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How Diana overcome her shyness

Diana loved visiting her Master at his apartment, even though it terrified her. The ritual she was required to perform before she was even allowed to knock on his door was nerve-wracking and humiliating. It was also almost unbearably arousing and never failed to make her pussy soaking wet. Which was the whole point, of […]

College Girls

Marla held her roommates pink panties in her trembling hands, turning them inside out to reveal the stained crotch. She fixated her eyes on a brown streak which ran from the crotch up 2 inches towards the back. Just minutes ago, she had watched Kim, her roommate, pull the panties off of her body as […]


The college had originally been built between a leafy wood and an open plain; a sizable stream ran practically past its door. The first students used to paddle in those crystal waters, giggling as tiny fish brushed against their ankles. Now the college is jammed between a Cantonese restaurant and a used car dealership; such […]