Fun With Daughter

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life, yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

FUN WITH DAUGHTER is a dramatic representation of a family who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society — people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Nikki Andrews left her sister Margo’s room with a smile, a smile of sexual satisfaction and pleasure. It was the middle of the night and the two horny teenagers had just gotten it on, and not for the first time.

She paused briefly before her brother Mark’s room, then continued on.

Still smiling, Nikki padded barefoot down the hall back toward her room. As she was about to pass the master bedroom, she heard a strange sound that made her pause. Her heart raced and she began to breathe faster, recognizing the groan as the kind of sound that she and her sister made when they were making it together.

The door to her parents’ bedroom was slightly ajar. When Nikki pushed it open farther, peering into the moonlit darkness, she saw her mother sitting on the bed with one hand wrapped around her dad’s cock.

Nikki gasped and unconsciously she moved a little farther into the room, the darkness giving her the cover she needed. The only illumination in the room came from the bed which was dimly lit with moonlight.

The girl gasped with excitement when she saw her father’s prick for the first time in her life. She swallowed hard, loving the sight of the long thick cock. Best of all, his prick was rock-hard and a dark red shade from aroused blood.

So that’s what a man’s cock looks like, the virgin thought and, in a strange way that the girl did not understand.

Nikki narrowed her eyes and squinted into the darkness to get a better look at her dad’s prick. His cock was a sturdy, long rod of dark meaty flesh with big blue veins that seemed to be throbbing.

God, it’s beautiful! the teenager thought to herself.

“Mmm, you’re really something! You know how much I adore this huge cock of yours!” Karen Andrews sighed, squeezing her husband’s big hard cock.

“Come on, baby,” Steve Andrews responded, “quit playing with my prick. What I need is a good hard fuck!”

“Oh, me too, honey,” Karen moaned. “Jesus, but you’re really hard!” She wound her hand tighter around the man’s pulsing prick.

Nikki kept her eyes glued on the spot where her mother’s hand connected with her father’s big prick. As she watched, her mother hoisted her short skirt up and exposed a black garter belt.

Since Nikki knew that her parents had gone to bed at least two hours ago, the teenager correctly guessed that her mother was deliberately dressed this way as a part of some sex games.

“You sexy bitch!” Steve growled, staring at the fully exposed cheeks of his wife’s ass.

With a triumphant grin, Karen lifted her skirt higher, straddled her husband’s hips and worked the head of his prick around with her fingers.

Karen was not wearing any panties. At the angle she began to lower herself, her daughter could see everything. Nikki could see the deep, moist, pink cleft of the woman’s ass. And she could see the juicy pink gash of her wanton cunt.

The girl saw the dark, moist pussy fur that encircled the woman’s rosy cunt hole, and she saw her mother’s pussy silt — a deep, wet crack that seemed to be beckoning Steve’s prick.

The man’s mighty prick was like a knife, slicing right into his wife’s pussy slit. Karen poised for a breathless moment on its tip, savoring the hot feel of meaty cock against her sensitive pussy nerves. Then, as her daughter watched with widening eyes, Karen began to bounce up and down, lightly at first, then a little harder.

Each time Karen bounced her ass on her husband’s hips, a little more of his cock disappeared into her hot cunt-crack. Her gushing fuck juices mingled lewdly with his pre-cum as she fucked him up and down.

Nikki gasped again, aroused beyond belief by the erotic sight taking place right before her eyes. She felt like moaning but knew that she did not dare, for if they discovered her presence, she would be forced to leave, and she could not bear that. No, she had to stay right there and watch her parents fucking each other until they both came.

Nikki could see her dad’s loaded balls, too. They were big and hairy, and the sight of them made the teenager’s pussy throb.

Karen pressed the palms of her hands against the head of the bed and lifted her ass high into the air.

Again, Nikki got a great view of her father’s ruby-red cockhead. With a speed that took the teenager’s breath away, her mother slid her ass down and crammed her father’s huge prick all the way up her pussy.

Karen rose up again, revealing Steve’s big fuck-stick all coated with cunt honey. His cock glistened in the moonlight, the sight making Nikki’s heart pound crazily. Karen pumped her hips down once more, moaning softly and tossing her head from side to side.

Nikki began to feel hot and flushed all over, especially deep in her cunt. She pressed her cunt against the hard wooden door but that didn’t help too much. She needed relief!

She spread her legs apart and almost felt steam rise out of her pussy. She placed one hand under her nightgown and pressed her soft fingers into her pussy-slit. The spongy fur that grew over her mound felt wet and hot, and its touch excited the girl even more.

She groped for her crack. Her plump inner cuntlips were already poking out from the outer ones and she had no trouble finding her clit.

She pressed her fingertips against the fat clit and felt a rush of pleasure. She smiled, thinking that at least she could fingerfuck herself while she watched her parents fuck.

As the girl began to stroke her clit, she thought about the exciting fuck session she had just had with her sister, Margo, and about all the suck and fuck sessions they had shared. Margo was no virgin to boys as Nikki was, and Margo had often told Nikki how much she loved fucking boys with great big cocks.

Nikki moaned very low now and wiggled her middle fingers up into her cunthole, stopping when she reached her cherry. She strummed her clit with her thumb, massaging and giving herself jolt after jolt of sexual pleasure.

No, Margo didn’t have anything to worry about, Nikki thought now, wishing that she could say the same about herself. Since Nikki was still a virgin, and since her sexual experience had been limited to making it with other girls, including her sister. Nikki had begun to fear that she may be gay.

She pushed her tits against the hard door, feeling as if her entire body needed relief from the desire that threatened to consume her.

But could I be this turned on from watching Mom and Dad making it together if I’m lesbian? she thought.

She had to find a way to prove that she wasn’t a lesbian, a way to prove that she was every bit as normal as her sister and all the other girls she knew.

From the tips of her toes to her hairline, Nikki was surging with sexual desire, and she felt a thrust of envy for the fucking couple in front of her, even if they were her own parents.

She continued to fuck her finger in and out of her fuckhole, clutching with her strong pussy muscles while rubbing her clit as hard as possible with her juice-slickened thumb.

Meanwhile, Karen glided her rounded ass up and tilted over her husband, unknowingly shoving her juicy pink cunt folds toward her daughter, who was watching the fuck scene with an ever-increasing desire.

Nikki saw her dad’s huge cock fucking in and out of her mother’s wet pussy, stabbing her harder and deeper with each plunge. She broke out in a sexual sweat, aching with a need to be fucked.

“Unnhhh, ohhhh, baby, your prick’s fucking me soooo deep! I can feel it banging away at the back wall of my pussy!” Karen groaned as her husband reached up and gripped her tits, pinching her nipples hard.

“Aaaarghhhh, yeah, Karen, you’re fucking my dick really good!” Steve cried as his wife continued to ride his hard cock.

Each time she bounced down on him, Steve lifted his ass up from the bed and rammed his prick into his wife’s tight fuckhole. As she began to rise again, he pulled back until only his broad, pulsing cock-knob was in the wet embrace of the woman’s tightly gripping cuntlips.

Nikki’s pussy burned with lust, and she felt as if she needed something inside it. Her sister’s fingers again? Her own finger? No, that wasn’t quite it, she thought. Could it be that I need a cock inside me? The wondered excitedly.

Tears of sexual frustration burned in her eyes as Nikki fucked her finger in and out of her cunthole while stroking her clit with harder, frenzied strokes, longing to come.

As Nikki watched, her mother’s entire body began to shake violently and ride Steve’s lusty prick up and down as fast and hard as her body would ride.

Karen clutched the brutally thrusting cock with her pussylips and rammed it into her hole, her cunt churning uncontrollably. Up and down, she rode the man’s massive sword.

She launched her hips into a series of hot, erotic circles, stirring her cunt hard and deep with the rock-hard fullness of his rod.

“Ohhhh, God,” Karen moaned as she gritted her teeth and tossed her head back, her hair flying about her flushed face.

“Unnhh, ohhh, baby, you’re fucking me so hard… I’m gonna pop in a minute,” Steve grimaced, his own teeth clenched.

“Good, Steve, come! You know how much I love it when you fill my whole pussy up with your thick cum!” Karen groaned.

Yeah, come, Dad, I wanna see you coming inside Mom’s cunt! Nikki thought to herself excitedly. She could hardly wait for her father’s loaded balls to pump their load of fuck cream into her mother’s cunthole. I’ll come with you and Mom, the girl thought, fucking her finger deeper and harder into her fuckhole, each time making the tip of her finger bounce off her hymen. At the same time, she jerked her clit with her thumb and forefinger, feeling the stiff nub pulsing against her lewd touch.

Karen rode her husband’s prick at top speed now, sliding up and down his juicy cock.

“Ooooo, I’m coming, darling!” Karen shrieked as she trembled violently on top of the man’s prick.

“Meeee too, bitch! Fuck my cock harder, you cunt!” Steve bellowed as he dumped his entire load up his wife’s cunt.

Oh God! Nikki cried inwardly, fucking her hand in and out of her sex-starved cunt. She saw her dad’s thick white jizz spilling out of her mother’s pussy and pooling obscenely about the man’s cock-root, completely drenching his prick hairs and the woman’s pussy fur.

And Nikki came powerfully.


By the time Nikki Andrews returned to her own bedroom after watching her parents fucking each other, her cunt was on fire again, even though she had fingerfucked herself to orgasm while spying on her mother and father.

She pulled her nightgown off and stretched on the bed, lying on her back. She gazed down at her cunt and found herself wondering if men would like her cunt that way or if they would prefer hairier pussies.

Nikki knew, from all the times she had made it with her older sister, that Margo’s pussy mound was very hairy. The older girl even had hair growing between the cheeks of her ass.

Nikki sighed now as she began to stroke her nipples. She could feel the muscles in her thighs tighten up when she touched her tits and she heard herself moan with renewed desire.

The teenager felt her nips growing hard and long against her fingertips. She was gyrating her hips now, grinding her virgin ass against the sheet.

“Oh,” she moaned again, feeling her cuntjuices pooling at the base of her cherry pussy, in between her inner cuntlips at the mouth of her tight fuckhole.

She clutched her nips in between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them lightly, teasing herself. She felt ripples of erotic pleasure rolling up and down her spine.

She pinched her nipples a bit harder, until they hurt. She did not mind the pain. She welcomed it, right along with the ecstasy that flooded through her.

She pulled on her nipples until the flesh all around them was taut and both of her tits looked super pointy. Then she released her grip on her nips, letting her ripe tits snap back into position. Nikki placed her hands over her tits and spread her fingers apart.

She groaned, feeling her nipples throb against the centers of her palms. Her tits were so firm that they hardly flattened at all.

Now she began to move her tits in slow, erotic circles, and then she moved them together. She pushed her tits up toward her neck and then down toward her tummy, moaning all the while.

She began to purr like a kitten as she pressed her tits together, squishing them against one another as hard as she could, forming a deep valley between them. She felt her pussyjuice dribbling from the base of her swollen pussy, down her thighs and into her ass-crack.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, feeling her clit pulsing insistently, as if demanding attention.

She began to stroke the flatness of her belly with her soft fingertips. She dipped one fingertip into her belly button. She wanted to stroke her clit right then and there until she came, but she knew from past experience that if she teased herself before coming, her orgasm would be all the more intense and all the sweeter. It was an important lesson she had learned from the only lover she had, her sister, Margo.

She spread her legs far apart and raised her knees. She touched the insides of her naked thighs with her fingertips and drew them slowly downward. She caressed herself slowly and sensuously, working the tips of her fingers downward only inches at a time.

Nikki paused when her fingertips were but a fraction of an inch from the sides of her swollen, juicy cunt. She did this several times, feeling the burning desire in her pussy growing hotter each time.

She felt as if her entire body were one gigantic erogenous zone at that, moment. All of her nerve endings were singing with pleasure and she purred again, sounding like a cat in heat.

The horny girl lifted her ass up from the bed and stroked her asscheeks gently. She could feel her virgin asshole burning and tingling. She remembered one of her schoolmates telling her how great it had felt to be fucked in the ass by a man’s big meaty cock, and Nikki felt her asshole burning with lust.

Again, the girl had to ask herself if she could really be gay if the idea of being ass fucked by a man could thrill her so.

She turned her fingers inward so that her fingertips were toward her ass-crack. She pressed her middle fingers close to her aching shitchute on either side of the pulsing asshole.

Nikki curled her fingers at the knuckles and pressed the tips of her fingers into the flesh hard. Then she began to pull her asscheeks apart, slowly and teasingly.

Nikki didn’t stop pulling her asscheeks apart until the skin in the crack was as tight as it could possibly be without actually splitting.

She put the tip of her middle finger at the top of her ass-crack, holding her asscheeks as far apart as they would go. She drew her finger up to her asshole and felt her asshole tingling with desire as she made direct contact. The more she rubbed her shit-chute, the more she felt like sticking her finger right up that tight virgin asshole.

She took her finger into her asshole and raised it to her face, popping it into her mouth. She sucked and rolled her tongue aver the finger at the same time. She soaked her finger in her warm saliva and then returned the finger to her asshole.

Her face and tits flushed with excitement as her asshole opened up to take her finger. She pushed her saliva-slickened finger deep inside. She felt her fingertip pushing past her tight ring of ass-muscles into the softer flesh of her bowels.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped, pushing her finger up her shit-chute as far as she could. She didn’t stop penetrating herself until her asshole was gripping her finger at the third knuckle.

She wiggled her finger around inside herself, deliberately teasing herself and turning herself on more and more.

The violation of her bunghole felt both good and painful at the same time. She felt a ball of fuck-lust forming deep in her bowels that was separate and different from the desire that burned deep in her pussy, yet the two seemed to merge, overwhelming her entire body.

Slowly, the girl began to fuck her finger in and out of her asshole, moaning louder and louder as her desire grew. She closed her eyes tightly and bit hard into her lower lip to stifle her whimpers of pleasure as she fingerfucked her ass faster and harder with each lustful plunge of her finger.

Even though it felt good, Nikki had the feeling that a man’s cock would feel even better inside her ass, and she trembled all over with the lewd thought.

The hard way she was fingerfucking her ass only made her pussy need to be stroked that much more. She could feel her clit growing so large that the clit sheath was being pushed up and back, making her shiver with excitement.

She pulled her finger out of her ass and held that finger up to her nose. She sniffed, finding that she liked the scent of her inner bowels.

She sucked her finger clean and put both of her small hands between her legs, over her pussy, pressing with her palm and the insides of her fingers. Her entire cunt was throbbing intensely now and she relished the feeling, though she wondered if she would ever be able to satisfy herself as much as she needed.

She took one finger and stroked the area between the base of her cunt and her pulsing asshole. She began to caress herself up and down her outer cuntlips, all the way from the top to the bottom, and she groaned again, a little surprised by how good it felt.

Although the teenager had brought herself off many times with her fingers, she had never done much more than just stroke her clit until she came. Now, having watched her parents fucking each other, she was more aroused than ever before in her entire life. She was experimenting, seeking new and different ways of exciting and pleasing herself.

She whimpered and writhed on the bed, bouncing up and down feverishly. She tossed her head from side to side, all her muscles tensed. She touched herself just above her clit. Then she stroked her pussy on both sides of her clit. But, still, she did not allow herself to touch her clit directly as much as she longed to.

The ultimate tease, she thought with a little giggle. She let the tip of her finger come within a hair of her clit without touching it, determined to save that pleasure for the very last.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, now running her fingers up and down the outer edges of her inner cuntlips which surrounded her virginal fuckhole. She could feel those lips opening and closing, as if hungry for her finger… or a cock.

She pushed the tip of her finger between the wet lips, spreading them wide apart. She found herself touching her piss-hole directly beneath her clit.

Nikki squirmed about on the bed as she pushed her finger down toward the base of her cunt. She could feel her ache of desire spreading deep inside her cunt and asshole. She wanted to plunge her finger deep inside her pussy and touch herself where she had never been touched before.

She found her cunthole and began to push her finger inside. She was panting wildly now and her tits were bobbing up and down on her chest.

She pushed her finger in only to the first knuckle before she felt her cherry blocking her path. It was her hymen. A part of the horny girl wanted to pop her cherry right then and there so she could touch herself way up deep inside her cunt.

But another part of her wanted to keep her cherry intact until… she wasn’t exactly sure what… maybe until she got fucked by a big fat cock.

Somehow it seemed appropriate to the teenager that a big prick pap her cherry instead of her finger.

She was so horny that she felt that she would come soon whether she even touched her clit or not. She was teetering on the edge, about to topple into the bottomless pit of sexual pleasure.

Her fingertip ran down the center of her cunt mound, resting directly between her sparse curls of pussy hair. She touched her clit lightly, trying for the mast gentle of caresses. Then she pulled her finger away as a bolt of erotic ecstasy shot through her.

Nikki was so close to coming now that all of her muscles were contracting and tensing on their own. She clenched her teeth together tightly. Then she put the tip of her finger on her clit once again, but this time she kept it there.

Gasping with excitement, Nikki began to roll her clit in a slow, sensuous circle. In a matter of seconds she felt the beginnings of an orgasm.

Her cunt spasmed and her pussy cream gushed out thickly.

“Yesssss!” she screamed loudly as she felt the waves of orgasmic pleasure starting at her clit and spreading outward through her entire body.

The teenager felt her orgasm all the way to her fingertips and to her toes. Her mind numbed as she lost all sense of time and place.

As she continued to come, Nikki arched her back sharply and lifted her ass up high, pressing harder against her trembling clit with her fingers. Hot gushes of pussyjuice washed out of her cunthole and drenched her fingers, finally rolling down her thighs and splashing wetly onto the sheet below.

The room seemed to spin about the teenager as she continued to stroke and press her clit, coming all the while. She began to flick her fingertip across her shuddering clit. She pushed her clit up and down, faster and harder.

“Ohhhh, that was soooo good,” Nikki groaned as her orgasm began to subside. She kept her fingers on her clit.

Gradually, her breathing grew normal once again and her heartbeat slowed. The intense pleasure of her orgasm was soon replaced by the warm contentment of orgasmic afterglow. She felt the hot sweat cooling on her naked flesh, and she sighed.

She pulled her juice-coated fingers out of her pussy and held them up to her face.

She pressed her wet, sticky fingers together tightly. Then she spread her fingers apart and smiled when she saw strings of her pussyjuice bridging her knuckles.

She parted her fingers further until the strings broke and her juice rolled down the sides of her fingers. She held her fingers under her nose and sniffed. She breathed in her own pussy-scent deeply and then popped her fingers into her mouth. She loved the flavor of her fuck juice as much as the scent. She sucked and licked at her sticky fingers, moaning all the while.

As she sucked on her fingers, she remembered Margo telling her how exciting it was to suck a man’s cock. Nikki frowned slightly, wondering if she would ever have that experience. And, if she did, would she like it? Would she be able to satisfy a man?

Margo had told her sister that the greatest thrill of all in giving a guy a blowjob was sucking him really hard until he came and then swallowing all of his cum. Guys always loved it when a girl did that, Margo had said, and besides it was exciting Margo loved the taste of cum.

Nikki shuddered all over, thinking how nasty it sounded. She didn’t think she could manage to suck a guy’s cock, much less eat his cum. The very idea repulsed her and made her feel a little sick to her stomach.

As she pulled her fingers out of her mouth, Nikki felt a deep sadness sweeping through her. If the idea of sucking a guy off could make me feel this sick, the teenager thought worriedly, then I must not be normal! Jesus, I guess I was right all along. I must, be a lesbian.

And with that disturbing thought, the troubled girl turned over onto her tummy and buried her face in her pillow, her sobs muffled.


The following evening found Margo and Nikki home alone. The two sisters sat together on the sofa in the living room, watching television. The Andrews had cable television and when a particularly erotic scene suddenly came on the set, involving several young men and women in an orgy, Nikki blushed and looked away. Margo saw her sister’s discomfort and she laughed.

“You’re such a baby! You’re still a virgin, aren’t you, Sis?” the older girl asked teasingly.

“Yeah, I am. So what?” Nikki asked defiantly.

“So I think it’s about time that you branched out a little, Nikki. I mean I love making it with you, you know that, but you can’t just keep making it with girls for the rest of your life,” Margo said.

“I know,” Nikki said, blushing again and unable to meet her sister’s penetrating gaze. “But I took a big step last night.”

“Oh, yeah? What did you do?” Margo asked with interest.

“I spied on Mom and Dad while they were, uh, fucking,” she said softly.

“Wow! You didn’t really?” Margo asked, feeling her pussy growing damp.

“Yeah, I really did!” Nikki said.

“And then I played with myself for a really long time and I had a huge orgasm!” Nikki said proudly.

“Hey, that’s neat!” Margo said, nodding her head in approval.

“It felt really good,” Nikki murmured.

“As good as when I touch your pussy?” Margo asked, her eyes lighting up.

“No… I like it better when you do it with me,” Nikki said, blushing again.

Margo laughed delightedly. “I’m so fucking horny right now! How about you?” Margo asked thickly.

“Yeah… I’m pretty horny too,” Nikki admitted.

The thought of her older sister eating her pussy and making her come with her tongue had the girl panting and flushing all over with sexual excitement.

Margo laughed again, seeing her sister’s obvious horniness.

“Come on. Let’s go to your room and get it on,” Margo said, reaching out and taking the other girl’s hand.

“Mmmmm, my pussy’s getting all hot and juicy just thinking about making it with you, Sis,” Nikki said excitedly as they made their way to the girl’s room.

“Yeah, incest is great!” Margo said as she closed the bedroom door behind them.

The two horny girls fell into each other’s arms as they stood near the foot of Nikki’s bed. Margo could feel her sister shivering with desire in her arms. The two teenagers explored the insides of each other’s mouth thoroughly with their horny tongues. Then, as they broke off their torrid tongue-kiss, both girls panting heavily, Margo began to kiss and lick the sides of the girl’s neck.

“Mmmm,” Nikki moaned as she felt her sister’s mouth and tongue running up and down her flesh, all the way from her shoulder to the base of her ear.

Margo licked and bit and kissed and finally flicked the tip of her tongue lightly back and forth across Nikki’s earlobe. Then she explored the inside of the girl’s ear with her tongue, making Nikki shudder and groan with a swiftly rising fuck-lust.

With a little moan, Margo pulled away and quickly removed her clothes, urging her sister to do the same. When both of the girls, were completely naked, Margo lay down on the bed.

Nikki joined her big sister on the bed and began to kiss the older girl’s neck just as had been done for her. She kissed Margo’s neck, throat, and lips, working her way down to the pair of big tits that seemed to be beckoning to her.

“Ohhh, yeah, honey, kiss my tits!” Margo cried.

With a little squeal of excitement, Nikki kissed her sister’s left tit for long moments. She kissed with tight little wet circles, moving in closer and closer to the nipple that seemed to be stiffening and enlarging before her very eyes. Nikki parted her lips and stuck her tongue out, placing its tip directly on the pulsing nipple. She flicked back and forth for a few minutes, making the other girl writhe on the bed and cry out her pleasure.

Nikki licked across Margo’s nipple with the flat part of her teasing tongue. Then she pulled away and blew a stream of cool air onto the nipple.

“Suck it, you bitch!” Margo screamed, beside herself with desire.

Nikki grinned, glad that she had been able to arouse her big sister to such a fever pitch. Then she took the girl’s nipple into her mouth and began to suck it hard.

“Yessssss!” Margo yelped as she felt her sister licking and sucking her nipple at the same time.

Nikki moved her mouth back and forth from tit to tit, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling on the twin peaks of stiff nipple-flesh.

“Oh, God, that’s good,” Margo moaned.

Nikki began to kiss her way down the older girl’s flat belly. Then she lay on her own belly between Margo’s legs as she kissed and licked and nibbled on the older girl’s inner thighs.

“Awww, shit, eat meeee! Eat my cunt until I come!” Margo cried hornily.

Nikki poked her tongue against the base of her sister’s drooling cunt. She put her fingers on the sides of plump pussy, pulling the swollen cuntlips very far apart.

“Ohhhhh, Margo, your pussy is soooo beautiful,” Nikki whined, thinking that the fully exposed cuntflesh resembled a slab of raw meat — very tasty meat.

“Just eat meeee!” Margo demanded, her eyes filling with tears as she turned on more and more.

“Okay, Sis, take it easy. I want it bad, too,” Nikki giggled, and then she began to run her tongue up and down the swollen cuntlips.

As she licked her sister’s cunt, Nikki could see more and more thick pussyjuice filling Margo’s cunt and she moaned softly, thinking of the delicious treat in store for her.

Nikki licked the sides of Margo’s clit. She moaned again as she felt the nub of clit-flesh throbbing against her lewdly licking tongue. The girl lashed at the pulsing clit with her tongue.

“Awwww, shiiiit, that feels soooo fuckin’ good, Sis. Keep it up! Keep licking my clit!” Margo wailed, half out of her mind with lust.

Nikki slipped her hands beneath her sister’s legs, lifted them up and licked and bit at her trembling asscheeks. She pulled the older girl’s asscheeks apart and rimmed the tight asshole until it was all clean and shiny.

“Ohhhh, Christ!” Margo yelped, wondering how much longer she would be able to stand it before she would have to come.

Nikki expertly moved her tongue back to Margo’s cunt and eagerly and hungrily licked the throbbing lips, sucking on the thick hairs growing there. She shoved her tongue between Margo’s pussylips and pushed deep inside, tilting her head a bit to one side so as not to touch the older girl’s clit; not just yet anyway. Nikki wanted to make her sister wait for her orgasm.

Every single muscle in Margo’s body was tensed now as she bucked up and down hard on the bed, turning on more and more, her hands clawing at her own tits. The older girl could feel her clit sheath being peeled upward, away from the fiery bulb of raw nerve-flesh.

Suddenly, Nikki licked up and down the trembling clit as hard as she could several times and then she stopped.

“Ohhh, God, why’d you stop! I coulda come, you bitch!” Margo whimpered, but she knew why her sister was doing this to her for she, herself, had done the same thing to Nikki many, many tines, teaching the girl that the longer you had to wait for an orgasm, the more powerful it was.

Margo bucked her loins upward, mashing her cunt snugly against her sister’s hot, hungry mouth. Nikki could tell that her big sister was in no mood to be teased any longer. She knew that she would have to let the older grl come soon or she would be in real, danger of losing her mind. Nikki had heard about that happening and she didn’t want that to happen to her own sister.

“Ohhh, yesss, honey, yesss,” Margo sighed as she felt Nikki’s tongue stroking her clit once again, not stopping this time.

Nikki licked up and down the length of the trembling bud over and over again and then, as she felt the beginning of her sister’s orgasm, she wrapped her lips tightly about the base of the hard clit and sucked for all she was worth.

“Yesssss! Oh, God, yesss, Nikki gonna come! Keep sucking my clit, you beautiful bitch!” Margo yelled at the top of her lungs.

Nikki sucked her sister’s clit harder and harder, feeling the older girl’s cunt vibrating against her juice-smeared face as Margo began to come.

“Aieeee! Commiiinnngg!” Margo screamed. Just when Margo felt her orgasm beginning to subside, her sister sank her sharp teeth into the sides of the pulsing clit. Margo shrieked as she came again, her spasms of pleasure just as intense as they had been with her first climax.

The older girl saw bright colorful lights flashing before her eyes, in spite of the fact that her eyes were tightly closed.

“Omigod! Omigod! I’m coming! I’m coming so fucking hard I can hardly believe it! Jesssus, yesssssss, Nikki, you hot bitch! You made me come sooooooo hard! I’m still comiiinnnggg! Keep it up, Nikki, don’t stop eating me now! Keep sucking my clit! Lick it! Bite that sucker! Suck it harder! Keep making me come!” Margo shrilled.

Long moments later, Margo’s orgasm slacked off and the girl lay there on the bed, weak and trembling.

“How’d you like that?” Nikki asked.

“Shit, I loved it! You really know how to eat pussy!” Margo answered with a grin.

“I had a good teacher… the best,” Nikki said warmly.

Nikki crawled up beside her sister and they embraced and kissed each other lustfully. They were lying on their sides now, facing each other, their nipples poking lewdly against each other.

Margo moaned as she tasted her own pussyjuice on her sister’s mouth and tongue. That obscene sensation never failed to turn her on powerfully.

“I love making it with you, Sis. I hope that we can always get it on together because you’ll probably be the only lover I’ll ever have,” Nikki said.

“What are you talking about?” Margo asked in surprise, pulling slightly back from the girl.

“Well, why should I need anyone else? I mean we make each other came, don’t we?” Nikki asked.

“So what? I love the way you make me come, but I still need cock.” Margo said with a husky laugh.

“Well, I don’t,” Nikki said defensively.

“Hey, wait a minute, Sis! Just ’cause you’re a virgin now doesn’t mean that you always will be! Someday you’ll meet someone you want to fuck!” Margo said.

“Well, I’ve met a lot of boys but I haven’t met anyone yet that I want to fuck. In fact, I turn off when they start to touch or kiss me,” Nikki admitted, flushing with embarrassment and hoping that her sister would not think her perverted.

“Listen, I’ve been thinking, honey. You really turn on to incest, I know. I remember your telling me just last week how a lot of your pleasure in making it with me comes from the fact that we’re flesh and blood sister,” Margo said, thinking hard.

“Yeah, that’s right… but so?” Nikki asked.

“So… why not think about having our brother pop your cherry for you?” Margo asked excitedly.

“Mark?” Nikki gasped, hardly able to believe her own ears.

“Sue, Mark. I happen to know for a fact that he’s really horny for you — he’s told me so many times. How about it? Do you want to fuck with Mark? Since he’s our own brother, maybe he can really turn you on in a way that those other boys can’t.”

“Oh, God, Margo, I just don’t know. I never thought of such a thing…”

“Come on, Nikki, go for it. Having your pussy eaten out is great, but it’s just not the real thing. Only a guy’s cock can give you the sexual thrill you really need,” Margo said.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that. It scares me just to think about it,” Nikki said softly. “You know, Margo, sometimes I’m afraid that I’m gay.”

“You? Don’t make me laugh! But, if that’s your fear, then what better way to find out for sure than to fuck with Mark?” Margo asked. “Don’t you ever feel horny when you’re around Mark?”

“Well… no… yes… I don’t know. But I do know that I’m feeling horny right now,” Nikki said with a giggle.

“Well, then, what are we waiting for?” Margo said thickly as she pushed her sister onto her back and eagerly began to suck her throbbing nipples.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’m gonna make you feel real good but I won’t pop your cherry. I’ll save it for Mark,” Margo said huskily.

Her big sister’s obscene words made Nikki tremble with lust, and she wondered if she ever would get up enough nerve to make it with her own brother and let him pop her cherry for her.

Then Nikki stopped thinking. All thought was driven from her lust-filled mind as she surrendered herself completely to the joy of haying her pussy eaten out by her horny sister.

Margo licked upward from Nikki’s asshole to her shivering virgin cunt.

“Yesss, that feels great, Margo, great! Eat meee!” Nikki cried.

“It’ll feel even better before I get through with you honey,” Margo said hoarsely, beginning to lick her sister’s pussy harder and faster with her raspy tongue.

“Ohhhh, you’re making my pussy feel soooo hot! It’s burning up, Margo!” Nikki yelled, thrashing her head from side to side on her pillow.

Margo licked her sister’s pussy with the fiat part of her rough tongue. She lengthened her strokes until she was licking the entire length of Nikki’s cunt with each wet lick. She began each lick at the bottom of the girl’s juicy slash and didn’t stop licking upward until her tongue was resting on the top of Nikki’s pussy mound.

“Oh, God, yessss,” Nikki moaned.

She could feel the flat part of her sister’s tongue rubbing across her swollen clit with each stroke, and she felt her orgasm growing.

“Ohhhhh, you’re gonna make me come, Margo! You’re gonna make me come so fucking hard!” Nikki yelled, her voice strained with sexual tension.

Margo now began to concentrate on her sister’s clit. She made her tongue as stiff and pointy as possible. Then, using her cock-like tongue, she began to roll Nikki’s clit in circles, over and over again before whipping hard with her tongue.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Nikki shrieked at the top of her lungs as deep spasms of incestuous pleasure began to pour over her, making her cunt shudder violently against Margo’s sucking face.

Gushes of warm pussyjuice shot into the older girl’s mouth and she greedily smacked her lips, swallowing down every single drop of her sister’s tasty girl-cum.

Margo did not stop licking her sister’s pussy until Nikki’s orgasm ended. Then the older girl pulled her juice-smeared face away from Nikki’s pussy and crawled up on top of the still trembling girl.

“Ohhhh, that was soooo good,” Nikki moaned as she began to lick her own cuntjuice off of her sister’s face. “Why can’t we just go on making it with each other? You always make me come so hard! Why do I have to get it on with a man?”

“Honey, you and I will always make it with each other. And why not? We’ve got a good thing going! But, I’m telling you, there’s no thrill like the thrill of being fucked by a big meaty cock! And, besides, don’t you want to find out once and far all whether or not you’re gay?” Margo asked with concern.

“Y-yes, I guess I do,” Nikki said tremulously. “You know you do! You can’t live with a thing like that all your life! Come on… Mark wants to fuck you… and he’s good, I promise you,” Margo said.

“You mean you and Mark have fucked?” Nikki asked incredulously.

“Wow! You really are an innocent,” Margo laughed. “Sure! We’ve been getting it on for ages now! And his cock is really big and it gets super hard and, best of all, our dear brother knows just what to do with it!”

Nikki found herself giggling with her sister in spite of herself. “I-I guess you’re right. I should find out once and for all if I’m a lesbian or not.”

“Right! So you just leave it up to me. I’ll set it up for you so you won’t have to worry about seducing Mark,” Margo said.

“Okay, but, remember, I don’t think I’ll even be turned on by him,” Nikki said.

“Don’t be so sure, honey. Just think about this — when you got all horny and wanted me to eat you out, it was right after we talked about you and Mark fucking. I think you are turned on to him whether you’re ready to admit it to yourself or not!” Margo said as she began to suck the girl’s tits again.


Margo kept her word. She told Mark that their sister was ready to have her cherry popped. The first day everyone else had something to do away from the house, leaving it entirely to Nikki and Mark, the brother and sister went for a swim in the family swimming pool.

They dove into the water and swam vigorously, more or less ignoring each other at first. Both of the teenagers were trying to work off their excess sexual energy.

Finally they stood in the shallow end of the pool, their heads and shoulders above the water, facing each other. Mark felt an ache in his balls, and the blood pumping into the head and shaft of his cock.

Nikki had taken note of the large bulge in the crotch of her brother’s bikini briefs. She had never seen a real cock before, and she could hardly wait to get her first glimpse of Mark’s, although she still was not at all sure that she was ready to be fucked.

Mark reached out and placed his hands on the sides of the girl’s slender waist. His hands were large and as he held his sister around her middle, the tips of his middle fingers almost touched at the small of her back.

“Margo told me what you want, baby,” Mark said huskily, thinking how sexy his sister looked in her skimpy bikini.

“I-I don’t know, Mark,” the girl said.

“Shhhh, just leave it all to me,” Mark said soothingly as he pulled her up tightly against him.

Her hands instinctively moved up to the back of his strong neck and she laced her fingers together. She found herself rising up on her toes and pressed her tits against his manly chest.

Mark bent down a bit and their mouths touched. The teen’s cock grew thicker and harder as the teenagers kissed for a moment and then stuck out their tongues, tongue-kissing each other over and over again. Nikki’s nipples were making visible bumps in the top of her bikini, and Mark groaned as he felt the rock-hard nips crossing against his muscular chest. Mark and Nikki rolled their tongues together erotically, holding each other tight. Nikki could feel her aroused blood pumping downward in her body toward her crotch, and she knew that her pussy was swelling.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into her brother’s mouth.

The virgin felt her nips throbbing and burning against her brother’s chest, demanding to be caressed by the teen’s fingers and mouth.

The girl’s pussy was flowing with fuck juice now. She knew that her bikini panties were soaking wet, not only with pool water but with cunt sauce.

Nikki felt her clit growing to three times its normal size, and it was pushing out from its fleshy sheath. The teenaged girl thought, with a pang of hope, that perhaps her sister was right after all. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that Mark was her own brother would be such a turn-on for Nikki that she could match his passion and lay to rest once and for all her fears of being gay.

Mark had a raging hard-on crammed inside his tight briefs. It felt to the teen as if his cock were going to tear right through the material at any second.

The brother and sister continued to tongue kiss each other for long moments, turning on more and more. Then they climbed out of the pool and sprawled together on a broad chaise lounge near the pool.

Watching each other hornily, they quickly tore their suits off and Nikki gasped with sheer sexual excitement as she saw her first cock… her brother’s cock.

A full nine inches of throbbing cockmeat was standing at attend on, jutting straight out from the teen’s bushy loins. His prick was thick, too.

Nikki broke out in a sweat as she wondered just how far her virgin cunt was going to have to stretch to take that mighty prick. She swallowed hard and stared at her brother’s balls, which dangled low beneath the base of his prick. Her mouth began to water as she saw that the entire length of Mark’s prick was bobbing up and down with sexual anticipation.

“Ohhh, Mark,” she said throatily, feeling her pussyjuice rolling thickly and hotly down the insides of her naked thighs. And she groaned as she felt her clit twitching violently at the top of her pussy-slash.

“Unh, oh, baby, you’re really something! I’ve never seen you naked before, but believe me, I’ve wanted to!” the teen cried.

The girl’s inner cuntlips were so swollen with lust that Mark could see them dangling out of her pussy. He couldn’t believe how almost bald his sister’s cunt was. He had never fucked such a pussy and, for some reason, the idea of fucking one now made the ache in his balls increase. Suddenly, Mark’s cockhead snapped upward, slapping him in the belly.

“Oh, God!” Nikki groaned, rising to her knees.

She licked his balls, and then sucked them while her brother lay back in the chaise lounge, groaning with excitement. Nikki thought about sucking him off, but she wasn’t ready for that. She didn’t know if she would ever be ready for that. The thought of sucking a guy’s cock and swallowing his cum still made her feel sick to her stomach. She lay back in the grass now, her cuntjuice dribbling out from between her puffy cuntlips, and running into the crack of her ass.

Mark stared down at his virginal sister, feeling his prick throbbing harder and harder. His cum-slit pulsed relentlessly, and his heart raced.

He watched as his sister spread her legs wider and then he fell to his knees between her splayed thighs. He sprawled on top of her and they both moaned with incestuous pleasure as they pressed their naked bodies together.

Mark could feel the girl’s huge tits pressing against his chest and he felt her nipples, rockhard now, throbbing against his flesh.

Nikki moaned, feeling the entire length of Mark’s prick pressed up against her lower belly. She shuddered, thinking just how deep her brother’s cock was going to have to go to completely penetrate her cherry cunt, and she knew instinctively that deep penetration was exactly what they both needed.

For now, the horny girl was no longer trying to fight against her natural desires, no longer trying to tell herself that she may not want to fuck with her brother. She did want to very much so. But there was a bit of nagging doubt at the back of her mind, and she had to wonder just how much she would enjoy it.

The idea that this virgin fuck was a sort of test for her, that it would answer for her the tormenting question of whether or not she was a lesbian, filled Nikki with tension.

The base of Mark’s cock was pressing against his sister’s golden pussy patch, just above her pulsating clit. She groaned again, realizing that in just seconds the tip of her brother’s prick would be lodged deep inside her cunt. She just hoped that she wasn’t taking on more than she could handle.

Maybe I should have chosen a guy with a much smaller cock, she told herself. Almost before she finished that thought, she had to admit to herself that a smaller cock would not have turned her on nearly as much as the massive one pressed against her, now.

She tried valiantly to push her fears into the back of her mind, trying to think of nothing but the pleasure she was sure to experience when her brother popped her cherry for her. Brother and sister kissed each other hungrily, both of them panting like wild animals in heat.

“Mark? You know that I’m a virgin, don’t you?” she asked nervously.

“Sure, baby, Margo told me. She said that you and she have made it a lot of times but that you veneer been fucked by a cock before, Mark said, his mouth and throat going dry with the exciting thought that soon he would be popping this sexy girl’s cherry.”


“I feel privileged to be the first, baby,” he said thickly.

“Oh, Mark, I’m so scared! And I’m afraid that if we wait any longer, I may change my mind! Please fuck me now, Mark!” the girl cried tearfully.

Mark grinned down at her, only too happy to give her what she was begging him for. He put his hands flat on the ground on either side of his sister’s head and pushed down, straightening his arms as he did. He arched his back and lifted the upper part of his muscular body.

“God, yes, do it, Mark!” the girl gasped, feeling just the tip of his cock touching her now.

Mark moved his hips back and, staring down directly into his virgin sister’s eyes, he pushed the head of his prick between her swollen cuntlips. He knew that her pussy was super tight and tiny and that his huge cock was going to hurt her. He knew that it would take same brute force just to bury his prick inside her. There was no way he could prevent the pain she was bound to feel. He figured that he should just pop her cherry as quickly as possible, getting that painful part out of the way before getting on with the serious business of fucking.

“Please, Mark,” the girl whimpered, “please fuck me! I don’t care if it hurts!” It was a lie. She did care, but she knew that she could not afford to let her fear of the pain stop her from doing this thing that needed doing.

Mark took a deep breath and then stabbed down with his cock just as hard as he could.

“Yeeeeeegaawwwdddd!” the girl cried, her eyes flying wide open as she beard the tearing sound of her cherry being ripped away and she felt the most agonizing pain she had ever experienced shooting through her ravaged pussy.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Mark asked, realizing immediately what a stupid question it was.

“Yesss, oh, gaaawwdddd, yesss, it hurts like hell!” she sobbed. Tears filled her eyes and she gasped for air as the pain stabbed through her again and again and she desperately clawed at the ground, not even realizing that her curled fingers were tearing up huge clumps of earth. Her mouth opened and closed soundlessly now and her senses dimmed.

“Do you want me to stop, baby?” Mark asked, even though he knew that there was no way in the world he could stop now.

“Nooo!” his sister wailed, “I have to do this! Fuck me!”

“Okay, baby,” Mark said, relieved.

He pulled his prick out of his sister’s pussy until only his throbbing cock-knob was still locked inside her pussy. And then, taking another deep breath, he rammed deeper into her again, knocking the breath out of the trembling girl.

“Oh, God! Deeper! Deeper!” Nikki yelled, beginning to feel a deep, pulsing pleasure that blended with the pain.

Mark could tell that it would not be easy to get the entire length of his nine-inch prick inside his sister’s tight fuckhole. Her cunt was tight and tiny from lack of use. He would have to pry her pussy open with the thick head of his cock so she could take his whole prick.

Nikki could feel the tip of her brother’s prick moving into her aching cunt a fraction of an inch at a time. She sensed that something magical would happen to her when the head of his prick finally reached the depths of her pussy. She only hoped it would be so wonderful that it would convince her once and for all that she was normal.

Instinctively, the teenaged girl began to lift her ass up from the ground. At the same time, she tried as hard as she could to relax her inner cunt muscles so her brother could more easily and fully penetrate her pussy.

It wasn’t easy. The pain and the fear of more pain blended with the sexual tension in her loins, making it very difficult for her to relax even one bit.

Mark took another deep breath, paused slightly, then plunged downward as hard as he could. The tip of his prick banged hard against the very back wall of Nikki’s cunt and she immediately came.

“Aieeeee!” she cried.

Her inner pussy walls convulsed around her brother’s huge cock as she came. Even though he had managed to sink his prickhead into her as far as the back wall of her cunt, his cock was only about halfway inside her, and the thought that there were still about four or five inches of hard meat left to fuck into her filled the orgasming girl with both fear and excitement.

“You came, didn’t you?” Mark asked thickly, feeling his hot cum churning about within his swollen balls. His sister’s tight pussy was giving his cock the snuggest hug of its life and it felt to him as if his cock were about to burst into a million fragments.

“Yessss,” Nikki sighed, sure that it was only the first of many orgasms her brother’s big cock would give her.

She threw her feet up into the air and her brother’s prick slid deeper inside her. Pussyjuice was gushing out of her fuckhole now, lubricating her brother’s prick as he sought greater and greater depths within the girl’s virginal pussy.

Nikki squeezed her brother’s hips with the insides of her thighs, enjoying the feel of his tensed muscles each time he fucked his prick into her.

She crossed her ankles at the small of his back, spreading her thighs even farther apart at the same time. She wrapped her arms around the teen’s strong back, hugging him closer to her.

She whimpered with joy as Mark continued to fuck into her, trying to cram the entire length of his massive prick into her. Nikki was thrilled that her cherry had finally been popped. Her virgin days were over, thank God. And she was sure that Margo had been right. The fact that it was her very own brother who had ripped her cherry from her turned her on beyond belief. She still wasn’t sure that it would be enough for her but she already knew that it was more than she would have felt had she let any of the other boys she knew fuck her.

“How’s it feel, baby?” Mark asked hoarsely, fucking deeper and deeper into his sister’s pussy with each cock-thrust.

“Ohhh, it’s sooo good, Mark, keep it up,” Nikki responded, hardly able to believe how stuffed with cock-meat she felt. She only hoped that her pussy would not burst with the pressure of the hard prick inside her.

“Don’t worry, baby, I will. I’ll keep fucking you until I get my whole prick inside you and until we both come!” Mark cried, his face contorting with fuck-lust.

As he fucked into her again, a couple more inches of his prick sank in. Nikki groaned with pain and pleasure. She was surprised at just how elastic her pussy was. The thickness of her brother’s cock was stretching her pussywalls to the limit.

“Here goes, baby. This one should do it,” Mark growled as he fucked forward violently, finally sinking the full length of his prick inside his sister’s aching cunthole.

“Unnhhhh, aaaaarghhh,” Nikki groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head.

The girl felt thoroughly impaled on her brother’s huge cock, and she trembled all over with excitement. The teen’s cockhead throbbed deep inside her cunt. She could feel the entire length of his cock pulsating against the taut walls of her tight pussy.

“Wow! That’s great, baby! You’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked and, baby, I love it!” Mark groaned, churning his hips and stirring his prick deep.

The girl had her wish. Not only had her cherry been popped but her brother’s cock was touching her in places which had never been touched before, places so deep inside her that she had thought it would be impossible to reach them. She was filled to the brim with hot, hard prick.

“Fuck me,” she wailed, throwing her cunt up against the teen’s prick.

“You sure you can take it?” Mark asked with a grin.

“God, yesss!” she cried hornily. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk!”

Mark continued to press down with his hips, grinding his crotch against hers. He rubbed the top of his cock-base against her blood-engorged clit. She shuddered with lust.

Mark gyrated his hips, stretching the inner walls of his sister’s cunt in every possible direction.

“More, more! Fuck me hard!” the girl begged.

He pulled his prick out of her pussy with a teasingly slow motion.

“Unnhh,” Nikki moaned, feeling the thickness of the meaty cock tugging her inner cuntlips, stretching them out as he withdrew.

The teen pulled his prick almost all the way out of his sister’s pussy until only the head of his prick remained inside her cunt. Her cuntlips gripped the base of his gigantic cock, and she trembled all over. He paused, took a deep breath, and fucked down as hard as he possibly could.

Nikki felt her cunthole filling up again in one fell swoop, and a rush of intense incestuous pleasure shot through her entire body. She flushed all over and broke out in a sexual sweat as her brother began to fuck her tight cunt as hard and fast as he could…

“Fuck me hard, Mark! I don’t care how much it hurts!” the girl shrieked.

The girl’s cunt made wet squishy sounds as Mark fucked into her over and over again. The lewd sounds just aroused the brother and sister all the more.

Nikki thrust upward with her hips each time the teen fucked downward with his nine-incher. Their loins slapped together rhythmically, slick with sweat now. The teenagers moaned and groaned in unison as they fucked each other smoothly, more and more rapidly, both of them straining for the orgasms they needed so badly.

“Ohhh, commmiiinngg!” Nikki cried just seconds later, pleased to find that this second orgasm was even longer and more intense than the first.

After several more strokes, feeling his sister’s tight cunt orgasming violently against his prick, Mark knew that he had to come.

He shuddered all over and his muscles tensed. He fucked the entire length of his meaty cock into the girl’s cunt, and she came… along with him. As she came for the third time, she felt her brother’s cock twitching and spasming against the stretched walls of her pussy. Her orgasmic convulsions grew even more intense.

“Yeeeooowwww!” she shouted.

“Yunnnnhh, commmiinnngggg!” Mark grunted, the veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he came hard, dumping his load of jism.

He bathed her inner pussy with his hot sticky cum, filling her cunt with his fuck cream. She instinctively contracted her cunt muscles and tugged at her brother’s cock, trying to milk his balls of every single drop of cum.

“Aaarghh, yeah, way to go, baby, work those muscles around my dick!” Mark grunted, feeling as if his sister’s pussy were sucking his balls dry. He continued to shoot his load inside her.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” Nikki purred as the last of her brother’s cum shot into her and her own orgasm began to subside.

Mark’s prick began to soften as he pulled out of Nikki’s spongy cunthole. He lowered his face and they kissed each other passionately.

“Well, how was that? Was it just about the greatest thing you ever felt or what?” Mark asked, his voice filled with pride.

“Oh, yeah, it was great all right,” Nikki sighed, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to talk to her brother anymore.

Let him think that she was asleep. How could she tell him that, even though she had enjoyed their fuck, even though she was thrilled that she was no longer a virgin, their fuck had not quite been the super-thrilling experience she had hoped for?


Over the next few days, Nikki gave a lot of thought to her reaction to her first fuck. She had tried to explain to Margo, but the older girl had not understood.

Not surprising, Nikki thought with a wry smile, since I don’t really understand it myself.

She had loved being fucked by her brother, no doubt about it. But somehow she had expected something more, some sort of super thrill that just hadn’t happened.

Even at its best, her incestuous fuck session with her brother had not really been much more exciting than those times when Nikki made it with her sister. Somehow she felt that that should not be the case, that somehow getting fucked by a guy should be a lot more thrilling than getting fucked by another girl.

Maybe Mark should have been rougher with her. Maybe a really savage fuck session would do it for Nikki.

She sighed and stretched. It was late morning, and she knew that no one else was in the house. The night before, her parents had told her that they were taking Margo and Mark into the city for a full day of shopping. She had been invited to go along, of course, but she just wasn’t in the mood for shopping.

She planned to spend day at home, maybe take a swim and try to figure out a solution to her persistent sexual problem.

Nikki sniffed the air, sure that she smelled bacon frying and coffee perking. But how could that be? Had someone broken into the house? Then she giggled, realizing that even if a burglar had broken into the house, it was not very likely that he would be taking the time to prepare breakfast for himself.

Wearing only her short nightie, she moved toward the kitchen. More tantalizing smells greeted her nose as she approached. Then she heard strange sounds. Who was in there?

She stoic to the kitchen door and peeked around cautiously. A tall, beefy man was flipping pancakes on the griddle. He wore a teeshirt which hugged his brawny chest. His arms were bulging with muscles and the backs of his hands were as hairy as his arms, chest, and back.

“Uncle Frank?” Nikki asked with a grin.

Frank turned and grinned at his favorite niece.

“Hi ya, honey.”

“I didn’t know you’d be here today,” Nikki said.

“I didn’t know it myself until this morning. Your dad called me up and said that since everyone but you would be out of the house today, it was a good time for me to get some unfinished work done around here,” Frank said, his eyes roving aver the girl’s near-naked body.

Nikki smiled again at this uncle she loved so much. She pulled at the hem of her nightie self-consciously and sat down at the kitchen table. Uncle Frank owned his own construction company and frequently did some of the work for various members of the Andrews family.

He had several projects going on in Nikki’s house: installing a fireplace in the living room, remodeling the kitchen, and building a gazebo in the back yard near the swimming pool.

Nikki knew that some people did not like Uncle Frank. In fact, some people were even afraid of him because of his brute strength and short temper. He had never really hurt anyone, and Nikki had always liked him, finding his enormous size and muscular strength strangely exciting.

“You’re looking really good, honey,” Frank said, his eyes moving over the skimpily clad girl, his gaze focusing on her big tits.

Nikki blushed and pulled again at the hem of her shortie gown.

Frank brushed against the side of his niece’s arm as he set a plate of pancakes down onto the table. “Help yourself, kiddo. There’s bacon wand orange juice, too,” Frank said. “You should eat something.” He sat at the table next to the teenaged girl.

“You don’t have to treat me like a girl, Uncle Frank. I’m old enough to take care of myself,” Nikki said with a smile.

“Yeah, I can see that, baby,” Frank said, still staring at his niece’s tits. “I can see a lot when you lean over, too!”

“Uncle Frank!” the girl cried, a little shocked but more than a little excited.

“Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got the nicest set of tits in town?” Frank asked with a wink.

“Jesus, Uncle Frank! You’ve never talked like this to me before!” Nikki gasped.

“Maybe that’s ’cause you and I have never been totally alone before, baby,” Frank said.

Nikki thought for a minute and realized that it was true. Not since she had been a very little girl had she been alone with her uncle like this, and she felt a fluttering deep in her belly.

“You’re really a sexy piece, baby. I could really get it on with you,” Frank said. “Pass the butter, honey.”

Numbly, Nikki passed the butter to her uncle, stunned by his words. It was all happening so fast. She wasn’t sure what she really thought or how she felt, but she did know that she was beginning to really turn on.

The teen ate only half of a pancake and then she pushed her plate away from her, too disturbed and excited by what was happening between her and her uncle to eat anymore.

“Why don’t you sit an my lap, honey? I know I’d like that and I think you would, too,” Uncle Frank said, draining his coffee cup. He had already polished off several pancakes along with about half a pound of bacon.

“I-I don’t know, Uncle Frank,” Nikki stammered nervously, “maybe I’ve kind of outgrown that kind of thing.”

“Hell, baby, no one outgrows that kind of thing! If it feels good, do it, that’s my motto!” Frank said with a booming laugh that filled his niece with a fluttering fear and a deep, growing sexual excitement.

“I’ll bet you’ve got a pussy like a mousetrap!” Frank said with another laugh.

“Oh, God, Uncle Frank!” Nikki gasped, flushing all over.

“Yeah… a pussy like yours should get, screwed by a big, thick cock, Nikki… like mine,” Frank said huskily.

The teen winced as she heard the sound of her uncle unzipping his fly. She watched in silence as he stood up and moved closer to his niece.

To her amazement, Uncle Frank hauled his cock out of his pants and set his prick on the kitchen table right next to Nikki’s breakfast plate. She couldn’t stop herself from staring down at the huge cock. She was surprised and excited by just how hot and hairy and juicy his prick looked.

“That’s nothing! You call that a cock?” she asked in mock disgust, trying to pry her eyes away. She thought that if she could insult her uncle, he might leave her alone, though she was not at all sure that that was what she really wanted.

“You fucking lying bitch! This is the most prime hunk of meat you’ve ever seen and you know it! Now it’s time to show what you really think of it,” Frank said.

To her dismay, Nikki’s cuntlips were twitching, and her clit was tugging against the upper part of her clit sheath, filling rapidly with aroused hot blood.

“I’m going to my room,” she said, rising from the table.

“You know you’re just playing games… with yourself as much as with me, bitch,” Frank said, resting a hard-muscled hand on her slender shoulder and stopping her dead in her tracks.

“No,” she protested weakly.

“Yes! You know you’re dying to wrap those wet, sexy lips of yours around my cock. Now get down on your knees and suck it, baby,” Frank husked.

“Oh my God!” Nikki gasped.

“Yeah, baby,” Frank said, a silvery drop of pre-cum oozing out the cum-slit on his fat cockhead. “I can tell you want it bad. Come and get it!”

Slowly, Nikki made her way toward the table where her uncle’s huge prick lay, twitching ever so slightly, as if beckoning to her.

His cock lay there obscenely with its blunt-ended knob visibly throbbing. The teen had never sucked cock before. She was sure that she wouldn’t be able to do it now. The thought still filled her with fear and disgust.

She studied the huge cock excitedly, realizing, with a jolt of excitement, that his was even longer and thicker than her brother’s.

She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have that massive prick crammed inside her horny cunt. She felt her pussy growing wetter and hotter.

Nikki swallowed hard as she continued to inspect her uncle’s enormous prick. She couldn’t imagine even being able to fit her mouth around that, even if she wanted to.

“Come on, quit stalling,” Frank snarled. The girl braced herself against the table and reached out with one trembling hand. Uncle Frank grabbed her by the wrist, and placed the flat of her palm against his gigantic prick.

“Oh!” Nikki yelped. His cockshaft felt red hot to her touch. As she stared down at his prick, she saw the huge cockhead turning redder and redder.

She longed to move in closer, to really get the feel of her uncle’s prick with her whole hand, bat she hesitated, not wanting Uncle Frank to know that she was that hot for him for then he might force her to suck him off. She knew there was no way she could stomach such a perverted, disgusting act.

Her excited gaze moved to her uncle’s balls. They were enormous, of course, and set off by a thicket of dark coarse hair.

“Stroke it, baby,” Frank said, pushing her hand down onto the head of his huge prick.

Nikki began to stroke her uncle’s cock. She was fascinated by how thick his cock was. She was glad he had ordered her to stroke his prick, even though she was afraid of what it might lead to.

“Unnhh, yeah, do it, baby, rub that pecker!” Frank grunted.

As she stroked her uncle’s prick, Nikki stared down, noticing the way his cock swelled beneath her touch. The veins bulged out and the slit oozed out more pre-cum.

Nikki widened the grasp of her hand to fit around the fullness of the thick, throbbing cock. It took both of her hands to squeeze the full thickness of his hard prick.

With both hands, she gripped her uncle’s prick, staring down into the twitching cum-slit.

“Lick it!” he demanded, giving her a hard shove to let her know who was in control.

Knowing she had no choice, Nikki lowered her head and speared his piss-slit with the tip of her tongue.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, that was nice. Suck your uncle’s big fat cock! I’ll reward you for it, you can be sure of that,” Frank said thickly.

“Mmm,” Nikki purred, tasting pre-cum on her tongue. She was surprised at how good it tasted, salty and thick and smooth.

With both hands still clasped about the pulsing prick, Nikki aimed his cock toward her mouth. She knew that her uncle could easily force her to do what he wanted. Besides, she had to admit that she was curious what it would feel like to suck his cock.

She licked all over the throbbing cockhead and it bulged and reddened under her obscenely lashing tongue. She flattened her tongue now and pressed it against his vein. When she felt the bulging vein throbbing against her tongue, her pussylips twitched even more. Her clit was growing harder now and more and more juice spilled from her fuckhole.

“Put it in your mouth, baby,” Frank ordered.

Nikki hesitated.

Frank reached out with one hand and cruelly twisted his niece’s nipples through her thin nightgown.

“Do what I say!” he thundered.

Nikki whimpered and filled her mouth with the head of the man’s mighty prick.

“Sheeeeiiittt!” Frank groaned, tossing his head. “If I’d known you were such a good cocksucker, I’d have made you suck my dick ages ago!”

Nikki had expected to get sick to her stomach when she started sucking Uncle Frank’s cock. She had thought she would at least gag and feel like barfing. But none of that had happened. Instead, as she continued to suck on the big pulsing prickhead, she began to feel hot and feverish all over, especially between her legs.

Following her desires, she reached down and cupped Uncle Frank’s big balls in both of her hands. She locked her wet mouth around his shiny prick. She could feel his huge cockhead forcing its way deeper into her mouth, striking her teeth and the walls of her cheeks.

“Ummmfff,” she groaned with pain as her mouth was forced to stretch very wide. The corners of her mouth burned and felt raw as the big prick continued to shove its way inside her. She flicked her tongue across the huge, hard cock-knob, then let her tongue rest against the floor of her mouth to make room for the man’s fat dick.

“Good girl,” Frank said huskily, sensing the change in his niece’s attitude. He was thrilled that she now seemed willing to suck him off.

Frank jammed his aching prick into his niece’s sucking mouth. His cock struck her hard palate, then angled down along the roof of her mouth toward her tight throat.

As the man expertly angled his cock into the girl’s mouth, he pushed down hard on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel on the cold floor.

In this position, he could control and dominate her totally. He could force his prick into her mouth and make her deep-throat him.

“Mmmmrnfff,” Nikki moaned around the thick meat in her mouth, surprised that she was enjoying this so much. She sucked harder on the huge cock that glided down her throat. She molded her wet hot mouth to the shape of the man’s enormous cock. She closed her eyes and began to suck harder and faster.

Uncle Frank began to fuck his niece’s face. In and out he fucked his prick, all the way down her constricting throat with each downward plunge, puffing out until only his throbbing cockhead was locked in the grip of her rosy lips.

As he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth and throat, Nikki could feel all of his veins throbbing between her sensitive tongue and cheeks. She hollowed her cheeks inward to be sure that every single inch of her uncle’s prick was being sucked. “Unnnhhhh, yeah, you sucking bitch! You horny cocksucker!” Frank growled, picked up speed now.

Nikki clutched the root of her uncle’s prick hard as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the meaty prick and instinctively tightened her throat muscles, making her uncle groan with pleasure.

Her pussy was so hot and wet now that the heat distracted her. She began to rub her tiny cunt up and down along her uncle’s leg. Uncle Frank grinned and pressed his leg against the girl’s pussy, rubbing hard.

“Ummffff,” Nikki responded in a throaty moan. She loved the rough way he was treating her. She loved sucking his big hard cock. She loved the way he was rubbing her raw with his fast and brutal face-fucking movements, and she loved the way he was rubbing her horny cunt with his leg.

The man was so brutal. Maybe this was what had been missing in her fuck session with her brother. Maybe it was this brutal, macho attitude that would give her the extra thrill she needed.

“Suck it hard, bitch! Deep-throat me!” the man demanded as he plunged his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat.

Nikki groaned with pain and pleasure as she felt the hard thickness of his cockshaft engorged her throat. She tightened the muscles of her throat.

The man rocked back and forth on his feet and cursed. He churned his hips, working his prick around inside the tight confines of his niece’s sucking throat. The muscles and hot wetness of her mouth and throat were sheer pleasure to the man. He knew he had to come.

The tip of his prick spasmed. His cock-shaft throbbed. His balls churned and boiled with his hot load. Frank struggled to control himself so he wouldn’t come just yet. He wanted some more of his niece’s hot cock-sucking action.

“Ummmffff, mmmmm,” Nikki moaned.

She felt her uncle’s big cock pulsing and jerking wildly against the walls of her throat and mouth. She suspected that Uncle Frank might be about to come, and she found herself surprisingly, wanting it. She didn’t know if she would be able to swallow his cum, but she did think she wanted to feel his spunk filling up her mouth.

The friction along Frank’s prick increased as he fucked in and out of his niece’s tight, hot mouth. Her wet lips hugged tightly as he fucked his big prick in and out.

Nikki played with her uncle’s loaded balls with both hands. She felt them growing hotter as she continued to deep-throat him.

She couldn’t understand her own feelings. Just a short time before, the idea of sucking cock had filled her with loathing and disgust. And now, here she was, hungrily sucking her own uncle’s prick, longing to make him come.

No, she didn’t understand her own feelings. But she knew that she really didn’t care either. All the girl really knew at that moment was the exquisite pleasure she felt deep in her cunt.

This brutal ape of a man had managed to arouse her beyond belief with his savage ways and his huge cock. She was thrilled to every single thrust and bump.

She pressed her thumbs against the seam between his big balls and ran them up where they met the base of his prick. Her clit throbbed violently and her nipples grew as hard as steel. Her pussy oozed more and more fuck juice.

The man was fucking his niece’s face with brutally swift strokes now, and the wet, sucking sounds of her own mouth made her feel weak in the knees. She rubbed her randy pussy harder against her uncle’s leg. He responded by thrusting his bent knee into her pussy-slit and rotating hard.

“Ummmffff,” she groaned.

“It’s gonna be a real pleasure to fuck you, baby. Your pussy is nice and hot. Yeah, bitch, it’s really hot. I can feel it through my pants!” Frank said, his voice thick.

No one had ever talked to Nikki like that before. And the fact that it was her very own uncle who was saying all those dirty things to her aroused her.

Frank shoved the inflamed knob of his prick into the deepest reaches of her hot, sucking mouth. In and out, he fucked her face, faster and harder with each savage stroke.

“Mmmmmffff!” the girl cried, the sound muffled by the thick prick that filled her mouth.

She kept her mouth locked around the heavy, saliva-slickened tree trunk of a cock that her uncle fucked in and out of her mouth and down her throat. His balls smashed her lips each time he fucked in.

Savagely, the man raped his niece’s face. Over and over again, the ape-like man violated her sweet sucking mouth. And the girl loved every second of it.

“Awwww, sheeeeiiiiitt!” he roared.

The huge cock was fucking in and out of Nikki’s mouth so fast now that it became a blur of purplish meat. The man was building toward an earth-shattering climax.

“Commiiinnngg!” he roared. Moments later, his load of hot jizz rushed down the tube of his dick-shaft and spewed forcefully out of the gaping piss-slit.

His spunk exploded inside Nikki’s mouth. She groaned with excitement as she got her first taste of cum.

“Oooommmfffff,” she moaned hornily. She was surprised by the taste and texture and warmth of the jism that flooded her mouth and ran down her throat.

Nikki sucked even harder on her uncle’s prick now, eagerly swallowing his thick jizz, thrilling to her first experience of sucking a man to orgasm and eating his jizz. Swallowing the tasty cum was not disgusting at all. It was not even very difficult. Somehow, sucking up his slimy cum seemed to come naturally to the girl, surprising both her uncle and herself. As she swallowed down the last of the flowing cum, she found herself wishing for more.

As the girl continued to suck her uncle’s still-hard dick, she came.

“Ohhh, I’m coming sooo hard!” she cried as her uncle pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Jesus!” the man said with a grin, staring down at the girl who was writhing orgasmically on the kitchen floor, “all these years wasted. I only wish I’d known a long time ago just what a hot cunt I’ve got for a niece! Come on, baby, it’s time to fuck.”


“Come on, baby, I’m gonna fuck you now!” Uncle Frank repeated as he hurriedly pulled his clothes off and settled down on the kitchen floor next to his niece who was still shuddering from the impact of her orgasm.

He reached out and pulled the girl’s nightgown off over her head while the trembling teen stared dazedly at her brutish uncle.

“You’ve got the best pair of tits in town!” Uncle Frank said with a husky chuckle as he caressed his niece’s rounded tit-mounds. He pressed her swollen nipples between his fingers, moving them about, pinching them lightly.

“Oh, yeah,” Nikki moaned, glad to realize that she enjoyed her uncle touching her tits more than when Margo or even Mark stroked them.

Maybe I’m normal after all, she thought with a sigh, letting her head fall back. Her uncle caressed every single inch of her naked tits.

Uncle Frank grunted and rolled his niece’s nipples around and around, pinching them as he kneaded her firm tit-flesh. Then he lowered his head and licked his tongue up the deep valley between her tits.

He twirled her nips around and smashed his wet tongue against them.

Nikki yelped, loving what her uncle was doing to her tits.

The large, hulking man swished his tongue around the high peaks of his niece’s tit-mounds. He sucked as much of the throbbing tit-flesh as he could into his wet mouth, lashing with his tongue.

“Mmm, yessss, Uncle Frank!” the girl cried, turning on more and more.

Even though she had just come, the girl was heating up fast. She could feel her hot clit bulging and pulsing. Her asscheeks twitched. Her pussyjuice rolled out of her cunthole and began to dribble down her thighs.

Still sucking on his niece’s tits, Frank moved one hand down between Nikki’s legs and stroked her pussy mound.

“I wanna take a shower with you, Uncle Frank,” the teenager said suddenly.

“A shower? What the fuck for?”

“Oh, come on, humor me. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do with… every other girl I know says it’s real sexy and all. Come on, let’s shower together and then we can fuck.”

“I could rape you right here and now without all that shower crap and there isn’t a thing you could do to stop me,” Frank said, narrowing his eyes menacingly as he gazed at the horny girl.

“Yeah, I know you could,” she admitted, still grinning.

“Okay, I just wanted to be sure that you know that. Come on, then, I’ll humor you just this one time. Let’s take that fucking shower!”

“Come on, Uncle Frank!” Nikki cried, jumping to her feet and racing toward the bathroom. “I wanna soap up your cock real good!”

Moments later, she stood with her uncle beneath the warm spray of the shower water. She was running her hands up and down his body, now and then letting her fingertips brush against his raging hard-on.

She stared down at her uncle’s hard cock. She thought his prick looked like a huge, juicy, red club and wondered what it would feel like deep inside her cunt.

There were two bars of soap in the spacious shower. While Nikki soaped one bar up in her hand, her uncle went to work getting her pussy mound all sudsy.

The man worked the foaming lather into her juicy cunt-slit, spreading the bubbles around with his probing fingers. The girl rose up on her toes, trembling all over.

“Wow! That feels great, Uncle Frank,” she pared.

She lathered her hands up and slapped the peaks of white foam all over her uncle’s cock.

She soaped up the cum-slit and licked her lips hungrily when she saw a trickle of clear pre-cum dribble out over the layer of white suds.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, feels great,” the man groaned, his cock growing longer and fatter under his niece’s skillful caresses.

“Mmmmm, I love doing this,” the teenager moaned, spreading the soap out and down to cover the man’s balls. She reached back and lathered her uncle’s ass-crack.

Meanwhile, Uncle Frank was working the suds over his niece’s mammoth tits, dropping big drops of the foam over her pulsing red nipples. He coated her flat tummy and made lewd patterns down on her pussy mound. He fluffed up the sparse coat of fur, wiggling his way back down past her pussyhole and on to her writhing asshole. He smeared the lather all over her ass, dipping his fingertip into her tight asshole.

“Ohhhh, God, you’re making me feel so fuckin’ good!” the teenager gasped.

“You sexy cunt! Look what you’ve done to your uncle’s cock!” Uncle Frank said with a hoarse laugh.

Nikki giggled delightedly when she saw that the man’s prick was so hard and stiff now that it was lying up against his taut belly.

“Beat my meat, baby,” Uncle Frank demanded suddenly.

With an excited grin, Nikki grabbed the man’s cock in one fist and began to slowly pump up and down. Her uncle stroked her swollen cuntlips. He dipped his fingers inside several times, scooping out cunt honey.

She continued to pump his huge prick up and down, beating a steady rhythm as she stroked. As she jerked her uncle off, she moaned with desire, her pussy on fire, and her nipples harder than they had ever been before.

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me, Uncle Frank?” the girl asked.

“Goddamn right I’m gonna fuck you, bitch! But when I’m good and ready! We’ve got all day and this house all to ourselves, so I want us to have a little fun first… then I’m gonna fuck you so good and hard that you won’t be able to sit down for a month!” Frank said, grimacing as his niece continued to beat his meat.

The harder she pumped her uncle’s cock, the firmer and fatter his prick got. The cum-slit is the round, smooth knob spasmed just like Nikki’s pussy muscles were spasming now. And the deeper he dug into her cunt with his fingers, the more those muscles twitched and spasmed.

She squeezed the head of his prick and brought a thick droplet of pre-cum up to the surface of his slit. It ran down, making a little trail in the white, foamy suds that still clung to his cockshaft and balls.

“Am I jerking you off good, Uncle Frank?” Nikki asked in a girlish voice.

“Unnnhhh, yeah, baby, you’re jerking your uncle off like a real pro!” Frank grunted.

She wrapped both of her hands around her uncle’s big hard prick, loving the way his prick angled toward the ceiling. She began a slow, teasing trip up the full length of his shuddering cockshaft, working her hands from one side to the other. She rolled the massive prick between her hands, working the head up and down with short, fierce strokes.

“Ohhhh, I love the way you’re touching my pussy,” the teenager groaned.

He seemed to know all the right places to touch her and massage her, both inside and outside her cunt. And everything he did made her feel hot and horny.

Frank shifted his weight from one lean hip to the other, thrusting his prick forward for the girl to squeeze even harder.

“Jerk me off real fast now, bitch!” he demanded.

“Okay, Uncle Frank,” she said meekly.

Frank braced his knuckles against the fleshy meat of her inner cunt and thudded them against her clit. Then he worked two fingers up her fuckhole, enjoying the way she clutched at them with her strong pussy muscles.

Her pink, stiff clit protruded out from its protective sheath and he rolled it around and began to pump it again with his fingers.

More fuck juice ran out from the teenager’s cunthole and down over her naked thighs, coating the man’s fist. She jerked him off faster and harder, just the way he had told her to. He continued to fingerfuck her and jerk off her clit.

She spread her legs and braced her asscheeks against the back of the shower. Uncle Frank reached round and braced his meaty hand against the backs of her asscheeks. Then he began to pry her tight asshole open and stick his probing finger in.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah,” she moaned, unable to stop him.

She couldn’t have stopped him even if she had wanted to. The big brute of a man could have easily overpowered her any time he wanted to. That realization aroused the girl more than anything else.

He fingerfucked his niece harder and deeper now, feeling her pussy muscles grabbing at his fingers on each inward thrust.

The girl was jerking her uncle’s prick with the same rhythmic movements he was on her abnormally large clit. She kept her two hands closely wrapped around his huge prick and beat him up and down just the way he liked.

“Yeah, good, now I want us to suck each other off,” Frank growled.

“Okay!” Nikki agreed, more excited than she felt she could let on.

The uncle and niece rinsed the suds off their body and then the two of them curled up on the floor of the shower in the classic sixty-nine position.

Frank lashed his tongue over the girl’s wet clit and delved into the pink folds of her cuntlips. At the same time, Nikki whisked her tongue around the full round head of her uncle’s gorgeous prick and dipped her tongue-tip into the twitching cum-slit.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned with pleasure, tasting his tangy pre-cum.

She stroked his balls and asshole, making him jerk forward excitedly. While she continued to caress him there, she used her hot, wet tongue to lick up and down the full length of the man’s cock. Her tongue traced the path of the bulging blue vein and Frank’s entire body shuddered.

Nikki flattened her tongue against his nuts, swabbing them all over. She worked her tongue up in between his balls and the base of his prick.

Frank sucked the rubbery nub of his niece’s clit with his entire mouth, making loud suction, noises, noises which served to turn his niece on even more.

While Frank continued to suck his niece’s clit, he worked her pussylips over with his fingers, tweaking and rubbing them hard.

With his lips still wrapped around her firm, ripe clit, he managed to thrust his tongue down and dive into her hot, steamy cunt-slit. He pushed his tongue up inside her as hard as he could, enjoying her girlish taste.

He sucked a mouthful of her slick pussylips into his mouth along with her wriggling clit.

“Ohh, God!” Nikki cried against her uncle’s hard cock. She felt as if she were going crazy with desire under his skillfully sucking mouth.

Suddenly, her cunt spasmed and she came. Waves of incestuous pleasure washed over her, releasing a flood of fresh cuntjuice which rained into Frank’s mouth. He drank it all down greedily, relishing the delicious taste.

“Don’t you want to come now, too?” Nikki asked breathlessly as she lay there on the floor of the shower, the last tremors of her orgasm coursing through her, staring at her uncle’s rock-hard cock.

“No, baby, I’m saving this hard-on for your cunt! Come on, enough of this shower crap! Let’s go to your room where I can fuck the holy shit out of you!”


Nikki lay nakedly on her bed, her uncle hovering over her. At that moment, Uncle Frank was tracing the head of his hard prick around her pussy-mound.

“Pull your muscles together now,” the man demanded, peering down the long, red rod of his prick and into the tempting pussy slit his niece had exposed just for him.

“Now rein,” he said hoarsely.

Nikki followed her uncle’s instructions. A wave of lust washed over her whole body. She stared down in between her splayed out legs and took in the erotic sight of Uncle Frank’s cock roving around the folds of her cunt.

“Oh, God, that feels so hot and wet… and so good,” she told her uncle.

“You think this feels good? You just wait till I get my big hard dick into your cunthole!” Frank husked.

“Ohhh, Uncle Frank, I can hardly wait! Why don’t you shove it into me right now?” the girl pleaded.

“That’s just what I’d love to do… if you weren’t ready for me yet,” Frank said with a cruel laugh. “But since you’re so hot to trot, I’m gonna make you wait for it.”

Her uncle’s cruel words made Nikki shiver. She had been right. The man was brutal. She shivered again, reminding herself that maybe, just maybe, being savagely fucked by this big brute of a man would give her the intense thrill she needed.

Nikki moved one hand down to her pussy and she began to caress herself.

“Take your Goddamned hand out of your pussy — that’s my property now!” Frank bellowed, reaching out and slapping her hand away viciously.

“Owwww!” she cried, bringing her stinging hand to her mouth. “I thought you’d like watching me play with my pussy, Uncle Frank.”

“I’ll tell you what I like! Now shut up, cunt!” the man said sternly.

“What am I supposed to be… your slave?” Nikki asked, her voice touched with a little laugh.

“Yes! You’re my fuck slave and don’t you forget it!” Frank bellowed and his niece knew that he meant business. She trembled all over, thinking of the brutal fuck in store for her.

Suddenly, Frank dug his fingertips into the girl’s tits as hard as he could, squeezing both the tops and bottoms of the huge tits with both hands. To Nikki’s surprise, her uncle tightened his grip even more, making her nipples flit up and out at an odd angle. She liked it but it hurt.

“Ohhhh, it hurts, Uncle Frank. Can you squeeze my tits more gently?” she begged, tears filling her eyes.

“No, afraid I can’t do that, baby,” Frank muttered and as he continued to painfully dig into the girl’s tits, she felt a surge of sexual pleasure race through her.

Suddenly, Frank reached out and slapped his niece hard across her startled face.

“What was that for?” the girl sobbed, feeling her face-flesh burning from the blow.

“For being such a fuckin’ tease!” Frank said with a laugh, obviously enjoying himself. And, with that, he slapped the teenager again, harder this time so that he left his big red handprint on her face.

“Yeeeooowww!” Nikki yelled, but she felt a gush of pussyjuice shoot from her fuckhole and she had to admit to herself that she was getting off on her uncle’s savage treatment of her helpless body.

“Now spread your legs wider,” the man commanded, his cock jerking wildly as he stared down at his niece’s squirming naked body.

“They’re already spread wide,” she whimpered. Her legs were splayed out so that her toes were pointing at the corner posts of the big bed.

“Wider, bitch! I want your legs spread so wide that your fuckin’ feet are off the bed! And if you can’t do it yourself, I’ll help you,” Frank spat.

Nikki tried to spread her legs even wider. Before she could stop her uncle from “helping” her, the man moved forward. He quickly and brutally forced her legs farther apart than she had thought possible, so far apart that she feared her bones would break. When he finished, grinning down at her triumphantly, her feet were off the edge of the bed, just as he had wanted. One foot was aimed at her bureau and her other foot was pointing right at the door to her room.

“Ohhhh, God, that hurts!” she moaned, feeling the muscles of her thighs straining painfully.

“This is better… much better,” Frank groaned, staring down at his niece’s crotch.

He could see all of her now — the moist rosy inner lips of her cunt, the fiery bulb of her hard clit, even the gleaming pink ring of her asshole.

As much as the girl was hurting, another part of her was enjoying every savage second of her uncle’s rough treatment. She wanted more.

“You’d better stop doing these things to me right now, Uncle Frank!” she yelled.

“Oh, really?” Frank growled and he reached out and cruelly twisted the girl’s nipples until they all but came off in his rough hands.

“Aieeee! Awwww, shiiiit, that hurts!” Nikki cried, tears of pain and pleasure filling her eyes.

She had been right about how it would make her feel. She loved it. Her nipples hardened even more and her pussy grew wetter.

“You bastard!” she cried out, wanting more pain, the kind of pain which she was quickly learning only increased her sexual pleasure.

“Shut up, you fuckin’ bitch,” Frank spat as he smacked her face again.

“Owwwww!” she yelled, but she loved it, even though she sensed that she could not let her uncle know that he would stop fucking her. That was how sadistic the man was.

“And this is for being such a cock-tease!” Frank yelled as he slapped the girl yet again. “Ever since you were just a tiny girl, you’ve been teasing me… deliberately turning your own uncle on!”

“But I never…”

“Shut up, I said.” Frank said, hauling off and biting her again, this time slapping her four times across her face in rapid succession.

“Ohhhh, God,” the girl whimpered, her face red and smarting, and her horny pussy growing hotter with each new incestuous abuse.

“Yeah, you were just a little girl with that sweet innocent face of yours… but man, every time you sat on my lap and squirmed that sexy ass of yours all around, you gave me an instant hard-on and you knew it,” Frank said.

“No, no, I didn’t know, I didn’t know,” Nikki whined, tossing her head from side to side in denial.

“You lying cunt!” the man growled as he twisted her few pussy hairs hard, as if to pluck them out.

“Yeeeeeoooooww!” Nikki cried. “Please…”

And he did. With a grin that was growing wider and wider, Frank once more twisted the girl’s cunt hairs, delighting in the way her lovely face twisted with pain and pleasure.

“Jeeesus, Uncle Frank, you’re just a brute!” she cried.

“Yeah, I know! And girls always love it! You love it too, you whoring slut, even if you won’t admit it to me!” Frank roared, pawing at his niece’s firm tits so hard and feverishly that in a matter of minutes they were red and raw.

Nikki sobbed, feeling her tears spilling out and flowing down her cheeks. Her uncle was abusing her badly, and she didn’t know which she enjoyed more, the pain or the excitement.

She was so turned on now that her tits throbbed with desire and her nips pointed up stiffly toward the ceiling. Her pussy gaped open widely and spilled out more cuntjuice than the girl had thought was possible. Her clit stood up rigidly.

She licked her lips as she stared at her uncle’s prick. It was so big and hard now she thought it would burst any minute. His balls looked huge, as if overloaded with his creamy cum.

She moaned softly, wriggling her hips about. Uncle Frank chucked her under the chin and he laughed.

“You have to obey me, whore. You have to do everything I want,” he said menacingly.

She gazed up at him almost adoringly. He was managing to make her feel more turned on than she ever had been in her life. And, again, she found herself desperately hoping that the fuck that was about to happen would give her such thrilling pleasure that she would never again doubt that she was normal. She would never again have to wonder if she were gay.

At that moment, the horny teenager realized that she would gladly do anything her uncle wanted, just as long as he kept savaging her in this way.

“Suck my asshole!” Frank demanded as he straddled the girl above her heaving tits.

She smelled the clean, soap-scented flanks of her uncle’s muscular asscheeks and trembled all over. His cheeks were large and hairy, just like the rest of him. He shoved his ass-crack toward her face and his asshole throbbed as the girl ran her tongue over it. With no prodding, she skewered her tongue into the hot asshole.

Frank’s ring of ass-muscles parted just enough to let the girl’s tongue enter. She swirled her tongue around the hot, tiny space of her uncle’s shit-chute, hardly able to believe that she was performing this perverted act. Not only that, but she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Yeah, baby, suck it!” Frank grunted.

He thrust his hard asscheeks down on her face, forcing her to suck his asshole. He spread his big beefy balls out inside the valley between her tits and rubbed his meaty prick over her pulsing nipples.

“Suck that ass, you horny, cock-teasing bitch!” he demanded, wriggling his ass over her face. “Suck it deep!”

Now, Nikki was fucking the full length of her tongue in and out of the man’s asshole, now and then pausing to wrap her lips about the small ring of muscles and suck hard.

She couldn’t get over how good it felt to suck her uncle’s ass. Nor could she get over how exciting it was to be ordered around sexually by her powerful brutish uncle.

As she continued to tongue-fuck and suck her uncle’s shit-chute, she remembered the man’s words about how she had been turning him on all these years, and she suddenly realized that, if that were the case, he had a right to treat her this way. She had unknowingly given him hard-on after hard-on and he had been powerless to do anything about it. He had waited all these years to get relief for the special brand of incestuous desire he felt for his cock-teasing niece and it was only understandable and fair that he completely dominate her now.

She speared the rubbery asshole again and again until her tongue gave out. She felt the hard shaft of his prick pressing against the rigidly stiffened tips of her tits. She moaned into his ass-crack. She felt her uncle rubbing his balls inside her tit-valley.

She knew that she was close to coming.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you sluttish bitch!” Uncle Frank shouted, rising from the girl’s face and kneeling between her legs.

He gripped the base of his cock in one meaty fist and flattened the broad cockhead against Nikki’s squirming inner cuntlips, angling toward her fuckhole.

“Oh, God,” Nikki moaned, knowing that she was about to be raped by her own uncle.

Frank grinned. He reared back and viciously fucked his hard cockhead into his niece’s snug cunthole. He grinned again. The man had been waiting for this incestuous thrill for a long time. Too long to be anything but brutal with the gorgeous, sexy teenager.

“Yeeoooowww!” Nikki screamed at the top of her lungs, writhing violently as a wave of deep mindless lust took possession of her entire body.

“Take it, whore! Take it all!” Frank growled as he shoved forward brutally, sinking the entire length of his cock inside the girl’s cunt.

“Yeeegaaaawwwdddd!” she shrieked, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She had thought her brother’s prick was huge but it was nothing compared to Uncle Frank’s humongous cock. He pulled it almost all the way out of her and then viciously slammed into her again, burying his prick balls-deep within the teenager’s seething pussy.

“Holy shiiiiit!” she cried, feeling the forceful head of Uncle Frank’s huge, hard prick sliding violently into her cunt and bruising her cunt walls all the way. She felt the raping prick thrusting her cunt-flesh out of the way as it careened recklessly into her.

Nikki rolled her hips from side to side, groaning loudly with pain and pleasure, again not knowing which she enjoyed more, and again not caring. All she cared about was her uncle’s huge, delicious cock and the savage way it was fucking in and out of her pussy which was only a hair away from a powerful orgasm.

“I know you love it, you whoring cock-tease! I know you love to be raped by a big fat cock, especially if it’s your own uncle’s!” Frank yelled, panting hard now as he continued to shove the full length of his prick, in and out of the girl’s cunt just as hard and ruthlessly as he possibly could.

“Yessss, yessss, Uncle Frank, you’re right! I do love it! God, yesss, it’s great! You’re hurting my pussy soooo much but it feels good, too! Don’t stop, you big beautiful man, you! Don’t ever stop!” Nikki shrilled insanely, lifting her ass up from her bed and meeting each of the man’s savage fuck-strokes with slams of her juicy cunt.

Her uncle’s prick was hot and hard and fully erect, filling up every single inch of her pussy, filling her to the brim.

She felt as if she were completely helpless beneath the viciously pounding man, and she savored the feeling. She was willing to let him treat her just as roughly as he liked. If he wanted to completely reshape the inside of her cunt with his relentlessly thrusting prick, that was just fine with her.

“Take it, baby. After all these years of wanting you… take and love it!” Frank grunted as he reared back and fucked into her again with a mind-numbing violence.

With his entire cock buried balls-deep inside his niece’s twat, he stirred around inside her, making her follow his movements with her churning hips.

His cock-thrusts were fast and deadly, leaving the girl breathless and more than a little frightened.

He fucked his niece ruthlessly. He fucked her until her body was one writhing mass of agony beneath him. He fucked her until she struggled for air, hardly able to breathe. He fucked her until her senses reeled and she no longer knew night from day, and she no longer cared.

Each time she felt the tip of Uncle Frank’s prick strike against the very back wall of her cunt, she cried out from the pain and the ecstasy. Her entire body shuddered from the vicious impact. She was amazed that her cunt was so deep and that the huge prick could penetrate her so far.

She arched her back as her uncle fucked his massive prick even harder into her. He slid out with a wild, sucking sound that turned her on even more. Again, she felt as if she would come any second.

“Unnhhh, aaaarghh, you horny bitch, you’re one great lay!” Frank grunted, plowing his mighty prick into the sweet, tight chasm of his niece’s juicy cunthole.

Her tight pussy muscles hugged his cockmeat obscenely, making him groan with fuck-lust. He could hardly wait to dump his load into his hot cunthole. He knew that it would be the most thrilling climax of his life.

Again and again, he fucked the girl, completely impaling her cunt on his prick. Their hips ground together, and their flat tummies slammed wetly together. Their sweat-soaked bodies fucked feverishly toward orgasm.

“Ohhhh, yessss, dear God, yesss!” Nikki cried, clutching at her uncle’s cock with her strong pussy muscles.

Frank’s cum-slit vibrated. His balls boiled with his load of cum, smacking wetly against his niece’s pussy mound.

Nikki tossed her hips up and down, feeling waves of incestuous lust pouring through her.

“You fucking bitch! Gotta fuck you hard… harder,” Frank grunted, his face flushed red now. He plunged his fat prick into the girl’s cunt, bruising the sides of her sweet pussy with each savage thrust.

“Yeeeeoooww!” she screamed when she felt the man’s cock-knob hanging hard against the back wall of her pussy. Her entire body shuddered with the pain of it, and the sweet ecstasy.

She clenched her eyes shut, moaning continually now as she experienced the excitement of her uncle’s prick viciously fucking into her again and again. It was as if his hard cock were delivering blow after blow like a knife to her helpless pussy. She lay there, her legs splayed wider than she had thought was humanly possible, fully exposed for her uncle’s use.

The man punched his rock-hard cock into his niece’s quivering pussy, caught up in the erotic joy of her juicy pussy. Her muscles clutched at him and wrenched his prick powerfully.

In and out, he fucked her. Over and over, he impaled her tight cunt on the full length of his punishing prick. The girl moaned and groaned, thrusting her crotch up to meet each of his downward slams.

“Shiiiiiit!” Frank bellowed as he began to come.

Nikki grinned deliriously as she felt thick wads of her jizz shooting into the deepest reaches of her pussy. More and more of the scalding cum burst into her, filling her pussy to overflowing. The creamy goo began to dribble out from between her swollen cuntlips and run down her quivering thighs.

Her uncle’s orgasm released her, and Nikki came.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she shrieked as her climax raced through her.

“Can anyone join this party?” Mark’s voice boomed from the doorway.


“Mark!” Nikki yelled, blushing at being caught by her brother with their uncle’s cock still buried inside her orgasming cunt.

“What the hell are you doing home?” Frank growled, pulling his still-hard prick out of his niece.

“I think I’m the one who should be asking questions, Uncle Frank… like what are you doing with your prick inside my sister’s pussy?” Mark said with a grin.

Frank relaxed, knowing that his nephew wouldn’t go running to his parents about his torrid fuck session with Nikki.

“What do you think we were doing?” Frank said, grinning back at his nephew.

“We were all out shopping,” Mark began as he undressed, “and suddenly I didn’t feel too well. I hitched a ride home. But now, I’m feeling just great! Maybe I was just horny.”

The teen stood naked by the bed.

“Come on, we can both fuck this bitch!” Frank said.

Laughing huskily, Mark settled onto the bed next to his sister. “She’s got the body of an angel, doesn’t she, Uncle Frank?” the teenager asked, reaching out and running his hands all aver his sister’s still-heaving tits.

“She may have the body of an angel but this hot tease fucks like a two-bit whore!” Frank said, and the two guys laughed while Nikki blushed again.

Nikki gazed down at her brother’s and uncle’s cocks, getting horny all over again as she saw him pulsing and jerking slightly. She had no idea what they had in mind for her, but she felt as if she were good and ready for anything.

She felt her pussyjuices beginning to ooze out of her cunt once again. Her clit stiffened up and pushed out from between the depths of her lush cunt folds. Her nipples burned with lust.

“Let’s get her!” Frank suddenly cried.

Before Nikki even knew what was happening, the guys had her in the middle, right between the two of them, their muscular bodies squashing her.

“Get up on your hands and knees, bitch,” Frank ordered.

“Now what?” she asked, assuming the position.

“Now you’re gonna suck your brother’s prick,” Uncle Frank demanded. “You’re gonna suck it till it’s all nice and polished, and then you’re gonna suck mine!”

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me?” she asked, a little disappointed.

“We’ll fuck you when we’re good and ready when you get our cocks all hard and juicy. Then we’ll fuck your cunt and ass at the same time,” Uncle Frank said with a nasty-sounding chuckle.

Nikki gasped, thinking that being fucked by her uncle’s and brother’s cocks at the same time would tear her apart. There was just no way that her tiny asshole and cunthole could take that kind of pressure without splitting wide open, especially the savage way her uncle fucked!

“Mark!” she cried, turning her eyes to her brother, “you’re gonna bugger my ass?”

“No, Sis,” the teen said. The teen pointed to their uncle. “He is.”

“Oh, shit!” Nikki groaned.

The next thing she knew, her brother fucked his big cock between her lips.

“Seeing you lying there with Uncle Frank’s cock inside your cunt really turned me on, Sis. Now suck me off!” Mark demanded.

Nikki’s pussy quivered when she felt her mouth stuffed to the brim with delicious cockmeat.

“She’s got a hot, sweet mouth on her, doesn’t she, Mark?” Uncle Frank asked lewdly, pulling on his own cock while he watched her pussy run with cunt honey.

Mark slipped his prick in a bit farther, then pulled out.

“Jesus, she sucks cocks great!” Mark groaned, rubbing his balls.

Frank nodded his agreement as he continued to stroke his own prick, his eyes riveted to the incestuous blowjob taking place right before his eyes.

The teen’s prick grew harder and fatter, digging into the roof of his sister’s mouth. He angled his ass downward so he could fuck her mouth far back toward her throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, Sis, yeah,” he groaned, feeling her tight throat muscles closing around him. It felt hot and wet in her throat, and he thrilled to the lewd sensation.

Uncle Frank began to play with his niece’s pussy with his free hand. His other hand rubbed his prick up and down until his cock grew harder and thicker. Pre-cum began to trickle from the gaping cum-slit.

The man pulled Nikki’s pussylips apart, staring inside at the hot, wet meat inside. Then he pulled her asscheeks apart and stared at her winking asshole.

He could hardly wait to sink his prick inside that tiny virginal fuckhole. He knew her ass would probably be even tighter than her cunthole and would give him one hell of a fuck.

He could almost feel his prick sliding in there right now. He knew that the girl’s shit-chute would probably get all torn up because her ass was so tiny and his prick was so huge, but if anything that thought only thrilled him all the more.

“I’ve gotta stop!” Mark suddenly shouted. “If I don’t, I’m gonna blow my wad and I don’t wanna come until I can get inside her cunt!”

“Then fuck my pussy.”

Frank traced the pink ring of her ass hole with his fingers.

“Ohhhh,” the girl moaned, wriggling with delight.

“Just wait till I get my cock up your asshole, you sexy girl!” the man said and both he and Mark chuckled.

“Wow!” Mark cried.

“I can’t wait for you to run your cock up my pussy, Mark,” she said, breathing heavily.

“She’s got a cunt like a vise!” Uncle Frank growled.

“Get up on your knees, honey,” Mark said as he knelt before the girl.

She obediently got on her knees and her brother fucked his hard cock into her pussy. She rode up off her knees a moment and then settled back down onto the stiff meat.

She moaned as she felt the teen’s prick sliding in all the way to the back wall of her cunt. She ground her hips in eager response.

“See what a wild whore she is?” Uncle Frank asked, laughing delightedly. “Go on, fuck her hard, she loves it!”

Mark groaned and fucked his prick even deeper inside his sister’s clenching cunthole.

“Unnhhh, yesss, that’s good, Mark, good,” she sighed happily.

The horny girl stared down the rippling tips of her red nips and down over her flat tummy and onto the hard, throbbing prick that so deeply penetrated her cunt.

She tensed her asscheeks and bucked her girlish hips forward to swallow more of the delicious cockmeat into her wanton cunthole.

Mark began to work the swollen staff of his prickmeat in and out of the girl’s tiny, churning pussy. It felt incredibly hot and wet inside and her flowing cuntjuice drenched his entire prick.

He fucked his prick in and out of her at an angle that was guaranteed to rub along her clit.

Uncle Frank was smearing his own saliva all over his massive cock. He knew he had to get his prick good and wet if he hoped to pierce that tiny asshole.

Yeah, the horny man thought to himself, she’s got a real tight ass on her. He licked his lips in lewd anticipation of the tight fuck in store for him.

He was in a good position to fuck the asshole that seemed to be winking right at him. Her asshole looked juicy, but he knew that her ass would be dry inside and as tight as a glove.

Frank reached around the girl’s waist, holding her in place tightly.

“Okay, cunt, now sit on it,” he demanded as he lifted his hips and steered the head of his pulsing cock against the wriggling asshole.

At first, her asshole wouldn’t give. He thudded his hard cock against it, but only vibrated back against him. He dropped his hips and started again. This time, he held her asscheeks wide apart and fucked his shiny purple cockhead into the tight asshole.

“Ohhhh, Gawwwdddd!” Nikki cried.

“Ohhhh, God, Uncle Frank, it hurts too much! You’re killing my ass with that huge monster of a cock!” the girl wailed, throwing her head back.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” Frank boasted, slipping one arm up from her waist and gripping her tits tightly. With deadly aim, he pushed his steely hard prick deeper into the aching asshole.

She flinched in pain, feeling the two cocks fucking her deeply, one in her cunt and one in her asshole.

All this time, Mark continued to fuck his sister’s cunt, pulling his cock out until only its head was locked in the grip of her pussylips, and then ramming it back into her again.

Nikki writhed and wriggled in excitement in pain. Her uncle’s cock was massive, and her asshole was just a tiny tube that was being all stretched out of shape.

“Unnhhhh, I’ll bugger your sweet ass so hard you won’t know what hit you!” Uncle Frank spat, fucking into the girl’s shit-chute with harder, deeper strokes.

There was only a thin membrane separating the girl’s cunthole from her asshole. Nikki could feel the two cocks thudding away in the middle, banging her hard in the deepest recesses of her cunt and bowels.

“Jesus, Uncle Frank! Your cock feels like a tree trunk up my ass!” she said with a grimace.

The ring of her asshole locked tightly around the man’s prick. He groaned with pleasure.

“Awww, gawwddd, it hurts, but it feels good, too,” the girl groaned.

Being fucked by two cocks at once made the girl’s body shudder and shake violently. Bent as she was, floods of pussyjuice ran out from her well-fucked pussyhole and dribbled down into the crack of her ass, lubricating her uncle’s prick. At the same time, Mark’s prick sloshed through the lake of juice on its inward and outward thrusts.

“What a fucking tight hole! Jesus, it’s squeezing the shit out of my cock!” Frank cried. His huge prick stretched his niece’s asshole wide and wider still.

Both her asshole and cunthole were on fire, and she moaned with incestuous pleasure.

“Oh, God, it feels so good! It hurts and I love it!” she cried, not realizing how confusing and contradictory her words sounded.

But no one was listening to her anyway. They were both too busy fucking her hard, matching their fuck-strokes to the movements of her hips as she thrust them forward and back. The two pricks were fucking the girl in perfect unison, banging away at each other on either side of the thin membrane that separated them.

“Unnhhhh,” she moaned, thrilled by the fact that she was being lustily fucked by two cocks, and that those pricks belonged to her own uncle and brother.

“Fuck, but your shitter is tight!” Frank cursed.

The man knew that he was popping his niece’s ass-cherry. That lewd knowledge turned him on so much that seemed to grow another inch inside her. He loved fucking meat for the first time, especially when it was his sexy niece’s meat.

Growing more and more aroused with each passing second, Nikki thrust her girlish hips forward and felt Mark sink his huge cock into her burning cunthole. She moaned with lust as more fuck juice flowed out.

Her asshole ached and burned as she thrust her hips back now, timing it just right so that when Mark slid his big cock out of her pussy, she slid her ass back and got an asshole full of her uncle’s prick.

His cock was fiery and hard and demanding. Uncle Frank’s prick bruised her ass walls as he fucked into her.

“Good girl,” Uncle Frank grunted, digging his brutal cock into the girl’s quivering asshole. He stirred up her shit-chute with his hard, bulging prick, hurting her deeply and giving her even more pleasure.

Frank groaned as she worked her tight ass muscles about the massive cock.

Frank knew he would come any second, but he struggled to hold back, determined to last at least as long as his nephew did. I’ll be Goddamned if I let any snot-nosed teenager outlast me, he thought savagely.

Nikki fell forward from the waist. Mark caught her with both hands, holding her up by bracing his hands against her soft, smooth shoulders.

He sucked first one rose nipple and then the other into his hot, wet mouth.

“Ohhhh, yeah, Mark, suck my tits!” the girl cried, still throwing her hips forward and back, matching both her uncle and brother fuck stroke for fuck-stroke.

The room was filled with fucking and sucking sounds now, turning the incestuous trio on all the more.

Mark sucked his sister’s nipples until they were raw and then he nuzzled his face in between her mammoth tits. All the while, he fucked her pussy with harder and deeper strokes.

Uncle Frank stuffed his prick up his niece’s asshole and he groaned and grunted with ecstasy when he felt her ass muscles massaging the full length of his throbbing cockshaft.

Mark knew he had to come soon and he speeded up his strokes, driving his prick into the depths of the girl’s pussy as hard as possible and then pulling out sharply.

Suddenly, his cum sprayed out of his cum slit with a violent force and jetted deeply into his sister’s pussy.

“Yessss!” Nikki screamed as she felt her brother’s jism filling up her pussy to overflowing.

Knowing that his nephew was coming, Uncle Frank let himself go. He rammed his hard cock into the sweet, tight, squeezing asshole, stabbing at her very core. And he came.

His thick, hot jizz shot into Nikki’s churning bowels, spraying every nook and cranny of her shit-tube. Gobs of thick creamy spunk were now flowing out of her asshole and cunthole, greasing her thighs.

“Shit!” Mark groaned.

As she felt the hot, thick cum burning a path down her inner thighs and the backs of her legs, Nikki came.

“Commmmnnnggg!” she screeched at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm began deep in the inner reaches of her pussy and spread to her tortured asshole, firing up her bowels. Waves of incestuous pleasure washed all over her, crashing into each other. Her writhing, shuddering body felt assailed by ecstasy on all sides.

She gave herself up to the incredible intense sensation, continuing to fuck back at her uncle and brother as she came. She had been right in thinking that the savage fucking style of her brutish uncle would give her more pleasure than she had experienced before. And she had been right in thinking that being fucked by two cocks at once would even be more exciting.

Even as the girl continued to come, she felt like cursing with disappointment, for even this savage three-way fuck had not managed to give her the extra thrill she sought. Something was still missing.


A few days later, thinking that they were completely alone in the house, Nikki and her big sister, Margo, met in the girl’s bedroom for a pussy-sucking session.

The two sisters had been so busy making it with guys lately that they hadn’t had much time alone, and they felt ravenously hungry for each other’s pussy.

They were moaning and groaning in a tight, naked embrace, kissing with their tongues, just as Karen Andrews walked down the hall past Nikki’s room. The girls’ mother recognized the sounds of passion, and she felt a twinge of jealousy. It sounded as though her daughters were having so much fun. She longed to join them.

She pressed her ear against the bedroom door and heard Margo begin to squeal with the unmistakable sounds of orgasm. Inside the room, at that moment, Nikki was biting Margo’s nipple as she stoked her older sister’s clit with two juice-slickened fingers.

Karen waited until her daughter’s squeal of pleasure subsided, then knocked lightly on the door.

Nikki and Margo hopped out of bed and struggled to put their clothes on again.

Before getting married, Karen had had a lesbian relationship with her own sister so the woman saw nothing wrong with what her daughters were doing. She knew how exciting it could be to make it with another girl.

The incestuous nature of her daughter’s relationship did not bother their mother at all. It struck her as perfectly natural, and she just wanted to be a part of it.

“You don’t have to worry, darlings. Don’t get dressed. I’m not angry. Just open the door for your mom,” Karen said, trying to make her voice soothing.

The two girls were surprised. They detected a knowing tone and a note of excitement in their mother’s voice when they had expected anger and condemnation. They unlocked the door.

Karen had come home early unexpectedly from a shopping spree. She had been about to leave again to meet her brother, Frank, for one of their satisfying fucks. The second she had heard her older daughter’s moans of orgasmic pleasure, the horny woman decided that she could have just as exciting a time right there in her own house. Thoughts of Frank faded.

She opened the door and entered Nikki’s bedroom with a grin on her face.

“So… you two are lovers,” she said, running her fingertips over her own nipples, which were poking against the tight blouse she wore.

“We… we didn’t want you to know,” Nikki stammered.

“But it’s okay… really,” Karen said reassuringly. “In fact, I like the idea… I think it’s exciting.”

Nikki and Margo exchanged glances.

“I was hoping you two girls would take pity on your horny mother and let me join in on the fun,” Karen said with a warm smile.

“Sure, Mom,” Nikki said. “I think we three could have a lot of fun together! But if Dad found out…”

“Don’t worry about your dad. We’ll keep this a secret. You’re right, of course. He considers himself very liberal when it comes to sex, but if he found out that his own wife and daughters were getting it on, he’d be furious!” Karen said with a dramatic shiver which made her laugh.

Karen thought for a few seconds.

“Dad won’t be home for hours yet. Let’s go into the master bedroom where we can be much more comfortable in the king-sized bed there.”

The two girls squealed with excitement. When they all got to the master bedroom, Karen removed her own clothes.

Completely naked, the three excited females climbed onto the oversized bed together. Karen kissed both of her daughters hungrily on their soft mouths.

Both Margo and Nikki moaned with shared desire, feeling their pussies drooling with lust. They all embraced, tongue-kissing each other for long, breathless moments. Nikki thought back to the night when she had spied on her parents fucking. She remembered how beautiful and sexy her mother had looked in the moonlight, her naked body all aglow.

At that moment, Nikki realized that, ever since that night, she had been hot for her mother. She had wanted to eat out the older woman’s cunt. She had wanted to feel her own mother’s mouth hungrily pressed against her cunt. But she had pushed those desires down, sure that they were wrong. It was one thing to make it with her sister but her own mother was another.

But, now, here was her mother, completely naked on her bed with her daughters, eagerly kissing and stroking both girls.

And if she sees nothing wrong with it, why should I? Nikki asked herself now. After all, she is my mother and she knows best!

The girl eagerly and unconditionally abandoned herself to her desires, throwing herself in the three-way fuck with her mother and her sister.

“Ohhhhh, I’ve got a great idea!” Margo cried as the threesome ended their long, torrid kiss. “Let’s make Mom feel real good, Sis.”

“Yeah, great idea, Margo!” Nikki said eagerly. “Just spread out on your back, Mom. Then let Margo and me do all the work. We’ll make you feel real good!”

“Mmmmm, you’re both such good girls,” Karen said as she followed her daughter’s instructions and lay on her back in the center of the big king-sized bed. “And I can tell by the way you both kiss that you both know how to make me feel really good.”

The older woman stretched her legs wide apart for her daughters, who were already eyeing her hungrily.

Nikki licked her lips with anticipation, thinking that she would like to concentrate on her mother’s big tits, for now. She placed her small hand beneath the older woman’s left tit and lifted it up.

At the same time, Margo moved onto her belly with her head between her mother’s splayed thighs.

Nikki began to kiss her mother’s tits, harder and faster, her soft, wet lips moving ever closer to the taut nipple that seemed to throb before her eyes.

The girl parted her lips and stuck out her tongue, placing its pointed tip directly on her mother’s nipple.

“Yessss,” Karen sighed, closing her eyes in pleasure as her daughter rolled her tongue over her tit. The older woman began to pant and move her ass in a slow, seductive circle on the bed. Karen could tell that all of the pink cuntmeat between her widely parted legs was completely engorged with the hot blood of her incestuous lust. She felt more and more juice pouring out of her fuckhole, filling her pussy to overflowing and running down her thighs. Her clit arched and burned and throbbed, demanding release.

Nikki lashed her mother’s tits with her tongue for long moments, her face moving quickly and hungrily from one tit to the other. She licked all over the quivering tit-mounds, until they were both completely coated with her, warm saliva. Then she concentrated on the twin nipples, stiff and rock hard. She whipped both of them with her tongue, relishing her mother’s moans of pleasure. Finally, the girl wrapped her lips around one of her mother’s nipples and began to suck.

“Ohhhh, yesss, that feels so good, Nikki! Suck your mother’s tits hard, darling!” Karen groaned.

“Yeah, that looks hot! Suck Mom’s tits hard, Sis!” Margo cried, all this time watching the exciting action from between her mother’s legs where she inhaled the heady aroma of the older woman’s fully aroused cunt.

Nikki moved to the other tit and she sucked that one hard, too, tonguing the pulsing nipple and grazing lightly with her sharp teeth.

“God, that looks hot!” Margo groaned, deciding that, as thrilling as it was to watch her sister sucking their mother’s tits, it would be even more exciting to lick her mom’s pussy.

The older girl stuck her tongue out and licked up and down the full length of her mother’s cunt, tasting the delicious pussyjuice which rolled out onto her tongue. She hungrily drank it all down as she continued to lick the hot hairy cunt as hard as she could.

“Ummmm, ohhh, yesss, Margo, eat your mom’s cunt. Make me come, you two darlings!” Karen cried, lifting her ass up from the bed and squirming all around in a fit of lust.

As her mother’s ass lifted, Margo took the opportunity to lick the older woman’s asshole hard. Then she returned her tongue to Karen’s cunt, poking her tongue between the puffy folds of her cuntlips.

“Unnhh, eat me out, Margo, eat your mom’s cunt!” the woman cried shrilly, delighting to the double excitement of one daughter eating her pussy while her other daughter sucked her tits.

She was touched by her girls’ desire to give her so much pleasure. She had never felt closer to them than she did at that moment.

While Nikki continued to suck her mother’s tits, moving rapidly from one to the other, Margo fucked the full length of her horny tongue up the woman’s cunthole.

“Yeeeooowww! Yesss! Tonguefuck meee!” Karen wailed.

After tongue fucking her mother for a few minutes, Margo turned her attention to the rigidly quivering clit that seemed to be almost crying out to her. She licked the stiff bud hard and then she wrapped her lips around its base, sucking for all she was worth. Long clits seemed to run in the family.

At that exact same instant, Nikki sank her teeth painfully into one of her mother’s nipples. The woman came.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” Karen shrieked, screaming with joy as gallons of orgasmic cuntjuice flowed out of her cunt and into her older daughter’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmfffff,” Margo moaned, her sounds of pleasure muffled by the wet cuntmeat that was spasming against her sucking mouth. And she came, too.

Still sucking her mother’s tits, Nikki moved one hand down between her own legs and began to feverishly stroke her clit. She knew that both her mother and sister were coming. She had no desire to be left behind.

“Unnnhh, ahhh, oooohhh,” Nikki cried, releasing her mother’s tit with a wet popping sound as she came too.

The three orgasming females clutched at each other, grabbing tits, squeezing running pussies, as their naked bodies writhed violently on the bed.

Still coming, Karen suddenly knelt between Nikki’s legs and attacked her daughter’s cunt with her entire mouth, using her tongue, lips and teeth to tease the girl to another orgasm. Margo sucked on her sister’s tits.

After eating each other out several more times, the fucked-out trio fell asleep in each other’s arms, Karen forgetting to send her daughters back to their own rooms before their father came home.


Karen, Margo, and Nikki were still all asleep in the master bedroom a couple of hours later when Steve Andrews entered the house.

He knew that his son, Mark, had gone to a friend’s house and would be spending the night there. That didn’t explain why the house was dark and why no one was around to greet him.

He sniffed the air as he made his way toward the kitchen, wondering why he didn’t smell any aromas of dinner in the making. When he saw that the kitchen was empty, too, he frowned, beginning to worry. Could something terrible have happened to his wife and daughters?

Steve took the stairs two at a time, his heart racing with concern for his family. He dashed into Margo’s darkened bedroom, flicking on the light. Empty.

He rushed into Nikki’s bedroom and turned on that light. He gasped, seeing the scattered piles of clothing on the floor. He frowned, guessing where the bitches were.

He quickly closed the distance between Nikki’s room and the large bedroom ha shared with Karen.

Jesus, he thought, I can hardly believe that my own innocent girls would do such a perverted thing.

He inched open the door of the master bedroom and gasped again, Margo’s head rested on Nikki’s thigh. The girl’s head was between her mother’s splayed legs, her mouth still pushed up against Karen’s cunt.

Steve Andrews closed the door of the room quietly as he had opened it and tiptoed back downstairs. He told himself that he had to remain calm. He went to the bar and poured himself a large drink, shaking his head in a vain attempt to clear his mind of the memory of what he had seen in his bedroom.

He sat down in the living room and downed his drink quickly. He rose and poured himself another, which he drank just as rapidly as the first. As if in a trance, he set his empty glass down on the coffee table and slowly climbed the stairs once again.

In Nikki’s bedroom, he gazed down at the clothing on the floor. His eyes locked on Nikki’s bra. He bent down and picked up the garment, noticing with surprise how large the cups were. He realized for the first time that his daughter was no longer a child. She was becoming a woman.

His mind spun. He was unsure how to handle this thing. Should he storm into his own bedroom, awaken his wife and children and have it out with them right then and there? Or should he just pretend that this thing had never happened?

He fingered his daughter’s bra again, thinking that if tits were the measure of maturity, his daughter was a woman. How could he possibly deal with a young woman about something this delicate?

The vision of his daughter’s sleeping face came to him, the vision of her naked and contented in bed with her own mother’s cunt pressed against her mouth.

He fingered Nikki’s bra again, recalling the curled posture of the girl, asleep in his bed, her thighs parted to hold her sister’s head.

He groaned again, realizing, with a shudder of guilt, that he wanted his own daughter! He wanted Nikki! He realized that as he stood there with her bra in his hands, telling himself that he was only trying to calm down. In reality, he was stirring himself into a lust-filled state by going over the image of her lying in his bed.

Feeling desperate now, he ran back downstairs and poured himself another drink. He drank it. He stood still, his daughter’s bra still in one hand, and breathed heavily as he saw a vision of the girl again.

This time she was a fantasy, a fantasy that he only wished were true. Nikki was standing nakedly before him, beckoning to him with one hand while using her other hand to cup her huge tits.

He shook his head to clear his mind of the forbidden image. Then he poured himself yet another drink. He downed the contents of his glass with one gulp. He felt a little numb.

The fingers of his left hand still clutched Nikki’s bra and he trembled all over with sexual need.

“What the fuck am I agonizing about?” he said suddenly. “It’s not as though I’m thinking of raping the hot cunt! I mean, if she’s making it like that with her own sister and mother, she’s hardly Little Miss Innocent. She’s probably not even a virgin anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been fucking her own brother! Hell, she’s no better than a tramp, a big-titted tramp! She needs the firm hand of her father to set her straight… I’ll fix her and I’ll fix her good!”

He climbed the stairs again, this time knowing exactly what he would do. His steps were firm and determined as he moved quickly down the hall toward the master bedroom.

He quietly turned the doorknob, nearly gasping again when he saw the three naked bodies sprawled there so lewdly. In the dim light from the hallway, Nikki looked even younger and more desirable than before. She was an object of sexual desire… her father’s desire. The man’s balls ached with lust.

He stood there in the doorway for a few minutes, his eyes lingering on Nikki’s full rich curves. His cock was throbbing between his legs, completely stiff and hard now.

Any inhibitions he had felt had been swept away. He felt slightly drunk and that feeling, combined with the heady sight of his daughter’s smooth teenaged body sprawled nakedly before him, shattered the few small doubts that still clouded his mind.

He entered the room quietly, leaned over the bed and put one hand over Nikki’s mouth. With the other hand, he shook her awake.

Nikki’s eyes opened slowly at first. Then they widened in fear as she saw her father leaning over her naked body.

“Get up, Nikki,” he whispered sternly. “Get out of that bed and follow me to your room.”

Without speaking, her eyes downcast, Nikki slid from the bed and stood before her father. Obediently, she followed him to the hall and down its length to her own bedroom, all the while trying to still the wild racing of her heart.

Steve stood in his daughter’s bedroom, waiting for her to enter. Then he snapped on the light and closed the door.

“You slut!” he roared.

The man’s eyes ran from the girl’s lovely face, down over her trembling tits, to the tangle of sparse pussy fur which was still damp from her incestuous orgy with her mother and sister.

“Oh, Dad, please don’t be angry. I didn’t…”

“You didn’t what, you whore? Are you going to stand there and try to tell me that I didn’t really see what I saw? That I didn’t see you lying in your parents’ bed with your sluttish mouth against your own mother’s twat?” Steve bellowed.

“I can’t speak for your whore of a mother, Nikki. God knows that I’m sorely disappointed in her. But, speaking just for myself, I’ve tried to raise you and your sister like decent young ladies and you wind up a tramp with your own mother and sister! You’re probably fucking every cunt-hungry prick in your school!” Steve snarled angrily.

“No, Dad, honest! I’m not!” the girl said tremulously, her eyes filled with tears, her entire body shaking with fear and anxiety. She couldn’t help but, wonder what sort of punishment her father had in store for her.

“Shut up, Nikki! I’m here to tell you one thing for sure! You’re not going to get away with this!” Steve said, aware that the lust he felt for his girl might explode any minute.

“What… what are you gonna do?” Nikki asked nervously.

“I’m going to ask you something, Nikki, and I’m only going to ask it once. I want you to promise me that you’ll answer me truthfully. Will you promise me that?” the man asked, trying to keep his emotions under control.

“Y-yes, Dad,” Nikki answered meekly. “Have you been fucking your brother, Mark?” Steve asked sternly.

“Oh, Dad, please don’t ask me that!” the girl cried desperately.

“Well, that’s exactly what I am asking you and I want an honest answer right here and now!” Steve bellowed.

“Y-y-yes,” Nikki said softly, her head hanging down.

“Yes what, slut?” Steve asked nastily.

“Yes, Mark and I… we’ve been fucking,” she said so lowly that her father could barely hear her.

“Just as I thought,” Steve said, sighing deeply and shaking his head. “Do you have anything else you want to tell me?”

Nikki trembled, thinking that she didn’t dare tell her father anything more. He was already so angry! But she was afraid that if she didn’t, he would find out anyway and then her punishment would be even more severe.

“I-I… Uncle Frank and I…”

“My God!” Steve cried, genuinely shocked. “Are you trying to tell me that you fucked with your own uncle?” He felt a twinge of envy, wishing that he had gotten to his daughter’s pussy first.

“Y-yes. And Margo and I… we’ve been getting it on for a long time. And today Mom joined us and…”

“That’s enough!” Steve shouted, his face a dangerous dark red now. He was unable to hear anymore, he was so consumed with jealousy and lust.

“What… what are you going to do with me, Dad?” the girl asked, her voice trembling in fear.

“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do with you, you whore! You slut? You obviously think you know all about fucking, do you? Well, then, I guess it’s up to me to show you a thing or two about what fucking can really be like!” Steve yelled.

Nikki raised her head and stared at her father in amazement. He wanted her! Her own father wanted to fuck her! And, at that moment, as her pussy drooled with desire, she realized that she wanted him too.

Nikki took a step toward her father. She looked deep into his lust-glazed eyes. She reached one hand out and touched his hard-on, which was throbbing within the confines of his trousers.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” she purred. “I’d never want to do anything to make you ashamed of me. Please don’t be angry with me.”

“I’m not angry any longer, Nikki,” Steve said, moaning slightly as his daughter’s hand continued to caress the huge bulge in his crotch. “But I am going to have to punish you, you know.”

“I know,” she breathed excitedly. “I have it coming! I want you to punish me, Dad!”

With a lust-filled groan, Steve reached out and pulled his girl tightly against him.


A short time later, the girl was stretched out on her bed, flat on her back, her father’s cock fucking away at her juicy cunt.

“I’ll make you come harder than you’ve ever come before, you hot slut!” Steve roared as he fucked the full length of his huge cock in and out of the girl’s clutching cunthole. “I’ll make you come so hard that you’ll know once and for all how great fucking can really be!”

“Unnhhhh, it feels sooooo good,” Nikki groaned, feeling the beginnings of a gigantic orgasm.

“Come, Nikki, come for your dad!” Steve shouted.

As the girl came powerfully, she felt the uncontrolled throbbing of her dad’s prick within her pussy, snapping back and forth as he continued to fuck in and out of her. She arched her hips to meet his. Waves of orgasmic pleasure were moving through her faster now, crashing into each other.

“Ohhhh, I’m coming hard, Dad!” she gasped, lifting her knees, locking her ankles together, and clawing her sharp fingernails down his back, pulling his body as tight to her as she could.

“That’s my girl! I knew I could make you come like this!” he growled, still fucking in and out of her juicing, running pussy with his big hard cock. He could have came then too. In fact, his balls screamed for release. But the man was determined to hold back until he had managed to give his sluttish girl the most thrilling fuck of her life.

Steve rose on his palms until his muscular body hovered over his daughter. She opened her eyes and gazed up adoringly at his handsome face, his sweat-dampened hair. She looked down over the matted fur of his chest to where his huge hard cock was still buried deep within her. She managed weakly to contract her pussy muscles around his big prick one last time as her orgasm began to subside.

The man pulled his still-hard prick out of his girl’s juice-drenched cunt and began to massage her tits. The girl’s hand reached out to stroke her dad’s upper thighs. She grasped the turgid shaft of his prick, moaning softly. “Unnnhhh, Dad, I’m still so horny! Please fuck me again!” she begged.

“Sure, baby, my pleasure,” Steve said. “Let’s do it dog-style this time.”

“Oh, goody, Dad, I want to feel your huge cock dog-fucking me!” Nikki cried as she got up on all fours and shook her ass.

Steve knelt behind his girl’s ass and licked both of the trembling mounds with his eager, hot tongue. He let his wet tongue travel between the asscheeks. Then, spreading them far apart, he stabbed his tongue inside.

“Ohhhh, yeah, that feels great, Dad!” Nikki groaned. “Hurry up and fuck me like a dog, Dad! I can’t wait!”

Steve grinned, delighted at his daughter’s attitude and, spreading her legs far apart, fucked his hard prick directly into the girl’s twitching pussyhole.

“Aiieeee!” Nikki screamed, feeling her dad’s big prick fucked up her fuckhole, buried balls-deep with the first hard stroke.

She came. And, as she came, she slammed her ass backward to meet the man’s hard cock thrusts. Steve grunted and fucked his prick even deeper and harder into his girl’s juicy cunt, making her swollen cuntlips tremble.

In and out the man fucked his daughter, battering her pussy so hard with his cock that the teenaged girl was forced to flatten her hands on the bed and grip the covers below to support her quivering body. Being dog-fucked by her dad was thrilling her even more than she had expected, and she knew that she would soon come again.

“Dad, I love your big hard cock! It’s filling up my whole pussy!” she groaned happily.

“Yeah, baby, dog-fucking is great ’cause it lets me get my prick even deeper inside your tiny cunt. Jesus, you’re so tight! And wet! I love fucking you, baby!” Steve said with a grimace as he continued to fuck the horny teen.

Nikki grinned, pleased that her dad liked fucking her so much. She rotated her ass lewdly while she slammed back to meet his cock thrusts.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah,” he grunted, feeling each twist of her hips, each grind of her ass. He could smell the exciting musk of teenaged pussy in heat.

The girl came again, whimpering and howling like an animal as her tits flushed. Her fuckhole released hot fuck juice that spilled wetly onto the bed below.

She screeched.

She threw her ass around violently, clenching her dad’s prick with her tight cunt muscles. As she continued to come and her dad continued to fuck her relentlessly, the teen twisted and shook, sobbed with wild relief and incestuous ecstasy.

The thrilling sensation of his own girl’s cunt spasming in orgasm around his twitching prick turned him on beyond belief, but again he reminded himself not to come just yet. He wanted to wait until his daughter was completely fucked out. Only then would he dump his load of cum into her cunt.

He fucked the full length of his prick into her orgasming pussy with brute force, each savage stroke a bit harder and deeper than the one before.

He was fucking her savagely now. She almost collapsed onto the bed. Her dad’s hands reached out and gripped her throbbing tits, using them as handles to force her to stay on her hands and knees.

Still coming hard, the teenager once more threw her ass back, enjoying the hard contact of her pussy with her dad’s eagerly thrusting prick.

Steve pulled his cock almost all the way out, then looked down lustfully at Nikki’s swollen, pink cuntlips. They hugged his prick to her cunt walls. With a loud grunt, he fucked his cock back into the tiny pussyhole.

“Come, Dad, come inside me,” the girl begged.

“Not yet, baby, not yet,” he said, still fucking her hard.

The girl’s orgasm subsided. She begged her father to stop, saying that she couldn’t take anymore. Steve grinned and pulled his still-hard prick out of his daughter’s wet pussy.

Father and daughter rested in each other’s arms, stroking each other all over. The girl grinned up at her handsome father.

“I’m ready again, Dad! Make me come again!” she cried eagerly.

The girl’s mouth watered as she stared down at her dad’s prick.

“I changed my mind, Dad… I wanna suck your big delicious cock! Besides, you turn me on so much that I’ll probably come just from sucking you off even if you don’t touch me one bit!” the girl said with a husky laugh.

“Suck it, baby,” Steve whispered hoarsely. “Take your dad’s prick in your hot, wet mouth and suck hard. But I’m not gonna come. I wanna save that for your pussy.”

With an excited groan, Nikki slipped her lips over the upper part of her father’s cock, drilling her tongue hornily into his gaping piss-slit, tasting a delicious drop of pre-cum. Her lips engulfed his twitching cockshaft.

“Yesss, Nikki, suck it!” the man groaned, thrusting her hips up to fuck his girl’s face.

With a rising sense of lust, the teenager went down on her dad, feeling his broad, smooth cockhead pressing against the roof of her mouth. Then the upper part of his blood engorged prick entered her throat. She sucked more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Yeah, baby, deep-throat your father’s prick, you whoring slut!” the man grunted.

Steve pressed down on the top of his daughter’s head, forcing her lips to kiss his prick hairs. Her head bobbed slowly up and down while her tongue slid all over his cockshaft. He clenched his teeth together tightly as he started fucking into her mouth.

“Unnnhhhh… do it, baby… just like that… aarrgghhh… every inch of my prick your mouth is so hot and wet… feels just like your cunt!” Steve groaned.

“Ummffff,” Nikki moaned with pleasure, the sound muffled by the thick meat that packed her mouth and throat to the limit.

Saliva oozed out of the corners of her mouth and down the man’s cockshaft, mingling with his pre-cum. Her teeth lightly scraped the sides of her dad’s jerking cock while her tongue relentlessly licked and her mouth sucked hard. She tightened the muscles of her throat about the hard prick.

He reached down and ran his eager fingers through her damp cunt fur. He stuck his stiffened middle finger up into her tight fuckhole.

The teenager groaned in ecstasy as her father played with her rigid clit. She could already feel the beginning of yet another orgasm.

“Yeah, baby, you’re doin’ great! Suck your dad’s dick just like a good girl, Nikki,” he said thickly.

There was not a square inch of his prick left untouched by his daughter’s feverishly probing tongue, her grazing teeth, her clutching lips, and her clenching throat muscles.

She could feel his prick expanding, and she knew that he would soon make her stop since he didn’t want to come inside her mouth. But Nikki was not ready to stop sucking him off. She was enjoying herself too much for that. She slowed her sucking pace, hoping that his prick would soften just a bit.

Steve stabbed two fingers into his girl’s juicy pussy and pinched her clit until she squealed with joy.

“Aaarghhh, you’re sucking me so good,” he groaned, still pressing down on her head and forcing even more of his cock down her throat.

He watched excitedly as his cock was sucked in and out of the teenager’s hot, wet mouth.

“Ohhhh, baby!” he cried as his prick jerked in her mouth, hanging against the walls of her throat and mouth. “Enough, baby, stop now. I don’t wanna come in your mouth.”

Reluctantly, the girl pulled the rockhard prick out of her mouth and sighed, staring, and wishing she could feel her father’s heavy load of cum gushing down her throat.

“Don’t touch me, baby,” Steve murmured, rolling away from the girl and resting on the other side of the bed, his big hard prick sticking straight up toward the ceiling.

“Why not, Dad?” Nikki asked tearfully, wondering if her dad were angry with her.

“Oh, baby, you’ve made my dick harder than it’s ever been before. If you so much as look at it right now, I’ll come! You stay over there on your side of the bed and give me a chance to cool down,” the man explained.

“Oh, okay, Dad, I get it,” Nikki said with a little giggle, relieved to know that he wasn’t angry with her.

For a few minutes, father and daughter lay there on opposite sides of the bed, both of them breathing heavily, while they waited for his cock to soften just a bit. Every now and then, the teenager cast a secretive glance toward her dad’s crotch.

“Come on, Dad, we don’t have to wait any longer, do we? Please fuck me again! Now, Dad, now!” she whimpered.

“Jesus, what a horny chick I’ve got for my own girl,” the man said with a grin.

Steve kissed and sucked his daughter’s tits for a few moments. The girl writhed with desire beneath his muscular body. Then the man moved between her splayed legs and stared at her pussy.

“First, I want to eat your cunt, baby. Then I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget!” the man said, licking his lips hungrily.

“Ohhh, yeah, Dad, yeah! Eat my pussy for meeee!” Nikki wailed, spreading her thighs even farther apart.

Steve stared at Nikki’s clit. Her clit was swollen, surrounded by wet folds of quivering cunt-flesh that made his mouth water.

He began tongue-kissing her mound all over. “Ahhhhh! Yesssss!” the teenager screeched the second she felt her dad’s wet hot tongue touching her moist pussy.

She felt as if a jolt of electricity had just shot through her. She instinctively opened her legs even wider, offering her dad as much of her sweet-tasting pussy as he wanted. She felt her inner thigh muscles aching with the strain but she didn’t care. All she cared about was the hot mouth on her pussy.

“Dad, tongue-fuck my pussy!” she begged. With a groan of desire, Steve thrust the full length of tongue up into his girl’s tight fuckhole, groaning again as he felt her strong pussy muscles clutching at his tongue, holding it wetly in place before letting it slip out again, only to fuck into her once more.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Nikki screamed, her entire body shaking and shuddering with desire.

Now, Steve moved his tongue out of Nikki’s cunthole and used it to whip at her clit.

“Oh, God, oh, God,” she whispered, humping her cunt up hard against her father’s teeth and tongue and lips, trying to urge him to kiss and lick as much, of her pussy as possible, knowing that she was about to come.

Over and over again, Steve fucked his tongue deep into his girl’s pulsating pussyhole, feeling the sensation of her strong cunt muscles closing as he fucked into her. Then, she loosened her hold on his tongue, allowing him to slip it out again.

He tuned his attention to her twitching clit now, sucking hard with his sensuous lips until she finally came.

She yelled as a heavy orgasm tore through her, releasing torrents of hot cunt sauce which quickly overflowed her cunt and cascaded down her trembling thighs.

Grinning, Steve raised himself up from between his daughter’s legs, his face shining with a thick sheen of her fuck juices. While she writhed on bed, he stared down at her, thinking how beautiful and sexy she looked.

“Ohhhh, Dad,” she whimpered, reaching out to stroke his hard prick. “Please stick this big gorgeous prick into my cunt! Please, Dad, fuck me and come inside me this time!”

“Okay, baby, it’s time now,” Steve said, grinning lewdly down at his horny daughter. He rubbed the broad knob of his prick against the upper inside of her thighs.

“Ohhhh, unnhhhh, please don’t make me wait any longer, Dad!” she yelled. “Fuck meeee! Please!”

Steve stroked the girl’s pussylips with his gigantic cock. His eyes were glazed with lust as he gazed down at her writhing body. She lifted her tits up to him with her hands, just as she had in his fantasy.

She reached out and gave the man’s well-hung balls a tight squeeze, making him groan. She smiled up at him as she pulled him down on top of her by clutching his aching balls and tugging at them, making him follow them with his entire body.

“For God’s sake, Dad, fuck meeee!” she cried tearfully.

“Okay, Nikki, I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, and like you never will be fucked again, you whore!” He fucked his large, throbbing cock into his daughter’s dripping cunt.

As the man began to fuck his girl in earnest, she humped back at his cock, meeting each of his downward strokes with forceful thrusts of her wet pussy. His balls beat a steady tempo against her upturned ass. Their pussy and prick hairs meshed lewdly together each time he plunged his prick to the hilt inside her.

Pleasure filled both Steve and Nikki. Both of the lovers sensed that they were fucking toward an orgasm they would not soon forget. They both knew intuitively that there was something very special about this particular fuck session.

Even though they were sure it would not be the last fuck they shared, they sensed that somehow it would be the most important.

“Ooooh, Dad, it feels sooo good,” Nikki moaned as her dad continued to fuck his cock in and out of her greedily clutching pussy.

He reached down and, without missing a beat, pawed at the girl’s tits, twirling and pinching her stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Unnnhhh, yesss,” she panned, reaching up and pulling his head down to hers. Their lips met and their tongues swirled about each other, their saliva mingling, both of them moaning into each other’s mouths as they continued to fuck harder than they had ever fucked before.

Steve’s cock hardened and thickened even more inside his daughter’s pussy. He was filled with a raging lust that made him feel half-mad with its intensity. He knew that, this time around, he could never feel completely satisfied until he dumped his entire load into the girl’s trembling pussy.

He speeded up his fucking strokes now, taking his cue from that rapid tempo of Nikki’s pumping hips. She was setting the pace. Knowing that she was about to come and that she wanted her dad to come with her, she lunged upward in a blur as she slammed her hips wetly against his.

Father and daughter were like two wild animals in heat as they fucked wildly and wantonly toward their much-needed climaxes, both of their naked bodies glistening with sweat.

Steve fucked his prick deeper and harder into his girl’s cunt.

“Unnhhh, aaarghhhh, yessss, Dad, fuck me haaaaaard! Jeeesus, yessss, just like that, Dad, yes, just like that, you’re gonna make me come soon, you’re fucking me soooo good, and I hafta feel you coming inside me, Dad… ohhh, fuck me haaaarder!” she begged whorishly.

The teenager’s body was completely out of control now, about to come. She fucked her dad wilder and more frenziedly with each of her dad’s cunt splitting thrusts. She knew that he would be coming soon, and, so would she. And she sensed that their orgasms would be the most exciting ones of their lives.

Steve reached down and gripped his daughter’s tits hard with both hands, using them for leverage as he continued to fuck her aching cunt with his relentless prick. He lowered his head and sucked the stiff nips, mashing her big tits together to form one gigantic tit so he could suck both of the nipples into his mouth at the same time.

“Ohhhh, that’s good,” she moaned.

Suddenly, Nikki felt her dad’s huge hard cock throbbing so violently against the walls of her pussy that she was sure he would explode right inside her. His pulsing prick jerked wildly.

“Ohhhh, God, yesss,” Nikki groaned, realizing her dad was about to come!

“I’m not gonna fight it any longer. You’re ready… ready for my cum… I know you’ll love it,” the man groaned, pulling his prick out of her snapping pussy until only its throbbing head was in the grip of her tight pussylips.

He fucked his cock back inside her so hard that his prickhead banged up hard against the very back wall of her cunt.

And he came.

“Yessss!” Nikki screamed as she came along with her father.

She shuddered all over with a deep, intense incestuous pleasure as she felt her dad’s long awaited cum splashing thickly up her cunt, painting her cunt walls and filling her pussy up to overflowing. The gooey spunk began to run out of her bloated cuntlips.

Father and daughter remained in that position for a long time, his cock locked in the lewd embrace of her still-shuddering pussy.

They were both overwhelmed by the powerful experience they had just shared, and by the mind-blowing orgasms they had given to each other.

Never before had either of the incestuous lovers ever felt such intense pleasure. Never before had they gotten so much ecstasy and satisfaction from a fuck. And never had either Steve or Nikki ever felt this close to anyone.

They had just shared the most thrilling moment of their lives. They sensed that, from this time on, nothing would ever be the same between them again. A new bond had been formed between them, one that could never be broken or threatened by anyone. They were connected now in a powerful way.

“I love you, baby. No one’s ever made me feel this way before,” Steve murmured, gazing down at the flushed girl.

“Me too, Dad,” Nikki said softly, looking lovingly up at the man.

A bare inch of huge glistening prick withdrew from her wet cunt. He looked down to where their crotches joined. He moved his hand to that point. He touched the girl’s quivering clit, running his finger around its very tip, and then sliding over the moist length, encircling the hard nub.

“Oooooooh, Dad,” she sighed.

Still starting down at his girl’s gaping cunt and the partial length of his own prick resting there, Steve slowly moved his finger back and forth.

Each obscene movement sent an added spasm of pleasure through the girl. He was giving her half-orgasms.

“Unnhh, Dad, don’t!” she gasped. “You’re making me come again and I can’t take anymore!”

Slowly, he stroked the entire length of the twitching clit then encircled it with finger and thumb and slid up again to the throbbing tip.

“Oh, God, noooo!” Nikki howled as the fire of another orgasm shot through her. She involuntarily thrust her hips up in response, thrilling to every surge of ecstasy that rolled through her.

She lay back, completely drained now and moaned softly as her father embraced her tightly and kissed her affectionately on the forehead.

Steve pulled slightly back from his girl to see her better, enjoying the sight of her lying there sprawled on her back, her big tits heaving her legs spread wide, his arm and her pussy juice flowing thickly from her ravaged cunthole. “You’re a damned good piece of ass, baby,” he said thickly, embracing her again.

“I’m even better now that you’ve taught me all about fucking. Dad,” the girl said gratefully.

They smiled warmly at each other and then. Steve began to fall steep in his daughter’s arms. Nikki gazed up at his sweat-soaked face and thought how lucky she was to have a father like this, a father who gave her so much.

Not only had her dad just given her the most exciting fuck session of her life, but he had also set aside her fears of being gay once and for all. She knew now that she was one hundred percent normal, that there was nothing wrong with her whatsoever.

If she had only fucked with her dad sooner, she would have learned that and she wouldn’t have spent so many sleepless nights worrying that she might be a lesbian. She just hadn’t known. But now, she did. She had her dad to thank.

She sighed and closed her eyes, ready to sleep now.

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