Queen of the Empire

It had been six months since the Sluggorn invasion fleet
was defeated in the Coruscant system. The New Republic
was in complete chaos as individual worlds demanded a
greater voice within the Senate. With the last of the
Solo bloodline gone, there was no one left to rally the
disparate factions into a cohesive body. The Imperium was
little better, with individual Star Destroyer captains
proclaiming themselves warlords and attempting to setup
their own little fiefdoms. Ares, the capital world of
Daala’s Imperium, remained a world in conflict, torn by
massive ground battles and dogfighting TIE fighters that
brightened the grey skies with their fiery deaths.

Mara Jade: smuggler, pilot, and apprentice Jedi, roamed
the spacelanes with her pirate lover, Berg, until he
finally grew tired of her. Casting her adrift with no
money or resources, Mara was abandoned on Coruscant, the
once proud center of the Empire now a decayed collection
of towering citadels and sprawling megaplexes. With no
money to travel offworld, Mara took up the oldest
profession, prostitution, in order to buy food and a
filth-encrusted hovel in the Eastern Quadrant of the

Chapter 1: Alone
Pacifica III
Pacifica System
Beyond the Outer Rim
132 IY (Imperium Year)

The black-robed figure walked sedately down the dim
passageway, the stone-constructed hall lit only by weak
sunlight streaming from narrow windows. Other robed men
traveled down the passage, the serene sound of chanting
filling the air with peace and well being. The black-
garbed man entered an open study that was filled with
books and ancient scrolls. Glow-orbs illuminated the room
as an elderly man with wispy white hair read from an old

“I’m leaving, Master,” declared the visitor simply.

“Are you sure?” asked the old Jedi Master with a
concerned frown. “It may not be safe in the Core for Jedi
yet. Our Order survived because we stayed out of human
affairs; we observe, we don’t interfere.”

“The time for watching is over. I’ve used the Force to
monitor the Galaxy, the Emperor is long dead, as are the
Dark Jedi. The Republic is in chaos, order must be
restored,” replied the visitor passionately.

“I see, Emhyr,” nodded the Jedi Master sadly. “You must
go where the Force leads you. I wish you well.”

“Thank you, Master,” acknowledged Emhyr with a deep bow
before he turned around and left the brightly lit study.

“Walk on the Light Side,” offered the elderly man as he
watched his most powerful student disappear into the

Capital of the New Republic
132 IY

“Hey, bitch! How much for a blow?” asked a production
worker in a loud bellow.

“Fifty credits, stud,” replied Mara as she swayed her
round hips seductively.
“Sounds good,” agreed the worker before he charged across
the hover vehicle-choked street. Horns and swearing
assaulted the man, who ran placidly across the duracrete
to where the young woman stood near a glow-orb pole.

“You’re one fine-looking whore,” complimented the worker
as he gazed appreciatively at Mara’s bare cleavage and
long, slim legs. The Jedi apprentice wore tight, black,
latex shorts, a flimsy, black, lace bra, high-heeled
boots, and a black choke collar with a leash ring hanging
down her throat. Mara’s red hair flowed down her bare
back, dangling near her hips as she entwined her left arm
inside her customer’s. The large, heavily muscled man
twisted to leer at Mara Jade’s firm ass as she led him
into a nearby alley filled with garbage and steaming
waste products. The burly man pushed Mara against a hard,
unyielding alley wall, then roughly fondled her round
breasts with his paw-like hands.

“Yeah, nice tits,” muttered the bald man as he caressed
and painfully squeezed Mara’s soft melons of flesh.

“Ummm, that feels good,” moaned the red-haired girl
huskily as she licked her bright, red lips with her small

“You like that, don’t you bitch?” growled the man before
he tore off Mara’s delicate bra, then leaned down to suck
loudly on her inviting breasts. Mara moaned loudly, her
hands firm against the wall as her john licked and
drooled across her warm, white skin. He bit and nibbled
on her pink, sensitive nipples, his large right hand
moving down to rub her latex-covered crotch wantonly.
Mara leaned heavily against the wall, her eyes slitted as
she moaned with arousal and desire.

“Suck my cock, slut,” ordered the man as he pulled away
from the girl’s heaving tits, unzipping his fly while the
Jedi whore knelt down in front of him. Mara grasped the
large man’s hardening cock, rubbing it slowly with her
small hands.

The john slid his meaty fingers into the scantily-clad
girl’s rich, red hair, forcing her beautiful face into
his sweaty crotch. Mara obediently began sucking on the
man’s balls, filling her mouth with his musky orbs as his
rod rubbed over her pert nose.

Slowly, lovingly, Mara licked up the shaft of her
customer’s tool, caressing his meat with her soft, moist
lips until she reached his throbbing head. She wrapped
her lips around the tip of the man’s cock, twirling her
tongue around it until she slowly slid her mouth over the
rest of his rock-hard shaft. The man groaned with
pleasure, grasping Mara’s head tightly before he shoved
his rod deeper into her yielding mouth, forcing it down
her tight throat.

The Jedi girl gagged softly, but allowed the big man to
fuck her mouth and throat desperately. A minute later,
the burly worker shot his load, filling her mouth with
hot, sticky cum. White cream trickled down Mara’s chin as
the man pulled away from her red lips, then quickly
zipped up his baggy breeches.

“Here’s your money, trash,” sneered the worker while he
tossed a handful of credit chits in front of the kneeling
young woman. Mara quickly gathered up the money as the
large man swaggered out of the alley and back into the

Mara Jade wiped her cum-stained face with her left arm,
then picked up her torn, discarded bra and managed to re-
fasten it across her ample bosom. Sighing softly to
herself, the Jedi girl left the alley, then walked east
down the travel conduit until she reached a food booth
near her apartment.

She hastily purchased some steamed rice, bread, and a
beer, then carried her daily meal up uneven stairs to her
fourth level dwelling. Sliding a plastic keycard into a
waiting slot, Mara pushed open her door, then swiftly
closed the portal behind her. She collapsed into a soft
couch, then opened her rice box as the room’s vid
terminal flashed on.

“New Republic warships began open hostilities today.
Vessels from several Outer Core worlds attacked planets
within the Inner Rim for much needed raw materials and
slave labor. The Senate is powerless as many factions
continue to debate and withhold vital services, while
others forestall the election of a new Prime Minister.
Food riots erupted in the Northern Quadrant of the
Capital earlier this evening, causing massive damage to
buildings and heavy losses from looting. A dangerous fire
broke out along the Northern/Western Quadrant borders, it
still rages unchecked through several living sectors.”

Mara ordered the vid terminal off, then ate quietly as
shouting and the occasional blaster salvo filled the
silent void of her room. After dinner, the Jedi girl
popped open a bottle of liquor, then drank heavily from
it. The red-haired girl sat limply in her couch, her slim
arms and legs spread apart as she allowed the drink to
burn inside her body. Mara’s green eyes were drowsy and
glazed until she heard a loud knock on the door. Cursing
under her breath, Mara staggered to her feet, then swayed
drunkenly to her door and opened it wide.

“You’re late on your rent again,” hissed the Squid-Head
that ran the low-income habitation. Mara used to know the
race’s true name, but her brain was fogged with liquor at
the moment.

“Can’t you give me one more week?” moaned the Jedi girl

“No. However, if you’re low on credit, we can perform our
usual exchange,” suggested the Squid-Head with wide,
eager eyes.

“Humph! Fine, come on in,” agreed Mara with a scowl as
she left the door open and stumbled back inside her dark
room. The Squid closed the door after himself, then
locked it securely. With long, clammy fingers twitching
in excitement, the Squid moved to the couch where Mara
flopped down. After taking another long pull from her
bottle, Mara spread apart her thighs, allowing the Squid-
Head plenty of room to kneel in. The robed alien leaned
forward, mouth tentacles wiggling as he pulled off Mara’s
skin-tight latex shorts, followed by her tiny, black

The Squid-Head raised the young woman’s panties to its
nose, inhaling her arousing musk deeply. He quickly slid
the undergarment into a wide robe pocket, then bent down
to caress Mara’s pussy with several of its facial
tentacles. Mara moaned softly, unfastening her bra before
flinging it over the couch. The Squid fondled the soft
flesh of Mara’s labia, excreting a viscous slime from its
mouth that dripped onto her quivering cunt.

The Jedi girl squeezed and pinched her own round tits,
her sensuous, red mouth parted slightly as she grew
aroused by her apartment manager’s laviscous attentions.
The Squid pushed two thick tentacles into Mara’s warm
snatch, thrusting them deeply into her vagina until they
filled her belly with their cold meat.

Mara shivered in excitement, her pussy growing hot and
wet with her juices while she licked one of her own pink
nipples with her tongue. The Squid reached forward,
grasping the red-haired girl’s breasts firmly as he
buried his muzzle in her clenching fuckhole.

“Yeah, baby. Fuck my pussy, lover,” groaned Mara as she
thrust her crotch against the alien’s probing tentacles.

The Squid-Head caressed the naked girl’s tits for several
moments, then moved his long fingers to her long legs,
prying them apart firmly. Slimy limbs of cold flesh moved
in and out of Mara Jade’s slit, filling her womb with
clammy flesh as she trembled and moaned in erotic
pleasure. She grabbed the nearby liquor bottle, pouring
the cold, frothy liquid down her throat until it
overflowed her mouth and dribbled down her chin and neck.
Mara’s breasts glistened with alcohol, her nipples hard
as they heaved up and down.

The Jedi girl turned onto her stomach, her tight ass
thrusting outwards towards the Squid-Head’s quivering
mouth probes. The alien ran his hands across the soft
flesh of Mara’s buttocks, exploring her crack as she
moaned loudly. Bending low, the Squid buried its
tentacles in her cunt, stretching the petals of her labia
wide apart as he dug into her narrow vagina.

Mara clenched the top of the couch, her ass pumping back
and forth as she fucked the alien’s many slimy limbs. One
tentacle after another pushed in and out of her pussy,
followed quickly by another until over six of them had
entered her dripping slit.

The Jedi girl bit her lip, her breasts dangling
invitingly in the air as the Squid ran his long hands
across her smooth, bare back. The alien pressed his face
firmly against Mara’s ass, rubbing his mouth and nose in-
between her round cheeks until she groaned loudly with an

Warm, sticky cum spurted from Mara’s pussy, falling wetly
against the Squid-Head’s mouth and tentacles. The alien
landlord eagerly lapped the fluid trickling from Mara’s
cunt, drinking her honey until her red-haired bush was

The Squid-Head slapped Mara’s ass loudly, then rose to
his feet before walking confidently from the room. The
naked, red-haired girl reclined her breasts against the
soft couch, her small chin resting against the top as she
panted softly for breath. She wiped a sweat-soaked strand
of hair from her forehead, then slid onto her back,
laying warm and nude across the long divan until sleep
claimed her alcohol-drenched mind.

The Ares System

Using the Force, Emhyr cloaked his small ship from the
planet’s long-range sensors. The tall Jedi landed the
vessel near the capital city of Ares, the one-time
administrative center of the New Imperium. Today was
quiet, nothing breaking the depressing silence that
covered the city like a heavy cloak. Emhyr wrapped his
black cape tightly around his thin body, then began
descending a rough hillside that led down to the
sprawling metroplex below.

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 2

Emhyr walked calmly down the streets of Ares’ capital
city, his black cloak wrapped tightly around his thin
frame as a chill breeze ran through his slick, black
hair. The avenues were empty of people, only the
occasional storm trooper stood upon a corner or terrace.
Using the Force, the Jedi fogged the soldiers’ minds,
allowing him free access to the government sector and the
admin center.

Entering a large, marble-constructed building, Emhyr
strode boldly to the governor’s office on the third
floor. Opening the door to the waiting room, the Jedi
proceeded across the carpeted floor to the inner portal,
then confidently entered the presence of Ares’ current

Governor Tarth sat at a huge, oak desk, the table’s
surface piled with reports and logistics information. The
man was old, with thinning, grey hair and a large belly.
The Imperial uniform sat uneasily on the governor’s
bulbous frame, the grey fabric wrinkled and un-cared for.
Tarth slowly looked up at the intruder standing before
his desk, the stranger smug and arrogant with power.

“What do you want?” asked Tarth before he reclined within
his large chair, the leather creaking loudly under his
bulk. “Do you have an appointment?”

“No, I do not,” replied Emhyr with an icy smile. “But I
do think that we can help each other.”

“How?” inquired the governor simply.

“You control one of the few worlds along the Rim with an
operational shipyard,” answered the Jedi as he sat upon a
chair facing Tarth’s desk. “With the proper motivation,
we can re- organize your garrison and resume production
of warships.”

“Why bother,” shrugged Tarth. “Even at full capacity the
shipyard can only produce a few cruisers and maybe a Star
Destroyer in seven months. If we draw too much attention
to ourselves, one of the Imperial Warlords might get
nervous and attack this system.”

“That is a risk,” agreed Emhyr with a nod, “but not a
very likely one. The warlords you speak of have few ships
and even less motivation. They concern themselves with
protecting their own small holdings and indulging their
venal appetites. With focus and discipline, the two of us
can rebuild the Imperial war machine and restore order to
the galaxy.”

“Umm, an interesting proposal, but I’m just not
interested,” said Tarth with a shake of his head. “I want
to protect ‘my small holdings’ as well. The Empire is
dead, we can’t change the way things are.”

“You’re wrong, but I can illuminate you,” retorted Emhyr
as he stared into the governor’s eyes, tendrils of the
Force extending out to manipulate the weak official’s
mind. “You will give me full authority to command your
men and begin starship construction immediately. I will
act in your name.”

“You will act in my name,” repeated Tarth with a glazed

“Good boy,” grinned Emhyr with dark humor.

Mara reclined on her torn couch smoking a cigarette as
someone pounded on the door to her filthy apartment.
Muttering curses under her breath, the slim young woman
held the cigarette in her mouth while she staggered up
and shambled over to the door. The redhead impulsively
unlatched the flimsy portal, then pulled it open to
reveal the bulky mass of Capt. Berg.

“Master Berg!” exclaimed Mara in delighted surprise
before she hurled her body into the space pirate’s
embrace. Berg chuckled in amusement, his large, meaty
hands caressing her back before sliding down to squeeze
the girl’s round ass.

“Still as hot as ever,” rumbled the outlaw as he pushed
Mara to arm’s length, admiring her curvaceous figure and
full breasts.

“I was hoping you would come back for me,” replied Mara
in a quiet voice as she looked up into the pirate’s eyes
with a hurt expression on her lovely face.

“Yeah, well, I’m back,” coughed Berg uncomfortably before
he shouldered past the petite girl and invaded her
habitation. “Got any liquor?”

“Yes, I’ll get it,” replied the subdued young woman
before she walked listlessly to the tiny kitchen cubicle.

Lt. Luki, Berg’s right hand man, slid into the room,
closing the door behind him. The pale- blonde man walked
around the small apartment, checking everything with a
paranoid glare before moving to stand next to the room’s
only draped window.

“So what’re you doing these days?” inquired Berg
curiously while he watched Mara walk towards him with an
open liquor bottle.

“This and that, doing whatever people will pay me to do,”
replied Mara with a deep blush as she slid the tall
bottle into Berg’s grasp.

“Ah, that’s good,” said the pirate before he drank deeply
from the bottle, his cold eyes regarding Mara as he
imagined all the sordid things she was forced to do in
order to survive.

“I’m taking you with me on my next run. I spent most of
my money on upgrades for the ‘Ravager, plus some down
time on one of the Core’s pleasure worlds, so I’m a bit
strapped for cred right now,” admitted the muscled outlaw
with a shrug. “But before we go, show me that you’ve
still got it.”

“Got what?” retorted Mara uncomfortably.

“That submissive Sluggorn training they beat into you,”
replied Berg with a malicious grin. “Take your clothes

With a wide-eyed, shocked expression, Mara slowly
unzipped the front of her skin-tight jumpsuit, sliding
the gleaming garment to the floor. The naked girl clasped
her hands together over her bush of red pubic hair, her
thin arms attempting to cover her round tits.

“Hah! She’s shy all of a sudden. Don’t you remember our
time on the Sluggorn sphere ship? You weren’t so hesitant
back then,” remarked Berg with a cruel leer. “Luki, go
ahead and have some fun with her.”

The thin pirate smiled in anticipation as he walked
towards the trembling young woman, his hands clumsily
unfastening his breeches.

“Please, don’t make me do this,” begged Mara as her green
eyes grew wet with unshed tears. “I love you.”

“Then you’ll do as I say, whore,” snarled Berg before he
took another long pull from the liquor bottle. “When I
tell you to fuck Luki, you fuck Luki and like it.”

Mara’s lips quivered as she turned to look at Lt. Luki,
her body growing warm with lust as her alien conditioning
responded to her master’s command and made her horny
despite her own wishes. Luki stood next to the naked
girl, grabbing Mara by the head and forcing the girl
relentlessly to her knees. Mara choked back a despairing
sob as she looked up into the lust- filled eyes of Berg’s

“Suck it, bitch!” commanded Luki as he pressed Mara’s
soft, red lips against his hardening cock. Hesitantly,
the Jedi girl softly kissed the head of Luki’s rod, then
slowly licked the tip with her warm, pink tongue.
Unsatisfied, Luki thrust his tool into Mara’s small
mouth, pushing the engorged pole down the girl’s tight

The taste of cock filled Mara’s mouth, triggering more of
her conditioning until she was sucking and licking the
long rod eagerly. Loud slurping sounds filled the small,
dimly-lit room as Mara’s mouth moved up and down Luki’s
cock, her red lips caressing and rubbing the pulsing

Mara moaned with pleasure, her hands reaching up to cup
and squeeze her own creamy breasts, her fingers pinching
the pink nipples into hardness. Luki groaned loudly, his
expression one of ecstasy as he held Mara’s head and
pumped his meat into the horny girl’s mouth. Mara licked
slowly down the shaft, stopping to suck her lover’s balls
and roll them wantonly in her mouth.

Luki’s body jerked spasmodically, his breath coming in
short gasps as the redhead licked his testicles while
rubbing his fuckpole with her delicate hand.

“I want to fuck you,” gasped Luki before he lowered
himself to the floor, then pulled Mara on top of his
crotch. The young woman lowered herself onto his
quivering cock, her pussy enfolding the flesh rod as it
slid down to Luki’s mat of crotch hair. Mara moaned
loudly as Luki’s cock pushed into her womb, the pole
thick and throbbing as she began humping the man’s crotch

Man and woman groaned and gasped with sexual strain as
their bodies grinded together. Mara’s long, red hair flew
about her shoulders as her round breasts bobbed to her
gyrations. Berg smiled as he watched the naked girl fuck
his partner, his own cock growing hard as he enjoyed the
beautiful Jedi submit her body to his commands.

Luki reached up with his thin arms, squeezing Mara’s
heaving tits tightly as he thrust his cock into her
ravenous cunt.

“Yes! That feels so good,” groaned Mara while she grasped
Luki’s arms with her hands, her hips pumping back and
forth as she allowed the man’s pole to enter her warm

Luki and Mara moaned together in erotic bliss, the girl’s
pussy squeezing the man’s cock as they both melted
towards orgasm. Mara bent down to suck on Luki’s fingers
as they kneaded and fondled her sensitive breasts. The
redhead’s smooth ass expanded and contracted as her hips
pounded the thick pole into her stomach.

Mara’s legs grew weak as her pussy prepared to explode,
Luki’s hands sliding down her flat stomach, forcing her
to arch her back away from him as he stabbed his cock
into her slick vagina. With a loud scream, Mara orgasmed,
her breasts thrust out as she covered Luki’s meat with
her tight slit. Luki shot cum into Mara’s molten womb,
her pink, dripping flesh encasing his member until it was
milked dry. Luki pulled the naked, panting girl to his
chest, then kissed her roughly on the lips, his drooling
tongue invading her mouth lavisciously.

“Alright, party’s over,” growled Berg as he rose to his
feet, then walked over to slap Mara painfully on the bare
ass. “Get some things packed and let’s go.”

Emhyr sat in a round, candle-lit room, his legs crossed
together in a lotus position as he relaxed his mind and
allowed the Force to work through him.

“Come to me, my queen,” chanted the Jedi softly as he
held his eyes shut and projected his thoughts. “You
cannot resist my summons. You will come to me and
surrender yourself to my will, and together we shall rule
the galaxy. Come to me, Mara Jade.”

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 3

The Lady Ravager pursued the lone merchant vessel, firing
salvos of laser cannon fire from its forward hard points.
The large, slow transport blasted its engines at full
power, trying vainly to outrun the swift privateer.
Shields flared with azure lightning as the Ravager fired
again, green laser bolts slamming against the merchant’s

“Their shields are almost down,” reported Lt. Luki at the
co-pilot’s station.

“Maintain fire, target engines only,” ordered Berg as he
grasped the piloting controls, keeping a steady course
above and just behind the wallowing transport ship.

After several more barrages of laser fire, the merchant
vessel’s shields collapsed, its hull now vulnerable to
attack. Luki wasted no time in firing a short burst into
the ship’s engine section, destroying its ability to flee
or maneuver. Berg gently flew his ship next to the
merchanter’s hull, using short bursts from the Ravager’s
thrusters to land safely on the target’s dorsal side.

“Boarding hatch is linked and secure,” said Luki as a low
grinding noise reverberated through the raider’s hull.

“Get the boys and girls together, it’s time to work,”
commanded the burly pirate as he rose from his high-
backed chair and unfastened the safety strap of his belt

Luki marched into the crew area of the command deck,
nodding his head in acknowledgment as he counted off the
crewmembers waiting anxiously with weapons in hand. Mara
stood near the back of the group, her left hand clenched
in a tight fist while her right hand slid across the cold
surface of her lightsaber.

“Alright everybody,” growled Captain Berg as he regarded
his crew balefully. “This should be a simple snatch and
go. Get the cargo and take out whoever or whatever gets
in your way. Luki will stay here to help load the booty
on board. Don’t stay to admire the scenery. Let’s do it!”

The crew shouted in excitement, then grasped their
blaster rifles tightly as they charged down to the
boarding hatch. Luki was the first to reach the portal,
allowing him time to activate the hatch and watch it iris
open. One by one, Berg’s followers climbed down a narrow
ladder that led to the entryway of the merchanter.

With a loud hiss, the trade ship’s hatch cycled open,
allowing several of the pirates to slide inside. Almost
immediately, blaster fire resounded through the linked
hatches, the pirates maintaining a foothold while more of
their comrades descended to join the fray.

When six raiders had entered the ship and unleashed a
volley of laser bolts, the defending crew of the
merchanter pulled back, two of their number lying dead on
the hallway floor.

“Keep going! The hold’s on level two, right below us,”
bellowed Berg as he unslung his own blaster rifle, then
began to advance on the bridge. Mara followed behind her
master, her lightsaber inactive but ready in her right
hand. The tall, heavily-muscled pirate stomped down the
brightly-lit passage, his large hands firm upon the stock
of his blaster as he scanned the way before him for
targets. The duo reached the bridge without incident, the
sounds of battle far behind them as Berg punched the door
release, then slid away to press his back against the
bulkhead near the portal.

Two blaster bolts sizzled through the door, smacking
loudly against the passage’s metal skin as Berg turned
into the open hatch, then fired a long burst of fire into
the confined room. Voices screamed in pain while Berg
walked into the room, his rifle belching focused death at
the crewmen within. Mara ignited her lightsaber, the beam
glowing a sickly blue as she carefully walked onto the
bridge of the trade ship.

Dead and smoking bodies lay strewn around the bridge
consoles, the air thick with smoke and the smell of
burning flesh. Mara gagged at the foul odor, quickly
covering her mouth with her left hand. Berg seemed to
enjoy the scent, inhaling deeply before moving to an open
console and manipulating the controls.

“I’m shutting down main power, releasing the locks on all
the inner hatches, disabling the security systems,” said
Berg as he concentrated on the displays. A lone crewman
trembled slightly, blood frothing from his mouth as he
slowly raised a blaster pistol at Berg’s exposed back.
Mara reacted quickly, lashing out with her lightsaber and
severing the man’s hand neatly at the wrist. Berg spun
around at the whining noise, his eyes burning with
bloodlust as he watched the dying crewman’s arm go limp.

“Cut his head off,” ordered Berg quietly.

“He’s dying, he’ll be dead in another minute or two,”
protested Mara as she looked at the prone man with pity.

“I said cut his head off, bitch!” shouted the pirate,
spittle flying from his grey lips.

Scowling with disgust, Mara raised her lightsaber, then
quickly slashed across the officer’s neck, freeing the
head to flop wetly to the floor.

Berg stalked forward, slapping Mara hard across the face,
sending her slim body limply to the blood-soaked floor.

“I thought that I made myself clear to you at your little
hovel. When I tell you to do something, you do it and
like it. You got that, slut?” snarled Berg.

“Yes..master,” agreed Mara as she looked shamefully down,
avoiding Berg’s burning gaze.

“Good. Now go help the other guys secure the ship and
load the booty on board Ravager,” ordered Berg sharply
before he returned to the bridge consoles.

Staggering to her feet, Mara wiped a trickle of blood
from her lips, then walked quietly out of the corpse-
filled bridge.

Out in the void of space, the drifting merchant ship
exploded as its drives overloaded, sending out a cloud of
melting debris that spun wildly in all directions. The
Lady Ravager sped away at full sub-light, its engine
ports bright with blue incandescence as it shot deep into
the velvet dark of the heavens.

Within the crew area on the command deck of the Ravager,
loud, pounding music played over the ship’s intercom.
Berg sat indolently upon a crescent-shaped couch, his
left leg up on a table as he drank noisily from a bottle
of liquor. Mara sat at one of the diagnostic consoles,
holding a small glass in her limp hands as she watched
Berg’s crew dance and sing chaotically.

Mara jerked her head up as she watched a young woman with
long, purple hair and delicate, pointed ears spin to the
center of the rec area and begin dancing erotically in
her tight black shorts and leather vest.

The Jedi girl recognized the female as a sex android, a
class of droid very popular throughout the galaxy. Mara
had transported a sex droid that looked just like the
girl dancing before her, a droid that she had made love
to quite enthusiastically before she had been captured by
the decadent Sluggorn.

Berg noticed Mara staring at the writhing girl with
intense interest, then he grinned cruelly as an idea came
to him.

“You like Padija?” asked Berg curiously.

“She looks familiar, like someone I met once,” replied
Mara guardedly.

“Then fuck her,” suggested the captain with a leer before
he took another swig from his bottle.

“Please, not in front of everyone,” protested Mara with a

“Mara, don’t make me get the belt,” admonished Berg with
a teasing wag of his finger.

Grinding her teeth together in helplessness, Mara stood
up from her chair, then downed the rest of her drink in
one gulp. She walked over to the swaying young woman, who
was currently shaking her round ass slowly at her
captain, her long, purple hair falling in waves over her
perfectly beautiful face.

“Kiss her,” ordered Berg as he licked his thick lips in

As the surrounding crewmembers giggled or laughed with
cruel mirth, Mara hesitantly drew close to the gyrating
sex droid, standing intimately near the girl’s back as
the elfin female stared at Berg with wide, lust-filled

Mara grasped Padija by the chin, then tipped her head
back in order to kiss her full on the lips. The watchers
gasped in appreciation as the two young woman embraced
each other, their tongues flicking and caressing the
other girl’s open mouth.

The Jedi girl wrapped her arms around Padija’s slim
waist, her hands rubbing across the android’s bare
stomach. The two girls swayed to the music, their
graceful bodies grinding wantonly together as they moved
their hips in unison.

Padija returned her golden-eyed gaze to her master as
Mara slid her hands down the arch of the girl’s back to
her round ass. The redhead squeezed Padija’s firm ass
cheeks, the tight, rubber shorts squeaking loudly as
Mara’s long fingers fondled the ripe mounds of flesh.

Padija smiled wickedly, bending down to thrust her ass
into Mara’s fondling grip as she slowly untied her vest,
revealing a wide expanse of lush cleavage. The android
pressed her large breasts together, her hips swaying back
and forth as she licked her moist tongue across her
sensuous red lips.

“Take your clothes off, bitches,” ordered Berg before he
poured more liquor down his dry gullet.

Padija stood up straight, her eyes smoldering as she
pulled off her small vest and let it fall to the floor.
The elfin female slid her hands under the waistband of
her shorts, then pushed the confining garment to her
ankles as she bent over. Mara undressed more slowly,
unsealing her own jumpsuit before tugging it from her
body. Padija moved to stand next to Mara’s right arm,
keeping her gaze on her master as she reached out with
her right hand and began fondling Mara’s right breast.
The Jedi girl closed her eyes, her body growing hot as
her conditioning responded to the android’s caresses.

The purple-haired girl bent forward, her small tongue
flicking out to encircle Mara’s pink nipple. Mara gasped
softly, her knobs growing hard with arousal as Padija
started sucking on her tit lovingly. The android
continued her sensual assault, her hand descending to
Mara’s red-tufted crotch where she began rubbing the Jedi
girl’s quivering snatch.

Mara groaned loudly, her legs growing weak as her crotch
grew wet with excitement. Padija stopped her tit sucking
long enough to kiss Mara again, her mouth starving for
the redhead’s sweet lips. Mara returned the kiss, her own
body burning with helpless lust as her hands reached
around to cup and caress the android’s smooth, bare ass.

After kissing each other violently, Padija slowing knelt
down, her tongue sliding across Mara’s warm, pale skin.
Upon reaching the Jedi girl’s pussy, the android inserted
her slick mouth probe, making Mara tremble with erotic

“Ugh, yes,” moaned Mara as she bit her lower lip, her
skin gleaming with sweat as she entwined her fingers in
Padija’s long, purple hair. The android girl buried her
face in Mara’s cunt, her lips slurping loudly as she
sucked on her lover’s labia and clit. Berg grinned
malevolently, his left hand busily rubbing his hardened
cock while his right hand grabbed a nearby dildo and
threw it at the naked, moaning women.

“Fuck Mara with that!” exclaimed Berg loudly.

Padija removed her cum-slick face from Mara’s dripping
pussy, then picked up the dildo from the floor before
rubbing the thick rod against the Jedi girl’s throbbing

“Put it in, please,” begged Mara as she rubbed her moist
cunt with her fingers, her breasts heaving with each loud
pant. Padija pulled Mara to her knees, then turned the
redhead around until her round ass faced the masturbating
captain. The android girl slowly rubbed the dildo across
Mara’s drooling pussy, then she inserted the tool into
her victim’s fuckhole. Mara groaned loudly with pleasure,
her hips pushing out in order to propel the rod deeper
into her tight vagina.

Padija wrapped her left arm around Mara’s waist while she
pumped the dildo quickly in and out of the naked girl’s
slit, the pole sliding deep into her belly. Mara moaned
constantly now, her full breasts jiggling with each
thrust of her hips. Padija licked across Mara’s clenched
asshole, her tongue sliding around the small orifice,
then licking across delicious ass flesh. Berg panted with
excitement, his hand jerking off like a machine press as
he watched his sex android ravage his Jedi slave.

“Shove it in her asshole,” ordered Berg as he bared his
stained teeth.

Padija obeyed, removing the honey-slick dildo from Mara’s
cunt, then inserting it forcefully into the girl’s tiny
hole. Mara screamed in pain, her eyes wide with surprised
fear as she felt the thick probe push into her shithole.

“No, please, don’t” panted Mara as she craned her neck to
see what the female droid was doing.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” suggested Padija before she
rammed the dildo even harder into Mara’s sore asshole
while she lowered her face down to the prone girl’s pussy
and lapped the juices dripping from her fleshy, pink

Berg watched with obscene satisfaction as the android
smoothly fucked Mara’s ass with the dildo and ate out a
moist cunt with her mouth. The Jedi girl’s moans of pain
and ecstasy filled the room, her naked body coated in hot
sweat as her hips jerked erotically in time to the
invasion of her nether holes. Mara’s arms went limp, her
upper body slamming to the cold floor as her ass shoved
up into the air. The young woman’s breasts were pressed
to the ground, drool escaping her lips to stain the cold
metal while Padija stuffed the dildo into her anus and
plunged two long fingers into her sopping cunt. Mara
moaned weakly, her body exhausted with exertion as an
orgasm rumbled in her gushing womb.

Padija increased the speed of the pumping dildo and her
own finger fucking, her long digits ravishing the naked
girl’s vagina while the rubber tool filled Mara’s tiny
cavity. Mara cried out, her ass convulsing as hot cum
spewed from her pussy into Padija’s eager mouth. The
android girl lapped quickly and firmly, drinking all of
Mara’s hot cream as it flowed from her quivering twat.
Padija removed the long dildo from Mara’s asshole, then
sat in front of Berg and sucked on the rubber cock like a
little girl with a lollipop.

Berg jacked off, directing the stream of white cum into
Padija’s youthful face. The android girl smiled
innocently as the hot jism dripped from her mouth and
chin, then she licked the sticky fluid with her small,
pink tongue. Berg zipped up his pants with a satisfied
sigh, then wobbled to his feet while he admired Mara’s
naked, prone position, her right cheek against the floor
and her ass thrust out into the air, her arms limp
against her sides.

“Now that’s what a woman should look like,” remarked Berg
with a cruel grin as he watched Mara’s violated, sex-
depleted body. Laughing harshly, the pirate grabbed
Padija by her right nipple, dragging the naked girl
behind him towards his quarters.

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 4

The Nebulan-class cruiser slid into orbit of the planet
Endor. The once lush world was now a desolate ruin, its
thick vegetation seared away until only broken rock and a
thin layer of atmosphere remained. Grand Admiral Daala,
in a fit of vengeful anger, sent a small flotilla of Star
Destroyers to bombard the site of the Empire’s first
collapse during her brief campaign against the Republic;
alas the race of Ewoks was no more.

Emhyr sat within a cushioned, high-backed chair, his legs
spread apart as a ravishing, blonde-haired girl sat on
his lap and humped his hardened cock. The Jedi panted
softly for breath, his eyes locked on the naked body of
the young girl as she slid her tight pussy up and down
his fuckpole. The girl pressed her hands against Emhyr’s
shoulders, her grasp firm as she pushed his tool deeply
into her small belly.

“How does it feel, Lara?” asked the Jedi hotly.

“Good…it feels so good,” moaned the blonde while she
licked her full lips and increased the pace of her
pumping. Emhyr smiled lustfully, reaching out with his
hands to cup and fondle the girl’s small, pert breasts.
Lara groaned loudly, her petite body shuddering as an
orgasm rose within her. With a loud, high-pitched scream,
the blonde girl voided a stream of sticky honey from her
bush of blonde pubic hair. Lara collapsed against Emhyr’s
hard chest, her breath coming in short pants as she
closed her eyes and clung to her lord. The Jedi stroked
Lara’s sweat-slick hair until the ship’s intercom chimed.

“Sir, we’ve established orbit around Endor,” reported a
young bridge officer crisply.

“Screen on,” ordered Emhyr as he gazed above Lara’s small
head. A large, holographic display materialized within
the center of the dim chamber, exhibiting a view of
Endor’s barren surface. The Jedi concentrated, his mind
using the Force to scan the planet for his prize.

“Sir! Sensors detect a Sluggorn sphere ship leaving the
far side of the planet,” said the bridge officer tensely.

“Where is it going?” asked Emhyr with a displeased frown.

“Out system. It’s preparing to jump to Lightspeed.”

“What’s its heading?”

“A barren stretch of space leading to the Outer Rim,”
replied the officer.

“So that’s where they ended up,” murmured Emhyr

“Who?” asked Lara curiously.

“The Sluggorn. Surely you remember the aliens that
decimated Daala’s fleet and broke the Republic’s hold on
the Core,” answered the Jedi with mild amazement.

“Sorry, master, but I was busy working the streets on my
homeworld,” shrugged Lara apologetically.

“That’s alright, little one. I didn’t take you for your
mind,” soothed Emhyr as he ran his fingers through the
girl’s thick, blonde hair.

“The Sluggorn ship has jumped to Hyperspace,” informed
the bridge officer.

“Move the ship into a geo-synchronous orbit above their
launch site,” ordered Emhyr.

As the long, grey-hulled cruiser moved gracefully on its
new heading, the Jedi renewed his concentration, scanning
the area where the Sluggorn ship had once been. Emhyr
snarled with anger as his senses detected the location he
sought, the same place the aliens had just left.

“Prepare my shuttle,” commanded Emhyr before he set the
naked Lara to the floor, then strode quickly towards the
large room’s exit. “Lara, get dressed quickly and meet me
on the hanger deck.”

“Yes, master,” bowed the girl before she rushed to her
quarters for suitable attire.

The sterile, white shuttle landed in a cloud of loose
dust, the craft’s wings folding upwards as the landing
gear slid down. Emhyr barely waited for the landing ramp
to descend before he shot forward, marching relentlessly
towards a patch of smooth ground. Short, delicate Lara
hastened to catch up to her master, a satchel placed over
her left shoulder as hot, dry air blew her tresses across
her oval face. Emhyr walked quickly to the charred patch,
a pile of decayed wood and ash the only feature of
interest. The black-garbed Jedi stopped abruptly, his
eyes cold with fury as he realized the burial site had
been plundered recently.

Emhyr had traveled to Endor in order to find the remains
of Darth Vader, the Darklord that had once served the
Emperor and helped eradicate the Jedi Knights. Although
the fallen Jedi had finally repented before his death,
his armor and vestments were still drenched in the black
decay of the Darkside. Vader’s garb had power, the power
to enhance a Dark Jedi’s abilities, or to grant a mundane
sentient limited access to the Force. Unfortunately, the
Sluggorn had beaten Emhyr to the grave, stealing Vader’s
armor as well as a large portion of the Dark Jedi’s
remains, for what reason even Emhyr couldn’t guess.
Scowling deeply, Emhyr remained motionless as Lara walked
forward, kneeling down to sift idly through the ash and
disheveled dirt.

“Look, master! Something’s left!” exclaimed Lara
excitedly as she withdrew two worn, pitch-black gloves
from a thick pile of decay.

“The Gauntlets of Vader,” whispered Emhyr in wonder
before he sprang forward and took the gloves from Lara’s
small hands. The Jedi caressed the gloves lovingly, his
senses burning with Dark power as the evil essence of the
gloves stimulated his white flesh. Emhyr slowly pulled on
the Gauntlets, closing his eyes as the malevolent majesty
of the Darkside flooded his brain with god-like
omniscience. He could feel the minds of the crew aboard
his ship, their thoughts, dreams, and secret fantasies.
He sensed the ever-present flow of the Force as it pulsed
across the galaxy, feeding off the lifeforces of every
living creature and sentient.

Emhyr’s lips trembled, his body feeling transparent and
ghostly as his mind expanded to encompass the very soul
of creation, the essence of death. The Jedi could see the
Tapestry, the great fabric that tied the past to the
present, and led to the infinity of the future.

“Master?” asked Lara softly as she grasped Emhyr’s slack
right hand.

“Child,” replied the Jedi warmly, squeezing the young
girl’s hand affectionately before letting the limb go. “I
see now. I know what I have to do.”

“What?” inquired the girl.

“I was right. It is my destiny to restore the Order of
the Empire. I will unite the quarrelsome factions, then I
will take Mara Jade as my consort. She will help me to
protect the galaxy from all of its enemies,” declared
Emhyr with clouded eyes and prophetic confidence.
Blinking rapidly, the Jedi quickly removed the gloves,
then handed them down to Lara, who gazed up at her lord
with concern.

“Take these. They will grant you the abilities you
require to find Mara and bring her to me.”

“Yes, master,” replied Lara as she accepted the
Gauntlets, then slowly slid them over her small hands.
The large gloves shrank until they fit snugly on Lara’s
limbs, the warm, black fabric stretching to cover her
skin from fingers to elbows.

“Come, there is much to do,” said Emhyr before he spun to
return to the waiting shuttle. Lara cast one last look at
Vader’s violated grave, then she turned away to follow
her lord. The Jedi walked boldly, arrogantly, his eyes
alight with fanatical fire.

The Lady Ravager spun to port, laser fire filling the
ship’s previous position. The swift pirate ship evaded
and jerked as the space around it flared with turbolaser
salvos and dogfighting interceptors. Captain Berg had
flown his ship into the Orius system, hoping to find
buyers for the stolen cargo filling his holds.
Unfortunately, the agile raider stumbled into a violent
space battle between Orius’ small defense squadron and an
invading Imperial task force. Two Star Destroyers
provided long-range fire support as several squadrons of
TIE fighters tore into the planet’s outgunned defenders.

The Lady Ravager dove, pursued by two TIEs belching jade
lances of death. Dorsal and ventral turrets returned
fire, forcing the Imperial fighters to break off and
approach from flank positions. Berg gritted his teeth as
he rolled the Ravager to port again, allowing the ship’s
laser turrets to sustain a stream of fire and destroy one
of their attackers. The second TIE remained in the chase,
firing short bursts into the raider’s weakening shields.
Pulling back on the control sticks, Berg flipped his
vessel over as both turrets concentrated their fire,
ripping the small fighter apart into a sphere of flaming

Before the privateer’s crew could celebrate their
victory, one of the Star Destroyers noticed the swift
ship and fired a huge barrage of turbolasers. The Lady
Ravager’s shields quickly overloaded and failed, allowing
several large bolts to slam into the ship’s hull. Berg,
Mara, and Luki were pummeled by their restraints as the
cockpit slammed from side to side.

“Shields are gone! We’ve lost the main engines!” shouted
Luki in terror.

“Weapons are out,” reported Mara coolly.