Chained Slave Wife sucking and fucking

Sylvia Kern heard the crunch of the tires on the gavel. Patrick, her husband was home. She felt her pussy convulse, and she glanced hurriedly round the room to make sure everything was in its place. The lighting was soft and seductive, the ropes were out if he wanted to use them, and the padded bench was in place in the center of the carpet. She heard him open the front door.

“Hi honey,” she called.

“Hi,” he shouted. “Any coffee on?”

“Yes, the pot’s on the stove.”

She waited breathlessly while she heard him clinking mugs and opening the refrigerator. It was only a few minutes, but to her it seemed like hours before he opened the bedroom door and came in. Patrick was tall, over six feet, and his muscular body had stayed firm for the ten years of their marriage. Instantly he knew what was on her mind, and he grinned, tossed his jacket over a chair and sat down in another chair, eyeing Sylvia as she got up off the bed and paraded slowly into the middle of the room.

“Did you have a nice evening with John?” she asked sliding a hand slowly into the opening of her long robe.

“Well, the poor fucker’s really in a mess,” said Patrick, easing back in the chair and stretching his legs. “It’s that bitch of a wife of his.” He grinned again and yawned, taking a gulp of his coffee. “Apparently, she’s dressing up in all this seductive gear and turning him on, then pulling away and treating him as if he’s some kind of sex fiend and should be locked up. The poor bastard’s jerking off for relief.”

“You know what she needs,” said Sylvia, so taken with the idea she stopped running her hands over her body. “How about we get them to take a weekend with us and Cindy and Hank? At the cabin? That would break her in. And Cindy said they’ve got a new slave you’ve just got to fuck. How about that?”

Patrick gazed at his wife for a few seconds. “Worth a try,” he said. “Ill call Hank in the morning.”

“Good,” said Sylvia and moved closer to him. “I hope you’re ready.” She began opening the top of her robe. “I was a really bad girl today.”

“Uh-huh,” said Patrick, feeling his cock already stiffening in his pants.

“Yes,” said Sylvia softly, opening her robe the rest of the way and dropping it on the floor. “A really bad girl.”

After all these years, Patrick still gasped as she stood there. Her long wavy brunette hair flowed over her shoulders and her blue eyes were wide with expectation and desire. But it was the fact that Sylvia wore her schoolgirl uniform that really turned Patrick on. She was hot. She really wanted it tonight. The white, low-cut blouse just covered the lower half of her thrusting tits, and the dark-blue straps of her schoolgirl dress just ran over the nipples, keeping them hidden from view. The pleated skirt stopped well short of her knees, flaring out over her taut ass cheeks. Below the dress were her white stockings, matching the blouse and outlining a pair of legs that begged to be stretched open. The high heels she wore accentuated those legs to the point that Patrick wanted to leap out of the chair and ram his cock into her pussy right away, but he restrained himself. He had some work to do first.

“So you were a bad girl, were you?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir,” she whispered, sounding as if she were terrified. “I was a very bad girl, sir.” She gasped at the thought and ran her hands over the short skirt, easing it up as she caressed her thighs.

“So what did you do?” asked Patrick, rubbing his cock in his pants.

“I watched a dirty movie, sir,” said Sylvia softly, her voice trembling, her hands on her waist and running up to the swelling mounds of her tits.

“I see,” said Patrick.

“And I… I made myself come, sir, while I watched it,” said Sylvia.

“That is certainly a very bad girl,” agreed Patrick. He sat up a little in the chair. “We shall have to punish you very severely for that.”

“Yes, sir, you must,” Sylvia gasped, her fingers now opening the top button of her blouse and slipping wantonly in to pinch her hard nipples.

“Take my shoes and socks off,” Patrick ordered.

Willingly Sylvia came forward, knelt at his feet and slipped his casuals off. Then she took his socks off and toned them aside.

“My shin, girl,” Patrick ordered.

“Oh, yes, sir,” Sylvia whispered.

Slowly she worked her hands up his strong body, running them over the stiff cock-bulge in his pants, then over his chest until she was at the open neck of his shirt. She half stood, nuzzling her lips into his neck as her fingers rapidly opened his shirt and pulled it out of the waistband of his pants.

“Did I tell you to kiss me?” he snapped.

“Oh, sorry, sir.”

Sylvia pulled his shirt away and then, on the next order, she knelt again and pulled the zipper of his pants down, opening the button reaching in for his prick. She moaned at the hardness and strength of his cock, pulling it to her hot slick lips.

“Did I tell you to suck my cock?” Patrick asked, his voice full of menace.

“Oh, no, sir, no you didn’t,” Sylvia said, her voice cracking as she moaned again and licked at the tip of his prick.

“Take my pants off and leave my cock alone,” he said.

“Please, sir — let me suck it, just a bit more,” Sylvia begged, her tongue flicking over his cock, her hands on his balls.

“If you don’t stop at once, I’ll start counting, and you get one extra stroke of the whip for each number.”

Patrick leaned back, in the chair and slowly counted to ten. Sylvia kept going crazy on his cock. She was even hotter than he had thought. In fact, she was going to bring him off at any moment.

“Oh, please, sir,” she begged. “Please let me suck you off sir. I was such a bad girl. Then you must whip me till you’re hard again and then have me anyway you want. Please, sir.” She ran her open mouth down the length of his cock until she was licking his balls and her fingers ran up and down his rock-hard fucker. “Please, sir? I’ll be such a good girl.”

“This is your last chance,” he said. “If your mouth goes over my cock once more, that’s exactly what you’ll get.”

With a groan of utter lust, Sylvia worked her mouth back up his cock and took it deep into her mouth again.

Patrick got to his feet and pulled her onto his throbbing prick. His hands wound themselves in her hair and he held her close, letting her mouth work inches on and off his cock. Sylvia murmured deep in her throat and her hands went down to her pussy, sliding inside her panties and working the clit. Patrick threw his head back and pulled her willing mouth right onto his cock, fucking it into her throat.

“Oh, shit!” he shouted, pulling at her hair until his cock was in her mouth to the balls.

“Suck me, you little whore.” He began pulling his prick out, watching as she took in air with great heaving sobs and licked over the head of his prick while she hung onto the prickshaft as if for dear life. Sylvia leaned in, her hair still in his grasp, letting him ram home again until she could feel his cock fucking in and out of her throat. She let her throat muscles work on his cock, tightening, then releasing.

“Shit, am I gonna whip your ass,” he snarled.

“Whip it until I’m hard enough again to fuck it. Fuck that ass of yours, when it’s still red and throbbing. Make you scream, you little whore, make you scream!”

“Oh, yes, sir — yes, I deserve it, I was so bad today,” she gasped. “Oh, come in my mouth, please come in my mouth.”

“Suck,” he said, and pulled her in again. The soft red lips surrounded his cock tightly, forming a perfect circle as her wicked tongue started to work the underside of his cock shaft and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. “That’s right, you bitch.”

Sylvia’s hand went back down to her cunt, but Patrick saw her do it.

“Get that hand back on my cock,” he ordered. “You come by sucking me, or you don’t come, bitch.”

For one desperate second Sylvia let her fingers close over her twitching clit, and that was more than enough. The first pulse of orgasm shot out from her pussy and all over her body. She sucked on his cock, taking it even deeper. She moaned as her orgasm burst harder through her, the sound muffled on his cock. Desperately, she pulled him closer, until her face was flush against his dark cock hair and her throbbing tits could scrape against the stiff hair on his thighs. Again she moaned, working her tits up and down his legs.

Then she felt his cock leap as it always did just before it was about to shoot. He was yelling as the cum burst out of his piss slit to stream out into her hot mouth. She moaned with a final wave of orgasm as the salty cock cream pumped down her throat and she swallowed, again and again, taking it down. But even then, the cum backed up, filling her cheeks until she let some of it escape from her lips and flow down over her chin.

“Oh, yes!” Patrick yelled as his cock fucked in and out of her red lips, shooting cum all the time. “Suck it all down!”

He watched as her tongue flicked out to get more of his jism. Sucking as the slid down, the last waves of her orgasm washing over her, Sylvia took the last shots of cum from her husband. Then she cleaned his cummy cock with her mouth and caught the cum on her chin with her fingers and licked them clean, too. Then she just sat at his feet and looked up at him. Her short skirt just covered the tops of her thighs and her blouse was now open almost to the waist, showing the whole of her tit.

Patrick looked down at her.

“Now get me the whip,” he said. “I’ll teach you not to suck me off before I tell you to.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, and she got to her feet, flicking her skirt so that he could see her panties as she did so.


Sylvia walked over to the closet and came back with the leather whip. It had a short handle, and nine strips of knotted leather reached out about four feet.

“Here you are,” she whispered, and she gave it to Patrick.

“So you finger-fucked yourself to a porno movie,” he said softly, running the thongs of the whip through his fingers.

“Yes, sir,” said Sylvia, spreading her legs and lifting the hem of her skirt until it was clear of the stocking tops. “I watched one about a girl getting raped by four men, sir. Oooohh, the things they made her do, sir.”

Her fingers were inside her panties, rubbing the slick damp flesh of her pussy.

“I see,” said Patrick, watching as his wife worked her cunt back, up into a frenzy. “And how many times did you come?” He flicked the whip threateningly through the air.

“Oh, I don’t know, sir. Lots of times, everytime she came when they shot cum all over her face or into her ass, sir.”

“Bend over the bed,” said Patrick.

Sylvia gasped again and fucked a finger into her pussy before obeying. Their bed was high off the ground, especially for these occasions. The top of the mattress was just at Sylvia’s waist and she bent down over it, spreading her arms out on the cover, her face deep in the soft warm down of the comforter. Her breathing was getting ragged again and her pussy started to run as Patrick slowly walked around the bed, looking at her. His hands moved over her ass, and he slowly eased one of his fingers into the crotch of her panties, still covered by her schoolgirl skirt. With the command of a true master, he slowly fucked his finger into her cunt, making her body roll and twitch at the sensations.

“You horny little bitch.”

His hands pulled at the waistband of her panties, pulling them down, over the stocking tops and down her legs until he made her step out of them. Then he walked away and she stayed there, face down, waiting for whatever he chose to do next. Suddenly she felt the leather thong around her ankle. He pulled her legs farther open and tied her ankles to the stout wooden support of the bed.

Sylvia moaned and gasped and the first spasms of new orgasms flicked around her throbbing little cunt and ran down into her thighs and belly. But Patrick wasn’t finished yet. He walked slowly to the head of the bed, lashing more thongs around her wrists and tying those to the headboard. Then Sylvia was utterly helpless.

He moved closer and flipped the blue skirt up, over her ass to her waist. Now she was totally exposed, her rounded ass cheeks bare except for the small, white panties that concealed very little. They hugged close to the deep cavern of her ass, but he still leaned in and gently slid the sides together until all of the nylon was gathered in the crack of her ass.

“Well now,” he said, and he stepped back, lining her ass up, swinging the whip though the air, letting her hear it. “Such a naughty little girl.”

“Aaaaaghhh!” Sylvia screamed as the whip cut across the taut flesh of her ass cheeks. Patrick lined it up again and lashed down, getting another scream from his wife.

“I’m sorry for all this pain, my dear,” he said softly. “But you have been such a bad girl, I’m going to I have to whip you very hard.” He thrashed the rolling globes of her ass again.

“Oh, yes!” Sylvia screamed. “Oh, God, I’ve been so bad. Oh, punish me, please, punish me.”

She screamed again and again as Patrick settled in and gave her ass a series of hard, regular whippings. Again and again he whipped her until her ass was red, the tortured ass flesh flinching under each impact.

She yelled, her body going crazy under the beating, her ass thrusting up and down, reaching unashamedly for each downward beat of the knotted leather. Her ass cheeks got steadily redder as Patrick thrashed her again and the pain shot all over her body, mingling with the excitement of her rising come, pain and pleasure mixing, the orgasms building to an incredible climax.

But the bastard wasn’t going to let her have her orgasm yet. Patrick knew her perfectly. He watched as her ass circled in the air and she begged for more, begged to be punished for being such a bad girl. Then, as he should have given her another hard whipping, he held his hand, watching as her body tensed for the stroke, then trembled when it didn’t come.

“Oh, please!” she yelled. “Please, I’m going to come, please, whip me, please, please, please!”

Patrick walked to the head of the bed and moved over onto the mattress and sat between his wife’s bound arms. She whimpered and cried, her body held just short of the great climax she wanted so much.

“You told me to whip you until my cock was hard again,” said Patrick. He yanked her head up by the hair again and rammed her mouth onto his prick. “Do you think it’s hard enough yet?”

His prick was as hard as it had been the moment it shot the first cum-load into her mouth. Sylvia rolled her lips round the huge cock shaft, sank it deep into her throat. He pulled her head back up.

“Oh, no, sir,” she gasped. “No, it’s not hard enough yet, sir. It’s all my fault. You must whip me again, please, sir, whip me again.” She groaned and tried to suck his cock again, but he held her head away from it, “Please, sir, please. I’ll do anything, anything.”

Satisfied, Patrick got back off the bed and Sylvia gasped with, new lust as she heard the whip sing through the air and crash onto her ass again. She sobbed, her face in the bed, her ass longing for the new pain he had promised her.

This time he didn’t cheat her. At the top of each upward thrust of her red, throbbing ass, the whip crashed down to add another row of stripes to the soft ass flesh. Her ass cheeks were inflamed and the pain flowed through her entire body, reaching to the tips of her nipples as they rubbed deep into the bed, helping her get herself off. The orgasm grew and grew inside her body, the whip adding new dimensions until it burst deep in her guts, exploding outwards, and she could hear herself in an endless scream of release as the whip peaked each throb of come, raising her higher until she gave one final yell and collapsed on the bed, the tension broken, her body relaxing.

But she wasn’t finished and she knew it. She felt his expert hands running aver her ass cheeks, softly, caressing.

“Now that’s a good little girl,” she heard him say through the haze of her slowly dying come. “I think we can give you a little reward for all that.” A jet of soothing lotion shot over the burning globes of her ass.

Softly, he spread the lotion over her ass. The cool liquid spread over the red ass flesh and Sylvia murmured contentedly as he slowly spread it and worked it in, giving her a wonderful slow massage, kneading the ass flesh until it relaxed and Sylvia lay there contentedly.

Then his fingers took the lotion to the puckered entrance of her ass, and the very touch sent Sylvia into a new moan of arousal.

“I told you to stop sucking my cock, and you refused to. I counted to ten, didn’t I?”

Sylvia mowed and her ass thrust up at his hands again and fucked her asshole onto his creamed fingers.

“Oh, yes, sir — oh, yes!” Sylvia screamed, as his fingers scissored inside her ass.

“Then I’ll have to give you ten strokes of the whip before fucking this little ass of yours, won’t I?”

“Oh yes, yes sir, whatever you think, whatever you want,” she moaned.

She felt his fingers pull out of her ass. Again that very action triggered her body and pinpricks of orgasm ran from her cunt and asshole around the rest of her body.

“One,” said Patrick, and he whipped her ass. Sylvia yelled and heaved on the bed.

“Two. Three. Four. Five.”

“Aaaaggghhh! You fucking bastard!”

“Six. Seven. Eight.”

“You fucking sonofabitch. I hate you!”

“Nine. One more.”

“Fuck you. I hate you. You dirty fucking bastard. Fuck off!”


And Patrick threw the whip onto the floor and advanced on his wife’s bound figure over the bed. He squirted a handful of lotion over his hands and ran it over the stiff pole of his cock. Brutally, he fucked his fingers into her asshole again.

Suddenly he fucked his cock up her ass and Sylvia screamed as his balls slapped against her clit. She wept, her head in the soft comforter, her asshole widened by the hard prick fucked deep into it. He pulled his cock almost out and she moaned and begged incoherently with all the movements he made.

Impaled on his cock, helplessly bound to the bed, Sylvia went into her final and hardest come of the night. His cockmeat deep in her ass guts sent her into utter ecstasy. She fucked her ass on his cock, and he held it there, letting her move as she wanted, her ass muscles sucking and pulling at his prick.

“Oooooogghh shiiittttt!” she yelled, the orgasms exploding through her body, her wrists and ankles pulling at the leather thongs. Her ass became a blur as she fucked herself on his cock, giving herself every last ounce of the satisfaction she wanted. “Oooooo fuck, ohhhh shit!”

She felt his cock heave again and suddenly the cum splattered deep in her ass guts and his hips went wild, thrusting her body harder and harder onto the bed as the cum shot out of his cock and was rubbed into the walls of her ass with each fuck-thrust of his prick.

Her orgasm peaked and went over the top. As his stiff cock lifted her off the bed and held her there while he shot the last of his cum into her ass, she moaned and relaxed, letting him shoot until his prick grew soft and slid out of her ass.

He slowly walked around, his cummy cock twitching slowly down, and made her clean the last of his cum off it with her tongue. Then he released the thongs and she murmured and rolled into a satiated heap on the bed. Very gently, he undressed her, slipping each article of clothing off and then covering her with the sheets and comforter.

“It’s going to be one hell of a weekend with Cindy and Hank,” he said, kissing her face softly.

“Mmmmmmnnnnn,” she murmured. “I’ll have to go into training for that. Promise you’ll help?”

He chuckled, kissed her again, and she fell asleep.


John Akins got home to a very different reception. He put the car into the garage and went upstairs. Sally, his wife, was in their bedroom. She was a tall, statuesque, beautiful blonde, her long hair falling well below her shoulders, wide-set eyes and a full, sensuous mouth. She wore a silken gown and was lying back on the bed, watching television.

“Hello, darling,” she said. “Did you have a good evening?”

“Yes,” said John thickly.

He had drunk too much, as usual. It was the only way he could face his bitch of a wife. He looked at her dully and started to walk toward the bathroom.

“Oh, darling, do you like what I got today?” asked Sally brightly, hopping off the bed. “I think it looks wonderful.”

She opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. Beneath, she wore only a nylon playsuit in blue and black. The transparent blue fabric covered her from her magnificent tits to about six inches above her pussy. There the black nylon strings took over, holding the playsuit between her legs, but open, so that the blonde hair of her cunt taunted him. Black ruffles ran around her tits, but covered nothing. Black straps held the suit in place around her neck.

“Do you like it?” Sally asked, swaying her hips and slowly opening her legs.

“Yes,” said John, and he turned to try and get to the bathroom again.

“Don’t you think it fits nicely over my breasts?” Sally said, coming forward, her fingers on her nipples, playing with them as she closed in on him.

“Yes,” he said, and he tried to escape again.

John’s head was swimming. However many times Sally played this game with him, he always fell for it. Perhaps this time she would give in and let him fuck her. He stood helplessly as Sally came up to him.

“Just look at the way it fits me,” she whispered, close to him, almost touching. “It makes me look so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” John almost shouted, but he didn’t surrender quite yet.

“Oh good, I was hoping you’d like it,” Sally whispered sensuously, and she slowly turned away.

John grabbed for his wife, swung her around to him, planted a desperate kiss on the soft red lips that teased him so unmercifully.

“John!” Sally yelled as if utterly surprised by his behavior. “What do you think you’re doing?” She stood in front of him, looking utterly outraged. “That’s all you want, isn’t it? Sex, sex, sex, that’s all that’s on that nasty little mind of yours. Well, there are other things in life you know, other things that you wouldn’t know about because you’re such a beast. I’m just disgusted with you.”

Throughout her whole tirade, John stood silently, his head lowered, his hands compulsively opening and closing into fists again. His rage burned so hot he didn’t know if he could hold it in. Again and again, in his mind, he repeated his father’s words to him: “Never raise your hand to a woman, bay, never whatever the provocation. Never, do you hear me?”

So he waited until Sally went back to bed, put her robe on and went back to watching the television. Then he went into the bathroom.

When he was gone, Sally laughed to herself and ran her fingers down into her soft little cunt. John was such a wimp, she could do whatever she liked to him. Before long she’d have him begging for every favor, licking her feet for a glimpse of her pussy. She rolled and spread her long shapely legs, allowing her fingers to run over the swollen bud of her clit inflamed from the teasing she had given John. Slowly, she rolled her clit, enjoying the soft rising of her passion.

Soon she’d have John just where she wanted him, make him watch as she finger-fucked herself, then make him jerk herself off while she sneered at him. She would stand over him while his jism shot out of his nasty cock and he groaned helplessly, reaching for her, but never allowed to touch her. Yes, make him jerk himself off, as he was doing in the bathroom now in a frenzy of frustration… yes, make him jack off in front of the mirror, watch his own humiliation as she stood behind him, showing him her body, but never, never letting him get his rough hands on her soft tits or her tight little pussy. The thought thrilled her, sending her higher, working up to a long slow climax.

Her fingers worked on her pussy and one of them daringly slid just inside the warm damp entrance of her cunt, caressing slowly as she pinched her clit gently, spreading her legs farther, leaning back as the first waves of orgasm tore through her.

And then the whole thing took the turn it always did, beyond her control, the fantasy overwhelming her mind whatever she did, however she tried to stop it…

A door flew open. In the darkness, she cringed in the chair she was bound to. The ropes holding her arms tightly and her knees and ankles tied to each side, her legs open. Above her, up a short flight of stairs, stood the figure of a man. An immense, muscular man, silhouetted against the light. For endless moments he stood there, staring down at her. She whimpered and pulled at the ropes, but she couldn’t move.

She realized that all she had on was a torn slip, torn in some previous encounter she could only vaguely remember, but it had been horrible.

Then, slowly the man came down the stairs, one step at a time, pausing at each one. In the shaft of light, he could see her, but still he was only an outline in the darkness to her. He reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Well, my little girl, have you recovered?” he asked in a menacing voice.

He put a light on and she blinked. He was wearing an open shirt and tight leather pants. Pants that outlined clearly the most enormous cock, standing up, reaching to his waist, straining to get out of his pants.

He walked up to the chair, stood arrogantly in front of her. She pleaded for him to let her go, but he just chuckled softly and reached out, pulling the ripped fabric of her slip away from her tits and taking one of her nipples between two of his fingers. She sobbed and then screamed as he twisted her nipple hard, writhing against the ropes until they held her and threw her back. Without any hurry, the man moved to her other tit, running his hand gently over it, pushing the ruined slip out of the way. She wept and pleaded, staring all the time at the huge cock level with her face. The pressure on her nipple increased until she was weeping, her body thrashing in the chair. She was utterly vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to her.

On the bed, Sally rolled, one hand in her mouth where her teeth bit down, holding in the screams of orgasm she knew would otherwise reach John in the bathroom. The other hand worked at her nipple, squeezing it, pinching for all she was worth. She hated herself for this, but she couldn’t stop it. At the point of orgasm, the vision always took over. Always the man in leather, always the huge cock about to violate her. Always.

In the bathroom, John had his cock in his hand and was rubbing away, trying to get some release from the torment Sally was putting him through. One day he would get his revenge on that bitch, one day. But he could dream now, he could dream of getting her… tied up, her arms stretched up above her head, reaching over the beam where they were held securely by leather straps. She was naked, except for the playsuit she had worn to tease him that night. Her feet were just touching the round, held wide apart by more leather straps into ring bolts in the floor. She twisted and turned, begging him for mercy.

He felt his cock get harder as he moved closer to her, her eyes wide, her lips open, tears rolling down her face.

“Please let me go, John, please, and I’ll be such a good wife to you, I will. I’ll get you breakfast in bed every morning. Please?”

He laughed and ran his hand over her jutting, high-nippled tits.

“Oh no, my dear,” he said softly. “Tonight we play a different game entirely.”

“Oh, please… please, no,” she sobbed as she caught sight of the long thin whip in his hand.

He laughed again and ran his hand down to her pussy, grinning as she twisted on the ropes, hanging by her hands, gyrating to the soft touch of her fingers on the blonde hair of her pussy mound, feeling the dampness already spreading there.

“I’ve had enough of your games, my dear,” he said softly. “Quite enough.”

With brutal suddenness he ran his finger up into her cunt, lifting her whole body on his hand. Again she screamed and begged, but he ran his finger around her wet hole far a few moments and then stepped back, getting the whole view of her, the arrogance gone, staring terrified at the whip in his hand.

“Now I’m going to show you what cockteasers get,” he said.

“Oh, please,” she whispered, watching his arm draw back, the whip hanging almost to the floor over his shoulder.

Terrified, she could only pull desperately against the ropes as he suddenly, almost casually, flicked his wrist forward and the leather caressed her tit, the knotted end biting savagely into her nipple. She screamed in agony as the pain ran through her body and the red stripe appeared across her tit.

The whip came at her again, on the other tit. She screamed and threw herself against the ropes as the pain shot out again and the red curving tit flesh showed where the whip had landed.

“Oh, please, please,” she begged, watching as he whipped her again, adding another mark of torment to her tits. “I’ll be good.”

But nothing stopped him. Repeatedly he whipped her, getting back for all the time she had flaunted those wonderful tits in his face and never let him touch them.

John stepped closer, running his fingers over the red and hot flesh of her tits.

“Now you see what you get for teasing me,” he said with no remorse at all. “Beg me to fuck you, or I’ll whip you again.”

“Oh no, please, don’t do that again,” Sally begged, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Then beg me to fuck you.”

“Oh, please, don’t make me… aaagggh!” she yelled as his fingers pinched the throbbing flesh of her nipple.

“Beg me to fuck you.”

“Oh please, please fuck me, please, anything, please… please.”

“That’s better,” said John, taking his fingers from her tits. He took his huge cock out of his pants and held her at the hips, running his hands down and over her spread thighs. Slowly he put the tip of his prick at the mouth of her cunt, working it over the slick flesh, damp from her pussy juices.

“Oh no, please, I’ll be good,” Sally said.

He rammed his cock right up her hot little cunt, until her body was speared on his fucker and the ropes over the beam held practically none of her weight at all.

“Oh God!” Sally yelled, her hips twisting, her cunt muscles sucking on his prick. “Oh please, come up me, please.”

“I fully intend to,” said John with great satisfaction as he rammed his cock shaft up her pussy again.

He eased back down, letting the ropes take her weight again. Then he thrust his fucker back up, enjoying the yell she gave and the new tears on her cheeks. Now he let her hang there and his hand went to her reddened tits, playing with them, sending new surges of pain through her body as he fucked deep into her cunt and bounced her helpless body up and down on his cock.

Sally screamed and her cuntal muscles closed around his cock, working for all they were worth, and the first surge of jism came up from his balls. He shoved her body up again, took the weight as it fell, fucked her as her fingers tweaked her throbbing nipples and his cock started to shoot cum deep into that helpless body, shot upon shot of jism shooting out…

There was cum all over the sink as John held his spouting cock and the last of the cum dribbled out and onto his hand. The pounding in his chest went down and he washed his prick off, cleaned the cum from the sink and threw it in the waste basket. Then he showered and went back into the kitchen.

Sally was apparently asleep in bed, her face away from him. He couldn’t see that she was awake and in a blind fury at herself and everybody else. John looked down at her for a few moments, but then he climbed into bed beside her and switched off the light.

Both of them lay there for a long time before going to sleep.


Cindy lay back and enjoyed the delicious sensations as Monique sucked softly on her hot pussy. Monique was a good little slave, the best that Cindy and Hank had ever had. Slowly Hank pulled Monique up by the hips and ran his enormous cock against the entrance of her cunt. Monique moaned and braced herself on the sofa, waiting far the moment he would ram his fucker into her cunt.

Monique was a tiny girl, only just over five feet tall and built petite to match. Her face was pretty and looked vulnerable, with big dark eyes above a wide red mouth. Her tits were small and thrusting, her waist slim and her ass was tight and rounded above shapely legs. She was a teenager and, when dressed as Cindy and Hank wanted, she frequently looked like a child.

Cindy actually didn’t look that much older, and was ten years younger than Hank anyway. She was a blonde, with a foxy face, blue eyes and a mouth that promised lewd delights. Her tits were larger than Monique’s, but stood out as proudly from her soft white body.

Cindy’s pussy mound gently fucked at Monique’s face, and her long legs held the young girl in place as she gave quiet instructions as to how Monique should use her tongue and lips on her clit.

Hank paused to admire the girl’s ass. His cock tip probed slowly into the hair-fringed fuck hole and Monique gasped, sucked her mouth tighter to Cindy’s cunt and moaned with delight as Hank slowly fucked all the way into her tight pussy.

Hank was a huge man, well over six feet tall, darkly handsome, with a massive chest, strong thighs and a colossal cock. More than one of the slaves he and Cindy had broken in had wept at the sight of his horse cock and pleaded she couldn’t take it all. His cock was a foot long and very thick, so they were bound to be scared, but all of them had taken his cock, every way he told them to. The alternative was severe, indeed.

But Monique had been a good girl that day and didn’t need to be punished, in strong contrast to the day she met them.

She had escaped from reform school, unable to take the cruelty of the staff and the loneliness of the life there. She was determined not to go back, and fate led her to the bar Hank ran in the sleazy area of town, a bar frequented by a variety of people, all of them dangerous to a young escapee who couldn’t go to the police for help.

Monique was worldly wise to an extent, but she was weak underneath — and Hank spotted that the moment she came into the bar, blinking in the dim light after the sun outside. She went to the bar and asked for a drink, hoping they wouldn’t ask her age or demand some identification. A large, but friendly looking man served her at once and slowly walked down the bar to the phone, where he nodded pleasantly to some of his other customers and made a call. Monique reveled in her new freedom. She ordered another drink, and she grinned at the several husky men sitting around watching the ball game.

The alcohol started to go to her head. She was feeling better and better and didn’t notice the police car pulling up outside the bar. She wondered at her cleverness, even as the burly cop came in through the door and the nice bartender converged on her with him.

“Let’s see some ID, Miss,” said the cop, leaning over the bar and looking her straight in the face.

Fear swept over Monique. She was trapped.

“Er… er… yes, officer,” she said hurriedly as she dug into her bag. “I think I must have left it at home.”

“Serious offense, Miss,” said the cop. “Drinking under age. You could get this owner here a big fine and the loss of his license for that.” He leaned over the bar farther and reached in his pocket for his book.

All the coolness that Monique had vanished in that moment. She burst into tears.

“Please don’t send me back,” she sobbed. “And where would ‘back’ be?” asked the cop, his voice sounding almost friendly but his gaze as steely as ever.

“Packard School,” Monique sobbed.

“And why wouldn’t you want to go back to such a nice place?” the cop went on.

“I won’t go back, I won’t!”

“Well,” said the cop, “I think we had better discuss this in the back room young lady.”

Almost roughly, he took her by the arm, the bartender raised the section of the bar and they all went through, then down a corridor smelling of stale beer, to a small room with beer kegs along one wall, a stove and a table and chairs.

It was dark, dark as her room at the school, and only a cobweb-covered window let in any light at all from high on one wall. The bartender switched the light on and a bare bulb swung from the cord as he let it go.

“Well now, young lady,” said the cop, sitting down slowly in one of the chairs. “What’s your name?”

“Monique,” she said, standing in fear, her arms crossed in front of her body, holding desperately onto the bag with her few possessions in it.

“Well now,” the cop said, easing back in the chair and staring openly at her. “You can call me Tom, and this is Hank, the owner of the bar where you just broke the law.”

Monique broke into fresh tears. “Please don’t send me back, please! I’ll do anything, anything if you don’t send me back. And I promise I won’t come in here again.”

She sobbed louder, hoping that would make them sorry for her.

“Well now,” said the cop, leaning his chair back. “I think we can find another way to solve this problem.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, anything,” said Monique, unwittingly sealing her fate.

“I want to make it really clear to you that you don’t drink in bars,” said the cop, a note of menace in his voice.

Monique just stood and sniffled. She couldn’t understand exactly what he was getting at, but, having gone through reform school, she was sure it was going to be something nasty.

“We have our own way of punishing little girls who break the law,” said the cop, swinging his chair back upright and getting up. “It’s your choice little girl — that, or down to the precinct.”

Monique just kept crying slowly and nodded her head.

“So you think we should punish you for what you’ve done?” asked the cop, his voice as hard as his face now.

Monique choked back tears and nodded again.

“Good,” said the cop. “Now drop that bag of yours.”

Monique dropped her bag on the floor and looked up, stifling a scream. The cop was slowly sliding a thick leather belt out of the waistband of his pants, and Monique didn’t have to be told what it was for.

“Oh, please,” she whispered, but he ignored her plea and wrapped the buckle end around his right hand, leaving over three feet of black leather hanging.

“Take your panties off,” the cop said.

The two men watched with glee as Monique reached under her short shirt and slid her panties slowly down her legs and stepped out of them.

“Show us your legs,” said the cop suddenly.

“Oh please,” whispered Monique.

“Show us your legs,” said Hank, moving around until he was in front of the terrified girl.

Monique saw the belt slowly swinging in the cop’s hand. Saw the look of lust on both their faces. She knew now roughly what she was in for, and yet still, that was better than facing going back to the reform school. Very slowly, she reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt, showing them her young firm and shapely legs, all the way to the blonde patch of pussy hair between her thighs.

Both the men whistled in appreciation.

“Hey,” said Hank, “this chick’s got a pair on her.”

“Speaking of pairs,” snapped the cap, “open your shirt, show us your tits.”

All the effects of the alcohol had gone now. Monique’s mouth was dry as she pulled at the top button of her shirt, doing as she was told until her shirt was open to the waistband of her skirt. At a sign from the cop, she pulled it out and let it hang open. Now only her small uplift bra was between them and her tits. Monique unclipped her bra, pulling it around her arms and out of her shirt, dropping the lacy bra to the dirty floor.

“Come here,” said flank.

Slowly Monique walked over to him and he inspected her for a long time. Then his hands went up to her tits and ran gently over them, tweaking the nipples. Monique asked them for a drink of water.

“Hmmmm,” said Hank, his fingers at her nipples. Without warning he twisted them hard, so hard Monique cried out and stumbled against him. “Certainly little girl, a drink of water.”

He left her standing there and went back into the bar. The cop stood silently, swinging his belt. When Hank came back, he had the water and also a smaller glass with a light-brown drink in it. He gave her the water and she drank hastily, aware of the men’s eyes on her body, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Then Hank handed her the other drink. It was some kind of spirits, she could tell that much.

“Drink it down!” he snapped.

Monique slowly raised the glass to her lips and gulped the bitter liquid. It made her gasp and clutch at herself as it burned down into her stomach, but, after a few moments it began to help. The fear in her subsided even further and her mouth felt better. She stood in front of them again and ran her hands over her tits.

“Now bend over that table,” said the cop. The fear in her rose to fever pitch again, but it wasn’t quite the fear of a few minutes ago. Trembling, Monique stepped up to the table and bent at the waist, her legs spread, her skirt covering her just to the top of her thighs as she lay flat on the rough surface, her tits rubbing against the wood. Then she felt a hand flip her skirt up and over her ass until it rested at her waist — and nothing stood between the belt and her helpless ass.

“Now I’m gonna show you what we do to little girls who break the law,” said the cop, and his voice was husky and thick with lust.

For a few seconds nothing happened. Then she heard a slight swish, and a terrible pain shot out from her ass cheeks and up her body. Monique screamed and her body lurched off the table.

“Aaaagghhhh!” she yelled, her legs kicking into the air and her upper body trying to get free of Hank’s strong hands. “Oh, please,” she begged. “Please, anything, but not this!”

“Keep your legs where they are,” the cop warned, “or we’ll have to tic them to the table, and that would make me very angry indeed.”

The belt slammed into her ass again and her screams filled the little room. Monique couldn’t see the glee with which the cop raised the belt each time. She didn’t know that this was the only way he could get his cock up. All she knew was that the dreadful pain exploded through her body again and she screamed, but kept her legs down. She couldn’t imagine what he would do to her if he got really angry.

“Remember, my name’s Tom,” said the cop as he waited, the belt high in the air over his head. “How about you beg me to fuck that little cunt of yours?”

“Oh yes, anything, anything if you’ll please stop hurting me!”

“She’s too fuckin’ easy,” the cop said, and he whipped her red and painful ass cheeks again.

Several more times he threw the belt savagely into her body, and each time Monique screamed and begged him to fuck her.

“I think she needs her mouth stopped up,” Tom said.

“Just what I was thinking,” Monique heard Hank say.

His grip on her shoulders shifted and he came around to her head. And it was then she saw it for the first time — his enormous cock. It was standing out like a menacing pole from his hairy legs. His prick was inches from her lips.

“Open wide,” Hank said, his hands sliding down her arms almost to her elbows as he leaned back, stretching her body harder over the table.

Monique sobbed and firmly closed her mouth. At a nod from Hank, Tom threw the belt at her ass again and she screamed at the fresh agony. But Hank still didn’t shove his cock at her. He just stood there as she sobbed and pleaded for mercy. Tom whipped her again. She screamed, lurched as far as she could and fell back to the table.

“You know when I’m going to stop whipping this tight little ass of yours?” asked Tom, giving her another painful stroke.

“No, no, I don’t know.”

“I will stop whipping your ass when you have licked the last of the cum off Hank’s cock there. And to do that you’ll have to suck it, won’t you?”

He crashed the belt across Monique’s desperately sore ass again and she had a moment of clarity. She remembered what she had told herself at the beginning. Even this whipping and to have Hank shoot his cum-load in her mouth was better than going back to the school. And after this she would be free again. As the next stroke hit her, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Hank slid his huge cock between her teeth. “Suck on it,” he said.

Monique started to suck on the immense fucker that filled her mouth. The belt whipped her again, but now the pain was less and only her hips jumped to the stroke. Hank took his hands off her elbows and reached up to her head, running his fingers though her blonde hair and gently pushing her mouth farther onto his cock. She worked her tongue along the underside of the monster prick, amazed that she wasn’t half as repelled by cock-sucking as she thought she would be. She felt his cock fucking deep into her mouth and the belt crashed across her ass.

She screamed again, but it was muffled by the cock. The pain in her whipped ass had turned to a fire that burned through her belly and down her thighs. Hank rammed his cock in her mouth again and the belt came in perfect time with it. Her throat opened and took Hank’s prick deeper. Again the cock rammed home and the belt whipped her, but now her screams had become a moan, and she worked her head down onto Hank’s cock, sucking at it for all she was worth.

The fire in her ass was spreading and the cock in her mouth was jumping and twitching, and she wasn’t even aware that her throat muscles had given way completely. Hank fucked deep into her throat with every thrash of the whip.

She heard Hank gasp and grunt as her mouth rammed over his throbbing prick. She felt the belt whipping into her ass, but all it did at each pass was to inflame the incredible feeling running through her pussy. She rolled with each stroke, her ass reaching wantonly up in the air for the belt.

Behind her, Tom was sweating profusely as he swung again and again and his cock hardened as he watched the young girl, her ass circling, reaching, trembling far the beating she was getting. He took his cock out of his pants and rubbed it between the fingers of his left hand, thinking all the time about fucking it into her wet little cunt.

Suddenly Monique felt Hank’s cock throb wildly in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” he yelled.

He grabbed for her head, shoving it down on his cock harder than he had ever done before. The belt cracked across her ass again as the first jet of salty cum shot deep into her throat. The combination triggered her body and she went into the most incredible series of heaving orgasms, each pulse coming as a fresh rush of Hank’s cum shot into her mouth and Tom slapped the belt across her ass. Her mouth opened wide as she gurgled with release, sucking and swallowing the cum while Hank bellowed at her to take it all and fucked deep into her mouth again. In a frenzy, Tom kept whipping her ass. Hank’s cock pumped the last of its cum as her ass did the final swings in the air. She fell down across the table, gasping and still sucking at the cock in her mouth.

Tom let her suck on Hank’s cock for a while, gazing in satisfaction at her reddened and throbbing ass.

“Now,” he said, as Hank pulled his cock out of her mouth and grinned, “now I’m gonna fuck that little cunt of yours.”


On the table, Monique moaned and wept, but she didn’t plead anymore. After what she had been through, a fucking was going to be easy. She never saw Tom’s cock, just felt it rub slowly across the wet lips of her cunt. She heard his laugh.

“Little bitch got really turned on by that,” he commented.

“Oh no, no that’s not true!” wept Monique, appalled at the thought that she had come by having her ass whipped.

Tom slowly fucked his cock up into her pussy. Monique had been fucked before but never before had she been so cruelly fucked, over a table, with a whipped ass that throbbed painfully each time Tom rammed his cock right into her cunt. She groaned and wished it were all over and she could get out of there, but Tom took a long time to come. Hank watched with amusement for a few minutes. Monique didn’t know it, but he had already decided she was just what he and Cindy wanted. She saw him leave and was glad of it.

Tom was still fucking his hard cock in and out of her soft cunt, his body forcing her into the wooden tabletop at each stroke. She found herself gasping and trying to stop her nipples from rasping so hard on the rough wood, but he grunted and leaned on her tiny body, forcing her back down. She again began to sob and cry, and the pain from her nipples spread through her body.

Her coming had been an added bonus, ensuring Tom the hardest cock he had had for a long time. He held her painfully whipped ass and fucked in again. Monique felt her cunt muscles tighten involuntarily around the cock shaft invading her body. She moaned again, and with the next fuck-thrust the pain from her nipples on the wood and the pain from his hands on her ass mingled with the pleasure just beginning to come from her fucked cunt. She fucked back at him, trying to get as much of his cock as she could.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Yes, fuck me! Oh, yes!”

Her cunt closed around his cock and Tom began to come. As she felt his cock tighten and begin to pump cum, Monique screamed at him for being such a bastard, leaving her like this before she could come, herself. Tom couldn’t do anything about it. He was gone, his cock leaping in her cunt as it shot and poured the white jism into her until it overflowed her cunt and ran into the blonde hair of her pussy.

“Shut up!” he snarled. “Or I’ll whip your ass again.”

Monique moaned and subsided against the tabletop, letting him come, afraid of getting whipped again. Torn shot the last of his cumload, rested against her for a second, then pulled his cock out and zipped his pants back up.

“Stay where you are,” he warned.

Monique lay still across the table, her legs trembling, terrified of what he might do next. He stood behind her until Hank came back into the room, then he left. Slowly, Monique straightened up to see Hank smiling strangely at her.

“My, you are a mess,” he said. “You’ll have to stay here until the evening bartenders come on and I can take you home and give you a shower.”

“Oh, no, no, that’s all right,” said Monique hurriedly, reaching down and picking up her panties. “I’ll be okay. Just let me use the ladies room and I’ll…”

“Oh, no,” said Hank softly. “My wife is dying to meet a little girl like you. We can’t let her down, can we?” He smiled at Monique. “Now, if you’re a good little girl, we can do this pleasantly. I’m going to lock the door, and you’ll wait in here. If you yell or scream just once, I’ll tie you to one of the chairs and gag you. Understand?”

“Yes,” sobbed Monique, her head hanging, her tears once more staining her cheeks.

It had all been so sordid, and she knew it was going to happen to her again. The desperation that ran through her was mixed with a strange pang of anticipation.

She spent the rest of the afternoon in that tiny room. Hank brought, her food and another drink, and so things weren’t that bad. Then he drove her home, telling her about the bar and how he had won it in a poker game some years before…

That night, Monique was introduced to the true meaning of being a sex slave. She fought Hank and Cindy for hours. She was tied up, had her tits and pussy whipped, and when she still wouldn’t give in, her ass was whipped again, painful though it was.

Suddenly she gave in, not just letting them do as they wanted, but truly accepting that she had orgasms every time they whipped and fucked her. With a great cry of release, she had gone down on Cindy’s cunt, licking and sucking for all she was worth, then licking around until she reached Cindy’s asshole and gave her an orgasm from sucking her ass.

Monique lay back on the bed, sucking Hank while Cindy flicked a small but painful whip over her nipples. Monique began coming as he shot into her mouth, then she got his cock hard again so he could fuck her pussy until she came again. And then he turned her over and fucked her ass. Willingly, she knelt to suck at the two of them as Cindy took Hank’s huge cock up her pussy and they fucked. When they were all exhausted, she allowed herself to be chained to the bed and left to sleep for the night.

In the morning, Monique began to learn some of the rewards of being a total slave. Cindy brought her breakfast and the two of them bathed her gently, relaxing her, bringing her off again in the warm water. Then Cindy measured her and, during the next few days, they fitted her in the clothes she was to wear as their slave. For the days, she usually wore a maid’s costume, cut low over her tits and with a skirt that just covered her ass.

Cindy and Hank were a horny pair, and many times a day Monique found herself sucking Cindy off, or fucking her with one of the enormous vibrators the pair had. Or she would be thrown on the bed and fucked by Hank whenever he felt like it.

And then there was Tom. When he learned that Monique was now a part of the household, he demanded to have a piece of the action. Cindy and Hank were only too wining to let him in on it. Monique grew to almost enjoy his visits.

The ritual was almost the same each time. She would bend over the sofa without a word, and he would whip her with his belt until his cock was hard. Usually that didn’t take very long. Then he would fuck either her cunt or her ass. She was now such a willing little slave that Tom was always done before Monique had really come the way she wanted to. That meant frustration if there was nobody else at home. But she would wait. When Cindy and Hank were back, she would drop a dish or spill the coffee — and she would then be punished and fucked until she had come.

That was why Monique stayed.

She was a pampered pet, given everything she wanted, dressed in exotic clothes and bathed in scented water every day. After a few weeks, she no longer even thought of escaping. All she had to do to get satisfaction was be the slightest bit naughty, and she was punished with the whip until she came again and again and got fucked until she was satisfied.

After a couple of months she was taken out to her first party. Led in with a chain around her neck and dressed in nothing but a pair of thigh-length black boots and tiny black panties, she gasped as she saw the spot lit stage and the metal bar reaching across with the ropes hanging from it. She was tied to the ropes, her feet just touching the floor, her tits thrusting up in the air. She could sense the audience waiting breathlessly. A tall man in a leather mask stepped into the spotlight beside her, a long thin whip in his hands. She gasped and struggled, but he ran his hands over her body, then stepped back and lined the cruel leather up to her body.

The stroke seemed just to curl around her tits, but the knotted tip lashed into her nipple, sending jolts of pain though her body. She screamed as he lashed the other tit, and her nipples stood out, red from the repeat stroke of the whip. The pain in her body was magnified and suddenly as she always did now — she was begging for more, begging for the pain that sent her higher and higher, the whip doing nothing more than contacting her nipples, until she came, gasping and hanging on the ropes.

The man let her down and she collapsed in a heap on the stage. Then she was picked up and thrown into the audience. For the next three hours, she sated the lusts of total strangers. Her body was covered in cum and her pussy and ass overflowed with on, while her mouth was sore from sucking so much pussy and cock.

That was why Cindy and Hank thought she was the best slave they had ever had. That was why they pampered her, made sure that beautiful body was kept clean and in shape for the orgies they wished to use it for.

This night, they were doing nothing more than fucking, though Monique’s ass showed the clear, though fading signs of how wicked she had been the day before, refusing to clean up the coffee she had spilled on the carpet.

Hank fucked his cock slowly in and out of Monique’s tight little pussy and grinned at Cindy as she lay back, her endless small orgasms running through her body as Monique sucked her cunt. Hank was going to take his time, and when Cindy was done he would turn Monique over and fuck her.

Then the phone rang. Cursing, Hank pulled his prick out of Monique and went to answer it. If it was the night shift at the bar, it might be important.

“Oh, hi, Pat,” he said. “No, you weren’t interrupting. No more than usual, anyway. Yeah, didn’t you hear? Fantastic bit of cunt. She’s sucking Cindy right now. Yeah, you’ll love her. Monique. Yeah.” He stopped and listened for a while. “Hey, Cindy!”

“Yeah?” she said dreamily, her orgasms still washing over her.

“How about a weekend at the cabin with Pat and Sylvia? They say they want to break in a friend of theirs, say she’s ripe for it. What did you say her name was?” he asked into the phone. “Sally, and her husband’s John. He needs to learn how to treat a bitch, Pat says. Sound good?”

“Sure,” said Cindy sleepily. “Now tell him to phone later. He’s interrupting my come.”

Hank went back to the phone and talked to Patrick for a while longer. Then he put the phone down and came back to where Cindy had almost finished coming.

Cindy’s pussy rolled slowly against Monique’s hot little tongue and her eyes were closed as she leaned back and moaned softly.

Hank surveyed the two women. Suddenly he had the urge to put Cindy in her place. She could tell Monique exactly what to do, but he was the boss, and Cindy was going to know it. He grabbed Monique and fucked her again, roughly, slamming his prick in hard until she, too, was coming and crying out.

He kept fucking until Monique was satisfied, had come until she was spent. Then he looked at the two of them, both satisfied.

“Okay,” he said. “Now you both bring me off. Double blow-job. Come on.”

He lay on the soft carpet, his massive fuck tool pointing up at them. Cindy called him a bastard, but she knelt with Monique and the two of them kissed each other across the tip of his throbbing cock. Slowly they slid their mouths down, licking every inch of the way, until they reached the base of the cockshaft and started up again.

Hank gurgled with pleasure and he reached up, holding each of them by the hair and guiding her mouth over his hard cock meat. Slowly he lifted Cindy’s mouth until she sank it onto the cock head and tan her teeth over the tip, getting a yell and thrust from him, while he held Monique on the cockshaft, letting her lick the veined underside. He kept them at it for minutes, exchanging one mouth sucking him for the other until he felt the cum surging around in his balls.

Quickly he slid first Cindy and then Monique deep onto his cock, holding their hair, forcing the one and then the other until the cum burst from his piss slit and out over their lips. Still holding them, he moved their mouths over the spouting geyser, watching his cum shooting partly in their mouths and partly over their cheeks and noses. He moaned in long drawn out satisfaction as they took it all. Then he watched as they cleaned each other’s face, licking up cum until they collapsed in a heap across his strong body.

The three of them lay contentedly until Monique got up to get them all a nightcap.


On their way to the cabin, Sally asked John about Cindy and flank.

“I don’t know,” he said shortly.

Sally had put him through nearly an hour of titillation before they set off, asking him which of her many scanty underclothes and nighties she should take. He knew he was heading for another frustrating few days, but still he labored the hope that, out in the country, and in a strange place, she might come across and let him fuck her.

“They’re friends of Sylvia’s and Pat’s,” John said after a while. “I don’t know anything about them.”

“Oh,” said Sally crossing her long, shapely legs and driving him crazy all over again. She gazed out of the window. The cabin was isolated all right, she thought. They had been on the gravel road for nearly an hour and were still climbing along the riverside into the hills. She had only come on this weekend because Sylvia had personally phoned and asked her. It wasn’t really her style, this pastoral, return-to-nature stuff. The very thought made her furious. She stared away from John as he steered more and more carefully along the winding road.

The cabin was at least six miles from its nearest neighbor, and Sally had another burst of irritation as they pulled up. She was barely civil to Hank and Cindy as she was introduced, and she asked to be shown to her room immediately.

The rest of them seemed to take very little notice. They all took John into the main room, with the full-length windows overlooking the valley. He sat down in a soft seat and a young girl in a tiny maid’s uniform came up to ask him if he wanted a drink. He nearly leaped out of the chair in shock.

“This is Monique, our maid,” said Cindy. “Uh,” John grunted, surveying the curvaceous figure of the young girl. The uniform barely covered a pair of small thrusting tits, and it stopped well short of her knees, and the slips under it flared it out until he had a view right up her legs almost to the top of her black, fishnet stockings. “I’ll have bourbon. Rocks.”

“Yes, sir,” said Monique as she turned briskly away.

“She’s a very good maid,” said Cindy casually, leaning back on the window seat and showing John her thighs as she crossed her legs. “Did you find us easily?”

“Oh, yes,” said John, and he thanked Monique for his drink.

“Ah,” said Patrick, “here’s the guest of honor.” It was Sally, finally coming in, dressed in a long robe as if she were already ready for bed.

“Hello,” she said ungraciously. “The rooms here certainly are small, aren’t they?”

“Oh, not all of them,” said Sylvia with a grin at Patrick.

“It’s cold up here,” Sally said. “Couldn’t we have a fire or something.”

“Certainly my dear,” said Hank, rising to his feet. “A fire you shall have, not to mention the something.”

The remark was lost on Sally who merely stared at him and gave a curt nod. John was not only angry but now thoroughly embarrassed. This sort of behavior on Sally’s part had already lost them a great many of their friends, and now she was about to lose them more. They certainly wouldn’t be asked back, even if they weren’t asked to leave. He took a large drink of the whiskey and glowered at his wife, but she just looked past him and ignored everything going on around her.

Hank and Monique were making the fire.

John heard Hank say to Monique: “Oh no my dear, we need you for later, let me do this,” and Monique giggled and got back to her feet and went off to the kitchen.

The remark had seemed very strange to John, and he didn’t get the significance of it at all. Sally didn’t even acknowledge that it had all been done for her. She just pulled her robe around her more tightly as the flames started to flare up the chimney.

Dinner would have been fun, had it not been for Sally ignoring everybody so rudely. She hardly noticed the rise in expectation in the room as the coffee was saved. She didn’t drink much of hers, afraid it might keep her awake. But even the few sips she took made her drowsy and her head began to sag as she yawned and blinked her eyes.

“I really must go to bed,” were her last words as she slumped forward on the table.

“What’s the matter… darling?” asked John, leaping to his feet, playing the good husband to the last.

“Oh, never mind,” said Sylvia, putting her arm through his and drawing him to her. “She’s about to get what she’s been asking for all these years.” She reached up and her soft lips kissed his cheek and lingered there.

John flinched. Patrick was grinning and seeming not to mind that his wife had her hand inside another man’s shirt and was running it over his chest.

Hank and Cindy were lifting Sally’s inert body up from the table and Monique was there, ready to help.

“Well, look here,” said Hank as he parted the robe and saw the slinky camisole top and matching panties that Sally was wearing. “Going to tease you with these later was she?” he asked John.

“Now look here,” John began, but Sylvia kissed him again and ran her hands over the front of his pants. No woman had done that to him in years and the sensation almost caused his cock to leap out of his zipper. “What’s going on?”

“This wife of yours has been a bitch, right?” said Hank, pulling the robe down Sally’s arms.

“Well…” John said, but Sylvia was now unashamedly running her hand into his pants and holding the already throbbing prick. “Yeah, well, sometimes, you know, she…”

“Lets you think you’re going to get it and then she pulls back and tells you you’re a sex fiend and should be locked up,” Cindy finished for him as they got the robe off Sally’s body and Hank lifted her unconscious form effortlessly aver his shoulder.

John gasped as Sylvia knelt at his feet and slowly ran the zipper of his pants down, gazing at him all the time.

“In fact,” said Cindy, swaying up to him as Sylvia reached in and took his cock in her hands, “she does that all the time, doesn’t she?” She reached around and nuzzled his neck.

John watched as Hank and Patrick took Sally into the hall and through a door where they vanished.

“She’ll wake up in less than half an hour,” said Cindy, standing back slightly from John and opening the top button of her own dress.

John gaped. This was too good to be true. It couldn’t be. Cindy was opening another button, and Sylvia had slipped her hot little mouth over the tip of his cock. He moaned and gasped, not daring to look down.

“We want to show Sally how to be a good wife,” said Cindy, opening yet another button, showing the clasp of the quarter-cup bra she was wearing. “Monique, get down there and help Sylvia. That’s a big cock he’s got and it looks as if it needs a lot of sucking.”

In a daze, John watched as the little maid walked over to them, smiled and sank obediently to her knees in front of him. Helplessly, he stared down as she reached up to take the shaft of his cock in her hand while Sylvia slid her hand down to caress his balls. Then the two of them kissed each other across the swollen, head of his cock and their tongues licked out over his prick. The sensations shot up into his thighs and he groaned, trying not to come. It was wrong, disgusting, to shoot into a woman’s mouth.

Cindy walked slowly around until she was directly in front of him. She opened another button, pulling the dress away from her body. Now he could see that the quarter-cup bra was just the top of a tight black corset that squeezed her high tits up and thrust the nipples out at him. The corset stopped just above her navel and from there suspender belts reached down to a set of stockings.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned as Monique slid his cock deep into her mouth and let her tongue run over it while Sylvia licked his balls. “Oh please,” he gasped. “You’ll make me come if you go on like that.”

But Sylvia just ignored him, and both the women kept their soft sucking and licking going. He groaned as Cindy smiled again and opened the last button of her dress and let it slip down her arms and onto the floor. Now she showed him her scanty red-and-black panties and the red stockings he had glimpsed earlier. Her tight little panties hugged her swelling pussy mound and she ran her fingers over it, rolling her hips at him she did so.

“I think it would be a good idea if we girls sucked this gentleman off,” she said. “He looks just too hot, and he’ll be so much more fun when he watches us start on that wife of his.” She moved in, took John’s hand and ran it over her tits, making him feel her aroused nipples. “But before that, you have to promise that you’ll watch us teach that little cunt how to behave. We’ll make her into the best little wife a man could want. If you’ll let us.”

Her tongue swirled around in John’s ear and he thought he would pass out.

The two girls at his feet were still playing with his cock. He was so close to coming he could feel the spunk swirling in his balls. He was being offered a weekend of delights he had only dreamed of before, and he hesitated. It was wrong. He shouldn’t want them to do these things to Sally. She was his wife and he should stand by her. He sighed as Sylvia sucked his cock.

What was he waiting for? Shit, who cared what happened to Sally? She was a fucking bitch and she was going to get what she deserved.

“Okay, you got it,” John heard himself say.

“Just go with Sylvia and watch what we do,” whispered Cindy in his ear as Monique took his cock into her mouth. “After you’ve shot all over these two.”

John groaned as Monique worked the muscles of her throat on his prick, setting him up for what he knew was going to be the biggest come of his life.

“As you watch,” Cindy whispered in his ear, “make Sylvia suck your cock hard again. Make her do whatever you want. Do you understand that?” She ran her hands over his chest.

“Yeah,” he said, though he was far from sure what he was saying.

His balls were boiling as they released his cum. At his feet, Monique held his cock in her mouth, sucking deeply on it while Sylvia licked at the cockshaft and balls. His prick was shooting cum into Monique’s little mouth.

“Ohhhhh, sheeeeiiitttt!” John yelled as the first jet of jizz surged into the blonde maid’s throat and she gurgled with pleasure, working his cock meat frantically with her hands. Milky cum escaped from her sucking lips.

“Let me have some,” Sylvia said, and she almost forced Monique’s mouth away, so that she could share as the salty jism spat out over her lips and cheeks.

She licked and sucked, fucking his still pumping cock into her own mouth while Monique licked the cum off her cheeks. Then Monique leaned in to take more cum as Sylvia eased away. They shared the last of the cumload as John leaned back, letting the waves of his come jerk at his legs and send him into an ecstasy he hadn’t known since he met his cock-teasing wife. And now two women were not only sucking his cock — something Sally would have died before doing — but they were taking all his cum, running it into each other’s mouth, kissing as they licked at his cock, smiling up at him as the last pouring of white jism came out. And he felt a satisfaction he hadn’t know before.

“I’m afraid we need Monique for the moment,” said Cindy, “but she will be available later, and Sylvia will attend to everything you want. Come along now, the bitch will be awake soon, and we wouldn’t want to miss that, would we?”


Sally slowly woke up. She couldn’t imagine why she had been so tired, but at least she was in bed and away from all those terrible people.

She wasn’t in bed! She couldn’t move! Where was she? The room was lit dimly. Her arms hurt, and she was tied up. She was tied up with her arms over something up there, and the broad leather thongs held her so that her feet just touched the floor.

She wrenched against the leather bindings but they only moved with her arms and the strong ropes above them showed no signs of giving way. She flapped her feet, but they could only just touch the thick carpet and her body just swung where it was.

“Let me down!” she screamed.

“Aha,” said a voice.

The lights went on. They weren’t very bright, but they showed Sally the rest of the room. It was large, almost the size of the house. So this was what Sylvia had meant by that snide remark before dinner. Sally wrenched at the ropes and turned her body as far as she could.

Behind her, the room was the same. Everywhere it was soft and padded. The carpet was luxurious, and the walls were covered in the same material. Several large mirrors stood around on stands, and there was one that covered almost the whole of the wall on one side. There were also several pieces of equipment, looking rather like the things in an exercise gymnasium, but not quite the same — bars and padded platforms at various angles. But what caught her attention was the collection of instruments along one wall.

There were whips and bindings such as the ones she had on. There were dildos and vibrators, huge things she thought would split her body in two if anybody was evil enough to try and fuck one into her. There were gags and ropes and thin birch rods, and even Sally could imagine what they would be used for. She gasped in terror and almost fainted.

“So you are awake,” said Hank as he walked into the center of the room and looked at her bound form. “We got the dosage in the coffee just right.”

“Let me down!” Sally shouted, and she tried to lunge at him.

She was really frightened now. Hank was not the Hank who had greeted her at the door. He wore a loose white shirt and the tightest pair of black leather pants Sally had ever seen. And what was worse, the bulge of his enormous cock could be clearly seen.

Hank chuckled and Sally gaped again as Patrick came in to join him. He was still wearing just about what he had when Sally and John had arrived, but there was no mistaking the cock-bulge in his pants either.

“Pat,” she said, “let me down. I demand that you let me down. Where’s John? He should help me, he should…”

“Be having the time of his life right now,” interrupted Cindy as she came up behind Sally, walking slowly into her view. Cindy was dressed in a sexy black corset and red stockings. And she carried a long whip in her hand. She grinned at Sally. “Well, bitch, it’s time you learned a few things.”

“Let me down!” Sally screamed, kicking out at Cindy.

Cindy raised her arm, but Hank cut her off. “No, no, my dear,” he said, “let me do this one.”

To Sally’s horror, he went to the wall and took down one of the thin birch rods. It tapered to only a fraction of an inch around and he whistled it through the air, letting Sally hear the terrible noise it made. With awful slowness, he walked toward Sally.

“You bastard,” she said. “You bastard, you wouldn’t hit a… aaaaagh!” She rolled on the ropes as the birch rod slashed across the cheeks of her ass, sending pain echoing through the whole of her body. “You bastard!”

He raised the birch rod, held it up as she stared at it, waiting until she was crying and sobbing, her eyes fixed on the trembling tip. Then he slashed down again and Sally screamed again and jerked on the ropes. The rod left a thin red line of agony across her ass and her tiny pink panties were no defense against it.

Lifting herself on the ropes, she swung her feet with all she had at him, watching as he leaned easily aside and whipped her ass hard as her body crashed down again.

“Aaaagghhhh, you shit!” Sally screamed as another lash of pain shot through her body.

He raised his hand again and the birch sang through the air and sent more pain shooting up into her stomach and chest. She screamed and twisted on the ropes, her ass beginning to throb with the agony.

“You don’t call me a shit!” snapped Hank. “In fact, you can call me sir tonight.”

And the terrible birch swished through the air again and landed once more on the cheeks of Sally’s trembling ass.

“No!” Sally yelled. Then she screamed again as Hank whipped her ass and her body swung on the ropes with the force of the blow. “Aaaaaagh! No, no! Fuck you!” She was using words she hadn’t used since she was a kid. She screamed again as three more solid blows landed on her ass.

Cindy looked at her closely. “I think it’s time we showed her something she’s going to be doing later,” she said. “And then we can let Monique go and help give John a good time, while the three of us convince this little bitch that she isn’t going anywhere until she gives out.”

At the mention of John’s name, Sally broke into tears. “Where is he?” she gasped. She watched as Hank came around to face her.

“When did you last let John fuck you?” he asked.

“None of your business!” she yelled, and she watched in horror as he walked around and laid the birch across her ass again. “Oh shit!”

“When was the last time you let him fuck you?” asked Cindy now, swinging her own whip and looking just as menacing.

“I don’t know. Aaaaaag!”

Cindy had flung her own whip into Sally’s jutting tits, leaving a mark showing through the thin fabric of her camisole.

“When was the last time?”

“A long time ago. I don’t remember when, honestly. I just don’t remember when. Please stop it, please!” Sally sobbed.

“I’m not surprised you can’t remember,” said Hank, coming around and facing Sally. “It was so long ago. Well, Patrick here reckoned your behavior was bad enough for us all to get together to teach you better manners. And we’re going to. However long it takes.”

“Oh, no, please!” Sally sobbed, tears running down her proud cheeks. “That’s not fair. I just don’t like sex. It’s dirty; it’s…”

“Then why do you tease him with things like this?” asked Cindy, reaching up and running her hands over the lush material of the silk camisole.

“I don’t tease him, I just want to… aaaaaghhh!”

Sally lurched again as Hank put another painful stripe over her ass.

“Why do you wear things like this?” Cindy repeated.

“Fuck off!” Sally yelled.

Cindy reached up, her fingers on the top of the camisole. With one rip, she tore the material right down until it came apart, and she pulled the two halves aside until Sally’s tits were in plain view.

“You cunt!” Sally yelled. “That cost seventy dollars. I’ll make you pay for that.”

Cindy smiled and stepped back.

Sally watched as her arm went back and the whip flashed and cut right across her tits. The pain surged and joined with the agony spreading up from her heavily beaten ass. She moaned and twisted on the ropes, trying in vain to break free. “She’s got a nice pair of tits,” Cindy remarked, and she lashed the whip over them again.

Sally screamed and begged her to stop, but Cindy whipped her tits again, expertly cutting into the tit flesh. Sally’s nipples stood out, taking the brunt of each lashing. Sally jerked and twisted on the ropes until Cindy suddenly stopped for no apparent reason and stood looking at her.

“You have a long way to go, bitch,” Cindy said. “You’re going to fuck and suck everything we tell you to tonight. And tomorrow. But we’ll give you a rest now, show you what’s coming, shall we?”

“Fuck off,” Sally said, and she braced herself for the beating that would follow, but it didn’t come.

Instead, they walked away and left her hanging there, and she suddenly noticed that Monique was in the room, still dressed in her maid’s outfit, but with her hands under the short skin, playing with her own cunt as she looked at Sally.

“Take your panties off, Monique,” he said.

“Oh, yes, sir! Yes!” said Monique as she lifted her skirt and worked her frilly panties down her legs and off. She walked toward Sally, playing with her pussy, grinning at the helplessly bound woman. “Be a good girl, and you get lots of rewards.”

“Fuck off,” said Sally, determined not to give in.

Monique shrugged and walked away.

“On here,” said Hank. “On your back.”

Monique did as she was told, lying on her back on a small platform, padded, and with her head hanging back over one end. Sally watched as Patrick walked to her head and pulled Monique’s legs back until her ankles were well over her head and her body was bent almost double. Monique moaned with pleasure as Patrick leaned down on her legs, forcing her ass even higher into the air.

“Take my cock out,” Patrick ordered her, and Monique reached over her head and unzipped his pants, taking his swollen prick into her hands. “Suck it.”

Sally gasped as Monique smiled and pulled his prick in until it slid between her red, soft lips. Slowly Patrick fucked her mouth, thrusting his hips, letting Monique’s gurgles of satisfaction reach Sally’s ears. Sally watched as Cindy went over to the wall and came back with one of the vibrators.

“This is what good little slaves get,” she said to Sally, moving over to where Monique’s spread legs were thrusting up into the air.

Cindy gently eased the skirt of Monique’s uniform out of the way, up to her waist, until the whole of her young body was open to her. Then she switched on the vibrator, and Monique gave a huge lurch of desire as she heard it.

Sally watched Cindy put the vibrating rubber tip against the soft lips of Monique’s cunt. Monique moaned and sank Patrick’s cock deeper into her mouth as Cindy fucked the vibrator in until it pulsed against the walls of her cunt. Sally became aware that Hank was standing beside her.

“Watch carefully, my dear,” he said. “You have all this coming, and you will beg us for it before we have finished with you.”

There was so much menace in his voice that Sally jerked on the ropes and almost passed out. She moaned and softly begged him to let her go. But already she knew it was futile and she collapsed into tears, watching as Cindy slowly fucked the whole length of the huge rubber cock into Monique. The girl moaned and lunged at the dildo, trying to get as much of it as she could. In horror, Sally saw Cindy run the straps around Monique’s thighs until the vibrator was trapped inside her cunt, throbbing away as Patrick leaned down on her legs, forcing his cock ever deeper into her willing mouth.

Cindy stepped back and swished her whip through the air. Sally moaned, remembering what it had been like. Sharply, Cindy brought the leather down across Monique’s ass, and Monique screamed and sucked Patrick’s cock into her mouth to the balls. Patrick grunted with satisfaction and eased his cock out again. Cindy whipped her slave again, and Monique swallowed his cock, her throat muscles working hard to take the whole of the rigid monster. Behind her, Sally could hear Hank chuckling as he reached out and rubbed her reddened ass beneath her panties.

“I hope you are watching well, my dear,” he said. “That is how to suck a cock, and that is how you’re going to suck cocks before we have finished with you.”

Sally almost told him to fuck off again, that she would never do anything so dirty as to suck a man’s cock — but Hank’s fingers were between her legs and they were doing strange things to her. He forced her thighs open and ran his hand over the stretched material of her panties, just where they covered her hot little pussy mound.

“Keep your legs open,” he warned, “or I’ll whip your ass again.”

Sally groaned and let him touch where he liked. She saw Monique sucking Patrick’s cock right into her hot little mouth and lunging her ass up to meet each stroke of the whip as Cindy flicked it at her. Monique was coming. Sally watched as Patrick pulled his cock back until it was just against Monique’s red lips and he could see her tongue play with the cocktip as her fingers worked his cockshaft.

“Oh, yes!” Monique yelled. “Oh, yes, just like that. Yes, whip me, Cindy, whip me, oh yeeeeessss!” And she took Patrick’s cock into her mouth again and her ass desperately thrust up to meet the downward stroke of Cindy’s whip.

Sally heard Hank chuckle and realized his fingers were inside her panties and working over the soft flesh of her pussy. She flinched in shame as he rubbed her clit and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Getting really damp, aren’t we little girl?” he said. “Could it be that we are getting turned on by what we watch?”

He gave her clit a sharp twist and Sally yelled as the throb of lust surged up into her body.

“You shit!” she yelled. Her body writhed on the ropes under his expert hands.

“Watch, little girl,” Hank said. “When you’re over there like that, it will be my cock you suck. Would you like to see it?”

“Oh, no, please!” cried Sally as his fingers worked on her cunt.

“Very well,” said Hank. “I’ll stop rubbing your pussy.”

His hands went away and Sally yelled as her body heaved up and thrashed around, desperately seeking the satisfaction Hank had been giving it, though she was nowhere near confessing to that.

Hank walked around in front of her. “Do you want to see my cock?”

Sally moaned, seeing Monique screaming and writhing on the bench as she went over the top and came, working Patrick’s cock in her hands and mouth as he leaned even more heavily on her legs, lifting them in time to each stroke of Cindy’s whip. Cindy was now dining her strokes to the pulses of Monique’s orgasm, whipping down at the peak of each one, sending Monique higher and higher.

“Do you want to see my cock?” Hank repeated.

She moaned and her head rolled as the pain in her arms slowly gave way to the hot sensations spreading out from her pussy.

“Do you want to see my cock?”

Sally suddenly screamed with pain as his fingers went to her swollen nipples, still painful from the whipping, and twisted them brutally. The pain in her tits had gone down to meet the pain from her ass and the burning from her pussy, and the whole thing was making her crazy. Her tits seemed to explode as he twisted brutally and held on, sending pain out and back. She saw Patrick suddenly throw his head back and yell, fucking his huge cock right down Monique’s throat while his hips beat in and out and cum spurted first into Monique’s mouth and then over her face. Cindy whipped Monique as she swallowed, getting every last ounce of the orgasm out of her, making her suck and lick until Patrick was utterly spent and his cock couldn’t let out any more cum.

On the ropes, Sally yelled. Her whole being seemed to be concentrated in her sore nipples. Hank worked them, not even asking her the question anymore as she twisted and screamed with each clever twist of his fingers. He kept her coming, working her tits until she twisted in the bonds, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Tears flowed down her face. She didn’t see Patrick release Monique’s legs, or Cindy give her a great big kiss and send her out of the room for something.

All Sally knew was that her body was the center of an earthquake, a throbbing, pulsing orgasm that finally left her weak and sobbing as she rolled helplessly against the leather thongs. She came until Hank slowly released his pressure and worked her down. He didn’t want to exhaust her. He knew now who she was and what she was capable of, and he wanted to use her for the rest of the night. He brought her down, released her from the bonds and let her fall onto the soft carpet. She was still moaning as her body relaxed, and she lay there, utterly quiet.

She had some thinking to do, Hank figured. Give her a while to come around. Then they could really give her a workout.


Behind the two-way mirror, Sylvia slowly eased her mouth along John’s rigid cock until she was just licking the cocktip. She smiled up at him as he stared out at Sally’s crumpled form on the carpet in the other room.

“Shit, man,” he said, “the bitch came.”

“She sure did,” Sylvia agreed, running his rigid fucker between her soft lips again. “Now you know that’s the way to treat her. They’ll let her get over this and then we’ll watch again. You wait for the next round.” She smiled up at him and bit gently down on his cock. Slowly she worked her way up his body until she was hanging around his chest and her mouth was close to his ear. “That’s the way to treat a bitch like her, and that’s the way to treat a bitch like me, too.” Her hand went to caress his cock again.

John couldn’t believe his ears. Sylvia’s hand on his cock almost brought him off again. He had stood in front of the mirror, watching the humiliations heaped on his wife, all the time getting his prick gently sucked and played with by this woman, and now she was inviting him to treat her as they had treated Sally. He ran his arm down Sylvia’s back and caressed her ass cheeks, getting a gasp and hard squeeze of his cock as he did so.

“I’m such a wicked little girl,” Sylvia said softly to him. “I deserve to be punished, hard, punished by a big strong man like you, make me do anything he wants. And everything.”

John had another brief struggle. It was wrong, wrong, his father had drummed into him, wrong to strike a woman in any way at all. Wrong, wrong…

And then the long-repressed memory hit him, came out into the open. He had been just a kid, and heard noises from his parents’ bedroom, got up in the middle of the night, moved along the passage in bare feet, knocked on the door. There had been a strange commotion from inside, and he couldn’t understand it. After a time his father had opened the door and peered out.

“What do you want, boy?” he had asked. And behind him John had seen his mother, half out of her leather bonds, but still with her feet spread and tied to the legs of the heavy wickerwork chair in his parents’ bedroom.

So that was it. Hypocrisy again. Shit, that was the real trouble, that was why he hadn’t been able to deal with Sally, and why he’d married a bitch like her in the first place.

Then he turned and ran his hands over Sylvia’s luscious big tits. “A wicked girl huh?”

“Oh, yes,” said Sylvia, almost coming at the touch of his suddenly commanding hands. He pulled open another button of her tiny little slip and she moaned.

“Well, we shall have to punish that wicked little girl, shan’t we,” he said, taking her nipples in his fingers and pinching them harder.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes, sir — please, I deserve it,” she gasped.

For the first time, John looked around the dimly lit room. Behind them was a huge bed, piled with pillows and cushions. But what he needed was a whip, something like Cindy and Hank had used on Sally.

“Oh, please, sir,” said Sylvia, hugging him closer, gasping in his ear. “There’s what you need at the head of the bed, sir. Just what you need.”

A new surge of lust went through John as he led Sylvia over to the bed and tossed her onto it. She moaned and hugged a pillow into her stomach, lifting her ass. There were thin suspender straps leading down to her stockings.

Hanging at the head of the bed was a whip. A short-handled one, with strips of knotted leather reaching down in a loose bunch from it.

Sylvia moaned again as she saw him bring it out. She hadn’t been whipped since the night they had planned this weekend, and she felt as if she would come just looking at it. She watched as John swung it, seeing how the strands cut through the air. Me was new to this, but already he had a pretty good idea of what to do. He stood by the side of the bed, looking at Sylvia’s face as she gasped with lust, biting into one of the cushions as she waited.

John dropped the whip over Sylvia’s ass, softly, judging the distance, making sure he had it right. Sylvia moaned and turned her desperate face again into the pillows.

Slowly John raised the whip again, over his shoulder, waiting as Sylvia went crazy on the bed, her ass beating up and down, waiting, begging for it. Then he whipped her ass. Hard. A single stroke, down over the heaving mounds of her ass. Sylvia screamed and almost leaped off the bed.

“Oh, yes!” she yelled.

John whipped her again, watching as the knotted leather reddened her ass cheeks. He didn’t notice that his left hand was slowly running up and down his cock. At the top of her next thrust he whipped her again, heard her scream, watched as her ass rammed down into the bed and instantly surged up again, wanting the stroke that came as he whipped again, hitting her exactly at the top of her thrust.

“Oh, shit!” she yelled. “Oh, please, whip me now, make me come. I’ll do anything. Whip me again, please, whip me, whip me, make me come, then whip me again… aaaaaghhhh! Oh, you lovely bastard!”

She went crazy on the bed, leaping up and down as he whipped her. Suddenly she plunged her head into the pillows and a long drawn-out scream was muffled as she came.

It had been too long, she had to come right away and she knew it wouldn’t satisfy her much at all. It was great as the pain reached out, mingling with the orgasm running through her entire body, but it was just a start.

“Turn over,” he said.

And there was a new authority in his voice that thrilled Sylvia — a man’s command to his slave, and not to be ignored. She rolled over onto her back and gazed up at him.

“Open your legs,” he said.

She spread her thighs, showing him the dark mound of her pussy — and the hard bud of her clit, showing between the lips of her cunt. For a moment John was tempted to whip her pussy, but Sylvia’s tits spread invitingly over her chest, the nipples prominent, the tit flesh soft and ready. Slowly he let the strands of the whip brush over the sensitive tit mounds and he moved closer until he was at the edge of the bed, looking directly down on Sylvia. She smiled, her lips parted, the red oval inviting him to spend all his lust on her willing, helpless body.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered as the whip caressed her tits.

“Run your hand down to your pussy,” he said.

“I can think of a better way to do it,” said a voice, and John turned to find Monique standing in the doorway.

She still had her maid’s uniform on, but the skirt was up close to her waist, and she was fucking the vibrator in and out of her cunt as she looked at the two of them.

“How about I take care of her cunt while you whip her tits?” Monique suggested, the combination of the innocent teenaged face and the utter depravity of the suggestion sending further pulses of lust through John.

Monique opened the buttons at the top of her maid’s uniform and showed John her small high tits. “You can whip them, too, if you want,” she said, fucking the vibrator in and out of her cunt.

“Get over here,” said John. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but Sylvia’s hand was on his cock.

“Oh, please,” she moaned. “Please, whip me first, please!”

He looked Monique over, then told her to get between Sylvia’s legs. The little maid slid onto the bed and up, kissing Sylvia’s thighs as she went. Sylvia moaned and held harder to John’s prick and he let her as Monique softly reached out and kissed Sylvia’s cunt lips. Sylvia gasped, her hand almost tearing John’s cock off. Then she screamed as John finally lost patience and whipped her across her soft spreading tits.

“Work my cock gently, bitch, or I’ll whip you till you’re sorry!” he snapped.

To make his point, he whipped her again and the red marks spread over her tits as she screamed and rocked on the bed. Monique sucked on her clit, sending the pleasure to meet with the agony from her red and swollen tits. Her hand clutched convulsively at John’s cock as he brought the whip down again on her tits and they bounced and stretched under the slashing onslaught.

Sylvia moaned and rolled on the bed, the delicious agony flowing from her tits to meet the soft licking Monique was giving her burning pussy. Her hands were still around John’s cock, rubbing up and down on the cock shaft. She was forced to look up at his cock, so long and thick in her fingers, as his arm went back and she saw the whip slashing down once more onto her tits. She yelled, twisting at the pain. And he whipped her again and she could see the lust in his eyes as he slapped the leather down mercilessly, spreading the red pain through her body, sending the first surges of a new came crashing into every tight little corner of her flesh.

Then Monique slid the tip of the vibrator into the lips of Sylvia’s pussy. Sylvia gasped, then screamed with lust as John whipped her again. Her hands worked desperately on his cock, but he held back, enjoying her helplessness. Monique fucked the vibrator in farther and it ran along the walls of her pussy, entering easily on the freely flowing cunt juices.

“Oh, God,” Sylvia moaned. “Oh, God, whip me, please do it again, whip me!”

She saw the whip flashing downwards, closed her eyes as he cut expertly across her tits. At that moment, Monique tucked the vibrator the rest of the way into her cunt and Sylvia came. She lost all sense of time. Vaguely she knew that she was rolling on the soft cushions, begging John for more of the whip, and harder, harder on her tortured tits. The rushes of orgasm careened through her entire body, sending her higher and higher with each stroke of the wonderful whip that John was now wielding with such precision. He was above her, his arm crashing down as her body leaped and her tits spread pain, eagerly searching for more, more pain that would send her higher.

She hardly noticed that Monique expertly tied the vibrator around her hips, leaving it imprisoned in her cunt, then took her legs and spread them, pulling them back as she walked around the bed. Monique’s soft warm body snuggled up behind John as he brought the whip down again on Sylvia’s pleading, leaping body. Monique spread Sylvia’s legs as wide as she could and ran her hot little hips over his ass.

“Now you can whip that little pussy, too,” she whispered in John’s ear as she pulled Sylvia’s legs farther back, around John’s arms, and Sylvia’s well-whipped ass came up higher into the air.

John felt Sylvia’s hands clutching at his cock, but he wasn’t going to let her bring him off yet. He brought the whip down on the soft hairy mound of her pussy and saw it flick onto the clit, already swollen and red between the cunt lips. Sylvia’s screams echoed around the room, dampened by the lush furnishings, but beating at John’s ears as he whipped her wide-open pussy again and some of the leather strands went across the stretched ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhh, shhhiiitt!” Sylvia screamed, her legs going wild, her hips reaching up, her eyes closed as she waited.

John surprised her with another whipping across her tits, then swung down onto her pussy again. The thongs crashed across the end of the vibrator, sending it farther into her cunt until her cunt muscles forced it out as far as the straps would allow it. John sensed she was ready to crash over the final summit and collapse. He could probably hold her just where she was, coming in one endless orgasm, for nearly as long as he wanted. But he was ready to fuck his cock in one hole or the other, and he wasn’t going to exhaust her. He whipped her tits again, then put three extra-hard strokes on her cunt, one after the other, fast.

Sylvia felt her orgasm throw her almost off the bed as she took the final waves thumping through her, sending her into that world where she could only go if she was well and truly whipped by a man who knew what he was doing. Her whole body throbbed with ecstasy as she fell back onto the bed and Monique let her legs go. Sylvia moaned and rolled onto her face, her red and sore tits pushing into the mattress as she fought to keep the feeling running through her. Her fingers were down at her cunt, pushing the vibrator harder into her pussy, her face buried in the pillows as she moaned for more.

Monique stood with John and watched Sylvia writhe on the bed.

“I think she needs her ass fucked,” said Monique, running her own hands over John’s rigid prick. “That’s what I usually need when I get that gone.” She knelt and took his cock into her warm mouth for an instant. “Must make sure it’s hard enough, mustn’t we, sir?”

“Right down your throat,” John ordered, and he gasped with pleasure as the little slave sucked in his cock until his balls were against her chin. “That’s a good girl.” He was looking at Sylvia still moaning and rolling on the bed. “Keep it like that until I tell you to stop, and then you get your little pussy sucked while I fuck her ass.”

Monique murmured with pleasure and took his cock even deeper, that last inch so that her tongue worked lightly on his balls.

“Roll over,” he ordered, and he watched as she obediently turned onto her stomach. “Get your hands away from your pussy.”

“Oh, yes, sir!” Sylvia cried, and she spread her arms out above her head on the bed.

John watched Monique as she licked and sucked his cock to the balls again. He almost came with the sense of power he had, but he controlled himself. He knew already that the master also had to satisfy the slave, and he was going to do that, all right.

“Swing your legs over the edge of the bed,” he said to Sylvia. “That’s right, onto the floor, spread them, get them straight. Get your ass higher. That’s better.” Almost casually, he whipped her ass again, getting another desperate scream of lust from Sylvia. “Now, you are going to suck this good little girl here off, while I fuck your ass. You hear that?”

“Oh, yes!” screamed Sylvia as he cut into her ass again. “I’ll do anything, sir, anything you tell me.”

“Hope so,” said John with satisfaction.

Slowly he pulled Monique’s hot little mouth from his cock, though he made her suck on the cocktip for a few moments. Then he told her to get onto the bed, and eagerly Monique scrambled up and spread her legs around Sylvia’s head, pulling at her dark hair until her face was buried in her crotch.

“Make sure she gives you a good suck,” said John, “or we shall have to encourage her a bit.”

“I think she needs a little, sir,” said Monique. “She’s not really sucking me deeply enough.”

John stood back and gave Sylvia three hard beatings on her ass.

“Oh, yes, sir,” said Monique. “That’s much better sir.”

By now John’s cock was in need of a warm, tight hole to shoot his cum load in. He had been sucked and worked on just enough. He put lotion on his throbbing cock and leaned in over Sylvia’s thrusting body as she sucked Monique’s cunt. Slowly he edged his cock against the tight little hole of Sylvia’s ass, hearing her moan as he pushed it in, just past the first ring of muscle. In one thrust, he fucked right into Sylvia’s ass right up until he could hear his balls slap against her red ass cheeks.

Sylvia screamed, threw herself off the bed and crashed down again, her mouth still held to Monique’s warm little pussy. John pulled his prick almost out of her ass and fucked in again. Then he started a hard regular fucking, his cock almost ready to burst from the tight pulling Sylvia’s ass was giving him.

The vibrator in Sylvia’s pussy stretched the cunt walls and rubbed deliciously against the thin wall separating her cunt from her asshole. To Sylvia, it seemed as if she were being fucked by the two most enormous cocks in the world. They filled her body, the thrust of the rock-hard cock in her ass running along the smooth length of the vibrator, held firmly in her cunt, working its throbbing magic, sending her into the endless come she had always wanted. Her mouth on Monique’s clit worked like fury. Sylvia felt Monique coming.

“Oh, suck it!” Monique shouted. “Suck it! Oh, make me come? Oh, I’ll be such a bitch coming by being sucked, you’ll have to punish me for that, sir, won’t you?”

That sent John into orgasm. His cock had been teased and handled by these two chicks for just too long. His cum burst out into Sylvia’s ass as she yelled and, rolled, her own come breaking over the top into that release she could only get most of the time from the pain of leather on her ass or pussy or tits. The two women clutched and held each other and John shot wad after wad of his hot cum into Sylvia’s ass, leaning back, fucking as deep as he could. Her ass heaved back to take his sock deeper and deeper.

Finally, they fell exhausted across the bed and Sylvia felt John’s cock slide out of her asshole, and Monique undid the straps of the vibrator and cased that out of her satisfied cunt. She lay there, in the luxury of blissful satisfaction and heard Monique as she smoothed her maid’s dress down and got off the bed.

“I think you should let me give you a nice warm bath, sir. Then we’ll be ready to get that wonderful cock of yours hard again while we watch them train your wife to be as obedient as she should be.”


Sally stirred on the soft carpet. Her ass and tits still ached from the whipping, but it was a strange warmth now, almost caressing her body. She looked up. Hank, Cindy and Patrick were ignoring her, stretched out on a sofa and chairs, watching a video. Sally took a more careful look as she heard them chuckle. She was horrified. On the video, there was Sylvia, bent over a sofa and it looked like the sofa Cindy and Patrick were on — sucking Hank’s cock while Cindy whipped her ass.

Sally looked around desperately. She had to find a way out. All she had to do was get to one of the cars and get away, tell the police, have them all arrested. There had to be a door. She saw it, behind her, half hidden from the others by one of those horrible pieces of sexual apparatus.

Slowly and quietly, Sally wormed her way across the floor toward the door, looking back at each moment to make sure the others were still engrossed in the dirty movie. At the door she took one more look and reached for the handle.

“It’s locked,” said Hank, not even looking behind him. “You can’t get out, bitch.” Slowly he got up from the chair and turned toward her. “Come over here.”

Sally tried the door, but he hadn’t been lying. “Fuck off!” she shouted. “You can’t keep me here. I’ll tell the police when I get out, have you all mated.”

Hank just laughed. “Come here,” he said.

Sally swore at him again.

“Don’t make me come and get you,” he warned.

“Fuck off, you bastard! Fuck off!” Sally screamed.

“Your last chance,” said Hank, and he picked up the birch again.

Sally looked at it and went weak in the knees. She remembered the pain of it only too well, but something else was working in her. She didn’t know what it was, but it shook her body, and her pussy was damp… and she suddenly saw the man at the top of the stairs again, outlined against the light, coming slowly down until his enormous cock was inches from her face and she was gasping for breath.

“Fuck off!” she yelled at Hank.

Brutally, he grabbed her, spun her around and flung her over to a low bench, padded and with a bar above it with leather bindings hanging from it. Cindy and Patrick were there as her helpless body reached it.

“She gets what Monique got — with some changes,” Hank said and the other two grabbed Sally and flung her on her back across the bench.

She screamed and struggled, fighting for all she was worth as they took her hands and bound them tightly to the sides of the bench. Then they took her ankles and pushed them over her head and lashed them to the bindings hanging from the bar. Cindy and Patrick pulled the bench, stretching her arms out and forcing her head back so that it hung over the edge, just about level with Hank’s knees. He stood over her, legs wide apart, and he had one of those dreadful knotted whips in his hand as well as the birch.

“Jack her up,” said Hank.

Sally found the bench rising under her bound body, lifting her face inch by inch up closer to that enormous cock of Hank’s where it stretched the leather of his pants.

Not only was she getting closer to Hank’s cock, the bar holding her legs was not moving upward as well. So her legs were being forced closer and closer to her body, her ass was being forced higher and higher, and Cindy and Patrick were spreading her ankles as her legs came down, exposing her even more.

“That’s enough,” said Hank.

Sally whimpered and struggled in futile rage as an extra leather belt was laid across her hips and tied down tightly, so that she could hardly move at all. Then she felt hands on her panties, pulling at them.

Hank snapped: “No! Leave them until she begs me to tear them off.”

“You bastard!” Sally screamed. “You fucking cunt, let me go, let me go, you… you fucking sadist!”

“Oh, yes,” said Hank. “You got it, baby, you got it, but I know how to choose. Every slave I break in learns to love it — and you will, too.”

“Fuck off. I won’t… never, never, never! Fuck off!”

Hank just chuckled again. “First I’m gonna give that great little ass of yours some warm-up for being a bad little slave,” he said. “And then we’re gonna whip that pussy of yours, and other places if we have to, until you beg us to tear those seventy-dollar panties off you and fuck you whatever way we like.”

Sally heard the swish of the birch. She screamed and wept on the bench, her head rolling, her body feeling each tiny prick of the pain that shot out from her ass cheeks.

“Next time I tell you to do something,” said Hank, getting another scream as he cut across her tender ass flesh again, “you will do it right away. Got that?”

Hank brutally whipped her ass in a series of hard solid blows. Most of the twin globes of her ass were still hidden by the silk panties, but the reddened and glowing flesh that could be seen was crimson. Hank sensed it was time to lay into her hard. His arm went back and he thrashed the rod over Sally’s ass flesh again and again in a frenzy of lust.

Something was happening to Sally. Every thrust of the whip hurt as much, but the pain now spread in softer waves, out from her whipped ass and over her body, mingling with strange sensations coming from deep in her cunt. Things were triggering down there, new feelings, sending juices through her pussy, making her moan with lust. Now the pain from the birch was almost gone, and each stroke fed the fire in her body, made the walls of her cunt spasm, trying to get hold of something big and hard that should be up there.

“Oh, fuck,” she sobbed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Her head rolled off the edge of the bench, her body went crazy and… her ass was reaching for the whip… it couldn’t be, she wasn’t like that… she was… oh, God, she was!

“Oh, yes! I’ll do whatever you want!” she suddenly screamed. “Anything!” She was coming helplessly, driven to insane lust by the whip.

Hank stopped whipping her, which got a desperate scream from the bound woman, her body contorting as her orgasm broke in midstream, needing the whip to feed it.

“What is it?” Hank asked, his fingers running softly over her ass.

Sally moaned, her legs heaving against the bar.

“Is there something you want, little girl?” asked Hank.

Sally moaned, but she couldn’t give in, the horrible suggestion he was making to her. “Fuck off.”

Hank laughed and stepped back. He tossed the birch aside and took the nine-tailed whip in his hand.

“Now for that little pussy of yours,” he said.

His strokes were expert. Standing directly behind Sally, he flicked the whip exactly into her spread pussy, still just hidden by the thin silk panties. To Sally, it was as if she were falling down an endless pit and suddenly the leather landed in her pussy and sent her skyrocketing up again on the wings of a new pain. Her screech was already different.

Hank was whipping her at the center of her desire, laying the knotted leather at the point that could release the full force of her come. By the third stroke she was berserk, rolling and moaning, her legs trying to spread wider for the whip. At her side, Cindy held Patrick’s cock and worked it slowly as they watched the performance, Hank’s arm throwing the whip into Sally’s cunt, and Sally moaned with each blow. She lay there, her eyes closed, her body submitting utterly.

“Just beg us to tear off these panties — and fuck us how we like,” said Hank, giving her another severe beating.

Sally’s pussy was burning. Each stroke of the whip added to it, and the fire spread over her entire body, mixing with the horrible feelings of lust from her pussy until she couldn’t deny it anymore. She was having an orgasm. It was horrible for her. It was disgusting, to climax from the feel of a whip. It made her one of the mast terrible women in the world. She was a pervert.

She screamed as her come broke all over her body, a long scream that couldn’t be disguised, reaching extra heights, sobbing until she felt her lungs would burst as Hank whipped her in one continuous circular stroke.

“Oh, yes!” she heard herself yell. “Rip them off me, do what you like to me! Oh, yes, oh, do it, oh… aaaaggghhhh! Shit, fuck, shit!” This time, Hank whipped her until she reached the end of the come. But he didn’t give her any respite. He walked back to her head and stood very close to her wide-open mouth.

“I believe Patrick wants your cunt,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck this cute little mouth of yours, and then you’re gonna give Cindy here a nice long suck and I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

Sally moaned at the prospect, feeling hands on her last defense, her silk panties. With one great heave, Patrick tore them, but it took several more severe pulls to tear them right off.

“Well, you sure whipped that ass,” said Patrick, looking at the almost uniformly reddened ass flesh. He slid his pants to the floor and ran his hard and throbbing cock over the wet, slippery entrance to Sally’s cunt.

Sally, her head still thrown back, her eyes looking up into Hank’s crotch and the enormous cock-bulge in his pants, gasped as she felt Patrick’s prick then gasped again as Cindy knelt beside the bench and ran the zipper of Hank’s pants down and reached in for his cock. Sally felt a surge of fear and she gurgled deep in her throat. The cock was huge, standing at least twelve inches from base to tip, and so thick Cindy couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it.

“See that, bitch?” Cindy said. “I can take it all down my throat. Can you?” She smiled and opened Hank’s pants and pushed them down his legs. “I hope so. I will whip you till you do.” She grinned at Sally’s staring eyes and led the huge cock right to Sally’s open mouth.

Sally let the cock slide in, beyond her front teeth until the engorged cocktip was at the back of her mouth and working slightly in and out. She knew what she had to do, but she hardly cared anymore. She was at a pitch of fuck lust she hadn’t known existed. Patrick slowly fucked his cock into her cunt, and she moaned around the monster cock stretching her cheeks out. Her throat muscles opened a little and Hank fucked in deeper. He eased back and slowly rammed his prick in again. He hadn’t come that night yet, and when he did, it was going to be a dandy. Sally felt Patrick fucking her cunt and she had a sudden burst of shame. What would John think of her, tied up like this, sucking a cock and being fucked by another man at the same time? The knowledge of being so helpless, and the shame that her husband might even be watching it all, might even… might even be fucking… no, he wouldn’t… but where was Sylvia? And where was Monique?

Monique was sitting on John’s cock as they all watched Sally getting her double fuck. Sylvia sucked gently on Monique’s cunt and John’s rigid cock. They had already changed places several times. John was proving himself a stud of no mean proportions. He could fuck each of them until they came on his cock, and hold his own come in, waiting, enjoying the different cunts and mouths that worked on his prick. He lay back, already planning what was in store for Sally when he got hold of her. Monique suddenly went into spasms again, fucking up and down on his cock as she came for at least the sixth time that night.

“Oh, sir,” she said, falling back against him. “How many more can you give us?”

John chuckled and lifted her off his cock so that the eager Sylvia could get on. Sylvia moaned as she fucked his cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh, Monique,” she whispered. “Whip my tits. I need it to come this time.”

She gasped and moaned as John took her arms and held them behind her back so that her tits were pushed forward for the small thin whip Monique was pulling out of the stand against the wall.

Sally took Hank’s cock even deeper in her mouth. Patrick was fucking her pussy, and the combined sensations were bringing her rapidly to another come. She still didn’t want to admit it. She was turned on like never before by being abused.

Again and again, she moaned as Hank pushed his huge cockmeat into her mouth, then pulled back. And a tiny drop of fluid oozed out of the cocktip and over her tongue and, for the first time in her life she tasted the salty pre-cum from a man’s cock. It wasn’t so bad… it was better than she imagined such disgusting stuff would be. Suddenly, she realized Hank was going to come in her mouth. Shame and fear ran through her again. The cock sank deeper and she felt it throbbing now, and she was sure that was the sign that all that jism that she washed disgustedly out of her tender little cunt whenever… the few times she let John fuck her… was going to pour out and he was going to [missing text].

Hank shot his first load of cum into Sally’s throat. Sally gurgled as he rammed his prick in and, to her horror and disgust, another great orgasm hit her. The cum shot out so deep in her throat she couldn’t even taste it.

“Suck it all, bitch!” he yelled.

And then he pulled back so that the white cum flowed out over Sally’s tongue and into her cheeks as he grabbed her head, holding it firmly as the pulses of his jism filled her cheeks. Sally found herself swallowing compulsively to take it all in, and still shots of cum squirted past her lips and down her cheeks. She hardly felt Patrick shoot into her pussy, she was so busy with Hank’s great cock, trying to take it all and adjust to the taste, of the cock cream running wild in her hot little mouth. She was also hardly aware that Hank, with one great thrust at the height of his come, fucked his cock right into her throat to the balls and let several more shots fly before he eased back and made her lick and suck the last drops of cum from his prick.

Patrick poured the last of his cum-load too, and both of them stepped back for a long look at the moaning, bound figure on the bench. Cindy knelt down beside Sally and licked at Hank’s cum still sticking to her cheeks. When she captured the spilled cum, she took it to Sally’s mouth and the two of them shared it until it was all gone. Sally was too surprised to protest. She had never done anything so intimate with a woman before, but she was in such a swirling haze of excitement she didn’t care what was happening anymore.

At the next thrust of John’s whip, Sylvia came, begging him for more until she collapsed across the cushions. Still, Monique sucked at his cock like the prefect little slave she was. About the only hole he hadn’t fucked was Monique’s ass, and that seemed a fitting end to the evening.

Without a word, he picked her up and slung her over the back of the sofa, much like Sally was pinned in the other room. In one fuck stroke, he rammed his prick into her ass, making her yell and thrust back for more. On the sofa, Sylvia turned slowly over and engaged Monique in a long soft kiss as John’s cock fucked in and out of her ass. Monique’s hand went down and caressed Sylvia’s cunt, and Sylvia murmured in appreciation and spread her legs.

Sally slid her mouth deeper and deeper onto Patrick’s cock, feeling it throb. She wanted cum in her mouth again, lots of cum. She wanted men to shoot jism all over her, whip her, use her as they wanted. Hank’s immense cock fucked back into her ass, sending more incredible waves of pleasure through her. She was going to take it all, every last wonderfully perverted whipping and fucking she could get.

Hank shot his pulsing cum-load up her ass and Patrick a few moments later gave her another wonderful mouthful of cum. In the other room, John shot his cum-load into Monique and she made Sylvia come again with her fingers in her cunt.

Then they all went to bed and Sally fell asleep knowing that when she woke up, she was going to have to prove what a good little slave she was… to John, her husband.


In the morning, Sally was awakened by Monique and Sylvia. They gave her a shower and took her into the kitchen for breakfast. Nobody else was there and Sally ate alone, waiting for what was to come. Neither of the other women spoke to her much, just put the food and coffee in front of her, then took her back to her room when she was finished. There, she sat for a long time, watching television.

Occasionally she heard noises and tried to peer through the heavily barred windows, but she couldn’t see anything. She inspected her ass and tits in the mirror and was amazed at how fast the marks of the whippings had vanished. Sally had a good, tight and hard body, and had kept it in shape, particularly to tease John, and now it was paying her a different dividend. Her tits were as creamy white as they had been the moment Cindy first put her whip across them, and her ass showed only the faintest signs of the birch, despite how hard it had been beaten.

She stood in front of the mirror and remembered how it had been — and she started to get aroused again. Her fingers played with her tits, then roved down to wander in her blonde pussy hair, over the thrusting bud of her clit and… she stopped herself. She knew she was going to have to go through a lot more today and, despite the excitement that thought brought to her hot little cunt, she restrained herself. She wanted to be hotter than hall for the confrontation.

It was the afternoon before the two women came to get her. They opened the door and came through, several pieces of clothing in their arms. They told Sally to stand up, then sprayed perfume all over her body, examining it, making sure it was ripe and ready for the long session ahead.

“Put this on,” Cindy said as she threw a tight black corset at Sally.

The corset fitted under Sally’s tits, thrusting them higher than ever, the nipples clearly in view. Behind her, Monique tightened the laces until Sally’s already-slim waist was pinched in and almost painful. Now her hips spread wider below the bottom of the material and her body assumed an hour-glass shape.

“Good,” Cindy said. “Now, the boots.” Monique brought out a pair of high-heeled, shiny black boots. The boots fitted Sally’s legs like a second skin, and ran up almost to the tops of her thighs, only inches from her pussy, where they were tied with thin laces that also pinched her uncomfortably. Again Cindy stepped back to take a look at Sally.

“What do you think?” she asked Sylvia. “Panties or not?”

Sylvia considered the question. “Yeah,” she said at length. “I bet John’s going to whip her, and he’s bound to like it with panties on. They always do. Then they can do it again when they take them off.”

So Sally was fitted with a pair of tight, pussy hugging black panties. All the time her breath was going excitedly. The treatment of her as an object — a slave about to be thrown out there to satisfy the lust of her master — was almost more than she could stand. She hoped they didn’t notice how wet her pussy was, or how she trembled with desire.

“The gloves,” said Cindy.

Sally found herself filled with a pair of mesh, silky gloves that came well above her elbows, the thin material caressing the sensitive skin of her hands and arms. Finally, Cindy fitted a studded leather collar around her neck and attached a chain to it.

“There,” she said, “I think you are ready now.” They led her out of the room and down into the den where she had been through so much the night before. Sally trembled at the sight of the ropes and the bar that had held her feet for the punishment she had taken. The three men were sitting around watching a porno video, drinking whiskey and chatting.

“Here,” said Cindy, throwing Sally at John. “Here is your slave.”

Sally could see that John’s cock was already hard from watching the movie, and she trembled with new lust as he slowly walked around her, examining her body.

“We have some catching up to do, don’t we my dear?” he said.

“Yes, sir,” said Sally breathlessly.

“Over the beam,” said John.

Sally thrilled to the new command in his voice. She moaned as her arms were stretched up and again she hung by them, but this time with her whole body desperate for the thrills to come. John walked in front of her, the ninetailed whip in his hands.

“First I’m going to punish you for all the times you cock-teased me,” he said. “Punish you until Monique and Sylvia make my cock come. Then you’re going to get my cock hard again while Hank and Patrick here fuck you any way they want — and then we have a special surprise for you.”

“Oh, yes! Yes, sir!” Sally breathed softly, her tits heaving up and down, the nipples rising and falling above the corset.

In one quick movement, John flicked the whip over Sally’s exposed tits, drawing a moan and a great heave of her body on the ropes.

“Come here, Monique, and Sylvia,” he said. “Take my pants off.”

Both of them went to their knees and slid the zipper of his tight pants down before taking them off. Sally gasped.

She had never really looked at John’s cock closely before. It was something she just didn’t do. His prick was big, almost as big as Hank’s, and she couldn’t believe that monster was what had gone up her pussy the few times she had allowed him to fuck her. His cock stood out menacingly from his loins. Almost casually, he whipped her tits again, drawing a cry from his helpless captive. Meanwhile, Monique and Sylvia both kissed his cock, running their willing mouths up and down the cock shaft.

On the ropes, Sally moaned and gasped again. The sight of two other women sucking her husband’s cock — one of them dressed in a bra, panties and stocking set, the other, Monique, in a tight fitting leather skirt and transparent top — was almost too much for her. The whip slapped onto her tits again, and this time she cried out in pain and her body writhed around on the ropes. Again John whipped her tits and the pain began to spread down her body to mingle with the lust spreading out from her wanton pussy.

Monique slid John’s cock deep into her throat, sucking on it while Sylvia worked his balls and cock shaft. Holding Sally’s lust-filled gaze, he drew the whip back again and let her tits have it, in a series of heavy blows. Sally screamed now and begged, not for him to stop, but for him to whip her harder. And that almost sent John’s cock out of control. With an effort, he stopped himself.

“What do you want, bitch?” he asked.

“Oh, whip me! Whip me, please. Please!” Sally swung on the ropes, her arms extended, her tits thrust forward desperately for the whip that didn’t come. Sylvia almost pushed Monique’s mouth from John’s cock so that she could get her own lips around it. She sucked his prick deep and worked her tongue over the underside of the cock shaft, hearing him murmur with pleasure as he looked at his wife, hanging from the ropes and pleading.

“Oh, please, I’ll do anything you want,” wept Sally, going berserk as John still held his hand.

John grinned and lashed her across the heaving domes of her tits. Sally begged some more, and John let her have it, lash after lash on those jutting arrogant tits of hers. Sally jerked on the ropes, thrusting forward for the whip, begging all the time for more, and John couldn’t hold out against it. The sight of his formerly untouchable bitch of a wife, heaving on ropes tied over a beam and begging him to whip her as hard as he could, coupled with the sucking he was getting from Monique and Sylvia, sent his cock spurting cum.

As he felt the first shots of cam shooting out of his prick, John swung the whip around and ordered Sally to open her legs. Instantly she did so, gazing at him with such adoration that his cum shot into Monique’s mouth with double the intensity he ever thought it could. He thrust the whip upward, between Sally’s legs and into her vulnerable pussy. She screamed and her body spasmed in orgasm as he whipped her clit again, sending the surge of lust up through her body to join the pain still running out from her tits.

Again and again, Sally screamed in release as John whipped her between the legs, and she spread them farther to get every last inch of the knotted leather. His cum spurted out into Monique’s mouth and then into Sylvia’s as they changed places, and then over their lips as they shared his cum-load. He whipped Sally again, and she yelled in one last great jolt of orgasm and hung on the ropes, her body still twitching.

“Take her down,” John said, and he held the two lovely heads at his cock while they took the last of the white oozing cum and licked it up.

Hank and Patrick took Sally as she moaned in delicious agony and threw her over the sofa. Sally’s boots were so tight she could hardly bend her legs, and she sprawled on the cushions until John came back around and heaved her up to face him once more.

“Now you get my cock hard again,” he said. “And Hank and Patrick are going to fuck you, in the cunt or ass, and if they finish before you get my prick hard again, I’ll whip you until it is hard — and you can suck the ladies off. You’ll have to do that before the night is out, anyway.”

“Oh… oh, yes… please, yes,” sighed Sally as she hung on his strong arms and her whole body went limp.

She moaned softly as John sat in the soft chair and pulled her head down to his cock. The boots prevented her from falling to her knees, and so she had to bend steeply at the waist to get her mouth over the tip of his prick.

For Sally, it was the first time she had sucked her husband’s cock. It was something she had thought she would never do — and now she wanted him to have the best blow-job of his life to shoot his cum-load in her mouth. Slowly, she slid her hot red lips over the cock tip, her gloved hands reaching far the cock shaft.

John held back a bit. He wanted to have this moment just to the two of them, and the rest of the people in the room understood. They watched as Sally bent farther, her body held in the tight corset that pushed her tits even higher now that she was bent double at the waist. Her rounded ass cheeks with the tiny black panties rose in the air as her mouth went down. And her legs, stretched out to perfection in the high heeled boots, directed all the lust in the room to the point where they met at the reddened curves of her ass. Slowly, Sally took more of John’s cock in her mouth. His prick was heavy and slightly sticky from the cum it had shot, and she rolled her tongue over the surface, getting his prick hard almost instantly. But neither of them paid any attention to that. John would tell Sally when his fucker was hard enough, and tell her everything else. Another great thrill of submission went through her.

“Fuck her ass,” said John suddenly.

Sally sank her mouth to the base of his cock. “You got it,” Patrick said as his hands went inside the thin material of her panties.

Another surge of almost unbearable lust went through her as he ripped her panties apart with one heave and stood back, surveying the tight little ass and the long legs in their shiny black boots. As Patrick’s cock rubbed gently against the puckered entrance of her ass, Sally groaned and sucked John’s cock even harder.

In one long slow heave, Patrick fucked his cock into her asshole, and her ass muscles tightened convulsively around his cock, sucking at it’s rigid length as hard as her mouth sucked at John’s cock. Patrick drew his cock back out, then slammed it in hard, feeling her ass muscles tighten on his fucker as she moaned and sucked on her husband’s rock-hard prick.

“Almost a pity she hasn’t been whipped,” Patrick commented as he fucked in again.

“Wait,” said John with a grin.

He pulled Sally’s head closer onto his cock and lay back to enjoy all the sensations. He wasn’t going to come for a while yet, and everything he wanted Sally to do she was going to do before then. Patrick fucked away in her ass and Sally felt the new pulses of orgasm rising in her body. Her moans got louder as the huge pricks rammed into her helpless body and her burning ass walls took the fucking and sent her over the top. She rammed John’s cock into her mouth until her tongue could lick at his balls, and he was grunting and holding her head as orgasm after orgasm came over her at the double fucking she was getting.

Suddenly Patrick threw his head back and yelled as the warm thick cum poured out of his cock and deep into Sally’s ass guts.

No sooner had Patrick slid his satisfied cock out of her ass than Hank rammed his enormous fucker in. Bent as she was, her body in the grip of an endless orgasm, she felt her ass walls stretch, and the sensations rise another notch. She sucked John’s cock, willing it to come, wanting him to come in her mouth. Hank’s rough ass-fucking forced her farther and farther onto John’s big prick.

“Shit,” John said as he realized that, despite all his intentions, he was going to shoot in her mouth. “You little bitch!”

Sally knew what was to come, and that gave her pounding orgasm another lift. Her mouth closed tightly around his cock. Her ass muscles spasmed around Hank’s fucking cock and she kit him lose control and start to shoot inside her ass. As the cum spurted from both men’s pricks, Sally went crazy with joy. She was getting them all off faster than they had ever been taken before. She might be the slave, but each time she submitted further, the men were more and more helpless in her hands.

That realization sent an orgasm ripping through her — more powerful than any she had had before, and yet, she knew it was only the start. Those orgasms still to come were going to be even better. She sucked up the cum spurting from John’s throbbing cock shaft, drinking it down, trying to taste every wonderful salty drop, wanting him to go on shooting cum forever.

Slowly, Hank’s massive cock softened and slid out of Sally’s ass, and John’s cock softened as Sally moved her lips over it.

“That was a naughty girl, wasn’t it?” said John.

“Yes, sir… oh, yes,” whispered Sally, her mouth still on his cock, her hands in their black mesh gloves caressing his prick into new life.

“That’s better,” said John, still speaking gently, but with a wonderful new menace in his voice. “I was going to fuck you next, but we will have to get my cock hard again, won’t we?”

“Yes, oh, please make them whip me until I get you hard again, sir,” Sally pleaded. “And then fuck me.”

“But then you get a double whipping,” said John, playing with the soft blonde hair that fell around Sally’s face and over his hips. “Because they are going to whip you while you sit on my cock, until you make me come. So it was very silly of you to bring me off like that, wasn’t it?”

Sally groaned in pure fuck-lust, settling any doubts John might have had about the kind of woman she was now.

“Oh, yes, sir. Yes, that was very bad of me. You must punish me very severely… very severely.”

And her soft red lips sucked on his cock, he leaned back in utter bliss and nodded to Cindy.

“Punish her,” John said.

Cindy grinned and went over to the wall to get the heavier whip. She ordered Sylvia to get Hank’s cock hard again and Monique to work on Patrick. The two girls cleaned off the men’s slimy cocks and ran their soft hands and lips over them, feeling the first surges of new arousal, particularly as Cindy was lining up Sally’s ass. She lashed across the ass cheeks, and Sally twisted and moaned. John reached down and took her nipples in his fingers and twisted them at each hard lash of the whip. For nearly a minute, Cindy whipped Sally’s ass until it was a red mass of heaving flesh as it had been the night before. Then she stopped.

“Oh, no!” Sally screamed. “Give it to me! Please, please, you lousy fucking bitch, give it to me!”

By this time, John’s cock was hard again, but she wasn’t going to point that out. She wanted more pain in her body to send her over the top. She didn’t see Cindy take a pair of heavy paper clamps out of a drawer and hand them to John. They were the type with tight metal jaws that could be pulled open with handles to snap onto the sheaves of paper and then snap shut. Sally didn’t notice as John lowered them beneath her body and held them open around her thrusting nipples.

“Oh, please,” she still moaned. “Please whip me, please give it to…”

Cindy crashed the whip into her ass and John let the paper clamps snap closed over Sally’s nipples. Sally’s scream echoed through the room. The cruel agony in her tits slammed back to meet the pain throbbing up from her ass where Cindy threw the whip in to meet every thrust of the tortured ass globes.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!”

Then her mouth went down deep on John’s hardening cock as Cindy brought her to yet another wild orgasm that sent the whole of her body out of control. She moaned, screamed and sobbed as the whip gave her release. John’s rising cock fucked deeper and deeper into her mouth. The terrible pain in her tits sent her into new moans of arousal.

John took the clamps off her tits as his cock got as hard as he wanted it to be. Sally didn’t know whether to thank him or plead for more, so she just moaned and sucked at his cock as it fucked into her throat and waited for what he would do next. Slowly, he pulled her head back and smiled into her lust-filled eyes.

“Sit on my cock,” he ordered.

He picked her up, carrying bet over to one of the benches, where he lay on his back. Sally slid her cunt onto his prick, fucking it deep into her pussy and falling across his hard body kissing his neck and his face until she reached his mouth. There she stayed, her mouth against his as she promised him that she would be the best little slave, best little wife a man could ever want. She felt his cock get even harder in her cum as she offered herself, and then her voice was cut off by a new scream of exquisite agony as the birch landed across her ass cheeks.

Her pussy muscles tightened around his cock as the pain spread out. She flattened her body closer to him, sending her ass higher with each stroke of the birch. If John’s cock had been any softer, Sally’s pussy muscles would have squeezed it out of her cunt. She no longer felt the individual beatings of the whip. She was flying higher and higher.

Before she brought John to climax yet again, she had a vibrator rammed into her ass, so he could feel the throbbing length on his cock through the thin wall between her fuck holes. Her ass burned. As John started to shoot into her pussy, he let the paper clamps slam shut on her nipples again, purely to feel the added tightening of her pussy muscles around his cock.

Her body became a sea of pain and she felt the deep orgasms she had never even dreamed she had in her, rising to the surface like monsters, driving her out of her mind. Suddenly she knew she could get whatever she wanted from men, because she could take anything they handed out and still beg for more.

John yelled and fucked his cock deep into her pussy as the final pulses of his climax died away.

Then they took Sally and sat her on Hank’s cock, her legs spread wide around him still unable to bend, while Monique held her arms behind her back and Cindy whipped her tits until the paper clamps fell off. Sally screamed endlessly and fucked up and down on Hank’s huge hard-on until it shot its load of cum. Then they put her down onto Patrick and again it was her ass that took the whipping as her cunt closed around his fucker. Sally still begged for more even as Patrick loosed his own cum-load, and she screamed in the final vicious beating of the whip and fell across his body, satisfied.

“Shit, man!” said John.

Sally knew the extent of her power for the first time. By this total submission, she had gained the most incredible power over them all. The same kind of power that Sylvia had over Patrick. The same power that Monique, in her quieter way, had over Cindy and Hank.

They, the slaves, could give the masters what they needed, and the masters would give the slaves everything they wanted in exchange for that sense of power. But it was the slaves who had the real power.

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