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Cum For Bigfoot

Winter had been a difficult time for the tribe, as several of our beloved apes had perished battling Bigfoot hunters. The persistence of the intruders was breathtaking, their boldness astounding, and the damage they inflicted permanent. Archie and Tate were dead, and Leonard had been injured. His wounds were slow to heal, leaving him cranky […]

Fucked Daughter, Roped Mother

“Yaggghh!” Dina Moulton wailed. She stumbled backward, doubled over, clutching her stomach. Dina”s long blonde hair whipped across her face. He had hit her! He actually punched her in the belly! The terrorized teenager fought for breath and balance. “Goddamned dumb slut!” A nightmare! That”s what this was. Some stupid nightmare from which she”d awaken, […]

Silk Stockings

Sloane was in a bar in Palm Beach, Florida when she walked in. She was tall, confident looking, with shoulder length blonde hair. She wore a leather jacket and jeans, and had a badge. Her name was Cassie St. John and she was a sargeant in the Palm Beach Police Dept. She was a homicide […]