Gen and Jonnie had swung before

Like Babs and I, Gen and Jonnie were a committed lesbian
couple. Babs worked with Gen at the gym. Gen was one of
the personal trainers and built a lot like me, tall,
muscular, and very butch. Gen flirted with my little dear
constantly. I could see where Babs might like her.

Jonnie was a cutie. Short and thin with long brown (almost
black) hair and dark brown eyes, she piqued my interest.
I especially liked the dark black, leather collar around
her neck, symbol of the relationship the two women shared.

We had had dinner out with them twice before. Both times,
the evening ended at clubs comfortable with our life style.
Gen danced with my Babs. I got her little Jonnie. I loved
the way the girl shivered as we danced with my hands
feeling her compact ass.

After that last get together, I gave in to Bab’s request
and let her arrange a dinner at our place. Both Babs and
Jonnie wore frilly, feminine dresses. Gen had on a blouse
and jeans. I was wearing work pants and a men’s dress

The girls retreated to the kitchen to prepare the meal.
Gen and I shared conversation over drinks, mostly trading
stories of our past experiences. Gen and Jonnie had swung
before, and while I had done a little swapping in my wild
days, I had never shared Babs. Part of me had been
surprised when she suggested we try it.

As we discussed our small talk , Babs and Jonnie came out
hand in hand to tell us that they were ready to serve us
dinner. The meal went quickly. As the girls cleared the
table, Gen and I waited for them in the living room. They
soon joined us.

I got up when they entered. I took Jonnie’s tiny hand in
mine and pulled her away from Babs. I told her to go with
Gen to the guestroom. A pout formed over Babs’s face. Gen
laughed as if at a joke.

“If she wants Jonnie first, let her,” Gen told her. “I’m
sure you and her’ll get a chance to be together before the
evening is done.”

Jonnie looked over at her mistress. Gen laughed again.

“Go with her, Jonnie.” As we left the room, Gen shouted
out behind us, “make sure the bitch enjoys her *little*

I was planning it, Jonnie was blushing when we arrived in
master bedroom. Forcefully, I spun her to face me. I
grabbed a handful of her long hair.

I yanked it down. Her head pulled up. Her mouth opened
from the pain and in surprise. I covered it with mine,
sliding my tongue inside.

She responded appropriately; she sucked on my tongue. Her
tongue caressed it like it was a piece of hard candy. I
felt Jonnie’s hands move up to the shirt buttons.

Through our long kiss, she undid each button until she
needed to untuck my shirt to finish. When she reached the
last button, I released her hair and broke the kiss.

I took the back of her head in my palm and pushed her face
into my exposed breasts. She took a nipple in her mouth
and began to suckle.

Her fingers reached for my belt. Without much hassle, she
got it unbuckled and worked my pants loose. I shifted my
hands to her shoulders and pushed down with a firm

She slid down to her knees, taking my pants down with her.
When they reached my ankles, I stepped out of them.

For a long moment, Jonnie stared into thick dark patch of
my pubic hair. When it had passed, she looked up at and
smiled at me.

“Turn around,” she said to me.

I let her gently guide me so I faced the king-sized bed
that I shared with Babs. I let her gently bend me over, so
that my ass was thrust into her face.

She gently kissed my nether lips. Slowly, she licked and
sucked at the essence of what made me woman, working me
into lather. At the cusp of my release, her tongue slid

It made contact with my ass, and I shivered. With a
whimper, I buried my head into the bed covers. Her hands
parted my buttocks, and she worshipped this most dirty of
dirty places, for several minutes.

When my whimpers turned to moans, her mouth moved away. I
could barely hear the almost nonexistent rustle as she
removed her pretty dress. I turned my head so I could take
in her petite body. Jonnie’s chest was smooth and flat,
capped by small felt-tip sized nipples. I let my gaze move
down her flat, hairless tummy to the wiener sized
projection between her legs.

I froze, and in that instant, Jonnie’s hand took hold of my
neck. With more strength than I’d have guessed, he held my
body against the bed. I watched silently through wide-open
eyes as he maneuvered behind me.

With his free hand, he played his weapon over the open lips
of my excited sex. I waited for him to thrust into me, but
he pulled it away. I felt it press against my other
pucker. I fought against it, but the small intrusion made
its way into me.

In one smooth stroke, it entered my body wholly until his
stomach made contact with my butt. He moved his free hand
away from our junction and took hold of one of mine. He
brought it to the lips of my sex, then began to thrust into

Against my will, I felt something uncomfortable build
inside me. My fingers began to play with my lips as the
pretty man above me had his way with my ass. In seconds, I
let myself lose control.

I spasmed as my body gave release to its excitement. At
the same time, I felt the pulse as Jonnie made his release
into me and filled me with the unwelcome essence of his

Gen watched from the door, mauling Bab’s breasts. A large
strap-on wet with my lover’s juices protruded from her
body. I wondered how it would feel in my ass. I knew I
would soon learn.