Nature’s way of exposing a daughter’s most private charms

We crested the tall hill and paused, slightly out of breath from the steep climb. Neither of us said a word, too taken by the incredible spectacle laid out before us, nature’s magnificence, a lush steep-sided valley carved into the earth as if a giant eagle’s talon had reached down and gouged the landscape as it flew by. At the far end, perhaps three miles away at the top of the valley, a long slender waterfall fell two or three hundred feet like a ribbon of liquid silver, water cascading off of protruding rocks, falling and disappearing into the lush green carpet of tropical trees at its foot.

Kasey’s hand slipped into mine as she moved closer. I squeezed it.

“It’s beautiful, Step-dad,” she said softly, reverently.


In the humid Hawaiian heat, with a symphony of bird calls surrounding us, I admired one of the more spectacular views I’d seen. We stood eight hundred feet up from the valley floor. Deep green vegetation carpeted the valley. Shadows and light danced across the lush tropical landscape as occasional fluffy clouds passed lazily through the azure sky. Here and there a sparkle of liquid silver revealed the serpentine path of a stream cutting its way through the valley floor. Sun burned down. I could smell the vegetation, slightly musty, earthy; nature’s perfume.

I inhaled deeply and relaxed. The long hike had been worth it.

“Can we eat now?” Kasey asked with a tug of my hand.

“Sure.” Shrugging off the blue nylon backpack I pulled out a blanket, handing it to Kasey to spread out. She smiled as she took it from me. I returned to staring at the magnificent view. Damn, I felt good.

Every year for the past three years I’d taken Kasey camping. It was my way of staying in touch with my daughter and, secretly, my way of taking her away from the addictive world of electronics that seemed to capture kids these days; endless hours on Facebook, texting, cell phone calls, or television. I didn’t deprive Kasey of those pursuits, just tried to offset their influence once in a while.

“Done, Step-dad,” Kasey announced, the blanket spread out on prime real-estate; the ground under a huge eighty-foot Acacia Koa tree that provided protection from the noon sun yet afforded a view of the spectacular valley and waterfall.

I sat and unpacked lunch; Tuscany ham sandwiches, fruit and granola bars, bottled water. As Kasey ate I forgot about the view and studied her with pride. At ten she’d sprouted like a bean pole, four and a half feet tall, becoming all legs, knees and elbows, growing vertically. She was going to be tall when she hit full height. Yet, despite the growth spurt, Kasey was still my little girl, my pride and joy, bright, inquisitive and unafraid to try anything. I adored the maturing personality that was slowly taking shape as she approached pubescence. She was the light of my otherwise rather humdrum life. Being a city manager was not the stellar career I’d envisioned when I was young. Nevertheless, it afforded us several weeks of vacation each year, very regular work hours and an income that made us, if not wealthy, perfectly comfortable.

I watched her eat her sandwich slowly, all her attention on the view, and smiled automatically. Kasey had a remarkable ability to make me flush with pride, thrust my chest out and strut. Her crystal blue eyes always seemed to be smiling, seeing the fun and funny in the world around her. Her eyes were even more startling from the contrast with her shoulder-length dark, dark brown hair, which she’d inherited from me. I could watch my daughter endlessly, preferring it to anything on TV. Her face was so expressive, eyes charming me with their twinkle, small, slim nose wrinkling as she proclaimed “Ugh!” at something, her mouth always on the cusp of smiling even when at rest.

I would become quite transfixed with her as she’d read something on her smart phone, lower red lip caught between small teeth, thick eyebrows arched as she’d ponder whatever it was that had caught her attention, followed inevitably by a smile, “Hey, Step-dad, listen to this . . .”

I had a wonderful relationship with Kasey, one I cherished.

Taking a bite of my Tuscany ham sandwich, I decided I was indeed a lucky father. Just the fact that Kasey liked coming on these camping trips was a treasure. In the not too distant future she’d shun them, wanting to spend time with friends, or worse, a boyfriend. I was not looking forward to the agony and frustration that event would bring into my life. Nevertheless, I was thankful for what I had and intended to enjoy the pleasure my daughter graced me with for as long as it lasted.

Reaching out, I ran my hand through her straight hair, a loving caress, curling it behind a delicate ear.

Kasey glanced at me and smiled at my touch. “What’s that for?”

“Nothing really. Have I told you I love you?” I asked.

Kasey chuckled. Step-dad constantly told her he loved her. “Nope. Never. Glad to hear it, though.” She smiled at his fake frown. She adored Step-dad. He wasn’t like her friends’ dads. They all complained that their dads didn’t care and set stupid rules. Kasey didn’t understand them. Step-dad was her best friend. Sure she got angry with him sometimes, but his smile always seemed to demolish her anger. She just couldn’t stay angry at him, it was impossible to. He was game for anything, willing and eager to do new things with her, even girly things. She liked that he never talked to her like she was a silly little girl. He treated her like he cared what she thought. And, besides, Step-dad was a bit of a hunk; that’s what her friends thought, too.

Kasey smiled to herself, swallowed a bite of sandwich and reached for the bottled water.

These trips, camping with Step-dad, were one of her favorite things to do. She looked forward to them every year; a week of her and Step-dad alone together, no distractions, no school, no chores, no cleaning. It was great, she thought, taking a sip of water. Besides, camping was fun – when it wasn’t raining.

“Ouch!” Kasey jerked at a spike of pain behind her thigh.

“What?” I asked as my daughter flinched, the bottle of water tumbling from her hand.

“Ow! Hey! Something . . . Ouch!”

Kasey jumped up hands furiously brushing her khaki shorts.

“Ow! Step-dad!”

“What?” I asked, now concerned with the pain in her voice.

“Something’s biting me, Step-dad. Ouch!”

I reached out and tugged her to me, her hands now swiping herself in a blur of movement. Looking closely I saw small red ants on her legs. She must have sat near a nest.

“Ants are biting you,” I told her.

“Well . . . Ow! Make them stop! They hurt!”

Adding my hands to the effort, I brushed off all the ants on her slender legs while she kicked off her hiking boots and tugged socks off. Brushing her feet I rid her of more ants and led her away from the spot under the tree.

“Ow! Damn!” Kasey slapped her bum. “Jeez, they’re inside, Step-dad!” she yelled, her hands now slapping her shorts again.

“Take them off, honey,” I urged, helping her by unbuttoning the front. She yanked the zipper down and shoved the shorts to the ground, hopping and kicking them off. I started brushing off any ants I could find when she smacked her bum.

“Oooow!” Kasey yelled. “Daaad!”

Without waiting she shoved her white cotton panties down and furiously brushed her naked rear. Spotting more small red ants, I helped, brushing them off her. But as I did, another part of my brain registered what I was seeing.

I’d never seen a prepubescent pussy before. In truth, I’d never even thought about it. It was just something that was not on my radar. So I had no warning. There was nothing, absolutely nothing in my history that would indicate how I’d react. Yet react I did, immediately, strongly, very, very strongly. I grew erect, viscerally reacting to the spectacular sight of my ten-year-old daughter’s hairless little pussy.

I didn’t understand why but, as I brushed ants off her small body, I found Kasey’s little pubis intensely attractive, intensely sexy, and that surprised me. Rational thought – this was my daughter, this was an underage girl – made no difference at all. In her half-naked glory she was stunningly sexy and extremely attractive to me.

My erection ached and strained inside my cargo shorts as I inspected Kasey for ants, noticing how her summer tan-lines emphasized the lovely shape of two small, compact, delectable buttocks. I was bewitched by the prominence of her mons. Despite it being small it looked so large on her immature body. Brushing red ants off as I found them, I felt her satin skin, smooth and warm. I brushed her astonishing little bum, small and firm with buttocks that fit my hand perfectly. A sudden urge to caress them hit me hard. I brushed the silken skin inside her slender thighs and, mentally shaking, I brushed her magnificent chubby little pussy as she spread her knees, removing small red ants that had worked themselves into the alluring deep creases at either side of sexy, sexy labia, my eyes absolutely riveted to a gorgeous, sexy, immature cleft. I was floored by how erotic my prepubescent little girl was, absolutely floored.

“All gone?” Kasey asked. “Step-dad? Are they all gone? DAD!”

She finally got through to me. I finally tore my eyes away from the sexiest sight I could ever remember seeing. Looking up at her I felt more than slightly embarrassed by my reaction to her prepubescent body. Nothing in my experience had hit me so hard and so immediately. But, damn!

“Yeah. All gone,” I said, glancing down and picking up her little white cotton panties. Inspecting them for ants, Kasey bent and picked up her khaki shorts, shaking and brushing them off. My erection ached even more. What was wrong with me? Inspecting her panties I studied the damp sweat stains in the gusset and suddenly wanted to bring them to my nose and smell. Kasey’s plain white cotton panties became sensual and arousing. Why? Was it because I now knew what they cosseted every time they were worn?

Brushing them clean I handed them back to her, my hand slightly unsteady, and studiously looked away from her towards the blanket and remnants of lunch. “Here you go. I’ll get our stuff while you dress.”

“Kay. Thanks, Step-dad.”

“Uh-huh,” I answered.

We hiked back to the camp site, a two-hour hike. I wasn’t really listening to Kasey as she chatted, pointing out this and that. My mind was distracted as I tried to come to grip with my reaction; with trying to understand why I found my underage, prepubescent little girl so sexually arousing, all from just seeing her privates. I didn’t understand yet couldn’t get the image of her nakedness out of my mind, getting an erection every time I replayed it. It was quite simply the most erotic sight I could ever remember seeing. When Kasey started unconsciously scratching her bum as she led the way back to the camp site, I was riveted by her action. I wondered what it would feel like if I was the one scratching her sweet rounded little rump.

“Don’t scratch, Kasey,” I instructed. “It will only make it worse.”

She glanced over her shoulder at me, bright blue eyes staring in indignation, her hand scratching her lovely little bum. “It itches,” she informed me seriously.

I smiled and hoped she didn’t notice the inappropriate erection in my cargo shorts. “We’ll put some ointment on when we get back to camp, okay? Until then try not to scratch the bites.”

I had to smile as what sounded like Kasey muttering floated back at me. Her small hand still rubbed her lovely little tush, though. I caught myself wishing it was my hand rubbing it.

We finally arrived. The one tent, one fire pit, and a clothes line strung between two trees in a small clearing welcomed us. We were a full day’s hike away from civilization in the Koolau Forest Reserve on Maui and there wasn’t another soul around for miles.

Shrugging off the backpack I crawled into our tent and found our small first aid kit. Sitting on a dead tree trunk I fished though the kit until I found the tube of anti-itch cream, handing it to Kasey. “Here you go, honey. Put this on. It’ll help.”

“I hope so,” Kasey replied taking the cream and rubbing her bum as she entered the tent, the flap closing behind her.

Despite needing to unpack the remains of lunch and figure out dinner, I sat on the tree trunk with the open first aid kit in my lap, lost in thought. I still had an erection, albeit somewhat softer. I was still suffering from shock. I still couldn’t understand why my daughter’s prepubescent little pussy and compact tiny bum sexually aroused me. How? Why? Where was the reason? Was it something from my youth? I’d never had an attraction to young girls. Just where had this come from? And why so strong?

Kasey kicked off her khaki shorts and yanked her panties down to her knees, absentmindedly opening the tube of anti-itch cream. Looking over her shoulder she gently applied cream to red bites on her bum and legs, sighing in relief at its cooling balm. She thought about Step-dad as she parted her knees and applied cream to the sides of her pussy.

When the ants had started biting she’d thought of nothing but stopping them. Kicking off boots and socks, shucking shorts and panties and, exposing herself completely to Step-dad hadn’t bothered her in the slightest. She’d been desperate to stop the ants biting. But . . .

Applying more cream to the lips of her pussy she replayed the look in Step-dad’s warm brown eyes as he stared at her pussy, his expression one of surprise, even awe. She’d watched him as he touched her, at first brushing her. But then his fingers had become so gentle it felt like they were almost caressing her as they removed the ants, making her flush with warmth. Then she’d seen him flush slightly and wondered why. When he moved, she’d understood. Step-dad had a boner! And what surprised her was, rather than being horrified that Step-dad had gotten turned on by her, she was proud and excited! Why? Yet she was. It made her pussy tingle nicely to think of Step-dad being attracted to her that way. It meant he’d thought she was sexy! She mentally replayed his fingers brushing her pussy and, as she did, Kasey’s eyes closed. She stopped applying ointment, her hand found her pussy and she held herself, squeezing gently, seeing Step-dad’s soft sexy eyes looking at her.

A flush of pleasure washed over her. Kasey groaned with arousal, holding her pussy, dampness forming as she let the image of Step-dad’s crotch play through her mind, Step-dad excited, Step-dad aroused. What would his boner look like? How big . . .

“You okay in there?”

Kasey jerked out of her reverie at Step-dad’s call. “Yeah. I’m fine,” she yelled, quickly putting her panties and shorts on again.

“Here, give me your hand,” I said, reaching out for Kasey as we descended the steep side of the valley. Kasey had asked if we could go see the waterfall, “Maybe camp there, Step-dad!” It had sounded like a great idea to me and I’d immediately agreed.

“Thanks,” she said, taking my hand and slipping down the last almost vertical section, her boots slipping on soft, dark, mulch-like loam.

We made our way towards the stream planning on following it back to the falls. This valley was hot, humid and densely packed with vegetation. Trying to make our way through it would have been exhausting and we had at least three miles to cover. Fighting our way through brush and around trees we finally reached the stream; crystal-clear water burbling over smooth, rounded rocks. My parched throat ached at the sight. Kneeling, I scooped up sweet, clean, cool water; delicious. I splashed my face and neck. Man it felt good.

Kasey’s back pack hit the ground and she knelt, drinking, her face submerged in the stream.

“Gooood, Step-dad,” she pronounced, brushing her now-wet hair back over her head and smiling at me.

I grinned. My heart ached a bit at the intense prettiness of her face. “C’mon,” I said, standing and holding out my hand to help her up. “We’ve still got a ways to go. Be careful with these rocks. You don’t want to twist an ankle, honey.”

It was slow going, stepping over rocks and trying not to slip into the stream, but just over two hours later we arrived.

“Gawd,” Kasey exclaimed breathlessly as she took in the sight.

“Yes. Gawd,” I agreed. It was jaw-dropping beautiful.

Water cascaded over glistening rocks to splash into a small lake, perhaps one hundred and fifty feet across, surrounded by tall Acacia Koa trees and lush green undergrowth with flowering bushes sporting spectacular red and yellow blooms. The lake was crystal clear, deep, eroded over centuries by an endless flow of water. Sun made the water a turquoise blue in the center and dappled the ground around the lake where it broke through the tree cover. It was Eden; stunningly beautiful. Tropical birds twittered and called in the trees, occasional flashes of bright plumage catching my eye.

There was no question in my mind. We’d found heaven. The intense heat of the valley had eased slightly, cooler air from the waterfall washing over us. I felt gritty and sticky. Clearly Kasey did, too.

“Step-dad,” she exclaimed with enthusiasm, “can we swim?”

“Sure . . . Uh, no,” I corrected myself. We hadn’t packed swimming suits, not expecting to swim in the middle of a Forest Reserve high in the interior of the island.

“Why not?” Kasey asked, eyebrows arched as she stared at me.

“No bathing suits, honey,” I explained.

A grin formed, mischievous and impish. “So let’s skinny dip!” she suggested. “Wanna?”

“Uh, maybe it’s not . . .”

“Aaw, c’mon, Step-dad,” Kasey pleaded. “It’s not like anyone will see us.”

That wasn’t what worried me. But, before I could stop her, my daughter grinned and started kicking off her boots. “Come on!”

When Kasey tugged her T-shirt off, I inhaled and turned away from her. Sunlight filtering through the canopy of trees had cast small shadows on her narrow chest, highlighting raised areolae, small buds forming, the very first sign of imminent pubescence, and I found it enticingly sexy.

I heard her giggle behind me. An erection stormed back, tight in my cargo shorts.

“Hurry up, Step-dad!” she urged and a splash was followed by a scream, “Cold!”

I wondered how I was going to do this. How could I strip and get into the lake without my rambunctious daughter seeing her father with an erection? Glancing over my shoulder, I saw the flash of a white little bum as Kasey swam away from me. It didn’t help, my erection growing stronger.

Nevertheless, while she was heading away from me, I stripped in record time and took a running dive into beautifully cold water, my erection wilting at the shock.

I swam lazily, relaxing in the refreshing water and watching Kasey romp and dive like an otter, swim into the falls and out, a big, big smile on her face. I had forgotten how different skinny-dipping was. It felt free and rather pleasant. As my body adjusted the water no longer felt cold, just refreshingly cool.

But watching Kasey my erection threatened to return and, before arousal started directing my thinking, I decided we’d head home tomorrow; cut the camping trip short this year. I needed distance from here, from camping, from sharing a tent with Kasey. I needed the safety of home and bedrooms and closed doors.

Standing chest deep, pleasantly cool, feet resting on a large rocky shelf, I watched my little girl amuse herself. Every so often she’d look at me and grin, making my chest ache. Then, like a crocodile, with half of her face underwater, stunning blue eyes looking at me, a smile crinkling the corners, Kasey started drifting towards me slowly. Her sexy little buttocks appeared and disappeared as she kicked. The closer she came to me, despite wishing it otherwise, the more erect I became, my naked little girl closing in on me. I was helpless.

As she reached me my erection was complete. Her arms reached up to hug my neck, her body pressed to me, a look of surprise passed through her beautiful eyes as she felt my erection, and I realized the depth of my sexual attraction to Kasey; I did nothing, letting her grin at me, letting her pull herself close, her face nestling to my shoulder and slender legs rising to circle my waist.

When Kasey pressed her tummy and pussy against my erection a bolt of pleasure hit me. It felt so damned good. I wrapped her in my arms, one hand holding her sexy little bum, the other her slender back, all thoughts of returning home lost. I pulsed with desire holding my naked little girl to me. And then she moved; a slow move that was agonizingly arousing and fogged my mind. Kasey pulled with her ankles, curled her sweet bum and, with a quiet sigh, rubbed her little pussy up along my erection, pressing it into my stomach.

I did nothing, distracted by a flexing bum in my hand and the sensation of her little pussy caressing my erection. I did nothing, my heart racing, as my naked little nymph sighed again, “Feels good, Step-dad.” God yes, it did. And I wanted more. I wanted it to continue and never end. My heart raced. My hug tightened. My resolve evaporated.

I finally gave Kasey complicit approval by pressing her small bum with my hand, holding my little girl to me tighter, sighing myself. “Feels great, sweetheart,” I admitted in a soft voice. I couldn’t help myself. Kasey was sexy beyond belief.

My little girl tilted her pelvis and started moving her cleft up and down my erection, her legs tugging, her arms holding onto my neck tight. She graced me with sighs and murmurs that set my blood on fire and made my erection ache. I let her hump me, loving every little movement, my own excitement building, pressure of an incipient climax forming deep in my groin. I helped with support from my hand on a stupendously sexy little ass. Bending my face down, I kissed my little girl’s hair gently. She felt so wonderful in my arms.

And then, well, and then my little Kasey sighed softly, “Step-daddy,” as she humped me, her legs clenching. She jerked gently and, to the sounds of sexy, sexy little grunts, my little girl climaxed, humping against my erection, arms clutching, body shaking, pressing her face into me. It was sensationally erotic, stunningly arousing, and I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to stop myself. Hugging my darling tighter, I hunched, my erection pressed against her naked little body. I humped my child’s sexy little body, inhaled deeply, and pleasure crashed down over me, my cock swelling, semen racing up to explode between us, hot in the cool water, pure bliss washing over me. I hunched again, semen spurting hard, pleasure thundering into me, holding my darling, hugging my little girl. I groaned and came, cum surging and exploding in a blindingly pleasurable orgasm, my daughter climaxing against me. I hunched and came, hunched and came until my stomach was clenching, holding the sweetest little girl in my arms.

The roar of the falls slowly returned. I felt my erection fade away, my heart rate slow, and peace suffuse me. Kasey was still holding onto my neck, breathing softly. She was relaxed, her legs limply falling from around my waist as I held her up by her little bum. I kissed her hair. She murmured.

Despite having cum, having released the pent-up sexual energy, I was still massively turned on. Nothing in my experience had felt so sexy, so intensely arousing. Nothing had ever approached what I’d just experienced with my ten-year-old daughter, nothing. And I wanted to experience it again. I wanted more of her. I wanted to do so much more. I wanted to make love with my little girl, the thought profoundly exciting.

When we both started shivering, I hitched Kasey up higher on me. With her arms around my neck, her cheek now resting on my shoulder, her soft breath warm against my neck, and holding her sweet little bottom, I carefully made my way out of the lake. Standing on firm ground with Kasey in my arms, with the roar of the waterfall, and a gentle warm breeze evaporating wetness and cooling me pleasantly, I bent to let her down. Her arms tightened around my neck.

“No, Step-dad,” she said softly. “Hold me a bit longer.”

I did. It was a singular pleasure, unexpectedly pleasing. Holding my naked little girl against me, her young body so slender and petite, I let the breeze dry us. I did no more than listen to tropical birds chirping, the waterfall providing background base orchestral sounds. My eyes closed. Sounds washed over me. My daughter’s scent wafted over me. Her body began to warm up as it dried. Kasey felt wonderful in my arms. Her body was limp like a rag doll, familiar and yet new all at once. I adored the feel of her small bum in my hand, sexy little buttocks rounded and firm. I adored her arms around my neck, the feel of her soft breath against my neck. I adored her so much I ached inside.

Kasey sighed again, a deep sigh of pleasure. Step-daddy. Her body felt loose, soft, melting, comfortable. Step-dad’s arms holding her felt wonderful. She could still feel the tingle of pleasure from her cum. She hadn’t really planned anything, but, when she’d hugged Step-dad in the water and felt his erection pressed to her tummy, long and hard, her reaction had been immediate, legs wrapping around him and hunching her pussy at it. Sparks of pleasure hit and before she realized it, she was gently humping against his erection, pleasure flooding her. It had shocked her how strong her cum was; far stronger than anything she’d experienced before. Rubbing her pussy on Step-dad’s erection had thrilled her. And almost as good was feeling Step-dad hugging her. They were naked! She smiled to herself when Step-dad’s hand caressed her bum.

Sighing, she tightened her hug, wondering if Step-dad would want to do it all again. His erection had felt big. She wondered what it would feel like to hold it. Would Step-dad let her? Would he like her to? Kasey felt drowsy, pleasantly tired, muscles relaxed. She wanted to stay like this for ever but her bladder started calling, needing to pee.

“Gotta go, Step-dad,” she said, beginning to move in his arms.

“Go where?”

Kasey giggled. “Pee, Step-dad.”


With another sigh she slipped from his arms, carefully studying his penis as she did. It looked soft but big, thick. How could she get to touch it? Gee, what would it be like to feel Step-dad get an erection? She bent and grabbed her panties, T-shirt, and a roll of toilet paper from her backpack before heading into the undergrowth for privacy, preoccupied, wondering, planning.

Watching my slender and naked ten-year-old walk carefully into the undergrowth, staring at her perfect little bum twitching, I felt my cock thicken. Turning, I found my boxers and slipped them on, focusing my attention on finding a place for us to make camp. Yet part of my mind could not let go of the incredible feeling of holding my naked little girl. I’d never been aware of how loving and sensual it was to hold a naked child against me, feel her small bum in my hand, feel her heart beating though my hand on her back, or inhale her scent, pure, innocent, all little girl. It could easily become addictive, I thought.

I grinned when I realized I was no longer thinking about cutting our trip short. Now I was ruing that we only had four more days! How fast things change. Pitching the tent I wondered if I’d get to experience my daughter climaxing again. It was stunningly erotic to me; her youth contrasted with her intensely arousing orgasm. Pausing, I let the tent go and went and found my cargo shorts. I suddenly needed to hide another tent that had formed.

We spent most of the next morning hiking around, seeing if we could climb to the top of the falls – we couldn’t – and finding wild fruit to add to our meals. On the surface nothing had changed with our relationship. Had anyone observed us they would have seen a father and daughter out hiking together. But there were subtle signs of change; the way my eyes kept being drawn to Kasey to admire her with new appreciation; the way Kasey would look at me and smile broadly with pleasure, and how holding her hand felt so different. By the time we returned to the lake and camp site we were sweaty, hot and tired. Kasey suggested another swim and, before I could drop my shorts, she was naked and diving in.

Feeling somewhat better from a dip, I stretched out naked on a towel at the side of the lake, watching Kasey explore. She seemed to like swimming though the falls, back and forth, back and forth, sometimes diving under, sometimes disappearing behind the curtain of water for several minutes and reappearing just as I was about to worry.

Eventually she tired and flopped down next to me.

“Nice, Step-dad,” she declared.

I studiously avoided looking at her naked body, not wanting to get an erection in front of her, even with what had happened yesterday. I wasn’t that comfortable with how attractive my little girl was to me. There were shreds of fatherly mien still influencing my behaviour.

Then Kasey rolled towards me, her arm flopping over my chest.

“Step-dad,” she said firmly, rising onto her elbow, bright blue eyes peering at me. “Yesterday when we, you know . . .”

I studied my daughter’s face carefully, looking for signs of shame, regret, trauma, something; I didn’t know what. I saw a remarkably pretty girl with a smile and little blush. Damn she was cute. “Did it . . .” I paused. Taking a deep breath, I started again. “Did you like it?” I asked.

“Step-dad,” Kasey exclaimed breathlessly, “it was the strongest one I’ve ever had. I loved it. Why?”

I smiled. “I don’t know, honey. I worried that you might have . . . Are you sure you’re okay with what we did? Most dads and daughters never do that together.”

“Really? Why not? Can we do it again?” she asked. “I’ve sorta been thinking about it all morning.”

It was no surprise when I became erect. Kasey was so sweetly enthusiastic. There wasn’t a trace of hesitancy or shame. The idea that my little girl had been thinking about humping me was very exciting. In fact, a rather delicious idea occurred, probably influenced by sudden arousal and a naked little girl next to me. “Would you like to try it out of the water?” I asked.

Kasey’s eyes sparkled. “Can we? You’d want to?”

Grinning, I reached for her, pulling her into my arms, drawing her light body on top of me. I loved watching her eyes grow big as she felt my erection pressed to her tummy. Then she grinned and my heart thumped.

Kasey’s slender legs fell to my sides. She smiled and pressed her hands against my chest, rising, kneeling astride me. “Like this?” she asked, her eyes glancing down to my erection. “Wow, you’re hard, Step-dad.”

I reached for her, holding her slender body and boney little hips, moving her gently, slowly. My heart leapt when my little girl settled onto my shaft, her sexy pussy pooching out like a soft bun gently cradling a hotdog. Her bare mons bulged, plump labia warm and soft and, nestled between, my little girl’s clitoris pressed against my shaft.

Kasey was still staring at our groins. “Step-daddy,” she whispered. I felt her knees clench to my sides as she moved slightly, her hands warm on my stomach.

My erection swelled. A clear drop of precum leaked from the tip. Guiding Kasey, she slipped her pussy down my shaft to my balls, the crown rising off my stomach. When she reversed, under the guidance of my hands on her narrow hips, I felt her shiver slightly, her head falling, hair a curtain hiding her face. Another glistening bead of clear precum oozed out, sliding down and dripping to my stomach.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Feel it,” I suggested. “It’s called precum.”

Kasey touched it, rubbing her fingertips together. “Really slippery,” she announced.

Holding her slender waist, I drew her pussy up, up, sliding it up until my crown almost disappeared between plump sexy labia. Her pussy gathered slippery precum and spread it down over my shaft as I pushed her back down.

“Oooh, that felt gooood,” Kasey whispered, taking over, moving herself, rubbing herself up and down my shaft.

As Kasey took control, stroking her sexy hairless little pussy up and down my shaft, sending intense bolts of pleasure through me, my erection hard, rigid, and straining, I let her waist go and, sliding my hands up her sides, reached for tiny sexy buds on her slender chest, caressing each remarkably arousing little mound with my thumb pads. They were amazing; small mounds with hard padding underneath, all areolae. The very first sign of puberty was profoundly attractive to me. Kasey moaned at my caress. Her humping action became more forceful, longer strokes, the head of my erection almost disappearing and emerging, sexy, plump labia caressing me. I ached with need and desire and lust and love.

Her hair started dancing, her whole body now undulating, her utterly gorgeous pussy caressing my entire length, stroking me, milking me. I felt tiny nipples harden under my thumbs’ caress and pressed them more firmly. Kasey sighed, eyes closed, humping my cock.

Suddenly I wondered what it would be like to actually penetrate my daughter, actually have intercourse. Looking down I imagined my erection stretching her little cleft as I pressed in, watching her small clit dip and touch my crown, her slender legs spread wide. I pictured how deep I’d be inside her small body and my climax neared at the thought.

Just when I began to feel the pressure of an incipient climax, my little girl shuddered and jerked. “Step-daddy,” she gasped quietly, pelvis twitching. Her hair trembled, her body moved and, as she rubbed her hairless little pussy on my cock, Kasey lost all rhythm. Her eyes closed and, humping my erection with short hard strokes, she climaxed with sexy, sexy grunts of pleasure. She cried out, “Step-daddy,” again and collapsed forward onto me. I gathered my sexy, climaxing little girl in my arms, held her tight, and came.

Hugging her ten-year-old body, one hand wrapped around her back, the other gripping her small bum, I hunched against her, imagined fucking her and my erection swelled, pressure burst, and semen burned up.

“Oh God, Kasey,” I cried out, and cum exploded, hot, slippery, wet, coating us, bliss erupting inside. As my little girl humped and shuddered through her climax, I slipped my erection up and down against her soft young tummy, hugging her little body tight, fucking hard, semen exploding in pure bliss, cumming against her, spurting, God cumming hard, sweet release, sweet release, dizzy, holding her, fucking, cumming so hard, baby.

Our third day was spent exploring the length of the valley, following the winding path of the stream and occasionally making side trips into the heavy forest vegetation when we’d spot something interesting. It was a full day, fun, easy and relaxed.

I frequently reached for Kasey’s hand, or caressed a slender shoulder. I wanted her near and Kasey seemed to want me near, too. I’d catch her glancing up at me and, when she’d see me, she’d get a small flush in her cheeks that I found intensely cute. I’d become erect, knowing what she was thinking, and smile gently, wondering what might happen when we got back to camp.

It was late when we finally returned, the cloudless sky beginning to turn a deep navy blue. We’d wandered much further than either of us had realized. We were both tired, too.

Dinner was quiet, freeze-dried Irish stew. As we ate I once again admired this little piece of heaven we’d discovered. We’d really found Eden, I thought. In the early evening heat Kasey suggested another swim and I eagerly agreed, wondering if I’d be treated to another sexual encounter with her, an erection partially forming as I undressed.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Step-dad?” Kasey asked.

I grinned, suddenly realizing how intently I’d been staring. “I was just thinking how lucky I am,” I said.

Kasey grinned at me. I saw her peeking at my cock as she stripped and raced into the lake, screaming when she hit the cold water.

Refreshed by cool water we romped and splashed. I let Kasey’s youthful enthusiasm become contagious and fully enjoyed dunking her or swimming under the crystal clear water and grabbing an ankle, tugging her under. A side-effect was I sported a rather determined erection. Constant peeks of her little pussy, her tightly closed yet sexy cleft, and rounded buttocks that flexed so beautifully when she struggled to escape had me hard and wishing rather desperately.

Then . . . well then Kasey got a gleam in her pretty, pretty eyes.

I watched her drifting towards me in the water, her face partially submerged, gorgeous bright blue eyes glinting with mischief, and my erection strained, my cock thickening and lengthening, rigid and hard as she neared me. Kasey’s hand found my erection as she stared at me, a grin forming on her pretty face. I mentally groaned at her touch.

“Did I do that, Step-dad?’ she asked with an agonizing squeeze.

Reaching out I grabbed my sexy little minx and drew her into my chest, trapping her arm between us. “Yes you did, and you know it, too,” I said heatedly, smiling.

Kasey giggled. My heart ached. I drowned in the bright love in her eyes, in the intense pleasure of holding my naked daughter, in loving her so, so much. Swimming backwards I found a shelf of rock and stood chest-deep in water, holding my darling daughter. She smiled and, with a final agonizing squeeze of my erection, let it go and reached up, hands interlocking behind my neck. She pulled herself up and, as her pussy caressed up my erection, her face found my neck. She nuzzled me and my heart melted.

Once again I was holding my naked little daughter and I was in heaven. I loved how small she was, her weight as light as a feather with the buoyancy of the water. I closed my eyes and let myself go, concentrating on feeling her slender back, bony shoulder blades, knobby spine, and her glorious, perfect little bottom.

Kasey pressed herself to me, trapping my erection between us. She sighed and lifted her legs, wrapping them around my waist as I held onto her bum. Suddenly, shockingly, I realized where my erection was. The tip was pressed to Kasey’s little pussy. I could feel her labia.

I tried to pull back and Kasey moaned and tightened her legs. “No, Step-dad.”

“Kasey . . .”

“Don’t move, Step-dad,” she whispered with a sigh. “Stay like this.”

There was no war in my mind. There was no hesitation, no fear. What I was feeling at that moment could not be denied. What I wanted couldn’t, either. And, holding my daughter, I let her decide.

She started making little circular pelvic movements, as if rubbing her clit on the very tip of my erection. I was hard, rigid, as solid as the rock ledge I was standing on. I felt every tiny move Kasey made, my erection straining at the feel of her little cleft pressed against my tip. Then, suddenly, we both paused. I moaned quietly as her sexy labia parted and hugged the tip of my cock. Kasey looked up at me, her beautiful eyes growing wide and contemplative.

“Careful, honey. You’d better stop,” I warned.

Kasey stared at me, intense, studying me. A smile flowered on her pretty face. “Why? Don’t ‘cha want to? Doesn’t it feel good?” she asked, pressing down gently.

God, it felt too good. I groaned and held her tighter. “You know what we’re about to do?” I asked, a little huskily.

“Uh-huh. I wasn’t born yesterday, Step-dad.” Kasey pressed slightly again. “So, do ya?” she asked.

Watching her face very, very carefully, I responded, “Do you?”

A smile blossomed on my little girl’s face, radiant, determined, loving. “Uh-huh,” she said with a firm nod, her legs cinching tighter around my waist. “Feels good, Step-dad.”

God, I was about to fuck my little girl, my ten-year-old daughter. My heart raced, blood pounded. All I saw was a glorious face staring up at me, full of love, full of trust, simply gorgeous. Bending my head, I kissed Kasey, softly, first one cheek, then the other, and finally, a gentle kiss on her lips. “Okay, honey,” I whispered. “If you’re sure, I’d love to.”

Kasey smiled in satisfaction. “Good.”

I stood chest deep in the water, the tip of my erection pressed to my darling’s little cleft, and kissed Kasey gently for the first time. Her arms tightened around my neck, her head tilted slightly and, God, her little tongue came out to meet mine before retreating. I tried to follow her. Suddenly, Kasey’s eyes grew impish, a smile curled her lips even though we were kissing and she closed her teeth, preventing me from following her tongue into her mouth. Then she giggled.

My heart swelled and I grinned, too, our lips pressed together. It was a strange situation to say the least, me with the crown of my erection pressed to my ten-year-old’s hairless pussy, French kissing my little girl in the middle of nowhere, poised to have intercourse with her.

Kasey started moving her bum as her mouth opened. She sucked my tongue sending shivers of pleasure to my toes, giggled and chased my tongue into my mouth, moaning sensually when I sucked on it. Her sweet bottom was moving slowly, circling like an airplane in a holding pattern, the tip of my aching erection pressed to her short cleft.

Remembering her sexy little buds, I moved my hand from her back to her side, my thumb seeking and finding a little nub, a perfect, proto-breast, all areola. Kasey moaned when I caressed it gently. She hunched, pressing her pussy onto the tip of my erection. I actually felt her labia part; Kasey gasped into my mouth and broke the kiss.

We both paused. I knew my erection was at her entrance but not penetrating her. I couldn’t feel her opening, though; too small.

Dropping her cheek to my shoulder, hugging my neck tighter, Kasey started her circular pelvic movements, adding a little hunch to the motion. I used my hand on her sweet little bottom to guide her, the tip of my middle finger pressed against my crown to hold it in place. Suddenly Kasey jerked as she pressed down.

“Ow! That hurt, Step-daddy,” she exclaimed.

“Stop, baby. We’ll try later,” I said quickly, beginning to pull back.

“NO!” she exclaimed and tightened her legs suddenly to stop me.

I felt a popping sensation. Kasey cried out and shook in my arms, and a tight, tight vise clamped down over my crown. Jesus Christ.

Neither of us moved. Through my hand on her back I felt my daughter’s heart racing. I felt a rhythmic clenching, her pussy so tight. I felt lightheaded, too, dizzy. God, I was penetrating my little girl. I was penetrating ten-year-old’s pussy!

For several minutes we didn’t move, Kasey probably due to pain, me due to awe. Eventually Kasey lifted her head, looked at me, “That hurt, Step-dad,” she announced with an expression of indignation, as if her body had betrayed her.

I smiled at her expression. Kasey grinned. “It’s in!” she declared with an agonizing clench. Bugger me!

“You okay?” I asked, my heart still thumping.

“Uh-huh.” She reinforced her claim with a nod and a gentle hunch. My erection throbbed. I knew I was oozing precum into her too-tight pussy. When she hunched again, the sensation was like hitting an oil slick. Suddenly, almost effortlessly, my erection slipped into her a bit more. When I partially pulled back and Kasey frowned and hunched at me, I felt her insides part, her entrance like a tight band slide down my shaft. I penetrated her deep, gloriously deep until the tip of my aching erection nudged her end. Much to my surprise it felt like I was fully buried in my little girl’s incredibly tight pussy. How?

Breathlessly I asked, “Okay, honey?”

“Uh-huh,” Kasey replied and actually pulled herself up, pausing half way and pressing down, my penis slipping into a snug velvety sheath, thrilling, absolutely fantastic. I shuddered. Holding my darling I withdrew and pressed back in, sliding effortlessly into her tight, moist pussy. My God, I was fucking my little girl, I was fucking Kasey!

Wrapping my arm around her, holding her sweet little bottom, I began, a rhythm emerging, slow, exquisitely slow withdrawals, feeling her little vagina grip me as if reluctant to let me go, followed by slightly firmer thrusts, full, deep, all the way until I nudged against her end. Kasey sighed with each thrust, every time I was fully sheathed in her snug, silken pussy. Slowly the rhythm picked up speed, need stirring, her arms hugging me, holding on as we fucked each other. Sexy little sighs became erotic little grunts with each thrust, her sexy sounds driving me nuts. Kasey started to whisper, “Step-daddy, Step-daddy,” with each glorious thrust into her little body. And then Kasey groaned and whispered, “Oh, Step-daddy.”

It was the last straw. Need stormed in at me. Nothing in this world had prepared me for how erotic, how exciting it was to make love with Kasey, to have intercourse with a young underage girl, so light and exquisitely small in my arms.

“God, Kasey,” I groaned. I let myself go.

Holding her little body tight, so small, so sexy, I fucked her, pulling out, thrusting in, pleasure flooding through me. I held my little darling tight, fucking her little pussy, pressing against her end with each glorious thrust. Grabbing her compact bum, I pulled my little girl to me as I fucked into her tight, sexy, velvety-smooth pussy, pressure building, beautiful pleasure cascading through me, my erection growing bigger, harder, thicker. Need thundered through me. I wanted release. I needed to cum. I fucked my beautiful ten-year-old daughter wishing the incredible pleasure would never end, but it did. Holding her sweet humping little bottom, the tip of my middle finger found her bum hole and slipped in to the first knuckle. Her reaction was immediate and violent.

Kasey snorted loudly, followed by a cry, “Step-daddy!” her little pussy clamping down painfully on my erection, her small body jerking, buttocks flexing in my hand. My darling was cumming and it was too much. It was way too erotic for me.

Holding my climaxing little girl, I fucked her, so tight, so arousing. Pressure released. A storm erupted. Lodging my erection as deep into Kasey’s young pussy as I could possibly go, it swelled painfully, ached, heart racing. “Oh my God, baby,” I gasped as semen charged up my shaft and glorious, agonizing ecstasy hit like a tidal wave. I came, spurting hard, achingly hard into my little girl. “Oh Jesus,” I gasped as I withdrew and fucked into her again, semen exploding out against her little cervix.

“Step-daddy!” Kasey cried out again, her pussy cramping down, ass clenching on my fingertip, her arms tightening around my neck.

The full explosive rage of my orgasm was on me. Hugging my beautiful little darling, I fucked and came in her, fucked and came with short, hard, desperate strokes, swelling and spurting deep into her tight little pussy, glorious ecstasy, glorious release, filling my little girl, filling my little girl, cumming hard, God cumming hard baby!

The buzzing in my ears slowly faded as awareness filtered back, the storm of an intense orgasm fading, and my erection gently pulsing as it spit the last of my cum. My heart was racing. I’d never experienced anything like it. Kasey was quiet, her body warm, and completely limp. I felt residual convulsions from her climax, her little vagina gently gripping and relaxing; milking the last of my semen. Despite experiencing the hardest, greatest orgasm of my life, my penis was still engorged, held snugly in my little girl’s tight pussy. I didn’t want to remove it; it felt far too nice. I loved feeling her tight sheath holding my cock. I could feel the wet heat of semen inside her, my cum inside my little girl; so arousing.

We stayed together, unmoving, breath calming, peace emerging, my erection slowly fading. A squeeze by Kasey and it slipped out of her. Every so often Kasey would sigh deeply. When little shivers started and goose bumps appeared, I realized we were getting cold. Even the sky was darkening as nightfall approached. I turned and carried my little lover out of the lake, letting her down inside our tent, grabbing a towel to dry and warm her. For a moment or two I thought Kasey had drifted off. She hadn’t.

Rolling onto her back, intense blue eyes looked at me with love. “Can we sleep together, Step-dad?” she asked, brushing the panties I’d handed her aside.

“Sure. I’d love to,” I agreed.

I woke up much later, in the depth of the night, spooning Kasey’s warm naked little body. Memories of sex with her rushed back and an erection formed. Reaching down between us I held my cock and guided the tip along the crease of her thighs to nestle to her sexy little pussy. I thought I’d just relax and fall asleep again, luxuriating in the feel of my erection pressed against my little girl’s sweet pussy. I didn’t. I didn’t relax or fall asleep. Instead I felt an amazing sensation, utterly amazing. I felt my daughter’s slippery labia ooze apart over my crown slightly. A bolt of excitement hit me. I pressed lightly and actually felt the head of my erection slowly, slowly ease its way into my daughter’s little vagina. Still slippery from earlier, my erection seemed to glide into her, slowly, effortlessly even though she was still marvelously tight. This was an outstandingly erotic experience. Hugging my little girl with my cock buried in her prepubescent pussy was sensational. This I wanted to experience for ever.

With my erection seated deep in my little girl, I hugged her back to me and relaxed. I relished the arousal. I loved the feel of her pussy gripping my shaft. I trembled slightly at the pure illicitness of what I was doing, somehow making it even better. Amazingly, I actually drifted off to sleep with her gentle scent filling my lungs, her warm little body throwing off heat, and her slender chest expanding and contracting as she breathed silently, the relaxing sound of the falls roaring in the background.

I woke up. It was dark, pitch black. I was still hard and moving my erection slightly, just a millimeter or two. Realizing I was fucking my daughter while she was asleep, a burst of excitement hit me. Her little pussy was still slippery with my semen inside her, still velvety smooth and warm, beautifully tight. Wrapping my arms around her and holding her small body gently, I moved, micro movements, enough to stimulate my crown pressed deep and firmly into her. I fucked her gently with tiny, tiny movements while she slept, letting my mind picture my cock snug inside her, my crown nestled near to her immature womb. I had yet to see my erection penetrating her hairless pussy but could imagine how stretched her labia must be. My excitement grew. I pictured my darling’s cleft stretched around my erection and imagined seeing it slowly withdraw, the shaft glistening with our moisture. I pictured my thick erection penetrating into her hairless pussy. Dizziness arrived.

It needed very little physical stimulation to feel my orgasm stir, my mind more than enough. Holding her slender young body in my arms, along with her sexy youthful and heady scent, and my adult erection buried in her prepubescent pussy, fucking my little girl was stunningly arousing. And, as I fully appreciated the amazing experience, I felt my climax, balls growing heavy, tenseness in my stomach, pressure building, erection straining, swelling. Holding my darling a bit tighter and burying my nose in her silky hair, I hunched very, very slightly to press my crown against her cervix, the entrance to my little girl’s womb, and heaven descended. My cock swelled, semen suddenly released with a burst of satisfying pleasure. Closing my eyes, I swelled and exploded, gloriously spurting cum into my little girl. Without moving, an agonizingly beautiful experience, I swelled and spurt cum into her, hot wetness bathing my erection, beautiful pleasure coursing through me. I came hard, made more intense by not moving. I came hard in my little darling, gloriously spurting, depositing my love deep inside her, ecstasy blossoming, heart pounding.

Finally, finally, my orgasm peaked and released me. I calmed, my penis pulsing weakly, becoming flaccid, muscles relaxing. Peace descended, sleep returned. I felt love flush through me. God I was lucky.

Morning sun woke me. My bladder was painful.

Slipping out of the tent, I went and peed. The air was cool and fresh. Another beautiful day was promised. Exotic birds sang their songs. Trees rustled in the slight breeze. Back at the camp I started our gas stove to make coffee before crawling into the tent to wake Kasey. Pulling the flap aside, a fantastic view greeted me. Kasey had turned onto her front, one leg bent and over the top of the sleeping bag. Being naked, I was treated to the staggeringly erotic view of her seductive little bum, two glorious little buttocks, and below, the intensely sexy sight of a ten-year-old pussy, chubby and full, hairless and still glistening with leaking semen. I reacted. Who wouldn’t? My erection stormed back and I crawled over her legs, bending and kissing two sweet buttocks, the scent of sex strong.

Kasey murmured and pushed her bum against my mouth. A smile formed on her beautiful face, eyes still closed.

“Morning, sweetheart,” I said, caressing a small buttock. “Rise and shine, gorgeous.”

Her smile grew in intensity. Eyes opened, sparklingly pretty blue shining at me. “Morning, Step-dad.”

I felt love slam into me like a physical force, robbing me of breath. I knew what I wanted to do; make love to this angel again, immediately, right then and there and never stop. But the sound of boiling coffee disrupted my plans. “Time to get up. Breakfast in ten minutes.”


Over breakfast of oatmeal I stared at Kasey, studying every inch of my daughter. She’d thrown on a simple white T-shirt and yellow cotton panties that became the focus of my attention. Sitting cross-legged, her panties stretched around a remarkably plump-looking pussy, a sexy little camel toe forming. It was really quite a stunningly arousing sight. Kasey knew what I was rudely staring at, too. She grinned around mouthfuls of oatmeal, eyes twinkling with awareness and mischief.

Slowly she changed position, her legs closing, my glorious morning view disappearing. As I took a sip of coffee and rued my loss, Kasey parted her legs slightly.

“Like?” she asked cheekily giving me another peek at her panty-clad pussy. “Wanna kiss it?” she asked with a big grin.

Coffee spewed from my mouth. I coughed hard to clear my lungs, assisted in no way by Kasey’s shrieks of laughter. “Kasey!” I exclaimed.

“What?!!” she responded with force. “You don’t?”

I grinned. “I do, actually. But what gave you that idea?” I asked with interest.

“You did, Step-dad. You were sorta drooling when you stared at me. Besides,” she added, “I wondered what it would feel like. So, do you wanna?”

I didn’t answer right away, somewhat surprised at my daughter’s forwardness. Then I grinned. Why was I surprised? I’d made love with her. Shouldn’t I be pleased she was adventurous? Damn right I should! “Okay,” I agreed with enthusiasm, my erection now fully hard in anticipation. An interesting idea floated into my aroused mind. I smiled. “Would you like to, maybe, kiss mine, too?” I asked.

Kasey’s eyes immediately fell to Step-dad’s boxers, looking at the tent his erection was making. She grinned. It would be interesting to hold it, feel it, and, yeah, maybe kiss it. She hadn’t really played with it yet, just a grope. A twinge of excitement hit her, her pussy tingling. The idea of Step-dad kissing her pussy was really exciting . . . and maybe doing it to him? Wow.

Staring at his sexy brown eyes, she saw his excitement, his smile making her heart race; Step-dad so cute. She liked that she turned him on. It made her proud. She also saw the arousal in his eyes and that made her shiver in excitement. She’d found something else she loved; she loved loving Step-dad. Actually, she loved teasing Step-dad, too. She giggled to herself. Yeah, teasing was fun.

“Kay!” she said, jumping up. Racing to the lake she yelled over her shoulders, “But you gotta catch me first!” With the sound of Step-dad stumbling about, she dived into the water, beautiful coolness washing over her. Swimming hard she tried to make it to the waterfall. Suddenly a hand landed on her bum. She laughed, almost choking on the water, and swam faster. When she felt her panties slipping down, Step-dad gripping them, she almost drowned laughing. But, kicking hard, the panties slipped off her feet and she charged towards the waterfall, Step-dad yelling at her again.

Diving down, Kasey slipped under the falls and rose on the inside to a hollow cave hidden behind the rushing water, the cave she’d discovered earlier. She climbed up onto the stone floor, her naked bum feeling the coolness. Suddenly Step-dad rose up out of the water, a sneaky smile on his handsome face. A pair of wet yellow cotton panties hung from a finger. Kasey’s smile turned into a giggle when his other hand rose and his wet boxers hung from the other hand. She automatically looked down into the crystal clear water.

It looked huge! Maybe it was magnified by water. She glanced up at him. “Big,” she said with a grin, looking down again. Despite everything they’d done, she’d not actually seen his erection clearly. Now she understood why she’d felt so stretched when they’d had sex. Step-dad’s penis was thick and long, the head sorta mushroom-shaped. She could see veins along the shaft and below, his balls. He had thick, bushy pubes that trailed up in a little line towards his belly button. In the water the hair looked soft.

But, when she looked back up at Step-dad’s face, her heart melted. The love in his eyes as he looked at her, not at her pussy, but at her, made her ache. “Step-daddy,” she said softly, almost unheard through the roar of the waterfall. Kasey let him gather her in his arms. She snuggled into him, her face finding his neck, arms wrapping. She relaxed and let him bring her back through the waterfall and across to shore, holding onto Step-daddy, my Step-daddy.

He put her down gently, sexy brown eyes studying her. She arched her back as he pulled the wet T-shirt off, bringing her arms up over her head. When it fell free she saw Step-daddy studying her little buds, the ones that had just appeared, the ones that ached and were sore and sensitive. But, when Step-daddy bent and kissed one gently, she moaned, a charge of pleasure racing from her bud to her pussy. This time they ached differently. Now the soreness was arousing. She reached for his hair, sliding her fingers through it, pulling and encouraging him, wanting more, needing more of that nice feeling.

“Again, Step-daddy,” she instructed, sighing when he kissed her tender bud again so gently, so lovingly. A tremor passed through her at the feel of his tongue lightly brushing against her hard little nipple, then caressing her areola.

“The other one, too,” she urged, sighing again when he moved across and kissed, his thumb gently teasing the first nub. Kasey felt it all the way to her pussy, blood rushing down, her clit hardening, pressure growing, feeling swollen below. Her excitement built; a need developing inside. If Step-daddy kissing her nipples felt this good, what would it feel like when he kissed her pussy?

Now horny, urges flooding her, she pushed his head down. He glanced at her when she shoved, his grin making her heart ache. As Step-daddy moved down, kissing her tummy and making her giggle briefly, she parted her legs, making room for him, watching Step-daddy’s every move intently. She saw him glance at her pussy and she shuddered at the heat in his eyes.

“God, baby. It’s gorgeous,” he whispered, his hand slipping down her side, across her tummy and gently resting on her mound. She flushed with pride; Step-daddy likes.

Kasey felt his thumb gently caress her slit and shuddered when it passed across her clit, goose bumps emerging, pulse rising. God she was so horny. She could feel dampness in her pussy as it clenched. But Step-daddy’s expression, the love in his eyes was making her hurt.

She watched him bend slowly, watched his sexy mouth near her pussy, anticipation making her muscles twitch. “Step-daddy,” she breathed softly at the exquisite touch of his mouth, his gentle kiss, a hard pulse of pleasure flowing through her like a wave of moist heat. She brought her knees up, raised her head and watched as Step-daddy kissed her pussy again, pressing his lips deeply into her mound, her pussy bulging slightly under the pressure. Then she jerked, her body trembling at the touch of his tongue probing gently and finding her clit. Her thighs clenched. Her whole body shuddered as his warm moist tongue circled her clit, teasing, teasing, pressure, her pussy now really damp and pulsing.

“Step-daddy,” she moaned when his tongue pressed against her clit, pleasure sparking, aching inside, deep inside. She hunched her pussy at his mouth and tongue, her head falling back, waves of pleasure now flowing, hips undulating slightly. Then, when his finger gently penetrated her and he sucked her clit, a bomb exploded. She cried out, arching her body as pleasure erupted, her climax upon her. Another hard wave of bliss hit. Eyes tightly closed, Kasey cried out again, thighs clamping around Step-daddy’s head. Step-daddy sucked again, his finger probing deeper. Another sharp burst of pleasure had her arching up, dizzy, fireworks exploding behind her closed eyes. Oh God, oh God. Kasey felt like she was dying; she couldn’t breathe, her climax punishing her, punishing her, her clit aching, throbbing, sensitive, waves of painful pleasure wracking her body. She felt the finger slip deeper into her pussy, felt Step-daddy suck her clit. A massive eruption hit, pure bliss crashing into her, so good, so good, Step-daddy! Gonna die!

Awareness returned slowly, her body ached as if she’d been hit by a car and yet was completely relaxed, muscles all melty and squishy. She felt Step-dad cuddling her and sighed deeply, satisfied, peaceful. Opening her eyes she smiled at his sexy, sexy grin. “Wow, Step-dad,” she said softly.

I thought if I was to only see my daughter climax once, I’d still be satisfied. I’d carry that experience with me for ever. Seeing my preteen daughter climax so completely, so unabashedly, was stunningly sexy. Even cuddling with her afterwards I’d felt little tremors pass through her small body as if her orgasm was still waning, the last tendrils of pleasure flowing. And to top it all off, my God, Kasey tasted amazingly good. My girl had a delicate musky aroma, a light flavor, sweet and intensely sexy. I was going to want to taste her again and again. It was so different from mature females, delicately intense.

As I cuddled my child, my erection hard, throbbing but forgotten, I let myself bask in the glow of her sexiness. I couldn’t remember being so happy.

When Kasey eventually stirred I was grinning ear-to-ear at my good fortune.

It was later in the afternoon when Kasey realized she’d forgotten something. Actually, it was staring at Step-dad’s penis as she lay next to him after their swim. She realized she hadn’t tried to do it to him. Why hadn’t he asked? Rolling onto her side, she studied it. It was soft, and much, much smaller than she remembered. Reaching out she took it in her hand and felt it, really soft, limp. But, as she played with it, it started growing. Fascinated, Kasey held it, watching as it thickened and grew long, the head swelling. She squeezed it and grinned when it pulsed in her hand. Slowly Step-dad’s penis became erect, thickening, lengthening.

Kasey glanced up at Step-dad to find him smiling and watching her.

“Is this okay?” she asked.

I nodded, hands under my head. Having Kasey fondling me was very nice. I liked how small her hand looked as it held my erection. When she asked if she could, my cock flexed. Seeing a naked little girl holding an adult erection was really quite erotic, I decided. Watching as she knelt at my side, bent, and soft, soft lips kissed my shaft gently had me aching and straining.

Kasey glanced up at me. “What do I do?” she asked.

“Well . . .” I explained the mechanics of oral sex and hand stimulation, what to do, what happens, how. Kasey blushed prettily when I explained about cumming in her mouth and how she didn’t have to. I assured her I’d warn her when I was close. And through the explanation Kasey had a firm hold on my erection, never letting go. Every time I’d flex in arousal she’d squeeze me delightfully without even thinking. It was very arousing.

“So,” she declared, “I should kiss it first, like this?”

Her soft lips gently kissing my crown felt wonderful.

“And then,” she continued, “lick the shaft part like this?”

Bending, Kasey’s small tongue emerged and ran up my shaft from the base to just below the flared crown, making my cock strain, her hand under my shaft gently pressing it to her mouth.

“Yes?” she inquired.

“Um, yeah,” I nodded and smiled. She grinned at me, a cheeky grin. I adored it.

“And I’m supposed to hold your . . . balls like this?” she continued, cupping my scrotum gently, hefting my balls as if measuring their weight. She giggled when my erection jerked, grinning at me, blue eyes twinkling with glee. Damn she was cute.

“Aaaaaand then . . .” She stroked my shaft. “I’m supposed to put it in my mouth? Huh? This big thing? Right, Step-dad?

God yes.

With a sneaky smile she straightened my erection, pointed it up to the cloudless blue sky, watched me closely and bent, kissing the tip, lips pursed. “Like that?” she asked. “Orrrr, like this?”

With that her mouth opened and soft, soft lips slipped over my crown. Kasey’s small mouth opened wide and moist warmth surrounded the head, bright blue eyes twinkled and she smiled! She smiled with her mouth full of my erection! Jesus effin’ Christ!

Her mouth made a popping sound as she pulled off. “Like that, Step-dad?” she asked with a teasing grin.

“Damn, Kasey,” I managed to say, my erection aching and jerking.

Kasey giggled at my discomfort. “Orrrr, was I supposed to do this?” she asked, bending back to my cock.

This time she slipped her mouth over it, pressed my erection deeper, her tongue caressing the flared ridge and, watching me with upturned eyes, Kasey sucked, hard, cheeks indenting. Her fist slowly stroked up and down my shaft. Fuuuuck me.

When she began bobbing her mouth on my cock, sucking, caressing, her hand stroking, I felt my climax, an unstoppable physical force gathering inside me. Watching my ten-year-old daughter kneeling naked at my side giving me oral sex was intensely exciting. The innocence of her young face with an adult erection stretching her mouth was stunningly sexy. And my mind and body reacted.

“Gonna cum, Kasey,” I managed to gasp, reaching to pull her mouth off me. Kasey swatted my hand away and sucked hard.

Fuck! It was too much. Pleasure burst inside me, semen burned up my shaft. I gasped and stared at incredible sight of my little girl with a cock in her mouth as I exploded, shooting cum in a raging blast, pure bliss punishing me. She stroked my shaft as if milking me. My hips jerked and another intense wave plowed into me, cum jetting out in an achingly beautiful pulse, pure bliss. My heart almost stopped at the sight of thick white semen spurting out from her lips to run down my rigid shaft. Another pulse hit. I jerked, shoved my cock deeper into her, cum blasting out to fill my little girl’s mouth, pure ecstasy punishing me, semen leaking out from her lips again. She pulled her mouth off, coughing, choking, and another wave hit me, cum exploding up onto her chin and lips and nose and cheek. I humped and hunched, fucking her fist, spurting, cumming hard at the sight of my little girl’s cum-splattered face, coming hard, fuck so hard!

Collapsing, sexually drained by a ten-year-old, chest heaving, sweet post-orgasmic lethargy descended over me. Kasey spoke.

“Jeez, Step-dad. That was a lot! Tastes weird, too,” she announced, bringing the side of a towel to her face to wipe cum off. Then she grinned at me impishly. “Your face went all funny, Step-dad.”

God I loved her. I laughed and reached for her, pulling her into my arms.

“Hey!” she exclaimed as I pinched a sexy bum, reaching down to swat my hand away. “Don’t or I won’t suck you again.”

I laughed. Jeez I was in love.

“So, how long before it gets big again?” Kasey asked as she settled to my side, her head finding the crook of my shoulder.

I felt drowsy, in a post-orgasmic lethargy, the warm sun adding to my melted muscles. My eyes closed. So peaceful. The roaring waterfall was adding to my drowsiness. My warm, naked bundle of love at my side felt wonderful. I wanted a nap.

“Hey! Don’t sleep!” Kasey exclaimed, rising from my side. “How long, Step-dad?

Lord luv-a-duck. I chuckled. What had I created?

“Stop laughing! It’s not funny! I’m horny.” Kasey reinforced her concern by poking my shoulder.

I laughed and, without opening my eyes, reached and pulled my little minx back into an embrace.

“Half an hour, Pest,” I said.

“Fine,” Kasey muttered, snuggling to me. She giggled when I groped her spectacular little ass, reaching down to push my hand away. “In half an hour, Step-dad. You can play with it in half an hour.”

I smiled, eyes still closed, sun warming my relaxed body, and a sexy little girl warming my heart. Mentally I thanked whomever or whatever had introduced us to our newfound intimacy. Then my smile became a grin as I remembered; it was ants in her pants I had to thank.