Raped Captives

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The young girls in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

RAPED CAPTIVES — the shocking story of innocent girls learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Here? In a crowded department store?” asked Jerry in surprise. He looked at his slender girlfriend with a mixture of awe and lust in his eyes. The en tire floor was still swarming with customers, although he had gone off duty almost ten minutes earlier.

She thrust out her chest so that he could see her nipples slowly growing with her lust. They hardened to the point where they showed up as pebble firm mushrooms impudently wrinkling her thin blouse. The flare of her tits above the low neckline of that silken blouse left no doubt in the man’s mind what the woman really wanted.

“Fuck, right now?” he repeated.

“Sure,” she laughed lightly. “Why not? Those beds over in the furniture section aren’t being used right now.” She brushed back a stray strand of her honey blonde hair, her blue eyes dancing with mischief. She was horny and she wanted to get laid. And the idea of doing it in a deserted corner of the busy department store only added spice to it. The thrill of possible discovery made fucking in public extra-good, she thought.

“I don’t know. Look, Lynda, I could lose my job if anyone came by and saw us.”

“And you could lose me if you don’t.”

He hesitated and she knew she had him. He wouldn’t really care if he lost this job or not. It wasn’t all that good. But the idea of fucking in a semi-secluded spot turned him on as much as it did her. She could see the revealing bulge at the man’s crotch. His cock was stiffening into usability. It was changing from a limp, worthless dick, into a steely hard, fully erect cock.

And cocks were great for fucking.

“There’s a nice-looking bed over there,” she added, pointing to a bed with a fancy headboard and mirrors hung on the walls around it. “I think that would be a real kick, fucking with the mirrors all around us.”

“The Lover’s Special,” he muttered. “Only six hundred and ninety-nine dollars, delivered and assembled.” He kicked himself out of his sales pitch and said, “What the hell? You only live once. And you know how I feel about you.”

“And you know how I feel about you.”

To show him exactly what she meant, the blonde girl rubbed his prick. Before he could move away, she had his zipper down to let his prick leap out. She firmly gripped the convenient handle and pulled him along after her, almost like a small child with a balloon on a string.

“Not so hard,” he whispered. “I might just spurt off in your hand. Neither of us want that.”

“You won’t,” she said confidently. “You’re too much of a stud to do that.”

“Yeah, Jerry,” came a chorus of voices, “you’re much too much the stud to ever come like some teenager getting his first piece of tail!”

Standing nearby, watching everything, were two of Lynda’s friends, Christine and Jackie. Jerry had to swallow hard when he saw them. He had fantasized balling both of them but had always stopped short of propositioning them. With Lynda, he was kept sexually busy. But that didn’t stop him from eyeing the other two women.

“Can we watch?” asked the auburn-haired Jackie. “Or is this going to be a private affair?”

“Maybe we can sell tickets,” suggested Christine. “We could make a fortune. See the Fuck Fest of the decade! Never again in the rectangular arena will two such superbly matched fuckers ever meet!”

“Buzz off, you two,” snapped Lynda. “I want this to be private.”

“In a department store? Why not go and screw in the window?” suggested Christine, her hazel eyes sparkling. “Ah, hell, Jackie, let’s split. Its almost closing time. We can let the love birds get it on in private.”

“Yeah,” said the other girl, “but be sure to give us a blow-by-blow account, huh, Lynda?”

They went off, laughing. And Lynda immediately turned to Jerry, whose prick had turned into a hot, hard bar of virile manmeat. “You’re turned on by them, aren’t you?”

“I’m not going to lie to you,” he said. “But sometimes you talk too much.”

His mouth crushed down passionately on hers. For a moment, she remained stiff and unresponsive, then she melted like an icicle in the morning sun. Her arms went around the man’s neck and pulled his head down even harder. Her lips were bruising and she didn’t care. The desire surging through her loins was electric.

The pressure of his prick against her pussy mound told her that she had wanted more than a simple kiss when she had made her suggestion to Jerry. Reaching down, she tugged imploringly at his prick, pulling it toward her snatch where it belonged.

“You are a hot bitch,” he whispered hotly in her car. “Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s fuck!”

She didn’t answer him with words. The blonde let her actions give him the best answer possible. She slid one of her legs between his, hooked his knee and pushed him down. He tumbled backwards onto the massive round bed, her weight pinning him delightfully to the soft surface.

“Ummm, nice,” he said, bouncing a little. “Springy enough to give us both the action we want.”

“All the action I want is right here in my hand,” she said, stroking along the turgid length of his bucking prick. She lightly fingered the fuck stick until she wondered if he might not be turned on to the point where he could come too soon. She stopped stroking him so fervently to let him get that cock into her cunt where it would give them both the most pleasure.

“Yeah, sure,” he agreed. His strong arms carried her onto her back, his weight now on top. Wantonly, willingly, she spread her legs in obscene invitation for him.

“Your panties,” he said, his hand stroking up along the smooth white inner thigh. “Can’t fuck with you wearing those damned things. Or can I?”

She could hardly hear what his objections were. All she knew was that he hadn’t stuffed his cock into her pussy yet, and that was what she wanted more than anything else in the world. She struggled to sit up to get her panties off. But he kept her pinned flat on the round bed.

“Let me handle this,” he said. She felt his prick rubbing along the inside of her leg. The frothy flood of her cunt juices leaked from her cunt and soaked her panties.

Her legs went up into the air, on either side of the man’s narrow waist. She locked her heels behind his back to insure that he wouldn’t escape her clutches, as if he wanted to.

His heavy breathing warmed her chest, made her tits come fully alive. He burrowed around in the deep scoop of her neckline until he managed to push her left tit past the confines of the blouse. Naked and jiggling like a mound of Jello on a plate, the tit received the best tonguing possible.

He teased the nipple with the tip of his tongue, then slowly traced out the coppery disk of her areole. Not content with this, he stabbed down and pressed the rock-hard nipple into the marshmallow softness of the titflesh underneath. Her heart beat faster, stronger, and he could feel it transmitted through the aroused nubbin of flesh. Tiring of tormenting her nipple, he released his pressure and went slithering down the sides of her boob.

When he came to the deep canyon between her boobs, his tongue went berserk. He roughly licked and lapped and sucked at her flesh until she writhed with uncontrollable desire.

“Fuck me, damn you,” she cried. “Give it all to me. I need it!”

“Not so loud,” he cautioned. “There are still customers in the store. They might hear you and come see what’s going on. You wouldn’t want to be caught like this, would you?”

His hands worked under her curving ass and lifted. All her weight was now pinned on her shoulders, her slender legs flailing wildly in the air on either side of his body. She turned her head and sent a cascade of blonde hair out onto the bed. She looked in one of the mirrors hung on the wall and saw everything.

She almost came when she saw his red cock, thrusting closer and closer to her panty-clad pussy. His hands kneaded her asscheeks and his mouth never slowed as it devoured her boobs, both of which now flopped free of her blouse. The sight of what was happening added a great deal to her excitement. Seeing every intimate detail of the fucking thrilled her.

But she needed cock, and she wasn’t getting it. Not yet. But the man worked on it in the most pleasurable way she could imagine.

His prick rammed forward directly into her cunt. The tip of his cock was stopped by the thin cotton panties she wore. The wet cloth pressed into her pussy mound, compressed her cunt lips and tightened up around her ass. He rammed again, this time driving another half inch up her twat. She struggled now, more from the sexual tensions mounting inside her tender young body than anything else. She was anticipating the feel of that cock surging balls deep into her seething hot, gripping cunt.

“You… you’re driving me wild!” she cried. “I feel my clit rubbing into my panties. It… it’s great!”

His hands tightened on her asscheeks. He began rotating the thick, meaty mounds of assflesh in opposite directions, trying to tear them from her body. This tightened her cunt even more. How she wished she had a cock inside her now!

He never let up the pressure on her panties. His cock shoved harder. She gripped at the man’s forearms to keep from sliding away. She wanted all his prick and wasn’t going to miss out on a single inch of it.

The pressure on her twat increased as he began savagely stabbing his cock into her pussy. She heard the material of her love-juice-soaked panties begin to rip. His cock was a mighty battering ram intent on driving all the way into her cunt.

The final threads on her damp panties gave way, and he surged balls deep into her pussy. She screamed as she climaxed. The suddenness of the entry sent messages of supreme delight blazing along her nerves. Her aunt walls had to strain to stretch and accommodate the huge bulk of this male invader. But in a few seconds, her pussy walls had expanded enough to tightly clutch at the man’s cock without any discomfort.

She felt nothing but ecstasy coursing through her body. Everything he did turned her on a little more. The feel of his hot breath against her tender jugs made her shiver with desire. His hands ripped and tore and worked furiously at her ass. And his prick was now buried to the hilt up her twat. That was what she wanted.

“Fuck me good,” she demanded. “I need it sooooo baaaaaad!”

He began stroking in and out of her blast furnace hot pussy. The rhythm was slow and teasing. She thought he was sucking her guts out behind his meaty piston of pleasure as his cock drew back ever so slowly. A lewd smucking noise sounded as be broke the intense vacuum he had formed inside her cunt. But he didn’t pause as he rammed hard back into her body, his crotch grinding feverishly into hers.

She came as she felt his bush dragging over her clit. The meek little organ had poked up its head only to find the tattered remains of her panties. Now the man’s pubic fur crushed into the sensitive tip and sent a message of stark carnal need to the woman’s brain.

As he fucked her, she came and came and came. Weakened by the successive climaxes, she wanted to beg him to slow down, to stop, but the words jumbled in her throat. The air began to burn at her straining lungs. The sandpaper coating her throat made any speech difficult.

And then she was positive she didn’t want him to stop. He had picked up the tempo of the fucking. His strong arms lifted her ass entirely off the bed and he fucked into her tight little cunt at a brand new angle. Nerves inside her twat that seldom touched a cock now received a full dose of an all out fucking.

Her hair like a golden halo around her head, she tossed from side to side, her entire body trembling like a leaf in a high wind. She felt the hot flush of blood rising to her tits and shoulders and throat. She was coming like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers firing.

She turned and saw through her sex-blurred eyes the entire fucking reflected in the mirror beside the bed. The sight of his prick parting her pinkly scalloped inner cunt lips and vanishing into her cunt thrilled her almost as much as the feel of his mighty fuck stick digging deeper and deeper into her belly. She tensed up, and then came again, even stronger than before.

“AAAIEEEEE!” Her entire body went into convulsions and he had to hang on for dear life as she thrashed and writhed in the ultimate of human pleasure.

“Not so loud,” he said hotly in her ear. “There are still people around. Why, they might be watching us even this very second!”

She couldn’t see out into the store but knew what anyone watching would see. He was lifting her up and off the bed. They would be able to see every detail of his hard, virile prick fucking hard and fast into her softly yielding cunt. Just as she could see it in profile reflected in the mirrors, they would be able to look and see the hot and heavy action directly.

The blonde woman didn’t know if anyone was watching. But the idea that someone might be turned her on. She had discovered a streak of exhibitionist in her that posed problems at times. The woman loved screwing at football games, in the back seats of buses, anywhere in public.

She came harder than before.

His prick began to work in a less rhythmic fashion. She guessed that he was about at the end of his fuse, and would spurt out his white-hot jism into her hungering pussy at any second.

She wasn’t disappointed.

The first surge of his come spattered her convulsing cunt walls, and set her off again. She came, her fingers clawing fiercely into the bedspread on the round bed. She tried to watch what was happening in the mirrors, but her eyes refused to focus. She finally gave up and lost herself in the divine feelings ripping through her lush, young body.

Lynda relaxed and felt her ass rubbing into the bed. She opened her eyes, and saw Jerry’s cock dribble from her twat amid a stream of her cunt fluids and his own jism. His prick was useless to her for some time.

And she was still horny.

“Did anyone see us?” she asked eagerly.

“Maybe Jackie and Christine stayed around, but I don’t think anybody else saw us. My job’s still safe, I guess.”

“Who cares about your job?” she asked. “I was interested in knowing how they’d rate our performance.”

“What is this, a diving competition like in the Olympics?” he demanded. “You want judges to sit around and holdup cards with numbers on them?”

“Sure, why not?” she answered. “And you would get straight tens. You were great, Jerry, simply great!”

Her hand stroked along the side of her body and up his leg. She hesitated for a moment, then found his prick and tugged lightly at the sleeping snake. He grunted but he didn’t make any move to get away. This was all the encouragement she needed to spin around on the bed, and work on getting him hard again.


Lynda’s blonde hair fell over Jerry’s crotch as she kneeled down on the bed in front of him. Her agile fingers captured his limp cock and pulled it toward her eager lips. The taste of jism thrilled her as she began licking his prick clean.

Even the taste of her own cunt oils made the woman shiver in excitement. This was kinkier and more fun than she’d thought it would be when she’d suggested it. In her crouching position, almost worshiping at the man’s prick, she could look around his body a little bit and see that the entire furniture department was empty of people.

In a way this disappointed her. She wanted to put on a hell of a fine live sex show for someone, but even Christine and. Jackie had left. She would just have to take her pleasures when and how she could.

For starters, she had to get the man’s cock back into action.

Lynda rolled over onto her side, pulling the man’s limp cock with her. He grunted but didn’t protest this cavalier action. She could tongue and suck and kiss his prick and look into the mirror hung on the wall at the same time. The sight of her lips parting slightly and admitting the pink worm-like penis into her mouth turned her on in a big way. She felt her pussy begin to throb with need.

“This is an added bonus,” said Jerry, relaxing and enjoying the feel of the woman’s tongue all over his cock and balls and crotch. “I just expected to knock off a quick piece and that would be it.”

“You’re too good,” she said. “You got me hot and I want more! And for more of this, I’ll work on you all night long!”

“Promises, promises,” he laughed, delighting in the way the woman was giving him head. He could watch the entire thing in the mirror. “A round bed,” he mused. “I think I’d like to fuck you in every direction of the compass. Let’s start with the principal directions.”

“South?” she asked.

“Yeah, about. And this is cast. Keep sucking, bitch, if you want to make west and north tonight!”

She eagerly returned to her delightful task. Her tongue stroked all over the end of his prick, teasing the tiny flap of skin dangling under the cleft head. She knew this was the most sensitive portion of his anatomy, but it didn’t seem to be responding like it should. If anything, his prick shrank even more until it was hardly the size of her thumb. Disgusted, she sucked the entire cock and balls into her mouth.

Her tongue batted the balls around until she could feel the thick stew of his jism slowly coming to a boil. But the prick remained flaccid and useless to her. She had to have a real pussy pleaser. Nothing less would do. When Jerry was up and hard, he sported an eight-inch prick. Not the biggest she had ever found, but certainly Jerry knew how to use it better than any other man she had discovered in a long, long time.

“No good, darling,” Jerry said. “Let me work on your sweet little pussy for a while. Maybe that will keep you busy while my poor old body’s recuperating from that fine fucking!”

She didn’t protest at all when his strong fingers worked between her thighs and separated her trim white thighs. Giving up on his prick, she pressed her back into the smoothly muscled curves of his chest and belly. His fingers lifted her skirt out of his way and then thrust between the ragged edges of her now crotchless panties.

The blonde woman tensed as his finger shot all the way up into her pussy. It wasn’t cock-thick but it felt good. She sighed and tried to relax. The swiftly moving finger in her pussy prevented her from totally relaxing. Every movement in and out of her cunt thrilled her, excited her, pushed her to new levels of arousal.

“Ummm, feels good when you finger-fuck my poor little cunny, but I want cock up there! Get hard, damn you, get hard!”

He laughed. “Not so easy. Can’t perform on command like that, not after the great fucking we just had. Just watch things in the mirror for, a while. You won’t be disappointed.”

She blinked rapidly and focused her blue eyes on the mirror in front of her. She lifted one leg high into the air and lewdly exposed her snatch. The sight of his finger-fucking her blonde-rimmed pussy did turn her on more than the feel of the finger rubbing into her cunt walls. The woman sobbed mightily when he found her clit and teased it.

But this wasn’t what she wanted. The desires for his prick mounted incredibly inside her body. She saw him take one of her blue-tinged cunt lips between thumb and forefinger. He dragged his fingers along that puffy ridge. The electric shock of desire jolting through her body rattled her teeth.

She was openly sobbing, almost at the point of crying.

“Fuck me, dammit, I need you so bad!” she cried out. “And I don’t care if the whole Goddamn world sees us!”

She couldn’t see into the department store in the position he held her in. And it didn’t matter to her. All she cared about now was the intense longing inside her pussy. She was being eaten up with desire. She had to have his cock driving in and out of her pussy before she would feel any better.

The feel of his lips and tongue moving against her aroused snatch caused her to come. The suddenness of it took her entirely by surprise. As she drifted down from her sexual high, she saw the top of the man’s head pressed firmly between her white thighs.

Her legs crushed down on the sides of his head to make sure he didn’t go away. The sensations she felt were so great she didn’t ever want them to stop. They weren’t the same as the feel of a cock fucking her, but they were still great. Different, but delightful.

His tongue raked along the edges of her cunt lips and then plunged fast and cock-hard into her pussy. She stiffened and almost came again. This time, she held back enough to prevent it. She wanted to hoard all these wondrous feelings like a miser hoards gold, and then release them in one huge orgasm.

He sucked and licked and made lewd noises as he tongued her pussy lips, and tongue-fucked her cunt hole. She began tossing her leg up into the air. This caused her pussy to contract around his hidden tongue. While it wasn’t quite the same as having her cunt entirely filled with cock, it gave a good enough imitation for her to get off in a big way.

All her carefully protected feelings of lust gushed forth as she came again. He sucked and licked and used his teeth to lightly gnaw on her agitated flesh. The blonde knew this was heaven on earth. Nothing could be better then the delights spearing into her pussy.

She twisted onto her back and stared up into the air above them. She wondered what it would have been like having a mirror there. She would have to order one of these beds — and when she did, there would definitely be mirrors on the ceiling overhead. That would give the most possible stimulation to both of them.

Her legs draped behind the man’s head. By flexing her thigh muscles, she could pull his face even more powerfully into her flowing gash. His tongue raked up and down her sex slit, parting the cunt lips, teasing them, stroking along the rigid edges. She could feel his tongue drive in and out of her cunt and then slip back to her asshole. Her back arched and she tried to get away from him tongue fucking her anus.

“No, oh, sweet Jesus, no, not there!” But her words weren’t matching her actions. As she lifted herself off the bed, her body turned and she shoved her asscheeks into the man’s face. His nose parted her meaty asscheeks, and then the probing tongue licked her asshole.

She came — hard.

Still twisting, she moved so that she was facing the man, her head between his thighs. His prick was slowly stirring back into life. This heartened her. Gobbling it up, she licked and sucked and gave him every bit as much pleasure as he was giving her.

“It… it’s feeling good, Lynda,” he moaned. “Just keep on sucking and I’ll be hard again.”

She fondled his balls, and stroked the thick, black pubic hair around his cock and balls. Popping the hairy little bag containing his nuts into her mouth, she showed him just what it meant to get a good blowjob. She sucked and stroked the sides of the sac until he was trying to get away from her. She felt his cock stiffening even more alongside her cheeks. She turned and saw the purple knob on the tip begin to throb and pulse with renewed life.

He was almost there.

This spurred her on. She lightly shoved the balls from her eager mouth and went back to the stalk of his cock. Nipping at the limp flesh, she teased and aroused him until he had a full fledged boner again.

Like an eagle swooping down on its prey, she engulfed the end of his cock and sucked for all she was worth. Her tongue tried to force its way down his piss-slit. They both knew it was impossible, but just trying set both their pulses to racing faster.

She loved the taste of prick. She couldn’t get enough of it. Her lips softly caressed the sides of his cock, and then her tongue roughly slithered along the same terrain until she had erased every single fold of loose flesh. His cock was as hard and throbbingly alive as it could get.

Bobbing her head up and down, she began face fucking herself. At the same time, she felt the man’s mouth working eagerly at her pussy. They were locked in the classic sixty-nine position, and it worked beautifully for both of them. On their sides, they could look into the mirrors on the walls.

Lynda saw every single detail of what was happening. Jerry’s head vanished between her soft thighs and he avidly ate her cunt. She could see her own reflection taking the thick stalk of his cock into her ruby lips. Closing her lips in a tight ring around his cock, she started sucking for all she was worth. She saw her cheeks go hollow under the pressure she exerted. Her head snapped forward, and she felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth.

Swallowing hard, she gobbled up his entire cock. It rested hotly in the tight confines of her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace but she knew how to take a man’s cock — all of it.

“God, honey, that’s fantastic,” she heard him cry out. “Give it to me. Give it all to me!”

She swallowed so that her Adam’s apple would bob up and down. This massaged his cock on the most sensitive portion. Needing that, feeling as if she would gag any second, the blonde cock eater pulled back. Her teeth lightly stroked the sides of his prick as it left her mouth. Ugly red welts were left behind, but she quickly soothed them with her dancing tongue.

She licked and sucked and tongued as fast as she could. The sexual forces inside her belly were threatening to drive her insane with lust. The feel of the man’s hot tongue, fucking her pussy helped. The way his nose raked along her cunt lips turned her on in a big way. But it was the way he sucked at her tiny little clit that finally got her off.

She blasted into a sexual orbit, flying and diving as the winds of ecstasy blew through her body. She didn’t even know how hard she was sucking on his prick. She was totally lost in the wonder of the orgasm crushing her in its ice and iron grip.

The cock pulsed hotly against her lips and she tasted the bitter drop of pre-come beading at the tip. This was the tip-off that the man was about ready to get his rocks off. She hastened to suck and tongue his prick even more. She wanted as much of this meaty, tasty cock as she could get before the hot flood of his jism jetted forth.

The increased activity on the end of his cock caused the man to tongue-fuck her pussy with longer, more powerful strokes. She could feel his jaw strain to drive his tongue ever deeper. The cracking sounds told her he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer.

As she toyed with his balls, she felt them tumbling and lurching inside. This was all the trigger he needed. The first blast of his come arched past her tongue and spattered into her tonsils.

This wasn’t the way she wanted it. She had to taste his creamy man seed. Her tongue shoved into the widening slit at the end of his cock. This allowed her to smear every single drop of his jism across her tastebuds. The salty, tangy taste of his came thrilled her.

Sucking even harder, she began face-fucking herself again. She knew this would milk his balls of every last drop of that precious come.

And it did.

As his prick went limp, she straightened out one leg and thrust it into the air. This tightened up her own crotch and magnified the effects of the man’s tongue working all along her cunt lips. She felt the delicious shivers of impending climax stalk her. When she finally cut loose and came, the entire bed shook with her reaction.

“Iieeeee!” she shrieked. “This is tooooooo muuuuuuch!”

His hands gripped firmly at her quivering flesh to hold her in place. He didn’t want her dancing away from his questing tongue. He continued to torture her with his licks and tongue strokes until she got off twice more. Sliding his tongue up and down along the tiny erectile spire of her clit made her come a last time.

This was the most potent orgasm of them all. She screamed unabashedly, her body vibrating with lust.

As she collapsed to the softness of the bed, relaxing and studying the picture she saw reflected in the mirrors around the bed, she smiled.

“That was good, Jerry. Damned good.”

“Likewise. But you know something?”

“You want to do it again?” she said hopefully.

He laughed, looking at his shrunken cock. There wasn’t a chance in hell of him getting another boner any time soon. She had sucked him off too well for that to happen.

“Nope, not that. Least ways, not for a while. But the lights are out in the store.”

“So that means the building’s locked up for the night. We’re locked in.”

She sighed, then said, “I can think of worse places to be.” Her fingers showed him how true that was.


“Ummm, that was great,” sighed Lynda, curled up next to Jerry. The man’s strong body moved slightly against her and she craned bet neck around to look at him. The glow in her eyes masked her tiredness. He had screwed her silly — and she was tired. But if he wanted to have another go at fucking, she wasn’t about to tell him no.

“Yeah, but we’d better see about getting out of here. I know they’ve got alarms all over the place but those are just for robberies. If we triggered one, we would be in bigger trouble than we are now.”

“So why should we worry about getting out?” she asked. “Let’s just stay here and be nice and cheerful looking when everyone shows up in the morning.”

“You mean stay here and fuck all night long?”


The man hesitated. She could tell the idea appealed to him. As long as they didn’t, do anything they weren’t likely to set off any hidden alarms. Lynda didn’t know for sure but she didn’t think there were any armed guards that patrolled the empty department store. She was positive the store didn’t use guard dogs. They’d had problems with the dogs pining on everything in sight.

“Come on, Jerry, why not stay here? The people would show up in the morning and it would just seem like we got here early. I could stay hidden until the customers came.”

“But my clothes are wrinkled,” he protested. She thought he was just making up excuses. Her heart wasn’t in arguing this point.

“So get some new ones. We’re in a whole Goddamn department store. We can go on a shopping spree that’ll last all night long!”

“But we’d have to pay for the stuff we took.”

“So we just borrow the stuff for the evening,” she said persuasively. “I’ve had my eye on some of that fancy lingerie downstairs for a long time. Wouldn’t you like to see me model it for you?”

“The baby-doll nightie?”

“That, too, but I was thinking more of the black net stockings and garter belt.”

“What else?”

“Nothing else,” she said. And she knew he was going to give in then. The faint twitch in his prick told the entire story. “Come an, Jerry, let’s get moving. We’re wasting precious time!” She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the bed, intent on getting downstairs as fast as she could before his cock decided to go back to sleep.

“Shit, Jackie, we got locked in this damned place. I told you we shouldn’t have taken so long in the restroom.”

“Don’t sweat it, Christine. There’s got to be an emergency exit.”

“But that’ll set off an alarm or something.”

“So we’ll be long gone before anyone comes. Or we can stand around and point and tell any cops that show up that the people escaping from this dump went down the street. Hell, I don’t know how they could have locked us in like this.”

Jackie stood in front of a side door, hesitant about opening it. A sign proclaimed that the door was alarmed. Just as Christine started to push past her, the handle of the door jiggled a little. A scraping noise sounded and both women knew someone was hard at work on the lock outside.

“That takes care of our problem. Somebody’s trying to get back in. Look, see? We’ll just explain to the manager or whoever it is that…” Her words trailed to nothing as she stood staring in shock at the two men framed by the door.

Whoever they were, they didn’t belong in the store. Both held guns in their hands and one carded a large bag, obviously loaded with something heavy. For a split second, all four were frozen by shock. The two men reacted first, their guns coming up to cover the frightened women.

“Move and I’ll burn you!” snapped the larger of the two men. His finger tightened perceptibly on the trigger of his revolver.

“Goddamn, you asshole!” cried the other, smaller man. “You told me that this was gonna be the best fucking place in the whole Goddamn world to hide. And here are two dames watching us already!”

“Shut up, Mollusk. How the fuck was I to know anybody’d be here?”

Jackie and Christine looked at each other and back at the men. The bores of the two guns appeared larger than firehoses. Jackie started trembling and said in a shaky voice, “Who are you?”

“We’re the guys who just knocked off the jewelry store down the street,” said the one called Mollusk. “And we thought this department store was gonna be the place to hide till the heat cooled down.”

“Shut up,” repeated the larger man. “Don’t spill nothing. And close the Goddamn door. If some cop sees that, we’ll really be in it up to our asses.”

“Look, we just got ourselves locked in. We, uh, we won’t say a thing about seeing you two. So, just let us go, huh?” stammered Christine. The way the gun swung toward her, told her that this wasn’t likely to happen.

“Let’s be flexible about all this, Mollusk. Let’s have ourselves some fun while we’re waiting.”

Mollusk smiled, a broken tooth making him appear even more evil than before.

“I follow you, Len. Why not? This place ain’t got any alarms we can trip by accident — we checked that out. And these two are good-looking broads. We might be able to have some great times with them. How about it, cutie?” He placed the muzzle of the gun up under Jackie’s chin. The auburn-haired woman trembled and started to back away. Mollusk moved the gun, hooked it up under the hem of her skirt and jammed the cold steel barrel against her snatch.

“Don’t go getting any fancy ideas, lady,” he said, menace in his voice. “I’d just as soon stuff this gun all the way up your cunt and pull the trigger as I would fuck you. You choose.”

Christine answered for her terrified friend.

“We’re expected somewhere else right about now. If our friends don’t meet us, they’ll call the police.”

“Like hell they will,” said Len. “Two lookers like you, they’d figure you just got picked up and went off to fuck somewhere. Right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Come on and let’s explore this place a bit. I’m getting horny just thinking about getting it on with this one.”

His gun barrel lightly pressed into Christine’s left tit. Her flesh crawled with the steely touch, and gooseflesh raced up and down her spine.

Jackie used the opportunity to knock Mollusk’s gun away and dart off into the darkened store, dodging and ducking to take full advantage of the heavy shadows cast by display cases.

“Shit,” said Len, “you shouldn’t’a let her go. Take care of this one and I’ll show you how you have to treat them.” He ran off in pursuit of Jackie’s rapidly disappearing form.

“Just you keep it cool and we’ll get along okay,” said Mollusk, his gun stroking along Christine’s jawline. The woman backed away and found herself pressed into a wall.

Trying to distract him, she asked, “Wh-why do they call you Mollusk?”

He laughed, ugly and evil. “I like lots of hairy clams, that’s why. And I bet your little pussy’s a sweet one, isn’t it?”

Both Mollusk and Christine turned when they heard a soul-wrenching scream. Christine knew instantly that Len had caught Jackie.

“Let’s go see what Len’s got in mind for punishing the little fox. She shouldn’t’a run like that. Len’s got a nasty temper, and he don’t mind hurting women who piss him off. You know what I mean?”

Christine mutely nodded, her voice trapped somewhere in her throat. She allowed the man to shove her down the aisles until they came to the woman’s clothing section. All she could see were dim figures moving in one of the dressing booths. While the images were indistinct, she could tell that Jackie didn’t have a prayer of escaping the more powerful man. He had her backed into one of the dressing booths, his arms holding her captive.

“Get away from me!” shrieked Jackie, her blouse already torn off by the man’s clawing fingers. He laughed and continued to rip her clothing. Soon her skirt hung in tatters. She tried to kick him, got tangled in the rags hanging around her waist and tripped. He used this to swarm all over her. He had the skirt off in a flash, leaving her clad only in bright red bikini briefs.

“Shit, now that’s the kind of broad I like. You got class, kid.”

“You monster!”

“Hell, no — I’m not a monster, but I got one for you. Look at it!” He pulled down his pants, and a huge prick, already stiff, leaped out. Jackie stared at it in amazement. It wasn’t that his prick was so huge, but the fact that the fighting had gotten him hard was frightening. He enjoyed seeing her helpless and almost naked!

“Please,” she pleaded. “Don’t do this to me.”

“Aw, fuck it, baby. You’re gonna be thanking me for giving you a taste of my cock before we’re done!”

She couldn’t effectively fight the man as long as she was trapped in the narrow dressing booth, and he wasn’t about to let her get past him. He pinioned her wrists and pulled them high over her head. She felt her tits flattening out as he stretched her upwards.

“Damn, but you’re a hot one. Fucking you is going to be a blast!”

He easily held her slender wrists in one meaty hand while he fumbled around and found a wire coat hanger. He bent this around her wrists, and lifted her up even more until she was standing on tiptoes. He fastened part of the coat hanger around a clothes hook before tightening the wire around the woman’s wrists to the point where she moaned in pain.

Len stood back and studied his handiwork. Strung up before him was a mostly naked woman, clad only in her red bikini briefs. Her tits rose and fell heavily as she sobbed. Not an ounce of fat marred the perfection of her body. He moved forward again, the gun in his hand.

“You’re really something. A stud like me has his share of broads, but types like you are too high priced usually. Now I got the money — and I got you.”

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks and dripping onto the tips of her tits.

“Nothing you ain’t had done to you before,” he snapped.

He jammed the gun into the waistband of his pants and moved forward. She tried to kick him. This only played into his hands. One strong hand grabbed her trim ankle, and pulled her away from the wall. He quickly captured her other leg and held them at his sides, splitting her apart like the wishbone of a chicken. “Yeah, I’m gonna love this.”

Still holding her legs, he bent down and pushed his face into the wide-spread vee of her legs. She felt his teeth raking across her heaving belly. He managed to catch the top edge of her panties. With a savage jerk of his head, he ripped the thin fabric off her body. Her auburn snatch was lewdly exposed to his smirking face. He kissed her pussy, then stood.

“This is gonna be something you’ll remember for a hell of a long time, babe,” he said, moving his hands up under her ass.

Jackie sobbed openly now, not even trying to hold back the show of her misery. Her hands ached terribly. The wire coat hanger cut off the circulation. The way she was hanging from that coat hanger put an incredible strain on her shoulders and upper arms. Worst of all, she could see the man’s ugly cock coming toward her pussy.

“Don’t do this, please, I beg you!”

“You’ll beg for more when I get done,” he said. He stabbed with his hips. His cock went skittering along between her cunt lips. She moaned, not sure what she was feeling. A man’s cock should bring her nothing but pleasure. The thought of being fucked in this disgusting manner by this horrible criminal should have turned her off. She felt revulsion — and she also felt her pussy begin to dampen.

It might have been lust or it might have been fear. She didn’t know. Her eyes widened as he realigned himself and pistoned forward again. This time his cum was much better. The purple head of his cock rammed directly into her cunt hole.

“Yeah, baby, you’re gonna beg for more before I get done with you tonight!”

His hips thrust strongly, and he sank balls deep into her unwilling cunt. She screamed in pain. Her cunt wasn’t ready for this type, of fucking. Her pussy walls were still dry, the lubricant not working yet. She felt wet cunt lips parted obscenely by the thick plug of the man’s raping cock. The more she tried to tell herself this couldn’t possibly be happening to her, the more panicked she felt.

It was happening. This criminal was raping her. He had tied her wrists together with a coat hanger, and strung her up in this dressing booth like a side of beef. She was nothing but a cunt to be fucked to him. And he was doing just that.

Whatever he could do to humiliate her more, he did. His prick worked in and out of her dry hole with the precision of a jackhammer. Bending forward slightly, he sucked and licked at her huge tits. She felt excitement mounting inside of her, in spite of her predicament.

The more he fucked, the more pain she felt from her arms and shoulders. The cruel wire binding her wrists so securely, cut into her flesh, and caused her hands to go totally numb. Soon, they would begin to turn purple from lack of blood. But not yet.

While the agony of her arms and shoulders was just beginning, she had to endure the full torment of knowing he was fucking her when she didn’t want his prick inside her. She could look down and see his ugly red stalk vanishing between her delicate, pink, inner cunt lips. And, in spite of herself, she felt her pussy beginning to respond to him. She tried to tell herself this was only a means of self-defense. If her twat could cause enough of her love juices to flow, he wouldn’t rip her sensitive pussy apart.

That’s what she told herself.

She was lying and she knew it. She was getting hot for his prick. The idea of being so helpless secretly thrilled her. She had had rape fantasies, and now she was living one out. The man wouldn’t really harm her, she thought. He wanted what only she could offer, and he was taking it. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t freely offering her pussy.

He fucked her so hard that her body slammed into the thin plywood wall. Echoes of the fucking filled the deserted department store. She sobbed and moaned as he continued to drive his prick in to the hilt.

She felt his balls wetly slapping against her ass. He held her legs firmly under his arms as he might hold a wheelbarrow’s handles. He used her body to give himself the maximum pleasure possible. While she couldn’t move freely, he could and did swing her from side to side, his hands gripping her firm thighs with steely ferocity.

“Don’t! Don’t fuck me like I was trash!” she pleaded. Her pleas foil on deaf ears. The man was intent on fucking her. He didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not.

His hands slipped to her knees. This caused her ass to drop, and his cock to almost slide from her cunt. He then jerked her back up, his cock sinking deeper into her cunt than ever before. He twisted her hips, jerked her around, and dropped her repeatedly. The woman felt as if he were driving a corkscrew into her tender pussy.

Everything began to come together for her. The pain raced down her arms and exploded with fury in her body. The way he occasionally leaned forward to nurse at her tits gave her pleasure. The pleasure and pain didn’t quite cancel out each other. She felt an odd mixture of desire and horror, mounting inside her tender, trapped body.

His cock swelled inside her tight fuck tunnel to the point where she was sure he would rip her apart. Sobbing, she tried to kick away from his iron grasp. She was too weak, and the position he held her in was against her. He continued to ram his prick into her obscenely wide-spread cunt.

The smucking noise of his cock reaming her out filled the tiny booth. She trembled all over, wondering what was happening to her. When she came, it took her entirely by surprise. She had gotten off on both the thrill of feeling a virile prick fucking her pussy and a sharp jolt of pain racing down through her young body.

The shock of her orgasm caused her pussy to convulse powerfully around his deeply buried cock. She felt every single contour of his swollen prick as she rocked from side to side, lost in the throes of stark desire.

“Shit, baby, you’re both tight and hot. That’s the kind of pussy I just love to fuck!”

His hips went berserk. He rammed her back repeatedly into the wood wall, until she had the air knocked out of her. Then his cock exploded inside her twat. She felt the hot, sweet rush of his jism rifling her up. He came and came and came gallons of man-seed, whitewashing her insides.

Confused, Jackie tried to understand what was happening to her head. At the very end, it hadn’t mattered to her that the man was raping her. She had actually gotten off on the and humiliation. She loved fucking, but this was something totally new and different for her.

He dropped her legs and stood back. She strained to support her weight on the tips of her toes. Jackie had thought she preferred this to being raped by the man. She was wrong. Soon, her calves began to knot from the strain of supporting her weight only on her toes.

“You just stay there, honey, and we’ll see what your friend and Mollusk have been up to. Knowing him, I bet it ain’t pleasant. That dude’s got a nasty streak in him a mile wide!”

She shuddered and cried hot, salty tears now. Jackie couldn’t imagine the kind of punishment her friend was enduring, if even Len thought Mollusk was mean. What had started as a simple shopping spree on her part, had turned into a nightmare.


“Hey, look at that. Ain’t that really something else?” gloated Mollusk. He jammed the gun firmly into Christine’s back as he forced her to watch what Len was doing to her friend.

Christine cringed, hardly able to look. Yet she felt an unreal quality, seeing her friend tied up so securely and raped like that. It was as if she were watching a movie. She knew it was actually happening, and still it seemed so impossible, that she watched in rapt fascination.

The woman watched every single motion in that obscene act. She saw Len’s huge prick part Jackie’s pink inner labia, and then drive balls deep into her pussy. She saw the cunt juices leaking out and dribbling onto the floor of the booth. She heard and saw and practically felt every single thing that Len did to her friend.

“Looks like fun,” observed Mollusk. “Let’s try it ourselves. You’re a hot bush. You gotta have ideas that would pleasure me.”

“Go to hell!”

“No way to talk to the guy who’s got a gun rammed into your ribs.” He brutally thrust the gun at her side, and twisted it a little until she felt the front sight cutting into her flesh.

“Wh-what do you want?” she stammered. She was hardly able to keep from breaking down and crying. And all the time she kept her eyes on Len fucking Jackie. She saw the expression on her friend’s face. It was such a curious mixture of lust and terror that Christine hardly recognized Jackie. The entire rape was degrading and horrible.

Christine knew Jackie’s hands would surely fall off from lack of circulation at any second. She could actually see her flesh turning an ugly blue.

“I dunno. But we got this whole fucking store to find things to do in. Hell,” he said, “why go anywhere else? We got some really nice stuff right here.”

He lifted one of the frilly nighties with the tip of his gun and tossed it to Christine.

“Get into it,” he ordered. “I want to see how you look.”

“No.” She had decided she would be firm. He couldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do.

She was wrong.

He slapped her so hard, that she stumbled and fell to her knees. The ringing sound in her ears from the blow made her dizzy, and her vision blurred. She hardly even felt it when he pulled her to shaky legs and shoved her hard against one of the display cases.

“Strip,” he ordered. “Get naked. I want to see bare ass in ten seconds, or I’ll ram this gun barrel where the sun never shines.”

To show that he meant business, he jammed the long barrel of the revolver into her ass. She felt her asscheeks parting under the pressure and the sting from the gun sight cutting into her tender flesh brought her back to her senses. This man was capable of anything, even murder. He had robbed a store, and had fled to hide from the police. Perhaps he had already killed that night, and was looking for another victim.

Only by cooperating with him could Christine possibly survive. Hesitantly, she began unfastening the buttons on her blouse. It wasn’t fast enough for the gunman.

“Hell, lemme show you how to do it right.” He reached out a meaty hand and gripped the fabric at her neckline. A savage tug sent buttons skittering across the floor, dancing and spinning away. The blouse hung open, and exposed her lush, ripe tits.

She shivered and looked down stupidly at her naked boobs jiggling to and fro. The woman hardly knew what to do or say. When Mollusk laughed, it was evil and promised her nothing but more humiliation.

“Like that, huh? Good. Now get the rest of those duds off. And do it now, or I’ll do it myself.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. A dull snick brought the switchblade knife open. The steel blade gleamed in the dull light. The sharp tip looked like a needle to the frightened woman.

Shrugging her shoulders, she dropped the ripped blouse to a small, pathetic pile on the floor, and immediately began working on the snap holding her skin. She didn’t get that far. A quick backhanded slap knocked her sprawling on the top of one of the display cases. She was stunned and couldn’t do anything but quiver like a fish out of water for a moment.

This was all it took for the man to come aver to her. She felt the icy, cold blade of his switchblade cut lightly into her flesh. He dragged a bloody line down the side of her body until he came to her skirt. A savage slash cut through her skin. The man ripped it from her body, actually scooting her a few inches along the top of the slick glass case.

“Pantyhose,” he sneered. “I hate those fucking things. Don’t do nothing but get in the way of my pleasure.”

“Don’t hurt me, please!” she begged. She saw no mercy in the man’s lustful eyes. He was going to have his way with her and nothing she could do would change that.

“Least ways, you’re wearing those damn things with the panties built into them. That saves me some time.”

She almost passed out when she felt the cold tip of his knife press hard into her tender flesh again. He pulled the knife forward until it rested just under her belly button. He caught the edge of her pantyhose and began slicing through the fabric. When the sides of his blade touched her cunt lips she almost passed out from fear.

“Don’t go fainting on me,” he said viciously, slapping her. “I want you knowing what I’m doing. I ain’t no necrophile who gets his kicks fucking dead chicks. I want you responding to me, got that?”

“Y-yes,” she said, looking down in abject fear as the knife slowly worked lower between her legs. Involuntarily, her legs spread wantonly for the man. She didn’t want him cutting her, not there, not her pussy lips.

A quick twist of his wrist and her pantyhose were completely cut into two pieces, one on her left leg and the other on her right. Her snatch was widely exposed to the man’s lascivious gaze.

“Now that’s a pussy,” he said, licking his dry lips. “And this is what I call a real man’s prick.”

Reaching down, he pulled out his cock, about half stiff. Christine almost laughed, and then bit it back. Laughing at Mollusk now would be her death sentence. The man was insane and would do terrible things to her before he allowed her to die. The way he used that knife told her more than she really wanted to know about the man.

He moved into the vee of her legs and stuffed his half erect cock into her pussy. She sighed, and leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows. This wasn’t too bad, she tried to tell herself. The man couldn’t fuck her until he got a real boner. If she had him pegged right, he might never get it up.

“D-do you like it so far?”

“Hell, babe, it ain’t even started yet.” He moved his hips back and forth but the woman couldn’t feel his prick getting any stiffer inside her. She almost thought she wouldn’t have to put up with any more than this simple humiliation when he pulled back and slapped her again.

“Bitch! You ain’t doing nothing for me. You’re supposed to help me along.”

“Doing what?”

“You ain’t no virgin. You know what a woman’s supposed to do!” He pressed the point of the knife into the underside of her right tit until a tiny drop of blood appeared. “I’m gonna cut this off if you don’t get to work.”

“What do you want me to do? I don’t know! Honest, I don’t know!”

He glared at her for a second, then turned away, pulling his prick from her pussy. He stood with his hands on his hips for a moment, then pointed silently to a lingerie display.

“Do you w-want me to put something on?”

“The crotchless, frilly ones. Nothing else.”

She stripped off the severed pantyhose, acutely aware of the man’s lusting gaze on her as she worked. The pantyhose came off slowly, one inch at a time. She stroked her fingers down over her smooth, firm thighs to her well-rounded calves and ankles. Kicking, she got rid of one half of her ruined pantyhose. The woman quickly worked off the other side, feeling totally naked and completely helpless as she did so.

It surprised her that she could feel even more vulnerable than before. The slight wisps of nylon that had remained on her legs had given her some little comfort, a little taste of normalcy. All that was gone now. She hurried to put on the panties, hoping this would give her back a feeling of safety.

The silk panties flowed across her flesh. Her ass amply pushed against the thin fabric, making her feel almost as naked as before. The thin wisp of the panties pressed against her pussy mound, and caused a small tuft of her bush to poke up over the top. This seemed to arouse Mollusk more than anything else. Christine watched in abject terror as his prick jerked up to a full erection.

“Yeah, baby, that’s what I like to see,” he said, moving closer to her again. A quick shove against her tits made her sit down on the top of the display counter. His hands captured her legs and lifted them up on either side of her body. She closed her eyes and waited.

She felt the heavy bludgeon of his cock press into the slit of the frilly panties, and find her cunt hole. She hated herself for responding to the man, but she couldn’t help it. It might have been fear or it might have been real lust. She couldn’t tell. All she knew for a fact was that her pussy was beginning to get damp from her love juices.

“Naw, I ain’t gonna fuck you there. That’s a sloppy, big hole. Too many guys have beat me to it.”

Shocked, she opened her eyes and started to complain. She never got the chance. Mollusk reached under her left asscheek, gripped hard and then lifted. Christine felt herself rolling over on the top of the counter. Her legs got tangled up with the gunman’s body, but he quickly pressed her ankles forward until they touched in the middle of her back. She was agile but he was pushing her muscles too far. She cried out in pain.

“Bend, damn you, bend. I want to keep you nice and limber because I’m gonna fuck you up that shit chute of yours.”

“What? What do you mean?” she asked. She understood the words, but was too frightened of Mollusk to be able to figure out what he was going to do to her. All she could fathom was that it wouldn’t be pleasant — for her.

“I’m gonna butt-fuck you, lady. You know. Cornhole you. Teach you a little Greek culture. What the fuck do you call it?”

“You’re going to fuck me up the asshole?” The words came from her lips, almost lifeless with shock. She had never had a man screw her up the rear before. And she hardly wanted to start now with this brutal man.

“You called it. I’m gonna butt-fuck you like you’ve never been butt-fucked before. Might as well relax and enjoy it.”

“No!” she screamed. “You can’t. Nobody’s ever done that to me before. I… oh, dear God!”

His hand pressed into the small of her back to keep her from moving. Legs trailing over the edge of the case and not even reaching the floor, she had no leverage to pull herself erect. Her pussy was widely exposed to the man’s prick — and so was her asshole.

She felt the blunted tip of his throbbingly erect cock push against the tightly held ring of her anus. The anal sphincter tightened up, refusing to allow any male invader up her back door. But the man wasn’t going away. He kept a steady pressure against the pink ring of ass muscle. He kneaded her buttocks in an attempt to get her to loosen up. If anything, it only warned the woman not to give in an inch.

An inch of prick in her rectum would give him the chance to stuff in two, and two would lead to four, and then he would be raping her ass.

“Please,” she moaned, straining to get away from the man’s probing cock. “Don’t do this to me!”

“Hell, baby, you’ll love it. Just wait till I get buried to the hilt in that virgin ass of yours. You do want your cherry for a tail-light, don’t you?”

She sobbed openly, her fingers gripping the edges of the counter. The harder she tried to keep him out, the more it seemed he was sinking into her body. Finally, her asshole gave up entirely. She felt her ass fill with hot, hard cock that threatened to rip her apart.

Never had she felt such pain, even when she’d had her cherry popped. The pain inside spread like wildfire. She moaned, and cried bitter tears of humiliation and agony now. The man’s prick slowly expanded her resilient shit chute walls, and the pain slackened — a little.

“Yeah, baby, you got a tight ass. I love ’em that way. And hot! Shit you make me feel like I just fucked into a vise, and then the vise was tossed into a furnace. Tight and hot, that’s the way I like to feel ’em around my cock.”

He shoved in another couple of inches, and she felt his balls wetly slapping against her pussy lips. Ironically, this turned her on. She loved the feel of the hairy little bag rubbing against her puffy cunt lips. She began to struggle, but in a more passionate way.

The cock up her ass wasn’t all that bad, she decided. It was even sexy, sort of. And if he actually started fucking her ass, it could be nice.

She thought she’d lose her mind when he began to pull back, however, the intense suction that was formed in her ass by the tight fit between her ass walls and his cock, threatened to pull her guts out with his cock. A loud fart sounded and then he was plugging her tightest passage with his prick again. The pain lanced into her ass, and slowly went away as she felt his hot cock pulsing hard inside her. He started fucking her then with a slow, powerful motion that built up her desires in spite of her intentions. She didn’t want to enjoy this. That would be perverted, even obscene. The man was raping her up the ass. She didn’t want him doing this. How could she possibly be expected to enjoy such a thing?

But she was. Until she felt the sharp nick of his knife against her flattened tit. Her chest pressed down firmly into the glass case. His knife point slid forward and lightly cut the base of her right tit. All the time the knife blade was drawing blood, his powerful body was fucking her.

She felt his cock sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt with every forward thrust. He tore at her tender inner flesh until she was positive he was ripping her into bloody shreds. She broke down and cried openly now, not even trying to hold it back. Everything was wrong.

He was humiliating her horribly. He stripped her and forced her to wear those revealing crotchless panties. Not content with fucking her up the pussy, he butt-fucked her instead. She felt his cock expanding in her tight ass, and tensed up herself.

This made his cock feel even larger in her than before. She could feel every single contour of that mighty fuck stick. The broad arrowhead of his glans pressed firmly into the walls of her asshole. The big blue vein on the top of his prick pulsed and throbbed in tempo with his beating heart. The thickness of his shaft made her feel as if he were pulling her apart from the inside.

But the way he fucked drove her out of her skull now. Short, quick movements built the friction in her shit chute to the point where she was sure she was on fire. The burning felt more like acid had been dumped into her ass.

“Keep moving like that, baby,” he ordered, “and I’ll give you the sexiest enema you ever got in your short life.”

His prick raced in and out of her ass with increasing authority. He was getting his rocks off on ass-raping her. She felt shame and embarrassment. The woman couldn’t turn around and look, but she knew that both Len and Jackie were standing nearby and seeing every second of her humiliation. She tried to escape by sliding backwards off the display case.

This only rammed her ass back into the curve of the man’s groin. She felt his cock bury itself a full inch deeper into her body. Everything she did worked against her. The more she tried to elude that hard-driving cock, the deeper she seemed to get it.

Her tender flesh ached from the strain. And the man’s cock reached everywhere in her ass. She felt him rubbing against the humid sides of her asscheeks, before sinking through the tight ring of her anus. Then he surged harder and shot full length into her body. A grinding motion caused his cock to work even more erotically against her inner flesh.

Her entire ass churned and burned. Tiny nerves never before touched started to respond. She simply knew that millions of fire ants had been poured into her asshole and they were eating away at her flesh. The pain and indignity of the position made her kick out her legs.

This had an effect totally different from what she had expected. She’d wanted to scoot forward and get away from the probing cock. Instead, it caused her body to buck up and produce a different angle of entry for the man’s prick. She felt the sudden swelling of his cock, and then her asshole was filled with his white-hot jism. The constant surge of his come almost made her faint in shock.

“Why, why me?” she moaned over and over.

Panting, his prick already beginning to melt, Mollusk answered, “Because you had a virgin ass, that’s why. Now if Len wants sloppy seconds up your butt, he can have them.”

“Who, me?” answered the other thief. “I got all the pretty meat I want right here, don’t I?”

Christine heard Jackie make a choked sound. She realized they were both in big trouble and not likely to get away alive. As her feverish mind worked, she came up with an even worse fate. Len and Mollusk wouldn’t kill them — they would merely use them all night long and leave the two women degraded and ashamed of their own bodies. That was the fate worse than death: self-hate.


“Damn, but she has a tight ass. A good fuck,” smiled Mollusk. Christine looked up from her sprawled position on the display counter and shuddered at the sight. The man’s broken tooth made him appear absolutely evil. Never had she seen a man who could make her quake and fear like this one.

“I got off on this chick, too,” said Len, not to be bested. “I think she’s got a tighter pussy than yours. That’s why you wanted to cornhole yours.”

Christine looked into the small dressing booth at the bound Jackie. The woman was white with fear. Christine didn’t blame her at all. They were in a terrible fix. These two men had them under absolute control and there didn’t seem to be any way they could escape.

“What are you going to do with us?” asked Christine, trying to keep her voice as calm and level as possible. She realized that, as with animals, the slightest show of fear might mean her death.

Len shrugged, and Mollusk leered. “I think you know what we got in mind. We ducked into this store thinking we could hide out all night and then split in the morning after the heat was off. With you two, well, that sorta complicates things, don’t it?”

“Not really,” Christine said hastily. “We… we won’t say a word about this. Honest. You can let us go and…”

“And you’d go squealing to the cops,” snapped Len. “We ain’t that stupid. You just been ass raped and she’s been raped up her nice little cunt and you expect us to believe you wouldn’t report it?”

“No, no!” cried Christine. “Listen, women always get a raw deal in a rape case. You ought to know that. We… we wouldn’t want to go to trial and then have to spill every intimate detail of our personal lives. That’s the way the defense would go. You know that.”

“Yeah,” said Len slowly. “You got a point. But you got to have a lot of really kinky things to tell before that would mean a thing. Tell us about them, and me and Mollusk will decide if we can let you go.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell us all the sordid things you wouldn’t want to tell on the stand if you had to testify. If they’re sicko enough, then maybe we’ll let you both go. Your argument sounds good, if you’d really be telling a lot of shit.”

Christine licked her lips. She hardly knew what to say. Luckily, she was rescued by Jackie crying out, “I’ll tell you all the awful things I’ve done. But let me loose first.”

“Do it, Mollusk. And get over her so we can watch both these pervo chicks.”

Jackie was brought over. Her blouse hung in tatters on her shoulders but her skirt fell to cover her recently raped snatch. Her hands were swollen and numb and totally useless for gripping. Christine felt pity for her friend but hoped she could come up with a twisted enough set of imaginary sexual doings to convince Len and Mollusk to let them go.

“You’ll let us go?” asked Christine hopefully.

“Hell, no!” exclaimed Len.

To show exactly how upstanding he was, Len moved and showed both women the way his prick was slowly jerking to full mast. His erection throbbed as he stroked along the length of his cock and soon the plum-tipped head looked as large as a golf ball.

“What do you say, Mollusk, would you let ’em go?”

“Shit, no.”

Len and Mollusk hurriedly bound Jackie’s wrists to her ankles. In this kneeling position, she could move but she wasn’t able to grab either of the men.

“Yeah, that’s the way I like to see ’em. All tied up, and ready to suck on my cock!”

Len stood boldly in front of the bound woman, his prick just inches away from her mouth. He tempted her with it, holding it out for her to suck on, and then moving backwards just enough so that she was still sucking him.

“Come on, kid, let’s see how good you suck cock. Give me head, damn you, and do it fast!”

“Go to hell,” Jackie snapped. And this cost her. Mollusk had found a length of nylon rope in a nearby sports good display. He used this as a lash to land across the woman’s naked back. An ugly red welt appeared under the rope as he repeatedly applied it to her once-virginal white flesh.

“Aieeee!” she cried, sobbing openly. “Stop! That hurts. Don’t do this to me. Please, I’ll do anything. Anything!”

“Then suck his prick,” said Mollusk, obviously enjoying giving the woman a beating. Christine could see the man’s prick actually jerking aloft into a full-fledged boner as he continued to whip Jackie.

Christine started to edge away while the men’s attention was focused on her unfortunate friend. She felt like a traitor but this was a matter of life or death. As long as Jackie gave a good enough blowjob, neither of the men would notice anything amiss. And she might be able to get away and find the police.

Her hopes were crushed when Mollusk tossed the rope around her neck, and pulled her off her feet. The rope was like a noose, and he pulled her kicking and strangling along the floor.

“Don’t go getting any smart ideas, babe,” he told her. “You’ll end up dead if you do.”

She got the message when Mollusk forced her flat on her belly, with her tits pressing into the cold floor. He looped the other end of the rope around her raised ankles. She was pulled into a bow. If she dropped her legs, she would strangle herself with the rope. He quickly took a couple turns around her wrists to prevent her from unfastening his handiwork. He stood back and leered down at her.

“That should hold you. And you got a front row seat for what’s gonna happen to your dog-loving friend. She’s gonna get a real man’s prick stuffed up her cunt, now. Just you watch, and take notes, huh?”

Mollusk dived and slid at a right angle into Jackie. She had to rise, to accommodate his bulky body. With Len’s cock lightly brushing her lips she was too confused to know what to do.

Len continued the beating that Mollusk had started. “Keep sucking, damnit, you slimy cunt. Don’t you know a real stud’s prick when you see it? Worship at my cock, bitch!”

She took his prick into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Her cheeks went hollow under the suction she applied. She used her tongue the best she could. The pain from the whipping distracted her from giving the superb blowjob that she was capable of.

And Jackie also noticed something going on between her legs. Mollusk’s fingers groped under her skirt, and started jerking on it. In less than a minute, he ripped it from her body. She was now totally naked, kneeling over the man’s crotch, and sucking on the other man’s cock.

Never had she been in a worse jam. And, to add injury to her humiliation, Len’s continued whipping of her back and shoulders was beginning to draw oozing red lines of blood. She only hoped he didn’t transfer his attentions to her more tender and vulnerable tits. He could ruin her, if he tried whipping her turgid nipples, or the slopes of those pointy tipped mounds of titflesh.

The auburn-haired woman felt Mollusk forcing her legs farther and farther apart. She could do nothing but allow him to do it. She felt as if he might split her in two, but she couldn’t even call out and tell him to stop as long as Len’s cock thrust insistently into her mouth.

She rose up enough for Mollusk to position himself under her. He was flat on his back, and had grabbed both of her asscheeks. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but the feel of his hands moving over her ass was sexy, and turned her on. She was sucking cock and getting her ass fondled. What more could a woman want?

She snapped back to reality when she felt the harsh lash of the nylon rope stinging her shoulders. Tears came to her eyes. And then she gasped.

Mollusk wiggled a bit farther under her, and shoved his prick between her wide-spread pussy lips. He was going to fuck her while she was sucking off Len!

“No, no, don’t, please. I’m so sore up the pussy!”

Her entire body shook, as the man shoved himself all the way into her cunt. He didn’t care that her pussy was still sore and aching from when Len had raped her. All he cared about was his own insane lust. He wanted to get his rocks off, and it didn’t matter to him if she felt any pain or not.

Or maybe it did. Maybe he got his kicks from knowing that she hurt all over. The woman was too confused to understand her own feelings, much less those of the man intent on raping her again.

“You in good, Mollusk?” asked Len. “I’m gonna pick up the tempo. My balls feel like they’re gonna pop any second now.”

He was as good as his word. Forceful thrusts sent his cock in and out of the girl’s sucking lips.

She felt the friction mounting, and then his cock shot all the way down her throat. She gagged and pulled back. She was rewarded with the sharp sting of the lash again.

“Don’t want to suck a man’s prick, huh? I’ll teach you!”

And he did. She felt the blood oozing from the lash marks criss-crossing her back. Her tits heaved up and down in agony, as the man continued to shove his prick in and out of her mouth. She could hardly breathe, but that didn’t stop him. If he could suffocate her with his prick, he would. He was cruel and heartless.

Heavy hands pressed the small of her back. She bent forward in response and found that Mollusk’s cock danced delightedly in the tight confines of her juicy cunt. He had only to lift his hips slightly to ram deeply into her pussy. The angle of entry was excitingly different for her. She hated herself for responding so powerfully, but she had to. Her body demanded it.

Mollusk drove in and out of her clutching cunt with all the power locked in his body. She could feel the masculine power seething in his prick and balls. He rammed and drove and ground his crotch into hers. She shuddered as the sexual tensions got too much for her.

She came.

And as she came, she gasped and felt the hot rush of Len’s come spattering into her face and hair. He was missing her mouth on purpose. He wanted to mark her with his jism, like a dog marks a fire hydrant with its piss. She tossed her head, trying to avoid the hot gobs of come that arched through the air, but she failed. The thick rivers of manseed poured down her checks, and dripped onto her tits from her chin.

Jackie hardly had any time to hate Len for what he had done to her. She loved the taste of come and would have cheerfully sucked every single drop of his come if he had shot off in her mouth. Just the thrusting, fucking, dancing prick in her cunt demanded more of her attention now.

She shrieked as she came again.

She felt strong hands gripping her waist, lifting her and guiding her in the motion Mollusk wanted most from her. She obliged. The sensation of his cock stirring so strongly in her pussy thrilled her. Yet she knew she should hate every single instant of this rape.

And rape it was, too. Her hands were tied to her ankles, then her legs were pulled far apart for Mollusk to get under her crotch. She couldn’t look into his face, and see how she was pleasuring him. She was a prisoner being used, like she might use a Kleenex. The woman didn’t doubt that after they had finished with her body, they would discard her in the same way.

But now she loved it. It was a kinky feeling.

Now the whipping had stopped, Len’s prick was dead, and Mollusk fucked deep into her cunt. What more could any woman want?

The sudden start of the lashing brought her off unexpectedly. She came harder than she ever had before. The woman discovered that she was responding as strongly to the pain as she was the pleasure. That confused her, but she didn’t have the time to figure it all out.

Mollusk shoved into her. She felt his prick actually bending inside her. She moaned as it slid a little bit from her cunt, but the intense pressure of his cock against her sensitive cunt walls brought her off again.

Her legs and hands rocked up into the air. She had been knocked off balance. Mollusk’s strong hips picked her off the floor, and he sank his cock even deeper into her softly yielding cunt. Just as another orgasm was mounting inside her, the man’s prick exploded furiously. She felt the hot rush of his come and this triggered her own climax. Together they shook and shoved and fucked.

When he sat up, she tumbled forward onto her face. His prick went flaccid in her tight, clinging pussy and she found no support at all. Face down on the floor, his come dribbling from between her raped pussy lips, she realized what they had done to her.

They had forced her to say terrible things and declare them to be the truth. Then they had tied her and whipped her, and forced her into sexual acts she would never have done if allowed free choice. She’d sucked one of them off, while the other raped her. And all the while these horrible things were being done to her, that nylon rope was brutally scoring her tender young flesh.

She had welts on her back and belly to show for this little fuck fest.

Jackie went cold all over when the thought hit her that this was just the start. It was hours and hours until the store opened again. And she was at the men’s mercy.


“I heard voices, I tell you,” said Lynda emphatically. “And I think there were more than just two. That means it couldn’t just be Christine and Jackie. Unless they found somebody who…”

“Come off it, Lynda,” said Jerry. “You’re imagining things. Just because we accidentally got locked in doesn’t mean anyone else did.”

“If whoever closed up got careless when it came to finding us, he could have screwed up with others, too,” she pointed out. “I tell you, I heard voices. And it sounded weird.”

“How weird? Funny weird or nasty weird?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “Let’s go find out.”

“Why?” the man asked, sprawling back comfortably on the huge round bed. “I seem to remember I still owe you east by southeast. We’ve fucked in just about every other direction. I think I enjoyed true north the best.”

Lynda smiled at the memory of the multiple fuckings. Jerry was a real stud. He had given her more pleasure in the last few hours than she thought possible from any man. He was a tireless fucker, his prick drooping but immediately coming back harder and longer and stronger than ever before. Her cunt actually ached from the repeated fuckings. Not that she was complaining. This was the very thing she had hoped for when she discovered they had been locked in.

“The bed’s a mess. We can fix it up a little, go explore and if no one else is around, came back and mess the bed up again. It’ll give us a chance to rest a little.” She stroked her slender fingers across the hairy mat of the man’s chest. “Besides, you were wondering how I’d look in some of that incredibly sexy and very naughty lingerie. You can find out. We can find out — together.”

He heaved a big sigh. “You always did have a way of convincing me to do things I didn’t want.”

“Don’t hand me that line, Jerry!” she said. “You want to see me dressed up in that stuff just as much as I want to feel it against my skin. It’s so sexy having on silk stockings. Feeling them move along your legs, stroking you and turning you on.”

“You can turn me on any time you wear that garter belt and stockings. I’ll leave the actual wearing to you. I don’t look so good in high heels, either.”

“Come on. Get off that dead ass of yours and let’s explore.”

“Do we have to put on any clothes?”

She thought about it a moment and then said, “I guess not. If we’re alone, then we’re alone. If there are others, maybe we can join in.”

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath. “All you think about is fucking.”

“That’s not true!” she flared. “I think about blowjobs from time to time, too.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, remembering the softness of her lips caressing his hard cock. She could give head like no other woman. Just thinking about how she could suck cock was making him stiffen again.

“Hmmm, maybe we shouldn’t explore just yet,” she said, seeing his erection return. “We could put it off — till morning!”

“Up and out!” Jerry demanded, swatting Lynda on one of her pert asscheeks. “You got me curious about what’s happening in other parts of the store.” He pulled on his pants but nothing else. She sat up and reluctantly put on her blouse and skirt. The woman made a big show of not putting on her panties. She wanted him to know that she was totally naked and immediately available to his prick.

Hand in hand they went to the escalator and walked down stationary stairs. The odd sounds Lynda had heard grew louder. They stopped at the foot of the escalator, Lynda’s hand gripping hard at Jerry’s arm.

“It sounds like someone crying.”

“Or in pain,” added Jerry. “Or even both. Let’s go see what’s going down. Seems to be over in the women’s clothing section, too. We were headed that way to start so it’s not out of the way.”

Silently they walked together through the darkened aisles, clinging to one another for support. Lynda was the first to see what was going on. She put a hand to her mouth, gasping in disbelief.

“Good God, that’s Jackie! And look at what the men are doing to her! They are raping her!”

“And whipping her. But what’s that choking noise? It… oh, shit, look! It’s Christine! They’ve got her ankles tied too tight to her throat. She’s choking herself to death!”

Jerry broke free of Lynda’s grasp and ran to free Christine. He should have paid more attention to what was happening with Jackie. Both Len and Mollusk beard the scurrying noise of Jerry’s bare feet against the tile floor. They spun, their guns out. Jerry looked up and went pale in fright. The guns looked like they were the size of firehoses as they honed in on him.

“Shit, what the hell’s going on here?” he demanded. “Who are you? Why are you two doing this to my friends?”

“Hey, Mollusk, he says he’s, a friend of theirs. Can you dig it?”

“Sure thing, Len,” said the smaller man, his gun slowly leaving Jerry and wandering around. It didn’t take him but a second to see Lynda’s blonde hair gleaming in the dark. “You there, get your ass over here, or we put holes in your boyfriend.”

Lynda moved into the small area where the men stood. Both Len and Mollusk smiled lewdly at the sight of her trim form, her impudently thrusting tits, the fuckable curvy ass and, the slender legs half-hidden by her skirt.

“Now we’ll be able to find out if blondes do have more fun,” said Mollusk.

“Sure they do,” said Len. “They’re easier to find in the dark. You there, blondie, get over here. We want to really look at you.”

Lynda had never felt more self-conscious in her life. The men gazed at her young body, not missing a single sexy curve or sinuous movement as she shifted from foot to foot.

“Yeah, fucking her is going to be fun.”

“I’ll break your bloody neck if you try!” raged Jerry. Len casually lifted his gun and landed the barrel on the side of the clerk’s head. Jerry fell like a ton of bricks. He moaned and struggled weakly to get back to his feet. Len kicked him viciously in the ribs. “You stay there while we decide what to do with your friend.”

“I can’t do a damn thing right now,” said Mollusk, looking at his limp cock. “I burned it out inside that chick’s hot pussy. And she sucked you off good, too. Look at it!”

Lynda gasped when the meaning of the men’s words penetrated her dazed mind. They had raped both Christine and Jackie. And they had forced them to do things which they probably would never have done. That explained the lash marks on Jackie’s back and the horrible way Christine was trussed up. These men were dangerous criminals and could be expected to do anything — even murder. She knew then that she didn’t want to anger them at all.

“Look, we just sort of happened by. We haven’t seen anything. We… we’ll just be going.” The sound of the revolver cocking stopped her. She didn’t doubt for a second that Mollusk would shoot to kill.

“No, I think you and your boyfriend are going to get it on. We can’t do anything about that blonde pussy of yours right now, but we can get our kicks just watching.”

“How do we know she’s a natural blonde, Len?” Mollusk moved to Lynda and started running his grimy hand through her lustrous hair. “I mean, they do great things with dye these days.” He stroked down the side of her body, caught the band of her skirt in his finger and savagely jerked. She squealed as the fabric cut into her body. The skirt came free and fell to her feet in a pile.

“Unless she has a snatch patch to match, she’s a natural honey blonde. The kind I love to eat!”

“Let her boyfriend try her nut first, Len,” suggested Mollusk. “You know, I saw the garden department over yonder. I got this idea.”

“Your first one. But I think I’m following you. Let’s go. Just the four of us. You two chicks will stay here.” Jackie was quickly tied just as Christine was and the two criminals herded Jerry and Lynda to the garden area.

“See? A riding lawn mower. Just like I always wanted. But I never had any grass to use it on,” said Mollusk, pointing at the contraption with a large metal seat on it. He bent down, grabbed the starter handle and yanked. The sound of the mower’s powerful motor, filled the enclosed area.

“Now what if he sits on that thing and she straddles his lap, see? It would be like driving a vibrator into her cunt.” Len smiled broadly and motioned with the gun he held loosely in his fingers.

Jerry hesitated, then obeyed. On the way, Mollusk had stripped him of his pants.

“I think these two have been at it earlier. Otherwise, why are they stripped for action? This dude’s not wearing anything now and she was only wearing a blouse and skin.”

“Get the blouse off,” ordered Len.

“Burn in hell,” said Lynda. And she immediately regretted it. She hadn’t seen the length of nylon rope that Mollusk carried with him. She shrieked as pain lanced through her shoulders and into her body. She felt the nylon rope hungrily seeking her flesh, ripping and tearing at her blouse. The man was pulling her blouse off without bothering to unbutton it. She tried to help him along but the continued thrashing with the rope brought her to her knees.

This allowed him to swing the rope in short, vicious arcs. “Get that blouse off, damnit, you stupid cunt,” snarled Mollusk. He continued whipping her with it while she fought to get the garment off her shoulders. Feeling a tiny trickle of blood welling up and oozing down her back spurred her to more action.

Totally naked, on her knees, she looked up at Mollusk, her blue eyes ice cold with hatred. Never in her life had she hated a man more than she hated him. And he seemed to thrive on it. The man smiled and bowed sardonically, painting to where Jerry sat on the quivering lawn mower.

Lynda looked at her boyfriend and almost cried out. His prick was thrusting upward, completely stiff, and was dancing around because of the motion of the running motor. For a second, she wanted to do exactly as the men commanded her. She would be getting what she wanted most. Then she stubbornly refused.

“You’re not making me do anything I don’t want to do,” she said. “Go on and use that rope on me. The more pain I feel the less likely I’ll do anything.”

“Okay,” said Len pleasantly. “If that’s the way you want it. I’ll shoot the stud and you can shoot her, Mollusk.” Len pulled his gun out and aimed it directly at Jerry’s temple. The frightened look on Jerry’s face convinced her to agree.

“Wait!” she cried. “I… I’ll do it! Honest I will.”

“Get on and ride,” said Mollusk jamming his cold gun between her asscheeks. She wanted to protest but stopped. Arguing how would only infuriate the men. She doubted they would actually kill either her or Jerry, but she couldn’t take the chance.

Lynda straddled the lawn mower, watching in frightened fascination as Jerry’s prick traced out figure eights in the air just inches under her pussy lips. She hesitated, worrying that she might end up hurt if she allowed this odd fucking to continue.

Then she was convinced she would be hurt even more if she didn’t get on with it. A garden hose landed across her naked back. The jolt rattled her teeth and drove her hips downward. She felt the purpled knob of the man’s prick push between her puffy cunt lips.

In that instant she knew she could defeat the men who forced her to do this terrible thing. She could get off on the forced fucking. She could extract her revenge by actually enjoying what she was being forced to do.

Happily, she lowered herself even more. The feel of Jerry’s vibrating cock thrilled her strangely. She had always liked the idea of fucking so that others might see her. That was how she and Jerry had gotten off so hard upstairs in the furniture displays. But she knew that two men watched her now. This was like a live sex show put on strictly for their benefit.

She shuddered as the man’s huge prick shot all the way up into her seething hot cunt. Her pussy walls contracted immediately, gripping firmly at the male invader. Jerry’s prick seemed to go berserk. It quivered and bobbed and jerked powerfully against the walls of her fuck tunnel. Sobbing, she realized then how incredible this was.

She had used a vibrator on herself a lot of times. A man can fuck only so much and her sex needs sometimes weren’t satisfied by the time her stud partner was. She would masturbate with the vibrator while he watched. It never failed to arouse him and they could fuck again. After all, she loved the hot, hard feel of a real man’s prick better than any plastic dildo.

But this!

Her fingers clawed into Jerry’s back as the full impact struck her. She bit her lower lip as she felt him fuck her. The way it shook drove her wild with desire. There was no way in hell she could sit still and simply allow him to do the work.

The action of the powerful motor caused the entire lawn mower to shake from side to side until her tits jiggled and jostled like Jello in an earthquake. The watching men seemed to approve. She could hear their lewd comments, but that hardly mattered to her.

All she cared about was the intense pleasure generated by Jerry’s hard-fucking, fast-bucking cock.

She changed her mind when Mollusk started whipping her with the garden hose. Pleasure and pain blurred inside her until she was too confused to figure out what she was getting off on the pain raced forcefully into her back, down her spine and made her body ache horribly. But the fast-fucking cock burned her twat, and made her come totally alive with pleasure. The two forces — pleasure and pain — mingled and exploded in wild orgasm in the center of her belly.

She arched her back, drove her snatch down hard into the man’s groin to get as much of his shaking prick into her needy cunt as she could. The garden hose landed with sickening regularity on her back, but it was bearable. The pain was less than the joy she received from the fucking.

Len added a touch of real terror for her, though. She felt the cold barrel of his gun press between her asscheeks. Twisting to get away only brought a flurry of harder strokes on her back. She subsided and let the man do what he wanted.

The barrel of the revolver slowly thrust up into her asshole. She cried in both pain and terror at the thought of Len’s trigger finger slipping. A bullet would blast up into her body and kill both her and Jerry. There was no way in hell that a bullet could miss his prick, either.

“Keep fucking, cunt,” came Len’s cold command. “I want to see if you can get off on this steel rod.”

Both men laughed at the small pun. She continued to drive her hips up and down, but now she received not only the man’s prick in her blast furnace-hot cunt, but the man’s gun up her ass, as well. Fucked by a gun barrel!

The woman felt too confused to know what to do. She should stop. The way Jerry’s cock grew to an even greater swollen size in her pussy told her not to stop. She could stop. The gun ramming in and out of her ass ordered her to continue.

She continued.

Jerry’s hot jism blasted into her twat just as she peaked herself. The mutual orgasm practically ripped the top of her head off. But it wasn’t the intense come she thought it should be. As she climaxed, the worry that Len had pulled the trigger shot through her mind.

Sobbing, clinging weakly to Jerry’s strong frame, she slumped forward, drained. The barrel of the gun plopped from her asshole.

“You done okay, kid,” said Len. “Not many chicks get off on fucking themselves on a gun barrel like that — and up the ass, too.”

Jerry’s eyes widened. He had thought the only torture for the woman was in having to fuck. The action of his balls against the shaking metal of the mower had made him come sooner than normal. Now he was glad.

Until he heard what Mollusk ordered him to do.


Len leered at the pair sitting on the lawn mower. His voice was low and menacing as he said, “I think it would be just great if you’d fuck her up the ass now. Let her see the difference between my gun and yours!”

He held up his revolver and smiled even more broadly. Jerry cringed back a little in disgust and Lynda clung to him, trying to get some support from the man. She realized that Len and Mollusk were capable of doing anything. They were cruel and brutal. Murder might be the least of what they’d done in their lives. She had seen enough of the sex play with Jackie and Christine to know that these two had raped them repeatedly while torturing them. She shivered again in the cold of the garden department, remembering what they had just done to her.

On the surface, it had been fun. Rut they had a way of perverting the best of fuckings. They had beaten her with the garden hose. Her shoulders and back ached now, the muscles battered and bruised. And she could hardly remain seated due to the pain in her guts. Jerry’s vibrating cock had been nice — that was something she would have wanted to try if she’d though of it hers if. But the gun up her asshole had hurt. It HURT!

“He can’t do anything, not yet,” she pointed out, as if logic would do any good with these two. She still hadn’t learned the full viciousness that they could summon up to haunt her.

“Then let’s have some fun with you while we’re waiting,” said Mollusk, dragging her off the mower. Jerry tried to stop him and received a long barrel of hard steel alongside his head for the effort. He collapsed to the floor, moaning.

Len pulled Lynda along, dragging her rather than letting her walk. “I don’t know what I should do with you. I don’t want no sloppy seconds.”

“Hose her out,” suggested Mollusk.

“Good idea,” Len said, allowing Lynda to collapse to the floor. She simply stayed on hands and knees, sobbing. She didn’t think they could do anything to her that they hadn’t already done. But she was wrong.

She felt Len thrusting something round and cold and hard into her pussy. Opening her blue eyes in horror, she saw him stuffing one end of the garden hose between the pinkly scalloped lips of her pussy.

“Don’t do that!” she cried. She received a flat handed slap that made her ears ring. She tried to get away from the man, to elude him. It wasn’t possible. He followed her everywhere, shoving more and more of the hose up her cunt until she screamed in pain. He had pushed close to a foot into her guts when he grabbed her slender wrists and used the same hose to securely fasten them behind her back.

“Now we’ll get that slimy fuck pit of yours cleaned out,” he said. “Go on, Mollusk, turn it on.”

“Hey, this isn’t my style,” Mollusk said. For a moment, hope flared inside Lynda that the other man would argue with his partner. She felt that hope die miserably when she saw what he really meant.

“Go on, cocksucker,” Mollusk ordered Jerry. “You get it turned on. I want you to do it, or I’ll shoot your balls off. You ain’t much, but being a eunuch will make life even more worthless for you.” He cocked his pistol and shoved it into Jerry’s groin.

“Lynda, I…” The look of fright on the man’s face told Lynda that he thought Mollusk meant business. She looked away and slowly nodded, her blonde hair falling in long streamers around her face. She knew what Jerry had to do. It would be painful for her, but it would be mutilation for him if he didn’t.

“Go on and do it, Jerry. Oh, dear God, why are you doing this to me?” she begged. She heard the faucet squeaking open, felt the garden hose wrapped around her wrists stiffen and jerk with the surge of the water, then gasped and almost passed out.

The water hit her most delicate tissues like a sledgehammer. The cold piston of water tore away at her guts before gushing around, expanding her pussy walls and flowing from her cunt. She wasn’t even aware that she was writhing on the floor, kicking and screaming. The pain filled her and blotted all else from her mind.

She had no idea how long they left the water on. It might have been years. She knew she would die from the agony filling her cunt. If only they had used warm water, it might not have been so bad. It was as if an icy knife gouged into her belly and threatened to kill her at any second.

As suddenly as it had come, the water vanished. The hose resting in her tight fuck tunnel seemed almost benign now.

“You want to have some fun or do we keep going?” asked Len.

“Anything,” she whined. “I’ll do anything you want!”

“Get the other chick. I want to see some lezzie stuff while her boyfriend cornholes her.”

The buzzing in her head refused to go away. She hardly felt the strong hands pulling her upright so that she was on her knees again. With her hands still tied behind her back she couldn’t support her own weight. Opening her eyes, she saw that Mollusk had dragged Christine into the room. She was still trussed up in the bow shape, although Mollusk had undone the rope around her neck and connected it to her wrists. She wasn’t likely to strangle herself to death now.

“What have they done to you, Lynda?” asked Christine, horrified at the way her friend looked. “They just raped us, but you, you’re so pale!”

“No talk,” commanded Len. “And you, blondie, start eating cunt. I want to see you lapping at this dyke’s cunt right now.”

“Eat,” repeated Len. “Lick her pussy, tonguefuck her cunt, do it all. And do it, now!”

Lynda licked her dried lips and saw that they had moved Christine in front of her so that the woman’s pussy was widely exposed. Strong hands at the back of her head forced her face down into the sex slot. She gasped and found her nose burrowing through thick pussy fur. The blonde woman had no choice but to obey. Her tongue hesitantly slid back and forth along the puffy cunt lips. She had never done this before and had no idea what she was supposed to do.

Then it occurred to her that she was a woman, and knew what she liked a man to do when he was eating her. She could do the same things and do them better. With this added confidence, she began slurping and licking and lightly nipping at the cunt lips and clit of the other woman.

Christine obviously enjoyed the attention. She moaned softly. It wasn’t a cry of pain, either. She was enjoying it. This spurred Lynda on to be even bolder. The taste of cunt juice should have turned her off. Instead, it made her even hotter. Her tongue thrust the cock — hard — into the other woman’s pussy, then rolled around touching the velvety soft cunt walls.

The more pussy she ate, the more she liked it.

“See, she takes to it like a natural. Or maybe that should be unnatural,” joked Mollusk.

“She’s getting her rocks off for sure,” said Len. “And it’s about time to let our friend bugger her. Get him over here.”

Jerry was pulled along, his hands securely fastened behind his back. He hated to admit it but he was getting another boner just from watching Lynda eat the other woman’s pussy. It was almost perverted, he knew, but he couldn’t help himself.

He struggled a little but the men were stronger than he was. The pair of them forced him to kneel behind the upturned ass of the beautiful blonde woman. His prick jutted up and thrust forward between the half moons of her luscious asscheeks. It was all he could do to keep himself in control then. The way his balls tumbled and lurched in the tight little bag containing his balls, he knew that it wouldn’t take much more to get him off.

“Fuck her ass,” came the cold order from Len. Jerry looked up and saw the man fondling the barrel of his pistol. The implications was obvious. Either Jerry did as he was told, or they’d all be shot dead.

“I… I can’t get it in like this. Not with my hands tied.”

“Good point,” said Mollusk. “I’ll do it for you.”

And he did. Jerry cringed as the other man grabbed hold of his prick and jerked it forward. He thought Mollusk would pull his cock out by the roots, but the man successfully guided him to the ring of Lynda’s asshole.

“Fuck,” said Mollusk. “I done all the work for you, now.”

“D-do it, Jerry,” stammered Lynda. “They’ll kill us all if you won’t. And this isn’t so bad, really.”

She said that just to irk the two criminals. She had never been more degraded and abused in all her young life. The blonde tossed her head back and got some of her hair from her eyes. She couldn’t see much more than Christine’s widespread pussy in front of her but she could feel all that was being done around her. The way Jerry’s cock bucked and lurched, she guessed it wouldn’t take much fucking for him to get off.

That was good. She had never liked ass-fucking. The feel of the cold barrel of the revolver fucking her ass while she and Jerry had screwed on the running power lawn mower had been bad. But she had endured it. The idea of a long, hot and hard cock following that gun up her tightest passage didn’t thrill her. She felt a tiny trickle of blood where her inner most membrane had been torn by the metal barrel. A cock would only make her injuries worse.

Being tied like she was didn’t help either. She felt as if she were continually falling face forward. And the garden hose remained firmly lodged in her cunt. That wasn’t as bad for her as it had been, but the humiliation was incredible.

The two robbers had been thorough in their systematic degradation of all their captives. They hadn’t missed a bet in putting them down or twisting the knife in their psychic wounds.

Lynda felt like homemade shit and realized she would be feeling even worse before these men let her go — if they ever did.

“Eat pussy, dammit,” said Len. “I want to see you licking up and down that juicy twat. Do it, now!”

She obeyed when Mollusk started hitting her with the short length of the nylon rope again. The pain blasting into her body was far worse than anything they wanted to do. She applied her tongue to the blue-tinged pussy lips of the other woman. The salty, tangy flavor actually allowed her to get her mind off her predicament for a few seconds.

Sure, it was perverted what they were forcing her to do, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be. She enjoyed having a man eat her out. Lynda guessed that Christine liked it, too. What difference was it if a woman’s mouth was substituted for a man’s?

“And you, turd face, get to fucking her ass. I want to see that pecker of yours vanishing into her shit chute. Now!”

She felt the tremors of desire quaking through her entire body as Jerry applied more and more pressure to his cock. It had been resting lightly in the middle of her asshole. Now the man shoved more insistently and the muscle tightened up. She tried to relax. It wouldn’t do any good, having him fuck her tensed-up body. That way could only lead to injury for her.

But it was difficult to obey. She remembered the cold steel of the gun raping her ass. To substitute a flesh and blood cock was something else, but she couldn’t convince her body.

Finally, the man sank his glans into her rectum. He paused for a second, allowing her to adjust to the fact that he had driven his mighty bludgeon of cock into her tightest passage. Then Lynda heard a loud whack and felt Jerry ram his prick balls deep into her bowels.

The pain blotted out the world around her, but she did hear Len saying, “When I tell you to fuck, you fuck. Got it, shit for brains?”

She knew what had happened then. Jerry had been willing to butt-fuck her gradually, allowing her body to accustom itself to the thickness of his cock. Len had hit Jerry hard, and driven him unwillingly into her ass. She silently thanked Jerry for his consideration and cursed Len for his brutality. The two robbers had a limitless supply of evil they were willing to force upon their helpless captives.

The cock resting so firmly in her rectum jiggled and danced a little. She felt her rectum crushing down hot and tight around the thick plug of cock. Every single contour burned itself into her body. The big blue vein on the top of his prick throbbed with the beating of his distant heart. That made her feel a little better. The hood of his glans spread out like an arrowhead, pressing insistently into the walls of her ass.

The ring of muscle surrounding his prick chopped down hard on the man’s cock. She couldn’t help herself. Her bound hands had detected the first twitchings of the garden hose. Mollusk had turned on the water again!

She braced herself a split second before the cold water gushed into her unprotected cunt. The water smashed into her like a solid bar of iron. She screamed, and then found her cries of agony and outrage smothered by the hot bush of Christine’s snatch.

Strong hands held her face down as the water ripped and tore at her guts. Jerry’s cock went wild inside her. He fucked frantically, reaming her out. It felt like an electric drill buzzing and humming inside her body. The friction of his butt-fucking burned her up inside, even as the cold water seemed to freeze her guts.

Cunt contracting with the cold and her ass on fire, she didn’t know how to respond. The fucking finally shoved her over the brink of orgasm. She came, her entire body trembling like a leaf in a high wind. She shivered and moaned and tried to thrash around. The strong hands on the back of her head kept her face shoved fully into the juicy warmth of the other woman’s cunt.

She felt Jerry’s cock begin to go limp. She had no idea whether he had come or not. The hot rush of his come would have been disguised by the coldness filling her twat. Then again, his prick might just be responding to the cold, an inch away in her guts. The thin inner membranes separating her cunt from, her rectum couldn’t prevent the cold from seeping into his prick.

It didn’t matter to her. The pain and humiliation she felt were too great for her to care about anything now. If she could have died then and there, she would have.

But the men tormenting her wouldn’t allow her such an easy out. They kept their fingers laced through her honey blonde hair, forcing her face ever downward into the humid warmth of Christine’s pussy.

“Eat,” came the command. “Eat or we’ll turn on the water again.”

She tried to obey. Her muscles almost refused to do her bidding. A hesitant tongue licked along the quivering cunt lips, but her tongue simply couldn’t thrust far enough into Christine’s cunt to please the men.

The cold water blasted into her unprotected cunt again. Never had she felt such pain and punishment. Her body was able to take its share of agony, but this was worse than any toothache she’d ever had. This was pain starting on the inside of her body and forcing its way outward. Her entire spine felt like a raw nerve ending.

“Eat pussy, or we’ll keep it going!”

She forced herself to really suck and lick up Christine’s cunt oils then. Her tongue lashed forth, rough and pink. She found the tiny cunt hole and shoved her tongue in and out with the fastest tongue-fucking she could muster. Christine moaned and began writhing passionately, controlled by just the tip of the blonde’s tongue.

Christine came. Lynda envied the other woman in that instant. She was the only one getting pleasure from this depraved sex torture. Lynda’s entire body hurt like hell. Her pussy was shivering from the repeated douching with the cold water and her asshole felt like a red hot poker had been jammed up it. Her jaws ached from having to eat cunt. Her frenzied mind told her to keep going. She pushed Christine over the edge of another orgasm and then Lynda blacked out.

Her body wouldn’t take any more.

When she regained consciousness seconds later, she heard Mollusk saying, “I think I’m getting another hard-on. What say, Len, shall we fuck ’em again?”

The other man’s answer almost made her faint again. “Sure, and this time, let’s do it up good. And I mean good!”


Lynda stared with disbelief at the two robbers’ hard-ons. They jutted and bucked with enough force to make her think they hadn’t screwed a woman in months and months. She knew better. Her aching pussy told her that they had been getting their rocks off, and she guessed that both Christine and Jackie could testify to that, too.

“Why don’t you let us go?” she pleaded. “We haven’t done anything to you. We won’t talk, honest!”

“We’ve been over that with your friends,” said Mollusk. “We decided that it didn’t seem right just letting you rush right out, and go squealing to the cops. And we know that’s just what you’d do. I imagine there’s one hell of a big reward out for us now.”

“What did you do?” she asked, almost in spite of herself. The blonde kept telling herself that the less she knew of these men the happier she would be in the long run. Rut she had to know.

“We stuck-up a jewelry store. Got away with close to half a million bucks worth of diamonds and shit like that.” Len smiled broadly at the thought of all the jewels they had stolen. “It was a dream heist,” he continued, almost glowing with pride. “They were shipping the ice to Europe and had tons of it just sitting in a damned weak safe. We blew it, and blew off with almost enough to give us both a hernia.”

“Yeah,” agreed Mollusk, “and speaking of things like hernias, I think my cock needs some tender loving care. Like being shoved all the way up a hot and tight pussy.”

Lynda swore under her breath. She had hoped to get the men talking about their crime and take their minds off rape and torture. The blonde woman guessed that really wasn’t possible, not with three sexy women like Christine, Jackie and herself.

“Maybe we should have him fuck them some more. I aorta dug watching him ball the blonde chick,” said Len.

“Could be, but it doesn’t look like he’s up to it. What’s the matter, big boy, ain’t you go no lead for your pencil?” Mollusk flipped the end of Jerry’s limp prick with the barrel of his gun. The man tried to move away and found himself pressed against a wall.

“Let him be. I want to get my rocks off, and that means I gotta sink balls deep in some hot chick’s pussy.”

“You’re right, Len. I’m so Goddamn horny right now I’m about to pop. Just looking at them makes me want to shoot my wad.” Mollusk leered at Christine and Lynda.

The blonde woman felt a thrill of horror pass through her. She knew that Mollusk craved her body. He wanted to fuck her worse than anything else in the world. While she hated the way she was forced by the man to screw Jerry, it would be infinitely worse having that man’s huge prick reaming her out, fucking her until she cried for mercy.

Her ass ached terribly from the butt fucking he had given her with the barrel of his gun. And her pussy was churning from the frigid water that had blasted into her belly. Already she had been tortured and abused and the blonde realized it was only starting for her.

“You and the other chick, the one we left tied up in the clothing department, let’s fuck them,” said Mollusk, licking his lips.

“Yeah, but let’s do it different. I’m tired of the same old in and out fucking,” said Len. “I want to do something we’ll all remember for a long, long time.”

“Just leave that to your old buddy,” said Mollusk. “Drag the other bitch back in here and let’s see how hot her cunt really is.”

Mollusk sat on the edge of the counter for a second, then hopped down and grabbed Lynda under the arms and hoisted her to the top of the display case. He laid her flat on her back so that she could stare up with frightened eyes at him. Just the touch of his hands against her smooth, naked flesh made her uneasy. The man licked his lips again and let his fingertips lightly flick over the tips of her tits.

Her nipples sprang up, hard and throbbing. She hated herself for responding but as long as he was being gentle with her, she couldn’t help it. Soon, her nipples pulsed with hot, aroused blood and visibly begged for a man’s mouth.

Mollusk didn’t hesitate giving it to her. She sobbed openly when she felt his hot breath against her titflesh. His rough, pink tongue slithered out and raked the snowy white slopes of her boobs. He skied down one of the conical jugs and lavished great oral care in the deep valley between her tits. His tongue licked and danced until she was moaning in abject pleasure. This was such a change from the pain he had given her before by shoving the gun up her butt or stuffing the garden hose into her cunt that she actually thought the fucking would be ordinary.

She was wrong.

She felt his callused hand spreading her legs. The pleasure rocketing down into her chest from his sucking her nipples made her wantonly spread for him. Her blonde-rimmed pussy was wide open for the man to stuff his prick into her. But he stopped.

Opening her eyes to see what was wrong, she saw nothing but ferocious evil on the man’s face. He was toying with her, playing with her like a child might play with a dog — or a cat playing with a trapped mouse.

“Your cunt’s wet,” he said.

“Please,” she begged, “let us go. I’ll do anything if you’ll let us all go afterwards.”

“I’ll do whatever I damn well please. And why should I let any of you go after I’m done?” he said. “You’re our prisoners and we intend to have a lot of fun with you, one Goddamn fucking hell of a lot of fun!”

Lynda cringed when she saw Len dragging Jackie in, the other woman was pale with fright. Lynda could only guess what the men had already done to the woman. She didn’t have any spare time for speculation. Len dumped Jackie face first on top of her.

The two women struggled for a moment on the counter until strong hands maneuvered them into the desired positions. Lynda found her face pressing into Jackie’s twat and Jackie’s mouth was just inches away from her cunt. They were forced into the sixty-nine position.

“Go on and eat. Don’t you chicks see the television ads? They all say eating out is fun. So do it!”

Lynda felt Jackie jerk hard and heard the dull thwack of the nylon rope descending on bare flesh. They were whipping Jackie to force her to eat pussy. Lynda moaned softly when she felt the other woman’s tongue licking and stroking along her cunt lips. The woman was being forced to do the very thing she had been ordered to do for Christine, and it felt good.

Lynda hated herself even more for admitting that. She loved the feel of a tongue all over her cunt — and it didn’t matter to her if it was a man’s tongue or a woman’s. It was the rough, agile action against her trembling pussy lips that got her off.

But the men didn’t allow her to simply enjoy. A rough hand grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and jerked her upwards so that her own mouth touched Jackie’s pussy mound.

“Eat!” came the harsh command.

Again, Lynda felt that she was able to cheat the men of their sick pleasures by actually enjoying this. She would never have done it on her own, but eating out Christine had been fun. Her tongue stabbed out and caught the end of one of Jackie’s pussy lips. Teasing it, she maneuvered the rigid flap of cunt flesh into her own mouth.

Gently gnawing on the turgid cunt lips with her teeth, she felt the other woman stiffen and begin to move on top of her. The weight of the other woman’s body struggling passionately on top of her crushed her tits flat. Even this wasn’t real torture. Compared to what the two robbers had made them do before, this was heaven on earth.

When Jackie’s pussy began to flow with its thick love oils, Lynda felt the strong hand lacing through her lustrous blonde hair again. Her face was jerked away painfully.

“Enough,” said Mollusk. “Now it’s time for us to get our jollies. Pull hard on her, Len.”

The strong hand held her head firmly. She screamed as Jackie’s body was dragged away. The way her hippies rubbed against the other woman’s body was bordering on the painful. And then it was over. Their tits rubbed together and each stared down into the other’s belly.

“Lick belly buttons,” came the cold command from Len. Lynda didn’t know what was expected of her. Her legs dangled over one edge of the counter. Jackie, still lying face down on top of her body, had her legs dangling over the other edge of the counter.

The blonde woman didn’t have to wait long to find out what the men were going to do. Jackie’s body stiffened and the auburn-haired woman moaned out, “Your cock! It’s so damn biiiiig!”

Then Lynda felt the blunted head of a prick driving into her well-greased sex slot. Her cunt lips were shoved apart and the cock poised at the entrance to her cunt hole. Her legs were pulled wide apart and held by the man fucking her. She couldn’t even tell which man it was, but she thought it was probably Mollusk. He had had that look in his eye every time her tits bounced, every time her blonde pussy had been exposed to his lusting gaze.

The women were being fucked, both at the same time, while they were lying one on top of the other. Lynda bore the full weight of the other woman, but decided she had the best of the deal. The counter supported her fully. The only points where they really touched — their boobs — were crushed, but not in a painful way.

What really hurt was the way the men used them. They weren’t human to the men at all. They were simply holes to be fucked.

Then the cock poised at the entrance to her cunt shot forward, burying itself all the way. She felt the balls wetly slapping against her slightly upturned ass. Her slender legs were held like the handles of a wheelbarrow under Mollusk’s arms. This allowed him to thrust with added power into her softly yielding cunt.

Every singe thrust rattled her teeth and assaulted her body. She felt his cock digging deeper and deeper into her already tender pussy. The cold water had been a shock to her system; this hard fucking burned her with the friction of cock against cunt.

“Please, no, no moooore!” she cried. “I can’t stand it any longer!”

“Baby, I’m longer than most chicks are deep,” came the mocking reply. “And I’m gonna fuck you till you come apart all the way to the chin. Just you wait and see!”

“Shut up, Mollusk, and do your thing,” said Len. “I’m getting one hell of a lot of action out of this chick’s cunt. She’s holding my prick inside her like she had a velvet glove in there or something.”

Lynda knew what was happening above her. Len had stuffed his prick into Jackie’s cunt from behind. He held her legs the same way Mollusk held hers. The only real difference was that Jackie’s body was forced down into hers every time the man fucked hard and long and deep.

Lynda’s mind was filled with conflicting pleasures and pains. She loved it when a man fucked her pussy. There wasn’t anything in the world she craved more than that. But this wasn’t a simple fucking. This was rape. And the way Mollusk pulled her legs apart sent arrows of flaming pain into her belly. She thought the man would make good his boast of ripping her apart. It felt as if he was already halfway there.

Pulling at her legs tightened her cunt around his prick. She felt her pussy walls actually crushing down forcefully on his hidden pecker. This increased the friction from the fucking. The warmth spread like wildfire through her loins and made her breath come in harsh, hard gasps.

Jackie responded to her rape in the same way. Their bodies moved against each other, their tits stimulating each other until they were both poised on the brink of orgasm.

Lynda got off first. The swollen length of Mollusk’s prick fucking deep into her strained cunt did it. She heaved and bucked as her emotions were allowed free rein, but she couldn’t dislodge the woman on top of her. She felt her nipples harden until they were firm little points trying to poke all the way through Jackie’s boobs.

Just before Jackie got off, her nipples stiffened in the same way. Lynda hated to admit it but the feel of those lust-hardened points digging into her own soft tits turned her on.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhhh!” she moaned as she came. Her mouthings were muffled against the heaving flesh of the woman on top of her. The blonde woman thrashed around as much as she could. For the first time she noticed that pain was creeping into her shoulders due to haying her hands bound behind her back. As long as she lay on top of her arms, this cut the circulation off.

But the feelings rampaging through her tender young body made up for any discomfort she might feel on this account. The huge prick bludgeoning her cunt made her come again. The walls of her tensed, gripping cunt refused to allow the cock to leave. The man struggled and grunted as he pulled back. In the end, it was her own body that betrayed her, and allowed his cock to slide free. The flood of her fuck fluids was simply too much to keep hold on that hard-driving prick.

Lynda opened her eyes and saw nothing but sweaty, heaving belly. Turning her head to one side and peering back over her shoulder, the blonde woman saw Jackie’s legs being pulled upward, Len’s prick forcing its way into the tight warmth of her pussy.

That explained the way Jackie’s body grew heavier and heavier. More of her weight was being shifted forward onto her shoulders and tits as the man lifted her legs and tried to make her sway back. But Lynda couldn’t protest. Her own legs were held in a similar bondage by Mollusk.

The man grunted and hissed every time he sank his fleshy prick into her seething pussy. He seemed tireless, a fucking machine rather than a man. But she knew he had to be reaching the end of his endurance. His balls no longer swung against her ass. They had tightened into a hard little sphere filled with lead-heavy come.

He pumped in and out like a piston and then screamed out his joy as his prick exploded like a stick of dynamite in her cunt. She felt the hot rush of his jism surge into her belly.

He continued fucking her tight, hot hole until she got off. Even then he seemed tireless. His prick drove and drilled and fucked deeper and deeper, even as it spewed out its heavy load of man-seed.

She sagged with relief on the counter top, but she wasn’t relieved of all stimulation. Mollusk’s prick might have gone flaccid and dribbled from her twat, but Len still fucked in and out of Jackie’s pussy.

“Look at ’em,” said Mollusk. “Like two bitches in a rut. They can’t get enough of a real man’s prick. Len’s really putting it to the dark-haired one, ain’t he?”

“You animals,” snapped Jerry. “Why can’t you just leave us alone, and go about your own sordid business?”

“Hell, man, we are going about our business. This is fun and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hot holes to fuck and willing chicks, what more could a man want outta life?”

“They aren’t willing and you know it,” said Jerry. “You’re raping them. You’re forcing them to.”

Lynda didn’t hear the rest. A loud smack sounded, and she knew that a meaty fist had silenced Jerry for the time. She felt sorry for him but she felt even sorrier for herself and the other girls. They were the true victims. They had endured the whippings and rapes. She had a garden hose stuffed up her cunt and then turned on. The cold water had almost killed her.

The gun barrel raping her ass could have. And now this bizarre double rape. She was turned on by the motion of Jackie’s body against hers, and she reluctantly had to admit the fucking she had gotten from Mollusk had been fine, but the whole scene was demeaning. The two criminals used them, beat them, had their way with them. There was no affection in the fuckings, only stark animal needs.

With both men holding the guns, it wasn’t likely the power balance would shift. Lynda shivered, as much from the effect of Jackie’s body against hers as from the knowledge that the night was young and these men had endlessly evil minds. They would think up new and more terrible tortures to inflict on the women.

She felt Jackie stiffen and come. The woman actually bit Lynda on the belly, so intense was her orgasm. Lynda whined but the sound was drowned out by Len’s bellow of joy.

“God-fucking damn, this is one tight cuuuunt!” he screamed as he got his rocks off.

Lynda heard Jackie’s legs, drop and bang into the other side of the counter. Len moved away and Jackie managed to roll off Lynda. With her hands tied behind her she couldn’t control her motion. She kept rolling, and landed hard on the floor, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. Lynda succeeded in sitting up, and looking around.

The sight of the men’s guns sent a lance of fear into her body. Her cunt ached and her asshole burned and she knew that the men were only getting started. They would torture all their captives long into the night.

And none of them might ever leave the department store alive.


“Looks like the old pecker is about wore out,” said Len with satisfaction. “That bitch has got the tightest, hottest cunt I ever fucked. I can’t wait to give it another try.”

“That’s the trouble with you, Len,” said Mollusk. “All you ever think about is fucking. Why don’t you branch out and consider some other stuff? Like, what can we do with all these foxes lurking around that doesn’t require us to have hard-ons?”

Len and Mollusk looked at their prisoners. Lynda shivered under their intense gaze. She was totally naked and felt more vulnerable than she ever had in her life. These men were vicious and would stop at nothing. They had proven that they had no charity at all in their souls. They would do the most obscene things possible to all their captives and enjoy the hell out of it.

“I like the blonde a hell of a lot,” said Mollusk, kneeling beside the prone Lynda. “I like you a bunch, babe.”

She stiffened when she felt his gun poking between her slender thighs. She rolled over and tried to avoid the gun. The stiff barrel forced its way up to her cunt lips. A tremor of stark terror passed through her. She could hardly believe the man would fuck her with the pistol.

But he did.

“Yeah, I like this hot little bush a hell of a lot,” he said, his hand pressing between her thighs and forcing them wider apart. “And if she doesn’t spread ’em for me, I’ll pull the fuckin’ trigger.”

Frightened, Lynda did as she was told. Her legs drifted apart until she felt the cold air blowing through the garden department caress her damp pussy lips. She was still hot and ready after the fucking she had gotten from Mollusk. While she didn’t like lying around stark naked and having her hands so firmly tied behind her back, she had gotten off on the fucking. The man’s prick had seemed larger than life to her. She thought it might be due to the circumstances of the fucking — the rape, she corrected herself. Mollusk wasn’t just fucking her, he was raping her repeatedly.

“Look at the way her blonde pussy fur is all crinkly. Sort of curls up around her cunt lips. Yeah,” the man smiled. “I like them a whole bunch. Felt like a Goddamn hand inside clutching at my cock. I can’t wait to get it up to go where my gun is.”

He shoved and she felt the cold metal sink into her pussy. She sobbed and bit her lower lip in pain. The front gun sight cut into her tender flesh. The man had raped her up the butt with his gun and now he wanted to finish up with her pussy.

The robber began stroking the gun in and out slowly, twisting the gun and smirking as the fear spread over the woman’s features.

“See the way her nipples harden up when she gets excited?”

“That’s fear, you stinking son of a bitch,” snarled Jackie. “Anybody would be scared shitless of a bastard like you!”

“Shut your mouth,” said Len coldly, “or I’ll make sure it stays that way permanently.” He glared at the woman, then said, “What the hell? I might as well make sure you don’t go mouthing off any more.”

While Mollusk continued to stroke the pistol barrel back and forth in Lynda’s pussy, she was forced to watch what Len did to Jackie. The man dragged the helpless woman across the garden center and lifted her up, the hose in his hand. With a powerful motion, he bent her forward at the waist and rammed the hose all the way up her ass.

“Aieeee!” the woman shrieked in pain. “That thing’s ripping me apart inside!”

“Baby, you’re gonna get the coldest damned enema you ever saw if you don’t shut up,” he said, savagely twisting the hose in her asshole.

“Fuck off!” she shot back.

And she sank to her knees, the most stark look of pain and terror on her face that Lynda had ever seen. Len had turned on the water. As if the whole thing happened in slow motion, Lynda saw the hose buck and jerk with the pressure of the water passing through it. When the water surged up Jackie’s asshole, she opened her mouth to scream. The nylon rope in Len’s hand quickly went between the tortured woman’s lips. Len pulled the rope tight and cut off any possible outcry from Jackie.

“There, bitch, now you just keep quiet and I’ll turn the water off. Maybe,” Len said. He watched for a second, the woman’s belly beginning to bulge from the pressure of the water in her bowels.

“Stop it!” cried Lynda, ignoring her own plight. “You’ll kill her!”

“Now, cunt, you shouldn’t criticize my friend. One more outburst and you’ll regret it,” said Mollusk in a quiet voice that carried more menace than if he had screamed at her.

“But he’s killing her. The water!” protested Lynda. Then she shut up, her eyes widening in fright. She saw the tiny smile dance on Mollusk’s lips. The man’s thumb moved against the soft skin of her inner thigh. The hammer of the revolver pulled back with a dull click.

Lynda watched the muscles in Mollusk’s forearm tighten as he pulled the trigger.

She passed out, only to wake up a second later when a blast of hot water hit her in the face. She looked up, blinked and sputtered. Jackie stood straddling her face. The water that had awakened her had been the water that Len had forced up the other woman’s ass.

“Ain’t it nice to have helpful friends?” Mollusk asked, spinning the cylinder of his revolver. He smiled and said to Lynda, “I always keep one cylinder empty so the hammer doesn’t fire off a round by mistake.” He aimed the gun at her face, waited for the shocked expression, then turned the gun to one side and pulled the trigger.

The blast almost deafened her. Every muscle in the blonde’s body went tense, and she cringed away from the pieces of tile that, exploded next to her head.

“That was dumb, Mollusk,” said Len. “What if somebody hears the shot? They’ll have the cops here in a second.”

“Bullshit. One shot and nobody bothers. Two and they start to think. They’ll ignore the noise as being a backfire or something. Don’t break out in a sweat, man. We’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves.”

Lynda involuntarily pulled her knees in to her chest, hoping that this would cover her snatch enough so that Mollusk wouldn’t feel invited to rape her again. She didn’t know if she could stand either his prick or his gun barrel again.

“Let’s see if our friend over there’s got the spunk in him to fuck our hot little bush.” Mollusk kicked Christine in the ribs. The woman moaned and tried to escape further punishment. She couldn’t scuttle away fast enough. Mollusk easily caught her leg and pulled her back like he was reeling in a fish on a line.

“What about them?” asked Len, pointing to Lynda and Jackie. “We can’t leave them all by themselves. They’d sure as hell get into trouble. And none of us would want that, would we?”

“I got an idea. Get me that electrical tape over there. Yeah, toss it here.” Mollusk pulled both women to their feet. With a quick motion, he stuffed the garden hose all the way up Lynda’s pussy. She struggled and tried to move so that it would fall out. A liberal use of the electrical tape across her pussy mound and between her asscheeks made sure the hose wouldn’t easily come free. Then Mollusk crimped the hose and shoved it between Lynda’s huge tits.

“Get it close, dammit,” he ordered Jackie. He shoved the woman face to face with the blonde, then crushed their bodies together so that their faces were less than an inch apart. “Kiss her. Go on and do it!”

Lynda felt fear rising inside her as Jackie’s lips touched her. The idea that the hose was all the way up her cunt wasn’t something she could forget easily. Why Mollusk hadn’t turned the water on she didn’t know. But she was afraid she would find out all too soon.

She did.

The hose bucked and quivered as the cold water raced through it all the way to the crimped sect ion held firmly between her tits. As she felt the hose strain against her boobs, she knew then the true horror of what the man had in mind. As long as Jackie kept her own jugs pressed against Lynda’s chest, the crimp wouldn’t relax and allow the water to gush into the woman’s pussy. If they lightened up on their kiss for just an instant, Lynda’s cunt would be filled with impossibly icy water.

“There, now stay that way,” Mollusk said to them. Turning to Len, he ordered, “Bring our two budding young lovers and let’s go to the household appliance section. I’ve got a dynamite idea to see exactly how hot a bush this chick actually is.”

“I bet I can track you,” said Len. “I bet she’s got a hell of a hot ass. Or will have before our stud’s finished fucking her!”

Together, the men shoved Christine and Jerry off. Helpless, Lynda could do nothing but watch them go. The constant reminder of the pain and torture between her tits kept her tensed up. The slightest relaxation on her part — or Jackie’s — and she might feel the polar blast of water into her already ripped and torn cunt.

“What are you going to do with us?” asked Christine. “You just can’t…”

“We can do anything we want,” said Len. “And we’re going to. With you and your all-star lover.”

“Hey, here’s the stove I want,” said Mollusk. “A gen-yoo-wine electric stove with four burners and everything. Now does that big burner’s size remind you of the size of anything else around here? Say, something that looks like a couple of half moons and is white and soft and hot?”

Len laughed harshly as he lifted up the bound Christine and unceremoniously dumped her onto the burner.

“What are you doing? You can’t get away with this!” raged Jerry, impotent to stop the men. With his own hands firmly bound behind his back, he could only do as the men with the guns commanded. But he could try to talk them out of this inhuman torture.

“Shut up, buster, or I’ll blow your balls off,” said Mollusk, turning to the woman sitting on the stove top. “Now let’s get things nice and hot for you.” He punched the lowest power button on the stove. “There. Just wait a second.”

Christine tried to move when the burner began to singe her flesh. Len’s meaty hand shoved her back. She writhed and moaned and finally sobbed out, “Please please! I’ll do anything, but turn it off.”

“You’ll do anything whether we turn it off or not. Try a setting higher and see how your pussy likes it!” Mollusk pushed the next button and knocked Len’s hand away. The woman managed to arch her ass off the stove, lifting it away from the dully glowing electric burner.

“Now that we know she can stay that way without really hurting herself — if she stays away from the burner — get our friend the stud over here. Put him up on a stool.” Mollusk watched in cruel satisfaction as Len pushed Jerry up onto the low stool he’d found.

“Now fuck.”

Christine’s pussy was wide spread and rimmed with crinkly brown pussy fur. In other circumstances, Jerry wouldn’t have to be told twice to fuck. But now the woman struggled to keep her white ass away from the cruelly hot element on the top of the stove. And if he stuffed his prick into her cunt and fucked, his balls would be perilously close to that burner if the woman relaxed the arch in her back for a single instant.

“Fuck, damn you, or we’ll shoot your balls off!”

Jerry braced his head against the vent fan above the stove and leaned forward, his prick questing between the woman’s wide open thighs. She had sweat pouring off her forehead with the strain of keeping herself away from the burner.

“Do it, Jerry, but hurry!” she said. “I… I don’t know how long I can stand this!”

“Yeah, Jerry darling,” mocked Len, “do it. We want to see a stud fuck a really hot chick!”

Angered at the men’s cruelty, Jerry shoved his hips forward. The tip of his cock bounced off the puffy cunt lips and went skittering along the woman’s gash. For a second, his cock was cradled in her warm flesh, cunt lips on either side of his throbbing manhood. He pulled back quickly when he felt the heat of the burner.

His second try speared the woman directly in the cunt hole. And in that instant, he thought they were both lost. She sagged just a little, her ass almost brushing the electric burner. His balls trembled from the heat, and he knew the bush around his balls was beginning to smolder. He rammed harder and lifted Christine up with the sheer force of his cock.

He became a robot, fucking a hole that was almost entirely dry when he started. As his prick worked in and out of her cunt, he felt her lubricants begin to flow. Soon he was squishing obscenely back and forth in the juicy fuck tunnel. Now and then a drop of her cunt oil would drip onto the burner and sizzle and pop. This was evidence enough that the burner was still deadly for both of them. With the lewd taunts of the two robbers ringing in their ears, Jerry and Christine fucked and fucked and fucked.

Finally, Jerry’s prick began to swell in the tightness of the woman’s juicy twat. She was sobbing now, as much from the fucking as from the exertion of holding her body off the stove top. As his cock erupted and gushed out lava hot come into her hungering cunt, she came too. Her body twisted and thrashed, her pussy grinding down hard onto his fuck stick.

Together, they soared in the ultimate in human pleasure. The experience was perverted by the nearness of the searing burner, but they hardly understood the odd mixture of pleasure and strain racing through their veins. Finally, when the man’s cock had gone entirely limp, Len reached over and turned off the burner.

But it remained hot and would for several minuts.

“Just you folks stay that way a while,” said Mollusk. “We’re going to the camera department. It’s a real trip taking pictures of something like this.”

“Are they gone?” asked Jerry, gritting his teeth as he braced his head against the over head vent fan.

“Yeah,” said Christine. “Let’s move. Together now!” Her body arched and they twisted as one. They fell heavily off the top of the stove and onto the floor.

Panting, they lay there listening to the come hiss and sizzle on the burner. Jerry and Christine were totally exhausted, but they had survived. And they would continue to survive until they could get back at the two men torturing them like this.


Lynda trembled from the strain of remaining so close to Jackie. The woman’s entire body felt as if she had been beaten with rubber hoses. She ached and her muscles screamed in protest. Yet she didn’t dare relax for a single instant. If she did, the crimp would go out of the garden hose and the cold water would rush into her pussy. The full force of the water might not kill her but she didn’t know if she could stand much more of that type of punishment without real injury.

Her tits had developed gooseflesh. Gone was their usual smoothness as she shoved her chest forward as hard as she could against Jackie’s. She felt the hard points of the other woman’s nipples biting deep into her own soft flesh. Lynda wanted to thank Jackie, to congratulate her on her own efforts. The other woman wouldn’t have been able to answer, though.

The nylon rope still cut cruelly into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie didn’t have to keep this sort of strain in her body. After all, she wasn’t the one with the garden hose rammed all the way up her cunt.

But the woman seemed to recognize the fact that if this didn’t provide any sick amusement for the two robbers perhaps they would stop it. She was protecting herself against future tortures by keeping Lynda’s pussy as free of the icy cold water as possible.

“Well, well, well,” said Len as he came back in. “I think I’ll take a picture of these two. They look just like marble statues, don’t they, Mollusk?”

The other man grunted. Lynch heard the click of a camera shutter and felt an irrational surge of anger. They had tortured her and abused her sexually, raping her and threatening her and psychologically mangling her but this was the last straw. They were photographing her and Jackie as they stood pressed so closely together!

“You slimy sons of bitches!” she screamed. “I wish I could do to you what you’ve been doing to all of us. Goddamn, but would you ever regret having been born!”

“Hey, the little lady’s still got a bit of spunk left,” said Len, taking another picture. He moved around so that Lynda could see him take a full picture of her face, her tits with the rubber hose crimped between them, her brutally taped snatch. He didn’t miss a single shot that would contribute to her humiliation.

“Yeah, and seeing the fucking her boyfriend and her other friend have been doing in the appliance section’s made me hot for her again,” said Mollusk. “What shall we do this time?”

He walked around her, studying her, examining every curve of her luscious body as if she were meat on a hook. Lynda hated this man more than she’d thought possible. Never had such anger and fear and loathing welled up in her. She had never seriously considered murdering anyone before. Now she knew she could do it, and Mollusk would be the first name on that list.

“Think you would use her nice, red lips on your cock, sucking and making you even stiffer, Len?”

“I expect it would be nice. But what about you? You gonna fuck the other chick?”

Mollusk looked Jackie over and shook his head. “Naw, she’s got a cunt like a sewer pipe. Every stud in town must have fucked her a hundred times. The blonde, though, has got a sweet ass on her. Fucking that would be a treat, believe me.”

“You’ve got a big thing for her, Mollusk. Is that so good? You know what I mean, you’re making this a personal thing.”

“She reminds me of that cunt who turned me in to the cops five years ago. I spent fourteen months in the slammer because of her. I can’t find her but I have another cunt who looks just like her.”

“So that’s why you’re taking all the time to give her the best you can deliver, huh?” Len moved around and finished off the roll of film in the camera. He smirked as he slipped the exposed film from the camera and put in another roll. “I guess it wouldn’t be so bad having her suck me off. I can take pictures of her giving me the blowjob.”

“Anything you want, kiddo, anything,” said Mollusk. With a strong shove, he pushed Jackie away from Lynda. The blonde panicked. The hose fell from between her tits and the crimp came free. She braced herself for the rush of cold, punishing water into her cunt.

It never came.

Shivering with fear, she opened her eyes and saw Mollusk laughing. He shook his head and told her, “You dumb cocksucker, I turned the water off.”

Hatred flared even brighter in her body. She felt the hot rush of blood to her shoulders and her neck as she flushed. A convulsive shudder, then she spit at Mollusk. He carefully slapped her with the flat of his hand, but he never said a word about it.

“Get her over here and start her sucking, dammit,” said Len. “My poor cock’s getting cold out here.” He pointed down to his half-erect prick. The pulsing movements of the cock told Lynda that he was nearing the end of his endurance. He had fucked and fucked and fucked that night and this might be the last time he would be able to get it up.

She didn’t know what she felt in that instant. Hope, perhaps. Fear, definitely. But the hope rode on the fact that the men wouldn’t be able to fuck indefinitely. If she could wear them out maybe they would give up on torturing their captives and allow them some peace.

“Suck his prick, you stupid bitch,” commanded Mollusk, watching her with hooded eyes. She didn’t know what evil thoughts lurked in the man’s head, but she could guess they weren’t going to be good news for her.

She began to rise from the floor when Mollusk kicked out and swept her feet from under her. With her hands bound behind her back, she was unable to catch herself. Falling heavily, she lay in a naked pile, panting, and hating him more by the second.

“On your knees. Never rise when you’re going to give a real man head,” said Mollusk. Lynda turned and saw that Len was puffing himself up with pride at his friend’s words.

A real man, she thought to herself, wouldn’t have to force her to suck his prick. She would want to do it because he was a real man. But she had no choice in the matter. As long as Mollusk had the gun and had the upper hand, she was going to do what the robbers demanded of her.

Painfully getting her knees under her, feeling the movement of the garden hose in her pussy and moaning as the electrical tape across her pussy mound pulled at her bush, she rose up a little and began walking on her knees. She thought the distance to Len’s crotch was a light year away. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to move. It didn’t matter to her that the man took picture after picture of her. She was his captive — now.

Some how, some way, the tables would turn. She would get the advantage and these two would rue the day they had tortured her and Jerry and Christine and Jackie.

“Suck me off!” said Len.

She looked up at him and saw only the single eye of the camera. He snapped another picture as she felt the hot lash of the nylon rope across her shoulders. She didn’t have to be told that Mollusk was punishing her for not being quick enough to obey.

“Atta girl,” said Mollusk as she pressed her cheek into Len’s thigh and got her tongue moving across the man’s semi-flaccid cock.

She felt Mollusk moving around her, heard a strange hissing noise and then felt his hands moving all over her body. He put the electrical tape over her nipples, and down the sides of her tits, across her taut belly and then moved his attentions to the garden hose taped up her pussy.

“I think you should get that cock all the way into your mouth,” he said.

She felt a foreboding of evil. He didn’t command her, he suggested. This could only mean something ruthless was going to occur. But she did as she was told, her tongue snaring the limp prick and pulling it between her soft lips. As she began sucking on the worm-like cock, she stiffened and then screamed in total pain.

He had ripped the electrical tape over her pussy mound off with one swift jerk. Pain rippled through her body and raced up her spine. Never had she felt such intense agony all over.

“Keep sucking, damn you, you cunt!” snapped Mollusk. He obviously enjoyed giving her abject pain. She felt the hot tears of pain welling up in her eyes. Her cunt burned with an intensity she had never thought, possible. The blonde pussy fur had been jerked from her body in a broad band the size of the strip of electrical tape.

The only consolation was the removal of the garden hose. But she wondered what kind of added tenor Mollusk had in store for her. She couldn’t imagine him taking away a source of pain and not substituting one even worse.

“Yahooo!” cried Len. “This is really living. We’re the two richest studs in the whole Goddamn world and we’ve got all the foxy women we want. I told you, Mollusk, things would be coming our way!”

“Yeah, and I got something I want to go her way,” the other man said. Lynda felt him moving behind her, on his knees.

She shuddered as his hard prick parted her slender thighs and drove toward her cunt. The flesh surrounding her pussy was still sore from having the tape yanked off. She cringed a little as he rammed his iron-hard cock repeatedly at her pussy.

“Spread wider, damn you,” he ordered.

The woman felt dizzy, spinning through space. She had a cock in her mouth that was only slowly responding to her sucking and tonguing. The man she was giving head to was snapping picture after picture, any of which would have sold for big bucks in a porno store. And now, after she had been abused, the man behind her wanted to fuck her up the cunt.

She almost passed out when the thick, strong cock found her cunt hole. She stiffened and tried to press closer to Len’s body. The man betrayed her even in this minor way. He spread his legs wide and squatted down so that her mouth never left his prick and her ass began to jut up in the air. As her smooth white bottom presented itself to Mollusk, the man took full advantage of it by driving his cock into her cunt all the way to the hilt.

“Ummmm, oh!” she cried around the stiffening plug of cock in her mouth. “That hurts so baaaad!”

“And you’ll love every inch of my prick before I’m done,” said Mollusk.

His hands gripped strongly at her waist, pulling her hips backwards. This was the only support she had. If he released her body she would fall on her face. Her hands were still securely fastened behind her back.

“Gee, Mollusk, that’s a damn fine, shot there. I got a great picture of your cock drilling into her pussy,” said Len.

“Shut up, and let her suck on your cock. Or is it too dead?”

“Naw, it’s still got some life in it.”

As if to prove his point, the man’s prick began to harden against the woman’s questing tongue. She stroked along one side of his shaft and then cradled it with her rough, pink tongue. Swift jabs with his hips sent the cock racing in and out of her mouth. He face-fucked her with growing assurance.

“Damn, this is great!”

“I know what you mean, Len,” said Mollusk. “This is better than I’d thought it would be, too. Her fuck tunnel is like a glove around my cock. Squeezing down hard on me. No virgin, but she’s still got a tight, hot cunt. I love the way it sort of ripples and massages my prick.”

Lynda was on the verge of breaking down and crying. She had never been in a more humiliating position. Hands tied, her ass pressed against the man’s hairy upper thighs, his prick buried balls deep in her cunt, and she was forced to suck off another man.

She craned her neck to the breaking point as Len shoved harder and faster into her mouth with his trembling prick. She tasted the bitter drop of pre-come and knew the tasty flood of his jism wasn’t far behind. Remembering her vow to get him off as fast as she could — and maybe exhaust him totally for the rest of the night — she used every trick she had ever learned. Her tongue pressed hard into the very tip of his cock, teasing and tormenting the piss-slit.

“Hey, she’s trying to drive her tongue down the inside of my prick. It… oh, shit, I’m commmmming!”

As the salty blast of his come filled her mouth, making her gag, Lynda felt a small thrill of victory. Len was out of the picture for the moment. The man’s cock soon melted in her mouth and slipped free, dripping white droplets of come.

Without the support of the man’s body against her head, she tumbled forward. Lynda banged her blonde head against the floor but she hardly noticed it. The woman’s body hurt too much for her to notice a thing like a bump on the head.

“Tighten up around my prick, damn you,” snarled Mollusk. “I need to feel that tight cunt of yours smashing my cock flat!”

She tensed and relaxed her muscles as the man commanded. She did it not only to pleasure him, but to give herself some small measure of arousal. Her pussy was being plugged with the man’s thick cock but there was none of the joy she should have felt.

He had whipped her and raped her and tortured her. She couldn’t respond normally to this man no matter how huge his prick, or how much of a stud he was. The woman had to psych herself up into full enjoyment of the fucking.

Imagining it was Jerry screwing her like a bitch in heat helped. She could think it was anyone else in the world but Mollusk and this allowed her to concentrate on the warmth spreading outward from her pussy walls. Tensing and relaxing her pussy muscles gave the man the stimulation he wanted and it provided her the arousal required to make her fuck fluids flow copiously.

“Shit, baby, you’re tighter than any virgin lever fucked. You gettin’ good pictures of this balling, Len?”

“Sure am, Mollusk. Damn fine, pictures, too. Wait’ll you see them blown up to poster size. You’ll want them all over the walls of your place.”

Sweat poured off the bound woman’s body. She felt the electrical tape across her tits begin to chafe and itch but she could ignore it because of the thrill volting from her cunt and into her belly. The warmth of the friction from the cock pressing so tightly into her cunt walls spread and soon puddled molten lead in her belly.

“I… aaaaaaaeeeeeee!” she shrieked, her voice breaking as she felt the ice and iron grip of orgasm smash down firmly on her.

The man started fucking her harder, faster, deeper. His prick reamed her cunt out good. She trembled in reaction to the hard, all-out fucking.

His hands reached around her waist and began to fiddle with her clit. The feel of his finger on her pleasure trigger made the blonde come again. It no longer mattered to her that he had ripped the electrical tape off her snatch and left bare patches of aching skin. The garden hose he had rammed all the way up her pussy was forgotten. The tortures and whippings were something more like a bad dream.

She came and came and came.

And then the woman cried out in absolute terror. The man hid reached up and jerked off the electrical tape crossing her taut, heaving belly. The sudden pain in the middle of so much pleasure shocked her. She couldn’t adjust to the pain, when she was enjoying the wondrous sensations of orgasms crushing her so delightfully.

“It huuuuurts!” she protested.

And another strip of the electrical tape was yanked free of her body. Bits of skin came with the sticky tape. She felt a red, ugly welt where the tape had been.

And still the man fucked her with the long, powerful strokes. She could feel his cock pulsing hotly in the depths of her pussy. The way the thick, purple knob on the tip of his fuck stick throbbed made her feel more like a woman than anything else he had done. She was a woman being fucked by a man.

He ripped the tape off her tits.

She screamed and came at the same time. The blonde woman couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She loved the feel of his prick moving so powerfully inside her tight twat. But the pain! It filled her like water fills a jug. And he continued to fuck swiftly, burning her up inside with friction of cock against cunt wall.

He fucked and fucked and fucked until she felt his prick expand to an impossibly swollen size. She thought he would rip her apart with such a massive hunk of cock.

“This is it, babe,” he grunted. She felt his rhythm turn jerky as his body took control of his hips. He fucked as hard and deep into her cunt as he could. This pushed her own passion to the breaking point.

As the hot rush of his jism filled her cunt, he ripped the last piece of tape from her boobs. This was the strip across both of her sensitive nipples. She came and thought she would die in the same instant.

Never in her young life had Lynda felt such pain and pleasure mixed together. She couldn’t straighten it out in her head if she was coming due to the punishment he inflicted on her or because of the fucking. It didn’t matter. The man’s prick was already beginning to turn flaccid in her hot, clinging twat, but her nipples burned hotly from the mistreatment given them.

As Mollusk leaned back on his heels, he laughed at her. “That was a damn fine fuck, baby,” he told her. “But I don’t think your cunt would have crunched down on my cock like that if I hadn’t used the electrical tape on those fine titties of yours.”

She felt nothing but hatred for this brutal, savage man. But she said nothing since she was still under his control.

But soon, soon, she would have the upper hand. She would get even then — if she could.


“Damn, but I’m tired,” groaned Len. “And my balls ache. I never got my rocks off so many times in one day before. Think my cock’ll recover?”

“Don’t count on it,” said Mollusk. “Even mine is tingling all the time. A good feeling, though. I’m glad we just happened into those broads — and the blonde and her boyfriend. This has been a hell of a nicer way to spend the night than just sitting around in any empty store.”

“I’ll say!”

Lynda felt the muscle strain the most in her upper arms as she tried to roll over and look at the men. She hoped their comments about their pricks were right on. She didn’t want to suck either of them off, or have either man fucking her again. She ached and hurt and was humiliated beyond belief. She had had things done to her tonight that should never be done to anyone.

“Even if we can’t get it up again, how’s about our friend the stud?” asked Len eagerly. Lynda hated the man even more in that instant. He wasn’t about to let them all rest in peace. He wanted to feed his own sick desires and make them perform even more degrading acts.

“Go get him. And bring along his friend, too,” said Mollusk, watching Lynda’s reaction. He knew that she loved Jerry and just wanted to taunt her. “He and the brown-haired bitch really got it on,” he added cruelly.

“You forced them. Just like you forced all of us.”

“Don’t believe it,” said Mollusk. “They were hot to trot, believe me. You should have seen the way he rammed in and out of her juicy little twat. It was exciting, truth to tell.”

Len pulled Jerry and Christine back with him. Lynda had no idea what had been done to the pair but they looked the worse for wear and tear. The bums on Christine’s ass puzzled Lynda at first. She couldn’t figure out how she had gotten a target imbedded on her soft white flesh. Then it hit her. “You made them fuck on a stove top!”

“Sure,” smiled Mollusk. “It was great, too. Wasn’t it, you two?”

Neither of the pair deigned to answer.

“Hell, you’re being unsociable. Why don’t all four of you get it on? You’re gonna be in hogs heaven, man,” said Len. “Three chicks all to yourself.”

“What do you want us to do?”

In way of answer, Lynda felt Len swinging the nylon rope near her head. She ducked and struggled to get closer to Jackie. The other woman’s mouth was no longer gagged with the shorter length of the cruel rope, but she wasn’t in as had a shape a Lynda. While she had been tortured, she had had time to recover her strength.

Lynda pretended to lick and kiss the other woman’s ear to keep the brutal lash from landing on her exposed ass.

“Jackie,” she whispered hotly, “you’ve got to get away. Try to get to the gun department. Get a pistol or something and shoot these bastards! I’m too weak to do it!”

“Isn’t that cute?” asked Mollusk. “She’s whispering sweet nothings in the other cunt’s ear. Get it on, you two. I want to see some of that hot lezzie stuff you were talking about earlier.”

The rope landed with a dull thwack on Lynda’s ass. She groaned but she continued to speak rapidly. “I’ll distract them. You run for all you’re worth and we’ll try to keep them back.”

“But the cases will be alarmed!” protested Jackie.

“You’re not thinking. That’s fine! Get the cops here! We can sure as hell use them more now than ever before. But do it!”

“Between her legs,” said Len. “Get that face of yours down into her snatch. Eat pussy, bitch!”

Lynda moved down so that her face pressed into the sweaty crotch of the other woman. She thought she might be revolted by the idea of eating out Jackie’s cunt but she found herself pleasantly surprised. The odors made her mouth water. Her rough, eager tongue lashed out and dragged along the puffy ridges of the other woman’s pussy lips.

Jackie moaned in stark pleasure, twisting and turning. “Oh, yes, yes!” she cried. “Tongue-fuck my poor little cunny gooooooood!”

Lynda couldn’t tell if the woman was acting or not. She suspected that the passion was real. Something inside her made Lynda feel happy at that. She knew this was perverted. One woman didn’t make love to another woman. Yet she felt good that she could do something for Jackie to help take away some of the hurt the two robbers had given them all.

Her tongue worked its way deeper into the juicy twat. She stroked along the velvety cunt walls and felt the strong muscles inside ripple and pulse with power. The blonde guessed what it might be like to be a man and have your prick in this tight, hot, clinging fuck tunnel. Her tongue was being given one hell of a nice squeezing — a man’s cock would be crushed delightfully.

Lynda sucked and licked and felt other bodies pressing into hers. Jerry and Christine had been added to the pile. Together, they were expected to perform and create an orgy for their two captors. The blonde woman was more than happy to oblige them. This gave her a chance to soothe the hurts the others had, and made her feel she was getting back at the men.

She rolled over and pulled her cunt-juice-soaked mouth away from Jackie’s snatch. She immediately began licking and kissing Christine’s burned ass. The flesh wasn’t as badly burned as she’d thought at first. It had only been turned a rosy pink. And it was sensitive, damned sensitive. The woman groaned and arched her back to shove more of the tortured assflesh into Lynda’s mouth.

As she licked and kissed and caressed with her tongue, she felt nimble fingers working on the hose binding her wrists. She refrained from crying out in joy when her fingers came totally free.

The dancing needles that signaled the returning of circulation made her sob in pain, but the robbers didn’t even notice. They were too busy goading the four naked people on to do even more depraved things. When Lynda felt she could move well enough to escape, she began passing the word through the pile of naked, writhing flesh.

“Give me a chance to run for it!”

And they did. Jerry rolled over, his legs locking around Len’s. The armed man tumbled to the floor hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. Christine kicked Mollusk in the balls. The man doubled up and turned purple. Lynda didn’t stay around to see what was happening next. She ran, fleet as any deer in the forest.

Her mind was filled with a jumble of things. But she remembered where the firearms department was. She ran up the escalator, the segmented steps cutting harshly into her bare feet. Across the darkened floor, stumbling and falling several times. And then she found it. Case after case of pistols. Racks of rifles and shotguns.

She heard the sounds of pursuit behind her. Without hesitation, she rammed her elbow through the side of one case and pulled put a powerful handgun. Bleeding down her arm from the glass cuts, she struggled to get behind the counter and find ammunition. The box of shells finally came to her hurried hands. She fumbled out six rounds and put them into the cylinder. Hefting the .357 magnum, she rose up from behind the counter.

Len stood there, a stupid look on his face as he saw the loaded gun aimed at him.

Even as he was saying. “Don’t shoot!” his own gun was coming up. Lynda closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The gun bucked hard in her hands and knocked her backwards. The roar deafened her for a moment, but she quickly recovered and peered over the top of the display case.

Len held his lower belly as he rolled on the floor. She didn’t have to check to know that she had blown his balls off — one down and one to go.

She left the man in abject pain, stopping only to kick his gun away, and then she went hunting. Len was a minor irritant as far as the blonde woman was concerned. Mollusk was the man who was most responsible for her agony. He had jammed the garden hose up her cunt and had come up with other outrageous tortures just for her.

Lynda walked tenderly down the escalator. She dropped from sight when she heard Mollusk shout, “Did you shoot her, Len? Goddammit, man, answer me!”

She waited. She had no reason to rush now. The man’s hold over her was gone. He didn’t dare stop to do anything to his captives because he had to make sure she was taken care of — immediately.

Lynda’s patience paid off. Mollusk fearfully came around the corner of the escalator. This time she didn’t close her eyes as she pulled the trigger. She shot him directly through the wrist holding his pistol. It was as much luck as it was good cum, but she wasn’t going to complain.

“Don’t!” the man cried. “Don’t shoot me! You-you’re violating my civil rights! I demand to be arrested! Where are the cops! Gimme my lawyer!”

She pulled back the hammer of the powerful handgun and said in a voice that was cold and deadly, “I’ve seen a lot of movies where they use guns like this. A shot through the head and that’s it. But if I shot you in the belly, you might live for days or weeks. Should I do that? It wouldn’t begin to repay for what you’ve done to my friends and me, but I would get great satisfaction out of it.”

The man’s face paled as her finger tightened on the trigger. She finally snapped it on an empty cylinder.

But Mollusk had fainted. She nudged him with the point of her toe and found he wasn’t faking. She immediately went and freed Jerry, Jackie and Christine.

“God, Lynda, you look like an avenging angel with that gun in your hand. The muzzle’s still smoking. Don’t tell me you…” Jerry’s voice trailed off as he realized he had heard a shot.

“I shot Len but he’s still alive. I don’t know what to do with Mollusk. I actually wanted to kill him, but that’s too good for him. I want to do something that’ll really pay him back for what he did to us.”

The four of them exchanged glances, then they all smiled. Together they trooped off to find their clothes and to make use of the time they had before the police came in to investigate the alarm set off when Lynda broke into the gun case.

When Mollusk regained consciousness he found himself back in the appliance department, his hands stretched out on either side of his body and firmly secured with bits of the nylon rope he had used to beat them with. His cock was shoved under a steam iron and placed carefully on an ironing board.

“What are going to do to me?” he demanded. “You can’t torture me. I know my rights. You gotta have the cops come and arrest me!”

“Let’s see how efficient the cops actually are. Lynda set off the alarm about ten minutes ago — and the police still aren’t here,” said Jerry.

“Right,” continued Jackie, moving closer to the bound man. “Let’s take a little poll and see how long it will take them. Five more minutes? Another ten? What do you folks think?”

“Ten minutes minimum,” said Christine.

“Time enough to do the ironing,” said Lynda, plugging the iron in. She tapped the indicator on the handle of the iron and said, “That’s at permanent press touchup, Mollusk. Think that should be hot enough to get the wrinkles out of your Goddamn prick?”

“You can’t!” the man shrieked. “It… it’s getting hotter. You’ll burn my pecker off.”

“What a pity,” said Jackie.

“It’s a real pity that Len and Mollusk had this falling out,” continued Jerry. “Imagine Len doing a terrible thing like this to his partner. It’s a good thing that Lynda shot Len. I mean, a man who could put his partner’s prick under an iron is pretty sick.”

“Or bent on revenge,” added Lynda.

“We don’t have to stick around, do we?” asked Jackie. “We should split before the cops do get here. Let them figure out what happened. After all, Mollusk and Len robbed the jewelry store. I figure they must have some sort of description of them.”

“You mean we should cut out and let the cops find them like this?” asked Christine. She smiled slowly and said, “That seems like a good bet to me. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life testifying against them for all they’ve done to us.”

“I’ll finger you, Goddammit if I won’t!” screamed Mollusk, glancing down in fear at the heating iron on his prick. “If you don’t take this off right now, I’ll spill my guts to the cops!”

“No, you won’t,” said Lynda. “We have the film that Len took. You want to testify against yourself? You want to confess to torturing and sexually abusing the four of us? We’re all fine, upstanding citizens — with the photographic proof if you want to even so much as mention us. Let’s split, gang,” she said to the others. “I have this great idea.”

“Cops,” said Jackie in a low voice. “Coming in the front.”

“My idea,” Lynda continued, unperturbed, “is that we should all go up to the bedroom displays and just wait for the cops to leave. They won’t be looking for us after they find these guys.”

“And then?” asked Jerry, getting the idea.

“We’ll think of something.”

The four hurried up the escalator and went to the back of the store. They heard the police come in — after Mollusk began screaming in pain. Lynda felt a cold lump in the pit of her stomach knowing what she had done to both Mollusk and Len. Guilt assaulted her senses, then she sneered a little remembering what the two men had done to her.

The hose up her cunt. The ass-rape with the gun barrel. The whipping. The repeated sexual abuses. She had been forced to do so many things she wasn’t even sure she could remember them all, not that she wanted to. She had her revenge and it tasted sweet.

The four of them stayed out of sight as the police made a quick sweep through the store. They overheard one cop saying, “Hell, we nailed the two of them. We got a positive ID that they’re the ones who robbed the jewelry store. We got the loot back. Why should there be anyone else?”

“Who shot the one in the balls?”

“Who the fuck cares?” the cop came back. “I say he got what he deserves. They both did.”

“You can’t mean it. You’d have to be the devil himself to deserve what the guy with the hot iron on his prick got. Or the one with his balls blown off, for that matter.”

The first cop had just shrugged and the blue suited men vanished. For a long time the four simply lay an one of the huge beds and waited. Stillness. Ten minutes passed and nothing disturbed the quiet of the store.

Finally Lynda rolled over and ran her hand up and down the inside of Jerry’s thigh. “Anything?” she asked quietly.

He answered her in the best way possible. He unzipped his pants and let his long, hard prick snap to attention. The three women all caught their breaths and held them, then laughed.

“Let’s get it on! And this time, it’s all for us!” Lynda straddled Jerry’s hard-on, her pussy savoring the hotness inside it. The way she fucked herself was therapy. She could set the pace and not be tied up or whipped as she was doing it. The woman felt the desires mounting faster and faster in her taut belly as she drove the prick repeatedly into her hot, needy cunt.

When Jackie started licking her cunt lips and Jerry’s balls and cock, Lynda thought it was heaven on earth. But she had forgotten Christine. The woman had straddled Jerry’s face and was letting him eat her out while she reached out and began fondling Lynda’s tits. The other woman’s hands hurt a little as she stroked gently aver the electrical tape-ravaged boobs, but Lynda could put up with a little pain in return for a lot of pleasure.

The four of them lasted all night. It didn’t erase the ordeal they had been through, but Lynda thought it helped.

It helped a lot.

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