Meeting of Hormones

An actual cyber fuck only some of the language has been changed to stop either partner recognising their spouse……. In case you read this honey and know who we are….. Smile because we still have next week to come!!!!

Will you allow me to step close and give you a kiss,” He asked

“I’d like that,” She said

Moves close and slides hands around your waist, tilts your head gently and looks deep into your eyes,

Leans into you as your arm slides around me and pulls me close, my hold body taut in anticipation of your warmth

Feels your warmth come through his light silk robe and pulls you even closer then lowers mouth to yours

Slowly raises my head, my eyes questioning as my lips slightly part, having missed your sweet touch

Allows the kiss to start slowly then vibrantly his tongue searching for yours hands having once been idle are already on the move over your body sliding under your blouse and undoing the clasp of your bra

My hands sliding up your sides, the soft silk mesmerizing them as it rubs against your skin, I hungrily search your mouth, my tongue snaking out to duel with yours, and a low soft moan escapes my lips

Then while still kissing tongues still fighting for control my hand slides round and gently cups your breasts flicking the nipples feeling them harden

A deep moan escapes my lips at your touch as my nipples come alive under your hands, my own hands sliding down the silk to caress your hips, circling your skin in quick motions

Opening the blouse and allowing the bra to fall then gazing longingly at those beautiful breasts mouth forcibly sucking them into it making the nipples harden longingly

Ohhhhhhhhh Darling….my whole body tenses as a jolt of sheer pleasure rushes through me as I arch into your mouth, begging for more

My hardness solid like rock and ready as I slide my hand from your breast and down to your panties

My hands slide around and unfasten the belt of your robe as I let it brush against your skin as I slowly open it..My hands needing the feel of your bare skin beneath them

Stroking the lips over the panties and feeling you soften and dampen at the same time we start to walk backwards towards the bed your knees hit the edge and with a gentle shove you are laying half on and half off it

Both of us needing the feel of each others bare skin against one another, my breath ragged as we move, my whole body aching for yours as my hands stroke your stomach and up your chest as we move

Looking down on your wonderful body with just your panties hiding your place of heaven from me you watch as I take some black silk from my robe pockets and slowly move to fasten your hands above your head

My eyes sparkle as I watch your hands reach for the black silk and I smile at you, alive with need now

Then lifting your legs into the air you watch as I tie them into rings up a height still your covered with your panties as I move in between your tied up legs and standing full height start to kiss the inside of your ankles watching you squirm

Not even struggling against the cool silk against my skin, I can only breathe heavier as I watch your sleek body so close to mine, my hips aching to arch feel your skin against mine once more..a long deep moan escapes my lips as the excitement rises inside of me

Taking two digicams I place them so that you can see yourself on the large TV. Your panties the only protection left as you lay and look into the screen you can see my hand start to unfasten your side ties and open your panties

Desire filled eyes look at myself, where the moistness has soaked through my panties, my mound trembling slightly as it waits this new and exciting adventure

I can open your panties and adjust the lenses so that you can see your self close up then in between your legs once more I start to kiss from you ankles to your pussy you can see my head getting closer your cunny lips starting to open

Watching the TV and feeling your mouth on my hot skin almost drives me over the edge. It’s like being made love to twice at the same time

Your clit is standing proud of its hood as you lay and feel my mouth while watching your own clit erection. My mouth approaches your clit you can see it slide over it sucking it hard into the mouth

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Jake…… body straining against the ties, I frantically undulate my hips as I watch you getting closer and closer to my clit….anxiously awaiting the pleasure that I know you can bring me..I try to raise my hips

Sucking hard your clit slides right in to my mouth only this time you can see it happening as well as feeling it you watch as I allow my tongue to lick between your lips

Moaning loudly now ….spasms of pleasure shoot through my body as I beg for you to suck harder as the juices flow freely

Ohhhhhhhhh Jake………..yesssssssssssssssssssss……..

And always coming back and sucking hard onto your clit and as you start to try and fuck my mouth

Ohhhhhhhh body needs an orgasm so badly now, my vibro is on high……

I shudder as your mouth moves back and forth..I start screaming your name and you know I am close to release as I go on and on..lost in the feel of you

I slowly start to insert a vibro between your cunny lips and move it faster and faster enjoying the come you’re spraying about

My body bucking as you move the vibro over me, I try to glance down and watch it sliding in and out of me… juices gushing now as I am losssssssssttttttttt….a longggggggg…piercing scream escapes my lips, my breathing fast as sweat breaks out…

Removing the vibro I start to move to get to position on you I shove as your hips move and feel you start to scream as it penetrates right to the balls now fucking hard your body tied and helpless

Never stopping the orgasm that overtakes me I look into your eyes as you raise yourself above me, aching to reach out and stroke your hard cock……….I feel you fill me and moan……..and moan…….screaming…..Ohhhhhhh Jake…….yessssss…as my walls tighten around you

I look into the screens at the side of your head and can see my shaft ramming into you still holding the vibro I start to let it roam at first around your nipples

I watch your face as you watch and I become lost in your hard cock slamming into me over and over again…my body aching to be set free to meet yours as you ram yourself into me…strong spasms of pure pleasure overtake me

You can see your trail from the vibro your juice running around your nipples then wickedly i start to with draw the vibro from your breasts and move it slowly towards your legs

Excited more than I have ever been, I silently beg you to release the silk around my hands so that I can grab your body as you drive me over the edge again and again

At first I run it over your clit and watch as the juice pours out of your pussy then dipping it into your juice I move it slowly down between your legs watching for any sign you want me to stop

Omgggggggggggggggggg..Jake………..yessssssss Honey……moans come from deep within me as a scream begins to form and raises itself inside of me…….

You can see it heading towards your cheeks it shows on the screen and all the time I am fucking deep inside you the point starting to edge closer

Unable to even think now, my body takes over as I build closer and closer to my orgasm…new and exciting feelings overcome all thought as you slam into me, the vibro driving me crazy as you glide it across my body…breathing heavily…I am out of control..Frantic now..Begging you to fuck me to completion

My cock ramming into your pussy and the vibro close to your bum being lubricated by the juice running out of you

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss Jake……. OMggggggggggggggggggg …….I NEED YOU NOW

I slide the vibro gently inside you you’re being fucked at both ends you can see I am getting close still tied I start to really hump into you as you watch and feel what’s happening

Yesssssssssssssssss…unable to meet your thrusts my pussy lips suck your hard cock in with every thrust

Then not able to hold any longer I start to shoot and at the same time untie your hands allowing you to cuddle me close as you take the last vestiges of come from me

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hands slide around you as I hold you close. My orgasm the hardest and longest I have ever felt as your hot cum fills me, meeting mine as one we reach completion …… Ohhhhhhhhhhh Baby……..I’m soaking my vibro and you have taken me to heaven again…….to feel those spasms while I read what you write is really amazing. It’s better on the phone as I can hear you cum as well. You know we have to meet again.

You said that first time was a mistake besides I don’t often get to stay out overnight. Maybe twice of three times a year with the company

I know so tell me when you’re next one is or meet me for a morning or afternoon I mean it Jake I want to be made to feel special like just now only for real…. Jake you made me feel things I have never felt before

I just made love to you that’s all darling

Jake I need to see you again…. Please…… I need to feel that feeling again Pleeeeaassssseee Jake …. Just once for an overnight stay
Some times its nice to push the boundaries and I enjoyed the telling off I got for copying it down but we both shared a smile (Well I burst out Laughing) when she told me how she was reading it from her email and got so hot she didnt notice her husband come in and read it over her shoulder only to say,
“That Jake sure has an Imagination, as though a woman would talk on a computer like that!”
She told me she just agreed but they both thought it was hot and ended up in a sex session
………… As for me well it took me a little while to get my breath back after laughing about them making out over a story between me and her………. Aint the truth wild sometimes?????