Step-mom never told me that little secret

Sunday noon and step-mum’s waiting for me to bring up the subject of last
night and Nick. I can see she’s dying to ask.

Sundays are always lazy at our house. It gives everyone an
opportunity to relax and chill out. Mum and dad don’t usually get up
until eleven. They spend most of the morning having sex. They’ve
never told me that little secret but, of course, I know!

It’s lucky that they sleep in, really, because they wouldn’t have
seen me sneak in at 9’oclock this morning.

I lay on my bed for an hour or so, just thinking about last night.
The bargain I made with Nick was pure spur-of-the-moment. In effect,
he would pay 50% of my fees next year in return for participating in
his little sex games.

See, I thought I loved him at first, but later I realised I was
heavily in lust instead. Sure, Nick’s kind and funny and everything
but he’s just jelly when it comes to women.

It’s hard to reconsile the two Nicks. The capable, hard-working,
successful businessman and this ball of putty. I couldn’t live with
him, I’ve decided, he’d drive me crazy!

Then there’s Rachael, his ex-wife. It’s like there’s this invisible
rope binding those two inseparably together. They manipulate the hell
out of each other all the time. I can’t help thinking that it’s all a
big game for them. Like all the little sex games they used to get up
to, and still do!

I agreed to do a little threesome with her and Nick. I told him I’d
try it and if it goes ok, well…

Nick likes to be teased, the slower the tease the harder he gets. I
found all that out last night!

Not that phoney-sexy strip-tease thing either. No, Nick likes the
illusion of innocence, the excitement of the chase and the triumph of
conquest. He likes his lust to boil up slowly and when he finally has
his ‘victim’ down and ‘helpless,’ he lets all his frustration out in
one raging explosion of sexual release.

Oh boy! I now know what it’s like to be well and truly slammed! I
quite like being ‘taken,’ especially knowing that all I need to say
is ‘stop’ and he’ll be a little lamb again.

Is it too early to keep records? I think two really nice orgasms,
about a 6 I’d say, then a real powerful one. That’d have to be way up
in the 9’s at least! Any more intense and I’d need oxygen afterwards!

For a 42 year old his libido’s pretty high, but even that workout
last night thoroughly exhausted him. We both collapsed on his bed and
I slept through till morning.

When I woke, his kids were watching TV having fetched their own
breakfast. I guess it’s a fairly normal thing for them. They greeted
me as if I’m there all the time!


Shortly after lunch Jonno rings. Mum and dad are stumbling around in
a daze and don’t even notice the phone ringing. I guess they had a
good workout too!

Jonno wants to take me to a dance at the Italian Club on Wednesday.
Apparently it’s Italian National Day and they have this big
celebration. I tell him I’m not sure whether it’d be my thing and I
knew little about the culture.

He said there’d be lots of different people there and I wouldn’t
feel left out. He said he take care of me anyway. How could I refuse?

“Who’s Jonno?” step-mum asks me.

God she’s good, here’s me thinking she wasn’t listening!

“This guy I met yesterday,” I tell her, “a fisherman.”

“Really? So we can expect some free Sea Bass in the future?”

“I’ve just met him step-mum.”

“Italian?” step-mum asks.

I nod.

“What is it with you and the Mediterranean, Tee? Do you see yourself
having 15 kids and living in a stucco villa on a hilltop?”

Mum’s grinning away and I go all shy.

“Please don’t let yourself get tied down?” step-mum warns.

“Never!” I declare.


Angela rings,

“Did you do it with her?” she asks excitedly.


“Her… the other woman… this Rachael, have you done the deed yet?”

“No, she’s looking after her sick step-mum, or auntie, or something.
Nick thinks she’s got a sugar-daddie tucked away somewhere. He
reckons her income always takes a boost after she visits her
‘step-mum.’ Nick said her step-mum’s never had a day sick in her life!”

“Whatever! So she’s got a healthy family, what about you and Nick?”

“He’s agreed to pay half my fees at varsity.”

“Jeeezuss,Tee, how’d you swing that?”

“I stacked his dishes,” I say, giggling.

“Is that what they call it now,” Angela replies, laughing, “and I
suppose he stacked yours as well?”

“Hmmm, and how!”

I move into my bedroom, this is a conversation I’d rather keep

“I think my panties are ruined,” I tell Angela, “Nick tore them off

Still, laughing, Angela replies,

“I hope he’s going to replace them?”

“Oh yes, only, he wants to choose them and watch me try them on.”

“I bet he does! The dirty beast! So what was the score?”

I know what she means. She oftens tells me the ‘score’ when she’s
had a hot date.

“Um, 3 to 2, I win!”

“Out or in?”

“2 in, 1 out, on his tongue actually. Does that qualify as an out?”

“Yes, that’s an ‘out,’ It’s got to be his cock up you to qualify as
an ‘in.’God, you’re a lucky bitch!”

“What about you and Jorge?” I ask her.

“We had this long conversation on the phone. He couldn’t see me last
night so I went down to the sports club. It was full of wankers and
the manager began hassling me for ID so I left. I think he wanted a
blow job, bastard!” Angela spat, “I asked Jorge about working in his
club, though.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, he said he didn’t do the hiring and in any case the
management policy was they won’t hire anyone under 21. He said they
COULD hire 18 year olds but he said they were too much trouble
because they’re not mature enough. I told him I was obviously mature
enough for him.”


“He told me that was different. He said he loved me, wasn’t that

“Nice Angela. He won’t leave his wife y’know?”

“I wouldn’t want him to. He can put me up in a nice flat in town, if
he likes, and come and visit me on weekends. The rest of the week I
can go shopping and spend his money.”

“Angela, you’re incorrigible!”

“I don’t know what that means but it sounds nice. I guess if Nick is
going to pay for you to go to University that makes you incorrigible
too?” Angela adds.

“Nah,” I reply, “just a whore!”

Laughing, Angela replies,

“We’re whores then, incorrigible whores!”

“The IWC, ‘Incorrigible Whores Club.’ I wonder how many Nicks and
Jorges there ARE out there?”

We’re both laughing hysterically as we hang up.


Wednesday comes around and I raid step-mum’s wardrobe for something nice
to wear. I choose a V-line black dress that looks kind of slinky on
me. I hope Jonno will be impressed!

Jonno arrives to pick me up. He’s wearing a stylish white shirt, no
tie and around his throat a thin gold chain. Ok, so it’s a bit of a
cliche but it really suits his olive skin.

He’s wearing cologne too, musk I think. I must say the overall
effect is quite appealing!

He’s very polite to my parents, I can see they’re impressed already.
We leave quickly, however, and into his car.

It’s a real sporty job and he enjoys squealing the tyres away from
the lights. I couldn’t imagine Nick doing that in the Daimler,

‘Have you any idea how much tyres cost?’ I hear Nick’s voice in my

The dance is being held at the Garibaldi Soccer Clubrooms. They have
this portable parquette dance floor they lay down. It’s already
packed with people.

Jonno brings me some punch, he’s being very attentive. He then
suggests we take a turn on the floor.

Now, I’m not a great dancer but neither is Jonno. It doesn’t mean
squat though because it’s so crowded all you can do is sway a bit. It
also means being pressed together with Jonno!

He introduces me to cousin this and uncle that and I can’t remember
everybody’s names. I DO sense that I’m being checked out, especially
by the girls. Apparently the whole Italian community has been waiting
for Jonno to meet a ‘nice’ girl.

Now that is a heavy responsibility, considering this is our first
date and I hardly know the guy. Jonno looks a bit embarrassed by the
attention but I see something else too. I think he looks proud and is
secretly enjoying showing me off to the relatives. Am I being vain?

After a while I become aware of the smoke, the noise and the heat
generated by all those people. Jonno suggests we go outside, under
the shelter by the soccer field.

On top of the shelter is an open grandstand with steps leading up to
it at either end. The shelter is where you stand to escape the rain.
In summer the soccer field becomes a cricket pitch and they put
tables out under the shelter for the members and teams.

The shelter is already teaming with people, laughing, smoking,
drinking, and in the shadows I see the odd couple having a quiet
snog. Jonno and I try to talk but we’re being jostled by people
moving past and I’m worried my dress will get ruined by someone’s

Jonno nods towards the steps to the stand and I follow his lead.

Up top, there are a few couples with the same idea. They don’t pay
us any attention, being more interested in each other.

Down below, there’s a shout of triumph and the floodlights go on for
the field. A bunch of guys then produce a ball and an impromptu
soccer game begins.

Jonno and I sit on the topmost tier of seats and we watch the game
in silence for a time. Most of the players are drunk as skunks and
are slipping over on the dew-covered grass, laughing hysterically.

Deliberate fouls, rugby tackles and general clowning around ensues
and the spectators begin to lose interest.

“A nice night?” Jonno says, hesitantly.

“Yes, quite warm really!”

Shyly Jonno puts his arm around me.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asks.

“Sure!” I reply.

I’m enjoying the tension as Jonno works his way up for a snog. Not
yet sure how far he’s going to get, he’s trying to engage me in idle
chat. Should I encourage him a little?

I lean on him a more closely and smile up at him. He takes the hint
and moves in for a kiss.

It’s just a gentle one, not a mouth-masher. A sort of exploration,
to test the ground. Having satisfied himself a little that he’s not
going to get his face slapped, he bends down for a more longer one.

He strokes my cheek and pretty soon we’re Frenching, our tongues
playing with each other.

His musky scent is aftershave, I run my hand over his freshly
scraped chin and there’s barely a hint of stubble.

He looks down towards my chest and I follow his gaze. My nipples are
raising little bumps through the fabric of my dress, stimulated no
doubt by the cold air and the snogging. It’s obviously exciting him
but he’s not sure whether he can touch them.

“Oops, my headlights are on,” I tell him giggling.

(I can be SO like Angela when I want to be!)

“Hmm,” he hums, and brushes the palm of his hand over one.

I smile and open my mouth for another kiss. He accepts the offer but
this time his hand begins to knead my breast, his thumb playing with
my nipple.

I’m suddenly feeling very horny and my hand slips inside his shirt,
stroking his chest. I guess he’s figuring he’s made all the right

His hand leaves my breast and moves down my back towards my thigh.
Jonno discovers the slit up the side of my dress and his fingers slip

Taking a breath, I look over Jonno’s shoulder and notice another
couple on the other side of the aisle. They’re lying down with the
guy on top and it’s pretty obvious they’re close to doing it. I nudge
Jonno and he follows my gaze.

He grins, his warm hand still stroking the inside of my thighs.
Damn, I wish I hadn’t worn pantyhose!

The guy’s pants are still on, but the girl’s dress is pulled right
up. They’re sort of grinding together, ‘dry humping’ probably.

I put my hand on his leg and move it slowly up to feel… GOD! IT’S

The thing between his legs feels MASSIVE.

Jonno loses interest in the couple and turns back to me. He pushes
his hand straight up and onto my pantied pussy. I hardly notice at
first, I’m still trying to feel the outline of this thing in his

It’s parked straight up in his tight pants like a banana. It’s
curved and the head is buried somewhere under his belt buckle. It
must be uncomfortable!

His hand starts to mash me between the legs. I push on his arm and
clamp my thighs closed.

“Sorry,” he looks crestfallen.

“No… you’re too rough,” I tell him.

He reminds me a bit of those teenage boys trying to grab you between
the legs and calling it ‘passion’.

“Just slow down… ok?”

He nods, abashed. I gather our Jonno is not too experienced in
dating techniques. Perhaps he’s spent too long at sea, grabbing
undersize fish by by the tail and flinging them back into the ocean.

I guess I’ll have to take the lead and show him how it’s done, sigh!

“Here, give me your hand?” I tell him.

I bring his palm to my lips and gently kiss each finger. I purse my
lips and tease each fingertip in turn.

“Had many girlfriends, Jonno?” I ask.

“Sure,” he answers, insincerely.

‘I mean, outside of sunday school,’ I think to myself.

“Have you had many… y’know… boys?” he croaks a little.

“A few,” I lie.

I suck each finger in turn while looking into his eyes. I saw it on
some movie and thought it looked sexy.

I put his hand on my leg then guide it up my thigh.

“Like this… gently,” I tell him as sexily as I can, “now give me
one of those big beautiful kisses.”

He obliges wonderfully, the very least you can say about Jonno is
that he knows how to kiss!

Finally reaching the ‘holy grail’ I guide his fingers in the way I
like best. Some gentle massaging with the forefinger with a little
bit of pressure over my clitoris. Satisfying myself that he’s got the
idea, I return to that lump in his trousers.

I run my palm along it, he jerks slightly and kisses me harder. His
little finger dance becomes a bit erratic and I feel myself
responding to his eagerness.

“Want to lie down?” I breathe into his ear.

I stand up and he tries to lie down on the bench but it’s too
narrow. Instead he lies on the wooden floor between the rows. The dim
glow spilt from the floodlights radiates from his white shirt and
tight trousers. He looks positively delicious lying there trying to
adjust his hard penis.

I kneel on his legs and undo his belt. I detect a little sigh of
relief, that thing must be hurting! I can’t help but giggle at his

I slowly ease his zip down, careful of snagging it. The head is
caught in the waistband of his silk underpants, like a little pink
man looking over a fence.

I pull down his underpants and it springs up, pointing somewhere
towards the southern cross constellation. I give it a feel, it’s
maybe one and a half times the length of my hand, but the girth! I
can’t close my thumb and forefinger around it!

I lie down on top of Jonno and lead into a passionate kiss. I grind
myself on his cock, I SO want to fuck him!

Jonno fiddles with the zip at the back of my dress, he wants to pull
my top down. I pull my straps down for him and release my breasts
from their lacy confines. He’s fascinated by my stiff nipples and
rubs and squeezes them.

I let Jonno pull up my dress but I stop him when he tries to push
down my pantyhose.

“No,” I whisper, “I can’t get pregnant!”

The honey understands completely and my pantyhose stops its progress.

“Would you like me to suck you?” I whisper before kissing him again.

He nods, a desperate look on his face.

I slide down his body, catlike, and soon my chin is rubbing along
his lovely weapon. I pause and press my breasts over it.

“God, I…” he gasps.

I kiss all along his length and touch my tongue on the underside of
the tip, all the things Nick loves.

Jonno groans as I close my lips over him. It really fills my mouth
and I can barely get a third of it in without gagging.

I tickle his balls, Nick likes that, as I bob up and down. He’s
grunting and squirming his arse about and I sense he’s not going to
last too long.

I flick my tongue along the underside again and look up at him like
some porn actress. His face looks strained and he’s trying to sit up.
I pop my mouth back down on him and stroke him rapidly with my hand
as well. Jonno flops back and groans, I guess I’m doing all the right

“Oh, oh!” he moans and I take that as a signal.

Pulling off, I rapidly jack him to completion. Pointing his cock
sideways, I watch him splash all over the back of the seats.

There’s an answering groan behind us and I turn around. Across the
aisle the other couple are watching us as they furiously fuck each
other. She’s on the seat with her dress hiked up while he’s kneeling
between her legs with his trousers around his ankles. Her legs are
propped up on the seat in front of them and tremble each time he
thrusts into her. It looks so hot!

“Know them?” I as Jonno.

He’s still puffing away but shakes his head.

“She’s Greek… by the look of her,” he says.

“I guess she can fuck alright,” I tell him.

Jonno looks at me puzzled.

“Forget it… long story. Better zip up or you’ll put her off,” I

The guy is grinding the last of his hot fluid into her as the Greek
girl winks in my direction. Her mouth forms an O before breaking into
a smile. I guess I’m not the only one to appreciate Jonno’s


Jonno drives me home and we get into this long lingering kiss
outside my house. Feeling horny I take down my pantyhose and
underwear and ask Jonno to frig me.

He looks at my front window with a frightened expression.

“Are you sure… can they see us?”

“It’s alright,” I tell him and place his hand where I want it.

He does his best, but is too nervous about being discovered. He
jumps at every sound, just when I’m getting close, so I call it a
night and peck him on the lips.

Inside I pass step-mum and dad’s door. I hear step-mum’s muffled cry,

“Oh Alex!”

‘God, everyone’s doing it,’ I think to myself.

In my room I can hear the thump, thump from next door. I strip off
my clothes and throw on my T-shirt. In bed I lie face down and my
hand wedges itself between my legs. I then think of Jonno’s body.


Morning at school and I’m getting more text messages. Jonno is
somewhere in the Southern Ocean, I didn’t realise cellphones worked
out there!

We have to turn off our phones in class, so I have to wait till
recess to access them. As soon as I turn on my phone, it rings.


It’s a woman’s voice, I kind of recognise it.


“Don’t you read your messages?”

“I’ve just turned the phone on, who IS this?”

“Rachael, Nick’s wife, we met the other…”

“Yes, I remember…”

“He… I mean Nick, said you and he have… come to some

(Where is this leading?)

“Which ones are you talking about?”

She sighs, she sounds nervous.

“With you and me apparently. Not that he ever asks me whether I…”

“That one!” I cut in, “if you don’t want to…”

“No… it’s not that… I… he generally gets his own way anyway.
If he wants me to make it with another girl and he well… I guess I
just have to do it.”

“C’mon, Rachael,” I tell her, “you’ve got free will, if you don’t
want to be a part of it then… to hell with Nick!”

“It’s not that simple…”

“Yes it IS, Rachael!” I emphasise.

“You don’t understand! He NEEDS me… and I need him… it’s just…”

(God! Can’t she see a counsellor?)

“Beatie,” she continues, “can’t you see someone your own age?”

“I am, sort of…”

“Well why do you have to hang around Nick?”

“Because I want to… and he wants me too, I suppose…”

“Yes, I know he wants you… but… I think he wants you too much,
don’t you see?”

“Look Rachael,” I tell her, ” that’s Nick’s choice… and mine, if I
want to stop seeing him, I will decide, not Nick.”

“I see… and are you serious about this other guy?” she asks.

“I’ve just met him.”

“Have you… y’know… slept with him yet?”

Is it her business I wonder? I suppose if I’m going to be making out
with her then…

“Not yet,” I tell her finally, “we’ve just fooled around.”

“I see. Is he a nice guy?”

“Sweet… nice body!”

“Well, don’t let him get you pregnant… I made that mistake once.”

“I won’t!”

“Right! Well I guess we’ll be seeing each other later. I’m going to
send the kids to Grannies… maybe this weekend… so…”


“…And Beatie?”


“You’re hips are ok. I just thought I’d let you know.”

“Thanks, bye.”

(Life is SO wierd sometimes!)


So everything is going to be organised for this weekend. I’m
beginning to have second thoughts. I mean, it was alright in THEORY,
but now that it looks like it’s going to happen, I’m beginning to
wonder whether I can go through with it.

I’m not worried about what to do. I figure it’s probably the same as
making love with a man, except of course you can’t have actual
intercourse. I guess I’ll sort of figure everything out as I go along.

I never believed that lesbians would go to hell in a handbasket
either. I had a liberal upbringing and, especially step-mum, always taught
me to respect everyone’s differences. It’s not a moral issue for me.

I’m concerned that I could be getting into something that could be
hard to get out of. There’s a financial arrangement, now and that
puts things on an entirely different footing. It may be hard to say
no when you’re having your University fees paid.

You get into a lifestyle, a comfort zone, where you get used to
having a certain amount of income and expences. I’m worried that if I
pull out of the ‘arrangement’ I’ll have to replace that lost income
in some other way. That or make do without it.

I can see I could easily get trapped by my ‘comfort.’ Damn, it
seemed such a good idea when I first thought of it. I now run the
risk of becoming Nick and Rachael’s ‘sex servant’ with little choice
but to do whatever they want.

God, just a few weeks ago, I was worried about the consequences of
having sex for the first time, and now?


I have long talks with Angela at lunchtime at our little meeting
place up the field. She doesn’t see anything wrong with accepting
money from men. Of course she wouldn’t! Her career choice seems to be
heading towards becoming a highly paid call-girl.

Angela’s not exactly academic, like me, but she’s not thick at all.
Her intelligence is practical, street-smart, with a firm
understanding of the human race, particularly the male species. Born
in proverty, she has a driving instinct to succeed and I’ve no doubt
she’ll get wherever she wants to go by sheer determination.

She never had a chance to know her father, he took off when she was
a baby. She has this fantasy of finding a nice guy and settling down
but no real expectation it’ll happen to her. The men in her life pass
on, that’s her reality, so she takes what she’s given and slides on

I’m different, I KNOW I’ll find someone, but not yet. I want to be
independent and have my own life and when someone else comes along
and can fit into that well…


As Saturday looms I become a bundle of nerves. Jonno is away at sea,
so at least I don’t have that complication. I’m wondering how much I
should tell him, he seems pretty conservative when it comes to

He expects me to make some kind of choice between him and Nick.
That’s if everything goes well between us. I didn’t tell him that
settling down with one guy wasn’t part of my plan at the moment. I
can’t imagine what he’ll think should I tell him about this weekend.
If he runs a mile, well,
there’re plenty of Jonnos out there at sea.

Jonno went to sea with his father practically before he could walk.
He left school early to go on the boats and participate in the family
business. The family have been successful in the fishing industry and
pretty well off.

The ironic thing is, I’m studying hard to learn how to administer a
business while Jonno and his family have been running one for years
with only the basic formal education.

My dad said that he knew a guy who could work out the betting odds
of a field of horses in seconds in his head yet he’d failed maths at
school and never graduated. It’s a strange world!


I’m frantically getting ready for the big night. I can’t choose what
to wear.

Mum’s asking awkward questions all the time and senses something’s
up. How DO you tell your step-mum you’re going off to a threesome next
door in return for money!

“Is that Rachael’s car in the drive next door?” she asks.

“Yes step-mum, everything’s cool, don’t worry.”

She eyes me suspiciously.

“Are you all going out together?”

“Something like that,” I tell her, “we’re just going to have this
big ‘sorting out’ thing. It’ll be ok, she’s cool!”

“Cool? Rachael? Are we talking about the same person?”

“Yes, she’s ok when you get to know her a bit. I guess she just
wants re-assurance or something.”

“Re-assurance?” she asks in surprise, “about what?”

“About me and Nick, that I’m not going to steal him off her or

“You’re not? I must have missed something. Really Tee, I’m having
trouble keeping up with you at the moment!”

“Everything’s fine…. what do you think, the red dress or the black?”

“The red… if you want Nicks eyes on stalks and Rachael slapping
your face!”

“The red then.”

Mum sighs and shakes her head.

The red dress hugs my bottom so tight you can detect the crack of my
arse. It’s low at the front and displays my cleavage to perfection. I
decide to wear my hair loose except for a small clip and I settle for
knee length stockings. It looks like I’m attending some formal.

I’m glad step-mum didn’t notice me not wearing panties, they would spoil
the line of the dress!