Hot Daughter, Hotter Mom

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of becoming a famous athlete. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does their repression lead to sickness, or does their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

In this story the characters have decided not to repress their sexual desires and fantasies — and for some of them they must suffer the consequences, while others find ultimate happiness.

HOT DAUGHTER, HOTTER MOM — a story that deals with a sexual dilemma that confronts us all in one form or another. We cannot pass judgment on the solutions of others. We can only look at them with an open mind, seeing how some members of our society face the problem.


It was after nine-thirty on a Saturday morning, and Lisa Strong was lying naked on her bed. The top sheet was kicked down and her bare knees were drawn back almost to her gigantic tits while her middle finger was fucking in the hot moistness of her super-horny pussy. The beautiful woman’s long hair was cascading over the pillow as her half-closed eyes stared dreamily into space. She was having visions of big hard cocks and hairy balls. With her fingers moving around sensuously in her dripping hot cunt, Lisa was fantasizing about plump hard pricks.

Since the first time she’d been fucked at a tender age, Lisa’s consuming interest in fucking had grown more intense with every year and now, in her mid-thirties, cocks had become an obsession with the beautiful divorcee. She’d been knocked up when she was a teenager and, after a hurried wedding, she gave birth to her son, Matt, who was now eighteen. A few years later she gave birth to her daughter, Hope. Shortly after that, she divorced her husband, and with alimony and child support to augment her own earnings, she raised the two children by herself.

As her need for more sex increased with the passing years, she was no longer even discriminate about her fuck-mates, which included most of the male employees where she worked, the postman, a salesman who came to the door, and several of her male neighbors as well as her son. She had taught Matt to fuck her — when he was just a kid. Lisa’s ever-ready cunt usually relieved one or two hard cocks every day.

As she lazily finger-fucked herself, Lisa could hear her son in the bathroom and knew he would soon be in to fuck her. Her young daughter, Hope, always went for a long bicycle ride with her girlfriend on Saturday mornings, and with the girl gone, it gave Lisa and Matt an opportunity for a nice suck-and-fuck party.

“Hi, Matt,” she beamed, still finger-fucking herself when the handsome young man walked into the room. “I’m getting my cunt all warmed up for you.”

“Gee, Mom,” he grinned, standing completely naked with his throbbing boner spearing straight up in front of him. “I didn’t know the thing ever cooled off.” He crawled onto the bed.

When Hope got over to her girlfriend’s place that morning, she found out that the girl had to go shopping with her mother for some clothes. Feeling a bit disappointed, Hope pedaled her bike home.

Entering the house, she heard soft giggles coming from her mother’s bedroom. Hope was about to enter the room when she was suddenly stunned by what she heard.

“Oh, Matt,” her mother giggled. “I just love your nice hard cock.”

The door was slightly ajar, and unable to believe what she was hearing, Hope peered through the open crack. The breath caught in her throat when she saw her mother and big brother spread out completely naked on the bed, but the thing that really shocked her was the size of the hard cock her mom was holding in her hand. Hope had never seen any pricks except on little baby boys when the mothers had been changing their diapers. She couldn’t believe that her brother had such a big cock.

Hope’s mother was lazily sliding the tightly stretched cock-skin up and down over her son’s big naked prick while he lovingly rubbed his hands against her hard, swollen nipples.

“God, honey,” Lisa smiled as she continued stroking her son’s boner. “I can’t believe this is the same cock that you first fucked me with.”

“It’s a lot bigger now,” grinned Matt. “It sure is,” his horny mother smiled. “It was only about four inches long then, and now it’s such a beautiful big cock.”

“That’s because you gave it plenty of exercise,” he laughed. “And now fucking is my favorite sport.”

“It’s mine, too,” his mother giggled, giving his hard prick a loving squeeze.

“I fucked two different girls last night,” he bragged. “And boy, did they come and come and come!”

“That’s fine, darling,” smiled his mother. “But don’t wear yourself out.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he grinned as his horny mom lowered her head down toward his prick.

As the beautiful redhead’s face came closer and closer to her son’s throbbing boner, her nostrils flared excitedly from the delightful musky aroma that was rising from his loins.

Watching with disbelieving eyes, Hope was completely stunned to see her mother’s tongue come out and wetly swipe across the youth’s big plum-colored cockhead. She couldn’t imagine touching a man’s cock with her mouth. Hope almost threw up all over the floor as she watched her mother’s tongue swirling around his big shiny prick.

“Oh, sweet Mom,” panted the young man.

Lisa’s hand was holding the thick root of his cockshaft, and her son’s cockhead was pointing straight toward her mouth as she wetly lashed it with her tongue. Leaning back on his elbows, Matt excitedly watched his mother’s soft moist lips slide down around the sensitive head of his cock.

Standing by the door, Hope could clearly hear her brother panting excitedly as their mother licked and sucked on the end of Matt’s throbbing prick. With her earlier shock turning to fascination, the cute little blonde watched the way Matt was excitedly twisting and pulling on their mother’s long red hair as she passionately sucked and licked on his big steaming prick.

Lisa’s head was rhythmically moving up and down, her wet lips gliding over his thick cock as she affectionately squeezed and rolled his balls around in her hand. Taking his quivering boner deeper and deeper, into her mouth as she sucked, the beautiful redhead had her son twitching with joy. Matt continued unconsciously digging his hands into his mother’s hair as her mouth moved up and down over his spit-soaked prick with her big firm tits jiggling beneath her.

Suddenly wondering what a cock tasted like, little Hope began excitedly rubbing her pussy through the material of her tight jeans. The girl realized how depraved her mother and brother were, yet her leaking pussy responded as she watched their naked bodies writhing on the bed.

“Oh, Matt,” whispered his mother, removing her mouth from his cockhead. “I guess we’d better slow down for a minute, so you won’t shoot your wad too soon.”

The lovely redhead had been sucking her son off since he was a kid, and she could always tell when he was close to climaxing. Kneeling over him, she firmly grasped the base of his thick cockshaft and rubbed his sensitive cockknob against her hotly erect nipples for a few heavenly moments before she once more inserted the cock between her moistly parted lips.

“God Mom,” he panted. “You sure know how to make me feel good.”

“I should,” she giggled. “I’ve been sucking you off for a long time.”

Again lowering her mouth, she took his prick in deeper as she thoroughly washed the sensitive flesh with her tongue. Now once more removing her mouth, she ran her lips and tongue up and down the length of his cock until it was obscenely coated with her frothy spit. Knowing that she had temporarily postponed his climax for a little while, she brushed her long red hair back from her face and lowered her mouth down over his lurching prick again. Gently cupping his balls in her free hand, the depraved woman sucked her son’s cock deeper and deeper into her warm mouth.

His horny mother loved the feel of the skin on his big hair-covered balls. The exciting texture of his big heavy ball-sac always sent little tingles streaking through her hot cunt. There was something about the weight of big swollen balls that never failed to turn her on.

“That’s it, Mom,” he choked with pleasure.

“You sweet darling cock-sucker.”

It always thrilled her to know she was pleasing her son, and little beads of perspiration stood out on her upper lip as her hot slurping mouth sucked deeper and harder on his throbbing cockhead. As Matt always did when he became overly excited, he began slowly rocking his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out between his mother’s sucking, pulling lips. Knowing what her son enjoyed the most about her blow-jobs, Lisa released his balls and reached back under them until she found the puckered opening between the sinewy cheeks of his ass. Wanting to please him as much as possible, she began lightly teasing her fingertip around his sensitive asshole.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned with ecstasy.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled.

Knowing how it thrilled him when she fucked her finger deep into his asshole, she probed the tip of it around his tightly puckered shitter, feeling his lean hard asscheeks quivering with anticipation.

“Ram it in!” he roared, unable to stand the heavenly suspense any longer.

As she passionately sucked on his big juicy cock, she slipped the tip of her finger through the tight ring of his asshole.

“That’s it, Mom! That’s it!” he shouted with glee.

Ramming her finger all the way up his ass, Lisa sucked even harder on his lurching prick, aware that he would soon be shooting his wad.

“In here!” she suddenly squealed, releasing his cock from her mouth and pulling her finger out of his ass as she rolled onto her back and spread her shapely legs for him. “Shoot your jizz right into my hot cunt!”

“Are you ready, Mom?” he excitedly panted, crawling up between her splayed thighs.

“You bet your sweet ass I am,” his mother said. “I’m ready for everything you have.”

Hope couldn’t believe what was happening. It was bad enough that her mother had been sucking and licking his hard cock, but the idea of letting her son fuck her was outrageous. Hope could feel her heart pounding loudly in her breast as she watched her brother’s hard boner slowly advancing toward their mother’s cunt.

“Oh, honey,” the beautiful woman whispered into her son’s ear as his big prick glided smoothly into the hot juicy depths of her horny fuckhole. “Shit, that feels good.”

Clutching her son tightly in her arms, Lisa felt his wonderful cock fuck deeper and deeper into her scalding pussy, every sinewy knot, vein and ridge of his swollen cock rubbing deliciously against the slippery walls of her pussy.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered with pleasure when his big rubbery cock-knob probed against the very end of her cunt. “That’s gotta be the neatest Goddamn cock in the whole world, and you’re the best fucker!”

After a short pause, the youth partially withdrew his hard prick and began fucking her with long rhythmic thrusts.

“Fuck me good, honey!” she shrieked. “Just fuck the piss out of me!”

The feel of her son’s virile prick plunging in and out of her grasping, sucking pussy was driving the woman wild. Her entire body was tingling from the intense pleasure she was receiving from his hard cock.

Hope had never witnessed anything so erotic as the sight of those two naked bodies on the bed as her brother lustily fucked his hard slippery cockshaft in and out of their mother’s pussy. Naturally, Hope had never seen a couple fucking before, and the lewd scene was almost beyond the girl’s comprehension. Her mom was spread out on her back with her arms and legs wrapped passionately around her own son’s naked body as he snorted and panted, slamming his throbbing boner in and out of her juicy hot cunt slit with all his youthful power.

Hope and her girlfriends at school often talked and giggled about fucking, but to actually watch two people fucking was almost mind-boggling. The most amazing thing about it was the way her brother’s big thick cock could fit into their mother’s cunt. The girl had always thought that a man’s cock was probably about the size of a wiener, and she was completely amazed at the huge size of her brother’s prick. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the big juice-slickened cockshaft that was noisily plunging in and out of her mom’s slippery pussyhole. This big boner was at least seven or eight inches long and almost as big around as her own wrist. Not only was Hope amazed at the size of his prick, but she was strangely fascinated by the big hairy balls that swung back and forth under it, slapping smartly against her beautiful mother’s juice-drenched asscheeks.

“Oh, you sweet damn stud!” she heard her mother excitedly squeal. “It feels so fuckin’ good, honey! Oh, shit — how I love this big hard cock of yours!”

“And how I love your hot pussy,” Matt panted, slamming his bloated prick deeper and harder into his beautiful mother’s heatedly aroused cunt. “Oh, shit, are you gonna get a big hot load of cum!”

“Just fuck it to me, honey!” cried his wildly turned-on mother. “Give me everything you’ve got, baby!”

“Don’t worry, Mom!” he gasped. “I’m gonna fuck your tail off!”

“Do you promise to shoot a big batch of jizz into me?” she excitedly moaned.

“You can bet your sweet ass on that,” her son panted. “This is gonna be one fuck you’ll never forget.”

Hope was feverishly aroused by the excitement in their passion-crazed voices, but she still couldn’t understand how Matt could possibly enjoy fucking his own mother. There was something so depraved about it — yet Hope began wondering how a cock would feel in her own little pussy. From the ecstasy and joy on her mother’s face, she could tell it was very exciting.

“Oh, honey!” she heard her mom cry out as the woman slammed her naked loins up to meet every deep fuckplunge of her son’s prick. “It feels so good, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good I can hardly stand it! Ooooooh, I love your beautiful cock!”

Wondering what fucking felt like, Hope began rubbing her pussy more vigorously through the material of her jeans. Becoming more aroused by the second, the girl pulled her zipper down and wormed her finger through the leg opening of her panties, fucking it into the hot slickness of her little dripping, itching pussy slit. Excitedly rubbing her stiff cunt, Hope continued watching his erotic performance on the bed.

“Oh, sweet baby!” Lisa began squealing. “It’s so fuckin’ good, honey! Make me come! Make me come!”

Excitedly watching, Hope could see that her big brother was fucking into their mother with all his power, his panting mouth gaping open as he crazily stared ahead of him. She could see the juicy pink lips of her mother’s red-fringed pussy sucking and puffing on the slippery length of his hard cockrod as it wildly fucked in and out of her steaming pussy. Matt’s plunging cockshaft was glistening with his mother’s frothy cunt juices that were oozing out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips.

Hope was vigorously rubbing her little cunt as the wet sucking sound of her brother’s cock squishing in and out of their mother’s fuckhole was almost driving her wild. She’d never heard anything as exciting as the sound of that big slippery cock fucking in and out between her mom’s squeezing pussylips.

“Oh, sweet squirtin’ angel!” screamed Lisa, wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around her son’s humping body. “I’m coming, darling! Squirt me! Squirt me!”

Wanting to blast his mother’s hot cunt full of jism, the youth began fucking her at a much faster tempo.

“Yes! Yes!” shrieked the climaxing redhead. “Fill me with spunk! Oh, shit, how I’m coming! It’s so fuckin’ good, honey!”

Matt could feel his hot load of cum streaking up through the tingling length of his prickshaft. He gave a final wild fuck-thrust, and his exploding cockhead fired a torrent of jism into his beautiful mother’s writhing cunt.

“That’s it! Cream me good, honey!” the woman screamed, feeling her son’s heavenly cum flooding into her spasming fuckhole. “I’m coming… coming!”

Hope had never witnessed such intense ecstasy in her life, and when their mother collapsed into a wet heap of warm trembling flesh beneath her son’s weight, the young girl was shaking like a leaf.

“Oh, you sweet big-pricked darling,” she heard her mom whisper. “God, how I love it when you fuck me. I’ve been fucked by hundreds of men, but nobody can fuck any better than you.”

Hope was about to slip away when she saw her mother move down on the bed and start licking Matt’s gooey prick. The girl could hardly believe her eyes as she watched their mother lick and suck until she’d completely cleaned his cum-soaked prick.

“Oh, honey,” she heard the woman whisper up to her son. “I just love the taste of that fuckin’ stuff.”

Afraid that she’d be discovered, Hope tiptoed down the hall to her own room. Closing the door behind her, she quickly removed all her clothes and began studying her naked young body in the mirror. Staring excitedly at the reflection, she cupped and lifted her tits in her palms, squeezing the big passion-swollen nipples with her fingers. Letting her eyes move down over her smooth young belly, she could see the slippery wetness of her hotly oozing cunt. The open pink cunt-lips were glistening with the pussy juices that were leaking out from between them.

Unable to control her passions any longer, the girl threw her naked body out on the bed and excitedly stuffed a finger up her pussy. Closing her eyes and clearly visualizing what she’d just seen, Hope finger-fucked herself to one of the wildest orgasms she’d ever given herself.


For the next few days, Hope couldn’t seem to get the scene of her mother and brother fucking out of her mind. Every time she thought about it, hot pussy juices started oozing out from between her legs. One afternoon when her friend, Chip Carter, was over at the house listening to records with her, she kept wondering what kind of a prick he had. Chip was a teenager who lived around the corner and the two of them had played together since they were small children.

Hope had never once thought about him in a sexual way, but today she kept glancing at the crotch of his pants, trying to detect some kind of a cock-bulge under the material.

“Chip,” she suddenly asked, “have you ever fooled around with a girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know,” she said. “Have you ever kissed a girl or anything?”

“Sure,” the young boy grinned. “I’ve kissed lots of them.”

“Why haven’t you ever kissed me?”

“Because we’re buddies.”

“Have you ever done anything else?”

“Well,” the boy blushed, “Betty Morton used to let me feel her boobs before she moved away.”

“Did they feel good?” asked Hope, getting hotter and wetter between her legs.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Did she like it?”

“Heck, yes,” beamed Chip. “She loved it.” The conversation momentarily ended when the boy excused himself and went into the bathroom. Moments later, when she heard the boy pissing, Hope got so hot she could hardly stand it. The thought of him having his prick out in the bathroom was enough to blow her mind.

Unable to control herself any longer, she rushed into the bathroom and threw her arms around him from the back, her fingers reaching for his cock. A delicious tingle streaked through her body when she felt the soft warm flesh of a cock for the first time.

The startled boy almost shit in his pants with excitement when she grabbed his prick. No girl had ever touched him down there before, and his young cock exploded into an instant hard on.

Peeking over his shoulder, Hope excitedly squeezed his pulsing boner as she stared at the pink cockhead sticking out of her clenched fist. Wanting to get him as excited as she was, the cuie little blonde began sliding the foreskin back and forth on his hard cockshaft. The velvety-smooth texture felt so warm and exciting as her fingers teased up and down over his quivering prick.

“Oh, jeez, that feels neat!” he panted as his entire young body trembled with desire.

The young boy had never felt anything but his own hands on his prick before, and the touch of Hope’s soft warm fingers was enough to blow his mind.

“Hope,” he whispered, “would you jerk me off?”

“Would you rather have me suck on it?” she asked, remembering how she’d seen her mother giving Matt a blow-job.

“I’ve never heard of that,” he muttered with a puzzled look on his face.

“I’ve watched my mom suck off my brother,” she giggled. “And he sure seemed to like it.”

“Wow!” gasped Chip. “I sure didn’t know girls put pricks in their mouths.”

“D’ya want me to try it?” she asked.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Then let’s go to my bedroom,” she beamed, leading him out of the bathroom.

The moment they were in there, they both quickly stripped and spread their naked bodies out on the bed.

Trembling with excitement, and hoping she could do it right, she lowered her head and extended her tongue until it came in contact with his pink cockhead. She wetly circled his prick-knob with her tongue, experimentally tasting it, finding that the little drops of clear fluid oozing from the piss slit in the tip of his prick had a rather pleasant flavor. Drop after drop of pre-cum was leaking out of the tiny slit as she excitedly licked it up.

“Holy shit!” moaned the boy. “That feels neat!”

Hope was finding cock-sucking to be very exciting as she slowly worked her tongue down the underside of his quivering cockshaft until she reached his balls. After giving his balls a hot wet tongue bath, she moved her mouth back up to his cockhead again.

Opening her mouth, she covered his pulsing cock-knob with her warm juicy lips, thrilled with the texture and taste of his hard young prick.

“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Chip started moaning and writhing with delight as Hope’s sucking lips began sliding up and down over his throbbing prick. The boy had never experienced such intense pleasure in his life, and as he rapidly approached climax, he wanted to shout a warning to Hope — but in his ecstasy and excitement he wasn’t able to utter a word.

Not realizing he was about to shoot off, Hope was unprepared for it when his hot jizz blasted into her throat. She almost gagged at first, but she had to swallow in desperation to keep from choking. Soon she was feverishly sucking and swallowing cum for the sheer love of it. Her cum-drenched lips were sucking passionately on his jerking boner, trying to draw out every delicious drop of his frothy cum.

When she’d finally sucked him dry, she smiled at the boy, enjoying the delicious after taste of his jism burning so warmly in the back of her throat.

“My God,” the boy panted, trying to catch his breath. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she giggled, rolling over onto her back. “Now I want you to suck on my pussy.”

“Do you mean it?” he grinned with excitement as he quickly sat up.

“I sure do,” she smiled, her little pussy burning with desire.

Spreading her thighs apart, Chip lowered his mouth down into the moist warmth of her downy little cunt.

“Ooooooooh! Oooooooh!” squealed Hope when she felt his hot breath on her pussy. “Suck it, Chip! Suck my cunt!”

The taste and scent of her sweet young pussy sent a wild shudder through his body. Until now the boy had never heard about licking cocks and cunts, and now he was enjoying the exciting taste of pussy juice for the very first time.

Fucking his tongue farther up into the sweetness of her smoldering cunt, he locked his mouth tightly over the girl’s open cuntlips. Sucking and swirling his tongue around in the depths of her dripping cunt slit, he drank in the delicious nectar of her pussy.

Clawing frantically at the sheets, Hope was squeezing her soft young legs against his juice-drenched face.

“Ooooooooh, shit! Ooooooh, shit!” she squealed, grinding her pussy up tighter around Chip’s slurping mouth. “My cunt’s tingling like crazy! Oh, wow, it’s good!”

After spending several minutes thoroughly licking the delicious pussy juices from deep in her little cunt slit, Chip gently sucked her erect cunt in between his lips.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed when the boy began swirling his tongue around her hard little cunt. “Oooooooh, shit, that feels good!”

Having often finger-fucked herself, Hope could feel a wild orgasm building up in her loins as he continued sucking and teasing her clit with his lips and tongue.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” she shrieked, aware that she was going to climax. “Don’t stop, Chip! Keep suckin’! Keep suckin’!”

Feeling the young girl writhing her pussy wildly up against his mouth, he attacked her little clit with even more fervor.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come all around your tongue!”

Hope was writhing with ecstasy as her hot young pussy exploded all over his mouth.

“Oh, Chip,” she whispered a few moments later as she slowly recovered from her wild orgasm.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with delight. “I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life!”

As they clung passionately to each other, the boy was fucking his hard cock in and out at an ever-increasing speed. The room was filled with squeals of delight as the two horny kids pounded their bodies together in the age-old ritual of fucking. Chip had never dreamed that such ecstasy could exist. The intense rapture increased in their bodies as Chip’s hard young boner fucked frenziedly into her writhing pussy while his balls slapped rhythmically against her cute bare ass.

“Chip! Chip!” she squealed, clasping his wildly humping body tighter in her arms. “We’re fuckin’… we’re really fuckin’.”

“You’re not shittin’,” he gasped. “This is really wild.”

On and on they pounded. Chip didn’t know where this ecstasy was carrying them, but with every fuck-thrust of his hard cock, the intense pleasure was building and building.

“Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaggg!” screamed Hope, feeling as if her body were turning into molten lava. “It’s so fuckin’ good… oh, shit… so fuckin’ good!”

The top ridge of Chip’s hard cock was rubbing against her hard little clit, sending sparks of unbelievable pleasure streaking through her young body.

“Fuck me, honey!” she shrieked, slamming her hips up to better receive every glorious fuck-thrust of his hotly spearing boner.

He loved the girl’s tight little pussy. This was the neatest thing he’d ever found to jack off in.

“Oh, yes, Chip!” she squealed, clinging tightly to his lurching body. “Fuck it to me, honey! Fuck me good! Just fuck and fuck and fuck!”

Suddenly, she felt his hot cum gushing into her seething cunt. The incredible feeling of his jism splattering against the sensitive walls of her cunt triggered the wild orgasm — the wildest the girl had ever experienced.

“Oooooooh, I’m coming!” she shrieked with joy, clinging more tightly to him. “I’m coming… coming… commmmiiinnngg!”

It was the most thrilling thing that had ever happened to either of them. As their mutual climaxes slowly passed, they clung passionately together.

Later as they slowly recovered in each other’s arms, Chip’s virile young cock was soon as hard as a rock again.

“Oh, Chip!” she squealed with joy when she saw that his prick was once more hard.

“Your cock’s all nice and hard again.”

“D’ya wanta suck it off?” he grinned.

“Oh, yes,” the cute blonde beamed. “I love the taste of that stuff.”

Afraid she might change her mind, Chip quickly rolled onto his back with his hard prick pointing directly up at the ceiling.

“Mmmmmmmm,” crooned Hope, anxious to taste his cum again as she knelt between his widely spread legs.

“It sure feels good when you suck me off,” Chip grinned as she bent over his prick.

“He’s sure nice and hard,” Hope giggled, grasping the base of his hard cockshaft in her hand. “I sure hope you shoot me a nice hot load again.”

Staring excitedly at his cock, she began gently sliding the smooth rubbery foreskin up and down over his pink prick-knob. His tightly stretched cock-skin felt like smooth velvet wrapped around his throbbing fucker.

“Suck it!” he panted. “Please start suckin’! I can’t wait much longer!”

The musky aroma floated up to her nostrils, filling her horny body with wild excitement.

Holding his cockshaft firmly in her hand, Hope snaked her tongue out, lightly touching the shiny head of his prick. The faint taste was the same as the hot cum that had splattered into her mouth earlier. Excited by the taste, she began swirling her tongue around and over his prick. The texture of his shiny cockhead felt wildly exciting against her probing tongue.

“Are you about ready to shoot?” she whispered.

“Not yet,” panted the boy. “I think you’ve gotta suck harder, like you did before.”

Doing as he suggested, she opened her mouth and slid her juicy lips down over his slippery cockhead.

“Oh, fuck!” Chip gasped with pleasure. “That’s the way to do it!”

The cute girl began bobbing her head up and down, fucking his prick between her soft sucking lips. From the way Chip was panting and lurching, Hope knew she was giving him a real treat. She was taking more and more of his cock into her mouth with every plunge, and she was loving every precious moment of it.

Sucking harder and deeper, the horny young blonde couldn’t wait for him to shoot his cum into her mouth, to fill her throat with his slippery cock cream again.

“Oh, shit!” cried Chip, pushing her mouth down tighter over his lurching prick. “Here comes the juice!”

Thrilled with the torrent of jizz that splattered against the back of her throat, she frenziedly sucked and swallowed until she’d drained out every last drop of cum from his spent prick.

“Wow,” she beamed, licking her lips as she removed his limp cock from her mouth. “Now as soon as this thing gets hard again, I want another fuck.”


The following evening, Hope’s slutty mother, Lisa, was sitting at a bar with two men who’d picked her up about an hour ago. They were brothers named Kirk and Guy Westwood who were celebrating because their wives were out of town for a few days. Lisa had taken an immediate liking to the two men and was hoping they might take her home with them. She thought how much fun it would be to let them take turns fucking her.

“Are you married?” Kirk asked her a little later, when they were all a bit smashed.

“Shit, no,” giggled the sexy redhead. “No one man could ever keep me satisfied.”

“What kind of men do you like?” asked Guy.

“The kind that loves to fuck,” giggled Lisa. “Is that what you’re looking for?” gulped Kirk, suddenly wondering if they might be able to score with her.

“Why don’t you take me home with you and find out for yourselves?”

Ten minutes later Lisa was sitting between the two men in Guy’s car as he drove across town. A delicious warmth filled her pussy when she felt Kirk’s hand working up under the hem of her skirt. She felt his warm fingers brush between her nakedly parted thighs. Lisa squirmed and closed her eyes as she excitedly pressed her hand against the big cock-bulge in front of his pants.

He momentarily removed his hand from the soft warmth between her legs and lowered his zipper.

“It’s all yours, baby,” he whispered. “Just help yourself.”

Lisa shivered with excitement when she cured her fingers around his long thick cock. “Mmmmmmmm… oooooooh,” Lisa softly moaned as he brushed a finger across her pussy.

Finding the leg band of her panties, he pulled it aside as Lisa shamelessly lifted her ass, giving him enough room to wriggle his finger in between her slippery cuntlips. Writhing her hot ass around while the man finger-fucked her oozing cunt, she looked down and watched her hand working up and down on his stiff cock.

When they arrived at Guy’s house a few minutes later, the three of them hurried inside. The men led her directly to a bedroom, and when they left to take a leak, she quickly stripped.

She was lying naked in the center of the bed with her legs widely open when the two brothers returned. Staring at her slippery red-fringed pussy slit, the men wasted no time in removing their clothes. Her horny pussy twitched excitedly when she saw that Guy’s hard-on was very bit as large as his brother’s.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered. “What a beautiful pair of cocks.”

Lisa’s horny cunt was creaming as the brothers moved onto the bed, one on each side of her. With the men lying on their backs, Lisa took a big stiff prick in each hand. Hot pussy cream was boiling out of her cunt as she slid the velvet-soft foreskins up and down over the thick cockshafts. The feel of their hot meaty pricks in her fingers was driving the horny woman out of her mind.

“Oh, you sweet darlings,” she whispered. “Shit, what gorgeous cocks.”

A heavenly tremor rippled through her loins when she felt Kirk’s hands roaming over her naked body, massaging her full tits as his fingers rolled and tweaked her erect nipples. Moments later she felt his lips nibbling and sucking as his hot wet mouth covered a big swollen nipple. His sucking lips on her voluptuously sensitive tits sent flames of desire scorching throughout her body.

“Oh, sweet piss,” she softly whispered as she felt Kirk’s mouth slithering down lower until he was noisily kissing her little dimpled navel.

When Kirk’s mouth moved down still lower, his lips kissing and nibbling over the softness of her quivering belly, Guy reached over and gently cupped her tit in his hand. Lisa began trembling with anticipation as Kirk’s mouth slowly approached her curls of red pussy hair.

Guy’s hand was gently squeezing her tits as he rolled her pink turgid nipples between his fingers. Lisa let out a little whimper of ecstasy when the man began rapidly sucking her big cherry-hard nipple in and out between his lips. Having two mouths and four hands deliciously stimulating every secret corner of her sensitive body was one of the most erotic experiences that the horny bitch had ever enjoyed.

With his mouth poised only an inch or two from the woman’s sweetly scented cunt, Kirk was staring at the way Lisa’s soft pink cuntlips were opening like the petals of a flower. Her pussy juices were glistening like dew drops on the wet slippery flesh of her pussy.

Spreading her legs wider apart with his hands, Kirk began kissing and nibbling the soft velvety skin of her bare inner thighs. His mouth was moving closer and closer to the moist hotness of her sweet open pussy.

“Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” Lisa squealed with delight when his tongue fucked into her cunt slit.

Crazed with passion, she ground her pussy up tighter against Kirk’s mouth while his brother continued sucking noisily on her spitsoaked tits. The joy of having two men stimulating her body at the same time was almost mind-boggling.

Gently grasping her soft hips, Kirk was circling his tongue around in the deliciously moist flesh just inside the entrance of her pussy while the excited redhead writhed her cunt slit up tighter against his face. When he suddenly began fucking his tongue in and out, Lisa began arching her pussy up to receive every thrust of his cunt-fucking tongue. From the woman’s squeals and writhing movements, Kirk could tell how truly hot the horny bitch really was.

Excitedly panting, Kirk was deeply inhaling the fragrant scent of her juicy cunt as his tongue plunged in and out of her steaming fuckhole. Kirk had eaten a lot of pussies in his life, but he’d never found one any tastier than this hot, horny cunt. He continued tongue fucking her while the insanely aroused woman continued writhing her pussy up against his mouth as he lightly nipped at her slippery cunt flesh with his teeth and lips.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with joy when he withdrew his tongue from the hot depths of her cunt and began licking the sensitive hardness of her tingling clit. “That’s it, baby, that’s it! Suck, honey, suck!”

The joy was beyond description for the woman as the men’s hot sucking mouths worked harder and harder on her pussy and tits. Gyrating her dripping hot pussy up even tighter against Kirk’s juice-drenched face, she cupped a tit in her hand, forcing the resilient tit globe farther into Guy’s mouth, wanting more and more of everything they were doing to her.

Still frantically sucking on the woman’s big trembling tits, Guy eased one hand down beneath her squirming ass and goosed his finger into the soft deep crevice between the cheeks of her sweet hot ass. His cock was throbbing violently in Lisa’s grasping hand as his fingers dug into the smooth warm flesh between her quivering asscheeks.

Lisa thought she’d go wild with the feel of Guy’s finger teasing around her sensitive asshole while his brother’s tongue fucked in and out of her frothy hot cunt slit. Lisa suddenly wondered if she could ever be satisfied with one man again. Every inch of her obscenely naked body was burning with an intense passion she had never experienced before in her life.

Feeling Kirk’s mouth leaving her cunt, Lisa opened her eyes and glanced down to see him excitedly grasping his super-hard cock as he knelt between her thighs. A wild shudder raced through her body when she realized he intended to ram his big prick into her dripping pussy.

“Oh, yes, Kirk,” she whispered. “Fuck me, honey. Fuck me good.”

Staring down at the long thick cock that he was guiding up toward her eagerly open pussy, she was very much aware of the way Guy’s finger was probing more persistently at her asshole while he sucked deeper and harder on her swollen tit. Spreading her thighs farther apart, she looked down at Kirk’s big shiny cockhead resting in the hot split of her cuntal furrow.

“Oh, Kirk,” she moaned. “Do it now, honey. Please, sweetheart, fuck me now.”

She could see him flex his hips in preparation for his thrust, and she held her breath in sweet anticipation.

“Oooooooohhhhh!” she shrieked with unrestrained joy as he drove his big lust-thickened cock into the depths of her hot juicy fuckhole with one mighty fuck-thrust.

Lisa thrust her cunt up, trying to take his cock even deeper into her grasping, sucking pussy. There was nothing in the world as neat as a cunt full of cock. The intense pleasure was increased for the woman when he began rhythmically pumping his stiff cockrod in and out of her fuckhole.

While Kirk’s lusty prick fucked away in her pussy, Lisa could still feel Guy’s fingers digging into the soft flesh between her quivering buns, deliciously teasing her sensitive little asshole.

“Holy shit!” she shrieked when Guy suddenly fucked the entire length of his middle finger up into her tight hot shitter.

Grinding his finger around in the soft buttery warmth of her asshole, he removed his lips from her tits, and pressed them to Lisa’s moistly open mouth. Locked in a passionate kiss, he entwined his tongue around hers.

Sucking frantically on Guy’s tongue, Lisa began rubbing his hot swollen cockhead against her hard nipples. She’d never wallowed in such lewdly wanton fuck-lust in her life and she was loving every perverted moment of it. Lisa’s cunt was filled with cock, her asshole was filled with finger and her mouth was filled with his slippery tongue. Every hole in her naked body was stuffed full of hot male flesh. Sucking on Guy’s tongue, she was writhing her cunt around Kirk’s plunging cock as Guy’s middle finger twisted around deep in her shitter. Every nerve in her body was alive with excitement.

Lisa’s breathing was short and shallow as the unbelievable sensations became almost unbearable. She was wildly grinding her hips up, her hot pussy slithering up and down over Kirk’s big slippery cockshaft while Guy’s lewdly embedded finger swirled deliciously around in her asshole.

Sucking on Guy’s tongue, Lisa suddenly realized that she wanted his big prick in her mouth. Taking her lips away from his, she pulled his stiff prick up against her warm fleshed cheeks. Feeling the hard, thickness of his cock burning against her face, she became more aroused than ever.

“Oh, Guy,” she panted. “I want a big hot drink of jizz.”

“Okay, baby,” he gasped. “I’m just the guy to give it to you.”

Opening her mouth, Lisa guided his cockhead between her lips. The strong male taste of the pre-cum that was oozing out from the little slit in the tip of his cock-knob further excited the horny slut. With her lips ovaled around its throbbing thickness, her tongue was eagerly licking at the smooth, satiny cockhead. God, how she loved the strong randy taste of meaty cocks! Hollowing her cheeks, Lisa started a deep suction that soon had Guy moaning with ecstasy.

Kirk was still fucking his big prick into her pussy with a renewed fury as Guy’s finger stirred around in her asshole. This was one night that Lisa would never forget. With Guy’s cock filling her mouth, and Kirk’s big boner fucking in and out of her hot pussy, the horny redhead was filled with a rapture beyond her wildest fantasies.

As Kirk plunged his thick cock into the seething depths of Lisa’s sucking, grasping cunt, he could tell from the pressure in his balls that he would soon be shooting her pussy full of cum. It excited him to watch his brother’s stiff prick fucking in and out between Lisa’s softly ovaled lips. Her beautiful face was contorted with lust as she wildly sucked on his big hard prick while her cunt and asshole were being deliciously reamed out.

“Oh, sweet, babies!” she sobbed between slurps on Guy’s big wet prick. “I’ve never been fucked like this in my life!”

Lisa suddenly felt an orgasm building up in the depths of her pleasure-tortured body. Nothing seemed real to the woman as she was carried along on a tidal wave of lust and passion.

“Harder!” she screamed down to Kirk. “Fuck the shit out of me, honey!”

The room was a bedlam of noise as the three naked bodies pounded toward their impending climaxes. Crazed with excitement, Guy was thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking his cock in and out of Lisa’s hot sucking mouth while his thick middle finger was swirling around madly in her asshole.

Then Guy’s big cockhead exploded a thick stream of jizz into Lisa’s mouth. Startled by the unexpected gush of delicious cock cream, the woman had to suck and swallow cum rapidly, not wanting to lose any of it.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed, releasing his rapidly shrinking prick from her mouth when she felt Kirk’s hot cum gushing up into her pussy. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Later when the three exhausted people slowly recovered on the bed, they disentangled their sweaty, juice-smeared bodies.

“Shit,” grinned Kirk. “That was really a ball.”

“You’re not shittin’,” giggled Lisa. “That’s the wildest time I’ve ever had.”

“Me, too,” sighed Guy, stroking his reviving cock. “I’m ready for more.”

“So am I,” Lisa laughed, shivering with expectancy. “God, your finger felt good up my ass.”

“A cock would feel better,” grinned Kirk. “I wouldn’t know,” the woman confessed.

“I’ve tried everything else, but not that.”

“You haven’t?” gasped the man. “I was sure you’d been ass-fucked.”

“Nope,” she giggled. “The thought of a big cock shoved up my ass scares me to death.”

“Wanta try it?” asked Guy.

“Shit no,” she answered. “Your big fuckin’ cock would rip my ass open.”

“I’ll be careful,” he said. “Let’s make a fuck-sandwich.”

“What’s that?”

“One guy lies on his back,” he explained. “And then the woman gets on top of him and lies flat with his prick in her cunt. The second guy lies over her with his cock up her ass.”

“Sounds wild,” she giggled.

“Wanta try it?”

“Promise you’ll stop if it hurts?” she asked.

“I promise.”

“Okay,” Lisa smiled. “I’ll try it. Your finger sure felt good in my shitter. Which one of you gets my asshole?”

“I’ll let Guy have it,” smiled Kirk. “This was his idea, and anyway, I sure enjoyed that hot cunt of yours.”

“Okay,” Lisa grinned. “Roll over on your back.”

When Kirk was spread out with his big cock thrusting into the air, Lisa eagerly straddled his loins, slowly lowering her juicy cunt down around his nice thick cockrod. Just as soon as his cock had completely filled her pussy, Lisa lay forward over his body, her full tits pressed against his chest. A tremor of fear gripped the woman as she felt Guy kneeling behind her, his thumbs gently trying to open the little elastic ring of her puckered asshole. Sandwiched between the two men, her pussy filled with Kirk’s cock, she could feel his brother’s big hard prick-knob nosing wetly up against her tight asshole.

Aware that Lisa was momentarily too tense to take his prick into her shitter, Guy began teasing and probing at her little asshole with his middle finger until the tip of it slipped in to the first knuckle.

“Oooooooh, baby,” she whispered when he finally fucked the entire length of his finger up her tingling asshole. “That feels neat!”

Plunging his finger in and out of the hot slippery passage, he added a second finger. When the tight muscle around her asshole began to relax from the erotic stimulation, he fucked a third finger up into the buttery softness of her shitter.

“Oh, my God!” she sobbed as the thickness of three fingers plunged in and out of her thoroughly stimulated ass. “That’s fantastic, Guy. Shit, that feels good!”

Poising the head of his cock up in the soft crack between her quivering ass globes, he quickly withdrew his fingers and fucked his prick up her asshole before the spread muscles were able to contract again.

“Eeeeggghhh!” she shrieked when his lusty fucker ripped up through her tight shitter.

The initial fuck-thrust had been a bit painful for the woman, but it was accompanied by an erotic sensation that soon overshadowed the momentary discomfort. As Lisa’s widely stretched asshole slowly became adjusted to the big cock that was filling it, she began grinding her ass back around the base of his deeply impaled cock.

Within a short time, the two brothers were rhythmically fucking their boners in and out of her body. Lying skewered between the muscular men, she was being ravaged by their pistoning cocks. Beneath her, Kirk was fucking deeply into her clasping sucking pussy while Guy was fucking her tight ass like a wild bull. Lisa was concentrating so strongly on the intense sensations, the two fucking cocks were generating that she didn’t realize she was rushing to an orgasm until almost upon her.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed when she suddenly felt Guy’s thick hot cum gushing into her ass guts. The feel of his big thick prick belching jizz into the very depths of her asshole was incredible.

She was soon in the throes of her own monumental orgasm. Lights were flashing, bells ringing, and suddenly the whole universe was filled with nothing but cocks and joy.

“Ooooooooh! Oh, sweet darlings!” she shrieked as Kirk’s cock began spewing a torrent of cum into her hot, climaxing pussy.

It was fucking fabulous to feel her pussy and shitter being filled with hot slippery jizz. Lying naked between the two exploding pricks, she was quivering with a mindless joy.

This was one fucking that Lisa Strong would remember for the rest of her life.


Ever since Chip had popped Hope’s cherry, the two kids had been fucking three and four times a day, and the cute little blonde couldn’t seem to get enough of it. As the days passed, she thought more and more about that big hard prick that she’d seen her brother fucking her mother with. The thought of having that big beauty fucked up her pussy was enough to blow her mind. Thinking more and more about it, she began wondering if she might get Matt to fuck her.

One evening when her mom was out on a date, Hope was home alone with her big brother. Sitting across from him in the living room as they chatted, the cute girl couldn’t seem to think about anything except his beautiful cock. Hoping to excite him, she kept crossing and re-crossing her legs under the short skirt she was wearing to let him see her brief panties that barely covered her pussy — but he didn’t seem to pay any attention.

“Christ, it’s hot tonight,” he said, finally rising to his feet. “I think I’ll take a shower and go to bed.”

When he left the room, Hope threw herself back in the chair, wondering how she would ever be able to seduce her big brother. Her young cunt began getting all hot and juicy, as it always did when she thought about fucking. As the girl became more and more aroused, she could almost feel her brother’s big hard cock filling her itching cunt slit. Closing her eyes and thinking about him, Hope lifted her skirt and, slipping her finger through the leg opening of her panties, she began rubbing her hard little clit. Slowly fingering herself, the pretty young blonde was getting hotter by the second. Not wanting her brother to walk in and find her playing with her pussy, Hope decided to go and finger-fuck in the privacy of her room.

Walking down the hall, she glanced through the partially open door to her brother’s room and saw him spread out on his back with the sheet pushed down around his waist. Seeing that he was bare-chested, the girl realized he was completely naked under the sheet. Unable to control her wild desires, Hope walked right into his room.

“Hi, Sis,” he smiled at the cute youngster. “What do you want?”

“I want to see your thing.”

“What thing?”

“Your prick.”

“Have you lost your mind?” he exclaimed. “Now get the hell out of here!”


“No!” he shouted.

“I’ll show you my boobs,” she bargained, quickly removing her blouse.

He just lay there completely stunned as she bared her firm little tits with their huge nipples.

“D’ya like them?” she whispered, lightly squeezing the hard tit tips with her fingers.

Matt hated to admit it, even to himself, but the sight of her cute young tits was really exciting him.

“Please let me see it, Matt,” she begged.

“It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Please let me see it again.”

“When did you ever see my cock?” asked the shocked youth.

“I saw you fuckin’ Mom with it once,” she giggled. “And it was sure a big beauty.”

Too stunned to move or say anything, he just lay staring at her, making no attempt to speak. Unable to control herself, Hope quickly reached out and pulled the sheet down.

“Shit, he’s a beauty,” she giggled, playfully shoving Matt back on the bed when he tried to sit up.

Throwing herself over his naked body, she grasped his big limp prick in her hand.

“Get out of here!” he roared, trying to free himself as she clung to his prick with stubborn tenacity.

“No!” she squealed with delight, feeling his cock swelling in her hand. “I wanta be fucked!”

“What do you know about fucking?”

“Lots of things,” she answered. “Guys screw me all the time, and I even suck them off.”

“Do the boys really fuck you?” he gasped, his big prick exploding into a throbbing hard on.

“Slit, yes,” she pinned. “Why don’t you try my horny little pussy?”

Matt had never once thought about fucking his little sister, but it suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea to him.

“Well?” she whispered, still stroking his throbbing cock. “Do you wanta fuck me?”

Trembling with incestuous lust, Matt drew his little sister’s cute body up tightly against him. A wild tingle raced through Hope’s loins when she felt her brother’s hot cock burning against her belly.

“Oh, Matt,” she whispered.

Pressing his mouth to her moistly parted lips, he lowered the zipper on the side of her skirt and quickly removed the garment. Slipping his trembling finger into the waistband of her panties, he peeled them over her soft little ass and down her shapely legs. Then, grasping her firm young ass, he pulled his little sister’s hotly squirming pussy up against his hard throbbing fucker.

Shivering with excitement, Hope could feel Matt’s strong hands massaging and kneading the sweet bare meat of her dimpled ass while his fingers goosed around deliciously in the soft crack between her wiggly asscheeks. The lovely girl was writhing with lust, feeling his big hard prick probing against the soft golden curls around her smoldering pussy. The feel of his hands and fingers digging into the warm fleshy crevice between her quivering buns was almost blowing her mind. As the excitement mounted, she threw her arms around his neck, pulling his lips down over her hot open mouth again, giving him a deep tongue-sucking kiss. With their lips welded deliciously together, Hope was feverishly writhing her wet little pussy against the hardness of his cock.

Still goosing his finger into the crack between her cute bare asscheeks, he rolled his little sister onto her back. As he ran his other hand up between her naked thighs, his prick gave a wild lurch when his probing finger touched the hot slit of her luscious young cunt. Gently parting her legs with his hands, Matt stared down at the slippery pussy that was exposed only inches from his eyes. The soft moist pussylips were swollen, and droplets of slippery cunt juice glistened against the soft pink cunt flesh. Her sweet young pussy was a beautiful sight, nestled in her soft flaxen cunt bush, warm juices oozing out and dripping down over her bare ass.

Completely aroused by the sight of his little sister’s darling pussy, and remembering how good their mother’s pussy tasted, Matt parted Hope’s thighs farther and lowered his mouth into the warm fragrance of her juice-drenched crotch.

“Oh, Matt!” squealed Hope, feeling his tongue probing at her cunt. “Oh, God! That feels good!”

The horny young girl was soon lurching and writhing frantically on the bed as her brother sucked and tongued her juicy cunt slit.

“Does this feel good, honey?” he panted. “Ooooooooh, yes!” she squealed with joy. Still clutching her soft little ass, Matt was fucking his tongue deeper into the hot depths of her tasty pussy, his upper lip working frantically on her quivering cunt as their mother had taught him.

“Holy shit!” shrieked Hope, digging her fingers into her big brother’s thick head of hair. “It feels so good, honey! I can’t stand it! Oh, so good… how good… how good!”

The wildly aroused little blonde was pinching and twisting her swollen nipples, completely crazed by the feel of her brother’s tongue in her pussy.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she squealed, frantically tearing at her firm tits. “Shit, Matt, suck… suck… suck!”

Hope had lost all sense of reality. She was aware of nothing but the agonizing delicious sensations she was receiving from his wonderful tongue and mouth.

“Oh, God! Oh, shit!” she suddenly screamed, grasping at his head, pushing his mouth down tighter against her hot, climaxing fuckhole. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming… commmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

Her darling young body wrenched wildly as she exploded into her fantastic orgasm. Trembling from head to toe, she felt wave after wave of rapture flowing through her loins.

“Shit, that was wonderful,” she whispered to her brother as she slowly recovered from her climax.

“Jesus, Hope,” he grinned, kissing her tenderly on the lips. “Your sweet little pussy sure tastes good.”

“Oh, look,” she giggled, staring down at his big throbbing prick. “I’d better do something about relieving that big fuckin’ cock of yours.”

Grasping his long thick cockshaft in her hand, Hope could feel the hot blood pumping through the distended veins below the surface of his tightly stretched cock-skin. The big purple cock-knob looked like it was ready to explode as she lowered her face and flicked the tip of his prick with her wet tongue. The taste of her brother’s boner was very strong, but was very exciting to the young girl. Clutching the base of his thick fuck-tool, Hope began licking greedily around his big rubbery cockknob. Nibbling against the sensitive area on the underside of his cockhead with a featherlight pressure, she could feel him writhing with joy.

Momentarily deserting the delicious head of his prick, Hope began licking up and down the entire length of his fuck-shaft until his throbbing prick was completely saturated with her hot wet saliva. Her brother’s muscular legs were quivering with excitement as his little sister’s tongue continued sensuously licking on his big tasty cock.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped whew her hot lips and tongue reached his cum-swollen balls.

Almost out of her mind with the randy taste and aroma of his hairy crotch, Hope began sucking his balls in and out of her hot wet mouth. The crinkly skin of his massive ball-sac felt exciting against her tongue and lips. Then sliding her mouth back up the underside of his hard glistening cock, Hope opened her lips and took the shiny prick-knob deep into her eager mouth.

“Oh, you sweet little darling!” Matt panted as his little sister’s soft wet lips closed tightly around the head of his cock.

Sucking deeply, the horny youngster began pumping her moistly clinging lips up and down over his throbbing prick, taking her brother’s massive cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with every plunge.

“Sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he moaned. “Don’t stop, baby! For Christ’s sake, don’t stop!”

Frantically grasping his kid sister’s head, Matt pushed her face down tighter over his prick and began thrusting his hips up and down, mouth-fucking her.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ glory!” he roared, thrusting his exploding cockhead deep into her throat. “Here it comes, honey! Here it comes!”

Hope was shocked by the amount of hot cum that gushed out of her brother’s big prick. She had to swallow jism rapidly as his cock continued spewing spurt after spurt of thick hot cum into her frantically sucking mouth. The cock-happy young girl sucked hungrily on his big creaming prick, not wanting to miss a single drop of his tasty jizz.

When the last drop of cum had been sucked out of his cock, Matt collapsed back on the bed, completely exhausted by his little sister’s fantastic blow-job.

“God, that was good,” he panted as he slowly regained his strength.

“Did you really like it?” she beamed.

“Christ, yes!”

“I’m sure glad,” she whispered, pressing her naked body against him. “But now I need a hot fuck.”

“I can’t do much with this,” he grinned, looking down at his shriveled prick.

“I can sure fix that,” she giggled, slipping his soft, wet prick back into her mouth.

After a few moments of teasing his limp cock with her tongue and lips, Hope could feel it swelling again.

“See,” she smiled. “He’s almost ready to go again.”

“Hope,” he suddenly said, “do you think it’s right for a brother and sister to fuck?”

“Why not?” she giggled. “You seemed to like it when you licked my pussy and I sucked you off.”

“But,” he weakly protested, “you’re my sister.”

“I know,” she grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she rolled onto her back and spread her thighs for him. “And that will make it all the more fun.”

As he crawled up between her legs, Hope excitedly watched his hard cock brushing against the bare flesh of her inner thighs. Reaching down, she grasped his hard prick as it moved toward her juicy little cunt.

“You’ve sure got a nice big cock,” she whispered, closing her fingers around the swollen prick-tool. His prick was so much bigger than Chip’s, and she momentarily wondered if her young pussy would be able to handle Matt’s cock.

Reaching beneath her, Matt cupped his little it’s cute asscheeks in his hands, pulling the steaming cunt up around his slowly advancing boner.

“Oh, Matt,” she whimpered, grinding herself up tightly against his body as, she felt the heat and hardness of his bloated cockhead pushing against her juicy cunt slit. Grasping the root of his thick cock shaft, Hope guided his big prick-knob into her hot pussy slot.

Feeling his kid sister’s fiery cunt slit swallowing his pulsing cock-knob, the youth continued slowly fucking in until her sweet pussy was completely filled with his thick meaty prick.

“Oh, sweet shit,” she whimpered in ecstasy as his big cock pushed out against her widely stretched cuntwalls.

She’d expected his huge boner to be painful, but instead, it was filling her cunt with nothing but intense pleasure. When her horny little pussy was completely filled with his hard cockmeat, Hope could feel his lusty balls nested in the wide crevice between her quivering asscheeks.

“Oh, God, I love your big prick,” she whispered, screwing her deliciously stretched cunt slit up around the base of his thick meaty fucker.

Her little naked body was quivering as he partially withdrew his prick for another plunge.

“Ooooaoooh!” she squealed when his prick slashed up into her cunthole, and then after two or three initial fuck-thrusts, he settled down to a steady rhythm of deep, hard fuckstrokes into the moist hotness of her clinging pussy.

Hope was almost out of her mind with rapture as his fantastic cock rubbed delightfully against every aroused nerve in her tight little fuckhole. From the first moment Hope had seen her brother’s prick fucking into her mother, the girl had known he would be a wild fuck, but she hadn’t dreamed it would be this sensational.

Grasping his sinewy asscheeks in her hands, she was thrusting her cunt up to meet every fuck-stroke of his plunging cock shaft, pulling him violently into her as she arched her hips up to take the full length of his big prick. The open lips of her frothy little cunt were sucking and grasping at the base of his cock shaft, frantically trying to suck even more of his cock into her sweet young cunt.

“Oh, shit, honey!” she squealed with delight. “Fuck me harder, honey! It feels so shittin’ good!”

As they increased the tempo of their mutual fuck-thrusts, Matt could feel that glorious sensation building up in his balls and knew he would soon be filling his little sister’s pussy with his hot cock cream.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” Hope squealed, waving her pretty legs in the air. “Fuck me harder, honey! I’m gonna come! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The wild ecstasy was almost beyond her tolerance as his hard cock slammed deeper into her cunt, lifting her toward her inevitable climax.

“Ooooooooohhhh!” she shrieked, exploding into a wild orgasm when she felt her brother’s hot cum gushing out of his bursting cockhead. “Squirt, honey, squirt! I’m coming! Fill me with jizz!”

Shuddering violently, she ground her pussy up tighter around her brother’s cum-spewing prick, feeling spurt after spurt of his hot fuckjuice shooting into her cunt. It was all so unbelievably beautiful. This was the most intense climax the girl had ever experienced, and it was wonderful to have shared it with her own sweet brother.


The following weekend, Hope’s mother went away with a man for a suck-and-fuck party at a beach resort. Lisa had met Dave Walker a few days ago, and the two of them had been fucking up a storm ever since.

Lisa was the most exciting woman that Dave had ever met. He’d met the woman in a bar two or three days after his wife and daughter left on a two-week vacation. These last few days with Lisa had been the most sexually exciting period of his life. The cock-crazy redhead had so many sexual innovations that it seemed that his life now consisted of nothing but mind-blowing climaxes. He’d never dreamed that there were so many ways for a woman to bring him off. Every climax had been a glorious new experience for the man.

Driving down the highway toward the beach resort, he could feel Lisa idly caressing his prick through the material of his pants as she sat beside him. Wanting to feel his bare flesh, the horny redhead lowered his zipper and slipped her hand into his open fly.

“I guess I shouldn’t do this when you’re driving,” she whispered, making no attempt to withdraw her hand.

“God, that feels good,” he sighed, feeling her gently squeezing his soft prick between her thumb and forefinger.

Resting her head against the back of the seat, she continued toying with the man’s soft prick. She was excitedly looking forward to this weekend because she’d never enjoyed any cock as much as his. He was both gentle and wild when he fucked her, and best of all was his durable prick that always rose to the occasion, regardless of how recently he’d fucked her.

A delicious little tremor rippled through her cunt when she felt his soft prick starting to throb and harden in her hand.

“Oh, he’s waking up,” she giggled, reaching over and kissing him on the cheek. “My naughty little fingers are getting you nice and horny.”

“My cock loves your fingers,” he grinned.

“And my fingers like to play with your cock,” Lisa whispered, giving the end of his prick a loving squeeze.

Leaning over, she looked down at his stiff cockrod that was throbbing wildly in her hand. It was once more the big hard fucker that she loved to feel in her juicy hot cunt. There was something about the heat and rubbery hardness of his cock throbbing in her hand that always felt so good to Lisa. Sliding his thick cock-skin up and down over his hard prick shaft, the beautiful slut felt her aroused pussy creaming all over her legs. Wanting to feel his hard cock burning her flesh, she bent down and pressed his hot throbbing cock meat against her face. The texture and warmth of any prick felt fantastic on her cheek, but none had ever excited her as much as this one.

Lisa knew she shouldn’t arouse him while he was driving, but she instinctively brushed her softly parted lips over his naked cockhead. She loved the pungent male scent and the wild exciting taste of Dave’s prick against her lips. Holding his stiff cock shaft in her hand, Lisa licked wetly around his cockhead. She could feel his muscular body trembling with excitement.

Pressing his foot down a little harder on the gas pedal, Dave felt a wonderful exhilaration as the powerful car picked up speed. The feel of her soft wet tongue on his cock and the roar of the speeding engine were tremendously exciting.

Smiling up at his handsome gleaming face, Lisa began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his big blood-engorged prick. She could feel his prick swelling and throbbing as she teased her tongue all around the sensitive base of his big purple cock-knob. Then she took all of his big shiny cockhead into her sucking mouth.

She felt Dave’s foot press down a little harder on the accelerator as her soft slippery lips slid over his big tasty prick-knob. Tightening her lips around the thick ridge at the base of his cockhead, she lacked it securely inside of her hot moist mouth. She knew that she’d soon be drinking his delicious hot fuck-cream, and that was what she wanted more than anything else right now.

“Oh, God!” Dave shouted with joy as he quickly turned the wheel to pass a car, and after passing it, he had to swing back quickly to avoid hitting an oncoming car in the opposite lane.

The roar of the engine and the fantastic feel of Lisa’s sucking lips on his prick was one of the most exhilarating things he had ever experienced.

“Does it feel good, honey?” she shouted up to him over the sound of the speeding motor.

“Shit, yes,” he moaned.

“Am I gonna get a nice big mouthful of cum?” she excitedly asked.

“If that’s what you want,” he panted. “Then that’s what you’ll get.”

“Good,” she grinned. “I want all you can feed me.”

“That’s my girl,” the man laughed, swinging out to pass another car.

With his big beautiful cock thrusting up from his open fly, Lisa once more lowered her mouth to continue sucking him off. His ears were filled with the roar of the engine and the screeching tires as the horny redhead’s slobbering mouth sucked noisily on his big lurching prick. Staring through glazed eyes at the highway, the man was acutely aware of the obscenely erotic sound of Lisa’s slurping lips.

The hot-cunted woman was trembling with excitement at the feel of his thick cock sliding over the top of her tongue. There was nothing that Lisa enjoyed more than the feel of a big meaty cock in her mouth or pussy.

With her hot sucking lips locked wetly around his boner, she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big swollen cock-knob pressing against the back of her throat. She then slowly lifted her mouth with a deep sucking action that made him cry out in ecstasy. Repeating this fantastically delicious ritual, she soon had the man almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure. Tightly gripping the wheel of his careening car, he was frantically thrusting his hips up to meet each downward plunge of the redhead’s wildly sucking mouth.

“Suck, honey, suck!” he shouted, pressing down harder on the throttle as he swung his speeding car out to pass a truck, barely swerving back in time to avoid a head-on crash. “Shit, it’s good, baby! Keep suckin’! Keep suckin’!”

Dave was a lurching mass of unbridled lust as her wildly sucking mouth worked over his bursting cockhead. With one hand on the wheel he was grasping at her long red hair, frantically pumping her face up and down over his prick.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he panted, wildly fucking his cock in and out of her slurping mouth.

Dave’s hand was curled in her hair, pressing her mouth down tighter over his violently twitching prick.

“Suck Lisa, suck!” he shouted above the roar of the engine. “Oh, shit, what a mouthful of jizz you’re gonna get!”

Eagerly waiting for him to shoot her mouth full of jizz, the hot bitch was sucking deeper and harder on his big jerking cock. She could tell from his spasmodic movement that he was about to blast her mouth full of his creamy spunk.

“Oh, shit!” he roared, thrusting his fingers into her hair as he slammed her mouth down tighter around his exploding prick. “Here it comes, baby! Here comes the juice!”

Lisa almost went out of her mind with excitement when she felt his hot jizz gushing against the back of her throat. The horny slut frantically sucked and swallowed as spurt after spurt of his slippery cum spewed into her throat.

As Lisa’s sucking mouth slowly drained the cum from deep in his balls, Dave slowly applied the brakes and cased the car over to the side of the road. When the car came to a complete stop, Dave rested his head against the back of the seat, listening to the traffic roaring past them while Lisa sucked the very last drops from his slowly shrinking prick. “Did you like that?” she asked, a little trickle of cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

“It was perfect,” he smiled, tenderly wiping a glob of half-dried jizz from her face with the back of his hand…

It was shortly after dark when they finally arrived at the small resort hotel where he’d made their reservations. Being famished, they had an early dinner and then went, directly to their room.

“Now what do you have in mind?” smiled Dave as he watched the woman disrobe.

“You’ve had your blow-job,” Lisa whispered, walking over to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Now I want to be fucked.”

“You’re always ready, aren’t you?” grinned the man, drawing her naked body into his arms.

“You’re not shittin’,” Lisa giggled. “Now take your fuckin’ clothes off and let’s get busy.”

“Are you always this horny?” he asked, removing his clothes.

“Shit, yes,” she laughed, grasping for his cock when he lay down beside her on the bed.

“I’m glad,” smiled the man.

“Jesus, that’s a beautiful prick,” she hotly whispered as she squeezed his thick hard cock. “Hurry, honey. I need that big hunk of meat in my cunt.”

With his big blue-veined cock thrusting up from between his legs, he moved up over her trembling body. Nudging his big bloated cockknob against her juicy pussylips, he cupped her asscheeks in his palms and pulled her loins up tighter against him. Pushing forward, he could feel his cock slipping into the hot slickness between her pussy lips.

Pulling her knees back as far as possible, Lisa spread her legs even farther apart, trying to help his penetration. Trembling with excitement, she clawed at the sinewy cheeks of his ass, pulling his hard fuck-tool into her cunt.

“Oooooooh, God,” she softly moaned, feeling the heavenly pressure of his thick cockshaft pressing out against the soft walls of her widely stretched pussy. Lisa had always enjoyed strange cock, but there seemed to be something special about this cock. Maybe it was because Dave fucked with such utter abandon that made it seem so much more exciting.

With the throbbing length of his thick prick stretching the elastic walls of her cunt, Lisa was moaning softly as his hard prick fucked deeper and deeper into her pussy. The beautiful redhead’s face was flushed with pleasure as the heavenly glow between her leg spread throughout her body.

Once the entire length of his prick was buried in her pussy, the hot slippery folds of her clinging cuntal sheath squeezed against the tingling length of his cock shaft. The walls of her juicy pussy pulled and milked on his sensitive cock rod, making it thicker and harder with every passing second.

Lisa had always felt a deep sensuality with the various men in her sexually active life, but no one had ever aroused her as much as Dave had. He hadn’t even started to fuck his cock in and out of her pussy yet, and the beautiful woman felt as if she were already on the verge of a climax.

“Oh, yes, baby!” she squealed when he finally began fucking his thick cock back and forth in her slippery cunt slit. “Give it to me honey! Fuck the shit out of me!”

The feel of his throbbing boner fucking in and out of her stretched cunt was driving Lisa wild. The hot lips of her steaming pussy were feverishly sucking and pulling on the throbbing length of his thrusting prick. With his cock fucking deeper and harder into her shuddering belly, she clung tightly to him, squealing from the intense pleasure that was flowing through her aroused body. As her juices of passion squished around his prick, his cream-coated cock shaft was getting more slippery with every fuck-thrust into her hotly sizzling cunt.

Completely lost in his raging lust, Dave was fucking his hard meat into her at a faster pace, aware of nothing but the raw pleasure that was streaking through his entire body. Fucking into her hot slippery pussy with all his power, ht was sending wave after wave of heavenly rapture flooding through her seething pussy.

Becoming more aroused with every fuckthrust of her new lover’s hard cock, Lisa wrapped her soft bare legs tightly around his humping body. Screaming and moaning, she frenziedly ground her pussy up against his pounding groin.

“Oh, sweet lover! Fuck it to me, honey!” she whimpered, pulling his face down and plunging her tongue deep into his gasping mouth.

Writhing passionately beneath him, the lust filled redhead couldn’t seem to get enough of his big hard cock as her raging desires increased with every passing moment.

“Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck my cunt!” she hysterically screamed. “Just fuck me to death!”

Further aroused by Lisa’s screams for more, Dave increased both the tempo and depth of his pounding fuck-thrusts.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” shrieked the beautiful redhead, loving the way his huge fuck-tool was dulling into her, bouncing her ass all over the bed.

Her stretched pussy was hungrily welcoming every hard plunge of his big fucker. Being so thoroughly fucked by her handsome lover was one of the most thrilling experiences she’d ever had. Passionately clinging to him, the squealing woman was feverishly bucking and churning beneath him.

“My, God!” panted the wildly fucking man. “You’re sure a hot-cunted little bitch!”

“I know! I know!” she squealed. “I’ll bet I’m the hottest broad you’ve ever had on your hands.”

“You sure are,” he gasped.

“Then stop talkin’ and keep fuckin’!” she squealed, her eyes glowing with excitement. “I want a big hot load of jizz in my cunt!”

Increasing the tempo of his fucking, Dave drilled his throbbing boner even deeper into the horny redhead’s pussy. He could feel her hot slick cuntal sheath expanding and contracting around the swollen thickness of his meaty prick. Slamming her juicy crotch up to rhythmically meet his deep hard fuck-thrusts, Lisa made her talented cuntal muscles suck on his bloated prick. Her slippery cunt eagerly welcomed each hard fuck-thrust as her oily pussy juices flowed all around his lubricated cock.

“Harder, you sweet fucker! Faster!” she shrieked. “I’m almost there! Oh, shit — I’m almost there!”

The beautiful redhead’s hot pussy was burning with lust, and the writhing woman felt that if the ecstasy mounted any more, she would virtually explode.

“Thick it, honey, fuck it!” she screamed, clinging desperately to him as the intense ecstasy increased. “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt. Fuck it harder, baby… harder.”

The wild ecstasy of the map’s big hard cock fucking in and out of her juicy cunt was driving the redhead wild. Her beautiful face was distorted with lust as her head rolled from side to side on the bed. Staring up at the spinning ceiling, she finally reached a point where she didn’t think she could stand another second of this bliss.

“Fuck it to me! Fuck my pussy!” she squealed, urgently slamming her cunt slit up to meet every deep lunge of his wonderful fucktool.

Peeling a climax building up deep in his balls, Dave increased the tempo of his fuckthrusts, wanting to bring the beautiful woman off before he shot his wad.

“Fuck me, darling! Give it to me good!” screamed Lisa, waving her legs around in the air as he feverishly fucked her cunt. “Do me! Make me come! Make me come!”

The woman’s naked body, was filled with such intense heat that she didn’t think she could stand another second of it. The white-hot heat fanned out from her hot cunt to her tingling nipples. The raw rapture in her body was the most wonderful thing she’d ever felt.

The lewdly locked couple fucked up a storm as their undulating bodies slapped together in wanton abandon. Dave could feel his prick swelling thicker as his climax drew nearer. He thought his bloated cock would literally burst from the exquisite sensations induced by her talented cunt.

“Oooooooooh! I’m coming!” she screamed, throwing her legs up over his shoulders, exposing the full length of her open cunt slit to his relentlessly pounding cock. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!”

The wild ecstasy was almost beyond her endurance as she frantically clung to him, sinking her teeth into his broad shoulder.

“Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she shrieked, her orgasm intensifying when she felt his hot fuck-juice gushing into her climaxing pussy. “Cream me, baby! Juice me! Cream my fucking cunt! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Shuddering violently beneath him, she fucked her pussy up around the base of his cum-shooting prick, feeling little spurts of jizz still squirting into her deliciously glowing cunt slit.

She smiled softly as the warm contentment spread throughout her body.

Pulling his face down to hers she covered his lips with her open mouth, her tongue gently swirling around his.

“Jesus, honey, that was a good fuck,” she sighed, holding the handsome man in her arms.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. “I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“God, baby, you can screw me any fucking time you feel like it,” she said.

“Then suck me hard again,” he whispered. “I want another blow-job right now.”

“Oh, good, you sweet thing,” she giggled, crawling down and stuffing his limp prick into her mouth. “I’m gonna fuck you to death before we’re finished.”


A few nights later when Hope and her big brother were home alone, they were fucking on the living room couch.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she whispered, feeling him fucking deeper and deeper, bringing more joy with ever fuck-plunge. “I love it when you fuck me.”

Matt stared down at his kid sister’s hard little cone-shaped tits. It was obvious that she wasn’t much more than a child, and that it was wrong for him to be fucking her, but her little pussy was the tightest, hottest, sweetest damn thing he had ever fucked. Her big blue eyes were glowing up at him from her lovely flushed face, and her baby-soft lips were moistly parted, showing her white teeth. Until only recently, Matt hadn’t fully realized what a cute little kid she was.

Excited by the sight of his naked little sister, Matt was fucking harder and deeper into her lurching cunt. He could hear her sweet pussy juices squishing around his plunging prick as it slithered in and out of her squeezing cunt.

“Oh, Matt,” she whimpered, grinding her pussy slit up tighter around the base of his cock. “That feels so good!”

The cute youngster just loved to be fucked by her big brother. She squealed with delight at the feel of his prick fucking smoothly between her sensitive cuntal tissues. Wrapping her arms more tightly around his back, she squirmed her crotch up against him, squeezing his luscious prick with her little hotly sucking cunt.

“Oh, fuck, honey, fuck!” she whimpered, wrapping her soft thighs around his waist.

He fucked his rigid prick deeper and deeper into her eager pussy, and hot globs of pussy juice were oozing from between her swollen cuntlips and dribbling down over her ass.

“Matt! Matt!” she shrieked, her excited cunt muscles involuntarily sucking on the full length of her big brother’s boner. “That’s it! Harder! Harder!”

Answering her hysterical pleas, the youth began fucking his passion-bloated cock into his little sister’s juicy young cunt with all his power.

“Eeeeeeeeeegggggghhh!” she shrieked as he relentlessly drilled his prick up into her fuckhole. “That’s it, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She suddenly felt his hot cum gushing into her lurching belly and instinctively screwed her cunt up tighter against him to receive the full load of his hot thick jism. At that very moment, she was violently shaken by her own orgasm that left her weak and trembling when it finally passed.

They had been so busy fucking that neither of them had noticed their slutty mother and Dave Walker when they entered the room.

“Well, Matt,” Lisa sneered as she watched her son finally pull his limp wet cock out of is little sister’s cum-drenched pussy. “Aren’t you picking them these days?”

The youth just stared at her, too embarrassed to answer.

“Hi, Mom,” grinned the cute little blonde. “Matt just fucked me.”

“I can see that,” snapped her mother. “But you just can’t keep a guy from fucking his sister.”

“Don’t be stupid, Mom,” the girl cut in.

“I’m no damned angel — and besides, I love to fuck.”

“I can’t understand you,” gasped her mother.

“I might your daughter,” giggled Hope. “But I’m sure a hot piece of ass.”

“That’s right,” said Matt as his mother glanced over at him. “This little shit can really fuck.”

“Doesn’t his big cock hurt you?” the woman asked, turning back to her daughter.

“Shit, no,” said Hope. “I don’t think they’ve made a prick too big for me.”

Lisa just stared at her young daughter.

“Who is he?” asked the girl, referring to the handsome man with her mother. “He looks like quite a stud.”

“Don’t be such a smart ass,” snapped Lisa. “This is my friend, Dave Walker. Dave, this is my daughter, Hope — and her lover and brother, Matt.”

“Hi, Mr. Walker,” beamed Hope, and then she turned to her mother. “What do you mean by my lover? He’s been fucking you for years, but he’s only been fucking me for a few days.”

Dave couldn’t believe this crazy family. Lisa was the hottest woman he’d ever met, and now her little daughter seemed to be just as horny as the mother. The man had never seen such a cute girl in his life, and the sight of her naked body was giving him one hell of a hard-on.

“Mr. Walker has heard me talk about you both so often that I wanted him to meet you,” said Lisa.

“How’s he hung?” giggled Hope, walking up in front of the handsome man.

“That’s none of your business,” snapped her mother.

“I think I’ll check him out,” she grinned, lightly running her fingers across the front of his pants.

“What?” gasped the startled woman.

“Go get Matt hard again,” Hope said over her shoulder. “I’ll take care of this guy here.”

Lisa was so shocked with her daughter’s brazen attitude that she was too stunned to speak.

“Have you ever screwed real pussy?” the girl whispered to the man as she struggled to open his pants.

“No,” he nervously answered, completely confused by this strange family.

“Have you ever thought about it?” asked Hope, reaching into his open fly and wrapping her fingers around his prick.

“Not really.”

“Why not?” she smiled, easing his throbbing boner out of his pants.

“Well,” he said, his entire body tingling from the feel of her soft young fingers wrapped around his cock, “I’ve always thought girls like you were too crazy to mess with.”

“Does my hot body look crazy?” whispered Hope, dropping to her knees and swiping her moist tongue across the tip of his sensitive cockhead.

“God, no,” gulped the man, slowly starting to regain his composure. “That’s the hotest body I’ve ever sea.”

“Thank you,” she giggled. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“I sure would.”

Sitting on her son’s lap in a chair, Lisa excitedly watched her daughter lead Dave over to the couch. The horny woman’s cunt started leaking hot juices as she watched him quickly disrobe. She began excitedly squirming her ass around on Matt’s lap as she stared at Dave’s throbbing boner.

Looking down at the girl on the couch, Dave had never seen anything as beautiful as the way this adorable girl spread out on her back, her long blonde hair cascading over the cushion and the fingers of one hand sensually caressing her juicy little pussy.

“Come on, honey?” she whispered up to him. “I need a hot fuck.”

Hope was thrilled with the size of his nice big prick, and she was dying to feel it stuffed up deep in her cunt.

“Please hurry,” she whispered when he dropped to his knees between her widely spread thighs.

The man could hear his heart pounding loudly as he stared down at her luscious little pussy. The pink, wet flesh of her sweet cunt was quivering with anticipation, and the soft pussy curls around her slippery little pussy were glistening with hot juices.

“Come on,” she begged again. “Please put that beauty in my hot little cunt.”

As the handsome man slowly moved forward, Hope trembled with excitement when his cockhead brushed lightly against her naked thighs. Reaching down, the horny youngster grasped his thick boner and eased his big prick-knob between the moistly hot lips of her hungry cuntslit.

“Ooooooooh,” she whimpered, feeling his cock fucking slowly through the tight little opening.

When the head of his prick had finally penetrated the mouth of her tight young fuckhole, she desperately clung to him, waiting for her tiny cuntslit to become accustomed to his big cock.

“God, it’s big,” she gasped as he continued pushing forward.

“Is my cock too big?” he gulped.

“Shit, no!” she exclaimed. “Shove harder. I can take it.”

Determined to fill this horny bitch’s cunt with his throbbing prick, Dave gave a hard lunge and the entire length of his boner fucked into the squeezing warmth of her tight pussy.

Clutching him tightly as she waited for the momentary discomfort to recede, she could feel his huge cock throbbing deep in her pussy. She could feel her sensitive cunt walls stretch, and the hardness of his prick felt heavenly.

“Oh, Mr. Walker,” she panted, pulling his mouth down to her softly parted lips. “Thank you. I just love the feel of your big cock in me.”

Excitedly watching them from where she was sitting on Matt’s lap, Lisa was frantically tearing her clothes off. She could feel her son’s naked cock throbbing against her bare ass. Wriggling her ass against her son’s swollen prick, Lisa breathlessly watched Dave fucking his thick cock in and out of her daughter’s tightly stretched pussy.

“Oh, shit! Oh, God!” she could hear Hope moaning as the man fucked his cock deeper and harder into her cunt, bringing her even more intense pleasure with every thrust.

Becoming more excited by the second, Hope opened her thighs farther apart and grabbed the bare cheeks of his ass, pulling his cock deeper into her pussy. As he pounded his thick cock in and out of her slippery little cunt, she continued clawing at his ass, pulling him more violently into her. Wanting to really excite the handsome man, Hope began probing her finger around the sensitive ring of his puckered asshole.

Becoming more aroused by the feel of her naughty finger tracing around his shitter, Dave began excitedly fucking his cockshaft in and out at a much faster tempo. His lunging body lurched crazily when the tip of her finger slipped through the tight opening of his asshole. Letting out a roar, he instinctively fucked his big hot boner deeper into the juicy little cunt.

“Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh!” she shrieked as the full force of his powerful fuck-thrusts drilled even deeper into her writhing belly. “Harder, baby! Fuck me harder!”

Pounding into her with all his strength, the man let out a wild roar when the horny youngster suddenly drove the full length of her middle finger up his ass. With her deeply implanted finger lewdly massaging his fiery prostate, he fucked even harder into her tight little cuntslit.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ shit!” she screamed as the man fucked his cock harder and deeper into her seething little pussy. “That feels so fuckin’ good! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

Dave could feel an ejaculation building up in his balls as the shrieking young girl kept her swirling finger embedded deep in his quivering shitter. He realized he couldn’t last much longer, and he was hoping she would hurry up and climax.

As his thick boner continued slashing into her pussy, Hope could feel herself rushing toward a wild orgasm.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming!”

The whole beautiful fucking world seemed to explode into an all-consuming orgasm when the screaming youngster felt the man’s hot cum gushing into her pussy. Writhing and moaning beneath his big humping body, Hope could feel spurt after spurt of thick creamy jizz splattering against her cuntal walls.

“Oh, shit,” she panted, covering his mouth with her hot open lips. “I think fuckin’ is the neatest thing in the whole world.”

“So do I!” gasped the exhausted man.

When he finally rolled onto his back, little Hope scurried down and stuffed his wet lump of cockmeat into her mouth. Sucking desperately, she drew out the very last drops of jizz from deep in his limp prick. Dave was writhing in delicious agony as she passionately sucked on his numb, spent prick, trying desperately to keep it hard.

Sitting on Matt’s lap while they watched the erotic show on the couch, Lisa could feel his cock throbbing urgently against her soft ass. Momentarily rising to her feet, she looked back down and saw his rigid fucker pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Staring at his beautiful prick, Lisa suddenly had a wild desire to squat on it and let his cock fuck up deep into her aroused pussy. Facing her son, she straddled his loins and slowly lowered herself until the tip of his prick brushed hotly against her warm, juicy pussyslit. Resting her hands on his broad shoulders to brace herself, she slowly lowered her cunt until she had about two inches of his throbbing cock stuffed up into her dripping pussy.

“Oh, God, honey,” she giggled, squeezing the tip of his hard prick with her cuntlips. “You’re a naughty boy to be fuckin’ me in front of my guest.”

“Jesus Christ, Mom, that feels good,” be moaned when she began rotating her hot pussy around the end of his bloated cock-knob.

He was almost out of his mind with joy as her talented pussy squeezed and milked on the sensitive head of his prick.

After spending several minutes teasing his pulsing cock-knob, Lisa slowly lowered herself down until the entire length of his boner was buried deeply in the hot slickness of her sucking cunt. After a short pause, she began slowly fucking her cunt up and down over his prick, her soft inner cunt flesh rubbing deliciously against every tingling nerve on his throbbing prickshaft.

With his hands now tenderly rubbing his mother’s big firm tits, he gazed hungrily at her softly parted lips as she smiled at him through half-closed eyes, a look of unbelievable rapture on her glowing face.

“Does it feel good, darling?” she whispered.

“God, yes,” he gasped.

“I’m glad,” she smiled. “Because I sure love fucking you.”

Lisa continued fucking up and down over his throbbing boner while her excited son fondled her big swollen nipples.

“God, you’re sweet,” she moaned, starting to bounce more rapidly on his slippery prick. Every time she plunged down, the top ridge of his hard cockmeat rubbed against her cunt. The horny redhead was almost out of her mind with rapture as her tingling cunt rubbed up and down against the sinewy meat of his hard prick. When the intense pleasure became almost more than she could stand, Lisa jumped off his cock and spread herself out on the rug.

“Okay, baby,” she whispered, writhing on the floor with her thighs spread wide open for him. “I want you to fuck me to death.”

Dropping to his knees between her legs, Matt quickly positioned his big cock-knob against her open cuntslit and drilled it in with one long fuck-thrust. He let out a moan of ecstasy as her pussy throbbed hotly around his hard prick. The soft dripping walls of her hot fuckhole closed snugly around his cockshaft, squeezing like the fingers of a warm rubber glove.

Slowly drawing back, he paused for a brief moment and then fucked forward again with all his power.

“Ooooooooh!” gasped Lisa.

He did it again and again, fucking her hard, deep and fast as she passionately clung to him, writhing her cunt around his pounding prick.

“Ooooooooh, yes! Oooooooh!” she cried out. “Do me, baby! Do me good! Fuck it to me!”

Lisa was almost out of her mind from the intense pleasure. Her son was suddenly fucking into her with the ferocity of a wild bull. Her big bouncing tits were bobbing around crazily from the force, of his long hard fuck-strokes. The young man was penetrating her deeply, his cockhead banging against the very end of her hot pussy. Matt was giving her the most glorious fuck she’d ever had, each powerful thrust making her fill with rapture. His boner was fucking into her with deep fierce jabs, and she was loving every fucking moment of it.

“That’s the way, honey, I love it! I love it!” she screamed, clawing at his broad back. “Fuck me faster, honey… harder!”

In and out, in and out, faster and harder, deeper and deeper he pounded his cock, giving her a fucking she would never forget.

“Oh, fuck!” she shrieked, clinging passionately to him, his sweat pouring onto her body as he continued his frenzied fucking.

Writhing and squealing beneath him, she was jerking and gyrating as her pussy rippled passionately around the length of his pounding cockrod.

“Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh!” she shrieked. “I’m coming… oooooh, how I’m coming!”

Her climaxing cunt began convulsing around his plunging prick coming once… twice… three times as orgasm after orgasm jolted through her body, her spasming pussy creaming all over his hot hard cock.

The way his pounding cock was twisting around was making, her cunt burn. From the way he was jerking and groaning, Lisa could tell her son was about to shoot his hot cumload. She could feel his cockhead growing bigger and bigger, and then it suddenly exploded a torrent of hot jizz into her writhing pussy.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed, feeling his hot cum shooting into her pussy. “Squirt, honey, squirt! Juice me good, baby! Juice me good!”

Pounding into her, still fucking like an insane man, he continued emptying his cum into his mother’s sucking, squeezing cunt as their bodies continued fucking into each other.

Lisa continued to have one climax after another.

Slowly his activity became much less furious and his prick began shrinking in her cumsoaked cunt. Finally pulling his spent cock out with a loud slurping sound, the exhausted youth rolled onto his back.

Opening her eyes, Lisa saw Dave moving up between her widely, spread legs with a brand new hard-on while little Hope stuffed her brother’s limp cock into her mouth.

Smiling to herself, the depraved woman knew there would be a lot more fun and games before this evening was over.

“Oh, Dave,” she giggled. “I’ll bet you want another hot fuck.”

“I sure do,” grinned the man.

“Then you came to the right place,” she said. “I’ve never felt so horny in my life.”


Dave’s wife and daughter returned a few days later, and Lisa really missed the man’s wonderful cock. One evening when both Matt and Hope were out, she was sitting out on her patio having a drink when she saw her neighbor, Earl Allen, out in his back yard. Lisa had always thought he was a handsome man, but because of his devotion to his wife who was always around and watched him like a hawk, the horny redhead had never tried to seduce her neighbor.

“Hi, Earl!” she called out when he waved to her.

“Hello, Lisa,” the man smiled, walking over to the fence. “You look comfortable.”

“I am,” smiled the woman, taking a sip of her drink as she relaxed on the lounge chair. “Where’s your wife this evening?”

“She’s gone to visit her mother for a few days,” he answered.

“Then why don’t you come on over and have a drink with me?” Lisa suggested. “I’m bored silly here by myself.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“I’ll go open the front door for you,” she smiled. “This damn back gate tends to be stuck.”

Moments later when the man entered the house, Lisa led him over to a couch.

“Would you like to drink?” she asked.

“Scotch and water, please.”

As she walked into the kitchen to fix their drinks, Earl’s eyes followed her lush bare thighs that were so deliciously exposed beneath her extremely short summer dress. The sight of Lisa’s soft naked flesh made his cock stir in his pants. He’d always thought his beautiful neighbor looked really sexy, and it strangely excited him to be alone with her for the first time.

Later, as the two of them were sipping their third drink, Lisa began wondering how the handsome man was hung. With Dave no longer readily available, the slutty redhead was in a super-horny mood, and the thought of being fucked by Earl was exciting her even more.

“Gosh, Earl,” she smiled at him. “This is nice to relax with you.”

“I’m enjoying it too,” he smiled, taking another sip of his drink.

Stretching like a kitten, she slowly lay back on the couch with her hands behind her head. Drawing her knees up and slightly parting them, the woman exposed her pussy right in front of his eyes.

“I sure feel relaxed tonight,” she sighed, opening her thighs a bit farther.

“So do I,” he stammered, trying to keep his eyes away from her blatantly exposed cunt, wondering if the woman knew her pussy was showing.

Lisa was more than pleased that Earl’s eyes kept darting back to the erotic sight as he nervously tried to converse with her. Seeing the little beads of perspiration popping out on his brow and upper lip, she wasn’t certain if it was caused by nervous embarrassment or desire. She knew that the man was not the type to cheat on his wife, but Lisa was dying to get her hands on his cock.

Smiling at him as they talked, she began slowly opening and closing her thighs, knowing that the slightest motion was making her hot wet cuntlips wiggle. Even though he kept glancing nervously away, she could see that the provocative exposure of her slippery pussy was exciting him.

Taking quick glances between her legs as he nervously gulped his drink, Earl could see the soft wet flesh of her steamy cunt nestled in the furry little triangle of silky red clit hairs. Because of subtle movement of her thighs, he could see her slippery pussylips faintly opening and closing, little drops of pussy juice oozing out from between them.

Smiling at him through half-closed eyes, Lisa could see the excitement on his face as well as the big cock-bulge in the front of his pants. Seeing how she was turning him on, she decided it was about time to make her next move.

“God, this is so relaxing,” she yawned, kicking her sandals off and stretching out so that her bare toes touched his swollen cock bulge.

Earl was so completely shocked that he couldn’t move.

“Oh, Earl,” she giggled in a teasing voice. “You’ve got a hard-on.”

When he took a deep swallow of his drink without answering, she began wiggling her toes against the big throbbing cock-bulge.

“I hope you don’t think I’m too naughty,” she whispered. “But I just love to touch big hard cocks with my bare feet.”

Earl could hardly believe what was happening. His beautiful neighbor was actually playing with his hard prick as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do. The man knew he should push Lisa’s foot away, but it felt too fucking good.

“God, but I love big hard cocks,” she continued, lightly digging her toes into his throbbing crotch. “I just love to feel a cock stuffed all the way up in my juicy hot cunt.”

Not knowing what to say, he just sat there, thoroughly enjoying the foot massage she was giving him.

“Have you ever fucked anyone besides your wife?” she suddenly asked.

“No,” he admitted nervously.

“Oh, shit,” she giggled. “I couldn’t stand that. I love variety. I just love the feeling of hard cocks fucking into my hot pussy.”

The way his beautiful neighbor was talking completely shocked him but, excitedly staring up between her open thighs, he could vividly imagine his own hard prick fucking in and out of that exposed pussy. His excited boner was lurching wildly in his pants as he hungrily stared between her blatantly spread legs.

“There’s something so wonderful about big hard cocks fucking into me,” she continued. “I just cream all over them when they start shooting jizz into me.”

Unable to comprehend his beautiful neighbor’s lewd behavior, Earl took his eyes away from her cunt and looked at her face. There was a wild lust in her half-closed eyes as she seductively licked her tongue around her moistly parted lips. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman actually wanted him to fuck her.

“Maybe I’m naughty,” she whispered, quickly sitting up, “but I love it when men play with my hot little pussy.”

Suddenly lifting her short skirt above her hips, she plopped her bare ass down on his lap.

“Ooooooooh, Earl,” she giggled, taking his hand and guiding it up between her thighs until his fingers touched her hot slippery cunt slit. “I can feel your big hard prick pounding through your pants against my bare bottom.”

Making a final futile effort to remain true to his wife, Earl tried to pull his hand away, but she forced it back as she continued writhing her soft ass against his throbbing cock.

“Please play with my pussy,” she whispered, flicking her tongue against his ear.

Earl almost shot his wad when he moved the tip of his finger into the hot slippery moistness of her pussy. No longer giving a shit whether he was married or not, he plunged his middle finger deep into her hot juicy cuntslit.

“Ooooooooh, yes,” she whispered. “Now give me a good finger-fuck.”

Sobbing with joy as his thick finger plunged in and out of her frothy cunt, Lisa raised her hips and reached under her bare ass, searching for his zipper. When she finally had his fly open, she thrust her hand in, seeking his throbbing prick. It was quite a struggle to pull his cock free from the tight confines of his shorts and pants, and her heart began pounding with excitement when she got his hard cockmeat out. Not only was his prick thicker and longer than Dave’s large cock, but it was the biggest fucking prick she’d ever found in her life. Not only was Earl’s cock huge, but his throbbing boner was bumpy and gnarly which would add further pleasure when it was fucking in and out of her pussy. Now Lisa could understand why his wife rarely let him out of her sight. This massive prick was one in a million.

“My God,” she panted, squeezing the meaty thickness of his unbelievably huge prick. “This has gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world.”

Sliding the foreskin back and forth, she was surprised how thick and rubbery it felt as it slid over his sinewy cockshaft.

“Jesus Christ, that feels good,” groaned the handsome man, still fucking his finger in and out of her hot juicy pussy.

When they’d both reached a wild state of excitation, Lisa jumped up and whipped the short dress off over her head, exposing her completely naked body to him for the very first time. In the soft glow from the table lamp, her long red hair flowed like molten copper down aver her smooth bare shoulders. Her large firm tits stood out naked and proud, capped with big juicy nipples that were just begging to be sucked.

Earl’s eyes traveled on down over her soft curvaceous body until they reached the delectable little cunt that was dripping hot wet juices down her shapely legs.

“Come on, baby,” she whispered, taking his hand. “Let’s go in my room where you can fuck me with that big beauty.”

The moment they got, there, Lisa threw herself out on the bed and began fondling her hot juicy cuntslit as the man hastily removed his clothes. When Earl was completely undressed, he quickly lay down beside her, his own wife completely out of his thoughts.

“God, Earl,” Lisa excitedly whispered as she tenderly stroked his big prick. “I can’t believe a cock could be this nice and big.”

Staring at the little drops of pre-cum that were oozing out from the tip of his bloated cockhead, Lisa lowered her head and covered the big prick-knob with her lips.

“Oh, shit,” moaned Earl, feeling a hot mouth around his cock for the first time in his life.

His wife had never once touched her lips or tongue to his prick, and this new sensation was driving him wild. His entire body was jerking with rapture as the beautiful slut’s soft wet lips sucked and pulled on the head of his sensitive cock.

“Oh, Earl,” she panted, removing his prick from her mouth and rolling onto her back.

“Fuck me, baby. I want that big cock in my cunt.”

Just as eager to fuck as she was, Earl quickly crawled up between her widely spread thighs and, frantically grasping his throbbing boner in one hand, guided it up toward its juicy reward.

“Oh, Earl, baby,” she moaned, feeling the head of his massive prick probing hotly against her twitching cuntlips. “That feels so fuckin’ big.”

Lisa was in a wild state of excitation as she felt his huge cockhead stretching her pussy as it tried to gain entrance. His big bloated prick was so fucking much thicker than any other cock she’d had, the woman momentarily wondered if her cunt could accommodate such a huge fuck-tool. It felt as if her cunt were being stretched to the ripping point, and then suddenly the big mushroom-shaped knob slipped through as her slippery cuntlips closed tightly around the base of the cockhead.

Once in, the thick cock slithered all the way into the depths of her slippery fuckhole with relative ease. Lisa had never felt so completely filled with prick in her entire life and the ecstasy was incredible.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” she whimpered, grinding her hot pussy up around the base of his thick cockshaft. “Where has this big beauty been all my life?”

The sensation of her hot wet cunt squeezing his cock was almost blowing his mind. He could hardly wait to fire his hot cum-load into this juicy fuckhole. Crazed with an intense lust, he began wildly thrusting his fuck-tool in and out of her grasping cunthole.

“Honey!” she panted, squeezing her thighs against his waist to slow him down. “Take it easy, baby! Just take it sweet and slow!”

Grasping his hips, she began trying to control the tempo of his frantic fuck-strokes.

“That’s better,” she whispered. “Now just fuck me nice and easy.”

The feel of her tight hot cunt sucking and squeezing on his big hard cock as it fucked in and out at a slower speed was almost more than the man could stand. He had never enjoyed anything so much in his life. The spine-tingling joy of the smooth slow strokes was building to such an intense ecstasy that he could hardly stand it. Shit, how he wanted to fill her hot pussy full of cum. Suddenly losing his self-control, he once more started fucking into her with a wild fury.

“Goddamn it!” she squealed, grasping him tighter in her arms. “Take it easy, honey! We’re not going to a fire!”

“I can’t stand it,” he gasped. “I gotta shoot my wad.”

“Honey,” she whispered, tenderly kissing him, “you might have the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world, but you sure as shit don’t know how to use it.”

“Jesus Christ!” he bellowed, his entire body trembling with frustration. “I’ve been fuckin’ all my life and I don’t need any of your Goddamn advice!”

“Don’t get so uptight,” she giggled. “Do you like fuckin’ me?”

“Hell, yes.”

“Then you’ll fuck me sweet and slow,” she whispered, tenderly kissing him again. “I want to enjoy it as much as you do.”

He once more began pumping his thick slippery boner in and out at a much slower rhythm.

“That’s it, darling,” she crooned, grinding her naked body up against his. “Shit, this feels so fuckin’ good.”

Earl was once more almost out of his mind with delirious ecstasy as his cock fucked slowly in and out through the soft sucking tissues of her slippery pussy. A million needles of joy were streaking up and down the length of his cockshaft as it fucked in and put through the sucking depths of her clinging fuckhole. He’d never before experienced the pleasure he was feeling now as he slowly and rhythmically fucked into the horny redhead.

“Oh, Earl, darling,” she whispered as his thick gnarly cock fucked smoothly in and out of her frothy cunthole. “That’s it, baby. Shit, that’s the way to fuck.”

Controlling the insane desire to fuck the shit out of her, Earl realized how much greater the feeling was when he didn’t rush it. He had never experienced such total joy in his life. In the past, he’d only fucked to relieve himself, but tonight he learned the lesson of giving as well as taking.

“Honey,” she whispered into his ear, “I’m almost ready to come. Now you can bang me as hard as you want.”

He began slamming his massive cock into her cunt with all his strength.

“That’s it!” she passionately squealed. “Fuck me faster! Fuck me harder! Holy slit, it’s so fucking good!”

Wildly fucking his huge boner into her lurching body, he could no longer control himself, and with a final brutal fuck-thrust that lifted her sweet ass right off the bed, he exploded a thick load of cum into her pussy.

“That’s it, sweet baby!” she shrieked, clinging tightly to him. “I’m coming! I’m coming… coming… coming!”

Completely exhausted, the naked couple drifted off to sleep.

When Earl awakened a little later, he could see Lisa’s cum-drenched pussy only inches from his face. Earl had never once thought of licking his wife’s cunt, but now he suddenly leaned over and flicked his tongue against the juicy flesh of Lisa’s half-open cuntlips.

Squirming around until she was face down on top of him, Lisa stuffed his big cock into her mouth. Lying over him, and sucking deeply on his prick, Lisa was thrilled with the texture as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

The woman’s hot cunt juices were flowing into Earl’s open mouth as his thick tongue swirled around deeply in the slippery hotness of her dripping pussy. His handsome face was drenched with the heavenly fluids that were squishing out of her spit-drenched cunt.

Lisa had thought Dave Walker’s cock was the best-tasting cock she’d ever sucked, but this one was even better. As she slobbered hungrily on Earl’s cock, she could feel his face buried between her soft asscheeks as the man’s tongue fucked in and out of her cunt. She suddenly felt him excitedly spreading the quivering cheeks of her ass with his hands and start licking his tongue against her tight little shitter.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked with joy when she suddenly felt his hot wet tongue swirling obscenely round her asshole. “That’s it, baby! Shit, that feels good!”

Filled with an uncontrollable lust, Earl suddenly spread her asshole open with his thumbs and drove his tongue deep into the forbidden opening.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” she sobbed with unadulterated joy as he began rhythmically reaming her ass out with his tongue. “It’s so fuckin’ good honey! Suck my ass! Suck my ass!”

Crazed with the wild pleasure he was giving her, Lisa began sucking so hard on his cock that Earl thought every suck would pull his balls right up through his lurching cockshaft.


“Oh, Lisa,” he panted, still kneading the soft cheeks of her ass when he withdrew his tongue and began sucking on her cunt.

The woman’s head was bobbing faster and faster as she frenziedly sucked and pulled on his straining prick. His entire body was lurching and jerking from the wild blow-job he was getting from his cock-crazy neighbor.

“Suck, Earl, suck!” she screamed, wildly rotating her pussy against his mouth as he frantically tongued her cunt. “Faster, baby! Oh, shit, suck! Suck! Suck!”

With her soft naked thighs clamped against his juice-smeared face, the beautiful slut’s body was undulating over him, her soft full lips sucking and pulling passionately on the man’s prick.

“I’m coming!” she suddenly screamed around his cock. “I’m coming… coming!”

Her quivering body gave one wild lurch and then collapsed as his massive prick filled her mouth with his rich hot cum.


After that first time, Lisa couldn’t seem to get enough of Earl’s huge cock. With his wife out of town, she slipped over for the next three evenings and he always fucked her into a screaming frenzy. Because Lisa didn’t have to work on Saturdays, Earl dropped over to her house about ten in the morning.

“Hi, honey,” she beamed, giving him a hot wet kiss when she answered the door. “What do you have in mind?”

“Fucking,” he grinned.

“Welcome,” laughed Lisa. “My son is gone for the day and my daughter will be leaving in a few minutes, so we can have the house to ourselves.”

While they sat chatting, Hope walked into the room in a brief pair of cut-offs and a halter. Earl had known the youngster ever since he moved in next door, but until now, he had never realized how much she was maturing.

“Hi, Mr. Allen,” smiled Hope.

“Hello, dear,” the man answered, unable to take his eyes off her sexy young body.

“Where are you going?” asked her mother. “Over to Judy’s house,” the cute little blonde answered. “I’ll be back sometime this afternoon.”

Earl felt his cock starting to swell in his pants as he stared at her. Her cut-offs were so tight he could see the outline of her cute cunt that was pooching out so saucily between her legs. The darling youngster’s tits were practically popping out of her brief halter.

As Hope stood talking to her mother, Earl was standing speechless, his excited eyes focused on her cute asscheeks which were partially exposed beneath her super-tight shorts while she stood talking to her mother. He could feel his big prick stiffening as he stared at the soft, barely visible blonde down on her smooth, deeply tanned thighs. He fully realized she was only a kid, but God, how he would love to bury his face into that fresh young cunt. Watching the youngster as she continued to talk to her mother, Earl could almost feel her soft full lips wrapped around his cock. Ever since Lisa had introduced him to the joys of a blow-job, he couldn’t keep his mind off of it.

Turning to leave, Hope almost stumbled when she suddenly saw the man’s huge prick pushing the front of his pants out. A naughty little twinkle sparkled in her eyes as she glanced up at his handsome face, aware that she was the cause of his throbbing hard-on.

“Its sure nice to see you again, Mr. Allen,” she smiled, winking at him as she suggestively ran the tip of her tongue around her moistly parted lips.

“It’s nice to see you again, too.”

“I can tell that,” she said in a soft sensuous voice as she moved toward the door. “Maybe you can see some more of me… sometime.”

He just stared silently at her provocative little ass as she walked out.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” Lisa giggled, walking up and touching his hard cock-bulge. “My little kid really turned you on.”

“God,” he smiled, turning to his beautiful neighbor, “I’d sure love to fuck that cute little kid.”

“So would every other man,” she smiled. “She’s sure a hot-cunted little bitch.”

“Really?” he gasped, shocked to hear Lisa say that about her own daughter.

“You bet she is,” laughed the woman. “The kid fucks like a whore.”

“I’d sure like to get into her pants,” he sighed.

“I’ll see if I can fix you up with her,” smiled the depraved slut. “But for a guy that had never cheated on his wife until the other night, you’ve really turned into a horny bastard.”

“You’re the one that turned me on.”

“Then let’s stop talking about my kid and get down to some serious fucking,” she giggled.

Leading him over to the couch where he sat down, she dropped to her knees on the carpet in front of him. Smiling at the man, she lowered his zipper and thrust her hand through the open fly. He almost went off in his pants when he felt her soft fingers closing around his throbbing boner.

Having trouble working his steel-hard prick out of the opening, she asked him to arch his ass off the couch, and then she quickly pulled his pants and shorts down around his ankles. Seeing how hard his cock was this morning, she began stroking it, and then pulling his prick against her lips, she swiped her hot wet tongue over his bloated cockhead.

Leaning against the back of the couch, he stared down at the beautiful redhead who was sensuously licking his hard prick. The handsome man was trembling like a leaf as he sat on the couch.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered up to him.

“Jesus, yes!” he gasped. “It feels fantastic!”

Pulling his throbbing fuck-tool to her warm moist hole again, she could feel his entire body shivering with excitement. As she continued licking his sensitive cockhead, she reached up between his legs with one hand and began caressing his big furry balls.

“Shit, that’s a nice big cock,” she whispered, momentarily pulling her lips away from his prick.

The hot juices were flowing out of her wildly aroused pussy, and her soft warm fingers encircled his thick cockrod as she passionately stroked it. She could feel his huge fucker throbbing madly against her palm as her talented fingers worked the tightly stretched skit up and down over his swollen cockmeat. The pleasure was suddenly increased when her hot sucking lips again closed around his big sensitive cock-knob.

They were both so carried away with their lust that neither of them heard Hope enter through the back door. When the youngster had left the house a few minutes ago, she couldn’t get Earl Allen’s big bulging cock out of her mind. After walking a couple of blocks, she had decided to sneak back into the house and watch the man fucking her mother. Knowing how horny her mother was, she had no doubt that they’d be fucking.

Slipping into the house, Hope peeked into the living room from the kitchen and saw her mother sucking on what had to be the biggest Goddamn cock in the world. The sight of it sent a big spurt of cunt cream out from between the horny little blonde’s pussylips.

“Honey,” her mom giggled, removing her mouth from his prick, “do you like to fuck dog-fashion?”

“God, yes,” he grinned. “I like to fuck every way.”

“Then we’re gonna have a real party this morning,” she giggled, getting to her feet and moving around to the rear of the couch.

Resting her forearms on the back of the couch, she leaned over and flipped her skirt above her hips. Lisa’s sweet bare ass was instantly exposed to him.

“Okay, baby,” she smiled back over her shoulder at him. “Stuff that big beauty into my horny little cunt!”

Watching from the kitchen, Hope couldn’t believe the size of his enormous boner.

“Shove it in,” Lisa urgently whispered. “I really need a nice hot fuck.”

Trembling with excitement, Earl grasped his hard spit-soaked cockshaft in one hand and stepped up behind the woman. Resting his other hand on her hip, he guided the throbbing knob of his prick beneath her asscheeks and up between her hot slick pussylips, feeling the moist heat of her steaming fuckhole spread around his sensitive cockhead.

“Oh, you sweet fucker!” she moaned, feeling his big hard boner sinking into her juicy fuckhole. “That’s the way, honey! God, that’s such a nice big cock!”

Trembling with excitement, she ground her ass back against him, trying to get more of his hard cockmeat into her pussy.

“Oh, yes!” she panted. “Now just fuck me deep and hard, baby!”

Earl had never experienced such intense ecstasy in his entire life. The heat of Lisa’s pussy enveloping his throbbing cockshaft felt like warm velvet squeezing the tingling length of his deeply buried prick. Staring down at her bare ass as he began slowly fucking, he could feel the thick coating of slippery pussy juice on his boner.

“Oh, Christ!” sobbed Lisa, urgently rotating her ass back against him. The beautiful redheaded bitch was starting to breathe in short hot gasps as the delicious feeling between her legs increased.

Earl was slowly increasing the tempo of his deep fuck-thrusts until he was feverishly pounding his thick cockmeat in and out of her heavenly fuckhole. The hungry lips of her overheated pussy were sucking and pulling on the length of his slippery juice-coated boner. Thrilled with her talented cunt, he was mercilessly fucking into her with a blazing passion, and she was feverishly responding, slamming her ass back to meet every deep thrust of his prick.

“Jesus, honey, your cock’s so damn big and hard!” she squealed. “Just fuck it to me, baby!”

Lisa’s cuntal muscles gripped and squeezed around his plunging prick, trying to milk the cum up from deep in his balls.

Reaching around her as he continued fucking into her, Earl grasped her full tits through the thin material of her blouse.

The lust-crazed woman was squealing and moaning with passion, her eyes glazed with desire as Earl fucked into her from the rear Lisa could hardly breathe from the pounding force of the virile man’s vigorous fuck-thrusts. “Fuck it to me! Oh, shit, fuck me good!” she whimpered.

She was leaning over the couch with her sweet bare ass waving in the air, and her eyes were half-closed in ecstasy as the man’s cock fucked in and out of her writhing pussy.

Hope was almost out of her mind with excitement as she watched the man fucking her mother. The youngster had unconsciously wormed her finger up through the leg opening of her cut-offs, the tip of it vigorously rubbing her hard little clit. She had never seen anything so erotic in her whole life, and she was wishing that the man’s huge prick was fucking into her own hot little cunt.

“Yes! Yes!” she heard her mother screaming as the beautiful redhead’s hot ass wriggled and bucked while the big-cocked man fucked into her pussy from the rear. “Just fuck the shit out of me! Bang me good, honey!”

Earl could hardly control his excitement. This was only the second pussy he’d ever stuck his prick into, but he didn’t think he’d ever find another pussy as juicy and hot as this one. Her cunt felt so wet and slippery as it milked and squeezed on his thick boner, giving him more pleasure than he’d ever felt before. Lustily fucking into her, the man decided this had to be the hottest, juiciest cunt in the world. He could feel her scalding pussy cream flowing all around his pounding prick as the beautiful redhead’s snug fuckhole hungrily squeezed the entire length of his thick cockshaft.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she shrieked. “God, how I love your big cock!”

Lisa was thrilled with every inch of his throbbing boner as his pelvis slammed against the soft cheeks of her wiggly ass. The pleasure was almost mind-blowing as the hard thickness of his prick kept fucking deeper and deeper into the slippery hotness of her juicy pussy.

“Ooooooooh, give it to me… fuck me!” she moaned as he fucked deeper and harder into her pussy.

Her filthy language seemed to further excite the man, and he was soon answering her in the same way.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” he panted, a wild look of wanton lust etched on his handsome face.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed. “Just like that, baby… deep and hard! Oh, you sweet fucker!”

Clinging to the back of the couch, she was feverishly writhing her ass back against him. She loved these heavenly sensations she was receiving from this big cock that was pounding in and out of her sizzling cunt.

“Oh, my cunt loves it!” she screamed.

Lisa was fucking back wildly as the man’s big boner fucked into her, the meaty thickness of his prick stimulating every square inch of her hotly sucking, milking pussy.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet fucking man!” she passionately moaned, creaming all over his prick as she shook and wriggled her ass back against his groin. “That’s the way to use a horny cunt! Just fuck the piss out of it!”

Leaning on the back of the couch with her bare ass high in the air and her face resting on her arms, she was crazily watching the reflection of their humping bodies in a mirror on the wall. She could feel her hard nipples burning against the material of her blouse as the man’s powerful hips drilled his ponderous fucker in and out of her drooling pussy. Listening to the erotic slurping sound of his thick prick squishing in and out of her cuntslit, she was half-crazed by the unbelievable ecstasy of it.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she wailed, writhing wildly beneath the humping man. “I love it! I love it!”

Frantically fingering her cunt, Hope was almost out of her mind with fuck-lust as she watched the wild scene. Rapidly approaching a climax, she was stroking her throbbing cunt as she stared excitedly at the wildly fucking couple in the mirror through glazed eyes.

Looking at the passion on her beautiful mother’s face, Hope could see that being fucked by Mr. Allen must be the most wonderful thing in the world. She knew she would never be satisfied until she had his huge prick fucking into her own pussy.

“Ooooooooh, God, you’re so big and hard, honey!” she heard her mom squeal. “That’s it, baby! Deeper… harder!”

The aroused redhead was in a wild frenzy from the burning sensations in her cunt. Her hands were desperately grasping the couch as his big thick cock fucked deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Earl was panting for breath as he continued drilling his thick fuck-tool into the hotness of her juicy pussy at an ever-increasing tempo. He’d never dreamed that any woman would have a pussy as hot and juicy as this one. It was driving him wild to feel her strong cunt muscles sucking and pulling on his tingling cock as it plowed in and out of her juicy fuckhole.

“Oh, Earl, honey!” she passionately implored, wriggling her ass more urgently against him. “Fuck it to me, baby! Give it all to me! Give me everything you’ve got!”

Wanting to completely please this beautiful woman who was giving him so much pleasure, he tried to increase the tempo of his wild fucking. His hard belly was slamming loudly against her ass as he pounded his prick into her with all his power. As his huge boner plunged in and out of her widely stretched pussy, a flood of hot juices was oozing out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips, dripping down her inner thighs in a thick, sticky stream.

Lisa had done a lot of fucking during her life, but she couldn’t remember ever enjoying a cock as much as this one. Each lusty thrust of his hard fuck-tool was carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. A crazy grin spread across her face and her eyes were rolling wildly as she frantically fucked back at him.

Hope moaned aloud as she watched, her own naughty fingers working feverishly in the hot juicy groove of her oozing pussy. She was so turned on by the sexy sight that she almost felt faint. The wild expression of lust on Mr. Allen’s face as her mother’s cunt hungrily devoured his plunging cock was enough to blow the youngster’s mind.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Hope softly gasped again as she realized the man was about to shoot his hot cum-load into her mom’s pussy. Her fingers were swirling around frantically in her hot wet cunt.

“Oh, shit, that’s a neat cock,” she heard her mother whimpering. “Jesus Christ, it feels so good.”

Looking down at the smooth bare ass he was holding in his hands, Earl began speeding the tempo of his fucking. The feel of her slippery pussy walls sucking and milking on his throbbing cockshaft was carrying him closer and closer to a jizz-squirting orgasm.

“That’s it, you sweet fucker!” shrieked Lisa, delighted by the faster cadence. “That’s so fuckin’ good! Ooooooooooooo, shit, so goooooood!”

Faster and harder he fucked into her as he stared down at the hot cunt juice squeezing out around his plunging cock. Every long deep stroke was bringing squeals of delight from Lisa as she frantically slammed her ass back to meet every fuck-plunge of his prick.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “Fuck it, baby, fuck it!”

Her hot inner flesh was burning with pleasure as his hard cockmeat fucked in and out through the soft sensitive flesh of her slippery cuntslit.

“Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she squealed, writhing her ass back against him. “Fuck, honey! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Earl was pounding his prick into her for all he was worth, slamming his thick cock in with all his strength.

Lisa couldn’t get over how good it felt to be fucked by this handsome man’s big thick cock. Her tight cunt muscles were feeling raw and numb. The well-fucked woman’s nipples were burning with excitement as the walls of her pussy steamed from the friction of his fucking cock.

“Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!” she suddenly screamed, crazily waving her ass around. “I’m coming! Oh, fuck, how I’m coming!”

Trembling from head to toe as her climaxing cunt spasmed around the length of his pounding prick, Lisa was enveloped by the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed, feeling his thick hot cum gushing up into her writhing cunt. “Squirt, baby, squirt! Juice me good! Fill me with cum, you big-cocked beauty!”

Leaning forward over the back of the couch, she could feel Earl’s wonderful cock still pumping her cunt full of hot jizz.

“Qoooooooh, God… God,” whimpered Hope from the kitchen where she was finger-fucking herself.

Ripples of pleasure were racing through Hope’s entire body as she feverishly finger-fucked her pussy. Softly groaning as thrill after thrill whirled through her fiery cunt, she was trembling from the blinding passion she felt. The horny finger-fucking youngster came as she excitedly stared while Earl filled her beautiful mother with his hot cum.

She knew that she would never be satisfied until this man’s huge cock shot a load of jism into her own horny pussy.

Slipping out the back door so she wouldn’t be seen, little Hope began wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood, unable to get her mind off Mr. Allen’s fantastic fucker.


The next day was Sunday and Hope was idly glancing through the paper while her mom was drinking her third cup of coffee.

“Darling,” smiled the woman, putting her cup down in the saucer, “did you enjoy watching Earl fuck me yesterday?”

“What are you talking about?” blushed the youngster.

“I saw you peeking at us from the kitchen,” her mom grinned. “Was it fun to watch us?”

“Shit, yes,” giggled Hope. “That guy must have the biggest Goddamn cock in the world.”

“He has,” her mother agreed.

“Did it feel good?” asked Hope.

“It was fantastic.”

“Gosh,” the youngster sighed, “I’d sure like to be fucked by that beautiful big prick.”

“Are you serious?”

“Shit, yes!”

“Do you think you could take that big cock of his in your little pussy?” asked her depraved mother.

“I could sure as hell give it a try,” the cute young girl giggled.

“Maybe I could arrange it,” smiled her mother.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” said Lisa, “yesterday he told me he’d sure like to get into your pants.”

“I thought I kind of turned him on,” Hope giggled. “Did you see that Goddamn hard-on he got when he saw me in my cut-offs?”

“I sure did,” laughed her mother. “Who could miss it?”

“Gosh,” sighed the youngster, “I’d sure like him to fuck me.”

“Do you want me to talk to him about it?”

“Shit, yes.”

Picking up the phone, Lisa dialed Earl’s number.

“Hi,” she said when he answered. “Good morning,” said the man, happy to hear the horny redhead’s voice.

“Honey,” she asked, “are you still hot to fuck my kid?”

“Sure! Why?”

“Well,” giggled Lisa, “the hot-cunted little bitch just told me how much she’d like you to screw her. Are you interested?”

“You know I am. When?”

“I’m going out this afternoon about two o’clock,” said the woman. “Why don’t you drop over? The two of you could have the house to yourselves for a couple of hours.”

When the man arrived that afternoon, Lisa excused herself and quickly left.

“Mom says you’d like to fuck me,” smiled Hope, walking over to where Earl was seated on the couch.

“I sure would,” he smiled, removing his shirt before standing up and dropping his pants and shorts.

Hope just stared in awe at his massive cock and balls as he sat down again.

“Do you like to fuck?” he grinned, stroking his big throbbing prick.

“Shit, yes,” she giggled. “I love it!”

“Good,” he smiled. “Now why don’t you let me undress you?”

As she stood in front of him, he lifted her T-shirt up over her head, dropping it onto the floor. Then lowering the zipper on the side of her short skirt, he quickly removed it. Next he curled his fingers into the waistband of her panties and peeled them down over her cute ass and shapely young legs. He stared excitedly at her adorable naked body.

Her tits were delightfully firm with big ripe nipples exploding out from the tips. Though they were the tits of a girl, they were the most exciting tits he’d ever seen. The oversized nipples were taut and erect, with the wide ring of her dark-pink areolas surrounding them. They looked like two shiny maraschino cherries just waiting to be plucked.

His eyes wandered on down to the girl’s cunt mound. There were lovely blonde curls of downy soft pussy hair clinging to her soft cunt flesh. The lips of her delicate pink cunt glistened with little droplets of sweet pussy juice.

“Oh, darling,” he excitedly whispered. “You’re such a cute girl.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, thinking how much she liked the big-cocked man.

“Would you like to sit on my lap?” he asked.

“Sure,” beamed Hope, settling her cute bare ass down on him.

The man began gently fondling her firm young tits, his fingers tenderly squeezing and pulling on her big erect nipples.

“Oh, Mr. Allen,” the girl whispered. “That feels so neat.”

Lowering his face, he took one of her luscious nipples into his eager mouth. Sucking gently on her sweet young tit, he rolled the erect nipple around his tongue while her adorable little body shivered with delight.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she excitedly moaned at the feel of his lips and tongue teasing around her stiff nipple.

Turning his head, he took the second tit into his mouth while massaging the other tit with his fingers. Time seemed to stand still for the man as he continued sucking on her fresh young tits.

“Mr. Allen,” she finally whispered, “may I suck on your big cock for a minute?”

“God, yes!” he panted.

She dropped down onto her knees in front of the seated man. Reaching out, she wrapped her fingers around his massive cockshaft. Hope’s hot little pussy was tingling with delight as she stroked his big slab of throbbing prickmeat. Sliding the thick rubbery foreskin back and forth over his big cock-knob, she could feel all the sinewy muscles and veins beneath her fingers.

“Do you like this?” she whispered as the man moaned and writhed under her gentle caresses.

“Shit, yes!” he gasped, lurching his hips frantically in anticipation of every little movement of her soft young hand.

Leaning forward, she touched the tip of his cockhead with her sweet pink tongue. She was pleased with the flavor of his thick hard cock. Holding his massive cock straight up in the air, she began licking the underside of his huge cock-knob like an ice cream cone.

“Oh, my God!” he moaned, feeling her hot wet tongue licking and lapping at the sensitive nerve center.

Then, bending his cock slightly forward, she opened her mouth and wrapped her soft warm lips over the head of his prick. She could taste the sweet drops of pre-cum that dripped out of the little pisshole. The suction around the head of his prick was almost blowing Earl’s mind.

“Shit, honey!” he excitedly gasped. “You’re sure gonna get a mouthful of hot cum.”

“Oh, good,” she giggled.

Lurching with excitement, the man stared at the girl’s sweet soft lips sucking on his thick cockrod as it fucked in and out of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” Earl cried out as she took his big hard cock deeper and deeper into her throat. The man’s entire body was shaking as she feverishly sucked on his huge prick.

“Oh, God, baby!” he gasped. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m almost ready to shoot my wad!”

The horny girl’s mouth and tongue worked feverishly over his big spit-drenched prick.

“That’s it, baby!” he shouted. “That’s it, honey! Here comes the juice!”

With a final violent lurch, his cock spewed a massive load of thick hot jism into the cute girl’s mouth. It was more cum than she could hold and she began coughing, gagging and swallowing. She always loved the taste of cum, but there was more of it than her sweet young mouth could handle. Wildly thrilled by the rich flavor of his jism, she feverishly licked and swallowed as it dribbled back out of her mouth. Finally getting it under control, she kept sucking until she’d drawn every last drop of cum from his shrinking cockshaft.

When he finally recovered from the heavenly blow-job, he picked the naked girl up and carried her into her room where he spread her out on the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he just stared in awe at the darling young girl.

“God, Hope,” he whispered, rolling the girl over on her tummy, “you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Excitedly panting, he began trailing his fingertips lightly up and down her spine, and then gradually worked lower until he was cupping her cute little asscheeks in his palms. Becoming more aroused with every moment, he started gently kneading the soft resilient flesh of her ass, goosing his fingers into the crack between her sweet young buns.

“Gee, Mr. Allen,” she whispered. “I love that feeling.”

Lowering his face, the man began lightly licking the back of her thigh, working his mouth down over the girl’s naked flesh until he was giving her shapely little leg a wet tongue bath. Then, slowly working back up along her legs again, he kissed the soft globes of her sweet young ass. Parting the crack of her ass with his thumbs, he buried his face in the soft fleshy crevice between her darling asscheeks.

“Oh, baby, you’re delicious,” he panted, licking her little puckered asshole with his thick wet tongue.

Hope’s entire body was quivering with joy as his tongue teased around her sensitive little shitter. There was something about the loving way he licked her ass that was really turning the girl on.

Finally lifting his face, he gently rolled the girl over on her back.

“D’ya like my horny little pussy?” she giggled, noticing the wild expression on his face as he looked down at her sweet young cunt.

“It’s a beauty, darling,” he whispered in a hushed voice, staring excitedly at the pink wet flesh of the cute open pussy that was peeking up at him from the soft swirls of delicately gold pussy hairs that surrounded her cunt. “It’s a real beauty.”

Without another word, he plunged his face down into the succulent flesh between her legs. Spreading her thighs wide apart with his hands, he twisted his face as deep as possible into the hot wetness of her fragrant cunt. Frantically swirling his tongue around deep in her pussy, he was thoroughly licking the velvety smooth walls of her little hot cunt. With his nose pressed into her soft nest of pussy curls, his nostrils were filled with the sweet scent of her horny pussy.

“Oh, Mr. Allen!” she squealed. “It feels so good! So good!”

He answered by fucking his thick tongue even farther up into her delicious little cunt-slit. Her pretty face was flopping wildly from side to side while she tore at the sheet with her fingers. The man’s tongue was wriggling into every juicy fold of her steamy young cunt. His hands and fingers were goosing between the cheeks of her quivering ass as his mouth and tongue worked feverishly on her sweet juicy cuntslit.

“Ooooooooh!” Hope squealed. “I love it! I love it!”

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,” he gasped, licking deeper into her hot wet pussy.

“Oh, God, Mr. Allen!” she hysterically screamed when his probing tongue found her cunt. “That’s the way to eat a pussy!”

Crazed with the heavenly sensations that were streaking through her body, Hope was thrashing and lurching all over the bed. Her wild gyrations were causing him to have a hard time keeping his mouth locked against her squirming pussy.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she screamed. “Don’t ever stop!”

Her sensitive cunt had become as hard as a rock as he sucked and rolled it between his tongue and lips. Her ass was drenched with the hot juices that were running out of her slippery open cuntslit. Frantically rubbing her cunt up and down against his cream-smeared face, the young girl was almost out of her mind with ecstasy.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “Aaaaaggghhh! Eeeeeggghhh! I’m coming… coming!”

When her orgasm finally passed, she collapsed into a limp wet mass of trembling flesh, and it was several minutes before the emotionally drained girl recovered from the intense orgasm.

“Now are you ready for a nice hot fuck?” he whispered.

“Heck, yes,” she grinned. “But I sure hope I can take that big monster into my pussy.”

“Of course you can,” he assured her. “I’ll be just as gentle as a dove with you.”

Hope was still a bit apprehensive as she eyed his big prick, but she wanted him to fuck her.

“Okay,” she giggled. “Let’s find out what that beautiful big thing feels like.”

Kneeling between her open thighs, Earl looked down at her cute body. He could hardly believe he was going to fuck his cock into that cute pussy that was quivering so deliciously between her naked legs.

Clutching his thick hard cockshaft, the man began swabbing his cockhead up and down against the steamy hotness of her super-juicy cunt. Finally working the tip of his massive prick between the soft wetness of her pussylips, he could feel them slowly stretching as he pushed forward.

“Ohhhhhhh, God!” Hope sobbed, biting her lips to keep from screaming as his prick stretched her little cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before.

When the thick flange at the base of his cockhead finally popped through, the girl let out a sigh of relief, knowing that the thickest part of his prick had made it in.

“Oh, shit, that hurts,” she whimpered, her cunt cruelly stretched around his massive prick.

After waiting a few moments for the girl’s cunt to adjust to the bigness of his cock, Earl once more pushed forward.

“Ooooooooh, Mr. Allen,” she sobbed. “I can’t take that big thing. Please pull it out.”

“Not a chance,” he panted, excitedly pushing harder.

Hope thought she would pass out by the time she’d taken the entire length of his huge boner, but when she felt his big hairy balls pressing into the crevice between her asscheeks, she knew his cock was all the way in.

While he remained motionless above her, the feel of his thick cock throbbing deep in her pussy began sending wild little tingles racing all through her loins.

“God, you’re a bull,” she whispered as the heavenly sensations increased. “But I love it.”

“Do you want me to start fucking it in and out now?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “But take it easy — at first.”

Drawing his massive cockshaft back with agonizing slowness, the top ridge of it rubbed deliciously against her cunt. When only his big cock-knob remained in her tight cunt, he rammed his prick back in with a hard fuckthrust. The man was soon slamming his monstrous prick in and out of her tight pussy with a rapid regularity.

Her young body was soon filled with an ecstasy she’d never experienced before. Her hot little pussy was wildly gulping on his prick as every nerve in her snug cuntal sheath was rippling around his cockshaft. Her young tits were jiggling as she lewdly waved her shapely bare legs in the air.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” she squealed. “It feels so good!”

Her cunt was gushing a torrent of bubbling pussy juices, yet it remained tight around his long powerful cock.

“Oh, sweet piss!” she cried out, grinding her juicy cunt all around the huge base of his plunging prick.

“D’ya like it?” he gasped, fucking harder and harder.

“Oh, yes, you beautiful big stallion!” she cried. “I love it… love it!”

The wild ecstasy was reaching a point that she could hardly stand it when she suddenly exploded into the most spine-tingling orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

This was followed by the feel of his thick cum gushing into her fuckhole with the force of a fire hose. Jism splattered all over her cunt walls as he continued fucking his prick into her hot pussy.

“Keep squirtin’!” she screamed, clinging tightly to him. “Oh, God, it’s so fuckin’ good, Mr. Allen, so fucking… fucking good!”


It was almost evening when Lisa returned to the house, and she went directly to the bathroom to take a shower, thinking that Earl had finished fucking her daughter and gone home.

After toweling herself dry in the bathroom, she walked naked down the hall to her own room where she intended to dress. Passing the open door to Hope’s room, she was startled to see the cute girl spread out on the bed with Earl’s face buried between her bare thighs. Lisa could plainly see the man slurping and sucking noisily on her young daughter’s slippery cuntslit. Seeing both the wet and dried cum all over the sheet, Lisa could tell that there’d been an awful lot of fucking and sucking going on this afternoon.

“Oh, Mr. Allen,” she heard her little daughter passionately whisper as the girl writhed on her back. “That feels so fuckin’ good, honey. God, you’re a good pussyeater!”

Hope’s eyes were squeezed shut, her soft mouth hanging slackly open as her trembling fingers pinched and squeezed her swollen nipples.

“That’s it, Mr. Allen!” the girl sobbed. “Suck me good, honey! Suck me good!”

Lisa couldn’t get over the look of passion on her daughter’s flushed face. Staring at the couple, Lisa could see the girl’s cunt juices glistening on the man’s face. As she continued watching the lewd scene, Lisa felt a burning desire in her own itching pussy. She stared excitedly at the man kneeling between her daughter’s thighs, his huge throbbing cock thrusting up from his massive balls.

“Oh, Mr. Allen!” the girl squealed, pushing the man’s face down tighter against her cunt. “I’m gonna come, honey! I’m gonna come!”

Lisa began unconsciously digging at her own pussy while she watched her daughter squirming under their handsome neighbor’s sucking mouth. Trembling with vicarious excitement, Lisa stared as if hypnotized as her daughter writhed toward her impending climax.

“Suck, Mr. Allen, suck!” the girl whimpered. “I’m coming! Oh, shit, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Lisa’s fingers were tearing madly at her own pussy as she watched her young daughter lurching and screaming through her mind blowing orgasm.

When the traumatic orgasm had passed, Hope smiled at the man. “Please fuck me again. I wanta feel your big hard cock in me.”

Watching them, the woman was trembling with excitement as she saw the man crawl up between Hope’s open legs. Staring in silence, Lisa watched the girl spread her thighs to receive the huge prick that Earl was guiding toward her eager little pussy. Lisa was panting with excitement when she saw Hope close her eyes in blissful anticipation as the man’s big prick-knob brushed against her slippery pussylips.

Frantically finger-fucking her own dripping pussy, Lisa watched Earl Allen’s big swollen cock slip between the girl’s wet, juicy cuntlips. She could see Hope biting down on her lip and closing her eyes even tighter as his big cock fucked into her soft moist cunthole. Wrapping her arms tighter around his shoulders, Hope arched her hips, grinding her crotch around the hard prick that was sinking into her slippery cunt.

“Oh, God, you’re neat, Mr. Allen,” Hope whimpered when he’d fucked his cock in to the balls.

Lisa watched with complete fascination as her daughter slowly opened her eyes, staring dreamily into the man’s face. Hope pulled his head down and kissed him as she locked her legs behind his knees, screwing her hotly dripping cunt up tighter around his big meaty cockshaft.

The sight of her daughter being fucked by Earl was driving Lisa out of her mind. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. God, how the woman wanted his hard fucker in her own pussy!

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” Hope squealed, wildly tossing her head back and forth. “That’s the way! Oh, yes! Fuck me good!”

Lisa’s fingers were frantically plunging in and out of her own flaming cunt gash as she watched the man’s huge prick fucking in and out of her young daughter’s juice-slickened pussy.

“My God!” she suddenly heard a voice gasp.

Looking around, she saw her son standing there rubbing his hard prick through his pants.

“Jesus Christ!” Matt grinned. “He’s sure pouring it to her.”

“I know,” laughed his mother. “They’re really fuckin’ up a storm.”

“They sure are,” he grinned. “That little hot-assed kid can really fuck!”

“I know,” giggled the woman as she reached down and began rubbing the hard cock-bulge in the front of his pants. “She takes after her horny mother.”

“You can say that again,” he laughed, goosing his fingers into his naked mother’s hot ass.

“Watching them is making me hornier than hell,” whispered Lisa, rubbing his boner a bit more urgently.

“Me, too,” Matt agreed.

“What should we do about it?” grinned his mother as she lowered his zipper and pulled his nice hard boner out.

“What do you suggest?” teased Matt. “Do you think your cock would like to fuck my hot cunt?” she whispered.

“I’m sure it would.”

Taking her son’s hand, Lisa led him over to a sofa that was against the wall in Hope’s bedroom.

“Take your damn clothes off,” she excitedly giggled. “I need that beautiful hard cock right now.”

Grinning lasciviously, the handsome youth began quickly undressing as his mother spread herself out on the couch.

“Hurry, honey,” she panted as she lay on the sofa, her creamy thighs wide apart to receive her son’s hard prick.

She let out a gasp of delight when Matt dropped his shorts, revealing his hard-on.

“Goddamn, Matt,” she whispered. “That’s sure a nice prick.”

Walking over to where his mother was spread out on the couch, he stared excitedly at her juicy pink pussy, surrounded with a soft red bush of pussy hairs. Her hot, lust-swollen cuntlips were open for him, a thick film of pussy juice glistening on the slippery warm flesh of her pussy.

“Hurry, baby,” Lisa panted as her handsome son crawled up between her thighs.

When the young man was kneeling between her legs, his mother tenderly grasped his stiff cock and guided it toward her smoldering fuckhole.

A wild excitement rippled through Matt’s body when his pulsing cock-knob first touched the hot slippery flesh of his mom’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, feeling the pressure of her son’s cock sinking into her aroused cunt.

Grunting with pleasure, he forced his prick forward until it was almost completely buried in the hot wetness of her fuckhole.

“Oh, you sweet darling,” she panted when his prick was almost all the way in.

With the throbbing length of his thick cock fucked almost to the hilt in her cozy warm cuntslit, Lisa softly moaned, feeling the incredible pressure of her son’s thick cockmeat sinking deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her beautiful face was aglow with the pleasure she felt as little whimpers of joy came from her parted lips.

Once his prick was completely buried in her pussy, their two naked bodies fit perfectly together. The hot slippery folds of her clinging cuntal sheath feverishly grasped at his swollen prick. Her tight inner cunt walls massaged, squeezed and pulled on his sensitive cock, making it thicker and harder with every passing moment.

Matt was always pleased by his mother’s sexual prowess. He’d fucked a lot of girls, including his little sister, but he’d never found one whose body responded so perfectly to his. Writhing hotly together, they were each giving as much as possible to the other.

Lost in his wild passion, the young man was rhythmically lunging back and forth, aware of nothing but the incredible pleasure that was streaking through the length of his tingling cock. Fucking into his mother’s cunt for all he was worth, Matt was sending waves of unadulterated pleasure washing through her writhing loins.

Never having felt any shame over committing incest with her son, Lisa was thoroughly enjoying every fucking moment of it.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered. “This feels so fucking good!”

“We’re just gonna fuck and suck and fuck, aren’t we?” her son panted.

“Shit, yes,” she grinned. “We’re never gonna stop.”

Becoming more aroused with every hard fuck-thrust of her son’s prick, she wrapped her naked legs more securely around his lurching body. Squealing and moaning, she desperately ground her juicy pussy up around his pounding prick, trying to suck more of his hard cockmeat into her heatedly aroused fuckhole.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she sobbed, pulling his face down to hers, plunging her sweet tongue deep into his open panting mouth. With their moistly parted lips pressed hotly together, Lisa was excitedly exploring his mouth with her sensuous tongue.

The writhing bucking woman couldn’t seem to get enough of her son’s boner as her lust increased with each fuck-thrust of his glorious cock.

“Jesus Christ, Mom!” he panted. “You’re sure a hot-cunted bitch!”

“I know!” she giggled, her eyes glowing with excitement. “So stop talking and fuck the shit out of me.”

Matt began fucking his stiff prick even deeper into his horny mother’s pussy. She could feel her hot slick cuntal sheath expanding and contracting around her son’s swollen prick as it pounded in and out. She was slamming her hips up to meet his powerful thrusts, and her sizzling cunt was deliciously sucking on his bloated cockshaft. The woman’s oily pussy juices were flowing all around his well lubricated cock, but her strong cunt muscles clung tightly to her son’s prick as they fucked an and on.

Over on the bed, Hope and Earl were still fucking.

“Oh, shit!” panted the cute little blonde, her hair flying wildly around her flushed face. “Fuck it to me, honey! Fuck me harder!”

The man began fucking his cock into her with all his power, realizing that the girl was rocketing toward a climax.

“Oooooooh! Oooooooh!” Hope shrieked as her young body began shuddering. “I’m coming, Mr. Allen, I’m coming! Faster, honey, faster! Faster! Faster! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Her ecstasy was complete when she suddenly felt the man’s hot thick cock cream gushing into her writhing cunt. She could feel his big cum-squirting prick fucking into her until the last drop of cum had been pumped out of his balls.

“Oh, Mr. Allen,” she whispered as they both collapsed into each other’s arms. “You’re sure a neat fucker!”

When his strength finally returned, the man rolled onto his back, his prick making a loud sucking sound as it plopped out of the girl’s cum-filled pussy. Lifting himself on one elbow, he glanced across the room and saw Matt fucking his mother. He was completely stunned as he stared at the obscene performance.

“Hi,” grinned Matt when he glanced over and saw his sister and Earl Allen watching them. “We thought we’d join you.”

“I can see that,” grinned Earl.

“Shit,” Matt panted, not breaking the rhythm of his rapid fuck-thrusts. “She can really fuck.”

“I know,” the man answered.

Earl’s limp prick began to stir and throb again as he watched the beautiful naked redhead being fucked by her son. There was something erotic about the way Matt’s hard cock was zipping in and out of his mother’s frothy pussy.

The youth was crazed with the delicious feel of his mother’s hot fuckhole, and his cock was now fucking in and out of her slippery cunt at a blinding speed.

“Oh, God, Matt!” she suddenly squealed. “You’re gonna pop me! Jesus, I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

The excited youth speeded the tempo of his fuck-thrusts. Feeling his climax building up in his balls, he couldn’t wait to shoot his hot cum-load into his beautiful mother’s fantastic pussy.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” screamed Lisa, writhing beneath her son’s humping body. “I’m coming, baby! Oh, shit, how I’m coming! Coming!”

Giving a final lurch, Matt felt his jizz squirting up into his mother’s overheated fuckhole.

When her son finally pulled his spent cock from her pussy, Lisa glanced over and saw Earl looking at her. He had a brand new hard-on.

“What do you intend to do with that beautiful cock?” she asked, her eyes smokey with lust.

“I thought I’d stuff it up between your horny legs,” he grinned, lasciviously stroking his big meaty prickshaft.

“Then let’s get on with it,” giggled Lisa, walking over and joining him on the bed. “I’m sure ready.”

Crawling on top of the woman’s naked body, Earl began moving back and forth, letting the sensitive underside of his massive boner rub against the softness of her flat belly.

“You sweet big-cocked darling,” she whimpered with desire. “Put that big beauty in me.”

Unable to wait any longer, Lisa grabbed his prick and stuffed it up into her scalding, cum-drenched pussy.

“Oh, my God!” he gasped, feeling his massive cockhead slithering up into her jizz slickened pussy.

“Oh, shit, it’s so good,” she whimpered, feeling his bloated cockrod stretching the sensitive tissues of her cunt. “It’s so fuckin’ good.”

Sitting naked together on the couch, Hope was stroking her big brother’s prick as they watched the other couple fuck.

Their mother squealed with delight when the man suddenly lost all control of himself and began slamming his cock in and out with an intense fury. His deep hard fuck-thrusts were jolting the woman from head to toe, each plunge of his cock bringing more pleasure than the last.

“Ooooooooh, yes! Yes!” she whimpered.

As he fucked even harder and deeper, his thick cock was pumping slippery globs of pussy juice and cum out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips.

“Oh, Earl, baby!” she panted, grinding her hot cunt up around his plunging prick. “You can really fuck, honey! God, what a fucker you are!”

“So are you!” he gasped, rearing back and slamming his big tbrobbing boner even deeper into her slippery cuntslit.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” she screamed as his cock ripped into her hot cunt flesh. “Oh, shit, how I love your big hard prick!”

Urged on by her squeals of passion, Earl was fucking his prick deeper and deeper into her juicy pussy.

Grasping him frantically around, the shoulders, she began thrusting her crotch up to meet every stroke of his rigid fucker. The open lips of her frothy cunt were grasping and sucking on his thick meaty cockshaft.

“Oh, God, honey,” she panted, nibbling excitedly on his ear. “It’s so good, honey, so fucking, fucking good!”

His response was to fuck deeper and harder into her lurching body, building her up to a state of passion she could hardly stand.

“Give me more!” screamed Lisa, clutching at the cheeks of his ass, trying to pull his prick farther into her sucking pussy. Aware of nothing but her overwhelming lust, she was unconsciously circling his asshole with her middle finger.

“Christ, what a fucker!” she screamed, her probing finger pressing against the tight little ring of his asshole. “Don’t ever stop, baby! Don’t ever stop!”

“Aaaaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhh!” he roared, giving a mighty fuck-lunge as he felt the tip of her finger sink through the tight opening of his asshole.

When he gave that frantic lurch, Lisa felt as if he’d driven his huge cock clear up into her throat. Wanting him to fuck her even harder, she rammed the full length of her finger up into the buttery warmth of his shitter.

Completely crazed by the feel of her finger swirling against his prostate, Earl was fucking his thick prick into her cunt like a maniac.

“Fuck my cunt! Fuck it!” Lisa was shrieking in his ear. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m almost there!”

The passionately aroused woman was barely clinging to her sanity as the heavenly rapture mounted in her body. Every inch of her flesh was reacting to the ecstasy that was almost more than she could endure.

“Oh, Earl!” she cried out when she suddenly felt his hot jism shooting into her pussy. The fantastic feel of his thick cum splattering against the slippery walls of her cunt triggered an orgasm that she would never forget.

“I’m coming! Oh, God, I’m coming!” she shrieked, screwing her spasming pussy up tighter around the base of his exploding cockshaft so as not to miss one drop of jizz that was gushing out of his cum-spurting cockhead.

Clinging desperately to him as she writhed through her mind-blowing orgasm, she could feel his massive prick filling her cunt to overflowing with his slippery spunk.

Locked in each other’s arms, it was several minutes before either of them could move or speak.

Hope sat watching them as she lovingly stroked her big brother’s new hard-on, realizing that he would soon be shooting a hot batch of jizz into her hot little pussy. Smiling to herself, the cute girl was thinking about all the neat fucking she was going to get before this evening was over.

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