A StepMom and daughter go to see daughter’s first R-rated movie, which gets a bit steamy

I remember this like it was yesterday. I was a
reasonably normal 18-year-old girl and I desperately
wanted to see this new film that everyone was talking
about. I’ll give you a clue – it has a really
interesting police interrogation scene where we find out
that the leading actress is a natural blonde! Yeah –
that one!

Everyone in school was on about it, it was all over the
news; people were protesting it and even trying to get
it banned. But it was only R rated, and not NC-17, so it
couldn’t be that bad, could it? That was my reasoning
when I pitched it to my Mom. Being an R rated movie I
would need her to come with me to see it.

Mom looked at the ads and saw the TV ads that were
running and she said it looked like a good thriller, so
she looked up the times in the paper (this was pre-
internet guys!) and found that it was on at the AMC. But
the only time we could go and see it was Sunday
afternoon, because Mom worked all week and Saturday was
my brother’s birthday party.

So, Sunday comes, and I’m so excited, even though I’m
going with my Mom, because she’s quite young and pretty,
and she’s cool. I looked mostly like a younger version
of her, with our blonde hair – hers short, but mine was
long; and she was obviously fuller figured than me – I’d
say a C-cup classic 36-24-36. Me? I don’t know, except
that I had just gone into a B-cup (and was proud of it)
and had a slim athletic frame from all the swimming I
used to do.

So, we set off in the car. I’m sporting moon boots and
short cargo skirt and shirt, and Mom’s wearing a figure-
hugging short grey dress she loved to wear on hot days.
The AMC was pretty quiet, it being Sunday afternoon,
most folks were still getting home from church, but we’d
never been religious. We park up and we’re in the foyer.
I’m nervous. Would they even let me in? It was my first
R rated movie. But Mom wasn’t worried. We bought popcorn
and drinks and in we went.

The AMC didn’t have steps, but the floor was raked down
toward the screen, so that everyone would be able to see
over the person in front. In fact, over the seat in
front, because their seats were really high, you could
rest your head back. I loved that place! But today I was
going to love it even more. There weren’t many of us in
the screen, I’d say maybe 30, but it wasn’t a big screen
either. We were sat in the middle, with people in the
row in front but further along, and people 2 rows back.

The ads and trailers come and go and then the movie
starts. And straight away we’re into a sex scene! I
glanced at my Mom and she glanced at me, and I know I
flushed red. I looked away back to the screen and
mercifully the scene ended. Thank God! The movie got
going, but it was thick with a sexy undertone. Sharon
Stone just oozed sexuality! And she looked so good! I
had never seen anything like it!

When I saw her changing with a cop watching her in a
mirror I started feeling something I’d never felt
before. Sure I knew all about sex and I was no stranger
to masturbation. But this was different. During the
police interrogation scene I was getting hotter. Then
she’s all legs and we get “that” scene, with a look up
her dress. And I was wet!

I couldn’t believe it! I was getting wet over a sexy
woman. So the movie carries on and it turns out she’s
bi. And that turned me on too! My mind was racing and I
was fidgety, I guess, because Mom whispered, “You okay?”

I just nodded and pretended everything was fine.

Then there’s this sexy club scene and it’s so hot. She’s
playing her girlfriend and the cop off against each
other. And then we’re into a full out sex scene! And
he’s going down on her! And I’m 14 and I’m so wet I put
my hand between my legs and hope Mom won’t notice. And
with my fingertips I’m reaching under my skirt and
rubbing my clit through my panties – I feel my Mom’s
hand on my bare thigh. I stop masturbating, but Mom
leans down to my ear and whispers, “It’s okay, honey,
you go ahead,” and her hand smoothed up my thigh and
pulled my skirt up toward my panties.

I started to touch myself again, but now I know Mom
knows. And it’s hot! But my panties are in the way and I
put my fingers into the leg-hole of my panties. Mom
turns to me and her hands go up under my skirt and she
tucks her fingers into my panties and says, “hup!” like
she did when I was little, and I obeyed, lifting
slightly so she could pull my panties down. It’s making
me hotter! She drags my panties to my knees and lets
them drop to my ankles. It’s dark, but I feel exposed!
But that excites me too. Mom bends down and takes my
panties and places them in her purse.

So I’m there, masturbating in a cinema next to my Mom.
Just when I think it can’t get any hotter I notice Mom
moving next to me. I look at her and she smiles
wickedly, “Think I’ll join you”. And then I could see
she was pulling her own panties down her thighs and
discreetly off her ankles. They went into her purse too.
She leant back and opened her legs a little. Her hand
went down to her pussy. I couldn’t see anything, but the
knowledge that we, Mother and Daughter, were
masturbating together in a theatre half full of people
was so hot I couldn’t believe it!

Although I was facing the screen, my eyes were
everywhere – looking to see if anyone suspected, looking
at Mom, looking at my own bare thighs spread wide with
my hand between them. My pussy was on fire! I was so wet
I lifted off my skirt and tucked it from under my ass
not to get my skirt wet. My clit was a bead of ecstasy!
I was working up a good speed when suddenly someone got
up a couple of rows in front!

Mom and me both stopped and quickly put our skirt and
dress right. The guy walked past and smiled at us as he
did. Did he know anything? I was dying! Mom and I sat
there waiting for him to come back. It seemed like ages,
but was only actually a few minutes. As soon as he sat
down Mom put her hand on my bare inner thigh, “Swaps?”
she said.

I couldn’t believe it! I opened my legs and Mom slipped
her hand up to my teenage pussy! No one else but me had
touched my pussy ever! – Mom when I was a baby or to
bath me when I was younger, but never in a sexual way.
This was sexual! And it was fantastic! – Mom’s
experienced fingers were bigger than mine and they felt
amazing as they smoothed through my velveteen folds and
found my throbbing clit. I nearly hit the roof. But when
she cupped my little pussy and then snaked a finger into
my soaking wet cum hole that’s when I really started to
lift off!

My hand grabbed Mom’s leg in response, gripping it
tightly. But Mom just took my hand with her free hand
and pulled it down between her thighs to her own wet
pussy, bigger than mine, but it was a pussy and I knew
how to please mine, so hers couldn’t be that different.
I remember feeling around it and finding Mom’s clit –
like a bean it was so engorged with excitement. I
stroked it gently, but my own passion was starting to
get the better of me.

I was, by now, gyrating my hips onto Mom’s inserted
finger. It was lucky no one else was in the row or they
would have felt the vibrations. But Mom held onto my
pussy firmly, letting me know I had to quieten down.
Then she slipped a second finger into me. I shook
silently as a wave of orgasm came through me. I breathed
out hard – audibly hard.

I froze! – But no one seemed to have paid any attention.
The action on screen was coming thick and fast and
everyone was engrossed, except me, and Mom. That’s when
Mom pressed my hand tight into her pussy and using her
fingers made sure my fingers entered her vagina. I lost
my breath for a moment but then started going with her
urging motions, and within a few moments I was finger
fucking my Mom!

But my fingers were too small and she urged another one
in. Three finger fucking Mom! But it still wasn’t
enough! She leant down to me and whispered, “Get on the
floor”. I looked at her without understanding. “Get
between my legs”.

Uncertain what I was meant to be doing I gingerly moved
off the seat, sure the other cinemagoers would notice
me, but no one seemed to. I knelt between my Mom’s
widening thighs and she took my hand and almost rammed
it at her vagina! I stuffed three fingers in, like
before, but Mom slipped forward in her seat urging her
pussy onto my fingers. A fourth finger joined the others
and I heard a slopping sound come from her sopping wet

She was urging me on, and now was diddling her own clit
in a blur of desperate passion. Just when I thought my
whole hand was going to disappear into my Mom’s pussy,
she jerked forward and I felt the warmth of her juices
surround my fingers like a liquid glove as she arched
her back in the seat and her juices trickled out around
my hand.

Suddenly, I was aware that the music on the film was
climaxing loudly and Mom said, “Sit down, sit down,
quick!” I scrambled to my seat and we both flustered to
look presentable. The film was over, the credits rolling
and suddenly people were standing up and leaving. When
we both stood up, there were wet stains on both our

Quickly and silently we walked out of the screen and
into the foyer, Mom holding my hand the whole time. I
could feel my juices running down my inner thighs as I
walked. Outside, we almost ran to the car, laughing as
we did. We got into the car and burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe we did that, Mom!” I said with laughter
and wonder.

“Me neither. But it was nice though, don’t you think?”
She said, smiling.

I nodded in full agreement. “But, you know we can never
tell anyone, don’t you? They just wouldn’t understand.”

“I know, Mom.” I said. And I could see her visibly
relaxing a little.

“I love you” she smiled.

“I love you too, Mom” I said, and we shared a momentary
hug and she kissed the top of my head.

When we got home Dad was with my brother in the
den. When we walked in he said, “Wow, you look like you
two enjoyed yourselves!” We looked at each other with
beaming, knowing smiles. “Oh, we did” said Mom.

“Well, maybe you two should make this a regular thing,”
said Dad, “Mom and Daughter time – Girlie Time!” He

I looked at Mom and bit my lip. “Sounds good to me,
Mom!” I said.

“Me too, Honey…” She smiled and squeezed my hand, “Me

And we did.