Queen of the Empire 2.

“Shit! Divert all power to thrusters,” snarled Berg as he
wrestled with the controls, turning the ship slowly until
it faced the orb of Orius Prime. With flaring pillars of
thruster fire, the crippled vessel wallowed towards Orius
as the Imperial ships ignored them and concentrated on
destroying the few defenders still alive.

The Ravager dipped into the planet’s thick atmosphere,
its charred hull reddening as air slammed against its
skin. Berg struggled with the controls, his face dripping
with sweat as he fought to keep the ship on an even
heading. The cockpit trembled and bucked as air pounded
against the powerless craft, hullplates groaning with
tremendous strain. Passing through a bank of cotton-white
clouds, the Lady Ravager re- emerged into bright light,
the surface of Orius visible as it drew closer and

“Brace for impact!” shouted Berg into the ship’s intercom
seconds before the ship crashed into the ground, metal
screaming in agony as the vessel dug a deep furrow into
the rich earth. The three cockpit occupants slammed
against their restraints, the fabric biting deeply into
their flesh but preventing them from flying out of the
chamber’s observation window. Slowly, achingly, the
Ravager slid to a stop, acrid smoke rising in thick
plumes from the damaged hull.

A dorsal hatch blew open, allowing Captain Berg and his
crew to stumble out into an empty plain. Berg shaded his
eyes from the glaring sun, scanning the horizon until
several hover transports appeared in the distance. The
crew of the Lady Ravager milled together in a small
circle as the lead land speeder slowed to a halt,
allowing a tall, thin man dressed in a brown duster and
boots to dismount and approach the wary pirate.

“Berg. Nice landing,” smirked the tanned male while he
glanced wryly at the smoking bulk of the Ravager.

“Thanks,” snarled Berg, “it was so nice of you to warn me
about the Imperial task force hanging over this

“They just Jumped in a few hours ago. They demanded that
Orius acknowledge the new Empire’s authority, then
surrender supplies and raw materials as tribute. The
government impolitely declined, then the shooting started
up there. Personally, I say the defense forces last
another hour, tops.”

“Can you repair my ship?” asked Berg as he jerked his
thumb up at the downed privateer.

“Yes, and I can give you a good price for the booty
you’ve got stashed in your holds, but I want something
extra now,” said the thin man with a feral grin.

“What?” asked Berg in exasperation.

“One of your women,” replied the man.

“Shit, Brucer, don’t you have enough snatch already?”
exclaimed Berg vehemently.

“Yes, but I want to sample some fresh meat, just for one
night,” retorted Brucer implacably.

“Luki, go get Padija,” ordered the pirate with a loud

“Sorry, boss. Padj got busted up pretty bad in the crash,
she won’t be giving head any time soon,” replied the pale
blonde man.

“Shit!” swore Berg.

“How about that one?” asked Brucer while he pointed to
Mara, who stood near the back of the group coiling a
strand of red hair around one of her fingers.

“Hmpf! Fine then! But I want quality parts for my ship,”
demanded Berg as he clenched his fist in Brucer’s

“Nothing but the best for my old friend, Berg,” agreed
Brucer before he shouldered his way through the muttering
crew, grasping Mara’s slim arm and pulling her towards
his land speeder.

“Berg?” asked Mara doubtfully.

“Go with him. Do whatever he wants,” commanded Berg
before he turned away to study his damaged ship.

Mara entered the ornately appointed dining room wearing a
sleek, black evening gown that clung to her torso and
hips. Her long, red, hair was freshly washed and coiled
over her head, her eyes and lips painted to accentuate
her angelic features.

“Please, sit my dear,” urged Brucer as he stood
respectfully from his chair, gazing with admiration at
Mara’s glowing beauty.

“Thank you,” acknowledged Mara with a fragile smile
before she walked forward and sat opposite her host down
a long, orb-lit dining table. Serving girls dressed in
small bows and nothing else entered the warm room,
carrying many trays of steaming food and delicacies from
all across the galaxy. Mara watched as the girls arrayed
the dishes conveniently, her eyes discerning the tell-
tale signs of sex androids around the bright red bows
that barely covered breasts and cunts.

“Yes, they are sex droids,” nodded Brucer as he raised a
full glass of wine and watched Mara with amusement. “Now
you know why I turned down Capt. Berg’s offer of his own
sex android, I get quite enough artificial stimulation on
my own.”

“Why me?” asked Mara before she took a bite of food.

“I crave real female flesh. Boiling blood, sweat, real
moans of ecstasy, that’s what really excites me,”
admitted Brucer with flushed cheeks.

Mara ate in silence, her gaze wary as she observed her
increasingly frantic host. After a rich dessert, Brucer
waved the serving girls away, then practically leapt from
his chair to take Mara’s arm and lead her down a long,
carpeted hallway. Unlocking a door at the far end, Brucer
led the way down a dark staircase that ended at a small
foyer. Low intensity glow-orbs lit the way down another
passage until the couple reached a reinforced, iron door.
Brucer palmed the door open, then pulled a reluctant Mara
inside his private domain.

The Jedi girl looked around the room, her suspicions
confirmed as she noticed the manacles, chains, and choke-
collars festooned around the large, dimly-lit room.
Brucer led Mara to the center of the room, where he
gently raised her hands above her head and fastened her
wrists inside tight, metal restraints dangling from
clinking chains.

The thin man grinned maniacally, his eyes gleaming as he
slid a rubber ball gag in Mara’s mouth, then cinched the
device tightly around her head. He untied the girl’s
hair, allowing her fiery, red locks to spill down her
back. Brucer backed away, activating a video pickup to
record the debauchery he was about to commit, then he
advanced to slowly circle his prisoner, admiring her
slim, curvaceous body as it wriggled futilely in its

“This is going to be fun. Feel free to scream as loud as
you wish, the recorders will get it all,” said Brucer
before he stopped at Mara’s back, reaching out to rip the
expensive dress from the Jedi girl’s body. Mara gasped,
dressed only in a black lace bra and black, silk panties.
A silk garter belt hung at her waist, holding up sheer,
black stockings.

Brucer slapped his hands against Mara’s bare ass, her g-
string panties exposing all of her round buttocks. He
slid his hands across her naked flesh, caressing her firm
ass cheeks, then running a finger up the crack of her
butt. Mara slowly gasped, her eyes closed, as she grew
wet from her tormentor’s attentions.

Brucer moved to a nearby cabinet, removing a long, black
whip from a rack and activating the power stud. The
weapon flashed with an azure, snapping glow as the thin
man raised it into the air, then slashed it down across
Mara’s smooth, pale skin. Mara screamed as the shock whip
flamed over her nerves, her muscles spasming helplessly
as Brucer whipped her back and ass repeatedly. Bright red
bruises marred the Jedi girl’s flesh as she went limp in
her wrist manacles, her breasts heaving with desperate

Mara protested loudly, her words unintelligible through
the red ball gag that filled her red- lipped mouth as her
head hung low against her chest.

“Tired already? I’ve only just started,” commented Brucer
with a happy grin before he lashed out again, smacking
the girl’s lower back with a loud crack. The torturer
coiled the glowing whip as he gazed at Mara’s manacled,
trembling form, then he turned off the shock whip and
replaced it with a smooth, hardened paddle. He walked
eagerly forward, grasping Mara’s thick, red hair and
pulling it back painfully before slapping the paddle
loudly across her bruised, reddened ass. Mara groaned
over the gag, tears staining her flushed cheeks as Brucer
spanked her over and over with his paddle.

As the spanking continued, Brucer reached around Mara’s
bound body, roughly fondling her tits over the soft, lace
bra. He pulled the garment down from her right breast,
squeezing and pinching the sensitive organ until the pink
nipple was engorged with blood. Mara moaned with agony
and pleasure, her crotch moist with cum as her ass burned
with hot pain. She bit down on the rubber ball in her
mouth, salty water dripping from her bright, green eyes
as Brucer wrapped his arm around her waist and
intensified the beating of his paddle, the hard material
smacking wetly as it slammed against her soft flesh.

The thin man halted the spanking, discarding the paddle
as he moved to stand directly behind Mara, then knelt
down under quivering, bruised buttocks.

He pushed aside the drenched, sticky panties, inhaling
Mara’s rich, musky cunt scent. Brucer nuzzled his mouth
against the Jedi girl’s pussy, her red pubic hair
tickling his nose and cheeks as he sucked loudly on her
dripping labia. Mara moaned with sweet ecstasy, her slit
throbbing with lust as she felt her tormentor slide his
thick tongue deeply into her hot vagina. Mara’s ass began
pumping up and down as Brucer slid into her womb, his
tongue flicking and caressing her slick, warm fuck

Both of the Jedi girl’s breasts escaped from the
confining, lace bra, flopping in rhythm to her obscene
humping motions. Brucer buried his face in the girl’s
moist crotch, his skin stained with glistening honey as
he thrust his mouth probe into her warm pussy. Mara’s
slim body dripped with sweat, her muscles trembling as
she began to climax. With a stifled scream, the Jedi girl
orgasmed, gushing cum down Brucer’s ravenous throat. The
thin man sat down on the cold floor, smacking his lips
with satisfaction as he savored the taste of Mara’s

Rising smoothly to his feet, Brucer checked his recording
equipment, then walked up to Mara and removed the saliva-
drenched ball gag.

“Let..let me go,” sputtered the Jedi girl as she gulped
in lungfuls of intoxicating air.

“Sorry, but I’ve got lots of recording time left, so I’m
going to leave you here for the night. I’ll be back in
the morning to release you,” replied Brucer with a
cheerful grin before he moved past the manacled young
woman and proceeded towards the chamber’s exit.

“Let me out of here!” yelled Mara desperately as she
writhed in her wrist restraints. The thin man ignored
Mara’s pleas, closing the exit portal with a final thud
before locks slid into place. The red-haired girl sobbed
loudly, her lips quivering with despair as the room’s
lights faded away, leaving only one glaring spotlight to
illuminate her scantily-clad, sex-soaked body.

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 5

Lara sat limply in Emhyr’s command chair within the fleet
operations room. The room was dark except for the wall-
sized display screens and the small individual monitors
manned by Imperial tech officers. The blonde girl ran a
black-gloved finger across her full, red lips, savoring
the feel of leather across her flesh.

“Ebony squadron has secured the Orius system,” informed a
male tech mechanically. “They encountered an inbound
Corellian Corvette, but they were able to shoot it down.”

“Is it destroyed?” asked Lara while she stared at the
ceiling vacantly.

“Negative, they lost sight of it after it crashed on
Orius Prime’s surface.”

“They lost sight of a corvette?” inquired the blonde

“Someone on the surface must have hid it,” replied the

“Obviously,” retorted Lara sarcastically as she watched a
large display, a graphic of the Orius system and its
warship deployment filling her vision.

“Comm, signal the Star Destroyer Hunter. I’m going to the
Orius system,” said Lara as she rose from her chair then
marched out of the dark control room.

“Thanks for the repairs, Brucer. We’ll be going now,”
said Capt. Berg as he clutched a weak-legged Mara to his
side and smiled coldly at the fence.

“You’re welcome, Captain Berg. The lovely Mara was a very
exciting diversion,” replied Brucer before he eyed the
red-maned young woman boldly.

With his thick arm wrapped around Mara’s slim waist, Berg
led the Jedi girl towards the waiting Lady Ravager, the
ship’s engines whining as the crew prepared it for
liftoff. Brucer retreated to the camouflaged hanger doors
within the side of a local mountain, then watched smugly
as the long corvette ignited its several engine ports and
slid gracefully into the clear morning air. With a blast
of azure plasma, the Ravager shot into the orange-tinged
sky, disappearing quickly from view. Brucer left the
doorway, allowing the camouflage field to restore the
natural face of the mountain.

Emerging from the planet’s surface with the Imperial task
force on the other side of the world, the Lady Ravager
swiftly left the satellite’s gravity well, jumping into
Hyperspace as soon as the nav computer allowed it to.
With a long journey programmed into the ship’s memory,
Berg, Luki, and the rest of the crew carefully went over
the ship, insuring that Brucer’s repairs were complete
and competent.

Mara rested in her small cabin, healing from the abuse
Brucer had inflicted upon her lithe frame. Days passed,
and the crew began to grow lax with inaction and boredom.
Nightly revelries became more frenzied and decadent as
time wore on, the only view the swirling tunnel of energy
that composed Hyperspace.

After a long day overseeing the engines, Lt. Luki finally
got his turn with the sex android, Padija. Remembering
Mara’s interest in the machine girl, the pale-haired man
left the android in his quarters, then quietly made his
way to Mara’s room.

“What is it?” sighed Mara as she opened the door a crack,
her long, red hair disheveled and un-cared for.

“Padija’s with me, and I thought you might want to talk
to her,” offered Luki with a nervous, weak smile.

Mara stared hard at the thin man, his desire for her
obvious as she touched his surface thoughts with the
Force. Alone and neglected by Berg, the young woman
nodded her head in hopeless acceptance, then followed the
first officer to his cabin.

Padija reclined on Luki’s bed, her long, slim legs
stretched out as she lay invitingly for her master.

Luki grinned at the girl’s seductive pose, then quickly
went to a small bar where he fixed two strong drinks for
himself and Mara. The Jedi girl flopped onto a chair
covered by dirty clothes, draping a leg over one of the
chair’s arms as she accepted a drink and gulped it down
swiftly. Luki snuggled close behind Padija, sampling his
drink, then sliding his right arm across her smooth

“Have you met Padija before?” asked Luki with a glazed

“I delivered an android that looked a lot like her to
someone once,” replied Mara before she licked the inside
of her glass clean of liquor.

“Do you remember Mara, Padija?” inquired the thin man as
he slowly fondled her breasts.

“No, master Luki,” purred the purple-haired girl as she
grew aroused by the smuggler’s touch.

“Pity, it would have been quite a coincidence if you two
had met before,” said Luki before he began kissing and
nuzzling Padija’s soft neck.

Rising from her chair, Mara walked to the bar, filling
her glass to the brim before taking the bottle and
returning to her seat. Filling her throat with cold
liquor, Mara watched as Luki’s hand roved across Padija’s
body, caressing her tits, hips, and thighs before resting
on her crotch and rubbing her pussy over her jumpsuit.
The violet-haired girl panted softly, her tongue sliding
across her lips as her skin grew flush with excitement.
Luki returned his hand to her neck, unzipping the front
of her dark green jumpsuit until her bare breasts and
belly were revealed.

Padija slid out of her garment, allowing it to hang from
her hips as she knelt up on the bed and kissed Luki
passionately. The two lovers entwined their tongues
together, their lips smacking loudly together as they
devoured each other’s mouths. Mara finished her drink,
her own skin growing hot as she watched the couple
embrace each other. The Jedi girl refilled her glass,
then unzipped her own jumpsuit a few notches to cool her
burning flesh.

Luki fell back onto the bed as Padija straddled him, then
quickly finished removing her skin-tight jumpsuit. With
her large breasts heaving, the android girl ran her
delicate hands across Luki’s chest as her crotch ground
against his hardening cock. Padija bent down, kissing
Luki wantonly as he hugged her close to his thin body.
The pirate ran his hands through Padija’s rich, thick
hair, his tongue exploring her warm mouth as her body
slid over his. The naked girl reached behind herself,
grasping Luki’s erect cock and rubbing the head across
the lips of her glistening pussy.

Both lovers groaned with pleasure, beads of sweat
trickling across their naked bodies as Padija slowly slid
Luki’s rod inside her vagina, the thick meatpole filling
her fuck tunnel with its pulsing mass. Mara panted softly
in her chair, both of her legs outspread on the chair’s
arms as she rubbed her crotch energetically. Luki glanced
at Mara as she fondled herself helplessly, then he smiled
triumphantly and said, “Why don’t you come over here and
join us?”

Her body melting with uncontrollable, conditioned lust,
Mara unzipped and pulled off her jumpsuit, then pounced
onto the bed and straddled Luki’s face. The naked Jedi
girl lowered her crotch onto the pirate’s mouth, moaning
loudly as his tongue slid inside her dripping cunt and
began exploring her clenching vagina. Mara leaned back,
her arms dangling behind her back as her tits thrust
forward with her gasps of ecstasy. Padija leaned forward
while she continued to hump Luki’s cock, the engorged
tool thrusting deeply into her belly.

The android girl took Mara’s breasts in her hands,
squeezing and caressing the mounds of soft flesh until
the redhead’s pink nipples were pert with hardness. Mara
grinded her crotch against Luki’s face, her hips and ass
cheeks pumping erotically as the smuggler sucked loudly
on her wet snatch. Padija began to suck on Mara’s tits,
her hot mouth filling with sweet female flesh as her
tongue tickled and caressed the girl’s sensitive nipples.

Mara panted with exertion, wrapping her arms around
Padija’s head and pressing the android girl’s face
between her heaving breasts. Mara moistened her lips as
Padija licked and sucked the flesh of her cleavage, then
the redhead grasped the sides of the girl’s head and
forced her to look up so that Mara could kiss her
wantonly on the mouth. Both girls pumped and thrust their
crotches, Padija riding Luki’s hard cock while Mara sat
on the pirate’s hungry mouth. Mara’s tongue pressed
inside Padija’s willing mouth, her probe sliding down the
girl’s throat until their lips locked together in a
passionate fusion.

Luki’s mouth filled with honey as Mara orgasmed, her cunt
trembling as a river of fluid poured from her womb.
Padija’s pussy grasped the pirate’s cock like a vise,
stroking his meat until he shot a load of sperm deep into
her empty stomach.

Luki’s ears filled with female moans as they rode the
waves of their orgasms, then he pushed Mara off of his
face and slid out from under Padija’s legs. With Mara
lying weakly on the sweat-drenched bed, Luki turned her
onto her stomach, then pushed her knees under her so that
her round ass thrust up into her air.

Small, red bruises marked the areas where Brucer had
spanked Mara so cruelly. Luki ran his rough hands across
Mara’s smooth ass flesh, relishing the soft, perfect feel
of her white skin even with its marred surface.

The pirate lowered himself forward, his face close to
Mara’s inner thighs as he gazed at her cum-drenched cunt
and inhaled her heady, feminine musk. Luki buried his
face in her pussy, his tongue licking up and down her
slit as his hands clutched her ass cheeks possessively.
Mara moaned loudly, her groans of pleasure muffled by the
sheets as her face pressed against the soft mattress of
the bed.

The Jedi girl spread her legs apart, forcing her cunt to
open wider while giving her more support for her
uplifting ass. Luki rubbed his cheeks against Mara’s firm
buttocks, his tongue licking her sweet flesh before he
bit her lightly, her skin more delicious than any food.
Mara’s pussy gushed with honey, her red pubic hair sticky
with cum as Luki slid two fingers inside her twat and
thrust deeply inside her hot womb. Mara’s ass trembled
with pleasure, her asshole clenching before Luki began
licking her orifice, dripping saliva down her tiny nether

Feeling ignored by Luki, Padija crawled to the head of
the bed, then sat down before Mara, spreading her legs
apart and wiggling her purple-haired cunt teasingly. Mara
rose up on her elbows, then leaned forward to suck
hungrily on Padija’s snatch, her tongue caressing the
android girl’s labia until the girl moaned with erotic
pleasure. Luki pressed three fingers into Mara’s pussy,
filling her vagina with stiff meat as he licked and
sucked on the redhead’s tight asshole.

Mara grew limp, her limbs giving out as a mind-shattering
orgasm tore through her naked body, her cunt spurting yet
more cum onto Luki’s questing fingers. The pirate removed
his digits, savoring the taste of Mara’s juice as he
sucked his fingers clean. He gave Mara’s smooth ass a
long, lingering kiss, then wrapped his arms and legs
around her naked body, holding her warm flesh close to
his own.

“Get out of here, Padija. I don’t need you now,” snarled
Luki with a glare.

With a hurt expression, the android girl retrieved her
jumpsuit, then left the darkened room quickly. Luki
snuggled against Mara’s beautiful body, stroking her red
hair and enjoying her sweaty, sex-drenched scent as she
fell into an exhausted sleep.

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 6

The Star Destroyer Hunter emerged into Realspace, its
huge engines propelling the warship towards the planet
Orius. Lara stood upon the bridge, gazing without
interest at the spinning orb as its occupying Imperial
squadron appeared from its horizon and floated into view
with arrogant serenity.

“Get me the captain,” ordered Lara as she turned to
regard the center of the bridge. The room’s hologenerator
activated, projecting a full body image of the Imperial
squadron’s captain.

“Have you found the pirate ship?” asked the young girl

“Yes, mistress. We detected the ship just as it reached
the edge of Orius’ gravity well and jumped to
Hyperspace,” replied the officer shamefully.

“Hmm. Did you record its heading?”

“Yes, mistress, I can have the data transmitted to your
ship immediately,” offered the captain.

“Do so,” acknowledged Lara. “I’m going down to the planet
to do a little searching. Is the world secure?”

“Affirmative. All major cities and ports are firmly under
our control.”

“That will have to do. Dismissed,” said the blonde girl
while she motioned for the comm channel to be closed
down. As the captain’s image faded away, Lara walked
across the catwalk that separated both bridge pits, her
long, black robe trailing behind her as she moved
resolutely towards the chamber’s exit.

The Imperial Fleet shot into normal space, spreading out
to surround the world known as Coruscant. The Jedi Emhyr
watched proudly as dozens of Star Destroyers and support
vessels sailed forward towards the helpless target.
Powerful satellite drones and weapons platforms lay dead
in orbit around the former capital world, the defense net
that once repelled entire armadas listless and decayed.

“Anything reacting to our appearance?” asked Emhyr as he
watched Coruscant from the bridge’s observation windows.

“Negative. The planet’s in complete chaos. Large sections
of the planetary power grid are down, garrison forces are
under siege by gangs and rioting citizens, I don’t think
they even notice us,” commented the tactical officer.

“They will soon. Launch the Interceptors and troop
shuttles, I want the Palace and key command and control
facilities occupied immediately. Commanders are
authorized to use whatever force necessary to take
control of the capital,” ordered Emhyr dispassionately.

“Sending orders now,” reported the chief comm tech.

Emhyr clasped his hands behind his back, dark robes
rustling as he watched clouds of TIE Interceptors and
Imperial dropships emerge from their launch bays and
descend like a plague of insects towards the dimly-lit
planet below.

“An Imperial envoy, I’m quite honored,” greeted Brucer as
he allowed Lara to enter the ornate public entrance to
his mountain lair. The blonde girl motioned for her
bodyguards to remain outside, then followed the
chattering man to the richly appointed dining room, where
scantily-clad, bow-adorned girls served exquisite wines
and fine appetizers.

“How can I help the Empire? I see that it has surged back
to life once again, very commendable,” remarked Brucer as
he saluted the lovely girl with his wine glass.

“The Empire is eternal. It may weaken from time to time,
but it will never disappear, unlike the Republic,”
replied Lara before she drank deeply of her red wine. “I
am here on important business for the new Emperor, Emhyr.
He wants to find a young woman with some Jedi ability, a
woman named Mara Jade. Perhaps you’ve seen her?”

“Mara Jade? The former Emperor’s Hand? She should be long
dead by now, shouldn’t she?” answered Brucer with a
clever grin.

Lara frowned at the fence’s disguised denial, then set
her glass firmly on the silk tablecloth. The Gauntlets of
Vader rippled over her slim arms, the black leather
vibrant with unholy life.

“I won’t go into the details, but Mara lives. She
traveled into our time from the past, and has had several
adventures, including being captured by the alien
Sluggorn during their aborted invasion of the galaxy.
She’s taken up with a smuggler called Berg, and his ship
was seen crashing on this dirtball several days ago by
the Imperial task force in orbit. I know you have many
dealings with smugglers and their ilk, I’d like you to
tell me where Captain Berg has gone,” asked Lara with a
chilling smile.

“Information doesn’t come cheap,” replied Brucer as he
eyed the young girl speculatively.

“I don’t have time to haggle. Name your price and it
shall be paid.”

“A few hours with you will suffice,” said the man while
he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Fine,” agreed Lara as she stood up, then waited for her
host to lead the way.

Brucer rose quickly to his feet, then led the blonde girl
up several levels to his master bedroom. The bed chamber
itself was huge, with an enormous circular bed draped
with silk and fine linens. The Gauntlets began to itch
with excitement, the leather taut over Lara’s flesh as
she moved to the foot of the bed and smoothly removed her
robe, revealing her slim, naked body beneath.

Brucer went to a small bar, pouring a stiff drink and
gulping it greedily as he watched the girl climb onto the
soft mattress and stretch out with feline grace, her pale
arms and legs warm and inviting. The fence set his glass
down unsteadily, then walked to the bed, unzipping his
pants as he watched Lara roll across the smooth sheets.
The blonde girl halted her motion, crawling forward with
burning blue eyes as she watched the man grab his penis
and release it from his clothing. Lara knelt before
Brucer, taking his hardening cock with both of her hands
and sucking lightly on the head with her warm, red lips.

The tall man groaned with pleasure as Lara licked along
the shaft of his cock, her lips caressing his throbbing
meat as her tongue dripped saliva across the length of
his rod. Lara’s head moved under the man’s tool, her nose
nestled in his pubic hair as she sucked loudly on his
dangling balls. Brucer closed his eyes with ecstasy,
running his hands though the naked girl’s thick, blonde
hair and down her bare back. Lara licked her way back to
the tip of Brucer’s cock, then slid the member into her
mouth, forcing it deeply down her tight throat as her red
lips rubbed across its engorged surface. The thin man
moaned loudly, his hips thrusting forward as he rammed
his tool deep into the girl’s oral orifice.

Lara grasped Brucer’s waist, pumping her face back and
forth as she sucked energetically on the man’s pole. The
fence fucked the naked girl’s mouth for several minutes,
then removed his slick cock from her soft lips. He pushed
Lara back onto the bed, then spread apart her slim legs
and rubbed his rock-hard tool across her shaved pussy.
Lara moaned softly, begging the man with her eyes to fuck
her cunt hard. Brucer thrust his cock without warning
into the blonde girl’s vagina, pushing the pulsing member
deep into her warm belly. Lara cried out with pleasure,
reaching over her head with both hands to grasp at the
sheets as she pumped her crotch against Brucer’s stabbing

Brucer held both of Lara’s legs against his chest,
licking her ankles and sucking on her toes as he pumped
his meat into her clenching pussy. The blonde girl’s
breasts bobbed back and forth in rhythm to her erotic
motions, she took them in her small hands, squeezing the
soft mounds of flesh, then licking her pink nipples until
they were hard with lust. Brucer rammed his cock into the
girl’s yielding cunt until his balls slammed against her
smooth, firm ass.

Lara panted as she felt the hardened pole pierce far into
her stomach, pressing against her g-spot until her body
trembled with a building orgasm. Brucer’s thrusts grew
harder, more frantic as his own orgasm grew, he rubbed
his cheek against Lara’s soft, silky leg while he pounded
his cock into the prone girl’s glistening cunt. With a
loud grunt, Brucer shot his wad into Lara’s empty belly,
his legs growing limp as the naked girl screamed with her
own intense orgasm.

The Gauntlets of Vader shimmered like churning oil, the
garments bursting with Dark power as they absorbed the
lust and eroticism dripping from the two humans. Lara
gasped as her mind overflowed with the Dark Side, she
pulled her legs away from Brucer, then reached out with
her gloved hands to grasp the fence’s head.

Brucer jerked abruptly, his body limp as Lara blasted
into his mind and watched how he spanked and used Mara
Jade’s bound body. The naked girl learned everything
about Berg’s deal with Brucer, what they traded, what
repairs were done, even the technical specs of the Lady
Ravager that Brucer had briefly studied. The final piece
was the engine emission frequency that the Ravager
emitted when it jumped to Lightspeed and when it flew in
normal space.

Lara let Brucer’s head go, which allowed the trembling
male body to fall to the floor in a pathetic heap. The
sweaty, blonde girl slid from the disheveled bed, then
draped on her black robe calmly. She looked at the
shivering, drooling man, then she looked down at her
black gloves that drank the light around them ravenously.
Reaching out with her right hand, Lara clenched a fist,
observing as Brucer grasped his throat and began choking

Lara tightened her hand, her wet lips curving into a
cruel smile as she used the Force to choke the fence.
Brucer writhed on the floor, his face turning an ugly
blue before his neck snapped like a twig, ending his
spasms abruptly. Lara kissed her right, gloved hand
lovingly, then swept out of the brightly-lit room in a
swirl of black robe.

~ Mara Jade: Queen of the Empire ~
Chapter 7

The Lady Ravager hurled through Hyperspace as Mara sat at
her station upon the bridge. Captain Berg reclined in his
command chair, gazing at the swirling blue tunnel of
light that surrounded the agile corvette.

“Time to emergence in Realspace?” asked Berg.

“Thirty seconds,” replied Mara.

“I hear that you and Luki are getting to know each other
pretty well,” remarked Berg casually. “I didn’t think
that he was your type.”

“He’s nice. He doesn’t ignore me when he’s done screwing
me,” said the redhead sharply.

Berg raised an eyebrow, chuckling softly to himself at
Mara’s vehemence. A console alarm sounded briefly,
announcing the ship’s exit from Hyperspace as the light
tunnel disappeared to be replaced with a expansive field
of stars and empty space. Before Berg could reply to
Mara’s harsh comment, the corvette shook violently,
sirens going off with ear-ringing volume.

“Report!” shouted Berg as he clung to the armrests of his
chair, the bridge rocking from powerful hull impacts.

“Imperial-class Star Destroyer off the starboard bow,
she’s firing her turbolaser batteries at us,” said Mara
as she manipulated her station controls. “Our shields are
still up, but fading fast.”

Berg snarled with helpless rage, ready to order his crew
to battle stations just before the bridge plunged into
brief darkness. The emergency lights snapped on, red
illumination giving the room a hellish cast.

“They’re firing ion cannons, the shields are gone,”
reported Mara while she stared at her displays.

“Get us out of here, full power to sub-light drives!”
spat the burly captain.

“The Star Destroyer’s gaining on us, her IFF says she’s
the Hunter,” informed the Jedi girl calmly. The bridge
shook again, jarring Mara and Berg in their seats. “The
Hunter’s locked a tractor beam on us. She’s pulling us

Berg pounded on his chair controls, the comm system
totally disrupted by the ion bombardment. The thickly-
muscled pirate rose from his chair, withdrawing his
blaster pistol from his holster desperately.

“Come on, Mara. We’ll organize the crew and repel those
Imperial bastards,” declared Berg as he began walking
towards the bridge’s exit doorway.

“I don’t think so, ‘captain’,” replied Mara as she also
stood up, turning to face her sadistic master defiantly.

“I gave you an order, bitch,” growled Berg. “You’re
conditioned to obey me.”

“Luki has been helping me break away from you, I’ve
transferred my conditioning to him,” smiled the Jedi
smugly, her hand straying to her dangling lightsaber.

“Fine. If I can’t fuck you, I’ll kill you, you worthless
whore!” shouted Berg as he raised his blaster, then fired
three shots at his onetime lover. Mara’s lightsaber
hissed to life, then knocked away the laser bolts
effortlessly. The Jedi girl snaked forward, her blue-hued
blade slashing out to rip Berg’s bare throat open.

The pirate gurgled as he clutched his ravaged neck, his
eyes wide with pain and disbelief as he fell to his
knees, then pitched forward to fall onto his face, a pool
of dark blood growing under his lifeless corpse. Sounds
of movement drew Mara’s eyes from the dead body, her
attention focused on the petite, black-garbed visage of
Lara and the squad of Imperial Stormtroopers stationed
behind her, weapons at the ready.

“Mara Jade? I am Lara, servant of Emperor Emhyr, the
restorer of the Galactic Empire. I am here to escort you
home, my lady,” said the blonde girl with a respectful

“We’re going to Coruscant?” asked Luki in disbelief as he
sat on the edge of his bed.

“Yes. Apparently Emhyr wants to name me as his queen,”
replied Mara pensively while she paced across the length
of the smuggler’s small cabin.

“Well, that’s good news for you. What about me and the
crew of the Ravager?” asked the blonde-haired man.

“Convicted and sentenced to hard labor on a mining world.
Evidently the Empire is desperate for raw materials in
order to rebuild the Imperial Fleet.”

“Mining, that’s just great,” moaned Luki hopelessly.

“I’ll try to get a reprieve for you and Padija,” promised
Mara with a reassuring smile.

“Why? We went along with your captivity. We didn’t say
anything when Berg abused you, hell, I even helped him
degrade you. Why should you help us?”

“Because, you helped me shake off my submissiveness to
Berg, and you made me feel better after Berg tossed me
aside like a cheap toy. Besides, I need allies on
Coruscant, people not loyal to this guy, Emhyr. I don’t
know who he is or why he wants me to be his queen, but
I’ve got a bad feeling about it,” said Mara honestly.

“Okay, I can go along with that. Padija and I are with
you,” swore Luki with a wry grin.

“Thank you. I appreciate it,” acknowledged Mara as she
drew close to Luki, kissing him softly, then pressing her
luscious mouth harder against the thin man’s lips.

The Hunter emerged from Lightspeed, slicing through the
spatial ether towards the jewel of the galaxy, Coruscant,
the capital of the Empire. Dozens of newly launched Star
Destroyers orbited the capital, including the first of
the Executor-class Super Star Destroyers. A Lambda- class
shuttle disgorged from the Hunter’s hanger bay, speeding
swiftly towards Coruscant to deliver Mara to her new

The Jedi girl sat nervously in the passenger compartment,
her fingers shaking slightly until Luki covered them with
his own rough palm. Padija sat behind the couple, gazing
out of the shuttle’s cockpit window in awe as she admired
the large fleet arrayed around her.

Lara sat at the front of the cabin, calm and serene as
she communed with the Force and her master, Emhyr. With a
deep portside turn, the shuttle flew by a slowly sailing
Star Destroyer, arrowing down towards the horizon-
spanning glory of Imperial City.

“I have brought her, master,” said Lara reverently as she
knelt before Emhyr, Jedi Master and Emperor of the

The tall, lithe man stood before a large observation
window, hands clasped behind his back as he watched the
lights of Imperial City wink on as the sun set. Emhyr
turned to regard his young apprentice, then spread his
arms wide open. The young girl leapt to her feet, hurling
herself into the Emperor’s arms and hugging him tightly,

“I missed you, little one,” whispered Emhyr into Lara’s
rich, blonde hair as he stroked her long, golden mane

“I missed you too, my lord,” moaned Lara softly as she
snuggled closer against the Jedi Master’s strong frame.

Emhyr tipped up Lara’s head by her delicate chin, then
leaned down to kiss her warmly on the lips. The small
girl moaned with aching hunger, opening her mouth so that
the Jedi could slide his tongue past her red lips and
caress her tender throat wantonly. Emhyr slid his arms
across Lara’s back, covering her tight ass with his
palms, then squeezing her buttocks firmly.

As the two lovers continued to kiss each other, Emhyr
picked up Lara as she wrapped her legs around his waist.
He carried the horny, young girl to a waiting chair, then
set her down gently as she sucked lewdly on his lips.

Lara quickly discarded her black robe, but retained the
Gauntlets of Vader and her spiked-heeled, black shoes as
the Emperor spread her creamy, white legs apart, then
knelt before her to begin licking her blonde-bushed pussy
with his tongue. Lara groaned loudly with pleasure as
Emhyr tickled her cunt petals with his tongue, the probe
sliding across her pink slit until it grew wet with
glistening honey.

“Yes! Yes, master!” moaned the blonde girl as she ran her
fingers through Emhyr’s short, black hair, her slim
thighs quivering as her lover sucked loudly on her tender
labia and clit. Emhyr halted his pussy licking long
enough to slide his tongue across her soft, milky inner
thighs. He rubbed his face and mouth across her sweet,
tender flesh, then returned to her cunt, the girl’s
crotch thick with the scent of her aroused musk. Emhyr
buried his face inside Lara’s snatch, his tongue a
relentless probe that pushed inside her vagina and
caressed the inside of her womb. Lara moaned with
sensuous agony, biting her lower lip as she clenched her
eyelids shut and writhed within the padded chair.

The Emperor slid his hands across Lara’s flat stomach,
caressing her pale flesh until he reached her small, pert
breasts. The naked girl groaned with ecstasy as Emhyr
groped and fondled her tits, his fingers pinching her
sensitive, pink nipples until they were sore and bruised.
Lara pumped her hips back and forth, thrusting out her
crotch against Emhyr’s face as he nuzzled her dripping
pussy and probed her belly with his wet tongue. The
blonde girl cried out as her young body orgasmed, sticky
fluid gushing from her tight slit into Emhyr’s thirsty

Emhyr returned to his feet, sliding his black robes aside
as Lara crawled out of her chair and knelt on her bare
knees upon the polished floor. The naked girl carefully
took Emhyr’s hardened cock into her small hands, rubbing
the engorged member lovingly until her master groaned
with pleasure.

Slowly, teasingly, Lara licked the head of Emhyr’s cock,
her petite, moist lips caressing the swollen tip, then
sliding down the shaft of the Emperor’s tool till she
reached the base of his shaft. She slid Emhyr’s balls
into her hot mouth, her tongue caressing the fleshy orbs
as she swirled them around her cheeks. Emhyr panted for
breath, clutching Lara’s golden head and holding her
steady as he thrust his cock deep inside her slim throat.
Lara took her master’s meatpole into her mouth and throat
until it filled her orifice, her lips stretched wide to
accept the pulsing shaft of his cock.

The girl moved her head back and forth, her lips
caressing and fondling the long tool as her tongue slid
around its length, drenching the member in her warm
saliva. Emhyr moaned with each thrust of his cock, the
blonde girl’s mouth a burning hole of sexual ecstasy that
he had to pump into again and again, helpless within the
girl’s seductive grasp. Lara slid her tongue down the
bottom side of Emhyr’s cock, her nose rubbing against his
meat as she drenched his tool with her warm spit.

Emhyr grasped the base of his cock, holding Lara’s face
still as he rubbed his shaft obscenely across her mouth
and nose, caressing her lips with his throbbing fucktool.
Lara licked the head of her lord’s penis, her pink tongue
lapping his pole like a cat licking cream as she lavished
hot tongue licks all over the shaft of Emhyr’s cock, her
strokes long and wet. Emhyr fucked Lara’s mouth for
another minute, then he was forced to release his load, a
thick stream of cum spurting onto Lara’s beautiful face
and breasts.

Emhyr staggered backwards, his breath coming in loud
gasps as Lara sat on the floor, licking her master’s cum
from her lips and tits.

“I must get ready for my coronation,” muttered Emhyr as
he resealed his robes, marching resolutely from the
large, dimly-lit room.

Lara remained silent, wiping cum from her face and
watching her lord with love and fanatical desire in her
young heart. The Gauntlets of Vader pressed close against
the naked girl’s arms, the black leather warm and sensual
as it reflected her dark lust.

Hundreds of horns blew the Imperial anthem as the
coronation procession marched towards the front of the
Imperial Palace. Hundreds of thousands of citizens stood
in orderly ranks, guarded by thousands of Stormtroopers
that stood at disciplined attention.

Emhyr walked proudly down a red-carpeted march way,
flanked by two continuous lines of red-robed Imperial
Guard. Mara Jade walked behind and to the right of Emhyr,
dressed in a form-hugging red gown with an open slit
between her round breasts and slits along her thighs that
rose all the way to her hips.

The Jedi girl’s hair was arranged in a royal coif that
coiled above her head, laced with glimmering, white
diamonds. Lara walked proudly at Emhyr’s left, garbed in
a gown identical to Mara’s, but hued as sleek, absorbing
black rather than red. The young girl’s vibrant, blonde
hair was gathered at the base of her neck, falling in a
luscious column down her shapely back. Mara frowned as
she glanced at the Gauntlets of Vader worn by Lara, the
garments exuding a corrupt, oily sensation that made the
Jedi girl’s spine quiver.

The trio reached the Palace’s entry stairwell, climbing
the short distance to a carpeted dais where generals,
admirals, and Imperial statesmen waited respectfully.
Emhyr turned to face the thousands of faces gazing at him
with awe, then knelt on one knee as a dark acolyte
stepped forward and lowered the Emperor’s Crown onto his
black-haired head. Emhyr rose from the ground, then
reached out with his right hand, waiting until Mara
tentatively slid her own palm into his.

“Long live the Empire! The age of chaos is over, now I
shall create an age of Order!” shouted Emhyr proudly.

“Long live the Empire! Long live the Emperor! Long live
the Queen!” roared the huge crowd, their shouts shaking
the tall skyscrapers of Imperial City like a barely
controlled earthquake.