Hot And Wild Wife

In many cases today’s marriage is seen as a business and/or social arrangement between consenting adults rather than a continuing expression of love and affection.

The results are obvious: casual, promiscuous infidelity; a lack of concern for the partner and the children; the breakdown of the family structure; and the use of others for thrill-seeking — and often deviant-purposes — as an end in itself instead of a means of showing devotion. Too often a loving veneer masks a core of, at best, unconcern, and at worst, depravity.

HOT AND WILD WIFE is the story of a woman whose outwardly stable marriage turns into a sham and she becomes eager to satisfy her lustful cravings in the arms of others. A shocking story, perhaps, but also a mirror of our times.


His cock was hard in my cunt. The way it kept swelling and pushing I knew the stranger was getting ready to come.

Wiggling my ass in anticipation, I drove his throbbing prick even further up my pussy. My cunt was convulsing, spasming from orgasm as I waited for his hot, sticky load.

“Come in me,” I hissed impatiently in his ear. “Come in me, you bastard. Fill my pussy with your cum!”

“Unnnnhhh,” he groaned, unable to make sense while he concentrated on fucking. His hips bucked desperately as he tried to meet my demand.

“Come! Come, you bastard!” I implored again, wrapping my legs around his waist. My hand gripped his churning balls, squeezing them so they would explode.

Then I could feel his cock-head surging like it was going to crack my spine, and I knew everything was going to come out exactly as I wanted it. Sperm suddenly poured from his thrusting dick, filling my cunt with boiling syrup.

“More! More!” I directed, greedy for as much of his hot jizz as I could get.

He did his best. Twisting his prick inside me like it was a corkscrew, he shot load after load of cum up my pussy. The excess dribbled from my pussy, oozing down my inner thighs and glazing my naked flesh. When he finally stopped coming I was drenched with fresh semen to my knees.

Even after he stopped coming my orgasm persisted. My legs remained locked around his waist, my body refusing to give up his long, stiff cock. Tightening my fluttering pussy walls around his prick, I fought to keep it within me, desperately struggling to keep it hard.

“More, give me more,” I moaned. “Don’t you have anything left inside there?”

Panting so much that he was still unable to talk, he shook his head.

I refused to accept his negative conclusion, continuing to work the magic of my tight cunt and wriggling ass on his cock. The sticky cum foaming out of my pussy just made me want more. Suddenly I was an animal, willing to do anything to get it.

“Fuck me in the ass!” I blurted.

I didn’t give him a chance to make up his mind. Plunging my hands into the hairy knot of out fuck-locked loins, I found the pulsing root of his prick. Pressing my fingers into the base of his cock, I moved my pelvis back and wetly slid his prick out of my cunt.

His prick was dripping with cum. I slipped automatically toward my asshole, leaving a viscous trail of semen. There was little friction as the head of his prick centered against my asshole and immediately started to penetrate.

His cock slipped four inches into my ass effortlessly. His sperm was the best lubricant for ass-fucking that anyone could conceive. The only problem with his initial entry was that I wanted a lot more than a mere four inches of cock up my ass.

“Harder… farther…” I gasped. “I want your dick in my ass all the way. All the way up to your nuts.”

Pushing with a loud grunt, he sent his prick to its full eight-inch length up me, gouging into my bowels.

I loved getting fucked in the ass. Every chance I could get I took a guy’s prick in my shit-pit, along with my cunt and mouth.

I can take eight inches of cock up my ass. More than I should, in fact. But I like the guy’s prick to be about a half an inch too long for my asshole. That way he gives me a good banging, and I can really feel it. I suspect it’s dangerous, but it sure as hell is exciting.

If I wanted to play it safe, I’d spend all day cleaning house, waiting for my husband to come home from the university. I’d fix him dinner, we’d watch TV, and then, maybe, if he wasn’t too tired, coax him into fucking me just before he fell asleep. If I was lucky he’d manage to come before he started to snore.

It’s funny, but the more supposedly inappropriate the setting is, the better the fuck is. Look at the cock fucking the blazes out of my ass. Christ, we were doing it in the back of a van, and I was spread-eagled on a pile of dirty laundry. The sour smell of soiled linen mixed with the reek of my pussy-flow, and then the pungency of fresh sperm, made the atmosphere heavy and funky enough to ladle with a spoon.

Not only that, after he’d picked me up, the driver was so anxious to get it on after I asked him to please fuck me, he forgot td put any money in the meter after pulling his laundry truck over to the curb. A cop could give us a parking ticket at any moment and discover us fucking. Christ, the way I felt now, I’d ask him to dive in and join us.

On the other hand, with my husband Leo, we had a whole bed to fuck on with fresh-smelling sheets. There was nobody to bother us. The setting was seemingly ideal for making love. Yet our sex life was unbelievably dull and routine. Each of us could have masturbated and gotten more out of it.

However, in a musty-smelling, cramped laundry truck, on a busy street at three in the afternoon, daring a cop to look in on us, I was having the time of my life with a stranger’s cock surging eight inches up my ass.

I didn’t know his name. And I didn’t want to. All I was interested in was his hard, throbbing cock. Oh, how it rammed up my ass, compacting the hot shit in my colon into a ball.

“Come… come in my ass,” I cried. “Cream in my ass!”

The last time I’d said anything like that to my husband had been on our honeymoon.

My mystery lover ground his loins against the well of my thighs, his crinkly pubic hair rubbing maddeningly against my pussy lips.

“Come, come, come!” I babbled, no longer conscious of anything but the prospect of his hot sperm bathing my insides.

“Ooooomph!” he grunted. Abruptly, his dick exploded up my ass. Cum spurted out like I was getting an enema. The thickness was incredible as his cream flooded my bowels. A boiling mixture of semen and shit boiled at the core of my being. The twisted agony was divine.

“That’s it,” I moaned, “that’s it. Once more. More cum. More cum in my ass!”

Where be was getting it I don’t know. But his sperm just wouldn’t stop shooting.

An intense anal orgasm joined the one still smoldering in my cunt. Together they whipsawed the center of my body. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me, yet I wouldn’t have settled for anything else.

When he stopped spurting I realized that I had probably gotten everything out of him that I could. I pulled his softening cock out of my ass with a loud pop, and then got on my hands and knees, rolled him over, and tenderly went down on it. Tasting the last cum on an exhausted prick was my favorite dessert.

His cock was like a china buffet, presenting every flavor I loved. The taste of pussy mixed with his prick’s native saltiness; the pungency of my ass perfectly complemented the sweetness of his sperm. I couldn’t get enough, lapping away at his twitching cock until it was clean.

When his prick had shriveled, I put the whole thing in my mouth along with his sagging balls. Leaving a ring of lipstick around his groin, I gave his cock and balls one long, last, sweet suck. My lips smacked against his crotch with my final taste, and then I slowly slid my lips up his prick, reluctantly leaving it.

My partner was totally exhausted, sprawled spread-eagled across a load of dirty laundry. He didn’t notice as I reached for my clothes, scrambling all around the van to retrieve them.

I slid my panties over my legs, feeling their wetness against my thighs. I hadn’t gotten them off in time to avoid staining them with pussy juice. But, then, how could I have? I’d been creaming in my pants long before I ever hitched a ride from the laundry truck.

When my skirt and sweater were on, I slipped on my shoes and moved toward the cab of the van and the front door. I took one last look at the cock that had given me so much pleasure. It was flaccid and limp now, not even half of its erect length, but I would remember it as it had appeared in my cunt and ass: big and hard and tough.

I cleared my throat, trying to get the driver’s attention so I could say so long. It was no use. I could have given him a hot foot and he wouldn’t have budged.

“Thanks for the ride,” I called over my shoulder as I opened the door and jumped out. I slammed the door and realized that I’d probably never see him again, but the memory of his cock would live in my mind forever.

Walking down the street, I smoothed my skirt over my wet panties and mentally notched up another prick, the way a gunfighter would mark his victims on his gun handle. Then I started looking all over again, searching for new action.


Why am I doing this?

That’s the question I asked myself over and over again. Sometimes it would come when I was right in the middle of some heavy action. I’d be going down on nine inches of hard-on and all of a sudden the question would surface in my mind.

Just shut up and suck, I’d answer myself, focusing all of my attention on the dick fucking my mouth.

But although I could put it off for awhile, the question always returned. Again and again. It got so that the only place I could temporarily flee from it was into the arms of some stranger from whom I’d hitched a ride. With his cock out, and hard and stiff in my mouth or cunt or ass, I could put the question off for awhile.

However, it inevitably returned. I was caught in a vicious cycle. The very thing that caused me to torture myself with the question, was my temporary salvation from it.

Sex with strangers was like a drug with me, my habit feeding itself more everyday.

Everyday I looked forward to it more. When I woke up in the morning, Leo already gone to the university, the first thing I thought about was how many cocks I was going to polish off today. I could hardly stand the delay of getting up and getting dressed before I could hit the streets and get what I wanted.

Plenty of wives cheat on their husbands, so there are lots of opportunities for the bored housewife. But I couldn’t tolerate the preliminaries and delays of the usual ways to get a man in the sack with you. I didn’t want to waste half a day seducing the TV repairman.

When I wanted sex, I wanted it immediately — with no strings attached. So I took to the streets, using my thumb as my passport, hitchhiking all over the city as a way to meet the guys whose clicks I craved.

I originally took up hitchhiking out of desperation, bored out of my mind with my meaningless routine as a housewife, not to mention my blah sex life with Leo. Impatient with my life, one day I burst out of the house in utter frustration, frantic for something to relieve me of my tediousness. I just started walking, not knowing where I was headed, pleased to just be out of that prison of a house.

I guess I just wanted movement, something happening in my day instead of doing housework and watching soap operas and game shows. When a guy pulled over to the curb and asked me if I wanted a ride, I automatically said yes, even though I was really going nowhere.

Getting it on with a stranger wasn’t what I exactly had in mind when I accepted that first ride, but what happened after I got in the car opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.

The driver of that first car was from out of town. Probably a salesman in town for a convention, cruising around in a rented car, maybe looking for hookers.

He was the kind of red-faced, middle-aged guy in loud polyester sports clothes that I ordinarily would have held in contempt. The kind of middle-American that Leo, as a college professor, was always putting down. Socially, I never had any contact with someone like this, as though we were from two different worlds.

But when I got in that car with him, the attraction between us was immediate and electric. The fact that he was a stranger and that Leo would have hated him suddenly made being with him very attractive. When he asked me where I was going, I answered, “Wherever you are.”

He couldn’t believe his luck and I couldn’t believe I had said it.

“DO you mean it?” he said, the expression on his face a combination of doubt and anticipation.

Did I? I squirmed in my seat, trying to determine my answer. When my thighs rubbed together I suddenly realized that my pussy was soaking wet.

“Of course I meant it,” I said. “Now, where are you going?”

“To my room,” he said expectantly, saying it more as a question than a statement of fact.

I nodded my head, desperately wanting to keep the fire between my legs burning, and knowing I’d have to go along with him to do it. “To your room.”

That’s when I found out how accurately I’d sized him up. He was a farm implements salesman, in town for a convention at the civic center, staying at the Holiday Inn. As he babbled on, telling me about himself and his family back in Iowa, I found myself getting hornier and hornier. The more unlike Leo he seemed, the hotter I got. As he talked, I closed my eyes and imagined what his cock would be like, imagining my first taste of it.

I only stopped him when he started to tell me his name. “No, no,” I blurted, realizing that one of the things making me so aroused was that we were total strangers. “That would ruin it if I knew your name,” I tried to explain. “You just be he… and I’ll be she. I’m sure we’ll be, able to tell each other apart.”

To make my point I put my hand between his legs, resting my hand on his crotch. The hardness of his cock under his checkered pants startled me. My fingers clutched the rising mound impulsively.

Then I took his hand and slid it under my skirt. My panties were soaked clear through, like they weren’t there when his fingers reached my pussy. Immediately he began playing with my clit through the clinging panty fabric, rubbing me into a miniature orgasm.

“I see what you mean,” he panted, “about me being me and you being you. Wait’ll I get you inside the Holiday Inn.”

“Let’s not wait for the Holiday Inn,” I blurted. “Do it to me here.”

“Here… in the car?” he asked incredulously. Then a big grin spread across his broad face. “Shucks, I ain’t done that since I was back in high school. Like when I first met my wife. You sure you wanna do it in the car, honey?”

I nodded, looking at him with eager eyes.

While he was still beaming, my fingers tore open his fly, grappling for his dick. In seconds I had it out, a long pink monster that looked as pampered and corn-fed as a prize country hog.

Just as I settled my lips in a wet ring around the head of his prick, the car swerved. My head banged against the dashboard after we came lurching to a sudden stop.

“Jesus,” he whined. “You shouldn’t suck a fella’s cock while he’s driving.”

“Just shut up and fuck my mouth,” I said, and then swallowed a good three inches of him.

“But there’s people outside…”

“Forget ’em,” I snapped just before engorging another couple of inches of his prick in my mouth.

“Okay,” he panted. “I’ll throw my leisure jacket over your head. That way nobody will see what you’re doing.”

I could no longer reply, my mouth stuffed with a half a foot of throbbing cock. Letting my thighs do my talking for me, I squeezed his hand at my pussy, drenching his fingers with oozing cunt-juice.

“Lemme go, lemme go,” he said frantically. “I have to get my jacket off.”

Contending myself with his prick in my mouth, I temporarily freed him. But when his jacket was covering my head, and I had no vision except what my imagination could provide me, I reached for his hand again, pulling it back into my crotch.

“Finger-fuck me,” I begged him, temporarily letting his cock slip enough out of my mouth so I could talk. “Make me come.”

As his fingers slid under my panties and rubbed against the sticky gash of my cunt, I saw it all in devastating detail in my mind. It was as though I had an eye at my clit, watching every juicy occurrence at my pussy.

Then, suddenly, the, question that has been recurring ever since asked itself for the first time, why am I doing this?

I had a home. An intelligent husband with an excellent job. Everything to live for. Everything to lose by behaving this way.

Shut up and suck, I told myself angrily. This is what you want.

And it was. This was what I had been missing from my respectable life as the wife of a college professor. Adventure. Sex. Sexual adventure. A throbbing cock in my mouth in the middle of the day. The ultimate escape from boredom.

This jerkwater farm implement salesman with no name and a face as open and bland as the prairie — he was everything my husband wasn’t. Especially available.

And he was disposable. When I was through fucking him with my mouth, I’d cast him aside, the way a man does a used rubber. With Leo, I was stuck with him until death did us part, unless I had enough gumption to go through all the hassle of getting a divorce. This guy whose cock I was joyously sucking would be gone with the last traces of his cum.

The bonus, of course, was that the stranger’s cock was so sweet-tasting. It seemed to melt in my mouth like a hot slice of Iowa roast pork at a Sunday dinner. Leo, on his best night, despite his fantastic IQ and four college degrees, never got it up like this yokel who was fucking my mouth.

His fingers rubbed against the outside of my cunt, foraging through my pubic hairs. My clit was batted back and forth like a miniature punching bag by his fingertips. With every swipe of his rough hand my pussy got wetter and wetter.

I beckoned him to begin finger-fucking me by twisting my cunt against his fingers. My pussy seemed to swallow his hand, pulling three fingers inside its sucking tunnel.

His fingers were in me all the way now, the outer row of knuckles pummeling against my clit. Ramming within me, his fingers roughly scraped the walls of my pussy, the electric friction driving me wild.

“God, you’re wet,” he said as he dug deeper and deeper into my cunt. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a juicer pussy, even on a hooker. And I’ve had a few of those when I was out on the town at these farm conventions in the big city.”

Somehow it thrilled me to be compared with a hooker, a real pro at sex. That I could get money for what I was willing to do for free made me more excited than ever, as though I were too good for money.

My added arousal made me go down much harder on his prick. Gobbling it all the way to the balls, I tickled my lips against his wiry pubic hair. The head of his cock throbbed like a beating heart in my throat, its intense pounding adding to my own runaway pulse.

Between my legs I was coming up a storm, my cunt oozing forth a continuing discharge of hot, sticky female honey. His fingers pushed against the mouth of my womb, pouring gasoline on my orgasmic fire. I was insane with lust.

My head was moving suddenly like a piston as I went up and down on him as fast as I could, jacking him off with my lips. I was determined to make him come in my mouth. I didn’t see how I could wait a second longer.

“Oh, God, I’m coming, I’m coming,” he moaned. “I’m coming, sweet Jesus, I’m coming!”

God, was he! His cum swamped my mouth and throat, barreling into my belly in a hot, tight knot. Suddenly my body seemed filled with his discharge, sperm threatening to burst my insides.

Just when it seemed as though he would never stop coming, the spurting abruptly became a sloppy drool. Now his cock rested wetly in my mouth and excess sperm dribbled from the corners of my engorged mouth and trickled down my chin.

The taste and scent of his cum was intoxicating. It totally invaded my senses, leaving me a shuddering, orgasmic wreck.

My partner was even worse off. He slid sprawled against the door, his eyeballs rolling back in his head as he gasped for breath. I might have been concerned, but the happy look spread across his face told me that if he’d had a heart attack, he was going out happy.

I kept sucking his cock, but it was no use as it got smaller and smaller. In my cunt, his fingers had gone dead when he’d finished coming.

Wondering what I should do about him, I got dressed, trying to decide whether or not to just leave him there with his dick hanging out. I breathed easier when he started to stir, and then showed he was all right by sitting up and starting to talk.

“Say, honey,” he panted, “that was some blow-job. After a deep throat like that, I just got to know your name.”

No, I didn’t want any names. Losing the anonymity would spoil everything. It all came to me in a flash that if I could keep it at an impersonal level, I could have all the extramarital sex I wanted and it wouldn’t make me feel guilty. What I had done to this man by sucking his cock was the same as shaking his hand — just pressing flesh. One was social intercourse, the other sexual intercourse. Without emotion there wasn’t much difference between the two. Despite the fact that I had sucked his cock, I could feel nothing for him because I wasn’t even aware of his identity.

Perfect. He was nothing to me but a great big dick. And there was a whole city filled with thousands like it. All different… and all the same.

Before he could say any more, I waved him off. I gave him a goodbye peck on the cheek and, before be could move, was out the door, losing myself in the crowd.

As I walked home, I found myself whistling, my spirits soaring. Then I noticed that whenever a car passed by my heart leapt and I felt a squeezing in my cunt. By the time I reached the front door I was fantasizing about the cocks of the drivers.


After that first time I had several long talks with myself. Without the distraction of a dick in front of me, I was more inclined to pay attention to my mental arguments against hitchhiking for sex.

Over and over again I decided that I would never do it again. But even more frequently my desire won out.

If only I could get Leo to throw a decent fuck in me, I decided, maybe I’d cool down during the daytime and forget about sucking that man’s dick in the car. I laid out all my charms for him one night, even going so far as smearing my cunt lips with some raspberry feminine deodorant.

After making sure Leo was in a good mood by serving his favorite dinner, and patiently listening to a boring account of the latest administrative bickering at the university, I excused myself and went into the bedroom. Slipping out of my clothes, I slid some black net stockings over my legs and secured them to a satin garter belt I’d snapped around my waist.

Lying on the bed, I spread my legs, looking at my cunt with a hand mirror. Wanting everything to be perfect, I fluffed my pussy hair and made sure my cunt-lips were hanging out. So my labia would look wet and aroused, I rubbed some spit on them.

By the time I finished massaging myself, my pussy was almost drooling.

With my cunt flexing exquisitely from between my spread thigh, I called Leo.

“Yeah?” he yelled back.

“Could I see you in the bedroom, dear?”

“Oh, hell, can’t you do whatever it is yourself?” he whined.


“Oh, all right,” he grumbled.

As I heard his footsteps approaching the bedroom, I closed my eyes, imagining how his cock would swell up in his pants the instant he saw my wetly spread pussy. I played with my nipples, making them as hard as possible while I nervously awaited his arrival. If this didn’t work I didn’t know what I was going to do.

“Okay, what’s the deal?” he said impatiently.

“What do you want?”

He looked at me, not blinking. It was as though his glasses made it possible for him to see through the walls and he was engrossed in something beyond the bedroom more interesting then my open pussy.

“Can’t you see?”



“Sure, I’ve seen you lots,” he said. “So what?”

“So what!” I wailed, unable to believe his indifference. Drawing my legs up in front of my crotch, I said bitterly, “Can’t you see I wanted to fuck? That I was offering my pussy to you? Is that all you can come up with at the sight of my cunt? I know it’s been around for years, but it’s still a pretty damn attractive pussy, if I do say so myself.”

“I guess I’m just used to seeing it around all the time,” he said blandly. “If I don’t have it specifically on my mind I might as well be looking at a lamp.”

“Well, clearly you didn’t have it on your mind tonight,” I fumed.

“Not when the Marx Brothers are on at nine o’clock. If you’re still hot to trot after it’s over, well, maybe I’ll fuck you.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” I cut him off and got up and stomped off into the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet, I decided between sobs that I wasn’t going to let Leo get the best of me. I been married to him for five years, and each had been progressively more boring. And sexless. I hadn’t been taking the pill for almost a year now, but we didn’t fuck enough any more for me to get pregnant.

Perhaps if we had had a child I might have made a different decision. At least a baby would have given me someone to share my life with. But Leo alone provided almost no meaningful companionship. And if I didn’t get it at home, I’d have to get it elsewhere.

I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. Twenty-eight and there were circles under my eyes and wrinkles at the corners. My face looked worn-out.

Then I ran my hands over my body. My tits were firm and resilient. My belly was still hard. My pussy throbbed between my solid thighs.

Thank God, my body was still youthful and firm and shapely. The only way I could erase the age from my fate, and the depression and frustration from my mind, was to use my body to its best advantage.

My mind raced back to the encounter with the man in the car. How my body had taken his breath away as I sucked his cock and he finger-fucked my cunt. I realized I had to have more.

I smiled as I watched my thumb pass back and forth in front of my face while I practiced the classic hitchhiker’s gesture. My cunt tightened into a wet knot at the mere suggestion of hitting the road.

I couldn’t wait until Leo went to work tomorrow. I had to go now. The movie was on until eleven. That meant two golden hours to myself.

“Where are you going?” he asked as I walked across the living room toward the front door.

“Commercial’s over,” I distracted him, watching his head snap back toward the tube so he wouldn’t miss a second of his precious Marx Brothers. Before he could notice I was leaving, I was out the door, certain that if I returned before eleven he would never know I’d been gone.

By the time I was outside my cunt was foaming in anticipation. Pussy juice seeped through my panties and glazed my thighs. I was ready for anything.

I walked over a few blocks, getting out of our neighborhood so there would be less chance of getting picked up by someone I knew. Also, I wanted the place where I hitched to be well-lighted so male drivers could get a good look at me and I’d get a ride quickly.

Although it was chilly, I was dressed lightly, without a coat. In fact, I’d just thrown a sweater and skirt over that ridiculous garter belt I’d put on to seduce Leo. My breasts pushed freely against the cashmere, and my cunt dripped in bare wetness between my quivering thighs. Any driver that got a good look at me could guess what I had on my mind with my tits and hips shimmying under my thin, clinging clothes.

The first car looked a lot like the first one that had picked me up. Green. A Dodge or something. Clean and waxed like it was rented.

And, as he drove closer, I could see that the driver was another middle-aged yahoo with a red face and bad taste in clothes.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t want to repeat myself. Minutes ago it would have seemed inconceivable to me that I would have passed up a potential cock under any circumstances. But now I realized that each experience had to be different or it wouldn’t do me any good.

When the middle-aged guy in the green Dodge slowed down, I waved him on, acting like I was expecting a ride from someone else.

And I was. God, I couldn’t wait to find out who. Just then my ear-drums were practically shattered by the blast of an engine that sounded like it was roaring out of hell. I looked to my left, and a black, chopped Camaro came screaming around the corner.

Even from my distance I could see that the driver was the most adorable teenage punk since Fabian. The street light glistened off his black hair as he barreled toward me, his face twisted with adolescent intensity. My mind was already measuring his teenage cock.

Instantly I knew he was the one I wanted.

I wanted to stop him quick.

Instead of just jerking my thumb to show I wanted him to pick me up, I poured it on. Sliding my skirt up my thigh, I got my crotch in full view, flexing my pussy through my invisibly clinging panties.

My message was loud and dear: stop and fuck me!

Unfortunately, he was going so fast that he whizzed right by me. However, from the amazed expression I caught on his face as he roared by, I knew he’d be back.

The screech of his slamming brakes filled the air. Suddenly, with the smell of burnt rubber reeking in the air, he roared backward about as fast as he’d been going forward.

“Hey, you lookin’ for a party?” he called over the squealing of his tires and brakes as he lurched to a stop in front of me.

“Sure am,” I said, not waiting for him to ask me to get in before I opened the door. I was inside in seconds, wiggling my buns against his tuck and rolled upholstery while I slammed the door shut.

“Where ya goin’?” he drawled with a cockeyed grin that split his acne-pocked pace.

“Straight to your crotch,” I said matter of factly, not wanting to waste any time.

He just stared at me, goggle-eyed for a moment.

“Well,” I said impatiently, “how about it?”

He gulped and then the color returned to his cheeks. “You got it,” he said in a voice that tried to be bold, but was transparently nervous. I suspected my little tiger was wondering if he’d bit off more than he could chew.

I smirked at the thought of me intimidating him. He was trying so hard to be important in his big, black car and his leather jacket. He was such a punk! I just adored him.

“Whaddaya laughin’ at, bitch?” he set his quivering tower lip and tried to growl. “I been with funkier sluts than you.”

“Sure, Tiger, sure,” I cooed. “Now what do you say we stop playing games and get over to the side of the road in a dark place so we can fuck.”

“Why don’t you just blow me while I’m driving,” he said out of the corner of his mouth, his confidence returning when he saw how much I really wanted it. “You know, I got to keep cruisin’. There’s only so many hours in a night, and I got to be seen. Dig?”

“No, I want to fuck,” I said firmly, knowing that nothing would do tonight but a cock in my pussy… my cunt filled with cum. “Pull over, or I’ll jump out and hitch with the next stud that comes along.”

“Yeah,” he spat with disgust, “and it’s just my luck it’ll be Pico Gazzara, my only competition for the baddest ass around. He’ll lay it on with the story of this great piece of ass he found in the street for days, while I sit around thinkin’ of how it coulda been me. Okay, lady, you got your fuck.”

“Groovy,” I chirped like a sixteen-year-old cheerleader flirting with the school hood, running my fingers through his greasy black hair.

Being a teenager he naturally knew all the best parking spots. Within minutes we were cut off from the rest of the world under a dark grove of trees, my hand at his fly.

His cock sprang out of his greasy jeans like a switchblade. It was long and slim, a graceful arc of cutting adolescent sexuality.

When my lips caressed his prick it tasted of sweat and grime, reeking of the casual hygiene of hot-rodding teenage boys. The saltiness of his cock made my nostrils flare as I wrapped my lips further and further down his curving shaft.

“Oh, Jesus, lady,” he dropped his cool. “You sure suck good. Real good.”

Releasing his dick so I could talk, I said, “Would you like to have it in my cunt?”

“You better believe it,” he rasped, his cock jutting out an extra fraction of an inch in response to my wanton offer.

“I’ll get in the back seat,” I said recalling my teenage days. “I’ll lean against the window and spread my legs so you’ll have a perfect shot at my pussy.”

“Faaaaaarrrr oooouuuuttttt,” he whistled through his teeth, rubbing his dick while I hoisted myself over the seat.

In the back, I quickly stripped out of my skirt and spread my legs. With one leg hooked over the front seat, and the other over the back, my pussy was flexing between my thighs like a hairy, wet fist. The garter belt and black net stockings I still had on just made my cunt seem lewder — if that was possible for such an already dripping, split gash.

“Shit motherfuck!” he exclaimed when he saw me in all my mouth-watering splendor. “I can dig it!”

“Just dig your prick into my cunt,” I cracked, “and everything will be groovy.”

He made a swan dive from the top of the front seat and landed belly to belly with me. His cock immediately began pushing against the outer lips of my pussy, plunging toward my slobbering fuck canal. Never were a cock and cunt more ready to fuck.

“Get it in me,” I pleaded. “Ram me with your cock. Fill me with it.”

He didn’t say anything, answering by blasting his prick to the hilt up my slippery pussy. In an instant I could feel his balls churning against the bottom of my snatch.

“How long is it?” I gasped, not believing how far he had penetrated me.

“Ten inches,” he said proudly as he slid in and out of me in the classic fucking motion.

“Are you sure?” I panted. “God, it feels more like a foot.”

“Thanks, lady,” he said. “Now let’s fuck.”

It was unbelievable how good he was for his age. Ten or twelve years ago, when I was getting my first real taste of sex, teenage boys were all fumblers. Their cocks never seemed big enough to fill an adolescent pussy.

As he fucked me, I recalled losing my virginity in the back seat of an Olds at a drive-in showing a double-bill of “Man for all Seasons” and “Hot Rods to Hell”. For my first fuck, that boy’s cock couldn’t have been more than five inches long, and he hardly knew what to do with what equipment he had. He came before I had even gotten started, just busting my maidenhead before he spewed his goo all over me. Then, I was convinced that screwing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. If only I’d known what I knew now.

“Harder, harder,” I begged. “More, more, more!”

H’s prick was like a steel rod in my cunt, splitting my loins with its fantastic hardness. I snaked my hand between our loins, squeezing his pulsing balls. It would only be a matter of time before they exploded with a shower of cum.

Buckling my hips, I tightened my cunt around his surging cock, twisting it so it could no longer withstand coming. Its barbed head gouged my cervix, practically entering my spasming womb.

“Come, you bastard, come!” I shrieked. “I can’t wait any longer!”

“Neither can I!” he bleated, and then unleashed a torrent of cum.

My pussy was instantly filled with his cream, hot goo cooling my insides. Orgasm overwhelmed me at once, and I knew it wasn’t going to stop for a long time. Suddenly I remembered the legendary capacity of teenage boys to come and come and come, and I knew the fun was just beginning.

Pulling back, I heard his cock slurp out of my cunt. When I looked down I saw to my satisfaction that his prick was still as hard as ever, despite the cum it had just spent — cum that dribbled from the long, twitching cock like gravy off a turkey leg.

“Suck me, suck me,” he said. “Then I’ll be able to come right away again.”

Jesus, I thought, these kids really have it together these days.

How could I resist plunging my lips around a beautiful prick like this? I slid my mouth down it, hungrily lapping up the residual cum.

“Now, between your tits,” he said, practically foaming at the mouth at the prospect of realizing one of his fantasies.

And one of mine, too. I couldn’t wait to press my tits around his surging cock and jack him off to another creamy ejaculation.

When his prick was finally between my heaving, squeezing breasts, it was heaven. The steel strength of his thrusting saber was incredible between my compressed tits, the friction racking my body with thrills.

Something oozed from my nipples as I rubbed them against the sides of his surging shaft, creamy evidence of intense arousal. The veins of his cock rubbed against my sensitive tit flesh, hot columns of blood pulsing between my compressed breasts while he gloriously tit-fucked me.

Within mere minutes of his first ejaculation he came again. This time the hot cum splashed against my chest and face, dribbling down my tits and chin and neck. I licked my lips, gobbling up as much of it as I could. When he pulled his prick out from the crevice of my tits, I raised my breasts to my mouth and lapped the semen. Running my tongue over my nipples was excruciating.

“Now where do you want it?” he asked, his cock eagerly throbbing in front of him.

“My ass!” I cried. “Fuck me in the ass!”

“On all fours… like a dog,” he directed.

Despite the limited confines of the Camaro, I quickly complied. Hunching over on the back seat on my hands and knees, I spread the cheeks of my ass as far as I could, presenting him a delicious rear-view of my asshole.

“Jesus,” he gasped, “it’s so juicy it looks like a cunt.”

I knew it was true because for a long time I’d felt my anus oozing a viscous discharge of arousal just like a second pussy. There would be no trouble with penetration because my cock-hungry ass was as wet as it could be.

“Spread your buns with your hands and I’ll stick it in,” he said.

Clasping my fingers to my cheeks, I pulled my ass-cheeks apart even further. The air was suddenly filled with a raw scent — the musky odor of my open asshole.

Now I could feel the head of his cock throbbing against the fluttering ridges of my rectum. The friction was maddening as he rubbed his meat against my bunghole, agitating the tiny ring to the bursting point.

Then he was gouging in. His cock-head slipped inside my asshole and slipped down my anal canal. Inch after inch of hot, throbbing cock filled my shit-pit, until, finally, I could feel him all the way in my colon. Hot shit boiled and gurgled within me, tightening in a hot knot around the magnet of his dick.

Firmly implanted in my ass, he began sliding his cock back and forth. The friction was so intense that I was practically breathing fire as a result of it.

“Finger-fuck my pussy while you’re cornholing me, I directed, anxious for all the stimulation I could get.”

His hand gouged into my cunt, three fingers shooting up to my cervix in one twisting thrust. I ground my hips toward him, undulating my pussy and ass against his fingers and cock.

My pussy foamed in his hand, covering him with goo all the way to his wrist. Sucking up his fingers, my cunt-lips slid greasily all over his hand. His thumb pressed my clit, arousing me even more.

In my ass his long, hard cock was moving back and forth in six-inch strokes. The walls of my anus were tugged one way and then jerked the other, clinging to his shifting foreskin. At the pit of my bowels, the head of his prick bruised against my most sensitive rectal pressure point, giving me an anal orgasm to go along simultaneously with the monster ravaging my cunt.

Riding on the crest of dual orgasm, I cried with wild abandon, “Come in me! Fill my ass with cum!”

My body shuddered when I realized I couldn’t wait any longer for him to fill my shit-pit with his cum. Moving my ass from side to side, and then up and down, back and forth, I grasped his cock tightly and squeezed. Twisting him inside me, I felt his prick swell a fraction or an inch and knew that I would be getting my wish.

His cum exploded in my ass, surging immediately into my bowels. Sperm and shit mingled hotly in the core of my body.

Cum was everywhere. A huge excess squirted from my ass and smeared all over my crack and buns and cunt. It was all over his fingers and balls. His cock was completely covered with it by the time it had finished shooting its last wad and started to pull out of my creaming ass.

Both my holes filled to overflowing with fresh, young cum from the multiple fucks rapidly thrown into me, I rolled over and just lay moaning on the seat. My legs were spread as far apart as they could go, letting my exhausted cunt and aching asshole drain their excesses of cum.

Gradually my orgasm subsided and my senses started to return. When they did I realized the car was moving, although I was still spread-eagled naked in the back of it.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I called up to my teenage mystery lover, only able to see his greasy hair with him hunched over the wheel of the rumbling Camaro. “Where are we going?”

“To the Big Hunk Drive-In.”

“What for?”

“To show you off. Pico Gazzara’s gonna be eatin’ it for weeks after I lay you on everybody,” he said jubilantly. “It ain’t everyday a dude scores with older pussy.”

“I don’t believe this,” I gasped incredulously.

“Yeah, I know it’s pretty fantastic. Just stick with me, baby, and you’ll live forever.”

Stunned, I just sat there with my mouth agape. “In fact,” he continued, “I feel so groovy tonight, I’ll tell you what… I’ll not only take you over to the Big Hunk to meet the crowd, I’ll buy you a burger while we’re there. On the house. A Big Hunk Burger, no less, their deluxe burger that comes with fries. You’ll have to lay out for your own drink, though, ’cause I’m pretty close to tapped out. I’m savin’ up for new dual carbs.”

Suddenly the whole experience had degenerated from marvelous raw sex to the pits. I didn’t want to be hassled, even by a eighteen-year-old boy with greasy hair and an adorable cock. If I wanted somebody thinking they owned me, I could go home to Leo.

All I’d wanted from this kid was sex. When he started acting like a regular person — which meant he started taking me for granted — forget it.

Determined to remember him as he was — an outrageously attractive punk with a stiff cock — I left the kid hunching over his steering wheel, jumping out of the car at a stop light. He didn’t even seem to notice, being more interested in preparing for an impromptu drag race with an equally greasy teenager in a Mustang who’d pulled alongside of us.

As I scampered away, I looked at my watch. 10:30. A taxi would get me home before the end of the Marx Brothers, and Leo wouldn’t even know that I’d been gone.


The kid in the Camaro was it for me. Going to such an extreme — skipping out on Leo like that in the middle of the evening — proved to me that there was a lot more to gain than lose by hitchhiking for sex.

The fact of the matter was that my life with Leo had developed into a great big nothing anyway, so I had little to lose if for some reason he did happen to find out what I was up to. But, even so, that was unlikely to occur with just a little caution on my part. As long as Leo had hot food put in front of him every evening and something to fill up the space before he conked out and started snoring, I could probably get away with anything I wanted.

And I wanted to get away with plenty.

It was like a whole new life for me once I realized how free I had suddenly become. Every morning when I awoke I felt exhilarated. My heart sang, knowing that today I was going to get fucked.

The first thing I did every morning after getting out of bed was to inspect my naked body in the mirror. Lately I couldn’t get enough of the sight of my high, sloping tits and their red, seemingly always erect nipples. Nor my flat, muscular stomach; my slender thighs and long, shapely legs; and best of all, my furry, throbbing cunt. My pussy that always turned sopping wet the minute I parted my legs and spread my snatch before the mirror.

Where most people have a cup of coffee to get them started in the morning, I masturbated. It was always stimulating to watch my fingers play with my cunt in the mirror. I loved the way the pink folds of my vulva caressed and lapped against my probing fingers. I always smiled at the insistent stiffness of my pulsing clit. My mouth drooled when I stuck my fingers all the way into the pink mouth of my pussy tunnel, finger-fucking myself to orgasm.

When I had wiped the last of the pussy juice off my crotch, liberally tasting it from my fingers, I got dressed. I wasn’t wearing much these days, even though it was cold outside. My body temperature kept me warm and, anyway, I wasn’t going to be standing on the street very long before I got a ride.

Just a sweater and skirt and shoes usually did it for me. I generally wore nothing underneath, my this and cunt rubbing against my outer apparel for easy access.

Later in the year, when it really got cold, I was thinking about getting a heavy fur coat and wearing it. And that’s all! Wow, I could just picture the look on some joker’s face when I got in his car, opened up my coat, and showed him my naked body.

On a typical day in October, in a skirt and sweater, I slipped out of the house around 9:30 and started for the main street and some early morning cock. However, after a couple of blocks I felt faint and decided I must be hungry. Searching around for a restaurant, I found a truck stop on an access road off the highway where I was planning on hitching.

I ordered coffee and bacon and eggs. However, when they were placed in front of me, instead of wanting to eat them I felt my stomach become queasy. When I pushed them away the waitress asked me if there was anything wrong.

“No,” I said. “I thought I was hungry, but I guess I wasn’t.”

“That time of the month, huh?” she said knowingly, snapping her gum.

Suddenly I became aware of the wetness between my legs. It was too hot and thick to be pussy juice left over from this morning’s finger-fucking. Things had been so hectic that I’d completely forgotten my period was due. The waitress was right.

“Yes, I guess it is,” I said, my voice tinged with surprise. “You don’t have a Tampax machine, do you?”

“No,” she said scornfully. “I’ve been trying to get the cheapskate management to put one in for months, but so far it’s no dice. They say this joint only serves truckers, and truckers don’t go on the rag. Their exact words. You’ll have to go down the road to the drive-in. They get a lot of teenage girls there. Well, so do we, but not inside — only in the backs of trucks in the parking lot, if you know what I mean.”

I squirmed in my seat, feeling the blood start to well between my thighs. I could tell that my crotch must be an oozing mess.

“From the looks of you, honey,” the waitress said, “you better get moving. I gotta clean up after breakfast, and, while you’ve got my sympathy, I don’t feature wiping off a bloody stool as part of my job…”

“Sure… sure,” I muttered, getting up to go.

At the door I turned my head over my shoulder to ask the waitress the directions to the drive-in again. As I did, the door opened and a man suddenly crashed into me. Completely unprepared for the impact, I went sprawling backward, landing on the floor with a thud.

As I landed, my legs automatically splayed from the force of hitting the floor. My dress was up around my thighs — not enough to show my bare cunt, but enough to reveal the fresh blood dribbling down my legs.

“Sorry, ma’am,” a huge trucker said, looking down at me with a big smile. Then, abruptly, the smile changed to an open mouth of alarm. “Jesus Christ, you’re hurt! I got to get you to a doctor.”

Before I could protest, this big lug swooped down and picked me up and carried me out the door. Looking up at him when my eyes cleared, I saw that he was the biggest, most handsome blond I’d ever seen. I lost all thought of protesting.

When we got to his truck he hoisted me up to the cab, lifting me by putting his large hands flat against my rump. They felt divine. I hoped he didn’t get blood on them.

After we were both inside he asked, “Now where does it hurt, lady, so I can tell ’em at the emergency room.”

I motioned him by crooking my index finger to bring his head down to mine so I could whisper to him.

“Yeah?” he said anxiously, bringing his rugged face to my lips. “Where does it hurt, ma’am?”

“In my cunt,” I said simply.

“Wow,” he said, “that might be serious. I better get you to one of them gy… gyne… gynecosmogists… you know them fellers who handle female disorders.”

“I think you can take care of it,” I whispered. “Hell,” he laughed nervously, “I would if I could. But I ain’t no doctor. I’m just hauling portable toilets for the Rent-A-Can company.”

“You can take care of it,” I insisted. “I don’t see how.”

“I’ll guide you every step of the way,” I promised him.

“I do…” he muttered, scratching his thick, curly hair. “What do you want me to do first?”

“Stick out your tongue,” I asked of him. It was a long, thick, pink tongue. It reminded me so much of a cock I thought I’d drool.

“Now lift up my skirt.” He did, but only to my thighs.

I parted my thighs and told him to lift it all the way.

“Are you sure?” he gulped.

“Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s pussy?” I asked with just a hint of tease in my voice.

“Well, sure… but, only, you know, during sex. Never in a professional way… like a doctor or somethin’. This way you’re talking about seems kinda funny… unnatural, like.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I soothed. “You’ll forget about your ethics as soon as you lift my skirt.”

Counting on my pussy to do its own talking from here on in, I bucked my pelvis just as he raised the hem over my crotch. My loins were scarlet with fresh, red blood. A crimson slime clung to the throbbing folds and sucking gash of my pulsing cunt.

His eyes bugged out when he saw that the blood really was coming from my snatch.

“Did you bust something inside when I knocked you down?” he asked nervously.

“Nothing you can’t fix with that tongue of yours, doctor,” I said with a sly smile, and suddenly he got the point.

“You’re min-stru-ating,” he said with a pronunciation full of rural charm.

“Right,” I said patiently, leaning back against the door so he would have a sure shot at my cunt.

“And you want me to lick off the blood?” he said, his voice full of wonder.


“Is it really all right for me to do that, ma’am?”

“If I say so.”

“Hot damn!” he suddenly whooped. “I had a lotta women a lotta ways since I took to truckin’. And before that I even fucked a cow one time back on the ranch in Texas. But I ain’t never had sex this way.”

“There’s always a first time for everything, cowboy.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Now stop grabbing and start sucking.”

Bending his lanky body like it had hinges in the middle, he dropped his head into my lap and buried his face in my sopping crotch. His mouth was a dream against my cunt, immediately getting to work on consuming my fetid discharge.

While his lips nibbled at the outside of my pussy, his tongue shot inside, stiffening to produce friction against my constricting cunt walls.

“Oh, God,” I moaned, “fuck me with your tongue while you’re drinking my blood. Work it in me, cowboy, work it in me!”

His hot tongue surged into me like a hard cock, filling my pussy with swelling flesh. The walls of my cunt constricted to meet his thrust, wrapping his penetration in gooey warmth.

I could feel my womb gushing blood as he sucked my pussy, draining me of my uterine goo. Looking down between my legs, I could see that the trucker’s handsome young face was red with my blood. Never had I been so turned on by what my body would do to a man.

“Stick your tongue in harder. Harder!” I pleaded. “Make me come with your tongue!”

He did his level best, stabbing into my cunt with relentless thrusts. Slowly the orgasmic shuddering began in the center of my body. Then, as he was buried in me all the way to his teeth, it came with a sudden rush and I started to come like a boiling radiator blowing its top.

Coming so hard, so soon, made me want to do only one thing: get to his cock as quickly as possible!

“Up cowboy,” I said, grabbing a hank of his blond curls and pulling back his head.

He stared up at me through perfect blue eyes, a silly grin splitting his blood-covered face. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing,” he drawled.

Neither could I. Looking down at my crotch I saw that it was licked clean, my cowboy’s spit still shining on my pubic hair and pussy and thighs.

I shuddered, feeling an extra orgasmic surge when I realized he had lapped my bleeding pussy dry on my command. I wondered what else I could get him to do.

“Gimme,” I said impatiently, holding my arms out in front of me and wiggling my fingers.

“Anything you want, ma am,” he smirked. “You just name it.”

“Your cock. Give me your big, hard cock, cowboy.”

“You’re sure as hell damn right,” he leered. “It couldn’t be any bigger and harder if I was a Brahma bull.”

“Take it out. I want to play with it.”

His prick was out within seconds. Frankly, I couldn’t believe it.

The cowboy’s cock was as long as a bronze pole looming out of his pants. When he kept hauling out inch after inch my mouth flew open in astonishment. By the time he was finally finished, my eyes were bugging out of my head and my mouth was open even wider. And drooling.

My cunt was wet, pussy juice gushing from my box, clinging to my pubic hair and thighs the same as the blood. Only thicker. And hotter. I was ready to fuck.

But first I had to prepare his cock. I grabbed it and gave it a long, wet sucking. Rimming its knotty head with my lips, I abruptly slid down his shaft, taking his foreskin with me in a tearing lurch.

“Oh, Jeeee-sus,” he moaned as I slid his foreskin back and forth along his cock in pistoning frenzy. I wanted him agitated to the ultimate. I wanted to build up his sperm. I wanted his balls working overtime. By the time he finally came in my cunt, I wanted my pussy filled with cum as it had never been before.

When I noticed his balls were tightening as his cock-head was turning purple, I suddenly slacked off, not wanting him to blow off in my face before I had a chance to get him in my cunt. This was part of my strategy — bringing him to the brink of coming, and then temporarily cooling him down. When he finally did shoot his wad in my cunt the torrent would be unbelievable.

Snaking my tongue over the top of his dick, I cooled him down. The drool from my tongue seemed to have a soothing affect on him for awhile.

The trouble was that I just couldn’t stop licking. Before I knew it my soothing tongue caresses had turned into rough swipes, chafing the sensitive head of his prick with maddening friction.

The veins started jumping in his cock again as my tongue got bolder and bolder. His balls slammed together in their sac and became as hard as rocks. Halfway to his asshole his prostate throbbed like he had a time-bomb inside him when I massaged it by snaking my fingers into his pants.

Then, when his cock jumped enough that I knew it was on the brink of coming, I immediately stopped licking. Ah, another extra bucket of cum for my pussy, I thought greedily.

My cowboy panted for air as the demands of his cock temporarily eased up. He was so busy getting his breath that he might not have even noticed when I first started my finger up his tight, sweaty asshole. But after the first knuckle had penetrated he had to have known.

After the second knuckle, with my twisting finger surging up his ass, he jumped.

After the third, he moaned.

His cock, held by my other hand, jumped in my fingers. It sprang from his loins like it was going into orbit.

My finger popped wetly out of his ass. Another extra load of jizz.

Deciding that a triple dose of cum was enough to satisfy me, I put my cards right on the table. “Okay, cowboy, let’s fuck.”

“While you’re on your period?”

“That’s right, cowboy,” I looked him straight in the eye. “Blood-fuck me!”

“Anything you say,” he leered, brandishing his prick like a six-shooter. “How do you want it?”

“What’s the best way in a truck?”

“Off the steering wheel,” he said enthusiastically.

“I don’t get it.”

“Yours truly will be waitin’ at the bottom.”

“Now I get it.”

What a fantastic idea, I thought. Landing on his prick would be like jumping out of a window and landing on a picket fence.

Stripping my skirt, I got up on the dashboard and worked my wet ass across it to the driver’s side of the cab. My moist buns and dripping pussy left a glistening trail that caused the closed quarters to reek of female sex.

At the wheel, I slid my legs over the edge of the dash and straddled its circumference. Resting the bottom of my ass against the top of the wheel, I began my descent.

My pussy was out in front of me all the way, leading the way with its pouting, open lips. Cunt juice, tinged pink by menstrual blood, ran down my legs. The constant foaming within my pussy prepared me for the unbelievable penetration that was about to take place.

Looking down the chute of my spread legs, I could see it waiting for me there. His cock. Almost a foot of twitching, hard muscle. It looked brutal and sadistic. Unmerciful. I hoped it would split me in two.

Now we were touching. At last. The head of his prick nibbled like a hungry barracuda at the entrance of my cunt, working my pussy lips over like they were raw meat.

This was the tricky part. I had to slide down on him just right or his cock would squirt maddeningly away from my cunt. I didn’t want to play games fumbling for his prick when I needed it inside me — I wanted to fuck, right now. As far as I was concerned there was no margin for error.

Swinging my hips, just so, in a tight pendulum, I secured the end of his cock between my clutching pussy lips. Sliding down a couple of inches, I felt his dick-head slide between my labia and engorge the mouth of my fuck-canal.

Experimenting, I wiggled around to make sure he wouldn’t shake loose from the noose of my pussy. However, the more I moved my ass, the tighter he seemed imbedded in me. Clearly, I wasn’t going to have any further trouble from here on in.

Secure in my knowledge that he was solidly stuck in my cunt, I threw caution to the winds. The next part of my descent down the steering wheel was a six-inch slide that took most of his long, hard cock up my pussy.

Looking down, I had a clear view of his prick throbbing in my cunt, moving back and forth in order to create the magical friction of fucking. I was delirious with lustful joy, but still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted those last few inches of cock still showing up my cunt.

I ground down on him meticulously, taking a fractional piece of his cock at a time. Slowly but surely I could see it disappearing into the gaping mouth of my hairy cunt. Inside it filled my body more and more. His prick seemed to be in my stomach. Pushing the air from my lungs. Pressuring my kidneys and bowels so that I wanted to shit and piss and come all at once.

When I gulped, sure his cock was going to come surging out of my throat, I looked down and saw that it had finally made it all the way. His prick had vanished, totally swallowed by my pussy. The only evidence it existed was his tangled blond pubic hair and straining balls.

His nuts slammed tightly against the mouth of my cunt as I ground into him.

Since I was on top I had to do most of the work. Secure in the knowledge that I had been able to take every inch of him, I started moving my cunt up and down his long, stiff prick. My pussy lips slid one direction and then the other on his shaft, doing a job on his cock that made it shudder inside me.

“God, how I want your cum!” I cried. “Come in me, please! Please!”

Humping his pelvis, he lifted me off the wheel into mid-air far a brief, quivering moment. The cum erupted from his cock like molten lava from a volcano.

My gamble had paid off. As the cum kept spurting and spurting, I knew my pussy was getting more jizz than it had ever swallowed.

My own orgasm was so intense that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe what was happening between my legs; the sheer, shooting thrust of his endless thunderbolts of cum.

More, more, more he spurted. Rivers of sperm were gushing from my pussy and running down my legs. His balls pumped the stuff unrelentingly out of his dick. I had more fluid between my legs than I’d had at the peak of my menstrual flow.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. “This is so wonderful. So fucking wonderful!”

Then, with one last bolt of scalding stickiness, he stopped coming. As his dick started to shrivel in my pussy, I collapsed to the seat. Looking down between my thighs I could actually see my cunt throbbing. It ached with joy.

My cowboy trucker was stirring again, which was my cue to get myself together and flee the scene. No matter how soothing it was to bathe in the afterglow of a perfect fuck, I knew I had to get the hell out of there. I didn’t want any chance of him pressuring me to get to know him better. I’d already gotten all I wanted from him.

Hurriedly I dressed. By the time he sat up, I was closing the door behind me, my feet touching the pavement as I threw him a goodbye kiss.


As the weather got colder, Leo did too. It had been bad enough when he was home every night ignoring me — now he didn’t even make it home half the time, working late at the university on a budget proposal, he said. I was left out in a cold more intense than the winter weather by my husband.

After awhile I started to wonder about Leo’s budget story. Maybe he had a little coed on the side.

The more I thought about the possibility of Leo having an affair, the more I decided it might really be true. What else could explain why a normal, healthy man in his early thirties didn’t need any sex at home?

I tried to be jealous, thinking that was what a wife should do. However, whenever I pictured Leo naked and puffing on top of some spread-eagled coed I just got horny. The fact of the matter was that I was beyond jealousy. My hitchhiking had left me susceptible to just one emotion: lust.

Deciding that Leo’s probable infidelity just gave me license to act up even more, I doubled my prowling on the city streets thumbing for rides. I was fucking two or three times a day now, and giving quick blow-jobs and hand-jobs on the side. Before I went to bed at night I had to shower the dried cum from my body. If I’d have been a hooker I’d have been able to retire at the end of a month.

Then something happened that changed my whole perspective. Depending on how you look at it, it either proved me wrong, or opened up another whole world for me.

Around Christmas the snow started and didn’t let up. Then, after a week of continuous snowfall, it turned even worse. A blizzard filled the sky so that roads were almost impassable. Hitchhiking seemed an impossibility.

I became a prisoner in the house. Leo had gone to the university three days ago and had never come back. He’d called to say that the roads were too bad to get home, and he’d have to stay at the college until they were cleared. I was positive he was shacked up with some little cunty student of his.

Normally such a suspicion would have sent me drooling into the streets. But, tonight, cut off by the snow from my sexual resource, it made me frustrated as hell.

My eyes settled on the gaudily decorated tree in the corner. Sadly, I realized that it was Christmas Eve and I was alone.

I longed to bust out of doors, hurtling down the street and flagging down the first car I saw. Hungrily, I dreamed of a cock poking stiffly out of some stranger’s pants, long and hard and sweet. Then sliding it down my naked body to my cunt. Rubbing the head against my moist pussy lips. Cramming it inside me. Fucking. The perfect Christmas present.

No, no, I shook my head. Why am I thinking like this? Like a nymphomaniac. Why am I doing this?

Damn, damn, damn, I hated that fucking question.

“Go away, go away!” I screamed aloud. “Go away, you Goddamned fucking conscience! Leave me alone!”

There. I’d made my moral decision on the side of lust once again. I didn’t have time for the trivia of my conscience, not when the rest of my body was trembling and sweating from needing a quick fuck.

Now that I had my head in shape I could concentrate on the issue burning in my heart and loins: finding somebody to screw!

One option was to stay home, waiting on the one chance out of a hundred Leo might show up and I could take what was left of his cock after three days of his coed. Or, I could take the equal long shot that I could find somebody to pick me up in the middle of a blinding snowstorm.

Under the circumstances, I would have been satisfied even with Leo. I probably would have raped him had he actually been available, I was so desperate for any kind of sex. But he wasn’t. No, it was a question of no birds in the hand and having to choose between ones in the bush.

The fantasy of being rescued by a stranger in a blinding snowstorm was a far more erotic prospect than the stark vision of Leo’s skinny, hairy body looking like an albino tarantula. His pathetic prick barely popping out at quarter-mast. One of his so-called erections.

Most men whose cocks draw pity have pop-guns between their legs instead of cannons. But Leo’s different. The tragedy of his prick is that it’s so long… so pink… so perfect… and so useless. The son of a bitch never wants to use it for anything but urinating and stuffing in the tight crotch of his corduroy pants so he can drive me crazy with frustration.

His advertising is just dandy — folks’d never guess he doesn’t have a thing to sell.

Leo’s prick went downhill from the day we got married. Of course he was a tiger when we were going together, especially at first. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that the better Leo knew me, the less sexually aroused he was by me.

Who knows, I thought, looking out at the snow, what might happen if Leo was confronted with the body of another woman? A new body. A younger body. A body for whom familiarity with its owner had not yet bred contempt.

Which, probably, I concluded, accounted for the affair I was sure he’d been having with one of his students.

“Enough stalling!” I flung my arms up in the air and exclaimed aloud. Pushing Leo and his pathetically misused prick and his mystery coed out of my mind, I concentrated on something infinitely more pleasant. In their place I substituted creamy erotic images.

My mind imagined my cunt opening for the first time in days for a long, hard cock that couldn’t wait to go between my legs. The juice trickled out of my steaming gash. My pink pussy lips were frosted with oozing cream.

Then there were more than one cock. In my fantasy, stiff pricks surged around my honey-pot like a swarm of bees. They circled, jockeying to see which one would be the one to penetrate my open target. The others I would jack-off, suck off, rub — anything to make them come all over me while I was being fucked.

My mind swamped with the stickiness of my fantasies, I stripped, standing nude and free in the middle of the room. I put my hands on my hips and spread my legs. Leaning backward so my pussy arched forward, I tossed my head and laughed. Hysterical with laughter, I fully realized the irony of me preparing to go out in a freezing snowstorm by getting naked.

But there was method to my madness. The reason was right in the closet. A raccoon coat I’d gone ahead and bought when I kept having the fantasy about what I was going to wear when it got really cold. Well, things would never get colder than tonight.

I snuggled into the bundle of a coat, cuddlingly nude underneath. The smooth leather lining was like rubbing against living flesh, almost as though I had someone in the giant coat with me. Just wearing it was a turn-on.

Bundled in my sex coat, I hurried out into the night. With my head bundled up against the cold, my heavy boots, and the monster coat, I must have looked like the abominable snowman tramping through the ice.

It turned out to be the worst blizzard in forty-seven years. Traffic was knocked out for hours. Power lines went down in droves. No telephone service. The area couldn’t have been more devastated.

As the climatic conditions deteriorated, I began to get discouraged in my search for someone to pick me up. And paranoid. Anything could happen to me out here on a night like this. Waiting for Leo might have been more profitable, after all.

I despaired of ever seeing a car. But, even so, I started having the eerie sensation that somebody was following me.

Then, suddenly, there was a light. I ran for it. Slipping in my eagerness, I fell to the ice. When I looked up, the light was gone.

I got up, brushing the snow from my coat. Suddenly the light was there again, coming from another direction.

I moved toward it again. There was no traction on the ice. I skidded, wildly trying to keep my balance, but finally I fell once more. Then, the light was gone.

All of a sudden the cold became too much for me, seeming to eat away the warmth of my thick coat. My body, bare under the coat, now felt totally exposed to the harsh elements. Standing out at least an inch apiece, my frozen nipples hardened from the intense cold. My cunt felt like ice was forming at the lips.

I was so discouraged. What difference did it all make? The cold was sapping my resolve… hazing my thinking.

“Who… gives… a… shit…” I managed to slowly croak, and then muttered goodbye to it all, sprawling against a garbage can.

My legs splayed out on the icy pavement. Thank God the coat protected my ass and thighs or I’d have wound up with frostbite.

The front of the coat came open, though. With my tits and pussy exposed, I just lay there. I felt them start to freeze as I dozed off.

I dreamed I was in a deep freeze. I lived there. Everything was frozen solid. There was no fucking, because any sudden movement and a guy’s cock might break off. And even if someone did screw they might start to melt and screw up the thermostat. We’d all die in the oozing poisons of rotting meat.

It was so cold. So cold. So dark and dreary.

Then, suddenly, the lights were on. Not just lights — a riot of colors. My senses started to pulse, as though someone had opened the freezer and I was starting to thaw.

It wasn’t cold anymore. It was warm. Then it was hot. Steaming.

And wet!

When I woke up and looked down, I saw to my astonishment that the coat was gone and I was stark naked. Someone’s head was between my legs. They were eating my cunt!

The feel of the mouth against my labia was unmistakable. Even surer was the tongue tickling up my pussy. I wouldn’t have been able to believe my eyes if I hadn’t felt it.

Trusting my senses, I looked around while the lower half of my body writhed from the sucking my pussy was receiving.

We were in a heavily decorated apartment. A very cozy place. I was looking out on the living room from the bedroom.

I was getting my pussy eaten on a big four-poster bed with a canopy. Now I saw that the bedroom walls were covered with pictures of naked women. No cocks — just cunts and breasts filling the place with a kaleidoscope of tits and ass.

I looked down toward the person doing the job between my legs. Greasy hair down to the nape of the neck. A punk.

I looked around the room some more. Strewn on the floor were a pair of scuffed boots, grimy jeans, and a shiny black leather jacket. Through the door I could see a gleaming chopper standing in a corner, water dripping from it as the snow flecking melted.

A biker, I thought. That explained the single light I’d seen. He was on his motorcycle.

As if I cared who he was, just so long as he existed. Not only had he saved me from freezing to death, he’d warmed me up to broiling, stoking my cunt like it was a blast furnace.

“Slide up so I can see you,” I beckoned, anticipating the first tingle of his body against my pulsing breasts. “Move your body on mine and let’s just rub for a few seconds.”

My unknown lover crawled up my body. I could see that he was smaller than I expected. The skin on his back seemed sleek, as though there could be very little hair on such a body.

“Get on me… crawl on me,” I moaned, anxious to get down to the business of finding his cock.

His body was smooth and hairless against mine, slippery and soft in many places where I expected it to be hard and muscular. But, despite, the incongruities, we wriggled together like we were made for each other.

“Where’s your cock, stud?” I whispered into his ear as he hid his face by sucking my nipples.

My hand wedged between our bodies, groping for his groin. When my fingers laced a puff of pubic hair, my hand clawed instantly downward.

Incredibly, instead of being clasped around a throbbing cock, I found my fingers squashed against a wet, pulsing gash, something like a festering wound.

“What…” I blurted, being to astonished to finish my sentence.

“Shut up and kiss me, you fool,” a husky voice said, and suddenly my open mouth was sealed by a pair of warm lips. When I opened my eyes I saw that I was being kissed by a woman.

“Don’t you like it, darling?” she said in her hoarse whisper of a voice.

I nodded.

“Then show it.”

My fingers, inert between her legs, suddenly came alive, crawling all over her wet cunt. She ground her pelvis against my hand, catching my clit again and again while she massaged my pussy lips.

“You’re a lesbian, aren’t you?”

“The worst,” she leered.

“You were horny and you thought, like a hungry wolf, that you could catch something in distress in the storm, didn’t you?” I charged. But, strangely, I was more thrilled by her cunning than repelled by it. “When you saw I was on the way out, you closed in, driving me to the end of the line by teasing me with your motorcycle light. Then you snatched me up, and…”

“…now the big bad wolf is eating you up, Little Red Riding Hood,” she finished the sentence.

“Was,” I corrected. “Now I’m going to eat the big bad wolf.”

She rolled over, flopping on her back. Shoving a pillow under her ass, she lifted her pelvis into the air. When she spread her legs her cunt was thrust out like a parting hairy fist.

From my vantage point I could see that her body was excellent. Her breasts were small, but practically perfect. The nipples were like strawberries.

Best of all was her cunt. It was magnificent. I couldn’t believe anybody could get her pussy open that far.

Peering into the dark tunnel between her thighs, I licked my lips. My tongue ached to ream her out.

Then I plunged to her crotch. The lips of my mouth and the lips of her pussy met in a wet kiss. Her cunt juice dribbled down my chin. My spit bathed her loins.

“Rub your hands over my body while you’re eating me,” she called from above.

My hands leapt out and pinned her to the bed, my fingers crawling over her breasts. When I found her nipples I couldn’t stop rubbing, marveling at how they got harder and harder as I gave them more stimulation.

My tongue began to penetrate, sliding through the petals of her labia.

Inch after inch of my tongue pressed up her cunt until I was inside almost five inches. Working it like a cock, I twisted my tongue thickly in her pussy. When the tip of my tongue reached the mouth of her womb she shrieked in delight.

“Oh, God, tongue-fuck me, tongue-fuck me!” she cried. “Who needs a cock when you’ve got the tongue of a hot-blooded woman up your cunt!”

I strove to meet her demands. My tongue surged in her pussy, filling her loins with a serpent’s twisting. From the way her hips undulated and her pelvis pitched, I knew for sure she felt like she was getting fucked.

The deeper I got into her cunt, the richer it tasted. When she lifted her legs up from the bed and passed them over her head, her pussy opened up so far that my tongue hit the gooey bottom of it. My lips sealed her crotch.

The more I ate her cunt, the more my own pussy spasmed. My thighs were completely wet from the drooling flow of my cunt. The room reeked with the musky smell of our two super-charged pussies.

I couldn’t stand having my own cunt go unattended any longer. Giving her snatch one last slurping kiss, I pulled my mouth from between her legs before I started to climb on top of her.

Our bodies slid together in a sweaty embrace. My tits pulsed against her naked skin until they reached her own throbbing breasts. The spongy impact of our breasts drove us both wild.

Our nipples were pressed together; our bellies rubbed, the muscles playing sensuously against each other. Now the aggressor, I embraced her, jabbing my tongue into her mouth and passionately soul-kissing her.

Her legs were parted so I could fit the lower half of my body between them. She straddled me with her spread legs so I could fit my crotch into the well of her thighs as though I were a man getting ready to fuck her.

But, in the heat of the moment, the equipment I really had below my waist seemed better than any cock. My turgid cunt lips and clit rubbed maddeningly against the outer folds of her pussy, creating a friction so wet and rough that it made both of us whimper.

My hips drove my pelvis into her crotch in the classic fucking motion. Indeed, I felt as though I was fucking her as much as if I’d had eight inches of cock up her pussy.

“Unnnh, unnnnnhhh,” I grunted, driving myself against her, mashing my cunt against hers. Both of our rubbing snatches were lathering.

I could hear the squish of pussy juice. It was so thick that it was running down our thighs. The slap of our loins thrilled me, naked flesh smacking against naked flesh. It was the sound of fucking!

Then, to make it complete, she clamped her legs round me, just as though I were her male lover. I responded by giving all I had between her thighs, rubbing my pesky clit up and down and back and forth across her cunt until both of us were gasping in orgasm.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she broke away from my kiss and groaned in my ear. “Fuck me the way only another woman can!”

As though I had a hard-on looming from my loins, I responded to her plea by pulling back and then ramming home my crotch against her cunt. Instead of a prick surging up her fuck-canal, she got a pair of turgid pussy lips and a sucking gash up against her snatch.

All of the action was on the outside, but I could tell by the way she moved her body beneath me that the girl I was fucking loved being screwed by me. The only thing a man had I wished I had was sperm. I would have dearly loved to have splashed an ocean of cum up her cunt.

Our passion was so intense that we started to roll round on the bed, unable to control the orgasmic energy that made our muscles jump. First I was on top, acting the male role, and then she was. We took turns wrapping our legs around each other, one of us the aggressor and the other passive, until we switched again. By the time our frenzy rolled us off the bed and we thudded onto the floor, we were so turned-on we were ready for anything.

As she sat up on the floor, she put her hands on my shoulders and ran her lips up the side of my face to my ear. After nibbling on my lobe, she pressed her wet lips to my ear and rasped, “Are you ready for a dildo? Are you ready to really fuck another woman?”

If I had nodded my head any more vigorously I would have broken my neck. Was I ready for a dildo was like asking me if I was ready to go on living, in fact, I think I was more eager for the former than the latter, especially if we fucked ourselves to death with the dildo.

She jumped up and ran over to the dresser. Opening the top drawer, she pulled out a box full of leather and rubber. There was all kinds of weird stuff in there — God knows who was supposed to strap what to where and stick it in what.

But at least one item was instantly recognizable. Right on top of the pile was the crowning jewel of the collection — a foot long latex replica of a dick! God, the veins were even standing out. The head of it was so thick I wondered if a woman could stand it in her cunt.

“Do you want to wear it… or should I?” my female lover asked. Stick it in or take it? I pondered the choice.

But, actually, it wasn’t very hard to make up my mind. I’d been taking things long enough. It was time I dished out a little.

Cradling the dildo in my hands, I looked down in wonder at the cock that would soon be emerging from my groin. It was long and thick and pink. When I touched it I couldn’t believe how hard it was. And, at the end, the head looked like a doorknob.

“Strap it on me,” I gasped, handing the dildo to my beautiful lover. “Give me a dick.”

She slipped it around my waist, snapping the elastic belt in the small of my back while I stepped through the leg straps that cut into the backs of my thighs under my buns like a man’s jock-strap.

When the dick was securely anchored to my loins I looked down and saw it twitching at least a foot out in front of me. It looked perfectly real. Incredibly, I felt as though it were physically mine.

And so, apparently, did my lover. She dropped gaping to the floor, her mouth watering from the immensity of my tool. Grabbing ahold of it with both hands, she took the dildo into her mouth and sucked it like a real dick.

Uncontrollably, I moved my hips in the classic fucking motion, screwing her mouth as she swallowed inch after inch of me.

Me. Yes, that’s what it seemed like, like she was actually blowing me. My cock. It was my cock reaming out her mouth. I knew it. I swore I could feel it.

Except that it was better than just being a guy. Because instead of squeezing my nonexistent balls while she was sucking me off, my lover thrust her hand unexpectedly up between my thighs and began playing with my cunt. It was fantastic. I had a dick and a pussy at the same time!

My eyes were closed as I experienced the mind-blowing thrill of what she was doing to my pussy while I fucked her mouth with my cock. Yet, despite my blindness, I swear I could tell when she started pulling her lips off my dildo. It was crazy, but I swore I could feel it.

When I opened my eyes I saw to my amazement that my senses hadn’t lied to me. Her lips were just pulling from the cock-head looming a foot out in front ol me. I knew it was impossible, but I thought could feel the wetness.

Still en her knees, she looked up at me like a starving beggar. “Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Please fuck me.”

Electricity surged through my loins at the prospect of actually doing it. Actually fucking her. Sticking my dick into a cunt.

“Spread your legs,” I directed, my voice reeking of efficiency like I was the master cocksman.

Heeding my orders, she fell back on her elbows. As her knees shot up into the air, her thighs parted to an enormous degree, fully exposing her fat pussy.

The pink meat of her pussy lips formed a sucking cavern between her legs. The inside of her cunt was open so wide I could have driven a truck through it.

The room was filled with the scent of aroused pussy. The vapors rose from her cunt like thick steam, a reeking musk that pervaded everything. I’d never known another woman’s cunt could smell so good.

“What are you waiting for?” she cried, suddenly taking the initiative. “Stick it in me. I want to feel it inside me.”

“What? What?” I blurted. “Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“I want to feel your cock inside me. Your cock inside my cunt. I want your prick to fill my pussy.”

I dropped to my knees, kneeling between her spread thighs. My prick loomed from the base of my cunt like a twitching, angry snake, ready to attack. I put my hands to her foaming cunt and then rubbed them wetly over my dick, greasing it for its plunging descent.

I fell between her legs the way so many horny men had fallen between mine. In fact, the only difference was that my cock was bigger than any of theirs had been.

As I got closer and closer to finally penetrating her slit, my attitude changed. By the time the head of the dildo was rubbing insistently against her pussy lips, I had transformed myself into a brutal rapist. Lust was the only emotion of which I was capable.

Accordingly, the helpless girl beneath me ceased being a human being and became just a juicy, wet, open thing to fuck. Something to stick my dick into. My big, long, hard dick.

I reached down and ripped apart her pussy lips like I was tearing open a Christmas package. With her cunt drooling open like a gaping wound, I lunged forward, burying my prick into her with a single thrust.

In her to the hilt in one savage surge, I was certain I could actually feel the walls of her pussy constricting around what I was equally sure was my cock. In and out I fucked her, screwing her with every trick I knew.

She noticed my proficiency, screaming, “Oh, God, can you fuck! Oh… God… can… you fuck!”

I strove to live up to my notices, pumping her with my super weapon. The more I fucked her the more I was sure I was going to split her in two — and looking forward to it.

“Oh, God, you’re killing me!” she confirmed my suspicions. “You’re fucking me to death!”

She screamed, “Fuck me harder,” and I responded with pelvic thrusts to match hers.

When her hand slid between our bodies and found my pussy under the dildo, the thrill was unprecedented. Continuing the bucking thrusts of my cock up her cunt, I simultaneously felt her fingers poking up my tightening snatch. Within seconds she was finger-fucking me while I screwed her with my twelve-inch prick.

It was incredible, getting it and giving it at the same time. The more I rammed my cock up her cunt, the deeper her fingers rammed into my pussy.

Within moments she had two fingers pumping up my pussy. Then, three. Four. Her whole hand.

“Fist-fuck me!” I cried. “Fuck me until I can’t stand it!”

Returning the excruciating favor I had been inflicting on her for several minutes, she balled her fist and rammed her knuckles into my cunt as far and as hard as I had punished her with my dildo. Her fist was like the head of an immense cock, with her wrist and forearm the shaft. I had never felt so fucked.

“I’m coming!” she screamed. “I’m coming so hard I can’t stand it! Come with me!”

I’d been coming all along, but with the suggestion of her plea I entered a new phase that surpassed everything in my experience. I had no control of my passions and began bucking wildly, meeting her savage thrusts.

Beneath me, my female lover seemed to be experiencing the same sensations. The sounds emitting from her ecstasy — twisted lips were no longer words but animalistic cries. It was obvious that she no longer had any control over herself, completely turning over her body to coming.

Every orgasmic shudder of our bodies engorged our cunts even further. The pussy juice flowed thicker and greater than sperm, drenching our loins with hot stickiness. The room sweltered with our musk, the scent overpowering.

Ai we reached the peak of our coming, we kissed, our tongues shooting into each other’s mouths the same way we were reaming out our cunts. Spit welled in our mouths from the agitation and then dribbled from the corners. It trickled down our chins, just as if we had each just swallowed an eruption of too much sperm.

Trembling and shaking, we writhed around on the floor, rolling and tumbling. Her fist slammed and pounded into my cunt while my dildo did the same thing to her pussy. Every bump on the floor was further impetus for deeper fucking.

We savagely screwed each other, pummeling our cunts into insensitivity. After this was over, neither of our cunts would be the same.

Then we fell to the floor with a thud and squished apart. For the first time in minutes my dildo was out of her pussy. Her fist was out of my cunt.

Leaning against my lesbian lover, I looked down between my parted legs and laughed hysterically when ill I could see was the big, long dildo twitching between my legs as enormous and hard as ever from my crotch. I couldn’t believe how perfect it all was. If a woman had been born with a cock, it would have been like this one — able to fuck all night without stopping.

Beneath it, although I couldn’t see it, my cunt was spasming. It was still quaking from the fist-fuck it had just had thrown in it. Slipping my hand under the dildo, I laced my fingers in my pubic floss and ran them over my pussy lips. I started stroking the dildo with my other hand. Moving my fingers like a boy masturbating, I jerked off the cock as though it were really my own. It felt heavenly on my fingers, slick with pussy juice, and reeking of raw sex.

“What’re you doing?” my partner asked, her eyes bugging out in amazement at my continuing passion.

“Something I’ve always wanted to do,” I said. “Something that at first I thought wasn’t possible, and that now I realize I was just to scared to try.”

“Oooohhhhhhh,” she said, her face splitting into a wide, knowing grin as she nodded her head.

I just returned the nod.

“Everybody wants to after they’ve played with that toy,” she winked.

Preparing for the greatest experience of my life, I rocked back on the floor and spread my legs. Bending down the snake of the dildo, I pressed its cruel head against my slimy pussy lips.

Then I started pushing it in, bit by bit. Finally, with at least six inches of my own cock crammed in my pussy, I started moving my hips, fucking myself!

No orgasm was ever more instantaneous. The rush of blood from the rest of my body toward my cunt was so great that I trembled in shock. The air seemed to be sucked from my lungs, while my head became lighter and lighter. With one last thrust of my dick up my cunt I lost consciousness, blacking out completely for the second time in an evening.

The last thing I remember I was wishing myself a Merry Christmas.


I was back in the deep freeze again.

The chill was unbelievable. I felt like a popsicle.

There was no light. Everything seemed black.

I shook my head and opened my eyes as far as I could, trying to force some light into them. Slowly, everything turned from pitch-black to dark gray.

I kept on concentrating, certain somewhere in the back of my mind that my life depended on it. Gradually the gray started to lift. There was still no definition of objects, but things continued to get lighter.

Then, astoundingly, the color before my eyes was white. Pure white. Snow white.

Having forced myself to my senses through sheer subconscious will-power, I quickly surveyed the scent. I was lying nude in a doorway on a deserted city street. My motorcycle-punk lover had stolen my raccoon coat and abandoned me.

I was so furious that it seemed to charge my energy. Suddenly I felt thawed enough to get up and begin making it down the street.

Like a toddling penguin I plodded along the ice until I made it to my house. After letting myself in, I fell stiffly onto the living room floor like a frozen halibut, neither knowing or caring, if Leo was home.

He wasn’t. Things were exactly as I had left them. The son of a bitch was still in the sack with his campus cutie.

During a hot bath that lasted for hours until I was thawed out, I thought about my future. I decided, that Leo served some purpose, after all. For instance, he made a pretty good living as a college professor and wasn’t too stingy with his money. At least I didn’t have to work. In addition, he gave me a good front. Nothing’s more respectable than the wife of a college professor.

All of which gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted when Leo wasn’t around. Which was increasingly the case. Even the fooling around I was certain he was doing had its virtues. It just gave me more time and excuse to do what I wanted.

His lack of sex drive had turned into a virtue in my mind also. The more he failed to provide me with hot cock, the hornier I got. The hornier I was, the more I was driven to go out and do the thing I loved best: hitchhiking for sex.

As far as I was concerned, anything that got me out on the road was good.

I saw now that I could never give it up. Even when I was at the old folks’ home I’d be sneaking out onto the interstate and trying to flag down truckers willing to take on a little old cunt.

The fact of the matter was that I no longer wanted a normal relationship with a man. I wanted to have a thousand different sexual experiences, not the same boring routine once every two weeks. I wanted to be sucked, raped, buggered, licked, degraded, and on and on — everything that could be done to me before I started all over again.

And I wanted to do it with the widest variety of partners available. Now I saw that strange women were no more off limits for my desires than strange men. Who needed Leo’s cock when I could have all the prick and pussy I wanted.

Even a snowy night would no longer deter me. As soon as it cleared up, I was going down to the nearest adult book store and buy me the biggest dildo available. Then, the next time a storm closed down the city, I’d just cuddle up in my own warm bed and fuck myself crazy.

During twelve hours of deep sleep after I finally got out of the tub, I dreamed of nothing but cocks and pussies. They fucked incessantly, engorging my unconscious with dreamy screwing and coming.

When I awoke I had never felt so refreshed. I sprang out of bed and walked to the window to see what had happened with the weather.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue. I could see birds flying outside the window.

Everything was okay.

Just then I heard the door opening and footsteps. I jumped when I heard Leo tall, “Merry Christmas! Is anybody home?”

“Just me, sweetheart,” I grimaced, already tired of having him home. “I’m in the bedroom…”

“Are you decent?” he asked from the next room.

“Well, Leo, we’re married, for Christ’s sake,” I said, his presence thoroughly irritating me.

“Well, after that big fuss that might the Marx Brothers were on, I don’t know,” he said.

“Suit yourself,” I said tersely, and walked over to the closet to get some clothes. Suddenly all I wanted to do was get dressed and get out of there. Being around Leo for ninety seconds was enough to make anyone want to split.

“Where are you going?” he said when he finally came into the room and saw me dressing.

“To the gynecologist,” I improvised. “I have a yeast infection. If I don’t keep the appointment it’ll take weeks to get another one. By that time I may have grown a loaf of bread between my legs.”

He actually smiled at one of my jokes, then abruptly frowned and asked, “Whoever heard of a doctor open on Christmas?”

“He’s Jewish,” I lied.

“If you say so,” he said indifferently. “I’ll see you later, I’m bushed. I’m going to get some sleep before I go back to the university.”

“On Christmas?” I said, raising my eyebrows in skepticism. No wonder he’d bought my story about the Jewish gynecologist.

“The budget. The budget,” he said, as though I were mentally retarded for not remembering his lame excuse for screwing somebody on the side. “It’s due on the first of January.”

As if I cared. However, on my way out of the room, curiosity got the best of me, and I looked over my shoulder and asked, “Weren’t you just at the school for three days? Why didn’t you just stay there if you had to go right back?”

He turned red as though I’d caught him in a lie. Then he sputtered, “Cots… cots… They only had cots for us to sleep on during the storm. They were very uncomfortable. I really didn’t get much rest while I was gone.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” I snapped and walked out.

Outside I walked aimlessly. Leo had driven me out of the house this time, not lust, and I had no idea where I wanted to go. Fortunately the sun was out and it was a beautiful day, more like spring than winter as the temperature shot up in the sixties after the blizzard.

I must have walked for miles, basking in the sun. Around me people went this way and that, coming outdoors again after the weather had made a turn for the better.

Feeling out of breath from walking, I finally sat down on a bench at a bus stop. When I crossed my legs I knew there was another reason why I was panting. My pussy was absolutely sopping.

Realizing that I had made myself horny just walking around and thinking, I cast my eyes around for something to do about it. If a wino had wandered across my path at that moment, I would have jumped the poor bastard and gone down on him under the bench.

As it was, something else caught my attention — the acrid scent of carbon monoxide. When I turned to my left I saw a city bus lumbering towards me.

Impulsively, I dug into my purse for the change needed to board, and stood up as the bus pulled up in front of me. I walked up the stairs and got inside and dropped the change into the slot, having no idea where the bus was going.

Inside I could see that the bus was almost empty. On Christmas day the only passengers were sad-faced people with no families to spend the holiday with. Too bad they hadn’t discovered my secret for combating loneliness.

Wandering to the back, I sat down in the last seat, the big one that goes all the way across the rear of the bus. Before I could slide over to the window, a surly looking kid I’d seen on my way down the aisle suddenly moved over from his seat and sat down on my right.

When I tried to move in the other direction, he was joined on my left by an equally scruffy youth — the only difference being that this one was a girl.

They nudged rudely against me, pinching me between their hard, young bodies. When I tried to move I found myself securely locked between them.

“Don’t make another move, lady,” the boy said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look at your left, lady.”

I did as he said and saw the girl pulling something shiny out of her purse. A nickel-plated Saturday night special.

She shoved the gun down between my thighs, hiding it from anyone else. “Don’t make a move, bitch,” she hissed, “or I’ll blow your fucking cunt off.”

“Why are you doing this?” I croaked in astonishment.

“The bus drivers don’t carry cash on them any more,” the boy said, “so we have to rob the passengers.”

“Now fork over your money, bitch,” the girl said, drawing my face back to the left with her impatience. She emphasized her demand by jabbing the short barrel of her gun into my cunt. The already sopping orifice spasmed from the attack, glazing my thighs with a new seepage of pussy juice.

I looked at her straight in the eye. With a single penetrating look I sensed this tough little cookie was actually a fawn-like girl with hair the color of straw. I couldn’t help wondering what the rest of her body looked like under her scruffy denim clothing.

“Whaddaya looking at, cunt?” she snarled when she realized I was reading her face. “Stop staring at me like that.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” the boy said, puzzled.

“Shaddup,” the girl snapped. “I’ll handle this.”

“Let me,” I said out of the blue. It was my only warning before I abruptly snaked my hand across her thigh and shoved my fingers into her crotch.

I smiled when I saw the toughness of her face suddenly disintegrate as her mouth gaped in astonishment. “What’s the matter with you, bitch? Don’t you know how to act while you’re being robbed?” she sputtered. “Now hand over your money.”

“Wouldn’t you rather have sex?” I said sweetly.

Before she could move, my fingers found the tab of her zipper and screeched it down her fly. Inside her jeans they instantly found themselves immersed in her fluffy cunt hair, no panties between my hand and her pussy.

“Hey, what the fuck’s going on?” her bewildered partner yelled, causing a couple of the derelicts on the bus and the driver to turn around and look at us.

“Those punks bothering you, lady?” the driver called back.

I looked at the girl. Then I turned and looked at the boy before I answered. They were both pale with fright, terrified I’d blow the whistle on them.

“You all right?” the bus driver called again.

“Just fine,” I replied, just as I worked my fingers inside the mouth of the girl’s cunt.

When the other people on the bus went back to minding their own business, I leaned over and covered the girl’s mouth with my lips, soul-kissing her as I pushed her back against the seat. In her pants, two of my fingers wiggled up the slit of her pussy. Her cunt was soaking wet. Her stiff clit rubbed against the palm of my hand. She shoved down her jeans, so I could get my fingers into even more of her twat.

Behind me, her boyfriend was fit to be tied. Especially when he heard the gun clatter to the floor when the girl let go of it. Her trigger finger hooked under the hem, pulling my skirt up so her hand could snake between my legs and grab my pussy.

I don’t know if he was mad at her for botching the robbery, jealous of what we were doing, or what. In any case, if it was imperative to calm down before somebody noticed and the driver got a cop.

There was only one way. My free hand went around in back of me and instinctively grabbed for his cock.

It was there all right, big and bulging in his tight jeans. His enormous hard-on told me that he had completely forgotten about the robbery.

“Help me get it out,” I hissed, “I want to feel it.” As I rubbed the throbbing bulge, I could hear his zipper squealing downward. In an instant I could feel the fleshy arc of his dick oozing out of his pants. Soon after that it was filling my hand, pumping up and down between my clutching fingers.

The three of us moved as one all the way to the edge of the bus, in a corner behind a row of seats so no one could see what we were up to. The girl was wedged in the corner with her jeans dumped on the floor, one bare leg over the back seat, and the other hooked over the seat in front of us. Her contortion made the tunnel of her pussy big enough to swallow half my hand.

In my other hand, the boy’s dick had gotten even harder as I moved its foreskin up and down the shaft. The head of his cock throbbed angrily, getting more agitated by the moment. His prick felt too good not to taste.

Keeping my hand wiggling up the girl’s pussy, I turned my head toward the dork in my hand. I forced it toward my mouth and threw my lips over the end. The head of his cock was as big as a plum, succulent and rich in my mouth.

“Go down on me,” he whispered urgently. “Deep-throat me, lady.”

Gladly obliging, I slipped my lips another couple of inches down his cock. When my tongue started tickling the head, his nervous system went crazy. A lunging involuntary buck of his hips automatically crammed two or three further inches of stiff prick in my mouth.

Below me a few inches I could see his balls. They were churning, squeezing together in a tight vise to manufacture sperm. I wouldn’t be satisfied until his cock was all the way in my mouth and my lips were nuzzling them.

Knowing I was going to gag, I closed my eyes and lurched my throat toward his groin. His cock-head tore into my throat as I choked downward. The shaft of his prick slid against my lips, getting rounder and harder by the time I reached the thatch of his groin. My lips nibbled against something round and hard while I fought for breath.

When I opened my eyes, the only signs of his prick were the knotty bulge poking out of my neck and my puffed cheeks. I had deep-throated his young, hard cock to the ultimate. My lips kissed his throbbing balls, getting them ready to explode.

But as hard as I sucked his cock, I never forgot about the cunt I was so thoroughly finger-fucking. The girl’s pussy enveloped my fingers, crushing them with wet, pink meat while I tried to surge back and forth up her sopping fuck-canal. Every thrust brought a new onslaught of pussy juice as she shuddered and shook, obviously riding on one, long continuous orgasm.

Feeling her orgasmic vibrations rattling the rear of the bus, I decided I needed a little action between my legs, also. Realizing that the prick fucking me in the mouth was about to fill my stomach with cum if I didn’t do something quickly, I pulled his cock out of my mouth. When I got it all the way out I couldn’t believe how long and throbbing it looked, glistening from a bath of my warm spit.

“Fuck me.” I said matter of factly.

He sat up and I crawled on top of him while we both slid over toward the corner so we were pressing against the girl. His cock jumped between my legs, battering impatiently at my crotch to get inside my cunt. Adjusting my loins, I did my best to accommodate him, feeling his shaft slide lewdly along the ravine of my gash.

Straightening it out with my hand, I felt his prick start to slide inside me. Once again my habit of not wearing panties came in handy as his cock instinctively found the open mouth of my pussy and moved inch by inch up my cunt. The entering hardness I felt was magnificent, like having hot lead poured up my snatch.

Beside us, the girl, her legs still spread-eagled over the two seats, started working her ass up against the side of the bus. Forcing herself upward, she somehow got her cunt at the same level as my head. In the midst of fucking the boy, I looked to my left and found myself staring into her steaming, open pussy.

“Suck me,” she moaned, as if I needed anyone to tell me what to do. My face was between her incredibly spread thighs in an instant. My mouth pressed wetly against her labia, kissing her cunt.

Her teenage pussy was divine. It was a cauldron of sweetness so intense that constant exposure to it would have given me diabetes. My tongue had an easy time stiffening up her fuck-canal, driving her wild.

At my crotch the boy’s dick now stuck straight up inside my cunt, impaling me to the hilt. Since I was on top I had to do all the work, and I took to the task with zeal. Swiveling and gyrating on his groin, I corkscrewed my body around his standing prick, seeming to draw him up me another phantom inch.

I felt so full of cock that I thought I was going to burst. I wondered how my body could conceivably take it when he finally came.

Then it happened. His spurting cum filled my cunt like it was a balloon full of water. Then, in a squishing hiss, the excess sperm came spraying out of the sides of my pussy as the back of the bus filled with the scent of fresh, hot semen.

Going nuts from being come in, and coming myself, I clawed savagely against the girl’s spread thighs while I feasted like a jackal on the raw meat of her cunt. Pussy juice glazed my face, smearing against my eyes and blurring my vision while I ate her as deeply as I could, ravaging her succulent honey-pot.

In my cunt his prick pumped out cum for at least thirty seconds. When it finally stopped we were writhing in a pool of cum, the seat covered with it. His cock started to grow soft in my cunt, completely spent.

However, the girl and I were still going strong. This was where the lesson of Christmas Eve was going to come in so handy. I may have lost my raccoon coat, but I gained the knowledge that long after a cock had made its last spurt, a horny woman was still hot to trot.

And the boy’s little partner and I were definitely horny. My mouth melted against her pussy lips, becoming an integral part of her crotch. In her love-tunnel my tongue was like a cock, thrusting stiffly against her cervix, rubbing her orgasm maddeningly on and on and on.

My own cunt made the best of the wilting cock still inside it, tightening around the exhausted love muscle in a desperate effort to pump some life back into it. The only thing that could revive a spent cock was the insatiability of a pussy.

My fingers made their way from the girl’s thighs to the frizzy wetness beneath her cunt. The hairy trail to her asshole was saturated with pussy juice, a fetid, swampy groove that covered my fingers with goo.

Poking between her cheeks I started searching for her anus. At last I felt the pulsing ridges of her bunghole scraping against my fingertip, begging to be penetrated.

Her asshole was slicked with her pussy flow and the dripping spit from my mouth that had drooled down there. Despite the tightness, my finger slid slickly into her anus. I reamed out her ass, feeling the muscles tighten around my knuckle.

Her cunt exploded anew in my mouth from the stimulation. The thin membrane between her anus and pussy providing virtually no barrier, I fell my tongue bump against my finger, both of them penetrating her to the hilt.

The carnal excitement had me coming in such a rush that my pussy was tying itself into knots. The pressure it exerted on the boy’s cock must have been excruciating. Which undoubtedly accounted for why his prick started to harden again, slowly but surely growing in my cunt.

At last having something to seriously grind down onto again, I swiveled against his loins, stretching his dick within me. Then his prick started to throb and suddenly it was as hard as it could be, nine inches up my cunt.

I inserted a second and third finger up the girl’s gradually widening asshole. Sliding them in and out, I gave her a three-pronged ass-fucking, drawing the slimy juices from her bowels.

The air in the back of the bus was humid from the incredible funk of raw sex. The scent of male cum mingled pungently with distinctly separate aromas of the juices of two different pussies. On top of it, the girl’s raw anal smell was like frosting.

Unbelievably, nobody on the bus noticed us.

The sullen driver, obviously pissed off that he had to work on Christmas, drove the bus along the route like he was a robot.

Suddenly, the cock in my cunt jumped. It felt like it was going to surge out of my throat. The kid’s hands slammed against the bottom of my pussy as he sent his second load of sperm up my snatch. It exploded in the core of my being, filling my cunt to the bursting point again.

Copying the prick in my pussy, my tongue stiffened an extra inch in the girl’s cunt, pushing an inner-button that unleashed a new torrent of female cream. My saliva drooled into her box like a thick, rich load of male cum.

Her asshole tightened like a noose around my fingers, and a flood of sludge flowed hotly from her colon. An anal orgasm coursed though her rectum, affecting me like a thousand volts of electricity had suddenly been shot though my fingers. The shock made my fingers jump in her ass until the tips of them were wiggling in her bowels, inundated by a brew of hot, angry shit.

When I pulled my fingers out of her ass, it was like removing a cork. Abruptly a molten flow of diarrheic lava poured from her ass, instantly putrefying the air. Shit spewed onto the seat and dribbled onto the floor as her asshole gushed orgasmically.

Maybe they were practically dead to the world, but even the smell of fresh shit was too much for the other passengers. With the bus reeking like a bowl of a just-used toilet, they looked around to see what in the hell was going on.

I slid off the boy’s prick and started walking up the aisle while I smoothed down my skirt over my crotch. Seeing a bus stop ahead out the window, I reached up and pulled the cord. Before anybody could connect me with what was going on in the back, the rear door had whooshed open and I was out of the bus.

As I descended onto the street, I took one last look toward the back of the bus. I couldn’t believe the mess. Licking my lips, I turned around and walked away.


The budget which Leo had allegedly worked on was presented on the first of the new year. Not being able to use that as an excuse any more, he came up with a new alibi. He said he was giving special help to retarded students.

“Retarded college students?” I said incredulously.

“It’s a government program,” he explained. “The federal government pays their tuition for four years if we’ll guarantee them a bachelor’s degrees.”

“Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?”

“Not really,” he said blandly. “The college needs the money for the football team. Besides, we’re doing it in good faith. I mean that the government doesn’t force us to tutor them to see that they actually wind up knowing something. All we’re really required to do is give them the piece of paper after four years of attendance. The Dean just thinks it’s the right thing to do, and selected me to do it.”

“Then I’m sure it’s a noble project,” I said sarcastically. “Hadn’t you better get going? Your students must be waiting for you.”

“I didn’t think you’d be so enthusiastic,” he said with surprise, completely missing that I was putting him down. “I thought you might be starting to resent being left alone all the time. Do you have enough to do around here?”

“Plenty,” I smiled.

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear that,” he said. “I’d hate to feel guilty with all the other things I have on my mind these days.”

Just go fuck your cute little coed, I thought impatiently, and spare me any more of this lying bullshit.

With Leo gone most of the time I began hitching farther and farther away from home. I knew he wasn’t going to be home until late, and that all I had to do was slip into bed and pretend I was asleep before he walked in at midnight or so. If I did come in after him he would probably already be conked out. In case he asked the next day, I invented the potential excuse that I’d joined a bowling team.

One reason I was straying farther from home was that I found myself craving experiences that were more and more unusual. I would try and quench my fires by fucking myself at home with the dildo I’d purchased, but that just made me want to go out on the road even more. Then, no sooner would I suck or fuck the cock of some hick motorist, than I would find myself with an even deeper craving. Making it with another woman would make me come again, but I would still want more.

Increasingly I tried to hitch rides from cars with passengers in them so I could groove on some group sex. If their sexes were mixed it was even better. There was nothing I liked more than making it with cocks and pussies at the same time.

But, no matter how far I went, I still had the feeling in the back of my mind that I still hadn’t done everything I wanted to do. Although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I knew that I had to have it.

Then one day I found myself standing in the parking — lot of a gas station on the outskirts of town when an opportunity presented itself which I couldn’t ignore, even though at first I wasn’t sure of its significance. Something vaguely told me as I tried to size up the situation that I was finally going to have the something different I’d been brooding about.

Out of the dust of the foothills, a long, white Cadillac hauling a wooden trailer pulled off the highway and eased to a stop by a row of gas pumps. When the driver got out to take a piss, I saw that he was a lanky cowboy type, bronzed from the sun.

In his tight pants, form-fitting shirt, ten-gallon hat, and gleaming boots, he was an absolutely beautiful man. I should have been physically aroused just looking at him from a distance, but, curiously, I felt nothing.

As he went around the side of the station to the john, I walked closer to the Caddy and the trailer, mysteriously drawn to it despite my puzzling lack of attraction to the owner. On the side of the trailer, fancy red lettering proclaimed: Carl Fennimore. Gallup, N.M., Frontier Days Rodeo Champion.

The sudden whinny sharply piercing the air told me that the cowboy was hauling his horse in the trailer. It didn’t seem fair to me that the cowboy should have his name on the side of the trailer while the horse who carried him to the championship remained anonymous.

Moving around to back of the trailer, I saw the golden head of a palomino stallion tossing its white mane, neighing and snorting repeatedly. When I got a better look at the beautiful animal, I saw that he was trying to look behind himself to see who I was, aware that I was looking at him.

I had never seen such a magnificent beast. The contrast of his golden fleeced alabaster mane was hypnotic. He had a long sensitive face, and adorable brown eyes that were enormous. His nostrils flared as he tried to figure out who I was by picking up my scent.

Drawn to him like a magnet, I pulled myself up on the back of the trailer and peeked inside for a good look. The full sight of the horse was even more spectacular then his proud head. He was a perfectly proportioned animal, seeming with his gleaming coat to have been sculpted from pure gold.

Then I saw something which took my breath away. Jutting from between his haunches and hanging under his belly was the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever seen on man or beast. I just couldn’t believe it. I wondered if it was so big because he had to piss.

I felt my tongue uncontrollably slide over my lips. Saliva started to trickle down my chin as my mouth watered. Between my legs, my pussy spasmed, becoming instantly wet. I couldn’t understand what was happening to my body.

“You like him, ma’am?” a deep, masculine voice from behind made me jump out of my dress.

“Oh… yes… yes… very much,” I panted, turning around to face the cowboy whose horse it was.

“His names Firebomb,” the cowboy said. “Mine’s Carl.”

“Carl Fennimore?” I said.

A big smile creased his leathery face. “Shoot, you mean you recognized me? I guess I got fans everywhere I don’t even know about.”

“Well, actually,” I tried to let him down easy, “I saw your name on the side of the trailer.”

“Oh… that…” he said disappointedly.

“Why don’t you put the horse’s name on the trailer, too?” I asked, looking at the beast’s gorgeous head out of the corner of my eye.

“Hell, he can’t read,” Fennimore laughed, getting over the disappointment that he wasn’t a household word.

“Well, he certainly is a beautiful horse,” I said. “Would you like to ride him?” Fennimore asked.

“I’d love to,” I surprised myself by admitting. “But where? Around the gas station?”

“There’s some open land a few miles up the road. I could drive you up there and then bring you back. You’re not with anybody, are you?”

“No… no, I’m by myself,” I said, thinking about whether I should take him up on his offer.

“C’mon and say, yes, ma’am,” Fennimore tried to persuade me. “It ain’t everyday you get a chance to ride a horse like Firebomb.”

What made me finally say yes was the condition of my pussy. It wouldn’t stop soaking. My sexual intuition wouldn’t permit me to turn down an offer that made my cunt wet, even if I wasn’t sure why. “Okay,” I said, “let’s go.”

During the ride in his Cadillac the rodeo star did his best to put the make on me. It was obvious that he had something more on his mind than just horseback riding after we got to where we were going.

But, oddly enough, I wasn’t turned on by him. Carl was good-looking enough to turn on an army of women, and the throbbing bulge at his crotch wasn’t my imagination. However, for some reason I just didn’t give a damn.

Maybe it was because I knew his name. If I fucked him it would be the first time I’d hitched with somebody and made it with them after knowing their name. Somehow, knowing his name made our relationship different than hitching for sex. I liked him, bat unmistakably felt a more sisterly feeling for him than a sexual one.

Talking with him was enjoyable. The way he was trying to put the make on me was cute, he was such a smooth, country talker. But it just made me like him, not want to fuck him.

After a few miles, when it occurred to me that he might keep driving until I said yes to screwing him, I started to look out the window for the open spaces he’d promised. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I really had a strong yen to ride Firebomb as he’d promised I could.

“Look, over there,” I pointed. “That looks like as good a place as any for me to ride Firebomb. I don’t want to get too far away from where you picked me up.”

“Okay,” he said disgruntledly, obviously disappointed I preferred his horse to him.

Abruptly, he swung the big car off the highway, kicking up a huge cloud of dust as we wheeled across the dry wound. Three or four hundred yards off the road he slammed to a stop at the edge of a field.

I could see from the perplexed expression on his handsome face that he was having some second thoughts about the whole thing. “Listen, Carl,” I said, “if you’ve changed your mind about me riding Firebomb… well, I understand. I know he’s your bread and butter.”

“No, ma’am,” he said. “A promise is a promise. But just remember when you get on Firebomb I warned you that he’s a mighty spirited animal.”

The should have frightened me, as I knew nothing about riding horses, but instead the warning excited me immensely. Somehow the thought of being astride a golden palomino and forcing him to do my bidding really turned me on.

“Have you ever ridden a horse?” Carl asked as we walked around to the back of the trailer.

“Sure, lots of times,” I lied.


“Whenever I get the chance.”

“Good,” Carl said as he swung open the rear gate of the trailer. “Then I won’t have to saddle him.”

Inside the trailer Firebomb swished his head around, his mane flying, my very presence agitating him as Carl backed him out.

“Maybe he doesn’t like me,” I said when I saw how upset he seemed.

“Don’t worry, ma’am,” Carl said, leading the horse completely out of the stall, “he likes you plenty.”

“Then why is he acting this way?”

“He always acts like this when he’s rarin’ to go. This is just exactly the way he is before we come out of the chute at a rodeo. Believe me, he likes you.”

When Firebomb was standing completely clear of the trailer I could see what Carl was talking about. The hard-on I’d noticed earlier was still in evidence, only even bigger. Up until now I’d assumed that a horse’s cock always stuck out like that. Now, for the first time, I wondered if I was for some reason the cause of Firebomb’s erection.

“Okay, c’mon little lady,” Carl said. “I’ll lift you up on his back.”

Before I could say anything, Carl’s strong hands were around my waist and he was hoisting me in the air. I closed my eyes as he lifted me into the air, trying to figure out how I was going to fake my way through this thing I’d brought on myself. When I opened them again I was perched high atop a golden palomino.

Before I could get used to being there, Firebomb snorted and suddenly reared into the air. Desperately, I clutched his mane, holding on for dear life.

“Just hang on, hang on,” Carl whooped. “I told you he was high-spirited.”

The horse’s snorts filled the otherwise silent rural air as he bucked wildly up and down, tossing me around in the air like I was a feather. Miraculously I managed to keep my grip and stay on him. If I’d fallen to the wound there’s no doubt in my mind I’d have been trampled.

Although I was certain my life was in danger, Carl laughed uncontrollably. When I saw him reeling against the trailer, his face red with glee, my fear suddenly became anger. Determined to show him I could take care of myself, I jabbed my heels into Firebomb’s sides as though I were wearing spurs and pulled back on his mane like I was handling reins.

Firebomb, surprised by my sudden assertiveness, stopped short in his tracks. Then he looked around at me with his big brown eyes and neighed, as if to tell me that I had passed the test and everything would be all right from here on in.

Then, like a shot, we took off, galloping toward the horizon. As we sprinted toward the blazing sun, the last thing I heard Carl say was, “Hey, don’t get lost. That there horse is my bread and butter. If I lose him I’ll be back pumpin’ gas.”

Even though I had no experience horseback riding, it seemed like the most natural union of human and animal conceivable. Especially bareback. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could want to compromise the sensation of body against body with a saddle. The faster Firebomb went the more easily I seemed to sit on his back, rolling with his galloping movements while the wind blew in my face.

Comfortable at last on his back, for the first time I became fully aware of Firebomb’s body under mine. The sensation of his sleek coat against my loins was thrilling since, fortunately, I wasn’t wearing any panties. Beneath my flying skirt my bare loins and naked cunt rubbed against him, working back and forth against his golden hair in maddening friction.

Gradually I became less aware of how fast we were going than how wet my pussy was. The rubbing action of his cunt against Firebomb’s back was making me wild. I had over a thousand pounds of horse-flesh between my legs, and it was driving me crazy.

“Whoa, boy, whoa!” I cried, pulling Firebomb’s mane to slow him down. My strength was no match for his, but he slammed to a stop anyway. As I slid off him I knew he had stopped because he wanted to.

When I walked around to the side of him I saw why. His cock was enormous. He’d incredibly retained his hard-on throughout our wild ride.

Rubbing my hand over him I tried to calm him down. Sweat slicked his coat, turning him into a ton of slippery golden muscle.

Inevitably my hand slid down his leg and started rubbing his belly. My fingers moved uncontrollably toward his cock. I was fascinated by it.

Finally, I couldn’t restrain myself from reaching out and touching it. I halfway expected to be repulsed by feeling an animal’s cock, but instead it felt warm and electric to my first touch. The tentative brushing of my fingertips immediately turned to a caress as I slid the palm of my hand against his throbbing tool.

Now I realized that this was what I’d wanted ever since I’d seen his prick standing out the first time in the trailer. It should have been hard for me to admit that I was enchanted by a horse’s cock, but instead I gasped in pleasure at its radiant warmth. When I wrapped my fingers around it, Firebomb’s dick throbbed excitingly in my hand and I knew there was no turning back.

I dropped to my knees, kneeling under Firebomb’s belly, gazing in wonder at the long, stiff cock I was now clutching with both hands. A long, leathery foreskin enveloped the steel rod, loose enough that I could easily tug it back and forth. When I pulled it back my eyes bugged out at the size of the knot at the end of his prick.

Firebomb liked what I was doing to him. For the first time since we had met, he was still. He breathed heavily and I could feel his pulse racing as he stood there like a statue letting me do whatever I pleased with his cock.

As tentatively as I had first felt it with my fingers, I stuck out my tongue and barely touched his cock with the tip of it. His prick tasted salty, drenched with the sweat from the exertion of galloping so hard and fast.

Gradually increasing the exploration of my tongue until I was actually licking him, I moved my mouth toward his massive prick-head, nuzzling my lips against it.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and did the unthinkable, working my ups over the head of his cock. The fleshy barb pulsed in my mouth, engorging it as I hungrily started gobbling his meat.

Within seconds he was six inches in my mouth, and, incredibly, four of those were cock-head. His prick was so thick that I wouldn’t be able to swallow as much of it as I would a man’s, but its quantity and quality more than made up for that little disappointment.

When Firebomb whinnied I knew what he wanted. Slowly and sensuously I began moving my lips back and forth along his prick, letting him fuck me in the mouth. Again and again I caught his foreskin over the head of his cock and then pulled it back, chafing his prick practically raw with my nibbling lips and scraping teeth.

My hands moved from his shaft to his huge balls. When I squeezed the enormous spheres I could feel them churning in my hands. A smile spread across my face and wrapped around his cock as I imagined what an elegant onslaught of sperm must be brewing in his nuts.

Under my skin, my pussy was going wild while I played with his cock. Every throb of the huge veins coursing trough his organ made my pussy spasm as he fucked me in the mouth. I couldn’t help but wonder what his prick would feel like between my legs.

“Fuck me, Firebomb,” I said, sliding my lips from his wet cock. “Did they teach you how to fuck in the rodeo?”

Trying to entice him, I got over on all fours like an animal in heat and hoisted my ass up to his dick showing him that I wanted to be fucked. Spreading my cheeks, I opened my foaming snatch at him, flexing toward his prick with my fuck-starved cunt.

Suddenly the limitless open spaces of the countryside were filled with the rumble of Firebomb’s guttural whinny. His snorts made it sound like all hell was breaking inside his massive body.

Both front hooves started pawing the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust that shrouded us. I clenched my teeth from the grit in the air and closed my eyes. The only thing I left unprotected was my cunt, and no amount of dust could dry it up.

Then, in the midst of the blinding confusion, with dust from Firebomb’s hooves swirling around us and his anguished bleats filling the air, I felt something unbelievably hard and warm rubbing against the lips of my cunt. The head of his long, hard cock.

Wriggling my ass like a practiced mare in heat, I stretched my cunt wider and wider, opening such a gooey tunnel that even a horse’s cock could slip easily inside. Then I jerked back toward Firebomb. It was just enough for my sucking pussy lips, to clamp around the end of his prick as his enormous cock-head penetrated my cunt.

With the head of his prick trapped in my pussy, I started thinking ahead, greedily wondering how much of his cock I could get inserted in my cunt. The more I could get it was certain the more I would want.

As my cunt started to absorb the stalk of his endless prick, Firebomb started to calm down. A series of thrusts pushed his cock seven or eight throbbing inches up my fuck-canal, adding to the three or four my cunt had already swallowed on its own.

With ten to twelve inches of hard horse cock stretching my snatch, I strained for even more. But no amount of wiggling, twisting, gyrating or cajoling with my hips, ass and pussy could get Firebomb’s prick more than two more inches inside me.

It wasn’t as much as I absolutely wanted, but then I wanted to be split in two. However, it was more than satisfactory to know that there was bare minimum of a foot of cock in my pussy.

Penetration maximized, we could get down to the real nitty gritty of fucking. Which, with over a foot of cock in my cunt, would be easy to do.

Firebomb was throwing everything he had into fucking me now, filling my body with his cock the way he would a mare. As he fucked me like an animal, I responded like one, feeling my bestial desires flood my senses.

Instead of moaning like a human, I bleated and snorted like a fuck-crazed animal while Firebomb humped me. Sweat poured from my body and made my blouse cling to my bare flesh. My thighs quivered as his thrusting cock forced them farther and farther apart from the unbelievable stretching it was giving my cunt. Above, in the middle of my painfully parted cheeks, tiny veins popped around the ridges of my asshole from the strain.

Wetting a finger in my mouth, I reached to the taut cleavage of my rear and bathed my burning asshole with a glob of fresh spit. It felt so good I kept on rubbing my fingertip into my anus long after the pain had gone. Before I knew it my wet finger had automatically slipped inside my asshole, and was jogging back and forth in a delicious finger-fuck.

Pleased by my penetration of my ass, I put my free hand to my tits, giving myself the erotic abuse of pinching my nipples together. They stiffened like spikes, standing erectly from my reddened tits.

I could hear Firebomb start to snort in continuous bursts, sounding like a runaway locomotive. I didn’t have to possess a degree in animal husbandry to know that the commotion stemmed from his approaching climax. Of course his dick swelling an extra inch in diameter in my pussy gave me a diagnostic advantage an orthodox veterinarian doesn’t have.

Expecting an explosion in my pussy, I lifted my face to the azure sky and let forth a head-shaking whinny that was even more bestial than Firebomb’s guttural blasts. A spray of spit and snot flew from my mouth and nose as I flared my nostrils like an animal and bleated in ecstasy, as low-down as any horny sow in the barnyard.

Responding with a lurch to my animalistic communication, Firebomb rammed his cock in my pussy as far as it could go without killing me and then erupted. Suddenly my cunt felt like it was ravaged, a flood devastating my insides. Cum poured and poured into the recesses of my being. It felt like buckets of the stuff were being splashed against the straining walls of my snatch.

Excess cum gurgled and then sprayed from the tightly packed corners of my cock-clutching pussy lips. Jizz was everywhere, dribbling down my thighs in thick rivulets.

Within seconds I was drenched with horse cum to the knees on the fronts and backs of my legs. I felt like I was drowning in the stuff. Imagining what the cunt of a mare must be like to regularly accept such a load was a mind-boggling concept.

As Firebomb came and came, I added to the ecstasy by servicing my tits and ass. Pinching both my nipples together, I felt my tits flutter inside as though they were experiencing an orgasm separate from the one that was spanning my cunt. My finger slid in and out of my ass in greasy thrusts, making my anal canal constrict.

When Firebomb finally stopped spurting I realized that something was gnawing in the pit of my stomach. Following my instincts, I moved forward and slid off his cum-slicked prick.

Turning around to face his magnificent tool, I grabbed it with both hands and guided it to my open mouth. I lapped the cum off hungrily, swallowing glob after glob of rich goo. It wasn’t long before the gnawing in my stomach stopped.

With Firebomb’s prick licked squeaky-clean and starting to shrivel, I realized that I still wanted more. Instantly my mind turned to my cunt, filled to overflowing with an ocean of horse cum.

My pussy was still throbbing. Still spasming. Dying to be stimulated even further. What a woman I was, still wanting more!

However, it was obvious that if I was going to get more, I was going to have to do it myself. Firebomb’s cock was softening steadily before my eyes, exhausted after having shot its wad.

I instinctively knew how to quench my desire. Crawling out from under Firebomb, I stood up and started stripping so I would be unfettered by clothing during what I had in mind.

In the middle of nowhere, with the blazing sun and a perplexed palomino stallion as my only witnesses, I stood stark naked, raising my hands to the sky. Straining on my tiptoes and reaching for the sun, I stretched my muscles, limbering up my nude body for its ultimate performance.

When I felt sufficiently loose, I dropped to the ground, paying no attention to the gritty art against my flesh. On my back, I straightened my legs and threw them back. When they were over my head, I tipped back on my shoulders. Parting my thighs, I looked straight into the hairy, dripping gash of my cunt.

Clasping my hands against my buns, I shaved against my ass, forcing my crotch closer to my face. The fragrance made my senses reel, the musty funk of my own pussy juice mingling steamily with pungent stallion cum.

My cunt sucked at me, my pussy lips opening and closing with an inviting drool. Feeling my abdominal muscles pinch, I pushed against my ass, shoving my sopping cunt closer and closer to my face.

Whelk my pussy was within inches of my mouth, I lost all restraint. My tongue danced over my lips, flicking in uncontrollable hunger. My taste-buds stood erectly, yearning for a taste of my own cunt.

Before I’d always assumed it was impossible to eat myself out. But, now, with my pussy so tantalizingly close to my mouth, I was dumbfounded that I’d never attempted it up until now. I had never seen such a beautiful sight as the parted mouth of my own cum-dripping cunt.

“Oooomph!” I grunted as I gave one last shove against my ass. I could feel my stomach muscles work themselves into painful knots from the contortion, but welcomed the agony as the hairiness of my pussy tickled my lips. Another push and my cunt was flat against my mouth and I was giving it a long, lingering kiss.

The taste of my own cunt was fantastic. Engorged with its own juice and horse cum, it drooled into my mouth as I sucked it deeply.

My tongue ran over my labia until I found my clit. Teasingly, I tickled it, making it so hard that it seemed at least an inch long. Unbelievable thrills spasmed through my contorted loins.

I kept eating and eating, devouring my cunt. My tongue was inside now, licking my fuck-canal. The wetness and the smell overwhelmed me, covering my face with slime.

Snaking my hand between my parted buns, I thrust two, then three fingers into my asshole, immediately beginning to finger-fuck myself. The stimulation in my ass accentuated the oral masturbation of my cunt perfectly, sending me to new orgasmic heights.

Orgasm was enveloping me, rippling through every fiber of my being. As I felt my body shudder and convulse, I knew that my guts were wrenching to produce a final climax that would be greater than all the orgasms I had experienced.

Suddenly my face was flooded with fresh goo and I knew I had reached the summit which I had been craving. As my pussy melted into my mouth, my bizarre self-fucking contortion seemed the most natural position in the world.

How perfectly my cunt and mouth fit together. How spectacularly my tongue surged up my tight, slippery pussy.

And in my ass, how divinely my fingers reamed me out, setting the juices in my bowels to gurgling.

At last, being unable to bear the ecstasy no longer, I let out a long, high-pitched scream and collapsed, dead to the world.

Who knows how long I might have stayed there. Eventually, I suppose, Carl Fennimore would have come looking for his horse and found me sprawled naked and oozing on the ground.

As it was, it was something warm and wet and rough that woke me up. Suddenly I came to as though I’d been slapped in the face by a damp towel. Except that it wasn’t my face that was slapped.

I bolted upright and looked down at my crotch. Between my legs Firebomb’s long, red tongue lapped against my cunt, licking me into consciousness.

“Why, you old sweetheart!” I exclaimed, thinking of how more considerate he was than a lot of men.

After grooving on a couple of minutes of cunt-licking, I jumped up, completely refreshed, and got dressed. Hopping on Firebomb’s back like an old pro, I grabbed ahold of his silver mane and spurred him. With my bare cunt bouncing against his golden coat, I had a smile on my face all the way back to the highway.


As the weeks went by and winter started to fade, Leo found more and more excuses to be away from home. Left almost entirely to my own devices, I was on the road constantly, hitching for fuck after fuck.

Added to the sheer thrills I was getting, I had the added satisfaction of knowing that I was getting even with that bastard Leo. Revenge was not normally my bag, but in this case I felt like I was justifiably repaying him for all the misery he had caused me over the years. I hated to think of the pitiful wreck I would be if I just stayed home and grieved in a sexless vacuum while he got his jollies elsewhere.

Had I been a typical wife, I would have gone through hell feeling certain I’d been thrown over for a younger woman. I’d seen those coeds out at the university, and most of them were saucy, young knockouts. Under normal circumstances, thinking of my husband fucking one of those cuties would have made me feel dried out and useless.

As it was, I reveled in the games Leo and I were playing with each other. Where most women would have been frustrated silly by a husband that never fucked them, I used it as an opportunity to find more thrills.

Where most wives would have been sickened by a husband whom they were sure was cheating on them, I was exhilarated. At least if Leo and I couldn’t be happy fucking each other, we could be happy by knifing each other in the back by screwing others. Every spasm of orgasm I felt from a stranger was also a spasm of sweet revenge.

The only problem was that I was insatiable. The more bizarre the sex I had was, the kinkier I wanted it.

I had fucked and sucked men, women and animals. I had fucked myself with my own dildo, and sucked my own cunt to climax. I had done it all. Gradually I started to wonder how I could, top myself.

I dreaded the idea of repetition. My whole point in going into hitchhiking for sex had been to beat the system. A dreary, boring system of a respectable middle class marriage.

Searching for a part of the city in which I had not yet traveled, I prowled the streets hoping a geographical change of scenery would spark the sexual revelation which I was seeking. On sheer instinct I stuck my nose into filthy alleys and dingy bars looking for a clue to stop my growing restlessness.

If my impulses had told me to get down on my hands and knees and blow a vomit-stained wino, I would have done it. At this point I didn’t feel I could afford to go against my better judgement.

I had never realized how complex the city was. In the slums, crumbling buildings rotted away, their aging timbers housing hordes of impoverished families with no place better to go crime was rampant, larcenous children running through the streets like scurrying rats after they had snatched somebody’s purse.

The deeper I got into the slums, the more careful I became, knowing that a mugging could put out my lights for a long time. The last thing I wanted was to be dead or laid up when I could be sucking and fucking.

But, still, despite my paranoia, I was fascinated by the whole experience of prowling the city’s mean streets. I’d never known such sights and sounds existed.

Cars passed and I was offered rides, but I always declined. A lot of the drivers were attractive, especially a razor-thin pitch-black bull-dyke who offered to eat my pussy, but I kept on going, searching for some new experience that I hoped would liberate me from frustration.

In fact, perhaps it was because there were so many offers that I steadfastly said no. It was all getting to be too easy. Anybody could just lay back, spread their legs and fuck. It took a real woman to do more, to look for the real sexual challenge.

Craving my sexual summit, I went further into the city, walking the streets looking for something I couldn’t describe. The neighborhoods started to thin as I approached a commercial district. The streets were teeming with life.

My eyes bugged out at the scantily clad women walking up and down the street and lounging in doorways. Hookers! With their tits practically falling out, and either miniskirts just covering their crotches, or hot pants caught up their cracks.

Incongruously dotting the seedy landscape, expensively dressed businessmen from uptown solicited them before they went home to their homes in the suburbs. As I watched such a conversation from across the street, I imagined what they were saying.

“How much for a straight lay?”

“Twenty. Ten more if you want me in the ass.”

“How much to swallow my cum?”

On and on it went in my mind as I strolled through the sordid paradise. As my thighs brushed together while I was walking I could feel them getting itchy. Something was stirring in my crotch.

After the hookers, a series of seedy dives spilled all over a couple of blocks called The Strip. The air reeked of grass and whiskey and rock music as the joints blared their smells and sounds out onto the street.

I looked inside one and saw a naked girl dancing on the bar, her pussy being eaten out be a drunk patron. The rest of the place was going wild, cheering him on. She practically sat on his face, enveloping him with her hairy cunt.

The twitching in my groin increasing, I walked on. In an alley I saw a girl not out of her teens on her knees giving a drunk a blow-job. He was so smashed he could hardly stand up, but he still came like a geyser in her mouth. Cum dripped from her freckled face as she turned around toward me when I walked by.

My pussy jumped when I saw her angelic face sticky with sperm. My instinct told me that what was waiting around the corner might even be better.

Suddenly I walked into darkness. Apparently my intuition had failed me for the first time. The block around the corner from The Strip seemed desolate.

But I walked down it despite my misgivings, unable to stop trusting my impulses no matter how bleak the immediate prospects seemed. Behind me I could hear the diminishing din of the honky-tonks, the mingled roar of rock’n’roll mingled with shouts of “Take it off”.

Ahead of me there seemed only bleakness. Probably I’d entered the warehouse district, a no-man’s land of seediness. But, still, I kept walking, some inexplicable force driving me on.

A block and a half later I stopped to get my bearings. The rowdy sounds of the joints were now a tinny whisper as the night started to close in. I put my collar around my ears, trying to ward off the fog starting to roll in.

Then, as I started to move on, the click of my heels was accompanied by a soft squishing noise. I stopped, cursing that I had probably stepped on some dog shit.

But when I looked, my shoes were clean. And, besides, the squishing was in the air again and I wasn’t moving.

It wasn’t coming from the sidewalk or the street. I looked toward the building on my left as the only alternative source. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a doorway there. Focusing at it through the misty air, I moved slowly toward it as the squishing sound increased in intensity, turning to slurping.

There were two people in the doorway. Yes, I could definitely make them out. One of them was crouching.

No, he was on his knees.

Five steps closer and I saw why. He was sucking another man’s cock!

“Oh, Bruce,” I heard a deep voice moan, “suck me… suck me hard… suck me until I come.”


I ran down the street, confused and upset. Stopping to catch my breath, I suddenly came upon the sight of the pale moons of somebody’s ass being split with along, stiff prick.

The ass was hairy. A man’s ass.

Skirting the two guys cornholing, I crashed against the garbage cans they were hiding behind and ran out into the middle of the street. No sooner had I stopped than I suddenly had to move again, this time for my life. A pair of headlights came out of nowhere, moving straight toward me.

Finally I fell to the pavement and rolled over to the gutter, watching a car rumble over the exact spot where I’d been standing.

Thea it stopped at the opposite curb, about fifty yards down the street. The lights dimmed off… then on… then off again, like the driver was making a signal.

I watched with fascination as the blinking headlights suddenly drew a small crowd of men around the car. Where had they come from? I realized they had to have been just sitting and waiting for something like this.

Then, abruptly, the door to the car swung open. One of the men in the street got inside and the car went down the block with its lights still off and parked. When the men in the street disappeared, I moved in the darkness toward the car, determined to see what was going on inside.

As I pressed my nose against the window, my eyes filled with the image of a man’s cock sliding in and out of another man’s mouth.

I bolted upright and reeled as though I’d been slugged. More fags.

There was no doubt about it — I’d wandered into the city’s notorious homosexual cruising zone concealed by the darkness, fruits were probably all around me, fondling and sucking pricks.

I felt like a total alien. I should have sprinted back up toward the honky-tonks and got some guy to throw a quick old-fashioned fuck in me to purge myself of this experience. I probably could have even cleared twenty bucks or so out of such a retreat.

But, for some reason, I couldn’t move. I stood rooted to the street, feeling something brewing within me.

Why was I doing this? Standing here in the middle of a dark jungle of queers, the only person with a cunt? What was in it for me? My pussy, the thing that made most men become a walking hard-on, was a curse in this environment. Did I want to be humiliated?

Then, as I found myself in the glare of a newly approaching set of headlights, it came to me. It was the challenge. It was the challenge that was turning me on. The challenge of performing the impossible. Now I knew why my intuition had led me down this desolate street.

Suddenly I was determined to do it. To accept the challenge. To fuck a queer. To make him love my pussy!

Before the approaching car could stop and attract the others, I ran up beside it and grabbed hold of the open window, my hair stuffed down my collar so the driver couldn’t tell I was a girl. “Mister… mister,” I called through the window. “Let me suck your cock.”

“How much?” he asked as he stopped the car.

“For free,” I said. Then I improvised. “The others are after me. They want to beat me up because I’m willing to suck cocks for nothing.”

He leaned over and the front door opened on the passenger side. I ran around the rear of the car so he couldn’t see I wasn’t a boy and jumped inside, subtly shielding my face.

Once the door was closed, he switched off his headlights and drove until he turned the corner. Pulling over to the curb on a narrow side street, he switched off the engine and reached for me.

He was so strong that I couldn’t resist. His hot lips pressed against my face, searching for my mouth. His whiskers rubbed against my burning me as he tried to kiss me.

Thinking his lips were meeting those of another male, his tongue shot into my mouth in a deep soul-kiss. The penetration was wet and hard, and I returned it, kissing him back with equally wet force.

When his hand began grappling in my lap, I knew he was searching for my nonexistent cock. Not wanting to spring my little surprise on him just yet, I took the play away from him by shoving his hand away as I reached for his groin. When I squeezed the pulsing mound between his thighs, he forgot all about resisting and let me have my way.

“Now I’m going to suck your cock just like I promised,” I pulled my lips away from his mouth and whispered in his ear.

While my fingers fumbled with his fly, I lowered my face into his lap, anticipating the unsheathing of his cock. Would it be as big as it seemed straining beneath his pants? God, I hoped so.

Hisssss! His zipper was open.

A couple of my fingers forced his skimpy underpants out of the way. His cock came springing out, quivering in a twitching column of lust.

It wasn’t hard to want to suck a cock like his, even if it did belong to a fag. Forgetting that his tool had probably seen the insides of more male mouths and assholes than I could count, I hungrily slid my lips over the head of his cock, reveling in its sweetness.

He tasted younger than I had anticipated, and I recalled his remark about never making it with someone as old as he. I guessed from the taste of his cock that he was in his late teens or early twenties. His prick had a stirring, athletic taste, as though he were a jock.

“Do you play ball?” I asked from around the head of his prick.

“You aren’t a spy for the coach, are you?” he blurted, his cock suddenly shrinking in my mouth.

“No, no, nothing like that,” I assured him just before I clamped down on his cock-head so he couldn’t get away. “Just a horny sports fan.”

“As a matter of fact, I do play ball,” he said, unable to resist a little hero worship. His dick swelled again between my lips.

“What position,” I mumbled with a mouthful of stiff cock.

“Fullback. At State.”

“Sirtht thring?”


Jesus, I knew who he was. Lenny Coznfowski, the All-American fullback. He was one of Leo’s students.

I tried to remember what Leo had told me about him. At first Leo had said he was going to do everything he could to screw the kid up to put a dent in the football team, which he claimed was taking money that should go to academic departments. But, then Leo had changed his mind.

Later, Leo’d said Coznfowski was actually a brainy kid despite his brawn. And sensitive. Leo even became a football fan.

Come to think of it, Leo talked about this kid a lot.

I chuckled, thinking about how Leo would react to finding out his All-American star pupil was a fag.

While I sucked Coznfowski’s cock, I undid his pants all the way and pushed them down around his legs. The hairy mass of his crotch and his throbbing balls filled my hands as I ran my fingers through his pubic floss and gently squeezed his nuts.

I imagined how his huge, thick cock must drive the fruits wild. Especially with his dark shock of pubic hair and his large pulsing balls. It seemed a shame that such a tool was being wasted reaming out the mouths and assholes of men. It was definitely a waste of a natural resource that his prick had probably never seen the inside of the moist cave of a woman’s pussy.

Of course, I intended to do something about that problem by the time I was finished.

But, first things first, I continued lapping up a storm cm his huge dick. When I swallowed him to the hilt, I ran my tongue queer-style under his scrotum. My finger gouged into his asshole, the tight anal muscles squeezing around my knuckle.

Just when I thought the full penetration of his cock would choke me to death, I slid him out of my mouth enough to get same air. Running the tip of my tongue over the head of his prick, I looked up at him, seeing if I could catch his expression in the dark.

My eyes had adjusted to the night, and I could make out his handsome face twisting with agonized delight from the damage I was doing to his cock. He drooled like a baby, his mouth watering from the sucking I was giving his prick.

Then, suddenly, his mouth flew open and he turned pale as he noticed me looking at him. “What are you staring at?” he shrieked in a queenish falsetto. “Why are you looking at me like that? Stop spying on me and just suck.”

I shook my head, letting his cock slide all the way out of my mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he said angrily, looking down at his exposed prick as though I had inflicted some terrible wound on it.

I shook my head again. “No more cock-sucking. I want you to fuck me.”

“You’re awfully young,” he said breathlessly. “Are you cherry?”

I nodded. In the darkness of the car, with my face shielded by my upturned collar, it was easy to keep him thinking I was a young boy out for thrills.

“Then I’d be the first one,” he said eagerly, smacking his lips. “Why me?”

“I love your cock,” I said, reaching out to caress his swollen shaft. “The minute I saw it I knew I wanted it inside me.”

“Okay,” he said, rubbing his hands together, “get over on the seat and split your cheeks. Just remember, you’re going to have to take every inch.”

“Is that a threat of a promise?” I said, clambering on all fours on the seat so I could get my ass around toward him.

He knelt with his back against the door, stroking his cock, getting ready to skewer me.

In the darkness it was easy to act like a boy. I had jeans on underneath my coat, and pulled them down over my backside like a kid about to get a spanking. There was no way Lenny could tell I had a pussy between my legs instead of the cock and balls he anticipated. At the moment all he could see were the pale moons of my buns staring him invitingly in the face.

My smooth ass looked just like a boy’s in the dark — a boy with a tight red rosebud of an asshole tingling to be savagely fucked by another male’s stiff cock. There was no way for Lenny to suspect that just out of sight the hairy chasm of my pussy gurgled between my thighs, ready to blow his mind.

Before he could pull apart my cheeks and discover my little secret, I reached behind and took hold of his cock. “Let me put it in,” I said. “I’m sensitive there…”

Aroused by my fingers softly digging into his prick, he let me go ahead. Sliding the head of his cock between my buns, I rubbed it up and down the full expanse of my crack, stopping just before my pussy before I pulled it back up.

Several times his cock-head ran over the puckering ridges of my anus while I gently masturbated him with the inside of my soft buns. I made sure to give him a good sense of the location of my bunghole, so that when I played a little trick on him he’d be sure at first that he was pronging my ass.

“Oh, I can feel it,” he lusted. “I can feel your ass. Let me in. I’m tired of waiting.”

These queers are even more impatient than the regular guys I screw, I thought, as I got ready to do the impossible. Grabbing his cock around the neck, where the flange meets the shaft, I pointed it downward. At the same time, I made a subtle shift of my pelvis that moved my ass a few inches upward and secretly opened my cunt.

“Now shove!” I cried.

When he pushed, his cock angled downward and slid directly into the waiting trap of my pussy.

Before he knew what was happening he was buried six inches in my cunt. Wriggling my ass accounted for the remaining four as his balls squeezed against the outside of my pussy. His prick was buried in my cunt to the hilt!

“How do you like it?” I gasped as he rammed me repeatedly with his enormous tool.

“Un-be-lieve-able!” he exulted. “I’ve got to hand it to you, kid, you’re got a great little ass on you.”

“Are you glad I talked you into this?”

“Right on!” he whooped, jack-hammering me with his cock.

“Would you like to play with me while you’re fucking me?” I asked.

“Play with what?” he teased, all his most queenish tendencies surfacing at the prospect of fondling a young cock.

“Whatever you find down there,” I teased back.

Instantly I could feel his hand sliding around my thigh toward my crotch. His fingers trembled with excitement, quivering in anticipation of latching on to my cock and balls.

When my pubic hair coiled around his fingers, his hand jumped, pouncing on what he was sure was my stiff equipment.

He got ahold of a hard cock all right, but it was his own. His wrist pressed against my crotch as his fingers wrapped around his own dick. His own cock pumping out my cunt!

Suddenly his hand flew away like it had been scalded. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him holding it up in front of his face, grimacing as though he were confronted with an evil spirit or a curse.

“A cunt!” he muttered disbelievingly. Then he abruptly roared. “A cunt!” he screamed. “A fucking woman’s cunt! You’re a woman!”

He couldn’t have insulted me more if he had called me a nigger.

“You… you WOMAN!” he accused, hysterically waving his dripping hand, my pussy juice flying from his fingers.

There was only one way to answer. His cock was still engorging my cunt, so my best response was through the sensual magic of the female body. Tightening my pussy muscles like a vise around his prick, I wiggled my ass, squeezing his dick as it twisted inside my moist walls.

“Oooooo… a woman,” he complained some more, but this time the venom was considerably diminished.

Another identification of my sex was punchless, and the next one was said more in wonder than anything else.

There was no doubt about it. He was weakening.

If he’d been so totally turned off as he pretended, his cock would have gone limp long before now. Yet, the fact was that it was harder than ever. It was still buried to the hilt, pushing in my pussy as far as it could go.

Realizing he was probably in a state of shock and that I would have to do all the work for awhile, I took the initiative. Rotating my hips, I started to groove along the shaft of his long, stiff prick. Sliding back and forth in six-inch slurps, I aggressively fucked his cock, creating the maximum possible friction.

“Woman… woman… woman…” he kept chanting over and over again.

“Cunt,” I crooned, trying to richen his concept of femininity. “Big… hairy… juicy… cunt. Tight… wet… cunt. Cunt!”

“Cunt,” he said squeakily, like he had just discovered a new word.

“Cunt,” I echoed huskily.

“Cunt… cunt… cunt,” he repeated, his recitation of the word mellowing as he got used to its sound and the image it conveyed.

“Your cock in my cunt,” I hissed. “Your cock is absolutely filling my cunt. Your cock is fucking my cunt!”

“My cock in your cunt!” he said in utter disbelief. “Impossible!”

“Your cock is in my cunt,” I replied firmly. “Definitely.” I tightened my pussy muscles to make my point.

“Oooooooh,” he groaned, “I can’t believe it. I never thought this could happen.”

“Reach under my coat and feel my tits if you don’t believe I’m a woman.”

Suddenly his strong fingers were tearing aside the buttons of my coat. My sweater rolled up and his hand crushed against my breasts. From the way his fingers tingled I could tell he was surprised as hell.

“Rub them,” I moaned invitingly. “Rub my tits. Make my nipples hard.”

He couldn’t stop himself from doing it no matter how much he protested. His fingers went instinctively to my nipples, squeezing them and making them stiff. My tits throbbed in his clutching fingers, seducing his hand to clamp down even harder.

His cock began surging back and forth in my cunt.

Although it was a chilly night, sweat poured from my body as my pulse raced from fucking. My heart beat rapidly as I panted from the excitement, a prisoner on the barb of Lenny’s cock.

He had stopped talking now, concentrating on ravaging my body. I was positive his huge hands were turning my breasts black and blue as they roughly squeezed them. Lenny’s experience as a fullback showed as he clutched my tits like the footballs he carried on the gridiron.

His cock pumped faster and faster in my pussy, wearing down his final resistance to fucking a woman.

“Come in me!” I blurted. “Make me the first woman you’ve came in! Fill my cunt with cum!”

“I can’t… I can’t…” he gasped.

“You can’t what?” I asked anxiously, wondering if I had failed.

“I can’t stop myself! Watch out — here it comes!” His prick surged in my pussy and then abruptly spouted a geyser of foam. Cum suddenly flooded my cunt, lapping against my pussy walls.

There was too much of it to stay inside and it started dribbling from the mouth of my cunt. My thighs were quickly bathed with goo, his cum spreading by the second.

When the spurting finally stopped, his prick remained as hard as ever. In fact, with the encouragement of a little jiggling of my hips, Lenny started pumping away again, fucking me as though he hadn’t just come.

“Now do you want to give it to me in the ass?” I asked, anxious to go all the way with him.

“Do you… do you like it in the ass?” he asked incredulously. “I didn’t know women liked it there.”

“Sure,” I said matter of factly. “My pussy isn’t the only hole I’ve got.”

“Yeeeaaahhh,” he sighed, considering the possibilities.

Before he could chicken out, I reached in back of myself and encircled the root of his cock with my fingers. While I rocked forward, I pulled him out of my cunt, marveling at how deeply he had managed to penetrate my pussy on his first try at fucking a woman.

His stiff prick was slippery against my crack as I positioned it for an assault up my ass. Straightening out his tool, I found my asshole with the tip of his dick and began stimulating it with the barbed knob.

“How tight is a woman’s ass?” he asked apprehensively.

“Tighter than any boy’s,” I promised him. “And wet. I can come in my ass as hard as I can come in my pussy. Can any guy do that?”

With a bestial grunt he rammed his loins against my ass. His prick squirted into my anus, suddenly filling it with hot, throbbing muscle. Without taking a breath he drilled his prick into my asshole in one swift thrust. My ass was tight, but it absolutely melted in the path of his runaway cock.

Hot shit gurgled in my bowels as his cock-head plugged my colon. His shaft rubbed maddeningly against my anal walls, inflaming my ass to orgasmic frenzy.

“How is it?” I gasped. “Do you still wish I was a boy?”

He didn’t say anything, answering by whamming his cock to the hilt up my ass. His prick erupted with cum. Within seconds there was as much sperm in my bowels as shit.

“My God,” I moaned as orgasmic waves swept over me. I was drowning in a sea of thrills. “I’ve never been fucked like this! Are you sure I’m the first girl you’ve ever fucked?” I asked in wonder.

“Yes… yes…” he panted, jiggling his wilting cock in the gruel of his own cum. “I never knew it could be like this.”

“Is there anything wrong?” I asked, noticing he was trembling as I slid off his cock and sat down beside him, pulling him toward me so I could run my fingers through his hair.

“I… I… don’t know what to tell my lover,” he confessed to my astonishment.

Up until now I’d seen his homosexuality as a sign of immaturity. But Lenny Coznfowski, All-American fullback and committed homosexual lover — that was really far out!

I had totally surpassed my expectations of the sexual challenge I had accepted for myself. Not only had I seduced a fag, I’d made it with a hard-core fruit. In the space of a few minutes, the power of my pussy had made Lenny throw over a whole way of life for the lure of cunt. He’d spend the rest of his life chasing pussy the same as every other normal man.

“Lenny,” I whispered his name.


“Nothing… nothing… I was just saying your name,” I said in wonder.

Saying his name. Yes, I knew his name. I knew his name was Lenny and I had fucked him. I’d never gone that far before with any one who had picked me up.

Now I was in his arms, his name echoing in my mind, and I felt better than I ever had in my life. Suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps all my restlessness was over because I had found the man for me.

“Are you really going to tell your lover about me?” I asked as I snuggled in his arms.

“I have to,” he said firmly. “I won’t be a hypocrite.”

“Then it’ll be all over between the two of you?”

“Right,” he said grimly.

“Will you miss him?”


“Then I’ll take his place,” I said joyously, ready to turn my life upside down if Lenny just said the word. At last I was sure I had found my way out of my boring marriage and discovered real love.

“Really?” he gulped incredulously. “Do you really mean it?”

“Let’s go break the news to your boyfriend,” I said with a confident smile on my face.


On the way to his lover’s I snuggled against Lenny as he drove. Absent-mindedly, I rubbed my hand over his cock, refusing to let him put it back inside his pants. I had no idea in which direction we were heading, and didn’t care.

Then, after a long period of silence, something made me ask, “What’s your lover like?”

“You really want to know?”

“Yes. I like to check out my competition in advance,” I said. “Does he have a big dick?”

“Enormous,” Lenny laughed.

“Is he your age?”

“No, he’s about fifteen years older than I am.”

“Do you live with him?”

“No, I have an apartment near the campus that comes with my football scholarship. He stays with me a lot, though, whenever he can get away from home.”


“Yes, he’s married. His being gay is a secret. He’s afraid to come out and tell the world the truth. We’ve been arguing a lot about it lately. I wanted both of us to come out of the closet.”

“But your pro football career…” I blurted. “What would happen to that if you told everybody you were gay before you graduated from college?”

“Well, I suppose I’d go low in the draft or might even have to sign on as a free agent,” Lenny acknowledged. “For sure it would wreck getting much of a bonus. But I think they’d finally wind up respecting me for being honest, especially after they saw how I can run through tacklers. But why talk about it now? Since I met you it’s a dead issue. As a hetero I’ll probably go in the first or second round.”

I shivered, thinking of the sheer power that rippled through his athletic body as I imagined him running down the field for a long gain. In addition, I was enthralled by the equal power of his openness and honesty. Leo had been right — this kid was exceptionally sensitive and intelligent. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to have found, this luscious combination of body and mind.

“Did you ever think anything like this could happen to you?” I asked.

“Never,” he admitted. “But I’ve got to be as honest about this as I was trying to be about being gay. You’ve got to be true to whatever turns you on or you’re nothing in this world.”

“Amen,” I swooned, captivated by his depth.

“Well, here we are,” he said, pulling the car to a stop.

“But we’re at the university,” I said in surprise as I sat up and I looked out the window. “Why are we stopping here?”

“He’s a teacher and he has a late class tonight,” Lenny said. “That’s why I wasn’t with him tonight. I got horny being alone and went out cruising and…”

“Turned straight.”

“Right on,” he said as a big grin spread across his handsome face. “And just to be sure it’s no fluke, why don’t you give me a quicky blow-job before we get out of the car. After I come maybe I won’t be so nervous.”

I chuckled at his boyishness and lost no time in filling his request. Down on him in an instant, I covered his cock with my mouth, sucking it to make it hard.

I could hear him gritting his teeth as I blew him with pistoning fury. Jacking him off with my lips, I made his cock jump inside my mouth, swelling to ultimate hardness.

“Oh, God, suck me… suck me…” he moaned. “Make me come in your mouth.”

My fingers were clutching at his balls, feeling them chum against my fingers. Cum was brewing at an astonishing rate inside them, just waiting to be unleashed down my throat.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” he screamed with joy. “I’m really coming!”

Sperm filled my mouth, cascading down my throat. Incredibly, the onslaught of his cum was even greater than it had been before. I guessed you really had to be in shape to be an All-American.

When his cock had finally shriveled, I licked it dean so he could stuff it back into his pants without sticking to his shorts. I knew he was ready to make his stand now, squirming in his seat as I licked off the remaining drops of cum.

“Okay, let’s go see him,” Lenny said, pushing his meat into his fly. “There’s no paint in stalling. The sooner we have this out of the way, the sooner we’ll be back at my apartment in the sack.”

“I’m with you!” I gushed enthusiastically.

Then, all of a sudden, he looked at me with a kind of funny expression.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Don’t you have anybody you want to tell about us?” be asked. “What about your husband?”

“That jerk,” I snorted. “I’ll send him a postcard.”

“Isn’t that kind of cruel?”

“I wish I felt the sense of responsibility and commitment that you do, Lenny, but you’re relating to your lover,” I explained. “I just have to think about my husband. And, believe me, there’s a world of difference.”

“Okay, whatever you say,” he said, opening the car door. “Let’s go get this over with.”

I followed him out the door and we started to walk across the campus hand in hand. Familiar with the grounds from having been there with Leo occasionally, I recognized the group of buildings on the hill we were heading toward as the Cooperman Complex. Leo taught in one of those buildings it seemed to me.

However, before I could stop to think about the irony of it all, Lenny stopped me in my tracks with a stunning remark. “It just occurred to me,” he said, “you’ve changed my life and I don’t even know your name.”

My name! I had never exchanged names with anybody I’d hitched with. Now I had broken my rule about knowing the identity of one of my partners, but my identity was still a mystery. Except for Firebomb, who was a horse, after all, my many lovers had just been nothing more than cocks as far as I was concerned. Now Lenny was calling on me to get truly involved with his soul as well as his magnificent body.

Something inside of me didn’t want to give up the luxury of my anonymity. But, on the other hand, how could expect Lenny to trust me when I wouldn’t even tell him who I was?

“You do have a name, don’t you?” he laughed nervously in the face of my obvious apprehension. “Amanda,” I blurted, trembling as tough I had just plunged myself into a vat of ice-cold water. There, I had done it!

“You’re just as frightened as I am,” he said compassionately, putting his arms around me.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I know this sounds dumb,” he said, “but I’m kind of happy to hear that.”

“Why?” I asked, puzzled.

“I thought maybe because you’re older than me that maybe… well… you know… you might think it was stupid I was so nervous. But you are too.”

Bolstered by our common emotion, hand in hand we walked briskly toward the Cooperman Complex, buoying up each other’s confidence. Anybody who had seen us would have been sure we were a typical campus couple, coming from studying late at the library on the eve of mid-terms.

In the complex lobby we stopped while Lenny stooped over and got a drink of water. I fidgeted while I waited itching to get this over with.

What kind of man was Lenny’s lover? I imagined a soft, chubby, weak-chinned man, incongruously outfitted with the big dick Lenny had mentioned, trying to bide from the world that he was a queen while his secret was written all over him.

The confrontation would be pitiful, I was sure. However, hurting somebody’s feelings was the lesser evil to failing to be true to oneself. Lenny was just a kid with his whole life in front of him. For him to tie up the rest of his life in being gay when he now lusted for cunt would be an abomination. His lover would survive. He’d find another cock to suck on the sly. Leo had told me plenty about what students would do for a passing grade.

“Which wing is your, uh, friend in?” I asked.


Automatically I turned ninety degrees and started toward the appropriate, corridor, pulling Lenny with me.

“Are you a student here?” he said with surprise. “A teacher?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the way.”

Of course I did. Leo was a Professor of Medieval Philosophy.

“Oh… well… I, uh, audited a course here once,” I lied.

He nodded his head, accepting my fib, and led me down the hall. I wondered if coincidence was so rampant that Leo would be actually working late tonight instead of shacking up with his coed. When we passed his office — 302 — I would take a quick look under the door and see if his light was on.

The further we walked down the hall the more excited I got. My heart was in my throat, my pulse throbbing wildly. The irony of what was happening was like a physical stimulus, making beads of sweat pop out on my forehead.

In the 200’s I had to stop to catch my breath.

“Is there anything wrong?” Lenny asked as I pulled him to a halt. “Scared?”

I nodded my head. Then I changed my mind and shook it. “No, not scared,” I said. “More like excited. More like when you open his door something incredible is going to happen. I can’t explain it, I just feel that way.”

“Well, I’m just plain scared,” Lenny admitted. “This isn’t going to be easy. There’s no telling what he’ll do.”

“What could he do?”

“Keep me from graduating by flunking me in his class.”

“But he couldn’t do that,” I said. “After all, you’re an All-American football player. The school wouldn’t let you be treated so unfairly. You’ve probably made thousands of dollars for them with the football team.”

“That’s just the point,” he said ruefully.

“I don’t understand…”

“Football season is over,” he said despondently, “and my eligibility is used up. I’m not worth a plugged nickel to the school now.”

I didn’t know what to do, seeing the new love of my life so miserable. “You could make it up if he failed you,” I tried to reassure him. “Anyway, you don’t need a degree to play pro ball.”

“That’s just it,” he said.


“I don’t want to just play pro ball. I want to teach mentally retarded children in the off season and I need a degree to get a job. If I don’t have it I might as well be a high school dropout.”

Again it struck me how accurate Leo had been in his assessment of this kid — Lenny was unbelievably sensitive and deep. Where ordinarily I might have been impatient with his indecision, under the circumstances I found it charming. It just made me all that much surer that I was madly in love with him.

I tried to think of something to settle Lenny down. Then, like a glowing lightbulb, an idea popped into my head.

“Didn’t you say this guy pretends to be straight?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lenny answered. “He even has a wife.”

“Great,” I exulted.

Lenny couldn’t understand my enthusiasm, shaking his head sadly like he was sure his last ally had gone crazy.

“Don’t you see,” I said, “you’ve got him over a barrel. If he gives you any trouble we’ll threaten to tell the Dean. Well threaten to tell his wife.”

He scratched his head, thinking over what I’d said.

“What do you think?” I asked anxiously.

“Maybe it’ll work,” he said pensively. “After all, he’s told me a lot of times that his wife’s a real bitch. He said we could shack up permanently, except that if he left her, his wife would take him to the cleaners. Wipe him out financially, and probably tell the Dean he’s gay. Like I say, she’s supposed to be a real first class bitch.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go see the man, Tiger. Where’s his office?”

“It’s in the 300’s,” Lenny said, leading me by the hand down the hall.

The coincidence of this was mind-boggling. Not only was Lenny’s lover in the same building as Leo, his office was also in the 300’s. I wondered if they knew each other. Wondering if Leo had guessed the guy was gay, I tried to remember any faculty members whom Leo had mentioned might be queer.

While I was still thinking, Lenny stopped walking. Deep in thought, I ran in to him, bouncing against his muscles.

“Here we are,” he said, a tremor in his voice.

Shit, I thought. I’d forgotten to check out the light under Leo’s door.

Then I looked up and saw 302 right in front of me. The light was on underneath. Leo was in there.

God, was the power of coincidence so great that we were going to confront Lenny’s homosexual lover in the office next door to my husband? What if we made too much noise and Leo listened through the wall? I wanted him to find out I was leaving him in a little classier fashion than that.

“Which one is he in,” I asked, “300 or 304? I don’t see a light under either door.”

“302,” Lenny said and opened the door.

The next thing I knew I was looking straight into Leo’s face!

I had been right in assuming he had been having an affair with a student. Where I had been wrong was in assuming it was a girl. My husband was a closet queen!

“What are you doing here?” Leo gasped. Which one of us was he talking about? Before I could think of anything to say, Lenny blurted, “Leo, I’m leaving you.”

The way Leo’s face suddenly dropped and he turned pale I realized which one of us was more important to him. His reaction to Lenny’s announcement was as though I didn’t exist, let alone standing just halfway across a room from him.

Tears welled in Leo’s eyes, magnified into flood proportions by the thick lenses of his glasses. He turned away from us and walked toward his desk.

“Are you all right, Leo?” Lenny asked nervously.

“Yes… yes…” Leo gulped, shakingly opening the desk drawer. “I’ve got something for you to remember me by.”

When he emerged from behind the desk I saw that he had a letter opener in his hand and wondered what he was going to do with it.

Then I noticed he’d done something else while he was behind the desk. His fly was wide open.

Before either Lenny or I could act, Leo had whipped his cock out of his pants and was holding the dagger-like letter opener to it. His prick was hardening by the second, growing in a long, stiff column.

“Take this with you!” Leo cried, pressing the blade against his prick. “I’ve got no use for it anymore if you’re leaving me!”

Unbelievably, he started sawing against the root of his pulsing shaft, trying to cut off his dick in his anguish. By now his cock was completely erect, standing out farther than I’d ever seen it in our five years of married life.

I looked to Lenny to stop Leo. But he was stunned, staring goggle-eyed at Leo’s self-defilement. If anybody was going to do anything it would have to be me.

I’d had my belly full of Leo over the years, but not enough to want to see him cut his dick off. It was too much of a physical marvel to do that. As I looked at it’s near-foot of twitching hardness I realized fully just how attractive a cock it really was.

“Please, please,” I cried impulsively, “don’t do it, Leo! You’ll regret it.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” he scoffed bitterly. “I have nothing to fuck anymore. What good is having a cock when the person you love doesn’t want it? It’s just a cruel joke.”

“But you do… you do have something to fuck,” I insisted, having no idea what I was going to say or do next.

“What?” he said sarcastically.

When I felt my tongue slide over my lips I knew the answer. “My mouth!” I exclaimed.

Releasing Lenny’s hand, I moved quickly toward Leo, dropping to my knees and throwing my arms around his waist before he could get away. I took a close look at the cock from which I had been estranged for so long, and then sighing at the irony of it all, put my lips against its throbbing head.

Within seconds his prick was six inches in my mouth and I was struggling for more. I knew I was on the right track when I heard the letter opener clatter to the floor.

“Do you know her?” I could hear Lenny ask as I filled my mouth and throat with the final inches of Leo’s cock.

“She’s my wife,” Leo sheepishly admitted.

“I thought you said she was a battle-axe,” Lenny protested.

“So I lied a little,” Leo shrugged, his breath coming faster and faster as I sucked his cock. “Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it now, she’s got me prisoner.”

“Well, she’s my girl now,” Lenny said defiantly. “I’m leaving you for her. And she’s leaving you for me.”

“Then you’ll have to get us unstuck,” Leo said, whimsically starting to enjoy himself with his prick sliding tightly in and out of my mouth.

“You think you can disrupt our plans, don’t you?” Lenny accused Leo. “You think that you can keep Amanda and me just because you’ve got a big dick. Well, I don’t give a shit about your big dick anymore, you old fairy. From now on, all I want is cunt. Your wife’s cunt! And if you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it right now.”

The next thing I knew Leo was hunched over my back, manhandling my body in his strong hands. Grabbing me around the hips, he pulled my torso back so I was on all fours, my ass sticking up in back while I continued to suck Leo’s cock.

When Lenny unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down round my legs, I knew what was going to happen next. I heard his zipper screech open and suddenly the warm hardness of his dick was pressing against the smooth skin of my ass, searching for the opening of my pussy.

Pulling my thighs as far apart as I could, I parted my cheeks enough to give him a perfect shot at my cunt. It was dripping wet.

Lenny’s cock slid in me like a dream, being sucked in by the vacuum of my pussy. Angrily he rammed into me, trying to get even with Leo and me for betraying him by fucking me as hard as he could.

It was the perfect punishment. His prick penetrated fully and thickly at once, driving to the hilt in my spasming cunt. My belly felt like it was full of it.

At the same time, Leo’s enormous tool was buried to his balls in my mouth. His cock-head plugged my wind-pipe, gagging me with its bigness.

It had been so long since I’d tasted Leo’s cock that it was like a whole new experience for me. His dick was fantastic. How could I have stayed off it for so long?

Meanwhile, Lenny fucked me so deeply that I was sure I was going to hemorrhage, my internal organs ripped to pieces by his pounding penetration.

I was in seventh heaven, both ends of me filled to the hilt with two stiff cocks. I realized that the aftermath was going to present a dilemma, but I was determined to enjoy the fun while it lasted.

Reaching up, I grabbed Leo’s balls, squeezing them like I hadn’t done in so long I couldn’t remember. Then, recalling a little trick Leo had enjoyed when we were dating, I ran my finger under his scrotum and tickled his rectal hairs along the path to his asshole.

I pressed my finger inside his asshole remembering how Leo used to like it when I put my finger in his ass and pulled it out just as he came. And from the throbbing pulse of his prostate beating against the bottom of his rectum, that phenomenon was just about to occur.

Leo’s cock lurched an extra fraction of an inch down my throat and exploded. Sperm suddenly poured into my stomach. Leo couldn’t stop bucking his hips, wringing his wet prick in my clutching mouth.

Excess cum backed up and filled my mouth and breathing passages. Soon it was dribbling from the corners of my lips and oozing from my nose.

The gurgling of spurting cum filling my mouth was so loud that Lenny would have had to have been deaf not to figure out that Leo had ejaculated and I was swallowing his sperm. Spurred on by jealousy, Lenny fucked me with total fury. Throwing the energy of his perfectly conditioned body into his loins, he sent his dick into me from the rear like a pile driver.

My cunt felt like it was being driven out of my body as Lenny’s cock found the astonishingly extra thrust to fuck me deeper and deeper. It wasn’t my imagination that it felt like he was trying to kill me in his rage, brutally fucking me to death.

Things were tearing and snapping inside of me from the bruising onslaught, but I wasn’t concerned. I had confidence that nature would take its course before Lenny could go as far as he wanted to.

When I felt his balls tighten against my pussy lips and his dick jump in my cunt, I knew I was right. His revenge was suddenly sabotaged by the unleashing of an enormous torrent of cum. He lost control over his dick as it ejaculated creamy bursts of sperm up my snatch, betraying him by coming.

Excess cum gurgled from the sides of my pussy, pouring down the insides of my thighs. Lenny couldn’t stop coming, as though the sperm cascading from his prick was some sort of purge, drawing his anger from him.

My cunt filled with my lover’s cum, and my mouth with my husband’s, reality started to rear its ugly head, the fucking almost ended. Leo was already softening between my lips, and Lenny would soon be finished. How would I face both of them when the last drop of semen had been spurted and their dicks were too limp for my body to distract?

Which one would I choose? Leo… Lenny… their names shrieked in my mind.

I tried to imagine life with each of them. What would the future hold for Leo and me after all the years of bad vibes? Could we put it together again?

And Lenny. He was just a kid, several years younger than I. After a few months of living together would he treat me as a lover… or as a substitute mother?

Leo… Lenny. The names started to pall in my mind. Just thinking of them made my stomach queasy. I loved their dicks in my mouth and cunt, but when it came to dealing with them as personalities, suddenly I wanted out.

I yearned for anonymity, the stripping away of pretenses that came with hitchhiking for sex. Was I a fool for believing I could ever be happy with one man? The same man.

Or even, if I could talk Leo and Lenny into it, the same two men.

Fuck it, I decided, they could have each other. Spitting out Leo’s now flaccid cock, I jumped up, feeling Lenny’s prick slide simultaneously out of my cunt. They both looked goggle-eyed at me, their tongues hanging out long and red like their exhausted dicks as I pulled up my jeans and walked toward the door.

I ran into the hall, sprinting down the corridor toward the lobby. By the time they got their wits about them and their pricks back into their pants and started chasing me, I was almost out of the building.

I dashed across the campus, running toward the street. Looking behind me I could see my pursuers over a hundred yards behind. Leo was pooping out, but Lenny was gaining on me. I had to do something quickly or I was sure I would wind up with them deciding my life for me while I still yearned to be free.

Then, as I careened around a building, the street spread before my eyes like an oasis. Looking behind me one last time at Lenny, I stepped off the sidewalk and plunged into traffic.

Dodging cars, I made my way toward the stoplight looking for a stopped vehicle I could get into for my escape. Frantically, I searched the faces of the drivers, looking for someone I could trust. Somebody who didn’t want to know anything about me except that I was available.

Then I saw him. An old man in a pickup. It smelled like he was hauling manure. When I got inside his battered truck he couldn’t believe his eyes.

But I could believe the lump in his pants when I grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on my steaming crotch. My cunt was so hot it made his fingers jump, even through my jeans.

“Uh, where you headed, ma’am?” the old man asked uncertainly, his dentures wobbling in his drooling mouth.

“Straight to your cock.”

He tried to say something, but the horns behind us drowned him out. The light had turned green.

I reached over and unzipped his fly and started tugging for his prick. When I got it out and licked it, his foot jumped uncontrollably from the clutch and we shot forward into the intersection. Before we could stall, I slid my foot over and mashed it against the accelerator as I started sucking his cock.

While we sped down the road I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Lenny and Leo weaving futilely after us in traffic, growing smaller all the time as we drove away. That was the last I saw of either of them as I looked away from the mirror and got down to the business of sucking the old man’s cock, certain of my freedom.

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