Stepdad’s Naughty Girl

Pretty Cindy Barnes kept thinking about sex. As she lay in bed, her thoughts made her cute tits hard in the bra she was wearing. Between her legs, nested in brief bikini panties, her cunt got warmer.

A soft sound escaped her throat. Beneath the blankets her hands moved to her special spots, one on her tits, the other between her spreading thighs.

Breathing rapidly, she peeled the thin bra away from one thrusting tit and started caressing herself. Her other hand slipped into her panties and her naughty fingers rubbed against her furry pussy. Both hands felt so good that Cindy caught her breath.

Teasing her pink nipple and rubbing her cunt felt so nice that she closed her eyes and surrendered to the exciting sensations. So she didn’t see her father come softly into her room.

He saw the sweet look on her pretty face and the movements beneath her blankets and he knew right away what his girl was doing to herself.

Just then, when he sot close to her bed, Cindy heard the floor creak. Her head rolled and she opened her eyes. Her father smiled at her.

“Feeling that way again, huh?” he asked.

Cindy felt a tremor of excitement flash through her turned-on body. “Y-yes,” she murmured.

Phil Barnes licked his lips. His daughter was so God-damned pretty and sexy. Now her blue eyes were glazed with the look of a girl in heat. Her pouting lips were so luscious.

“You wearing the things I bought you?” Phil asked.

“Yes,” Cindy breathed.

“Let’s see, baby,” he said.

Cindy hesitated. It always made her feel funny when her father wanted to look at her.

“Come on,” he coaxed, staring hotly, “you know I like to look at you. You’re so pretty, Cindy. Let’s have a look.”

He didn’t wait for her willingness. He reached down and gripped the end of the covers and stripped them all the way down on the bed. When he saw all of his girl, his eyes burned and his cock grew large in his pants.

Cindy was beautiful with one firm, pointed a naked and jutting and her hand stuffed into her panties. She watched him watching her and got funny feelings in her belly.

“So pretty,” her father muttered, and leaned down.

Cindy’s hand tried to beat his mouth to her tit, but her father was faster. His lips closed around her cute pink nipple and his tongue lashed it.

“Daddy… don’t…” Cindy said.

She peered down at what his mouth was doing to her tit and she caught her breath. The feeling of a man sucking her tit was more than she could take.

His hand reached down and pulled hers out of her panties. His fingers curled into the waistband. Cindy’s breathing grew more rapid.

“Daddy, don’t, please. Not again.”

“Don’t be silly,” her father said softly, giving her tit little licks with his tongue. “You were trying to get yourself off. Let me help you. I’ll get you off real nice. You know that.”

Cindy felt helpless now. She did know he could get her off better than she could herself. He’d done it so many times already!

She wanted to stop him, she really did. But he was licking and sucking her sensitive tit, and his hand was stripping her panties down. She could feel the backs of his fingers dragging across her clit and pussy-lips, and the feeling was so good it took her breath away. It felt better than she wanted it to.

“No, no,” she moaned.

Her father peeled her panties down and dropped them on the floor. His hand slipped up between her legs and his big thick fingers rubbed her cunt-lips. Sharp thrills of sex-feelings shot through her pussy and made her weak.

She felt his mouth move to the underside of her heaving tit, over her bra to the soft white flesh of her ribs.

“Daddy, don’t!” she gasped.

His hot mouth slipped down to her navel. He licked his tongue into it. Cindy whimpered. Her tits got harder. Her cunt grew warmer and sort of nervous.

“Daddy, no, no, please,” she panted as his lips traced a hot line into her furry patch of pussy-hair.

He pushed her legs open wider and kissed her cunt-lips. “I just want to lick it, baby,” he murmured into her pussy. “Just relax. You’ll like it. I’ll get you off real good. That’s the girl. Let your dad make you feel real good.”

His hypnotizing voice and his loving lips made Cindy go all weak and helpless. She knew she couldn’t stop him now. She didn’t want to?

He used to tell her that the best feelings in the world were sex-feelings. She couldn’t argue with that. She knew from playing with herself. What she hadn’t known was that sex feelings were much, much better when someone else played with her tits and cunt. Her father soon showed her!

Now she was dizzy with need as her daddy’s big tongue licked over her hot pussy-lips. She made a horny sound and opened her legs wider, losing control of herself — as usual!

“Oh, Daddy!” she whimpered.

Her pretty cunt came up off the bed and mashed against her father’s mouth. Panting hotly, she twisted it a little. Her cunt-hound father chuckled with his victory. He gripped her darling ass and shoved the tip of his tongue up into her squirmy fuck-hole.

“Oh!” Cindy gasped. There was no feeling like the feeling of her father’s tongue fucking her in the cunt.

She was completely at his mercy, and he knew it. He always started out by promising her that all he wanted to do was lick her cunt so she could get good feelings. But he knew his girl. Once he was sucking her pussy and lashing her stiff clit, she’d do anything with him. Cindy had no control at all over her horniness.

Once he had her panting and moaning, licking and lapping her cunt, he climbed on the bed, over her, and inched his way upward. His mouth never left her cunt as he maneuvered himself until his ass was up near her shoulder.

Cindy panted hotly and twisted her pussy against his loving, sucking mouth. Her heavy eyelids fluttered and she saw him so close to her. Dizzy with girlish desire, senseless with incredible lust thoughts, she lifted her trembling hand between his thighs and found his hard-on.

Phil smiled to himself and drilled his tongue up into her juicy fuck-hole as he felt his girl’s fingers opening his pants. He knew if he kept making her pussy, feel good, she’d want to play with his cock. The two things went hand in hand. Cindy really liked prick.

A few years before, he had caught her diddling her sweet cunt. He’d found her in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with knees apart, rubbing the hell out of her pussy. She was sweating, panting, cumming like crazy all over her fingers.

He had laughed at her embarrassment. Instead of scolding or spanking her, like she’d expected, he took her by the hand and led her to his bed. And there he did things with his tongue that opened whole new worlds of sex thrills to her. He’d licked every inch of her smooth body until he focused on her horny cunt and got her off so many times it left her senseless.

From that moment on, he knew why Cindy didn’t do naughty things with boys. Boys didn’t know the secret to her tits and cunt. But he did!

Every time his wife was gone, Phil would get his daughter all hot and horny and lick her pussy until she was begging for more. And he found out something special about his girl. When he was eating her pussy, she lost all her inhibitions. When she was cumming and feeling super-sexy, she wanted to play with cock.

That’s why she was now humping her cunt on her daddy’s fucking tongue and trying to get at his prick. Panting hornily, she twisted and turned her pussy hard as he ate her and her hand pulled his huge cock out of his pants.

Delicious thrills shot through Phil when he felt Cindy’s hand grasp the thickness of his big, wet cock.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she moaned, jerking his stiff prick, “you make me feel so good.”

To keep her on track, Phil caught her quivery clit between his teeth and lashed at it with his tongue. Each time his tongue-tip licked on it, Cindy’s luscious body jerked.

Her luscious sex-feelings were mounting and he knew it. So he deliberately sucked her stiff clit into his mouth and gave it a lick-job that almost lifted the girl out of her skull.

“Daddy!” she squealed as he sucked hard. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna cum!”

She thrust her sweet pussy upward. Her father munched and nibbled her clit. His hand attacked her pussy and he drilled a big, thick finger up into her juicy cunt-hole. Cindy went crazy on her bed, panting and moaning, squealing and whimpering. She choked his swollen cock in her tight fist and whacked it furiously as he ate her crazed cunt.

“Oh, Daddy!” she whined, twisting her hot pussy on his stabbing finger. “I-I — Oh! — It’s, it’s, it’s — ohhh, I’m cumming!”

Great quivers of lust washed through her and all of a sudden her cute cunt flooded with silky wetness, making her moan loudly and shudder vibrantly. The silky fluid flowed through her cunt channel, soaking her father’s fucking finger. Phil licked his tongue lower and sucked up some of her warm joy-juices, always remembering to lick her quivery clit from time to time.

Cindy shrieked with uninhibited release as her cunt creamed. The feelings in her delighted pussy ran through her whole body, titillating her and making her head spin. It was at that supreme moment of joy that she pulled her father’s rigid cock to her mouth.

Phil groaned like an animal when he felt her lips against the wet end of his prick. And he choked as his girl parted her lips and dragged his whopping hard-on into her mouth.

Cindy was riding high on her delicious cum. She worked her cunt round and round as her daddy licked, sucked and fingered it. Caught up in waves of sensual pleasure, completely forgetting who she was, she pulled his mighty prick into her mouth and started sucking him off in a most natural, loving manner.

Moaning softly as her father kept her cunt creaming, she folded her soft mouth around his soaked cock and licked it clean of pre-cum, swallowing the tasty stuff as if she needed it.

“Mm-mm-mmmm,” she moaned, stretching her mouth around his immense cock. She twisted at the hips and turned toward him to get her mouth more firmly on his rigid cock. She slipped her fist lower, around the thick base of his throbbing cock and jacked it up and down as her pretty mouth sucked and licked.

Driven out of his mind by his girl’s hot mouth on his prick, Phil withdrew his finger from her cunt and shot his tongue up into her instead.

Cindy liked that and her moans on his cock let him know it. She hiked one knee up and hunched her pussy at him, moaning all the while as he fucked his thick tongue in and out of her fuck-hole.

The fantastic feeling of a live tongue drilling into her pussy made Cindy very horny. Her tits were aching with pleasure and her cunt was leaking burning juices as she took more inches of her daddy’s big cock into her sucking mouth.

The scrumptious feelings in her furry cunt were too much for her. She dragged her sucking mouth off of her father’s immense prick. Her pretty head rolled loosely on the bed, her eyes hot and heavy.

“Daddy,” she breathed hotly, “I wanna, I wanna.”

Her father sat up chuckling. His horny eyes ran over his daughter’s curvy body. He watched as Cindy stripped her bra off and exposed her luscious tits.

“What do you want?” he teased, eyeing her tits and cunt.

Cindy panted, trying to catch her breath. “You know,” she whimpered.

“Tell me,” her father laughed.

Cindy’s hot eyes traveled to his cock and glued to it as it throbbed wetly in the air, so large and powerful. Her pink tongue slipped across her lips.

“Daddy, please,” she breathed. “Put it in me.” Her father’s eyes sparkled. “Put what in you?”

“Ohhh, Daddy, don’t be mean.”

He grinned and said. “You know I like to hear you say it. You say it so sexy when your pussy’s all hot and horny. Tell me what you want me to put in you.”

Cindy shuddered, exciting thrills shooting through her pussy. “Your cock,” she panted. “Put your cock in me.”

Her daddy knelt up between her legs and gripped his enormous hard-on in one fist. “Where should I put it?” he teased.

“Ohhh,” Cindy moaned, looking at his beautiful hunk of wet meat. “Up my pussy! Daddy, please — fuck me!”

“My baby,” Phil groaned.

He leaned over her and watched her naked tits rise and fall faster as he guided the soaked head of his cock to her waiting cunt.

Grinning lewdly at his helpless girl, he swabbed his horny cockhead against her clit, up and down, up and down. Cindy gasped. He chuckled and nudged her open and juicy fuck-hole with the wet end of his prick. Cindy gasped again and lifted her pussy upward.

“Daddy, Daddy,” she whined, “please, don’t tease me anymore. Put it in. Ohhh, put your cock up my cunt! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!”

Phil loved these special moments with his pretty daughter when she was so hot for cock. Enjoying her incredible need to be fucked, he slowly wedged his enormous cockhead between her tight pussylips.

“Oh!” she gasped as his prick lodged in her cunt-mouth.

“Oh!” she cried when his swollen prick inched inward.

“Oh!” she shrieked when he suddenly rammed every solid inch of his bulging cock up into her belly.

He buried all of his stiff prick in her tight pussy and Cindy’s eyes rolled in her head. He drew back about four inches and drilled his cock again. Cindy’s head jerked back. Her tits thrust hard. And her sweet cunt choked the hell out of her father’s hot cock.

Her arms snaked around his neck and she pulled at him, aching to have his heavy chest squashed down on her jutting tits.

Phil knew what his girl liked. Chuckling lewdly, he pressed his hairy chest on her thrusting tits and crushed them hard. His hands pushed under her and grabbed her twisting asscheeks. Holding her ass up, he plowed his giant cock in and out of her squishy cunt. Cindy squealed with delight.

Out of her mind with sex thrills, she shrieked, “Ohh, Daddy! Your cock feels so big in my pussy! Ohhh, it’s bigger than ever! Oh-oh-oh, fuck me!”

Her father chuckled with his own delight. It was pure pleasure to screw Cindy. His daughter’s pussy was so tight, so horny when he was fucking it. His huge prick forced her cunt-channel so wide that it took Cindy’s breath away, and he enjoyed that. How helplessly horny his girl became when he was pounding her pussy with his oversized prick.

Cindy squealed and moaned and fucked wildly as her father plunged his cock into her cunt. She knew his cock wasn’t any bigger than usual. But it sure felt that way every time he got her like this, every time he pushed it up into her hungry cunt. Sometimes when she was fucking hotly for him she got the crazy idea that his cock was growing and growing in her belly.

That’s what got her off so much when her father was screwing her sweet cunt. His prick was so large that it seemed to fuck her insides everywhere! The thickness of his cock rubbed and rubbed against the walls of her pussy as it slipped back and forth. His cockhead banged away at her sensitive womb. His big hairy balls slapped against her quivering ass. And his pelvis kept mashing her tingling clit. What girl could take all that without cumming like crazy?

“Daddy!” she squealed, humping furiously. “I’m cumming again! Oh, fuck me good, Daddy, fuck me good! Ummm, it’s cumming so creamy! Ohhh, Daddy, what you do to me! Ew, give it to me! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me. Oh, my pussy’s gonna drown you! Oh.”

Her whole body jerked and twisted on the bed as her horny father continued fucking her brutally. He wasn’t about to let her draw a cool breath. He liked to drive her wild. He liked to make her moan and fuck her pussy so feverishly. It was pure joy screwing such a pretty girl.

His joy mounted until he was as lust-crazed as his girl. With a sudden jerk and a long shudder, he mouthed her thrusting tits, buried his cock deep into her screwing pussy, and shot his whole load of thick, creamy jism.

Father and daughter bucked and twisted and panted and moaned as cunt and cock came and came and came. Huge wads of thick cockcream pumped into Cindy’s twisty cunt, and she came some more on his spitting prick.

“Oh, Daddy!” she shrieked, cumming wetly, “you shouldn’t make me feel this way! Oh, I feel so naughty! I wanna fuck! I wanna cum! Oh, shoot it in me! I’m cumming so good! Oh, Daddy, I love you!”

Phil drilled his shooting cock up into her drenched fuck-hole and got her off again.


Cindy was in a complete daze the next day in school. The teacher, Mr. Berne, was talking about the Civil War, but Cindy didn’t hear a word he said. Her mind was preoccupied.

She still felt dreamy from last night. Her eyes glazed as she thought of her father’s enormous cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Last night had to be the best one yet! How tingly her tits had been. How juicy her cunt had gotten. And those feelings!

Cindy heaved a sigh as she remembered the intense feeling of erotic pleasure deep in her belly when her father was fucking her. Just thinking about it made her pussy nervous, and she crossed her pretty legs. Her sighs made her pointed tits strain in her dress.

The bell sounded and the room turned into a beehive as kids busily rushed around. Cindy gathered up her books and got to her feet. Boys and girls piled out of the classroom and she started to follow.

“Cindy,” the teacher called when she got to the door.

She turned and said, “Yes, Mr. Berne?”

A sudden impatience gripped her. This was no time to stop to talk to a teacher. She could feel her nipples hard in her bra and her cunt was moist. There was just enough time between classes to get to a bathroom. She thought if she could just sit on a toilet for a few moments, she could rub the hell out of her tingly pussy and get herself off. But Mr. Berne came up to her.

“You seemed preoccupied today,” the man said, watching her pert tits rise and fall. “Something on your mind besides the Civil War?”

Cindy blushed slightly. “I’m sorry, Mr. Berne. I guess my mind wasn’t on it.”

“What was it on?” the fat man asked. “You kept fidgeting in your seat.” He smiled and said, “What were you thinking about to make you so nervous and agitated?”

Cindy giggled suddenly, embarrassed. “Was I wiggling around that much?”

“You sure were,” he replied. He gazed right at her jutting tits and added, “You’re very pretty when you wiggle.”

Cindy’s mouth fell open. She’d thought he was just being friendly. But now she saw where he was looking. She saw the look in his eyes. A tremor ran through her.

“M-Mr. Berne,” she panted. “You shouldn’t look at me like that.”

She suddenly realized that Mr. Berne wanted the same thing her father wanted from her. The thought was startling. And exciting, too.

“I think you like to be looked at,” the man murmured. “The way you dress. The way you twist in your seat and open your legs so often. You have a way about you that makes a man look at you.”

“Golly!” Cindy gasped. She couldn’t tell if she was frightened or pleased.

Mr. Berne could tell. With flushed face and horny thoughts, he took the books from her arms and set them down on a desk top. Then he slipped a beefy arm around her slim waist and guided her toward the back of the room.

Cindy’s senses whirled as the big man led her into a small back room and closed the door.

“I’ve been watching you for months,” he said in a strange voice.

“Y-you have?” Cindy rasped.

Then he did a strange and alarming thing. He pushed his hips forward and muttered, “See what you do to me?”

Cindy looked down at the monstrous bulge in his pants and her eyes went wide on it. Before she realized what was happening, the man pulled her hand to it and rubbed it up and down on his cock. His other hand dipped under her dress and before she knew it, his thick fingers were inside the crotch of her panties, rubbing her cunt.

“Oh, oh,” Cindy moaned, and her hand tightened on his cock.

The man chuckled and eased a big finger up into her hot cunt-hole. “You like this, don’t you?” he breathed hotly.

Cindy’s head was spinning and she panted.

“I thought so,” her teacher said. “I’ve been wanting to feel your pussy ever since you came into my class. What a sexy thing you are. Not like the other girls at all. You look like you need cock.”

Cindy made a funny sound in her throat and her hand started moving on his prick. Her cunt felt so hot. As if hypnotized or in a daze, she unzipped the man’s pants and thrust her hand inside.

“That’s the girl,” he murmured. “Get my prick out and play with it.”

Obediently, helpless with girlish desire, she freed his big, wet cock and fondled it. It wasn’t as long as her father’s, but she noticed how fat it was. She could hardly get her fingers around his cock-shaft. As good as his prick felt and as nice as he was making her cunt feel, Cindy realized that she was going to be late for her next class.

“Mr. Berne,” she whispered hotly, grasping and milking his cock, “my next class… I’ll be late…”

The man chuckled. “We can’t have that, can we? Well, I guess we’ll just have to continue this after school. You come by and we’ll pick up where we left off.”

He drew his finger out of her cunt and Cindy thought she was being dismissed. But when she let go of his cock, he took her by the shoulders.

“Just a minute, Cindy,” he murmured. “First I’ve got something far you.” He pressed on her shoulders and muttered hotly, “Kneel down.”

Cindy whimpered, knowing what he was going to do, and she sank to her knees.

“Lick my cock,” he rasped.

“Mr. Berne…” Cindy choked.

But her hand gripped his stiff cock and her pink tongue licked at his wetness the way it licked at her father’s.

The man chuckled lewdly and said, “I knew you were a pretty cocksucker.”

He took her head between his huge hands and before Cindy could think about it, he slipped his thick cock between her soft lips into her mouth.

Time was short and he was hot. Gripping her head firmly, he started fucking his stiff prick in and out of her mouth.

Cindy gasped on his immense cock because it filled her mouth completely. Just the feel of his swollen cockhead sliding back and forth over her tongue got her very excited. A soft moan escaped her throat. Her fist tightened around his rigid cock-shaft. And her soft, wet mouth sucked hotly.

The teacher groaned with pleasure and satisfaction. Close to busting his powerful balls, he slipped a hand behind the sucking girl’s head and, in spite of Cindy’s moans and groans, he fucked his cockhead into her throat.

Cindy’d never had a prick fuck her throat before and she almost panicked and gagged on it. But the horny teacher wouldn’t let her back off. Chuckling lewdly, he held her pretty head in position and fucked his hot cock in and out faster and faster.

Cindy’s brain whirled and her tits got hard and her cunt creamed, just because this big man was making her blow his prick. The excitement was too much for her. She could feel his cock enlarging, getting ready to shoot that thick cream. She started to shudder with passion.

Out of her mind with fiery feelings, she sucked his cock hard and thrust a hand between her legs. She pushed it into her panties and rubbed her cunt like mad, moaning loudly.

Mr. Berne’s body jerked. His cock rammed into Cindy’s sucking mouth. Then all hell broke loose. Huge torpedoes of thick cockcream gushed out of his sliding pricks. The feeling turned Cindy on and as she gulped and gulped his jism, her finger drilled relentless in and out of her horny cunt.

“Mm-mm-mmm!” she moaned, humping her finger and eating the man’s exploding cock. She swallowed and swallowed as her sexy mouth made him cum in huge amounts. She couldn’t believe how much jism he pumped down her throat. It dazed her.

“Oh-oh-oh,” she panted, sucking his prick dry. “Mr. Berne. You shouldn’t have done that to me. Oh, I feel so funny.”

He pulled her to her feet and looked at her. “By God, I think you need a good fucking.”

Grinning at her, he mauled her tits and rubbed her cunt through her dress, making her shiver. “Is that what you want, you cockteaser? Huh? You want a good, stiff fucking?”

Cindy thought she’d collapse on the floor. “I — yes, yes, I wanna fuck.”

The man chuckled obscenely and pulled her body against him. He covered her pretty mouth with his and fucked it with his tongue, taking her breath away. As he kissed her and dry humped her pussy, he felt her ass all over. Her tight asscheeks were beautiful.

He dragged his thick, wet tongue across her face to her ear and tickled it for her. “You come back after school, Cindy, and I’ll stick my big cock right up your sweet cunt.”

“Oh,” Cindy moaned. She shuddered to hear such wicked but exciting words. Her whole body screamed for his cock, any cock. Even rubbing her cunt in the bathroom wouldn’t do it now, and she knew it. She needed to fuck. Mr. Berne sure had that right!

But he released her trembling body. Cindy weaved drunkenly for a moment, trying to get her breath back. She leaned against the wall, her tits rising and falling with her rapid breathing. She looked so vulnerable, so sexy, so fuckable.

“You’d better get to your class,” her teacher said. He put his dripping cock away and zipped his pants. “Be back here right after school.”

“Y-yes, sir,” Cindy panted.

She scooted out of the room and grabbed her books, and hurried to her next class. If she had been preoccupied in her last class, she was really out of it now. All she could think about was Mr. Berne’s huge cock fucking her mouth and shooting so hotly. She’d never dreamed he was that kind of a man. All the teens liked him and said he was a nice man.

No wonder he’s so nice to the girls, Cindy thought, squeezing her thighs together against her warm and juicy cunt. Has he done this to other girls, too? Sheila? Goodness, is that why he kept her after school the other day? I wonder if she fucks. And Barbara. And Karen! Golly, does pretty Karen Blakely suck him off?

Her thoughts burned not only her mind but her tits and pussy. He wants to see me after school, she thought hotly. He’s gonna fuck me! Should I let him? What if people found out a teacher fucked a schoolgirl? How can I stop him? I don’t want to! God, what a big cock he has!

A shudder of excitement coursed through her body and made her nipples and clit feel good. Oh, Daddy, she thought, what you started! My pussy wants his prick! He’s such a big, fat man. What will it be like, him on top of me, sticking me with that giant cock? Ohh, I can’t wait!

The hours seemed to drag by like days for Cindy. When three o’clock finally, rolled around, she was breathless and eager. She was SO excited about getting fucked by a man’s giant cock that she didn’t even bother taking her schoolbooks. With just her spiking tits and cute ass and horny cunt, she raced back to Mr. Berne’s classroom.

By the time she reached it, the room was empty. But the teacher wasn’t there, either. Cindy’s heart dropped. Did he forget? Maybe some other teenager got his attention!

She saw the door in the back or the room. It was open a crack. Hope sprang up in her breast and she moved along the raw of desks to the door. She eased it open and peered inside.

Her eyes went wide and a gasp came out of her throat. There stood Mr. Berne, absolutely naked, with a big, hairy chest and rolls of fat just above his thick, rigid cock.

“Come in and close the door, Cindy,” he said hotly. It sounded more like a threat than a promise.

Shivery with exciting feelings in his belly, Cindy stepped inside and shut the door. The teacher’s eyes ran up and down her curvy body. Her eyes glued to his throbbing, wet cock, and she just knew he had been jerking it.

“Get undressed,” Berne murmured hornily. “I want to see every inch of you.”

“Golly,” Cindy rasped. She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her dress and peeled it off. She stood before him in bra and panties and his cock loomed, larger and wetter as she stripped them off. When he saw her furry, cunt, he groaned low.

He dropped to the floor, amazing Cindy. He stretched out on his back and grinned up at her, eyeing her pussy hungrily.

“Sit on my face,” he said.

Cindy didn’t think she heard him right. She’d never heard such a thing. “Huh?” she gasped.

He laughed. “Come on. Sit on my face. Get your cute cunt right on my mouth and I’ll suck you till you cum all over me.”

“Oh,” Cindy moaned, suddenly gripped by the wicked idea.

She straddled his head and squatted. Catching her breath, she wiggled her pussy until it was firmly planted on his eager mouth. Almost immediately, his thick tongue shot up into her juicy fuck-hole.

“Oh!” she shrieked when it burrowed up into her. “Oh-oh-oh! Mr. Berne!”

He gripped her lithe hips and sucked her cunt for her, while she mauled her own tits and moaned hornily all the while. She was cumming in no time at all, thoroughly enjoying the feelings she’d been wanting all day.

Berne sucked her clit and tongued her cunt-hole until she got off a good one, then he raised her cunt off his mouth and murmured, “Turn around and see what I’ve got for you.”

Panting, gasping, feeling all tingly, Cindy twisted around and faced the other way, settling her wet cunt back down on the man’s nice mouth. Before her startled eyes his cock stood up, rigid and throbbing.

Cindy had heard about sixty-nine in the girls’ room from time to time, but she’d never done it before. Now it seemed the natural thing to do. With Mr. Berne licking his hot tongue up and down over her horny cunt, she automatically leaned down and took his fuck-pole into her mouth.

The teacher’s lips, tongue and teeth were doing such fantastic things to her pussy that Cindy went wild on his cock. Humping her squishy cunt on his sucking mouth, she rode her hot mouth up and down on his swollen cock, loving it now, wanting to please him as much as he was pleasing her.

Her delightful and enthusiastic cocksucking drove the teacher out of his head. He could feel his hairy balls tightening up against the base of his cock. He’d shoot his load in a minute if she kept that up.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” he laughed, pulling his cock away from her sucking mouth. “No sucking me off this time. I want that precious cunt of yours.”

Cindy whimpered with passion as the big man rolled her over onto her back. She stared with glazed eyes as he got between her outspread thighs and guided his meaty prick to her pussy.

He nudged her cunt-hole with his slickened cockhead and Cindy caught her breath. Terribly excited now, she panted, “Do it. Oh, push it in. Mr. Berne. Oh, fuck me!”

The man was driven to fuck her brutally by her passionate little moans and whimpers of pleasure. He twisted around and devoured her thrusting tits as he forced every thick inch of his cock into her tight cunt-channel. It took Cindy’s breath away and she thought she’d pass out as he fucked her cunt.

He gripped her ass and chewed her tits and rammed his cock into her with powerful lust. Once again, Cindy felt her whole body thrilling to the fucking, just like with her horny father.

How could girls say sex was dirty, she thought as the teacher fucked her juicy sex-box. Never in her life had she felt so excited and high and happy as when a big cock was pounding her pussy.

Of course, when Cindy wasn’t fucking, she liked to think that she wouldn’t do such things with men, much less boys. But when her father’s prick was drilling up into her twisting cunt, she forgot all about silly ideas like that.

She forgot about them now as her teacher thrust his huge, fat prick into her jerking, cumming pussy. What a feeling — cumming on a man’s driving, drilling fuck-pole!

Her thoughts became verbal as the man’s cock turned her to jelly. “Oh, it’s so goooooood!” she cried, humping her cunt hornily. “Unnnmm, it’s better than my finger! Better than your tongue! Oh, oh, oh, fucking feels so nice!”

If she had heard herself, she would have been ashamed. But she couldn’t hear her outbursts of horniness and female lust. All she knew was that this mighty cock pounding her pussy was giving her feelings in the cunt that she somehow hungered for.

Diddling her cunt had been nice. Fingering her hot fuck-hole had been better. Getting her cunt licked by her father was better yet. But nothing, nothing was as good as a grown man’s stiff cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, banging hotly at her, fucking her deep in the belly.

“Oh, Mr. Berne, I-I — OW, give it to me! Fuck me! Do it more! Do it more! Ew, I’ll cum if you shoot in me! Give it to me!”

Grunting like a hurt animal, the teacher filled her panting mouth with his tongue and filled her twisting cunt with his stiff prick. Cindy sucked on his tongue and threw her pussy upward, shivering from head to toe. She was cumming beautifully.

Her juicy cunt got him off, too, and his plunging, drilling prick let loose with torrents of thick jism. Cindy moaned hotly and fucked faster, getting off more and more as he fucked her silly.


Cindy had a lot to think about on her way home from school. Mr. Berne was only the second man to fuck her. Just thinking about her teacher’s thick, fat cock made going to school exciting to her. She always hated school. But now — why, there was no telling how many times Mr. Berne would want to get her in that back room to fuck her!

A tremor of excitement ran through Cindy’s vibrant body. Maybe he would lick her cunt for her next time, she thought naughtily. A slow smile lifted the corners of her mouth and her breathing lifted her jutting tits. To men on the street she looked highly fuckable. More than one pair of male eyes followed the cute twitch of her ass as she hurried along the street.

Cindy could feel her nipples straining in her bra, and her pussy felt warm and tingly. She wanted to get home in from of her mirror now. When she was feeling this way, she liked to pose in front of her mirror and look at what excited men. It made her feel sexy to know that grown men like Mr. Berne wanted to see her naked.

Nearing home, her thoughts turned to her horny father and she had to smile again. He was her first man, of course. How excited he became when he saw how pretty she’d grown to be!

She remembered the first time he licked her tits and her nipples stood up stiffly in her bra. He had already been licking her cute cunt. Then, last year her tits started poking out, and her father noticed right away.

It gave Cindy a warm, exciting feeling to recall the day he got her on the bed, all naked. He started kissing her budding tits and licking his tongue round and round her pert nipples. The feeling in her tits had been tremendous!

She smiled to remember him saying hotly, “You’re going to have beautiful tits, baby. I’m going to see to it. Doesn’t it feel good to have them licked like this? It makes them hard, doesn’t it? See how your nipples stick up? You just leave it to your old dad. You’ll have the prettiest tits in town.”

She quickened her pace because she wanted to look at her tits naked in her mirror. Her father was right as far as she was concerned. Not only was all his licking and sucking exciting to her tits, it seamed to realty make them fuller and lovelier. One thing she never told him, but it was her secret — getting her tits sucked was scrumptious!

By the time she reached her house she felt breathless. Her wicked thoughts about her tits and cunt put her in a funny mood. As she entered the house, she was wondering why getting her tits licked made her pussy hot.

Her mother was on the sofa reading a book when Cindy came in. The woman looked up and gave her daughter a disapproving look. Alma Barnes didn’t like the way her daughter was developing. She looked much too sexy, no matter what she wore.

“Hi, Mom,” Cindy greeted cheerily.

Her mother scowled. She didn’t like cheeriness. She thought it made them seem too happy, too willing to please, too pretty.

“Change your clothes and get the dishes done,” her mother said.

“Okay, Mom,” Cindy said, and headed for her bedroom. Her father came in from the kitchen and his eyes glued to her jutting tits. Cindy smiled and cooed, “Hello, Dad,” and went into her room.

She closed the door behind her, smiling. She was sure her father got a hard-on just from seeing her. As she undressed she thought about that. Her father seemed to have a hard-on all the time lately. Ever since he started licking her pussy. Another of her secrets was that she knew darned well that she was the cause of his constant lust and big, stiff hard-ons. This secretly pleased her.

When she was totally naked, she stood in front of her mirror and admired herself. She ran both her eyes and her hands over her body, caressing her tits, stroking her pussy-hair and cunt-lips. She smoothed her hands over the swell of her asscheeks. She was very pretty and she knew it.

She struck a sexy pose, letting her legs part so her pussy peeked out. She had found her father’s raunchy magazines one day in his closet and she learned from them how girls turn men on by posing lewdly. Feeling a little lewd right now, she made her tits poke up and out and she thrust her pussy forward as if offering it to a cock. Doing this made her feel sexy and she giggled.

She was still in this delightful pose when the door opened and her father stepped inside. Cindy saw him in the mirror and she gasped.

“Daddy,” she rasped. “Where’s Mom?”

Her father chuckled. “I sent her to the store.” His eyes burned into her flesh. “God,” he said, “you’ve got a beautiful ass.”

He moved right up to her and smoothed a hand over the curve of her delightful ass. Cindy caught her breath. Her ass-flesh seemed to come to life against his teasing hand.

“Daddy,” she breathed, “we can’t now. Mom will catch us.”

“No, she won’t,” her father murmured, concentrating on her firm ass. He dropped to his knees and started kissing her ass all over. Cindy trembled.

“Daddy… don’t…” she panted.

But her father had already been thinking about her curvy body and he wanted it. He plastered his mouth against her ass-crack and slipped the tip of his tongue in the crevice and tickled her cute asshole with it. Cindy went lax and weak.

“Put one foot up on the chair,” he groaned hotly.

Unable to resist, Cindy obeyed and set her foot on the seat of the chair. This opened her thighs very wide, which is what her horny father wanted.

“I’ll make you feel good,” he said with promise. He slipped a big hand up between her thighs and flattened it against her furry cunt. His tongue wiggled into her asshole and his finger wedged up into her juicy cunt-hole.

Cindy moaned and shivered. Her father had ways to make all her nos into yeses. He was doing it again. Amazing sex feelings washed through her whole body as he kissed and licked her asshole and finger fucked her pussy.

“Oh, Daddy,” she murmured, massaging her own tits suddenly. He had magic fingers and she knew it. She’d been felt up by boys a few times, but that was nothing like the way her father treated her cunt. It always dazzled her the way he could make her pussy tingle and cream and ache for more.

She caught her breath and squeezed her tits, watching herself in the mirror. Her father’s mouth was hot against her ass. His tongue was big and wet in her asshole. And those fingers!

One fingertip was stroking her clit, driving it wild. Another kept rubbing her pussy-lips. And a big, thick one drilled in and out of her hungry fuck-hole.

“Daddy, Daddy,” she panted, tweaking her stiff, pink nipples. “You make me SO hot. Oh, I wanna do naughty things.”

Her horny voice excited her father. He lifted his mouth from her quivering ass but kept his finger working up her cunt.

“What would you like to do, kitten?” he muttered.

Hotly, helpless with desires, Cindy twisted around, forcing his finger out of her cunt. He gazed up at her gorgeous tits, so hard and pointed. Cindy looked drunk.

“I-I wanna suck your cock,” she whispered.

She’d never said that before. The mere sound drove the man wild with horniness. Swallowing hard, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the bed.

He lay down across it and the bulge in his pants loomed large before Cindy’s loving blue eyes.

“Get it out and suck it,” her father groaned.

Cindy couldn’t wait to do it. She knelt down between his knees and clawed at his crotch, unzipping his pants nervously. She pulled his fly open with both hands and his cock bolted out, thick and wet. Cindy’s eyes widened on it as she watched it poke the air and throb so violently.

“Oh, golly,” she breathed, and grabbed his cock with both hands. Hornily, the excited girl took his massive prick into her mouth. She slid her soft lips down over it, then worked it in and out slowly, rolling her tongue round and round on his swollen cockhead. She moaned on his prick, suddenly liking it in her mouth. She moaned again and took more of his thick cock between her lips. A thrill shot through her and she realized in those hot moments that she really liked to suck cock. Especially a man’s cock. It was so big, so hot, so horny!

Growing hotter by the minute as her father’s cock slipped in and out of her mouth, she remembered certain pictures in the magazines she’d peeked into.

Recalling what she’d seen girls doing, she sucked her mouth off her father’s rigid fuck-pole and stuck her tongue out. Breathing rapidly, she licked the tip of her tongue all the way down the full length of his enormous cock. Pulling at his pants, she freed his big, hairy balls and lashed them with her pink tongue. To her surprise and delight, this made her father’s prick grow larger and thicker and wilder.

“Baby,” her father groaned, twitching on the bed. “Jesus, what the fuck are you doing? Christ, that’s nice! Oh, suck it kitten, suck it!”

Cindy was delighted, feeling a sense of sexual power now. Look what she could do to his cock! She licked the tip of her tongue back up the length of his prick and loved it. As she closed her mouth over his throbbing cockhead and licked at it, she realized that it didn’t really matter if it was her father’s cock or not. She bobbed her pretty head up and down on his fuck-pole, knowing in that moment that she simply wanted to suck cock — any cock!

It was a liberating thought. As she blew her father’s cock, she remembered all the men on the streets who used to scare her by the way they looked at her. But now she knew why they looked at her that way. They wanted to fuck her! They wanted to lick her tits and suck her pussy! Why, they wanted to make her feel good, like her daddy does!

She sucked faster and harder on her dad’s rigid cock and her mind filled with thoughts of other men’s pricks. Like Mr. Berne’s. He sure wanted her to suck him off. Other men must want her to do the same thing.

Cindy giggled on her father’s immense prick. Imagine sucking a whole bunch of cocks! What would it be like, she wondered, to let a man pick her up in his car and get in the back seat with him? Imagine sucking stiff cocks like her dad’s all the time!

“Mmmmm,” she moaned at her wicked thoughts. They only made her father’s prick that much more desirable. The heat of his prick, its stiffness and horniness, all of this turned her on now.

She plunged her softly sucking mouth down on his cock and made his cockhead lodge in her tight throat. Her trembling fingers fondled his big, hot balls and she fucked her throat up and down on him.

“Cindy!” her father groaned.

Cindy moaned and worked her mouth furiously up and down. She gripped his immense cock-shaft and pumped it up and down quickly, knowing he yelled because his balls were going to explode.

Moaning hornily, sucking hotly, she pumped his prick and sucked him fast. His cock grew and grew between her lips, stretching them into a magnificent O. Then his cockhead seemed to burst open. Great crashes of thick jism pounded into her mouth and she gulped and gulped his cum down her throat, whimpering sexily.

She held onto his cock for dear life as it jerked and pumped cum. She slipped her lips up to his cockhead and gave it exciting licks with her saucy tongue, making it shoot and shoot. Rig wads of thick cockcream filled her mouth and some of it squirted from the corners of her mouth. She gulped faster, swallowing as much as she could.

When his cock stopped spitting, Cindy sucked all his cum away. Then she licked the rest of his cock dry. Then she knelt back and licked her lips, catching all his cum to keep it from dripping anywhere.

“Jesus Christ,” her father groaned. “That’s gotta be the best blow-job I ever had. Baby, you’re remarkable!”

Cindy stood up giggling, feeling pleased with herself. “I’m glad you liked it, Daddy,” she purred. And she gazed at his limp, pink cock in a new way. Her inner, secret thought was that a girl could have lots of fun with a man’s cock.

Her father sat up and touched her ripe, jutting tits. “I’m gonna suck your cunt flaw till you scream,” he said hotly.

“Oh,” Cindy moaned, liking that idea.

Of course, both had forgotten about Alma. Just when Phil was ready to drive his girl crazy with his tongue, they both heard the car drive up in front of the house.

“Oh, shit!” Phil growled. “I forgot all about that bitch.”

Cindy, stretched beautifully across her bed, looked like she could cry. “Oh, Daddy, no,” she whimpered. Her pussy was dying for his lips and tongue.

“Sorry, kitten,” he said. “But hang in there. We’ll get together somehow. I promise.”

At the door, he turned and smiled. “Wear something sexy for me,” he said.

Cindy sat up and smiled back at him. “Okay. And I won’t wear my bra and panties underneath.”

At this point the father-daughter lovers felt good. But the next few hours were pure hell for them. Cindy emerged from her bedroom in a tight T-shirt tucked into a brief denim skirt. Her tits looked lovely and her father knew that just under that tiny skirt was her cunt, all horny and hungry.

Cindy sat on the sofa with her mother and Phil sat in his recliner. The two of them kept glancing at each other, Cindy at her father’s crotch, Phil at his girl’s pert tits and sexy legs. But they had to bear with the old granite face.

Alma criticized the book she’d been reading. Then she put the TV on and criticized every show she saw. Cindy and her father could barely stand it. They were both horny as hell to fuck. Sitting and peeking at one another only made it worse. Phil’s cock was hard in his pants and Cindy thought her pussy would start a fire between her legs.

It was terrible for Cindy in particular. Adults learn some self-control, but a teenage girl with the hots needs sex when she wants it. All she could think about was how nice it would be if she could go over to her dad, climb up on him and get her juicy cunt down on his rigid fuck-pole.

Her mother got up and went to the bathroom. Cindy slumped on the sofa, looking feverish.

“Daddy,” she panted. “I wanna fuck.”

Out of her mind with sex-needs, she hiked her skirt up and opened her legs. As her father looked on hornily, she rubbed her wet cunt and whimpered, “I can’t wait any more. I wanna fuck. My pussy’s so hot, Daddy. Oh, golly, I wanna cum!”

Her middle finger sliced up into her juicy cunthole and she fingerfucked herself fast and hard, looking at her father’s hard-on with great longing. This only created pain in Phil.

“Be patient, kitten,” he said hoarsely. “You have to be patient. I’ll fuck you, honey, just as soon as I can.”

“I need it,” Cindy cried, on the verge of tears. Every inch of her body was aching for his cock — any cock really, but he didn’t know that. Cindy was simply at the age, and in the condition, when a girl needs to be fucked.

She heard the toilet flush and she put her skirt down, reluctantly, because she really wanted to fingerfuck herself to death.

She peered down at herself and murmured, “My tits wanna be sucked. Oh, Daddy, I’m so hot.”

Her mother returned to the sofa and Cindy stared at the TV without seeing it. She kept thinking about her father licking her cunt. She daydreamed about his rigid cock fucking into her horny pussy. She heaved a sigh, thinking about his mouth sucking on her tight tits.

It was unbearable for the girl. Maybe her father could wait, but she couldn’t. After all, she had sucked his cock for him, so maybe his hots weren’t as great as hers.

Unable to sit still another minute, she leapt to her feet and hurried into the bathroom. She closed and locked the door and rushed to the toilet. She sat down and spread-eagled her pretty legs and hiked her skirt up onto her flat belly, exposing her wet pussy.

Her hand smoothed right down over her cunt and she sighed, rubbing it fast and hard. Her eyes closed and she caught her clit between a thumb and forefinger. Gritting her teeth to keep from moaning too loudly, she squeezed and mauled her clit until she got off a good one. Pussyjuice flooded her cunt-channel and felt so good that she started fingerfucking her cunt-hole to get off some more.

Panting, sweating a little, breathing fast, her pretty head lolled back and forth as she humped her horny cunt hard on her fingers. Her glazed eyes saw the hairbrush on the sink.

“Ohhh,” she moaned softly and grabbed the thing. She pulled it between her lovely legs, turning it so the handle pointed at her cunt. Holding the brush in both hands, she wedged the thick handle up into her pussy-hole.

“Oh, golly,” she panted, feeling good things happening in her cunt as the handle inched up into her. She started fucking it in and out of her pussy and a smile brightened her face. It felt so good.

Then she made the best discovery of all. She found that she could twist the handle up inside her. Panting body, she caught the brush between her palms and worked her hands back and forth briskly. Up in her heaving, humping belly, the handle twisted and turned and twirled amazingly. She got herself off many times this way, laughing softly, moaning often, as her hot cum dripped into the toilet from her watery cunt.


Cindy lay in bed ready for sex. After her session on the toilet, she had to sit through three hours of boring television. When bedtime rolled around, she was more than ready for bed. She stripped naked and crawled under the covers and started playing with her tits and pussy.

She lay there for a long time, softly purring as her nipples and clit stiffened and tingled at her touches. She just knew that her father would get to her somehow. She’d come to realize that he couldn’t keep his hands off her curvy body. So it came as quite a shock to the girl when she heard her parents murmuring in the next room. Her heart fell and her pussy stopped creaming. It was one of those nights when her father had to make love to her mother.

“Ohh, no,” she moaned softly.

Oh, not tonight, she thought sadly. Not when her tits were aching to be licked and sucked. Not when her cunt was so horny!

But she had to lay there and suffer through the noises her parents were making in their bed. She rubbed her hard tits and fingered her cunt as she envisioned her father’s huge cock sliding in and out of her mother’s big, bushy cunt. How nice it would feel pushing into her own pussy!

Her slim finger scooted deeply into her juicy cunt. She humped on it and wiggled her fingertip round and round in her belly. As her mother groaned with orgasm and bed springs squeaked faster and faster, Cindy got herself off, cumming all over her frantic hand.

“Oh, I wanna fuck!” she whimpered hotly.

But there was no cock for the frustrated girl this night. She fell asleep in a turmoil of hot feelings, thoughts of stiff cock, and a churning, twisting cunt.

Strangely enough, she awoke the next morning feeling as sensual as hell. Her whole body felt warm and erotic and aroused. She woke up smiling, as if she’d been fucked to her hearts content. She curled on her bed aid ran her hands up and down her lovely body. She stroked her tits and petted her pussy, cooing all the while, feeling very good.

She got out of bed humming softly and padded naked into the bathroom where she washed up and brushed her teeth. Leaning over the sink, she gazed at her hard tits in the mirror, then looked into her own eyes.

“You’re so sexy,” she giggled.

She went back into her room and pulled on a short dress. She didn’t bother putting undies on. She wanted to feel her nipples scraping against the fabric of her dress. She wanted to know what her pretty pussy was naked between her lovely legs.

Her parents weren’t up when she emerged from the bedroom. She had breakfast alone, did the dishes, and put the garbage out.

She was behind the house, bending over a trash can when Mr. Fields, a next-door neighbor, came out of his basement hobby shop.

“Good morning, Cindy,” he greeted — after he took a good look at her curvy ass.

Cindy turned and smiled. “Oh, hi, Mr. Fields. How are you today?”

The man grinned in his normal friendly way, but he couldn’t help saying, “Fine — now that I’ve seen you.”

The remark delighted Cindy and she smiled prettily. Even as she thanked him for the compliment, she knew what he was thinking and it excited her.

How could she have missed it before? Look how he’s glancing at my tits! I just know what he’s thinking. If he’s anything like my father, I know exactly what he wants.

She stood talking with the man, letting him look all he wanted to. She silently thanked her father for teaching her the facts of life. Now she knew why older men had always been so kind to her.

She used to believe they were nice because she was such a good kid. Now she knew different! Older men, Mr. Fields included, were nice to her because she had nice tits and cute ass and furry cunt they wanted to get at!

Cindy’s eyes ran over his white hair and clear blue eyes and a tickle started in her belly. “Thank you,” she cooed, smiling.

She wondered if he had a hard-on, but she didn’t dare peek.

“You know that project I was working on?” the man chatted. “It’s almost finished. I’d like to show it to you.”

“I’d love to see it,” Cindy said, thinking of his prick.

She went with him into his basement workshop and when he closed the door a tremor of excitement ran through her body. Now she knew what was on his mind — the same thing on the mind of her father and Mr. Berne. But Mr. Fields had never touched her, even when she’d been alone with him down here in his basement. He’d eyed her a lot, which used to make her feel scared, but he’d never laid a hand on her. Now she wanted him to.

At his workbench she pretended great interest in his current project, and she did things she’d never done before. She leaned over a lot, knowing that the man had to feast his eyes on her ass. She knew from posing before her mirror that when she bent over in a dress, a lot of her legs showed and her ass poked up and out.

Every so often she smiled up at him, facing him. What he didn’t know was that Cindy knew how to breathe in slowly to make her proud tits lift and point deliciously. She’d learned that in front of her mirror, too.

Cindy could see within moments that Mr. Fields was agitated. She wondered what he would do. What if he was just nice to her? She’d have to say goodbye and leave without so much as a kiss!

She worried needlessly. Though she couldn’t know it, Roger Fields was in a state of advanced lust for her body. His cock was as stiff as iron, leaking clear fluid into his shorts, throbbing with life. His heart was pounding and all he could think of was raping this beautiful girl.

“You don’t have to go yet, do you?” he asked in a strained voice.

Cindy then sensed his horniness and she whispered, “No.”

“Let’s sit down for a minute,” he murmured. He led her to an old divan he had stored in the basement and sat beside her, Cindy knew right then that everything was going to be all right and she got excited, and her tits started rising and falling faster. Her fear of leaving without a kiss left her.

Her head started to swim with thoughts of yielding to this man, letting him have fun with her body. His closeness thrilled her and sent small shocks of excitement through her vibrant body.

She realized that his arm was behind her and she sort of leaned toward him to let him know he could put it around her if he wanted to. He wanted to.

“You’re getting prettier every day,” he said softly, and his arm slipped around her shoulders. “I’ve been watching you grow up. You’re not afraid of me, are you?”

“N-no,” Cindy said breathlessly, dying to feel his hands on her. “You’ve always been my friend.”

“Uhh, yes,” Fields muttered. “But I — well, I feel even friendlier toward you now. Do you know what I mean?”

Cindy’s pink tongue shot across her soft lips. “I think so,” she whispered. Her tits reached upward.

That did it. The man lowered his hand over her shoulder, down inside her dress. Cindy whimpered as his strong fingers slipped onto one of her aching, naked tits.

She panted softly as he slowly stroked the smooth, white skin of her tit. She shivered and arched as his fingers grasped her pink, throbbing nipple and teased it into hardness.

His mouth pressed against her ear and he kissed it hard. Then he breathed, “I’m hot for you, Cindy. Do you know what it means when a man is hot?”

Cindy’s eyes closed and heaved a sigh of relief. “Yes, yes,” she panted. “You wanna have sex with me.”

Her declaration startled and pleased him. He drew his head back and mauled her tit and gazed into her heavy-lidded eyes. His cock enlarged tremendously in his pants.

“Then you’re not afraid,” he said hotly, kneading her tit.

“No,” Cindy said weakly.

It suddenly dawned on him and the truth amazed him. He grinned and said, “Do you like what I’m doing to your tit?”

Cindy thought she’d scream with fuck-needs, but she controlled herself and murmured, “Yes, I-I-I — oh, Mr. Fields, do the other one, too.”

A low growl of animal lust escaped the man and he shoved his hand to her other tit, then started mauling both of them. Cindy moaned and a tremor ran through her reaching, straining body.

She succumbed to his big, hot hand playing with her aching tits while a flood of excitement and pleasure washed through her pussy. Panting softly, unresisting, she yielded to his tit-playing as new heights of passion mounted in her…

The man’s free hand crept up her thigh, slowly at first, testing for reaction. When Cindy moaned and let her legs fall open, he groaned, and his hand crept up with a slowness that tortured the horny girl. His hand crawled under the hem of her short dress and Cindy opened her legs even wider. His fingertips touched the softness of her pubic hair, then slowly inched down onto her hot pussylips.

Cindy caught her breath as the wicked pleasure of the man’s trembling fingers started a hungry fire in her cunt. When he started rubbing her stiff clit, her eyes closed and her head fell back against his shoulder. Her breathing grew rapid and she hunched her cunt up so he could stroke all of it. A seeping moisture between her cunt-lips swelled to a flood as his fingers teased her clit and pussyhole.

Seeing the teenager gasping and humping at his hand drove the man wild with lust. He inched his thick middle finger into her juicy cunt and filled her hole with it. To his surprise she came right away.

Cindy felt her cunt flooding and she moaned loudly as sheer pleasure swept and rolled through her turned-on body.

“Oh, oh,” she panted, “it feels so good when you do that.”

For same reason, her declaration startled him. “You like that, huh?” he asked, working his finger in and out of her soaked cunt.

Cindy lost her power of speech as deliciously wicked sensations rippled through her cunt. Little gurgling sounds in her throat were her only replies and that told the man plenty. The cute bitch was humping her pussy on his finger, and cumming with great pleasure.

“Christ,” he groaned.

Cindy’s hands grasped his and she pulled his big finger up into her squirmy cunt and humped faster, her breath coming in sharp, short gasps. She quivered from head to toe, cumming vibrantly, wetly, as the man gazed at her twisting, jerking body.

Turned on by her apparent sexiness, he started turning and twisting his probing finger in her heaving belly, massaging Cindy’s tight pussy-walls at the same time.

Cindy gasped loudly, shivering with orgasm. The man’s drilling, twisting finger taunted her cunt and sent waves of fire roaring through her belly. The scrumptious pain of the pleasure became unbearable, and she whimpered with release and love.

When the violence of her cum ceased, she slumped on the divan in a haze of sensuous joy, her eyes closed rapturously. Nothing mattered now but the mind-boggling pleasure of a grown man fingering her wet cunt.

She felt Mr. Fields’ hand leave her thrusting tits and move to the zipper of her dress. He drew it down slowly, teasingly. She felt his hand against the bare flesh of her shoulder, stripping her dress down in front. She wriggled on the divan as he peeled the dress all the way down her body. Then she was naked.

His hand captured her tits again. His wet finger dug into her cunt, making her squirm. She heard him groan with his own pleasure.

Muttering something too low for her to hear, his head pushed forward and he captured a pink nipple between his lips and teeth and started licking it with his tongue as his finger worked in and out of her cunt. Cindy moaned passionately.

He eased his soaked finger from her twisty sex-box and slipped his hand around her. Both hands, hot and heavy, eased her down into a prone position. Cindy whimpered with need as she felt her back against the cushion.

To her surprise, he didn’t jump on her and shove his big cock up into her pussy. Groaning low, he kissed her tits and licked at them, then kissed his way down through her pubic hair to her pussy-lips.

His tongue sought the center of her naked crotch and curled up into her juicy fuck-hole. Gently the tip stroked her insides, stoking the fires in her tense belly, while Cindy moaned and writhed and played with her tits.

Fields was entirely engrossed in his new project the sweet-smelling cunt of Cindy Barnes. Even as he ate her beautiful cunt, he couldn’t believe his good luck. How often he had jacked off in his bathroom thinking about this adorable girl! Now he was sucking her pussy!

He gripped her quivery asscheeks and drilled all of his tongue into her twisting cunt-hole. How she liked it! The way Cindy was moaning and humping her pussy told him that, she really liked what he was doing to her. His cock raged between his legs now.

Would she fuck, he wondered as he sucked up more other hot pussy-juices. It was apparent that she wasn’t a virgin. No cherry. His tongue was sliding in and out of her hot pussy with ease and Cindy was humping like she was being fucked.

Can I get my big cock into this furry cunt, he wondered. Would she scream? Would it hurt her? Or does she fuck already?

There was only one way to get answers, he thought. He drew his horny tongue out of her wet pussy and licked his way up to her heaving tits. Cindy released them and purred, “Oh, yes, suck them, too.”

That wasn’t what he had intended to do, but he couldn’t refuse an offer like that. Groaning with lust, he devoured her tits, licking and sucking them, nibbling and gnawing at them, until Cindy was whimpering with new pleasures.

“Cindy,” the man gasped, burning with lust, “I-I want to fuck you. Please — don’t be afraid. I just want to put my prick in your pussy and fuck you a little. I’ll be gentle. I-I…”

“Oh, Mr. Fields,” Cindy panted, “I’m not afraid! I want you to fuck me! Golly! I thought you never would! Put your cock in me and fuck all you want! My pussy’s hungry for, it!”

Fields trembled with excitement then. This was incredible, unbelievable, highly unlikely for a man like him. And yet, here was this perfectly adorable teenaged girl with sharply thrusting tits and wet cunt begging for his prick! Amazing!

“Take it out,” Cindy panted. “Get your prick out and push it in me. I’ll like it.”

He grabbed for his fly zipper. Cindy spread her legs. Both man and girl were hell bent on fucking.

“Cindy!” her mother yelled out just then.

“Jesus!” Mr. Fields choked.

“Oh, no,” Cindy whined. There was so much she wanted to do with the man! Why, she hadn’t even gotten to feel his prick. Was it huge? Wet? Horny?

Getting no reply from her daughter after a few more calls, Alma Barnes hollered, “Mr. Fields?”

Fields leapt to his feet. Cindy grabbed her dress and pulled it on. She turned her back to the man and panted, “Zip me up, quick!”

A second later man and girl emerged from the basement to find Mrs. Barnes at the fence, looking around with a frown.

“Good morning, Alma,” Roger Fields greeted. “Oh, there you are,” she replied, seeing her daughter.

Cindy smiled. “Mr. Fields was showing me some things.”

“I want you to go to the store,” her mother said.

“Okay, Mom,” Cindy said.

She went inside the house and left her mother chatting with Mr. Fields. Oh, that bitch, she thought. That miserable, rotten bitch. No wonder Daddy doesn’t like her! Why did she have to interrupt us? Darn!

A few minutes later, with money and shopping list in her fist, Cindy walked to the supermarket with tits aching and cute ass twitching. She felt miserable.

Everything had been going so good in Mr. Fields’ basement. He had finally made a pass at her. He’d wanted to stick his cock up her cunt!

Cindy felt her pussy purring between her legs as she crossed the street. Now he had licked it! I’ll bet he would have eaten my pussy all day if I wanted him to. Ohh, why did my mother have to show up?

She entered the market, smiling because a couple of older boys had given her the eye and made some wicked remarks. As she walked the aisles with a shopping cart, she wondered what it would be like to be trapped alone with a couple of guys like them.

Her thoughts returned to Mr. Fields when she was at the vegetable counter. She saw a huge cucumber and she couldn’t help thinking about the man’s cock. Any man-cock would be as big as that, she thought with a shiver of excitement coursing through her cunt.

At the check-out stand she felt a little better. There was one consolation. Mr. Fields was always next door. She smiled to herself, very sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist her pussy now that he’d licked it.


Cindy was right about her next-door neighbor. When she arrived home with the groceries her mother had a message for her from Mr. Fields. As Cindy helped prepare dinner, her mother said, “Oh, by the way, Mr. Fields called.”

Cindy’s clit quivered. “How come?”

Her mother went on peeling potatoes and said, “Mrs. Fields has gone out for the evening. There’s some housework to be done. Just dishes and making beds. I told him you’d do it.”

Alma looked hard at her daughter and added, “And you’d better. It’s a chance to make a few dollars for yourself.”

Cindy was delighted, but she played it cool by whining, “But I wanted to go to the movies tonight.”

“Never mind the God-damned movies all the time!” her mother scolded. “After dinner you get over there and help the poor man! And that’s final!”

Cindy heaved a sigh. “All right, Mom,” she said softly, as if her mother had won the battle.

All through dinner Cindy thought she’d burn up with hot, sexy feelings. Her tits got hard just thinking about getting them licked. Her pussy got nice and wet, but not just from her sexy thoughts.

She sat across the table from her father, something he’d told her to do a long time ago. As he and her mother prattled about this, that and the other thing, the horny parent slipped his foot out of his shoe. As he’d done so many times before, he got his toes up between Cindy’s hot thighs.

Cindy sat starry-eyed as her father’s big toe in a nice soft sock gently massaged her clit and pussylips continually. Eating as fast as she was breathing, she opened her legs and carefully hunched forward on the chair so she could grind her burning cunt against the exciting toe.

Her pussy was so hungry for sex that it started cumming on her father’s tantalizing toe. It felt so good pressing and scraping and rubbing against her horny cunt.

“Unmmm,” she moaned without meaning to.

Her mother glanced over at her and said, “I thought you didn’t like stew?” She thought her daughter had moaned with pleasure for the food.

Cindy swallowed nervously, but murmured, “Well, tonight it tastes real good.”

What was real good to her was her cumming pussy. When her mother turned her head, Cindy closed her eyes and humped her cunt slowly against her father’s wiggling toe. Floods of cum-juice oozed from between her tight pussy-lips and her father’s sock got soaked. He smiled to himself and mauled her clit roughly with his toe, knowing full well that his pretty girl was getting off a good one.

The wonderful thrills of cumming were still rushing through her cunt when her mother harshly interrupted the pleasure.

“You’ll have to leave the dinner dishes till later,” she said. “Take care of Mr. Fields first.”

“Okay, Mom, I will,” Cindy said as her father removed his teasing toe. I sure will, she thought sexily, I’ll take very good care of Mr. Fields.

She wore her shorts and halter for the occasion because she knew how tight her shorts were and how her halter was on her thrusting tits.

Mr. Fields was more than pleased, of course.

The minute he saw her lithe body half-naked in her clothes, he shut the door and ogled her.

“Your mother doubted that you’d be willing to come over,” he said. “But I knew you’d be here.”

He grinned lewdly and stroked the bare parts of her firm tits. His fingers dragged the halter triangles away, exposing her stiff pink nipples. He mauled her tits and tweaked her nipples.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” Cindy’s lips parted for breath. “Yes,” she panted, pushing her naked tits at him.

“You pretty thing,” he murmured, running his hand down inside her tight shorts.

He pressed his lips to hers and tongued her hot mouth as his anxious fingers clawed at her juicy, naked cunt. Cindy moaned through the kiss and her hand darted to his lap.

Licking at his tongue with hers, moving her pussy against his fingers, she grasped his huge, thick hard-on.

She twisted her mouth away from his and gasped, “Oh, my God, it’s so big and hard!”

The man chuckled and tore his pants open. Even as he opened them, Cindy’s hand was reaching inside. Breathlessly, hotly, she grasped his horny wet cock and pulled it out where she could look at it.

She stepped back a step and gazed down at his enormous wet hard-on.

“Oh, God,” she whispered hotly.

The man saw her eyes widen and her pretty mouth open. He listened to her quickened breathing as she stroked his huge cock with her hand. He watched her naked tits rise and fall sexily. The girl was very excited about his stiff prick.

Unable to control herself, Cindy rasped, “I wanna suck it.”

The man grasped her shoulders and held her off. “Not yet,” he said in a strained voice.

His big hands traveled down to her hips and he pulled her tight crotch right up against his throbbing cock. He grinned lewdly at her and twisted his rigid prick against her pussy.

“I want to fuck you first,” he said hornily. “I’ve been thinking about it all day. I want to stuff my cock up your pretty cunt and fuck the hell out of you.”

“Oh,” Cindy moaned. A shudder ran through her body and she started humping her cunt against his giant prick.

“You want my cock up your cunt, don’t you, Cindy?” he teased. She looked so fuckable.

Cindy’s pink tongue shot across her lips and she caught her breath because she felt his boner jerk hard against her cunt. “Yes,” she hissed.

Mr. Fields grasped her slim wrist and suddenly pulled her half-naked body to the sofa. He cased her down onto it and Cindy went all soft and lax. In the next moment he stripped her tight shorts down her lovely lees and tossed them aside.

Cindy whimpered, watching his cock throb, and she stretched her legs wide-open for him. He chuckled with lust and knelt between her creamy thighs. He gripped his powerful cock in his fist and guided it down towards her hotly pulsating cuntlips now reaching up to him. She gasped loudly when his wet cockhead touched her pussy.

“Oh, it’s so big!” she panted. “It feels too big! Oh, will it fit in me?”

The man chuckled and groaned, “It’ll fit, all right.” He inched the end of his cock between her moist pussy-lips.

Cindy caught her breath. “Oh, God, it’ll split me up the middle! Oh, how did it get so big?”

Her head was propped on two small pillows and now she stared down between her thrusting tits, hypnotized by the giant size of his cock. She groaned as he slowly, tantalizingly opened her cunt-mouth with his swollen cockhead. She thought she’d faint when the monstrous knob lodged in her pussy-channel.

His bulging cockhead wedged into her fuck-hole, then the thicker and wider portion of his cock-shaft entered. Cindy squealed. Mr. Fields chuckled and gave her another inch.

“Oh, Mr. Fields!” she shrieked, feeling the thickness of his prick invade her cunt-hole. “You’ll split me! Oh, it’s bigger than my dad’s!”

Fields choked and his eyes went wide. With his cock half-buried in her pulsating pussy, he stared down at her. Had he heard correctly. Did she just tell him that her father fucked her!

Why that incestuous old bastard, the man thought. And here I’ve been trying to be gentle with her! For Christ’s sake, he’s probably been screwing her juicy cunt for years!

Cindy had no way of knowing that her outburst had excited the man beyond measure. Just the thought of her father fucking her cute cunt made Fields want to bang the hell out of it.

Horny out of his mind, he abandoned the gentle approach. Loving the feel of her juicy cunt wrapped around his cock, he suddenly drove every solid inch of his horny cock up into her furry cunt.

Cindy whimpered and twisted her ass deep into the sofa cushion beneath her in a hopeless attempt to escape the horny man’s brutal prick. It felt like a telephone pole shoved up her cunt.

“Mr. Fields!” she gasped, holding her breath, “Wh-what are you trying to do to me? Oh, you pushed it so hard! It’s-it’s so deep! I can’t breathe!”

Her pussy-lips began to twitch and turn in sexual torment, and then tiny, little spasms of sexy, juicy pleasure rippled through her cunt. Impaled by the man’s giant cock, her velvety cunt slowly caught fire. White hot flames deep in her grinding belly licked around his buried cockhead. She moaned and whimpered, the hapless victim of pussy-pleasing delicious torture.

Oblivious to the girl’s condition, the man just ached to fuck her. Grunting like an animal in heat, he withdrew his rigidly throbbing fuck-pole, paused for the kill, then drilled it back into her squishy, sucking cunt. Wallowing in the hot pleasure of Cindy’s teenaged pussy, he drew back and plunged, drew back and drilled, sawing back and forth faster and faster, until he was fucking his powerful prick in and out of her tight cunt with machine-like precision.

In spite of Cindy’s squeals and whimpers, in spite of her turning and twisting as if to get away from his pounding cock, he held onto her lithe body and fucked his cock with a fury.

Cindy’s eyes rolled in her head. Her pretty mouth fell open loosely. Her tight tits heaved. And below her tiny waist, her cute pussy churned and humped and screwed wildly on his drilling, driving fuck-pole.

Her slim arms flailed the air and her whole body thrashed on the sofa as the intense pleasure of the brutal fucking overwhelmed her senses and made her a helpless, willing piece of ass.

Outrageously lewd pleasure coursed through her vibrating body. As brutal as the nice man had become on her body, there was something wonderful about the fucking that she couldn’t deny. In a crazy, passionate lewd way, Cindy didn’t want the onslaught to stop. Her twisting, humping cunt was eating his plunging cock up.

Her pretty face screwed up with lewd joy and small cries of rapture escaped her throat. The man plowed in and out of her tight pussy. Then he reared back and thrust his big hands under the excitingly quivering mounds of her asscheeks. He yanked them upward and at the same time rammed his enormous cock deep into her belly. Cindy shrieked.

The fuck-thrill was her greatest yet. She arched her back, threw her pussy up on his imbedded prick, and shuddered with orgasm. Panting and moaning as she creamed her cunt, she threw her legs around the man’s pistoning hips. Her juicy, throbbing cunt grasped his steely cock and sucked on it as Cindy, for the first time, surrendered to a fucking unlike any other she’d ever had.

The man’s jism-loaded balls started slapping against her asscheeks every time he rammed his cock into her fuck-hole and Cindy moaned, loving it.

“Oh, fuck me!” the girl cried, shivering from head to toe as her cunt kept creaming.

Nothing mattered to her now, not the man’s fucking brutality nor his tremendous lust for her cunt, nothing but the sheer pleasure in her pussy. She humped with wild abandon on the man’s powerfully plunging prick, trying to get more and more of it up into her horny cunt. With her cunt in the air and the man’s prick chilling so deeply, she could feel his massive cockhead pounding away at her sensitive womb.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped wildly. “More! More! Oh, do more, do more! Urn, give it to me! Oh, fuck me, Mr. Fields! Ohm!”

The man chuckled evilly. He twisted his head around and down. In the next moment he chewed her thrusting tits and kept plowing his rigid cock into her hungry cunt. Cindy swooned.

“I’m cuming!” she squealed, screwing her cunt hornily.

Her head rocked from side to side as she fed her tits to the sucking man and screwed her cunt on his plunging cock. She moaned long and loud as floods of pussy-juice coursed through her belly into her twisting cunt-channel to soak his prick. The silky fluid drowned his drilling cock, flowed around it and squished juicily from her cunt-hole to trickle down the crack of her churning ass.

Over the humping, fucking girl, Fields grunted loudly and pounded her pussy faster and faster. His throbbing balls tightened up against the base of his drilling fuck-pole, no longer slapping Cindy’s ass, but now banging against her twisty cunt-lips.

In a burst of insane lust, he rammed his cock up into her tortured cunt and yelled, “Take it!”

Cindy responded to this sexual outburst with one of her own. “Give it to me!” she shrieked. She fucked hotly, knowing that when his powerful cock let loose with its thick jism she would cum like crazy.

The man bit into her left tit and sucked hard on her spiking pink nipple. At the same time, he drove his mighty cock into her twisting cunt. Then all hell broke loose.

Huge wads of viscous jism surged through his aching cock-pipe from his jerking balls. Loads of thick, white milky cream gushed from his cockhead in burning streams of jism to fill Cindy’s grasping, milking, fucking cunt.

“Oh mama!” the fucked girl squealed.

“Jesus!” the man groaned.

Cock and cunt twisted and screwed and pounded as male and female cum mixed and mingled. Cindy’s horny pussy fucked wildly on her neighbor’s ramming, shooting prick. Her cum increased in heat and supply, washing through her humping cunt as the man’s cock jerked and squirted and gushed hornily.

“Ohhhmmmm,” Cindy moaned as the man groaned on her. Both drained themselves of cum, clinging to one another, enjoying every fucking thrill of it.

Then Cindy’s body collapsed on the sofa, her pretty legs splayed beautifully as Mr. Fields lifted his spent cock out of her well of juicy cum. He slid off her heaving body and dropped to his knees beside her. He saw her eyes closed, watched her naked tits rise and fall as she got her breath back, eyed her soaked cunt as it dripped their cum.

“Oh, golly,” Cindy breathed, opening her eyes. “I’ve never been fucked like that.”

The man grinned. “I’m glad to hear that,” he murmured. “I’d hate to think your father fucks you better than I do.”

Cindy gasped. She bolted up onto her elbows and stared wide-eyed at the man. “H-how did you know about that?” she squeaked.

Fields burst into laughter. He pawed her tantalizing tits and said, “You told me, you fox. When you were out of your head.”

“Ohhhhh, nooo,” Cindy panted as he played with her stiffened nipples.

“Don’t worry about it,” Fields chuckled. “I don’t give a damn who you fuck, so long as I get lots of your pussy, too.”

Cindy’s blue eyes took on a glaze and she smiled sweetly. “I think you will,” she purred. “A girl would be crazy not to come back for more of what you give!”

The man was immediately aroused by her look, her statement, and her sexy pose. She looked so cute up on her elbows, tits hard and pussy creamy. He chuckled and suddenly climbed onto the sofa over her. He gripped his wet, limp cock and waved it at her pouting mouth.

“You wanted to suck me off,” he said. “Get with it. Lick it till it’s stiff, then suck it all you want.”

“Well,” Cindy said, taking his prick in her hand, “you can at least let a girl get her breath back!”

“Horseshit,” he chuckled, pushing his soaked cockhead at her lips.

Cindy giggled, tickled by his eagerness. She lifted his cock up and stuck her tongue out. She gave his cock little licks up and down and dragged her tongue over the end of it.

“Is this what you want?” she teased. She could feel his cock-shaft already getting thick in her hand.

“Suck me off, Cindy,” he groaned.

She felt playful now that she’d had such a tremendous cum and beautiful fucking. She squeezed his cock in her fingers and lapped her tongue against his growing cockhead.

“All the way?” she cooed. “Is that what you mean? You want me to suck you all the way off? Huh? You want me to suck your cock until you shoot a load down my throat?”

Her teasing ways and tantalizing tongue drove the man wild, which is exactly what she wanted. There was something exciting about a man forcing her to suck his prick.

Fields couldn’t take much of her teasing. He gripped her pretty head between his hands and forced his cock into her soft mouth.

Cindy gasped on his fiery prick, then moaned softly as she wrapped her lips and mouth around it. Making continuous animal sounds on her throat, she grasped his cock tightly and started eating him.

Moaning softly, she sucked him off with pleasure. It thrilled her the way his cock kept getting larger and thicker as she blew him. Her desire to suck increased, too, so that when the man’s fuck-pole was immense and rigid, she was sucking him off with a passion. As she sucked and licked she knew beyond a doubt that she and Mr. Fields were going to have lots of fun in the future.


Cindy became a very curious girl. Screwing her father, her next-door neighbor and a teacher turned her body on to an extreme degree. When other girls were thinking about dresses and dances, Cindy was thinking about undressing and fucking. Her girlfriends got excited about movies and sports. Cindy got excited about fuck sessions and cocksucking. She developed into a curvy sex kitten.

Because of this, she started attracting lots of attention. There was something about her that reeked of sex. Her honey-blonde hair, her clear blue eyes, her thrusting tits, her slim waist, her flat tummy, her lovely legs — they all conspired to give her an aura of sexuality. Many a man saw her on the street and could think of nothing but rape.

And not only men. Cindy attended a school picnic one sunny afternoon and got terribly hot for a certain man named Burt. But Burt was a high school senior, eighteen years old and very popular with the girls. Even though he was the one who got Cindy all excited, in the end he ditched her for a willowy brunette his own age, a luscious female in a slinky bikini. Cindy was furious.

Burt had bumped into her by accident near a picnic bench and when he saw what he had bumped into, he smiled and said, “Mmmm, let’s do that more often.”

His big, brown eyes roamed over Cindy’s tits and slim waist and she knew he was thinking about what was tucked between her legs. His gaze and his manner swept her off her feet.

“I’d like that, too,” she cooed. Then she glanced toward the trees and whispered, “We can do a lot of bumping in there.”

Burt smiled handsomely, pleased that she wasn’t just a kid. “Think you can handle one of my size?” he chuckled.

“How big is it?” Cindy laughed. “If it isn’t bigger than my dad’s, I can take it.”

A huge bulge appeared in the guy’s swim trunks and Cindy stared at it with a hunger. But just then this beautiful older girl came up and hooked her arm into Burt’s.

The girl eyed Cindy coolly and purred, “Excuse us, will you?”

She dragged the hunk of man off. He turned and eyed Cindy a moment and muttered, “Sorry.”

Cindy sank down onto a bench, crestfallen and broken-hearted. She was positive that the guy would have fucked her if that beautiful bitch hadn’t come along.

Anger burned behind her taut tits. How could he do this to her? How could he walk away from her luscious body? Didn’t he know she wanted his cock?

Her thoughts were interrupted when a shadow fell across her lap. She looked up to see Miss Turner, an English teacher. The tall, slim woman smiled.

“I saw that,” she said, sitting next to Cindy. “Men can be such beasts sometimes.”

It thrilled Cindy that a teacher would be so friendly toward her. “They sure can!” she agreed.

“I’d say he was blind,” Miss Simpson added. “You’re such a pretty girl, I don’t know how he could turn you down.”

Cindy’s face flushed slightly. Was she talking about turning down pussy?

Miss Simpson laughed lightly and patted Cindy’s leg. “I’m female, too, you know,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be rejected by men. They think they’re God’s gift to women, as if we can’t have pleasure without them. If they only knew!”

Cindy frowned. “Knew what?”

“That we don’t always need them in order to have fun and pleasure.”

Cindy blinked. “Well, I sure need them for that!” she giggled.

The teacher smiled and gave Cindy’s thigh a gentle squeeze. “I’d like to show you differently. Why don’t we take a little walk?”

Cindy’s sexy mouth fell open. “Y-you mean…”

The woman’s dark eyes burned into hers, and she cooed, “If you want to.”

Something happened to Cindy in that moment. The teacher with the boyish figure was looking at her the way men do. It was a shock, but Cindy knew the woman wanted her body. Why she wanted to kiss her and lick her and-and — what?

The heat of the day and the heat of her cunt, combined with her recent disappointment in sex with a strange guy, made Cindy whisper, “I’d like to go for a walk with you.”

Miss Simpson took Cindy’s hand in hers and said, “Come with me, kitten.”

They strolled hand in hand through the trees to a specially quiet and isolated spot where the woman had Cindy sit down on the grass with her.

She put her arm around Cindy’s shoulders and said softly, “Now you call me Sondra, Cindy. We’re going to be good friends, you and I.”

“Okay, Sondra,” Cindy smiled.

How funny, she thought. Imagine this pretty teacher wanting to have sex with me, just like a man! It’s kind of exciting!

Sondra smoothed her hand through Cindy’s soft hair and whispered, “That boy was crazy to pass you up. I was watching you with him. You really wanted him to seduce you, didn’t you?”

“I — well — yes.”

“Don’t be shy with me, Cindy. I’m your friend. And remember that I’m a woman, too. I know what it’s like to have those hot feelings in the belly for a man. Are you still excited?”

Cindy’s cunt twitched and she rasped, “Yes.”

“Good,” Sondra cooed. “Actually, I owe a debt of gratitude to the foolish boy. When I first saw you, I couldn’t tell if you were a playful girl or not. But you are, aren’t you?”

“Very,” Cindy giggled, feeling comfortable with the attractive woman.

Sondra’s gentle hand stroked Cindy’s shoulder and she whispered, “I’m not like that cruel boy. If you’ll be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.”

Cindy’s tits lifted up like live things. “I’ll be nice to you,” she panted.

Sondra twisted toward the pretty girl and rested her slender hands on Cindy’s shoulders. “Let me see your darling tits,” she rasped hotly.

Before Cindy could get her breath back, Sondra unzipped her swimsuit and peeled it down in front, exposing her taut tits and pink nipples.

“Men don’t appreciate us, Cindy,” she whispered. “A woman knows what another female likes. You have such lovely tits. That ass would have just mauled them. Your tits should be loved, Cindy, like you love them. How fresh and hard they are.”

Cindy swallowed nervously. She peered down at what Sondra was doing to her tits tenderly feeling them, making her nipples stand up.

“Another female appreciates tits like yours, a body like yours,” Sondra went on slowly. “I can give you pleasure no man can give you, if you’ll let me.”

“With you?”

Cindy sighed and a tremor ran through her that made her excited tits rise up like live things. What a surprise Miss Simpson turned out to be! She was female, like Cindy, but she wanted to do sexy things!

Cindy felt herself being urged backward, down onto her back on the cool grass. She went with the movement and lay back, quivering slightly as Sondra Simpson tantalized the nipples of her tits into stiffness.

Cindy sighed again and in a smooth movement that took her breath away, the teacher stripped her swim suit all the way down her lovely body. In the next moment, Sondra was laying next to her. She gently stroked Cindy’s flat belly, smoothing her soft hand over the taut white flesh. Small tremors of new excitement rippled through the girl and her curly blonde triangle of sex started to tingle.

Cindy stared at the beautiful woman and felt little thrills coursing through her body. Sondra’s hand stroking her pussy hair felt so nice!

As the woman’s cool fingertips teased her tuft of fur, Cindy remembered some things she’d heard about females playing with females. Didn’t they fuck one another with their tongues? Didn’t they use some kind of hard rubber things? Is that what Miss Simpson wanted to do to her?

“Oh,” Cindy moaned suddenly. Her eyes closed at the teacher’s fingertips smoothed over her clit area, and she gave herself up to the luscious sex-feelings that were produced in her tight belly.

The naughty hand left her cunt and Cindy opened her eyes to see Sondra Simpson undressing quickly. In a moment the woman’s lithe and slim body was fully exposed. Her pussy hair was black and well-trimmed.

The horny teacher lay beside Cindy and pressed her body against the girl’s. Cindy felt the woman’s bushy cunt rub against her naked thigh.

“Mmmmmm,” Sondra moaned, humping her cunt against Cindy’s firm tits.

Cindy tremored anxiously as her pink nipples tingled and tensed. Making further headway with the teenaged sex Goddess, Sondra slipped her slender hand down across Cindy’s belly. Her slim fingers curled under the girl’s pubic patch and one fingertip gently probed between her pussy-lips. Gently, tenderly the tantalizing fingertip stroked her stiff, pink clit, then just as gently eased into the narrow slit of her sweet cunt.

“Miss Simpson…” Cindy rasped, feeling sharp stings of passion up her pussy. “Sondra — what are you doing to me?”

“Do you like this?” the teacher purred.

Cindy swallowed nervously. “You’re so gentle,” she remarked.

“Does that turn you on?”

“That makes me feel good,” the teacher soothed. “I want to make you happy. I’m not like boys, you know. They only care about themselves. They just want to stuff their cocks up your cunt and shoot their loads. I want to make you tingle all over.”

“Oh,” Cindy said breathlessly. The teacher was sure doing a good job of getting her all tingly! Her pussy felt like it was being kissed softly.

A little shock of perverse pleasure rippled through Cindy’s straining body. Her juicy cunt seemed to want something more from the teasing woman.

“M-Miss Simpson…”

The woman raised up on one elbow and gazed hornily at her prey. “I understand, Cindy,” she said softly, rubbing the girl’s nervous cunt. “I know what you want.”

Sondra started stroking Cindy’s lovely, naked asscheeks with long, slow movements that made the girl tremble and shudder. Slowly, carefully, the teacher parted the teenager’s cute ass cheeks and gently massaged her asshole with a fingertip. Then the fingertip slipped into the hole and started working in and out gently.

“Oh, golly,” Cindy gasped.

Sondra moaned with pleasure as the girl responded by humping her cunt as if she was really hungry for lesbian love.

“Open your pretty legs,” the teacher whispered. She took her finger out of Cindy’s asshole.

Cindy’s head was spinning. She rocked onto her back and her lovely legs spread wide-open. Sondra kissed her mouth, her throat, her heaving tits, her rib cage, all the way down into her furry patch of soft blonde hair.

Cindy caught her breath when Sondra’s tongue, like that of a lizard, lashed out and licked across her pussy lips, then fucked her clit.

“Ohhhhh, Sondra!” Cindy cried, twisting her cunt.

Sondra saw the girl’s gorgeous cunt and turned on something fierce. “How pretty your pussy is,” she murmured between the girl’s thighs.

Cindy twisted and turned hornily as the woman rained a series of hot kisses upon her cunt. Sondra kept murmuring, “Sweet pussy — lovely cunt — mmnnn, delicious juice — you darling pussy — ahh, I’ll eat you up, you beauty — ummmmm, how delicious you taste!”

Cindy couldn’t believe her ears to hear a female speaking so lewdly about her cunt. The woman’s tongue, so slim and saucy, was driving her out of her mind, the way it was lashing and licking just her clit.

Amazed by the tremendous thrills up her cunt, Cindy whimpered, “Ohhh, Sondra, what are you doing? How can you make me feel like this with just your tongue? Oh, so this is how it is! You’re not even using your lips! Ew, what you’re doing to me! My pussy’s gonna catch fire!”

Sondra chuckled as hornily as a man and flicked her tongue-tip wildly at the very end of Cindy’s quivery clit. The sensations of this remarkable treatment made Cindy jerk and hump on the grass. “Sondra!” she squealed. She lifted her pussy way up in the air, trying to get more of the teacher’s soft mouth on her cunt. “Please! Oh, please! Do something! I can’t stand any more! Do something!”

“You bet I’m going to do something, beautiful,” Sondra said hoarsely. “I just wanted to get your clit stiff and poking from between your pussy-lips.”

With that the slender naked woman laid herself on top of the writhing girl and maneuvered her own juicy cunt around until she had her erect clit crushed against Cindy’s.

Then, as Cindy’s eyes went wider and wider, Sondra worked her horny cunt on the girl’s, up and down, back and forth, side to side.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Cindy moaned, feeling excruciating thrills ripping into her belly. “Ohhh, I didn’t know anything could feel like this! What-what’s happening to me? Oh, your clit is crushing mine! How can it feel so good?”

The dazed girl continued murmuring and moaning as Sondra kissed her and sucked her tits and massaged her wet clit with her own. In just moments Cindy’s cunt was creaming, grinding up against Sondra’s, humping hornily as streams of cum-juice cascaded through her pussy-channel. Silky fluids leaked from her twisty cunt and soaked the woman’s writhing cunt. Then Sondra’s pussy was dripping wetly and the cunts of the two females mixed and mingled as their hot cunts twisted and turned.

“I-I’m cumming!” Cindy shrieked.

“Ohhh, you darling,” Sondra purred, humping the girl’s squishy cunt. “So am I. Cum all over my pussy, kitten. I’ll get you off real nice, just like you’re getting me off. Ummmm, you’re so juicy.”

Both females shivered and shook from head to toe as their grinding cunts flowed wetly with great oozings of pussy-cream. The thrill of it all drove Cindy wild.

She threw her legs around the slim hips of her teacher and churned her pussy hornily, gasping, “Give it to me! I mean — fuck me! Are you fucking me? Ohhh, I don’t know what it is, but it’s wonderful!”

Sondra Simpson was in her glory. It had been some time since she’d landed herself a real sexy teenaged girl. Cindy Barnes filled the bill nicely. Her tits were responsive things and her cunt was on fire. It was pure pleasure for Sondra to turn this one on.

Cindy shuddered with violent orgasm. Sondra trembled with climax. Their furry cunts mashed together and twisted themselves into a frenzy of joy. Their tits writhed against each other and their nipples spiked.

When Cindy’s cunt was thoroughly soaked with her own cum and Sondra’s flowing juices, she moaned, “Oh, that was so good! Ummm, Sondra, I like you.”

Sondra eased up on the girl’s drenched pussy and raised up on her hands to peer at Cindy’s luscious tits. “You’re sweet,” she purred, making her cunt kiss the girl’s.

Cindy caught her breath and rasped, “I didn’t know it could be so nice. You were so gentle, but I came like crazy anyway.”

“Sex doesn’t have to be rough,” Sondra smiled. A twinkle flashed in Cindy’s blue eyes. “I like that kind, too,” she giggled.

“I’ll bet you do, you sex kitten,” Sondra said. Her eyes brightened, too, and she added, “Now that I’ve been gentle, I’m going to be rough.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Cindy rasped, feeling a threat of extreme pleasure in the woman’s tone.

Sondra smiled wickedly. “You’ll see, you horny bitch. Did you think that was all I wanted from you? Just a gentle little cum? Baby, I want your cunt!”

To Cindy’s complete surprise and crazed cumming, Sondra threw herself down on the girl’s soaked cunt and buried her face between her thighs. Before Cindy could utter a sound, Sondra rubbed her cute nose into the girl’s wet clit and shafted her lizard’s tongue up into her soaked fuck-hole.

“Oh, my God,” Cindy squealed.

Sondra groveled at the girl’s cunt and in the next moment she chewed into the furry thing.

“Oh, golly!” Cindy shrieked.

Sondra caught the girl’s clit between her teeth. She nibbled on it, chewed it, bit at it. Her snaky tongue licked and lashed at her clit, tongue and mouth went wild all over the poor girl’s pussy until Cindy was a helpless mass of writhing flesh.

Moaning as if in pain, Cindy’s hand shot downward. She tried to push the woman’s face away from her hot crotch, tried to free her dripping cunt from the wild woman’s sucking, nibbling, chewing mouth.

Yet in the next moment Cindy howled with extreme pleasure. Her hands started pulling Sondra’s mouth hard against her twisting clit.

Her pretty legs shot up into the air in a magnificent V.

Sondra chuckled lewdly, shoved her finger up into the girl’s churning asshole, and spent the next fifteen minutes eating the hell out of the cute, furry, delicious cunt.

While Cindy wont completely out of her mind with sex-thrills, Sondra gobbled up her cunt, enjoying herself thoroughly. The teenager was her slave now, and she knew it. Cindy could no more stop her from sucking and biting than she could stop the enormous pleasure in her body.

Whimpering, moaning, humping furiously, Cindy surrendered her body completely to the horniest cunt-sucking she’d ever had.

“Oh, mama!” she shrieked, cumming again as the teacher sucked with her mouth and fucked with her tongue. Even as waves of pure lust washed through her mind, Cindy sensed that lesbian love with Miss Simpson was going to be lots of fun in the future.

She grabbed her bursting tits and mauled them. She moaned loudly. Her head was spinning with new feelings as she felt her whole pussy getting licked and sucked and fucked and eaten hornily. It was a tremendous experience for the growing girl, one that convinced her lesbian love was delicious along with straight fucking with men.


Cindy was wearing her halter and shorts when her mother left for the beauty shop. Doing the housework as ordered, Cindy bent over the sofa to fluff the pillows. That brought her father out of his recliner like a bullet.

He hadn’t been getting much of his girl lately, due to one thing or another. Now he was alone with her at last and the mere sight of her tight ass, so curvy in her shorts, was enough to raise his cock and his temperature.

He crossed the room in three great strides and grabbed Cindy’s hips as she was leaning over.

“Daddy!” she gasped. “What are you doing?” It was obvious what he was doing. He leaned over her and slipped his hands up to her firm, pointed tits. Mauling them hornily, he prodded her crotch with his massive hard-on.

“Daddy,” Cindy breathed, feeling his erect cock rubbing her cunt. “You’re hurting me.”

Her father’s breathing grew rapid. “You feel so fucking good,” he rasped hotly. “So fucking good. I’ve missed you, baby. God, your ass is nice. My cock’s so stiff for you.”

Cindy gasped and pressed her hands on the sofa to keep from toppling over. “I’ve never known you to act like this! Please! Why are you being so rough with me? Daddy! Stop!”

“My sexy girl,” her father groaned, jabbing his cock between her thighs. He kept one hand on her firm tits. Then the other shot down to her shorts and unzipped them. He pulled at them and stripped them down her legs.

Cindy heard another zipper. “Daddy,” she panted, “let me up! At least kiss me before you do it to me! Daddy! My pussy’s not even wet!”

“It will be, you delicious fucker,” he said hoarsely.

Cindy couldn’t believe the way he was treating her. Not a kiss, not a kind word, not even some playing around like usual. She felt his huge cockhead press against the lips of her exposed cunt. Her father kept groaning like an animal.

“Daddy, wait!” she cried.

But her father was hot for her body. He forced her face down on the sofa, but kept her ass up. He gripped his stony prick in one fist and pushed his bulging cockhead between her pussylips, forcing them apart. Her cunt-mouth widened around his entering cock and Cindy caught her breath. Her father seemed hell-bent on raping her.

She groaned, too, as her horny dad shoved all of his cock up into her tight pussy. She cried out when he drilled the whole thing into her belly. He simply murmured something about hot pussy and started fucking her.

With his chest heavy on her back, with one hand mauling her tits and the other clawing her clit, he fucked his massive cock in and out of her juicy cunt.

“Ow!” Cindy yelped. “Ow, that hurts! Daddy, don’t, please. Oh, lick it first or something! You’re too big! Daddy, don’t!”

Her father could hardly hear her, that’s how hot he was to fuck his beautiful girl. He gasped and panted and screwed her tight cunt hornily with his big, thick prick.

Cindy’s unprepared pussy-lips stretched wide as her dad’s enormous cock rammed in and out of her tight fuck-hole. The pain was severe at first, but in a few minutes, some liquid oozed from her fucked belly and lubricated his plunging cock.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, feeling her pussy channel juice up enough to take his drilling cock.

Her father felt it, too. He groaned with renewed pleasure. The thrill in his hot balls was so extreme that he suddenly wanted to ravish his girl. Her whimpers and moans sounded so sexy.

Out of his head with lust for the sweetest cunt he’d ever fucked, he tweaked his daughter’s pink nipples and pinched them until Cindy cried out. He chuckled and squeezed her tits hard, making her wince and shudder. The more he abused her tits, the more her lithe body moved on his plunging cock. It felt great to him.

His other hand closed in on her quivery clit. Though she whined and pleaded for him to stop, he caught her clit between his thumb and forefinger and wrenched it. When he twisted it, Cindy gasped, and her ass jerked. The movement made her sweet pussy suck on his ramming, drilling cock.

He twisted her pink nipples and wrenched her clit and drove his steely prick into her sex-box with gusto. Cindy sobbed then, feeling ravished and abused, as her father had his way with her body.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she whimpered, gasping for breath, “why are you doing this to me? You’ve always been so nice to me. Ohhh, don’t fuck me like this. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Oh, don’t, please! You make me feel dirty!”

Her father chuckled against her ear. He licked his tongue into her ear and rasped, “Your cunt is so tight, Cindy. I’ve missed it. I gotta fuck you. Uh, my cock’s gonna shoot a quart of cum up your pussy. Mmm, fuck your cunt nice, honey. You know how. Come on. Get your cunt to sucking me off!”

Cindy wanted to scream at him. She wanted to curse him and hate him and never give him pussy again. But just when she was thinking like this, her dad’s knobby cockhead crashed into her womb in a special way. Cindy saw stars.

“Oh!” she squealed.

Her father heard that and felt her pussy get hotter around his buried prick. He chuckled and gave her cunt another shafting thrust. Cindy shrieked. He shoved his cock home again and she quivered. He fucked his cock up into her harder and faster and his girl started shivering all over.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she squealed. “Oh! Oh, don’t stop doing that! Ew, push it in harder! Oh, oh, ohm, I’m gonna cum! Daddy, fuck me any way you want to! Oh, dear God, my pussy’s creaming like crazy!”

Her father laughed hotly and fucked the hell out of her squirmy cunt then. Cindy went lax, fucking back at him, twisting her pussy hornily on his rampaging prick.

Senselessly, she panted, “Oh, fuck my fucking cunt with your fucking cock!”

She literally collapsed on the sofa, face and tits pressed to it, as her horny ass turned and humped to get all of his cock up her cunt that she could get. Her senses whirled and her whole body became a beautiful fucking machine.

“My tits are gonna burst!” she cried out. “My clit’s on fire! My pussy’s burning up!”

Helpless with fuck-feelings, Cindy started sinking to her knees. Her father sank with her until he was kneeling between her legs, his rigid cock imbedded in her horny cunt.

He gripped her quivering hips then and pounded furiously at her pussy. His cock drilled and plunged repeatedly, turning Cindy into a soft mass of writhing, humping female flesh.

Panting hotly, drooling saliva, her over-sexed father fucked his wet prick in and out of her juicy cunt. He reared back and thrust all of his thick prick up into her defenseless cunt. He drew back again and again, plunging all of his cock into her body. Cindy gasped and moaned and shivered with orgasm as her creamy cunt let loose with a flood of silky joy-juice.

As she shivered with cum-thrills, her father took advantage of her weakened condition. He leaned into her with all his strength and fucked his cock savagely into her sweet sex-box, relishing every fucking thrust of his horny prick.

Cindy’s sex-swollen cunt clamped around his drilling cock then, and she whimpered helplessly as he went on screwing her hornily. His prick kit giant in her contracting pussy. Its thickness rubbed continuously against the walls of her sensitive cunt. His cockhead banged relentlessly into her delicate womb. And her pussy-juice flowed and flowed.

“Daddy…” she panted, quivering all over, “please — I can’t cum any more — oh, your cock is so big!”

Her father grunted and buried the full length of his iron cock in her spasming cunt. He reared back and sent his cock into her like a spear. The sudden and violent depth-charge got her off again. She shivered and shook helplessly, cumming wetly as her father’s prick ravished her pussy.

He grunted loudly and shoved his cock up into her sex-box. Then he made a growling noise and Cindy caught her breath, knowing what that meant.

He gasped and rammed his prick into her tight, soaked fuck-hole. His huge cockhead crashed into her belly and exploded there, gushing large quantities of thick cockcream into her.

Cindy moaned loudly when she felt her father’s mighty cock shooting cum into her. She felt his cum-blasts splashing into her hot pussy and that got her off once again. Great quivers of orgasm gripped her body and she came and came as her horny dad fucked and screwed and pounded her pussy. More and more thick wads of jism torpedoed into her squirmy cunt.

Her father’s body strained at first as his prick fired viciously into her cunt. Then he gasped as the last shots of cockcream poured into her. He released her trembling body suddenly, jerking off the rest of his cum in her.

“Oh,” Cindy moaned, suddenly free. Her body collapsed on the floor, turning. In the next moment she was on her ass with her back against the sofa. Her pretty head lolled back on the cushion as she panted for breath.

“Oh, Daddy, how could you do that to me?” she whimpered weakly.

He gazed down at his luscious teenaged girl and a lewd grin crossed his face. “The same way I can do this, kitten,” be groaned.

Before Cindy realized what he was up to, he straddled her and shoved his spent, wet prick into her gaping, soft mouth.

“Suck my cock,” he rasped hornily, pushing it into her mouth. “Come on, lick it for your dad. I’m so fucking hot for you, baby. I haven’t had any of you for days. Who’ve you been sucking and fucking? I want your cunt and mouth for me, understand? You’re my girl. Suck my balls, lick my cock, eat my cum!”

Cindy’s head was in a whirl. Her eyes rolled in her head as her father’s thick, wet cock slid in and out of her mouth. Her head rolled from side to side as if she were trying to get her mouth off his cock.

Her father gripped her pretty face between his hands and chuckled evilly as he fucked her mouth with his hardening cock.

“It’s getting stiff, kitten,” he said hornily. “Just the way you like it. Lick it with your tongue while you suck it off.”

In a haze of senseless passion, she did as she was told. Without thinking — unable to think clearly — she took most of his erecting prick into her mouth and licked it with her tongue, teasing it into enormous rigidity.

His cock grew and grew, stretching her mouth. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked on his prick. His prick got hotter and harder as she licked and sucked, until it was a fiery, huge poker fucking in and out between her soft lips.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned in protest.

It did her no good. Her father was still out of his mind with lust for his precious girl. He liked getting his cock sucked, especially by her mouth. It wasn’t every man who could fuck his girl’s sexy mouth any time he wanted to!

Cindy moaned again, this time because a stiff prick sliding over her tongue turned her on. Her hands raised to his cock and grasped it. He chuckled with satisfaction as his daughter jacked his cock, played with his hot balls and sucked his prick the way a guy likes to be sucked.

“That’s it, honey,” he rasped, shoving his horny cock into her mouth. “Suck it nice. That’s the girl, lick it, suck it. Good, good. Keep that up and I’ll show you what you’re sucking for. Lick, baby, lick. That’s it! Here it comes!”

Cindy gasped on his fucking prick when it enlarged so wildly between her soft lips and started spitting savagely. Huge wads of thick cockcream filled her mouth and she gulped it down as fast as she could. Still, some squirted from the corners of her sucking mouth, but she gulped and gulped and got most of it down her throat.

“Uh-uhh-uh,” her father grunted, fucking his hot jism into her mouth. “Suck it off, Cindy. Eat it. Drink it all, baby, it’ll make you sexy. Mmmmm, good girl. Jesus, what a cute cocksucker you are!”

Cindy drank all his cum, then licked his prick dry as she panted for breath. She took her time licking him clean because she thought this was his last attack on her body. But she was mistaken.

Her father, delighted with the fucking he had given her, pleased with her suck-job, was already thinking of other ways to enjoy her delightful body.

Cindy wiped the remainder of his cum from her pretty mouth and breathed easier. But her father grinned.

“Daddy,” she panted. “What are you smiling like that for?”

He chuckled and grabbed her slim wrist. He pulled her to the floor, but made her fall on her tits.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Cindy gasped, feeling him force her down on her belly.

“I know you’ve been fucking around,” he said. “I just couldn’t get to you with that bitch wanting my prick every night. But I’m gonna teach you a lesson, baby. I don’t care who or what you fuck, but you’re gonna learn that I’m best for you. I know what my baby needs.”

Cindy could only gasp, puzzled and breathless as her horny dad lay on her back. Then it dawned on her what he wanted to do to her.

“Daddy, no!” she squealed. “Your cock is too big for that hole!”

Her father laughed and gripped his prick, still limp from her hot mouth. Not for long. He rubbed his dripping cockhead up and down the crack of her cute ass until it started erecting. The harder it got the faster he rubbed it against her hot flesh.

When it erected, he prodded the crack of her ass with his cockhead. Cindy gasped as she felt her tight asscheeks part for his cock. Then she felt the knob of his wet cock press against her asshole.

“Oh, no!” she moaned.

Then her breath caught in her throat as her father forced the thick end of his cock into the tightness of her back-hole.

“Agh!” she gasped. Her tongue got tied in her mouth as her father deliberately inched his massive prick into her asshole.

“I’m gonna be the first to fuck your sweet ass, honey,” he groaned against her cute ear. “Daddy, no, no, no,” Cindy moaned.

He chuckled evilly and fucked two more inches of his meaty cock into her clenching asshole.

“Oh, my God!” Cindy gasped. “It won’t fit! It’s soo big! No, it won’t get in me! My asshole’s too small! Ow!”

But her asshole wasn’t too small. At least, not for long. The thickness of her dad’s enormous cock eventually stretched her asshole the way it had stretched her mouth — much to her surprise.

“Now I’ll give you feelings nobody else will give you,” her father groaned.

He shoved a big hand under her and toyed with her cute tits. His other hand slipped down to her furry cunt and mauled her stiff clit. He fingered her pussy-hole and fucked his big cock in and out of her asshole at the same time. Cindy went to pieces.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re doing it!” she squealed. “You’re really doing it! I never dreamed a man could really fuck a girl in her ass! Oh, oh, it feels so different! Ew, oh, urn, Daddy, I think it feels good!”

“You bet it’s good, baby,” her father groaned. He nibbled her ear, played with her tits, fingerfucked her cunt, and fucked her asshole hornily.

A few moments later Cindy was cumming beautifully, crying out in a strained voice filled with joy.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, you’re doing it!” she shrieked. “Ohhh, my tits! My pussy! My ass! Oh, Daddy, I’m on fife! Ew, give it to me! Squeeze my tits, Daddy. I’ll cum on your fingers! Oh, I’ll cum up my ass! Ew, your cock is so big in me!”

The intense feelings in her tits, pussy and ass soon turned the girl into a mass of writhing female flesh.

As she came on her father’s digging, clawing fingers, he murmured, “When you need a good fucking, always come to your dad, you hear? Never mind those crummy kids. And don’t let any men touch you, understand? When you want to fuck, see me!”

“Oh, I will, I will!” Cindy moaned. She quivered all over, cumming wetly, fucking her ass hotly.


Cindy really tried to obey her father. After all, she liked his big, throbbing cock. And Mr. Berne’s was nice, too. And. Mr. Fields’ cock was always stiff for her. Then, too, Sondra Simpson liked to eat her furry cunt a lot. So why should she bother with boys?

But Cindy was a growling girl. It was natural for her to think about boys’ pricks once in a while. Everywhere she looked girls were dating handsome boys. Sometimes Cindy secretly wondered what it would be like to give her pussy to an erect cock.

She tried not to think this way because of her promise to her father. But there was another side to the story of nature that she didn’t think of. Boys also began to lust after her body. She wasn’t aware of it, but having sex with a woman and series of grown men had helped her body to develop faster than that of other girls. Cindy looked almost grown — sweet, sexy and succulent.

That’s how she looked as she walked home from school, wiggling along Fernwood Drive. She was wearing a tight T-shirt and a brief denim skirt that displayed her high, pointed tits and long, lovely legs, as well as her cute ass.

A car followed her from Main Street and she knew it. There were four boys in the car, all staring at her, whistling once in a while, tossing naughty phrases her way. It made Cindy giggle.

The boys in the prowling car liked what they were looking at. Bill Donner was the oldest of the four, but all of them wanted to bang the pretty chick they were drooling over.

“Look at those tits,” Bill said.

“Yeah!” one rasped, eyes watching.

“God, I’ll bet her cunt is a beaut!” another breathed hornily.

“How old do you think she is?” another asked. “Who gives a fuck?” Bill growled, poking his buddy.

The boys laughed loudly at that and Cindy heard it. The sound of the laughter told her they were saying naughty things about her, that she was exciting them. New thrills of excitement coursed through her own body at these thoughts.

She felt her blood turn hot in her veins. Did they all have hard-ons for her? Golly, she thought, imagine four stiff pricks for one girl!

Then she felt funny. She had never been with a boy yet. Her mother frowned upon girls dating too early. And her father wanted her cunt all to himself, of course. The very thought of being with a boy chilled Cindy, and she walked a little faster.

“She’s scared of us,” one of the boys said.

“Yeah. Let’s go find something older,” said another.

“I think she fucks,” a third said.

Bill ogled the curvy girl. He looked her up and down and, just for a moment, Cindy looked right at him, saw his eyes creaming over her body.

The guy looked awfully handsome to her and all those male eyes on her made her feel horny. She knew her father was at home, waiting to shove his huge cock up her pussy, but what would it be like to get laid by that good-looking boy? Or all of them!

She really didn’t know what those boys wanted to do to her, but she knew what she liked. Thinking this way, she smiled a little at the older guy.

“Pull to the curb,” Bill ordered the driver.

The car stopped at the curb and the motor pared like a big cat. Bill stuck his head out the window and waited for Cindy to come astride the car. Then he grinned handsomely at her and Cindy thought she’d cum in her panties.

“Hi, good-looking,” Bill said. “How about a ride?”

Cindy paused and gazed into his seductive eyes. “No, thank you,” she said. “I only have a few blocks to go.”

“Why walk it?” Bill said, “Save your energy for better things. Come on, hop in.”

Cindy couldn’t believe what she was thinking at that moment. She knew that if she got in the car, she would put out for all four of them! She would be at their mercy. They’d all fuck her!

She couldn’t walk away. The boys’ hot eyes were running up and down her lightly clad body. They were aching to get their hands on her. She could tell. They wanted to get her in that car and do all sorts of things to her.

“It’s a nice day for a drive,” Bill said so nicely that Cindy liked him.

“Yeah, get in,” said another boy, rather hotly. The other two chimed in, coaxing her to get in the car with them, and Cindy suddenly felt very much wanted and popular. It was a good feeling for a girl to have. It gave her a sense of attractiveness, as if she were very special to these guys. She liked the feeling.

She had another feeling, too, as Bill went on inviting her into the car. Her pussy was turning onto the males, sort of twitching between her legs, as if it wanted to be raped.

Cindy liked to fuck. Since her father had turned her on to sex, fucking was one of her favorite pastimes. But getting screwed by four boys? Why, she only thought of things like that when she was cumming! She never dreamed such a fantasy could come true!

As Bill coaxed and grinned, Cindy thought about humping the four boys, and her pussy got wet. She thought about them pounding her cunt with their stiff pricks and the idea appealed to her mind and body more and more.

She looked at Bill and smiled. He smiled back — a smile that made Cindy feel like he was eating her cunt. The four boys were dressed in faded jeans and old shirts. They were all rather good-looking, and obviously horny for her.

I’m gonna do it, she thought feverishly. She knew she couldn’t keep walking now. The fuck urge deep in her belly had been awakened by the guys. Earlier she had been daydreaming about fucking her father and her pussy was already primed for stiff prick. Why not four stiff pricks?

What if I gave it to them, she thought as Bill opened the rear door and invited her inside. I wanna fuck. I can really fuck these boys.

A slow smile curled her lips as she thought wickedly that she could give all of them a terrific screwing. What a wild and wonderful thins it would be to give her horny cunt to four fuck cocks! Why, a girl would cum like crazy, wouldn’t she?

A shiver of excitement ran through her clit, and the next thing she knew, she was leaning over climbing into the back seat of the car. Bill pulled her down between him and a boy named Chet. The door slammed shut. The car pulled away from the curb.

“I-I hope you’re nice boys,” Cindy said weakly.

“Oh, we’re nice, all right,” Bill said lewdly.

His mouth covered hers, bending her head back against the top of the seat. Cindy caught her breath as his tongue fucked into her mouth. Male hands were if her body instantly. These guys weren’t wasting any time.

Hands lifted her T-shirt up and exposed her luscious tits. Fingers and mouths attacked her tits, making her tingly pink nipples erect. Hands raised her skirt, tore her panties off, assaulted her furry cunt. Cindy lost her breath.

A finger dug up into her pussy-hole and twisted in her until her legs opened and she was panting around Bill’s tongue. Fingers teased her asscheeks, tantalized her asshole.

Cindy wrenched her mouth away from Bill’s. She gasped, “What are you going to do to me?”

“What do you think?” Bill chuckled, mauling one of her tits.

“You’re not gonna hurt me, are you? I mean, you just wanna fuck me, don’t you?”

“We’re gonna do everything to you, baby,” Chet groaned, licking her pink nipple and stabbing his finger in her cunt.

“Wh-what if I don’t want you to?” Cindy gasped.

“You get it anyway,” Bill chuckled.

“Oh,” Cindy moaned, feeling her pussy creaming.

The next thing she knew her T-shirt and skirt were ripped off her body and all four boys were stark naked. The car had stopped somewhere and the boys had stripped.

The two in the back seat with her grabbed her and pulled her down. Cindy squirmed and Bill held her wrists together over her head. Chet kept her writhing legs open. She was lying on the seat, heart pounding behind her thrusting tits, pussy drooling unexpected cum-juices.

“D-don’t hurt me,” she panted.

Bill plastered his mouth down on hers and whipped his tongue inside. Cindy wanted to push it out of her mouth with her own tongue, but when she tried, she moaned and gave his nice little licks.

Hands and mouths touched every inch of her naked body until Cindy thought she was in the back seat with twenty guys instead of two. Her eyes glazed over as boys licked her tits and cunt ant clit.

The two boys in the front seat were standing up with their backs touching the roof of the car. Cindy gasped to see them both rubbing their big, stiff cocks. They were watching their buddies turn her on. Their pricks looked so wild and dangerous to her!

She tried to struggle free to ward off those exciting fingers and mouths and tongues, but it was no use. Bill had a firm grip on her wrists and he was thoroughly enjoying her naked tits while Chet tongue-lashed her furry cunt. Her body started whipping and arching on the seat as the boys worked her up into a lather of lust.

“Please, please, not this way,” she pleaded helplessly. “I’ll fuck you, honest. Let me free. You don’t have to hold me down.”

The guys just laughed. They were getting their kicks watching her body turn and twist against their onslaught. Chet darted the tip of his tongue at her quivery clit. Bill licked his tongue at each spiking pink nipple. Together they teased her belly and inner thighs so she would writhe and twist beautifully.

“Oh, stop, stop,” Cindy whimpered, knowing all four boys were having fun watching her body do sexy things. “You’re torturing me! Please, stop! Oh, I thought you were nice boys!”

Oddly enough, even though they were driving her crazy, she was beginning to like this. They mauled her tits and teased her pussy some more and she moaned with unwilling passion. Bill licked his tongue across her sexy mouth and Cindy thrashed her head back and forth, trying to escape the exciting, lustful member. His licking was so teasing!

Chet lashed her stiff clit with his hot tongue. Cindy yelped and her whole body strained up. Bill felt his massive cock lengthen and throb hotly. He ached to drill it savagely up into the girl’s horny cunt. Cindy was dazed, also aching for stiff cock.

Her body was electrified with fuck-needs now. Thrills flashed hotly through her tortured cunt. She saw stars behind her fluttering eyelids. A new, sharp thrill started in her clit where Chet was licking and it coursed upwards into her belly, up to her jutting tits, into her spinning mind. The boys watched her luscious body ripple with the wave of desire and she looked so fuckable.

“She’s ripe,” Bill groaned hornily. “Now we can all fuck her.”

Cindy’s helpless moans and twisting body had turned him on and his cock was more than ready to plunge into her furry cunt.

“I’m first,” Bill growled hotly, and no one dared argue with him. He was not only the oldest of the boys, but the toughest.

He and Chet flipped Cindy into a good fucking pose and ogled her cute, blonde-haired pussy. Bill wanted some of that badly, and it took him only a minute to get himself into position. The other three guys milked their pricks before Cindy’s startled eyes as they prepared to watch the fucking action.

So this is how they treat a girl, she thought. Golly, I wonder how many girls they’ve done this to?

She moaned as Bill climbed onto her curvy body. Catching her breath at contact, she lifted her pelvis upward, and their sex organs met. Bill was overheated by what they had done to her. The trickle of pussy-juice from her cunt turned him on. He liked the trembling of her excited flesh beneath him. He wanted to really fuck this cute girl.

He grinned lewdly at her and Cindy felt threatened by something. Then he gripped her firm, round asscheeks in his hands and when she least expected it, he drove every solid inch of his stony prick up into her fuck-hole.

“Oh!” Cindy cried, and she tossed her cunt upward. Bill chuckled evilly and drew his cock back a few inches, then rammed it again. Cindy’s cunt wrenched up then, slamming back at his drilling prick. Burying his mouth in the softness of her throat, Bill rammed his rigid fuck-pole into her defenseless cunt. Cindy moaned and whimpered as the horny boy started screwing her with ferocious force. He drilled his cock up into her faster and harder and the more his prick plunged, the hornier she became.

In spite of her hurt feelings for being treated so inconsiderately, she humped her pussy up to meet his deep, mind-boggling thrusts, and in no time at all the two of them were pumping away like lovers.

Cindy felt her pussy creaming with delicious thrills as the boy’s brutal cock pounded relentlessly at her cunt. She heard the other guys laughing and chuckling and goading Bill on to fuck the life out of her. Suddenly she liked what was happening to her, what the sex-crazed guy was doing to her cunt. He was mean and vicious, but her pussy seemed to like the way he was fucking it so forcefully and hornily.

She tossed her cunt out to him again and again as his rigid cock plunged into her. She was weakened and breathless, but still able to fuck her ass off for him. Moaning, panting, she humped like mad. He wasn’t what she called a nice boy, but this savage screwing was more thrilling than she’d expected. There was something delicious about being ravished.

Bill had similar feelings. There was something terrific about screwing this hot chick. Her eyes looked so sexy. Her mouth was so sensual. Her tits were nice and hard, and she fucked her cunt like she really wanted more of his stiff, prodding cock.

He rammed his swollen prick up into her pussy with greater force and speed. Cock and cunt writhed together and pounded each other. Cindy twisted her pussy against him as he fucked faster and harder.

Chet stared hotly, jacking his rigid cock. He enjoyed the way Bill fucked the girl and now he wanted to fuck her, too. All the guys were pumping on their horny pricks, and Chet wanted seconds.

He ached to slam his throbbing prick into the pretty girl’s furry cunt and make her moan for more. She was obviously a hot thing, fucking like she loved the way Bill was screwing her.

Cindy writhed and moaned loudly as pleasure washed through her humping body. Bill’s cock rammed even faster into her wrenching, cumming cunt.

Cindy was out of her head now as she felt her pussy creaming all over the guy’s ramrodding prick. Her primary aim at the moment was to cum like crazy. It was all she wanted — just to cum and cum and cum.

She felt the first wave of cum-pleasure ripple in her pussy and she squealed, “Oh! I’m-I’m cumming!”

The guy’s got even hornier for her as they watched Cindy go wild under their buddy. Her fingers dug into Bill’s back. Her lovely legs trembled and kicked, and her pussy churned and twisted and humped as hot pussy cream flooded her fuck channel.

Cindy’s pleasure mounted higher and higher when she felt Bill shooting his load into her hungry cunt. His pumping prick only got her off more deliciously.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned, screwing her hot ass wildly. “I’m cummming!”

Gigantic waves of passion and fuck-pleasure turned her to jelly. Her senses reeled and her tits ached and her pussy dripped with burning juices as the grunting, groaning guy fucked his jism up into her twisting, heaving belly.

Cindy’s eyes rolled in her head. She felt feverish, weak, high, immensely turned-on. She was actually out of her head with intense cumming. So out of it that she didn’t realize her fucking had just begun.

She was hardly aware that Bill pumped the rest of his horny cum into her fiery sex-box and took his dripping cock out of her.

Chet, anxious to fuck her, dived between her pretty legs and threw his rigid cock to her and fucked her silly. Then another boy screwed her hot pussy. Then another.

It all seemed like one long, delirious fuck to Cindy. She rocked and rolled on the seat, humping passionately, cumming continuously as cock after cock ravished her juicy cunt. From the first guy to the last, she thought it was one glorious fucking.

It came as a surprise to her when she opened her eyes at one point and saw that it wasn’t Bill still fucking her. Then she knew all the boys had been fucking her pussy. The thought alone made her sex-box quiver and leak more juice.

The last guy pumped his jism into her squirmy cunt and Cindy panted, “Ohhh, I didn’t know it could be like this.”

The guys didn’t hear her or paid no attention but it was important to Cindy. She had made a big discovery about herself during the group fucking. Her pussy, which she’d thought would be too big for boys’ pricks because of her dad’s enormous cock, turned out to be sort of magic. It amazed her to discover that her cunt was just as tight around a boy’s prick as it was around her father’s or Mr. Berne’s or Mr. Fields’.

This discovery was vital to a girl. It told her that she needn’t worry about the size or form of a cock. Her pussy would love it no matter what!

The truth of the matter left Cindy in a daze as she and the boys dressed and, as they drove her home, she couldn’t keep her mind off the fact that her cunt liked every prick it fucked.

The guys dropped her off where they’d picked her up and Cindy walked home, humming softly to herself, thinking her private thoughts about fucking, boys, cunt and sex-pleasure.

That night, undressed for bed, she took the time to pose sexily before her mirror and look at herself.

She put one foot up on a chair end eyed her furry cunt.

Giving it gentle little strokes with her naughty fingers, she purred, “You hungry thing.” She giggled at herself, then pranced across the room and crawled into bed.

An hour later her hungry thing was twisting and humping around her father’s plunging cock.


Cindy had a problem after the day she fucked four boys. She discovered that she was attracted to males her own age. This became a problem for two reasons.

On the one hand, her father was insanely jealous every time she went out to a movie with a boy. He was certain that his pretty girl was getting fucked in the drive-in. It outraged him to think that some punk kid was drilling Cindy’s cute cunt.

On the other hand, her mother started riding her constantly about dating. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be wearing such panties. Why aren’t you wearing a bra? Now don’t you let that boy kiss you on the mouth!” On and on and on.

Even when she was safe at home she found no peace. There was the matter of increased phone calls to Cindy. She was getting to be very popular apparently. Boys were calling her all the time.

Cindy loved her new way of life in spite of her bitching parents. It was wonderful to be so sought after by boys with nice, stiff cocks. In the weeks that followed her gang-bang, each of those guys had asked her out. And Cindy fucked every one of them separately. It was so good with Bill that she even sucked him off after he screwed her. The other boys hadn’t gotten to fuck her in the mouth.

Cindy sat in her room one rainy afternoon and thought about her new sex life. She was on her bed in a dress, eyeing herself in the mirror across the room. She liked the way she looked, spread out on her bed with her tits rising and falling so sexily. The guys sure liked her tits.

Cindy was glad of this. Her tits were kind of special to her and she especially liked a boy if he first kissed and licked and sucked her tits before he banged her. Getting her tits played with and licked made her pussy nice and horny for the boy’s rigid prick.

She was so lost in her thoughts about her developing body and fucking cocks that she didn’t hear the phone ring. It was her mother who opened her door and scowled, “It’s for you again.”

Her mother dragged the long phone cord and set the instrument on Cindy’s bed.

“Don’t talk all day,” her mother growled. Cindy watched her leave and she wondered why her mother had to be so bitchy. She was really a good-looking woman and Cindy had already seen her bushy cunt swallowing her dad’s cock. Her mother seemed to enjoy sex.

Cindy pressed the phone to her ear and rested back against her pillows.


“Hello, yourself, you hot bitch.” Cindy giggled. “Oh, it’s you. How are you, Bill?”

“I’m horny as hell,” Bill replied. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. Well, almost all day.”

“Oh?” Cindy cooed. “What were you thinking?”

“About your mouth,” Bill said.

Cindy smiled to herself. Her free hand stole up under her dress and her fingers stroked her naked moist cunt.

“What about my mouth?” she cooed. Bill heaved a sigh over the line and said, “What a cockteaser you are. You know damned well what I mean about your mouth. I’ve never been sucked off like you sucked me off.”

“Really!” Cindy laughed. “Debbie was telling me you used to go with Sheila Carter. Didn’t she blow you a lot? Gossip around school says Sheila is a regular, cocksucker.”

“Ahhh, she was all right,” Bill admitted. “But not like you, Cindy. I’ve never had a girl spend so much time licking my prick. You suck as if you love it. Do you?”

“Boy, do you ask personal questions!” Cindy giggled.

“Well — I like you,” Bill murmured.

Cindy’s heart skipped a beat. Could a handsome guy like Bill really like her? Or was he just trying to make her?

“Do you mean that, Bill?” she asked. “It isn’t nice to fool a girl, you know. Do you really like me or are you just horny?”

“No, I mean it, Cindy. I swear. Look, I shouldn’t be talking like this, but you’ve got me climbing walls. I know you’re in high school and I’m a freshman in college but — well — will you be my girl?”

Cindy got so excited she almost dropped the phone. Her slim finger disappeared up her cunt and she came on it.

“Ohh, Bill, if I thought you were serious…”

“I am serious! Jesus, Cindy, I’m sitting here with a hard-on that would choke a cow! Just thinking of your tits and cunt make me want to shoot a load.”

Cindy’s breathing grew rapid. “Bill — are you holding it?”

“Yes,” he rasped.

She licked her lips. “Are you jerking it?”


“I’m-I’m fingering my pussy.”


“Bill…” Love was in the air!

“I’m gonna shoot my load into a hanky,” Bill groaned.

“I’m cumming on my fingers,” Cindy confessed.

“Oh, baby, I wish my cock was up your pussy right now!”

“Oh, me too, Bill.”

Her panting grew louder in his ear and his raspy breathing grew louder in hers. He pumped his prick with a hanky wrapped around it as Cindy fingerfucked her cunt viciously.

“Bill,” she gasped. “Make believe you’re fucking me! Close your eyes and pretend. Feel your prick banging my cunt! Oh, Bill, I’m cumming!”

“Oh, fuck!” Bill shouted, and Cindy knew he was cumming into his hanky. That got her off, too, and she squirmed her juicy cunt wildly on her probing, digging finger. Both of them enjoyed tremendous feelings of pleasure.

“Ohhh, Bill, I like you, too,” Cindy purred as she pet her soaked cunt.

“Then you’ll go steady with me?”

“I’ll try,” Cindy said. “God, if I was old enough, I’d come and live with you and let you fuck me day and night. I’d suck your prick all day long.”

“Jesus, Cindy, you get me so hot!”

“I want to,” she panted, rubbing her clit, “I want you to want only me. You’re so handsome. I really love the way you fuck me. Your prick is so nice. Oh, I wish it was in my mouth right now.”

“When can I see you?” Bill rasped hornily.

“I-I don’t know. Oh, Bill, we’ll have to be careful. My mom and dad would have fits if they thought I was dating an older boy. My mother thinks I’m still a virgin.”

“But that’s weird!” Bill retorted. “Why don’t you let her know otherwise? Most of the mothers around here know damned well that their girls are fucking their hot asses off. Sheila’s mother even put her on the Pill.”

“Oh, I couldn’t!” Cindy gasped. “My mother isn’t like that.”

Bill chuckled. “She fucks, doesn’t she?”

“Well, of course!”

“Then she ought to accept the fact that you fuck, too.”

“She never would,” Cindy said.

Bill fell silent for a moment, then he said, “Want to bet?”

Cindy frowned. “What do you mean?”

Bill chuckled. “I’ll bet if a young stud like me fucked your mom, she’d lighten up on you about sex.”

“What!” Cindy squeaked. “You must be crazy! My mother — and you! Why, she’d never fuck a boy!”

Bill’s laughter made Cindy feel naive. “Don’t be so sure, baby,” he muttered. “I think I know more about frustrated housewives than you do.”

“Why, Bill Donner,” Cindy rasped. “Are you telling me that you’ve fucked women in this neighborhood?”

“You’re damned right,” he replied. “Look, Cindy, mothers need fun sex, too, just like you and me. Hell, when I was younger and delivering groceries, I was fucking some ladies around here. You know Alice’s mom? She loves to have me squirt whipping cream all over her cunt, then eat it off.”

“Oh, Bill, that’s horny!” Cindy piped. “Tell me more!”

For the next five minutes Cindy received an education from her new boyfriend, learning secrets about many adults in the neighborhood, especially about the women home alone all day. The stories left Cindy breathless.

Some of Bill’s tales made her hot and she started working her cunt up into another lather as he exposed neighborhood secrets.

She had heard her mother’s car drive off. The bedroom door opened and her father stood looking at her. She looked horny as hell, slumped on the bed with her dress hiked up and her fingers clawing at her burning pussy.

“Bill,” she rasped, “my mother’s pissed at me and I gotta hang up now. I’ll talk to you later.”

She dropped the receiver on the hook and gazed hornily at her father. The bulge in his pants looked gigantic to her in the condition she was in.

He looked at her hand between her outspread thighs and licked his lips. He stepped up to her bed for a better look and Cindy posed like that for him, letting him watch her pointed tits heave in her dress and her finger slide in and out of her drenched cunt.

“I don’t like boys getting you all horny,” he said hoarsely. He unzipped his fly.

“Why not?” Cindy cooed, watching his cock come out all big and wet. “They get me nice and hot for you.”

Her father couldn’t argue with that. It did seem lately that the more she dated and talked on the phone with boys, the hornier she was — and he kept fucking the shit out of her hungry cunt.

Groaning with fuck-needs, he dragged her body till it crossed the bed, and he rammed all of his stiff cock up into her ready pussy. Cindy clung to him and gave him a damned good ride. Bill had gotten her cunt very hot.

There was more to it than that, though Cindy’s mom said she couldn’t go out in the rain because she might catch a death of cold. But now she fucked her father with all her might to give him a good piece of ass so he’d let her go out. She wanted to get to Bill and suck the guy off!

After a good fuck with his girl, her father was putty in her hands. She easily got his permission to go out by promising that she would eat his prick later.

Cindy caught a bus across town, anxious to see Bill, one of the most popular boys in school, now her steady date, her secret lover. She pranced up to his house unmindful of the soft rain falling on her golden hair. She just wanted to be with the guy.

Mr. Donner answered her ring and his eyes fastened on her ripe jutting tits. Her dress was moist enough in front to cling tightly around her luscious globes and the man appreciated them.

“Is Bill home?” Cindy asked breathlessly.

“Uh, yeah,” the man said, stepping aside for her. “Right in there,” he said, and pointed to a bedroom door.

“Thank you,” Cindy cooed and hurried across the room. She pushed the door open and saw right away that it was indeed a young man’s room, but Bill wasn’t in it.

Suddenly a hand between her shoulder blades sent her headlong into the room. The door slammed shut. Cindy caught at the bed for support and glanced over her shoulder to see Mr. Donner coming at her.

She whirled to run but he caught her around the waist and knocked her onto the bed.

“Mr. Donner!” she squealed as he kissed her and felt her up. “Wh-what are you doing? Stop! I’m not that kind of a girl!”

“The fuck you aren’t!” the man laughed, fingering her naked cunt. “Any girl who goes with my boy is a fucking hot piece! And if he fucks you like he fucks his mother, you must be a real hot one.”

Cindy struggled against his big frame to no avail. The man was obviously hell-bent on fucking her pussy.

“Mother?” she panted as he sucked her tits tight through her dress. “Did you say Bill fucks his mother?”

“She loves it,” the man grumbled, sticking his cock into her twisty cunt. “Always did.”

“Oh, my God,” Cindy breathed. “That’s terrible!”

She never stopped to think that Bill was simply doing to his mother what she was doing to her father. In fact, she had time to think of anything right then.

Mr. Donner’s cock, thick, rigid and stiff, drove mightily up into her furry sex-box and started pistoning in and out with such fury and need that it drove her out of her mind with her own sex-needs.

Fucking now turned Cindy on completely. She could even ward a boy off if she felt like it, but once a stiff prick was pounding her pussy, she went helpless and weak.

Fucking for the man taught Cindy something that she hadn’t known before. The fathers of her dates were as horny as their sons!

“Ohh, Mr. Donner,” she panted, screwing her pussy round and round on his plunging cock. “You shouldn’t make me fuck like this! Ohhh, you’re driving me crazy! Ew! Urn! Oh, your cock is so stiff!”

Donner liked her, too. “What a tight pussy you’ve got,” he murmured in her ear as he fucked her.

Cindy’s mind whirled as the man’s huge cock ravished her defenseless pussy. She lost all thought of being just a girl at the mercy of a horny parent. All she could think of now was getting all the cock she could.

“Oh, oh, ohhhh,” she moaned, humping her cunt wildly now. “What you do to me! Ummrn, your cock is so big! Ew, I might as well enjoy it now that you’re raping me!”

With that, she wrapped her lithe legs around his pistoning hips and held on for dear life as his enormous cock drilled into her juicy fuck-hole.

Shivers of delight coursed through her fucking body as she moaned and panted and humped hornily for him.

Changing her mind about giving her ass, she clung to him and kissed him hotly and writhed her pussy on his charming cock.

She nibbled his tongue when it got in her mouth. She thrust her jutting tits up against his powerful chest. She screwed her horny cunt round and round on his plummeting prick. And, all the while, her heels kept pounding his ass, making his stiff cock plunge deeper into her cunt.

“I’m cumming!” she squealed, shivering from head to toe. “I’m, I’m, I’m cumming! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! Give it to me! Shoot your load up my pussy! Fuck me!”

Donner was happy to oblige the girl. He gripped her twisty asscheeks in his hands and yanked upward, burying all of his stony cock in her pussy. Then, as Cindy whimpered hornily and helplessly, he poured his cum to her.

His raging cock enlarged between the tight walls of her cunt and Cindy couldn’t help loving the feeling of it all. He groaned like a hurt animal, rammed all of his prick into her squishy cunt-hole and let loose with the contents of his hot balls.

His horny balls tightened up against the base of his rigid, fucking prick. Then large globs of cockcream plowed through his cock-pipe and burst forth violently into Cindy’s heaving belly.

Cindy gasped, feeling his cock spitting in her feverish cunt. She tossed her pussy up at him, clenched his cock with her cunt-lips and made her cunt suck him off. Humping hornily, her pussy drew every fucking drop of thick jism out of his aching balls.

“Ohh,” Cindy moaned, quivering and cumming wetly, “what a naughty man you are!”

Are all fathers like this one, she thought.


Cindy’s suspicions about the fathers of her boyfriends were valid, as she discovered over the months. The more boyfriends she had, the more raunchy fathers she fucked.

She started dating Bill Donner, but eight times out of ten it was Mr. Donner who got her on her back and poured the meat to her.

She met Bob Simpson at a roller skating rink and liked him immediately. After only two hours of circling the rink with the guy, she let him fuck her in the back seat of his car. Cindy liked his long, thin prick a lot, so when he asked for a date the next afternoon, she consented.

When Bob’s father saw her at the front door, his cock got big and stiff in his pants. Cindy looked so sexy in her V-cut shirt and skin-tight jeans that he couldn’t help but have erotic thoughts — and plans.

Bob introduced Cindy to his dad and they sat around chatting and drinking sodas. Mr. Simpson fell madly in love with her tits that kept playing peek-a-boo in the deep V of her shirt. Then he couldn’t bear to think of her leaving with his son. So he did something about the situation.

“Bob,” he said to his boy, “before you and Cindy take off, would you go to the store for me?”

“Sure, Dad,” Bob replied. He was a good kid.

Cindy glanced at the man and took a quick look at his crotch. He was a big man to begin with, so the bulge in his pants was rather hefty. A thrill passed through Cindy’s pussy.

“Let’s go, Cindy,” Bob said, getting to his feet.

“I think I’ll wait here for you,” she cooed. “I’d like to get to know your father better.”

Simpson’s stiff prick throbbed. “Yeah, son, you run along and get that stuff I need. Cindy and I will have a talk till you get back.”

“Super,” Bob grinned, and hurried out of the house.

A few seconds later, Cindy turned on the sofa and looked directly at the man. “I know why you want me here alone,” she said softly.

Simpson went to the sofa and sat facing her. He raised his big hand and squeezed the point her tit made in her shirt.

No further words were necessary. He leaned forward and plastered his mouth on hers. Cindy’s tongue lashed at his as he hotly squeezed and teased her tits.

He urged her backwards and Cindy eagerly went with his intentions. She rolled onto her back and the man pulled her shirt wide. His mouth attacked her ripe jutting tits and his tongue laved them hotly. Cindy moaned immediately as her pink nipples spiked stiffly under his horny kisses and licks.

It was easy for the man to shove his hand into her jeans and rub her naked cunt. Cindy was instantly responsive, spreading her legs for him, letting him fingerfuck her cunt for her. She wanted that because it always made her pussy so juicy and ready to fuck.

Just moments later her cunt was more than ready. Gasping for breath, she panted, “Fuck me, Mr. Simpson.”

The man tore her jeans off her body and whipped out his tall, erect cock. Cindy whimpered as he laid on her and shoved his huge cock up into her furry, pussy. He fucked her hard and fast.

Mr. Simpson became one of her steady fucks. But then there was Mr. Raybern. It was Cindy who turned on to him rather than vice versa. He behaved like a perfect gentleman every time she came by to see his son, Ed.

Cindy soon tired of the nice-old-man game. She knew Mr. Raybern had a nice, big cock between his legs. She could tell by the way Mrs. Raybern always fawned over him.

One afternoon when she knew her boyfriend was playing football and Mrs. Raybern was out, Cindy arrived at the house looking pretty and sexy in a special dress.

It was special because it was one of her older ones, much too small for her body. It was cut low across her jutting tits and high on her curvy thighs, leaving very little to the imagination.

“Oh, hello, Cindy,” Mr. Raybern greeted her at the door.

“Hi, Mr. Raybern,” she smiled. “Is Ed home?”

“No. He’s at football practice. He mentioned it yesterday when you were here. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh. I guess I forgot,” she cooed. “Darn. And I walked all the way over here.”

“Well, come on in and sit for a minute,” the man suggested.

To his complete amazement the teenaged girl he’d thought was a sweet thing began to turn him on. Instead of sitting and chatting, she insisted on getting his coffee for him. She wiggled cutely into the kitchen.

When she returned with his cup, she leaned over further than necessary and he gazed inside her dress at her perfect, round tits. His cock stiffened and he gave up trying to behave naturally.

“Thank you,” he murmured when she set his cup down.

Cindy perched her cute ass on the edge of the sofa and cooed, “You’re welcome.” Her legs were open and Mr. Raybern’s eyes traveled to the space between her thighs. Her dress was so God-dammed short that he swore he could see her pussy-hair. The sweet thing wasn’t even wearing panties!

Cindy knew where he was looking and she leaned back against the sofa, letting her legs part further. The man made a choking sound and tore his eyes away from her body. Cindy giggled.

Her tiny giggle made him look back at her. His eyes riveted to her tits, so lively in her low-cut dress.

Cindy could wait no longer. Her nipples were stiff and her pussy wanted cock.

“Would you like to see my tits?” she asked.

Raybern gasped. He licked his lips. His face got red. But he stammered, “I-I-well, yes.”

Cindy smiled and unzipped her dress. “I think if a girl has a nice body, she should show it, don’t you?” she cooed.

She didn’t show him only her tits. She let her dress slide down the length of her body and stood perfectly naked in front of the wide-eyed man.

She set her feet apart and thrust her pussy out. “Am I pretty?” she purred.

“Y-you’re beautiful!” he gasped.

Cindy’s eyes smoothed over his bulging lap. “Let me see your cock,” she whispered hotly.

All thoughts of proper behavior left the breathless man. Staring hornily at Cindy’s teenaged pussy, he tore his pants open and produced his cock, thick, wet and throbbing.

“Oh, you have a nice one,” Cindy whimpered.

Before he knew what was happening, she crossed to him and sank to her knees. She took his rigid prick into her soft, tender hands and stroked it up and down. The milking motion made his cock seep bubbles of clear, exciting fluid.

“Ummmm, you’re juicy,” Cindy murmured, eyeing his throbbing prick hungrily.

Her pretty head went down and her soft mouth folded around his enlarged, bulging cock.

“Jesus Christ!” he groaned, and fell back in his chair and gasped for breath as the pretty girl sucked him off with, a passion.

Cindy played with his balls and jacked his cockshaft rhythmically as her hot mouth rode up and down on his prick. Her sexy little moans as she sucked thrilled the man. It was such a shocker to realize that his boy’s pretty girlfriend actually loved to eat cock. He’d often thought of her blowing cock as he jerked off in bed, but this simply proved to him that his thoughts weren’t as evil as he thought. Cindy really did like to suck cock!

As was her habit while licking and sucking a stiff prick, Cindy shoved one hand between her hot thighs and rubbed the hell out of her horny cunt. When her throat started fucking his cockhead, her slim finger started fucking her cunt-hole. She got very hot.

She slipped her wet mouth off the man’s pulsing prick and gazed up at him. She gripped his powerful cock-shaft in her fist and slowly jacked it up and down as she spoke.

“I know you want me to suck you off,” she purred. “And I want to. I’d love to have you shoot your thick cum in my mouth. But I get awfully horny when I’m sucking a prick. Would you mind fucking me first? I mean, I’ll eat you later, really.”

“Good Lord,” the man groaned.

A second later he was on the girl like a gorilla on a gazelle, banging the hell out of her furry cunt. Cindy went out of her head as the extremely horny man fucked her silly.

Biting her tits and sucking her nipples, he ramrodded her brutally. His gigantic cock crashed repeatedly into her twisting, humping cunt, and Cindy got off again and again. He was so horny his hard-on lasted a long time. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around his prick that he fucked and screwed and banged urgently for a long time. This was pure delight for Cindy. She fucked wildly, then furiously, as her cunt creamed and leaked and dripped and dribbled hot joy-juices.

When the man’s drilling cock finally burst madly inside her heaving belly, Cindy let out a squeal of joy. His cock pumped and gushed and squirted, and Cindy’s screwing pussy flooded wetly, sending sharp thrills of fuck-pleasure through every inch of her body.

Mr. Raybern pleased her a lot and she came back for more and more of his horny fucking. In no time at all she was the most popular girl in the neighborhood. Girls her own age — and many older than her — envied her because she could always be seen with a handsome boy. What they didn’t know was that she was just as popular with neighborhood fathers, fucking them all whenever she got the chance.

Her favorite boyfriend was Bill Donner and her favorite father, besides her own, was Mr. Donner. He was always full of surprises.

One day he tied her wrists to the head of a bed and ate her pussy for an hour straight, driving her crazy. He liked to do things like that and Cindy never knew from one day to the next what the raunchy man was going to do to her.

He got her naked for the session and she went absolutely dizzy as he forced her legs apart and wallowed in her cunt. He said he wanted to take the time to enjoy her pussy and eat it for awhile. An hour later he was still jabbing his thick tongue up into her soaked cunt-hole. Cindy writhed and shrieked as he nibbled her clit and licked her pussylips and tongued her fuck-hole. He chewed on her pussy and lapped it all over and tongue-fucked her cunt. Cindy went mad with desire and crazy with pleasure. Her pussy kept flooding and oozing and dripping wetly.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, shivering all over, “I’ve never cum for an hour before!”

Raybern chuckled with satisfaction, having his fill of her darling cunt, and when the girl was helplessly writhing on the bed, he jumped her and fucked the life out of her tight, juicy cunt. Cindy came like never before.

Of course, other fathers sometimes got ideas, too. One night, telling her mother she had to baby sit, she hurried to Mr. Norten’s house. His wife had just been hospitalized, which left him free, and he gave his boy money for the movies. The boy called Cindy for a date, but she told him she wasn’t feeling well.

It was only a half-lie. Actually, she wasn’t feeling well. She was horny out of her mind and she knew Mr. Norten wanted to fuck her again. She went to his house with tits and cunt ready. But she forgot about her sexy ass.

He didn’t. When they were naked, Cindy got on his lap and played with his enormous cock between her thighs, rubbing his fiery cockhead against her wet cunt-slit.

“What do you want to do to me?” she cooed. “You want to fuck me? Or would you like me to suck you off first?”

“I’ve got something special in mind,” the man told her, licking at her spiking pink nipples.

“Why, Mr. Norten, what have you been thinking about?” she laughed excitedly. She was getting used to fathers dreaming up new things to do to her.

“Lay down on your belly,” he said thickly. “Your pretty ass has been driving me nuts. I want to eat it.”

“Ewwww,” Cindy cooed, and immediately threw herself down on her tits on the sofa. She opened her lovely legs and whispered, “Suck my asshole, Mr. Norten. I think I’ll like that.”

She liked it, all right. She went haywire! Norten thumbed her tight asscheeks apart and shoved his tongue into her ass-crack. He wiped the tip of his tongue up and down her sweet crack, then focused it on her asshole. As Cindy writhed and humped and squealed with pleasure, he tongue-fucked her asshole with passion.

When her asshole and ass-crack were thoroughly drenched with his hot saliva, he murmured, “There, that should do it.”

“D-do what?” Cindy stammered, trembling.

The man’s response was a wicked chuckle. He knelt between her shivery thighs and gripped his cock in a tight fist. He pressed his wet cockhead against her asshole and pushed with all his might.

Cindy shrieked as her asshole gave way and the man’s enormous hard-on wedged up into her ass. As she choked and gasped, he fucked her ass hornily, squeezing her tits and mauling her cunt. Cindy came violently as his bulging cockhead ripped into her. Waves of erotic pleasure rendered her senseless.

She naturally came to prefer the fathers to their sons. Her boyfriends’ dads had such big cocks, such raunchy ideas, such hunger for her curvy body. Her tits and ass and cunt got continual attention, and the more Cindy fucked, the more she wanted to fuck.

She often wondered if mothers were getting as much sex-fun as fathers in the neighborhood. Bill Donner had once mentioned to her that the women around here liked some extra fucking, too. But were they getting cock on the side?

The answer came to her in a most unexpected way. One afternoon, after another father had screwed her silly, she arrived home earlier than usual. She entered the house and immediately heard some rater familiar female sounds coming from her mother’s bedroom.

Cindy froze inside the front door and her ears burned to hear her own mother gasping, “Ohh, give it to me, you fucking stud! Urn, your prick is so stiff! Fuck me, honey, fuck me! Oh, fuck my pussy hard! Ew, mmmmm, ummm.”

Swallowing nervously, Cindy tiptoed to the bedroom door and peered inside. Her blue eyes went wide. Her tits heaved. Her pink tongue lashed at her dry lips in nervous little stabs.

Her mother was spread out on her bed, stark naked with her lovely legs wide-open. Between her straining thighs was a boy, fucking the hell out of her bushy cunt.

“Bill!” Cindy gasped, seeing Bill Donner fucking her mother’s soaked cunt.

“Cindy!” her mother gasped.

Bill didn’t miss a stroke. “Fuck her!” he grumbled, drilling his stiff prick into her churning pussy. “Keep fucking your cunt, Mrs. Barnes!”

Cindy staggered into the room, drawing closer to the hot action, eyes burning on the couple. Her lower lip quivered and she panted, “My own boyfriend! And my mother!”

“Oh, bullshit,” Bill growled, ramming his cock into the woman’s twisting pussy. “You’ve been getting plenty of cock around the neighborhood. Your mother needs some, too.”

“But, but, but…” Cindy stammered. “I’m gonna cum!” Bill exclaimed. “Ohhh, do!” Cindy’s mother cried, humping faster. “Shoot your darling load up my cunt!”

Cindy collapsed against the wall and stared hotly as boy and woman fucked and banged and screwed their way into a fit of pleasure. The mere sight of her mother getting fucked by the handsome boy got Cindy very horny.

“I-I can’t help it,” she panted, hiking her dress up in front. Leaning against the wall breathlessly, she watched Bill pumping his cock into her mother’s cunt and rapidly fingered her own furry sex-box.

“You look so beautiful, Mom,” she panted, drilling her finger up into her juicy cunt.

“So do you,” her mother admitted, seeing her girl’s cute pussy oozing cum-juice all over her fingers.

Just then another person appeared in the hot bedroom.

“Daddy!” Cindy gasped.

This time her mother panicked. “Darling!”

Bill Donner thought he’d shit and he would have ceased fucking the startled woman if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was right in the middle of shooting his thick load of creamy cum.

As it turned out, no one had anything to worry about. No one but Cindy. She was about to get royally fucked.

Barnes took one long look at the situation and his cock stiffened rapidly. The boy fucking his wife looked good riding her. His wife’s black-haired cunt was soaked and delicious-looking. And against the wall rubbing her hot pussy, Cindy looked lovely.

“Go ahead and fuck her all you want,” he said to Bill. “I can use some help with her hungry cunt.”

He strode across the room and stood wild-eyed in front of his girl. “Take off that God-dammed dress,” he rasped.

“Daddy, no!” Cindy gasped. “Not in front of Mom!”

“She’s fucking in front of me, ain’t she?” he growled. “Take your dress off or I’ll tear it off!”

Cindy whimpered, but removed her dress. It no sooner fell from her hands than her father nailed her to the wall. To her complete surprise he fucked her right then and there, standing up.

He crushed her curvy body against the wall, pried her thighs open and shoved his horny cock right up into her wet cunt.

Gripping her asscheeks tightly, he fucked his prick up, up, up, ramming it into her cunt. Cindy went to pieces and forgot all about her mother and her boyfriend.

“Oh, Daddy,” she panted, screwing her cunt on his ramming cock, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“Tomorrow’s your birthday,” her father grunted, hunching his hips and driving his steely prick up into her hot cunt. “Happy birthday.”

Cindy’s pussy creamed wetly and she shuddered violently through a long, pleasurable orgasm. She gazed at her father, at her mother fucking on the bed.

Golly, she thought, if things are like this now, what are they gonna be like when I’m grown up!

With exciting thoughts of future fucking in her mind, she humped her horny cunt viciously on her father’s spitting, pumping cock. Even as her pussy trembled and quivered with climax, she knew in her heart that she was going to have lots and lots of sex-fun as she grew older.

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