Morning Break by Pink Pussycat

His reply popped up in her inbox at 8:06 a.m. just as she sat down to
work. He had wanted a lover who was sexually submissive, and four
glasses of wine later she had mustered up the courage to answer such an

It turned out they worked less than a block away from each other, and
he was thrilled to find a sub who could potentially serve him during
the day. The emails flew back and forth, which lead to a series of very
hot written exchanges, including this one:

First off, you will address me as Sir. Understood?

I assume you are at work. What part of town are you in right now? What
are you wearing? I suspect you are very excited right now. I want you
to tell me–in detail–what you would like as a reward from me right

I prefer that you be shaved. I also prefer you wear sexy bras and
panties. I WILL make you exhibit yourself to me. I WILL make you
masturbate as I watch. I WILL fuck your mouth and spray my cum on your

I want to meet you. Assuming you agree, we will meet in the food court
at City Center Mall at 10:45. You will follow me (no words) as I take
you where I described above. Once inside and behind closed doors I will
kiss you. Again, no words. If this kiss is good–and I have no reason
to doubt it will be–we will procede from there.

It was 10:15 and Lisa looked around. Dennis and Jim were out at a
conference in New York; Barbara and Joe were out sick – the department
was quieter than usual, but the same everyday sounds could be heard, a
staple punch here, a phone ringing there… In short, it was a typical
day in any office anywhere in the world, and against this banal
backdrop Lisa’s heart was hammering. She was going to be fucked by a
complete and total stranger during her morning break, just one block
from where she worked.

At 10:35 she took her long blonde hair out of a ponytail and let it
hang loose, and made her way to the elevators, telling the receptionist
that she was going on her break and would be backin a few..

She did as instructructed, and headed toward the public restrooms,
where he was standing.

He said he was tall, but he looked taller than she had imagined and he
appeared somewhat forboding given the circumstances, though to most his
professional attire and average clean cut looks wouldn’t merit more
than a cursory glace. She really didn’t have time to think about it. He
gave her a small smile of reassurance, and with a slight nod of his
head she understood to follow him, and as agreed upon, she uttered not
a single word.

He led her down a dimly lit corridor and took a key from his pocket.
The door opened to a small room filled with files and old computer
equipment. He motioned for her to enter, and as she did he quietly shut
the door.

She stood there, dumbly, almost in shock. “I can’t believe I’m actually
doing this”, she stammered inwardly. He approached her, cupping her
face in his long, gentle hands. Lisa dared to look up and discovered he
had the most beautiful aqua blue eyes she had ever seen. She couldn’t
read his thoughts, but imagined in them were desire, amusement, and
something else… sincerity?

He leaned his body against hers, and her body immediately responded
with more waves of accumulated wetness. His lips were very soft, which
contrasted with his beard that lightly scratched her face. She hadn’t
kissed a bearded man in years and her face was tingling with all kinds
of newfound sensations.

“To your knees”, he commanded.

“Yes, Sir” she feebly replied. Tingles of sparks were trailing down her
spine to her vulva as he ordered her to kneel beneath him.

Lisa, feeling more confident now that the kiss was good and initial
shock of the situation was somewhat wearintg off, did as instructed,
and he unzipped his pants. He wore snug, plain white boxer-briefs and
the bulge in them was astounding at first glance. When she pulled them
all the way down his cock popped out to salute her and bobbed up and
down in front of her face at attention. He was huge, thick, long,
teasing her anxious and trembling lips. His cock commanded her full
attention, and she went down on him in ernest now, eyes closed,
sucking, licking, pulling, tugging..she tried to deep throat him but
kept gagging on his large tool. She could feel him stiffen when this
happened. She looked up at him and he took his cock from her mouth.

“Are you a cum slut?”

“Yes, Sir, I crave your cum”

“Do you come from sucking cock?”

Lisa didn’t know what to say. The truth was, it did get her very
excited, but no, she couldn’t come just from sucking someone off.

“No, Sir” she whispered in the small, quiet room.


“No, Sir, I don’t come just from sucking someone off”. She forcibly
tried to make herself more audible this time. She didn’t want to
disappoint him.

He stood up.

“Take off your bra and show me those huge tits”.

She was worried that someone would barge in on them so unhooked her bra
and pulled her sweater up, but left her sweater and bra about her neck
in case she would need to quickly yank them back down if they were

He reached out and squeezed her left erect nipple until she visibly
winced in pain and ecstasy.

She was positively oozing with need. He backed away slightly and sat
down in a chair just behind him.

“Lay down and expose yourself to me. Play with yourself while I watch

She was more than eager to comply, as she was going out of her mind
with suffocating tension and pure need to release. She pulled down her
trousers and thong to her ankles and encirled her clit and left labia
in a clockwise motion. She looked up at him. Yes, he was fully focused
on what she was doing, and she became acutely aware that she was on the
floor and that he was seated, looking down at her. His intense stare
aroused her further, and she didn’t know what to do. The building
carpet lightly scratched her back as she undulated on the floor. He was
swiftly stroking his impressive erection.

“Sir”, she gasped, “I’m getting close”.

“Don’t come yet, Slut” he ordered, “Stick your fingers in your pussy
and masturbate yourself”.

She slowed down and inserted her three right fingers rubbing her
hypersensitive entryway, not daring to disappoint him. Her wetness was
coating her hand.

“Take your fingers out of your cunt and suck them”.

She had tasted herself before so made a bit of a show in slowly sucking
them in a suggestive manner, wishing it were he she was sucking off. He
unexpectedly stood up.

“Get down on all fours”

“Yes, Sir. Just know that I’m not on birth control right now”. She
wanted him inside her more than anything else at that point in time,
but the risk of pregnancy and fear of contracting potential std’s were

She got down on all fours as he commanded, rather like cat and cow pose
in her yoga class. He approached her from behind and he slid his dick
up and down her oozing slick slit. Oh God,he was supersized and she
wanted him deep inside her womb sooooooo badly. It took all her
willpower not to thrust back on him.

“You want this, don’t you my Fuck Whore?”

“Yes, Sir, I want you more than anything!”

He shoved his long thick cock halfway into her pussy and as much as she
wanted him all the way moved forward to escape him. She somehow managed
to furrow her brows, look behind her and reprimand him — “I’m NOT
getting pregnant!”

It was worth putting roles aside for the moment. She was not going to
risk a lifetime’s worth of consequences for twenty minutes of pleasure,
no matter how great those twenty minutes might be.

He respectfully pulled out, grabbed her long hair and yanked her so
that she turned around to face him.

“Lay down and finger yourself to cum. NOW!”

She needed no further prompting and encircled her clit and left lower
labia once again. In a moment waves of cascading crashing ebbed cries
of pure pleasure and release from her mouth. After three orgasms, he
was gleeful, but quickly regained composure and imperatively said,
“Come and suck me off, you Slut!”

Lisa crawled over to him, pants trailing behind her ankles, and she
went to work in earnest. She had to make him cum; her future submission
and ownership by him demanded that this be done, and there was nothing
more she desired than to please and satisfy his each and every need.
She furiously seesawed her mouth up and down his shaft as she placed a
finger into his anus. She did this for awhile. While he was still very
hard, she was worried he hadn’t come yet.

“Sir,” she pleaded, “is there anything I’m not doing that I could be
doing to please you?”

“Suckle my balls and stroke my shaft”.

She gently took one of his balls in her mouth and nestled it from side
to side, and then licked his peppery asshole and she stroked his
impressive pole. He momentarily lost control and confessed, “I’m going
to cum”.

She went back to sucking his cock with a fervor, doing her best to deep
throat him and massage his giant mushroom head by swallowing, but he
was so big she kept gagging on his monstrosity. She quickly sucked as
much of him as she could without gagging going up and down, swirling
her tongue around him as she did so. There was a momentary pause and
rigidness in him and before she knew it, hot semen was shooting and
spilling into her mouth, and she swallowed voraciously as to not spill
or miss a single drop.

He soon after pulled up his pants, and Lisa took this as a sign that
she was allowed to do the same. They embraced each other afterwards in
a spirit of complicity, and he escorted her to the escalator and out
the door so she could go back to work.