Game Show Sex 2.

“I’m sure that’s part of the problem,” Max agreed with a
chuckle. “So we sent one of our ‘Ambush Sex’ hidden
cameras to check things out.” The TV picture changed to
show the view of a typical middle-class living room as
seen through the distortion of a fisheye lens. “We put
our camera in a beautiful antique clock, which Sam put on
his mantle at home. Now this camera gives us the largest
possible view, but it’s not pretty to look at, so we run
the picture through a computer, and this is what we get.”
The picture changed to a more narrow, but distortion free
view. Max continued, “We can manipulate the computer
generated picture to make it look as if the camera was
free to rotate.” As the view changed, Max narrated. “We
start on the left. There’s the front door, and now we go
across the living room – couch, chairs, low table and
television. You can see the corner of a dining room table
in the back of the picture there. And as we get to the
extreme right, you can see into the kitchen a bit and
finally, across the kitchen, there’s the back door of the
house. Now let’s see what happened to Sam and Tess’ one
day not too long ago. We had to edit out video when there
was no action, so watch our hidden camera’s clock. We
start early in the morning.”

As Max narrated, the edited pictures from the hidden
camera rolled on. The digital clock in a corner of the
picture showed that it was six in the morning. A light
clicked on and Sam, clad in only his underwear could be
seen walking into the kitchen. He was so skinny it didn’t
look as if there was anything for his boxers to hang on
to. His hair was tousled, and he needed a shave.
Scratching and yawning, he emerged from the kitchen a
minute later with a cup of coffee. A half-hour later Sam,
now dressed in work clothes, exited through the back

At ten-thirty Tess went into the kitchen. She was wearing
a white bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers. Her long
blonde hair hid her face. A few minutes passed and now
Tess was shown on the couch in the living room, sipping
coffee and reading a newspaper. The phone rang and she
answered. “Hello…hi honey, how’s work?” Evidently it
was Sam calling from his job. Several minutes later the
conversation ended with, “So you’ll be home at the
regular time?…OK, honey…talk to you later…love you
too…bye” Tess sipped her coffee thoughtfully for a
minute and then picked up the phone again.

“Hello, how are you?” she said into the phone. This time
her voice was businesslike, almost demanding. She
snorted, “You’re always horny. I want you to be here in
an hour, see you then.” Tess put down the phone and took
a last sip of coffee. She stood and then walked out of
view of the camera.

An hour had passed according to the camera’s clock and
Tess reemerged. The transformation from a sleepy woman in
a comfortable, but frumpy robe, into a sex-goddess was
amazing. Tess could have graced the cover of any men’s
magazine. Bountiful blonde tresses that fell in curves
and waves to her hips framed her curvaceous body. A lacy
white half-bra supported her heavy breasts. A satin
cincher, that matched her bra, hugged her hips. Garters
held up matching thigh high hose that covered her long,
shapely legs and, to complete her captivating outfit,
white, five-inch mules graced her feet. She was carrying
a thick, white silken rope.

There was a knock and Tess went to the back door to
unlock it. She stepped back as the door opened and a
handsome man in a business suit slipped in. He locked the
door and turned. The man put his hands on his hips, he
shook his head as he said, “My God, Tess, you are
unbelievably gorgeous.”

Tess walked up to the man and wrapped the rope around his
neck. She pulled his face to hers and said with a thin
smile, “Thanks Jeff, now get undressed.”

Jeff disappeared from view. Tess went into the living
room and loaded a cassette into a VCR that rested on the
television; she hit the play button. Moans and groans and
lots of words that you never hear on network television
came from the TV. Clearly, it was a porn tape. Tess
watched as she ran her hands alternately across her
breasts and pussy.

In a minute Jeff came back into the room. He was an
Adonis next to Tess’ husband, Sam. He wasn’t a very big
man, but Jeff was all smooth muscle with chiseled good
looks and perfect hair and a gleaming smile. But Tess
couldn’t be bothered to turn her attention away from the
TV to admire his form. Without looking at Jeff she said,
“Get me a chair.”

“Yes, Tess,” Jeff said eagerly. He scampered across the
room and fetched back a heavy looking dining room chair.

Tess sat on the chair like a queen taking her throne. She
flicked the rope across Jeff’s abdomen and said, “Down.”
The rope was too heavy and soft to do much more than
caress his skin, nonetheless Jeff dropped to the floor as
if he were shot. She pointed to the screen and sneered,
“Why isn’t your dick as big as his?” she said, referring
to a well- endowed male actor on the tape.

Jeff glanced at the actor and then looked up to Tess,
“But Tess, he…”

The rope thudded softly onto his back. “How dare you look
at me?” Jeff’s face hit the floor. “Now come here, I will
allow you to pleasure me.” Jeff crawled between her legs
as Tess scooted down in her chair. She spread her legs
and rested one foot on Jeff’s back. “You may begin,” she

Jeff began to tongue and kiss his way from Tess’ ankle to
the exposed skin of her silky smooth thigh above her
stocking. Eventually, his tongue touched and then parted
the engorged lips of her shaved pussy. “Oh yes,” moaned
Tess, finally showing some sexual emotion. “Fuck my pussy
with your tongue.” He pushed his tongue as far into her
dripping pussy as he could while his lips and even his
nose rubbed and banged into her clit. Jeff’s head bobbed
back and forth faster and faster. Finally Tess threw her
head back and hissed, “Yes, yes…oh yes,” as her pussy
clenched and pulled at Jeff’s plunging tongue.

After nearly a minute of orgasm, Tess’ head lolled
forward. As her eyes focused again, she slapped her rope
across Jeff’s shoulders. “Enough,” she said roughly, and
he immediately jumped back and buried his face on the
floor once more. Tess stood and shook her hair back into
place. She placed her hands on her hips and thrust out
her breasts. “Now I suppose you want to fuck me?” she
said as if he were an ungrateful menial who was asking
way too much for services rendered.

“Yes, please,” came Jeff’s muffled voice from the floor.

“Get in the chair then,” she said, and Jeff hustled to
comply. “Assume the position,” snapped Tess. Jeff pushed
his heels against the front legs of the chair and clasped
his hands behind the chair’s back. Tess took her rope and
loosely tied one of Jeff’s ankles to the chair leg. Then
she ran the rope around the back of the chair and looped
it several times around his wrists. To finish off her
soft bondage, she tied another loose knot around his
other ankle and chair leg.

Tess straddled Jeff’s thighs and thrust her bosom into
his face. Jeff eagerly tongued and kissed and tried his
best to engulf her huge breasts with his lips. He dove
into her cleavage, and then worked his head about
furiously until he pulled back with one end of the front
clasp of her bra in his teeth. He tossed his head
sideways, and Tess’ breasts burst free. Even without the
bra’s support, her heavy breasts stood out firm and
proudly. Jeff renewed his attack on her tits, but this
time he had her stiff nipples to assault with tongue and

All this time, Tess’ pussy had brushed and nudged and
played with Jeff’s cock until its head was a bright red
knob bathed in pre-cum. Tess reached down and guided the
throbbing rod into her pussy and then lifted her legs
onto Jeff’s thighs. Now her entire weight rested on his
hips and legs.

Jeff heaved and rolled and hunched, but it was clear that
he had to move the weight of both their bodies in order
to stir his cock a fraction of an inch. Not to mention
that he could hardly breathe because his face was buried
in Tess’ tits. Sweat broke out on Jeff’s neck and back
and then ran down his heaving torso. Above Jeff’s head,
Tess’ face contorted in an almost continuous orgasm. But
she never made a sound. Apparently, he wasn’t to know how
much pleasure he was giving her.

Jeff strained and gasped for minute after agonizing
minute. His muscles quivered and ached as he sought
release. His primal urge for sex drove him on through the
pain until his thrusting body abruptly went into a
spastic twitching and Jeff screamed, “Gahhhhhh…ohhhhh
God,” as a trickle of cum ran out of Tess’ pussy and
across his balls. His straining body collapsed, exhausted
after his balls emptied.

Tess lightly jumped off his spent body and refastened her
bra, shoving her tits into place. She looked just as
fresh as she had when she’d first answered the door for
Jeff. She whipped off his bonds and said, “Put that chair
back and be sure that you clean it first.” Jeff, who was
still heaving for breath, could only nod. “You may use
the guest bathroom and then let yourself out. It’s not
necessary to say good-bye.”

Jeff stopped his gasping long enough to say, “Yes, Tess.”
The picture faded to black.

Puss and Max reappeared amidst applause and murmuring
from the audience. “Well, well I guess her husband, Sam,
was right,” said Max.

“Yes,” agreed Puss. “Quite a wakeup call for him.”

“Or a great opportunity,” said Max.

“So you think that he should cater to her fetish?” asked

Max smiled, “I’d do a lot for a woman who looked like

“Yeah,” said Puss sarcastically. “I’d like to give you
some of that action.”

“Oh?” said Max. He straightened his tie and rocked back
fort from heel to toe. “I didn’t know that you thought of
me that way.”

“I meant the part about whipping you into submission.”

“Oh,” said Max, looking very disappointed. The audience
broke into laughter and he brightened up. “OK, folks,
we’ll be back with our guests after this commercial

A collage of men in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy flowed
across the screen. An announcer’s voice spoke over the
pictures. “Men, we all love orgasms – the bigger, the
better, right? And what makes for a bigger and better
orgasm? Well, one thing is the amount of ejaculate.

There’s nothing like the feel of great streams of cum
swelling our dicks and then spurting in satisfying
relief.” The screen switched to a view of the announcer,
who was standing behind a low counter upon which was a
display of various medical packaging. “How do you
increase your ejaculate? Modern medical science has the
answer.” He swept his hand over the packages. “Yes, now
we men have Jizaliter, a mixture of natural herbs and
plant extracts that will make any man erupt like a
volcano. Only one capsule a day does the trick.” There
was a sudden close-up of the announcer’s face, he smiled
widely and said, “Hard to believe? Hey, let’s see
Jizaliter in action.”

The scene shifted to show a middleclass living room as
shot from a handheld camera. “We’re in the home of a
typical Jizaliter user,” continued the announcer. The
camera moved through the living room into a den, where a
high backed office chair sat in front of a computer desk.
The chair turned ninety degrees to reveal a totally nude,
well-built young man, who was slowly stroking an
outsized, fully erect cock.

“Hi there,” said the young man into the camera, “my name
is Timmy and I’m here to tell you about Jizaliter.”

“Well, well Timmy,” said the announcer, “that’s quite a
body you’ve got there.”

“Thanks, I’m a professional trainer, it sort of comes
with the job.”

“I bet that huge boner doesn’t come with the job,” the
announcer chuckled. “Now tell us, Timmy, why do you use

“Hey, you know, I got this big dick, but when my
girlfriends used to jerk me off, out would cum just two
or three little globs of stuff. It was embarrassing. So
when I read about this all natural, miracle supplement,
I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try.”

“I see,” said the announcer. “Now, before you give us a
demonstration of the remarkable power of Jizaliter, let’s
do the disclaimer. You haven’t been saving yourself for a
week, or anything like that, in anticipation of this

“Oh, heck no,” denied Timmy. “If I don’t cum everyday,
I feel like I’m going to bust a nut.”

The announcer chuckled once more, “I guess we’re ready
to go then. I see that you’re reading something from the
Internet in order to help stimulate yourself. Mind
telling us what it is?”

Timmy gestured to his computer monitor, “Yeah, there’s
this broad on here that writes real sexy stories. She
gives me an aching hard-on every time.”

“What’s the author’s name?”

“Uh…it’s Leather or Feather something…maybe
Featherfan…something like that. Uh…whatever, she’s
a guaranteed gusher.”

“OK, it sounds as if she should do the trick for you
today.” said the announcer. “Why don’t you go ahead with
the demonstration?”

Timmy nodded, and turned his attention to his computer
and began to seriously masturbate. The television picture
faded to black and then came back full strength to show a
passage of time. Now, Timmy was jerking his cock
furiously, his eyes we’re glazed and his mouth hung open.
It was apparent that he was close to his orgasm.

Suddenly, he grabbed a navy blue towel and held it across
his chest. Jimmy moaned and a blast of white cum shot out
of his cock and landed on his chin. The next explosion
went clear over his shoulder and hit with an audible
splat on the back of his chair. Finally, Timmy got his
surging cock under control and his cum began to land on
the towel. By the time he was finished, there were a
dozen thick streams of jism slowly soaking into the

“That’s amazing, simply amazing,” said the announcer,
with awe in his voice. “Thank you so much, Timmy.” Timmy
waved weakly at the camera. “Proof positive, men. If you
want to have orgasms like Timmy here, then get a supply
of Jizaliter today.”

As the camera showed an array of Jizaliter packages, the
announcer’s now lowered voice droned on. “When using
Jizaliter, it may be necessary to drastically increase
your number of orgasms. The makers of Jizaliter can not
be held responsible for burst or ruptured testes, nor
stains on your clothing and ceiling.”

“And we’re back,” said Max. “Our live guests on today’s
show were recently on one of our sister shows, ‘Fucking
for Dollars’.”

“They were complete strangers, until they met on that
show,” added Puss.

“Yeah, but they didn’t remain strangers for long,” said
Max. “Their hot sex on that show earned them a hundred
thousand dollars. Now let’s welcome them to our show.
Here are Jack and Brigit.”

Jack and Brigit appeared from the curtains behind Max and
Puss. Jack was in his business attire once again, but
Brigit was looking more like a young lady than a wannabe
schoolgirl. She was wearing a maroon sweater set above
navy slacks and black pumps. A bit of gold jewelry
adorned her ears and neck. Max introduced everyone and
they all sat.

“Brigit, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?”
asked Max.

“OK,” said Brigit, brightly. “I was raised by mother in
Nevada. I have a younger brother and sister. I’ve always
wanted to be an actress. My mother wanted me to go to
college at UNLV, but I figured, why not go to L.A.,
that’s where the action is.”

Jack, when asked, revealed that he had lived his entire
life in California. He’d married right out of college,
but his wife had left him shortly after the birth of
their twins, whom she took with her, along with an older

The interview went on with Puss showing excerpts from
Jack and Brigit’s sexual encounter. The audience laughed
when Max did a sports announcers version of their
exploits. “Goalllllll…” he cried, as cum gushed out of
Jack’s cock.

“OK,” said Max, now more serious. He looked at Jack and
Brigit. “You know that we don’t call this show ‘Ambush
Sex’ for nothing. Our crack staff has found someone that
you two have in common.” Jack and Brigit looked at each
other and shrugged. “Let’s bring her out,” called out

The curtains behind the seated couples opened to reveal
a plump, middle-age woman in a severe, gray skirt and
jacket. Her grim countenance matched her suit.

“Helen!” cried out Jack.

“Oh no,” moaned Brigit.

Jack and Brigit turned to each other. “Do you know her?”
they said in unison.

As Helen took her seat, Puss said, “Yes, this is Jack’s
estranged former wife and Brigit’s mother. Helen
Leffsennahuff. And we know what that means, don’t we?
Jack and Brigit are actually father and daughter!”

As the audience tittered and murmured Helen jumped right
in, “Jack, you stupid son-of-a-bitch, you’ve been
committing incest with your daughter on national

Jack looked as if he’d been slapped. “How was I supposed
to know?” he roared. “You left and I never saw you or the
kids again.” He held out his hands in supplication to the
audience, “I sent support checks to a lawyer. I tried to
find my children, but it was impossible.” The mood of the
audience seemed to turn in Jack’s favor. He gestured at
Brigit, who was sitting rigidly in her chair, with a
stunned expression on her face, “How was I supposed to
know that she’s my daughter?”

“You dumb-ass,” hissed Helen. “You knew that your
daughter’s name was Brigit, and she looks just like you.”

Jack growled at his ex-wife, “Well, there must be a
million Brigits in the world, and if she’s supposed to
look like me, then all I can say is: at least she doesn’t
look like you.”

The rhetoric between Jack and Helen went downhill from
there. After they’d turned the world blue with insults
and accusations, Max went into the audience and sought
out their, the audience members, opinions. They seemed to
be equally divided between – she’s right, he’s right and
can you call it incest if you don’t know that you’re
boinking a relative?

Back on the stage, after the audience segment, Puss took
charge. “Helen,” she said, “you have two other children
by Jack, don’t you?”

“Yes, I have twins who are eighteen months younger than

“And what are their names, if I may ask?” said Puss.

“Peter and Jane,” she replied, “and they are the nicest
children in the world. Absolutely devoted to one another,
and not the least bit willful, like their sister.” She
glared at Brigit, who still looked stiff with shock.

Puss said, “Peter and Jane are in our green room right
now. Why don’t we bring them out and see what they think
of this situation?” Puss cocked her head and put her hand
to her ear. She said, “Wait a second, our director is
telling me, through my earpiece, that we have something
of interest to show our viewers. OK…OK…let’s roll
tape first and see what’s happened.”

The picture changed to show a young man and woman sitting
on a couch. They were both staring, wide-eyed, at a
television. Puss narrated over the picture, “This is our
green room, where our guests wait until they’re needed.
This is Peter and Jane, Helen and Jack’s twins. I’ll be
quite now, so you can hear what they’re saying.”

Peter turned to his sister and said, “This Porn-Channel
is awesome. I’m so horny, I can’t stand it.” His sister
couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen. She
acknowledged him by nodding and smiling. Peter arose from
the couch and passed out of camera range. He was gone
only a second though, and when he came back he walked up
to his sister, unzipped his pants and pulled out a very
erect penis.”

Jane glanced at her brother as if this happened everyday
and said, “Now?”

“Oh come on, you love to do it in public places,” said
Peter as he waggled his cock in her face. “I locked the

Jane didn’t reply but she scooted to the edge of the
couch, pulled Peter’s peter perpendicular and penned it
with her pursed lips. Her cheeks hollowed and filled as
she enthusiastically sucked her brother’s cock.

Peter put his hands on his hips and closed his eyes. His
back and neck arched backwards and in less than a minute
his hips were shaking and he was making little gasping
noises as he shot off in his sister’s mouth. He pulled
his softening cock from Jane’s lips and neatly folded it
back in his pants. “MMMM… a quickie, but a goodie, Sis.
Do you want me to do you?”

Jane chewed on a fingernail in indecision for second and
then said, “Yeah.”

Peter glanced around the room, “How?” he asked.

Jane jumped up and said, “Lay down with your head on the

Peter looked confused and then he realized what she
wanted. He lay on the couch with his head arching back
over the couch’s arm. Jane faced away from her bother.
She pulled up her tight skirt until it was bunched around
her waist, and then she pulled her pantyhose down to her
knees. She took a half step back and her pussy docked
smartly with Peter’s eager mouth. Jane rotated her clit
around his lips and tongue so vigorously that it took her
only a couple of minutes to cum. She quietly squeaked,
“Ohhhhheeeeee…” as her whole body vibrated on Peter’s

As Jane put her clothes back into place, Peter unlocked
the door and then they both nonchalantly resumed their
places on the couch. They’d gone from zero to two orgasms
in less than five minutes, and they’d certainly left the
impression that it was something they did frequently.

Back on the stage Max and Puss were standing in front of
some horrified guests. Max smugly said, “Hey, we take ’em
where we find ’em, folks.”

“Unfortunately, we’re out of time for this show,” Puss
interjected. “Be sure to join us next time on ‘Ambush

“That’s right,” said Max as he pointed into the camera.
“Be careful, because next time you may be the victim of
an ambush. Goodnight everyone.”


Bob and Edna were on the couch snoring peacefully. They
hadn’t waited for the bedroom. Bob’s cock hung limply
from his pants, a cum stain spread from the tip of his
flaccid member. Edna spooned against her husband. She was
wearing nothing but Bob’s jacket around her shoulders and
her hose.


Back on the television there was a man with an immense
cowboy hat smiling into the camera. He said, “Hi there,
I’m Buckaroo Billy Joe Jim Bob, but you can just call me
Bubba. I’m your host for ‘Porn’til Dawn’. We’ll have four
X,X,X,X,X…I’m talkin’ X-rated flicks tonight. These
movies are designed to titillate your libido and
stimulate your….