Game Show Sex

The door to the elegant home opened and a well-dressed,
middle-aged couple entered.

“Oh, Bob,” the woman said, “that was a wonderful dinner,
and the bracelet you gave me for our anniversary is
beautiful. Thank you so much.” She turned and gave him
deep kiss.

Bob wrapped her in his arms and smiled. “You’re certainly
welcome Edna.” He put his hand on his wife’s shapely ass.
“Why don’t we go upstairs and celebrate?”

“But I haven’t given you your present yet.” She pushed
away from her husband. “Now you go into the den and turn
on the TV. I’ll get us some champagne.”

Bob did as he was bid. He went into the den, loosened the
tie of his tux’ and hit the power switch on the TV
remote. The set hummed and the picture on the screen
began to swim into focus. Bob looked at the picture in
confusion. That looked like – it couldn’t be – but it
was. It was a cock sliding back and forth in a pussy. The
camera pulled back until Bob could see a young couple
going at it on a bed. The handsome, athletic young man
looked up into the camera, smiling brightly he said,
“You’re watching the Porn-Channel. All porn, all the

Edna came into the den. She was carrying a bottle of
champagne and two glasses. “How do you like your
present?” she asked sweetly.

Bob laughed loudly, “This is great, honey. You’ve
subscribed to the Porn-Channel.”

Edna smiled as she poured the champagne. “I thought you’d
like it. What’s on?”

Bob picked up his glass. “I don’t know, but I think
there’s a program starting now.”


Several chords of an upbeat tune played, and then an
announcer’s resonant voice called out, “It’s time for
America’s favorite game show – ‘Fucking for Dollars’!”
The music swelled. “And now here’s your host – Dick

A good-looking young man in a suit walked on the stage.
He bowed and waved to a cheering studio audience. “Hi
there,” he said. “I’m Dick Sinep, and this is ‘Fucking
for Dollars’! The show where couples contest for
thousands of dollars by showing us how well they can do
the nasty.” Dick turned to look into a different camera.
“Yes, we take applications from daring viewers from all
over America. They tell us their likes and dislikes,
their wants and their wishes, and then we bring them
together on our show. We have two sexy couples per show
and they are each rated by our panel of horny experts.”

The picture switched to show a row of naked people
sitting in the front row of the studio audience. They all
looked as if they were wired up for a medical experiment.
Dick continued, “Each of our panelists is wired to give
us their bodies’ response to what they see on our show.
It’s pretty simple. The couple who creates the most
arousal in our panel wins our prize – one hundred
thousand dollars each.” Dick leered into the camera. “And
the losers? Well, they get laid, don’t they? How bad can
it be?” The audience laughed in appreciation of his joke.
“OK,” Dick said. “Let’s see who’s on our show today.”

The announcer’s voice came back. “Our first contestant is
a painting contractor from Fresno. He confesses that he’s
a breast man, the bigger the better. Let’s welcome John
to our show.” A tall, slightly overweight man in his
thirties strode onto the stage. He had bushy black hair
and a mustache.

Dick shook hands with the man and said, “Hello John,
welcome to the show.”


“Now as a painting contractor, I bet that you spend a lot
of time going over samples with the ladies. Does that
ever lead to anything?” Dick asked.

John laughed. “I’ll tell you Dick. Sometimes we spend
hours in the bedroom to find just the right hue.”

Dick slapped him on the arm. “I just bet you do, big guy.
Now let’s see who your partner is going to be.”

The announcer’s voice arose once more. “John’s partner is
a woman from Springfield. She’s a specialist in applying
acrylic nails for the ladies and writes us that she is
recently divorced and that her former husband was a short
fellow who had the tiniest dick she’d ever seen. She’d
like to try something and someone bigger. How about a big
greeting for Diane.”

A woman in her late twenties bounced onto the stage. She
had short sun-streaked brown hair and was wearing shorts
and a halter-top. Diane had a pleasant, smiling face and
she was a bit on the stout side with shapely but muscular
legs. That was hardly the first thing anyone would notice
about Diane, however. Her bright red halter barely
contained her enormous breasts. What seemed to be about
an acre of cleavage jiggled and rolled above the
dDolletage of her halter as she trotted across the

Dick welcomed Diane and introduced her to John and the
audience. Showing her hand to the camera, Dick said,
“Just look at these lovely nails. They must be an inch
long and each one has it’s own design. You better watch
out for these babies John, I bet they can really tear up
a guy’s back.” John laughed, but his eyes were locked on
Diane’s tits, not her nails.

“And Diane, I see that you’ve noticed the effect you’ve
had on John,” said Dick. It was clear that she had her
eyes locked on the sizable bulge in John’s pants.

“All right,” said Dick, rubbing his hands together. “If
you two are ready – and apparently you are – it’s time to
play – ‘Fucking for Dollars’!” He led the couple to a
door, and as opened it Dick said, “Now don’t forget our
rules. We need some foreplay, the sex act and orgasms.
Diane, for you that can be real or faked, after all it’s
a woman’s prerogative. But for you big guy,” Dick put his
arm around John’s broad shoulders, ” we need the visible
cum shot. We don’t call this the Porn-Channel for

“I understand,” said John, smiling gamely.

As John and Diane entered the room, the announcer’s voice
said, “John and Diane will be using our simulated
bedroom. A dozen unobtrusive cameras will give our
panelists and audience a perfect view of the action.”

Diane took the lead and John’s hand as she drew him to
the edge of the king-sized bed. They sat, and Diane
immediately ran her hand along the long lump in his
pants. “Damn, you’ve got a big dick,” she said with a
grin. “My former husband was like this when he was rock
hard.” She demonstrated by holding her thumb and
forefinger a couple of inches apart.

“He was a lucky man to have these to play with,” said
John as he caressed one of Diane’s giant tits. He
reverently kissed the top of one of her pillow-sized
breasts, and then gave her a solid smack on the lips.
Diane returned the kiss, and for several minutes they
frenched deeply and felt up one another. The cameras
showed thrashing tongues and hands that kneaded and
massaged their aroused bodies.

John broke off their kisses and said, “Let’s get naked,

The couple parted long enough to rip off their clothes
and then they met in the center of the bed. Diane’s hands
went right to John’s oversized cock. “I have just got to
get this in my pussy.”

“OK,” panted John. Obviously Diane’s hands, as they
flashed up and down his erection, were getting to him.
“Let me fuck you and then I want to cum between your
tits.” Diane nodded in agreement. “Do you want me to lick
your pussy or play with your clit?”

“No,” moaned Diane. “No more foreplay, I don’t think I
can get any hotter or wetter.” With that, she fell back
on the bed, spreading her legs. Her immense breasts
rolled to either side of her chest, covering her upper
arms. John walked on his knees between Diane’s spread
legs and bent his cock down to her pussy lips. He worked
his cock-head around and up and down until it was
lubricated and nestled between the lips of Diane’s
leaking cunt, then he shoved several inches of ridged
cock inside.

“Oh yeah,” groaned Diane. John shoved in even more cock
and then he began to pump his hips in a slow and easy
motion. He licked his thumb and pressed it to her clit.
He began to make little circles with his thumb as Diane’s
hips rocked back and forth. She gathered up her breasts
in her arms and alternated between tweaking her nipples
between thumb and forefinger and then sucking on first
one and then the other.

John steadily accelerated his strokes until Diane’s whole
body was shaking. Her breasts quivered and rolled like
they had a life of their own. “That’s it,” she cried out.
“Oh fuck yeah, pound me with that big cock.” She covered
her stunned face with her hands and then ran them through
her hair. “Oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she
shrieked as her back arched and her ass thrashed around
on the bed.

John heaved his cock out of Diane’s still shuddering
pussy. He grabbed the tip as if afraid that it would
erupt prematurely. He staggered forward and then gathered
up Diane’s tits around his rigid manhood. John smiled in
bliss. His dick wasn’t touching her chest. There was
nothing but hot, soft tit-flesh surrounding his plunging
cock. After a dozen strokes, John hissed and thrust his
hips forward as he pulled Diane’s breasts back. His cock-
head emerged from between her enormous pillows and then
he was spurting cum all over her neck and chin. The
camera stayed on them long enough to see John roll to the
side in exhaustion and to watch as Diane polished her
breasts with his ejaculation.

Dick Sinep clapped his hands in appreciation. “OK, very
nice John and Diane. Now, let’s see what kind of rating
you got from our panel of judges.” A graphic appeared
next to Dick. It looked like a limp dick that slowly
expanded as a number in the center of the penis began to
count upwards. The penis stopped growing when the number
hit seventy-two. “Not bad, our panelists gave John and
Diane a rating of seventy-two. We’ll see how that stands
up to our next two contestants. And we’ll meet them after
this commercial.”

A nice looking woman, in business wear, appeared on the
screen. She smiled warmly and said, “Hi, I’m Honey
Goodbody. You know, ladies, it’s hard enough to find the
man who is just right for you. Sometimes you think you’ve
found the whole package.” She walked a few steps to the
side of a tall, good-looking man dressed in casual
clothes. She gestured at the man and said, “He’s got
brains.” Suddenly the man was wearing a cap and gown.
“He’s successful.” The man was shown in a coat and tie,
sitting behind a desk. “He has a great personality.” The
man was now looked as if he was at a party, drink in
hand, laughing and gesturing. “He even loves you
desperately.” Now the man was shown on his knees, hands
upraised, beseeching her to marry him. “So you take him
to your bed.” Honey and the man appeared together in bed,
covered by a sheet. “He’s a considerate lover, but
there’s just one little problem.” She whipped back the
sheet to reveal the man’s erection, all three inches of
it. “Now you don’t want to kick loose a guy like this,
but is there anything you can do about his lack of size?
Of course there is.” She turned to the side and picked up
a foil package. “You can use the new and amazing Extend-
O-Condom. You just put it on his cock like any other
condom.” She tore open the foil and rolled the thick
looking prophylactic over the man’s tiny erection. “And
then you assume the position.” She threw a leg over his
groin and using the tips of her fingers she positioned
his cock in her shaved pussy. “And then ladies, something
wonderful happens. The heat from your bodies activates
the patented foam inside the Extend-O-Condom…” she
ground her pussy against his groin as a big smile filled
her face, “…and almost instantly you’ve got all the
hard dick that you want.” She lifted her body showing
widely extended pussy lips, and what seemed to be an
endless amount of cock flowed out as she swayed off his
body. She grabbed the huge member with both hands and
began to stroke it. “Mmmm…it’s warm and has that flesh
covering an iron bar feeling just like you like it.” She
lifted her ass and eased her pussy back into place. As
she began to plunge her pussy up and down and around on
the stiff condom she said, “And the best part ladies is
that he’ll stay hard until you’re finished, so if you
want him to have a bigger and better cock, then go out
and by a twelve pack of Extend-O-Condoms today.”

As Honey’s blissful face filled the picture, an
announcer’s pre-recorded voice said rapidly, “Extend-O-
Condom, ask your doctor before using, may cause hysteria
and endless orgasms in some women. Available at most
pharmacies, just ask for the condom with a hard-on,

Dick Sinep appeared once more. “We’re back and ready for
our next two contestants on ‘Fucking for Dollars’! Who do
we have next?”

“OK Dick,” said the announcer’s disembodied voice. “Our
next contestant is from northern California. He’s a
stockbroker and tells us that his fantasies still involve
the young ladies he went to high school with. How about
giving a warm ‘Fucking for Dollars’ welcome to Jack
Smith!” Jack was a tall, handsome man, who looked to be
in his forties. He walked confidently across the stage
and took Dick’s hand.

As they shook hands Dick said, “You have a thing for the
young babes, right Jack?”

“Just fantasies of course, Dick. But I have to admit
that’s what turns me on.”

Dick smiled. “Of course we can’t have underage women on
our show, but let’s see what kind of partner we’ve got
for you.”

The announcer’s voice came up again. “Jack’s partner is a
young woman from Nevada. Please welcome Brigit.” Brigit
may not have been a schoolgirl but she certainly looked
the part. She was a bit over five feet tall, with
shoulder length blonde hair that was tied into pigtails.
She was wearing a long-sleeved, starched, white shirt
over a full plaid skirt that ended just above her knees.
Over-the-calf white socks, and black patent leather shoes
completed her outfit. As she walked across the stage,
Brigit showed brilliant white teeth and a winning smile.

“Well, aren’t you lovely,” said Dick as he took her hand
and twirled Brigit around once to show her off. “You’re
not really in high school are you?”

Brigit laughed. “No Dick, I’m twenty years old and I’m
studying to be an actress here in Los Angeles.”

“Lord knows that Hollywood can use all the twenty year
old teenagers they can get. But until you’re discovered,
Brigit, I know that an aspiring actresses can use a
little cash, so let’s get on with it and play our next
round of ‘Fucking for Dollars’!” He took the couple to
the door of the room where they would put on their show.
“Both of you are familiar with our rules?” Jack and
Brigit nodded. “Good, now behind this door we’ve put a
couple of props for you to use. I’m sure that your
fertile imaginations will take it from there.”

Inside the camera-covered room, Jack and Brigit found a
plastic and metal school-desk along with a large,
traditional, wooden teacher’s desk. Brigit immediately
took the student’s desk. She sat up straight, swished her
pigtails over her shoulders, thrust out her breasts and
crossed her legs, revealing her legs to mid-thigh. Jack
sat in the chair behind the teacher’s desk. He propped
his elbow on the desk and looked at Brigit. Several
seconds passed before he took the initiative, and said,
“So Brigit, here we are after school. What can I do for

Brigit took her cue. “I know you’re the basketball coach
and not my regular advisor Mr. Smith, but I need some

Jack nodded, “That’s what I’m here for. Are you having
trouble with schoolwork?”

“No, sir.” Brigit shyly twirled the end of one pigtail
around her finger. “It’s…uh…more of a social
thing…a boy thing.”

“Well, I think I qualify as a boy, or at least as an
older one. What do you need to know?”

“The boys say that I kiss funny. I don’t know what I’m
doing wrong.”

“Kissing?” said Jack, looking surprised. “I’m not sure
that’s something we should talk about.”

Brigit stood and walked around the large desk. “Oh
please, Mr. Smith. My girlfriends would laugh at me if I
asked them for help, and I can’t go to my parents.”

Jack eyed the innocently sexy young woman, who was
standing so close he thought that he could feel the heat
off of her flawless skin. He scooted his chair away from
the desk and said, “Well, maybe just one little peck,
just to see what you’re doing wrong.”

Brigit hopped onto Jack’s lap and wrapped her arms around
his neck. She pursed her lips and gave him a quick little
kiss. Jack said, “There’s nothing wrong with that. Why
don’t the boys like it?”

“Because they like to kiss like this,” replied Brigit.
This time she smashed her mouth against his, forced his
lips apart, and then she practically stuck her tongue
down his throat.

“Oh baby,” said Jack, when he could breathe again,
“that’s the way to kiss.” He slid his arms around her
tiny waist and pulled her closer. They kissed
passionately as their hands roamed all over each other’s
bodies. Jack cupped and played with her breasts through
her shirt, while Brigit squirmed her ass around on his
crotch. Jack felt his cock balloon into a painful
hardness. “How about some sixty-nine action?” Jack
whispered in her ear. When she moaned her agreement, Jack
stood up with one arm under her bare legs and the other
arm around her torso, his hand firmly covering one
breast. He sat on the desk and lay down on his back,
while Brigit straddled his waist. She unzipped his pants
and pulled his erection into the open.

“Come here, baby,” said Jack as he grabbed Brigit’s
thighs and pulled her pussy down to his eager mouth. He
flipped her skirt over her back and pulled aside the
sheer, almost nonexistent crotch-band of her panties. As
her mouth slipped over his cock-head, Jack spread her
pussy lips and buried his tongue into her wet cunt.

Brigit looked like a little schoolgirl doll bouncing
around on top of his much larger frame. Her head bobbed
up and down on Jack’s throbbing cock as her pussy twisted
and rubbed on his lips and tongue. After a few minutes of
furious oral sex, Brigit pushed herself up. Her hands
flew to her tits and her face screwed up. “Oh yes…oh
yeah…oh fuck…I’m going to cum…” she chanted in a
high, breathless voice as she absolutely pounded her
burning pussy on Jack’s face. Her orgasm went on and on
as Jack struggled to keep his mouth in contact with her
gushing, clenching pussy. Finally, her orgasm eased, and
Brigit gave Jack relief from her creaming pussy as she
stretched back across his body, her face inches from his
twitching cock. She wrapped her hand around his hard
flesh that was still slick from her saliva and his pre-

Brigit jacked her hand furiously on his cock as Jack
quietly caressed her satin smooth thighs and ass. In less
than a minute though, he was grunting, “Here it comes,
baby…here it is.” Suddenly, his hips bucked and spurts
of cum erupted from the tip of his engorged cock and
landed on Brigit’s hand. She smiled brightly as she
milked the globs of cum from his erection until it began
to soften and fade.

Dick Sinep led the audience in applause. “That was very
nice Jack and Brigit.” He grabbed his crotch and leered
at the camera, “They even gave me a boner.” Dick waited a
second for the audience to chuckle at his little joke and
then said, “But it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s the
panel of judges that matter, so let’s see how they

The camera switched to the first row of the audience and
the set of wired up nude bodies. Apparently, a couple of
the men on the panel had given their full approval; there
were flecks of cum on their hands and legs. The graphic
of the limp cock appeared above the judges’ heads and
began to become erect as the counter in the center of the
penis climbed upwards. The counter surged past the
seventy-two that John and Diane had scored and finally
stopped at a nearly fully erect ninety-five.

“All right then,” said Dick. “A ninety-five is one of the
highest scores that we’ve ever had here on ‘Fucking for
Dollars’! Jack and Brigit are our winners and we’ll talk
to them right after this commercial break.”

The commercial for Extend-O-Condom played once more and
then “Fucking for Dollars” came back on. Dick was
standing between Brigit and Jack. The couple was looking
a bit disheveled, but happy. “And we’re back here on
Fucking for Dollars with our winners Brigit and Jack.
Congratulations, you two, on your win.” He gave a little
bow to them both and they murmured their thanks. “You’ll
be receiving our checks for one hundred thousand dollars
apiece, however I have a little surprise for you. How
would you like to double your money?” Jack and Brigit
looked at one another thoughtfully. “You see,” continued
Dick, “they are about to tape another Porn-Channel show
on the sound stage next door. It’s called ‘Ambush Sex’
where they catch all sorts of couples in sexy situations.
The producers of that show would like to have you two
over for an interview. What do you say? It’s worth
another hundred grand.”

Jack and Brigit looked at each other. At first they
shrugged and then nodded and then smiled. Jack said,
“We’ll be glad to do it.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Dick. He gazed into the camera.
“Now folks, I believe the ‘Ambush Sex’ episode featuring
Jack and Brigit will be shown right after our show, so
you stay tuned right here to the Porn-Channel for that,
and we’ll see you again here next week. So don’t forget,
don’t fuck around with strangers unless it’s here on
‘Fucking for Dollars’!”


Bob lifted his arm from around Edna’s shoulders. That
Brigit was one sexy babe. He had a hard-on that wouldn’t
quit. Edna had watched the whole show in rapt attention,
she hadn’t moved or said a word during the whole thing.
Obviously, she had enjoyed it too. Bob kissed his wife on
the cheek and said, “This Porn-Channel is wonderful,
dear. Why don’t we go to bed and release all this sexual
tension?” He emphasized the question by rubbing his stiff
cock through his pants.

Edna smiled sweetly at her husband, “Oh honey, but let’s
see what happens to that nice couple first.”

Bob continued to stroke his cock. “I don’t know if I can
last that long.”

Edna lightly slapped at his hand. “Well, stop that.” She
leered at her husband, “It’s my job, anyway. Don’t worry,
I’ll make it worth your while to wait.”

Bob wrapped his arm back around his wife and cupped her
breast in his hand. He kissed his wife’s earlobe and
whispered, “I’m going to hold you to that.”


The last of the between show commercials ended, and a
jaunty tune began to play. A parked car appeared on the
screen. The camera began to close in on the car until it
poked into the interior. A man and woman were in the car.
She was astride his crotch; her exposed breasts flopped
around as she bounced up and down for all she was worth
on his cock. The shocked expression on their faces, when
they noticed the camera, was priceless. A number of other
scenes like that played in rapid succession. Most of the
captured couples looked surprised, some looked angry, and
some just laughed. Finally there was a home video of a
school dance. Amongst a group of couples on the dance
floor, there was a boy and girl holding each other close.
They were really cute because she was a full head taller
than he was. Their eyes were closed and his head was
lying on her shoulder as her chin rested on top of his
head. The camera zoomed back as the couple slowly turned
to reveal that her very short skirt was bunched around
her hips, and that the boy had dipped his hand into her
panties, and was obviously finger fucking her there on
the crowded dance floor. The jaunty little tune played
itself out with the warning that if you have sex,
anywhere, anytime and of course when you least expect it,
you may be the next one to be ambushed on camera.

The scene changed to a shot of a stage that contained a
semicircle of chairs backed by curtains. The curtains
parted and a smart looking young couple stepped out. The
studio audience erupted into applause as the couple took
little bows and waved. As the noise died the man said,
“Welcome to ‘Ambush Sex’. The show where we love to catch
people in the act of doing the dirty deed, especially
with someone they shouldn’t be with. My name is Maxwell
N. Dowd, and this is my lovely partner Puss E. Galore.”

Puss beamed at her partner, “Thank you Max. We have a
full show today. We have a couple who recently appeared
on one of our other Porn-Channel shows, ‘Fucking for

“Oh really,” said Max. “I’d say that those two have
already been ambushed far beyond anything we could do to

Puss wagged her finger at Max. “Oh you’d be surprised at
what we have in store for those two. But first, I think
that you have a letter?”

“Yes, I do,” said Max as he pulled a paper from his suit
jacket. “I have a letter here from Sam of Taint, South

“Taint? There’s actually a place called Taint?”

“Yes, it says in his letter that it tain’t near nothin’
anyone’s ever heard of, so that’s what they call it.”

Puss looked serious. “Do you think he’s pulling our leg?”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s being very forthright,” said Max as he
broadly shook his head at the audience. “Anyway, in his
letter he tells us that he married his high school
sweetheart, Tess. Things were OK for a while, but he has
a suspicion that Tess is cheating on him. He works the
early shift at a manufacturing plant and she is the
evening hostess at a restaurant. So she’s going to work
just as he’s getting home, and he’s asleep when she
returns. Sam says that his wife seems to be very distant,
even accounting for the difference in their schedules”

“Well I declare, it sounds like good ol’ Sam ain’t
gettin’ ’nuff nookie,” said Puss, in a mock Southern