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The door to the elegant home opened and a well-dressed, middle-aged couple entered. “Oh, Bob,” the woman said, “that was a wonderful dinner, and the bracelet you gave me for our anniversary is beautiful. Thank you so much.” She turned and gave him deep kiss. Bob wrapped her in his arms and smiled. “You’re certainly […]

My Friends the Allens – Familiarity

Jake’s penis stood rough and erect in his lap, and Julie’s fingers played idly up and down, touching the veins and caressing the soft skin of the cap. They moved down to the base of the shaft and encircled it, squeezing gently, and Jake groaned. The flickering light of the video screen played over their […]

Tasting the Exotic!

Sometime after we reached puberty, my sister and I engaged in incestual contacts not so much out of curiousity, but in search of sexual release. We were competitive and proud, so when one of us was trying to get the other “interested”, we didn’t use romance or seduction. We often suggested a role-game, such as […]