My neighbor asked me to take dirty pictures of her and to post them on the Internet

I could scarcely believe that my neighbor asked me to take dirty pictures of her and to post them on the Internet.

As it turned out her husband had cheated on her and she threw him out threatening divorce. This was another way for her to get even with him. He had a goody two shoes persona that he kept up, even though he was a dirty filthy pig.

Danielle had suspected her husband of cheating on her for years but let it go because of their studs. Finally, she had enough. She found lipstick on his underwear around the opening, his suit coat smelled of expensive perfume, and there was a sticky note in his briefcase reminding him of their rendezvous that evening.

When he came back after midnight his suitcase was waiting in the driveway with a big note that said, “Spend the night with her. Hell, spend the rest of your life with her.”

That next morning she was sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee and talking to my wife. They had been plotting. I heard Danielle say, “That bastard husband of mine.” I just kissed my wife and went to work.

That day when I returned home after work, they were both drunk, and I again heard, “That bastard husband of mine.” Fortunately it wasn’t my wife saying it.

As I entered the family room I saw that both women had their shoes off and their feet curled up under them on the couch. There were three empty bottles of wine on the coffee table. I sat down in my favorite chair right opposite them. I could see their panties quite clearly and wet spots on them both. Their short skirts were way up around their hips and neither woman seemed to notice or care.

I asked Danielle where her children were and was told that they were at their grandmothers for a week. I smiled to myself and opened another bottle of wine making a note to purchase another case.

The women had come to a decision. They felt that Danielle needed to tarnish her husband’s goody two-shoe image. They felt that if Danielle exposed herself nude on the Internet and his friends, investors, and coworkers saw them that it would seriously spoil his reputation.

I didn’t have the heart to tell them that men didn’t think like that. If his friends saw her naked on the Internet they would congratulate him. His investors and coworkers would just enjoy them. Hell, I would certainly enjoy them too.

I assumed that my wife would be the one taking her pictures but it seems that she had told Danielle about the pictures that I had taken of her on several occasions. So lucky me, I became the photographer.

Fortunately, it was a Friday and I didn’t have to get up early in the morning.

I got my digital camera, inserted fresh batteries, and went back to sit with the ladies. I raised my camera and took a picture of them sitting Indian style on the couch with their panties exposed. They just smiled so I took another.

My wife told Danielle to take her clothes off and let me take pictures of her. Danielle resisted so my wife said that she would undress too and get in the pictures with her until she felt more comfortable.

I smiled and clicked off pictures as they undressed. They really were drunk and staggered around and helped each other out of their clothes. My wife had trouble with Danielle’s bra because it was quite worn and hard to unhook. I had told her that very same thing about her older bras too. After finally getting it unhooked my wife slipped her hands under Danielle’s arms to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. Then my wife slipped Danielle’s panties down her hips and rubbed her hairy pussy.

Danielle said, “Oh God that feels good. It has been a long time since we have done this.”

I looked at my wife and she just smiled at me. Then the two women made love. It was sweet, it was passionate, and it was very romantic to watch. I had never seen my wife with another woman. I had never even known that she went both ways, but obviously she did.

I got excited and my wife noticed. She said, “Danielle you should let my husband fuck you. That should piss your husband off. I’ll even take the pictures.”

Danielle agreed and rolled over onto her back. That was when I got a really good look at her. Danielle had a very nice face and personality but she had a killer body. She had all of the right curves, love handles, and features that any man would love. Her waist was slimmer than I had imagined, her breasts were much firmer than I had imagined, and her pubic hair was thicker than I had imagined. Thanks to my wife’s tongue giving her a good going over Danielle’s pussy lips were parted and the long thick hair was ‘combed’ to the outside leaving me with a nice moist pink slit to admire. The pubic hair looked as if it had never been trimmed. It went up her lower belly to her navel, out both sides far enough to show in anything remotely skimpy, and it grew a few inches down the inside of her legs. I had never even seen pictures of a pussy forest like that. I was simply amazed and very excited to plow into that love nest.

As my erection kissed her sensitive lips she shuttered, as a couple of inches entered her I shuttered, and when we had full contact we both shuttered.

As I held myself up on my knees and elbows pushing into her lying there on our rug, my wife said, “That is the only sexual position that she knows. Her husband has been her only partner and they only do it in their bed. That is why we get together a few times a year at his request.”

I glanced up at her questioning that last statement when she continued, “Sometimes he fucks her and says ‘feed that to your girlfriend,’ and she does. The first time was right before she gave birth to Jimmy. She was eight months pregnant and not feeling very pretty. He hadn’t made love to her in several months, then he just fucked her, and said ‘feed that to your girlfriend.’ Well she came over in her bathrobe crying, you were out somewhere, so I ate her juicy pussy…and have been ever since.”

Danielle smiled up at me and said, “You feel so good inside me, much better than my husband ever felt.”

I said, “Glad to hear it because I want a lot more of this.”

Danielle replied, “It’s all yours now, as long as your wife doesn’t object.”

My wife replied, “Not at all. Now I can see what my husband’s cum tastes like in your pussy.”

At that remark I was cumming bucketsful. I slammed down against her pelvis hard sending every drop deep into her womb. As I pulled out and rolled to one side I could see a thick white gob getting caught in the thick hair between her pussy and her asshole. My wife took one last picture before she dove into her girlfriend’s freshly used pussy. That was when I took over taking the pictures.

Before midnight I had my cock in her mouth, which was something she had only tried once but didn’t like. She liked it from me though. She also got it doggy style, on top facing me, and on top facing my feet. We had tried it on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, and in the shower too. Danielle was open to anything new and especially anything that her husband hadn’t wanted to try…what a bastard he was.

So anyway after midnight I took both naked women out into our backyard. I took pictures of Danielle using the flash to illuminate her quite well, with everything around her pitch black. When she was near a bush or fence it glowed in the light too but you could certainly tell that it was dark out. Before I would let Danielle scurry back into the safety of the house I made love to her on the damp grass. I stopped about halfway through and took her over into her own backyard to finish her off. She loved it and wanted me to fuck her in car parking lots, movie theaters, and changing rooms. I had unleashed her inner feelings and I was proud of myself. My wife was proud of me too.

As the three of us lay in my bed cuddling, we spoke fondly of our days adventure, our friendships, and our love for one another.

Danielle told me that I could post her naked on the Internet if I really wanted too or that I could just send a few copies to her husband to let him know what he had lost.

I decided that the bastard did not need to know anything. His loss was definitely my gain.