Girlfriend Gets Revenge

My girlfriend Melissa was angry at me, about cheating on
her, or coming in her mouth, or fucking her up the ass
or something; and she was getting her revenge.

There I was, buck-naked with my hands cuffed behind my
back, kneeling on the living room floor of her
apartment. Her gay friends Mike and John were standing
naked in front of me wagging their stiff cocks in my

Melissa had tricked me into this by using her pert tight
little body to seduce me into it. She advised me that I
could either suck both of them off or they would take
turns romping my virgin asshole.

They ended up alternated jerking off and feeding me dick
and I reluctantly sucked while they face fucked me.

Of course Melissa was videotaping the whole thing.


The next evening Melissa showed me the tape. She had
only shot me from the chest up so you couldn’t see the
cuffs, and John and Mike from the neck down so you could
only recognize me in the tape. The net effect was a
great video of me sucking off two anonymous men ending
with a near simultaneous double facial and sloppy dick
slapping of my cum covered face.

Melissa told me that John and Mike would send a copy of
the tape to my boss and my parents if I didn’t do
whatever she told me from this moment forward.

I am a small lightly built man with little body hair and
Melissa had always told me I was pretty like a girl. She
said that she wanted a girlfriend but wouldn’t mind one
that had a dick. She said that she wanted me to fill
that bill and when I tried to resist, she mentioned the
sex-tape again with an arched eyebrow.

So there I was, her removing what little body hair I had
including all of my pubic hair. Then came my
transformation. Garter belt, stockings, real looking d-
cup rubber tits with nipples integrated with a flesh
tone rubber half top that pulled on like a sports bra, a
lacy bra, satin panties with my cock tucked and hidden,
pink fuzzy turtleneck sweater, a knee length skirt tight
at the waist but poofy around the butt and hips, a long
curly wig pinned tightly in place, press on nails, nice
floral perfume, a close shave and heavy makeup. I took a
double take in the mirror because I looked very

Melissa spent some time coaching me on how to walk,
talk, and move likes a girl. Then she lent me some high
heels and took me to the car. She told me she had a
blind date for me, they worked together, his name was
Steve and he was separated from his wife. My name would
Christi (a play on my real name) and Melissa would be


That evening Melissa invited a guy over for dinner to
test my appearance. Steve worked at the same place and
Melissa. He was six foot three and all muscle. The three
of us ate dinner and he flirted with me hard. After
dinner we went to a bar and met up with some friends of
Melissa and Steve’s from work. I couldn’t believe I was
passing as a girl. Eventually Melissa asked Steve to
drive me home. As we left she said, “Be good Christi,
but not too good.”

Steve bragged about his income and told me how beautiful
I was and generally flirted with me. We ended up making
out in his car in a dark corner of the parking lot. I
wanted to break away from him, I wanted to tell him who
I really was, but I was somehow afraid to do it. What
would his reaction be? Would he beat the shit out of me
for fooling him?

When I noticed he was touching my tits I was scared but
he didn’t seem to catch that they weren’t real. Other
than his roving hands Steve was a total gentleman until
he took my hand and placed in on his crotch.

Not knowing what else to do, I stroked it for few
minutes and then he opened his fly and pulled out his
thick 8-inch cock. “Oh…” I gasped in surprise and
pulled away.

“Don’t be a tease Christi,” he said firmly, as he took
my wrist tightly and placed the palm of my hand on his
hot stiff dick.

I didn’t want to make a scene so I stroked his cock hard
and fast and after just a couple minutes he blew his
wad. I couldn’t believe how much he came; it got all
over his shirt and lap and of course his dick and my
hand. We laughed as we wiped his cloths and my hand with
some tissue. I made an excuse about having to work the
next day and thanked him as I got out of the car. He
asked if we could go out again, and because I had to
leave him happy – all I could say was yes.

When I arrived home Melissa wasn’t home yet. I undressed
and showered. My cock had been hard since about halfway
through Steve’s hand job, I soaped up and came really
hard. I watched some TV until Melissa came home, she was
eager to hear all the details. We went to bed. She made
me eat her out until she came but never touched my dick.


Then came the next Saturday…

As Melissa dressed and made me up for another date with
Steve she told me that she had told Steve to expect a
blowjob tonight. I tried to get out of it, I really did,
but she threatened to send that damn tape to my boss or
maybe my parents. I couldn’t let that happen. Short of
murdering her, I just had to go along with what she was
demanding of me.

She dressed me in slinky black dress and we met Steve at
a nightclub. We danced and drank all night. We ended up
back at our apartment with Steve. Melissa was “real
tired” and went to her room.

Against my better judgment, Steve and I made out again
for a few minutes. He tried hard to get me out of my
dress. After a few minutes Steve had one leg out of his
pants and was sitting on the couch and I was kneeling
between his legs sucking on his cock. It was either that
or letting him find out I was really a guy. This was
only my second, or third blowjob (Yes I’d done it a few
times growing up) and it took me a while to get it
right, but eventually Steve was moaning and thrusting
his hips at me. Finally he pumped jet after jet of hot
salty spunk into my mouth and I swallowed a little to
show I wasn’t rejecting it, but most of it ran down his
shaft onto the couch or down my chin.

After we cleaned up I showed him to the door. Again he
asked me out and again I reluctantly agreed, just to
keep him happy. As soon as he was gone Melissa came out
of her bedroom; she’d had the door open a bit and had
taped the whole thing. Damn!


For our next date Melissa kept telling me it was time
for Steve to get lucky. She even had sex with me one
night to reward me and to encourage me to do what she

The next Saturday evening that came along, we took Steve
out and got him really drunk. Then back at the apartment
we had my room set up with one really dim light. Steve
stumbled into the bedroom to undress while Melissa got
me ready. I wore a long silk nightdress. Melissa
squirted a substantial amounts of KY up my ass and
greased my outsides good. All the while I was mumbling
protests, this wasn’t something I wanted to happen. But
what could I do? She had several tapes of my
indiscretions now.

As instructed I got under the covers and Steve was on
top of me, he was really drunk and clumsy. I wrapped my
legs around him. I felt his cock jabbing at my crotch
while he drunkenly kissed me. I reached down and guided
him toward my asshole.

“OH GOD!” I screamed as he stuffed several inches up my
virgin asshole. “Go slow,” I begged, but he shoved in
again, hard. I breathed through gritted teeth as his
hard cock stretched and impaled my helpless anus.

Steve tried to open my shirt. I wrapped my legs and arms
around him and pulled him down on me “Hold me close” I
whispered in his ear. Steve ass fucked me with a steady
rhythm while he kissed my neck and face and occasionally
deeply kissed my mouth. I kept my legs tightly around
his waist and prayed he wouldn’t feel my hard cock
against his stomach. “You’re so big” I moaned.

He pounded my asshole for what seemed like hours. He
started slamming into me really hard bouncing me around
and making my teeth clatter. He shoved in deep grunting
and panting and I felt his cock erupt deep in my ass. I
felt his warmth filling my guts during his slow hard
thrusts. He slumped breathing hard on top of me. After
ten minutes I realized he was either passed out or
asleep. I wiggled out from beneath him letting his
soften cock slip out of my aching anus.


I didn’t sleep most of the night while Steve snored and
periodically groped me. I slept a bit near morning and
woke to find Steve spooning me and sliding his hand down
my stomach toward my crotch. I jammed my dick between my
legs to he couldn’t feel it then when he became
persistent I rolled onto my belly and he rolled on top
of me, I felt his hard-on nuzzled in the crack of my

Steve pulled up my nightshirt and massaged my exposed
ass, I held my legs together fearing he would see my
balls. “Kiss my neck I whispered”. Steve lowered his
heavy body on my back and I reached back to guide his
cock into what I hoped he would still think was my
pussy. I grimaced as he pushed into my sore ass. “You’re
so tight baby”. Fortunately my ass was still slick from
KY and cum from the night before.

Steve pumped my ass, kissed my neck and licked my ear.
After a few minutes my cock was hard and I began to
rotate my hips and rub it against the mattress. “Oh
Steve, fuck me harder!” Steve did and soon I was coming.
A second later Steve came, pumping his seed deep in me.
We lay panting for a second and then I told Steve to get
off me and go take a shower. When I heard the shower I
ran to Melissa’s room so she could make sure I looked


The following week I claimed I was on my period and just
gave Steve a blowjob. But Melissa agreed that we had to
do something. So, the next week the three of us were out
to dinner and Melissa slowly introduced the idea on
transsexuals and cross dressers into the conversation.
To make a long story short Steve was surprised and a bit
irritated about being lied to, but also very turned on.
In the end he asked if I wanted to keep seeing him and
Melissa said, “Of course she does.” Then she went on to
tell him how I had just come out of the closet and that
our first night together was my first time.

Steve took us home. He took me to my bedroom and striped
me down to my thigh high stockings; of course I had my
wig, makeup, and tits on too. I sucked his cock and then
he fucked my big rubber tits while I squeezed them
around his fat cock. He jerked off all over my face and
then popped his dripping cock into my mouth.

After a couple minutes his spent cock stiffened in my
mouth. Steve flipped me over and fucked me doggy style.
Next he sat on the edge of the bed and made me ride him.
After that had me stand facing the full-length mirror
with my hands on the wall on either side. My cock was
hard and bounced in time with Steve’s thrusts up my ass.
“Oh god!” Steve grunted; he grabbed my tits and pulling
me tight against his chest. He straitened his legs,
driving his full length painfully up my ass as my feet
lifted off the floor. As I dangled impaled on Steve’s
dick he began to come. His cock throbbed hard and
powerful and I felt my own cock pulsing in unison, as
his spunk squirted into me my cock twitched and bounced
and I blew my load into the air.

After that Melissa told me I was to be Steve’s slut and
do whatever he wanted. I went out with him almost every
weekend and he always fucked me thoroughly at the end of
our date. I came almost every time, either spontaneously
or by jerking off, but Steve never touched or really
even acknowledged my dick.


One weekend Melissa and I went out with Steve and a
couple of his friends. We ended up back at the
apartment, the guys in Zorro masks, Melissa videotaping,
and me the star of the show. I rode one cock and sucking
and jerking the other two. Next I was fucked doggy style
while getting face fucked. I was tit fucked, sucked two
cocks at once, and cum on or in at least a half dozen
times. The guys left after two hours, my asshole was raw
and I was covered in sperm.

The next weekend there were at least ten men in our
living room, all with masks and Melissa taping it all. I
was kneeling is a circle of cocks sucking and jerking.
“No, I’m just here to film” I heard, I looked over to
see one of the men take the camera from Melissa, she was
roughly pushed to her knees and presented with several
cocks, she started to protest but her mouth was stuffed
with dick. Melissa was gagging on a rough face fuck when
I turned to suck another dick.

A few minutes later I was taking it doggy style up the
ass. I looked over to see Melissa had been pulled onto
all fours and was still getting face fucked. Her jeans
and panties and pulled around her knees and she was
getting fucked from behind while several other men
pulled open her shirt and bra to squeeze her firm round
tits and pinch her hard nipples.

While I watched the men fucking Melissa’s mouth and
pussy both started to grunt and moan and blew their
loads. Both men pulled out and Melissa rolled onto her
side on the floor. Several men striped her naked and one
of them mounted her missionary, she seemed to be getting
into it, she turned her head and started sucking a dick,
she reached out and started jerking off the first dick
she grabbed. I was flipped onto my back to be tit fucked
and couldn’t see what was happening for a while.

My legs were pushed back and a big cock was fucking me
deep. Someone was stroking my cock. The guy fucking my
tits jerked off all over my face and tits and rolled off
me. The cock deep in my ass erupted and I started to
come. My own spunk shot onto my face tits and belly and
several men around me cheered.

Another man slipped into my ass and I turned my head to
Melissa. Several men bent her over the arm or the couch
and held her there; her cheeks were spread and a greased
cock pressed against her anus. “No anal!” she yelled, I
knew she hated being butt fucked. Someone mounted my
face and I couldn’t see; but I heard Melissa yelling and
squealing as she was forcible ass fucked.

After a while I was repositioned so I could see Melissa
again, she was the center of a remarkable cluster fuck.
She was on her back on top of a guy with his cock in her
ass; another knelt between her legs fucking her pussy;
her head was tossed back over the shoulder of the guy
below her as she was getting a reverse face fuck so deep
that his balls were bouncing off her nose; the guy below
her was squeezing her tits together for someone above to
tit fuck her; one guy was even fucking the sandwich of
her calf and thigh near her bent knee.

I heard the front door open. Steve was letting several
other men in and a few were leaving. The new guys
quickly striped, put on masks, and set on Melissa and I
with hard cocks. A couple guys sat on the couch and we
bounced on their laps while we each sucked and jerked
several other cocks.

The guy with the video camera was asking for another
gangbang shot. Melissa was lowered onto a guy on the
floor and rode him while she sucked another guy, then I
knelt behind her and slipped up her ass. One guy
straddled Melissa’s back so I could suck his dick and
another was fucking me in the ass. My hands were guided
to two cocks to jerk and I assume Melissa was doing the

Eventually Melissa and I were both too tired to suck or
bounce so the guys flopped us over the back of the couch
and anyone with a wad left to blow fucked us up the ass.
Finally the last of the men left. Every fuckable hole in
our bodies was stretched, and raw, and oozing cum and
the carpet and furniture were smeared with Vaseline and


Melissa decided to make a little extra money by selling
some underground videotapes. I played the part of a
kidnapped man who was bound and forcibly cross dressed.
Melissa’s basement was the set. I was dressed in a dark
wig, whorish makeup, a ball gag, leather collar, my fake
tits in a black latex bra, a matching garter belt,
fishnet stockings, and spiked heels.

My ankles were cuffed and clipped to a hook in the
floor. My hands were cuffed behind my back and attached
to a rope. The rope went over a beam in the ceiling and
was pulled until I was bent at the waist and teetering
almost on tiptoes. Melissa in the role of the evil
dominatrix asked “Have you ever been fucked up the ass?”
I shook my head my eyes wide with fear (I was acting my
part). “Do you want to be fucked up the ass now by a ten
inch black cock?” I shook my head “no” even more
vigorously (I was playing my role but not acting).

In came a big black guy with a HUGE cock. His cock and
my ass had already been greased off camera. He stepped
behind me and slowly pressed his dick into my asshole. I
screamed into the gag in real pain as his thick cock
stretched me to the limit. He fucked me long and hard
while I moaned and made pained expressions. Melissa
hadn’t let me cum for days, and she knee getting fuck
would set me of eventually. After about fifteen minutes
I blew my wad into the air while a huge black cock
stretched and pounded my rectum. After I came the guy
pulled out and jerked off on my ass.

Next Melissa asked me if I liked it and I nodded yes.
“Do you want more black cock?” I nodded again (still
acting). Two more black guys with huge cocks came in,
Melissa pulled off my gag and I “eagerly” sucked cock
them while getting the other up the ass. The scene ended
with a double cum shot that covered my face.