My Mom’s old friend from college comes to stay with us

I was just waking up, after a long night of studying. I could hear my Mom, yell something down the stairs. I rolled out of bed. I barely got a pair of boxers on and a t-shirt before my Mom opened my bed room door. “Morning.” She said. I smiled. My hands were in my lap, covering my morning wood. “Hey!” I said. “I’m running late for work. I should be home on time tonight. Don’t forget my best friend from college is coming for a visit.” Said my Mom, as she shut my door and headed to the garage.

Two nights earlier. My Mom got a late night phone call. I was sitting on the end of our couch, checking my fantasy football team on my laptop. I could hear my Mom in the kitchen talking on the phone she was laughing and giggling at first, and then she took a deep breath. Over the next hour, she finally convinced her best friend from college to come stay with us. Seems she caught her husband with another woman. She wanted a divorce at first, but thinks a trial separation might be better, until she could figure out what she wants

I took a quick shower. I put on a black t-shirt and some tan cargo shorts. I ate some breakfast. I turned on my laptop as I fished out the remote for the TV, under a seat cushion. I spent the rest of the day typing a term paper for English.

I don’t remember getting off the couch the whole day. I had a stun look on my face as the door knob to the front door turned. I then heard my Mom laugh. Followed by another woman’s laugh. “Hi! Sweetie.” Said my Mom. I then heard the front door slam. “Hey!” was all I could say. “This is my best friend from college. Mrs. Wendy Cotton. Wendy this is my Son. Buck…”said my Mom. “Very nice to meet you. Your Mom says very nice things about you, Buck.” Said Mrs. Cotton. I could only smile at them.

My head was spinning. My Mom college friend was the exact opposite of her. My Mom was kind of short and skinny. She had almost no curves to speak of. Her best friend from college was almost 5ft 6inch in heels. She had very voluptuous curves. She had a perfect hour glass figure. Round on top, skinny in the middle and a huge at the bottom. She was wearing a tight blue business suite, which showed off her curves. I could feel my cock grow inside my cargo shorts as she stood there in our living room.

“Can you be a doll and go outside and get Wendy things from her car?” said my Mom. I quickly jumped up and went outside. It took me a few minutes to get her things inside the house. She had only packed one suite case, a carry on bag, and a small make up bag. We have a three bedroom house. My Mom slept in the master bed room. I slept in the basement. I put all of Mrs. Cotton things in the spare bedroom down the hall from the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.

“I hope you don’t mind. But were going to get a bite to eat and catch up. I’m sure you can find something in the fridge to eat tonight. Thanks. Bye!” said my Mom. They both walked passed me and out the front door. I went to go use the bathroom. My dick was rock hard as I barley missed hitting the toilet bowl with my thick stream of yellow. Fuck! How was I going to last a moment with Mrs. Wendy Cotton living in my house. This middle aged MILF was going to drive me to blue balls.

I ate some cold pizza from the night before. I finally finished my term paper. I then goggled Mrs. Wendy Cotton, before she got back to the house… I did not find much. I did find her husband online. He already set up some online dating profiles. Seemed he liked young girls with small breast. Made me wonder why he got married to his wife.

It was close to 9pm when the front door to the house opened. I quickly closed my lap top. I made sure to delete the history on my computer. Both my Mom and Mrs. Cotton were laughing as the walked upstairs. I heard my Mom get into the shower. I heard Mrs. Cotton door shut. Then her box springs squeak as she went to bed.

The next week was just like normal. I went to college on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday I took online classes. I was free most of the time. My Mom went to work every day from 9 to 6. She would say good bye to Wendy and I before she went to work. I would catch glimpses of Mrs. Cotton all day. She spent the first week locked in her room. She wore big baggy clothes all the time. I would click on my laptop camera trying to catch her picking up things or walking around in her vast collection of jogging suits. I could only wonder what she was hiding under her baggy clothes.

The weekend flew by. I woke up late on Monday. I walked upstairs. I could see a note on the fridge. “Buck… Wendy and I have gone out for the day. I called in. Don’t be mad. I need to cheer up Wendy. See you later.” Said the note. I smiled. I was finally going to have the house to myself. It had been almost two weeks since I jacked off. I could feel my balls about to explode.

I got my laptop from under my bed. I walked up stairs to the master bath. My Mom had a big Jacuzzi tub. I loved the way the warm jets tickled my big hairless balls as I jerked my cock. I set my laptop on the edge of the tub. I clicked on a porn site. I clicked on the BBW category, on the left side. One of my favorite tube movies was playing. “BBW Wife Gone Wild!!” I was tempted to turn on the bath water and drop my shorts and take off my shirt.

I felt a sudden urge to walk down the hall towards Wendy’s room. It might be a good time to check out Mrs. Cotton’s room. I peeked out the upstairs window. Almost to see if I was still alone in the house. I turned the knob to Mrs. Cotton’s room. She had her suite case on the small twin size bed in the center of the room. I quickly reached down to open her luggage. There was her blue business suite from the first night I saw her. I moved it onto the bed. I then saw a matching blue thong, and bra set. I pulled her thong to my mouth. I could smell her perfume and musk smell from her pussy. My cock got instantly hard. I looked down to see the front of my shorts sticking straight out.

I gently lowered my shorts. I left my underwear on my night stand. I then grabbed the base of my cock. I started to slow jack my cock as I smelled Mrs. Cotton thong. I could feel a big load in my aching blue balls. I could feel my shorts fall around my ankles. I was picking up the pace of jacking my cock. I put the rest of Mrs. Cotton’s thong in my mouth. I reached down to grab her big blue matching bra. I could smell her warm breast in them……

“Click!!! Beep! Blonk!!” …..Fuck!!!! The sounds of the garage door opening. My head turned. My heart skipped a beat. Mrs. Cotton thong fell from my mouth. I dropped her huge bra into her luggage. I pulled up my shorts as I ran down the hall to grab my lap top. I then ran down the stairs to the living room. I just sat on the left side of the small black leather love seat, in the middle of the living room, when the front door to the house opened.

“Where back!!” said my Mom. I closed the screen on my lap top as I folded my leg over my other leg to hide my erection. “I present the new and improved……Drum role…. Wendy!!!” yelled my Mother. She then pointed to the opening of the front door. My mouth dropped opened as Mrs. Cotton strutted in. She was wearing fire red 6inch heels. A tight black leopard dress that was two sizes to small for her killer curves. She had a big red belt around her mid section. I could see the small red bra trying to contain her ever expanding breast from falling out the top of her tight dress. She had matching red lips and newly manicured red finger and toe nails. I almost grabbed my chest. I was having a heart attack. She even cut her shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She now had short platinum blonde hair with dark black tips on the end.

“I think he’s speechless.” said my Mom. “I either scared him or surprised him…” said Mrs. Cotton. I just sat on the edge of the small love seat with my mouth open, trying to hide my hard cock. I just moved my hands long enough to give them the thumbs up sign before I passed out. “I’m off to take a long bath. I’ve had a hard day of shopping. I’m going to order pizza for tonight, for dinner.” Said my Mom. She quickly walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

I turned my head to see Mrs. Cotton put down some large shopping bags. She then put her hands on her big hips. She gave me a wicked smile. I was at a lost for words again. I watched Mrs. Cotton walk toward me. She was sitting next to me before I could move. The side of her left breast rubbed down the side of my arm. I could smell her new intoxicating perfume. I was close to passing out.

“Hi! Buck! How was your day? All alone… Home alone…” she giggled. “Ummmm Good…How was shopping?” I said. “It was fun. I love shopping for new things. Did you do anything fun, while we were out? Get into any mischief? Did you finish your home work?” she said in a small sexy tone. She was looking straight into my baby blue eyes. I could hear her breathing heavier. “Sorry…No mischief. But I did get my work done.” I said. She smiled.

“Then you won’t need this…” She moved my laptop to the floor in front of her six inch red heels. “Maybe we can get into our own little mischief while you’re Mom upstairs. That’s if you can keep a secret? I nodded my head YES… “That a good boy. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything, with anybody. I still love my husband. I can’t cheat on him. This is just a one time thing. Nothing more. You are not to get attached to me. This will not happen again. Take off your shorts and black t-shirt.” Said Mrs. Cotton.

I was naked in less than a minute. I sat on the cold black leather love seat. I was looking down the front of Mrs. Cotton dress. Her huge cleavage was almost spilling out the top. I could hear Wendy take a big breath. “I never thought you be this big. So round and firm. You make my husband look so small. It’s so big.” Said Mrs. Cotton into my right ear. I smiled.

I could feel her tight grip on my hard cock. Her long red nails ran down the under side of my cock. She paused to scoop up my big hairless balls in her right hand. She bite lower lip as she stroked my cock a few more times. I usually could last more than five minutes. Maybe stroking my cock earlier did not help my staying power. I barely felt my shirt cover the length of my cock. I moaned as I shot a big load into my waded up black t-shirt.

A minute later…. I felt the love seat move. Mrs. Cotton was already standing up. She looked down at me, my t-shirt covering my cum soaked cock. “Remember what I said. This was just a one time thing. I still love my husband. Our little secret. Now please go get washed up before your Mom comes down for dinner.

I had two slices of pizza as I sat at the dinner table. My eyes were looking straight into Mrs. Cotton deep cleavage. She was sitting directly opposite of me. I was paying no attention to her and my Mom talking. It was close to an hour later that my Mom sent me down to my room. I did not get a chance to see what Mrs. Cotton was wearing to bed.

Next morning:

“Click!!! Beep! Blonk!!” The garage door was opening. I could hear my Mom’s car backing down the driveway. I then heard some heels on the hard tile behind my bedroom wall. I slept right next to the small laundry room in the house. There was just enough space for a washer and dryer. There was a small red throw rug on the black and white checkered tile. I rubbed my eyes. I barely slept. All I could think of was Mrs. Cotton, and that I wanted to do more with her. I felt my cock grow two inches under my top sheet.

I then heard the lid to the washer, open. The yellow metal hitting the top of the dryer. I quickly sprang out of bed. I scooped up some clean clothes and dirty clothes. I tossed them into my hard plastic laundry basket. I put the cold plastic in front of my ever growing cock. I walked naked through the basement as I pushed opened the small clear plastic beads covering the entrance to the laundry room.

I almost dropped my laundry basket on the floor. My cock was now fully erect. All 9 ¾ inches jammed inside some clothes. My mouth dropped open. Just in front of the washer. Mrs. Cotton was bent over at the waist. She was wearing tight white leggings down her thick curves. They hugged her big thighs, and stopped just above her sexy calves. She was wearing 4inch open toe wooden clogs, which showed off her small sexy feet. She then straighten up. Her huge breasts were jammed into a small bright neon green tube top. Her big fat nipples ached against the thin green spandex material.

Every time she breathed. I thought the tube top might explode off her voluptuous body. I stood there watching her for a few minutes before she tried to reach for some laundry soap above the washer. There was small shelf above the washer. She could barely touch the bottom of the blue soap juggs.

“Would you like some help?” I said softly. I tried not to scare her. She slowly turned her head toward my voice. I was still holding my laundry basket in front of my hard cock. “Yes… I thought I could reach it. You, just miss your Mom. She left for work. How did you sleep?” she said. “It took me a few minutes to fall asleep. I slept well. How about you?” I said. She smiled. “I tossed and turned all night. I had a hard time. Then I thought I might start doing some wash, and get my mind off things.” She said.

I put my laundry basket on top of the dryer. My cock was still buried inside my basket. I barley leaned up to get the blue laundry detergent. I handed it to Mrs. Cotton. She was looking into my eyes. I don’t think she noticed I was butt naked next to her. I slowly handed her the big blue jugg. She smiled as she poured a small amount into the top of the washing machine.

“Can you get down some fabric softener?” she said. I handed her the fabric softener next. She poured some into a small cap. She then handed it back to me. “Do you have some laundry to do also?” She said. I smiled. “Just a load. I can wait.” I said.

“Buck!! You’re naked. Where’s your clothes?” she said. “Oops! I did not have anything to wear this morning. I thought I was alone in the house.” I said. I slowly pulled my hard cock out of laundry basket. The tip was glistening with pre-cum. I saw Mrs. Cotton eyes get bigger. She was staring at my fully erect cock.

“I though I made my self clear. We can’t have sex. I’m still married. I love my husband. What we did on the love seat. It was a one time thing. Please! Respect me…” said Mrs. Cotton. “I’m sorry. It’s just…..I can’t stop thinking about you. I woke up this morning. Hard as a rock. I dreamt about you all night. You just so incredible hot.” I said in a low tone.

I slowly turned to face her. I was standing maybe a foot from her right side. She slowly moved to face me. Her huge breast sagged under her green tube top. Her deep cleavage hung wide open. I could see her big fat nipples ready to fall out the top. Her hands were on her sides. I could see her bright red finger nails scratch down her tight white leggings. I looked down to see her toes curl up. She was breathing heavy again. Just like on the love seat.

“How do I start the washer? Can you show me?” she said. She turned to face the washer. I smiled. I walked behind her. She was looking over her shoulder at me. I was inches from jabbing her with my hard cock. “Just turn this knob. Then pull, and click that button.” I said. I slowly leaned over her. My hard cock was sliding up and down the crack of her firm, round ass. Just the thin white material keeping my hard cock from touching her amazing ass. She put her right hand on my arm to steady herself, she put her left hand on my hand to turn the knob and push the button on the washer.

I kept my naked body on Mrs. Cotton. She did not push me away. My cock was resting on top of her lower back. My huge naked balls sat on the top of her round ass. She was breathing heavier. Her legs moved to catch her balance. I leaned over her shoulders to look down the front of her tube top. She followed my eyes. “Do you like what you see?” she said. “No! I love what I see. You’re perfect in so many ways. Your body is so amazing.” I said.

“It’s been so long. Since anyone has said those things to me. My husband never says anything nice about me. I forgot how turned on I can be. Ever since I saw you last week. The first night….I I I I…” she moaned. “Did you play with yourself?” I said into her left ear. She moaned again. “Yes! I was still wearing my matching blue bra and thong, from under my business suit. I saw someone was in my room yesterday and took them out,” she moaned. She was now rubbing her ass on my cock. Only the thin white material was keeping my cock from fucking Mrs. Cotton.

“I had your bra around my neck. Your thong was in my mouth. I was jerking my cock in your room. I was so turned on. Then you came home, and almost caught me.” I said. I looked down to see her amazing ass rubbing my cock. She was bending her knees and making my cock slide up and down her big ass crack. She was teasing me with her big ass.

“I could not sleep all night, thinking about your big cock, strong hands and sexy blue eyes. I woke up this morning so wet. Please don’t tell your Mom or my husband our little secret. It would devastate them.” she said. “I can’t promise. You will have to show me every day, what would happen if our little secret got out.” I said.

I quickly squatted down behind her. My aching balls touched the cold flooring. I then reached up to yank down Mrs. Cotton’s white leggings. I pulled the thin material around her knees. I then started to run my tongue, up and down her inner thighs. She placed both her hands on the side of the washer machine. I could hear the washer machine switch cycles.

I easily pushed my tongue inside Mrs. Cotton wet pussy. She let out a out moan. Her hands gripped the yellow metal, as I buried my tongue deep inside her. She was sweat to the taste. My mouth was slurping up and down her wet pussy. I started to slap her big naked ass with my big hands. I then used my finger nails to scratch down her round ass and thick thighs.

After about 15 minutes of eating her pussy. She was close to her first orgasm. I jumped up off the floor. I saw her face turn the look over her shoulder as I jammed my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She moaned so loud. I thought the neighbors might call the police. After two quick long strokes. She erupted all over my cock. Her juices rushed over my cock and dripped down between her legs. I kept slamming my cock deeper inside her.

I put my hands on her hips, thrusting my cock faster inside her pussy. I then reached up to hold her shoulders. I was using all my body weight to bounce off her. She was screaming and moaning and calling me names. My cock was full buried inside her. Her huge tits fell out the side of her body, on the cold steel of the washing machine.

After a few minutes, I pulled out and went slowly stuck my cock back in. I pulled it all the way out again. Then slowly stuck it back in. “Fuck! You’re teasing me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me!!” she moaned.

“Errrr!” The washer was done. “Now! Put your wet clothes in the dryer. You better wash these next. They smell of sex.” I said. I pulled off Mrs. Cotton white leggings. I then reached up to pull down her huge neon green tube top. Her huge breast flopped out on to her stomach. I quickly pulled her tube top down her voluptuous body. I tossed everything into the washer machine. She tossed some more clothes into the washer. I then leaned over her. Rubbing my cock on her big ass again.

She started the washer, as I showed her how to start the dryer. I then grabbed her hips and placed her on top of the hot dryer. She placed her hands around my neck. She leaned in to give me a long kiss. I broke our kiss to pull her pussy closer to the edge of the dryer. I then slammed my cock back into her hot pussy. I leaned up to start sucking her huge breast. Her fat nipples were in my teeth. She moaned again and orgasm for the 2nd time on my cock.

I loved watching her huge breast shake as I pounded my hard cock deep inside her. She was moaning and shaking her big curves as I continued to fuck her faster. I stood on my tippy toes as I slammed my cock harder and faster. She closed her eyes as I started to push her breast together. I was sucking both her big nipples in my mouth. I then felt a rush of excitement over my body. I moaned as I started to pump all my boy goo inside her wet pussy. Mrs. Cotton opened her eyes. She then kissed my forehead. About ten minutes passed before my cock slipped out her wet pussy.

The day was just beginning. I must have fucked her in every hole. In every room of the house. We took a long bath together in my Mom’s bathroom before we parted for the night. I fuck her every chance I get. Sometimes before my Mom leaves for work. Sometimes I sneak into Mrs. Cotton bedroom and spend the night. Sometime she sneaks into my bed. The whole time my Mom has not expected a thing. Only that her son is always happy and her best friend has been dressing sexier than before.

Mrs. Cotton would say Hi. But her mouth is full of my cock. She is sitting on the floor in front of the couch sucking my cock. She is wearing her matching blue bra and thong. The ones I like to rub on my cock thinking about her. My Mom informed us last night. She is going on vacation for two weeks and hopes we can manage without her. I’m sure we can keep ourselves busy until she gets back.