I felt her fingers encircle my manhood and gently pump the length of my dick

It all started one Saturday afternoon when I came inside after
mowing the lawn. Mom jumped me from behind the door and started
tickling me without mercy. “Gottcha!!” she squealed and proceeded
to corner me against a wall. I started to giggle and tried fight-
ing off mom’s fingers from their torture. Knowing full well that
if I didn’t get away soon, mom would have me in tears from laugh-
ing so hard. We’ve done stuff like this since I was 17 or so. In
the morning, she would wake me up for school by jumping onto the
bed I was asleep in and she would start tickling me until I begged
her to stop. But I usually got even on the following weekend,
because back then dad had to leave for work really early, so Mom
slept in late. While she was still sound asleep, I’d fly out of
nowhere and land on her bed, bouncing both of us high into the

As time passed, we moved up to dropping ice cubes down
each others shirts, water balloons coming from no-where and when
we worked out in the backyard, we’d spray each other with the
garden hose (though once we weren’t outside when that happened.
What a mess!) Basically, we acted more like best friends than
mother and son.

Anyway, this time I was able to escape mom by ducking
under her arms and dashing up the stairs where our bedrooms
where. I looked back to see if she was even bothering to come
after me when my foot missed a step and I fell, banging my knee
onto the edge of a runner. “Ha!” she yelled from below and
started up after me, taking the steps two at a time. I tried
to scramble the rest of the way up, but I had to take it easy
now, because every time I put weight on my knee, a sharp pain
would shoot through it. By the time I reached the 2nd floor, Mom
had already caught up to me and made a grab for my shirt.
Lunging forward, my shirt slipped through her fingers and I
whipped around the first doorway I came to, pulling myself
from her grasping hands.

Seeing my parents queen size bed, I took a running leap
and landed right in the middle of it, on my back, laughing
hysterically and gasping for breath at the same time. Well,
at least that’s what I was doing before Mom’s body came flying
through the air and landed right on top of me, crushing the
air from my lungs. While I lay there stunned, Mom quickly
swung a leg over my middle and sat down on top of my pelvis.

“Told ya, I gotcha!” she giggled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…tell me about it. You just lucked
out!” I defended myself. “Say, what’s for dinner? I’m
starved already.” I asked, trying to change the subject when
my eyes were drawn to a bead of sweat making it’s way down the
side of Mom’s neck.

“When’s dinner?! In the position you’re in now, I should
be asking YOU that question!” She smirked, jabbing a long
fingernail into my stomach. The bead made it’s way past her
collar bone and now headed towards that little bit of cleavage
that her blouse left exposed. “Oh really….YOU want ME to
make dinner? O.K…sure, how’s a couple of cold TV dinners
sound? I can whip those up in no time.” I teased, never
taking my eyes off of the perspiration bead.

“Smart ass!!” she shouted and started to tickle me all
over again. Her prolonged exertion had made her sweaty all
over and in some places, it had soaked through her blouse.
The lace of her bra that had lain hidden underneath had now
become visible to my eyes. All of a sudden, to my horror,
I realized that with her sitting on top of me like that,
wiggling all around, and the vision of that bead of sweat
rolling down into her cleavage, I had gotten a hard-on!
Though I wasn’t fully erect, I felt it as it pressed against
my shorts.

I froze, my mind went blank.

Quickly, I decided I’d better get out of there before
Mom found out about my reaction and I’d be embarrassed for
life. I tried to roll over onto my side, in the process
throwing Mom off of me, but she naturally thought I was just
messing around with her. So she just grabbed my arms and
held me down with her weight, sliding her legs back to get
better leverage on my struggles.

“Oh, no, you don’t mister! I’m serious, what are you
cooking for dinner?” she asked while looking straight into
my eyes. The sensation of her smooth and now sweaty legs
sliding down the length of my bare legs was the final straw.
My cock was now fully erect. I could feel it’s head peeking
out the leg opening of my shorts.

“Anything you want Ma, just let me up, I gotta go use
the John!” I pleaded, trying to find any excuse to get her
off of me. “I don’t think so young man. Maybe I should
just hold you here until you pee in your pants!” she
giggled, then sat up letting all of her weight settle onto
me. All of a sudden, a strange look came over her face. In
a matter of seconds, her face expressed puzzlement, shock,
mischief and something else that I couldn’t put my finger
on. But that was the least of my worries, because I had
realized that at that moment, the head of my now twitching
cock was touching the silky smooth, bare skin of Mom’s inner

“God, Mom. I’m sorry, let…” I blurted out, my face
(probably my entire body) turning beet red.

“Shush, don’t move, I think I heard something.” she
whispered, her eyes closing. She then scooted herself up
a little, towards the headboard. With her motion, my shorts
where pulled up enough to free my dick completely from it’s
confines. Springing upwards, it left a trail of wetness
behind on Mom’s thigh until its further movement was blocked.
The heat coming from that area was startling to me, but not
as much as the fact that Mom had moved herself to position
my dick against her cotton covered cunt!

I froze.

Hell, I didn’t know what I should or could do then.
What was I supposed to say? It’s not every day that a guy’s
dick touches his Mom’s cunt, ya’ know?

Mom leaned forward some, her black hair hanging down
onto my face. This motion had left my dick almost standing
straight up, not touching anything. At least not until Mom
leaned back while rotating her hips towards my head at the
same time. Now my cock rubbed her almost all the way across
her crotch, starting from her ass and ending up twitching
between her sweaty thighs. She did this motion several more
times, bringing greater sensations to my dick with each new
movement. She then leaned completely forward, bringing her
face very close to mine. Her panting breath washed across
me as her now half-closed eyes rolled up out of sight.

“Mmmmm….” Mom groaned softly. With her breasts
crushed between our bodies, I could feel the hardness of
her erect nipples against my chest. Her constant rubbing
of my dick against the heat (and now wetness) of her pantied
cunt, brought an insane desire to fuck my beautiful mother
deeply, VERY deeply.

The very thought of shoving all of my inches into
Mom’s pussy made my cock swell up so hard that it started
to hurt! I started to thrust my hips up off the bed,
instinctively starting the motions of fucking. I was lost
in dry humping my mother when I felt something hot and moist
gently touch my dick. My eyes flew open to find the source
of this new sensation and found that Mom had lifted the
front of her skirt and now had a hand at our crotches.
Starting at the base, she caressed the length of my member
with the back of her slender fingers. Then, moving up to
her cunt, she slipped several fingers under the cotton
crotch of her panties and pulled it aside. Again, I froze.
This was the first time I had ever seen a real pussy. The
fact that it was my Mom’s, didn’t make it any less of a
matter. I’ve seen the pussies of probably hundreds of
women (from magazines of course) and I was still awed by
the sight above me. Her pussy hair was as black as the
hair hanging around her face, thick and curly. I could
make out her long pussy lips peeking through the forest
surrounding them, all puffy and glistening. I could even
make out her clit as it stood proudly erect, looking just
like a tiny red cock. I would have sworn that it quivered.

Then the odor hit me. It was a heavy, musky smell,
that I had never come across before in my 14 years. I
don’t know what happened then, but without warning, my dick
started shooting. I just grunted and pushed my head back
into the pillows as my young body pushed out wad after wad
of thick sperm. I think I heard Mom gasp, but at the moment
I wasn’t really capable of paying attention to be sure. My
ecstasy was prolonged when I felt her fingers encircle my
manhood and gently pump the length of my dick, repeating the
motions I had done so many times alone. It was over in half
a minute or so and my body fell back relaxed. I opened
my eyes.

“Thanks, Mom. I never felt anyth…” I stopped in
midsentence as Mom eased my still hard dick towards the
opening of her pussy. Again, I felt the heat radiating
from her body as if it were an oven. Her now exposed
pubic hairs tickled me as the head slid past the soft fur
covering of her mound. Seeing that it was now covered
with the pearly beads of my hot spunk brought a strong
twitch to my pecker. She brought it back further, across
the little nub of hard flesh, until my cock head was
enveloped by her soft, hot, wet labia. Warm liquid was
now dripping from Mom’s pussy as she brought her body
down and I almost passed out when my poor little dick
entered her body.

Sliding deeper into her body, the silken walls of
her vagina tugged my foreskin down, popping the blood
engorged head of my cock out from under it’s protective
covering, bringing it into contact with the surrounding
walls of my Mom’s most private place. I had returned to
the secret place of my birth.

We both let out loud groans as she settled all of
her weight onto me, plunging me into her body as far as
I possibly could go. I felt the walls of her wet pussy
start to ripple against the entire length of my buried
member and she began to grind her pelvic bone against
mine, crushing her clitty against the hard base of my
cock. We stayed joined like that for some time, moving
only to devour each others hungry mouths while tremors
ran through our bodies.

She then pulled herself up off of me, ever so
slowly, only stopping when the head of my still hard
dick was just about to pull from her. Then, with the
same maddening slowness as before, she impaled herself
on me again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh……God, that’s nice…” she whispered.
I just stared at her, not knowing what the hell to do next.
Rocking on her knees, she started to fuck me with a slow
and easy motion. But with each stroke, I could tell that
she went just a little faster, a little harder. I renewed
my humping motions. Pushing up off the bed with my legs,
I thrust myself up into her cunt. It seemed like the
right thing to do and with Mom letting out a little gasp
with each of my thrusts, I guess I was doing ok.

All of this time my hands had lain at my sides,
motionless. With the renewed fucking on both of our parts,
I finally got the courage to touch her. I slid my hands
along the soft skin on the outside of her thighs, past
her full hips and finally, I was holding onto the smooth
flesh of her ass. With both hands, I squeezed her buns,
relishing the softness that filling them. Moving one hand
further, I felt the moist cleft of her behind and soon my
index finger came across her little puckered asshole.
Kinky thoughts flew through my head from all of the stories
I’ve read in porno mags about that special opening.
Wetting my finger from her sweaty back, I gently placed
the tip of my finger against her “back” hole. She didn’t
react at the touch, so I proceeded to work my finger up
into her asshole. It was slow going, being rather dry and
tight. But once I got my finger in past the first knuckle,
Mom let out a low moan and I felt her sphincter muscle
start to milk my buried digit. I pulled it out a little
and then shoved it back in all the way when Mom suddenly
went ridged and then collapsed on top of me, crushing her
breasts between us. I felt shivers running up and down
her body, while her pussy and asshole both started
squeezing me with a surprising strength. Frantically, Mom
searched out my mouth with hers and deeply kissed me,
shoving her tongue into the back of my mouth.

It then dawned on me. She was cumming! I HAD MADEMY OWN MOTHER CUM!

All of this was just too much for me and my little
guy started to spurt again. Quickly, I pulled my finger
from her asshole and with both hands, I dug into her hips.
Then, with every bit of strength I could muster, I pulled
her down onto me as hard as I could.

“Ohh, GOD!!!!” I screamed out as my orgasm ripped
through my body. My balls tightened and my world exploded.
Gallons of spunk shot into Mom’s already dripping pussy
and with each spurt from my cock, Mom’s cunt clenched
tightly at my dick. It almost felt as if it were trying
to pull me deeper inside.

“That’s it, cum for Mommy!” she hissed into my ear,
“Shoot your hot cum into Mommy’s belly!”

Her urging me on made my cumming last longer, longer
than it ever had before. It almost felt like I had multiple
orgasms! Gasping, my balls finally emptied and my exhausted
body fell back completely limp onto the bed. Moments later,
my very spent cock grew soft and slowly slipped from Mom’s
tight pussy.

As we rested there, with her laying on top of me, I
felt a warm fluid dripping onto my dick and balls. Mom
started to move her hips in a circle, gently rubbing our
pleasure organs together, while lightly kissing my cheek.
Realizing that our mixed fuck juices leaking from between
Mom’s pussy lips sent a shiver down my back. Her gentle
rubbing mixed with the warm closeness of her soft body and
the still very fresh memory of what had just happened,
caused my dick to stir for a third time in a half-hour.
In just seconds, my dick was pressing against the soft
folds of her pussy lips which were throbbing from the wet
heat emanating from the opening they protected. I moved
my hips around, using the head of my dick to feel for the
velvety entrance of her body but I didn’t get anywhere.
I reached under her skirt, letting my fingers trace a path
along her hips and thighs to her cunt. But this motion
stirred Mom from her state. She didn’t say anything, but
just simply rolled off of me, got up off the bed and left
the room as if nothing happened.

After watching her leave, I lay back on the bed,
staring up at the ceiling. I wondered about what just
happened. This morning, I was a virgin. The closest I’d
ever gotten to having sex with a girl was a year ago when
Sandy kissed me on the cheek for helping her with her
homework. Now, I had just fucked a girl. Hell, a grown
woman! And on top of all that, that woman was my MOM!

My butt was getting cold and it felt wet. I rolled
over and saw a large stain on the bedspread underneath.
The little gobs of white jism left little doubt as to
the source of this wet spot. I was getting ready to find
an extra set of sheets when Mom returned.

“I locked all of the doors and closed the window
shades. I hope if someone comes over, they’ll think no
one’s home,” she said. Her eyes looking everywhere but
at me.

She closed and locked the bedroom door then with a
smug smile on her face, turned to me.