Teenager In Torment

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victims are young, the story is so much sadder…

Doris Merryweather is the victim of immoral people. A young teenager, Doris finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another at the hands of some brutal men, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

TEENAGER IN TORMENT — the shocking story of an innocent woman learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


Doris Merryweather ran as fast as her pretty young legs could carry her, but she couldn’t seem to outdistance the man who chased her through New York’s Central Park.

“Hold it! Wait a second, Goddammit!” the tall, lanky man shouted as he took long, bold strides. He was gaining on her fast.

The pretty, well developed teen-age girl knew that she was in big trouble. Why hadn’t she listened to her Uncle Melvin? she thought. Her Uncle Melvin had told her never to take the shortcut through Central Park. But, Doris had foolishly disobeyed him. Now, she was in big trouble. She glanced around nervously as she ran from her pursuer, hoping to catch sight of someone — anyone — who might save her. She cursed herself for being so naive and reckless.

The stranger was right behind her. He cursed at Doris: “Fucking bitch! Stop, for Christ’s sake!” Reaching out with a long and powerful arm, he grabbed Doris by her sleeve. She spun around and her thin silk blouse ripped. For an instant, she lost her balance and fell to her knees. She was back on her feet in a hurry. She started to run again, took two steps, then felt the man’s fist slamming hard into the back of her bead. She saw stars and fell. The ground seemed to reach up and envelop her.

“You stupid, fucking cunt!” the stranger snorted angrily. He picked her up and dragged her into a clump of thick bushes. When she came to, she realized that the man had tugged off her shorts and blouse. Then he stripped off her bikini panties, exposing her blonde-thatched pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm! Nice pussy! And, I bet you’re a virgin, too!” He spread her creamy thighs and plunged his hairy forefinger between her pink cunt-lips. Her loins were damp from perspiration, making it an easy task for the man to stick his finger deep into her young cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, noooooooo!” she cried as she felt his finger penetrating her tight virgin cunt. “Please, don’t! Don’t do that!” Her stomach churned and she felt sick. Twisting and turning, she tried desperately to escape. But it was impossible. The brutal stranger was simply too strong.

“Hold still, dammit!” he cursed loudly. “I don’t want to get too rough with you, cunt. But if you give me a hard time, I’ll bust your pretty face.”

Doris could tell by the nasty and determined tone of the man’s voice that meant serious business. Still she struggled in his grasp.

He slapped her four times in quick succession, sending her reeling in pain. Her cheeks turned beet-red and she writhed about on the grass. Doris was repulsed at the finger-fucking the man was giving her tight, virgin pussy. She had never had a man’s finger in her cunt before, and it felt disgusting.

“Yeah, cunt! I love young virgins! Can’t get enough young cunts gonna get your pussy nice and hot and slick! Mmmmmmm!” His finger probed around inside her pussy, massaging her tight cunt-walls. Roughly, he slid his thumb across her little clit, causing it to throb and grow erect.

“Ohhhhhhh! Please! Please, don’t! This is terrible!” she wailed. “I-I can’t stand it!”

“Shut up!” he snorted as he belted her again. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a thick roll of electrical tape and chewed off a strip.

“Don’t tape me up!” she cried, clawing at his face. Her fingernails raked across his jaw, opening up a thin cut.

The marauder flinched and shook her off. Then he taped her wrists tightly together. He looked down at her threateningly, a thin trickle of blood running down his face where she had scratched him. His eyes were glazed over with lust. She had never seen such demented anger before, and she winced in horror.

He tugged down his zipper and pulled out his long, thick prick. Lewdly, he gripped his cock shaft and wagged it in her face, his knees pressed into the soft, grassy ground on either side of her bead.

“You shouldn’t have scratched me, cunt!” he raged. “Now, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. I’m going to make you suck my cock. And if you give me a hard time, I’ll be forced to beat the living shit out of you. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered weakly.

“Look at my cock!” he commanded.

She obeyed, glancing at the stranger’s prick. She was stunned with horrid disbelief at the sight of his massive cock. His prick was standing straight up, pointing at the sky. Blood rushed through the rope-like veins which crisscrossed his red-hot cockshaft. His bulbous cock-knob was purplish in color and throbbed obscenely. Doris had never laid eyes on a man’s prick before. She had seen harmless drawings of cocks and balls in biology class, but the cocks in the pictures were always soft. This man’s prick was something else entirely! Doris was shocked! She wondered if it was natural for a man’s prick to be so hard and red and stiff. And throbbing!

“You like my prick?” the stranger murmured. He gripped his lengthy cock-shaft in his fist and began to stroke his prick lewdly, rubbing his hand up and down.

She shook her head briskly in reply, too frightened to answer his obscene question. She didn’t like the looks of his menacing prick at all.

“You dumb cunt,” he replied calmly. “You’d better answer me. It would be wise for you to say that you love my cock. Now, let’s try it again. Do you like my cock?”

“Y-yes, I love, your cock,” she responded, tears pouring down her flushed face.

“That’s a good girl,” he said. “You learn real fast, bitch. Now, let’s see how fast you learn to suck my prick. I want a real nice blow-job.” He guided his cock toward her trembling lips.

She pouted and tried to turn her bead away, but he grabbed her ear and pulled her roughly toward his prick. Her lips brushed across his cock-knob and she shuddered with disgust.

“Okay, bitch! Now, you do everything I tell you. You probably never sucked a cock before, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” she replied weakly.

“Good girl,” he said, smiling lecherously. “Now, stick your tongue out and lick my prick.”

Reluctantly, she obeyed his vile command, snaking her tongue out of her mouth and tentatively licking his throbbing cock-knob. She felt like retching, but forced herself to lick his cock, anyway. Her raspy tongue flicked across the tip of his prick and his lengthy cock-shaft lurched upward in response to her reluctant caresses.

“Unnnnnngggghhhhhhh! Ummmmmmm! Yeah, that’s… that’s nice! Keep it up! You’re doing real good, for a beginner.” He laughed hoarsely and his voice seemed to drop an octave as he reveled in the sensations that coursed through his bloated, stiff cock.

Doris looked up at the man as he grunted and groaned in sexual delight. It seemed as though he were half-crazed, thriving on the power that he held over the helpless blonde teen-ager. Oh, why hadn’t she listened to her Uncle Melvin’s dire warnings? Damn! She had looked forward to her vacation in New York for so long, and now it was being ruined by this brutal marauder.

“Ummmmmmm, that feels real nice, cunt,” the stranger whispered lewdly. “Now, let’s get on with it. You gotta give me a blow-job. You gotta suck my prick, baby. Let’s get to it!” He lunged forward and rammed his rock-hard prick between her full lips, spreading her jaws apart.

Doris gurgled around his raging prick as it pounded hard and fast into her mouth. His cockknob slammed against the walls of her cheeks. He grunted loudly and ground his hips into her face, forcing more and more of his lengthy cock into her mouth.

“Suck it! Suck my prick, bitch!” he rasped as he began to brutally face-fuck the helpless teen-age girl.

Her first impulse was to push the man away from her. But her hands were taped and he only needed to use one hand to hold her arms flat to the ground. Even worse, her mouth was stuffed with his throbbing cock, stifling her cries of rage and protest. Even if someone happened to pass by, they would never be able to hear her. She cursed her regrettable situation and wept as her lips closed around his prick. His bulbous cock-knob banged about inside her mouth and pounded deep into her throat.

She gasped for air when he pulled back. Doris feared that she would choke to death on his prick. She had no choice but to keep sucking his mighty cock into her mouth, hoping that soon he would grow weary of raping her mouth and let her go. She was terribly frightened.

She was afraid to disobey his crude commands. There was simply no telling what he would do to her if she angered him. He was face-fucking her like a wild animal, hammering his hard cock into her mouth with relentless and powerful thrusts.

The rapist didn’t let up for a second. Soon, her jaws ached from his hammering prick. Every time he pumped his cock into her mouth, his prick-tip banged hard and painfully into her cheeks. She shuddered with revulsion as she sucked his prick. Her wrists were starting to hurt, too. He had taped her so tightly that the blood flow to her hands was cut off. Before long, her hands became pale and she lost all feeling in her fingers. If the man didn’t unbind her soon, she feared that her hands would be seriously damaged.

“Suck, bitch! Give me a dynamite blow-job!” he hissed, thrusting forward. His eyes rolled into the back of his head until his pupils disappeared from view.

The lewd grunting and groaning noises that the man made as he raped her mouth were disgusting, and the helpless girl wasn’t at all certain if she could bear much more. In order to endure this brutal abuse, she would have to concentrate on something else. The thought struck her, she would look the man over very carefully and remember everything that she could about him. Then, if she were ever called upon to identify the brutal assailant, she would have no difficulty pointing him out. She looked up at the man and made mental notes on his appearance. He had dark, coarse, wiry hair, parted on the left side of his head. There was a birthmark at his hairline, brown circular spot about the size of a dime. His eyebrows were thick and bushy and his eyes were dark green. One of his front teeth was chipped slightly.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Take all of my cock into your mouth! I’m gonna cum soon! Right in your pretty little mouth! Ummmmmmm!”

The crude manner in which the man spoke turned Doris’ stomach — but she kept sucking his prick. She was helpless, and she knew it.

“Here it comes, cunt!” he hissed. Then, his body tensed and he plunged forward. “Aaaaaggghhhhh!” He shouted as he came. He shuddered and a thick wad of sticky, scalding jism spurted out of his cock-slit and washed through her mouth, coating her throat with sticky cum. She tried to spit his jism out.

“Don’t you dare spit it out, cunt!” he shouted lewdly. “Swallow it! Drink it down your throat!”

She hastened to obey, sucking and gulping his white-hot jism. Thick gobs of jism still splashed into her mouth. Soon, her mouth was filled to overflowing. Jism drooled obscenely out of the corners of her pursed lips and streaked down her cheeks.

“Milk it, bitch!” he snorted. “Milk my cock! Suck all of my cum down!”

This was the most revolting and disgusting thing that had ever happened to Doris. He was a wicked and depraved man, a merciless bastard. She would never forget what he did to her, how he abused her and raped her mouth with his mammoth prick, and how he forced her to suck his cum down her throat. Never in her short life had Doris experienced hatred, but she was experiencing it now!

Finally, the ordeal was over. The man sat back on his haunches and leered at the helpless girl. A cruel and vicious sneer contorted his face as he glowered down at Doris.

“Look at you,” he said, shaking his head in disgust. “You look like shit, girl.”

She held back tears and turned her face away. Jism oozed out of her mouth and dripped onto the ground. She retched and coughed up a thick glob of cum. Her face was soaked with perspiration and covered with sticky jism. Her lovely blonde hair was askew, gnarled and tangled. The man was right — she did look like shit. And, she felt like shit, too.

The man walked deeper into the bushes to take a piss. “You stay put! I’m not finished with you!” he hissed as he turned, his back.

Doris saw her chance! She jumped to her feet and raced across the park, totally naked, her wrists still taped together.

The man saw her and started after her, but she was far ahead of him, soon, he stopped running and stalked away.

The girl saw two policemen in a parked patrol car at the edge of the park. “Hey! Help!” she wailed as she ran towards them.

They hustled her nervously into the squad car and covered the trembling girl with a blanket. “What happened to you?” the older policeman asked.

“A man attacked me,” she blurted.

“How long ago?”

“Just a minute ago. Iran away before he could really hurt me. Look, he taped my wrists together!”

The younger cop untaped her wrists, while the other policeman quickly placed a call to the police dispatcher. Doris described her assailant perfectly, and the cop repeated her description.

“Don’t you worry about a thing,” the young cop assured Doris. “You gave a perfect description. We’ll get the bastard. He won’t get very far. By how, there are a dozen police cars converging on the area. We’ll take you home, now. And tomorrow, if we catch the guy, you can come down the station and identify him. Okay?”

“You bet!” she replied enthusiastically. “That monster belongs behind bars.”

They drove off to her Uncle Melvin’s apartment.


Uncle Melvin wasn’t home when Doris arrived, escorted by the two policemen. On the kitchen table was a note saying that her Uncle Melvin was at a card party and wouldn’t be home until late in the evening. The cops were reluctant to leave Doris alone, but she reassured them that she was all right.

Doris closed the door behind the policemen and went straight to the bathroom. She turned on the water in the bathtub and got in. She soaped her entire body and ringed out her mouth with soapy water. She was busy washing her pretty blonde hair when she heard the front door slam shut.

“Uncle Melvin!” she shouted through the bathroom door. “I’m so glad you’re home. Jesus, you won’t believe what happened to me tonight! This man attacked me. The cops brought me home. They said they’d catch him for sure, and I’m supposed to identify him tomorrow at the police station.” She waited for her Uncle Melvin’s response, but no one answered her. “Uncle Melvin… is that you?” She said in a trembling voice.

As she spun her head around, her eyes fell on the hard face of a gruff-locking man. He was tall and angular, with handsome features and a determined look that scared her half to death.

“Who are you?” she inquired weakly, chills running up and down her spine.

The tall, angular man held Uncle Melvin’s note in his big, hairy hand. He spoke calmly. “Your… ah… your Uncle Melvin asked metro bring you to the card party. So I came by to pick you up. Hurry up and get dressed.”

“I don’t believe you,” she exclaimed. “Who are you?”

The man held her bathrobe out to her. With his other hand, he reached inside of his sports jacket and pulled out a small, snub-nosed revolver. He aimed the gun at Doris and gestured for her to get out of the bathtub. “Don’t give me any shit. Just get out of the tub and put this robe on. You’re coming with me!”

Doris shuddered. She grabbed a towel and dried herself quickly. She took the preferred bathrobe and slipped it on. Her heart felt like it was trying to beat its way out of her chest.

“But, I don’t understand,” she whimpered. “What’s going on, anyway? My Uncle Melvin didn’t send you here.”

“You’re right, he didn’t. Congressman Barth sent me here. My name is Jerry. Now come along peacefully. The Congressman wants to have a word with you.”

“But who is Congressman Barth, and what does he want with me?” she replied meekly.

“You ask too many questions for a little girl. Now, move your ass!” the man said brusquely. “Get into your room and put some clothes on.” He pushed her forward with the barrel of his revolver.

As Doris pulled some clothes out of her closet, she tried to reason with the man named Jerry. She figured that it would be a good idea to get on his good side, so she addressed him by his first name. “I just don’t understand, Jerry. Can’t you tell me why you’re her, and what the Congressman wants with me?”

He was eyeing her closely. He glowered at her and took her robe off, gently. “Hold it! Don’t get dressed yet. I want to look at your body.”

“No!” But, it was too late. Jerry moved closer, blocking her way to the closet. She had a dress in her hand, but Jerry grabbed the flimsy material and threw it to the floor. He placed his hand on her ripe young tit, and began to massage her tender titflesh with his fingertips.

“Nice tits!” he said, slipping his knee between her creamy thighs. She teetered off balance and fell onto the bed. “Real nice tits,” Jerry repeated as he gripped her nipples with his fingertips, causing her nipples to pucker and tighten in his grip.

“Please, Jerry!” she protested. “What are you doing?”

He ignored her question and flung himself on top of the frightened young girl, holding the gun in one hand and unzipping his pants with the other.

He examined her body carefully, pleased with her ripe, young flesh. She was indeed a beautiful young girl, fully-developed, although she was still a teen-ager. At such a tender age, she already had big, firm tits. She had deep-blue eyes and long lashes and beautiful, naturally-blonde long hair that framed her face. Her hips were full and voluptuous. Her pussy-mound jutted out, blonde thatched with downy cunt-hair.

There was no mistaking the look of lust in Jerry’s eyes. He wanted her. The terrible reality of the situation struck Doris like a fist. Jerry was breathing heavily into her ear and she could feel his prick throbbing against her exposed thigh. She shuddered with fright as he slipped his tongue into her ear.

“Ummmmmmmm,” he whispered. “Now I know what got Congressman Barth so excited when he saw you in the park today. Can’t say as I blame him. You are a delicious little lady. What’s your name, girl?” she replied quickly. “Doris Merryweather.”

“Well, well. What a pretty name. Delicious Doris!” Jerry grinned.

He slipped his hand between her taut, creamy thighs and stroked her hot flesh. His finger slid between her cunt-lips and massaged her pussy entrance. She flinched and tried to pull away from the man, but when she moved, he pressed the muzzle of his revolver against her forehead. She was in a daze, wondering what in the hell was happening. This strange man had entered her Uncle Melvin’s apartment and spoke about Congressman Barth, who apparently wanted to speak to her. Why? What in the hell was going on?

What puzzled Doris even more was the warm feeling that welled up in her pussy in response to the handsome young man’s lewd caresses. His fingers parted her cunt-lips, and his middle digit dug deep into her seething young pussy, probing about inside. She felt wild, thrilling electricity coursing through her tight cunt. When Jerry ran his fingertip across her tender and sensitive little clit, she moaned instinctively. “Ohhhhhhh, my God!” she gasped, not knowing why she was responding. Her pussy seemed to be pulsating wildly, clenching and grasping at Jerry’s fingertip.

“Yeah, you’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you?” the man spoke. It was not a question, though. He spoke matter-of-factly, as though he knew that she was getting turned on in a big way from the fingerfucking!

Her befuddled brain was reeling with contradictory sensations. The electrifying feelings that welled up in her pussy scared the teen-age virgin. She didn’t know what was happening — but whatever it was, it felt fine. It felt fantastic!

“Jesus, your pussy is on fire! You are a hot little cunt, Doris!”

“Please, don’t say that,” she whimpered.

“Oh, I’ll do it all right. And, I’ll do a helluva lot more, too. I’m gonna get your pussy nice and hot and ready to fuck!”

He reared up and removed his finger from her seething, hot pussy. His hand reached down and grasped his cock. He slid over on his side and held his cock high in the air. Gesturing explicitly, he looked down at his raging hard-on. “Look at my cock, Doris! Don’t you want my prick in your pussy? Huh? Wouldn’t you like me to fuck you right now?”

“Nooooooo!” Doris cried in desperation. “You… you can’t do that! I’m… I’m a virgin!” She was stunned with disbelief. First, Doris had been forced to suck the cock of the brutal stranger in the park. Now, this other man had intruded upon her when her Uncle Melvin was away at the card game. He was holding a gun to her head and telling her that he wanted to fuck her, to take away her precious virginity. It was all too much!

Jerry rammed two fingers deep into her pussy and reamed out her cunt. Her cunt walls spasmed with delight.

“Ohhhh, my God!” she gasped. The sensations which coursed through her tight, virgin pussy were not to be believed. Her cunt felt like it was on fire! Doris had never felt such lovely, delicious sensations in her life. Her pussy-muscles rippled and tingled with electricity as Jerry stroked his fingers through her cunt.

“Yeah, you bye it, don’t you? You are a hot little bitch, Doris!” he exclaimed. His fingers sliced into her cunt like sharp knives, and her pussyjuices started to flow.

“You love it, Doris.”

“No… I… I hate it!” she lied. Pussy-nectar streamed out of her cunt, trickling down her creamy, lithe thighs. She couldn’t control her ravenous emotions. Her mind spun in a confused, turned-on state of sexual desire that couldn’t be denied!

Jerry knew exactly what he was doing as he reamed her pussy with his deft fingers. His fingertips ran across her cunt-walls, which rippled wet and hot in response to his lewd caresses. Doris wasn’t at all sure what was happening, but whatever it was, it felt great! She licked her lips and clenched her teeth as he finger-fucked her hot, tight, virgin cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she cooed breathlessly. She opened her eyes and looked down at her pussy, watching closely as Jerry probed and prodded his fingers into her slick, slippery cunt. She watched his fingers disappear in her cunt. She felt heated excitement and rushes, of passion.

“Jesus, this is unreal,” she muttered. She jerked her hips forward to meet his stabbing fingers as they sluiced in and out of her needy, virgin cunt.

“I think you’re ready now,” Jerry whispered as he abruptly pulled his fingers out of her sticky, hot cunt. He held his hand high in the air and then brought his hand down in front of her face. “Look at that, Doris,” he said, gesturing toward his dripping wet fingers. “That’s juice from your pussy.”

Doris looked at his wet fingers with heated excitement, realizing that her pussy had secreted the nectar that dripped lewdly from his fingertips. This was unreal! she thought.

Jerry shifted his position, sliding between her spread-eagled thighs. “You’re gonna love this, Doris,” he said enthusiastically.

Jerry wasted no time at all. He mounted Doris quickly, placing the tip of his hard prick against her pink, pussy-lips. Rubbing against her cuntmound, he thrust his hips forward lasciviously.

“Ohhhhh, good heavens!” Doris gasped.

She didn’t know how to respond. She knew that the proper thing to do would be to fight to prevent him from penetrating her virgin pussy with his hard prick. But, what could she do to stop him? He was holding a revolver to her forehead. If she upset Jerry, he might lose his temper and pull the trigger. No, she couldn’t take that chance. Doris was much too young to die. Besides, she had to admit that Jerry’s gyrations were beginning to get to her. Cunt-juice boiled in her pussy and hot, thick curds of pussy-nectar churned out of her tight, virgin cunt. She could feel her passion building, and she felt drawn to the handsome young man.

“Yeah, you’re gonna love, my cock, Doris,” Jerry gasped. He pressed forward, rubbing his cock-knob across her erect clit. Her clit throbbed as it became engorged with red-hot blood. She could feel her clit spasming in response to the friction caused by Jerry’s stiff prick as it raked pleasure from her loins.

“Yessssss!” she moaned. “I’m burning up inside. My… my pussy. It feels like my pussy is on fire. Jesus, Jerry, what’s happening to me?”

“You’re getting hot, Doris. Hot and horny. I’m gonna teach you what it’s like to get fucked by a real man. I’m gonna take your cherry and make a woman of you!”

He pressed down the safety on his revolver and flung the gun aside onto the floor at the foot of the bed. Pinioning her arms beneath his, he maneuvered into perfect position. Then, with a loud breathless gasp of passion, he slid his hard prick between her juicy cunt-lips, penetrating her tight, virgin cunt.

“Here we go. Hang on tight!” he exclaimed.

Reaching under her taut asscheeks, he gripped her ass-flesh firmly in his hands and pulled her towards his cock. With a mighty lurching motion, he rammed his prick into her tight, slick, cunt.

“Aaaaiieeeee!” she wailed. She felt his turgid, throbbing prick slice into her cunt, causing her agonized pain as his cock spread her cunt-walls to the limit, stretching every fiber in her untried pussy. “It hurts like hell! Please stop! You’re killing me with your prick.”

“No way!” he growled. “If you think I’m gonna stop fucking your pussy now that I’ve got my cock inside of you, you’re crazy. I’m gonna ream out your pussy and cop your cherry.”

“Nooooo!” She cried out in desperation as pain scared her cunt. It felt like his prick was slicing her into two raw and aching pieces. The pain was unbelievable and for a moment she thought that she would pass out. If this was what fucking was all about, she decided that she wanted none of it. It certainly wasn’t enjoyable.

“Please, stop it!” she whined. “I can’t take much more.”

“You can take it! You can take plenty more!” he shouted, slamming his prick deep into her cunt until his cock-knob pressed up against her hymen. The thin layer of skin stretched, but did not break. “Hold on, now!” Jerry screamed. Then, he reared back, tightened his body, and lunged forward.

She flailed her head from side to side and gripped his powerful, muscular back with her hands. She held on tightly as his prick skewered her virgin pussy, ripping through her hymen.

“Aaaaiiiieeeee!” she cried loudly. She could hear her hymen snap as his prick sliced through. “Good God! It hurts so bad!”

“Relax, damnit. Relax and enjoy it. The pain will be gone soon if you just relax,” he coaxed her. But, Jerry showed her no mercy. He kept pumping his prick into her cunt, ramming and slamming forward, impaling her pussy on his turgid and throbbing cock-shaft as he grunted and groaned with sexual delight. He fucked her hard and fast, never letting up for a second.

“Aaaaaiiieeeeee!” she cried again, her pussy racked with indescribable pain. Her nerve-endings were on fire and she felt as though she would surely die from the pain. Never in her short life had she experienced such horrible agony.

Then, as suddenly as the pain hit her, it began to dissipate. She found herself responding to the fucking, jerking and bucking to meet his powerful and rapid cock-thrusts. Her cunt-muscles clenched instinctively, clamping down on his steel-like cockshaft as it sliced hard and fast into her cuntal depths. She closed her eyes tight, licked her lips lasciviously and tossed her head back in sexual abandon — savoring the wonderful feelings which bathed her pussy and thrilling to the ecstasy of fucking for the first time in her life.

She reveled in the satisfaction that now she was a full blooded, sensual woman — ripe and ready. She fucked like a bitch in heat, jerking forward to derive all of the pleasure possible from his mighty cock-thrusts.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss! Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me hard! Give me all of your cock! I love it! It… it feels great, now. I love it! Honest! I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

The well-fucked young girl could hardly believe her own words. She had never spoken so obscenely before. Moreover, she was actually expressing pleasure at the furious fucking! Her cunt was spilling over with cunt-juice, and lust welled up in her loins. She was trapped in a dream world of seething and undeniable lust. She had to give in to her passionate desires!

“Yeah, you are getting hot, bitch. Cunt! Fucking whore!” Jerry cursed lewdly. He tightened the grip on her asscheeks and pulled her forward. At the same time, he gyrated his hips, ramming his rock-hard prick into the very depths of the hot pussy. “You little teen-age slut! Give you a fucking you’ll never forget! Fuck! Fuck!”

Why was he speaking such vile and awful things to her? After all, she was no longer struggling to prevent him from raping her tight pussy. Before, he had spoken rather nicely to her. But now — now had spoken when he made her suck his cock! How could she enjoy her first fucking when he was being so crude and nasty?

“Please Jerry,” she cried. “You’re spoiling the whole thing!”

“What the fuck’s your problem, cunt!” he muttered as he jammed his prick deep in her cunt, up her cunt-nectar.

“Jerry! Please! Do you have to speak so rudely to me?” she begged weeping in anger and frustration.

“Hey, bitch! What the fuck do you think this is, anyway? A fucking Girl Scout party? You shut up. I’ll talk any damn way I feel like talking. You got it, cunt? Whore! Slut! Cocksucker!”

Suddenly, she felt ashamed and embarrassed. But, even so, she couldn’t deny the rushes of joy and sexual thrills which coursed through her cunt. His prick kept slicing away in her pussy, ripping across her erect and throbbing clit. His cock was raping her pussy — but the physical sensations that she felt were overpowering. She despised Jerry for doing this to her, for raping her once-virgin pussy. But at the same time, her cunt was responding eagerly to his hard, raging prick as it pounded again and again into her seething cuntal depths.

“Unnnnnggghhhh! Umrnppphhhhh! Fuck, yeah! This feels great! You’ve got the tightest, hottest little cunt I’ve ever fucked. Damn, your pussy is so tight it feels almost like I’m fucking your asshole!”

He pumped his cock deeper into her cunt. His balls flopped out of his trousers and she could feel his constricted and sweaty ball-sac rubbing between her asscheeks.

“Ohhhhh, my God!” she, gasped as she arched her back and ground her pussy forward. She began to move her hips rhythmically, in time with his powerful cock-thrusts. She could hear lewd sloshing noises whenever his prick sliced into her cunt.

Then, she felt a weird, sexy sensation creeping through her cunt, running from her spasming clit and spilling through her befuddled brain. Wonderful feelings surged through her loins. Could this be it? she wondered. Could this be the onset of an orgasm? She had never felt anything like it before. Her pussy tingled with sexual delight. Cunt-juice streamed out, coating his rampaging prick. She tried to push the brutal reality of the situation into the dark recesses of her confused mind — so that she could concentrate wholly on the fucking! She bucked and writhed beneath the man who raped her sweet, young cunt. One thing was certain — Jerry sure knew how to fuck a woman.

“Mmmmmmm, so tight! Yeah, just like I was fucking your asshole instead of your cunt! Love it! Gonna… gonna cum soon! Yeah!” Jerry grinned widely as he raped her young cunt. He was obviously enjoying himself immensely. And, just like the man who had raped her mouth in Central Park earlier in the day, Jerry seemed to relish the power that he held over the helpless girl. “Yeah, nice hot, tight cunt! Ripe for fucking! Unnggghhhh! Ummppphhhhh! Gonna cum soon! Tight cunt, just like an asshole!”

Doris was flabbergasted! She could hardly believe what she was hearing. What was Jerry talking about? she wondered. Surely, he didn’t go around fucking women’s tiny little assholes! My God! It would be literally impossible to put a stiff, thick prick in a woman’s asshole. It simply wouldn’t fit!

The mere thought of being ass-fucked drove Doris wild with fright. She imagined what it would feel like to be fucked in her tiny, puckered asshole. It would hurt like hell! It would probably kill her! No, she finally decided. There was no such thing as ass-fucking. Jerry must not know what he was talking about. Besides, she couldn’t spend her time worrying about such a grotesque thing at a time like this! She was getting fucked for the first time in her life!

She concentrated on Jerry’s prick as it rammed deep into her slick, wet cunt. She could feel his cock-knob pounding into her cunt-walls, which rippled and tingled with sexual excitement.

“Yesssss! It does feel good! Jesus, I never thought fucking could be so great! Ohhhh! Ummmmmmm!” Doris threw her head back, her pretty blonde hair flailing about her shoulders and whipping across the bed covers. Every muscle in her body was tensed. She thrashed about on the bed, bucking and humping to heighten the pleasure of Jerry’s powerful cock-thrusts. She swooned in ecstasy as she fucked the man. “God! My pussy feels like it’s burning up inside!”

“Don’t stop, now! Keep fucking, bitch! Unnggghhh! Mmmmppphhh! Nnnnggbhhhh! I… I’m cummiing!” His body stiffened. His face contorted and, he shot his load of scalding jism. “Unnnggghhhh!”

She could feel his slippery jism coating her pussy-walls and splashing deep into her cunt. Again, he slammed forward, impaling her cunt on his steel-like prick as it continued to spray cum into her cunt. “Yeah! Hot fucking damn!”

Now it was her turn to climax. She could feel it coming on. She was right on the precipice of a powerful climax. It hit her suddenly, surprising her with its fury. “Yesssss! Yesssss! Ohhhhhh!” Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks and she wrestled in the throes of ecstasy. “Aaaaaaiiieeeeeee!” she wailed, writhing and twisting and jerking her hips about, savoring the incredible sensations that racked her body. Her clit spasmed out of control and she felt wildly delirious. It was wonderful!

Then, as quickly as it had began, her climax began to diminish. It was over suddenly and she let her muscles go limp. She relaxed and luxuriated in feelings of total sexual release.

Jerry’s body relaxed, too. Doris could feel his prick going limp inside of her cunt. Her pussy felt very wet and slick as his jism combined with her pussy-juice to form a slick, viscous fluid. He lay on top of her, spent and gasping for air. She could feel his heart racing.

“That was pretty nice,” Jerry said. He slowly raised himself up, his prick still oozing with cum. He stuffed his cock back into his trousers and leered at her. “Yeah, that was great. Maybe next time, I’ll fuck your asshole. Ha! That’s the only virgin hole left on you, Doris. You’ve already been fucked in the mouth and the cunt. Now, hurry up and get dressed. Congressman Barth is waiting for you, and he is not a patient man.”


It was a long drive to Congressman Barth’s Long Island estate. On the way, Doris kept trying to talk to Jerry, but he refused to discuss anything. He just kept telling her to shut up. Doris was dying to know what was happening. Who was Congressman Barth, and why did he want to talk to her?

The car pulled off the road and drove down a long circular driveway. The estate was large and beautifully landscaped with tall oak trees. About half a mile into the estate, Jerry turned down a small dirt road. A shabby wooden building stood isolated inside a thicket of trees. The car pulled to a stop and Jerry stepped out, gesturing for Doris to do the same.

“God! This is a huge estate. But why are we going to this shack? Why aren’t we going to the big house?” Doris asked.

“The Congressman doesn’t want anyone to know that you’re here, that’s why. Now, shut your mouth and follow me.” Jerry spoke sternly. When they reached the door, he turned to her and added, “Listen, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t say anything about what happened back at your uncle’s house. Understand?” He squeezed her arm to emphasize the point.

“Yes!” she replied. “Geez, what makes you think I’d say anything about that. I’m not exactly proud of it, you know.”

“All right. Now, let’s go.”

They went inside and Jerry motioned for her to sit in a chair in the corner while he picked up the telephone. Doris sat in rapt attention while Jerry spoke.

“Yeah Congressman,” he said. “I’ve got her right here. What…? Sure thing. About half an hour…? Okay, I’ll keep an eye on her… You bet!” He hung up the phone and glowered at the young girl. “Congressman Barth will be here in half an hour. You just sit tight and wait.”

Doris was seething with anger. “Hey, what in the hell is going on here, anyway? I’m going outside,” she said, standing up and starting for the door.

Jerry dashed across the room and grabbed her tightly. He shook her and shoved her down. She fell roughly onto a couch. He ripped a button on her blouse and her tit fell out.

“Jesus, you don’t have to be so rough,” she complained bitterly. “You’d better treat me nicely or I’ll tell the Congressman what you did to me.”

The moment she finished speaking, she knew that she had made a drastic mistake. Jerry was not the sort of man to take a threat lightly. His face contorted with anger.

“You stupid bitch!” he snorted, moving forward.

“Nobody threatens Jerry Magnum. Especially a little cunt like you!” In one swift movement, he dropped his pants and strolled forward cockily. He had a vicious look on his face — and his prick stuck out from his pelvis like a flagpole. He strolled forward in long, deliberate strides. “Well, now. I think you should be taught a lesson. Nobody threatens me. Now, you’ll have to be punished.”

His prick wagged in front of him obscenely. Doris thought that she could actually see the blood rushing through the heavy veins that crisscrossed his thick prick-shaft. His cock seemed to grow larger and stiffer with every step that he took.

“I’m sorry,” she said, cringing on the couch. “I didn’t mean it. Honest!”

“It’s too fucking late for apologies,” he replied, grimacing, his face contorted with anger and lust. “You’re just wasting your time. I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m in the mood for a blow-job. And you’re gonna give me one. Right now!” His eyes were flashing. “Yeah, you’re gonna suck my prick, whether you like it or not!”

“No! I won’t do it!” she replied indignantly. “That’s gross and you can’t make me do it!” She retreated into a corner of the couch and cowered, covering her face with her hands. She peered through her fingers at the man as he approached. He had a fiercely determined look on his face, and she knew that she was in for big trouble.

“You’ll do it, cunt! You’ll suck my prick! Or you’ll be damn sorry. Down on your knees!”

He pushed her roughly to the floor. Her knees slammed down hard. Jerry towered over her, his prick throbbing with need. He gripped his turgid cock-shaft and rubbed his cock-knob over her eyes. His rubbery prick-tip pressed into her eye sockets. She could feel his cock getting bigger and stiffer as he stroked his prick across her face, sticking his cock-tip into her nostrils.

“Yeah, you’ll suck my cock, bitch! Or I’ll make you real sorry.”

Slowly, he led his prick to her lips. Her lips were pursed, shut tight toward off his cock.

“Open your mouth, cunt!” he snorted. “Open wide and suck my cock! Let’s see how good you are at sucking cocks.”

She shuddered and shook her head. But he grabbed her neck and squeezed.

“Owwwwww!” she cried. “That hurts!”

“Yeah, it does hurt. And it’s gonna hurt a lot more if you don’t open your mouth and suck my cock,” he said, grimacing.

He leered at her with cold eyes that told her he meant serious business. He was angry and determined to face-fuck her. Reluctantly, she parted her lips. He smiled broadly in triumph and slid his prick between her ruby lips.

“Yeah, your mouth is nice and hot,” he said hoarsely. “Ummmmm, love it! Suck my cock, you cunt!”

She obeyed his lewd command. Sucking his cock into her mouth, she felt his prick getting bigger and harder as she slipped her tongue beneath his cockknob and sucked on his prick.

“Take all of my cock into your mouth!” he shouted. “You’re gonna give me a great blow-job. And I’m gonna make you swallow all of my cum when I shoot into your mouth, you whore! Suck my cock!”

Her tongue tickled the tip of his prick and lashed out to lick along the fleshy length of his large, stiff cock-shaft. His pungent-smelling balls slapped beneath her chin. Only when she slurped his prick into her hot mouth did he release his firm, painful grip on her neck. Her teeth raked gently across the fleshy shaft of his turgid prick. She was tempted to bite down hard on his prick, sinking her teeth deep. That would hurt the man and make him stop face fucking her. But, even as she thought about biting his cock, she knew that it would be very dangerous and risky to do such a drastic thing. If she was unable to render him helpless, he would doubtless retaliate brutally.

As if he could read her thoughts, Jerry shouted at her. “Don’t get any cute ideas, cunt! If you bite my prick, I’ll kick the living shit out of you. Mark my words. You behave. Don’t you dare bite my cock!”

Doris shook her head up and down in response.

She began to cry. Her eyes filled with tears as she realized that there was no way to escape.

“Okay, now listen to me carefully,” he said with a commanding voice. “I want you to lick under the tip of my prick. Put your tongue right there. That’s how I like my cock to be sucked. Now do it!”

Doris knew that it was foolish to complain. She was in Jerry’s power and she knew it. Her lips wrapped around his turgid cock and she sucked his prick deep into her mouth. She flicked her tongue beneath his cock-knob and found the sensitive spot he had told her about. Instantly, his cock began to lurch and bob. She slurped and licked his cock feverishly, trying her best to please him so that he would refrain from abusing her further. She took a deep breath and sucked his cock deep into her wet, hot mouth, almost retching and choking. Her cheeks pooched out obscenely, as through they were stuffed with a thick ball.

“Ummmmpphhhhh! Yeah! Hot little cocksucker! Go for it!” he commanded as he pumped his prick hard and fast into her sucking mouth.

Her lips seemed to work automatically. Her tongue lapped at his cock as he plunged deep into her mouth. She was terribly repulsed at having to suck the man’s vile, hard prick — but she had no choice but to obey.

Everytime that she shirked her duty, he gripped her neck in his hairy hands and cruelly pinched her tender flesh. She flinched and bent her head back to her disgusting task. She shuddered with fear as she lapped at his cock, flicking her tongue across the sensitive spot beneath his cock-knob. He stiffened and rocked forward brutally, viciously slamming his turgid prick deep into her mouth. His cock-knob pounded relentlessly into her tonsils and she shook and trembled with pain and agonized fear. Her one hope was that the Congressman would soon appear and put a stop to this brutal, depraved raping of her mouth. She sensed that Jerry feared Congressman Barth, and she prayed that the Congressman would step into the wooden shack and put a stop to it all. That was her only hope!

“Aaaaagggghhhhh! Ummmmmm!” he moaned, jerking his hips forward and grinding his prick into her face, his balls slapping wetly under her chin. “That’s a good little girl! You suck cock real good, bitch! Keep it up, now! Get me off! Make me come right in your pretty little mouth! Your cock-sucking mouth! Ha! Ha!” He laughed loudly, savoring his lordly position, standing over the poor wretched teen-age girl, grinding his cock into her slurping mouth.

She gurgled around his prick, her saliva dripping out of the corners of her mouth, forming beads of sticky fluid on his pubic hairs. This was repulsive and disgusting. She bated sucking Jerry’s cock. Hated it more than anything!

Once again, Jerry seemed to sense what Doris was thinking. He sneered at her, his lips curling disdainfully. “I know damn well you don’t like giving me a blow-job, cunt! But that’s just too fucking bad, ain’t it?” Again, his terribly crude laugh resounded in her ears, causing her to flinch in frustrated rage. “Yeah! Unnnggghhhh! Mmmmmmppphhhhhh! You… damn well better do it. Or you’ll be awful fucking sorry, cunt!”

His prick was throbbing mightily as she slurped his rubbery cock-knob deep into her mouth. He pumped his prick frantically into her sucking mouth, savoring the wonderful sensations which pulsed through his cock. His balls were constricted into a tight sac. His cum was stirring and churning in his ball-sac, waiting for the fateful moment of release. His prick spasmed in her wet mouth, on the verge of orgasm.

“Unnnggghhhhh! Yeah, my little cock-sucker! Get ready! I’m gonna fill your mouth with cum when I shoot my load. And, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll suck my cum right down your throat!” He pounded his prick deep into her mouth. For a moment, she felt like she would choke. He sensed this too, and he backed off to let her catch a quick breath. “Take a deep breath of air, cunt. I’m not gonna give you another break until I cum in your sucking mouth, bitch!”

Doris steeled her nerves and prepared for the rush of his cum. Her lips worked feverishly, sucking and slurping at his prick-tip, while her tongue made swirling motions around the knob of his wet and swollen cock. His cock-knob slammed hard into her and his balls banged and swished beneath her chin. The corners of her mouth drooled with saliva. His cock filled her mouth to overflowing, making it impossible for her to swallow her excess spit.

Swiftly, she opened her mouth wide and gulped down a breath of much-needed air. Jerry moaned but did not protest. She accomplished the task of breathing without making him angry. In fact, he was so lost in the depravity of the moment and the wonderful, sexy sensations that coursed through his prick, that he didn’t even notice that she had stopped sucking his cock. In a perverse way, she felt happy that she had, if even for a brief instant, disobeyed his lewd commands.

She wasn’t taking any chances, though. The last thing that Doris wanted to do was incur Jerry’s wrath. She knew he had a terrible temper that could explode at any moment. She slurped his prick deep into her mouth, all the way past her tonsils and into her tortured throat. She gurgled and salivated around his prick and forced herself to keep sucking. She wanted to please him so that he would cease raping her mouth. Only after he came would he give her respite.

“Aaaaaaggghhhhhh! Hot, fucking damn! It feels… so fucking… great!” Jerry stammered breathlessly as he thrust his hips forward, tightening every muscle in his powerful body!

Doris kept sucking his cock. His massive prick was hard and stiff and he showed no signs of letting up. His balls banged about beneath her chin and his pubic hair pressed against her nostrils, cutting off her air. She tried to breathe, but it was impossible to draw a breath. She felt as though she would soon suffocate.

“Unnnggghhhhh! Yes, suck!” He spoke in staccato-like bursts, ramming his prick deep into her throat, choking her with his diamond-hard cock. Jerry had no sympathy for her plight. All that he cared about was fulfilling his own perverted needs. He was going to cum in her mouth, and there was absolutely nothing that she could do to stop him!

She had never before felt so utterly helpless. Worst of all, she felt as though she would soon black out. She couldn’t breathe, and he didn’t seem to care. Surely, he knew that she was about to suffocate. Either that, or choke on his cock. But, she knew damn well that he didn’t care what happened to her. All that he cared about was satisfying his own desires.

“Here it comes! Aaaggghhhhh!”

With that, he jerked his hips forward, ramming his prick as far into her mouth as it would go. He moaned low and long, his body stiffened like a granite statue — and he shot his load.

A series of short shots of jism splashed into the back of her throat, coating her tonsils with cum, washing her mouth with thick, hot, salty jism. The taste didn’t repulse her as she expected it to. Still, it was revolting to be forced to receive his jism in her mouth. Although his jism didn’t taste too bad, the mere fact that she was being forced to swallow his cum made her sick. She earnestly fought off the urge to retch.

“Gulp it down, cocksucker! Drink it! Suck my cum down your filthy fucking throat, you worthless bitch! Suck my cum and milk my prick just like you did before!”

She gulped his jism down. And, as she forced herself to drink his cum, she wondered what he was talking about. She vaguely remembered Jerry saying something else about her previous experience with sucking cock. He had told her that the only virgin hole she had left in her body was her asshole. How did Jerry know that she had been face-fucked before? She was terribly distressed to think he somehow knew the stranger in Central Park that had raped her mouth. She shrugged the thought off, know full well that Jerry couldn’t possibly know that she had been assaulted so crudely earlier in the day. Still, his vague references worded her.

“Drink my cum, you bitch! Suck it down! Come on! Do it!” he shouted lewdly.

He smacked her hard across the mouth, jarring her teeth with his heavy blows. She saw stars, but she kept sucking his cum down her throat. It was a degrading experience, but the pain that enveloped her face told her that she would be wise to keep drinking his vile jism. She milked his cock, pursing her lips and sucking his jism down. Her jaws ached terribly, but she had to continue with her lewd task of gulping down his sticky, scalding cum.

Jerry tensed the muscles in his asscheeks and plunged forward, halting abruptly when his prick was buried deep in her slurping mouth. His cockknob throbbed and let out another jet-stream of slippery jism which flooded her mouth. She was unable to gulp down his thick load in one swallow, and she gagged. Cum gushed out of her mouth, coating her lips and chin. She gurgled, and cum mixed with the saliva on her lips to produce viscous bubbles which burst around the base of Jerry’s turgid cock-shaft. She was so terribly ashamed and degraded by the ruthless raping of her mouth. Doris felt like two cents waiting for change.

Jerry stepped back a pace and stood towering over her, his drooling prick dangling before her face. He gripped the base of his cock and squeezed it, causing his piss-slit to open. An obscene gob of jism formed on the tip of his bloated prick. “Lick it off!” he commanded harshly. “Lick the cum from the tip of my cock, you whore!”

She shuddered in disgust and turned her head. Jerry reached down and grabbed a thick bunch of her damp blonde hair in his fist.

Her scalp was killing her. Her hair felt like it was being torn out by the roots. Finally, he relented and released his grip on her hair, laughing loudly at her horrid predicament. She knelt before him, her mouth drooling with his spent jism.

“That was pretty good, cunt!” he snorted. “Yeah, you give a damned good blow-job, Doris. If you ever need a reference for the job of cocksucker, give me a call. I’ll be glad to give you a good recommendation. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Doris pouted and cried. Her mouth was coated with dried cum — and she could still taste the salty mixture of his jism as it spilled down her throat. She licked her lips, trying to clean the jism from her mouth. Then, she realized that his turn had dried, making her eyelids stick together. She was a real mess, and she knew it. She broke down and cried hysterically.

“Why did you do this to me?” she screamed. “Oh shit!” he replied gruffly. “It wasn’t all that bad. Now you hustle your sweet ass into the bathroom and get cleaned up before Congressman Barth gets here. You’ve got to look sharp to meet the Congressman. He’s a very important man.”

“B-but, I still don’t understand why he wants to see me,” she replied plaintively. “What is this all about, anyway?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Jerry replied, slapping her on the ass as she scurried into the bathroom to get washed up.


Doris was still washing out her mouth, trying to get rid of the taste of jism, when Jerry knocked on the bathroom door.

“Hey, Doris,” he shouted. “Get your ass in here. The Congressman wants to have a word with you! Right now!” Jerry’s voice conveyed a sense of dire urgency, and Doris definitely didn’t want to keep a Congressman waiting. So she hurried up and dressed and stepped through the door, into the room where Jerry had face-fucked her only moments before.

A husky, dark man with a fine suntan sat, crosslegged, in the shadows. He was well-dressed, wearing an expensive pin-striped suit. At his side was a large leather satchel. He smoked a big cigar and tapped one foot on the floor impatiently. Doris couldn’t see him very clearly, for the shadows in the corner blotted out his features.

“Step forward, Doris,” the Congressman said coolly. “Let’s have a look at you.”

Doris shuddered at the sound of the man’s yoke. She swore that she had heard that voice before, but she was not certain where or when. Timidly, she stepped forward with mincing steps.

Casually, the Congressman lifted a hand and removed his sunglasses. “Come closer and take a good look at me, Doris. I’m sure you’ll remember me. It was a most extraordinary meeting, as you will doubtless recall.”

Doris moved a step closer and looked the Congressman over carefully. He had dark, coarse, wiry hair, parted on one side of his head. His eyebrows were thick and bushy. She noticed that one of his bottom teeth was slightly chipped at the top. She was startled to see that he had a brown circular birthmark at his hairline, about the size of a dime.

“Oh, no!” she gasped, her heart racing a mile a minute. “It… it can’t be!” He was the man who had attacked her in Central Park! She was certain that he meant her harm. This was no chance meeting, she realized. The Central Park marauder who had forced her to suck his cock had called her there for a specific purpose. Her mind raced as she now comprehended all of the vague references that Jerry had made about her having been face-fucked before, about how the only virgin hole in her body was her asshole. It dawned on her all at once. The brutal man named Jerry was employed by the Central Park rapist — Congressman Barth.

“So, you recognize me.” Congressman Barth sat calmly, displaying not a hint of shame or remorse.

“No! No!” she hastened to reply. She felt that it was best to lie. Perhaps if she pretended not to recognize the man, he would let her go. There was no telling what he might do if he was certain that she could identity him.

“You’re lying, you bitch!” he hissed, standing up quickly and grabbing her by her arms. She trembled and tried to pull away, but he held her tightly. “You know me and you know me well. Who am I? Answer me!”

“You-you’re the man in the park,” she blurted. “You’re the evil man who attacked me and made me suck his cock! I hate you! You’re a perverted bastard!”

She hardly managed to get the words out of her mouth before he smacked her, knocking her to the floor. “You bitch! You reported me to the police. Because of you, my career is in jeopardy. I was arrested tonight. They caught me running from the park. I fit the description that you gave to the police. They didn’t book me because I am a rich and powerful man in this State. They knew damn well that I’d have their asses in a sling if they crossed me. But, if you identify me and testify against me, my life is ruined. I cannot allow that.” His eyes gleamed with anger and disgust. “No, I simply cannot have a fucking teen-ager destroying me.”

“I won’t identify you! Honest I won’t testify against you either. Mr. Barth! Please, believe me!”

“Tie the bitch up, Jerry,” Congressman Barth commanded. “I’m going to place the fear of God in her.”

“Noooo!” Doris yelped. “Please, trust me! I won’t do anything to harm you! I beg of you! Let me go!”

Jerry slapped her face and dragged the weeping girl to the corner of the room. He tied her wrists tightly with rope and spread-eagled her, face up. The ropes were attached to the legs of the couch. Her wrists ached. She stared up at Congressman Barth, wondering what he was planning to do next.

The Congressman sneered at her and opened the satchel at his feet, producing a small, thin, leather whip. He flexed the whip, testing its resiliency and flexibility. A wicked and depraved glint was in the man’s eyes, and he appeared to be lost in another world, “Nice tits!” he shouted. He raised the small whip high in the air and brought it slashing through the air, striking her left tit. Then, he whipped her other tit in the same manner.

“Owwwwwww! Good God! What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded angrily. “What sort of man are you, anyway?”

She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. The Congressman seemed to enjoy whipping her taut, upthrust tits. He leered at her lecherously and whipped her tits again and again, his eyes flashing his demented lust. She shrieked and wailed! Tears streamed down her face!

“Yeah, you’ve got a nice ripe young body!” Congressman Barth exclaimed as the whip whistled through the air again and struck her raw tits. Then, he turned his attention to her pussy-mound. “Pretty cunt, too!”

The next thing she felt was the tip of the leather whip flicking across her cunt-lips, tickling her pussy. Her clit stuck up, erect and blood-engorged in response to the whip. She couldn’t understand her instinctive response to the rude abuse that Congressman Barth was so delightedly meting out. Her clothes were soon ripped to shreds. Jerry stepped in to pull all of her garments off, leaving her totally exposed — naked and at the Congressman’s mercy.

“Let’s see how the uppity little bitch likes this!” the Congressman said, sneering wickedly. He bent down and spread her thighs far apart. Then, laughing sadistically, he pressed the tip of the leather whip between her pussy-lips. “Yeah, let’s see how the little slut likes being fucked by a whip!”

The tortured teen-ager whimpered and wept as she felt the leather whip penetrating her tight, young cunt. It was grotesque to be treated this way! She felt as though she were a mere plaything for the wicked Congressman and his henchman, Jerry.

She writhed about, pulling her hips back in a desperate attempt to escape the whip that the Congressman seemed intent on embedding in her pussy. She had never known that people could behave in such kinky, cruel and demented ways. Doris realized that she had a lot to learn about people.

Her skin shivered with goosebumps as she felt the whip flicking crudely across her glistening pussy-lips. Her cunt was getting all lathered up — and she couldn’t understand why!

“Give it to her good, Congressman. Shove that whip up her pussy. Let her know that you mean business, bass!” Jerry said, moving closer to get a good look at the tortured girl’s young pussy.

“But, you can’t do that!” she protested loudly, her shrill voice filling the room. “You’ll hurt me! Please, you’ll tear me to shreds!”

“We’ll see about that, bitch!” Congressman Barth hissed. He gripped the handle of the whip tightly and rudely shoved it into her cunt. “You fucking cunt! Let’s see how you like having your pussy reamed out by a leather whip!” He inched the whip into her cunt, smiling wickedly.

Jerry looked on with great interest, grinning lewdly. His hand slipped between his legs as he watched the Congressman shove the whip slowly into Doris’ cunt. “Hey, boss, look at her pussy. It’s getting wet! Ha! Ha! The bitch is starting to get hot. Fuck! She’s getting all juiced up from that whip.”

“Yeah, I think we’ve got a hot one. I’m glad I decided to bring her here. I didn’t get enough of the little bitch in the park today. But, now she’s all mine, to use and abuse in any way I like. Yeah, she’s a hot number all right, and I’m gonna break her pussy in real good.”

“Ha! Ha! You screams are music to my ears, little darling, I love torturing sweet young girls like you!” The Congressman kept at it, shoving the whip in and out of her tight, juicy clit. “Hey,” he said as he pulled the whip out of her pussy. “Look at this whip. It’s all wet from your cunt-juice, bitch. Here, look for yourself!” He held the whip out, sticking the tip of the whip under her nose. “Smell it, Doris? It’s your cunt-juice, bitch. Take a sniff and see what your cunt smells like!”

“No I won’t,” she said, turning her head away. “Jury, go into my satchel and get out the nipple clamps. The little bitch doesn’t want to cooperate, but we’ll make her,” the Congressman instructed his henchman.

“You bet, boss,” Jerry said as he went to the satchel and began rummaging around in it.

“What do you mean? What are nipple clamps?” she asked weakly. She had no idea what the Congressman was talking about. Nipple clamps? Good heavens. Whatever they were, she knew that they would hurt.

“Sniff the tip of the whip, slut! I want you to smell your pussy-juice!” the Congressman said.

“All right! All right! I’ll do whatever you say! I promise!” She sniffed her cunt-juice from the tip of the whip. It didn’t smell bad, she thought, but it sure was humiliating to have to smell her own pussy-nectar.

“Now, lick the tip of the whip. I want you to taste your cunt-juice!” the man commanded.

Doris pursed her lips, but the man bent down and pried her mouth open with his thumb and forefinger. He rammed the tip of the whip, coated with her cunt-juice, deep into her mouth. He laughed sadistically as he swirled the cunt-juice drenched whip around in her mouth. “That’s a good girl! You’re learning fast, cunt!”

She tasted the curds of cunt-juice on the tip of the whip her pussy-juice was slick and sticky.

Jerry moved in close and knelt down beside the tormented young girl. “Here are the nipple clamps, boss. You want me to put them on her now?”

“Yeah, let’s see how she likes having her nipples pinched by the clamps.” Congressman said cruelly.

Chills ran up and down her spine as she caught sight of the steel, alligator clamps that Jerry held in his hands. She found it difficult to believe that these evil men were actually planning to clamp those things down on her nipples. She knew that the pain would be excruciating. Her nipples became erect and hard as she looked at the crude nipple clamps. She writhed about, her wrists chafing as the ropes which bound her dug into her tender flesh. It was useless to struggle. She was bound too tightly. Indeed, everytime that she tried to jerk free of her bonds, they seemed to cut tighter and hurt even more. The ropes bit into her wrists terribly, sending soaring pain through her arms.

Jerry bent down and, grinning broadly, sneering sadistically, he grabbed her tit in his fingers, pinching her tit-bud and affixed the nipple clamp.

“Aaaaaaiiiieeeee!” she wailed as the pain from the nipple clamp shot through her tortured tit. She recoiled in horror, jerking and writhing about on the floor, the ropes which bound her digging hard into her flesh. Unbelievable pain tore through her tit. She hardly had a chance to take a breath when Jerry affixed another clamp to her other tit-bud. “Aaaaaiiiieee!” she screamed again. She looked down at her tortured, clamped nipples, pinched painfully by the steel alligator clamps. Her tits were racked with horrid pain, and she felt repulsed and abused. She was living a nightmare! Her legs quivered and shook; her arms rippled with uncontrollable spasms. Her clit throbbed, but the wicked pair of sadistic tormentors were not about to quit torturing her naked young body!

Congressman Barth pumped the whip hard and fast into her cunt, raking the whip across her clit deliberately. Cunt-juice churned in her cunt and she writhed about in torment. The men didn’t care in the slightest about her pain and discomfort in fact, from the demented looks on their faces, they appeared to enjoy every excruciating moment of her torment. They sneered wickedly at her as she jerked and writhed about on the floor beneath them.

She sobbed and flailed her head back and forth. Every fiber in her body was strained to the limit and her sinews struck out in bold relief on her naked body.

Jerry bent over her tear-stained face. He grabbed a thick swath of her golden blonde tresses, twisting her hair in his long, hairy fingers. Puffing her head up, he placed his mouth against her lips and snaked his tongue into her mouth, kissing her wetly, against her will. She felt like spitting his tongue out, but she knew that that would be a grave mistake. There was no telling what Jerry might do if she refused to kiss him. He kept twisting her hair until it felt like he was ripping her scalp right out of her head.

“Ha! Ha!” Jerry laughed demonically as he released her mouth from his unwanted French kiss, “You kiss real nice, cunt!” he taunted lewdly. He looked at her coldly, animal-like.

Doris stared into Jerry’s rough-hewn face, trying desperately to discern a single trace of sympathy or human emotion in his cruel, glowering eyes. There was none. No sign of compassion, no nothing. Just dark, brooding brutality. Her skin crawled with a creepy feeling as she realized that she was in the power of two evil and sadistic men who cared not one iota about her horrible suffering!

“That’s enough of this!” the Congressman snarled, throwing the whip aside. “Get out the big dildo! The big one!” he instructed Jerry in a voice tinged with evil enthusiasm. “I’m going to dildo fuck the little bitch. I don’t think she appreciates getting her cunt reamed out by the whip, so I’ll fuck her cunt with the big dildo and see if she likes that better!”

“What are you talking about? I don’t want my pussy fucked with anything!” she protested loudly, shaking her head back and forth furiously. Doris was indignant and infuriated by the brutal treatment she was receiving at the hands of Jerry and Congressman Barth. Were the two diabolical tormentors insane? she wondered. What kind of men were they, anyway? It made no sense at all. Congressman Barth was obviously an imports and well-respected man in the community. Otherwise, he would never have been elected to office. And most important, what in the world was a dildo? Doris had no idea what a dildo was, but the mere name frightened her half to death. Her chest heaved as her heart beat rapidly in anxious, nervous anticipation of what was to come next.

“We’re talking about this!” Jerry exclaimed as he held high the electric battery-operated plastic dildo. “If I know the Congressman like I think I know him, he’s gonna ream out your pussy with it. I’m sure you’ll find it a shocking experience.” The two men broke out laughing.

Doris stared wide-eyed at the sight of the thick, cream-colored plastic dildo. The dildo was shaped like a huge, hard prick. “You’re not going to put that… that dreadful thing in my pussy, are you?” Surely, they wouldn’t abuse her so terribly, she thought. But, looking at their animated faces, she knew that they were planning to do just that!

Congressman Barth wasted no time. He shoved the dildo into her tight, juicy cunt. The Congressman worked the dildo into her cunt and Doris tried to stifle her cries of agony and terror as her pussy-walls stretched to accommodate the thick, plastic prick. Her cunt-walls rippled and stretched to the limit. Sharp stabs, of pain shot through her ravaged and abused pussy.

“Yeah, you are a hot cunt, Doris!” Congressman Barth exclaimed. “You’re going to love this,” he taunted rudely as he pressed the dildo deeper and deeper into her tight, young pussy.

Suddenly, without warning, the Congressman pushed down a button on the handle of the dildo and the plastic prick buzzed and came to life, sending a torrent of electricity pulsing through her ravaged cunt. “Aaaaaaaagggghhhhh aaaaiiieee!” she shrieked in terror as electric shocks coursed through her cunt. The vibrator shook and whirred loudly. She felt like she was being electrocuted. The wicked supercharged dildo throbbed in her cunt, which spasmed in response to the relentless wave of electric energy that stung her pussy. Her cunt-walls rippled quickly, uncontrollably. Doris had no control over her body. She shivered and shuddered. Her clit quivered.

“Stop! Please! Noooo!” she yelped anxiously.

Her voice quavered, distorted grotesquely by the torrents of electricity which streaked through her tortured cunt. Her body shook grossly. The electric shocks which racked her cunt felt like tingling, clawing fingers that tore at her rippling, spuming cunt-walls. And her clit quivered and shook, throbbing inside of its fleshy cuntal sheath.

Congressman Barth began to pump the dildo in and out of her abused pussy, smiling lewdly. He was using quick, powerful strokes to ram the dildo deeper. He had a diabolical look on his face and appeared to be loving every moment of her torment.

She braced herself, steeled her nerves, and attempted to withstand the pain which racked her naked body. She tried not to scream in agony, trying to deny the wicked, perverted men the pleasure of her horrid discomfort and anguish. But it was impossible to remain stoic and quiet when confronted with the ugly and increasingly painful reality of the brutal experience.

Unable to remain calm, Doris cried out in despair. “Aaaaaiiieeeee!”

The vibrating, shocking dildo raped into her clit, sending sparks of lightning coursing through her pussy. Her pussy-muscles felt like they were being stretched and ripped, torn apart by the wicked plastic prick that shook inside of her cunt. The hard tip of the dildo was crammed in so deeply that she felt it would soon tear right on through to her stomach! She was on the verge of blacking out. Then Congressman Barth abruptly pulled the dildo out of her cunt.

“Thank God!” she muttered, relieved that the man was finished raping her pussy with the electric dildo. Now, she hoped and prayed, they had had their fill of her. Surely, she thought, surely, they would let her go. She would gladly reassure them that she had no intentions of identifying the nasty Congressman Barth. She only wanted to go home, and try to forget the horrible way that she had been raped and abused!


“I haven’t finished with you yet, sweetheart. Since you didn’t enjoy getting dildo-fucked, perhaps you’d like to get fucked by my nice, bit cock. What do you say to that, Doris?”

“Don’t you dare, you bastard?” she yelled. “I hate you!” She cried and struggled in her bonds, painfully chafing her wrists raw where the ropes bit into her tender flesh.

“My, my. You sure are a foolish little girl, Doris,” the Congressman said as he unbuckled his trousers and pulled off his suit jacket. “I’m going to fuck your pussy whether you like it or not, bitch!”

He dropped his undershorts and stood before the helpless, bound girl, his half-hard cock wagging in front of him. The man began to stroke his cock. Doris watched nervously as she saw his cock begin to grow, getting thicker and stronger.

“Yeah, I’m going to fuck you silly, cunt. That’s what I planned to do in the park today. Unfortunately, you ran away before I got a chance to fuck you!”

He knelt between her splayed thighs and licked his lips. Then, without another word, he slid down and led his prick toward her cunt.

She flinched and trembled, biting her lip and trying to stifle her tears. Congressman Barth grunted and slipped his prick between her glistening cuntlips. She felt sick to her stomach as she felt his bloated cock sliding into her tight cunt. Doris knew that she could not stop him from raping her. She was in the man’s power, bound and dominated — helpless and at his mercy. She could only lie there and accept the fucking.

Her wrists had been rubbed raw from struggling against the ropes. And, her pussy ached from getting reamed out by the electric dildo. Every muscle in her body hurt. She shuddered as Congressman Barth settled in between her creamy young thighs and started to move his tips, burrowing his cock into her tight cunt.

“Hey, bitch! Your cunt is nice and ready, juicy and hot. I’m going to enjoy this immensely,” he gloated as he ground his cock into her pussy. “Ummmmm, nice and tight! Tight young cunt is the best!”

Instinctively, her pussy-muscles contracted around his bloated prick, clamping down hard on the meat of his cock.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl,” the Congressman grunted obscenely as he pumped his prick into her cunt, his cock-shaft raking cross her erect and sensitive clit as he began to fuck her. His flicking motions grew faster and harder. He hissed and grunted lewdly as his prick pounded into her seething cunt. “Ummmmmm! Hot pussy! The best kind! Hot and tight, young cunt! Now you’re going to get good fucking. You should feel real proud, honey. You’re getting fucked by a New York Congressman!”

“You bastard! I don’t give a good damn who you are! I hate you, you filthy insect!” she blurted.

That was a serious mistake! Congressman Barth was insulted. He raised his hand and struck her across her mouth. Her face flushed a crimson red as the blow stung her.

“You keep your fucking insolent remarks to yourself, you slut!” he screamed, slamming his body forward brutally, filling her cunt with his fat cock. She heard his heavy breathing as he panted loudly, fucking her angrily. “Ummmppphhhh! Mmmmm! Nice young pussy! Just right for a Congressman!” he shouted with glee, pumping his prick at a frenetic pace.

Her pussy was indeed hot and wet. Pussy juice stirred around in her cunt, lubricating his cock as it sluiced in and out of her tight cunt. His prick felt like a steel pipe as it hammered into her pussy, reaming out her cunt-walls, which rippled and throbbed mightily as she writhed about on the floor.

The Congressman’s prick seemed to grow to enormous dimensions in her ripe cunt. It seemed as though his prick grew an inch in length with each and every cock-thrust into her tight pussy! She looked up into the man’s face and noticed that his eyes were closed tight and his teeth were grinding as he fucked her. He was last in a perverse world of obscene lust, thriving on his power over Doris, raping her with glee!

Doris was overwhelmed by the rudeness and brutality of the situation. At the same time, she could feel a strange, bizarre tingling sensation rising up in her pussy. Her clit throbbed frantically every time the man’s prick rubbed across it.

It made no sense! She was getting turned on by the Congressman’s prick. But, there was no good reason for her to get slick and hot with cunt-juice. It was happening, though. Her rapidly rising lust was not to be denied. Her cunt-walls rippled with delight — sexual delight that both scared and pleased her at the same time. There was something undeniably sexy about being bound and dominated — and raped. Her clit was pulsating wildly, sending sexual messages to her brain. She shook her head, trying to ward off the unwanted feelings of lust and unbridled passion that coursed through her cunt. But, it was impossible td deny the fact — she was getting hot and horny!

“Ohhhhh, I… I don’t… I don’t know what’s happening to me!” she gasped breathlessly.

She was ashamed at herself for her wanton behavior. The man was fucking her wildly and she was responding. She tried not to, but she was getting hot!

“I know what’s happening!” the Congressman exclaimed.

“You’re getting turned on by my cock, you wench. You love it. You love fucking me. My cock is big and hard, and it feels good. Admit it! You’re a whore! A slut! A fucking pig cunt!”

“No! I-I’m not a whore! Please, stop! Please!” She knew that she didn’t realize what she was saying. She really didn’t want the man to stop fucking her cunt. She did love it! It felt wonderful to have her pussy filled to overflowing with the Congressman’s rock-hard prick. “Ohhhh,” she cooed softly. She jerked her hips upward, meeting his long, powerful cock-thrusts. Cunt-nectar streamed out of her cunt, bathing his cock in slimy cunt-juice lubricating her pussy to provide a smooth easy access.

“You’re a whore and you love fucking me! Admit it, bitch! Admit it, or I’ll pull my cock out of your cunt right now! You filthy little slut.”

“No! Don’t! Don’t stop. You’re right! I do love it! I love your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ummmm!”

She moaned with pleasure as his cock raked through her cunt. Her pussy felt like it was on fire — burning with desire. Forbidden desire! Goosebumps covered her naked body. She writhed about, savoring the fantastic feelings that welled up in her well-fucked pussy. She arched her back and bucked with ecstasy, eagerly meeting his powerful cock-thrusts!

“Unnnggghhhh! Nnnnggghhh!” he groaned, hooking his fingers into the soft flesh of her asscheeks. He pulled up on her asscheeks as he gyrated his hips, grinding his cock into her hot, tight, juicy cunt. The Congressman pressed all of his weight down on her as he fucked furiously. He was drooling, saliva trickling out of the corners of his mouth as he gasped and grunted in sexual bliss.

The lewd sounds that he made were crude. But somehow, his noises served to excite the helplessly bound and tortured teen-age captive. His eyes played across her tits, and he instructed Jerry, “Take those nipples clamps off her tits. I want to suck her nipples!”

Jerry hastened to follow the Congressman’s instructions. He loosened the alligator clamps and removed them from her taut, deep-red nipples. He pinched and squeezed her tit-buds after taking off the nipple clamps.

“Owwwwww!” she cried in anguish as Jerry pinched her pointed nipples. She had almost forgotten that her nipples had been tortured by the clamps, but now the pain seemed worse then ever. She didn’t have a chance to relax, however, because Congressman Barth slid his mouth over her aching nipples and sucked one of them into his mouth. He gasped and stuck his teeth into the soft, light brown areola that surrounded her nipple. She flinched and cried out loud as the pain shot through her tortured and abused tit-flesh.

Even though Congressman Barth concentrated on biting her nipple, he never ceased his hard and fast cock thrusts into her seething hot pussy. His cock sliced, rapier-like into her cunt.

She writhed about beneath the that jerking and twisting reveling in the sensations coursed through her well-fucked cunt. She could feel his cock growing even larger inside of her tight pussy, which rippled with delicious, delightful spurns. Her cunt throbbed with sexual pleasure. Her nipples quivered, clamped between his teeth. Her entire body felt like one huge, concentrated erogenous zone. His tongue slithered over her nipples in a swift motion, and she arched her back upward, pushing her tits into his face.

She wanted more — more hot sex! She was lost in a world of sexual depravity and passion. Her eyes were only barely open. Doris was swooning, and she really didn’t see anything but a dark and shadowy haze before her eyes. She concentrated instead on her cunt, which rippled with cunt-juice and undenied passion.

“Yeah, fuck me, you whore!” Congressman Barth snorted, slamming his prick in hard. His cock was swollen and hard, but it still seemed to keep growing. It seemed thicker and longer as his cock reamed out her pussy, probing deep into her hot cunt, his cock-knob bouncing off of her spasming, slick cunt-walls. She writhed in sexual abandon.

“Yesssss! Fuck me!” she cried breathlessly. She felt like a whore. She loved the sucking. She cherished the wonderful feeling of his cock slamming again and again into her hot pussy. Her muscles shook and quivered as she arched her back, making access to her pussy a simple matter. A blissful sensation was building in her raw cunt, growing until it felt like a huge bubble about to burst into a thousand pieces. His prick was buried balls-deep inter aching cunt, and she kept fucking furiously. She tightened the muscles in her cunt, gripping his raging hard cock in her pussy-channel.

“Unnggghhhh! Uppphhhhh! Yeah, tight fucking cunt! Love fucking you, Doris! Love it, you little slut.” He reared back and came forward with a most powerful cock-thrust, burrowing his prick deep into her cuntal depths, slamming forward with furious strokes of his bloated and stiff cock. She twisted about, reveling in the thrilling pulsating sensations that tore through her cunt. Her mind reeled and she flung her head back passionately, savoring the mind-bending thrills of the furious fucking…

His prick was buried deep in her cunt, and it felt like his cock was slamming all the way through to her asshole. It was an exciting sensation, decadent and depraved, but ever so thrilling! She felt like a little slut, a wild and wanton harlot who simply couldn’t get enough of his rock-hard cock. But Doris didn’t have the time to reflect on her confused feelings. All that mattered now was that she was setting the fucking of her life. She loved it!

Doris sensed that Congressman Barth was just about ready to come. He was fucking her with furious cock-stabs and he seemed lost in passion. There was no stopping him now, even if she wanted to. But, she didn’t want him to stop reaming oat her cunt. She wanted the fucking to continue. She wanted to come, too!

“Don’t stop now! Please!” she cried hoarsely. She writhed and jerked, bucking upward, her pussy slamming into him, trying to derive the ultimate satisfaction from his raping cock.

“I’m not about to stop, bitch!” he hissed crudely, stabbing his prick in deeper.

Her cunt-muscles sucked at his lengthy cock, milking his rubbery cock-knob which was trapped in her pussy. Her cunt-muscles sucked frantically at his fleshy prick-shaft rippling and spasming.

“Unnngggghhhh!” he grunted as his prick shot jism into her pussy. His body stiffened and the muscles in his hips flexed as his cum spurted out and shot deep into her cunt. “Aaaaggghhhh! Great fuck! Yessss! Unnnggghhhh!” He raised his heavy body up and slammed forward again, impaling her pussy on his spurting cock. Cum shot forward in a flood of thick, scalding jism that rushed through her cunt. His prick was still hard as it spewed forth.

She heard lewd sloshing noises coming from her cunt as her pussy filled up with jism. Her own passion had built to the exploding point. Her cunt was boiling with hot curds of cunt-nectar and she knew that she would soon climax. Congressman Barth bit down hard on her nipple and she flinched. But the strange tingling sensations in her cunt became even more intense and powerful. His prick was starting to soften in her pussy, and she knew that it was now or never. She clenched her cunt-muscles and jerked her hips forward. Her pussy clasped around his cock-shaft and she felt a sharp, shooting sensation rush up from the inner depths of her pussy. She came hard, her clit throbbing and filling up with blood. She shuddered and twitched, her face contorted with lust — in the throes of a passionate, all-consuming orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, it… it feels so… so good!” she wailed ecstatically. She bucked forward, fucking away shamelessly in the grip of an orgasm that tore at her cunt, raking thrills from her heated pussy. “Yesssss! Godddddd! I… I can’t believe it! Unnnggggbhh! Ohhhhh! I-I’m cumming!”

She threw her bead back and luxuriated in the wondrous sensations that pulsed through her cunt. She was lost and confused, but she didn’t give a damn! It was beautiful. Now she was going insane with passionate lust, driven by the desire to fulfill her sexual demands — demands which controlled her body. The thrilling and wild sensations in her pussy became more and more intense as her pussy rippled with lust and cunt-juice spilled out of her cunt.

Doris knew that it was wrong to feel so good while she was having her cunt raped by Congressman Barth’s rampaging prick, but she didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about her lewd behavior. There was time for that later. Right now, she only wanted to concentrate on her fabulous orgasm.

“Mmmmmm! Yesssss!” she purred as Congressman Barth’s prick soothed her aching, needy pussy, reaming in and out of her cunt. Even though the man was spent, his prick growing soft and flaccid, she could feel his prick-tip still throbbing in her hot cunt. And, when he gripped her nipple in his teeth and bit down hard, she felt ever sexier.

She had lost all control over her behavior. Doris felt fantastic! Her cunt was boiling over with lust, unrestrained lust! Her pussy was being skewered by his spurting cock, and she loved every second of the fucking.

“Mmmm,” she purred, her body tingling all over. Her pussy churned up more cunt-juice which mingled with the Congressman’s jism to form a strange, heady sexual broth. She gasped and kicked wildly, digging her bare heels into the man’s asscheeks. She squirmed lustfully, shamelessly, reveling in the orgasm which racked her body. Her breathing was labored and hard, but that didn’t matter — not at all! She forgot all sense of propriety as she writhed about beneath the evil Congressman.

It ended before she expected. Her climax had come on her hard and quickly — and dissipated just as abruptly. It was over, but it had been great! Beads of sweat dotted her forehead. She wanted to wipe them off, but her hands were still tied to the legs of the couch. Now, the pain returned. Her wrists were chafed raw — sore and aching from the ropes which bound them.

Doris pouted and looked into Congressman Barth’s lust-drained eyes. He was exhausted from the fucking — tired and relaxed. Doris expected the man to free her. After all, she thought, she had fucked him. He should be happy with her sexual performance. He had gotten his rocks off, coming in her pussy. Surely, he would let her go now that he had raped her cunt.

“Will you untie me now?” she said meekly. A weak, thin lipped grin hid her fear.

“You must be kidding,” he replied calmly, slipping his oozing prick out of her wet cunt. “Do you really think I’m that stupid? Do you truly think I’d let you go, so that you could run to the nearest police station and report what has happened here?” He shook his head, disgusted at her youthful naivete. “No, you little sweet cunt. I have other plans for you. You’re going for a long trip.”


As soon as the Congressman had left, Jerry turned and glowered at the spread-eagled young teenager. His eyes flashed with lust. His prick dangled lewdly. Blood was streaming hotly through his loins.

“Well, shit, Doris,” he said mockingly. “I know what a hot little slut you are, but I’m afraid I’ve gotta decline the offer.” He gestured toward her splayed legs, pretending as though she had spread her legs for him. “I’d surely like to shove my prick up your pussy, but I guess I’m a bit of a prude, Doris. You see, I don’t care for sloppy seconds. I prefer to fuck virgin holes!”

“You bastard!” she rasped, angrily. “I don’t want anything to do with your filthy prick!” She was livid with rage.

“Well, now. That’s no way to talk to me, bitch!” he replied. “Maybe I can take care of your needs in some other way. How about your asshole? That’s never been fucked. Or has it?”

“No, it hasn’t. And it never will be fucked, either — if I have anything to say about it!” Her face was flushed with anger and frustration. “You are a nasty man, Jerry. Now, stay away from me!” She protested loudly, writhing in her bonds. “And take the ropes off of my hands, will you?”

“Sorry, can’t do that,” he said. He moved forward and knelt down between her legs, spreading her thighs apart. “Jesus, Doris you are a mess… just look at your pussy, all dripping wet with cum and clit-juice. Shit!” he said with disgust. “I wouldn’t fuck your slimy pussy on a bet.”

“Nobody asked you to,” she replied, pouting and ashamed of her helpless position.

“But,” he continued, “your asshole. Now that’s a different story altogether. You’ve never been fucked in the asshole, and I think that’s just what you need to calm you down.”

Doris couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It preposterous to think that anyone could stick his cock into her tight, little asshole. “You… you can’t do that!” she exclaimed.

“Can’t I!” he replied, a lewd grin spreading across his broad, angular face. His breathing all of a sudden became irregular and his eyes narrowed as he starred at her naked body. He reached down and gripped her ass-cheeks in his powerful hands, massaging her tender ass-flesh roughly. “Yeah, I just might condescend to fuck your virgin asshole, bitch!” he began to knead her soft, rippling asscheeks, pinching and rubbing her ass. His fingers moved deftly, passing through her asscrack. “Yeah, Doris, this just might be worth my while. Shit, I’m bored to death anyway, waiting here with you. I might as well give you an assfucking while I’m waiting.”

She looked at him aghast. He must be kidding, taunting her cruelly, she thought. It would be anatomically impossible to fuck her tiny asshole. She had never heard of such a horrible thing before!

Then, she remembered hearing Jerry talk about assfucking her earlier. Yes, he had mentioned it when he was forcing her to suck his cock, when he was raping her pussy. He had talked about fucking her tight, virgin asshole. Was he serious?

Jerry slid his finger into her ass-crack, penetrating her tight and tiny asshole.

“Aaaaaggghhhh!” she gasped loudly. “Wh-what are you doing? You can’t put your… your finger in there. That’s my asshole! That’s my asshole, you creep!”

“No shit,” he replied. “No shit. Get it? Get the joke?” He laughed sadistically. He looked closely at her, and when she refused to join the laughter, she saw his face turn red. He was getting angry and she knew it!

Slowly, Jerry pumped his forefinger into her seething asshole, smiling cruelly as his finger inched its way deeper and deeper.

At first, it didn’t hurt too much, but the deeper he finger-fucked her asshole, the more pain she felt. It was revolting to have her asshole reamed out by Jerry’s finger. She tossed her head back in disgust, yelping at the man, “Don’t do that! Please, don’t do that! Take your finger out of my asshole, damnit! It hurts!”

“Sure it hurts,” he replied coolly. “It’s supposed to hurt. That’s part of the pleasure — my pleasure! I enjoy inflicting pain on poor, innocent little cunts like you. You should know that by now. It’s part of my charming nature.” He chuckled gleefully as his forefinger burrowed lewdly into her steaming asshole. Soon, his finger was in knuckle deep. It began to hurt terribly. It felt like the tight sinews in her asshole were being clawed apart brutally. But, to her surprise, she found that her sphincter muscles instinctively loosened, admitting his forefinger easily.

“Yeah, I’m gonna open up your asshole so that my cock will be able to slip right inside, Doris. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t like it!” she, blurted. “You… you can’t do that. It-it’s unnatural.”

“It may be unnatural, but it’s sure as hell a lot of fun,” he replied. He wriggled his finger inside her clenching asshole, opening her up for a tremendous cock-thrust. With his other hand, he gripped her asscheek, pulling her forward and upward — into perfect position for the moment when he would plunge his prick into her ass-channel.

She was horrified, wondering how in the world he could possibly ass-fuck her. It just didn’t seem possible. Her ass-channel was so narrow! She glanced down at his crotch, noticing at once that his cock was stiff and hard, throbbing with lust and desire. There was no question about it. Jerry really meant what he said. He really did plan to ass-fuck her. The very thought was utterly repulsive!

With a deft movement, Jerry pulled his finger out. Before her sphincter muscles had a chance to retract completely, he pressed his cock-knob into her asshole. Her tight muscles constricted automatically, clamping down on his bulbous cock-tip, holding his cock-knob prisoner.

“Nooooo!” she wailed. But it was too late. His cock-knob had already penetrated her. There was no stopping him now.

“Yes! Yes, indeed!” he gloated as he tensed his hips and slammed forward, his prick burrowing like a snake into her hot asshole.

Her pussy was secreting cunt-juice madly — but that didn’t help at all. Her asshole was raw and sore, and she yelled in agony at the excruciating pain that filled her as he plunged forward. It felt like a thousand firecrackers were exploding in her ass. His fingers clawed at her tender, ripe asscheeks, riveting her to the spot, keeping her in place so that he could impale her with his prick. Anger and frustration were killing her. She could do nothing to stop the man from raping her asshole.

“Aaaaaiiieeee!” she shrieked. His prick speared hard and fast into her and she screamed in terror.

She feared for her health — for her very life. He would kill her with his cock. She just knew it. He would split her into two disjointed pieces with the tip of his slicing, raping prick!

The man seemed to have no pity on her, she thought. Even as she screamed in terror, he kept pummeling her asshole with his rock-hard prick, reaming her to the very depths as though it were a cunt. But, it wasn’t a cunt. Her asshole was raw and dry, and his prick felt like a razorblade as it raked through her.

Her pretty young face was covered with sweat as she tried to endure the pain. Her face was a mask of pain and horror. She grimaced in agony. Doris found it difficult to believe that this was really happening to her. She was living a nightmare of sadistic lust, at the mercy of a merciless man.

“I was right! Your asshole feels great! I love it? Fuck me with your asshole, you whore! Let’s go!”

He groaned and grunted obscenely. He didn’t give a shit about her welfare. All that Jerry cared about was his own perverse pleasure.

When the ugly reality struck her, she was terrified. “Ohhhhh, my God! You can’t do this!” she wailed breathlessly. “Y-your cock! It-it’s too, too big for me! I can’t take it! It hurts too much! Toe much! Y-you’re killing me!”

“It may be killing you, bitch. But I love it!” Jerry snorted crudely. “It’s so damned tight. Good fucking God! I love it! I love your tight fucking asshole!”

Doris could feel her ass-muscles clamping down on his turgid cock-shaft like a steel vise-grip. She concentrated long and hard, trying desperately to make her ass-muscles flex loosely and relieve some of the pain. It was impossible. There was simply no relief from the pain and agony that tore at her very being — that caused her to writhe about in horror.

She was repulsed, but she could do nothing to escape his rampaging prick as it speared into her asshole. She hoped and prayed that it would soon be over, that he would quickly tire of this humiliating and degrading tape. Doris had felt pain before, but nothing quite so bad as this! She shrieked and screamed and cried — but none of that seemed to matter to Jerry, who enjoyed every moment of the ass-fucking!

“Ummmppphhhh! Unnngggghhhh! Yeah! Hot little asshole! Ripe for a good, hard fucking!” he snorted, slamming his hips forward and gyrating rhythmically. He moaned as though he were delirious as he ass-fucked the young blonde captive. She writhed about helplessly in her bonds.

Her pussy was tight and constricted, seeping cunt-juice that dripped into her asshole, coating his prick-shaft as it slammed into her relentlessly. In some lewd manner, her cunt was responding of its own will. Doris certainly didn’t anticipate the fact that she would get turned on by the brutal raping of her asshole — but it was happening! Her clit was throbbing rapidly with every cock-thrust. Her cunt-muscles rippled and tingled as though electrified by a lightning bolt. But that lightning bolt was Jerry cock!

“Aaaaaggghhhh!” he moaned. He lurched forward, impaling her asshole on the tip of his cock. He reared back and plunged in the entire length of his cock. She jerked about like a fish on the end of a hook, twisting and turning in a desperate effort to escape his powerful cock-thrusts. It was impossible to free herself!

Just as her lust began to rise, she felt Jerry’s prick throb mightily. It filled with cum from his constricted balls. The white-hot jism pulsed in his prick and exploded — shooting like a jet-stream into her tortured asshole.

Doris whimpered and steeled her nerves. Her muscles tightened as she clenched her teeth, biting her lip. She grimaced with disgust as she felt his gushing jism spurting into her.

Her asshole ached terribly, rubbed raw and red from Jerry’s stiff, raping cock-thrusts. She felt intense pain and unbelievable humiliation. Jerry was a perverted sex maniac, and he had ass-fucked her brutally, without any pity or remorse!

As he shuddered and his quivering cock deposited its cum deep in her aching asshole, he grunted and gasped for air. He finished his diabolical ass-fucking and rolled off of the raped young teen-ager. He smiled lewdly, his eyes rolling into the back of his head — his wicked, lust satiated!


Jerry left to go to the Congressman’s mansion, leaving Doris tied up in the shabby wooden building. He had checked the knots on the ropes that bound her wrists to the legs of the couch, and they were tight! There was no way for her to escape. Even so, she twisted and turned, trying to figure out same way to loosen her bonds. It was impossible. The pain that racked her body soon became too much for her to bear. Nature took its course — and Doris blacked out.

The wretched teen-age girl was still unconscious when a man and a young woman, entered the shabby wooden building.

“Is this the bitch?” the woman asked, a snide tone in her voice.

Doris awakened, but she kept her eyes partially closed — just open wide enough to look at the two people who had entered. They were glowering at her — smug, self-important expressions pasted to their young faces.

“Yeah, Uncle Barth said to pick her up out here. Obviously, sister, this is the bitch. Doris is her name. That’s what Uncle Barth said, anyway.”

“Christ!” the girl said. “Uncle Barth sure gave us a tough job to do this time. You know, we could get in real trouble doing this.”

“Don’t sweat it, Sis,” the young man said. “The private jet is waiting at a small airport not far from here. The pilot’s cool. Listen, Suzanne. If you want to chicken out, it’s all right with me. I can take care of the little bitch all by myself, if I have to. Nobody says you have to come along.”

“Nothing doing, Samuel. I want to go along. This is liable to be fun. We’re gonna have total control over the bitch. Aren’t we?” the young woman asked.

“You bet your sweet ass, Sis. We can use her in any way we want — all the way to Mexico! Then, we’re supposed to take her to Uncle Barth’s secluded country estate outside of Culiacan, where she’ll be trained as a house servant. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of fun with the cunt. But I have strict orders not to let you get too tough with the little slut. Understand?”

“Yeah, all right. I understand,” the young woman replied, pouting with apparent frustration. Doris detected a glint of evil in the woman’s eyes.

Doris took a long look at the young couple. She realized that the man, Samuel, was Congressman Barth’s nephew. He wore jeans and an open collared shirt. His chest had dark black hair coveting it, and his arms were muscular. The woman was obviously Samuel’s sister — his younger sister. She struck a stunning figure, with a haughty and somewhat nasty disposition. She was obviously accustomed to luxury and, like her brother, to leading a very privileged life.

The girl’s tits were big and firm, thrusting upward and showing a deep cleavage through the thin, filmy silk blouse that she wore loosely. She had a taut, curvaceous ass and a tiny waist that accentuated her luscious, sexy figure.

Samuel bent down and untied the knots of the ropes which bound Doris chafed wrists to the legs of the couch. Doris continued to pretend that she was out cold.

“Time to wake the little cunt up,” Samuel snorted gruffly.

Suzanne needed no further cue. She sauntered forward and lifted her foot up high, bringing her high heel down hard on Doris’ tender tit. Doris flinched in pain as the woman ground the heel of her shoe into her nipple, laughing sadistically.

“Wake up, stupid!” the woman shouted cruelly. “Wake up and meet your masters.”

“Back off, Sis!” Samuel hissed. “There’s plenty of time for that stuff later.” He lifted Doris up off the floor. She immediately fell back down, rubbing her sore and chafed wrists, trying to regain her strength.

“Get the fuck up!” Suzanne commanded in a harsh and shrill voice. She kicked Doris in her ass, digging the tip of her pointed shoe into the young girl’s soft flesh.

Doris hastened to obey, rising unsteadily on her shaking legs. She stared long and hard at her tormentors, frightened at the manner in which they were abusing her. She wasn’t sure what they were up to, but she knew damn well, that whatever it was, it was no good.

“Where are you going to take me?” she asked weakly.

“To Mexico, bitch!” Suzanne rasped. “You’re gonna go with us. You’re lucky. You’re gonna go first-class, in my Uncle Barth’s specially equipped jet. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the flight. Ha! Ha!”

“Put this dress on. Right now!” Samuel instructed. “The plane’s waiting for us.”

Doris put on the flimsy cotton dress that Samuel flung at her. She was led out the door and into a waiting limousine. She was forced to stretch out on the floor, under the feet of Samuel and Suzanne. During the drive to the airplane, Suzanne kept grinding her heels into Doris’ back, digging painfully into the girl’s tender flesh. Doris was stiff and racked with pain, her poor back aching terribly from the tips of the sharp heels. She was very happy when they reached the small jet plane. They pushed her in, and before long they were airborne — heading for Mexico.

The jet plane was small, but it was strangely decorated. A big, wooden box stood in the corner and there was a post affixed to the floor. It had a ring attached to it. Samuel opened the wooden box and pulled out a thin leather strap. He casually walked toward Doris and grabbed her under her arms, flinging her toward the steel pole. Before she knew what was happening, Samuel had tied her up.

“This,” Samuel said, by way of explanation, “is a whipping post.” He gestured to his sister, who stepped toward the wooden box. She reached inside and pulled out a horrible looking whip. The whip was dark black, with a thick leather handle and nine thin leather tendrils dangling down in front. Suzanne stroked the whip lovingly, running the tendrils through her fingers and glowering at the helplessly bound blonde girl. Suzanne smiled lewdly, licking her lips in anticipation as she fondled the whip. “Shall we start with the cat?” she asked her brother.

“I’ll start with the cat, Sis!” Samuel said coolly. “You shut up and stay put. You’re not getting your nasty hands on the bitch until I’m finished getting my kicks.” He ripped the whip out of Suzanne’s hands and stood above Doris, menacingly, his legs stretched far apart. “I haven’t had a chance to whip a young cunt in a long time. I’ve been looking forward to a chance like this. I’m sure Uncle Barth wouldn’t mind if I worked her over a bit. I won’t damage his house servant too badly!”

Doris stared up at the man wide-eyed, her heart racing with fear. “What are you talking about? What’s a cat?”

Suzanne and Samuel exchanged knowing glances and shook their heads laughing at the naive young girl who was tied to the whipping post. “A cat-of-nine-tails,” Samuel said, smirking. “A cat-of-nine-tails is a whip, a whip that was used in medieval days to torture people. I’m going to use it to torture you!”

“But, why? I didn’t do anything! Why would you want to torture me?” she asked in a thin and quivering voice. Her voice was a mere whine, barely audible. She couldn’t understand what was happening. She had done nothing to anger Samuel. Why in the world would he want to harm her? It made no sense at all!

“Because I feel like it,” he answered matter-of-factly. “I feel like hurting you. I feel like beating you. In fact, I think I’ll whip that dress off of your body!”

“Nooooo!” she shrieked.

But, her cries of protest went unheeded. He threw his arm back and whipped the cat-of-nine-tails through the air. The whip made a sickening, whistling noise as it cut through the air and sliced across her tits, biting into her flesh!

“Owwwwww!” she wailed as she felt nine leather tendrils slashing across her flesh-cutting through the thin cotton fabric of her dress! The flimsy material tore away when the whip struck, leaving her tits totally exposed. Her nipples puckered and stiffened, pointing skyward, her areolas covered with goosebumps. “Good God! That hurts!” she shrieked.

“No shit, bitch!” Suzanne interjected, getting into a comfortable position from which to view the brutal whipping. “It’s supposed to hurt, you fucking fool! My brother doesn’t fuck around when he has a little cunt at his mercy.”

Samuel leered at Doris and reared back. Again, he slashed the whip across the young girl’s body, this time striking her ripe cunt-mound. Her pussy ached as the whip cut into her like nine steel claws raking across her tender flesh.

“Owwwwww! Aaaaiiieeee!” she cried. Tears streamed down her face as she tried her best to endure the horrible pain which rushed through her tortured cunt and tits. Again, Samuel flailed her cunt.

By the time he had flogged her a sixth time, she was bare-assed naked, with not a stitch of clothing covering her ripe, young body. She flinched and winced in pain, but Samuel didn’t seem to care in she slightest. He didn’t give a damn about her discomfort. In fact, she could tell by looking at the bulge in the crotch of his tight jeans that Samuel was actually getting turned on by whipping her. He was enjoying flogging her, getting some sort of kick out of abusing the helpless young girl. She writhed about, tightly secured to the whipping post.

He flung the whip aside. Suzanne bent down to pick it up but Samuel anticipated what was on his sister’s mind. “Not now, Sis,” he said. “I’ve got other things planned for the little cunt.”

“What’s that?” she asked, pouting and disappointed that she would not be able to whip Doris herself. She was obviously looking forward to her chance to torture and abuse the helpless young girl.

Doris waited, nervously for the young man’s answer. What was he planning to do to her next? Whatever it was, she knew that it would be painful.

Samuel glowered at Doris, savoring his power over the tormented young beauty. He slipped his hands between his thighs and stroked his balls beneath his heavy jeans. His big prick lurched beneath his pants, causing the bulge in his crotch to get bigger.

“Yeah!” he said nastily. “Whipping the little cunt seems to have gotten me all excited. I’d swear I can feel my cock getting nice and big and hard. What do you think about that, Sis?”

“I think maybe you ought to have Doris take care of you, Samuel,” the haughty brunette bitch replied, casting a cold look in Doris’ direction. “I think you should make the little slut suck your cock. In fact, I’d like to see that. Make our new servant give you a blow-job. That would be fun to watch.”

Suzanne’s face was beaming with youthful exuberance and excitement. She rose from her seat and walked toward the wooden box, reaching inside and pulling out a vibrator that was shaped like a long, thin prick. Then, she returned to her seat and pulled her skirt up high, revealing a sexy pair of red silk crotchless panties, through which her brown, cunt-hair showed. The brunette bitch spread her legs far apart, draping her lovely, lithe limbs over the arms of the seat. Licking her lips lasciviously, she slowly brought the vibrator down between her creamy thighs until the tip rubbed up against her pink cunt-lips.

“I think I’ll jerk myself off while I watch you fuck the cunt’s pouty little mouth, Samuel. That’ll keep me nice and busy until you’re finished with her?”

“You do that, Sis,” Samuel said, nodding in agreement. He turned back toward Doris, pulling down his tight jeans. “I think I’ll make her suck my cock for starters. You’d like to lick my big prick, wouldn’t you Doris?”

“No, I wouldn’t like it!” she blurted in response, shuddering with humiliation and fear. She stared past Samuel, looking straight at Suzanne, amazed that the haughty rich bitch could behave in such a lurid and obscene manner. Suzanne was actually rubbing the vibrator across her pink cunt-lips, in full view of her brother and Doris. She didn’t seem the slightest bit ashamed or embarrassed! Doris watched closely as she saw glistening cunt-juice dripping down Suzanne’s creamy thighs. The woman was getting turned on by the vibrator. She pressed a button, and the cock-like instrument sprang to life. Suzanne swooned lustfully. The vibrator massaged her pussy-lips, causing more cunt-nectar to leak out of her hot cunt. She seemed totally at ease, pleased with herself, a look of lust pasted to her lovely features.

“Give it to her, Samuel! Unngggghhhh!” Suzanne panted. “Make the little whore suck your cock while I watch! This is gonna be fun!”

Samuel was watching his sister work the vibrator between the slick, juicy folds of her pussy. He seemed to have a look of sincere admiration on his face. Samuel was getting aroused watching his sister dildo-fuck herself. He turned abruptly back to Doris, gripped his prick in his fist, and began to pump his cock-shaft rapidly. His cock throbbed to life in his pumping fist, filling with red-hot blood that coursed through the rope-like veins which ran along the length of his thick, throbbing prick. His cock lurched upward, the rubbery cock-knob turning a purplish hue as it filled with blood.

“Okay, bitch!” he snorted. “Here’s my cock. Lick it!”

Doris cried and turned her head to the side. She was quaking with fear as the man towered over her, stroking his prick, jerking oft.

“Lick it, I said! Lick my cock, you slut!” he commanded harshly.

His tone of voice was bitter and demanding. Before she even had a chance to obey his lewd command, he reached out and grabbed her bare tit in his hand, twisting her tender tit-flesh and squeezing down on her nipple. She jerked about in pain and horror as her tit began to ache from the abuse.

“I said lick my cock, you asshole!” he bellowed coarsely. “Lick my prick or I’ll twist your tit off and stuff it down your throat!” Pulling her tit upward, he forced her face into contact with the very tip of his cock. Her lips brushed across his cock-knob. She tried to jerk away. But it was impossible. If she tried to move away, he only griped her tit tighter, making the pain even more intense. She knew that the only way to get any relief from the agony which she felt was to obey his command and lick his cock. Feeling great disdain for the brutal young man, she reluctantly slipped her tongue out of her mouth and raked it across his cock-shaft.

“Unnnn! Yeah, that feels nice!” Samuel gasped. He breathed deeply and flexed the muscles in his hips. His prick lurched forward and upward, his cock-knob pointing skyward. Blood raced through a big, blue vein that ran beneath his cock-stalk. “Keep it up, bitch! Keep licking my cock! Follow my instructions and I won’t hurt you!”

Doris obeyed, licking and lapping at his cockshaft, running her wet and raspy tongue along the bottom. He moaned and straddled her upturned face, planting his feet wide apart on the floor of the airplane, steadying himself as she licked at his lurching cock-shaft.

Doris was so ashamed and disgusted. She despised Samuel. He was such a rude and sadistic young man, just like his uncle, Congressman Barth. Being forced to lick this man’s prick was a horrible fate. It was as though she were living through a dreadful nightmare!

“Mmmmmm, this is fun,” purred Suzanne as she tensed the muscles in her thighs and gripped the vibrator in her tight, wet pussy. “I love watching you dominate the little slut, Samuel.”

Doris glanced past Samuel’s throbbing cock and peered at Suzanne, who was relishing the brutal and perverted treatment that Doris was receiving. The battery-operated vibrator, made a barely audible purring sound as Suzanne pressed it into her pussy. She was moving about in the seat, writhing in sexual pleasure, savoring the wonderful, thrilling sensations that pulsed through her cunt. It was obvious that Suzanne was getting hot and horny watching her brother taunt Doris with his raging cock.

She was an evil bitch, Doris thought remorsefully.

In some ways, Doris felt that Suzanne was even nastier than her brother. The haughty brunette bitch seemed to have no inhibitions, acting in a lewd and licentious manner in front of her brother Samuel. Suzanne was just as perverted as her brother, if not more so!

“Just keep up the good work, Doris,” Samuel said. “Now, do as I say. I want you to open your little mouth nice and wide.”

“Yeah,” Suzanne interjected. “Get ready for my brother’s big surprise.” She laughed sadistically ass she increased the motions of the vibrator which sliced deep into her cunt. “Mmmmmmm, yeah! This is great! I love it!”

Doris opened her mouth wide and Samuel slid his stiff, hard prick between her full lips, pressing his rigid cock down on her tongue. His cock throbbed mightily in the girl’s mouth. She kept her tongue still, at first refusing to lap and suck.

It didn’t take long for Samuel to respond in anger. “Suck my cock, you bitch! Suck it deep into your fucking mouth, you slut!” His tone of voice was harsh and nasty. He meant business, that was certain. His balls became constricted in the tight leathery ball-sac that hung down below the girl’s chin.

Doris accepted her grim fate and tentatively sucked his prick between her full lips. His prick quivered as Samuel instinctively responded to her hot, wet mouth. His cock inched its way deep into her throat. She gasped quickly to take in a breath of air. Then she went about her vile task, unwillingly but anxiously, knowing full well that he would torture her badly if she failed to give him a good blow-job.

Samuel groaned with obscene sexual joy. He had every intention of getting his rocks off right in Doris’ sucking mouth. Her lips slurped at the tip of his lengthy prick. He gasped with crude sexual delight, savoring his power over the helpless and tormented young girl. Samuel felt no embarrassment or shame, only lust and depraved power. He loved face-fucking Doris. It made him feel terrific! He reveled in perverse glory as he tightened his muscles and slammed his prick forward, impaling her mouth on his stiff prick.

The evil brunette bitch was impressed with the manner in which her brother was dominating Doris. She was reeling with sexual delight. Her legs splayed lasciviously over the arms of her seat. She shamelessly dildo-fucked her pussy with the vibrator, sluicing the hard, plastic prick in and out of her cunt. She purposely, slid the vibrator over her erect and spasming clit with every stroke. Her cunt was hot and slippery with pussy-nectar.

Doris looked past Samuel’s cock and peered with awe at Suzanne. It was obscene, she thought, as she watched with fascination, seeing the plastic vibrator pump deep into Suzanne’s brown thatched cunt. The teen-age girl wondered how Suzanne could behave in such an unrestrained and decadent manner. What sort of woman was the brunette bitch?

“Keep sucking my cock!” Samuel bellowed, pumping his hips forward so that his prick plunged deeper into her wet mouth. “This feels great! You are a pretty good cocksucker, Doris! Haw! Haw! Let’s see if you’ve got a nice deep throat!”

He reared back and slammed his prick into her mouth, choking her as his cock-knob burrowed deep into her mouth and down her throat. His prick-tip banged hard into the walls and linings of her throat, suffocating the tormented young girl.

Doris coughed and spit out Samuel’s prick, saliva dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t help it, and she hastened to tell him so. “Please! It wasn’t my fault! My… my mouth isn’t that big!”

“Tough shit!” he hollered. He slapped her hard across the face. Her face flushed with fear, turning crimson.

“It… it isn’t fair!” she protested. “Your cock was choking me! I’m doing my best! It just isn’t fair!”

“Who said I was a fair person?” Samuel said, his cock wagging in front of him.

“Life isn’t fair, honey. Didn’t you know that?” Suzanne moaned, slicing the vibrator between the folds of her glistening pussy. The woman looked like she was about ready to reach a climax. Her dark brown eyes were half-closed and the muscles in her creamy thighs flexed as the plastic prick slid deep into her hot cunt. Her eyelids fluttered. When Doris looked closely at the evil brunette bitch, she saw gleaming cunt-juice dripping out of Suzanne’s pussy and puddling into the leather seat on which she sat, her lovely asscheeks taut with tension.

“Get back to work, and this time don’t you dare choke on my cock!” Samuel demanded hoarsely. “I don’t want to hear anymore complaints or excuses out of you.”

His ass-cheeks tightened, forming muscular, hollow pockets in his firm flesh. He slammed forward with a powerful cock-thrust into her open and waiting mouth, ramming into her like a jackhammer, splitting her lips apart brutally. His prick throbbed mightily and Samuel seemed like a man possessed — possessed with the obscene desire to satiate his sexual demands by pumping his steelhard prick into her sucking mouth!

She gasped and bent to the vile task of sucking Samuel’s prick as it blasted its way into her mouth. His prick seemed even bigger and thicker than before. The veins on his cock-stalk rippled with fresh blood. His cock-knob probed and prodded into her mouth, banging against the linings of her throat as she did her best to keep from choking and gagging. Doris was exhausted, her knees weak, her legs quivering — her tortured and abused mouth aching from his pounding cock-knob!

Suddenly, he reared back and slammed really hard into her mouth. He came, jism spurting out of his cock-slit and shooting into her mouth.

“Swallow my cum, whore!” he shouted. “Swallow every drop of my cum!”

His load of cum was splashing into her throat. A thick glob of his jism dripped out of her mouth, coating her lips with sticky sperm, drooling out of her mouth down her chin. She felt sick to her stomach. But she gulped down his load of thick, white-hot jism, knowing that it would be unwise to disobey his lewd command. She made muffled, gurgling noises as she swallowed his cum down her tortured throat.

At least, this was better than choking and suffocating on his hard prick, she thought, trying to console herself. But, no matter how hard she tried to make light of the situation, she felt terribly abused and thoroughly humiliated!

Samuel grunted in satisfaction and stepped back, savoring the afterglow which flushed through his prick as it drooled with spent jism. He gripped the base of his prick in his fist and moved back toward Doris. She was aching with pain, her mouth oozing cum. He crudely squeezed the base of his cock, causing a drop of jism to form on the tip of his prick. He rubbed his cock-knob into her eyelid. She blinked as the drop of jism was rubbed into her eye. Then, he moved his prick across her forehead, coating her thick eyebrows with jism.

She retched in revulsion and complete disgust. She looked terrible, but, her hands bound to the whipping post, there was not a thing that she could do about it. Doris wept and bit her lip, wishing that she were back at Uncle Melvin’s New York apartment. Instead, she was in a small jet airplane, high in the sky, flying toward Culiacan, Mexico. If Samuel and Suzanne had their way, Doris knew that she would be held prisoner at Congressman Barth’s home in Mexico — and be forced to work as a lowly servant for the rest of her life! She would be forced to serve the sadistic whims of Congressman Barth and his niece and nephew. The thought of her dreadful circumstances made Doris ill.


“Ummmmmm! This is great!” Suzanne gasped loudly. She slumped back in her seat, her lovely limbs splayed wide apart, cunt juice glistening on her luscious thighs. She was still pumping the vibrator into her pussy. The tip of the plastic battery operated prick parted her pussy-lips and sliced deep into her seething hot cunt. “Mmmmmm, this feels so fucking good! Damn! I love it!”

Doris stared in fascination as the brunette bitch slid the tip of the vibrator into her cunt. She had never seen such a lewd and perverted scene before. It was utterly astounding to view a woman raping her own pussy with such a strange device. Doris was transfixed!

Samuel stepped back away from the young girl. She had an unobstructed view of Suzanne’s cunt. The woman seemed to be going crazy with self inflicted passion, writhing about like an animal in heat as waves of pleasure surged through her hot pussy. She moaned and sighed, bucking forward as she pumped the plastic prick into her wet, torrid cunt.

Suzanne looked over at Doris and smiled lewdly, licking her lips in a motion that demonstrated sheer, raw sex. “You like watching me, honey? Ha! Ha!” Not for a second did she cease fucking her pussy with the plastic vibrator. She didn’t appear to be the slightest bit ashamed that Doris was watching her perform this lewd act!

Without a word of warning, Suzanne pulled the plastic cock out of her cunt. It made a lewd, sucking noise as she withdrew the vibrator. She sighed and stood up. Her knees were weak and quivering, the muscles on her thighs flexing. Without saying anything, the bitch glowered long and hard at Doris. Stepping forward, she kicked Doris in the stomach, catching her just beneath the ribs with the pointed tip of her shoe. Doris gasped and opened her mouth to catch a breath of air.

At that very moment, Suzanne moved quickly forward, stuck her thumb into the corner of the girl’s mouth and shoved the wet, dripping tip of the vibrator between Doris’ unwillingly parted lips. The tip of the plastic prick was damp with sticky cunt-juice. Doris was disgusted but it was all that she could do just to breathe. Her lungs felt as though they had collapsed when Suzanne had kicked her brutally in the stomach. She gagged on the tip of the vibrator that was coated with slippery cunt-nectar.

“Suck the cunt-juice off of my vibrator, you worthless little whore!” Suzanne demanded harshly. “I’m finished with it for now, and I want it cleaned off. With your mouth!”

Doris had no choice in the matter. The tip of the vibrator was already stuck far into her mouth. She wrapped, her lips wound it and slurped the woman’s cunt-juice off.

While she was busy sucking off Suzanne’s cuntjuice, the evil brunette bitch turned the vibrator on. The plastic prick whirred and rattled in her mouth, shaking the inside of her lips. She shuddered with fear. The vibrator shook, rattling against her straight, white teeth. Doris feared that her teeth would be shaken out of her mouth if the woman didn’t take the vibrator out soon! She felt nauseated as she was forced to suck the cunt-juice off of the vibrator that, only moments before, had been buried deep in Suzanne’s hot, tight cunt.

“Ha! Ha! That’s real good!” Suzanne snarled, her lip curling up. “I can see that it’ll be a lot of fun to have you around as our servant. From now on, anytime I need the cunt-juice sucked off of my vibrator, I can just call on you. Ha! Ha!”

She cackled like a witch, enjoying the torment and anguish that Doris felt at being so horribly treated. Then, Suzanne abruptly stopped laughing. She grabbed a thick handful of Doris’ pretty, long blonde hair and twisted it cruelly in her fist, leering at the helplessly bound teenage girl.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” Doris stammered.

“Nothing that you can’t take care of for me,” Suzanne hissed, tightening her grip on Doris’ hair. It felt like the girl’s hair was about to be torn out by the roots. Doris winced in pain as Suzanne pulled her head up and moved in closer.

“I-I don’t… understand,” Doris said, plaintively.

“I didn’t come yet, you fucking idiot!” Suzanne shouted, spit from her mouth landing on Doris’ eyelid. “It’s a damned good thing you’re here to take care of my needs, bitch!” With that, she straddled the girl’s face and began to gyrate her hips, grinding her cunt into Doris’ nose!

Doris couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her nostrils breathed in the heady, pungent aroma of Suzanne’s juicy, hot cunt. The smell was sweet, but Doris felt terribly abused. This was awful! she thought. Her nose was being used to satiate the evil brunette’s sexual desires!

“Ummmmmmm! That feels real good! Shit, Doris,” the woman teased cruelly, “as long as I have you around, I won’t even need my vibrator. Ha! Ha?” She slid her cunt-slit across the girl’s nose, cackling demonically as she jerked off, rubbing her cunt into the little girl’s face. “Yeah, fuck me with your nose, you slut! Please me! Nose-fuck me!”

Suzanne seemed delighted with herself as she pressed her cunt down on Doris’ nose. She held on tight to Doris’ pretty blonde hair, pulling her face upward to make sure that the girl could not escape her wet pussy. Suzanne’s brittle cunt-hair rubbed roughly across her lips. Her tits heaved beneath her loose blouse, and her nipples became stiff and pointed, poking out of the thin fabric. She was breathing deeply, moaning as she raked her cunt across Doris’ nose. She jerked her hips back and forth, writhing in sexual abandon, pressing her slippery cunt firmly down on the girl’s face. Her asscheeks were taut, tensed and firm as she humped and humped. Her pussy leaked cunt-juice that trickled into the girl’s mouth.

Quickly, Doris pursed her lips to avoid tasting Suzanne’s cunt-nectar. That was her first mistake. Suzanne seemed to sense the girl’s revulsion at the grim reality of cunt-juice streaming into her mouth.

“Open your mouth, you whore!” she commanded.

Tugging on Doris’ hair, she pulled her face upward, right into her hot cunt. She moved slightly, rearranging her position, her legs spread far apart. She smacked Doris hard across the head, but Doris refused to obey. Then, the brunette bitch balled her hand into a tight fist and punched Doris hard on the top of the head.

“Open your mouth or I’ll beat the hell out of you!” Suzanne bellowed.

Doris obeyed. Suzanne pumped her hips downward until her clit slipped between the girl’s lips. She ground her cunt into Doris’ mouth, and the girl tasted the woman’s cunt-juice.

Doris gasped and resigned herself to her fate. She was being forced to service the wicked brunette bitch. She kept her mouth open, grimacing in shame as Suzanne shouted harshly, “Suck my clit, you slit-sucking whore! Suck my cunt! Obey me, or else!”

Doris wasn’t about to take a chance and defy the brutal, sadistic woman. She knew that she had to give in to Suzanne’s depraved sexual demands. It was so degrading, so humiliating, but she had to obey. She simply had to suck Suzanne’s slick, hot cunt. The tip of her tongue flicked wetly across the woman’s erect clit.

The woman’s cunt-nectar leaked out of her pussy and spilled into the girl’s mouth. Suzanne ground her cunt into the girl’s face, rubbing her cunt-lips across her nose and jerking downward so that her clit slipped between Doris’ sucking lips. Every time that Doris took a breath, she smelled the pungent aroma of Suzanne’s rippling cunt, which gushed with pussyjuice.

Soon, Doris realized that if she gave in and sucked hard on the evil brunette’s clit, the woman would ease the grip on her hair and the pain in her scalp dissipated. But, if she didn’t work hard to please the woman by slurping her cunt-lips and her clit into her mouth, the bitch only tormented her and hurt her worse.

Doris was kneeling on the floor of the plane. Suzanne saw her opportunity to torture the helpless girl even more, and she jumped at the chance. She stepped onto the girl’s tender thighs, pressing the soles and sharp, pointed heels of her shoes hard into the girl’s flesh.

“Owwwwwww!” Doris shrieked, reeling in pain. The woman was pressing all of her weight down on Doris’ creamy, young thighs, gouging her high heels into her tender and tortured flesh.

As she screamed in terror and agony, her lips slipped off of Suzanne’s cunt. The brutal brunette bitch punched her hard on her forehead.

“Suck my cunt, you filthy little slut!” Suzanne bellowed harshly. “Don’t you dare stop now! I’m gonna come soon! Suck my cunt until I come!”

Doris sucked the vicious brunette’s cunt, slurping her erect and throbbing clit into her mouth, tasting the viscous liquid cunt-juice that streamed out of Suzanne’s heated pussy.

Suzanne twisted and turned, holding the girl’s head firmly between her thighs, reveling in sadistic sexual desire, raking her cunt across the girl’s wet lips. She jerked her hips back and forth, gyrating in a frenzy as Doris ministered to her lascivious sexual needs, licking and lapping at her pussy. She moaned and groaned passionately as she brutally humped the girl’s face.

Doris felt aches and pains all over her body. It was still rather difficult to breathe, after she had been so ruthlessly kicked. There was no way for her to fight back, and she knew it. She only wanted to satiate the woman’s perverse lust so that she would be left alone. But Suzanne was a long time coming!

She was obviously in no big hurry to reach, a climax. She enjoyed dominating Doris too much to hurry her orgasm?

Slipping her tongue beneath the woman’s throbbing clit, she opened her mouth wider and gripped the bitch’s clit between her teeth. Then, she swirled her tongue around Suzanne’s clit, causing the brunette bitch to swoon in sexual oblivion!

“Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss!” Suzanne moaned. “That’s great! Suck my clit into your hot mouth, you whore! Do it! Suck my cunt!”

She jerked and twisted, her cunt spasming in Doris’ face. It was as though Suzanne were doing some sort of lewd dance, poised tentatively, her heels digging brutally into Doris’ aching thighs. She savored the lovely sensations that coursed through her well-sucked pussy, nearing the throes of a magnificent orgasm, loving every second of the depraved and debauched cunt-sucking!

Suzanne was behaving like a lewd and wanton harlot, a depraved sex-starved animal who could not get enough to satiate bet bizarre, lesbian desires it seemed that the nastier the brunette bitch spoke to Doris, the more turned on the woman became.

“Yeah, this feels just great! My cunt is on fire! Suck my pussy! Do that movement again with your teeth, where you slide your teeth across my clit! I love it! It feels terrific! Do it again!”

Doris felt embarrassed to be spoken to in such a lewd and wicked manner, but in some strange way that she could not quite comprehend, she was pleased with herself — proud of the fact that she, a mere inexperienced teen-age girl, was actually capable of making the sexy brunette writhe about in sexual bliss. She felt as though she were deftly manipulating the evil woman with her lips and tongue and teeth. She believed that she held some bizarre type of power over Suzanne as she slurped the woman’s clit into her mouth. She began to enjoy the cunt-sucking, bending eagerly and willingly to the task of pleasing the woman.

“Unnnnn! Don’t tease me! Please! Suck my cunt, you bitch?” Suzanne rasped, sliding her pussy across Doris’ mouth, her cunt-lips glistening with pussy-juice. Her cunt-lips were puffed up, swollen in response to the lurid sucking. The woman was going wild with lust as Doris sucked her hot, slick pussy. She wasn’t able to control herself anymore, jerking and bucking, humping the blonde’s tormented face as the brunette scraped her hot and slick cunt-lips across the girl’s mouth. The friction from Suzanne’s grinding pussy made Doris’ face flush. Her lips became raw and red, sore from the woman’s thick bush of coarse cunt-hair which brushed and raked across her mouth. Cunt-oils mixed with the girl’s spittle, lubricating her face with a heady brew.

“Ummmmmm! Work harder on my cunt! Snap my clit again, you filthy little cunt-sucker! It feels so damn good to have your tongue up my cunt!” Doris was getting hot and horny as she sucked Suzanne’s lovely, hot pussy. Strange thrills rushed through her dripping cunt. She found it difficult to believe. There was absolutely no way to understand what was happening, but Doris was getting turned on in a very big way! She ached for sexual release, just dying to reach down and finger-fuck her hot, wet pussy. But, that was impossible. Her hands were bound tightly above her head, tied to the whipping post. Still, she could please the brunette bitch — and she decided to do just that.

It was thrilling to turn on the sexy woman, thrilling in a new way. She worked hard to bring the lovely, sexy brunette to an all-consuming climax that would tear her apart with passion.

Doris sucked and slurped the woman’s pussy, gulping down her pussy-oils as she gripped Suzanne’s clit between her teeth. Before long, the teen-age girl’s face was covered with Suzanne’s slimy, viscous cunt-nectar. But, Doris didn’t give a damn! She was overcome with wanton lust, and all she wanted to do was make Suzanne cum. She used her teeth like pinchers, clawing at Suzanne’s throbbing clit, pulling her clit as far ash could stretch out of its red cuntal sheath. Then, she released her grip, and Suzanne’s swollen clit snapped back into position, partially hidden by her puffy, pink cuntlips. She gasped with pleasure and shouted loudly, “Aaaaaaghhhh! Yesssss! Any second now! Don’t stop!”

Doris wasn’t about to stop! She was caught up in the wicked sexual depravity of the moment, her tongue slicing deep into the brunette’s tight, hot, dripping cunt.

“Unnnnggggghhhhh! Yesssss! Now!” Suzanne shrieked. “Keep sucking my cunt! I’m gonna cum!”

She moaned low and long, her pussy-lips spasming in Doris’ mouth. Cunt-juice strewed out of her cunt, coating the girl’s lips and cheeks. Suzanne twitched, her legs trembling, her thighs quivering. Her face was covered with sweat, flushed a bright red. She licked her lips lasciviously and humped Doris’ face, sliding her cunt up so that her swollen, glistening pussy-lips parted around the girl’s upturned nose. Her orgasm hit her hard, and every muscle in her lovely body tightened and flexed. She placed all of her weight on her heels. This was bad, news for Doris, because she was supporting the woman’s weight on her tender thighs — and Suzanne’s heels were digging painfully into her skin!

When Suzanne came, she shook, her pussy-lips spasming in Doris’ mouth. Her thighs trembled. She jerked her hips and cunt-juice poured out of her pussy, coating Doris’ face. Suddenly, the brunette bitch reined, loosening her thigh muscles. Sweat poured down her lovely face, dripping onto Doris’ upthrust tits as she stepped off of the girl’s aching thighs. Her cunt was satisfied and the burning sensations that tore through her pussy began to subside. She fell into her seat, stretched her long legs out in front of her, crossed her ankles, and threw her arms aver the back of the seat. Her lust, for the moment, was satiated.

“Ohhhhhhh, that was terrific,” she cooed softly. “Doris is gonna be nice to have around. She’s a great little cunt-sucker!”

Doris winced when she heard Suzanne’s lewd, uncaring statement. Her pussy was hot and unsatisfied — but Doris no longer felt sexually excited. She was hurt deeply by the brunette bitch’s insensitivity. She didn’t even say thanks for the wonderful cunt-sucking that Doris had given her ripe and needy pussy.

Then, Doris felt silly. Of course, Suzanne wasn’t grateful. The evil, sadistic woman had forced Doris to suck her pussy until she reached a climax. Doris hadn’t really done Suzanne any favor. She had simply obeyed Suzanne’s vile command. It wasn’t her idea to suck the woman’s cunt, and she certainly wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t been tortured and forced to do it. The grim reality of the situation struck Doris. She was a prisoner, a servant. In actuality, Doris was a slave! A sex slave!


The flight took five hours. The private jet airplane made a smooth landing at the small air port in Culiacan, Mexico. A black Cadillac limousine was parked at the airport, waiting for them to arrive.

Samuel, Suzanne and Doris stepped into the limousine. Doris was dressed in a sheer halter-top and a pair of tight slacks which Suzanne had given her before the plane landed. She was permitted to sit in one of the jump seats that folded down in front of the back seat. Suzanne sighed and lifted her feet, placing them in Doris’ lap. The evil brunette bitch acted as though it were perfectly natural to have Doris hold her feet in her lap. Suzanne and Samuel paid no attention to Doris on the way to their Uncle Barth’s estate in the country.

The Cadillac pulled into a side road and drove down the driveway of Congressman Barth’s enormous Mexican estate. Doris was quite impressed by the luxurious grounds, and the huge white mansion left her awestruck. She wondered how a Congressman could afford such an expensive mansion. A servant quickly stepped forward and opened the doors of the automobile. They stepped out and walked up the marble steps and through the huge oak door.

Doris was stunned by the expensive furnishings in the huge living-room. Huge paintings hung on the walls. A beautiful grand piano stood in one corner. All of the furniture was covered in purple velvet.

Samuel and Suzanne sat down. Doris stood nearby, uncertain what to do. She looked embarrassed and awkward.

“You sit on the floor,” Samuel said, chuckling. “That’s where you belong, bitch!”

Doris felt terribly humiliated. But she obeyed, sitting crosslegged on the floor.

Before long, a servant entered and served wine to Samuel and Suzanne, totally ignoring Doris. Her throat was parched, but she knew that it would be unwise to complain.

A handsome, red-haired man entered the living room. He was smiling broadly. “Well, hello there,” he said, greeting Suzanne and Samuel.

“God, I didn’t know you were here, Senator Hamilton!” Samuel exclaimed. He rushed forward and shook the man’s hand.

The Senator walked forward and kissed Suzanne on the cheek. “Nice to see you again, lovely lady,” he said. Then, turning to look down at Doris, he said, “Who is this? Another new servant?”

“Yep!” Samuel replied. “You want to show her around the place?”

“Definitely!” Senator Hamilton said. “It’ll be my pleasure.” He be held out his hand, and Doris took it. He pulled her to her feet. “I’ll make sure to show her the room downstairs,” he said, winking at Samuel.

“You do that, Senator,” Samuel replied.

Together, Doris and Senator Hamilton left the room. He led her down a hallway.

“Senator Hamilton!” Doris exclaimed. “I know you! I saw you on television the other day, on the David Winter Show. You’re a famous man. You said that you were planning to run for President!”

“Yep, that’s me. The one and only Senator Teddy Hamilton,” the man replied proudly. He strode forward confidently.

“I have to tell you what’s going on with Samuel and Suzanne,” Doris blurted. “And Congressman Barth! They’re evil people, perverted and mean!”

Senator Hamilton smiled and gestured for the girl to step through a door at the end of the long corridor. “Let’s go downstairs and you can tell me all about it,” he said.

Doris went down the steps and entered a large dark room. The room, was so dark that she could barely see her hands in front of her face. Her mind was racing with excitement. Senator Hamilton was her savior! she thought anxiously. She planned to tell him all about how she had been abused and raped by Congressman Barth, his nephew, and his niece. She was certain that the Senator would save her!

Suddenly, Doris felt a steel-studded leather collar being slipped around her neck. She gasped with fear and confusion. What was happening? she wondered. Then, Senator Hamilton flicked a light on, and the room was bathed in a harsh glow. Floodlights beamed down at her from all four corners of the room. As she stood in the middle of the brightly-lit room, she reached for her throat, her fingers running across the thick, steel-studded dog collar which dug into her tender neck. She glanced at the renowned Senator, who attached a leash to the collar. His eyes were glazed. He reached out and ripped off her halter top, pushing the palm of his hand into her tits and shoving her roughly to the floor. He held the end of the leash in his hand, and yanked on it hard, causing her neck to jerk forward. She was pulled to her knees. He stared at her coldly.

“I suppose you were planning on telling me all about my good friends. Is that right?”

“Y-yes!” she stammered. Doris couldn’t understand what was happening. Here was the revered Senator Hamilton, standing over her menacingly, holding the end of a leash in his hand, the other end attached to a leather dog collar which was clasped tightly around her neck. “I… I don’t understand! What’s going on here, anyway?”

“It’s really very simple,” he said calmly. “You see, Congressman Barth and I own this Mexican estate together. We use it periodically, to escape the rat-race of Washington. We come down here to relax, and work out our frustrations. Even Congressmen and Senators need time off now and then.” He gripped her by the chin and pulled her face upward to the level of his crotch. “Pull down icy zipper, bitch! Pull down the zipper of my pants!”

Doris’ fingers were trembling, but she managed to grab hold of his zipper and pull it down. She didn’t know what Senator Hamilton wanted, but she knew better than to refuse his command. He looked angry and mean!

“That’s very good,” he said, scrutinizing her carefully, admiring her ripe young body. Her tits were fully exposed to his gaze, and he inspected her lush, upthrust tits approvingly. The Senator was obviously impressed with the well-endowed young girl. There was a lascivious glint in his eyes. “Now, little girl, incidentally, what is your name, anyway?”

“D-Doris Merryweather,” she answered meekly, shrugging her bare shoulders.

“Thank you, dear. I always like to know the names of people I’m talking to. Well, now, Doris Merryweather. You are doing very well thus far. Be sure to keep up the good work. Now, slip your little hand into my fly and pull out my prick. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”

Doris was taken aback by the gentle, patronizing manner in which the famous Senator Hamilton spoke. Her hand moved automatically, dipping into his fly and taking hold of his flaccid prick. She gently tugged his cock out of his trousers. His cock dangled at his crotch, limp and soft. She was amazed that Senator Hamilton’s prick wasn’t stiff and hard. All of the other cocks that Doris had seen were as hard and straight as steel pipes. She didn’t know how to respond. She held on to the base of his cock with her thumb and forefinger, and his prick drooped like a piece of soft rubber.

“That’s real good, Doris,” Senator Hamilton said. “Now, cup your hand and rub it across the bottom of my prick. Do that for me, okay?”

Doris did as she was told, cupping her palm and stroking the length of his prick. It didn’t take long for the man to respond to her manual caress. His cock came to life, getting a little bit stiffer with every stroke. Doris could tell, that there was an especially sensitive spot on his cock, located just beneath his cock-knob. Whenever she ran her hands across that area of his prick, the skin puffed out and became a little bit redder. She could feel heat emanating from that special place on his cock. He was starting to get turned on!

“Yeah, that’s… that’s real good, Doris. That feels… feels real… real nice. I like what you’re doing. Now, do as I tell you. Take your other hand and grip the base of my prick.”

She followed his instructions carefully, gripping the base of his long cock with her free hand. When she touched his prick, the man jerked his hips backward and sighed deeply, taking in a deep breath of air.

“Now, squeeze the base of my cock,” he ordered. “Yeah, this is just the way I like to get turned on!”

Doris squeezed the thick base of the man’s prick, and he sighed. His prick responded instantly, springing upright, quickly becoming hard. She watched in fascination as his thick, rope-like prick veins pulsed with red-hot blood.

Doris was stunned and amazed as she observed the response of his prick to her deft manual movements. Before long, Senator Hamilton had a stiff, rock-hard cock. It was really exciting to witch the man’s cock-stalk respond to her manipulation!

“Unnnnnggggghhhhh! Ummmmmm!” he panted, a lewd smile forming on his handsome features. “That’s a real good start, Doris. Now, I’ll be good and ready to fuck your pussy whenever I get the urge. But, you see, darling. Congressman Barth and I have this little Mexican hideaway so that we can indulge ourselves in other, more… well, perhaps I should call it more exotic sexual escapades. You understand me, don’t you?”

“No!” Doris answered. Doris didn’t have the slightest idea what the man was referring to when he spoke of exotic sexual escapades. “What do you mean? What are you talking about?” she asked as she stroked his cock. His prick was really hard, now. His cock stood upright, sticking out and only inches from her face. The thick veins on his prick were filled with rich blood. His balls were beginning to tighten up, constricting as jism began to stir around inside of his ball-sac.

“You’ll learn,” the man said matter-of-factly. “You’ll learn soon enough.” He moved back a step, jerking the leash in his hand, pulling her forward. “Over here!”

He dragged her across the floor, scraping her knees, until they reached the corner. Shoving his knee into her back, he knocked her onto the floor. He gripped one of her asscheeks and pried her asshole apart. She screamed. Then, she felt a thick, plastic object burrowing into her puckered asshole.

“Try this ass-plug on for size!” Senator Hamilton snorted. “I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.” He laughed sarcastically as he pulled a leather strap tightly around her waist and buckled it in the back. The leather strap held the butt-plug in place, deep in her steaming, aching asshole.

“Aaaaeeeeeee!” she screamed in agony as she felt the thick, plastic ass-plug rubbing across the walls of her asshole. The pain was excruciating. Her asshole was being brutally violated by an instrument of torture — an ass-plug! Doris had never dreamed that such evil and depraved devices existed. But, the horrible pain which coursed through her asshole was proof! She jerked her hips back and forth, but there was no way to shake out the butt-plug. The belt was pulled tight and buckled, making it impossible for her to escape.

Senator Hamilton looked at the suffering young girl, an evil grin pasted on his handsome face. “You like having that butt-plug stuffed up your asshole, don’t you?” he taunted.

“No!” she exclaimed, her face wet with tears. “I… I hate it. Please, take this thing out of my asshole!”

Hamilton wasn’t about to listen to her. Not now! It was obvious that he was getting off on her discomfort and agony. His cock was throbbing, lurching forward.

“Now, you’re beginning to understand what I was talking about when I mentioned my exotic sexual preferences. You see, darling girl, both Congressman Barth and I enjoy torturing young girls like you. We get our kicks that way!”

His face was a mask of lust and decadence. He smirked at the girl, savoring the pain that she felt as the butt-plug slid deep into her asshole. Doris soon discovered that whenever she moved, the butt-plug moved, too — ripping into her tender and tortured asshole!

“Please, take this awful thing out of my asshole,” she begged. “It… it hurts so bad. Everytime I move, it hurts even more.”

Doris could tell that the Senator wasn’t in any mood for pity. In fact, she soon realized that the man enjoyed watching her suffer.

The Senator laughed sadistically and walked over to the wall. Doris watched carefully and winced as she saw that the wall of the room was lined with a vast assortment of whips and paddles. This room was especially, designed as a torture chamber! From the looks of the place, there was no telling what the evil Senator Hamilton might do to her.

The man chose a long, thin birch cane. Stepping forward, he took a deep breath and brought, the birch cane down, slashing across her taut tits. Her nipples became hard and pointed. She let out a low, painful moan and twisted her body, trying to evade the slashing cane. She rolled over, but Hamilton caught her asscheeks with a swift, thrashing stroke, ripping into her taut ass-flesh. She writhed about in pain, yelping piteously.

“Owwwwwww! Aaaaaiiieeeee!” she shrieked as she rolled about on the floor.

She was almost out of the man’s range, but he stepped down on the end of the leash. The leather tightened and Doris’ neck was snapped back. She felt a sharp pain. Her bones cracked loudly as she was yanked to a stop.

“Aaaaaghhhhh! Owwwwwww!” she screamed, unable to keep quiet as the birch cane ripped across her nipples, causing her tits to turn crimson and throb with pain. She tried to turn away, but the leather collar was attached to the hash which the man held firmly in his fist.

“I love it! I love to see young girls wriggle and writhe about when I whip them!” Hamilton exclaimed enthusiastically. “This is great! This is the most fun I’ve had in years!” He rained blows down on the writhing young beauty, slashing each of her tits with the birch cane, causing her intense pain.

Her tears flowed freely down her face as she tried to evade the blows of the slashing, birch whip. There was no escaping the wicked blows which flicked brutally across her tender, aching nipples. She jerked backward on her ass to avoid the cane, but what happened was worse than getting whipped across her the. The butt-plug came into contact with the floor and rammed even deeper into her ravaged asshole.

“Aaaaaiieeee!” she yelped. She had never felt such horrible agony. Her asshole was plugged full. She moaned as the agonizing pain in her asshole was superseded by a slashing blow from the birch whip that landed a direct hit on her nipples, sending her into a frenzy of aching torment.

“Now, I’m ready to fuck you, you little cunt.” Senator Hamilton snarled, his eyes wide with anxious anticipation. “I’m going to rape your young pussy, bitch! Look at my cock! It’s nice and hard and ready to fuck your cunt! Look at it!”

The Senator looked deranged. The very sight of the man scared Doris half to death. His forehead was lined with droplets of sweat. Nothing could stop him now. He was eager to fuck her, to rape her cunt, to make her scream and writhe about beneath his powerful cock-thrusts. She could tell by the look of lust on his face that he was planning to rape her brutally. His prick throbbed mightily, growing bigger and bigger as he moved forward.

“I’m ready, bitch! I’m going to fuck your little pussy!”

She shook her head, twisting over on her side to relieve the pressure from the butt-plug that impaled her raw asshole. The last thing that she wanted was to be raped by Senator Hamilton. Only a few minutes before, the man’s cock had been soft and flaccid. But now his prick was standing up proudly, pulsing with hot blood!

He bent down on his knees beside her and leaned over, placing his mouth on her tit. Without warning, he opened his mouth, bared his teeth and bit down on her nipple.

“Owwwwwww!” she yelped as pain shot through her.

The Senator lifted one leg and placed it between her ripe, creamy thighs. With his knee, he pried her thighs apart, exposing her tight cunt.

“Now I’ve got you right where I want you, bitch!” he snorted, reaching out and slipping his hand between her quivering legs. He ran his hands up her thighs until his palm tested on her pussy-mound. His fingers ran through her soft, blonde cunt-hairs. Then, he ran his thumb across her partially hidden clit.

“Yeah, you’re going to like this, you little cunt.” His thumb rubbed into her cunt-lips, which instantly became wet and slick with pussy-juice.

“Ohhhhhh! Don’t… don’t touch me there,” Doris complained, breathlessly. Her cunt was instinctively responding to the man’s tingling manual caress. She hadn’t expected this to happen. She despised the nasty Senator, and the last thing in the world she wanted to do was get turned on by his lewd finger-fucking.

“I’ll touch your pussy if I want to. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop me, bitch!” he snarled lewdly. He pumped his thumb deep into her cunt, purposely scraping his thumbnail across her clit.

“Mmmmmm…! I don’t know what’s happening to me!” she muttered, gasping loudly, tingling sensations filling her damp pussy. Her cunt was getting wet with pussy-nectar.

At the same time, the evil butt-plug rubbed deep into her tortured asshole, raking across the walls of her ass-channel which rippled with excitement sexual excitement!

Senator Hamilton pulled his thumb out of her pussy. He replaced his thumb with the tip of his cock. His bloated cock-knob pressed between the folds of her juicy cunt-lips. The man chuckled with glee as he pushed and prodded his lengthy, hard cock-shaft into her cunt.

“Nooooooo!” Doris shrieked, crawling backwards on her heels and elbows, trying to escape the Senator’s rapier-like cock-thrusts. But, she soon discovered that the more she wriggled her hips, the deeper the vicious, unyielding butt-plug burrowed into her aching asshole.

“Yes, indeed!” the Senator growled, ramming forward so that his cock sliced hard and fast into her tight cunt. “I’m going to fuck you silly, you little slut!”

Doris whipped her head back and forth, gurgling, her lips foaming with saliva. There was no escaping the man’s torrid prick as it sluiced into her pussy. She gritted her teeth and tried to endure the pain of the ass-plug. She felt so degraded and humiliated — like a cheap whore! But, now that the man’s prick began to pulsate in her tight cunt, she could feel her passion rising. Cunt-juice was churning up in her boiling pussy, stirred up by the man’s cock-stalk.

The Senator was going crazy, grunting and groaning, fucking her tight young pussy with powerful cock-thrusts. The man was in a massive frenzy of passion.

And Doris was responding to the fucking! Her pussy was tingling with hot, sensual excitement. Her clit became engorged with blood and throbbed into erection as the man’s lengthy cock-shaft rubbed across it. It didn’t make much sense, but the crude man was stirring up passionate feelings in her hot cunt! She clenched the firm muscles in her pussy, clamping down on his prick-shaft, holding the man’s cock a prisoner in her tight, vise-like pussy. When she tightened her cunt-muscles, her rectal muscles clenched, too — causing intense pain in her impaled asshole. But, rather than flinch and cry with pain, she moaned and gasped with pleasure?

“Ohhhhhhh! This is unreal! It… it’s beginning to feel… weird!” she gasped. She sucked in a lungful of air, which rushed to her brain, giving her renewed strength. She was writhing around beneath the man’s powerful cock-thrusts, her hair flailing about, whipping the floor. The sounds of moaning, groaning and grunting fillet the strange room, reverberating off of the thick concrete walls. Her body was entwined with Hamilton’s, growing damp with perspiration as they both got caught up in the frenzied fucking. Pain mixed with pleasure in her cunt and in her asshole. She jerked forward to meet his prick as it slammed mightily into her pussy, raking pleasure from her erect and spasming clit.

“Jesus! You sure are a hot little devil! My good old buddy, Barth, was sure right about you! He said that you were a good fuck, and he was right! Damn! I hope they decide to keep you around for a while!”

His face was contorted, a mask of lust and shameless sexual passion as he jerked his hips forward, his prick bobbing and lurching inside of her tight young cunt. He was fucking her with rapid cock-thrusts, wriggling his hips lewdly, working his prick deeper and deeper into her cunt. Senator Hamilton fucked her like a man possessed grunting and moaning, his voice high and shrill.

“Unnnggghhh! Ummmppppphhhhh! Love to fuck! Love to fuck you, bitch!”

“Ohhhhhhh!” Doris gasped as the man’s prick sliced into her wet, hot cunt.

This man has such a strange look on his face, she thought. And, she really didn’t understand what he was referring to when he spoke of keeping her around for awhile. What else would they do to her? she wondered, her mind thoroughly confused by the strange happenings that had overwhelmed her since she had been accosted in Central Park by Congressman Barth. Now, she was being held captive at some strange estate in Culiacan, Mexico, being raped by a world-famous U.S. Senator in a dungeon-like basement inside a huge, elegant mansion! So much had happened to her in only two days. It was too much to concentrate on at the moment!

The only thing that didn’t confuse her at the moment was the delicious sensations that welled up in her cunt, causing her clit to tingle with thrilling delight. She was bound to reach an all-consuming orgasm if Hamilton kept fucking her with his rock hard prick. In fact, she was counting on it! More than anything, she wanted to come. She worked the muscles in her pussy, clamping down hard on the man’s turgid cock-shaft, reveling in the thrills that corned through her pussy. She worked hard, clenching and loosening the muscles in her cunt, writhing and jerking about, bucking to increase the wondrous sensations of his cock-stabs into her heated cunt. She worked hard to attain one main goal — a gut-wrenching climax that would end her worries, if only for a mind-bending moment!

She needed sexual relief, and she needed it now! Still, she was plagued with fears, distraught with emotion, wondering what the Senator meant when he had spoken earlier, saying that he hoped that they would keep her at the Mexican estate. Again, she thought, what on earth would they do with her?

“Unnnggghhhhh! I’m gonna come any second now! Hang on, my little bitch! Hang on tight!”

Doris smiled through tight lips. She wasn’t going anywhere. She was staying on for the end of the fucking, hoping far her orgasm, which she knew was on its way. Her pussy rippled with pleasure, boiling and flaming with passionate sexual fire. Hot curds of cunt-juice formed at the opening to her cunt, foaming and steaming around the base of the man’s thick prick.

“Yesssssss! Ohhhhhhh, I’m gonna come, too!” she moaned enthusiastically, savoring the wonderful sensations that poured through her loins. It wouldn’t take long now! She would soon climax!

The Senator reared back and cocked his hips. Then, he took a deep breath and plunged his prick deep into her cunt-balls deep! His prick hammered into her cunt with the force of a fist, beating its way along her constricted cunt-walls. When he was at the end of his powerful, long cock thrust, Senator Hamilton stiffened, held his hips in place, and came. His load of jism spurted through his piss-slit and shot into her rippling pussy, washing through her cunt-walls and bathing her clit in sticky, gooey cum.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh! Ohhhhh, yeah! I love it! Aaaaaggggghhhhh!” the man shrieked.

A split-second later, Doris came. “Aaaiiieee!” she cried as her orgasm racked through her. The thrilling sensation started in her throbbing clit, rushed through her deep pussy and delivered the fabulous sexual message to her brain. She jerked her lower torso forward just as he was coming down on her with all of his weight. His prick impaled her pussy, which clenched automatically around his bloated, hard cock-shaft. “Aaaaaiiiieeee!” she wailed again, feeling a second powerful orgasm rack her body, spilling helter skelter through her cunt as she writhed about in ecstasy, savoring the thrilling moment of erotic bliss and fulfilled sexual desire. Her cunt was satisfied, the wonderful climax extinguishing the fire that had engulfed her tight, well-fucked pussy.

She lay back and reined in calm repose, oblivious to the butt-plug which dug deep into her tortured asshole. Her mind was at ease for the first time in two days!

“Ummmmmmm, that was delicious, Doris,” Senator Hamilton said, rolling off of the girl’s naked body. He stretched out on the floor beside her, breathing heavily, completely satisfied with the fucking. His handsome face was flushed a bright red, glowing with a healthy sheen. “Yeah, shit! I sure hope Samuel and Suzanne decide to keep you around this place. You made my vacation trip worthwhile. I’ll look forward to fucking you everytime I come to Mexico.”

“How often is that?” Doris inquired, trying to open up a warm conversation. She wanted to have Senator Hamilton on her side. At this point, she would nurture any possible ally. She needed friends badly. Besides, Senator Hamilton seemed to appreciate her, if only sexually.

“Oh, I usually come down here to relax every month. I always enjoy myself. As a Senator, I’m under a lot of pressure in Washington. And,” he added, scowling, “the fucking press keeps a close watch on what I do. I can’t take a fucking shit without some reporter standing outside the bathroom. Sons of bitches really piss me off.” He shook his head disdainfully.

Doris knew that this was the right time to pump the Senator for information. Her face brightened perceptively as she continued the conversation, speaking in animated tones. “That must, be terrible, Senator Hamilton,” she said.

“Yeah, it is terrible. It’s like I’m always under surveillance. I hate it. But,” he said, smiling, “I always enjoy my trips down here. The problem is, Samuel is in charge here, and he seldom keeps a new girl for very long.”

Now, Doris was really interested. “What happens to them?” she asked, innocently.

“I’m not really sure,” Senator Hamilton answered. “Congressman Barth and his nephew Samuel both have told me not to worry about it. They claim that I would be better off not knowing what happens to girls like yourself who are brought down here. I’ve heard a few little tidbits, but I can’t put it all together. Actually, I think they’re right. I am better off not knowing. I do wonder, though.” The lawmaker looked perplexed. He was obviously thinking long and hard about the few clues that he had stored away in his brain. “I guess,” he continued, “I just never really cared too much before. But, now that you’re involved, maybe I ought to take a greater interest. You’re a swell kid. How old are you, anyway?”

“I’m still a teenager.”

“Damn! You are young!” he exclaimed. “Christ, I really do want them to keep you around. I love young girls!”

Doris was flabbergasted that the man felt no remorse at fucking her and sticking the ass-plug up her asshole so cruelly. But, no matter. She wanted to know what Samuel was up to, and where all of the girls had disappeared. She was really frightened, not knowing what might happen to her. “Well,” she said, “maybe we can piece together the information that you know.”

Senator Hamilton’s eyes brightened as he dredged his brain for information, recalling the clues that he remembered only vaguely. “Well, I remember them talking about fuck shows. And some nightclub called Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. But, that’s all I can remember for now.”

“Geez, that’s not much help, is it?” Doris added. She tried to comprehend the clues, to piece them together and figure out the puzzle. Sex shows and Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. What did it all mean?


Congressman Barth arrived at the Mexican mansion and Senator Hamilton rushed up to greet his fellow lawmaker. He winked at Doris and said that he would try to figure out what the clues meant. He reassured Doris that, if it were in his power, he wouldn’t let anything happen to the girl. Then, he left, shutting the door after him.

Doris mulled the clues over in her befuddled brain, but could make no sense of them. She was totally exhausted. After the Senator had left, she pulled the butt-plug out of her asshole and rubbed her palm trough her raw and chafed ass-crack. Her asshole was burning with pain. But, more than anything else, she needed to rest. She planned to escape at the next possible opportunity. Whatever sex shows were in Mexico, Doris wanted no part of them. And, she didn’t like the sound of Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. She only wanted to flee this country and make her way back to New York, to rejoin her kind and loving Uncle Melvin. She promised herself that, never again would she disobey her uncle’s instructions. She would never walk through Central Park when it was getting dark. If indeed she ever managed to get back to New York! Things looked bleak for the captive young girl. She dozed off thinking about these things, and slept soundly.

Only semi-conscious, Doris heard the door opening. She wasn’t certain if it were not part of her dream. Then, she felt a pair of cold, steel handcuffs being clamped down on her slender wrists. “Wh-what’s going on?” she asked.

“It’s playtime, bitch!” came the familiar baritone voice of the wicked Congressman Barth.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have a little fun with you,” Samuel chimed in as he strolled to the corner of the room and picked out a long, nasty-looking horsewhip. He fondled the lengthy leather whip in his palm and looked at the handcuffed young blonde threateningly. “This ought to warm your ass up real good, and get your ripe asshole ready for my Uncle Barth’s prick.”

“Where is Senator Hamilton?” she asked nervously. Had the Senator deserted her? she wondered. He had promised that he would not let anything awful happen to her. Where in the hell was he now, when she needed him?

“Oh, yeah! The Senator said that he was very pleased with your performance,” Congressman Barth said coldly. “He doesn’t want us to sell you to the Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. We promised him that we wouldn’t do such a nasty thing.” The wicked Congressman Barth dropped his trousers and moved forward, grasping Doris about the neck and pulling her head forward. He pushed her blonde hair away and rubbed his soft prick into her face.

“Still Senator Hamilton doesn’t know anything about Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe, or sex shows,” Samuel added. He raised the horsewhip and let Doris have it across her asscheeks.

“Owwwwwww!” she shrieked. She wanted to shield her asscheeks with her hands, but it was impossible. She was handcuffed! Finally, she could no longer stand the suspense of not knowing what they were talking about. She had to ask the evil men. “What is a sex show?” she screamed, her shout filling the dungeon-like basement.

“What the hell, why not tell her?” Samuel said, cracking the whip down on her ass again. The whip cut through the air and slashed across her ass, the tip of the leather horsewhip cutting into her tortured asshole. “If she thinks that the Senator is going to save her now, she’s sorely mistaken. Shit, he’s with Suzanne now, and she’ll take his mind off of this little, snotty bitch. By the time she’s finished with him, he won’t be able to think straight. Besides, we’ll hustle the little cunt off, soon.”

“Hustle me off to where? What are you talking about?” she bellowed, racked with pain, shuddering with humiliation as Barth rubbed his stiffening prick into her face.

“Off to Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe,” the crude Congressman said calmly, “where we expect to fetch a pretty penny for your worthless fucking ass. The Mogul loves young, feisty bitches. I’m sure he’ll pay plenty for you, Doris.”

“Fuck, yes!” Samuel exclaimed, rearing back and flicking the horsewhip hard across her ass. He grunted as he whipped her, putting all of his weight into the flogging. “I bet he’ll even raise the cover charge at the cafe after he buys you!”

“For sure!” Barth said. “The younger the better.”

Doris was shocked, stunned with disbelief. She realized at last that Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe was a horribly perverted nightclub where the main attraction was a young girl who got fucked every night by a guy with a twelve inch dick. She was to be sold to the owner, named Mogul, to be forced to engage in sex night after night for the gross pleasure of the perverted customers — who paid plenty to watch sex being performed on stage! She was horror stricken, frightened out of her wits at the grim reality of her situation. Doris couldn’t believe that this was happening to her.

“Before we take you to the Mogul, I’m going to have some fun with you, bitch! Is she warmed up, yet?” Congressman Barth said to Samuel. Barth had the unmistakable look of lust in his eyes. His mouth watered as he looked down at the kneeling, handcuffed blonde girl, rubbing his hardening prick into her face.

“She’s ready for action!” Samuel said.

“All right!” Barth exclaimed prying her lips open and sticking his prick into her mouth brutally. “Suck it! Suck my prick!”

Doris refused. She spit his prick out of her mouth and shook her head violently. “I won’t do it! You bastard! I hate you! I hate all of you!”

“You’ll do it! Whip her some more!” Congressman Barth said, stepping back so that Samuel would be free to whip her without restraint. “Whip her good and hard. I don’t intend to take any shit from this insolent young bitch!”

“Nooooooo!” she cried piteously as Samuel unfurled the horsewhip and flailed her naked body. The whip slashed roughly across her shoulders and licked crudely at her nipples as it curled around her naked upper torso. “Owwwwwww! Good God! I can’t stand it! This is terrible! It hurts like hell! Please, stop it!”

Samuel was driven with perverted, sadistic lust. He ignored her pleas and protests, flogging her unmercifully, slashing the leather whip across her tits, nipples and ass. Her flesh quivered grotesquely as she writhed about on the floor, trying to endure the pain.

“Take that, you whore! Haw! Haw!” Samuel guffawed crudely, flogging her furiously with the horsewhip, raining blows down on her tits and ass. The tip of the horsewhip flicked cruelly across her puckered asshole, which clenched and flinched upon contact. “Yeah, I’ll warm your ass up good. I won’t stop whipping you until you beg to suck my Uncle Barth’s prick! Beg, you little whore! Beg! Beg!”

Doris saw that she had no choice. If she didn’t obey Samuel at once, her back and tits and ass would surely be cut to ribbons.

“All right!” she cried. “I’ll suck his prick! I’ll suck his cock! I’ll do it!”

“Beg to suck his cock!” Samuel commanded, whipping her ruthlessly, relentlessly, not letting up for a second. “Beg for the privilege to suck my Uncle Barth’s prick, you fucking, stupid young cunt!”

“Okay, okay! I beg of you, Congressman Barth! Let me suck your wonderful prick! Please!” she yelped, writhing about, twisting and turning grotesquely on the hard, cold floor. She was sweating profusely, her eyes flickering, fighting back tears, begging to suck the brutal Congressman’s prick.

Congressman Barth stood by, watching his nephew flog the helpless, manacled young girl. He had a smug expression on his face, and tapped his foot impatiently, waiting to have his prick sucked. He held his hand up high, gesturing Samuel to stop whipping Doris.

Samuel lashed her one final time, and stood back, gasping for breath, the thick sinews on his biceps and forearms rippling with exhaustion. His muscles stood out in bold relief as he stood back, satisfied that he had whipped. Doris into submission, smug in the knowledge that he had forced her to beg to suck his Uncle Barth’s prick.

“Very good, Samuel,” Barth said, smirking, complimenting his nephew’s wicked work. “I think the cunt is ready to suck my cock!” He stepped forward, his prick dangling, only half-hard, as he straddled Doris’ face. “Now,” he said, addressing the kneeling, handcuffed young girl, “it seems as though you’re ready to suck my cock, is that right?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered, unwillingly opening her mouth so that the man’s prick could enter her.

The Congressman laughed and guided his prick between her full lips. “Okay, bitch, put a nice lip lock on my cock — and suck it hard!”

Doris obeyed, albeit reluctantly. She was ashamed and disgusted, but, more than anything else, she feared being whipped by Samuel. Swallowing her pride, she wrapped her lips around the Congressman’s prick and licked hotly along it’s length. His cock grew quickly in her mouth as she slurped it into her throat. His cock-knob pressed into her tonsils and raked across the linings of her mouth, bobbing and lurching as blood rushed into his prick and filled the veins that criss-crossed his lengthy cock-shaft.

She sucked his cock, closing her eyes so that she would not be forced to watch his prick-veins swell with blood. His prick grew to monstrous proportions in her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it! One last sucking! One last blow-job for the road. One last cock-sucking from my sweet little teen-age slut before Samuel and I take you to the Mogul. Yeah! Hot damn! Unngggghhhhh! Mmmmmmppppphhhhh! Give me a good blow-job, you fucking teenage cocksucker!”

Her mouth was filled to overflowing with the man’s prick. She breathed deeply whenever he pulled backward. His crotch-hairs pound into her nostrils when he plunged forward. Her cheeks and chin were getting chafed raw from his grinding. She could feel his swollen prick throbbing inside of her sucking and slurping lips. His spasming cock caused a weird, tippling sensation in her tortured and abused throat. Her tonsils were all puffed up, swollen from the battering of his rock-hard prick as it slammed deep into her sucking mouth.

“Hold it!” Barth shouted. “I want your asshole! Stop sucking my prick, you bitch!” He cuffed her across her cheeks and pulled backward, his stiff prick slipping out of her mouth. He stood over the girl, his prick wagging in front of her face.

She looked at him, awestruck, her face pale and ashen, her puckered asshole twitching and clenching in nervous anticipation. Her asshole was raw and sore from the butt-plug that Senator Hamilton had inserted deeply in her ass-channel.

That dreadful ass-plug had reamed the hell out of her tender and tiny asshole! Surely, she would die of pain if he insisted on fucking her asshole!

“Let me finish sucking your cock!” she shouted, preferring the lesser of two dreaded evils. Better for the man to shoot his filthy load of jism into her mouth than for him to rape her tender asshole, she thought anxiously.

But, Congressman Barth’s mind was set on a furious ass-fucking. It was obvious by the look of lust in his eyes that he could not be dissuaded from raping her raw and sore asshole. He grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her down on the floor, kicking her hard in the ribs so that she turned on her side. With the tip of his shoe, he rolled her over on her belly.

She lay flat, gasping with pain from the kick to her side, tears streaking down her face — her face contorted with fear!

The Congressman smiled lewdly and knelt down between her twitching thighs. He gripped his prick between his fingers and guided his throbbing cockstalk between her asscheeks. When she involuntarily clenched the muscles in her ass, forbidding the entrance of his prick, he gestured to his nephew to pry her asscheeks apart. “The bitch is playing hard-to-get,” he quipped as he glowered wide-eyed at her puckered asshole. “Give me a hand, Samuel.”

Samuel was eager to oblige. He bent down and gripped her asscheeks tightly. Pulling her asscheeks wide apart, he grinned sadistically.

“Please, don’t do that!” she wailed. “My asshole is killing me! It’ll kill me if you put your prick in there!”

“You’re exaggerating, Doris,” Congressman Barth said. He guided his prick into her asshole, penetrating the outer ring of sphincter muscles that surrounded her tiny ass-channel. “Hey! You should try to enjoy this fucking,” he said. “This may be the last time that you ever get fucked by a man, even if it is in your asshole. Shit, after today, you’ll be fucking Horace! Haw! Haw! Haw!”

“Yeah, you should be happy with your last human fucking!” Samuel added, enthusiastically, as his hands pried her asscheeks apart.

Congressman Barth’s rock-hard prick burrowed its way past her ring of protective sphincter muscles and sliced hard and fast into her tight, ravaged asshole. He fucked her asshole with frenzied cock thrusts that made her shudder with pain and revulsion. She tried to shut out the brutal reality of the moment, but it was an impossible task! The pain seared through her aped asshole and she quivered with terrible fear.

“Unnnnnnn! Yeah, nice, tight asshole. Love it, bitch!” Congressman Barth hissed as he ass-fucked Doris.

Meanwhile, in a lushly decorated bedroom on the second floor of the mansion, Senator Hamilton was fucking the brunette bitch, Suzanne. They were both completely naked. Suzanne’s beautiful legs were wrapped around the Senator’s waist as she bucked and writhed in passionate glory, savoring his delicious cock-thrusts into her lovely pussy. Her cunt was wet with pussy-juice.

“Ohhhhhhh, good God!” Hamilton exclaimed. “Such a lovely cunt! It’s nice and tight! I love it! Unnnnnnn! Can’t get enough of your pussy, you beautiful bitch!”

He slammed forward, filling her pussy with his meaty prick, fucking her frantically, reveling in the wonderful, sexy sensations that pulsed through his blue-veined prick. He was momentarily lost in the fucking. In fact, she had come on to him so quickly that he had been totally distracted from his mission. The reason he had gone to her bedroom to speak with her was to find out about what they were planning to do with Doris. Surely, he had thought, Suzanne would know all about sex shows and Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. He had planned to question her and find out what was going on at Congressman Barth’s Mexican estate. After all, he had helped pay for the place. There was no good reason why he shouldn’t know what was going on with the young girls that Samuel and Suzanne brought down there on Barth’s instructions.

But, all of that was forgotten for the moment, as he rammed his prick hard and fast into Suzanne’s brown-thatched cunt. He was too excited to think about anything but sex! Later, he would question her about the things that were on his mind.

“Ohhhhhhh, Senator Hamilton,” she cooed. “Your prick is so nice and hard. Unnnnnnn! I love fucking you! We should have gotten together earlier!”

“And you, my dear, fuck like a rabbit! Ummppphhhhh! Mmmmmppphhh! I love your pussy, you lovely vixen!” the Senator exclaimed, fucking her fast and hard, his cock ripping through her pussy, raking obscene sexual joy from her rippling, slick cunt-walls.

Doris knew that she wouldn’t be able to stand much more of the vicious ass-fucking. She prayed that the wicked man would soon come, ending her pain. Her asshole felt like it was burning up. The pain was too much to be believed!

“This is it!” the Congressman yelped, not a moment too soon. He pounded his prick into her asshole, and shot his load deep into her body. His body stiffened and he luxuriated in the pleasure that tore through him.

As he rolled off of her tortured body, jism oozed obscenely out of her ravaged asshole. She felt awful. Her entire body was racked with pain. She lay there on the floor, trembling with fear, her face flushed with embarrassment.

Her mind raced with thoughts of Senator Hamilton. Where was he? she wondered. He had promised to save her, but he was nowhere in sight!

The Congressman pulled up his trousers and made himself presentable. “We’ve got to get moving. Suzanne is keeping your good friend, Congressman Hamilton, busy for the moment. We have an appointment with the Mogul.”

“Yeah,” Congressman Barth agreed. “Let’s get her ass out of here before the good Senator starts sticking his nose in our business. This little lady is going to have to go to work at Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe!”


Congressman Barth and his nephew Samuel hustled Doris into the limousine. They drove quickly through the dark, city streets of Culiacan, Mexico, headed for the dreaded Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe.

“Please, don’t do this to me,” Doris whimpered weakly. “I didn’t do anything to hurt you, did I?”

“Not a thing, darling,” Barth answered. “You just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Shit, didn’t anybody ever tell you never to walk through Central Park when it was dark out?”

Doris didn’t answer, but she cursed herself for not listening to her Uncle Melvin. He had warned her, but she simply hadn’t listened. She hated herself for being so foolish. Now, she was in really big trouble. In a few minutes, she would be sold to the evil man named Mogul, who would force her to perform lewd sexual acts with dozens of perverted men.

The limousine drove on, headed into the seamy section of town. Doris trembled with fear, feeling totally helpless and abandoned. Where was Senator Hamilton? she wondered.

Senator Hamilton was stuffing his limp, spent prick into his trousers, casting a baleful look at Suzanne who was stretched out on the bed, enjoying her afterglow.

The Senator moved forward, exasperated, and struck Suzanne in the face. “Where the hell do they take the young girls that you and your brother bring down here? I’m getting very impatient with you! Now, tell me! Tell me everything!”

Suzanne was too frightened to refuse. She told Senator Hamilton everything — all about the shows and Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe.

Senator Hamilton was horror-stricken. He grabbed Suzanne by the wrist and dragged her out of the house. She was stark naked, but Hamilton didn’t seem to mind. They got into the Senator’s expensive Rolls Royce and raced off in pursuit of Barth, Samuel and Doris. Suzanne reluctantly gave directions to Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe as Senator Hamilton negotiated sharp turns and twists in the road like a race driver.

“Yeah, you’re gonna like this one, Mogul,” Congressman Barth said, a lewd smile pasted to his face. “She’s young and pretty, and in real good shape!”

“She’d better be healthy,” Mogul replied. “The last one you brought me only lasted a month. This time, I’d better get my money’s worth. You say she’s only a teen-ager?”

“Yep, you’ll like her,” Samuel interjected. “She’s tied up in the back of the car.”

“Three thousand dollars and she’s all yours, Mogul,” Barth said coolly.

“Suppose I want to see her first?” Mogul replied, lifting one eyebrow inquisitively. “How do I know you’ll keep your word?”

“Have I ever let you down, Mogul?” Barth replied.

“Okay, you’re right,” Mogul said, smirking. “I need a new girl right now, anyway. Shit, I can put the bitch right on stage tonight. There’s lots of good customers out there, and I’m sure they’d get a kick out of some new talent. Plus, Horace would enjoy a new, young cunt to fuck. Ha! Ha!”

The three men broke out laughing.

“Say,” Congressman Barth said. “You send one of your men out with Samuel to get the girl. I’m gonna take a seat in the audience and enjoy the show. This little bitch is kind of important to me. I went to a lot of trouble to get her for you, Mogul.”

“Okay,” Mogul said. “I’ll join you. We’ll sit right up front. Jim will go out with Samuel to get the bitch.” He gestured for the man named Jim to follow Samuel outside to get the girl. Then, Mogul and Barth went out front, taking seats next to the seedy stage.

“Right this way,” Samuel said. “She’s out in the car. She’s a feisty little bitch, though. You might have some trouble with her.”

“No problem,” Jim said, rippling his muscles. He stopped short, pausing in front of the bathroom door. “Just a second. I gotta take a piss. You go out and get her ready. I’ll be right along.”

Samuel nodded and stepped out the back door. As he focused his eyes in the dark parking lot, a hazy figure stepped forward.

“Congressman Hamilton, what are you doing here? I thought…”

Samuel never got a chance to finish his sentence. A steel tire iron cut through the air and smashed into the side of his face, knocking him out cold.

Senator Hamilton stood over Samuel’s prone body. He breathed deeply, gripped Suzanne’s wrist tightly and moved inside the back door. Jim was coming out of the bathroom.

Jim caught sight of the gorgeous naked woman and licked his lips. His eyes were glazed over and he didn’t even notice that the man with her was not Samuel. “Jesus Christ!” he said, awestruck. “What a hunk of woman. Mogul’s gonna love this bitch! Shit, she’ll bring in thousands of bucks a week. And, wait’ll Horace gets a load of her. He’ll flip his prick, at the sight of this cunt!”

“You bet!” Senator Hamilton said, averting his eyes and stepping into the shadows. He let go of the brunette bitch and quickly dashed back to the limousine.

“Hey! What’s going on here!” Suzanne shouted as Jim pulled her through the door. “You’ve got the wrong woman!” she protested. “Get your filthy hands off of me!”

Jim smacked her down to the floor and dragged her naked body into the back room. “Shit, bitch!” he exclaimed. “Horace is gonna go ape-shit when he sees you!”

Senator Hamilton moved up to the driver of the limousine, sticking his head inside. The chauffeur recognized him. “Congressman Barth says for you to go inside and enjoy the show,” Hamilton said. In a jiffy, the chauffeur was out of the car and heading for the entrance to Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe.

Doris came out, of the shadows and stepped into the big car. Hamilton got behind the wheel and burned rubber puffing out of the parking lot.

“What’s gonna happen now?” Doris inquired, her head spinning from all of the action — not to mention her close escape from Horace!

“You’re going to be fine, Doris. Just fine,” Senator Hamilton replied. “I’m taking you with me to Washington. If you want to, you can testify against Congressman Barth and send the son of a bitch to jail, where he belongs. But, I won’t let you do that, unless…”

“Unless what?” she asked.

“Unless you promise to marry me. Shit, plenty of Senators have young wives. Why not me?”

“You bet!” Doris answered. She threw her arms around him and hugged, him tightly, kissing his face all over. She was overcome with joy!

Harsh, red spotlights shone down on the seedy stage at Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. The place was packed with horny men who drank and laughed, anticipating the night’s big event. At the front table sat the Mogul himself, with Congressman Barth right by his side.

A tall man dressed in a dark top hat and tails walked onto the stage. He picked up a microphone and announced in a deep, baritone voice, “Introducing, the most famous fucker of all time, Horace.” Thunderous applause greeted the big, awkward man as he was led onto the small stage.

“This is going to be fun!” said Congressman Barth.

“And, Horace’s beautiful young partner for this evening,” the announcer said. A naked woman, tied to a heavy wooden cross, was wheeled out onto the stage. “A brand new talent, about to give her first performance at Mogul’s Late-Nite Cafe. Let’s have a warm round of applause for Suzanne!”

The evil brunette bitch was writhing about in her bonds, shrieking with terror as she saw Horace walking towards her.

“That’s my niece! You have the wrong girl!” Congressman Barth bellowed, crazy with rage.

“Sit down and shut up. I want to enjoy the performance!” the Mogul shouted, sticking the barrel of a .44 into Barth’s stomach. “Enjoy the show, you asshole!”

“B-but, that’s my niece up there! My niece is going to be fucked by that man. You can’t let that happen, Mogul!”

“Shut up, and clap, Barth!” Mogul said, jabbing the gun into Barth’s ribs.

Barth grimaced, and clapped.

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