Slave Wife

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In SLAVE WIFE, Kim Karison finds herself in such a situation. Because of her frigidity, her husband has decided to enslave her in chains and degrade her — the end result is a wife whose passion has no limits.

Though Kim Karison suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing that bandage has unleashed her sexually.


Max didn’t want to glance at the naked blonde on the wall calendar as he worked on the Venetian blind. He didn’t need the sight of her thrusting tits. He didn’t need the sleek line of her thighs, the hint of muff that betrayed she was a bleached blonde. He didn’t need any of those things. His powerful hands threaded the thin cord through the pulleys of the blind.

He had a hard-on without looking at the calendar hanging over his workbench.

He had the feeling he had had the erection forever. It was there when he woke up in the morning and with him when he went to bed at night. It was like a lead weight strapped to his gut, dragging at him.

Reaching up to the peg board, his eyes fucking past the calendar girl, Max grabbed the hatchet.

With, a crash, he lopped off the extra cord and imbedded the sharp blade in the bench top. Slipping the loose ends through the knobs, he tied figure-eight knots.

His mind was on Kim. His cock throbbed harder at the thought of her. He didn’t have to look at a photograph to picture the lush round softness of her tits, the line of her thighs, the gentle curve of her tummy, the thrust of her ass.

His finger toyed idly with the severed strands of Venetian blind cord as he remembered what she looked like. Her muff matched the hair on her head, soft golden curls nestled between her warm, round thighs. He thought of the cleft between those legs, and his leaked pre-cum.

Goddammit, he had some rights, didn’t he? She was his wife, for God’s sake! He had a right to want to plunge his aching cock into her hot cunt. He thought of fucking her, and he began to hump his dick against the edge of the workbench.

Then he snorted at his dumb dream. What good was it when she did let him have his way with her? Christ, she lay there like a corpse, enduring his thrusts until his cock leaped and spouted in her cunt.

He wished once, just once, he could get her really turned-on. He longed for her to writhe under him, whimpering with passion as his prick pumped in and out of her spuming pussy.

Max snorted derisively at himself. To manage that he would have to tie her down. Kim wouldn’t allow anything other than a simple face-to-face, normal, missionary-position mating. If he tried anything else, she would close up like a clam, shut him out, and push him away.

Something made him glance down at the ropes in his hands. Ropes. Tying. Kim. It all clicked together in Max’s mind and he felt the muscles in his stomach tighten. His thick hands twisted the cord, testing its strength. A film of sweat formed on his forehead.

He couldn’t. He didn’t dare. If he did it, or even asked her about it, she would divorce him.

But, by damn, if he did do it, it would give him a chance to show her how good fucking could feel. She wouldn’t be able to do a thing to keep him from finding all her erogenous zones. And, by God, a body like Kim’s had to have them. God couldn’t create a lush blonde like her and leave out the erogenous zones.

His hands were sweaty as he stroked the lengths of cord across his palms. There were four pieces of rope. Each was about four feet long. Four of them. One for each arm. One for each leg.

She would kill him if he tried. She would walk out of the house when he was through, and go straight to a lawyer, or the cops. She would hate him.

But, what if she didn’t? What if he managed to give her such pleasure that she would forgive him? Bottled up in that gorgeous, creamy-skinned body of hers could be all the sexiness of a mink. If he unleashed her wantonness just one time, maybe that would be all it would take. She would forgive him for what he had done, and then their sex life would be as it should be.

He would get his rocks off in fine fashion, by damn.

It was worth the risk of her booting his ass out of the house. No marriage at all would be better than the sad travesty he was enduring now.

Max thought about tying Kim up. Trickles of sweat gleamed on his flesh. His jaw, muscles were clenched so tight they hurt. His hard-on was a solid aching bar. His groin was throbbing with pain.

With the sick, tight, do-or-die feeling chewing away at his gut, he gathered up the strands of cord. He coiled each strand separately, carefully, and turned away from the bench, toward the kitchen. He could hear Kim finishing the breakfast dishes as he carefully latched the door of his workroom and snapped the padlock. His rubber-soled shoes were silent as he crossed the sunlit yard.

Kim had seen him coming out of the workshop with something in his hand. She thought no more about it as she turned toward the refrigerator.

Humming softly to herself, she sponged the smudges off the refrigerator. Max paused by the door, his innards clenched tight. The sight of her in her robe, as unsexy as it was, made his balls steam. He doubted that she had anything on under it. The curve of her ass molded the soft material, gave a hint of her lush, soft roundness.

He told himself he was doing it far her own good as he advanced toward her quietly. Carefully, he eased around the table in the center of the kitchen. He clamped his teeth on the four coils of rope so he had both hands free.

Just as she started to turn away from the refrigerator, he leaped the last few feet, reached out and clamped his hard fingers around her wrists. Ignoring her scream of shock and terror, he shifted his grip, got a firm hold on both her wrists with one hand. With a heave, he wrapped her around the back of his neck and shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

“Put me down!” Kim screamed, trying to kick free. “Max! What’s gotten into you? Put me down, I said!”

“Gonna show you,” he mumbled around the rope as he lugged her through the spacious house toward the bedroom. “Gonna show you that you can enjoy a good fuck, dammit!”

“What! You’re crazy! Put me down!”

Reaching the bedroom, he kicked the door open. He had been intensely aware of the warmth of her soft body against him. Now his prick was sizzling and seeping.

“Max, if you want to make love, all you have to do is ask,” Kim pointed out as if she was afraid she was dealing with a maniac. She had stopped struggling. “After all, tonight is the night.”

“Night,” Max snorted, trudging toward the bed. “Always night. Well, this time it’s going to be in the morning, in the light.”

“Max!” Kim warned ominously. “You know I don’t like light, Max.”

“You’re gonna learn to like it!” he exclaimed, standing beside the bed.

“Max, I give you what you want,” Kim whimpered. “Now you’re hurting me, Max. Put me down and you can make love to me if you want to. Put me down, Max!”

“I’ll put you down all right,” he said.

Turning his back toward the bed, he released her wrists and legs. He was back around and ready to pounce before she had hit the mattress.

“MAX!” she yelped as he banged down on top of her, crushing her against the bed.

Ignoring her screams, he pinned her arms to the bed with his knees. He felt the warm softness of her tits under his ass as he sat on her. Her kicking and squirming increased the throbbing of his cock.

“What are you doing, Max?” Kim asked as he took one of the coils of cord from his mouth. “Max, what are you doing? Have you gone CRAZY?!”

Grabbing her right wrist, he fastened a loop around her wrist, one that wouldn’t draw taut if she pulled against it. Casting the free end of the cord around the corner post of the headboard, he drew on it, dragged her arm nearly straight. Then he quickly tied the cord so that her arm was helpless.

Kim looked at him. There was fear in her eyes as she tested the rope. “Max, have you gone mad?” she asked quietly. Her voice was shaking badly.

“If anything,” he grunted, securing her other arm in spite of her struggles, “if anything, I’ve gone sane.”

Kim didn’t kick and buck when he got off her, because she knew it was hopeless and she was fearful of upsetting him even further. She did try to pull her foot away from him when he grabbed it and started to knot a strand of the cord around her ankle.

“Max, if you want to make love, all you have to do is ask, you know that,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady and reasonable.

“That’s not making love,” he growled. “That’s a form of masturbation. I’m going to teach you how good fucking can feel. I’m going to make you react, instead of letting you just lie under me like a log.”

“I’m not going to stand for this, Max!” Kim warned.

“Shut up,” Max growled, fighting to keep her from getting to him.

He was securing her other ankle to the bed, binding her spread-eagle on her back. Her thick blonde lacks were sensuous-looking as they framed her head. Her robe had become disarranged in the tussle. The neckline had opened, revealing a larger expanse than usual of her creamy chest — the swelling of the inner slopes of her tits. At the bottom, the robe had opened up the front so that her graceful, well-curved legs were bare to her thighs.

Standing over her at the foot of the bed, Max felt his horniness surge up at the sight of her. The fear in Kim’s blue eyes increased his lust. She was testing the ropes, writhing her arms and legs. The cords cunt into her flawless flesh, not deep enough to hurt her seriously, but enough to expose her vulnerability.

Max walked slowly around the bed and sat down beside her. Her eyes never left him.

“Baby, I do love you,” he said huskily, stroking the side of her neck with his heavy, callused fingers. She flinched, then pressed her cheek against him for a moment. “Then let me go,” she begged.

“No.” He shook his head. “I’m doing this because I love you. You’re so all twisted up inside about sex you won’t give me a chance to give you pleasure. So I have to do it this way.”

“Women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex,” Kim sniffed.

“Bullshit!” Max snorted.

“They aren’t,” she insisted.

Max slipped his hand down over the lush thrust of her tit. The warmth, the softness, the rising and falling from her fearful panting — all combined to make his lust soar. But this time it was going to take a long time. This time it wasn’t going to be five minutes of mechanical fondling, followed by the penetration of her dry cunt.

“I’m gonna prove it to you,” he told her. “I’m going to have you begging for it before I give it to you.”

“Not possible.”

Max smiled grimly. “And then, when I’m all done, you can kick me out if you still want to. Because I’m not going to spend another night in bed with a woman that doesn’t want me. Especially when it is the woman I love so much.”

Kim’s blue eyes were as big as saucers as she studied his face. “You really mean it, don’t you?”

“Never meant anything more sincerely in my life,” he assured her.

“All right,” Kim agreed. She was no longer battling her bonds. “Try as hard as you want. And when you’re done, you had better start packing. Because, as much as I love you, Max, I do not intend to share a house with a man that would treat me like this.”

Max sighed, afraid that perhaps his plan was going to fail. But it was too late to back out now. He continued to caress her soft tit through the robe. He could feel the cloth sliding over her tit-mound. He had never been able to get her nipples to erect.

While she lay on her back, rigidly resisting, he gently unbelted her robe. Slowly and lovingly, he spread it open, bared her pale body to the warm morning sunlight filtering through the filmy curtains. He sucked in his breath at the sight of her tits. They were impressive mounds even when she was lying on her back. Her nipples were rosy pink. Her stomach was trim and flat. There was a soft, attractive roundness below the dimple of her navel.

Her golden-furred mound looked soft and inviting. As he studied her cunt-mound, he stroked his thumb over her cunt. Her legs had a satin smoothness. A few fine golden hairs were clinging to her skin high on her thighs.

As he studied her, he saw her leg muscles squirming. She was trying to shift one thigh over to cover her cunt. “God you are gorgeous,” he whispered reverently. “Why do you keep it all hidden?”

“Disgusting,” Kim said defensively.

Standing up, Max finished unbuttoning his shirt, stripped it off, and tossed it casually aside. Her eyes darted over him as he unfastened his belt. Then she turned her head away, only to look back again, reluctantly.

“You’ve never seen me naked in the two years we’ve been married,” he noted as he pushed his pants down and stepped out of them.

His cock bulged out against his underpants as he stood over her. His torso was blocky, hard, muscular, a stark contrast to her soft feminine one.

“Well, take a good look at it, dammit!” he ordered, shoving his shorts down, liberating his aching hard-on. His cock, a seven-inch, circumcised, purple-knobbed, pale-shafted, bludgeon of lust, speared out from his belly.

Her expression went from fear to shock and disgust. She turned away. Then she looked back at his jabbing cock. There was something else in her eyes now as she nervously licked her full lips and swallowed hard.

He had an urge to plunge his prick into her mouth, and he clenched his fists to resist the urge. He saw her close her eyes to the sight of him, but he knew that the vision of his naked body was engraved on her mind.

He studied her helplessness, and felt a surge of horniness. The sight of the ropes digging into her wrists and ankles, and the way she kept tugging at her bonds, made his gut steam. Undoubtedly, it would never happen again, so he enjoyed the sight while he could. Either he would succeed in awakening her passion and wouldn’t need the ropes again, or he would be out on his ear. Either way, he had better make the most of her spread-eagle body now. The robe was open. It spread down like a fan from her shoulders. Her hips squirmed provocatively as she tensed and relaxed.

Bending over her, he fastened his mouth on one soft tit. She gasped and tensed. He sucked on her tit, stroked her warm flesh with his tongue. He drew on her nipple as if he were nursing. He let his teeth scrape her skin. He pressed the nubbin of her tit against the roof of his mouth and scraped it with his tongue.

And now he was certain that her nipple was responding. He rubbed it with his tongue while he fondled her other soft, warm breast with his hand. He was sitting beside her on the bed. His cock was oozing pre-cum on his thigh as he fought to bring his wife’s body to life. Lifting up, he used suction to raise her boob. He dragged the soft tit up as far as he could. Finally, its lush weight pulled from his mouth, and her nipple scraped against his teeth.

Her hands clenched into fists and her arm muscles strained against the ropes.

Leaving the first tit glistening with spit, he fastened his sucking mouth on the other, stroking it with his tongue. As he chewed gently on her tit-meat, he had a gut-knotting urge to sink his teeth into her helpless body. Her chest began rising and falling as he tortured her tit with his tongue and lips and teeth.

Caressing her spit-slick tit with one hand, his other hand moved down her heaving, trembling belly. He felt her gut muscles shudder and squirm as his fingers scraped her smooth stomach. His finger probed her belly button, pushed deep into her soft belly. He wiggled his finger in her navel as he tongued one tit and pinched and rolled the other.

He heard her whimper softly, deep in her throat. It was the first sound she had made since he had begun working her over. He tried to imagine what she was thinking as the unfamiliar sensations lashed her body. He couldn’t. He didn’t know whether or not she would be horrified with herself, or with him. The thought that she might get physically sick made his insides clench. He hoped she wouldn’t, because he couldn’t stop now. His cock was throbbing, his balls burning as he slid his hand from her belly button to the kinky forest of her blonde snatch.

Very gently, he cupped his hand over her cunt. The arch of her pubic bone was under his palm. His fingers were nestling into the soft depression of her opening. He rubbed, felt her cunt-lips shift and squirm. Her pussy felt warm and humid not slippery or wet. He eased one finger between her cunt-lips and felt her inner tissues. They were sticky dry.

He pulled up off her boob, and glanced at her heaving chest, at the jutting nubbins of her tits. She turned her face away from him. The cords of her neck were standing out.

“Leave me alone,” she whimpered. “Why are you doing this to me?” She writhed against the ropes, squirmed on the rumpled spread.

Reaching up, Max dragged a pillow out. Kneeling between her thighs, he lifted her hips and worked the pillow under her ass. For a moment, she lay with her back arched, then let it slump.

Her position had presented her pussy to him at the best possible angle. Bending forward, he parted her cunt-lips, pulling back the tight blonde curls. Her inner folds were a soft, dusky pink. A faint hint of scented powder drifted up from her meticulously clean twat.

Lowering his mouth to her gash, he stroked his tongue through her dry folds, felt his spit moisten her meat.

She bucked frantically under him. “Noooo!” she moaned.

Max paused. “What’s the matter, don’t you like it?” he asked softly.

“Nooooo! Please, don’t!” she whimpered.

Max lowered his mouth to her twat again, and raped her pussy with his tongue.

“Awwww, God!” she wailed. “Stop it, Max, stop it!”

“You love it,” he told her.

“No,” she hissed. “It’s vile, disgusting!”

He lapped the length of her pussy again. This time he tasted hot, salty fluid. There was only one place it could be coming from! His tongue slid over her, and he tasted her first seepings ever.

“Noooo!” she whimpered as he stroked her slit again.

Changing his attack, he fastened his mouth firmly on her meat. He could feel her pussy hair scratching his lips and cheeks. He probed, slid his tongue deep into her cunt. He felt the walls spread apart as he probed into her pussy as far as he could. Her thighs quivered and jerked against his shoulders. He braced himself up on his elbows, began to eat her cunt out in earnest. He felt her pelvis squirming and humping as he pistoned his tongue in and out of her pussy-hole.

She was grunting, jerking and twisting against the ropes as he tongue-raped her. He could hear the cords pulling against the bedposts with a groaning, squeaking noise.

Max scraped his tongue up her silt. Fastening his lips on her mushy folds, now drenched with his spit and her juices, he sucked. Getting a mouthful of meat, he sorted through the rippled flesh with his tongue for the hard bump of her clit. He knew he had it when she gave a yelp and bucked against the ropes.

“What’s happening?” she asked dazedly as he tongued her cunt. “What’s happening? God, you’re driving me mad, Max! Stop it! You’re driving me mad!”

He stopped his labor of love and looked up the length of her body, past the sodden hairy bill of her pussy, past the quivering mounds of her tits. He saw the shine of sweat on her face as she shuddered and jerked.

Then he dipped his mouth to her pussy and began to eat her again. He was now sucking up thick waves of juices. His tongue probed her cunt, then stroked her clit. His lips fastened on her nerve bud and he suckled on it as if it was a tit.

“Oh my God!” she wailed as he tormented her clit. “Oh my God! Don’t stop! Jesus, sweet Jesus, don’t stop!”

Max felt a surge of cruelty, and lifted away from her crotch.

Kim shivered and her breasts quivered and jiggled. She kept trying to drag her wrists and ankles free of the ropes. “Oh God, Max, what is it? What is it?”

Max stood over her, demanding her attention by nudging her thigh with his foot. He was holding his hot, hard cock. She was gaping at it. “Is this what you want?”

He saw her try to deny it. He saw the horror in her eyes as she realized how far he had driven her. She licked her lips and nodded.

“Say it,” he insisted, his heart hammering in triumph. “Say you want it.”

“I want it,” she moaned.


“I want it,” she moaned.

“What is it you want?” he asked, toeing her pussy, stimulating her gooey gash. “Use the word, baby! Use the real word for it.”

She heaved and humped against his toes, coated them with her goo. “I — want — your — cock,” she moaned, turning her face away with shame.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he asked.

“No, Max, please,” she whimpered. “Just do it and get it over with.”

“What is it you want me to do?” he said, grinding his big toe down on her slippery clit. Her thigh muscles spasmed in reaction.

“Fuck me,” she whispered miserably. Her voice was thick with horniness and disgust. “Oh, God, please! Don’t torture me any longer. Fuck me, Max, fuck me!”

“You really want it, don’t you?” he asked.

She nodded. “I do, I really do. Oh my God, I never knew it could be like this.”

“This is just the beginning,” he promised, dropping to his knees between her spread thighs. “Believe me, baby, this is just the beginning.”

He aimed the throbbing knob of his cock at her sopping, aroused gash and noticed that the inner folds were now a hot, eager pink. Her pussy had opened like a flower. He aimed his cock at the heart of the hot, flushed, gleaming cunt.

Looking down at her groin, he sank his cock into her slick, hot hole in the series of slow in-and-out pumps. He saw her trying to spread her legs wider apart as he stroked his prick into the hottest, wettest cunt he had ever fucked.

“Ahhhh, my God!” Kim moaned as he carefully stuffed her with his cock.

When he was fully inside her, had the whole length of his prick clasped in her hot cunt, he lay down on top of her. He felt her body press into the mattress, felt her breasts squash against his hard chest.

For a moment he just lay there and let her get used to the feel of his prick. Then he began to fuck her, slowly and deeply, drawing almost all the way out and then driving all the way in with slow, firm strokes. He tried to grind his pubic arch against her so her clit would be stimulated.

Kim was grunting deep in her throat. She fought the ropes as she took his cock. Her head rolled from side to side as he fucked her. She whimpered with lust, and he felt her cunt-walls spasming against his dick, felt her hips humping as he fucked her. She was moving faster now, even though she was bound, faster than she ever had before.

He began to fuck her harder and faster. His pubic arch crunched against hers. Her cunt walls burned his cock as he pistoned into her. There was a wet slapping sound when his groin hit hers. Her thighs quivered against his hips. She was trying to clamp her legs around him in spite of the cords keeping her thighs open!

He held off until she was whining and wailing. Finally, he was afraid he was going to burst. Then he couldn’t hold it off any longer. The cum erupted from his prick with firehose force, steaming hot, a burning tidal wave of pleasure. It felt like his gut was pumping burning acid as he flooded her tunnel with cream.

“AWWWW!” Kim bawled madly, her hips humping against him as he tried to ram his spouting prick clear through her. Her pelvis churned wildly under him until he had the feeling that his squirting prick was going to be ripped out by the roots. She humped upwards hard, dropped back, then humped again, and held it, quivering. His ass was clenching with the effort, and he unloaded his last ecstasy-laden jolts of cum into her.

For a gut-racking eternity she arched under her husband, her breath locked in her straining chest and throat. He sensed the joint-cracking strain in her passion-locked muscles as he held his thrust full depth in her pussy. Sweat was gushing between his hairy body and her sleek one as she held her muscle-rigid arch.

Then, with a moan of total exhaustion, she became as limp as a rag, and her chest heaved as she fought to inhale against his weight. He stayed on her. She whimpered each time an aftershock convulsed her.

Finally she was silent, except for the deep, even breathing of sleep. His prick, now a limp worm, was still clasped by her sodden, hot cunt. Gently, carefully, he eased back off her. He felt his dick slither out of her pussy as he sat back between her sprawled legs.

Her pussy looked fiery and angry. The inner lips were protruding sloppily. A creamy drizzle of jizz gleamed on her blonde muff. The insides of her thighs were flushed, as were her breasts.

For a long time he stood over her. His gut twisted with desire as he studied the ropes still binding her to the bed. Her total helplessness, her vulnerability, stirred a deep, primitive hunger in him. He gazed at her ravaged, helpless beauty for a long time, then yielded to a final mad impulse, and got out the camera. Using just the sunlight spilling over her naked body, he photographed her from the foot of the bed. The Polaroid showed every detail of her nude body. He studied the color photo.

She had no secrets now. Carefully, he put the camera away and hid the picture. She was stirring against the ropes in her sleep.

He untied them from the bedposts. Before he could unfasten them from her wrists, she turned on her side, and curled into a fetal ball. Rather than disturb her, he left the cords on her and slipped out of the room.

He wondered how long she would give him to get his things out.


The whiskey burned like fire as it went down his throat. Grimly, he contemplated the amber pool in the bottom of the glass, then, not bothering to savor it, he downed it quickly. He found himself wishing desperately that Kim had kicked him out after the incident with the ropes. That way, at least he wouldn’t be in the predicament he was in now.

When he thought about it, he felt disgust and horror. Kim was waiting for him in the bedroom, and here he was, wearing his robe, slumped dismally in the living room.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t get it up for her, either. He could. But she now seemed to think that if she bounced and wiggled as he plunged into her steaming cunt that was all he needed. He knew she was faking it for him. He knew it.

“Max, aren’t you coming to bed?” she called from the bedroom.

“In a little bit,” he answered vaguely, pouring another hefty jolt of Scotch.

If only she weren’t so damn accommodating, so helpful and sweet all the time. She was trying so hard to please him — which made it all the worse. It made him feel like a heel and an ingrate. But it just wasn’t in him to fuck her when she was so obviously just enduring it.

She appeared in the doorway, belting her robe, frowning with worry. “Are you all right, Max?”

“Yeah,” he grunted.

There had been a catch in her voice. She came into the room. “It’s Saturday night, Max,” she pointed out.

“Yeah,” he grunted again. That was the trouble, it was Saturday night.

Kim sat down on the coffee table in front of him. “What’s the matter, Max?” she asked, taking the glass out of his hand.

“Nothing,” he lied, taking the glass back and ignoring her as he poured some more.

Kim took a deep breath. The rise and fall of her tits made him stare deep into the Scotch. “Don’t… don’t you want me any more, Max?” she asked softly.

Max shook his head. “Oh, Christ, baby, of course I do. Of course I want you, baby. You know I want you.”

He thought how easy it would be to show her how he wanted her, to expose the aching hard-on he was carrying for her. He thought of the reaction he would get. He had seen the fear in her eyes at the sight of his prick when he undressed. He had seen her tense up as she lay there under the covers in her pajamas.

“Then why don’t you come to bed?” she asked, resting a warm, soft, loving hand on his to keep him from lifting the drink.

He groaned. “I want you, baby. But you don’t want me.”

“That… that’s not true, Max,” she stammered. She wasn’t very good at lying.

Goaded, and a little drunk, he decided to challenge her. “If it’s true, just pull back my robe!” he ordered, more harshly then he meant to.

She reached tentatively for his belt and then pulled her hand back as if she had touched a hot skillet. “Not here,” she said unsteadily. “Not here in the living room. In the bedroom. Someone might see.”

“Yeah, sure someone might see. You might,” he growled.

She began to crack. “That’s not fair,” she wailed.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Maybe, maybe I better just sleep in the guest room.”

“No!” Her answer was sharp. “No husband of mine is going to sleep in another bed, ever.”

“Come on, baby, what’s the use?” he asked. “What use is a husband if you don’t want him? It’s stupid, after all. I mean I can’t see… forcing myself on you if you don’t want me. And I can’t see doing it, every time we do it, there, in the bedroom, in the dark, under the covers like it was something shameful and dirty. I love you, baby. And if I can’t give you pleasure, real, honest, pleasure, and see and feel the pleasure, then I don’t want to do it at all.”

Kim took his glass and poured some Scotch into it for herself. Sitting as she was, knees pressed tight together, leaning forward toward him, he could see the soft rise of her tits in the deep vee of her robe. She sipped the whiskey. He didn’t recall ever seeing her drink hard liquor before. She winced, choked, then finished it.

She got to her feet abruptly. “Wait here,” she ordered tersely. She left the living room.

When she returned, the lengths of Venetian blind cord in her hand made his heart skip a beat, then hammer hard against his ribs. Just the sight of those dangling white ropes was enough to make his cock drool. He remembered her staked out on the bed as he plunged his cock into her sloppy wet hole. She had bucked under him like a bronco, with honest animal lust. The vision of her bound helplessness did more to boost his lust than the idea of fucking her.

He thought she had thrown the ropes away.

She twisted the ropes in her sweaty hands. “I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it,” she began. “And every time I think about it, Max, I get sort of an itch deep down in my gut. I want you so bad it hurts, Max. Only, when you’re with me, Max, I can’t think about it, ’cause I get too scared.”

Max held himself rigidly still, almost afraid to breathe.

She dropped the ropes on the table. Then she sank to her knees in front of him and held her wrists out.

“Tie me up, Max,” she whispered. Her soft, lust-filled voice raised his hackles. “Tie me up. Then you can do anything to me. Anything you want! And I won’t be able to do a thing about it.”

Max kept himself from reaching for the ropes.

“And I will want you, Max,” she admitted, her voice rich and shaking with an eagerness that made his hair curl. Her lips had never looked so full and flushed and desirable. There was a glitter in her blue eyes that made his balls steam. “Everything you do to me, I’ll love,” she whispered hotly. “Everything!”

Max was astonished at how steady his hand was when he reached for the twisting strands of cord and untangled one from the cluster. His cock was throbbing. Slowly, very carefully, lovingly and firmly, he tied his wife’s wrists together. He looped the cord first one way and then the other, clamped them together, crossed at right angles.

Pushing everything aside, clearing the coffee table with a rush, he picked her up and seated her on it so her ass was almost off the edge. He pushed her down on her back. The horniness and fear in her eyes as she stared up at him made his lust sizzle.

He fastened the free end of the rope from her wrists to the table legs. Her arms were drawn over her head, stretched toward the end of the table. Her knees were bent, and her feet were resting flat on the floor.

Taking one of the remaining ropes, he tied a double loop around her right ankle, then pulled her foot back under the table as far as he could. He tied the end of the rope to a table leg.

Her robe sagged between her legs. It was still draped over her belly and pussy.

He took her other ankle and tied it the same way he had the first one. Then he stood up and studied his handiwork. He was conscious of his cock tenting out his robe.

She was shivering. Brief tremors racked her as she lay there, bound and helpless. The position of her arms made her tits lift, made her tits more arousing and enticing than ever. Her thighs gaped wide, but her cunt was still covered by the robe.

Hunger was in her eyes. She fucked glances at him, at his hard-on. “I’ll be right back,” he said suddenly.

When he returned, he had the camera and the photograph he had taken of her the first time. “On, no, Max! No, not pictures,” she whimpered.

“Anything I want, baby. Remember?”

She bit her lip and nodded. It was a little hard because of the way her arms were drawn up over her head. Sweat was shining on her forehead.

Max held the picture in front of her horrified and aroused gaze. “I took this one that first time, baby. Gives me one hell of a hard-on everytime I look at it.”

“God, it shows everything,” Kim whispered hotly as she stared at the photograph.

Max looked at it. “Damn near,” he agreed. It showed everything that really mattered her inner pussy-lips, the string of jizz seeping from her sodden slit, the erect nipples of her tits.

“I like pictures of naked women, baby. You know that.” He reached for the belt of her robe and unknotted it. “Only you won’t let me keep ’em, remember? Well, these I am going to keep. Matter of fact, I think I’ll put ’em in an album.”

He could see the gleam in her frightened blue eyes.

The belt loosened, then he carefully lifted the robe off her, baring her body.

“Oh, God,” she moaned as the air caressed her naked flesh. Her back was arched, her gut drawn tight, her breasts lifted. Her nipples were stiff and eager.

Her pussy-mound thrust prominently, anxiously, from the rounded plane of her lower belly. Her cunt-lips were soft and pouting. Her slit had parted just a fraction and showed a hot pink inner fold which was glistening with her juices already! And he hadn’t even touched her!

Her arms tensed, tugged against the ropes. Her thighs twitched and her calves squirmed as she fought her bindings. She shuddered. She raised her head for a moment, and looked dawn the stretched line of her torso. Then she let her head thump back against the hard, glossy table.

Max set the camera aside and stood beside her head. “Look at me, baby, look at me.”

As she watched, he unbelted his robe and let it drop back off his shoulders. His towering hard-on was revealed all at once. At the sight of his cock, she licked her lips nervously, left them shiny and enticing.

He stroked his prick. His hand was on his hot, swollen meat. He had a ton of jizzim stored up. It was just waiting to burst out. One stroke in that hot cunt of hers and he would cum like a geyser.

“Ever seen a man cum?” he asked softly. “Shit no, of course not. Virgin when I mated you. Fresh out of the convent or whatever it was. Couldn’t bear the sight of a cock, how could you have seen a man cum?”

He began pumping his cock.

“Well, you’re gonna see it this time. You’re going to see what my prick does when it unloads in that cunt of yours, baby. Then I’ll take some pictures of you, and that’ll get me hard again. Then I’ll fuck you, fuck you until your eyes pop.”

He could see the effect his words were having on her, see the panting, the lusty sweat on her ribs and cheeks and forehead. She was loving it, loving his tantalizing domination of her. He stood over her, the thrust of his erect cock a mammoth, visible symbol of his lust for her. He moved closer to the table. She writhed against the ropes.

“Watch, baby, watch,” he ordered, pumping his cock, making the skin wrinkle and shift on the hard core. His pecker was leaking clear juice. He feasted his eyes on his purple knob bobbing and quivering, and the glitter of Kim’s eyes in the background.

“Feels like I got a puddle of lava in my gut,” he told her. “A thick, hot puddle of cream swirling around in my groin. My balls are burning up. Gets hotter every stroke, more impatient. It’s gonna squirt out in just a minute, I can tell. I can feel it getting hotter and hotter.”

Her lips were parted. She shuddered with horniness. She was whimpering.

“See my balls?” he asked. “See how they’re tensing up? They do that just before I cum. They knot up hard in my crotch like they want to climb into my cock and get fired into your belly. Like they want to squirm right through my dick and into your cunt.”

His hand moved faster on his prick. The flame in his gut was beyond the point of no return.

“Here I go, baby!” he screamed. “Ahhhh shit!”

His dick fired a thick, gluey gray stream of cum. Then wad after wad erupted from his cock, spattered from his jerking cock. His fist continued to pump.

The first spurt shot beyond her, cleared her completely, hit the rug on the far side of the table.

But the succeeding creamy gobs showered down on her, spattered her face, her throat, her tits, and even her golden blonde hair. He saw a drop hit her lips, saw her tongue fuck out to lick it away. Just then another thick wad splattered her open mouth.

He thought she would turn her face away, clamp her lips shut against the vile shower. But she didn’t. She faced the drenching boldly, wincing away only from those shots that fell on her eyes. She writhed and wriggled hornily as the semen spotted her face and throat and chest.

Then his dick was shrinking. Deliberately leaning over so his cock was right above her face, he milked the last thick oozings from his cock, and watched them drop toward her in long, stretching strands of heavy juice. One hit her cheek and dribbled slowly back toward her ear. Mother spotted her upper lip. She had to be getting the full effect of the rich, mushy scent, even though her tongue was licking it away.

Grabbing the camera, Max focused and got a hot close-up shot of her cum-spattered face. At the sound of the camera’s whining motor, she tried to turn away.

Backing away, Max started to take a full-length shot of her stretched on the table. Then he paused and rearranged her robe so the ropes showed. Then he backed off and took the picture.

From above her head, he got one that showed her cum-flecked face, and the strained, arched line of her body. She was shivering with lust every few seconds. He wished he could catch those shudders on film somehow.

From the other end of the table, he had a perfect shot up into her gaping pussy. Her labes were not parted by the aroused petals of her inner folds, and they were glistening with her juices. It was too bad the camera took two hands to operate. Otherwise, he could have parted her cunt-lips with one hand and gotten a close-up of her slimy gash. He concluded the photo session by standing on the couch and taking one straight down.

When he was done, his cock was throbbing hard again. After setting the camera aside, he spread the still-developing pictures on the sofa. Then he checked the ropes to make sure they weren’t cutting off her circulation.

When she felt him testing her wrists, she moved them as if she thought he was releasing her. “You letting me go?” she asked softly.

Max was kneeling beside her. He shook his head. “No. You want me to let you go?”

She gulped and shook her head. “No.”

“How you feeling?” he asked, checking the ropes on her ankles.

“Oh, Max, I came — or is it cum?”

“Damned if I know.”

“I feel so helpless,” she whimpered. “I can barely move. My back hurts a little, but it’s not a bad hurt. And I itch inside, Max. I itch, way deep inside where only you can scratch it.”


“Oh, Max, I love you so much,” Kim sighed. “I’m your slave and I love it.”

“I love you, too,” he told her, his throat knotting. She looked so tender, so helpless, so vulnerable tied to the table like that.

“Why don’t you wait a little before you put it in me, Max,” she suggested. “Sit down and have a drink or something.”

Max felt his innards chum at the idea. The thought of leaving her there, helpless, while he relaxed with some Scotch, made his balls sizzle. With casualness, he went over and turned on the TV, then settled down in his easy chair so he could watch both Kim and the news. The sight of her body spread in front of the newscaster made Max’s insides squirm hotly.

“I feel like he’s watching me,” Kim whispered hoarsely.

“You like it?” Max asked.

“It’s… frightening,” she answered. “It’s humiliating, but the thought of someone other than you seeing me like this makes me… makes me…”

“Horny?” Max suggested.

“Hornier than ever,” she admitted. “Oh, Max, I’m so awful!”

“Not to me, baby, not to me,” he assured her.

“Love me, Max,” she whispered as a dog-food commercial came on the screen. “Please, love me.”

Max set his empty glass down. The alcohol in his belly eased the lust knot in his gut. “Soon,” he assured her, getting up.

His eyes were fastened on her hot, aroused pussy. His mouth watered at the thought of exploring those hot, sloppy folds with his lips and tongue.

He sank to his knees between her spread legs and slid his hands lovingly up the satin smooth insides of her thighs. Slowly, tenderly, he parted her cunt-lips, revealed the hot, fascinating hole of her cunt. There was the fucked, tantalizing hot opening of her cunt. Just above it was her pisser.

Keeping his eyes focused on her strained torso, Max slowly lowered his mouth. He fucked his tongue at her clit, and watched earthquake-like convulsions rock her taut gut. Her titties swelled and stiffened. Her muscles jerked and strained as she fought the ropes.

“Oh, Max, fuck me, please!” Kim moaned.

“Soon, baby, soon,” he promised. His cock felt as heavy as lead because of its load.

He stared at the rosy heart of her snatch and wondered how she would look with something inserted in her twat, something jutting out of her cunt. The thought of taking a photo of her pussy speared by a phony cock made his balls throb and his dick dribble.

He promised himself he would try it some other time as his appetite for her hot meat and delectable juices made him lower his mouth to her steaming gash. His tongue slithered smoothly into her hole, pressed aside the rippled, slick walls. As he wormed his way into her, he was smothered by the smell of her. He wiggled deep into her clinging, velvety depths.

Her body was jerking and jumping against the ropes as he drank the nectar from her glands. Her gut heaved and rolled like a belly dancer’s. Her thighs were twitching. Her boobs were quivering and shaking as her chest muscles rippled and convulsed beneath them.

“Fuck me,” she moaned as he moved away from her twat. His face was smeared with her juice.

“What?” he asked, pretending he hadn’t heard right.

“Fuck me, Max, please,” Kim repeated.

“Beg pardon?”

“Fuck me, Max! Oh God, Max! Please, please, fuck me!” she pleaded. “Fuck me! Ram your cock completely through me if you want! But fuck me! Now!”

Max got to his knees and held his cock against her ravenous cunt. The touch of his dick-head made her flinch and then hold very still. Only a slight quivering betrayed her desperation.

Holding his rigid pecker in his hand in order to steady it, he slowly wiggled it into her burning cunt. A picture of this would be ball-busting! If he bought a timer for the camera then he’d be able to do it. The need for a photo album was growing.

He slid his dick an inch into her and savored her animal moan of ecstasy. He studied his cock protruding from her golden-furred slit. He wished he could stand outside himself and watch her take his meat. But the only way he could do that would be to let another man have her. The thought of that made him feel like he was being ripped in two right up the middle. The idea of her getting fucked by someone else also made his cock throb.

“More, Max,” she urged softly.

He held back. “What was it you said you felt like?”

She shuddered. “What?” she asked. “What?”

“A few minutes ago,” he explained, feeling her cunt-walls clutching his aching dickhead, the only part of his prick inside her. “A few minutes ago you said something about being my slave, didn’t you?”

“I am, mmm,” she whispered. “I am your slave.”

“You like being my slave?”

“I love it,” she answered in a tone that left no doubt in his mind, and made his cock swell in her cunt.

He carefully kept his voice level. “If you’re my slave, then I can do anything I want with you, can’t I?”

“Yes,” she groaned. “Oh, God, yes, Max. Anything you want. Anything.”

“You won’t forget, will you? You won’t forget that you are my slave from now on?”

“I’ll never, never forget it,” she whimpered. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with her pledge, but the sensation of owning her, being able to do with her as he wanted, made him feel ecstatic. He would have to come up with some tangible token of her status, some way of marking her, something to serve as a constant reminder to them of her enslavement.

“Anytime, anywhere, I can tie you up, right, baby?”

“Anytime, anywhere,” she moaned. “Oh, God, please! Please fuck me, Max! Fuck me hard and deep!”

“I tell you to strip, you strip. Right?”

“Yes, Max,” she agreed. “Anything, just so you’ll fuck me. Anything.”

Max wiggled his cock in her cunt. “Promise?” he insisted, knowing how much a promise meant to her.

“I promise,” she sighed from the depths of her soul. “Cross my heart and hope to die, I promise.”

Max leaned forward and drove his cock into her sucking cunt. Her velvet walls stroked his dick, sending torrents of flame roaring along his nerves. The sight of his cock sliding out of sight into her golden-tinged cunt made his throat knot with pleasure. The sensation of having the whole length of his prick in her hot pussy made his balls chum. The pool glutting his groin was enormous.

Leaning forward, resting his hands on the table on either side of her, he drew his cock out slowly and then slid it back into her searing embrace. Her eyes were closed. Her face was shiny with sweat. Patches of cum married her cheeks, forehead and nose. He stroked his cock in and out of her.

He leaned forward until he felt his pubic arch rapping hers on the inward strokes. Every impact sent a shock wave through her body it was testimony of the pounding her cunt was receiving. Meanwhile, his cumming was drawing closer and closer. The stroking her cunt was giving his cock felt unbelievable.

He saw her cumming crest, saw the straining of her tendons and a flush on her creamy flesh. He drove into her pussy harder and faster. He set his cock as deep in her spasming pussy as he could and felt his jizz empty into her in a series of steamy spurts. The flood was like a series of tidal waves. It glutted every nook and cranny of her hungry hole, then streamed out around his still-spurting pecker, seeped from her stuffed hole.

He stayed inside her until, with a wringing, camping sensation, his balls squeezed dry. His dick gave a last tentative squirm and began to fade. He stayed in her for a few minutes, savoring the feel of his cock retreating from her depths.

“Oh, Max,” Kim sighed as his limp prick slithered from her slit.

He reached for the camera, and focused, close range, on her pussy. He captured her still-distended cunt-lips. A streamer of his cum, ending in a pearly drop on her golden muff, trickled from her snatch. Her outer lips were flushed and swollen.

After taking one final shot of her ranged body, Max untied her ankles. Conscious of her whimpers of pain, he helped her straighten her legs. Her skin was chafed and sore where the ropes had cunt into her.

He unfastened her wrists from the table, but left them bound together. He carried her to the sofa.

He lay there limp and exhausted. Her hands were shielding her pussy.

She looked dead. Only the rise and fall of her magnificent tits proved she wasn’t. Something about the way she was bound made Max reach for the camera and snap one last picture.

He was tenderly rubbing hand lotion into the welts around her ankles when she finally sighed and opened her eyes. When she lifted her head, he slid a pillow under it. Tenderly, he eased a strand of her golden hair away from her eyes. She nuzzled her cheek against his fingers.

“Oh, Max, I’m so awful,” she whispered.

“No, you aren’t, baby. But you are my slave. Remember?”

She shivered. Her tits stiffened and her shoulders hunched. “I remember.”

“You’ll remember what you promised?” he asked seriously.

“I’ll remember what I promised,” she said, realizing how serious he was. She was just as serious herself. Then she looked a bit scared. “You will be a good master, won’t you?”

He smiled. “You’re much too valuable a possession to risk damaging,” he answered.

Tears glistened in her blue eyes. “I do belong to you, Max. Body and soul I belong to you.”

He began to untie her wrists.

“You know what I’d like, Max? Or can a slave ask for things sometimes?”

“Sure, you can ask for things sometimes,” he answered. “But you can’t argue when I say no.”

“I’d like something so the whole world knows I’m your slave,” she said. “Something I have to wear, all the time, like my wedding band. Only it should be something I can’t ever take off.”

Max threw the rope aside. “I was thinking the same thing, baby. I read in a book once that the woman had a ring put through one of her cunt-lips, like the ring in the nose of a bull.”

“I… don’t think I could take that,” she stammered, shivering.

Max smiled at her. “You will if I decide you will!”

“Yes, Max,” she agreed in a soft whisper. “But I think a bracelet or a collar will do for a start,” he assured her. “Nothing too obtrusive.”

“Yes, Max,” she agreed.

Max contemplated what her frigidity had brought out in both of them. The possibilities for the future were endless.


Max enjoyed the feel of the sun beating down on his shoulders as he worked. He was stripped to the waist. The clippers clattered and chattered as he trimmed the shaggy hedge. With smooth sweeps, he evened off the inside of the head-high baffler that surrounded their back yard. The air was cool, with just enough of a breeze to dry the trickles of sweat running down his body.

Max enjoyed, too, the occasional glimpses of Kim working in the shade of the awning. She was on an old chair. Her body filling the hot-pink bikini made his cock swell and pulse. By carefully timing his glances in her direction, he kept his dick hard and eager, but not so hard and eager that it hurt.

Reaching a corner, he turned off the electric clippers and walked toward the house to untangle the cord from the trees. He still had one stretch of hedge to go.

Kim was bending over. The sight of her heavy tits straining the suit top made his chest clench. Wrenching his gaze away from her creamy globes, he sorted out the long cord and went back to the hedge. “Hey, baby, next chance you get, would you get me a beer?” he called over his shoulder.

“Sure, Max,” she agreed happily. “Right now?”

“Naw, wait until you’re finished pouting,” he answered, pleased by her ready willingness to drop everything and wait on him.

Ever since they had gotten into the bondage bit and gotten their sex life straightened out, their whole marriage had changed, for the better. He wasn’t snapping at her the way he had been, and she had fewer attacks of the blues.

He knew it was time he got the ropes out again. The thought made his cock jut up eagerly as he worked his way along the hedge. The thought of the ropes digging gently into Kim’s soft, lush curves and her wrists and ankles, maybe her thighs even, made it hard to keep his clipping slow and even.

Standing back, he switched off the clippers and eyed his work. Then he unplugged the trimmers and took them to the garage. He kept his mind off Kim as he coiled the extension cord and hung it up.

“I’ll get your beer,” Kim told him, scrambling up gracefully from her cross-legged sitting position on the patio. The way her pose had drawn the bikini bottom tight against her pussy had made Max’s pulse hammer. He watched the twitch and roll of her ass as she disappeared into the house.

“You about done with pouting?” he asked casually after thanking her for the beer and taking the first refreshing chug. He reclined in a chaise lounge.

“Just about,” she answered. “Two legs to go is all.”

“When you get through there, I’ll get some rope out,” he told her. He saw her stiffen, and he could almost see the itch forming in her gut.

He saw her grip on the brush tighten. The cunt-laden bristles quivered, betrayed the tremor in her hand as she stroked the cunt down the leg of the old chair.

“You haven’t made my slave bracelet or whatever it’s going to be,” she pointed out in a soft voice.

“I know it, baby. I’ll do that this afternoon, too.”

“What’s it going to be like?” she asked with false casualness.

“You’ll see, baby, you’ll see.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I get the cunt off my hands,” she said, getting up.

Max killed his beer, and clung to the memory of her sexy walk as she went into the house. He knew she expected him to take her indoors, in the living room maybe, or even the bedroom. He got up and went into the workroom and returned a moment later with a coil of rope.

“Where — do you want me?” Kim asked, standing nervously in the doorway. Her chest was heaving with her eager breaths and her tummy was flat with tension.

Max shifted the rope from one hand to the other, one coil at a time. “I’ll come out here, baby,” he ordered.

“Out there?” she squeaked.

“Get in the lounge chair,” he ordered.

“Someone’ll see, Max,” she protested. “Someone will see us.”

“No, they won’t, baby. No one can see over the hedge,” he told her, knowing it was a lie. “No arguments, remember?”

“Yes, Max,” she whispered, starting hesitantly toward the chaise. There were sweat beads on her upper lip. He knew they weren’t from the heat.

“Sit back, baby,” he told her as she eased gingerly down on the lounge.

Pulling out his pocket knife, he cunt a four-foot length off the well-worn rope. Carefully, he bound her arm to the lounge.

After repeating the procedure on her other arm, he stepped back to study his handiwork. He saw her make her hands become fists as she tested the ropes. Her arm muscles flexed against the coils.

“Is that all?” she asked.

“Not by a long shot, baby,” he assured her.

He went around behind her and he saw her shiver in anticipation. Pushing her head forward, he lifted her thick blonde hair. Then he formed a slip knot on a loop large enough to drop over her shoulders and the back of the lounge chair. He eased the rope down until it was just above the well-loaded top of her bikini. Then he drew it tight. It dug into the soft upper slopes of her tits as he cinched her tight against the back of the lounge.

“Oh, Max,” Kim whispered. “God, I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby,” he assured her.

Through the webbing of the chair he unbuttoned her bikini top. The pressure of her back kept the bra in place, though the weight and thrust of her tits strained the strap open a fraction of an inch.

Moving around in front of her, he lovingly drew the top away from her boobs, bared them to the bright sunlight. Her rosy pink tits jutted up stiffly.

There was a visible pulse at her throat as she sat there, the loop of rope pinning her back against the lounge. Going around behind her again, Max paused. Then he slid his hands down and caressed her soft tits, watched her flesh mold to his fingers. He pinched her nipples, made the pert buds protrude hungrily from between his strong fingers. He lifted and molded her tits, felt the heft and warmth of her generous knockers. She squirmed her graceful legs together, made the bikini bottom bunch in her crotch.

Finally managing to let go of her tits, he wound three more loops of rope around her — one above her breasts, but an inch lower then the first, then two below her tits, at the bottom edge of her jugs. The lower loops pinched her tits gently. The dark-brown hemp dug into her soft meat.

He tied a firm knot behind the lounge chair, then went around in front of her. She was sweating visibly as she tested her bonds. The harsh rope formed an open-cupped bra for her creamy tits.

Leaning over her, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue pried between her teeth and raped her. He felt her mouth go slack with lust. He toyed with her tits, felt the pressure from the ropes squeezing them. The contrasting textures of harsh hemp and soft flesh made his cock hard. He pinched her tits a little cruelly, and he smothered her whimper with his mashing mouth.

He heard the chair creak as she writhed and squirmed with horniness. He pulled away from her, but kept her head tipped back with his grip on her hair. Her lips were swollen and puffy and hungry from the kiss. There was a flush on her cheeks and her tits. Her chest was rising and falling raggedly as she panted.

Leaving her helplessly bound, he went into the workroom and got two short lengths of hemp. For a moment, he studied her and the lounge. Then, forcing her to hold the lengths of rope in her mouth while she looked at him with a mixture of fear and love and lust, he dragged the bikini bottom down and off her, bared her golden-muffed cunt to the hard afternoon sun and the cool breeze. He flipped the suit bottom aside, forced her legs apart and fondled her hot, swampy cunt lewdly while she whimpered around the rope clenched between her teeth.

She was soaking down there. He never ceased to be amazed at how quickly ropes brought a gush of lust juice to her cunt. While her face flamed with embarrassment and horniness, he probed her dripping hole. At the same time, he worked his thumb over her clit in a circular pattern. He had her humping her hips in a few seconds.

“You’re a wanton little bitch, you know that?” he asked softly as he toyed with her.

“I know it,” she whimpered. “God, Max, it feels so good.”

“Wonder if I should invite the neighbors over for a visit,” he mused.

“Oh God, no!” she yelped, jerking against the ropes.

Max grinned. “Nothing in the world you could do about it, you know.”

She writhed desperately. The ropes dug into her chest as she fought them. “Please, Max, please! Don’t do that.”

The idea made his innards boil with excitement. “Maybe Bob and Eva would like to see you this way?” he teased. “Let Eva see what she lost out on when she met Bob.”

Kim hissed angrily. “When I think of you and Eva making love, it makes me want to claw her eyes out.”

Max smiled at his wife with a mixture of love and desire. “Hell, baby, how long did I stick with her after you came along? Tell me that?”

“Not long,” Kim admitted.

“I just like the idea of showing off our new relationship! That’s all, baby.”

“Well, not with me like this,” Kim whimpered.

“If I want to, baby, there’s not a damn thing in the world you can do about it,” he informed her softly. He saw how his words struck home. Her reaction, in addition to fear, was hot lust.

“Oh, God,” she moaned.

Gently, but firmly, he bound her calf to the chaise. When he finished her other leg, she was totally helpless, was barely able to wiggle against the ropes.

Standing in front of her, Max unbuckled his pants and shoved them down. His shorts followed. The touch of the breeze on his sweaty groin and his steaming cock brought a hot wave of lust to his gut. He saw her eyes fasten on his towering hard-on. She licked her lips nervously as she stared at it.

Deliberately, he gripped the base of his cock and waved it at her. She licked her lips again, left them moist and full and hungry-looking. Her teeth were slightly bared in a grimace of fear and lust. Her blue eyes glittered as she studied his cock with ill-concealed hunger.

“Know what you’re gonna do, baby?” he asked.

“What,” she whispered, knowing the answer.

“You’re gonna suck my cock,” he answered lewdly.

“No,” she whimpered, turning her head away in disgust.

“Anything I want, baby,” Max said, stepping up on the chaise and straddling her helplessly-bound form.

Grasping her head, he forced it around so she faced his jutting dick. Her eyes fastened on it, and then closed. Tears oozed from beneath her eyelids, and trickled slowly down her checks.

Leaning forward, keeping a firm grip on her head, he poked his prick at her mouth. Hesitantly, her lips fucked. He felt her tongue fuck against the tip of his dick, and his cock leaked pre-cum. She had tasted his jism the night he had showered it on her. Now she was going to drink it.

“Suck it, baby,” he growled.

Her lips opened, and he slowly drove his cock into her mouth. He felt her tongue like a velvet blanket against the underside of his throbbing hard-on. The resulting blast of steam from his balls triggered another hot seeping from his dick. She sucked, and her cheeks closed in on his cock. Her lips circled his blunt prick-head. The soft enclosure made his blood sizzle.

“No teeth,” he warned as he felt her nicking his tender shaft.

Slowly, he drew his cock out of her mouth. It emerged shining with spit. He extracted it completely, and grinned at the way she reached for it with her lips. Her undisguised eagerness transformed her usually angelic features to those of a wanton whore.

Keeping her head pinned back against the lounge, he let the tip of his dork rest gently on her pouting lower lip. A thrust of his hips, and he slid his cock into her waiting mouth. Her lips closed around it, embraced it hotly. Her tongue stroked as he slid his prick deep into her mouth. He heard her gag when his cock touched the back of her throat and reteated a little so she could breathe.

He drew all the way out this time and dangled his prick tantalizingly in front of her mouth. Her tongue stretched out, lifting his pecker with it. His cock slithered to one side. She caught it with her tongue again, lifted it, and let it slither off once more.

The game brought his balls to a boil. The feel of her tongue lifting and stroking his cock made his gut sizzle. Her tongue stroked the underside near the tip, which forced another hot rush of jism into his bloated prick.

Finally, he wasn’t able to bear it any longer. When she lifted his cock again, he slid it along her tongue and into her mouth. Her lips, a hot ring of hunger, closed around it. As she sucked his cock in, her tongue swirled around the tip, sent rivers of fire raging through him.

He feasted his eyes on his cock. Below his towering prick, he could see the ropes digging into her tits, clamping her helplessly against the chaise. He could see the stiff eagerness of her nipples. They were hot, flushed with horniness, as she took his cock with her mouth.

He fucked his cock in and out, but didn’t try to ram it to the back of her mouth. It was enough that the head of his prick was getting stroked in and out of her sucking lips. His dick gleamed with spit as he screwed her face. He felt his balls knotting up in his groin. The heat of his cumming was eating away at his innards like hot acid.

Re quickened his thrusts, and he knew that she knew the flood was coming. He fought to keep from ramming his cock completely through her head. The urge to bury the full length of his prick in her mouth grew as his eruption drew nearer.

The first shot of jizz blistered through the length of his cock. He felt her tongue writhe and squirm as she took the first searing gob of cream. He saw her swallow as the second gush flooded her sucking mouth. Then he was hosing her with wad after juicy wad of cum. His balls, ass, and prostate all knotted as he unloaded into her cunt.

She took it without choking, without gagging, without throwing up. She sucked his cum out, and swallowed and gasped for air as wave after wave flooded her mouth. He saw his cock pulsing as she held the squirting head with her lips and her tongue. She kept taking it until his balls were dry and his cock began to lose some of its hardness.

He released his grip on her head and then started to pull back. Instead of releasing his still-oozing prick, though, she fought to keep it in her mouth. He felt her sucking like a vacuum pump on his swiftly-shrinking prick. Surprised and pleased, he let her keep his cock in her mouth until she had extracted every possible bit of cream, until it was totally shriveled and she was massaging the limp length with her tongue. Her nose was buried in his thick dark bush, and her chin was nuzzling his balls.

When he finally drew his cock out, it stretched like a rubber band before it slipped out of her mouth. Then she sighed happily. The sun gleamed on her soft, swollen lips, shined on the mingled spit and cum that had drizzled down her chin to her chest.

“Oh, Max, that was yummy!”

Max laughed. “Maybe they should make an ice-cream flavor called semen.”

Kim opened her eyes. “Oh, no, Max, it has to be hot and fresh, I’m sure. Stale and cold it wouldn’t be any good at all.” She sounded like she was sensous.

“Right, baby,” he chuckled. “You should know.” He climbed off the lounge chair. “Damn beer’s getting to me. I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Don’t leave me like this!” Kim begged.

“Hell, baby, nothing can happen,” he soothed her.

“I know, but it scares me. I’m so helpless.”

“I gotta go, baby!”

“You could do it out here.”

He started to say that someone might see, then bit back his words. “It really scares you, baby?” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” she assured him. “But, also, I-I’d like to see you do it. If you don’t mind.”

Max shook his head, puzzled. Then he was intrigued by the idea of her watching him piss. He found it oddly arousing. Stepping off the patio, onto the grass, he backed away a few feet and turned to face her. She watched him piss. She licked her lips as if she wanted to taste his pee. The sight obviously aroused her. It also triggered a hot ball of horniness in his gut.

“Ready for a ride, baby?” he asked when he was finished.

“Where to?”

“Workshop,” he grunted, picking up the foot of the lounge and pivoting it on the wheels. “Time for you to get your jewelry attached.”

He wheeled her to the workshop door.

“What’s it going to be like?” she asked curiously.

Max held up a strip of wrought iron six inches long, a quarter of an inch thick, and half an inch wide. He went into the workshop.

After untying her right leg, he measured her ankle, then several points on her calf. “If you wear stockings it’ll slide up onto your calf a little,” he explained. “Otherwise it’ll be around your ankle. It’ll be heavy enough that you’ll know it’s there, but it shouldn’t hurt. I’ll make sure the edges are rounded. It’ll be too small to slip off over your heel.”

Kim nodded tensely at his explanation.

“After I’ve got it shaped, I’ll clit it, and then weld the seam.” He grinned. “And, to make sure just who it is you belong to, it’s gonna have my name engraved on it.”

Black iron, Kim thought. God! It would look brutal on her leg.

“One other thing,” Max added.


“It’s going to have a threaded hole to take an eyebolt.”

“What for?”

Max smiled. “So I can attach a leash to it if I want.”

“Oh, God, Max, you really do love me, don’t you,” Kim whimpered, her lust soaring.

Max leaned over and kissed her tenderly. “Much too much to risk losing you,” he assured her.

Taking the white-hot strip of iron out of the forge he began bending and shaping it with ringing blows of the hammer. The sight of the sparks flying made Kim lick her lips.

It seemed to take hours for Max to get the metal the way he wanted it. She lost track of time as he measured it again and again. Finally satisfied, he drilled the eyebolt. Then he turned on the grinder. Sparks jetted off the wheel and he ground the edges of the metal strip carefully.

Occasionally, she squirmed against the ropes, not because they were uncomfortable, but to heighten her thrill at being so helplessly bound.

The sun was a yellow-orange ball in the west when Max finally plunged the anklet into a can of water. There was a hot hiss and gush of steam. Leaving it to cool, he shifted the chaise so Kim’s ankle rested on the anvil.

Flexing his cinder-flecked arms, Max opened the iron ring far enough to slip it over her heel. Then, testing it on the anvil, he tapped it closed with careful raps of the hammer. The ends butted tightly together. He tested to make sure it wouldn’t slip off.

Then he moved his are welder to the doorway and plugged it in. “Here, put these on,” he told her, forgetting her helplessness. Then he chuckled and eased the welder’s goggles down over her eyes. Everything blacked out. She felt him doing things to her ankle, wrapping it with something, then fiddling with the anklet.

The first red spurt and glare of the are gave her blinded eyes something to focus on. She could see the hot spark crawling along the seam of the anklet, welding it closed. Sparks fountained off the spot as a glowing bead of iron formed on the joint.

In a few seconds it was done, and the brilliant light clicked off. Kim sighed. She was destined to wear the iron slave ring for the rest of her life. She let him slip the goggles off and lifted her leg to study her permanent jewelry.

Then Max braced her ankle and the iron ring on the anvil again. With a carbide-tipped engraver, he carefully carved his initials deep in the anklet.

“Oh, Max, I love you so much,” Kim sighed happily as lust triggered a hot flow from her pussy.

Her nude master and blacksmith stood over her, his half-hard cock drooping over his balls as he gazed down at her. She looked at his dick and licked her lips hungrily. “Will you fuck me, please?” she begged.

His cock rose swiftly at her request. He grinned down at her and touched his jutting cock. “Does that answer your question?” he asked.

“Please,” she whimpered. “I’m so horny.”

“It’ll do you good to wait while I put the tools away,” he answered. She knew he was deliberately tormenting her.

The anklet felt incredibly heavy as she let her one free limb dangle off the chaise. As she watched him lug the tools into the workshop, her hunger slowly swelled. The sight of his biceps, so smeared and sweaty, rippling with power as he lifted the anvil, made her heart skip a beat. The way his tight, hard ass flexed with each stride made her mouth water. His huge, brawny body scared her almost as much as it aroused her.

His cock swayed like a bludgeon as he wheeled the lounge to the middle of the lawn. There, under the sunset-orange clouds, he parked her. He reclined the chaise. The changed position made the ropes biting into her chest tug and dig at her tender tits, and he pulled her bound leg against the foot of the chaise.

She lifted her head and gazed at him. He stood facing her. The setting sun made his sweaty skin glow like fire. His mighty muscles flexed as he studied her. His cock was fully erect.

She let her head drop back, and felt the chaise move as he knelt between her legs. She closed her eyes as he leaned forward. She felt his cock touch her cunt.

Then his full sweaty weight came down on her and ground her into the webbing. His cock dove into her sloppy, hot channel. The single, demanding stroke wrenched a gratified moan from her. Her free leg, weighted down by the iron ring, swung up and over, behind his powerful thighs.

He dug under her butt, lifted her hips while he stroked his tock in her cunt. Every grinding thrust of his pubic bone against hers mangled her cunt and sent a fireball of pleasure sparkling though her. His fingers digging into her ass-cheeks gave her the feeling he was going to rip her ass in two. Squirming and writhing as best she could, she gave herself willingly to her master. She loved his cruel weight on top of her, his mammoth cock pounding in her hole.

His fingers burrowed deeper into her rear, and she whimpered at the stinging pain as he dragged her cheeks apart. A finger touched her winking asshole, and she was ravaged by a seafing river of flame. Her shithole burned as he pushed his blunt finger against it.

His cock stroked her cunt as he humped, rammed into her with smooth, steady strokes. She felt his finger plunge into her asshole. She realized, after a moment, that he was using the finger in her rear to put pressure on his cock. It didn’t matter.

The feel of something in her bung was unlike anything she had believed possible. It was fantastic!

She was slowly being violated by the exquisite double penetration of her helpless body. Barely able to wriggle, she abandoned herself to the total searing pleasure of the finger up her ass and the cock up her cunt. She felt him grind her already-sore abused tits against the ropes, felt his sweat slicking his hairy torso.

She began whining as his cock and finger seared all awareness from her mind. The setting sun blazed down on her. She didn’t care if the neighbors saw or heard her ecstasy. She was being ravaged by the man who owned her. Even the birds were silenced by the total wantonness of her coupling with Max.

She felt him begin to hose her insides with cream and she moaned her pleasure. She felt him dig his finger into her asshole as he flooded her glutted cunt with jizz. The cum flowed like lava until it spilled from her hole and ran down her butt and fell to the grass below.

A prolonged, joint-cracking convulsion locked her muscles as her cumming exploded like flashpowder along her veins and nerves. She began crying when her orgasm finally faded, and she realized that her master’s cock was shrinking in her hole. There was a wonderful, stinging jolt as he extracted his thick finger from her asshole. She squirmed adoringly under him as he lay on top of her, panting.

She thought he was going to untie her when he at last got off her. He didn’t. He left her lying there and vanished into the house. He came back out with a beer, then to the workshop. He returned with a glittering chrome dog chain, and the eyebolt for her anklet.

She felt a surge of love and horniness as she felt the eyebolt being screwed into its threaded hole. Only after he had snapped the leash on her and looped the other end around his wrist did he untie her ropes and help her up.

She looked down at her leash. Then she leaned against him, went up on her tiptoes, and gave him a kiss.

“No clothes for the rest of the day,” he commanded. “I like seeing you naked.”

“Yes, Max,” she agreed.

He led her to the house so she could begin their supper. She wondered if he would want her again that evening, and if he did, how he would take her.

She hoped he would tie her up again if he did want to fuck. She didn’t need that now to be aroused, not with the slave bracelet. All the same, she loved to feel ropes biting into her flesh. She loved being so totally at his mercy that he could do anything he wanted to her.

The leash made her feel like an animal. It was a constant reminder of her status, and of his love for her.


Max kept the leash attached to Kim’s ankle during dinner. It dragged behind her like a ball and chain when she had to get up and get something for him. The rest of the time he kept it looped around his wrist.

Eating steak in the nude, watching his nude wife, was a cock-stiffening experience. The shift and play of her lush tits made his dick hard.

She was aware of his eyes on her, and she was both flattered and embarrassed as he feasted on her bountiful tits.

“Some more wine, baby,” Max ordered, dropping the leash. He stared hungrily at her ass as she walked out to the kitchen. The leash, a shining steel snake, danced and coiled along the floor.

As she came back toward him, he let his eyes rest on her jiggling tits, her scissoring thighs, and her golden muff. The black iron ring welded to her ankle made her pale flesh look vulnerable, desirable. As she bent to pour his wine, her heavy tits swaying, he had the feeling he was at a Roman orgy, being attended by a nude slave.

His hand came up and cupped one soft warm tit. He lifted it, weighed it. His thumb toyed with the already-distended tit. “How’s the bracelet, baby?” he asked.

Kim’s eyes glittered with devotion. “Oh, Max, it feels like a lead weight around my ankle,” she sighed. “It’s so much more of a reminder than my wedding ring is.” She stayed leaning over as he fondled her tit.

“Spread your legs,” Max ordered.

Straightening up, her expression a mixture of horniness and shame, she obeyed. He squeezed her soft cunt-lips, then slowly, watching her eyes haze with lust, he slid his finger up into her streaming cunt. He realized that she no longer needed to be bound to enjoy sex. The anklet was enough of a reminder of her defenseless state. But he was also sure that bondage would send her into erotic convulsions. And he wasn’t about to abandon the pleasure of seeing her tied and helpless.

He finger-fucked her, felt her juices smear his hand. Her hips began to shift and squirm restlessly as his finger slithered in and out of her dripping silt. Her knees were slightly bent. Her cunt was thrust forward, a horny offering to his digital invasion. She had her arms stiff and slightly back so her spine arched a little. Her tit jutted out provocatively.

It was like she was ready to get fucked, right then and there, standing up, in the dining room, while the light from the chandelier played over her creamy flesh. Her full lips were parted with excitement, glistening with desire as her head rolled lustily.

He played with her sopping cunt until she was making animal-like noises deep in her throat. When he drew his finger out, her dismay was obvious. Holding his cunt-sopping middle finger up to her face, he let her sniff the fresh juices, which were mingled with the cum he had deposited in her pussy that afternoon. Her mouth gaped, sought his slimy digit. He let her suck it clean. The way her tongue slurped at his finger reminded him of how she sucked cock. He felt his prick dribble pre-cum into his napkin.

“Clear the table, baby,” he ordered. “Except for my wine.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim agreed, her face flushed with arousal. She knew he had something in mind. Her hands shook as she picked up the dishes.

Max slouched back, extended his legs under the big dining table, and savored his wine as he watched her clearing things up. The jingling of the leash added to his horniness. Once in a while it would tangle around her feet, snag on something, or she would step on it and stumble. It was a delectable reminder for them both.

“Put the candles and the other stuff on the sideboard and then get the ropes,” Max ordered when the dishes were all cleared away. “Get the camera, too.”

“Oh, Max, not more pictures?” Kim asked fearfully.

“You bet, baby,” he answered. “Go.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim sighed softly.

He took the camera from her and checked it. She stood beside him, nude and ravishing and stiff with fear. The ropes dangled from her clenched hand. “You aren’t ever going to show the pictures to anyone, are you?” she asked.

Max finished inspecting the camera. “That’s for me to decide, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Max,” she whispered. “But I think I’d just die if anyone saw them.”

Max panted. He was thinking how he would feel if someone else saw the shots of Kim bound and totally exposed. It made his cock hard. It would be perfect testimony to his power over his woman.

“Sit on the table in front of me,” he ordered, taking the ropes away from her.

After she had obeyed, he took her arm and drew it down along her calf on the inside. Then he lashed her wrist to her ankle with a length of rope. He unfastened the leash from her anklet. Then he bound that ankle to her free wrist. By putting her arms on the insides of her knees, he had forced her to spread her legs. She was doubled over, helpless, in danger of toppling head first off the table. He reached for the camera.

Standing back away from her, he snapped a photo of her hunched over the end of the table, back bowed, tits hanging down heavily. Her mouth was rounded with dismay and horniness. He wished again that he had gotten a self-timer for the camera. A shot of her with his cock in her mouth would be a real turn-on.

Putting the camera down, he pushed on her shoulders, rolled her over on her back on the dining-room table. For a moment, she tried to keep her legs together but she couldn’t. Her legs slowly spread apart.

Her golden muff gleamed as he reached for the camera. The dusky bud of her asshole was visible. It was nestled shyly between the creamy globes of her ass. Max felt his cock pound at the thought of drilling her tight cunt.

Kim’s innards sizzled as she heard the camera recording her wanton exposure. She stared up at the ceiling and wondered what she was becoming. Max’s ropes and chains were changing her from a dutiful spouse to a wanton whore. She had no choice, she had to do as Max ordered, of course.

She felt the air on her aroused twat and her ass. She remembered the way he had finger-fucked her. God, the feel of his finger in her cunt had sent waves of heat flaring through her while she stood there. She had felt the stale leftovers from their afternoon fuck drizzling out of her pussy all during dinner.

When he had presented her with the smelly evidence of their lust, she had inhaled deep lungfuls of the scent. She had sucked his finger clean of their soppings as hungrily as she had sucked his cock. She was a cock-sucker. Giving herself the name made her horniness increase.

He had driven his finger into her rear, too. The sensation of having her asshole violated had been so incredibly arousing it had left her dazed. She hadn’t ever considered her shitter an erotic opening. She hated to think of it that way now. But she had to admit she wanted him to explore the greasy hole more, and soon.

Max moved around and took a photo of her gaping crotch. Her arms were pressing in on her tits making the valley between the soft mounds deeper and more exciting. Her tits were stiff pink buds. The ropes cunt into her wrists and ankles. The loose ends dangled from the unyielding knots.

Max was holding a banana in front of her. Kim stared at him and wondered what on earth he was doing. He peeled the banana and dropped the skin on the floor.

She figured out what he had planned.

She felt the banana touch her pussy, then it slowly slid into her ravenous cunt. She moaned with ecstasy at the slow invasion of her twat by the banana. She thought of how her golden-muffed cunt would look with the white fruit protruding, and she felt her cunt squeeze the banana.

Max’s gut was a rock-hard knot of lust as he slipped the banana into his wife’s slit. He did it slowly and carefully, afraid of breaking the fragile white shaft off in her hole. He saw her gut rippling with lust as she took the fruit. It jutted from her groin like a severed cock. He buried half the banana in her pussy, and then went to get the camera.

His prick aching with horniness, tugging at his gut, Max took a picture of his wife’s slit fucked by the banana. Then, watching the way her chest rose and fell with ragged lustbreathing, he began sliding the fruit in and out of her hole, began stroking her toward a cumming.

“Oh, God,” Kim moaned as she felt her cunt walls being stroked by the fruit. She strained to spread her legs wider, struggled to open her cunt more to the pumping banana. She visualized the fruit as he fucked her with it, and she felt her twat gush around it.

“A banana split, baby,” Max noted lewdly.

“Oh, my God,” she whimpered as she rose toward a cumming from the stroking banana. It was bigger, longer, harder than any cock could be, that was for sure. The pointy tip kept digging into the end of her cunt, while the rough sides rubbed her pussy to flame.

“Awwww, I’m cumming, Max! I’m cumming!” she wailed as her twat began to spasm around the slowly-stroking fruit.

Max rammed the banana full depth into his wife’s fountaining cunt, and he reached for the camera. He caught the flaring hot pink of her climaxing pussy-folds embracing the banana. He caught the flush on her belly and breasts, caught her cunt clenching around the fruit. He caught the lust twisting her face as she climaxed. He wished he had recorded the sounds of her cumming.

He noticed that her spasming as it was slowly squeezing the banana out. As he watched, her contractions forced the fruit out of her pussy. It dropped to the shining table with a soft thump. Impulsively, he picked up the banana and took a big bite from the cum-slick end. The taste of banana mingled with cum was unlike anything he had ever tasted in his life. The flavor of her juice complimented the rich sweetness of the fruit.

“Dessert, baby,” Max told her, offering her a bite of the sticky fruit. “Hold it in your mouth a minute.”

She obeyed, and he took a picture of her sucking the cummy fruit. Then he took the banana out of her mouth.

“Oh, God, Max, I’m such a slut,” Kim whimpered as she struggled weakly against the ropes lashing her arms to the table.

Max chewed a bite of banana thoughtfully as he studied her helpless lust. “I’m not done yet, baby,” he warned.

“Oh, God, I hope not,” Kim sighed.

He leaned casually against the sideboard. His cock tilted out heavily. “How about we have Bob and Eva to supper sometime this week?” he asked.

“Okay,” Kim agreed, obviously puzzled by the abrupt change of subject.

Max offered Kim a bite of the banana as she lay helplessly on her back. “Thought maybe Bob would like to see the pictures.”

Kim gulped. “Oh, no, Max! No!”

“Why not, baby? Don’t you think he’d like ’em?”

“You know he would. But you know how I feel around him.”

“Shit, baby, he just scares you ’cause he gives you the hots,” Max noted.

“I know it.”

“He’s got the hots for you, too,” Max added. “Nothing he’d like better than a chance to fuck that cunt of yours.”


“After all,” Max went on, “seems only fair since I’ve had his wife.”

“But that was before she became his wife,” Kim pointed out sharply.

Max grinned coldly. “Think how he’d enjoy seeing you with a banana sticking out of your twat. Think of the ideas it’d give him, baby.”

“Oh, Max, you wouldn’t really, would you?” Kim whimpered.

Max’s eyes were as hot as his balls. “I will if I want to, baby. And you know it.”

Kim’s eyes filled with tears. “I’d die, honey, I’d just die. And, if… if you… did something with Eva…”

Max thought of Eva, and thought of getting another shot at that lovely black-bushed cunt of hers, and his cock drooled. He thought of watching Bob vent his lust on helplessly-bound Kim and his nuts surged with excitement.

“You won’t do it to me, will you, Max?” Kim pleaded desperately. “Please say you won’t.”

Max decided to soothe her for now. “We’ll see how we feel that night. Okay?”

“Well, okay,” Kim agreed reluctantly. “Uh, Wednesday night?”

“Wednesday night is fine,” he agreed. “I’ll call them now.”

Getting the telephone from the living room, pulling the extension cord along behind him, he dialed Bob’s number as he walked. Kim felt her guts sizzling as she lay there, so incredibly exposed and helpless. She felt like she could be seen over the telephone.

“Hi, Eva, it’s Max.” He chuckled at something she said. “No, ‘fraid Kim can’t come to the phone right now. She’s all tied up.”

Kim squirmed and wiggled her fingers to keep the blood flowing. The ropes were cutting into her skin, and the pain was increasing her lust. She felt air touching her gaping cunt and her vulnerable asshole as Max chatted and fingered her pussy lazily. His fingers toying with her increased the already-sopping state of her twat.

“Right, Bob, Wednesday far supper. Nothing fancy, just come right from work. See you then.”

Max hung up. “Don’t go away,” he told Kim as he carded the telephone back into the living room.

Kim was sizzling with horniness as she lay there on the hard table. “Oh, Max, I love you so much,” she whimpered. “Tell me you love me, honey. Tell me you do. I think I’d die if you didn’t love me.”

Max stroked her cheek tenderly as she writhed against the taut ropes. “Baby, I love you more than I can ever tell you,” he assured her softly.

Kim whimpered. “Do things to me, Max. Do disgusting, awful things to me. Please, please, please!”

He picked up the camera. “More pictures, baby?”

“Anything,” Kim moaned, horrified at herself. “Anything at all.”

Max grinned and opened a drawer in the sideboard. She watched, fascinated, as he took a long, slender candle out. He vanished into the kitchen for a moment and came back with a can of shortening and a pair of scissors.

He carefully trimmed the wick off the end of the candle so the smooth point was neat and clean. Then, in front of her horrified, fascinated eyes, he slowly greased the candle with shortening. With a shudder, she realized what he had planned for that long, slender shaft, and she felt her innards coil tight.

When he took one of the crystal candle-holders, she was puzzled. She watched as he carefully got a length of rope and tied it to the candlestick so there were two long free ends. Then he inserted the candle in the holder.

She lifted her head and looked down between her thrusting breasts, past her golden muff, between her straining thighs. Max stood at her ass. She whimpered as he aimed the taper at her asshole.

The touch of the greasy wax shaft against her bung sent a surge of pleasure ripping through her. The daunty point penetrated her asshole easily, triggered a searing itch in her guts as her sphincter gripped the invader. As she fell the candle slowly slide up into her rear, she let her head thump back down on the table. She felt her asshole wedging open, felt aching pressure from the hard foreign object in her dirt tunnel. She felt his cunt gush with lust as she was slowly buggered by the ivory wax drill.

Max’s lust was soaring as he fucked the stick up his wife’s rear. The sight of the creamy candle sliding into her butt made his cock hard. As he drove the taper in slowly, his eyes fucked from her violated rear to her lust-mad features. He could see her muscle ring spasming and winking as he slowly reamed her with the cool tool. Her ass-cheeks were flexing and jerking and quivering. The muscles on the insides of her thighs were jumping and twitching.

He managed to stop when five inches of the candle was jammed into her rear. Carefully, he let her asshole take the weight of the butt end of the candle and the lightweight holder. When he took his hand away, the candle bobbed slightly from the spasming of her gut, then began to creep out of her hole as her rectum went into shit convulsions.

He had expected it, and he used the ropes to hold the candle in place. He looped the free ends around her thighs and knotted them. The sight of the wax shaft in her rear made his cock drip hornily. He reached for the camera as Kim let out a soft, gut-tearing moan of desire.

It looked like she had a tower up her rear as he focused on the violation. A shot from a three-quarter angle showed her asshole pinching the unyielding wax shaft. It also showed her hairy pussy, a flash of her boobs, and the lust and agony on her face.

“Oh, God, Max, what have you done to me?” Kim moaned. “I keep trying not to… to stilt it out, but I want to shit it out. But I can’t, and I’m glad because I don’t really want to.”

Max stopped focusing the camera. “You want it out?” he asked.

Kim whimpered. “I don’t, but my… my insides do,” she answered.

“You like it, baby?” he asked.

Kim nodded. “Oh, Max, I love it so when you do these awful things to me. Don’t ever stop. Don’t ever stop!”

“I won’t,” he promised.

He moved back and focused on his wife. She was doubled up, tied and spread open. The candle hung obscenely from her crapper. The ropes holding the taper in her were plainly visible to the eye of the camera. He wondered what Bob and Eva would say when they saw this one.

He moved in for a close-up of her stilt-gate from inches away. He framed the creamy globes of her ass carefully, centered the sphincter clutching the ivory cylinder.

Kim couldn’t believe how horny she was. The ropes digging into her were one stimulus, the candle up her rear was another, and the thought of how lewd her position was yet another. Her cunt was a seething, spasming swamp of lust as she lay on her back on the hard dining-room table. The fact that her husband was taking close-up pictures of the most secret parts of her added to her horniness.

She thought of Bob and Eva seeing pictures of her like this and her insides squirmed. God, she wouldn’t have any secrets at all if Max brought out an album. She might as well parade naked for them after something like that.

The thought was enough to put her over the edge. With a soft groan, she felt her cumming fireball, mushroom up through her guts. She felt her crapper wink against the hard pseudo-cock glutting it. She felt Max doing things to her pussy, felt some monstrous bulk being wedged into her clutching, spasming cunt, and her cumming flamed hotter. She was grunting like a pig as he violated her twat with an oversize tool.

Max was slowly screwing the pepper mill into her gasping slit. He had left the candle in place. He parted her cunt lips and nestled the blunt, rounded head of the pepper grinder in her hot pink pussy. With a slow rocking, twisting motion, he drove the wooden shaft into her cunt.

He heard her grunting. He knew she was cumming as he screwed the pepper mill up into her snatch. His cock throbbed and dripped. He kept promising himself that in a few minutes he was going to ram his aching hard-on where one of those artificial dorks was located.

He was looking forward to letting Bob and Eva in on Kim’s enslavement. He was certain it would have quite an effect on both of them. It should make for a very interesting evening.

He snapped a picture. It showed Kim with the pepper mill protruding from her snatch, and the candle jutting from her shitter. She looked like a carnal pincushion. The tendons in her neck were rigid with her muscle-knotting cumming. She had yanked her legs still wider apart, as if she wanted to split herself in two. She had been reduced to a sexual animal by the double shafting he had given her.

Just as he set the camera aside, he saw her go limp as her orgasm faded. She shuddered a few times, sobbed as the aftershock rumbled through her. Her glutted asshole winked around the candle jamming it. He was sure she was trying to get rid of the invader. Untying the ropes holding it in her asshole was all it took. Her internal contractions shot the soiled candle out of her asshole. Driven by the less-powerful contractions of that tube, the pepper mill was easing its way out of her cunt.

Max took the two instruments of torment and balanced them on her stomach. Then he snapped a photo of them. One pseudo-dark was gleaming with her cunt-juice, the other was brown with her crap. He saw her lift her head to see them, and he got a picture of her lust-ravaged face behind the two tall spears that had so recently been inserted into her guts.

“Oh, Max,” Kim whispered. “I’m so awful.”

“You’re great, baby,” he countered.

“I… I need to… go potty, Max,” Kim whimpered.

“Sure, baby,” Max agreed, feeling a hot surge of horniness.

“Untie me?” she begged.

Max shook his head. “No,” he answered bluntly. “But don’t go away.” He went and got a basin.

“In here, baby,” he ordered, showing her the enamel bowl, “right here, and right now.”

“Oh, Max, noooo!” Kim whimpered miserably.

Max dragged her down until her rear hung over the end of the table. He held the basin under her butt. “Come on, baby,” he urged, wishing he could catch this on film.

“Oh, God,” Kim whimpered as the yellow gush erupted from her golden-fringed slit. The hot fluid surged over her mound, streamed down between her thighs, and poured into the basin. She moaned with disgust as she emptied her bladder.

Max’s cock was a throbbing bar of desire as he carried the basin to the bathroom and dumped it. Grabbing some toilet paper, he returned, and wiped his wife’s pussy. The stroking of her sodden snatch made her jump and shudder. She was still hot as a pistol. His cock was as ready as it was ever going to be.

Max gripped his dick and contemplated the openings available. Kim sensed him standing at her rear. She lifted painfully to look at him between her gaping thighs. As she watched, Max took some of the shortening he had used on the candle, and spread it over his aching hard-on. The grease softened and flowed over her hot bar.

Then he set the tip of his dick on her bung. Her head thumped back down on the table. The moan she emitted made his blood boil. The sight of his cock at her tailgate brought a sizzling flood from his balls, and a seeping from his already well-slicked dick-tip.

He pushed, and saw her crapper bend inward from the pressure. She moaned, and he saw her fucked asshole wink, saw the tip of his cock gain entrance to her rear. The feeling of his cock-head being pinched by her rubbery ring brought his balls to the boiling point. Stiffening his rock-rigid prick with his hand, he slowly fucked his cock into her. He watched as his cock-head spread her brown bud wider and wider.

Kim whimpered. “Oh, my God!” she whined. “It’s so big! More, give me more!”

Max gave her more. He would have given her more whether she had asked for it or not. He pushed against her and watched his purple knob bulge from the pressure. He had over half of it up her rear, and now it went in easier. He felt her shit-ring stroking his cock, and his balls tensed.

Kim was stretching her legs again, tearing herself in two, trying to open her crotch wider. Her tits shivered and quivered as lust tremors rocked her straining body. Her chest rose and fell jerkily as his cock drove into her ass a fraction of an inch at a time.

Max saw her winkie swallow his cock-head and stopped for a moment, let her rubbery ring adjust to his big cock. Then, his path well-greased with shortening, he slowly drove into her ass, split her buns with his shaft. The hot, tight, greasy feel of her crapper almost set him off.

“Oh, my God! My God! My God!” Kim sighed raggedly. “Feels like I have a telephone pole inside.”

“You like it, baby?” Max asked, trying to distract himself so he wouldn’t cum.

“I love it, Max,” Kim answered. “I really, really love it.”

Max leaned forward, hooked his arms around her gaping thighs and braced his palms on the table. He hung over her. He was able to see her pussy, her heavy, heating breasts, her lust-ravaged face. He drew his cock out of her shitty rear, and stroked it back in. The friction against his nerves almost set him off. It made the load of jism in his gut bubble and boil impatiently.

He pistoned his cock in and out, in and out. Every stoke added more cum to the monumental load he was already carrying for her. Every thrust made his balls knot and his prostate pound. He was on the razor edge of cumming. He felt as if a knot at the base of his cock was keeping his semen in check.

Kim groaned as his cock pistoned in her butt. She was limp beneath him, but limp in a different way from the way she used to be. This limpness was one of pure carnal overload, while before it had been from frigidity.

Max couldn’t hold it back any longer. The load of semen in his groin erupted, threatened to shred his brain with pleasure. He felt his cock spouting in her rear like a firehose. It couldn’t have, of course, but he could have sworn that the first gout of cum would have filled a gallon jug. The succeeding shots were only slightly smaller. He shot gallon after gallon of cream into her spasming, shit-loaded tail. His ass knotted into a tighter and tighter cramp.

By the time he finished draining his lust, he felt exhausted. He felt withered and drained as his last offering dribbled into Kim’s butt. It was only then that he noticed the fading flush on Kim’s belly and boobs. He pulled back and his dick slithered from her asshole on a mad mingling of melted shortening and cum. He was already shrunken and rubbery — he had lost his hard-on all at once.

There was a marvelous ache of satisfaction in his groin as he sank down on a chair and faced his wife’s ass. Her bung was sealed again, had closed like a rose bud. The only sign of what it had taken was a slight flush that hadn’t been there before, and a shining coating of cum and grease. A single pearly strand of jizz dangled down from her rear.

“How are you doing, baby?” he asked, not getting up.

“Oh, Max, I can’t believe it,” she sighed. “Did I take the whole thing?”

“The whole thing, baby,” he assured her.

“Oh, Max,” Kim sighed.

“Know what I’m going to do, baby?” Max asked.


“I’m going to get a timer for the camera so I can take pictures of the two of us.”

Kim quivered. “You… don’t have to do that.”


Kim gulped loudly. “If you should happen to show the album to Bob and Eva — not that I want you to, of course — but if you should, I bet one of them would take pictures of us if you asked them to.”

Max thought of having Bob and Eva watch as he took Kim, bound and helpless, and his insides began to churn once again. And to hell if Kim didn’t want him to show the other couple the pictures. She was practically begging him to do just that.

“You may have a good idea there, baby,” Max agreed. “Cheaper than buying a timer, that’s for sure.” He began to untie his wife.

“I don’t want you to do it,” Kim lied as he helped her up. “But, since I’m your slave if you want to do it I can’t stop you.”

“That’s right, baby,” he agreed. He escorted her to the shower and joined her under the streaming hot spray. He stood and savored the sensuous pleasure of having her carefully lather him from head to toe. He thought of the evening with Bob and Eva. Fortunately, his prick would be recovered by then.


Max couldn’t help eyeing Eva Kendall with a certain amount of desire. As he lounged back in his recliner while Kim waited on them, he studied Eva. A funny longing feeling was forming deep in his gut.

The woman was a candidate for hot looks. And, Max knew that under those clothes was a fine body. His gaze moved from the tailored, satin blouse to the trim black slacks that hugged her hips.

“Thinking of old times?” Bob asked, startling Max and making him flush.

“Oh, Bob, you’re terrible!” Eva scolded her husband.

“Sorry,” Max apologized.

“What’s terrible?” Kim asked, coming into the room with a fray of drinks.

“Bob,” Eva answered, reaching for a glass. “What’d he do?” Kim asked innocently.

“Read my mind,” Max answered.

“More like your pants,” Bob chuckled.

“Bob!” Eva exclaimed.

“Hell, honey, I don’t mind knowing that you and Max were lovers once,” Bob snorted. “I got you in the end. Obviously the better man won.”

“Says who!” Kim erupted in defense of her master.

“Mr. Modesty over there,” Eva snorted derisively.

Max laughed. “Love the way your wife backs you up, Bob.”

“I’m not going to get in the middle of his argument,” Eva said hastily. “Whatever I say I’ll either wind up with my husband divorcing me, or my host tossing me out.”

Max eyed his former lover over the rim of his glass and compared her with his blonde wife. Eva was a beauty. Her creamy pale skin offset her straight jet-black hair. It was as thick and glossy as any shampoo model could ask for, though she modeled only sporadically now. It framed a graceful oval face and slender neck.

Max wondered if she wore a bra these days. Back when he had known her, she hadn’t needed to, and he doubted, somehow, that she did now.

“Maybe what we need is another opinion,” Bob said.

“How would we get one?” Kim asked, settling on the floor at Max’s right.

“Well, Eva could testify as to who’s the bettor man,” Bob noted. “But she won’t, because she’s chicklet.”

“Smart,” Eva countered quickly, brushing her hair back off her shoulder.

“Chicken,” Bob repeated. “Now if I were to have a little time with Kim, she could confirm my superiority over her husband.”

When the laughter died down, Max smiled. “And just what makes you think I would loan you my wife?”

“Oh you’re chicken, too, huh?” Bob joked. “Afraid to put it to the test?”

Eva appeared to be getting uncomfortable with her husband’s talk. “Is that a slave anklet you’re wearing?” she asked Kim.

“Uh-huh. I’m Max’s slave.” She looked up at him devotedly.

“Well, so much for Women’s Lib,” Bob snorted.

“Women’s Lib is fine for some women,” Kim said firmly. “But it’s not for me.”

“I’m not too wild about it myself,” Eva noted. “I like being coddled and ordered about a bit.”

“Take one hell of a lot of taming to make you a slave, though,” Bob noted.

“How about refills on the drinks, baby,” Max said.

“Yes, Master,” Kim answered obediently. Max could see Bob and Eva thought that Kim was just kidding as she got up and took the tray of empty glasses to the kitchen.

“You’ve never tried to tame me,” Eva pointed out.

“So, what am I supposed to do, tie you up and beat you?” Bob asked sarcastically.

“It’s not a bad idea,” Max said, his insides sizzling.

“You’re kidding,” Bob challenged.

“No, he isn’t,” Kim answered, coming back with fresh drinks.

“Let me see that slave anklet of yours,” Eva requested as Kim served her.

“Just a minute,” Kim answered, finishing handing out the drinks. “Can I show it to her?” she asked Max.

“Sure, baby,” he agreed, intrigued by the light appeared in Eva’s eyes at the talk of the beating. He recalled she had always the rough side.

“Max welded it on,” Kim said. “He made it himself. See the weld, there?”

“How’d he do it without burning you?” Eva asked, fascinated.

“Wrapped her ankle with asbestos,” Max answered.

“Lemme see that,” Bob said.

“May I, honey?” Kim requested.

Max nodded, and she propped her foot on the arm of Bob’s chair. She was wearing tight shorts that revealed a vast amount of her graceful legs. Bob fingered the anklet, studied it meticulously.

Then his hand strayed up Kim’s calf, stroked the silken length of her leg as he eased her foot off the arm of the chair and into his lap. Kim shot Max a frightened glance. A gentle frown from him kept her from withdrawing her leg from Bob’s touch.

Max felt his gut roar with lust as he watched his wife being fondled.

“Nice job,” Bob commented at last, easing Kim’s foot off his lap. There was a noticeable bulge in his trousers. Max wasn’t sure Eva could see her husband’s state of lust from her angle.

“Took you long enough to decide that,” Eva noted with a trace of irritation. “Were you commenting on the anklet, or on Kim’s shave?”

Bob avoided his wife’s glare. “Is she really your slave?” he asked Max.

“She is,” Max answered finally.

“You’re really serious, aren’t you?” Eva observed.

“Very,” Max answered, meeting her flashing dark eyes boldly.

“Prove it,” Bob challenged.

“Dinner’s ready,” Kim announced from the kitchen, breaking the growing tension.

“Maybe I will later,” Max said, leading the way to the dining room. “Get the wine out, baby. That new burgundy I got the other day.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim agreed eagerly.

“And make sure you keep the glasses full during supper,” he whispered to her as she handed him the bottle.

“Yes, Max,” she agreed.

The topic of Kim’s slavery wasn’t mentioned during the meal, but Max did see Eva studying Kim carefully. Max was sure Eva was noting how Kim was obeying his every order without question. He could feel Eva’s interest growing.

When they were relaxing in the living room after supper, nursing gasses of sherry, Eva brought up the subject of slavery again. It was, Max mused, like a moth being attracted to a flame.

“How does this slave thing work?” Eva asked, the faint hint of a quaver in her voice. “I mean, you don’t usually call him Master or anything.”

“Sometimes I do,” Kim answered quickly. “When I want to. I don’t have to, unless he orders it.”

“You have to do anything he orders you to?” Eva asked, turning her glass around and around in her slender, graceful fingers.

“Anything,” Kim answered. “Anytime, anywhere.”

“Anything?” Bob asked.

“Anything at all,” Max said boldly.

“Prove it,” Bob challenged.

Max felt his heart hammering. He shot a quick glance at Eva. The beautiful brunette’s lips were glistening. Her eyes were hot with anticipation.

“What would you like me to order her to do?” Max asked, astonished at how calm his voice sounded.

Kim was sitting rigidly on the floor by his side. He was gently stroking her pale blonde curls. The tension in the living room was thick.

When Bob didn’t answer, Max took charge. “Go get the album, Kim,” he ordered softly.

Kim shot him one quick, frightened glance, and then obeyed, as they both knew she would. He could sense her anticipation as she got the heavy book out of the desk.

“Take it to Bob, and then go get into the sarong sort of thing.” He was talking about a terrycloth wrap-around that she wore after a bath.

“My God,” Bob said, gaping at the first page of the album. It had the first photo Max had taken — the one of Kim spread out on the bed, his cum still thick in her cunt.

“Are you going to hog that thing, or can I see it, too?” Eva asked.

Bob managed to haul himself out of the chair and move over to where Eva sat on the couch. It was strange, Max thought, that he hadn’t noticed how distant Bob had been remaining from his wife until just then. With the whole sofa available, Bob had deliberately taken a chair across the room from Eva.

“God!” Eva hissed when she saw the photo.

“You sure you want us to see this?” Bob asked, looking up without turning the page.

Max nodded, then shifted because of the hard-on in his pants. He had never dreamed that having another man look at pictures of Kim would turn him on this way. He could see Eva’s tits hardening against her blouse as she stared at the picture. No bra, Max thought.

Kim came back. Bob shot her a quick, hot glance, then jerked his eyes back to the album. He turned the page with a shaking hand. Max knew he was looking at the pictures of Kim racked out on the coffee table.

Bob shook his head. “You look… you look like you’re enjoying it,” he commented to Kim.

Kim nodded. She was sitting on her folded legs beside Max. “I do,” she said softly.

“Look,” Eva noted, pointing at one picture. “That’s cum, there, on her… on her pussy.”

They turned the page, and their gasps could be heard across the room. The pages showed Kim, nude and bound. In every picture her cunt was prominently visible.

“You like being tied up like that?” Eva asked in a hushed tone.

Max felt Kim shiver under his hand. “I love it,” she said honestly. “I was terribly uptight about sex, until Max got so frustrated he fled me up. And, well, once I’m tied up, I’m helpless. So I can let myself go, and tell myself it isn’t my fault, because I’m totally helpless.”

Max could see the effect Kim’s words were having on Eva. The model’s eye had a fanatic gleam in them. Bob seemed oblivious of his wife’s reaction. His attention was focused completely on Kim.

“Go get some rope, Kim,” Max ordered, his mouth dry. This was the crucial step. “Lots of rope.”

Bob and Eva didn’t even look up as Kim left the room. They were now looking at the photos of Kim bound to the dining-room table. Beads of sweat popped out on Bob’s forehead and on Eva’s upper lip as they stared at the picture of the candle and the peppermill jutting from Kim’s guts.

Kim came back, rope in hand. She saw the pictures their guests were studying, and wanted to cry. It was all there, her disgusting willingness to endure anything. It was right there for them to see.

“Back up to me, baby,” Max ordered, and he saw the Kendalls jerk up from the photo album. There wasn’t any doubt of how the two of them were eyeing Kim. They were mentally stripping the sarong off her, comparing the real woman before them to the images caught by the camera.

Max bent Kim’s arms behind her and bound her wrists together. “Go over to Bob and let him undress you,” Max ordered.

“Wait a minute!” Eva protested. “What about me?”

Kim crossed the living room as Bob stood up. “We’ll take care of you in a few minutes,” he answered as he reached for Kim. The sarong unwound. She was nude in a fraction of a second. Her tits were stiff with horniness as she stood there helplessly.

“Suck his cock, baby,” Max ordered.

“Bob, don’t you dare!” Eva snapped.

“Shut up,” Bob snorted, unfastening his pants and baring his thrusting prick.

“I’ll go over to Max!” Eva warned.

“Go right ahead,” Bob responded as Kim dropped to her knees in front of him. He presented his cock to her, and watched as she embraced it with her mouth. “He’ll probably be able to teach you a few things he’s learned since you used to spread for him.”

Max studied his lovely blonde wife sucking another man’s cock. Her tits shivered and jiggled erotically as she licked and slurped on the tower of meat standing out from Bob’s brown bush.

“How about it, stud?” Eva snorted, breaking Max’s concentration. She was daring him. “Bob makes big noises, but he’s never had the guts to follow through on them.”

“Oh, yeah?” Bob replied, pulling away from Kim’s sucking mouth.

“Yeah,” Eva retorted.

“Come here,” he snapped, dragging his belt out of his pants and unknotting his tie.

Before Eva was braced for a tussle, he had her wrists behind her back and bound with the belt. Then, with a quick motion, he tied the necktie over her eyes. Eva bit her lip as he knotted the tie behind her head. Then he began to unbutton her blouse, began to slowly bare her creamy tits. His hands shook as he fucked die buttons open, then yanked the shirt off Eva’s shoulders, exposed her firm, white boobs.

Max had to release his cock from his pants. The sight of Kim sucking Bob’s dick had made his groin knot tight. Now, with Kim still on her knees, nude, and with Eva’s glorious body being bared, it was almost more than he could take. Bob let the blouse tangle around Eva’s wrists, and attacked her black slacks.

Eva wavered, off balance, then caught herself and spread her feet slightly. She hadn’t made a sound since her husband had lashed her wrists behind her. She had her head tipped back slightly, as if she was trying to see beneath the blindfold.

Max reached for the camera as Bob dragged Eva’s pants down. Kim was still obediently on her knees. She was watching the other woman.

Eva’s bikini underpants showed the shadow of her dark muff as she stepped out of her slacks. Max snapped a picture of her just as Bob began to drag her last garment down. Her thick black pubic hair sprang outward as it was released from the nylon.

“Wish I’d thought of a blindfold,” Max told Bob, fascinated by Eva’s helpless weaving. The cloth band across her eyes seemed to be more incapacitating than ropes.

Bob stood back and studied his nearly helpless wife. “Should have done this a long time ago,” he noted.

“Pretty, isn’t she?” Max asked Kim, noticing that his wife was staring hungrily at the other woman.

“Beautiful,” Kim sighed. Then she frowned. “I don’t see how you could have left her.”

Max chuckled. “Easy, baby. You came along. Remember?”

Bob looked from one naked, half-bound woman to the other. “Eva’s always going on about how she’s always wanted to try a woman.”

Max felt his balls throb. “Is she still on that kick?”

“Till it makes me furious,” Bob snorted.

“Why don’t we cure her of the idea?” Max suggested. “Since we have the other woman available.” He ignored the look of fear and shame in Kim’s eyes as she realized what they were planning.

A prod from Bob, and Eva sank to her knees. Bob put a finger to his lips, and beckoned Max over. Bob gasped Max’s cock and waved it in the direction of Eva’s mouth. Max caught on. He silenced Kim with a glare and stepped over to Eva. Carefully, he presented his throbbing hard-on to Eva’s groping lips.

The touch of his pecker-tip seemed to stun her. “Bob?” she asked. “Max?”

Deliberately, Max remained silent and simply forced her to take his cock in her mouth as she knelt in blind bondage. The feel of her wet mouth embracing his prick made him dizzy with lust. He feasted his eyes on her lips encircling the ivory column of his cock. He gripped her head as her tongue stroked his prick.

Glancing over, he saw pain on Kim’s face. It was obvious she hated watching him give another woman what she loved so much. Then Bob was presenting his dick to her, and her view was cunt off by Bob’s torso as she mutely, submissively took his dick into her mouth.

The sight of Kim sucking cock while he had his prick sucked made the pool of cum in Max’s balls toss and roll. He returned his attention to Eva, who was sucking a sock without having any way of knowing whose it was. Steadying her head, he drew his cock out and then slid it back in. Eva stroked her tongue along the underside. Her lips were full and soft and hot as they moved up and down his pecker. Her nose flared as she inhaled between strokes.

Bob stopped fucking Kim’s face, but left his prick in her mouth. He shed his shirt and let his pants fall around his ankles. Releasing her sucking hold on his pecker, Kim licked the dangling shaft, made it bob and dance with her tongue. She twisted and squirmed. Her breasts jiggled delightfully every time she moved. Her shoulders were drawn back by the ropes binding her wrists.

Max eased his legs forward until they were brushing Eva’s firm, jutting boobs. He wondered if she had guessed who she was sucking. She hadn’t ever been willing to take his dong this way during their affair. This time, when she had no choice, she was going to get the full load.

Max gripped her head and thrust, jammed his cock to the back of her throat. His balls swung and slapped her chin as she gulped his dick. Controlling her completely, he screwed her face. His dick was burning from the friction of her tongue and lips and the scraping of her teeth.

Max felt his nuts draw up tight as his cumming drew close. Holding very still, he managed to keep from drilling his cock down Eva’s throat. He let her suck on just the head of his prick, and his hand pumped on the shaft. He made her take his spurts on the soft velvet of her tongue-fight where she could taste it. He flooded her mouth with jizz, and he realized that she was deliberately taking the whole load without swallowing. Her mouth was filled with his goo and her saliva when his spoutings finally died away.

Slowly and carefully, he extracted his prick from her, left her with a hot mouthful of creamy semen. She tipped her head back, puffed out her cum-bloated cheeks, displayed her spit-and-jizz-slickened chin. Then, her throat bobbing, she swallowed the incredible load.

Max turned just in time to see Kim licking Bob’s withering dick. Her cheeks and nose were spotted with cum. Obviously, he had showered her, though undoubtedly he had given her a mouthful, too. Kim carefully lapped his rubbery prick clean and then sat back. Her lush tits heaved as she caught her breath.

“How was he?” Bob asked his wife.

“Was that Max?” Eva asked, breaking her silence at last. “God!”

Max went into the kitchen and was back in a moment with drinks for himself and Bob. “She talks!” he exclaimed in mock surprise.

Bob laughed and tossed back some of his drink. “In a slightly sticky tone.”

“We got things all mixed up,” Max pointed out, grinning. “I mean, my wife got your cum, and your wife got my cum. They should trade.”

“Kim,” Bob ordered. “Go kiss Eva.”

Kim walked over to the bound brunette on her knees, and leaned forward. Breasts touched breasts. The two women slowly came together. Both of them entered into the kiss with total abandon.

Max’s blood boiled at the sight of his lush, curved, soft, blonde wife plunging her tongue into Eva’s eager mouth. The women writhed against each other. Thighs tangled and pussies mashed as they kissed deeply, tasted man-cum in each other’s mouths.

“I must say, I didn’t expect them to go at it quite so willingly,” Bob noted.

“Think maybe we’ve unleashed a monster that will devour us all?” Max asked.

Kim broke the kiss and left Eva gaping like a fish. Kim kept her soft pink-capped tits brushing Eva’s sharper tits and backed off only far enough to talk. “She’s so soft,” Kim answered. “I’ve never known anything like it.”

Max smiled at his wife lovingly. “Like to know more?”

Kim bit her lip and nodded. “If-if you want me to, that is. Oh, Max, could I please?”

In a moment Bob and Max had the two women stretched out on the floor, head to crotch. Deliberately enforcing their control, they bound the women together with a length of rope. They first worked three loops around their torsos, tied them together tightly. Then, as an added restraint, Kim’s hands were tied to Eva’s knees, and Kim’s legs were tied to Eva’s hands. Kim’s mouth was already busy on Eva’s black muff.

Bob and Max sat back and watched the two women eagerly eat each other’s pussy. The fact that one of them was a slender brunette, the other a lush blonde made the interlocking of their feminine bodies especially arousing. Kim was softer, and rounder. Her legs were slightly heavier but no less attractive than the slender thighs clamped around her head.

Max’s cock began to regain some of its earlier strength as he watched the girls’ asses jiggling and squirming. “Next time let’s arrange the arms differently,” he suggested to Bob, noticing that Bob’s cock was beginning to stir to life again.

“Kim really likes the bondage bit?” Bob asked.

“Yep. It really turns her on.”

Neither of the men took their eyes off their roped, interlocked women. Kim was humping now, thrusting her cunt rhythmically against Eva’s face. Eva’s slim thighs were opening and closing as much as the ropes would allow. The rope around their torsos was cutting into their soft flesh as they struggled to devour each other.

“Wish I’d had the sense to give it a try,” Bob noted, killing his drink.

“You and Eva been having trouble?” Max asked.

Bob shrugged. His cock was lying heavily against his thigh now, and expanding visibly with every passing moment. “Boredom, I guess.”

“She ever sucked cock before?” Max inquired curiously.

“Not eagerly, and never taken a load like she did tonight,” Bob answered. “I think things are going to change, though. All she needs is a firm hand and some guidance.”

“Speaking of guidance,” Max said, “I’ve got a hard-on here that needs some guidance.”

“Sure, but my wife’s all tied up,” Bob joked. Max grinned. “Only two of their openings are occupied! There’s more than one place to burn a bone.”

“Right now?” Bob asked, staring at the tangle of feminine flesh.

Max studied the interlocked women and tried to control his roaring horniness. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he agreed.

“A little hard to get at their shitters right now.”

Bob gulped. “I thought that was what you meant. Eva’s never let me close to her back door. Even with my finger.”

Max shook his head slowly. “In this game, Bob, it isn’t a matter of what they let you do. It’s a matter of what you make them do.”

“I see what you mean.” His lust-loaded cock swaying heavily, Bob got to his feet. “Let’s get those two cunts untangled so we can have a go at them.”

Max was a little surprised at the rough way Bob treated Eva, but didn’t say anything. Eva didn’t seem to mind. Max untied Kim from the black-haired woman.

“Since Kim’s taken it up the ass before,” Max said, “why don’t you get your rocks off in her? It’ll give you some practice, and it’ll give Eva a chance to watch, so she’ll know what to expect.”

“No, honey,” Kim pleaded.

“Quiet, baby,” Max ordered.

“But it’s you I want, not Bob,” Kim complained. It was the first argument she had given him in days. “It’s you I love.”

“You’ll enjoy it,” he assured her. “Now come on. You’ve got no choice in the matter anyway.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim sighed as he led her into the dining room.

After untying her wrists, he bent her forward over the table and tied her hands over her head. The edge of the table was just below her waist. Using two more lengths of rope, Max spread his wife’s feet and bound them to the table legs.

Her ass was at the perfect height for deep penetration. Her full tits were squashed out flat on the polished table. She rested her cheeks on the cool wood and closed her eyes.

Bob had stripped the blindfold off his adoring wife. Ignoring her moon-eyed glances and the sticky paste of cum that coated her cheeks and chin, he grabbed one of the dining-room chairs and sat Eva down facing Kim’s backside. Eva’s arms were still behind her. Bob pulled them down so the chair back was between her wrists and her back.

“You got some more rope?” Bob asked, using his necktie to lash Eva’s wrists to the back of the chair.

“Yeah, just a moment,” Max answered, heading for the living room.

His balls simmering, Max watched Bob lash Eva to the chair. First her ankles were roped to the legs. The position spread her thighs so the pink slash in the jet-black heart of her pussy was visible. Then he took a longer piece of line and wound it around her torso and the back of the chair. He drew one loop directly across her breasts. When he pulled it tight, it cunt cruelly into her soft mounds, chafed against the tender flesh. Eva moaned with pain. Her expression — a mingling of lust and agony — brought a hot drop welling out of Max’s prick.

Bob seemed determined to humiliate his wife as much as possible, and to inflict more than a little pain in the process. Grabbing a napkin, he wadded it up and jammed it into Eva’s mouth. Another one tied around her head held the improvised gag so she couldn’t spit it out. The second napkin, was tied brutally tight, so that it cunt into her cheeks.

Max got a jar of cream out of the bathroom. Standing behind Kim’s lush, round, available ass, he soothed her with gentle strokes on her tight flesh. She was periodically being racked by shudders of horniness and fear. It was like soothing a frightened horse before saddling it.

When she was breathing more easily, he unscrewed the lid off the grease and took a healthy gob on his finger. Slowly, he painted the yellow goo down the crack of his wife’s ass. The first stroke of his finger brushed her bung, then continued, and teased her hairy labes. Her saw her crapper constrict lewdly.

Taking another fingerful of goo, he dabbed it on her winkie. The cool grease made her bung spasm again. Putting the end of his long, blunt middle finger on her fucked shitter, Max slowly violated her hot depths. He could feel the cream melting from their combined heat.

Kim moaned softly as her ass was drilled by her husband’s digit. Out of the corner of his eye, Max saw the sweat on Eva’s face. As she watched, she chewed uselessly on the wadded napkin gagging her. Bob had his hand around his cock and was stroking it gently.

“Here,” Max said, giving the grease to Bob. “Oil your prick or it’ll hurt her too much.” For a second he thought Bob was going to refuse the oil.

Then Bob took it and spread a thick layer of it over his jutting cock.

Max drew his finger out of Kim’s butt and wiped it on her back, left shiny streaks of soiled grease on her bare flesh. Then he spread Kim’s ass-cheeks and stood to one side so Bob could aim his cock at the brown target.

Bob set his cock against Kim’s tail hole. Max’s prick drooled with lust at the sight. Then, as Kim moaned, Bob bored his prick straight into her bowels. The sight of Bob’s cock disappearing into Kim’s tail made Max’s balls knot up against his gut.

Eva’s eyes were wide. She looked half crazy as she watched her husband bugger Kim. Eva writhed against the ropes biting into her flesh, fought the gag like a spirited horse chafing at the bit. The flaming hot pink of her cunt-lips left no doubt about her arousal.

Bob stroked his cock in and out of Kim’s butt. It emerged from her distended bung like a well-oiled piston rod from a steam engine, then went back in like a ramrod. It looked as if Kim’s ass was going to be split by the cruel reaming. But Kim’s moans were moans of lust, not pain. As she accepted the buggering, she squirmed against the ropes binding her to the table.

Bob grabbed Kim’s waist as he pistoned his prick in her greasy tail-hole. His drives began to pick up speed as his lust boiled higher. His balls thumped Kim’s juicy pussy with soggy slaps. The cords of muscle in his neck stood out rigidly as he corn-holed the helpless blonde. He didn’t spare his own writhing wife a glance as he ravaged Kim.

Max was hovering close as Bob fucked Kim’s asshole. He tried to tell himself it was to make sure Kim didn’t get hurt. But he knew deep down it was for the pure voyeuristic pleasure of watching Kim take cock up her ass. Taking a thick glob of the grease, Max began to oil his prick as Bob’s drives indicated he was nearing his cumming.

Bob growled softly in his throat as he bored full depth into Kim’s shuddering backside. His cock pumped and spasmed heavily as he unloaded his cream in Kim’s shit-chute. Kim moaned as she felt his hot goo flood her ravaged bowels.

His guts drained, Bob wasted no time. He drew out of her ass before his cock had begun to wither. Max didn’t mess around, or wait for an invitation to take Bob’s place. Max set his prick-head against Kim’s glistening, cum-flooded asshole and slowly drove into her rear.

Kim moaned as his cock slid into her rectum on a thick coating of grease and cum. Her asshole accepted his shaft with barely a spasm. As his cock became accustomed to the heat of her slick tunnel, Max dug his hinds under her soft belly, pried toward her twat. Finding her hot, sopping pussy, he drove two fingers into her cunt, felt how it was pinched by the cock up her rear.

Kim moaned and humped against his hand. Her asshole stroked his prick crazily as she shifted and squirmed. Max ground his palm against her cunt as he stroked his cock in her asshole. Finger-fucking her as he buggered her, he brought her to a whining cumming as his semen boiled and bubbled with horniness. He felt her cunt flood heavily over his fingers. The slimy walls spasmed as she came.

Max’s cumming burst from his cock like steam, hosed her shitty depths with thick, boiling shots of jizz. His balls were a tight cramped knot of ecstasy. Max poured his full searing load into Kim’s asshole. He held on until every last drop of cum was wrung from his groin and his prick began to shrink. Then he slowly lay on top of her, ground her against the table as he tenderly kissed her sweaty cheek.

As he cuddled Kim, he looked over at Eva. Bob was untying the gag, dragging the sodden napkin out of his wife’s mouth. For a moment, Max thought Bob was going to release Eva. Then he stared with astonishment as Bob straddled the chair and then rocked it back on its back legs until Eva’s mouth was level with his drooping, greasy, shitty cock. Max’s belly revolted in disgust. Eva opened her mouth and slowly devoured her husband’s fouled cock. She licked and sucked it clean.

“I need to go to the bathroom, honey,” Kim whimpered beneath him. “It’s like I took an enema.”

Max managed to haul himself off her and release her from the table. “I guess you did, baby. Stay naked.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim sighed as she made her way wearily to the toilet.

Max turned his attention to the way Eva was being forced to suck soiled cock. Bob’s dick was swollen and ready again. He was fucking her face by rocking the chair back and forth. The joints of the legs were groaning in a way that made Max wonder if they were going to break.

Eva’s expression was one of pure wanton lust as she accepted the gross humiliation. It looked as if binding her had released the same sex-crazed beast Max had found in Kim. The way Eva’s lips and jaw and throat worked there was no doubt she was doing everything in her power to satisfy her man, to take a load of cum from his prick.

She got it. The pulses of Bob’s cumming were slow, throbbing ones, as if he was searching his guts for every spurt, squeezing it out of concealed recesses.

Kim returned from the john and nestled herself wearily against Max as Bob’s cumming faded out. As he drew his dick out of Eva’s mouth, a final squirt of cum smeared her lip and dripped slowly down her chin.

“Filthy bitch,” Bob growled at his helpless wife.

Eva nodded wearily as he backed off. He tilted the chair upright as he moved away. Her head was hanging. Her glorious black locks were a tangled and matted mess around her cum-smeared face. Her cheeks were still marked by the tight gagging. The ropes across her breasts had slipped down. Inflamed stripes gleamed on her white mounds.

“You loved it, didn’t you?” Bob asked her.

“God, yes,” Eva whispered hoarsely.

“Thanks, Max,” Bob said gratefully, turning away from his exhausted woman.

“What for?” Max asked, puzzled.

“Eva and I have been having… problems. I think we just found the solution.”

Max shrugged. “Glad we could help.”

Bob turned and began untying Eva. “Come on, kid. Time to go home. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

A few minutes later Kim and Max were in bed and she was snuggled lovingly in his arms. They both slid into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Max strolled out into the warm morning sun. It had been two weeks since the evening with Bob and Eva. Until now he had been worried about not hearing from them. The action had been heavier than he had expected, and he thought it might have queered their marriage when they had come to their senses. Bob’s telephone call had left Max reassured, but also puzzled.

Kim looked up from her magazine. She was, on Max’s orders, nude. The slave anklet looked brutal and harsh against her soft skin. She was accustomed to it now.

“Who was it on the phone?” Kim asked.

“Bob, inviting us over for a barbecue,” Max answered.



“Not today!” Kim wailed.

“What’s the matter?” Max asked.

“I don’t have a thing to wear! Absolutely everything I have is dirty,” she explained.

Max chuckled. “No problem. Bob said to bring you nude.”


“I’ll wrap you in something so we don’t get arrested.”

Kim frowned. “You’re not going to… let him have me again, are you?”

Max stretched out on a chaise and picked up the newspaper. “I will if I want to, baby.”

“Yes, Max,” Kim sighed.

“I was going to have you suck my cock, but I’ve changed my mind. Something tells me that later I’m going to need all the cum I can muster.”

Just getting Kim ready for the twenty-minute walk to Bob’s place was enough to give Max a throbbing hard-on. The problem was to somehow cover Kim’s nakedness and the ropes that bound her wrists.

Max finally solved the problem by having her put on her ankle-length formal cape. A glittering dog-collar necklace and matching earnings made it look as if she was dressed for a formal party.

“God, Max, I feel like everyone’s watching,” Kim whispered as they headed down the street. “I feel like everyone knows I’m naked!”

Max was finding it a cock-hardening experience. Knowing that just that single garment concealed his wife from the world made his prick throb with lust. The temptation to unbutton the cape and let it swing open was hammering away at him. The way it flipped and swung revealed her sleek, naked legs well up her thighs. The fact that she was barefoot heightened the hint of wantonness.

Bob’s house was surrounded by a high stone wall, and was set well back from the road. Max halted Kim when they were put of sight of the road and took her cape. Her pale, naked body gleamed in the sunlight. He held the necklace and earrings on her, liking the way they made her look twice as naked.

As they headed up the walk to the front door of the big house, he felt her stiffness, her fear, her lust, and her shame at being so helplessly naked. She had combed her blonde muff. It looked like a soft golden haze between her lush thighs. Sunlight filtering through the towering oak trees shading the front of the house dappled her lush body.

Kim bit her lip and fought to keep from hanging her head as they waited for someone to answer the doorbell. A curtain at a window stirred as someone peeked out at them. Then the door swung back as if by magic. Max eased Kim through ahead of him.

As the door closed, they saw the reason for its mysterious motion.

Eva greeted them silently, her manner subdued for obvious reasons. Her chains rattled softly as she led the way through the house. Her steps were shortened by the hobbles on her feet. She had thick, heavy leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Chains connected the cuffs. She also wore a matching collar.

“Looks like Bob has gone whole hog,” Kim noted softly as they followed Eva.

The backyard was as posh as the rest of the house an acre of landscaped grounds that bordered a state forest. The result was lush seclusion and privacy.

“Hey, there they are,” Bob greeted them cheerily, turning away from the flaming barbecue. He was casually dressed in a white shirt and trim black slacks. “Drinks, Eva,” he ordered. His eyes raked Kim’s naked body insolently. “Looking good, baby.”

Kim flushed and hung her head.

“What’s with the leather?” Max asked.

“Man oh man, did you open a new world to us,” he said enthusiastically. “I hope you’re braced for a wild afternoon and evening.”

“What’s up?” Max asked warily, recalling some rather wild flights of fancy that Bob had had.

“Hey, don’t get uptight,” Bob urged, sensing Max’s concern. “Everything that happens is something that Eva wants, okay? Matter of fact, a lot of it was her idea in the first place. Right, Eva?”

“Yes, Bob,” Eva said, returning with a tray of drinks. The sight of her shackles made Max’s blood boil. While they sipped their drinks, she stood off to one side as if she was a slave rather than their hostess. Max couldn’t help noticing the erect state of her tits.

“Why don’t you let Kim loose for now,” Bob suggested.

Kim felt insane as she sat there naked, with the two fully-dressed men, sipping her drink. She kept shooting glances at Eva and wondering what was happening. It was possible that when Bob had said Eva’s bondage was voluntary, Eva had lied, on his order. But Kim didn’t think, so. She knew how seductive bondage could be. The leather and chains Eva was wearing made Kim’s innards twist with horniness.

“Hands behind your back, Eva,” Bob ordered.

Meekly, Eva complied. Bending over, she stepped through the chain linking her wrists. The changed pose made the thrust of her breasts more eager and exciting. She stood there, feet spread to the limits of the chain.

“I won’t tell you how much all that stuff cost me,” Bob noted, indicating his wife’s bondage gear.

“Must be nice to have money,” Max noted.

“Yeah, well, I’ve got to go to an office every day, though. A free-lancer like you has it made — setting your own hours,” Bob countered.

Max nodded toward Eva. “That stuff doesn’t look all that expensive,” he pointed out.

“The cuffs and chains weren’t,” Bob admitted. “Twenty bucks for each pair. It’s some of the other stuff that was expensive. Go get the combo, Eva.”

Eva bent over and awkwardly stepped back through her wrist chain. She returned in a moment, carrying a leather harness. Two lewd, pink plastic cylinders jutted up from one wide black strap. She took it to Bob and handed it to him, then stood there in front of him. She quivered slightly as the afternoon breeze brushed her bare body.

Kim studied the harness. The cylinders were mounted an inch apart. One, shaped like a cock, was seven inches at least. The other was more slender than a cock, but just as long.

“Later I’ll let her model this for you,” Bob noted. “Plugs two holes. Cost me a mint!”

Max handled the contraption as if he wasn’t quite sure it was real. “Where the hell do you get gadgets like this?”

“Man, these days if you look you can find anything,” Bob answered. “The plugs detach if you just want the harness, or just one plug. It’s got a cunt-grinder, too. Five minutes with both plugs and she’s cumming like a fountain. Right, kid?”

“Yes, Bob,” Eva answered softly.

“You’re welcome to try any of our stuff while you’re here,” Bob offered generously, dropping the double-plug harness.

“I think we’ll stick, with the ropes,” Max answered. Kim felt a wave of relief, but it was tinged with disappointment. She wanted to try the harness. She didn’t have any trouble remembering the feel of the candle in her butt and the pepper mill in her cunt.

“Okay,” Bob agreed easily. “Eva, get those ropes we used to use. You know where they are. Oh, and pick out a whip. Your choice today, kid.”

“Whip?” Max asked curiously.

“I tell you, that night with you opened up a whole new world for us,” Bob said. “It really did. Eva was balling with the paper boy and the milk man. And my secretary was getting bums on her butt. None of that now.”

Eva returned with coils of white nylon rope and a black leather riding crop. The thick handle tapered to a thin, whippy end. She gave the ropes to Max. Kim’s insides began to squirm with excitement.

“Turn around, kid,” Bob ordered Eva, taking the crop from her.

She turned her back and bent forward, resting her hinds on her knees. As Kim watched, her guts churning, Bob drew the crop back. It whistled through the air, and cracked across Eva’s ass with a vicious smack. Eva barely jerked. Her long red nails dug hard into her knees. A red welt slowly appeared on her cunt.

Then Bob wriggled the slender tip of the crop into Eva’s ass-crack, teased her asshole with it. “Nice, kid, very nice. That’s all for now. Go stand in your corner.”

Kim watched Eva closely, tried to read her expression. There was a sheen of lust on Eva’s face from the searing blow across her ass.

“Got some real special entertainment planned for later,” Bob noted. “But right now, why don’t you feel free to use the ropes? The whole yard is yours.”

Max seemed relieved to have an excuse to escape their host for a moment. He sorted the ropes out and then led Kim to the grass beside the patio.

Kim’s insides were steaming with horniness as she followed him across the lawn. She had gotten used to being nude in their back yard. Somehow, this was different. Something about the park-like atmosphere of the unfamiliar setting gave her the feeling she was naked in a public place. The fact that Eva and Bob were both watching from the patio increased the illusion that she was in a park.

Max chose a towering oak, placed Kim under a horizontal branch about ten feet off the ground, and then turned her to face the patio. He chose one of the longer pieces of rope, and tied the ends to Kim’s wrists. He carefully took two full turns with the thick, soft rope and tied knots that wouldn’t slip or draw tight. Then he flipped the rope over the limb. He started to pull. Kim was helpless to do anything but let him raise her arms over her head.

Max was behind her. Unable to see what he was doing, all she could do was focus on her helplessness, and the way Eva and Bob were studying her wanton exposure. She glanced down at herself, saw the rise of her lush boobs. Then Max hauled on one rope, dragged her right arm out to her side slightly while putting more tension on it. Bob said something to Eva and got up.

“Let me help,” Bob offered, disappearing behind Kim. She felt her other arm being pulled out to the side and drawn tight.

The tension on the rope increased until it groaned as it was pulled over the limb of the tree. Kim went up onto her toes as the pull on her anus increased. It went on, and on, until she was afraid her arms were going to rip out of her shoulders. Then she was pulled clear off the ground and was hanging by her wrists. She kicked and writhed, tried to find some foothold.

Max gave her ass a casual push, which sent her swinging. She moaned. She whimpered when Bob fondled her boobs with casual insolence, toyed with her nipples while Max sorted through the remaining rope for what he wanted. Kim’s lust roared higher as she endured Bob’s casual caresses while his wife watched.

Max took two short lengths of rope and fastened them to her ankles. He spread her legs, then tied them. Her tendons were drawn tight, and she could feel air seeping into her cunt.

When Bob drilled a finger up into her sopping tunnel, Kim thought she was going to die with shame. She felt as if she was so much meat strung up for their pleasure.

“Wet as a waterfall,” Bob reported.

Max came around in front of her, let her watch as he opened his fly. His cock thrust out heavily, eagerly. She whimpered when she realized he had raised her just enough to fuck her as she was suspended from the ropes.

She groaned from the agony in her shoulders and hips, and the hunger in her cunt. She watched Max move close to her. Then he gripped her waist, steadied her. He slid his cock into her snatch. Then he came up, rammed his cock into her ravenous hole.

Kim moaned at the brutal, demanding penetration. From aching emptiness, she went to jammed fullness. Her cunt was pinched between their pubic arches. He released his grip on her waist and leaned back slightly. The only contact between her and her husband was their crotches.

As always, Kim’s helplessness brought the semen boiling out of Max’s balls. Spread wide by the ropes, her cunt was a wedge of invitation he wasn’t about to decline. He savored the hot grasp of her hole, leaned away from her, his prick still drilled full depth into her.

He fucked her with easy swings of his hips. The ropes groaned as he stroked into her. His cock was burning up. His cum erupted into her in thick, hot gushes, flooded her streaming hole, then dripped down his prick and onto his aching balls. He held on until his guts were wrung dry.

When he backed away, he was astonished to see Eva don on her knees. The brunette crawled underneath Kim, tipped her head back, and sucked up the cum slowly draining out of Kim’s pussy. Her mouth gaping, Eva drank the mingled juices with noisy, sucking swallows. Finally, she fastened her mouth on Kim’s spread crotch.

Kim whined and groaned. The ropes digging into her wrists and ankles were threatening to tear her apart, to quarter her like a butchered cow. The binding, after the walk to Bob’s house, had lifted her to the edge of cumming. Then Max’s rape while she was suspended had pushed her over the top. Jerking and quivering like a gaffed fish, she had felt Max’s cock gushing into her spasming cunt.

When Eva had fastened her eager mouth on Kim’s gaping twat, it was the last straw. The animal in her burst free and she sailed away on a tidal wave of lust. She felt the ropes tearing at her flesh. She felt the sun burning her straining, naked, sweating body. She felt Eva’s tongue scooping deep in her sopping twat.

Through her delirium, Kim thought of the image they made. A voluptuous nude blonde was suspended from the tree by ropes, while between her gaping legs a brunette in chains and cuffs ate her pussy. And two men, watching. Kim saw it as if in a mirror, had her lust boiled up hotter than ever.

When she finally came to her senses, she realized Eva was no longer eating her out. Dazed, aching from hanging from the ropes, Kim tried to sort out her surroundings. Bob had bared his cock. Eva, still in chains, was on her knees, sucking it. The mouth that had just eaten Kim was not trying to draw a load from her master.

Kim looked around for Max, and saw him on the patio. He was pouring himself a drink. As she watched, he stepped casually around Eva and Bob, and offered Kim a swallow. The liquor burned her throat.

“You all right?” he asked solicitously, making no move to untie her.

Kim managed to nod. “God, I love it,” she moaned. She watched hungrily as Eva mouthed Bob’s iron-hard cock. Her manacled hands were steadying his shaft while she moved her head forward and back. His shining shaft slid provocatively in and out of her sucking lips.

“Maybe I’ll let Bob have you later,” Max mused.

Kim felt a squirm of anticipation. She wasn’t sure what aroused her more the idea of being raped by Bob, or being disposed of so casually by her master.

“Or, maybe some other guest,” Max added casually.

“Other guest?” Kim asked, a jolt of horror slamming through her.

Max looked at her with mock surprise. “Oh, didn’t I mention that?”

Kim couldn’t believe he was serious. “Mention what?”

Max deliberately took a swallow of his drink and watched Eva taking her master’s bone. Her model’s face looked particularly erotic with a cock jammed into it. “Bob’s having a few people over later.”

Kim battled the ropes. “Not with me like this?” she protested. “You’ll let me down before they come?”

Max looked at her. There was love in his eyes, and pride at the beauty of his helpless woman. “Of course with you like that,” he answered.

Kim felt horror and helplessness, and they triggered a spurt of perverse horniness. “You can’t mean it!” she wailed. The thought of being seen as she was, roped and spread and naked, was almost more than she could bear.

Max fondled one of her heaving tits, pinched and rolled the already stiff and eager nubbin. “Dead serious,” he assured her. “And you know you’ll love it. Won’t you?”

Kim hung her head with shame and squirmed against the ropes holding her spread-eagle. “Yes,” she whispered.

“You’ve come a long ways, baby,” Max noted.

“God, Max, what have I become?” Kim moaned as she watched Bob and Eva.

Their host had grabbed Eva’s lustrous black hair and yanked her head back. His cock was spurting pearly gobs of jizm. Thick, gooey ball-juice spattered Eva’s face. She gritted her teeth and took it. Bob milked his prick with one hand, squeezed out the last searing spurts. He pointed them over Eva’s nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. He left her streaked with cum. The carnal wad glistened in the afternoon sunlight.

The sound of the doorbell reached them as he was fucking his shrinking prick back into his pants. He zipped up his fly. “Go answer the door,” he ordered his chained spouse. “And don’t dry your face off. I want them all to know what a cock-sucker you are.”

Silently, obediently, Eva got to her feet. Her chains jingling, she made her way to the patio and into the house. Her lush ass rolled enticingly with each graceful step.

“Who are the guests?” Max asked.

Bob lifted the drink out of Max’s hand and took a swallow. “You’ll enjoy them,” he answered. “They’re all similarly inclined you might say. Kinky.”

“Kinky?” Max asked.

“Into the bondage bit-sadism, masochism, that sort of thing,” Bob explained. “You’d be amazed at how many of them there are.”

“How’d you meet ’em?”

“It was when I started looking for Eva’s cunt. I’ve got a real surprise for her, too. I’ll probably get it out later.”


Bob’s answer was interrupted by the arrival of the first guests. The woman, a petite, china-doll sort of girl, wore a cape that hid her from shoulders to ankles. Her master — or husband or mate — was in what seemed to be a uniform white shirt and black slacks. He was tall, handsome, and Nordic-looking — blonde hair and hard blue eyes. He held a leash from the girl’s black leather and chrome-steel collar.

When the cape was removed, the girl was nude. She kept her hands behind her back, her head bowed subserviently as Max and Bob admired her trim, daunty curves and dark tits. When she turned, Kim saw that the girl’s wrists were shackled together behind her back. The girl’s ass was trim and fit, and for some reason, made Kim’s mouth water.

“What happened to your face?” Bob asked Eva ominously, noting the lack of cum on her skin.

“I made Ling clean it off,” the blonde man answered, grinning. “With her tongue.”

Kim thought of the little Chinese girl licking the jizz off Eva’s face and felt her pussy sizzle. She tugged against the ropes.

“Who’s this?” Eric asked as Eva handed him a drink.

“This is Max, and hanging around aver there is his woman, Kim,” Bob answered.

Kim squirmed, and succeeded in lifting her head to meet the man’s eyes as he studied her naked, stretched body insolently. She shuddered as his hand brushed her tit. Then he reached down, and, with no warning, plunged a finger into her cunt. She groaned. “Nice,” he noted.

The doorbell rang again, then again. Kim started to lose track of the arrivals. With two intriguing exceptions, they seemed to be couples. The woman was invariably nude under her wrap, and bearing some symbol of her slavery. Kim’s lust eased as she studied the women’s slave collars. She felt dowdy with her simple ankle ring.

A couple of the women had rings through their tits, and one had one through her cunt-lip. One woman wore a medieval chastity belt. One man had a bullwhip hanging from his belt. It was like a scene out of a porno fuck.

The two couples that broke the trend intrigued Kim. One couple was two women, a petite blonde who looked no more than nineteen. She was collared, and leashed to a tall, dyke blonde with short-cropped hair and masculine clothes. Kim couldn’t believe it when someone said they were mother and daughter.

The other couple was man and woman, but the roles were reversed. The man was nude, the woman fully clothed. He, too, had a collar and a leash. The collar was around his cock and balls. He had a monster erection.

Unable to circulate, Kim could only study and be studied as she hung from the ropes. From time to time someone would come over and eye her, or fondle her. Several men explored her sopping pussy as she whimpered with horniness and shame. Her tits began to feel bruised and abused from all the touches and pinches. Her ass began to glow from the number of slaps and pats it had received.

“How you doing, baby?” Max asked.

“Okay,” Kim answered shakily.

“Bob’s got a real treat for us in a little while.”

“What’s that?”

“Eva gets her nipples pierced today,” Max answered. He paused for a moment. “With red hot needles.”

Kim thought of the pain that would involve, and she moaned as her cunt flooded with lust.


Apart from the grotesque costuming, it was a typical barbecue. As Kim endured her bondage, she watched the couples circulating, chatting and drinking. As the sun settled behind the trees, flaming kerosene torches added a fucking, red glow to the patio and lawn.

Flame fountained up from the barbecue as Bob deftly flipped hamburgers. Max grabbed a burger, dripping juices, and fed it to Kim as she hung helplessly from the ropes. As he held a beer for her, he ignored her requests to be untied so she could visit a bathroom.

After everyone had eaten, Kim saw Bob working on the coals of the barbecue fire, but, from her vantage point, couldn’t tell what he was doing.

Music started, and a few couples began to dance on the patio. The men fondled their naked women intimately as the fucking light from the torches played over their flesh.

“Isn’t she adorable, darling?” the butch blonde said to her young slave.

“Yes, Mama,” the girl agreed.

“I understand she needs to go to the bathroom,” the mistress noted cruelly. “Is that true?”

Kim shot a glance at Max who had appeared by her side, then nodded. The need in her bladder was now bordering on pain.

“Potty time, darling,” the blonde said to Kim. “Down on your knees for your shower,” she said to her daughter.

As Kim watched, horrified, the girl sank to her knees on the grass. Her pale-blonde hair was drawn back in a ponytail. Her face was delicately molded. Her eyes were a light blue. The arousal the young girl was feeling was obvious. Her pussy was completely hairless.

As she hung from the ropes, she looked down, saw the girl crawl almost under her. The girl tipped her face back and reached her shackled wrists up, carefully spreading Kim’s labes.

Kim didn’t need to be told what to do. For a few moments, she resisted. But in the end, she did it, although she knew that she could have held back. That was what made it so horrible the searing horniness she felt as she showered the girl with piss.

The little blonde twisted and turned under the hot stream as if she were taking a shower. She let the yellow flood spatter over her eyes, nose, and into her mouth, then run in hot rivulets over her tender tits and gently-rounded tummy. Kim kept her pee flowing as long as she could. Her insides coiled into a tight knot of lust as she watched the girl taking her foul bath. The sick disgust Kim felt for herself increased her mad lust.

The flow ended, and Kim thought that was the end of it. But then the daunty girl reached up and licked Kim’s cunt. The touch of the girl’s tongue on Kim’s pussy sent flames roaring through Kim, made her lurch and twist and moan against the ropes.

“You filthy, filthy child,” the girl’s mistress snarled viciously.

A yank on the leash and the youngster was down on her face in the piss-sodden grass. The dyke straddled her charge’s slender waist, facing her upraised bottom, and clamped her legs tight. She proceeded to beat the girl’s tender ass with the free end of the chain leash. She slashed viciously at the delicate skin, raised hot red welts, reduced the youngster to tears as she huddled below Kim.

The woman halted the beating and, keeping the girl clamped between her legs, began unfastening her tight slacks. A kick, and the blonde was on her back. Her mistress yanked down her pants, and then smothered the girl with her thick, pale red muff.

As Kim watched, the pissed-on, beaten blonde devotedly ate the sloppy twat of her tormentor. She humped and squirmed, her legs spread as her mouth sucked and slurped on the hairy crotch being jammed onto her face. The girl’s pussy was inflamed and eager. The inner labes were hot rose petals protruding from her hairless cunt-lips.

Her mistress began to cum, began growling and swearing at her slave. A cruel grip on the girl’s ponytail controlled the action. When she was done, she cuffed her charge casually. “Slut,” she snorted. “I’ll bet you’d love to get fucked tonight, wouldn’t you?”

The little blonde nodded as she struggled to her knees.

“Well, maybe I’ll let Max here have you, later. He looks like an ass man to me. I’ll bet he’d love to bugger that tail of yours. Wouldn’t you, Max?”

Kim could see the horniness in Max’s eyes, and in the hard-on in his pants. As she watched, her husband lowered his fly and loosed his prick.

“What’s wrong with now?” he asked.

Kim saw the girl’s eyes light up with hunger at the sight of Max’s cock. Her mistress might be a dyke, but the girl herself was, at most, AC-DC. Kim’s cunt was a swamp of hunger for Max’s prick. She knew she wouldn’t get it. Max had eyes only for that delectable, hairless bung.

“On your face,” the dyke ordered.

The ponytailed girl obeyed, turned her back on Kim and Max, and bending over, put her cheek to the ground.

Max grinned at Kim. Sensing her frustration, her jealousy, her misery, he knelt behind his victim. The woman clamped her legs around the young girl’s waist, and spread the tight ass-cheeks for Max. With no lubrication except what his prick supplied, Max set the knob of his cock on the tightly-fucked rear entrance.

Kim’s bung twinged in sympathy as Max bored in. His cock-head swelled and bulged from the pressure. With a moan, the girl managed to get half an inch of Max’s pecker-tip into her tail. Her ass-ring spasmed and winked, and Max gradually gained ground. The sight of his cock slowly drilling into the little blonde’s butt made Kim’s insides sizzle.

Max gripped his prey’s slender thighs as he rammed his cock slowly inward. The muscles in his neck stood out with the strain as he powered his prick into her ungreased rear. The skin of his cock wrinkled from the friction as he sank it into her depths. He didn’t show any consideration for her soreness from the beating, just rammed his cock full-depth into her asshole.

Kim could see the girl fondling her streaming cunt with her shackled hands. She was reaching back between her slender thighs as she took cock up her tail. The moons from the ponytailed youngster were moans of lust, not agony.

Max drew his cock out and powered it back in. Her asshole dragged out, then was pushed in from the brutal friction. Max speeded up his strokes, moved faster as the ring embracing his cock loosened with lust. His balls swung and rapped her sopping pussy, then began to knot up against his grow.

His cock leaped and pumped, and Kim jerked and heaved against the ropes. She was mad with hunger for the jism her muter was gushing into the girl’s rear. Max emptied his balls into her tight shitter, then hauled his soiled cock out. Before her tail hole had closed completely, the blonde was squirming free of her mistress, turning and licking Max’s cock clean.

“Filthy little slut,” the dyke woman snorted as her charge finished.

“Isn’t she though,” Max said casually.

Bob, calling from the patio, broke into their little scenario. Kim stopped fighting the ropes. Max fucked his dick back in and zipped up as the blonde dragged her slave to her feet.

“Got a treat for you tonight,” Bob announced. “Eva’s slavery takes another step forward, or should I say downward? Or upward? Anyway, tonight she gets two fresh symbols of her enslavement.” He held up two pairs of interlocked rings. “Tit-rings.”

Kim whimpered deep in her throat. They looked like oversized loop earrings for pierced ears. Only the larger rings were cold, black iron.

“Come here,” Bob ordered his slender, naked wife.

Silently, her chained hands clasped in front of her, Eva stepped forward. Two men came out of the house with what looked like a huge dining-room table. At each corner of the polished wood there were steel eyebolts. In the center there was a wide black leather belt. They stood the table on end at the edge of the patio.

As the guests moved onto the grass so they could see, Eva was led to the table. Max unfastened the chain between her wrists and shackled them to the eyebolts at the top of the table. He left no slack. He did the same thing to her ankles, spread Eva as wide as Kim had been all evening. He finished the job by fastening the leather belt around Eva’s waist, buckling it tight so it held her immobile against the hard wood.

“She might scream a little, so I’ll use a gag,” Bob said. He fastened a thick leather strap around her head and over her mouth. The belt had a thick wad of leather that he jammed between her teeth.

“Blindfold,” Bob said, grabbing a mask. It, too, was shiny black leather, and buckled tightly around her head.

Kim could see the sweat trickling from Eva’s armpits as she stood there strapped to the board. Her chest was lifting and failing with her ragged, fear-racked breathing. Her nipples were sharp and hard, rigid with arousal. The inner labes of her pussy were distended and crimson.

Eva looked like a pagan sacrifice. The torches danced and fucked. Ghostly light played over her sweat-shiny body. Her muscles writhed as she tested the tight bonds. Her head twisted and turned as she fought the gag and blindfold.

“You’ve done this before, Eric,” Bob said to the Nordic man with the Chinese girl. “How about helping?”

“Sure,” Eric agreed pleasantly. He walked over to him.

“These will just be temporary rings,” Max told Kim. “After she heals, Bob will rivet permanent rings through her tits.”

Kim felt her pussy drizzle with lust. Her tits were aching as if they were going to be pierced. She whimpered, struggled against the ropes. She was unable to take her eyes off Eva’s straining body.

Bob wheeled the barbecue over beside his helpless wife. Two long skewers with wooden handles were protruding from the coals.

“The hotter the better,” Eric noted.

Bob withdrew one of the skewers. It was needle sharp. The point was a dull yellow-orange. It faded quickly to red, then black as the cool night air touched it. “Hot enough?” Bob asked.

“When it first comes out would be best,” Eric answered. “Put that one back in and get ready to yank out the other one.”

“Right,” Bob agreed, gripping the handle of the second skewer.

“Wait a second,” Eric cautioned. He cupped his hand under Eva’s right boob. Pinching, in with his thumb and fingers made her mound jut outward sharply. Her tit was so stiff and erect it looked like it was eager for what was to come.

With his free hand, Eric grabbed a scorched piece of wood. He positioned it beside Eva’s jutting tit. “Okay, on the count of three.”

Bob nodded.


Eva stiffened.

“Take a deep breath, Eva,” Eric ordered. “Two!”

Eva’s chest rose.

“Hold it, hold your breath!” Eric snapped.

Kim wanted to close her eyes and look away, but couldn’t. She could feel tears running down her cheeks.


Bob whipped the skewer from the barbecue. The tip was white hot. He aimed the needle at Eva’s rigid nipple. Wisps of pine-scented smoke rose from the chunk of wood as he used it as a guide for his thrust.

There was a hiss as the skewer slid quickly and smoothly through Eva’s tit. Eva’s body jerked and snapped against the straps binding her as the iron passed completely through her nipple. Only the straps and Eric’s firm, steady grip on her kept her from tearing her tit on the needle drilling through it. Her scream of agony was muffled by the gag jamming her mouth.

Kim smelled burning flesh and fought down the urge to vomit. As she watched, the needle was drawn out of Eva’s tit. Bob picked up one of the tit-ring sets. In seconds the heavy ring was dangling from Eva’s skewered nipple. She was racked by gut-wrenching shudders that made the ring dance from her tit.

“Now the other one,” Bob said, shifting the barbecue around to Eva’s other side. Eric gripped her other tit and positioned the board.

Either this piercing hurt less, or Eva was half unconscious from the shock of the first one. At any rate, she didn’t jerk and heave as much when the white-hot needle pierced her tender flesh. Then the second ring was in place, and Bob was wheeling the barbecue out of the way.

Eva hung limply from the cuffs and belts. Her head lolled. Bob and Eric unfastened her, and Bob carried her into the house.

Eric came back for his woman. Thanking Max for holding her, he took the leash, hooked it around his wrist, and then ordered, her to get his cock out.

As Kim watched, hanging from her ropes, Eric took out his lust on the little girl, raped her right there on the grass. He didn’t even bother to unbind her chained wrists. He crushed them under the small of her back as she powered his massive prick into her tender slit.

The girl spread her legs wide, welcomed the quick, cruel, impatient drives into her cunt. Eric gabbed her behind the knees forced them up until she was bent almost double. His cock slammed into her with a juicy smacking sound. Her perfect, small tits jiggled and jolted with each impact.

Kim’s horny study was disrupted by Max’s fingers probing her twat. She moaned as he invaded her flooded hole. He slid one finger up into her cunt, then a second, and wiggled them. Kim jerked and twisted against the ropes. She managed to focus again on Eric’s long, lean hard-on plunging into Ling’s exposed cunt. His glistening prick had to be touching bottom in the tiny woman. His balls slapped her ass with every stroke, and she winced every time they did.

Eric rammed in hard, and his cock pumped and pulsed in her pussy. Ling moaned as she was flooded with steaming cum. Her slender frame quivering, sweat slicking her face, she shuddered. The way her shoulders squirmed and writhed, it was obvious she wanted to throw her arms around Eric. The chains made it impossible.

A creamy wave of goo spilled from her slit and drooled heavily down off Eric’s balls as he flooded her with cum. Eric gave a long, harsh sigh and released Ling’s legs and lay down on top of her. He pinned her to the grass, ground her into the turf as she let her legs straighten and relax. His hips were still wedging her slender thighs open.

“Thanks for the help, Eric,” Bob said, barely glancing at the interlocked couple.

Eric grunted.

“How’s Eva?” Max asked, not taking his fingers from Kim’s cunt.

“Shell be fine,” Bob answered. “She just fucked. She’s soaking her tits in ice water.”

“She’ll be out of commission for a while,” Max noted.

“Rear entry only until her tits heal,” Bob corrected. “How are you doing, Kim?”

Kim tried to shrug. “Okay.”

“How does she feel?” Bob asked.

“She’s sopping,” Max answered. “I think she’d like tit rings, too.”

“No!” Kim answered sharply. “Too much pain!”

Max wiggled his fingers in her snatch. “You’ll get ’em if I want you to, baby.”

“Yes, Max,” she agreed softly and felt her pussy seep.

“How about it, Bob, you ready for a go?” Max asked.

Bob chuckled. “What the fuck do you think?”

“I think if I don’t do something about my hard-on I’m going to burst,” Max answered.

“I get the flip side?” Bob asked, shaking his rigid cock.

Max shook his head and dragged his fingers slowly out of Kim’s cunt. “Better let me take the back door. I already buggered the little blonde. If I use Kim’s cunt she’ll get a nasty infection.”

“Yes,” Bob agreed.

Kim whimpered. She was as horny as she had ever been. They were talking about her as if she was nothing more than a receptacle to drain their balls into. They didn’t discuss what she might want. And that made her all the hornier. She was their toy, their plaything.

Max went around behind her and gripped her waist. His cock nuzzled between her butt-cheeks. She moaned at the hot touch on her bung. He had greased his pecker with her cunt-juice.

She sighed as he slowly worked his cock into her crack. He was lifting her up so much the ropes were cutting into her ankles. She felt his cock slowly prying, wedging, digging at her asshole, and fought to let him in. The pain was exquisite. Finally, he managed to pry her ass open with his pecker. Meanwhile, Bob stood in front of her, his cock hanging out, hard and ready. He toyed with her tits, pinched her nipples hard enough to hurt, rolled and tugged at them. He was waiting until Max was locked in her rear before he filled her cunt with cock.

“Awwwww,” Kim moaned as her master’s cock reamed her.

There was a slipping, snapping sensation as her sphincter clutched the groove behind his cockhead. Then she felt his prick slide slowly up into her rectum like a mammoth turd going in reverse. Max jammed the full, glutting length of his cock into her greasy tunnel, until his hips were up against her butt.

Then Bob moved in, and aimed his cock into her gushing cunt. The touch of his prick at her hole was wild. She shuddered as she realized her pussy was pinched shut by Max’s cock up her butt.

“Tight,” Bob grunted as he slowly worked his cock into her.

“I can feel you going in,” Max hissed from behind. “God that’s great!”

Kim moaned as she felt her cunt being stuffed with cock. She felt as if her whole belly was jammed up. There was a stinging sensation, as if she was slowly tearing in two. She hung there quivering as the two cocks drilled into her.

Max drew his dong out, and she thought her rectum was going to turn inside out. She felt the wall between asshole and cunt being twisted and tugged.

“Shit!” Bob snorted. “Crazy! Feels like — shit, I don’t know what!”

“Yeah,” Max agreed, pistoning his cock back into Kim’s butt.

“My turn,” Bob said, and she felt him drag his cock out of her cunt. Again there was that maddening, twisting, inside-out sensation. It wasn’t quite as strong this time because of the thick waves of juice greasing Bob’s dork.

As soon as Bob was in her, Max stroked his cock out and in. “Sonofabitch,” he grunted.

Kim felt like she was being rolled into a smaller and smaller ball of lust as the cocks pistoned alternately.

Then Bob and Max went into a different routine. As one of them drew out, the other drove.

It was shock when, suddenly, after being so full, she was virtually empty of cock. Both men had gone out at the same time. Just the heads of their pricks were in her openings. They both drove into her at the same time, and Kim thought she was going to die spitted on two cocks.

She jerked up hard against the ropes, and quivered and shuddered between the men’s hard bodies, the meat in a carnal sandwich. As she was double-fucked, everything faded off into a wild fog of lust. Strange things were being done to her hands were pinching her tits and clutching her ass-cheeks, a tongue was raping her mouth, teeth were biting her neck. Her whole body was being rolled and twisted and mangled.

And there were cocks and cocks and cocks. Her whole body felt like it had been penetrated by dicks. She felt them flooding her with gallons of boiling, salty semen. Two cocks pumped and jumped in her. Her cunt and rear were hosed with jizz.

The two men clutched her, pinned her between them until their pricks were shrunken and withered. Then they slithered out of her ravaged channels and she slowly became aware of the pain the ravishing had created. She felt someone holding her up while the ropes were cut. Then she was being eased down onto the cool, moist grass and there was a cock at her lips. She sucked it. She didn’t care whose it might be, or where it had last been. A gush of cum flooded her mouth, made her choke and gasp.

She was rolled on her back, and someone pushed in between her gaping thighs. They humped madly into her already-sodden cunt, then hosed her with cum. After the third or fourth one, she lost count. She lay limp and uncaring as cock after cock after cock raped her. Her own cumming had reached a sustained high. Nothing else in the world existed.

It was only when the cocks stopped coming that she began to come to her senses. She was sprawled on her back on the grass. She was soaked with jizz. Everyone was sitting around chatting casually as if nothing unusual had happened.

“Congratulations, baby,” Max said.

“What for?” Kim croaked. Her throat was all sticky with cum.

“You got voted most desirable,” Max answered. “Every man had a shot at you tonight.”

“Oh my God,” Kim sighed. She couldn’t believe that she felt pride, not horror, at what she had done.

“And I’ve got four orders for anklets like yours,” Max added.

“Mmmm?” Kim asked softly. “What, baby?”

“DO you still love me?”

“More than ever, baby,” he answered softly. “More than ever.”

Kim fingered the ropes that were still around her wrists. “I guess these are the ties that bind.”

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