Turned On Slut Wife

The bad dream ended with a loud whimper.

Kitten Hunter sat up in the badly rumpled bed as though jerked into position by an invisible string, and the soft baby pink blanket dropped to her lap, revealing her naked tits drenched with perspiration, their coral nipples hard and throbbing.

The diminutive midnight-haired girl knew instinctively that her own voice had awakened her, and momentarily her dainty hand groped timidly through the darkness that filled the again mouse quiet bedroom to see if it had done the same thing to her husband. Kitten’s heart skipped a beat as her red-tipped fingers touched a cold sheet.

The place at her side was empty.

Kitten Hunter took a deep breath that rocked her full and pointed tits. A frown wrinkled her brow for a moment, and then she remembered why she no longer had a husband to share this bed with her: her sexual coldness had driven Dan away from her.


The memory of her first fuck-session with Dan brought a touch of bitterness to Kitten’s lips. He had reached Starfish Island yesterday, late in the afternoon. He was still in uniform, but not for long. A drink, a few words about his year in Viet Nam, and then he had picked her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

“Dan, wait!” she had protested as he lowered her to the bed and proceeded to attack the buttons on her blouse, tearing one off in his impatience to bare and feast his eyes on her naked tities. “Dan, wait! The window drapes are open!”

Dan’s fingers kept clawing at her blouse buttons as he rasped, “Fuck the drapes, Katherine. Leaving a virgin bride behind after a few short days of marriage is one thing, but letting her stay in that condition after playing it by hand for a year is something else.” He leered at her. “If anyone cares to shoot beaver with a telescope while I pluck your cherry, let them.”

Kitten had been shocked by his words. And then angry. She pushed his horny hands away from her boobs and sat up. Dan had laughed and pinned her to the mattress once more. His fingers renewed their attack on her blouse buttons, and a moment later she felt his lips burning through the nylon cup that covered her left jug. Her cunt remained cold and dry, but she made no move to push his greedy mouth away from her now blossoming nipple.

She had wanted it to be a beautiful reunion, but Dan had spoiled it. There was no patience left in him. Only hunger. Woman-hunger. Cunt-hunger. Blind. Demanding. Never mind how she felt. She was his for the taking, and take her he did.

He stopped kissing her bra-covered tits and helped her all the way out of the blouse. She sat up to keep him from tearing the damn thing from her body, then dropped to her back again and watched him over the dancing peaks of her brassiered jugs.

Dan had put his back to her while undressing. She watched his smooth haunches pop into view, then stretch as he knifed forward to kick out of his pants. He straightened with a loud sigh, turned and showed her his petrified prick.

She remembered gasping at the enormity of it — and feeling a bit frightened at the thought of having that big cock tucked between the lips of her cunt. His knob. God, it was as huge as a Grade-A large egg!

Dan fisted his dick and shook it at her, and said, “Take a good look at my cherry-picker. Meat, Katherine. And it’s all yours.”

Her eyes had moved away from his big cock and she told herself: God, I don’t think I can take that big prick of his inside my pussy.

Finished undressing, the bed creaked in protest as Dan sat down beside her. Sweat soaked his face. He licked his lips. He didn’t speak.

She had lain in the maddening silence and shivered as his big hands found and manipulated her tits, then moved caressingly all over her body.

“Sweet mother of all hookers,” Dan had croaked, “talk about table stuff! Damn, I’m almost tempted to drop my face between your legs and eat your tight little twat.”

She had continued to tremble under his working hands. But not from desire.

“I am…”

He silenced her with a glance, then dipped his head. His hungry lips found the bra-covered area of her sleeping nipples and awakened them. A shiver sliced through her system. A moment later she felt the beginning of nausea. She squirmed and murmured, “Dan, please. Don’t.”

Dan was beyond hearing. Passion deafened him. His cock throbbed, ached with desire. He wanted to fuck her… and he intended to.

She was down to her bra and panties. Her shoes had been lost en route to the bedroom. Her bra went next. Dan had reached under her back, between her shoulder blades, and unfastened the scrap of cloth. Tits spilled into nakedness; her coral nipples stiffened all the way. Dan tossed the bra aside and she had turned her head on the pillow to watch it flutter to the terrazzo floor like a bird with a broken wing.

Her misty white panties were all that had kept Dan from seeing her cunt, and now he did something about it. He was breathing hard and his big hands trembled as they slid downward over her enticing young flesh.

She hadn’t moved.

“Stop acting like a damn log, Katherine. Lift that dimpled ass of yours and help me.”

She had responded automatically. Like a whore.

“No, Katherine. Higher.” Like a whore.

“Higher, Katherine. Lift your ass higher.”

She had no desire to obey, but she did. His fingers had found and hooked into the elastic waistband of her panties. She came up on her elbows and elevated her butt. She watched as he slowly tugged the bikini briefs down past her slender hips, and all the way free.

Now she was naked.

She continued to feel like a cheap whore.

Why not as a wife?

Dan had shifted his position on the rumpled bed. His stiff fuck-stick touched and scorched her hip. She felt his pre-cum oozing out of it, and became embarrassed. She wanted to protest but the words remained frozen in her throat, and then it was too late.

“Thaw out, Katherine,” Dan had growled. “Goddamn it, melt a little so I can enjoy fucking you.”

“I’m trying.”

“Maybe I can turn you on. Maybe this’ll build a fire in your pussy.”

Dan’s face had dipped towards her bouncing boobs. His damp tongue darted out from between his lips and did battle with her coral nipples.

Her hips twitched, and tits trembled in rhythm to her ragged breathing, but passion remained aloof. It didn’t make sense. She should have wanted him to fuck her. She didn’t. She knew why. His big cock terrified her.

Exploring hands caressed her tanned thighs and she reluctantly parted them.

“That’s more like it, Katherine. Now ask me to fuck you.”

She remained mute.

A hint of anger edged her husband’s voice. “Ask me to fuck you, Katherine!”

She had tried to surrender. She flicked a finger against his pulsating prick and said with forced passion, “Fuck me.” Her voice sounded strangled. She tried again. She rocked her hips and shrilled, “Do it, darling. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”


“Yes, yes, fuck me hard!”

Tongue and lips teased and tickled her singing nipples as his weight pressed her deeper into the mattress. He paused. Then grinned at her and said, “Take my cock and put it where it belongs — inside your tight cunt.”

She hesitated.

His eyes frosted; his voice flattened. “Do it, Katherine! Now, damn it, now!”

Her hand found and guided his dripping dick towards the pouting lips of her pussy. She nuzzled the wet knob against her jutting cunt for the space of a few heartbeats. Then she moved the tip of his tool to her virgin cunt-mouth and whispered fearfully, “Don’t hurt me, Dan.”

“I won’t.”

A gasp ripped past her teeth as he forced the egg-sized tip of his cock between the tense lips of her pussy. She begged him to stop. A waste of breath. She yelped again as he rammed his prick into her cunt-hole with one savage thrust.

“Ah,” Dan sighed, “now I know I’m home!”

She stopped begging him to take his prick out of her pain-filled pussy; she knew he wouldn’t. He wanted to get his rocks off, and he expected her to help him. She also knew that he wanted her to show passion. She decided to fake it.

“Come on, Katherine,” Dan had snapped. “You can do better than that. Make like a mink and give me a fuck I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

A fuck to remember…

Slipping her warm arms around his neck, she had mashed her lips against his. She had tried to match his ardor with her own. She tightened her arms around his neck and pressed her hot boobs to his naked chest, and then her hips began to chum and meet him thrust for thrust.

Up and down. Down and up. Trying. Failing. Unable to fuck the way he wanted her to fuck. Unable to surrender.

Their lips parted and their tongues met and wrestled each other, and added more shock thrills to Dan’s passion. Then, as his frenzied thrusts warned her that he was reaching his peak, she dug her long fingernails into his back and pulled his sweaty face between her tits. She tightened the lips of her pussy around the throbbing cock that filled it, and a pulse beat later Dan moaned and shuddered his way through a violent come.

Jizz spurted into her cunt. Hot jizz. Sticky jizz. Filling her unresponsive hole full.

His passion satisfied for the time being, Dan had backed his dick out of her pussy. Sperm trickled out to soak the tangled sheet and stain her thighs. He came to a kneeling position between her scissored legs and smiled sourly, then said, “It wasn’t any good for you, was it, Katherine?”

She answered him with silence.

He laughed harshly. “You don’t have to tell me how it was, Katherine. I can see it in your eyes. The sex act shames you. It’s always shamed you.” His eyes probed the depths of hers. “Before we were married, your innocent-virgin routine tickled me, but it isn’t funny any more. Christ, no husband deserves a…”

“Dan, don’t say it!”

A suggestion of mockery lifted one corner of his mouth. “Don’t say what — that you’re a bum fuck?”

A despairing moan seeped past her lips. “Dan!”

“That’s right, you’re a bum fuck.” He shook his head. “I can’t figure you out, Katherine. I thought you’d get over this damn hang-up of yours by the time I got back from Nam, but you haven’t. What the hell’s wrong with you anyhow? What keeps you from melting? Is it me?”

“No, not you, darling.”

“Then what? Is it the act itself?” He watched her closely, shook his head again. “That’s it, isn’t it? You don’t like to fuck.”


His anger became more pronounced. “Sex isn’t ugly, Katherine. Fuck, suck — nothing a man and a woman do to each other is ugly. Only people who think they are — are ugly.”

Her own temper had bubbled to the surface. “I don’t think we should discuss the subject.”

He snorted. “Spoken like a true prude.”

She knew she was blushing. “I’m not being prudish. I’m simply trying to…”

He cut her short. “If you’re not being prudish, then you must be scared shitless. The thing that bugs my ass is — why? That cum dribbling out of your pussy didn’t come from a strange whang. I’m your husband, I love you, and yet you just made me feel like a fucking rapist. It’s enough to drive me up the nearest wall. Jesus, can’t you accept the fact that there’s nothing evil about any sex act?”

“Is pain a part of the act?” she had demanded to know. “If it is, then you just turned me into a complete woman, because I really ache. You went after my cherry like a Goddamn sadist.” A moment later her voice became filled with contrition. “Darling, I’m sorry I said that.”

He smiled mirthlessly. “Don’t be. It’s probably the first honest thing you’ve said to me. Maybe you’d like to call it quits?”

“No, Dan. I love you. I want to be your wife.”

“Then prove it by acting like one.”

She had tried. A few minutes later. She jacked Dan’s cock, coiling her fingers around his sagging shaft and stroking it into firmness, and when his rod was rock-hard, she said desperately, “Teach me to love, darling. Ram that big cock of yours in my pussy and make me feel like your wife! Fuck me, darling, fuck me! Now, now, now.”

His voice sounded choked. “I will, Katherine, but you’ll have to help me.”


“By wanting my cock.”

She had tried to tell herself that she wanted his meat — to no avail. She had gasped as Dan impaled her cunt with his enormous prick for the second time. She had wriggled her hips, bounced her ass, and she had even locked her legs around his butt to get every inch of his meat into her cunt on the downward lunge, but when she took his second load of cum, there was still no satisfaction.

His cock failed to turn her on.

Dan had sensed it.

“That’s that,” he had grumbled as he moved out from between her legs and left the rumpled bed. “I can’t put the pork to a corpse. Necrophilia isn’t my bag.”


Dan’s voice slashed at her. “Shut up, Katherine! Damn you, damn you, shut the fuck up!”

Her eyes pierced him; her lower lip trembled. “Dan, I tried!”

Dan sighed disgustedly. “Not hard enough. Let’s face it, Katherine, you’re a bum fuck.”


Dan had refused to listen. He gathered his dropped clothing and stormed out of the bedroom. A few minutes later she had heard him drive off in the direction of the village, leaving her alone to cry herself to sleep.

Kitten’s train of thoughts chugged back to the present. She lifted her head in a keening gesture. She heard nothing but the depressing silence that filled this walled world around her. A sickness ate at her innards; a hint of moisture appeared in her dark eyes. Dan was gone.

I drove the virile bastard away from me, Kitten thought bitterly as she left the mussed bed and padded into the big cabana’s living room and turned on the lights. I wish to hell I could have made the prick understand why I feel like I do about sex.

It had something to do with her mother.

It had everything to do with her mother.

And men who fucked like rabbits… and ran the same way.


“Men are no damn fucking good, baby, and don’t you ever forget it,” Momma had drummed into her from the time she could remember. “The sorry mammy jammers only want one thing from a girl, and after they get it, they move their big juicy cocks to another neighborhood and leave you holding the shitty end of the stick.”

“I don’t understand, Momma…”

“You will if I can help it. Hear me out, baby. Men are nothing but a bunch of cunt-hungry freaks. Your late father was like that. He was all animal in the bedroom. He always had a hard-on, and he treated me like a two-bit weed monkey. He forced me to do things I never even heard of. The bastard fucked me in the cunt, in the asshole, he made me suck his cock, and a few times he even forced me to do those same nasty things to his cruddy friends. Straight shit, baby. All your stinking father cared about was his own lousy lust, and to the devil how I felt when I had to satisfy the sorry sonofabitch.”


“A fucking animal, baby. The warped mammyjammer proved it when he knocked me up with you, and then ran out. If it hadn’t been for your Aunt Cleo helping my ass out in the pinch, I’d have been forced to give you up for adoption. No, take it from me — don’t ever let any snatch-hungry man get the upper hand on your heart.”

Kitten’s mother had died hating all men.

But not women…

Kitten had fallen asleep in one of the lawn chairs in the back yard that afternoon, and when she woke to the sound of voices, it was pitch dark. There was no moon, no stars; nothing except the distant barking of a dog and the voices that spilled through her mother’s open bedroom window. She had known Mother was having Cleo Brill over for the night, but instinct warned her that the two women weren’t doing the gossip bit in that bedroom. Curious, she had left the shadows and entered the house on whispering feet, moving stealthily towards her mother’s room. A faint sliver of light betrayed the fact that the door was slightly ajar, and now she crept closer and put her eyes to the opening. A heartbeat later her eyes grew large and her lower jaw dropped in surprise, for what she had witnessed was an act of passion between two women… from the beginning.

Cleo Brill, naked and stretched out on the bed, was watching Momma do a strip-tease, and Kitten had watched with her. Momma grabbed the bottom of her chocolate sweater and slowly lifted it up and over her head, then tossed it aside and straightened to give Cleo a better look at her colossal knockers. Momma’s nipples showed through the bra that held them captive, and she had laughed at the way Cleo was staring at her.

Hungrily. Like a buzzard on a wet limb.

After the sweater was removed, the next thing Momma had done was loosen her skirt and slowly force it down past her full hips to where she could step out of it, and as she knifed forward, she glanced coyly at Cleo and asked if the deep cleavage between her big jugs excited her.

Cleo said yes.

Now, down to her panties and bra, Momma’s hips proceeded to grind slowly, and the palms of her hands moved sensuously upwards, from her hips to her magnificent tits, and then between her shoulder blades to unclasp the bra. A few seconds later the conversation had started, with Momma doing the asking and Cleo Brill doing the answering.

“Do you like my titties, Cleo?”

“Yes, darling.”

“And my nipples?”


“You like to kiss and suck on my nipples, don’t you?”

“I love to kiss and suck your big titties.”

“Would you like to kiss and suck them now?”

“Need you ask?”

The bra was unclasped and Momma had held it in place over her boobs for a few tantalizing seconds before she permitted it to trail to the floor like an unwanted cobweb.

Kitten kept watching. And listening.

The panties had come last. Momma made an elaborate production of it, letting Cleo stare at her white belly and quivering thighs, teasing her by withholding the final glimpse of her beaver until she sensed that Cleo was becoming impatient, and then she stepped out of her panties and toed them under the bed.

Momma had cupped her boobs and held them towards Cleo in offering, then asked, “Are you excited?”

“Excited? Hell, I’m starting to cream.”

“My tits do that to you?”

“Yes. So do your nipples. Especially your long, dark nipples.”

“Speaking of boobs and nipples, I love it when you put your mouth on mine. You suck a tit better than any man ever did.”

Kitten had seen Cleo’s lips tighten at their corners, and heard her say, “Don’t mention men to me, darling. I knew how rotten they could be long before you ever took a load of baby-cum from the sorry prick who ran out on you.”

Momma had laughed at this, and then went into her final act for Cleo Brill. A dance. Now completely naked, her boobs bouncing and her hips grinding to the tune of nonexistent music and haunting drums, Momma danced until her body glistened with sweat and the animal scent of her became cloying to the senses. Then she hurled herself into bed and attempted to drown Cleo in a pool of lust, biting and moaning and scratching at the other woman who was putting the tongue to her hairy pussy.

“Do it!” Momma had shrilled. “Do your stuff and eat me up, eat me up! Bury your sweet tongue deep in my pussy and make me come all over it! Ah, yes, like that! Lick darling. Lick my cunt!”

Cleo gripped Momma’s twisting hips and drove her tongue deeper into her juicing snatch. Momma went wild with delight. Her ass bounced and her hips churned like a mix master gone nuts, and a few seconds later she moaned and shuddered her way through a violent but rewarding orgasm.

Cleo had kept licking Momma’s melting slit for another minute or so. Then she backed her tongue out of the puffy gash and lifted her head. She smacked her lips and said, “You certainly are a juicy doll!”

Momma smiled contentedly and said nothing.

“So am I,” Cleo said as she stretched out beside Momma, on her back. “Jam that long tongue of yours in my cunt and find out for yourself.”


“Yes, darling, now.”

And now it was lesbian, Kitten thought as she returned from her mental trip into the past. My mother, the lesbian. My mother, the man-hater. My mother, the cunt-eating woman who took a ride in a hearse and left me a legacy of frustration and fear.

Kitten wasn’t afraid of marriage. Only afraid of the marriage bed, and the sexual obligations that came with it. Getting stabbed in the cunt with a big cock wasn’t her idea of fun, but in the same breath of thought she realized that she would have to overcome her aversion to it. She didn’t want to lose her husband. She loved Dan. She needed him, and she wanted to keep him… in every way. If only his cock didn’t hurt so much! The pain. God!

Kitten frowned thoughtfully. This fear of cocks — did it have something to do with her mother being a lesbian, or was it a subconscious way of trying to castrate Dan, and striking back at the father she had never known? Perhaps a doctor would be able to provide the answer to her problem. Yes, that would be the thing to do. She nodded. Tomorrow she would drive into the village and have a talk with Dr. Dubois.

Her mind made up, Kitten decided to get comfortable while she waited for Dan to return from wherever he had taken his injured male ego. She brought the television to life. Then she went into the bedroom to find a cover for her nakedness. She was removing a robe from its hanger when the phone rang. It was Steve Trent, night bartender at Cleo Brill’s Old Bottle Inn. Dan’s friend. And hers. He had been the best man at their wedding. Steve told her that Dan was working at getting bombed out of his skull, and then asked for instructions.

“Do me a favor, Steve,” Kitten said. “Let him get as sloshed as he wants, but for God’s sake don’t let him drive home.”

“Right on. Want me to ask Cleo to flop him for the night?”


“All right. I’ll keep your boy on ice until closing time, and then I’ll deliver the body in person.”

“Thanks, Steve.”

“What are friends for?” He broke the connection.

Restlessness eating at her, Kitten took a quick shower, dried herself, and then paused to study her reflection in the full-length door mirror. There was nothing narcissistic about the way she examined herself. She knew she was beautiful. She had known this for a long time. She was small, with shoulder-length hair the color of deep midnight. Her eyes were black, too. Once, during their dating days, Dan had described her figure as that of a carved statue he had seen in a Miami museum. She had slender legs that tapered upward into full thighs, hips as smooth as marble, with a gently rounded stomach enhanced by a triangular mop of pussy fur. Her full tits completed the picture and verified what Dan had said — that she was a lot of woman.

A hint of sadness clouded Kitten’s beautiful face as she donned a halter and covered her boobs. A lot of woman? She was a lot of woman, to be sure, but why so cold? What had Dan called her? Oh, yes, a bum fuck. She shook her head. It didn’t make sense. At nineteen she should have been passionate, a real whore in the bedroom. She wanted to be, but something kept holding her back from complete surrender.


She knew the answer.

A cold cunt kept holding her back from complete surrender. Today she had discovered that she couldn’t stand to be touched in the tush with a cock. Not even her husband’s cock.

Misery ate at her guts. She didn’t want to continue to be a bum fuck. Not with Dan. Being terrified of taking his whang in her pussy wasn’t normal. She would have to find out the reason for this quirk in her make-up… from Dr. Dubois, tomorrow.


It was crowding two o’clock in the morning when Dan Hunter slid his pickup to a stop in front of the cabana. He was alone. Steve Trent hadn’t been able to leave the village after closing the Old Bottle Inn. Something had come up. Something pleasant, for Steve. Monique Dubois, the village doctor’s wife, had tied one on, and Steve had volunteered to drive her home. Dan grinned at the moon overhead and made a mental bet with himself that somewhere between the tavern and her home, Monique Dubois would be relieved of her panties. It wouldn’t be difficult for Steve to score. Dan knew Monique. She was a hot piece. Always eager to take a cock in her box. His grin sagged. He wished he could say the same about Kitten.

What was wrong with her? Frigid? Why?

He lifted his shoulders in a spare shrug and started to enter the cabana. Then he became aware of the darkness around him. He glanced towards the motel office and wondered how often his Uncle Max had boozed himself to sleep, and how many times the old fart had forgotten to turn on the night lights while he had been away in the service.

“I ought to go in there and shake him out of the sheets,” Dan muttered angrily. “Better still, I should go in there and fire his lazy ass.”

“You won’t do it tonight,” a soft voice purred from the shadows that hovered near the pool. “Uncle Max isn’t home. He went for a ride with Gil Savage.”

Dan recognized the voice of Liz Trent and answered, “This seems to be the night for taking rides. Steve took one with Monique Dubois.”

Liz Trent laughed softly. “The change of menu will do Steve good. You ought to try it yourself sometime, Daniel.”

“Like maybe tonight?”

“Why not?”

“With you?”

“Why not?” she echoed. “It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?”

Dan crunched his way across the sea shells and joined Liz on the concrete apron that skirted the pool. He knew where she was located, but he couldn’t see her. Not plainly. He suddenly wanted to see more than a silhouette. He went over to the switch box and pulled the lever that turned on the pool lights. And then he saw her.

Liz Trent, dressed in a skimpy bikini, was stretched out on a blanket near the diving board. Now she came to a sitting position and said, “I have a jug with me…”

Dan hesitated for a moment, saying nothing.

“Kitten isn’t home, either,” Liz said pointedly. “She went for a stroll along the beach. She always goes there when she has a problem. She won’t be back for hours.” She handed him a glass and patted the blanket beside her. “Park it, Daniel.”

He sank down beside her and lit a pair of cigarettes while she poured their drinks.

Liz clinked her glass against his and said, “Here’s to frustration, Daniel.”

“Yours or mine?”

Liz smiled and shook her head. “I haven’t any hang-ups. I’m toasting pours.”

“What makes you think I have any?”

The smile wobbled on her lips. “Don’t try to con me, darling. After being away from his wife for a year, a husband doesn’t spend his first night at a gin mill unless he’s frustrated about something.”

“We had a fight.”

“Sure. In the bedroom.”

He shrugged. “It happens.”

Liz snorted. “With Kitten, it’ll happen often. I know her better than you do, Daniel. She has a beauty of a block when it comes to doing what comes naturally.”

He didn’t get pissed. “She’ll get over it. So will you.”

“Will I, Daniel?” Her voice sounded brittle. “I’m the one who should have been at the landing to greet you today, and I’m the one who should have taken that big cock of yours this afternoon, not Kitten.” She licked her lips in a moistening gesture. “I can still take that big whang of yours, lover. Now. Right here. Under the lights. Your dick. Balls and all. How about it?”

Mild annoyance edged his voice. “Stop acting like a bitch, Liz.”

She gave him a twisted smile. “Who’s acting? Think back and you’ll discover that I’ve always made like a woman, but never like a bitch. Not with you. Not ever with you.”

Liz wasn’t lying. She was remembering something he had almost forgotten. Now it came back to him, too. He had been her first lover.

Liz said teasingly, “It isn’t very flattering to be forgotten by the man who copped my cherry.”

“I didn’t forget.”

“Bullshit! Ten to one you can’t even remember where it happened.”

Dan had no trouble visualizing what he now thought of as the cherry incident. He had been on the beach, toasting himself in the sunshine when…

He hadn’t heard the girl walk up to him. When she spoke, he stopped woolgathering and sat up on the sand to look at her. He lifted his shades and liked what he saw. So did his cock. She was a bouncy little redhead, surely no more than a teenager, with jade-colored eyes that told him she trusted the entire world, no questions asked.

“Hi,” he responded.

She had an innocent face, pouting lips, and tits tucked behind a scrap of halter that were no bigger than a pair of oranges. Was she as innocent as she looked? He decided to find out. She was young, to be sure, but his conscience and the sudden ache in his balls couldn’t have cared less.

He smiled suddenly at the miniature redhead with the orange-sized tits and said, “I like your bathing suit.”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“I know. That’s why I like it.”

She laughed.

His eyes feasted on her firm boobs. She showed no embarrassment. He lifted his glance to meet hers and asked, “Do you live around here, kid?”

She took a deep breath that did nice things to her crowded halter. “I live around here, but I’m not a kid, and if you want me to be your friend, you’d better stop calling me one.”

“Sorry, but I have to call you something.”

“Liz what?”

“Liz Randall. Pop is the weekend fisherman’s favorite guide around here.”

He blinked. “You’re Cap Randall’s kid?”

Liz took a long, shallow breath. “I told you not to call me a…”

“I know, I know. You don’t want to be called a kid.” He laughed. “So you’re Cap’s daughter? Damn, I didn’t think the old boy had anyone in this world, except himself.”

“Cap was a bit shook himself when I barged in on him two weeks back. Can’t say I blame him much. I wasn’t even aware of his existence until Mother kicked the bucket. Mind if I plop down so we can talk in comfort?”

“That’s up to you, but I think you’d better find out who I am first.”

Her eyes twinkled with amusement. “I already know. Cap pointed you out in the village the other day. Your name is Dan Hunter, and you’re a year short of the legal age necessary to operate the motel you inherited after your parents went down with their yacht during last year’s hurricane. Now may I sit down?”

“Be my guest, but I think it’s only fair to warn you that I’m a sex fiend.”

Liz sat down and wrinkled her slightly turned up nose at him. “I should be so lucky.”

His cock twitched as he grinned at her. “Sour grapes?”

“Not really. Chalk it up to boredom.”

“Care to explain that?”

Her eyes dropped to the bulge in his swim trunks for a moment. Then she smiled at him and said, “I’m bored from not getting bored. The island boys shy away from me because they’re afraid of Cap, and the men back off.” She sighed. “At the rate I’m going, I’ll die an old maid.”

“Or a virgin.”

She shivered in the sunlight. “You should go home and wash your mouth out with soap for saying that.”

“For calling you a virgin?”

“What else?”

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Still cherry?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to be. It’s very annoying.”

Dan threw back his head and laughed. “You’re the strangest girl I’ve ever met.”

“Why? Because I’m honest? Or because I’m still the not-so-proud owner of a cherry?”


She shrugged and made her tits quiver. “I can’t do anything about the first, but I’m willing to change where the other is concerned.” She moistened her lips. “Would you like to corrupt me?”

He studied her. His first impression was that Liz Randall wasn’t very wealthy in the gray-matter department, but a second look convinced him otherwise. No dummy here. Just a sexy little cunt in need of a stiff prick.

He licked his lips and admired Liz’s budding tits while he pondered the situation. The doll was throwing her undefiled pussy in his face, and he wanted to make the catch, but in the same breath he was reluctant. It would have been smart to get up and walk away with his stiff dick, but he found it impossible to pass up the opportunity to pluck her cherry. A moment later he made his decision. He looked around to see if the coast was clear, and then he went for broke.

“I want to fuck you, Liz, but I wouldn’t like for the whole damn island to know about it before sundown.” He studied her speculatively. “I hope you know how to keep a secret.”

Her now dreamy jade eyes dropped to the hard-on straining against his swim trunks. “Try me.”

“I intend to.”

She moistened her strawberry lips in a nervous gesture. “Will it hurt?”

“A little. But not for long.” He grinned. “Let me prove it. Come here.”

“Come where?”

“On my lap.”

The diminutive redhead obeyed quickly. Her firm butt came into contact with his prick and made his breath catch in his throat. The feeling was akin to holding a live bomb on his lap. He had made it with young chicks before, but Liz was so tiny and so fragile-looking she gave the appearance of being younger than she actually was. He shrugged, thought, Here goes…

The palms of his hands came to rest against her narrow hips, right over the place where the lower part of her bikini ended. Her warm flesh excited him, and his mouth suddenly went dry.

His cock throbbed.

Liz squirmed on his lap and said, “Your thing feels nice against my fanny, Daniel.”

He chuckled. “That thing, as you call it, is my cherry-picker, pussycat.”

“It’s a lovely cherry-picker.”


“And it feels so long and fat against my fanny. Like a hunk of bicycle tire. I hope it’ll fit inside me.”

“And it won’t hurt much?”

“I don’t think so. You might feel some discomfort, but after I pop your cherry, you should enjoy the fucking I’m going to give you. However, if you don’t want to…”

She squirmed. “Don’t be an idiot, Daniel. I couldn’t walk away from your dingus even if I wanted to, and I don’t want to. I want to learn how to fuck.”

“Like a whore?”

“Like a good whore.”

He placed his hands on her tits. “I’ll teach you, pussycat.”


“Relax. I’m going to slip my hand under your halter and fool around with your tits for a while.”

“Don’t talk about it. Do it.”

He shifted his rump a bit. The sand was soft and he was hard. He exhaled loudly and slipped a hand under Liz’s halter. He cupped a firm tit and kneaded it slowly, gently, and in a minute he felt cock-juice soaking into his trunks.

Damn, he thought. I keep doing this and I’ll blow my nuts before I get inside her pussy.

Liz was feeling something, too, for at this point she was moaning and squirming all over his lap. She was hot to trot; he wanted her just a bit hotter. He found the peak of the boob he held and massaged it between thumb and forefinger. Her nipples were tiny buds just yet, but he knew that in another year or so, after a few mouths sucked on them, that they would probably blossom to the size of ripe acorns.

Liz shuddered and whispered harshly, “Your hand feels nice on my titty, Daniel. Real nice. Would you like to kiss my boobs?”

“I’d like to do more than that, babe. I’d like to gnaw on them.”

“Gnaw away, Daniel.”

He needed no second invitation. He tugged away her halter, then lowered his lips and trapped a pink nipple between them. He sucked one, then the other, until Liz’s hips went wild and announced that she was more than ready to meet her maker.

“Now?” he asked.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

He eased Liz from his lap and stretched her out on the warm sand, on her back. She watched with passion-clouded eyes as he hooked his fingers into her bikini bottom and clawed it free of her body. He tossed the scrap of cloth aside and took his first glimpse of her virginal cunt. There was a full patch of beaver here, and it covered her cunt-mound with all the glory of fuzz on a peach. Sight of her twat and the knowledge that no man had tapped the well, filled him with the wildest urge to put his face between her legs and make like a crotch cannibal.

Liz panted, “Stop staring at the goodies and get with it, Daniel. Do something, do anything! God, I’m burning up! My pussy feels as though it ran into a blowtorch. Cool me off!”

“I will. Spread your legs.” Liz obeyed.


“Aren’t you going to get naked?”

Dan smiled crookedly and stood up to remove his swim trunks.

Liz swallowed hard as his petrified prick popped into view, and said, “You’re bigger than you felt, Daniel.”

“Scare you?”


He gripped his pulsating cock in his right hand and dropped to his knees between her scissored legs. He became oblivious to the world around him as he pressed the velvety knob of his drooling dong against the tense lips of her twat and went about the pleasant task of turning a little girl into a well-fucked woman.

“Easy,” Liz cautioned. “Easy.”

He moistened the lips of her cunt with his pre-cum, then forced the tip of his cock between them. Liz grunted. He withdrew and asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“A little, but don’t stop.” She tried to spread her legs wider. “I’m not afraid of your cock. I want all of it.”


And now it was.

He gripped her dimpled butt and hunched forward a bit. The tight, virginal lips of her twat hurt the tip of his cock. He withdrew and spat in the palm of his hand. Then he lubricated a finger with the saliva and tried to loosen her cunt up a bit with it. He managed to work his finger in her pussy-hole past the knuckle before Liz said, “Oooohhh, your finger hurts!”

He didn’t remove it. He knew what he was doing. He stiffened his finger and crammed it deep in her cunt. Liz grunted, then whimpered, “You broke something, you broke something!”

He backed his digit from her snatch and found blood on it. He smiled and said, “I think I just popped your cherry, pussycat. The rest should be easy.”

Liz relaxed with a laugh. “I think so, too. The pain’s gone, Daniel.”

He nuzzled the knob of his dong against the lips of her pussy once more. “Good deal! Now we can get down to the business of fucking.”

“Be gentle with me.”

“Relax, pussycat. I won’t hurt you again.”

But he did.

He gripped her dimpled butt and buried his cock in her cunt with one brutal thrust. By the time Liz’s scream faded into the nearby coconut palms, his balls were resting against her pussy fur. He didn’t stop to comfort her. He dropped his hungry mouth to her left tit and sucked on the nipple while he went through the motions of throwing a wild fuck into her.

“You’re hurting me,” Liz rasped through clenched teeth. “Damn you, damn you, stop!”

He didn’t stop. He knew how to break in a new pussy. The cherry was gone; the rest of the trip would be easy. He tightened his grip on her writhing ass. He continued to suck her left tit while he slapped the meat to her. A minute or two later the agony drained from Liz’s cunt and her hips changed tempo. Now she was happy. He sensed this and knew that his prick was getting good to her. A moment later she verified it.

“I like it,” she panted as she coiled her legs around his waist and bounced her ass tip and down to meet his every lunge. “I never knew anything so big could feel so good inside my pussy! Ah, Daniel! Fuck me, fuck me good!”

He fucked her silly. He took his time. He removed her nipple from between his lips and came to a half-kneeling position between her legs. He leaned back a little and watched his prick worm in and out of her box, and for a flickering moment he felt as though he were fucking a child of nine or ten. Then the feeling passed and he thought, No kid here. This cunt’s not a child… it is all woman!

Liz’s warm arms tightened around his neck and he saw a cloudy quality appear in her green eyes. He knew she was on the brink of having her first climax. This was good. His own balls ached with the pent-up jism that would soon erupt and gush out of his prick into her cunt. He thought about withdrawing a second before he popped, but during that hairy second it became too late; he buried his cock deep within her melting pussy and popped his wad. He felt his fuck-juice squirting into Liz as she shuddered with delight, until the last drop of cum spurted out of his dick, and then he collapsed on top of her and lay still.

“One of us changed along the way,” Liz said, jerking Dan back to the present. “It wasn’t me.” She smiled sadly. “After Kitten arrived on the scene, nothing stayed the same. Damn you all to hell, why did you have to fall in love with her?”

Dan exhaled loudly. “Why does anything have to happen?”

“You tell me.”

Dan shook his head. “I can’t, pussycat, so let’s drop the subject, shall we?”

“Whatever you say, Daniel. How about some more booze?”

“I’ve had enough.”

“Enough of what? Not sex, that’s for damn sure. Why, that big cock of yours is so hard right now a cat couldn’t scratch it. Want me to soften it for you?”

He made no reply.

Liz smiled impishly. “Kitten won’t be home for a while. Come on, Daniel. Let’s have our own reunion.”

Dan laughed suddenly. “Know something, Liz? My first opinion of you was the right one. You really are a bitch.”

“Only where you’re concerned, Daniel.” She reached for the zipper on his fly. “Now, let’s get that cock of yours out in the open where I can get at the big rascal.”


“Why not? I’m not bashful.”

Dan shrugged. Hell, why not? After the way Kitten had treated him…

His fly zipper hissed in the thick silence and a whisper later his whang felt the coolness of the night and the hotness of Liz’s eager hand. Without being aware of what he was doing, he undid Liz’s halter and tumbled her big boobs into nakedness.

“I like that,” Liz murmured as the air kissed her nipples into full blossom. “It’s been ages since any man, including my husband, took the time to bare and fool around with my boobs. I always did like a tit-player.” Her voice turned sly. “Would you like to take a tit in your mouth and suck it a little?”

“I might,” Dan said as he watched her fingers coil around his cock. “After you do me.”

“A fuck job?”

He shook his head. “A suck job.”

“You want me to play a tune on your skin-flute?” A pleased expression crawled across her face. “Baby, you have changed… for the better. You never used to like to go that route before.”

“I like it now. Do you?”

“Are you kidding? Baby, I’ve swung from more vines than Tarzan since Steve took the cherry out of my mouth with his.”

“Are you good at it?”

“The best.”

“Show me.”

Liz did. Eagerly.

Dan watched her nudge his foreskin back and lick the knob of his stiff cock with the tip of her pink tongue. She caressed the underside of his cock-head, then looked up at him and remarked, “Your sausage is drooling like crazy, Daniel. I like that. The more the better. I love the taste of sperm. I hope you come a lot.”

“I haven’t had any complaints yet. I only hope you know your business. Most of the girls I met didn’t know shit about sucking a prick.”

“This girl does. You’ll see. I’ll suck your cock like it’s never been sucked before. You won’t leave here as a dissatisfied customer. When I finish eating your meat, you’ll know it. I’m not like those hookers you made it with in the service. Liz knows how to eat her meat.”

Dan bared his teeth in a wolfish grin. “Then Liz better start eating before she talks me into coming before she gets this cock in her mouth.” He grabbed a delicate ear in each hand and pulled her slightly parted lips towards the glistening tip of his prick. “Blow me, babe.”

Liz averted her head so that her lips moved away from the moist and velvety knob of his cock, but she continued to hold it in her hot little hand.

“Steady as she goes, Daniel,” Liz laughed as she used her free hand to loosen his belt. “I want to get your pants down so I can really get my mouth on you. I’ll suck your fuck-stick while I toy with your nuggets, and then I’ll take those nuggets in my mouth and really make you climb the nearest palm tree. Humor me, lover.”

Dan sat and let Liz have her way. A few seconds later he was naked, his cock jutting skyward like a post of flesh. He waited for Liz to make her next move, silently wishing to hell she would hurry up and put that pretty mouth to work on his whang. She did.

“I’m all set,” Liz purred. “Are you?”

He fisted and shook his prick at her. “Does this answer your question?” His voice turned into a growl. “Hop to it, you pretty little meat-eater.”

“Yes, master.”

“Now, damn you.”

“I hear and I obey, O Horny Master.”

He gritted his teeth. “Come on, Liz, cut the shit and take my cock in that sweet little mouth of yours.”

“I’ll smear it with my lipstick.”

“Smear away.”

“You asked for it.”

Liz’s naked boobs mashed against his perspiring thighs as she stretched her jaws and took the swollen tip of his dick between her soft lips. Dan shuddered convulsively as her mouth tightened over his knob. He glanced down and watched the length of his whang worm deeper and deeper into her mouth, and then he sucked wind as she cupped his balls in her dainty hand and tickled them with the sharp tips of her squirming fingers.

“You’re doing fine,” Dan croaked as he pressed his hands against the back of her skull and crammed more of his cock in her mouth. “Now keep those hot lips of yours nice and tight and start blowing.”

Liz mumbled a yes around his oozing prick, then compressed her lips and proceeded to devour his meat. There was no hesitation. He wanted her to suck him off and she was eager to suck him. He fed more cock to her mouth and sucked wind again. She made a small sound as the tip of his tool tickled her tonsil area, and then she did something that permitted his shaft to slither down into her throat. A moment later his balls came to a rest against her chin; he was all the way home.

He stared, shook his head in disbelief. There weren’t too many girls he had known during his twenty-eight years who could take a cock down their throats the way Liz was doing, and now he knew that she hadn’t been lying when she told him that there wasn’t anyone around who could hold a candle to her when it came to playing a solo on the old skin-flute.

He tightened his grip on her delicate ears and encouraged her on. “Suck, babe, suck!”

Liz responded. She made strange gulping sounds in the thick silence. Noisy gulps. Greedy gulps like a starving calf feasting on an udder.

“I’m getting there, babe,” Dan rasped. “Damn, am I ever getting there! It shouldn’t be long now. Go, pussycat, go!”

Liz kept going. She sucked and gnawed on his pulsing dick until he erupted. Fuck-cream gushed out of his cock and spurted against the back of her throat, flooding it to the point of overflowing.

“Don’t spit it out!” he croaked his fingernails biting into her earlobes. “Eat my cum! Swallow babe, swallow!”

Liz obeyed, making loud gulping sounds in the thick silence. Happy sounds. Lewd sounds. Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Dan finished blowing his mind and his nuts and relaxed with a heavy sigh. He thought Liz was finished with him; she wasn’t. She let his withering whang slither out from between her lips, and then she attacked his nuts. She took one ball in her mouth and milked it with her lips. Then she did the same thing to the other ball. By the time she finished sucking and licking his nuts, he found he had a hard-on once more, and now he helped her to a sitting position and said, “No more blow-jobs tonight, babe.”

She cocked an amused eyebrow at him. “Don’t tell me you’ve had enough?”

He shook his head.

She pouted prettily. “Then why toss in the towel?”

“I’m not tossing it in, babe.” His voice licked at her. “I want something else from you.”

A muscle twitched at the corner of her slightly smudged mouth. “A piece of my pussy?”


“Then what the hell do you want, lover?”

“You might not go for it.”

“Try me. What do you want from Liz?”

“Ass. I want to fuck you in the asshole.”

She laughed. “Man, talk about war being a corruptor! A young man goes into the service liking nothing but pussy, and returns hungry for blow-jobs and tight assholes. Daniel, Daniel, what on earth am I going to do with you?”

“Try treating me nice.”

She wet her lips. “By letting you stuff your dong up my butt?”

He nodded. “How about it?”

Liz glanced down at his stiff tool. Doubt edged her voice. “I don’t know, lover. That’s a pretty big hunk of meat for this little girl to take up the old dirt road.”

A suggestion of mockery lifted one corner of his expressive mouth. “Well, if you aren’t woman enough…”

Liz laughed suddenly. “You raunchy son of a Greek dog, I knew you were going to say that! Not woman enough, eh? I’ll show you how much of a woman I am. My asshole is yours — have at it.”

“I can’t. Not while you’re sitting on the sweet thing. Let me see it.”

Liz stood up and skinned out of her bikini bottom. Then she thrust her butt towards his face and said, “How’s this, lover?”

“Not so good. I don’t want to fuck your ass standing up. Get on your hands and knees.”

Liz dropped to her all fours. “Better?”

Dan nodded as he melted to his knees and moved into position behind her. He fisted his cock and said harshly, “Ready or not, here comes the Greek.”

Liz giggled and thrust her gleaming butt-cheeks back towards his hard-on. A heartbeat later she shivered as he placed both hands on her unmoving hips, and asked, “Ready?”

Breath hissed out of her in a long sigh. “Ready. Just don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t.” He tightened his grip on her motionless hips and worked the knob of his cock inside her pouting bung. “I won’t.”

Liz grunted. And then whimpered like a spanked puppy as he hunched forward and fed her asshole a couple of inches of his throbbing meat.


Dan ignored the sweat that ran down into his eyes and hunched forward once more. Gently.

Liz moaned like a sick wind.

He feared hurting her with his awesome cock and withdrew a little from her tight shitter.

“No,” Liz said breathlessly, “don’t take it out, Daniel. I’m all right. Your juices are starting to oil me. Go ahead. Fuck my ass. Treat me like the bitch you know I am. Ram that big dick of yours all the way in my ass and make my pussy jealous.”

“Like this?” Dan asked as he shoved his rod into her butt-tunnel and brought his balls to a rest against the cheeks of her ass.

“Yes, yes!” Liz shrilled. “Oooohhh, that feels so delicious!”

He laughed, froze.

“Don’t stop,” Liz begged. “Wriggle your prick back and forth. That’s it. Make me live. Pour that lovely sausage of yours to my asshole and give me a wild come! Ream me, lover, ream me!”

Dan released his grip on her writhing hips and palmed her tits. He kneaded them while he slapped the pork to her. He fucked her ass good. In and out. Hunching and puffing. Sawing through her butt hole like an insane Greek on a rampage in a boys’ reformatory. He didn’t miss a stroke. His knees ached and sweat ran down into his eyes to sting and almost blind him, but his cock kept worming in and out of Liz’s asshole, and approaching orgasm made him oblivious to everything except his own pleasure.

Liz shuddered. And flirted with a come of her own. Her hips rocked, then went berserk. Her voice lifted. “That’s it, lover! Hump me! Grind that meat in my ass and make me climb the wall! Oh, God, that big cock of yours feels like a telephone pole inside of me! I love you, I love your prick! Oh, Jesus, I think I’m gonna come!”

Dan’s hands kneaded her boobs and his fingers found and trapped her jutting nipples. He wished he could take her tits in his mouth and suck on them, but in order to do this those boobs of hers would have to be between her shoulder blades, and so he remained content to fondle them and add to her pleasure while doing so.

“I’m getting there,” Liz panted as her hips increased their speed and lifted him to new and greater heights of passion. “Faster. Fuck me faster!”

“How’s this?”


Dan tightened his grip on her tits and bucked her ass with his prick. Three strokes later he locked his dick deep in her bowels and groaned, “I’m coming!”

“Oh, sweet Jesus — me, too!”

They both shuddered. And erupted together.

After a minute, Dan backed his withering whang out of her asshole and sat on his heels to watch her. A grin split his face as he saw his sperm ooze from her shitter and splash against the blanket like tears from a one-eyed whore with a bad case of the blues.

Liz came to a kneeling position. More of his jizz ran out of her asshole. She shifted position to face him and grimaced. “You’re a creamy old hole-hound, aren’t you? Jesus, the way your sperm’s gushing out of me, you must have come a gallon!”

She laughed and then she reached for his pants, one leg of which was dangling over the edge of the pool. She wrung it out and crawled over to him. She frowned at his shit-smeared prick and said, “We’d better clean you up a bit, lover.”


She wiped his cock clean, then dipped her head and took his rod in her mouth once more. She sucked him into a hard-on, removed it from between her lips and said, “No reunion would be complete without a pussy nightcap, Daniel. Do your stuff — fuck my cunt.”

Liz started to drop to her back. A heartbeat later she scrambled to her feet and said, “Oh, oh!”

Dan blinked. “What?”

Liz snatched up her halter and covered her dancing jugs. “Company’s coming.” She pointed. “It’s Steve. I recognize those wobbly headlights.” She picked up her bikini bottom and stepped into it. A laugh ripped out of her.

“The way my luck’s been running during these past few hours, I’m not surprised.”

She reached down and flicked a finger against his wilted whang. “Cheer up, Daniel. There’ll be other nights for me and thee to do our thing.”

Dan gathered up his pants and shorts. “Yeah. Guess I’ll just have to take a raincheck on your cunt, for the time being.”

“Do that.”

Dan laughed and crunched his way across the seashell driveway to enter his cabana. He went into the bedroom and found it empty. He went into the living room, got a fifth of rye from the liquor cabinet and carried it back to the bedroom. He drank straight from the bottle. Halfway through it he forgot about Kitten… and all about being mated… or angry.

Drunk, he stretched out on the rumpled bed and stared at the ceiling.

He fell asleep with the overhead light on to betray Liz Trent’s lipstick traces on his tired cock.


The couch routine was out. Kitten occupied a chair in Dr. Jason Dubois’ office while she stated her problem. She sat with her legs crossed, dimpled knees showing. She felt uncomfortable in the tall and distinguished-looking man’s presence. It had something to do with the way he stared at her.

She finished telling him her problem and lapsed into silence. She watched the frowning man, waited for him to speak.

The silence went on for a few long-winded seconds. Then Dr. Dubois stopped making doodles on the pad before him. He smiled and leaned across his cluttered desk. His smile relaxed Kitten.

“I’m not a psychiatrist, Katherine,” Dr. Dubois began, “but I think we can safely assume that your problem isn’t a mental one.”

“Meaning I’m not out to lunch.”

“Meaning you’re only human… and inexperienced in the art of making love.” He paused, wet his lips, continued. “More virgins are turned into ice in a honeymoon bed than anywhere else, Katherine, and most of the time this form of frigidity is caused by impatience on the part of the husband. However, the damage can be repaired.”

Kitten uncrossed her legs and stood up. She crossed over to the window that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico, feeling Dr. Dubois’ eyes on her ass as she stared out at the rippling water. She spoke without turning: “What’s the alternative, Doctor?”

“For repairing the damage?”


“Sexual therapy.”

Kitten gasped.

“Shocks you, doesn’t it?” Dr. Dubois stood up and walked around his desk, hands in his pockets to hold down the beginning of a hard-on. “It shouldn’t. By your own admission, until yesterday you were that rarity known as a virgin, filled with the usual uncertainties that accompany most brides on their honeymoons. Too, you expected gentleness and failed to receive it. However, that isn’t what really turned you off. No, blame that on inexperience, Katherine.”

Kitten remained bewildered. “I don’t understand.”

“Let me try to explain something in a roundabout way. You love Dan, don’t you?”

“Very much so.”

His glance locked with hers. “And you want to be a good wife to him, right?”


Dr. Dubois sighed. “Then you should do something about your inexperience, my dear.”

“Do what, Doctor?”

His eyes probed the depths of hers. “Perhaps you should try another man,” he suggested.

“Someone who understands your problem. Like an experienced lover.”

Shock registered on her face. “I couldn’t do that, Doctor. I’m not a whore.”

Dr. Dubois made a clucking sound and shook his head. “Learning to love and being a prostitute are not the same thing, Katherine. Think about it.”

Kitten did think about it, but she was nearly home before the truth finally dawned on her — that Dr. Dubois had wanted to use his prick to become her love teacher!


Kitten dismissed Dr. Dubois from her thoughts and concentrated them on her husband. She experienced a twinge of jealousy and wondered about the lipstick traces she had found on his cock this morning. A woman had sucked the cum out of his prick. Dan had turned to another woman for the blow-job… and the fault was hers.

She would have to do something about that.

Dan had been asleep when she left for the village this morning. Kitten suddenly hoped he would still be in bed when she arrived him. He wasn’t. The cabana was empty. Her brow wrinkled. Where was Dan? Out looking for the same girl who had sucked his prick last night?


Kitten parked her purse and lit a cigarette. A minute or so later Dan’s uncle waddled over to the cabana and handed her a note.

“From Dan,” Max Markie wheezed, his eyes crawling over her tits the way they always did.

“Thanks for nothing,” Kitten said icily. “The next time you come in here, try knocking.”

Max Markie’s lips tightened at their corners. “Grouchy little pussy this morning, aren’t you?” Anger faded. He nodded towards the note in her hand. “You two have a scrap or something?”

Kitten’s eyes turned static with anger. “None of your damned business, you lecherous old goat.”

“Maybe not,” Max said bluntly, “but the hassle could have been avoided if you’d have used your head while he was away with the Army.”

“How? By letting you break me in for him?” Her lips curved in a smirk. “I’d rather straddle a candle than make it with a horny old goat like you.”

Max brayed a laugh. “One of these days you might change your mind about that, Kitten.”

“Don’t hold your breath. And don’t forget what I said about knocking the next time.”

He lifted his brows and pursed his lips. “Afraid I might walk in and catch you in your undies?” He snorted. “Hell, I’ve seen you wearing and not wearing them before. Forgetting to pull the blinds is one of your nicer habits.”

She blushed, hissed, “Haul ass, you dirty old man.”

Max did.

“Horny old bastard,” Kitten muttered as the door closed behind him, then laughed. “He’s almost as bad as Gil Savage when it comes to sniffing after pussy.”

She opened the note Max had delivered and read it. Dan informed her that he had gone to the mainland for the day, that he would return in the evening. She crumpled the paper and dropped it in the nearby wastebasket. A cold feeling crept over her. Why had Dan gone to the mainland? To see the girl who had taken his cock in her mouth and sucked him off? A shiver sliced through her system. Maybe he wouldn’t come back. She refused to think about it. Losing him for a while was bad enough, but losing him for good…

Kitten ditched her cigarette. She removed a pair of sunglasses from her purse and stepped out into the late-morning sunlight. A redhead in a blue denim bikini, with a figure that wouldn’t quit, stood poised beside the shimmering pool. When the girl saw Kitten, she smiled and pointed her tits toward the gulf, then said, “He went that away, pussycat. My keeper went with him.” She laughed. “I wouldn’t worry too much about Dan. Not while he’s with my husband. Steve only caters to the cleanest whorehouses on the mainland.”

Kitten stiffened. Then she realized that Liz Trent was giving her the needle. She didn’t wonder why. By now the entire island probably knew that Dan hadn’t spent his first night at home in bed with her.

Kitten blamed herself. No man wanted an iceberg for a wife.

She joined Liz Trent at poolside. She studied the luscious redhead for a few moments before she asked, “Aren’t you worried about Steve?”

Liz shook her head. “Steve can take care of himself, drunk or sober. So he cheats once in a while, so what? A strange piece of tail won’t hurt him. Nor will it keep him from coming back to me when it’s over. He might step out on occasion, but I’m still all the woman he’ll ever need.”

Kitten bristled. “Meaning I’m not?”

Liz shrugged and made her big jugs tremble. “You could have been.”

“How? By letting you seduce me after Dan went into the Army?”

Liz smiled sweetly. “Why not? A woman’s tongue inside that reluctant cunt of yours might have made you more responsive toward Dan yesterday.”

Memory crowded Kitten. She and Liz had taken in a movie at the village theater. On the way home, after a few drinks at the Sea Horse Tavern, Liz had pulled onto a side road and made a pass at her.

Shocked into helplessness by Liz’s unexpected move, Kitten had sat still until the girl’s lips touched the webbing of her panties. Then she had reacted to the kiss on her crotch by slapping Liz’s face — and by walking the rest of the way home.

“Making it with me that night might have helped you a lot,” Liz said, cutting into her thoughts. “It would have thawed you out for Dan. Experience, darling — that’s the name of the game.”

Liz sounded like an echo of Dr. Dubois. It made Kitten take a closer look at Liz, and then she proceeded to wonder about herself. Was she really out of step with the rest of the world? Sexually, of course. Would experience round her out? Would it bring Dan back to their marriage bed? She decided to find out. But not from Liz Trent. No lesbian for her. She would start learning from a man. She would start learning from her husband.


Liz Trent’s voice jarred Kitten out of her reverie: “That old saw about a girl having to be a wife in the kitchen and a whore in the sack is true, pussycat. You just can’t lay there like a lump when a man has his juicy cock stuffed in your twat. You’ve got to…”

Kitten whirled, returned to the cabana. She slammed the door on Liz Trent’s mocking laugher and thought, I could use a drink. A wedding prick drink. A stiff one.

She located a bottle of orange vodka and carried it into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and drank straight from the jug. It didn’t take long for the flavored booze to catch up with her.

Kitten kept drinking, and feeling sorry for herself. Thoughts rioted in her brain. Jumbled thoughts. Erotic thoughts. She remembered the pain Dan’s huge dick had inflicted upon her virginal pussy yesterday, the advice Dr. Dubois had given her today, and then she recalled Liz Trent’s words about a girl having to be a wife in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.

A whore in the kip?

“Why not?” Kitten told herself as she left the bed and padded into the bathroom to prepare herself for Dan. “Whores, like blondes, always seem to have more fun.”

She did a fast strip and admired her image in the door mirror. A hint of amusement lurked at the corners of her mouth as she wondered how it would feel to enjoy a fuck. Really enjoy it. Like with a thundering, orgasmic crash.

Her mind was made up. Tonight she would surrender and become the kind of uninhibited whore-wife her husband wanted her to become. She stepped under the shower and a delicious tremor shook her body as needles of spray stitched thrill after thrill into her blushing flesh. She turned her tits to the water and her coral nipples stiffened immediately; it was akin to having them kissed and suckled by an invisible lover with tight lips. She soaped the dark beaver beneath her dimpled navel. A finger accidentally brushed against her jutting cunt, and she shivered again. Memory flooded back to the night Liz Trent had kissed the crotch of her panties. The sensation she now experienced was the same as then. Her frown deepened. How odd that a finger or a kiss on the cunt could produce such a delicious feeling, but not a cock.

She toyed with her boy-in-the-boat for a few more seconds. Then she stopped and finished her shower, but it didn’t cause the erotic visions that danced through her head to stop.

Cocks hurt. Fingers and lips didn’t. Why was this? Cocks were made for women to enjoy. She would try to enjoy Dan’s… tonight.

Kitten emerged from the shower and returned to the bedroom. She took another healthy belt of orange vodka. Then she sat down at the cosmetic table and brushed her hair. Finished with this task, she applied makeup and splashed perfume between her tits to make herself more interesting. Next she went about the chore of selecting sexy undies suitable to the momentous occasion. She prowled her dresser drawer and frowned thoughtfully, finally choosing a black net half-bra, matching bikini panties, and a white garter belt for contrast. She donned these items of enticement. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled sheer stockings up and over her sleek legs. She snapped the nylons to her garter belt and eased her dainty feet into a pair of wet leather pumps with five-inch heels. A sheer negligee completed her ensemble. Now she was ready to make like a whore.

Time dragged. Slowly.

Late-afternoon shadows were beginning to creep into the bedroom when Kitten heard Dan drive up from the marina. She dropped the empty vodka bottle in the wastebasket and raced to meet him at the door.

She said, “Hi.”

Dan’s eyes widened at the sight of her, but he remained silent.

Kitten’s heart hammered and a strange yet pleasant warmth crept into her cunt as she watched the way his hungry eyes attempted to crawl behind the negligee to devour her saucy boobs.

She smiled and asked, “Cat got your tongue, darling?”

Dan swallowed hard. “I think I’m in the wrong cabana.” His voice was thick from drink, but Kitten failed to notice it. “If I’m not, I hope to hell you know what you’re doing, Katherine.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Kitten said on the heel of a soft laugh. “Come inside and I’ll prove it to you.”

Dan heeled the door shut behind him and followed her into the living room like an obedient puppy. Kitten motioned him towards the sofa. When he was seated, she treated him to another torrid smile. “Drink?”

Dan exhaled loudly. “I could use something. I still think I’m in the wrong cabana.”

Kitten joined him on the sofa with a bottle and two glasses. Three drinks later they were comfortable with each other for the first time. Yesterday was forgotten by Dan, and yet she sensed that it would be up to her to take the initiative. She did. She nuzzled her hip against his and brushed the tip of one tit across his bicep, then said, “Still think you’re in the wrong place, darling?”

“No, but I still don’t understand the reason for this sudden…”

Kitten silenced him with her lips, then said, “Don’t question it, darling. Just love me.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” He reached for her. “Come here.”

Kitten slipped away from his reaching arms and stood up with a nervous laugh. “It’s getting warm in here, don’t you think? Mind if I take off my negligee?”

He stood up. “I’d like that.”

Kitten’s glance dropped to Dan’s crotch. His dick was pushing against his tight pants. He was ready to fuck up a storm.

“Do it,” he said harshly. “Stop teasing and get rid of that damn negligee.”

Kitten obeyed, and a few seconds later she found herself trapped in Dan’s arms. Her large boobs turned pneumatic against his chest as she insinuated the length of her pliant body to his and offered him her warm lips. Their mouths collided and she shivered as he slipped the tip of his tongue between her teeth and explored the inner sweetness of her mouth. She gasped with pleasure as his big hands cupped her crowded half-bra and made her sleeping nipples awaken. She trembled like a palm in a gale and thought, This time everything will be beautiful between us.

“Now, darling,” Kitten purred as she stretched out on the sofa and aimed her heaving jugs towards the ceiling. “Take me now! Take off my bra and panties and fill my pussy with your fat cock! Make me feel like a woman. Your woman. Hurry, darling, fuck me!”

Dan hugged her tits with his fingers and rasped, “Say it again, Katherine.”

The room was spinning. Kitten spun with it.

“Say it again, Katherine.”

“Fuck me, darling, fuck me!”

Sweat stood out on Dan’s brow and coursed down his cheeks as he knelt on the terrazzo floor and reached between Kitten’s shoulder blades to unclasp her bra. A heartbeat later he jerked the scrap of material free and tumbled her boobs into nakedness.

“Kiss them,” Kit ten whispered passionately as she drew his sweaty face down to the peaks of her trembling jugs. “Kiss my titties and made my nipples sing!”

“Like this?”

“Yes, oh, yes! Suck, darling, suck!”

Dan’s eager lips and teeth worked the left nipple, then the right, and momentarily her hips began to twitch. Her blood bubbled, her cunt itched, her spirit soared. She felt free, euphoric. Was this how a whore felt?

“My panties,” she hissed as her long fingernails raked the back of Dan’s neck to get his attention. “Take off my panties, darling! Hurry, hurry!”

Dan’s lips reluctantly left her tingling nipples, and soon her panties were gone from her body.

Now, except for the garter belt, nylons and spike-heeled shoes, she was naked. His lips found and attacked her nipples again. Yesterday faded and now became a reality. A queer flutter moved through her cunt. She knew she was melting, and she welcomed it. She lifted his wet face away from her tits and panted, “Fuck me, darling. Now!”

Dan’s hungry hands found her boobs. He kneaded them while he looked down into her dreamy eyes and asked, “Are you sure, Katherine?”

The animal sound that escaped Kitten’s tense lips was a reflection of her sweet agony. Her throat rasped as the words bounced out. “I’m sure. I want you to fuck me. I want to be your wife… in every way. Do it, darling. Shove your cock in my pussy and fuck me hard, fuck me good! I want to come! I have to come!”

Dan’s right hand left her tits and trailed downward to her pouting navel, her imperceptibly rounded stomach, and on down to her moist gash. He tried to work a finger between her cunt-lips, but her locked thighs blocked the way.

“Goddamn it, Katherine,” he said angrily, “let me in.”

Kitten laughed wildly. “Work for it, darling.”

He trapped her jutting clitoris and tweaked it. “Like this? Is this how you want me to work for my fucking?”

Kitten gasped and shrilled, “Ooooh, your hand feels delicious!”

“My cock will feel even better,” Dan rasped as he pressed the magic button that made her thighs open like scissors of flesh. A few seconds later he crawled between them and unzipped, freeing his stiff prick. He fisted his fierce hard-on, grinned at her and croaked, “Ready or not, here I come!”

Kitten experienced a brief twinge of apprehension. A moment later the twinge of apprehension was replaced by a vicious stab of pain as Dan tucked the knob of his cock between the tense lips of her cunt and hunched into her hole.

She stiffened beneath his pressing weight and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Take it out, take it out!”

Dan didn’t stop. Neither did the pain.

“It hurts, it hurts!” Kitten yelped. “Stop fucking me, Dan! Take your big cock out of my pussy! Oh, please take your big cock out of my pussy!”

Dan didn’t seem to hear her. He continued to gore her tender cunt with his cock. Bucking. Fucking. Hammering. His rigid rod snaked in and almost out of her pussy. Each stroke became more maddening then the previous one. Kitten screamed like a wounded tigress and tried to squirm out from under his weight.

Dan misunderstood her agonized frenzy for passion and said, “That’s a good girl, Katherine. Help me. Shake it, shake it. Beautiful. Fuck, baby, fuck!”

Breath whooshed out of Kitten in a ragged blast as the entire length of his cock filled her pussy. Her tits trembled, her stomach muscles quivered, and then she went limp with a suddenness that startled him. She didn’t bring her hips to life again. Why bother? He had her. His cock had her… but good!

Dan kept hunching, hunching, hunching, until he exploded and filled her aching pussy with a hot load of jizz.

Kitten sighed. It was all over, thank God!

Dan came to his knees. His cock remained in her throbbing, unappeased cunt.

Silence filled the room. Tense silence.

Kitten felt his sperm oozing out of her twinkle. She stared at him with wet eyes, hating him for the agony that still fed on her body. She winced inwardly. This fuck had been no better than the first. If anything, it had been worse. She hadn’t enjoyed the fuck he had just thrown into her. Nor was she enjoying the stickiness of his fuck-juice as it trickled out of her cunt.



Dan’s softening prick slipped out of her pussy. He looked almost embarrassed as he stood up and stuffed it inside his pants. He locked his fly. Then he studied her for a long moment and said quietly, “It didn’t work, did it? The booze thawed you a little, but not enough. The minute I climbed aboard and shoved my cock in your twat, you froze.”

Kitten wanted to apologize, but all she could say was, “You hurt me.”

He smiled a twisted smile and said sharply, “I won’t hurt you again, dear wife. Count on it. A man wants to make it with a woman, not a fucked-up kid.”

Kitten’s naked tits danced in rhythm to her ragged breathing. “Dan, I tried.”

“Not hard enough.” He turned to leave.

Kitten sat up and swung her legs to the floor. “Dan, please don’t go.”

He shook his head. There was no give left in him. His voice flattened. “There’s nothing to stay for, Katherine. Making it with a frigid juvenile isn’t my bag. Call me when you decide to grow up.”

“Dan, please.”

“Please, my ass.” His lips stretched in a sneer. “I won’t call you. You call me.”


He turned away from her and clomped out into the early night. A minute or so later she heard him drive off in his pickup, but not towards the village.

Was he going to see that other woman? The one who had sucked his cock last night?

“Maybe I did the wrong thing,” Kitten said aloud. “Maybe I should have taken his cock in my mouth and sucked the cum out of it.”

Too late.

Kitten stood up and more of Dan’s jizz trickled out of her throbbing twat. She made no move to wipe it from her thighs. She was too preoccupied with crying. She had failed with Dan, again. Miserably. She hadn’t been able to do the whore-in-the-bedroom bit. Shame traced its pattern across her face. She hadn’t even had the decency to pretend. That damn panic. She had been afraid to act like a woman. What was wrong with… Interruption of her thoughts brought annoyance as Liz Trent entered without knocking. She paused inside the doorway to admire Kitten’s nakedness before she said, “I saw Dan cut out, and I thought you might want some company.”

Kitten made no attempt to cover her naked pussy, or to wipe off the cum that glistened on her inner thighs. Annoyance drained from her system. She smiled through her tears at the redhead who had once tried to eat her cunt and said, “Your timing’s perfect, but I think you knew it would be before you came through that damn door.”

Liz shrugged, then asked, “Can I stay?”

“I wish you would.” Kitten glanced down at her cum-stained thighs. “I’ll be with you in a minute. Help yourself to some booze while I rinse off.”

A taut smile moved across Liz’s lips. “I came here for more than a drink, pussycat.”

An involuntary shiver passed through Kitten. She felt herself blushing. “I know you did.”

“I came here to help you.”

“By seducing me?”

Liz smiled enigmatically. “Maybe. Or maybe it will turn out the other way.”

Kitten blinked. “I don’t understand.”

“Then perhaps I can show you something that will explain your true purpose for existence, pussycat.”

“As a lesbian’s menu?”

Liz shook her head. “As a lesbian.”

Kitten forced a laugh. “You’re out to lunch!”

“Am I? Let’s find out, shall we?” Liz reached out and touched a naked tit. She pinched a nipple. Then she laughed softly. “Gets to you, doesn’t it, pussycat?”

Kitten made no move to push Liz’s hand away from her boob. Their eyes met, held. The silence ribboned on for a few seconds. Then the kneading hand dropped to her pussy, and Liz said huskily, “I’d be willing to eat a yard of your shit to get my tongue inside your quim, pussycat.”

“I know.”

“And maybe you’d be willing to do the same thing to get your tongue in mine.”

Kitten said nothing.

Liz was persistent. “Would you like to see my pussy?”

No reply.

Liz smiled wickedly. “Be honest with yourself for a change, pussycat. You would like to see my quim, wouldn’t you?”

“I don’t know,” Kitten said miserably. “Right now I’m so damned mixed up I don’t know what I want.”

Liz’s voice softened. “Maybe I can help you make up your mind by showing you my juicy cunt.”

Kitten shrugged.

Liz Trent was dressed in snug shorts and a halter that barely covered the peaks of her large jugs. Kitten tried to not look at the lovely tits that were on the verge of escaping from behind the scrap of cloth that held them captive. She shifted her glance, but to no avail, for momentarily her eyes dropped as though they had a will of their own — to Liz’s crotch!

Liz seemed to sense the strange mood that rode Kitten. She laughed wildly and hooked a finger behind her halter, bringing attention to her boobs once more. She teased Kitten for a few seconds. Then she jerked at the halter and brought her tits tumbling into view. She shook them at Kitten and said, “Take a good look at them, pussycat. See my long nipples? Aren’t they lovely?”

Kitten’s heart pounded against her ribcage like an angry fist. Her mind whirled. She was becoming excited. She swallowed hard and said, “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Your titties are lovely.”

“That’s more like it.” Liz brought her heaving jugs closer. “Touch them.”

Kitten hesitated.

Liz’s voice frosted. “Damn you, touch my tits!”

Kitten obeyed. She touched one. Then the other.

“Nice,” Liz said, sighing luxuriously. “Your hand is gentle. Most men try to tear a girl’s tits loose when they fondle them, but a girl never does.” She shivered. “Your hand is nice, but your lips will feel better. Go ahead, pussycat — kiss my boobs.”

Kitten stiffened; she was shocked.

Liz’s lips curved in a sneer as she tugged the halter back into place over her knockers. “So much for that. I didn’t think you’d have the balls to go through with it.”

“I can’t. I’m not a lesbian.”

“You’re not a good wife, either.”

Kitten glared at Liz for an eternity of seconds. Then she found her voice and hissed, “Get out, you bitch!”

Liz shrugged and made her tits tremble. “Whatever turns you on, pussycat. I only came here to help you, but I guess the only person who can do that is Dan — or some other man.”

“Get out!”

Liz Trent did.

Alone again, Kitten padded into the bathroom, hating Liz with every step for putting her through the tortures of the damned. Being conned into fooling around with Liz’s tits had nothing to do with her acid mood; it was what the bitch had said that bugged her.

The words skittered around inside her brain: The only person who could help her out was Dan… or some other man.

Kitten stepped under the shower to clean Dan’s cock-juice from her cunt and thighs. She ignored her pussy for the present and lathered her tits. The nipples were jutting, itching. She trapped one between thumb and forefinger and pulled on it. The heat in her discontented quim became hotter. Like an inferno.

Some other man…

Fondling her large jugs and touching her pink cunt didn’t help. It only added fuel to her torment. Her body screamed for sexual satisfaction, but not from another woman. She wanted and needed to feel the pressure of a man in and against her. A fuck. She wanted a wild fuck. No, she needed a wild fuck.


She continued to toy with her tingling nipples until the flames burning in her twat became unbearable. Release refused to come, and now she was more frustrated than ever.

A man… her brain screamed. You need a man to fuck you to pieces!

A man. Not Dan. Some other man…

Kitten finished her shower and toweled herself dry in front of the door mirror. She was nearly sober, but her private devil still danced. She was hungry. Man-hungry. Cock-hungry. Her cunt throbbed. She decided to do something about it. She dressed hurriedly and walked out of the cabana.

Kitten trotted over to the convertible Dan had given her as a wedding present and eased in behind the wheel with a flash of thighs. She drove slowly out onto the seashell-covered secondary road that would take her to Periwinkle Drive, the main road leading into the small village. A few yards around the first bend she took, her headlights picked up the walking figure of Dr. Jason Dubois. He was moving in her direction, so she stopped and offered him a lift.

“Thanks,” Dr. Dubois said as he heaved into the seat beside her. “I was hoping some kind soul would come along and give me a lift into town.”

Kitten set the car in motion again before she asked, “How come you’re walking? Where’s your car?”

“Stuck in the sand near Lighthouse Point.” He lapsed into silence for a moment, then glanced at her and said, “It wouldn’t take much of a pull to get it out of there. Do you happen to have a rope or a chain with you?”

Kitten frowned thoughtfully. Lighthouse Point was the most uninhabited part of Starfish Island. To drive this doctor who had told her she needed a dick other than her husband’s out into those boondocks would be akin to asking him for his dong.

Another man. Dr. Dubois? Hell, why not?

“I carry a chain in the trunk,” Kitten said as she stopped to turn the convertible around, then opened the door and climbed out. “You know where your car’s buried, so you’d better drive.”

Dr. Dubois slid in behind the wheel and smirked at her.

Kitten felt herself blushing as she passed in front of the headlights. She knew what Dr. Dubois was thinking, and he was right — she would let him soak his cock in her pussy.

They made the trip to Lighthouse Point in silence. Dr. Dubois pulled up behind his stuck car and killed the engine on hers. Kitten sat motionless and waited for him to make the first move. She should have been apprehensive; she wasn’t. The only emotion she experienced was one of mild curiosity. How would she react to him?

She started to find out a few seconds later.

Kitten’s breath caught in her throat when Dr. Dubois’ hand dropped to her dimpled knee. The old boy was hot to trot, and he wanted her in the same condition. She squirmed and watched her short skirt crawl higher on her smooth thighs. Desire gripped her for a wild moment, and then she tensed.

Dr. Dubois licked his lips.

Kitten pressed her knees together. Ice filled her belly. Tension remained.

Dr. Dubois seemed to sense the mood that rode her, and said gently, “Don’t fight it, Katherine. Don’t be frightened. I’m not your husband. I’m not going to rape you.”

Kitten couldn’t relax. She wanted Dr. Dubois’ stiff prick as badly as he wanted to give it to her, but at the same time she tasted fear and silently hoped he wouldn’t hurt her… the way she had been hurt during both the times she had fucked with Dan.

“Unwind, Katherine.”

“I can’t.”

“I am trying.”

“Try harder.”


“Spread your legs.”

Kitten hesitated.

Dr. Dubois’ hand left her dimpled knee. Disgust edged his voice as he said, “I’ll get the tow chain out of the trunk.”

The thought of another sexual fiasco drained all tension out of Kitten. She placed a desperate hand on his arm and whispered, “No, not yet. I want you, Doctor. I need you.”

“Need?” She nodded. “Sure?”

Dr. Dubois studied her for a few seconds. Then he slipped an arm around her shoulder and rasped, “You won’t regret this, Katherine. Never in a million years. I know what to do with a woman.”

“Then do it.”

“Don’t rush yourself, Katherine. Unwind a little.”


“Come nearer.”

Kitten snuggled up to Dr. Dubois and closed her eyes as his lips trapped hers. She felt his hand creep under her skirt and shivered. His fingers crawled along her thigh like bashful worms. Higher and higher, until they finally came to a rest against the warm webbing of her skimpy panties.

“All right?” he asked.

Kitten opened her eyes and smiled at him. “The patient is doing nicely, Doctor.”

“Would you like a finger-massage to relax you a bit more?”


Dr. Dubois nudged the moist webbing of her panties to one side. A heartbeat later he inserted his middle finger between the pouting lips of her pussy. “Perfect.”


Anxiety edged his voice. “Am I hurting you, Katherine?”

Kitten’s voice licked at him. “No, that feels wonderful, Doctor.”

Dr. Dubois chuckled and wriggled his thick finger inside her cunt. Shock thrills raced through every fiber of her being. She didn’t flinch at the way he was fucking her with his digit. He didn’t give her pain. He was gentle and he was turning her on.

“Enough?” he asked.

Kitten smiled dreamily. “Of your finger, yes.”

Dr. Dubois removed his finger from he dewy cunt and stuck it in his mouth to taste her juice. He smacked his lips and made her laugh. Then he stopped licking her twat-cream from his digit and went after the buttons on her blouse.

Kitten permitted him to have his way. Her midnight-colored hair got slightly mussed as she leaned back into the seat cushion to watch him open her blouse.

“Lean forward a bit, Katherine.”

“How’s this?”


Dr. Dubois helped Kitten out of the blouse and tossed it into the back seat. Then his mouth dropped to her tits. He kissed her white nylon bra. She felt her nipples harden under his lips, and momentarily her hips twitched to let him know that she could feel his kisses all the way down to the depths of her cunt.

Dr. Dubois continued to kiss her bra-covered tits. Lewdly. Loudly. Hungrily.

Kitten knew she was inexperienced when it came to sex, and so she let him set the pace. After all, a doctor should know something about the game they were going to play.

Dr. Dubois’ hands turned clumsy with desire as he fumbled with her bra clasp. Her lips loosened in a smile as she watched her boobs spill free. Her nipples hardened, tingled, and made her shiver with delight.

Soon, she thought. Soon I’ll feel his big fuck-pole inside my pussy.

Dr. Dubois paused to admire her naked tits.

Kitten felt no shame, no guilt.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Dubois said huskily. “Your exquisite tits quake with every breath you take, and you reek of sensuality and expensive perfume. Any man would be blessed to have you share his bed.”

She manufactured a wistful smile. “My husband doesn’t think so, Doctor. That’s why I’m here with you tonight.”

He cupped her chin in his hand and forced her to look into his eyes. “Don’t apologize for your actions, Katherine. I know why you’re here, and I’m glad.”

She shook her head free of his cupping hand. “Don’t be glad, Jason. Just be a good teacher. I need help.”

“I’ll give it to you.”

“I want your cock.”

“I know.”

“I want you to massage my pussy with your cock.”

“I will.”

Her smile sagged; a sob caught in her throat. “Do it right, Jason. Don’t leave me dangling. Fuck me good. Teach me to love getting fucked.”

“I will.”


Dr. Dubois hurried. He removed her skirt and panties. Kitten squirmed into fucking position, then gasped with surprise as the elderly doctor dipped his head and planted a resounding kiss on her pussy.

She pushed his mouth away from her tingling twinkie and hissed, “Not that way, Jason. Your cock. I want your cock.”

Dr. Dubois sat up with a chuckle. He didn’t take off his pants. He simply unzipped and hauled out his whang. Kitten’s eyes widened at sight of it. She swallowed hard. Damn, his prick was longer and fatter than Dan’s!

“Ready?” he asked.

“I think so.”

Dr. Dubois lifted a knee and moved in between her yawning legs. He took her hands and placed his prick between them, then said, “Guide it inside your juicy cunt, Katherine.”

She hesitated.

“Do it, now.”

Kitten obeyed. Her fingers coiled around Dr. Dubois’ pulsating prod. She squeezed his rod tightly for a moment, then tucked the pointed knob between the wet lips of her quim. The thrust that followed took her breath away, and once again the ice of disinterest chilled her cunt, but now it was too late.


She was fucked.

Kitten gritted her teeth to keep from screaming as Dr. Dubois forced her shoulder blades to the seat and buried his veined prick deep in her juicy cunt. Pain entered her twat. It didn’t remain long. Pain left. Then came the heat. Strange heat. Filling her cunt. Making her aware of the fact that she was responding to the cock now sawing in and out of her hole.

“Still hurt?” her lover asked.

“No,” Kitten replied as her hips began to twitch against the big prod that continued to snake in and out of her cunt. “No more pain. All I feel is the sweetness of your big sausage. So wonderful! So damn, damn wonderful! I love your cock. It’s going to make me come, I know it is! I want to come, Jason. Make me come. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Dr. Dubois withdrew his cock a few inches, then slammed it home again. A low animal moan of pleasure escaped from between Kitten’s lips as their bodies fused together. A savage hunger obsessed them, and now they were hungry for each other… in every way.

Their lips met and locked in an embrace of their own, and Dr. Dubois’ hands massaged her tits as he poured the peter to her bubbling cunt. The kiss lasted a long time. Kitten was the first to break away.

“Ah,” she sighed as his cock stroked in and out of her cunt, “don’t be gentle, lover. Treat me like a whore. Ram that sweet fuck-stick of yours deep and make my ovaries scream!”

“Like this?” Dr. Dubois panted as he attempted to cram his balls beyond the wet lips of her pussy. “Like this?”

Kitten whimpered, and then she coiled her legs around his bucking butt. Her spiked heels hit the cloth-covered cheeks of his ass like jolts of electricity and made him shiver with delight. He laughed and kept humping. A heartbeat later Kitten grunted as he tried to stuff his balls in her pussy again, and shrilled, “Oooohhh, you almost made me come that time! Do it again! Again! I’m almost there! Don’t fail me, lover! Ring my chime!”

Dr. Dubois tried. He ignored the sweat that trickled down into his eyes as he bucked toward a climax of his own, and a few seconds later he buried his boner deep and filled Kitten’s box with a hot and generous load of sperm.

Kitten shivered and flirted with an eruption of her own.

It came a moment later.

Her hips jerked, her eyes rolled back in their sockets; then she screamed and exploded with a vicious come that almost rendered her unconscious.

Dr. Dubois exhaled loudly and backed his wilting whang out of her cunt. She felt his sperm ooze from her cunt and soak into the seat. Her legs uncoiled. She squirmed out from under his weight and sat up, smiling like the proverbial cat that had just finished dining on canary a la king.

“My first climax,” she said, her voice edged with awe. “You gave me my first come, and turned me into a complete woman. Thank you, Jason.”

He shook his head. “The pleasure was all mine, Katherine. But I’m glad you let me help you get over that penis fear of yours.”

“So am I, lover.” She reached for his cock and found it softer than a tube of silly putty. “Let me pump you up so you can fuck me again.”

Embarrassment crawled across his face. “Pumping won’t do a damn bit of good, Katherine. Once a night is the best I can do when it comes to fucking. At sixty-three I consider myself lucky to be able to do it that often.” His voice turned sly. “But if it’s another orgasm you want, I’ll gladly eat you into one.”

Kitten laughed and patted him on the cheek. “Another time, Jason. Tonight I’m only interested in rounding out my education with cocks, not tongues. Maybe I’ll drop by your office tomorrow and let you lick my pussy, okay.”

Dr. Dubois nodded solemnly. “Whatever you say, Katherine. I can always find the time to take care of someone as young and dewy as you.” He glanced at his watch. “Speaking of time, I’d better get home before my wife reports me missing to the island police. Is your trunk unlocked?”

“Yes.” Kitten caressed him with her eyes. “And thanks to you, so is my pussy.”

Dr. Dubois threw back his head and laughed.


Kitten was still naked when she pulled into the seashell parking lot that fronted Cleo Brill’s Old Bottle Inn. Her eyes passed over the other vehicles in a sweeping gesture that missed nothing. She failed to find Dan’s pickup among them. This suited her just fine. In her present mood, determined to pick up another man for a fuck-session, the last person she wanted to have a confrontation with was her husband.


She was on the prowl for cock.

Any man’s cock.

Her smile sagged. What a pity Dr. Dubois couldn’t have treated her to another lesson in sex with that over-the-hill whang of his. Jesus, he had made her pop like a giant firecracker!

“In his prime, he must have been a bigger stud than Gil Savage,” Kitten said aloud. “Judging by the size of that tool lie carries between his legs, he must have been a popular one, also. Long. Thick. Like a chair leg. Damn, just thinking about it is making me feel creamy all over!”

Kitten stopped talking to herself and crammed her colossal jugs inside the half-bra, and slipped into her blouse. Her motions were frantic. There might be another juicy dick in the offing; she wanted it. She dressed hurriedly and went inside the tavern. She paused near the entrance and some of the heat in her tush began to cool as she took a quick look around. Customers were few; pickings were poor. Even Steve Trent was among the missing.

Cleo Brill was running her own business, for a change. Catching Kitten’s arrival, a pleased expression softened the lesbian’s face as she trotted up to Kitten and said, “You look like an up-tight pussycat who could use a drink.”

“What makes you think that?”

Cleo took a deep breath that shook her massive knockers. “You’re here, aren’t you?”

“So I am.”

Cleo brayed a laugh. “Well, now that we’ve settled that bit of crap, how about the drink I think you can use?”

Kitten frowned at the lesbian she had once watched eat her late mother. “How come you’re hustling your own customers tonight?”

“Blame it on your husband.”

Kitten’s eyebrows arched. “Dan’s here?”

Cleo shook her head. “Not now. He showed up earlier and conned me into giving Steve the night off. Last I saw of them, they were stoned out of their gourds and bound for the mainland. Anything I can do for you?”

Kitten made no answer. She was busy thinking about the lipstick traces she had discovered on Dan’s cock this morning, and wondering if he had gone to the mainland to get more of the same from his mysterious lady friend. A wicked smile tugged at her lips. It didn’t matter. After tonight, when she learned how to be a whore in the bedroom, never again would her husband turn to another woman for sexual comfort…

“Anything I can do for you?” Cleo Brill echoed.

Kitten noticed the way Cleo’s eyes were caressing her tits and said, “There’ll never be anything you can do for me, darling. I’m not geared to go the route my late mother took with you.”

“Aren’t you?” Cleo moistened her lips. “Don’t knock it until after you try it, doll.”

Kitten shook her head. “I don’t have to try it. Making it with another woman isn’t my bag.”

Cleo’s voice tightened. “From what I’ve been hearing these past two nights, making it with men isn’t your bag, either.”

Kitten shook her hips at the woman and snapped, “It is now.”


Kitten bit back a retort and turned to leave. A moment later she saw Gil Savage enter. Her blood speed up. The tall and deeply tanned man who earned his living by taking tourists out in his yacht to view the gulf was exactly what the doctor had ordered. What better teacher could a girl ask for than Starfish Island’s most notorious cunt-hound?

Kitten turned her backside to Cleo Brill and trotted over to the handsome stud. “Hi, Gil.”

Gil Savage nodded. “Kitten.” His eyes caressed her tits. “Is Dan with you? I haven’t seen him since he got back from playing soldier, and with the weekend coming up, I thought about dropping by the motel to ask if you two would be interested in…”

She cut him short. “I’m afraid Dan has other plans for the weekend. Plans that don’t include either of us. But thank you for pretending you didn’t know he spent his first night home away from me, or that he split again tonight.” She locked glances with him. “You do know, don’t you?”

Gil Savage nodded solemnly. “Bad news travels fast around this island.”

She made a sour face. “Especially when Max Markie is around.”

“Isn’t that the truth?” His glance dropped to her boobs, then lifted to her face again. A frown wrinkled his brow. “Do you want to talk about it?”

A sigh hissed past her lips. “No. I’d rather discuss something else.”

“Over a drink?”

“Sounds like a winner.”

Gil escorted her to a secluded corner table. “Name your poison, little doll.”

“I think I’d like a pink pussy.”

“Hell, who wouldn’t?”

Kitten threw back her head and laughed. “You’ve got a dirty mind, Gil. The pink pussy I want is a drink.”

“Shucks. And here I thought it was something else.”

Cleo Brill came over to take their order. One quick look at the lesbian told Kitten that Cleo was seething over the company she was keeping.

Eat your heart out, Kitten thought. Better still, bend over and eat your own cunt.

“What will it be?” Cleo asked stiffly.

“Adam’s Apple for me, and a pink pussy for Kitten.”

Three pink pussies later, Kitten was feeling bold enough to close in for the kill of lust. Getting Gil to seduce her would be no problem. But did she want him? She did. The man was experienced. She needed someone like that. A gentle whore master. She smiled. Yes, that was the right word for Gil — gentle.

Gil’s voice pulled her back. “Penny for your thoughts, little one.”

Kitten leaned forward, taking a deep breath that thrust her big boobs into greater prominence. “I’m not on the auction block… but I can be had.”

Gil grimaced. “You have a lousy sense of humor, little one.”

Devils of amusement danced in her eyes. “Who cares? I have other qualifications, in case you haven’t noticed.”

His eyes remained glued to her tits. “I’ve noticed. Your blouse is filled with two of them.”

Kitten licked her lips. “Buy me another drink and I might let you touch them.”

Gil smiled sourly. “I think I’d better drive you back to the motel where you belong, with Dan.”

“Damned if you will,” she hissed. “Dan probably won’t be back from the mainland until tomorrow, so why should I bother to go home? I’d be bored to death.” Her voice turned teasing again. “If I have a choice, I’d rather be bored by you.”

Gil cocked an amused eyebrow at her. “That remark can be taken two ways, little one.”

She felt heat creeping into her cunt and purred, “I only want you to take it one way, Gil.”

His smile mushroomed into a loud laugh. “Now I know you’ve had too much to drink.”

Kitten shook her head. “Not enough. I wouldn’t mind another pink pussy.”

“You won’t get it here.”

“Why not?”

“Cleo made the last call ten minutes ago.”


He glanced towards the entrance. “Which reminds me — the island fuzz should be popping in soon.”


“So all nineteen-year-old quails should finish their drinks before said fuzz walks in and really busts Cleo’s big ass for serving booze to a minor.”

“Fuck Cleo.”

“I already have.”

Kitten blinked. “I thought she only liked women.”

Gil shook his head. “She’s AC-DC. She’ll plug in either way.”

“Was she good pussy?”

“I’ll never tell.” He stopped smiling. “Finish your drink, and then I’ll take you home.”

Kitten shook her head again. “I don’t want to go home. I have a better suggestion.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“Why don’t you do the honors and take me for a ride in your boat?” She smiled and added, “I’ll make you gad you did. How about it?”

Gil studied her for a few seconds. She knew he was noticing the change in her. A smile crumpled his face as he stood up. “All right, little one. I’m tied up about three minutes from here.”

“Then let’s hit the beach.”

Wild sensations pounded through her system as she followed him out into the moonlight. Cleo Brill glared after them, but Kitten ignored her. She had no time to concern herself with the lesbian who panted after a taste of her pussy. She was too preoccupied with wondering how this night would end — with Gil Savage. Would she enjoy fucking him? Would he pack her cunt with meat and make her explode with orgasm the way Dr. Dubois had made her explode? She hoped so.

Gil cut into her thoughts by saying, “Here we are, little one. Your last chance to walk away with your cherry still intact.”

“What cherry?”

“You mean you finally got rid of the damn thing?”

“Yesterday. But I didn’t enjoy losing it. I lost my cherry but I couldn’t lose my inhibitions. That’s why Dan cut out.”

“You seem to have lost them now. Let’s find out.”

Gil’s yacht was long, sleek and beautiful. Kitten knew it was his pride and joy, but for the moment his mind seemed to be elsewhere, and not on her. He snapped on the radio and said, “Pardon me for not attacking you immediately, but it’s almost time for the news. I want to get the weather report.”

“Why bother? Small or large craft warnings only mean something if you’re going out on the gulf, and I don’t think we are. Are we?”

“No, but there’s a hurricane brewing a few hundred miles from here, and I’d like to be prepared if the damn thing decides to drop in for a visit.”

Kitten shrugged and made her tits jiggle. “Well, you check the weather while I scrounge something to drink.”

“Try the galley.”

Kitten did. The news was over and the radio silent by the time she rejoined Gil in the cabin. She handed him a drink.

He looked at her quizzically. “I’d like to ask you something, Kitten.”

“Lay it on me.”

“Why did you go the pick-up route and let me bring you here tonight, little one?”

Kitten’s tongue raced around her ripe red lips in a moistening gesture. She felt her heart hammering as she lifted her eyes from his bulging crotch and said bluntly, “I asked you to bring me here for immoral purposes. I feel like acting like a loose woman tonight. To put it crudely, I came here with you to get fucked.”

Gil treated her to a lopsided smile. “You came to the right guy, but for the wrong reason, little one. I’m not interested in helping you get even with Dan.”

She blinked. “To get back at my husband? Is that why you think I want your cock?”

Kitten’s head wobbled. “You’re wrong, Gil. I want you to fuck me for a different reason. I need education. Yesterday, when Dan took my cherry, I couldn’t seem to thaw out for him. He called me a bum fuck, and he wasn’t lying. But I don’t want to be a bum lay. That’s why I’m here. I need your help. Call it stud service. You’re experienced. You know what to do with a girl.”

“Like make a first-class whore out of her?” He made a clucking sound. “So you booted your first screw with Dan, huh? Looking back to the one time I tried to get in your panties, I’m not surprised. Remember? You went for the tit-kissing bit, you even let me touch your pussy through your panties, but the moment I whipped out the old business machine and showed it to you, the game ended.”

“I remember.”

“Cocks seem to turn you off.”

“Not any more. At least, Dr. Dubois’ didn’t. I let him fuck me earlier this evening. I even climaxed.”

“Taking one cock doesn’t mean anything, little bird. You could still be afraid of them.”

“I know. Only I don’t want to be afraid of them. I’ve got to find out if I’m over this damn hang-up. Help me, Gil.” Her voice turned begging. “Want me, Gil. Please want me.”

“I do want you, Kitten,” he said harshly. “I always did.”

“Then take me… in every way.”

He locked glances with her. “Every way includes sucking my cock, and taking it up the ass.”

Breath caught in her throat. “I know.”

“Have you ever taken a cock in your asshole?”


“Ever sucked a prick?”

“No, but I’d like to learn how. Dan seems to go for blow-jobs.” Annoyance traced its pattern across Gil’s face. He didn’t relish playing the shadow role for any man. She said hastily, apologetically, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Gil studied her for another long moment. Then the cloud passed from his face, and he reached for her. Arms tightened, cock stiffened. His mouth was hard and demanding, but the feel of it, pressing down over her own was enough to send shivers up and down her spine. He growled deep in his throat and started to grind his prick against her crotch. For a moment she was a little afraid, but the feeling passed quickly. Without warning, Gil started to run his expert hands up and down her butt, caressing her gently with his blunt fingers, making her ache and tingle all over with pleasure.

She sighed and coiled her arms around his neck, mashed her parted lips against his in a second kiss. Without having to be told how, she sucked his tongue inside her mouth, french-kissing him eagerly while her passion continued to mount…

Gil was lost now, caught up in the whirlpool of his own lust. He jerked his tongue out of her mouth, kissed her cheeks, her throat, her hair… all the while grinding his stiff cock into the softness of her right thigh.

“I don’t want a leg job,” Kitten said breathlessly. “I want to get fucked.”

Gil laughed and stepped back to shuck out of his clothing. Kitten folded her arms across her tits and watched him undress. When he was naked, she took a close look at his stiff cock and compared it to Dan’s and Dr. Dubois’ before she said, “Big rascal, isn’t it?”

“Most men are pretty well-hung.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“Does the size of mine frighten you?”

“I’ll let you know… after you fuck me with it.”

“Spoken like a true wanton.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “That’s right, and at the moment I’m a wantin’ your big whang.”

Gil laughed. Then he placed his big hands on her boobs and loosened the top button of her blouse. Kitten stood like a statue and let him disrobe her. Gil finished unbuttoning the blouse and helped her out of it. Then he unclasped the bra and bared her tits.

He smacked his lips. “Damn, those tits of yours look good enough to eat.”

“So eat.”

“No way,” Gil rasped as he removed her skirt and panties. “The first thing I’m going to do is take the tip of my cock and tuck it between the lips of your tight little pussy. Then I’m going to start shoving it into you… until my cock-head goes so far back you’ll be able to use it for a taillight.”

His words excited her and made her say, “Tell me more, lover.”

“Once I get at that juicy quiff of yours,” Gil continued, “I’m going to start bucking like a fucking horse. I might even try to cram my balls in your tush. I’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, and fill your box with so much jism even your eyeballs will start floating… and after I finish cream, I’m going to jerk my cock out and make you lick and suck me into another hard-on. How does that grab you?”

“Wild,” Kitten said as she sank to the floor and drew Gil down beside her. “Do your stuff, stud.”

Gil did. He came up off one elbow and lowered his mouth to the peaks of her boobs. He sucked her nipples. First one then the other. He sucked furiously, and in a few seconds Kitten’s ass was squirming all over the deck.

“Ummm,” she murmured, “your mouth feels wonderful on my titties. Keep working. Suck me into a juicy come.”

Gil permitted a nipple to slip out from between his lips and rasped, “Take my juicy cock in your hand and play with it while I chew on your tits.”

Kitten needed no encouragement, for at this point she was so blinded by the inferno like heat in her cunt she would have done anything to please him. She found his hard dick and hugged it with her warm fingers. She stroked, clumsily, and silently wondered if getting stuck in her hairy cunt with this drooling sausage would make the world spin like a runaway toy top…

Gil stopped sucking and gnawing on her tits and crawled to a kneeling position between her widely scissored legs. He took his cock in hand and started to feed his throbbing meat to her burning pussy. Then he changed his mind and moved out from between her yawning legs. She stared at him and said, “What?”

Gil grinned. “I changed my mind about fucking your tight little twat. I think I’d like a blow-job instead… for starters.”

Kitten sat up and stared at his hard-on. She swallowed hard. Doubt edged her voice. “I don’t know if I can take that big bugger inside this small mouth of mine, Gil.” She pouted prettily for a moment, then laughed. “But I’m sure as shit willing to try.”

Gil stretched out on his back and laced his big hands behind his head. His cock stood proudly, swaying towards his belly like a young sapling in the wind. Beneath it the sac containing his balls was clearly visible, the base of his shaft surrounded by a thicket of dark, curly hair.

Gil grinned at her. “Don’t just sit there looking at it, little one. Take my rod in your mouth and suck the milk out of it. Try it, you’ll like it.”

She scooted over against his left hip. “I hope I like it. Let me know when you’re going to come.”

“You’ll know. Believe me, you’ll know.”

Her eyes remained glued to the tip of his swaying prick. Worry crawled across her face. “I hope I don’t get sick when you pop in my mouth. I’ve never tasted cock-cream before.”

Gil reached out and fondled her nearest tit. “You won’t get sick, little one. Trust me.”

“I do.” She smiled shakily. “Tell me what to do.”

“That won’t be necessary. Just be careful with your teeth. Don’t bite. The rest will come naturally. Let me see your tongue.”

Kitten’s pink tongue peeped out from between her lips.

“Good! Now take my cock in your hand and lick my knob with it.”

Kitten reached for his prick with both hands.

She hesitated for the space of one or two heartbeats. Then she pulled his meat towards her and approached it with parted lips. Her tongue raked the underside of his knob, and she discovered that the taste was not unpleasant.

Gil shivered and croaked, “The mouth, little one. Take it in your mouth.”

Kitten didn’t. Not right away. Her mouth dropped and she proceeded to tongue his balls. His nut-sac was salty with sweat and the faint odor of soap, but again it was not unpleasant. She licked his nuts for a minute or so, then slowly worked her way back to the velvety tip of his dong.

“So much for the tongue-bath,” Gil rasped. “Now how about taking my whang in your mouth and doing me up brown? Just keep your teeth away from the bone, okay? Use the pressure of your lips and tongue.”

“Yes, Gil.”

“Do it.”

Here we go, Kitten thought. My first blowjob…

Her mouth opened in a yawn and she crammed the head of Gil’s cock into it. A pulse beat later strange things began to happen. The feel of his cock-head dripping inside her mouth caused her senses to spin out of control. Now she wanted more of his meat. She had to have more. All of it. As much as she could get!

“Hot damn!” Gil groaned as she took the entire length of his prick down her throat and compressed her lips to hold his balls against her chin for a second. “I see it, but I don’t believe it!”

His voice came at her from a seemingly great distance. He was pleased. So was she. Taking his cock in her mouth was like discovering a whole new world of goodies. His pre-cum was out of sight. The more she sucked out of his rod, the more she wanted. Nectar. Pure nectar. Mmmmm.

“Good girl!” Gil rasped as he palmed the back of Kitten’s head and tried to cram his balls inside her mouth. “You’re doing fine. Lick, slum, growl over this boner I’m feeding you. Blow, baby, blow!”

Kitten responded. Her lips tightened. Then milked. Her teeth nipped at his throbbing cock. Gil Savage shuddered.

“Jesus,” he said, awed, “I never thought I’d ever see the day when any chick would take my prick down into her throat the way you just did! And you didn’t even gag!” He patted the back of her skull. “For a girl who’s never sucked a cock before, you turned out to be something special, little one.”

“Mmmmm,” she mumbled around the cock that drooled in her mouth. “Mmmmm, mmmmm.”

“Eat, Kitten, eat,” Gil panted. “It won’t be long now before I give you my cum. I’m on the verge of getting my rocks off. A few more licks and sucks should do the trick. Swing, baby, swing on my limb!”

Kitten swung. Her head bobbed over his root, and sometimes she took too much of his dick down into her throat, and then she would make a small gagging sound, but she didn’t stop sucking. Nothing could have stopped her from sucking. She loved the taste of his cock, the way it throbbed inside her mouth, and she was even enjoying the touch of his crotch hair each time his balls made contact with the point of her chin.

She wasn’t alone in this orbit of ecstasy. Gil was sailing with her. He tightened his grip on the back of her skull and started to pump his hips. He rammed his cock down her throat, then jerked it back. He bucked, he tugged, and then he barked, “My balls, baby! Put your hand on my balls and play with them so I can really get my rocks off!”

Kitten groped, found and scooped his nuggets into her left hand. She hugged, tickled, toyed, rolled his balls back and forth like marbles between her suddenly knowing fingers.

“That’s it!” Gil yelled as he gripped her ears and brought her bobbing head to a standstill. “I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

And he did.

Shock thrills of delight jolted Kitten’s cunt as his sperm hit the back of her mouth, and for the next few wild seconds she had to swallow hard and fast to keep ahead of the honey gushing from his pulsing cock.

“That’s it, little one!” Gil panted. “Eat every drop of my fuck-juice!”

Kitten kept swallowing, swallowing, swallowing, until there was no more.

“Ummm,” she said as she permitted his softening cock to slither out of her mouth. “Your cream’s delicious.”

He managed a loose grin. “You didn’t get it all.”


“You missed a drop or two.”


“On my balls.”

Kitten laughed. “I think you’re lying. I think you just want me to lick your nuts again.”

“I do. Mind?”


“Then lick them dry.”

Kitten’s lips and tongue massaged his balls for a few minutes. By the time she finished, his prick was up and ready for action once more.

“Now what?” she asked. “Another suck job?”

Gil shook his head. “Something else.”



Kitten giggled. “Be my guest. Anything goes tonight. To quote an old saying I just made up — when Kitten comes, everybody comes!”

“Kitten hasn’t come yet.”

“No, but she will.” Kitten flopped to her back. “Fuck me into a good one.”

“Spread your legs and I’ll try.”

Kitten did.

Gil scrambled to his hands and knees and moved in between her yawning legs. A bead of sweat dropped form his brow and splashed against her left boob. He wiped it off, then asked, “Ready?”

“Yes, Gil. Just don’t turn into an animal and hurt me.”

“I won’t.”

Kitten relaxed. A heartbeat later she felt the knob of his cock split her bung, and momentarily she let out a howl and tried to squirm out from under him.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” Kitten yelped as she kept squirming away from his gouging cock. “Take it out, take it out! You’re hurting me!”

Gil smiled wickedly and draped her sleek legs across his shoulders. Kitten was still yelling and trying to escape when he rammed his cock all the way up her ass with one savage thrust.

“Oh, God!” Kitten gasped as the entire length of his dong filled her asshole with the agony of a thousand hells. “You’re killing me!”

Gil wriggled his whang inside her asshole. Pain stiffened Kitten’s nipples, and now his lips zeroed in on the nearest one. He clamped his mouth over the tit and proceeded to suck it while he fucked her ass with his awesome cock.

“Damn you, damn you!” Kitten hissed. “Take your cock out of my asshole!”

Gil withdrew his prick a few inches, then hunched all the way into her butt again. Daggers of agony stabbed Kitten anew. She clenched her teeth, then suddenly relaxed them as pain faded and pleasure replaced it. Surprise jumped into her face, for now the sausage in her asshole was bringing her passion to a boil in the cauldron of her cunt. She exhaled loudly and her hips began a slow grind that added to the happiness she was now receiving from the boner in her butt.

Gil sensed her change of mood, asked, “Getting good to you?”

“Yes, oh, yes!” Kitten tightened the legs she had draped over his shoulders, squinted up at him. “You knew, didn’t you? You knew the pain would pass and then your fuck-stick would feel like paradise inside my asshole.”

Gil kept fucking. “Is that the way it feels?”

Kitten kept bucking against the prod that filled her butt. “Yes, like paradise! Ah, I never knew anything so big could feel so delicious inside my tiny asshole! You’ve got me turned on, now turn me off… Fuck me into a come, Gil. Ream me, ream me! That’s the way! AAhhgg!”

Gil’s fingernails bit into Kitten’s hips as he began to work for his and her jollies. He was relentless as he poured the prod to her ass. He hunched in and humped back into her butt hole with his whang, and with each stroke his face became wetter, his breathing harsher and harsher.

He was on the verge of popping.

Kitten wasn’t.

“Make me come,” she panted. “Make me come!”

Gil tried. He kept lunging in and out of her asshole with his cock, his features becoming more and more twisted from the strain of approaching climax. Kitten matched him thrust for thrust. Her cunt was melting, her ass sensitive to the meat that filled it, and momentarily she was flirting with an orgasm of her own. It built up slowly within her, like a spark being fanned into full flame, and with each stab of Gil’s prick the heat became more and more intense.

“I’m doing it!” Kitten shrilled. “I’m creaming! Oh, God! COOOMMIINNGGG!!”

So was he. Gil lunged into Kitten’s asshole one more time, and a moment later they came together.

“Happy?” Gil asked a bit later.

Kitten sighed dreamily. “More than happy. I’m delirious. You gave me a beautiful come. Man, did you ever give me a beautiful come!”

Gil chuckled like a rasp going against the grain on a hunk of wood and backed his cock out of her ass. His sperm ran out of her butt hole. She dropped her legs from his shoulders, snaked out from under him and sat up.

“Game over?” Gil asked.

Kitten shook her head. “One more inning left, stud. I know I can make it sucking a cock, and I know I can enjoy getting fucked in the ass, but I don’t know how I’ll react to your cock inside my cunt. Let’s find out, shall we?”

Amusement glinted in his eyes. “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the answer, little one.”

“I don’t want to wait.”

“Then you’d better come up with a solution for getting my dick stiff again, you insatiable little nymph.”

Kitten did. She trotted over to the sink, found a washcloth, wet it. She brought it back and wiped his flaccid tool clean. Then she took his dong in her mouth and sucked him into a hard-on again. She stretched out on the floor, opened her legs and watched him over the peaks, of her dancing boobs for a few seconds before she said throatily, “All right, stud, do your thing.” She was panting like a bitch in heat. She wanted his prick in her twat. She had to know if she could take it without freezing.

“Fuck me, Gil. Now!”

Gil dropped to his knees between her legs. He slipped the knob of his cock beyond the dewy lips of her cunt, then stopped to look down at her as she tensed. Concern crawled across his face, and edged his voice. “Are you all right, Kitten?”

“I think so. Let’s find out. Feed me your dick. All of it.”

“In one lunge?”

“Yes… in one lunge.”

“I might hurt you.”

“I’m willing to risk it. Do your thing, Gil. Ram it into my pussy.”

He hesitated.

“Now, damn it, now!”

Gil took a deep breath and hunched forward. Kitten belched air out of her lungs as he buried his bone deep in her cunt. Agony flooded through her system for a few hairy seconds, then vanished, and pleasure replaced it. Excitement embraced her, making her lock her legs around his haunches and shrill, “Your cock doesn’t bother me, Gil! I can take it! I want to take it! Give it to me! Fuck me, lover, fuck me good!”

Gil responded. He started sawing his dick in and out of her tight but slippery snatch with piston like precision. Kitten started climbing the wall of passion. She twisted, she panted, she coiled her legs tightly around his bouncing haunches, and as her cunt threatened to explode in orgasm, she tried to sink her white teeth into the flesh of his neck. She caught herself in time and kissed him instead as she shifted her hips into overdrive to work him into a quick release.

She wanted his cock-cream in her quim. Sweet mother of lust, did she ever want his sperm in her quim!

She went after it. Her hips rolled. Her ass made slap-slap sounds against the floor.

“Pour it to me, pour it to me!” Kitten chanted. “Fuck me hard, Gil! Fuck me, come in me!”

Gil did his best to satisfy her. The speed of his hunching became frenzied and his breathing turned ragged. His sweat-soaked face was a twisted mask of naked lust, and a hint of spittle clung to one corner of his mouth. The room whirled; they whirled with it. They raced at breakneck speed toward the yawning gates of release. He was the first to reach it. He rammed his cock balls deep in her snatch, and Kitten moaned with delight as she felt his hot fuck-sauce gushing into her own erupting cunt.

Their bodies locked in a wild embrace. Their moans became a duet. The yacht rocked. They rocked with it. Until the storm of orgasm passed into limbo…

Gil dropped his sweaty face between her tits and sucked air into his lungs. Kitten loosened her legs from around his butt and thrilled to the sensations his wilting but still swollen cock was continuing to give her pussy.

Gil finished loading his lungs with air and lifted his face from her hot and sticky jugs. He locked glances with her and asked, “How do you feel?”

Her lips softened in a smile. “Like a well-fucked woman.” She patted him on the ass. “You do fine work, stud.”

“No regrets?”


“Good!” Gil withdrew his cock from her cunt and moved out from between her legs. He helped her to a standing position, smiled. “I’m gad you picked me up tonight.”

“So am I,” Kitten laughed as she gathered up her scattered clothing and proceeded to dress. Her face clouded. “I’m only sorry I waited so long before I made up my mind to become a complete woman.”

“Well, you’re there now, so stop brooding, little one.”

Kitten stepped into her panties and covered her pussy. Gil handed her the blouse.

“Are we going to get tight with each other again?” he asked.

“Would you like to?”

“Damn right. I wouldn’t even mind it if we started getting tight with each other right now.”

Kitten buttoned the blouse and stepped into her skirt. Her smile sagged. “No more tonight, Gil. I’d better get my fanny home before Dan comes looking for me.”

He glanced at his wrist watch and smiled sourly. “Yeah, it is getting a bit late.”

It is getting late, all right, Kitten thought as she kissed Gil Savage on the lips and walked out into the muggy night. Where my husband is concerned, maybe too late.


The hands on the clock were reaching for four in the morning when Kitten braked to a stop in front of the cabana and shut the engine. Dan’s pickup was not in sight. Relief hissed past her lips. Beautiful. Now she would have time to take a hot bath and get all gussied up before she pounced on his big cock with her mouth, asshole and pussy.

Kitten entered the mouse-quiet cabana with bubbling spirits, her mind centered on relaxing with an early-morning drink, and then a bath. With daylight already seeping in through the wall-to-wall window that faced the gulf, she ignored the light switch completely. She dropped her purse on the floor near the door, kicked off her shoes and trotted over to the liquor cabinet. She reached for a bottle of orange vodka and started to pour some into a shell glass. Sudden movement caught the corner of her right eye, and she whirled to find Liz Trent perched on the edge of the Bahama lounge, smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

Liz was attired in a baby-pink bikini with matching halter. Looking at her, no longer with surprise, Kitten concluded that she had never seen anyone who lived in bathing suits as much as Liz did, but with a figure like hers, she could afford to put and keep her body on display, day or night. Stacked. Yes, that was the right word to describe Liz — stacked.

The silence was as brief as the pink bikini Liz was wearing. She said teasingly, “Ah, the prodigal pussycat returns.” She paused for a moment and studied Kitten with amused eyes, then nodded. “Judging by that smug expression on your face, the smudged mouth and the pecker tracks on the front of your skirt, I think said pussycat finally took the doctor’s advice and had her prescription filled at one of the village stud stores. Did you?”

Liz’s needle tongue usually annoyed the hell out of Kitten; this time it didn’t. A muscle twitched at the corner of her mouth. She shrugged. “Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, it’s none of your damn business. And speaking of business, what the devil are you doing here at this ungodly hour of the morning?”

Liz sat up straighter and swung her sleek legs to the floor. “Waiting for you. I bring bad tidings. Steve phoned from the mainland shortly after you cut out for the village last night. Our alley cats won’t be back until sometime tomorrow.”

Kitten was silent.

Liz took in Kitten’s slightly rumpled appearance for the second time and pouted prettily. “So who managed to get lucky enough to crawl into you last night?”

Kitten gave a short, nervous laugh. “What makes you think someone did?”

Liz shook her head. “Come off it, pussycat. I’ve been around long enough to recognize a well-laid woman when I see one.” She snorted derisively. “Never mind. I know where you went to get your jollies. I only wanted to see if you’d cop out to being on Gil Savage’s yacht.”

Kitten smiled as though her panties were too tight. “How the hell did you find out about me and Gil?”

“A little bird told me all about it with a late-night phone call.”

“Cleo Brill.” It was not a question.

“Right on!”

Kitten’s voice frosted. “That double-gaited bitch bugs my ass.”

Liz frowned at her. “Why? Because she plays both sides of the sex record, or because your late mother was hung up on her?”

Kitten took a deep breath. “That’s only part of it. The rest of the reason is because the hungry cunt-lapper keeps trying to make me.”

Liz cocked an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with that? Are you afraid to try the game because it might get good to you?”

Kitten chewed her lower lip and looked off into space. Her mind raced wildly. The girl on the Bahama was still hot to dive in her bush, and the knowledge of this was beginning to excite her. She struggled to control her emotions, then gave up. Her flesh curled and tingled and leaped; the motor of her mind continued to race at high speed. Should she round out her education all the way by making it with Liz, by going the lesbian route? Hell, why not? It would help to keep her from going bananas while she waited for that alley-cat husband of hers to come back to her.

She pulled her mind back into the present and smiled at Liz. “I think I’ve matured a little during these past few hours.” Her voice turned sly. “Are you still interested in going down on me?”

Liz’s face turned into a mask of surprise, and breath caught in her throat. She stared at Kitten to determine if she were kidding, decided she wasn’t, licked her lips. “Does a duck like water? Come here and I’ll show you how interested I am in eating out your tight little pussy.”

Kitten grimaced, shook her head. “Not yet. I need a douche and a bath. Look, why don’t you build yourself a drink while I take a quick splash and change into something comfortable?”

“Why bother to change into anything?”

“Maybe I want to make you drool a little.”

Liz regarded her with sudden suspicion. “I’m already drooling, pussycat. I only hope to hell you aren’t putting me on.” Her eyes narrowed and became slits. “Are you?”

Kitten pouted prettily, then laughed. “I’m not all bitch, darling. Of course I’m not putting you on. I’m curious. No, I’m anxious to play this game you seem to find so interesting.”

Liz stood up, tits bobbing with excitement. “Prove it. Come give me a hug and a kiss.”

Kitten stood like a statue of flesh as Liz closed the narrow gap that lay between them and trapped her in an ardent embrace. Kitten closed her eyes as the girl’s boobs collided with hers. A shiver rippled through her system. This was her first bodily contact with another female, but the feeling was not unpleasant. In fact, it was downright exciting… and stimulating.

Damn! Kitten thought. This can’t be happening to me! I haven’t even been kissed yet, and already my pussy’s starting to catch on fire!

“A kiss, baby. Give Liz a kiss.”

Kitten did. Their mouths bumped and Kitten’s lips parted to receive Liz’s stabbing tongue. The french-kiss seemed to last forever. Liz was the first to break away. She was breathing hard. Her tits rocked behind the scrap of halter that held them captive, her hips twitched with the same wild passion that filled her blazing cunt.

“Proof enough?” Kitten asked shakily.

Liz reached down between them and patted Kitten’s skirt-covered crotch. “Nope. I’ll keep thinking I’m dreaming until I get your pussy-cream on my tongue. Lay it to me, hon.”

Kitten shook her head from side to side. “Put the tongue to me now and my cream won’t be the only one you’ll get on your taste buds. Better let me take my douche before you start dining.”

“You made your point,” Liz said, grimacing. “I’ll settle for another kiss.”

Hungry. Liz Trent was hungry.

Kitten surrendered her lips to another kiss and then stiffened as Liz attempted to ram her tongue down her throat for the second time.

“No,” Kitten panted, breaking away. “Keep doing the french-kiss bit on me and I’m liable to forget about taking that damn douche.” She laughed breathlessly. “Don’t be so impatient, damn it. Fix yourself a drink and unwind. I won’t be long.”

Liz shrugged. “Whatever you say, baby.” She gave her a playful slap on the hip. “Do your thing, but for chrissakes, do it fast.”

Kitten poured herself a drink of orange vodka and carried it into the bathroom. She locked the door and did a fast strip. She paused to admire her naked tits in the door minor, and wondered how it would feel when the girl in the next room put the mouth to her nipples.

The girl in the next room?

“This is weird,” Kitten said to herself as she adjusted the shower faucets. “Yesterday I hated her guts, and today I’m going to let her go down on me. The hell of it is, I’m actually looking forward to taking her tongue up my pussy.”

Kitten stepped into the shower stall and washed away the stickiness of Dr. Dubois’ and Gil Savage’s sperm from her body. It made her feel better. She took her douche. Then she rinsed off, dried her voluptuous body and powdered herself from head to toe. A dab of French perfume between her tits, some of the same on her twinkie, and momentarily she was almost ready to walk into the room where Liz Trent waited to give her a wild ride on her tongue.

She smiled at her minor twin and told it, “No doubt about it, babe — you do look good enough to eat.”

She turned away from the mirror, picked up her drink and padded into the bedroom. The television set was blaring, and a resonant male voice mentioned something about the hurricane brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Kitten barely heard it. She was too preoccupied with preparing herself for her first lesbian sex-session.


Soon another woman would eat her cunt.

She changed into a black half-bra, matching panties, then covered herself with a white terrycloth robe and stepped into a pair of mules. A touch of blood-red lipstick and she was ready to step into the living room and meet her maker.

Kitten felt her sleeping nipples awaken behind her bra as she retrieved her orange vodka from the dresser’s edge and walked out to join Liz in the living room.

Liz snapped off the television set and started staring at Kitten. She smacked her ripe red lips in an obscene manner. “Come here, honey.”

Kitten crossed the room and joined Liz on the Bahama lounge. She pressed her hip against the redhead, queried, “Close enough?”

Liz thrilled to the sweet smell of Kitten. So young. So pretty. So tender. Her mouth watered to get at the girl’s juicy quim. She shook her head and said, “Close enough will be when I stick your cunt with my tongue.”

Kitten licked her lips in a nervous gesture. Heat was beginning to jump into her cunt again. Her tits heaved, her heart hammered, her voice sounded strangled as she said, “You’re really hooked on muff-diving, aren’t you?”

Liz smiled as she stared at Kitten’s bra, for at this point the robe was yawning wide enough to reveal it. “I love all forms of sex, baby. Uninhibited, that’s me. Like you’re becoming. Welcome to the club.”

Kitten felt herself blushing.

Liz laughed at her sudden embarrassment.

“Now, now, baby, don’t start having second thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with sexing it up with another girl. There’s nothing wrong with sexing it up, period. It’s like beauty — strictly in the eyes of the beholder.”

Kitten laughed. “Convince me.”

Liz lifted her hands to Kitten’s tits. “Let’s start by finding out how you react to another girl’s hands on these lovely knockers of yours. Aha, just as I suspected! See? Your nipples are stiffening, and you didn’t flinch a bit when I touched them. Want me to keep going?”


Liz stopped toying with Kitten’s boobs and stood up. A lazy smile touched her lips and a sleepy quality glazed her eyes as she reached back and unclasped her halter. She held it in place for a few seconds, then jerked it aside and tumbled her tits into nakedness.

Kitten’s breath caught in her throat as she watched the cool air rush against Liz’s nipples and harden them. A strange mood embraced her, for all of a sudden she had the wildest desire to attack and ravish those jutting nipples with her mouth.

Liz seemed to sense the strange mood that rode her, and said, “They’re nice, aren’t they?” She thrust her boobs towards Kitten. “Would you like to touch them? No? Well, maybe you’d like to touch something else. My pussy. With your tongue.”

Kitten made no answer.

Liz laughed softly and nudged the bikini bottom down around her trim ankles. She followed it all the way down, and as she doubled over, Kitten was tempted to reach out and palm those ripe, swaying jugs of hers. God, she was such a tasty-looking piece!

Tasty? Kitten grimaced and wondered: What the hell’s the matter with me? I’m here to get my cunt eaten, not to do the eating…

Liz cut into her thoughts. “You’re getting turned on in an unexpected way, aren’t you? And it bugs you, doesn’t it? I know the feeling. I went through it with Cleo Brill. Don’t fight it, baby. If you want to lick my split, do it.”


Liz kept crowding. “You got rid of a few of your sexual hang-ups last night, pussycat. Don’t stop now. Get rid of the rest of them. Kicks are where you find them. Look at my pussy and tell yourself I’m a girl who wants to be eaten.”


Liz shook her hips at Kitten and said almost angrily, “Be honest with yourself, baby. Admit you want to gnaw on my clit and suck the cum from my cunt with your long, pink tongue. Admit it, admit it!”

Kitten laughed suddenly. “All right, you persuasive bitch, I admit it. I want to suck your cunt.”

“Go ahead,” Liz urged as she came closer and thrust her box at Kitten’s blushing face. “Do your thing. Slip your sweet tongue inside my twat and lick the cum out of it.”

Kitten slipped from the Bahama lounge and dropped to her knees. “Bring it to me.”

Liz laughed triumphantly and pulled Kitten’s face against her hairy cunt. “Lick away, baby.”

Kitten remained indecisive for a few more seconds. Then the lust inside her forced her into action. She lost all contact with reality and reason. The world stopped turning on silent hinges and roared in her ears. She made a low growling sound deep within her throat and surrendered to her strange craving. She clutched Liz’s hips and buried her face deeper in the copper-colored beaver that covered the redhead’s cunt-mound.

“That’s a good pussycat,” Liz murmured as she gripped the back of Kitten’s head and drew it tight against me burning box. “Now stab me with your tongue, baby! Eat me! Eat my cunt good!”

Kitten licked her lips. Then she zeroed in and proceeded to lick Liz’s juicy cunt.

Liz whimpered with delight as the stabbing tongue impaled her cunt-hole. She went off her stick. Breath blasted out of her. Hips shook. So did the rest of her.

“Eat me, baby, eat me! Lap my cunt and make me come like I’ve never come before!”

Kitten obeyed. She gripped Liz’s dimpled ass and wriggled her tongue. Liz came all the way unglued. She moaned, she bucked, she dug a handful of long fingernails into Kitten’s shoulders and then she cried, “Go, darling, go!”

Kitten continued to lick Liz’s melting slit for another minute or so. Then she backed her tongue out of the wet hole and trapped the jutting clitoris between her lips. She sucked and gnawed on the spire of flesh, then gave it a quick and unexpected nip that took Liz by surprise… and tripped her trigger.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m coming! AAARRRGGGHHH!”

Kitten shifted her mouth to the lips of Liz’s cunt and started licking, licking, licking, until Liz’s twat-honey no longer flowed…

“Baby,” Liz panted as she backed her cunt away from Kitten’s eager tongue and sank to the lounge, “you certainly know how to lick a split! Are you sure this is the first time you’ve done any muff-diving?”

Kitten laughed, then started shaking her head. “I can’t believe it!”

“Can’t believe what?”

Kitten kept shaking her head. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Liz threw back her head and laughed. “You’re out to lunch, did you know that?”

“I’m in worse shape than you think, Liz. My pussy feels as thought it’s been massaged with a blowtorch. I could use a good come. Use, hell — I need a good come.”

“I’ll give you one, baby. Stretch out on the floor.”

Kitten did.

Liz wasted no time in going down on Kitten. She dipped her head and went straight for the hole. The thrust that followed took Kitten’s breath away. Her hips jerked; a moan belched out of her.

“God,” she said irreverently, “this feels so good!”

And it did.

The driving tongue… hooking into her pussy lifting her to new and greater heights of passion… pushing her toward the precipice… the wet edge of orgasm…

“Eat me! Eat my cunt!”

Liz continued to devour her twat. Hungrily. Noisily. Eagerly. Kitten closed her eyes and shuddered. Her tits heaved and thrills raced up and down her spine. It was madness in high gear. Sweet madness.

The driving tongue… curving… licking the walls of her cunt… gently, lovingly… wriggling like a snake… bringing that divine moment of sudden climax nearer and nearer… thrusting, probing for the magic button that would bring a river of cum flowing out of her… making her scream… and burn… and scream some more jolting her and jolting her, until…

A whimper broke past Kitten’s lips and her fingers twisted in Liz’s hair as climax threatened. The room turned into a whirlpool that tried to suck her under. She fought it for the space of a few heartbeats, and then she surrendered to the fury of the driving tongue and orgasmed in Liz’s mouth.

Later, much later, Liz smiled at Kitten and asked, “Feel better, baby?”

Kitten nodded. “Much. No shame, no regrets. Only one tiny question.”


Kitten’s hands slithered over her naked body. “Would you mind telling me how and when in hell I got undressed?”

Liz lit a pair of cigarettes and passed one to Kitten. “Does it matter?”

Kitten took a deep suck on the cigarette and blew a thin scarf of smoke towards the ceiling. “Nope. The way I feel now, nothing matters. How about another drink?”

“I’d rather eat your cunt again.”

Kitten glanced at the sunburst wall clock and shook her head. “I don’t think so. Ten minutes from now horny old Max will crawl out of the woodwork and start yelling for his breakfast.”

Liz’s eyebrows lifted. “He eats, too? I thought all that oversexed bastard did was drink and sniff after pussy.”

Kitten giggled. “Sniff is right. That’s probably all he can do. Personally, I think a good piece of ass would kill him.”

“Don’t bet on it, baby. I make it with Max once a week, and you can take it from me, that old boy is a real tiger in the sack. And hung like a mule, baby. Yeah, like a fucking mule.”

Kitten laughed, then asked, “Is there anyone on this island you haven’t made it with?”

Liz frowned thoughtfully. “Let me see. Hmmm. Yes, by golly, there is one person I didn’t get, but if I live nine more years I will — that’s when he turns eighteen.”

“You’re crazy!”

“No, just passionate.” Liz gathered up her halter and bikini bottom. She dressed hurriedly and glided towards the door. There she paused, wet her lovely red lips, asked gently, “All right if I come here to spend the night with you?”

Kitten sighed dreamily. “I wouldn’t mind.” Her eyes caressed the petite redhead. “Liz?”

“Yes, babe?”

Kitten’s lips curved in a smile, her voice licked. “I’m glad we’re friends again.”

“So am I,” Liz said quietly. “So am I.”

Then she blew Kitten a kiss and sailed out into the early-morning sunshine.


The office was empty. And quiet. Kitten ignored the leather tagged keys on the cluttered counter and walked into Max’s living quarters. An ancient parrot came to attention on his perch as she entered, and crackled, “Pretty lady wanna fuck… pretty lady wanna fuck?”

Kitten walked up to the cage. “No, I don’t wanna fuck, you dirty old bird. I’d rather wring your Goddamn neck.”

“Wring your Goddamn neck, wring your Goddamn neck…”

Kitten laughed and turned her back to the corrupt parrot, called, “Max.”

“In here,” came the answer, and then the growl, “Starving my ass off.”

“You could stand to lose a few pounds from that rump of yours,” Kitten said as she entered the kitchen and found Max Markie lifting a cup of coffee to his plastic pink lips. “Maybe I should put you on a diet, starting right now.”

Max lowered his cup to the table and snorted. “Diet? Christ, I eat like a fucking bird as it is.”

“You certainly do eat like a fucking bird,” Kitten retorted, turning away. “A vulture.”

Max stared at her to determine if she was out to start a fight, decided she wasn’t, laughed. He sobered abruptly, fisted his coffee cup and studied her over the lip of it. He looked… and felt his dozing libido awaken. Kitten was wearing open toed sandals, white hip-huggers and a boyish cut, peppermint-stripped blouse this morning. A real walking doll. The blouse hugged her curves and accentuated the ripeness of her tits, and the hip-huggers fit over her hips and haunches and thighs as though they had been pasted into place. She reeked of French perfume and sensuality, and if what Liz Trent had done to her this morning was indicative of anything, she was as explosive as she looked.

A grin pulled at his lips. He had watched Kitten and Liz go at it through the window earlier this morning. Peeping while Kitten went down on Liz’s juicy quim had made him cream in his shorts, and he had damned near popped a second time when Liz did some lapping of her own in Kitten’s cunt. Now, looking at Kitten mixing up a batch of biscuits, he told himself it was about Goddamn time this little butterfly had emerged from her frigid cocoon.

He attempted to take his mind off his stiff prick by asking, “Dan coming back today?”

Kitten spoke without turning. “Not according to Liz.”

“He still pissed off at you?”


“You wanna talk about it?”

“Not on an empty stomach.”

“Me, neither.” He watched the white hip huggers stretch and tighten over her shapely ass as she knifed forward to slip the pan of biscuits into the oven. He saw the outline of her panties show through the material and felt his dick quiver against his thigh. He swallowed hard. “I don’t like to do nothing on an empty stomach.”

Liar, Kitten thought as she watched sweat pop out on his bulging brow. I’ll bet you’d let breakfast burn if I offered you a crack at my cunt. A queer little flutter seized the muscles of her twat. I hear you’re hung like a mule, you horny old bastard. Well, before I leave you this morning… I just might let you use it on me.


No, would.

Max cut into her thoughts by saying, “before it slips my mind, Monique Dubois phoned last night. She’s throwing another of her parties tonight. You and Dan are invited.”

Monique Dubois’ parties. Kitten had never attended one of them, but she knew the damned affairs usually ended up as orgies. The old Kitten hadn’t been interested; the new one was. She nodded. With or without Dan, she would show up for this one.

Max cut into her thoughts by grumbling, “Christ, ain’t you got that swill you’re going to foist off on me as breakfast ready yet?”

She extended a stiff finger towards him. “Take a ride on this, you old lecher. Better yet, why don’t you crawl under the table and lick your nuts?”

Slyness edged his voice. “I’d rather have you crawl under there and lick them for me.”

A smile curved Kitten’s lips as she turned to the stove and started cracking eggs into the skillet. She knew that Max was sensing the change in her. Hell, with the habit he had of acting like a peeping Tom, it was even possible that he had seen part of the metamorphosis take place while she and Liz Trent had indulged their appetites in a meal of cunt. She gave a mental shrug. It didn’t matter. The way she felt now, nothing would even matter again. Nothing except Dan.

Dan? Her face clouded for a moment. Maybe her coldness had driven him out of her arms for good. No, it wasn’t going to happen. She wouldn’t let it happen. Not after all the things she had done to become a complete woman… his woman. No way!

Kitten distracted herself by placing breakfast on the table, and asking, “What time did Monique Dubois call?”

“Around eleven last night,” Max replied as he speared some ham and eggs onto his plate. He paused, frowned. “Yeah, around eleven.”

Kitten lowered her head to conceal a smile. Monique had phoned after her sex-session with Jason at Lighthouse Point.

A thought unlocked. Jason must have spilled his guts to his wife about getting into her panties. This would explain the sudden invitation to attend Monique’s party, for it had been ten months of cold shoulder since the last one had been extended. She almost laughed aloud. Letting Jason throw a fuck into her had been a good idea after all, in more ways than one.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the office phone rang. Kitten raced to answer it. A tourist was calling to confirm a reservation. She gave him the green light, started back towards the kitchen, stopped in the spacious living room as the parrot piped up, “Wanna fuck… wanna fuck?”

“Maybe I would,” Kitten snapped at the foul-mouthed parrot, “but not with you.”

“Not with you, not with you.”

“How about me?” Max Markie asked as he came up behind Kitten. “How about fucking with me?”

Kitten whirled to face Max. Her eyes widened; a gasp ripped past her lips. She stared, shook her head. No dirty old man in a transparent raincoat here; simply a dirty old man with no raincoat at all. Naked as a jaybird and hot to trot, his gigantic hard-on jutted towards her like an informer’s accusing finger in a crowded courtroom.

“Christ!” she exclaimed, borrowing his favorite epithet. “Liz wasn’t lying about that pole of yours! The damn thing must be a foot long!”

Max actually blushed. “Aw, it ain’t that big. Actually, it’s only ten and a half inches long. You want it?”

“I’ll let you know, after you explain this sudden boldness of yours.” She stopped staring at his monstrous prick and locked glances with him. “You were at the window this morning, weren’t you?”

He nodded.

“You saw Liz and I eat each other?”

He nodded again.

“I thought so.” She watched him closely. “Liz got hers, and now you want yours, is that it?” She didn’t wait for him to answer. “What happens if I turn you down?”

He shook his head. “Nothing. What you do is your business. I won’t blab to Dan.”

She blinked. “You’re willing to let me walk out on that cock of yours, and you’ll keep your mouth shut about me and Liz?”

“Like I said, what you do is your own business.”

Kitten laughed suddenly. “In that case, my ass is yours.”

Max shook his head. “Don’t want your ass, Kitten. Don’t want none of your pussy either.”

Her glance dropped to his colossal cock. “You want me to suck that thing?”

“Only toward the end.”

“Toward the end of what?”

“Toward the end of the game I wanna play with you, if you decide to go for it.”

He grinned crookedly and blurted, “I’d like to screw you between those big tits of yours.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’d like to work off a load of cum between your tits. I’ve wanted to for a long time. Since the first day I laid eyes on them. You gonna humor me?”

Kitten laughed throatily. “Why not? I’ve lost my cherry in other places. I might as well lose it there, too. Let me undress.”

“Do that.”

Kitten unzipped her white hip-huggers, and knifed forward to skin out of them, thinking, I keep going like this and pretty soon I’ll be everybody’s choice piece of ass, except my husband’s.

She straightened, bed the hip-huggers aside and proceeded to unbutton her blouse. Max watched her like a hawk. She unbuttoned the blouse and shrugged out of it. She draped it across the back of a nearby chair.

Max walked up to her. “Turn around.”

Kitten obeyed, giggled. “I’m gad I’m still wearing my panties so you can’t get at my asshole with that big dong of yours.”

Max chuckled and reached between her shoulder blades to unclasp the bra. Then he peeled it free and tumbled her tits into nakedness. He spun her around to face him, to watch the air rush against her nipples and harden them. They reminded him of miniature pink pricks in search of a faggot to suck them. He wasn’t interested in sucking the sweet things. Not now.

Nor was Kitten. She melted to the floor and stretched out on her back. She smiled at him over the peaks of her quivering boobs and said, “You’re going to get the last cherry on my body, Max. Have at it.”

“Christ,” Max rasped as he straddled her warm stomach, “I hope I don’t pop before I get at those pretty jugs of yours.”

Kitten took his hard-on and tucked it between her tits. A moment later she lifted her head and licked his huge knob, then said, “Big as you are, if I keep my mouth open while you diddle me between the boobs, I can get a suck each time you hunch forward. With luck, I might even be able to catch and swallow your load. How about that?”

“Yeah, how about that.”

“Get with it.”

Max did. He mashed her boobs together and felt them scorch his prick. He started rocking back and forth, and each time his whang popped into view, Kitten took a suck of it, making air whistle from his lungs.

“Keep doing that,” he panted, “and it ain’t gonna take me long to pop my wad.”

“Do it in my mouth, not over my face. Let me know when you’re going to come.”

“I’m almost there… take me!”

Kitten lifted his bloated cock from between her jugs and took it in her mouth. Max groaned. Every inch of his body felt aroused, awakened to every sensation as her lips gripped his huge prick, and gave it a violent suck. His asshole tensed; his balls began to ache.

“Ah!” he said, nothing more.

Sensing that he was on the verge of eruption, Kitten cupped his balls in her right hand, then kneaded them with a determined, caressing movement of her fingers, her mind begging him to flood her mouth with a big load of cum.

Shock thrills of agony continued to shoot through Max’s system like wild bolts of lightning as climax threatened, and continued to threaten. He forced his eyes open and looked down at Kitten’s face. Her eyes were closed as her lips worked over the cock that filled her mouth. Watching her, feeling the pressure of her lips on his dick, added to the agony in his nuts and brought more heat to the impending orgasm sloshing inside his loins.

“Finish me!” he said through clenched teeth. “Christ, Christ, Christ, finish me!”

Kitten raked his cock with her teeth and made him groan, louder this time. Then the sound belching from his throat dropped to a weak gurgle. He felt his prick twitch, and a heartbeat later thick blasts of sperm gushed from the nozzle of his hose and splattered against the back of Kitten’s throat.

Kitten gagged, then gulped, retched, gulped again. She swallowed his spunk and kept swallowing, until he finished shooting, and then she permitted her lips to loosen, causing his cock to make a wet popping sound as it jumped out of her mouth.

Max grinned down at her and asked, “Your first blow-job?”

“What makes you ask? Was it that bad?”

“No, it was good. But you gagged.”

Kitten laughed. “That damn knob of yours tickled my tonsils. I damn near threw up.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“So am I. Losing that meal of cum would have ruined my whole day.”

“You liked it, huh?”

“Loved it.”

Max’s cock was stiffened again. He lifted it with both hands and pointed it towards her mouth. “Would you like another batch?”

Her head wobbled from side to side. “Some other time, Max. At the moment I’m more interested in getting a come of my own.”

“You want me to fuck you?”


He frowned. “Do you think you can take this dick of mine inside that tight little box of yours? Damn few broads I’ve made it with could. That’s how come I started fucking them between the tits. I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” Kitten said, mentally adding, I hope. “Come on, Max, fuck me.” She lifted her ass from the floor. “Take off my panties and fuck me — fuck me!”

Max needed no coaxing. His trembling fingers clawed at the waistband of her panties, and moments later they lay in a tiny wad on the floor. Kitten spread her legs and purred, “Fuck me.”

Max grinned and crawled between her legs. Kitten trapped his slobbering dick in her right hand, tucked the knob between the wet lips of her quim. She grunted as he rammed his prick home with one thrust and brought his nuggets to a rest on her asshole.

“I can take it!” she screamed as her hips came alive and started grinding away at the cock that filled her cunt. “I can take it!”

“Christ, I’ll say you can!” Max laughed. “First woman outside of Liz who has in a long time.”

Kitten barely heard him, for suddenly her mind began to spin like a top. Her heart hammered, her eyes closed, and behind the eyelids stars and pinwheels exploded against a backdrop of deep midnight. She felt herself being sucked into a vortex, held fast to the whirlpool’s cone by a sucking force which was draining every ounce of reason out of her. She moaned and writhed and blindly groped for Max’s mouth with her own. She found, pried his lips apart and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her legs coiled around him, her arms tightened around his neck. She sucked his tongue, dug long fingernails into his back, made him whimper. Their bodies fused; they grunted into each other’s mouths. Then, suddenly, the vortex released her. She stopped sucking on his tongue, jerked her mouth away from his and panted, “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Max’s body pounded against hers. His big hands stroked her tits, his fingers tweaked her nipples, and now she was in a state of complete helplessness. His cock hammered in and out of her cunt. Kitten moaned, clawed, and chanted obscenities that would have made a cab diver blush.

“Ram that big whang into my box, Max! Bury your prick deep in my quim! Go, Max, go! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Max looked down at her passion-twisted face and saw her eyes glaze, and then turn completely blank as torment turned into the sweetness of climax.

“I’m coming! I’M COMING! AARRGGHHHH!! AAAaaahhhh…”

Kitten’s cries turned into a long sigh as she tightened her legs around his butt and shivered her way through a delicious come. The tips of her boobs stabbed at his chest as she strained her crotch to his. Max’s own masculine response was immediate, and a clock tick later he matched her explosion with one of his own.

A few moments later he lay spent on top of Kitten, his sweaty face buried between her equally sweaty tits, his cock still stashed inside her cunt.

“There,” Kitten said as she felt his sperm drain out of her quim and tickle down into her asshole, “that should hold both of us… for a while.”

Max chuckled and came to a kneeling position between her yawning legs. His softening cock made a sucking sound as it slipped out of her soggy cunt. He exhaled and said, “It’ll have to hold me longer than that, Kitten.”

Her brow wrinkled in a frown. “Oh?”

Max caught her hands in his and lurched to his feet, bringing her up with him. “Gotta boat over to the mainland and pick up a few guests who think that driving here over the toll bridge would ruin their vacation. Christ, I never saw anything fussier than a pack of tourists.”

Kitten laughed softly as she located some tissues and proceeded to wipe away the jizz that was still oozing out of her cunt. “It’s just as well, you old leech. I’ve got a jillion things to do before the party tonight.”

He blinked. “Then you weren’t shucking me. You really are going?”

“Any reasons why I shouldn’t?”

“Nope. It’s just that you took me by surprise. Christ, everything about you today is a surprise.”

“Good or bad?”

“Good. Christ, it’s high time you cut your wolf loose and started acting like a real woman, and not like your late mother.”

It was Kitten’s turn to blink. “You knew her?”

“Sure. Knew your father, too.”

Sudden interest mirrored her face. “What was he like, Max?”

He grinned. “Like no man I ever knew before, or since. Big, handsome, full of piss and vinegar, that was your father. I was shrimping with him out of Tampa Bay when he first met your mother. Nothing was the same after she came into his life. Before that he was always reaching out with both hands for a good grip on the future, busting his ass to save for a shrimp fleet, of his own. Your mother threw a quick fuck into that dream, let me tell you. She spent his money like she was afraid it might go out of style. When times started to get tough, she conned him into coming to Starfish Island and selling the land he had here. Here was where she finished throwing a final fuck into his bank book, and then kicked his ass out of the house.”

“I thought he…”

“Deserted her?” Max scooped up her wadded panties and shook them loose, then shook his head. “She fed you a bunch of shit about that, Kitten. Your father wasn’t a runner. And he wasn’t the kind of man who turned his back on obligations. He went back to the shrimp boats, and every month, regular as clockwork, he’d send her money to keep you from going naked — and hungry. Course, knowing your mother, she probably spent most of it on herself. A real user, that one.”

Kitten stepped into her panties and tugged them into place over her hips and pussy before she said, “Tell me more about my father. Is he still alive?”

Max shook his head. “He beat your mother to the cemetery by a year. Damn shame you never got to know him, but take my word for it, he was one hell of a man.” He smiled. “I’m glad you finally decided to take after him.”

Kitten cocked an amused eyebrow at him. “By acting like a whore?”

“No, by coming alive, and unclenching your fists so you can grab for your private rainbow with both hands.” His voice turned suddenly gruff. “Christ, will you listen to me! I’m starting to sound like Jason Dubois does when he’s drunk.” He paused to smack his lips. “Speaking of drinks, I sure as hell could use one right now. How about you?”

Kitten picked up her bra, nodded. “Anything except that cheap wine you drink.”

Max moved towards the wall bar, his cock swinging between his legs like a length of wet rope. “I mix a mean Honolulu cooler.”


Max watched her don the bra, making Kitten wonder if her actions would give him another hard-on. She hoped so. Another crack at his cock with her mouth would please her to no end. The thought of sucking his dick brought a smile to her lips. Damn, she was getting hooked on the taste of sperm! Correction, she was getting hooked on sex, period.

One stiff prick coming up, Kitten thought as she clasped her bra into place. Her coral nipples remained erect and tingling, their imprint showing through the material as she shook them at Max and asked, “Am I turning you on again, you dirty old man?”

Max stepped out from behind the bar to show her his stiffening tool. “Answer your question? Christ, the way you teased your tits into that damned bra, a dead man would’ve come up with a rail just from watching. You tease me on purpose?”


“Why? You want me to fuck you again?”

She shook her head as she walked up to him and took his cock in both hands. “I’m still hungry. I want to eat more of your cum.”

Max glanced down at the way her fingers were gripping his prick and broke out in a sweat. Then he placed his hands on her naked shoulders and gently forced her down to her knees, rasped, “Start eating, little one.”

Kitten kissed the knob of his cock and then her lips dropped and her tongue flicked out to lick his nuts. Max shivered and nearly popped his wad right then. Getting his balls worked over by a woman’s tongue always did that to him. He dug the heels of his hands against the back of her head and said, “Christ, that’s like getting goosed with an electric wire!”

Kitten stopped licking his nuts and looked up at him. “Good, huh?”

“Better than that.”

Kitten dropped her mouth to his balls again. She licked them for a minute or more; then her tongue left his nuggets and her lips worked their way along his throbbing prick-shaft until they reached its knob. She tickled it with the tip of her tongue and almost made him come… again.

“Christ, you really know how to cop a joint!” Max croaked. “But I think you’d better stop teasing and wrap your hot lips around my whang before I squirt a load of cum all over your pretty face. I’m damn near ready to get my rocks off.”

Kitten’s bra-covered boobs burned against his thighs and her nipples dug into his flesh like twin peckers bent on rape. His cock was long enough for him to look down and see what she was doing. As he stared, Kitten slipped her yawning mouth over the knob of his dripping dong and attacked the underside of it with the tip of her tongue. He hunched forward and watched about four inches of cock disappear inside her mouth; she didn’t sag. Her lips tightened and her head moved in a sliding manner over his prick-shaft. She held onto it with her right band, sort of jerking him off while she sucked, and a minute or so later his knees threatened to buckle as jism gushed forth and flooded her mouth; he didn’t think he would ever stop coming.

Kitten swallowed every drop of fuck-cream she could get, and then she tried to find more. She gnawed on his whang until he finally backed off and removed it from her mouth, and then she licked the few drops of sperm from the hairy thicket around his balls.

Max waited until her mouth stopped moving. Then he lifted her to a standing position and wheezed, “Enough is enough, Kitten. Christ, don’t kill me in one day.”

Kitten laughed. “All right, dirty old man, I’ll let you get your wind back.”

“You’ll do better than that,” Max said as he returned to the wall bar. “You’re going to get dressed, have your drink, and then you’re going to get that pretty ass of yours out of here so I can get mine ready for that trip to the mainland. Those damn tourists might get impatient if I’m late, and take their business elsewhere.”

Kitten remembered the many nights Max had kept the motel’s No Vacancy sign burning to discourage customers, frowned at him. “Why this sudden interest in filling up the cabanas, dirty old man?”

Max didn’t pretend to misunderstand. “We need the money.”

“We could have been making it all winter.”

“We were.”

“I don’t understand.”

Max handed her the Honolulu cooler. “Business slowed down so bad Gil Savage and I decided to turn this place into a hot pillow joint for a while. Those college kids over on the mainland really went for our deal — a free ride here and back, and all the privacy they needed, at half the price they’d pay for a room in DeSoto City.”

“I’ll be damned!” Kitten laughed as she clinked her glass against his. “A whorehouse was being operated right under my nose and I didn’t even know it.”

She sampled her drink. “It isn’t buried there any more, dirty old man. Let’s just hope I yanked it out in time.”

“You mean Dan?” He snorted. “I wouldn’t worry too much about him not coming back to bed with you. I know that boy. He’ll lick the salt from his wounded ego until it’s all healed, and then he’ll bring his cock back to you. Do me a favor when he does. Leave your blinds open so I can see the look on his face when he finds out the kind of woman you suddenly turned out to be.”

Kitten threw back her head and laughed. “Aren’t you worried about coming down with eyestrain?”

Kitten finished her drink and handed him the empty glass. “All right, dirty old man, I’ll keep the blinds open.” She picked up her hip-huggers and struggled into them. “And I think I’d better grab a nap before I make Monique’s party tonight.”

“About that party,” Max said as he watched her slip into the peppermint-striped blouse and button it into place over her tits. “You’re supposed to dress up for it.”

“Costumes and masks?”

Kitten sighed wearily. “I’ll have to drive into the village and rent one.”

“Any idea what kind of outfit you’re going to pick?”


Max grinned. “I never miss one of Monique’s parties, but I might be late getting back from the mainland, and I’d like to know what you’ll be wearing so I can find you in the crowd.”

Devils of amusement danced in Kitten’s eyes. “If I can swing it, I think I’ll go dressed as a bunny rabbit. How about yourself?”

“Well, considering what’s happened today, I think I’ll forget about wearing my pirate rig and come as a carrot instead.”

“So you can get gobbled up by the lady rabbit?”

“Damn right!”


Three hours of sleep and one hot bath later found Kitten all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as she skidded her convertible to a stop in front of the Old Bottle Inn, and killed the engine. On the seat next to her, in a cardboard box, was the bunny costume she would wear to Monique Dubois’ party this evening. She picked it up and slid out of the car with a generous display of thighs, locked it in the trunk. Then she turned and moved slowly towards the tavern entrance, only to hesitate near the door. A thoughtful expression crawled across her face. Should she or shouldn’t she try for a truce with Cleo Brill? Could she go through with it? Would she be able to find the right words? Maybe she should simply say she was sorry and let it go at that.

“Stop sweating nails,” she muttered to herself. “You don’t have to go inside, you know. Coming here to make peace with Cleo was your idea, not hers.”

She took a deep breath that rocked her pointed tits, then walked through the door.

Kitten noted that customers were few as she threaded her way between the tables and perched her shapely rump on a bar stool. She also noted that Cleo Brill was not in sight. Kitten ordered a gimlet and flamed a cigarette to life while she waited for the drink to land in front of her. She sucked on the cigarette and picked up a view of the room in the back bar minor. There were no familiar faces at the two occupied tables.

“Here’s your drink, lady.”

Kitten lost interest in the table customers. She fished a dollar bill from her shoulder bag and dropped it on the moist bar. She started to sample the gimlet. She had it nearly to her lips when Cleo Brill unexpectedly popped up behind her and said coldly, “You’re determined to get my license suspended, aren’t you?”

“Not really,” Kitten replied as she turned on the stool to face the tangerine-haired woman she had been at odds with ever since she could remember. “I only dropped in to see if I still hated your guts.”

Cleo’s expressive lips twisted in a bitter smile. “Nobody changes feelings overnight, doll. You’ve been grinding your heels into the back of my neck longer than I care to remember. Why should you feel any differently toward me today?”

Kitten sighed. Getting Cleo to bury the hatchet wasn’t going to be easy.

They stared at each other for a long moment, and it was Kitten who broke the silence. “Uncle Max did some talking this morning, and I did some listening. He told me about my father, and what Momma did to him.” Her eyes crawled over the big-titted woman. “I thought you were the one who shot Daddy out of the saddle with that long tongue of yours. I was wrong.” She paused to wet her lips. Then she slid from her perch to a standing position and said almost angrily, “Damn it to hell, Cleo, I’m trying to apologize.”

At first, Cleo was too surprised to comprehend what was happening. When the surprise faded and the truth hit home, she grew embarrassed. Her face seemed to melt, then light up, the eyes suddenly as soft as her voice. “I know you’re trying to apologize, doll. The question is… for what?” She shrugged and made her football-sized tits bobble. “I’m sure I don’t know.”

Kitten’s anger dissolved into tenderness. Cleo wanted this truce. Kitten placed a hand on the woman’s arm and said, “You’re making this terribly easy for me, Cleo.”

“I hope so, doll. I want you for a friend. I always did.” She filled her lungs with air, exhaled it in the form of soft laughter. “But I’m still worried about my booze license.”

“I won’t touch it.”

“There’s no reason why you shouldn’t. You paid for it.”

She frowned for a moment, then made up her mind about something and said, “I have an idea. Why don’t you pick up your drink and bring it back to my apartment?” A harsh laugh bounced out of her. “Don’t worry, I won’t try to seduce you.”

The hell you won’t, Kitten thought as she followed Cleo’s swaying hips up a narrow flight of stairs. I’ll make you seduce me. Once and for all, I’m going to find out if you’re as good in the sack as Momma thought you were…

The apartment was soundproof, and dedicated to sex. Lewd paintings in expensive frames dotted the walls, while statuettes carved from driftwood cluttered the floor, end tables and various nooks and crannies. Behind the black leather couch was a bookcase — shelves crammed with books dealing with witchcraft, abnormal psychology, books on wild sexual practices, and works of fiction dealing with the subject of lesbianism.

Weird. Real weird. But at the same time… stimulating.

Cleo misinterpreted the expression she caught on Kitten’s face and said apologetically, “I’m sorry you find this place so repulsive, doll.”

Kitten’s smile was quick. “But I don’t. It’s just that I’m so flabbergasted. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.”

“It doesn’t sicken you?”

Kitten shook her head. “Yesterday it would have, but not today. I’ve done some growing up since last night.”

Cleo’s eyes turned shrewd. “With Gil Savage?”

Kitten sampled her gimlet, nodded. “And Dr. Dubois. And Liz Trent.” Laughter bubbled in her voice. “And this morning with dirty old Uncle Max.” She locked glances with the again surprised woman. “About the only one I haven’t made it with is you.” There, it was out!

Cleo licked a droplet of sweat from her upper lip. Her eyes probed the depths of Kitten’s, looking for a cruel joke that wasn’t there, and then she said quietly, “I hope to hell you know what you’re doing, doll. I wouldn’t want you to have any regrets after…”

Cleo was still talking when Kitten closed the narrow space that crouched between them and kissed her into silence. The glass in her right hand tilted and the gimlet spilled on the floor as Kitten locked her arms around the woman’s waist to bring her cunt against hers.

Cunts met, tits collided, but it was the kiss that started to produce heat in their loins. It was a long kiss in which Kitten’s tongue played the aggressor, and by the time she withdrew it from Cleo’s mouth, the woman was breathless.

“Damn,” Cleo panted as she stepped back to admire Kitten, “you really have changed! What a french-kiss! I felt it all the way down to my toenails!” She laughed. “Liz Trent did a good job of turning you on. What did she use– her tongue?”

“Isn’t that the only way it can be done?”

Cleo shook her head. “There are other ways women can make it with each other.”


“Would you like to find out one of those ways?”

“I’m game for anything right now,” Kitten purred. “The way my cunt feels at this moment, I’d even settle for a ride on your finger.”

“That won’t be necessary, doll. Just come with me into the bedroom. I’ve got something there that will drive us both up the wall.”


“I don’t want to tell you about it. I’d rather show you. Come along, doll.”

Kitten nodded and followed Cleo into the bedroom. Her eyes grew large again as Cleo bounced over to the antique dresser and jerked open the top drawer, giving her the opportunity to look around. This elegant chamber was even more fantastic than the living room. A four-poster complete was canopy dominated its center; perfumed pillows that resembled a rainbow gone nuts were strewn all over. There were more figurines caned from driftwood, and more lewd paintings on the walls, but these depicted women in various stages of oral and vaginal copulation, using phallic substitutes for the latter act, and as Kitten stared she found herself becoming hotter and hotter. Heat became more intense as Cleo turned away from the dresser and asked, “Ever see one of these before?”

Kitten’s eyes nearly popped from their sockets. Cleo was holding out a double dildo made of soft surgical rubber, and built for those who liked to think big.

“My favorite toy,” Cleo laughed as she shook it at a gulping Kitten. “Would you like to find out how it works?”

Kitten reached out and touched the dildo. Its size made her hesitate for a few seconds. Then she took a breath and let it hiss past her lips. “Yes, I believe I would.”

“Good girl! Let’s get undressed.”

Kitten lowered her ass to the edge of the canopied bed. “You first.”

Cleo tossed the dildo on the bed and clawed at the zipper on the hip of her skirt. The zipper whispered, gaped, and momentarily the skirt lay in a crumpled heap around her ankles. She kicked it free of her feet and straightened to show Kitten the crotchless panties she was wearing. She licked her lips, asked, “How do you like my undies?”

“What undies? I’m too preoccupied with staring at your hairy cunt.”

Cleo laughed and opened her ice-green blouse. Kitten’s eyes lifted, widened. Cleo’s jugs were encased in a peekaboo bra that exposed her long, jutting brown nipples.

Awe edged Kitten’s voice. “Those nipples of yours. They’re as big as lipstick tubes.”

Cleo’s eyes twinkled. “Gil Savage’s analogy is better than yours. He insists they remind him of miniature chocolate cocks in search of blow-jobs.”

Kitten giggled, then sobered abruptly as Cleo started to remove her crotchless panties. She said, “Leave them on. The bra, too. I think they look sexy on you.”

“And my shoes?”

“They don’t turn me on.”

Cleo removed them. “I’m ready. Now it’s your turn.”

Kitten stood up and started disrobing. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a scoop necked shell. The skirt went first. Then she caught the shell by its tail, tugged it up and over her head. Cleo smacked her lips as she glimpsed Kitten’s half-bra and panties, then said, “My God, you’re a delectable looking piece of ass! Dan ought to have his head examined for cutting out on you.”

“He won’t do it again,” Kitten said grimly as she followed her bikini panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. “I’ll make damned sure of that!” She unclasped her bra and bared her tits. A wicked smile curved her lips. “But right now I’m more interested in making sure of you.” She flopped to her back on the bed and opened her legs. “Let’s get with it.”

Cleo did. She fisted the double dildo and climbed between Kitten’s yawning legs. Breath ripped out of her in ragged blasts as she inserted one end of the rubber root into her cunt the other end between the wet lips of Kitten’s twat.

Kitten broke the palpitating silence by saying, “Don’t tease. Ram this big beauty into me.”

Cleo took a firm grip on the double dildo, hesitated for a few seconds. Then she hunched forward with the fake dicks and drove all the way home with one vicious thrust.

They grunted in unison.


“Ah, ah!” Kitten shrilled as the brief twinge of pain faded and pleasure filled and proceeded to slosh around inside her cunt. “This big rascal and I are going to get along just fine! More, give me more! Make me come, make me come! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Cleo needed no encouragement, for at this point she wanted to hear Kitten scream with passion at the top of her lungs. Cleo slipped one arm around the writhing girl’s slender waist and sawed the gigantic artificial cock in and out of her cunt… and hers.

Kitten was turned on.

Cleo wanted to keep her that way. And herself.

The dual dong kept goring. Savagely. Deliciously.

“Buck, doll, buck!”

“Make me come, make me come!”

“We’ll both come,” Cleo panted. “We’ll come together.”

The dual rubber rod slithered in and out of their pussies with the grace of Siamese serpents, and with each glorious inward thrust their jutting cunts touched and added to the pleasure they were giving each other. Hips twisted, asses wriggled, tits crushed, their nipples kissing, and presently they were both racing at breakneck speed toward that euphoric thing called climax.

“Fuck, doll!” Cleo chanted. “Fuck and make me come with you! Fuck, darling, fuck!”

Kitten fucked. Furiously. And thought: Sex — the greatest game in the world. Beautiful. Wonderful. Delicious. Like the rubber cock slithering in and out of her cunt.

“I’m ready to cream,” Cleo panted. “How about you, doll?”

“Yes! Oh, yes!”

Sweat drenched Cleo’s brow and ran into her eyes, but she didn’t stop working until Kitten moaned her way through orgasm and relaxed beneath her, sighing in the only way a woman knows how to sigh when passion is spent.

Cleo removed the double dildo from their cunts and dropped it to the floor. She came to a kneeling position between Kitten’s legs, smiled tenderly, asked, “Did I please you, doll?”

“Mmmmm,” Kitten murmured as she squirmed to a sitting position and found herself face to face with Cleo’s bra-covered boobs. “I creamed like crazy.”

“Good, huh?”

“Damn good, but not good enough. I want the rest of you. I want to taste your cunt.”

Cleo stretched out on her back. “Taste away, doll.”

Kitten shifted her body and removed Cleo’s peekaboo bra. She trapped one firm knocker in her right hand and kneaded it gently. She toyed with the nipple for a minute or so, and then she mounted the panting woman. Clits touched, shocked, and momentarily Cleo was bouncing her shapely ass all over the bed, and begging, “Now, little doll. Drop that beautiful face of yours down to my cunt and eat me, eat me!”

Kitten stopped applying friction to Cleo’s cunt with hers and attacked her boobs. She took the left nipple between her lips and treated it to a series of hard and loud sucks. Then she shifted her mouth to the other nipple and did the same.

Cleo’s mind was ready to climb the nearest wall. She writhed, moaned, “I’m burning up! My pussy’s burning up! Don’t torture me any more! Eat me! My cunt!”

“I will, Cleo, I will.”

“Now, doll, now!” And now it was.

Kitten slid back on her knees, then dropped her face to the thick carpet of pussy moss between Cleo’s scissored legs. There was no guilt over what she was about to do, only hunger. She wanted the juice flowing from the pussy before her, and she knew how to go after it. She licked her lips. Then her tongue flicked out to shock Cleo’s clit once more. A moment later her tongue moved and darted between the moist labes like a serpent heading towards its favorite hole.

“Ah,” Cleo hissed as her hips shifted into high gear, “it’s been so long since any woman did this to me. I only hope you’re hungry enough to take me all the way.”

Hungry? Kitten was starved.

She dug her fingernails into Cleo’s grinding hips and crooked her tongue inside the woman’s pussy.

Cleo started to come unglued.

Kitten straightened, then crooked her tongue again.

“That’s going to do the trick,” Cleo croaked. “I’m almost ready to come! It won’t be long now! Keep eating, doll! Wriggle that sweet tongue of yours and shake this cunt of mine right out of its tree! Go, doll, go!”

Kitten smiled against the oozing cunt-hole her writhing tongue impaled… and continued to lick and slurp at the honey flowing from it. Speedily. Expertly. Ravenously. Until Cleo Brill tensed, groaned, exploded with a generous load of twat-honey.

Kitten kept eating the woman’s melting cunt.

Cleo climaxed for the second time, then the third… and then fainted.

Kitten removed her tongue from Cleo’s quim and slipped out of bed. She was fully dressed again by the time the woman opened her eyes and said thickly, “You really did me up brown, doll. I’ve never fainted before.”

“I got carried away. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“You didn’t,” Cleo laughed as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, tits heaving wildly. “You sucked more juice out of my tush than I like to have sucked out of it at one time, but you didn’t hurt me.” She laughed again. “Do you know how long it’s been since another woman put the mouth and tongue to me? Over six months.” She shuddered. “Jesus, nobody should ever have to suffer that long… for anything.”

“Six months isn’t so bad,” Kitten said, thinking back. “I went a little over nineteen years before I found out what I was missing.” Her face clouded. “For a while I thought this whole business of sex was a bad joke, especially after Dan came home and plucked my cherry. Talk about suffering — those two times he fucked me were just plain brutal! I suppose I’m to blame. I couldn’t relax… or respond.” She grimaced. “Thinking about my mother didn’t help matters any, either.” She shook her head. “Talk about a crazy, mixed-up kid! But no more. From now on I’m going to be the wildest bitch Dan ever saw.”

“You already are,” Cleo smiled, then shifted the subject. “How about going into the living room and mixing something to drink while I climb into my clothes?”

Kitten glanced towards the window and shook her head. “It’s getting late, so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll take a rain check.” A hint of amusement glinted in her eyes. “I’ve got to go home and get dressed for a wild party.”

Cleo’s eyebrows arched. “Monique’s?”

Kitten nodded. “My first time. Will you be there?”

“With bells on.”

Kitten reached out and touched Cleo’s naked jugs. “You’d better wear more than that, hon, or you might get arrested for indecent exposure before you get there.”

Cleo exploded with laughter.


The party was in high gear when Kitten arrived at the Dubois’ house. She knew these bashes always ended up as orgies, so she was only mildly surprised when she passed through the garden and discovered a local real-estate salesman pounding the prick to a woman who definitely was not his wife.

“Fuck away, folks,” Kitten whispered as she passed by unnoticed. “It’s the only way to fly.”

Nobody waited to greet her at the door. Kitten entered the fourteen-room house and moved with the liquidness of youth towards the sound of loud voices, matching music, laughter and ice cubes rattling against crystal glasses. Her eyes prowled among the costumed guests, and picked out Monique Dubois. The slender, silver-haired woman was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and judging by the way her tits were heaving, she was anxious for some Big Bad Wolf to come along and eat her up.

Kitten’s glance shifted towards the portable stage Monique had brought in for the occasion and wondered who was in charge of the entertainment committee. One of the girls who pushed drinks at Cleo Brill’s palace was doing a strip to some bad music being rendered by a combo that couldn’t play for shit, and the girl herself offered nothing to compensate for it. Somebody dressed as a court jester nudged a drink into her hand. She sampled it and lost interest in the clumsy stripper. She downed her drink in three swallows and went off in search of Max Markie.

He wasn’t hard to pick out of the crowd; he was the only pirate on the premises. She found him out on the moon bathed patio, getting his cock sucked by a girl wearing white boots, a white leather vest and a cowboy hat, nothing more. Long-nippled tits swung loosely and the hat danced on the girl’s back from its string as she gripped Max’s colossal cock with both hands and sucked on the knob that filled her mouth. A shiver sliced through Kitten as she envisioned the girl’s tongue caressing Max’s knob, tasting his pre-cum, and a clock tick later her own quim began to moisten.

“Damn,” Kitten said to herself, “A few minutes of this crap and I’ll be ready for anything. I’m so hot right now I could straddle a cucumber.”

She giggled.

And kept staring at the girl who was sucking Max Markie’s big cock.

Another giggle seeped past Kitten’s lips as she watched Max grab the girl’s ears, cram more of his meat inside her mouth, rasp, “Start swallowing, baby, I’m getting ready to squirt. Christ, am I ever ready! Look out, tonsils, here I come!”

Kitten waited until the girl ate Max’s sperm and removed his whang from his mouth, and then she moved off to see what else she could see. She wandered into a room that contained a fireplace, and found it occupied. An Amazonian blonde was down on the white bearskin rug in front of the crackling log fire, naked as a jaybird. She was resting on her right hip. Big, solid, she was the epitome of every whore in the world. The voluptuous blonde wasn’t alone on the bearskin rug. Gil Savage was stretched out behind her with his cock crammed in her ass. Kitten stood in the doorway and watched them have at it. The blonde was grunting and grinding, and as Kitten watched Gil’s huge dong saw in and out of the woman’s asshole, she remembered the reaming he had given hers last night, and readily understood why this woman grunted each time he rammed it into her butt hole. Like Jason Dubois and Max Markie, Gil Savage was hung like a fucking horse.

Gil shifted position suddenly, turned the woman over on her belly, his cock still buried in her shitter. Kitten watched the blonde’s tits flatten against the bearskin rug, heard her say, “Easy, Gil, easy.”

Gil didn’t seem to hear her. He gripped her hunching hips as he continued to pour the prick to her asshole. His cock backed out, then shot in again and again, and with each inward thrust the Junoesque blonde belched air and humped her hips faster, until Gil locked his whang deep in her asshole and filled it with his jizz.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” the blonde panted, “your cock juice is hot as hell!”

“You like it, you tight-holed bitch,” Gil growled. “You always like it.”

“You’re so right,” the blonde laughed. “I love the feel of your cum flushing my guts. I always did, I always will.”

Kitten shook unobserved and watched Gil’s fuck-juice run out of the blonde’s butthole, and sight of the sperm increased the heat she was feeling in her cunt. She waited until he removed his prick from the girl’s shitter and then she tiptoed away from them. She passed another couple in the hallway as she moved towards the main body of the party, but she wasn’t interested in watching an ancient local heiress go through the motions of jacking off the young gigolo she had rented from the mainland for the night.

She entered the guest-crowded room and started angling towards the food-and drink-burdened table to get herself a fresh glass of booze. She was almost within reaching distance when a member of the party, dressed as a clown, walked up to her and said, “Good evening, lady rabbit.” It was Jason Dubois.

“Who snitched?” Kitten asked on the heel of a soft laugh. “Did Max tell you about my coming here in a bunny outfit?”

“He didn’t have to,” Jason said as he filled her hand with a drink, then steered her towards the back of the house. “Those tits of yours gave you away. There isn’t another pair like them on Starfish Island.” He stopped in front of a door, turned the knob, pushed inward. “Here we are, young lady.”

“Your private seduction chamber?”

“Only if you’re willing.”

“Why not?” Kitten said as she slipped in ahead of him and flipped the light switch. “Dr. Dubois’ two-ball remedy worked before. Let’s find out if it works again.”

“It’ll work,” Jason said as he locked the door and proceeded to skin out of his clown costume. “You might have to pump a little to get me started, but it’ll work.”

The webbing of Kitten’s panties threatened to strangle her pussy as she watched Jason slip out of his clown costume to expose his flaccid cock. A frown wrinkled her brow. Could she get him stiff and ready for action? She damn well intended to try.

“Let’s see what happens,” Jason said as he trapped her hand and placed it on his dangling cock. “If it hardens, I’ll fuck you. If it stays soft, I’ll eat you off.”

“I can do without the cunt-lapping,” Kitten said as she stroked his dick and felt it begin to stretch and harden in her hand. “I’d much rather get my pussy massaged with this big sausage of yours.”

“Keep playing with my cock like that and it won’t be long before you get your druthers.”

Kitten laughed and tightened her fingers around his now fully erect cock. “We’re in business, Doctor! Start filling my prescription.”

Jason smirked. Then he lifted his hands to her tits and hugged them with his hands. He kneaded them slowly, tenderly, and afterwards he opened the zipper that ran down the front of her bunny outfit. Kitten’s glance lowered to watch her bra-less boobs dance into nakedness. Jason cupped them for the second time and his hands sent a hot bolt of electricity shooting to her cunt. She gasped, then told him how wonderful it felt to have him toy with her tits, that it made her feel creamy all over, and as she talked she continued to stroke his rock-hard prick.

Jason Dubois paused with his hands on her tingling jugs and asked, “You ready for your massage?”

“What a dumb question!”

Jason chuckled like a ruptured prairie dog and helped Kitten out of her costume. He forced it downward until it dropped down around her ankles, then left it there while he went after her bikini panties.

Kitten stood frozen and waited for Jason, Dubois to lower and remove her panties, to make her all the way naked. Impatience gripped her. She was anxious for him to bury his cock deep in the cavern of her quim.

She watched Jason’s slightly quaking fingers crook and hook into the waistband of her briefs and tug them down over her unmoving hips. Jason followed the panties down to her ankles, and it was with great reluctance that she allowed his throbbing tool to escape her greedy grip. She lifted one foot, then the other, and momentarily her rabbit costume and bikini panties went flying across the room.

Jason remained on his knees. Kitten exhaled loudly, and sagged down beside him. She stretched out on her back, spread her legs invitingly, and whispered, “Do your stuff, Doc. Check my temperature with that big thermometer of yours.”

He crawled between her open legs and admired her cunt for a second before he rasped, “One thermometer coming at you.”

Kitten felt his swollen knob touch the lips of her twat. She shivered and murmured, “Fuck me.”

Jason didn’t. Not immediately. The tip of his prick moved away from her melting cunt. She held her breath, waited. Moments later she felt his fingers find and part the lips of her twat. He checked her cunt for wetness, took his fingers away, replaced them with his cock-head. There was a brief twinge of discomfort as he shoved his prick in. She thought his rod was all the way in her cunt it wasn’t.

Jason hunched forward and stuffed more of his magnificent meat into her hole.

Kitten tensed beneath his pressing weight and begged, “Take it easy, lover.”

Jason withdrew a portion of his cock, then slowly worked it all the way into her cunt until his balls touched her asshole. There was no pain. There was nothing except the wild howling in her cunt — the wild howling for a come.

“You’re in,” Kitten shrilled. “Now start fucking me!”

“Don’t let me do all the work.”

Kitten didn’t. The instant his cock came alive in her cunt her passion took full charge. Her hips went berserk, and so did the rest of her body. She got with it. She coiled her legs around his rump and met him thrust for thrust. She twined her arms around his neck and mashed her jugs against his face. Ripples of pleasure coursed through every fiber of her being, her stomach churned in delight, and momentarily she was flirting with orgasm.

Jason’s cock kept pounding into her cunt tunnel. Her tits tightened against his face, then slid down and away as he brought his mouth to hers for a kiss. His tongue slipped past her teeth and prowled among the moist sweetness it found inside her oral cavity. They frenched while he gripped her thrashing haunches and snaked his whang in and out of her pussy. It was madness. Sweet madness. It was sex! Kitten felt herself leaving the launching pad and blasting off into space, bound for the distant asteroid of ecstasy where she would momentarily go into the orbit of climax…

“Doctor, Doctor, your cock feels so good to me! So damn, damn good! Fuck me harder, harder! Pour the prick to me! Ah, I’m getting there! Whee! One more buck and I’m going to cream all over this sweet cock of yours!” Jason kept bucking.

His cock kept snaking in and out of her snapping pussy.

“Ready to cream all over this darling fuck-pole of yours!”

“Cream away, Kitten,” Jason croaked. “I’m almost ready to get my own rocks off. Let’s make a double.”

“Do it. When Kitten comes, everybody comes!”

“Go, Kitten, go!”

Kitten went. Her ass-cheeks slapped against the floor as she hunched to meet his every thrust, and a few seconds later their bodies fused as they growled and shivered through a mutual release.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming! COOMMINNGGG!!”

Jason’s fuck-juice scorched the inner walls of Kitten’s cunt and drove her berserk with joy. This was it! The moment of truth, the mingling of juices! Her ass thumped against the floor, her eyes floated in their sockets, her thighs twitched, and screech after screech ripped out of her throat. Some of his sperm oozed out of her quiff and stung the crack of her ass. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t give a damn about the cock-butter stinging her pouting shitter. All she cared about was the wild sensations shooting through her system, the cock-juice gushing into her tush, and the sweet knowledge that she had been royally fucked into another wild orgasm by a truly expert cocksman.

She relaxed suddenly, and waited for the room to stop spinning like a toy top.

It did. Finally.

Jason finished getting his jollies and backed his peter out of her slippery cunt. He rocked back on his heels and watched her closely. He opened his mouth to say something, but the words died unborn, for at this particular moment the doorknob rattled, startling them.

Kitten squirmed out from under Jason Dubois and scrambled to her feet. The doorknob rattled again, and then a familiar voice called through the timber, “Open up, Kitten. It’s me. Max.”

Kitten breathed a sigh of relief and unlocked the door. She smiled at Max and said, “What’s up?”

The fragment of a wry smile tugged at the corners of Max Markie’s mouth. “I just phoned the motel to check with the guy I hired to take my place for the night.” His smile widened. “It’s Dan. He’s back from the mainland, and wondering where the Christ you’re at. I think you’d better hightail it home before he comes here, finds you, and wrecks this fucking place.”

Kitten laughed. It was a husky sound deep in her throat, and her tits danced in rhythm to laughter as she started dressing, then said, “I’m practically there, dirty bid man.”

And ten minutes later she was.


The relief man was standing in front of the office when Kitten drove up. He recognized her convertible, pointed a bony finger in the direction of the gulf and drawled, “He went that away, Mrs. Hunter.”

Kitten climbed out of the car. “How long ago?”

“About two minutes before you pulled in, Mrs. Hunter. Want me to go after him?”

Kitten shook her head at the old man and raced towards the cabana. Reprieve. Now she would have time to take a hot bath and slip into something deliciously sexy before Dan returned to receive the biggest surprise of his life.

She trotted into the bathroom and started running water in the bathtub. Then she climbed out of the bunny costume and dropped it in the hamper. Naked, she went back to the front room and poured herself a generous slug of orange vodka, and sampled it as she returned to the bathroom. She lowered her dimpled ass to the commode and drank the rest of it while she waited for the tub to fill.

Ten minutes later, Kitten toweled herself dry and padded into her bedroom. She sat down at the cosmetic table and brushed her hair, applied makeup, and splashed perfume between her tits and on her cunt. She applied a thick coating of blood-red lipstick to her sensuous mouth, and when she finished, she formed her lips into a perfect O and thought: Now that’s what I call a tempting target for any man’s cock.

She fondled her naked jugs for a few seconds, and then she went through the motions of selecting panties that would make Dan drool in his shorts the instant he saw them.

Kitten rummaged through her dresser drawer and frowned thoughtfully. She wanted to make a good impression. What to wear?

She finally made up her mind. She selected a black nylon half-bra; G-string panties to match; a six-garter garter belt; and thigh-high, black nylon opera hose. Delicious shivers coursed through her body as she donned these items of enticement. Sex, she told herself. I look like a hundred-dollar whore.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled the opera hose up and over her legs. She snapped the tops of her garter belt, reached under the bed for a pair of wet leather zip-up boots with five-inch heels. She encased her feet, stood up. She caught her reflection in the cosmetic mirror and smiled with smug satisfaction. She looked and smelled positively ravishing. Dan would really go off his stick when he saw her in this rig. And how he would go!

Kitten’s heels clicked on the floor as she left the bedroom, and went to the liquor cabinet for another drink. She was ready, and now she was becoming impatient. Where the hell was Dan? He should have been back by this time. She poured a drink and glanced at the wall clock. Five minutes till nine. She would give her husband those five minutes to get his ass back home, and then she would summon the relief clerk and send him out to find Dan.

She carried her drink over to the window that overlooked the gulf and sipped on it while she stared out into the night. She heard the back door open, then slam shut, and a few seconds later she found herself face-to-face with Dan.

His eyes widened at the sight of her. Anger drained out of him, but not before he managed to growl, “I get my ass chewed up by sand fleas and come back to find you here. Where the hell have you been?”

Kitten’s heart began to hammer. “Out,” she said.

His glance locked with hers. “Doing what?”

“Getting an education.”

“What kind of an education?”

“The kind you wanted me to get — a sex education.”

“Who from?”

“None of your damned business.”

He barked a laugh, asked, “Did you learn anything?”

“I earned my diploma.”

Amusement traced its pattern across his handsome, deeply tanned face. “Let’s go into the bedroom and find out if you earned your passing grades.”

Kitten’s heart hammered and threatened to crack a rib as her glance lowered to his crotch. Hot damn! He had a hard-on. Like a rock. Her rack. She flicked a red-tipped finger against his boner and purred. “Yes, let’s.”

They never reached the bedroom. The instant her finger flicked against his cock, Dan drew her into the circle of his arms and mashed his mouth over hers.

This is it, Dan, Kitten thought as she rubbed her cunt-mound against his pounding hard-on. No more frustration. No more fear. No more freezing. No more being a prude. Love and sex, all the way, with you. I’ve got you, and I’ll never let you get away from me again. I know how to hold you now. I won’t make the same mistake I made with your big cock those other times…

Kitten went wild with eagerness. She trapped one of his hands and lifted it to her heaving tits. She chewed on his earlobe while he ran his fingers up the ridge of her spine until he reached the clasps of her bra. She could feel the hot flames of passion creeping into her body as he unfastened her bra and spilled her tits into nakedness. He removed her G-string panties next, nothing else. Then he stepped back to admire the curly mop of beaver between her thighs, the lips of her moistening cunt. Instinct told her that he was almost tempted to drop to his knees and lap her pussy. Almost, but not quite.

“Now you,” Kitten laughed as she started to undress him by unbuttoning his shirt. “Now you.”

Dan grinned as the shirt left his body, drawled, “You do fine work, Katherine. Who taught you how to undress a man so fast?”

Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “The same one who taught me how to fuck like a mink.”

“Like a mink? Hmm this should turn out to be one hell of a night. I’ve never fucked a mink before.”

Kitten smiled impudently. “You will… as soon as I get these damn clothes off of you.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Force yourself.”

Dan laughed.

Kitten helped him out of his pants, then admired the massive bulge in his Jockey shorts. She slipped to her dimpled knees and surprised him with a kiss to the cock-bulge.

“Big cock and big balls seem to go together,” Kitten said as she tugged the Jockey shorts free and exposed him to complete nakedness. “Suckable and fuckable, but for the moment I prefer the latter.” She caught his cock in her right hand and used it as a rope to pull him down beside her. Then she opened her legs, said, “Climb aboard so I can do my damnedest to fuck you to death.”

Dan crawled between her gaping legs, fisted his dick and guided the knob against the wet lips of her pussy. He hesitated for a second or two, then took a deep breath and rammed his rod balls deep into her cunt.

The dream turned into a nightmare. It was as though a short-circuit suddenly occurred inside her box, turning off the juices, filling her belly with ice. A sick feeling ate at her guts. What was happening? Why was she freezing? She stiffened under his weight, started to yelp, but a pulsebeat later it became unnecessary, for now the agony passed and heat jumped into her cunt again.

Fear was gone. Passion was back. Pagan, howling, savage, mind-blowing passion.

His balls crashed against her asshole. Breath blasted past her slightly parted lips, her eyes grew large in their sockets. His cock charged into her cunt like a bolt of lightning, shocking, bringing her hips into motion. No faking, now. None whatsoever. This was it! The union to end all unions! Cunt meeting cock. Soul touching soul. Sex. Beautiful, wonderful, delicious sex!

She coiled her legs around her butt and panted, “Fuck me, darling! Make me come like I’ve never come before! Ride me, ride me all the way to climax!”

“Like this, Katherine, like this?”

“Right on, darling! Ah, your big prick feels so wonderful inside my tight little pussy! Your cock-cream will feel much better! Give it to me, darling! Fuck me hard and shoot me full of your jizz!”

And a moment later he did.

Kitten tightened her shapely legs around his writhing haunches as Dan buried his prick deep and fired a load of fuck-juice into her eager quim. The moist lips of her pussy tightened, worked milkingly over his throbbing meat, until Dan groaned, “Jesus, it feels as though your cunt-lips are trying to suck my spine loose!”

Kitten laughed, and then a violent spasm wrenched her entire being as she exploded with a climax of her own.

“My aching back,” Dan said a bit later, but with tenderness, “I’ve had my cock pulled by cunts before, but never like that!”


“The best!” Dan removed his softening dick from Kitten’s twat and started to rise. He never made it.

Kitten clutched his cock, twisted until Dan dropped to his back, and then she took his rod in her mouth and proceeded to blow him with all of the expertness at her command. Kitten sucked, licked, gnawed at his quivering cock.

“Hot damn!” Dan yelped as he pushed against the back of Kitten’s skull with both hands and filled her mouth with cock. “There goes my spine… and here I come again!”

His balls exploded.

And Kitten devoured.

Later, much later, Kitten removed his lip stick smeared cock from her mouth and smilingly asked, “Well, did I or didn’t I earn my diploma from the college of carnal knowledge, darling?”

The television set was on and Dan was in the act of pouring a pair of orange vodkas when she asked her question. He gave her an over-the-shoulder grin and teased, “I’ll let you know.”

Kitten licked her lips. “When?”

“Right after I fuck you in that tight little asshole of yours.”

Kitten laughed. “Man, you really do like to fuck up a storm, don’t you?”

“With you, yes. And speaking of storms, the one we were sweating out these past few days is over.”

“Storms are funny that way,” Kitten said quietly, her eyes meeting his. “The one raging inside of me ended yesterday. Now I feel all filled with sunshine…”

He cut in. “In a few seconds I’m going to fill your asshole, but not with sunshine.”

Kitten giggled, pointed at his sagging cock. “You’ll have to get a hard-on first.”

Dan forgot about the drinks and dropped down beside her. “No problem. I know how you can make me rise to the occasion. Lay that sweet mouth on my dong and suck me hard.”

Kitten needed no encouragement…

Outside, nose pressed to the wall-to-wall window that overlooked the moon bathed Gulf of Mexico, Max Markie watched Kitten suck Dan’s prick into full erection, then drop to all fours and take his colossal cock up her ass. A few seconds later an embarrassed smile curved Max’s plastic pink lips as he glanced down at his exposed and gushing prick, and muttered to the night, “That little babe with Dan’s peter shoved up her tight little ass wasn’t woofing this morning. When Kitten comes, everybody comes!”

Max Markie laughed.

And kept watching the reaming Kitten was getting from her husband’s king-sized cock…