Opps, Party Wife Got Knocked Up

Hi all you sexy story readers, my name’s Nicole. I’m
white and 32 years old, married to Tim who is also 32.
I’m a secretary for a large insurance company. Lets
see, a little about me. I’m 5’3″, 103 pounds with the
measurements of 34B-22-33. I have short blonde hair and
firm natural breasts with small pointy nipples. Tim and
I have been married for just under 12 years. We have
two children, a boy and a girl, ages 9 and 10.

After giving birth to the kids I went to work on
getting my High School cheerleader shape back. My
breasts went from 32 to 34, this Tim liked, so I didn’t
do too much to work them off. I had a lot of belly and
leg fat that I worked my ass off to get rid of. Once I
managed to get myself back into my old clothes, I make
sure to work out all the time to keep my shape. Tim
loves my figure, as do all the guys, that work in my
office. They are always hitting on me. If I wasn’t
married I could easily be the office slut.

I’ve never screwed around on Tim. He took my virginity
in High School and we got married soon after
graduation. So he’s the only man that I went all the
way with. I played around with this one guy named Paul
before I met Tim when I was 17. After drinking one
night with Paul at a drive-in movie, I gave my first
blow job. I was so surprised at how much sperm came out
and how fast it happened. I just about puked on Paul
when it happened. I don’t think he even cared that I
spit his come on the floor of his Dads car.

After being married to Tim for a few years, he taught
me that a man loves for his woman to swallow is sperm
when he cum’s in her mouth. And I have learned to like
the taste of Tim’s sperm. For that matter Tim loves the
way I’ll suck hard on his cock, as he’s cumming. A few
times as he was cumming he would moan, “Oh God your
going to suck my balls right through my cock.” I just
keep sucking on him as I jack him off in my mouth.

Tim has been into X-rated movies for some time now. He
brings home new ones all the time. After the kids are
asleep we slip into bed together and watch the movies.
It always ends up the same way. We both get horny as
hell and fuck like High School kids. We even started
some roll playing as we acted out what happened in the
movies. I was on the pill at this time. Two kids were
all we needed. Then just a few years ago Tim had a
vasectomy. I could now go off the pill and our sex
lives turn into a wild ride. It was great knowing that
we could have sex and I wasn’t going to get pregnant.

Okay, now that you know a little about Tim and I, on
with the story…

Things started one night when Tim was on the Internet
searching for hotel rooms for an up coming trip we had
planned. Our computer is set up in one of our extra
bedrooms. I walked into the room to check on his
progress. I got the shock of my life. Tim was sitting
there masturbating looking at the screen. He jumped and
tried to hide his hard cock and close the screen at the
same time. I didn’t see any pictures on the screen so I
wasn’t sure what he was doing. The first thing that
came to mind was that he was having cyber sex with some

Tim yelled, “Don’t you fucking knock!?”

In shock, I just said “Sorry and stepped back out the
door. Then I stuck my head back in and said, no I don’t
fucking knock in my own house and slammed the door

I was in bed crying when Tim came to bed. He asked me,
“What’s the matter?”

Sobbing I said, “What’s going on? Do you have an on-
line girl friend?”

Tim replied, “No that he doesn’t have a girl friend.”

I looked at him and asked, “So what were you doing in
there? Who were you chatting with?”

Tim then laughed, and said that he wasn’t chatting with
anybody. The fact is that he had gone to some sex story
web site and was reading this story. It made him so hot
that he had to take his cock out and play with it.

I looked at him and said, “You’re kidding?”

Tim said yep, “That’s the truth, the story got to me.”

“What was this story about?” I asked.

“Well, it was about this guy that liked his wife to go
out and fuck other guys and come home to him full of
their cum.”

I laughed. “That’s sick, and that’s what turned you

“Oh God yes, the way that they said it felt to fuck his
wife after another man had just had her was wild.”

I looked down to see that his cock was again hard and
sticking out of his boxers. I rapped my fingers around
it and asked him if he would like me to take care of
this for him”

He laid back closing his eyes and moaned, “Oh yes.”

I laughed and said, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to
take care of this yourself” It looked like you were
doing a good job in the other room.”

He smiled and moaned, “No baby you take care of it for
me. Mmmm suck my cock baby.”

I took his hard cock in my hand and licked it from top
to bottom. Running my tongue all around the head until
Tim moaned out loud, “Oh yes baby suck it!” I then
sucked the head into my mouth as I stroked it up and
down with my fingers. It didn’t take much of this at
all until Tim took a hold of my head and pushed me down
on his hard cock. He moaned out, “Mmmmm, yes!” as his
hot sperm hit the back of my mouth and went right down
my throat to my stomach. I sucked every last drop out
of it before I came up for air.

As they say, this was the first day of the rest of our
lives. From that day forward Tim was obsessed with
wives having sex with other men. He would bring home
porno tapes with this theme. Men’s magazine with wives
screwing around stories. And even printed out stories
from the sexy story web sites on the Internet. He said
that he loved cuckold stories. I had to look up cuckold
in the dictionary. I never heard this word before; this
is what it states. “‘A man whose wife has committed
adultery. “Is it adultery if your husband ask you to do

We started acting out some of these stories in the
bedroom. Tim would act like he was someone other than
himself screwing me. I had to act the same way. He
loved for me to really get into and moaning out things
like, “Oh God, I wish my husband would fuck me like you
are. Or fuck me fast, my husband will be home soon.”
This sexy talk on my part would always get Tim all
wired up.

Then one night Tim came home from work and said that he
had a surprise for me in the bedroom tonight. I didn’t
know what it could be and couldn’t wait to find out.
After I got the kids in bed and fast asleep Tim asked
me to slip on my sexy little black lace see-through
baby-doll pajamas. I knew this was the outfit for sex,
so I did as he asked and put on my baby-doll. I got
into bed and waited for him to join me.

After a few minutes, Tim came in the room with a brown
paper bag in his hand. He stopped looked at me and
said, “Shit, your one hot little number, you know that
don’t you?”

I just smiled pushed my breasts out and said, “You

Tim smiled back and said, “I like a lot.”

I then asked, “Is that my surprise in your hand?”

“Oh yes it is, and your going to love this,” he said as
he got in bed with me.

He then pulled out two short pieces of rope, followed
by this black satin like bag thing. I looked at him and
asked, “What is your plan for that stuff mister”” He
just smiled and said play along with me, and again
said, “You’re going to love this.” Tim then tied both
my hands with the ropes a proceeded to tie the other
ends of the ropes to each headboard post. This left me
flat on my back with both arms tied above my head. Tim
smiled and said now I have you right were I want you to
be, as he reached down and squeezed both my breasts. I
moaned out my joy, “Mmmmmmm!” this is new.

Tim then got up next to my upper body with this little
black bag in hand. I still wasn’t sure what this was or
what he planed to do with it. But I soon found out! He
then said that he was going to slip this bag over my
head. It will be more or less like a blindfold. I was
both surprised and turned on by this.

“Will I be able to breathe with that over my head?”

Tim kissed me on the lips and said, “Oh yes, you’ll be
able to breathe just fine. You’ll just not be able to
see a thing that I’m doing to you. All you’ll be able
to do is enjoy what I’m going to do to you.”

This was something totally new and I could feel myself
getting wetter as Tim slipped that silk or satin bag
over my head. The room went totally black and I was
happy to find that I could breathe just fine through
the bag. Tim kissed me through the bag and asked, “Are
you Okay?”

I replied, “I don’t know what you’re doing but I like
it. Yes I’m fine.”

Tim then got off the bed and I could hear him digging
in the paper bag again.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” was the only reply I got.

I could hear him fidgeting around with something but
had no idea what. Soon Tim got back in bed and started
kissing and sucking on my hard nipples right through my
lace baby-doll top. His fingers slipped down between my
legs to the wet sheer crotch of my baby-doll panties.
My hips rocked up to his fingers as he ever so softly
out lined my pussy lips with his fingertips.

Next I felt Tim push my sexy little PJ’s up over my
breasts. He then began taking turns sucking on one
nipple then the other, as his fingers kept working on
my pussy lips. I was getting hotter by the second and
things were about to get hotter yet.

Now softly rubbing my swollen clit through my wet
panties Tim spoke.

He said, “Now Nicole I would like you to play this out
in your head. Your home alone in bed and I’m at work.
You wake up to find yourself tied to the bed and
someone is taking advantage of you against your will.
It’s late at night and you can’t see a thing. You can’t
see who it is and the only thing you know for sure is
that it’s not your Husband. But it feels so good, you
just let yourself go and let him have his way with

Just then Tim gave my hard little clit a gentle squeeze
through my sexy little panties that sent bolts of
lighting through my body.

I moaned, “Mmmmm, YES!” as I pushed my crotch up to his
hand. My hips had a mind of their own as they started
rocking up and down. I then moaned out, “Oh God please
stop, my husband will be home soon.”

God the mind is a great thing. In my mind right then
and there I was in bed with a stranger. He was playing
with my pussy. The kissing and sucking on my nipples
were driving me out of my mind. The bag over the head
thing was great. I could open my eyes and still see
nothing. That made it seem even more real and I knew I
was going to have an orgasm very soon.

Next I felt Tim pull the crotch of my little black
sheer panties to the side. Then one or two fingertips
started sliding up and down my hot wet pussy slit. Each
time rolling my clit around before sliding back down
again. Oh God if felt so good. Like a strange man was
about to make me cum.

Pumping and humping my hips up off the bed I screamed
PLEASE STOP! I CAN’T STAND IT!!” as my hips started
working faster.

Then it was just a matter of minutes and it happened.
Tim sank two or three fingers deep inside my pussy and
was rolling my clit around with his thumb. I pushed up
to his hand and yelled out, “OH YES! OH GOD I’M

My ass had to be off the bed a foot as I pushed up to
his hand. I was shaking all over as my orgasm went
through my body. And all this time I was cumming I was
thinking that another man had made me cum.

Once my orgasm ended I fell back on the bed exhausted
trying to catch my breath. Tim got up off the bed and I
could hear him in the paper bag again. I just laid
there not knowing what was coming next. I was hopping
that my yelling hadn’t woken up the kids.

I felt Tim get back in bed and move down between my
legs. I jumped when I felt his finger hook in the
waistband of my sexy little panties. Not a word was
said as my panties went slowly down my legs. Once they
were off Tim spread my legs as wide as they would go. I
knew what was coming next and couldn’t wait to feel his
hard cock slip inside me.

I about jumped out of my skin when I felt some cold
liquid land right on my hot clit and run down my pussy
slit. I said, “What is that?” But Tim never said a word
as he was trying to keep the game going that a stranger
was having his way with me. Tim then started rubbing
the liquid all over my pussy lips and clit. That’s when
I realized that it was some kind of oil or KY Jelly.

Once he had my all ready hot and wet pussy lubed up to
his liking I felt him moving up over the top of me. He
then took his time at sucking on my super hard nipples.
I was so horny and ready to be fucked I started pumping
my hips up in the air hoping his cock would slip inside
me. Then I felt something cold and firm hit my pussy
lips. What the hell is that? I’m thinking.

What ever it was Tim took it in his hand and started
rubbing up and down my slit. Taking time to rub little
circles around my clit. It felt kind of soft yet firm
at the same time. After a few minutes of him rubbing
this thing around my pussy my hips got a mind of their
own again and started rocking up and down.

Tim then lined it up to my hot tight pussy-hole. He
gave a little push and it didn’t go anyplace. He then
gave it a little harder push and my slick pussy hole
opened up and started letting this thing inside me. He
gave yet another push and my pussy opened up a little
more. Then the next push, what ever it was slipped
right in me about an inch or so. I moan out, “God what
are you doing” It feels like you stuck a baseball bat
in me!”

My pussy lips were hanging on to this thing as Tim
started these slow short strokes. With each short
stroke it went in a little deeper. It didn’t really
hurt but it felt uncomfortable inside me. Slowly but
surely he started going a little faster and deeper. I
didn’t know what or how he was pumping this thing in
me. But after about ten deep strokes it went from
feeling uncomfortable to feeling good.

I yelled, “OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?” Again my
hips got a mind of their own and I started pumping up
to what ever was filling me up. It didn’t take long
before this thing was sliding in and out of me like a
freight train. I had know idea what I was getting
fucked with but I do know I started loving it. I had
never had anything so big and deep in my pussy before.

I hooked my legs around Tim’s back, “OH GOD YES! OH
ME THIS GOOD!” Tim then hooked my legs over his
shoulders and went back to filling my now super wet
pussy full.

I was totally out of my mind by now. All I knew was I
was well on the way to my second orgasm of the night.
Kids sleeping or not I started yelling, “OH YES FUCK
MEEEE!! FUCK ME HARDER!!” I could not believe how good
this felt. My Husband was gone now and I was fucking my
dream man. My pussy was on fire. I’d never been fucked
like this in my life. Tim knew I was well into this
also as I moaned out, “OH GOD MY HUSBAND HAS A SMALL

About ten more strokes and I blew. “OH FUCK YESS!! OH

As I was cumming, Tim pushed deep inside me and moaned
out, “Mmmmmm, it’s so great when we both come

Once our orgasms came to an end Tim kind of fell on top
of me. After a minute of rest I felt the big thing
start slowly pulling out of me. It made a loud sucking
sound as it popped out of my wet pussy. Then Tim fell
down on the bed next to me. He then said, ”So your
husband has never fucked you that well.”

“God no, that was out of this world. You better get out
of here before he gets home.”

Tim gave each of my still hard nipples a big kiss then
started removing the ropes. With both arms free I
pulled the silk bag off so I could see that I had just
been fucked with.

My mouth fell open and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I
focused my eyes on the biggest black cock that I have
ever seen in my life. It was all wet and shinny with my
pussy juice all over it. The funny thing was that it
was strapped on to Tim with straps around his waist. It
had to be a foot long and as big around as a beer can.
It had veins and everything. It looked just like a real
black man’s cock. It was so big that Tim’s cock fit
right inside of it.

I smiled, “My God, that big thing fit in me!”

Tim smiled back and said, “Yes it did. And you really
seemed to have enjoyed it!”

Curling up next to him, “Yes I loved it, as I reached
down and took that slick monster in my hand and started
stroking it up and down.” I kissed Tim as I was still
stroking it and asked him if black guys really have
cocks this big. He smiled and said, “Yep, they sure do.
Do you think you would like to try a real one

I was getting myself all horny again as I said,
“Mmmmmm, a real black guy. Mmmmmm I don’t know, it
sounds really good right now.” As I was moving over the
top of Tim I kissed him and said that maybe I should
try this again.

Tim smiled up at me, “Oh no, I’ve turned my little wife
into a big cock lover.” As I reached down between my
legs to grab hold of it and line it up to my pussy hole
I said, “No, a big black cock lover.”

I slowly started sitting down on this black monster. I
was so wet that this time the head of it slipped right
inside me. I started bobbing up and down on it short
strokes, maybe three inches or so. Tim went to work on
my super hard nipples as I kept letting more and more
of this big cock fill me up.

It wasn’t but about two minutes before I was sitting
all the way down on Tim with my pussy full of this big
black cock. Tim was smiling from ear to ear as he laid
there and watch me start rocking on it. Never in my
life had I dreamed of having sex with a black man. I
had a feeling that was all going to change tonight.

I bent way over so Tim could enjoy sucking on my hard
nipples as I began a nice speed of fucking. Looking
down between my breasts I could see that big black cock
moving in and out of my pussy. My pussy lips were ever
so tight around it. The more I rocked up and down the
better it felt.

Soon I was fucking Tim and his black cock at full
speed. He was squeezing and playing with both my
breasts as I was riding that cock like I’ve never done
in my life. Oh God! It felt so good. In all my years of
marriage I think I would have to say that this was the
best night I’d ever had. I could feel another orgasm
starting to boil deep inside my body.

Tim got a big smile on his face as I pushed all the way
down on it and moaned out, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” My
body shook all over as I had that great orgasm with
that big cock deep inside of me. In my mind I was
having a killer orgasm with a black man, my first black

Once my orgasm ended I collapsed on my back next to
Tim. Tim looked over at me and asked, Well” I kissed
him and replied that was wild, thank you. He then said,
I knew you would like this. Now I’ll take my turn at
fucking my wife after a big black cock has just fuck

Tim then pulled on the straps and started removing the
big black cock. When he pulled his still hard cock out
of the inside of the black one it was followed by a big
load of his sperm that he had shot inside of it. He
didn’t even take the time to clean it up. He just moved
over the top of me and sank his hard cock deep inside
of me. I moaned, “Mmmmmm,” as I hooked my legs around
his back and welcomed my third hard cock of the night.

Still playing the game Tim said, “Mmmm, feels like you
have just been fucked before I got home.”

“Oh no, I’ve been home alone all night waiting on you.”

“Mmmmm. God you’re so wet and juicy, it feels just like
a hot well fucked pussy. Are you sure you didn’t just
let someone fuck you?”

Kissing him, I broke away and said, “Nope, been here
alone all night.”

After ten or fifteen more deep strokes, Tim moaned out,
“Ah God, I’m cumming!” He pushed as deep into me as he
could and started pumping his red-hot sperm deep inside
my super hot and wet pussy. I could feel his cock
jerking as he shot more and more cum into me. Once I
milked the last drop of his sperm out he collapsed next
to me.

After some kissing and hugging, Tim about floored me.
“You liked that didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes I did that was great.”

“Ya, think we should find another guy to bring into the
bedroom for you to have for real?”

Shocked, I said, “No! I would never let another man
fuck me. I can’t believe you would even asked me that!”

Tim knew that I was not taking this well as he said, “I
was just thinking I would like to try something new.”

“Something new with you is fine, but never with another
person, get that out of your head right now, mister!”