My Spirit Lovers

It was a cold and dry November day. About two weeks before the holidays of turkey and football. It was a long day and I had just showered and was doing my long blonde hair for my nightly slumber. I was alone in my apartment because my roommate had gone to Europe for a month on a college course. Nothing was out of the ordinary at all.

I finished my hair and got under the heavy blanket in my cotton pajamas. I fell asleep quickly on my back and stretched out on my king bed with my arms under my pillow. Loved sleeping in a cold room and snuggling my tall, tiny frame against the covers or someone.

I was awaken about two in the morning by a loud door slam. The time was on my digital clock on the table by my bed. My nightlight didn’t reveal anything and my door is always closed. It was so, thinking groggily, it was probably just my imagination so I started drifting back to sleep. Little crime in my neighborhood either. Just go back to sleep I told myself.

Awaken again about fifteen minutes later, I felt my pajama top was open and my nipples were hard against the soft blanket. Then, I realized I couldn’t move. My legs were also open, spread wide under the covers. There was fear for a moment but it was peaceful. Something told me, just relax and allow it to happen. I’m always up for a new sexual experience so, if my mind was playing tricks, I’m just going to enjoy it.

I just watched me under the covers. I felt a drop of water or something like fluid on my left nipple. Not sure what it was but it felt like raindrops falling just on my nipple then dropping on my other one. I tried to wriggle my bottom to touch my pussy and satisfy the growing ache between my legs, but I couldn’t. I decided to just be brave. “I don’t mind you enjoying my body just let me enjoy it, too. Can I move my body? I promise I won’t fight you and you can make love to me all you’d like.”

A few seconds later, I could wriggle my bottom. When I did that, the raindrops stopped falling on my nipples and I thought it might be over. It wasn’t over by a long shot. The raindrops hit my neck and strong hands squeezed and kneaded my small breasts. Can this really be happening flashed through my mind. The hands moved down my body and the raindrops followed. As it got to my waist, I noticed my pajama bottoms were on the back of the door.

As I looked at my pajama bottoms, an ebb flowed through my pussy and something was massaging my clit. “Oh, that feels sooo good,” I gasped and moaned. A moment later I was breathing heavy and two orgasms rocked through my body. I moved and writhed against the entity. The next orgasm was smaller and was followed by a very strong one that made me arch my back and moan loudly. Another one came right after. Something told me six orgasms was the magic number before this entity or person made love to me.

Another strong orgasm built slowly and my pussy gushed my cum all over my legs the blanket making me whimper across the room and all over the house. As I luxuriated in my cumming, hands, not sure if two or four, moved my knees up and spread me as wide as my body could go. It didn’t hurt and was gentle. It was also highly erotic. I was wondering how big his cock was to be honest.

It didn’t take long to find out. Hands roamed my breasts. Again, at least two and maybe four. Two hands ran over my neck and down my chest and left at my tummy. Something thick was probing my pussy. I hoped it was a cock. It got just a little inside me and teased me. It was definitely bigger than any cock I had had before. My body moved against it trying to take more of it, but it just sat there.

“Come on, please make love to me. This is torture,” I said into the darkness. At that moment I realized I was in the dark totally and couldn’t see. I could see a long way in the darkness though. It was quite beautiful and scary and comforting at the same time.

The cock pushed into me slowly and a heaviness settled on my pelvis and tummy. He must’ve been long and was definitely thick. It didn’t hurt and he wasn’t hitting my cervix. The covers never moved.

I gasped as it moved in and almost out of me in fluid and perfect motion. It was like I was being fucked by a log. Big and very hard. Each time it thrust, I grunted and moaned. It moved quicker and fucked me for about half an hour then it stopped. It was still inside me and raindrops fell on my nipples. Oh, God, it felt so good. I wanted to talk and couldn’t.

His thrusting started again and I felt pressure on my knees. The bed squeaked as the fucking got intense. Orgasm after orgasm washed over me. My moved and met his thrusts each time involuntarily. Another hour or so of this and my orgasms were so strong I was crying. Suddenly, I heard a groan and hard thrusts. Six hard thrusts and it felt like a waterfall between my legs.

The pressure left my body and at least four hands moved my legs back to a straight position. Slowly the nightlight returned and I was alone and could talk. I felt between my legs and his cum moved over my hands still. It was a thick liquid but not wet. I decided to taste myself and it was salty and smelled like sulphur. The time on my clock was six o’clock. I got up renewed and full of vigor. His cum would continue to flow out of me for nearly all day. I really didn’t know what or who he was. Before I decided to get up and go to work, I said, “thank you, whomever you are” in my bedroom.

The lovemaking that morning stayed with me all day. It was more than sex and sex with a person. It was far more intense and it was like he could make me cum at will. Instant arousal to be sure. A warm feeling came over me whenever I thought about him. I hadn’t been this happy since I was a teen. Somehow, I felt complete in his embrace. The lovemaking just seemed to be all about me and my pleasure not his.

I was taking a nice hot bath that early evening and felt a rush of wind against my body under the water. Little needles were against my inner thighs and a warmth filled my belly causing my pussy to ache for release. It went away as quickly as it came. Got out of the tub, ate some dinner then did my normal nightly routine.

Laying in my bed, I felt his presence. It was light, peaceful and there was no fear. I wondered if anything was going to happen when I drifted off into the night. At two o’clock, same time as before, I was awaken by hands on my legs, breasts, and tummy. I was sure there were at least six. It was even more intense and something wet, maybe a tongue, licked my breasts in big swaths then it focused between my legs. It would start from the bottom of my lips, push me open the tease my clit like a feather duster then go back down. It might have been an hour or so and I lost track of my orgasms. It mounted as before and didn’t hesitate to fuck me slow and intently. I whimpered and cried because it was so pleasurable. For about two weeks, it was this way every night. The last night, he didn’t leave and held me till I went to sleep at the least.

Somehow I knew he’d never hurt me or anything. I did have a dream that night he cuddled up behind me and held me to sleep. Just darkness and a voice, not sure male or female, told me it (said, “it”) was just there to give me pleasure. There was nothing to worry about. About a week past until it returned. Even before that, it was as if I knew it just wasn’t leaving me. I had a dream the night before about what my sexual desires were and if it could make them happen. I let it know that I was bisexual and hadn’t decided on which sex would be my preferred in romance.

As I took a shower that night, I became aware another presence was there with me. It was softer though more intense. I was busy getting the shampoo our of hair when large breasts against me hugging me and rubbing nipples to nipples. I just kept rinsing my hair and turned around and a feminine hand cupped my pussy and a thumb gently massaged my clit. I thought I was going to faint since it was such an extreme arousal. It was if I was suddenly in a pre-orgasm with no warning. Faintly, her boobs rested on the small of my back and her arm folded around my body.

I was enraptured in something and thought I had fallen in the shower. Her other arm came around me and two of her fingers pushed into my pussy and found my sweet spot effortlessly. Three fingers massage my clit with some pressure and I bucked against it. The water ran over me and I stayed on the verge of cumming for seemingly the longest time. “Please, oh please, I can’t take much more and need to cum,” I said into the darkness.

Her hand moved inside me and it felt like I was suspended in mid-air by just her fingers in my pussy. I writhed and my body undulated on it and a deep well inside me burst and my juices flowed freely down my legs. My belly was warm and felt bigger and voice in my head said, “the cumming is normal. Don’t worry.” Not sure what it meant until my juices began to sound much like a stream. The shower was off and the water hitting the shower flow was my cum aided by my new female friend. Her fingers delved deeper and more cum rushed out of me. All I could do is moan and say, “Oh, this feels soo good. Thank you, thank you.”

It was over.

The lights came on and so did the shower. She had provided me rapture for nearly two hours by the clock on the wall. My pussy still ached with pleasure. A few minutes and a little masturbation and I came hard again. I finished up and went to bed. Before I went to sleep, I felt a presence on either side of me. Him, or it, on my left and her on my right. They didn’t touch me though I could feel massive sexual energy surging on either side of me.

I awoke at two o’clock to hands freely roaming my body leaving needles on my skin. No idea how many hands there were. I was pretty sure he had six and she had two. I could move and I did writhe on the bed. Just could not go leave. Felt like there were barriers around me. Slowly, my whole body was pulsing like an orgasm. Not sure how to describe it really. I just moaned and moaned under it. As it got stronger, my mind floated away in the continuous full-body orgasm. I could not feel my pussy at all or I felt it all over. It finally stopped about an hour later.

Two hands clawed down my chest to my legs. The claws scratched and didn’t hurt and felt erotic as hell. “Oh, my God, what are you doing to me? It’s so wonderful,” I whispered. His tongue and her tongue licked my nipples and I felt my legs spread far apart. His cock entered me strongly and I yelped at its depth and power as electricity raced through my clit to a dull ache then back again. She hadn’t left I’d discover.

As he fucked me slow, powerful and with his usual rhythm, something wet nudged my chin. My arms were free so I went to explore and felt strong legs on either side of my head and an taught ass on my chest. I assumed it was her pussy and eagerly licked her lips till I found her clit. She was wet and it had no taste and was pleasant in texture like honey. I mouthed her clit and twirled my tongue on it and her clawed hands gently rubbed my head. Her juices readily filled my mouth. It was weird because when I swallowed, nothing was there. I tried to move my hand around her legs so I could finger her, but a voice told me to wait so I continued with her clit and dipped my tongue in her pussy.

Her pussy felt just like velvet. Wish I could’ve see it because I’d bet it was beautiful. Other than that, it felt just like any other woman’s. I hoped to hear her moan, or him moan over these nights, and it didn’t happen. He had finished quicker than usual and just held his dick deep inside me twitching and moving slightly. My intentions continued on her pussy and she had to have cum because her juices bathed my head even if there was nothing there. Both got off me and the bed and a voice, first time, filled the room, “We’re sorry, did you cum?”

“No, I didn’t, but that’s okay,” I said. “You have given me so much pleasure, its not necessary….”

Something touched my clit and I gushed several times and flexed my legs taught and bent my knees. It was incredibly strong and I felt it down to my knees and tummy. “Oh, fuck,” escaped my lips as I convulsed on the bed with a second one then more. The bed was soaked under me. “Oh, thank you, thank you,” I said. They had left while I was cumming I guessed. Sleep overtook me quickly after cumming and I had a dream the threesome was a rare thing and we’d have to cool it for a few days since I wasn’t like them. Not sure what that meant except maybe I wasn’t capable of keeping such a sex schedule for long.

I’ve been getting visits from them once a week to several times a week for the past ten years. Haven’t ever seen them but she has talked to me now and then. I asked her, “why me?” and she answered, “because we love making love to you and we figured you could handle it.” She had been there the whole time. Both are equal to me as far as my affection. I did tell them I loved them many times. They always let me know that was fine to do, not needed and they loved me but were not in love with me.

Because he said he was an “it”, I know he’s not human or in human form. She is a human female form I know. Her body is perfect even though I’ve never see her. Her breasts are rather large and she has thick nipples. They don’t sag and are as firm as can be allowing for moving or jiggling. Their plane of existence is all nudity. No clothes to speak of. She did apologize for tearing my panties on occasion and told me not to wear any, or anything else, to bed.

I do have a girlfriend and we’ve been together for four years, and they say they’ll watch us make love. She knows about my two spirit lovers and doesn’t mind sharing me. She wishes she had one or two. The sex is different. With them, it is all about pleasure only. With Susie, it’s about love. Well, they did say they were just here for making love not being in love. Our lovemaking also doesn’t bother Susie in her sleep somehow. Not sure how since she’s right there, but she’s never felt anything. I admit many will find this bullshit and call me liar. I don’t care. I know what I feel and what happens to me and it’s been so wonderful and fulfilling.