Gaping after college party

I’m going through my clothes deciding what to wear out to the party tonight. Hmm looking at the weather and it’s going to be warm still, so I decide to go with some tighter jorts that I cut off that show off my butt well, but are not skin tight. I threw on a graphic tee and some Vans to complete the outfit. I shoot a text out to the group asking where everyone is. They let me know they were talking about ordering pizza and starting a pre-game in one of the rooms. Luckily it’s down the hall so I ask how to help, but the group lets me know they got lucky with one of the friend’s roommates having a fake ID. That’s very lucky. I ask for a special request in some Lemon Svedka, I love drinking it with lemonade. It goes down smoothly, but I’ll have to be careful. I remember my 18th birthday got a bit out of control because of the same drink… and my ass was sore for a week!

I walked out of my room to go down the hall and while looking at my phone to check the room number, I was practically run over. My phone was knocked out of my hand and after picking it up I finally saw who knocked into me…. the sophomore.

“Well, if it isn’t my puppet,” he said.

I immediately started to blush. “Hi.” is all I could manage.

“haha you had so much to say”, he said before leaning into my ear, “while I was balls deep in you. I believe you said, fuck me harder”

I can’t believe it. We were standing in the middle of the hallway and he was bringing it up. I had to be careful, I could feel my cock starting to get it’s own memory of move-in day and starting to swell. And my ass was pulsing, remembering how hard he laid into me.

“So where are you off to?” he asked. “Oh, just down the hall to catch up with the same group of friends you kept me from!” I replied.

“Well I actually forgot to get your number, although I know where you’ll be living for the next year.” The sophomore then grabbed my phone and punched in his number, then he called it so he would have my number. “Text me when you are on your way back. I’m going out to party tonight, but I’m sure I’ll be looking for someone to end my night with.” He said as a horny grin came over his face.

I decided to submit and let him know what a treat I’ll be later. “Oh I won’t forget to do that,” I said before this time I leaned in to whisper in his ear, “you better save all your cum for me.”

I then walked away from the sophomore and down the hall. I had to walk away quickly because even saying that made me blush… geez, I can’t believe what is coming over me. My ass was already hungry for what he had to give me. I had half a mind to turn around and drag him into my room.

I made it to where the pregame was and knocked. One of the girls let me in and commented on my outfit, saying she loved it. Only half the group I was expecting was there and I asked where everyone else was. They let me know they went for the pizza and booze, so I settled in on the couch and asked how everyone was getting along. We all agreed how nice it was to be out of our parents house now that we were in college and 18 and had a sense of freedom! A few minutes later the other half of the group showed up with the food and drinks. One of the guys handed me a 750 of the Svedka I requested and said have fun with that. I remembered I needed some lemonade to go with it and would have to make a trip to the vending machine. I opted to eat some pizza and have some water first remembering I have to make it to the end of the night. I’ve got a sophomore to unwrap.

We all devoured the pizza and then I went and got my mixer. We hung out in the dorm for a couple hours, everyone getting a good buzz on by playing pong and other drinking games. Finally as the sun was going down, anyone could tell we were a bunch of freshmen going out for our first party night. Gosh what a mess we probably looked like, and the night was just starting! The gang all decided we should get some fresh air and take a break from the games. Everyone grabbed a water bottle and made their own mixed drink to take outside. We went down to the grass lawn outside our dorm to hang out, someone brought a frisbee so we all tossed that around and probably looked like goons with the effect of the boozes. After 30 minutes someone finally got an address. We all ran back up to get another walking drink, then set off for the house party.

We arrived at the party and could hear the bass bumping. We pushed our way inside and probably looked like a bunch of deer in headlights being at our first college party. After a few minutes we found the dance floor and started to dance. I drank my last drink I brought pretty quickly and could feel myself being taken over from the booze. I danced and danced and it was a time. Eventually our group slowly split up, some going to other parties, some staying on the dance floor with me dancing and drinking whatever we could. I finally looked at my phone and we had been at the party for a few hours. I was getting tired from dancing and looking for something else to do…. hmmm maybe it was that time.

I sent a text to the sophomore… “I’m ready to be taken advantage of…”

It didn’t take but a few minutes for him to text me back. “meet me at your room in 15”

I gave everyone an irish goodbye and slipped out the backdoor practically running back to my dorm. I got inside my room and saw another text. “I’ll be there in five, be ready…”

I had just enough time to clean myself up. I quickly douched myself making sure I was nice and clean. and pulling out the douche I pushed a finger in and out a few times. ugggg I can’t wait for that to be a cock. I wiped the rest of me down a bit, and then I heard a knock. I decided to just pull my boy shorts up and leave the rest of my clothes. I answered the door and could barely breathe. He walked in and as I closed the door, “wow you couldn’t even make it to midnight, and already undressed, you really are a slut,” he said as he pushed me up against the door and started making out with me. We stayed there for a few minutes. His big hands were roaming over my body, squeezing me. I was already moaning into his mouth feeling his body up against mine. He worked his hands down to my butt and started to squeeze. “mmmmmm” was all I could manage with his tongue down my throat.

I wanted to really feel his body against mine so started to take off his shirt and then went straight for his belt. “my oh my aren’t we in a hurry,” he said.

“I can’t help it. I’ve been thinking about your cock and cum all night. I want to feel you down my throat.”

“Well I certainly won’t stop you,” he replied. After I got him down to his underwear I went to my knees. Geez, we are barely inside my room, not even to my bed yet and I’m already on my knees. I can’t wait to see how many times he can go tonight. I want all of the cum he has.

I go for his boxers with my teeth and grab the band. I slowly pull them down, feeling his thick cock drag across my face as I uncover it. I get it all the way out and finish pulling his boxers down with my hands. While doing that I run my tongue the length of his shaft, then go straight for his balls. I pull one into my mouth and gently savor it. I get the first moan out of him as he leans into the door over me. I play with the first one and then switch to the second one. After popping it out and feeling his cock grow even bigger against my forehead while doing that, I go to start really pleasuring him. I grab his pulsing cock by the base and immediately swallow as much as I can. I stay there until I can’t breathe then I come up popping it out of my mouth.

“oh my, someone is hungry tonight, that felt like you were trying to take all my cum right there.” he said.

I looked up at the sophomore with his pulsing cock in my hand, “I am” Then I swallowed his head and swirled my tongue around it over and over. He started moaning louder and louder. After a few minutes of savoring his head I swallowed him to the base and started bobbing up and down. Then I felt his hands come to the back of my head and he said, “enough fun for you slut, now I’m in charge.”

I knew what was about to come. I tried to relax as much as possible as he grabbed my hair and started face fucking me. Up and down, I could feel the head of his thick cock hitting the back of my throat over and over. I tried to breathe as much as I could. My own body was so turned on my being taken control of my cock was dripping with pre-cum through my boy shorts. I could feel the head of his cock start to pulse and get even bigger. His moaning was getting louder.

“oh baby. Here it comes. I know you want this.” His forceful face fucking started to lighten up and I was able to pull back to just the head of his cock in my mouth. He began to explode and I wanted to savor it all. I tried to keep as much in my mouth, but he just kept cumming. It was dripping out of the side of my mouth and down onto my chest. After he stopped, I savored the flavor. mmmm. I want to drink his cum every day.

I looked up at him and did my best porn star impression. I showed him what he gave me, and then swallowed it all. “good freshman slut.” was all he said.

“So, shall we go to my bed now?” I asked. “haha. oh I’m not done with you yet,” he replied.

I get up from my knees and we move over to the bed. I pull him on top of me and start kissing him again. He slowly starts kissing down my chest, tonguing my navel, then getting to my tight boy shorts. He pulled them off, admiring the full soaked front of my precum. “Wow, you clearly love having cock in your mouth. Did you cum just having me face fuck you?”

“no, but I’m sure you’ll make me cum several times tonight if I have my way,” I replied.

Hearing that, he starts licking around my balls and slides his hands under my ass. “God really blessed you with this thick butt, or maybe he blessed me.” He lifted my butt into the air and started kissing and licking my cheeks. “turn around, I can’t wait to hear you moan like the slut you are.”

I turned around as fast as I could onto my stomach. He started licking my cheeks all over working, teasing his way into the middle. I could feel him start to spread me apart and then his tongue diving into me. He licked up and down my hole, and I was in ecstasy. “oh my goddd. Please don’t stop.” He kept going and then started to spread me even further while pushing his tongue into me. I could feel his tongue in my hole. “uhhhhhh, please, mmmmmm. This feels amazing. keep going. You can have me anytime.” I couldn’t believe what I was feeling.

He was fucking me with his tongue and I never felt anything like this before. Then I started to feel his finger get closer to my hole and he plunged it all the way in. I had a flashback to when his fist was up my ass and could only hope we got there. He would finger me in and out several times, then dive his tongue back in, licking me up and down and inside. After a few minutes of that, I was going crazy. “Oh my god, you are going to make me cum. Please don’t stop.” I said.

“Go on all fours,” he told me. I pushed onto all fours and he leaned into my ass and his tongue went even deeper, then he reached out to my cock and started pumping me. “uh, uh, uh, I’m cummmminnggg!” He put his other hand on my head to catch as much cum as he could. As his hand fills up and my cock is still exploding, he pulls his tongue out of me, and takes the pool of my cum in his hand and starts jerking his cock with it to lube himself. He’s lubing himself with my own cum to fuck me.

After his cock is nice and covered in my cum, I feel him start to rub the head of his cock on my hole. I’m still coming down from my orgasm, and then he goes full force into me. “ohhhhhhh yessssss daddy. I’ve been waiting for this all night. I want you to bread me.” I hope that gets him going. Next I feel his hand come around and against my mouth. The rest of my cum! I eagerly lick it clean enjoying the taste of his cock and my cum as he starts to slowly pump in and out of me. He starts going harder and harder. Every time he reaches the hilt I moan louder.

“Please daddy, give it to me. Make me your slut. I want you to leave me gaping! I am yours whenever you want.” Did that really just come out of my mouth?

“Oh, is that what you want? I don’t think you are ready” he replies.

“Yes! Please! I want to feel you explode inside me. Please! Harder!” I beg of him.

“If you wish.” Then he starts treating me like a worthless slut. Harder and Harder. I feel his balls bounce off me every time. It feels like he is going to enter my stomach. IN and out. “uhhhh, yessssss. don’t ever stop!!!! You can do this to me whenever you want, your cock is so big. I want to wake up to you fucking me” I tell him.

He keeps pounding me in and out. My eyes are rolling back in my head and I’m starting to fall to the bed, unable to hold myself on all fours. He’d literally fuck me into the ground if he could.

“Uh yes, god I love your ass. I can’t believe I got so lucky. uhhh, yes, yes. mmmm you are about to get what you wished for. mmmmm. yesss. yesss.” he screamed.

Then I felt him. He exploded, breeding my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing every time cum entered my ass. I squeezed my ass, trying to milk it out of him. uhhh, yes, I love the feeling of his cum inside me. He finally falls on top of me, all the way in me.

“mmmm daddy. Thank you,” I barely manage between breaths. “I love how full I feel.”

“You are such a slut! But my slut! I’m going to drop so much cum into you this year,” he says while my ass is still full of his cock.

After a few minutes of enjoying him in me, I started to wiggle around. mmmm. I loved how slippery he felt in me. He wasn’t totally hard, but was still big. mmmmmm if only I could live with this feeling all the time. Cum sloshing around in me, forced up by a thick cock. MY DREAM!

He slowly started to pull out, then push back in, teasing me. mmmm. I wish he could just fuck me over and over. He almost pulled all the way out, then pushed back in. “Where is your slutty little diamond plug?” he asked.

“in the drawer to the left.” I replied. He reached over and opened the drawer. “Ha you would keep it close by.” he mocked.

“Well in my defense it’s not a very big dorm.” I said.

“mhm, sure. Whatever you say you little twink slut.” As he slowly pulled out, he pulled his body off mine. I can’t believe how fast he made this switch. He pulled his now soft cock out, and quickly shoved my plug into me. “uhhhh… I wish this was your cock. Ohhhhhh,” came out of my mouth. He did it so quickly none of his cum spilled out. I still felt a bit full, the plug trapping his cum inside me.

“I want that to stay in there for a bit. Now turn around and clean me.” he demanded.

I pulled myself off the bed and flipped around slurping is cock into my mouth. Gosh, hopefully I can make him hard again and bounce on his cock. I’d love to loads in me was all I could think.

The slut in me took over, took all of his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around it. mmmmmmm. The taste of my ass, his cum, and his cock… and I guess my cum he used as lube made my mouth water. mmmm. my own cock was hard as a rock, dripping pre cum. After a while of me slurping his cock, he pulled me up. We switched positions and he laid down. We began to make out again, rubbing our bodies against each other. His hands were all over my body and slid around to my ass, my favorite place for them to be. He started spinning my plug in my ass causing me to moan into his mouth. His other hand rubbed my cock. He told me to sit up and I did. Then he lunged forward taking my cock into his mouth.

“mmmm yes, daddy. Please. This is amazing.” I said. He was bobbing his head up and down my cock. Once I sat back the plug went even deeper and my cock was pulsing. It didn’t take long, especially after the fucking he gave me, depositing his cum deep in me.

“ohhhh daddy. You are going to make me cummm….” was all I could get out before I exploded in his mouth. He took it all in his mouth. It felt like I came for minutes. Then he did exactly what I hoped he would. He knew I wanted this, without even telling him. He knows I am a cum slut.

He pulls off my cock, and slides up to me. Hovering over me, he slowly lets my cum drip out of his mouth onto my face, He knew he wasn’t over my mouth. He wanted to give me a facial with my own cum. He slowly covers my own face, letting my cum drip out of his mouth. I run my tongue around my face as much as I can trying to drink it. Finally he leans into me with the rest of my cum and kisses me, giving me what I want. Any cum I can get. mmmmm……. He kisses me hard for a minute, then uses then takes advantage of my drunk, ecstasy filled body and turns me around back to all fours. He grabs the plug and roughly starts fucking me with it. In and out. all the way out, then slams it in. My body doesn’t know what is going on for a few seconds before catching up. “uhhhhhhh. yes, ravage my ass. pleaseeeee!!!” finally comes out of my mouth.

His cock must have had enough time to recover, because he ripped the plug out of me and seamlessly switched it with his own tool pushing all the way in. He was so much bigger than my plug that was filling me, I screamed! “Yesss!!!! Make me your bitch!” I yelled so loudly the whole dorm must have heard.

He was as far from making love to me as he could have been. He was brutally pounding me. His rejuvenated cock was ready to go and in action. IN and out, it felt even bigger this time. Every time he went in, I moaned. “oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh.” I was at his mercy on all fours. Finally, he let up…with his pounding, but he wanted more. He pulled out and sat on the bed then pulled me on top to ride him.

It was my time to shine as his slut. I planted my feet and pretended I was Shakira. I wiggled my hips up and down, finessing his cock a few times, then went into slut mode. I bounced all the way up and all the way down. I didn’t stop till I heard him start to moan, then I went harder. I made sure I took him as deep as I could. I wanted him in my stomach. Then I heard him….

“oh baby, oh baby yes your ass is amazing. I want to cum.. yes… yes… mmmmm”

I felt his cock swell. I hopped off as late as I could and slid all the way down, then swallowed his whole member.

mmmm I bobbed my mouth just like my ass. Up and down, letting him go down into my throat. It didn’t take long before he exploded into me. I took as much in my mouth before his seed started leaking out. mmmm it tasted so good, my ass and his cum. I wish I could drink it all day. I swirled it around before swallowing. Feeling his cum slide down my throat was amazing.

mmm.”your cock is the best thing ever” I said between breaths.

“your ass is something else too.” he replied. I slid back up to him and we started making out again. I would have let him fuck me all night but I think his cock needed a break. I turned around to the proper little slut position of the little spook and wiggled till his cock was between my cheeks. If it got hard it would slip right into me, just what I wanted.

“wake me up when you want to fuck me again, I’m all yours. Or just start fucking me and I’m sure I’ll wake up.” I said before drifting off to sleep.