Persistent cuckold fantasy

A Husband’s True Account:

This is a true story that happened to my wife, whom I
will name Miho and my good friend whom I will name T
for the sake of their anonymity. Miho is very small,
only four foot eleven but she had and still has a
killer body, large full breasts and a great ass. Miho
is one of the Japanese ladies you see who has pale
white skin. Whiter really than most white girls I have
been with.

She has a very round classic Japanese face and beauty;
however, she is anything but a typical Japanese girl. I
am white and five foot ten inches but my penis is
something I have always worried about because it is a
little less than four inches long fully erect. Before I
met Miho I had served in the military and couldn’t help
but notice in the showers that I had the smallest penis
in the barracks.

Maybe the fact that it was pointed out to me on more
than one occasion didn’t help; but, it was and never
has been that big of a deal to me and maybe that is how
I ended up with such a small wife. I guess I should
start off with a little background. When I first met
the girl Miho who was later to become my wife we were
both at University. She was eighteen and I was twenty-
five. Miho was in her first year and was from Japan. I
found out that she had grown up in a small town in
southern Japan and that her parents were farmers.

We dated for a couple of weeks before we had sex and I
was shocked to find out that she had been a virgin. I
had been around before attending University but I had
never actually been with a virgin and until I met Miho
I had never dated a Japanese. I quickly fell in love
with her and within a period of sixteen months we were
married in Japan. I took a job at a school there
teaching English and within a year of marriage we had a

It was sometime just after the birth of our son that I
began to notice a reoccurring dream which always
aroused me to the point of waking me from my sleep. At
that time Miho was still breast feeding our son and her
breasts had swollen from a nice 34 to what must have
easily been a DD because she had some trouble finding a
bra to fit her in Japan she soon had to purchase
American bras at a store in a nearby city that carried
a wide assortment of American and British goods.

In my dream my best friend in Japan Dai-ichi would stop
by to visit me only to find I was at work. Miho would
invite him in and serve him tea and snacks while they
waited for me to come home. About that time my son
would awake and need feeding. Miho would bring him to
the sofa a breast-feed him while Dai-ichi would pretend
to watch TV.

In the dream he would eventually comment on how happy
the baby was at feeding. Then ask her if she had ever
tasted her breast milk. Miho would then tell him that
she had but only once and that she was surprised
because it was so sweet. He would seem interested in
that and say that he would have expected it to be more
like store bought milk. Then, in my dream, Miho would
put our now sleeping son to bed and she would ask Dai-
ichi if he would like to taste. Of course I would then
walk in to find him sucking at her breasts and she
would be flushed red and in a near orgasmic state.

That is usually when I would wake up and be in serious
need of my wife. It is strange because before this time
I was always a very possessive lover with any girl or
woman I had ever dated. It shamed and worried me to
have such a dream and to be so obviously aroused by the
thought of it. I was a very confused young man in those

This dream went on for a few weeks before Miho asked me
during an intense bout of mid-night sex what I was
always dreaming about to always cause me to wake up in
such a state. I remember being in such a state that I
began to whisper all the details of my dream in her

I quickly realized that she was not nearly as turned on
by the thought, as I was when she pushed me off her and
began crying. She soon became so angry with me that we
did not have sex for over a week, which given our
normal once or twice a day was a shock to me. For all
that time she silently pouted about the apartment and
would slap my hand away from even the most innocent of
gestures, like handholding.

The raging storm clouds were almost visible above her
lovely head. I soon became very concerned that I had
ruined my marriage and that I may soon loose my
beautiful wife. Countless times every day I would
apologize and beg her forgiveness to no effect. Then
suddenly one night and for the first time in our
relationship she initiated sex. Of course I was so
relieved that I swore to myself I would never have, let
alone even mention, such a thought ever again.

After that Miho and I returned to ‘normal’ and the sex
was great. Then one night while we were lying in bed
after a great bout she asked me, almost absent
mindedly, about the dream and if I was still having it.
I was shocked and scared shitless because I had had
that same dream earlier that very night. The fear of
loosing her was so powerful that I lied and told her
that I was quite certain that I had put all of that
behind me.

She shocked me yet again by saying that she was sorry
for having been so angry about my fantasy. She told me
she had gone to the library and found several good
books about sexual fantasies and that she now felt very
guilty about the way she had responded to what I had

She went on to tell me that no matter what my fantasies
were that she wanted to know them and that they could
become a part of our sex lives because they were only
words after all. I remember jokingly asking her if she
was trying to trap me somehow and she kissed me and
assured me that she loved me and wanted to know
everything about me.

Not long after that the dream entered our sex life. She
soon told me though that while Dai-ichi was handsome
she was not sexually interested in him at all. I asked
her who did and she told me about a boy she had
attended school with. Someone I had never met. She told
me they had never dated but that they rode the same
train to school every morning and that she had been
told by a girl they both knew that he liked her.

She told me about how she wished she had let him fuck
her while we made love and I noticed that she was very
excited by the thought of him while my cock was in her
that she soon came in rapid succession. The fantasy was
now openly shared between us.

Two years later Miho and I planned a visit to Mobile
Alabama, which is where I am from. My parents had never
seen the baby and were constantly begging us to bring
him over for a visit. It was a great vacation and my
mother offered to keep our son so we could take a trip
to New Orleans for a couple of days so I could visit my
best friend T and his wife. Miho had never met them and
was also eager to visit the internationally famous

T was about three years older than me and even though
we had not been as close as we once were because after
high school I joined the military and T got married and
moved to New Orleans, we had always kept in touch. In
school T and I would double date and had often fucked
girls in my car, me and my girl in the front and he and
his date in the back we had even taken turns on a girl
once. We had brought her to T’s parent’s house and
because no one was home but us we drank all of his
dad’s beer and soon he had her in his room while I
watched TV. He soon came out and asked me if I wanted
to see if she’d let me fuck her. I remember going into
the dark room where she was laying in his bed.

I remember they used condom on the floor next to his
bed and I remember her letting me fuck her while T
watched TV in the living room. Later on I had a girl
friend that he bet me he could fuck. I took him up on
it and one night at a party we got her alone together
and while he didn’t get to fuck her she did let him
hump her through his underwear while I sucked her tits.

She was the daughter of a really white southern family
and she had really got off on letting T, who was black,
almost fuck her. She kept saying that she’d never done
this with a black guy before. The sad part was that T
could not hold back and within a couple of minutes had
blown his load in his skivvies. Soon after that T met a
red headed Canadian girl named Jane who was working in
a bar in Florida, she was soon pregnant and they
married. My girl friend and I broke up and I joined the

When we got to T’s house I was surprised how welcomed
we were made to feel. Jane was a great wife and mother
and she and T already had three kids and she was
pregnant with another. Say what you want about
Catholics but we know what needs to be done. Jane and
Miho prepared a great meal while T and I watched the
Saints game on TV and downed a few beers. The night
passed and soon Miho and I were driving back to our

En route Miho suddenly reached over and grabbed my cock
in her hand. I was immediately rock hard and she
proceeded to unzip me and give me a hand job while I
drove. While she jerked on my little friend she told me
what a good-looking guy T was and how Jane seemed to
really love his cock. Back at our motel room we fucked
three times that night as it became more and more
apparent that Miho was hot for T.


The next morning we fucked again and while we were I
told her I was going to bring T back to the hotel room
to fuck her brains out that night. Of course it was
only talk, Miho knew it also because I had no idea if T
was even really interested in Miho but it led to some
incredible sex. Later that day we met Jane at a nearby
mall and we all took turns trying to keep the children
entertained. T was at work and wouldn’t be home until
about eight that night but Miho and I had a blast
playing aunt and uncle and Jane seemed to appreciate
having some kind of a break even though she was right
there with us.

That night they phoned after work and asked if we would
like to come over, but Miho was exhausted from the kids
and the sight seeing, so I declined. Miho urged me to
phone him back and to go out and enjoy being with my
old friend, after all she reminded me we would be going
back to Alabama the next day and then returning to
Japan soon after that.

I phoned him back and he was happy I had changed my
mind. He told me he would be by in an hour to pick me
up. After I hung up the phone I teased Miho and told
her T was going to fuck her tonight. We had a short but
intense quickie and I left the room with her naked and
nearly passed out from exhaustion on the bed. I later
found out that neither of us really thought the fantasy
might actually come true.

T took me to a favorite hangout of his and soon we were
laughing and cutting up like two kids again. We soon
decided to visit one of the many strip clubs of that
fine city and soon neither of us was feeling much pain.
T began to complain about his marriage. He told me that
he loved Jane and he felt certain that she loved him
but they rarely had sex more often than once or twice a
month and that he was at the breaking point. He told me
that there was a lady at work that he knew wanted him
but that he couldn’t bring himself to cheating yet.

He wanted my opinion, if it would actually be cheating
if his needs were not being met and if I thought oral
sex was actually sex. Actually, I almost felt he was
begging my permission to fuck this woman he knew. I let
him know that it seemed fair and that I would likely do
the same thing if I were in his situation. I also told
him that even though I would do that, I felt he should
never let it get to the point where he would consider
leaving Jane for the other woman. Then he changed the
subject by asking me about Miho and our sex life and
told me he was happy to hear that I didn’t have the
same problem he was having.

We talked again about old times and the girls we had
shared before the waitress told us that they would be
closing soon. T then shocked me by asking me if I’d
like to split the cost of a whore. I told him I had
been with one only once when I was in the service and
that I had found it total waste of hard earned money
because I was unable to get past the business side of
it mentally. T seemed to take my comment hard and told
me he was so fucking hard up it wasn’t funny. That was
when I realized this might all be to mine and
ultimately Miho’s advantage.

After leaving the bar I realized we were only a couple
of miles from my hotel room. I told T we had better
walk the beer off before we climbed in the car and he
agreed so we started walking along with me silently
leading him to the motel. When we finally got to the
parking lot of the motel I semi-jokingly told T he
should go up to the room and get in bed next to Miho
and see if she noticed it wasn’t me. I told him she was
such a heavy sleeper I bet she wouldn’t even notice.

At first he laughed and started up the stairs but then
he stopped and said that it wouldn’t work. He was
worried she might wake up and scream. I assured T she
would never wake up and besides all he was going to do
was lay there for a couple of minutes until I came up
and then we would swap. I told him to just lie down and
put his arm around her and pretend to go to sleep.

He laughed and said that it might be funny but that he
was so horny and that Miho was so hot that he might
want more than that and then she would certainly
realize and then she really would be scared and she
might scream. I told him to come up with me then and I
led him up to our room and silently unlocked the door.
He was close behind me in the room and in the neon glow
I could plainly see Miho’s form lying almost where I
had left her on the bed so I walked over and could hear
T close behind me.

Miho was like a goddess lying there on her belly and we
had a wonderful view of her lovely naked ass. I looked
over at T and could see he was taking her every curve
in like a starved man looking at his first meal in a

“See,” I whispered, “she sleeps like a log.” To prove
my point I reached over and lightly slid my hand up her
thigh to her ass. I gently but firmly rubbed my hand up
between her legs causing her to open her legs just
enough for my fingers to find her wet little cunt. She
moaned a little in her sleep and rolled over exposing
her breasts and waxed pussy now.

“Goddamn man.” I heard T whisper, “I better go before I
loose control or something.”

Just then Miho asked, “Is that you?” in a sleepy voice.
“What time is it?”

“Just after three,” I answered. “Hey, wake up baby. T
is here.”

T took a step back into the shadows of the closet and
held an angry finger up to his lips for me to hush.

“Oh, really?” She giggled and rubbed her pussy. I could
tell that while she was getting ready for sex she
thought this was just more fantasy talk.

“No, seriously he’s right here,” I said indicating
where he stood. I could see a very uncertain look in
T’s eyes like maybe he thought I was trying to get him
arrested or something. When I turned to look at my wife
I could tell that she was trying to focus her bleary
eyes in the direction I had indicated. She suddenly
squealed and rolled over covering her breasts and
giggled a little. I sat down on the bed and leaned over

I firmly pulled her back over towards me and exposed
her to his view again. Miho crossed her arms across her
breasts and giggled again. I firmly but gently pushed
my head between her white thighs and went to work. It
was obvious that she was nervous and so I paused for a
moment to see what T was doing. He was still standing
along the wall and his eyes were so large they looked
like golf balls. I could tell he wasn’t sure if he
should join in or try and sneak off.

“You want to join in?” I invited.

“You sure it’s ok?” He was looking quickly from me to

Miho didn’t say anything but I noticed she pushed her
breasts together with her hands and began playing with
her own nipples.

“Yeah, I think it’s ok.” I laughed and saw his hands
reach over and grab her breasts as I began licking my
wife’s pussy again. I couldn’t help but remind myself
that she had never been with any other man except me
until that night. Now her pussy was soaking wet and she
was moaning as T pulled on her nipples with his fingers
and then brought his face down to lustfully suck her

I was still eating her pussy when I felt T’s hand push
my head away and I saw as he began rubbing her cunt
with his open hand. I was thirsty now anyway so I
walked over and took the glass out of the motel plastic
covering and poured myself a glass of water.

I was only away from the bed for maybe a minute but
when I came out of the bathroom T was bare naked and
already had his cock deep in Miho. She was squirming
like a snake caught in a pitchfork in the bed and her
white knuckled fists where frantically clutching
handfuls of bed sheets as her head, which was turned
far to one side so that her mouth was pressed hard
against the motel pillow was partially concealed from
my view.

Soon she was making a very low growling sound into the
pillow as I could tell she was coming, all the while
twisting her body frantically she let go of the sheets
and clutched his ass cheeks in her hands like she was
trying to push him even deeper.

She finally turned her head toward me and I had never
seen her face so red she looked like she had just
finished the Boston Marathon. T pulled himself all the
way out of her and I heard her give a little moan of
disappointment but I was shocked at the size of his
cock. Like I’ve already mentioned mine is almost four
inches, actually three and three quarter inches. T’s
circumference was surely greater than mine was long and
he was at least eleven inches if not more.

T grabbed each of Miho’s ankles and placed them over
his shoulders and when he did I noticed her pussy was
wetter than I had ever seen it before. Her own juices
were running down all over her rectum and ass. That was
when I noticed that T was slowly pushing his cock into
Miho’s ass.

Up until that moment Miho’s rectum still had its
cherry. We had tried anal but I was always unable to
get mine in because it was just too short. We had tried
a cucumber once but it had been just too painful so we
had never used that hole again after that. He pushed
and nothing happened then suddenly the massive head of
my friends cock popped into my wife’s tight little ass
and as it did she cried out. I quickly walked over and
told T she didn’t like anal and that he had to stop.

Instead he slowly continued pushing it in, as she
seemed to try and climb away from him. Then in a very
firm voice I told him to stop. He finally looked at me
and said, “You know what man, there is some money in my
pocket why don’t go get yourself a beer somewhere. We
are fine.”

He turned and looked back at my wife and grinned when
he said the last bit. Then he began pulling his cock
back out so I stepped back thinking he wasn’t going to
fuck her ass and Miho seemed to have relief written all
over her face. T stopped short of pulling it all the
way out though and instead of taking it out and this
time pushed it back in a little faster than he had
before as Miho grunted and twisted her face in pain.

“I said don’t do her anal man.” I had no idea what to
do but I was now no longer into this as it was apparent
to me that my wife was in pain.

“Fuck off!” I heard my wife say in a firm and angry
voice. “Go get fucking beer and leave us alone.” I was
shocked. I stepped back to the desk and sat down in the
chair and just watched.

“Listen man, you can stay if you want. I don’t give a
fuck.” T said with a chuckle. “Just don’t interrupt me
again or I’ll get pissed off.” He spoke to me with out
taking his eyes off Miho and without missing a stroke.
“You like black cock don’t you baby.”

“Ye… Oh, yes. I need your cock. I never had real one
before. Fuck me please T, fuck me.” I heard my wife cry
in a rhythmic breathless voice followed by another long
and this time incredibly load growl as she clawed at
the bed. She was coming again and I had never heard her
make that growling sound before tonight. “Oh my god!”
She screamed, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop.”

After she had finished her climax T pulled out of her
now gapping ass hole and smiled. “You never really had
an orgasm before have you honey?”

“No, Oh my god. No.”

“Make yourself useful man and go get me a wet towel. I
want it hot and not cold.” T ordered me. So I quickly
got the towel which he used to clean his monster cock
before Turning Miho over onto her knees in the doggy
position and sliding into my wife’s once tight cunt.

“Did you come?” I asked him hopefully. Al I wanted now
was that he would soon be gone.

“Hell no, I’m just getting warmed up boy.” With that he
quickly thrust it all the way in as my wife let out a
little whimper. I knew this was her favorite position
and she was certainly getting a work over tonight. This
went on and on with T changing her position every few
minutes and my wife’s screaming and growling orgasms
which I had once never heard, now became very failure.

Finally T gave a shudder and pulled out in time for me
to watch him shoot a heavy load all over Miho’s belly
and breasts, and then he collapsed on top of her. I
looked at the clock. It was well after six AM. When I
looked back at them they both seemed to just be resting
then Miho rolled out from under T. He lay there on his
belly as she lay on her side facing his body, gently
stroking his wet back.

The bed sheets where soaked in sweat and sex and Miho
was also glistening from the hard work out. T rolled
over on his back and they kissed for the first time
that I had noticed and for me that was the hottest
moment. It was a slow deep kiss and I could tell their
tongues were busy exploring the other’s mouth. Then
Miho slowly kissed her way down his body and began
sucking the end of his cock until he was hard again.
She was on his cock in no time like a rider on a horse
and as she rocked back and forth her breasts swung like
heavy pendulums.

She quickly came again but kept on riding T’s cock like
there was no tomorrow. T looked up at her and they both
leaned in to kiss. They were actually making love now.
I could tell. This wasn’t simply fucking any more. I
could tell by the look in their faces. This time T
didn’t last as long before he shot a wad up my wife’s
unprotected pussy. Once again they lay there just
kissing and T was rubbing my wife’s breasts as she now
lay at his side. He casually looked around and asked me
the time. I told him and he sat up.

“Damn, I better go. Jane will be up soon.” He kissed
her once more and stood to pull on his shirt. My wife
cupped his balls in her hands and began to suck his
cock hard again as he buttoned his shirt, she seemed
desperate for him to stay. “What the fuck. You go ahead
and suck me off babe then I gotta run.”

With that Miho really began to suck that huge cock of
his, which I could now see in the morning sunlight, was
jet black against her face. She sucked him and ran her
little hands up and down the shaft of his oversized
cock until he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled
her as far down on his penis as he could before she
began to choke. I could tell he was creaming down her
throat and she was swallowing all of it.

That was also something she never even tried to do for
me. He finally pulled it out of her mouth and she
continued to hold it and playfully slapped it about her
face as his cum was running down her chin. “No more
today little girl.” He said and pulled his pants on. He
walked to the door wished us a safe trip home and left.
It was now just after seven. I walked over to the bed
and could smell T’s cum all over the bed and my wife as
I sat down next to her.

I felt like I would be sick from the smell and the wet
bed. It was all almost too much but I was so hard and
now it was my turn. Miho and I fucked until we were
both raw the next few days. We were going at it six or
more times a day after that.

It was the best thing sexually that could have happened
in my opinion, not that I really had any complaints
before. That was almost five years ago now and she has
had a lot of other sexperiences but that first one was
one of the best. Now she is pregnant again and we
aren’t sure who the father is. I get hard just thinking
about that.

If you think she is as hot as I do, write me a note and
I’ll write another story sometime from another one of
our adventures.