Keiko takes me shopping and furthers my exhibitionist education

All day at work I couldn’t keep from thinking about the
previous day’s events. Early in the morning I developed
another raging hard-on that stayed with me until I went

Several times during the day I thought I would have to
go to the restroom and masturbate to relieve the
pressure. But I was able to somehow successfully resist,
saving myself for tonight when I hoped to come again in
the presence of Keiko.

As soon as I got home, I dropped my stuff on the counter
and headed for Keiko’s apartment. She met me at the door
wearing only a t-shirt, but not the long one of the
previous day. This shirt was much shorter, revealing her
lovely legs almost up to the vee of her vagina in the
front, and just the lower part of her butt cheeks in the
back. If I didn’t already have an erection, just the
sight of her would have given me one for sure.

“God, you look great,” I said as I entered her

Keiko looked at me with disapproval.

“Why are you wearing so much clothes? You need to wear
something different and more exposing.”

“I wasn’t sure what to wear tonight, so I thought I’d
wait and hear your suggestions.”

“After dinner we will go to your apartment and select
something for you to wear when we go to the store

I could only imagine what she had in mind as we had a
nice dinner with a couple of glasses of wine. The
alcohol haze descended on my brain. I wasn’t
dysfunctional, but it was enough to make me not care so
much about exposing myself in public again.

We ate sitting on her sofa holding our plates in our
hands. All during eating, Keiko treated me to
unobstructed views of her beautiful, hairless vagina.
She knew I was looking at it, and that seemed to make
her all the more excited. Clear drops of her juices were
visible, shining as the light reflected off them.
“OK, let’s go,” Keiko announced after we finished with
the last of the dishes. “But let me put something else
on first. I’ll be right back.”

Keiko disappeared into the bedroom, and when she came
back, I was completely aroused by what she was wearing.

Her pullover blouse was almost see-through with a bare
midriff. Underneath she had on a skin-toned bra with
thin straps. The bra was barely enough to cover her
nipples, which were poking visibly through the cloth.

Keiko was wearing an extremely short tan miniskirt that
rode low on her hips. Combined with the midriff of her
blouse, her stomach, navel, and a good portion of her
abdomen were exposed. God, what a lovely tummy she has!
And the view from the back was just as enticing. Her
skirt came up only to the dimples right above the cheeks
of her ass. The graceful curve of her lower back could
be easily enjoyed by anyone who cared to look.

She was wearing no hosiery with open-toed sand-colored

“You look so wonderful,” I managed to gasp out, ogling
this vision of beauty and eroticism in front of me.
“What are you wearing under your skirt?”

Keiko lifted up her skirt to reveal her white thong g-
string underwear. The patch in front was almost not
visible because it was situated so low, just enough to
cover her lips. My penis pulsed as I admired her.

“OK,” she said. “Let’s go find you something better to

We went to my apartment and Keiko rooted through my
closet and drawers.

“I can’t believe it! You have nothing sexy to wear. So
we’ll have to improvise a little.”

She chose a pair of running shorts, the kind that has
the panties sewn right into them. She took them into the
kitchen and cut out the panties with my kitchen

“Here, put these on with no underwear.”

“But they have these slits on the side for running. If I
sit down, I’ll pop out. And If I have an erection all
night, like I think I’ll always have with you, I won’t
be able to hide it.”

“You will just have to get over it,” Keiko said with a
wink and a smile.
I did as instructed and put the shorts on with no
underwear. The legs of the shorts came down to just
above mid-thigh, but my penis tented them severely in
the front. But I found if I pulled them down a little in
the front, I could tuck the head of my penis under the
waistband, which was wide enough to hold it in place
without the head sticking too much out of the top.

Keiko also found a t-shirt that I forgot I had. It was
several years old and had shrunk from repeated washings.
That’s why I never wore it any more and it had found its
way to the bottom of my drawer.

The shirt was tight, but not as tight as I thought it
would be as I put it on. The shirt was not long enough
to tuck in. And if I lifted my arms, my stomach and
navel could be seen in the front.

“I guess that’s as good as we can do. Put on some
sandals and we are all set to go.”

So here I was about to go out in public wearing almost
nothing! Just the thought of it excited me to no end. I
was definitely going to have a tough time hiding my
aroused condition.

Before we left, I grabbed my fanny pack and stuffed my
wallet and keys in it. I adjusted it so I could let it
hang in front if I needed it during our trip to the

I followed Keiko out to the street, enjoying wonderful
views of her magnificent ass as we went. We only had to
wait a couple of minutes before the bus showed up. While
waiting, Keiko concerned herself with adjusting my
shorts. Every time she grabbed the waistband of my
shorts, my penis would pop out, tenting the front. I
would replace it beneath the waistband again, but as
soon as she would touch my shorts, out it would come
again. At one of her adjustment attempts, it actually
popped out into the evening air. My naked penis was
exposed in public!

The bus driver’s eyes just about popped out when he saw
Keiko. Her crotch was exposed to him as she climbed up
into the bus. He turned around to look at her as she
walked past him. Keiko’s lovely lower ass cheeks bounced
tantalizingly! A woman came up just as I was getting on
the bus and when I turned to look at her, I noticed that
her eyes were focused on my ass. Little did she know
that I was totally naked under that thin cloth she was
fixated on.

I sat down next to Keiko as the bus took off towards the
city. She sat with her knees apart slightly. I could
hardly see her panties because the cloth patch covering
her vagina was set down so low on her. Just the very top
part of her vaginal slit was beginning to poke out at
the top of her thong panties.

“Keiko, I can see the top part of your vagina,” I warned

“Yes, these panties always slide down a little. I have
to keep pulling them up.”

“So why even wear any panties?”

“Good question,” Keiko said pensively.

I was stunned, as was a guy in the seat in front of us
but on the opposite side of the aisle, when Keiko raised
her hips up and reached up inside her skirt to pull her
panties down and off. During this, I didn’t have any
trouble seeing her totally naked vagina, so maybe the
other guy didn’t either.

My penis was really pulsing as Keiko stuffed the panties
in her purse. I thought I would pop out of my shorts, so
I moved my fanny pack to my lap.

“Hey, no fair! I showed mine!” Keiko challenged.

“I don’t think I’m ready to flash my hard-on here on a
bus in the middle of San Francisco.”

But Keiko would hear nothing of it. I didn’t try to stop
her as she pushed my fanny pack away from my lap. As she
did it, my penis popped out from beneath the waistband
of my shorts, tenting them in front. Keiko reached into
the side slit and grabbed my shaft. She squeezed it for
a second, then pulled her hand out, leaving my penis
totally exposed, sticking straight up towards the

I let it stay there like that for a couple of blocks,
then I pushed it back in, tucking the tip under the
waistband. Keiko reached down and adjusted the waistband
to expose the head of my penis. The hole on the tip was
plainly visible. Keiko touched it with her forefinger. I
pulsed uncontrollably and my penis secreted a small drop
of fluid. Keiko noticed it and touched her finger to it,
then rubbed the drop on her abdomen right below her
navel. The other guy was getting a really good show!

“Here’s our stop,” Keiko said finally.

We got up and exited through the back door, the guy
watching us intently the whole way. I continued to let
the head of my penis poke up out of the waistband of my
shorts as we started walking.

“It’s only a few blocks to the store I’m thinking about.
I’ve been here several times before. They have all kinds
of sexy clothing for both men and women.”

It was very exciting to know that Keiko wasn’t wearing
any panties under her very short miniskirt. I had a
difficult time keeping my aching penis in check. Keiko’s
perfect ass swayed seductively up and down and side to
side as she walked. Every time her ass would sway down,
I could see just the very bottom of her ass cheeks. I
knew she was excited about being so exposed because I
could see the fading sunlight shining on the moisture on
the insides of her thighs.

On our walk to the store, I was able to keep my penis in
place, tucked under the waistband of my shorts. The
exposed tip was still leaking a little fluid. A couple
of people we walked past did a double take when they
looked at me, their vision seemingly focused on the head
of my penis. Keiko was noticing, too. She kept turning
around and looking at me with a big smile on her face.

Finally we got to the store. It was kind of like a sex
shop, except with more clothes than sex toys and videos.
They had skimpy micro-bikinis for men and women, all
kinds of women’s lingerie, domination gear, as well as
miniskirts, see-through blouses, and the like.

As soon as we walked in, a scantily clad woman with
pierced everything came over to greet us. She was
wearing a see-through cut-off t-shirt and hip hugging
shorts that were very short, indeed. The shorts were so
tight that they rode up her vaginal slit. A tiny bit of
wetness was visibly staining her vee. I could see
through her t-shirt that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and
both of her large nipples were pierced. She didn’t bat
an eye when she saw the head of my penis sticking up out
of the waistband of my shorts.

“I need to get my friend something sexy to wear,” Keiko

“He looks OK to me,” the woman said, indicating my
penis, smiling broadly.

“Let’s see what kind of sexy clothing you have for men,”
Keiko continued.

“We’ve got the men’s stuff over here,” the woman said,
heading off towards some racks.

“You’ll find the thongs and g-strings here,” she said,
pointing to a couple of rows. “And over here are shirts,
shorts, assorted undergarments, robes, pajamas, and some
other stuff. The dressing rooms are right back there,”
she said, indicating the back of the store.

“We’ll give it a look,” Keiko said.

“Just let me know if you need any help,” she said, again
looking at my penis. “I’ll be happy to assist you,” she
said, winking at me.

I took a look at the woman as she walked back to her
place at the front counter. Her very short shorts
exposed most of her butt cheeks.

“OK, let’s see if we can find you a really nice g-string
to wear.”

“I hope it’ll be something that doesn’t make me look
gay. I don’t have anything against gay people, I just
want to attract women and not men.”

“I think both men and women will lust after you. You
just have to not act like you’re gay and you’ll be OK.”

Keiko found a skin-toned g-string bikini and held it up
to look at it.

“I think this will do just fine. Here, try this on.”

The garment was so small I couldn’t believe it. There
was almost no cloth in the front to cover me. I grabbed
the thing and started heading towards the dressing room.
Keiko grabbed my arm.

“No, try it on here,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve already seen everything.”

“But what if someone else comes in?”

“There’s no one here but the girl up front, and she saw
your penis already.”

“Yeah, but just the tip of it.”

“Just go ahead and try them on here. It’ll be fun and

I quit arguing with her and turned around so my back was
facing the woman at the counter. Then I pulled my shorts
down and stepped out of them.

“Here, hold these,” I said, handing them to Keiko.

“The woman at the counter is staring at your ass,” Keiko
said excitedly. “Make sure you show her your balls when
you bend over.”

I spread my legs and bent over, letting my balls hang so
the woman could see them.

“Her eyes are getting very wide now,” Keiko almost
squealed with delight.

I stepped into the g-string and pulled it up to my
crotch. The cloth in the front was actually a small
pouch, but the top hem of it was cut just above the base
of my penis. All of my pubic hair was sticking out. With
my penis so hard I could only get my balls in the pouch.
My shaft was sticking up with no hope of being covered.

“Wow,” Keiko said. “That’s really sexy. You’re so hard!
We have to get that one. It’s a good color for you.”

“Huh?” I said incredulously. “My penis is sticking out

“That’s what’s so sexy about it. Can’t you just imagine
getting an erection in public and not being able to hide
it? It’ll be so wonderful to see the looks on people’s
faces! Why don’t you go see what the woman who greeted
us thinks about it?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, just ask for her opinion. I’m sure she’ll tell you
what she thinks.”

Keiko grabbed my arm, and pulled me around and up to the
counter. I surprised myself by not resisting her. The
woman was staring intently at my fully erect penis
sticking up out of the g-string as we got up to the

“What do you think of this g-string on him,” Keiko
asked. “Do you think we have the right size and color?”

The woman didn’t miss a beat.

“The color is perfect, and the size seems to be just
right,” she said, winking at me.

“I mean, should we get a larger size to cover him up
more?” Keiko continued.

“No, the g-string will cover him up adequately when he’s
soft. But if he’s hard like now…”

Her voiced trailed off as she continued to stare at my
penis. I couldn’t believe that we were standing here at
a counter in a store with my penis sticking out talking
about clothes as if it was the most normal thing in the

Keiko thought for a moment.

“Let’s see what it looks like when you’re soft,” she

“And how am I going to do that?” I asked. “You’ve got me
so worked up it’ll never go back down.”

“You always get soft right after you come, so let’s make
you come.”

She said it as if it were the most natural thing in the
world. The woman behind the counter looked like she
couldn’t believe it either.

“I’ll help you,” Keiko said. She turned to the woman.
“Do you have any tissue I can have?”

“Sure,” the woman said, pulling a box of tissue out from
beneath the counter. I could tell by the look in her
eyes and the smile on her face that she was clearly
enjoying this.

“Are we just going to do it right here?”

“Sure, why not,” Keiko said.

“Sure, go ahead,” the woman said.

“I’ll hold the tissue in front of you and you just come
into it,” Keiko said, arranging the tissues in her hand.

Keiko was clearly enjoying it, too. She had a really big
smile. I could tell she was really aroused by it. Even
more juice was visible between her legs.

“OK, you asked for it,” I said, not believing what I was
hearing myself say. I was about to masturbate in public
in front of a total stranger, albeit an attractive

I surprised Keiko by reaching between her legs and
putting my hand on her bare vagina. I rubbed it for a
few seconds to gather as much of her juices as I could
to lubricate my masturbation.

I felt Keiko’s knees go weak as I briefly brush my thumb
over her hardened clitoris and inserted a finger
partially into her hole. The woman behind the counter
was also enjoying the moment. Her eyes had become very
wide with dilated pupils and she was absent-mindedly
rubbing her crotch.

With my hand soaked in Keiko’s vaginal fluids, I started
to stroke my throbbing penis, slowly at first. Milky
white juice started leaking out of the tip immediately
and was dripping off my hand onto the floor.

“Oops,” Keiko said, moving the tissue underneath my
penis to catch the drops.

The woman behind the counter had unfastened her shorts
and had put her hand into the front, massaging her
vagina while watching me masturbate. I could see the top
tufts of her pubic hair as she pushed her shorts down
while trying to get her hand in.

Keiko likewise was getting aroused. With one hand she
held the tissue and she put the other under her skirt to
touch her moistened vagina.

I’m sure it must have been an amazing sight, all three
of us stroking ourselves, juices dripping everywhere! We
were lucky that no one else was in the store and traffic
was light on the street outside.

I could feel by the pressure that I was going to come
soon. I’d had a giant erection all day and I’m sure I
had a lot of buildup to release. It wasn’t going to take
much longer.

My stroking speed had increased and both Keiko and the
woman had also quickened their pace. The woman switched
hands, placing her wet hand on the edge of the counter
to steady herself.

My knees were getting weak, another indication of my
impending orgasm. My eyes started glazing over and the
head of my penis starting enlarging, more milky drops
rolling off my hand into the tissue.

Keiko saw the head of my penis get larger, “He’s going
to come,” she cried excitedly.

My knees were really getting weak, so I put a hand on
the edge of the counter to steady myself. The woman put
her wet hand on top of mine and squeezed. Somehow it
seemed appropriate for her to be holding my hand, as I
was about to shoot my sperm in front of her.

All three of us were furiously stroking as the final
spasm hit me and I let loose my first stream of hot
come. My penis jerked heavily and out it came, missing
the tissue completely, landing on the front of Keiko’s

The sight of me coming was too much for either woman to
take. Both of them gasped simultaneously as they
succumbed to their stroking.

Our fluids were flowing copiously as I continued to
spasm out long strings of come, all of them missing the
tissue and landing on Keiko’s skirt, legs, and feet. The
woman was squeezing my hand tightly as she closed her
eyes in her ecstasy, her wet hand sliding in mine.

Keiko’s eyes were tightly closed, too, and she hadn’t
seen the mess I was making all over her. She was holding
the tissue to catch the drops that had been leaking out
before I came and had forgotten from the night before
how far I shoot my sperm and how much comes out. Keiko
was shuddering, her knees shaking badly. I thought she
was going to fall down, but she was somehow holding

The spasms started to subside for all of us, and as
intended, my penis started to soften, the final drops
oozed out and dripped to the floor.

The woman opened her eyes. They were glazed over with
that post-orgasm lack of focus. She loosened her grip on
my hand, but still continued holding on. Keiko also
opened her eyes, noticing that I had come all over the
front of her.

“Wow!” she exclaimed at last. “You really came a lot!
It’s all over me.”

Keiko began to laugh, the woman and I joining in. I
could hardly stand up. The floor beneath us was puddled
with our juices.

“Oh my god,” said the woman. “That’s just about the
sexiest thing I’ve ever seen or done. Did we all come
together?” she asked, looking at Keiko, since it was
pretty obvious that I had come.

“Oh, yes. God, yes. It was so big!”

Keiko stared off in space for a moment, then came back
to reality.

“OK, let’s see if you fit now,” Keiko said.

We all started laughing again. That was the whole reason
we had masturbated in public, so that I would get soft
after coming to see if my penis and balls would fit into
the g-string’s pouch.

Keiko took another tissue and dried her hands. She
dropped it on the floor, then took another tissue and
wrapped it around my soft penis so it wouldn’t stain the
fabric in case it didn’t fit. She pulled the pouch over

“Look at that! A perfect fit. We’ll take it!”

As I said, the top of the pouch came up only to the base
of my penis. My penis hung down over the fronts of my
balls. I pulled the strap up the crack of my ass. The
top of the pouch came down a little revealing just a
hint of my shaft and balls.

“That’s how I want you to wear it,” Keiko said.

“You look so good in it!”

“And how. Do you want me to wrap it up for you?” the
woman asked.

“No, he’ll wear it out. We better get another one, too.
Let’s get a red one, just for fun! You can wear that one
at the pool and really turn the ladies on.”

I put my shorts back on over the thong. Then I grabbed a
few tissues and wiped up our mess on the floor. I
extended the box to Keiko.

“No, I’ll wear mine out, too.”

Keiko wiped the globs of my come from her skirt and
skin, and rubbed them on her abdomen. Her skin glistened
in the light.

“I’m going to wear your come all night!” she said. “Just
think about that as the night progresses.”

“You missed one,” the woman said, reaching over the
counter and wiping one of the drops with her hand. She
put the come up to her mouth and licked her fingers.

“Oh god, you taste great,” the woman said. “What are you
doing forever?”

“He’s mine,” Keiko said seriously, but then smiled

My penis started growing again with all the attention
being paid to me. I wondered what the woman looked like
under her clothing and what it would be like to make
love with her. But I was falling in love with Keiko.
Yes, I’d only known her for a little over 24 hours, but
I was falling head over heels for her. I wanted very
badly to be inside of Keiko, to feel her vaginal walls
wrap themselves around my erect penis. I wanted to feel
her vaginal muscles tighten as she orgasmed and I
emptied my sperm into her. I wanted to watch her face as
we both came, to see her eyes full of love for me, my
eyes loving her in return.
Keiko and the woman saw that I was beginning to stiffen

“Uh oh,” the woman said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’ve led a sheltered life
and this is just too much stimulation for me,” I joked.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Keiko said. “Instead of wearing
your shorts, we’ll get you something that hangs down
just enough to cover you.”

Keiko walked over to one of the racks and began
rummaging through them. I had been leaning on the
counter, and the woman put her hand under my nose. I
could smell the headiness of her vaginal juices.

She rubbed her wet fingers on my lips.

“Do you want some of this on your dick?” she asked. “You
can have this anytime you want.”

The woman was smiling seductively, her pubic hair still
exposed from when she had her hand in her shorts. Drops
of her moisture stuck on the hair shone in the light. My
penis pulsed a couple of times, bobbing up and down.

“You know you want it,” she said.

I did want it, but not from the woman. I wanted it from
only Keiko. I wanted my penis to be inside her
beautiful, hairless vagina. I wanted her juices all over

Keiko rescued me from my dilemma. She had found
something and brought it up to the counter. It was a
beach shirt that looked way too short to be useful.

“Here, put this on. I think it will fit.”

I put it over my head and let it drop down. The shirt
came down to about 4 inches below the bottom of the g-
string pouch. If I didn’t bend over or spread my legs
when sitting I’d be OK. My penis had not gotten fully
erect again, so spent after such a huge orgasm. So
nothing was visible as I stood there.

“You look positively delicious,” Keiko cooed.

“Wow,” was all the woman could say. Her shorts were
still not fastened and she was fingering her moist pubic

“OK, we’ll take these 2 pair of g-string and the beach
shirt,” Keiko said, lifting the front of my shirt to
show the g-string I was still wearing.

“Thank you for shopping with me today,” the woman said
with a wink and a smile. “Come back anytime,” she said
looking directly at me, one hand still in her open

Keiko grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.

“I’m getting you out of here before that woman attacks
you! She’s really horny for you!”

“Keiko, I belong to only to you. I want only you.”

Keiko smiled at me as we walked out onto the street. My
shirt was very short and I could feel the breeze on my
ass, which was now bare thanks to the g-string I still
had on. I felt really self-conscious about being
practically naked under the shirt. With the shorts I
could move the fanny pack in front to try to hide
myself. At least now I didn’t have that gigantic
erection to be worried about concealing.

“Keiko, could I have my shorts please? I feel really
dumb in this shirt and g-string.”

“You look fine, not to mention very sexy. Everyone will
try to see under your shirt, especially if they see your
ass sticking out from under it.”

Keiko reached behind me and lifted my shirt to
accentuate the point she was making. I felt a rush of
cool air as my butt was momentarily exposed. I heard a
couple of giggles behind us, and turned around to see
two women ogling my ass. They looked like they were
enjoying the view.

“See what I mean?” Keiko said. “They think your ass is
really hot! So do I! Oh, I forgot something. Stop for a

I came to an abrupt halt. Keiko lifted up the front of
my shirts suddenly and stuck her hand into the pouch of
the g-string. My penis and balls popped into view. Keiko
took the tissue from around the shaft, then pulled the
pouch back up to cover me, just as the two giggling
women passed us. Keiko had treated them to a full view
of my anatomy!

The women weren’t giggling as they passed us and got a
view of my naked penis, which was semi-erect from
Keiko’s attentions. There’s something about her hand
that makes me hard in a hurry. As they walked away from
us, the two women exchanged some comments we couldn’t
hear, looking back at me a couple of times.

“Isn’t it exciting?,” Keiko chirped. “I think being
naked and naughty in public is such a turn-on! I could
never do this sort of thing in Japan!”

“Well, it is and it isn’t to me. I like being naked as
you know. It feels really good, especially to be naked
with someone as beautiful as you. But the public aspect
of it will still take some getting used to.”

“You are doing so good. We are getting to be a really
good team.”

Keiko put the tissue up to her nose and inhaled deeply.

“Your smell is very exciting,” she said. “I have never
done anything with a man before. I have seen many
pictures and have seen men naked at ryokan, but never
have seen a man come before or have touched his penis or
semen. I certainly have never had any on my skin or
tasted it.”

“Keiko, I’m all yours. You can have me any way you

She grabbed my hand and held it to her chest. The soft
fullness of her breasts pressing into the back of my
hand was so sensual. My penis came to full attention. I
reached down and pulled the g-string pouch up so it held
my erect penis to my abdomen, avoiding the tent effect.
Keiko had noticed.

“You are hard again?”

“Yes, Keiko, you can always make me that way.”

Keiko smiled and squeezed my hand.

“Keiko, I’m in love with you.”

Keiko looked very serious.

“You cannot be in love with me. We just met yesterday.
You are probably confusing lust and love. We are having
very erotic adventures.”

“You don’t understand how it works with a man. There are
chemical changes that happen in a man, including me,
after orgasm. For example, if a man is cheating on his
wife and he has sex with another woman, before sex he
may think he loves her. But after sex if her feels
guilty, then he was only feeling lust. Likewise if an
unmarried man has sex with a woman and feels the same
emotion after sex as he did before orgasm, then it is

“But we have not had sex, we only witnessed each other’s

“For me, it’s the same thing. Keiko, we’ve shared not
only the sight of each other naked and witnessed each
other coming, but we’ve rubbed our come onto each other.
Just a few minutes ago in the store, I used your vaginal
juices as a lubricant to help me come. You rubbed my
come all over your stomach. Look,” I said, “there it

I pointed to the white, shiny patches of my dried semen
on her abdomen.

“We even saw each other pee,” I continued. “Keiko,
believe me when I tell you I’m in love with you!”

“I cannot talk of love now. I cannot see myself
belonging to only one man. Before I met you, I could not
see myself having any kind of relationship with a man.
Maybe I am changing my ideas of a man because of you,
but I cannot see that as love. But I do know that I like
being with you. You are very beautiful and exciting.
Seeing you naked in public or private is arousing to me.
I hope that is enough for you.”

“Keiko, I can’t get enough of you. I want to be with you
always. I want to have your fluids all over me every day
and night. I want to make love with you. I want to be
the man you want to be the father of our children.”

Keiko looked stunned at this revelation. I meant every
word of it and I think she knew how serious I was.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Yesterday I wasn’t thinking of a man for me, and today
I am confused by what I am feeling for you. Please
forgive that I cannot tell you I love you. I’m very

Oddly, I wasn’t disappointed by what she told me. I knew
that I was probably moving too fast for her. But I
couldn’t keep my feeling for her a secret.

“Keiko, it’s OK. Whenever you feel sad or lonely, just
remember how I feel about you, and that you have one
person in this world you can trust and rely on to be
there for you if you need it.”

“I am truly blessed to have you as my friend,” she said.
But then she got a mirthful look on her face. “And
adventurous partner, too!”

Keiko started running down the street. Her skirt hiked
up completely in the back and I could see her full naked
ass. She quickly turned around and was running
backwards. Now I could see her naked and hairless vagina
winking at me as she took a step with one leg, then the

I ran to catch up with her. My shirt likewise hiked up,
the pouch of my g-string bouncing up and down, my bare
ass exposed to anyone behind me. My penis stayed put,
clamped to my stomach by the g-string’s elastic pouch

As I caught up to Keiko, she turned to face me. All of a
sudden she pulled up my shirt with one hand and pulled
the pouch down with the other. My nakedness was in plain

Hand still grabbing my shirt, she pulled me up to her,
our abdomens meeting and pressing together, my hardened
penis trapped between our bare stomachs. We kissed for a
magic moment, tongues sliding, lips smearing with our
saliva. Then she grabbed my hand and we walked to the
bus stop.

I pulled the pouch up and the shirt down. Keiko pulled
down her skirt to cover her ass and vagina. We got to
the bus stop and stood there hand in hand. Every now and
then Keiko would look at me and smile. Keiko’s smile
would melt even the hardest of hearts. I was totally
smitten with love for her.

The bus arrived after a few minutes and we paid little
attention to anyone else. My mind was full of Keiko and
maybe, just maybe, Keiko was thinking of me.

As we sat there, I pushed my hand between her legs and
under her skirt, touching her moistened labia. Keiko
moaned softly as I played with her folds and the area of
skin between her thighs and outer vaginal lips. She
spread her legs for me when I inserted a finger into her
opening. I pushed my finger in up to the last knuckle.
Her vaginal walls felt warm, smooth, wet, and safe.

Maybe it was because I had admitted to the world that I
loved her, and maybe it was because Keiko was beginning
to feel the same way about her, but the look on her face
as I moved my finger in and out of her vagina was one I
hadn’t seen up to now. She threw her arms around my

“You touch me so good!”, she moaned. “Your finger inside
of me feels so wonderful.”

I touched her swollen clitoris with my thumb, still
keeping my finger moving inside of her. Keiko raised her
hips and ground herself on my hand.

“Your hairless vagina is so smooth and beautiful,

She smiled that smile at me. I just had to kiss those
wonderful lips. We continued in this fashion until we
got to our stop. We had not been paying attention to
anyone else on the bus, but from the looks we got when
exiting, we had given everyone a real good show.

We walked up the hill to our apartment building and took
the elevator to our floor.

“Let’s go for a swim,” Keiko said with a mirthful look.
“You can show off our new red g-string.”

“Will we dress and undress for the pool again?”, I

“No, this time we will wear only our swimsuits and bring
nothing else but towels.”

I went into my apartment and dropped off my stuff, put
on the red g-string, and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it
around me and waited outside Keiko’s door. She came out
wearing that wonderful swimwear from the night before. I
could see her aureolas on either sides of her nipples.
The tiny patch of cloth on her vagina was so small and
situated so low it left almost nothing to the

Keiko took the towel off me and examined me. My penis
had still not recovered fully from my orgasm at the
store, so it was in a semi-soft state. The pouch was
covering everything except my pubic hair and the
cleavage where the base of my penis and balls meet the
abdomen. The front of the pouch was extended a little
bit because of my semi-erectness.

Keiko turned me around and made a couple of adjustments
to the strings.

“Spread your ass so the string goes all the way up your
crack,” she said.
Keiko tugged on the string to make sure it was all the
way up. Her action pulled the top hem of the pouch down
in the front, exposing even more of my penis and balls.

“Wow, you look so good!”, Keiko said enthusiastically.

“As do you, beautiful Keiko.”

Keiko smiled and took my hand in hers as we walked to
the elevator, our butts sticking out in the breeze. It
felt wonderfully free and dangerously naughty to have so
much of me exposed. I now knew how Keiko felt.

The elevator stopped at each floor on the way down. We
got so many stares from people as they got on and off
the elevator and our appearance took them by surprise.
We both could have cared less who looked at us with
approval or disapproval as we got to the first floor and
walked out to the pool area.

All activity ceased as Keiko and I walked hand in hand,
not to the far end of the pool as we did the night
before, but to the end where most of the people were.
Everyone stared at us. We recognized some of the faces
from the night before, and heard little snatches of
conversation that indicated that they likewise
remembered us.

Dropping our towels on our chairs, Keiko and I walked to
the edge of pool and eased ourselves into the water. My
penis was behaving by not giving me fits having to try
to hide a huge hard-on. Keiko and I embraced in the
water, kissing and touching our bodies, celebrating the
freedom our near nakedness was giving us.

We didn’t care who saw us as I touched her beautiful
breasts, tweaking her nipples, tracing circles around
her aureolas with my fingertips. We didn’t care who saw
us as I touched her perfect vagina, rubbing my fingers
up and down the edges of the cloth that pretended to
cover her vaginal lips. We didn’t care who saw us as
Keiko stroked the pouch that barely covered my penis,
playing with the creases at the top of the pouch,
sliding her fingers down the outline of my shaft.

Oddly enough, my penis wasn’t becoming swollen from her

“Not hard for me?”, she asked. “I love it when you
become hard and I know I am the reason for it.”

Keiko pushed the pouch down to reveal my penis and
balls. Even though the movement of the water was
obscuring the view, it was very apparent what she was
doing. She expertly brought me to hardness with a few
strokes of her hand. She laughed and swam away, an
invitation for me to follow.

With my penis floating free, I swam after her. The water
felt wonderful on my nakedness as I moved through the
water. Reaching her, she put her arms around me and we
kissed. I pushed my hips against her, my penis poking
between her legs. Keiko put her thighs together to trap
me there, then began to move her hips in and out,
stroking me between her thighs.

I felt the cloth covering her vagina give way a little,
and the head of my penis touched her bare lips.

“Keiko, I love you, I want you.”

Keiko only smiled that beguiling smile. She backed away
from me and straightened the cloth on her vee. Then she
pulled up the pouch of my g-string, which would only
cover my balls and the bottom third of my shaft.

“You look so sexy when your penis is sticking out like
this,” she said. “Let’s go back upstairs.”

With that, Keiko swam back to where we first got into
the water. All eyes were on her as she lifted her
beautiful body out of the water, dripping as she walked
over to her towel and began drying.

So now it was my turn. I swam over and lifted myself out
of the pool, my hardened penis almost fully exposed to
those watching me. The women at the pool never took
their eyes off my crotch as I walked dripping to my
towel and started drying off. Keiko and I walked hand in
hand out of the pool area and back to the elevator.

“You were so exciting and so sexy, darling,” Keiko said
excitedly. “Everyone could see your completely exposed

My penis was still exposed as we boarded the elevator
and rode it up to our floor. When the doors opened,
another couple was waiting. We surprised them. The man
could hardly take his eyes off of Keiko and the woman
did a double-take when she saw my penis sticking up out
of the g-string.

We could hear their voices as the elevator descended.

“Did you see the bathing suit on that woman?”, the man

“Did you see that guy? His dick was sticking out of his
bathing suit.”

“Those were no bathing suits. Their butts were sticking

We couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation as the
elevator dropped out of earshot. Keiko and I both
laughed at the scenes we had made in the pool and

We got to my apartment and once inside, stripped our
suits off, immediately embracing and kissing. I pushed
my naked body against hers. Again, my penis slipped
between Keiko’s legs. I could feel how wet her labia
were. I moved my hips forward and back, sliding easily
on her wet flesh, coating my penis with her fluids.

“Let’s go to the couch,” she said.

I followed eagerly as we sat on the couch, placing our
towels down first. I looked lovingly into Keiko’s eyes,
and I thought she was looking lovingly into mine.

“Keiko, I want you so badly!”

Keiko looked at me with such a sorrowful expression.

“We cannot have intercourse, my darling. I cannot make
love to any man until I am ready for a baby.”

“Then Keiko, please have a baby with me. I want us to
make a baby, our baby.”

“We cannot. I’m sorry. I do not feel for you the same as
you feel for me. I don’t doubt now that you love me. But
I do not know what I feel for you.”

As if in apology, Keiko pressed her lips against mine
and forced my mouth open with her tongue. We were
kissing for a few minutes when I felt Keiko’s moist hand
grab my penis. She had obviously wet her hand from her
own fluids and began stroking me up and down.

“Oh, Keiko,” I moaned.

“Your penis is so big and beautiful. I love it when you

She kissed me with increased passion, her stroking pace
also increasing. I felt the pressure of the surge of my
impending orgasm.

“I feel you getting bigger and harder. Do you like my
hand stroking you? Will you come big for me? Will you
come in my hand?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, Keiko!” I cried, my penis beginning
its final spasms.
“Come for me, my darling. Let your cream come out as it

Her words pushed me over the edge and I spewed out a
huge jet of come. I didn’t care where it was going as
one stream after another shot out of me, my penis
jerking in her lovely hand.

“Oh, Keiko, I love you, I love you,” I whispered in her
ear as I came for her, my head resting on her shoulder.
I could smell the soft scent of her black hair.

Keiko continued to massage my penis as I softened,
rubbing my come and her juices all over my shaft and
balls. I had my arms around her, shaking with weakness
as she found the little drops still oozing from me,
rubbing them with her thumb.

She continued to hold my penis as it completely relaxed
in her grasp. Suddenly I felt the urge to pee. I guess I
must have tightened up somehow and Keiko felt it.

“Don’t hold it back. Let it go. Pee for me, my darling.
Let me feel you pee for me.”

I relaxed my muscles and my urine started to flow. Like
when I came a few moments earlier, I just let it come
out where it may.

“So hot, my darling,” Keiko cried. “Your pee is so hot
as it flows over me.”

It was the most wonderful feeling, it felt almost like
coming. I peed for what seemed like almost a minute.
Keiko held my penis the entire time. And when I was
finished, she continued to massage me.

“It was so beautiful,” Keiko said, pushing back and
looking at me. Tears were streaming down her face. “You
give yourself to me so completely.”

Looking down, I could see my come and pee all over her
stomach. Globules of come had dripped down and gathered
at the top of her vaginal folds. My pee had also washed
down her stomach and had soaked into the towel beneath

I pushed Keiko on her back and leaned over to lick the
skin above her vagina. She gasped as I licked closer and
closer to the top of her slit. I could taste my come and
pee as I worked my way down her hairless mound.

Finally, my tongue found the topmost edge of her folds.
Her hips pushed up to meet my pressure. I leaned over
even more, and put my arms under her hips, lifting her
pelvis up to give my face better access to her vagina.

It was so beautiful and I stopped for a moment, looking
at her vagina up close, breathing seductively on it as I
did so.

“Your vagina is the most beautiful in the world, Keiko.”

She squirmed her hips as I buried my face in her
dripping lips. Her heady odor was so divine and spurred
me on to increased passion. I stuck my tongue into her
hole and pushed it in as far as it would go. Keiko cried
out in pleasure.
Her fluids were all over my face, lubricating my tongue
and lips as I continued my oral ministrations. When I
found her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, Keiko
bucked her hips off the couch.

“Oh my god, yes, yes, my darling.”

The motion of her hips increased in urgency as I
continued to probe her nub under my tongue. Her whole
body was shuddering and I knew she couldn’t be far from

Suddenly, her movements stopped and her body became very

“Oh, oh, oh,” she was barely able to mutter.

“Ooooooo,” she gasped, her body shuddering again.

“Ooooooo,” again.

Then I felt her body release as she could hold back no
longer, surrendering to her orgasm. Her hips bucked
uncontrollably up and down. I could hardly keep my mouth
and tongue on her. So much vaginal fluid flowed from her
as she came.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Keiko cried multiple times,
writhing on my face.
I put my hands underneath her vagina to catch the flood
of her precious nectar. Her taste and odor were so
incredibly delicious!

When she could stand it no more, Keiko put her hips back
down and pushed me gently away from her. I sat up and
looked into her eyes as I put my hands to my mouth and
drank her vaginal broth.

“Oh god, Keiko, you taste so wonderful!”

“That was so beautiful. Where did you learn to do this?”

“Didn’t you and your girlfriends taste each other?”

“Only licking a wet finger. Never mouth directly on
vagina. It felt so good. It was a beautiful coming. And
you drank my fluids. It was so sexy to see this.”

“Can you pee for me, Keiko, like I peed for you? I want
to see your beautiful vagina as your pee comes out. Pee
for me, my love.”

Keiko’s beautiful face took on a look of serenity. I
could feel her whole body relax. Her pee hole expanded
slightly, then a few golden drops came out, rolling down
her vaginal lips onto the towel beneath her. A few tiny
squirts popped out, followed by a steady stream.

“You look so beautiful when you’re peeing. Pee for me,
Keiko. Let it all come out.”

I moved closer to her so her stream could wash over me,
flowing down my stomach, channeling around my penis,
dripping down on either side of my balls.

“It feels so hot and soothing, my love!”

I was sad when her stream ended. It had felt so good to
have all of her fluids on me.

“I’m so in love with you, Keiko. I wish that one day
you’ll realize that you love me, too.”

“I’m so sorry, my darling,” Keiko’s tears started
flowing again.

I laid down next to her. The towel beneath us was
completely soaked with our liquids, but neither of us
seemed to care. I put my arms around her and she nestled
into me, her back to my front. Her skin felt so pure and
natural against me, like we were meant to fit together.

We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms, waking during
the night only occasionally, comfortable with our bodies
together. Once during the night I awoke with the kind of
erection men get during sleep. In her slumber, Keiko
grabbed my penis and guided me between her ass cheeks,
not into her anal opening, but just to rest there, safe
and sound.

At first light, I opened my eyes to see that Keiko had
turned around and was watching me sleep. She put her
hand to my face and stroked my cheek and lips gently. I
grabbed her hand and turned my face to kiss her palm.

“Good morning, Keiko, my love. I enjoyed our night

“Sleeping with you is so wonderful and comfortable. You
felt good all night.”

We kissed for a few minutes, just feeling our lips and
tongues, not touching our bodies or genitalia.

“I have to get ready for work, Keiko. So do you.”

“Yes, but I don’t want to! I want to stay here with

“Me, too, my love, but we have to make money so we can
go to the store again.”
Keiko laughed, then got an idea.

“I know. After work today we will go to another store
I’ve been wanting to go to.”

“What store is that?”

“It is another surprise, my darling. You will see.”

Keiko jumped up and ran to the door, grabbing her tiny
bathing suit off the floor. I followed her and opened
the door. We were both standing there completely naked.
I no longer cared who saw us, if anybody.

“Please come by today after work. And wear your new
skin-color g-string.”

Before I had a chance to respond, Keiko ran off down the
hall to her apartment, showing me her lovely ass in all
its beauty.

I watched her until she rounded the corner out of sight.