Hot Little Niece

The younger generation’s going to pot A statement heard in Roman times, a maxim that has been labeled by many Americans as simply “the generation gap”, a phrase that makes many of today’s youth even more suspicious of the older generation.

Today, hundreds of young boys and girls are trying to escape the effects of the generation gap, seeking to free themselves from mistrust and question, trying to find their own brand of freedom.

In the middle of this generation gap, there is a mass of people like Mindy, a girl torn between her own strong sex drive and her desire to “be a good girl”, a teenager who questions the free-wheeling life styles of others, but finds herself drawn to it.

HOT LITTLE NIECE — a novel about today’s youth for tomorrow’s society.


Rita Russell put the book down and looked across the living room at her husband Len.

“Honey, you weren’t kidding when you said this hot! Where on earth did you get it?”

“At that bookstore down by the office,” he said. “I was always going to stop in and didn’t, until yesterday. I told you it was really something.”

“Do you think people really do things like this? I mean, swap their mates and all. That’s silly… I know they do, but I mean, do you think anyone we know does it?”

Len shrugged, “I dunno. Harry and Betty Planter were always pretty wild…”

“Harry was,” Rita said. “He pinched my ass more than once at those cocktail parties, but I always thought that Betty was kind of a prude.”

“She’s not all that bad, but now that I think of it I can’t really see her and Harry doing the things in that book.”

“How about Carla and Jim?” Rita asked. Carla and Jim Campbell lived next door. Len and Jim were partners in the largest furniture store in the area and longtime friends. Rita and Carla had both been working as nurses and roomed together. Rita and Len had dated and introduced Carla to Jim. Though neither wife had to work now that the business had taken off, Carla continued her nursing career on a part time basis.

“Never,” Len said flatly. “They probably do all that stuff in the book, but they’d never go in for wife swapping.”

“You’re right,” she said. “By the way, did Carla’s niece come in this morning? I haven’t been home all day and I haven’t seen, her.”

Rita stood up. “I think the damn thing made me horny.”

Her husband wet his lips, “Really?”

She tossed her head as if to say, “C’mon,” and went down the hall. Len followed her into the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and the small light by the bed was on. In this soft lighting, Rita Russell slowly stripped the clothes from her full, luscious body as her husband watched.

Rita was a big-titted, full bodied 38-year-old woman. And, though she wasn’t Latin, she had a beautiful light brown skin that looked like an all over tan. Her eyes, too, gave the impression of a Latin heritage. They were very dark, almost black, and she had thick brown hair that hung in sexy curls over her shoulders. There was no evidence at all that she was the mother of twin boys. She swam for an hour every day and was proud of her body.

Her breasts were large and when she stripped off the blouse and bra they stood firmly.

Len was quickly removing his clothes… and doing it rather clumsily since his eyes were glued to his wife’s body.

Rita, well aware of how the sight of her turned him on, paid special attention to the way she undressed in front of him. She left her heels on until the very last. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. Giving him a glance to make sure he was keeping up with her, she turned away and, sticking her thumbs under the elastic, slowly pushed the sheer panties over her plump ass.

“Beautiful, honey,” Len said.

She stepped out of the panties and turned to face him, letting him see her body from top to bottom. He was standing across the room, his clothes in a pile at his feet, with his cock sticking straight out from his exceptionally hairy crotch. He may have been built like a lineman, but at that minute he looked more like a hungry kid in a candy store.

“Beautiful,” she complimented him back, looking at the strong cock pole fluttering in front of him.

Rita moved to the big double bed and threw back the covers. She stretched out on the sheet, the stark white contrasting nicely with her tanned skin.

She spread her curvaceous legs wide, showing the pretty pink cunt lips, and stretched out her arms, “Come and get it.”

Len leaped for the bed, bouncing next to her and wrapping his arms around her.

“I’m a lucky guy,” he said, “to have a woman like you.” He felt her large rounded tits, losing himself in the fleshy mounds. Rita’s large nipples always responded fast. They firmed up almost from the time she started stripping.

Their bodies were well matched. He was huge, hairy and well hung. In college he’d been a lineman on the varsity team and in the last few years had kept himself in shape. At first it was by lifting boxes in the new furniture store he’d started with his friend and neighbor, Jim Campbell. And when the business had taken off, a success from the very start, both he and Campbell had bought new houses and put in pools. The daily swim had sliced off the excess weight and tightened him up somewhat, but he was still a big man.

And that’s where they were so perfectly matched. Rita was all woman, with large firm hips, a big bust and small waist. She was especially proud of her curvy, almost muscular legs and small ankles.

Len ran his hand over her flat belly and down into the dark thick hair of her cunt. He forced a finger between her pussy lips, poking it in and out. When it was covered with juice he withdrew it and started rubbing her clit.

“Oh, honey, you know what I like! That’s the spot,” she cried.

“Grab my cock, baby,” he said.

Rita’s eager fingers scrambled between them until she felt the big cock. She wrapped a fist around it — or as far as it would go, anyway. Her husband was in full erection and that meant his huge hunk of meat was the size of her forearm.

“You’re really hot tonight!” she laughed. “I haven’t seen you that swollen in a week.” She yanked on the cock, sending a thrill through him.

“That’s the way I like it,” he moaned.

He flicked her clit back and forth, pushing the hood away so it was directly in contact with his wet fingertip. Rita jerked her hips against his hand.

“That’s the spot!” she yelled. “Oh, baby, do it faster. Damn, that’s exciting! Oh, I love it!”

She caressed his prick with her fingers, rubbing her thumb over the cock head.

“Now fuck me, Len, fuck me good!”

Len moved his heavy body over hers and she pulled his cock down to her soaking slit. She rubbed the head against her bush, over her clit, and along the wet gash.

“Don’t tease!” he begged.

She stopped his cock right at the opening between her legs and let go of him. He lunged forward. The heavy pole wedged her cunt lips apart and disappeared into her belly.

“AAAH!” she cried. “What a fucking cock! C’mon now, fuck the hell out of me! Fuck me!”

He didn’t need to be told. In fact, he hardly heard her. The feeling of the tight tunnel hotly gripping his cock was all be was really aware of. He started pounding her, his strong body slamming her into the mattress. At thirty-eight she was just as snug as she had been at eighteen when they’d become engaged and first let him fuck her.

If she’d been a smaller girl her husband’s strength would have overwhelmed her. But she was lusty and full-bodied and able to not only stand up to the onslaught but actually fuck him back. She thumped her hips up to him everytime he shoved his cock into her hot twat.

“That’s the way I like it!” he hollered. “God, what a woman! What a fucking pussy you’ve got!”

He walloped her belly with his own, and pushed her legs farther apart with his hairy thighs.

Rita took the cue and spread as wide as she could and her husband managed to get his cock deeper inside her churning cunt.

“Wrap your legs around me!” he ordered.

She swung her sleek legs up and over his pounding hips and locked her tiny ankles at the small of his back. Her hot thighs firmly gripped his hips.

“Ooooh!” he moaned. He pushed his chest into her tits, puffing her tight against him. Laying on her like that he fucked faster, only moving his hips.

“Harder!” she cried. “Harder!”

He hammered his bloated cock into her boiling cavity. The walls of her pussy were slick with juice and the going was easy and exciting at the same time. She was stretched wide and every nerve was taut and exposed inside her. His cock rubbed them ail with every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” she cried. “Getting close… OOOH! Oh, am I close! Fuck me harder! I’m sooooo close!”

Without a moments pause he shoved his swelled cock into her, making her clutching pussy lips open and close as the bulge of the head, then the enlarged center and finally the base, slammed into her. The smooth walls of her cunt tunnel caressed his cock pole.

“Oh, I’m so close!” she cried again. “Close!”

“Take it, honey, take it all!” he shouted. “Squeeze my big cock…”

“I am! Yes, oh, yes, I am!”

Then, in a teasing motion, he suddenly pulled back so only the turgid head was inside her. He froze.

“Oh no, don’t! Damn you! Don’t tease me, honey! Pleeez! Damnit! Fuck me you sonofabitch!”

She tried to pull him into her with her legs but he was too strong. She shoved her hips up but he pulled back at the same time.

“Goddamn it!” she cried. “Fuck me! Finish me of f! I’m so damn close!”

She lurched around under him, trying to press her hips against him, trying to get the cock inside her, but he held himself back.

“Pleeeeeez!” she cried.

His cock twitched. The teasing was top much for him, too, and he fell on her with a grunt, burying himself in her cunt.

“Ahhhh!” she sighed as she felt her climax wash over her body. It started in her cunt and spread like hot waves over her entire jiggling form. Still, she humped him as he banged his cock into her. There was more than one come to be drug out of him as she knew from past experience. Her first spasm was only the beginning. The liquid love oozed from her cunt hole, covering his cock and making her slippery inside.

“Now… ME!” he grunted.

She felt the cock meat swell inside her and then start popping like fourth of July firecrackers. The throbbing cock exploded, sending globs of hot come into her pussy.

The ripple of another climax surged through her body as she felt the cock shooting off into the deepest recesses of her belly.

Len lunged a final time, letting the last glob pitch off her inside walls, then collapsed on top of her. His cock continued to jerk around in a dry came and he felt her doing the same thing.

“Ohhhhh, baby,” she moaned.

“Yeah,” he grunted.

She squeezed him affectionately with her legs and then with her cunt. He answered back by making his cock jump. Then there was nothing left. Their sweat soaked bodies slid together and she gradually lowered her legs until they were spread flat on the bed. The sheets were damp with perspiration and come juice. It dripped from her cunt hole onto his balls and then down to the bed were a large slick spot was forming.

He lifted his head long enough to look at her. Her hair was wet around her forehead and her eyes were closed.

“A great fuck,” he mumbled, “You are some great fuck, little lady.”

She opened her eyes slightly and smiled, “You too you sonofabitch…”

They lay together for a few minutes until the strength, gradually returned to theft bodies and they were breathing normally.

Len kissed his wife and got up.

“Where’re you going?” she said softly.

“Be right back.”

This was step three. The first had been letting her read the book — not so she’d be curious about wife-swapping, or swinging as they now called it. He knew she’d never go for anything as wild as that. It was to get her horny, for one, and also to show her that some women would eagerly suck cock.

Step two had been the fuck. He wanted to give her one of the best he had in him, to fully remind her that they were a great natural combination in the sack, to make sure she appreciated what she had.

Step three was washing off his cock and crotch which he did thoroughly but rapidly. He added a light touch of cologne under his balls. Then he was just as fresh, clean and nice smelling as he could be.

He went back in the bedroom and saw she was sitting up on the edge of the bed.

He walked over to the side and stood next to her, lovingly caressing her hair and shoulder.

“Good?” he asked softly.

“The best,” she said with a smile.

“Appreciate your husband?”

“You know it.”

He gently applied pressure to the back of her head and she went with him until she realized her face was only inches from his cock and that it was starting to harden.

“No!” she said, pulling away. “You know better than that!”

“C’mon!” he said, frustrated. “Just a little.”

“No, you know I don’t even like the idea of that.”

“I just washed up,” he said, “and I put a little cologne down there so you can’t say I’m not clean and nice smelling, so c’mon, just a little for heaven’s sake!”

“I told you I just don’t like the idea of it,” she said pulling farther away from him. “I can’t even think of putting that thing in my mouth. Ech!”

“You liked it well enough in your pussy,” he protested.

“That’s where it belongs!” she said. “I will not put it in my mouth!”

“Just a little,” he begged.

“And then a little more, and a little more and then you’ll want to carry it all the way right to the… ech!”

“No, really,” he protested. “Just suck on it a little. You’ll get used to it. You can stop whenever you like.” He put his hands behind him.

She stood up, brushing her arm against his now hard cock as she did. “I won’t, and that’s all there is to it.”

“Damn it!” Len Russell muttered to himself. “Damn it all to hell!”


“I’m not kidding,” Rob Russell told his twin brother, Ralph. The boys were in their bedroom.

“I’m going to see for myself,” Ralph said. “Go ahead. I’m going to put on a bathing suit.”

“You’re not kidding?”

“I told you I wasn’t!”

“We’ll see,” Ralph repeated.

Though the twins often played jokes on each other they never lied to each other and once one of them said he wasn’t kidding it was settled. So Ralph changed into a swimming suit, too.

“And she’s blonde?” Ralph asked.

“And it’s a small suit?”

“Two Band-Aids and a cork, Ralph, no bigger.”

“Wow. How old is she?”

“Not much older than us.”

Their father was at work, as was the next door neighbor, Mr. Campbell, at the furniture store. And their mother and Mrs. Campbell had gone into the city to do some shopping so the set-up was almost too good to be true.

They walked out the backdoor past their own pool, and through the high wooden gate that led to the Campbell backyard.

The Campbell pool was screened in, but they could both see that there was someone swimming in the pool. They entered the screened in pool area quietly, not because they were sneaking but because they were concentrating on trying to see the girl swimming underwater.

When her head poked up near the edge of the pool they were suddenly face to face with her. She rested her arms on the edge and said hello.

“Hi,” Rob said. “You must be Mr. Campbell’s niece. I’m Rob Russell and this is my brother Ralph.”

“Hi, Ralph,” she said with a grin. “My name’s Mindy. I’m going to be here for the rest of the summer, but I, suppose you already know about that.”

“Kinda,” Ralph said. “We just knew some girl was coming. You know, Mr. Campbell’s niece, but that’s about all.”

“That’s me!” she said. “I spent last summer on the Riviera. That’s where I got this bathing suit.” She used the natural buoyancy of the water to jump up and swing around so she was sitting on the edge of the pool. Her long blonde hair was pasted against her head and water dripped from her body.

The bathing suit, which she was drawing attention to, was all white. Most of it was strings. The rest was a shiny material.

“I hope its okay to wear around here,” she said. “I kinda got used to the way they do things overseas. I didn’t even have to wear a top on some of the beaches over there.”

“You’re kidding,” Rob gulped.

“Oh no. It’s really comfortable once you get used to it. Of course it helps when everyone else is walking around the same way. I’d probably feel funny if I had to bundle up in a regular bikini again.” She eyed the boys speculatively. “Boys over there don’t wear such big suits either.”

“What do they wear?” Ralph asked.

“About what I have on,” she said, indicating her brief bottom.

“Like a jock strap,” Rob joked.

“I think so. That’s what you wear underneath, right?”

“Yeah, we got ’em on now,” Rob said. “Well wouldn’t you be more comfortable swimming in just your jock straps?”

“I guess so.”

“Well, good then. Why don’t you?” She looked up expectantly.

The twin boys looked at each other. Rob nodded and they stripped off their trunks.

Slightly embarrassed, they stood for a second in jock straps and then quickly jumped in the pool. Mindy laughed and joined them in the water.

“Hey, what are you going to do here all summer?” Rob asked.

“I’m not sure, really,” the blonde girl said. “Go around and see things, I guess. My mom ships me off to school every fall and pawns me off on relatives in the summer. Aunt Carla and Uncle Jim were nice enough to ask me for this summer, but I don’t want to be a burden to them. Maybe you guys can show me around?”

“You want us to show you around here?” Ralph asked.

“Sure, if you’d like to,” the blonde teen said. “Great! Where do you want to go first?”

“Where is there to go? And hadn’t we better get dressed first?”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Rob said, climbing out of the pool.

Mindy followed him and once again they were able to see just how really skimpy the bathing suit was. She was very light skinned, which went well with her blonde hair, and built fine. Her breasts were big and if she’d had much of a bathing suit on she would have filled it. As it was, she bulged out in all the right places and they saw almost everything.

“I’m going to shower first,” she said. “It’s the European custom to shower together.”

“You’re kidding!” Rob blurted.

“Really,” she said. “I’ll tell you all about it.”

She raced to the house and the twins followed as fast as they could, their jocks wet and sagging.

Inside, she was already out of sight so they followed the wet footprints across the kitchen, down the hall and up the stairs. At the top was a short hallway and three doors, two of them closed. They peered into the open one and saw Mindy toweling herself off.

“Race you to the shower,” she said.

The beautiful blonde teenager undid a knot behind her and the two small triangles of material fell away from her tits. Her girlish rounded globes stood firmly out from her chest, the nipples pink and pert. The boys were too busy staring to strip off their jocks, though there was already some action under the wet cloth.

“Like them?” Mindy teased, throwing her chest out in front of her.

“Wow,” the twins said together.

“Then wait until you see my pussy!” she said and undid the knots of string on her hips. The cloth band between her legs fell to the floor, leaving her naked. Her cunt hair was also blonde. Fine hairs curled around her slit.

“I have to keep it trimmed close because of the way the bathing suit tits,” she explained. “Now let’s see what you two have got under those things.”

The twins moved rapidly, yanking their jocks down and exposing their cocks. Rob’s bobbed in front of him, already hard, and Ralph wasn’t much behind. They were so excited they could hardly speak.

“Twin cocks,” Mindy mused. “This is going to be a first for me.”

“And us!” Rob blurted.

She moved up close to them. Being a year older and a bit tall for her age, she was eye to eye with the boys — though her eyes were watching their expressions while their eyes were roving over her pretty, naked body.

She reached out with both hands and gently slipped her long slim fingers under both cocks.

“Oh, jeez,” Rob moaned.

Mindy bounced their cocks in her palms as if she was weighing them.

She knelt down in front of them and pulled the cocks closer together, carefully examining them.

She turned them up, comparing the undersides. Feeling carefully along the hard spines and even checking the coloring she discovered that each was the mirror image of the other. Rubbing her fingers over the cock heads proved that the texture was even the same.

By the time she got around to that the boys were squirming. The cooler and more methodical Mr. Campbell’s niece was, the hotter they got. She may have been examining their cocks, from her point of view, but from theirs she was fondling them quite blatantly and it was damned exciting.

Mindy licked her lips and leaned forward. She stuck out her tongue and gave each of them a lick across the head.

“Holy shit!” Rob cried.

She looked up at the naked boys. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing! Go on, do it some more!”

“Haven’t you ever been sucked before?” she asked.

The boys flushed but didn’t say anything.

“Never? Not even a little?” Mindy pressed.

“We’ve fucked some,” Rob said in their defense.

“I’ll teach you all the foreign words for it,” Mindy said, “after I show you what it’s like.”

She wet her lips and formed them into a dainty oval. The boys’ cocks were so identical that it was a hard choice to make and she finally veered toward Rob’s because he was a little closer.

She slipped her lips over the cap and clamped down behind the cock ring.

“Ooooooooh, man!” the boy sighed.

Mindy kept her lips firmly in place over the warm meat. Slowly, she moved her tongue around, licking all of the cock that was in her mouth. The velvety caresses barely skimmed the surface and just teased him.

“Beautiful,” Rob whimpered, “beautiful.”

Mindy gave her head a saucy toss, pulling the cap of the cock with her. She knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of a tongue for the very first time and wanted to stretch this out as long as she could.

Opening wide, she let the cock rest on her lower lip and then moved her head forward. Rob’s throbbing cock pole began disappearing.

“Oh, man, take it all,” he moaned.

And Mindy did. Slowly, ever so slowly, she inched forward, receiving more and more of the cock into her mouth until only an inch remained exposed. The other twin was watching raptly, hoping he was next.

Mindy closed her lips around the base of Rob’s cock. She just held him there for a moment, afraid to excite him too much.

“Do it some more,” he begged.

She nodded her head, feeling the tip of his cock thumping against the roof and then the base of her mouth. It felt good and different. She nodded again, slower and more deliberately. She stopped at the bottom of the nob, with the cock laying in the silky smoothness of her tongue.

The cock jumped.

Not sure if Rob was doing that purposely or if he was about to come, she froze. The cock seemed to be swelling.

“Move some more Mindy!” he begged.

She moved off of him, letting the meat bounce free in the air.

“I don’t want you going off so soon,” she said in an almost scolding manner. “That would spoil everything.” From her kneeling position she looked up at the other boy, “Your turn, Ralph.”

He stuck out his hips and wagged his distended member in her face.

“Now don’t you go shooting off in my mouth until I’m ready for you,” she warned.

“I won’t,” he promised.

The blonde moved her head forward, her mouth open wide, and captured Ralph Russell’s hard cock. She swished her tongue gently over the head, watching for any sign of a pre-cum.

But Ralph had seen what would happen if he let himself go and came too soon. Mindy had stopped using her mouth on his brother’s cock when he had gotten too excited. So he steeled himself the best he could and just enjoyed it.

Mindy, feeling secure that he wasn’t going to go popping off, started a soft sucking. Ralph’s cock moved in and out of her mouth. The girl’s lips clung smoothly, opening and closing on the hot flesh.

“Man, I see what you mean,” Ralph said to his brother. “This is fantastic.”

Mindy almost smiled. She pressed her tongue against the slit in the head of his dick and massaged it. The boys had taught her well while she was in other countries, and she managed to excite him more without really bringing him any closer to a come.

She moved forward slightly, taking another inch or so of the stalk into her mouth.

Ralph’s knees got weak. Mindy took in a little more and half of it was inside her mouth.

“Do your tongue some more,” Ralph suggested. “I can’t believe it’s so warm in there — and so juicy!”

Mindy pressed her tongue on the underside of his hard cock. The pole was like granite, just as rigid and hard as it could be. She ran her tongue up and down the sides and over the top.

“Goddamn!” the boy groaned. His cock twitched and again the teenager froze. “I’m alright,” he eagerly lied, “Go ahead, I’m alright.”

She slowly sucked on the boys’ cock. It twitched more violently this time and she ripped her head away leaving him dangling in the air.

“Awwwwww!” he moaned.

“I don’t want you to come yet,” she said.

“It felt so good,” he said.

“I love to suck on it just as much as you like to have it sucked on,” she said. “But if I let you finish up so fast I won’t have anything but soft cock in my mouth.”

“And a lot of sperm,” Ralph said.

She turned back to Rob and said, “I guess you’ve had time to calm down some, though I couldn’t tell it by looking at this cock.” She gave his still hard joint a pat.

Mindy moved her mouth close to his erect cock. It was nice, she thought, having two of them… and they were virgins to a girls’ mouth, too.

When Carla and her Uncle Jim had told her about the twin boys next door, boys only a year younger than she, it had started her imagination turning. She’d begged off going into town on the shopping trip when she’d found out that Aunt Carla was going with the teens mother. That would leave her alone with the boys on her very first day of her summer visit. The had purposely put on her skimpiest bathing suit and made, as much noise diving into the pool ad possible. When she’d caught sight of one of the boys looking over the fence, she scampered out of the pool and stood on the patio, pretending to adjust her straps.

And it had worked. Five minutes later the twin boys were standing next to the pool and in another ten minutes the three of them were naked in her bedroom.

She took Rob’s strong cock between her teeth and held firm while she washed the bulging purplish head with her tongue. They even taste the same, she thought.

She started sucking vigorously and felt the cock meat swell and heat up. It was causing a reaction in her own pussy, too. She was kneeling in front of Rob, and wiggled around so site could spread her legs and let some cool air get to her hot cunt. A boy could take a girls virginity — but a girl would also take a boys, and she was taking their cock sucking virginity.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ralph heel down next to her. She shivered as she felt his hand on her silky thigh, moving slowly over the soft skin. Mindy spread her legs a bit more and he took the hint. His hand slid right up to her bush and started rubbing and feeling her.

“Come on, suck it!” Rob said.

He thrust his hips forward, getting most of his rod into her mouth. She became more excited. She moved her tongue faster and jerked her head forward and backward, letting the cock slide in and out of her munching mouth.

Ralph had found the wet cunt hole and forced a finger inside the blonde girl. He was well experienced at finger fucking and knew just what to do. He tickled her clit, fingered her fast, then slow, then curled his finger and wiggled it inside her pussy while rubbing the clit with his thumb.

Mindy reacted by really going after Rob’s cock. It was almost as if she was thanking one twin by letting loose on the other. The speed with which she sucked was incredible. Her lips slid up and down the stalk like a tight ring. The tongue whipped around him and built him up to the boiling point.

“That’s it, that’s it. Keep sucking it. Just like that.” Rob moaned.

His brother, still fingering the girls soaking slit, moved his free hand to the closest tit and grabbed ahold.

Mindy, her mouth full, let out a muffled moan.

The cock between her lips expanded and Rob grabbed her head to hold on. As soon as he did Mindy slowed her sucking.

“No!” he cried. “Keep it up! Suck on my tock, Mindy!”

Ralph fingered the girl faster, driving two fingers as deep into her pussy as they would go. He clutched and fondled her tit with more enthusiasm.

Mindy felt the cock twitch in her mouth and tried to pull off but Rob’s grip was too tight.

She bit him. Not hard, just a nip, but it was enough to shock him for a second and she jerked her head free.

“Damn! That wasn’t fair,” he cried. “I was just about to come!”

“I know it,” she said. “I told you I wanted it to last. Why don’t you just kneel down here and do what your brother is doing. I hope you know how to finger fuck as good as he does.”

“But you said you were going to let me come right inside your mouth,” Rob said indignantly. “I will, Rob,” she said, “Just not so soon.”

“When then?”

“Kneel down and let me suck your brothers cock for a little while first. The next time I eat you I’ll make you shoot your stuff.”

“In your mouth?”

She smiled, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Ralph was already standing, his cock protruding straight from his hairy crotch like the limb of a oak tree.

Rob knelt down next to Mindy and was pleased with what he saw. Her full teenage tits were large and when he looked down he saw that her legs were spread invitingly and her pussy hair was already wet with passion.

“I’m awfully hot,” she told him, “and you can probably bring me off if you like.”

“What about me?” the other twin said. “Do I get to go off this time?”

She looked at his cock swinging in front of her face. It was swollen and purple. “Okay,” she said, “but try and hold back as long as you can. It’ll be better for both of us if you do.”

“I know,” he said, “just like fucking.”

“Except I’m going to fuck you with my mouth.”

“Ohhhhh,” Ralph sighed as he felt her warm lips slide over his cock. Looking down he could see his shaft disappear into her mouth. She went at him differently than she had the first time. Then it was to get him hot — and now it was to milk his cock of every drop of come he had.

Her lips gripped his tighter than before. Her mouth was wetter and hotter. Her tongue moved faster.

Ralph had never felt anything like it, had never even imagined anything like it. She sucked heartily. At one point her bobbing head drove all the way to his curly hair and she had captured his entire cock. Her lips squeezed the very base of it in a wet grip and she tightened and pulled back very, very slowly, stretching him until the cock head popped out of her mouth. She recaptured it in a flash and sucked and licked like a girl gone mad.

Rob was doing his share. He had two fingers in her cunt and was working to get a third inside as he fingered her rapidly. He bent down and, letting go of the tit he was fondling, drew the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

Mindy felt her cunt tingling with excitement. Any moment now she would let loose and the female come would wash over Rob’s fingers. Already she was dripping wet.

She sucked frantically. If she could get the boy to climax at the same time she did.

“Oh, I’m gonna gooooo!” Ralph shouted.

She pushed her mouth onto his cock and for the second time managed to get it all in her mouth. The purple bulb blocked her throat and she fought for air through flaring nostrils.

“I’m gonna come!” Ralph cried. “You said you’d take it!”

Mindy was almost choking on the boys cock. She sucked as hard and fast as she could. Rob was fingering her wildly and she humped her hips against his hand.

All the action was getting him hot again, almost as hot as when she’d been sucking him. His cock was as inflated as his brother’s.

Mindy felt the organ throb in her mouth. It was ready. It was almost there. She backed off until half of it was in her mouth, and sucked hard.

“AH-AH!” Ralph blurted.

She felt the cock tighten up and quiver like a tight wire ready to snap. She slurped and licked and jerked her head for all she was worth.

Ralph couldn’t hold back any longer. He looked down at the contorted face of the pretty blonde teenager. His cock was out of sight. Her lips slid rapidly over him. Her lips were stretched wide in a sucking oval.

And he shot a load into her mouth that she’d never forget. It made her blink and balk and then she was at him again. Their eyes locked on each other, the cock heaved in her mouth and let loose a gusher of hot come. His knees got weak as he shot again and again, as if he was trying to drown her. Her eyes glowed and she gently closed them with a sigh. He watched and it brought a final shot from the end of his cock.

As she relaxed, his cock still in her mouth, he did the same. He was still watching her pretty face, now flushed and creamy looking. His cock oozed a bit of come. It eased out of the head and dripped slowly to her tongue. Mindy patiently waited for the very last drip, then moved her tongue over the head to wash it of every single trace of the sticky love juice.

Rob had stopped fingering her and was watching bug-eyed. As a twin it was easy for him to picture himself and his cock where his brother now stood. Especially easy since Mindy had promised him the same thing.

She stayed with Ralph, though, gently licking his cock in her mouth. It had shrunk only an inch or so and was still firm enough for her to enjoy.

Rob reminded her of his presence by sticking a finger back in her pussy.

She sighed and opened her eyes. He was kneeling next to her, looking expectantly at her face. She backed off and let Ralph’s meat fall from her lips.

“I haven’t forgotten you,” she said with a smile. “Are you ready?”

“Am I ready!” he said and jumped up.

She wrapped her slim fingers around his hard cock and turned her head to face it.

Ralph knelt down next to her and put a hand on her thigh, luxuriating in the naked skin.

She grabbed his hand and shoved it toward her crotch. “I was almost there,” she said.

“After what you did for me I’ll do anything you want!” he said. He pushed a finger into her wet cunt hole and started fingering the pussy.

“Finger it, Ralph,” she said. “Do it good. Put another finger in me.”

The boy added a second digit in the tight hole, swinging around for a better angle and managing to get his naked body against the teenage girl.

Rob put a hand on her thick blond hair and pulled her head toward his rampant erection.

“This time,” she promised, “I’ll go all the way, just like I did with Ralph.”

“I’m ready.” His cock was bouncing around in front of him so eagerly that Mindy had to hold it still in order to get it into her mouth.

“Fabulous,” Rob said when he felt her lips close aver his prick. Her tongue started its action right away. She sucked the cock meat in and out and slid her tongue up and down the stalk.

He was hotter than he had realized and almost immediately he felt the churning in his balls and the swelling of his cock. She’d hardly sucked him for a full minute before he was tightening every muscle in his body, trying to hold back the come that was ready to burst forth.

Mindy wasn’t waiting either. Ralph’s fingering action was setting her pussy on fire and the first taste of hot come had just made her greedy for more. She wrapped her lips around the cock in her mouth and sucked viciously.

Rob jerked his hips in a fucking motion, driving his cock in and out of her face. She was bouncing around on his brother’s finger and her whole body was trembling. It was no simple in and out movement because her head was flying from one side to the other. He felt his cock bouncing off her cheeks, fly across her tongue, and be pulled in and out of her hungry lips.

“You’re gonna get a mouthful!” he yelled. “Suck that cock, Mindy! Suck my cock!”

She moaned and twisted on her knees in front of him. Ralph fingered her faster and rubbed her clit at the same time. Her hips seemed to spasm.

“She’s going,” Ralph said. He shoved a third finger inside her clutching twat and rammed home. “She’s coming all over my hand!” he cried.

Rob drove his cock deeper into her mouth!

Mindy reached up and cupped his bouncing balls in her soft hand. She bobbled them and sucked faster.

Rob shuddered! His cock was like a human jackhammer. Mindy took in a deep breath, making her cheeks hollow as she sucked.

Suddenly, his throbbing cock exploded sending a shot of hot come into the girls mouth. He pitched his hips forward and let loose a series of white streaks of come. They splattered rapidly against Mindy’s throat. She tried to catch them with her tongue and managed to get a couple before they built up such a puddle at the top of her throat that she was forced to swallow. The rest she swirled around in her mouth, settling some of the sticky goo on her taste buds.

Rob pulled out a little and let go with another shot and this time her tongue was right there. “Lick me!” he ordered.

She did, running her come streaked tongue over his steaming and pulsating cock meat as it fired a couple final drops.

She massaged his balls at the same time, feeling them jump in her hands. Managing to get both hands around them she was surprised that he had anything left. She caressed them gently and they worked up the last of the sperm, shot it through his cock and into her mouth.

She kept it there. With a tightening of her lips she slid off him, bringing all the come with her.

Rob’s cock flopped out of her mouth and hung, partly hard, against his thigh. He looked at her. Her lips were pressed tightly together but there was a smile on her face.

“Swallow it,” he said.

She nodded and he watched the workings of her cheeks and neck as the white cum traveled down her throat and into her stomach.

“Is that really good?” he asked.

“Great!” she said. “And it’s all protein, too!”

Rob laughed and helped her to her feet.

“How did you like having your cock sucked?” she asked with a smile.

“Wow!” Rob said. “I never felt anything so good in all my life. It’s the best thing there is.”

“Right!” Ralph said. “No kidding, it really is. You must like it too, huh?”

“More than fucking,” she said. “I think it’s the idea of being eight there and… I dunno, it’s more intimate somehow.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to fuck us?” Mindy gave a girlish laugh, “Out of all the things I like to do, that is the second best!”


Carla Campbell pulled the car into Rita Russell’s driveway.

“I’ll help you carry in your stuff,” she said. Rita and Carla carried in the packages, the results of a shopping spree in the city — sprees that were becoming more common as the furniture store their husband co-owned continued to prosper.

Rita’s twins were inside, spread lazily on the couch. She asked them to help with the packages and they moved slowly to their feet.

“For kids you two sure lack energy,” their mother said.

The twins glanced at each other and hurried outside.

After unloading, Carla drove next door to her house and carried her packages inside.

Mindy had just changed out of her suit and into an outfit in blue and white.

“I found some real nice things,” Carla said. “But I tried to keep to my budget so I only bought a few. Would you like to see them?”

“Sure,” the girl said.

Carla Campbell took three boxes out of the large bag and two from the other. The woman and the girl sat down on the couch with the boxes between them and Carla, one, by one, displayed her new clothes. When she got to a rather skimpy dress she said, “The sales girl made me try this one on. I didn’t care for it until I saw myself in the mirror. This is real cute, though you’ve got to see it on to appreciate it.”

“Try it on for me,” Mindy asked. “I’d love to see it.”

“Sure,” Carla said. She stood up and started for the bedroom.

“I’ll carry the boxes in for you,” her niece offered, gathering them up.

“Just leave them here, dear,” Carla said. “I’m only going to throw them away. Would you like to try on that green dress? I think it may fit you.”

Carla unbuttoned her blouse and spread it open, revealing a pale yellow bra filled to overflowing with her ample breasts. She brushed her long blonde hair from her neck and stretched.

Mindy brushed her own blonde hair back away from the zipper on her dark blue top. It started at her neck and went halfway down her back.

Mindy drew the top over her head, baring her breasts.

Carla looked at the girl for a moment, then smiled and removed her bra, letting her firm tits spill forth. What the hell, she thought, we’re both girls — I don’t know why I should feel funny about this.

Mindy had unzipped her slacks and was pushing them down her sleek thighs. She stepped out of them and watched the woman unzipping her skirt.

“How come you wear a bra?” she asked. “You don’t need one. You have a very nice figure.”

“Thank you,” Carla said, aware of the teenagers eyes on her breasts. “I don’t always, but this blouse has such a rough texture inside.”

“I think that’s exciting,” Mindy said.

“I suppose it could be,” Carla said, her voice a little unsure, “But not for six hours in the city, in and out of department stores.”

“I’ve got a blouse that really rubs away at my nipples,” Mindy said. She noticed Carla’s eyes involuntarily going to her nipples. “It gets me all horny.”

“I’ll bet it does.” Carla took off her skirt and stepped out of her shoes. Mindy stood in nothing but a brief pair of panties, making no move to try on the dress.

“You have a very nice figure yourself,” Carla said.

Normally, that meant nothing, but there was an air of anticipation around them, especially the way the teenager just stood there waiting. When she heard Carla’s compliment she smiled broadly. The sentence, to her and maybe subconsciously to Carla, was an invitation.

She walked slowly up to her aunt. Reaching out, she gently placed her hands on Carla’s naked shoulders. The woman stood perfectly still, a bit scared and a bit confused, not so much at Mindy’s action as much as confused with her own feelings.

“You really are very pretty,” Mindy said softly and kissed her on the lips.

Carla didn’t react and when Mindy moved away she stammered, “H-Have y-y-you…”


“Have you… d-done t-t-t-th…” she couldn’t finish.

“Done this before? Certainly, though not with a woman, just girls my own age. Mom sent me to a girls school one year and that’s all we did; there weren’t any boys around. It’s nice, what I’m going to do to you… you’ll like it.”

“I can’t, I mean I couldn’t possible do… anything…”

Mindy let her hands slide from the woman’s shoulders down to her naked breasts. Using very light movements she hefted them, surprised at their weight and size. Certainly under the blouse they hadn’t looked that large.

“You’ve never done this with another woman?” Mindy asked as she fondled the now perky nipples.

Carla wet her lips before answering. “Never,” she said softly.

“Didn’t you want to?” Mindy asked. She let one hand travel over her aunt’s smooth hip, stopping at the elastic band at the top of the panties.

“I don’t think so,” Carla said hesitantly. “I wondered what it would be like, but…”

Mindy slipped her fingers beneath the silky panties and mingled them with the woman’s curly pubic hair. She felt Carla shiver.

“What about your friend next door, Mrs. Russell?” Mindy said.

“Rita? No way,” Carla said.

“Isn’t she pretty?” Mindy asked, keeping the conversation going while she managed to get a fingertip over Carla’s clit.

“Oh!” the woman said.

“Isn’t she pretty?” Mindy pressed.

“Rita?” she seemed to have trouble keeping her mind on the conversation. “Yes, she’s very pretty.”

Mindy had worked her hand further into the panties and now had a finger snugly secure inside Carla’s tight cunt. She was gently working it in and out. Mindy used her other hand to pull Carla closer and their breasts touched. The girl slowly wiggled her body so that her nipples skimmed over Carla’s full tits, occasionally touching her own nipples.

“That feels good,” Carla said.

Mindy kissed her again, running her tongue into Carla’s mouth. There was no reaction at first but gradually she felt a loosening up and Carla used her own tongue in return.

“Now let me get these off,” Mindy said when she broke away. She pushed down her aunt’s panties, leaving her stark naked. Mindy quickly shed her own and stood just as naked.

“You’re pretty all over,” Mindy said.

“So are you…”

“Let’s get in bed,” Mindy said, pulling the covers down and climbing in.

“Yes…” Carla said and got in next to her.

Mindy kissed her quickly on the mouth before moving to her aunt’s firm tits. She licked around the heavy tit mounds, gradually moving up to the nipple until she had captured it between her lips.

Carla Campbell moaned and reached for her teenage niece. She put one hand on her blonde head and the other on Mindy’s smooth sleek back.

Mindy didn’t spend much time with the woman’s tits. Just as soon as the nipples hardened she moved over the flat stomach and down to the lovely golden cunt bush.

She felt her aunt tense but she moved slowly and licked on the outside of the cunt hole for a moment before applying any pressure. When she slipped her hand between the long thighs and pushed, Carla responded by opening up. The woman spread her legs.

Mindy ached to get at it, but held herself in check. If she let herself go her aunt might get scared. The delicate outer lips were pouting and slightly spread. She could see the soft glistening insides and knew she’d been getting the reaction she wanted.

Carla spread wider and her niece shoved her face into the exposed area.

Mindy stuck her tongue out and went to work. At the girls school she’d learned all the tricks. She didn’t hold back one. And Carla responded like a horny housewife, moaning and jerking and twisting around on the bed as the teenager went after the goodies with her hot tongue.

Three oral virginities in one day, Mindy thought, and one of them my own aunt. It’ll be a long time before I forget about this summer vacation.

Mindy used her tongue like a cock, fucking it in and out of the heated snatch and making Carla Campbell jerk her hips around trying to get more.

She tickled the clit playing with it slowly, then attacking with a ferocity that betrayed her own lust.

“Oh Mindy! Oh, darling Mindy!” Carla moaned. Mindy swirled her tongue around the walls of the cunt cave, adding a new thrill and the woman almost came off the bed.

Carla reached for her niece’s head with both hands and forced the girls face into her crotch.

“There! Right there! Lick me right there, Mindy darling! Oh what a sweet mouth you have!” Carla cried.

The girl used her fingers to spread the hot cunt wide and pushed her face flat against it. Her lip rubbed the slippery area of the clit and her tongue went deeper than ever before.

“I think I’m going to have an orgasm!” Carla cried. “I’m actually going to come! Fuck me harder… OH! YES! FUCKING YES! RIGHT THEREEE!”

She bucked her hips and spread her legs to their widest. Her niece went at her pussy like someone crazed, flipping her head around and digging her tongue into the hot box.

Carla pressed Mindy’s head down and suddenly stiffened her legs. She let out a long, low moan and jerked her hips. The come poured from her pussy like a little river of passion. Mindy’s face was soaked with it and still she went on licking.

“O-O-OOhhhhhh!” Carla moaned. “Eat my pussy, Mindy, eat it all up, and my come, it’s pouring out… OH! That was good! Just like th… OH! Ohhhhhh… oh my…”

Her twat was going through little eruptions now, but Mindy stayed with her until they slowly decreased and the girl felt it was pretty much all over.

She gave her aunt’s soaking hole a loving kiss, then scooted around to suck on Carla Campbell’s nipples.

“That was beautiful,” her aunt sighed, “just beautiful. I try to get your uncle to suck my nipples after we’ve fucked but he’s just too drained. That’s very nice of you, and it feels so good, so goood…”

Mindy sucked a few minutes more, then kissed Carla on the lips. Her aunt hesitated at first, then returned the kiss with passion, tasting her own come juice on the teenagers lips and tongue.

That was what Mindy had wanted. She stretched out next to the glowing woman and asked, “Did you like what I did for you?”

“Oh yes,” Carla gushed, “it was wonderful, Mindy. It really was. I don’t think I’ve ever come like that, not even when Jim eats me.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” the girl said. “I enjoyed doing it. I really wasn’t crazy about it when the girls first told me at school, but after I tried it I really liked it. I think I’d rather eat a pussy now than have mine eaten, though I’m not knocking that.”

And then she was silent. It might work and it might not. Either way she’d had a virginity of sorts and Aunt Carla would be anxious to try it again. One of those times…

Carla Campbell, hesitantly and nervously, put her hand on Mindy’s sparse blond bush.

“I…” she started, but didn’t continue.

“I understand,” Mindy said. “You don’t have to…”

“But… What you did for me… I want to… at least try,” Carla said.

“I’d like that,” Mindy said. “Just go as far as you want and if you want to stop, I’ll understand.”

Carla nodded. She moved around until her face was near Mindy’s crotch. She licked her lips. She pressed them together. She looked at the crotch.

Then Mindy’s reassuring hands fell on her back and caressed her softly, just as she had done to the girl earlier.

Carla Campbell looked at the pussy. It’s not bad looking, she thought. And if a teenage girl can do it, I should be able to.

She pushed her tongue out about half an inch and tested the lips. They were warm and moist. She forced herself to go on. The cunt lips of the pretty girl spread easily and she, was able to get inside the warm nest.

It was nice, she thought. Different and exciting in a way, and the least she could do.

She tried to do the things that had been done to her and her niece responded. Inside, with her tongue, it was warm and getting warmer. The teenage pussy, eaten by so many girls, was for the first time being eaten by a woman — and a woman who had never before eaten pussy, an extra thrill. So Mindy was enjoying it more than she had in a long time. She tried not to react too much, afraid of putting her aunt off, but it was damn near impossible. The inexperienced tongue was losing its nervousness and going at her like a pro.

Carla was getting with it, too. Half the time she imagined it was her own pussy in front of her and did the things that felt best to her, things that also made the teenager fly off the handle.

She sucked on the clit and the girl flipped out, twisting and turning on the bed.

“Oh, thank you, Carla… that’s good, right here… keep it up right there! Oh, yes! Oh, Aunt Carla you’re making me so hot I think I’m going to come… Right NOW!”

Mindy sat up straight, a glazed look on her eyes, then threw herself back on the bed, twisting around and moaning.

Carla stuck with her. There was a wave of pleasure from her own cunt as she licked and sucked the juicy snatch. The teenagers hips were whipping around so that the biggest problem was staying with her during her come. Carla held on the best she could and continued stabbing her tongue into the girl in fucking motions.

Mindy arched up off the bed, froze in the air, then collapsed!


Carla licked for a few moments, easing the way from the girls climax to a mellower condition.

That done, she followed the girls earlier example and moved up to suck on her nipples which were now large and swollen.

“That’s nice…” Mindy whispered. “Come up here so I can kiss you.”

Carla did and for a second time they mixed a recent come with their lips.

Carla lay on top, pressing her tits against the girls. They both had their legs apart so Carla pressed one thigh against the teenagers cunt while pressing her own snatch onto the girls leg.

“Have you ever talked to Mrs. Russell about something like this?” Mindy asked.

“I went to school with her,” Carla explained, “and we roomed together and we married two guys that were close friends who are now partners in business. And it’s never come up once.”

“You never even talked about the subject?”

“I suppose… I don’t remember,” Carla said.

“You said she was attractive. Have you wondered what it would be like with her?”

Carla gave a little laugh, “No, but I’ve wondered about her husband Len. He used to be a football player in college and he worked out every day.”

“He turns you on?”

Carla shrugged, “They’re our best friends. But, I will admit, I’ve wondered what he’d be like.”

“How about Uncle Jim?” Mindy asked.

“What about him?”

“Has he ever played around?”

“I don’t think so,” Carla said. “You know the boys work late at the store every other night. Like tonight, he won’t be home for a couple hours. But I know he’s working, absolutely know it.”

“He won’t be home for a couple hours?” Mindy asked.

“Right, he’s…”

Mindy moved under her and said, “We can do it again… at the same time.”

It took Carla Campbell upwards of half a second to decide, then she turned around on top of Mindy and settled her face into the girls cunt.


“I think she’s crazy,” Ralph said.

“She sure sounded convinced,” Rob said. “I know, I know. Could you figure out what this big idea she had was? This is pretty damn big, but she says it’s only a step in the right direction toward the big plan.”

“I’m not sure,” Rob said. “I’ve got some ideas, though.”

Just then they heard the door slam downstairs and they both jumped.

“There she is,” Rob said. “You ready?”

His brother let out a deep breath, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

His mother had just come in from the pool and was toweling herself off in the bathroom that opened to the backyard. It had been built especially for that purpose and had a full stock of towels and even extra bathing suits.

Rita Russell wore a simple bikini, not terribly revealing but with her full figure it could cover a lot of area and still leave a lot exposed.

Rob waited until she was dry before standing at the open door and saying, “Mom, did you talk to Ralph yet?”

“What do you mean, dear? I didn’t know he wanted to talk to me.”

“He’s all upset. I left him upstairs about an hour ago and he was almost crying, but he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.”

“I didn’t notice anything,” she said. “No clues as to what it’s all about?”

“He won’t talk about it,” Rob said. “Hey, I’ve got to go over to the ball field, so I’ll see you later.”

“You want me to drive you over?” Rita asked.

“Naw, that’s okay. You better talk to Ralph.”

She grabbed a terrycloth jacket from a hanger.

“I guess I’d better. Have a good time.”

The robe came, to just below. Rita’s shapely hips. She tightened the belt around her tiny waist and went upstairs to her son’s room.

The door was partly open and she started to walk right in but froze in her tracks when she saw what was happening.

Her son Ralph was sitting naked on the side of the bed masturbating.

She was too stunned to speak at first, then didn’t know what to do, stop him or leave him alone. Deciding on the first she noisily entered. Ralph jumped up, his fist still wrapped around his cock and, in feigned surprise, yelped, “Mom!”

“Ralph, what are you doing?”

He looked at her a moment, then pretending to cry, he sank down on the bed.

“What is it, what’s the matter?” she asked.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he sobbed. He had let go of his erection and placed his hands over it.

“I won’t, if you don’t tell me what it is,” she said, moving nearer the bed.

“It’s sex!” he blurted, “I don’t understand it!”

“But I thought your father…”

“He did!” the boy whined, “but I still don’t understand some parts…”

“Like what, Ralph?” She was trying to soothe him.

“Like this,” he said and exposed his hard on. “Cover herself up,” she said.

He ignored her, “Where does it go? In a girl, I mean.”

“Cover yourself,” she repeated. “It goes in her cunt.”

“But how can it?” he whined. “What does it really look like?”

“Cover up, Ralph,” she reminded him. “It’s sort of like a tunnel.”

“I just don’t understand how this can work inside a woman. How does it get in there?”

“Can I see it?” he asked, then broke into terrible tears again. He cried to loud she couldn’t have answered him if she tried. To add to the situation he brought his hands off his lap and covered his eyes.

Rita Russell looked at his big, erect cock already red with passion. Ralph cried louder.

“Okay, okay, it’s alright,” she soothed, but it didn’t help. “Now stop crying, ft’s okay. Mother will help you understand everything…”

She’d no sooner gotten it out of her mouth and he shut up.

“Will you?” he pleaded.

He hesitated. His face clouded and he sniffed. “Easy, don’t start crying again,” she said. “I’ll help you understand it all.”

“Just let me see, then maybe I’ll understand.”

“Turn around,” she said.

Ralph turned away from her and she started undressing. There wasn’t much to take off. She dropped the terry cloth jacket, unhooked the baffling suit top and bared her breasts, and reluctantly followed with her bikini bottoms. Then she was as naked as her son.

“You can turn around now,” she said.

He did and his eyes bugged out. His mom, stark naked, was built so beautiful.

She stood next to him and showed him her bush. “This is where men put their cock in,” she said.

He bent closer to look and reached for it.

She pulled away, “Don’t touch — and cover yourself up like I told you.”

“I can’t see anything,” he said. “It’s all hairy.”

He grabbed quickly and got a fist full of dark curly pubic hair.

“Ralph!” his mother said.

He reached out and parted the bush to reveal her pink pussy lips.

By then Rob was back in the house and standing outside the bedroom door. He was waiting, listening.

Ralph touched his mother’s clit and started massaging it.

“Ralph, what are you doing!” his shocked mother said.

He continued playing with the clit until he saw her cunt lips part slightly and start shining with the dew of excitement. Gently but firmly he slipped a finger inside his mom’s warm twat.

“Is this how it goes?” he asked.

“T-that’s right,” she muttered. “That’s exactly right. That’s just perfect.”

Ralph spread the cunt lips and slipped a second finger inside, never stopping the movement against her now erect and exposed clit.

“Y-you’d better… better stop,” his Mom said, but there was no conviction in her voice. In fact, she spread her legs a bit to let her son get at her cunt easier.

Ralph was watching closely for the signs and immediately stabbed her cunt hole with more enthusiasm. He glanced up and noticed that his mother’s eyes were closed. Without missing a stroke he stood up next to her and with his free hand guided her hand to his throbbing erection.

“Do you think I’m ready?” he asked as he felt his hand clasp his cock.

“I think so,” she said mechanically. Her cunt was dripping now and the fact that it was her naked son that she had in her hand began to blur in her mind. Emotions were taking over. She squeezed the cock and jerked it up and down, matching the rhythms of the fingers in her pussy.

“Why don’t you lay down…” Ralph said gently, guiding her onto the bed. He made sure never to lose contact with her set snatch, afraid to break the spell in any way.

Rita Russell stretched out on the boys’ bed. Her son was next to her before she realized it.

“Ralph…” she started to protest, but she felt his fingers shove deep into her and wasn’t able to finish in anything other than a moan.

Rob watched from the door and when he saw his mom spread her full thighs he stripped out of his clothes. His cock was just as hard as his brothers and he could almost feel his mother’s hand around it just like it was holding onto Ralph’s.

Ralph lifted himself up and moved between his mother’s thighs. He forced the head of his cock against her wet slit and moved his finger fucking hand away.

“No, no…” Rita moaned. “Not right.”

“You’ve gotta show me how,” Ralph urged. “You promised.”

He pushed his head between the wet lips.

“No,” she protested. “You’re my son.”

Though she said it she didn’t do anything about it. Her mind pushed against it and her body pushed for it.

Ralph took advantage of that by pushing his cock into the tight tunnel with a steady pressure. In just a moment he was deep inside her and letting his slim body settle down on the full figured woman, his mother.

Once completely inside her cunt, he was too excited to move. The hot hole gripped his weapon tightly.

Rob stepped into the room, stark naked, but kept out of sight of his brother and mother on the bed.

Then Ralph started fucking his mother.

He luxuriated in the fleshy, rounded body under him. Her hips were actually larger than his and offered a wonderful cushion to his thrusts. He put it in her, drew out slowly, and dived in fast. Over and over he repeated his thrusts.

Occasionally he could hear his mother’s weak protests but they didn’t mean anything now. He was in her pussy and pumping away. He swung his hips around, running the hard cock along the walls of the pussy and giving his mom some real thrills. His cock was as hot as her twat.

Ralph felt her sweating hips start grinding. Rita picked up the tempo and was soon moving in rhythm with her fucking son.

“Fuck me,” she moaned into his ear, “Fuck your mother, baby. Fuck me hard…”

Rita Russell’s cunt was so hot that it dripped love juice out onto her son’s balls as he banged into her. She lunged up with each of his downward thrusts, meeting him and making the hard rod dig to the very depths of her twat.

“Fuck Mommy,” she moaned. “Give me that hard cock. Oh, you move just like your father! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! That’s the way, Ralph. Don’t hold back. Ram it to me!”

Ralph pounded the woman’s lush body, splitting her crack with his powerful thrusts. The cock slid in smoothly, held right by the hot hole. He pulled out, dragging the crown over the nerves.

“I’m fucking you,” he groaned. “I’m in bed fucking you! Holy shit! What a pussy you’ve got!”

“That’s it, baby! Fuck Mom! Ahhhhh, that’s it. What a cock my son’s got!”

With all his teenage strength he rammed home. The juices flew from the crack as he slammed into her cunt.

“I’m gonna come, Momma! OH! I know I am!”

“Go ahead, I’m r-r-ready! Fill my cunt with your hot come, baby! Come in your mother’s pussy!”

Ralph jackhammered her. Suddenly it felt like the end of his cock split open! The come flew out of him, and he hosed down his mothers pussy with white, sticky juices.

Rita felt the spurting and heard her son cry out. Together it pushed her over the edge and she inundated his wiggling cock meat with female come.

“That’s it!” she cried. “You made me come, you fucker! Feel me coming all over that beautiful cock of yours!”

“We’re coming together!” the boy cried. He jerked into her with a few last thrusts and then collapsed.

His cock was still hard and his mother wiggled her hips under him to get a final charge out of their fuck.

“That was wild,” Rob said from next to the bed.

Rita whipped her head around and was shocked to see her other son standing next to the bed with a hard on sticking out from his groin like a flagpole.


“Move over, Ralph,” the boy said.

As pre-arranged, Ralph rolled off his mother to the far side of the bed, leaving her sweating body exposed to their gaze. She slid her thighs together but Rob reached down between them and tried to pry them apart.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

“Rob, you don’t know what you’re doing,” she said.

“Come off it, Mom. I’ve been standing here since you two got here.”

His mother’s look of shock turned slowly to satisfaction. She glanced down at his cock, an exact duplicate of the one she’d just had in her.

“I suppose you want a fuck, too?” she asked with a smile.

“Unless you’ve got something else in mind,” he said.

She looked at his erection, and was tempted. Never having had a cock in her mouth she was tempted to start with a smaller one, rather than her husband’s huge weapon. But there was more reluctance than temptation and she said, “How would you like it if I put on a sexy nightie for you?”

“I’d like it more if you put on some stockings and high heels,” he said boldly.

“Why, Rob… I had no idea you had such advanced taste. I don’t suppose either of you are virgins, are you, and all that stuff with your brother was just an act?” The twins smiled at her.

“Well, I was slow catching on…”

“Now I oughta get what you gave Ralph,” the boy said. “That’s only fair.”

“So it is,” she said. “And you want me to put on stockings and high heels? No whip?”

“Whip? What would you need that for?”

“Just a little joke,” she said. “They’re in our bedroom so you’ll have to come in there.”

The boys eagerly followed Rita into the master bedroom where she rummaged through drawers until she found what she wanted. The boys watched closely as she drew on a pair of stockings. They clung tightly to her curvy legs. She added a garter belt and patent leather high heel shoes.

“Is that what you had in mind?” she asked teasingly.

“You really look sexy, Mom,” Rob, said. “Those stockings sure show off your legs.”

“Then if you’re ready,” he said, “let’s fuck!”

Rob headed toward the big double bed but his mom stopped him.

“Come over here,” she said.

He walked up to her and she grabbed hold of his dry, swollen slab of meat. A drop of clear liquid appeared at the cock head and she spread it over him with her thumb.

Still holding on she turned around, spread her legs about two feet apart and bent over. With her other hand she reached through her legs and grabbed his hard on.

“Let’s do it standing up,” she said.

“Wow,” he said. He’d fucked enough girls in school so that he though he knew all the positions, but he’d never tried it that way.

Rita pulled his cock forward until it touched the lips of her still soaked pussy. From there he was on his own. He placed a hand on the sides of her plump hips and shoved forward. Very smoothly the cock was buried in the dark cunt bush.

Rita put her hands on her stocking clad knees and said, “Go to it, Rob. Fuck your mom as good as your brother did.”

Having watched his brother and mother fucking, he was as hot as he’d ever been. The initial contact with the hot, oozing gash was almost enough to making him come.

He jerked his hips in and out, running the cock meat around the insides of the hairy twat. No teenage girl had ever been as juicy as his mother — but then, he’d never had sloppy seconds on a girl.

“Fuck me,” she said, “Don’t be afraid to really slam it to me. Believe me, if I can take your father’s huge dong, I can take whatever you give me. So fuck me as hard as you want, baby. Hold on to my hips tight and just go.”

“I don’t want to come too quick,” the boy said as he rammed into her. The feeling of her ass, warm against his hips, was too exciting.

“Don’t worry,” she moaned. “I’m ready to come any time. Oh, that’s it, that’s the way, baby. UH! Harder! UH! Uh! Oh, yeah!”

“Take it, Mom,” he groaned as he agitated his prick in her snatch. “What a hot cunt!”

“Hot for your come,” she said. “Shove it deep! Get your cock deep inside your mother!”

Rob flung himself against her hips so hard he almost lost his balance.

“Oh Mom, I’m gonna let loose! I can’t hold it! I’m gonna cooooooome!”

He pushed his cock into her as far as it would go and every muscle in his body stiffened. Then his cock started vibrating, then shaking and spitting forth cannon ball after cannon ball of sticky hot sperm.

“I’m coming, tooooooo…” his mother moaned and she bounced her hips around, pulling the cock as she moved.

There was so much come in Rita’s pussy that there was no room for more and it dripped down to her sons swinging balls and then to the rug. Other streams were mashed between their gyrating hips. They slid against each other as they finished off their first fuck together.

Finally, Rob grunted out, popped his last pop, and staggered back. His knees were weak. His cock slipped easily from his mothers soggy cunt hole.

She remained in position for a moment, bent over, hands on her knees.

Rob steadied himself against the dressing table and stared as his mother’s cunt, so openly exposed. Her tiny asshole was even seen between the spread cheeks of her bottom. Some of his come had dripped down her thigh to the top of her stocking.

Ralph clapped his hands together, applauding their effort.

Rita stood up. “Okay, you two,” she said. “I’m going to take a shower, and you had better clean up, too.”

“Okay, Mom. And thanks for teaching us some of this sex stuff,” Rob said.

“As if you needed it!” she laughed.

“You can teach us something else next time,” Ralph said.

“Next time? What makes you think there’s going to be a next time?”

“Aw, come on Mom!” They whined.

“Well, we’ll see…” she said, and headed for the bathroom and a hot shower.


The idea that Mindy had come up with was basically simple in itself, it just had many steps. She saw herself as the catalyst, feeling it had been ripe to happen anyway.

The twin boys next door were part of it and had to act on their own, though at her suggestion, of course.

Her plan was to tell each only what they needed to know in order to get to the next step. And from each of them she found out little things that would be helpful along the way.

With Carla Campbell, after their intimate lovemaking in the sack, she found out about Uncle Jim. Carla couldn’t very well keep anything back, not after having eaten and been eaten by the pretty blonde niece. And not only had she told the girl about her sex life with Jim Campbell, she had also passed on the girl talk that Carla had had over the years with her best friend and next door neighbor, Rita Russell.

Rita had told Carla all about her husband’s desire to have his cock sucked and how she had found the idea repulsive. Carla, in turn, had hinted that she and Jim had had oral sex, but hadn’t come right out and said so. Though they were close friends there was probably no one that Carla would openly tell, about that, if she thought the other person would, in the slightest, disapprove.

Mindy had to wait two days to put the next step of her plan into effect. Her Aunt Carla, had she realized what was going on, might have objected, but things worked out smoothly.

Carla donned her white nurses uniform and went off to class after fixing a quick dinner for the three of them. And then Jim asked his niece if she minded if he left her alone with the TV while he went to the den and worked on his sailboat models.

“Not at all, Uncle Jim,” Mindy said. “I’ll just watch TV for a while. Don’t worry about me.”

When she heard the door to the den close she went up to the room that her aunt and uncle had given her for the summer, leaving the TV on.

She quickly went through the clothing she’d brought with her, much of it with the possibility of an evening like this in mind.

Finding what she wanted, she stripped out of her jeans, shirt and panties.

She dressed in a black nightie, bought almost a year ago. She had grown some since then and the nightie was small to begin with, but she managed to get it on.

The panties had only a black, almost transparent triangle that barely covered her small bush. There was no backside at all. Her ass was gloriously bare.

Barefooted, she walked quietly to the door of the den.

“Yes?” Jim Campbell said in response to her knock.

She opened the door and walked inside. Jim Campbell was bent over the desk, working on a tiny part of the rigging of a two foot long sailing vessel. He didn’t look up.

“I thought I’d go to bed now,” Mindy said.

“So early?”

He was still absorbed in his work.

“When I was little,” she said, “My dad used to fuck me in and tell me a story.”

“Bit old for that aren’t you?” he said. “And I’m not your dad, either, though you fit into the family so well that I almost feel like I am.”

He finished the rigging and turned to face her.

“Jesus H. KEEERIST!” he blurted.

Mindy smiled, “Like it? I bought it last year in France.”

“Jesus, Mindy, what the hell’s the idea of walking around here like that? Damnation, there’s not much to it, is there!”

“More than in back,” she said and whirled around to expose her naked backside to the tall man’s eyes.

“You’re almost naked!” he said loudly. “Don’t you ever wear that around here again! Goddamn, if Carla saw that she’d shit in her drawers!”

Mindy turned back to him. “But Carla isn’t here and I won’t let her see it. I put it on just for you.”

“For me?”

“Sure, don’t you like it?”

She turned around again, yew slowly this time. Her uncle studied her teenage figure and his jaw dropped open. Mindy’s long blonde hair fanned out prettily across her slim back.

Her naked fanny, as smooth as a baby’s was exposed to the man’s view. The cheeks stuck out like two halves of a honeydew melon and, if he looked closely, Jim Campbell could make out a tuft of fine blonde pussy hair.

Again, Mindy turned to face her uncle, her firm breasts stuck out proudly in front of her.

“Don’t tell me you don’t think it’s sexy,” she teased. “I can see that you like it.”

She stared boldly at her uncle’s crotch. The man hastily moved his hands to cover the bulge that was forming.

“Let me see it,” she said. “If your cock doesn’t think my nightie is sexy then I’ll just go on to bed all by myself.”

Jim Campbell wet his lips. Quickly, he committed himself. He stood up and uncovered the bulge in his slacks.

“It’s the Goddamnest sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said, “and you’re just the beauty to wear it.”

“Oh good,” she said, “now let me see what my big uncle has under his pants.”

She unbuckled his belt and let the zipper open itself with the natural weight of the belt and the cloth. Jim pushed the pants from his thin hips and they fell to the floor.

“Wow, that’s some bulge,” Mindy said, clutching it through the white cotton shorts.

“Take it out and see for yourself.”

Mindy eagerly stuck a hand inside his shorts and grabbed the hung stalk. With the other hand she tugged his shorts down far enough to expose his cock and balls.

“It’s built just like you are!” she exclaimed. She fondled the organ, amazed at its length and equally surprised that it was essentially a huge boner.

Mindy wrapped both hands around the stalk but plenty still was left uncovered.

“Suck it,” he said. “You know how to do that don’t you?”

Mindy didn’t even have to kneel down, in fact, if she had she probably only would have been able to reach his balls.

She bent slightly at the waist, held the cock steady with both hands and took the remaining meat between her wet lips.

She slipped the hot muscle into her mouth. Jim’s heart was pounding rapidly now. He looked down at his pretty blonde niece eating his cock. It was as sensual a sight as he’d ever seen.

Mindy moved her fist away, exposing more of the man’s shaft, and lowered her head. Another three inches disappeared into her mouth and she sucked an him avidly. He filled her mouth now like many another cock had done before and she hadn’t yet removed her right hand from his weapon.

“Use your tongue, honey,” he said. “Lick it real good, and keep it wet.”

She did as he said, setting her tongue in motion along the smooth hard pole. At the same time she noticed a new taste. A few small drops of liquid appeared at the slit in the end of his dick and wetted her tongue.

Jim leaned forward and untied the top of Mindy’s black nightie. The straps slid from her bare back and the garment fell to the floor. He reached his huge hands around either side and grabbed tit girl’s dangling tits underneath.

“Oh, Uncle Jim,” she moaned.

“Get back to sucking,” he ordered and felt her hot lips immediately swallow his cock.

He continued fondling her tits as she sucked. In just seconds the nipples perked up and stiffened. He was able to flick them back and forth and alternately squeeze the full teenage globes.

“Get your tongue moving, too,” he said.

Mindy resumed licking the cock inside her pretty mouth. She licked one side, then the other, and ran the tip of her tongue up and down the cock meat. Her uncle shuddered and squeezed her tits tighter.

Mindy, who had beep holding on to the tall man’s thighs for balance, used one hand to cup the loosely dangling sack. She held his balls, moving her fingers around to make them jump in the palm of her hand.

Jim did much the same. He held one tit, but with the other hand he caressed his niece’s back and worked his way past the black elastic band that held the bottom of the nightie on, and stroked her ass. The smooth, fleshy feeling excited him as much as it did her. He ran a finger along her crack and just to the edge of her pussy. All he wanted to know was whether or not she was damp. His finger got sticky with the juice.

“Suck it harder, honey,” he commanded. “Suck it good and hard. I want to really feel those lips around me like a ring on a finger.”

She sucked the long pole as hard as she could.

Her cheeks caved in and she tried to pull it off with her mouth.

Jim Campbell hadn’t expected her to be able to take any more and, in truth, Mindy wasn’t so sure herself. But she let go of him with her right hand and tried stuffing another three inches of the cock into her mouth.

She was hungry for it, and that helped, but it was still the longest cock she’d ever sucked in her sixteen years. She tried hard, opening her throat to make room for the head, and keeping plenty of moisture in her mouth to ease the way.

“Goddamn, honey, you sure do love cock,” he said. “Get it all if you can. There’s nothing I love more than to see my entire dork disappear into a pretty girl’s mouth.”

He helped by jogging his hips forward whenever she faltered. She did her share of gagging but, inch by inch she pressed forward and finally managed to make it all fit. The head split her throat open and she was able to give him a suck with her throat, a suck with her lips, and a wild tongue whipping in between.

“That’s the fucking way!” he shouted. “You got it all! Now suck me off, honey, suck me off! I’ve got a load in my balls that’s just aching to pop off in that pretty mouth of yours!”

Hearing that, Mindy increased the speed of her cocksucking. She bobbled his balls in her palm and held onto his thigh with her other hands.

Her uncle’s hands were busy on her beautiful body. He felt up her tits with one busy hand and fondled her fanny with the other.

To this point she had been doing all the moving. Her head bobbed against him, making the cock slide in and out of her mouth. But now he had lost control and was riding with the fantastic waves of excitement that the girl had churned up.

He started lunging into her mouth, shoving the cock down her throat.

“Suck on it,” he ordered. “Do your sucking best! I’m getting ready to come all over your throat. Move that wonderful tongue of yours and bring me off!”

She pulled out all the stops. Sucking him just as hard and just as fast as she could, she also played with his balls. With the hand she’d been using to hold herself steady she reached between his long legs and tickled his ass. Her tongue went wild over his hard cock and she felt the organ throb and jerk inside her mouth.

“It’s ready, my beauty, it’s fucking ready!”

He hunched her face like it was a pussy, driving the pole down her throat. He held nothing back. He rammed the teenager until she was lifted up on her toes.

The first shot of hot come to fly out of his cock slammed against the back of her mouth so hard it almost unseated her. But she held on tight with her sucking lips and withstood volley after volley of steaming sperm. His balls jumped in her hand and she choked on the volume of the come.

“Suck me off!” he yelled in a crazed voice. “Suck that stuff right out of my balls! Taste it! Can you taste it! There it is! Swallow my load you sweet thing, you! Swallow all my come!”

Mindy had a hell of a time keeping up with the flood. The extra length of his cock seemed to give his shots an added strength, almost as if they picked up steam traveling the long narrow way from his balls, all the way through his hot tube and into her mouth.

Some of the white liquid dripped from the corners, of her mouth. As soon as she got most of it down her throat she backed off slightly and poked her tongue out to gather them up.

Jim was looking down at her eagerly eating face and said, “That’s the way to go, honey. Don’t waste a drop of that precious stuff! Get it all! That’s it, lick up all my come. Taste it going down. Now lick off my dick. Get everything you might have missed.”

Mindy was as anxious as he was to get it all, and rapidly went to work licking up the last sticky strings of come from the hot and swollen cock of her uncle.

Jim grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back far enough so only the head of his cock was between her lips. “Easy now,” he said softly.

Mindy gently caressed the tip of his prick with her tongue, thankful to be able to breath again and still amazed at the amount of honey he’d given her to eat.

She continued to slowly suck and lick him until his cock had softened to its natural state. She held it in her hand, gave it a big swipe with her tongue and stood up.

“Did I do okay?” she asked.

“Hell yes!” he said. “You are one hell of a cocksucker, honey.”

“They sure as hell didn’t build them like that when I was eighteen,” he said in awe. “You’re beautiful, you really are.”

“Thank you,” she said. She was proud of her body and knew she was pretty, but it was still a treat to be told so.

“You’re handsome, too,” she said. “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

He pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor next to his pants and shorts.

“I’ve been looking at that pretty ass of yours and it really turns me on. We’ll fuck doggie style.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “Now you sit down in your chair and turn it around this way.”

He did and she was in front of him, in the middle of the den about seven feet away. His cock was hanging limply between his legs.

“Here we go,” she said. She moved in slow, graceful patterns that weren’t really a dance but more of a display.

“You seemed to like my tits,” she said, grabbing them with both hands and lifting them up and out.

“I know they’re not as big as a woman’s, but they don’t sag in the least. And they’re nice, firm, round, and pretty big.”

She continued to hold them up, pushing them together, and rubbed her thumbs over the nipples.

“And I noticed you liked my nipples, too. And I liked the way you rubbed them back and forth with your fingers. That gave me a charge I could feel right down in my pussy.”

She let the breasts settle back in their natural position and drew her fingers down her body.

“I have long sexy legs,” she said. “I could spread them for you. Wouldn’t you like it in between my legs? I could spread nice and wide and you could lay right in between them. I could even wrap them around you.”

She brought her hands back up to the elastic waistband of the nightie bottoms.

“You haven’t seen under here yet,” she said teasingly. She pulled the elastic from her belly and looked down. Her uncle still couldn’t see underneath but she was counting on his imagination to help.

“My pussy got wet when I had your cock in my mouth. I’ll let you see it in a minute, if you’re nice. I’ve been told I have a very pretty pussy.”

She looked over at his crotch and saw that his cock was showing signs of life. It no longer hung lazily between his legs. Some slight stiffening could be seen.

She whirled around. “You, liked my bottom, too,” she said. “You told me so.”

She put her hands behind her and cupped her cheeks. “I can’t see, but I’ve been told I have a nice ass.” She spread her cheeks slightly, “And a nice crack, too,” she added.

Jim shifted in the chair. His cock was growing as he stared at the girl displaying herself before him.

“Now let me show you my pussy,” she said, “because from the looks of things you may be going to push that big pole inside of it very soon.”

She moved within a foot or so of his chair.

“It’s wet already,” she said, and hooked her fingers under the elastic frill.

“I think I’ve just about won my bet,” she said, looking between his legs. His cock was almost erect and red with passion.

She moved the black triangle down a little further and the first lock of her pussy hair appeared at the top.

“It’s funny,” she said, “Here I’ve already sucked you off and you haven’t seen my pussy yet. I can tell you without even looking that it’s ready for your long cock. It’s hot and it’s wet. I bet you’ll be able to see that when I’m naked.”

Jim squirmed in his chair. She was drawing it out purposely, trying to really get to him. And she was succeeding. His cock was now standing up straight from between his legs.

Mindy slowly pushed the triangle down, revealing the top of her slit, more blonde pussy hair, and finally the whole thing. The brief black triangle fell to the floor.

“Want to fuck me like you said, doggie style?” she asked coyly.

“Get down on your hands and knees, little lady,” he ordered, “and get ready for the fucking of your life!”

The tall man jumped up, his pole waving in front of him.

Mindy smiled and got down on the carpet. She placed her knees a foot apart and supported herself with her arms.

Jim joined her as fast as he could get his long frame to move. He knelt behind her pert fanny and, finding himself much too high, had to spread his legs on the outside of hers instead of getting between them.

That made it about right and, with a little wiggling around, he managed to get the tip of his dong against the girls wet crack.

“I told you my pussy was ready,” she said.

“Is it ever,” he said and thrust forward.

“AHHHHH!” she cried. She thought she’d been prepared for him but he had aimed just right and buried himself on the very first stroke. His long cock touched places she didn’t know she had. Nothing had ever been that deep in her.

“AHHH! What a cock!” she moaned. It was like half her pussy had been asleep before this. His cock rudely corrected that. He shoved in and out of her twat rapidly, awakening new nerves, new pleasure seats that she felt throughout her body.

“Such a tight pussy,” he groaned as he fucked her. “You teased me with that striptease until I thought I was going to burst and now I am going to burst — inside of you!”

“Go deep, more!” she cried. “What a feeling! I never had a cock so far up me before. It’s all the way into my belly! Oh, Uncle Jim, fuck me, fuck me harder and harder. OH! OHH! OHHHH!”

“Take it honey,” he grunted as he buried his meat log in her cunt. “That cunt’s so tight! Man, so tight and so fucking hot! You can’t imagine how hot your box is!”

His hips bounced off her ass and he held on with both hands. “Take it, honey! Fuck! Umph!”

He slammed against the girl like he was trying to destroy her snatch. The juices flowed from her hole like hot lava, dripping down her legs. He hammered again and again. There was no stopping the big man. He used the prong to batter her bottom unceasingly.

But she loved it. “Hard! It’s so hard and so hot and so looonng! It’s so deep in me! I never had a cock that deep!”

So he was fucking virgin territory in a sense, getting her where she’d never been had before.

Her ass cheeks quivered under the onslaught but she held on, ranting and crying out that she was coming.

He felt the hole get suddenly wetter. Her cunt gripped his cock in little spasms.

“Here I come!” he shouted and unloaded into her. He smashed against her fanny, sending shivers down her body. Her tits swung wildly under her. Her mouth hung open as she felt the big stick unload in her snatch.

“I’m coming some more,” she said unbelievably. “I swear I am!”

Jim was drained but he gave her a few more shoves to help her with second round of climaxes. His cock was still hot and hard and it was unlikely she knew the difference. He rammed home again and again and finally she subsided under him. He twitched once and fell back away from her.

The sudden withdrawal pulled their juices with him and a large milky mass slid from her steaming hole and trickled down her smooth teenage thigh.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, unable to move.

He staggered to an upright position, towering over her, his prick dripping come.

She twisted around to find him and, seeing the dripping dork above her, opened her mouth and followed the trail of sticky come up to his dangling cock. She sucked it into her mouth, swallowing all the liquid she could find. To get the last drop she licked him clean, then fell back to the floor.

“I just love your cock,” she sighed. “I’ve never seen one so long.”

“Your mouth and my cock,” he said. “A perfect match. And that hot snatch of yours was worth waiting for. I thought my Goddamn dork was going to fly right off me.”

“Am I the first girl you’ve had since you’ve beep married?” she asked.

“You’re the first teenager I’ve ever fucked — at least, since I was a teenager myself,” he said. His legs were weak under him and he plopped down in the chair in front of his work table.

Mindy, sitting on the floor, curled her legs under her and asked, “But you must have had another woman, I mean outside of your wife?”

“No, I can honestly say I haven’t,” he said. “Carla has been the only one since we were married. I suppose its been mainly because I haven’t had time. Building the company up has taken every free moment I’ve ever bad.”

“But haven’t you ever had the urge?” she pressed. “I mean, like Mrs. Russell next door… I’ve seen her and she’s very pretty.”


“You don’t think so?”

“Oh, she’s pretty alright. More than that, she’s one hell of a sexy woman. But she married my partner and best friend, and she’s Carla’s best friend. I can’t say I’ve never been turned on by her — I’d have to be blind not to be — but it would cause too many problems.”

“Suppose you could work it out where there wouldn’t be any problems?”

“I’d jump her so fast she wouldn’t know what hit her,” he laughed. “You have an idea how this could come about?”

“Wife swapping,” Mindy said with a grin.

“Hah! I would go for it, and Len Russell might even go for it. I’ve suspected that he’s had a thing for Carla for a long time, just by the way he looks at her when she has her nurse’s uniform on. And maybe, just maybe, if all the circumstances were just right, maybe Rita would go for it. But I doubt it. And even if she did, your Aunt Carla never would.”

“Suppose you just brought the subject up with Mr. Russell? Not relating directly to the four of you, but just in conversation at work.”

“Plant the idea in his mind?”

“Right. See how he takes it. Talk about it. You don’t have to commit yourself.”

“That’s an idea,” he mused.


Mindy was talking to the twins over the fence that separated the Campbell and Russell yards.

“It’s just perfect,” she told them. “With your dad and Uncle Jim working, your mom being so active, and Aunt Carla being a nurse… well, it gives us the perfect opportunity. What time will your mom be back?”

“About five o’clock,” Rob said.

“Great!” Mindy said. “Give me about half an hour and then came over.”

“You’re sure this will work?” Ralph asked. “It worked with your mother didn’t it?” The twins blushed.

“Half an hour,” Mindy said and ran back to the Campbell house.

Her Aunt Carla was inside and Mindy stopped to look at the woman she’d shared a bed with.

Carla Campbell was dressed in slacks and a light blouse, apparently with a bra underneath. She was hanging up a crisp white nurse’s uniform that she’d just taken from the clothes dryer. She was a beautiful blonde athletic woman and Mindy felt the pang of desire.

She walked up close to her aunt and kissed her lightly on the mouth.

Surprised, Carla pulled away. “Mindy,” she cautioned.

“There’s no one here,” the teenager said. “Even Mrs. Russell is away for the day.”

Mindy wet her lips and kissed the blushing woman again, this time puffing her close and rubbing her body against Carla.

“Oh Mindy,” her aunt sighed. They kissed again and this time Carla Campbell was the aggressor, pushing her tongue into the girl’s mouth and swishing it around. Their arms wrapped around each other bodies and they snuggled close as they nude out.

The teen was the one that broke away. “Let’s go for a swim!” she said.

“Not now,” Carla said, reaching for her niece.

But Mindy moved away. “First, a swim,” she said. “I think we need to cool off… then we can heat each other up again!”

Carla laughed and nodded.

“And I want you to try on one of my suits,” Mindy said. “I bought them on the Riviera and they’re fantastic, you’ll love them. I’ve got just the one in mind for you.”

“If they fit,” Carla said.

They went up to the teenager’s bedroom and started undressing. Mindy, bare breasted after slipping off her blouse, helped her aunt with her bra. But when the woman turned to touch the girl, Mindy moved teasingly away and unzipped her jeans. Carla watched her niece undress, a maddening heat building in her loins.

“Hurry up,” the girl said, stepping out of the jeans and standing with her hands on her hips.

Carla finished baring her body, still keeping an eye on the girl.

Not until they were both naked did Mindy take the bathing suits out of her suitcase.

“Here, this one is for you,” she said, handing her aunt a few small pieces of shiny black material.

“Oh Mindy, that’s too small,” Carla said.

“Nonsense. We’ll be in the privacy of your own back yard,” the girl chided. “Besides, mine is just as small.”

Carla separated the pieces and stepped into the bottom of the suit, pulling it snugly up around her hips. The suit was so small and rode so low on her hips that more than a little blonde pubic hair was showing at the top. On each hip the material was attached to a ring of white plastic about two inches across.

“I can’t go out in this,” the woman said, trying to tuck the tuft of pussy hair into the material.

“Don’t be so silly,” Mindy said, pulling up the bottom of her suit — the same one she’d worn to seduce the twins next door on her first day staying with the Campbells.

“You look pretty in yours,” Carla said. “You’re lucky that you don’t have so much hair down there.”

She looked at Carla. “Beautiful! It really brings out your figure.”

“Do you really think so?”

And, though Carla felt a bit self-conscious in such a skimpy bathing suit, she admitted to herself that she felt sexy at the same time. Even her smallest bikini, bought for her by her husband Jim, was twice as large as the one Mindy had given her.

“I’m still glad that no one but you will see me in this,” she said.

The Russell twins watched the two females frolic in the pool for ten minutes before they made their way through the gate and into the Campbell back yard.

“Hi!” Rob shouted.

“Hi!” Mindy returned, “Come on in. The water’s great!”

“We’ve already been in our own pool,” Ralph said.

That was technically true. The boys had been in long enough to get their suits wet, but that was all. The first step, as Mindy had explained it to them, was to get Mrs. Campbell in one of her sexy bikinis. The second step was to make sure she got out of the pool.

So Mindy said, “Well if you’ve already been in, we’ll come out,” and she swung herself up and over the pool edge and stood next to the boys.

“Come on, Carla,” she said.

“Mindeee,” the woman protested.

“Oh, Aunt Carla!” the teen said with all the exasperation she could muster.

Carla Campbell hesitantly climbed the steps at the end of the pool and walked toward them in her teeny bathing suit.

“Wow, that’s some bikini, Mrs. Campbell!” Rob said. There was very little of the woman’s body that he couldn’t see.

Carla Campbell blushed at the boy’s remark.

“Oh, that’s nothing,” Mindy said. “In Europe they hardly ever wear tops and they usually go nude in private pools, so she’s really got a lot on.”

“I don’t feel like I do,” Carla said.

“Hey, why don’t we take off our tops now?” Mindy said and, before her aunt could object, stripped off her own. Her firm tits were exposed to everyone. “That feels better,” she said.

The three teens looked at the woman.

“I don’t think…” she started.

Mindy interrupted, “The boys over there only wear little pouches, sort of like jock straps.”

“We’ve got jocks on,” Rob said and pulled down his suit. Ralph did the same.

“Wait a minute,” Carla said anxiously. It wasn’t the idea of the nakedness that bothered her. Or was it?

“I think she’d rather go skinny dipping,” Mindy said to the boys.

“No, I just… oh, what the hell,” Carla said and reached behind her to untie the knot of her top.

As Carla’s big, beautiful tits spilled forth the twins started growing in their jocks. They’d never seen the woman so exposed. Shorts and halter around the yard or in a bikini yes, but nothing like the luscious near nakedness that was on view at that instant.

“Man, you’re really built!” Rob blurted.

Carla blushed.

“You ought to see her bush!” Mindy said.

“Mindy!” Carla said. “What do you think you’re saying?”

“Oh, don’t be so fuddy-duddy. Anyone for skinny dipping?” And with that she stripped off her bikini bottom and stood naked before them.

“Yeah!” the boys said and yanked off their jocks. Semi-erect cocks bobbed blatantly in front of them.

“You boys put those back on this instant,” Carla said. “What if your mother knew what you were doing, exposing yourself like this?”

“She’s already seen them,” Ralph laughed. “What!”

“No kidding,” Mindy said.

“You mean…”

The boys smiled.

“Now don’t you see how silly it is to be shy?” Mindy said. She reached out and grabbed Rob’s cock, weighing it in the palm of her hand. The erection grew.

Carla stared as the girl massaged the meaty cock and felt a stirring in her crotch. Ralph moved to her side and slipped a finger through the rings of her suit bottoms. Carla looked slightly shocked. Ralph edged closer until his cock touched the woman’s thigh. She looked down at the hard on and smiled.

That was all the boy needed. He pulled the suit down, letting it fall around Mrs. Campbell’s ankles. She stepped out of it and stood still in front of him. He reached out and touched her tits, she moaned softly.

She grabbed the boys cock and pulled him closer to her, pressing their bodies together.

The teen shoved a finger up the woman’s cunt. It wasn’t intended as cruel, it was just that he had been so damn turned on since Mindy told them about her idea of seducing their beautiful next door neighbor. She was the mother of their best friend and twice their age.

Carla Campbell ground her tits into the boy and moaned softly as she felt his finger enter her already moist pussy. His finger fucked her like he knew what he was doing.

“Let’s lay down,” the boy groaned.

“No… no… inside,” she whispered. “Inside.”

Ralph looked at Mindy for guidance and the girl nodded. Ralph pulled away and, grabbing the woman’s hand, pulled her toward the house. The naked foursome made their way through the back yard and into the house in less time than it takes to strip naked.

“Upstairs,” Mindy said, leading the group into the master bedroom.

“I’ve got to have it now,” Carla said, once again grabbing Ralph’s cock in her hands.

“Suck it first,” the boy told her.

Carla obediently got down on her knees in front of him and wet her lips.

“Suck it,” he said again. “Suck it real good. I want to be harder than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Carla eyed the boys stiff cock. She opened her mouth and slid the wet lips over the cock head.

“Ohhhhh!” Ralph cried. “What a mouth!”

Thus encouraged, Carla sucked more of the cock into her mouth.

“All of it,” he commanded. “Eat it all.”

Carla, used to the long pole of her tall husband, had no trouble doing what the boy told her. She relaxed her throat and moved forward into the bushy crotch, swallowing the entire length of his prick.

“Get your tongue going,” he said, and the woman on her knees before him started washing her tongue over his hot cock.

Satisfied that things had gone too far to turn back, Mindy directed her attention to the twin cock she held in her hand.

“You want to get sucked off, too, Rob?” she asked with a grin.

“Suck!” the boy said.

With a saucy toss of her head, Mindy knelt down in front of him, still holding the cock meat with one hand. She pushed it back so that it was flat against his stomach and started licking the stalk from balls to tip.

“Lick me, Mindy, lick me harder. Press your tongue against it,” he begged. “That’s it. Oh do I love it, I loooove it! Lick it off, Mindy.”

She licked for a moment longer, then turned her attention to the balls hanging loosely under his cock. With moist, soft caresses she covered his balls from front to back and side to side. The sexy movements brought heat from his inner body, making his nuts hot. As she, tickled them with the tip of her tongue she was able to make them jump in their sack.

“Put it in your mouth,” Rob told her.

Misinterpreting, Mindy opened her mouth and sucked a ball inside.

“And careful! Ohhhh, geez… oh fucking alright!”

The teen swirled the balls around in her mouth, sucking gently. “Alright! I’ve never had my fucking balls sucked off before… Mindy, you’re sensaaaaaah! Oh!”

She let his sack slide out of her mouth and resumed licking the hot stalk. Pressing her tongue flat against him she slowly licked from balls to bulb, and back again and again.

From across the room they heard Ralph order Carla Campbell off her knees and onto the bed. He felt funny bossing around the mother of his best friend, but Mindy had told him it was the only way to go. If he took charge, the woman would do anything he said.

“Spread your legs,” he said firmly, and Carla did what he told her. The boy looked at the lush, soaking wet blonde pussy and his cock twitched. She was ready and very willing.

The twin climbed on the bed, settling himself between her outstretched thighs, and lowered her hips.

“Put it in,” he said.

Carla reached for the cock and it was wet in her hands, wet from her own saliva. She guided it to the door of her ready cunt.

Ralph teased her for a moment, holding back just as he was in position. Carla pulled on his dork, trying to stuff him in her.

“Ask for it,” he said. “I want to hear how much you want it. How much do you want to get fucked?”

“Don’t tease me,” she begged. “Fuck me. My cunt’s aching for your cock, Ralph. Please fuck me, please fuck me as hard as you can… pleeez! I want it so much!”

Ralph let her pull his cock down and half of it slipped into her slit.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “Gimme, gimme! Fuck me! Put it all in, honey, please put it all in me!”

Ralph grinned. A grown woman was begging him to fuck her. He shoved his hips forward with almost brutal force. Carla jerked her hand away just in time and the cock sunk into her warm crevice.

“Oh, thank you!” she cried. “It feels so gooood, so fucking good! It feels like a hot lead pipe! Now, fuck me, honey, really fuck me!”

Ralph pulled out slowly, until just the head was spreading her soft outer lips. He jerked in and out maybe an inch or two, but very quickly, and he felt the woman’s hips hunch up after him. He teased her again by doing the same thing.

“Oh, pleeez, pleeez, give it to me,” she cried.

Very, very slowly Ralph slid his cock into the woman. She shivered under him. Suddenly, he pulled out.

“No!” she cried, reaching for him, wrapping her arms around him. But all she managed to do was pull his chest against her full, fleshy tits.

He teased her again by pushing very slowly into her and, when he’d hit bottom, jerking quickly out.

“Ralph!” she groaned, “Please fuck me, baby, please do. I can’t stand this anymore, baby. I’m going out of my mind.”

Ralph moved into her again, spreading her cunt lips with the swollen thickness of his cock. He pulled out slowly this time, then went back into her the same way.

“Oh, thank you, thank you…” she moaned. “Fuck me now, baby… Oh, it’s so good… harder… please… harder…”

Ralph moved a little faster, plunging into the soggy cunt hole. Carla pulled his chest firmly against her tits and wiggled against him. He increased speed slightly and felt her hips start twisting under him.

“Fuck back,” he said. “Fuck with your hips.”

He held still, halfway out of her, and she humped under him, slamming her hips up and down on the bed. His cock went all the way in.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he ordered. Carla swung her legs over the boy, locking her heels on his ass and pulling him down and into her.

“Now let’s fuck!” he said and hammered into her pussy.

She had been teased so long that her senses were coiled tight. And suddenly she was being properly fucked. It wound those nerve springs even tighter. She swung her hips around under him, trying to get as much of his cock as she could.

“Do it! Do it! Fuck me harder, harder! Go! Fuck me, baby! OH! QH! AH!”

Ralph flung himself into her like a wild man. Carla’s cunt held him tight and he had to ram his way into her hot box. He felt her cunt clutch at his flying meat. Her hands clawed at his back and she lashed around under him in a frenzy.

“Harder! Fuck me harder! Fuuuuuuck… OH! That’s the way! That’s… UP MY! OH BABY!”

Ralph rode her like a man breaking a bucking bronco. Her thighs held on tight to his hips and his chest crushed her tits. He jerked his cock in her pussy.

“Take it all,” he cried. He shut his eyes and clenched his teeth. His cock was so tight, so swollen, and still he couldn’t come. He hammered harder.

“Beautiful!” she shouted. “I’m gonna have a come… oh, I can feel it getting ready! Bring me off, baby! Put that cock to me and make me come!”

She flopped under him, squirming and reeling tossing. Her full hips bounced up to meet his deep thrusts. The hot battering ram pushed along the wet walls of her cunt.

“More, more! Fuck me! I’m almost there!” she cried. “Fuuuuuuck meeeee!”

The woman’s pelvis buffeted his hips. Her hot thighs, now covered with sweat, slipped along his skin as he bounced up and down. His balls swelled and danced under his expanded log.

“I’m gonna come!” he shouted.

“Fill me, baby!” Carla cried. “Give me that juice!”

“I’m ready, I’m ready!” He hammered faster. “Me, toooo!”

Her womanly body spasmed and she turned into a quivering mass of hot flesh as her pussy finally released its pent-up passions. Her hot tunnel gushed forth, soaking his still hammering cock.

“Come with me!” she cried. “Come inside me, baby! Now, do it now, with me! Ohhhh!”

Ralph felt his balls jump and his cock exploded inside the woman.

“I’m commming!” he shouted. “AH!”

His stiff cock pitched in her soaking pussy, firing volley after volley of white juice. The cock recoiled and fired again and again, filling her insides with his steaming sperm.

“Thank you!” she cried. “That’s so wonderful! Together! And I’m still coming… I don’t believe it!”

She collapsed under him, her cunt churning and twitching in gradually decreasing rhythms.

Ralph, completely exhausted, started to pull out of her, but she tightened her legs around his hips and whispered, “Wait, please baby. I like to feel it in me.”

He settled down on the warm body and felt his cock slowly lose its hardness.

Mindy had gotten off her knees while all this was going on. Rob’s stiff cock had fallen from her mouth, and the two of them were standing by the side of the bed watching the fuck.

When it was all over the girl bent over the bed and kissed Carla Campbell on the lips. She smiled up at her with a dreamy expression on her face. Mindy kissed her again, slipping her tongue into the woman’s mouth, and was met with a sensual response.

“You didn’t get to suck him off,” Mindy said.

“Oh, but it was worth it,” Carla said. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a fuck like that… and I did get to suck him a little before.”

“Well, he’s too soft to suck now,” Mindy said. “Would you like one exactly like that?”

“But didn’t you…” Carla said.

“Make Rob come? No, I just sucked on it a little. We were watching the two of you going at it.”

“I’ve had mine,” Carla said. “You go ahead and finish him.”

“That’s okay,” the teen said. “I kinda want Ralph anyway. That way I can taste your come and his at the same time.”

Carla blushed. Ralph smiled and rolled off her, revealing his soft but soaking cock.

“And you get a fresh mouthful,” Mindy said. “These guys really come!”

“You mean you’ve already…” Carla started.

“Sucked them off? Oh sure, a couple days ago,” Mindy said. “Fucked them, too. You didn’t know you had a stud farm next door, did you? I bet their father’s really something!”

“Len Russell?” Carla said, a bit shocked at thinking of a neighbor and old friend in those terms, and not fully realizing that she’d just been to bed with one of the man’s sons and was about to suck off the other.

“Don’t you think he’s sexy? I do,” Mindy said.

“I guess I’ve always thought so,” Carla said, “It’s just that he’s the husband of my best friend and, you know, I just never thought…”

“But didn’t you ever want to,” Mindy pressed. “I mean, if it could all work out for everybody?”

“I suppose I have, but how could it work out for everyone?”

“I think I have an idea,” Mindy said.

“Well tell her later,” Rob said. “I want to get my cock sucked!”

The girls laughed and Carla asked if there was any special position the boy wanted.

“Sure,” Rob said and sat on the edge of the bed. “Just like this.”

Carla swung her legs off and knelt down in front of him. But before she could apply her mouth to his firm boner he reached down in front of her and grabbed her heavy tits with both hands.

“They’re so beautiful,” he said, “I just had to touch them first.”

He fingered the nipples and massaged the big tits. They were larger than any teenage girl he’d ever dated.

Ralph sat up and moved to the edge of the bed next to his twin brother. His cock was still limp and sticky between his legs. Mindy knelt in front of him, side by side with Carla Campbell.

“Ready?” Carla said. Mindy nodded and turned to the soft meat. She picked it up between her fingers and slipped it between her receptive lips. As soft and wet as it was she was able to not only get the whole thing in her mouth, but also slop it around with her tongue.

Immediately, she tasted the mixed come from Ralph and from Carla’s cunt. She let the member soak, cleaning all the delicious juices from the cock.

Captured in a warm, moist cabin, the prick came back to life. Mindy felt it start to grow in her mouth and, though surprised it was happening so soon, was pleased. Cocksucking — and cunt eating, for that matter — were her favorite pastimes, even ahead of fucking. And there was nothing she liked more than a cock in her mouth.

Though the cock was still easily bent it was beginning to harden and fill her mouth. She moved back off it slightly and, gripping tightly with her lips, made a pulling motion. When she got to the head she eased up, opened wide, and gulped the whale thing. Again she squeezed tight and drew back, as if she was trying to stretch it. She repeated the process time and again and soon was working on a firm, erect boner.

Carla, on her knees next to the girl, was faced with an already erect cock and she got right with it. She sucked the head of Rob’s turgid member. “Do it like Mindy did,” the boy said.

Carla moved off the cock and looked questioningly at the girl.

“What I did before?” Mindy asked Rob.

“Yeah, show her how to lick it like you did to me,” he said.

Mindy pushed Ralph’s erection against his stomach and started licking him from balls to bulb.

“DO it like that,” Rob told Carla.

The woman extended her long tongue and started licking the boys stalk.

“That’s super,” he said. “C’mon, lick it off!”

Carla kept at it but Mindy returned to sucking on the other boys cock. Her twin had already come and it would take a lot more direct excitement to bring him off. That was fine with her because she could really let herself go, sucking on him just as hard as she wanted, without any fear of a pre-mature ejaculation.

“Okay,” Rob told Carla, “that’s enough licking. Mindy already sucked it and then I watched Ralph fucking you, so I’m going to be shooting off before too long, and I want it in your mouth when I do.”

Carla obediently swallowed the cock.

“That’s right,” Rob said excitedly. “Suck it off!”

She lashed it with her wet tongue and squeezed the base of the cock with her strong lips. To Rob it was like being fucked without anyone moving. He looked down at the woman. He reached for her face, brushing the curly blonde hair away so he could better see her sucking his dong.

Carla blushed. She realized the boy was watching her face. She hollowed her cheeks and… drew back slightly so be could see part of his cock between her hungry lips.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her, “and I love the way you suck.”

He almost thought he detected a smile at the corner of her lips, but with her mouth stretched open like that it was hard to tell for sure.

He looked over at the action next to him. Ralph was getting a sucking he’d long remember. Mindy had turned it all loose and was going after the cock meat with gusto. At the same time she was fondling Ralph’s balls and it looked — Rob couldn’t see for sure — like she had dipped another finger between the boys asscheeks and was doing something to him down there.

Rob looked back to the woman on her knees in front of him. She, too, was going eagerly after hot cock, and it was having its effect. He felt the churning in his balls. His cock was stretching. He watched her flushed face as she ate him.

“I’m gonna come,” he whispered. “I’m going to fill your mouth with my jism… get ready… oh, yeah, get ready…”

Carla rolled her eyes up and saw the boy staring down at her. She blushed again and he unloaded in her mouth.

She blinked at the sudden discharge, then went rapidly after the throbbing, spitting cock.

Rob watched her gobbling the goo. The frantic shaking of her head made her hair fall back in her face and he brushed it away. He felt her tongue slapping the discharging cock, spurring it on. She got a mouthful and swallowed.

He surged forward, spurting his come. Carla choked on the cock, letting a little come escape from the corner of her mouth.

“Eat my come,” the boy groaned. “Eat it!” He grabbed Carla’s head and pulled her into his crotch. Every bit of his twitching cock was in her mouth and the woman loved it.

As soon as the boy stopped shooting off she started licking his dick, cleaning up every stray drop she could find.

“Clean me off with that hot tongue of yours,” he directed.

He pushed her head away and even the greedy strength of her sucking lips wasn’t enough to prevent him from popping out of her mouth. “NOW lick it off,” he said.

Carla placed her tongue at the base of his talk and, as she had earlier, caressed him from bottom to top.

Ralph had been watching them as Mindy sucked on his own cock and was anxious to have his come eaten.

He brushed the hair from Mindy’s face as he’d seen his brother do with the woman, and tilted the teen’s head back so he could see everything. Mindy’s lips were stretched over his weapon and her cheeks bulged with its swollen size.

The girl was using all the tricks she knew to bring him over the edge. She teased him with her lips, squeezing him tight then relaxing and just dragging them over the sensitive nerves. One hand fondled his balls and a finger from the other hand was worming its way between the clenched cheeks of his ass.

She even nipped him once with her teeth, then caressed the spot with the tip of her tongue.

“Want it?” he teased. “Want my come?”

She nodded vigorously and the cock slid in and out of her pretty little mouth.

“Suck it strong,” he said, “because here it comes.”

Mindy not only kept up her sucking but rammed her wandering finger home, making him sit up and drive further into her mouth at the same time. She tossed his balls around with her fingers.

“Oh man, am I gonna hose you down!” he cried. “Get ready, Mindy baby, because here it comes!”

The weird vibrations that caused on the cock in her mouth were something Ralph had never in his life experienced. He was too crazed to figure out what song it was but that didn’t matter.

He held the girls head tight and climaxed in her mouth.

Mindy, reaching the moment she’d been waiting for, eagerly accepted the prize. She let a big glob of come build in her mouth and slowly swallowed it all.

“You got it,” Ralph groaned. “Suck it right up from my balls!”

Mindy swallowed all his cock juice and rested her head gently in the warm of his crotch, his meat still in her mouth.

“Beautiful,” he said, “absolutely beautiful. What a cocksucker…”

Rob and Carla had been watching the last couple of minutes and when Mindy had rested, her aunt asked her if the boys tasted any different.

“That’s right,” Mindy said, “you’ve only sucked Rob.”

“But you said you sucked them both off?”

“And they taste exactly the same,” Mindy said. She gave Ralph’s meat a little lick and stood up next to him.

“What was this idea you wanted to tell me about?” Carla asked, still on her knees in front of Rob. Absently, she started fingering his cock.

The naked teenager sat down on Ralph’s knee and he put an arm around her waist. “How to fuck Mr. Russell,” she said.

“Dad’s a real stud,” Rob said. “You ought to hear him when he’s going at Mom.”

“Yeah,” Ralph said, “we listened outside the door to their bedroom a couple times and they really get with it.”

“Of course, Mom won’t suck his cock for him and that kinda pisses him off,” Rob said.

“How do you know that?” Mindy asked. “It’s true,” Carla confirmed. “Rita’s told me about it.”

“How could she ever pass it up?” Mindy asked unbelieving. Because she loved to suck so much she couldn’t understand any other woman not wanting to.


Carla, once the idea of wife swapping had been explained to her, was reluctantly for it. Mindy explained how she thought it would best be arranged and Carla, from her personal knowledge of her husband and the Russells, made suggestions.

When Mindy went back to Jim Campbell one evening, he said that he had broached the subject with Len Russell and gotten a very receptive response. So much so, in fact, that the conversation had actually gotten around to specifics. They had talked about how each of them found the others wife desirable, but, because of their friendship, had never made a move in that direction.

“That’s wonderful,” Mindy said.

“It’s better than that,” Jim said. “We even talked about actually doing it, but neither one of us thought our wives would go along with it.”

“I’ve already talked to Aunt Carla,” Mindy said. “And I think she’ll go along with it if everyone else will.”

“Carla? My God, how’d you arrange that?”

“She’s not as uptight as you think she is,” Mindy said.

“Geez, I never would have thought…”

“It’s not settled yet,” Mindy said. “You and Mr. Russell will go for it if the wives will, and Aunt Carla probably will if everyone else will.”

“That leaves Rita,” Jim said. “She loves a party, but I’m not sure about this kind of party. Then again, if you got Carla to at least consider it then you might be able to get Rita to go along.”

“That’s what I’m going to find out right now,” the girl said.

She started to leave and Jim grabbed her by the hand, “Look, you can do that later. Carla won’t be home for a couple hours and…”

“No more for you,” Mindy said, “at least not until after the party.”

“Not fair,” he protested.

Mindy laughed and he let go of her hand. “I want to keep you good and horny for Mrs. Russell.”

Rita Russell was home alone. The twins, at Mindy’s request, had made plans for the day that kept them away from the house.

Mrs. Russell liked the bright teenager. Though they hadn’t spent much time together she knew that her twin sons had stuck up a real friendship with the girl, and that Carla had nothing but the best to say about her.

Rita fixed them tall glasses of Coke with plenty of ice and they walked out to the chairs near the [missing text].

“Now that you’ve been here a while, what do you think?” Rita asked.

“It’s lovely,” Mindy said. “But we do get a different impression of California of course.”

“In what way?”

“Well, I expected everyone to be so sexually free, far one thing. I was just talking with Aunt Carla about that. Wife swapping may have been invented in this country but I don’t see much evidence of it. I thought it would be more open, I guess.”

“It does go on,” Rita said. “I’m sure, though I don’t actually know anyone involved. I suppose most people keep quiet about it.”

“I suppose so,” Mindy said. “Did you ever think about doing it?”

“Me? No, I’m happy with Len,” Rita said. “Though I suppose it could be fun with the right party.” She sipped her drink.

“Like the Campbells?” Mindy suggested.

Rita laughed, “I guess if we were going to do it with anyone. I’ve always wondered what Jim would look like without his clothes, being as tall as he is.”

“His cock’s built just like he is,” Mindy said.

Rita choked on her drink. “What did you say?”

“I said that Uncle Jim’s cock is built just like he is, long and thin.”

“How would you know, Mindy?”

The girls eyes twinkled. “How would you like to go to a party?” she asked the astonished woman. “You and Mr. Russell, with Aunt Carla and Uncle Jim.”

“This is all too fast for me,” Rita said. “Just what kind of party are you talking about?”


“You’re talking about wife swapping aren’t you?” Rita said.

Mindy just smiled and the woman sipped her drink as she thought about it.

Finally, she asked, “Why did you come to me first?”

“I didn’t,” Mindy said. “Everyone else agrees. I came to you last.”

“Carla agrees?”

“Good grief,” Rita said. “And you talked to my husband?”

“Not really,” the girl said. “But I know that he and Jim talked about it and I think if the wives went along…”

“Well, if everyone else goes along with it…”

“Good, then it’s settled!” Mindy gleefully said. “Why don’t you get together with Aunt Carla tonight and plan it out, and I’ll figure out some way to get the twins out of the house overnight.”

“My sister and brother-in-law have a cabin,” Rita said. “I don’t know if they’re up there now, but it would be perfect. They even have a daughter.”

“That sound like fun. Could we spend the night?”

“[missing text] of room. Let me call and see if they’re up there yet.”

The phone call was a simple matter and Rita’s sister was delighted at the prospect of having the twins and a friend at the cabin for a night. They were going up the following day anyway, to spend the weekend, and would pick up the three teens on the way. They could either stay all weekend or come back by bus Saturday afternoon.

After hanging up Rita turned to the teenager. “Fifteen minutes ago I was getting ready to do my housework, and now here I am planning a wife swapping party! I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“I’ll tell Carla and… let’s see, your husband works late tonight doesn’t he?”

“Yes, and what about that? Tomorrow night Jim Campbell is suppose to stay late at the store.”

“I’m sure he’ll make an exception,” Mindy laughed. “I’ve got a couple ideas for the party…”

Friday evening seemed to take forever to arrive.

At least it did to the Campbells and the Russells. Rita and Carla had made their plans and Mindy had talked with each of them separately before Rita’s sister had come by. Mindy left with the twins, promising to see them all the next day. She had told the boys what was going to happen while they were gone, first getting their promise to keep it a secret.

Just before seven Jim Campbell took a shower, changed clothes and kissed Carla.

“See you at eight,” he said nervously, then corrected himself, “I… we’ll be back at eight.”

Len stopped on his neighbor’s doorstep and watched his best friend walk across his front lawn. Jim Campbell stopped at the doorstep, too and, though this had not been pre-arranged, looked back at his house. Len waved to him and he waved back.

They both felt a bit awkward, going into each others house like it was their own, and knowing what was going to happen.

Jim watched Len Russell open the door and walk into the Campbell house. He took a deep breath and opened the front door of the Russell house.

He looked around briefly, then locked the door behind him. As he turned around Rita Russell walked into the living room.

“Hi, Jim,” she said with a smile.

Her lush, tan colored body was covered in white lace. The total effect was overwhelming.

“Carla said you thought her nurses stockings were sexy so she let me a pair for tonight,” Rita said. “Approve?”

“Rita, you’re spectacular!” Campbell said. He knew for sure that his cock approved because it started growing under his pants.

“Ohhh, thank you,” she said, and swirled around for him. “Can I fix you a drink?”

“Sure, yeah sure, ah… well! I guess I’m a little nervous,” he said.

“I was too,” Rita said as she mixed his favorite drink and one for herself. “But I got over most of it while I was taking a shower and getting ready for you. I’ve been thinking about tonight ever since Mindy arranged everything.”

“Mindy,” the man said.

“Isn’t she something?” Rita said. “Anyway, I got to thinking how we were really old friends and there was no reason why we shouldn’t, you know, spend the night together… as long as everyone agreed,” she added hastily.

“Right, right.” He was watching her full shapely body while she talked, taking in the figure-eight legs clad in the white hospital stockings. So many times he’d thought about balling her. Everytime that he’d seen her in shorts or tight slacks or bathing suit.

“I’m glad its finally happened,” Rita said. “I’ve always thought you were a sexy hunk of man, and that Carla was a lucky girl. Here’s your drink.”

She walked to the couch and handed it to him.

“I’ve felt the same way about you,” he admitted. “Arid you look sexier now than anytime I’ve ever seen you. I was getting a hard on right now, just looking at you.”

Jim took a big swallow of the drink and put the glass on the end table. “I think it’s about time I got rid of some of these clothes,” she said and stripped off his jacket and shirt, tossing them on the couch.

“Now we get to the good part,” Rita said.

Jim Campbell unzipped and dropped his pants. His cock was pushing through the cotton fabric.

“I’ll let you do the honors,” he said and stood in front of her.

Rita Russell put her drink down and grabbed the elastic of his shorts with both hands. Abruptly she jerked down the white cotton shorts and his stiff cock came into view.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” she cooed. “So long!”

She wrapped one hand, and then the other around his cock.

“And so hard!”

Jim thought she might suck it. They were in the perfect position, her sitting on the couch and him standing in front of her. But she jerked him a few times and said, “I can tell I’m really going to get fucked tonight!”

Rita stood up next to him and said, “I thought I’d do a little strip-tease for you. Carla said she thought you’d like that!”

“I don’t think I could stand to be turned on anymore than I am,” he said. But he sat down on the couch and his neighbor’s wife moved to the center of the room. It was true that he was hot for her body, but it was also true that he wasn’t going to miss what might be a once in a lifetime treat, Rita Russell stripping for him.

Rita danced a bit in front of him, then turned her back and opened the nearly transparent jacket-like top of the nightie. The white ruffles slipped across her shoulders, down her back and fell to the floor. He had a delightfully clear view of her bottom, tightly clad in the white panties.

She turned around to face him and resumed swaying. Reaching behind her she undid the bra hooks and the material loosened in front. Jim smiled. The frilly white bra had only covered the bottom half of her tits to begin with, and now she let it slide from her breasts and drop to the floor.

“What magnificent tits!” he said. “I didn’t realize they were so firm.” He licked his lips as his eyes traveled over the huge orbs and the large nipples just made for sucking.

“If you like my tits, Jim, you ought to see my pussy,” she laughed. His cock got stiffer.

She slipped her fingers under the white elastic band and pushed down. Her very thick, dark pussy bush was exposed and she finished the job by bringing her legs together and letting the milk white panties join the other garments on the floor.

She put her hands on her hips and did an amateur bump and grind for him, clad in nothing but pure white stockings.

She reached for the garter belt clasps but by then his cock was so big he jumped up and told her to forget it, he had to have her that minute or shoot off on the ceiling.

Maybe, he thought, if I throw her a great fuck she’ll break down and try to suck me. Mindy had suggested how he go about it, but that would have to wait. Right that minute he could think of only one thing, fucking his wife’s best friend.

“In the bed or on the couch?” she asked. “I put on clean sheets and everything’s perfect.”

“Let’s go,” he said, taking her by the hand and almost running with her into the master bedroom.

She jumped into bed, turned on her back and spread her full, meaty thighs. Jim Campbell jumped in on top of her, knocking the wind out of her.

Hands flew to his crotch, getting in each others way, and somehow managing to fit the head of his cock against her bushy hole.

“There it is, there it is!” she cried. “Now fuck me, you long dicked son of a bitch!”

He slammed into her, surprised at how wet she was. The strip and the anticipation must have made her as hot as he was.

“OOOOHH!” she cried. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to see what this would be like. We’re fucking, Jim, we’re really fucking each other.”

He grunted and rammed it to her, shoving the long cock pole all the way into her clutching pussy.

“God, you’re so tight,” he groaned, “and so fucking hot! Oh, if I’d known there was a pussy this hot right next door all these years… OH! That’s it, hunch me, fuck me back you beautiful bitch! Oh, what a fucker you are!”

Rita threw her head from side to side as he shoved into her receptive hole. Her belly quivered and her legs flopped on the bedsheets, already soaked with perspiration.

She threw her legs over his, rubbing the smooth white stockings against the backs of his thighs.

“Beautiful!” he cried. “Oh, what a fuck you are! Damn you’re hot!”

“Hot for your long cock, honey,” she groaned and threw her hips up at him. Their bodies slammed together. Every muscle was twisting and churning on the bed. Rita pushed her big tits against his thin chest, her hard nipples scraping across him.

He drew his hips way back so only the head was in her, then drove forward, splitting the lips of her wet cunt wide.

“Oh! Jim, Jim! What a cock you’ve got! I never thought it’d be this good… YET! YEH! I’m commmmmmming!”

Jim Campbell fucked her faster, really going to town as he felt her skillful snatch twittering around his dick. It was almost like someone had turned on a hot water faucet. She soaked him in seconds.

“I’m still coming!” she groaned. “I can’t believe it!”

“I’m ready,” he muttered. “I’m ready, ready, ready… AH! FUCKING-A… THERE! TAKE IT!”

He hammered her mercilessly as his cock spit out hot come, filling her. Hot gobs hit the back of her pussy.

“Give me your come, baby,” she swooned, “Give me your sperm! Oh baby, mix it up in there, good and deeeep!”

She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her, feeling the wonderfully excessive length of his cock.

Jim finished shooting and sank into her fleshy body.

Rita’s legs relaxed, sliding down his thighs. Her hands caressed his naked and sweaty back.

“Beautiful,” he sighed.

“Long,” she muttered, “so long, long, long and hard…”

She was so different from Carla, he thought. Maybe, as she’d said, the stockings had been Carla’s idea, but if that was the case why hadn’t Carla ever worn them to bed?

Carla. He wondered what his wife was doing at just that minute. How had it gone with his wife and his best buddy?

Len Russell walked into the Campbell house, nervously closing the door behind him.

Carla Campbell was in the living room, waiting for him. She was dressed in her nurse’s outfit. The fact that he always seemed to be turned on when he saw her wearing it was something she’d long been aware of, though previously she’d just taken it as a friendly, even neighborly compliment. Once, a year or so ago, he had joked that the nylon uniform was like a stocking for the whole body, and stockings really turned him on. Like any woman, Carla had remembered. Though before this evening she’d never considered using it to turn on her neighbor’s husband.

He was surprised to see her wearing it and she told him about his remarks and that she had done it to excite him.

“It does,” he confessed. “I don’t know why, but it always has, from the first time I saw you in it.” He looked more closely and added, “You’re not wearing a slip underneath. I can see your panties and bra.”

“And my garter belt?” she teased, pulling the nylon tight against her.

“Yes, and even the tops of your stockings right through the material. They’re all white.”

She smiled and nodded. “Why don’t you take off your coat?”

“You look really great, Carla,” he said as he did so. “If I could have picked what I wanted you to wear that’s what I would chosen. Even to the little cap you’ve got on. I thought I always saw you wear your hair up when you went to work, though.”

“I do,” she said. “I thought you’d like it like this. It saves all the trouble with the bobby pins.”

“It looks great,” he said, still a little awed. “Those white stockings really show off your legs. In fact, I honestly get turned on whenever I see you in them. They’re beautiful.”

“Thanks. You’ve got quite a build yourself, you know,” she said, admiring his football player’s body. “Rita said you were built like that all over… true?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

Carla Campbell moved closer to her, her firm tits shimmering under the thin nylon material. As she unbuttoned his shirt he reached up with both hands and felt her tits. They yielded under his strong hands.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he said as he fondled her solid boobs. He ran his fingers over the silk that covered her nipple and felt her harden up under his caresses.

“Afraid you’ll have to let go for a minute so I can get your shirt off,” she said.

Reluctantly, he dropped his arms and she pushed the shirt from his huge chest. Without wasting a minute she undid his belt and unzipped his slacks.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” she said, slipping a slim hand into his shorts. She felt the thick erection and grabbed tightly.

“Oh, Carla,” he moaned.

“You won’t mind if I…”

“If you what?” he asked anxiously.

“Suck on it a little before we fuck,” he said.

“I’d love it! More than anything,” he said.

The answer was no surprise to Carla. From what she’d learned of Rita’s reluctance in that department, she was sure her neighbor would appreciate some oral action.

She slipped to her knees in front of him, and with one swift yank, pulled down his pants and shorts.

The huge cock dropped into view. It wasn’t quite as long as her husband’s, but it was so much thicker that she had her doubts as to whether or not she could get it all in her mouth.

Carla stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of the meat.

“Suck on it,” he said. “Don’t mess around with the preliminaries.”

He grabbed her head and pulled her into his crotch.

“Let me,” she protested.

“Then hurry up, I’m about ready to bust wide open. I haven’t had my cock sucked in sixteen years.”

Carla wet her lips, eyeing the huge prong apprehensively. She stretched her mouth open and slipped her lips over the bloated cap of Len Russell’s cock.

He threw his head back and groaned.

“Oh, do it to me, Carla.”

She took more of the thick log into her mouth, washing over him with her warm tongue. Sixteen years, she thought, without a mouth on his cock. Jim wouldn’t have put up with that for sixteen days, let alone sixteen years. Within a week of their marriage, in fact, he had instructed her in the rudiments of root sucking, and in a month she’d become an accomplished cocksucker.

“Some more,” he groaned, “can you take some more inside?”

Being used to her husband’s long pole made that fairly easy for her. The massive thickness stretched her lips until they were thin, but she had long ago learned how to relax her throat enough for a cock to disappear into her mouth.

“That’s it, Carla,” he said. “This is a hell of a thrill, believe me. My nuts are aching so bad I can’t stand it.”

Carla loved the sensation of the thick cock filling her mouth. She could feel it now at her throat. And the damn thing was so thick she was barely able to move her tongue over it.

“If you keep that up I’m going to come,” he groaned. “I swear I am… oh, damn…” He swung his head around and around in obvious passion. “Suck my dark, Carla… do it in and out, fuck me with your face that’s the way! Oh, baby, you better stop because I’m going to come in a minute… I can feel it in my balls… you’d better stop or I’ll come right in your lovely mouth… I will, I swear I will…”

Carla had meant to suck him just enough to really turn him on, then take him to the bedroom and let him fuck her fanny off. But he was enjoying it too much to stop. After sixteen years, why not give him a super thrill, she thought.

“Look out,” he warned. “Carla, can you hear me, baby? Watch it, I’m gonna come if you keep… OH! I’m ready! Stop! Stop!”

The blonde woman moved her mouth off his throbbing cock long enough to say, “Go ahead, Len, come in my mouth,” and then was back at him, eagerly sucking the thick meat in and out of her soft, warm mouth.

“AH! You don’t mean it? Oh, Carla, that would… AHH… would be so… so… GODDAMN! I really am going… going… AHHHHHH!”

He unloosed a torment of hot come, filling her throat with the liquid love.

And even then he couldn’t believe it. Even then he tried to pull back, but her lips hung tightly to the jerking, shooting cock. She gulped down a load and let her mouth fill a second time. Her cheeks balled out with come and she gulped the second load.

Len was near fainting. He staggered and wobbled but managed to remain on his feet. The hungry mouth was still going after his meat, milking the last spurts of sperm from his thick cock.

He grabbed her head, massaging it between his huge hands. Nothing but groans and moans came from his lips, though he was regaining some strength in his knees. The wobbling of his body stopped shortly after he stopped coming.

Carla squeezed tightly with her lips and drew back off the cock, bringing all the excess come with her into her mouth. She gave the head of the dick a tweek with her teeth and let it fall free.

Looking up at her best friend’s husband, she saw her a few moments to lick the stalk, exploring the that he was, still pretty much out of it. That gave area down by his balls with her tongue.

“Oh, Carla,” he finally managed to say. “That was the greatest come I’ve ever had. Right in your mouth!”

“I loved sucking on you, Len,” she said.

“Did you really?”

“Really,” she assured him.

He reached down and pulled her easily to her feet. “Now let’s see what you’ve got on under this,” he said.

The particular uniform that Carla had chosen was one that zipped down the front. Len pulled the zipper down and pushed the white nylon off her shoulders. The uniform fell to the floor.

Carla put her hands on his big shoulders to balance herself and stepped out of the puddle of nylon at her feet.

“Wow,” he said softly. She smiled and turned around.

Nervously, he unhooked her bra, sliding the straps apart, and she let them slide down her arms.

She turned back to him and he grabbed her full tits in both hands, massaging them and kissing the perky nipples.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he said.

“About as long as I’ve wanted you to,” she said. “Hurry, take off my panties.”

He slipped his thick fingers under the delicate lace waistband of her white panties and pushed them down in one quick motion. Her beautiful blonde bush took his breath away. He stared at her hips and wet his lips.

Carla laughed, “I want that big cock of yours right there, and I want it now.”

“And oh, are you going to get it!” he said.

Five minutes later he was pounding the hell out of her cunt, his thick cock spreading her smooth, wet cunt lips wide with each animal thrust. It had never been quite like that for either of them and by the time they reached a climax they were screaming into each other’s ears and not hearing a thing.

When they finally pulled their soaking crotches apart they were hoarse. They lay snuggled against each other, reliving the experiences in their minds.

If only Rita would suck me, he thought. I suppose Jim is pretty used to it, being married to Carla and her talented mouth. I just hope he’s not disappointed with my wife or he may not want to do any more swapping.

But Jim Campbell was far from disappointed with Len Russell’s wife. Rita was the best fuck he’d ever had, and that included Carla. At that very moment he was lying on the bed next to Rita Russell and she was playing with his cock.

“If we can get this thing up again,” Rita said, “I’ve got a little surprise for it.”

“Kiss it,” Jim said. “That always works.”

“I’d rather not,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I just can’t bring myself to do that.”

Jim knew, but he and his niece had talked over an idea and now was the time to get started.

“I don’t think I’ll get hard again if you don’t,” he said.

“We’ll see,” she said. “Len says I’m very good with my hands.”

“I bet,” he said, “but it’s been tried and it usually doesn’t work. I’ll tell you what, though, you’ll go along with me I think we can get another erection out of it — maybe two.”

“What do you have in mind?” she asked warily.

“Come with me.”

He got up off the bed and taking her by the hand, led the way to the bathroom.

“Okay, you’ve got a little mental problem about sucking dick, and I’m not going to force you into anything,” he said. “Just go along with me until you feel you honestly can’t go any further. But I want your promise that you’ll really try, not just give up.”

“I’ll promise,” she said, “but don’t expect miracles.”

“First off, I want you to wash my cock,” he said. “Get it just as clean and fresh as you can.”

“And by doing it myself I’ll be sure it’s sanitary,” she said.

Rita lathered a wash cloth and, over the sink, carefully washed and rinsed Jim’s soft meat. And she did a hell of a job.

That done, he opened the medicine cabinet and said, “Pick your favorite perfume.”

“I really don’t mind the scent,” she said.

“But I’m after something you really like,” he said.

“That’s down here,” she said, opening a drawer in the dressing table and pulling out a tiny bottle. “I suppose this goes on your cock?”

“A bit sensitive there,” he said. “How about a drop in the bush and one under my balls?”

“Just right,” she said, depositing a drop in each place.

“Now it’s back in the bedroom.”

He led the way and they stretched out next to each other on the big bed.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Just what do you want me to do?”

“I’m only partly hard, so why don’t you start at my chest and work your way down. I’m sure the anticipation will do the rest.”

Rita started with his chest, finding it not as big as her husbands and not quite as hairy. She worked her way down, kissing and tonguing him until she arrived at his thick thatch of pubic hair. She looked at his cock. The long stalk was standing straight up from her belly.

“Try,” he said. “I won’t force you. I promise not to move a muscle.”

She took the cock in her hands and pulled it down toward her lips. She kissed it once.

“Very good,” he said.

She tried again, this time slipping her tongue out and running it over the small area of the long cock.

Really, she thought, I could get to like this.

“Think you could take it in your mouth,” he asked, “just for a second.”

She nodded. Opening wide she lowered her head over the end of his cock. But just as she was about to clamp down she felt it jerk in her hand and drew back.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “It’s just excited.”

“I was afraid you were going to come.”

“I’ll give you plenty of notice,” he promised.

She tried again, and this time made it. Her lips closed on him and the head was in her mouth. She didn’t move.

“Go ahead and lick it,” he urged.

Rita hesitantly applied her tongue to the cap in her mouth. It tasted surprisingly good.

“Try some more,” he said.

She inched her way down, getting almost half of the long dick in her mouth before stopping. In a moment her tongue resumed licking him.

“Ah, very nice,” he complimented. “Your mouth is very soft and warm.”

She licked some more, unsure what to do next. Jim figured out her problem and suggested she move her head up and down.

“Just let it slip in and out of your mouth. Keep your teeth out of the way, and keep your lips wet and tight.”

She nodded and started sucking him.

It was her first cock ever, but she was doing such a good job that her sucking — combined with the knowledge that he was getting a virgin mouth — made him too excited too fast.

“Better stop,” he said tensely. She quickly sat up.

“You didn’t have to take it out,” he said.

“I thought you were going to come,” she said for the second time.

“I’ll let you know. It was just getting a little too hot down there and I needed a second to cool off.” She nodded and looked at his cock. It was now swollen and slick. A bit proud that she had made it that way, she resumed sucking on him. More and more she was forced to admit that she liked it. She liked having his manhood in her mouth, even though she couldn’t get it all in. She liked licking and sucking on the warm meat log. Jim no longer had to lead her. Enthusiastically she chomped on him, running her tongue over the hot flesh, caving in her cheeks as she sucked.

“Now you’re going,” Jim cheered. He reached over, running a hand along the white stockings to Rita’s slit. She spread her legs for him and he slipped a finger into her cunt.

“MMM,” she moaned over his cock.

He fingered her clit, then added a second finger to the one already at work.

“MMM,” she moaned again, going down on his erection.

He watched her head bouncing up and down, amazed at how naturally she took to cocksucking her first time out. After tonight Len Russell would owe him one hell of a big favor.

Her mouth gripped at his long, thrusting cock. Jim moved his hips, shoving the cock deeper into her mouth and she gagged as it hit her throat. He settled back and she hardly missed a beat.

He looked down his long body at the pretty face with its Latin-like features. Rita Russell, wife of his best friend, was eating his cock.

Rita tore her head away, gasping for breath.

“I almost went,” he sighed. “You almost brought me off.”

“I got carried away,” she said with a smile. “I can’t believe how much I love doing that. To have you in my mouth like that well… well, just a great feeling. I can’t explain it.”

“You can finish me off if you want,” he offered.

“I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet,” she said. “Maybe next time.”

“Don’t worry about that… but I’ve still got this hard cock between my legs…”

“And I have a treat for you that’ll take care of that just fine,” she said. “Since I never would suck Len we found something else to do for a little variety. I’ll bet you can’t guess…”

“There’s only one hold left,” he said.

“That’s it. Do you think I’ve got a pretty ass?”

“I’ve been a secret admirer of your bottom for a long time,” he said.

She swung around on the bed, got on her hands and knees and spread her legs. Jim wasted no time kneeling behind her.

“Put it in my pussy first, to get it wet,” she said.

He shoved it in her hairy hole.

“Ohhh,” she cooed.

He pulled out and she reached behind her to spread the cheeks of her fanny. Jim took a grip of his long dong and pressed the head against her little hole. It popped in with no trouble. Obviously something had been there before — and many times.

He pushed firmly but slowly forward, gradually forcing the pole all the way up her ass.

“My God,” she groaned, “that really is something. That goes all the way in, deeper than I’ve ever felt anything.”

He started pulling back, then in, then back and soon he was into a regular fucking motion, slamming against her ass with each thrust.

“Oh wow, you’re sure giving me new feelings tonight,” she said. “I love your dick up there… oh, Jim, you’re something! UMPH!”

“Wiggle your ass,” he said. “Move it!”

She twisted her tail, making the cock slide in and out of her at wild angles.

“I love this,” he said with a grunt.

“Slide it in me baby, really deep and hard!” He grabbed her hips and rammed home.

“OH! AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!” she cried.

“All that sucking did me in, honey, I’m gonna come!” he shouted.

He jerked his hose up her tight channel, feeling her pinch him with her, active muscles. “I’m commming!”

He plugged her bottom, pushing against her so hard she rode up on the bed. With a mighty burst he sent a stream of white gold into her fluttering ass.

“I’m commming!” Rita screamed. She bounced back at him, her huge tits swinging under her. Jim settled into her and let his cock finish coming. Slowly he loosened the grip on her hips and settled down on her back.

“That was some fuck,” she said. “Yeah. I guess we’ve done everything right.”

“But only once… so far.”

Jim Campbell let out deep breath.


It wasn’t more than an hour after Mindy and the twins arrived home Saturday afternoon, before the teenager took her aunt aside and asked her how the Friday night party had gone.

“Fabulous,” Carla said. “Len Russell is a great fuck, and he’s built like a battering ram.”

“I thought he might be,” Mindy said. “Did you suck him off?”

“That was something! I’ve never seen a man so grateful or so excited in all my life. Your idea was a spectacular success.”

“Everyone liked the idea?”

“Definitely. We all want to do it again next Friday,” Carla said. “We got together for lunch today and talked it over.”

“Great. I’m glad everybody is getting out in the open with their feelings.”

“You’re responsible,” the woman said. “Which reminds me, Jim told me about your little seduction scene in the den.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” the teen said sweetly. “Not a bit, thought I probably would have if I’d heard about it a week ago. I think I would have gone through the roof. But… well, I’ve changed some of my thinking lately.”

“That’s what I was after,” Mindy said. “You see, I have an idea. Now that everybody’s fucking everyone else, I sort of planned for a big party tonight.”

“You mean with Len and Rita, Jim and me, and you?”

“And the twins, of course.”

“Rita would never let her boys do something like that,” Carla said. “And did you mean you’d screwed them too? And Len? And not Rita?”

“Not yet,” Mindy laughed. “The twins, of course, but not their parents.”

“Rob and Ralph? Mindy, you don’t meant it?”

“Sure, why not? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to try out a couple of cocks?”

“And they’re great! They’ll fill your mouth so full of come you won’t be able to swallow fast enough. Do you want to have them this afternoon?”

“Oh Mindy, you’re too much!”

“What I want to hear about is Mr. Russell. He’s the only one of the men I haven’t sucked off yet.”

Carla told her, in detail, about her night with Len Russell.

When she had finished — and Mindy made her repeat the good parts twice — the girl said, “I want him tonight, at the party.”

“First we’ll have to get him to come over, and bring his family.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t see where he’d have any objection to his boys getting into us, and I think I can turn him on.”

“You won’t have any trouble there,” Carla said. “I’m sure he’s hot for you already. When Jim told us at lunch what you’d done with him in the den the other night, I thought Len was going to go looking for you right then and there. No, Rita’s the one that may give us problems. I can’t see her cavorting around the bedroom with her two naked sons watching.”

“Then that’s no problem, she’s already seen them naked. I talked the twins into seducing her.”

“My God, their own mother? Mindy!”

“Sure, what better way to keep it in the family — or among friends? Besides, they all enjoyed it, all three of them.”

“The guys would love to take advantage of you,” Carla assured her. “I can’t think of anything else.”

“Maybe Rita has some ideas. We’ve got to talk to her anyway.”

The two of them went next door. Both husbands and the boys were in the Russells’ pool. Rita was inside fixing a snack.

Mindy explained her idea for the party and Rita love it. After explaining their problem the dark haired woman also came up with a game. Mindy announced to the guys that there was going to be a party that night at her aunt and uncle’s house and that the three females were preparing a surprise.

Four hours later, just a bit after sunset, Len Russell, his twin boys Rob and Ralph, and Jim Campbell entered the Campbell house.

“This is quite a crowd,” Len commented. He looked over at the pretty blonde teenager sitting in the chair next to his wife. Sometime before this party is over, he thought, I’m going to get me some of that. Len shifted in his seat.

“More fun that way,” Rita said.

“But how are we going to work this?” Jim asked. “There’s four males and only three females. We can’t swap like we did last night.”

“We thought about that,” Carla told her husband, “and Rita came up with an idea.”

“You remember in college when we were pledging for the sorority we had Slave Week,” Rita said. “I guess you guys had something similar in the fraternity. Well, we’ve decided to have a Slave Auction of our own tonight,” Carla said.

“Great idea,” Jim said, “but how do we figure out who’s going to be auctioned?”

“We’ve put four slips of paper, with Slave on them and four with Master. Everybody draws until we get four slaves. We’ve made up some paper money, too, for the Masters to bid with,” Carla said.

“Why don’t we make the twins a set,” Rita said about her sons, “that way it will work out even between the males and females.”

Rob, Ralph, Jim, and Mindy were made slaves. Everyone else, a master. Everyone stripped down to their underwear.

“Now you can see what you’re getting,” Mindy said.

“I’ll open for thirty dollars,” Carla said, “for the twins.”

“Forty,” Rita countered.

Len, of course, didn’t bid, but Carla went to forty-five.

“Forty-seven,” Rita said with a smile.

“Thanks,” Carla said. “Fifty.”

“Well, let’s see what I’ve bought,” she said as she walked to the twins.

“You can see,” her husband laughed. “Let’s go, fellas,” she said, guiding them down the hall and into the master bedroom.

“Well,” Jim said, “I was the one who drew the second Slave slip, so I guess I’m open for bids.”

Since Mindy was also a slave, there was only the Russells left to bid on Jim and Rita naturally, was the only bidder.

“This way, Slave,” she said, walking down the hall Jim Campbell, his brown net shorts starting to swell, followed the beautiful woman down the hall.

“That leaves us,” Mindy said to Len Russell. “I couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement,” he said.

“Oh,” she cooed, “I was hoping you’d feel like that.” She eyed his crotch. “I love your shorts,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said mockingly. “I like your panties, too… and everything I see.”

“Thank you. Well, you’re the Master, so what do you want me to do? Carla said you loved to be sucked off.”

“And Jim said you’re great with your mouth,” the man said.

“I love to suck,” she said simply. And added, “Even more than fucking.”

“You’ll get a chance to do both,” he promised her. “Take off your panties, and let me see what you’ve got under there.”

Mindy slid her fingers under the panties and pushed them down over her girlish hips, revealing the sparse blonde hair around her slit.

“Pretty,” Len said. “Now come over here and do the same for me.”

He stood up next to the couch, a thick bulge evident beneath the net shorts.

Mindy knelt down in front of his well built body and pulled down his shorts. The heavy cock bobbed free.

“Gee, that’s really fat,” she said.

“Suck on it and see how long it gets, too,” he said.

The slim girl flicked her tongue over the fleshy bulb of Mr. Russell’s cock. The thing came alive immediately, jerking in her fist.

“Damn,” he muttered, “two blowjobs in two days — and after sixteen years! Go ahead, baby, do your stuff.”

The teen squeezed the cock meat with her fingers and it hardened in her grasp. She moved her hand to the base of the thick shaft and occupied her tongue with the rest of it. The smooth, wet tongue moved over the head, around the sides and along the bottom of Len Russell’s cock.

Len started panting. He stared at the wall across the room, afraid that the sight of her going to work on his cock would make him come top quickly.

But Mindy knew her stuff. She opened her mouth, and let the big cock inside. She sucked on him until she felt a twinge in the prick meat. Then she eased up.

“I’m in control,” he said. “Don’t worry, honey, just suck on that big cock in your mouth.”

Mindy rubbed her tongue along the underside, then started moving her head in and out, taking more and more of the meat with each gulp. She gradually increased speed, marveling at the thickness of the cock. Never had she had one quite as big. It threatened to stretch her lips to the bursting point.

“Suck it, Slave,” he grunted. “Suck me off!”

The teen moved faster. Each time she took more until finally she was pressing into his pubic hair with her face as she gobbled the entire cock. It felt fine to her, and to Len, judging by the gasp that the man let out just as she took it all for the first time.

“This is heaven,” he moaned. “What beautiful lips… what a Goddamn wet mouth… you’re so hot, honey… that’s it, take it all, take all my big cock in your mouth…”

The feeling of the hard cock in her mouth made Mindy’s snatch wet. She could feel the stirrings between her legs. From deep in her throat came moanings of eager gluttony.

For Len Russell it was a new thrill. He’d been hot for the girl’s body since the day she arrived, but had never hoped to get near her. And now she was sucking his cock! He rammed it into her mouth hard enough to make her gag.

What the hell, he thought, she’s supposed to be my slave.

Mindy went to work with her tongue, washing the hot cock as she sucked. It wasn’t often that she got to chomp on such a big prick. Most often it had been boys around her own age, though and occasional man had been available and agreeable. But in any case none of them had been built like Len Russell. His cock filled her mouth.

She closed her fingers over the jangling balls to keep them from bouncing against her chin as she ate the prick. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked deep, drawing another moan from the man standing in front of her.

Her cunt was totally soaked. Sucking always turned her on like that and, she went at it with renewed lust. The pulsating cock swelled up and she knew she was about to taste what she was after.

Len cried, “Suck it, Slave Girl, suck it! Go at it! Use that tongue! C’mon, babydoll, c’monnnnn!”

The hot flesh jerked in her mouth. She gobbled fast, ready for the come to fly into her mouth.

Len grabbed her head and fuck her face with his huge prick. The hot trunk slid easily in and out of her mouth.

“Almost!” he cried. “Cock suck it! Almost there! I’m gonna shoot you a mouthful you’ll remember the rest of your life!”

Len’s hips were pumping wildly, his body as tense as a spring.

“Eat it, you cunt! Eat my cock! OH, WHAT FUCKING HOT LIPS! I’m gonna come… yeah… yeah…”

Mindy was breathing heavily through her tiny nose. With her lips she squeezed the hot moving cock shaft as hard as she could. Her tongue went wild licking his flying cock, and suddenly he drove deep into her throat and fired.

“AHHH!” he screamed and gripped her head so hard it hurt.

His come went spurting into her mouth. The teen tried to swallow but there was too much. He sprayed her time and again with burning hot come juice. She gulped, taking a mouthful down, and there was already another mournful waiting.

Len threw his head back and slammed his cock in and out of the clutching mouth.

“Drink it, Slave!” he hollered. “My come! Right in your hot mouth! Eat it uppppp!”

And Mindy did, sucking and slurping and gulping until it was all gone, and then sucking some more.

He let go of her then. His body relaxed. The still hard cock slipped out of her mouth a little, just so she could breath easier. She continued sucking on it, but more gently.

“Oh, that’s nice… nice, baby,” he moaned. “Yeahhh.”

She flipped the cock meat back and forth inside her mouth with her tongue.

“I gotta sit down,” he said, “before I fall down. Stay with it.”

He lowered himself slowly to the couch and Mindy followed him, keeping the rapidly shrinking cock between her soft lips.

“That was spectacular,” he said of her sucking ability. “Absolutely spectacular. You really know how to turn a guy on.”

The girl backed off the cock, letting it fall from her lips. “It turns me on, too,” she said. “My cunt is soaking and hot. Does the Master wish to fuck me?”

Len smiled, “The Master wishes to fuck you,” he said, “But the master’s cock is now soft.”

“I’ll fix that,” she said, and sucked it back into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, munching on the meat.

Len watched the eighteen-year-old girl go at him for a full minute before his cock was raging hard and ready for action. Even his wife on their honeymoon had taken longer than that to get him up a second time. But, then, she only used her hands.

Mindy took the hard cock in her hands and popped it from her mouth.

“Now what, Master?” she said with an impish grin.

“Now we fuck, Slave,” he told the girl. He grabbed her with his huge hands and pulled her upright.

“Sit on my lap,” he said. He scooted forward until his ass was on the edge of the couch.

“Facing you, or backwards?”

“Facing me,” he said. “I want those pretty tits of yours pressed right up against me.”

Mindy climbed up on the couch, a foot on either side of the man’s legs. He gave her a quick kiss on the cunt before she settled down onto his erect cock.

Len wiggled himself further into the hot, wet slit, pulling her ass down, and they were completely joined. They sat facing each other, their flat stomachs pressed together. Mindy wrapped her thin arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her closer to him so that her teenage tits were rubbing his chest.

“Fuck me, Slave,” he ordered and the girl began bouncing up and down on his thick pole.

“Do you like that?” he asked, lunging up into her as best he could.

“MMMMMMM,” she answered.

Len cupped her ass cheeks and helped her get more action into her movements. With his considerable strength she was able to get high enough so barely the head of the cock was in her, then drop to a sitting position and have the whole damn thing inside.

“Don’t stop fucking me,” Mindy moaned.

Len heaved up off the couch so hard he lifted them both up. Mindy spread her legs wider in order to be able to press down more in the man’s lap and get more of the stalk into her dripping cunt.

The more Len plunged into her the wetter she got. With all his might he fucked her, splitting he narrow tunnel with his thick organ.

“How does it feel, Slave, how does it feel?”

“It feels so good,” she moaned. “Your cock is so thiiick! Man, it really spreads me open, and I love it!”

She lingered on an edge, already excited by her cocksucking.

Faster and faster the hot cock drilled into her.

“Shake that ass!” he ordered.

Mindy did a seated dance, wiggling and jerking around on his inflated cock.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!” she cried. “Fuck me, fuck me! Put that big thing in me deep! DEEP!”

He banged her bottom with his hips, gutting her pussy with his huge prick. It was as hard as rock and as hot as lava. He clutched at her round ass as he helped bounce her up and down on his lap.

“My pussy is so hot!” she screamed.

“Come all over me, honey,” he urged, “’cause I’m fucking ready to go again!”

He abandoned his self-restraint and wildly pumped into her hot hole. The big cock spread her wet lips apart and buried itself in her teenage belly.

Mindy pulled him tight against her chest and wiggled her tits against him.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah! OH! Ohhhhh, OH!” she screamed, lost in a frenzy.

“Bounce, baby,” he urged, thrusting his hips up and down as fast as he possibly could.

The effect was almost brutal but it did what they both wanted. Mindy’s hot cunt clutched at his thick cock and unleashed a flood of smooth and silky come.

Len popped off in her pussy. Shooting out spurt after spurt, he steeled himself against the shattering orgasm. His cock thumped against the walls of her cunt with each spurt.

The girls body bucked and jerked in his lap as he continued gouging her as he came.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried. “Oh, what a come!”

“Get it all, all, alllll!” he moaned.

The mingled juices dripped from her hole, soaking both their crotches and a cushion of the couch.

“You’re some fuck, Mr. Russell,” she whispered in his ear. “You really know how to turn a girl on.”

Len caressed the girl’s fanny and dropped into a glow of silence himself. Vaguely, through this haze of passion, he could hear muffled noises coming from down the hall, but he was too far gone to pay any attention to them.

Carla Campbell had led her slaves, the Russell twins, into the master bedroom as quickly as she could without running. The boys had followed, closing the door after them.

Though they, as slaves, were naked, Carla was still dressed in her underwear, black bra and panties, and black stockings with elastic bands around the tops that precluded the need for a garter belt.

“Well slaves, what shall I have you do first?” she asked.

“Whatever you want, Mrs. Campbell,” Rob said.

“First tell me why you’ve already got hard ons, when I haven’t even touched you yet.” She said it with a smile and the boys smiled back.

“Cause you’re so sexy,” Rob volunteered.

“Cause we know what’s going to happen,” Ralph said.

“Oh you do, huh? Would it surprise you to know that I haven’t made up my mind yet?” Carla Campbell said. “You boys never did tell me how much experience you’ve had.”

“We’re pretty experienced,” Rob assured her. Carla slipped her hand around his hard-on and asked, “Do you know how to eat pussy?”

“Lay down and find out,” Rob said.

Carla slipped out of the black panties and moved to the bed, stretching out. She spread her black stockinged legs wide to let the boys get a good look at her slit. The pussy hair was already damp around the opening and the pink lips were pouting.

“Rob, you eat me,” she instructed.

“What do you want me to do?” the other boy asked.

Carla sat up and unhooked her bra, “Here, you can suck on my tits while your brother is getting me ready.”

“Yeah,” Ralph said.

Rob crawled onto the bed, crouching between the woman’s spread legs, and got his face into the blonde bush. Though he hadn’t had any experience in having his cock sucked before Mindy did it for him, he did have plenty of experience at eating out girls. The only difference between his teenage dates and Mrs. Campbell was that her pussy was a little meatier, a bit more plump.

“Go to it, Slave,” she said.

Rob looked at the puffed out pink lips. He stuck out his tongue and ran it slowly up the slit.

“Ohhh,” Carla cooed.

With his thumbs he parted the outer lips and licked inside. The warm, sensitive flesh quivered. He took the opportunity to drive his tongue straight into her like a miniature cock.

“OH!” she cried and tightened her stomach.

He searched the insides of her cunt, licking the walls and tender nerves. The grown woman jerked under his face. His hot hungry mouth covered her hole, sucking at the excited flesh.

“Oh, you are good,” she moaned.

Ralph, meanwhile, was playing with her large tits. He teased her nipples with his fingers until they hardened, then he drew one gently into his mouth and sucked on it.

Carla pulled him closer and more of her tit disappeared into his teenage mouth.

Rob sucked on her clit, getting some extra folds of flesh into his mouth. She was getting really wet and his face was covered with pussy juice.

“Ahhhhh… Go to it, slaves! Eat my pussy!”

His tongue slithered into her hole, fucking her as he nibbled her clit with his lips.

With her other hand she grabbed a handful of hair and forced his face into her crotch.

His hands were spreading her cunt so he could get at the deepest recesses of the dripping gash. Carla lifted her hips to meet his munching mouth.

“Get your tongue in there,” she commanded.

Rob fucked her hole with his long tongue. She was grinding her snatch into his face and both were now soaking wet with sweet tasting love juice. There wasn’t any need to hold her pussy lips apart anymore, they gaped and fluttered on their own. He used his hands to caress her beautiful hips and thighs, running his fingers over her stockings, then around to her bouncing ass.

“Come up here,” she told Ralph. “Hurry!”

He let the tit drop from his lips and squirmed around. Carla grabbed his hot cock and pulled it to her mouth.

“Suck it, Mrs. Campbell!” he cried.

Carla stuffed the hard meat cock into her mouth and chomped on it with her lips. Furiously, she ran her tongue around the boys weapon, mouthing him just as fast and just as wild as his twin brother was going at her pussy.

“What a suck!” Ralph cried. “You really know how to suck a cock, Mrs. Campbell! God! Oh, man! Slurp it up! Swallow it all!”

Jolts of blatant passion came from Carla’s cunt where the other twin was rapidly going to town. Never before had she had two males in bed with her at one time. She felt lost in the rush of hot bodies. There were so many things to do, and so much to do it with, that it was overwhelming. And Rob was a great pussy eater! That would have been enough, but at the same time Ralph had been sexing up her tits and now she was sucking his cock — and still Rob was driving her up the wall with his talented tongue!

She twisted her head away, letting Ralph’s hard pole slip from her mouth.

“I wanna be fucked!” she cried. “Get up here!”

Rob scampered up the bed, laying on top of her and trying to shove his hot cock into her now bubbling gash.

“No, no!” Carla cried. “On your side! Lay next to me! I’m going to get both your cocks in me at the same time!”

She twisted away, rolling the eager boy off her, and laid on her side facing him. He scuffled into her arms, pressing against her and jerking his hips like a dog in beat trying to find a hole.

“Ralph, get behind me!”

The other twin hurried into position, pressing his erection against the woman’s firm ass.

Carla was on her right side and she lifted her left leg, resting it on Rob’s thigh. She shot her hand down between them, searching for Ralph’s cock. He jerked forward and she grabbed it in her hand. Rob was still pressing toward her hole and she managed to grab his cock, too. She pressed them together.

“Put them in together!” she ordered.

“They’ll never fit,” Ralph moaned, anxious to get into the woman.

“She’s awfully wet,” Rob said.

“Shut up, and put them in my cunt, slaves!” she said.

The boys wormed around, found the opening and pushed together.

“AHHHH!” Carla screamed.

They pulled back, afraid they’d hurt her.

“Fuck me!” she demanded.

They shoved again, and this time they got halfway into her pussy before she screamed.

“Go ahead, damnit!”

They shoved again and found themselves buried together in the hot hole. Carla’s pussy was stretched like it never had been before. She felt stuffed with stiff cock. Ralph reached around from behind her and grabbed her tits.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, together!” she moaned.

The boys started thrusting, slowly at first because it was so tight and so difficult to stay together. Gradually, they got used to it, including the weird feeling of being pressed against each other cocks, and started ramming her.

Carla jerked and shook between them. There was no feeling in the world to compare with what she was experiencing at that moment. Two teenage boys were in her cunt at the same time, and she was squeezed between their jerking bodies.

“Deeper!” she cried. “Harder! Harder!”

The boys went at it as hard as they could, but the tightness of Carla Campbell’s pussy made them work harder than they ever had before. If she hadn’t been sopping wet it would have been impassible.

“Beautiful!” she cried. “Two cocks in my cunt! OH! OH! I’m going to come already! UMPH! That’s it! Shove them to me, boys! UMPH!”

She twisted wildly between them, jerking her hips around in a spasmodic dance of lust. All three were sweating and groaning and grunting as they wrestled on the bed.

Ralph slammed his hips against Carla’s full ass. He and his brother were fully coordinated now, moving as one cock. He squeezed her tits in his hands and battered her ass.

“Oh, boys, boys!” the woman cried. “How beautiful.”

Rob fucked her from the front. Her raised leg, rubbing the stocking against his hip and thigh, set him on fire. He fucked the hole in her belly with a fervor he’d never known. This was a threesome to end all threesomes.

“God, you’re splitting me apart!” Carla cried.

“And I fucking love it! Get me! Fuck my twat! Oh, the size of them! How beauuuuutiful! I’m going to… oh, jeez! Fuck me, slaves! Oh! Oh! OH! FUCCCCCKING YEAH!”

She heaved and panted and squirmed between their hot humping teenage bodies.

“Me too!” Rob blurted. “I’m gonna shoot! Oh, shit!”

“Yeah,” Ralph screamed from behind.

The three of them walloped each other, twisting the sheets into an unrecognizable mess. Ralph rammed her from behind, battering her bottom with savage thrusts of his swollen cock and reckless hips. Her ass rippled from the attack. Her cunt was clutching and gripping the flying cocks. The boys increased their speed, deepened their thrusts and Carla eagerly took the pounding.

“That’s it!” she screamed, and the come flew from her pussy like watery steam from a kettle.

The boys felt it as the same time. The hole was going wild, pulsating and quivering all around their bloated logs.

Rob fired the first shot, but he only beat out his twin brother by a second. They drove themselves deep into the crazed woman and started firm. It was like they were triggering each other. The come poured out, mixing with Carla’s liberal flow. There was so much come flying around, and so little room in the stuffed cunt, that it literally poured from the hot hole. The wet spot on the sheets grew into a large circle under their thrashing bodies.

Even when every drop was gone the boys continued to poke her.

“Easy,” she begged. “I’m so drained… oh, easy… please… I’m so sensitive down there. I’m so sore.”

The boys eased up and, after a few moments more, felt their own cocks get that raw feelings and start to shrink.

“Two at once,” she mused, “I had two at once… oh my…”

“Oh my, is right,” said a new voice.

Startled, all three of them jerked their heads around. Standing in the doorway, stark naked and looking like they’d just been through their own wrestling bout, were Carla’s husband Jim, and the twins’ mother, Rita Russell.

“Hi, Mom,” the boys said.

“It looks like you’ve been having yourself some fun,” Rita Russell said. “How was it?”

“Fantastic!” Rob said.

“It looks like you’ve been having some fun, too,” Ralph said.

“You better believe it,” Rita said and took hold of Jim Campbell’s dangling cock. Jim smiled at his wife, sprawled on the bed between the two boys.

“I couldn’t get it up again if I wanted to,” he confessed.

“Have you seen Mindy and Len?” Carla asked. “Not yet,” Rita said. “Shall we?” she asked the man next to her.

“Why not? Let’s have a drink while we’re out there.”

Ralph and Mindy were in the living room. The girl was bent over the back of an overstuffed chair, and the boy was standing behind her, ramming his cock into her sweet pussy. Rita stood watching them until Carla joined her.

“They’re really going at it, aren’t they?” Rita said.

The teenagers looked over at the naked women and smiled.

Mindy, holding on tightly to the chair as Ralph fucked her, asked, “How did you two make out?”

Rita smiled at Carla and answered, “As if you didn’t know!”

Len Russell, Jim Campbell and Rob Russell came trooping into the living room, their soft cocks dangling in front of them and their hands filled with glasses.

“Party time!” Len bellowed.

They all laughed and Rita said, “If the party hasn’t started yet, I can’t imagine what’s left!”

“I don’t think you have to worry about your vacation being boring,” Jim said to Mindy.

She smiled at him, “That’s what I was trying to make sure of,” she said as she sucked his cock into her mouth.

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