Flasher Mom

A mother’s desire for her son is a subject as old as the world of literature, and its theme, incest, can be traced in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The subject has been probed by Sophocles, and Freud defined the problem of incest. Eugene O’Neill, a great playwright, encompassed the theme in one of his most important works.

An incestuous desire is normal, healthy, and to be expected, but should this need on part of a woman to physically possess her son remain unchecked, the possible catastrophe which might follow could be of such dimension that none involved will recover.

FLASHER MOM is the story of an incestuous relationship between a divorced housewife, Karen Morgan and her very young son, Tommy. It is a startling novel with an important message for society.


Karen Morgan knew the man was looking at her, his eyes bright as he peered between her knees and under her skirt.

When she first realized what the man could see, a flush came over her face, but then she felt warm and good. Not that the man could really see anything — she wore nylons attached to a garter belt and then there were her panties, so he couldn’t see anything, not really.

She sat in the molded plastic chair of the air terminal, waiting for her son to arrive. She had gotten there early, eager to see him after his two-month absence. She always hated it when summer came and Tommy had to visit with his father. She didn’t really mind that Tommy stayed with his father, but she detested the woman who brazenly called herself Tommy’s new mother. There was no other woman who could be his mother, Karen told herself, and that woman her ex-husband had married had better watch herself.

Glancing at the huge clock, she saw it would be another half-hour before Tommy’s plane arrival. As eager as she was to see her son again, Karen enjoyed the wait. She had never minded crowds, being around people. In a way, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed watching the different faces, the way people talked and moved. She was — Karen admitted with a twinkle in her eye — somewhat of a voyeur. She liked to see what women wore in public, their hair styles, their makeup. She liked looking at men, the different sizes and shapes, and tried to determine if they were aggressive or timid, what businesses they were in.

She was a people watcher.

And people watched her. Karen was aware of her cover-girl looks, her tall and slender body, her rich, long auburn hair and green eyes. She was a beautiful woman, having a rare beauty seldom seen outside the pages of magazines. She had been compared to many of the recent sex symbols of the film world, something she hated. She did not resemble anyone but herself, she thought.

Karen had, in the past, refused to become a face on a magazine or a centerfold that men — and giggling young boys — could fantasize over as they jerked off. Not that she had anything against them jerking off. She also didn’t find anything wrong with the girls who posed in the glossy magazines with their flawless tits exposed, their slender thighs parted to reveal the pink wetness of a hair-lined cunt. On the contrary, she sort of enjoyed looking at the lovely girls herself.

Karen was still receiving offers to pose in fashion magazines and men’s magazines. She had, in her late teens, been a fashion model for one of the larger clothing stores, modeling mostly lingerie. She had been displayed in many mail order catalogues, wearing tight bikini panties or nylons or seductive garments.

But that was years ago and she had no intention of returning to that work.

She glanced again at the man across from her, peeking from under lowered eyelids. The man looked boldly at her, his eyes gleaming with appreciation. Dropping her gaze down his body, Karen noticed the man had a hard-on. His cock was bulging up against the front of his pants, and it didn’t seem to bother him if anyone saw.

Karen could actually feel the man’s gaze on her body, on her nyloned thighs. Her flesh became warm, a slight shiver passing through her. Karen wore a green-and-black checkered, pleated skirt. The checks were small and the colors blended perfectly. Her blouse was a frilly white garment, buttoned up the front, the top three buttons open. The lace of her bra could be seen, as could the creamy swell of her tits.

The man directly across from her, about eight feet away, could see the tanned flesh of her thighs past the nylons. And not only that, he could also see the tight crotch of her panties. The view of this succulent beauty increased the size of his cock significantly.

Karen, still pretending she did not notice, lifted her right foot, placed it on her left knee, and pretended to adjust the high heel on her shoe. The man’s eyes glowed hungrily as he saw the expanse of Karen’s crotch even better. Karen knew the impact this had on the man, and she glanced at the front of his pants once more. The poor man would come in his pants very soon. She giggled to herself, lifting her eyes boldly to his. But the man did not react as she thought. He gazed at her openly, then ran his tongue about his lips with a slight grin on his face.

Seeing his tongue move that way sent a flash of heat between Karen’s thighs. Her cunt twitched inside the tight band of her panties, and her clit suddenly became swollen. The lips of her cunt became puffy as the fuck juices started flowing.

On an impulse, she moved the tip of her tongue over her full, moist lips, giving the man a slow, lewd wink. The immediate attraction between them grew hot, and Karen felt adventurous. She had never allowed herself to be picked up by a strange man, nor had she picked any up herself. Yet, the man’s cock was bulging out beautifully. It was so hard and ready to fuck and her cunt was boiling for a good fuck.

The crotch of her tight panties was getting quite wet, too.

Giving in to impulse, Karen stood up, and, as she started walking slowly away, she glanced over her shoulder at the man, once more running her tongue about her lips and letting him know with her green eyes what she wanted. The man, not at all the timid sort, stood and began to follow her. She giggled softly when he shoved a hand into his pocket to conceal his hard-on.

Karen moved about the huge waiting area, her eyes searching for some place of concealment. She swayed her ass, feeling the man’s gaze on her ass. What she was doing was totally out of character, she knew, yet she felt compelled, driven to lead this strange man someplace, to take his cock out and play with and feel his prick, perhaps make him come. The idea of doing that with a total stranger in such a public place excited her tremendously. It was something she had never done in her life, yet the urge to do it now was too powerful to resist.

She knew the man was close to her, but had no idea how close until she stopped abruptly. The man’s cock prodded against her ass.

“Oh!” she gasped, glancing over her shoulder at him. The man smiled, and Karen smiled back. She was standing near a bank of public telephones, the kind with doors. There was not much privacy there, with the top half of the door’s glass, but it was the only place she could find.

Stepping into one of the booths, she looked at the man again. Boldly, he stepped into the booth with her, closing the door. Karen faced the telephone, took the receiver off the hook and placed it to her ear and mouth, hearing the dial tone. Behind her, the man ran his hands about her hips and over the swell of her ass, feeling her feverishly. His hot breath was close to her neck, and she wiggled her ass into his hands.

People walked past, but none even glanced at her and the man in the booth. Karen’s cunt was boiling as the man ran his hands about her body. She shoved her free hand behind herself and grasped his cock through his pants, squeezing, feeling the hardness of his prick.

“Hurry!” she hissed in a thick voice. “Hurry up and do it!”

“You got it, lady,” the man grunted.

She felt him fumbling with his pants. Then her skirt was lifted from behind. The man slipped her bikini panties down just past her ass. She felt his cock rubbing about the smoothness of her ass cheeks, then probing between her thighs. Karen, with a soft sob of pleasure, arched her ass back for him.

“Hurry!” she hissed again.

“You got it, lady,” the man grunted, rubbing the swollen head of his cock back and forth on the puffy lips of her wet cunt. “I am, lady! I’m trying to hurry, but I’ve never been fucked in a telephone booth before.”

“I know it’s cramped,” she hissed over her shoulder, “but it’s all we can find. Please hurry up!”

The man’s cock slipped into the fiery heat of her cunt now. Karen gave a soft cry of pleasure as she felt her pussy stretching to accept this unknown man’s cock. She shoved her ass back against him as his cock fucked deeper. Although her eyes glazed a bit as the ecstasy flowed through her, she could still see men and women walking past them, only a few feet away. It gave her a strange, perverse thrill to be taking a cock from a total stranger up her cunt in a telephone booth of a very active air terminal. Any one of those passing men and women could have seen what they were doing if they had paid attention, and that, too, excited her.

The booth was much too crowded by the two of them and the man could not get the depth he wanted. About half his cock was all he could fuck into Karen’s cunt. Karen, holding the telephone to her face as though carrying on a conversation, thrust her ass back against him, trying to help the man fuck deeper into her fiery pussy. The sensations enveloping her seemed to be scalding. Her eyes were glazed with the pleasure she felt. Even in the cramped booth, she could feel the rounded head of his cock with her highly sensitive cunt lips, could feel his prick throbbing as he fucked in and out. His gasped breaths seared the flesh of her neck as she twisted her ass for him.

Unexpectedly, Karen started coming.

“Ooooo… ohhhh!” she moaned, her eyes closing as the heat of orgasm swept through her like wildfire. Her cunt closed and squeezed at the man’s cock, gripping tightly with a convulsive motion.

“Goddamn!” the man snorted. “You’re hot, lady!”

Karen made no reply. Her cunt was squeezing his cock hard and wet, drawing on his prick. Her legs were very weak, and, if she had not been pressed against the phone, she would have slumped to the floor.

The man fucked faster and faster into her clasping cunt, as his own discharge swelled inside his balls. Karen grunted hotly, trying to ram her ass back against him in the tight confines, her cunt going through spasm after spasm of ecstatic orgasms. The series of orgasms seemed hotter and more pronounced than any orgasms she had enjoyed before.

It was crazy, like a dream. She was in a phone booth with a man she had never seen in her entire life, fucking swiftly, her cunt convulsing, and people swirled about only a few feet away. Crazy, to be sure, but so very exciting!

“I’m going to come, lady!” the man grunted, fucking his cock as deep as he could under the circumstances. “I’m going to come!”

“Yes! God, yes!” she hissed in a hoarse voice. “Hurry and come! Please, hurry!”

She felt his cock jerking inside her cunt, although she was still gripped by orgasmic ecstasy. She felt his cock become larger inside her pussy, the head of his prick seeming to be the size of a small apple now. The man groaned a sound that would have been a bellow if they had been alone.

The rushing spurts of his come seemed to splash along the satiny walls of her cunt like water from a garden hose with full pressure. His come squirting into her cunt sent Karen into a shaking spasm of final orgasm, an orgasm that brought a tight squeal from her constricted throat.

She was vaguely aware that the man was pulling her panties back up, stuffing his cock into his pants. It was a moment or so before she trusted her legs to move. The man opened the booth and stepped out, Karen following. The man allowed her to lead the way again, back to the waiting room. Again she felt his gaze on her ass, and she could not resist a tempting twitch for him.

Back in the molded chairs again, the man elected to sit next to her, talking. But Karen wasn’t interested in conversation with him. She was wondering what had come over her, why she had deliberately fucked this man in such a crowded and public place. It had been shameful of her, something she would never have done before. But Karen could not deny the erotic excitement she had felt.

The man introduced himself, handing Karen a business card, a card she took but didn’t look at.

“I live in the city,” the man was saying. “Perhaps we could have dinner some evening, a show maybe.”

“Please, I have no interest in going out with you,” Karen said. “I don’t even care to know your name.”

“But,” the man said, puzzled, “what about, you know, what we did? Surely you’d like to.”

“Surely I’d like you to shut up,” Karen said.

“But won’t you tell me your name?”

“No, I won’t,” she replied. “Listen, guy.”

She faced him. “You got what you wanted, so what’s the big deal? A simple fuck doesn’t make us asshole buddies, you know. I have no interest or desire in seeing you again, or going out with you, or ever fucking you again, understand?”

“Well, sure… okay,” the man said, blushing a little.

Karen crossed her long legs, rocking one foot slowly as she waited for her son’s plane to arrive. There was another man sitting across from her now, a man with a paunch and silvery hair. She noticed he was gazing at her thigh, and she smiled to herself, wishing there were time to…


She glanced at the clock and saw her son’s plane had landed a few minutes ago. She turned to see the deplaning passengers, and saw the man she had fucked greeting an attractive woman with two teenagers in tow. One of the teenagers, a very pretty blonde girl, was hanging onto his arm and chattering away excitedly, calling him “Daddy”. When the man glanced at her, Karen very deliberately allowed her knees to open so he could have a last peek at her crotch. The man hurried away with his family, not even looking, back at her.

“Asshole,” she said under her breath, watching the man swiftly hustle his family away.

She turned her gaze back to the passengers coming through the door, her eyes raking over the silver-haired man across from her. The man’s eyes bulged out, his mouth open. She glanced at his pants and saw a spreading stain there. Karen giggled to herself, knowing the man had come off and made a mess in his pants, all because he had seen her open her knees briefly for the departing man and his family.

Somehow, knowing the man had come off in his pants just from seeing the crotch of her panties was even more exciting than fucking that man in the telephone booth. She gave the man a radiant smile, closed her thighs, and searched the crowd for her son.


She turned toward the voice and saw Tommy a few feet away. With a shock, she realized her son had seen what she had done, exposing herself that way. For a moment she felt ashamed of herself, then saw the bulge in her son’s pants.

Getting to her feet, she ran to him, flinging her arms around him and holding him tightly. She kissed his cheek and smoothed his hair back over his forehead.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting,” she said. “You hear so much about planes crashing, and I was worried and your plane was late and…”

Tommy had never heard his mother talk this way, talk so excitedly. He took her hand as they started to retrieve his luggage, trying to hide big hard-on.


Karen knew her son had seen her flash her crotch at those men, but he said nothing about it. She knew, too, that Tommy had a hard-on himself, and she knew he tried to conceal it.

What she had done in the air terminal had been strange behavior for her, but it had excited her tremendously. She had never done anything like that before, but as the impulse to do so came, Karen gave not one more thought about the wrong but flashed the man eagerly. Even then, she had no thought of fucking him, but still, she had done that, too.

In the cab, on the way home, she noticed that her son was unusually quiet, glancing at her knees often. Shivering with that strange feeling again, Karen managed to hike her skirt without being obvious. Feeling her son’s gaze on her nyloned knees was turning her on, something she found unusually exciting. Her skirt rested halfway up her thighs, almost to the tops of her nylons. She pretended to look out the window of the speeding cab, letting her son look at her thighs without knowing she was letting him.

Karen wondered if her son desired her, if he would love to stuff his cock up her cunt, to fuck her, his own mother. She knew most boys Tommy’s age were very interested in seeing women, yearning to explore the mysteries beneath their dresses. She also knew that Tommy, just before going to stay with his father had been coming. She had found the evidence of his come in the sheets a day or so before he had left. Apparently he had not come before, she thought. She wasn’t sure at what age a boy could discharge, but Tommy had apparently reached that age now. She wondered if seeing her thighs would make him come in his pants the way that silver-haired man had done at the air terminal. It would be nice, she thought, for her to come off as he sat next to her, gazing at her long, creamy legs. It gave her a warm, tingling sensation to think her son could come off by looking at her, that it was her — his mother — who made him spurt that sweetness from the head of his cock.

The cab pulled up before their home and stopped. The house was a sprawling ranch-style home with a well-kept lawn and lots of shrubbery. It was located in a very nice, well-kept neighborhood, showing the affluence of the residents.

Tommy got out as the driver went to the trunk to unload his luggage. He stood a few feet from the open door, watching his mother swing her long legs to the curb. Karen sensed her son’s gaze on them, and she paused with one leg outside, the other still in the cab. Her skirt, halfway up her thighs, stretched and parted with her legs. Glancing at her son, she saw him staring directly between her legs. She knew he could see the creamy flesh of her thighs past her nylons as well as the bulge of her cunt in the tight crotch of her skimpy panties. A ripple of strange excitement flowed through her, and she felt a fire licking at her cunt.

She paused this way for a long time, staring at her son’s young and handsome face, letting him gaze under her stretched skin. She stayed that way until the driver had deposited his bags on the curb, then she stepped out, smoothing her skirt down over her hips.

After paying the driver, she helped her son carry his suitcases to the house. She paused to search for the key in her purse, feeling her son’s gaze burning on her back. The same kind of impulse she had felt at the air terminal came over her, and, before she could truly consider her actions, she dropped her purse.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed, and she bent from the waist to pick it up. Her skirt lifted very high in back, and she knew Tommy could see past her nylons. A twitching of steamy heat flowed through her cunt, and she bent even more, hoping her son could see her panties. Whether he did or not, she had no idea, but thinking that he had excited her.

The house was comfortably cool after the heat of the early afternoon.

“Honey, take your bags to your room,” she said. “It’s so hot and sticky, I’m taking a shower right away.”

“Sure, Mother,” Tommy replied, and she caught a quiver in his voice.

She glanced at him, then turned her back and began unbuttoning her blouse as she walked toward the hall. By the time she reached the hall, she had pulled her blouse off. Tommy, she knew, was gazing at her back, seeing the strap of her bra. She hoped his cock was hard again.

Karen took a long shower. By the time she finished and wandered back to the living room, wearing only a robe, she found the place empty. She had been in the shower for some time, and she peeked into Tommy’s room. That, too, was empty. Going to the kitchen, she looked out into the back yard where the pool glistened in the sun. Tommy was there, wearing his trunks. She should have known that that was where he would be, she thought with a smile.

Thai she saw the blonde head of Cathy surface near where her son sat. Cathy lived next door. She was a beautiful little girl her son’s age. She watched Cathy jump onto the deck, her lithe young body, slender and lovely, dripping water. Cathy was wearing a very tiny polka dot bikini, bright yellow with black dots. Her small tits barely jutted from her chest, and the bottoms of her bikini clung wet and tight to her sweet little ass. The lower cheeks of Cathy’s ass were exposed, and the girl made no move to pull the material from the crack of her ass.

Karen watched the girl sit before her son, her legs drawn up with her chin resting on her dimpled knees. Her son, too, sat with his knees up, and a small gasp came from Karen. She could see the head of her son’s cock peeking from his trunks, and it was obvious the little girl could, too. She watched her son’s cock grow, swelling into hardness. She could not hear what they were saying, but they were talking. Her eyes became fixed upon her son’s cock as his prick grew into a full hard-on, the head of his cock now standing from his trunks completely. Although Tommy acted as if he was not showing his cock, it was obvious to Karen that Cathy saw his prick. The girl’s eyes sparkled and she was looking directly at Tommy’s prick.

Then Cathy darted a hand for Tommy’s cock. Karen saw those small fingers grip her son’s cock for a brief moment, then Tommy jerked away and dived sideways into the pool.

Seeing her son’s cock shook Karen more than she wanted to admit. Her cunt had almost convulsed with orgasm as his cock grew. She wandered through the house, the image of his cock branded on her brain. The heat in her cunt was becoming more pronounced. The way Cathy had reached for Tommy’s cock told Karen that this couldn’t possibly be the first time she had seen his prick. She wondered how long this had been going on. Cathy had lived next door to them for three years, and Karen knew how close Tommy and the girl were.

Returning to her room, Karen slipped into a pair of bikini panties, leaving her robe on. Taking her nail polish, she went back to the living room and began to paint her toenails.

Hearing her son enter, she looked up and smiled. She had one foot on the couch, half her toenails finished. “Hey, guy; you’re dripping water all over the carpet.”

“Sorry, Mother,” he said and started to turn. But he had caught a glimpse of his mother’s thigh.

Karen felt her son’s eyes burning on her flesh, and her gaze moved immediately to the front of his wet trunks. His cock swelled before her eyes, straining at the thin fabric of his trunks. She ran her tongue over her lips, knowing her son was watching her. Glancing down, she saw what he was gazing so intently at. Her robe was open, the crotch of her panties showing. But that wasn’t all. The dark auburn curls of her cunt swirled around each side of the tight band, and her cunt was outlined, her pussy lips puffy, with the slit clearly showing.

Tommy was not in the least bashful as her gaze went down his body to stop at his throbbing hard-on again. He stared openly at his mother, his eyes showing his excitement at what he saw.

There was a heavy but thrilling tension between them. They didn’t speak for a long time, just looked at each other. Finally, Karen spoke, her voice throaty with desire.

“What have you been doing at your father’s, honey?” she asked. “Maybe you shouldn’t visit him anymore. You’re getting older and taking an interest in girls.”

“I saw her, too,” Tommy said, his gaze never moving from his mother’s crotch.

“Saw who? Cathy?”

“Dad’s new wife.”

“Oh? What do you mean… you saw her, too?”

“Like this,” Tommy said. “Only she didn’t have panties on.”

Karen gasped at her son’s boldness. But his boldness excited her. The fact that Tommy wasn’t at all shy about seeing her so exposed, his cock so hard, sent a simmering heat about her inner thighs.

“No panties on?” Karen asked, her voice now just a whisper.

“No,” Tommy replied. “She wasn’t as hairy as you, Mother.”

Karen surprised herself now. She stared with open admiration at her son’s straining cock. “You don’t like a lot of hair, baby?”

“Oh, I love a lot of hair, Mother,” he said. Again Karen surprised herself. “You’ve seen a lot of hairy cunts?”

As soon as that word came from her, she felt heat creep over her face, but Tommy giggled about it. She was finding that her son was more precocious than she had imagined. His cock strained hard against his wet trunks and she could see his prick throb.

“I’ve never seen any cunt… except hers, Mother,” Tommy said without blushing.

Karen shivered with heat as he said that, her mind swirling with strange pleasures. There was a bubbling sensation in her cunt now, a bubbling heat that was soaking into her panties as her son kept staring at her.

“Not even Cathy’s?” she asked.

Tommy shook his head.

“But, I saw her grab your… grab you.”

“Cathy is always trying to see me, Mother,” he said, “so I let her. She says she likes to see a guy with a hard-on.”

“I do, too,” Karen whispered, gazing significantly at her son’s cock now. “I truly love to see a guy with a hard-on.”

“Like me?” Tommy asked.

Karen nodded her head slowly, watching her son’s cock throb against his trunks. She could see the full outline of his prick, even the size of his swollen cock head.

“Would this be better?” Tommy asked, and jerked aside the leg of his trunks. His cock thrust out, very hard. Then he covered his prick quickly.

Karen moaned softly, excited by her quick glance at her son’s cock.

“Is that what… your father’s wife did?” she asked.

“She didn’t do anything, Mother,” Tommy said. “She just sat in a chair with her legs open and no panties on.”

“What did you do?”

“I came off,” Tommy admitted without embarrassment. “I came in my pants.”

“She saw?”

“I think so,” Tommy answered. “She giggled, anyway.”

“Would you like to… well, see mine?” Karen heard herself asking.

Tommy made a choking sound as he nodded his head.

“You really would?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“You’d never tell anyone, would you?” Karen asked, her voice low and husky with lewd emotion. “You won’t tell a soul, not even Cathy!”

“No one, Mother,” Tommy said. “I won’t tell anyone, not even Cathy.”

“Promise?” Karen’s eyes were glittering with a steamy hunger now, her body shaking with desire. “You promise, Tommy?”

Childishly, her son crossed his heart.

“Well, I guess a little peek won’t hurt,” Karen said, sliding her hand down her thigh, her fingertip tracing along the tight crotch of her panties, feeling the hair swirling out from it. “But you’ve got to keep it a secret!”

Karen sucked in a lung full of air, hooked a finger into the crotch of her panties and swung her uplifted knee wide. She jerked her panties to one side.

“Wow!” Tommy gasped, seeing his mother’s cunt. The rich dark hair was thick and long, but he could see the slit of her cunt, the wetness of her pink pussy, and the tip of her inflamed clit. “That’s nice, Mother!”

Karen giggled like a naughty little girl, sliding her panties back over her cunt.

“Lemme see it again, Mother!”

Karen hesitated. Having her son see her cunt had almost caused her to come. She stared at his straining cock, whispering, “You’re not going to come in your trunks, are you?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy replied hoarsely. “It sure feels like I might.”

“If I show you again, will you show me, too?”

Tommy’s hand moved fast, yanking his trunks away from his cock. Karen made a sobbing sound as her fingers pulled the crotch of her panties from her cunt again. This time she held it far to one side, letting Tommy stare at her pussy. Her eyes burned on the hardness of his prick. She held her knee off to one side, and the shapely triangle of her dark cunt hair was fully exposed to her son’s blazing eyes.

“Oh, shit!” Tommy gasped.

“Ooo!” Karen moaned.

Thick white come gushed from her son’s cock, splattering on the carpet a few feet in front of him. Karen held her panties wide, watching ha son come, her mouth open as she sucked in air, shaking with excitement.

“You’re coming, Tommy!” she groaned.

“I can’t help it, Mother!” he gasped, gripping his cock with a tight fist, squeezing his prick as if trying to stop himself from coming.

“Don’t!” she gasped. “Don’t try to stop it, Tommy! Come all you want… fuck the carpet! God! That’s beautiful watching your come squirt out of your cock!”

Tommy’s cock dripped to a stop, and he started to stuff his prick back into his trunks, but Karen stopped him. “No, don’t put it away yet baby!”

She stood up, her robe falling apart, her creamy, upstanding tits revealed, her rigid nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She found the box of tissue and moved to him, kneeling down and cleaning his come off the carpet. His cock dangled in front of her face, and she stared with hot eyes at his prick. A drop of come clung to her son’s piss hole.

Before Tommy knew what his mother was up to. Karen snaked her tongue out. Her tongue was very long, and the tip licked at his cock, barely touching the piss hole. Karen licked away a single drop of her son’s come juice. The taste caused her to shiver, made her eyes roll.

“Oh, my God!” she sobbed.

Tommy stared down at his mother, surprised and somewhat awed. Although her tongue had just barely touched the head of his cook, he had felt heat rush over his prick.

“Mother, what was…”

“Shhh,” Karen shushed him, her eyes focused again, staring at her son’s cock, glassy and hot. The tingling in the pit of her stomach sent wave after wave of strange hunger flowing through her crotch.

Sliding her son’s trunks down to his knees, she stared at his cock and balls for a long time. Kneeling before him, she looked closely at the sheer beauty of her son. A few hairs dotted the base of his cock, showing the promise of lush growth as he became older. The wetness of her cunt suddenly increased, and her clit felt ready to burst.

A low moan came from her, a moan that sounded very much like a growl. Her hands moved to her son’s hips, moved around them, cupping his small, very tight ass in her palms. Her gaze darted up to his face for a moment. Her eyes were glazed with erotic heat. Another moan bubbled from her, and suddenly she shoved her face into her son’s cock and balls, kissing wildly, sobbing with pleasure.

Tommy’s body shook as he stared down at the top of his mother’s head. He didn’t know what was going on, why his mother was doing this, but he knew he liked it and he wasn’t about to try and stop her. He liked the way her moist lips kissed about his thighs, his stomach; the way his cock rubbed her cheeks and chin. Her mouth on his prick felt better than jacking off.

Karen, still making soft sobbing sounds drew back and looked at her son’s cock and balls again. She held the cheeks of his ass tightly now. “Oh, Tommy!” she moaned. “I can’t stand it! I just can’t stand looking at it this way! I want to… oh, I’ve got to…”

Karen darted her face forward, her mouth opening wide. She gobbled her son’s dangling cock into her mouth, making muffled wailing sounds. Clutching at the cheeks of his shaking ass, Karen mouthed his cock hungrily, her tongue licking. She drew his prick deep into her hot mouth, her lips pressed against the base, writhing and twisting wetly. She devoured Tommy’s cock so aggressively he was almost knocked off balance. He grabbed at his mother’s head to steady himself, and Karen felt her son pull her face tighter into his crotch. Taking this as evidence her son wanted her to suck him off, she began to fuck her lips back and forth on his cock, her tongue pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth.

“Mother! Ohh, Mother!” Tommy yelped, staring at her, watching her lips swirl around his cock as she sucked back and forth. He wasn’t sure what to do. He felt as if his prick had been suddenly plunged into a scalding wetness, but a scalding wetness that felt better than his fist, so much better. What was happening to him was undreamed of, so erotic that his emotions swirled crazily as he watched his mother sucking his cock.

Karen felt her son’s cock swelling inside her mouth, becoming hard quickly. As his prick grew, she was amazed at how stuffed her mouth seemed to become. The throbbing heat of Tommy’s cock was so different than other pricks she had sucked on. She didn’t know what the difference was, only that sucking her son’s cock gave her more excitement, created more hunger than any other. She wasn’t sure why she was here on her knees, sucking her son’s cock so frantically. All she knew was that seeing him come all over the floor had triggered something inside her and then, with his cock so close to her mouth, she had become helpless to fight her erotic desires. Nothing could have prevented her from taking his cock into her mouth. Nothing!

Tommy’s cock was very hard now. Her lips slid back and forth with wicked wet heat. Tommy still clung to the back of her head, although he was no longer in danger of falling backwards. Karen held his ass cheeks tightly with her hands, jerking his cock into her mouth as she went forward, trying to get her son to fuck her mouth. She wanted him to fuck her mouth violently, to bang onto her lips until they became bruised. She wanted his balls to beat on her chin. She wanted her son to yank her head forward, to pull her mouth onto his cock as he fucked in, drove that swollen prick head into her hot, constricted throat. She wanted him to fuck her mouth as if her mouth were her cunt, to fuck into her mouth with his beautiful, hard sweet cock!

But Tommy didn’t know what she wanted. In any event, his mind wasn’t really working. All his emotions were centered at his cock and balls, feeling the sensations of his mother’s wet, hot mouth.

Karen sucked in frenzy on Tommy’s cock, jerking his prick into her mouth, ramming her lips onto his cock, gurgling as ecstasy swirled about her body. She had never wanted to suck a cock off as much as she did at this moment. The overpowering need to suck her son off, to have him spewing his young come into her mouth and down her throat was a compulsion she could not resist. The way his cock throbbed between her lips, the beat of his prick searing her, sliding over her tongue, the head of his cock almost penetrating her throat. Kane moaned with cock-hungry ecstasy, sucking at Tommy’s prick like a demented woman thirsty for the sweetness of his young, hairless, precious balls.

She clung to his tight ass, her fingers digging into the crack of his ass, her palms holding tightly, pulling him into her face with a brutal force as she sucked. Her tongue made wild, hot swirling motions, licking and pressing. Her rich dark hair danced and bounced in her fury of cock sucking hunger.

Tommy was dancing on his feet as the sensation of coming grew inside his tight young balls. He moved his hips, wondering what he should do. As the ecstasy of impending discharge bubbled hotter, he didn’t care what he was supposed to do. He could not have taken his cock from his mother’s mouth no matter if the roof fell in… not now.

Karen was unprepared when her son came. She had been sucking greedily, demanding his come juice. Still, when he started squirting into her mouth, she was surprised.

The thick come shot from his piss hole and splashed at the back of her throat. For a very brief moment, she wasn’t sure what had happened. The next spurt of come coated her tongue, and the heavenly taste of her son’s spunk made her sob wetly, her lips closed tighter yet. She fucked her mouth back and forth on his spewing cock, letting his come fill her mouth before she swallowed. Thick, creamy, sweet come flooded into her mouth, making her wail in a muffled way. Her fingers dug harshly into his shaking ass cheeks as she sucked as herd as she could on his gushing cock. Tommy’s come rushed out of his piss hole like water out of a hose, filling her mouth so full, seeping from the stretched corners of her mouth and dripping onto her chin. She had never sucked a cock that came so much in her life. But then, she had never sucked the cock of a very young boy before.

She stopped fucking her mouth back and forth when her son finished coming. She held the head of his prick between her lips and used her tongue to lick his piss hole, finally swallowing his come greedily. His sweet jism burned down her throat, making her moan with pleasure.

Karen had been so involved in sucking her son off that she wasn’t sure if she had came or sot. The crotch of her panties was soaked, but that didn’t necessarily mean she had come.

Letting her son’s cock slip out of her mouth, she wiped at her chin and the corners of her lips with dainty motions, looking up at him. Her eyes searched his expression for disgust or at least for a sign of embarrassment.

There was none. Only pleasure was visible in her son’s bright eyes.


Karen tossed and turned in bed.

The day had been a wild one. She had not intended to expose herself at the air terminal — it happened by accident at first, but then it felt so good to her that she carried it to the point of fucking that unknown man in a public telephone booth. That had been crazy enough, but then she had deliberately excited that silver-haired man until he had come in his pants. She could not deny the excitement she had felt. Karen was not one to deny any kind of pleasure, especially erotic pleasure.

At least for herself.

She knew, now, that Tommy had been allowing cute little Cathy from next door to see his cock. It was obvious to Karen that Tommy enjoyed exposing himself, at least to Cathy. Perhaps he had urges similar to his mother’s. Maybe her son derived pleasure by flashing his cock the same way she became excited when she flashed her body.

The thing that excited Karen most of all was that he had allowed her to suck his cock off. Tommy had not been embarrassed, ashamed, or disgusted with her. He had enjoyed having his mother suck his prick as much as she had enjoyed sucking his cock. The come from his balls still lingered in her mouth. She liked that. Most times after she had sucked someone off, the taste lasted for only a short time, but the come from her son cock was still in her mouth.

She kicked the sheet off, finding it too warm on her body. She had turned the air-conditioning off before going to bed, and now wished she had left it on. The night had not cooled off as she had thought it would, and it was even more humid.

The thermostat was down the hall, just outside her son’s room. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, standing up. Her long gown fell to her feet, the almost-transparent material clinging to her body, molding to it.

She stepped out into the hall, flicking the light on. Gliding quietly to the thermostat so she wouldn’t disturb her son, she reset it and the cool air came humming into the house.

Tommy, as wide-awake as his mother, saw her near his door. Her gown clung to her tall, slender body, and, with the light on, he could see through the gown. Her long legs were excitingly revealed to his eyes, as was the swell of her ass. He strained his eyes and could just make out the fuzz of her cunt from behind.

“Mother,” he whispered.

“Oh!” Karen yelped, jumping. “You scared me,” she said, turning to see him in the shadows of his room. “I thought you were sleeping, honey.”

“It’s too hot,” he said.

She stood looking at him, knowing her body was outlined by the light. He had kicked his sheet to the foot of his bed, and she saw he wore only shorts. Her gaze went immediately to the front of his shorts, searching for the bulge of his cock. But it was too dark in his room for her to see that well.

“I can see you, Mother,” Tommy said. “I can see through your gown.”

“You can? Really?”

“Almost everything,” her son replied, giggling in a naughty way. “I’ve seen you before this way, too. I’m always looking.”

“At me? Why would you be looking at me, baby?”

“Because you’re so beautiful, Mother,” Tommy said.

“Is that all, just because I’m beautiful?” she teased, feeling her pulse racing.

“It makes me feel good, too,” he said. “I get all tingly and, you know, hard.”

“Really?” she asked, sliding her hands along her hips. “It makes you hard to look at me? Are you hard now, Tommy?”

“I’m real hard now, Mother.”

“Are you holding it?”

“I’m squeezing it,” Tommy replied. “I’m about to squeeze my cock off, too, it feels so good.”

“Your cock…” she whispered. “You’re holding your cock and looking at me, seeing through my gown?”

“Are you going to come again?”

“I… think so,” Tommy groaned.

“No, not yet, honey,” Karen said in a thick voice. “Wait! Don’t come yet.”

She glided into his room, turning his bedside lamp on. The room was bathed in soft light, and she looked down at her son. He had his fist around his cock through the shorts, holding tightly. There was a wet spot where his piss hole pressed at the white material. With the light on in his room her gown was no longer transparent. But that didn’t matter right now. She pulled a shoulder strap down, revealing one of her flawlessly shaped tits, her nipple rubbery hard and aiming at the ceiling.

Tommy licked his lips and gulped as he stared at her nipple, his fist tightening on his cock.

“Want to see more of me, darling?” Karen whispered.

“I sure do, Mother!” Tommy swallowed with excitement.

“I like to show myself, honey,” Karen said in a throaty voice. “I love to show myself and be looked at. I like to see men get excited from looking at me. Does it excite you, Tommy, looking at me?”

“It makes my cock hard.”

“Am I prettier than your step-mother, Tommy?”

“You’re beautiful, Mother,” Tommy groaned. “She’s pretty, but you’re beautiful.”

“Would you like to… you know, fuck your step-mother?”

“I think so,” he said, gazing at his mother’s tit and nipple with hungry eyes. “I think I would, but I probably wouldn’t know what to do.”

“You’ve never fucked a girl, have you, baby?”

Tommy shook his head, shoving his shorts down to let his cock spring free.

Karen gazed at his prick. “You’ll know what to do when it happens, Tommy. Believe me, you’ll know. I’m surprised you haven’t fucked Cathy yet, if what you say is true.”

“Cathy is a tease, Mother,” Tommy replied. “She always wants to see my cock, but won’t let me see her pussy. Today was the first time she grabbed it.”

“That’s a positive sign, Tommy,” Karen said, twisting her nipple. “She’s getting hot for your cock. You’ll be fucking her before long, I bet.”

She lowered the other shoulder strap, revealing both her firm, up-tilted tits to her son’s burning eyes. She loved the way he looked at them, so hot and hungry. His gaze made her cunt tingle with a growing heat.

“I could grab your cock, too,” Karen whispered with a thick voice. “When I saw it this afternoon, I wanted to grab it so badly, but then you were coming on the floor and I — well, you know what I did.”

“You gave me a blow job, Mother!” he giggled.

“I guess I did.” She laughed with him.

“Would you, you know, do it again?”

“Suck you again?” she asked.

“I sure liked it, Mother. Would you blow me again now?”

“Now? But, you must be sleepy.”

“Mother, please! I’m gonna come if you don’t! Just looking at your tits makes me wanna come!”

“We can’t have that, can we? That would be a waste. You should come in… well, in me, maybe.”

Karen scooted her gown down, wiggling her hips as the gown fell to her feet in a wispy puddle. Tommy swallowed hard as he gazed at his mother’s naked body. He fixed his eyes on the lush triangle of her cunt hair, his cock throbbing powerfully in his fist. Karen arched her hips forward and cupped her tits in both hands, spreading her feet on the floor. Seeing the glistening pink wetness of his mother’s cunt, Tommy started pumping swiftly on his cock.

“No, Tommy, don’t!” she squealed. “You’re going to make yourself come, and I don’t like to see come juice wasted.”

“What am I gonna do, Mother?” he protested. “I don’t know if I can wait any longer. Seeing you naked makes my balls hurt. I just gotta come!”

“Wouldn’t you like Mother to help?”

“Will you suck my cock again, Mother?”

“You really like being sucked, huh?”

Tommy nodded vigorously.

“Take your shorts all the way off, honey,” she whispered softly, sitting on the bed. “Take them all the way off. I want you naked, too.”

Tommy scrambled about as he shoved his shorts from his feet, rolling onto his back, his cock standing straight up in the air. Moisture seeped from his piss hole, and Karen licked her lips.

She leaned over her son, rubbing one of her nipples about the seeping head of his cock, her eyes glassy as she watched her nipple become smeared. She grasped his cock at the base and twisted his prick from one tit to the other, moaning softly as she pressed her nipples upon his piss hole. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could stick my nipple inside here? You know, fuck your piss hole with one of my nipples?”

“It’s not big enough, Mother,” he giggled, arching up at her.

She sank the head of his cock into the firm flesh of her tit, then pulled his prick between them. She closed her tits around his cock and moved them up and down. “How does that feel, Tommy? I’ll fuck you with my tits… Ooo, your cock feels so good between Mother’s tits! I just might fuck you this way and make you come all aver my titties!”

“That might happen, Mother!” Tommy groaned, pumping his ass up and down, fucking his cock between her tightly pressed tits. “But I sure wish you’d, blow me again, instead!”

“You would, huh?” she teased. “What would I get out of that besides a mouthful of come?”

“Well, I could… you know, Mother, kiss you.”

“Kiss me where?”

“Between your legs,” he said. “I could kiss your cunt, too.”

“Oh, you’ve been kissing cunts, have you?”

“Aw, Mother. You know I haven’t. I just thought of it now.”

“Sure you did,” she teased.

She lifted her tits off his cock, feeling them slippery with wetness. She pressed her lips to the head of his cock and kissed his prick, then swiped her tongue about his swollen cock head in a wet circle.

“Would you really like to kiss Mother’s cunt?” she asked. “Really put your mouth on my cunt and kiss it?”

“Try me!”

“I think I will, Tommy,” she said, swinging one leg over his young face. She knelt atop him, his cock close to her mouth.

Tommy peered up between his mother’s creamy thighs, gazing at her hairy cunt. He could see the wetness of her pink cunt lips, the throbbing of her swollen clit. The twinkle of her asshole seemed to invite his mouth as much as her sugary wet cunt did.

Karen wiggled her ass above his face, swirling her tongue about the creamy smooth head of his cock. Tommy gripped his mother’s thighs, drawing them tightly against his face as he gazed into her cunt, just a few inches above his eyes. He darted his tongue out and tasted the inner smoothness of his mother’s thigh. Feeling her son’s tongue lick at her flesh, she squealed and dived onto his cock, stuffing his prick deeply into her mouth.

Feeling the heat of his mother’s mouth wrapping around his cock again, Tommy moaned and shoved upward, trying to fuck his cock into her throat, Karen shoved her hands underneath his ass, cupping an ass cheek in her palm. She held his cock deep in her mouth, her tongue pressing against his prick as her lips sucked at the base.

Tommy, with an excited grunt, rammed his face into his mother’s hairy cunt, his lips open and his tongue fucking into the velvety heat, wiggling about instinctively, guided by his own erotic imagination. The slippery heat and the sugary taste of his mother’s cunt set his cock to throbbing powerfully inside her mouth, causing Karen to whine, with ecstasy. Tommy began to tongue-fuck his mother’s cunt furiously, his hands moving up her thighs until he was gripping her spreading, rounded ass tightly. He pulled at her, trying to bring her hairy cunt tighter yet against his sucking mouth. The soft hair of her cunt swirled about his cheeks and chin, exciting him tremendously.

Karen whimpered around her son’s cock, thrashing her hips about, smashing her cunt against his open mouth, almost fucking his tongue as if it were a small cock. Feeling his mother banging up and down into his face, sliding her cunt about his face, Tommy started to pump his hips up and down. Feeling her son’s cock fucking in and out of her mouth.

Karen pressed her cunt hard into his young face, digging at his ass cheeks to urge him to fuck her hard and fast in the mouth. She held her head still, letting him fuck up and down, her lips squeezing as tight as she could around his prick, her tongue licking. His swollen cock head banged at her throat, sending wave after wave of burning excitement through her.

Tommy was almost out of his mind with the joy of sucking at his mother’s hairy, very wet, bubbling cunt. He fucked his tongue in and out, thrusting as deep as he could, drawing those cunt juices from her and swallowing in gurgling pleasure, fucking his mother’s mouth constantly. His nose banged against her asshole because she was churning her cunt about so wildly, and that excited him just as much as eating her pussy. He held his mother’s ass tightly, pulling her cunt as hard as he could against his sucking mouth.

Karen wailed around his cock, sucking now as he fucked in and out. She held her lips tight, her tongue licking, drawing on his cock as hard as she could, her cheeks sinking inward to make a very tight, very wet, very hot sheath for his cock. Feeling her son’s tongue fucking into her cunt, then licking at her sensitive pussy lips, then lapping her intensely inflamed clit, Karen trembled with fiery ecstasy. She devoured his fucking cock hungrily, mewling as her tits brushed his churning stomach. Feeling her son trying to pull her cunt tight into his open mouth, she pressed down, grinding her pussy against him.

Tommy was almost out of his young mind with ecstasy. The wet heat of his mother’s mouth around his cock and his tongue probing the steamy depths of her cunt and twirling at her swollen clit were the most exciting things to ever happen in his life. He sucked and licked and fucked his mother’s cunt with his tongue and lips as hard as he could clawing at her smooth, swelling ass cheeks. Karen was as excited as her son was. She was excited to have his young cock in her mouth again, but was even more excited because he was sucking her hairy cunt. The fact that he was sucking her cunt for the first time sent wild heat of erotic ecstasy burning through her body. She banged and squirmed and wiggled her cunt excitedly into his face, smearing him with the slippery fuck juices seeping from her fiery cunt. She was insatiable for him to suck and lick her, to fuck her with his tongue. She wanted to come with his tongue buried deep inside her pussy, to come around his tongue as he spurted that creamy sweet come into her mouth. She wanted to come at the same instant he did, to swallow and devour the sweetness of his young, hairless balls as her cunt exploded with orgasm after boiling orgasm.

Tommy’s balls ached, full and swollen. They were so full they didn’t bounce as he fucked wildly into his mother’s sucking mouth. Karen pulled her right hand away from his thrashing ass and grasped his balls. Holding one cheek of his ass with her left hand, his balls in her right, she sucked in a cock-sucking frenzy, desperate to have his cock squirting come juice down her throat. She yelped loudly around his cock when her orgasm stifled. The power made her hairy cunt lips squeeze at his tongue so tight that Tommy was having some trouble tongue-fucking her. But he knew his mother was coming, and he lashed at her boiling cunt frantically. He churned his cock up and down, fucking into his mother’s desperately sucking mouth. When he came, his climax was so intense he almost screamed into his mother’s convulsing cunt.

Feeling her son’s creamy come spurting powerfully into her mouth, Karen gobbled in a greedy frenzy, swallowing as fast as she could, not wanting to lose a precious drop of his come the way she had in the living room. Spurt after spurt spattered her tongue and throat. Karen began to sob in ecstasy as her orgasms increased until she was coming, one climax after the other, against her son’s sucking mouth.

Both of them felt very weak and exhausted. Karen continued to rest atop her son, her long legs now stretched past his head, her cunt resting against his lips. She held his deflated cock in her mouth, both breathing in gasps. She caressed his thighs and hips, feeling her son stroking the smooth cheeks of her creamy ass.

Finally, she rolled over, turned in the bed and snuggled up against him. She pulled her son’s face to her tits while they rested a while longer.

Soon they were talking, revealing their innermost emotions, telling each other of their erotic desires. They talked like long-time lovers, not as a mother and son. By the time they finished talking, there were no more secrets between them. And, most important of all, they discovered their desires were almost identical. Karen was pleased with her son’s responses when she explained her almost overwhelming urge to expose herself in public, to be seen by unknown people. It excited her son to know this.

It was after midnight when they finished talking, and Tommy was showing signs of getting very sleepy. Karen could have talked all night long. But she knew her son needed his sleep. He was still young enough to have a set bedtime.

She kissed him, then slipped from the bed.

She picked up her discarded nightgown and swung it over her shoulder.

“Sleep good, darling,” she whispered. “You’re going to need all the rest you can get.”

“I will, Mother,” he replied in a sleepy voice.

The last thing he saw that night was his mother’s very beautiful and very naked ass twisting as she left his room.


After bathing sometime before noon, Karen suggested to her son that they have lunch someplace.

Tommy, as usual, was always ready to eat out.

Seeing what his mother wore made him roll his eyes. Her thrusting tits were molded, her nipples outlined, showing she was not wearing a bra. The skirt clung to her shapely ass, with a long slit running up the left thigh of her skirt, almost to her hip. The top of it stopped just short of revealing the tops of her nylons. The skirt was tight, and her thigh was exposed with each step she took.

There was a sandwich bar few blocks from their home, and they decided to go there. It was warm outside as they walked along the sidewalk. Karen clutched her son’s hand tightly, letting it brush across her nyloned thigh. They drew admiring looks from people. A mother and her young son taking a stroll on a warm day!

A half block from the sandwich bar, Karen told her son in a low voice, “I bet you don’t know what I’m wearing under my dress.”

“Panties,” he said.

“What would you say if I told you I was wearing nothing.”

“Really? Hey, Mother. That’s great! You’re really naked under that dress? Someone might see your pussy.”

“Isn’t that the idea?” she giggled, squeezing his hand.

“Maybe me, huh?”

“Especially you, darling.” Entering the sandwich bar, Karen looked around for a good place to sit. The counter was shaped like an L, with very high stools. There were a few small tables here and there, but she chose to sit on the stools at the counter. The pretty blonde woman who waited on them smiled, but her eyes lingered on the straining thrust of Karen’s tits longer than necessary.

Karen caught the attention, and, when the woman moved off to prepare their sandwiches, she whispered to her son, “That woman likes my tits, I think.”

“How do you know, Mother?”

“Didn’t you see the way she stared at them?”

“Everybody looks at them,” Tommy said, “even me.”

“You just watch,” she whispered.

The pretty blonde prepared their sandwiches at the bend of the L, and Karen turned that way, pretending to watch with interest. She hooked her heels on the high rung of the stool, causing the slit of her dress to pull wide. Tommy walked to the jukebox near the far wall, but so he could see what his mother was doing at the same time.

He noticed the blonde woman glanced at his mother often and, when he moved a bit more, he found he could peer under his mother’s skirt, too. He moved close to where the blonde woman worked and saw what the woman was peeking at. Karen sat with her knees wider then necessary, and the hair of her cunt could be seen. Tommy glanced at his mother’s face, seeing the glow in her green eyes. Looking at the blonde woman, he caught her gazing steadily at his mother.

Tommy moved his hand along the front of his pants, cupping his cock and balls, grinning at his mothers then walked back to her as the pretty woman finished their sandwiches. When they started to eat, Tommy whispered, “She was looking at your cunt, Mother.”

“I know she was,” Karen whispered back.

“Now what?”

“I’m going to see if I’m right about her,” Karen said, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Miss!” she called. “Is there a bathroom someplace?”

“You have to come around the counter,” the blonde woman said, gazing meaningfully into Karen’s eyes. “Use the employees’. The public bathroom is out of order.”

Karen slipped from the high stool, giving her son a long peek at her nyloned thigh. Winking at him, she walked behind the counter. Tommy watched his mother brush past the woman, then watched the pretty blonde’s gaze follow his mother’s twisting ass.

The woman glanced at Tommy, her tongue moving over her lips. She looked a little embarrassed to him. Then the woman shrugged, her large tits moving inside her dress. With another quick glance at Tommy, the woman walked off in the direction his mother had gone.

Tommy waited a while. There was no one else in the sandwich shop, and he didn’t know if anyone would come in or not. But he didn’t care. He slipped off the stool and walked behind the counter. Before he arrived at the employees’ restroom, he could hear the woman and his mother.

“You want it,” the woman said. “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been showing that pretty thing off.”

“Maybe I do and maybe I don’t,” he heard his mother tease in her soft, throaty voice.

Tommy peered around the open doorway into the restroom. His mother was sitting on the toilet, her skirt bunched about her waist.

Karen saw her son peeking in past the woman. She looked up into the woman’s pretty face.

“I guess maybe I do want it,” Karen said. “Do you lick pussy good?”

“I’m the best cunt-licker you’ll ever find,” the blonde said. “You’d be surprised how many girls come in here, showing those pretty pussies to me. Some let me suck them and some don’t. Most are just teasers, but you’re too old for those games.”

“What’s your name?” Karen asked.

“Names aren’t important,” the blonde replied.

“Listen, I’ll let you suck my cunt, but I want you to be naked.”

“I can’t here,” the woman said. “People are in and out, and we don’t want to shock anyone, do we?”

“Either you’re naked sucking me or we don’t do anything,” Karen insisted, starting to get up from the toilet. “My son is waiting.”

But instead of getting up, Karen spread her long legs wide, letting the woman see between them. The pretty blonde licked her lips and began to unzip her dress. “If anyone comes in…” she said, then let the words fade away as Karen scooted her ass to the edge of the toilet, her legs spread very wide.

Tommy saw his mother’s cunt, but at the moment he was more interested in watching the woman undress. His eyes were hot as the woman stood almost naked now. She wore a pair of tight white panties, and her ass was round and full. His cock became hard as he watched, knowing the woman had no idea he was there.

A quick glance from his mother told him she wanted his cock out of his pants. He quickly let his prick out, and gripped his cock shaft with a tight fist as the woman, wearing panties only, dropped to her knees between Karen’s spreading thighs.

With a moan, the blonde woman shoved her mouth into Karen’s bushy cunt, licking quickly and hungrily, sliding her hands up to grip Karen’s rounded hips. Karen lifted her legs and draped them over the woman’s shoulders, squeezing her hot inner thighs tight about the woman’s head. The woman moaned as her tongue began to swirl and dip into her cunt. Tommy began to stroke his cock as he watched. Karen’s eyes gazed at her son’s prick as she held the woman’s head tightly so she could not turn and see Tommy standing there.

“Eat me!” Karen groaned, twisting her crotch into the woman’s face. “Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Suck my pussy, you cunt licking bitch!”

“Ooo, yes!” the blonde squealed, clutching Karen’s twisting ass as she sucked and probed the fiery wetness.

“Fucking cunt sucker!” Karen yelped, grinding into the face of the woman. “You really like to suck cunt, don’t you? You’re a fucking muff diver and a cunt sucker and a cock sucker, and you’d suck any cunt or cock you could get your hot hands on, right?”

The woman pulled her mouth any, looking ups Karen with smoldering eyes. “Please, I can’t help myself!” she wailed. “I’ve been this way all my life. Don’t make fun of me. I’ll do anything you want, but don’t make fun of me!”

“You’re a fucking lesbian,” Karen said harshly. “You’d rather suck a hairy cunt than fuck cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes, I would!”

“Okay, fuck-face, eat me!”

Karen jerked the woman’s mouth back to her cunt, grinding hard again. She yelled at the woman to fuck her tongue deep, to tongue-fuck her and make her come, to lick the fuck juice from her pussy.

Tommy was very excited by what he was seeing. His cock throbbed in his fist as he watched what his mother was doing. He wondered why she was being rough on the woman, but he didn’t wonder for long. He was much too excited from seeing his mother getting licked by this woman. He moved more into the restroom, standing a foot behind the woman’s naked back now. His mother’s eyes glittered up at him, then back at his cock again. She churned her cunt wildly into the woman’s mouth, twisting with erotic heat.

“Suck my hairy cunt, you fucking bitch!” Karen groaned. “God, you’re good! You can shove your tongue so fucking deep in my pussy! Oooo, give it to me, you cunt face! Tongue-fuck my pussy… tongue-fuck me!”

Tommy’s eyes were wide with excitement as he watched the woman on her knees between his mother’s thighs. The woman seemed to be licking at his mother’s cunt in frenzy. Her head twisted about and she made wild, wet sounds as she licked. The words his mother said seemed loud inside his brain, and he wished he could see the woman’s tongue fucking into his mother’s cunt.

As he was trying to think of some way to see this, his mother screamed loudly, grabbing the woman by the back of her head and pulling her face frantically into her cunt. “I’m coming! Oh, shit… what a fucking tongue! Lick hard, you cunt! I’m coming!”

Tommy was gripping his cock hard but was not pumping. As his mother screamed through her orgasm, his cock squirted. He sent gush after gush streaming out onto the woman’s back, even in her blonde hair. At first the woman didn’t feel his spunk. Tommy’s come juice dripped and ran about her naked back, gobs in her hair. When the woman realized something was happening, she jerked her mouth off Karen’s cunt and twisted about quickly. Her eyes bugged out when she saw Tommy standing there, his cock making a final spurt, a spurt that splashed upon one of the woman’s nipples.

“Oohh, shit!” the woman yelped, scrambling for her clothing and looking from Tommy to Karen with fear in her eyes.

Karen remained on the toilet, her legs still wide, watching the woman’s fear with amusement. Tommy, however, stared at the woman’s tits and the outline of her bushy cunt as she frantically tried to dress. There was no place the woman could go. If she stepped out of the bathroom, she would be in the kitchen area of the shop, and that was open and exposed. If anyone had come in, they would have seen her, all of her.

“Oh, God!” the woman cried, tears of humiliation in her eyes as she dressed as fast as she could. When she turned her back, her dress was wet and sticking to her, glued there by the come juice Tommy had sprayed upon her flesh. “Oh, God! You shouldn’t have… please, this is so embarrassing.”

Karen stood and smoothed her tight skirt over her thighs and hips. “Don’t worry about it,” she said to the woman. “My son knows how to keep his mouth shut.”

“But… your son! My God!” the woman said, seeing Tommy stuffing his cock back into his pants. With a red face, she left the bathroom quickly.

Karen and Tommy giggled, then went back to the counter and sat on the tall stools, finishing their lunch. The blonde woman refused to look directly at them, but would only glance from the corners of her eyes. Obviously she was puzzled by the actions of the beautiful, erotic woman and her young son. Karen and Tommy lingered over soft drinks, whispering and giggling softly. No one else had entered the sandwich shop.

After a few minutes, Karen called the woman over. Nervously, the blonde stood on the other side of the counter. Deliberately, Karen reached over and pinched the woman on her nipple.

“My son would like to fuck you,” she said bluntly.

“No, I can’t…” the woman shot a look at Tommy. She saw a boy so young that it was hard for her to believe he had actually come over her back. “It isn’t… oh, God!”

Karen closed her palm about the woman’s tit, squeezing. There was a sigh of pleasure from the woman, her eyes turning glassy.

“You can eat my cunt again,” Karen said. “You can eat my cunt, but only if my son is fucking you at the same time. He wants some of your blonde cunt.”

The woman’s eyes darted about, seeing people walking along outside the huge plate glass windows, then glanced back at Karen.

“You would like to suck my pussy again, wouldn’t you?” Karen asked in a firm voice, and she squeezed the rounded tit. “You liked it so much, I’m sure you’d love to shove your tongue up my cunt again.”

“Come on,” Karen said, slipping from the stool and taking her son’s hand, pulling him with her around the counter and toward that restroom again. As she passed the woman Karen grabbed her hand and pulled her along, too. “You won’t have to take your clothes off this time,” she assured the woman.

Karen lifted her tight skirt to her waist and sat back on the toilet, spreading her legs wide. The woman watched Tommy as he stared at his mother’s hair-rimmed cunt. His cock was straining at his pants.

“Do you… do you do this with him?” the blonde asked.

“Do you mean do I let my son fuck me?” Karen replied, rubbing her palm up and down her hairy cunt slowly. “We don’t fuck. We eat each other.”

The blonde woman’s eyes expressed shock, but, as she saw Karen rubbing her cunt, they became hot again. She ran her tongue over her lips hungrily.

“If you want to suck this again,” Karen teased, “then my son is going to fuck you. If you don’t let him fuck you, then you don’t get any more pussy.”

Karen knew what she was doing. The blonde woman was staring at her cunt with boiling desire, her body shaking slightly. Tommy stood and waited, his cock raging against his pants, hoping the woman would not refuse. A shudder went through the woman, and she slowly lifted her skirt. She was not wearing her panties because they had become so soaked with fuck juice. She glanced at Tommy’s cock almost nervously as he pulled his prick from his pants. His cock was throbbing and very hard again. Tommy gazed at the triangle of curly blonde cunt hair, seeing the pink and puffy slit of her pussy through the curls.

“Get down on your knees,” Karen said, twisting her naked hips about sensuously. “Get down on your fucking knees and lick my wet, hot cunt! My son is going to fuck you… fuck your hot pussy, and you’re going to suck my cunt at the same time. Now, get down there!”

With what sounded like a sob, the woman knelt, moving her head between Karen’s thighs. Tommy moved close, able to see the woman pressing her open mouth against his mother’s cunt now. His cock throbbed up and down as he watched, seeing the woman’s tongue lick and swirl about his mother’s clit. Karen took the woman’s hand and placed it on her son’s cock, closing her fingers around his prick.

“You can jack him a little first,” she said. The woman moved her fist on Tommy’s cock, slowly and loosely, her tongue lapping up and down the boiling slit of Karen’s cunt. But Tommy held the woman’s hand around his cock, fucking back and forth as he watched the woman sucking his mother’s pussy.

“Fuck her, Tommy,” Karen moaned, grinding her cunt into the woman’s face. “Fuck her hot pussy, baby! Ram your cock up her hot fucking cunt and fuck her hard!”

Removing the woman’s hand from his cock, Tommy went to his knees behind her. He shoved her skirt to her waist, exposing the creamy flesh of her ass. The woman was mouthing his mother’s pussy eagerly again, and, when Tommy brushed the head of his cock up and down the slit of her pussy, he found her cunt wet and slippery and hot. The woman moaned into Karen’s cunt when she felt the boy fucking his cock into her cunt. Her ass shook as Tommy’s prick penetrated her pussy. The heat that wrapped about his cock made him groan with pleasure. The wet sucking sounds the woman made on his mother’s cunt seemed to radiate to his balls, and he fucked hard into the woman. The power of his thrust caused the woman to squeal into Karen’s cunt. Then Tommy was gripping the woman’s hips and fucking her fast and hard, fucking back and forth.

Tommy beating his hips against the woman’s naked ass, fucking his cock in and out made the woman’s face press even tighter into Karen’s boiling cunt. Karen was whimpering and moaning a she held the woman’s face pressed into her cunt, twisting her hips as she looked at her son across the woman’s back.

“Fuck her baby! Fuck her hot cunt! Fuck the cunt-sucking bitch! Ram her pussy… fuck her cunt, darling! Fuck her cunt raw… Eat me! Ohhh, eat my cunt!”

The woman was making animal sounds as she licked and sucked at Karen’s pussy, her ass being battered by the wild thrusts of Tommy’s cock. The blonde woman was into eating cunt and not fucking but she had no choice at the moment. Her desire to suck on Karen’s pussy had been so strong that she had to let this young boy fuck her. If she didn’t, Karen would not have allowed her to eat her cunt again.

Tommy’s cock was enveloped in wet heat that clutched his cock tightly and wetly. He fucked swiftly, already overheated from coming before. The slurping eagerness of the woman’s tongue and lips against his mother’s cunt increased his erotic sensations hundreds of times, making his cock so hard he could hardly believe it.

Karen was tossing her cunt hard into the woman’s face, banging into the sucking woman’s mouth, churning her hips wildly, moaning in passion. Tommy leaned over the woman’s back, clutching at her tits, wishing they were naked. He humped furiously, fucking his cock as deep as he could. The woman was wailing into his mother’s pussy now, her ass starting to shake and hunch with the motion of his cock. The woman was clutching the naked, creamy flesh of Karen’s ass, her fingers pressing tightly as she fucked her tongue in and out, twirling her tongue and drawing sugary sweetness into her mouth.

In the distance, a small bell was ringing, but none of them cared at the moment. Karen was about to explode into the woman’s mouth, and Tommy was on the brink of gushing come juice up the woman’s tight, hot cunt. With a wail, Karen started to come, urging her son to flood the woman’s cunt with come juice. Tommy was grunting with his efforts, squeezing the woman’s tits hard as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy. The woman was making sounds as if she were strangling, devouring Karen’s cunt hungrily.

Tommy let out a yelp, his head leaning back and neck pulled taut, coming hard into the woman’s pussy. The woman was sobbing as her tongue dipped and swirled at Karen’s convulsing cunt, her own pussy closing wetly about Tommy’s spurting cock as she, too, erupted into an orgasm.

The ringing of the bell came insistently, and the woman pulled her smeared face free of Karen’s cunt. “I’ve got to go,” she said, her nervousness returning. “A customer is out there. We’re going to be caught!”

Tommy’s cock came out of her cunt as she stood up. She smoothed her dress down. Karen lazily lifted from the toilet, taking her time to adjust her tight skirt. Tommy stuffed his cock into his pants. The woman looked into the mirror to make sure her hair was not very missed. When she turned to look at Tommy and Karen again, her eyes seemed almost soft.

“Will you be back again?” she asked, sounding as if she were pleading.

“Maybe,” Karen said. “It depends.”


The excitement of what they had done stayed with them for a long time.

After arriving home again. Karen and her son talked about it for hours, laughing and becoming more excited as they relived the incident at the sandwich shop.

“But why did you act so mean with her, Mother?” Tommy wanted to know. “I thought she was kinda nice.”

“You have to know people, baby,” Karen told him. “I have this sense about people, or at least certain people. I just had a hunch she wanted to be treated that way. I must have been right — you saw how hot and eager she was.”

“I would have been afraid,” Tommy replied.

Karen hugged her son. “That’s because you don’t have the experience I have, darling. Once you realize most people have basically the same desires and hungers that you have, there’s no reason to be afraid.”

“You men all those people out there would want to fuck like we do?”

“Of course,” she laughed. “Some are just too shy or inhibited or, like you, afraid. Most people lead dreary, lonely lives, fantasizing about what you and I try to live. They hide behind locked doors and jack off or finger fuck, just dreaming something like what we did today would happen to them.”

Tommy gave some thought to that. “I guess you’re right, Mother,” he said after a while. “That’s the way I was before I came home from staying with my dad.”

Karen pictured her son, his hard cock in his fist, beating off frantically as he fantasized about some sweet little girl. It was an exciting mental picture to her, but Tommy would never have to jack off alone again. If he wanted to jerk his cock off, he no longer had to conceal it; he could jack off before her.

Karen loved to put her body on display, to expose those parts seldom seen in public or outside the bedroom. She never tried to understand why she enjoyed it. She accepted her urges because it was so much fun for her. Many times, though, when she flashed her body for some man, he would turn away from her. Not because he didn’t like what she was showing, but because he was shy or embarrassed to be caught looking. Karen understood this and therefore knew she was safe in exposing her body. A man would never say anything due to his macho image. A woman, most of the time, might frown, but she wouldn’t say anything either, knowing how such could be possible by accident.

She explained all this to her son, who listened with interest. “But what about Cathy?” he asked.

“Cathy is different, darling,” Karen said. “What you’re doing with her is fine. But it isn’t the same as exposing yourself to some strange person, someone you’ve never seen before. That’s what makes it so exciting for me letting a person I’ve never seen in my life take a few peeks. It’s easy for a woman to get away with it, but it’s a little harder for a man. For some stupid reason, people frown on a man showing his cock to a woman, but a woman can show her cunt and get away with it. I think it’s because we wear dresses.”

“Maybe most just look. Mother,” Tommy said, sitting at his mother’s feet. “But that woman at the sandwich shop sure did get turned on.”

“Some do, honey,” she said. “Not as many as I’d like, but some really get turned on.”

Tommy gazed at his mother’s knees and the length of her one thigh where the high slit of her dress opened. “I get turned on looking at you, too,” he laughed, his cock starting to bulge in his pants. “See?”

Karen saw his cock straining at the front of his pants. She smiled at him. “And I’m glad you do, Tommy.”

She opened her legs for him wide enough so he could look between the creamy smoothness, could see the dark shadow of her cunt hair.

“It makes me hot when you get turned on this way,” she added, her voice becoming husky.

Tommy peeled his pants away, gazing up his mother’s thighs. His cock came free, throbbing upright as he sat back on the floor. Karen smiled lewdly as she saw him grasp his cock and start to pump his fist up and down slowly. She spread her legs wider, jerking her tight skirt to her waist, exposing the hairiness of her cunt for him. Scooting her naked ass to the edge of the cushions, she twisted and writhed her hips, her eyes gazing hotly at his cock.

The tip of her clit poked from the moist folds of her pink pussy, glistening with wetness. Karen stroked a fingertip along her cunt lips, circling her pussy teasingly with her finger. She probed her tingling clit lightly, one hand sliding up to curl about her tits.

“I see your cunt, Mother, and my cock gets so fucking hard!” Tommy groaned.

“I’m glad, baby,” she whispered, licking her lips. “I love it when your cock is hard, so very hard.”

“Would you suck me again, Mother?” he asked, staring at her bushy cunt. “I’ll lick you… if you’ll suck me.”

“I’d love to, Tommy,” she said throatily, “but you know what I’d really, like right now?”


“To feel your young, hard cock in my pussy,” she moaned as she twisted her naked hips. “To feel you fuck me, baby! Oh, that’s what I’d like now… taking your sweet cock in my cunt and fucking me.”

“Really?” Tommy asked excitedly.

“Do it, darling!” she hissed. “Fuck me! Oh, baby, give Mother that sweet, hard cock! Fuck Mother’s hot cunt, darling! It’s time… time for us to fuck!”

Tommy was gasping with eagerness as he climbed to his knees, moving between his mother’s spreading thighs, his gaze on her hair-lined cunt. He grasped the base of his prick as he moved closer.

“Rub me a bit,” Karen moaned. “Rub that smooth cock head on my cunt for a bit, baby! Ooohh, I like the feel of a hard cock rubbing up and down my pussy slit!”

Tommy stared down as he rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the wet, fiery slit of his mother’s pussy. The heat of her cunt seemed to scorch the flesh of his cock. He pressed his prick-head between her cunt-lips lightly, rubbing his cock up and down, from her asshole, up the slit, and smashing her clit with his dripping piss-hole. Karen mewled and twisted her ass about, jerking her crotch up and down. She shoved her hands beneath her ass, cupping her ass cheeks, holding her cunt up to him. Her eyes were glazed with passion as she watched his cock sliding up and down the searing pussy slit.

Suddenly, she gave a soft squeal and her body shook.

“Oh, I came!” she gurgled. “You lust made Mother come, darling!”

“But I don’t have my cock in you, Mother.”

“You didn’t have to,” she said. “I come so fucking easily. Just feeling you rubbing your cock on my cunt made me come!”

“Do I still get to fuck you?” he asked, anxiously.

“Oh, God, yes!” she yelped. “I want you to fuck me more than ever now. Shove it in me, baby! Oooo, ram your sweet cock up Mother’s cunt now! Ram it hard and deep and fuck me, Tommy!”

Tommy was very excited! He turned loose of his cock, his prick-head between those hot, hairy lips of his mother’s cunt. He dug his fingers into her hips, then launched forward.

“Oooo!” Karen screamed softly as her son’s cock stretched the tightness of her cunt. “Oooo, yes, yes!”

Tommy’s cock penetrated quickly and deeply, his balls smacking against her ass. The heat of his mother’s cunt enveloping his cock almost made him come immediately. His balls suddenly became very tight at the base, and he held himself pressed hard against her crotch for awhile.

“Fuck me!” Karen screamed, grabbing her son’s hips and pushing and pulling him, making his cock fuck in and out of her steaming cunt. “Oh, baby, fuck me!”

An urgent need came over Tommy as his mother pumped her hips up and down, her tight cunt riding on his throbbing cock. He began to fuck his prick in and out, fucking her hairy crotch with moist sounds. His balls beat against his mother’s churning ass. Tommy wasn’t sure if most of his pleasure was from the feel of his mother’s tight, hot cunt around his cock or from watching his cock fucking in and out between those glistening pink pussy lips.

Karen understood what her son was feeling. Her eyes, almost unfocused with the same pleasure, glowed up at his contorted face. It excited her to see his young face so twisted in passion, to feel his cock fucking into her cunt at last. The image of her son’s step-mother flashed through her head, of her son seeing the woman’s cunt. She felt a tinge of jealousy, and her hairy cunt moved faster yet. Her flat stomach rippled as she churned her hips wildly, her inner thighs pressing against him, feeling his hips sliding along her smooth flesh.

“I love your cock, Tommy!” she gasped. “It feels so big and hard in me! Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother… fuck Mother’s hot cunt! I want it all… fucking my hairy cunt!”

Tommy panted heavily, fucking into her pussy as hard as he could, fucking like a piston with short, hot strokes. His balls were tight, no longer slapping his mother’s grinding ass. He was about to come, and the feeling was making his body shake. Karen knew her son was getting close. She writhed and thrashed her ass about with wild movements.

“Come, Tommy!” she yelped. “Oh, God, come! Please, baby, come in me! Oooo, I want to feel your cock coming… spurting up my cunt! Come… come, Tommy!”

A scream bubbled from her as her own orgasm struck. It caused her hips to bang hard against him, drawing his cock deep. The squeezing motion of her pussy began to draw and suck at his throbbing cock. Her pink, hairy cunt lips seemed to become very tight. Her pussy was very hot, almost scalding his prick now. Karen’s fingers dug harshly into her son’s hips as she came, the rhythmic sucking on his cock sending Tommy into spasms. He howled and threw his head back, his eyes squeezed shut, his neck taut. He fucked his cock as deep as he could, then came.

Squirt after squirt of come juice splashed into Karen’s satiny cunt, coating her insatiable pussy walls with slippery fuck juice. She screamed again when she felt her son gushing come juice into her greedy pussy. Her orgasms continued as if out of control, her stomach rippling as her pussy gripped her son’s spewing cock possessively.

“Ohhh, shit!” Tommy groaned as he sank to his heels, his cock leaving his mother’s cunt reluctantly. “Oh, shit!”

“God, I know how you feel, Tommy,” Karen panted, her ass slumped now. She left her knees spread wide, stroking her hands up and down her still-quivering stomach. “That was the best ever for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d stop coming or go on doing it for the rest of my life.”

Her words made Tommy feel proud and he grinned at her. His gaze moved around her crotch, seeing her cunt and the dark hair lining each side, seeing the glistening of those puffy pussy lips, seeing her peek-a-boo clit and those long, smooth thighs. His mother was so much more beautiful than the blonde woman in the sandwich shop he thought. He would rather fuck his mother than that woman anytime. His cock was wet from the juices of his mother’s cunt and the creamy come from his balls.

Karen smiled affectionately down at him, whispering, “If you brought that lovely cock here to me, I’d lick it nice and clean for you, honey.”

He stepped onto the couch at her side, shoving his hips forward. Karen darted her long tongue out and began to lick about his glistening cock, sliding her hand up his thigh and between them, stroking his hairless balls as her tongue swirled and lapped. She bounced her son’s cock up and down, then drew his balls into her hot mouth for a few moments, mewling happily as her son twisted into her face.

She laughed when her mouth pulled away. Slapping him tenderly on the hip, she said, “Go take a shower. You need it after fucking two women today.”

Listening to the shower, Karen felt pleased about how the day had gone. Tommy knew about her now, knew everything about her. She had been somewhat concerned that he would think of her badly or as a pervert, but so far all her son seemed to express was delight. Exposing herself with Tommy near seemed to make her excitement all that much more delicious, fucking her son was a desire that had been steadily growing within her, and only a few moments ago they had actually fucked.

Her cunt felt as if Tommy’s cook was still inside her, tingling sweetly. She slipped her hand down and felt the wetness of his come on her inner thighs.

“You need a bath, too,” she said softly to herself, then giggled.

But she didn’t want to take one right now. The feel of Tommy’s come on her thighs and cunt lips created a strange sensation in her body. She had had come on her legs often, but it had never felt this good. While she sat there, Karen smeared the come into her flesh as she would a soothing cream. Long ago, she had been told by a girl friend who knew no more than her if she would let a boy come on her tits and rub the spunk into the flesh her tits would become very large and lovely. Karen had allowed a boy to squirt on her tits a few times, but after two months and seeing no improvement, she decided she wanted a cock coming in her mouth or cunt. Still, her tits eventually grew to beautiful proportions, with creamy flesh and lovely, long nipples. Older now, wiser than many, Karen realized there was a great deal of bullshit knowledge among young teenagers.

A few moments later she was surrounded with scented bubbles in her bath. The water, as hot as she could stand it, felt good on her flesh. She always used water so hot that her ex-husband had been unable to stick a toe into it. She used a soft cloth, washing her lovely tits and legs, then spread her knees and spent a long time washing between them. She played more than washed, as usual. Karen had a hard time keeping her hands off her body when she was naked. She was somewhat narcissistic, but only mildly so. When it came to the fondling of her body, she preferred that others do it. When there was no one around, she enjoyed touching herself.

Tommy had enjoyed watching her being sucked by the woman at the sandwich shop. Keeping her son excited was a prime concern for Karen. She wanted Tommy to stay excited, his cock to stay hard so she could reap the benefits of a hard prick. It was obvious that he enjoyed watching her reveal her body in public, then carrying through with anyone who had the nerve to make a pass. There were so many places she could expose herself; show her cunt off; some places were better than others were.

Finishing her bath, she thought of places they could go, places that would also give her the opportunity to fuck without simply spreading her legs on some busy street corner. As much as she would have liked to fuck in such a place, it simply wasn’t feasible. The park was a good place, with all that shrubbery around. There were usually a lot of older teenage boys at the park, boys who, after seeing a beautiful woman with her dress up, would be bold enough to approach her. Tommy could always sit away from her and pretend they weren’t together. Men or older boys seldom approached a woman with a young boy in tow. Yes, the park would be a good place.


“Mother, let’s see this movie,” Tommy said as soon as she came down the hall.

Her robe flapped open, and she made no move to hold it closed. Tommy’s hair was still wet from his shower, and he had spread the newspaper out on the floor, searching the movie ads. Leaning over his shoulder, Karen pressed her bushy cunt against the back of her son’s head.

“What movie, darling?” she asked.

“This one.” Tommy pointed.

“But that’s only for adults, baby,” she said with a soft laugh. “They’d never let you in.”

“Sure they will, Mother. It says so right here.”

Tommy was right. The ad said he could enter if accompanied by an adult. She looked at the ad, seeing a scantily clad girl clinging to a man. It wasn’t a true adult film, but it still promised to show everything.

“Why not?” she said, rubbing her cunt against the back of his head, feeling his damp hair on the sensitive lips of her cunt. “It might be good.”

Tommy twisted his head and kissed his mother’s warm thigh. Karen sighed and stepped in front of him, spreading her legs.

Tommy peered up at her cunt, seeing those succulent pussy lips framed by her curly cunt hair. She gently pulled his face between her thighs, rubbing her cunt onto his mouth. Her eyes glowed down at her son as the silky hair of her pussy covered his face, leaving only his eyes and forehead visible.

Tommy moved his hands up the backs of his mother’s thighs to her swelling, firm ass. Cupping her rounded ass cheeks, he began to kiss her cunt.

“Mmmm, you’re so sweet to me, darling,” she murmured, twisting into Tommy’s face. “Do you really like kissing Mother’s cunt, Tommy? You kiss it because you like it, not because you think I want it?”

Tommy nodded his head, making a muffled reply. He opened his mouth and tried to pull the puffy lips of her cunt into his mouth. He pulled at her ass, making his mother squeal with erotic delight. She held the back of his head, pulling his face tightly into her cunt, twisting her hips and grinding at his mouth.

Tommy’s tongue slipped out and began to lick about the slippery lips of his mother’s pussy. The taste of her cunt was hot and sweet. He swirled his tongue about her clit, causing Karen’s hips to jerk with pleasure. When he took her clit between his lips and sucked, Karen started churning into his mouth and making soft, hot mewling sounds.

“Ooooo, lover!” Karen moaned as her son’s tongue moved in hot circles about her swollen clit. “You suck my cunt better than anyone, better than that woman today. Mmmmm, you’re very good at this, Tommy.”

Tommy shoved his tongue between the fiery lips of his mother’s scalding cunt, fucking his tongue in and out like a cock. Karen moaned with increasing pleasure and pumped her crotch into his face as she clung to the back of his head. She spread her legs about his body, making him lean back. She bent her knees a little, half-squatting into his face, her ass grinding and writhing and twisting.

“Mmmm, it feels like you’re fucking me with your tongue, darling!” she mewled. “God, I won’t ever get enough of your sweet cock or that cunt-sucking tongue! Eat me, Tommy! Oooo, eat your Mother’s hot cunt!”

Tommy’s tongue was long, but not as long as his mother’s. Still, he could fuck his tongue an inch or so into her bubbling cunt, could twirl it about the satiny walls, could taste the fiery insides. The fuck juices that seeped into his mouth sent his cock into a hardness that throbbed and ached. He dug his hands hard into her ass, pulling her cunt almost brutally against his mouth and tongue. The way his mother’s cunt seemed to rip and squeeze his tongue delighted him, and he wondered if Cathy’s pussy would taste as good to him; if her cunt would hold his cock tight like his mother’s did. He wondered if Cathy would fuck him.

Eating and sucking his mother’s cunt, thinking if he could fuck Cathy, Tommy was hardly aware when his mother started to come. Feeling her hairy cunt lips suddenly start sucking at his embedded tongue, he tongue-fucked hard and fast, his thoughts now on his mother and not Cathy. Karen was screaming softly as she churned and thrashed her cunt into her son’s face, her orgasms spreading the heat about her inner thighs.

Karen’s knees started buckling, and, while she was still coming, she sank from his mouth. Tommy was now leaning back quite a bit, and, as she sank down, his wet lips and tongue slipped along her stomach and tits.

“Oh, a beautiful cum!” Karen groaned, feeling her cunt sink onto her son’s upstanding cock. “Without trying, I sat down on your cock, baby!”

Tommy grinned and sprawled on his back, his mother squatting on him, her curt closing about his cock. “Now what are you gonna do, Mother?”

“What any woman would do, finding a cock in her cunt… fuck the piss out of it!”

She began to bounce up and down, her cunt fucking on his cock smoothly but energetically.

Tommy stared at her bouncing tits, then down at the triangle of long hair that seemed to cover his cock completely as she came down on him. Arching his hips, he fucked his cock upward when his mother banged down, lowering as she lifted. The moist sounds of fucking seemed loud in the room.

Karen cupped her bouncing tits, her fingers closing tightly about them, her nipples sticking between her fingers. Her ass, visible with her robe wide open, seemed to churn up and down his cock as if on ball bearings, lubricated by the seeping fuck fluids of her forever-hot pussy.

Suddenly, with a squeal, Karen twisted on her son’s cock, turning completely around until her ass was toward his face. She never lifted her cunt off his prick as she turned. Now, with her ass toward his face, she leaned forward, her knees drawn up. Her ass cheeks spread apart and Tommy could see her gripping cunt better now. Her asshole looked very tight to him as she began to pump her ass up and down. He felt his mother kissing his toes, and he found something else exciting — the view he had of her ass riding his cock was one he had never seen before.

Karen knew what she was doing.

Facing he son’s feet, she twisted her ass up and down, her cunt gripping his cock. Having her son see her in this lewd position, seeing her ass as she pumped, seeing her cunt fucking his cock, made the fuck more enjoyable for her, too.

Taking his toes into her mouth, Karen sucked at them and kept her ass moving. Tommy could not keep his hands off her creamy smooth ass cheeks, cupping and feeling and squeezing. His eyes never wavered from her tight asshole and gripping cunt. His cock felt harder than ever before, and the heat of his mother’s cunt seared his prick. He felt her hand between his legs, stroking his balls as she sucked his toes. She pulled and twisted and squeezed his balls, her cunt fucking faster and faster on his cock.

“Mmmmm, this is good, baby!” Karen murmured in a hot, thick voice. “God, I’m about to come!”

“Me, too, Mother!”

Karen’s ass moved swiftly, grinding and bouncing. She sucked every one of his toes into her mouth, gripping his balls in one hand. Tommy lifted his hips as she banged down, groaning as his climax approached. He could also feel his mother’s cunt tightening around his cock. His balls grew tight in her hot hand, his cock swelling even more.

With a grunt, Karen rammed her cunt down onto her son’s cock, holding still there. At the same time, he tried to jam half his foot into her mouth, her hand squeezing his hairless balls. Her grunt turned into a wail as she came. Tommy, feeling his mother’s pussy gnawing on his cock, yelped as his come poured into her sucking cunt. His hands gripped her grinding ass, his fingers digging harshly at her ass cheeks as he shot his hips upward. Spurt after spurt of thick come juice gushed into his mother’s greedy cunt.

Karen slumped on her son when her clutching orgasm was over, running her tongue about his toes now, her ass shivering, her ass cheeks spreading wide, her asshole puckering and winking at her son. Tommy caressed her ass with slow, gentle hands, brushing at her tight asshole. His cock was still captured inside her cunt. After a while, Karen rolled from him, threw her legs into the air, spreading them wide, then sat up, laughing happily.

“Did you like that fuck, Tommy?” she asked. “You like fucking that way?”

“I watched your asshole, Mother,” he said. “It went real tight and then puckered and loose and then tight again.”

“I know,” she grinned. “When I come, I come all over.”

“Are we still gonna see the movie?”

“Of course,” she said, kissing his cheek and getting up. “In fact, if we get dressed now, we can make the first show.”

Half an hour later, they were on their way. Karen had slipped into a peasant blouse, low on her shoulders, her nipples brushing the cotton fabric. She wore a wide, swirling skirt, and summer sandals. Underneath she was naked.

They sat in the very last row of the darkened theater. There was only one other person in that row, a man sitting four or five seats away. Tommy watched the film avidly, clutching his mother’s hand, giggling with naughty delight as women acted through their parts, their naked tits revealed.

“You never saw so many tits at one time before, have you, Tommy?” she whispered to him. “Does it make your cock get a little hard?”

“Feel,” he whispered back, drawing her hand to his lap.

“Mmm, nice,” Karen murmured, squeezing his cock through his pants. She wasn’t interested in watching the film. She had seen movies like this before, but she understood her son’s interest. She played with his cock as he watched, feeling his hard-on in the movie this way started her cunt bubbling with desire again. She glanced at the man sitting a few seats away, then slumped in her chair and propped her knees against the back of the seat in front of her. She pulled her son’s hand under her thighs and to her naked cunt.

There were not many people in the theater at the time. It was the first showing, and most people usually came later. Opening her son’s pants, she released his cock and slowly stroked his prick as he gazed at the screen. He probed her hairy cunt with his fingers, making his mother moan with increasing need. She pulled her skirt along her thighs, glancing at the man again. Pressing her hand on the top of her son’s, she inserted two of his fingers into her pussy. Half her thighs were exposed now, and she kept glancing at the man, hoping he would notice. When he failed to show any interest, she pulled her blouse lower on her shoulders.

“Put your arm around my shoulders and play with my tit,” she whispered to her son.

Tommy did as she asked, sliding his hand into her blouse and cupping a firm, shapely tit. As his hand slipped into her blouse, she shoved her blouse lower. Her tit was out, exposed except for Tommy’s hand cupping it.

This caught the man’s attention.

Seeing him watching, Karen pulled her skirt higher on her thighs, almost to her hip, so the man could see that Tommy had his hand between her thighs as well as on her tit. Excitement swelled inside her, and she began to pump her fist up and down on her son’s cock. She made sure the man could see her jacking Tommy’s prick. She looked boldly at the man, barely seeing him in the darkness. She spread her knees and pulled her skirt to her stomach. The man stared at her, seeing well enough in the darkness, seeing her round tit out, seeing the dark shape of her cunt hair.

Deliberately, Karen leaned over into her son’s lap and kissed his dripping piss hole. Then she sat up and looked at the man again. When the man started moving to sit in the seat next to her, Karen’s pulse began to race. Her cunt throbbed around her son’s fingers, excitement welling inside her body. The man sat next to her now, but he made no move to touch her. Karen knew the man could see her fist on Tommy’s cock, could see her tit out of her blouse, could see her skirt at her waist and Tommy finger-fucking her. But the man didn’t attempt to feel her up.

The only thing she could do was grab hold of him.

The man grunted as Karen’s free hand darted to his lap, finding his cock inside his pants. She gripped his prick and tried to jerk on his cock, but his pants prevented that. She started to move her hand in search of the zipper, and the man, thinking she was taking her hand away, placed his hand on top of hers.

“Take it out!” she hissed at the man.

Tommy glanced past his mother, watching as the man opened his pants, his cock arching up in hardness. Quickly, his mother grasped the man’s prick, beating up and down as she did his cock.

Karen, holding two throbbing pricks in her hands, spread her legs wide. The man now started feeling her, running his hand down her smooth thigh. When Tommy felt the man’s hand at his mother’s cunt, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and let the man finger-fuck her.

Tommy slipped his mother’s peasant blouse down, revealing both her tits. No one was close enough to see what they were doing in the back row. The man leaned over and started sucking on Karen’s tit, his tongue swirling about her nipple as he fucked his finger in and out of her cunt. Tommy turned and started sucking the other nipple. Karen mewled with pleasure and jacked both pricks hard and fast.

The movie was forgotten. Tommy was too horny to watch the film now, and his mother was pumping on his cock so hard that he couldn’t think. Karen whimpered and twisted her ass in the seat, feeling the wet heat of two mouths snaking her tits, her hands filled by two beautiful hard cocks.

Suddenly, Karen twisted in her seat and shoved her face to the man’s cock. She swirled her tongue about the swollen head of his prick and lapped at his dripping piss hole. With a hungry moan, she stretched her lips around the man’s cock and sucked his prick deep into her mouth. The man groaned as Karen closed her hot lips about his cock, sucking up and down swiftly now, taking his cock as deep as she could.

The man reached down her back and jerked her skirt over her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks. Tommy gazed at his mother’s head bouncing up and down in the man’s lap, heard her sucking lips. He looked at her creamy ass in the darkness, watching the man fondle her.

“Go ahead, kid,” the man groaned. “Get yourself a piece of that hot ass. Hell, fuck her — she wants it bad.”

Hearing this, Karen lifted her mouth from the man’s cock, licked about his piss hole, then hissed at her son. “Yes, fuck that hot ass, baby! Fuck me while I suck this big cock off!”

Tommy turned in his seat, opening his pants, pushing them down a bit. He pressed his cock against his mother’s ass, searching for her cunt. The head of his cock pressed against the pucker of her asshole, and Tommy, at first, didn’t know the difference. He began to push against his mother’s asshole. Karen, feeling his prick there, thought of letting him know that he was trying to fuck the wrong hole, but, the more pressure he applied, the better she felt. She started pushing her ass back at him, feeling the head of his cock fucking into her asshole. She had a mouthful of the man’s hard cock when her son’s prick moved into her asshole. The man’s prick prevented her from screaming as Tommy’s cock stretched her burning tight asshole.

By now, Tommy had realized where his prick was. He remembered watching her asshole as she had fucked him in that turned-around position earlier and he found the hot tightness of his mother’s asshole on his cock exciting. He began to fuck into her asshole, gripping her hips, fucking her hard.

Karen whimpered with ecstasy, wiggling her ass while her son fucked her with his sweet, young cock, her mouth sucking frantically now on the man’s cock. She lifted the man’s balls from his pants, finding them big and hairy. She fondled them as her mouth slipped up and down his thick cock, her naked ass wiggling for her son, her asshole stretching and burning and thrilling her tremendously. Two hard cocks filled her asshole and mouth at the same time, and Karen’s erotic emotions became overpowering. Her asshole clutched her son’s cock, and she sucked wildly at the thick prick that filled her hot mouth.

Tommy began to grunt with effort, fucking his cock deep into his mother’s asshole. He gazed in the darkness at her head as she bobbed up and down on the man’s cock. The man was groaning, pressing at the back of Karen’s head. Karen was making hungry sucking sounds, shaking her ass to the beat of her son’s cock in her asshole. She held the man’s large balls in one hand, her other hand rubbing furiously at her steaming, throbbing clit. The breathing of all three people was loud in the dark theater, and none of them cared. All that mattered was their approaching orgasms.

Tommy fucked hard into his mother’s asshole, his cock throbbing. With a groan, he gushed come juice along the velvet-like walls of her ass, squirting hard, flooding her ass with the thick, creamy juices of his hairless balls. Feeling her son shooting into her asshole, Karen sucked swiftly and hungrily on the man’s cock, her tongue swirling. She squeezed his hairy balls, but the sudden spurting of thick come into her mouth still came as a surprise. She gave a soft choke as the man’s come juice sprayed her throat. She recovered swiftly and began to swallow as she sucked in frenzy. The man came very much, more than she would have expected. Her mouth filled with his come before she could swallow it all, some seeping from the corners of her stretched lips.

When the man finished, she lapped at his cock, licking up any come juice that had escaped her mouth. She mewled with pleasure, then groaned as her son pulled his cock from her still-burning asshole.

When she lifted her face, the man started to stuff his cock back into his pants.

“I’m not through,” Karen said, grabbing his cock. “You can get hard again, can’t you?”

“I think so,” the man whispered back.

Tommy watched his mother, by now realizing that she was almost insatiable and that he would never be able to keep her completely satisfied. He didn’t mind. He liked to watch her fucking, too.

Karen fondled the man’s cock and brought his prick to a lovely hardness again. She leaned down and gazed at his cock in the dim theater, then darted her tongue to his balls. She swirled her tongue about his hairy balls, licking them eagerly, making soft mewls once more.

“You gonna fuck him now, Mother?” Tommy whispered.

“Mother? What the hell is this?” the man asked.

Karen sat upright. “That’s none of your fucking business, guy,” she said, holding his cock. “Do you want to fuck or not?”

“Shit!” the man said, trying to see them clearly. “Is this your son, lady?”

Karen started smoothing her skirt dawn. “What’s it to you if he is? A fuck is a fuck.”

“Hey, that’s right. Don’t get pissed, lady,” the man said quickly. “Whatever turns you on, I always say.”

“That’s better,” Karen said, taking his cock in her hand again. “Now, do you want to fuck?”

“Hell yes!”

Karen climbed onto the man’s lap, facing him, spreading her legs about his. The seat was small and cramped, but she could find a way to fuck him. She lifted her legs and slid them up onto the man’s shoulders, leaning her back against the seat behind her. Tommy pulled her skirt up, watching his mother stuff the man’s cock into her cunt. When they started fucking, he fondled her tits with both hands, knowing she loved to be felt and fondled at times like this.

The moist sounds of the man’s cock fucking in and out of his mother’s cunt seemed loud to Tommy. He looked around to see if anyone was noticing, but everyone was watching the screen, seeing naked tits jiggling and bobbing. He wasn’t interested anymore. He had something more exciting to watch. He watched his mother squirm her ass about, watched the man’s cock fuck into her cunt hard and fast.

Karen threw her head back, moaning softly with ecstasy, not caring if they were seen. She loved the thickness of the man’s cock fucking into her boiling cunt, loved it also because her son was watching and playing with her tits.

“Oh, good!” Karen whispered, twisting her ass, her knees on the man’s shoulder. “So fucking good! God, I love a hard cock fucking me!”

She twisted and ground her cunt on the man’s prick, churning in her awkward position. Already she could feel her cunt throbbing with impending orgasm, her hairy pussy lips sucking and squeezing the man’s prick with that churning motion she had no control over.

Tommy leaned forward and started sucking one of her tits, drawing the long, hard nipple into his mouth. Karen pulled her son’s face tightly against her tit, whimpering hotly as her orgasm swelled and burned between her thighs.

“Oooo, I’m about to come!” she said, catching herself to keep from screaming the words. “Oh, I’m going to come!”

The words had hardly escaped her mouth when her cunt bubbled into a tight, steaming orgasm. Her cunt started sucking at the man’s cock, and her pussy was so hot and tight that he couldn’t resist. With a grunt, his cock spewed stream after stream of thick come juice into her greedy pussy. Karen’s body trembled with ecstasy, and her orgasm was hardly over when the movie ended.

Suddenly, the house lights came on. “Oh!” she squealed, scrambling off the man and jerking her blouse up. She shoved her skirt down quickly and sat in her seat, looking around as people started leaving the theater. The man, she saw, had crossed his legs swiftly to conceal his cock, not having enough time to stuff his prick into his pants.

Tommy, however, had pulled his pants up as soon as his mother had started fucking the man.

“I’d like to know you better,” the man said, smiling at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “You could become a habit.”

Now that Karen had satisfied herself, she no longer wanted anything to do with the man. “That’s it,” she said. “There’ll be no more.”

“Your phone number?” the man pressed.

“Time to go, Tommy,” Karen said, getting to her feet.

The man shot his hand up her skirt and grabbed a cheek of her ass. “Come on, we could have a real ball. You, me, and your son, lady.”

“Fuck off, asshole,” Karen said, shoving his hand from under her skirt. “You’ve had your ball. Be happy with what you got.”


Having a late snack at home, Karen and her son laughed again about what had happened at the movie.

“Can you imagine,” she said, “that son of a fucking bitch wanted to come home with us. What does he think we are?”

“He wanted more, Mother.”

“Of course he did,” she agreed. “That’s what pisses me off about some of these assholes, Tommy. They can’t be happy with what they get. They want some long-term bull-shit. It’s a turn-on for them at first, but when you stay with a guy for awhile, he starts the jealous shit; gets possessive, and tries to stop a girl from doing the things that attracted him in the first place. Assholes, all of them!”

“No, baby.” She smiled at him. “You’re certainly not an asshole. You don’t mind what I’m doing, do you? You enjoy it, too, right?”

Tommy nodded his head, grinning at her.

“You’d never become possessive and jealous of me, would you, darling?”

“I like to watch you fucking, Mother,” he said. “I like to watch about as much as I like to do it.”

“We’re a team, baby,” she said, stroking his young face. “We’re a perfect team.”

“You know what I’d like to do?” he asked. “I’d like to fuck Cathy.”

Karen grinned lewdly at him. “Who wouldn’t? She’s a sweet girl, and she has one of those bodies that make a cock nice and hard. Why don’t you fuck her?”

Tommy blushed faintly. “I’m not sure she would. She looks at my cock and grabs it sometimes, but I don’t know if she’d fuck, Mother.”

“All girls fuck under the right circumstances,” she said. “Maybe you need some help.”

“What can you do?”

“What happened at the sandwich shop?”

“Yeah, but that woman wanted to suck your cunt. Cathy wouldn’t do that?”

“There’s not a girl alive that won’t suck cunt under the right circumstances. Tommy,” Karen said with a lewd smile.

“Cathy wouldn’t,” Tommy insisted.

“Listen, let me explain how she might,” Karen said, sitting close to her son. She talked in a low voice, stroking his body, making him excited. His cock came up and she lifted his prick from his pants, closing her fingers around his cock shaft and jacking slowly as she talked. Tommy touched his mother’s tits, sucking on one and fondling the other, listening to her.

He moved his hand to her lap, sliding her skirt to her hips. His hand moved up and down his mother’s creamy smooth thigh. Karen opened her knees for him, making a soft gasp when he rubbed her cunt.

After she finished telling Tommy why she thought Cathy would take his cock into her cunt, both were intensely excited. Karen’s cunt was bubbling and wet, her clit almost painfully swollen again. Leaning down, she kissed the head of his dripping cock, then pulled him to his feet.

“I need that,” she said throatily, squeezing his cock. “Come on, baby!”

They ran down the hall to her bedroom. Karen stripped her clothes off swiftly, tossing her skirt and blouse across the room in her haste. She stood with feet apart, caressing her cunt with both hands as she watched her son getting out of his pants, his eyes glowing as he looked at her beautiful body. His cock throbbed up and down. His balls looked full again.

Karen sat on her bed, lifting her legs high and holding them wide, her bushy cunt glistening in readiness. She was balanced on her ass this way, her eyes fiery with heat.

“See something nice, darling?” she whispered, watching his cock jerking up and down.

“I see cunt, Mother.”

“What are you going to do with the cunt you see?”

“Fuck it!” Tommy yelled and ran toward her. He grabbed his mother’s uplifted legs and fucked his cock into her cunt with one quick thrust.

“Oooo, wonderful!” Karen bubbled softly, her eye closing for a moment. Quick pleasure flooded her body as her son’s cock penetrated her hungry cunt. “Ram it fast, Tommy! Oh, God… I love your fucking cock!”

She cooed with delight as her son drew her legs about his young head, fucking his cock into her cunt hard and fast, the moist slapping sounds loud. His balls beat at her ass when his cock plunged in. Tommy fucked her hard enough to make her tits jiggle, bringing mewls of ecstasy from her. She twisted and gyrated her ass while he fucked his cock rapidly into her always-boiling cunt. The hard ridges of his prick were felt by her sensitive twit lips, the swollen cock head distinct. The hair-lined lips of her cunt gripped her son’s cock very tightly, flexing in that unusual erotic way, squeezing his prick, then loosening, then squeezing again. Karen’s cunt gripped her son’s cock the way her fist would, tightening and relaxing.

Moans of ecstasy rose from her throat as she twisted her naked ass for him. She closed her eyes to savor the delight of her son’s cock fucking into her body. Gripping her tits, she tried to bring her hard nipples together, but failed. She dug into her tits harshly, loving the pain, loving the speed of her son’s cock fucking in her cunt.

Tommy, standing on the floor, ran his hands down her legs, and over her quivering thighs to clutch at her slightly elevated ass. He could see his mother’s pussy holding his prick, could see her glistening clit and the soft curls of her cunt hair. The heat of Karen’s cunt was overpowering to a boy so young. His head was buzzing and reeling with the intense ecstasy his mother’s cunt gave him.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Karen moaned over and over, licking her lips with that wonderful long tongue. “So good, darling. So fucking good! Oooo, I could keep your sweet cock up my cunt forever! I love it, Tommy… love your hard cock and love it fucking my cunt and… oh, you’re about to make me come! So fast! Too damned fast, baby!”

Tommy slowed his wild lunges.

“No!” she urged. “I don’t mean you’re fucking me too fast! Keep doing it! I mean I’m going to come too fast! Ahhh, hump Mother’s hot ass, Tommy! Hump me and fuck me!”

Resuming the speed of his fuck, Tommy dug his hands into his mother’s waving ass, his fingers clawing at her ass crack. His hips banged with a blur of speed.

A scream erupted from Karen’s throat as she came. Her hips jerked upwards, her cunt sucking hotly at his cock. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled, and her naked body shook in a violent way.

Tommy could feel the strength of his mother’s orgasm. Her cunt closed very tightly about his hard cock, holding his prick as if never wanting to lose his cock. The convulsion raging through her pussy caused his cock to throb and swell, his balls starting to ache slightly.

“Oh, God, don’t stop!” Karen screamed in mindless ecstasy. “Don’t ever stop, baby! I’m still coming! My cunt is burning off, and I keep coming! Ohhh, Tommy, fuck me hard! Fuck me… I want to come forever! Fuck me… fuck me, darling!”

Tommy was gritting his teeth, trying to hold back the threatening discharge of his come juice. His balls were as tight as they could possibly be, the ache in them increasing. Still, he fucked his cock in and out of the wet, hairy, fiery cunt of his mother.

Karen was going through orgasm after orgasm, every nerve in her body exploding in that delicious way. She twisted her head from side to side, squealing mindlessly as her ass began to grind against his fucking cock. Her legs, still around his head, squeezed him. She dug brutally into her swollen tits as she came and came and came.

Tommy could no longer hold back.

His come juice was bubbling hotly inside his young balls, and, with a growl, he fucked his throbbing cock as hard and deep into his mother’s orgasming cunt as he could, his body going stiff. A loud, tormented sound came from him as his cock spewed into his mother’s hungry cunt. Splash after splash of come juice exploded against the velvety walls of her pussy, making Karen come even harder. Taking come juice gushing into her cunt — or into her mouth — was the greatest of all sensations to her. It was something she would never get enough of. She could feel each squirt of come juice spurting out of Tommy’s piss hole.

Tommy gushed hard, flooding his mother’s cunt with the creamy, thick come, moaning now as if he were in pain. His balls were hard against her ass, his hands digging between the cheeks of her ass. Thrilled, he did not care if he was hurting her.

Tommy fell across his mother, gasping for air, his cock slipping from her cunt with a soft, wet sound. His prick rested between the cheeks of her ass, near her asshole. His whole body rested, loose and completely relaxed.

Karen caressed her son’s back as they rested.

She was amazed at the power of her orgasms, at the number of times she had come. Her naked body felt alive, vibrant and good.

After a while, they rested, stretched out next to each other, both yawning, tired and with that pleasant sensation still clinging to them. Karen wrapped her son in her arms, holding him against her tits as they drifted into a well-deserved sleep.

When Karen woke up the next morning, she found the lights still on. For a moment she was puzzled, wondering if anyone had entered the house during the night. Then she remembered they had gone to sleep without turning them out; Tommy was on his back, sleeping soundly.

She looked at her son, smiling with affection. He looked much younger in sleep, and she waited to hug and kiss him, smother Tommy with her love. His smooth chest rose and fell rhythmically, his breathing even. He slept with his legs spread out, and she gazed at the way his cock stood straight up, one or two dark hairs finally visible at the base. His balls looked larger than they should have been for his age, but she loved it that way. Those young balls held what she desired so much… loads and loads of sweet come juice.

Sitting up, she stroked his balls with a light finger. Tommy moaned in his sleep but didn’t wake up. She closed her fist about his hard cock and pumped gently and lightly, feeling his prick throb against her hand. Her other hand held his balls tenderly as she slowly worked the other hand up and down his cock. She stared at his piss hole, watching it flare open, moisture starting to collect there. She ran her thumb over his piss hole, then lifted her thumb to her mouth. She flicked the tip of her tongue over her thumb, tasting the wetness of her son’s cock. She gave his prick a squeeze, watching beads of moisture form on his piss hole. Tommy moaned again in sleep, but didn’t wake up. Karen squeezed his cock to bring more slippery wetness to his prick head. She ran her tongue over her lips, wanting to have her lips on his cock.

Leaning down, she touched the tip of her tongue very lightly against his smooth prick head, then drew across the seeping piss hole. She tasted her son’s juices, making a soft mewl of pleasure. Closing her lips about the swollen head of his cock, she ran her tongue about, circling and lapping his piss hole. She kept hold of his tender balls, sliding her wet lips down on him, taking his cock into her mouth. The heat of his prick, the throbbing hardness of his cock between her lips and going deeper into her mouth caused a small orgasm to go off between her thighs.

When hr lips pressed against the base of Tommy’s cock, the smooth prick head was at her throat. She held his cock this way for a while, enjoying the feel and taste in her mouth. There was no reason for her to keep him asleep, of course, but it was fun to hold his cock in her mouth as he slept so innocently. She began to rub her cunt as she sucked very slowly up and down. Mewls of pleasure, soft but hot, bubbled from her.

“Ooo, wow!” Tommy said.

Karen turned her eyes toward him, keeping his cock stuffed in her mouth, her tongue pressing his cock to the roof of her mouth. Holding her lips very tight, she sucked upward slowly, pulling her mouth off his prick.

“You like waking up this way, baby?”

“It’s great, Mother!”

She gripped his cock, jerking her fist up and down swiftly and tightly now that he was awake. More fuck juices bubbled to his piss hole, and she swiped her tongue across his cock head, licking them away.

“Suck my cock again!” Tommy urged, arching his hips up.

Karen giggled, but closed her mouth about his prick and sucked hard, sliding her lips up and down quickly, then slowing to savor the throbbing hardness better. She twisted his young balls, bringing a moan of ecstasy from her son.

“Mmmm,” Karen mewled, pulling her mouth off his cock. “Don’t come, darling. As much as I’d love to have you coming off in my hot mouth, I want to do something else this morning.”

She pulled his cock back into her mouth, her eyes turned up to watch his face, to see his happy expression while she sucked on his prick. Tommy shoved a hand down and cupped one of his mother’s tits, playing with her tit and watching her lips stretch about his cock, feeling the heat of her wet mouth and the licking of her greedy tongue.

Tommy started fucking his mother in her mouth as his pleasure increased. Karen held her head still above him, moaning softly, letting him fuck her mouth this way. She slipped her hand under his young, tight ass, pulling his prick deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled in constant motion as Tommy fucked his cock in and out.

Holding his cock with her lips, Karen squirmed about until she had her cunt toward her son’s head. She lifted one knee, spreading her legs. She pressed at the back of Tommy’s head, letting him know she wanted her cunt kissed. Tommy shoved his face between his mother’s thighs and kissed her cunt, then began licking, his tongue swirling about her hairy pussy lips, darting against her swollen clit and plunging into the fiery wetness of her cunt. He turned onto his side, grasping his mother by her naked ass with both hands, pulling her hairy cunt tightly into his face. Karen, too, clutched at her son’s tight ass, her mouth sucking on his hard cock. She wiggled her crotch against his mouth, mewling softly around his cock.

They sucked each other for a while, letting their early morning excitement build. Soft, wet, slurping sounds came from their eagerly licking and sucking mouths. Their hands were pulling at each other’s ass.

Then Karen sucked back from his cock. She pulled her cunt away from his now-smeared face, looking between them at him. “Honey, I need your cock in me,” she whispered. “I need to feel it in my ass again. Fuck me in my ass, baby.”

Tommy started to get to his knees, but she stopped him.

“No, let me on top,” she said.

Tommy rolled onto his back, his cock standing up, glistening from the wetness of her hot, hungry mouth. Karen straddled her son, her cunt spreading as she grasped his cock and rubbed the swollen prick head between the cheeks of her ass, brushing his cock about her tightly puckered asshole.

Tommy watched his mother, seeing her cunt, the dark curls of her pussy and the wetness dripping to his stomach. Karen began to ease her ass down, feeling the head of his cock pressing against the tight heat of her asshole. Her eyes began to roll as a stab of ecstasy rippled through her.

“Oooo, so good!” she whimpered, settling lower. “It’s almost in my asshole, Tommy!”

Karen moved slowly, feeling her asshole stretch as the head of her son’s cock began to enter. She bit at her bottom lip when the round head penetrated her asshole. Now it was easier to take the rest of his wonderful cock into her ass. Still she moved down slowly, enjoying the burning sensation. When she had every inch of his cock inside her asshole, she sat there for a moment or so, grinning down at him.

“It’s in all the way, Tommy,” she said huskily. “I’ve got your cock all the way up my asshole. And I’m going to keep it there forever.”

The muscles of her asshole flexed, squeezing the base of his cock. Tommy placed his hands on his mother’s knees, trying to arch upwards, but her weight was too much for him.

“No, you just lie still — let me do all the work. Let Mother fuck you with her hot asshole.”

Karen began to lift and lower her ass, fucking her son’s cock with the tightness of her asshole. Tommy could see her cunt, the hairy lips parted, could feel her fuck juice dripping onto his stomach. He was very excited, his hands digging into her rounded knees. The feel of her asshole gripping his cock so tightly sent a shiver of ecstasy through his body.

“I’m going to turn around,” Karen said.

She started turning without lifting her ass off his cock. When she was sitting on him side ways, she paused, fucking up and down on his cock with her asshole.

“You like this, darling?”

“It’s great, Mother!”

She fucked him a while longer, sitting side ways on him, her asshole scorching his cock with tight heat. She could feel her son’s cock so hard and throbbing between the fiery ring of her asshole, his prick as deep as possible. Then she twisted around on his cock until she was facing his feet, her ass grinding against him.

Tommy stared at his mother’s spreading ass cheeks, seeing her asshole stretched about his cock. He was holding her hips now, breathing hard with the excitement of what he saw and felt. The view was erotic, as Karen intended it to be. She pumped her ass up and down, almost pulling all the way off his cock before thrusting down again.

“Can you see it, Tommy?” she groaned.

“Can you see my asshole fucking your cock?”

“I sure can, Mother!”

“Watch Mother’s ass, Tommy! Watch my ass fuck you! Watch Mother’s asshole fuck your hard, sweet cock!”

Each time his mother came down on his cock, his balls would smash against her boiling cunt. His balls were slippery with the wetness of her seeping pussy, increasing their erotic pleasures. Karen whipped her ass up and down, twisting about, taking his cock as deep as she could into her fiery asshole. Without any effort on her part, Karen’s asshole squeezed her son’s cock hard as she fucked him. She shoved his balls against her cunt as she pressed her asshole tightly onto him, grinding in a circling motion, squealing with ecstasy.

“Ohhh, this is going to make me come, Tommy!”

“I am too, Mother!”

Karen stated fucking him swiftly, her orgasm swelling inside her stomach. She thought she could feel her son’s cock becoming larger inside her asshole. She clung to his balls as her naked ass whipped up and down. Tommy was grunting as his discharge began to boil inside his hairless balls.

When the convulsion hit Karen, her asshole started squeezing at his cock. She plunged her asshole down hard on him, grinding against the base of his cock, pressing his balls into her cunt as she came.

Tommy, feeling the contractions of his mother’s asshole around his cock, his balls being stuffed into her hot cunt, could not hold his climax back.

He started coming with mind-shattering squirts. Spurt after spurt of come juice spewed up his mother’s asshole. Feeling her son’s cock gushing into her asshole sent Karen into a final spasm of ecstasy. She was still coming as she fell forward, his cock still inside her asshole.


Karen and Tommy showered together, something that was becoming a habit, but a habit they both enjoyed. There was more play than showering, though.

She was constantly surprised by her son’s ability to achieve a hard-on so soon after squirting off. She was delighted with his ability. As their shower was ending, Tommy’s cock was poking out straight and hard again. She laughed in delight as she stroked his prick with both hands.

“You’re really amazing, Tommy,” she said. “Your cock gets hard so quickly. I don’t know of any man that can do that. I think I’ll keep you and your beautiful cock with me forever.”

“I’m gonna see if Cathy will suck it today,” he said.

“Remember what I told you last night?”

He nodded.

“It’ll work, darling,” she said, kissing his forehead and pumping her fist on his cock. “Trust me.”

“But what am I gonna do with this hard-on right now, Mother?”

“I could jerk you off,” she teased. “Or maybe fuck it for you.”

“Or maybe suck it off?” he asked.

“Well, I could do that, I suppose, but I really don’t much care to suck cock.”

“You’re a fucking liar, Mother,” he laughed.

“Of course I am, darling,” she laughed, sliding to her knees with the shower beating on her back. She kissed the head of his cock, nuzzling and loving his prick, gazing up at him.

Tommy pressed his prick to her lips. Karen moaned and opened them. Feeling his cock slide into her mouth again, she wrapped her arms about his hips and held his prick deep inside her mouth, still gazing up at him, her eyes sparkling with pleasure. Tommy held the back of his mother’s head and started fucking her mouth. Karen gurgled, enjoying the feel of his young balls swinging against her chin. She held her lips closed tightly for him, loving the way his hard cock slid over her tongue and probed at her hungry, burning throat. She cupped his ass, pulling him forward, her lips writhing as she sucked.

Tommy cupped his mother’s face, watching his cock fuck in and out of her hot mouth. He had never considered anything unusual about getting a hard-on so soon after coming off — it had always been that way since he started coming. But it pleased him that his mother loved his cock being able to get so hard so soon. It pleased him, too, to know that anytime his cock was hard, she would take care of his hard-on for him in a variety of ways.

She loved sucking his cock, loved the hot splashing of his come juice against her throat when he came. Feeling his cock gushing into her mouth, filling it, flowing down her throat, always made her come, too. Sucking cock was one of her best sources of thrills, sometimes better than feeling a prick fucking in and out of her eager cunt. There were times when she wanted to use her mouth on a hard, throbbing cock, sliding her lips back and forth, her tongue licking. Then there were times when she wanted that cock to move, to fuck her mouth, to fill her throat as she held her head still.

Holding her son’s ass cheeks cupped in her hands, she let him now fuck her mouth. She liked the way he cupped her face with his young hands, liked the way he looked down at her, her lips stretched about his sweet hard cock. Her nipples, rigid with pleasure, brushed against his knees, inflaming her nipples to painful hardness.

Tommy fucked his mother’s mouth slowly, enjoying the wet heat of her lips, the tightness of her wicked mouth.

Karen mewled in soft delight, her eyes rolling in her head as ecstasy began to fill her body. Her cunt was pulsating nicely between her thighs. She ran her hands up and down the backs of her son’s thighs, about his young ass. She kept her lips ovaled about his cock, keeping them tight to provide the greatest pleasure she could for him. The shower beat upon her smooth back, adding to the erotic enjoyment.

“So good, Mother,” Tommy was whispering. “Your mouth feels good. It’s hot and wet and tight. I love to fuck you in the mouth, Mother! Ahhhhh, you’re good, so fucking good!”

Her eyes twinkled brightly up at him, shining with her delight, answering him with soft gleams of pleasure. She thought she could keep this up for hours, feeling his cock fucking her mouth. She never got tired, her jaws seldom aching. His cock fit her mouth perfectly and comfortably. She could breathe easily no matter if his cock was pressing all the way to her throat. His prick was not yet long enough to cut her air supply off. His cock would, though, in time, she knew, but when that time came, she knew how to handle it so she wasn’t concerned.

She brought a hand between them, cupping his balls and pressing them at her chin, pulling at his ass with the other hand to let Tommy know she wanted to hold his cock deep for a while. She moaned happily as her lips writhed against the base, his balls rubbing her chin. The feel of that smoothly swollen prick head at her throat sent shivers down her flesh. She could feel, but not taste the fuck juices dripping from his prick.

Tommy began to fuck her mouth again.

He was getting close to discharge, his balls tightening and becoming hard. He was gasping in a tight way, and his cock fucked in and out between her tight lips a little faster. Karen felt his small body shaking, signaling his impending squirts. She started moving her tongue more, faster, circling his cock as he fucked in and out. His prick seemed to become larger in her mouth, hotter and even longer.

“Mother, I think…” Tommy fucked faster and faster at her wet, hot mouth. He was fucking his cock in and out so fast that he came close to pulling free a few times. He was beating the base of his cock against her lips almost harshly now, his balls slamming at her chin. He was fucking in a brutal way as his discharge boiled inside his young balls. Karen didn’t care. He could fuck her mouth as hard and as violently as he wanted.

She began moaning with eager anticipation, sucking him as he fucked. The desire to have his cock exploding, gushing that sweet, thick come juice into her mouth, over her tongue, down her throat was turning into desperation. She dug her fingers into his tightening ass, urging him to fuck as hard and as fast as he wanted. Tommy was grunting, his chin tucked into his neck, his eyes burning, watching his cock ready to spew. His hips flew back and forth.

And his prick came free of her mouth.

“Oooo!” Karen protested.

She opened her lips wide, trying to capture his cock before his spunk erupted.

She was too late.

Tommy groaned. Come juice flew from his piss hole, spraying into his mother’s face. He could not stop. He came and came. Thick come-juice splashed onto Karen’s face, coating her from forehead to chin, even getting into her hair. She held her mouth open wide, managing to catch a spurt or two on her tongue. Her fingers dug into her son’s ass as he squirted that sweetness about her face. Spunk dripped from her chin to her tits.

As the force of his climax slowed, she closed her lips about the head of his cock and sucked a few drops from his piss hole, swallowing hungrily. With the head of Tommy’s cock still between her lips, Karen began smearing his cock juice all about her face with both hands, then about her thrusting tits. She moaned softly, her cunt convulsing.

Tommy slumped to the floor of the shower, panting. “I’m sorry, Mother,” he gasped. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Mmmm, don’t be sorry, darling,” she said. “I thought it was fun having you come off in my face. No harm done.”

She stood and shoved her face under the shower, washing away his come, then shampooed her hair. They dried each other, with Karen tickling her son’s cock and balls, making him dance around and laugh with pleasure.

“Tommy, are you going to fuck Cathy today?” Karen asked as they dressed. She was pulling on a pair of white shorts that cupped her rounded ass beautifully, the outline of her cunt slit obvious. She put on a tight halter-top that showed her nipples boldly.

“I’m gonna try, Mother,” he replied, getting into his bathing trunks.

“No, honey,” she said. “You’re going to fuck her, not try.”

“You seem awfully sure I can.”

“I know you can, darling.” She looked at him, wishing the head of his cock were visible. “Do it the way I told you and I’m almost sure Cathy will fuck you.”

“Where are you gonna be?”

“Watching from the kitchen. You don’t think I’d miss it, do you?”

Tommy laughed. “You’re gonna get all hot and excited, too.”

Karen held up her hand. “I’ll have help.”

Tommy pulled her hand to his lips, kissed her palm, then sucked on her fingers for a moment.

“That’s enough,” said. “You keep that up and you’re going to be fucked before you can try it with Cathy.”

Tommy called Cathy, inviting her to the pool. By the time he hung up and was out sitting on the deck, his feet in the water, Cathy came through the gate at the side of the house, wearing her skimpy, too-small bikini.

Karen watched from the kitchen. Tommy was doing just as she had explained to him. He waved to the pretty girl and brought one foot out of the water, cocking it. Since his cock was almost hard again, his prick head had started to peek from the leg of his trunks.

Cathy saw Tommy’s cock starting to stick out. She stopped near Tommy, gazing openly at his prick, a small grin on her pretty face. Karen could see the girl’s bikini bottom had pulled into the crack of Cathy’s ass, her succulent little ass cheeks exposed. Running her tongue over her lips, she watched her son slide his trunks to one side, setting his cock free completely. A small flush came over Cathy’s pretty face, and she jumped into the water. By the time she surfaced, Tommy had wrapped his hand about his cock and was openly jerking himself off.

“You’re gonna get caught!” Karen heard Cathy say, but the girl watched his fist with interest.

“I don’t care,” Tommy replied, pumping on his cock. “It feels too good to care. You can watch if you wanna, Cathy.”

“Are you gonna make your cock squirt?” the girl asked, swimming toward him. “I never saw a cock do that before, Tommy.”

The obvious excitement in Cathy’s voice came to Karen, who stared out the window.

“I might,” Tommy said, then pulled his hand away from his hard-on. “But not right now.”

He jumped into the pool and swam about, and, as Cathy lifted herself to the deck, he was behind her. Karen watched her son quickly grab Cathy’s bikini bottoms and pull.

Cathy squealed and tried to hold onto them, but it was too late. Her white ass flashed in the sunlight as she jerked herself onto the deck, turning to face Tommy who was laughing with delight.

“You need some sun on your ass, Cathy,” he said. “It’s kinda white.”

The girl jerked her bikini bottoms up, darting a look toward the house, her expression a little guilty. “Is your mom home, Tommy?”

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“I don’t want her to see what you’re doing.”

“What am I doing?” he asked innocently.

“Trying to pull my bikini down, smarty!”

She dangled her legs in the water, splashing at Tommy and laughing. Tommy grabbed her feet and pulled her in, Cathy squealing with pleasure. The water churned, and Karen could just see their bodies beneath the surface. Then Cathy popped up, still squealing. Tommy came to the surface a few feet away, waving her bikini bottoms in the air.

“Give them back!” Cathy yelled. “I can’t get out with them off.”

“Why not? You’ve seen my cock often enough,” Tommy said. “It’s time you let me see your pussy.”

“I know what guys want to do when they see a girl,” Cathy said. “They wanna put it in, that’s what!”

“I won’t, Cathy. I promise. Just let me see your pussy once, that’s all. I won’t even touch it.”


“Hope to die.”

Slowly the girl lifted herself to the deck, her legs pressed tightly together. The white outline where her bikini kept the sun off her skin was arousing to Karen. Other than that white flesh, the girl was a beautiful golden brown.

Cathy, with a naughty sort of giggle, opened her legs quickly, then closed them.

“Aw, that wasn’t much of a look, Cathy,” Tommy complained. “Come on, let me see.”

“Will you give my bottoms back?”


Karen watched the girl spread her thighs, holding them open this time. Tommy’s eyes glowed as he peered at the pink, sweet cunt of the pretty girl. He started swimming toward her, and Cathy drew back. “You promised you wouldn’t touch it!”

By the time she was on her feet, Tommy was out of the pool, her bikini bottoms floating in the middle of the pool. Laughing, Tommy reached for the girl. “I lied,” he said.

Cathy darted away from him, but Karen could hear her girlish laughter. Her white little ass jiggled as she tried to get away from Tommy. But Cathy slipped on the grass, falling to her hands and knees.

Tommy caught her before she could get up. He yanked his trunks down, his cock standing out straight and hard. He didn’t shove his prick into the girl’s cunt. He grabbed her hips and, holding her around the waist with one arm, fondled her ass with his other hand. Karen could see that sweet little ass, could see Cathy’s pink cunt between her thighs from behind. Cathy wasn’t making much of an effort to get away now, she saw, grinning.

“You told me a lie,” Cathy said, but her voice was low and husky now. She wasn’t struggling to get away, but stayed on her hands and knees, her naked little ass moving slightly. “You promised you wouldn’t touch it.”

“You grab my cock all the time, Cathy,” Tommy said, sliding his palm across one little ass cheek and cupping her cunt, pressing against her pussy. “I’m just doing what you do with me.”

“I guess I can’t stop you, can I?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I… well, I guess maybe I don’t, Tommy,” Cathy said. “Are you sure your mother isn’t home?”

Tommy didn’t answer. He slipped his hand up and down Cathy’s hot little cunt, then worked a finger into her pussy. Karen heard the girl gasp, but her naked ass was shaking and she wasn’t trying to stop Tommy from finger-fucking her.

“What are you gonna do, Tommy?” Karen heard Cathy whimper, her voice that of a girl swiftly becoming aroused. “You’re not gonna do anything but feel me, are you?”

Karen laughed, knowing now that Cathy wanted her son’s cock up that sugary cunt. She had been right, telling Tommy that Cathy would fuck if he would take a little initiative with her. The girl was very hot to fuck, very hot.

Tommy slipped his finger from Cathy’s cunt, getting to his knees behind her uplifted ass. Karen watched her son press his lips to the smooth cheek of Cathy’s ass briefly, bringing a surprised squeal of delight from the girl.

“Are you gonna do it to me, Tommy?” Cathy asked, her ass waving slowly. “Are you gonna put your cock in me and do it?”

“You wanna?”

“I guess so… if you’re sure your mother isn’t home.”

Tommy was holding Cathy’s naked hips, watching her ass wiggle around as if searching for the swollen head of his cock. Tommy gripped his prick, bringing his cock head to her pink, puffy cunt. Karen saw her son slip his cock into Cathy’s pussy, making the girl gurgle with steamy desire.

“Oooo, you’re gonna really do it to me, Tommy!”

Tommy was already fucking his cock into her tight cunt. He held her hips as he fucked as deep as he could. Cathy was making soft wailing sounds, wiggling her ass about, arching up and down, trying to meet his rhythm.

Karen watched and rubbed at the crotch of her shorts, glad she was not wearing panties. She found it very exciting to see those two young ones fucking in the sunlight near the pool.

Her suspicions of Cathy being a hot little piece of ass were proven true. A girl who would grab a guy’s cock many times was a little tease, but Cathy wasn’t. She had been grabbing at Tommy’s cock to entice him into fucking her, Karen now knew. Her slight struggle and mild protest had been for show only.

Tommy’s ass pumped back and forth. Karen couldn’t see his cock fucking into that sweet cunt now, but it was a thrill to watch them in this side view. Cathy humped her ass back against Tommy, squealing and gurgling, her head hanging down, hair swirling on the grass as Tommy fucked against her hot little ass.


Karen was so aroused by watching her son fucking the little Cathy that she had unzipped her shorts and shoved her hand into them, rubbing at her cunt.

Watching her son pull his cock from the girl’s pussy, she almost came. Tommy’s cock gleamed wetly in the sun as he sat on the grass. Cathy rolled onto her side, gazing at Tommy. It was difficult to tell by her expression what she was thinking. Her eyes were almost sad, Karen thought. It didn’t make sense because she had obviously enjoyed being fucked.

A while later, Cathy removed her halter, exposing her pink tits. Karen watched the girl stand up. Tommy stared up at Cathy, puzzled. Cathy said something that Karen didn’t hear, and she stood a long time, facing Tommy. Cathy was truly exquisite as she stood in the hot sun, her lovely little body naked. Two white strips of smooth skin stood out against her golden tan. As young as the girl was, she was still an appealing little creature. Her tits were very small, with tiny nipples.

“We shouldn’t have done that, Tommy,” Karen heard the girl say. “I’m too young.”

“We’re about the same age,” Tommy replied.

“Boys are different,” Cathy said, confusing Tommy even more.

“Then why did you take your top off, Cathy?”

“So you could see me this way,” the girl replied. “I wanted you to because… because I won’t be coming over anymore.”

“Aw, Cathy, why not?”

“I said we shouldn’t have done that, and if I come over again, I know we’ll do it again. And I’m too young to be doing things like that.”

Karen was confused as her son. She didn’t understand Cathy. She knew the little girl had enjoyed being fucked by Tommy, but now Cathy was acting as if she had been wronged. Tommy wasn’t looking at Cathy now, but down between his legs. His cock, which had started getting hard again, now seemed to wilt.

“We won’t have to do it anymore,” Tommy said. “We can just swim and talk!”

“It won’t work,” Cathy said. “I’ll see your cock sticking out and grab it, and next thing I know, you’ll be shoving it in me. And I won’t be able to stop you.”

“Why not, Cathy?”

“Because… because I liked it too much.”

“I did, too,” Tommy said.

Karen understood what Cathy was saying. She was telling Tommy she wanted to fuck him again, that she loved fucking so much that she wouldn’t be able to stop him anymore. Cathy, it seemed, had a great deal of insight at her young age. She knew, or at least thought, she was insatiable and felt it necessary to stop fucking now, before she could not control the urge again.

Karen had gone through a phase very similar to Cathy’s when she had been a young girl, but she had let her erotic urges go, had taken delight in them. Cathy, obviously, was afraid of the things she felt.

She watched Cathy replace her bikini, preparing to leave. Tommy looked so sad that Karen decided it was time for her to get out and join them. She opened the door to see her son scrambling for his trunks, jerking them up. Cathy’s face flushed as she saw Karen coming out near the pool.

“Hi, Mrs. Morgan,” she said in her sweet, respectful voice. “I didn’t know you were home.”

“Just got here,” Karen lied. “How’s the water, kids?”

“Wet and warm,” Tommy said. “You gonna go in, Mother?”

“I don’t have my suit on,” Karen said, mussing her son’s hair. She was standing between her son and the pool. Before she knew it, she was under water. When she came up, sputtering, Tommy was there, laughing.

“See, wet and warm, Mother,” he said.

“Why, you little…” She didn’t finish, because Cathy had shoved Tommy into the pool. She felt her son grab her legs under the water, then his hands were on her ass and between them, feeling her up. When he bobbed up, he was laughing.

“I’m gonna get you for that, Cathy!” he shouted, climbing from the pool, chasing after Cathy, who was now giggling.

Karen climbed out, dripping. Her halter and white shorts had, with the wetness, become transparent. Her tits and nipples could be seen as though through glass, and the dark triangle of her cunt was exposed through her soaked shorts. She stood with her legs open, hands on hips, watching her son trying to toss Cathy in to the pool on the other side.

The play stopped when Tommy and Cathy saw Karen. Tommy, like the boy he was, snickered when he saw his mother. Cathy didn’t know what to do or say. Karen remained as she was, letting them look at her, knowing what they could see, not caring that Cathy saw her. Finally she turned and stretched out on a soft lounge. She left her legs apart and, glancing at Cathy, knew the girl was having a hard time keeping her eyes off her.

Then, without a word, Cathy picked up her towel and left by the back gate, glancing back at Karen.

“I think she’s pissed, Mother,” Tommy said, walking around the pool sitting at the foot of the lounge, one hand on her leg between her knee and ankle.

“She’s not pissed off, honey, just mad, maybe,” Karen said, “or afraid of herself.”

“Why should she be mad?”

“She saw how you looked at me, and she was jealous.”

“Why afraid?”

“Because she wants to fuck and don’t want to fuck, if that makes any sense to you.”

“Well, kinda,” Tommy said, sliding his hand up her leg to her knee.

Karen shivered happily as his hand moved over her knee and started up her thigh. A glance at the front of his shorts told her his cock was getting hard. She spread her legs farther apart. Her shorts were soaked clear through, and the slit of her cunt was almost visible. The dark hair of her pussy was outlined, and her son stared there. He stroked her thigh as they fell silent.

“You’re getting a hard-on, Tommy,” she whispered after a while.

“I know,” he replied. “I guess we better go in the house, huh?”

“Why?” she queried.

“Because I need some pussy, I think.”

“You think?” Karen teased. “You’re not sure?”

“I’m sure.” He grinned, scooting his hand between his mother’s thighs and cupping her cunt. “At least my cock is sure.”

“Unzip me,” she murmured.

She twisted to present her back to him, and his fingers tugged the zipper down. On her back again, she lifted her ass.

“Pull my shorts off,” she said.

Tommy pulled his mother’s shorts down her thighs and off her feet. As he was doing this, she untied her halter and tossed it to the grass. Leaning back again, legs wide, she watched her son gaze between them as if he had never seen her cunt before. His cock was standing up inside his shorts.

“Take those fucking shorts off, baby,” she hissed in a throaty voice.

“Cathy might come back,” Tommy replied.

“Oh, take those fucking shorts off before I tear them off!”

Tommy squirmed from his trunks, his cock standing up very hard. Karen closed her fist about his prick, pumping slowly, her eyes sparkling with passion. “Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me here in the sunlight.”

“But Cathy might…”

“Tommy, do you care if she saw us fucking?”

“Hell, no!”

“Then shut up and fuck me!”

Karen squirmed her ass to the edge of the padded lounge, her legs spread very wide. Tommy slipped to his knees between them, his cock making an unerring stab at her cunt. Karen gave a long, drawn-out hiss as her son’s cock penetrated her cunt. She had been intensely aroused watching him fucking Cathy, and the plunge into the pool had done nothing to cool her cunt off.

As soon as Tommy’s cock entered her cunt, she came.

“Ooooo, shit, that’s good!” she squealed, her cunt moving in tight convulsions. “Fuck me, damn it! Tommy, fuck Mother’s hot cunt now!”

She arched her hips up, the lips of her fiery cunt gliding along the shaft of his throbbing cock. Tommy knelt on his knees, his hands holding her thighs, gazing down hotly as his mother started fucking him, her hips churning and thrashing up and down, her cunt burning the taut flesh of his prick.

“Slip it in… thrust it in… plunge it in!” Karen wailed as her hips danced lewdly. “Fuck that cunt, baby! Qooo, ram your sweet, hard cock up Mother’s wet cunt! Give it to me, Tommy! Oh, give it all to me!”

“Cathy will hear,” he warned.

“Fuck Cathy!” Karen screeched. “You’re fucking me now, not her! Fuck me good and hard, darling! Oh, God… bang the piss out of me!”

Tommy had seen his mother almost out of her mind with passion many times before. Once she was in that condition, the only thing he could do was fuck her hard and fast. He started fucking his cock into her gripping cunt, listening to the wet sounds of his crotch beating against her seeping cunt. He grunted in his effort, fucking hard, his hips driving back and forth swiftly. Karen churned her ass up and down, grinding against him, moaning in ecstasy, her eyes closed, her mouth open. She was gripping the sides of the lounge, her knuckles white.

With the sun burning her body and her fucking her son in the open in the backyard near the pool, Karen was more aroused and felt more lewd than ever before. The chance Cathy could be watching created intense lust in her curvy body. Whether the little girl was watching or not, the idea sent Karen’s blood racing through her veins. She slammed her cunt up and down on her son’s ramming cock, mewling and screeching. She had started coming as soon as the head of his cock had spread the lips of her sensitive cunt, and she was still coming, one climax after the other. Her pussy was grasping Tommy’s throbbing cock in powerful waves, a sucking motion that thrilled them both.

Tommy’s balls struck his mother’s grinding ass time and again as he fucked his cock deep into her cunt. He could feel his mother’s pussy, feel the contractions of her orgasms. He grunted and fucked into her as fast as he could.

Karen lifted her knees, drawing them back to her naked tits, bringing her crotch up for her son, tears of ecstasy flowing from her eyes. She had never had so many orgasms at one time, and she wanted to keep on having them. She was almost out of her mind, her body feeling wrung out, but still the orgasms continued to rumble and burn and explode between her legs. She was hardly aware of her son, only of his cock. She held her knees tightly against her swollen tits, her head arching back as wail after wail bubbled out of her tight throat.

Tommy was fucking very fast, his orgasm burning about his young, swinging balls. His cock was pulling all the way out of his mother’s cunt, then fucking back in. Karen was twisting her uplifted ass about in mindless ecstasy. Then as Tommy fucked his cock back into her cunt, his discharge swelling to the surface, Karen screamed loudly.

Tommy accidentally fucked his cock into her asshole, missing her cunt in his haste.

“Do it, do it!” Karen screamed. “Fuck that asshole, Tommy! Come in my ass! Ooooohh, baby, squirt it right up Mother’s hot fucking asshole!”

Tommy felt the heat of his mother’s asshole squeezing his cock, and his prick burst into a flow, gushing a river of creamy come along the satiny walls of her asshole. Karen screamed time and again, the sound roaring off through the sunlit air.

Exhausted, Tommy slumped across his mother’s body. Karen felt his cock slip from her asshole, resting between the cheeks of her spreading ass. She lowered her legs and hugged him tightly against her tits, mewling softly and stroking his back and running her hand through his hair. She kissed the top of his head, whispering, “That was the best yet, baby.”

After a while Tommy lifted from his mother and saw his come seeping out of her crinkled asshole. Her cunt was still pulsating, her pink pussy lips glistening with wetness.

“It’s kinda wild, fucking out here,” he said, grinning down at her.

“How long can you go, Tommy?” Karen asked, almost in awe of her young son. “That’s three times already today, and it’s just past noon.”

“I don’t know, Mother,” he said, his chest swelling with pride. “But I jerked off five times in one day before.”

“My God,” she laughed. “I’ve got a son with a perpetual hard-on! Would you be interested in trying for a dozen times?”

“You’ll kill me, Mother.”

“I doubt that.” She grinned at him, sitting up. “You’re more of a man when it comes to a cock than anyone I’ve ever known.”

She found her shorts and halter, balling them up in her hands. “I think I better cook you the biggest steak I can find and fill you with raw eggs. You’re going to need all the strength you can get. Or at least that cock is.”

She started toward the house, her naked ass swinging invitingly for her son.


Karen watched her son devour the huge lunch she had prepared for him.

She was still naked, still happy.

Sitting next to him at the table in the kitchen as he ate, she kept running her hand between his thighs to feel his cock and balls. She was delighted to find his cock half-hard, and she stroked his prick, feeling his cock grow interested. She caressed his hairless balls, twisting them, then went back to his cock.

“I won’t ever get enough of this,” she said, squeezing his cock. “And, you’re never going to think about fucking your step-mother, either. I’m going to make sure you have all the pussy you can possibly handle. Besides, I admit I’m a little jealous of your step-mother, Tommy.”

“She wouldn’t let me do anything, Mother.”

“Maybe she wouldn’t, at first,” Karen said, “But you’ve been learning a lot, and I don’t believe you’d have any trouble getting into her panties, or any other girl’s panties, for that matter.”

“Cathy don’t want to fuck me again,” he said.

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“I am.”

“We’ll see,” Karen murmured, slipping from her chair and crawling under the table.

She spread her son’s knees and ran her tongue along one thigh. She tickled his young balls with the tip, then pulled them into her mouth. Karen sucked on her son’s balls a while, enjoying the feel of them in her mouth. She caressed his legs and hips as she licked and sucked than, feeling her son’s body shiver with pleasure.

His cock rubbed along her nose and forehead, increasing her hunger. She let his balls slip from her mouth, her tongue lapping along the throbbing cock shaft to the swollen prick head. She ran her tongue in a hot circle about the smooth head of his cock, across the flare of his piss hole. With a moan, she sucked her son’s cock into her wet mouth, going down until the head of his prick was at her throat. She writhed her lips around the base of his cock, her throat trying to draw that rounded prick head in.

Tommy shoved his chair back from the table so he could look down at his mother. He scooted his ass to the edge, lifting his feet and placing them on her shoulders. Karen drew back, gazing into his crotch. His puckered asshole seemed to wink at her just below his preciously sweet balls. With a shiver of ecstasy, she kissed his asshole. His ass was hot against her lips, tight and drawing inward with the contact. She held his hips in her hands, and began licking from his asshole, up over his balls, up the shaft of his cock, sucking on the swollen head, then sucking back down again.

She enjoyed the feel of his asshole, his balls, and his cock against her tongue. She enjoyed pressing her face into his crotch, feeling those sweet balls and hard cock on her cheeks and nose and chin. There was something exciting about having a cock and balls in her face instead of between her slim thighs. It felt good and lewd, making her flesh shiver. The way her son rested his feet on her shoulders excited her.

Pulling her face away, she cupped one of her tits and caused the nipple to bulge out. She rubbed her nipple against his asshole whispering to him, “I’d fuck you in your hot little asshole if I could get my tit in it.”

She pressed her nipple hard, but there was no way it would penetrate his tight asshole. She rubbed her nipple up and down his hot ass crack, then over his balls. She pulled his hard cock down and smeared the dripping fuck juices from his piss hole. Then she went back to licking him again. Her tongue flicked down between the cheeks of his young ass, licking hungrily at his asshole, then at his balls, then up his cock again. She loved the hot way his cock throbbed on the surface of her wet tongue, the way his balls writhed, the way his asshole tightened when she lapped at his ass.

Tommy’s cock throbbed against his stomach while his mother licked at his asshole and balls. With her mouth below them, against his asshole, she watched his cock jerk about, dripping fuck juice into his belly button. Running her tongue up to the head of his cock, she dipped the tip into his belly button and wiped up the slippery juices.

“I’m going to eat your fucking asshole, baby,” she growled with lust. “I’m going to lick and suck on your little asshole good!”

She pressed her lips tightly against his asshole, sucking hard as her tongue flicked. She pressed her tongue hard, and she was not at all surprised to find her tongue sliding into his hot asshole. Tommy grunted as his mother’s tongue penetrated his ass, looking down at her with fuzzy vision. He could see nothing but his balls resting on her nose and eyes, but he could feel her tongue, feel it thrusting back and forth, fucking him up the ass. His cock throbbed against his stomach, and he pressed a hand at the back of his mother’s head.

Karen mewled softly as she fucked her tongue in and out, wondering why she had not shoved her tongue into his asshole before. Knowing the delight she had felt when he fucked her in the ass, she should have known that her son would have enjoyed this too. Since she didn’t have anything but her tongue to use on him, she began to fuck into his asshole vigorously. Since she enjoyed using her mouth more than her cunt, she didn’t tire as easily as any other woman would have.

She moved a hand to his cock, pressing his prick against his stomach, her tongue darting wickedly. She could feel his cock throbbing away, and if she didn’t do something very soon about his cock, he would come all over his stomach.

And that was what Tommy did.

“Oh, Mother!” he groaned as creamy come spurted onto his stomach.

Karen saw his cock erupt, felt his asshole contracting on her tongue as he came. There was nothing to do now but keep tongue-fucking him in his tight ass until he was finished. She wanted it to feel good for him, and if she raced her mouth up to catch the come it might spoil his pleasure.

When his cock finished gushing, Karen pulled her tongue out of his asshole and ran her tongue over his balls, then up his cock. She pulled his prick into her mouth and licked the come from his cock. Then she snaked her tongue out as far as she could and began to lap up the come juice on his stomach, her face becoming smeared with her son’s spunk.

“Now,” she said, getting to her feet, “I’m going to bathe, Tommy. By myself! You can watch me, but no fucking around.”

“Why not, Mother? We always bathe together now.”

“Because I don’t want you worn out,” she said. “I’ve got an idea about Cathy.”

“She don’t wanna fuck me again,” he said. “I don’t know about that,” Karen replied, walking to the bathroom, her son behind her, Tommy watching her shapely ass writhe with a natural wiggle. “But if she won’t, there’s plenty of other girls that will.”

“You mean like that woman in the sandwich shop?”

“That’s right,” Karen said, filling the tub and pouring in her favorite bubble bath. “I want you to leave the house for a few hours, honey. After I finish bathing, go find something to do for awhile. Let me try to work something out.”

“With Cathy?”

“Who else?”

Karen spent a long time in the tub, thinking of what would be the best way to work on Cathy. As young as Cathy was, it was possible she would become frightened, and that was one thing Karen didn’t want. Still in the tub, she heard her son slam the front door.

Karen had noticed the way Cathy had looked at her as she stood in her soaking shorts and halter near the pool. Karen had seen that same expression in the eyes of older women. She didn’t think Cathy preferred a woman to a boy, but she thought Cathy might go for a woman once in a while. If she were right, there would be no trouble. If she were wrong, nothing would be lost.

Dressing in skirt and blouse, then brushing her hair out, Karen called Cathy. At first Cathy was nervous, talking to Karen, but Karen talked in such a friendly manner that they were soon chatting like old friends. Karen made no mention of what she had watched from the kitchen window. She told Cathy how lovely she was, and then, pretending it was a spur of the moment invitation, invited the girl over for a Coke.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Morgan,” Cathy responded. “I’m here alone and I’m not supposed to leave the house.”

“Are you being punished for something, honey?”

“Oh, no. I’m just supposed to stay in the house when I’m alone.”

“Are your parents home when you come over and swim with my son?”

Cathy giggled. “No, I sneak over then.”

“What time will your parents be home?”

“They said sometime before midnight.”

“Then why don’t you sneak over here and have a Coke with me. Tommy went off some place and I’m alone, just like you.”

“Okay,” Cathy said.

Hanging up, Karen had to smile to herself. Cathy had sounded excited to her, especially when she mentioned being alone.

Five minutes later, Karen opened the door to the pretty little girl. Cathy had replaced her bikini with a lovely little dress, something like a sundress. Her pretty knees were exposed by the hem and her small tits made succulent bumps beneath the cloth.

“Sit down, honey, and I’ll bring the Cokes.” When Karen returned, Cathy was on the couch and, like most young girls her age, she was careless about her dress. Karen could see the little girl’s sweet thighs and the hint of her panties. It made her mouth water and her cunt throb. She had intended to sit next to Cathy, but now sat across from her on the floor. She just had to sit so she could look at those sweet thighs, hoping to peek higher.

Karen talked with Cathy, keeping the conversation on boys and how many boyfriends Cathy had and if she kissed them and so forth. Cathy chattered away, squirming on the couch, enjoying herself. The more she squirmed, the more of herself she exposed. When Karen found she could see the crotch of Cathy’s tight panties, she became so aroused she had trouble controlling her wild urges. Sitting on the floor, Karen lifted her knees and rested her chin on them, and, since she was naked under her skirt and blouse, she was showing her hairy cunt to the girl. Even if nothing happened between them, it still excited Karen to be looked at this way.

Deliberately, Karen peeked at Cathy’s thighs and the crotch of her panties, not trying to hide her hunger. Cathy had stopped talking and was gazing openly at the fuzzy cunt of this older and very beautiful woman.

It was time, Karen told herself.

Karen rose to her knees and walked on them toward the girl. Cathy was breathing hard, watching Karen. There was no fear in those young eyes, just intense heat and excitement.

“You’re very lovely,” Karen whispered softly, placing her hands on the girl’s knees. Slowly, Karen ran her hands up under Cathy’s dress, feeling the smooth sweetness of those thighs. Cathy didn’t try to stop her. The little girl sat shivering with excitement and watched Karen with increasingly hot eyes. “Your skin feels so smooth, just like satin.”

Karen moved her hands up until her fingers touched the tight panties. She felt Cathy shaking, but it was because of the pleasure running through her and not from fear. Karen stroked her fingers about the panties, then pulled Cathy’s hips to the edge of the couch. When Karen shoved the girl’s dress up, Cathy only mewled softly. When Karen spread those slim thighs, Cathy began to whimper.

Karen was staring at the tight crotch of the white panties now. There was a bit of moisture there, telling her that Cathy was more than excited — her little cunt was bubbling with heat, seeping sugary fuck juices. Karen slowly ran her fingers up and down the tight panties, pressing inward on that lovely little girl’s pussy slit.

Cathy moaned with ecstasy, spreading her legs wider, arching her cunt against Karen’s fingers.

“You’re so hot, darling,” Karen whispered, her voice low and husky with erotic emotion. “I can feel the heat of your sweet little pussy.”

“Ohhh, I know!” Cathy mewled, twisting her little ass. “I don’t know why, but I need… I want… oh, please, do something! I feel like I’m burning up down there!”

“I’ll do something, honey,” Karen promised. “I’ll make your hot little cunt feel so very good.”

Karen dipped her face, kissing Cathy’s shaking thighs, running her tongue along the exciting softness between them. Cathy’s inner thighs felt like velvet on her tongue, and, when she licked up to the crotch of those tight panties, her hands moved to cup the small cheeks of Cathy’s ass. Karen lapped the flat surface of her tongue up and down the moist crotch of those panties, then hooked a finger into the crotch and pulled the crotch aside. Karen gazed hungrily at the pink, puffy cunt, seeing a few hairs sprouting there. The girl’s tiny clit poked from the glistening folds of flesh.

“My God, honey,” Karen breathed. “It’s so beautiful, and looks as sweet as candy. You have a lovely little cunt, and I’ve just got to kiss it!”

“Please, Mrs. Morgan! Do it!”

“Let’s take your panties off first,” Karen said with heavy desire. She pulled the willing girl’s panties down and off, and filled her hot eyes with the beauty of that succulent cunt. She imagined her son’s cock fucking it, and wished he would hurry and come home.

But not yet — it wasn’t time.

Lowering her face, Karen pressed her lips to that sugary cunt, kissing Cathy’s pussy the way she would a mouth. The wet heat of Cathy’s cunt overwhelmed her senses, and, with a wild, greedy growl, she began to suck and lick in frenzy. She smeared her mouth and tongue all about Cathy’s crotch, finding the taste of this young, almost-hairless cunt very sweet. She sucked on Cathy’s tiny clit, flipping the tip of her tongue over it, making the girl squeal and squirm and twist into her face. Karen pressed Cathy’s creamy young thighs tightly about her face, groaning with ecstasy. Her lips closed about the cunt, sucking. Then Karen slid her tongue into the tight heat of Cathy’s pussy, able to taste the fuck juices better this way. When Karen’s tongue started fucking in and out, Cathy squealed and humped her cunt tightly into Karen’s mouth, now holding the back of Karen’s head.

“You like this?” Karen said in a muffled voice, not wanting to pull her mouth far from the sugary-tasting cunt.

“Ooooo, yes, Mrs. Morgan! Do it some more!”

Karen’s tongue fucked in and out, fucking fast. The heat and tightness and wetness of Cathy’s cunt were making Karen’s mind reel. Karen had enjoyed tongue-fucks many times, from men and women, but eating this sweet cunt was as good as sucking on her son’s cock. She drew Cathy’s hips tightly into her face, her tongue licking up and down, sometimes probing the sweetness of Cathy’s tiny asshole. When Karen’s tongue brushed about Cathy’s asshole, the girl squealed loudly, grinding her ass against Karen’s tongue. Karen was finding out all her suspicions were right. Cathy was an erotic little creature and, once ignited, would do anything another person wanted of her.

Involved as Karen was at licking and fucking Cathy’s sweet cunt, she failed to hear her son come in the door. But Cathy not only heard, but saw Tommy.

“Oh!” the girl exclaimed, and she began pushing at Karen’s head. “Stop, Mrs. Morgan! Tommy’s home! Ohh, he’s seen us!”

Karen turned her head around, keeping between Cathy’s thighs. She held those hot thighs tightly to prevent Cathy from taking her cunt away.

“Don’t worry about him,” Karen laughed. “But we can’t let him… oh, this is embarrassing!” Cathy, unable to shove Karen’s face away from her cunt, covered her face with both hands, peeking between her fingers at Tommy.

Tommy grinned from ear to ear, coming toward them. His cock was straining inside his pants. Cathy saw Tommy’s hard-on and, since Karen was kissing her cunt again, she could not fight the erotic hungers of her young, small body.

Karen turned her face sideways, pressing her cheek into the heat of Cathy’s cunt.

“Tommy, pull my skirt up.”

But Tommy was already sliding his mother’s skirt up over her naked ass. Cathy looked from Tommy to Karen, wondering, then understanding. She giggled. “I thought so,” she said.

“Thought what?” Tommy asked, sliding his pants downward letting his cock out.

“At the pool, when we saw Mrs. Mor… your mother,” Cathy said. “You know, all wet and everything.”

“You knew my son and I were fucking?” Karen asked.

“I thought so,” Cathy said. “You didn’t care what we saw, and we saw it all through your shorts.”

“Do you disapprove?” Karen asked, kissing Cathy’s wet cunt again.

“I don’t care!” Cathy yelped, slamming her cunt into Karen’s face. “I don’t care… I don’t care! I like this!”

Tommy was climbing onto the couch next to Cathy, his cock swollen in his fist. Cathy was looking at his prick with huge eyes, her tongue licking over her lips. She knew what Tommy was going to do.

“I’d better not… I’ve never done…” Cathy glanced dawn at Karen, who was plunging her tongue into her cunt again. “Do I have to, Mrs. Morgan?”

“You gotta!” Tommy replied for his mother. “I wanna feel my cock in your mouth, Cathy. Come on, suck it! Suck my cock, just for a little!”

Karen was tongue-fucking Cathy wickedly, listening to them; her own cunt was boiling. She was looking up at her son as he shoved his cock toward Cathy’s face.

Cathy was looking at Tommy’s cock as if his prick, were something alien, her eyes enormous. But she was licking her lips, too, and the way she had done it, Karen knew Tommy wouldn’t have to press the issue very hard.

“Don’t come in my mouth, Tommy,” Cathy pleaded, feeling the head of his cock brushing at her lips. “You can stick it in my mouth if you want, but don’t come in it.”

Karen gazed up at the girl as her son pressed the swollen head of his cock between Cathy’s lips, her own tongue thrusting frantically at the boiling sweetness of the almost-hairless cunt. She watched Cathy’s small mouth being filled by her son’s cock, her lips stretching around the head of his prick. Cathy swung her cunt harshly into Karen’s mouth, making whimpering sounds as she started sucking with frenzy on Tommy’s cock. With her hand on the back of Karen’s head, Cathy moved her other hand between Tommy’s thighs, cupping his ass and pulling him forward, trying to take more of his hard cock into her small mouth.

Karen was pleased to see that Tommy let Cathy suck his cock instead of fucking her mouth. Fucking Cathy’s mouth would come later, she knew, but it was important that he allow her to become accustomed to a cock in her mouth first, to find how good it was to suck a hard, throbbing cock.

But Cathy had already found out. She loved it and was sucking eagerly, her tongue sliding about the smooth prick head, jerking her face back and forth.

Karen fucked her tongue deep into the sugary sweet cunt, and felt the wet pussy lips contract. She stabbed and licked and held the girl’s small ass tightly. She didn’t have to hear the muffled squeals or feel the wiggling hips to know that Cathy was clutched in a powerful orgasm. The evidence was all there in the way the girl was sucking in such frenzy on Tommy’s cock, in the way her juicy little cunt closed about Karen’s tongue. As Karen made Cathy go through one orgasm after another, she kept her eyes trained on Cathy’s sucking little mouth. She watched her son’s balls become tight and knew he wasn’t about to yank his cock from that hot mouth when he came.

When Cathy felt and tasted the first spurt of Tommy’s come juice boil across her tongue she was at first surprised. Then by the time the second squirt came splashing against her throat, she knew what was happening. Cathy choked softly, but Karen saw her trying to suck more of Tommy’s cock into her mouth. Those young cheeks ballooned out, then closed about Tommy’s cock as her smooth throat swallowed the come juice. But Tommy came so much that spunk was seeping from the corners of Cathy’s tight lips. But the girl never felt it. She swallowed the spurting come juice with soft moans of hunger, her eyes wide open but rolling.

Karen licked at the little girl’s cunt until Cathy had calmed down, and then she pulled away. Tommy was just removing his cock from Cathy’s mouth. Karen cupped Cathy’s face tenderly with both hands, then licked her tongue about the girl’s come-smeared lips. Darting her tongue into Cathy’s mouth quickly, Karen tasted what come juice still lingered there. Then she pulled back and sucked the head of her son’s cock into her mouth, her tongue licking away the last little drop of come juice beaded on his piss hole.

“Don’t come in your mouth, huh?” Tommy said, laughing.

“I changed my mind,” Cathy giggled.

Karen stood up, looking at them. “Well, honey,” she said with a huge grin. “You still want to stop coming over?”

“I lied,” the girl laughed. “I wanna come here all the time.”

“But,” Karen teased, “this might happen all the time, too.”



“Oh, yes, Mrs. Morgan!”

Tommy stepped off the couch. “Do I have to be the only one naked here, Mother?”

Karen and Cathy looked at each other, then began to race to see who could become naked first.

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