. “My wife is in San Francisco for a few days.”

“Oh, darling,” she softly whispered. “You’ll never now how frustrated and restless I was until you came along and opened a whole new world of sex to me.”

As Heather’s mother lay across his stomach sucking on his rapidly growing prick, Herb gently grasped her hips and moved her luscious cunt up over his face so they were in the sixty-nine position.

Not wanting to be caught watching them, Heather slowly turned around and walked back to Vic’s cabin so the boys could drive her home. Her eyes were filled with tears as she thought about her kind, handsome father.


As she rode home with the two young men, Heather’s mind was reeling with confused, incoherent thoughts. It was unbelievable to the girl that her mother could do such a horrible thing to her sweet, wonderful father. Knowing that her mom had lied about spending the weekend with her sister made it even worse.

Being a horny young girl, Heather could understand how her mother could have a desire for more than one cock. But she couldn’t understand how she could actually be unfaithful to anyone as fine as her father.

When the boys dropped her off at the house, Heather went in to find her dad reading in the den.

“Hi, Dad,” she smiled, throwing her arms around him.

“Hello, honey,” he answered, kissing her lightly on the cheek. “How’s my girl this afternoon?”

“Just fine,” she beamed, trying to act light and breezy.

Later that evening after Billy had gone to bed, Heather was watching television with her dad. But she was finding it very hard to concentrate on the tube. Looking at her father from the corners of her eyes, she kept wondering how he’d be in bed. The more she thought about it, the hornier she got. If her mother was out dropping her pants for other men, then why shouldn’t her dad use her cute pussy for his pleasure? She didn’t know if the man could be seduced by his own daughter, but she’d sure like to try!

Aware that her father was occasionally glancing over at her, Heather raised her skirt a bit and spread her thighs so the man would have an unobstructed view of her panty clad crotch the next time he glanced at her. As she had hoped, the man’s eyes almost bugged out of his head a few moments later when he noticed his daughter’s obscene pose.

Staring up between the youngster’s legs, he suddenly recalled how much it had turned him on a few weeks ago when he’d gotten a brief look at her cute naked body when she darted into her room from the shower. Now with his eyes focused on her pubic area, he could feel his prick starting to stir and expand in his pants.

“Daddy,” Heather asked, getting up and walking over to where he was sitting. “Would you let me sit on your lap like I did when I was a girl?”

“But, darling,” he smiled, “you’re a big girl now.”

“I know,” she giggled, plopping down on his lap, “but I still want you to hold me.”

It had been years since he’d held her like this, and Heather felt very comfortable and secure in her father’s arms.

“Did looking up between my legs turn you on?” she suddenly asked.

“Of course not,” he snapped nervously. “Don’t talk so silly.”

“Then why have you got a hard-on?”

“What do you mean?” he gulped.

“I can feel your hard prick poking at my ass through your pants,” she giggled.

“My God, Heather,” he said, shocked at the way his cute daughter was talking. “You shouldn’t say such things.”

“Why not?” she laughed. “Fucking is a perfectly normal function.”

“Maybe it is,” he said, unable to believe her behavior. “But nice young ladies don’t talk like that.”

Heather’s skirt had hiked up when she sat on her dad’s lap, and her naughty talk and the sight of her sweet bare thighs so close to his eyes were blowing his mind.

“What’s wrong with talking about pricks and fucking?” she continued. “I’m not a kid any longer. Guys fuck me all the time.”

“Well, I don’t want to hear about it,” he snapped nervously, becoming more aroused with every passing moment.

“Why not?” she giggled, reaching down and rubbing his swollen hard-on through his pants. “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me yourself.”

“Have you gone crazy?” he panted.

“No,” she whispered, taking his hand and thrusting it up between her thighs until his fingers made contact with her sopping wet panties. “I’m just hot to fuck. Can’t you feel how juicy my horny cunt is?”

Trembling with excitement, the dazed man wormed his finger up through the leg opening of her panties and into the slippery hotness of her swampy pussy.

“Daddy,” she whispered, getting to her feet, “let’s go up to my room where we can get nice and naked for each other.”

With all resistance completely gone, Roger followed his daughter up the stairs, his eyes staring hungrily at her cute ass. Entering her bedroom, she turned and faced her dad as he drew her into his wins. Not saying anything, he quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and removed it. Heather was wearing a bra and she was thrilled at the way her handsome father was ogling her naked tits.

The man stared excitedly at the lush beauty of her sweet young body as her tits jutted out so full and firm, deliciously capped with huge pink nipples that were bloated with desire.

While her father was admiring her naked tits, the girl unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Both of them were now naked to the waist and Roger pulled her down onto the bed with him. With her big hot nipples pressing against his broad hairy chest, their mouths came together in a deep, passionate kiss.

Finally pulling his mouth from her moistly parted lips, he moved it down to her waiting tits, tasting the fragrance of her deliciously naked flesh. His tongue lapped hungrily at her big turgid nipples while his fingers worked on the zipper of her skirt. Grasping the waistband, he pulled it over her shapely legs, deliciously exposing her nylon panties. His strong gentle hands moved up and down over her legs, caressing her delightfully rounded calves and naked thighs.

When her father stood up to remove the rest of his clothes, Heather fell back on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge of it, her golden pubic hair faintly visible through the flimsy material of her panties.

As he stood by the side of the bed, her dad’s throbbing cock was straining out against the front of Roger’s pants as he unbuckled his belt. Lowering his zipper, he quickly took both his pants and shorts off. As he bent to remove his shoes and socks, Heather stared excitedly at his throbbing cock.

Dropping to his knees between her shapely legs, he curled his fingers into the waist of her panties and pulled them down over her hips and legs. Letting them fall to the floor, Roger stared hungrily at his young daughter’s cute gold-fringed pussy.

Lying there with her thighs spread apart and her dad staring excitedly at her naked cunt, Heather could feel her heart pounding in her throat. She prayed that her father wouldn’t think she was too young to fuck.

Gazing up between her naked legs, Roger suddenly had an insane desire to thrust his tongue up her cute cunt. The man had never tasted a pussy — not even his wife’s — but God, how he wanted to lick his daughter’s darling cunt! He’d often thought of tasting Diane’s pussy slit, but had always been afraid she might think he was perverted.

She squealed when her handsome father suddenly buried his face between her thighs, pressing his mouth against her juicy cunt. Trembling with excitement, she felt delicious tingles streaking from her hot pussy to every part of her body as his tongue wildly stimulated her sensitive clitoral bud.

Thrilled that her dad was going down on her, she was feverishly rubbing her hot, wet crotch up against his face. Whimpering with joy, she curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, forcing his slavering mouth down harder over her steaming pussy.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” she squealed, spreading her legs wider apart, making her hotly leaking cunt even more accessible to his sucking mouth. “I love it, Daddy! I love it!”

The horny young woman’s father sucked passionately on her deliciously scented cunt, slurping up the tasty liquids as they oozed up from the heavenly depths of her hot, slick pussyhole. Plunging his stiff tongue even deeper into her juicy cunt slit, he had his adorable daughter writhing and squealing in a mindless frenzy.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy!” she shrieked. “I wanta be fucked! I wanta be fucked!”

Suddenly realizing that he wanted to bury his hard cock in his daughter’s teenaged pussy as much as she wanted him to, he slowly pulled his hotly dripping tongue from her juicy young cunt. Lifting her legs with his hands, he gently spread them out on the bed. Rising from his knees, he moved up onto the bed with her.

“Oh, yes, Daddy,” she whispered. “It’s time to fuck my hot cunt.”

Trembling with excitement and lust, the man dropped to his knees between her widely spread legs. Her slippery young cunt glistened up at him from the golden nest of downy pussy hairs between her parted thighs.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me with that big hard cock,” she whispered, spreading her legs even wider to receive the big throbbing cock that was slowly inching toward her tingling cunt-slit.

The young girl’s body shivered with rapture when she felt his hard cock knob probing gently against her silky cuntmouth.

“Oh, my God!” moaned the man, shuddering with ecstasy as the hot swollen lips of her pussy began slowly swallowing his massive cockhead.

Heather could feel her slick hot inner walls deliciously expanding as his thick cockshaft sank deeper into her tightly squeezing pussyhole. When the very last inch of his enormous prick was completely buried in her horny cunt, she grasped his ass and gave a hard tug, wanting to make certain she had the full length of his hard prick buried in her belly.

“God, Daddy,” she whispered, rotating her hot cunt slit up round the thick base of his deeply embedded cockshaft. “I’ve never been fucked by such a neat, big cock before.”

Her entire body was aflame with a hotly burning lust as he began fucking his big sturdy prick in and out of her sucking pussy. She could feel every vein and bump on his thick cock rod rubbing deliciously against the raw nerves of her hot fleshy cunt walls.

“OH, shit!” she whimpered, locking her soft bare thighs tightly around his body, thrusting her pussy up to meet every violent plunge. The rhythm of his fucking became faster and faster as his big juice slickened cock slammed into her well lubricated pussyhole.

When her overly excited father finally slowed down to postpone his climax, the horny young woman asked him to roll over on his back. When he’d done as she suggested, the youngster faced him and straddled his loins on her knees. Grasping the base of his shaft with her fingers, she aimed his cockhead between her pussylips and slowly lowered herself until his thick prick rod was once more completely buried in her belly.

Sliding her cunt up and down over his huge prick, she could feel her warm, tingling cuntflesh rubbing deliciously against every sensitive nerve of his naked cock. Her soft lips parted in ecstasy, her glowing eyes smiled down at him as his hands lovingly massaged her luscious tits. Heather was enjoying her dad’s big prick even more than Vic’s cock.

Stopping her up and down motion, Heather braced her hands back against his knees and began rotating her hot juicy pussy around his thick, rigid prick. Then she slowly slid her pussy back until only the head of his painfully bent cockshaft remained inside her grasping cuntlips. Then sliding rapidly forward again, she drilled his long, hard cock deep into her writhing belly.

With each stroke, the long length of his stiff prick rubbed deliciously against her fully exposed clitty. Heather was almost out of her mind with joy as she lustily rubbed her cunt back and forth over the throbbing length of his gloriously big cockshaft.

Finally sensing that her dad was once more on the verge of shooting his load, Heather stopped her wild fucking motions and squeezed his hard cockmeat between her thighs. Falling forward over his body, she kissed him with her softly parted lips and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. The beautiful girl remained perfectly still on top of him until she was certain she’d delayed his climax, and then with his prick still buried deep in her belly, she rolled him over on top of her again.

As her father began slowly drilling his hard cock in and out of her slippery cunt again, she grasped the cheeks of his ass, pulling him more violently into her. Excited by the feel of Heather’s finger teasing around the sensitive ring of his ass, he began fucking her more rapidly.

“Mmmmmmm, yes!” she whimpered.

“That’s the way, Daddy! Jesus, that’s good! God, you’re a good cunt fucker!”

Excited that he was pleasing his beautiful daughter, Roger began fucking in and out between her legs with deeper strokes. Looking down at her lovely face, the man could hardly believe that he was fucking his own daughter. The burning passion in her eyes and the soft moistness of her deliciously parted lips was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen!

Writhing beneath him, the top ridge of her dad’s hard cock was sawing against the sensitive tip of her swollen cunt, sending waves of agonizing ecstasy to every tingling nerve in her body. Feeling his broad chest rubbing back and forth over her burning nipples, Heather screwed her juicy hot cunt slit up more tightly around the wonderful length of his plunging cockshaft.

Raising her face to his, she passionately kissed him with her softly parted lips, deliciously stroking her slippery tongue in and out of his mouth with the same rhythm that his prick was gliding in and out of her oozing cunt.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet fuckin’ Daddy,” she softly moaned, holding his humping body more tightly in her arms as he began drilling his hard cockmeat into her slippery cunt at a faster tempo. “You sure know how to use that fuckin’ cock of yours.”

Each deep hard thrust was jolting the beautiful youngster from head to toe, bringing her increased joy with every plunge.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck!” she squealed with delight as the pleasure mounted and mounted in her writhing loins.

Squealing and moaning beneath him, Heather was frantically rotating her hot ass all over the bed as she expertly spiraled her sucking cunt up and down over the plunging length of his hard prick.

“Jesus Christ!” the humping man panted, feeling her adorable pussy muscles milking and squeezing on his tingling cock. “You really know how to fuck!”

“You better believe it,” she giggled, slamming her hips up to meet every stroke of his cock. “That’s the one thing I can really do.”

The man’s body suddenly gave a wild lurch when Heather slipped the tip of her finger through the tight ring of his ass. Startled by the new thrilling sensation, he instinctively drove his thick prick even deeper into his young daughter’s hotly squirming pussy.

“Oh, my God!” she whimpered with rapture when he pounded his prick deeper and harder into her seething pussy. “That’s it, Daddy! That’s the way! Fuck me good, Daddy! Fuck me good!”

The man let out a wild roar when Heather suddenly rammed the full-length of her finger up his tight slippery asshole. With her lewd finger swirling deliciously around his prostate, he began pounding his cock into her with all his strength.

“Aaaaaaauuuuuggg!” she screamed in ecstasy as her dad pounded even harder and deeper into her scalding cunt.

From the way his pretty daughter was writhing and jerking beneath him, Roger was very much aware that she was rapidly approaching a climax.

“Oooooooh!” screamed the girl when she felt the first tremors of her orgasm. Almost out of her mind from the rapture she was feeling, she was feverishly rotating her sizzling pussy up around his plundering cock.

Feeling the cum boiling around in his churning balls, Roger was fucking into her with all his strength, anxious to empty his hot load into his young daughter’s teenaged belly.

“Oh, yes!” she shrieked as her body began jerking from the mounting intensity of her orgasm. “Fuck me good, Daddy! I’m coming coming!”

Writhing and screaming frantically beneath her wildly humping father, Heather was nearly hysterical from the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

“Fuck, Daddy, fuck!” she screamed, her juicy young cunt spasming around the length of his plunging cock. “I’m coming, Daddy! I’m coming all over your big hard cock!”

Feeling her hot, tight pussy dilating around his big shaft as she bathed it with her orgasmic juices, Roger suddenly exploded a thick batch of swirling jizz into her spasming pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed. “Cream me good, Daddy! Oh, fuck, fill me up! Oh, shit, it’s so good… so good!”

Their two lewdly entangled bodies writhed passionately together as he pumped her horny cunt full of cum.


Roger Baily never once regretted that night. It had been the start of a new and exciting lifestyle for the previously inhibited man. When Heather finally broke through his sexual hang-ups, he seemed to have walked into a new and wonderful world.

Whenever his wife went on overnight trips, which she was doing more and more often, he always shared his bed with his cute, sexy daughter. On evenings when his wife had to go to one of her numerous club meetings, Roger and Heather would hop into the bed for an hour or two. She introduced him to his first blow-job and many other exciting things that he’d never tried. Not since that first night together did they ever discuss the rights and wrongs of what they were doing.

Sometimes when Heather would get horny in the afternoons, she would call her father at the office and he would leave work and drive her to a motel where they’d spend the rest of the day together. His inhibitions completely gone, father and daughter were always experimenting with new sexual positions and methods. It surprised Heather how inventive her father had become.

“Gee, I love you, Daddy,” the girl whispered to him all afternoon while she was vigorously sucking on his cock, trying to revive it after the wild climax they’d had only moats earlier. “You’ve got the neatest prick in the whole world.”

“And you’re my sweet fuck-doll,” he smiled, gently moving his fingers around the soft, swollen lips of her cum-filled pussy.

“Daddy,” she suddenly said with a faraway look in her eyes. “I guess you have sex with Mom, but we’ll always fuck each other, won’t we?”

“Yes, darling,” he laughed. “You’ll always be my fuck-doll.”

Life changed for Roger Baily in other ways as well. The formerly conservative man was taking a new interest in life. For the first time in years he was noticing the legs, tits and asses on passing women. Glancing at a particularly sexy female, he would try to imagine how she would be in bed. If his daughter was such a sex-pot, he often wondered what an older, more experienced woman would be like.

His sex life with his wife had become almost nonexistent. She seemed totally uninterested, and Roger felt certain that the stuffy woman would never tolerate his new tastes and techniques, so neither made any advances to the other.

Unaware that her daughter knew of her cheating, Diane seemed to get along very well with the girl. Diane was pleased that her husband and daughter didn’t object to her being away from home, and neither did young Billy. Heather was secretly glad that her mother spent a lot of time with Herb Clayton because it gave the girl more time alone with her dad.

Even Sandy Perkins, Roger’s private secretary, had noticed a change in her boss’ attitude. Sandy, a petite girl with a trim figure, big tits and long red hair, had been his secretary for five years. When she started working for him shortly after finishing business school, she had developed a wild crush on her handsome boss.

She’d tried a hundred ways to catch the man’s attention until she realized, that he didn’t even know she existed. She, as well as the other girls in the company, soon learned that they were no more than pieces of furniture to the man. He was always polite and courteous, but beyond that he was strictly business. Sandy’s slim, saucy legs beneath her short skirts had never once overridden the man’s eyes from his work. As the years passed, the girl had relegated him to a dusty shelf reserved for dead fossils of the dim past.

But lately she’d noticed a slight changing his behavior. The first indication had been a few weeks ago when she’d been taking dictation.

The man’s words had trailed off in the middle of a sentence, and looking up, Sandy saw his eyes staring excitedly at the thighs of her crossed legs.

When she told the other girls about it, they giggled and said there must have been a dollar bill pasted to her leg. That would be the only thing that would excite him.

On a more recent occasion, he had complimented her on a blouse she was wearing that boldly revealed the cleavage of her large tits.

“That’s certainly a sharp-looking blouse,” he’d said. She smiled to herself, knowing that she’d worn the same garment to work at least fifteen times.

“Is it new?” he continued.

“No, not really,” she’d answered as she left the room.

A few days later when Roger watched her lovely slim figure walk out of his office, he felt a tingle ripple through the head of his cock. Within a matter of seconds his big prick was throbbing excitedly in his pants. He had a wild desire to shove his pulsing cock up his secretary’s hot cunt. His hard-on almost bursting with lust, Roger picked up the phone and dialed his house.

“Hello?” he heard Heather answer.

“Hi, honey,” Roger replied.

“Oh, Daddy,” his daughter giggled. “I was just sitting here thinking about you.”

“What were you thinking about, fuck-doll?” he teased.

“Fuckin’,” whispered Heather.

“I was thinking about the same thing,” her father laughed.

“Daddy,” she excitedly asked, “will you come home and fuck me? Mom and Billy have gone to the zoo for the day.”

“That’s exactly what I had in mind,” her father answered, his hard cock pounding frantically in his pants. “I’ll be home in twenty minutes.”

“Please hurry, Daddy,” she excitedly whispered. “I’m horny as hell this afternoon.”

Later that day as he lay on her bed with his daughter, he relaxed as Heather sensually sucked and licked his cock back to a second hard-on. Roger’s thoughts drifted back to his secretary. Closing his eyes, he could vividly imagine Sandy’s soft mouth and tongue working on his prick. The thought of being sucked off by his secretary sent wild tremors racing through his body.

He couldn’t understand why he had this sudden desire for his secretary after working with her for almost five years. Thinking about Sandy, he realized he knew absolutely nothing about her. He didn’t know whether she had a boyfriend or whether she was engaged. But he did know he had an overwhelming desire to bury his cock deep inside her furry pussy.

The next morning when he entered the office, the sight of Sandy’s big soft eyes sent a delicious warmth surging through his prick.

“Hi, Mr. Baily,” she smiled, tossing her long red hair back from her face. “You’re in early this morning.”

“Hello, Sandy,” the man answered, his eyes focused on the big firm tits pressing out against her tight-fitting sweater. “I guess I ant, but I want to catch up on some work.”

“Here are some papers that need your signature,” she smiled, handing them to him, “and I’ll bring you a cup of coffee in a moment.”

Sandy sat quietly at her desk for a few moments after Roger entered his office. She’d noticed the excited, hungry look in his eyes as he’d stared at her tits. For the first time in five years he was starting to act like a normal male, and Sandy began speculating about being fucked by the handsome man. The thought of having his cock rammed up her cunt sent crazy needles of fire tingling through her body.

Woman’s intuition told her that the time was ripe and she should strike while the iron was hot. Before taking him his coffee, Sandy went into the ladies’ room and removed her bra and pantyhose. Wearing nothing but her short skirt and sweater over her bare tits and pussy, she entered his office with the coffee.

“Thank you,” he smiled as she set the cup on his desk. “Why don’t you join me for a cup?”

She hesitated for a moment because he always dismissed her as soon as she’d served him.

“Please,” he continued. “I’d like it if you would.”

Watching her saucy ass swing through the door as she left for her cup, Roger Baily felt his cock give a wild lurch.

Nice to have company for a change, he smiled later when she was seated across the desk sipping her coffee.

Not answering, Sandy let her big soft eyes reply. Roger didn’t miss the warm expression on her lovely face.

“Strange,” he said. “After five years I hardly know you, Sandy.”

“Oh, I’m just Sandy,” she laughed. “I just work, eat, breathe and sometimes make love.”

“That sounds like a pretty well-rounded life,” Roger smiled, pleased with her direct answer. “You’re not married, are you?”

“Heavens no,” she giggled. “I’m having too much fun.”

“Anyone in particular?” he asked. “Nope,” smiled Sandy, getting up to open a window. “Not at present. I’m just shopping around.”

“How’s shopping?” Roger asked, his eyes on the bare thighs beneath her short skirt as she reached up and pushed the window open.

“A little slow,” she replied, turning around and facing him across the room. “I’m only shopping for a playmate, not a husband.”

“You shouldn’t have any trouble finding playmates,” he laughed.

“I don’t,” Sandy smiled, walking back toward his desk. “But I’m sort of particular about who uses my body.”

“I… I guess you can afford to be,” stammered Roger, completely captivated by the sensuous young body coming back across the room.

“How about you?” she asked, walking around the desk and perching herself on top of it next to him.

“What about me?” the man asked, her bare crossed legs only inches from his face.

“Are you available?” Sandy teased, uncrossing her legs and exposing big slab of naked thigh.

Completely bewildered, Roger was unable to answer the startling question.

“Well,” the girl laughed. “I’d better get back to work.”

“No,” he gulped, grasping her hand in his. “Not for a few minutes.”

“Your hands are so strong and gentle,” Sandy whispered in a low voice, pressing his palm on her bare thigh.

Feeling her soft, hot flesh burning deliciously against his hand sent the blood surging into his rapidly swelling prick.

Facing the man as she sat on the edge of his desk, she could see the big throbbing bulge in his crotch. Daintily kicking off a shoe, she reached out with her foot and began lightly rubbing the lump in his pants with her bare toes. The feel of her warm flesh massaging his swollen cock was enough to blow Roger’s mind!

“Do you like that?” she whispered, her soft eyes glowing with passion.

Roger didn’t answer. He was looking at the smooth naked flesh of her partially opened thighs as she probed his cock with her delicate toes. Staring at her deliciously exposed pussy when she further spread her legs, Roger was lost in the ecstasy of the gentle foot-massage he was receiving. Unable to stand the delicious teasing any longer, he quickly lowered his zipper and yanked out his throbbing hard-on.

An excited shudder raced through Sandy’s lovely body when she saw the big prick thrusting up through his open fly. Smiling at him, she began massaging his cock between the toes of both feet.

“Does this feel good, Mr. Baily?” she giggled. “D’ya like fuckin’ Sandy’s naughty toes?”

“Jesus, yes!” he gasped, his eyes riveted on her hot cunt slit that was so blatantly exposed only inches from his face. The soft red pussy hairs that nestled around her pussy were sparkling with droplets of cunt juice. The delicious liquid glistened on her soft, open cuntlips that exposed the pink fleshy opening of her slippery pussy mouth. He could smell the heavenly fragrance of the girl’s dripping cunt.

Filled with excitement, Roger suddenly jumped up sand, throwing the girl’s naked thighs over his shoulders, buried his face and mouth deep into her hot, slippery cunt.

“Oh, Christ!” she squealed with delight as she felt his big thick tongue swirling around in her juice-drenched pussy slit. “Suck me good, Mr. Baily, suck me good!”

The beautiful redhead lurched and sobbed when his tongue discovered her hard, sensitive clitoris. With her eyes closed in ecstasy and his juice-drenched face buried between her squirming thighs, neither of them noticed Brenda Williams enter the unlocked office.

Brenda Williams, who worked in the steno pool, was too startled by the scene to make a discreet exit. She stood frozen in her tracks, watching Sandy writhing around wildly on the desk while the aloof Roger Baily was frantically slobbering on the girl’s pussy like a common hound dog.

Brenda Williams, a casual friend of Sandy’s, had come down to see if she would join her for coffee. Seeing the door to Roger Baily’s private office ajar, and knowing that the man never came in until later, she’d entered looking for Sandy.

Brenda was a big-titted girl with short blonde hair that gave her a very sensuous appearance. Sandy didn’t know Brenda very well, but she’d heard through the grapevine that the male executives called her the human vacuum because she was always more than ready to suck them off.

“Oh, God, baby!” the blonde heard Sandy whimpering. “Suck my cunt good, honey! Suck me dry!”

A wild flame seared through Brenda’s body when she noticed the massive hard cock thrusting out from Roger Baily’s open fly. Her body seemed to turn into a pool of molten lava as she stared at his big, throbbing prick. That bloated prickknob was the most delicious looking piece of male meat she’d seen in a long time.

With her eyes glued to Roger’s big cock, Brenda reached up under her skirt and began rubbing her excited clitoris. The thought of having that huge cock in her cunt, up her asshole or in her mouth, was driving her crazy. God, she needed that big beauty! Without fully realizing what she was doing, Brenda moved unnoticed across the room and, slipping behind the desk, dropped to her knees in front of Roger’s cock as he stood with his face buried in Sandy’s oozing cunt. Unfastening his belt, Brenda pulled his pants down around his ankles, completely exposing his big cock and balls.

Grasping the thick prickshaft with both hands, she covered his swollen knob with her hot, slippery mouth. The strong male scent of his big lusty cockhead sent wild shudders ripping through her entire body.

Roger trembled with renewed excitement when he became vaguely aware that a pair of soft lips was sucking on his cock, but he was so feverishly engrossed with eating out Sandy’s dripping pussy that it all seemed quite normal to the lust-crazed man.

With her soft, juicy mouth slobbering madly on Roger’s steel-hard cock, Brenda was taking the quivering knob deeper into her throat. Finally releasing the big cockhead from her mouth, Brenda began running her lips and tongue up and down the hard, sinewy shaft, saturating it with her hot slippery spit. When his cock rod was completely drenched, she began licking and sucking his massive nuts until they, too, were soaked.

Still sucking frantically on Sandy’s frothy pussy, Roger was practically delirious as Brenda’s juicy hot lips and mouth were giving him a blow-job that he’d never forget. It felt like she was sucking his guts right out of his prick.

Unaware of what was happening to her boss, Sandy was madly racing toward an orgasm.

“Suck, baby, suck!” she squealed. “That feels so fuckin’ good, Mr. Baily! Oh, Christ, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

Her body trembling with excitement, Sandy could feel his tongue swirling deliciously against her hard quivering cunt. She could feel the overwhelming orgasm building and building up in her pleasure racked body.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “I’m coming! I’m coming! Coming!”

The shattering climax washed through her like a thundering surf, leaving her trembling and exhausted on the desk.

It was several moments later that Sandy became aware of Roger standing over her as he clenched the edge of the desk, his body violently shaking and his glazed eyes staring out wildly from his contorted face. It was only then that she noticed Brenda’s blonde head pumping up and down over his cock. She stared in disbelief, listening to the girl’s slobbering lips slurping on Roger’s throbbing prick. He was gasping and moaning in ecstasy as Brenda rapidly propelled him toward a thundering orgasm.

Sandy sat up on the edge of the desk to get a better view of the wild scene. She was becoming excited all over again as she watched Roger’s big, spit-soaked prick slithering in and out of the blonde’s wetly slurping mouth.

Brenda was eagerly awaiting the flood of hot cum that would soon be flowing into her mouth. Sensing that Roger was on the verge of shooting, the horny blonde suddenly rammed her finger up his asshole just before the torrent of white-hot jizz gushed into her throat. As she wildly massaged his prostate with her finger, Roger continued squirting spurt after spurt of tangy cum into her sucking, slavering mouth.

She didn’t release the hefty prick until she’d sucked cunt and swallowed the last tasty drop of jizz. It was only then that Roger dropped back exhausted into his chair.

Getting up from her knees, Brenda sat on the edge of the desk and faced the slumped man.

“Hi, Mr. Baily,” she smiled down at him, a trickle of cum running down from the corner of her mouth. “I’m Brenda Williams from the steno pool. I’m a typist, but I’d rather suck cocks.”

“Hello, Brenda,” he grinned. “I don’t know how well you type, but you’re a great cock-sucker.”

“Thank you,” she giggled, running her fingers through her short blonde hair. “And you have a real beauty to suck off.”

They all laughed at her observation.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sandy suddenly asked. “And how did you get in?”

“You left the door open,” was Brenda’s reply as she got up to close it. “You lovers should be more careful.”

“Well,” giggled Sandy, “you, certainly timed it right.”

“I sure did,” she laughed. “And now that I’ve had my morning juice, I’d better get back to work.”

“Want another mouthful before you leave?” teased Roger.

“No, thanks,” Brenda quipped as she left the room. “But be sure and shove that beauty up Sandy’s hot cunt.”

Sitting on the edge of the desk, Sandy smiled down at Roger Baily’s thick, limp cock draped across the slumped man’s leg. Even soft it was a rugged, exciting prick to behold. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she gently took the lusty prick in her hands and began lightly licking the tip of it with her sweet, wet tongue. Sandy was pleased to feel his fleshy cock rod starting to throb and lurch in her hands.

When his cock was once more hard, she removed her skirt and sweater. Then facing him as he sat in the chair, she straddled his waist, slowly lowering her hot juicy cunt around his big throbbing cock. Suddenly filled with a renewed excitement, Roger slammed his hips up with a savage thrust, driving his raging cock deep into her hot, slippery pussyhole.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered as his prick slithered deliciously between her sensitive cunt walls.

Sandy faced the man, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, her big tits and nipples squishing delightfully against his face and mouth.

“Oooooooh, God,” the girl squealed when he started bouncing her up and down over his cock. “That’s so good, Mr. Baily! Oh, shit, it’s so fucking good!”

The two lewdly coupled bodies pounded furiously against each other, straining to reach a climax.

“Oh, Christ, Mr. Baily!” she suddenly cried. “Ram your finger up my ass, honey! Hurt me, baby! Please, honey, please!”

Roger quickly moved his finger between her slippery, wet asscheeks as Sandy continued writhing up and down over his glistening prick. Opening the fleshy cheeks of her quivering ass, his fingers found her puckered asshole. Probing gently against it, he felt her tight, elastic asshole slowly open under the pressure of his trembling finger. Gently rotating his finger, he slipped it in to the first knuckle.

“Oh, Christ, that’s good,” she whispered.

Pushing harder, he sank his thick strong finger deeper and deeper into the warm depths of her ass.

“God, that hurts!” the girl sobbed. “Hurt me more, honey! Hurt me more!”

Mewling frantically, Sandy pushed her quivering ass against the slowly penetrating finger until it sank to the palm of his hand.

“Christ, that feels good,” she whispered into his ear. “Oh, Dad, that feels good!”

Squirming her slippery asshole all around the lewdly embedded finger, Sandy continued sliding her juicy pussy up and down over his inflamed prick. Screaming and moaning, the tightly locked couple continued fucking at a furious rate.

“Aaaaaaggghhh!” Sandy hysterically screamed as his deeply embedded finger propelled her faster and faster on his rigid cock pole. Screwing her grasping cunt down tighter around his plunging cock, she desperately clung to him, her flaming cunt writhing uncontrollably down on his thrusting cock rod.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming!”

With her long red hair whipping around her face and shoulders, Sandy’s mouth was hanging slack and open, her eyes rolled back staring at the ceiling. She continued frantically fucking up and down over his big bursting cock.

Roger knew he couldn’t last much longer when he felt his cum boiling up in his balls.

“Oh, Christ!” she squealed as his hot, thick cum gushed up into her hungry cunt. “I’m coming n… coming again!”


Returning home real early from the office one afternoon, Roger found Heather spread out on a sofa in the living room.

“Hi, Daddy,” she beamed. “I’m sure glad you’re home early.”

“Why?” teased the man, knowing what she wanted.

“Because I miss you,” his pretty daughter answered.

“Where’s your mother and brother?”

“Mom took him to some special thing at the library,” explained Heather. “She said they would be home shortly after six.”

“Well,” he winked at her. “It looks like we’re going to be home alone for about four hours.”

“Then why don’t you take me up to my room?” she whispered, her big blue eyes glowing with desire. “I could sure use a nice hot fuck.”

Taking the girl’s hand, her dad quickly led her up the stairs. When they entered her room, Heather removed her shorts and halter, and then after kicking her sandals off, she threw her lovely bare body onto the bed.

Trembling with anticipation, the man quickly disrobed, his cock throbbing wildly as he stared down at the naked teenaged body with her shapely young legs so suggestively spread for him.

“You sweet fucker,” she whispered, pulling him into her arms as her dad lowered himself down on the bed. “I’m gonna fuck you silly today.”

Wrapping her fingers around the base of his hard prickshaft, she lowered her head until her lips closed around the throbbing knob. With his big cockhead deliciously engulfed in the juicy hotness of her sucking mouth, the cute blonde started moving her head up and down, taking more and more of his swollen prick into her mouth with each plunge.

“Oh, shit!” he gasped, his fingers digging into the sheet beneath him. “That’s so good, darling… so fuckin’, fuckin’ good!”

Happy that he was enjoying it so much, Heather was trying to suck even more of his tasty prick into her mouth. Locking her cock, sucking lips more firmly around his prickshaft, the horny youngster took more and more of his meaty cock until it was nudging at the very back of her throat.

“Oh, my God!” he groaned. “I’m almost ready to shoot!”

“Not yet!” she panted. “I want you to shoot it in my pussy!”

Crawling down between his beautiful daughter’s widely spread legs, he lowered his face toward her juicy crotch, his nostrils flaring with lust from the scent of her hotly flowing juices.

“Mmmmmmm… ooh!” whimpered the horny young girl, feverishly writhing her dripping cunt up around his plunging tongue.

She was squirming around so wildly that he had to grasp the cheeks of her ass to keep her pussy up against his face. With her smooth asscheeks cupped in his palms, he began goosing his thick middle finger around the soft crack between them.

“Oooooooh, yes!” whimpered Heather as he drilled his tongue deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy slit.

Still wildly sucking and licking her hotly writhing pussy, the man continued goosing his finger in between her soft asscheeks until he felt the tight ring of her asshole. He could feel her entire body stiffen when he suddenly drilled the tip of his finger into her tight asshole.

“Oh, Jesus, Daddy!” she sobbed. “That feels neat!”

Wanting to please the darling youngster, he kept worming his finger up her asshole until it was buried all the way to his palm. Thrilled at the way the slick hot tissues of her ass sucked and squeezed on his thick digit, he began twisting it around deliciously in the hot depths of her forbidden hole.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed out, unconsciously pinching her own hard nipples. “That feels so good… so fuckin’ good!”

Still sucking ravenously on her tasty pussy, he began plunging his finger in and out of her writhing ass.

“Ooooooooh, yes!” she shrieked, pushing his face away from her cunt as she rolled over on her belly. “I love it! I love it! Finger-fuck my asshole! Finger-fuck my hot ass!”

Unable to believe his daughter’s wild reaction to the invasion of her ass, the man began drilling his finger in and out through the buttery hotness of her ass channel at a faster tempo.

“Yes! Yes!” screeched Heather. “Stick another finger up my ass! I need more, Daddy! Give me more!”

Shoving another finger into her squeezing asshole, he began twisting them around as he plunged in and out.

“Oh, God!” squealed the hysterical youngster. “I need more, Daddy! Stick your cock up my asshole!”

“What?” he gasped.

“I wanta be fucked in the ass!” she squealed.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” he asked.

“No,” whimpered Heather, still writhing around on his fingers. “But I want you to do it now!”

“I’ve never done that,” he stammered as he pulled his fingers out of her asshole. “I’m not even sure how to do it.”

“Jesus, Daddy!” she shouted at him, rising up on her hands and knees. “You don’t have to be a fucking genius to stick your cock up a horny kid’s asshole!”

Kneeling behind his feverishly aroused daughter, the man pressed the underside of his swollen prick between the smooth, warm cheeks of her ass. Reaching around her body, he cupped a firm tit in each hand. Panting hotly against the back of the kneeling young girl’s neck, he began squeezing and pulling on her big lust-swollen nipples, filling her entire body with a searing passion. While his hands lovingly kneaded and twisted her soft, pliant tits, she was experiencing a wild ecstasy as she pressed her softly rounded asscheeks back against his loins. The rapture she was feeling was intensified by the hot heat of his throbbing cock between her quivering asscheeks.

With his cock wildly pulsing against the soft warm flesh of her deliciously smooth ass, her dad continued massaging her lush tits as the resilient tit flesh rippled between his fingers.

“Oh, God, hurry!” she panted over her shoulder to him. “I need that big hard prick up my ass!”

Releasing her tits, he once more pressed the tip of his thick middle finger against her puckered ass until it suddenly popped through.

“Ah?” she squealed with delight.

“Did you like that, darling?” he panted. “Jesus, yes,” giggled Heather. “I didn’t know I had such a horny asshole.”

Shoving another finger in, he began twisting them around, trying to expand the tight passage so it could take his hard prick. Finally pulling his fingers out, he spread her asscheeks apart with his hands, obscenely exposing the puckered hole he was about to bang it. Not certain how to get his bulbous cockhead through the small opening, he placed his swollen knob against it. Grasping her hips, he began pushing forward and suddenly the ass ring gave way and the head of his prick popped through.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” she moaned in anguish. “It hurts!”

“Do you want me to take it out?”

“Not yet,” she whimpered. “But please take it easy.”

Being as gentle as possible, he slowly worked in an inch at a time until his shaft was buried to the hilt in the squeezing hotness of her tight ass.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whimpered. “It feels so good and big in there.”

Not moving, he let his cock soak for a short time in her tight hot asshole. Finally pulling back until only his big knob remained in her asshole, he paused for a moment and then drilled the entire length of his tingling cock into the slippery depths of her ass, bringing a loud squeal of both pain and pleasure from her lips.

“Jesus, Daddy, take it easy for a minute!” she whimpered. “Let me get used to that big fucking thing in my ass!”

Remaining completely motionless so the youngster’s stretched ass passage could adjust to the bigness of his prick, Roger had every last inch of his throbbing prick lodged in her hotly squeezing ass. The backs of her softly rounded legs were pressed warmly against his muscular thighs as his hard prick luxuriated in the squeezing heat of her deliciously tight asshole.

After letting his bloated cock soak in her for several unforgettable moments, the man could feel her ass muscles starting to relax around the length of his deeply embedded cock. Partially withdrawing, he felt her sucking ass clasping and clinging to the naked flesh of his prick. Pausing momentarily, he once again plunged the tingling length of his cockshaft back into the scalding depths of her helplessly impaled ass.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with excitement, no longer feeling any trace of comfort. “Fuck it to me, Daddy! Fuck my asshole!”

Lost in the depraved rapture she was feeling, Heather gave herself over completely to the incredible thrill of his ponderous cock fucking up between her wide split asscheeks. All that mattered to the horny girl was the intense pleasure she was feeling as she violently slammed her ass back to meet his powerful thrusts.

The youngster was squealing and moaning as she rhythmically thrust her ass back, to receive his deep hard strokes. Then her ass muscles clenched around his thick shaft, prolonging the ecstasy of his withdrawal.

“Ooooooooh, God!” she shrieked, feeling her body being consumed with flames of fiery passion, lost in a storm of lust. She couldn’t believe it, but her horny cunt was totally and helplessly aroused by this heavenly ass-fuck.

“Oh shit, it feels so good! So good!” he whimpered, feeling him drilling his cock into her again and again, the hot scaring length of it pounding deep into her belly from the rear. She squealed and whimpered as the intense pleasure in her tight asshole increased, the girth of his plunging cockshaft deliciously massaging and rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her squeezing ass. She could feel the softly ridged flesh of her plundered asshole clinging to his hard prick as it plowed in and out of her grasping asshole.

Rhythmically fucking his inflamed prick into his beautiful daughter’s rear end, he was being further aroused by her wanton squeals of joy. His hard, slippery meat was slithering in and out, and from the churning in his cum filled balls, the man knew he couldn’t last much longer without shooting his load.

Kneeling beneath her wildly humping father, Heather’s entire being felt scorched from the heat of the intense ecstasy that was burning through her body. Her moist lips were gaping open as wave after wave of unbelievable rapture washed through her depraved nakedness. The beautiful girl could feel the tumultuous pleasure rapidly mounting in her deliciously entered asshole.

Suddenly realizing how perverted sodomy was, Heather felt a wild masochistic joy whipping her into a wild frenzy. With her tits bouncing lewdly beneath her, she was bucking and jerking back against the humping man.

Being fucked deeper and deeper, her entire body was aflame with ass-splitting passion.

This was a pleasure beyond anything she’d ever experienced in her young life, and she realized she’d soon be exploding into an all consuming orgasm.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy!” she squealed, desperately fucking her scalding asshole back around his big plunging prick. “I’m almost there! I’m gonna come with your big cock up my ass!”

Each backward thrust of her soft ass was bringing her more and more pleasure.

“Fuck, Daddy, fuck!” she screamed. “Just fuck the shit out of me, you big-cocked darling!”

Thoroughly aroused by her erotic squeals, he began pounding even harder into her as the youngster savagely ground her deeply impaled asshole back around his sizzling prick.

“That’s the way, you sweet Daddy!” she screamed hysterically. “Fuck me, honey! Fill my ass with hot jizz, you big-cocked beauty!”

The intense pleasure that was flooding through her body was further enhanced by the knowledge that she was participating in such a depraved act. Until today, the horny girl had never dreamed of doing such a thing, but now she was finding out what a wild turn on ass-fucking was. The thought of having her asshole ravaged by a hard cock was carrying her rapidly toward a mind-blowing orgasm.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” screamed the ass-stuffed girl, feverishly wriggling around on his plunging prick. “Fuck it good! Fuck my hot asshole!”

Arching her back up like a hissing cat, she lifted her ass so he could drill even deeper into her churning bowels. The intense pleasure kept building and building as she writhed and bucked beneath her wildly humping father.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” she shrieked, feeling as if her hard nipples were about to explode from the intense pleasure in her writhing loins. No longer able to control her own body, the beautiful youngster’s ass was unconsciously clenching and unclenching around the thick hard meat of his plunging prickshaft.

Realizing that her dad would soon be shooting his hot load into her, she was slamming her ass back, trying to get even more of his cock into her hot asshole. Feeling his throbbing prick jerking in her asshole, Heather knew her father was on the verge of shooting his wad, and she was desperately trying to bring herself off before he popped his nuts.

“Oh, fuck it to me! Fuck it to me, Daddy!” she moaned with rapture, frantically slamming her ass back around his shaft of hard cock-meat, trying to reach the orgasm she wanted so badly. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Reaching the utmost limits of ass-rippling pleasure, the beautiful young woman suddenly felt herself being swallowed by one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she screamed. “I’m coming, Daddy! Oh, fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming… coming!”

Now that the cute youngster had finally reached her orgasm, Roger couldn’t hold back any longer. Feeling her hot asshole sucking and milking on his quivering prick, he no longer had any reason to hold back. Shuddering from the intense joy he was experiencing, he drilled his cock as deep as he could into her ass, his hot jism starting its burning journey up through the tingling length of his deeply buried prickshaft.

“Here comes my hot load!” he panted, grasping her deliciously dangling tits as he tried to screw and twist his big spurting cock deeper into her writhing asshole. “Here comes the juice!”

“Oh, yes!” she squealed with lust. “Give it to me, Daddy! Shoot my fuckin’ asshole full!”

Writhing beneath him, she could feel his scalding cum shooting far up into her cock stretched ass, creaming every nook and corner of her widely flared ass passage. He came and came as she knelt beneath him, feeling his wildly shooting prick filling her tingling asshole to overflowing with his hot, thick jizz. It seemed to be a never-ending stream as his cock continued spurting up between her openly splayed asscheeks.

Finally he felt his thick cock starting to soften in her cum-drenched ass as it began sliding back out of her slippery passage.

“Jesus, Daddy, that was good,” panted Heather, collapsing over on her back when her father finally dismounted her.

“That was really something,” he whispered.


A few nights later when her lover, Herb Clayton, was out of town, Diane was lying restlessly beside her husband in bed. The beautiful woman hadn’t been fucked for four or five days and she was in an extremely horny mood. Aware that her husband was sound asleep next to her, she began thinking about his cock. It had been months since they’d touched each other, but in her state of excitation, she kept thinking about the big prick that was within her reach.

Their sex had been so frustrating for her during the last several years, but tonight she needed a fuck so badly. God, how she wished he wasn’t such a sexual, prude! It would be such fun to feel his tongue on her cunt while she sucked his prick, but she knew he would never go for that.

Getting more restless and horny by the second, she finally threw the covers back to look at her sleeping husband’s cock. It was flopped back softly against his belly, the tip of his knob poking out from the folds of his foreskin. It had been a long time since she’d had any desire to touch his prick, but tonight she was dying to taste it.

Hopingg she wouldn’t wake him, Diane crawled, down between his legs, and after picking up his thick, limp cock with her thumb and forefinger, she slipped the tip of it between her moistly hot lips. Making sure he was sound asleep, she began running her tongue around his cockshaft as she gently sucked. The scent and taste of his prick was further arousing the horny woman.

Her entire body started trembling with excitement when she felt his cock beginning to swell and lengthen in her mouth. When she felt Roger’s body starting to stir, she stopped sucking and held his cock perfectly motionless between her warm lips.

Slowly waking up, Roger wasn’t completely aware of where he was or what was happening. When he first felt the warm wet lips on his prick, he assumed he was in bed with Heather. Finally opening his eyes, he was shocked to see his wife’s dark hair splayed over his naked loins as her lips clung wetly to his rapidly expanding cock.

“My God, Diane!” he gasped, unable to believe his wife was actually mouthing his prick. “That feels fantastic!”

“Do you like it?” she whispered up to him, momentarily removing his fully erect prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes,” he gasped. “Why haven’t you done this to me before?”

“I didn’t think you wanted it,” was her simple and direct answer.

His big thick cock-rod was soon glistening like wet marble as Diane’s juicy tongue licked over the entire surface of his hardness. Pleased that he wasn’t pissed off at her naughty behavior, Diane tightened her soft, sucking lips around the thick meatiness of his hard prick, taking it deeper and deeper until she felt his big mushroom-shaped cockhead probing against the back of her throat. Her tongue was swirling wetly around his big juicy cock while her hungry lips nibbled and sucked on the delicious hardness of it. Slowly pumping her hot sucking mouth up and down over his trembling cock, Diane started a rhythmic tempo that was soon driving him mad.

“Oh, sweet darling,” he moaned, writhing around on the bed. “This is so wonderful.”

As her husband became more and more excited, a strong male scent wafted up from his crotch, sending tremors of excitement streaking through Diane’s loins. Grasping his hips, she began bobbing her head a bit faster over his big spit-drenched prick. Crouching down between his widely spread legs, sucking noisily on his big bursting prick, Diane was suddenly aware of how it was jerking, and knew he wasn’t far from filling her mouth with his jizz for the very first time.

“Suck, darling, suck!” Roger was panting, his fingers curled into her rumpled hair while his lurching hips drove his shaft deeper and deeper into her throat. “Oh, you sweet, sweet cock-sucker!”

He couldn’t believe his sexually cold wife was giving him a blow-job, and with such wanton enthusiasm. Roger was almost beside himself from the deliciously wild sensations that her tongue and lips were inducing into his tingling cock-rod.

“Oh, shit!” Roger gasped, feeling an explosive climax, building up deep in his balls. “Suck! Suck! Suck!”

His breath was coming in hot ragged, gasps as he unconsciously pumped his prick deeper into his wife’s juicy, cock-filled mouth.

“Oh, Christ!” he shouted. “I’m almost there! Do you want me to pull it out?”

“Fuck no!” she shrieked. “I wanta taste it!”

His cock seemed to be growing harder and thicker as he approached his climax, and it felt so erotically wet and slippery to the woman. Sucking frantically on his prick, Diane was thrilled at the way his big meaty cock was throbbing and jerking in her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaggghhhhh!” panted Roger, grasping his wife’s head and forcing her mouth down tighter over his spewing cock. “Here it comes, baby! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

Diane could feel spurt after spurt of bit slippery cock-cream splattering against the back of her throat. God, how she loved the warm erotic taste of his swirling cum as he continued squirting more and more of it into her sucking mouth. As she grasped his hips, her mouth clung wetly to his limp prick until she’d drawn out the last delicious drop.

“Oh, Roger,” she whispered, wiping her cum-drenched lips with the back of her hand. “Your cunt tastes so fuckin’ good!”

Reaching down and grasping her shoulders, Roger pulled his beautiful naked wife up over the top of his body. He couldn’t believe that Diane had actually sucked him off — and with such obvious enthusiasm! With her lovely nakedness over him, he began eagerly tonguing the quivering hardness of her erect nipples. Excitedly using his tongue and lips, he sucked and nibbled lustily on her big distended titty-buds, sending wave after wave of pleasure rolling through her aroused body.

“Oh, Roger, darling,” she whimpered. “That feels so fuckin’ good, honey.”

Unable to believes this horny-woman was his own puritanical wife, Roger was sucking as much of her big full tit as he could take into his mouth, his tongue and lips working feverishly, knowing how much she was enjoying it.

“Ah, honey!” she squealed as he nibbled and sucked on her turgid nipple. “I love it! I love it!”

Completely saturated with spit, the soft flesh of her tits was slippery and wet, her tingling nipples hard as rocks.

“Oh, Roger, baby!” she whispered, rubbing her tits up tighter against his face.

With his cock rapidly hardening again, Roger worked his tongue frantically, carrying her to higher and higher plateaus of ecstasy.

“Oh, Roger,” she suddenly panted. “Will you suck my pussy!”

“God, yes!” he excitedly gulped, shocked that she would ever suggest such a thing.

Without any hesitation, Diane squirmed her naked body around and slammed her hot wet pussy down over his upturned face while she quickly lowered her lips down toward his brand new hard-on. Within a matter of seconds, she had them in the sixty-nine position with his stiff cock stuffed back in her mouth, and her slippery, hot pussy rubbing against his face and chin.

Roger could hardly believe what was happening as he looked up into the juicy slit that was frantically rotating against his mouth and face. Nothing had ever excited Roger as much as the sweet scent and taste of his wife’s slippery wet cunt.

“Oh, Roger, darling,” she whispered, momentarily removing his prick from her mouth, rubbing it tenderly against her damp, flushed cheek. “I just love your big beautiful cock.”

The man felt as if he were in a dream and was afraid of waking up when Diane stuffed his throbbing cock back into her mouth, her soft wet lips closing deliciously around his hard meat. Diane bobbed her head up and down, her sucking mouth almost driving Roger out of his mind.

“Oh, Christ, darling!” he panted. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

“Then tongue me,” she whispered between slurps, spreading her thighs further apart and grinding the hot wetness of her pussy dawn tighter against his face.

Roger’s cockshaft began throbbing more excitedly in her mouth as he felt Diane’s slippery cuntlips spreading juicily, over his open mouth.

“What a sweet pussy!” he panted, plunging his tongue up into the hot wetness of her wiggly cunt slit.

Squirming her hips from side to side, her frothy pussy opened wider over his juice drenched face. Her aroused cuntlips were spread wide span, making it easier to force his mouth and tongue into the smoldering moistness of her dripping pussy hole. Curling the full-length of his tongue up into her slippery hot cunt, he licked and lapped against the smooth velvety walls, sending wave after wave of ecstasy coursing through her wildly aroused body.

Feeling his wife shivering from excitement, Roger burrowed his tongue up deeper into her hotly dripping cunt slit. Reaching in as far as he could, the man was vigorously licking around her cuntal walls with his thick wet tongue. He could feel her sweet hot juices flowing over it as he licked and lapped around in the slippery moistness of her dripping cunt hole.

“Oh, Roger!” the beautiful brunette squealed. “That feels so shittin good!”

Running her lips and tongue up and down over the sensitive underside of his trembling cockshaft as she sucked and slobbered on his thick, meaty cock, Diane was boiling with lust. Pushing his knees up with her hands, she lowered her mouth down into the thick crinkly hair that covered his swollen nut-sac.

Mewling with lust, the passionate woman began sucking his balls in and out of her mouth while his tongue continued dancing around in her slit. The erotic odor and taste of his naked flesh was really turning her on, and she lowered her hungry mouth still further until her tongue found the ring of his whole.

“Jesus Christ!” the man gasped when her hot wet tongue drilled up into his sensitive, asshole.

On and on they went with her tongue in his asshole and his in her pussy. Finally lifting her head. Diane once more began licking slowly up his cockshaft until she’d reached his big dome shaped knob. Opening her hot juicy lips as far as possible, she sacked the head of his cock into the warm moistness of her mouth.

“Holy shit!” panted Roger as her tongue and lips worked deliciously on his bunting cockhead.

“Oh, sweet pissing Jesus!” she squealed, sucking harder on his prick. “Why haven’t you ever done this to me before?”

“I don’t know,” he panted, slowly withdrawing his tongue from the hot depths of her cunt, his lips closing firmly around her erect clitoris as his daughter had taught him.

“That’s it, honey!” Diane squealed with rapture. “Suck my fuckin’ clit, baby! Oh, fuck, how I love your Goddamned mouth!”

Spreading her thighs further apart, her hotly dripping cunt slit opened wider, giving him even more cunt to enjoy. With his tongue alternating between stabs into the hot depths of her juicy pussy and back up to her quivering clit, Roger had his wife in a state of near hysteria.

“Oh, sweet pissing angel,” she gurgled around his cock, grinding her slippery pussy against his mouth as her sucking lips traveled hungrily up and down the length of his prick.

“Oh, God!” groaned the man. “That’s the way honey! Christ, what a cock-sucker!”

Spreading her cuntlips further apart with his fingers, Roger thrust his thick tongue even deeper into the steaming wetness of her slippery fuck-hole, enjoying the taste of her sweet, warm pussy juices dripping into his mouth like melted honey. He still couldn’t fully realize that he was actually eating his own wife’s tasty cunt.

Suddenly feeling a powerful orgasm building up deep in her loins, Diane began squeezing her legs against his face, cradling it between the soft naked flesh of her warm thighs.

“Oh, Roger, honey!” she panted. “I’m gonna come, darling!”

“Me too!” he moaned into her cunt. “Just keep suckin’ baby! Just keep suckin!”

Wanting his wife to enjoy the wildest climax of her life, Roger began tonguing her cunt with a wild new fervor.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ damn!” she shrieked. “That’s it, you sweet beaver-eater!”

Crazed with lust, Diane licked and sucked madly on his prick as Roger’s thick wet tongue swirled madly around her clitoris. Bringing the writhing woman closer and closer to her orgasm. Feeling his thick cock jerking in her mouth, the woman began sucking with all her strength and was suddenly rewarded by a torrent of hot cum splattering against the back of her throat.

Sucking and swallowing as fast as possible, Diane suddenly exploded into the most overpowering orgasm she could remember. Her entire body went into wild spasms as her cunt began convulsing madly around her husband’s tongue.

Watching her frantic climax subsiding, Roger pulled her up into his arms, covering her trembling cum-drenched lips with his mouth.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“Oh, darling,” sighed Diane. “I love you so much!”

“That felt so wonderful,” the man smiled.

“Was I naughty?” she asked in soft voice.

“Hell no,” he grinned. “You were wonderful.”

“You don’t think I’m depraved?” she whispered, still afraid her husband would disapprove of her behavior.

“Of course not,” he laughed. “You were just doing what comes naturally. We should have started doing these things years ago.”

“You’ve never licked my pussy before,” she teased. “Did it taste good?”

“Delicious,” smiled Roger, kissing the tip of her pretty nose. “From now on, your pussy is going to be a permanent part of my diet.”

As Diane and Roger lay in each other’s arms, she tenderly fondled his prick. Feeling it starting to swell and lengthen, Diane suddenly had a strong desire to feel it buried deep in her cunt. It had been years since he’d given her a satisfactory fuck, but tonight she was dying to have his cock pounding deep into her horny pussy.

“Roger, darling,” she whispered when his prick was throbbing thick and hard in her hand. “Will you fuck me?”

Without answering, he released Diane from his arms and crawled between her legs. A delicious tremor raced through her loins when she felt the head of his cock probing against the hot wetness of her horny cunt. She trembled with excitement when she felt his stiff cock sliding in between her slippery cuntlips.

Mewling softly, she could feel his hardness spreading her grasping cunt walls apart until the entire length of his prick was completely buried in her hot belly.

“Oh, sweet Roger,” she whispered, feeling his thick cockshaft deliciously filling her cunt slit. “God, I feel horny tonight.”

“Good,” he excitedly panted. “Because tonight I’m gonna give you the wildest fuck you’ve eves had!”

“Oh, yes, baby!” she sobbed, writhing her grasping cunt up tight around the taste of his deeply embedded cock pole. “That’s what I want, honey… a wild, wild fuck!”

“And that’s what you’re going to get.”

Unable to believe this horny broad was actually his own sexless wife, Roger reached beneath her, and grasping the soft cheeks of her sweet ass in his hands, he pulled her cunt slit up tighter around the length of his big thick prick.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” Diane whimpered, snaking her lovely thighs up around his back. “Your cocks never felt this fuckin’ big before.”

Slowly withdrawing his juice-slickened prick shaft until only the cockhead remained in her slippery pussy hole, he flexed his hips and drove it back up into the delicious hotness of her steaming pussy.

“Oh shit!” she sobbed, feeling his massive cock slicing back up through her juicy cunt flesh.

As Roger increased the tempo, Diane was going wild at the feel of his super-hard cock plunging in and out of her writhing pussy slit.

She was hysterically sobbing with rapture as his big, rubbery prick knob pounded rhythmically into the very depths of her cunt hole. Never had she enjoyed her husband’s prick as she was tonight.

“Oh, Roger, darling,” she sobbed with ecstasy. “I love you and your wonderful big cock.”

Her sizzling hot cuntmouth was sucking hungrily on his slippery, juice-slickened cockshaft as it fucked deliciously in and out of her lust-swollen pussy slit. Diane’s lovely face was distorted by the wild fiery passions that seared through her burning loins. His plunging cockshaft was noisily squishing out big globs of pussy juice from deep between her clinging cuntlips. She could feel it foaming out around his big fat cock and dribbling down over the cheeks of her quivering ass.

With the last vestige of inhibition gone from the woman, she was fucking back with a wanton abandon, loving every cunt-filled second of it. God, how she loved the feel of her husband’s big prick stuffed up between her legs.

“Oh, darling!” she squealed, clutching him more tightly in her arms. “That’s it, baby just like that! Faster… faster! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Spreading her thighs even wider apart, she locked her soft, shapely legs around his back, offering more of her hot open slit to his battering attack.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she panted, covering his mouth with her moistly parted lips. “I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

Excited by her cries, and wanting her to have a fantastic orgasm, Roger began pounding his cock deeper and deeper into her obscenely open pussy. Clutching his writhing wife tighter in his arms, Roger pounded his lust-bloated cock against the very end of her fiery cunt.

Diane could feel her mind-blowing climax building up deep in her thrashing loins, spreading like a forest fire to every part of her body. She realized her orgasm was only seconds away as the unbelievable ecstasy mounted and mounted.

“Squirt, baby, squirt!” she screamed as the shattering orgasm enveloped her. “Fill me, darling! I’m coming… coming!”

Feeling his own cum ready to explode from deep in his balls, Roger drove his cock harder and deeper into her sucking cunt.

“That’s it, baby!” she shrieked when she suddenly felt his hot jizz gushing out and splashing against her convulsing pussy walls. “Squirt, baby, squirt! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Spurt after spurt of his thick scalding cum was belching into her belly as the lurching woman writhed through her orgasm.

“Oh, sweet darling,” Roger sobbed with delight, lying perfectly still over his wife’s naked body while his jerking prick continued pumping his hot jism into her cum-drenched fuck-hole. “I love you so much.”

“Oh, sweet, Roger,” she whispered, holding him tightly. “I feel reborn tonight.”

“So do I.”

“Darling,” she asked in a soft voice. “Are you sure you don’t think I’m naughty?”

“You’re adorable,” Roger smiled, happy that after all these years his wife had finally turned into a sexy playmate.

“Good,” she whispered. “Will you fuck me in my asshole when your cock gets hard again?”

“Jesus, yes!” he excitedly answered. “Do you really mean it?”

“I sure do,” Diane smiled. “From now on, I want to try everything with you.”

Roger smiled to himself. Between his wife and daughter, his future certainly looked rosy.

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