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Teaching teen Dorrie to oral sex including golden shower

Several years ago I worked for a company in Santa Clara, California. The company scheduled a three week school at Headquarters and I was among about 25 people who attended it. I had always heard about the ladies in California, but doubted that they were any different from those in the Midwest. I was partially […]

College Girls

Marla held her roommates pink panties in her trembling hands, turning them inside out to reveal the stained crotch. She fixated her eyes on a brown streak which ran from the crotch up 2 inches towards the back. Just minutes ago, she had watched Kim, her roommate, pull the panties off of her body as […]

The Perfect American Scat Couple

It’s so strange looking back on it, to think of how I got into all of this. My best friend’s daughter for pete’s sake. I don’t even know if I regret it, that’s the scary part. Whatever, the fact is now I live for this girl, and she’s only 18. And I’m 22 years older […]