Fucked Barbie Cheerleader

“Suck my cock Barbie,” the boy in the uniform commanded, slapping Barbie’s beautiful, tear-stained face with his fat, slimy cock. “Suck some military cock you trashy, cheerleading slut!”

Barbie was bent over like an animal in the middle of the mob of boys. It seemed to the dazed young cheerleader that every boy attending Rener’s Military Academy must be gathered around her. They were mauling her tender 21yo body through her tight, blue and gold cheerleading uniform. They grabbed at her tits and slapped her ass and pinched her long, lean legs. Boys knelt on her forearms and calves, hurting her terribly and keeping her pinned in her degrading position.

It was more then the innocent sophomore cheerleader could stand, and she cried out in pain and protest as the boys manhandled her sexy young body. Moments before she had been walking home from her school, Eastport, across the campus of the Military Academy. It was the same way she always walked home after cheerleading practice. Now a crowd of at least fifty boys had pulled her into a narrow space between two buildings, forced her down on her hands and knees, and were taking liberties with her sexy young body that no boy had never taken before. Barbie began to cry, sensing that she was not going to escape from these boys unscathed.

“There you go cheer-tramp!” The ringleader, a senior named Gary, pushed his cock through the oval ring of Barbie’s lips the moment she open her mouth to cry. “Suck that cock, you trashy slut! Just like you do with all those wimps at Eastport.”

Barbie gagged, howling with revulsion as Gary’s fat cock stretched her lips and pushed her jaws wide apart. She tried to jerk her head away, but the boys held her so tightly that she could not move a muscle. There was nothing Barbie could do as Gary pushed his fat, filthy cock over her tongue and into the warm, wet cavity of her mouth.

“Look at the silly little bitch take cock!” Gary shouted happily, pulling Barbie’s head forward by her ears and pumping his hips at her face as though he was fucking a cunt instead of a mouth. “She loves it! I told you guys that all of these Eastport cunt were nothing but slutty whores!”

Gary gritted his teeth with pleasure as he held Barbie’s head in place and spitted her beautiful face on the long, fat length of his prick. Her lips were stretched obscenely around the huge girth of his cock. Her throat worked convulsively in a vain, desperate effort to expel the ten inches of wrist thick fuck-rod he was pushing down her gullet. Gary drove relentlessly forward, feeding her all ten inches of his massive prick. By the time his balls were draped over her pretty chin Barbie was gagging and thrashing wildly. Her face was turning white from shock.

“None of those little Eastport assholes have pricks like that, do they, Barbie-slut?” Pat Funt, another of the senior cadets asked. He was tall and blond and good-looking, and as he spoke, he flopped out a rock-hard cock that was every bit as long as Gary’s was. “And you are never going to forget the fucking I’m going to give you with this big baby!”

Pat and Gary winked at each other as Pat dropped to his knees behind the bowed, beautiful cheerleader. They glanced at a couple of the other boys who had been in on the original plan to nab and train the sexy little slut. So far the plan was working perfectly.

Ever since school had started in the fall, Barbie Shields had been swinging her hot little ass across the Academy’s campus. She always wore the tightest, sexiest clothes, never wore a bra, and swung her ass as though she wanted give every boy in the school the world’s biggest hard-on. Next week the Academy was going to play Eastport in a big football game, and that had given Gary, Pat and a few others the excuse they had needed to jump her sexy ass and make her pay for all the teasing she’d been doing.

There wasn’t a single dog among the Eastport cheerleaders, but the beautiful sophomore was easily the pick of the litter. Barbie had the most beautiful face most of the boys at the Academy had ever seen. Her eyes were huge almonds, her cheeks so high and perfect that she could have been a fashion model. Her lips were so full and sensual that every boy Gary had talked to admitted that his fondest dream was to stick his cock between them.

Barbie had a perfect, coltish teenage body. Her legs were her best feature. Her thigh were full and creamy and finely muscled, her calves were perfectly turned, perfectly shaped. Even her ankles and feet were flawless.

But if Barbie’s, legs were her best feature, her ass wasn’t far behind. Barbie was a very thin girl, but her ass was a generous, a lush twin mounds of firm, creamy flesh. It swept out beautifully from the long shapely pillars of her legs, then swept back into a waist that was long and narrow.

Barbie’s tits weren’t huge, but for a girl as slender as she was, they were bigger then average. But the size of Barbie’s tits wasn’t what was remarkable about them, shape was. Barbie’s tits were perfect, upthrust 38-inch cones. They stood out from her chest like firm little torpedoes, so perky they seem to beg to be taken into a man’s hand or mouth, to be crushed together around a hard-thrusting cock. Her nipples were dark and big, always erect and over an inch long.

Now she was trapped on her hands and knees in a space no more than six feet wide. Her black hair was disheveled. Her cheerleading sweater was pulled up under her arms, baring her long, lean torso and her torpedo tits. There were boys pushing their knees into her forearms and calves, making her tremble with agony. There was a huge cock splitting her face, stretching her lips wide.

Barbie squirmed and twisted frantically against the boys who held her, writhing in a hopeless, sexy escape attempt. She was gagging and gasping for breath. Her face was pale and she was crying her eyes out. But she was still the hottest looking bitch any of the boys had ever seen.

“That’s it Barbie-whore,” Pat said flipping her short cheerleading skirt up over her creamy haunches and then ripping off her panties. “Keep shaking that sexy little ass and you’ll be fucking fine before you know it.”

Barbie screamed around the throat-clogging girth of Gary’s huge prick when she felt the first pressure of Pat’s cock-head against the pink lips of her pussy. She thrashed like a mad bronco, almost throwing off the boys who crushed her arms and legs to the ground. She arched her back and swung her lush ass in every direction, but there was nothing she could do to escape Pat’s big cock. Finally he pounded his fist into the small of her back so hard that for an instant Barbie was paralyzed. And in that moment Pat plunged his fat cock inside her.

“I’m a virgin!” Barbie screamed around the fat sausage of Gary’s cock. “Please don’t — oh no! What are you doing!”

Pat closed his eyes against the pleasure of Barbie’s super tight, super hot cunt. His cock was bigger then the tiny pink mouth of her pussy, and as he pushed his fat cock-head inside her petal-like cunt-lips stretched almost to the point of tearing. Barbie was a tall girl, but her cunt was tiny, virginal. Pat had fucked no more then three inches of his cock into Barbie’s tiny cunt when he hit the fleshy wall of her cherry.

It didn’t stop him.

Barbie, stop thrashing when Pat tore her cherry to shreds. At first it felt like as though it was hold tight as it stretched. Then it gave way with a rush, and something hot and wet filled Barbie’s tiny cunt. When she realized it was her virgin blood, she almost passed out.

Barbie had denied nice boys who really liked her, determined to save herself for the man she was going to marry. She has even recently broken up with Brian Sanders, the Eastport football team’s center, because of his sexual advances. Now, her virginity had been viciously ripped away in a back alley. Brutally deflowered by a heartless military cadet.

Pat dug his strong hands into Barbie’s silky hips and fucked his cock in. It was like fucking a hot, throbbing vice. Barbie might be trembling like an injured deer, her fine muscles drawn tight as bow strings, her creamy skin dotted with goose-flesh and her beautiful face pale as if she was dying, but her cunt was reacting as though it loved everything his big cock was doing to it.

Pat backed off a couple of inches and thrust in to her pussy again, stretching the tight elastic walls of her pussy. Barbie gasped and shivered as though she was dying. Pat rabbit-fucked her with short hard strokes until her tight, tiny pussy was taking every inch he had to give.

Gary was fucking her mouth with just as much vigor as Pat was fucking her cunt. He bludgeoned his fat prick back and forth through the restrictive tunnel of her throat, delighting in the way her gagging made it constrict around the fat stock. Barbie’s mouth was filled with spit, and her saliva ran back down Gary’s long hard fuck-pole in sparkling rivers. She was swallowing convulsively in a vain attempt to clear her mouth of the spit, every time she did, her tongue rubbed over the sensitive underside of Gary’s cock. He knew that was going to cum very soon.

“Lick it, trashy bitch!” he shouted, pulling back until his huge, spit slicked cock-head was resting against Barbie’s lush lips. “Lick that big wonderful prick! Lick it and kiss it and make it spit all over your nasty little face!”

Barbie gasped for air, gasped with pain, too, each time Pat’s rock-hard cock fucked inside her tiny cunt. She looked up at Gary with a sick despair, hoping that he wouldn’t make her take so active a part in her own desecration. Her mouth was already chalky with the hot, slimy taste of his fuck-lube. The taste of pre-cum and the fleshy, bland taste of his cock were already making it a struggle for her to keep from vomiting.

“Get to it, Barbie-slut,” he said with a smirk when he saw her pleading stare, “or I’m going to smash up that trampy face until its not so pretty anymore.”

Gary smashed his fist down on top of Barbie’s head to prove that he was serious. He beat her until she was weaving from side to side, dizzy and almost unconscious from the repeated blows. Barbie wished she could pass out to escape the brutal fucking Pat was giving her and the disgusting task of licking and kissing Gary’s cock. But after a dozen blows Gary stopped hitting her and slapped his heavy, spit soaked cock back against her cheek.

“You ready to kiss it now, you little slut?” another of the boy’s asked her.

Barbie thought his name was Wayne he was pulling on her long, stiff nipples until she thought he was going to tear them off her body.

“Come on, Barbie whore, stick out your pretty pink tongue and lick all over that big fat cock-head!”

Barbie cried uncontrollably, but she stuck her tongue out between her full lips and brushed it over the pulsating, purple, slimy head of Gary’s prick. Gary moaned with passion as Barbie licked up the hot, sticky pre-cum from around his piss-slit. He angled his cock so that it crossed the bridge of Barbie’s nose, and when the trembling beauty ran her tongue over the underside of his cock, he almost came.

“Kiss it, Barbie-bitch,” he said, plopping his fat cock-head right against her lips. “Give it a little French kiss, you dirty little cheerleading slut!”

Barbie ran her tongue all over the bulging cock-head, then pursed her sexy lips and gave the fat crown a lingering wet kiss. She teased her tongue over the deep cleft of Gary’s piss-slit, tasting his fuck-lube as it leaked from the tiny hole. And as she kissed the fat head, she sucked on it gently, applying suction to just the tip of the huge, jerking prick.

“Where’d did you learn how to do that, you dirty cunt?” Gary asked, twisting his hands in Barbie’s silky hair and pressing her face into his crotch. “Such a dirty little slut. I’m going to cum all over your slutty little face. Who wants next shot at the tramp’s scummy little mouth?”

A moment latter Barbie felt the first hot, slimy blast of jism against her full pouting lips. Cum spurted into her mouth, painting her soft pink tongue a dirty shade of silver. Cum frosted her lips like lipstick. Cum dripped down from her chin in long, stringy strands.

“All right Gary!” Pat shouted and he fucked Barbie’s tiny cunt even more brutally then ever, swinging his hips from side to side to plunge his savaging cock into her from different angles. “Get ready for some more, you sleazy little cock-tease! I’m going to cream in your stuck-up little cunt!”

Gary gushed cum against Barbie’s lip, filling her mouth and soiling her beautiful face. His cock was jerking wildly with each powerful discharge, and on the third blast it jerked up and away from her lips. Barbie recoiled in shame and disgust as Gary’s cum-spewing cock sprayed fuck-slime right up her nose. The next blast glued Barbie’s right eye shut and left fat globs of cum hanging from her long dark lashes. Cum drooled down her cheeks and rolled down the slender sides of her nose. Barbie coughed on the jism that shot up her nose, and half her mouthful of cum poured out between her moistly parted lips.

“Dirty slut!” Pat cried gleefully. He leaned down over Barbie’s bowed back and pounded his cock into her. “Dirty, sleazy, slimy cunt! That’s all you’ve ever been, Barbie! And now you’re going to learn your fucking place!”

Barbie grunted with each brutal jab of Pat’s long cock. He was wrecking her tiny cunt ripping through the ragged remnants of her cherry and stretching the tiny pocket of her pussy until it tore with the strain. Her cunt was filled with blood and pussy-cream, as her inexperienced young body tried desperately to cope with the massive cock that was rutting inside her, Pat stirred the broth with every grinding, powerful thrust, crushing Barbie’s slim young body beneath his brutally humping frame.

“I’m going to shoot!” Pat screamed, grabbing Barbie’s pert tits and smashing them flat against her chest. He looped his powerful legs around her silky thighs and pounded her svelte young body with short brutal fuck-strokes. “The cheerleader slut’s got the worlds tightest fucking pussy! I’m going to wet it down with its first cum shower!”

Barbie’s lean, sultry body buckled with Pat’s weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking. Her face slid down over the stalk of Gary’s cock, and his last drops of jism left silver stains in her dark, lustrous hair. Gary wiped his cock clean in her hair, and as soon as he moved away, another boy dropped down in front of her to take his place.

“No!” Barbie screamed shaking her head as the boy pulled her up by her hair. “Please pull out! Pat, please, I’ll do anything, but please don’t cum inside my pussy!”

Barbie had dreamed about the day she would give up her cherry to the man she married. Already that dream was shattered, pierced and ruined by Pat’s long spearing cock. Now he was going to cum inside her. Polluting her pristine body with his filthy cock-slime. The boys had violated her at both ends already, and now Pat was going to contaminate her with his slimy, disgusting fuck-filth.

“Fuck on it, Barbie!” Pat shouted, gnawing on the back of her neck until he drew blood, pulling and smashing her tits until they were almost numb with pain. “Roll some sweet jism around in your dirty little pussy!”

Pat fucked her faster and harder yet, his muscular ass a blur, as he rocked her slim, sexy frame with savage fuck-strokes. His cock was moving no more then a few inches back and forth inside her battered cunt, and the friction he was getting from her stretched, skin-tight cunt was bring his cum boiling up from his balls.

“You love it, Barbie-whore!” he gasped, hugging her svelte young body so tight against his own that the beautiful cheerleader could barely breathe. “Your nothing but a cock-loving slut! Cunts like you, they need fucking and hurting! Then they cum and cum and cum! You’re getting excited now, Barbie-whore! I can feel it inside your scummy little cunt!”

Barbie screamed in disgust at Pat’s words, then screamed in horror as his jism exploded inside her tiny, gasping cunt. Her pussy felt rubbed raw by the rapid friction of his long prick.

She could feel his jism squirting up inside her. She felt as though she had bee polluted with some deadly toxic waste. Pat’s jism was so hot and slimy that Barbie sleek young body shook with disgust. Her cunt felt like a sponge, soaking up every drop of Pat’s horrible fuck-filth. Barbie cried in revulsion, wishing desperately that there were some way she could stop her pussy from drinking down his tainted seed.

But suddenly she was trembling with another feeling.

Her clit had been rubbed too hard for too long for Barbie not to feel something. Burning pleasure spike through her brutalized cunt as Pat’s bubbling-hot jism filled her up. Barbie couldn’t keep her sweet young ass from jerking back up against Pat’s hard-thrusting cock. She couldn’t stop her blood engorged pussy-lips from quivering around the thick, thrusting stalk of rock-hard fuck-flesh. A glut of sticky pussy-cream rolled down her trembling, luscious thighs. The pleasure was so sudden and unexpected that before Barbie could stop herself she was gasping with lust and bucking her hips from side to side in a frenzied bump and grind.

“The cheerleader slut’s getting off!” one of the boys shouted.

Barbie glanced around and saw dozens of leering, lusting faces and dozens of hard dripping cocks.

The boy who had taken Gary’s place jerked her face around and rubbed his leaking cock all over her pert nose and full lips. Barbie’s beautiful face was already plastered with jism, and she barely noticed the new coat of fuck-lube the boy was laying on. His cock wasn’t half the size of Gary’s and when he stuffed his prick-head between her lips Barbie sucked him to the roots with ease. She even squirm her lips around the crinkled bag of his balls almost popping one inside of her mouth alongside the boy’s cock.

Pat’s hard stomach slapped against her lush ass with loud smacking noises. Boys gathered around making lewd comments about the way, Barbie’s sexy, creamy ass, and long, lean thighs shuddered under the impacts. They mocked her for bucking back against Pat’s brutal fuck-lunges. They laughed at the gooey mix of blood and cum and cunt-cream that soaked Pat’s, cock, which dripped from the wide-stretched lips of Barbie’s steaming pussy.

Pat pulled out of Barbie’s cunt and almost ran around to her face. The other boy pulled his cock out of her mouth so that Pat could plunge his sloppy prick between Barbie’s open lips. Five inches of Pat’s tacky cock were inside her mouth before the dazed beauty knew what wad happening. She gagged then, and tried to pull her mouth off the filthy, disgusting spear of flesh, but it was far too late. Pat’s plunged his cock all the way down Barbie’s tight little throat, choking her, filling her mouth with the gooey mix of blood, pussy-juice, and jism that coated his prick.

Another boy dropped to his knees behind her, plunging his seven-inch cock fully into Barbie’s rapidly shrinking pussy in one swift, sure stroke. Barbie sagged forward, gasping with pain.

Suddenly the taste of Pat’s cock didn’t seem so awful. She sucked it lovingly. The knowledge that the prick was soaked with her virgin blood and pussy-slime still made Barbie’s stomach roll with disgust, but the renewed friction against her wriggling clit fogged her head and made her sweet young body burn with passion. She licked and sucked every drop of fuck-filth off of his huge, throat-clogging prick.

And then the other boy was back, and Barbie lathered his cock with her pink tongue and squirmed, her lips up and down his skinny cock-shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his thin, stiff cock. She washed his cock his prick with her spit, swirling her slobber into a tiny whirlpool around the hard rod of his cock.

Barbie bucked and twisted against the boy who was fucking her cunt. His cock was nowhere near as big as Pat’s, and he was far less expert in its use, but Barbie was on fire now, and she squeezed her battered pussy against the plunging shaft while she swung her ass in a sexy wringing motion.

“She loves it,” one of the boys shouted. He jerked one of Barbie’s hands out from under her, and she almost fell. Another boy did the same on her other side, and Barbie had to crouch back on her knees and bounce against the cock that was fucking her pussy. “The dirty little whore loves getting gang-banged! She’s getting off thinking about taking us all on!”

“She got the slutty little body to do it,” the other boy said. They clamped Barbie’s delicate, long-fingered hands around their throbbing cocks. “With that creamy ass and those sexy little tits, she could turn on a corpse!”

“And we’ve got the cocks,” the boy fucking her said, groaning with delight as she bounced up and down on his stiff prick. “Fifty big, hard pricks all waiting to fuck the shit out of a prick-teasing Eastport gutter-slut.”

Barbie moaned with shame and passion as the boys talked about her and cursed her and fucked her helpless, beautiful young body. She felt degraded beyond measure by the way her body was responding to the boys’ brutal gang rape. But she was also squirming with sexual excitement, and she was nearing the first orgasm of her young life.


The two boys Barbie was beating off and the one she was sucking came almost at the same instant. The boys she was masturbating edge forward on their knees so they could hose down her beautiful face with their gluey fuck-slime. Barbie passively swallowed, the hot gooey cum of the third boy that was pumping down her throat, almost savoring the taste of the jism as it rolled over her waiting tongue.

Her ravaged, innocent cunt felt as though it was being pierced with a hot iron, but her clit was buzzing and her, crotch was sticky with pussy-cream. She gagged at the meaty taste of cock and the salty, slimy, hot taste of cum, but she washed it around her mouth and smacked her lips on it as though she had never tasted anything more delicious. She wanted to cringe back away from the wet slapping of jism on her face, but also rubbed the cocks that were plastering her all over her cheeks, chin and nose. The brutal, degrading gang-bang was shattering her sexy young body and innocent mind with pain and humiliation.

But it was turning her on.

By the time the three boys pulled away, Barbie’s face dripping with dirty jism. It washed down over her cheeks and dribbled from the point of her chin. Spit-tainted jism drooled from the corners of Barbie’s sexy mouth, jism streaked her hair and crossed her forehead and rolled down her throat in sticky rivers.

“Cumming!” the boy fucking his cock up her cunt moaned, locking his hands around Barbie’s narrow waist and yanking her back on his jerking cock. He filled her up with his cock-slime. “The little bitch is tight! The little bitch is hot! Fucking cunt is making me cum!”

Barbie shrieked with pain and pleasure as her tiny pussy filled up with fuck-cream. The jism seemed to boil all the way up inside her stomach. Her cunt-lips contracted wildly around the base of his thrusting prick, and her clit vibrated as a tiny orgasm erupted inside her.

“OH!” Barbie gasped her beautiful cum-stained face wide-eyed and dreamy with pleasure. “Oh! Oh, what are you doing to me!”

“The slut is getting off,” a boy said dropping to his knees in front of her and pulling her face up by twin handfuls of her hair. “This cheerleader is hot as a firecracker! Fuck, she’s having more fun then we are!”

Barbie moaned with pleasure and shame at the boy’s scornful words. A moment later he was reducing her cries to muffled whimpers by shoving the fat head of his stubby cock between her cum-stained lips. More boys dropped down on either side of her, lifting her jism-slick hands and fitting them around their hard cocks. Barbie jerked and sucked without having to be told. She knew what she was supposed to do.

Suddenly her face was yanked off the cock she was sucking and twisted painfully back around over her shoulder. A new boy was kneeling behind her, and the ravaged cheerleader cried out in fear when she saw him. It was Dave Huntz, the biggest, meanest boy at the Academy. He had asked Barbie out before, even put his huge, rough hands on her sexy ass and petted her young tits. Barbie had been terrified of him for months. Now he was kneeling between her legs and her vulnerable cunt was just inches from the head of his massive, foot long cock.

“Do you like it Barbie?” Dave asked, waving his big cock around her. “You know you’re a whore, Barbie. Stuck-up little high-class cheerleader and here you are getting off while a bunch of guys fucking you in an alley. Back in the old days armies had camp whores, and that’s just what you are for us.”

Dave grabbed Barbie’s ass-cheeks and pulled them wide apart, revealing the tiny pink bud of her asshole. The sight of it almost hypnotized him. If her cunt was, tighter then most girls’ assholes then how tight would her shitter be? Dave decided he was going to find out.

“Fuckers!” Barbie muttered, staring back over her shoulder like a surly she-cat. “I don’t care what you do to me, I still hate you! And Eastport’s still going to kick your ass this week!”

“You may hate us,” Dave said with a small grin, “but you like getting fucked, and you like getting hurt. And that means you’re going to just love this.”

“NOOOOOO!” Barbie wailed when she felt the gigantic head of Dave’s cock press against the tiny bud of her asshole, “NO, you’ve got the wrong hole! NO, DAVE, NO!” Barbie thrashed in terror at the thought of Dave’s monstrous cock splitting her tiny shitter open. She bucked like a wild unbroken, filly. Arching her back and twisting her supple, slender body. There was no way she could escape the punishing advance of Dave’s huge cock against her tight virgin asshole.

Boys rushed in to help the big cadet. They grabbed Barbie’s ankles and calves and thighs, lifting her knees from the ground and stretching her legs out so far to her sides that the terrified young beauty thought she was going to be broken apart like a wishbone. They wrapped arms around her slender torso to keep her from twisting free and fought for the right to grab vicious, nail-digging handholds of her proud, bouncy tits. They jerked her arms out straight to either side; three boys were holding each arm. Boys held her by her shoulders, throat, ears and hair. Barbie was held off the ground, unable to move in any way.

Five or six boys helped Dave by pulling Barbie’s asscheeks wide apart. They pulled so hard on the creamy half moons that Barbie thought that they were going to tear her asscheeks apart. She cried out at the pain, tears coursing down through the tacky jism that crusted her beautiful face. The boys just laughed at her pitiful pleading.

The boys Barbie had been sucking and beating off crowded back around her face, smearing their dribbling, rock-hard cocks all over her cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. Other boys were rubbing their cocks over her long sexy legs. Boys were even dragging their slimy pricks over her slender arms and ribs.

The very worst assault was the one Dave was committing on her tiny shitter. Barbie couldn’t move at all. Her ass was spread as far apart as it would go, but Dave wasn’t using a drop of lubrication, and even if he had, his massive cock was far too big for Barbie’s tiny, virgin shit-chute. The tiny mouth of her asshole resisted desperately against the invasion of Dave’s huge cock-head, but slowly the tiny ring of muscle began to give way.

“Love it, don’t you, Barbie?” Dave hissed paddling her ass with one hand while he guided his monstrous cock into her tiny shitter with the other. “Now you’re not a virgin anywhere, you hot-ass little cunt. Tell us how much you fucking love it.”

“Slow!” Barbie cried desperately, her big eyes alight with pain and fear. “Please, slow! Easy, Dave! Please! I’ll try to make it good for you, Dave. Just please, please go slow.”

The boys laughed at her, called her filthy names and bragged about the way they were fucking the stuck-up little Eastport beauty queen. A cock jerked against the small of her back, and Barbie cringed as ropes of burning jism striped her spine. Another boy lost his load against her arm, soaking the crook of her elbow with slimy fuck-juice.

Barbie pleaded with the big cadet who was fucking her asshole, her begging punctuated by pain-filling screams as the tiny rings of muscle inside of her asshole gave way and tore loose under the inhuman assault they were being subjected to. Barbie almost passed out when Dave’s gigantic prick-head popped fully inside her asshole. It felt as though she was shitting out a baseball bat. But this baseball bat was impossibly, horribly, being shoved inside her, not sliding out!

A boy, loss his load against her face, and Barbie almost welcome the sticky slide of jism over her nose and cheeks. Anything that could take her attention off the unnatural implement of her young body seemed like relief to the pain-drenched cheerleader. Jism dripped from the tip of her nose and rolled into her mouth. The boy smacked her elegant face with his cock as he fouled her features. The cock beating hurt, but it was nothing compared to what was happening to he tiny shitter.

“Now you’re going to get it!” Dave gasped, locking his hands around her shapely hips. “Get ready for a ride, bitch! I hope it don’t mess you up too bad!”

“Slow!” Barbie cried, squirming against the brutal handholds of almost fifty boys. “Please, Dave! Slow! Please, slow!”

He didn’t go, slow.

The boys were chanting for Dave to fuck her, to do his huge-cocked, brutal best to ruin her tiny shit-chute. Dave grinned and nodded, then stabbed his big prick deep into the tiny tunnel of Barbie’s shitter.

It was like nothing Barbie had ever felt before. Dave’s huge cock tore her tiny asshole apart. Inch after inch of hugely thick fuck-meat plunged up her tight asshole, tearing loose her ass muscles, spreading the tiny chute wider then it had ever been meant to go.

It felt to Barbie as though a new hole was being drilled in her body. Her shitter was tearing and the sharp agony of her asshole being split sent lighting bolts of agony shooting up her back and down her long, slender legs. She broke out into a sweat even though the day was cold, and she twisted madly against the grips of the boys who were holding her.

Dave clenched her eyes shut against the exquisite pleasure Barbie’s tiny, constricted shitter was giving him. Her ass-chute was so tight and so hot that he was already close to cumming. He plunged his cock into her little shitter until his heavy ball smacked against the pink lips of her pussy. By the time he pulled back out it took every bit of control he had to keep from blowing his load inside her.

Barbie gasped for air like a fish out of water, her body trembling and slick with sweat as Dave buried a foot of arm-thick cock up her tiny, torn shitter. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t move. Pain flared up her spine and through her stomach and down her creamy soft inner thighs. A boy splashed her face with his gooey jism, but Barbie didn’t even flinch. Every bit of her awareness was concentrated on her spread shitter, and the huge cock that was making it burst at its seams.

The boys screamed and cheered when Dave pulled his cock back out of Barbie’s wounded asshole. His prick was smeared with shit and dripping with blood. He laughed along with the others and fucked it back inside her.

“Slow!” she cried hopelessly, her voice almost inaudible over her ragged gasping. “Dave, please, slow! Go slow! AHHHHHH! Slow!”

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Dave asked, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction as he stabbed his massive cock through the tatters of Barbie’s asshole. “But you still like it, you stuck-up cheerleading slut! Cunts like you spend their whole fucking lives waiting for some man to put you to work doing what you were fucking made for!”

“Hurts, Dave!” Barbie moaned in a tiny voice. “Hurts, bad! Please go easy! Please slow down!”

Dave laughed and fucked Barbie even harder, thrusting his cock through her tattered shitter like a hard-striking piston. The wet tug and pull of her ass-chute on his enormous cock was pulling him quickly towards orgasm, but he was too excited to slow down. Barbie shitter was damp with blood and sweat and fuck-lube, and the lubrication made the fucking easier and more enjoyable for the big cadet.

Things weren’t getting any easier for Barbie, though, every thrust of Dave’s cock into her shredded asshole felt like the running of a white-hot poker through her tender body. She could here the wet slurping noises that was coming from her asshole with every stroke of Dave’s massive cock, and she knew that he had torn her open. Even the terrifying knowledge that she’d been fucked bloody on his huge cock was nothing compared to the continuing pain of having his prick fucked deep inside her bowels.

Barbie’s lean, sinuous body writhe in the hands that held her above her above the ground, her big brown eyes were glazed, and her mouth hung limply open. Boys pelted her face with their jism, and it drooled down over her perfect features in a shifting wave of dirty white.

Her sexy, round asscheeks flexed against the hands that held them spread wide, and her asshole dilated around the jabbing stalk of Dave’s big cock. Her creamy white skin was bathed in glistening sweat. Every muscle in her lean, sexy body trembled. She was being overwhelmed by the ass-fuck, and she was starting to lose control of her body.

“Dave!” she cried breathlessly, feeling the fist-size head of his cock reaching almost to her chest with every punishing thrust. “Cum inside me, Dave! Please cum! Hurting me bad, Dave! You’re hurting me so bad!”

“You love it, gutter-slut!” Dave growled, fucking her shitter with his cock, making her asscheeks bounce with every thrust. “You’re the kind of whore who’ll love everything we do to you.”

Barbie whimpered with shame and pain because Dave was right. She felt paralyzed from the cock-torture Dave was giving her, but her cunt was still twitching and bubbling, and even her torn bloody ass was starting to feel hot and itchy with the slid of Dave’s prick. Her injured asshole began to twist and tug on Dave’s hard ramming cock. Contracting her shitter around his monstrous cock made the pain a thousand times worse, but Barbie couldn’t stop it.

“Drop the whore!” Dave bellowed suddenly pounding his fist so powerfully into the small of her back that the world spun around her. “I’m cumming!”

The other boys released Barbie, letting her fall to the hard ground. Dave followed her down pinning her to the ground with his cock. He dug his hands under her and closed his fist around her pert, pretty tits. Then he used her tits for handles, pulling her back against his brutalizing cock in perfect tempo with his powerful fuck-thrusts.

Barbie couldn’t beg Dave anymore. She couldn’t scream. All she could was lie passively beneath him. She was hardly conscious at all, cock-beaten almost to the point of insensibility. Dave pulled her against him by her firm tits, then pushed her back with his ass-savaging fuck-stroke. Barbie twitched and trembled beneath him, her sexy, supple body bathed in sweat. Another orgasm made her cunt squirt and twitch, but the only outward sign was a long, dreamy moan and a slight rippling of her hips.

And then Dave filled her shit-chute with jism. Barbie screamed, but her voice was so weak that the boys made fun of her. She squirmed, but she was like a fly caught in a web. Dave’s jism burned into her torn asshole like liquid fire. Barbie felt more dirty, more degraded then she ever had as he administered a fuck-slime enema.

When Dave pulled his huge cock from Barbie’s wrecked shitter, cum and blood began to pour out of the torn, stretched hole. The boys laughed and made jokes, and Barbie trembled in pain, fear, and shame. When Dave came around to her face and showed her his cock, she cried at the bloody, shit-streaked mess she saw. But when he rubbed it over her face, cleaning his cock while he stained her beautiful features, another orgasm rippled through her.

This time her hips bounced off the ground, her sexy ass wiggling up invitingly at the boys. Cum dripped from her cunt and asshole. More drooled from her parted lips. Blood drooled from her cunt, asshole, and mouth too.

The next boy who reached her turned her over onto her back before he slid his long, skinny cock inside her cunt. He grabbed Barbie’s long, sexy legs and forced them up until they rested on the ground on either side of her head. Boys knelt beside her on both sides and took turns spearing their cocks into her open mouth. The innocent young beauty was taking on three boys at once, and everywhere she looked there were more lusting boys waiting to be service, more hard, dripping cocks waiting to pump their loads into and onto her sultry little body.

The boy fucking her cunt smashed her proud tits together and sucked on both her long, stiff nipples at the same time. He bit the spiky nubs of flesh until Barbie thought he was going to tear them off. At the same time he was drumming his long cock inside her sloppy, twice-fucked cunt. Barbie whined in pain as he rabbit-fucked the little cunt hole, but before long she was urging her ass up off the ground to meet his rapid stroking.

The boys kneeling beside her turned her head, first in one direction and then the other. Spit mixed with pre-cum slopped down over Barbie’s tacky cheeks as the boys took turns spearing their cocks into her wet warm mouth. When one of the boys had his cock out of her mouth he would dragged it over her pretty, scummy face, rubbing the spit and the pre-cum and drying jism into a frothy paste on her features. Barbie let them use her mouth in anyway they wanted to.

She was too tired to fight them. Barbie realized that she was going to have to satisfy the lust of every boy at the Academy. She didn’t think she could survive the task, but just the thought of trying mixed an unwanted burst of lust with in her, along with fear, pain, and shame.

The boy fucking her cunt was the first to cum, and he shot a load that filled Barbie’s drenched pussy to the brim. Blast after blast of gooey, hot jism exploded inside of her tiny ravaged cunt, and Barbie grunted at the force, which exploded inside her. Barbie shook with wrenching pain as the boy jerked his head from side to side as he clamped down on the tender, creamy tit flesh inside his mouth while he soaked her pussy.

The boy on her left side was the first of the two guys she was sucking to cum. The other boy didn’t seem to want to be left behind, and he jerked his cock like a madman until he was spurting too. Barbie’s already dirtied face all but disappeared under a blizzard of jism. It filled her open mouth and trickled into her ears, and made her long straight nose look like a ski slope.

More boys fucked her while she was on her back. At one time Barbie was servicing seven boys at once. A cock buried in her cunt, three boys surrounded her face, two hard cocks filling her hands, and a boy straddling her chest fucking his cock between her firm, creamy tits.

It was the boy fucking her tits that made Barbie cum again. There was something about the way his hard cock slid between her crushed tits that seemed incredible sexy. When his fuck-lube slicked down the soft tunnel of her cleavage, Barbie couldn’t keep herself from trembling with desire. And when his cock started spitting cum, striping the crease between her tits with gluey lines of white, a powerful climax shook the sexy cheerleader’s sultry young body. She thought that a man could cum just touching her pretty tits was just too much for the dark-haired beauty to stand.

By the time twenty more boys had fucked her mouth, cunt, ass, and tits, Barbie was barely conscious. Sometimes it seemed to her that she must have been dreaming everything that was happening. But when Gary, had the cadets force her to squat and ride a dozen more stiff cocks. Barbie knew how terribly real everything was that was happening to her.

Barbie had already been fucked to the point of exhaustion. Squatting like a catcher, being forced to bounce up and down on the stiff, spearing cock of a boy lying comfortably beneath her, was almost more then she could stand. The boy’s cock seemed to stab even deeper inside her in her new position, and the tired muscles in her long, sexy legs burned with pain at every grinding bounce she executed on the stiff poles of fuck-flesh. Boys circled around her, sticking their cocks into her scummy, pretty face. While Barbie bounce on cocks in her cunt, ten more boys took turns probing her tight throat and countless more hot, slimy pricks filled her hands.

Jism rained down on her from the boys who stood around her. It splattered her face, tits, and shoulders, and ran down her flawless back and flat shuddering belly in gooey silvery rivers. Boys shot their cum into her hair and onto her trembling overworked legs. Boys shot their cum into her waiting mouth until Barbie couldn’t swallow any more and it bubbled back out over her lips in a sheet of silvery stickiness.

The boys fucking her cunt came, showering her drenched pussy with load after load of hot sticky jism. The boys who selected to fucked their cocks up her ravaged little asshole also had the teen do a squatting bounce, thus forcing Barbie do all of the work. Barbie jiggled and convulsed in agony as she road the boy’s hard cocks. An endless supply of hard-cocked boys marched up to take their turns sticking their cocks down her throat and into her hands. Before long Barbie’s fingers were webbed together with cum and her mouth was coated with gummy, drying jism.

Barbie wasn’t certain what was happening when two boys wiggled underneath her. There were four cocks poking over her dirty face, two more in her hands, and three more wrapped in her shining black hair, so she didn’t have much chance to see what they were doing. She knew instantly, though, when she felt the hard push of their pricks up against her asshole and pussy.

Barbie cried, her tears making tracks through the deep coat of cum the boys had painted her with. She didn’t beg, though, knowing that the boys wouldn’t care what she wanted. She was nothing more then an animal to them, a beautiful fuck toy to satisfy any perverted desire they might have. As far as the boys were concerned, she only existed for their pleasure. Her only purpose was to service their cocks and take their abuse. And after the long afternoon of brutal mob rape, Barbie was beginning to wonder if they might be right.

The two cocks tore through her body like a single, huge cock. Barbie felt as though her two battered fuck-holes were being torn open, turned into one big cavity at the bottom of her sexy young body. She felt stuffed full of cock. She could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other through the thin wall of flesh that separated her cunt from her asshole. It was that friction that made the svelte young beauty squirm with pleasure, that made her gyrate her hips and bounce her ass with more energy then she thought she had left.

After the two boys filled her sodden fuck-holes with their cum, Barbie toppled over onto her side. The boys tried to get her back up, but the muscles in her long, sexy legs were so knotted that she couldn’t even stand. There were still boys with hard cocks, though, so they took turns fucking her as she drifted through a daze of lust and pain.

Barbie was double-fucked five more time as she lay on her side. Five more boys fucked her throat, laughing and joking at the way her lips blubbered around their thick fuck-meat and their cum slid from her slack mouth. A couple more boys fucked her tits, and other boys jacked off all over her svelte body. By the time they were finished, they had fucked the beautiful cheerleader unconscious.

“Gather around her,” Gary said at last, as the gorgeous young girl twitched and whimpered in a pool of cum. “Time to wake the hot-assed little tramp up and get her down to business.”

While the boys circled around Barbie’s limp, sultry body, Gary watched her with satisfaction. Cum slithered from her widespread asshole and cunt. Clotted drying jism slipped from her open mouth. Her slender, sexy body was stained with so much cum that she looked as though she had been painted in dirty silver.

Her cunt was red and swollen, her nipples so hard and dark that they looked like raspberries. Her tits and pussy lips were swollen with lust, and her cunt and shitter flexed and quivered even empty of thrusting cocks. Her hips continue to gyrate in random sexy movements.

“Gentlemen,” Pat said with a grin, winking at Gary, “start your engines.”

The first row of boys started pissing on Barbie.


Barbie came awake, drowning.

At first she thought the boys had decided to throw her in Luce Park Lake and kill her. She flapped her arms and legs frantically, trying to swim to safety. Then she realized what was really happening, and wished they had just drowned her.

They were PISSING on her.

Twenty boys were standing around her in a circle, and there were dozens more holding their cocks in their hands, waiting to take their turns. The streams of piss were hitting her everywhere. They splashed over her tits, forming a quickly rushing piss river through her silky cleavage. They soaked her hair, matting her lustrous black tresses flat against her head. They tattooed her between the quivering lips of her pussy, filling her cunt more full of stinking burning waste then it had been of jism. Gummy clots of cum washed out of her pussy.

Piss splashed into the crack of her ass, burning the stretched, torn mouth of her pulverized shitter. Piss filled the tiny cup of her navel and made the creamy skin of her legs and flanks and stomach sparkle wetly. Boys piss on her hands, feet, arms, and neck. Every inch of her gorgeous young body was soaked with piss. But the worst was the piss that hit her face. Barbie gagged on mouthfuls of piss that gushed into her open mouth. Her eyes burned from the piss that splashed into her eyes. She even couldn’t even draw a breath because of the piss that flowed up her nose. At least ten of the boys who surrounded her were aiming their streams of piss at her beautiful, upturned face. Their combined streams of piss hit the gorgeous cheerleader with the force of a firehose blast.

The piss quickly washed away the crusted cum that painted the teenager’s sexy young body. As the second row of boys stepped up to take their turns, Barbie lean, sinuous body was clean of jism and glistening with piss. She looked like a sexy water nymph, soaking wet from the sea. Only the awful smell and the look of sickened humiliation on Barbie’s face would have revealed that she was being drenched in piss, not water.

Barbie could barely comprehend what was happening to her. They were pissing on her. Pissing on her like she was nothing but a filthy toilet, an open sewer, a fuck out whore who would let her customers do anything for a twenty dollar fee. The boys pissing on her showed Barbie what they really thought of her, what she really represented to them.

Then her cunt began to get hot.

“Stop!” she gasped, still gagging on piss that flooded into her open mouth. “Stop it, you lousy bastards! You can’t do this to me! I’ll get you all!”

“Shut up, slut!” Gary shouted and suddenly he pounded on her, wrapping her piss-soaked hair in his powerful hands and slamming her head against the ground. “Open your mouth, you hot-ass little cunt. Open up your mouth, cheerleader, I’m going to piss down your cocksucking throat!”

He pounded Barbie’s head into the piss-muddied ground a dozen times, making the world tilt wildly and dark spots dance in front of Barbie’s eyes. Then he stuffed his cock between her swollen lips and started hosing his piss down her throat.

“You got a lot of things to learn, Barbie-slut!” Gary growled, filling her stomach with his burning piss. “They teach us tactics in our school, and they teach us about how to break the enemy! You’re the fucking enemy bitch, and we’re going to use your slutty little ass in out plans! We’re going to win that fucking football game this week and you’re fucking going to help us! Understand!”

Barbie nodded her head frantically, choking on the strong stream of piss Gary was squirting down her throat. For some reason her battered pussy was squirming and her clit was buzzing with excitement. Without warning, Pat plunged his cock inside the tiny, swollen pussy and started pissing. A climax ripped its way through Barbie’s sleek young body, making her thrash and tremble.

“We’ve going to brake your prissy little ass,” Pat said with a smirk, emptying his bladder inside Barbie’s tortured pussy. “And then we’re going to train you to do a little job for us. We can’t brain-wash you, because an air-headed cheerleading slut like doesn’t have a brain, so we’re going to pussy-wash you instead!”

Barbie choked on piss. Piss sizzled its way into her torn, wounded pussy. Then Dave dropped onto the ground and fucked his huge cock up her shitter. When he started pissing up her asshole, Barbie nearly went out of her mind.

“We’re going to fuck you up so bad you won’t even recognize yourself, whore,” Dave said fucking his cock deeper up her asshole while he force-fed her a piss enema. “You still think you’re a high-class little piece of ass, but we’re going to change all of that shit. By the time we’re fucking done with you you’ll know your nothing but a cheep, piece of shit whore. We’re going to mark your ass for life, you stuck-up gutter-slut.”

Barbie cried, thrashing and twisting between the three evil cadets. These were the leaders, the popular seniors who must have planned her kidnapping and assault. She knew the other kids would go along with whatever these three told them to do.

Their piss filled her mouth and cunt and asshole, burning her and drenching her and turning her on. Barbie’s lean, sexy body twisted and hunched on the cocks that were spewing piss up her fuck-holes. Her mouth milked Gary’s pissing cock until her flat little tummy felt bloated with his waste. But she couldn’t seem to be able to stop cumming as they filled her helpless young body with their piss. The boys could see her excitement and they mocked her for it, making her feel more degraded and more excited then ever.

When they had finished, piss was running from her cunt and asshole. Piss dripped from her lips, too, and Barbie kept her mouth open, expecting the last few boys to take their turns pissing on her lovely, soiled body. Instead Gary yanked her hands above her head and Pat tied a leather leash around them. Then Dave grabbed the end and began to pull her through the alley.

Barbie tried to crawl, but each time she managed to make it to her knees one of the boys would kicker her back down. After a few tries she was too beaten and exhausted to do anything but let herself be pulled along after the big cadet. The other guys followed, dancing around Barbie’s twisting body.

They kicked and spit on her. Some of the boys jacked off on her, and the boys who hadn’t gotten a chance to piss on her in the alley washed the fresh cum away with stinking streams of urine. The boys tore away the few scraps of her cheerleading outfit that still clung to he sleek, sexy body.

A couple of the boys pulled out their belts and striped Barbie’s perfect, creamy ass with lines of fiery red. Barbie whimpered in pain, jerking her ass from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape the brutal whipping. A few of the boys kicked her in the head, as though they wanted to kick her to death. Dave dragged Barbie into one of the campus buildings. The beaten young beauty tried to get up when she saw him dragging her towards the stairs, but one of the boys kicked her feet out from under her, and another planted his foot on her sexy ass and flatten her on the floor. Dave yanked her onto the staircase, and Barbie tumbled helplessly down.

The boys laughed cheered as Barbie bounce down the steep staircase. Dave stepped out of her way and let her fall almost to the bottom. It was only two steps from the landing that the sexy young cheerleader pulled up short, and that was because she had reached the end of her leash. The leather bit into her wrist until they bled, and the sudden, painful jerking of her arms and shoulder was almost worse then the battering fall down the stairs.

Dave pulled her down the second staircase just as he had the first. By the time Barbie hit the floor of the basement she was barely conscious. Her svelte young body was so full of pain that even breathing made her cry with agony. When she saw what was waiting for her in the gloomy, basement, she cried with fear as well.

Barbie could see that the boys had constructed a torture chamber, and she was to be its first victim. There were whips, and paddles on the wall, branding irons in a dark metal heater, leather and rubber clothing hanging on hooks. There were other things in the room that Barbie didn’t even recognize, but everything looked as thought it had been designed to inflict pain on the body and brake the spirit.

“Please!” she whimpered staring up at the leering faces that surrounded her. “Please, I’ll be good! I’ll be your good little whore!”

“Who the fuck wants you?” Pat said with a maniacal laugh. “You don’t know how to fuck, you don’t know how to suck shit, cheerleader you don’t know how to do shit! About the only thing you’re good for is getting pissed on, and we’ve already done that!”

“The rest of you guys head out,” Gary said, walking up to a strangely altered exercise bike and making some adjustments. “Me and Pat and Dave will hook her up and take the first shift. We don’t want to attract any fucking attention. Does everybody know when there their are?”

The rest of the boys nodded and began to shuffle from the room. For long moments Barbie lay still and stunned on the cold floor, until all of the boys except Dave, Pat, and Gary were gone. Then Pat locked the basement door.

For some reason Barbie was more frightened then ever to be alone with just these three. She began to cry helplessly as she look up into their evil faces. When Pat walked toward her with one of the rubber outfits from the wall, she could contain her fear no longer.

“I’ll be yours,” she said, her voice cracking. “You guys can do anything to me you want. I’ll be your girlfriend — I’ll be your whore for as long as you want. I promise I will. Just please let me go. Please don’t hurt me.”

“Put this on,” Pat said, throwing the rubber outfit in her face. “I’m going to time you, and every minute it takes you to squeeze your slutty little body into that baby means ten lashes when your done taking your first lesson.”

Dave unfastened the strap that held Barbie’s hands together, and the three older boys watched while the beautiful sophomore cheerleader pulled on the shameful rubber costume. It took all the energy Barbie had just to roll to her knees and unfold the black rubber outfit. When she slipped her foot into the right leg of the outfit she realized how hard it was going to be to put it on, she cried like a baby.

Barbie was a slender, tiny girl, but the rubber jumpsuit was half her size. The rubber was so thin that it molded to every bump and contour on her sexy body. It was so tight that it made Barbie think she might smother if she put it on. It took every ounce of strength she had to pull it up her long, lean legs. By the time she had stretched it painfully around her lush, creamy thighs, Barbie collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted.

“Three minutes,” Pat said with a disappointed sigh. “You got a long way to go, piss-drinker.”

The crotch of the leather suit was slit, revealing the swollen pink lips of Barbie’s cunt and the tight dark crevice of her ass. Barbie’s slender arms trembled with effort of pulling the skintight rubber up over her full, sexy ass. She squirmed over the floor like a sexy snake. She looked like some lewd exotic dancer, twisting and jerking her sexy little body across the cold basement floor.

“She’s perfect,” Gary said, jerking on his long hard cock. “Look at those pretty little tits. Every fucking jock at that stupid school will cum all over himself trying to get at her.”

“Fuck that,” Pat said as Barbie pulled the rubber slowly and painfully up her torso. “The little slut has the best ass I’ve ever seen. And those legs are unbelievable. They’ll fuck her until they can’t stand up, much less play a fucking football game.”

Pulling the rubber suit over her tits was the most painfully part of all. The rubber crushed her 38-inch tits, flattening them against her chest and spreading them until they looked like two soft comfortable pillows. They were holes for her nipples, and with her tits crushed so cruelly by the tight rubber, the nubs of flesh swelled and throbbed. Her nipples spiked out unbelievably hard and long. Pat leaned over and pinched them until Barbie squirmed with pain and cried for him to stop. He just pinched them harder, then check his watch.

“Six minutes, Barbie-bitch,” he said wit a shake of his head. “That means sixty lashes. Shit, your not going to have any skin left on that sweet little ass by the time I’m done with you.”

“Whore, you’ve got a lot of proving to do!” Dave growled as Barbie pulled the rubber over her arms and onto her shoulders. She almost broke her wrist zipping it up her back. “Far as I’m concerned, you’ve got little-girl tits, a stuck-up face, and a scrawny body! And you don’t know how to fuck or suck worth a shit! You better shape up fucking fast, or there’s not going to be any of you fucking left by the time the games rolls around!”

Barbie collapsed on the floor, the rubber suit finally on. The three cadets gathered close around her.

“Shit,” Dave said, raspy-voice with lust. “Look at the bitch now!”

The rubber suit molded every line and curve of Barbie’s sleek, sexy body. Her long, lean legs her full, curvy ass, hourglass waist, and high, proud tits all look as though they had been coated in a thin layer of shining black paint. The plump bulge of her pussy jutted obscenely through the tight rubber. Even the way the exhausted, sexy cheerleader moved, her svelte body writhing slowly, sinuously with pain and fatigue, added to the sexiness of what the boys were seeing. Each of them was tempted to call the other boys back and let the gangbang continue. A bitch as sexy as Barbie needed constant fucking.

But there was something else she needed too, and that was training. Dave grabbed her by a handful of her sleek black hair and hauled her roughly to her feet.


“Please Dave!” Barbie moaned, too tired to scream at the pain that burned through her scalp. “Please don’t make me do anything right now! Let me rest for just a second! Please! Just a second and then I’ll do whatever you want!”

“Move your ass, you lazy whore!” Dave growled pulling her to her feet and then throwing her stomach down over the bicycle that sat in the middle of the room. “Lets strap the slut down and get her to work! I’m about ready to hit the sack!”

Barbie gasped when she saw what was sticking out of the seat of the bicycle. There were two huge dildos, shape like hard, ugly male cocks, each one at least a foot long. Just leaning on the seat made the dildos thrust up and down slowly. Barbie could see the mechanism under the seat that pistoned the dildos up and down. It was activated by pressure on the seat, and Barbie knew that pedaling the bike would cause the dildos to plunge up and down at lightning speed.

She didn’t have much time to see anything else before the three big cadets grabbed her and pulled her leg over the side of the bike. Barbie struggled desperately, urging her fucked-out, worn-out body to frantic motion in a vain attempt to escape the horror the boys had planned for her. It was no use. In moments she felt the two huge dildos splitting open her swollen fuck-holes. Dave and Gary pulled her down to the base of the seat, filling her asshole and cunt with the fat rubber cocks, as Pat strapped her to the seat.

“Please, guys!” Barbie moaned, her voice cracking. “You got to let me go sometime! I won’t tell anybody about what you did, I promise! Just please don’t do this! I can’t take any more of this!”

“You’re going to take a hell of a lot more then this,” Pat said with a smirk. “And your parents aren’t expecting you for a couple of days. I conned one of your dumb slut friends into saying you were staying over at her house.”

Cold terror froze Barbie. The idea that she would be at the mercy of the boys for several days was almost more then she could stand.

The cocks speared so deep inside her body that Barbie couldn’t keep from squirming, trying to ease the terrible pressure they exerted on her already battered fuck-holes. The foot-long pole that skewered her pussy pressed harshly against her cervix, stretching her swollen, beaten cunt to the very limits of its elasticity. The twelve-inch dildo that clogged her asshole made her asscheeks feel as though they were being pulled apart, and made her legs feel as though they were no longer joined to the same body. She could feel the fat rubber head of the dildo pushing deep inside of her asshole, making her bend forward over the bike in a desperate effort to relieve the pressure.

“Hurts so bad!”

“Now for the fun part,” Gary said.

He clipped a huge, sharp-edge alligator clip on each of Barbie’s fat, hard nipples, letting the cruel metal bite deep into her tender flesh. Barbie screamed as she watched the steel jaws indent her sensitive nipple-flesh. Tiny droplets of blood oozed from the hard nubbins of flesh. The pain was so bad that Barbie thought her nipples had been ruined, torn from her firm, youthful tits forever.

“NO! GARY! NO, PLEASE NO!” Barbie screamed in terror as Gary ran another alligator clip between her blood swollen cunt-lips. “NOT THERE GARY! PLEASE DON’T! OH DAMN YOU, DON’T DO THIS!”

It was too late. Gary let the clip snap on her clit and Barbie’s world exploded in a haze of agony. She twisted and thrashed on the bicycle, causing the twin dildos to fuck brutally into her pussy and asshole.

She grabbed for the clip on her clit, ready to tear it off in spite of the terrible punishment she knew would follow, but Pat stepped in and caught her wrists. Barbie fought so savagely that Dave had to step in to help Pat, and between them, they fitted Barbie’s wrist into two heavy iron cuffs that were part of the handlebars of the bike. Gary then snapped the catches securing Barbie’s wrist to the handlebars of the bike. The luscious young cheerleader howled in animal frustration at not being able to move her hands. When they strapped her feet to the pedals, Barbie screeched like a banshee, maddened by her pain and humiliation.

“Turn on the switches, guys,” Gary said, checking the bicycle and the other equipment like a General inspecting his troops. “This part of your training is simple Barbie-slut. There’s a certain speed you need to pedal that bike at. When you pedal it that speed you get a great double fuck. When you pedal it slower you’ll get hurt. We already saw what an in-heat little whore you are, so this should be an easy decision to make. And in the morning we’ll come and let you loose. Shoot, that’s only ten hours away.”

“No Gary!” Barbie cried, her voice shaking, tears running down her beautiful young face. “Please don’t do this to me!”

“The faster you go, the faster the dildos will fuck you,” Gary said, obviously proud of his work. Dave flipped a switch and Barbie felt a faint tickling in her cunt and asshole. “And the faster they’ll vibrate. They’ll have a sleazy whore like you creaming all over the place in no time.”

Barbie squirmed uncomfortably on the two huge prods. Even though the two monster dildos were hurting her terribly, deeply violating her tenderized fuck-holes, her cunt was beginning to get hot, her shit-chute beginning to feel tingly. Barbie felt so ashamed of herself that she wanted to die.

“The faster you pedal, the harder the chains attached to the clips on your nipples and clit will pull,” Gary said with a shrug. “I guess that might hurt some, but it’ll hurt a lot more if you go slow. Show her why, Pat.”

Pat flipped a switch.

Barbie tried to scream. She couldn’t. She couldn’t breathe or scream or move. All she could do was shake like a spastic, drooling like an imbecile, gurgle like a baby. As a huge charge of electricity jolted her sleek young body, making her bounce on the bike like a frenzied dancer.

It felt as though her nipples and clit were being burned away. The pain from the clips was still there, still grinding and piercing and horrible, but it was nothing compared to the lighting bolts of raw electric current that were shooting through her slender young body through the metal clips. Barbie was too dazed to fully understand what was happening, but she knew the only thing she had to do. With a force of will she would never have though she had, she forced her numb legs to push down on the pedals.

Barbie screamed with sudden agonizing pain as the two huge dildos began to thrust deep inside her cunt and asshole. They vibrated more powerfully, massaging the injured flesh of her fuck-tunnels until it felt as if every inch of her insides were tingling. Barbie pedaled faster and faster, determined to drive away the killing bolts of electricity. The muscles in her shapely, slender legs were exhausted. Every push of the pedals made with her legs a deep aching pain settle more heavily on them. But Barbie knew she had to pedal as fast as she could. She was certain that much more of the electrical current would kill her.

The chains that connected the nipple and clit clamps to the generator began to contract and loosen in time to her pedaling, and Barbie sighed with pain as they pulled her sex flesh brutally tight. The sight of her nipples being pulled out to over three inches long made Barbie sick. She was glad she couldn’t see how far her tiny pink clit was being dragged.

The dildos in her cunt and ass were plunging up and down with ruthless, brutal precision. They rocked her body, sent thundering shock waves of pain rumbling through her slender frame. Barbie grunted with each powerful impact of the twin probes inside her.

But they vibrated faster too, and the massage they gave her was making Barbie undulated in sensual pleasure. Her hips buck back and forth in short, quick fucking motion. Every once and a while her ass would rotate in a wide, slow circle, as if savoring every inch of the foot long dildos shoved up inside her. Her cunt was filling with pussy-cream, and much as it shamed her, there was nothing Barbie could do to stop it.

The three male cadets watched in lusting, wonder as Barbie’s lean, athletic body labored to pedal the bike fast enough to keep her form being shocked. The rubber-clad beauty was gyrating over the bike like some sleek, sexy snake. Her sexy legs seemed longer then ever as she pedaled the bike. Her tits stretched with her nipples as the clamps pulled them taunt, seemed bigger and pointer then ever. Gary stooped down and turned on a series of heaters that surrounded the bike. Stepping back after he had flip on the last of the heaters. “With you working so hard to keep the bike going, you should get toasty real quick. These heaters are just to make sure you don’t catch a chill.” Barbie moaned in misery. Her young body was already bathed in sweat beneath the skintight rubber she was wearing. Now hot air assailed her from every side making it hard to breathe, hard to move. Sweat poured down her beautiful face in fast moving rivers.

“This last part is mine,” Pat said. Barbie barely heard his words through the horrible misery she was feeling. “Its not as sophisticated as Gary’s stuff. But my dad’s a plumber, and I learned a little bit from him.”

Barbie turned her wide frightened eyes toward the pipe that jutted toward her face from the ceiling. She had ignored it until now, as Pat turned a valve. But now she knew what it was for. When she heard a toilet flushing deep inside the building, she whimpered like a badly punished dog.

“Here it come,” Pat said with a giggle.

Barbie cringed and tried to duck to one side, but there was nothing she could do to escape the rush of toilet water that came blasting out of the pipe. It splashed into her upturned face, then cascaded down over her sultry, rubber-clad body. The water was tainted yellow and smelled terrible and a soaking wad of toilet paper smacked Barbie right across the bridge of her nose.

A moment later another toilet flushed. This time there were dark clods of shit mixed in with the yellow waste, water. Barbie retched uncontrollably as she was pelted with brown turds. One hit her right cheek and another landed in her hair, it seemed to take forever to slide through her hair and fall down her back.

Barbie cried bitterly, but a shudder of passion tickled through her willowy body.

“You love it, cunt!” Gary snarled. He picked up another dildo, one even bigger then the two that were punching into her body, and held it up in front of her. “Just one last thing, Barbie. Hold this big rubber prick in your mouth. If it’s on the floor in the morning, you’re going to stay on this bike until you croak!”

“You can hold onto it,” Dave said with a laugh as Gary stuffed it into her mouth. “You look just like a little bitch doggy, holding a bone in your mouth.”

“Cock is the only bone she wants,” Pat said, slapping Barbie so hard that she almost passed out. “Get your exercise, you doggy slut. We’ll be back for you in the morning. Maybe!”

The boys laughed and each one of them slapped Barbie goodnight before they file out of the basement.

Then Barbie was alone, strapped to the torture bike, fucking herself with two huge, vibrating dildos while she held a third in her mouth. She began her first night of torture and bondage as a sex slave of the Rener’s Military Academy.

She didn’t think she’d live to see another.


Barbie whimpered and pedaled faster. Her cunt was clutching around the pumping dildo that pierced it. Her pussy-juice drenched the seat of the bike and dripped onto the floor beneath her. The tiny, savage mouth of her asshole sucked and winked around the fat stick of the dildo that was spiking through it, working in harmony with Barbie’s pussy as she rushed faster and faster toward her climax.

“Mmmmmmm!” Barbie moaned around the fat stalk of rubber cock that filled her mouth. “Mmmmmmm, ohhh-ah! Ah! Ah!”

Barbie’s pussy felt like so much shredded meat. Her asshole felt stretch wide enough to drive a truck through. The muscles in her long, sexy legs were knotting and cramping with effort of pedaling the bike. It was hard for the exhausted young beauty to keep from passing out from pure exhaustion. But her lust was driving her on, fueling her beaten, ravished body with enough energy to keep her going.

“Ah! Ah! Ooooooo!” Barbie eyes rolled and her head lolled in slow, lazy circles on her shoulders. “Ah! Ah! Ah! AHHHHHH!”

The clips were tearing her nipples and clit, stretching them so far that Barbie didn’t believe they would ever be the same again. Her nipples were pulled out over four inches. Her clit was yanked even farther. She would have sold her soul for a drink of water. Her body was bathed in sweat. She squished as she move from the quarts of sweat the skintight rubber suit had trapped against her hard working body.

“Aaagggghhhh!” Barbie screamed as the orgasm hit her. Her sleek body writhed and twisted against the bonds that held it in place.

She twisted and squirmed against the bike, her lean, sexy body going rigid as the shock waves of ecstasy overcame the worst of the pain she was feeling. She stood up on the bike as far as her restrains would allowed, her flawless body trembling and taunt with orgasm, her nipples and clit pulled impossibly far and her arms and legs strain against the cuffs that held them in place.

It wasn’t until the electricity hit her that Barbie realized she had stopped pedaling the bike.


She screamed as lighting bolts of agony shot through the clips that cut into her nipples and clit. Her teeth chattered against the dildo she was holding in her mouth, spit from her watering mouth poured from the corners of her lips. Her body trembled more powerfully then ever, shaking with the high voltage shock she was receiving.

Barbie screamed like a dying woman around the huge rubber dildo, shaking her head from side to side in a frantic effort to deny the searing pain that was coursing inside her sexy body, the pain that was flowing through her every cell.

She tried to pump the pedals, but her muscles in her shapely legs had turned to mush. She fell forward over the handlebars, gurgling and drooling as the electricity flooded through her. The dildos stopped the thrusting inside her cunt and asshole, but the voltage that poured through her body made her shake up and down on the probes as if she was engaged in the world’s wildest fuck.

“Aaaarrrrreeee! Oowwww! Eeekkk!”

Barbie couldn’t stop cumming. The pain was blinding her. Her heart was beating so loudly that she could hear it thundering in her own ears. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t control her arms or legs or head, but she was climaxing again and again and again. Her slippery pussy-cream poured down over the rubber cock that speared deep inside her. Before long the seat of the bike was drenched with her cunt-cream. Her pussy-juices flowed down over the sides of the hard rubber platform like an obscene sex fountain, splattering to the floor below.

Her cunt muscles gobbled up every inch of the dildo invading her cunt, as the last vibrating tingles died away. Her asshole contracted around the dildo that pierced it until the pain from her shit-chute was almost equal to that of the electricity, which danced through her svelte young body.

A toilet flushed above her and an explosion of yellow toilet water splashed into Barbie’s face. Soiled toilet paper slapped her beautiful face, and a fat brown turd landed on her right shoulder. Barbie screamed her way through another orgasm.

The electricity burned her nipples and clit like open fires. Even the splashing waves of her pussy-cream couldn’t put out the blaze that was blistering her tortured little clit. Through a haze of pain and lust Barbie realized that she had to start pedaling again. Much more of the electricity might kill her.

And she had to have the dildos pumping inside her, had to feel the delicious vibrations they sent shooting up through her pain-drenched pussy and asshole.

Slowly, her lean body trembling with the flow of electricity and the strain of working her exhausted muscles, Barbie begin to peal. The first hard thrust of the rubber cocks inside her cunt and shitter started her cumming again.

Barbie lost track of how many times she climaxed. After a while her orgasms began to blur together. At one point during what Barbie’s dazed young mind thought might have been early morning, her legs stopped working. The muscles had just froze up. At first there had been a deep, painful burning through her lush thighs and long, lean calves. Then Barbie’s hadn’t been able to straiten her legs. Finally she could visibly see the muscles twitching and bunching under the sleek, tight black rubber covering her creamy, silky legs. After that they had stopped working.

And Barbie found out what real torture was all about.

Gary and the others hadn’t told her that after a while the dildos would start vibrating and pumping again, or that the chains would start stretching her nipples and clit once more. But after she had endured the steady blast of electricity through her broken, sexy body for a full fifteen minutes, that’s was exactly what happened.

Barbie didn’t have the energy to scream as the huge rubber cocks started churning and buzzing inside her cunt and asshole. She whimpered, when the chains pulled taunt her nipples and clit. She didn’t even have the energy to raise her head from her chest. She came again though. Splattering her pussy-cream all over the soaked, seat of the bike.

With each passing moment the dildos fucked harder and faster into her cunt and asshole. They’re vibrating increased until Barbie’s fuck-holes were burning unbearably with the friction. The chains hook to her nipples and clit snapped her sex flesh harder then ever. The bike move at a speed that she could never obtained. All the while the electricity coursed through her body, frying each and every nerve. Her sexy young body jerked and trembled atop the torture bike. She was bathed in her own sweat, the skintight black rubber suit was so full of fluid in places that it was gagging out away from her svelte young body. As another orgasm blasted its way through her devastated, paralyzed body. Barbie began to pass out. Just as she was beginning to fade out, though, a toilet flushed and another load of pissy water exploded into her beautiful face. Barbie coughed and choked and climaxed, lost in a world of agonizing lust. Then she dropped the dildo from between her teeth.

Barbie cried out bitterly at the loss of the dildo. She had held onto it faithfully, desperate not to give Gary and the others any further reason to mistreat her sexy little body. Now all her work had gone for nothing.

Orgasm after orgasm shattered the beautiful cheerleader’s svelte body. The electricity made her jerk and shudder likely a badly controlled puppet. The twin dildos fucked her cunt and shitter at blinding speeds. The fierce friction caused blood dripped down onto the seat of the bike from her fuck-holes. Her nipples and clit were snapped back and forth like a steam locomotive out of control. Piss and shit and toilet water flush down over her perfect face, soiling her elegant features and giving her the appearance of a slick wet seal. The cold wastewater showers was constantly keeping the exhausted teen barely conscious. Barbie’s slim, sultry body hung motionless over the handlebars, fucked and tortured insensibly by the sex bike.

She whimpered in shame the first the electrical current teased her piss from her body. After that she was beyond shame, beyond anything except the pain and climaxes. Finally her body was numb, her cunt and asshole fucked so swollen that she couldn’t feel anything, her body was so used to the electricity that she barely notice it. The final torture was the heat that smothered her and stole the moisture from her body. Even after she had become numb to everything else that was happening to her, the heat continued to punish her sexy body, as her swollen cunt continued to explode forcefully with painful boiling orgasms.

By the time morning came and the boys came in to get her, Barbie was on the verge of unconsciousness. Her eyes were still open, glazed and staring, but she was no longer aware of anything that was happening. Her svelte, sweat drenched body shivered and shuddered with the constant flow of electricity. The savage pumping of the twin dildos bounce her off the bike seat. Her legs and arms swung limply, and her head lolled on her shoulders.

“Stupid slit!” Pat screamed. He pulled a whip down from the wall and lashed it across Barbie’s rubber-clad ass. “You dropped the fucking dildo, cheer-bitch! And you made a fucking mess of the whole fucking basement!”

Barbie didn’t react to the bite of the whip, even when Pat ripped the rubber suit open and whipped her bare, sweaty ass. Dave ripped the rest of the rubber suit off her limp body as Gary switch off the bike and heaters. Quarts of trapped sweat gushed out of the ripped rubber suit, splashing all over everything.

“Fuck!” Dave shouted as the wash of sweat splattered over his shoes. He tore the last of the rubber suit away and removed the clips off Barbie’s nipples and clit. “Shit, Gary, this bike really fucked the cheerleader up!”

After Gary and Pat released Barbie’s wrist and feet from their restraints. Dave pulled Barbie off the bike and tossed her to the floor. Pat lashed her stomach and tits a few times, then stopped. The three big cadets look down at the prostrate beauty.

Barbie had lost at least ten pounds during her night of sexual torment. The rubber suit, the heat, and the sexual frenzied activity of pedaling the bike to fuck her-self had drained Barbie’s sleek body of every ounce of moisture. She had looked like a fine racing horse before. A thoroughbred of a girl with lines as sleek and sexy as any the boys had ever seen before. After her night on the bike, though, she looked like a beast of the jungle, a panther or leopard driven wild by hunger and operating on pure instinct. Her creamy skin sparkled with her sweat, her ribs made clear ridges in her silky flesh and her stomach was sucked in little cavity that seemed hardly to be there at all.

The dildos, beatings of her agonizing pussy and asshole had change them as well. The last traces of Barbie’s petal-pink cunt were gone. That pristine hole had been replace by a slash of blood red, the cunt-lips swollen and peeled back, the inter lips milky with pussy-cream. The mouth of Barbie’s, cunt spasmed, as though searching for another cock to fill it. Her pinched, stretched clit peeked out between the fat red lips of her cunt like a questing worm.

Barbie’s asshole was no longer pinhole-tight and virgin pink. Instead it was spread wide enough for a man to easily shove his cock up it to the hilt. The ring of her asshole was inflamed as bright a red as the lips of her pussy, and there was a wet, inviting look to the stretched pucker.

The changes made her more beautiful then ever. Her tits looked bigger, her ass looked fuller, her legs even longer and more perfectly shaped. Her nipples, which had been long before, had been turned into long spikes by the night of stretching. Every thing that had made Barbie irresistible sexy before seemed to have been magnified ten times by her night of torture.

Dave jerked Barbie’s arms high above her head and pressed her hands together. The dark-haired beauty moaned, then squirmed weakly, but gave no other signs of being aware of what was happening to her. Dave snapped a strange pair of cuffs very tightly on her thumbs, and the dazed cheerleader cried out in pain. The cuffs were stainless steel, and they trapped her thumbs by their bases. They also locked her thumbs next to each other. It wasn’t until Dave snapped a metal leash to the cuffs and dragged Barbie several feet across the floor that she seemed to become aware of what was happening.

“Oh no!” she whimpered, life coming slowly back to her eyes as she looked up at the three evil cadets. She had been sure she was going to die on the terrible sex bike, or that she was going to wake up from the worst nightmare she had ever had. “You’re killing me! You’ve got to stop! Got to!”

“Shut up!” Gary shouted, grabbing a big brown turd up off the floor and smashing it into Barbie’s pretty pale face. “You couldn’t hold onto the fucking dildo, could you, you worthless slut. Shit, you couldn’t even keep the bike going, you lazy bitch! The electrical bill’s going to be high as hell!”

Barbie gagged repeatedly as Gary smeared the big gooey turd all over her beautiful face. He forced his fingers between her lips and shoved shit into her mouth, and it took every ounce of will power the sexy girl possessed to keep from vomiting all over herself. The taste of the shit was so raw and earthy and disgusting that it made her empty stomach churn and her dazed mind teetered on the brink of insanity.

“Hay, that looks like fun,” Pat said with a cruel little laugh, and grabbed a turd off the floor and pushed it into Barbie’s already shit-caked face. He used his fingers to work shit into her ears and nostrils. “Hoist her up, Dave. I’m in a hurry to give the slut the whipping I owe her from last night.”

She would have begged for mercy, if she could have, but Gary’s wiggling shit-cake fingers filled her mouth. The muscular cadet had manage to cram four of his fingers into Barbie’s warm mouth, and now he was wiping the shit from his hand off on her tongue. At the same time Pat was smearing shit through her eyebrows and her long black hair. Barbie cried at the way the two boys were polluting her beautiful face and mouth with shit.

“Up, up and away,” Dave said, and Barbie discovered yet again that she had yet to experience all the varieties of pain the boys could show her.

She tried to scramble to her fee as the pressure on her thumbs grew from painful to intolerable, as the bite of the cuffs turned from pinching to ripping. Dave, Pat and Gary laughed at her pitiful struggling, and kicked her feet out from under her every time she began to get her balance. By slow degrees Dave hauled her up, first to a sitting position, then to her knees, then up to her feet then her tiptoes.

“Please, please, please!” Barbie mumbled, her mouth thick with shit, her nose clogged with shit, her lovely young body soiled and hurt and exhausted in so many ways that she wondered if she hadn’t died and been sent to some especially dreadful hell.

Her long, lean body was laced with agony. Now she was standing on her toes, trying to stretch her body as far as it would go. Her long, beautiful legs trembled as she tried to support her weight on them. Her face turned white, from the terrible strain of being strung up by her thumbs, like a side of beef.

“Please what, Barbie-whore?” Pat asked, as the whip uncoiled on the basement floor. “Please whip your sexy ass until it bleeds? Sure, we’ll do that for you.”

Then he snapped his wrist, and Barbie began to learn what pain was really all about.


The first lash burned across her soft ass. Barbie cried in pain, weaving from side to side on her toes. A bright red welt rose up on her almost instantly. The second lash tore across the small of her back, and the third curled around her lush right thigh. The fourth scored her ass again, crossing the tender skin with lines of red, making the firm flesh bounce and jiggle lewdly.

“Look at that sweet ass shake,” Dave said with a course laugh, pulling another whip down from the wall. “You’d think it was a bowl of Jell-O the way it’s jiggling now.”

Barbie burned with shame as well as pain. The scorn the boys treated her with, the way they mocked her and treated her like a whore, was almost worse then the tortures and rapes they visited on her defenseless young body. But it excited her too, and in spite of all her pain exhaustion, in spite of the brutal beating Pat was giving her, her tattered pussy began to squirm.

Barbie closed her eyes and tried to will away the sluttish tickling of lust that was creeping through her cruelly abused body.

The whip Dave pulled from the wall was a long cruel-looking bullwhip. He snapped it against the air once, then thrashed Barbie’s satiny flat stomach, the heavy whip bit into her stomach then curled her soft creamy side.

“That slut is doing a pretty good job of shaking her pointy little tits, too,” Pat said with a smirk, lashing her full, rounded asscheeks over and over again. “Do a dance for us, Barbie-whore! Show us what a hot fucking cunt you are.”

The svelte beauty squirmed and thrashed at the end of her chain connected to her thumb cuffs. Writhing in a desperate, useless effort to escape the torture the boys were bestowing upon her enhanced svelte young body. Her once creamy ass was now a mass of criss-crossed angry red welts. Her upper thighs and lower back were streak with red welts also.

Pat laid, ten quick stroked across her shoulder blades, as though noticing that he had neglected her upper back for the first time. By the time he was finished Barbie was delirious with agony, wondering vehemently if someone had set her on fire.

Dave stepped in front of her body and began playing the bullwhip out against the front of her body. He popped the end of the big whip against Barbie’s pert right tit, and the hanging, beautiful cheerleader shrieked with anguish, Dave laughed at the innocent girl’s suffering and slapped her with the bullwhip again and again, slicing her tender, creamy flesh with the biting leather strap.

After a few minutes Barbie’s sweet young body was a battleground of welts and bruises. Dave wrapped his vicious whip around her slender ankles, circling them with welts and made Barbie look as if she was wearing anklets. Pat curled the slender strands of the cat around her creamy inner thighs, hitting her lush upper legs until the soft flesh trembled. More then once the strands of the cat caught the soft, bloated fiery red lips of Barbie’s swollen, sore pussy. The pain when that happened, turned Barbie’s slender, shapely legs to Jell-O, made her dangled at the end of her thumb cuffs.

Dave was even more brutal with his bullwhip then Pat was with the cat. He hit her tits, dozens of times with no regard for the damage he might be doing to them. He didn’t even stop when every slash of the big strap of leather made drops of blood splatter to the cold basement floor. And he took a special delight in whipping Barbie’s soft flat belly. By the time five minutes had pass her stomach was a solid mass of bright red.

Pat whipped her ass like the way Dave whipped her stomach, striping her firm, bouncy asscheeks until they, were livid red and dripping blood. He whipped her upper thighs, even harder, and took great delight in curling the cat around her hips and stinging her plump pussy mound. He whipped her lean, flawless back until it looked a crazy road map. He even flayed the long, slender lengths of Barbie’s arms, laying a track of welts from her tender white armpits to her elegant, slender fingers.

It was Dave who whipped her face. Even Gary gasped with surprise at the unbelievable cruelty of slashing the brutal bullwhip across the trapped beauty’s cheek. Dave took their shock as encouragement and hit Barbie’s face, several more times. Barbie screamed in hellish agony at each blow, whipping her face from side to side in a maddened attempt to save her face from further torture. She was certain that Dave was slicing away her flesh with the terrible, vicious blows. The pain was so wicked that it seemed the very muscles of her face had been torn from the bone.

By the time Dave was finish whipping her face Barbie teetered uncertainly on her toes, more unconscious then awake. Her skin was a brutalize patchwork of welts. Even her face was bruised and reddened from the bite of Dave’s whip. It felt to the weary young sex slave that she had been dipped in acid. That some awful corrosive was eating into every bit of her sweet, soft skin.

Then Pat started aiming the bullwhip at her cunt.

“NO!” Barbie gasped, her voice a little above a whisper, her eyes fluttering closes and her slender, sexy body doing a sensuous dance on the end of her thumb cuffs chain that held her spread so vulnerably. “Not there!”

“Everywhere,” Pat said, and swung his arm up underhand, bringing the wicked strands of the cat dancing up between Barbie’s silky, quivering legs.

Pain exploded through the cheerleader’s ravaged cunt. It was as tough a wild cat had used its claws to rip at the mouth of her pussy. Several of the strands had flipped right between her swollen, blood red cunt-lips and had scored the heated inner flesh of her pussy. Barb’s legs slipped out from under her and her full weight swung from the fiendish thumb cuffs. The pain that shot through her thumbs was nothing compared to the liquid agony that was pouring through her pussy.

Dave swung his whip with pinpoint accuracy, smacking it squarely against her stretched, raw clit. Bomb bursts of pain exploded through her love button.

“Bastards!” Barbie shrieked, her wide brown eyes rolling back, spit sprayed from her lips as she convulsed in demented anguish. “Aggghhh! You dirty bastards! Aggghhh!!!” Her cunt was flexing uncontrollably. Her lithe, sexy body was twisting and thrashing through a series of spastic convulsions. Barbie’s head swung wildly on her shoulders, her eyes unfocused, her mouth slack and drooling. Piss squirted from her pussy in a strong yellow stream, soaking her creamy inner thighs and splattered on the floor beneath her. Shit sprayed from her gapping shitter. Cunt-juices poured out in desperate defense of her pussy, drooling from her peeled-back slit like spit from a mouth, painting her blood-red pussy-lips a milky white, and sliding down over her piss slick thighs.

Barbie thought she might be dying. The pain was incredible. Dave hit her, and then Pat hit her, and then Dave hit her again. Back and forth they went, one drawing his whip back while the other lashed her pussy.

Barbie knew that if they beat her for very much longer she was going to die.

But part of her wanted them to keep beating her forever.

Slowly, hesitantly, she spread her legs wide. Taking the last of her weight off of her toes made crushing pain through her thumbs, but that didn’t matter to the broken, sex slave beauty. Her thumbs could rip of for all she cared. Her pussy was important, and her ass and tits and mouth. Her thumbs didn’t matter at all, except to help her get a better grip on a cock when a boy wanted her to beat him off.

“Shit the sleazy little slut is getting off on it,” Dave’s cock was so long and hard that it looked like it was going to explode. He swung his whip up against Barbie’s brutalized cunt with all the strength his big arm possessed. “The tramp cumming from getting her pussy whipped off!”

Barbie muttered in agreement, nodding her head with insane, pain fueled lust.

“The tramp cumming for her big sweet men!”

Barbie bent her knees, drawing her feet up to her ass and spreading her thighs as far apart as she could. She looked impossibly sexy covered in welts and dangling in midair by her thumbs. Dave and Pat swung their whips as hard as they could, pounding the gorgeous cheerleader’s pussy with their vicious leather straps. Time after time the whips cut there way directly into the spread mouth of her cunt, bruising and tearing at the super-sensitive skin inside her pussy.

Each time one of the whip would rake her clit Barbie had an earth shattering orgasm. She was beyond even shame now. The pain, lust and degradation of the past two days had reduced her to the point where shame had no meaning.

“Hit me again!” she moaned dreamily, eyes glazed over with lust, her beautiful, bruised face full of ecstasy. “Beat me harder! Beat the whore harder! Beat the slut’s cunt, make the slut bleed, make her cum!” Barbie moaned, swing her hips up giving Pat and Dave a better target for their whips to land crushing blows to her pussy and clit.

Barbie turned her pain dazed eyes toward Gary, who was standing with his arms crossed, a smug smirk on his rough face. “Why aren’t you whipping me?” she cried, spittle dribbling from her lush lips. “Are you too good to beat trash? Don’t you want to see how it feels to whip a slut until she creams? Why aren’t you whipping me too?”

“Fuck it!” Dave growled, stomping toward the hanging, beaten beauty. “I’m going to fucking cum all over myself if I don’t get a piece of this sleazy whore’s ass!”


Barbie screamed as Dave grabbed her welted thighs in his hands and forced her to wrap her long, lush legs around his big ass. She screamed louder when he slapped his foot-long prick against the raw, bleeding lips of her pussy. But she saved the loudest screams for last, when the big cadet stuffed his fist-sized cock-head through the bloated blood-red tattered lips of her well-whipped cunt.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed, her legs gripping Dave’s ass so tight that he grunted. “Yessss! Fuck me hard!”

“You dirty scummy whore!” Dave hissed, driving his cock into her hot sexy body like a large steel spike. “We’re going to fuck you dead before we’re done with you! We’re going to fuck you into tiny, slutty pieces!”

Dave ran his hands roughly all over Barbie’s sexy, injured body. The luscious little cheerleader whimpered and trembled with pain as his hands ran over the painful welts the whippings had left on her. She had never imagined that a hand touching her body could send such excruciating pain to course through her young body.

“Shake your ass, cheerleader-bitch,” Dave seethed, spearing his huge cock up her ragged little pussy. “Fuck on my big prick until you go out of your slutty little mind.”

Barbie gasped with pain and lust, convinced that she was already as demented, as it was possible to be. She grunted like a pig when Dave’s groin collided with her tenderized crotch, when his ball swung into the crease of her ass and his groin-hair scratched her tender inner thighs. The collision of their bodies made her swing at the end of her thumb cuffs, lifted her up several inches and then let her fall back down. She gripped Dave’s ass even tighter with her rubbery, lovely legs. It was a desperate attempt to relieve the thumbs of some of the killing pressure.

The whole gruesome length of Dave’s cock was buried inside her slender young body. Barbie could feel the huge cock-head deep inside her, pushing her mangled pussy even further out of shape. Barbie squirmed on the huge, fleshy prod, trying in vain to find some position which would alleviate the clogging, tearing pain his monster prick was causing her.

Dave’s big hands found Barbie’s well-whipped tits, and the sultry cheerleader cried in agony as he mashed them against her chest. Dave dragged his ragged fingernails over the sweet wounded mounds of flesh, making Barbie jerk like a wild woman. The pain was mind-blowing, the pain was worse then the agony that the foot-long, wrist thick fleshy male prod that was buried in her distorted pussy was causing.

“Please no!” she cried, kissing Dave full on his lips in a desperate plea for him to stop. “Sweet Dave, please stop! Please, my big handsome soldier! Please sexy lover! Please, please stop!”

Dave grabbed her tits as though they were footballs and squeezed them until they flattened into long tubes of silky flesh. He jerked out on them in rhythm, first pulling out one then the other, making Barbie’s sexy shoulder jerk forward as though she was dancing at a disco. All the time he yank on her sweet tits he was fucking her whipped, ravage cunt with his huge cock. Every fuck-blow swung Barbie back and forth at the end of the chain that held her in the air. Every cock thrust tore her cunt in a different way, wrecked her sweet pussy a little bit more.

Barbie squirmed and trembled, bathed in a clammy sweat from the tit jerking and fucking she was taking. She ran her tongue all over Dave’s ugly face, bathing his rough features in her spit. She kissed him as though he was the most wonderful lover a girl had ever had. Her lips slithered over his mouth and cheeks and nose. Her tongue teased over and through his ears, nostrils, his eyes, and forehead. She even tried tightening her cunt around the pussy-shredding battering ram of his cock. But nothing Barbie did seemed to take Dave’s mind off of savagely jerking her wounded tits.

“Please!” she cried out in a tiny, child voice between licks and kisses and tender love-bites. “Please stop hurting my tits, lover! Please, you’re hurting them so bad!”

“How bad, little cunt?” Pat asked, stepping up behind her. He looped his whip around her silky white throat and tightened it until her face paled from the lack of air. “How bad is he hurting you, you shit-face little cheerleader?”

“Bad!” Barbie gasped, her slender body squirming between the two men, her beautiful face twisted from the pain she was receiving. “Hurts — no, Pat don’t do that! Pat please don’t do that!”

“Shut the fuck up Barbie-sleaze!” Pat yelled tightening the loop of leather around Barbie’s neck until she couldn’t breathe at all. “You know you love it, you shitty little whore!”

Pat strangled Barbie with one hand and pulled her asscheeks wide apart with the other. Her loose asshole winked out at him, and he drove his long, strong cock right up it. He fucked her to the balls on his first lunge, smashing her against Dave and bouncing her at the end of the chain that held her up in the air.

“Ohhhhhh!” Barbie moaned, smashed almost to the point of oblivion by this latest outrage. “Noooooo!”

Pat pulled the whip even tighter around her throat. The thin strands of leather bit so deep into the tender flesh of Barbie’s throat that it almost disappeared, buried in silky skin. Pat bit at her neck like a wild dog, drawing blood and leaving the marks of his teeth all over the sweet nape of her neck. Barbie choked and spluttered helplessly. But her sleek young body tossed and twisted, writhed and wiggled in a frenzied effort to breath.

“That’s it Slime Queen!” Dave shouted, pounding her slender body with his big cock, slamming her tits together and yanking them wide apart. “Shake your worthless slutty ass! Jump all over our big hard cocks!”

“You heard him,” Pat said, loosening the whip just enough to allowed Barbie to refill her lungs wit a fresh supply of air, then tightening the loop of leather choking Barbie once more as he fuck his cock deep inside her asshole. “Do something right for a fucking chance, Barbie-slut. Ride our cocks like you know how to do something.”

Pat and Dave were fucking her with long, brutal cock-strokes. They fucked her with no rhythm, sometimes beating her back and forth while one pulled out as the other stabbed in. Sometimes, spearing her body together, smashing her like a bug between them. There was nothing Barbie could do to avoid the brutalizing fuck-thrust. She could only swing back and forth by her thumbs, battered like a shabby rag doll between the two powerful boys.

Dave was jerking on her tits so violently that Barbie could feel something tearing inside them. The welts from her tit whipping were almost obscured now under the angry red bands of Dave’s handprints. Every vicious bite Pat took at the back of her neck made Barbie creamy skin prickle with goose flesh. He was strangling her with the whip, cutting off so much of her air that she wavered in a dreamland of near oblivion. The whip felt like a knife cutting into her tender throat. It seemed to be crushing things inside her long slender neck.

Dave smashed his mouth over hers, crushing her lips and forcing her jaws wide apart. He sucked Barbie’s tongue into his mouth and bit on it so forcefully that the young beauty thrashed her head from side to side in a madding effort to escape the agony.

They were killing her, she thought. Her thoughts were muddled, frenzied things, but she knew that they were doing too much to her all at once. But suddenly, with no warning at all, she was cumming again.

“YEEEEOOOOWWWW!” Barbie screamed, her tongue trapped between Dave’s crushing teeth, her throat wrapped tight by Pat’s whip. She howled like an angry cat. “YAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

The orgasm was unlike any of the others she had experienced at the hands of the boys. It started in her cunt and asshole, swelling through the ravaged channels of her shitter and pussy like a huge balloon filling with heated air. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost pain, and Barbie had the sudden, insane fear that she was going to explode with ecstasy she was feeling. Instead, the orgasm swelled upward, filling every other part of her body.

Her stomach filled with burning, tickling pleasure. Her abused tits tingled and swelled until she was urging them into Dave’s tearing hands. Her sexy legs and slender arms numbed under the icy spikes of pleasure.

Pat and Dave gasped with pleasure of the own as their sultry young sex slave went wild between them. Her shattered asshole and cunt began to do a wild squirming dance on the huge cocks that were spearing them.

Barbie still felt every bit of the pain she had felt before. There wasn’t any fading of agony as the pleasure overtook her. Her writhing and bucking made the impacts of the boy’s, bodies rocker her even harder, made the cuffs pull even more painfully on her thumbs. But Barbie realized something, something that made even her hysterical, lust-crazed mind cry in despair and shame. It was the pain that was making her cum, she realized. She was every bit of a pain-loving whore the boys had claimed she was.

Another orgasm exploded within her. Barbie went into rapid convulsions between the two hard-fucking boys, her sleek young boy jerking and bouncing. Spit poured from her lips and finally Dave had to release her tongue to keep from getting a mouthful of her blood. Her legs slipped from around Dave’s ass and she kicked out in wild random movements. She coughed and spluttered, her face turning blue from lack of oxygen.

Barbie passed out while her orgasm was still rattling her helpless body. It took several more minutes for her thrashing and trembling to cease. Pussy-juice poured from her body by the quart, as though the power of the orgasm was emptying every drop of fuck-cream from her body. The juncture of her thighs was so sloppy with it that every move she or either of the boys made caused wet farting noises. Her legs, Pat and Dave’s cocks and balls, and even the trembling satiny plane of Barbie’s, stomach were painted with her pussy-slime. And even after she was passed out the cunt-cream continue to spill.

“Having fun Barbie?” Gary asked, the last words the beaten sex slave heard before she slipped away. “Good, because as soon as they’re done fucking, you’re going to start learning your real lessons. Little cunt, I’m going to make you know what pain is all about!”

Then Barbie fell limp between the two older boys who were fucking her. Neither of them seemed to mind, and they slammed her hanging, sexy body back and forth, bruising her as they fucked her cunt and asshole. They came at almost the same instant, filling her ravaged fuck-holes with so much cum that it began to run back down over her sleek thighs while they were still pouring more inside her, by the time they stepped away. Pat loosening the whip to let Barbie breathe again, the only sound was the steady dripping of gooey mixture of male jism and pussy-cream as it hit the floor.

Barbie hung silently, her svelte body striped with welts, her cunt and asshole swollen and red, her lower body a mess of cum and cunt-cream. Her face was smeared with filth and dotted with bruises. Her firm young tits were swollen from the abuse they had taken, and there was a bright red ring around her throat where Pat had used the whip to choke her.

Gary stepped forward to start her next lesson.


“Wake up, Barbie,” Gary said cheerfully, rubbing his cock all over Barbie’s pretty soft face. “Time to wake up, little slut.”

A stream of piss burst from his cock and splashed over Barbie’s face. Gary guided the stream of his piss so that it poured between her parted lips and shot piss up her quivering nostrils. Barbie came awake choking and coughing, and as her eyes fluttered open, Gary aimed his stream of piss at them, making her cry out in anguish as her eyes filled with stinging pain.

“Rise and shine, toilet-bitch!” Gary shouted, waving his cock back and forth, soaking Barbie’s beautiful bruised face in his stinking piss. After her lovely features were drenched he stuffed his cock between her lips and pissed straight down her throat. “Wake up, you dirty little cunt. It’s time you started training for your fucking job.”

Barbie spluttered on Gary’s piss, trying desperately to swallow it but not able to keep up with the firehose blast that flooded her throat and filled her mouth. Piss poured back out over her face, soaking her even more thoroughly in waste. Piss shot out of her nose as she choked on the stinking liquid. And she swallowed huge gulps of the noxious broth. She was surprised at how welcome the rush of piss was, at how her dehydrated, exhausted body craved any drop of moisture it could get, no matter where it came from.

It wasn’t until Gary squirted the last of his piss onto her tongue and made her lick his cock clean that Barbie had a chance to see where she was. When she realized the new position the boys had her bound in she began to cry. She wasn’t sure what they were going to do to her, but the way they had her strung up now she would be vulnerable to any kind of torture that came to their minds.

Barbie was strung up in a chair that was constructed of leather straps. One strap tightly circled each knee, pulling them high and wide apart. Straps tightly cross her shoulders, each one circling under the arms on the other side to make her body more, stable. A thin strap tightly circled her middle in a noose and connected to the ceiling with the others. The five straps were what held Barbie bound, what held in the air. And they left every luscious inch of her tortured young body available to all three evil cadets.

Her cunt and ass were spread wide by the position of her knees. Her long, lean torso was stretched and left bare by the thin strap that circled her waist. And the straps that crossed beneath her arms tilted her enough so that her whipped-stripped back was still positioned for more abuse. She was only inches above the floor now, but she could the simple pulley that controlled the straps, and knew the boys could pull her as high into the air as they desired.

“I can’t take any more!” she cried in a very small trembling voice. “You know you can do whatever you want to me! I’m a slut, just like you said! Won’t you please give me a break now? You’ll be able to do whatever you want to me, whenever you want! You know I won’t be able to say no! But I hurt, so bad and I’m so tired! I’m hungry and thirsty and and I need a bath! I’m so dirty! If you fuck me to death now I’ll be ruined and you won’t be able to have anymore fun with me!”

“So what?” Gary asked cruelly. “There are plenty more sluts where you came from. And sluts with bigger tits, too. What’s the problem, Barbie-bitch, didn’t you drink enough cum when you were little?”

Barbie stopped pleading and stared up at Gary with passive, accepting eyes. She didn’t even cry at the humiliating things he was sating to her. She was past tears now, they had fucked the life out of her, tortured her until her spirit had broken, the last brutal fucking hanging from the ceiling by her thumbs had pushed her as far into the muck as she could go.

Gary smiled thinly, slapping his huge fat cock down across her passive face. He knew what Barbie was thinking. He also knew how wrong she was. Barbie hadn’t begun to scream and cry yet. They had been going easy on her until now.

Pat picked up a cigarette lighter and lit it. Barbie’s eyes went wide as the flame sparked and fluttered. Dave produced a bundle of long, sharp pins with large silver balled head from behind his back and smiled at the bound, helpless beauty. It wasn’t until Pat touched the lighter’s flame to her pussy-hair that the tortured cheerleader realized she could still be made to scream.

“No, no, no, no don’t dear God don’t! No, no, no Pat no, no!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs unable to get the words out fast enough in her desperate attempt to make Pat pull the flame away from her tender cunt. The flame was causing her pussy-hair to crackle and sizzle.

Dave stuck one of the pins into the shuddering flat plane of her belly. He caught the lip of her navel and pushed the pin right through it. He pierced her flesh no more then an inch, but it was awful, the sight of the pin sticking up out of her body made it even worse. Barbie writhed madly against the straps of leather that held her dangling from the ceiling.

Pat brush the flame from the lighter no more then a quarter of an inch from the fluttering lips of Barbie’s cunt. The sexy cheerleader bucked and shuddered in terror and pain, unable to believe the cruelty of what the boys were doing to her. She had thought she had seen the limits of suffering and degradation, but she’d been very wrong. Suddenly she felt very naive to have believed that she was broken beyond caring. Gary and the other would always have some new outrage cruelty to commit on her helpless, sexy body.

“Kiss my cock, Barbie-slut,” Gary said, slapping her wide eye, pain-twisted face. “Give it a big wet kiss. Plant those cocksucking lips on my big cock and show how much you love it.”

Barbie stared up blankly at Gary, barely comprehending the words he was speaking. After a moment she kissed the underside of Gary’s cock just behind the bulge of his prick-head. Her lips parted, her tongue teased out to play over Gary’s heated fuck-flesh.

Pat set her cunt-hair on fire, sizzling so much at once that a flame erupted over Barbie’s crotch. He patted it out before she was burned, but the flash fire had reduced her silky cunt-hair to burnt stubble. Pat played the flame a quarter inch from the tendons that lined her inner thighs watching the muscles jump with involuntary contractions.

Dave plunged a pin deep into the muscle of Barbie’s right thigh, then screwed the pin around until a drop of bright red blood oozed out to streak over her silky skin. He plunged another pin into her leg just above her kneecap, a third up into the soft pillow of flesh where her thigh met the curve of her ass. A forth went high on her hip. Dave methodically tortured her right leg with the long, sharp pins.

Barbie stared at Gary’s huge, stiffened cock, not wanting to see what Pat and Dave were doing to her helpless young body. But Gary wanted her to see, so he twisted her hair, forcing her to watch the tormenting of her supple, young body by Pat and Dave as she as she kissed and licked Gary’s fat prick.

Her leg was dotted with pins. The bright colorful heads looked so cheerful that Barbie was almost hypnotized by them. At less twenty of them poked into the soft flesh of her right thigh. There was twenty more sticking into her calf. As she watched, Dave stabbed one into the super-sensitive flesh just behind her knee. Before her scream died away he had lunged in two more.

Pat was running the flame up and down the crack of her ass. Every few moments he would jerk his hand upward to splash the flame right against her tender asshole. Where, he let the flame dance against the reamed out pucker of her asshole. Barbie howled like a banshee and jerked around like a mad woman, but she couldn’t escape the searing pain the flame was causing her.

She kissed her way up and down Gary’s thick prick-stalk, trying to please him so much that he would make Pat and Dave to stop torturing her. The hope seemed foolishly faint, but it was the only one Barbie had left. She slithered her tongue all over his wrist-thick prick, lathering the fleshy pole with her spit and then lovingly sponging it away. She even pressed the big cock between her lips and pumped on it, slurping up the silvery drops of pre-cum that would ooze from the cock-head.

“That’s it, whore,” Gary said, twisting his hand even tighter in her hair and jerking her from side to side. “You’re starting to learn, aren’t you slut? That’s right, stick your slutty little tongue right in my piss-slit.”

Barbie, fucked the very tip of her tongue into his piss-slit, and then, when he told her to suck the fat cock between her lips and bob her head up and down, she did that too. At the angle she was hanging it hurt terribly to take the full length of Gary’s cock down the narrow tunnel of her throat, but after a dozen tries she managed it. It made her gag constantly and rubbed her tender throat raw.

Barbie sexy cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to the pistoning prick, and she squirmed, her tongue all over the fat rod as it pushed back and forth through the warm wetness of her mouth.

“Oh!” Barbie squeaked around the thick cock as Pat plunged a finger into her cunt. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Pat fucked the full length of his finger roughly into Barbie’s pussy. He scratched at the sensitive inner walls of her pussy and ground his hand against her whip-tattered cunt-lips. At the same time he was waving the flame of the lighter across her asscheeks, making the creamy flesh glow a bright pink. He smiled when the first trace of fresh pussy-cream coated his pistoning finger. On the next stroke he pushed another finger into her pussy.

Dave was plunging one pin after another into the rosy pink, burned cheeks of Barbie’s ass. The beautiful cheerleader ass tensed hard as a rock with each new pin Dave stuck into the silky cheeks, but they couldn’t clench tight enough to keep the pins from spearing into her vulnerable flesh. Barbie tried to jerk away from the pins that were filling her sweet, meaty globes, but that only ground her pussy more violently into the finger Pat was sticking up inside her. Which was causing her treacherous cunt to begin to betray her once again. Even now, being tortured with pins and a open flame and fingers plunging into one of her fuck-holes while she suck on a huge, meaty stock of flesh with another fuck-hole. Her pussy was starting to quiver and leak pussy cream.

Gary fed her his cock, pushing it pass her stretched lips through the warm, welcoming cavity of her mouth, not stopping until he was clogging the tiny, sore tunnel of her throat. Barbie did her best to suck him, letting her mouth fill with spit and then swishing it over the thrusting prick. But he was fucking her throat too fast and hard now for her to apply much suction to the fat rod. The best she could was squirm her lips around the fleshy rod as it speared through them.

Suddenly Dave thrust a pin into the ring of her asshole. Barbie cried out around Gary’s huge cock, which sent a rippling wave of pure delight to race through Gary. Barbie jerked her hips wildly from side to side in a wild effort to dislodge the awful metal pin. Pat took the opportunity to slip a third finger into her swollen, squirming cunt. Dave pushed ten more pins into her bright red shitter, outlining her gapping asshole with the long, sharp pins.

“Stop now!” she gasped as Gary pulled his spit-soaked cock from her bruised lips. “You’re going too far! Too far!”

“We’re just barely started Barbie-slut,” Pat said, drawing his fingers out of her cunt, curling his hand into a cone. “Shit, there are things we’re going to do to you that you haven’t even imagined yet!”

“NOOOOOOO!!!! GOD NO!!!” Barbie screamed as Pat slammed his cone hand into Barbie’s tattered pussy. He relentlessly rammed his hand up her snatch. As his hand popped completely into Barbie’s twat Pat curled his coned fingers into a fist.

Barbie thrashed and bucked like a wild bronco, her mouth slammed closed and her pearly white teeth chattered together. Her juice-slick cunt-lips began to stretch and tear under the inhuman pressure as Pat’s fist bored deeper into her fuck-hole.

“Noooo! Nooo!!” Barbie screamed, suddenly her cunt exploded with a powerful orgasm. “Aaarrrgggeeee! Ohhhh! Fuckkk! Go ahead and do it! Do it all, you bastards! Stick me with pins! Set me on fire! Fuck me with your arm! Do everything!”

“We will, Barbie-slut,” Gary chuckled. “Now lick my balls.”

Barbie moaned with passion and disgust as Gary draped his sweaty ball over her moist, parted lips. She kissed the hairy, crinkled flesh, letting her tongue play out over the deep dirty creases. Gary angled his cock against Barbie’s forehead while her tongue flapped over his sweaty, dirty ball-sac.

Pat wave the lighter over every tender nook and cranny of Barbie’s sleek young body. The flame splashed against her armpits and into the hollows behind her knees. He teased the lighter up the center of he back, touched it to the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands. He even played the flame over Barbie’s face, making her cry out it terror.

Dave was turning her left leg into the same type of pincushion that her right already was. He drove the pins into her hip, thigh and calf. He even stuck pins into her big toe, making her howl pitifully, then without warning he abandoned her leg and stuck a pin right through the tautly stretched, swollen pussy-lips of her cunt.

“No not there!” Barbie shrieked. “Not there! Oh please, please, please, not there!”

“There,” Pat said mockingly, as Dave speared her clit with one of the horrid, long pin. Starbursts exploded behind Barbie’s eyes, as another mammoth orgasm roared through the cheerleader young body. As, Pat pistoned his fist back and forth in her tattered little cunt, Dave speared Barbie’s clit several more times and place a rubber cap over the pointed end that was sticking out of her clit.

Dave spiked one pin after another through her quivering clit, then move back to her torn cunt-lips, capping each protruding tip with a rubber tip so that the pins wouldn’t poke Pat’s forearm as he reamed out her twat with his fist. He also pushed pins into her shaking, jerking inner thighs. He ground pin after pin into the long crevice that stretched from the end of her pussy-slit throughout her ass-crack up to her tailbone.

Throughout Dave’s pin insertion Pat was driving his fist into Barbie’s tattered cunt. His fist filled Barbie’s cunt. When he shoved his fist in so that half of his forearm was buried up inside her, the tiny pocket stretched in ways it had never been meant to stretch.

“Ohhhhhh!” Barbie moaned through the ball-sac muffler Gary was dragging over her lips. Her big brown eyes crossed from the unbearable pressure Pat was applying inside her slender body. “Enough! Enough! Pat, enough, enough! Enough!”

Pat just smiled and fuck his arm inside her. His fist banged against her cervix. His face twisted with effort of fucking his fist into her pussy. He could feel her cunt tearing. Barbie’s cunt was pumping gallons of pussy-cream out in a desperate defense against the savage beating it was taking.

“Look at this,” Pat said proudly, slamming his fist into her cunt. “Look at the way the trashy whore is swallowing my arm.”

Pat fucked his arm into her faster and harder. Finally he popped his arm all the way to the elbow, and Barbie whined in agony.

Her legs flopped and shuddered, they spread wider by the giant intrusion of Pat’s, forearm then by the leather straps that held her airborne. Her flat stomach bulged with the unnatural invasion. Each time Pat slammed his fist inside her, Barbie’s tiny little tummy would puff up as though she was pregnant. Each time he pulled his fist back to the entrance of her ravaged cunt the bulge would collapse, and be suck inward from the suction the extremely tight arm caused. The three boys laugh at the sight of Pat’s fist was making her stomach bulge. They laugh even harder as Pat began to angle his blows so that the outline of his fist would be even more clearly formed through her taunt bulging tummy.

Dave lined her silky flanks with pins, driving them deep and twisting them to draw little beads of blood with each and every pin, to get more of a reaction from the screaming girl. He drew a line of pins from her hips to under her arms. Then the trail of pins flowed down her arms and fingers. He stuck pins through the soft webbing between each finger, the as an after thought, he did the same thing between each of her toes. The pain was awful, and combined with the agony of the fist fucking it was unbearable. Barbie cried bitterly, as she licked Gary’s balls.

“Suck them,” Gary said. “Suck them good, Barbie slut, and I might keep Dave and his nasty pins away from your slutty little face.”

“Well maybe if the slutty, pain-loving bitch does a really good job of it, I’ll think about it,” Dave said dotting her bulging tummy around the outline of Pat’s fist with the long sharp pins.

Barbie opened her mouth as wide as she could, and let one of Gary’s egg size balls slipped between her lips. The single ball nearly filled her mouth, and she and to stretch her lips painfully and suck hard to get the other egg size ball into her spit filled cavity. With both of Gary’s egg size balls in he mouth, Barbie’s beautiful face was distorted, her pretty cheeks puffed out grotesquely.

“That’s it Barbie-slut, wash them off good.” Gary rubbed his dripping cock across her forehead, leaving trails of pre-cum all over her. “Shit Eastport got a whole squad of fucking cheerleaders. They’ll never miss one. And you’re ours, now, you know that, don’t you, you sleazy pain-loving cheerleading-whore?”

Barbie nodded her head up and down. Tears and spit staining her shit soiled cheeks. At Gary’s words her cunt contracted like a vice around Pat’s punishing forearm. A burning, agonizing orgasm gripped her sleek, helpless body, so powerful and painful that it almost made her pass out, so unexpected that Barbie couldn’t stop her moans of pleasure and slow, sensual grinding of her hips against Pat’s beating fist.

Barbie ears were already pierced, and had a lovely set of earrings in them, but Dave pierced each lobe a dozen more times with his pins, for good measure, driving pins completely through the fragile flaps of flesh. He grabbed another large box of pins before he started on Barbie’s tits. When he stuck the first pin deep into the upthrust welted mound of her right tit Barbie climaxed again.

“Not my tits!” she groaned pitifully as Gary pulled his spit-dripping balls from her widespread mouth. “Not my tits! They hurt already! They really do! Dave, you already hurt my tits really bad! Please don’t hurt them anymore!”

“I thought you’d learned not to whine so fucking much,” Pat said in disgust. He lit the lighter again and touched the flickering flame to Barbie’s perky mounds of her tits. “Maybe we should all hurt these sorry-ass tiny tits.”

Gary pulled Barbie’s head up by a fistful of hair, making her watch the double torture of her firm young tits. The enslaved beauty screamed and thrashed and orgasmic ripples shot through young body as Pat toasted her nipples with his cigarette lighter. He never dipped the flame close enough to burn her badly, but by the time he stopped waving the flame over her flesh the skin of her swollen, silky tits were shining a bright pink.

And all the time Pat was burning her, Dave was turning the perky mounds into twin pincushions. Barbie whimpered, crying at the obscene, degrading spectacle of a hundred shiny pinheads sticking out from her lovely welted pink tits. It was hard to decide which was worse, the pain of the attack or the humiliation of having to watch helplessly while it was taking place. Gary made sure that she kept her eyes open for every moment of the outrageous assault. Pulling her eyelashes open and pinching her lips and cheeks every time her eyes fluttered shut.

Dave saved the best for last. After Pat hat stopped toasting her nipples and had gone back to fist fucking Barbie in earnest, Dave pulled a pair of long, thick netting like needles from the wall of torture tools. Barbie watched with wide eyes as he held the needles up for inspection. She knew what he was going to do with them, but she tried to convince herself that she was wrong.


Dave grabbed her pin-riddled burnt left tit with his left hand holding it still in spite of Barbie’s frenzied thrashing. He steadied his right hand next to his body and positioned the needle at proper angle at the base of her nipple. Then he shoved the thick, long, sharp needle into the hard burnt bud of her nipple.

“AAARRRGGGEEE! NOOOOOO!” Barbie wailed, her beautiful face twisted with pain and terror. The tip of the needle disappeared into one side of her nipple and a moment later it popped through the other, drops of blood clinging to its glittering surface. “No, Dave no! Gary, not this! Please don’t ruin me! Please don’t ruin me for ever!”

“We’re improving you, you stuck up little slut!” Dave growled, sticking the other needle through her right nipple. “Your tiny tits aren’t worth too fucking much! Put a couple of rings through them, though, and they’ll be a real fucking attraction!”

“No!” Barbie whimpered. “Noooo! Dear God, Gary, Pat, Dave, your going too far! Too far!”

“You don’t understand yet, do you Barbie-sleaze?” Gary asked, jerking her head back until she was staring up at him. “You belong to us! You’re our little sex slave. We own you, just the way we’d own a dog or a hamburger we’re going to eat. Anything we do to your sleazy, whorish body is our business. And your only fucking job is to be happy about it. If we cut your fucking tiny tit off you should say thank you and ask us if we want to cut off the other! Understand?”

“Thank you,” Barbie whispered, her voice trembling. Suddenly, she did understand. “Do you want to stick more pins in my tits, Dave?”

“Shut the fuck up, you worthless slut!” Gary yelled, swinging his legs over Barbie’s head to straddle her face. “Suck my ass out, whore!”

Gary parted his asscheeks with his hands and settled down on top of Barbie’s face. He sat on her face, facing her tits, making the straps of the leather that held her up to cut deep into her flesh. His weight almost snapped Barbie’s neck. The musky aroma of his filth-clotted ass-crack made Barbie heave.

Barbie lapped up and down the filthy ass-crack. She lathered the shitty crevice with her tongue and slithered her lips up and down the crack to suck away all the particles of filth her spittle had worked loose into her mouth. The taste of Gary’s ass was ten times worse then the smell and Barbie empty stomach heaved and twisted into painful knots. Still she sponged her tongue and suck at the soiled ass flesh.

Pat pulled his fist from Barbie’s cunt. It was dripping with cunt-cream and blood. Before the pulverized slit could begin to shrink, Pat slammed his other fist into the gapping twat up to its elbow without missing a punishing stroke. A moment later Barbie felt a strange pressure against her asshole. When she realized what it was her heart beat faster with terror. As Pat’s well-lubricated coned hand speared deep into her pin-ringed shitter. Barbie screamed up into the crack of Gary’s ass, as wave after wave of climaxes washed through her body.

“Inside, you slutty worthless whore!” Gary growled.

Barbie’s pink little tongue lanced up to the tiny entrance of Gary’s shitter. She struggled to get the tip of her little pink tongue into the tight star-shape opening. As she pushed her tongue hard against the tight opening of Gary’s shitter. Her tongue popped into the dark shit-tunnel, she thought that her tongue would be snapped off from the pressure that Gary’s tight shit tunnel was exerting. She wept with shame, while she struggled to slither her tongue up and down Gary’s shitter while Pat’s fist slammed up her shitter to his elbow.

Gary moaned with pleasure as her tongue snaked up and down his shit chute like a tiny, wet cock. He reached down and smashed Barbie’s pin-cushion tits together, then he grabbed the needles sprouting out of her nipples and twisted them viscously in opposite directions.

Barbie gurgled up into Gary’s ass-crack, as another mixture of pain and lust serge through her supple young body, as her pussy exploded with yet another orgasm.

“Shake your ass, Barbie-slut!” Pat said watching Barbie’s once tiny ass expanding to accommodate the impossible intrusion of his pussy-cream slick fist. Her shitter gobbled-up his arm to the elbow. “You’ve never gotten it this good, have you Barbie-sleaze? You’ve never had this fine of a fucking in your whole worthless, tight-ass life, have you cheerleader?” giggled Pat.

“But you will again,” Dave said as he stroked his rock-hard cock. He watched the helpless sex slave’s brutal double fist fuck, nipple twisting, and desperate ass slurping with equal fascination. “You’ll get fucked so good and so much that, that’s the only thing you’ll think about, you worthless whore!”

“And that’s all you should be thinking about,” Gary added, as he moaned with pleasure from the feel of Barbie’s soft tongue slithering in his asshole. “Because from now on all you are is a mouth, a cunt, and a asshole all wrapped up in one slutty package.”

Barbie whimpered in agony and fear as Pat’s knuckles rake the linings of Barbie’s two lower fuck-holes. Pat ran his fists up and down in unison with all the force he could muster.

Barbie’s supple, body stiffened like a board as Pat’s forearms sunk to the elbows, in her cunt and asshole at the same time. She trembled uncontrollably, as if from a terrible high fever. And she planted her lips tightly around the winking star of Gary’s asshole and suck on it for all that she was worth, as another orgasm blasted through her overloaded body.

Suddenly her mouth filled with a wash of something that was too base and earthy to be anything but shit. Barbie retched repeatedly, her lean sexy body jerking with the force of her heaving. The watery shit ran down her throat and into her empty stomach. Her heaving jetted the fowl tasting shit back up into her mouth and bubbled out over her lips, to streak down over her face to splatter against her throat and shoulders and the floor beneath her. Barbie tried to jerk her parted lips off of Gary’s ass, but as she tilted her head further back Gary sunk lower trapping her lips between his asscheeks.

“EAT, WHORE!” Gary roared.

Barbie began swallowing the rank fecal matter. A huge, barely solid turd pushed out of Gary’s asshole and plopped into Barbie’s mouth. It slithered to the back of her throat and nudged down into her boiling, empty stomach. Another turd popped out then another and another. Barbie gulped down each mouthful of fecal matter. When the flow of shit stop, Barbie resumed tongue fucking, licking and sucking Gary’s asshole, but Gary cut her ass cleaning short as he dragged his ass back and forth across her face as he farted. Gary smeared her perfect features with the dank remains. Shit smeared up her nose and into her eyes, and all over her beautiful face. As he slid off he face he grabbed a handful of hair and wiped his ass clean with it. He spun around and squatted over Barbie’s face again and fed his foot-long cock into her mouth, and begin fucking it.

Pat was going at Barbie’s cunt and asshole like a fighter, slamming his fists into her so brutally that her young body felt shattered beyond repair. His right fist pounded so far up her asshole that Barbie felt his fist punched into her stomach. His left fist banged against the inner walls of her womb so forcefully that Barbie could feel her internal organs being shoved and jostled.

Gary yanked his cock out of her mouth, spun around, and Gary’s wave his cock back and forth, spraying jism all over Barbie’s pin-cushioned tits. As the jism stream died Gary got up off of Barbie’s face. Before Barbie could take breath of unsoiled air Dave squatted down over her face and grabbed her nipple needles pumping them up and down.

Without being told Barbie started servicing Dave’s filthy asshole.

“Hold that toilet-hole wide open, Barbie-slut!” Dave barked.

The shit that descended from his asshole was a single solid length, it had none of the water constancy that Gary’s had. As he stood up the long turd snaked out from his shitter. The hot steamy turd filled Barbie’s mouth, coiled around her lips, chin, the bridge of her nose, and across her eyes. “CHEW!”

Barbie started to chew on the mouthful of shit, before she had a chance to swallow, Dave barked: “You are to chew you lazy, slutty whore, until your are given permission to stop!” Barbie groaned pathetically as she chewed.

Pat pulled his fists from Barbie’s bottom fuck-holes and grabbed his stiff cock and began pumping it. Gary and Dave pumping their own stiff rods joined him.

As Barbie sat in her chair of straps, with her vision obscured by a long, hot turd as she chewed the portion that was in her mouth. The three big evil cadets hosed her pin cushioned sultry young body with jism, while they called her filthy name and laugh at how they had humbled her.

“Now you know what you are,” Gary said, as the boys, jism spray changed to piss. “We are going toe keep doing this fun stuff until you’re fucking numb, until you’re just a fucked out old whore. Ten we’ll turn you out too earn us some money to pay back your training cost. But first we have a little job for you!”

Barbie chewed and chewed and chewed. She climaxed three times while they coated her with jism and twice more when they pissed.

“Swallow and open!” Dave barked. Barbie swallowed the shit she had been chewing the jacked her mouth open wide, as Dave scraped the shit covering her face into her mouth. “Swallow!”

“What do you have to say, you sleazy, whore?” Gary asked.

Barbie swallowed the last of Dave’s rank shit. “Thank you, Gary,” she whispered.

“WHAT!” scream Gary as her twisted the needles skewered her nipples. “Speak up, you shitty, ugly slut!”

As a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, Barbie cried out, putting the last of her failing strength into the shout. “Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Pat. Thank you, Dave! Thank you, my magnificent loving soldiers!”

Ring-ring-ring. Through tear swollen eyes Barbie watch Gary walk over to the phone that was ringing.

“Yo, guys its noon,” bellowed Gary. “Want to brake for lunch?”

“Yea!” Pat and Dave responded together.

Barbie shuddered violently and sobbed heavily, it had been just shy of twenty-four hours sense she fell into the Academy’s clutches. But to her it felt as though she had spent ten years in a Turkish prison.

She watched Dave ascend the stairs, unlock the door, and let over twenty boys in. Barbie groaned and whined as the twenty-odd boys stood around her poking and prodding the pins that were poking out of her svelte, pain riddled, young body.

Barbie looked over at Gary and Pat and Dave, who were sitting around a table munching on hamburgers. “Hungry,” she whined pathetically, barely above a whisper. The three boys grinned evilly at her as they held their sandwiches towards her.

“Fed her boys,” giggled Gary.


Barbie was fed. The tortured, well fucked, starving, young cheerleader was fed. Not any of the hamburgers, that Gary, Pat and Dave was eating. Barbie was fed hot, stiff, fuck-sausages. The twenty-odd boys fed all three of her fuck-holes, as Gary, Pat and Dave ate the hamburgers.

As the twenty-odd boys fed Barbie’s fuck-holes, they pushed and twisted on the pins sticking out of her svelte young body. The way she was position allowed all three of he of her fuck-holes to be fed at once. Barbie’s shitter and cunt and mouth swallowed load after load of jism.

After servicing each of the boys three times, giving each boy a chance to use each of her holes, Dave hulking form stepped into her view.

“Lunch is over Barbie-slut,” Dave giggled, as he laid a half eaten hamburger paddy over her nose. “Time to get back to your training.”

Barbie screamed at the top of her lungs as Dave’s huge form sat down on her, driving the pins lining her body to be pushed deeper into her. She tried to buck Dave off but he was too heavy for her to budge. The patty that was sitting on her nose flew across the room as she thrashed her head around wildly.

“A little bumpy but nice,” Dave giggled, wiggling his ass and leaning back against Barbie’s welted tits. As Barbie screamed and climaxed, Dave watched the twenty-odd boys leave the basement.

“Next group at six,” Pat bellowed at the group of boys who were leaving, just before the basement door closed.

Gary grabbed a hand full of the screaming cheerleader’s hair and jerked it back.

“Please! Oh, please no more Gary! No more, I’ll do anything you want! Just, please no more!” sobbed the beautiful, svelte cheerleader.

“But Barbie-sleaze, you still don’t know how to fuck and suck worth-shit. We’re going to have to work on those little shortcomings,” Gary giggled. “What would sweet little Barbie-slut like to be taught how to do, first? Cock sucking or pussy fucking or ass fucking?”

“Please, Gary, I’ll do everything real nice. Everything, but please no more pain! No more pain, please, Gary.”

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack. “WELL!” Gary growled, after striking the beautiful face of the young cheerleader several times.

“I… I would like… like to learn to… to suck cock. Please Gary teach me… me how to suck… suck cocks properly, pl-please,” Barbie stuttered, pleadingly.

Gary taught the beautiful, svelte, young cheerleader every technique and trick on pleasing a man’s cock. How to nibble softly, how to cress with her tongue, how to fondle, how to suck, how to flex her throat muscles around meaty stocks that were buried deep down it. How to do everything pleasurable to cocks and balls. To make sure that Barbie paid attention to each and every lesson Pat and Dave stick pins into her. And when she messed up in the slightest way, the three boys would beat her with whips. Or yank on the needled sticking through her nipples, twisting and stretching the long, pointy nubs.

Barbie learned each and every painful lesson to perfection. After learning the fine art fellatio, she was given an ample chance to practice, as the next group of twenty boys who was in on her abduction entered the basement.

The appearance of this next group of boys was the tormented young cheerleader only indication on how long her latest training session had been. From around two in the afternoon to six at night, Barbie had spent nearly four strait hours of torturous, cocksucking training. Now to the delight of the boys gathering around her, she would put her newly refined talent to work, as the three ring leaders sat at the table, eating a dinner of steaming hot Chinese food.

The beautiful, svelte cheerleader gulped down load after load of jism, as she been taught. Before whenever a boy dumped his gooey spunk into her mouth it would fill her hot, little oral cavity then bubble out when full. She would inadvertently swallow some of the spunk. And when a hot, throbbing cock was buried, deep down her throat the gooey, fuck-slime would be ejected straight down her gullet and into her stomach. But normally, she would let most of the male seed to pour and drool out of her mouth.

But now after her cocksucking lessons Barbie gulped down every drop of spunk that entered her sweet, little mouth. If the fuck-rod was withdrawn from her oral cavity before exploding, Barbie would lance out her tongue and zip it around her lush lips, lapping, sucking up any of the gooey jism that was within reach of her pink little tongue. Barbie’s once empty, concave tummy was now bulging out, from being filled with so much of the gooey jism. The bulging stomach made the young cheerleader’s seedbed appear to have been sowed, and now was growing inside her. The boys chuckled and jeered as they prodded and poke Barbie’s bloated tummy, as she continued to suck down load after load of their jism.

It was just after midnight when Barbie swallowed the last boy’s final spunk load. The three ringleaders released the spent cheerleader from the strap chair she was bound in. The sexy, young cheerleader laid on the cold basement floor flicking her tongue around her lips, cleaning up the last remains of gooey male-seed that was sticking on them.

“MY, my Barbie-slut we seem to be getting out of shape again!” Pat giggled, as he poked his ragged, big toenail into her, puffed out belly. “We are just going to have to tone you back up!” Pat threw another of the rubber suits on top of Barbie.

Barbie shuddered at the sleek rubber suit rise and fall on her chest as she gasped air into her lungs. She peered up at Pat’s towering form, and whined: “Pins! Please, Pat the pins! Can you take them out?”

“Ten lashes for every minute!” Pat bellowed at the beautiful young cheerleader.

Barbie squeezed into the rubber suit, it fitted her just as tight as the suit she had worn last night, even perhaps slightly tighter. So the young, writhing cheerleader screamed and howled as she pulled and tugged the tight restricted garment over the colorful, quivering pinheads that sprouted out of her sleek svelte, sweat drenched, young body. The needles that went through her nipples caused stars to exploded behind Barbie’s eyes and a intense orgasm to rattled through her, as she pulled on her tender breasts so that they lined up with the openings provided for them in the rubber suit.

“Man-O-man!” one of the boys who Barbie had been paying lip service to, exclaimed. “Will you look at how sleek that rubber suit looks on Barbie!”

“Yea!” responded another. “It really enhances every little curve and contour she has.”

“And look at the way it makes her tits and pussy lips bulge out, all invitingly!” exclaimed yet another boy.

“Not to mention that you can see every single one of the pinheads that’s stuck in her under that tight rubber!” cooed still another boy, as her ran his index finger over several of the little bumps that the pinheads made.

Barbie looked up at the leering boys as she finished pulling on the rubber suit.

“Four minutes, Barbie-slut! That’s forty you owe me, but for now get your lazy ass over there!” growled Pat as he pointed to a contraption that occupied the spot where the exercise cycle had been.

Barbie, looked at the object that, Pat was pointing to. It was another piece of exercise equipment. A stair-climber, and like the exercise cycle it had been modified to inflect pain to her young body. Two long pole with foot-long knurled dildos stick into the air just behind the peddles and behind the dildos and horizontal to them, were two wheels with rubber straps attached around the circumference of the wheels.

Barbie shuddered to the core as she shifted her gaze from the stair-climber to Pat. “Please, Pat I’m so tired! Please let me rest, please! I’ve bee a good little whore. Please, let me rest just for a little while! Please!”

“Boys why don’t you help this worthless, good for nothing, little whore out,” Gary giggled.

Six pair of hands grabbed Barbie’s young svelte body and lifted her on to the stair-climber’s dildos, while four other secured her wrists and ankles to the handles and peddles.

“Noooo! Gary, no! Not the clips again! Noooo, dear God, nooooo!” Barbie wailed, as Gary approached her with three alligator clips.

“Aaaarrrgggeee!” the young cheerleader screamed as an alligator clip chewed its way in to the nub of her left nipple. Followed by a clip on her right nipple. The two nipple clip chains were secured to their corresponding pedals. Then a clip was snapped onto her clit and her stretched clit was secured to a disk in front of her. Lastly her head was strapped between a split toilet seat that was perched above the stair-climber.

“WALK!” snapped Gary.

The frightened, tormented cheerleader pushed down with her left foot. Her descending foot pulled her left breast downward by her clipped nipple. The movement of her downward foot also caused the dildo stuffed up her cunt to plunge deeper into her cunt and agitate like a washing machine. The top wheel spun in a clockwise direction the rubber straps whipping her left ass-cheek. The downward movement of her right foot stretched Barbie’s right breast, plunge the shitter dildo deep and agitate, and the bottom wheel to spin counterclockwise whipping her right ass-cheek. The disk that her clit was attached to begin spin twirling her clit like an excited puppy dog tail.

“FASTER!” snapped Gary. When Barbie had increased her speed to a fast power walk speed, Pat flipped the power switch. A sharp jolt slammed into the young cheerleader’s supple body. She pumped her feet even faster until the hammering current diminished to a tickling trickle.

Barbie moaned in pure misery and painful anguish, from her body parts were abused and tortured, as she pumped the stair-climber. She watch the boys file out of the basement until only Gary, Pat, Dave and two of the other boys remained.

“Well Barbie-slut we need to get some sack time,” giggled Gary. “We have class in the morning so we’ll leave you here to work off that pudgy tummy.” Gary poked Barbie in her spunk-filled stomach. “See you in twelve hours.”

“Ed and Robert and their replacements are sacrificing their sack time to make sure that your not interrupted, so keep them entertained, will you?” giggled Dave, as one of the boys climb up on the toilet seat.

Barbie sucked the boy’s prick into her mouth, and with tender, loving care she began to suck on the boy’s ridged throbbing fuck-rod.

“That it Barbie-slut,” Pat giggled as he switched on the heaters.

“Nighty-night, Barbie-slut!” chirped the three ring leaders as they left the basement.

The young, beautiful, svelte cheerleader went through another torturous, hellish exercise period. She rapidly discovered that standing and pumping the stair-climber was much more tiresome then sitting and pumping an exercise cycle. Barbie could not see how far her nipples were dragged or how silly her clit looked as it spun in a little circle. But Barbie did feel it, not only did she feel the agonizing pain in her tits and clit, but her cunt and asshole felt as if they were being, rip to shreds. While at the same time being unscrewed and rescrewed by the agitating force of the dildos. Both her asscheeks felt ablaze as the wheels spun smacking the rubber straps across them. To Barbie’s relieve she could see none of this. To her, seeing the abuse inflected upon her made the pain ten times worse. So Barbie was grateful her view was blocked by groin after groin that plopped in front of her face.

Her lovely face was completely masked by silvery coating of jism and her tummy was fuller then ever, as she caressed and sucked every set of balls and ridged cocks with her tongue, mouth and throat.

When Barbie’s long, sleek, tapered legs became tangle knots of twitching muscles, the piece of exercise equipment took over the task. It pumped her feet at twice the speed that she could manage. When Barbie was too exhausted to even flick her tongue the boys rammed their hot, throbbing fuck-poles in and out of her mouth for her. Barbie coughed and gagged herself to semi-conscious as jism filled her mouth and sled down her throat.

As with the excise cycle the stair climber wrack Barbie’s svelte young body with pain. Weather or not she had any input. The only thing that was missing from her time on the exercise cycle was the horrific surging of electricity coursing it way through her body. Barbie knew that it was for the benefit of the owner of the fuck-sausages that pistoned in and out of her oral cavity then any petty concern for her. However Barbie was truly grateful for the missing jolts of current.

“Afternoon, Barbie-sleaze!” boomed Gary’s jubilant voice. Gary, Pat, Dave and the two boys who were currently in the basement, removed Barbie from the stair-walker. “I see that you’re still a little pudgy,” chuckled Gary as he violently jabbed his index finger into Barbie’s spunk filled stomach repeatedly.

“I’m sorry, Gary,” Barbie sobbed. The exhausted cheerleader would have collapsed to the basement cold, hard floor, if it weren’t for Dave’s powerful hand holding her up on her toes, by her hair. “I could excise some more to get rid of that nasty bulge in my tummy.” Barbie knew that after her two strenuous, torturous sessions on the modified exercise equipment had drained every ounce of fat from her sexy frame. And that the most minuscule morsel in her stomach would cause her sunken, concave, waspish abdominal area to puff out. So as long as jism was pumped in to her tummy she would always have the bulge. “I could exercise real hard Gary,” she whined, as she was spun by her hair.

“Not right now, Barbie-sleaze,” Pat sneered, as the two extra boys tightly fitted leather cuff to the sleek, young cheerleader’s wrist and ankles. “You still owe me forty lashes.”

Dave dropped Barbie to the basement floor. She was then hoisted up off the floor upside-down, stretched spread-eagle style. Her arms and legs were stretched so taunt, that Barbie could feel the joints in her hips and shoulders were about to pop.

“Man-O-man does the little whore looks really hot strung up like that!” one of the extra boy exclaimed, as her ran his hands over Barbie’s taunt body.

“Ya, man! Gary can we fuck her?” Asked the other extra boy, as his hands joined his cohorts.

“Sorry, boys but were due back in class shortly,” responded Gary sorrowfully.

“Aw-gee-wiz!” exclaimed both boys.

Tell you what guys I’ll let you whip, Barbie-slut’s perky breasts and sloppy cunt for me instead. OK? Pat remarked.

The two extra boys scrambled over to the wall and grab a stout leather strop. Each boy chose one of Barbie’s firm perky tit mounds and slashed the breast of their choice fifteen times with rapid harsh strokes. The pins that were embedded in Barbie’s breasts went flying as the leather strops danced over them.

When they were finished with the howling cheerleader’s tits they each laid five vicious blows across her cunt. The strops made wet, slurping sounds as they sent pussy-juices flying as they impacted with Barbie’s cunt, as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her. After receiving her forty lashes, Gary slammed two foot-long wrist-thick, vibrating dildos deep into the beautiful cheerleader’s well used twat and shitter.

From the top of the stairs, Gary and the other boys grinned and licked their lips as they looked down at the suspended upside-down, stretched tautly young, svelte, teen. “See you after classes, for your next lesson, Barbie-sleaze,” giggled Gary. Barbie was left in total darkness, as the five boys filed out of the basement.

Barbie stared into the darkness, at the door that Gary and the others had so easily departed through. The tortured cheerleader wept despondently, as the dildos purred deep inside her and the skin-tight rubber-suit dug the pins into her body. Barbie was torn between rapturous pleasure and hellish agony, as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her. The exhausted, svelte, young cheerleader slipped into an agonizing slumber.

“Eeeekkkk! Aaaarrrrggggeee!” Barbie screamed, as an alligator clip bit into her clit head. A set of bloodshot, hazel blue eyes popped open with stock terror burned deep with in them, as they locked on to the object that Gary was holding.

“Time to start training that nasty little twat of yours, Barbie-slut,” cackled Gary, as he dropped the one pound lead weight he was holding.

Barbie howled as the lead weight snapped her clit towards the floor. She tried to buck and thrashed but the lines that held her spread-eagled denied her even the tinniest of movements. Her stuffed pussy made wet slurping, sucking noises, as Gary pulled the dildo from it. Barbie gasped and howled, once again as Gary’s massive hand slammed into her crotch, when the dildo cleared it.

“We’re going to teach this little fuck-tube of yours how to do something other than being a stagnant cesspool,” Gary growled, as he pushed three large goose eggs into Barbie’s cunt.

“Barbie-sleaze, starting now,” Gary added and dropped another one pound lead weight to her clit. “And every five minutes clitty gets another gift, until those twat eggs are cracked,” Gary chuckled.

By the time Barbie cracked the three goose eggs using only her cuntal muscles her clit was being chewed by seven sharp-tooth alligator clips which were supporting thirty-five pounds of lead.

To the tortured, svelte, young cheerleader it felt like three huge loads of spunk has exploded in her pussy, as the gooey eggs escaped from their cracked shells. The cracked shells themselves cut into her delicate cuntal lining, as Barbie continue to flex her cuntal muscles.

“Now Barbie-slut,” Pat snapped. “I’m going to pump this,” Pat jammed a foot long, wrist thick, knurled dildo deep into Barbie’s egg filled cunt, “in and out of that nasty little box of yours. If I think its sliding to easily, Dave here will sink some of his cute colorful pins into them pathetic looking, tiny titties of yours, until I’m satisfied that your twat is doing its job properly.”

Pat pulverized the goose eggs shells in Barbie’s pussy, as he rammed the artificial cock in and out of her twat. A frothy stream of yellow slime trickled from Barbie’s cunt, down the skin tight rubber suit, between her welted, pin sprouting breasts, to flow across her beautiful face to drip to the floor, as Pat pistoned the huge dildo in her pussy.

Though it caused the sexy, svelte, young cheerleader immense agony, Barbie kept her cuntal muscles clinched tight around the pistoning dildo, while orgasm after orgasm rippled through her. Whenever she lax the muscles even for a second, Dave plunge needles into her throbbing breasts. Pat seemed especially keen on thrusting the dreadful pins into her sensitive, tender nipples.

“Barbie-slut, hold this for me,” Barbie grunted, as Pat rammed the foot long, wrist thick, rubber cock into her cunt. He shoved until her pussy-lips closed over the base of the fake phallus. She felt, Pat hook a chain to the base of the dildo, as he spoke to her. “You got a good grip?”

“Yes, Pat,” sobbed the tormented young cheerleader.

“Good,” Chuckled Pat. Barbie squeezed her cuntal muscles as tight as she could to hold the fake phallus buried deep in her pussy, as Pat tighten the chain. Tracing the outline of the dildo through the skin tight rubber suit. “You’re going to be tested, to see if you’ve learned how to keep that nasty snatch nice and tight. If you keep the dildo buried in that nasty snatch, this lesson will end, and you’ll be let down, and be allow some sleep. If not, more training, understand?”

“Yes, Pat,” sobbed Barbie. Barbie desperately wanted the chance to have the tormenting stop, and be allowed going back asleep. So she squeezed down with all of her might on the rubber prick that stuffed her pussy.

She felt Pat tug briskly on the chain attached to the dildo. For the first time Barbie was grateful for the hard knurls that were studded around the dildo. It gave something for her cuntal muscles to grab on to. Barbie let out a deep, long sigh of relief when the dildo remained buried inside her. She was doing it, now the torture would end for a while. Sleep! Beautiful, wonderful sleep would soon be hers.


“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Barbie lay groaning on the floor. She was staring up at the swing dildo that had just moments before had been stuff up her pussy. While the roaring laughter from the three sadistic cadets hammered into her ears.

Just as the tormented, svelte, servile, young cheerleader sighed with relief and a expression of satisfaction spread across her face, Gary and Dave had released the lines around her ankles that were holding Barbie suspended. No matter how tight Barbie squeezed her cuntal muscles they just were not design to hold her full body weight suspended.

“Tisk-tisk-tisk,” Pat chuckled, as Gary and Dave released the line stretching out her arms. “I guess that that nasty twat needs more training.”

“Pleasssse, no! Pat, please, no more. I really have learned to keep my pussy nice and tight. Please no more,” pleaded Barbie as Pat dragged her across the basement floor to the web-chair. After the three burly cadets rigged her in the web-chair so that her cunt and mouth were at cock level, Gary blasted a stream of hot water into Barbie’s cunt. As the water rushed in, slimy, gooey, yellow mixture of egg and pussy cream with flakes of eggshells was flushed from her tattered cunt. When clear hot water was gushing out instead of the gooey mixture, Gary rammed his hand into her cunt and felt around. When he was satisfied there were no more eggshells in Barbie’s cunt he popped his hand back out. The he blasted a stream of ice cold water into the svelte cheerleader’s cunt, causing her cunt to snap tight.

“Now, your lessons continues, Barbie-sleaze!” roared Gary as he plowed his ten-inch long fuck rod into her tight twat. “Milk it, slut!”

Gary moaned with sensual pleasure, as Barbie flexed her cuntal muscles around his one-eye wonder as it pistoned in and out. After he pumped his load of jism into the young cheerleader Gary pulled out of Barbie’s snatch and walked around to her head.

Barbie lance her tongue over the under side of Gary’s slimy, stiff fuck-rod as soon as it hovered above her face. As she licked and sucked on Gary’s cock and balls, Pat gave her another douching, first with a stream of hot water to flush out Gary’s spunk and her pussy cream, then a blast of ice cold water to tighten up her cunt for his prick. After swallowing Gary’s cream and her pussy was flooded with Pat’s jism, Pat replaced Gary’s prick with his own over the svelte, young cheerleader’s face, while Dave douched her pussy.

Before Dave rammed his massive foot-long, wrist-thick prick up Barbie’s tiny twat, he used a hairdryer on the dripping fuck-box until it was bone dry. Unlike Gary and Pat who had grasped her hips to steady her as they fucked her, Dave instead locked his large burly hands around her pin-cushioned breasts, as he plowing his massive fuck-rod into her fuck-box.

After servicing the three ringleaders with her cunt and mouth, Barbie spent the rest of the night and the next morning milking cocks with her cunt, sucking, licking cocks and balls with her mouth for the remainder of the Academy boy’s who were in on her kidnapping. On the svelte, young cheerleader’s, forth day of captivity, she was taught how to use her poop-chute to milk the male’s fuck-rod.

On Barbie’s fifth day she spent the school hours on the exercise-cycle with her tits and clit being yanked and stretched, drilling her pussy and asshole as she pedaled to keep the harsh bite of the electricity from eating her, while the boy’s took the S.A.T. test.

After being released from the cycle they had her perform a lewd lap dance. Unlike a night club dancer, who only rubbed up against her customer Barbie rotated Dave’s massive cock through her three fucked holes, as she stripped out of the skin-tight rubber suit. Her sleek sweat covered skin glistened and light sparkled off the heads of the numerous straight pins that were embedded through out her svelte, young body. Dave’s huge hands mauled her slim body crushing the pins into her. When Dave exploded his load of jism up her ass, Barbie was passed to Pat. She continued to dance lewdly as Pat’s rock-hard fuck-rod penetrated her fuck-holes, as she squeezed back into the rubber suit. Throughout the night Barbie performed her lewd dancing, as she alternated between striping off the skin-tight rubber suit and donning it, as she used her three fuck-holed to milk jism from the Academy boys fuck-rods.

On the morning of sixth day of Barbie’s enslavement, was allowed to stop dancing and sit. Though it didn’t take the tormented cheerleader long for her to wish that she were once again dancing.

The nude, strait-pin adorned, cheerleader was forced to straddle a sawhorse. Her legs were pulled at right angles until they were cleared of the floor then secured. Her arms were tied behind her at the wrist and elbows, then her wrist hoisted up towards the ceiling forcing her to lean forward. Within fifteen minutes of being left alone sitting in the darken basement, Barbie was howling in pure agony, as the set up caused Barbie’s entire body weight to crush down on the narrow edge of the sawhorse that was digging into her pussy slit and clit. The svelte, young cheerleader sat howling in agony, in the pitch-black basement, as her captors comfortably sat in the Academy’s lecture hall, listening to a lecture on “The ethical treatment of noncombatants in the modern combat zone”.

After the school day ended, Gary, Pat and Dave strolled into the basement with spring gleeful steps. “Afternoon Barbie-slut,” Dave giggled as he mauled her pincushion breasts. “Are we ready to get to work?”

“Yes! Dear God, yes! I will do anything you want, Dave! Just please let me off this board! Please Dave, please!” the sobbing cheerleader answered hoarsely. She flopped to the basement floor in a heap, after the three boys remove the lines holding her legs and wrist stretched out. Barbie laid on her side writhing in agony. She wrenched her bound hands around to her front and gently began to massage her throbbing clit and pussy. “OW! OW! OW! AAARRRGGGEEE!” Barbie howled as Gary kicked her pincushion breasts.

“Barbie-sleaze you weren’t given permission to play with that nasty little clitty!” Gary snarled as he continued to kick Barbie’s breasts.

Barbie snapped her bound arms behind her back, as she whimpered, “I’m sorry, Gary! I won’t do it anymore, I promise! Please stop kicking my poor breasts, please Gary!”

“I’ll stop when I’m good and ready, Barbie-sleaze!” growled Gary as he kicked her breasts even harder. “Ugh! Look at this mess you’ve made out of the basement.” The tortured cheerleader looked around the basement. Jism, pussy cream, piss, shit, sweat, and blood was everywhere. “You’re to use that slutty tongue in that mealy mouth of yours until this basement is spotless. Or you can sit back up here,” Gary patted the sawhorse that Barbie had spent the morning on, “for the rest of the day,” Gary snapped as he stopped kicking her breasts.

With her arms still bound tightly behind her at her wrist and elbows, Barbie scrambled to her knees and started licking the gunk off the basement floor. As she licked up jism Dave dropped behind her and corn-holed her poop-chute. While she licked the basement floor and flexed her asshole muscles around Dave’s massive prick that was reaming her ass, Dave slowly twisted and rocked the strait pins that were adorning her slim, sexy body, as he pulled them out. By the time that Dave, Pat and Gary had dump their jism into each of Barbie’s three fuck-holes, all of the strait pins had been removed from her body. Only the two long needles that were speared through the base of her nipples remained. Tiny dots of blood speckled the cheerleader’s lean, sexy, svelte, young body.

Barbie spent the rest of the day, the night and all of the next day licking the basement clean, while boy after boy spewed their jism into her. The only time that Barbie stopped her licking of the basement was to service the cock and balls of any of the Academy boys who wanted the mouth service.


The boys on the Eastport football team were heading out of the school’s locker room, after practice. It was the night before the big game against Rener’s Military Academy, and they had gone through an especially hard practice. The coach wanted them to be ready, and he sent them home with strict order to go strait home and hit the sack. To get a good night of restful sleep an be back in the locker room for suit up and a last strategy section at ten in the morning.

But neither they nor the coach had expected Barbie Shields to be standing in the parking lot behind the school, waiting for them.

“Well hello there,” Barbie said her voice low and sweet. She was wearing skintight jeans and a frilly black bra. None of the boys could believe what they were seeing. “My, my if its isn’t the big, bad Eastport Bulls.”

“Where have you been all week, Barbie?” one of the boys asked uncertainly.

“I’ve bee getting something ready for the team,” Barbie cooed, moving her hands slowly up her thighs, over her hips, onto curves of her waist and then over her pert, upthrust tits. “Something real special to thank you guys for all of the great games you’ve played.”

It had been over a week since the boys from Rener’s Military Academy had grabbed her. During the last couple days of her stay with the Academy boys was nothing but constant fucking of her three holes as her four days of torture had a chance to heal. Last night just before midnight Gary, Pat and Dave had allowed her to crawl onto the dirty, thin mattress and for over eleven hours of blissful uninterrupted slumber. After Gary woke her, he, Pat and Dave scrubbed her clean. She practical melted away as the warm soothing, soapy water cascaded over her body from the showerhead. And the gentle massages the three boys gave her as the clean her body. After she fixed her hair and applied make-up, Gary handed her the clothes that she now wore. The first real clothes that she has worn in almost a week.

After a week of special training under the three evil cadets, Barbie was certain that she was well beyond shame. But putting herself on display for her old schoolmates was doing it. These were guys who had been her friends, who she and her girlfriends had gone out on dates with. The guys that every week she cheered for as they played their football games. She knew that once she was done taking on the football team that her life at Eastport was over. She had to squeeze back tears as she flashed them an obscene, inviting smile.

“You guys know someplace we can go where I can thank you in private?” Barbie unsnapped the front of the black, lacy bra, letting the ringed bouncy cones of her tit pop out into the open. Almost every boy on the team gasped with open lust at the sight of her proud perky tits, with their shiny rings running through the base of her long pointy nipples. “My mouth’s watering for cocks.”

“Get the van,” a senior linebacker said to a junior end. “Pull it around.”

“Don’t worry,” Morris Walker, the school’s star halfback, added. “You’ll get all the cock you can handle.”

Barbie looked from one familiar face to another, seeing the expressions she had become so familiar with during her weeklong stay in hell at Rener’s Military Academy. There was admiration of her beauty and lust for her sexy body. But there was also contempt and scorn, even faint looks of disgust.

“I could suck those tits all night long,” a boy said.

“Yea! And look at those shiny rings she’s wearing in them,” another rang out.

“I’m going to fuck them sweet lips,” said the team’s center. “I’ll stick my cock all the way down her tight little throat. You like swallowing cum Barbie? You like sucking cock?”

“Oh, yes!” Barbie said, her voice crackling with lust and humiliation.

She dropped her bra to the parking lot and a half a dozen of the boys tried to snatch it up. They fought over the bra, and the boy who won it stretched the bra like a rubberband and snapped it against Barbie’s firm tits. Barbie couldn’t keep herself from uttering a long, throaty moan at the stinging pain of the catch snapping against her tits.

“Hey, Barbie likes this shit!” the boy with her bra shouted. He snapped the bra against her tits again and half of the football team laugh when Barbie’s face went dreamy with passion and her legs shook beneath her.

The boys circled Barbie. They were all big football players, and Barbie felt very tiny and helpless standing in their midst. That feeling made her feel even hotter. And when several of the boys started pulling their sweat pants and jock straps down revealing thickening cocks, of all lengths and thickness and sizes, it was all the submissive young beauty could do to keep from cumming.

“You like getting hit?” Tommy Moore, the handsome senior quarterback, asked. There was a look on his face that seemed to say that he would very much like to hurt her. “You like getting belted around? Maybe you’d like it if we tied you down and fuck you until you can’t stand up?”

“Yes!” Barbie gasped, her voice trembling with anticipation. “I’d like that very much! Beat me! Whip me! Tie me up and fuck me until I can’t stand up! Hurt me! Fuck me and hurt me and use me until I can’t move a muscle!”

“All right!” one of the boys said. “I never knew that you were such a slut, Barbie. You’re a real hot-ass whore.”

Barbie tore at the clasp of her tight, fitting jeans, then yanked the zipper down. She skinned her way out of the pants slowly and sexually, she kicked off the high heals she was wearing, and stood it the middle of the mob of boys dressed only in a sheer pair of black panties gyrating her hips lewdly. She slowly stripped those down too, and spread her legs far enough to offer a glimpse of her blood red cunt-lips and her wiggling little clit. After burning her cunt-hair down to stubble Pat had shaved the stubble off when the boys washed her this morning, so there was nothing to obscure the sight of her luscious pussy.

“You dirty whore!” Morris said with something like wonder in his voice. “You shaved your fucking cunt! You’re really hungry for some cock, aren’t you?”

“I want it so bad,” she said in a sexy voice. She cupped her hands over her cunt and spread her blood red swollen pussy-lips wide for the boy’s inspection. After a few moments she speared two fingers up inside her pretty cunt. “I want it in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass, between my tits — anywhere you want. Just make it hard. Make it hurt.”

“Shit!” a boy yelled. “We’ve got a party here! Where the fuck are we going to take her?”

“Penn Valley Park,” Tommy said. Way over on the West Side there’s an abandon fire watchtower there. It has plenty of lighting around it that still works and nobody ever fucking goes sense a fence was put up around it. I’ve got a pair of blot cutters in the van for the lock. Bring some booze and we’ll have a real fucking party with Barbie here.

“I can’t wait!” Barbie gasped, dropping to her knees and pulling at the front of Tommy’s sweat pants and jock strap. “I need your cock right here!”

She ran her fingers through her pussy and nibbled on Tommy’s raptly hardening prick. She clasped her lips around Tommy’s cock-head and walked it into her mouth with her lips. Her tongue whipped around the long shaft as she applied suction. The other boys moved in on her. She felt rough hands cupping her tits, pulling on the rings, stroking her sides and legs and pinching her full, round ass. Cocks brushed her face, shoulders and back. The football team was getting ready to give her the gang-bang she had begged for.

“I’ve never seen a sweeter pussy,” a boy said.

“She said we could fuck her ass,” another boy nervously inquired. Barbie squeaked and wriggled her sexy ass when the boy stuck his finger up her asshole.

“Don’t get so nervous,” another boy said. “She’s nothing but a whore. Shit, she’ll probably will get ass-fuck fifty times before the night is over.”

Barbie took her sopping wet fingers from her pussy and started playing with Tommy’s balls, as she slurped as noisily as she could on his cock that was wedge between her lush lips. Making the most obscene sucking and smacking noises possible. She rolled Tommy’s cock over with her tongue, washed his cock with her spit, then bobbed her head forward and took his cock all the way down her throat.

All the time she was tickling his balls and pumping the fat stalk of his prick. She flexed her sphincter muscles trying to trap the finger that was stuck up her shitter. Her cunt was convulsing around several of the boys, fingers that were knifing through it. Her pussy was leaking pussy-cream like a sieve. As excited as she was it was what her friends and schoolmates were saying about her that made Barbie explode into orgasm.

“That hot pussy looks like it could just eat you up!”

“I’m going to cum all over her face!”

“I never though I’d see little Miss Iceberg dripping with hot jism!”

“Suck that cock. Barbie!”

“Shake your ass Barbie!”

“Bounce those sex tits!”

“Look at her gobble down Tommy’s cock. Boy, I’m going to get some of that mouth action!”

Barbie moaned, unable to stop the sensuous sway of her body. She bobbed her head fast on Tommy’s, cock squirming her lips so tight around his fuck-pole that he thought she was skinning him alive. Her ass dance back and forth, her asshole flexing open and shut, her cunt-lips flapping like the wings of a bright red butterfly. Pussy-cream glistened inside her cunt, washing the six fingers that were knifing it. Barbie, road the crest of her climax with blissful joy.

“Hey!” one of the line backers yelped, his eyes wide as he watch the short jerky motion of Barbie’s pink little clit as gooey white froth poured from her cunt. “I think Barbie is getting off!”

“Yes!” Barbie hissed, pulling her mouth off Tommy’s cock and rubbing the sopping wet, rock-hard, fleshy fuck-tube all over her upturned face. “The BITCH is cumming! Look at the SLUT! She’s creaming all over herself just sucking on a big fat cock! I’m a SLEAZY LITTLE TRAMP, aren’t I? I’m nothing but TRASH! Somebody ought to fuck my SLUTTY little ass off!”

Barbie lapped at Tommy’s dangling balls, she pushed her face between his legs and twisted her body around so that she could run her tongue up his ass crack. She planted her lips on the ring of his shitter and gave him a long, lingering kiss. All the time she spent ministering lip survives to Tommy’s balls and ass crack, she ran her dainty hand around his fat, stiff, spit, covered prick and pump her hand up and down. After sucking on Tommy’s asshole for a few minutes she pop her head back out from between his legs and place his cock back into her mouth again. She swallowed it to the balls with one steady, throat-clogging lunge.

Boys, hands swarmed all over her crotch, ass, tits, and face. In fact there wasn’t a single inch of Barbie’s slender, sexy body that wasn’t being pawed, probed and pinched by questing male fingers.

A half a dozen hands swarmed over her already-spasming cunt. They were poking and probing and pinching her sensitive bloated pussy-flesh. Fingers from four different hands plunged into her cunt. Hands pulled her pussy-lips roughly in one direction then the other. Fingers pulled and pinched her clit, and Barbie squealed in a mixture of pain and lust, wondering if the less experienced boys of the Eastport football squad knew how much it hurt when they mishandled her clit in such away.

They pulled her sexy, round asscheeks wide apart and three fingers from three different boys poked into her asshole. Other boys were pinching the tender flesh of her ass-crack. Still others were slapping and pinching the soft rounded cheeks of her ass. Hands had descended on her tits, too. Boys pulled her nipples and pinched her soft tit-flesh and crushed the upthrust mounds until they were distorted into strange shapes. Four big linemen grabbed her nipple-rings, two on each ring and started to play tug-a-war with them, that made Barbie scream around the cock buried in her mouth wit agonizing pain and wanton lust, as another climax rattled through her.

Other boys stroked and petted and pinched her flat, little stomach, her long, sexy legs, her slender, creamy arms.

“YES!” she cried around the mouthful of cock she was sucking. “Oh, you big wonderful studs! Do it! Do me good! So good! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

It was as if the boys had reached into her cunt and grabbed the orgasm she had been having. Now they holding it there, beating it into froth with they’re diddling, pinching, pulling fingers. Her fever pitch orgasm kept growing and growing, never ebbing at all, just building and building and building endlessly.

Barbie writhed like an ell out of water, her sleek young body twisting in a sinuous display of pure animal lust. She devoured Tommy’s cock. Without warning he begin to spew his jism, and Barbie bobbed her head even more wildly. Her lips slurped as she fucked her face on his spurting cock. Soon the soupy mix of his jism and her spittle was flying everywhere, frosting his prick, webbing her lips and dangling from the bouncing cones of her tits.

Barbie whimpered around her mouthful of gushing cock, blowing bubbles in the frothy mix of jism and spittle that spilled out over the jerking stalk of Tommy’s prick. She jerked her ass crazily from side to side. Her pussy-juice coated the fingers that spiked into her pussy. It splattered her soft inner thighs and ran in tiny streams down to her knees and onto the hard blacktop of the parking lot. Barbie’s asshole gripped the fingers plunging inside it so hard that the boys could hardly pull them out. Her cunt wrung the boys, fingers that were spearing inside it with vice like strength.

“What a hot-ass cunt,” one of the cornerbacks said, as he wrapped Barbie’s soft, silky black hair around his hot, throbbing cock. “I’ve never seen such a fucking slut!” he stated as he slid his cock back and forth in its silky blanket.

“Tramp!” Tommy growled clutching Barbie’s ears as she jacked off his cock with her lips. “Barbie, you should have told us what a trashy little slut you really are. Fuck, you could thank us for playing football every week.”

“Every day!” the place kicker chuckled. He was shoving three fingers into Barbie’s cunt. Other boys were spreading her pussy-lips unbelievably wide. Her cunt was accommodating fifteen fingers from three different boys.

“Look at the way her pussy stretches! We could fuck her four at a time!” the big tight end chuckled.

“Yes!” Barbie hissed. Tommy’s cock was only dripping now. Barbie still bobbed her head wildly, slurping up every bit if jizz and spit coating his long stalk of fuck meat. “Fuck me! Beat me! Hurt me! Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do to a girl!”

So many fingers were doing so many different things to her body that Barbie could no longer keep track. She could only buck her ass back against the fingers and grind her hips to make sure the boy’s fingers fill every nook-and-cranny inside and out. The mass finger fucking was hurting her terribly, stretching the mouth of her cunt even farther then Pat’s fist fucking had. That was one of the reasons she was climaxing so hard and long.

Barbie writhed and shivered. Her sultry little body was bathed in sexual sweat. Her flat stomach trembled with passion, her lush thighs shivered as they spread wider and wider before the crushing male hands. Her tits were swelling, her nipples getting thicker and longer with each pinch or slap they received.

Barbie looked up at Tommy and the others and smiled happily. Her face sparkled with sweat and was twisted with the strain of being mauled by so many demanding strong, rough, male hands. But it was also ecstatic, shinning with pure pleasure. Her lush lips were moistly parted and strands of jism stretched between the full lips like bars. Her smile revealed a mouthful of white, gooey jism. Barbie gulped it down noisily as the boys watched in excited wonder.

“Yummmmmm!” she moaned her eyes dreamy, a tiny smile on her lips. “That tasted soooo good! Who wants to be next to give me a little drink?”

“Me, slut!” the running-back shouted, and push his prick at Barbie’s face just as the first thick, white trailer on jism erupted from end of his cock. “Suck on this, you hot ass tramp!”

Blinding cock-slime squirted into Barbie’s eyes. More slopped over the bridge of her nose and splattered against her cheek. The running back hit Barbie with his cock, bruising her lips and stinging her nose while he covered her face in spunk. Barbie yelp from the burning pain that stung her eyes and tried to turn her head away from the wash of jism. Hands twisted in her hair, pulling her face around to meet the jolting slaps of the running-back’s cock and the fluid wash of his spunk.

“You like that?” the running-back asked, and the other boy’s laughed. “You like that, Barbie? Damn, but you’re a slutty little cunt!”

“I love it!” Barbie gasped. She opened her mouth wide, but the running back didn’t seem to want to shoot his jism there. Instead he spurted it all over her face. “I love cum! I love having cum all over my face!”

Barbie undulated as running back slapped her with his fountaining cock. She humped her ass on the multitude of fingers that fucked into her pussy. Her lean, sensuous body writhed in a supple display of sexual desire. One orgasm after another poured, through her body.

“Hey look at this!” Brian, the team’s center, cried out with exuberant delight. “I can stick my whole hand up Barbie’s cunt! What a hungry little whore!”

He had been dating Barbie for over two years. Before today the closest thing to sex he had with the beautiful cheerleader was a very brief petting of her firm breast, when he had slipped his hand up her blouse at the movies a month ago. She had gotten huffy and stormed out saying that she was not that type of girl. He had felt three inches tall as some of his teammate and their girlfriends laugh at his plight. The next week at the football game she totally ignored him as she bounced around cheering. Now he had his burly hand up her twat, and visions of a wild parity with her and the rest of the team. “I’m not that type of girl.”

“Ya, right!”

Barbie screamed as her ex-boyfriend, the team’s center balled his hand into a fist. He lunged, it deep up into her pussy. Tommy and one of the running-ends grabbed her wrist and twisted her arms brutally behind her back, tying them tightly together with jockstraps at her wrists and elbows. A linemen stepped up in front of Barbie and unloaded his jism load all over Barbie’s face. The sexy young sex slave screamed in sudden agony, squirming both in excitement and a desperate attempt to escape the pain she was feeling, as spunk sprayed her face and a fist pounded her twat.

The left-tackle slid his flatten hand up between his team mates arm and Barbie’s pussy lips. Once his hand was inside Barbie’s cunt he balled his flat hand in to a fist. Suddenly there were two fists fucking inside Barbie’s cunt at the same time, and there were still at least a dozen fingers poking around the edges of her widespread pussy.

“NO!” Barbie screamed. As she open her mouth, another boy stepped in front of her with a spurting cock and doused her mouth with a cupful of gooey white jism, Barbie gulped the gooey slime down, then screamed again. “NOOOO!”

“This is what you said you wanted, Barbie!” her ex-boyfriend stated with glee, as he fist-fucking her. He fucked his forearm relentlessly inside Barbie’s widely, stretched, overheated, climaxing cunt. “And your cunt is sure as fuck big enough! What you been fucking, Barbie, horses?”

Barbie shuddered uncontrollably, her lithe, young body drawn tight as the two boys pounded their fist inside her. Her mind began to unhinge as a third boy forced his hand up inside her, forcing the boys who were still fucking her with their fingers to pull aside. He rolled his hand into a fist as soon as his wrist popped through the tearing mouth of her pussy. Now there were three fists inside her at once.

“NOOOOOOoooo!” Barbie cried. The pain was incredible. She had never imagined that her ex-boyfriend and schoolmates could be so cruel. “Please stop! I didn’t want to do this! They made me get you to fuck me!”

“Too late for bullshit now, Barbie,” Morris, the school’s star halfback said, stepping up behind Barbie. “You’re a slut, no doubt about it. And you begged us for this. Now we’re going to have a party, and we’ve got forty party favors we can’t wait to give you.”

“Noooooo!” Barbie cried hollowly. The three boys were fisting her cunt to one orgasm after another. “Nooooo!”

Her cunt-lips were almost unrecognizable spread around the three thick wrists. It was though three huge tree branches had pierced her pussy. Fresh blood was trickling from the mouth of her split cunt, but there wasn’t very much. A week at the Rener Academy had already stretched her pussy pretty wide.

The inside of her cunt was taking an even worse beating. Trying as they might the three boys couldn’t give her a real fist fucking with all three of their hands stuffed inside her competing for space, there simply wasn’t enough room to allow all three fist much movement. But their forceful attempts were tearing Barbie’s insides apart. Her legs were spread out so wide by the intrusion that they felt dislocated. Her pelvis seemed to be separating. The unnatural stretching spread even the tiny entrance to he womb wide. And when by virtue of being the middle fist in Barbie’s cunt, the team’s center and her ex-boyfriend notice the womb’s opening he speared his middle finger through the opening and into her womb, grinning like a Cheshire cat, as his finger slipped into virgin territory.

Barbie screamed insanely and went into convulsions as her ex-boyfriend plunged his finger deep into her womb. Only the restraining hands of the boys kept her from toppling to the ground. A mammoth orgasm exploded inside her, and a glut of pussy-juice washed through her cunt, as it had never done before.

“NOOOOO! NOOOOO, Brian no! You’re not supposed to go there, Brian! Take it out! Please take it out! Dear God, Brian take it out!” Barbie had thought she had been completely devirginized by the boys from Rener Academy but her ex-boyfriend had found a virginal spot to deflower. She was still thrashing spastically from her awful, pain wracking orgasm as her ex-boyfriend pistoned his finger in her womb.

“Here Barbie, you sweet little thing,” Morris said sarcastically. Barbie’s, trembling young body lurched forward as Morris rammed his fist up Barbie’s twitching asshole. Barb hardly noticed the brutal penetration of her asshole, as her ex-boyfriend’s middle finger was joined by his index finger.

“AAARRRGGGEEE! Brrrian, pleeese! Pleeese taaaakeee themm ooout! Pleeese honnnney!”

“Don’t honey me, little Miss Frumpish!” Barbie’s ex-boyfriend cackled, as he inserted his pinkie into Barbie’s womb and twisted his four fingers around, causing Barbie to squeal with agonizing pain and pleasure as her body were wracked with several more orgasms.

“Well, well, Mark, I guess you were right. Barbie can take four of us at once.”

The sexual inexperience tight end that had made the statement about Barbie being able to take on four of them at once stared in amazement at the sultry cheerleader. When he made the statement he was thinking about cocks, not fists. Looking down at his own five inches of stiff fuck-flesh, then to his fist then back at the writhing cheerleader. Speaking in a squeaky voice, just above a whisper: “Morris, do you think that I… I could? I mean is it possible?”

Smiling broadly at the young freshmen, “Sure Mark, Barbie’s cunt is really stuffed, but I think there is room for you in here with me. Come give it a try.”

The young, inexperience, freshmen linemen walked behind the sexy, young sophomore cheerleader, and place his hand against Morris’ arm.

Barbie now had five of the big football players pumping their fists, inside her. Her blowzy cunt accommodated three of them while her sleek ass contained two. She moaned and shuttered as more orgasms rattled through her servile body.

Tommy stepped in front of Barbie, with a crusted, yellow stain jockstrap dangling gingerly in his fingertips. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and jerked the sexy, young cheerleader’s head up and back. “A sleazy slut like you couldn’t be homecoming queen. But in honor of the service you’re doing for us, we thought we would make you Slime Queen! Here’s your crown, baby!”

He pulled the dirty jockstrap down over her head like a helmet, pulling the dirtiest part of the crotch down over Barbie’s nose and into her mouth. Several of the football players bombarded her face with jism, soiling her face, and the jockstrap even more.

The five, football players that had their fist inside Barbie’s, body, stood up in unison. Barbie dangled upside down with jism dripping from her face. The five football players begin to both shake and thrust their arms that were buried in Barbie’s fuck-holes until their fists popped out, allowing her to crash down on to the hard asphalt surface of the school’s parking lot.

Barbie laid on the parking lot in a fetal position, gurgling incoherently, with her arms tied behind her at the wrist and elbows by jockstraps. Wearing a dirty jockstrap over her jism drenched face. Her stretched pussy and asshole flexing, as if they were desperately searching something to fill them. Her pussy was pumping a steady stream of pussy-juices.

“Gentlemen, may I present her most regal majesty Barbie Queen of Slime,” Tommy stated. The entire football squad bowed and said in a chirpy unified voice, “Your Majesty!”

Barbie looked up at the leering eyes of the football squad. “Thank you. Thank you all, but please fuck me! Beat me! Hurt me! Please!”

Barbie’s ex-boyfriend reached down and grabbed her breast rings. “Queen Slime, your carriage awaits thee.” He dragged her across the parking lot and threw her into the back of the van by her breast rings. “Mark, why don’t you and the rest of the freshmen help keep Her Highness nice and hot.” After the eight freshmen plied into the back of the van and started pawing, pinching, and fucking Barbie, Brian got behind the wheel, brought the van to life, and headed for Penn Valley Park.


The area around the watchtower was deserted, just as Tommy had claimed it would be, even though it was, just three o-clock in the afternoon several lights on the tower and fence were already on. When nightfall came they would provide more then enough light to hold the little fucking party with Barbie. The back doors of the van were opened and they laid Barbie out in the back of the van, and started fucking her in earnest. In heated lust Barbie squirmed and screamed her way through numerous orgasms as one football player after another slipped between her widespread legs.

Barbie’s arms were still bound behind her, and each time one of her schoolmates pounded down on her helpless body she felt as though her elbows or wrist were going to snap. The helplessness and pain only made her more excited. Her schoolmates fucked her with fast, brutal strokes, clawed at her tits, yanked and twisted on nipple rings, and slobbered over her face.

As they fucked her and crushed her and mocked her, Barbie climaxed again and again. She had been reduced to a sex-toy in their eyes, a slutty little tramp who was only fit for fucking and hurting and making fun of. The ultimate degradation of having been turned into a whore in the eyes of her ex-boyfriend, her friends and her schoolmates turned Barbie on like nothing else that had happened.

It was late after noon before her schoolmates pulled Barbie out of the back of the van. Her pussy was swollen almost shut and the rug was soaked with sweat and puddle with jism and pussy-juice that had leak out of her cunt. Barbie’s schoolmates pulled her roughly by her breast rings to her feet, and as she wobbled under their guidance to the front of the van, huge globs of gluey jism dropped down with a loud wet plop on the graveled ground beneath her, as it poured from her cunt.

“Leaving a trail, Barbie?” a defensive-back, asked her cruelly. “What’s the matter, little toy afraid you wouldn’t be able find your way back?” They laid Barbie facedown over the hood of the van, with her legs spread wide. “That’s OK we’ll make sure that you find your way back,” as he rammed his long, stiff cock her asshole.

They took turns fucking her ass as they had done with her cunt. Barbie’s climaxes continued as her the entire football squad smashed her into the hard, cold hood of the van. Her pert firm tits flattened against the unyielding metal. The air was forced from her lungs every time a huge football player’s body sandwiched her between their bodies and the van.

Each ass reaming stole a little more of her energy, made her legs a little more wobbly and her balance a little less certain. Only the grip of four linemen on her breast rings kept Barbie from sliding off the van’s hood to the ground. Before long her lean, sexy legs were streaked with jism. Schoolmates turned her head this way and that as they ass-fucked her, making her French kiss them, and biting and spitting on her face and throat and shoulders while they fucked her overworked shitter.

By time the last boy had shot his jism up her soaked clasping asshole and her breast rings were released, Barbie was nearly unconscious. She took two stumbling steps away from the hood of the van, then collapsed to the gravel that line the side of the road. She was pulled to her knees and hard, stiff prick after prick fucked her mouth and throat, dumping load after load of jism in her mouth, down her gullet, across her face, and over her body. There wasn’t a single square inch of Barbie’s lithe, little body that wasn’t covered with the gooey white spunk.

“Stick your tongue into my piss-slit!”

“Suck my balls, bitch!”

“Don’t swallow my cum slut, let it drool out!”

“Swallow it all, baby!”

“Have some up your nose!”

“Open them eyes!”

Each schoolmate made Barbie do something different as they face-fucked her. Whatever they told her to do Barbie meekly complied. After cocks exploded their load of jism, either in or on her, she sucked and licked the spent cocks and balls clean… “Here, Your Highness!” the last boy’s cock was cleaned said, as he pull Barbie’s spunk drenched, jockstrap, crown off her head and stuffed it into her mouth.

Barbie’s knees were chaffed raw and bleeding from the gravel she knelt on. Her lips were bruised and swollen by the rough slide of cocks and the beating of prick-heads against her mouth. Her face was so plastered with jism that she looked as though she was wearing a dirty silver mask. Her tits were painted with the same dirty shade of sliver. Around three in the morning while the football team sat on the soft Bermuda grass watching the sexy, spunk painted cheerleader sucking on her jockstrap crown, Tommy dragged Barbie over to a large tree by her breast rings. With the help from a couple of his teammates, he forced the fucked out cheerleader to stand up. They removed the jockstraps from her arms and wrist, then she was pushed tits first against the tree. A small gnarl stuck out from the tree, which lined up with Barbie’s pussy. Tommy then drew her arms around the thick trunk then he secured her arms tightly around the tree. As the boys who were assisting Tommy held her tightly by digging their strong fingers into her soft ass-cheeks, Tommy drew the cheerleaders long, lean legs around the trunk and secured them tightly.

“Noooo!” Barbie cried weakly. She knew that nothing she wanted mattered, but she couldn’t keep from crying out at the horrible pain that lance through he her arms and shoulders and legs and hips from the unnatural way she had been bound, hanging from the tree. “No — this hurts really bad! Aren’t you done with me yet?”

“You said you wanted to get beaten, Barbie,” Tommy said with a smile, winking at his fellow teammates and pulling his belt from his gym-bag. “You said you wanted to get hurt!”

Every member of the football team began beating her. They whipped her with their belts, they whipped her with switches they got from trees and bushes from the surrounding woods, running a contest on which tree or bush provided the best branch to beat her with. They whipped with lengths of rope from the back of the van. Her ex-boyfriend even beat her with a tow-chain for a while, then he stuffed the chain up her pulsating, gooey, spunk filled shitter, giving her a long metal tail to shake while the football team continue her punishment.

Barbie climaxed a dozen times while they were beating her. She hugged the tree desperately. The longer they beat her the hotter she became. By the time her ass and back was covered with bright red welts she was humping the tree’s gnarl, as though it was the worlds sweetest, most delightful cock. The brutal scratching of the bark was almost as painful as the lashing that were scoring her tender backside, turned her on even more.

“Shake that slutty ass!” snapped a corner back that had just lashed Barbie leaving a blood-red streak across her jiggling asscheeks.

“Wag your tail, you doggy bitch,” The wide receiver shouted, lashing his belt savagely across Barbie’s shoulders. “Wag your tail just like the little lap-dog bitch you are!”

Barbie dropped her head against the tree and sobbed in shame as her friends and schoolmates stopped their beatings of her backside to watch her lewdly gyrate her well beaten, redden ass to shake the chain stuffed up her shitter like a little puppy-dogs tail. And the way her cunt-juices were being soaked up by the tree-bark. A few of them plunged their fingers into her cunt.

“Hey!” one of them shouted in amazement. “Barbie, here has fuck that rough gnarl so much that its smooth and slick.”

“Let’s see!” Tommy shouted as he and Morris cut the ropes holding Barbie to the tree.

The entire football team laughed as Barbie thudded to the ground on her tenderized back under the tree. “By George you’re right Pete!” Tommy said as he fought to control his giggling. “This gnarl is slicker then shit! Barbie! Get up here and clean this plant-cock off.”

While Morris popped Barbie’s solid jockstrap crown out of her mouth and fitted back over her head, Tommy dragged Barbie to her knee by her breast rings. Barbie immediately wrapped her lips around the gnarl that she had been humping as her backside was beaten. She licked and sucked the five-inch protrusion of the tree that she had humped smoothed. While she lapped up her pussy-juices, Tommy wrenched her hands behind her back once again and tied he wrist and elbows tightly together with a rope that he had thrown over one of the lower branches. While keeping her lips locked around the gnarl, Barbie scrambled to her feet as Tommy and Morris pulled on the rope around her wrist.

In strappado fashion Barbie stood on her toes sucking a tree. The smooth sweet voice of her ex-boyfriend filtered through her pain-ridden mind. “Spread them slimy, gooey legs, Your Majesty!”

As soon as Barbie spread her legs wide, her ex-boyfriend viciously slashed his belt right up the center of her pussy gash. “I think that Karl told you to wag your tail, Slime Queen.”

Barbie’s knees buckled as her cunt exploded with another fierce orgasm. The only thing that kept her from collapsing to the ground was the rope that held her wrist up high behind her. However her shoulders did feel as though they were being yank out of their sockets, but she continue to suck and lick on the gnarl and waggle her ass.

The football team watched Barbie rattle the chain sticking out of her asshole for a while. Some of them took an opportunity to bite hard on her arms, legs, neck face and tits. Some spit on her as if she were just a heap of old smelly garbage. Some even pelted her with gravel from the side of the road. Then they went back to whipping her.

In her new position not only was her backside striped, her schoolmates aimed their striking implements against her stomach and tits and tender, inner sides of her thighs and her bloated, jism dripping, well used cunt. They whipped her up one side and down the other. Barbie put deep gashes into the gnarl she was sucking and licking, with her pearly, white teeth, as she clinched her jaw down on the gnarl from both the horrific pain from the whippings and the burning orgasms they generated within her, as she waggle her chain tail.

All of her schoolmates once again got ragging hard-ons as they whipped her. Before long they had to pause in their whippings and fuck Barbie’s cunt and shitter. The fuck were inhumanly painful for the sexy cheerleader, mauling her well beaten, svelte, young form, but the over sexed football player didn’t care. They just laughed at the way the way Barbie howled and creamed as they fuck.

The thing that made the large, burly football players, laugh harder the any thing else was the chain that was buried deep in her shitter. When ever one of them wanted to fuck her asshole, one of them would grasp the chain in both hands then in a single swift movement yank the chain out, while another boy rammed his cock into the just vacated asshole until his balls slapped her pussy. The resulting spasms that Barbie’s shitter went through sent ripples of pure delight throughout the hard, stiff fuck-rod that was buried in her ass. After firing his wad the chain would be replaced, deeply back up her asshole.

This particular activity was so enjoyable by both the fucker and the onlooker that Barbie’s bloated pussy was soon forgotten as they concentrated only on her ass. The humiliating and painful act of being started up like a lawnmower shamed Barbie beyond belief, as it made her friends and schoolmates howl with laughter so hard that they rolled around on the ground.

Finally when her schoolmates, cocks hung limply, Barbie was hoisted by her wrists, higher up until even her stretched out toes couldn’t touch the ground. Then the beer was broken out, and the team sat, leaned or laid on the grass drinking it, while Barbie squirmed and spun at the end of her line. Periodically one of them would go over to Barbie’s swinging, spinning form and whip her with some implement.

Barbie both heard and felt her arms popped out of their sockets, when her ex-boyfriend wound the rope she was hanging from tight, letting it go, causing her to spin wildly. As she spun he whipped her savagely. When she stopped spinning he grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up, and begin slapping her brutally across the face. Letting his spittle fly as he spoke: “Are we still having fun, my little Queen of Slime?”

“Yes, more, please,” whimpered the dangling teen, as another load of pussy cream gushed out on her gaping slit.

Her ex-boyfriend rewound her and five other teammates joined him in whipping her. Before she stopped spinning Tommy started to kick her. Now, not only did Barbie spin she swung, causing her to crash into the tree. “Do you want us to stop now, Your Highness?” Tommy asked.

“No! More please!” Barbie whimpered, no longer exactly sure of what happening, aware only of the insatiable pleasure that tickled climax after climax out of her worn-out cunt and the caustic pain that bathed every square inch of her svelte young body. “Hurts so good!”

Tommy screamed in rage. Though he was dead tired, he was not about to let this bitch that had scorn and humiliated him, out last him. So he started beating and kicking Barbie with a wild fervor. It took several of his teammates to convince him to stop beating and kicking her. By that time Barbie hung unconscious from the tree. Morris cut the rope she was hanging and spinning from. Barbie’s spinning skidded to a halt as she plowed into the ground face first.

Barbie’s slender, sexy body lay in a heap on the ground, she was so still that some of the members of the football team thought that she was dead. “Shit we fucked her to death, lets get the fuck out of here!” one of the boys said nervously.

Before any of the football players took a step Barbie rolled over on her back atop of her dislocated arms, thrust her well fucked and beaten cunt into the air. “What’s the matter wimps you don’t know how to fuck a girl? I guess I have to do it myself!” Barbie screamed, as pain from her dislocated shoulders ripped through her, as she wrenched her bound, hands around to her pussy plunged her fingers into her slopping pussy.

The statement and sight enraged the football players so much that they tied her ankles to her dislocated shoulders. Then they all fucked her in all three holes over and over again. Even the boys, who couldn’t get it up after the nightlong fuck, plunge their soft cocks into Barbie mouth until she sucked a trickle of jism out of them. Barbie screamed and gurgled her way through the new assault in an unending orgasm.

After the last boy shot the last wad the group of boys had, Barbie was unrecognizable beneath a shifting silvery mass of dry and wet jism. Fresh pussy-cream gurgled its way through the layers of jism to bubble up into the air.

Barbie was still cumming. Her body was covered from the tip of her toe to the ends of her longest strands of hair, with jism and pussy juices. Under that frothy coating of cock and pussy slime, Barbie’s luscious, sexy, young body was a wild, twisted, network of welts and bruises. Barbie looked as though she had taken on an army division in a month-long orgy, instead of one night outing with forty football players.

The tired boys sat on the grass near exhaustion they watch Barbie’s cunt and asshole squirm and flex as though they were still looking for something long and hard to slip in side them. Collecting a couple of empty beer bottles, Morris crawled over to Barbie and inserted them in to the two gapping fuck-holes, which swallowed the bottles instantly. Two more bottles were pushed into Barbie’s gapping cunt and asshole after the first two. Only the very bottom of the third and forth bottle stuck out of Barbie’s flexing cunt and asshole. These two bottles were pistoned back and forth for a while. Every one could hear the four bottles clash together every time the third and forth bottle were slammed into the fuck-holes. The bottles made her climax constantly. Painful lustful nerve rattling climaxes.

“Shit it’s six in the fucking morning! We need to get the fuck out of here.” Tommy released her ankles and snickered, “Can we drop you off anyplace?”

“Yeah!” one of the boys said with a laugh, “We could drop you off at your house.”

Barbie groaned and shook as another orgasm rippled through her at the thought of her parents seeing her like this. Barbie pushed the bottles into her fuck holes deeper and propped up on her bound elbows, as she watch the football team get dress. “Piss on me!” she gasped. A huge glut of jism poured out over her lips as she open her mouth to speak. It streamed down her chin and throat in a wave of solid, dirty white. “Piss all over me! All of you! I’m nothing but trash! I ought to get piss on! It’s all I’m good for! Piss on and show me what kind of whore I really am!”

“Right on,” Tommy said, and aimed his cock right at her eyes. “All over your trampy, cum-sucking face.”

Barbie screamed, as his piss scalded her eyes, but she kept them wide open as Tommy pissed into them. He pissed across her nose and into her wide, open mouth. Other team members started pissing. They hosed her body with a dozen streams of piss, then two dozen. Before long almost every boy on the football team was drenching Barbie’s sleek young body in stinking yellow beer piss.

Barbie writhed in ecstasy as the boys pissed on her. Her sinuous, sultry body twisted and rippled in a display of raw, sluttish sex. Before long her creamy, welted skin glistened with piss. Boys pissed into her beer bottled stuffed cunt and ass. More then anywhere else the boys pissed all over beautiful face and into her open mouth. They laughed at her and called her, the vilest of names while watched her swallowing steaming mouthfuls of their dirty piss. Each time she emptied her mouth they would fill it up again. Barbie couldn’t stop climaxing. Her cunt and asshole gripped the bottles that plugged them until they were close to shattering. The cunt poured so much fuck-cream that the bottles in it were filled with the gooey stuff. Her ass clutched one of the bottles so fiercely it shot out of her ass.

Too soon for Barbie needs the piss streams trickled down then stopped. The boys, has pissed so much that it had washed off most of the jism and pussy-juiced that had coated Barbie’s sleek young body. The piss and gooey gunk had streamed down her body to the ground beneath her, turning it to mud. Barbie popped face down in the filthy, smelly black muck, she rolled and squirmed in it coating her sleek svelte body with it.

Barbie looked up at the ring of grinning boys that surround her. As she continued to squirm and roll and slither in the stinky, slimy black muck, Barbie realized something direful.

The Academy boys had kidnapped her, held her against her will, debasing her, force her into becoming a lowly, pain loving gutter whore, into a sex slave for men’s amusement. They were strangers who hated her. Who despised everything and everyone from Eastport. They had set out on a campaign of conquest, with her as the primary weapon.

While the forty faces that were staring down at her, ogling her with animal lust and loathing contempt, were people she knew. Many of them whom she had known for most of her life. One of them she had even dated. She had gone to dances and movies and parties school with them. She had cheered at every single one of their games. These were her friends, her schoolmates.

Though, do to her training at the Academy. She had begged them to do every painful, degrading thing that they done to her sexy, young body, Barbie seethed. As she thought that that her lover, friends and schoolmates were ten times worse the Academy boy were by their heartless raping of her.

Her life had been completely and utterly destroyed. She had been debased, fucked, beaten and pissed on by the very people she had thought of as her friends.

Yes these forty boys were ten times — no a thousand times worse — then the Academy boys were.

Now she laid lip in piss soaked mud, her lean, sexy body streaked with spunk, pussy-juices, and filth. A beer bottle stuck out of her cunt filled with pussy-cream with another one buried deep in her cunt also filled to the brim. Another beer bottle was lost up her shitter. Every inch of her young body screamed in agony. But despite her loathing for her schoolmates and the pain that radiated throughout her body she didn’t want her schoolmates to leave.

If they left she would be alone. No one would be fucking her. No one would be hurting her. No one would be abusing her. No one would be debasing her.

Barbie didn’t think she could stand it.

“More!” she cried out desperately. “Please fuck the slut some more! Please hurt the bitch. Please! Oh, please!”

“Not now Slime Queen!” Tommy chuckled. “Later! After we kick the Academy’s military ass. Maybe we’ll have another party.”

“Or maybe not,” Morris said cruelly. “We might have some real girls willing to fuck us after we win the conference championship. Respectable girls, you know. They’ll be all happy after we win the game. You know you can fuck a slut anytime, but you’ve got to jump at your chances with real girls.”

Barbie sobbed at Morris’ heartless words.

Her ex-boyfriend nudged Barbie onto her back with his foot. “Here, Your Highness, a token of our affection for you,” Brian chuckled as he squatted over Barbie face. “A last little party favor for you to keep and cherish until we met again, our beloved Queen of Slime.”

Barbie knew what to expect even before the first turd slipped out of Brian’s shitter. A orgasm raced through her as it splatter down into her left eye socket the her right eye socket then the rest of he load of shit filled her open mouth and coiled up around it.

“You’re one gross mother-fucker Brian!” one of the freshmen said from the back of the van.

“It may be gross but she loves it!” Brian chuckled. “Look at the way she humping.”

“Maybe we should all take a crap on her,” another one of the freshmen progressed hopefully.

“Shit, no!” a third freshmen shouted. “Its all ready eight-thirty. We barely have enough time to get back to town, over to the school, suit up and be ready for coach by ten. Oh, shit if coach finds out we violated curfew he’ll fucking kill us.” Completely unconcerned about the sexy, young cheerleader that they all had spent the night raping.

“He doesn’t have to know, does he!” snapped Morris.

“And he better fucking never!” snapped Tommy.

As the cars and vans drove passed Barbie they call her the vilest of names. As the last van rolled pass Barbie. Brian leaned out the window. “Bye, bye Barbie, you sleazy whore. Maybe you can drag your slimy ass back to school and give us all blow-jobs at half time.”

After the last van left the park and the dust settled down a step-van with park markings on it pulled up next to Barbie. Gary and Dave got out. And Pat climbed out of fire watchtower with a video camera in hand.

“Looks natural, doesn’t she?” Gary asked with a grin, as she squirmed in the slimy muck.

“Sure does!” replied, Pat. “Those lousy creeps won’t have a chance at the game! They are so fucked-out and worn-out that our team will mow right over them.”

“And after the game their fancy dreams will be over,” giggled Dave as he waved the video camera in his hands.

“Yea, man their asses are grass. Once we start mailing copies of the tape,” snickered Pat.

“Yea, those rich fucks will never recover from the scandal,” Gary stated.

Barbie was slick with the piss, jism and pussy-cream muck. Shit stilled covered her face. Her sleek body bore welts too numerous to count. Spunk and pussy cream leached out of her beer bottle stuff cunt, as it continue to twitch wildly. Her asshole trickled jism as the stretch asshole star winked open and closed. Dave grabbed the bottle sticking out of her cunt and raised it to her lips. He held it upside down until every drop of her pussy-cream was drained out of the bottle and down her throat. Barbie fired off two quick orgasms as she drank her own cunt-juices.

Gary viciously kicked the daze teen in her heaving breasts. After the thoroughly fucked cheerleader’s eyes stopped their random movement and locked onto Gary’s cold hard, steely gray eyes he giggled evilly, “That was a very successful first mission, slut,” Gary said. “But you fucked up several times, didn’t you!”

The terrified teen shook uncontrollably with fear as she sobbed. “Yes Gary I fucked up badly. Please forgive me.”

“Well we have some special little treats for air-head’s fuck-ups,” Gary scowled. “But first I’ve come up with a nifty idea Barbie-sleaze. What do you say that the very first copy goes strait to your parents before the game ends today, along with a letter from you on how much fun you had making the tape?”

Though Barbie turned ash white with dread at hearing Gary’s ‘idea’ she nether the less responded cheerfully and joyfully. “Yes, Gary I think that is a very nifty idea. Please send my parents a copy of the tape and let me write a letter to them. So they can see what a whorish little girl they raised. Please Gary send the tape and letter for me before the game ends today.”

“All right Barbie-sleaze, I’ll do that for you. But your sluttish body will have to be rented out to pay for the postage,” giggled Gary evilly.

“And you need to stay in training, too,” Pat said. “I saw that little trick they did with five fist. I think we will try for seven and three feet some time real soon.”

“It that OK with you Barbie-sleaze?”

“Yes Gary it does. Thank you so very much. And Pat I look forward to my future training. Especially the seven fists and three feet for my fuck holes.” Though Barbie sounded like she could hardly wait for the further abuse of her young body her shuddering body betrayed that false bravado.

“Turn over and stick your ass up high!” Gary barked. “This is a little present for you, Barbie. A present, just so you’ll always know who you are, and what you are.”

Barbie had an instant to see the blazing hot irons that Gary, Pat and Dave held in their hands before she flipped over and stuck her ass up high. Barbie plowed her face into the muck and screamed as Gary and Pat’s irons seared their way in to her ass checks. She could smell the burning of her own flesh and hear the sizzling as the brand burned into her flesh. The pain was awful, but the nerve-wracking orgasm hit her with nearly an equal amount of pleasure.

On one ass cheek were the words, “FUCK ME HARD” and on the other cheek were the words, “BEAT ME HARD”.

“On your back, Barbie-slut!” roared Dave.

Barbie flopped on to her back. The cool piss muck felt soothing to her branded ass. Her relief didn’t last long. She went through another powerful orgasm, as Dave pressed his iron across Barbie’s hairless pussy mound. It seared the words, “I AM A SLUT” into it.

“In your box,” Dave said when he was finished branding her.

Barbie struggled to her feet and climb into a four-foot by four-foot steel box at the back of the van.

Once inside it Dave barked out proudly, “Congratulations General on a very successful campaign.”

“Thank you Dave. Like any good commander,” Gary said, “I’m only as good, as the men in my command. In this case the men in and slut under my command.”

“You look good slut, just the way you ought to,” giggled Pat as he secured the lid to the small box, trapping Barbie inside it. It was the same box that she was brought to Eastport’s parking lot in. Only this time she was covered with smelly piss, stinky shit, gooey jism and slimy pussy cream muck, instead of being dressed in sexy clothes. As she lay in the dark box, picturing the reaction her parents would have when they saw the video tape of her begging for her school football team to rape and torture her, Barbie began to sob bitterly.

As the step van bounced along, Barbie ran her finger across her skin tracing the brands.

Now there was no turning back for her. For as long as she lived, she would be a sex toy for the men around her, a pretty, mindless animal to be fucked and hurt and ridiculed.

To the daze, beautiful sex slave, the three brands were a natural extension to her status. Now she wouldn’t need to remember what she was, what she liked or what she was to be used for. All any man would need to know about her, could be read off her body.

Barbie wept in the pitch-dark confines of her transport box as the van headed back to Rener’s Military Academy.

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