Mom Sucks And Auntie Too!

Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of use who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity — or worse.

MOM SUCKS AND AUNTIE TOO! is the story of a woman and her family who are forced by their desires to come to gripe with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.

As she pressed close to Marlene, Jackie glanced at the open window. The face of her young son was there, watching.

A shiver moved about her flesh as she opened her long, luscious thighs to her sister. Her cunt had been bubbling hotly, stroked into steamy wetness by her sister’s fingers. But with her son peeking at them, her pussy became wetter still, so much so that hot juices seeped from her cunt lips, down over the creamy skin of her ass.

“God, Marlene,” moaned softly, watching the window with slitted eyes. “You’re still as good as ever.”

“I keep in practice,” Marlene whispered throatily, probing at Jackie’s bulging clit.

Jackie knew Timmy could hear every word, and this excited her, too. It wasn’t the first time she had caught her son peeking at her, though it was usually at night as she undressed for bed. She knew he sneaked, out of the house when he was supposed to be in his bed, and looked into her, window. At first, Jackie had felt anger, then a slight shame, and finally, excitement.

“You’re sure about marrying this guy?” Jackie asked. “He’s so much older than you. I hope you’re not making a mistake, Marlene.”

“I’m not,” her sister replied, dragging her finger up and down the juicy slit of Jackie’s cunt. “He’s rich as hell, an he’s promised to set up a trust fund for Bobby’s education. He knows what I’m like, and won’t interfere.”

“Remember what I said,” Jackie said, wiggling her ass. “Don’t try to get me involved with him. I won’t have anything to do with a threesome, Marlene. No more of that?”

Jackie’s blouse was open, her shapely tits firm and widely spaced, her pink nipples straining nakedly. Her skirt was around her small waist, her panties dangling from one ankle. She had her legs up, bent at the knee, spread apart. Marlene was sitting between her feet, stroking the sensitive inner flesh of her thighs, tracing the blonde triangle of silky pussy-hair and slowly poking her middle finger into her cunt. Jackie arched her hips to her sister’s finger, mewling softly, glancing at the window often to make sure her son was still there.

Timmy was there; he wasn’t about to go away. He stood outside the window in his pajamas, his young cock very hard. His eyes were huge as he gazed into his mother’s bedroom. He could see his mother’s cunt, watch his aunt move her finger into it.

Marlene was almost naked too. She still had her bra on, and her skirt was bunched about her waist. She wore a pair of very tight, very skimpy, panties, and Timmy could see right through them.

She and Marlene had begun playing with each other as young girls, before either of them had a single hair on their pussies. Marlene had always initiated the erotic games. But Jackie had been just as eager to indulge. It had been Marlene who had first licked her, stuck her tongue into Jackie’s cunt. Finding that pleasurable, Jackie had returned the favor. Marlene had been the teacher, and Jackie the pupil.

Jackie loved it, and Marlene knew she did. All through high school, Marlene would come to Jackie, lead her off where there was some privacy, and bury her face between Jackie’s thighs, suck and lick and tongue her cunt until Jackie squirmed with orgasm. Many times it was hurried and in places that were dangerous, but Jackie had never turned Marlene down.

Just as she had not been able to turn her down now.

When Marlene asked if her son, Bobby, could stay with her while she spent a few weeks out of town with her new husband, Jackie agreed. She didn’t mind her nephew being there, and Bobby and Timmy were not only cousins, but good friends. She didn’t mind that Marlene called her often, visited once or twice a month. What she did mind was Marlene’s attempt to get her out, to introduce her to men. Jackie was content as a young widow, raising her son. She had no burning hunger that couldn’t be satisfied by her own fingers, or the seven or eight times Marlene would go down on her. Until she discovered Timmy peeking at her, Jackie found that exciting, very exciting.

She became eager to have her son at her window at night, looking in at her as she undressed. Jackie began to undress in ways that she knew would excite her son, slowly and with plenty of suggestive movements. Now, with her son peeking at her and Marlene, Jackie hoped her son was enjoying it as much as she was.

Marlene pressed the tip of her finger against her sister’s swollen clit, causing Jackie’s hips to lurch.

“Ohhh, you almost made me come then!” Jackie moaned, glancing at the window, seeing her son’s bright eyes just above the sill.

“Not until I can get my mouth on your sweet, juicy cunt, Jackie,” Marlene laughed, a low, husky sound. “I want to taste how hot you are, lick up those delicious pussy-juices.”

“Then you better start licking,” Jackie whimpered, twisting her ass from side to side. “You know what your fingers do to me.”

Jackie ran her hands downward, her fingers moving through the thick curls of her blonde pussy-hair. She slitted her eyes and glanced at the window as she parted the puffy lips of her cunt. She saw her son’s eyes grow wide, and shifted her ass toward the window a little more, wanting her son to get a good look at her pink, juicy cunt. Jackie lifted her ass up, grinding as her sister fondled her bunching asscheeks.

“Eat me now, Marlene,” she pleaded softly, her eyes gazing at her son’s face. “Stick your tongue in me and lick my pussy! You’ve made me so fucking hot, I could come right now!”

Marlene moved bet middle finger into her sister’s cunt, pushing it in to her knuckle. Jackie gasped with pleasure and began to fuck back and forth on Marlene’s finger, mewling as the hairy lips of her cunt spasmed, trying to take the finger deeper.

“Marlene, eat me!” she sobbed. “Eat me now!”

Marlene leaned down, sliding her tongue along Jackie’s inner thigh, curling her fingers into the tight cheeks of her sister’s ass, lifting her cunt higher. Jackie gasped at the wet heat of her sister’s tongue, her eyes unfocused with desire. She could no longer see the face of her young son except as a blur. She lifted her cunt higher as her sister’s long, wet tongue swirled along her flesh, moving with agonizing slowness toward her cunt.

Jackie’s head was propped on a pillow, her chin tucked down. She could see her sister’s face clearly, see her long tongue swishing along her thigh. Her pussy twitched and burned, sinking inward with pulsations of readiness. Her vision cleared for a moment, and she saw her son had lifted his head higher at the window sill, his eyes blazing as he, too, watched Marlene’s tongue getting closer to Jackie’s cunt.

“Suck my cunt!” Jackie screamed. She grabbed her sister’s head and jerked it down. “Tongue fuck me now!”

Marlene gurgled as her open mouth made contact with Jackie’s fiery cunt, and her tongue shot into it. Jackie squealed and rammed her pussy into her sister’s mouth, closing her hot thighs about Marlene’s face, squeezing them, then flinging them wide-open again.

She strained her burning pussy into Marlene’s face, humping up and down, fucking on her darting tongue. She groaned and whimpered, thrashing about with increasing ecstasy.

Marlene clung to Jackie’s dancing, naked ass with her hands, letting Jackie smear her wet cunt into her face. She drew her knees wider her body and shoved her ass into the air. She made wet sounds as her tongue lapped and dipped into Jackie’s juicy cunt.

Jackie sobbed loudly, grinding her cunt at Marlene’s mouth hard, trying to see her son at the window, but her excitement was so intense, she couldn’t even see a blur now. She hoped her son could see everything, see Marlene’s tongue darting into her cunt, see her naked tits, with those long, pink nipples throbbing so hard, see how Marlene clung to her bouncing ass. She hoped her son could see Marlene’s ass, waving about in the air, even if Marlene did have those skimpy panties on. She hoped her son could see her sister’s cunt through the panties, and she hoped Timmy’s cock was very hard his balls swollen.

Ramming her crotch brutally into Marlene’s month, Jackie clung to the thick hair on her sister’s head, jerking her face up and down. She… flung her legs open, then closed them, squeezing Marlene’s head. She rammed her cunt up and down, whipping her ass about wildly, sobbing loudly with the rapture of her sister’s darting tongue.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Jackie wailed. “Ohhh, Marlene, fuck me with your tongue! God, it’s so good, so good! Suck my cunt, Marlene! Suck my pussy hard!”

Marlene moaned between Jackie’s thighs, her hands clutching the firm flesh of her sister’s bouncing ass, digging into her ass cheeks. Her mouth was as open as she could get it, her lips pressed about the expanse of Jackie’s throbbing writ, her tongue swirling about her inflamed clit, and darting into the fiery depths wickedly. The liquid sounds she made were erotic music to Jackie’s ears.

Jackie’s cunt burned and clutched at Marlene’s tongue, trying to suck it deeper and deeper. Although Jackie was thrashing about with overwhelming heat, she was thinking of her son watching, his cock being very hard, pressing at his pajamas, maybe dripping. She could see Timmy’s cock in her mind, see his young, precious balls. She ran her tongue over her lips as she sobbed softly.

“Mmmm, so juicy!” Marlene hissed.

“Yes, I am juicy!” Jackie screamed out. “My cunt is so fucking juicy! Make me come, Marlene! Ohhh, suck my cunt and make me come! God, I’m burning up! My cunt is burning up and it’s juicy and I want to come!”

Marlene rubbed her open mouth from side to side on her sister’s cunt, crying softly as she tasted the creamy juices seeping from it. She waved her pantied ass about in the air, unaware that her nephew was watching.

Timmy stared at his Aunt Marlene’s ass, his cock bulging against his pajamas. The tight panties had crawled over his aunt’s tight ass, and he could see the white flesh where it joined the tan of her thighs. Since Marlene’s panties were sheer, be could see the crack of her ass. He could see the dark hairs of her cunt through the tight crotch band. His eyes bulged with excitement as he watched.

“Fuck me deeper!” Jackie begged. “Ohhh, Marlene, fuck me deeper! I wish your tongue was a cock! I wish it was a big, hard, cock fucking me! Ohhh, I want some cock! I need some cock! My cunt wants a hard cock fucking it! Ooooh, Marlene, hurry, hurry!”

For just a moment, she shoved her sister’s face out of her cunt, twisting it for her son’s eyes, letting him see how wet and hot and hairy it was, then she jerked Marlene’s mouth back onto it, twisting with a greater frenzy at her sister’s sucking mouth and darting tongue.

“Ohhh, I’m getting close, Marlene!” she cried out. “I’m getting ready to come! Suck me, lick me! Ohhh, my cunt! I’m about to come, you fucking crazy bitch!”

Marlene rammed her tongue in and out of her sister’s cunt, holding as tightly as she could to her bouncing, naked ass with her hands. She moaned along with Jackie, feeling her own clit bulging, tingling. The crotch of her skimpy panties were soaked with her own juices, and her tits felt as if they would burst from her bra.

Jackie cried out with ecstasy, her hands now smashing into her naked tits, squeezing at them, pulling and twisting her pink nipples. She strained her cunt into her sister’s face, a scream of mindless ecstasy starting in her throat. When she felt as if she couldn’t stand it any longer, she grabbed Marlene’s head again, smothering her sister’s face into her hairy, juicy cunt.

“I’m ready!” Jackie wailed, and her cunt convulsed against Marlene’s mouth. Marlene sucked harder, moaning as she, too, experienced an orgasm. “I’m coming, you bitch! Ohhh, I’m coming in your fucking mouth, Marlene! Suck me hard… ram your tongue deep! Ooooh, my pussy is so tight, so hot! Suck my cunt! Lick the juice out of my cunt!”

Marlene sucked and swallowed, her tongue licking in and out, coated with the creamy fluids of her sister’s fiery cunt. She squealed into her hairy pussy and waggled her ass about lewdly, her orgasm contracting the lips of her cunt inside her panties, her thighs pressing together. The way Jackie’s pussy pulled at her tongue sent rapture through her almost naked body to her cunt. She sucked and licked at Jackie’s cunt until the spasms faded, and then helped her sister’s ass down. When she sat back on her heels, her face was gleaming with wetness, her eyes shining.

“Of all the cunts I’ve tasted, Jackie,” Marlene said, “you have the tastiest of all. I just love the way your cunt sucks at my tongue when you come.”

Jackie glanced at the window in time to see her son draw back and disappear. She smiled softly, writhing as the excitement cooled. She closed her thighs and pulled her open blouse over her naked tits. Swinging her thighs over the bed, she stood up.

“What time do you meet this new husband of yours?”

“He’s not my husband yet,” Marlene said, wiping at her face. “We’re getting married tonight and flying out a few hours later.”

“And you’re going to be gone two weeks?”

“At least two weeks,” Marlene said. “Maybe, if we’re having fun, we’ll stay longer. Are you sure you can handle Bobby that long?”

“Of course I can,” Jackie said. “Bobby isn’t as much trouble as you think.”

“Well, he gives me trouble,” Marlene said, smoothing her clothing. “You know what that little fuckface has been doing lately? Peeking in my bedroom window. I’d swear he’d fuck me, his own mother.”

Jackie walked into her adjoining bathroom and sat on the toilet. It was a strange coincidence, she taught, that Bobby had been peeking at Marlene, and Timmy peeking at her. She wondered if the two boys compared notes with each other. Although Marlene had tried to show anger at her son for peeking, Jackie didn’t think Marlene minded at all. In fact, knowing her sister as well as she did, she was sure Marlene would drop her panties for her son as easily as she dropped them for others, men and women.

When she came from the bathroom, Marlene was gone.

Jackie went through the house, locking the doors and turning off the lights, then stopped to check on the boys. Bobby was sound asleep, obviously, and just as obviously, her son as pretending to be asleep. She went back to her room, undressed, and took a long, luxurious bath.

For the first time in months, she had trouble getting to sleep.

Although she had known Timmy was peeking at her for some time, this was the first time he had seen her completely, and with her sister sucking her cunt at that. Timmy knew now that she was a hot one, and she wondered what effect it would have on her son.

After giving Timmy and Bobby their breakfast, Jackie cleaned up the kitchen, then went about dusting the furniture. She had not dressed, but wore a short summer robe. It was a robe she wore over her bikini when at the beach. Underneath it, she had on panties, a pale-blue pair that hugged her hips and ass tightly. Her tits were free and naked, and she enjoyed the feel as they brushed the fabric of her robe.

Bobby and Timmy had turned on the television, watching morning cartoons; they were watching Jackie more than the television. Jackie knew they were watching her, and it caused her to blush. She never enjoyed displaying her body to her sister’s boyfriends all that much, but this was different. Knowing it was her son and nephew looking at her was exciting. It was even more exciting than having Timmy peek at her when she undressed for bed.

When she leaned over the coffee table, running her polishing cloth over the wood, her robe drooped, and the creamy curves of her tits were exposed. With a secret glance, she caught the boys peeking at her tits, and she felt a burning sweetness inside her panties. She polished the coffee table, spending longer than necessary so they could peek at her. When she stood up, the bottom of her short robe barely covered her crotch.

Jackie knew she was teasing her son and nephew, and that bothered her. She had never been a cock-teaser in her life. She couldn’t understand why she was teasing them now, knowing it frustrated them, maybe causing their young balls to ache. Jackie didn’t like to be called a tease, and she didn’t like for anyone to suffer, even this way. And she knew the boys suffered from the tantalizing peeks she was giving them. If it became too bad, she felt they could jerk off, get relief that way. But then she didn’t want them jacking off, either. Not because she had anything against it; she fingerfucked herself often enough. But jacking off, fingerfucking, was so lonely, such a solitary way of getting needed relief.

She stood with her feet parted slightly, her long, slender thighs exposed, facing the boys. She was no longer aware of herself, so deep was she in thought. The two boys stared unabashedly at her thighs, both of them without shame or guilt. They could almost see the crotch of Jackie’s panties, and it was enough to make their cocks bulge with hardness.

Jackie found she was staring down at them, at their laps. Bobby had on a pair of jeans, and his, cock was outlined along his left thigh. Timmy wore shorts, a ragged pair he had hacked out of worn-out jeans. His cock bulged at the crotch. Her eyes were smoldering with heat as she stared down at them, looking from one to the other.

She realized her hips were starting to sway, but when she tried to stop the suggestive motion, she found it only made her movements were pronounced, more tantalizing. Her cunt was puffing against the crotch of her panties, and her clit was a hard knot of throbbing sweetness. She was wet, too. She could feel the wetness in her panties, and her tits ached slightly because they were swollen.

With a sudden movement, she turned quickly away from them. Her robe flashed open, giving the two boys a brief glimpse of her panties. As she started for the hallway, she dropped her polishing cloth, and leaned down to pick it up. The back of her short robe lifted, and her ass was exposed. She heard the gasps of the two boys as they stared after her. She could feel their young eyes burn on her ass, feeling her panties crawl into her asscrack to show the creamy cheeks of it. For a moment, Jackie fought the urge, and then gave in to it. She waggled her ass at them, and then she moved away down the hallway and toward her room.

There she removed her robe, standing in her panties, wondering why she had waggled her ass at the boys. She stood holding the robe in her hand, a frown on her face. She couldn’t be turning into a tease after all this time, she thought. And not for her son and nephew, especially.

She heard a sound behind her and whirled, jerking her robe across the front of her naked body.

Timmy stood there, grinning at her.

“Timmy, you…”

Jackie’s eyes saw his cock.

Her son had pulled the ragged legs of his shorts to one side, and his cock strained out, straight and hard. She made a soft hissing sound as she stared at it. His cockhead was swollen, glistening wetly around his piss-hole it was long, not very thick, but beautiful.

“Why, Timmy!” she whispered.

“I watched you last night, Mom,” he said boldly. “I saw what Aunt Marlene was doing with you.”

“I… I know,” Jackie whispered, unable to take her eyes off his cock.

“You really like it, don’t you, Mom?”

“I…” Jackie nodded her head, gazing at the way her son’s cock jerked up and down, so hard, so very hard.

“I could hear, too,” Timmy said.

Jackie was silent. She felt a shivering in her body a sucking, inward motion of her cunt. She couldn’t take her eyes from his cock. It was the most beautiful cock she had seen. She swallowed, running her tongue over her dry lips.

“I heard you say you wanted a cock, Mom,” Timmy said without shame. “I heard you say you wanted a cock.”

“I… Timmy, you shouldn’t show that to me,” she said, choking still staring at his exposed prick.

“Aw, Mom,” Timmy grinned, closing a fist around his cock and stroking back and forth, openly jerking it as she stared.

“Timmy…” she moaned, her hips swaying. The robe she held in front of her began to lower, and she jerked it up quickly.

“You know I’ve been peeking at you,” her son said. “You’ve known it since the first. I’ve been watching you undress and wiggle around and… it excites me, Mom.”

“I see,” she murmured, her eyes taking on a glassy expression.

Her robe slipped down, and although she knew her son could see her tits now, she made no move to cover them. She couldn’t take her eyes from his cock, and her cunt was on fire. Her pink nipples thrust outward, very hard on her firm, wide-spaced tits.

Timmy swallowed noisily as he stared at his mother’s tits, his fist squeezing his cock, causing his swollen cockhead to bulge even more, his piss-hole opening. Jackie watched a bead of liquid form on his piss-hole, then drop downward.

She dropped her robe.

“Oh, Mom!”

“Yes, darling,” she whispered softly, reaching her hand out to him.

Timmy came to her swiftly, and when he was close, Jackie shoved his fist off his cock and grabbed it tightly, squeezing it, moaning deep in her throat. The heat of her son’s cock seared her hand, and she began to jack him, slowly, her legs shaking.

Timmy stood still, wanting to touch his mother, his face level with her fine, shapely tits, his eyes staring at her thrusting nipples.

Jackie placed her other hand at the back of her son’s head, pulling his face to her naked tits. Gripping his cock as hard as she could, she looked down, gasping in delight as her son closed his hot, wet mouth over one turgid, sweetly pink, nipple.

“Oh, God, Timmy!” Jackie cried out softly, stuffing as much of her tit as she could into his eager mouth. She crushed her son’s face onto her tit, and Timmy sucked hard, drawing her nipple deep into his mouth. She clutched his cock, squeezing it, moving her fist. “Oh, baby, that’s very good! Ahhh, Timmy, suck it!”

Releasing his cock, Jackie moved her hand behind him, cupping his ass, feeling the tightness through his ragged shorts. His cock pressed against her thigh, throbbing, burning her flesh. She returned the pressure against his prick and squirmed at his young body.

Timmy mouthed at his mother’s tit hungrily, making Jackie cry out with soft sounds of pleasure. Shifting her legs, she felt his cock slide between them, and she closed her hot thighs around it, holding his ass with both hands, her fingers digging at his firm asscheeks. Twisting her hips slightly, she pressed her cunt at him. The silky hair of her pussy rubbed along his shorts. Dipping her face, she kissed the top of her son’s head.

Timmy used his hands now, fondling and squeezing his mother’s tits, darting his lips and tongue from one nipple to the other like a starving young boy. He slurped wetly, moaning as his cock started sliding back and forth between his mother’s squeezing thighs.

“God, baby!” Jackie sobbed softly. “You’re so hard, Timmy!”

Timmy gave a muffled reply, humping now, fucking his cock in and out between his mother’s thighs, not shy, but eagerly, the sensations boiling through his balls. Dropping a hand from his mother’s tit, Timmy adjusted the crotch of his ragged shorts, letting his balls free. Jackie could now feel his hot balls rubbing on her thigh when he started pumping his cock back and forth again.

Jackie could hardly stand the bubbling excitement. Cupping her son’s ass, she bent her knees slightly, spreading them apart. She lifted her son’s cock until she could rub his swollen cockhead along the swollen lips of her pussy. She gasped at the contact, her eyes slitted and unfocused, her lips parted, with little sounds of ecstasy gurgling from ha. When Timmy felt the wet heat of his mother’s cunt on the sensitive head of his cock, he grunted against her tit.

Rubbing the swollen tip of his cock along her wet cunt, Jackie made a hissing sound, then held her breath. She positioned Timmy’s cock and slowly moved her cunt onto his cockhead. The filling of her pussy caused a strangled cry to come from her. It had been some time since she felt a cock in her cunt, and she had almost forgotten how good it could feel. For a long, breathless moment, she didn’t move. Her son’s cock felt big inside her cunt, stretching her fiery cuntlips.

Slowly, excruciatingly so, Jackie began to move her ass downward, her knees bending slightly. More and more of her son’s cock penetrated her cunt, and her eyes widened, glazed, as the sweetness flooded her naked body. Half her son’s cock, hard and throbbing, was buried inside her cunt, and she held still, shivering, feeling how hot and hard it was. The mouth of her pussy worked, squeezing and relaxing, making Timmy groan with the most delightful feeling he ever had.

“Oh, Timmy!” Jackie cried out, wiggling her ass. “Oh, it feels so good, Timmy! You’re so hard and long and hot!”

“Mom!” Timmy moaned, breathing between his mother’s tits. “Mom, I gotta do something!”

“I know,” Jackie answered in a husky voice. “I know, baby!”

She pushed her cunt down onto her son’s cock as they stood there. She was just tall enough to take her son’s cock into her cunt while he stood, trembling. The hairy lips of her pussy pressed onto the base of his cock, crushing her tilt. She was still clinging to his ass on the outside of his shorts, her fingers gripping his tight asscheeks. Her cunt pulsated hotly on his prick, and without moving, Jackie experienced an orgasm. It wasn’t a strong orgasm, but so delicious her eyes closed and she made small whimpering sounds.

Timmy, shaking with excitement, moved his hands to his mother’s back, and was starting to slide them to her ass before he stopped, unsure of himself. His cock was buried in a boiling wetness, a tight wetness that he had never felt before, but with such an ecstatic sensation, his balls turned tight as his cock throbbed and jerked in his mother’s cunt.

“Yes, baby!” Jackie hissed when she felt his hands pause at the small of her back. “Grab it, Timmy! Grab me, baby!”

With a sob, Timmy closed his hands about his mother’s swelling, shapely ass. Jackie cried out and began to lift her cunt. She lifted slowly, feeling the wonderful hardness pulling at her pussy. She held her breath as she drew upward with the head of his cock captured by the hairy lips of her cunt. Then, with a cry, she pushed down again, stuffing her son’s cock into her cunt completely.

“Ohhhh, Timmy, Timmy!” she moaned, holding his ass tightly and moving up and down, fucking him, her knees bending, then straightening. “I don’t believe how good it is, darling! Ooooh, God, it’s so good!”

Timmy clung to his mother’s naked ass, her tits sliding and rubbing at his young face. He had his eyes closed tightly, feeling more rapture than he thought possible. His mother’s cunt was wet and hot and tight, and his cock throbbed. His legs shook as his mother pumped up and down, fucking him.

Jackie parted her knees about his legs, riding on his cock with squeals and soft cries. She, too, closed her eyes with ecstasy. She panted softly, listening to the liquid sounds her cunt made as she fucked him. Her body trembled with the heat running through her. She swung her ass with sideways motions, all the time moving her cunt up and down, fucking her son. She slipped her hands underneath the frayed legs of his shorts, wanting to feel the flesh of her ass. Her clit scraped along the shaft of his prick, exciting her further.

Her cunt was so sensitive, she could feel each ridge, each groove, each delicious throb of her son’s cock with her clasping pussy, lips. She made cooing sounds, soft squealing noises, little gasps and pants. She twisted her ass into Timmy’s hands, gyrating it lewdly, pumping on his prick with quick, short thrusts of her cunt. Holding his ass inside his shorts, she could hear her son panting, feel the heat of his grasping breath on her naked jiggling tits.

She wanted to urge him to fuck her, to tell him she loved fucking him, tell her how hot and wet her cunt was, but each time she tried to speak, her voice would catch in her throat, and the only thing that came out were moans and sobs of growing ecstasy. Her cunt was expanding, contracting, gripping her son’s cock, as she moved it up and down. She felt tremors of intense passion shake her. The muscles of he thighs were starting to ache. She moved her cunt up and down her son’s cock faster, feeling another orgasm bubbling like liquid fire deep inside her dripping cunt.

“Oh, Timmy!” she cried out. “I think I’m about to… oh, baby, I’m about to come!”

Timmy was burying his face into his mother’s naked tits, his hands holding her grinding ass, his fingers in her hot asscrack. He squeezed his mother’s ass hard, lurching his hips forward as his mother came down hard on his cock with her fiery cunt. He couldn’t stay still, and began to fuck her, and she held herself still, legs spread wide, hips thrust forward. She felt his cock beating into her cunt, smashing upon her inflamed clit. The wet sounds of his cock stabbing into her cunt sent her mind spinning. Her orgasm increased, ballooning outward, sending ecstatic heat through the whole of her crotch, her inner thighs.

“I’m so hot, Timmy!” Jackie hissed. “I’m about to come, and I’m so hot! Ohhhh, I’m burning up! Faster, baby, faster!”

Timmy plunged his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt, jerking her ass forward. His mind was spinning dizzily, his eyes closed, his mouth open. He panted and gasped, driving his cock deep into his mother’s gripping cunt. His balls were full and tight.

Jackie, even though her pussy was edging quickly toward those delicious contractions, could feel her son’s cock pulsating hotter, harder. She knew he was going to come, to squirt his come-juice up her pussy-hole. Not once did she consider jerking her cunt from him before he came. She moved her ass back and forth now, banging her cunt onto her son’s cock as he stabbed inward. She clutched his ass powerfully, a wail starting low in her throat as she felt her cunt twitching.

“Uhhhh! Ohhh, Timmy!” Jackie screamed throatily.

Her cunt closed about her son’s cock, squeezing it when she came. The spasms rippled through Jackie like wildfire, her naked body shaking as she squirmed her cunt as tight as she could onto his cock.

Timmy grunted, and his prick gushed.

“Ohhhh, yes, baby!” Jackie cried as she felt the hot, squirting juice of her son’s balls splashing the velvet walls of her hungry cunt. “Yes, yes, yes!”

The gushing pulsations flooded Jackie’s cunt, filling her with the sweetness of his young balls. Each squirt seemed to send her cunt into tighter convulsions, making her come and come, without let up. She wasn’t sure if she was having a whole series of orgasms, or if it was one long, drawn out orgasm. The rapture melted her, making her squeal and shiver while her cunt drained his precious cock.

Timmy’s legs were giving out, and as the last spurt of his come-juice entered his mother’s cunt, he couldn’t stand up any longer. His knees bent and he slipped to the floor, sitting there and gasping. Jackie, although she was shaking toe, stayed on her feet. Timmy, his eyes gleaming brightly, looked up at his mother. Her cunt was showing, framed by golden blonde curls, her pink pussy-flesh glistening wetly. He saw the tip of her clit, and then Jackie closed her thighs. She stood for a moment as Timmy gazed at her fan-shaped cunt hair, then she moved back a few steps and sat on the edge of her bed, her tits heaving as she struggled to get her breath. Her lovely face was flushed, but not with embarrassment, not with shame. It was flushed with the heat of pleasure.

“Oh, the door!” she gasped suddenly, drawing the sheet of the bed over her naked body. “Where’s Bobby?”

“Watching television,” Timmy replied, still breathing hard.

“Does he know you’re in here?” Timmy shook his head. “I told him I was going to the bathroom.”

“You should have closed the door,” she said softly, smiling at her son, feeling her cunt throb softly, his come-juice seeping from it.

“I was in a hurry,” Timmy said.

“I’d say you were,” Jackie replied. “Do you think you can close it now?”

Timmy sat on the floor, looking at his mother.

“Close the door,” she said softly, and parted her knees wide, flashing her hairy cunt to him. “We don’t want your cousin seeing, do we?”

Timmy’s eyes burned between his mother’s thighs, seeing her cunt for the first time up close. His cock reacted immediately by stirring, then swelling. Jackie ran her tongue over her lips as she watched it. With her hands on the bed, her feet on the floor, she lifted her ass from the mattress, and holding her knees wide, she twisted her hips lewdly, grinning at him.

“Close the door, darling,” she whispered, “and take your shorts off.”

Timmy grinned wickedly, staring at his mother’s cunt as he stood up. Without taking his eyes from her, he backed to the door, closing it. Jackie kept her ass raised up from the bed, twisting it shamelessly with her knees wide open. Once he shut the door, Timmy opened his shorts and shoved them to his feet, stepping from them. Not once did he take his eyes from his mother’s widely spread legs and bushy cunt.

“Beautiful!” Jackie whispered as she stared at her naked son.

His cock was half-hard again, his balls looking sweet beneath it. Settling her naked ass to the bed again, she reached her hand toward him. Her eyes gazed with heat at his cock and balls as Timmy came to her. She pulled him between her thighs, arching her firm tits against his cock. She placed her son’s cock between her tits and smashed them about it. She looked up into her son’s face as she twisted her tits.

“Kiss me, Timmy,” she said softly.

Timmy leaned down and pushed his mouth onto his mother’s. Jackie writhed her lips against his, feeling his cock throbbing into a full hardness between her tits. She darted her tongue past his lips for a quick probe, then pulled back. She looked at his prick, cupping his balls in one hand. She fondled her son’s balls, feeling how hot they were. A scanty tuft of hair grew at the base of his cock, evidence of his youth.

Holding his balls with one hand, Jackie closed her fist on his cock and jerked him slowly, feeling the hardness. She wasn’t so anxious as before, and now took her time to caress his prick and balls, to feel them, to enjoy holding them. As she fondled his cock and balls, her cunt throbbed again, her clit distending into hardness. Timmy didn’t need to be asked. He caressed and squeezed his mother’s tits as he stood between her thighs, pulling and twisting her nipples in a way that made Jackie gasp with pleasure.

She pulled his cock to her tits and brushed his smooth cockhead along her smooth tit-flesh, then rubbed her son’s piss-hole over her nipple. She felt the seeping wetness on her skin and mewled quietly as she rubbed the head of his cock from nipple to nipple. Timmy shook as he watched what his mother was doing, his hands on her shoulders.

“Do you like them, baby?” she asked softly. “Mother’s tits, do you like them?”

“They’re beautiful, Mom,” he said, his voice hoarse.

Jackie pushed him back away. “You want to feel me? Do you want to touch me down there?”

Timmy nodded his head eagerly, seeing her arch her cunt forward again.

“It’s okay, Timmy,” Jackie said, breathless. “You can touch me, honey. You can feel me up, Timmy.”

Timmy dropped to his knees between his mother’s thighs, his eyes burning as he looked at her cunt. Sliding his hands along his hands, a sigh of pleasure coming from her when she saw his fingertips move through the golden hair of her cunt.

Timmy was very excited to touch his mother, and he felt her pussy lightly, carefully, as if afraid he would break it. He stroked the tips of his fingers along her puffy, hairy cuntlips and prodded her inflamed clit, making Jackie squeal and press her cunt at his fingers.

“Fuck me,” Jackie said, before she knew the words were there.

Timmy looked up at her face, giggling like a naughty boy.

“Fuck me again, Timmy,” Jackie said, a quiver in her voice. “Please, baby, fuck Mother again.”

Timmy stood up, his cock arching out. Jackie gazed at it, licking her lips, her eyes hot. She closed her fingers about his hard cockshaft and squeezed, watching the juices bubble on his piss-hole. She wiped her thumb over his piss-hole, feeling the wetness.

“Ohh, Timmy, fuck Mother again!” she urged releasing him and lying back on the bed, her legs and offering her golden cunt to him.

Timmy wasn’t shy. He climbed onto his mother’s bed, between her spread legs, his cock jerking up and down as he stared at her wet, sugary cunt. Jackie lifted her ass, writhing in need, holding her arms up to him.

“Give it to me now, baby,” he moaned. “Ohhh, Timmy, please stick that hard cock in my pussy and fuck it! Fuck Mother now, darling!”

Timmy fell over his mother’s naked body with a soft cry of eagerness. Jackie grasped his cock with one hand, wrapping the other about his neck. She fitted the swollen head of her son’s cock to her cunt once more, and when Timmy felt it, he plunged inward.

“Ohh yes!” Jackie hissed as her sop’s cock stabbed into her cunt swiftly. “Oh, God, yes, baby!”

She lifted her pussy to him, wrapping her arms about his back as she shot her legs into the air, kicking her feet as his cock penetrated deep into her bubbling fuckhole. She felt his hot, tight balls smashed against the crack of her ass. The sensation of her son’s cock inside her cunt once again made her cry out as she closed her long thighs about his, grinding her cunt onto his prick. Her tits were smashed beneath his weight as she shoved ha hands to his ass, gripping her asscheeks.

“Fuck me, Timmy!” she cried out. “Fuck me good, baby! Ooooh, darling, raw your cock to my cunt! Fuck Mother’s pussy with your beautiful hard cock baby!”

The wet heat clasping his cock made Timmy groan, and he began to pump his ass up and down, churning beneath him, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. She squealed and whimpered, smearing hot, wet kisses about his neck and shoulders. She thrashed her ass about on the bed, jerking his hips down, digging hard into the cheeks of his ass. Timmy pressed his full weight upon his mother’s tits, sliding his hands to her churning ass, grabbing at her naked ass-flesh.

“Faster, faster!” Jackie urged her son, whipping her ass up and down swiftly. “Ohh, fuck me faster! You’re so hard, baby, so hard! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother’s cunt! Fuck my pussy hard… fuck me, fuck me!”

Timmy gasped and pounded his cock in and out, banging it into his mother’s gripping cunt, his balls bouncing against her fiery ass. Jackie drew her knees back, pulling them up toward her shoulders, arching her burning ass high, striving to get his hard cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She wiggled and thrashed her ass about, biting at her son’s shoulder gently, hissing and sobbing with ecstasy.

Timmy clung to his mother’s gyrating ass tightly, feeling his balls beat along the crack of her ass, brushing her fuckered asshole.

“Ohhh, so deep, darling!” she hissed. “You can go so deep in me! I love it, Timmy! Ohhh, baby, I love your cock, your hard, hot cock! Fuck me fast, darling! Ohhhh… ahhhh sweet, sweet! Ram it to me, Timmy! Oh, dear God, it’s so good I can hardly stand it! Oooh, shove it to me, Timmy! Fuck Mother! Fuck Mother’s hot cunt hard!”

Timmy rammed his cock hard, beating at the swollen lips of her cunt, his balls jiggling. Jackie cried out with rapture each time his balls slapped her ass, her clit smashed along the hard shaft of his cock. Her naked body was burning up, about to burst into flame. She dug at his naked, hunching ass with strong fingers, pulling his ass open, smashing it together. She locked her heels about his back, squeezing him with her hot thighs. His cock seemed to reach into her stomach, making her cunt close and open, sucking at it.

“I think you’re going to make me come again!” she squealed. “Oh, yes, I know you’re going to make Mother come again, baby! My pussy… my cunt is on fire and I’m going to come again!”

Jackie rammed her cunt hard onto her son’s cock, grinding frantically as he held him tightly against her naked body. She pressed as hard as she could on his cock, and then let a scream of mind-shattering ecstasy, come from her throat. Her cunt grabbed at her son’s cock, squeezing it, the spasms strong.

“You’re making me come, Timmy!”

Timmy felt his mother’s cunt grabbing at his cock, and he gritted his teeth, holding her shaking ass in his palms, pressing into her as hard as he could. His cock throbbed and his balls felt as if they were ready to burst. His mother’s cunt was squeezing his cock at the base, so hard he couldn’t believe it.

Jackie’s orgasm went on and on, making her choke and cry with unbelievable ecstasy. She tossed her head about as she came, her ass thrashing and pressing upward, her hands pulling his ass. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she came over and over. Timmy couldn’t do much, but he lay on top of his mother, feeling her shaking as she came, feeling her cunt pulling at his cock.

But when Jackie thought she would never stop coming, the spasms started to recede and her cunt stopped squeezing his cock.

“Oh, baby, baby! I thought I was going to die, it was so good!”

Timmy moved, working his cock up and down.

“You didn’t come yet?” Jackie asked, her eyes big.

Timmy shook his head, fucking a little faster. “Ohhh, you’ve got to come, too,” Jackie hissed, and began to churn her ass about again. “Mother will make you come, don’t worry. Mother’s cunt will get that juice out of your balls. Fuck as hard as you want, Timmy! Bang me as hard and fast as you want… fuck me and come!”

Timmy raced his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt, gripping her ass and holding her crotch upward, digging his toes into the mattress. Jackie wailed at the violent way her son was fucking her. She felt the friction of his cock along the clinging lips of her cunt. Her lips formed an oval and her eyes bulged. She was going to come again, and couldn’t believe it. She would not have thought she had the strength to come again, not after that intense orgasm she had just experienced.

“I’m getting ready, Mom!” Timmy gasped.


“Now, Mom!”

“Oh, God, yes!” Jackie cried urgently. “Me too!”

Timmy rammed his cock deep and his young body went stiff. He lifted his head and groaned. Jackie began to gasp.

The gushing hot come-juice spurted into her pussy, and Jackie squealed. She felt it splashing into her cunt and it triggered her swelling orgasm, making it burst with powerful contractions. She held her son tightly, her arms around his waist, her thighs scissoring along his. Each gush of his come-juice made her moan.

Slowly, very slowly, the wild ecstasy faded, and Jackie lowered her naked ass to the bed, flinging her legs open as her son slumped on top of her. She let her arms slide from him, and shoved them above her head as every muscle of her body turned weak. They lay together for a long time, the only sound was their labored breathing. Timmy’s cock soaked inside his mother’s cunt, relaxed now, soft.

After a while, Jackie hugged him tightly, then pushed him from her. Timmy flopped onto his back, his cock glistening wetly. Jackie lifted up on an elbow, grinning at him.

“Well, what do you think, honey?” she asked.

“About what, Mom?”

“About your mother?” Jackie caressed his young chest gently, looking into his face. “About peeking at me, watching your aunt and me, fucking me? What do you think about all that?”

“I think it’s great!” He shot a grin at her. “I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Mom.”

“You would,” she laughed, poking him in his ribs.

“Especially fucking you,” Timmy giggled as she kept tickling him.

“Sure you would,” Jackie laughed, wrestling him about on the bed.

“I liked that better than seeing Aunt Marlene licking you,” Timmy laughed, rolling around.

“What do you know about licking?” Jackie asked, digging at his ribs as her son giggled and tried to double up. “What do you know about anything?”

“Stop Mom!” he laughed. “You know I don’t like to be tickled.”

“Tell me what you know, and I might stop,” she teased.

“Nothing! I don’t know anything, Mom!” Jackie grabbed his cock, pulling it. But it was slippery with her juices, and her hand slipped from it. She grabbed his balls instead, playfully twisting and pulling them. Timmy tried to get away, still laughing, cupping his hands over his mother’s as she held his balls.

“Only what I see, Mom, that’s the truth,” he said. “I don’t know anything but what I see.”

“And you make sure you see, don’t you?”

“You’re not mad about it,” Timmy said, not asking. “If you was mad at me, you’d yell or slap me, but you’re trying to pull my balls off instead.”

Jackie turned loose, and caressed his balls gently.

“Of course I’m not mad at you.”

She was sitting up now, her legs crossed, gazing down at his cock and balls. Timmy, on his back, watched her lovely tits, seeing her luscious pink nipples, his eyes drifting downward to the thick golden triangle of her pussy hair. He placed his hand on his mother’s knee, and Jackie felt it trembling. He was still unsure, she realized. Still unsure about touching her despite the wild fucking they had just enjoyed together.

She placed her palm on his balls again, and used her other hand on his wrist. She pulled her son’s hand along her creamy thigh, then curled his fingers around her cunt. She looked at his face his eyes glowing merrily. She squeezed his young balls tenderly, then rubbed his cock, feeling him.

“It’s very hot, Mom,” Timmy said.

“What’s very hot?”

“You… you know, your pussy.”

“My pussy is hot?”

“Your cunt is hot!”

Jackie laughed softly, stroking his cock. “So is your cock, baby. So is your cock.”

“Is it okay if I put my finger in it, Mom?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice whispery. “You can put your finger in Mother’s cunt. You can put your finger anywhere.”

She gasped softly as Timmy moved his finger into her pussy. Still sitting cross-legged, she wiggled and pressed her crotch to his hand. Timmy managed to move his finger in and out of her cunt, and Jackie made a soft gurgle of pleasure, squeezing his cock hard, watching his smooth cockhead bulge, his piss-hole widen. She leaned forward slightly, her ass lifting about an inch. Timmy darted his finger in and out of her cunt, and she wiggled her ass with delight. The heel of his hand was pressing against her clit, causing delicious tingles in it. She pulled and pushed at his cock, but it stayed soft. That was not a surprise, because her son had just fucked her twice. Curling one hand about his lovely young balls, she stroked his cock with the other. She leaned over and kissed his stomach, probing his belly button with her tongue.

“Timmy,” she said, hoarsely, “would you think I was terrible if I… well, sort of kissed your cock?”

“I sure wouldn’t, Mom,” he said, plunging his finger in and out of her cunt, watching her hands and face. “You can kiss it if you wanna kiss it.”

Jackie gazed down at his cock. She fondled his balls and squeezed the shaft of his prick hard, watching his smooth cockhead bulge. Her face hovered above his prick a few inches. She could inhale the exciting scent that clung to it, the scent of her cunt. She lowered her face and put her lips against his prickhead, kissing it. Timmy gasped when he saw where his mother’s lips were, felt the contact of them on his cock. Jackie glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, and moved her tongue out, licking a slow, exciting circle around the head of her son’s cock.

“Ohhh, wow, Mom!”

Jackie mewled, twisting her tongue about the head of his cock. She held his cockshaft very tight, keeping his prickhead swollen. The tip of her tongue ran along his piss-hole, and Timmy’s hips jerked. Jackie parted her lips slightly, placing them over his piss-hole. She sucked at it, wiggling her tongue. The fiery wetness made Timmy’s hips jerk upward.

“Mmmm, what are you doing?” she teased, her lips brushing the head of her son’s cock. “Trying to shove it in my mouth? You can… if you want,” she whispered hotly.

She rubbed his cock across her mouth, from corner to corner, the tip of her tongue tasting it. Her eyes gazed at his excited face. She squeezed his balls. Timmy, although his finger was still buried in his mother’s cunt, was very still. He lifted his hips, and his mother purred softly.

She let the head of his cock slide into her mouth.

“Ohhh, Mom!”

“Mmm!” Jackie murmured, running her tongue about the head of his cock. She held her lips just behind his cockhead, sucking and licking, feeling him starting to turn hard again. “Mmm, sweet.” She lifted her mouth slightly. “Very sweet, Timmy.”

“Do it again, Mom,” he urged.

“Of course,” Jackie whispered, and closed her lips about his cock again.

She held it there, her tongue licking, feeling it swell and turn hard between her lips, in her mouth. She kept holding his balls, and when his prick was fiery hard, she shoved her hand beneath his body and clutched his young ass.

Jackie made a gurgling sound, and shoved her lips down on his cock, taking it deep. Her lips pressed at the base, and she made a throaty sound as she felt his swollen prickhead against her throat. She squeezed her son’s ass and his balls, and with a hungry sob, began to suck his cock.

Timmy, staring down at her face, watching his cock sliding in and out of his mother’s mouth, twisted his hips and gasped hotly. Jackie felt the throbbing hardness stretching her lips, the friction delicious. She pressed her tongue against his cock, forcing it to the roof of her mouth, sucking up and down, her eyes, glittering up at his excited face. Timmy squirmed and trembled as his mother sucked on his cock. He could feel bet cunt grabbing at his finger, but he was so excited, he didn’t fuck her with it.

Jackie could see her son’s delight in his shining young eyes, the way he gasped, the way he moved his naked ass. She sucked up and down with greater speed, her lips smashing into his cock base, pulling upward but stopping before his cock left her mouth, then plunging down again. She found herself thrilled to have her son’s cock in her mouth, the heat of it, the hardness throbbing, and the way his cockhead pushed at her throat.

She lifted her mouth slightly.

“You like to get sucked?” she asked in a husky voice. “Do you like the way Mother’s mouth feels on your cock, darling? Want me to keep sucking your cock?”

“Ohh, Mom, suck some more!”

She giggled softly, swirling her tongue around his prick.

“Just lie there and watch,” she purred. “I’ll suck it for you, Timmy.”

Stuffing his hard cock into her mouth again, Jackie sucked up and down slowly, leaning over him, her legs crossed, his finger inside her cunt. Since her son wasn’t poking her with his finger, she began to lift and lower her ass, riding his finger as she bobbed her face on his cock. Timmy stared at his mother’s lips, watching it take his cock deeply, feeling the wet heat of her mouth and twirling tongue. The way she was wantonly fucking on his finger was exciting to him, too.

Jackie clung to his young balls, rolling them in her hand as she sucked strongly at his cock. She made soft sounds of pleasure, her eyes dancing at his face, sparkling lewdly. Tasting her son’s cock, moving her ass up and down, she began to squeal in a muffled way. Her cunt was grabbing at his finger, and she held his cock deep in her mouth as she fucked herself on her son’s finger. She squealed again, then smashed her cunt down onto his hand hard, twisting. Her eyes clouded with ecstasy as she came, her pussy contracting on her son’s finger as she pressed downward.

“You’re coming, Mom! I can feel your cunt, and you’re coming!”

“Mmm!” Jackie moaned.

She began to suck swiftly on her son’s cock, darting her mouth up and down, her lips tight, her tongue in constant motion. She sucked him a frenzy, whimpering softly. She sucked desperately, wanting to taste the hot gush of his come-juice spraying over her tongue. She released his balls, grabbing him by his ass with her hands, one between his thighs. She pulled him upward and devoured his throbbing cock with abandoned hunger.

“Watch out, Mom!” Timmy shouted. Jackie tried to swallow her son’s cock, her hand lifting his ass to get it deep into her throat. The hot spurt of come-juice burned against her throat, and Timmy was trying to pull away. But she wouldn’t let him, she held his squirting cock tightly with her lips, swallowing his thick, creamy cock-juice as it gushed from his balls, her eyes dreamy.

“And that, my horny little boy,” Jackie said, running her tongue over her puffy lips, “is called a blow-job.”

“Blow-job? Mom, you didn’t blow! You sucked!”

“I know,” she murmured happily, licking her lips again. The taste of his sweet, precious comejuice lingered in her mouth. “I sucked your cock off, didn’t I? Blow-job or suck-job, I found it delicious.”

“You didn’t care that I came in your mouth?”

“Why should I care?” she asked, turning and sliding her long legs over the side of the bed. “That was the idea, wasn’t it?”

“I don’t know,” Timmy answered, looking at his mother as she stood up. “You’re beautiful, Mom. I’d rather look at you this way than through the window.”

“I’d rather you did, too,” Jackie replied, stretching, her arms over her head, her tits thrusting outward as she arched her back.

Timmy’s eyes went up and down his mother’s body, seeing her tits, her flat stomach, her rounded hips and exquisitely long legs, then settled upon her thick mass of golden pussy hair.

“What do you mean, that was the idea?” he asked. “Was I supposed to come in your mouth, Mom?”

“Of course.” She grinned at him. “Why suck cock if you don’t let it come off in your mouth?”

“Do all girls suck cock?” he asked. “And do they let the guy come in their mouth?”

“I don’t know about all girls,” Jackie said. “But this girl sucks cock, as you’ve just found out, and I wouldn’t suck cock unless I could have that sweet come-juice spraying down my throat. I don’t mind sucking cock at all. And I don’t mind tasting that come-juice, either. In fact you cock and come-juice is very delicious, Timmy.”

“You’ve sucked cock before, Mom?”

“You shouldn’t ask questions like that.” She smiled at him. “It isn’t nice.”

“I don’t wanna be nice,” Timmy laughed. “I wanna be bad!”

“Oh, my God!” Jackie said. “I forgot about Bobby. He must be wondering what’s going on. Honey, you better get back out there with your cousin before he comes looking for you. We don’t want him to find us like this, do we?”

“Why not, Mom?” Timmy asked, innocently.

“Because he might… he might want to fuck me, too.”

“Can he, Mom?” Timmy asked, as innocent as he could be. “Can Bobby fuck you, Mom? Suck him off, too.”

Jackie stared at her son. She could hardly believe him. She felt as if she should be insulted, be angry with her son. But he was truly innocent in his request. He wasn’t a man, had no experience with women, knew nothing about them. Jackie was very much aware of certain men, men who would degrade her, humiliate her, if she agreed to fuck any of her friends. Men who would use her for their erotic pleasures, then called her bitch and whore — and every other name they could think of.

Yet her son was asking her to fuck his cousin, suck his cousin’s cock off — her own nephew — and he was doing it with absolute innocence, wanting only to share his excitement and fun with his close cousin. He simply wanted his close friend and cousin to enjoy his mother too.

“Honey, go back to Bobby while I take a bath,” she said softly, caressing his cheek.

“Will you do it, Mom?” he asked.

“I… we’ll see, darling,” she replied, unable to give her son a firm reply. Marlene, she was sure, would not hesitate a second. Marlene would be the first one out of her panties if this was happening to her.

Timmy started for the door.

“Hey, wait just a minute,” Jackie called, laughing. “You’re forgetting something, aren’t you?”


“Put your shorts on,” she answered. “You’re still naked.”

Timmy looked down at himself, then lifted his face, a slight blush on it.

“I forgot,” he said, sheepishly, and stepped into his shorts.

Jackie cupped his face and kissed him, gently, lovingly. “Now, go join Bobby and let me take a bath.”

She closed the bedroom door after her son left, and then ran her tub with hot water sprinkling in salts and oils. She sat on the toilet and pissed as the tub filled, thinking of what her son had said.

She had teasd them that morning, wearing her short robe. She had teased them both, finding it enjoyable. But it was her son who had fucked her, satisfying his hot balls. Bobby had probably sat in the living room, his young balk aching, while she fucked her son, then sucked him. It wasn’t right to make a boy suffer that way, she told herself. If she was going to tease, she should deliver. Jackie never had any good to say about girls who teased and refused to put out.

She washed her luscious body with the fragrant water, spending most of her time on her cunt and ass, her tits. She enjoyed smelling good, feeling like a woman. She enjoyed being clean and fresh. She dried herself with a huge towel, then naked, brushed her hair until it gleamed with golden highlights. She applied faint eye shadow, then a tight coat of lipstick to her full, moist lips. Back in her bedroom she slipped into a frilly pair of bikini panties, the lace and nylon hugging her rounded ass, the crotch fitting tightly. She slipped into a summer sweater, then stepped into wrap-around skirt. The skirt was cotton, cool for the weather. Sliding her feet into sandals, she gazed a moment at her reflection.

In her early thirties, Jackie was beautiful. Her hair was more a wheat color than light-blonde, hanging just below her shoulders. It was feathered out from her face, and she looked hardly twenty years old. She certainly didn’t look like the mother of a young boy, a boy who had balls full of hot come-juices.

Pleased with her appearance, she left her room.

Her wrap-around skirt flowed about her long legs, flashing halfway up her thigh. As soon as she entered the living room, she was aware that her nephew was looking at her differently. She glanced at her son and saw that in his innocence he had told Bobby what they had been doing in her bedroom. It was in Bobby’s eyes, those young eyes gleaming so hotly. Yet, like her son, Bobby was innocent, too. He was looking at her like a naughty boy.

Jackie smiled at both of them. She lifted her shoulders, causing her tits to push outward, her nipples making two, points. Although she had not agreed with her son to fuck her nephew, Jackie knew, somewhere in her mind, that she was going to do it.

Entering the laundry room, she began sorting clothing, tossing some into the washer.

She heard, the boys, before she saw them. Turning, Jackie stared at both, leaning against the washing machine. A shiver went through her body, and she felt her cunt tightening. She became aware of the throbbing in her clit and noticed her son and nephew were getting hard. She wasn’t really surprised that her son was getting a hard-on after coming three times. He was young, and had no difficulty. Her eyes moved from the front of her son’s shorts to her nephew’s pants. She swallowed, licking at her lips. Her knee pushed through the flap of her wrap-around skin, her thigh exposed halfway up to her hip. That was where both boys gazed.

She moved her knee, swinging her thighs open, then closing them, her eyes still on the swell of their pants. She was breathing swiftly, her tits rising and falling. When her son stepped closer, lifting his hand, she didn’t move. When Timmy closed his hand about one of her tits, she made a soft gasping sound, but stood there while her son felt her tit.

Bobby watched, his eyes enormous and his cock straining inside his pants. Jackie’s cunt bubbled with wet heat. The two fucks her son had given her, then her third orgasm on his finger as she sucked his cock, had done little to cool the burning. While her son fondled her tit, sliding his hand under her sweater to feel the naked flesh of it, Jackie gasped and lowered her hand to his cock. She squeezed it through his shorts, looking at her nephew. No one said anything, but the breathing of all three was loud in the small confines of the laundry room.

When Timmy pushed her sweater up to her chin, revealing her tits, Jackie shoved her hand into his shorts and pulled his cock out, closing her fist about it, stroking him, still staring at her nephew. Timmy pulled one of his mother’s pink nipples into his mouth and started sucking it.

“Ohhh,” Jackie whimpered, squeezing her son’s cock hard.

She lifted her free hand in a motion for her nephew to come closer. Bobby made a gulping sound, but stepped forward.

“Ooooh, baby, baby!”

When her nephew was close, she pulled his head to her other tit. Bobby eagerly closed his mouth on it, and Jackie stood clinging to her son’s cock, feeling their hot mouths pull on her nipples, sucking strongly. She made a low sob in her throat as her nipples were sucked, dropping her hand to the front of her nephew’s pants. She felt his hard-on through them, and her pulse raced. Holding her son’s cock, jacking on it, and feeling her nephew’s cock through his pants while they sucked her nipples sent a fiery hunger racing to her cunt.

Her fingers fumbled with the fly of Bobby’s pants, and when she had them open, she shoved her fingers inside. Clinging to her son’s cock, Jackie pulled her nephew’s prick out. She pumped them both while they sucked her tits, listening to their excited cries, and feeling their hot breath on her naked tits. She began to jack both of then pumping her fists back and forth, twisting her ass while the heat in her cunt turned fiery, becoming unbearable. She clenched the cheeks of her ass tightly, smashing her inner thighs against her dripping pussy.

With her mind spinning, unbelievably excited to hold both these young hard cocks, Jackie turned slowly, their mouths pulling from her tits. She faced the washing machine, leaning over it slightly, jutting her ass backward. Timmy lifted his mother’s dress, shoving it up to her waist. She felt the boy’s eyes looking at her thighs and pantied ass, and found it impossible to keep still. She wiggled her ass, moaning softly.

“Timmy,” she whispered huskily.

She felt her son’s finger hooking into the crotch of her panties, pulling them away from her pussy. She pushed her ass backward, and lowered her hand to her nephew’s cock again. She squeezed it, making Bobby gasp with delight. Then she stroked it, jacking him, feeling her son pushing his cock to her pussy.

“Ohhh Timmy!” she moaned breathlessly, shoving her ass to him. “Ohhh, yes, baby!”

Timmy slipped his cock into his mother’s cunt.

“Oooooh, yes!” Jackie hissed, pumping her nephew’s cock fast, grinding her ass to her son.

Bobby stared down at Timmy, watching him fucking his mother white Jackie leaned over the washing machine. He was gasping with hot excitement, not only from what he was seeing, but because of the way his aunt held his cock so hard, pulling it with short jerks. He could see one cheek of his aunt’s creamy ass where Timmy had pulled her panties away, and his balls drew in tight at the base of his cock.

“Bobby, hold my tits!” Jackie hissed throatily. “Ohhh, hold my tits, Bobby!”

Bobby grabbed one of her tits, digging at the firm flesh, still staring at Timmy’s cock pounding into Jackie’s cunt from behind. Jackie pumped her fist swiftly on her nephew’s cock, shaking her ass while her son drove his cock into her cunt hard and deep. She moved her free hand between her thighs and caught her son’s swinging balls, moaning and sobbing with rapture. Being fucked by her sob while her nephew watched was more erotic than any time she had fucked with her sister and boyfriends. Jackie’s emotions swirled about. She cried out with ecstasy as she rammed her ass back to her son, pulling hard on her nephew’s cock.

“Suck my tits, Bobby!” Jackie cried out. “Please, Bobby, suck my tits!”

She twisted her shoulders and Bobby shoved his mouth to one tit, taking her nipple deep into his mouth, playing with the other one. She gripped Bobby’s cock very hard, then yelped in strangled voice, “Drop your pants, Bobby! Drop them now!”

Clinging to his aunt’s tit, Bobby opened his pants and shoved them down. Jackie grabbed his cock and balls hotly, shaking her ass while her son rammed his cock in and out of her wet, fiery cunt. Holding her nephew’s balls and cock with her son fucking her cunt sent Jackie into trembling rapture. Her skirt, now above her waist, exposed her ass beautifully, and she wiggled and gyrated it for her son. Her pussy was pulsating, squeezing her son’s cock. Her clit was bulging, and she began sobbing with the intense ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, I’m… ohhh, Timmy!”

Her cunt convulsed tightly, the orgasm making her shake, the hairy lips of her pussy pulling on her son’s cock hard.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Timmy shouted, ramming his prick into her contracting cunt deep. “I’m gonna come!”

“Yes, baby, yes!” Jackie urged, straining to him.

She screamed softly when she felt her sot’s cock gushing into her pussy. The power of her orgasm increased, and Bobby was sucking hard at one tit, squeezing the other. She was about to pull his cock off when her cunt filled with the boiling juices of her son’s young balls.

When he finished coming, Timmy pulled his cock from her cunt, stepping back. “Now you fuck her, Bobby,” he said.

“Oh, God!” Jackie cried out. “Oh, this is crazy!”

Timmy pulled her panties downward, sliding them to her knees. Jackie didn’t protest, clinging to her nephew’s cock hotly. Her naked ass was exposed now.

“Do it, Bobby!” she hissed. “Fuck me, too!” She turned her nephew’s cock loose, arching her ass. Timmy stood to one side, watching his cousin’s cock moving into his mother’s cunt.

“Ohhh, fuck me, Bobby!” Jackie sobbed. “Timmy, baby, suck on Mother’s tits! Ohhh, please, suck my tits! Bobby is going to fuck me now!”

Bobby lunged his cock into her fiery cunt, making Jackie gasp. She gasped again when her son began sucking her tits. She moved her hand to his cock and balls, finding his prick wet and soft. She cradled his soft prick and balls in her hand, fondling them while he sucked and licked her tits, shaking her naked ass for her nephew. She ran her ass back as Bobby came forward, listening to the moist sounds as the naked cheeks of her ass slapped against Bobby, his cock deep in her cunt. With her son sucking her tits, her nephew fucking faster and faster into her cunt, Jackie grew weak. Her slim thighs shook as the exquisite feelings ran through her body.

Although this was not her first time with two lovers, it was her first time to be the only girl, the center of attention for two boys. This was much better, she felt, taking two cocks, one after the other. She wiggled her naked ass without shame, with wanton enjoyment. She was going to come again, too. Already the wet heat of a growing orgasm was turning into liquid heat inside her cunt. The friction of her nephew’s cock along the hairy lips of her cunt sent wild sensations through her. At this moment, she would have done anything her son and nephew wanted of her, anything at all. She had never felt so much heat and wetness in her life.

“Ohhh, I’m going to come again!” she wailed. “Oh, I don’t believe this! I don’t believe I’m doing this! But, oh, God, I want it! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Fuck me, Bobby! Ohhh, baby, fuck Aunt Jackie… I’m about to come!”

With a choking sound, Jackie came. Her cunt grabbed at her nephew’s cock with flexing waves of wet heat, puffing on it. Bobby wasn’t saying anything, but he was pounding his cock in and out of her contracting cunt faster and faster. He was groaning, his hands holding her hips tightly.

Timmy left her tit. “Come in my mom’s cunt, Bobby!” he yelped. “My mom loves to have cock-come in her cunt, don’t you, Mom? Don’t you want Bobby to come in your cunt?”

“Yes, yes!” Jackie sobbed. “Hurry, Bobby! Ohhh, hurry and come in my fucking cunt! Fill my pussy up! Come in me, Bobby!”

Bobby rammed his cock deep, and held it there, his young body going stiff.

“I’m gonna do it now, Aunt Jackie!” he shouted.

“Yes!” Jackie screamed.

She screamed again as her nephew sprayed the walls of her steaming cunt, the rapid spurts of his come-juice gushing powerfully into her. She found her cunt clutched with renewed spasms, and she began to come again and again. Bobby slipped his softening cock from her cunt, and Jackie leaned over the washing machine, her legs shaking badly. She felt come-juice seeping out of her cunt, sliding hotly down the insides of her thighs. Her panties dangled at her knees, her breath coming in hot gasps.

Timmy and Bobby stared at her exposed ass, watching her asscheeks quiver.

Then, giggling, Timmy leaned down and kissed his mother’s ass.

“Oooooh!” Jackie moaned.

“Nice ass, Mom,” he said.

“And hot, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby said, giggling like her son.

Jackie stood, turning to face them. Holding her wrap-around skirt wide-open, she adjusted the crotch of her panties, taking her time, watching the two boys gaze at her cunt.

“Okay, you two, that’s about enough,” she said, but she was smiling and her eyes were flashing. “I’ve got things to do. Go play and leave me alone.” Her eyes took in the still-exposed cocks. “But only leave me alone for a little while, okay?” She stroked both cocks and balls, then turned the boys around and pushed them out of the laundry room.

As she went about her work, Jackie felt anticipation building inside her body.

She was amused that, she had fucked both her son and nephew, almost like a gang-bang. She had taken them both on, one after the other, shamelessly. She had no qualms about fucking them. She was sure her sister would, after she returned, attempt to involve her with her new husband. Marlene would not care at all, that Jackie was fucking Bobby, she knew. Marlene would probably find it just as exciting as she did.

As she finished up her work, she wondered about Timmy. He was the most virile boy she had ever known. He had fucked her three times that day and she had sucked him off, but still his balls had been full of come-juice. A grown man would have had difficulties, but Timmy’s cock seemed as insatiable as her cunt was getting. He could achieve a hard-on almost on demand, she thought with pleasure.

Later, her work over, she fixed a late lunch for the boys, who wolfed down the sandwiches and milk hungrily. They kept looking at her, their eyes twinkling with anticipation. Jackie went out of her way to touch them, caress a cheek or rumple their hair, anything to show her affection for them. While they finished their lunch, she went to her bathroom and stripped her panties off. She washed herself carefully and douched her cunt. Sliding her long legs into a fresh pair of panties, she felt ready for them. Although she wanted her cunt clean, she didn’t mind if they failed to wash their cocks. The taste of them after being inside her cunt was exciting to Jackie. In fact, she preferred that taste to a well-scrubbed cock.

Returning, she found the boys back in the living room. They were sitting next to each other, and she knew they had been talking — probably about her. Jackie sat in a chair across from them, crossing her legs and pulling her wrap-around skirt from her thighs. Immediately their young eyes were on her, grins on their handsome faces. She rocked her sandaled foot back and forth. They could see her creamy thighs to her hip, and above them a brief glimpse of her panties.

After a moment, she deliberately uncrossed her legs and swung them wide-apart. Their giggles excited her as she flashed the crotch of her panties at them. Jackie wasn’t shy or hesitant. She shoved her ass to the edge of her chair, holding her legs wide-apart. She traced a fingertip along her panties, dragging it up and down the slit of her cunt.

Bobby and Timmy glanced at each other, and then pulled their cocks out.

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” Jackie hissed as she saw them again. Her eyes moved from cock to cock, her finger rubbing up and down the slit of her pantied cunt. “But it would look better if you two took your clothes off.”

Quickly, her son and nephew stripped as she rubbed at her crotch and watched, her eyes shining with increasing pleasure. They stripped completely, unhesitatingly, without shyness. Naked, they sat back down on the couch, both young cocks swelling.

Jackie watched them stiffen, her tongue mow big about her lips. She pulled her panties to one side, revealing her blonde-haired cunt to them. She agitated her clit for their pleasure.

“You know what I’d love to do with those cocks,” Jackie whispered thickly.

Timmy gazed at his mother, slowly stroking his cock. At his side, Bobby had huge eyes, staring at his aunt’s blonde-haired cunt with fascination, his prick gripped tightly by his fist, his other hand cradling his hairless balls. Jackie felt good about seeing them this way, about exposing her juicy cunt to their young eyes. She tenderly brushed a fingertip along her inflamed clit, massaging it to greater hardness. Widening her legs as far as she could, Jackie moved her finger down, sliding it slowly into her cunt. A soft mewl came from her, her ass twisting gently.

“What would you like to do with our cocks, Mom?” Timmy asked, his voice shaking as he watched his mother fuck herself with her finger. He pumped on his prick with a firm fist, his excitement showing on his face and in his sparkling eyes.

“Yeah, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby grunted, leaning forward and still clutching his cock hard. “What do you wanna do with them?”

His eyes burned into Jackie’s crotch, hot and slightly unfocused, yet seeing the sugary pink wetness of her pussy clearly.

Jackie ran her tongue back and forth over her lips suggestively, her eyes fiery as they shifted from one cock to the other. She straightened her finger and flipped it in and out of her cunt, making soft wet slapping sounds upon her pussy lips as she fingerfucked her cunt wantonly.

“Eat them,” she whispered softly, her voice showing emotion.

“Eat us?” Bobby gasped, his eyes opening even more. “You wanna eat our cocks, Aunt Jackie?”

“I’d love to,” she murmured, pulling her finger from her cunt and twisting her knotted clit with her thumb and forefinger. “I’d love to eat them, both of them.”

“Do it, Mom!” Timmy urged. “Eat us!” Jackie cried out softly as a delicious sensation shot through her cunt. She pinched her clit her hips jerking upward as her eyes glazed for a moment.

“Oooh, I almost came then!” she whispered. “I almost came.”

She rubbed her fingers up and down the hairy lips of her cunt, focusing on those two young cocks, so hard and beautiful. She considered having them come to her, to stand on either side, so she could turn her face from one to the other, but then maybe she should kneel between them, sucking first one then the other. It was the boys who decided it for her.

Timmy and Bobby stood together, almost on signal. Jackie’s eyes glowed at the way their cocks stood straight out, firm and throbbing, both of them dripping from their piss-holes. Her mouth watered up with hunger as they started toward her. Timmy moved to her right, Bobby to her left. Jackie scooted her ass lower on the chair, her legs parted very wide, her cunt showing.

“Why should I keep these fucking clothes on?”

She laughed, and peeled herself naked. Now, leaning back with her son and nephew on either side of her, she gurgled in pleasure as each boy grasped a tit, squeezing and fondling it. Throwing her long legs open, Jackie began rubbing her cunt once more, feeling a hard cock brushing at both her shoulders. She rubbed both her palms against her juicy cunt, then brought her hands up and cupped both pairs of balls. She caressed them, twisting her ass, keeping her crotch tilted for their viewing pleasure. Jackie turned her face toward her son’s cock, kissing his cockhead. Then she kissed the swollen head of her nephew’s prick.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby moaned. “Your lips are hot!”

“My mouth is hotter,” Jackie mewled, pulling at both balls.

She flicked her tongue out, swiping the tip across her nephew’s piss-hole, tasting his hot juices. She made a purring sound, turning to her son. She lapped her tongue in wet circles around the head of Timmy’s cock, her eyes glancing up at his excited face.

Timmy was puffing at her nipple, and he pushed his cock forward, wanting it inside his mother’s mouth. Jackie laughed teasingly as she pulled her face away.

“Don’t be in such a rush, darling,” she said. “Let me do it my way. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. Besides, we have time for everything.”

She turned to her nephew and lapped along the rigid shaft of his cock, twisting her tongue about his smooth cockhead. She placed her lips over his dripping piss-hole and sucked it, her tongue flicking. She felt Bobby shaking as he looked down at her, his hand gripping her tit tightly. When Bobby tried to shove his cock into her mouth as Timmy had, she pulled away.

“My, you two are anxious, I’d say,” she teased, twisting her ass, the lips of her hairy cunt tightening, her clit bulging visibly. “I like my men to be anxious.”

“Suck me, Mom!” Timmy gasped, clawing at her tit. “Come on, Mom, suck me now!”

“Suck mine!” Bobby urged. “Suck my cock now, Aunt Jackie!”

“I can’t suck both at the same time,” she giggled with pleasure. “I’d love to suck them both together, but that’s impossible. I have to take turns. But don’t worry, you guys, I’ll suck you. I’ll suck both of your hard cocks off!”

Timmy and Bobby tried to shove their cocks into her mouth at the same time. Jackie giggled with delight, grinding her open crotch about as if she were being fucked. She was enjoying teasing them, playing with them awhile, but they were awfully anxious. She allowed her nephew to push his cock halfway into her mouth.

“Mom! Suck me first!” Timmy protested, his prick throbbing against her cheek.

Jackie removed her nephew’s cock from her mouth. “Don’t be so greedy, darling. I’ve sucked your cock it’s Bobby’s turn now. Here, let me give your sweet balls a kiss, then wait your turn.”

She buried her face into her son’s balls, kissing them, tasting the wetness of her cunt there. She licked her son’s balls a moment or so, then grasped his cock with her fist. She jacked on Timmy’s prick and turned her face to her nephew. When her lips touched the dripping head of Bobby’s cock, she moaned softly and let him shove it into her mouth.

The tingling, throbbing heat of his cock seemed to send sparks to her cunt. Closing her lips tightly around Bobby’s young cock, sucking on it, she released his balls and shoved her hand to her cunt, rubbing and stabbing a finger into it, all the time jacking her son’s cock.

Bobby pumped his prick in and out of her lips as Jackie bobbed to and fro. The taste of her nephew’s cock excited her. She rubbed the wet head of her son’s cock about her neck and cheek, feeling the hot wetness smear her flesh. She moaned softly as she sucked, pleased that her nephew fucked back and forth into her mouth.

She glanced up at him, seeing his almost awed expression, his eyes glittering. Bobby was squeezing her tit hard, and her son was twisting and pulling her other nipple. Jackie fingerfucked her cunt faster, humping her ass up and down. She jerked on her son’s cock, holding his seeping cockhead against her cheek. She looked at her son, seeing his hot eyes watch her as she sucked Bobby’s cock. Her lips burned with a sweet, stretching sensation, her tongue licking as Bobby plunged his cock back and forth. His balls bounced against her chin, her lips smashing at his base, feeling his round, smooth prickhead brush at her throat.

“Ohhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby gasped hotly. “Oooooh, your mouth is so wet and hot!”

He fucked into her mouth vigorously, and Jackie moved her face back.

“Not so fast, honey,” she laughed. “I don’t want either of you to come too fast. Let me enjoy this before you come.”

She turned her head to her son’s cock, gulping it deeply, her lips pressing at his wiry cock hair, her hand sliding to his balls. She pulled her hand from her cunt and grasped Bobby’s cock, jacking him and rubbing his hot cockhead about her cheek and neck as she had her son’s. She sucked back and forth on her son’s cock, her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. She swallowed as Timmy dripped his hot fuckjuice into her mouth.

Timmy and Bobby kept watching her stretching lips on their cocks, darting their eyes to her tits then to her cunt, then back to her sucking mouth again. Jackie sucked strongly on her son’s cock, feeling it throb against her tight lips. She sucked juices from him, swallowed, then turned to suck her nephew’s cock.

Going from one cock to the other made her shiver with rapture. She had never sucked off two cocks at the same time. There was only a little difference between the size of her son’s cock and her nephew’s. Both were strong, hard and hot. Both dripped, and both tasted so very sweet in her mouth. Timmy moved his hips, fucking his mouth as his cousin had done, but not so swiftly.

Jackie pulled her mouth off her son’s cock. “Ohhh, this is wonderful!” she squealed in a tight voice. “Tasting you both is so good! Look at those balls! You two are loaded, aren’t you? Is all that come-juice for me, for my mouth?”

Her eyes stared lewdly up at them, her legs wide and her cunt glistening wetly. Her face was flushed with erotic heat, her cheeks gleaming from the juices of those cocks she had rubbed about them.

She felt her nephew’s cock sliding along her cheek, and turned her mouth to it.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as Bobby’s cock filled her mouth.

This time, when he fucked her vigorously, she let him. The rapid sliding of his throbbing cock past her lips and into her mouth caused her cunt to twitch, her clit to burn and tingle.

Both boys kept feeling her tits with tight fingers, and Jackie felt the heat and increased swelling of their cocks as she moved her mouth from one to the other. It would not be long before they squirted creamy come-juice, and she was becoming as anxious for it as they were. Jackie ground her ass from side to side, arching her crotch upward, squealing around the cock in her mouth. Her cunt was very wet and hot, with juices dripping from her sugary, blonde-haired pussy-lips, running along the crack of her ass. When she closed her thighs to create pressure against her pussy, the inner flesh of her crotch glistened as she flung them open again.

With both cocks throbbing hard, both sets of balls becoming tight, Jackie began turning her head from one to the other quickly. Each time she turned her face, a cock was quickly shoved into her mouth. She wasn’t sucking so much as being fucked in the mouth now, but she didn’t mind, either way sent wildfire to her cunt. She wiggled her ass, pumping up and down as if she had a cock stabbing at her cunt. She was letting each boy fuck her mouth with a few thrusts before she turned to the other. There was no way she could tell who was going to come first, but that didn’t matter to her either.

“Ohhh, Mom, this is so good!” Timmy grunted, thrusting his cock into her throat. “Just like your cunt!”

Jackie pulled away, turning to her nephew’s cock, feeling it slide over her cheek to her mouth. She swallowed it hungrily.

“Suck hard, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby yelped. “Ohhh, suck my cock real hard! My balls hurt, Aunt Jackie! My balls hurt and I’m really gonna come!”

Jackie wasn’t holding a cock as she sucked now. She was shoving the forefinger of both her hands into her cunt, fucking herself wildly as she turned her face from cock to cock. She churned her naked ass up and down, making wet sounds with her fingers. Her eyes, wide open, were glassy and unseeing. Timmy and Bobby watched her plunging her fingers almost brutally in and out of her cunt. Jackie kept turning her mouth from cock to cock, ready to take the creamy explosion of come-juice from both.

She was sucking hard at her son’s cock when it happened.

Timmy grabbed the back of his mother’s head with one hand, clawing at her tit with the other.

“Don’t move now, Mom!” he shouted.

Jackie clung to her son’s cock with her lips her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. His swollen cockhead was in her throat. With a grunt, her son came, the hot, creamy juice of his balls gushing into her throat.

“I’m coming!” Timmy shouted. “Fm filling your fucking mouth, Mom!”

Jackie’s eyes wobbled as her mind spun. She shot her crotch up hard onto her buried fingers, her flat stomach rippling. She squealed with a wet sound as she came, her cunt clutching her fingers tightly, her hips grinding. She gulped at his thick come-juice hungrily, her throat working as her son’s cock spurted time and again down her gullet. She felt her nephew’s cock against her cheek, the wetness more pronounced.

Just as soon as her son’s cock finished, Jackie sucked back on it, drawing a final drop of come-juice from him. Swiftly, whimpering, her cunt still contacting with sweet, ecstatic orgasms, she turned to her nephew’s cock. She closed her lips about it just in time.

“Ohhh, take it, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby shouted, his cock spewing across her tongue. “Swallow my come-juice, too!”

Jackie’s eyes rolled up as she swallowed his hot, sweet come-juice hungrily, her cunt still pulsating with orgasm. She pressed her fingers as deep as possible into her cunt, feeling her hairy cuntlips squeeze hard. Soft, wet gurgles came from her as her nephew filled her mouth time and again. While Bobby came off in her mouth, she felt her son’s cock drooping and resting on her naked shoulder.

When Bobby pulled his cock from her mouth, his knees sagging, Jackie’s orgasm faded. She lifted her fingers from her cunt, letting her hands fall past her hips. Her tits lifted and fell as she breathed deeply. Her lips felt bruised, with a nice sensation to them. She ran her tongue about inside her mouth, tasting the come-juice from their young balls. Getting two cocks to come off inside her mouth, one after the other, had caused her to enjoy an extremely powerful orgasm.

She slumped in her chair, her cheeks wet with the juices of their cocks. Her lips glistened too, and the taste lingered in her mouth for some time.

Jackie had to refuse the boys’ request to sleep with her.

Timmy, although he had wanted her to fuck his cousin, showed signs of jealousy when Bobby said he was going to sleep with Jackie.

“It’s my Mom,” he had retorted. “I’m the one who’s gonna sleep with her.”

Jackie had stopped it before it developed into an argument.

“I’m sleeping alone,” she said.

Both boys pouted for some time, but she wasn’t giving in. Bobby had suggested they all sleep in the same bed, but Jackie refused. She knew that one or the other would slip his cock into her when the other was sleeping. She wouldn’t have minded that, but she was afraid it would cause further argument.

“I’m sleeping by myself, and that’s the last word on it,” she said, firmly. “Now, if you two don’t settle down and stop this, I may just stop fucking both of you.”

That settled them down fast enough.

When she prepared for bed, she allowed them to be with her, to watch her. They were fascinated by everything she did, watching every move, even when she brushed her hair. She showered instead of taking a tub bath, because she enjoyed watching their excited expressions as she twisted and turned and posed under the stinging spray. She spent a long time under the shower, fondling herself for the boys’ visual pleasure.

She washed her shapely tits, pulling and playing with her pink nipples as they watched. She spread her legs and soaped her cunt, rinsing it off beneath the water. She turned and jutted her creamy, shapely ass toward them as she washed it, and leaning over, pulled the cheeks of her smooth ass apart, giggling lewdly. Her asshole winked at the boys, her blonde cunt hair dripping water.

Deliberately, Jackie crinkled her asshole tightly, then relaxed it, tightening it again. She listened to them giggle and gasp, and when she turned to face them, she saw their cocks standing straight up.

Turning toward them, the shower spraying over her tits, Jackie parted her feet, her legs open. The water ran down her body, into the blonde hair of her pussy, streaming along her inner thighs. Why the idea came to her, Jackie couldn’t say. She felt the urge to piss, to piss while standing under the shower. A slight flush came over her face.

Without giving any more thought to it, Jackie pissed.

The golden piss gushed from her cunt, arching outward.

“Mom, you’re peeing!” Timmy gasped.

“Mmmmm, I know,” Jackie purred. “I can’t help it.”

“That’s piss, not pee,” Bobby said. “Aunt Jackie is taking a piss in the fucking shower!”

Jackie felt her hot piss streaming along her thighs, and a shiver rippled about her creamy flesh. She closed her legs, thrusting her hips forward, and kept pining. She ran a hand into the blonde curls of her cunt, pulling upward, causing her piss to spurt over the rim of the tub.

“Open your legs, Mom!” Timmy gasped. “Let us see your cunt while you piss!”

Jackie spread her legs, bending her knees slightly, spewing piss for a long time. She pulled at her hairy cunt with her fingers, opening it, then mashing her cuntlips together, cutting off the stream, then letting it spurt again.

The boys didn’t laugh, they stared at her with excitement, their hot young eyes focused upon her pissing cunt, their cocks jerking up and down with hardness.

“Jack off!” she cried softly. “Jack off for me!”

Without hesitation, both boys grasped their cocks and began to pump.

Jackie watched with fiery eyes, no longer pining now. She stepped out of the shower, dripping water all over the bathroom floor. She stood before them, watching as their fists flew back and forth. Strangely, she had never seen a boy jack off before.

She dropped to her knees between them, her eyes wide as they jerked faster on their cocks. Settling her ass on her heels, Jackie lifted her face to them, watching as she cupped her tits. Her eyes gleamed brightly.

“Come on me,” she hissed throatily. “Squirt all over me!”

The boys stood at either side of her, jerking hard, their hips arching forward. She watched their young balls swing back and forth with the movement of their tight fists. Jackie stroked her tits as she watched, lifting her nipples up. Wet drops came from their piss-holes, splattering her nipples. She cooed with pleasure, and pushed her tongue out to her son’s cock, tasting the juices, bubbling from his piss-hole, his fist pounding back and forth. She then licked at her nephew’s cock, moaning with lewd pleasure.

“Come on me,” she cried out softly. “Come all over me! Come on my tits, come in my face, my neck, my shoulders! Jack off on me!”

The boys panted with effort.

Jackie waited and watched, now and then licking at the juices dripping out of their pissholes. She let go of her tits and cupped the hairless balls of her son and nephew. She squeezed and twisted them, urging them to come. Behind her, the shower kept hissing into the tub.

“Ohhh, please, come with me!” she pleaded, grinding her heel against her steamy cunt. “Come in my face, both of you! Ohhh, come in my fucking face! I want to feel that hot gush of come-juice splash in my cocksucking face!”

She pulled at their balls. Both cocks were above her face now, and Jackie lifted her face to them.

Timmy grunted and sprayed jism into his mother’s face.

After the first spurt landed on her chin, Bobby’s cock spurted, sending hot come-juice over her forehead. Jackie moaned as her cunt contracted with orgasm. She felt the hot spurts of come-juice flying out of both cocks, landing in her face, covering her nose, her cheeks, chin and lips, even her neck.

“Wonderful!” she cooed when it was over. She tilted her face up and let her son rub his cock across her lips, then her nephew. She tasted their come-juice, flicking her tongue at each piss-hole in turn. Her face glistened from forehead to chin, and her eyes were bright.

“I loved to feel you two come off in my face. It made me come, you know.”

She stood and stepped back into the shower, shoving her face under the water. She arched her back as she washed her face, her perky ass thrusting out deliciously. This time, when she finished washing herself, she climbed out and dried her body, posturing lewdly for them. She drew the towel between her thighs and pulled it back and forth.

“Ohhhh this feels good,” she giggled. “Maybe I can come again.”

But she didn’t keep it up. Dropping the towel, she walked naked into her room, with the boys following. As they sat on her bed, she stood before her mirror and brushed her hair, winking at them, shaking her ass teasingly.

“Mom, let us sleep with you,” Timmy asked, watching her asscheeks bunching.

“Timmy, don’t start that again,” she said. “Now, you two run off to bed. I’m tired. I think I’m fucked out, anyway.”

She turned to them, giggling as she prodded her cunt. “I never thought my cunt would be sore from fucking, but now I think it is. Now get to bed, both of you. We can do it again tomorrow.”

The boys left her reluctantly. She smiled as she watched them go. If she allowed it, she knew they would fuck themselves to exhaustion. Climbing underneath the cool sheets, she curled up on her side, closing her eyes, smiling to herself. If only Marlene knew what she was doing, she thought, she’d be very pissed off. Not because Jackie was fucking the two boys, but because she had not thought of it first. Marlene was too used to being in control, guiding everything, always the one to come up with something new and erotic to do.

She was drifting off to sleep when she heard her door opening quietly. She turned around, but it was dark and couldn’t see which boy it was.

“Can’t you sleep?” she asked.

“No, Mom,” Timmy whispered.

“You can’t sleep with me,” she said drowsily. “I won’t have you two fighting over me, baby.”

“I won’t sleep with you, Mom,” he said, sitting down on the edge of her bed. “Mom, do you like to fuck Bobby as much as you fuck me?”

Jackie stroked his thigh tenderly.

“I love to fuck both,” she said, honestly. “But it was your idea, baby, remember? You asked me to fuck him.”

“I know,” Timmy said, placing his hand on his mother’s naked tit. “I’m sorry for acting like a kid. I’m not a kid, not anymore. I’ve fucked you just like a man, so I’m not a kid anymore.”

Jackie pushed her lips to her son’s knee, kissing it as she slipped her hand to his cock. “No, you’re my man now.”

She closed her fingers about his cock.

“Is your cunt really sore, Mom?” he asked.

“Of course not,” she laughed.

“Then can I fuck you again?” he asked. “Maybe it will help me get to sleep.”

Jackie pulled on her son’s cock. “I’ve got a better idea, honey.”

“Like what?”

“How would you like to lick Mother’s cunt?”

“Aw, Mom,” Timmy said. “Your cunt is so hairy and wet.”

“It’s supposed to be hairy and wet, you silly,” she laughed. “Besides, you might like sucking pussy, who knows? At least you should try it once, don’t you think?”

“I’ll try it,” he said.

Jackie giggled, feeling his cock swell in her hand. He was all boy, she thought. Get his cock hard and he’d try anything. She pulled him onto the bed, spreading him on his back. She turned around and swung her knees across his head.

“Turn the light on, Mom,” he said, sliding his hands up her thighs and cupping the cheeks of her ass. “I wanna see.”

Jackie reached out for the lamp, clicking it on.

“How’s that?” she asked, twisting her ass wantonly. “Can you see everything you want now?”

“Perfect, Mom,” Timmy replied, gazing up between her thighs. He particularly enjoyed touching the silky smoothness of his mother’s inner thigh near her cunt. He looked up at her pussy, seeing her pink cuntlips and blonde hair. He caressed the cheeks of her ass, kissing at her inner thigh.

“Honey,” she said in a whispery voice, “I’m going to do something different to you. It might make you want to taste Mother’s cunt better.”

“What are you gonna do, Mom?”

“Never mind,” she laughed, kissing the head of his cock. “You just shove your face into my cunt and suck it. I’ll take care of this end here.”

Jackie closed her lips about her son’s cock, sucking up and down, her tongue swirling. She lowered her bushy cunt to her son’s face, and Timmy held the cheeks of her ass. When she rubbed her wet cunt along his mouth, Timmy caught his breath. The wet heat of his mother’s pussy-juice seemed to radiate to his cock, and he lifted his hips to push deep into his mother’s moth.

At the same time, he opened his mouth and tasted her pussy. The soft hair of her cunt tickled his lips, and he shoved his tongue into her cunt with only a slight hesitation. The taste of her pussy, the searing heat, the slippery wetness, caused his young mind to spin, and gripping the cheeks of his mother’s ass, Timmy began to tongue-fuck his mother’s cunt rapidly.

“Ooooh, baby!” Jackie sobbed as she pulled her mouth off his throbbing hard-on. “That’s it! Go to it, Timmy! Fuck Mother in the wet cunt with your tongue! Ahhhh, darling, suck Mother’s pussy!”

She smashed her cunt into her son’s face, grinding as she sucked at his prick again. Timmy clung to her twisting ass, ramming his tongue in and out of her pussy eagerly now. Her pussyjuices were hot and sweet, and he swallowed as his mouth filled.

Finding his mother’s hairy cunt soft and very hot, Timmy sucked and lapped about it hungrily. He loved it when his mother closed her hot, smooth thighs about his face, loved the way she twisted and squirmed at his mouth. When she felt her son tonguing and sucking at her cunt with wild hunger, she lifted her mouth from his cock. She licked upend down his hard cockshaft, then lapped about his balls, running her tongue below them and mewling with desire.

“Squeeze my ass, baby!” she gasped. “Ohhhh, Timmy, pull on Mother’s ass hard!”

Timmy pulled at her asscheeks and his nose pushed against her asshole. He didn’t stop ramming his tongue in and out of her cunt, but increased the frenzied stabs. Jackie cupped her son’s ass, lifting his crotch, her tongue and lips burning kisses and licks at his inner thighs. She licked about the cheeks of his ass, feeling his cock throb about her tits, his balls on her neck. She ran her tongue up and down the crack of her son’s ass, and then parted his asscheeks as wide as she could. Jackie took a deep breath, and then without warning, plunged her tongue against his asshole. Timmy gulped against his mother’s cunt, then sucked it furiously, feeling his mother’s hot, wet tongue licking his asshole.

Fluttering her tongue against his tight asshole, Jackie crushed her cunt into his face, grinding with gasping ecstasy. She pounded her pussy up and down, beating her clit against his mouth. When Timmy found his tongue sliding about her cunt and over his mother’s asshole, he didn’t stop, but licked and tasted whatever his mother shoved into his face. Jackie curled her tongue tightly, and began easing it into her son’s asshole. She felt his asshole resist for a moment, then her tongue slipped in. Timmy grunted into his mother’s cunt, but lifted his hips higher.

The tight heat of her son’s asshole around her tongue sent Jackie into a frenzy of perverse excitement. She began to stab her tongue in and out of his asshole, fucking him with it. She felt his cock and balls on her tits and neck, adding to her delight. Timmy was clasping the creamy cheeks of her ass, holding them wide open, and she sobbed with rapture when she felt his tongue sliding up her asshole.

Feverishly, she pulled her face out of his ass. “Ohhhh, suck my ass, baby! Suck Mother’s hot asshole, Timmy!”

With a cry of ecstasy, she buried her face back between the cheeks of her son’s ass, her tongue licking wildly. When she rammed her tongue deep into his fuckering asshole. She heard him moan, and she felt his tongue drive deep into her asshole.

Timmy was taking turns, licking her cunt and asshole alternately. Jackie wiggled and twisted her cunt as she clamped his young face between her fiery thighs. She squirmed on top of him, pressing her tits at his cock, her tongue fluttering in and out of his asshole.

Timmy’s face was covered with the dripping juices of his mother’s hairy cunt, making it slippery. He dug at her asscheeks with his fingers as he closed his lips around the fucker of her asshole.

Jackie sucked at his asshole, sucking as hard as she could with his cock in her mouth. She was in an erotic frenzy, and at that moment her son could have done anything with her. If Bobby had come in, he would have done anything with her, too. She was almost out of her mind with passion, mouthing his asshole, licking at his balls, shoving her tongue up his ass eagerly. Her cunt was boiling, her stomach rippling. She squealed into her son’s asshole, smashing her cunt up and down on his chin, feeling his tongue ramming in and out her asshole. She thrashed about on top of her son, her thighs hugging his head.

“Ooo mmmm!” she cried out into her son’s asshole, smashing her crotch into his face frantically.

Timmy, his tongue buried into his mother’s asshole, felt her cunt contract around his cock, and then her cum spasms grip his tongue. He shoved his tongue as deep as he could up his mother’s asshole, feeling his assring close and open as she came. Jackie, with her cunt going through powerful convulsions, sucked hungrily on Timmy’s asshole, his cock throbbing on her tits.

With a muffled cry, Timmy came.

The hot gush of come-juice spurting over her tits drove Jackie to even greater efforts with her tongue. She pounded it in and out of Timmy’s asshole as she ground her pussy at his chin, making sobbing sounds. The wet, fiery gushes of his come-juice smeared her tits, his stomach. She clutched his asscheeks tightly, pressing them about her face.

When it was over, Jackie lay for some time in top of her son, her knees scooting out from under her, her cunt resting in her son’s face. She and Timmy breathed deeply, holding each other tightly about the ass until their shudders stopped.

Then Jackie rolled off him.

“I’m a fucking mess,” Timmy complained, looking down at the come-juice smearing his lower body.

“You’re a fucking mess?” she giggled. “Look at my tits.”

“I guess we have to take a shower,” he said. “I can take care of you,” Jackie said, sifting up and leaning over her son.

She lowered her face, her tongue darting out. She swirled her tongue around his crotch, licking up his come-juice. She swished her tongue into the wiry hair at the base of his cock, then into his balls.

“There,” she grinned at him. “You’re nice and clean.”

“I think I like the way you clean me, Mom,” he laughed.

“My pleasure, darling.”

Bobby stood in the open doorway.

Jackie saw him and smiled.

“How long have you been there, Bobby?” she asked.

“Long enough to know Timmy sneaked in here,” Bobby said.

“Come on in,” Jackie replied. “I guess this girl won’t get any sleep tonight until you two are exhausted.”

Bobby came in, giving Timmy an angry look.

“Well, it’s my Mom,” Timmy said.

“Timmy, that’s enough,” Jackie hushed him. “I have plenty for the both of you. No matter what it is, I think I can handle you two very well.”

Timmy sat on his mother’s bed, drawing his knees to his chest and resting his pussy-wet chin on them. Jackie saw his precious balls behind his heels, and caressed them gently.

“Now, come on, baby,” she whispered. “No more jealousy. You know you’d never be left out, not with me. Now, let’s just stop all this nonsense. Both of you can have fun with me, you know.”

“Well,” Timmy pouted. “I’m gonna fuck Aunt Marlene, you just see if I don’t.”

“That’s up to your Aunt Marlene isn’t it?” Jackie said.

“If Bobby can fuck you, then I can fuck his mother,” Timmy insisted.

“I don’t care,” Bobby said. “Fuck my mother all you want. I bet I can fuck her, too.”

Jackie grinned at them. “Listen, you two,” she said. “I have a hunch both of you can fuck her. But that’s later. I’m all you have right now, and I sure don’t mind taking both of you on.”

Bobby’s cock stood up very hard, and she grasped it, beating up and down as Timmy leaned at the headboard, watching. He wasn’t so angry now, not with the mention of fucking his Aunt Marlene. He began to be interested in watching what his mother was doing with his cousin.

Jackie leaned don and pulled her nephew’s cock into her mouth, sucking it a little. Bobby lay back, arching his hips, watching her mouth bob up and down his cock. But Jackie wasn’t going to suck him off. She wanted his cock in her cunt, fucking her. The two boys loved to have her hot, wet mouth wrapped about their cocks, and would be satisfied getting sucked off all the time, but Jackie’s cunt demanded cock, too.

“I want this in my cunt,” she said, a sob in her voice. “I want to get fucked, you know. I love to suck your cocks, but my cunt needs a hard-on, too.”

She swung her legs over her nephew’s body, her ass toward his face. She straddled him, and Timmy watched when she grasped Bobby’s cock and fitted it into her cunt. Jackie leaned over, braced herself with one hand and slipped her nephew’s cock into her hairy cunt from behind.

“Ohhhhh, that’s nice,” she purred. “I love to feel a hard cock slide into my cunt.”

She settled onto her nephew, her pussy lips smashing at his cock base. She squirmed her ass, then leaned over and licked at Bobby’s toes. The cheeks of her ass parted, and Timmy saw everything clearly. He could see the way his mother’s pink cunt grabbed at Bobby’s cock, the crinkle of her asshole.

“Mmmmm, so fucking good!” Jackie hissed, bouncing her cunt up and down, fucking her nephew.

She drew her knees along Bobby’s thighs, riding up and down his cock slowly, enjoying the stretching, filling sensation of her pussy.

“You’re so hard, Bobby! Oooooh, Bobby, ram your cock in my cunt! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me hard!”

Timmy stared, watching his cousin lunge his hard cock up into his mother’s clutching cunt. The view excited him, seeing her pussy sliding up and down Bobby’s cock, and her asshole puckering tightly.

“Give him a good fuck, Mom!” he urged. “Fuck his cock! Fuck Bobby’s cock with your hot, hairy cunt!”

Jackie lifted her head, turning to look past her shoulder. “You’re not mad anymore, baby?” she asked, wiggling her ass.

“I like to see you with a cock in your cunt, Mom.” He grinned at her. “I like to see you getting fucked, I like to watch you suck cock, and I love to fuck you, too.”

“Now, that’s my boy!” Jackie said, and bounced her naked ass up and down vigorously, swinging it about as she started grinding onto Bobby’s cock. “You just watch Mother’s ass, Timmy! You just watch me fuck the piss out of your hard cock.”

Having her son watch her excited Jackie more then when her sister watched her getting fucked. Her son’s eyes were big and hot and round, showing pleasure as she wiggled and fucked on Bobby’s cock. Darting her ass up and down, Jackie squealed and cried out, sparks of intense rapture shooting through her naked body. Her flawlessly shaped tits jiggled with movement as she bucked her hips. She stabbed herself in the cunt feverishly, the liquid sounds enhancing her pleasure, along with her son watching.

“See my cunt Timmy? Can you see Mother’s cunt fucking Bobby’s cock?”

“I see, Mom!” Timmy gasped. “I can see your asshole, too. Fuck him real good, Mom! Make Bobby come in your cunt… make him come real hard in your pussy!”

“I will! Oh, God, I will!” Jackie squealed, her naked ass flying up and down frantically, grinding in tight circles. “Bobby, you’re so hard, so fucking hard! Can you feel my cunt sucking your prick? Can you feel my pussy suck you?”

“Yeah, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby groaned. “I can feel it and I can see it, too!”

“Watch my ass, both of you!” Jackie sobbed. “Watch my hot ass! Watch my naked ass fuck the piss out of your hard cock!”

Timmy stared, fascinated to see his mother’s cunt gilding up and down his cousin’s prick. Her golden pussy hairs sparkled with wetness, her pink cuntlips clinging to Bobby’s cock tightly. Her asshole puckered and sucked inward, and he found it incredibly exciting. He slipped to his mother’s side, running a hand underneath her body to fondle one of her tits, the other caressing her grinding ass.

“Ohhhh, yes, baby,” Jackie sobbed. “Feel me up! Play with my tits and ass! Feel me while I fuck Bobby! Touch me, squeeze my tits and squeeze my ass!”

Bobby was gripping his aunt’s long thighs, watching her cunt ride up and down his cock. His balls were loaded and hot, tight at the base. The feel of his aunt’s pussy clutching his cock was becoming unbearable.

“Are you gonna come, Mom?” Timmy asked, seeing her ass fucking in a frenzy. “Are you gonna come?”

“Almost!” Jackie cried out. “Ohhhh, my cunt is burning! Yes, I’m going to come! Oooooh, I’m getting very closet watch my cunt! Hold my tits, Timmy! Watch my cunt and squeeze my tits!”

Both Timmy and Bobby stared at her stretching pussy. Jackie was fucking frantically, a froth of cunt juices foaming at the base of Bobby’s cock. With a scream, Jackie rammed her cunt down hard, every inch of her nephew’s cock inside her.

“I’m coming!”

Timmy gasped when he saw the contractions of his mother’s cunt. Bobby gritted his teeth, his fingers clutching her smooth thighs. Timmy pulled at his mother’s tit hard, and Jackie began to cry with the power of her orgasm. Almost mindless, she sucked at Bobby’s toes, stuffing them all into her mouth. Her ass shivered as she pressed hard onto Bobby’s cock.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby groaned.

Jackie jerked up, her eyes closing as she felt the gushing of her nephew’s come-juice spurting along the walls of her steaming cunt. She felt each squirt, and her cunt reacted by squeezing, as if she was sucking him off with her pussy. Timmy stared at his mother’s asshole, still gripping her tit hard. Without saying anything to her, he slipped his forefinger along the base of her spine, into the crack of her ass.

Jackie screamed as her son suddenly thrust his finger into her asshole, deep.

“Ohhhh, my God Timmy… what are you doing to me! Ohhhh, that’s making me come again!”

Feeling his mother’s asshole grip his finger, Timmy began stabbing it in and out, fucking his mother up the ass with it. Jackie cried loudly as she came, her cunt going through a series of fiery, exploding contractions that sent her brain reeling with sensation. It went on for a long time, and finally she slumped along her nephew’s thighs, unable to take any more. Her ass shook, her cunt still clinging to Bobby’s relaxing cock.

“Ohhhh, baby, take your finger out of my asshole, please,” she whimpered. “I can’t take any more right now.”

Timmy pulled his finger opt of his mother’s gripping asshole slowly, watching it close. Jackie mewled softly, feeling empty. She stretched her slim legs along Bobby’s body, her hairy cunt squeezing his cock out. She rested there, her pussy on his balls, her face on her nephew’s feet. After a few moments, her body stopped shaking and she rolled from Bobby. She lay on her back, arms high above her head, legs opened. Her tits swelled upward with firmness, her nipples pink and sugary. She grinned happily, stretching as the two boys watched.

“Do you like to look at me?” she asked in a whisper. “Do you really like seeing me naked, guys?”

“I sure do, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby said with enthusiasm.

“You know I do, Mom!” Timmy grinned at his mother, sliding a hand up her inner thigh, prodding her exposed clit gently. “I like looking at your cunt. It’s so hairy and wet all the time.”

When his finger touched her clit Jackie and her hips twisted. She was not as sensitive there as she would have thought after such an intense orgasm. The slow touching of her clit very good.

“I have to clean up again,” she said. “It seems I’m always cleaning up the past few days.”

“Can we watch, Mom?”

“Of course you can.” Jackie sat up, cupping her tin a moment. “You can always watch whatever I do.”

Getting to her feet, she turned her back to the boys. She gave her naked ass a playful smack, then wiggled it.

“Do you guys like this ass?” she teased. “Is it hot enough for you?”

Both boys nodded, grinning widely as they watched Jackie’s curvy ass. They followed her to the bathroom, watching her with interest as she cleaned herself.

Jackie wondered why she was always asking if they liked her, enjoyed looking at her. Maybe she was trying to reassure herself because she was fucking both her son and nephew.

“Mom, why don’t you have Bobby suck your cunt?” Timmy asked.

“Now, that’s a very good idea,” Jackie giggled, looking at her nephew. “Would you like to lick my pussy, Bobby?”

Unlike Timmy, Bobby nodded his head vigorously. “I’d love to lick your cunt, Aunt Jackie.”

“Have you tasted pussy before?” she asked him.

“No, but I sure would like to,” he grinned at her, his eyes gazing at her thick mass of golden cunt curls.

“Come on, then,” she said, skipping like a little girl.

She moved to her bed, and sat on the edge. She opened her legs wide, leaning back.

“Lick me, Bobby,” she whispered.

Timmy climbed onto the bed next to his mother, watching his cousin sink to his knees between Jackie’s slender thighs. Bobby didn’t shove his face into his aunt’s cunt immediately, but began to lick and kiss along the inner surface of her thighs.

“Oooooh, that’s a nice way to start, Bobby,” Jackie hissed softly, watching his young mouth moving upward.

Timmy stared down at his cousin, fondling his mother’s tits, finding himself excited to see Bobby licking his mother’s legs. He pushed his cock against her bare shoulder, rubbing it around. When Bobby’s mouth was close to his mother’s hot cunt, he shoved his hands down her stomach and peeled her hairy pussy-lips open.

“Stick your tongue in it, Bobby,” he urged. “My mom’s cunt tastes so good. Stick your tongue in there and fuck her.”

Bobby gazed into his aunt’s cunt, his face only inches from it. Jackie held herself up with her hands behind her on the bed, looking down, waiting breathlessly for her nephew to lick her. She twisted her shoulder against her son’s cock and balls, and made a soft gasp when Bobby shoved his tongue out and lapped at her cunt slowly. He started at the bottom, dragging his tongue along her puffy cuntlips and swirling it about her clit.

“Ohhhh, that’s good, Bobby!” Jackie mewled, twisting her hips.

Bobby closed his lips about her clit and sucked hard, bringing a squeal of delight from Jackie. Timmy had his hands back on her tits, pulling her nipples as he watched his cousin licking his mother’s pussy. Bobby shoved his hands underneath Jackie’s naked ass, cupping her asschecks. Jackie lay back on the bed, grinding her crotch at Bobby’s young face as he thrust his tongue up her cunt, wiggling it about her satiny pussy walls, his upper lip smashing her clit.

Jackie gurgled and shoved her cunt into Bobby’s greedily sucking mouth. She grabbed at her son’s cock, jerking on it while Timmy played with her tits, his eyes watching everything his cousin was doing. Bobby’s lower face was hidden by her thick, blonde pussy hair, but he slurped wetly.

“Ohhhh, suck me, suck me!” Jackie cried out softly. “Suck my cunt, Bobby! Oooooh, that’s so good! Stick your tongue real deep in my cunt! Fuck me with your tongue, baby! Ohhh, yes, yes, tonguefuck me!”

Jackie draped her thighs over Bobby’s shoulders, squeezing them at his head, her heels kicking on his back. She squealed and clung to her son’s cock with tight fingers. Her naked ass danced up and down, her cunt sliding into her nephew’s face with abandonment. Timmy was leaning down and sucking at one of her nipples now, drawing it very deep into his wet, hot mouth. Jackie sobbed with pleasure, grinding into Bobby’s face. Her whole naked body twisted and writhed lewdly, her sensitive cunt feeling Bobby’s tongue slide in and out, then swish around her clit.

“Ahhhh, lick my pussy, Bobby!” she sobbed. “Oh, God, you two make me feel so fucking good! Eat my cunt, Bobby! Oh, Timmy, Timmy, suck Mother’s tits! Suck my fucking nipples off, baby! Bobby, fuck me in the cunt with your sweet, hot tongue!”

Bobby stared up at Timmy, watching him sucking Jackie’s tits. Jackie watched her nephew, just past her son’s head; she could see his hot eyes and part of his nose above the soft hairs of her cunt. She worked her creamy thighs against Bobby’s head, squeezing and loosening. She gurgled and cried out when her nephew’s tongue touched a particularly responsive spot. With her nephew sucking at her cunt so hungrily, and her son mouthing her tit, Jackie felt as if the two separate sensations were joining in the pit of her stomach. She could hardly separate the two, and didn’t want to anyway. She pulled on her son’s cock hard, then grabbed his balls tightly. She twisted his precious balls, but not painfully. She humped her ass up and down, smashing her juicy twat into her nephew’s eager face, twisting about until most of Bobby’s face was glistening wet with her pussy-juices.

“Make me come!” she cried out. “Ohhhh, make me come, Bobby!”

Timmy stopped sucking her tit, and pressed his mouth onto hers. When he shoved his tongue into her mouth, Jackie began to suck it wildly, moaning as her crotch banged into Bobby’s face. Holding one of her tits in his hand Timmy thrust his tongue in and out of his mother’s mouth. Jackie sucked at it like a cock, swinging her cunt up and down at Bobby’s face. She felt a welling in her loins that was becoming very familiar.

She screamed against her son’s tongue, straining her cunt at Bobby’s mouth. Her orgasm burst, and she slapped her pussy hard up and down. Bobby’s lips were pulling at her throbbing clit, his tongue snapping back and forth on the tip. Jackie wailed as she thrashed, drawing her knees upward, then shoving her feet into the air, waving them around, shaking her ass. Bobby clung to her, his tongue now sliding in and out of her juicy cunt, feeling her velvety pussy-lips grabbing at it with strong contractions.

“Ohhhh, my God! Yes, Bobby!” Jackie shouted with ecstasy. “I’m coming, Bobby! Oh, my cunt… my cunt! Eat me suck my juice out of my hot fucking cunt!”

The orgasm lasted a long time, drawn out by Bobby’s flicking tongue and sucking lips. Timmy sat at his mother’s shoulder, watching her grind her cunt into his cousin’s face, feeling her hand gripping his balls.

“Eat her! Eat her fucking cunt, Bobby!” he shouted. “Make my mom come forever!”

“No! God, no!” Jackie cried. “I can’t stand any more! It’s driving me crazy! Please, Bobby, no more!”

She pushed at his head, pulling her pussy from his face. Bobby tried to keep his sucking mouth glued to her cunt, but Jackie forced him away.

She turned on her bed, curling up and placing her hands protectively between her thighs, her naked body shaking.

“You two are going to kill me yet,” she moaned. “But what a beautiful way to die.”

Timmy and Bobby sat quietly, and when Jackie felt strength return to her weakened body, she rolled over and faced them. She was smiling, her eyes glittering with delight.

“What we need is another girl to help me out,” she said. “By the time your mother returns, Bobby, I’m going to have a sore cunt and a sore mouth, that’s for sure.”

“Want us to leave you alone, Mom?” Timmy asked.

“You better not!” she said. “I didn’t say leave me alone, did I?”

Telling the boys they needed another girl around was not far from the truth, Jackie thought.

But it wasn’t because they were too much for her. On the contrary, she was delighted with their vigor, their quick hard-ons, their eagerness to poke her in the cunt or mouth with them. What she had meant, but had not said, was she would enjoy watching the boys fucking someone else, someone like her sister, Marlene. She was certain Marlene would fuck Timmy just for the asking, but she was uncertain whether she would fuck her son, Bobby. But Jackie knew her sister very well, and if it was erotic, Marlene would probably do it.

The idea of watching the boys fucking her sister sent a tingling, delicious feeling through her. She had seen her sister with a cock up her cunt many, many times, and had watched her sucking cock, too, but Jackie had a feeling it would be so much more exciting to see Timmy and Bobby fucking her.

She was lying on the couch, dozing, her thoughts wandering. The boys were outside someplace, probably riding their bikes about the neighborhood. She was fresh and clean from a long, hot bath, and wore an attractive house dress, buttoned up the front from hem to neck. Although she wore no bra, she did have a pair of skimpy panties on. There was no special reason to wear her panties; the boys would have them off her soon enough. But Jackie, although the boys loved to see her naked, knew the erotic value of clothing, and sexy panties could be a real treat at times.

She turned onto her stomach, letting one foot hang over the couch, her tits pressing against the cushions. She liked the pressure on them. With her eyes closed, she began visualizing her son shoving his cock into Marlene’s constantly bubbling cunt. The picture was exciting to contemplate. She knew Timmy would enjoy fucking his aunt, just as Bobby enjoyed fucking her. She imagined how exciting it would be if she and her sister could take the boys together, side by side, and fuck them, one after the other, trading them back and forth for variety.

As she sleepily daydreamed, her cunt became moist and warm. Soon she was pressing it against the cushions of the couch. She moaned softly and writhed her cunt down, the cheeks of her ass bunching tightly. She saw herself, and her sister, taking turns sucking their son’s cocks, watching each other catch mouthfuls of creamy, sweet come-juice. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Sliding her hand under her body, she rubbed at her cunt, feeling it through her dress and panties. Moaning softly, she drew her knees underneath her body, scooting her ass to the air. Then she dragged her dress up over her ass, bunching it at her waist. Parting her knees slightly, she began to rub her palm back and forth at her cunt. She loved the wet hot feel of her pussy, of the nylon panties.

Soon Jackie was whimpering as she rubbed and fondled her cunt through her panties. She pressed a finger inward, stuffing the crotch of her panties and then slowly pulling them out. She sighed with growing pleasure and slid her finger past her dripping cunt toward her asshole. She pressed at her asshole, mewling as she recalled her son sticking his finger up her ass while she fucked Bobby with her cunt.

Rating her head and shoulders on the couch, Jackie arched her pantied ass high, bringing her other hand over her hips, feeling her ass and rubbing her cunt at the same time. With a soft whimper, she pulled her panties to one side and began to work her finger into her cunt, then pressed a finger against the crinkle of her tight asshole. She moaned softly as she slowly pushed her finger into her ass. She wiggled her upraised hips, fingerfucking herself in the cunt and asshole at the same time.

She was in this position when Timmy and Bobby came in.

Jackie opened her eyes at the sound of the door and smiled at the two boys. She wiggled her uplifted ass, and began to stab herself in the cunt and asshole as a lewd temptation.

“I’m so glad you two are home,” she whispered, pounding her fingers in and out of her wet cunt and asshole vigorously. “I couldn’t wait for you. I got so hot, so fucking hot!”

Timmy and Bobby stood watching her, grinning as their cocks hardened inside their cut-off jeans. Jackie’s eyes gazed at the thrusting outline of their sweet cocks, and kept fingerfucking herself, wiggling her ass wantonly.

“Ohhhh, I’m going to make myself come!” she purred. “Watch me make myself come!”

Timmy and Bobby came up close, standing over her, both gazing down at the way she thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt and asshole. Jackie wiggled her ass, cooing softly as the wet heat increased. Her pussy gripped at her finger, and, her asshole flexed with cock-hunger. The boys could see how the pink ring of her asshole clutched, and they giggled with pleasure, both dropping their shorts to the floor.

Jackie stared at their two cocks, now sticking out hard, and vigorously fucked herself in the cunt and asshole. She made delicious wet sounds as her fingers plunged in and out.

“Are you gonna come, Mom?” Timmy asked, his voice low with excitement. “Axe you about to come?”

“Oh, yes!” Jackie gasped. “I’m getting very close to coming! Watch me! Watch my fingers, watch my cunt, watch my asshole!”

With a squeal, Jackie came.

She rammed her fingers hard into her cunt and asshole, her ass pressing backwards. The two boys gazed in fascination as her asshole and hot cunt worked on her fingers, visibly sucking. Jackie cried out over and over as she came, and her ass gave a final shudder, then she began breathing hard. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her cunt and asshole, and giggled.

“Did you see me come?” she asked, her ass still in the air.

“We saw,” Bobby said, stroking his cock.

“Did watching me give you two guys ideas?”

“Like what, Mom?”

“Like fucking me, you nut!” she said. “What else?”

Timmy pulled at his mother’s panties, sliding them over her creamy, shapely ass, down her thighs to her knees. He rubbed at her cunt, bringing his hand up to her asshole.

“Ohhh, that feels good, baby,” Jackie crooned, pressing her ass back at him. “Fuck me now, Timmy. Give Mother your hard cock now, honey.”

Timmy climbed onto the couch behind his mother’s waving ass. He held the base of his cock, rubbing his dripping piss-hole about her flesh. Jackie gasped at his touch, feeling his wetness smearing the checks of her ass and the backs of her thighs. She shoved her hand out to her nephew.

“Let me hold your cock, Bobby,” she moaned. “Let me hold that sweet hard-on while my son fucks me.”

She gripped her nephew’s cock hard, pushing her ass back to her son. Timmy moved his cock to his mother’s blonde-haired cunt, and his cockhead spread her sensitive cuntlips. Jackie gurgled as she felt his round cockhead slide into her cunt, and she wiggled her ass for him. Timmy placed his hands on his mother’s waist, and stared, down as he eased his cock deeper into her cunt. Jackie gasped with pleasure as she felt the stretching, filling sweetness of her son’s cock going into her pussy, and she began to pump on Bobby’s cock.

“Ohhhh, Timmy, fuck me hard, baby!” Jackie urged, pushing her cunt onto her son’s throbbing prick. “Fuck Mother real hard, baby!”

Timmy held his mother’s hips and started fucking her. He drove his cock in and out of her cunt swiftly a few times, then slowed, watching the way her hairy pussy clutched his prick. He stared at her tight asshole, watching it pucker and suck inward. His balls swung back and forth, and Jackie pushed her free hand to them, grabbing and holding his ball sac as he fucked her, jacking on her nephew’s cock with her other hand. Her eyes closed with rapture, her lips parted as she cried softly. She shook her ass in tight circles for her son, urging him to ram his cock as hard as he could into her fiery pussy.

“Wait a minute, Timmy!” Jackie said, suddenly. “Let me get onto the floor. Take your cock out for a minute.”

Timmy pulled his cock from her cunt, and Jackie scooted onto the floor quickly, assuming the same position with her ass high in the air, her panties stretching at her knees. Timmy dropped to his knees behind his mother’s ass.

Before he could shove his cock back in, she said, “Bobby, sit on the floor in front of me.”

Bobby hurriedly complied, spreading his legs along with his aunt’s shoulders, his cock standing up with dripping hardness.

“Mmmmmm, now I can suck your cock while Timmy fucks me!” Jackie said thickly, kissing her nephew’s wet prick. “Now, Timmy, shove your cock up my cunt again.”

Timmy, once again holding his mother’s naked hips, pushed his cock into her fiery pussy quickly. Jackie gasped at the sudden plunge of his prick. She cupped Bobby’s balls in one hand, slid her hand under his ass and closed her lips about his cock.

“Suck his cock, Mom!” Timmy grunted as he ran his prick in and out of her pussy. “Suck his cock off! I’m gonna fuck your hot cunt sore! How do you like a cock in your cunt and a cock in your month at the same time, Mom?”

“Oh, God, yes!” Jackie sobbed, bobbing her face up and down, her lips gliding along the hot hardness of her nephew’s prick.

The feel of a hard cock driving into her cunt and one in her mouth started her fresh shivering feverishly, her mind spinning. Being fucked in the pussy and mouth together was fantastic, she felt.

Timmy beat his cock back and forth at his mother’s cunt with vigorous strokes, gripping her hips and watching her mouth as she devoured Bobby’s cock. Bobby, leaning back, watched his aunt sucking up and down his prick, and stared in excitement as Timmy fucked her.

Jackie groaned and strained her cunt back onto her son’s cock, pushing her lips to the base of Bobby’s prick, sucking hard. Her tits seemed swollen and sensitive, her nipples brushing the carpet now and then. She felt her cunt throbbing, bulging from the wet folds of her cunt. She shook, with erotic heat, shivers running up and down her satiny flesh. Taking both cocks at once excited her tremendously. She sucked and licked hungrily at Bobby’s young cock, mewling as her son drove his fuckrod harshly into her pussy.

She felt her orgasm starting deep inside her body, the tingling ecstasy she wanted so much. Her cunt squeezed and loosened about her son’s stabbing cock, sucking at it, her wet pussy walls rippling with hot waves. The grunts of her nephew and son thrilled her, telling her they were loving this, enjoying using her cunt and mouth together.

“You’re wet and hot and tight, Mom!” Timmy groaned. “Your cunt is so fucking wet and hot!”

“Mmmmmm!” she sobbed, trying to swallow her nephew’s cock down her burning throat. As the tingling swell of her impending orgasm grew, she whined and cried out, but never pulled her mouth off Bobby’s throbbing prick. She felt her cunt expand, grip at her son’s cock, and then with a wail, she came.

“Ohhhhh, Mom, you’re coming!” Timmy gasped, feeling his mother’s cunt sucking at his cock. “I can feel you… you’re coming very hard and strong, Mom!”

Jackie couldn’t reply; her mouth was full of hard, sweet cock, and she was coming and coming with steaming waves of ecstasy. Her uplifted ass trembled over and over as her son strained his cock into her contracting cunt. She cried out, holding Bobby’s cock deep and tight in her mouth, wondering if those amazing convulsions would ever stop.

Finally, she became calm and she lifted her mouth from Bobby’s cock.

“You didn’t come in my cunt, Timmy. And you, Bobby, why didn’t you come in my mouth?”

Timmy only giggled and Bobby said: “I dunno Aunt Jackie. I was about to come, but then you stopped sucking me.”

“Then you two are going to come,” she insisted. “I want that come-juice squirting in my mouth and cunt.”

“Can I fuck you in your asshole, Mom?” Timmy asked.

“My asshole?” Jackie gasped. “Why, darling? Why my ass?”

“Because it looks so tight,” Timmy answered. Jackie thought for only a moment, then giggled with lewdness. “Sure, why not? I’ve been fucked everyplace else by you two. Go ahead, baby, fuck Mother up the ass.”

Timmy pulled his cock from his mother’s cunt and lifted his glistening cockhead to her puckered asshole. Jackie held her breath when she felt her son pressuring his cock there.

Timmy held his mother’s lips, watching the head of his cock push at her asshole. He saw her pink ass ring sink inward, and then he lunged.

“Ohhhh, Timmy!” Jackie groaned.

“My cock is in, Mom!” he gasped, feeling her asshole clamp hotly about his cock.

“God, I know that big cock is up my ass!” she said. “I can feel every fucking hard inch of it!”

Timmy pulled back, then pushed in again. Jackie gasped with the strange feeling of a throbbing cock up her asshole.

“Oh, baby, fuck that hot ass!” she gurgled, feeling his balls slap at her juicy, hairy cunt. “Fuck Mother in that hot asshole! Bobby, I’m going to suck your cock again, and this time, you two guys come for me.”

“I’m gonna come in your ass, Mom!” Timmy promised.

“And I’ll come in your cocksucking mouth Aunt Jackie!” Bobby groaned as Jackie closed her lips about his cock again.

Jackie tried to meet the plunges of her son’s cock with her ass but he was pounding her asshole so rapidly she couldn’t move very well. Each time her son drove his cock up her asshole, he made her face go down onto Bobby’s prick.

She whimpered and sucked frantically at her nephew’s cock, and swung her naked ass about. Her son’s cock, although not huge, felt big inside her asshole. She found the burning, stretching sensation in her asshole incredible, and the deeper her son went, the better it felt. She loved the way his balls slapped at her cunt when he rammed hard and fast into her.

She sucked wildly on Bobby’s cock, her face sliding into his crotch with each lunge of her son’s cock into her hole. She was being battered between the boys, and the sensation thrilled her.

Although it was her asshole getting fucked, her cunt was swelling and gripping, her hot pussy-juices running about her inner thighs, beading the blonde hairs of her pussy. Every part of her body tingled, her nerves vibrant, her mind reeling. This was more erotic than anything she had done yet with the boys. She was the center of attraction, the sole recipient of two young, beautiful, hard cocks. Her asshole squeezed Timmy’s prick as he pulled back, opening when he rammed in. She bobbed her face up and down on her nephew’s cock hungrily, sobbing at the intensity of the fuck sensations.

Although, her asshole was getting her son’s cock, her clit was bulging from the wet lips of her cunt, burning with what she felt must be the ultimate orgasm. She cried and sobbed, sucking frantically at her nephew’s cock. They had cheated her when she came before, and they weren’t going to deprive her of that boiling, sweet, young come-juice this time.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Jackie!” Bobby grunted, arching his hips up. “I’m gonna come, Aunt Jackie!”

Jackie gobbled with renewed greed on his cock, feeling her son puncturing her tight ass faster and faster. She felt her nephew’s cock swell in her mouth, felt the increase of his hot throbs. She closed her lips tightly just behind the swollen head of Bobby’s cock, sucking hard, her tongue flying about his piss-hole.

She caught the first quick squirt of his comejuice over her tongue. She moaned her pleasure, flicking her tongue about his spewing piss-hole, her throat working as she swallowed the creamy juices of his hot young balls. She gurgled wetly as Bobby hunched his cock up and down, fucking her mouth as he came.

Jackie squeezed his tight ass in her hands, and then as his spurting slowed, she went down on his cock, holding it deep in her mouth, his cockhead at her throat.

She clenched her asshole about her son’s cock, urging him to fuck her ass. Timmy began to grunt, and his cock plunged wildly, the friction increasing up the fire in his mother’s cunt.

“Now, Mom! I’m gonna come now!” Timmy gasped, ramming his cock as deep into his mother’s asshole as he could.

Jackie felt her son’s cock lurching, and her asshole squeezed hotly.

She screamed, her mouth filled with her nephew’s prick, feeling her asshole being flooded with Timmy’s boiling come-juice. Her asshole began clenching, grabbing at his cock, closing about his cock base.

She pulled her mouth off Bobby’s cock, screaming as her pussy clamped with a fiery orgasm.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” she yelled. “My asshole… my cunt? Ohhhh, I don’t believe this! I’m coming… with my cunt and hole!”

Jackie slumped, sprawling across the floor, her body shaking as the heat of her amazing orgasm kept rumbling through, curling her toes and making her fists draw up tightly.

Now that she had been fucked in her asshole, Jackie found she enjoyed it very much. There had been no pain — the one thing she had worried about. On the contrary, the way her asshole stretched and burned was a fantastically delicious feeling. It was so good she came, and came hard, too.

Relaxing in a hot tub, she wondered if so many baths would dry out her creamy skin. She rested her head on the rim of the tub, looking at her tits and feeling the hot water flow over them. She opened and closed her thighs, making the water flow about her crotch. There was a gentle ache in her asshole, but it felt good.

Carefully, Jackie slipped her hand between her thighs, past her cunt. She probed gently at her asshole. When she felt no discomfort, she slowly pushed her finger into her ass, feeling her assring stretching easily. A soft purring sound came from her as she inserted her middle finger deeply.

It kit good, like it had when she had fingerfucked on the couch, but not as good as her son’s cock. Slowly, she drew her knees back, bringing them to her tits. She probed at her asshole, sliding her middle finger in and out, feeling the tightness of her asshole closing about it.

Her cunt started twitching and her clit began to bulge. Closing her eyes, Jackie began to fingerfuck herself in the ass, staying away from her cunt with only the lightest pressure against her hairy pussy-lips from her waist. The faster she moved her finger, the greater the feeling.

She began sighing, purring, and finally tiny gasps of pleasure came from her. When she came, she wasn’t surprised. Dragging her finger out of her asshole, she looked at it curiously, grinning. She knew now that she could come with a cock in her cunt, a cock in her mouth, or a cock fucking her in the asshole. She could come no matter where a cock was put in her, and this delighted her.

She finished bathing quickly, then toweled herself, her flesh glowing. Stepping into her room, she pulled on another wrap-around dress, this one full about her hips, the top in a peasant style, showing the creamy roundness of her tits. She wore nothing else.

When she entered the living room where her son and nephew sat, she heard them talking. Bobby was telling Timmy of the times he had peeked at his mother, when she was undressing.

“This one guy she was with had the biggest fucking cock you ever saw,” Bobby was saying. “My mother got that thing in her mouth, every bit of it. I don’t see how she did it, but she did.”

“Did she suck him off, make him come in her mouth?” Timmy asked.

“Not then,” Bobby said.

Timmy and Bobby looked up as Jackie came in. Bobby stopped talking about his mother, but Jackie urged him to continue.

“I know more about your mother than you do, honey,” she said. “And I mean I know everything!”

She settled down between the boys, crossing her legs. Pulling her wrap-around skirt open, she placed Bobby’s hand on her knee, her son’s on her thigh, his fingers brushing the golden hairs of her cunt. Timmy and Bobby wore jockey shorts, nothing else. Once she had their hands where she wanted them, she placed hers on their cocks and balls, squeezing them fondly.

“My mother didn’t suck his big cock straight away,” Bobby went on. “First she got on top of him and put his big prick in her cunt and fucked him good. I could see everything. She fucked him real fast, and he came in her pussy, then she sucked him off.”

“You saw all that, Bobby?” Jackie asked, rubbing with both hands.

Bobby nodded, his young eyes gleaming. “I used to peek at her when she was doing her exercises. I liked it best when she would bend over, and I could see her ass and cunt.”

“Does Marlene know you’ve been watching her?”

“I think so, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby said. “She’s almost caught me a couple of times, but she never has said anything to me.”

“Then she knows,” Jackie said. She felt Bobby’s cock swell underneath her palm, and she pressed down on it. “You’d love to fuck your mother, wouldn’t you, honey?”

Bobby nodded.

Jackie shoved the waist bands of the boys’ shorts down, slipping her hands inside to grasp their cocks. She squeezed and rubbed them, feeling them both swell into hardness. Bobby and Timmy shoved their shorts down, kicking them from their feet. Jackie pumped them, jerking her fists, up and down and watching their sweet, smooth cockheads bulge and drip deliciously. She ran her fingertips across first her son’s piss-hole, then her nephew’s. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she licked the wetness.

“Why don’t you ask her, Bobby?”

“Aw, Aunt Jackie,” Bobby said. “My mother may not care if I peek at her, but I don’t think she’d let me fuck her.”

“I have a hunch she will,” Jackie said.

She leaned down and sucked at Bobby’s cock a moment, sliding it deep into her throat. Then she pushed her face into her son’s lap, sucking his cock. She bobbed her hot mouth a few times, then kissed his balls, sliding her tongue about them, tasting the heat there. She twisted and kissed her nephew’s balls, lapping her tongue about them.

When the boys began to fumble with her dress, she leaned back, clutching their hard-ons and allowed them to expose her tits. The boys caressed a tit each, then began to suck at her pink, sugary nipples. Jackie mewled softly as tremors of desire flowed about her creamy flesh. While they sucked at her tits, their hands were busy. One of them was playing with her blonde cunt, the other sliding his hand under her ass, massaging her firm asscheeks. The wet pull of their lips and twisting tongues caused her to cry out with hunger. She pulled at their throbbing cocks as she leaned back, letting them do what they wanted with her body, accepting their mouths and hands with pleasure.

One boy — she didn’t know who since her eyes were closed dreamily — had started fingerfucking her in her juicy cunt, and when she felt a finger moving into her asshole, she squealed and shoved her ass over the edge of the cushions, spreading her legs wide. She gripped their cocks very hard, flexing her fingers, thrilled as always to the responding throbs.

“Take my dress off,” she whispered in a husky voice. “Take my fucking dress off! Oh, you two make me so fucking hot! I want to be naked with both of you… feeling these wonderful hard cocks fucking me!”

The two boys eagerly undressed Jackie. She twisted and lifted and squirmed until her dress was on the floor, her slender body revealed to them, her flesh glowing with desire. She spread her legs wide, her juicy cunt glistening, framed by her soft blonde pussy-hair.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, twisting her hips. “Fuck me, both of you!”

“Who’s first?” Bobby asked his cousin.

“Nobody has to be first with my mom,” Timmy laughed. “We can both give her cock at the same time. Can’t we, Mom?”

“Yes!” she breathed, her eyes slitted with smoldering heat, staring at their jutting cocks. “I can take both at the same time! I don’t know why, but I’m so hot right now! I want to get fucked! Ohhhhh, God, I need to get fucked right now!”

Timmy stepped between his mother’s open legs, shoving his cock to her cunt. When his swollen cockhead contacted the sensitive lips of her pussy, Jackie gasped in delight, lifting her hips.

“Ram it in, baby!” she urged. “Stab that beautiful hard-on in Mother’s juicy cunt!”

Timmy rammed hard. Jackie squealed and shot her hips upward, smashing the lips of her cunt against the base of her son’s cock, her clit crushed. For a moment she almost came.

“Ohhhhh, so fucking good!” she moaned, grinding at her son.

Bobby stood watching Timmy thrust his cock in and out of Jackie’s gripping cunt, stroking his own cock. But Jackie wasn’t about to let any boy jack off around her, unless that was what she wanted.

“My mouth, Bobby!” she pleaded, twisting her crotch as her son pounded into her pussy. “Fuck my mouth! Give my mouth that hard prick! Fuck my mouth, Bobby! Timmy, oh, baby, fuck Mother’s hot cunt!”

Bobby hurriedly climbed into the couch, standing at his aunt’s shoulder. Jackie cupped his dangling balls, opening her mouth to his prick. She gave a low, husky cry as her nephew moved his throbbing cock into her mouth, and she pulled his balls to her chin, rubbing them there. Her mouth closed tightly and she sucked at Bobby’s cock, her hips arching and straining as her son rammed time and again into her cunt. She closed her eyes as the sensations swarmed in her brain, her naked body shaking.

Timmy, gripping his mother’s hips, watched with wild eyes as she sucked on Bobby’s cock.

Bobby ran his fingers into Jackie’s blonde hair, jerking her face back and forth on his prick. Standing there, he could watch her suck his cock and see Timmy driving his cock into her cunt. With each bang of Timmy’s cock, Jackie’s tits would jiggle, and every time Bobby jerked her mouth onto her prick, she would cry out with rapture. She swung her crotch up and down, meeting her son’s wild thrust, feeling his balls bang against her heated ass.

Although she was burning up, her excitement intense with a cock in her mouth and one up her cunt, Jackie didn’t want them to come off this way, not this time. She wanted something else, something she had thought about while taking her bath. She pushed at Bobby’s upper thighs, pulling her mouth off his cock.

“I want it in my cunt and up my ass at the same time!” she groaned, her eyes glazed with a wild, erotic expression. “I want you two to fuck my cunt and asshole at the same time!”

Timmy, who had been plunging faster and faster into his mother’s cunt, stopped. “How, Mom?”

“I’ll show you,” she said as her son pulled his cock from her pussy. “You get on the floor, honey, on your back.”

Timmy complied, his cock standing straight up, wet from her pussy.

“Mmmm,” Jackie mewled, dropping to her hands and knees and closing her lips about her son’s cock, tasting the juices of her cunt as she sucked him a few moments, waving her creamy, rounded ass in the air.

“Mmmmm, pussy-wet cock!” she purred. “It’s one of the best tastes in the world, a cock covered with cunt-juice!”

She looked at her nephew, who still stood on the couch, only he was moving his fist back and forth on his cock, watching her.

“Bobby, you haven’t fucked my ass yet,” she said. “So you’re going to do it now. I’m going to get on top of Timmy, with his cock in my cunt, and you’re going to get behind me and fuck me in my asshole.”

Bobby climbed down, grinning widely.

Timmy, at the moment, didn’t care what he got, his mother’s cunt, her asshole, or her mouth. He felt his balls tighten and his cock get harder. He was anxious to feel something wet and hot around it.

Jackie swung a leg over her son’s hips and squatted there. She grasped his cock at the base and fitted her cunt over his cockhead, then plunged down, stabbing herself in the cunt with a wild, ecstatic cry. For a moment she sat there, grinding on her son’s cock, then leaned forward, her tits dangling near his face.

“You see, honey,” she purred softly, her cunt squeezing his cock. “You can suck Mother’s tits, too.”

With her son’s cock in her pussy, she looked over her shoulder at Bobby.

“Ram it to me! Don’t fuck around, Bobby! Get down there and plunge that lovely hard cock right up my hot asshole!”

Bobby dropped down at his aunt’s ass. He could see Timmy’s cock buried into her soft, hairy cunt, and could see her asshole crinkling. He leaned forward and pushed the head of his cock against Jackie’s asshole. Jackie gasped with anticipation, her body shivering lewdly.

“Now!” she urged.

Bobby shoved his cock up her asshole.

“Ooooohhhh, yes!” Jackie hissed, feeling her asshole being stretched and filled by her nephew’s, hot cock. “Ohhhh, God, that’s wonderful! I can feel both of you… both cocks! Ohhhh, why didn’t we do this before! Ahhhh, I’m going to come before we get started! Timmy, hold Mother’s ass! Pull my ass open for Bobby!”

Timmy shot his hands to his mother’s asscheeks, gripping and spreading them. Bobby’s cock went deeper, and then Jackie screamed.

“Oh, my God! I’m coming!”

Timmy felt his mother’s cunt close about his cock tightly, feeling the rippling waves of her squeezing orgasm. He gritted his teeth to keep from coming then and there. Bobby, too felt the contractions of his aunt’s orgasm by the grasping squeezes her asshole, and he too struggled to keep from squirting into her asshole.

Jackie shuddered through the surprisingly fast orgasm, her eyes closed and her naked body shaking.

“Oh, that was so good!” Jackie sobbed as her orgasm faded away. “God that was unexpected, but I loved it! Now, fuck me! Fuck me, both of you? Slide those cocks in me, in my cunt and in my asshole!”

Timmy had a few inches of room to pump his ass up and down beneath his mother’s body. He fucked at her cunt, closing his wet mouth around one of her tits. Bobby, with more room to maneuver, began banging his cock in and out of Jackie’s asshole. Jackie cried out with a strange rapture. It felt as if her whole crotch, from her clit to her asshole, was being drilled, stretching by enormous cocks. All her feeling was centered in and around her cunt and asshole, the trembling heat radiating to her tits and thighs. She was bracing her upper body with her shaking arms, her eyes closed as she savored the delicious penetration of her body by two cocks.

Timmy sucked hard at her sugary tits, his tongue swirling on her tingling nipples. Bobby, slamming his cock in and out of her asshole, managed to grasp her other tit, and was squeezing it. The soft slaps of his stomach against her asscheeks added to Jackie’s delight. Timmy, humping up and down, plunging his cock into his mother’s juicy cunt, kept pulling the cheeks of her ass open for his cousin.

“Oooooh, yes, yes!” Jackie urged them. “Fuck my cunt, Timmy! Bobby, fuck my ass! Ooooh, shit, shit, this is wild and good! Fuck me in my asshole… fuck me in my cunt! Suck my tits, Timmy! Ooooh, I want to shit and piss and come all at the same time! I can’t stand it… my cunt… my asshole is on fire!”

Jackie was being battered between the two eager boys, loving every second of it. Being stuffed in both her fuck-holes this way was intensely pleasurable.

She loved the throbbing friction of a hard cock in her cunt and a cock sliding in and out of her hot asshole at the same time. She could feel their hard cocks, the heat of them, the throbbing battering against her ass and cunt, sent chills of feverish, windless desire through her.

The sounds of her nephew and son came to her, telling her of their steaming lust. The grunts of their efforts, the heat of those cocks going so deeply into her body, made her shake and cry out with exaltation. She had never felt anything so delicious in her life. This was even better than taking a cock in her cunt and sucking one at the same time.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried, her beautiful face screwed up with agonized ecstasy. “Ohh, ram it to me! God, my asshole… my cunt… so full! So full of hard cock! Fuck me, you guys! Ohhhh, shoot. That hot come-juice up my asshole, in my cunt! I want it! I want you two to come in my burning asshole and hot fucking cunt! Give it to me… give me that hot come-juice!”

Jackie tried to wiggle her ass, to work with them, but Bobby and Timmy allowed her no room for movement. She was helpless, impaled up the asshole and in her cunt by their vigorously stroking cocks and she was loving it.

“I’m getting close again!” she sobbed. “I’m about to come again! Faster! Harder! Deeper! Ohhhh, ruin my fucking asshole and cunt! I’m about to come!”

Bobby and Timmy plunged wildly into her cunt and asshole, both of them gasping, both ready to come, too.

With a screech, Jackie came. Her cunt exploded with fiery wetness, grabbing at her son’s cock with slippery tightness, squeezing it. She shrieked like a mad woman as she came.

Neither boy could speak.

They both were grunting and gasping, striving to bury their cocks into Jackie’s convulsing cunt and asshole.

A gush of boiling come-juice into her cunt came first, and it made Jackie scream again. Then, while her son was spewing his sweet comejuice into her starving cunt, Bobby rammed his prick as deep as he could into her asshole, and began to spray her shit-canal with the creamy juices of his tight balls.

Jackie was clutched in the most powerful, most amazing, orgasm ever.

She felt nothing but her own orgasm, the squirting of the two young cocks, the filling of her cunt and asshole. Her mind reeled and she almost fainted with the unbelievable ecstasy.

Jackie slumped, sprawled on the floor, gasping as her body shivered. Her cunt and asshole pulsated, come-juice seeping from both. She felt hot still, but not with desire. Her flesh tingled with delight, and she writhed sensually, opening and closing her legs as she grinned up at the two heavily breathing boys.

“I hope you two liked that as much as I did,” she said in a low, soft voice.

“It was great, Mom!” Timmy laughed.

“I guess I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don’t,” she said. “How can I? With so much pleasure, so many good sensations?”

Bobby and Timmy leaned on the couch, watching her twist and writhe. Their eyes glowed with delight.

“I have come-juice dripping out of me,” she giggled. “Out of every fucking hole I’ve got.”

“Not your mouth, Mom,” Timmy observed. “I wonder…” Jackie said slowly. “The only thing missing was a cock for my mouth, wasn’t it? I don’t suppose you two know of some horny little boy, do you?”

“Mom, you wouldn’t!” Timmy said, laughing to show he was no longer feeling jealous. “Well, maybe you would, at that.”

“Mmmmm, if he was like you two, I would,” she said.

“Like us how?” Bobby asked. “Hard!” she giggled. “Very hard.” She slowly got to her feet, swaying slightly with weakness. “Say, if I made you a nice lunch, do you suppose we could try this again?”

“I get your hole next time, Mom,” Timmy said. “Bobby can have your cunt. We can trade, even.”

Jackie giggled and writhed her hips teasingly, feeling come-juice running along her slim thighs.

“Trade? That sounds delicious,” she said. “Okay, I’ll fix you a good lunch, then you two take turns on me.”

She went to the kitchen, feeling free and naked. She prepared thick sandwiches and tall, cold glasses of milk for them. For herself, she had iced tea. She was much too excited to eat anything, herself.

Carrying the platter of sandwiches and milk to the living room, she placed it on the coffee table, then sat between the boys again. While they wolfed down the food, she fondled their cocks and balls, sipping at her iced tea occasionally. She was so excited with a new idea she had that she didn’t even want the iced tea now. She had trouble controlling herself while they ate.

“Want to do something to me that would really excite me?” she said just as quickly as they finished the milk. “How do you two feel about pissing on me?”

“Pissing on you, Mom?” Timmy asked, then laughed. “Sure, I’ll piss on you… Bobby, you wanna piss on my mom with me?”

“I’m willing,” Bobby said, wiping the milk from his upper lip.

But then the front door burst open.

Timmy and Bobby yelped, shoving Jackie’s hands away from their cocks and crouching over, hiding themselves. Jackie, startled, tried to cover her tits with one arm as she cupped her cunt.

Marlene stood there, looking at them.

“Well, I’ll be fucked!” Marlene said. “What’s been happening around here?”

“Shut that door!” Jackie hissed. Marlene closed the door, leaning against it, looking at her naked sister with speculative eyes, then at her son, and finally at her nephew.

“You’re not supposed to be here, Marlene!” Jackie said, dropping her hands from her body. “You’re supposed to be gone another week!”

“We came back early,” Marlene replied. “And it looks like it was a good idea, too. I guess you’ve been having yourself a time, haven’t you, Jackie?”

Timmy and Bobby didn’t know what to do. They looked at Marlene with huge eyes, both leaning over to conceal their nakedness.

“Where’s your husband?” Jackie asked. “Waiting in the car,” Marlene replied, licking at her full bottom lip, her eyes starting to gleam. “We just stopped to pick up Bobby, but I see there was no hurry.”

“Then you better not keep him waiting,” Jackie said.

“Are you kidding, Jackie?” Marlene replied in a low voice. “He can wait forever. With what I’ve found in here, this is where I belong. Bobby, I didn’t know you wanted to fuck my sister.”

“You know damn well he’s been watching you all the time,” Jackie said. “If he wants to fuck me, and I’m willing, so what, Marlene?”

“I thought you didn’t want to get involved with my men anymore,” Marlene said. “What do you call my son?”

“That’s different,” Jackie replied.

“I don’t see any difference,” her sister answered. “But since the three of you are naked…”

She began to undress before them, her eyes moving from Timmy to her son, then back to Jackie. “I think my new husband can wait a little longer,” she purred softly.

“What are you gonna do, Mother?” Bobby asked, his eyes huge as he saw his mother’s tits come into view.

“Something I’m sure you’ve been wanting every time you look in my window,” Marlene whispered softly. “I’m going to give you some of my pussy.”

She looked at her sister.

“That is, if Jackie has left another hard-on in you.”

Bobby immediately sat upright, his cock rising from his crotch.

“Ohhhh, that’s a nice hard-on!” Marlene gurgled, sliding her skirt down, then shoving her lacy panties to her feet, standing naked.

“What about… him?” Bobby said, indicating the door.

“Fuck him,” Marlene said. “You know why I married him. Besides, what he don’t know won’t hurt, right? He can wait out there, and we can have ourselves a little fun.”

She swayed her rounded hips forward, licking her lips as he stared at her son’s cock. Jackie, sitting back, was smiling as she pulled her son to her naked tits, closing her hands about his hairless balls. Timmy was watching his aunt with big eyes, as excited as Bobby.

Marlene dropped to her knees before her son. She slipped her hands up his thighs slowly, mewling as her eyes glazed in desire. “Bobby, that cock is so beautiful! Ooooh, I want to taste it first!”

Bobby arched his hips. “Suck my cock, Mother!”

“You bet I will, darling!” Marlene sobbed hungrily, and pushed her face into her son’s lap.

Jackie made a low groan as she watched her sister take Bobby’s cock deeply, and she began to stroke Timmy’s cock. While Marlene sucked on her son’s prick, she moved her hand between Jackie’s thighs. Jackie opened her legs, and Marlene began to fuck her blonde cunt with her finger.

Timmy gasped.

Bobby, without shyness, humped his cock up and down, fucking at his mother’s sucking mouth. Marlene rolled her eyes and whimpered, bobbing her face up and down, her tongue swirling. She stabbed her finger in and out of her sister’s bubbling cunt, then pulled it away. When Jackie saw Marlene reaching for Timmy’s cock, she removed her own hand. Marlene grasped Timmy’s cock and jacked him, sucking greedily on her son’s prick.

“I wanna fuck you, Aunt Marlene,” Timmy said, his eyes staring at her naked ass.

Marlene pulled her mouth from her son’s cock. She gripped it and stroked up and down.

“Not right now, Timmy,” she said, looking into her son’s face. “Bobby has been wanting to fuck me for so long. I’ve known it, and I’ve teased him many times. I think it’s only fair that my son gets to fuck me first. You can fuck me next, though. That is, if your mother won’t mind.”

“Mind? Who, me?” Jackie laughed softly. “Marlene, I said I wouldn’t get involved with your new husband. I didn’t say anything about our boys, did I?”

“Then I’ll handle them both,” Marlene gurgled, turning away and getting onto her hands and knees, waggling her naked, shapely ass. “Bobby gets first crack at my cunt, though. Come on, Timmy, I’ll suck your cock. I’ll suck you off, but my son fucks me first.”

Timmy glanced at his mother, who nodded and grinned at him. He quickly dropped to his knees in front of his aunt’s face, his cock jerking with hardness. Marlene ran her tongue about his cockshaft, around his balls, wiggling her ass with lewd invitation.

“Fuck me, Bobby!” she hissed. “Fuck Mother right now, darling!”

Bobby hurriedly dropped to his knees behind his mother’s round ass. He grabbed her hips, and with a single lunge, drove his hard cock deep into her wet, hairy cunt. Marlene gave a wail of ecstasy, shaking her ass while her son began fucking her eagerly, making wet sounds.

“You have to watch this one,” Marlene told Jackie.

“I need the rest,” Jackie replied, spreading her legs and rubbing at her blonde-haired cunt as he watched. “These two guys have fucked me raw already. I’ve drank so much come-juice, and taken so much up my cunt and asshole, I slosh when I walk. Go on Marlene, take care of them. I’m thankful for the help.”

With her son pounding vigorously into her cunt, Marlene said, “If that husband of mine should knock, keep him away until we’re finished.”

“Sure thing,” Jackie said, rubbing at her clit as she watched her sister gobble up Timmy’s cock.

Seeing Marlene with a cock in her cunt and mouth wasn’t anything new to Jackie. What was new was being with Timmy and Bobby, that excited her. Marlene shook and wiggled her ass for her son, letting Timmy fuck her mouth as vigorously as he wanted.

Timmy and Bobby stared at Jackie fingerfucking herself, then at Marlene’s jiggling ass. Marlene was whimpering with pleasure, her lovely tits jiggling to and ho from the buffeting of the boys. Jackie knew what her sister was feeling. She had felt it not long ago. She worked her finger in and out of her cunt wantonly, her eyes glazed with voyeurist’s delight, excited to see her son’s cock plunging into her sister’s mouth, Bobby fucking Marlene in her hot, juicy cunt so eagerly.

“Ohh, fuck her good, guys!” Jackie groaned, spreading her legs wider and wider, sliding from the couch until she was squatting, knees spread. She moved her other hand beneath her ass, and with a cry of pleasure, rammed her middle finger into her asshole. She fingerfucked herself in the cunt and asshole while watching Bobby and Timmy giving hard cock to Marlene.

“Fuck the piss out of your mother’s hot cunt, Bobby! Ohhh, Timmy, squirt that hot juice down your aunt’s cocksucking mouth! Come in her, both of you!”

Bobby banged into his mother’s grinding cunt with a frenzy, moaning as he jerked her ass back against him. Timmy was whipping his prick in and out of his aunt’s sucking mouth, his eyes staring at his mother’s fingers.

“Fuck yourself, Mom!” he grunted. “Fuck your hot cunt and asshole! Make yourself come, Mom!”

“Ohhhhh, baby, I will! Feed that sweet cock to my sister! Fuck her in that hot mouth, darling! Bobby, stretch your mother’s wet pussy her hot cunt! Fill her up with come-juice, cunt and mouth! Marlene loves come-juice, loves hard cock! Give it to her, bang the hot piss out of her!”

Marlene began hunching her body, squealing around Timmy’s cock.

Jackie knew the signs, knew the sounds.

“She’s about to come, guys!” she squealed, clawing at her cunt and asshole faster! “You two are going to make her come! Ooooh, God, so am I! Pour it in her! Squirt that come-juice in her cunt, her mouth! Ooooooah! I’m, I’m… ohhhbh, God!”

Jackie’s cunt and asshole grabbed her darting fingers, her orgasm intense.

Marlene, sobbing about Timmy’s cock, rammed her cunt back onto her son’s cock powerfully, grinding frantically. Her swinging tits swelled and then her naked body trembled violently.

With a muffled screech, Marlene came.

“Ohhhhh, Mother!” Bobby groaned. “I’m gonna come, Mother! I’m gonna come in your cunt!”

Marlene tried to answer, her pussy sucking on his cock. But when she tried to say something, she found it impassible with a mouthful of cock, and more so with a cock gushing thick, creamy come-juice down her throat. She swallowed with hungry, wet sounds, her cunt sucking her son’s cock dry, just as her mouth pulled the juices from her nephew’s balls.

Timmy, exhausted, slipped his cock from his aunt’s clinging mouth and sat back, gasping.

Marlene, tired, rested her shoulders and head on the floor, her ass high in the air.

Bobby slumped over his mother’s naked ass, his cock being squeezed from her hairy cunt slowly.

Jackie, her fingers still buried inside her cunt and asshole, shook as she squatted there, staring at them.

“I’d say it’s about time, Mother,” Bobby said, pulling from his mother’s lovely ass, caressing it with his palms. “I’ve been getting tired of jacking off and watching you.”

Marlene wiggled her, naked ass, her bushy cunt glistening wetly. “No more of that, darling. That’s for little boys, and you’re not a little boy anymore. If I’m not around, you have Aunt Jackie to fuck.”

“I’ll always be around,” Jackie said. “I don’t have some husband to take up my time like some people I know.”

Marlene turned onto her side, then her back. She stretched her long legs wide, arching deliciously.

“I don’t plan on being gone, that’s for sure,” she said. “I married the guy for a reason, just as I told you. Besides, he’s not much fun in bed.”

Jackie removed her fingers and sat down gingerly, her knees drawn to her tits, her chin resting on them, looking at her naked sister, naked son, and naked nephew.

“We’re fun,” she whispered.

“Who are you talking about?” Marlene asked, her eyes gleaming.

“Me, you, Bobby and Timmy… we’re fun in bed.”

The sound of a horn came to them. “Well, that’s my call,” Marlene said, dressing. “Jackie, is it okay if Bobby stays another night? My husband leaves in the morning for a few days on business. I’ll be here as early as I can.”

“Naturally he can stay,” Jackie said. “But I can’t say how much cock will be left when you get here.”

Marlene looked from her son to Timmy. “You and I, just like the old days, can keep them hard.”

She waggled her ass at them.

“Bobby, I’ll be back in the morning, and then you’ll get all your nasty little fantasies realized.”

“I’m waiting, Mom,” he said. Marlene left, and Jackie sat back up on the couch.

“Hey, guys,” she said. “We were talking about something before Marlene came in. You two still interested?”

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