Man find new love through good friend who is a Lesbian

This is a story that happened almost 5 years ago. I am Jim, 45, divorced now for 9 years, and loving the single life. I am 5’ 10, 175, with brown hair and eyes, served in the Navy for 8 years. I am in good shape and hit the gym a couple times a week. I have never had a hard time getting a date, so I guess I could consider myself halfway decent looking. I am also a supervisor at a big warehouse and this this story is about 2 of the women that work there with me.

Tina, who runs the shipping office, is 35, single, and has a daughter that is 9 years old. Her and I have been going out, on and off, for the past year, but it is mostly for sex, because neither of us wants to be tied down in a relationship. Tina is 5’2, 140 lbs., brown hair and beautiful 34D breasts, with lovely pink nipples, that when aroused, get very hard. She has a pretty good body too, although a little chunky around the hips and ass. When we go out, we usually go for dinner, then this one pub we both like to hang out at, then back to my place and fuck. When it is warm out, she likes wearing short shorts, and halters, and loves when the guys eye her up. She always acts like a lady in public, but once in bed, she is a total slut, and will do anything to get herself off, and me too. I am well aware of her going out with others, and we made a pact that if we have sex with others, condoms are to be used with them, but between us, it is bareback, because she loves when i eat her after cumming in her. So we are basically fuck buddys.

The other lady that works there, is Tina’s best friend Heather. Now Heather is 33, single, and a lesbian, which is ok, but would rather her be at least bi, which Tina is. Heather, as I said is 33 and single, 5’4, and about 135 lbs. She is a red head, and has smaller tits than Tina, 34C. Very pretty, and is aslo a little chunky in the ass. We get along great and I do flirt with her, but she just laughs off my attempts and tells me to get an operation and become a woman, then I’d have a chance with her. I have even helped out at her house that she has, doing some maintenance, just to help her save money. Tina and Heather are lovers and I have teased Tina on many occasions that I’d love to watch them sometime. Tina always says that it may happen, but that they would have to be pretty fucked up for Heather to allow that.

About four months ago, Tina came up to me, at work, and asked if I wanted to join her and Heather for dinner. I figured what the hell, and silently hoped a 3some could be had that evening. Tina must have read my mind, because she said, don’t get your hopes up, but who knows what may transpire. We met at this one café that was close to all of us and had a great dinner. Both girls were in shorts, and Tina, as always, had on a halter top, which really showed off her tits. Heather was a little more conservative and had on a pink Polo shirt, but no bra. I had on khaki shorts and a blue polo shirt, and being hopeful, I went commando. After dinner, we went over to this one bar that was down the street and had a few beers and shot some pool. Heather was bent over in front of me, lining up her shot, and all I could do was stare at her ass. She must have felt my stare, because she turned around and asked if I am enjoying the view? I said oh hell yeah I am, you do have a great ass. She laughed and said to bad you’ll never get to touch it. Tina then walked over and asked if she had a nice ass, and I told her, there is no doubt in my mind that you do and I was fortunate to be with two sexy ladies tonight. The girls were getting a little buzz going and Tina suggested we all go back to Heathers. Heather agreed, and off we went. I had no idea what was in store, but I did have hopes. Once back at her house, Tina pulled out a joint and we all took hits off of it, and sat back on the couch and chatted a little. Then Tina and Heather started making out in front of me. I was kind of surprised by this, since they do try to keep a secret at work. Before to long, the girls were kissing and rubbing all over each other, and Heather reached out and took off Tina’s top. Heather started sucking and kissing all over Tina’s breasts. I am sitting there with a massive hard on, that I wanted to pull out and at least stroke while watching this. Tina pulled Heathers top off now, then removed Heathers shorts. Heather was wearing a white thong panty and looked so delectable. Heather then had Tina stand and then removed Tina’s shorts. Tina was like me, going commando, which Heather said was a very slutty look. Heather pushed Tina back on the couch and spread her legs and started eating her. As Heather ate her, Tina looked at me and told me to get undressed. I didn’t have to be told twice and stripped.

Once naked, Heather looked up at me and said damn Tina, you were right, he does have a nice cock, then went back to eating Tina. I sat next to Tina, who grabbed my cock and started stroking it and I leaned in and started sucking Tina dark, hard nipple. In no time, Tina started to cum, and cum hard. She moaned deeply then yelled out, Oh Fuck Yes, eat that cunt whore. Heather licked up all the juices Tina was supplying her. As Tina came down from her orgasmic high, Heather fell back on the floor and spread her legs wide. She motioned for Tina to eat her now. Tina got off the couch and on her kness, and dove right in and started eating Heather. Heather is a loud moaner, and everytime Tina’s tongue would lick her clit, Heather would shutter and moan even louder. Heather also talked quite dirty, which kind of surprised me, seeing I really only know her office side and once in a while, the public side of her, which is usually reserved.

She kept telling Tina to eat her cunt and finger her hard and make her cum. Tina’s ass was in the air and look so inviting, so I took a chance and crawled down on the floor behind her and started licking her pussy and ass. She was wiggling her ass then, so I knew I was good to go. So I lined my cock up with her soaking wet slit, and rubbed her pussy with my cock head. Then I started pushing it in. Tina was super wet now and my cock went in easy and I was all the way in with my 7 inches. As she ate, we fucked, and Heather was getting off on watching us fuck, while being eaten. Heather came hard as we were fucking, but didn’t want Tina to stop, telling her to eat her more, make her slutty pussy cum more.

After about 10 minutes, Tina looked back at me and said fuck me harder and make me cum you bastard. I started pounding her now, and as I did, with every forward stroke, her mouth would slam into Heather’s cunt, which drove Heather wild. She was even telling me to fuck her harder. Within minutes, I could feel my balls tightening and told the girls I was going to cum. As I started shooting deep in Tina’s pussy, Heather started cumming, then Tina started to cum. When my cock finally stopped shooting inside her, I fell back onto my back and just panted away.

Tina crawled up on Heather and started kissing her and thanking her for letting me be there. Heather said had she known it was this fucking hot, we’d have done it sooner. After the girls rested a bit, they decided to do shots. Now this usually makes Tina drunk and open to anything. Tina does not hold hard liquor well. After another joint and the girls downing four shots each, they were ready for more action. I didn’t take any shots, for I wanted to keep some sense for this night. Heather got up and said she’s be right back. Tina then laid between my legs and started sucking my cock. It did not take long for me to get hard again, which Tina stopped and said she loves the feeling of a soft cock growing in her mouth. Heather returned wearing this purple strap on and told Tina it was he r turn to fuck her. As Tina kept sucking me, she moved so her ass was up and giving Heather access to her pussy. Heather started fucking Tina like there was no tomorrow and asked how she liked this cock. Tina yelled out that it was great, and to fuck her harder. Tina stopped sucking me because it was too much to suck and be fucked at the same time. Then Tina told Heather to stop. Heather pulled out and asked why? Tina told her to lie down, then Tina Straddled her and helped insert the fake cock inside her. Then she looked at me and said now you I want in my ass, because I want both my lovers fucking me. Tina and anal are not something we did much. I think twice in this whole time being lovers.

I got behind Tina and licked her ass and then got my cock nice and wet and slowly inserted it. Maybe it was because she was drunk, but she told me to stick it in all the way, so I pushed more and more in, and was balls deep in her. It took a minute or two, but Heather and I found the right rhythm and I could feel Heathers fake cock, through the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy. Tina’s ass was tight, and quite hot and as we fucked, Tina was cumming almost non stop. Heather was cumming too, just from the action taking place. After about ten minutes, I couldn’t hold it any longer and let out a loud groan and started filling Tina’s ass with my hot cum. She kept telling me to fill her ass with my cum and so I did. I just stayed there, inside her until my cock started to deflate and left her ass, and I fell over onto the carpet. Tina fell off of Heather and snuggled up with her. I somehow managed to crawl up on the couch and lay there, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

I awoke about 7am and had to think where I was. Then it all came back to me. I was still naked when Heather came out of her bedroom, and she was still naked too. She looked over at me and was surprised I was awake. I said I always get up early. She looked like a truck hit her, but still looked sexy as hell. It was really the first time I noticed that she, like Tina, shaved her pussy and she had a tat too, right above her clit that was a devil. I told her nice art work. She blushed a bit but said it was done on a drunken dare. She went and made us some coffee and got some asprin too, for her headache. I asked if Tina was still sleeping and she said yes, and that she would take her home later. She brought me a cup of coffee and joined me on the couch. She thanked me for respecting her boundaries last night, by not trying anything sexual with her. I said I was kind of shocked this even took place. She said her and Tina had talked about it quite a bit and also knew I wanted to watch them in action. She said it was the most erotic thing she has ever did and thanked me for making it come alive. I asked her if she has ever been with a guy and she said one time, but never fucked him. Just kissing and gave him some tit, when she was 16, but she knew then that she liked girls better and has been with only women since.

Heather then said, you know, what happened last night was great, but what went on here, stays here please. I said, not a problem with me, just like Vegas. She chuckled at that remark, and then said, yeah just like Vegas. She just didn’t want it getting out at work, or any of her close girlfriends knowing. I told her to relax, that I would never say a word. She then looked at me and asked a question that sort of stunned me. Heather asked if she could suck me hard? I said, really? She said yes. She hears Tina talk about how it makes her so horny to do that and wanted to see what it was like. I told her I’d love to be her first. Then I asked her if she really was sure about this and is Tina for sure sleeping because I don’t want to piss her off. She said to wait a second, got up and went towards her bedroom. She returned a few seconds later and stated that she was snoring away.

Heather got on her knees in front of me and started licking my head, which sent a tingle up my spine. She looked up and smiled and said she has done this many a time sucking on a dildo. She then took my now growing cock into her mouth and sucked it and licked it until I was fully hard. She did have talented mouth. She stopped and said that it felt so naughty right now and that my skin was like velvet to her. I said what she was doing was fantastic. She giggled and said she still isn’t going to change her preference to men. She saw pre cum leaking out and asked if I was cumming and I told her no, that was pre cum which helps lubricate for fucking. She then stroked it a few times and said I was a nice size and really filled her mouth up, and she liked that I was shaved down there too. I said that was Tina’s doing, because she hates hair in her mouth. I told her if she kept doing that to much longer, I would cum. She said no way, why? I said, let’s see, I am sitting here with a smoking hot woman, naked, who is stroking my cock, so I wonder why. I then asked her if I could lick her just one time, so I could see what she tasted like. She thought for a moment, and said yes, but only once. So I had her get up on the couch and spread her legs and leaned in. I started kissing her pussy lips then started licking them. She was already quite wet and tasted divine. Heather was starting to moan now with each lick that I did, and really started when I licked her clit. Being true to my word, I stopped and thanked her. She just smiled and said I was as good as her girlfriends doing that. I laughed and said I had much practice.

She patted the couch and told me to sit by her and we were going to finish what we started, with her fingering herself, and me to jackoff. I said you sure? She said, why not, were both in need of cumming. So for the next 5 minutes we masturbated together, and her eyes were locked on my cock. She said this is so erotic and has her so turned on. I said ditto for me too. I told her I was close to cumming and she said shoot it on her, and then she started cumming. She was a lot quieter than last night. I leaned over some and started shooting rope after rope all over her belly.

She couldn’t believe how much cum I was shooting and asked if this was normal and I said yes, unless it is the third or fourth time cumming, then a lot less. After I finished, I said wait here while I go get a towel to clean you up, and then she floored me again and said, I thought you would use your tongue. Tina says you always lick her clean after fucking. I chuckled and said Tina talks to much. I leaned over and started licking my cum up and she was getting real hot and said if she was straight she would have to fuck me now. When I finished I left some on my lips and went up and kissed her lips. Her tongue shot out and tasted me. She goes that’s not half bad, I really thought it would be gross tasting.

We then just settled back and talked about life, family and just normal things. She asked me if her and I could be friends that went out and did things, with no thoughts of sex, and I said of course. She did say she would like doing the 3some thing again, if Tina and I were game. I said I would be all for it, but that Tina would be the one who would have to say yes, since i did not want to come between them, or their friendship. She said she has no close male friends, but would like one and if I was ok with it, she would like it to be with me. I said sure, I don’t see why that can’t be accomplished, but, if she ever had thoughts of making it all the way with a guy, and i wasn’t attached, that I would love to be that guy. She laughed and said, don’t be holding your breath, but if that day ever comes, you would be it. She then asked if I had plans tonight, and I said no. She asked if I would like to come with her to her mom’s house because she had to fix something for her mom, and since I already have done work for her, that may be my expertise would be better. I asked what needed done, and she said mom’s shower door keeps coming off the track and the guy she dates, isn’t handy at all, and in my opinion, a total loser. He shows up when he wants, never takes her out anywhere, chugs beer and then just wants sex, then goes home. I asked how long have they been dating, and Heather said, 3 years now. Heather said she keeps telling her mom to dump him, but hangs on because she doesn’t think she’ll find anyone and hates that thought. So we made plans for me to pick her up around 5 and go there.

I picked up Heather around 4:40, or at least showed up. She wasn’t ready, no shock there. I had on military green cargo shorts, and a white polo, which was comfortable for a mid May day, since it was in the 80’s that Saturday. Heather was wearing cut off jeans shorts and a pink top, but this time she had on a bra. We left about ten minutes later. As we drove I asked if Tina was pissed that I left, and she said no, that she was glad I let her sleep in. I asked if she told Tina that I would be with you tonight, and she no. she didn’t feel it was any of her business, especially since we are not a couple, except for an occasion night out and sex a few times a week. I thanked her for that, and she chuckled, and said, I got your back babe. I asked if she had any misgivings about this morning, and she said no way, it was so erotic and quite naughty of her. I looked at her and said, you little slut you, and we both laughed.

Heathers mom only lives about fifteen minutes from her, so she told me a little more about her. First off, her name is Dani, Danielle, and she is 49, divorced a long time ago. Dates a loser asshole, and is a helpless romantic, always hoping her prince charming comes along. But, is resigned to the fact that most men are assholes and just used women for sex and maid service. She said her mom got pregnant at 16, with her, and eventually married her father the day after she graduated from high school. A year after that, they had her brother Mark, who is a career Navy man, and is stationed in Virginia, so we had something in common, with me being Navy as well. Her dad left them about two years after Mark was born and from that time forward, it was just the three of them. Although, mom did date on and off, never found that one guy, especially when we were young. Guys just weren’t into having a pre made family.

We pulled into Heather’s mom’s house, which was a post WWII bungalow, which were popular back then. It was well maintained by Dani, with Heather’s help on occasion, but never has the loser helped her out. Heather let out a whoosh, and said, thank god asshole isn’t here, I can’t deal with him. She led me in through the back door and into the kitchen area, where her mom was busy at the sink. Heather then introduced us. Mom, this is Jim, and Jim this is my mom, Dani. Dani extended her hand and said it was very nice to meet you Jim. I said it was a pleasure to meet her as well, and that Heather did not say how pretty her mom was. Dani just blushed and said, oh, a bullshit artist too. Dani was 49, 5’4, about 130 to 140 lbs, with blond hair and 34C breast. Her tummy was flat, except for a slight roll, but definitely had those child bearing hips, but it looked good on her and a fine ass. Dani was wearing blue shorts, which showed off her nice looking legs, which had a tan already, and a light blue button down blouse. I told Dani I was just stating a fact and she blushed again. Dani said, I hope you two are hungry because I have dinner going. Heather said, mom we didn’t come over for dinner. Dani said to bad, if Jim has to work, then i am going to feed him. Heather then asked where “He” was tonight? Dani said who knows, I haven’t heard from him in four days, but you could see the hurt in her eyes when she said it. Dani then shook her head and asked me if I like ribs, which I said I did, she said good, I made that and potato salad and corn too. It sounded yummy and smelled real good so far. She said it would be ready in 45 minutes or so. I told the ladies I would look at the shower door then.

Heather led me to the bathroom, that was upstairs in off of her mom’s bedroom. I looked it over and saw the problem and figured about a five minute job. The stop, that prevent the door from going to far and then off the track, came loose and needed the screws tightened. I went to the car and got the necessary tools to get it done with. Heather said she feels bad for her mom because of that jerk she see’s. I said she should just rid herself of that problem. Heather laughed and said she’s been telling her for a long time to find someone better. Heather thanked me for telling her mom she was pretty. I said no thanks needed, I was just telling the truth. I said I think your mom is Hot looking. Heather said, really? I said yes, and that you should know me by now, I don’t talk bullshit. I said I can see where you get your lovely looks from, except who has the red hair? Heather said that her dad’s side has that hair, and such a curse too because she also has the light skin and never really tans like her mom does. She said wait until the summer, her Italian comes out with a dark tan. I finished up the door and made sure it worked ok. Heather kissed me on the cheek and said thanks, I’d owe you, but, I already paid up this morning and winked at me. We both laughed at that, but left it alone.

We went down to where her mom was and stood around chatting while she continued fixing dinner, and she was very appreciative for me fixing her door upstairs. She said she was a little embarrassed because her room wasn’t straight, which it really was, compared to mine at home. Her bed wasn’t fully made and she had some clothes laying over a chair, and I did spot a pair of black thong panties there too. Of course my mind wandered to what she would look like with just those on. She asked us to set the table on the deck, for dinner, which Heather and I did. It was a nice deck, although it needed some maintenance done, on some of the railings. Off the deck, there was a pool, and on the corner of the deck was a Hot Tub. Heather said they used to live out here during the summer, her brother and her, and her mom. She said it doesn’t get used to much anymore, like it used too, but keeps it up, but lord knows why. Dani then came out with the food, and Heather went in and got the rest. We sat down and had a fabulous meal, which I kept complimenting Dani on. We talked for a good hour, as we ate. I found out that Dani was a nursing supervisor at the hospital just down the street from where I live, and that she is mostly on night shifts, working 4 ten hour days, which is what I work too. Heather is a 5 day a week, 8 hour a day person at the warehouse. I found out she grew up in the next city over from where I did and went to the rival high school and we actually knew some of the same people, even though she is 4 years older than me. I also found out we had a lot in common too, with likes and dislikes. After we finished up with dinner, Heather I and I did the dishes for her, since she cooked. Dani was amazed that a guy would “stoop that low” to clean dishes. I laughed and said my mom taught me to do this, even if the host protested. As we cleaned, and her mom was outside cleaning the table, Heather gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for being so nice with her mom, and said it meant a lot to her. I chuckled and said, that if I didn’t know any better, that she was trying to set me up with her mom. Heather acted astonished at that remark and said, never would she ever think to do that, but then smiled. I said to her, that tat is really you isn’t it, a lil devil.

After cleaning everything up, it was almost 8pm, and her mom got out some wine and three glasses. She said lets retire to the deck and enjoy some talk and wine. Dani asked if I ever considered dating Heather. Heather said, MOM, you know I don’t swing that way. Plus, Jim is a lot older than me and I don’t date older people, meaning women. Dani just chuckled and said, well a mother can hope can’t she? I am sensing mom doesn’t actually care for her daughter being a lesbian. The subject was changed to my direction now and Dani asked if I was dating anyone. I said, not really. I see this one friend of Heather’s, Tina. Dani said, oh I know her, nice girl, but a bit flaky. Heather said, now mom, she just a bit eccentric in her ways. And she really was. But I told Dani it was just someone to go out with when nothing to do for either of us. Heather jumped in and said that she goes out with me too, to have companionship as well. By this time the girls polished off one bottle of wine and i was still sipping my first glass. Dani asked if I was against commitment and I said no, but I have yet to meet that one I want to be committed too, since my divorce some years back. I told her a few I dated did not like that I had kids of my own, because they weren’t sure their kids and mine would get along, which is kind of selfish to me. My kids are both in college and hardly small children.

Dani excused herself and went inside to get another bottle. Heather asked if I was alright being here and I said yes, and that I was enjoying myself a great deal, and I definitely liked her mom. Dani came back out and poured more wine, then sat in the chair next to me. As we talked, she would place her hand on my arm. And then slightly rub it as we talked, and a on a few occasions, let her leg rub against mine. Being a guy, this had me thinking some very naughty thoughts, like I wish Heather wasn’t here so I could see where this led. She was flirting, but not overtly, but still flirting. She thanked me again for fixing her door and i said it was a pleasure and if she ever needed anything else done, just let me know. She laughed and said she has a whole list of things that need attention. Of course my mind wandered to her pussy being one of them. I asked her for a pen and paper so I could write down my number for her. She said to leave it when we left. Heather then asked what I was doing in three weeks from tonight. I said I don’t think I have anything planned. She asked if I would accompany her and her mom to a wedding? I said sure, if you think it will be ok. Her mom said it would be very nice if I went with them. Dani said her boyfriend wont go to anything like that. I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t say anything stupid about the chump.

Heather and I left shortly after that. As we were getting ready to leave, I wrote out my number and told Dani to call me when she needed anything fixed, or if she just wanted to talk. She said really? I said of course. She then hugged me and gave me a kiss and thanked me for this evening. On the way home, Heather said she thinks I made a new friend. I just smiled and said I hope so. She said she hasn’t seen her mom smile as much as she did tonight and that she did see her flirting a little with me. I said I bet you didn’t see her rubbing her leg against mine? She laughed and said no she didn’t, then chuckled and said her mom, the shameless hussy. I asked Heather what she would think if those two ever broke up and I asked her mom out. Heather looked at me and said she would find that wonderful. I dropped Heather off at her place, and as she started to get out, she leaned back over and kissed me on the cheek and said she had a great time with me and hopes we can hang out again real soon. I told her the same and told her she is a great friend and her mom is a very special lady.

About 8pm the next night, my cell rang while I was watching TV. I wasn’t going to answer it at first, since I didn’t recognize the number, but was glad I did, for it was Dani. She asked if I was any good at fixing plaster. I asked why, and she told me her boyfriend got drunk while he was there today and fell and trying to stop his fall, he put a hole in the wall. I told her I could fix it for her. She was so happy to hear that. I wanted to tell her she should dump that asshole, but held my tongue. We talked for the next hour and half about anything and everything, well except anything sexual. Her and I both had Wednesday off this week, so I said I’d come over then and fix it and we ended the our conversation then. I told Heather the next day about what went on the night before. Heather said he probably punched the wall because her mom said or did something he didn’t like, but her mom was probably too embarrassed to tell you that. I asked her if he ever hit her before, to which Heather said, that she didn’t think so, but wouldn’t put it past him. I told Heather if I find out he hit her or attempted to, I’ll find his sorry ass and kick it, for no man should hit a woman.

That Wednesday I headed over to Dani’s and she showed me the hole, which to me, looked like someone punched it, but I didn’t want to question her about it. I spent most of the day repairing it. Dani made me lunch and we talked a lot about many things. She wanted to know why I didn’t have a steady woman in my life. I told her I was a bit gun shy after the divorce, and that most of the women out there, my age, seem to be set in their ways and are very materialistic. I told her my ex was like that, being materialistic, and I wanted no part of that again. I just want someone who wants to be with me and take me as I am, and not try and mold me into something I am not. I just try to go with the flow in life and not take everything so serious. She asked what I look for in a woman. I told her someone who is smart, funny, not stuck on themselves, is spontaneous, and not afraid to show emotions and isn’t afraid of public displays of affection, oh and loves love making and sex. Dani laughed at the last remark and said, whats the difference? I said love making is when two people are so in sync, and can’t wait to be together and want to share with each the other their love, and not afraid to show it, and be romantic. Dani said that sounds heavenly, but what is sex? I said those same two people who adore one another, but also have those primal needs to enjoy sex for what it is, pure fun, and not being inhibited and at times being a little selfish and always communicating what their wants and needs are. And neither of them afraid to start the action by way of words or actions. No matter what people say, both men and women have needs that want to be fulfilled sexually. But you also have to fulfill their emotional needs too, and that’s where true love making comes into it too. Any two people can go through the motions of sex, maybe orgasm, but not feel any connection at all. But I don’t want that, and have had that now for too long and want something more. Dani was quiet then and I apologized for being to blunt. She said, bullshit, I have never been with a man that open and honest and wasn’t sure if they even existed. Dani said she hasn’t had that ever. She always thought just getting naked, may be having a little oral sex, then the guy sticking it in and fucking for like five or if she was lucky, ten minutes and then it was over. Dani got quiet after that and I said I had a little more to do and got back to work. I told her when i was done that I needed to come back over and do a final sand then paint. As I was getting ready to leave, she said thank you and hugged me tight. We looked in each others eyes and I just couldn’t help myself, and I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. We kissed and then kissed again and this time it was more passionate, with our tongues searching each others out. When we finally broke, she said Wow and so did I. We held on to the hug a little longer, then she thanked me again for the work and I left.

That Friday Heather sought me out and said I have great news. So I asked her what had her happy and she said her mom called her last night and told her she told asshole to hit the bricks and never come back again. I asked what prompted this and she said she didn’t know but was happy as a peach about it. But, she thinks it has something to do with me. Her mom kept gushing over me, and Heather thinks she is smitten with me. I laughed and said oh bullshit, she said on no, she is quite taken by you. I then changed the subject and asked why Tina has been acting funny towards me. She hardly talks with me and hasn’t bothered with me since that Saturday night with us three. Heather thinks she is getting back with her ex, and she knows they have gone out twice now. I said that’s cool, but to me, that is really good because I wont have to deal with Tina and also try and ask out Dani now. Heather asked when i was going back over to her mom’s and I said Sunday, to finish up. Heather said she will go with me, if that was ok. I said sure. She then asked if I wanted to hang out with her tomorrow and I said sure. Lets do dinner and get a movie, which she happily accepted.

Heather came over around 7:30, and she was dressed very casual. Cut off jeans and a halter top, which showed her boobs off nicely. I was dressed in khaki shorts and a black polo. We stopped first at the video store and picked out two movies. One was a chick flick and the other was an action movie that had Stallone in it, which Heather, and as she told me, her mom adores. We went to dinner at this steak house near by and had a nice dinner and really great conversation. She was still very happy her mom broke up with the dick head, and to be honest, so was I. When we got back to my place, she excused herself and went to the restroom, but when she came out, she was totally naked. She came into the living room and said we are watching the movies naked, so go get undressed. I asked if she was sure, and she said absolutely. This could be the last time we can ever do this, and she really enjoyed being naked with me two weeks ago. I went and got undressed and came back out and sat next to her on the couch. We watched the first movie and she got up and got us each another beer. She licked my bottles neck like it was a cock and I told her that was very naughty looking. She just smiled and winked at me. We started watching the next movie and she snuggled real close to me, with her head on my shoulder and her hand resting on my thigh. Her hand then went up and started playing with the tip of my cock. I looked at her and she just said shush, and enjoy it. Next thing I know, she leaned down and started taking my cock in her mouth, and all I could do is moan and threw my head back. She stopped for a second and said she wanted to do this again, like last time, but slower and longer. I asked if I could do what I did again and she said you better. I said then lets make it a little more comfortable and go use the bed, and with that she led me to the bed, where I laid down and she got between my legs and started licking and sucking me.

The small light cast a heavenly glow as I watched her bob her head up and down my rigid shaft. I closed my eyes and thought about Dani doing this to me, and not Heather. After a few minutes, she stopped and said that she was really enjoying this, but now it was my turn with her. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide and told me to eat her. I wasted no time in getting between her legs and started licking her thighs, and then up to her spot between her ass and pussy. This made her grinds her pelvis into my mouth more. She was moaning loud when my tongue trace and outline around her pussy lips. I finally started to lick her clit and then drive my tongue into her wet slit. She grabbed my head and told me to eat her, suck her fucking pussy. My lips started sucking on her engorged clit, and as I did she ground her pussy into my face. I knew she was getting close and asked her if she wanted me to stop, and she said no, fuck no don’t stop, make her cum. I insert a finger in her and found her g-spot and worked on that as I licked her all over. I then inserted another finger in her and rubbed her spot faster now. She was moaning and grinding her pussy into my face and then suddenly, her body went totally stiff and she yelled oh fuck, I am cummmmmming, eat my cum you fucker. Although she didn’t squirt, which is what I was hoping for, she did cum a great deal and I licked it all up. I sat back on my haunches as she came down from her orgasm. She looked at me and said that was one awesome orgasm, then asked me to stroke my cock for her and cum all over her. So being one that always listens to the lady, I started jacking off. As I did, Heather started fingering herself and told me to hold off until we both can cum together. It did not take long for either of us to reach our peak and I told her I was ready and she said she was too, and she let loose with a loud moan and told me she was cumming, and then I started shooting ropes of cum all over her belly and pussy. One rope hit the bottom of her tit. She scooped up the cum from her tit and licked it and said yum. I then leaned in and started licking my cum from her mound then her belly. I didn’t swallow, but moved on top of her and kissed her shared the cum. When we broke the kiss, she said oh wow, now that was erotic. My cock was till hard and was laying on top of her pussy and belly. She said holy shit, you are still hard and I said uh huh. I started to get off of her or my cock might end up in a place that has never had one before. As I started pushing up, she grabbed me and pulled me back down and said don’t move.

Then she reached between us until she found my cock, grabbed it and placed it to the entrance of her wet hole. I looked at her and she just said please. I said oh Heather, are you sure. She said she has been thinking of it all day and if anyone man was going to enjoy her, she wanted with someone she trusted more than anything and that she knew respected her and liked her for what she is. With that I started sliding slowly inside her. She was very tight, yet showed no pain at all as I inched my way inside her, until I was fully in her. She let out a gasp and then a moan. I asked if she was alright, and she laughed and said it feels weird, yet wonderful. We laid there for a few moments until she finally said, well, are going to lay there, or fuck me. I said let’s do this. Let’s roll over and you be on top, so that way you are in complete control, and so we rolled together without me leaving her wonderful pussy. I told her magnificent she felt, but all she said was thanks, but now let’s fuck. She started grinding on me, then moving her hips in a circle, like she had been fucking cock for years. All I could do is moan a great deal. She said this feels so much different than a strap on or a dildo, and your cock is so hard. Then she started going up and down, at first slow, but then gaining speed with each passing minute. I sat up and started sucking her nipples as we fucked, and she said that’s it baby, suck those tits. I broke away from her nipples and pulled her face to mine and started kissing, and when we did, she really started fucking me hard. Within a couple of minutes, we both came again, almost at the same time. With me shooting huge amounts into her virgin pussy. She collapsed on top of me and just held me then. She then sat back up and said well, I guess I am bi-sexual now, and not just a lez. We both laughed and I said, good join the bi crowd hun. She looked at me and asked, are you bi too, and I said yes. I told her about the one couple that Tina and I shared a few times and how the girls got us to suck each other off, and then I licked Tina and him as they fucked. She goes, oh my god, I would have never guessed that one.

She rolled off of me and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I really didn’t know how she was going to be when she came back. Her being a lesbian all these years and now just fucked her first guy. Then I started to think about Dani and thought, oh well, can’t miss something you never had. Heather returned with two bottles of water, and sat on the bed and drank. She was smiling, but not saying anything, so I asked her if everything was ok, she looked at me and said, fanfuckingtastic. After finishing the water, she reached over and turned off the light, crawled in bed with me and snuggled close and said she needed some sleep. I was out in no time, but had wondered what she was really feeling.

I awoke at 8am, to an empty bed. As I rubbed my eyes, Heather came in with coffee for the both of us. I was sporting the morning wood, because I had to pee. Heather looked at my cock and giggled and said, damn man, are you always horny? I laughed and said no, but had to pee. I was back in a minute, and found Heather sitting on the bed, legs crossed Indian style. As we sipped coffee, she finally spoke and said that last night was so awesome for her, and I agreed, it was awesome. She looked at me and said, don’t get me wrong, you were a great lover, but I still believe I could never have a man in my life, like a normal woman. I said that is fine, but try not to close the door to it. Then I asked about the large elephant in the room, her mom. I asked, how would you feel if your mom and I did date and it got serious? She looked at me and said, you know, I would be very happy for you both, but what happened last night was strictly sex and we fucked, and nothing more. The best thing about it, was I did it with a great friend, whom I respect and trust dearly. And if you and mom do grow super serious, then I made out because my mom will finally be happy and I get a new Daddy, and she laughed at that. Then she said, I hope it does go well for you, you need a good woman in your life, who will make love to you, and you to her, and explore life as a couple. But what we did does not change anything in my book, it was just fun sex and I have to tell you, it felt so good feeling your cum leak out of me last night as I watched you sleep.

Heather then set her cup down, then took mine and set it down. She got on her knees and took my half hard cock in her mouth and started sucking me. After a minute I asked her to let me eat her while she did that, and she moved so we were in a 69 position and we licked and sucked each other for another 10 minutes. She broke free and said her mouth was tiring and then straddled my cock and guided inside her again. She looked down at me and said she needed to try it one last time. We fucked for the next 20 minutes, and at first it was soft and slow, but it built over time to a full on fuck session, with both of us moaning and talking dirty. We both came at the same time and just laid there, holding each other for the next five minutes, until I flipped her over on her back and went down on her, so I could clean her up. She thoroughly enjoyed that experience and came one last time. Afterwards, we showered and went out to breakfast, where she thanked me for making her dream come true, of having sex with a man, one who she adores and trust. I told her it was my pleasure to make her pleasure come alive and told her she was an awesome lover. I told her maybe she’ll meet a guy who she will trust, just for that occasional romp in the sack. She laughed and said, no, they don’t make many like that, but if things don’t work between me and her mom, then she’ll be back for more.

I dropped Heather off then and told her I would be back at 1, to pick her up, since she wanted to go over to her mom’s with me. I was grateful she was going, because I did not know how Dani was, in regards to her breakup. After picking Heather up, we drove over to Dani’s, but said very little. She was dressed in these green short shorts that barely covered her ass, and a light green halter, no bra. I said she looked really nice, which got a smile from her and a remark about not looking at her tits. I laughed and said I would say I have seen them in all their glory. She laughed and said, yes you did, but no leering. When we got out of the car, in Dani’s drive, we could hear her raising her voice and telling someone they better never come there again or she was calling the cops. Heather and I went in and saw Dani, very flustered, and she told us that asshole has been calling non-stop all day, asking for another chance. Heather put her arms around her mom and said that she was glad she ended it with him and that she deserves so much better. Dani said yeah right, like anyone would want a 49 year old woman. I wanted to say, hey, look over here silly, I do. I told Dani that she is a very attractive woman, inside and out, and that if he ever gives you anymore trouble, you just call me and I’ll have a talk with him. Dani hugged me then and said thank you for being so nice. She then changed the subject and told me she got paint to match what she already had on the walls because she really didn’t want to repaint the whole room. I said great, let me go get my tools and finish this up.

As I started to work, the girls said that they would be back in a few, that they needed to go to the store, Heather asked if she could take my car, and so I tossed her the keys and off they went. I had just finished up the final sand on the plaster and had to pee. I went to the downstairs bathroom, and when entering it, I saw some clothes on the toilet seat. As I picked them up to move them to the vanity, Dani’s white lace thong fell to the floor. I picked them up and held them for a second, then being the pervert I am, brought them to my nose and inhaled her musky fragrance. I thought, god, I need to be with her soon, she turns me on so much. After peeing, I put them back as they were, hoping not to embarrass Dani when they return shortly, and not wanting her to know I touched her intimate apparel.

As I started to prep for painting, the girls were back, each of them toting grocery bags. Dani asked if I liked lasagna, and I said I definitely did. She said good, mine is made from scratch and hoped I would stay for dinner. I told her I think my arm could be twisted just enough for that to happen. Dani came over to me, grabbed my wrist, and playfully twisted my arm. I smiled at her and said, ok ok, I’ll stay. Heather laughed and said damn, you are so easy. They put away the groceries, then I watched them both go upstairs. As I started working, I could hear lots of giggling and then heard them as they came down the stairs. My mouth must have dropped to the floor, because both girls were now in bikini’s. Heather’s was a neon green number that was very tasteful, yet sexy. Dani’s was neon orange that really showed off her olive colored skin, which was already starting to tan. Heather laughed and sid close your mouth, or you are going to catch fly’s with it. I smiled and told them they had to be the two most beautiful girls around. Dani kind of blushed and smiled, and Heather said thanks, but you ain’t seeing anymore of us, and laughed. Dani said they needed to tan some, for the wedding next week. I told them they both look great as is, but knock yourselves out. Heather then said, to make my mind wander even more, had I not been there, they would be out back naked. Dani playfully smacked her on the arm and said, Heather. Heather said, well, it’s true, and that she hates tan lines. I told her, be my guest and go buff. She laughed, and said, not in your wildest dreams bucko. Dani then got glasses down and got out some ice tea. She told me to make myself at home and grab some tea when i was ready. Then the girls went out onto the deck and laid out. I started rushing to get done painting, and would sneak a peak at Dani every chance I could.

After finishing up, and cleaning up my work, I took out my tools to the car, went back inside and got a glass of tea and joined them on the deck. I saw that their tea’s were almost gone, so I took their glasses in and refilled them. Both ladies thanked me for being so considerate. Heather told me to take off my shirt and start working on a tan, like them, so I did. Dani suggested I roll up the legs of my cargo shorts, so more of my legs got sun. The girls then turned over onto their stomachs, and of course, my eyes wandered right to Dani’s ass. Heather then asked me to rub lotion on her back. I hesitated for a second, then thought, what the hell. I purposely laid a long line on her back, knowing it was cold, which she reacted to, by calling me an ass, because it was cool. I rubbed all over her back and then stopped. She said keep going and do my legs to silly. This time I rubbed the lotion into my hands, so it wouldn’t be cold to her. After I finished, she told me to do her mom. This time, I put lotion on my hand and got it warm and slowly rubbed it over Dani’s back, trying to make it sensual, and I got a reaction of a soft moan from her. Heather looked at me and winked, then smiled. I continued on to her legs and slwly rubbed it on her, paying close attention to not getting to near her ass. I was surprised when she parted her legs some, so I could do her inner thighs easier. Now Dani is no model, with a perfect body, and yes her butt is nice, but not tight like a 20 year old’s is, but her legs are gorgeous, at least to me. Many dirty thoughts were running through my mind then, only to have Heather pull me out of my thoughts by saying it was unfair that I took more time with her mom. I laughed and said I didn’t know you were timing me. She just stuck her tongue out at me.

Heather got up about ten minutes later and said mother nature is calling. Dani asked if I wanted some lotion on, and I said I could do it, but she said no, one good turn deserves another. She then had me lie down and rubbed lotion on my back and legs. She was doing it very slow, like I did her, and trust me, it had the desired effect. My cock was growing to full staff . Luckily, I was on my back, or she may have noticed. She thanked me a again for all of my help and I told her I enjoyed doing it, plus enjoyed spending time with her. She told me to roll onto my back so she could finish. I was so hoping Heather would have come out now, but who knows what she was doing. I rolled over and Dani started on my legs, and very slowly worked her way up to just the area that was covered by my shorts, A finger slipped up the shorts, then came down again. When she did this, my cock twitched some, and she had to have seen that. She started to scoot up to do my chest and stomach, but lost her balance some, and put her hand out to stop and it landed right above my crotch area, but it also landed on the head of my cock, so she knew then I was hard. She said, oops, I slipped, sorry about that. I told her no problem, and she resumed her ministrations with the lotion, taking some extra time around my nipple area. As she finished up, Heather came out the door. I looked at Heather, who was smiling and she winked again at me. She chuckled a little and said you two look like two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Dani blushed and told her to hush. We laid out for another hour talking and listening to music. Found out Dani and I both enjoy country, which Heather says she doesn’t care for. After that hour, Dani said she needed to get dinner going, and got up and left. After she went inside, Heather said, you two looked quite cozy. I said your mom has great hands and she gave me a hard on which I tried to hide. Heather said that shipped sail hun, and laughed. We didn’t stay out to much longer because Heather wanted to help her mom with dinner.

After a wonderful dinner, Dani and I made plans for the up coming wedding, the following weekend. It was agreed that I would pick up Dani, since she had work Friday night and would need some sleep, and was going to miss the actual nuptials. Heather was going to the wedding and would meet us at the reception, later that evening. During the week, Dani and I talked 4 times on the phone, and we really got to know each other. Recounting past relationships and marriages, my time in the service, and how it always made her feel nervous when her son would say he is heading out on a cruise. He was a Petty Officer and one of the main navigators aboard a Destroyer. I tried to calm Dani’s fears some, by letting her know that actually being on a ship, or even a sub, is one of the safest places to be in wartime. I flew an MH-60 Seahawk helicopter, and saw some action during the first Desert Storm escapade. Flew in many a special op teams into the bad guys back yard. After hearing some of my tales and letting her know that her some was relatively safe, she had calmed herself, and felt better now, knowing she heard it from someone who has been there and done that. Son’s will always tell mom, it’s cool, no danger. I know I did when dealing with my parents back then. We both were excited about Saturday evening, me, because I just wanted to spend time with Dani. Dani was too, but for her, it was being there with someone and not going stag, like she has over so many years.

Saturday approached, and of course Heather called to make sure I would be on time. I asked her, if she had ever seen me late for anything, and she said no, then chuckled. She just wants me to have a good time and that I owe her a couple of dances. I said not a problem, just no grabbing my ass, or anything that suggest sex in any way. This was about her mom tonight. I arrived at Dani’s a little past 5pm, and went to the door. She yelled for me to come in and told me that for now on, just knock and come in. She came from her kitchen and she looked radiant. Her dress was this lovely light gray, that hung to just above her knees, and showed off her figure well. It had a plunging neck line, that showed a bit of her cleavage, and when she turned around, it was a plunged some too, but stopped just above her bra strap. Her dark tan looked amazing against the fabric color, and top it off, she wore matching gray pumps, not to high, yet made her legs look sexy. I had to pick my mouth off the floor, and told her she looked absolutely gorgeous. She thanked me for the compliment. She said I looked very handsome in my navy blue suit, light blue shirt and red and blue striped tie. We locked up the house, and I held the door for her, and off we went. As we rode there, she thanked me for all the great conversations we had this past week. She asked if I was nervous about going tonight? I said no, not really. Just another adventure in life. Dani laughed and said well, this is an Italian wedding, so be prepared for loud music, and loud people who will want to know everything about you.

The bride is Dani’s second cousin. Her mother and Dani are first cousins and quite close, as is most of the family, from the looks of it. Heather was already there, and had reserved a table for us to sit at. She was in a deep conversation with another family member. Their family was very nice and friendly, and her one cousin, who is a little older than Dani, was very talkative and flirty. Dani, said pay no attention to her, she is divorced a few years now and comes on to any guy that will show her any attention. I just laughed and said, does she ever just shut up? Dani laughed, and so did Heather, and both said No at the same time. The festivities then got under way, with the introduction of the bride and groom, then the best man toast, and then dinner. Dinner was pretty good, with your choice of beef tenderloin or veal parmesan. I opted for the veal, while the two ladies went for the tenderloin. Dani leaned over and said that hers would be better, and giggled. I said I hope I get the chance to find out sometime. She looked at me and said, who knows, you just may.

After dinner and the customary first dance, and parents dance with the married couple, the DJ got the night rolling. Heather and I danced a couple of songs, but most of the dancing was with Dani, who was surprised I would dance. I asked why, and she said, most times, the guys will dance a dance or two, but that’s it, and those are usually slow dances. A slow song came on, and just before I could ask Dani, Heather took my hand and led me out. We danced and talked and said her mom was having a great time, and thanked me for that. I said, I was too, but I am trying to keep all slow dances for her mom, since the DJ is into mostly fast dancing. Heather looked hurt, but then giggled and said she wanted at least one dance tonight like that. I asked her if there was anyone special she had an eye for, and she said oh hell no, and yes, most of the family knew her preference for women. I laughed and said, shit, if they only knew, for which she slapped me on the shoulder. The next song was slow too, so I went over and got Dani, and apologized for being not with her the last song. She said that was quite alright, seeing it was with Heather, but if I was to pick on some other woman, then I may have hurt her feelings. She had her arms around my neck as the song continued and said that she was having a great time and hoped I was too. I said I could not have had a better time, especially since I was with the prettiest girl there tonight. She said Oh, but there are far younger and better looking than her. I said stop. To me, you are the prettiest and the only one I want to spend this time with. Then I asked if I could take her on a real date. She asked when and I said how about this Tuesday, since we both would not have to be up Wednesday, and she did not work Tuesday night. She said definitely. I said a dinner and a movie ok with you and she said that is great, as long as it isn’t Italian. We both laughed and she hugged me closer as the dance came to a close. We dance a few more dances, then one last slow one. I kissed her cheek as it laid on my shoulder. She looked up and said, you know what they say about a man that can dance. I said, no, what do they say. She said, a man that can dance will never disappoint you in the bedroom. I chuckled and said I hope I get to prove that right.

On the ride home, it was already after midnight and I could see she was tired, she said again how great it was to be with me tonight. Then she asked if I could possibly look at her Hot Tub, because the pump wasn’t working, and no water was coming out through the holes for the jets. I said I could look at it tomorrow, if she wasn’t to busy. She said that would be great, but come over after noon, so she could get some sleep. After arriving at her house, I walked her to her door, and we kissed. She asked if I wanted to come in, but I begged off, so she and I could get some sleep, but promised I would see her again tomorrow. She kissed me this time, and it was quite passionate, with plenty of tongue searching each others out. I held her tight to me after we finished kissing, and I knew she could feel my engored cock pressing against her. She just smiled up at me and then asked me to call her when I got home, which was only 15 minutes from her. When I did arrive home, I got ready for bed and crawled in. I wasn’t going to call, for fear of waking her, but then thought, she might get upset and think I didn’t care enough to call her. So I dialed and it was answered on the first ring. We talked for another half an hour about the wedding and then Heather, then she said she is tired and needed to sleep, but said she cant wait to see me tomorrow.

I got over to her house a little before one, and found her with just a wrap on, which was covering her orange bikini. It was a beautiful Sunday, mid 80’s, and very sunny. Dani said she was up at 8am, and just couldn’t sleep anymore, so she got to work on doing housework and laundry, and she was fixing tomato sauce for spaghetti for dinner, and hoped I would stay. I accepted, just so I could be near her, but at the same time, I wanted to ravish her sexy body, but held that thought to myself. She should me where the access panel was for the tub, and then she went and laid out while i started to look this beast over. I had brought with me, a voltage meter, so I could see if the thing was getting power to the pump, and found that her circuit breaker was shot. So I left to go get one at the hardware store and about 45 minutes later, the pump was working again. Dani was super thrilled and said she missed not having it, because it made her old bones feel so good, when she took a soak in the morning after work. She then got into the tub and asked me to join her. I said I don’t have a suit and she said so, just wear your boxers in it. So I stripped off my shirt and shorts and got in. She asked me to come sit by her, which I did, but I also knew there was a good chance I was going to sport a woody with her so close.

We sat and talked a little and I reached over and grabbed her hand and held it, like some high school kid, holding his first girlfriends hand. She smiled at me and asked what I thought of last night. I said I had a great time and really enjoyed being with her. It felt like a date to me, and that I could not have asked for a better time, or a better dance partner too. She leaned into me and kissed me on the lips, That kissed started to get more passionate as our tongues found each other again. Without breaking the kiss, she moved so she was in front of me, then sat down on my knees. My cock was at full attention now, and I really didn’t care. She caused this situation and I hope she could see what she caused. We continued necking like to teenagers for the next five minutes. She finally broke from the kiss and said Wow again, just like last week. She goes damn you know how to kiss, and I said it is because of my partner and her skills in kissing. She locked lips with me again and we started getting very passionate. I broke the kiss and started kissing and licking down her neck. Her moans told me it was ok to proceed and I did, kissing my way down to the top of her breast. As I did that, her breathing got faster, and her moans a little louder. As I started licking breast her cleavage, her one hand was around my neck, and her other went and brushed up against my cock. As she did that, her moan got real loud and her hand lightly grabbed my cock and stroked it lightly through the cotton material. My lips were now kissing and licking her exposed area of her breast, and seeing she was enjoying what I was doing, I reached up and released one breast from its confinement. My lips went immediately to her large, brown nipple, which was begging for my attention. As I sucked her nipple softly into my mouth, I heard her say, Oh Damn Jim, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I looked up at her and said I love what she was doing to me as well. She then took her hand off my cock, then fish it out of its confinement too and now had my full seven and half inches in her hand. She looked at me and said, damn babe, you could make a girl very happy with that. I went back to sucking her nipple, as she started stroking me harder now. Then, our passion subsided because next thing we know, we hear Heather coming through the house calling our names out. Dani quickly moved next to me and put her boob back in her top and I recovered my cock, but there was no way I was going to hide that if Heather made us get up. Dani yelled, out here honey, and out bounded Heather. Heather looked at us both and said what have you two been up too, and Dani giggled and said nothing, and I just kept my mouth shut, but shot Heather a glance that said, bad timing girl. Heather just laughed and said, oh sure, you two were being naughty, to which Dani said, hush young lady. Dani then got up and got out of the tub and said she was going to change and get dinner going. Heather looked at me and said, aren’t you getting out? I said no, not just yet. She laughed and said, oh, someone must have a hard on. I blushed alittle and said, good guess. I finally got out and went into the bathroom and changed out of my boxers, and went commando. Heather and I were alone in the kitchen and she asked if I was mad, and said no, but your timing could be a little better next time. She said she always comes over every Sunday for dinner, so get used to that. She asked if I spent the night and I told her no, I just kissed your mom at the door and went home. She laughed and said, what a dumbass, mom would have fucked your brains out last night. I said there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for that, come soon.

We ate and the girls gossiped about the night before and some of the family involved. I was lost, but they did try to get me up to speed. Their one relative was divorced three times already and was with a new guy last night, and they were both wondering if he was going to be number four. After dinner, we chatted for a little bit more, but I had to get going, so I could get to bed. As we kissed good night, Heather said we needed to get a room, and we all laughed at that. Then Dani asked me to call her when I got home, so she knows I arrived ok. When we spoke on the phone, she said she was kind of glad Heather showed up, because she knows it would have eventually led to having sex, and she wants it very special the first time with me, with no interruptions, or anything else bothering us. She did say she had one small orgasm from it and cant wait to see how many more I can cause her to have. She also said she likes what she felt in her hand and hopes she can have that soon. I said it is all hers, whenever, and wherever she wants it. We ended our call and I told her I would call her again tomorrow, to finalize Tuesday nights date.

At work on Tuesday, Heather asked where I planned on taking her mom, so I told her about this great little steak house and then a movie afterwards. She said that sounds real good, but just let mom pick the movie, which I had every intention of doing. The day seemed to drag on and finally 3pm arrived, so I could leave. About five that evening, my cell rang, I noticed it was Dani. When I answered, I could tell she was upset. I asked what was wrong, and she said that one of her girls had to take off tonight because her mom was rushed to the hospital, and that she would have to cover that shift, since she was the shift supervisor. I said that was fine and I totally understood her dilemma. She was thankful for me understanding and said she would make it up to me. I asked if she wanted to try again for Saturday night, and she immediately answered yes. She said she had to get something to eat, then get ready to go in. About twenty minutes later, Heather called, and said that it was a bummer that this happened. I said shit happens and you deal with it. She asked if Dani and I were going to go out again an di said yes, this Saturday. She got all excited and asked where. I said I am thinking of Pier W, the restaurant that overlooks the lake and can see downtown, and then maybe a carriage ride in downtown. Heather said, oh you are a romantic aren’t you. She said well wear something really nice then. I said I planned on it. She laughed and said that I may just end up her Daddy. I laughed and said let’s not put the cart before the horse kiddo. About 7:30, my door buzzer went off, and I asked who it was, and it was Dani, so I push the button to let her up. When she got there, she said I hope I am not intruding, and of course I said she was, but then laughed. She said she just had to see me and she asked Heather my address, and hoped that was alright. I said of course it is. Luckily, I keep my place pretty neat, except for some cups in the sink. She came in and sat down and said that she was really sorry, and had to just see me, so I would know, she did not lose interest in me and hopefully I wouldn’t want to see her again. She had tears in her eyes as she spoke. I sat next to her and took her face in my hands and said, no way was I losing an opportunity to date such a nice, compassionate, loving person, who happens to be gorgeous too. She hugged me and then said, she hopes that this is not a one time deal, and then end after one date. That I make her feel so special. I said I am hoping for us to move forward to wherever life can take us and hopefully, as a couple, and that I can’t think of anything but her, all the time. She kissed me and said those are the words she thought she’d never hear from a man. She then rose and said she had to get to work. I asked her what time she was off in the morning, and she said 6:45. I said great. Hold on a minute and went into my bedroom, got a key, and came back. I told her to hold her hand out, which she did, then placed the key in her hand and told her come over as soon as she ended her shift and I would cook her breakfast. She started to protest and say she didn’t want to wake me. I said I would probably be up, but if I wasn’t, come wake me anyway she saw fit, except for drenching me with water, that may make me pee the bed. She laughed and said she would see me in the morning and kissed me passionately.

She texted me about 10pm and asked what I was doing. I told her I was thinking of her and wish for morning to come, so I could see her again. She said that I was the only thing on her mind now. She had to give this 75 year old guy a sponge bath before, so that was her exciting time for the night. I wrote back and said what a lucky bastard he was and i was open to a sponge bath from her anytime. She said screw the sponge bath, how about a real bath together? I said anytime. I finally got to sleep a little after midnight, after I texted her one last time, telling her I missed her and good night. She wrote back, get to sleep silly.

About 5:30am, I slowly awoke to a noise. I just laid there and started to drift back to sleep, since I had about another hour before she would be there. Then I felt the bed move, and I opened my eyes and looked next to me. Dani was crawling in the bed with me. I said well good morning beautiful, isn’t this a pleasant surprise. She just sais shush, and sleep a little more. She curled up next tome and placed her head on my shoulder. My arm reached around to hold, and felt her naked back. Then my hand wandered farther down, and felt her naked ass, as well. I asked her if she really thought I was going to sleep now, with her naked, and lying next to me? She giggled and said yes, but if not, that was ok too. I then reached over to my night stand, and found a tic tac, not wanting to get up and spoil this moment by having to brush my teeth. I then pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her. She looked at me and said this feels so nice. I said it feels so right, and wonderful. I started to kiss her, and as I did, I let my hands wander her body.

She broke from the kiss and informed me that had our date happened last night, she had every intention of making love to me last night and spending the night with me, so we could do it again in the morning. I asked her how she got out early and she said one of the day shift ladies, had to go home early today, so she started early to make up the time. Then she grabbed my cock, which was engorged to its limit, and started stroking it. She said lay back and enjoy and she moved down on me, throwing the covers off, so we were both uncovered. She kissed my nipples, then down my belly, until she came to my cock head. She lightly licked then then picked it up some and started licking it all over. Daylight was just starting to come in through my window, and I could see her sexy body. I couldn’t wait to enjoy that, but right now, she was driving me insane with her tongue. Now she took my cock into her mouth, and from my moaning, she knew she had me. For the next ten minutes, she expertly sucked and licked my cock. I was doing everything I knew, to make sure I did not cum at this time. I was getting close I and I asked her to stop. She looked up and asked why. I told her I was close to cumming, and she smiled and said good. I said, please, babe, I want the first time for it to happen, while we are making love.

She let go of my cock and came up and kissed me deeply. I could taste the pre-cum on her lips. As we kissed, I rolled her over, so she was on her back now. I started doing what she did, and kissed my way down to her tits, paying special attention to her hard nipples, which stood out about an inch now. They are dark, just like her areola’s, which I truly love on a woman. I could see her tan was all over on her boobs, no light spots anywhere. I then had my tongue trace down her belly, and then to her patch of pubic hair, which was dark, and neatly trimmed, just above her clit area. I could smell her sex, and it was sweet smelling. I started licking her swollen labia, and then down her slit, caressing her lips in my mouth. She was moaning now, and was very wet. I took my time as I ate her, not wanting this to end. I then spread her lips wide and drove my tongue inside her. I could hear her moan then say, oh god damn. I started licking faster and harder, I wanted to bring her off soon. Her one hand was now on my head, her fingers going through my hair, and her just saying oh god baby, don’t stop, this feels heavenly. I took a break and told her not to hold back on anything, and to cum when she wanted too. She said I am so close baby. I insert a finger into her wet slit and started fingering her. As I started to find her g-spot, she orgasmed right then. Her legs came together around my head, and bucked her pelvis into my mouth. As she came, I kept up fingering her and licking her slit. I purposely left her clit alone. Her orgasm was quite strong, and she was gripping the bed sheet tightly as she came. I inserted another finger and now started sucking her clit. She was almost yelling how great it felt, and told me to keep going, that she was going to cum again. My mouth sucked her clit hard as I rubbed her rough spot inside her pussy, and not a minute more, she let loose with another orgasm. This time she let loose a gusher. My face was soaked with her juices and I licked up all she could give me. Her ass was off the bed and grinding her pussy into my face, as her hand pushed my head into her waiting slit.

As she calmed down, my tongue was still caressing her pussy. She said I had to stop. So I did and moved up on her. I braced myself so my weight was not on her, at least not yet. She reached between us and grabbed my hard cock and told me this is what she wants and needs. We started kissing as she guided my cock into her wet hole. I slowly entered her, and inch by inch, I slipped inside her tunnel that was so soft, wet, and warm. She was quite tight too, but accepted my cock without any trouble or pain. I just laid there, without any movement for a good minute. She looked at me and said I fill her up so nicely, and could get used to this feeling. I told her this is hers now, whenever she wanted it, or wherever too. She just smiled and said well, this body of hers was mine now and to use it how I see fit. We started out slowly. We had a very nice rhythm going. Two people hungry for each other, but wanting it to last all morning. After a good ten minutes, I could feel my balls aching to release my love juice in her. She was moaning a great deal, telling me how great she feels. Then she looked at me and told me she needs it faster, that she needs to release her juice on me, and I was to cum deep inside her. We started moving faster, our mouths pressed together, tongues intertwined, like two lost lovers. She started to cum again, not as hard as she did the time before, yet it was powerful and I could feel her vaginal muscles, grip my cock and pull it in deeper. Her moaning did me in and I started to shoot rope after rope of cum, deep inside her, I swear I must of cum for a good minute. My body was as tense as hers as we were cumming. Her legs came up and wrapped around my waist, and don’t know how, but our arms were wrapped around each other tightly.

Both of us were sweating and had a light sheen all over us, but we didn’t care and continued to hold on to each other, like this would be the last time we ever did this. I finally got on my elbows to relieve the weight off of her, and saw she had tears in her eyes. My cock was still half hard and inside her, but could feel my cum leaking out of her now. I asked if she was ok, and did I hurt her. She said oh heavens no. You were and are wonderful. I have never had a man make love to me like that, so completely, so much passion. No man ever took the time to make me feel special like you just did. It was usually get naked, kiss a little, and fuck until he came, then that was it. She shocked me when she said she never came with a man during intercourse, let alone having oral performed on her like I did. I wiped her tears and told her I would always treat her like this and make her feel special, even if we just want to rip each others clothes off and fuck like two wild teenagers, because sex should always be fun for both involved, but also show love and affection too. I rolled off of her and laid on my side and just caressed her body. She said she was sorry that she got my sheets wet like that, because she only did that one other time, when she was real young, but didn’t elaborate further. I looked at the clock, and it was 6:45 now. I moved so I was between her legs again and went down on her. She asked what I was doing. I told her cleaning my mess up, like a gentleman should. Once my tongue hit her pussy, she just moaned and laid back and enjoyed the next five minutes of me licking our cum from her wet gash. Once I cleaned her up, I got up and said I am going to fix us breakfast and left to the kitchen. About a minute later, she was out with me, helping me prepare our meal.

We sat and enjoyed bacon and eggs, and toast and coffee. She laughed and said she never ate naked before and said it felt naughty, yet very very nice. She apologized again for last night, and I told her some things in life just can’t be helped and that I understood fully. She leaned over and kissed me and said where have you been all my life, and I said, right here waiting on you. I got up and got the dishes and started washing them, and as I did, Dani came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me, then let her hand go to my cock. She said she could get addicted to this dick, and laughed. My cock grew in her hand, to where I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned the water off, dried my hands off, turned around and kissed her hard. Then I reached down by her knees and picked her up in my arms and carried her back to bed, and gently laid her down. I laid down next to her and this time she rolled on top and with a big smile, she said good, now I want to be fucked by my new friend down there. She straddled me and guided my hard cock right into her waiting pussy.

She looked at me and said, baby, I want to be very naughty right now. I want to take you and do what I want with you, and want you to do the same to me. She started grinding her pussy hard into my pelvis, and I sat up and kissed her hard. Then as she started moving her hips around, I started sucking her nipples. Her breast are bigger than they look in clothes, or even a bikini, so I could place both nipples in my mouth at the same time. She loved that and told me suck them both, suck them hard. My hand was squeezing her ass, and I told her I adore her ass. She was moaning loudly now, which was driving me crazy. She pushed me down, back on to the bed and started riding me hard. I loved how she was letting it all hang out. I asked her what she wanted and she said to fuck her harder, so I met her every downward thrust, with an equally hard upward motion. We were in such sync with one another. The harder we fucked, the louder she was getting, and i couldn’t be happier. I was moaning loud too, letting her know I loved her naughty side just as much as her loving side. My cock was now starting to piston harder inside her and she kept telling me to fuck her, fuck her harder, make her cum. I couldn’t last any longer and yelled out fuck, Dani, I am cumming. She didn’t last any longer and told me she was cumming too. After about a minute, she rolled off and was still panting. I laid on my side and started kissing her telling her she is so sexy and that last session was amazing. She said she has never let go like that before, but it felt so wonderful, and so right to do. It was now almost 9am and I knew she needed to sleep. I asked her to stay her with me and sleep until she had to leave to go home and get ready for work. She said she couldn’t move now if she wanted too.

We both slept until 2pm and I awoke first, and just watched her sleep. She awoke, saying should could feel me looking at her. I said I hope that was not a bother, and she said heavens no. She asked for a tic tac, and we both had one. I looked at her and asked, would you like to be a couple, where we grow with each other and do things only couples can do, besides love making. She said yes, and hopes we are in this for the long haul, because I have already touched her heart more than i could ever know. We started kissing again, and before we even realized it, we making love again. More like our first time. Very tender and gentle. After a good thirty minutes, we both finally came, then showered together. Dani hung around until 4pm, but said she absolutely had to go so she could eat something and get ready for work. As she was getting ready to leave, she dug the key out of her purse and started to hand it to me. I told her no, keep it, if we are a couple, you keep that and use it when you want to. My place is also your place. She teared up again and kissed me and said she would call me later, and left.

She called just before leaving for work and wished I could be off when her shift ended, but she knew in my position, you just don’t call off. About 10pm, as I was getting to go to bed, she texted me and said she still has cum leaking out of her. I texted back, to bad I am not there to lick her clean. She wrote back that I was a naughty boy, but I could lick her anytime wanted too. That Thursday, she surprised me and stopped by around 7pm. She had on her scrubs but I could see she was braless. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. She stripped off her scrubs and said I have about 45 minutes, so lets get busy. We made passionate love for the next 45 minutes. Very little talking, but plenty of kissing and fucking. We didn’t even do oral on each other. It was slow passionate love the first time, and since I didn’t get soft, she got on top on rode me hard until we were both spent. As she got dressed, she said that tonight would be a good night for her now. She said she felt on top of the world and now full of my love juice. She kissed me and off to work she went. She did ask where we were going Saturday. I told her to dress up and be ready for special night.

Around 9pm that night, Heather called and ask what I had done to her mother. I asked what she was talking about. She laughed and said mom was acting like some love struck teenager. I said, so, isn’t that what you wanted? She said oh yes. She giggled and said I take it you two have been having sex. I told her that a gentleman never says anything about that. She laughed and told me to remember what she had told me about hurting her mom, and me missing my balls. Then she said remember, I wont be into work tomorrow. I asked what was up, and she said her and Dani were going to breakfast and then shopping. She said her mom needed some new outfits and other things. I said well you two have fun with that. I have never been one to enjoy clothes shopping, or shopping in general. I am like most men, go in, get what you need, and get out. We ended the conversation after that and I got ready for bed. Around 10pm, I got a text from Dani, just letting me know she was thinking of me and saying good night. I told her I was thinking of her too, and wish she was here in bed with me.

During the day on Friday, Heather kept sending me pictures of the places they were shopping at, and of some of the clothes they were thinking of getting. One was a picture of this one house dress that a grandmother might wear. The type that had the front pockets, so they could put their dentures in. I texted back to Heather telling her that she would look real sexy in that, and did the LOL. She wrote back, “asshole”. Then she sent me a picture of a dildo, stating her mom may need that, in case I can’t fulfill her needs. Of course I wrote back and called her a Bitch. Around 6pm, Dani called and told me about her day and some of the clothes she bought. She also thanked me for the flowers I sent her that afternoon too. She said they were beautiful. She tried to get it out of me where we were going tomorrow evening, but I said you just have to wait and see. She said no matter, because the outfit for tomorrow should make my heart stop. I told her if she was wearing a burlap sack, it would look sexy on her. She laughed, and said no way, to itchy. She said she had to go and get ready for work. I told her to take it easy tonight, and get plenty of sleep when she gets home tomorrow.

Heather showed up around 7pm then. She inquired why she didn’t have a key to my place. I told her simple, I value my testicles a great deal. She had brought some take out Chinese with her, and another bag that I was to open after we ate. She was so excited about tomorrow, like it was her date too. After some small talk, she said open the bag. So I did, and pulled out this black, silk, thong. I said what is this, and she said it was for me, for tomorrow night. I told her I wasn’t wearing that thing. She said oh yes you are. She said it was a gift from her to me, but also to turn her mom on too. I asked if her mom saw her buy it, and she said no, she was too busy looking at all the slutty clothes that Ambiance had to offer. Her mom just thought she bought some things for herself, which Heather said she did. I asked her to elaborate, but she said no way pervert. Afterwards, we sat out on my balcony and just shot the shit, but she did say her mom was really smitten now and please, if you don’t think it is going to work, tell her now and don’t string her on, just for the sex. I told her I was not going to string her on, and she better get used to me being around her mom for now on. She hugged me and said I will hold you to that Daddy. I looked at her and said Daddy my ass. My own kids don’t call me that, and laughed.

I was up around 7am Saturday, and with nothing to do, I went in to work for a little bit. I left around 10 or so. Then came home and just read a magazine. Around 1pm my phone rang, and it was Dani. She wanted to know if I wanted to come over and go swimming, since it was almost 90 out and sunny. I thought about it a second or two, but then declined, telling her I could not trust myself if she was in a bikini again. She laughed and said that maybe we could go skinny dipping. I said that thought sounds great, but for sure I wouldn’t be able to control myself around her, and that I wanted to keep my strength for later. She just laughed and said, oh you are pretty sure of yourself, that you may get lucky tonight. I said that we’d both get lucky tonight, which she conceded that we definitely would. I told her I would be over around 6pm to pick her up and dinner reservations were for 7. We hung up after that, and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I ever got a short power nap in.

At the appointed time, I arrived at Dani’s, knocked and went in. She yelled down from her room that she would be there in another minute or two, which turned into five, go figure. When she appeared in the living room, I was speechless. Her hair was even blonder than it was in the past, and cut into this bob style cut, which accented her tan face. But it was the dress she was wearing that was killer. It was a black cocktail dress, that had a deep V to just above her belly button, and the back was also a deep V, which went down to the small of her back. The hem line stopped about mid thigh, and it hugged her body so nicely. Since she already had a dark tan, she had no need for pantyhose and the black pumps she wore made her look so damn sexy. She asked what I thought, and after a few seconds, I finally got my tongue back in my mouth and told her she looked radiant, sexy, and absolutely beautiful. She said she was afraid she would look too slutty in it. I said you look perfect and never could look slutty in that outfit, but that every man tonight is going to take notice of you, unless they are gay. I was wearing a black suit, minus the jacket, which I left in the car, with a red tie and white shirt, with gold cuff links. Dani said I looked very handsome and if we didn’t leave very soon, was going to rape me, which is how I was feeling too. I also was wearing that black thong, which had a hard time keeping the boys in and the butt floss was something I had to endure for the night.

Dani was so impressed with the restaurant I picked out for tonight. It sits right on the lake, and is part of an apartment complex, and almost every seat in the place has a view of the lake, and if on the east end of it, you can see the downtown Cleveland area, which is only a few miles away. We both had Lobster and Filet Mignon, and wine with our dinner. Dani took note that I really do not drink all that much. I told her that when i am driving, I try to keep it to a glass, maybe two at the most, and always eat. Our dinner was fantastic, and the conversation was smooth and easy going, like we have been together for years. We both commented on how we were never at a loss for words, or uncomfortable in what we spoke about, even if it was about exes. She never knew that this place existed, which surprised me, since it has been around for a good twenty years or more.

We finally left there around 8:30, and we drove to a parking lot right near public square in Cleveland. She asked what we were doing now, and I said you’ll see, and we walked over by this one hotel on the square. There waiting, was a horse drawn carriage that I had made reservations for, and we got in. As we started to ride around the downtown area, she was all smiles and leaned in close to me. I had a very nice view of her one breast that was only showing to me, because of the way she was sitting. I wanted to pull it out and just start sucking on it. She looked up at me the one time and asked if I liked the view, and of course I said yes. We kissed and hugged as we rode around. To me the night was perfect. She broke from our kiss, looked me in the eye and said, I have to confess something. I said, ok, what is it. She said, I know it’s early in this relationship, but I am falling in love with you, something I did not think possible with anyone. I told her I felt the same about her too. The ride lasted another 30 minutes, and by now, was getting closer to 10pm, when we got off, back at the spot we were picked up. I asked what would she like to do now. She coyly smiled and said, let’s go home and make love the rest of the night. I was all for that.

On the ride home, she complained about the center council in the car. Stating she would love to be right next to me now, making it difficult for me to drive, as she had this devilish grin on her face. Then she said look here, and took her one breast out and asked if I would like to have this later. I told her she better put it back in, or I will pull off the side of the rode and take care of it now. She just laughed and said, I could wait, stud. When we entered the house, she kicked off her shoes and then went into the kitchen, where she got out two wine glasses and opened a chilled bottle of wine. She then came to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a good five minutes, then broke our kiss and she said, let’s use the hot tub tonight, we have some unfinished business there.

So I slowly slipped each strap of her dress, off of her shoulders, then started pushing her dress down. As it revealed her breast, I kissed each one lightly. Then she helped me with have her dress push down and off. Now all she had on was a silk black thong, and something I never seen before, a belly button ring, which was silver and had diamonds in it. She looked amazing, and I told her so. She said she hadn’t worn the ring in a long time, because she didn’t have someone worthwhile to wear it for. Then she helped me get undress, and when my pants fell, she let out a small gasp, when she saw my black silk thong. She giggled a little and asked where I got that. I told her daughter stopped over last evening with it. She laughed and said that little snot. She asked if I noticed, but they are matching, except mine covers a bit more, but not much, and with a hard on, half my cock was now exposed. She slid her fingers under the string part and slipped it down my legs, stopping to kiss my cock head. When she stood back up, she said although it was a sexy look, this was much better, me being naked. I did the same to her thong and slowly slipped it down off of her. Then I noticed that she had shaven her pussy completely. She asked if I liked it. After kissing it, I said my god women, that is so sexy. She said, well you can thank Heather on that too. She said I couldn’t wear that thong with a hairy bush. We then grabbed the glasses and wine, flipped the light switch off and turned on the lights of the hot tub, and went out.

As we walked to the tub, I commented on how sexy her ass was, and she just turned her head back towards me and smiled, and said come get it then. Once in the tub, I set the glasses down, and then poured our wine, and handed her a glass, then took mine. I raised my glass to her and said, to a new beginning that I hope never ends, and we clinked glasses and drank. I don’t know who designed this tub, but they were thinking of couples having sex in it, because they designed a center seat, which I took, and sat down, then Dani came over to me, straddled my legs and grabbed my cock and proceeded to sit down and guide my hard cock inside her until it was fully inside her. She smiled and said she has been thinking of this since Thursday evening. Her arms came around my neck, and mine went around her waist, with one hand on her luscious ass, and the other sliding up and down her back, as we started to kiss. She stopped a second and said, lets not move now, and that she just wants to enjoy the feeling of being filled up by me. We continued to kiss, very passionately, as our tongues danced over each other. My one hand then joined the other on her ass, and squeezed those lovely cheeks gently.

Dani was trying as hard as she could, not to move around, even though my cock was throbbing deep inside her. After a good ten minutes of this foreplay, my lips left hers, and moved down her neck, and then to her breasts. I licked and sucked each breast, ignoring her nipples at first, but they were aching to be sucked, and were sticking out so proudly, begging for my lips and tongue. I finally started sucking them, and she pulled my neck in tighter to her tits and started to moan. A few minutes later, she let out a loud moan and I could feel her pussy contract on my cock, and her hips started rocking on me. She started to orgasm then and told me she was cumming. After relaxing a minute, she said let’s go inside and take this to bed because she can’t take to much more without letting loose.

We got out and grabbed some towels, she already had out there, and dried each other off, then walked hand in hand, into the house and up to her bed. I got on the bed first and laid back on it, and watched as Dani went around the room, lighting some candles she had placed all about. She looked absolutely sexy in that light, and made the room very romantic. After the last one was lit, she crawled up on the bed and on top of me, and started kissing me again. As she kissed, her breasts were smashed against my chest, her pussy was laying on top of my cock, and she moved her hips around to let me know she knew I was hard and waiting for her. Then she started kissing down my neck, then to my nipples, which she licked and suck. My moans told her she was doing great and she asked if I liked that. I told yes, it felt wonderful. She stayed there another minute and then started licking down my belly, to my hard cock. She lightly kissed the head, and licked around my cock, to my balls, which she started licking and then sucking into her mouth. As she sucked my balls, her hand grabbed my cock, and lightly stroked it up and down. She was driving me crazy with want then, and knew she had me right where she wanted me.

She stopped a second and asked if I wanted her to suck my cock, and I said Babe, whatever you feel like doing is great with me. She just smiled again and took my cock into her hot mouth. At first she only would go down half way, but before long, she took most of it in, in a very slow, seductive way, then slide it back out, until only the tip of it was on her lips, then back down again slowly, and for the next ten minutes, would vary her pace, until the last minute, she was going to town on it, and I told her she was going to make me cum. Her hand started stroking me fast then, and her mouth only sucked the head and I started pumping my hips up at her and moaned real loud and said Baby, I am going to cum. I let loose a huge load in her mouth, and she swallowed everything I was giving her. I told her to leave some, so she could then kiss me. As my orgasm subsided, she crawled up on me and started kissing me, pushing what cum she still had in her mouth, into my waiting mouth. The kiss was super passionate, and I thought she was going to cum from just that. I have had plenty of blow jobs over the years, but nothing as erotic and seductive as that, and I told her that it was by far, the best I have ever had. She giggled and said it has been a long time since she really wanted to do that and was glad I enjoyed it so much. I told her she could do that any time she wanted to with me, but she never has to feel obligated to do that.

I then rolled us over so she was now on her back, and I started kissing her, from her forehead and then down over her nose, then lightly licking her lips. I knew I needed to take my time, since my now half hard cock, needed a little rest. So I started licking down her neck, then to her breasts, taking my time to explore every inch of them. Dani was moaning and running her fingers through my hair, as I sucked and licked her nipples. I then started tracing my tongue down her belly, stopping at her belly button and lightly licking around her silver ring, which looked damn sexy on her. As I licked farther down, I could see the candle light flicker off of her ring, but now my concentration was now to focus on her waiting pussy. I licked around her mound, which was now baby smooth, and so sexy to see. I bypassed her pussy lips, which were swollen and extremely wet, and spread her legs wide, so I could lick down the area where her legs met her torso. Then I licked all the way down her thigh and calf, to her foot. Noticing that it tickled her, I refrained from going to her toes. I then went up the other leg, lightly kissing and licking it, which was now driving her crazy with desire. Her moans were loud and she begged me to lick her. As I approached her pussy, my tongue barely touched the outside lips, then I blew on it. As purposely ignored her plea’s and opted to lick the taint area. I wanted to lick her ass, but I did not know how she would react to that, so I’d save that for another time.

I knew I was torturing her, but I wanted her to cum hard for, and hopefully squirt again. I now started licking her pussy lips, just the out side of them, which brought on a loud gasp. Then I took my fingers and spread her lips wide and started licking the inside of her lips. She was soaking wet, and the fragrance of her pussy was intoxicating for me. Dani moaned out, oh god, please eat me, make me cum. Her one hand grabbed my head and tried pushing my face harder into her bald pussy, but I resisted. I knew she was getting close, with her moans, and her hips trying to gyrate on my face. I backed off and second, and all she would do is plead for more. I continued to tease her this way, taking her to almost the brink, then back off again. One time I did, she said oh fuck, please, please make me cum lover. I insert two fingers inside her and started rubbing her rough spot, knowing her g-spot would take her over the edge, and as I rubbed, my mouth finally made contact with her clit, which was swollen bigger than I have ever seen it. This time when I took her to the edge, I let her go over, and she started moaning, then telling me, shit, I am about to cum baby, please don’t stop now. Her hips came off the bed, my mouth latched on to her clit, and my fingers rubbed her hard. The her legs came together and damn near crushed my head, and she started to convulse and cum. At first it was just a trickle cumming out, but then it just gushed out of her. She was holding her legs up as I licked as much of her juice that I possibly could. My face and chest, along with the bed, were soaked with her sweet juices. Her orgasm lasted almost a minute, as her whole body twitched all around. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I thought she may have passed out.

When she finally started cumming down, her legs came down onto the bed, and just laid there panting away. I crawled to the side of her and laid next to her. After a minute, she looked over at me and said that she has never cummed that hard in her life, so much better than the other day. I leaned in and kissed her and told her she is the best lover I have ever had, no woman comes close. She just smiled and said that you already know you are, by far, the best I have ever had. Then looked down at my crotch area, and smiled and said, I think something needs to be in a warm place. I couldn’t agree more. I asked what preference of position she wanted and she said for me on top, for now. So I crawled up, between her legs and grabbed my cock, and rubbed it against her soaked slit. Then pushed in slowly. Her gasp, then moan told me she wanted this. Once I was all the way in her, I looked down at her and saw she had tears running down her cheeks. I asked if I was hurting her. She said, heavens no sweetie. I am so happy right now. This night has been the best in my whole life and hope it never ends.

I said that she makes me feel so alive and would never do anything to make her think otherwise. I then told her that she owns my heart and that no other would ever have it, as long as she wants me in her life. Then I spoke words that I haven’t said in years. I told her I was head over heels in love with her. I then said, I know it is probably to soon to say, but you have had my heart since the first time I laid eyes on you. She put a finger to my lips and said, shush. Then said she has not felt this way since she was a teenager and with Heathers dad. The first time she saw me, she said her heart damn near went into her throat, but that she thought that I would not be interested in a woman of her age, and to even think that she could fall in love again, was just not something she thought would ever happen again. Then she said, Jim, you have my heart, my soul, and now even my body, so please take care of it, because I too, am in love with you, so please, now make love to me. We slowly started, not wanting to rush anything. We kissed, and sucked each others tongues, but our pace was slow and easy for about twenty minutes.

She finally said that she needed to cum again and would I start doing her harder. So I picked up the pace, and as I did, she really started getting into it. Her moans were louder now, her kisses more passionate, with want and desire. I was getting ready to explode when she said Harder baby, I need you, make me cum Love. I started slamming into her, my balls slapping against her ass, she was yelling out yes, oh yes, that’s it baby, give it to me. She started cumming, and I could feel her pussy muscles contract all over my cock, and my cock was starting to swell, ready to release in her. As she came she kept saying oh my god Jim, I love you. I told her I loved her too and yelled out aaghhhhh, and shot my load inside her. Her legs were around my waist, pulling me in tighter as I kept shooting rope after rope in her. I finally subsided and fell onto her. She held me tight we both kept saying I love you to each other.

After I few minutes, I could finally move and rolled off to her side. She looked at me and said that was a perfect way to make love. She then got up, and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she went to the far end of her bedroom, which was pretty big, since it went the length of her house, and opened a small refrigerator and got out two bottles of water, and brought them over to the bed. We sat, facing each other, and drank, occasionally kissing. She then placed her bottle on the night stand, and i did the same. She looked at me and said I hope we are not done yet, and I chuckled and said I am hers all night. She goes good, because she hoped I was staying tonight, and that she even bought me a toothbrush for the morning. I had to laugh, and she asked why I was laughing. I said that I brought one with me, for just in case. She then said this passionate, and oh so thrilling love making is something she has to get used too, but she is oh so ready to enjoy it, anytime I want to give it to her. I told her that I would always be a thoughtful and attentive lover to her.

She then pushed me back so I was laying on my back and then said good, but now your baby needs to be naughty and fuck your brains out. I said, well bring it on baby, I think I have just what you need. She then went down and started sucking my cock, making it come alive again. Once it was hard, she moved and straddled me, sank my cock deep into her pussy, and said hold on baby, this cock is mine to use. We fucked hard and fast for a good fifteen minutes. Dani came twice, and both times she did, I think the whole neighborhood could hear us. After she came the second time, she really started grinding her pussy into my pelvic bone, making sure her clit was getting total stimulation. I started matching her downward thrust, with my own upward thrusting. We were fucking hard now, both of us, had a sheen of sweat going, and in the candle light, looked very sexy to see. I started pistoning my cock deep inside her. Dani said , yes baby, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard baby. My hands went to her ass, and squeezed tightly as I started to unload another huge load of cum inside her. Her orgasm then started, with Dani yelling out, Oh Fuck Baby, give me your cum. Dani fell off to the side of me, then laid on her back. I then rolled over, and got between her legs and started licking her. She started to protest at first, but then said, god, don’t stop, eat our cum lover. I finished up a few minutes later and came up to her and deeply kissed her. Her tongue was in my mouth, trying to lick every drop of our juices, then broke away and said we taste so good together.

We then laid there, not saying anything, until Dani said, penny for your thoughts. I chuckled and said, that I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I found someone who I truly want to be with, not only in bed, but in everything in life. I want to explore all that life has to offer with you, no matter what it is, good or bad, but only with you. She said she was thinking that same thought, but that she was the luckiest girl instead. She then asked how are we going to see each other, with the weird shifts we work. I said we’ll find a way. I said that so far, we have found ways to be with each other, and we will continue to do so. She said she wants me there all the time, but knows that won’t happen for a while. I said let’s take it a day at a time, because who knows, you may grow tired of me. She laughed and said that ain’t going to happen. I said hell hun, we really haven’t slept together, except for that nap the other day. I warned her that I snore, and the giggled and said, so do I. We both looked at the clock, and it was after 1am. She said that unless you have another round in you, let’s get some sleep. We both up, to pee, and then blew out the candles, went to the other side of her king size bed, so neither of us had to sleep in the wet spot. We faced each other, then wrapped ourselves up in each others arms and fell asleep.

I got up around 5am to pee, then came back to bed. I was on my side facing her, just watching her sleep. She was so peaceful that way. I finally nodded off again, but was awakened a little after 6am by a warm feeling around my cock. I opened an eye and saw Dani slowly sucking my cock. I moaned some and said good morning gorgeous. She took my cock out of her mouth and asked if I was alright with what she was doing. I said of course, but if you are eating breakfast, then i think you need to supply me with something to eat. She wasted no time in getting into a 69 position, something we have yet to do. As she sucked me, my mouth went to work on her wet slit, which still seemed awfully wet from a few hours ago, but tasted very good. As I licked her, my hands played with her ass, so I got brave and started licking up to her other hole. When my tongue made contact with her puckered ass, she let out a long moan, so I knew then, I was ok doing this. I tongued both holes, and brought her off with a long, powerful orgasm. Although she wasn’t as loud as last night, she still moaned pretty loud. I still had not cummed yet and asked if she wanted it inside her. She lifted off my face, turned around and sunk my cock into her hot pussy. Once inside, she leaned in and kissed me and said good morning baby, hope you slept well. I said I slept great and hoped she did too. She said she did, but woke up horny and needed her fix of me.

I told her I liked her horny side a great deal. She said I better, because she has many years of frustration to get rid of. I said I was the man for the job. She said, good, now give this amazing cock and take care of my horniness. We fucked hard for ten minutes before we both started cumming, with Dani starting to cum, which pushed me over the edge. She fell into me as we both started coming down from our orgasms. Then I lightly kissed her and told her I love you. She sat up and said she was scared to say it this morning, thinking may be we both got too involved with the magic we had going. I told her nothing changed from me, I am still head over heels in love with her. She kissed me then said, oh babe, I do love you.

We then got up, and decided to take a shower, then go get something to eat. In the shower, she stroked my cock until it was hard and then turned around, facing away from me, bent over some so I could have access to her pussy, and I entered her again. She said she wants to do this all day. I said, mmmmmmmm, sounds like a plan to me, or at least until a certain lady shows up for Sunday dinner. She laughed, and said, oh yeah, I forgot it was Sunday. Neither of cared if we came this time, we just enjoyed the hot water over us, as we stayed coupled together. It was hard for both of us, to keep up any good rhythm, so I pulled out, with Dani going aweeeeeeee. I said we’ll continue later, somewhere in the house, or deck, or pool, but somewhere. She then asked if I liked her shaved. I said it looks so sexy like that and that I love it. She said good, so does she. She said she felt so slutty at first, but then also very sexy and loves the look of it, when she looked in the mirror. I told her I would help keep it that way too. She said, oooohhh, that sounds like fun and she said she would do mine for me.

We did finally dress and head out to breakfast. I then went home and changed, but was back within an hour. She too had changed into some really hot looking shorts and a halter top. I told her she looked great, and that the halter really showed off her boobs. She laughed and said I was full of shit, but thanked me anyways. Around 1pm, we went out to the pool, stripped our clothes off and jumped in. We made love again, while in the pool. When we finished, she said that’s another item off her bucket list of sexual things she wants to do. I laughed and said I was glad I was the one who she did it with. I asked, you mean you and what’s his name never did it? She said oh hell no. I told you, he was a prude most of the time, and only wanted sex in bed, and it was very one sided. If I wanted an orgasm, I had to take care of myself afterwards. I said what a shame for you, but, I have this feeling you’ll never have to do that again by yourself. Of course, if you want to do it yourself, I hope you let me watch. She got real red then, which is hard to tell on a deep tan of an Italian girl. I said what? She said, that was another of her fantasies she wants to explore, masturbating with her man. I said ok, I am game.

I asked what other fantasies do you have. She at first said that she wasn’t sure she could tell me yet. I said dear, if we are a couple, we should share everything we want and desire. She said OK, but I hope you don’t think lesser of me. I told her it was good to have fantasies and even better to act them out. Well, she said, one almost happened last night, which was giving me a blow job on the ride home. I asked what stopped her? She said that she didn’t want me to think she was some slut, but now that we know where were going in this new relationship, maybe one night soon, and then winked at me. She then said she wants to make love in a public place, like a park, with her wearing a summer dress, and no panties, sits in my lap, and fucks me while people are milling about. I said I am so game for that. She wants to visit a strip club, with me of course, and also go to a store like Ambiance with me and pick out sexy clothes and maybe buy some toys for us to try out. I said speaking of sexy clothes, you did look super sexy last night, and your thong was a major turn on for me. She giggled and said she felt so sexy after putting it on, and then on the carriage ride, it was soaked from her because all she could think about was getting home and making love and fucking all night. She then said when she saw mine, she said she had a mini orgasm and thought I looked so hot in it. I laughed and said those would be something I’d have to get used to wearing. I asked where did we leave those, and she said in the kitchen still. I told her I want to put them back on and take a picture of us, standing next to each other with them on and send it to your matchmaking daughter, which should scar her for life. Dani, said oh Christ, that would be funny. But we have to make sure we do it quick, so I am not hard at the time.

Her other bucket list of sexual fantasies were, doing it in every room of the house. Going to some resort that is for nudist and making love on the beach. She wants to try anal once, and she really enjoyed me licking there earlier, but has never been invaded by toy, cock or finger yet. I asked if there was anything else? She said yeah, but now I may not think to highly of her. I said oh Dani, it is just sex and I would think no different of you. She goes ok, here goes. I want to try sex with a woman at least once, and maybe also with another couple, with you as my partner, but only oral with him, and then we fuck right next to them while they fuck. She said she saw it in a movie once and it got her super hot. She said in the movie though, they started out fucking their own partners, but then switched at the end. She said she isn’t sure she could do that, seeing me with another woman, or even wanting another man. He asked if I ever had those experiences.

I told her I have been with a couple, as a 3some, and also with a couple when I was dating a lady a few years back. We even went to house party where there was 10 couples involved. She asked if condoms were used, and I said always. She said that sounds a bit much for her. I said that if she wanted to try some of it, I was game. She said you are pretty much game for anything aren’t you? I said yeah, pretty much. She asked if she did it with a woman, does that mean she is a Lez, and I said no, unless you turn the other way and don’t want a man anymore, but otherwise you would then be Bi. She said she had two Bi experiences in high school, with her best friend then, and she really liked it. She asked me if I ever did anything with a guy. I was quiet for a moment, and she said please tell me. I said that yes, when I was with that one couple, his wife and I would blow him together. Dani’s eyes got real big and then a wicked little smile and asked, did you enjoy doing it? I said yes, it was quite erotic, but I would only do oral. She just said mmmmmmm, maybe we can explore that one day.

We then left the pool, dried off and went inside to grab something to drink, and on the floor by the one counter was our thongs. She picked them up and handed me mine. She put hers on and told me to do the same. Then she said grab your phone, and we went upstairs into her bedroom. We stood in front of the full length mirror and I took a couple of shot, of just our area wearing the thongs, then sent one to Heather. As I was sending the picture, Dani got on her knees and started sucking my cock through the silk material until I was hard as a rock again. Then I asked her to stand up, and then led her to the edge of the bed, sat her down, and asked her to spread her legs. I slipped my cock out the side of the thong and placed the head against her silk cover slit and rubbed it. She was breathing heavy now and asked if I was going to play or fuck. Her eyes were glued to my cock, as I moved her thong to the side and slipped inside her. I told her no more playing now. She just moaned out, oh god, I love your cock in me. She said she is so turned on by watching my cock go in and out. She said she is so surprised at how horny we both are now. She then put her arms around my neck and kissed me and told me to fuck her, and make her cum again. I started slamming it inside her, she was on fire, begging me to go harder. Within a couple of minutes, she came again, her both stiffened up as she came, then started to relax. I was close, so I pulled out and stroked it some and shot my load on her tits and belly. She said oh look, a new body cream, then took a finger and scooped some up and ate it. I pushed her back and then licked up the rest and then fed it to her. She said that this has been an unbelievable night and day. I told her it wont always be this sexual, unless she wants it that way, but I really need a break right now. She kissed me, and got up and said she really needs to fix dinner. Heather was bringing a guest tonight.

We dressed, me in shorts and a polo, and Dani back in the shorts I damn near ripped off of her and that halter. As we got back downstairs, my phone chimed, it was a text from Heather. “WTF, I am scarred for life now. But mom looks really sexy like that, and you ain’t half bad for a man” I showed Dani the text and she got a chuckle out of it. Dani told me about the woman that Heather was bringing over later. I guess she got in on Friday, because she has a job interview on Monday. Her name is Tabitha, and was a long time lover of Heathers, before she moved away for a job. Heather was devastated when she left, and really hasn’t had that “One” person in her life. I said maybe this will work out for her. She said that she liked the girl, when they were together, but hopes this isn’t just a passing thing and then have Heather hurt again. I said only time will tell. Then Dani asked me if I would be ok with going out with a friend of hers and her husband in the next couple of weeks. I said sure. She said that Shirley and Mike have been long time friends, but has always felt like a third wheel when out together. She said you’ll just love them. Very easy to talk too, and also the type that are up to most anything to do. I laughed, then said anything? She laughed too, but said she didn’t know about that, but, although they did get in the hot tub here one night naked with her, because they drank quite a bit. But nothing actually happened sexually. I said for her to set something up and we can go from there Babe. So life is starting for us a couple.

There is more, but this one is long enough.