My Stranger Fantasy

I’m watching you swim in the lake as I sip my drink. You don’t know that I’ve been watching you every evening since you moved in. I don’t even know your name, but it doesn’t matter. I watch the muscles ripple across your chest and down your arms as you stroke over and over again swimming in the lake. It makes my pussy clench just thinking of those muscles rippling as you thrust into me. As you swim back to shore and walk up to the towel you left with your clothes, I think of walking up to you and stripping out of my skirt and blouse. I watch in hunger as you dry off every inch of your body. I long to rake my nails down your back as I kiss you passionately. Tonight might just be the night that I go home with you. I picture your long hard shaft being held by my hands instead of you towel-drying every glistening drop of water from your luscious body. I take another long pull of my drink as I start pleasuring myself. I’m not wearing any panties tonight, because I’m hoping to gather the courage to step into your arms and nibble my way down to your shaft. Tonight I plan to go home with you my sexy stranger. I’ve watched from my balcony as you cum hard every night after your midnight swim. Tonight I want to be the one drinking every last drop of your cum. I want to climb on top of your body, and ride you until you are screaming my name. I long for tonight to be the night that I don’t just stay here in the safety of my balcony. I want to take you deep in my throat instead of just wishing that you were mine. I watch you walk back slowly, and I finish the last of my drink and stand up just as you turn around and beckon me over with a single finger and a wink.

How did you know I was sitting here. Tonight I am going to fuck my fantasy stranger.I’m walking towards you as you walk into your home. You leave the door open and I follow hesitantly. I’m out of my element now since I have never gone home with a stranger before. You are now grabbing a bottle of wine from the fridge without asking if I want a drink. I take a glass anyways and you lead me into your room. Not a word has been spoken. We both know what I am here for. Slowly you approach me and slide-open the buttons on my blouse one by one. It’s second nature to wrap my arms up around you, but then I have to let go in order to take the blouse off entirely. Suddenly, my left nipple is in your mouth as I moan in pleasure. Finally I am getting what I have always envisioned.My right hand slides down and unties your swimming trunks, happily freeing you from them. You bite down on my nipple and then step out of the trunks. I cry out in ecstasy when I feel your hand trail down under my skirt. My sandals come off and I grip you in my hand. Smoothly you pull me down on your bed.I am writhing on the bed as you suckle and kiss your way down my chest. I barely notice as you slide my skirt off of me. I grip your shoulders as you continue exploring my supple body. Then you finally find my sweet spot, and I feel your tongue lapping up the sweet nectar already spilling out of me. I had lost my grip as you moved down, now I reach out and tangle my fingers in your hair. Moaning in pleasure I buck against your tongue begging for more with my soft mewls, since I’ve never been much of a screamer. I hear your urgent lapping as I reach for my first release.

Suddenly I am cold as you pull back to insert first one finger, and then another.I am watching you from under hooded lashes. I long to pull you up and over me, but I lack the nerve. I wish I had finished the wine you had given me earlier, but it sits on the dresser across the room, virtually untouched. I buck up against you as you pump your fingers in and out of me, then gasp as you insert a third finger into my other hole. You grin in satisfaction as you hear my exclamation of surprise. Finally I hear your voice as you speak and ask me, “You like that, don’t you.” I can barely nod my head, as I buck up against you harder. The sexy timber of your voice has my body pulsing in pleasure.I gasp, and then moan in increasing pleasure as you pick up your pace. Finally, I break and release my orgasm and you lean forward to drink up the nectar that flows out of me. “We are not done yet,” You whisper and start climbing up over my body, “I don’t plan on letting you leave anytime soon.” I find a grin of satisfaction cover my face as I reply saucily, “I didn’t plan on going anywhere, and you seem to need some attention yourself.” I can’t wait to bring you the same pleasure that you have brought me.