Hot Secretary

Most of us lead two lives — real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away from the rat race, fishing or painting by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of someday having wealth and power. And then there are sexual fantasies — wild dreams that we seldom expect to come true.

Is it best to suppress our desires and fantasies, or to bring them out into the open and act upon them? Does their repression lead to sickness or their fulfillment bring shame? No one has yet been able to answer these questions satisfactorily.

The woman in this story has her own sexual fantasies. She tries to repress her desires, but eventually must face them and act upon them. Morals are cast aside in her quest for fulfillment.

HOT SECRETARY deals with the sexual dilemmas that face us all. We cannot pass judgment on this woman’s solutions. We can only look at them with an open mind, recognizing the emotions and problems common to us all.


I pulled into one of the last slots left in the parking lot behind the secretarial school. I was late again, but this time it didn’t matter. There was a crowd of students standing around the back door, waiting for the janitor to open the building. Might as well stay here in my car, I thought.

I opened my textbook on typing business letters, but I couldn’t concentrate at all. I felt horny this morning. My pussy itched. My hand kept straying up under my short skirt and slipping under the edge of my damp panties. I held the book over my lap and gave in to my urge to finger my erect clit. It would be terribly embarrassing if anyone walked by the car and looked in. They could see my hand holding my panty crotch aside and my fingertip sliding up and down on my slick pussy slit, but I couldn’t make myself stop.

My eyes closed. I slid down low in the seat and opened my legs wider. My cunt was so wet that the juice ran down my crack. I slid my finger way up inside me and felt my hot cunt clamp down on it. The book slid to the floor when my sudden climax made my knees slap together. I bit my lip and rocked back and forth. My orgasm made me shudder deliciously.

“That was wild!” I heard a deep male voice saying. “It turns me on to see, a girl finger her cunt that way.”

“Where-where did you come from?” I gasped in surprise.

“Pulled in behind you. You were having such a good time you never heard my car.” The handsome middle-aged man pulled my door open and calmly crawled in beside me. He shut the door and turned to face me, dropping his hand down over a huge erection in his slacks. It was Mr. Carter, the school administrator.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he grinned. “God knows when, that stupid janitor will get around to opening the building.” He pulled his zipper down and reached over to stroke the back of my neck. “Why don’t you dip in there and take my cock out? And don’t tell me you are the shy type. I’ve been watching you bounce your boobies around the halls. And checking out the teachers’ crotches.”

“I-I don’t know what you mean,” I said indignantly, tugging my skirt down.

“You are a horny chick. You’ve been around.” He took my hand and slid it inside his fly. In spite of myself, my fingers closed around his stiff cock.

“Take it out, baby. Jack me off.” His voice was husky. “If you want to suck on it, I’ll keep an eye out. No one will see if you lay down on the seat. Do it!”

His cock felt warm and strong in my hand. I could not help myself. I tugged his prick out and stared at his thick dick growing rigid in my fist. It was as thick as my wrist, and the huge silky knob on the end was trickling juice out of the little slit that opened and closed as my hand slid up and down.

“This is too risky,” I protested, “out in the open like this. Someone will see us.” But I didn’t take my hand away.

“I’m too damn hot to care. Suck that thing,” he commanded me harshly. He pulled me to him and forced my head down over his stiff cock. I put my lips over the big head. My senses reeled with the sweet male odor of his pulsing dick.

“Oh God!” I groaned. “You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”

He was discovering how hot I get when I have a man’s stiff dork in my hands. Ever since my first date — when I was too scared about being hurt to let my boyfriend put his cock in me and sucked him off instead — I’ve been mad about licking stiff, hot peckers. I opened my mouth wide and sucked the bulbous head into my mouth. My tongue swirled around and around on his pink cockmeat.

I let his cockhead slide across my tongue and deep into my throat. His fingers laced through my hair and pressed my head down harder. He fucked me in my mouth, moving his hips slowly and sensuously, enjoying the feeling of my teeth scraping and biting the crown of his pulsating, throbbing cock.

My hands dug into his crotch, tugging at his full balls. He unbuckled his belt and shoved his pants down his legs, too hot to care if anyone walked by the car and looked in at us. I struggled to sit up a little so I could slide my hand up and down his slippery shaft. The head of his cock had turned fiery red from the blood pumping furiously through his distended veins. He groaned. His hand closed around mine, stroking up and down, trying to spread his thick precum over every inch of his twitching dick.

“Faster!” he choked. “Beat that thing faster and harder. I’m going to come all over this Goddamn car. Use two hands! Yeah, yeah, that’s the way. Jesus, you can really stroke a man!”

My fist whipped up and down on him. His dick turned redder, and glistened with my saliva. I grabbed his hand and shoved it inside my panties. “Fingerfuck me,” I panted. “I want to come at the same time you do.”

He jerked my head down on his lap again and rammed his cock in my gasping mouth. I felt his cum surge up the long shaft of his dick and splash hotly against the back of my throat. I swallowed convulsively, sucking madly and taking every drop, milking his throbbing rod until he grabbed my head and made me hold still. His whole body trembled. His finger raked against my cunt walls. My legs closed tightly. I came hard, biting and sucking on his rigid cock and running my thumb up the underside of his prick, draining him completely.

He made me sit up, then pushed my hands away. “Christ!” he grumbled. “You made me come as fast as a school kid. Now I’m really hot to fuck.”

He looked at my tits in my thin sweater. My nipples stuck out, crinkled up hard and perky. My face was flushed and sweaty.

“I want to see you in my office, on the noon break,” he told me, rubbing his warm hand over my bare knee. “You do fuck?” He smiled. “It won’t do you any harm to have a friend like me help find you a job after you graduate. Be nice, and I’ll be nice.”

“You have a casting couch?” I smiled back at him.

“One that will do,” he grinned, tucking his cock gingerly back into his pants. “Twelve noon. OK?”

I didn’t learn a darned thing in my classes that morning. All I could think about was his long cock pushing my hot hole. I had never been screwed by a man his age, and never by such a thick, sturdy cock like he had. If he came fast, I intended to hold him in me and let it soak until he got hard again, then fuck me until I didn’t have another come left in me.

His receptionist looked at me suspiciously when I showed up in his office at twelve sharp. She had full, pointy tits and a slim waist that flared out into a set of sexy hips that undulated like she had a cock up her snatch. She showed me into his office.

“I’ll call you if I need you,” he told her. “Shut the door tight behind you.”

She sniffed and tossed her head. If looks could kill, I’d have been dead on the spot. I think she figured he was her private cock, and she resented the way he smiled and undressed me with his eyes. She slammed the door after giving me a long, dirty look.

He wasted no time. His warm hands tugged my sweater out of my skirt and cupped my tits. He pushed it up around my neck and bent over, his ribs brushing over my stiff nipples.

“Beautiful tits,” he murmured. “So firm and round and white.”

I caught my breath and reached for his fly. His hard cock snapped out, standing up stiff and straight. I felt my face grow hot with desire. His fingers tugged at the snap on my skirt. I helped him unfasten it and stepped out of it, my knees suddenly weak and trembly.

“You’ve got a sweet pair,” he told me. “A really sweet pair of tits.” I shivered when his hands squeezed me roughly. My nipples felt like they would break off from the tingling sensations as his fingers pinched and pulled on them. My panties showed a dark patch of moisture at the crotch.

“I want to suck that hot cunt I had my fingers in this morning,” he said. “Lay down and spread those pretty legs.”

I moaned with pleasure as his hot mouth pressed against my wet panty, nuzzling into me and making my pussy twitch with anticipation of his tongue licking my clit. His hands slid under the edge of the cotton and cupped my hot asscheeks.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned softly. “Your hands are so strong and warm on my ass. Slip your finger between my buns. Press harder. Push your finger in my asshole. I’m so fucking hot to get going, I can’t wait!”

His trembling finger pushed my panty crotch aside, and my wet cunt was completely exposed to his hot gaze.

“Damn. What a beautiful cunt!” he breathed. “Pink. Tight. I can see your clit standing up.”

I reached down and ran my finger along my wet slit. “It wants to be kissed,” I panted. “Suck on me. Suck on my hot clitty, please, please. I’ve been dreaming about this moment all morning.”

My cunt was flaming hot and itchy. I knew I was behaving like a whore, but I didn’t care. I grabbed his head and pulled his face tight against my cunt, urging him to kiss and suck it. He spread my legs wide, lifting my knees. My hips were moving like he was already in me, fucking me with his long dick.

“You have the prettiest pussy I have ever had on this couch,” he breathed. “It makes my receptionist’s cunt look like she’s a bitchy, dried up old maid. I’m really going to enjoy fucking you.”

“Do it,” I told him boldly. “I want you to screw me with that hard cock.”

I squeezed my hand around his thick, pulsating rod. God, that thing was so long and thick it was going to tear me in half! I was torn between fear of him hurting me and excitement at the thought of taking his huge dork up my tunnel. His hand closed on the elastic band of my panties and ripped them off. He pushed me roughly to the center of the couch and brought the bulbous head of his hard prick against my wet fuck hole.

“Now you are going to get it,” he muttered. He moved into me, his arms sliding under my hot body and holding me close to him as his stiff cock worked into my twitching hole.

It hurt, but not as much as I had thought it would. I wiggled my ass and thrust up against his hardness. My back arched with tension, lifting his strong body up as my hips fed his cock into my aching hole, deeper and deeper. I shuddered, then locked my ankles over his back. My heels dug into him. His cock felt like an immense steel rod buried in my stomach.

“Fuck my hole, damn it! Get it going,” I rasped at him. My mouth had gone dry. My nails ripped at his back as he stroked into me, brutally. His big, thick cockhead stretched my hot pussy lips every time he slammed his prick into me. I felt like it was coming clear up through me into my mouth! I could almost taste the salty flavor of his meat.

The excitement in my belly turned into a red-hot flame. I grew tense. My thighs quivered. My ass met every stroke of his hard, thrusting rhythm. “Yes,” I cried. “Oh yessss! Give it to me!”

“God, you are one hot bitch,” he groaned. “A Goddamn hot fucking bitch!”

My cunt walls closed on him, gripping him hard, dragging his juice out of his stiff rod. His cock made lewd squishing noises as it churned furiously in my hot pussy hole. He pulled back and stared down at my soaked mound and cunt lips stretched wide by his thick, pulsating hardness reaming into me, driving clear to the bottom of my moist, clinging passage. He got a firm grip on my hips and pressed my ass down into the couch. His cock rammed in and out of me, faster and faster. His hands slid up my sweat-soaked body to grab me around my waist. He lifted himself up on his knees and slammed his heavy, wet balls against my hot flesh. My hand closed around his cock, jacking him off in my cunthole, raking up and down his hard shaft and jerking him out to rub his cockhead furiously around and around on my screaming clit. I rammed him back in me again and then whipped him out while he held himself high over me and watched my hands beating his meat, turning his heavy cock redder than fire.

He fell beside me, staring at my fingers gripping his meat, pounding up and down on him. My other hand flew down to my cunt, tearing it open, fingerfucking my burning hole. I lost all control. I wanted to come any way I could. His head turned and his mouth closed over my bouncing tit. He sucked madly on my nipple, thrusting his cock through my fist, tightening his muscles like crazy, going for his climax.

I rolled over on him and sat down hard. His cock bent and then snapped straight into me, spearing into my cunt to the very bottom. My hips ground down on him, moving in wider and wider circles, pressing tightly against the base of his rod.

Suddenly, his head went back as his back arched up in a great curve. His sperm shot into my clasping cunt like lava gushing out of a volcano. Over and over again he squirted, flooding my cunt with jism that ran out all over his hairy balls.

A hot singe of electric current-like feeling shot up my spine. My hands gripped his shoulders. My eyes shut tightly as my orgasm ripped through me.

“Jesus Christ! You make me come so hard it’s killing me!” I gasped. “I can’t stop coming. Corning! Coming!”

I screamed and beat on his chest with clenched fists, my cunt raking up and down on his hard cock as cramping spasms made me fall heavily on his sweating body.

I lay on him for the longest time, sucking in great gulps of air while the office seemed to tilt and whirl around me. My cunt kept squeezing, milking his softening cock until, with a final twitch, he slipped out. He slipped out from under me, got to his feet and stood looking down at me, shaking his head to clear his foggy brain.

“That was the wildest fuck I’ve had in months! I knew you would be a hot cunt when I saw you fingering your snatch out in your car, but I never dreamed you’d get me going like you did.”

I stretched luxuriously. My hand brushed over his slippery cock. “Like to go again?” I asked him. “I’m still hot!”

I looked down at his flaming red pecker and shook his head. “I’m going to have to service that hot bitch receptionist of mine before too long. I have no doubt she’s been listening to us fuck. When you go, she will be in here begging me to diddle her box. Give me a rain check.”

I pouted but let him pull me to my feet and help me into my skirt and sweater. I left my torn panties on the floor just to make his office girl even madder at me. Thinking about how she’d blow her stack made me feel better about not getting any more cock right away. But I intended to get screwed again tomorrow, right there on his soft couch!


I turned the key and hoped my tired old Pinto would fire up. It didn’t even cough! Was I going to be stuck in the dumb parking lot all afternoon? I wanted to get home and under a cool shower. The hot scent of my cunt drifted up to me as I sat there fuming, wondering what the heck to do. The huge load of cum I had taken was dribbling out of my pussy and trickling down my legs. It felt icky. I searched for a Kleenex in my purse and wiped my hot cunt.

“Got troubles?” I heard a soft feminine voice asking.

I glanced up to see two pretty blue eyes twinkling, watching me pat my snatch with the paper. I blushed red as a sunset.

“I’m Jane Morgan,” the pretty redhead smiled at me.

“Judy Brooks,” I introduced myself, tugging my skirt down. “Uh… my car won’t start.”

“But you run pretty good! I saw you coming out of that horny administrator’s office. And now I spot you wiping your wet cunt. What do you think that tells me?”

“O.K.,” I laughed. “Jealous? He screws pretty good.”

She smiled and patted my arm. “Not half as good as my boyfriend, I’ll bet. Come on with me, over to the blue van by the gate. We’ll take you home, if you like.”

I gladly hopped out and followed her over to a big blue truck with a wild painting of a full bosomed woman on the side. Her guy was good looking, very warm and friendly. Jane and I sat in the back while he wheeled out of the lot.

Her hand fell on my bare leg and then trailed up my thigh. She cupped my wet cunt and smiled at how my legs came together on her hand.

“I’d like to eat your pussy,” she said very quietly.

“You sure don’t waste any time,” I told her, but I didn’t try to make her take her hand away. Her fingers felt sexy and warm. “Is he going to watch you do me, if I let you?” I nodded at her boyfriend, who was looking at us in the rearview mirror.

“You don’t mind if he watches me eat your hot cum, do you?” she purred. My legs opened and I saw him reach down for his cock as she pulled my skirt up.

“I-I guess not,” I said. “I have never had a girl go down on me. It’s exciting just thinking about it!” Her finger worked its way into my slick hole, thrilling me with the little erotic jolts her touch made my twat feel. My cunt juices streamed down her pumping finger. “Oh! I like you to do that. Let him watch. I don’t care!”

She found my clit and stroked it for a minute as she squeezed and fondled my tits with her other hand. “I’m getting hotter than hell,” she whispered. “Spread your legs wider. I want to finger fuck your snatch until you beg me to suck you. And then Jerry is going to fuck you while I lick your tight asshole. You are gonna love what we do to you. He has a thick cock that will drive you bananas!”

She had me damn hot, fingering my hole. I jerked my sweater off and pushed my skirt down my legs. I didn’t care if anyone peeked in and saw me naked and getting my cunt sucked. Jerry was stroking himself and driving faster, heading out of town.

She knelt in front of me on the soft rug of the van floor and pushed my knees open wider. Her hot tongue licked up the inside of my thigh, over my pussy mound and down my other leg. It was a wilder and sexier feeling than if she’d just fallen on my cunt straightaway. My fingers spread my pussy lips and held my cunt open, silently begging her to slip her tongue in my wet hole.

Her hands slid up my legs to help hold my cunt open. Her thumb slid ecstatically over my hard clit, making me gasp and pull her closer to me. I unbuttoned her blouse and reached inside. She had no bra, just two big, firm titties that swelled under my hands.

“Easy,” she told me. “You give me hot bumps all over my body, but I want to do you, first. Lean back and put your heels on the edge of the cushion. I’m going to suck you until you cry and cry and beg me to stop. I can smell that guy’s cock on your cunt!”

“Suck me, Jane. Don’t talk. I can’t wait any longer.” I held her head closer and waited impatiently for the touch of her tongue in my hole. She licked my dripping slit, up and down, up and down, sliding low to tickle around my tight brown hole. I shuddered and slid down on the seat.

“I’m so damn hot,” I panted. “Love it! Love to have you lick me. I could die, I’m so fucking steamed up. Push your tongue way up inside me. Lick his cum out of my hole. Bite me. Bite me! Yes-yes-yes… that’s the way. It hurts so gooood!”

I slipped off the seat but still managed to clamp a shaking leg on each side of her head. My cunt ground against her chin. Her fingernails dug into my asscheeks. She sucked madly on my cunt, shaking her head back and forth and pulling my cunt lips out so hard I gasped with pain. I lost what little control I had left. I whirled around on her, tugging her legs apart. I pulled her panties aside. My mouth closed hotly over her cunt, like I had sucked on a dozen girls before.

My tongue burrowed into her sweet hole. She tasted fantastically good. Now I had an idea of how I must taste to her. I did everything to her pussy that she did to mine. Her knees came up high as she rolled her hips around under my mouth, quivering with her urgency to get off.

“Gotta park this heap,” I heard Jerry muttering to himself. “Can’t miss this. Christ, I never got this hard beating my own meat. You dames are going to eat each other alive before I can get back there with you! Save some pussy for me, will ya?”

She rammed two fingers into my boiling cunt. I went mad with lust. I spread her cheeks and tilted her up, going for her asshole. She couldn’t take it for more than a few seconds. I let her pull her hips back down and settled my mouth firmly back onto hr hot snatch. I sucked and sucked, raking her stiff clitty with my tongue. Her legs snapped open wide. She began to come and come, biting my cunt so hard that the tears sprang to my eyes, but I just pushed down harder on her face and felt my climax whipping through me.

I jerked my head away and masturbated her sweet cunt, ramming two fingers into her hole and feeling her cunt grab for them. We were still lying on the floor, panting and fingering each other, when I felt the van stop. The side door flew open and Jerry’s hands dragged me off of Jane’s body and jerked me up on my hands and knees. His hard cock burned its way into my cunt. He thumb fucked my ass with quick, hard strokes. I shoved back against him, knocking his hand away and settling down on his lap. I pulled his hands around to my heaving tits.

Jane backed away to lean against the seat and diddle her snatch with slow, dreamy motions, watching me get screwed by her boyfriend’s stiff whang without a trace of jealousy on her face.

My cunt was so flaming hot and tender that his dick felt like a rake dragging against my cuntwalls. I fell off him and sprawled on the floor. I grabbed my legs and opened myself wide to him.

“Fuck my asshole,” I hissed hotly. “I have never had a cock in my butt. I want to feel you screwing me back there. Do it! Please!”

I grabbed his hot dick and held his cockhead tightly against my asshole. I knew it was going to hurt but I didn’t care. He pushed and pushed, grunting and digging his knees into the carpet. Suddenly he popped inside me, falling heavily on me. He drove his rod all the way in. It was such sweet agony that my fists beat on the floor and big tears ran down my face.

“Hump me. Fuck my ass! Jesus, that hurts so damn good. It’s killing me!”

“Hot butt,” he grunted. “Damn hot asshole. Tight. It’s going to make me come.” My ass writhed and wriggled and churned, making a wild, intense friction against his rigid cockmeat. He ravaged my butt with unbearable hard thrusts, screwing me like he’d gone mad, driving for his climax.

“Come Jerry!” Jane shouted at him, frigging her cunt crazily. “Get off. Blast her hole! I’m next. I’m next! You have to fuck me before we go home. And in my ass, too!”

His cock exploded! He held me so tightly I could not move an inch. I felt his body jerk with every mad spurt of his come splashing into me. He groaned and fell flat on me, crushing me into the prickly rug. Jane tugged him off me, kissing him wildly and rubbing her tits against his chest.

“Don’t you go soft!” she screamed at him. “Don’t you dare go down. I want you to fuck me too. Right now!”

“Wait a minute. Let me rest.”

He struggled to his feet and half fell out of the van, I looked past him and discovered he had parked in a deep grove of trees. I could see a sparkling stream splashing over the rocks. It looked heavenly cool and inviting.

“Let me help you out of those hot clothes, Jane,” I told her. “There isn’t a soul around here. Let’s go for a splash in the little river over there.”

We walked through the long grass to the creek bed, holding hands and hugging like we had known each other for years.

“You are one hot cunt, Judy,” Jerry smiled at me. “I thought this girl of mine loved to fuck, but you are somethin’ else: I’m getting a hard on already, watching your tits bounce that way.”

Jane laughed and took a playful swipe at his dick. “Good thing I’m not the jealous type like that bitch Carter has working in his office. Is he a good fuck, Judy?”

“I haven’t been screwed that often to be much of a judge, but he made me come pretty fucking hard,” I told her.

We lay beside each other in the cool water, relaxing. I was surprised at how fast I got hot again while looking at Jerry’s cock in Judy’s hand as she teased him up. Her hands were very skillful, sliding up and down on him. In no time, he was up straight, throbbing and hot to fuck again. We snuggled close to him in the soft sand, listening to the water gurgle around us and trading his stiff cock back and forth between our hot mouths.

“Heaven!” he grinned. “That’s were I am: up in heaven! Two girls sucking my dick. Shit! This is really livin’.”

“You are going to fuck me, lover boy. Right here in the creek. You promised,” Jane told him, pulling him over her eager body. “Ooooo, wow! That water is cold in my hole,” she muttered, reaching to plug herself up with his thick dork.

He lifted her up, spreading her legs and drilling into her snatch, looking down at her finger teasing over her clit. I sat up straight so I could watch him fuck her, but I didn’t look at her cunt. I wanted him back in me so badly that I could not bear to see his cock giving her cunt so much pleasure. My eyes beheld her face. She had the sweetest, sexiest smile when she made love to him. I got envious. Before long, right after I got my first job for sure, I was going to find a boyfriend as nice as Jerry.

I could not bear to watch her face for very long. My fingers slid under his ass and I worked one up into his tight asshole. It instantly made him hotter than hell. He jerked his cock out of her cunt and plunged it up her asshole with brutal force. She let out a surprised yelp. Her hands thrashed in the water, clutching at the small rocks in the stream bed.

“Ooof!” she gasped. “Take it easy. I won’t walk for a week, the way you’re fucking my ass. Judy, get your finger out of there. You’ll make him come too damn fast.”

I did as she told me, but I could not just sit still and let her have all the fun. I made Jerry pull his cock out and slosh it squeaky clean in the cold water.

“Now, put that cold cock in her hot hole,” I told him. “She’ll feel a chilling thrill, like it was a popsicle fucking her.”

He grinned and slid himself back into her pussy. She gasped, just like I knew she would, and pulled my face down to her tits.

“You devil,” she said, biting my ear. “That feels so weird in me. Cold, but hot at the same time. Listen, I’m going to pull him out and rub his cock against my clit. When I do, you slip your head between us and suck his dick. Let’s give him a treat he won’t forget for a long time. We don’t usually party because I need all the fucking he can give me, but I really like you, Judy. You are one hot, sexy female!”

Jerry grinned with anticipation and pulled back a little. She tugged his stiff rod out of her warm cunt and pressed it hard against her slit. I leaned down and whirled my tongue around on his wide cock head. I lifted him up and sucked on her clit for a minute, then tucked him back into her hole. The moment he got going wild and fast in her, I pulled him out again and sucked madly on his cock while I fingerfucked her hole so she wouldn’t feel empty and hungry.

When I stuffed him back in again, I felt her cunt muscles tighten up like she was right on the verge of coming. He felt her clamp down on him. He shuddered and humped faster and harder. I gripped his cock as hard as I could, so my hand stayed in place and bumped against her clit every time he rammed deeply into her snatch. They came off together, at the same split-second! I felt his cum surge up through his hard shaft and spill inside her. They both groaned like they were dying, but he kept on fucking her. Her heels beat a wild tattoo against the water.

He fell back, grabbing for his cock and jerking the last few drops of cum out of his red meat. I pushed him away and fell between her legs, sucking insanely on her cringing cunt and squeezing her cold titties in my hot hands. She began working for another climax right away, whimpering and rolling around in the water, hugging my mouth tightly to her cunt. She came again so quickly I could not believe it! This time her hands fell limply to her sides. She sighed, deep and shaky, pulling me up on her and hugging her cool body against my sunheated flesh.

“Judy, Judy,” she murmured. “How lucky we were to meet in that parking lot. Whew? I’m all corned out, temporarily.” She struggled to sit up.

“Let’s pile in the truck and go find some hamburgers. My cunt needs a tiny break, and my stomach is totally empty.”

She let me sit next to Jerry and play with his pecker all the way back to town, but that was only because her fingers were busy in my hole. We were all tired and sore but still hot, thinking about our next fuck session.

The minute we pulled into the Burger Palace Drive-in, he tumbled into the bed in back, taking Jane with him. He sat her down on the edge of the bed and pushed her thighs apart.

“I’m going to eat a little pussy while you order our food, Judy,” he called to me. “Burgers and malts. And fries.”

I sat sideways so I could watch him licking her hot cunt. My skirt rode up my legs. My finger found my wet hole and slipped inside.

“Je-sus! Another bunch of sex freaks,” the waitress groaned when she came up to the van window and looked at my wet finger stroking my cunthole. She saw Jane grinning at her while Jerry’s tongue went mad in her cunt. “You people are the third carload in the last twenty minutes. I’m so hot to trot that I’ll screw up your order like you won’t believe. If I take a while getting back, it’s because I’m fucking the cook.”

I told her what we wanted and she stumbled back across the lot, mumbling and rubbing her tits. But she got the order right. We stuffed ourselves full, but either Jane or me kept jacking Jerry off all the time we were eating on the wide front seat.

When the girl came back with the bill, my face was down on his lap, sucking his cock. Jane had my skirt pushed up and her finger was in my cunt, teasing me as her thumb pressed into my asshole.

“Have mercy, you people!” the waitress complained. “I don’t get off for another hour.” She reached inside and wrapped her hand around Jerry’s wet shaft.

“Let me gel, him off, honey. Please. At least I can feel a cock in my hand, if not up my snatch.”

I sat up and let her get a good grip on him. “Wow, you have strong hands,” he grinned.

“You should feel my cunt clamping down,” she muttered. Her hand beat up and down on him so fast her fist was a blur. He stiffened up all over, reaching for my pussy.

“Here it goes!” she said. “Christ, are you hard! Look at that cock pour the cum out! You been fuckin’ these chicks and can still come that way? How about giving me your phone number?”

Jane reached over and pulled her hand away from his cock. “No deal. That cock is mine. Of course, if you have a friend for me…”

“And me,” I chimed in.

She smiled, wiping her hand on Jerry’s napkin and pointing toward the kitchen. “That cook in there has all he can do to keep my cunt happy. But I’ll ask around. He has a couple horny buddies!”

Jerry fired up the van and we drove slowly through the darkening streets to my house. It had ten a long and strenuous day. I decided I had been in school long enough. Tomorrow, I was going out and get a job, and a cock to call my own! I was ready for one!


The beautifully furnished reception room of P.F.P., Incorporated, was deserted. The door to the inner office was closed. An open notebook covered with scribbly writing was propped up by the typewriter. Pencils and pens and piles of little notes were scattered all over the desk. I noticed a woman’s purse on the floor beside the chair. I sat down gratefully in a huge overstuffed chair. Job hunting is a real drag, and my feet ached.

I unfolded my newspaper and read the ad again: “Wanted: Secretary with accurate typing ability, good shorthand, 18 to 25 yrs. 9 to 5 P.M. Apply in person, please. P.F.P., Marshall Bldg.”

Well, I thought to myself, A.B.C. Schools had done their best with me. I was eighteen with no experience, but a girl has to start somewhere. I slipped my shoes off and nestled deeper into the soft chair, then promptly sat upright again! A low, shuddering moan, followed by a muffled, steady thumping noise, made the hair prickle on the back of my neck. Someone had to begetting screwed but good in that inner office!

“Oh, God! It feels so good in me. Push harder! Faster, faster! Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm!”

The steady whimpering went on and on. The woman’s low, throaty voice kept getting louder and louder. It went up the scale in a high-pitched, trilling wail of ecstasy! The thumping noise increased in volume, then stopped abruptly.

“Unnngh! Ah! Aaaarrrgbh! Jesus Keeeerist!” The man’s voice was booming, resonant and agonized! As quickly as they had begun, the horny noises from the inner office ceased.

I looked down at my body to find my hands squeezing my hard-nippled breasts. My thighs were crossed, rubbing frantically against my erect clitty. My purse had fallen on the floor and everything in it spilled all over the rug. I was so hot that I had to get myself off before someone came back to the reception room. If I didn’t, I’d just stutter and mumble like an idiot during my interview.

I tucked in my tummy and reached inside my skirt band. My shaking fingers slipped under the elastic of my panties and went straight down into my wet pussy hair.

“Oh!” I gasped as my clit positively seemed to jump out to greet my stiff middle finger. My legs opened wide. My hips came up off the chair cushion. My fingertip swirled in frantic circles over the tip of my clit. I came. Fast! Hard! I almost peed my own panties. They were already so wet the crotch felt like a damp sponge pressing against my tingly cunt lips.

I saw the doorknob turn, and I whipped my hand back out of my skin. There wasn’t time to pick up all of the junk that had fallen out of my purse. I heard a woman’s voice asking, “May I help you? Your lipstick rolled over here, dear, by my desk.”

I looked up at her from my hands and knees, and somehow managed a bright smile.

“Uh… I dropped my purse. I’m Judy Brooks. You have an act in the paper for a secretary?”

We stood facing each other across the small desk. She had to be the one who’d gotten banged in that office, even though she seemed like the most unlikely type in the world to be fucking her boss. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were very bright. She patted her grey hair back in place and tried to settle her full tits back into her bra. I glanced down at her skirt. It was full of accordion pleats that were now pressed firmly together by the recent weight of a hot male body. I wondered if the dampness of my panty crotch was soaking through to my own skirt, but I didn’t dare look.

“Yes, my dear. My, you are very pretty! I’ll tell Mr. Martindale you are here.” Her snapping black eyes took every stitch of clothing off my body! An animal-like heat radiated from her lovely body as her soft hand shook my sweaty one. “It’ll just be a minute. Please sit down and be comfy.”

“Whew!” I muttered to myself, watching her firm asscheeks sway through the office door. “You may be old, but you are one hell of a hot female.”

“Come in, please, Judy. This is our president, Mr. Martindale.”

The hand that reached across the desk was cool but friendly. The man behind it was about fifty, I guessed. His suit was jet black, his shirt crisp and white. A dark red tie was neatly tucked inside his sharply pressed suit jacket. Very silvery hair on his head was in place. He simply could not have been the one who fucked the receptionist and made the moaning sounds that had turned me on. The office was beautifully arranged and furnished. It also smelled strong with the scent of hot pussy.

I took a good look around the office, particularly at the huge leather couch against the wall. Beside it was an array of strange-looking medical type equipment on sturdy wheels. The odd machines seemed out of place in the plush office. He noticed my slightly puzzled expression but just smiled and made no comment.

I told him about myself and my secretarial training, and also how much I wanted to work ins beautiful office like this one. I tugged my skirt a bit higher than was proper and crossed my legs. His bright eyes made my nipples become stiff as hell, and they burned on my chest. I had to concentrate on what he was saying. There was a sexy air about him that made my pussy itch and get even wetter.

“You’ll find we pay very well here,” he was saying, “partly because, in addition to your secretarial duties, you will be expected to help us test the new products P.F.P. adds to the line quite often. Are you a virgin?”

He slipped the question in so smoothly that I wondered if I had heard him correctly. I felt my face growing red as fire.

“Well, no, I’m not, Mr. Martindale. But what does that have to do with.”

“It will be no problem, Judy,” he smiled. “I should tell you that our company is called Products for Pleasure, Inc., and that we handle exotic toys for adults. Also, we have a line of sexy lingerie that we may ask you to model for our buyers. You certainly have the figure for it, my dear. Would you if I ask you to slip out of your blouse and skirt?”

My mouth fell open. I sat there for a moment, trying to comprehend all that was happening to me. His eyes made me so hot that my clothes felt like they were on fire. My clit was stuck out and rubbing itself against my tight panties. I was all shook up, but I wasn’t afraid. Suddenly, I found myself wanting to be stark naked! I wanted to feel his soft, warm hands cupping my bare tits. I didn’t care, even a little bit, that he was going to see a big wet place on the front of my panties.

My fumbling fingers unbuttoned my blouse. I took it off and laid it on his desk. The snap on my skirt stuck. I was shaking so badly that I ripped it off. The skirt slid down my legs and nestled around my ankles. One stiff nipple slipped out of my bra. My crotch was dark and wet.

“Lovely. Just lovely, my dear.”

“What do you think, Mildred?” he asked.

“She is beautiful! You simply must hire her. 38D? I thought so. Lovely blue eyes, soft and full lips, fabulous complexion. I envy you, your wavy blonde hair, my dear. Oh, that flat tummy! And those lovely full, rounded thighs.”

I felt her fingers unsnap my bra. She tugged it off and drew in her breath sharply as my tits jiggled free and swayed in front of her eyes. Mr. Martindale had stood up, I noticed. The sharp bulge in his slacks made my fingers twitch. His soft voice was almost hypnotic.

“The job is yours, Judy, as secretary and model, that is. But I believe we should test your reaction to nervous stimulation in regard to the other products we handle.”

I could not speak. I stood there like a stick, feeling his warm hand stroking my trembling tits. Mildred’s fingers tugged my wet panties down below my pussy fur. Her fingertip darted into the blonde hair that really didn’t hide my cunt lips at all. It teased my erect clit and dipped smoothly down to stroke between my hot pussy folds.

“Oh. OH!” I gasped. I felt her finger search and find the tight entrance to my tunnel. My hands defensively grabbed for hers when she pushed a firm finger halfway into my tight hole.

“The way her pussy clamps down on my finger tells me she loves to be fingerfucked. Here!” Mildred pushed my hips toward Alan’s cupped hand. “Feel how soft and moist her cunt is.”

My knees gave out when I felt the warm pressure of his fingers against my wet cunt. Mildred hugged me around my waist and bent down to nuzzle a stiff nipple into her warm mouth. Her tongue tip swirled around and around. She nipped me gently, then began sticking very firmly on my shaking tit. My legs opened as though they had a mind of their own. I ground my cunt against Alan’s fist as his other hand brushed over my ass cheeks. A strong finger found my puckered brown hole and rubbed and rubbed. I felt like I was going to blow up.

“I-I’d like to lie down,” I heard myself saying. “My legs are so weak.”

“Of course you may. Over here, on this lovely couch.”

I heard the soft sound of a zipper as I lay down. Alan stood at the foot of the couch, bending to spread my knees wide. His eyes fastened on my open cunt. I groaned when I saw his cockhead slip out past his fly. At was huge and red, and very wet at the lip. His belt buckle clicked. There it was, all of it! Long and pink and thick, with tiny blue veins pulsing and growing darker as his cock rose to a full erection. His prick twitched madly.

He knelt between my legs. His tongue flicked out and licked deliciously up my thigh. He pulled back a little, just missing my hot cunt. His soft lips and wet tongue trailed down my other thigh. I couldn’t help it. My finger went straight for my stiff clit.

“Oh! Please don’t tease me any more. Suck me. Suck me before I go out of my mind! Ooooo, yes — yes — yes — yes! That’s the way. Oh, God!”

My eyes closed. My head rolled around on the pillow of the soft couch. His hot mouth slipped over my fingers at my clit, and I felt his tongue lick them as they held my cunt lips open for him. My hips bucked and shook uncontrollably. My fingernails raked across my clit, followed by his flicking tongue. The office began to whirl around. Everything fuzzed out in a kind of a reddish haze.

I felt two naked female thighs brush against the sides of my face. “OH!” I gasped. “What are you doing, Mildred?”

“Nothing you don’t really want me to do, Judy.”

Her perfumed pussy settled down firmly over my mouth. I had never tasted a cunt like hers in all my life! My hands pressed against her smoothly muscled thighs, and I held her firmly in place while I sucked hotly on her pussy. Alan continued licking my clit.

“Oh!” I choked. “I’m coming, Alan. Coming! Aaaaaahhh! Commmmming!”

My thighs gripped Alan’s head. My cunt throbbed with delight from his sucking mouth. I felt Mildred’s pussy begin to twitch. She groaned and sat down heavily on my face, forcing my tongue way up inside of her.

“Oh Christ, can this child lick a pussy, Alan,” she gasped. She fell off of me. I pushed Alan back and struggled to sit up.

“Your cock! I want your cock in my mouth, Alan. I’ve got to have it. Please!”

I could not take even half of his stiff rod in my mouth. It was too long, but he tasted wonderfully hot! His cock moved in my mouth, jerking wildly, but he pulled away suddenly.

“No! Don’t pull away. Where are you going, Alan?” I whimpered.

He took two quick steps toward his desk and buried his steely rod to the hilt in Mildred’s snatch. She braced herself against his ripping force, grabbing the edge of the huge desk. He made only three fast strokes in her hot cunt before his hands waved in the air as his heavy balls poured his cum into her.

“Awww,” I pouted. “Why did you let her have that?”

He stepped back from her dripping pussy, his cock still sticking straight out from his body. “I didn’t know if… I mean, I was not sure if you could handle it when I came.” He grinned charmingly at me and lay down in a big puddle of sweat on the couch. “Another time, my dear. Perhaps we had better get dressed now.”

I looked at Mildred. She was smiling like a happy teenager, just like me! “I have to know, Mildred. It was you I heard moaning while I was waiting outside this office, wasn’t it?”

She nodded. “But it wasn’t Mr. Martindale fucking me.”

“No,” a deep voice boomed through the office. “It wasn’t my dad. It was me.”


“Todd, my lad.” Mr. Martindale smiled at his son. He didn’t seem the least bit upset that his boy had walked in on a menage a trois in the plush office.

Alan’s son was strikingly handsome! I felt my pussy starting to itch again. I stood up by the couch, my tits jiggling, and held my hand out to him.

Instead of taking my hand, he bent down and kissed me fully on the lips. My mouth opened in surprise as his tongue flicked inside to touch mine. I felt his big, wide hand on my bare butt. He almost covered one ass cheek. He kissed me as his slim middle finger pressed between my trembling ass cheeks and up to my tender ass hole. I moaned and sucked on his tongue like it was his father’s hard cock. I shoved my ass back against the pressure of his finger as it steadily assfucked me.

My outstretched hand — the one I’d thought he was going to take — now pressed against his crotch. I felt my knees begin to tremble again. I had never been taken so fast in all my life. I was hot-to-trot. My hands worked inside his fly, pushing his pants open so I could get my fingers around his stiff cock and firm balls.

“Oh Jeez! Give me some air, Todd,” I gasped. “You kiss like Tarzan and… and… God! What a beautiful cock you have!”

I bent over as far as I could, lifting his wide cockhead to my eager mouth. My asshole tightened even more around his finger as it slid slickly in and out of my butthole.

“Huh-uh!” Todd smiled down at me, pulling his cock away from my tongue. “That thing needs a little rest. We just got through with a new product test a little while ago.” His finger eased out of my butt. He pulled me close and hugged me. “Welcome to our horny little family, Judy. I don’t usually come on so fast and strong. But listening to you moan during your interview got through to me.”

“No apology needed.” I smiled at him and turned to look at Mildred, who was working her soaking wet finger in her pussy and pounding her fist up and down on Alan’s stiff cock.

“Mildred, please,” Alan protested. “Oh, very well…”

She fell to her knees in front of him and hugged him closer and closer as her head bobbed up and down on his stiff rod.

“Dad, remind Bill Stevens he’s to come to my place tonight for a chat. We can never seem to find the time in this madhouse to talk schedules and shipments and a million and one other things we’ve been getting slack on. Judy, why don’t you come by for a drink? Around nine. You will like Bill.” Todd looked at me standing there, absently rubbing my pussy while I hung on every word he was saying. “And Bill will like you, too.”

“I’ll be there,” I promised.

I got my clothes on again, somehow, and I didn’t feel a single bounce of the rough-riding bus all the way home.

Later, my mom stuck her head into my bedroom to see me dancing around naked, snapping my fingers to the beat of rock music from my stereo. My body was still wet from the shower.

I grabbed her in a bear hug and swung around the room with her. “I got a job, Mom! A terrific job! With a fantastic boss who can suck a cunt like…”

I clapped my hands over my big mouth. “Judy!” She was genuinely shocked. “What kind of place did you land in? And what’s this about getting your cunt sucked? Lay down on that bed, young lady,” she said sternly. “Open your legs. Right this minute!”

“Yes, Mother,” I said obediently, stretching out on my bed, raising my knees up and laying them wide open.

“Oh, my!” she murmured. “Your poor little pussy is all flaming red. And… and… oh, dear.” Her fingers kept slipping as she tried to open my moist cunt lips and peer at my tight hole.

“Hey Mom, need any help?” a male voice boomed.

I looked over her shoulder to see my smartass brother leaning against the door frame, grinning at me.

“Come on in, nosy,” I growled at him. “Call Kathy, too. And our father. Let’s make checking my pussy a family affair!”

He just grinned at me, blowing a huge bubble and snapping his gum. He’s seventeen, and hornier than I! I listened to him beating his meat every night. The thin bedroom walls don’t stop any noise like the slap-slap of his cock in his fist.

“If you’d get some chick to ball, you wouldn’t be so curious about how my pussy looks,” I snapped at him.

“Children, children,” Mom interrupted clucking like a mother hen. “Such language, Judy. Oh, damn! There’s the phone. You stay right there. You hear? I’ll be back.”

I lay there with my legs still open, staring at Roger and daring him to make a move toward me.

“What’s this all about, Sis?” he asked very seriously. “I haven’t seen Mom so torn up since Kathy came home with blood running down her legs and told us about getting banged by that stud — what was his name?”

“I don’t remember,” I told him, stretching out flat on the bed. But I left my legs open. Tiny wheels were starting to turn in my hot head. He was staring at my pussy and his hand was holding his crotch. I decided to be nice, to see what might happen.

“It has hair on it now, but it’s the same pussy you used to rub your stiff little cock against, before Dad decided we were too old to sleep together any more. I can still remember how good you felt between my cunt lips, Roger.”

“I haven’t forgotten, Judy.” He came over and sat on the bed beside me, wincing and reaching down to adjust his cock in his shorts. “You tasted terrific! I remember the first time you really came, from my mouth sucking on your cunt. It scared the shit out of me! I thought you were going to pull out every hair on my head.”

He lay beside me, propping himself up on one elbow. His hand rested on my hot thigh.

“Why don’t you take him out?” I asked softly, nodding at his cock throbbing inside his tight Levi’s. “It’s O.K. I’ve seen it before. Remember?”

“Not as big as it is now, Sis,” he said. He shifted around and undid his fly. His cock bobbed straight up in the air, seeming to look around to see why it had been let out of it’s tight prison.

“Oh dear, as Mom would say,” I smiled, reaching over to hold his cock in my hot hand. “You have grown into a big boy!” My fingers patted and stroked him very lightly.

He got even harder. He glanced nervously at the door as I rolled on my side and lifted my leg up to rub my knee against his thigh.

“Let’s pretend we’re little kids again, Roger. Okay? Wouldn’t you like to rub this hot cock against my wet pussy?” My voice sounded awfully high-pitched to me, like I was a little bare-cunted kid begging to be played with.

“Mom will blister my butt if she comes in here and finds me stroking my cock against your cunt,” he protested. But he didn’t make a move to get up off of the bed.

“Take a chance,” I whispered in his ear. My fingernails found the slippery opening in the head of his rigid dick. He moaned and got stiff as a board.

“Roger!” I hissed in his ear, biting gently and blowing in it. “Fuck me! I want you to. Really! I want to feel your hard thing against me.”

“Mmmmmmm. Reach down and spread my pussy a little. Roll my way. There. Ooooh!” I had begun to shiver from head to toe. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful?”

“This isn’t right, Sis. You know that. Brothers aren’t supposed to fuck their sisters. Mom will have a fit if she sees me putting my cock in your tight cunt like this… uh… ah… Goddamn! It’s snapping at me!”

I gripped his shaking ass tightly with both hands. “Push, Roger. Push! Jesus, are you big and hard! You are a real man, Roger. Fuck like one! Now!”

I had his jerking cockhead inside my pussy, opening my tight cunt walls and stretching me deliciously. It didn’t hurt a bit, I was so Goddamned hot. I bit his shoulder and grabbed one of his hands. I moved it up to my chest. It closed like a vise on an aching tit.

“Oh shit! This is awful. I mean, wonderful. I mean… someone’s coming!” Roger whispered.


“No, damn it. I hear Mom’s heels on the floor downstairs. Let loose of me, for God’s sake, Judy! Stuff me back in my pants. Quick. Quick!”

“These phone hucksters!” my mother complained, stomping angrily into my bedroom. “You can’t make them shut up long enough to tell them you don’t want any.” Her sharp eyes took in Roger’s flushed face and my tell-tale nipples, sticking out stiff and crinkled up from my excitement. I knew if she checked my pussy now, I was a dead duck. I tried desperately to think of something to say to ha to stop her.

“Mother, when you were little, did you sleep with your brother?”

She sat down on the edge of my bed, suddenly blushing so furiously I knew I’d hit on a tender subject.

“Well, yes. Entirely too long. That is…”

“Did you fool around with him, Mom? Did you get him all hot and hard, and play with his thing?”

“That’s none of your business, Judy. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You did, didn’t you, Mom?” I knew I had her on the run now.

She looked over at Roger’s crotch, wet and bulging out like crazy. She opened her mouth, and then pressed her lips tightly together. I knew she knew damn well what we had been doing. She suddenly sighed, her eyes getting all misty and dreamy looking. She lay down beside me and pressed her hand against her pussy. She seemed to be searching for the right words.

“I-I know what you two were doing, and I want no more of that in this house, Judy, I mean, not outside this house either. It just isn’t right.” She suddenly giggled like a little girl. “But it is fun, isn’t it?”

“Why, Mom!” I gasped, truly astonished. I had I never seen her so flustered, or so hot!

“Roger, get up and close that door. I’m so shook up all of a sudden, I don’t know what I’m doing. The scent of your pussy fills this whole room, Judy.”

Roger closed and locked my door, then almost ran back to my bed. He looked at Mom with rounded eyes. He reached for my bare leg without thinking. His cock was hard as a rock, straining to get out of his tight Levi’s.

“Roger, stop staring at me! Well, I’m going to do this anyway. If you want to look, look. I’m so damn hot.” Mom pulled her dress up over her stomach. There were no panties covering her mound of blonde pussy hair. Her cunt looked exactly like mine, except that her clit was standing up and sticking out of the trimmed-down hair around it.

That told me one hell of a lot. Mom loved to have her clit licked! I knew now where my hot blood came from, and why I had gone ape on that office couch when Alan’s tongue found my own clit.

Mom said. “I can’t believe I’m doing this right in front of my children! I must be losing my mind!” But her fingers still rubbed teasingly over her erect clit, never stopping circling and pressing gently. Her legs opened ever so slowly.

I heard Roger’s zipper slide down. Even without glancing at him, I knew he had his hard cock in his fist. I found my hand doing exactly the same thing, between my legs, that my mother’s hand was doing.

Her voice sounded faint and far away: “We used to lay in bed and wait anxiously for the house to get quiet,” she murmured, raising her knees a little more. “Then I would reach out and hold him — Oh! God help me… Roger, your cock is so hard, I can’t believe it!”

She had reached across me with her free hand and begun jacking off her own son! Whew! This was getting heavy.

“One night he wouldn’t listen when I begged him to stop pushing his hard thing against me, I-I guess it felt so good to him, he just couldn’t stop.”

“Tell me!” I heard Roger breathe.

Mom’s finger was moving faster now. Her hips began to move up and down against the pressure of her hand on her pussy. Suddenly, her middle finger disappeared in her blonde thatch! She began to moan and twist on my bed. Roger’s hand found my wet cunt, and he fingered my clit while he made mad circles inside my cunt hole too.

“He simply would not stop. It hurt me. Before I knew it, he was way up inside my pussy, fucking me and fucking me while I cried and hugged him so hard I almost cracked his ribs. Oh, God! Why am I telling you about this? Promise you’ll never breathe a word to your father. Promise!”

“We promise, Mom,” Roger and I chorused.

“I-I’m afraid I’m going to come! Lord save me! Judy, honey, give me your hand. Quickly! Oh Roger, your cock is jerking just like my brother’s did that night. Mmmmm… don’t you ever stop coming!”

Roger choked and gasped, then thrashed around on my bed so hard he pulled his cock right out of my mother’s grasp. She grabbed my hand and made me fingerfuck her hot hole like crazy, bucking and drumming her heels on my mattress in a wild orgasm that made me break out in a hot sweat. I watched her double up and shake like a leaf. She slipped her warm hand between my legs. The second her finger touched my clit, I began to come, too. My legs stiffened. I grabbed her hand and pressed it tightly to me. I could not stop coming to save my life! The bed seemed to tilt and whirl around like a spinning top. It was a long time before the bedsprings stopped protesting and quieted down.

“Jesus!” Roger sighed.

“Amen!” my mother echoed. “We should be positively ashamed of ourselves, Judy. Roger, you devil! Your cock felt just like your father’s, the first time I got my hands on him.”

She struggled to her feet, brushing her dress down. Her face was as red as the inside of a blast furnace! I could see that her nipples were still erect, stiff against her summer frock.

“We are never going to do this again. You hear me, you horny kids?”

We nodded at her, grinning. No way was this not going to happen again! It was time for me to get dressed and take my partly broken-in pussy over to Todd’s house. I knew it was going to get fucked like crazy. There was an outside chance I might have two hard tools to play with, if Bill Stevens was still there when I rolled in. And was I ever ready!


I grinned impishly at myself in my big bedroom mirror as I reached in my closet for my three-quarter-length coat. That’s what I’d wear, and underneath, I’d go stark naked!

After my Pinto screeched to a stop, I almost ran up the stairs to Todd’s front door.

“Come in. Judy. You look absolutely beautiful! Let me take your coat.”

I could smell good bourbon on his breath, but he wasn’t stoned — just relaxed and in a very good mood. I turned my back to him and let him ease the coat off my shoulders.

“Oh my God!” he muttered when he saw that I was standing there in the hallway, stark naked. “Bill will eat you up in two big bites.”

“He’s still here?” I asked.

“Oh, yes.” He grinned and took my hand. “When I introduce you two, take a quick step backwards, or that pussy of yours will turn black and blue from his cock snapping up against it. He is one hot S.O.B.”

“Eli! You have to be Judy,” Bill smiled broadly at me, falling on his knees. His hands darted between my thighs, making me open more. “And it is a real pleasure to meet you, too!”

He planted a hot kiss right on my clit. I was so turned on that I reached out to tangle my fingers in his hair and pull him tight to me, but Todd scooped me up and carried me over to the huge sofa by the fireplace.

“It’s a shame you two don’t like each other,” he joked as he sat beside me. “Gonna make the evening very stiff and awkward.”

He was wearing a short terry robe. Bill was fully dressed, and fully erect! He plopped down on the other side of me on the broad sofa cushions and tugged my knee up over his. My hands quickly cupped both of their crotches.

“And now?” I asked them, squeezing two of the thickest, hardest cocks I’d ever felt.

Bill slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor between my trembling knees. “Love to watch a hot chick get herself off with her own fingers,” he told me. “Love it. Love it!”

His hands slid under my knees. He pulled me to the edge of the sofa and held me wide open. “Christ, Todd. Get down here and look at this beautiful tight, pink cunt! Have you ever seen a clit so alive as this one? Look how it won’t bend even a little when her fingertip swoops over it. Mmmm! Your cunt smells so good that if we could bottle this scent, we’d all be millionaires.”

My hips squirmed madly against the sofa. Never in all my life had I played with my cunt for an audience. Now I had four hot male eyes watching my frantic fingertip teasing my clit in a wild frenzy of masturbation. I was performing like a whore in a sex circus show! Trickles of perspiration ran together into little rivers that gushed down my jerking body.

“Aaaaahhh,” I groaned. “Uh! Mmmmmm, why do I have to come so fast?” I moaned and complained to myself. My knees came together in spite of Bill’s strong hands, which tried to hold them apart to see my cunt shut tightly as my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach cramped fiercely. I bent over, gritting my teeth and making little animal sounds that brought Bill to his feet. He ripped his clothes off.

They gave me no chance to catch my breath.

Todd pulled me to my feet. His big hands gripped my waist as his hard cock pushed his robe open and leaped up to bury its wide head in my pussy fur. I was so weak I could hardly stand, but in another moment it made no difference. He didn’t bend his knees even a little bit. It was almost as though he had picked me up and speared me on a rigid iron pole. My sweaty body slid down and my cunt came to rest against the base of his rigid cock as it slammed all the way home in just one stroke.

My mouth opened, but no sound came out. I grabbed him around his neck and lifted my legs until I could cross my ankles over his back. He held me as though I were as light as a feather pillow, then fucked me hard and deep. He stood up straight and buried his cock completely out of sight in my pussy. It had all been so quick that I felt no pain when his wide cockhead pushed my tight cunt walls apart and went in straight to the end.

No one said a word. My heart pounded so loudly that the steady squish-squish of his cock reaming in and out of my juicy hole sounded faint and far away. I was conscious of Bill standing there, jacking his stiff cock and watching Todd’s hips moving like a huge piston as Todd fucked my cunt with long, steady strokes.

His elbows nudged my knees downward. He let my feet touch the floor, spreading his legs so his lowered shaft churned smoothly in and out of my clenching cunt hole. I was slippery and juicy with our mingling love fluids. I could feel them oozing down my thighs.

Todd suddenly pulled out. His hands spread my ass cheeks. His hard cock whipped up against my asshole from below, stroking up and down against my ass and getting my brown hole even wetter. I gasped when I felt my tight cunt hole being forced open again as he jammed back inside me.

“Bill! It’s ready. Slide home!” he cried.

“Oh, no. No, Todd! Not both of you in me at the same time! I can’t take that much cock! Ooooo! Damn, damn, damn! That hurts so goooood! Easy, Bill. You are lifting me right up off my feet. Jesus! I’m being torn in two!”

I was sandwiched between two of the hottest, strongest male bodies in the whole town, trying desperately to fuck two rigid cocks at the same time. The one screwing madly in my ass hurt like hell at first. Then the sensations from my pulsing cunt and ass hole blended together in one huge electric-like surge that flashed like lightning up my spine and triggered a roaring earthquake of an orgasm.

I took them both with me. I felt Todd stiffen and turn hot like an iron in a fire. Bill’s cock felt my quivering tension and began to spurt an ocean of cum.

“Unnnnggghh! Uh! Ah!” Bill groaned, slamming every inch he had up my butt. He nearly knocked Todd and me over onto the sofa.

“Aaaaiiee!” Todd wailed as his cock began to unload in great spasms of agonizing relief.

Their grip on me slacked. My feet touched the rug. They eased their still-stiff rods out of my aching holes. We all tumbled into one sweaty heap on the sofa.

There was a long silence. Finally, we caught our breath again.

“This chick has to have the tightest ass Mother Nature ever put together,” Bill sighed. “And I haven’t seen you fuck the way you did, or come so hard, in a month of Sunday.”

“She gave me a pretty good, reason to,” Todd grinned, hugging me close to him. “Well, how do you feel about all this?”

“Hot!” I muttered. “I figured on getting one hell of a sore pussy here, tonight. And that’s what you gave me, Todd. But wow! Even this soft cushion hurts my poor little butt. I could use a stiff — no, wait — a stiff drink! And a shower. My old Sunday school teacher will never forgive me for sinning twice in one night.”

“Twice?” Todd asked, puzzled.

“Well, yes,” I grinned at him. “You two are going to do it again, aren’t you?”

They both let out exaggerated groans, holding their cocks tenderly and turning their hips away from me.

I sounded pretty brave, but my cunt and ass smarted like hell. A little rest would do me no harm, I decided.

“I can see you, Daddy. Be through in just another quick tinkle. You look like you had quite a night, so far,” I teased him. His eyes were puffy and sort of glazed-looking. His hair stood out in all directions. My eyes came to rest on his swollen dick as it hung down, all tuckered out.

“Mmmm. You have no idea. Your mother… well… I don’t think my poor cock will ever raise it’s weary head again.”

I reached out and patted it gently. “Let me kiss it and make it well, Daddy.”

He didn’t move an inch when my lips brushed over his tender head. Either he was really punchy, or my tongue tip felt good to him. I was amazed at what I was doing! We had teased around, but I had never ever been so sexy and bold with him as to lick his cock and stroke it the way I was doing.

“Hey, now!” he muttered, reaching to push my head away from his rising dick. “What are you doing, you little dickens?”

“Father,” I said firmly, “I am eighteen now. I’m not a ‘little dickens’ anymore.”

“You’re telling me!” he groaned, backing away. I slid off the potty and fell on my knees on the hard tile floor. His cock was hard and full now, and I grasped it with my ups.

“Judy! For God’s sake, ease off that poor thing. I have to pee so badly… let go, damnit!”

He hustled over to the toilet, spraying pee all over the white seat. “Shit! Can’t hit a hole that big,” he muttered, trying hard to concentrate on what he was doing. “Hear you got a good job,” he said, changing the subject abruptly as he grinned over his shoulder at me.

“I’ll tell you all about it at dinner, Daddy. Right now, I’m so sleepy and tired.”

“Thank fortune you are. I hate to think of what we might have done if you were wide awake,” he laughed. He shook his weary cock. “Jesus,” he muttered. “You are your mother all over again: hot! And I am getting another hard on.”

“Night, Daddy. Take it to Mom. She’ll eat you alive!”


Todd didn’t drive very well on the way over to the restaurant for lunch the next day. But that was my fault. I was so fucking hot from the feel of the buyers’ eyes on my wobbling tits and moist cunt that it was impossible for me to keep my hands out of Todd’s pants in the car.

“Hey, doll, have a heart,” he protested. “How long do you think I can stand your hot hand jacking me off, and not come all over this car? I’m driving so erratically that already we’ve picked up a black and white. He’s been tailing us for three blocks. Will you please stop swirling your slippery thumb over my dickhead?”

“Oh, all right,” I pouted, taking my hands off of his cock very reluctantly. “But if we linger too long over lunch, I’m going to attack you right there at the table!”

“Promises, promises,” Todd grinned, thinking I wasn’t serious. I’d begun to wish I’d worn some cotton panties to absorb all of the moisture that was trickling down my crack and spreading on the skirt under my squirming ass. I couldn’t ever remember wanting to fuck so badly!

The Golden Oar was full of class. Soft lights and deep pile rugs, sparkling crystal on the thick, cushiony table clothes, waiters in deep maroon jackets bowing and ushering us to a quiet corner table. The food was superb, but I was past the point of even savoring the taste. All I could think of was sucking on Todd’s hard on under the snowy-white table cover.

“Wha-what are you doing, Judy?” Todd suddenly gasped in shocked surprise. “Get back up here in your chair. For Christ’s sake, woman, don’t you dare suck on my cock! Not in The Golden Oar. It’s just not done! Oh, shit! I guess it is.”

“I told you I was hot, damn it,” I hissed at him. I was on my knees on the soft carpet between his legs. “Ouch! I hit my head. Your cock is too long, or this table is too low. Mmmmmmm. Are you ever hot, you sex fiend!”

“Huh… look who’s t-t-talking!” Todd stuttered, desperately pulling the cloth over his lap and trying very hard to look innocent — and bored, like the other diners.

I licked his stiff rod up one side and down the other, then back again, gripping his rigid cock fiercely. My tongue swirled madly around and around on his spade-shaped crown. I bent his prick down toward my face until he groaned and muttered something about it not being possible to point a man’s hard cock down at his heels. I paid him no attention. He tasted so good! My cunt was inflamed, and I fingerfucked myself almost as hard as I bit and chewed on him.

“But this is just not possible, not in The Golden Oar! Pierre! Robert! Jacque! Here! Quickly!”

“Oh, oh!” I muttered as I felt strong hands seize my hips and slide me out from under the table. My bare ass, sticking out from under my short skirt and the table cloth, must have been spatted by the headwaiter.

“Oh shit!” I heard Todd groan. “They’re going to hustle us off to the Funny Farm for the Sexually Depraved. Damn it, my zipper is stuck! Balls! What else can happen to me this afternoon?”

He found out in short order. Silencing our protests, the husky waiters hustled us straight to the manager’s office. They apparently explained — in rapid French — what had happened and closed the door firmly behind them.

To cap it all, the manager was a woman! Her somber black clothing was very chic and her hairdo was fresh from Antoinne’s, but if there was a shred of mercy in the makeup of this obvious career-type female, I was an Indian maiden.

“What do you and this kewpie-doll nymph you brought into my beautiful restaurant have to say for yourselves? Never in all my years as manager has such a disgraceful incident…” She raved on and on, pacing furiously up and down behind her huge desk, her eyes snapping fire.

I sat down in one of the huge leather chairs, calmed myself down and looked at her very thoughtfully. It seemed to me that she protested a bit too much. Her full tits bounced as she stomped around, vigorously waving her arms and lapsing into French half the time.

Todd sat there with his hands covering his broken zipper. He glanced over at me, rolling his eyes and making a funny face.

“I saw that, Monsieur! You think this is all the big joke. Yes?” the manager said hautily.

“No. Not at all.” Todd smiled at her, turning on the charm. “It is very distressing to me to see such a beautiful woman as you so emotionally disturbed. You have my most abject apology, and that of my secretary, for our actions.”

She simmered down and stood looking at his handsome face, dark, romantic eyes and the wavy silver hair that he was rather nervously smoothing down. Without realizing what she was doing her hands went to her full breasts. She pressed her crotch against the back edge of her chair. She managed a slight smile — at Todd, not at me.

She realized she was rubbing her nipples with her palms and jerked her hands down. “Well, your nice apology was certainly in order, Mr…”

“Martindale, of P.F.P., Incorporated. We are wholesalers of…”

Her face abruptly darkened. She looked ready to cloud up and rain all over Todd. “P.F.P.! I know the name. Your toys are simply worthless!” She angrily slammed her fist down on her desk, then turned a very deep red.

Sensing at least a new direction for the conversation, Todd stepped in with some pertinent questions. It came out, very reluctantly, that she had ordered something from his company, and was extremely dissatisfied with its performance.

I sat back quietly and watched Todd operate. He was smoothness personified! In less than two minutes he was sitting on the edge of her desk, holding her beautifully manicured hand. She was smiling and batting her eyes at him like a schoolgirl trying to get a date with the All-Star athlete.

If this uptight, almost lesbian-like woman exec wasn’t about to feel a warm male hand on her leg, and simply love the touch, I was a virgin again. I rested my elbow on the chair arm and covered my smile with the back of my hand. He made his move. She didn’t take his hand away. She began to melt all over her chair.

“Do you have the, ah — the defective merchandise handy?” he asked her softly.

She blushed the color of the setting sun, swallowed hard and slowly tugged her center drawer open.

“Mmmmm.” Todd examined the long rubber cock she had timidly placed in his hand. “The Delightful Dork. $9.95. Supposed to bend anyway you want it, and then hold that curve while you twist this little handle sticking out of the end here. Huh! The damn thing is busted! The wire running into the shaft must have snapped.”

My brain came alive for the first time since the headwaiter had grabbed my ass and pulled my mouth away from Todd’s “Delightful Dork”. I knew we had a hot, frustrated female on our hands, a woman whose image of herself never let her be human to unbend enough to go after the real thing. I bet she loved that cock with a mad passion! Naturally, she was upset when the stupid thing conked out on her.

I was not at all unwilling to encourage Todd to let her sample some of the real thing. One sex party was going on back at P.F.P. and, if I had my way, another was about to begin right here in the manager’s private office. Maybe I was in a watch-some-hot-fucking mood. I had to admit she was a beautiful woman. I could more than half-imagine how wild she would get if she got her cunt around Todd’s beautiful tool. For some reason, I could not take my eyes off of her rounded tits as they rose and fell ever more rapidly as I watched Todd’s fingers stroking her leg.

“I think,” I murmured to him, “that perhaps our company should do everything in its power to… satisfy a disappointed customer. That is our policy, Todd.”

That was pure bullshit! I had just made up our company policy. But Todd threw a quick, surprised glance my way, then slowly smiled and clasped her knee more firmly.

One French restaurant manager was about to enjoy the fuck of her life!


She sat still, but she gasped as a tremor shook her body when Todd slowly moved her hand to his broken zipper.

“The defective merchandise will be replaced as soon as humanly possible. And, of course, without charge. In the meantime, please let me offer a substitute. It has no wire, nor any handle, but…”

“That’s all right, Mr. Martindale,” she breathed, her fingers in his fly. “I am sure the substitute you offer… ah… oh…” She lapsed into a quiet murmur as she held his rigid cock rather timidly. I knew a team of strong horses couldn’t have pulled her hand away from him.

I moved over to her and found the catch on her frock. “Perhaps if you slip out of your clothes, you will be a bit more comfortable,” I told her.

She let me pull the blouse off without a single protest. Her tits strained against the tiny lace bra that hugged her pert mounds. I unsnapped the band. In spite of myself, my hands slid down her hot flesh to cup her breasts and rub my thumbs over her pebble-hard nipples. Her eyes were riveted on Todd’s pulsing rod. When I helped her to her feet, she stood swaying, still holding his pleasure giving cock. She didn’t say a word when her skirt slid down her smooth legs, followed by the whispy panties that had covered her silky mound.

She was a French woman first and a restaurant manager second. With a low moan, she bent over and slid her ruby lips around his wet cockhead. She spread her legs a little and reached down to put my hand between them to press my fingers into her crack. I fingered her stiff clitty, feeling her hips jerk from the thrill of my touch as I slowly and sensuously explored her grasping snatch. Her hole was so tight I knew she would tear half of Todd’s beautiful cock hair out by the roots when she felt her cuntwalls open.

Now she had almost all of his cock deep in her mouth, and was moaning and sucking. Her hips pushed back against the pressure of my finger sliding in and out of her soaking pussy. She was losing all control very rapidly.

I took my hand away in spite of her whimpered protest. My clothes hit the rug. In another minute, I had stripped Todd naked. It was not easy. She would not let him out of her mouth for a single second. Somehow, we moved together over to her broad couch. Her legs opened and closed like a steel vise around Todd’s head. They were in a 69 that left me hotly stumbling around the sides of the couch, searching desperately for a way to get into the action. There didn’t seem to be a way at all.

“Well, shit!” I muttered to myself. The sounds of my boss sucking her hot cunt brought my fingers between my legs to torment my clit unmercifully. I flopped back into my chair and found I had sat down on her “Delightful Dork”.

“Guess there is no better time to get acquainted with our sex toys,” I grumbled to myself. I spread my wet cunt lips and inserted the head of the rubber cock just a little way in. It felt weird — not bad, but awfully strange. It opened me up like a real man when it bottomed in me, but I knew the stupid thing would never explode a male charge in me, and there were no strong arms around me nor any hot mouth to kiss me until I came.

I jerked the dork out of my hole and tossed it over on her desk. A rising wail of undiluted female pleasure suddenly filled the whole office. I looked over at the manager and Todd. For having a pussy programmed to respond to a stupid imitation, her cunt was performing beautifully with the real thing! She held her legs up, her knees straight. She grasped her ankles to pull herself wide open so she could stare down, past her pussy mound, at the huge cock plunging into her.

She bucked and shook and twisted on the couch, humping him deeper into her cunt, moaning and crying some unintelligible message in French to the cockhead sliding between her clenched and pulsating cuntlips.

Fascinated, I watched her fuck, and fuck, and fuck! She began to come, but she never slowed the mad, racking pace of her hips swinging back and forth over Todd’s cock.

Shuddering, she locked her ankles together over his straining back and began working on another climax. Todd was enjoying himself, but I could see tiny wrinkles of worry furrow his sweating forehead. What had we gotten him into? He seemed determined not to come, but I knew as long as he was hard, she would continue to fuck and come and fuck and come, even if the staff closed up the place and went back to France.

Me and my big mouth! I had unleashed a sex starved female, who was madly screwing like she had thirty years of no cock to make up for. Her gasps of pleasure were so low and throaty and sexy that I could have hung her bra on my own stiff nipples. No way could I stay out of the game any longer — I was too turned on!

“Ah! Oooo! Yes. Oh, yes, cheri!” she whimpered. Her tongue drove deeply into my pussy when I settled down over her upturned face. I made Todd shift up toward me on the couch. My hands held my aching tits firmly to his mouth. He sucked on my nipples until I was ready to scream! My cunt gripped her tongue like a velvet fist. My hips rotated in mad circles over her, raking my clit against her teeth. Like a wall had fallen on me, my orgasm knocked me backwards off the low couch, and I sprawled out, flat on the floor.

Without really intending to, I had done a good thing. Todd stared at me, lying on the floor and clutching my pussy and crying out my sweet agony. He groaned and gripped her hips so hard she let out a surprised little yelp. She hollered again, louder this time, when he spread her wide and folded her up like a camp chair. He crunched her bones with the weight of his body as he wildly drove every inch of his cock into her snatch.

“Aaaaarrrggghhh!” His voice was a deep, raunchy guttural groan. Her legs stiffened straight out, laying flat on the couch. I could see Todd’s thick cock jerk madly as he shot load after load of hot gism into her. He held still for a second, and then — I swear! — it seemed be started to come again.

“Aeaaahhh,” she screamed, drumming her heels on the couch and heaving up against him as she went into the agony of a wild climax. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” she panted. “Mon diou, what a man you are!”

She tried to sit up, swaying and pressing her palms against the couch. She peered around and finally brought me into focus. “And you, my sweetest of all sweet pussies, never has my tongue been so passionately gripped by a cunt so hot.”

“Well, all… all this sort of got nit going!” I smiled at her. I wondered how the hell I was going to get her to let Todd leave her office, now that she had gotten a sample of what a real ‘dork’ could do for her. But I need not have worried. With that positive attitude of his — when his mind is made up about something — he stood up and reached for his clothes. He handed me mine, and was dressed even before I had fumbled into my clothes.

He bowed and kissed her hand very gallantly, thought. “Good afternoon, my dear,” he said gravely. “We really must be going. It has been sheer delight to serve such an excellent customer.”

When he closed the door behind us, her hand was still up in the air. She had looked so surprised and bewildered at our fast exit, I felt sorry for him.

“You will hear from her again, you know,” and I grinned at Todd as we briskly walked out to the parking lot. “You gave her a sample of what a real dork can do for someone like her. And you still have another cunt to take care of, darling.”

“Make yourself a memo to speak to me about that tomorrow,” he grinned.

I griped and grumbled all the way home, but I might as well have been complaining to a deaf man. He opened the car door for me, kissed me very sweetly and patted my hot ass, but he would not do a single thing more. He had had it for today, I realized. He scooted me, toward my front door and waved cheerfully as he eased himself gently down on his car seat.

Oh, well. Can’t win all the time, I told myself. But my pussy was still on fire! I had to go find a hard cock, somewhere.

I sat on the edge of my bed, holding my pussy tenderly and trying to think.

Roger’s car was parked beside mine, but it isn’t empty. I stared in amazement at two sets of male feet sticking out of the windows, one on side of the car. The toes were pointed down to the ground, wriggling and wiggling. I stood quietly and listened.

I walked around to the driver’s side and peeked in the car. The three of them were naked as the day they were born. The sedan smelled like a whorehouse on a Saturday night — it reeked of hot pussy and sweaty male bodies. I slipped my hand under Roger’s strong legs and grabbed him by his hard cock, right through the open window.

“Good evening, brother dear,” I said.

“Huh! Oh… oh… Sis. Hi! What’s new?” Then he got mad. “Judy, damn it, you scared me so badly that I nearly peed all over myself!”

I looked at the other two sets of round eyes peering at me in the gloomy darkness. “Aren’t you going to introduce me, Roger honey?” I asked sweetly.

“Oh double shit!” he groaned. “Well… are you going to tell Mom about this?” I shook my head. He blew his cheeks out in a long sigh of relief. “Uh… this is Penelope and, and Richie, my buddy. We were just…”

I opened the back door and crawled in the car. “I know what you were doing. Sexual research, huh?”

The kooky girl snapped her gum and giggled, coming up on her knees and turning around to look at me, sitting with my legs wide open and smiling back at her.

“We were gonna fuck,” she snickered. “You wanna play, too? I’ll lend Richie to yuh, if yuh want him. He’s got a super cock, honest! Hey, Richie, climb in back and show her what you got. Go on, scaredy cat. She won’t bite you. Will you?” She grinned at me.

I looked at Roger and slowly shook my head. “Where did you find this shy little creature, Roger?” I asked him with wonder in my voice.

“She sits behind me in Math class, Sis. Are-are you really going to screw Richie. Can we watch?”

“Aw, come on, Roger,” she complained. “I don’t wanna watch. I wanna do it! It’s your turn to suck my pussy, anyway. Richie don’t do it right. He can’t make me come at all.”

She flopped down on the seat. I saw her heel come up and hook firmly over the edge. Roger disappeared like he’d fallen down an elevator shaft.

“Oooooo,” she giggled. “Now that’s pussy sucking!”

I sighed. What my hot cunt would do to get itself satisfied! If our parents heard her wild giggles and came out to the garage, we were all dead! I looked over at Richie, looking at me and holding his stiff cock in a very nervous hand.

“Well,” I smiled. “Shall we fuck?”

He swallowed hard, twice. Then he moved so fast that he had me flat on the seat with my skirt up over my stomach and his cock nearly punching holes in the upholstery before I could say another word. I shifted around and got my legs open wide enough for him to find my hole. Then I gasped and stopped thinking of him as a horny child. The boy had a man’s cock, and it was hard and it was strong, and it was fucking my pussy so hard my teeth rattled.

“Jesus, Richie, take it easy,” I muttered. “Slow down. Ah! Stroke. Stroke. Push deeper! Mmmmmm. Who the hell taught you to fuck? Never mind. You learned real well.”

I grabbed his hard-muscled butt and dug my nails into his hide. He never felt a thing. He didn’t know a damn thing about really making love to a female, but Lord, could he fuck a cunt! He had me hanging onto the seat, panting and grabbing his ass tighter and tighter. I kicked my feet against the car door as my pussy at long last got the stiff cock it had been screaming for. He screwed like ‘coming’ was a word he had never heard in all his young life. He didn’t try to kiss me or play with my tits or finger my raging clit. He just screwed and screwed, soundlessly but steadily. By the time he had made me come for the third time, my arms lay limp on the seat and my body flopped around like a rag doll. This kid must run on pure Spanish Fly! I thought to myself. My cunt was getting tender from his cock slamming into it.

“Richie. Richie, honey. Why don’t you and Bubblehead, up front there, get together? Roger must be ready for a rest. Easy, boy. Listen to me, Goddaammmmiiiiit!”

He reluctantly got up and scrambled over the seat, falling on Roger and his chick. I eased out of the car, wiping the sweat from my face and trying to iron out some of the wrinkles in my beat-up skirt.

Let them fuck themselves silly! I was satisfied, in a weird sort of way. At least, my clit had tucked itself back ‘home’, and was being quiet. It had been a long day, and who knew what tomorrow would bring? Time to hit the day, I thought as I trudged back to my room.


I woke up with a start. My alarm clock hadn’t buzzed me awake. I grabbed it and stared, fuzzily, at the hands. Ten o’clock! I’d been so knocked out when I tumbled into bed, I had not even set the alarm!

But what was that ringing in my ears? Where was everyone? The house was quiet as a tomb. Whoever was punching the door bell would not give up.

I shuffled down the hall, wrapping my short robe around my nakedness. I cursed all early callers in the world. As punchy as I was, my pussy was wide awake. Was I always going to be hot to fuck, every waking minute? Well, there were worse things that could happen to me. My hand slipped under my robe and cupped my moist pussy.

The salesman at the door launched into a long story about the ‘Wonder Pads’ he was selling, mumbling something through the screen door about how they would improve any woman’s figure when they were tucked into the sides of her bra. He spoke with a pronounced lisp, and his gestures, waving the bra pads at me, were as feminine as if he’d been wearing heels and hose. His hair was dyed a fruity blonde color and marcelled into tight little ringlets. He never seemed to notice that my robe was more than half-open, and that I was still fingering my jumpy clit.

Well, shit! I thought. I’m so late already, what’s another few minutes? I was curious about his damn bra pads. They just might be something P.F.P. could wholesale. Even though the family was out, what harm could this gay huckster do?

I opened the door and motioned him to come on in. Why, I don’t know, but I padded back down the hall to my bedroom. He swished right behind me into the room, babbling about how my breasts would be charmingly and excitingly re-shaped when pushed together by his marvelous product. Already, I was growing tired of hearing his high-pitched chatter.

I sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing my eyes and trying to become fully awake. “O.K.,” I muttered to him. “Let me try those wonder gadgets of yours.” I looked up. “Oh, no!” I gasped.

“Oh, yes, baby,” he grinned down at me. Smack in front of my face was what had to be the biggest, hardest cock in all of Los Angeles, at this early hours. It looked as big as “The Horny Woman’s Home Companion”, one of P.F.P.’s best sellers.

“Surprise, little girl! Now if you just lay back on that bed, I’ll demonstrate a device that’s as old as Adam but as new as tomorrow!”

“You bastard!” I groaned.

“I don’t think so, although I’ll ask my mom about it if you really want me to.” His firm hands ripped my robe away and gripped my knees. I could not keep them together. He was as strong as a horny bull.

“Fooled you with my gay act, didn’t I? Gets ’em every time. Swish! Right into the bedroom.”

“So rape is really your bag,” I snapped at him. “Oh, no, sugar. Rape is a very nasty word. Let’s just say I’m going to show my cock a good time, and you are going to help. Relax. You’ll love every stroke. Damn it, hold still, at least until I get your pew friend in your cunt!”

“No way are you going to shove that ten pound hunk of — ah! Oh, Lord. Easy with that thing. Aaaawwwwghhh! Jesus! You’ve got ball bearings in your hips, you fucker!”

He had my cunt right at the edge of the mattress, spreading my cringing wet lips and stretching my hole. My legs were laid back against my tits.

“Hah!” His gasp was explosive as he slid his monster cock smack into my twitching cunt. “Love that pussy of yours, baby. Nice… tight just slick enough. Come on, move that ass! Fuck, Sugar Hole, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“You get no help from me, you blonde cunt jammer,” I snarled at him. “Go ahead. Rape me. Just wait until I tell the police about this.”

“You ain’t gonna tell no one, luv,” he grinned, screwing me all the faster. “Who would believe you? Hey, you got a set of boobs that jiggle nicer than any I’ve seen this morning.”

“Is this call number three or number four?” I asked him sarcastically. But by now, my cunt was off on a trip all by itself, gripping his thick dong with joyous ripples of delight. “Aaaaah! Damn you. You’ve got a maddening, big cock! Unnnnf! Wild, wild, wild! Fuck my hole, you rapist. G-God, you’re k-k-killing me!”

“No better way to go. You love it. Admit it! Yeah, dig those heels into my ass. That’s the way. Work your butt! Work it, work it!” he chanted, slamming his blockbuster into my sopping hole.

I never would have believed my cunt would betray me this way. I loved every stinging, pounding, bruising thrust of his rigid whang. In spite of myself, my arms went around his neck. My tits mashed against his hairy chest. My hips worked with the steady rhythm of a piledriver. I took every inch of him. The ceiling disappeared in a foggy haze. I could hear my bedsprings complaining and my own rasping breathing growing louder and louder in my buzzing ears.

“Come, damn you! Come in me. I want to feel it. Now! Right how. Shoot that gun in me… yesssss, that way. Eeeeeeaaahh!”

He fell on his sweaty ass on my rug, holding his cock and making an ugly face, ugly from the pain of his explosion in my aching cunt.

“Fuckin’ A,” he moaned. “I gotta take a break. No more calls till late this afternoon. Whew! That one hurt.”

“Tough shit!” I told him. I grabbed for my robe. “Now that you’ve gotten your pussy ration for the next couple of hours, will you get the fuck out of my house?”

He struggled to his feet, clutching my bed for support. His heavy red tool hung down and dripped cum on his shoes. He turned and shuffled back to the front door. It was kind of late for such a dumb gesture, but I slammed it after him and locked it with the dead bolt. I had to get my shaky ass moving and get washed up and down to the office. I bet myself it would be a damn cold day in hell before I let another salesman into the house.

But my pussy felt toned up, and in fighting trim! Later, it was hard to think straight, to listen closely to Alan’s brisk voice as he waded through the stack of notes and dictated letter after letter. My hand began to cramp. My pussy, hot between my crossed legs, was giving me what-for all over again. I rubbed my aching titties with my free hand, scribbling my shorthand notes over page after page. Suddenly, I grinned and looked up at Alan.

“Do you know you just ordered three cases of breasts?” I asked him.

“What! I did! Well for…” He made a gesture of impatience, then he laughed. “That’s what I get for watching your beautiful boobs peeking out of your blouse. Judy, will you please keep your free hand off them?”

“What will I do with it?” I asked him.

“Hell, I don’t know. That’s your problem. One more letter and we go to bed. I mean, to lunch, darn it!”

His buzzer sounded. “Who? Sure. Put him on. Bill! What’s up?” He listened for a long minute, nodding and staring into the deep valley between my half-exposed breasts. I made myself a mental note to stir up Alan by wearing even more low-cut blouses to the office.

“Well, she hasn’t been told much about our testing machines as yet, Bill. Oh, yes, I’m sure she would be willing to help… even enjoy the work. Todd tells me she’s no stranger to the feel of your cock. O.K. Yes. In one hour.” He winked at me.

When I got back to the office after lunch, I had to use my key to get in. I thought the place was deserted, it was so quiet, but when I opened the door to the inner office, Alan and Bill had their heads together over one of the units by the big couch. To my surprise, they were both stark naked. My pussy began to itch!

“Judy! Fed and watered? Ready to go to work?” Bill smiled cheerfully. His long, slender cock arched out over his full, round balls. Alan’s cock, as big as it was, looked like a little Boy Scout’s beside Bill.

I hugged Bill and happily let him undress me completely. My hands kept brushing against the cocks of both while he stripped me. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, anticipating the feel of their rising dicks.

“We are going to test a line of condoms, Judy. Rubbers, if you will,” Alan told me.

“Nuts!” I exclaimed. “Sex with your socks on.”

“No, indeed. At least, the manufacturer claims there’s no loss of sensitivity. That’s what we are going to find out, with the help of Betsy, here.” He patted the gleaming chrome and enamel machine with its strange looking dials and wires stringing mat from it.

Bill slid one of the condoms down over his broad thumb. I could see right through it. I could see something else, too, and my pussy began to quiver. The rubber was covered with scores of tiny studs sticking up all over it! I bet it would feel like a miniature rake, dragging against my sensitive cunt walls.

“It’s called the Ruff-Tuff Rider,” Bill grinned. “Almost 500 little projections to give you irresistible sensations that will make your cunt beg for more.”

Alan explained that, if I didn’t mind, he would first fuck me, cock naked — with the machine attached to me! Then Bill, wearing the pussy pleaser, would take over. The tiny electrodes that fastened painlessly to my body would record my pulse, temperature and rate of breathing, and the intensity of nerve impulses that were bound to whip through my body during the test. The readout would show, on the meters and inked tracings on the moving paper strip from the unit, how excited and responsive I became, first getting screwed without the condom, then with it.

I stretched out luxuriously on the soft leather couch. I noticed my nipples were stiff already. I pressed the soles of my bare feet together and eased them toward my body, making my moist cunt open like a flower as my thighs parted. I felt very, very good, tingling and eager. This would be a far cry from the rough banging I’d gotten in my own bed before I came down to the office.

Bill flipped switches and, pushed buttons as Alan’s flushed face came closer and closer to my open pussy. When his tongue touched my erect clitty, my cool vanished like a tiny puff of smoke. My fingers brushed over his silvery thatch of hair, down his smooth cheeks and straight for my cunt. I pinched my clit and tugged it up and out so I could enjoy every sensation it could give me while he licked and sucked skillfully on it. I began to shake. My mouth abruptly went dry. My hips came up off the couch. Alan was a real cuntmaster with his mouth. I heard a low, shuddering moan — it was my own voice!

“Suck me, Alan darling. Oh, man, suck me, suck me!” Already, everything was getting hazy and fuzzy. I was aware of Bill frowning and clucking to himself in amazement as the machine dials began registering what was happening in my hot body.

“This girl is going to blow every fucking fuse in the unit,” he muttered, rapidly adjusting voltages and flipping even more switches.

“Now, Bill?” Alan’s voice sounded like a little boy begging to have someone play with his stiff dick.

“Might as well put your cock in,” Bill said. “The wacky needles are almost to the edge of their limits already.”

“Oh, Alan. Do you ever feel good in me! Woooo! Hold me tighter, I’m going to slip right off this sweaty leather couch and bust all my wires!” I cried as he lunged into me.

Alan smoothly rode his stiff cock in and out of my slippery cunt. He fucked with kind of an odd gait that was hard to match with my hips. I settled for trying, unsuccessfully, to relax and just enjoy the fullness of my pussy and the pulsing of his cock inside me. Much too soon, he grew hotter and harder, then came.

“Nnnnnnnoooooo!” I wailed. “Not already!”

He heaved himself up to a sitting position and then tested his legs to see if he dared try standing up on the floor.

“Fuck a duck,” he muttered angrily to himself. “I lasted longer the very first time I got laid. Well Bill, thank fortune there are two of us here. Take over.”

Bill clucked sympathetically, patting Alan on his sweaty shoulder. “Hey! Don’t feel bad. This hot female could get a brass monkey in an uproar. I may not do that much better. Here, watch this stupid machine. Judy, help me push this hard cock of mine… oh balls… gotta put the fucking condom on first. I’m glad I’m so cool and collected about all this.”

“Please! Get the Rider on, Bill. I need a cock in me, right this minute! Mmmmmm, look at my finger. It’s rubbing my clit so fast, it’s all blurry.”

Bill shuffled on his knees between my open legs. He was so long and stiff I unconsciously cringed a little when I felt his cockhead at the entrance to tunnel. Slowly, ever so slowly, he cased into me. I heard a long, drawn-out sigh escape me. I tried to relax so he could get all the way in, but when my pussy felt those little raised studs dragging against my clenched cuntwalls, my heels dug into the couch and I started to scramble backwards.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m so fucking hot! Hold me tight, Bill. Don’t let me pull away from you. It’s just that the condom feels so… so… ah screw me!” I started screaming. “FUCK MY SNATCH! Fuck it clear off. Do it, do it, do it. Oh, Mother! I’m coming! Coming, coming, coming,” I chanted like an African native. My eyes closed. I felt myself slipping far away. I knew I wasn’t doing a thing to help Bill enjoy himself. My cunt was positively on fire! A thousand little red devils were raking up a million fluttering leaves inside my cunt. 500 — 500 little studs! “Five hundred, five hundred,” I kept moaning as I came and came. Bill had to hold me down with all his strength to keep me from ripping the wires right out of their sockets in the machine.

“Jesus H. Christ Almighty!” I groaned. “My poor little pussy! Did you come, Bill?”

“I don’t know. I guess so. I felt like I was coming, all the time I was in you. You have a grip I can’t believe, inside there. Damn near ripped the stupid condom right off me.”

He peered inside the slippery tube. “Yep. I did. Shit! These fucking gadgets. For a man to have to peek to know if he came! Ridiculous!”

Alan stood staring at the machine tapes and shaking his head. “We never got readings like these before, Bill. No, Judy, don’t get that gleam in your eye. We are not going to do another test. I need a cool drink and a cock splint and two aspirin. Bill?”

“Never heard of anyone by that name,” Bill laughed, gingerly holding his limp dick.

“I’m still roaring hot. I want to screw.” I hollered. “Where is Mildred? O.K., Todd?”

“Push the buzzer, Alan. Get Mildred in here. Maybe she can suck this hot babe into calming down at least a little,” Bill suggested.

“Some damsel in distress want a good man?” I heard a booming voice asking.

“Todd! Darling. Are you ever needed right now!” I sobbed. I couldn’t get up to hug him, not with all the wires still attached to me. I reached down and held my cunt open with my shaking fingers. “In here. Right in here!”


Todd came over to the couch to kiss me very sweetly and sit down on the edge, his warm hands stroking my thigh. I lay back expectantly, teasing my nipples. His fingertip circled around on my clit, but something was wrong. His mind seemed to be far, far away.

Suddenly he began tugging the adhesive connections of the wires off my body. “Get up,” he said. “Get dressed.” When I heard that tone in his voice, I knew from past experience that were was no point at all in pouting or arguing. But I tried anyway.

“Why, honey?” I asked. “Can’t you tell I need to be fucked something awful?”

“Would you like to fly to New York with me, tonight?”

“What!! Oh, Todd, are you serious?”

He stood up and began to pace up and down the office. Alan and Bill watched him curiously, but said nothing.

“Do I kid around, Judy? I have been thinking about expanding the company. A lot of our manufacturers are in Manhattan. No time like the present to fly there and check out office space and a staff for a branch office. Get dressed. Go home and rest up a bit after you throw a few things in a sack.” He grinned and reached out to mess up my hair. “We catch the Red Eye Special, the midnight flight out of International. Okay?”

“Okay! New York!” I couldn’t get into my clothes fast enough.

“I’ll pick up at 11 P.M. Now, scoot! I have a hell of a lot of things to discuss with Alan and Bill.”

When I got home, I flew around my bedroom like a mad woman, packing my suitcase and making a dozen agonized decisions about what to take with me. I stood under the hot shower for a long time, trying to simmer down and get my thoughts together. The house was as quiet as a cemetery.

On the way back to my room, still naked and damp, I glanced in my folk’s bedroom door. There was someone in their bed! I whipped in and tugged the sheet down. My father’s tousled head came into view, his eyes opening drowsily.

“Daddy! What are you doing home? Are you sick?” I felt his forehead. It was very warm. Fine beads of sweat covered his upper lip.

“Judy, honey,” he mumbled, “got a strange bug of some kind, but I’ll live. Got my medicine right there on the night stand.”

A half-empty bourbon bottle and a small pitcher of lemon juice were sitting beside a Kleenex box. He looked up at my bare boobs. His eyes slowly traveled down my body to rest on my triangle of blonde hair that was still damp. He smiled and reached up to give me a friendly little goose.

“It’s not fatal. I’ll live. Just a slight temperature.”

“Slight! You are burning up! Better let me cool that fever with a rubdown. I’ll get a big, cool towel.”

“Yes, Nurse,” he smiled.

I was back in a minute with a king-sized damp towel. It seemed the least I could do for him. When I pulled the sheet off of him, his beautiful cock was half up! When I began my ‘treatment’, I felt his hand brush between my legs. I was still hot from the testing we’d done at the office. His touch was so loving and gentle that my tell-tale nipples began to crinkle up.

“Judy. I’m sick, not dead,” he protested as my hand softly came to rest on his cock.

“I can tell, Daddy,” I said. My fingers curled around his thick shaft. I squeezed and pushed down, making his swelling head slide up out of his foreskin.

He groaned and made a feeble attempt to brush my hand away. “You know what playing with your father’s cock is called. You better stop.”

“The heck with what this is called, Daddy. You love it! Don’t you? It will help take your mind off your fever.”

“Judy, damn it! You are giving me a hard time! Cut that out, now.” But his hand slid up my leg and his fingers slowly stroked back and forth against my silky pussy hair. I got real bold and lay down beside him on his big bed. I blew softly on his swollen cocktip. His hips began to move, thrusting his stiff cock up between my hands, jacking him up and down.

“Your hands feel like your mother’s,” he murmured. “Oh, hell. Why don’t I have the guts to make you stop that?”

“Because you are burning up with a bad fever,” I said, stroking him a little faster. I lifted my leg, knowing he would get a beautiful view of my pink cunt lips, moist and eager for whatever he might do to me.

I moved up and over on his fever-hot stomach and brought his cock up to brush against my parted lips. My tongue flicked out and teased around in his tiny pee slit, which was very slippery and twitchy.

“Oh, no. Don’t you dare suck on that thing, Judy. This isn’t right. Shit! I’m hard as two rocks. Don’t nip me that way! Please! That is exactly what your mother did on our first date. She got me so fucking hot! I took her cherry and screwed her so hard she walked with a limp for three days!”

“Mmmmm,” was all I said. I had no intention of stopping what I was enjoying so much.

“Damnit, stop that right this minute, Judy,” he moaned, but his finger working into my fuck hole told me to go right ahead. My tongue flicked lightly over the sensitive nerve center on the underside of his cockhead. He trembled all over and grew more rigid in my hands. I opened my leg a little more and eased down on his probing finger. He groaned and began to fingerfuck me and run his broad thumb up over my clitty.

“I surrender,” he said. “I’m ill. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m going to kiss your pussy and run my tongue in your sugar-sweet cunt until you scream and holler and beg me to stop. Come up over me and spread, you horny daughter.”

His blood-filled knob was red-hot in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the rim of his glans. I opened wide and took every inch of his big, juicy tool as far into the hot wetness of my mouth as I could.

“Judy. Have mercy!”

“Do you like this, Daddy? Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“No! You don’t know a damn thing about cocksucking. Put it back and keep practicing until I tell you you’re getting the hang of it. That will be about two weeks from now. What the hell,” he mumbled, spreading my pussy lips and pulling me down on his mouth. “Your cunt tastes heavenly.”

I lowered my lips down toward his prick again. “That’s what young pussies are for, Daddy. To suck and to kiss. Oooooh, you really know how to handle a hot cunt!”

His thick shaft throbbed as I licked around on the head of it. I ran my tongue up and down the full length, soaking it from tip to base until his tool glistened.

“Am I a naughty girl, Daddy?” I asked him.

“Yes! But oh! Sweet Jesus, if you stop sucking on me I’ll… I’ll…”

“You will what? Have to fuck me, instead?”

He mumbled something, but his tongue was so far up inside my cunt his words were lost. He spread my cheeks and pulled me open wider and licked hungrily around and around on my asshole.

“At! Yes-yes-yes… do that more. More! Oh, Daddy! Stick your tongue way in there. That’s the way. Now… back down and in my cunt again. Bite my clit, please. I’m going to come any second!”

I tightened my lips around his cock, taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I felt the blunt head of his prick nudging at the back of my throat. I pumped my head up and down, and his throbbing dick slurped juicily in and out of my mouth. His hips jerked uncontrollably.

“Suck me! Suck me harder, Judy. Oh fuck, what am I saying? Suck that thing harder. I’m going to blow my balls right off!”

I moved quickly before he could stop me. I straddled him, with my hot cunt poised above the head of his hard dick. He came half up off the bed, trying to squirm out from under me. I plunged my cunt down over his erect cock and speared it all the way up into the hot depths of my slippery fuckhole. I bit my lip as his thickness forced my tight pussy walls apart.

“No! God damnit. Get off me! I will absolutely not fuck my own daughter. Uh! Oh, Christ Almighty, what a tight cunt you have!”

He stared up at my flushed face. My tits bounced excitedly. I got a firm grip on his waist and began fucking his cock with longer and faster strokes. His huge shaft throbbed frantically in me. My cunt squeezed him with all its strength. His hands reached up for my breasts as I lurched up and down on his aching rod.

He suddenly flipped me over on my back, his thick boner still stuffed in me as far as it could go. He began pumping his rod in and out of me, his cock shining with my thick love juices.

“You are so fucking good, Daddy!” I moaned, clawing at his plunging ass. His big, hard tool drilled into the tightness of my ripply love-chute. My head rolled crazily back and forth on his pillow. The erotic sound of my cunt juices squishing out around his plunging cock drove me half out of my mind.

“That’s the way, Daddy! Fuck the hell out of my sinful cunt! Screw me!”

His big sweaty balls slapped wetly against my ass. The feel of his stiff boner raking against my clit made me grab his plunging ass hard enough to draw blood.

“Oh shit, I’m coming. I’m coming,” I suddenly shrieked. Every muscle in my body began twitching as my overpowering orgasm seemed to swallow me.

With one final agonized thrust, he unloaded a torrent of sizzling-hot cum into me. I clung desperately to him as I writhed through my wild climax. We stayed welded together until the very last of his cum had been emptied into my hole. We lay gasping on his rumpled bed while my cunt milked and squeezed and tugged at his softening cock, trying to get even more of his hot gism. But there just wasn’t a single drop left.

His big hands cradled my head. He kissed me and nipped at the tip of my nose. “You are, without a doubt, the hottest little cock-fucker who ever cured her father’s fever. Honest to God, Judy, I can’t believe what just happened — or that I am getting hard again, and this time I really want to screw you. I was holding back, before, just pretending to like it.”

His wide grin told me he was fibbing like mad. I pushed him gently off of me and scooted down to take his cock in my mouth to lick him. He was up again, ready to fuck, when I remembered to look at the clock on his nightstand.

“Daddy, this is not what you want to hear me say right now, but since you are all well again, I have to get dressed. I’m going to New York with Todd — tonight.”

I put my hand over his lips to stop his complaint. I explained very quickly why we were going and how excited I was about the trip. He understood, but he held his hard dick in two hands and looked pleadingly at me.

“Now that I’m well, what will I do with this?” he asked me, grinning.

“Mom will take care of that. Very expertly, I am sure.” I smiled at him, kissing him lightly on the lips. “See you later, you wonderful, mad lover.”

Todd rolled by exactly at eleven. He tossed my suitcase in the trunk and gunned down the street like a real hot-rodder.

We checked in at the ticket counter and even had time for a cup of delicious hot coffee. It went right through me, to my disgust.

“Be back in a flash. Have to go pee something awful,” I told him. “Think horny thoughts while I’m gone.”

All the stalls in the ladies’ room were occupied. I danced around on one foot and then the other until some old bag shuffled out of the potty on the end of the row. I squatted, and peed and peed. When I was squeezing the last few drops out, the door suddenly flew open and a woman whisked in. She practically skidded to a halt when she saw me sitting there with my legs open and my cunt fully exposed.

“Slide back, honey. Quick. I have to piss so badly I’ll spray all over you. Thank fortune you forgot to lock the door!”

I was so startled I let her shove me backwards on the seat. She lifted her skirt and reached between her slim legs to cup her pussy lips while she peed a long stream into the water, right between my open thighs.

“Sorry about this, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Has anyone ever told you you have a very beautiful pussy?”

I just sat there like a dumbbell, looking at the jet-black bush of silky hair between her white legs. She had no panties, no slip, no girdle, nothing at all under her short skirt. She stood and brushed her fingers over her cunt fur.

Her voice became lower as she shuffled closer to me, holding her cunt lips apart. “Would you like to kiss me down there?” she asked. “Have you ever sucked a nice cunt? Like mine?”

“I don’t even know your name,” I protested. “And I don’t suck pussy, anyway.”

“The name’s Janet.” Her fingertips pinched her erect clit and tugged it out toward me. “Are you sure you don’t want to…”

“You damn lez!” I exclaimed angrily. “Get your twat away from my face and let me get out of this fucking stall. Really! I never!”

“Oh, you should. Sometime soon, sweetie. I’ve been told I taste absolutely delicious. See you around, honey.”

I was so shook up that Todd glanced at me sharply, but I refused to say one word about the rude bitch. I had to admit I had never seen such a soft and tender looking cunt, like she had. But, of all the nerve!

They finally called our flight number and we filed on to look for our seat numbers. We were in a three-seat-abreast section. The one nearest the window was already occupied.

I nearly threw a fit! Sitting there, smiling up at me, was Old Silky Cunt from the women’s washroom. She would be right next to my hot man all the way to New York. Of all the fucking bad luck!


“Dahling!” she smiled happily at me. “How lucky you are to meet me again.”

I felt my face grow flaming hot, I was so upset. I smiled sweetly at her and kept my voice low. “Fuck you, dahling,” I said.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to this handsome man you have with you, little girl?” she asked me coyly. “I should know the name of my seat companions on this lovely long flight.”

“Drop dead, you bitch,” I muttered to her between clenched teeth. “If I see your hand move one inch over that seat edge, I’ll break your fucking arm!”

“Judy, Judy,” Todd rumbled. “I’m surprised to hear you talk that way. What’s this all about?”

“Tell you later,” I snapped, plunking down in my seat.

She smiled at Todd and, in spite of my threat, extended a small, cool hand. “It’s unusual to see such a mature, handsome man traveling with a child so young,” she murmured. If she was more than twenty years old, I was The Happy Hooker. “My name is Janet Swift.”

“It certainly is!” I snarled at her, holding Todd’s free hand defensively.

“Perhaps we can chat a little later on.” Todd smiled at her. He held her hand too damn long, to suit me. “My secretary — this ‘child’ — seems upset about something just now.” He winced when I dug my nails into his palm.

I guess that all of the emotion of the day caught up with me. I fell sound asleep, in spite of being so torn up. I had horny dreams and woke up with a start, trying to figure out where I was. Todd was lying very still beside me, his eyes closed. The smile on his face should have tipped me off, but I was still fuzzy with sleep. I sighed happily and reached out to slide my hand over his crotch, under the blanket.

Another hand was there! Janet’s delicate fingers were softly stroking his huge hard on, pulled clear out of his pants. His belt was unbuckled and his slacks were pushed down.

This was the last straw! I grabbed her hand and tried to push it away, but it clung to his rock-hard shaft. She had the gall to begin jacking him up and down, very slowly and sensuously, lifting her head and smiling ever so sweetly at me.

“Did you enjoy your little nappy-poo?” she whispered.

“Knock off with that kid talk, damn you,” I hissed at her. “And get your fucking hand off my man.”

“It isn’t fucking him dahling, just caressing him. Can you take all this gorgeous meat in your little tiny hole, honey?”

I grabbed her wrist and with both hands and tugged. Todd groaned.

“If you pull that thing out by the roots, no one will have anything to play with,” he muttered. “Take turns, or something.”

“No way, God damn it! Let her go hustle up her own cock. She should be good at that. Just don’t charge more than two-bits for your services, dahling,” I snarled at her.

“Come to think of it,” Todd commented softly, “how come I don’t have anything to say about who plays with my dick? Judy, I didn’t know you were so damn jealous.”

“The poor youngster is so upset, perhaps I’d best be good and take my hand away,” Janet said sweetly. “Good night, handsome one.”

She took her hand off of his cock and tucked her blanket up around her chin. Todd’s right hand was on my bare leg, squeezing it comfortingly. A sudden thought struck me. Where the hell was his other hand? I reached for it, but all I got was his elbow.

That bitch! She was holding his hand over her black cunt under her pulled-up skirt. And she was smiling as sweetly as an innocent angel!

“O.K. Well, O.K., that’s all. I can compete with any hot-cunted female on this fucking plane.” I hoisted my own skirt up over my stomach and guided his free hand between my legs. “Just feel around in there, buster, like you must be doing in her snatch. Just tell me which clit is the most alive.”

“You are making this flight a very memorable one,” Todd grinned at me. “What say to a little thumb fucking, Judy?”

“I want both your hands firmly on my asscheeks,” I told him, “and your cock in my snatch. Turn on your side. There must be some way to do this. Push! Push harder! Aaaaahhh. Now, this is the only way to fly!”

“Glad you think so, too,” Todd whispered in my ear, biting it gently. A minute later, his dick stopped sliding in and out of my clasping cunt. “Judy,” he muttered. “I hate to tell you this, but Janet is fingering my delicate asshole. And I hate even more to tell you something else — she has a terrific touch!”

A long sigh escaped from my lips. There was simply no stopping that fucking bitch! But I couldn’t blame her very much. Todd was the handsomest, most sexy man on the whole plane. And what had I gained by being uptight and angry as hell?

I lifted my head and looked into Janet’s snapping, black eyes. “Okay, Swiftie. Let’s share the wealth. Just keep your hot fingers off… oh! Ummmm! Raise your leg a bit, Todd. Let her slide her hand further along… Jeez, what a touch she has on a slippery clit!”

“Tell me about it,” Todd groaned. “She’s squeezing my cock now, and tickling my balls — and now she’s back at my defenseless asshole again. Oh, shit! Mother of Mercy!”

“If you pulled out of her and turned my way for just a little while, dahling, you would make me a most happy seat companion,” Janet whispered to Todd.

“Go ahead. Fuck her silly! Then come back to me, and you better be hard as a rock when you come back. If you let her make you come, I’ll never speak to you again,” I told him. Then I reconsidered. “Of course, we will still fuck. We just won’t talk!”

He grinned like a kid about to slip his tiny dick in his first pussy, and kissed me real nicely. “Bye for a while,” he chuckled, turning his back to me. “Oh, no! Judy, get your finger out of my asshole!”

In another minute I smiled to myself. I was not at all unhappy that the fucking next to me wasn’t going so well. Todd didn’t seem able to get his thick cock into Janet far enough to suit either of them. She was panting and clawing at him. She kept getting louder and louder. I was afraid the flight attendant would be coming around to see what all the ruckus was about. A wild thought came to me.

“Todd, honey. I’m going to the washroom. The first one. In a minute, come by. I’ll let you in. Then Janet can slip in and we’ll have a 30,000 foot-high fucking ball!”

“Dahling, three people can’t screw in that tiny room,” Janet protested.

“Bullshit!” I hissed at her. “You work well in crowded quarters, remember? Come on, let’s go fuck the night away. That is, if no one has to pee and beats the door down.”

In the washroom, I stripped naked. Todd slipped in, followed by Silky Cunt. I was hot as hell.

He fell to his knees in front of Janet. He ripped her skirt off and thrust his hot face between her legs. She grabbed me, as much to keep herself on her feet as to feel me up. Now the tables were turned on her. She was learning what my man could do with his tongue in a hot pussy. She began to sweat. “Aaaawww, mmmm,” she moaned, grabbing Todd’s silvery hair and bending over in a quick orgasm that threw her body against mine. He never let her catch her breath. He stood up and slammed his rod smack into her wet cunt like a battering ram smashing down a heavy wood door. Her toes danced a little jig on the polished floor, barely touching at all as Todd fucked her pussy with more deeply plunging strokes.

She was jammed against me so tightly I felt every thrust, every shudder that swept through her slim frame. Five more rough strokes and she came again!

I shoved her out of the way and took her place in front of Todd’s rigid cock, which stood straight out from his perspiring body.

“Now it’s my turn. Fuck my cunt, Todd!” I was surprised at the harsh, commanding tone of my voice, but I was so steamed up that I boldly took over the party without a second thought about anything.

My “instructions” weren’t needed at all. He slammed into me so damn hard that Janet winced and grasped in sympathy at the beating my cunt was taking. He fucked me like a madman! I’d never seen him so hot!

When he felt the juicy warmth of my cunthole, his entire body seemed to stiffen. Tightening his ass muscles, he drove forward like a battering ram, sinking the hard thickness of his rigid boner completely out of sight in me. Waves of white-hot pleasure coursed through my hot body. He reached down and grabbed the firm cheeks of my writhing ass. He could feel the slick, hot flesh of my slippery cunt squeezing and sucking deliciously on his thrusting rod. He screwed into me while standing on the very tips of his toes, his thick cock making lewdly slurping sounds as he picked up the pace.

Janet watched us with round eyes, too shook up to diddle with her own cunt, and to do anything but press back against the wall and stare at Todd as he fucked the living hell out of my cunt.

“Pour it to me, honey! Fuck… fuck… fuck!” He was driving me half out of my mind with ecstasy. “Ah! Don’t stop, Todd baby. What’s wrong?”

“Too damn many people in here,” he muttered, wiping the sweat from his face. “No room to swing my cock. Can’t come to save my ass from hell!”

I knew him well. Once he had an idea in his head, it was strictly his ball game. I let him pull out of me without a complaint. Janet stared at me in utter disbelief.

“When we get off this damn plane, we’ll go to bed for two days, darling,” I told him. “No sense at all in frustrating yourself.”

I got back into my clothes. We managed to get Todd’s cock tucked back into his wrinkled pants, and the door open enough for Janet to slip out. I followed. My pussy was screaming for a climax, but it was simply going to have to wait.

When. I eased into the aisle, a busybody stewardess tapped me on the shoulder.

“Regulations permit only single occupancy of the washrooms, Miss,” she told me tartly.

I smiled at her, very brightly. “Of course I know that,” I told her. “There is only one person in there. Go see for yourself.”

I jerked the door open and shoved her inside before she could gather her wits. I leaned against the door and heard her gasp of surprise when she saw Todd standing in there with a huge hard on. Then I heard a little scuffle and muttered protests. All was quiet for a second, and then I heard the muffled thump of a bare ass hitting the door as Todd humped the bejesus out of a surprised stewardess, a gift to Todd from me.

I trotted back to my seat, grinning from ear to ear. I was on! I was hot! I was mean! I sat down in Todd’s seat and pulled the blanket over me. Under its cover, I pulled my skirt up and opened my legs.

“Now, Miss Swift, you are going to suck my unsatisfied pussy, right here and now! Get down on your knees between my legs, quickly!”

She was so surprised that she obeyed me without a single question.

It was a tight fit, but she made it. I lay back, smiling at the ceiling and feeling her flicking tongue raising hell with my stiff clit, in another moment, I stopped smiling. She was an expert with that hot mouth of hers! She sucked my cunt so well that I began to moan and bite my lips. My thighs pressed tightly against her head. She held still and went to work twice as hard with her magic tongue. I came! And I came again! For God’s sake, she made me come three times and showed no signs of ever slowing the motions of her tireless hot, lapping tongue.

I groaned and shuddered, then dragged her mouth away from my cunt. The blanket fell down, and her flushed face and tear filled eyes made me almost ashamed of the rough way I’d commanded her to suck my cunt.

Todd almost fell into the seat. “There is one surprised stewardess with one very sore cunt on this plane. Did you push her in there?”

I nodded.

“Well, I’ll be darned. Not jealous?”

“Was she as good a fuck as me?” I asked him.

“No way!”

“Then I’m not jealous at all. Say goodnight to Miss Swift. I’m going to cover us with this blanket and we are all going to get some sleep.”

He did, and I did, and we did, all the rest of the way to New York City.


“What’s wrong, darling? You look all shook up.”

Todd absently pushed, the airport phone booth shut and simply stood, looking at my round eyes for a long moment.

“I checked with Alan, at the office. He told me your mother called to say your dad is really sick. He’ll make it,” he added quickly. “I have no details, but he’s out of intensive care, and the docs say he’s doing fine. But your mom, and I too, what I need! Hump me, Bill darling. Squeeze my bobbies. Mmmmmmmm!”

The lewd sound of his lusty balls smacking wetly against my hot flesh filled the whole room. From seemingly way off in the distance, I heard my mom groan, and Alan’s chair springs squeak, as she got up abruptly and attacked the bulge in his pants.

“That sound is driving me wild,” I heard her mutter. Then I heard Alan’s explosive “Woof!” as she shoved him into his chair and hiked up her dress, then settled down on his rigid prong. Her cock-hungry pussy must have clamped on him like a vise!

I watched them for a moment over Bill’s shoulder. Mom shrugged her full, white tits out of her dress and tugged Alan’s eager mouth close to her heaving chest. She rode him without mercy, but Alan just stiffened his cock and legs, and drove himself up into her just as hard as she was pushing down. His thick, meaty dick rhythmically pumped her juicy clit, making her shudder blissfully.

When every inch of him was in her, she lovingly wrapped her strong arms around him and whispered, “Don’t move at all, for just a minute. I love the way your cock throbs in me.”

I knew her cunt, just like her daughter’s, was thrilling to the feel of hot blood pumping through the distended veins of the rigid prong that was fucking her toward a fast climax.

Mom began seductively rotating her hips on Alan, looking down and bumping her head against his as they stared at his wide, juicy cock sliding so smoothly in and out of her clenching pussy hole. Bill was so out of it with passion that his swollen shaft threatened to blow apart with his growing need to unload a gush of hot cum into my snatch.

I tried to concentrate on the ecstatic surges of hot current flashing through me as Bill kept stroking me faster and faster, going for his come. My fuck hole closed around him like a strong fist. His cock began to jerk and spurt scalding-hot jets of cum.

“Wait… wait for me, darling!” I gasped, but he was too far gone to even hear me. His nails dug into my shaking ass cheeks. He rammed into me with such force that I thought I was being split in two!

“Give it to me,” I gasped. “Every drop. Every drop! Jesus, you’re drowning me in cum! Hang in there. I-I’m coming now. Cooommmmiiinnnng! Oooooooooo!”

My orgasm brought me up off of the couch, mashing my tits against his heaving chest. He groaned, gasping for breath. I hugged him with all my strength, rocking back and forth, whimpering and biting his ear.

A second later, I heard Alan moan loudly. He pounded his cock into Mom with violent thrusts, sweeping her along with him into a climax that brought tears of joy to her eyes. Roger’s wavering wail echoed from the pantry a split second later.

He must have gotten off like gangbusters! I heard cups and plates crashing to the hard floor and shattering so loudly that Mildred’s joyful shriek was almost drowned out.

I didn’t know I had closed my eyes until I felt my mom nudging me to move over. She had something definitely cooked up in her hot mind. Her hands grabbed Bill and pulled him off of me. She made him sit up, leaning against the wall, his slippery cock still hard and waving around in the air. In a second, she had Alan sitting next to him. She fell on her knees, pulled me down beside her and reached out to jack both of their cocks into superhard erections.

“I’m going to suck on Bill until he hollers ‘Uncle’. Guess who you get?” She grinned at me as though she were no more than eighteen.

I didn’t say a word. I just opened my mouth and fell face down on Alan’s lap. Two heads bobbed, and two men let out long sighs as we sucked cock like there were no other men left alive in the world.

“Is there room for Roger?” I heard Mildred asking. She pushed his hot butt down on the couch beside Bill and began licking and stroking my brother’s wilted prong back into rigid life.

Without a word, we three women started a contest to see who could make which cock come first. I knew Mildred was fantastic with her mouth, but my mother surprised the hell out of me! She held Bill’s rod in both hands and absolutely devoured his red dickhead, licking and twirling her tongue around on his broad crown until I felt his legs begin to jerk when every muscle in his body tightened up.

Bill’s tension set off Roger and Alan. I expected Roger to come like a rabbit, being so young, but Todd’s daddy got there first. He swelled and shivered and shook in my mouth, and then erupted an absolute geyser of cum.

For a while, at least, that was it for the men in the room. They collapsed into a heap like an exhausted football team folding up when the whistle blows for the end of the last quarter.

My mom was still as hot as a fox! She patted Bill’s limp cock very lovingly and looked around for new worlds to conquer.

I swear that little sparks actually flashed from her eyes when she looked at Mildred’s lovely naked body. You could have knocked me over with a canary feather when she firmly spread the hot receptionist out on the soft rug and went down on her like the wildest lesbian in L.A.

I held a finger to my lips and quietly pulled the men to their feet, heading them in the direction of Alan’s private bath. Soon, clouds of steam billowed out and I heard the deep chuckles of happily relaxed men, joking in the shower. I stretched out on the couch.

Mildred and my mother went into a 69, hugging and sucking, moaning and licking and feeling each other’s hot cunts.

“Our orgy is a complete success,” I heard myself murmur as I drifted off to sleep.


I was knocked out by all that had happened to me in the past few hours. I dimly remember driving home and trying to ignore Mildred’s whimpers of joy as Mom and Roger fingerfucked her in the back seat.

The house was dark when I woke up. There was a light coming from my folks’ bedroom.

I leaned against the door, staring at the bed. Mildred was spread out flat, completely nude oh the big mattress. Roger was fucking her cunt like a boy gone insane with sex. Between their hot bodies, Mom was sucking on Mildred’s clitty. She would also suck on her own son’s stiff cock when he would slip it out of that wet cunt and rake it against Mildred’s clit and up into his mother’s open mouth on every other stroke.

The bed shook and heaved up and down. The hot slurping sounds of a pussy getting fucked and a dick being sucked were enough to make a mummy rip off his wrappings and grab his dong. The phone stopped me just as my fingers closed around Roger’s twitching cock.

I plopped down on the bed and pulled the phone from its perch on Mom’s nightstand. I cradled it on my naked lap and listened to the clink of coins falling, in a pay phone.

In another second I let out a wild whoop of joy. My sister Kathy’s voice never was more welcome. “Where are you, hon?” I asked, turning my back so I couldn’t see Roger’s agonized expression as he went for his come.

“At the airport. Daddy finally called me at college and told me what had happened to him. Can you come down and pick me up? And do I hear what I think I hear in that room? Sounds like some female is getting the hell screwed out of her. And it can’t be Mom.”

“Your ears don’t deceive you, Kathy,” I laughed. “I’ll fill you in on the way home. It will be wonderful seeing you again, Kathy.”

Her laugh was low and sexy. “I missed you too, sweet. I have thought, so many times, about the fun we used to have sleeping together, before Dad figured out why we had stopped giggling when we teased each other, and why we both were walking like our little pussies were sore.”

“Which they were,” I smiled. “My cunt is starting to itch right now, just thinking about how you used to lick me.”

“Stop that sexy talk,” she begged. “Oh, before I forget, there will be a man with me when you pick me up. And yes, he swings and screws like a damn fucking machine! And yes, I’ll share him with you. His name is — whoops! Time’s up, the operator tells me. Polish up your pussy, Judy. It’s going to see action like you won’t believe. Bye.”

I told the hot trio on the bed who I had been talking to, but my news only half-registered with Roger. He was out of his fucking mind anyway. Mom was instantly busy with plans for a big dinner to celebrate. She insisted that Mildred stay for the festivities. I looked at her very soberly.

“Stop that, Judy,” she blushed. “She is a fantastic woman and… and well, I feel much less guilty about having sex with her than if I were screwing around with some man. Not that Alan isn’t a dear. Oh, you know what I mean. And when your father gets home…”

“The two of you will put him right back in intensive care!” I laughed as I went out to start the car.

The ride through the heavy traffic seemed to take forever. But coming home, with Ted Archer — Kathy’s stud — doing the driving, the trip was a breeze. We all talked at once, but somehow understood each other.

Ted was almost as handsome as Todd. His hair was black and wavy. He had a peaches-and-cream complexion like the beauty ads promised girls. Tall strong build… sexy voice… soft brown eyes that would melt any girl’s resistance to the most lewd suggestions a man could make. And his tight slacks showed me a long and thick cylinder of joy — that is, when Kathy’s hand wasn’t partly covering it. Kathy could sure pick her men!

My sister hugged me and slid her hand a little higher on my leg. “When you feel this man’s knob spreading your little pussy, you’ll positively glow in the dark, Judy! Mmmmmm, it still feels as soft and warm as ever, and it’s very moist.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” I murmured, sliding my ass forward on the seat. “My clit is just up a tiny bit higher. Right here.”

“Do you two sex fiends want me to crack this car up against the bus we’ve been following? Have a heart!”

“Too late to stop now, Ted,” I groaned. Kathy’s busy fingers were making my pussy quiver and pour out cunt juice like a fountain in the park. “Uh… uh… uh… Your finger feels ssssssoooooo goooood!”

“That tears it.” Ted muttered, struggling with his belt buckle. He heaved a sigh of relief as his cock jumped straight up out of his fly. I took one look at it, moaned loudly and came with a rush, grabbing Kathy’s hand and jamming it tightly against my slick cunt. My sis sort of came with me — a sympathetic come.

Later, after Mom hugged Sis half to death and cried all over her, she introduced Mildred and Roger to Ted. Her eyes didn’t miss the cock bulge that he showed plainly through his pants.

I took the fastest shower on record. When I sprinted into my bedroom, Kathy was lying stark naked, spread like an eagle on my bed. We didn’t say one word to each other. I just laid my cunt over her face and spread her legs even wider, tugging her knees up so I could see and taste and suck every inch of her cunt.

“Aaaaaahhh!” she sighed. “Just like old times, Judy honey. The feel of your hot tongue on me turns back the clock, like it was last night that we did this to each other. You taste super-good!”

“Mmmmm,” I mumbled, holding her sweet cunt even tighter to my mouth. I could feel myself beginning to come already, and Kathy was just one heart beat behind me!

I suddenly whimpered as her cunt jerked away from me. “Wha-what’s happening? Ohmigod! Ted! Oh, are you ever beautiful in the nude. Oh, no! Jesus, I never heard him come in my room. He lifted me off of Kathy like I didn’t weigh an ounce. He pushed me flat down on my bed. I felt his warm hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his quick tongue flick over my warm buns and dive right down into my brown asshole.”

My voice wailed up the scale! My face was clamped between Kathy’s thighs when she pulled me up on her and pressed my head down. I sucked madly on her sweet pussy. My mind was all confused because never once, when I used to do this with her, was there anyone licking around and around my asshole and another running his tongue up my wet cunt. She tugged me closer to her, and Ted pulled me back toward him.

“Wait. Wait a minute,” I gasped. “You two are tearing me apart! Let’s get this act together.”

He settled the problem by flipping me on my back and sinking his rigid cock into my hole. From nowhere, Kathy’s bare cunt came down on my open mouth. Ted folded his legs under him and pulled me half up on his lap. Kathy’s pussy came right along as I slid toward him. He could see my tongue flicking over her pink clit and watched my hands tearing at my hot tits. They seemed to itch like mad. Their lips met, over my sweating body, as they leaned together over me. Their tongues plunged body into each other’s mouths. He grew so fucking hard in my hole that he felt like an iron ramrod.

Kathy started to whip her hot butt back and forth, and quiver like her coming orgasm was going to be her last. My cunt seemed to grab Ted’s cock and come without even telling me to get ready. With timing that seldom happens, his cock poured its gism into me at the same split second. He stopped stroking and held still while his cock throbbed and jerked inside of me, then filled my cunt hole to the brim with his hot, splashing load of come.

“Christ,” he muttered. “We don’t last any length, of time at all, do we?”

“Whew!” I breathed, rubbing my face with my shaking hands.

Mildred came in the room. She was dressed in a lovely gown, almost a formal, with a string of priceless pearls around her smooth-skinned neck. She was truly a most beautiful woman, and most horny too.

“Hungry. Yes,” was all she said. She held her hand delicately to her tits, keeping the string of pearls out of the way as her mouth descended on Ted’s cock. She gathered his wilted dick up with her tongue and soft lips, and sucked his cock into a rigid, pulsing, twitching erection so quickly that Kathy and I sat and stared in amazement.

“Isn’t anyone going to come downstairs and eat dinner?” Mom’s plea was so wistful-sounding that Mildred gave up Ted’s cock almost gracefully.

An hour later. I was so stuffed I could hardly move. “Is anyone else as sleepy as me?”

All of us conked out, me, alone in my bed, and Kathy and Ted double-decked, no doubt, in the guest room. I never heard Mom and Roger return from taking Mildred home, I was so done in with plain old-fashioned, fucked-out fatigue.

When the phone woke me up, the sun was already high in the sky. “Hello. Speak slowly, please. I am sound asleep,” I muttered into the mouthpiece.

“This is Mr. Martindale, back from New York, sitting here in ray office behind an unbelievably hard cock, calling his secretary. Come on down to the office. Now”

Later, we were building up a hot rhythm on the couch when the office phone jangled loudly.

“Shit!” Todd muttered. “Where the hell is Mildred? Can’t she handle simple business calls by herself?” He stumbled over to the desk, glancing down on the way at the wet stain around his cock as it hung out his fly. He spoke briefly, then slammed the phone down.

“This is going to happen again if we try to fuck here, Judy. Let’s cut out and go to my quiet apartment.”

My legs were already so rubbery-weak from all the emotions storming through me that he had to help me to my feet. I clung to him all the way cross town to his place.

We left a trail of clothing through the living room and hall, right up to his huge bed. I was so hot to screw I hardly noticed how nice his apartment was. Time enough for that, later. After I had come three times, I began to coast a bit, lying warm and relaxed in Todd’s arms, letting my eyes drift around the big bedroom. My pussy positively purred, filled to the bursting point with Todd’s slowly moving cock as it throbbed sensuously in my cunt.

He kissed me. His cock began to swell up even harder. We were into it again, really good, when the fucking doorbell started ringing.

“Double damn all the salesmen in the world!” he cursed. “I’ll fix him up good.”

He was back in a minute, looking very puzzled. His pecker was still rigidly erect.

“I don’t believe this! There’s a lovely girl at my door, asking for you! And she could be a duplicate of you, except she’s a brunette. Get this, too: she wasn’t the least bit shook up at seeing me stark naked… even patted me on my cock!”

I jumped up off the bed. “That can only be Kathy, my sister.”

My tits almost slapped me in my face as I raced to the living room. “Kathy baby! Come in, come in!” I hugged her and danced around with her. “How did you find me here?”

“Mom told me where you work, and Alan gave me this address.” She blushed a faint pink. “He is certainly a very nice man. So hard! I mean, it’s so hard to find a gentleman like him these days.”

“May I?” she asked me, pulling Todd close to the edge of the bed. “I’m curious to know if he tastes as good as his father.”

I didn’t have time to answer her before she lifted Todd’s heavy cock and slipped it deep into her mouth.

“Woof!” Todd gasped. His eyes grew as round as saucers, looking down at her tongue as it bathed his stiff cock. “It’s a shame she’s so shy, Judy.”

“Wait until you see her as naked as you,” I told him. “You’re going to drool all over your chin.”

Todd’s fingers laced through her hair. He pulled her head closer to him. His hips began moving, fucking her in her mouth with his stiff cock.

“Jeeeeee-zus, Judy! What a blowjob your sister gives!”

Kathy sucked ravenously on my lover, her whole body beginning to tremble with pent-up lust. She moaned as his thick, hot prick quivered in her hands as she worked him, tugging him further down her throat. He suddenly groaned and spurted his fiery cream into her mouth with great gushes. She swallowed his come greedily and kept right on jerking and sucking on him.

Todd bent over like he was a real pain. “Go soft, you crazy cock. Limp! Limp! Fall down before she kills you!”

“He isn’t going anywhere for the rest of the day. We planned on fucking ourselves unconscious, and you might as well get naked and join the party. Is she welcome, Todd?” I asked.

He collapsed on the bed, holding himself and putting on a sad face. “She’s welcome, but there will be no party. It’s all over. She sucked it to death. You girls will have to amuse yourselves all by your lonesome. I’ll just lay here and grieve over the loss of a very dear friend.”

Kathy laughed and hugged me. “I can see why you love this guy.” Her eyes were very bright. Hard nipples poked at me through her thin blouse. She lay back on the bed between Todd and me and raised her knees. Her skirt rolled up her smooth legs. She sighed and clasped her hands under her head, rolling her hips around suggestively and exposing every inch of her bare pussy.

I heard Todd draw in his breath sharply. His hand pulled her skirt a little higher. He bent over her and reached out to brush his fingers over her quivering cunt.

Kathy slid her arm under me and hugged me to her, opening her legs wide to Todd’s hungry mouth as it sucked on her cunt.

I slipped my hand inside of her blouse. Her nipples were as hard as tiny pebbles. A hot flush spread up her neck and over her cheeks. She moaned softly. Her hips began to work against Todd’s busy tongue as it lapped at her wet slit.

“He said we were to amuse ourselves, Judy. Can you think of anything we can do?” she said playfully.

I thought of a few things.


It was not easy to get Kathy out of her clothes. The little firecat’s body was convulsing with wildly jerking movements. He went after her snatch like a hungry wolf, turned on twice as much by the fact that it was shaped almost exactly like mine.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him away from her pussy, lifting her legs quickly and tugging her skirt away. He zipped back to his target like an arrow, his tongue flicking at the air even before it made contact with her clit.

He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide.

She was wet halfway down to her knees. Her hands grabbed for me and pulled my tits up to her mouth.

I thought she would eat my stiff nipples right off! The heat from her body felt like the burning rays of a July sun.

“I have never seen you so hot, Kathy,” I murmured in her ear.

“This man of yours must have taken lessons in cunt sucking,” she gasped, reaching down to hold her pussy lips wide open for him. “If he doesn’t fuck me soon, I’m going to melt and run all over his bed.”

I had an idea. “Lay flat,” I told her. “We are going to give Todd two pussies to fuck! He’ll go straight up the wall!”

I eased myself over her, face up, laying my trembling butt right on her tummy. Our cunts were double-decked, one on top of the other, in perfect position for Todd to stroke into her, then raise his sights a little to sink every inch of his hard cock into my eager hole.

“This is fantastic!” he muttered, sliding his cock into Kathy’s box. “Aaaaah! Jesus H. Christ! This is like fucking a tight twelve-year-old, except that no little kid ever had a hole that could grip a man like hers does!”

He stood by the edge of the bed, his eyes riveted down her cunt lips snuggling around his slick cock. He slowed, his pace, trying to make himself last long enough to enjoy seeing four soft, warm thighs open, and two cunts snapping and twitching, one with happiness as being completely stuffed with hard cock, and one waiting its turn.

My clit kept urging me to play with it. When he saw my finger rolling it around and dipping into my waiting cunt, he pulled out of Kathy and sank every inch of his cock into my pussy. I heard Kathy murmur in protest, but her hands came up over my hot boobs very lovingly. She drove my nipples mad by scratching them with her sharp fingernails.

Todd’s cock was swollen so hard that he felt like a baseball bat ramming into me. My pussy juices flowed around his shaft and trickled down onto Kathy’s naked cunt. My snatch whipped up and down on his cockrod. The harder he fucked me, the better it felt.

Suddenly, he lifted me half up off of Kathy, slipping his cock out of my hole and sliding it into my sister’s. I fell off of her. He lifted my crotch up to his mouth and sucked madly on my cunt while he kept stroking frantically into Kathy. It was a miracle he didn’t climax! The excitement of sucking a pussy and fucking its sister-cunt at the same time should have blown his balls right off of his body!

“This is too much to handle,” he gasped. “I don’t want to come and have to stop screwing, but if I don’t rest a minute, this party will peter out.”

He flopped on the bed beside us, his cock so red that it almost glowed in the gathering darkness of his room. Kathy would not stop, not for a second. Her hands slid under my ass. Her mouth searched for and found my cunt. I flipped on my side and pulled her hips close to me. She raised her leg and shoved her pussy close to my mouth and began to whimper and shake like a leaf when I sucked her clit.

“Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm,” she kept mumbling, her tongue going wild in my hole.

No way could we keep from having our orgasms! We both went over the top at the same time. Todd rolled away to give our thrashing bodies room to writhe and shudder. The whole room seemed to whirl around me in a blurry haze.

He gave me no chance to recover. His cock was back in my fuck hole the split second my shaking legs grew less violent. He pulled me up on his lap, spread my legs and fucked my cunt. Kathy struggled to her feet and stood over me, moving up close to Todd’s mouth and reaching down to hold her cunt open for his eager tongue to lick her.

I reached up and fingerfucked the hell out of her sopping wet cunt. I felt Todd’s tongue brushing against my busy finger. We were all so fucking hot that the place could have caught fire and we’d never have noticed.

My arms and legs went numb, flopping wound on the bed like they belonged to a rag doll. Kathy moaned steadily, working her hips against his face and going for another climax. Her tits shook and swung back and forth until she captured them in her hot hands squeezed them. Her flesh turned as red as a sunset.

Todd pulled out of me all of a sudden. He flipped me over, face-down on the bed, with my feet pointing away from him. Kathy fell face up on the mattress, opening her legs and grabbing for Todd’s cock. He sank in her hole, right to the bottom. He fucked her with long, plunging strokes, crawling up between her legs and bending over to reach out for my quivering asshole. With every stroke of his tool in Kathy’s hot box, his tongue sank deeper into my agonized butthole.

“Oh God! You are driving me insane,” I gasped, clenching the damp sheet in my fists and whipping my butt in tiny, rapid circles against the pressure of his asshole-fucking tongue. I had never climaxed that way before. Kathy felt my body tensing, and she sank her nails into Todd’s plunging buttcheeks and began to come right with me. He kept steadily screwing her cunt, all through her orgasm. He had his second wind and showed no signs of coming.

The sweat poured off of his body. His eyes closed. He was all cock! Just one huge fucking cock dominating the man behind it. Kathy let out a little yelp of surprise when he pushed her away, his dick snapping up against his hard stomach muscles with a loud smack. He turned me over and pulled me toward him. Wham! Right into the deepest depths of my twitching box, he plunged his cock.

“Love your cunt. Love it! Love it!” he chanted. “I’m never going to come, never! Can’t stop fucking.”

My frantic fingers closed around his cock as it whipped back and forth in my tender hole. I grabbed for his heavy balls. My breath came in agonized, rasping gasps. My finger found my clit and whipped back and forth over it until my cunt muscles gripped Todd so hard that no man could have held off from coming.

“Aaaahhhh! No! No! I don’t want to come!” he moaned.

“Please, honey. Come in my cunt. Right now! Please, please, please. I want to feel your scalding hot gism spurting into me. You have to come! Ooooohh! You’re like flaming poker in me!”

My nails clawed his back. My feverishly jerking cunt dragged his load out of his balls. He gritted his teeth when his come burst into me, stinging my hole, jetting with a fantastic force. I didn’t think I had another orgasm left in me. Todd crashed down on the bed between Kathy and me, shivering like he was freezing. We snuggled tip close to him, holding him tightly and drifting off into kind of a half-sleep.

The apartment was dark when I woke up. Todd’s warm body was still pressed against mine, but when I raised my head and peered groggily around the room, I could not find Kathy. I sat up, rubbing my face and shaking my head to clear away the mental cobwebs. I got up on my feet and stumbled around the apartment, looking for my sister.

There was a scrawled note stuck to the TV tube with scotch tape. I read it twice before my fuzzy mind understood her chicken scratches. “Judy sweetie. Had to go. Had to save some strength for Ted. See you both later. Congrats on finding such a terrific lover as Todd. Luv you, Kathy.”

I seemed to hear bells ringing in my ears. Man, was I out of it! It had to be someone at the door. I opened it a tiny bit, hiding my naked body behind the door.

“Brought you two love birds some food,” Alan’s deep voice boomed into the room. “Have to keep your strength up, you know.”

He breezed in and hugged me like a bear with his free arm. “Judy, you feel so soft and warm and sexy, I’m going to limp into the kitchen and put this pizza in the oven and then put my cock in your snatch!”

The stinging spray of the shower made me feel alive and functioning again. I was one lucky girl to be able to be in such a lovely apartment with a man like Todd. My pussy was tingling hotly again. No matter how much I dried it off with Todd’s heavy bath towel, my cunt lips stayed slippery and ready for action.

I stood before his huge bathroom mirror and stared at myself. I looked very good to myself. Alive! Hot! My fingers could not stay away from my snatch. I spread the slick juice around on my cunt with two trembling fingers, and dipped down to get my asshole slick too. Something told me I had better get that hole ready for action.

Todd drifted in and splashed around in the shower. I bent over the basin and scrubbed my teeth with my finger.

“AM Judy, my child,” Alan’s voice echoed in the big bathroom. His firm hands gripped my hips. I felt his cockhead press against my asscheek.

“You — oh! I’m so tender.”

I had to grip the edge of the counter to keep from falling. His hard shaft pressed into my asshole with quick, thrilling thrusts. “I won’t be able to sit down for two days,” I moaned, but I gave him as good a feeling as he was giving me.

He turned us around, settling his ass on the counter and making me bend over a little while his strong hands pushed and pulled my whole body back and forth on his rigid cock. He screwed my ass with sweeping arcs of his hips, muttering: “Christ, are you ever tight back there, Judy!”

Todd came out of the shower. He didn’t even pause to dry off. His cock was rigidly erect and throbbing, like the mini-orgy with Kathy and me had never happened. Without wasting a second, he pressed between my legs. His huge knob circled around on the wet rim of my pussy hole. He slid into me. I was so full of hard cock that I could feel my pulse throbbing madly in my temples. My heart beat faster and faster.

“Oh, Lord,” I groaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me! Alan, pull back when Todd pushes, in. I can’t handle so much cock in me all at the same time. Yes… there… that’s the way. Oh, you both feel soooooo good!”

They were so intent on their fucking that they didn’t say a word. They just screwed my two holes hotly and steadily, keeping me a prisoner between their bodies pressing against me. Alan was not going to last more than a few strokes. I was sure of it. His cock was so flaming hot and hard that it had to blast off.

“Aaaaarrrrggghhh!” His gasp was explosive. His hot cum spurted like molten lava, searing my insides. His cock slipped out of my butt as he stumbled aside so Todd could sit me up on the counter and ride his tool into my tender snatch, right up to his balls.

I was so damned hot that the walls of the room spun and grew hazy. My legs lifted snugly around Todd’s perspiring body. He lifted me, ramming even deeper as he slowly walked me down the hall, fucking me with every step he took.

“Oh, Todd,” I sighed. “Don’t stop screwing me. Ever. Ever!” My ankles crossed over his back. I pulled his mouth down to my tits. “I love you, Todd. I never knew how much until now. Sex is so beautiful with you. God! What a sweet agony! Your prick burns like fire in me.”

I was hazily aware of Alan standing there, watching us on the bed, buttoning his shirt and tucking it in his trousers. He smiled and blew me a kiss. I heard the front door click shut. Now there was no one in my world except my man and me.

We kissed. His tongue thrust deeply into my mouth, sliding in and out with every delicious movement of his hard tool in my cunt. I didn’t believe there was another come left in me, but I was wrong. I felt the biggest one of all tightening my nerves and making my stomach start to cramp.

“Todd! I’m going to come again! I can feel it. It’s going to wipe me out. Fuck my cunt! Harder. Come with me, please!”

He was holding me so tightly I could hardly breath. His cock grew flaming hot. My pussy writhed and squirmed under him. My cunt was on fire! My orgasm smashed through me like the end of the world!

Sweat stood out on his forehead. He trembled with his effort to reach his climax. I could feel his heart pounding against my chest.

I tumbled from the clouds. The red haze that had come down like a curtain over my eyes, when I came, began to clear. I could see the strain in his face.

“Let me suck you, darling,” I whispered. “Lay back and relax. Don’t think about anything except bow good my mouth feels on you. Forget about coming. It will happen all by itself.” For some reason, I suddenly felt like a shy little girl. “If-if you want to, you can suck my pussy while I kiss you all over your beautiful cock. Aaaahhh. There. Right there on my clit. Don’t let your mouth drift away. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Keep sucking me… mmmmmmmm… my clitty is so sensitive!”

His cock twitched and trembled in my hands. It was full of blood that pumped madly through the distended veins. When my tongue touched it, it seemed to spring like a hungry tiger between my parted teeth. Instantly, a sharp throbbing surge of strength flowed through his body. I wanted him to come inside of me. I had to feel it burning me, scalding my pussy, filling me to the brim!

I mounted him and sank my pussy down onto his rigid cock. My hands gripped his shoulders. My hair tossed wildly around. My tits brushed across his parched lips. I ground my hips hard against him. Shudders racked me until I began to sob. My hips worked in spasms, raking my cunt up and down the length of his meat. My cunt took me over completely. It held him in me so tightly that I felt I was pulling my pussy right out of my body.

His gut-wrenching climax tossed my thrashing body around like a leaf in a tornado. He opened his mouth, but only a choking gasp came out. His came slammed into my cunt in hot, fast jets of liquid fire. My whole body stiffened. I fell on him like a tumbling house of cards.

It was a long, long time before we stirred. His arms held me tenderly against his warm, strong body. I pulled the sheet up over us and cuddled closer to him. My sigh of complete contentment brought his lips brushing softly over mine. The night breeze from the open window cooled our feverish bodies.

And all was right then that I knew I had found my man, and heaven-on-earth too.

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