Mom Peeps On The Neighbors

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of swinging and illicit sex. All in the spirit of good clean fun… but where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as a pattern for their own life style what already is the norm at home?

MOM PEEPS ON THE NEIGHBORS is the story of Susan Fox, a young widow, and her teenaged son, Bobby, whose lives are altered by their neighbors. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, for them it is the norm.

A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


Susan Fox saw her son looking out the window.

She had come past his room and looked in, and there he was. She had seen him looking out the third-floor apartment window a couple of times before, and she knew what he saw.

After watching his intent face for a moment, she went to her room. From there, she could look almost directly down into the enclosed patio where the girl was.

As before, the girl was lying there naked, her pink nipples standing up on the white mounds of her tits. The dark triangle of her cunt was clearly visible. Although an open magazine rested over the girl’s face, Susan knew it was a beautiful face; she had seen the girl often, spoken to her, greeted her.

Mary, a sweet name, an innocent name, Susan thought. And at the same time, a bit old-fashioned. Not many girls were named Mary any more. And Mary was just about twenty or twenty-one. The name, which suggested sweet innocence, tit the girl, Susan thought. Mary did look sweetly innocent, and yet she always sunbathed naked. Just how innocent could she be?

Surely Mary knew people could see her from the upper floors of the apartment complex. Most of the windows were draped, and many of the residents were at work, yet it was possible others besides Susan and her son were peeking. And Mary didn’t seem to mind in the least.

It was an erotic sight, Susan admitted to herself. Even she enjoyed looking at Mary. The girl had long blonde hair and a shapely body. She was almost perfection, Susan thought, a bit jealously. Her suntanned flesh, from head to toe, was a golden brown, some thing Susan had never managed, what with her red hair and milk-white skin. Sun tended to burn her fragile flesh.

As Susan looked down, Mary shifted position. She turned onto her stomach, and the swelling sweetness of her naked ass was presented to view. Mary’s ass was tightly rounded, with a deep crack between the cheeks. Even at this distance, her flesh appeared like rich cream, with the texture of satin or velvet.

Susan wondered what her son was thinking as he looked down upon that beautiful young girl, seeing those tight, flawlessly shaped tits, the thick dark-blonde cunt hair, and now that attractive, tantalizing ass with those beautiful long legs. She wondered if his cock was hard, if he was dreaming of putting it into the girl’s pussy, of fucking her.

A tremble seemed to shudder through Susan’s body, and there was a strange, tight heat swelling between her thighs, and then the twitching of her cunt started. This had happened once before when she had looked upon the sunbathing girl, but Susan thought it was from her many years of not feeling a hard, throbbing cock fucking into her cunt. Some how, this time, she sensed a difference. The heat, had started as she wondered what her son was thinking, and she had a vivid image of Bobby’s cock fucking into that girl’s pussy.

Sheer insanity! Wasn’t it?


Yet, there was that steaming sensation between her thighs, and that Susan could not deny. She was hot, aroused, becoming wet, her inner thighs moist as the juices seeped from her cunt and soaked the crotch of her panties.

Again, Mary turned onto her back, as if restless.

Susan stared down, her eyes slightly unfocused as the desire rumbled through her long-neglected pussy. Mary crooked her knee again, only this time she let it fall to one side. If she were closer, Susan realized she would be able to see the pinkness of Mary’s cunt clearly. As it was, she could just make out the way the dark-blonde pussy hair parted, but the details of Mary’s cunt could not be seen clearly.

Struggling with her thoughts, Susan turned from the window and went back into the hall. She saw her son was still there, almost leaning out his window now to see better.

Bobby, from the view of him this way, looked small and young, yet he was in his early teens. His hair was stylishly long, and she thought he was quite handsome, resembling her deceased husband more than her. Like Susan, Bobby’s hair was a dark red, but he seemed to tea easily. He wore jeans and a tank top now, and his shoulders and arms were brown as they could be. Her eyes moved down his back, focusing on his ass. The jeans were tight, and she noticed his ass cheeks were flexing. A smile spread over her lips as she thought of his cock, hard and straining in his pants as he peeked down at Mary.

Before she knew what she was doing, Susan entered Bobby’s room and stood behind him. She watched his body shaking gently in arousal. A sudden burning, stabbing sensation rippled through her cunt and she had to choke back a soft moan.

“What’s so interesting out there?” she said softly and moved up beside him.

“Oh!” Bobby gasped, turning his head to see his mother at his side.

Susan noticed he quickly shoved his hips against the wall beneath the window.

“I see,” she said, looking down at Mary. “So that’s what you’re looking at. Disgraceful, isn’t she?”

Bobby flushed, and she noticed he tried to look off into the distance, keeping the front of his pants against the wall. She smiled to herself, then felt ashamed because she was embarrassing her son.

“At least she’s beautiful,” Susan said, her voice becoming surprisingly low and husky. “No harm in looking at such a beauty, I suppose.”

Her son trembled, and she caught a glimpse of cock as he tried to turn from her. His cock was out of his pants, long and hard. A lurching heat shot through Susan’s cunt, and she squeezed her thighs tightly together. That was a mistake; the pressure created a stabbing feeling of ecstasy in her swollen clit, and a soft moan came from her throat before she could choke it back.

“No, don’t go away,” she said softly, surprising herself still more. “Let’s look at her, honey. Let’s both stand here and look at her together. No harm in that.”

She pressed her hip against him, feeling his body shaking, but he remained where he was, still trying to conceal his exposed cock from her. Susan felt so strange, so aroused, so ready! She was not herself, but someone else, a woman with a steaming cunt that seemed to be taking control of her, making her emotions whirl. She flexed the cheeks of her ass, trying to peek at her son’s cock as he tried to keep his hard-on pressed against the wall.

“Would you like to… do things with her, darling?” Susan heard herself asking her son.

A mumbled grunt came from Bobby, and she pressed her hips tighter against him.

“Does looking at Mary make you excited, so you’d love to touch her, run your hands over her flesh, Bobby?”

Susan shivered, unable to stop this outrageous talk to her son. She stared down, trying to see the lips of Mary’s cunt, and still could only see how the hair parted, nothing else, except those firm, upstanding tits.

Her hand moved, and she trembled over what she was about to do with her son. She squeezed her hand between his hips and the wall, and felt Bobby press harder, as if to prevent her hand from touching him.

“It’s all right, darling,” Susan whispered. “Just look at Mary and pretend, think of it as her hand. Think of what you’d like to do with her… how you’d like to touch her, where you’d like to touch her.”

Her voice came out low, whispery, filled with heavy desire. She felt her son shaking as her hand moved between his body and the wall. Her fingertips contacted the hot hardness of his cock, and with a gurgle of success, Susan closed her fingers around the boy’s prick.

“Oooo,” she murmured as she squeezed her son’s prick. “Keep looking at Mary, darling. Keep thinking what you’d like to do with her, to her. Isn’t she pretty, Bobby? See how her breasts stand up so sweetly, those hard nipples, pink and sugary? Wouldn’t you like to kiss these nipples, honey? Run your tongue over them, suck them into your mouth?”

As she whispered seductively to her son, she began to stroke his cock with her fist. She didn’t look at him, but looked down at Mary, just as Bobby was doing. The feel of her son’s cock in her hand was sheer heaven to Susan. She had not felt a cock since her husband had passed on. But that had never stopped the intense desires she always had.

Bobby seemed to be trying hard to concentrate on the naked beauty of Mary, as if ignoring what his mother’s hand was doing to his cock. Yet Susan could see, from the corners of her eyes, how his eyes blazed with burning pleasure. She felt the throbbing of his cock increase against her palm and she closed her fingers tighter, squeezing enough to make him gasp. She jacked his cock and Bobby, intensely excited, pulled his hips back from the wall far enough so she could stroke and pump his prick easily.

“She has lovely breasts, doesn’t she, Bobby?” Susan continued whispering in a throaty, seductive voice. “Or perhaps I should call them titties. Isn’t that a nice word, honey titties? I love it. Wouldn’t you love to feel those titties, squeeze them in your hands and make Mary moan with desire? Look at that pussy hair, Bobby. It’s blonde, thick and darker than the hair on her head. Right? Don’t you wish you could see her better? We can almost see her vagina, can’t we? Or should I say her… pussy? Maybe you like the word cunt better than pussy, Bobby? Do you? I do. I love that word, cunt. It makes me shiver when I say it. Say it for me, darling. Say cunt for mother.”

But Bobby could only gasp and stare at Mary. His cock throbbed and he felt so hot. Susan knew what he felt, could feel it in the way his cock throbbed, in that beautiful, ever so sweet hardness. She squeezed his cock again, and Bobby groaned softly. She saw he was licking his lips, and then she turned back to look at Mary. She pumped her fist back and forth on her son’s cock, no longer wondering what had come over her. With the feel of Bobby’s cock in her hand, Susan knew what she wanted, what she would love to do with her son.

Before, she would not have admitted it, let alone tried fucking him. But now it was different. Now they were both excited, looking down at the naked Mary, side by side, and she had Bobby’s cock in her hot hand.

Susan wanted to fuck — to fuck her son.

Mary was moving down on the patio, twisting her hips about as if she were having an erotic dream. Both Susan and Bobby watched her with wide eyes. Mary’s legs parted and closed, like a pair of scissors, and she seemed to be arching her hips up and down. The magazine was once more covering her face, but Susan didn’t care. She knew what Mary’s face looked like; it was that deliciously sweet body she wanted to look at.

Mary’s hands were moving up and down her body now, stroking, caressing, touching lightly. Susan and her son watched those hands cup those tits and squeeze into the tit mounds while those thighs continued to open and close.

Susan pumped a bit faster on her son’s cock, feeling it swell even more in her hand. She knew what would happen soon if she kept on jerking his cock… he would come. And, Susan knew immediately, she wanted to make her son come off, to make him squirt come juice as her fist stroked and pumped his cock.

“I bet Mary has a hot cunt — don’t you, darling?” she began to whisper again. “I bet her cunt is like liquid heat, and I bet she’d fuck, too. Yes, I said fuck, Bobby. That word is another one I like so very much. Cunt and fuck. Don’t those words make you feel hot and excited? We used to use them all the time, your father and I, when we fucked. And we fucked constantly. Your father was a great fuck, Bobby, and I bet you are, too… Your cock feels almost like your father’s, so hard and long and thick. Look at Mary, baby, look at her tits and her cunt. Wouldn’t you like to stick your cock up her cunt and fuck her? I bet Mary’s cunt would suck on your cock while you fucked her, don’t you? She looks sweet and innocent, but she isn’t. If she was, she wouldn’t be out there naked, knowing people could see her. Wouldn’t you like to feel her cunt squeezing your prick, darling? Oooo, you’d love that!”

Bobby’s cock was throbbing so hard and hot in her fist. Susan pumped his prick faster yet, holding it tightly. Her cunt was boiling with need, and she wanted to rub her pussy as she fondled her son’s cock. But she didn’t touch herself, not this time. She continued to talk softly to Bobby, telling him how hot and wet Mary’s cunt would be.

“That would be better than a fist, honey,” she said as they watched Mary sliding her hands up and down her thighs now. “A fist can do a lot for a hard cock, but a cunt is always best. Look at her! I think she’s going to play with her pussy. Look!”

Mary did, indeed, run her hand between her thighs, but only once.

“You should fuck her, darling,” Susan said, feeling his cock burn into her fist. “You should let her know you watch her sunbathe, tell her how hard it makes your prick, that you’d like to stick it up her pussy and fuck her.”

A grunt came from Bobby, his hips jerking as Susan gripped his cock hard.

“Are you about to come, Bobby?” Susan asked in a thick, husky voice. “Are you going to come? That’s okay, baby… you just come alt you want. Mother will help you. Look down at Mary and pretend you’re fucking her while mother makes you come. It’s all right, Bobby. We’re just pretending. It’s only make-believe, a fantasy. All boys and girls have those, you know. Just pretend mother’s fist is Mary’s cunt and that you’re fucking her, and come all you want.”

She felt the jerking of his cock in her fist, then Bobby grunted again. Susan looked down in time to see the thick white come juice spurt from his cock, splashing against the wall beneath the window sill. She gasped as a stab of intense ecstasy burned through her cunt, and she came, too.

She jacked her son’s cock until he finished coming, then pulled her hand away.

“You watch her, darling,” she said. “I’ll leave you alone now. It’s okay to pretend.”


Susan knew it was not merely pretense. She had deliberately jacked her son off, deliberately talked to him that way. She hoped Bobby would not be ashamed now, embarrassed because of what she had done for him. She didn’t think he would, but she had to watch him and make sure.

If she could have him fantasize about Mary, then she could jack him off again. And she wanted to jack him off, to feel his cock, to watch that sweet come bubble from his piss hole.

Bobby was quite a few years younger than Mary, but Susan knew young boys dreamed of women older than themselves quite often. They would see some sexy movie star, and get a nice hard-on over her.

The thing that amazed her was the excitement she had felt looking at Mary. Being turned on by seeing a naked woman was some thing she had never thought about. Yet she could not deny the desire she had felt looking at the young beauty.

Susan had nothing to be ashamed of, herself.

She was a tall woman, a few inches taller than her young son. Her face, oval and quite pretty, with her dark eyes, red hair, and full lips, made many men turn for a second look.

Her body, still as slim and shapely as a young teenager’s, looked very good in a bikini, shorts, or any kind of dress she chose to wear. She knew her ass looked good in tight jeans, and was pleased with the swelling shape of it. The only difference between her and Mary was one of age, Susan knew. There was at least a ten-year span there, but she looked as good as the youthful Mary any day.

As she sat on her bed, she wondered if she could keep her son thinking they were pretending. If she could, there were all kinds of possibilities. They could have a lot of fun with each other, Susan thought. If Bobby would fuck her and pretend she was Mary, that would be fine with her. She might not be Mary, but she would be the one getting her son’s lovely cock in her cunt — not the girl.

Susan wished she could come up with some excuse to call her son to her, bring him to her room and fuck him now.

She lifted her dress and shoved her hand into her panties, feeling about her cunt. She leaned back on the bed and spread her thighs, rubbing at her sensitive clit, her eyes closed as she fantasized about her son. She was breathing heavily, her face flushed with pleasure as she worked a finger into her cunt. The panties stretched around her hand as she finger-fucked herself this way, head back and eyes closed.

In the door stood Bobby, watching his mother.

His eyes were huge and his cock was again straining, only inside his pants now. He could see the full length of his mother’s thighs, the soft, creamy inner surfaces as she held them wide apart. He gazed at her hand inside her panties, seeing it move, understanding what she was doing.

Susan brought herself to orgasm, and by the time she pulled her hand out of her panties, her son was gone, and she did not know he had watched her. But even if she had, it would have pleased her. She was wanting him to be with her, to touch her, feel her up and play with her body, finally shoving his cock up her cunt and fucking her.

And all because they had watched the naked Mary together while she jacked him off. All because of a naked girl.

Mary sunbathed almost every day, Susan knew. And she intended to watch from now on with her son, and she would jack his cock off every time they spied on Mary.

Until he was ready to fuck his mother.

The next day, Susan could hardly wait to find Mary on the patio again, and neither could her son. She saw him peeking from his window constantly, never far from it. Mary usually was out there by noon, and Susan wondered why the girl was not working like most of those in the apartment complex. She, herself, had no need to work. Insurance took good care of her and Bobby.

Bobby saw Mary first.

The girl had come out onto her patio with a towel wrapped about her, spreading a colorful blanket on the cement with a pillow. Susan noticed Mary because of the way her son was pressing the front of his pants against the wall as she walked past his room.

“She’s there again, is she?”

Stepping beside her son, she looked down. Mary lay there with her legs spread wide, and Susan was determined to see her cunt today, and to let her son see that sugary pussy, too. She left her son and went to her room, returning with a pair of high-powered field glasses.

“Here, darling,” Susan said, giving them to her son. “Look at her with these.”

Bobby took the glasses eagerly, and Susan saw he did not have his cock out at the moment. She ran her hand down there and felt his cock-bulge, finding it swelling quickly.

She began whispering to him as before.

“Look at her, darling, and mother will jack you off again. Use the glasses and you can see her cunt clearly. Look at her hairy cunt and mother will jack you off. Pretend mother’s fist is her pussy, her cunt, and that you’re fucking her. And you can come again all over the wall, like yesterday.”

She opened her son’s pants and pulled his prick free as Bobby used the glasses. Gripping his cock, she began stroking it, thrilled again to find his prick throbbing hotly in her hand.

She took the binoculars from him and looked down at Mary. Mary had her legs wide apart, and the focus of the glasses brought her hairy cunt almost into Susan’s face. She saw the puffiness of the cuntlips, the tip of Mary’s clit peeking from those moist folds.

“Mmmmm, now you can see her cunt so much better,” she murmured, handing the glasses back to him. “You look at her and pretend mother’s fist is her cunt, darling.”

She pumped her son’s cock as he peered through the field glasses. Today, Bobby did not try to press his cock against the wall, but held his hips back so his mother could jack his cock.

It seemed that Susan could see Mary more clearly today than before. She didn’t need the glasses at all. Finally, neither did Bobby.

Mother and son peered out the window at the unsuspecting girl. Susan clung to her son’s cock, excited to look at that naked body and stroke Bobby’s prick. Her own cunt was bubbling as before, hotter now that she had hold of Bobby’s cock. Her clit had become intensely inflamed, throbbing and burning inside her panties. Her tits felt swollen, her nipples sensitive. She squeezed and flexed her fingers about her son’s cock, listening to his gasping.

Today, Mary did something different.

Susan and Bobby watched her pull the pillow underneath her slim body as she rolled onto her stomach. The pillow was at her crotch, and Mary straddled it with those exquisitely long thighs. When they saw her ass move, wiggling and bunching, Susan understood immediately.

“She’s fucking her pillow, Bobby,” she whispered and stroked his cock. “She’s pretending, like you, that her pillow is a man, and she’s on top of him, his cock inside her cunt, and she’s fucking him. Maybe Mary is pretending it’s you, baby. Think of your cock inside her hot wet pussy, fucking her. Think of mother’s fist as Mary’s sweet slippery pussy.”

Standing at his side, feeling his small body tremble against her hip, Susan pumped tightly at her son’s cock, whispering softly to him. She felt Bobby’s cock throb against her palm, and her ass began to sway. Susan squeezed her thighs against her cunt and mewled softly with pleasure.

Susan began to run her hand about her son’s body now, feeling more than just his cock. She cupped his balls inside his pants and squeezed them, bringing a gasp of hot delight from her son. Scooting her hand behind him, she caressed the cheeks of his ass, wishing she could feel his bare flesh without those tight jeans. She cupped one ass cheek, then the other, trailed her finger up and down the crack of his ass, then back in front to close her fingers about his cock once more.

Below, they could see Mary twisting her hips, grinding her cunt into the pillow. Susan wished they could hear her soft sighs of pleasure, but they were three floors up and sounds that soft did not reach them.

“See Mary’s ass, darling,” Susan whispered, her voice thicker. “See how she wiggles her cute tight ass, Bobby. She’s pretending she has a cock up her cunt. Maybe she’s fantasizing her pillow is you… and she has your cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy, fucking it. All you have to do is lie there and enjoy it, Bobby. Mary is doing all the work for you. She’s fucking you while you just lie still.”

Her hand squeezed his cock hard as she moved it back and forth.

“Your cock is inside her hairy cunt, Bobby, fucking that hot tightness. Doesn’t Mary’s cunt feel good around your sweet, hard, oh so precious cock? Feel her pussy grip your prick, honey? Feel how her cunt eats you up…” Her fist squeezed and stroked. “You’re going to make her come, baby. Your cock is going to make Mary’s cunt come and when she does, that hot pussy will squeeze so tightly… and you’ll come, too. You’ll come up her hot cunt, Bobby.”

Susan enjoyed the increased throbbing of her son’s cock, her cunt pulsating, her stomach rippling. She felt as if she would come again the way she had the day before. She wanted it, wanted to come so badly. Her fist moved quicker on Bobby’s prick, sliding to the swollen cockhead, then pressing back on it tightly at the base. Bobby was making choking sounds now, his eyes huge as he looked down at Mary’s twisting naked ass. Susan pumped and stroked, whispered her lewd words to him, helping him dream, helping him fuck Mary in his young mind.

She dropped her free hand and began to slide her hot, moist palm up and down her thigh. The dress moved along her flesh, creating a tingling sensation in her body. Still pumping his cock, she drew her hand up her body and curled her fingers about one straining tit, wishing her son would play with her tits. She dug her fingers into the springy tit mound and moaned softly, her eyes glazing in passion. Her hand beat faster on her son’s cock, her excitement mounting now. Her blood seemed to be boiling in her veins, and her hips shook, jerking back and forth as though she, too, were being fucked. She pressed the heel of her hand against her cunt, feeling the pressure on her distended clit.

She began to imagine her son’s cock thrusting into her cunt, fucking her hard and wildly. As the image intensified in her mind, so did the speed of her fist on Bobby’s cock. Her son was groaning now, his hips moving. Susan held her fist still, but tight, and let him fuck into it. The ecstasy finally got to Bobby and he was no longer looking down at Mary, but standing up straight, his hands on the window sill and his head back, eyes closed, teeth clamped.

Susan looked at her son’s face, that young face now contorted with raging desire. She pressed hard against her cunt with the heel of her hand and looked down at her fist, seeing his cock fucking it. The smooth cock head flashed back and forth, disappearing and reappearing quickly in her fist. She saw his glistening cock head, smeared with the dripping juices from his piss hole. The palm of her hand was wet and slippery with the juices, too, lubricating her tight fingers.

The head of her son’s cock looked impossibly large, the flesh so taut it seemed about to burst. Her eyes were glassy, yet she saw his cock head clearly. His prick was beautiful, so deliciously beautiful to her. She yearned to have his cock fucking into her cunt, that throbbing hardness stretching her hairy cunt lips sweetly, penetrating her pussy ever so deeply. Susan’s cunt flexed from the vividness of her mental image. An orgasm swelled deep inside her pussy, burning and searing downward. The lips of her cunt swelled, as did her clit. She stared at her son’s cock fucking in and out of her fist, then at his contorted face again. She leaned down and kissed his cheek, and Bobby sighed, his hips jerking back and forth, his cock fucking in and out of the tightness her fingers made.

“You’re about to come in her pussy, baby,” Susan murmured in a thick, husky voice, her eyes again burning down at his prick. “Your cock is almost ready to squirt that sweet, sweet come juice into Mary’s hot, hairy, wet cunt! Fuck her, Bobby! Oooo, fuck her hot little cunt! Fuck… fuck… fuck her, darling!”

Bobby grunted, straining his hips forward. The head of his cock seemed to stick past her fingers a good two inches. Susan pressed her hand harder into her cunt, and her mind reeled as she came. Her cunt convulsed in twitching orgasm just as she saw the thick, white, syrupy come juice spurt from her son’s prick. She watched his jism splash against the wall beneath the window sill, felt his cock throb with her tightly gripping fingers. His come juice squirted and squirted, the wall gleaming with the wetness. Jism ran down toward the floor, and still Bobby came.

“Oh, baby! You’re coming, Bobby! You’re coming in her hot, tight snatch! Fill her hot cunt with your precious come juice, Bobby! Flood her hot cunt! Give it all to her!”

Susan clung to her son’s cock until he finished coming, then she tucked it into his pants and pulled up the zipper. She felt the wetness of his come juice in the palm of her hand, and wiped it on her dress.

Bobby turned his back to his mother and sprawled onto his bed, his face cupped into the crook of his arms. Susan looked at her son’s back, but her eyes seemed fixed on the way his ass cheeks bunched. She knew his pleasure was still glowing in his sweet balls.

Leaving him, she went to her room and sat on the bed, thinking hard about this.

If Bobby was embarrassed to have her, his mother, jack him off, he had not said anything so far. He shouldn’t feel badly about it, she told herself. They were only pretending, and it was fun to pretend. Why not look at that exquisite nakedness of the slender Mary and pretend? Everyone had fantasies, erotic fantasies, and she and her son were no exception. It was all right if she helped her young son with them. They were doing nothing wrong, only pretending.

Long ago, when Susan had been a small girl, she had played house with boys, had played nurse and doctor with them. It had been fun and exciting then, and it was fun and exciting now, with her young son.

But Susan knew she wasn’t pretending; she wanted to have her son’s cock inside her cunt, fucking her. Maybe she had convinced Bobby it was pretending, but not herself.

Susan wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up. It was quite frustrating to her. She wasn’t sure if Mary knew she was being watched or not, yet Susan had an inkling Mary wouldn’t care if she were seen. She knew her son was intensely excited over seeing the naked body of an older girl, and she was equally sure Bobby had never seen a naked girl of any age until now.

Bobby was not the kind of boy who ran about the neighborhood. He stayed home, with her, when he wasn’t in school. He was a loner, not caring about baseball and various sports. He loved books, and was a studious young man, and was popular with his teachers because of it. He was quiet and well behaved.

Susan stood up, stripping her dress away and ignoring the open door of her bedroom. If her son saw her, so much the better. She unhooked her bra and her shapely tits bounced free. Wearing only her panties, she massaged her tits for a moment. Then she peeled her panties off. Naked, she walked directly into the hallway and to the single bathroom of the apartment, watching for her son, but not to avoid him — to let him see her body, her rounded, swelling tits and red-haired cunt, her sexy ass and smooth thighs.

But Bobby didn’t see her.

Disappointed, she filled the tub and sank into the hot water, feeling it against her cunt. She lay back in the tub and tried to relax. She was very tense. She wanted her son, wanted his cock, wanted to fuck him.

With bubbles floating about her tits, she glanced at the bathroom door. For the first time, she had left it not only unlocked, but wide open. If Bobby should come to the door, he would be able to see her. Her tits rose up from the water. Her light-brown nipples were hard and sensitive.

She bathed slowly, waiting and hoping.

But Bobby never came.

After half an hour, she stood up and began to rub at her body with a towel. She kept looking at the door, hoping he would come and look at her. She stepped from the tub, and after a moment’s thought, wrapped the towel about her body. It barely covered her tits and cunt hair and ass. Tucking it together, she left the bathroom and peeked into the living room. Her son wasn’t there. She peered into his bedroom, and found he was still lying on his bed. Only he was pressing his hips into the mattress, fucking it the way Mary had fucked her pillow.

Susan thought about entering and sitting on the bed, running her hands over his ass while he squirmed his cock into the mattress. But that was just another form of jacking off, and jacking off wasn’t what Susan wanted.

She wanted to fuck.

As exciting as it was to watch her son, she turned and went back to her bedroom. It was late afternoon, and she would have to think of something for dinner soon. Dropping the towel on the carpet, she selected panties and bra, then a becoming skirt and blouse. After some thought, she decided to forgo pantyhose. It was too hot for them anyway. Besides, her legs looked good enough without them.

Pulling on sandals, she decided she and Bobby would eat out that evening. She didn’t feel like cooking, and it would be a treat for her son. He always enjoyed going out to eat.

Dressed, she entered the hall again and passing his room, saw it was empty now. Bobby was sitting in the living room, a book open on his lap, the television on.

“Honey,” she said, “why don’t we eat out tonight?”

“Sure, Mom,” he agreed, closing his book.

“Where would you like to go?”

“Let’s have pizza.”

She smiled. “I should have guessed,” she murmured. “You’re going to turn into one. Did you know that?”

“I wish,” he smiled back at her.

Susan noticed his eyes on her tits, his gaze lingering there a moment, then sweeping down to her hips.

Susan arched a hip forward, her hand on it. “What are you seeing that’s so interesting, honey?”

Bobby’s grin turned lewd.

Susan felt her heart thumping with delight. Perhaps her son would fuck her, after all.

“Come on,” she said, her voice thick with desire. “We better go eat before…”

“Before what, Mom?”

“Never mind… come on.”


As they stepped onto the sidewalk, they met Mary.

Mary was just emerging from a car parked at the curb. A man sat behind the wheel, but he was of no interest to Bobby, nor to Susan at the moment.

The door was open and Mary had her right leg out, the other still inside the car. Her head was turned toward the man, and she was saying something to him. What caught Susan and her son’s attention was the fact they could see up Mary’s skirt. They saw the creamy surface of her inner thigh and, surprisingly, the dark-blonde curls of her cunt hair. Mary, it seemed, was naked under her skirt.

They stood and stared, both pleased to see her sweet, hairy cunt so clearly.

But they weren’t able to look at Mary’s pussy long enough to satisfy them. Mary got out of the car, slammed the door, and saw them.

“Hi, Susan,” she said happily, her eyes sparkling and her smile wide. “Hello, Bobby.”

“Wanna have pizza with us?” Bobby asked.

“I wish I could, honey,” Mary replied, “but I’ve just stuffed myself on lobster. Susan, you better keep your eye on this son of yours. He’s getting so handsome, I might steal him away.”

“You’re welcome to him, Mary,” Susan laughed. “He’s also getting to be a lot of trouble. You know how it is when boys are his age.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mary grimaced. “Hands everywhere.”

Susan laughed again. “They never change, do they, Mary?”

“And thank heaven for that!” Mary giggled. She looked at Bobby with a gleam in her eyes. Then Susan saw Mary glance at the front of Bobby’s pants.

“Well, see you,” Mary said with a wave of her hand.

Susan and Bobby watched her enter the apartment building.

“She’s beautiful,” Bobby said as they started walking the short distance to the pizza parlor.

The place was almost empty and they sat in a corner with a huge pizza and soft drinks.

“You know why Mary is so beautiful to you, don’t you, baby?” Susan asked.

“Sure, because she is.”

“Are you sure?” Susan teased. “I bet you’d think any girl was beautiful if you saw her the way you see Mary.”

“You mean naked, Mom?”

She nodded her head. Her pulse raced. This was the first time they had talked about Mary without looking at her, and it was the first time her son had even used the word naked with her. It was, Susan thought, a breakthrough.

Then Bobby gave his mother a real surprise. “Did you see her in that car, Mom? Did you see what I saw? I saw her cunt, Mom!”

For a moment, Susan couldn’t breathe. Just hearing her son say cunt sent shivers of delight up and down her flesh. Her cunt seemed to squeeze up tightly, and she pressed her thighs together.

“I saw it, too, Bobby,” she whispered, her voice very low with desire. “I saw it real good.”

“I thought I was gonna get hard,” Bobby said, stuffing pizza into his mouth. “I thought Mary was gonna see my cock hard.”

“I think she noticed, darling,” Susan whispered. “I think she saw it.”

“Really?” Bobby’s eyes glowed. “Do you think it made her hot, Mom?”

“Maybe. Mary is certainly a hot girl, I should say. I’m sure it made her hot.”

Bobby laughed, covering his mouth with his hand. “I bet her cunt got wet, Mom.”

“So is mine,” she murmured.

“What? I didn’t hear you, Mom.”

“I said, so is mine.”

Bobby looked at his mother with wide eyes. She saw the speculative gleam in them, and she gazed boldly back at him.

“It did?” Bobby asked in a whisper, looking around to see if they could be overheard. “Really, Mom? Did your cunt get wet, too?”

“It’s wet now,” she replied.

“Oh, wow!”

The food was forgotten. They looked into each other’s eyes, each seeing the need and desire on the other’s face.

After a tense moment, Susan asked: “How’s your cock, Bobby? Getting hard?” He nodded.

“Show me.”


“Just a peek, darling,” she murmured throatily. “No one can see but me.”

Bobby glanced about, then stood quickly. Susan gazed at him, seeing his cock-bulge pushing out his jeans. She ran her tongue over her lips, feeling her cunt pulsate.

Then Bobby sat back down. “You see how hard I am, Mom?”

“Oh, yes!” she gurgled. “And I’m very wet, too.”

“Show me, Mom! Show me how wet you are!”

“Honey, that’s impossible here,” Susan said, looking about the restaurant. “I’d have to lift my dress.”

Bobby giggled. “I wouldn’t care, Mom. Show me!”

“Wait until we get home. Then I’ll show you.”

“But, Mom, you might not be wet then.”

“I will,” she smiled wickedly at him. “I’m always wet.”

“You are?”

“Like you’re always hard,” she giggled. “Let’s go home now, Mom. I’m not hungry any more.”

“You know, neither am I.”

They left the pizza parlor holding hands, both excited and in a hurry to get home. The relationship had suddenly changed, and Susan was anxious, very anxious to fuck her son.

They were almost running as they entered the apartment, and Susan saw her son’s cock straining in his pants.

“Were you hard all the way home?” she asked, pointing at his cock. “People probably saw it.”

Bobby giggled, standing proudly with his hips thrust forward. Susan stared at her son’s cock openly, all pretense gone. This was real, not fantasy. Her dream of fucking her son was about to come true, and her cunt was drooling.

“Show me, Mom!” Bobby said excitedly. “You said you’d show me when we got home.”

“You first,” Susan insisted, wanting to make sure he was truly wanting this.

“You already saw me,” he replied. “When you jacked me off, too.”

“I want to see your cock again.”

She stood on weak legs, watching her son fumble with his zipper. He fished his cock out. Susan gasped with pleasure as she stared at it. The cock head looked so sweet, so smooth and round, swollen tightly. Already, Bobby was dripping, and she started forward to take his prick in her hand. Bobby, though, backed up.

“Not until you show me, Mom. You promised you’d show me you were wet.”

Susan was shaking, but not with nervousness. The heat of her excitement was hot, consuming. She pulled her dress up, gazing at his cock. His fucker looked so beautiful standing out from his pants that way. She lifted her skirt to her waist, standing in the middle of the floor about five feet from her son.

“Aw, you’re cheating, Mom,” Bobby said. “You’ve got panties on. Mary doesn’t wear panties, Mom.”

Panting with hot desire now, Susan hooked her finger into the tight crotch of her panties and pulled them aside. She saw her son’s eyes growing wide and sparkling with heat as he saw the thick hair of her cunt. She spread her feet widely apart on the floor and arched her hips forward.

“See,” she whispered.

“I don’t see anything, Mom.”

“You see my cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I can’t see if you’re wet. You said you were wet, Mom.”

“Feel it,” Susan murmured. “Feel mother’s cunt, and you’ll find out how wet it is.”

“Can I? Can I really feel your cunt, Mom?” She moved toward him, taking his wrist in one hand and holding her panties to one side with the other. She slipped her son’s hand between her smooth thighs and pressed it into her pussy. She shoved one of his fingers past the hot, hair-lined pussy lips and into her cunt.

“Now you see how wet my pussy is?” she said, her voice coming out in a thick growl of desire. She rubbed her son’s hand back and forth on her cunt, making soft whimpering sounds.

“You’re really wet, Mom!” Bobby said, his voice breaking with excitement. He rubbed at her hairy cunt on his own now, and Susan released his wrist and clasped his cock, jerking her fist back and forth. “I wanna see your tits now, Mom! Lemme see your tits now!”

“Open my blouse, then.”

Bobby had to use both his hands to open his mother’s blouse, and she saw the disappointment in his eyes when he found her bra. “Mary doesn’t wear one of these, I bet,” he said.

“You can always take it off, can’t you?” she urged.

“I don’t know how,” he complained.

“I’ll show you.”

Susan turned loose of his cock and showed her son where the hooks were, then her tits bounced free, nipples rigid with inflamed passion. “Now you know how to take a girl’s bra off,” she said, grabbing his cock again.

Bobby needed no encouragement to fondle her rounded, spongy tits. Both his hands cupped one each as he squeezed. She watched his eyes while pumping at his cock, listening to his heavy breathing that matched her own.

“Why don’t you take my skirt off, too?” she whispered. “You might as well take every thing off me, don’t you think?”

She stood on shaking legs while her son searched and found all the buttons and zippers. The skirt fell to her feet, and then she trembled when his hands began to roll her panties down.

Bobby had to stoop to remove the panties from his mother’s feet, and his face was level with her cunt. She looked down at his blazing eyes as he stared a few inches from her pussy. She wanted to grab the back of her son’s head and pull his young face between her legs, to smear those lips of his with her bubbling cunt juices.

Bobby shoved his hand between his mother’s thighs as he stooped there, thrusting a finger into her cunt and working it up and down. Susan sighed and arched her pussy forward, spreading her legs wider.

But it wasn’t her son’s finger she wanted inside her steamy cunt; it was his cock.

“Stand up, baby,” she groaned.

As he stood, she closed her arms about him and pulled his face to her tits. “Suck them, Bobby! Ohhh, suck my tits, honey! It’s been so long since I’ve felt a hot mouth on my tits! Suck mother’s tits, darling! Suck them!”

Eagerly, Bobby pulled a rigid nipple into his mouth, his hands holding her about the waist tightly. Susan felt her son’s cock throbbing against her thigh, the cock head dripping and making her flesh wet. She reached between them and grasped his cock, rubbing the swollen cock head against her thigh, smearing her skin with those slippery juices, moaning softly as he sucked at her nipples, going from one tit to the other.

“Pretend I’m Mary,” she whispered hotly against the top of his head. “Pretend I am Mary and you’re going to fuck me, Bobby. Do what you want to me, with my body, and think of me as Mary.”

She heard the wild, hot moan of her son as he sucked harder at her nipple. His cock was throbbing and she became afraid he would come off before it was inside her boiling cunt. She drew back, looking into his hot, glassy eyes.

“I’ll be Mary for you, Bobby, and you can do everything with me that you’ve wanted to do with her.”

Susan sank to the floor, sprawling backwards. She lay there looking at her son’s cock with hungry eyes, spreading her legs and squeezing her tits. She twisted and writhed her naked ass against the carpet, opening and closing her legs for her son’s pleasure. She knew he could see the parting of her thick cunt hair, see the puffiness of her pussy lips and the glistening moisture of her distended clit.

“Come on, darling,” she urged, arching her hips up into the air enticingly. “I’m Mary, and you’re going to get your cock in her cunt at last! Think of me as being Mary, eager for your cock. Come on, darling… fuck me! Fuck your Mary!”

Bobby went to his knees between his mother’s widely parted thighs. He still had his pants on, and Susan didn’t want to wait for him to shove them down. She arched her crotch toward his straining cock, feeling the swollen head of his prick make a burning contact with her wet cunt.

“Oooo, put it in! Put it in!” she wailed. “Put your cock in Mary’s cunt, Bobby! Fuck your Mary… fuck your dream girl! Fuck her now!”

In his haste, Bobby lunged forward.

Susan yelped with ecstasy.

Her son’s cock fucked easily into her slippery, soaked cunt. He fucked all the way in and his jeans rubbed harshly against her inner thighs. But she didn’t care about those damned jeans now; his cock was up her cunt at last. She shoved her hands behind him and down, gripping his tight ass with both hands, pulling him tightly, squirming her cunt hard as if trying to suck his whole body into her cunt.

She lifted her long thighs and wrapped them about his hips, locking her ankles on his upper thighs. She began to lunge her hips up and down, her head thrown back and eyes closed, her beautiful face expressing the sheer ecstasy rippling through her naked body.

“Fuck Mary!” she screamed, the sound bouncing from the walls of the living room. “Fuck Mary, darling! Pretend I’m Mary and fuck my cunt! Ohhh, what a hard cock you have, baby! I want that hard cock in my pussy… deep, fucking me and making me come and come and come! I’m Mary, Bobby… so fuck your Mary?”

Bobby, with grunts of pleasure, began to fuck his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt. Susan clung to the cheeks of his ass, sobbing as the exquisite pleasure moved from her toes to the top of her head. Her pussy gripped her son’s cock tightly, the heat almost melting the flesh from him. His face was pressed into her tits, and the hotness of his breath thrilled her. When her son caught a hard nipple with his lips and began sucking it, his hips driving his prick hard and fast, she wailed again.

It seemed to Susan that her son’s cock stretched her overheated cunt more than ever before in her life. She could feel her clit scraping along the cock shaft as he fucked in and out frantically. The sensations were so strong, she felt her asshole draw up, suck inward, and she tightened her hot thighs against his grinding hips. She fucked up and down, meeting the thrusts of his cock with sobs of ecstasy, her cunt trying to consume him, his whole body. The steel-like shaft of his cock fucked deep into her clinging cunt lips. Her pussy contacted the rough fabric of his jeans. And Susan loved it, loved the slight pain those jeans gave her, knowing her thighs were being scratched… and caring only that his cock was plunging into her steaming cunt at long last.

Bobby was biting into her sensitive nipples, and even that felt good to her. His tongue fucked her nipples as his lips sucked. She felt one of his hands underneath her twisting, grinding ass, clawing at a smooth ass cheek. She tossed her hips up and down wildly, frantic to have his cock as deep as she could get it. Her skin was rippling and tingling and her toes curled. She was yelping and squealing as her mind reeled with the most intense ecstasy she had felt in years.

“Oooo, fuck me!” she cried hotly. “Fuck my cunt, darling! Ram my pussy… burn my hairy cunt up with your hard, sweet cock! Ohhh, give it to me, balls and all! Fuck me… fuck your Mary!”

The hot moans of her son increased her pleasure, as did his snorting breath against her swollen tits. The way he dug his fingers into her resilient ass cheeks caused her to throw her burning cunt even more frantically up to meet his cock.

She became frenzied with her movements, her ass churning up and down in a violent way, almost causing her son’s cock to slip from her pussy once or twice. The grip of erotic ecstasy guided her motions, her mind, and she was powerless to control herself.

“Fuck moth… Mary!” she screamed, catching herself just in time. She did not want to shatter the fantasy for him. She had to keep building on that fantasy so he would not become embarrassed. At least, that was how she thought at this time. “Fuck your hot-assed Mary, Bobby! Fuck her hairy, hot cunt raw! Make her pussy come, darling, make her come with your hard, sweet cock!”

Bobby’s grunts increased, and she felt his cock flying in and out of her cunt. The friction was becoming intense, and Susan began to scream as an orgasm bubbled within the pit of her stomach. It seemed to swell like an overinflated balloon, ready to burst at any time.

“I’m going to do it!” she screamed, slamming her cunt hard onto his fucking cock.

“I’m going to come, Bobby! Ohhh… oooooo, there! There. I’m coming!”

The scream ripped from her throat as the convulsions gripped her cunt. The wet lips of her pussy clawed and sucked at her son’s cock, the contractions powerful.

Through the power of her orgasm, she still felt her son’s cock throbbing hotly inside her receptive cunt. She became hungry for his come juice, starving for it with her cunt. When he came, the thick come juice seemed to spurt from his piss hole like a garden hose, spraying the velvety walls of her steamy cunt, drenching her in the way she wanted to be drenched.

Every come-spurting throb of his cock was felt by Susan, and it served to send her cunt into a series of mind-shattering orgasms. Never had she experienced multiple orgasms before, but now she was going through orgasm after orgasm, every muscle in her slender body becoming taut. She whipped her contracting cunt up and down on her son’s come-gushing cock, draining his balls with the sucking motions of her pussy.

Bobby slumped on his mother, breathing hard, his cock slipping from her pussy. She felt his prick resting on the curve of her ass cheeks. She caressed his back with her hands, bringing him down from the peak of his ecstasy.

Her flesh glowed, the pleasure still surging through her naked body. Susan let her long legs flop apart, and she began to relax. Bobby remained on top of her, regaining strength as she held him.

“Was Mary a good fuck, honey?” she asked softly, running a hand through his hair. “Did you enjoy fucking Mary?”

She felt him nod his head.

“I knew she would be a good piece of ass, didn’t you? Seeing the way she fucked her pillow told me she would be a good fuck, that she had a hot cunt. Did Mary’s cunt almost burn your cock, Bobby?”

She heard her son mumble something, but it was indistinct. She hugged him tightly, sighing and feeling very good. After a while, she gently shoved him off her body. She knelt and looked at his cock, seeing it glisten with the moisture of her cunt.

“I don’t know about you, baby,” she said softly, “but I think I’ll get cleaned up and go to bed. You almost wore me out, you know. Oh, God… that was so good, darling!”

She stood up, her legs feeling like rubber. Bobby looked up at his mother’s naked body, and for a moment Susan stood with spread legs, her eyes shining.

Then she turned, and feeling his eyes on her naked ass, she left exaggerating the natural sway of her ass for his pleasure.


“Mom!” Susan heard Bobby call. “Someone is with Mary!”

Susan walked quickly into her son’s room. He was looking out the window and down into Mary’s patio. Leaning over, she saw Mary with a man. Mary wore panties today, and Susan wondered why, since she had always sunbathed naked before.

It was the man who interested her, though, not Mary and her panties. This was the first time they had seen a man with the girl, and it was a change of pace. The man, Susan noticed, ware a pair of Jockey shorts, and the lump his cock and balls made were obvious, even from three floors up.

“I think they’re gonna fuck,” Bobby said.

The man leaned over and began to kiss Mary. Susan and her son both began to tremble with voyeuristic thrills. She felt her son take her hand, twining his fingers into hers as they looked. Mary wrapped an arm about the man’s head as they kissed, but Susan and Bobby watched the girl’s hips writhing, her long thighs flexing.

“She’s gonna play with his cock, Mom!”

Susan saw Mary’s hand slide down and underneath, wishing the man would sit up so they could see what Mary did with her hand. As if having the wish granted, the man did sit back on his heels.

“Oooo, she’s feeling him up!” Bobby whispered. “She’s got hold of his cock, Mom!”

“She sure does,” Susan whispered.

They saw Mary move her hand over the man’s crotch, with a smile of desire on her beautiful face. Her tits, naked, swelled up when the man placed a hand on one tit.

Mary snaked her hand into the crotch of the man’s shorts, and Susan gasped. She was looking at a long, thick, very hard cock. She moaned with desire as her own cunt twitched.

“Look at that cock, Mom!” Bobby said. “How would you like that thing in your pussy, fucking you?”

“Ohhh, yes!” Susan mewled, and found her son’s hand reaching for her ass. Bobby felt his mother’s ass, through her skirt, then he worked her skirt up and slipped his hand between her thighs. Susan spread her legs when her son cupped her cunt from behind. As Bobby worked a finger into her pussy, she grabbed the front of his pants. His cock was hard, and she fumbled at the zipper, then shoved her hand inside and pulled his cock out.

Bobby finger-fucked his mother as she jerked his cock, both of them watching the scene below with hot eyes. Mary was jacking on the man’s cock now, and the man was running his hand between those long thighs. When he pulled Mary’s panties down, Bobby gasped.

“Look at what Mary is doing, Mom!”

Susan saw very well what Mary was doing. As the man slipped her panties off, Mary shoved her lips to the swollen head of his cock and began kissing it. Even from this distance, they could see Mary’s tongue swirling about the smooth head of his prick, licking his cock knob slowly. Susan could almost hear the hungry moans of the girl, and she held her son’s cock tighter yet, becoming intensely excited at this display of erotic pleasure.

“Oooo,” Susan mewled as she saw Mary wrapping her lips about the man’s cock. “She’s going to suck him, Bobby!”

“You mean Mary is going to suck on his cock? I didn’t know people did that, Mom.”

“Oh, yes, baby,” she cooed. “It’s delicious for a girl, using her mouth that way, very delicious.”

Mary obviously knew she was being observed, and was enjoying putting on the display of erotic activity before an audience.

Susan and her son saw the girl slide her lips slowly along the throbbing hardness of the man’s cock. Mary paused, then pulled more prick into her mouth until, finally, her lips were surrounded by the thick patch of hair at the base of the cock. Susan hissed hotly, her excitement intense. Bobby was making gulping sounds, and his hips were thrusting his cock into his mother’s fist faster. His finger inside her cunt was stabbing with short, jerking movements that caused his mother’s ass to twist slowly in a grinding motion.

For a while, Mary bobbed her sweet face back and forth, her lips sucking on the man’s cock. Finally she pulled her face away and raised her head until Susan and her son could see the ecstatic expression on her face as she licked her lips.

Then the man sprawled on his back, his cock standing straight up as though being offered to Susan. When Mary climbed on top of the man, Susan and her son could see the way she squirmed her blonde-haired cunt down onto his prick. As Mary began to thrust her hips up and down, they could see her cunt fucking that hard cock.

Without a word, Susan twisted to one side, thrusting her ass toward her son. She could still look down upon Mary’s shapely, pumping ass, though. Bobby shoved his mother’s dress to her waist, yanked her panties down and, leaning over the window to keep his eyes on that lovely ass three floors below, fucked his cock into his mother’s cunt.

“Oooo, fuck it,” Susan mewled, wiggling her ass against her son’s stabbing cock. “Look at Mary’s ass humping, darling! Look at her ass bounce!”

Bobby clung to his mother’s hips as he slammed his prick time and again into her cunt, his lower stomach smacking against the cheeks of her rounded, wiggling, naked ass. Susan’s panties stretched at her knees, sliding out of the way.

Bobby was panting as he fucked his mother, feeling her wet, hot, hair-rimmed cunt sucking on his cock, the puffy heat of her pussy lips closing and squeezing. He fumbled with his belt, and his pants slithered down. Now his balls swung as he fucked his hard cock back and forth, going deep into that steamy wetness of Susan’s pussy. Both kept looking down at the grinding nakedness of Mary’s lovely ass. The view served to increase their own bubbling passions.

Susan squealed softly as she felt the hard throbbing of her son’s thick cock stretching her pussy, the swollen cock head filling her cunt, the smacking of his stomach against her churning, naked ass. Her eyes were bright with hunger, yet she could see Mary’s ass clearly, see the heavy balls of the man beneath Mary. Working one hand down and between her thighs, Susan caught her son’s swinging balls in her hot hand. She twisted his balls tenderly, making her son gasp with delight. His fingers dug harshly into her hips as he fucked furiously into her boiling pussy.

“Mmmm, honey, lover, baby, darling!” Susan whimpered in a soft, passionate voice. “Give it to me! Oooo, fuck it, fuck it! Feed that sweet cock to Mary’s cunt, darling!”

Susan kept up the pretense that she was Mary, thinking that was what her son wanted, thinking perhaps it might wipe away any feelings of shame or guilt or embarrassment he might have about fucking his mother.

Susan, with the intensity of lusting pleasure searing through her body, was doing a lewd dance with her naked, shaking ass. She twisted her ass and thrust it, jiggled and churned it, fucking her son’s cock as much as he was fucking her. The sensations his delightfully hard cock produced within her bubbling cunt were sweet, so very sweet. Her clit, although untouched in this position, swelled and throbbed and tingled. Her tits, still encased behind her dress, became almost painful with tightness, her nipples so swollen they were almost bursting.

Below — still being seen by Susan and Bobby — Mary was pumping her naked, beautiful ass up and down faster, almost in a frenzy, it seemed. Her long legs were stretched out along the man’s, and they watched her hairy cunt devour his cock.

Mary was making sounds that drifted up to the open window and to Susan and her son. They could hear the girl moaning and whining as she pounded her ass up and down, riding the man’s cock with short, jerking, stabbing motions with her lovely naked ass.

Susan mewled and wailed softly, trying to keep the sound from reaching Mary and the man fucking her. The waves of orgasm were already rippling through her cunt one after another, each stronger than the last. Her cunt was gripping her son’s fucking cock very hard, and the contractions caused by her orgasms created such an intense sensation around Bobby’s cock, he was groaning and trying to fuck all the way into his mother’s pussy, balls and all.

Susan was sobbing, with tears streaming from her eyes now, tears of such ecstasy she would have eagerly accepted Mary’s knowledge of being watched right now, accepted the fact that Mary knew Bobby was fucking her. The ecstasy was so great, she would have, if invited at, this moment, raced down with her son and joined Mary and that nameless man. She would have taken her son out there on the patio and joined in an orgy of fucking and sucking, of hard cocks and wet cunts. At this precise moment, she would have welcomed the tenants of the apartment complex into her apartment for mass fucking and sucking. She would have taken hard cock into her cunt, her mouth, her asshole, in her fists, and even her armpits. At this moment Susan wanted hard cocks surrounding her, fucking her, coming all over her burning flesh until she was drenched by the thick cock cream, her skin glistening with come juice, her face coated with the precious juices.

She would have welcomed it all.

Susan had never been this hot before, never so desperately sensuous, so intensely erotic in mind or body.

Her cunt was gnawing on her son’s penetrating cock, sucking it powerfully. She was danc ing her naked ass up and down, back and forth, still clinging to his sweet balls. She was squealing as she came.

Bobby was no longer looking down at Mary sweet ass, but gazing hotly at the naked beauty of his mother’s creamy ass. He saw the spreading ass cheeks, the pucker of her tight asshole, the way her cunt clung to his fucking cock. It excited him more than watching Mary fuck the man.

Holding her hips tightly, he fucked his cock back and forth vigorously. “Hot!” he mumbled thickly. “You’re so damned hot, Mom! So hot and wet and… ahhh, you’re gonna make me come, Mom!”

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes!” Susan yelped, grinding her cunt in a frenzy against his cock. “Come, baby! Ooo, shoot that sweet come juice up Mary’s cunt!”

Bobby slammed hard, holding his cock deep, feeling the heat of his mother’s cunt against his pain. His body became stiff, and then he grunted loudly. The eruption of his discharge came with the power of a steam locomotive. The thick come juice gushed very deep into his mother’s cunt. In rapid spurts, he flooded her cunt with the thick juices from his tight balls.

Susan, feeling her son’s cock throb as the came juice splashed hotly into her sensitive cunt, screamed, and this time it was loud. Whether Mary and the man fucking her heard, Susan didn’t know. Nor did she care. She didn’t care if the world heard her scream of ecstasy, knew her son was squirting his precious come juice into her overheated cunt.

The only thing she cared about was the orgasm shattering her body, making her weak, making her mind reel, making her soar.

Unable to remain bent over this way, her legs so wobbly they would not hold her up, Susan sank to the floor, leaning against the wall beneath the window. Her eyes, open, saw nothing but bright lights. Her legs, wide apart, rested on the floor. Her tits, still concealed in her dress, heaved up and down, her nipples straining hard. She moaned and sobbed as the ecstasy kept right on burning through her.

Her son was leaning against the wall, looking down into the patio, watching Mary’s squirming ass again. Susan looked directly at her son’s cock and balls, so near her face. She had not truly examined him this close yet, and he fascinated her. His cock, gleaming wetly from being inside her cunt, dangled in a lovely way, his balls loose now. She took his balls in her hand and caressed them gently.

Bobby looked down at his mother, his eyes glinting in a dreamy way. “I think they’re gonna come, Mom,” he said. “Mary is really bouncing her ass now.”

“Mmmm,” Susan murmured, and her face moved slowly to her son’s cock and balls. She pressed his balls against her cheek, nuzzling them lovingly. “Mmmmmm, baby.”

The dampness of his cock brushed her cheek, and she twisted her face against his balls. Pursing her lips, she placed a moist kiss on Bobby’s balls, and with a soft gasp of pleasure, darted her tongue out and began to lick them. Releasing his balls, she kept her tongue swirling about as she caressed his thighs and hips, sliding her hands behind him to cup his tight ass cheeks.

Bobby forgot all about Mary and her bouncing naked ass, looking down at his mother. He saw her long wet tongue swirl and lick, feeling his balls writhe. Susan, too, felt her son’s balls moving in the loose folds, and with a groan, opened her mouth. Bobby gasped when his balls disappeared into his mother’s wet mouth.

Susan writhed her hot lips, filling her mouth with the preciousness of her son’s balls, her lips tight against the base of his cock. She sucked and licked, her eyes closing as she savored the sweetness, the almost sugary taste of those balls. She sucked on her son’s balls for a long time, mewling and whimpering with pleasure. It had been so long since she had held balls in her mouth.

Finally, she allowed his balls to slip from her mouth. She drew back and gazed at his cock, and with a soft laugh, snaked her tongue out, tapping it at the base. She tasted the juices of her cunt there, along with the residue of his come juice. With eyes open now, sparkling with eager ecstasy, Susan ran the tip of her tongue up and down her son’s cock, enjoying the taste. At the tip of his prick, she lapped almost daintily about the smooth cock head, then wiggled it around his piss hole. Bobby’s cock was dripping, and the slippery juice coated her tongue. Susan’s mouth closed over the head of his cock. She sucked his cock gently, holding her lips just behind the cock head, tightly and hotly, her tongue fluttering. Susan felt her son’s cock swelling again, becoming hard inside her mouth.

Letting his cock spring free, she laughed in a lewd manner, getting to her feet. She pulled her son against her body, his chest smashing her tits almost flat. Kissing him, she worked her crotch against his stomach, then took his hand.

“Want Mary to suck you off, Bobby?” she whispered, looking into his eyes. “Would you like for Mary to suck your cock, Bobby?” He nodded eagerly, grinning.

Susan glanced down into the patio as she held her son’s hand. “They’ve finished.”

Mary and the man were lying side by side, holding hands in the after glow of their fuck. The dark-blonde hair of Mary’s cunt seemed to glow like burnished copper in the sun.

Turning, Susan led her son to the bedroom, where she had him sit on the edge of the bed. She dropped to her knees before him, spreading his legs wide and gazing with hot eyes into his crotch. Bobby’s cock rose up strong and hard, his balls dangling between his spread thighs.

“Mary will suck your prick, darling,” Susan murmured, sliding her face forward.

“I want you to suck my cock, Mom,” Bobby said.

Susan paused, looking up into his face. “Me? I’m your mother, darling. Don’t you want Mary to suck you off?”

“Mom, we can stop pretending now,” her son replied. “It’s you I fuck, not Mary. We both know that.”

Susan gazed at him, then a smile came over her face. “You’re right.”

“I’d rather have you suck me, Mom — not Mary.”

Susan’s eyes glowed as she nodded her head.

“Then mother will suck it, Bobby. Mother will suck your cock off with her hot, wet, cock sucking mouth… mother will make you gush so much! Mother will suck your sweet prick, and you can come in mother’s mouth!”

Bobby lay back on the bed, his ass hanging over the edge. Susan ran her hot hands up and down his thighs, in between them, finally taking his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. She leaned into his crotch and began licking up and down his cock, swirling her tongue, moaning with orgiastic ecstasy.

She was watching her son’s face as she swallowed his cock. She slid her lips all the way onto his cock shaft, holding his prick deeply, thrilled to have that swollen cock head fucking her hot throat. With one hand rolling and twisting his sensitive balls, the other grip ping the cheek of his ass, Susan began to suck his cock, moving her wet lips up and down tightly, her hair fanning out and bouncing. Bobby writhed and twisted under his mother’s mouth, groaning from the ecstasy her sucking mouth gave him.

She was surprised at how well her son’s cock stuffed her mouth, at how big and thick his prick felt between her lips. Her cunt seemed to pucker as she sucked on him, tingling in a manner that told Susan she, too, would soon come. She was on her knees between his spread thighs, her head bobbing up and down over his cock, and she was shivering with the pleasure that he had given her by saying there was no longer any need to pretend she was Mary.

As she sucked on his cock, she twisted her head about to make her lips circle and slide, creating such an intense ecstasy for her son, he was soon pumping his hips up and down, fucking into her mouth as much as she was sucking.

“Mmmmmmm!” she whimpered softly, her lovely face moving faster and faster until she was sucking Bobby’s cock with frantic movement.

Bobby was very excited, his cock throbbing powerfully in his mother’s mouth. “Mom! Oh, Mom… that’s good! You want me to come in your mouth? Really, Mom?”

Susan, without leaving his cock, nodded her head. Feeling his cock throbbing faster and harder in her lips, she sucked him in a frenzy, her hair flying and bouncing. She clung to his balls, digging her fingers into the cheek of his hard ass.

When her son grunted, Susan tasted the quick gush of hot, thick come juice boiling in to her mouth. She squealed with bliss as his cock filled her mouth, her tongue racing about the come-spurting piss hole, the taste of his sweet come juice triggering an orgasm in her cunt.

Susan’s mind went blank to everything but her ecstasy. She was sure that even her mouth was going through orgasms as her son spurted his come into it. The muscles of her stomach clenched tightly, and she clung to his balls and ass cheek almost desperately as she gobbled in a greedy manner on his prick.

When she raised her face, her lips were puffy, glistening wetly. Her lovely face was twisted into hot pleasure as she slid along his body and lay beside him. While her son rested, she stroked his body, feeling his naked flesh with the palm of her hand.

It was her, his very own mother, that Bobby wanted to be sucked off by — not Mary.

Susan shivered with happiness as she drew her son tightly against her naked body, hugging him.

“No more pretending,” she whispered, nuzzling into his neck and shoulder. “No more pretending I’m Mary. I’m your mother, darling… your fucking, cock-sucking mother.”


Susan was aware of the change taking place within her.

She welcomed it, however.

Her son was no longer shy with her, but bold — and even a bit aggressive. She didn’t mind that at all. He was, after all, the man of the house… her man. And a woman, she thought, should always make her man happy, no matter what he wanted of her, no matter how perverse, how wicked. A man’s woman should not be just willing, but totally eager to please him.

Her son, like her, was changing.

They were not so much mother and son any more. They were lovers, erotic, sex-hungry lovers.

Watching Mary on her patio was still very much a part of their enjoyment, though. Both Bobby and his mother found they enjoyed peeping down at the uninhibited beauty. Seeing Mary’s naked body, watching her play with herself — and not a few times with different men — made them both intensely excited, bringing out more and more perverse desires within them.

As they discovered their voyeuristic desires together, so they learned more about themselves.

Some things they learned surprised them, delighted them. And some made them feel wicked, masochistic and slightly sadistic.

But no matter what they did with each other, to each other, it only increased the desire to experiment with further delights. They drew the line at nothing, trying everything they could think of.

Susan went naked before her son, as he did in her presence. Sometimes she wore only her panties, filmy panties designed to excite and arouse Bobby. Other times she wore a bra, and nothing else. Doors were never closed now, but always open, even the bathroom door. Showers were done openly, as was the natural act of taking a piss. Susan found it was deliciously exciting to watch her son stand at the toilet and see him pissing, hearing the tinkle in the water.

She found him pissing one afternoon, and moved up close to hold his cock as he pissed. She giggled like a naughty girl as she played the stream about, watching it splash over the edge of the toilet, not caring that his piss went onto the floor. After he finished, she shook his cock as she had seen him do many times.

Within a week after they had stopped pretending, they found something else that was enjoyable to both.

Susan had been holding her son’s cock often when he pissed, and one afternoon, she did something impulsive.

As her son pissed into the toilet, she pulled his cock around and aimed his cock toward her thighs. The warmth of her son’s piss splashing on her legs sent her cunt into convulsions, and she came standing there. She wore panties, and her hand lifted his cock so the piss soaked the front of them, wetting her cunt hair through the lacy panties. They both giggled like a naughty boy and girl about it, and Susan told him she liked it.

The fact that many people considered such an act abnormal did not bother Susan and her son in the least. They weren’t harming any one with their pleasures, and since both enjoyed it, they kept it up. And so it progressed.

They tried everything they thought about, like two young lovers unsatisfied until they experienced it all, no matter how aberrant it was, how deviant, how disgusting it might seem to others.

Susan was in the tub, bubbles breaking around her body, her shapely tits uptilted with tingling nipples. She had been in the tub only a short time when her son came in, his cock dangling from his shorts. Susan watched her son as he started to piss into the toilet.

“Wait!” she cried out. “Piss here!”

She cupped her tits in both hands, pressing them together.

Bobby looked down at his mother. “You want me to piss on your tits, Mom?”

She nodded her head, her eyes gleaming and a huge smile of anticipation on her lovely face. “Yes, piss on my fucking tits, baby!”

Bobby turned and faced her, letting go.

“Oooo,” Susan mewled as he pissed onto her tits, wetting them thoroughly, along with her hands.

Her eyes became glassy as she watched his cock. Before he finished, she raised her cunt from the water, knees wide. Bobby aimed there, and pissed on his mother’s cunt. The triangle of cunt hair and the lips of her pussy were widely exposed to him. Susan whimpered as a sudden orgasm convulsed through her.

She didn’t want him to stop, enjoying the warmth of his piss very much as it streamed down upon her cunt. But stop it did.

When Bobby shook his prick, a few drops landed on his mother’s face. Before he had time to react, Susan sat up quickly, closing her mouth about his prick, tasting the few drops of piss there. She grabbed his ass with both hands and began to suck his cock rapidly.

With an animal-like growl, she looked up at him, her eyes glazed in lust. “Fuck my mouth, Bobby! Fuck mother in the cock-sucking mouth I’ll use my hot mouth like you do my wet cunt! Fuck my cunt-mouth, baby! Ohhhhhh, darling, fuck mother in the cock-sucking mouth!”

Bobby fucked his cock into his mother’s mouth, grabbing the back of her head and going deep. He ground his hips into her face while Susan moaned in mindless ecstasy. Bobby banged into his mother’s face wildly, fucking her in the mouth in a brutal, harsh manner. Susan felt his balls slapping her chin, and she kept her lips as tight as she could around his throbbing, fucking cock. She gurgled around his cock, her fingers digging at his tight asss, clawing into the ass crack. She was starved for his cock, very eager to have him fuck her mouth the way he fucked her cunt.

Bobby held his mother’s head tightly so she couldn’t move, and fucked swiftly, bruising her stretching lips.

And the harder he fucked her mouth, the better Susan liked it.

When her son came, his climax was powerful.

Susan choked on his thick come juice. She choked because her son held her head so tightly, his cock almost penetrating her throat, and she was unable to swallow. She had to let his jizz run, burningly, down her throat and into her stomach. He pressed hard into her mouth, her lips at the base of his prick, his balls against her chin, and he came copiously.

Susan touched her lips gingerly, grinning at her son. “You little mother-fucker! You almost choked me that way.”

“Well, you said you wanted me to fuck you in the mouth, Mom,” he replied. “You said to fuck your mouth like I do your cunt, so I did.”

“And I loved it, you little shit!”

“Cock-sucker,” he replied.

“Mother-fucker,” she retorted playfully.



“Asshole,” Bobby said.

“Cunt-licker,” she laughed.

“Not yet,” Bobby said.

“You’re right,” Susan frowned. “How did we miss that?”

“Just haven’t thought about it, I guess,” Bobby said. “If you didn’t have soap all over your cunt, Mom, I’d suck it now.”

“I can take care of that,” she said, getting out of the tub, dripping water everywhere.

She toweled her thighs, then rubbed it between her legs, feeling her cunt tingle with eagerness to have her son’s mouth on it.

Still naked, she almost ran to the bedroom, with her son behind her, laughing and slapping at her tightly wiggling, wet ass cheeks. Susan fell across the bed, spreading her legs wide, lifting her hips, her cunt totally and deliciously accessible to her son.

“Eat me, you mother-fucker!” she laughed huskily. “Eat mother’s hot cunt! Suck my hairy pussy, you asshole!”

“I’ll eat your pussy, you fucking cocksucker,” Bobby laughed, enjoying himself. “I’ll eat your fucking cunt until you beg me to stop!”

“Brag, brag,” she taunted.

Bobby sprawled between his mother’s legs, shoving his face against her hot, wet cunt. Susan giggled with erotic pleasure as he began to kiss her cunt, his lips hot as they moved all about her crotch, even touching the curves of her ass. She raised her crotch, waving her long thighs toward the ceiling.

“Ooooo, kiss that cunt, Bobby! Ahhh, baby, suck mother’s wet pussy!”

Her flesh burned as her son began to lick about her crotch, running his tongue over each of her hair-lined pussy lips, then down over the curves of her ass, along the sensitive inner surfaces of her thighs. Susan held her ass high in the air, her hands behind her hips, bracing herself. She looked past her tits, seeing the excited glow in her son’s eyes as he ran his tongue over her flesh. When he began licking up and down the slit of her burning cunt, she groaned and twisted her hips, wanting his tongue inside her pussy. But Bobby teased with his tongue, lapping in feathery touches at her swollen clit, then down the wet, slippery cunt slit again. Susan yelped when she felt her son tapping his tongue against her puckered asshole.

“That’s not my cunt, Bobby,” she laughed lewdly. “That’s mother’s asshole!”

“Mmmmm, I know,” he said, his voice muffled because his face was in her ass.

Susan felt her son’s tongue scrape at her asshole, then he opened his mouth wide, pressing it around her asshole, and sucked even as his tongue licked. She mewled and twisted against his face. Bobby dragged his tongue across her asshole, then upwards to lick along the puffiness of her hairy cunt, lapping each sensitive cunt lip in turn, then twirling his tongue about her clit. Susan had never felt so wet before. Pussy juices seeped from her cunt and made her asshole slippery. Up and down his tongue went, from asshole to clit, with a few thrusts into his mother’s cunt, thrusts that made her squeal and twist her cunt against his face.

“Tongue-fuck me!” she shouted. “Tongue my cunt, you mother-fucker! Eat mother’s hot pussy! Oooo, baby, baby… lick my pussy! Tongue-fuck me… tongue-fuck mother in her hot, wet cunt!”

Pressing his lips around her pussy, Bobby fucked his tongue as deep as he could, licking at the slippery, satiny walls of his mother’s pussy, tasting the creamy sweetness of her cunt. He fucked his tongue in and out as if it were his cock, and Susan kicked and tossed in ecstasy. She closed her hot thighs about his face, pressing and squeezing, scissoring them along his young face, her cunt grinding.

The convulsion came strongly as Susan’s orgasm whipped through her naked body. The lips of her cunt squeezed and contracted about her son’s tongue until he had some difficulty tonguing her cunt. He closed his lips around her knotted clit and sucked very hard, making Susan’s orgasm increase until her whole body was shuddering. She was screaming with mindless ecstasy.

As she lowered her ass to the bed, Bobby clung to her cunt with his lips, still sucking. Susan shoved at his face, sitting up on the bed, so weak she could take no more orgasms.

“Now you can’t get to my cunt,” she gasped. “Not with me sitting on it. Damn you! You almost ate the piss out of my fucking cunt!”

“I don’t care,” Bobby laughed, his face smeared wit the juices of his mother’s pussy. “You can piss in my mouth if you want… that might be fun.”

“It just might,” she laughed, leaning against the headboard of her bed. “We’ll try it sometime.”

She saw that his cock was very hard again, standing up from the sparse hair at his crotch.

“Want to sit on my face?” she asked, her voice again low and husky. “I’ve wondered what that would feel like, your ass sitting on my face.”

“Will you lick my asshole, Mom?” Bobby asked, his eyes showing his eagerness. “Will you lick my asshole?”

“Put it in my face and I’ll eat that asshole up!”

She squirmed back down on her back. Bobby scooted up his mother’s naked body. Susan watched his balls slide along her stomach, over her tits.

“Squat over my tits a minute,” she said.

As her son squatted there, she cupped one tit and rubbed her nipple into his hot asshole. His cock jerked up and down, dripping against her face. She tried to shove her tit up her son’s asshole, but her nipple wasn’t hard enough and his asshole was much too tight.

She pulled at his hips until he was squatting above her face. She pushed at his ass so she could gaze up into it. She saw the brown pucker, his balls only an inch or so away. Snaking her tongue out, she lapped at her son’s asshole, and when he felt the wetness there, he shoved his ass against his mother’s mouth. Susan mewled and sucked, her tongue flying about his hat asshole, licking at it furiously. His balls rested on her nose, his cock throbbing on her forehead. She knew he was dripping pre-come into her hair, but she didn’t mind at all.

Her tongue ran about the tight pucker, then she began to press it against his asshole. She pressed until she felt the ass ring give, and her tongue was up his ass. Bobby grunted with the strangeness of it, and Susan gurgled with delight. She fucked her tongue up and down, driving it into her son’s asshole swiftly, licking and sucking with her wide-open lips.

Bobby could not resist gripping his hard cock and beating his fist on it while his mother tongue-fucked him in the ass. This increased Susan’s mindless, perverse desire, and she raced her tongue in and out of his gripping asshole frantically, her naked ass twisting and squirming against the bed. She had trouble breathing, but would not have stopped for anything; the sheer perversity of sucking her son’s asshole, of feeling it squeeze as she thrust her tongue in and out, was too delicious, too enjoyable to stop.

Bobby writhed his ass into his mother’s face, jacking on his cock with a tight fist, watching the seeping pre-come splatter on her forehead and into her thick, luxurious red hair. The speed he jacked his cock with caused his balls to rub and brush at Susan’s nose, and her tongue ran in and out of his asshole hungrily, her eyes wide open and staring at his fist gripping his cock. She fucked her tongue as deep as she could, and Susan had a very long tongue.

Her hands gripped his hips tightly as he twisted and ground his asshole against her mouth, his fist beating faster on his cock.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Bobby shouted suddenly.

“Mmmmm!” she grunted into his asshole.

Suddenly Susan had her son’s balls inside her mouth, sucking them in a frenzy. The thick globs of his come juice flew from his piss hole, splashing into her hair. She quickly released his balls, moving so his jism shot directly into her face now. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and tasted a few squirts of come on her tongue. By the time Bobby finished coming off, her lovely face was smeared with the slippery come juice. Her cunt exploded, making her groan and arch her hips.

Susan tingled with erotic pleasure…


Susan became more curious about Mary. The girl was either totally oblivious of being seen, or else she wanted to be seen. No one would deliberately be on a patio naked, and with a man, where they could be seen. Would they?

Mary certainly didn’t look like an exhibitionist, at least not the way Susan imagined such a person would look.

It was almost as if Mary was doing it deliberately, to tease and taunt. But Mary just wasn’t that sort of girl. Dressed, in public, she was a picture of virginal purity. But on the patio! Mmmmmmm! Or when she flashed her cunt in the car. Had Mary known she was exposed? Had she known that Susan and Bobby would see up between her thighs? If that was so, what was Mary after? What did she want?

Mary had always been friendly with Susan and Bobby, but not overly friendly. Perhaps Mary’s smile was much brighter, sunnier than most, but Mary was a friendly, outgoing girl. Susan and Mary were not friends. The age difference prevented that, Susan thought.

The one thing Mary had done, though, was bring Susan and her son close, so very close, and to the point where they were fucking all the time. If not for Mary, Susan might not be fucking her son. For that, she had Mary to thank. It was Mary’s body that aroused the boy, made his cock so very hard, and it was Mary — as Susan and Bobby looked down upon her — that caused Bobby and his mother to play around and touch each other.

Mary didn’t know it, but she was the direct cause of this incestuous fucking Susan was involved in, and for that Susan was intensely thankful.

Mary was on the patio almost every minute she was home, and Susan knew where she could always find her son… at his window, looking down, his cock straining with desire, sometimes in his pants, sometimes out in the open, and sometimes he would be entirely naked.

Wearing panties and bra, Susan found her son at his window this hot afternoon.

She walked up behind him, pressing her lower body against his ass. Bobby was in his Jockey shorts, but when Susan ran her hand in front to hug him, she found his cock throbbing inside them. Looking over his shoulder, she saw Mary sprawled on the patio three floors below.

“What’s she doing today?” Susan asked, peering over his shoulder.

“I don’t know, Mom,” Bobby said. “She’s got something in her hand. Do you know what it is?”

Susan knew immediately.

It was a vibrator, cordless, run by batteries. Squeezing her son’s cock through his shorts, Susan told her son the purpose of the vibrator.

“That’s silly,” he said. “Why use some thing like that when she can have that man’s cock, Mom?”

“Maybe she’s so hot she can’t wait,” Susan replied in a low voice, watching with him.

Mary drew the vibrator up and down between her thighs, rubbing it over her blonde-haired cunt lips. She heard her son gasp as they watched Mary insert the vibrator into her cunt and work it back and forth, fucking herself with it, bringing it close to her clit to receive the full sensation. When Mary pulled it out and began to lick at the plastic, Bobby laughed.

“Maybe she likes the taste of her cunt,” Susan said. “I tasted pretty good on your cock, come to think of it.”

Mary turned onto her stomach, drawing her knees beneath her body, arching her sweet, rounded ass into the air. She shoved the vibrator between her thighs, and Susan and Bobby watched her fuck herself with it again. When Mary drew the plastic up and moved it to her tight asshole, Bobby laughed again.

“Don’t laugh,” Susan said. “She might enjoy that. Some people have very sensitive assholes. Remember how it felt when I licked yours, fucking with my tongue?”

“Yes,” Bobby whispered in a thick voice.

Susan shoved aside his shorts and gripped his cock, pumping it with a tight fist. She knew very well the pleasure Mary was giving herself down there. She wasn’t surprised at all to see Mary press the vibrator against her asshole, then watch as it slipped a few inches inside. Mary fucked herself up the ass with the vibrator, twisting her hips about erotically. The vibrator fucked deeper and deeper as Mary became more excited, and now and then a soft squeal drifted up to Susan and Bobby.

Susan moved, sliding and slipping until she was leaning against the window next to her son. She shoved her panties downward, exposing her rounded ass. She pulled at her son until he was behind her, but still able to look down and watch Mary. Holding her son’s cock, she brushed the swollen cock head against her ass, feeling the seeping juices from his piss hole smearing her flesh. She rubbed the head of his cock along her thigh, then drew it up and down the hot, enticing crack of her ass. She caught her son’s cock between the cheeks of her ass, squeezing them. The throbbing sensation of his prick between the cheeks of her ass caused Susan to tremble with desire.

Mary was still thrusting the vibrator in and out of her asshole, slowly, with excited wiggles of her cute ass. Susan positioned the head of her son’s cock against her tight asshole, feeling the tingling heat there. She arched her ass back a bit and created more pressure. Her eyes were becoming glazed now, and she could only see Mary in a hazy, indistinct outline. But that didn’t matter; she preferred the ecstasy she was feeling.

Her son, leaning against her back and gazing over her shoulder, was now cupping his mother’s tits, massaging and feeling through her bra. Susan’s nipples burned, confined this way. She wiggled her ass against her son’s cock, and before Bobby knew where his prick was going, he felt the swollen cock head move past the ring of her tight asshole. Bobby said nothing, only gasped. Susan held herself still for a moment, her asshole flexing about the head of her son’s cock. The stretching sensation was intense, so very delightful.

Bobby leaned back and looked down at his mother’s body. “Mom, you know where my cock is?”

“Mmmmm, do I!”

“You’ve got it in your ass, Mom,” Bobby said. “It’s not in your cunt.”

“I know, darling! Oh, how I know!”

“You want my cock there?”

“God, yes!”

Bobby quickly became more interested in his mother’s ass than Mary’s. Leaning back, he peered down at the rounded smoothness of his mother’s ass. He could see his cock, with the cock head caught inside her asshole. He gripped her hips and moved gently, pressing half an inch or so more cock up his mother’s asshole.

“Ohhh, God, baby!” Susan whimpered, arching her ass to him. “Fast, Bobby! Ram your cock fast into my ass! Don’t be gentle I want that cock rammed up my fucking ass hard! Real hard and fast!”

Bobby took a deep breath and, holding his mother’s hips tightly, fucked forward.

“Owwwww!” Susan yelped.

The burning pain she felt as he shoved his cock into her asshole was only momentary. It was quickly replaced by a stretching, filling sensation that sent ripples of ecstasy through her. She held her body still, feeling his cock deeply embedded inside her ass.

“Oh, good?” she mewled. “Fuck me this way, Bobby! Fuck mother in the ass! Ooooo, fuck me up the ass, darling!”

Bobby gritting his teeth with the tightness his mother’s asshole, began jerking his hips back and forth, watching his cock fuck in and out of that stretching asshole, seeing the pucker of it clinging to his prick. His balls smacked at the puffy, hairy lips of her wet cunt.

Susan rested on her head on the window sill, her mouth open, gasping as her son fucked his throbbing cock in and out of her asshole. She felt it burning deep inside, and the way his balls banged against her quivering cunt added to the pleasure she felt. Her asshole squeezed and flexed around his prick as he fucked in and out, almost sucking on it the way her pussy did. The contractions of her asshole were not caused intentionally by Susan; it happened voluntarily, something she had no control over. The smacking of his lower stomach against the spreading cheeks of her ass increased the erotic feelings rumbling through her. The sounds of fucking delighted her almost as much as the actual penetration.

“Your asshole sure is tight, Mom!” Bobby gasped as he fucked back and forth. “And real hot!”

“Oooo, yes, it is, baby! Fuck that tight, hot asshole! Oh, God, Bobby! I love it, darling! Ohhh, your hard, hard cock feels so fucking good up my asshole! Fuck mother’s asshole… fuck it!”

Susan began to squirm about, her ass churning as her son fucked deeply. She was squealing loudly, and neither she nor Bobby realized the sounds were loud enough for Mary to hear. Susan’s hair was hanging out the window, and when Mary looked up, she knew what was happening three floors above her. Neither Susan nor Bobby knew Mary was smiling wickedly as she turned onto her back and used the vibrator in her cunt now.

The deep fuck-thrust of Bobby’s cock were creating an intense sensation of impending orgasm within Susan’s body. It seemed to start somewhere high up, spreading out with liquid heat until she was on fire with the desperate need to come.

Susan screamed when her orgasm struck. The power of it caused her stretched asshole to clamp hard around her son’s cock, and he was having difficulty fucking in and out. But fuck he did. Susan’s cunt went into convulsions that made her whole body shake. Her asshole began a milking, waving, rippling motion on her son’s cock, and caused him to gush come into her asshole. The creamy, thick come juice gushed so deeply, Susan expected to taste jism in her mouth. Her asshole clung to his thrusting, come-gushing cock as though starved for the come juice, squeezing and holding his cock. His balls, now pressed tightly against the puffy, hairy lips of Susan’s cunt, writhed and became tight.

Susan slumped on the window sill, her tits pressed against the window sill, her head out the window, her son’s cock still inside her asshole. As her vision cleared, she found herself looking into Mary’s eyes. Mary was smiling up at her, and then she waved her hand at Susan.

Susan pulled herself back inside, feeling her son’s cock pulling from her asshole.

“I think Mary knew what we were doing,” she said to her son. “I think she knows, Bobby.”

“I don’t care. Mom,” he said, still panting. “I don’t care who knows.”

“You know, Bobby,” Susan said with a smile, “I don’t care, either. And I especially don’t mind that Mary knows.”

“Why her in particular, Mom?”

“I have a hunch,” Susan said, pulling her panties up. She adjusted the crotch, knowing her son loved to watch her do such an intimate thing.

“I’ll tell you later,” she said. “I’ve got to make sure first.”

“Do you think I could fuck her, Mom?”

“I think that could be a distinct possibility, if I’m right.”

Susan was almost a hundred percent sure she was correct in her thoughts about Mary. She was sure Mary knew all along that she and Bobby were watching her, that Mary wanted them to watch her. The thing Susan didn’t know was why.

Mary had become progressively bolder on her patio. First being there naked, then playing with her pussy, then fucking with the man, and now fucking the vibrator up her ass. There must be some reason, Susan was sure. It was up to her to find out why, she decided. The idea of her son fucking that cute girl was exciting to Susan, if she could watch him fuck her. Could it be that Mary wanted Bobby, young as he was, but didn’t have the nerve to approach the boy?

Maybe Susan wasn’t supposed to have seen her. Maybe Mary wanted to tease Bobby with her beauty, her cunt, her tits and ass, and in that way let the boy know she was available. But why did Mary wave up at her and flash that lewd grin?

Susan and her son ate out again that evening, something they seemed to do quite a bit lately, since they had started fucking. It was almost as if she were a young girl again, going out on dates, then returning home to get gloriously, fantastically fucked by her date.

Bobby, it seemed, was bolder with his mother than ever before, even when out in public. Somehow it thrilled Susan, especially when he would gaze at her straining tits in the supermarket, or walk behind her to watch her ass. On those occasions, Susan would waggle her ass as seductively as she could and still keep a wary eye out for anyone else who might be looking.

Bobby insisted that she wear short shorts, the kind that exposed the lower curves of her ass. Susan found it excited her, too. She had seen the younger girls wearing such shorts, with the cute cheeks of their asses exposed, and now that she did it, Susan had actually climaxed once as she bent over a vegetable counter, her son behind her. The mere fact that the lower curves of her ass were exposed had caused her to come. When she had turned to look at her son, wanting to tell him what happened, she saw his cock was bulging inside his jogging shorts. She grinned at him, looked about, and quickly pulled the crotch of her short shorts to one side, giving him a brief peek at the curly hair of her pussy.

Bobby, she was delighted to notice, had almost shot his wad in his shorts then.

Susan laughed, and finished up with the shopping hurriedly. She kept her son close to her as she shopped, whispering in his ear.

“You’re hard,” she whispered. “One of these women will see your cock and grab it. It sure looks good, baby.”

Bobby made no effort to conceal the outline of his hard cock, even when one woman stared directly at it. Susan saw the expression in the woman’s eyes, and it was obvious to Susan the woman was excited, aroused, and probably had a very wet cunt at that moment.

They hurried home with the purchases, Susan burning up to have her son’s cock fucking her. As they started up the stairs to their apartment, Mary came out of hers. She greeted them.

“Hi,” Bobby said brightly, not concealing his interest in the beautiful girl.

Susan smiled at Mary, then saw the direction Mary’s eyes went. Glancing down, she saw her son’s cock still pressed out hard against his jogging shorts. Looking back at Mary, she saw the heat in those eyes.

Mary, after looking at Bobby’s big cock-bulge, looked at Susan and smiled in a cute, yet wicked, manner, then left the building.

Inside their apartment, Susan dropped the bags as soon as the door was closed, grabbing for her son’s cock.

“She wants your cock, Bobby,” she said, her voice husky. “You see how she looked at it?”

Bobby nodded, more interested in his mother because she was instantly available.

Susan drew his cock from the leg of his jogging shorts and, releasing it, began to strip her blouse and shorts from her body quickly, her eyes hot.

“Fuck me!” she said, almost screaming in her need. “Fuck me now!”

Susan was near the couch, and she fell back on it, spreading her long legs widely, arching her hairy cunt up, her hands pulling the puffy lips of her pussy apart. Bobby dropped to his knees between his mother’s thighs and, leaning forward, began to run the flat surface of his tongue up and down her wet, slippery cunt lips. Susan thrust her hips into his face, grinding and mewling. Bobby shoved his shorts down as he licked at his mother’s cunt, then he raised his face from her pussy and moved his cock to her cunt.

Susan lifted her crotch high, drawing her knees back against her tits. Her ass was lifted as her son fucked his prick into her pussy.

“Ooooo, yes!” Susan wailed, grinding against his cock as he started plunging it. “Fuck me fast, Bobby! I’m so Goddamned hot… in the store, then seeing Mary look at you… ohhhh, I’m so fucking hot! Fuck mother! Fuck mother’s wet cunt! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Bobby clung to his mother’s twisting hips, watching his cock being devoured by her hair-lined pussy. He could stand on his knees without moving, and his mother would fuck him frantically, doing all the work. Her cunt pulled at his prick, the pussy lips sucking it, and she kept wailing with the boiling ecstasy, her head twisting about as she whimpered and sobbed. She churned her cunt on his fucker hard and fast, and suddenly his cock slipped out. Bobby, in his rush to have his cock back inside her cunt, rammed forward.

“Oh! Yes!” Susan screamed.

Bobby’s cock fucked into her asshole instead of her cunt, and it sank all the way.

“Fuck my asshole!” Susan screamed, clawing at her cunt with both hands now. “Fuck mother up the ass!”

Bobby pressed his hands at the back of his mother’s thighs, fucking his cock in and out of her uplifted asshole. He stared with excitement as his mother finger-fucked her cunt with one hand and rubbed brutally at her clit with the other. The stimulation of her finger fucking into her cunt, the violent twisting and pulling of her clit, and the throbbing heat of her son’s cock burning inside her asshole, sent Susan in to wild convulsions quickly.

She came, gurgling and murmuring incoherent words. She twisted and churned her ass up and down.

“Ooooo! Ohhhhh!” Susan wailed.

“Uh… uh… uh!” Bobby grunted.

Through the violence of her orgasms, Susan still felt the hot, hard throbbing of her son’s cock deep inside her asshole. Jerking her hands away from her hairy cunt, she ran them down and behind her uptilted ass. She clawed at the smooth, round cheeks of her ass, pulling them widely apart, wanting her son’s cock to fuck deeper and deeper.

“Come, come, come!” she yelped. “I want that cock coming up my fucking hot ass, Bobby! Ohhhhh, darling, fill mother’s hot ass with that sweet, sweet come juice!”

Bobby was fucking in wild motions, grunting heavily as his prick strained, his balls drawing up very tight at the base of his cock. His handsome young face was twisted into a grimace of intense ecstasy, his eyes squeezed shut. Susan pulled at her ass cheeks, trying to spread them more so he could fuck very deep.

“I’m about to… I’m gonna… come!”

“Yes, yes!” she gurgled, fucking her ass up and down on his cock.

Bobby shoved as deep as he could with his cock, his balls pressing tightly. He gave a loud grunt, then came.

Susan felt her son’s come juice as it splashed deep inside her ass, triggering a more intense orgasm inside her bubbling cunt. Her clit seemed to become knotted painfully, and the hair-lined lips of her pussy clenched in twitching delight.

With the final spurt of come juice into his mother’s asshole, Bobby slumped forward.

Susan spread her knees so he could rest on top of her, his breath searing her tits. She cuddled him tightly, kissing the top of his head as he rested. Her feet dropped to the floor, the hot, smooth, inner surfaces brushing his hips. His cock dragged up to the sensitive lips of her cunt, and still another orgasm ripped through Susan.

“Ohhhhh…” she mewled softly, the orgasm not as strong as the others, but so pleasant to her.

“I’m going to get Mary for you,” she whispered as she caressed his hair. “I’m going to get her for you, darling.”


Susan wasn’t sure how she would keep her promise.

There was no way she could just walk up to Mary and say: “I want you to fuck my son.”

For one thing, it would embarrass her even if not Mary. And for another thing, she wasn’t sure that it was what Mary wanted.

Susan didn’t know how to go about it. She had told her son she would get Mary for him, in a moment of passion, and now she didn’t know if she would be able to keep her promise. Mary might misunderstand, too, and think it was Susan who was interested in her.

That would be very embarrassing to Susan, if Mary thought she was making a pass at her.

It was two days before something happened that gave Susan the opportunity she needed.

She had been out, and Bobby was off someplace alone for the first time in months. As she came into the apartment building toward the stairs leading to her apartment, she found Mary sitting halfway up the stairs. Mary was on a level with Susan’s head as she stood at the bottom.

The girl grinned and said: “I locked myself out, and the manager isn’t around.”

“Isn’t it hot up there on the stairs?” Susan said.

“Very, but at least I can sit down.”

Susan started up, then stopped. Mary had been sitting there with her knees together, her skirt smoothed over them. But when Susan put her foot on the bottom step, Mary suddenly opened her knees. Susan found herself staring between those wide knees, at the smooth, inviting surfaces of Mary’s thighs, and the blonde triangle of cunt hair there. Susan froze where she was, one foot on the step, the other on the floor. She stared directly into Mary’s cunt, and her tongue moved over her lips with out her being aware of it.

But Mary was aware of it. Her eyes gleamed and she moved her own tongue over her full lips, and the significance of it dawned on Susan.

Still looking at Mary’s cunt, Susan found herself saying: “You never wear panties, do you?”

“They’re too hot,” Mary said, her voice very low and seductive.

“I know,” Susan said, and she started up the stairs. As she stopped around Mary, she felt a light touch on her lower leg.

“Why don’t you sit with me a while, Susan?” Mary said. “We’ve been greeting each other for months, but never get to know each other.”

“I… well, a little while,” Susan said, siting one step above Mary.

Mary turned so she could face Susan, her smile somewhat mysterious, but exciting to Susan. Susan held her knees tightly together, knowing this was an opportunity for her, yet not knowing how to approach the subject.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Susan,” Mary said. “I’ve thought so since I first saw you.”

Susan wanted to thank the girl, but found her voice wouldn’t work. There was a strange pulsation between her thighs, and she felt her cunt becoming moist. She gazed into Mary’s hot eyes and, as the girl began to stroke her lower leg with light fingers, the tingling of her cunt became more pronounced. She shivered, and it was not lost on Mary.

Without talking, they looked into each other’s eyes and Mary continued to run her hand up and down Susan’s leg. When Susan felt that hot hand on her knee, she made no effort to push it away. Susan knew now that it wasn’t only men this exquisitely beautiful girl was interested in. It gave her a strange feeling, but one of pleasure, a hot, bubbling sort of pleasure, all centered in and around her cunt.

“So beautiful,” Mary whispered, and she slipped her fingers between Susan’s knees. “You’re so soft, Susan, so very soft. Your skin feels like velvet.”

Susan found she could hardly breathe, liking that hand pressed between her knees. She licked her lips and kept looking into Mary’s eyes. Those eyes glowed, burning with desire.

Susan found she wanted that hand deeper under her skirt, wanted to feel the soft heat of it on her thighs. As if reading what was in her eyes, Mary inched her hand past Susan’s knees, her fingertips stroking the woman’s thigh. Mary turned a bit more and moved her other hand to a knee. Gently, she pried Susan’s knees apart and gazed between them with a hot bold look. Susan’s cunt twitched. She felt the crotch of her panties becoming moist, her tits rising and falling with increasing excitement.

“Nice, very nice,” Mary murmured, stroking higher and higher as she gazed between Susan’s creamy legs. “Why do you wear panties in this heat, Susan? You’d feel so much cooler without them.”

Susan didn’t reply; she couldn’t reply. She knew very well what Mary was up to, and she was becoming more and more receptive. When Mary pressed her knees farther apart, she didn’t try to fight it.

“You’re wet, Susan,” Mary murmured in a throaty voice. “I can see how wet you are now.”

Susan felt a hot hand slide up her thigh, then it was stroking about the tight crotch of her panties, the tip of one finger sliding up and down the puffy slit of her cunt. As Mary leaned forward and pressed her hot, moist lips against one knee, Susan gasped, the sound coming out in obvious desire.

“You feel so hot here,” Mary said in a thick whisper as she dragged her finger up and down Susan’s crotch. “So hot and wet. I love it when a woman is wet, Susan.”

Susan looked about, making sure no one could see them, and then she opened her thighs as wide as she could, a soft mewl coming from her. Mary cupped her cunt and pressed, and kissed her knee again.

“Let’s… Mary, let’s don’t… not here,” Susan said, shoving at Mary’s hand. “Let’s go to… come with me.”

They stepped into the coolness of Susan’s apartment. As the door closed, Mary was suddenly pressing against Susan, her thrusting tits smashing into Susan’s larger tits.

Before Susan could protest — and she didn’t want to protest — Mary’s lips were on hers, smashing, writhing, kissing with openmouthed wetness. Slightly shocked by her easy acceptance of Mary, Susan found she was melting against the girl, unable to resist. There was something pleasant about those wet lips against hers, about that darting, wicked tongue that was snaking into her mouth.

Mary was moaning softly as she kissed Susan hungrily. Susan felt the girl’s hands sliding up and down her back, and she held onto Mary’s slim waist. As Mary shoved her crotch close and began to grind her pussy against Susan, Susan responded with more excitement than she had suspected she would.

Both became suddenly frantic, Susan not thinking, but doing. Even as Mary began to clutch at the cheeks of her ass to pull her tighter, Susan’s hands were curling around the tight cheeks of Mary’s ass, and she was moaning into the girl’s mouth.

Susan began lifting Mary’s dress, anxious to get her hands on naked flesh. She found the backs of Mary’s thighs hot to the touch, and when she curled her fingers about the naked cheeks of that tight ass, she whimpered into Mary’s mouth. Susan was not even aware that her own dress had been pulled up until she felt her bare thighs against Mary, the heat of their flesh mingling. She felt those golden-blonde cunt hairs pressing against her crotch. Mary rolled her panties down. Her mind was reeling with the erotic sensations this exquisite girl was producing within her heated body.

She was kissing Mary as hotly as the girl was kissing her, their tongues sliding and probing and licking, their lips sucking, teeth nipping. Each squealed and mewled, sighed and burbled, their hands caressing smooth flesh in a frenzy of boiling fuck-lust.

Susan found herself looking down at Mary, who was on the floor, her skirt bunched about her waist and those long creamy legs wide apart, her blonde-haired cunt beckoning. With shaking legs, Susan stepped over Mary’s head and went to her knees, feeling the girl’s hot hands sliding up her thighs, scooting her skirt to her waist. Facing Mary’s feet, Susan leaned over, bracing herself with her hands feeling about her ass, between her hot thighs, brushing through the thick curls of her cunt, touching lightly at the pulsating lips and tingling clit. When Mary began to pull at her hips, bringing her cunt down toward her face, Susan eagerly helped. She drew her knees toward her waist, pressing them against Mary’s body. As that hot, wet tongue moved about her cunt, Susan sobbed with ecstasy. She peered into Mary’s cunt, licking her lips, seeing the swollen and inflamed clit. The blonde-haired cunt lips were twitching, and moisture seeped wetly. Mary was twisting her hips slowly, moaning as her tongue moved about Susan’s clit, twirling and lapping it. As she licked with those teasing, feathery touches, Mary’s hands were in constant motion, feeling Susan’s rounded, spreading ass cheeks, her fingers moving up and down the hot inner asscrack.

Susan shook with pleasure, thrilled by the wet, eager tongue running about her cunt lips, and lapping at her clit. She felt Mary’s tongue between the cheeks of her ass, groaned with delight as it slipped across her tightly clenched asshole. Finally, Mary’s tongue darted into Susan’s cunt.

“Oooooo!” Susan wailed, feeling Mary’s tongue spearing into her pussy. “Ohhhh!”

Gripping the cheeks of Susan’s ass tightly, Mary thrust her tongue in and out of Susan’s cunt, licking and making soft, hot, whimpering sounds, sounds that revealed her ecstasy at eating this hairy cunt.

Susan, still braced with her hands on each side of Mary’s hips, gazed between those long thighs. The golden hairs of Mary’s cunt seemed inviting to her, and the throbbing of her clit attracted her mouth. With her naked ass shaking, Susan began to grind her cunt into Mary’s sucking, tongue-thrusting mouth, sobbing as her ecstasy grew within her heated body. She felt the girl’s hot breathing, felt her nose almost in her asshole, the breath warming her tender flesh. She felt Mary’s lips sucking at her cunt even as that delightful tongue fucked in a frenzy, diving into her tight, wet cunt time and again. Susan started humping her cunt up and down, working her hips, fucking her pussy onto the rigid tongue of Mary. She groaned and wailed softly, squirming and smearing her pussy against the eager mouth of the girl.

Lowering her face, Susan kissed just above the golden curls of Mary’s cunt. She slipped her tongue out and traced the tip along the soft triangle of cunt hair. She inhaled the heady heat of Mary’s cunt as her tongue slipped along one puffy cunt lip. She lapped almost daintily at the girl’s soft, sensitive inner thighs, drew her tongue up the other side of that boiling pussy. She shoved her face down lower and kissed at the soft, yet tight, flesh where Mary’s ass cheeks met her thighs. She licked her tongue along the crease there, then drew it again up the side of one twitching cunt lip. She ran her tongue through the thick pussy hair, moving her hands beneath the wiggling cheeks of the girl’s ass, cupping them, holding them, squeezing them. She lifted her head once more, looking at the succulent cunt below. Mary’s cunt glistened wetly, beautifully, enticingly.

Pursing her lips, Susan pressed them upon Mary’s cunt the way she would a mouth, kissing that sweetness. As her lips touched Mary’s cunt, her mind exploded with ecstasy. She opened her lips now, placing them over those puffy cunt lips, kissing hotly as her fingers dug into the sweet flesh of Mary’s ass.

With Susan’s mouth on her cunt, Mary began to suck and lick and tongue-fuck harder and with more vigor. She fucked her tongue deeply into Susan’s cunt, lapping it about the velvety cunt walls, soft sounds of delight bubbling from her mouth. Mary’s breathing increased, and the faster she breathed, the hotter it felt against Susan’s asshole and sensitive inner ass checks.

Susan squirmed her cunt into Mary’s face, and drew the puffy, wet cunt lips of the girl into her mouth, sucking them as her tongue fluttered about the pussy silt. As Mary arched her cunt against Susan’s face, Susan mewled and sucked the throbbing clit into her mouth. She sucked hard as her tongue fucked about the tip, making Mary twist and pump up and down, grinding her blonde-haired cunt against Susan’s face. Susan plunged her tongue into Mary’s cunt, tasting the sugary delight of it. Her tongue ran deep, very deep, feeling those pussy lips close around her tongue, feeling the contractions of them.

It seemed to Susan that Mary’s tongue and lips were everywhere in her crotch… up her cunt, sucking at her distended clit, licking the inner heat of her ass, over her puckering asshole… everywhere. The more Mary sucked and licked at her pussy, the more frantic Susan became. She sucked hard at the wet lips of Mary’s cunt, her tongue eagerly, hungrily, going after those sweet cunt juices. Her tongue slipped and slid about the girl’s tasty cunt, her lips sucking. Susan swallowed often as her mouth became filled with those syrupy pussy juices, and her mind was reeling with the perverse thing she was doing. Her tongue returned time and again to thrust as deep as it would go into Mary’s tight, searingly hot cunt. And while she sucked and licked and ate, she pounded her own cunt against Mary’s hungry mouth, shaking her hips and closing her knees tightly. She clung to Mary’s bouncing ass, thrilled to feel those hot, smooth inner thighs scissoring and thrashing about her face.

The way Mary arched and twisted, grinding her boiling cunt into Susan’s face, served to inflame the older woman until she was sucking and eating the blonde-haired cunt with a starving frenzy. Already, Susan was boiling with orgasms, her cunt contracting about the girl’s stabbing tongue, her stomach rippling as the series of shattering orgasms flowed through her like some wild, raging river. Loud groans came from both of them. Susan sucked frantically at Mary’s cunt, finding the contracting pussy lips and throbbing clit a pleasure to have in her mouth. She fucked her tongue in and out of the convulsing cunt of the thrashing girl beneath her face, her hands clawing at the tight ass cheeks, lifting Mary’s ass to grind her mouth harder yet into that seeping cunt.

With a final explosion, Susan smashed her pussy into Mary’s face, pulling her tongue free of the hairy cunt and arching her neck, her head high, and she wailed with mindless ecstasy.

Susan was on her stomach, spread out on the carpet, not knowing how she got there. Her skirt was still bunched at her waist, and she dug her fingers into the floor. Her legs were spread out wide, and Mary was leaning over her, running her tongue about the creamy checks of her ass, leaving wet trails all over them, then up and down the backs of her thighs, searing her flesh as it had never been seared before.

She felt relaxed, yet there was that heat between her thighs, still. She shivered, her ass rippling and quivering. “Ohhhh, Mary,” Susan whimpered. “Oh, that’s… oh, God, Mary!”

Mary said nothing. Her tongue continued to lick about the creamy, swelling checks of Susan’s ass, her hands feeling and caressing. Turning her head a bit, Susan saw the girl was on her knees at her hips, her skirt up, exposing a few inches of tantalizing thigh. Susan wanted to feel that thigh flesh, but she felt so relaxed and lazy, she didn’t want to move. She wanted to lie there, feel that sweet tongue licking her ass and thighs.

She clenched her ass cheeks when she felt Mary dragging her wet tongue up and down the crack. It was not to prevent the tongue from slipping into the crack of her ass, but on reflex, because it felt so good. She felt Mary’s hands pulling her ass cheeks apart, and then the wet heat of her tongue was lapping in a dainty way upon her puckered asshole. Mary’s tongue licked along her sensitive inner ass cheeks, circled her asshole, then licked at it again. Susan’s flesh rippled and tingled, and her ass squirmed against Mary’s face.

“Ooooooo, Mary!” Susan whimpered as she felt the tongue fucking into her asshole. “Ohhhh, Mary, Mary!”

The tongue worked in and out, fucking Susan up her ass. Susan wiggled her ass higher.

“Oh, God!” Susan wailed as that wicked tongue fucked in and out of her asshole. The difference between Mary’s tongue and her son’s was so subtle, it was indistinct to Susan. “Oooooo, Mary! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

Susan felt a hand move from an ass cheek now that she was arching up. It slipped between her thighs and began to fondle her cunt. As one finger fucked her pussy, another seemed to be pressing upon her clit. The finger and tongue plunged at the same time, and Susan wiggled with ecstasy.

“You’re going to make me come again, Mary!” Susan whimpered with a thick voice. “Ohhhhh, I’m about to come again!”

A muffled moan came from Mary, and her tongue began to race in and out of Susan’s squeezing asshole, the finger fucking deep into her cunt. The friction of being tongue-fucked in her asshole and finger-fucked in her cunt was too much for Susan. Despite the number of times she had come against Mary’s mouth, Susan screamed as an intense, boiling, rumbling orgasm erupted throughout her whole body. Through the roaring in her head, Susan heard Mary gurgling with delight, and with her blurred vision, saw that Mary was finger fucking herself with a frantic motion, her knees apart, but her tongue was still fucking in and out of her asshole. A sob came from Mary, and Susan saw her body shake, under standing the girl had made herself come, too.

As the women’s orgasms began to subside, Mary pulled her tongue from Susan’s asshole. But instead of raising her face, she shoved it between Susan’s thighs and lapped all about her soaked cunt lips.

When Mary sat up on her heels, her beautiful young face smeared from Susan’s cunt, her eyes were glowing in hot delight.

“I knew you’d be this way,” Mary said, her voice still filled with passion. “I just knew you’d be so fucking hot, Susan.”

Susan was too exhausted to move. She lay on her stomach, her skirt about her waist, legs spread, her pussy still pulsating in a lovely way.

“I’ve wanted this ever since I saw you,” Mary continued in a soft voice. “From the first day I saw you, I wanted to eat you up! I’ve dreamed about your cunt, your ass, Susan. I was hoping — oh, how I was hoping you’d see me on the patio, and want me as much as I’ve wanted you.”

“But, I don’t understand, Mary,” Susan said in a lazy voice. “That man and my son. He saw you before I did. Weren’t you worried about Bobby? He’s so young, you know.”

Mary laughed, a low, throaty sound. “Worried about Bobby? Oh, no, Susan. I knew he was looking down at me, and I enjoyed it. It would make me so hot and I knew he loved seeing me. I bet his little cock would get hard. I hoped he would come, just watching me.”

“He did,” Susan replied, smiling as she remembered that first time when they had watched Mary together. “He did come, all over the place.”

“With your help,” Mary laughed. “Oh, I saw both of you looking at me, remember. I knew then you were fucking Bobby. Or least playing with his cock.”

When Susan looked into Mary’s face, she saw those blue eyes gleaming hotly.

“I did jack him off,” Susan admitted.

“You haven’t fucked him?”

For a moment Susan didn’t answer, then she slowly nodded her head. “I guess it doesn’t matter if you know, Mary.”

“You’re right, it doesn’t matter,” Mary laughed, again in that throaty way. “I think it’s beautiful, fucking your son. He’s such a handsome young boy.”

“Was that man on the patio your boyfriend?” Susan asked.

“Oh, no, not him. I don’t have a boyfriend, not really,” Mary replied. “But I couldn’t seem to get you interested by just being naked and playing with myself. I let that guy pick me up on the condition he fuck me on the patio. He thought I was kinky, but he went along with it. I thought if you saw me fucking, it would turn you on and then we could do this.”

“It turned me on,” Susan said. “But I had no idea you were trying to attract my attention. I thought it was my son you wanted. What turned me on was seeing you on the stairs a while ago, looking up between your legs.”

“I had to do something, Susan,” Mary said, caressing the rounded smoothness of Susan’s ass. “I was getting desperate for you. So, I took a chance. I didn’t really lock myself out of my apartment.”

“I didn’t think so,” Susan laughed. “I knew the manager was home because I waved to him as I passed his office window outside.”

“People sure play a lot of games, don’t they?” Mary laughed.

She squeezed Susan’s naked ass. “I’ve got get out of here, I guess. I’d love to spend the rest of the evening and all night long with you, but I’ve got to go, I suppose.”

“Why, Mary?”

“Bobby, remember?” Mary slapped Susan’s ass playfully. “You wouldn’t want him to come in and see us, would you? Maybe we can be together tomorrow. Please, Susan, let’s not let this be the only time. I want you too much.”


After Mary left, Susan remained on the floor, her dress up past her hips, her thighs still parted. Her panties lay discarded on the couch.

She should have told Mary how much her son, Bobby, wanted to fuck her. Susan was certain Mary would let him fuck her, she was such a hot piece. And she knew, from seeing her with the man, that she fucked with men, too. Maybe Mary preferred to lick a cunt, but she did fuck, and that would delight Bobby. If Mary would let him fuck her.

From what Mary had told her about hoping she had caused the boy to come off looking at her, surely Mary would fuck Bobby.

Susan was so tired from the multiple orgasms, she was drifting off to sleep on the floor, her mind floating with pleasant thoughts. She heard the door open, but was so relaxed, she didn’t open her eyes.

Bobby stepped into the room, saw his mother lying on the floor, her feet toward him. He stood there and looked at her, thinking he had never seen her looking so erotic before. He could see her bushy cunt, the swell of her ass, the insides of her creamy thighs. He moved quietly, thinking she was asleep. He sat on the floor next to her hips, looking at her ass cheeks, her thighs.

Susan heard the slight rustle of clothing, and somehow thought it was Mary, returning to become involved again. She wiggled her ass.

“Mmmmm, touch me again, Mary,” she murmured.

Bobby glanced at his mother’s face, then leaned over and looked between her thighs. Susan stretched her legs wider, lifting her ass up and twisting slowly.

“I’m not Mary, Mom,” he said.

Susan opened her eyes and saw her son. She grinned widely at him.

“Then you touch my ass, honey. You touch my ass and cunt and legs and all over.”

She sighed as her son began to caress her thighs and naked ass. She slipped a hand between his legs and found his cock. She rubbed his prick with her palm, feeling it grow into that sweet, beautiful hardness.

Susan drew her knees underneath her body, causing her ass to thrust into the air. “Mmmm, baby, fuck me,” Susan moaned. “I want your cock up my cunt so much, darling. Fuck mother, please.”

Bobby leaned close to his mother’s naked, creamy ass. He stared at her hair-lined cunt, seeing it wet and throbbing, her asshole winking in invitation.

“Take your pants off and fuck mother, Bobby,” Susan crooned, waving her uptilted ass erotically. “I need your cock so badly, baby. I need a hard cock up my cunt now… right now, honey.”

Bobby didn’t know what had gotten his mother so hot so quickly, but it didn’t matter. He stood up and took his pants off, his cock springing free. He dropped to his knees behind his mother’s upraised ass, and Susan reached between her thighs to grasp his cock. She rubbed the swollen cock head up and down her pulsating cunt, cooing softly with the contact.

Bobby looked down as his mother fitted the smooth head of his cock into her hairy cunt. He gazed with hot eyes as she moved her ass backwards, sliding her hot, wet cunt lips over his prick slowly. Susan mewled with pleasure as she felt her cunt stretching around her son’s throbbing cock, so unlike a tongue… Mary’s tongue.

Bobby’s cock filled her cunt the way she wanted it filled, stretching her pussy and stuffing it in that delicious way. She sighed softly as the stretching, hairy lips of her cunt pressed against the base of her son’s cock, and she was gurgling with the ecstatic feel of his fucker so deep inside her burning, slippery cunt. She moved her ass, fucking her son as he stood still. He looked down, past the split of her ass cheeks, seeing those tight lips of his mother’s cunt fucking back and forth on his hard prick.

He rested his hands on his mother’s ass, caressing the flesh as she moved back and forth, her back swayed and her ass high, her cunt pooching from her thighs. It seemed to Bobby that his mother’s cunt was tighter, hotter, wetter than before.

He tried to sit on his heels, to let his mother bang her ass onto his cock. He could go back only so far, but he held himself in that awkward position because now he could see her cunt fucking on his cock very well. He saw her asshole clenching as she fucked back and forth, and he rubbed it with a fingertip, bringing mewls of delight from his mother.

“Up my ass,” Susan moaned. “Finger my asshole, darling. Finger-fuck my ass while I’ve got your cock up my cunt!”

Bobby shoved his finger, and it entered his mother’s steaming asshole easily. But he didn’t finger-fuck her; he let her swing her ass back and forth, watching her fuck on his cock and finger at the same time.

Susan mewled softly, feeling intensely erotic, this position making her cunt and asshole free to her son, so vulnerable for anything he wanted of her. Susan was gripping his balls between her thighs, squeezing and twisting them as she fucked her gripping cunt back and forth on his cock. She had come so strongly, she was sure it would be impossible to come again. The feel of his cock inside her cunt was what she wanted at this time, not necessarily to come. Yet she felt an orgasm bubbling inside her pussy, and as it grew, she began to fuck back and forth even faster, gurgling softly with ecstasy.

“Ooooo, fuck it, darling!” she whispered. “Fuck that hot cunt, Bobby! Oh, sweetheart, fuck mother’s hot cunt! I love it… love your hard cock up my pussy!”

Bobby lifted upright until he was on his knees again, dragging his finger from his mother’s gripping asshole. He grasped her hips and began to plunge his prick violently into her pussy, fucking her furiously. Susan kept her grip on his balls, urging him on, wanting him to bruise her tender cunt lips.

“Fuck… fuck,” he groaned as his come-load threatened to explode. “Fuck… fuck!”

“Yes, oh yes! Fuck!” Susan groaned.

Bobby felt his mother’s cunt contract about his prick, and he slammed hard and deep, his cock squirting come juice into her pussy. Susan yelped as her own orgasm burst, tossing her uplifted ass about frantically, clawing at her son’s balls with one hand and the carpet with the other.

She was surprised to find, now that his orgasm was over, that she felt more rested than when her son came home. With his come juice seeping from the hairy lips of her cunt, she sat up and leaned against the cushions of the couch, drawing one knee to her tit, hugging it there.

“You’re going to fuck Mary,” she said, her voice soft and whispery.

“I am?” Bobby said. “Are you sure of that, Mom? Maybe she doesn’t want anything to do with a kid like me. She’s got that man with his big cock, you know.”

“Your cock is perfect,” she said. “And I’m sure. You’re going to fuck her hot little pussy. Don’t worry.”

She told her son of being with Mary, how she found her on the stairs, what they had done just before he came home.

“That’s why you were in the floor with your skirt over your head, huh, Mom?” he laughed. “That was what made you so hot, huh?”

Susan nodded, smiling at him with her chin resting on her knee. Bobby watched her hairy cunt, seeing how wet it was with his come juice.

“She certainly knows how to lick a cunt,” Susan said. “But it was you I wanted… your cock. I’d rather have your sweet prick in my pussy than her tongue anytime, darling.”

Bobby was not the least concerned that his mother had sucked Mary’s cunt. He thought it was delightful, and told her so. “I wanna taste her cunt, too,” he said.

“You will,” Susan promised. “You’re going to be able to do anything you want with her.”

Susan was certain she could keep her promise to her son. From what she had learned about Mary, knowing the desperate hunger Mary seemed to have for her, it would be easy to make Mary please her son, too. If Mary balked, refused, all Susan would have to do was withhold her own body from the cunt-hungry girl.

She watched her son get to his feet, his cock dangling and swaying. His prick was still wet with her cunt juices, mixed with the juices from his precious balls. Before he turned from her, she reached up and caressed his cock and balls gently, drawing his cock to her face. Susan kissed her son’s wet cock and balls, then lapped her tongue about them, sliding her hands around his hips to cup his tight ass. She pulled her son close so that he had to straddle her shoulders. He held the back of her head and rubbed his cock and balls against his mother’s face. Susan looked up at him as she licked and kissed, taking his cock between her hot lips to suck it for a moment or so.

When he pulled his cock free, she protested. “I’ve got to piss, Mom,” he said, trying to get free of her gripping hands.

With her face still pressed into his cock and balls, her eyes became so hot they seemed to be on fire. “Piss! Ohhh, piss, then!”


“Yes, here!” she squealed. “Right here! In my cock-sucking mouth, darling!”

“Are you sure, Mom?”

“Piss in my fucking mouth, Bobby!” she screamed at her son. “Come on… piss in mother’s mouth!”

Susan opened her mouth as wide as she could, holding the base of his cock, aiming his prick at her mouth. Her eyes were so glassy, she couldn’t see, but she was waiting, holding her breath, anticipating.

Bobby began to piss.

“Mmmm! Ohhhhmmmm!” Susan whined, feeling his warm piss stream into her mouth.

She aimed his cock bringing it up and down, feeling him piss into her face, drenching her, and she was not at all surprised to find her cunt contracting with an intense orgasm. She aimed his piss-squirting cock at her face and then down at her tits. Her blouse was thoroughly soaked with piss and she could feel her tits dripping. Bringing his cock back up, she closed her eyes and let him finish pissing directly into her beautiful face.

When he finished, she ran her long tongue out and placed it against his piss hole, licking away the last drop or so of his piss. When she opened her eyes, she saw her son looking at her in an odd way.

“You didn’t enjoy that, Bobby?” she asked.

“It seems… aw, Mom, I’d just as soon not piss in your face or mouth. I like pissing on your cunt and tits, but I don’t wanna piss in your face any more.”

“That’s fine with me, darling,” she said, kissing his cock quickly. “We won’t do anything both of us can’t enjoy.”

“You enjoyed it, though, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” Susan replied honestly. “I liked it so much I came. Did you know that?”

“I thought so,” Bobby said. “Maybe Mary will do it with you.”

“If you don’t, no one will,” she said.

Pleased by the remark, he caressed his mother’s face and pulled at her arms. “Let’s go take a bath.”

Both fit tightly into the tub, but despite the closeness, they washed each other and played about, laughing and having fun. Bobby’s cock became very hard as they fondled each other, and Susan had him stand up in the tub while she remained sitting.

“I’m going to suck that sweet thing off,” she said, and she gobbled her son’s cock into her mouth.

“I like being sucked by you, Mom,” Bobby grunted as his mother took his hard cock deep into her mouth.

Susan pulled on his cock back into her mouth, sucking hard, darting her face back and forth, her tongue twirling with a hot hunger.

It seemed to Bobby that his mother sucked his cock with more eagerness than before. He looked down at her face, seeing her eyes looking happily up at him. She was clinging to his ass cheeks with her fingers, pulling his cock deep into her sucking mouth. He felt the head of his cock brushing at her throat, and each time it probed there, his mother would mewl and her eyes roll.

Feeling the hard heat of her son’s throbbing cock against her clasping lips, Susan was indeed hungry for his come juice. She felt, somehow, that her son had been disappointed with her. Disappointed in what way, she wasn’t sure. Maybe because she had sucked a cunt, and maybe because she had him piss into her mouth.

Whatever it was, she wanted to make up for it, to change his disappointment to ecstasy. She had loved it, feeling him piss into her mouth and over her face, but since he had not, she would never again ask him to do so.

She sucked strongly on his cock, twisting her lips about as her tongue licked. She pulled free and darted her tongue underneath his balls, lapping at them with soft moans of pleasure. She knew this was one thing he loved, being sucked, and she tried to give him the best blow-job she knew how.

And he would fuck Mary!

She would help her son rape Mary if that was necessary, she decided as she sucked on his cock hungrily. She would hold Mary down, hold her legs apart, sit on her face and watch her son’s cock fuck that tight, sugary cunt. And she would squirm her cunt into Mary’s face as Bobby thrust his cock into her blonde pussy. With her cunt pressing into Mary’s mouth, Susan suspected Mary would not struggle so hard.

But Mary would fuck Bobby.

She knew Mary would fuck her son.

Mary would fuck him because she wanted to eat Susan’s cunt again and again.

Susan felt her son’s cock throbbing harder in her mouth, and she sucked wildly, seeing in her mind his cock stuffing Mary’s tight, hot cunt.

Bobby groaned, and the thick sweetness of his come juice bubbled into his mother’s mouth.

Susan gurgled wetly and swallowed, sliding her lips back and forth, drawing the precious come juice from his balls, feeling his jizz warming her throat.


Bobby complained to his mother.

“Mary is never on her patio any more, Mom,” he said as they finished up breakfast a few days later.

“You miss seeing her, huh?”

Bobby nodded, wiping milk from his mouth.

Susan was in her robe, and as she finished with her coffee, she sat back in the chair across from him, opening it. She cupped her tits and lifted them, molding her lingers into the spongy tit mounds to make her nipples stand up and out.

“Getting tired of all this, darling?” she asked softly.

Bobby shook his head, his eyes taking on a warm glow as he looked at his mother. “It’s not that, Mom, and you know it. I just like looking at Mary.”

Susan understood her son. Of course he wasn’t getting tired of her, nor of her body. A boy his age seldom tired of any girl — or in this case, a woman — that was giving him all the cunt he could handle. She knew his desire to fuck Mary was strong, and becoming stronger.

So far, her promise to him had not worked out. Mary had not been around, or if she was, not out of her apartment. Susan watched for the girl constantly. It was not only for her son now, but for herself as well. Since that afternoon with Mary, Susan had found herself looking forward to slurping about between the exquisite girl’s thighs again. Susan felt, no qualms about licking Mary’s cunt, not any more. It was fun, a great deal of fun.

The sweetness of Mary’s blonde-haired cunt against Susan’s mouth thrilled her in one way, and the long probing of her son’s cock into her mouth thrilled her in another way. She loved to have her son’s cock squirting his thick, precious jism into her mouth, and she had loved the slippery soft heat of Mary’s cunt against her mouth, her tongue fucking deep inside the girl’s pussy.

With her son disappointed, Susan renewed her vow to get Mary for him to fuck.

Mary had said she wanted Susan, yet she seemed fascinated the time she saw Bobby’s cock straining in his gym shorts. And there was that man. Mary loved to fuck, Susan knew. Therefore, if Mary had told the truth, that it was her she wanted, then the only way Mary would get her hands and mouth on Susan’s cunt again was to fuck Bobby.

Susan closed her robe and stood up. As she started past her son, he reached out and grabbed her wrist. Susan stopped, looking down at him. Her son drew her hand down to his lap, where he placed her hand on his cock. Susan grinned down at her son as she stroked his prick, finding it hard in her hand.

As she leaned over to pump on his cock, Bobby unbelted his mother’s robe and removed it from her shoulders. The garment fell to the floor, and he snaked a hand between her thighs, rubbing and cupping her hairy, moist cunt.

“Need some pussy, huh?” Susan gazed into his hot eyes, squeezing his cock.

Swinging her leg over his when he scooted his chair from the table, she squatted, facing him. She placed her hands on her son’s shoulders, her eyes smoldering.

“Put it in, baby, and fuck away,” she hissed at him.

Susan lowered her crotch, again hissing as that swollen cock head slipped easily into the searing heat of her cunt. She sat down on him, her smooth thighs gripping his hips as she leaned into his face, thrusting her tongue between his lips. Darting her tongue around in side his sucking mouth, Susan wiggled her naked ass, fucking her hairy cunt down tightly on his cock.

Bobby slipped his hand behind his mother and held the wiggling cheeks of her ass, and Susan, mewling softly into his mouth, began to bounce up and down, fucking on his cock slowly at first, then as the ecstasy grew, fucking faster.

The moist sounds of her cunt gripping his cock became louder, wetter. She cooed into his mouth as she twisted her hips up and down, almost corkscrewing her pussy on his cock. She dug her fingers into his shoulders, gazing into his hot eyes now as her tits jiggled tightly, her ass pounding. As much as they had fucked, she still experienced intense thrills when his cock was inside her cunt or mouth or asshole.

“Ooooooo, so fucking hard, darling!” she whimpered as her cunt burned around the throbbing shaft of his cock. “Oh, Bobby, I love it when your cock is so hard! Ahhhh, baby, it feels so good, so damned good!”

Bobby looked at his mother’s jiggling tits, seeing her nipples so swollen. Bringing his hands from her ass and to her tits, he fondled and caressed her tits, his eyes now burning down onto the thick curls of her pussy. He could just see his cock as his mother lifted, glistening wetly, before she plunged down once more.

As if unable to make up his mind what to hold, one of his hands shot behind her and gripped a tight ass cheek, both hands digging now into ass and tits. His balls brushed the heat of his mother’s ass when she fucked down hard, and his finger worked about her asshole. When he stretched to get his finger at that tight ass pucker, her found a tit tip inside his mouth. Sucking hard and vigorously on her tit, he thrust his finger up his mother’s asshole and let her fuck away.

Susan was squealing with ecstasy, feeling her son’s cock inside her gripping cunt, his finger up her hot asshole, her tit being sucked so greedily. She began to come almost immediately, wailing loudly, her hips flying up and down. She found the position quite good to fuck her son, since she was able to move as he wanted. With his cock scraping against her swollen clit, she came hard.

Through the convulsions of her orgasm, she felt her son’s cock swell more, the throbbing increasing. She fucked up and down, the friction of her tight cunt creating the effect she wanted on his prick. Bobby groaned, then grunted, his cock spewing come juice rapidly into her pussy. Again, Susan wailed with delight, her ass no longer bouncing but squeezing down tightly. She was shivering as her son squirted that thick, sweet come juice up her pussy.

Susan’s cunt sucked and squeezed, pulling every drop of her son’s come juice from his tight balls and into her greedy cunt. She remained astride the boy for some time, kissing and licking at his lips, his cheeks.

As she bathed, she decided it was time to find out why Mary had stopped going onto her patio. Susan felt she had the right, now, to approach Mary.

Dressed in shorts and a thin cotton blouse, she said to Bobby: “I’m going out for a minute, darling. Wait here for me. And, Bobby, don’t go anyplace, please. I want you here when I come back.”

Bobby agreed with her, and as she left, gave her a wicked leer, which made Susan laugh happily.

Mary opened her door, delighted to see Susan.

Mary’s apartment was tastefully decorated, Susan noticed as she sat on the couch near the girl. Mary was wearing short shorts, and the crotch was tight, her cunt outlined, the pussy slit visible.

“Don’t you ever sunbathe any more?” Susan asked.

“I’ve got enough tan,” Mary replied. “I don’t want to get any darker. Besides, being out there naked served the purpose, didn’t it?”

Susan smiled at the beautiful young girl. “I would say so,” she replied.

“Why haven’t you been up?” Susan asked after a pause. “I thought you wanted to get together again, Mary.”

“Oh, I do!” Mary said with enthusiasm. “But I’m afraid your son would walk in on us. I was hoping you’d come down here.”

“Mary, my son is very anxious,” Susan said.


“To fuck you,” Susan said. “After all he’s seen of you, the poor boy is about to go out of his mind with desire.”

Mary arched her eyebrows. “Don’t you give him enough pussy, Susan?”

“It isn’t that,” Susan said, stroking Mary’s smooth arm. “He wants to fuck you, Mary.”

Mary looked at Susan. “Would it bother you if I did?”

“I want you to fuck him,” Susan said bluntly.

“Are you included, Susan?”

“In what way, Mary?”

“The three of us?”

“If you want, of course,” Susan agreed. She felt Mary’s warm hand caressing her thigh. “If you’d want to be alone with him, that’s fine, too. But if you’d rather have me and my son with you, that’s what we’ll do.”

“What if he got mad because we lick each other?”

“He won’t,” Susan smiled.

Mary leaned forward and kissed Susan, tracing her tongue about Susan’s lips. As she kissed, her hand moved between Susan’s thighs. Susan opened her legs and sighed when Mary pressed into her cunt.

Susan, eager for the girl, opened her blouse and clutched at those tight, flawlessly shaped tits. As she caressed Mary’s tits, kissing hotly into that mouth, she felt Mary working at the zipper of her shorts.

“Let’s go into my bedroom, Susan,” Mary urged in a hot voice. “We can do it better there.”

With her shorts open, Susan followed Mary. The short shorts exposed the creamy sweetness of Mary’s lower ass cheeks, and Susan licked her lips with anticipation. Entering the bedroom, she looked about, her eyes glinting.

The walls were covered with photographs. There were men and women, fucking, sucking, jacking off, finger-fucking, taking it up the ass. There were couples, threesomes, and orgies. One picture intrigued Susan. It was larger than the others, depicting a huge orgy that was a pleasure to look upon.

Mary stood beside her, holding her hand. “There are thirty-four men and women in that picture,” Mary said. “And one sweet little thing.”

Susan looked where the pointing finger was, and saw a lovely little girl being sucked and fucked by a man and woman, while she was finger-fucking a cunt and jacking off a huge cock.

“My favorite,” Mary said.

“Bobby would love your pictures,” Susan said, turning and pulling Mary against her, their tits flattening together. Susan’s shorts slithered to her feet, and Mary grabbed her naked ass, grinding her cunt against Susan’s cunt.

After a long, tongue-thrusting kiss, Mary broke away and Susan watched as the girl undressed. Naked, Mary pulled her vibrator from a drawer.

“I want to stick this in you and fuck you with it,” Mary said.

“I’ve never tried one of those before,” Susan replied, feeling ready to try anything.

Both were totally naked, and Susan sprawled out on the bed, spreading her legs widely, offering her hairy cunt to Mary as the girl sat on her knees between her legs. Before Mary started with the vibrator, she leaned down and planted a moist, hot kiss on the twitching lips of Susan’s cunt, then scraped her tongue up and down the pussy slit a few times. Susan arched her cunt up, trying to draw that tongue into her pussy, but Mary pulled away, laughing softly.

Mary began rubbing about her thighs with the vibrator, and Susan experienced sensations she had never felt before. The instrument seemed to tingle at her nerves, increasing the heat of her cunt, making her clit swell until it was intensely inflamed.

“Ooooo, that’s nice, Mary,” she mewled, arching her crotch and twisting her hips about.

“You think that’s nice, wait until I shove it up your cunt, Susan,” Mary said, her voice thick with passion. “It’ll drive you up the fucking wall.”

Before Susan could reply, she felt the vibrating tip of the thing pressing at her pussy, spreading the hair-lined cunt lips. She gurgled and shoved her hips into the air. Mary pressed the vibrator between Susan’s cunt lips, then slowly shoved it deep. When she began to fuck Susan with it, Susan wailed and thrashed, coming before she knew it. Mary, her eyes bright, fucked Susan with the vibrator swiftly, watching Susan’s cunt squeeze around it, seeing her clit throb. She kept thrusting for some time, making Susan come and come until she slumped to the bed, so exhausted she could no longer move.

It had taken only a very short time, and Susan felt drained.

Mary played with the vibrator until Susan had recovered sufficiently, then she moved about until she was straddling Susan’s face. Susan gazed up between those slender thighs at the sweetness of that blonde-fringed cunt. She ran her hands up those smooth thighs to the swelling cheeks of Mary’s ass, caressing them and lifting her face to dart her tongue against that succulent cunt.

“Roll over,” Mary said.

Reluctant to take her lips away from the seeping heat of Mary’s cunt, Susan nevertheless tuned onto her stomach. She felt Mary running the vibrator about her thighs, drawing it between them, touching her cunt lightly, then over the quivering cheeks of her ass. Susan mewled into the mattress as the tingling ecstasy started once again. She felt the wet heat of Mary’s cunt on her back, sliding and writhing. The vibrator moved into the crack of her ass, causing Susan to tremble. She lurched her ass up, and when the tip of the vibrator probed her asshole, Susan thought she would come again.

But Mary had something else in mind.

She lay back, spreading her thighs widely. “Climb on top of me, Susan. I want to suck that hairy cunt!”

Susan slipped her thighs over Mary’s face, her own toward Mary’s feet. She bent down and, drawing her knees under her body, began to lick at Mary’s thighs eagerly, tracing a moist pattern toward the sweetness of her young cunt. As she twirled her tongue about the rigid clit, she felt her own pussy being tongue-fucked by Mary’s rapidly plunging tongue. But that was not all; she felt the vibrator moving about the inner flesh of her ass cheeks as Mary fucked her with that wild tongue.

Clutching the tight cheeks of Mary’s squirming, naked ass, Susan buried her face between those smooth thighs, eating at her sugary cunt frantically, her tongue darting deeply, dragging about the quivering pussy lips, over the distended clit, then diving into the hot crack of Mary’s ass, probing the heat of her asshole, only to race back to that tasty cunt.

Susan groaned into Mary’s wet pussy.

Mary, with her tongue fucking in and out of Susan’s cunt, was working the vibrator into her asshole. Susan held her ass as still as she could, her mouth sucking at Mary’s pussy, feeling the pressure of that vibrator stretching her asshole. The vibrator was thicker than her son’s cock, and it stuffed her asshole until Susan thought it would be impossible to take any more of it. But more she did take, and the more of the plastic prick she felt up her ass, the better she liked it.

With the vibrator fucking in and out of her asshole, Mary’s tongue licking hungrily at her cunt, Susan wailed with ecstasy and began to frantically suck and eat and lick at Mary’s cunt.

The orgasms were bursting within Susan’s naked body like fireworks. She clawed at Mary’s twisting ass, trying to shove her whole face into that wet, succulent cunt, feeling the hot pussy lips about her tongue. She was moaning into Mary’s cunt, and Mary was whimpering into hers. The vibrator was never still, fucking in and out of Susan’s ass quickly, deeply. Mary’s cunt was seeping so much, Susan had to swallow the sugary pussy juices often, and she did so with intense pleasure.

It seemed that Susan would never stop coming, the spasms boiling through her so hard, her body was shaking in a violent way. And yet she continued to grind her convulsing cunt into Mary’s mouth, her asshole flexing about the fucking vibrator.

How long her climax lasted, Susan had no idea. First she was on top of Mary, eating pussy furiously, coming powerfully with a tongue up her cunt and that vibrator up her ass. Then she was on her back, sprawled out and gasping for air.

“Oh, God!” she gasped. “Oh, that was… oh, God!”

It seemed hours before she could sit up, but in reality it had only been a few minutes.

“That toy is something, Mary,” Susan said, looking at the vibrator as she picked it up. “I’ve got to get myself one.”

“You’d never be frustrated again, believe me,” Mary said.

“I’m never frustrated now,” Susan replied, running her tongue over the smooth plastic of the vibrator.

“I know, you have your son,” Mary replied.

“So do you, Mary.”


“Right now,” Susan said. “No, don’t bother to put your shorts on… wear a robe. Bobby is waiting for us right now.”

She watched as Mary got off the bed, seeing the twisting of that tight ass. Swinging her legs over the bed, she found her shorts and blouse, pulling them on. Mary wrapped herself in an old oriental robe. Even in it, Mary’s tits thrust out invitingly.

“Let’s take this,” Susan said, picking up Mary’s vibrator. “It might come in handy.”


Bobby was waiting anxiously, sitting on the couch in a pair of Jockey shorts.

He sat there unabashedly when his mother came in with Mary, unconcerned that his cock bulged against the white fabric, a moist spot where his piss hole touched.

Mary looked at the swollen outline of Bobby’s cock, her eyes warm.

Susan dropped to her knees near her son, running her hand over his hard cock, looking up at Mary. “You see how much he wants to fuck you, Mary?”

Mary stood on the other side of Bobby, looking down. She nodded her head. “I see,” she whispered. “I guess I shouldn’t have teased so much.”

“You weren’t teasing,” Susan said. “You were trying to call our attention to what you wanted.”

“It worked, too,” Mary laughed.

Susan leaned over and placed her hot lips against the bulge of her son’s cock, then she scraped her tongue along it, licking about the moist spot. She made sure Mary could watch, and it pleased her to see the excitement in Mary’s eyes.

Susan began to pull at her son’s briefs, dragging them from his hips. When his cock sprang free, Mary dropped to her knees. Susan gave a low, husky laugh when Mary grabbed Bobby’s cock and began to stroke it.

“So beautiful,” Mary whispered, her eyes wide with desire. “So beautiful and so hard!”

Bobby was so delighted to have Mary pumping on his cock, all he could do was lean back and moan happily.

Susan, watching Mary jack her son’s prick, removed his shorts and then slipped a hand between his legs and cradled his precious balls. She pulled at her son until his ass hung over the edge of the couch, his knees spread wide apart.

Susan scooted between her son’s thighs, her ass on the floor. She ran her tongue about his thighs, tasting his flesh, watching everything Mary did with the boy’s cock. She moved her face into his crotch, licking at her son’s balls.

“Suck his cock, Mary,” she said in a low voice. “My son loves to have his cock in a hot, wet, mouth. Suck him for a while, Mary.”

“Oh, yes! I will!” Mary squealed. “I’ll suck his cock good!”

Mary darted her tongue out and lapped it up and down the shaft of Bobby’s throbbing cock. Susan, licking at his balls, saw the pointed, wet tongue swirl about the smoothly swollen cock head, then scrape over the dripping piss hole. When Mary lifted her face an inch or so, Susan saw her lips glistening with the boy’s pre-come.

Running her tongue over her lips, Mary opened her mouth, then closed it around the head of Bobby’s cock. Susan heard a low moan of pleasure come from Mary as she sank down, taking every inch of Bobby’s cock into her mouth. Susan opened her mouth and pulled her son’s balls into it, and her lips met Mary’s. Their eyes blazed as they mouthed his cock and balls. When Mary sucked up and down, Susan released Bobby’s balls and ran her tongue up them to lick at the base of his prick. When Mary’s mouth came down, stuffed with that hard cock, Susan licked at Mary’s stretching lips, making the girl whimper in a gurgling sound of ecstasy.

Bobby was squirming about, his hips moving up and down slowly. He had his hand on the back of Mary’s head, his fingers in her blonde hair. The hot sounds of his gasping pleasure came to his mother, and Susan felt so pleased with herself; she had kept her promise.

Mary sucked on Bobby’s cock hungrily, her lips stretching wide, her eyes huge and burning with pleasure. Susan kept her tongue licking at the base of his cock and at his balls. As they sucked and licked, Susan shoved Mary’s robe from her shoulders. When the robe fell away, she fondled Mary’s tits, going from one to the other, twisting and pulling the tender, sensitive nipples. This increased Mary’s hungry mouth motions, and she bobbed up and down on Bobby’s cock faster and faster, moaning softly, her blonde hair fanning out. Susan felt a hand sliding between her thighs, and she squirmed her ass on the floor as Mary rubbed through her shorts.

Bobby began to twist his ass about with jerky movements, and Susan knew her son was close to coming. She moved her hand from Mary’s swollen tits down her body and thrust a finger into her blonde-fringed cunt, finger fucking Mary swiftly. She sucked her son’s balls back into her mouth and pressed a finger into his asshole, knowing it would increase the ecstasy of his climax. Mary sucked in a frenzy on his throbbing cock, her hand no longer rubbing at the crotch of Susan’s shorts, but pressing hard now. Susan’s cunt was tight, her clit swollen.

Susan felt her son’s balls drawing up tightly inside her mouth, and then Mary suddenly gave a muffled scream. Susan saw Mary’s slender throat working, knowing the girl was swallowing greedily as Bobby gushed thick jism into her mouth.

Mary, however, was no longer sucking on Bobby’s cock, but holding the come-spurting cockhead between her lips. Her eyes rolled about and Susan felt the girl’s wet cunt become very tight around her plunging finger, then the spasms gripped it as Mary came. Susan kept her finger fucking in and out of Mary’s pussy as the girl came, her own pussy bubbling into convulsions against that pressing hand. Still, Bobby’s cock spurted jizz, his balls gripped in his mother’s mouth.

After some time, Mary slurped her mouth from his cock and giggled.

Susan released his balls and withdrew her finger from Mary’s pussy. Mary sat on the floor, leaning back, legs spread. Her lips glistened with the boy’s jism.

“I thought you were going to drown me, Bobby,” she said. “I didn’t know a guy could come so fucking much! Especially your age.”

Susan felt proud of her son. She knew Bobby came copiously, and she loved it.

Apparently, so did Mary.

As if to confirm it, Mary said: “I love it when a guy comes so fucking much! I think I’m going to want to suck on your cock pretty often, Bobby.”

Then, still looking up at Bobby, Mary ran her hand down between her thighs wantonly. “I hope you don’t mind if I lick your mother’s cunt, too.”

“I don’t care,” Bobby said, his eyes glowing as he watched Mary fingering her cunt. “I just wanna fuck you.”

“You will, honey!” Mary replied. “Oh, you will fuck me!”

“When?” Bobby asked.

“Any time you want.” Mary laughed at his eagerness.

“Even in the ass?” Bobby wanted to know. “I saw you fuck yourself in the ass with that thing.” He pointed to the vibrator his mother had brought along.

“You bet, sweety,” Mary laughed. “A cock that can come like yours can fuck me in any Goddamn place!” Mary looked at Susan. “He’s precious, Susan.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” Susan replied, taking the vibrator in her hand. She brought it to her tits after turning it on. Shoving it inside her blouse, she moved it about her sensitive tits, feeling it tingle about her nipples. “I know just how precious my son is.”

Seeing Mary finger-fucking her cunt up close this way caused Bobby’s cock to lift once again, swelling up. Mary saw it, and giggled naughtily. “And he gets hard so quickly, too! Mmmmm, I’m just going to love you to pieces, Bobby.”

“I’d rather be fucked to pieces,” he said, grinning.

“That I can do,” Mary laughed.

Susan removed her blouse and shorts, then squatted in the middle of the floor, her knees wide. As Mary and Bobby watched, she inserted the vibrator into her cunt and fucked it in and out, sighing with pleasure.

“I’ve just got to get me one of these,” she said in a thick voice.

“Until you find one, use mine all you want,” Mary said. “I’ll make you a trade… my vibrator for your son’s cock.”

“No deal,” Susan said. “I wouldn’t trade Bobby’s cock for a dozen of these things.”

“Then we can use both,” Mary said, taking Bobby’s cock in her hand and stroking it, still finger-fucking herself. “Take turns, whichever we want to use at the time.”

“Oh, yes!” Susan squealed, fucking the vibrator in and out of her hairy cunt as she squatted there.

Mary jerked Bobby’s cock a few times, watching the piss hole bead up with pre-come. She swiped her tongue over it, puffing the swelling cock head between her lips. Susan gazed with hot eyes as the girl sucked her son’s cock once again, and she pulled the vibrator from her cunt and teased the tight pucker of her asshole, mewling. Then she fucked it into her cunt again.

Mary dropped to her hands and knees, then placed her head on the floor. She hiked her rounded creamy ass into the air, her blonde-fringed cunt pooching between her thighs.

“Come on, Bobby!” she squealed, wiggling her sweet, tight ass. “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Eagerly, Bobby went to his knees behind the girl’s waving ass.

Susan, still squatting with the vibrator moving up and down beneath her body, duck-walked closer so she could see her son’s cock penetrate Mary’s cunt.

Bobby dug his fingers into Mary’s hips, and fucked forward. His cock entered her cunt rapidly, bringing a loud squeal of ecstasy from Mary. Holding the girl’s hips, Bobby began to fuck her furiously, his balls swinging to and fro.

Susan, seeing her son fucking the cunt he had wanted to fuck for so long, leaned over and kissed the shivering cheeks of Mary’s ass, then ran her tongue over her creamy flesh.

Bobby fucked his cock in and out of Mary’s cunt swiftly, dropping one hand from her twisting hips to take hold of his mother’s swollen tit.

The moist sounds of Bobby’s cock fucking into Mary’s cunt sent ripples of erotic pleasure through Susan. Although her eyes were glassy, she could still see the way his cock stretched those tender cunt lips. Susan plunged the tingling vibrator faster and faster into her cunt, trying to shove her tongue past the crinkle of Mary’s asshole to taste that throbbing hardness of the boy’s cock. She could not quite reach it, and she began to lick at Mary’s asshole, feeling her son’s stomach bang against her cheek. She was in his way, preventing him from fucking as deep as he liked, so she drew away. Bobby was fucking fast into Mary’s cunt, and as Susan reached for his balls, his prick slipped from the gripping cunt with a soft plop. As Bobby stabbed forward, his cock slid directly into Mary’s asshole.

“Qooooo, yes!” Mary yelled. “There! Fuck me there, Bobby! Fuck me up the ass!”

Susan stared at her son’s cock penetrating that tight asshole, the gripping ass ring clinging to his prick. The sight sent Susan into a reeling orgasm, and she didn’t care that the vibrator slipped out of her cunt and fell on the floor. She continued to come, gasping, still squatting, still watching her son’s cock fucking back and forth.

But Bobby pulled his prick free of Mary’s gripping asshole, and while Mary wailed in protest, he fucked his prick into her cunt hard, scooting Mary’s face along the rough carpet. He dug both hands into Mary’s hips again, grunting as he began to stab his cock alternately into her cunt, then into her asshole.

Susan was gurgling with excitement, still able to watch her son fucking Mary in the cunt and asshole. She reached beneath Mary and squeezed at a hard, spongy tit, feeling the rubbery nipple burn into her palm.

“Fuck her cunt!” Susan screamed. “Fuck her hot cunt, darling! Fuck her ass… ream her hot asshole! Give her that sweet cock in the cunt and ass, Bobby!”

“Ooooh, yes, yes!” Mary was groaning, digging into the carpet with her fingers, her beautiful young face twisted into a grimace of intense ecstasy.

Bobby kept pounding away, taking turns with Mary’s cunt and asshole. His balls slapped and swung, and then he began to groan.

Susan leaned over Mary’s ass to see where her son would spurt his come juice.

Bobby was just drawing his cock from Mary’s cunt when he came. The thick come juice splashed onto Mary’s asshole before he could plunge his prick into it. Quickly, Susan shoved Mary’s ass away, gulping her son’s cock into her mouth with a greedy growl, taking the rest of his jism over her tongue and into her throat.

Bobby, on his knees, was shaking so much he almost fell over. As it was, he slowly sat back on his heels, but Susan followed, her lips clamped hotly about his cock, refusing to let it go. She lifted her naked ass into the air as she kept sucking on his cock.

Mary began to caress Susan’s shaking ass while Susan sucked cock frantically, but Bobby had no more come juice to give her.

Disappointed, Susan sat back. She looked at her son and Mary, seeing how pleased they were with each other.

“Are you still gonna sunbathe on your patio, Mary?” Bobby asked when his breathing was normal.

“You like to watch me?” Mary asked.

Bobby nodded.

“Then I’ll do it,” Mary laughed. “But no more jacking off! You just bring that hard cock down to me… we’ll fuck all over that Goddamned patio!”

“I’m not so sure he’ll get out the door,” Susan laughed.

“I know,” Mary replied.

“I think I can handle both of you,” Bobby bragged, pointing at his cock.

Sure enough, his prick was swelling into hardness again.

“My God, Susan!” Mary said, her eyes big as she watched his prick grow. “He’s more of a man than any of them.”

“I know — better than anyone,” Susan said.

Mary started to reach for Bobby’s cock, but Susan said: “Let’s take him to your apartment and show him those pictures on the wall. He’d like to see them.”

“Okay,” Mary said, pulling her robe on. “But I may not be able to make it down three flights. I might have to stop and fuck or suck him off halfway down.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Susan replied, looking fondly at her young son. “I know exactly.”

“I think we’d better hurry,” Mary murmured. “I’m going to grab him before we get to the door.”

Susan and Mary held Bobby’s hands as they left, walking quickly down the stairs. Susan’s cunt was bubbling, and she was thinking about the man they had seen Mary fucking.

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