Hung Strung Houseguest

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Renee Cloud, the girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A teenager. Renee finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes a little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

HUNG STRUNG HOUSEGUEST — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Oh, yes, I’d love to come,” Renee Cloud said. “You mean your father invited me for the whole weekend?”

“Yes,” Janine replied. “It was when he met you at the open day, he said he’d really like you to visit.”

Janine looked a bit apprehensive, shuffling her foot in the dirt of the schoolyard.

“Great!” Renee was in seventh heaven.

“Make sure you get permission from your parents.”

“Oh, no trouble.” Renee knew her parents didn’t care what she did, or indeed what happened to her.

Janine was her only real friend at school and both of them were very isolated from the rest of the girls. Which was strange because the two girls were very attractive. They both had the same slim, long legs, tight swelling asses and slender waists.

Janine’s tits were larger than Renee’s, and Janine envied Renee for that. Renee’s tits were just right — high, thrusting globes that didn’t need the support of a bra. Renee was also the more beautiful of the two. Her shoulder-length dark hair framed a dark, sensuous face with luscious red lips, a straight nose and deep fawn eyes.

Both girls were chased by many of the neighborhood boys, but they both kept them at bay. They had met about a month ago, just after Janine had enrolled in the school, and they had been close ever since. Now Renee was to spend a weekend with Janine — it was wonderful!

It seemed an age to Friday, but finally Renee took her weekend bag to school and caught Janine’s bus with her afterwards.

The house was a large, older one, set back from the road.

Janine opened the door. “Anybody home? Oh, hi, this is my mom, Renee.”

“Hello, Mrs. Messier,” Renee said. It was obvious where Janine got her looks from. Her mother was also a blonde, her straight hair framing a strong, good-looking face and a rather hard mouth.

“You girls go and have a good time,” Mrs. Messier said. “I’ll let you know when dinner’s ready.”

The two girls went up to Janine’s room and put the television on. Janine seemed ill-at-ease as she rolled onto the bed and watched a game show.

“You ever been with a boy?” she asked Renee suddenly.

“Me?” Renee laughed. “No, my mom says my dad would kill me if I went with a boy. It’s funny, he doesn’t take any notice of what I do, unless there’s a boy around. He hates that.”

“Yes, but have you ever wanted to be with a boy?” Janine persisted.

“You mean petting and things?”

“No.” Janine chuckled. “I mean getting fucked, you know, getting his cock up you?”

“Oh, no!” Renee replied. “I wouldn’t do anything like that. Why? I mean, have you?”

“Oh me?” Janine shifted uncomfortably. “Well, sort of, you know…”

“No, tell me,” Renee said, her curiosity aroused.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just that my family, you know, they’re a bit strange, that’s all. Come on, we’d better dress for dinner.”

“Dress for dinner?” Renee echoed in amazement.

“Yeah, it’s like a game we play with my dad and his friends. We serve the stuff before we sit down.”

“What?” Renee was shocked. She hadn’t come here to be a maid for the weekend.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Janine said, “it’s fun.” She went to her closet and pulled out a pair of maid’s costumes. Renee was amazed and worried.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Janine said, “it’s just like dressing up.”

Renee hardly knew what, to do. She was uncomfortable, but Janine seemed to know what she was doing. She followed what Janine did. Undressing was the most embarrassing, and she made sure she didn’t look at Janine.

First there was a pair of black, net stockings. Renee had never worn stockings in her life, being a traditional teenager in her tight Levi’s and loose top. She learned how to clip the lacy garter straps onto the stockings and clip the belt around her slim waist. Then there was a pair of tight black panties, so tight that they showed every curve of Renee’s pussy mound and ass. The little quarter-cup bra thrust her tits up, her nipples free of the top of the cup. Then there was the little black slip that only just covered the bra at one end and Renee’s ass at the other. On top of that went the uniform dress, high cut around the neck, and the hem stopped just below the stocking tops, revealing Renee’s lovely thighs with each movement. The finishing touches were the white apron, a hat and a pair of five-inch high heels.

Renee found the heels very difficult to walk in, and she was also frightened by what she was wearing. She studied herself in the mirror, amazed at the way the outfit showed every curve of her delightful body, and the long perfection of her legs. It was an open invitation to boys, Renee decided, and she was glad this was only a game.

When they got downstairs, Renee got another shock. She knew Janine’s father, Franz, but not the two men with him. She shook hands with Franz shyly. He was an overpowering man at the best of times, and now his eyes seemed to be piercing her to the bone as he greeted her. “This is Renee,” he said to his friends, “and this is Chris and this is Leslie… Business friends of mine.”

Renee was even more apprehensive as she shook hands with the other two men. They were both good-looking men oozing confidence. Chris was the taller of the two and in his forties, Renee thought. He had salt-and-pepper hair and strong blue eyes.

Les was in his thirties, and had on a pair of very fashionable light-rimmed glasses. He grinned at Renee as if there was a secret joke between them.

“Well, Renee,” he said, “Franz has raved about you, how beautiful you are and all that. I bet a lot of the boys get around you, hey?”

“N-not really,” Renee said, blushing furiously.

“April, when’s dinner ready?” Franz asked as his wife came in.

Renee got another shock. When April had first arrived, she was dressed in normal jeans and top. Now she wore a distressingly revealing outfit. The blouse was semi-transparent and showed a lacy bra underneath. Her skirt was slit to the top of her thigh, revealing the hint of white stocking tops.

April paraded into the room and slid her hand around Chris’ shoulders with what Renee thought was a rather too-familiar gesture.

“Dinner’s ready,” April said, “you can go and get it, Janine.”

“Come on.” Janine led Renee into the kitchen.

Renee was feeling more and more frightened as she picked up the tray with soup on it. In her five-inch heels it was very difficult to balance the tray.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Janine said, “you’ll understand in a moment.”

She led the way to the main room, and Renee followed her.

The main room was darkly lit, and Renee had difficulty with the tray. Suddenly she tripped in her heels. With a screech, she grabbed at the tray, spilling soup all over the carpet.

“I’m sorry,” she said, close to breaking into tears again. “I’ll go back and get some more.”

There was a moment of total silence. The adults were all around the table, which was in semi-darkness. Renee could see the white of April’s blouse and the tall, menacing figures of the men.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Franz said, “when this happens, you only have to take your punishment, nothing to worry about.”

“Punishment?” Renee gasped, trying to get one of her heels back on.

Franz picked up a cane from the table. “Six strokes for the first offense, nothing terrible. Over the back of the chair, young lady.”

He pointed to the large padded chair.

“Wh-w-what?” Renee gasped, backing away. She almost tripped in her heels again as she tried to turn and get out of the room.

“I said, over the back of that chair.” Franz came around the table, tapping the cane in his hand. “Don’t worry, we encourage our girls to mess things up, it’s more fun that way, isn’t it?”

“No, no, please! What is this!” Renee moaned and broke into tears. “Janine what is this!”

“Just lily family.” Janine looked almost sorry for Renee.

Janine climbed onto Chris’ lap as he dropped into a large padded chair. She snuggled close to him, sliding her little dress up over her thighs.

“Love me, love my family,” she said in a breathless whisper to Renee.

“No, I want to go home!” Renee became panicky as she stared at the horrible cane in Franz’s hand.

“I said, over that chair!” Franz grabbed ha. “Noooo!” Renee screamed, struggling in his steel grasp, her dark hair flying wildly.

“Over that chair!” Franz snapped, throwing the screaming schoolgirl face-down over the back of the low, cushioned chair.

Renee wailed, trying to get back upright again. Her short uniform dress had flown up, revealing the curves of her lovely ass and the black panties that covered them.

“Stay there or get tied up.”

“No, please, let me go home!” Renee screeched, struggling up on the chair back, tears rolling down her face.

“That’s it!” Franz slammed her back down, holding the back of her neck.

“Janine! Janine!” Renee screamed. “Help me!”

“Can’t, sorry. Chris wants to feel my pussy while you get whipped. He likes that, and it gets me all wet for all the fucking later.”

“Noooo!” Renee screamed. “You can’t do this!”

“If you wanna be my friend,” Janine said, “you have to live like me, that’s the deal.” She gasped as Chris slid his fingers into her panties and played with the blonde curls of her pussy. “Ooohhh! Wanna feel my tits too?”

“Sure, you’ll catch hell from your dad if he finds your uniform unbuttoned.”

“Ohhhh, fuck my dad!” Janine sighed, sliding the top button of her maid’s uniform open. “He’d only make me suck you off while he whips me.”

Janine blew her father a kiss as she opened the uniform, showing the top of her little slip and bra. She leaned back against Chris, leading his hand to her tits.

Renee stared in horror as she saw the disgusting scene — her friend leaning back against a man old enough to be her father and letting him fondle her tits.

April came up and gave Franz a set of leather cuffs.

“Are you sure about this?” April asked. “Sure,” he said. “You wait till she’s been at it two days, shit. Remember Janine.”

“She isn’t Janine,” April answered.

“Jealous?” Franz grabbed Renee’s wrist and lashed a leather strip round it. “My girls all worship me, you know that?”

Franz lashed Renee’s wrist to the leg of the chair.

“Please, Mrs. Messier! Don’t let him do this!” Renee pleaded.

April looked at her for a few seconds. “You’ve got a lot to learn, honey.”

Franz lashed Renee’s other wrist to the chair.

“Help me!” Renee wailed.

All of them were watching her humiliation. In rising hysteria, she kicked at Franz as he grabbed her ankle. He dodged and ignored her, pushing her legs down, spreading them as he lashed the leather bonds around the schoolgirl’s ankles.

“No!” Renee wept.

Franz lashed her legs to the heavy, wooden piece of furniture. Renee screamed and struggled, but it was hopeless. Soon she was utterly helpless, bound face-down over the chair back, her ass sticking up into the air, her legs stretched and her arms pulled down almost to the base of the chair.

She craned her head up to see what was happening and wished she hadn’t. April was sitting in a chair close by, smoking a cigarette, her long legs crossed as her slit skirt fell away.

Janine was leaning back against Chris. His fingers played in her pussy and also with her tits. Janine was moaning softly and her hips pushed up and back as Chris worked on her.

Leslie sat close to April, waiting, his legs also crossed.

“Now,” Franz said, “for this young lady’s punishment.”

As if in a nightmare, Renee watched as he took up the cane and came over to the chair. He pushed her little uniform dress out of the way, up over her ass, until the glorious curves were revealed in the tight black panties. The lacy garter straps running over Renee’s creamy skin only made the lustful scene look more depraved.

“Six, I said, right?”

“Please, please! Don’t! Let me go home!” Renee wailed.

There was a swishing sound, and a terrible agony burst through Renee’s body. The thin cane lashed across her tight asscheeks, beating a red line across them. Renee jerked up, unable to believe what was happening to her.

“Aaaagghhgh! Help! No, stop!”

“I did say, six, didn’t I?” Franz lashed the schoolgirl again.

“Aaaghhh — oohhh, help!” Renee screamed, pulling wildly against the bonds, her legs trembling and her ass ringing with pain.

“Wasn’t it six?” Franz asked, the cane whipping cross Renee’s ass in a hard stroke.

“Uuurrgghhh, help!” Renee screamed, jerking helplessly. Her little panties didn’t protect her ass at all from the cane, and her flesh burned with horrible agony.

“Did I say six, or didn’t I?” Franz demanded, lashing Renee’s ass once more.

“Yeaahhh! Yes, yes, yes!” Renee screeched, finally catching on to the way he was torturing her. She twisted and screamed, her little maid’s hat falling to the carpet.

“Good. Six it is.”

“You’ve already whipped me four times!” Renee wept. “Please! Let me go! Let me go home — please!”

“Four times?” Franz chuckled. “Those were just to get your attention. Smarten up next time. Now, six strokes.”

“Ooooh, God!” Renee sobbed and buried her head in the cushions of the chair.

The cane whipped across her ass. She jerked and screamed, sobbing in absolute horror. As her head came up, she saw Janine, who was spread out on Chris’ legs, her hands holding his to her tits and pussy. Her panties were pulled away from her cunt and she stroked her pussylips while Chris’ fingers played over her clit. His other hand worked her nipples, squeezing them, while Janine squirmed in his lap, moaning with lust.

The cane whipped into Renee’s ass.

“Aaaghhh — help me!” Renee sobbed, her body on fire with the pain.

“That was two, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, yes! Please — please don’t! Aaagghh!”

“Three.” Franz stopped and came close, running his hand over Renee’s ass. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts!” Renee sobbed. “Please, let me go! Please!”

“My dear,” he said, leaning really close now, “when Janine introduced us, I knew I had to have you for the weekend. I’ve seen many beautiful girls in my time, but you, you are the most wonderful thing I’ve ever met.”

His hard hands ran aver her ass and Renee moaned at the humiliation.

“You have the most wonderful body in the world, you know that?” he whispered. “I mean your tits, and this ass of yours, and I’m willing to bet that your pussy is just as good.”

His fingers probed over Renee’s panties, pushing closer, to her cunt.

“Please, no! Don’t do that!”

Franz chuckled and slid his hand over the crotch of Renee’s tight panties, his skillful fingers probing into her pussy crack. “Hmmmm, you’re not getting turned on, are you?”

Renee didn’t even understand what he meant.

She sobbed louder as his fingers played with her pussylips, spreading them so that he could feel right to the tight entrance of her virgin fuck-hole.

“Have to do something about that. Now, three more strokes.”

“Oooh, God, stop!” Renee begged, but he stepped away and the cane whipped in hard, beating into her red, sore asscheeks, making her lurch on the chair, screaming her heart out.

“Four.” Franz lashed her again. “Five. Just one more.”

Renee gave a long shuddering sob. Her whole body ached from the beating, and her ass was red hot, burning with an agony that she hadn’t known before in her life. The cane lashed her ass, beating the last of the torture into her. She screamed and wept, tearing at the bonds, her ankles struggling to pull free.

“Six,” Franz said, “very good. Now, would you look at that daughter of mine?”

Renee saw her dress up over her ass, her uniform open to the waist, while Chris’ fingers played with her as he wanted. Janine was very aroused, moaning, as Chris’ fingers worked her nipples and pussy.

“Here,” Franz said to April, “do your duty, you’re her mother, she takes after you.”

He flipped the cane at his wife and April took it, stubbing her cigarette out as she got up.

“You’re fuckin’ obsessed with her! Look at you!” She came over to the chair and held the cane over Renee’s red-lined ass. “I want her out of this house!”

Her hand went up and she whipped Renee’s ass hard.

“Aaaghhh! I’ll go!” Renee screamed in agony, her ass throbbing with pain.

“She stays,” Franz said, his voice hard. He reached out slowly and took hold of April’s blonde hair, pulling her close. “You do as I say.”

“You bastard!” April hissed. She stared at her husband and moaned as he twisted her hair and pushed her down to her knees.

“Are you going to punish that slut of a daughter of yours?”

“Please, Franz, please, stop this!” April pleaded.

Renee struggled in the chair, unable to believe what was going on. April’s head was close to hers and there was a terrible desire in the woman’s eyes as she gazed up at her husband.

“Are you going to whip her?” Franz demanded.

“You bastard!” April screamed, twisting her head, trying to get away.

“Ooohhh, come on, Daddy!” Janine moaned as she lay in Chris’ lap. “Come on, I’ve got to get same cock, I need it real bad.”

She slid off Chris’ knees and fell between his thighs, groping far his zipper, her hands running over the massive bulge in the front of his pants. Her little dress still rode up over her ass, showing her lovely legs and the curves of her thighs.

“Shit!” Franz roared. “I’ve got a bitch of a wife and a whore of a daughter — what the fuck do I do!”

“Oh hell, we can take care of your daughter,” Leslie said lazily. He got up and took another thin rod from the closet. “Dinner’s real late tonight, huh?”

“Sorry about that,” Franz muttered as he held onto April’s blonde hair.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Leslie said, “the later dinner is, the better time we have, that’s what I’ve found anyway.”

He strode up to Janine as she was grabbing for Chris’ cock, puffing it out of his pants, her mouth drooling at the sight of it.

“You wanna watch this?” he said to Chris. “Does Janine give the best head in America?” Chris asked.

“Okay, whore,” Leslie instructed, “upon the chair back.”

In a shameless display of lust, Janine scrambled up onto the back of the large armchair that Chris was sitting in. She spread her thighs on either side of his head and then slid down his body, her legs spread out behind him, her knees on the chair back. Her hands went to his cock, then her soft lips engulfed Chris’ massive swollen cockhead. She gasped and licked over the hard flesh.

“Now what exactly was it you did?” Leslie asked, taking the cane and running it over Janine’s heaving ass.

“Ohhhh, I let this horrible man fondle my tits and open my dress.” Janine’s mouth hovered over Chris’ cockhead, her tongue flicking out over the rubbery flesh.

Leslie took the rod and lashed it down, right across Janine’s pantied ass, which was a few inches away from Chris’ face. Chris stared, his cock heaving as the thin rod beat into Janine’s flesh.

Janine gave a scream of lust and sank her mouth around his hard cockhead, sucking at it for all she was worth. The rod lashed her viciously, and she leaped on the chair back, her ass jumping up for more of the rod.

“Yessss! Oh, yes!” she moaned, heaving wildly. “Ooooh, fuck! Do it to me! Please, do it! I’ll make it worth it, I will!”

She tossed and sucked as the rod beat into her ass, mashing her panties into her flesh as it whipped in.

Franz twisted his wife around and made her face Renee.

“Take it off,” he said.

“Ohhh no, no, Franz, don’t!” April sobbed, suddenly breaking down.

“Do as I say!”

“You bastard!” April reached up and undid the top button of her blouse. With her daughter screaming in lust behind her, she slid the next button open, revealing the clasp of her tiny, lacy bra. Silently, still on her knees, she opened the next button and the next until her blouse was open to the waist.

At a nod from Franz, April took hold of the sides of the blouse and pulled them open, revealing her lovely tits to the terrified Renee.

“Do it!” Franz snapped.

April’s hands trembled as they went to the clasp of her bra, right between her tits. She slid it open and pushed the cups of the bra to the side. Her luscious tits were fully exposed now, and Renee could see that they had faint red marks on them. She didn’t need to be told what had made them.

“Back,” Franz said.

With a moan, April slid her hands down the back of her calves as she knelt on the carpet. Her tits thrust out and her back bowed as she gripped the banks of her ankles. She stared at her husband with fear, hatred and a strange look of passion in her eyes.

“What do you want her for?” April wept. “She can’t give you what I give you.”

“And you’ll continue to give it,” Franz said calmly. He lifted the cane and lashed it down, catching April right across her prominent nipples. She gave a low scream of pain and jerked, thrusting her tits back out for the next blow.

Renee screamed.


April gave a low scream as the cane lashed across her swelling tits. She gripped her ankles and leaned back even farther, her red-lined tits thrusting out as the cane whipped into her flesh.

“Aaahhh!” she moaned, “you bastard, Franz, you bastard!”

She gasped as the thin cane lashed right across her nipples, beating the tight buds into her titflesh before they bounced out again.

“Are you ready to behave!” Franz demanded, whipping his wife again, the thin cane almost bouncing off her tits as it bit across the reddened flesh.

“You bastard! Please, Franz, don’t — aagghh!” April screamed as she gripped her ankles hard, her body shuddering with pain. “All right, all right! I’ll behave!”

“Good,” Franz said and whipped her once more for good measure. “Now, get up and dress yourself properly.”

Renee moaned as she waited for her fate. She could hear the slap of the rod on Janine’s ass as the nympho rammed her mouth down on Chris’ cock and Leslie lashed her. Despite her fear and horror, Renee lifted up and saw the full extent of the disgusting scene being played out before her.

April stood shivering in front of Franz, caressing her red-lined tits as she pulled her bra cups back over them and slipped the clasp together. She moaned as the bra rubbed her sore flesh, but she went on and took the transparent blouse, buttoning it up and tucking it into the waistband of her skirt. When she had finished, Franz made her pull the skirt straight and make sure her stockings were right.

Janine lay on the chair back now, her thighs around Chris’ face as she rammed her mouth down on his cock and heaved up for the lash of the rod as it beat into her ass. Chris had a perfect view as the thin rod beat welts of crimson into Janine’s ass. Each time he whipped across her panties, Janine screamed with horrible, depraved lust, slamming her mouth down on Chris’ hard cock. Her throat burbled as the cockhead pushed deep, her fingers worked his balls, and her body thrashed around as she jerked to the beat of the rod.

Franz handed the cane to April. “Do it.”

April looked at him for a few moments, her face filled with pain, her blonde hair falling around her face. Then she walked behind Renee, and the trembling schoolgirl groaned with fear.

Franz took her chin and raised it until she could look into his eyes. “How’s my favorite girl?”

Renee moaned and burst into tears. Franz nodded.

April whipped the cane into Renee’s ass, lashing her with all the force of her arm.

“Aaaghhh!” Renee screamed, lurching upward, heaving at the bonds that held her to the chair. “Please! Please, don’t!”

“I asked my favorite girl how she was.”

“I’m hurt — I want to go home!” Renee sobbed. “Please, let me go home!”

Franz nodded again and Renee was screaming even before the cane whipped into her already-pulped asscheeks.

“You have to learn the right answers, my darling,” Franz said softly. His hand held her chin tenderly, and he ran his other hand through her wonderful, dark hair. “When I ask you how you are, the right answer is, I’m fine, Franz. Now, how is my favorite girl?”

“I’m fine, Franz darling, I’m fine!” Renee screamed in rising horror.

“Good. See how easy it is? If you don’t know the right answer, you only have to ask.”

He smiled and slid his hands down her arms to her wrists. He undid the bonds from the chair, but then tied them together, binding her wrists. As Renee bit her lip, trying to say silent, he pulled her up and sat in the seat, pulling her arms over his head so that her face was close to his, her arms trapped by his hands.

“Now, you watch Janine, she’s so good at this, it’ll give you some ideas.” Franz turned and kissed the sobbing schoolgirl very gently on the cheek.

Renee felt a tide of horror and fear rushing over her. She was still trapped over the back of the chair, her ass sticking out, her ankles lashed to the legs.

“Can I get the cat?” April said nastily. “If the shit’s staying, she can learn properly.”

“My dear,” Franz said, “I leave it entirely up to you what you discipline her with. Just do it when I tell you.”

Renee sobbed, her cheek close to Franz’s as he held her. She could see that there was an enormous bulge in his pants and, even in her innocence, she knew what that meant.

“Now tell me, my darling,” Franz asked softly, “does watching Janine turn you on?”

“What does turn me on mean, darling Franz?” Renee asked, trembling in terror.

“Does it get you excited?” Franz turned tenderly and kissed her, sending a shiver through the girl.

“Yes, yes, Franz darling!” Renee moaned. “Yes, it does!”

“That’s wonderful. April, check her pussy to see if she’s turned an.”

Renee shuddered.

On the other chair, Janine’s mouth was sinking onto Chris’ cock, taking it to the hilt until her tongue flicked out over his balls at the full depth of her lunge. Her gurgling scream rose as she sucked up the long fucker, her drooling mouth leaving the cockshaft glistening. Her mouth played with his cockhead, her perfect, red, round lips kissing and sucking at him.

“Aaaghhh, yesss!” Janine screamed. “Oooohh — whip me, Leslie! Whip me, sooo hard, sooo hard! Aaagghh — yesss! Ohhh fuck, is it good, Chris? Is it good for you? Ooohh, make me suck you, baby! Ooohhh whip my ass, whip my assss! Aagghhh, yesss!”

She climaxed, her ass jerking wildly as she spasmed and rammed her mouth back down the length of the cockshaft.

Renee jerked as she felt April’s fingers playing over her ass and pushing into her panties. She sobbed and tried to hold still as the horrible woman pushed her finger into her helpless pussy. The dry wall rasped as April played around in Renee’s virgin channel.

“Nope,” April said, “she’s dry as a bone.”

“Just a moment,” Franz said, “hold it.” He turned to his weeping victim. “You lied to me. You said it turned you on to watch Janine, but you aren’t excited, at all.”

“Ooohh, please, Franz darling!” Renee wept. “Please…”

“Quiet, darling,” he said, then kissed her. “Lying is very bad, you have to be punished for it, but I wanted you to…”

“Please, Franz darling, I…”

“Be quiet!” he snapped. “I get very angry if my darlings keep talking. Now, I want you to watch Janine. Really good girls come when they’re whipped, then they can suck a cock right down their throat. And I just know you’re going to become one of my really good girls. Now this will be painful, but you have to learn not to lie.”

Renee sobbed and bit her lip, shuddering as she stared at Janine. Then a slashing blow from the knotted tails of a cat whipped into her ass. The pain soared over her, beating through her body. She screamed and struggled desperately, but Franz’s strong hands kept her down, her face close to his.

April whipped Renee’s ass, twisting the blows so that several of the tails beat into her pussy, lashing more agony through the helpless schoolgirl.

Renee screamed in desperate agony, her tight panties no protection at all from the terrible cat.

“I’m sorry if it hurts, my darling,” Franz said softly. He turned and kissed Renee’s cheek again. “But you have to learn not to lie to me, don’t you?”

“Aaghhh! Ohhh, yes, Franz darling! I won’t ever lie again, I — aaaghhh! I promise!” Renee jerked on the chair back, her ass and pussy throbbing with pain. The cat whipped her again, the thick, knotted leather tails beating into her helpless flesh, digging deeper points of red where the knots landed.

“Watch Janine, darling,” Franz said softly. He reached up and caressed Renee’s cheek. His mouth moved gently as he kissed and nuzzled her soft cheek and throat. “She’s so good at it, but I wanted somebody more; after all, she is my daughter and other people should have her more than I do, don’t you agree?”

Renee sobbed and jerked as the cat whipped her pussy, the tails lashing her panties so hard that her cuntlips showed clearly through the thin material.

“Yessss, Franz, darling, yes!” she moaned. “Aaaghhh! Please, please, Franz, I’ll be good!”

“So I decided to have you,” he went on, his mouth playing over her throat. “Oh, I tried other girls, but none of them were as beautiful as you. So I had to have you, you understand?”

Renee screamed as April continued her relentless whipping. Her ass and pussy erupted with agony at each lash of the cat. Her legs trembled and her ankles pulled against the bonds, rucking up her stockings in her twisting agony.

“So watch Janine,” Franz said. “That’s the way I want you to do it.”

Renee wept and tried to see what was going on. It was horrible to watch, and she continuously jerked and screamed as April whipped her ass and cunt.

Janine’s hot mouth slid up and down Chris’ cock, ramming furiously as she climaxed, her body shaking and throbbing faster and harder with each stroke of the cane on her hot ass. Her hands squeezed his balls, her ass thrust up, begging for the pain of the thin rod.

“Ooohh, fuck, she’s incredible!” Chris yelled. “She’s sucked me off, boys, she’s sucked me — oofffff!” He lurched in the chair, pushing Janine’s body up as his cock slammed deep in her throat, his ass jerking as the cum boiled in his balls and rushed out.

Renee sobbed as she saw his cock jerk, and suddenly there was white cum running over Janine’s lips. The blonde nympho screamed with lust, cresting in her climax as the rod lashed her and her mouth was filled with hot white cum.

“Ooohhh! Cum! Fill my mouth, Chris!” Her wicked tongue flicked out over his spurting cock as thick creamy jism ran over her lips and down Chris’ cockshaft. Her mouth rammed down and sucked it all up, then reared up again, taking squirts of cum over her lips, screaming and moaning with passion as she tasted it and ran it around her mouth.

“Aaaaghh, fuck! What a mouth!” Chris yelled, his spurting cock sinking back deep in Janine’s throat, the cum spurting out of it while she sucked it down. “Ohhh, fuck, this chick’s amazing! Ooohhh, just three more strokes, Leslie; just three more!”

He thrust deep, held his cock there as the rod lashed Janine’s ass three more times, driving her over the peak of her climax.

With a long drawn-out scream they both sank back into the chair, Janine’s mouth around his cock, sucking the last of the cum out of it as she relaxed. Leslie held the rod in his hand and grinned.

“Okay, April,” Franz said, “you can stop now.”

He kissed Renee’s neck gently as the sobbing girl collapsed across his shoulders, weeping her heart out.

“Oh, come now, darling,” Franz whispered softly, “now you get the chance to do what Janine did. I don’t expect you to be as good as her yet, just be willing to learn.”

He pushed her slowly up and got out of the chair. Renee stood, leaning against the chair, wishing she could at least rub her ass, but she was helpless since her wrists were still tied together.

Janine jumped off the chair back and almost ran over to Leslie. She clung to his neck, her pussy pushing up against his pants. Her little maid’s dress slid upward, showing her tiny panties as they curved over her whipped ass.

“Oh, that was wonderful, Leslie!” she gasped. “You deserve a reward. Would you like to fuck me while you watch Renee suck my rod?”

Leslie gave a low gurgle of lust. “Yeah, so get your ass over the sofa.”

“Ooohhh, thank you, Leslie,” Janine moaned, “then I can watch too.”

In a moment she slipped away from him, easing her short dress up and sliding her panties down her long legs, stepping out of them in one movement. She held onto them as she leaned over the back of the low sofa, her legs spread wide, her ass circling, waiting.

Leslie stepped up behind her. He unzipped his pants and took his cock out, another massive length of solid meat. He ran it over Janine’s hot pussy, and she squealed with lust, thrusting back at him.

“Oooohh, yesss, Leslie!” she moaned. “Come on, fill me up! Fill my cunt, please! Aaahhh, yesss, Leslie!”

She gasped and sobbed as the long thick cock rammed slowly into her hot cunt, filling her fuck passage, pushing her into the sofa back.

“Ooohhh, Leslie! That’s sooo good!” she moaned.

Leslie ran his hand over Janine’s red ass as he fucked her, his thick prick moving slowly in and out of her throbbing cunt. He grinned and gasped as her spasming fuck-hole sucked at his rock-hard prick.

Franz stood in front of the chair that Renee was still tied to. “Lean down and unzip me.”

Renee moaned and looked over her shoulder. There was April, running the cat through her fingers, staring at her menacingly.

“Just gimme a chance, bitch,” she snarled, “he wants you more than me, whore. Just gimme a chance.”

Renee sobbed and bent at the waist, too terrified to even think of disobeying Franz. It was difficult, and her back ached as her bound hands groped for Franz’s zipper and he moved a little closer.

“That’s right, my darling,” he crooned, “that’s a real good girl.”

Renee wept, her lovely face smeared with tears. She managed to work the zipper down, trembling at the size of the cock underneath it.

The zipper jammed and she had to pull it up again to get it down.

Franz waited and ran his hand through her hair. “Now get my cock out.”

Renee’s fingers were trembling so much she could hardly make them work. She pushed in, past Franz’s shorts, and felt the iron-hard mass of his cock. It was enormous, so thick she couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. She sobbed, pulling at his prick as it caught in his underpants.

“Get it out.”

Renee wept, pulling at it, but it was caught. “I’ll count to three,” he said, “then April will start whipping you again. One.”

Renee shrieked and pulled, her other hand trying to pull his shorts away so his cock would come clear.


“Ooohh, God!” Renee whispered. She grabbed for his belt, pulling on the buckle.

“No-No, aaagghhh!” Renee screamed as the cat lashed her ass again.

She pulled the top button of his pants open and shoved his shorts down. She screamed again as the cat lashed her, but at last Franz’s massive cock sprang out and she could hold it. She clutched at the enormous fucker, sobbing to the pain of her throbbing ass.

At least April stopped whipping her, but the full sight of Franz’s cock almost made Renee faint. It was even bigger than she’d imagined, almost a foot of cockmeat as thick as her wrist. The round cockhead pulsed slowly, only inches from her mouth.

“How would you like to suck my cock?” Franz asked.

Renee shuddered. “Yes, Franz, darling I’d love to.”

“You learn fast,” he said softly. “That’s good. Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

“No, Franz, no, I haven’t!” Renee wept.

“Good. I wanted to be the first. Janine was sure you’re a virgin as well. Are you?”

“Yes, yes, Franz, darling, I am!”

“Oh, how wonderful,” he said softly. “That is the truth, isn’t it, my darling? I’d hate it if you lied to me about that.”

“No, Franz, darling, no! That’s the truth!” Renee sobbed.

“Good, now suck my cock, darling. Suck it nice and gently to begin with.”

Franz’s massive hard fuck-rod throbbed in Renee’s fingers.

Over the back of the sofa, Janine moaned in depraved passion as Leslie ran his cock in and out of her wet, demanding pussy. Her maid’s dress was up over her back and Leslie leaned over her, feeling for Janine’s large tits. She gasped with added lust as he squeezed them, his fingers playing with her tight nipples.

Renee stifled a sob. Chris grinned at her from his chair. He was holding his cock, stroking it back to full hardness as he watched her.

Renee hesitated until she felt April’s fingers pulling her dress back over her ass, getting it ready for the whip. With a sob, she sank her mouth onto Franz’s cockhead.

It was enormous, pushing past her soft red lips and filling her mouth completely, the thick round ball of his cockhead throbbing with lust. Her dark hair fell over her face, at least hiding her shame from them. She moaned as he thrust a little deeper, the thick tip of his cockhead reaching to the entrance of her throat.

“Very soon, my darling girl,” Franz said, “you’ll take this right down your throat, just as Janine cum.”

He held Renee’s hair and thrust, until the helpless schoolgirl gagged and lurched on the chair back, her bound hands twitching wildly as she struggled to keep from throwing up.

“But that’s all right now,” he said, “just suck me off, that’s a good girl.”

Renee wept as she sucked in the huge round cockhead. When it wasn’t trying to slam down her throat, it wasn’t as bad as all that. It was hot, rubbery and tasted slightly salty, but there was something almost comforting about having her mouth full of his warm, throbbing cockflesh.

“Hold my shaft, darling. Caress it. Enjoy my cock ’cause you’re going to get to know it real well this weekend.”

Renee’s bound hands reached for his long hard cock shaft, playing with it, stroking it, feeling the whole mass of flesh tremble in her fingers.

“Not bad. Not bad, at all. Ooohh, that’s so nice, with your beautiful little mouth around my cock. Don’t you love it?”

Renee moaned and eased her soft mouth back off his enormous cockhead. “Yes, yes, Franz darling! I love it!”

“Is your pussy getting wet, then?”

Renee shuddered and burst into tears. She could feel the cat across her ass already.

“I-I don’t know, darling,” she sobbed, “I don’t know about all this, honestly, I’ll do anything you say, really I will!”

Behind her father, Janine moaned, plunging up and down on the soft cushions. Her hot wet pussy sucked at the stiff rod ramming into her cunt, and her face rubbed into the cushions as her passion mounted with each thrust of Leslie’s hard cock.

“Go on, whip her!” Janine screamed. “Give her what I got!”

“Now, now, Janine,” Franz said softly. He undid the bonds around Renee’s hands. “Reach down and rub your pussy.”

Renee tried to stop herself from screaming in shame. It was almost worse than the whipping. But she had to do it. She rubbed her wrist for a moment, then slid her hand down her body, into her panties and down to her pussy.

“Keep your other hand on my cock. And, April, use the cane if you have to whip her; we don’t want to hurt my darling’s hands, do we?”

Renee thought she would pass out in fear and shame. Somehow she held on, sucking at his massive round cockhead, her fingers pushing into the crack of her dry pussy and rubbing it.

“You feel that hard bud there?” Franz asked.

“Yes, Franz, darling,” she sobbed.

“Rub it, play with it, make yourself feel good,” he said. “I’m going to fuck you soon, and that’ll make it much nicer for you.”

Renee did as she was told, rubbing her clit. Franz began to groan softly, thrusting his cock harder into her mouth, running his hand into her soft dark hair. “That’s nice, darling. Keep it up, just like that.”

Renee’s terror rose over her as she obeyed, her mouth sliding up and down the enormous fucker, her fingers working frantically on her clit. Then she felt the cane resting on her ass, sliding over her panties. She screamed into Franz’s cock and somehow his cockhead sank deeper, almost into her throat. Her fingers rubbed at her clit as her legs thrashed at the bonds.

A strange excitement rushed from her clit as her fingers worked it. To her amazement, her pussy gash was getting damp, her fingers sliding over the red flesh with less and less effort. She moaned, and her mouth sank over Franz’s cockhead, her other hand pumping on his cockshaft as it throbbed and quivered.

“Oohhh, yess, darling!” he moaned. “Ooohhh, yesss, I’m going to shoot in this wonderful mouth of yours! Oooohh, make sure you suck it all down, my darling, I’d hate to have to make you lick my cum off the carpet.”

His hands gripped Renee’s hair tighter, and his cock began fucking at her mouth faster and harder.

“Ooohh, yes, yes, yes! Ooohhh, April’s going to whip you when I shoot, but you’ll get used to that, it’s what we always do. Ooooh, darling, I’m going to cream right in your mouth!”

Renee went out of her mind with horror. She could feel Franz’s massive cock throbbing and swelling in her mouth, his cockhead fucking at her throat. Drops of pre-cum liquid were oozing out of his piss-slit, the salty taste flooding her mouth. Her fingers blurred on her clit, rubbing a strange, fearful excitement into her pussy flesh.

“Ooooh, yess!” Franz yelled suddenly. “Ooohhh, yes! I’m coming! I’m going to shoot in your beautiful mouth, my darling! Ooahh, suck it all down, and be a good girl! Oh, hold it, April, just a moment more — yessss, now!”

He fucked his cock at Renee’s mouth, and suddenly there was a massive jet of hot cum that splattered into the back of her mouth and filled it with sticky goo. Renee gagged, but at that moment, the cane lashed into her ass.

She screamed, her throat opened and some of the cum ran in. Compulsively she swallowed, holding his jerking, spasming cock as another thick shot of fuck juice filled her mouth. Helplessly screaming as another hard lash of the cane beat into her ass, Renee swallowed more of the cream, her ass jerking, throbbing to the beat of the horrible thin wood. Cum ran down Franz’s cock and out of her lips, splashing over her hand as more of the jism rushed into her mouth, filling it with hot white juice.

“Oooh, fuck, fuck, fuuuck!” Franz roared.

“This is great — ooooh fuck, into her mouth! Into this beautiful mouth!”

His hands gripped tightly in Renee’s hair as he pumped at her throat, his cock spurting more thick creamy wads of spunk with each massive heave of his cock. He roared with passion, his cock creaming harder, gushes of juice running into Renee’s sobbing mouth.

“Ooohhh whip her, April, whip her good! She’s great!”

April lashed Renee’s ass. “You bitch! You shitty bitch, that’s my husband! You take him from me and I’ll kill you, bitch!”

She lashed Renee with all her might, bending the cane on her ass-flesh with each stroke. Renee’s body jumped on the chair back, throbbing, exploding with agony as the cane whipped her. More cum filled her mouth; she swallowed it, but more came out, running down her hands and off Franz’s cock, dropping to the carpet. Her finger rubbed her clit harder as the cane lashed in with even more vicious strokes. Her ass was a pulped mess, her whole body throbbing with pain. But even then there was something else, something pulsating to the rubbing of her desperate fingers. Whatever it was, it made the pain easier to bear, and that was all Renee knew.

“Yaaahhh!” Franz bellowed as his cock shot its last great wads of cum and sawed down, oozing thin streams of jism into Renee’s sobbing mouth. His cock slowed and just eased in and out of Renee’s mouth as the girl sobbed and sucked at his slightly softening cockhead. “Ohhhh, April you can stop now.”

Renee gave a low scream and took her fingers off her clit as the cane stopped. Her whole body ached, and her ass seemed thrashed to a pulp. She kept her mouth on Franz’s cock, sucking at it, swallowing the last drops of cum oozing out of his cock-slit.

“Was that lovely for you too, my darling?” Franz asked softly.

Renee let her mouth slide off his cock and tried to speak through her wracking sobs. “Y-yes, darling, yes!”

“Oh, good,” Franz said, “but you dropped some cum on the carpet, you’ll have to lick that up in a moment.”


Renee felt sick as she saw that there was indeed cum on the carpet, right under her face. Thick gobs of it had escaped her mouth and some had rolled off Franz’s cock. She moaned and closed her eyes.

Franz picked up the cane and laid it softly across Renee’s ass. “You agree to have to lick it up, don’t you?”

Renee sobbed as she felt the cane. Her ass trembled and she jerked on the chair back.

“Yes, yes, I have to!”

“Good,” he said. “Untie her, April.”

April’s hatred was evident as she let the weeping schoolgirl loose. Renee moaned and rubbed her wrists, pulling her legs together and rubbing her aching ass when the bonds came off her ankles.

Franz picked up her cap and gave it to her. “You dropped this, darling.”

With her hands trembling almost uncontrollably, Renee tried to put the little white cap back on her lovely long dark hair.

Franz grinned at her and pointed to the cum on the carpet. “Do it, darling.”

As Renee slowly sank to her knees on the carpet and crawled toward the thick gobs of cum clinging to the pile, Janine arched in orgasm on the sofa back, screaming with delight.

“Yeaaahhh!” she yelled. “Come on, Leslie! Stick it up me! Fill my pussy! Come on, baby!”

“Ooooh fuck! Oooh fuck!” Leslie gasped as his cock pounded into Janine’s hot cunt.

He gripped her tits, puffing at her nipples, making her moan and scream with extra passion as his hot cock rammed into her soft, willing cunt. His pounding hips drove Janine’s body into the sofa, rocking the whole thing, driving it across the floor in little jerks as his cock went wild and his cum burst out of his shuddering balls and creamed along his cockshaft.

He gave a great roar of passion as hot streams of cum poured out of his cockslit.

With a horrible sob, Renee licked at the cum on the carpet. It was cold and tasted horrible, sticky and disgusting.

“Go on,” Franz said, and prodded her with his foot.

Renee thought she was going to die. She licked at another gob, feeling the hard rasp of the carpet pile on her tongue. Her maid’s dress was up over her whipped ass, and she knew they were all staring at her red-lined ass under the tight panties. She licked the next line of sticky goo, managed to get it into her mouth and swallow it.

“Ooooh yesss!” Janine screeched as she came again, her pussy filling with Leslie’s cum. “Ohhh fuck, that’s great! That’s great! Yeahhh, come on, Renee! Lick it all up, and don’t make a mess on our carpets again!”

Janice screamed with lust and laughter, her nipples thrusting into Leslie’s fingers as he held her up on his still-spurting cock.

Renee managed to lick along the rest of the cum and take it in. She was crouched on the floor, listening to the disgusting sounds of her one-time friend clutching Leslie as he held her up on his cock and they both gasped with satisfaction.

“Ooohhh, yeah, yeah, yeah!” Janine moaned, her straight blonde hair matted down over her forehead. “That was great, just great, Leslie!”

She bent forward on the sofa again, and he pulled out of her pussy, his cock still throbbing with lust, gobs of cum clinging to it and still oozing from his cockslit.

“How about if she cleans this off?” he said. “Your fucking daughter’s so hot she takes more out of me than anybody else and it gets all over the place.”

Franz thought for a moment. “All right. Renee, darling, lick Leslie’s cock clean.”

Renee trembled and tried to hide her head in the carpet, but it was hopeless. Franz prodded her with his foot, and she had to lift her head. There, right in front of her was Leslie’s cock, dripping cum, the sticky white goo all over his shaft.

With a moan of submission, Renee leaned and licked at the thick cock. His prick was going down, but there was still enough stiffness in it for him to push it into her mouth and make her suck it as she cleaned it. Renee tasted his jism and Janine’s pussy juices. They filled her mouth and made her gag with disgust.

Leslie held her hair, pushing his cock at her face until she had licked it clean and swallowed all the gooey cum.

“Now hold it and just lick the tip,” he ordered.

Renee sobbed as she took hold of his half hard cock and let her tongue run over the large round cockhead. Drops of cum formed at the tiny slit, and she licked them away, sobbing in humiliation. He made her stay there until he was absolutely satisfied. Finally he pushed her away and she fell to the carpet, still sobbing in shame.

“Okay,” said Franz, “time to eat, April. Take Renee into the kitchen and make sure she gets it right this time.”

“Come on, you bitch!” April snapped, pulling at Renee’s elbow.

The girl allowed herself to be hauled up and led into the kitchen.

“Fuck,” April said, “you look a mess, wash your face.”

Renee went to the sink and washed her face. Then she looked carefully and saw that April was busy with the oven, taking out the roast. She glanced at the back door. Quickly she tried the handle, but it was locked.

April turned from the oven and lunged at her. “Let me go!” Renee screamed, shoving the back door open and trying to pull away.

“You stupid bitch!” April snarled. “Do you know what he’d do to me if I let you get away? Franz, darling! Your favorite is trying to escape!”

She held on and spun Renee back into the room, flinging her against the wall.

“Oh, no,” Franz said, standing in the doorway, “she wouldn’t do that, would you, my darling?”

He came forward and slipped his hand under Renee’s chin.

Renee sobbed and tried to pull her head away, but he held her tightly.

“Oh dear, so it was true.” Franz turned back to the main room. “Janine come and help your mother!” Then he held Renee’s chin again. “I have to show you that you don’t do things like that. I’m sorry, it’ll hurt a lot, but I have to do it.”

“Oh, no, please. Franz darling! It wasn’t that — I just wanted some fresh air!” Renee sobbed, terrified out of her mind.

“Why do you lie to me, darling?”

“It-it’s not a lie, Franz darling! I really did want to get some fresh air, that was all!”

“Darling,” he said softly, “if you lie to me, I’ll have to punish you for that as well, and I don’t want to have to do that. Now, why did you try to escape?”

“I-I was frightened.”

“What, of me?” he asked, sounding incredulous.

“Y-yes, of you!” Renee wept.

“I said you should have come and asked me. Now you force me to do the very things that will make you even more scared of me. Oh well, things can’t always be perfect. I guess. Now, come with me.”

He held onto Renee’s arm and pulled her back into the main room.

There was a rope hanging from the ceiling, and Leslie and Chris, who were sitting in chairs at the table, turned to watch her. Fear gripped Renee. She knew she couldn’t escape. She watched Franz in absolute terror.

He went to the closet and took out a thin rod. He picked up the cat and went back for another, smaller cat. Finally he put them down on a chair and turned to Renee.

“Take your apron off.”

As if in a silent nightmare, Renee undid her little white apron and let it fall to the carpet.

“Now the dress,” Franz said.

Fear and humiliation gripped Renee as she reached back and gripped the tag of her zipper. She eased it down and held the little dress over her tits for a few moments. Franz nodded and, with a sob, she let the dress drop away.

“Fuck!” Leslie gasped. “That’s incredible — look at that figure!”

“Yeah,” Franz sighed, walking slowly around his victim. “Shit, I gotta see it all now. Take your slip off.”

Renee stifled a sob as she worked the little lacy straps of her slip off her shoulders and let the flimsy garment drop down her lovely body. She held onto it as long as she could, but all that did was stretch out the excitement for the men. The slip slid down her wonderful legs until she stepped out of it and stood in front of them in nothing but her bra, panties, stockings, shoes and the little maid’s cap.

“Fuuuuck!” Chris murmured. “That’s un-fuckin’ believable.”

He stared at Renee’s wonderful body as the schoolgirl trembled in the middle of the room.

“The bra,” Franz said.

Behind her, Renee could hear April and Janine getting the meal ready. She finally got a grip on the bra clasp and worked it open, holding the quarter-cup bra over her tits and trembling from head to foot.

“Slide it away, slowly,” Franz said.

He was tapping the thin rod in his hands and Renee gave in at once. She let the bra-cups fall away, showing the delicious curves of her tits to the lustful eyes of the watching men.

“Ohhhh slit! My fucking God! What a pair!” Leslie gasped.

As the bra dropped to the floor, they all took her tits in. The twin globes were soft swelling mounds, just the right size for her lovely body. The under curves showed no sigh of sagging and her tight nipples trembled.

“Oh, fuck me!” Chris got up and came over to the shaking girl. “What a pair of tits!”

“Don’t you dare touch them until I say so!” Franz snapped, jealousy and lust ringing in his voice.

Chris laughed. “I never understand howl can do what the fuck I like to your wife and daughter, but these whores are special.”

“You wouldn’t,” Franz said, coming up and running his hands over Renee’s lovely tits. “I’ve been searching for the perfect girl. If this one isn’t, then you can do what you like to her too. Now, get me the bonds.”

He kept up his slow caress and Renee shivered. She screamed as she saw the bonds that Chris gave to Franz. Franz took her wrists and lashed them together tightly, winding the thin leather around until there was no chance of getting free. Then he took a rope and put it through the bonds between her wrists and knotted it. He walked to the wall and took hold of the other end of the rope.

Renee moaned in terror as he pulled and the rope went up, taking her wrists with it. Deep in her stomach there was another feeling, a deep fluttering, driven by fear, but rising over it, making her body shake ma strange kind of submission. She looked at Franz and went weak at the knees again.

He pulled on the rope once more and her wrists were yanked high above her head. Even in her high heels, she could barely stand, her arms straining.

“Open your legs,” Franz said.

Renee wept as she obeyed, spreading her lovely curving legs in the black stockings until Franz told her to stop. He then put a thick wooden bar on the floor and lashed her ankles to each end of it. It was not only painful to have her legs spread that wide, it was also humiliating.

Franz stepped up the weeping schoolgirl, the small cat in his hands. He ran the knotted tails over Renee’s tits as he stared at her. “You have to learn how to behave.”

Renee choked as she stared down at the knotted leather running over her swelling tits.

“I promise, Franz darling!” she begged. “I was silly, I won’t do it again — I promise!”

She struggled on the rope, her wrists and arms hurting, her legs straining against the bonds on the thick bar.

“I’d like to believe you, darling, but I have to treat you like all the rest, until I know for sure that you’re special.”

“Oh, I’ll be special, I will!” Renee sobbed. Franz drew the cat over her tits and then lifted it up, over Renee’s swelling tit-globes.

Terror surging over her.

The cat lashed across Renee’s tits, red marks sprouting all over the smooth flesh as Renee twisted, screaming in agony on the ropes. The terrible leather tails stroked in again, thrashing Renee’s tits, beating them to the side, bouncing the wonderful globes around.

“Aaaghhhh! Help, stop, please!” Renee screamed, her body writhing in agony.

“Sorry, darling,” Franz said, then whipped her again, beating her hard, mashing the cat into Renee’s tits until they were red all over.

“I won’t bolt again, I won’t!” Renee promised, screaming harder as her tits erupted in the terrible agony.

“Tell me how much you want to stay, and how you’ll never do it again.”

Franz reached down and took up the heavier cat, holding them both as he whipped and screaming girl again.

“I won’t do it again, I promise! I — aaghhh! Oooohhh, I want to stay, Franz darling, I want to!” Renee screamed, her body gyrating as her soft tits burst with pain. “Aaaghghh! Ohhh, please — nooooo!”

Franz beat her hard, swinging the cat into her tits. Suddenly he switched whips and swung the larger cat downwards, brushing the carpet with the tips of the tails before whipping it up right between Renee’s spread thighs.

The tiny black panties were torn. The knotted tails of the cat bit right into her clit, her upper thighs and even around onto her already whipped ass. Pain exploded through her, and she screamed helplessly, tossing on the ropes. The whip lashed her pussy once more, beating the black panties into her clit until her puffy pussylips showed up clearly through the thin material. Her legs strained to close, to shut out the horrible leather whip, but the bonds on her ankles held tight and she could only hang there and suffer.

“Dinner,” April said brightly as she and Janine carried the trays into the room.

Franz’s eyes glazed with lust. His cock stood out hard against his pants, throbbing with each beat of the whip. He was panting as he swung the whip down and up into Renee’s cunt, beating another scream from the bound schoolgirl. He changed whips again, laying the smaller cat back onto her tits, beating the flesh harder until her screams were a constant wail of pain.

Renee’s body throbbed and erupted with pain, but at the same time, that deep, fluttering passion was growing, changing to a throb that grew with each lash of the whip.

Franz whipped Renee carefully, changing cats again, lashing her pussy, watching as the dark haired girl screamed and twisted on the ropes.

April came up behind her husband and slid her hand over his cock. “Come on, darling. It’s time to eat.”

Franz whipped Renee again and then stopped. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

He stood panting, his cock throbbing in April’s hand as he looked at Renee.

The teenager moaned as she hung from the ropes. Her lovely dark hair fell around her face and she stared at April with her deep dark eyes a mass of horror and pain. But her hips moved a little and her pussy thrust out and back while her sore tits throbbed to the shuddering beat of her breathing.

Slowly Franz went up to her and slid his hand over her panties. Renee moaned and twitched, her cunt throbbing as he touched it.

“Well, well, well, how about that, you really are something.” He took his damp finger out of her panties and ran it over Renee’s lips. “Lick it.”

In a tide of shame, Renee licked Franz’s finger, tasting her own cunt juices that had flowed from her excited pussy.

“I wonder how wet you’ll get when I really begin,” Franz murmured. “Never mind, after we’ve eaten, it’s time to take your virginity, won’t that be nice?”

Renee moaned and nodded. “Yes, Franz, yes!”

As they ate, she hung there, her arms aching, her body a mass of lingering pain. They ignored her and played among themselves. Chris fed Janine little pieces of meat. She poured gravy over his cock and licked it off.

Finally Franz got up and went to the wail, letting the rope go.

Renee fell to the floor, her legs still open, rubbing her tits and gasping with the surging pain.

Franz stood over her. “Ready to get fucked?” Renee wanted to scream, but she knew she couldn’t. Close by her head was the cat.

“Yes, yes, Franz, darling,” she moaned, “yes, I’d love to!”

“Then get to the table and, bend over it.”

It was incredibly difficult to crawl to the table with her ankles bound to the bar and her legs spread wide open. Finally she crawled up to the table, standing against the end with great difficulty. She tried to avoid the eyes that watched her with such enjoyment.

Janine was already curled up with Chris in a chair, sliding her hands over his chest, opening his shirt while he caressed the soft skin of her thighs, pushing her little skirt up as he went.

Leslie leaned over April, his hands on her tits, opening her blouse as they both watched Renee. April had lit another cigarette and was watching with what looked like indifference, but her face smoldered. Renee couldn’t tell if it was anger or lust that burned in the woman’s eyes.

“Bend over,” Franz said, his voice hoarse with lust.

Renee stifled a sob as she leaned over the table. She had to push plates and dishes out of the way as she presented her ass to Franz, her legs spread helplessly wide by the bar. Finally she lay along the table-top, her body pressed into the tablecloth, her tits aching with pain, her pussy and ass throbbing too.

Suddenly she felt Franz’s hands running over her panties, caressing her ass. She moaned, then wept bitter tears of shame and humiliation.

“How would you like me to tear your panties off, darling?”

“Yes, yes, Franz darling! Anything you want!” Renee pressed her face into the table, gripping the tablecloth. She felt Franz’s fingers running inside her panties, stroking her clit softly.

“Still wet, I see,” he said, “that’s nice, that’s very good.”

As Renee sobbed, he pulled on her panties, stretching them out until the material gave, tearing across Renee’s pussy, pulling her away from the table until the thin briefs finally gave way and ripped off. With a low scream of horror, Renee dropped back onto the table top, sobbing and weeping.

She lay there for a few seconds before she felt the tip of Franz’s massive cock running in her pussy crack. She jerked and sobbed, knowing this was it, the moment of her shame.

He held his long cock and pushed at her pussyhole, his enormous thick cockhead sliding into her cunt just an inch or so.

“Aaaahhhh!” Renee sobbed, her cunt throbbing as the thick meat invaded her cunt, pushing her pussy walls open, making them ache with pain.

“Come on, Daddy!” Janine gasped. “Take the bitch’s cherry! I wanna see it!”

Franz pushed and Renee jerked, gurgling and wailing on the table. Her pussy throbbed with pain as his enormous thick prick pushed deeper, right into her cunt, working in until it came up against her tight cherry. Franz held there, pushing in and out a little, his throbbing cock filling Renee’s cunt, making her moan with pain.

He leaned down, close to Renee. “Do you realize how wet you are, girl?”

Renee sobbed and pressed her face into the table top. “No, no, Franz, I didn’t!”

“Why, I bet I could tam right to the end of your pussy in one go. Shall I try?”

Renee closed her eyes in shame. She nodded.

“Just for you then, darling.”

He gave a massive lunge.

His cock slammed into Renee’s cunt, bursting her cherry in one thrust.

Renee screamed and jerked as his enormous, thick cock slid up her shivering cunt.


“Yeaaaahh, there she goes!” Janine yelled with delight. She slid her hand over Chris’ dock and spread her thighs wider for his hands. “You wanna get up that?”

“You bet,” he said. His fingers spread the blonde’s pussylips and caressed her clit bud.

Janine moaned with delight. She squeezed his hard cock.

Renee sobbed and buried her face in the table.

Her cherry was gone and Franz’s massive fuckrod was buried to the hilt in her tiny cunt. The thick meat pushed her pussy walls open, straining them until they hurt. His enormous round ball of a cockhead rammed into the top of her cunt, slamming her into the table even harder. She moaned and clutched the tablecloth, her pussy spasming in pain.

“Ohhhh yeah!” Franz gasped, easing his thick prick back until the cockhead just ran over Renee’s throbbing pussylips. “Don’t you just love it, darling?”

“Yes! Yes, Franz!” Renee sobbed, her body shaking with fear.

“Shall I do it again?” Franz asked, his thick prick pulsating in Renee’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, Franz darling!” the helpless girl sobbed as she felt the touch of the thin rod on her tight asscheeks.

“Shall I do it again?” Franz asked, his thick prick pulsating in Renee’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, Franz darling!” the helpless girl sobbed as she felt the touch of the thin rod on her tight asscheeks.

“Good!” he gasped, then slammed his cock in again, right to the top of Renee’s suffering cunt.

She wept and lay there as he eased his cock out and rammed in, starting a slow, vicious fucking. He slammed in to the hilt, then pulled out. He pushed his cock in her cunt until Renee was gasping over the table. Then he eased back, pushing at her pussy entrance for a while, making her sob and gasp with the expectation of what was coming. Then he gave her another ramming fuck to the top of her pussy.

Leslie slid his hands over April’s tits, caressing and squeezing them. He had her blouse open and also the clasp of April’s bra, but even so she tried to ignore him, drawing on her cigarette and staring at her husband as he fucked Renee and moaned with rising lust.

“Okay, bitch,” Leslie said, “I can’t take this any longer. Suck my cock.”

“Fuck off,” April said and crossed her legs.

“I said, suck my cock!”

“And I said, fuck off! You fuckers think you can make me do whatever you like.”

“I can,” Leslie said. “Franz won’t stop me, he’s too busy with his new girl. Now suck my cock!”

“No.” April replied. She was breathing heavily, her lovely tits thrusting up into Leslie’s hands.

“I’d hate to get really nasty,” Leslie sneered. “You don’t know how to get really nasty.”

April stubbed out her cigarette and stood up, almost tearing his hands off her tits.

“Okay. Gimme a hand, Chris.”

“Sure,” Chris said. He slid Janine off his knees and stood up, his big cock sticking out like a pole.

April slapped Leslie hard across the face as he advanced on her. But he grabbed her wrist and turned her arm behind her back, twisting just hard enough to turn the blonde around and down over the sofa back. April yelled at him and struggled, but he had her pinned easily. He held her there, yelling and kicking, his hand in the middle of her back.

“If you can get some manners into that bitch, it would be great,” Franz said, slamming his cock back up Renee’s cunt. “I don’t think you will, but have a good time trying.”

“Sure will,” Leslie said as he took the leather straps from Chris and left his friend holding the screaming, struggling April down over the sofa. He took April’s hands and began fastening them to the legs of the sofa, spread-eagling her, her arms spread painfully wide apart.

“You fucker!” she yelled. “You cowardly fuckers!”

“Now, now, honey, language,” Leslie said as he tied her firmly down. “We’d better get that skirt off before we go any further.”

“Go ahead,” Chris said, holding April down by the small of her back.

He grinned at Janine as she dropped to her knees without being told. With a moan of lust, she took hold of his cock and licked at his cockhead, her hands caressing his shaft and balls. He groaned and rubbed his hand in her blonde hair. She giggled and sank her mouth deeper on his huge fucker.

Leslie reached for the waistband of April’s skirt.

“Stop that, you fucker!” April screamed, trying to kick him.

Leslie undid the belt of her skirt, pulling the zipper down and hauling the garment down her long, stockinged legs. April continued screaming and yelling at him until the skirt was off and he grabbed her ankles, pulling them wide apart. Then she really started yelling.

“You lousy, cocksuckin’, shit-faced fucker! You bag of shit!”

Leslie grinned and lashed her ankles wide apart to the legs, of the sofa. Chris took his hand off April’s back, and the helpless blonde yelled in fury, struggling hard against the leather straps that lashed her ankles and wrists to the legs of the sofa. She presented a wonderful picture for the men, spread wide, open for anything they wanted to do to her, her ass stuck up in the air, protected only by her tiny black panties, her long legs outlined to perfection by the black mesh stockings, her muscles straining to the limit, her high-heeled shoes still somehow braced on the floor.

“You fucker!” she screamed as Leslie grabbed her panties and began to rip them away from her ass.

As they tore, she lurched and yelled at him, her lovely tight asscheeks coming clear of the ripped panties, thrusting up, wide open for Leslie.

“You want me to whip her for you?” Chris asked.

“Nope,” Leslie replied, “you can have her dirty mouth. I’ll get blown by Janine while I do it, I can’t give this one up.”

“Sure,” Chris said.

He grabbed a chair, pulling it close to the sofa until they touched. He sat in it and spread his legs on either side of April’s face, his cock bobbing inches from her nose. He ran his hand into her blonde hair and hauled her face up to him.

“Just suck it when you’re ready,” he said, and let April’s face drop onto his thighs.

April screamed and twisted helplessly on the sofa as Leslie took up the cane and walked back, lining it up on her heaving ass. He took his pants off and dropped them over the back of the sofa, close to the struggling blonde. Then he tossed his shirt away and stood there naked, his massive cock sticking out. He laid the thin cane across April’s ass and nodded to Janine. With a grin, the nympho dropped to her knees and slid her mouth deep over his throbbing fuck-rod.

“This stops when Chris comes,” Leslie said. “Or me, whichever comes last.”

“You shit!” April yelled, twisting around and avoiding Chris’ cock as it bounced close to her mouth.

Leslie sliced the cane down, right across April’s tight asscheeks. A thin red line appeared, and she lurched, screaming helplessly, jerking on the sofa back. The cane lashed in again, beating more agony into April’s ass as she tossed and screamed.

Her daughter played her lips over Leslie’s cock, holding the hard shaft, her skillful mouth just working his cockhead, teasing him, making sure he whipped her mother and didn’t come in her mouth before she wanted him to.

Renee stared at the brutal whipping as she got fucked Franz’s massive fuck-rod slammed into her cunt, staying there as he twisted, ramming her hard into the table top. His cock rasped over Renee’s pussy walls, throbbing, swelling and jerking in her cunt as he roared and thrust, fucking her faster and harder as his lust mounted.

Strange things were happening to Renee. Her fear and pain were blending together with a surging, fluttering passion. She gripped the table-top, watching as April heaved on the sofa back, screaming, but still refusing to suck Chris’ cock. April’s ass was a crimson mass of pain, and each beat of the cane added another thin line of agony, but still she didn’t give in. Renee couldn’t understand it. She would have done anything rather than suffer that agony.

And yet, with each beat of the cane, Renee’s stomach twisted in strange excitement.

Franz was watching too, his cock slamming into Renee’s cunt with each downward beat of the cane on April’s ass. Renee stared at the cane, her pussy throbbing with passion, clutching at Franz’s enormous fucker. The sharp sound as it beat into April’s tight flesh sent her shivering with something she couldn’t understand. Her pussy was flowing with fresh juices as she watched. She saw the men’s cocks, Chris’ prick still bouncing around close to April’s face, Leslie’s cock sliding softly around in Janine’s hot mouth.

And then there was April. Renee couldn’t believe the way she behaved. With each lash of the cane, April twisted in agony, but she still didn’t give in, and her ass thrust up wildly for the cane as it came down, jerking so that the impact was as great as it could be. Her body was shaking with lust as she began to scream in long wails of desperate lust.

“Fuuuuucker!” she screeched. “Come on, you fucker! You couldn’t whip cream. Aaaahhh, come on, you shit-faced motherfucker! Do it, fucker, do it! You shit-faced fucker, do iiiitttt!”

With a deep scream of lust, April climaxed, rolling on the sofa back, her ass jerking for the cane, her screams echoing from the walls.

Renee stared in amazement and horror. The idea that April would come just from the beat of a cane sent horrible surges of lust through her. She writhed to the beat of Franz’s cock, her pussy running hot wet juices all over his fuck-rod as it pushed in and out of her soft cunt. She started to moan as the lust rose in her, surging up, as she watched April give a long sob of submission and sink her mouth over Chris’ cock.

“You gonna suck him off now?” Leslie yelled, lashing the bound blonde again.

April moaned, her mouth full of Chris’ cock, her throat bulging as she pushed her head down on his swelling fucker. She gurgled, her ass already thrusting up once more, red-lined as it was. Her gurgle grew as she licked up his cock, her mouth running over his cockhead.

“Yes, you fucker!” she moaned. “Yes, I’ll do it!”

“Good!” Leslie snapped and lashed her again. “Get to it, whore!”

Renee saw April’s mouth go back down Chris’ cock, saw April shuddering as her lust surged up again and her arms strained at the bonds, her body writhing under the lash of the thin cane. Janine sank her own hot mouth around Leslie’s cock, sucking at it each time he whipped her mother, her fingers butterflying over his stiff prick.

Renee couldn’t believe it at all. Her pussy shuddered each time Franz rammed his cock in, and the excitement that had grown in her stomach now spread, mingling with the horrible lust and passion surging out of her cunt. Her pussy walls sucked and trembled over Franz’s invading cock, sending arrows of sharp desire through her body.

With a gurgling scream, Renee lurched against the table-top, ramming her cunt onto Franz’s cock as hard as she could. Her fingers gripped the tablecloth, puffing it into heaps, while she sobbed and moaned in lust.

Franz leaned over and took Renee’s soft tits in his hands, squeezing the whipped tit-mounds, drawing another scream of pain and passion from the helpless girl. She jerked, sending several dishes off the table and onto the carpet.

“Tell me how much you love it!” he gasped, his cock slamming deep into her pussy.

“Ooohhh! Yesss!” Renee screamed.

Her pussy was throbbing, helplessly sucking and squeezing at the monstrous cock invading it. Her dark hair tossed wildly, her wonderful mouth was open, gasping and moaning as the passion pounded through her. Her nipples throbbed as Franz held them, bursting with heated, demanding passion. He twisted her tight nipples, pulling on them, making her scream with lust.

“Oooohhhh!” she wailed. “Ooooohhh, what are you doing to me? Help, please! Stop, please, Franz! Help meeeee!”

She writhed as she felt the beginnings of the first orgasm of her life building in her cunt. All the pain from her tits and ass, all the excitement flooding from her stomach, were gathering in her to send her crashing out of control.

Franz laughed and lifted her off the floor of his rampant cock. Even with the heavy bar on her ankles, he held Renee up, filled to the brim with his enormous fuck-rod.

“Oooohhhh, God!” Renee screamed as she bounced on Franz’s cock, her pussy throbbing and bursting with a raging lust that was surging out of control. “Ooooohhhh, Franz! I’m going to come! I can feel it!”

Her thighs trembled as the bar hanging from her ankles dragged at her, but nothing stopped her helpless, tidal wave of lust. Her desperate eyes watched the depraved beating going on over the sofa as her orgasm rushed up on her, bursting out of her cunt with uncontrollable force. She saw April’s mouth pounding up and down on Chris’ cock as the blonde came again, her body twisting in depraved excitement to the beat of the cane.

April’s screams burst out from around the massive cock in her throat, and her ass was jerking even more desperately than before, bunching to get the full impact of the thin cane that was pulping her hot ass.

Franz suddenly gripped Renee’s tits harder, his cock thrusting even deeper into Renee’s spasming cunt.

“Oooohhhh, fuck, darling!” he gasped, “I’m gonna come, right up your pussy, right up it, baby, right up it!”

He gripped Renee’s tits and held her tighter, ramming her up and down on his cock as it swelled and heaved inside her cunt.

Renee screamed as she leaned back against Franz, her pussy throbbing out of control, the orgasm that had threatened her for so long finally breaking through. Her pussy exploded with lust, sucking at Franz’s cock as if it would tear it off at the root. Her tits throbbed, her body jerked, and the climax exploded through her body.

“Aaaaahhhh!” she screamed, her cunt throbbing, the lust pounding through her body. “Ooooh God, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

She writhed against Franz’s hard body as his cock exploded deep in her cunt, hot streams of cum pouring out of it. As the white, steaming jism hit her pussy walls, her cunt sucked and throbbed over the cock buried deep in her fuck channel. Rolls of surging orgasm poured all over the girl, leaving her, screaming in helpless lust, tossing out of control on Franz’s massive, spurting fucker.

“Yeaaaahhhh!” he roared. “Ooohh fuck, your cunt is the best, darling! Oooohhhh, fuck, it is — ooohhhh!”

Thick creamy gobs of his cum poured into Renee’s fuck-channel as his climax peaked. The thick cock juice splashed into her pussy walls, running down her cunt as Franz’s cock slammed in and out. Some of the fuck cream oozed out of her throbbing pussy and over her thighs, even reaching her stocking tops, but she didn’t notice.

“Oohhh!” she screamed, rising to the top of her heaving orgasms, her cunt sucking at his cock as Franz twisted her nipples viciously and dropped her back on the table, giving a long moan as his cock gave out the last of its thick wads of cum.

“Ohhh fuck!” he gasped. “That was the best.”

Renee shuddered and wept. Her pussy was still sucking at Franz’s cock as it softened. She clung to the table-top, hoping the spasms would go away, but they didn’t. Her ass jerked in the grip of the most depraved desire she had ever felt. She lunged back for his cock, but it was already going soft, easing out of her spasming pussy.

“Hey, bitch,” Franz said softly, “can’t get enough, is that it?”

“Leave me alone,” Renee sobbed, sliding to the floor in her shame.

She tried to stop herself, but her fingers went down between her legs and rubbed her clit desperately, trying to make the spasms of desire stop.

Franz stood over her, his massive cock still slimy with his cum — and her pussy juices. There was even a slight trace of her cherry blood on the shaft.

“My whore,” he said, “you’re beginning to understand. Now get up and lick my cock clean.”

“Aahhhhh!” Renee wept, rubbing her clit, her legs spread wide, the spasms going on, getting painful because she couldn’t make them stop.

Franz laughed and picked up the cat. “My whore,” he said and his cock grew as he watched Renee struggle on the carpet. “Now you know what lust is, darling, don’t you?”

“Aahhh!” Renee wept, her fingers blurring on her cunt, her desperation surging with passion that wouldn’t peak and die.

“Shall I show you what you really want?” Franz played the cat through his fingers, his cock already getting hard again.

“What have you done to me?” Renee sobbed, rolling on the floor, rubbing her tits against the carpet, trying to rub her cunt against it as well to get some relief. She crawled on her stomach, her mouth sobbing into the thick pile.

“I can help you, my darling,” Franz said, drawing the cat across Renee’s heaving ass.

“Noooo!” Renee sobbed, twisting around and staring at the cat with horrified eyes. “No, not that! Please, Franz! Darling, nooooo!”

Still she rubbed her pussy, her hands digging hard at her flesh.

“But, darling,” Franz said softly, a great big grin on his face. His cock was rock-hard again, his eyes alight with desire and a strange depraved kind of love. He ran the tails of the cat across Renee’s cunt, the knotted tails dragging over her fingers as she rubbed her clit. “But, darling, I can help you, let me help you.”

Everything crashed together in Renee’s head. She heard April’s screams and Chris’ yells as he gripped April’s hair and pounded his cock into her throat, his cum bursting out of his hot balls. The cat dragged over Renee’s pussy, sending her heart pounding helplessly, her body throbbing with horrible, depraved passion.

“I can help you, darling,” Franz said softly. Renee fainted.


Franz leaned on the table and watched his wife while he waited for Renee to come around. He was grinning and caressing the cat, his cock already almost hard again. He seemed to enjoy the brutal orgasm that April was having as her mouth rammed down on Chris’ cock.

April was out of her mind. With each lash of the cane, her mouth slammed down the length of Chris’ fucker, bulging her throat out as her muscles sucked at his throbbing prick, demanding a load of hot cum. Her body tossed wildly, straining against the bonds, her ass twitching as she came, her tits rubbing hard into Chris’ hands. Her deep, gurgling screams came out muffled by the cock in her throat, but there was no doubt that she was helpless in the grip of her depraved passion.

“Ooow, yeah, yeah, yeah!” Chris gasped as his cock slid smoothly into April’s throat with each lash of the cane.

Right before his eyes, April’s ass was going crimson, deeper red marks appearing across the taut curves, then fading into the mass of whipped flesh as fresh marks of agony were lashed into her skin. Her throat went berserk on his cock and he thrust up as the cum started rolling into his balls, surging into his cock and up into April’s spasming throat.

“Yeahhh! Do it!” he yelled. “I’m gonna shoot up this cunt’s throat, yeaahhhh!”

With a roar of lust, he climaxed, his cock bursting hot cum deep in April’s mouth.

“You bitch!” Leslie yelled as he whipped April’s hot ass.

He was at the peak of excitement, but Janine wouldn’t let him come. She kept his cock throbbing in her soft mouth and played him the whole time, just letting his cockhead run over her soft lips, her tongue licking slowly over his red-hot prick as it struggled to ram deeper and shoot its own surging load.

“Your daughter won’t suck me off!” he yelled, whipping April hard as. Chris’ cock rammed upward, shooting another gob of thick cum. “She wants you to get more, bitch, you hear that? She wants you to get more!”

He lashed April, and the tossing blonde mother screamed deep into Chris’ cock as another crashing climax burst over her.

April’s mouth moved up Chris’ cock as it pumped streams of jism over her tongue and into her cheeks. She screamed, her mouth sucking at his cockhead, drawing the cum out as it shot from his piss-slit. Her mouth opened, the cane lashed her asscheeks and cum gushed all over her red lips.

“Suck him off, bitch!” April screamed. “Suck him off!”

Janine pouted and ran her tongue over Leslie’s throbbing cockhead.

“But, Mommy,” she cooed, “I love to see you get whipped, you know that.” She kissed and caressed Leslie’s throbbing cock, keeping it out of her soft mouth, playing with it, driving Leslie into a frenzy of lust.

“Aaaghhh!” April screamed as the cane whipped into her ass, beating her harder than ever as Leslie took out his frustration on her. “I’ll get you for this, aaaghhhh!”

April took another stream of Chris’ cock juice as he roared and shot the last massive gobs of his cum.

“Promises, promises!” Janine watched her mother’s ass get another terrible stroke of the cane, lashing a welt right into the red, whipped flesh.

“I’ll get you — ooohh, fuck I will!” April screamed as she rammed her mouth back down the length of Chris’ cock, taking it back into her throat as the cum slowed and oozed from his piss-slit. She screamed and climaxed as the next blow lashed her, sobbing helplessly, her ass jerking on the sofa back.

Leslie stopped whipping her and laid the cane across April’s red, steaming ass. The bound blonde moaned and heaved, her ass working against the cane.

“I still haven’t came,” Leslie said, “so you should get more, shouldn’t you?”

“You bastard!” April screamed, “I’ll get her, I will!”

She licked at the cum running down Chris’ cockshaft, her mouth taking it up greedily as her ass jerked.

“Shouldn’t you get more?” Leslie said, running the cane over April’s ass, his cockhead pushing into Janine’s wide-open mouth as she continued the slow sucking that was driving him wild.

“You fucker!” April moaned. “You shitfaced fucker!”

She pushed against the sofa, her red ass jerking helplessly at the cane.

“If you beg for it, I’ll shoot it all over your ass and make Janine lick it up,” Leslie said, his cock sliding between the nympho’s wet lips.

“Ooohh, Leslie!” Janine pouted. “What a waste of cum!”

She kept his cock boiling, not quite coming, her skillful mouth playing his cockhead with soft, caressing licks.

Renee stirred and her eyes opened. Instantly she realized where she was and froze. Above her, Franz was totally engrossed in the scene, his hand playing slowly with his stiff cock.

She lay there, frantically wondering if this was the time to escape. Cautiously she reached down and tried the bonds on her ankles. They were too tight for her to undo. And Franz was right over her. He worked his cock and Renee didn’t need to be told that it was ready for use again.

She moaned and watched the depraved scene being played out over the sofa. She saw April moaning and sobbing, her ass jerking as the cane played over her whipped flesh, slowly, caressing the crimson skin. She saw Janine’s hot mouth working slowly over Leslie’s cockhead.

April strained frantically against the leather straps holding her so tightly. She pumped up and down, cum on her lips, her eyes wild with depraved lust. Her transparent blouse was torn, her tits bounced, and the cups of her bra floated free. She moaned as the cane slid across her whipped ass, her body tossing helplessly.

“Will you shoot right in my ass?” April wailed.

“Right over your asshole,” Leslie said, sliding the cane tip into April’s asscrack, pushing it against the tight ring of muscles around her shitter. “She’ll have to lick it all up from there.”

He pushed the cane tip into April’s asshole. April screamed, her ass sucking at the wooden cane. “All right, please, Leslie! Whip me, I deserve it! I really do! Whip me! Shoot over my ass, pleaseee!”

She jerked and moaned, another deep hot climax bursting out of her ass. Leslie raised the cane and lashed it down, beating into April’s tight ass yet again. The bound blonde screamed and Leslie grabbed her daughter’s hair and rammed his cock into her mouth, sinking his throbbing prick deep in her throat.

“Suck it good now, bitch,” he warned, “or you’ll be whipped while you lick my cum up!”

Janine worked her throat on his cock to the beat of his rising lust, her fingers caressing his balls as the cum boiled in them, ready to shoot out.

Renee gave a low moan as she watched. Her pussy staffed to throb, sparks of passion rushing out of it each time the cane whipped into April’s tight ass. Her juices flowed as she stared at the red mass of whipped flesh and the depraved sucking that Janine gave to Leslie’s cock.

Renee reached down to her cunt. She caressed herself, gasping, her legs tightening, trying to close them as her pussy erupted with hot passion. She bit her lip, staring, wanting to stop, even as her fingers dug, into her cunt and caressed her clit to a frenzy.

“Aaaaggghhh!” April screamed as her ass heaved under the vicious whipping. “You shithead, Leslie, come on! Shoot in my ass — shoot all that cum over my ass! Aaaagghhh! Make her lick it up ohhhhhh!”

With a gurgling scream, April surged up and crested, the orgasm raging over her as she shook helplessly on the sofa back.

“Get ready, whore!” Leslie yelled, his thick cock slamming deep in Janine’s hot mouth. “It’s coming, all over your ass, bitch!”

His cock went out of control in Janine’s mouth, heaving and jerking as the cum rushed down his shaft.

“Now!” he yelled.

Janine pouted. As the first jet of Leslie’s hot cum gushed up his shaft, she pulled her mouth away. Then she sat back on her heels, rubbing her cunt as she watched.

“You bitch, Mommy,” she moaned, “I wanted it!”

“You’ll get it, you whore!” April screamed as the jet of cum burst out of Leslie’s cock and sailed through the air, splattering onto her red-hot asscheeks. “Oooh yeahhh, Leslie! Shoot it right in my ass, honey, come on, right in my ass!”

She gasped as he moved closer, his spurting cock shooting hot wads of cum between her asscheeks, high in her asscrack.

“You bet!” Leslie yelled as he held his spurting cock and jerked his streams of cum over April’s ass. “Sometimes you just can’t beat a hand job!”

Leslie moved even closer, filling April’s ass crack with cum as it gushed out of his cockslit. He sighed, holding his hot cock right between her asscheeks as he shot the last of his load, pouring the jism over her asshole.

“Was that the way you wanted it, baby?”

“Oohh yeahhhh!” April sighed. “Now get that daughter of mine to lick it up. And don’t take any shit from her.”

“I never do,” Leslie said, his still-hard cockhead rubbing up against the tight ring of muscles that surrounded Renee’s shitter. “Oohh, that was good! That was sooooo good I’m gonna let you clean the last of my cum off.”

He came around the sofa and pushed his cock at April’s mouth.

“You shithead,” she mumbled, but she licked at his cock, cleaning the cum off. It was almost all gone when she sank her mouth over his cock and sucked it, her soft mouth working gently on his hard flesh.

“Okay, Janine,” Leslie said, “clean your mommy up.”

Renee thought she would be sick at something so disgusting.

Janine slid her hands over her large tits before she crawled to her mother. She leaned in and licked at April’s hot ass, drawing a moan from her bound mother.

“Lick it all up, bitch!” April moaned.

Renee watched as Janine worked her mouth deeper over April’s ass, licking into the asscrack, taking up gobs of the cum running slowly down the whipped flesh. Renee shuddered in a horrible lust, her fingers working her cunt, driving her into spasms of near climax. Her legs shook and she twisted one of her nipples, trying to find a way to come, but she couldn’t. She lay helpless in the grip of her passions and rubbed her spasming pussy.

“Come on!” April gasped, heaving back at Janine’s mouth as her blonde daughter sank her mouth harder into her asscrack.

April’s red-hot asscheeks burned to the touch as Janine held them, twisting, gripping, her fingernails digging into the crimson flesh. Janine pulled the sore asscheeks apart and licked over her mother’s asscrack, her wicked tongue flicking over the hot flesh.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” April screamed.

Her whipped asscheeks throbbed, sharp arrows of pain tearing out of the contact with Janine’s sharp nails. Her ass shuddered as Janine’s hard tongue licked her asshole, flicking over the tight ring of flesh until April gave a deep moan and came, her ass jerking.

“Oooohhh yeahhh! Suck my ass!” she moaned. “Hurt me bitch, hurt meeee!”

Janine raked her fingernails over her mother’s whipped red flesh. April screamed again as Janine’s tongue ran into her asshole, licking around before she pulled back, then took up more of the cum still running in her asscrack.

Renee thought she was going to die. The passion grew in her, her pussy throbbed with lust as she stared at April, tossing and coming on the sofa back, her ass burning red, dancing and jerking as Janine’s fingernails raked over it once more. April’s shriek of pain and lust rang through the room, ass jumped back, her arms almost pulled out of their sockets as she came and collapsed over the sofa, moaning with satisfaction.

“Ooohhh,” April sighed, “ooohhh, that was almost good, that was almost good!”

“Shit!” Janine said as she pulled away from her mother’s throbbing ass, “if that was only almost, I’m gonna do it again to you, Mommy dearest. You shifty whore.”

She spanked her mother’s deep-red ass, and April moaned, her eyes closed, her body totally relaxed.

“Leave her,” Franz said, “she’s out of it. Get her when she comes around. Look what I’ve got for you here. Your pure friend is playing with herself, right in front of us all.”

Renee shrieked and pulled her hand away, but it was too late. They were all coming over, Janine with a great big grin on her face, Leslie and Chris with excitement written all ova theirs. They stood around as Renee burst into tears.

“Now, now, darling,” Franz said, his voice crooning softly. He ran the cat over Renee’s tits, then down her tummy to her widespread legs. “Don’t try to get away, I might think you’re trying to escape again.”

Renee moaned and stopped, lying on the carpet, her body open to them all. She stared up in horror, but the ache and throb in her pussy wouldn’t stop; in fact the sight of the three cocks sent her passion soaring and her pussy lubricating even more. She lay there, her long dark hair falling back over the floor, her lovely tits trembling in fear, her stockings wrinkled and torn on her luscious legs. She could see their cocks swelling, getting hard.

“Would you like me to take that bar of f?” Franz asked, running the cat between Renee’s legs.

“Yes, yes, please, Franz darling!” Renee gasped, her eyes fixed on the tails of the cat.

“So where would you like to have the six strokes?” Franz whispered.

Renee wasn’t sure she’d heard him right. “Six strokes, Franz darling? What do you mean?”

“You can’t expect to have that taken off and not pay for it, can you?” he said, his voice still keeping its level tone. “Six strokes of the cat. On your ass, pussy or tits. Or your back, if you really want, I don’t mind.”

The knotted tails of the cat slipped slowly up past her aching pussy. Renee stared at them, terror running rampant in her body. But the lust burned even more fiercely with each knot that flicked past her clit. She moaned and gasped, burning with fear and passion.

“Which will it be?” Franz asked softly. “You have to choose, my darling, you have to.”

Renee watched Franz’s cock as it jumped with each flick of the cat over her pussy.

“P-please, Franz, darling!” she moaned in surrender. “I’d like them on my pussy.”

She hated herself instantly, jerking on the floor, screaming, tears running over her face.

“Very good choice, darling,” Franz said as he gripped his cock hard, his eyes alight with lust. He stepped over Renee, so that he could beat the cat right into her wide-open pussy. “Get me the stool, Janine.”

Franz dropped the cat between Renee’s thighs again, teasing the helpless girl until she was moaning in constant fear and arousal. Janine brought over a low padded stool. “Get your ass up,” she said to Renee.

Renee moaned and sobbed, but she lifted her ass obediently, leaning back on her shoulders and pushing on her feet. Miraculously she still had her shoes on, and the high heels allowed her to get her ass even higher, even with the bar in the way. Janine pushed the stool under her, and Renee sank back down on the leather top fearfully.

She rested on the stool, her back bowed, her shoulders and heels on the carpet, her pussy forced wide open for the cat. Still Franz played with her, running the whip up and over her thighs, letting the knots in the tails jerk and play over her cunt.

“Would you love it if I jerked off over you as I whip you?”

Renee’s scream was sharp, explosive, her body shaking. The cat played over her pussy, the knots pulling at her clit and pussylips, sending her jerking and breathless with fear and expectation.

“Yes, yes, if you want to, darling,” she moaned, blushing, scared, ashamed of herself.

“But do you want me to?” He played the cat over Renee’s cunt, drawing it up, dragging it between Renee’s soft, puffy pussylips.

Renee’s head spun as she sank deeper into shame and degradation.

“Yes, Franz, yes!” she wept. “Yes, I’d love it!”

“Then I might have to give you more than six strokes.” He dragged the cat up, sending spasms through Renee’s cunt and thighs. “Would that be all right, darling?”

Renee wept, shaking out of control, suffering all the horrors of her slow slide into total humiliation. She could see Leslie and Chris, standing close, their cocks already hard as the men looked down at her. She knew she would have to take those cocks soon. Whatever else happened.

“Yes, yes, Franz darling!” she sobbed. “That would be all right, really!”

“You’d love me to give you more, wouldn’t you?” Franz said, dragging the cat clear of Renee’s shuddering cunt. His hand played over his cock, and drops of pre-cum juice were already forming at his cockslit and his ass jerked with each pull of his hand.

“Yes, yes, yes, Franz, yesssss!” Renee screamed, her cunt pouring juice, her body wracked with suffering and lust.

“Good.” Franz lifted the cat.

Renee watched it, her eyes filed with tears, her body writhing on the stool. The knotted tails came down, whipping between her spread thighs, lashing into her wide-open pussy.

Pain soared out as she shamefully climaxed to the beat of the cat. She screamed, her legs trembling, her pussy running juices.

“One,” Franz said. Then he yelled with lust as he worked his cock. “Fuuuck, can’t stop — ooohhhh, fuck! She’s wonderful — ooohh my darling! Two!”

His hand lashed down and the cat beat into Renee’s clit with a slap, drops other pussy juice splashing onto the carpet.

“Aaaghhh!” Renee arched her back, heaving her pussy up, her legs trying to spread even wider for the terrible cat. All her weight was on her shoulders and the heels of her shoes, her ass jerking, begging for the whip. The bar even shook as her legs twisted violently. Her head went back as she screamed, shaking uncontrollably.

“Three!” Franz yelled as he whipped her, the cat lashing hard across Renee’s tight pussy. “Oohhh, back! I’m coming! Fuck, what a girl. What a girl!”

His hand blurred on his cock, jerking it as the cum shot out of his balls.

“Four!” he yelled, lashing the cat into Renee’s hot cunt, his arm trembling with the force of his release. “Ooohh, fuck! Ooohhh, fuck!”

He leaned back and a stream of cum shot out of his cock, arched through the air and splashed all over Renee’s lower belly, some of it running into her dark cuntal mound.

“Aaahhhh — fuck!” Franz yelled, lashing Renee, his arm swinging, cum pouring out of his cock. “Ooohhh, fuck, fuck! She’ll drive me crazy, oohhhh! Six!”

He lashed Renee with all his might, the tails of the cat whipping gobs of cum off her pussy and all over her thighs. Still his cock poured white streams of jism. With a moan, he knelt, directing the wads of white goo over Renee’s cunt and inner thighs. He squatted over her tits, his hand working hard on his spurting prick.

“Ooooohh, fuck!” he moaned. “Ooohh fuck!”

Renee screamed as the whipping stopped. Hot cum splashed all over her, but she wanted more. She sobbed as Franz knelt over her tits, his ass close to her face, his cock jerking out cum all over her belly and cunt. Her pussy throbbed, and her climax felt as if it had been stopped short. With a scream, she grabbed Franz’s ass, tearing at it, her fists pounding into him, then clutching, pulling in a fury.

“Aaahhhh!” he yelled, jerking his cock harder, his ass thrusting down on the helpless girl’s tits. “Oooohhh, fuck, you bitch! I’ll get you for that, I will, I’ll — aaahhhhh!”

He gave a long moan of satisfaction as his cock gave out and just dribbled cum from the tiny slit. He turned as Renee kept up her scratching, pounding assault on his ass. He shoved his cock at her mouth.

“Clean me off.”

Renee sobbed, her hand going to his chest, scratching at him. He ignored it, his cock throbbing and thrusting at her mouth.

“Suck it, darling, or I’ll whip you again!” he growled.

Renee had little idea of what she was doing. She reached for his cock, letting it slide into her mouth. It was still big enough to fill it, and she sobbed as she tasted the cum still clinging to the piss-slit. In a haze of lust, she sucked, feeling the thick prick twitch and stiffen in her mouth.

“Oooohhhh, fuck!” Franz sighed, rubbing his chest where Renee’s hands had scratched him. “If you suck like that, darling, you can hit me as much as you like. Oohhhh, that’s wonderful, just wonderful.”

His cock grew, inch by inch, in Renee’s hot sucking mouth.

Renee wanted to die, but she would never let go of the massive cock in her mouth. She sucked at it, feeling it grow hard again, almost miraculously. She shuddered as she lay on the carpet.

“Untie her ankles, Janine,” Franz said.

“Yes, Daddy.” Janine had to get Leslie to help her, the bonds were on so tight.

But finally Renee could close her legs, her muscles feeling relief. She sucked on Franz’s cock, which was almost back to full size by this time.

“My darling,” he said, “you are incredible, say you’ll be everything I’ve wanted.”

Renee sobbed helplessly. She tried to keep her mouth on Franz’s cock, so she didn’t have to answer, but he eased his prick out and stared at her.

“Will you?” he asked, almost pleading.

Renee burst into tears. “No! I can’t! How can I? You’re all disgusting, horrible! I hate you, let me go!”

She turned her head away.

“Oh dear,” Franz said, his voice hard again, his cock throbbing at her lips. “I’ll have to be very cruel to you, my darling, but what can you expect when you are cruel to me?”

“Ooohhh, no!” Renee wept as he stood up. “Janine, clean her up so she can learn to sixty-nine. Then Leslie and Chris can have her for a while.”


“Oh no!” Renee moaned as she watched Janine peel off the remains of her uniform and parade around the men, holding her luscious large tits out for them to caress. Janine’s long legs in the black stockings and her muscles stretched tightly by the high-heeled shoes seemed to carry even more lust and menace with each time she got fucked.

“Ready to watch me suck pussy?” Janine said to Franz, sliding her hand over her father’s cock, pulling at it. “I don’t know why you want her so much. I know she’s beautiful, but…”

“Get on with it.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Janine said. She slid down over Renee, her thighs spreading wide around Renee’s face, her mouth licking at the cum all over the dark-haired girl’s belly.

Renee stared up, and there were the men, standing around, watching, working their cocks as they enjoyed the scene.

Franz leaned down over her. “Suck pussy, darling. My daughter loves to have her pussy sucked.”

Renee sobbed, but her head was spinning so much she hardly knew what she was doing. Janine’s tongue licked over her belly button, swirling in, until Renee was gasping with excitement and weeping with shame.

“Keep your legs open, bitch!” Leslie snapped. “I wanna see your pussy get sucked!”

Renee lay on the carpet and waited, body tense, yet ringing with that terrible passion that had betrayed her before. Janine’s mouth went aver the flat plane of her tummy and down, closer and closer to her pussy hair. Above her was Janine’s tight ass, circling slowly, as the hot excitement rose in the blonde. The line of red on Janine’s ass had almost faded and Renee stared at the red lips of Janine’s pussy.

Janine’s ass was tight and small, and the deep cleft of her pussy between the cheeks, fringed with the curly blonde hair, was more than exciting enough to the men as Janine’s nonstop fucking had demonstrated. Out of her cunt dribbled a thin stream of cum, and Renee felt aroused that she would soon have to lick at it and take it in her mouth. She moaned and turned her eyes away, but, at that moment, Janine’s mouth licked over her pussy mound and into the very hole of her cunt.

“Oohhhh!” Renee jumped, her pussy jerking with horror and lust.

Janine’s large tits rubbed over her stomach as the blonde lashed her tongue out over Renee’s sensitive clit. Renee gave a shudder and her ass heaved up off the carpet, her pussy suddenly running juices again.

“Look at the whore,” Franz said, “she gets turned on by anything. Suck Janine, bitch, and suck her good. You’ll learn, you bet you will.” He dangled the cat over Renee’s face and she moaned.

Gurgling with lust, Janine spread her thighs even more, sliding her pussy down over Renee’s face, pushing her cum-running cunt onto Renee’s soft mouth.

Renee gave a low sob as the wide slit of Janine’s cunt moved over her mouth. She licked her tongue between Janine’s pussylips, tasting the cum and Janine’s freely flowing pussy juices. Janine gave a murmur of passion and thrust her cunt down even more, making Renee take the hot flesh right over her face. Renee surrendered. She reached up over Janine’s thigh, past the stocking tops, and onto Janine’s taut ass. She held the blonde tight and sucked her pussy, taking the hard clit bud into her mouth and rasping her tongue over it.

“Mmmm!” Janine purred, her own mouth running over Renee’s pussy. “Oooh, I like this, Daddy! If I can have her too, she can stay.”

“Get on with it,” Franz said and slid the cane over Renee’s tight asscheeks. “You got away with a lot so far tonight. You need something to keep you in line.”

“But I’ve been a good girl,” Janine said, snickering. “Not like some people I could mention.”

“Slide your hands down, Renee. My daughter needs a reminder of where she is.”

Renee had pulled her hands off Janine’s ass.

“Up!” Franz snapped, tapping Janine’s ass.

Janine thrust her ass upward, bracing her feet in the high heels until she was standing on her feet and her hands, yet still managing to suck Renee’s cunt, her tongue running over Renee’s whipped pussy flesh.

“Enjoy this, Renee,” Franz said. “She’s gonna get it until she sucks you off, and then you’re gonna get it until you suck her off. So make sure you come real fast because Janine’s a bitch. If you make her take too much, she’ll play you until you pass out. I’ve seen her do it.”

He ran the cane over his daughter’s tight ass. Right above her face, Janine’s ass heaved against the thin cane while her mouth sucked in a fury at Renee’s cunt. Moaning, Janine leaned down on her elbows, spreading Renee’s thighs even more, burying her face in Renee’s pussy, her mouth working away hard as she pulled Renee’s cuntlips open with her fingers.

In a dream, Renee saw the cane go up in Franz’s hand.

Janine was gasping and moaning, her mouth hard on Renee’s cunt, sucking her clit between her teeth and rasping her tongue over the sensitive flesh. Her ass trembled as she waited, her legs strained to the limit, her muscles shaking.

The cane whipped down onto Janine’s ass. The blonde gave a scream and rammed her mouth deeper into Renee’s cunt, sucking at the trembling flesh. Across her ass-flesh appeared a thin line of red as she jerked her ass up for the next blow.

Franz whipped his daughter, the cane lashing another line of red pain into her heaving ass. His cock jerked, and he grabbed his throbbing prick, playing with it as he lifted the cane once more.

“Aaaaabhhh!” Janine screamed, her thighs trembling, her mouth working over Renee’s pussy.

Her ass bent with the blow, then rose again, the flesh glowing with red pain. With a scream of agony and lust, she sucked Renee’s cunt into her mouth, her teeth closing over the throbbing clit, biting, sawing at it. She sucked harder, her ass jerking, her teeth chewing at Renee’s clit.

Renee’s deep scream ran around the room as her pussy exploded with pain under Janine’s biting and sucking. She stared up as the cane lashed down over Janine’s ass, driving the blonde wild with seething passion. The cane came in again, and Janine screeched with lust, her teeth sawing over Renee’s sensitive pussy flesh. Renee stared as the cane came in again, watched as it lashed into Janine’s ass. She lurched, her pussy exploding with pain and a deep surging lust. Her thighs spread, allowing Janine to dig deeper, to work her mouth even harder on her pussy.

At the next blow of the thin cane, Renee felt as if it had lashed her, own ass, the force of Janine’s teeth on her clit was so terrible. Her cunt erupted with passion and her head spun. The cane lashed Janine’s ass, and the lunge of her teeth on Renee’s clit broke resistance. The pain and lust were too much for her. Renee screamed, her pussy thrusting up at Janine’s hot mouth.

The two girls screamed together now, lurching on the floor, clinging together for dear life. Renee ran her hands up Janine’s thighs, slid her finger into the blonde’s hot cunt, working it around the trembling walls. Soon she had another finger in there, then a third. In a rising frenzy of lust, she finger-fucked her friend while the cane landed across Janine’s ass, only inches from Renee’s thrusting fingers.

Janine’s screams of exploding passion echoed in the room. At each blow, she bit Renee’s clit harder, her teeth pulling and sawing, her body thrashing around. Her mouth clutched Renee’s pussy, and her teeth clamped down, tearing at the hot red flesh of Renee’s clit. Slowly she pulled her head up, her teeth clamped on Renee’s cunt, stretching Renee’s pussy flesh to its limit.

“Aaaggghhh!” Renee screamed, watching the cane sweep in on Janine’s ass.

She rammed her fingers deep into Janine’s cunt, pushing the blonde up, almost off her feet with the force of her finger-fucking. Her pussy erupted with agony and passion, her clit feeling as if it was being torn off. Her wails of lust beat from the walls as she pulled her hand back and slid another finger to the entrance of Janine’s cunt. As the cane beat down, Renee rammed her whole hand in, right into Janine’s cunt.

“Aaaggghhh!” Janine screamed as she bit down on Renee’s clit.

Her ass trembled, her pussy throbbed around Renee’s hand, and she gave another guttural moan of pain as Renee pulled her hand together in a fist, right inside her throbbing cunt.

Janine wailed, lunging her teeth back down to capture another mouthful of Renee’s hot cunt. She sucked as hard as she could, her legs trembling, her ass heaving. Renee’s pussy came into Janine’s ravenous mouth. Janine clamped her teeth down, and lunged upward, her ass eager for the cane, her pussy walls throbbing around Renee’s fist. As Franz whipped her, she chewed at Renee’s clit and pussylips with a force that sent the dark-haired girl into a raging, churning orgasm.

Another blow and the two of them were gone, screaming, moaning, biting and fist-fucking to the beat of the thin cane on Janine’s tight ass.

“Ooooh, shit!” Leslie moaned. “Look at those two go! Ohhhh, jeeeez — I don’t know whether to jerk off over ’em or fuck ’em both!”

“Save it,” Chris said as he played with his own rampant cock. “Take your time and get both bitches — oooooh, fuck, they’re great! Look at ’em!”

The two girls were climaxing together. As Franz whipped Janine’s ass, she lunged up for it, her cunt pulling almost off Renee’s fist. Then, as the cane lashed her and her scream of passion rang out, her ass slammed down again, pushing her hot cunt right on Renee’s hand until it was sunk in her pussy up to and beyond her wrist. Janine’s teeth gripped Renee’s pussy, tearing, biting as she came.

Renee’s screams matched Janine’s. Her arm pushed harder with each blow of the cane. Her thighs spread wider, and she shamelessly reached down, holding Janine’s head to her throbbing, erupting pussy. She was gone in a seething mass of orgasms that wouldn’t stop. Both of them danced helplessly to the beat of the cane.

“Yeahhhh! Yeahhhhh! Yeahhhhh!” Franz grunted with each blow he gave his daughter.

He stared at the pair of schoolgirls, who were going berserk with the most depraved lust, their bodies heaving as they climaxed, tearing at each other, driving themselves into a pit of absolute depravity. He held his cock, working it hard.

“Aaaagghhh!” Renee screamed suddenly.

The two girls jerked together.

For three strokes of the cane, they both held rigid, their climax’s holding them at the absolute peak. Then Janine gave a scream and fell to the side, her legs giving out.

Renee pulled her hand out of Janine’s cunt as the blonde fell. As Janine hit the carpet, the two of them rolled together as if they couldn’t bear to be apart. Softly, their mouths closed on each other’s pussy and the girls lay together, sucking each other, moaning in the aftermath of their orgasms.

“Shit!” Leslie gasped. “I ain’t never seen anything like that before!”

“Too fuckin’ true,” Franz gasped. He held the cane and stared at the two girls, his cock throbbing with passion. “I thought I was gonna fuckin’ shoot again. Those two are so fuckin hot.”

“Come on,” Leslie said, “we can whip Renee later, let’s fuck ’em now.”

“Can’t hold out any longer, huh, boys?”

Franz winked. “Okay, you want Renee now? I’m sure she’d love a double-fuck.”

They all laughed as they converged on the two girls, still lying on the carpet, their soft mouths sucking each other’s pussy. Renee had almost forgotten about the men as she gently worked her mouth over Janine’s pussy, sucking and licking with slowly rising passion.

“Okay, girls, time to get up!” Franz lashed the cat across Janine’s ass.

With a scream, Janine rolled away and stared up at her father.

“Over the chair!”

“Oh, fuck it, Dad,” Janine whined, “I was having a good time!”

She pouted, but got up and went to the chair, leaning over the back.

“Enjoy, boys,” Franz said. He came up behind his daughter and ran his cock into the crack of her ass, pushing it at the tight ring of Janine’s ass muscles.

“Ohhhh, Dad!” Janine moaned. “You’re a real jerk, you know that?”

She thrust against the chair back, her ass dilating as he fucked at it.

“You just shut the fuck up!” Franz growled. “Your friend’s still being a fucking nuisance, and it’s time for your ass to get it.”

He grunted and fucked at his daughter’s tight, red, whipped ass.

“Ohhhh, Dad!” Janine groaned as her father’s big cock thrust an inch or so into her tight shitter. “Don’t you wish it was her ass and she was begging for it, huh? Huh?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Franz yelled spanking Janine’s already sore asscheeks.

Janine moaned, and thrust back harder at his cock.

Renee felt the soft glow of her climax fading fast as Leslie and Chris grabbed her. They took her to the other chair and threw her face-down over the back of it, her ass sticking up. They didn’t waste any time. Leslie grabbed her hair and rammed his cock at her mouth.

“Suck me off, baby!” he snapped. “Watching you and Janine was enough to boil my balls!”

Renee gave a groan as she helplessly obeyed and sank her mouth over Leslie’s long hard cock. He certainly was hot — drops of pre-cum were already forming at his piss-slit. They ran off into her mouth and the salty taste rolled over her tongue as his big thick cockhead pushed to the entrance of her throat.

“You’re gonna take this real deep, bitch!” he growled, fucking at her throat, his cock starting to throb with rowing lust. “Ohhhh, fuck! Real deep! And I’m gonna shoot right over that beautiful face of yours!”

He gasped and slid his cock between Renee’s wonderful lips, watching, his throbbing fucker getting harder all the time.

Renee took his cock as deep as she could. It filled her mouth, pushing at her throat, then back, in again, thrusting, as Leslie held her hair and forced his prick into her mouth.

She felt Chris’ cock running over her wet hot pussy. Her cunt throbbed from the sucking Janine had given it and her fuck-hole clutched at his cockhead as it slid in, her sucking pussy walls closing on the hard prick.

“Ooooh, yeah!” Chris sighed. “That’s very good! That’s very good!”

He slid his cock deeper into Renee’s spasming fuck channel, pushing in deep, his cock throbbing and growing as he sank into her hot pussy.

“Make sure you work my cock like that, whore! Or I’ll take the cane to you!”

He fucked his cock back, then sank it in again, fucking Renee’s pussy in long, slow strokes.

“Yeah! You’re a real hot fuck, you know that?”

React moaned as she sucked Leslie’s cock. She held the long shaft in her fingers. Her dark hair to sued as she rammed her mouth deeper taking Leslie’s cock to the entrance of her throat, her muscles working over it as his massive cockhead throbbed.

“Hey,” Leslie murmured, “this one learns real fast! Ohhh, fuck, my cock’s going crazy!”

He fucked Renee’s mouth, his thick, rock-hard shaft throbbing and swelling as Renee’s tongue swirled around his cockhead and her fingers played with his shaft and balls.

“Oooooh, fuck, I’m gonna cream right over your face, you delicious whore! Ohhh, fuck, keep it up, babe! Keep it up!”

“Ahhhh, Daddy!” Janine screamed as Franz pushed his cock into her ass, right to the hilt. She thrashed on the chair back, her body jerking almost out of control. “Ooooh, fuck, you’re so big, Daddy! I can’t take it all — ooohh, fuck!”

“Lying bitch!” Franz yelled, ramming his cock hard into his daughter’s hot ass guts. “You can take my cock in whatever hole I put it in, right, bitch?”

He fucked his cock into her ass and spanked her, his hand slapping across Janine’s whipped asscheeks.

“Ooorrrrgggh! Daddy!” Janine screamed as Franz’s enormous cock sank into her shitter. She twisted and screamed at him, her ass throbbing around his cock. “AU right, fucker! Then fuck my ass, you dick-head! Come on! Fill me up, Daddy, fill me up!”

She screamed, clutched the chair cushions and rammed her ass back to take the full length of his cock once more.

“You bitch!” Franz roared, his cock pistoning in and out of Janine’s shit-pit. “Come on, don’t tell me you can’t take it, whore; you could take a bull’s cock, you horny cunt!”

He spanked Janine again at the top of his thrust, and she moaned with delight, her tingling ass filling with his massive cockmeat.

Chris’ fucker slammed into Renee’s cunt, filling her hot pussy with more male meat. “Ohhh, fuck, yeahhh! Get your arms back here, bitch!”

Renee sobbed and heaved under the brutal, dual fuck. Her helpless pussy throbbed harder around the heaving cock with each slamming invasion. She was going crazy sucking Leslie’s fuck-rod deep into her mouth, her entire body rocking to the power of the passion rising through her.

She felt her heat pounding as she obeyed Chris and reached back. Chris grabbed her wrists and pulled them together, hauling them tightly behind her back.

Renee gave a muffled scream as her arms were twisted tightly, and pain shot down them. But the horrible passion surged up even faster than the pain.

Chris gripped her wrists tighter, then heaved her up off the chair back. She groaned as her mouth came off Leslie’s cock, but he just walked around the chair until Chris lowered her, keeping her tight on his cock, puffing her arms hard, her ass wedged against his loins.

“Get your mouth back down!” Chris yelled and Renee’s soft wet lips slid back over Leslie’s cockhead, her gurgling scream muffled by his thick prick.

Renee hung there, her pussy throbbing around Chris’ cock as he shoved her down on it, keeping a tight hold on her arms, riding her with brutal force. Leslie grabbed her hair and rammed her mouth back over his spasming fuck-rod, thrusting deep into her throat. The two of them fucked the writhing, screaming schoolgirl, their thick pricks slamming into her helpless body.

Renee’s body exploded with fresh lust. She wept again and again as the first spasms of climax broke deep in her body, exploding out from her pussy and the whipped flesh of her tits and ass. She strained and sucked, her mouth closing harder on Leslie’s cock, her tongue rubbing over his cockhead, her throat opening for him to ram deeper.

Leslie yelled, wrapped his fingers in her hair and thrust deeper, right into her throat. She gagged for a moment, her body heaving, but Chris pulled her harder onto his cock, twisting her arms, and the pain opened her throat. She took another inch of Leslie’s cock and screamed as more surges of passion burst over her. Her mouth pumped up and down on Leslie’s fucker, her pussy throbbing around Chris’ invading prick. Her thighs were spread wide, but her feet hardly touched the floor as her body thrashed and heaved in the grip of the two men.

Then she felt Leslie’s cock throb harder and grow in her mouth. He leaned back, yelling his head off, thrusting harder at her throat, his fingers gripping her lovely hair even tighter.

“Yaaahhh!” he bellowed. “I’m coming, you fucker! And you’re gonna take my cock right down your throat before I do! Now open up, bitch — yaaahhh!”

Renee screamed as he shoved and his cock fucked deeper into her throat. She gagged again, her neck straining against the invading monster, but he didn’t stop.

“Take it, bitch!” he yelled and thrust. His cock went deeper, throbbing in her throat.

Renee knew she was going to throw up.


April stirred over the sofa back and looked out. She saw what was going on and pulled at the bonds, but they were more than tight enough to hold her.

“Franz!” she yelled. “Get me the fuck off here!”

But he didn’t hear her, or he chose to ignore her. His massive thick cock slammed into Janine’s ass, shoving her up against the chair as the blonde screamed with lust and tore at the cushions in her passion.

“Ooohh, yeahhh, Daddy!” she yelled. “Come on, fill my ass! Come on! Shoot cum up my ass, Daddy!”

“Yeaaaahhhh!” Franz roared, his thick fucker ramming in and out of his daughter’s hot shit-pit. “You wait, bitch, you’ll get it!”

“Uuuurrgghhh!” Janine gasped. She pulled the cushions of the chair together and buried her face in them, screaming with lust as her ass was reamed out.

“Leslie! Chris! Get me off here!” April screamed, her hands pulling at the bonds.

But they were too busy as well. Leslie’s thick fuck-rod was sliding into Renee’s throat, slamming in farther with each fuck.

“Eat me, whore!” he yelled, his cock pounding between her soft lips. “Eat me!”

Renee sobbed, her throat full of the massive, swelling male cockmeat. Leslie was coming, his cock heaving as the cum surged out of his balls. She gagged again, sure this time that she would throw up. But she didn’t. Her throat constricted around the enormous prick for a second, but then opened as Chris’ cock slammed into her cunt, setting the raging fires of her passion going again. She arched against him, her arms pulling violently against his hands as he twisted them harder, puffing her farther onto his thick cock.

“Eat it right down your throat, bitch!” Leslie yelled as the cum burst along his cockshaft. “Right down, or I’ll whip you until you do it! Aaaahhhh, yeahhhh! Come on, whore!”

Renee thought she was going to die. The enormous fuck-rod pushed into her throat, the thick balls of Leslie’s cockhead reaming her out, making her neck muscles bulge with its enormous size. For some reason she didn’t understand, Chris let go of her hands. She lurched, but her mouth stayed right over the long thick pole of Leslie’s cock as it rammed at her throat.

But then she found out exactly why Chris had let go of her hands. With a savage slash, he whipped the cane across her ass as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

In a surge of terrible lust, Renee came, arching her back, her whole body op fire. Her deep scream burst out from around Leslie’s cock and her throat opened, taking the monster prick right to the hilt in her spasming throat. Leslie’s balls slapped against her chin as he rammed home. His cock jerked, his cockhead pulsed and swelled, and a stream of cum spurted out of his cockslit, deep in Renee’s throat.

“Yaahhhh!” he roared, his cock throbbing out of control in the schoolgirl’s mouth. “Ooooohh, fuck, that’s it! That’s iiitttt!”

He grabbed Renee’s hair and slammed into her throat as far as he could while another thick wad of jism burst out of his cock. Then he sighed and pulled back, his cock sliding right out of Renee’s lips.

“Hold it over your face, bitch!” he yelled. As if there was any question that she might disobey, Chris whipped her ass again at that moment. Renee was only dimly aware of what she was doing as she reached up and took hold of Leslie’s spurting fuck-rod. He roared with lust as she held it and directed the next stream of spunk over her lips, sucking and licking as she screeched to another blow of the cane and climaxed.

“Now down!” Leslie yelled, his cock pouring out more cum over Renee’s soft red lips.

He thrust and the obedient schoolgirl guided his cock back into her mouth and down her welcoming throat. Leslie roared as he shot another creamy jet of goo deep in her throat and then pulled back once more.

“Hold it!” he roared.

Renee slid her fingers over the cock and let the cum pour out over her lips and cheeks. Moaning and screaming to the hard fucking of Chris’ cock in her cunt and the beat of the cane on her ass, she took all of Leslie’s cockjuice, her tongue swirling around the jerking cockhead, slurping the cum out of his piss-slit as it jetted out. She slid his cockhead up, let cum pour over her cheeks and nose, licking out for as much of it as she could get. Then she took it in her mouth, sucked at the cock head, swallowing all the cum as it surged out.

“Down your throat, girl!” Leslie yelled and thrust, filling Renee’s mouth once more with his cockmeat.

His prick slid effortlessly into her mouth, sliding deep, right in to the hilt as the last great wads of jism gushed out of it, deep in Renee’s throat. She moaned, her lips in his dark cockhair, her mouth spasming around his cock.

Renee gave a jerk, screaming as the cane lashed her viciously, and she felt Chris’ cock going out of control in her cunt. Her throat sucked at Leslie’s cock, her hands caressing his balls as she worked his slowly softening prick, silently begging for more of the thick cock and the cream it shot.

“Oohhh, fuck, here comes another wad, baby!” Chris yelled.

His cock slammed in, out of control in Renee’s tight cunt. He whipped her to the beat of his rising orgasm, his hips slamming his fuck meat right in, his balls slapping against Renee’s thighs. Yelling and heaving, he slammed at her, almost lifting her up off the floor with the force of his fucking.

“Take it, you whore!” he yelled as the cum burst out of his throbbing balls.

“Get me off this!” April yelled in surging rage, her voice finally rising above the screams of the two girls.

“Keep the fuck quiet!” Leslie snapped as he pulled away from Renee and went to the struggling blonde.

Renee gave a scream as Leslie pulled his cock out of her mouth. She staggered and fell, her cunt puffing off Chris’ cock.

“Noooooo!” she screamed as she hit the carpet and rolled, her orgasm bursting over her in sudden pain with no cock inside her tight littie pussy. She stared up at Chris as he stood over her, his cock throbbing with the force of the cum bursting out of his balls. “Come on, fuck meeeee!”

She spread her thighs wide, the lips of her pussy pulsing with desire.

Chris jumped on her, throwing the cane aside as he landed between her thighs and thrust his cock into her hot wet pussy. Renee screamed in ecstasy as his thick cock filled her cunt once more. She arched against him, her legs crawled compulsively around his waist and held him to her as her pussy exploded with endless desire. She jerked, climaxes surging over her as his cock slammed deep in her hot wet cunt.

“Yeaaahhh!” Chris yelled as his cock shot hot bullets of cum into the schoolgirl.

He fucked her into the carpet, ramming her ass down as he came, pouring out hot jism into her fuck passage.

“Jeezzz, she’s tight!” he yelled, his hips jerking, his cock pouring out wads of fuck juice into Renee’s spasming cunt. “Ooohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Renee screamed, throwing her head back, climaxes bursting over her in hot streams of total passion. She heaved against his weight, trying to get as much of his cock inside her cunt as possible. It shot more thick wads of juice, and she screamed with delight, her fingernails tearing at his back, digging in as she came in helpless streams of orgasm.

“Aaaaahhh!” she wailed, scratching at him, trying to gain that extra surge of orgasm she wanted. But it wouldn’t come. She crested, lurching up, her fingernails digging deep into his hard flesh as he rammed his cock to the hilt in her cunt and shot the last of his streams of goo.

But she was short of what she wanted.

“Ooohhh, God!” she moaned, her hips writhing in desperation as Chris’ cock gave out and just oozed cum in her cunt. She sobbed, tearing at him, lifting him up and down in her surging desires.

“What the fuck!” Chris yelled. He rolled off the spasming schoolgirl and stared at her. “Jeez!”

Renee rolled on the floor, her fingers digging at her cunt, ramming in, coming out covered in cum as she finger-fucked herself in total desperation. Her long dark hair tossed in absolute abandon as she tried to come again and couldn’t. Screaming, she rolled and crouched up on her knees, her face scratched by the thick pile of the carpet. Her stockings were in rags, her whole body shook, and her crimson ass jerked shamelessly as if she was a bitch in heat.

“Grab her!” Franz yelled as he rammed his cock deep into Janine’s ass. “Tie her up! Just stop her getting anything! Oohhh, will you look at that!”

“Shut the fuck up and fuck me, Daddy!” Janine screamed. “I can still take more than her!”

“Wanna bet!” Franz roared. “You’ll get a chance to prove that, my hot hole!”

He leaned back, slamming his cock into Janine’s ass with long hard strokes as he watched Leslie and Chris take hold of the moaning, spasming Renee.

“Noooo!” Renee screamed as she was hauled off to one of the hard upright chairs and slammed onto it, facing the back.

Her legs were forced outside the chair seat and lashed to the back legs. Her arms were pulled down around the back and tied to the back legs.

“Let me go!” she wailed, utterly helpless. There was nothing for her to do but sit and suffer. And suffer she did.

Only a few feet away from Renee, Franz was slamming his cock into his daughter’s hot ass, and Renee couldn’t even rub her pussy. She strained, but her thighs were pinned wide apart. She gasped and moaned, tossing helplessly in the most depraved display of desire.

Leslie went back to April. “So, you wanna get off this sofa?”

“Yes!” April screamed. “Come on! Let me up!”

“What’s it worth?” Leslie asked. He grinned and went close to the struggling woman. He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and pulled her face up. “I gotta get hard again.”

He slapped his long, semi-soft cock across April’s face.

“Aaahhh, you bastard!” April yelled, wrenching her arms against the bonds that held her to the sofa.

Leslie held her and beat his cock across her face again, slapping it one way and then the other, the hard slap of his flesh on her face sounding clear across the room.

“Gotta get hard again,” he said, “and I get hard real fast this way.”

He held April’s hair and beat her face with his cock, slapping her back and forth, his cock getting harder on each stroke.

“You fucker!” April screeched, struggling harder against the leather straps that held her. “I’ll get you for this!”

“You’ll get my cock, yeah!” Leslie slid his half-hard cock between April’s lips.

He pushed, and she gave a wail of anger, but sucked on it, her expert mouth getting the hardness back into the throbbing shaft very fast.

“Not hard enough yet, is it?” Leslie worked his cockhead to the entrance of April’s throat.

She gasped and shook her head.

“Okay,” he said and pulled out, slapping her across the face with his fucker again. It hit with more force, beating April’s face around mercilessly. She screamed, jerking the sofa around in her anger and pain. Leslie pushed his cock back into her mouth.

“Mmmmffff,” April moaned, her body heaving in anger. Leslie’s cock worked right into her throat now, pushing deep, the thick ball of his cockhead ramming hard over her muscles, making her neck bulge.

“Ready to get Chris hard again?” Leslie asked. “Then we might let you off there.”

April’s deep scream of rage burst out from around his cock. Her torn transparent blouse flicked around over the sofa cushions and her bra cups flopped with each toss of her body.

“You fuckers!” she screamed as Leslie eased his cock out of her mouth and Chris took his place. “You stinking — mmmfffff!”

Chris worked his already-stiffening cock into her mouth. He held it there, working it in and out a little, a wide smile on his face.

“Shit, this is nice,” he said.

“Ooohhh, Daddy!” Janine screamed suddenly, tossing wildly on the chair back. She pushed back, ramming Franz’s cock as deep into her throbbing shit-pit as she could. “Fuck me deep, Daddy! Come on! Fill me up — I’m coming!”

“Aaaayyeaahhh!” Franz roared, his throbbing fucker swelling in his daughter’s ass. “So am I, baby! So am I!”

He fucked her harder into the chair back, his cock speeding up in its hard ramming fuck.

“Oooohhh, fuck, yeahhhh!” he yelled. “Go on, boys! Make that bitch suck you!” he yelled.

Leslie and Chris took turns sliding their cocks into April’s wet mouth.

“Oooohhhhh, fuck, and we got her!” Franz yelled, his lustful eyes on Renee as she struggled in the chair.

Renee sobbed. She hated herself, wanted to die, but she was helpless. Her pussy burned uncontrollably, and her heart pounded as she watched the depraved father and daughter ass-fuck.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh, here it comes!” Franz yelled, his cock pounding in Janine’s shitter, his balls tightening, releasing their load of cum. He sighed as hot streams of white goo poured up his load of cum. He sighed as hot streams of white goo poured up his shaft and into Janine’s spasming ass. “That’s sooo gooood!”

His hips jerked uncontrollably, his cock spurting endless wads of cum.

“Daddeeeeee!” Janine screamed, arching back for more of his cock, her ass erupting with passion.

She shook and screamed again, her tight shitter walls clutching to the spurting cock as it poured thick streams of spunk into her back fuck-hole. She gasped as gobs of cum ran out of her ass and down her creamy white thighs. “Ooohh, Daddy, that’s great! That’s just great!”

She sobbed harder as another jerk of Franz’s cock sent cum pouring deep in her guts, making her shitter spasm with orgasm. She gasped, lurched and fell over the chair back, moaning in lust, her ass still heaving at the cock buried in it.

“Ooohhhh!” Franz gasped as his cock began to give out. His stream of cum diminished in Janine’s sucking asshole and soon it was just dribbling out. He leaned forward and slid his hands over her tits, stroking them as his orgasm diminished. “Fuck, you’ve got a great ass, baby, a great ass!”

“Why, thank you, Daddy,” Janine purred, leaning back and caressing his face with her hand. “As long as you can get it up, it’s there waiting for you.”

“Mmmm, now I have to deal with that friend of yours.”

“Oooohhh,” Janine sighed, “can I help?”

“Nope. This is just her and me.”

“Selfish fucker,” Janine said as she heaved her ass back at his softening cock. “At least let me watch her get you hard again.”

“No!” Franz snapped. “You stay here and take care of Leslie and Chris. Those two will be ready far action again soon.”

He eased his cock out of Janine’s ass, and she gave a moan as her ass walls throbbed.

Janine strutted over to her mother, who was sucking Leslie’s cock while Chris stood by, working his almost-hard cock.

“What’s it to be, boys?” Janine smiled. “How about some real dirty movies, I love having a cock up me while I watch those.”

“Yeahhhh!” Leslie said.

“Okay, Mommy, porno movies all round!” Janine started untying her mother’s bonds.

“You shit!” April gasped. She got up and rubbed her wrists and ankles for a while as the circulation returned. She slid her blouse and bra off, then grinned at Leslie. “There’s one we got last week. I bet I can get you off at least four times while you watch it.”

“You’re on.” He grinned. “What do I get if you don’t?”

“Honey,” April purred, “do you have to ask?”

He grinned, and the four of them went into another room.

Renee was left alone with Franz. He came up to her as she sat in the chair, helplessly bound. She wept and struggled, her lust and fear running at even higher levels through her shuddering body.

“Are you ready, my darling?” he asked softly, running his hand over her cheek.

Renee shuddered, pulling at her bonds. “I-I don’t know, Franz, darling. I want to go home, please.”

Franz chuckled, his hand moving down over her lovely tits. “That would be a really cruel thing to do, wouldn’t it?”

Renee burst into tears.

“What I should do is take you to my bedroom,” he said.

Renee sobbed, her body rocking the chair as she struggled.

“And then, just the two of us, you can beg me to whip you,” he said softly. “You don’t need to pretend, you can really beg for what you want.”

“Aaahhhh!” Renee sobbed, shaking in horror and lust.

“Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Ohhh, don’t! Don’t, please, Franz darling, please!”

“Would you like me to let you go home now?” His fingers played with her nipples and the desperate lust burst all over the helpless schoolgirl.

“Aaahhhh! Yes, yes, please, Franz! Please, I — aaahhh! Ohhhh, don’t do that, please!”

Franz laughed and leaned over her. “I tell you what. If you don’t come in my bedroom within fifteen minutes, then you can go home, I promise.”

“You won’t keep your promise, you won’t!” Renee sobbed. “You won’t! I know it!” he chuckled, “you won’t have to. Because you’ll come in less than five minutes, won’t you?”

Renee knew she had lost. She was coming with just his fingers playing with her nipples.

He picked the chair and her up and carried her into his bedroom.

Renee gasped at the massive four-poster bed and the soft drapes all over the place. Franz threw open a closet with all the whips and bonds he needed. He took off Renee’s bonds and let her stand up.

“Over the bed, darling,” he said, “you have to be very firmly tied down for this.”

Renee was in a submissive dream as she went to the bed and bent at the waist, her legs spread, her arms out over the soft covers. She moaned and trembled as he lashed her ankles to the thick legs of the bed. Then he took her wrists and almost tenderly fled them with long ropes to the posts at the head of the bed. She lay her head on the sheets and waited, her body trembling with horror, passion and a deep, horrible excitement.


Franz took down a thin rod.

Renee lay across the bed, her face pressed into the sheets, her red, whipped ass jerking around a little. He got onto the bed and sat between her outstretched arms.

“Look up, my darling,” he said. Renee shuddered, but she raised her head and stared at the rod. It seemed to be made of some kind of hard rubber. It trembled in Franz’s hand as he slid it back and forth. It was about four feet long and very thin, only about a quarter of an inch in width. She gasped and moaned. Her pussy flooded with juices and she pressed down into the edge of the bed, moaning, her widespread legs trembling with passion.

“Oh no, please!” she wept.

“But that isn’t all I got for you,” Franz said softly. His voice was almost breaking with passion and his cock throbbed hard and fully erect. Just looking at the bound schoolgirl was turning him on. He reached behind his back and came out with a soft rubber cock, at least a foot long. From the end was a tight hose that led to an inflator valve and rubber balls. “What about this?”

Renee shook with a passion. “W-what is it?”

“Let me show you,” he said, then laid the thin rod down across the bed, inches from Renee’s face.

He went behind her and stood caressing her whipped ass.

The feel of his hands sent a shudder of excitement through the bound schoolgirl. She gasped, her ass thrusting upward. Franz grinned and spanked her, getting a yell of pain and lust from Renee. She jerked and twisted on the bed.

She felt the tip of the rubber cock pushing against her pussylips. She lay there, moaning uncontrollably, as Franz wet the rubber by running it in her freely flowing pussy juices. It reached the entrance of her tight pussy and he slid it in, pushing it past her entrance and just inside where it bent and wouldn’t go any further.

“Oh dear, we shall have to do something.” He pumped on the bulb and air hissed into the rubber prick, inflating it a little, making it hard enough to push farther into Renee’s cunt. With another pump on the bulb, he pushed it in farther, feeding the rubber prick into the squirming schoolgirl until more than seven inches of it were up inside her hot cunt.

Renee writhed, gripping the leather straps that held her. Each time she pulled, the passion climbed, and she panted with a strange, horrible lust.

Franz came back around and reached for the thin rod. He took it and ran it over Renee’s soft red lips.

“Would you like to kiss it, darling?” he asked.

Rate almost choked. She stared at the thin rod, trembling there, inches from her nose.

“Noooooo! No! No!”

“You will,” he said, the lust trembling in his voice.

He went behind her, and Renee almost twisted her neck trying to see what he was going to do. She shuddered and tossed, the rubber cock in her cunt rubbing softly against her pussy walls.

Franz pumped the bulb and the rubber prick grew inside her pussy, pushing against her walls, stretching them out. Renee gave a long sigh of passion. She gasped and waited, her whole body trembling.

Franz pumped again, and the rubber cock swelled even more, pushing her pussy walls out, making them throb with the now-thick, turgid rubber.

“You like that, darling?”

“Aaaaahhh!” Renee sighed, her ass heaving up and down, her pussy spasming around the thick rubber.

“You like this?”

Renee gave a gasp and lurched on the bed. Somehow Franz had taken a valve on the bulb and opened it a little. As the air leaked out, he pumped, so that the cock swelled again. The thick rubber grew and subsided in her cunt, making her gasp and moan with rising lust.

“Welllll,” he said softly, pumping the bulb with long slow strokes, “what a naughty girl. Getting excited with a rubber cock up her cunt…”

“Oooohhhh!” Renee moaned. She bit the sheets, gripping them, her body shaking with lust.

“Aren’t you a bad girl?” Franz said softly, pumping the bulb again.

“Aaaaaahhh!” Renee screamed. She gritted her teeth determined not to give in.

“Aren’t you a bad girl?” Franz said and laid the thin rod across her tight ass.

“Nooooo!” Renee gasped, her body shaking as her excitement rose to a peak, surging into a seething, hot orgasm. Her ass thrust at the rod, tingling with horrible lust as she felt the springy rod trembling over her tight skin.

“Aren’t you a bad girl?” Franz said softly, rubbing the rod over her throbbing ass.

“Aaaaahhhh, no, no, no!” Renee screamed, jerking on the bed, her body throbbing with the most terrible excitement. “Noooo, please, Franz darling? Please, don’t do it, don’t!”

The rod lashed her ass, beating into her already whipped flesh. Her scream of pain and lust rang around the room as she climaxed, jerking violently, her arms and legs pulling at the bonds.

“Noooo!” she wailed, her body tossing, waiting for the next blow.

Franz pumped the bulb, the rubber cock swelling in Renee’s hot cunt. He lashed her with the rod, the sharp slap of the thin rubber on her ass ringing a split second before her scream of pain and helpless passion. Another pump of the bulb, making the rubber dick swell and deflate inside her cunt, another lash of the thin rod, and Renee was gone, screaming in helpless passion as she climaxed in endless screaming wails of lust.

Franz played her, pumping the bulb, lashing her. The beat of the rod whipped the helpless, screaming schoolgirl into spasms of orgasm that shook the bed. Her ass was growing crimson again, the red welts spreading all over her tight flesh, blending together into one, mashed, whipped mass.

“Aaaghghhh!” Renee screamed, her arms gripping the bonds, her ass jerking, her pussy throbbing with spasms of passion that exploded again with each beat of the cane. She was a prisoner of her own depraved lust, climaxing to the rod, her body demanding more. “Please, Franz darling! Stop, stop!”

“Tell me what a bad girl you’ve been,” he said and whipped her again.

“Aaaghhhh!” Renee wailed, her body trembling, sweat breaking out all over her face.

She lurched back for the rod, but it was late coming. He was slowing the beat down, making her wait for the explosion of lust that would drive her higher again. She sobbed. Like a junkie waiting for her fix, she jerked and shuddered, then heaved as the lash came, sending her up into soaring waves of climax. She bit at the sheets of the bed, her ass trembling, waiting as the cock swelled in her cunt and still the beat didn’t come. She wept, her body shaking with horrible passion.

The rubber cock went down slowly, her pussy throbbing and clutching at it. Then it grew once more, rubbing, swelling her cunt and, as it filled her fuck channel, the rod lashed her ass once more. She gasped, jerking into another climax, her breath getting shorter, her lovely tits rubbing across the bed sheets as she heaved in the grip of an orgasm that just wouldn’t break.

“Tell me what a bad girl you are,” Franz said, laying the rod across her ass again.

Renee couldn’t take it any more. She lurched on the bed, her ass trembling with desperate desire.

“Yessssss!” she screamed. “Yessss, I’ve been real bad, real bad, soooo bad! Aaaaghhhh!”

She screamed in release as the rod whipped into her ass.

The cock grew as the rod lashed her. The cock went down and up, faster. The rod whipped in faster, harder. Renee heaved, her body exploding with a lust that beat in her head and all over her body, shaking her as she came to the demands of her perverted orgasm. With each stroke of the rod, the climax got higher, surging up, cresting as she screamed in endless release. Her ass thrust back for the rod, urging it on, making Franz work the bulb and the rod faster as she climbed to the peak of her climax.

“Aaaauughhh!” she screamed as she crested, rolled over the wave and collapsed, sobbing as her ass jerked more slowly and she slid down into a throbbing, deep valley of soft desire.

“Now that’s a very good girl,” Franz said softly. He came up behind her and slid his hand over her ass, pumping the rubber cock very gently. “Do you know what good girls get?”

“No, no I don’t,” Renee sighed and trembled.

She shook as he spoke, knowing that something more was coming. And she wanted it, that was her deep, dark weakness. Already the desire was surging up, softer than before, but climbing.

“They get this.” Franz knelt behind her, running his hands up over her creamy white thighs. Renee wondered what he was going to do until she felt the touch of his mouth on her ass. He kissed her aching asscheeks and licked them gently, working over her whipped flesh.

“Ohhhhh God!” she moaned as hot passion burst out of her ass.

She writhed, her body burning with a strange, deep desire. His mouth moved over her red flesh, moving closer to the crack of her lovely, tight ass.

“They get this,” he murmured and eased the cheeks of her ass even farther apart. His tongue slid over the inside of her hot cheeks and licked over the very entrance of her ass.

Renee screamed with lust, gasping, as his tongue flicked over her asshole, licking a surging passion into her hot body. She moaned as she surged up to another climax, soft this time. His tongue worked at her asshole, licking, caressing, easing the pain in her whipped flesh.

“Good girls can have anything they want,” he said softly, holding her asscheeks open, licking over her ass, his tongue probing into the very entrance of her shitter.

“Ooohhhh!” Renee moaned as she climaxed, her body shaking in soft, shuddering passion. The climaxes rolled over her, shaking her on the bed as she came, her orgasm surging each time his tongue flicked over her tight asshole.

“Oooohhhh, naughty, naughty,” he said, his tongue working her asshole. “Coming when your ass gets licked, that’s disgusting, isn’t it?”

“Aaaghhhh!” Renee screamed, going crazy with submissive lust as he took his mouth away. Her body shook as he pumped the rubber cock in her cunt and lashed the rod across her throbbing ass. Renee screeched, jerking on the bed, another helpless orgasm crashing over her.

“Wasn’t that very bad of you, coming when I licked your ass?” Franz lashed the screaming schoolgirl again, pumping on the rubber cock.

“Yessssss!” Renee screamed. “Yessss, it was bad, very bad — aaaahh!”

She crested again, her ass heaving back for the lash of the rod.

“Now that’s a good girl,” Franz said, “that’s a very good girl.”

He pumped at the cock faster, whipping her ass each time the heaving cock throbbed to its hardest in her cunt.

“Yaaahhhh, ooohhh God!” Renee screamed, tossing on the bed, her orgasm surging to the beat of the rod and the throb of the rubber cock. “Ooohhhhh, thank you, Franz darling, thank you!”

He whipped her to another screaming peak, pumping the cock until the dark-haired schoolgirl dropped back across the bed, her ass throbbing.

“Now, that’s a good girl. And you know what good girls get.”

Renee felt his lips running over her ass once more. She knew everything that was going to happen now and she came in a depraved, shuddering heave as she thought about it.

“Uuuurrggghh! Yes, Franz, yes, I know what good girls get!” she sighed.

His tongue licked over her asshole, sending her throbbing gently into another orgasm. Her ass throbbed and twitched as he licked it, his tongue flicking over her tight flesh, urging her on.

“Ooooooh, Franz darling!” she moaned, utterly helpless in his hands and her own pulsating desires. “Oooooh, please, please, I can’t take it! Please, I’m not the girl you want!”

She gave a low throbbing scream as she came again, her ass heaving up at his tongue. She clutched at the bonds, her body wracked with the desire of having her ass licked.

“You’re right, of course,” he said softly. “After all, who wants a naughty girl who comes when her ass is licked?”

“Aaaaaaghghhh!” Renee screamed and climaxed in the most depraved surge of lust she had ever felt in her life. She couldn’t fight it any longer, it was rolling over her in surges of passion she had never felt before. “Yes, yes, I understand, Franz, darling! I understand! I’m a bad girl, a bad girl!”

He got up and came back around to her head, sliding onto the bed between her outstretched arms. His cock was twice the size it had ever been as far as Renee could see and she tried to get it into her mouth and suck it.

She moaned as he let her take his massive, thick cockhead into her soft mouth. She sucked at it, wanting to please him more than anything else in the world. Her soft lips closed in a perfect circle around the massive shaft and her tongue swirled over his cockhead, making him gasp with lust.

He reached out and took hold of her dark hair, pulling her head up to face him. His cock throbbed just inches from her mouth as he took the rod and ran it over her lips, caressing them with the hard rubber strip.

“Are you ready to kiss it now?”

Renee moaned. She kissed the rod, her soft lips running over it, her tongue tasting the bitter, hard rubber.

Franz ran it over her mouth gently. “So tell me, what do bad girls get?”

“They get whipped,” Renee moaned, her body shaking as she pushed the rod down so she could run her tongue aver his thick, throbbing cockhead.

“And if they come and are really good girls, what do they get?” Franz slid the rod out and let Renee’s mouth play over his cockhead.

“They get their asses licked,” Renee moaned.

“And if they are bad girls and come with something so disgusting as having their asses licked, what do they get?”

“Aaahhh!” Renee sobbed, her head bursting with passion. “They get whipped again!”

She rammed her mouth down on his cock, taking it effortlessly into her throat, the full foot of throbbing male meat sinking in. She raised up so she could take it more easily, sucking on the rock-hard flesh, her neck bulging, her throat muscles pumping on his cock.

“Just one more thing,” he said, “and you’ll be just the girl I wanted. Now, take your mouth off my cock.”

Renee sobbed, but she didn’t think for a moment of disobeying him. She slid her mouth up, off his cockhead, sucking and licking at it with her frantic mouth until he moved away and went back behind her. She stayed there, trembling from head to toe.

The bulb pumped the cock harder, the rod lashed her ass and Renee climaxed instantly, leaping on the bed, her screams of submissive lust echoing from the bedroom walls.

“Ooooouuuurrgghhh!” Renee screamed, her arms beating at the bed as much as the bonds would let them. She gasped and crested again as the cock swelled in her cunt and the rod lashed her ass.

“Now that’s a good girl.” Franz knelt, running his tongue over Renee’s still-spasming assflesh.

“Aaaahh, thank you, Franz darling!” Renee moaned. “Oohhh, I’m going to come again when you lick my ass! Ohhh, I know I will — ooooh yesssss!”

His tongue licked at her ass and she came, writhing in total abandon on the bed. His mouth sucked her ass, and he licked deeper, pushing his tongue into Renee’s tight shit-hole.

Suddenly Renee knew what he wanted. Her ass spasmed and she came. He had her completely now, she was a helpless prisoner and loving every moment of her total slavery.

“Franz darling, whip me!” she begged. “I was bad, I came, you must whip me again, pleaseeee!”

She shuddered, everything in her body breaking loose.

“Is that really what you want, Renee darling?” His tongue swirled over her asshole.

“Yesssss! Please, Franz, please! Whip me, I deserve it, I need it, please!” Renee begged. “I’ll be good for you, anything you want. And I’ll be sooooo bad, you see, I’ll be so bad for you, oohhh, I will, I will — uurrghhh whip me!”

“In that case, my darling,” he murmured, his tongue still caressing her asshole, “I’ll have to give it to you, my best girl gets everything she wants.”

“Aahhh! Yes, please! Ohhh God, whip me!” she screamed. She buried her head in the sheets, her ass jerking as she came, her body totally out of control.

The rod lashed her and the rubber cock pumped in her cunt. She came, screeching on the bed as Franz whipped her with hard strokes, driving her into a set of climaxes that surged and broke with each lash of the rod and just went on getting higher and harder.

“Oooooh, darling!” Franz yelled. “I’m gonna fuck your ass, I’m gonna sink right into your hot hole.”

His arm lashed down, whipping thin stripes of depraved lust into the dark-haired schoolgirl. “Uurrgghhh, yes, please, anything, anything!” Renee screamed, climaxing on the bed, her legs straining to spread wider for him.

He held the rod across, her ass as he slid his thick cock to the tight entrance of her shitter. It was wet and ready and his massive cockhead slid in at once.

“Ooooohhhhh, fuck, fuck, whip me, Franz! Please! Whip me as you push it in!” Renee begged, her body going wild as his massive fuckrod sank into her hot ass. She leaped, screaming as the rod cut her ass and Franz pushed, ramming his cock right in, sinking it to the hilt as he lashed her twice more, the thin rod beating across her taut asscheeks. “Aaahhhh, yeeessss, darling, yesssss!”

“Ohhhh, fuck!” Franz gasped as he rammed his cock high in Renee’s ass. “Ooohhh, do you understand now, darling, do you?”

“Yes, darling, yes!” Renee screeched as her ass worked over his throbbing cock. “Oh, I was so bad, wasn’t I? Oohhh, I have to be punished so much, promise you’ll do it, Franz, promise!”

She wailed and jerked, her ass erupting with lust.

“Ooohhh, I will, I will!” Franz yelled as he rammed his cock to the top of her spasming ass.

He took the bulb in one hand and pumped it, working the rubbery cock against his hard fucker through the thin membrane that separated Renee’s ass and cunt. “If you come back next weekend, it’ll be just like this.”

Suddenly his cock spasmed in her shitter.

“Not that long, please!” Renee begged, her ass heaving at his cock. “I can come live here, my parents don’t give a shit, let me be here, Franz! Then you can have me any time you like!”

She sobbed and moaned as she came again, heaving up and down on the bed.

“Ooohhh!” Franz yelled, his cock shuddering in her ass. He pumped the rubber cock as he took up the rod again. “Will you take the shit from April?”

“Anything!” Renee screamed. “Oooohhh, fuck — whip me, Franz! Whip me!”

“You’ll have to fuck Janine too!” he roared, sliding the cane across Renee’s shivering assflesh.

“Yesssss! I’ll fuck her whenever you say, Franz! Just be like this to me — pleaseeee!”

“Aaahhhh!” he roared and lashed her, ramming his cock high into her ass. “It’s all yours, Renee darling! It’s all yours! Whatever you want, I’ll make them do whatever you want!”

His cock throbbed out of control in Renee’s ass and his cum gushed out of his tight balls.

Renee thought she was in heaven. The rod lashed her ass, driving her into a depraved world she knew now that she couldn’t live without. She felt Franz’s cock spurting cum into her ass, the hot wet goo splattering over her shitter walls. Her screams became incoherent as she sank into a seething world of total lust, a world that she never wanted to leave.

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