Whiskey dreams

Thursday evening my sexy girlfriend, Kayla called and asked what time I’d be home on Friday? “I told her that I really didn’t know but it probably wouldn’t be till late if we worked for 14 hours, “Then I had to drive for 5 hours to get home. “She said, Ok, “Then told me that she had a Doctors appointment and wasn’t sure what time she’d be home, “I ask if she was sick? ‘Since I haven’t seen her for 8 days? “She told me no, and that it was just something she had to have for work.

Friday night when I got home she was asleep and I left to do another little job before she was up, “Late Saturday afternoon I got home and then we went out to eat with friends, “My buddy bought me a couple shots of whisky and that makes me have weird dreams especially when I’m dead tired.

On the way home we were talking and she mentioned Dr’s, “I ask how her appointment went.

She said. “It sucked!

I asked why?

She said. “The nurse told me that I was going to have to strip and put one of those stupid gowns on, ‘and I really wasn’t expecting that since I had on a skirt with nylons and heels.

Did you get your boobies played with? “I asked

Nope! “But I had to put my feet up in those fucking stirrups and spread my legs so this old gray haired guy could stick his fingers up in my pussy, and then my ass, so I can keep getting a pay check.

When she said that! “It got me really hard! “Thinking that this old guy had my hot sexy 26 year old girlfriend laying there on her back with her legs spread apart, looking at her shaven pussy and fingering her was a major turn on.

I told Kayla that when we got home that I was going to stick just a couple more things in her pussy then just my fingers.

Mmmm she went, “You can stick whatever you want up in me anytime!

When we got home we went up stairs and got naked “I ate her pussy while she sucked me, “Then I gave it to her doggy, “She howled and panted like a bitch dog in heat, “When I was ready to cum she took it in her mouth and swallowed it all just like a good girl should!

After that I fell right into a deep sleep and started dreaming that Kayla was getting ready to leave for work. “She looked sexy as hell wearing this white long sleeve blouse and a short black skirt with a pair of shiny sheer tan pantyhose and black opened toed heels.”

As she was going down the stairs the whole house lit up from this bright light and she was gone!

“Abducted by an alien spaceship!”

They took her into there laboratory and laid her unconscious body on a white gynecological chair, “Then placed her wrists into these shiny metal restraints out from both sides of her head, “Her legs were spread apart then place up into these two supports that were sticking out and up from under the seat, ‘straps went over her knees and around both ankles, “Her butt was positioned at the edge of the seat and a strap went across her waist and another above her boobs.

She began to wake up and was terrified when she saw these four alien creatures standing all around her staring, ‘then realized that they had her completely restrained in a very vulnerable position that no girl ever wanted to be in.

Kayla tried to free herself but it wasn’t happening, “She was reclined partway back and was looking between her knees at two of them as they were getting something off this little cart, “She notices that her skirt isn’t covering up anything down there between her legs.

Then they all gather around and began to touch her hair and jewelry, “Gold hooped earrings, necklace, wristwatch, rings and even her maroon colored nail polish seemed to fascinate them, “They started working their way down to her boobs, that they all squeezed, “Her silky smooth legs were each felt down to her feet, “Then they removed her heels to have a better look at her feet and painted toe nails.

One of them went over and picked up a pair of robotic scissors from off this cart, “Kayla screamed! Oh shit! “He pushed the switch, ‘they started humming, “He cut the buttons off her blouse as the other ones pulled it open exposing her white bra that he also cut off, “Then her black skirt and the crotch of her pantyhose was cut open exposing her pussy that she keeps completely shaved.

They bring two carts over and put one on each side of her, “She looks down at them and sees all type of medical instruments and screams, “Oh my God! No! “One of them starts opening up these little test tubes while another one cuts off a few small pieces of her hair, then a tip of her finger nail, “Swab like things were stuck in her ears, nose, mouth and everything was placed into the tubes. “A syringe was stuck into a vein in her arm and blood was drawn, “Another syringe was loaded with a white milky liquid and it was injected into her left butt cheek, “Then an IV needle was placed in her arm that was connected to a big container of fluid.

They two of them focused back on her boobs with squeezing and massaging her nipples while the other two felt all around her lower stomach and navel, “Then they went down between her legs”

She screamed, “Oh! No! Not my pussy!”

They spread her out lips open and felt around her inner, “Touching her little pee hole and feeling her clit, “Then the one picked up this thing from off the cart with pliers like handles that had four long rods that stuck out the sides and when he squeezed the handles together the rods opened and locked in place, then each one glowed a white color.

She screamed, “God! No! Please! Don’t stick that thing in my pussy!

He paused and looked at the two that were massaging her boobs, “The one picked up this piece of flat clear plastic that had a 1 ½ hole in the center of it with a 1 ½ piece of clear tube sticking out of the one side.

She screamed again, “What are you going to do with that!?

He walked over in back of her and brought it down past her eyes to her mouth while the other one opened up her jaws, “She went Ah! Ah! As he stuck the tube in between her teeth and pressed the plastic down tight over her pink glossy lips sealing it down tight.

Then the other one started to insert the thing with the rod up in her pussy until the handles touched her butt cheeks, “He squeezed the handles together opening her pussy until she squealed through the hole in the tube, “her pussy lit up and they all looked in, “They collected multiple swabs, then removed it, “He then insert two of his fingers while another one pushed down around on her lower stomach, “Then a syringe loaded with some gray liquid with a real long needle was stuck in her navel and injected, “The rods went back up in her pussy and she was opened up again, “A small tube was inserted up in the opening of her cervix and another syringe fill with a brownish red liquid that was injected into the tube.

The tube was then removed and then the rods.

Another pliers like thing with smaller rods was placed up in her butt and several more swabs was taken, “It was removed and a finger was inserted, “Her boobs started to swell and her nipples started to dip milk, “Two clear cups with suction was placed over them and milk started collecting in a container as her belly grew larger and larger.

The plastic thing over her lips was removed and she screamed out, “You fucker impregnated me.

A catheter was pushed up in her pee hole until it hit her bladder, “Then several hours later she gave birth to three half alien and human babies.

She said she was at the Dr’s on Friday, “Now I know she was also brainwashed and was really abducted by these alien creatures.

Please! “Don’t beat me up to bad it was my first try..