Sharing Mom’s Lover

Life is filled with periods of transition, and it all starts at birth, when a baby is yanked from the warmth and safety of the womb. No less traumatic for most children is the transition from the protective environment of the home, to the sometimes frightening environment of school. And then comes the time when one must decide — often involuntarily — what to do with one’s life.

Transitions all of us must make. Indeed, life itself seems to be a never-ending string of transitions.

In this frank novel, an entire family is faced with changes which greatly affect their personal lives, as well as their relationships with one another.

SHARING MOM’S LOVER is the story of a family who, while striving to lead normal lives, discovers that there are forces that exist over which they seem to have little control.

Society condemns their actions, but are they really guilty? A work of fiction, true, but one which holds a message for us all.


Jody Wingate, an eighteen-year-old, raven haired beauty, hurried into her dormitory room and shut the door. Cindy, her roommate, was out on the field playing a field hockey game and wouldn’t return for at least another hour.

Alone in the room, Jody could not resist the strong desire to masturbate her throbbing hot cunt. She reached under her mattress and pulled out a pornographic magazine. The magazine was filled with colored pages of naked men with big hard cocks and beautiful low-banging balls.

As she leafed through the obscene magazine, Jody found her pussy growing moist and pulsating hotly. She spread her knees and began to fondle her cunt through her skirt. She turned to her favorite page and placed the magazine on the bed beside her. Then she opened her blouse and brought a hand to one of her huge exposed tit. She squeezed her stiff sensitive nipple, while sliding her skirt up her thighs. She thrust a hand down inside her panties, through the dark silky curls of her cunt hair. Her pussy was moist.

When Jody had first enrolled in the exclusive private school, she knew nothing about sex, and even now, three years later, she still knew very little. If she’d goes to a public school things may have turned out differently. But her father had shipped her off to a very private and very strict school for young ladies where fraternizing with boys was strictly prohibited. Therefore, she had turned to masturbation as her sole means of relieving the constant craving in her pussy.

She slipped a finger between the wet lips of her cunt, making her panties bulge out. She massaged her aching clit, making it distend with tingling pleasure. She spread her legs wider, slowly fucking herself with a finger, fantasizing about cocks penetrating her cunt, of a good looking man fucking her, her juicy tight cunt gripping his thick throbbing shaft.

“Off into it, ain’t you, honey?”

Jody jerked, and her eyes popped open. For a moment she was frozen with fear, cupping her tit, her finger deep inside her pussy. God, she’d forgotten to lock the damn door!

The girl was lovely, about Jody’s age, with long blonde wavy hair cascading down past her shoulders. She was dressed in a pleated skirt and a light summer blouse, her body looking firm and curvaceous.

She smiled at Jody, closing the door behind her and locking it. “Sorry for the intrusion. I only came by to pick up a book I’d loaned Cindy.”

Jody pulled her blouse over her large firm tits, taking her handout of her panties and pulling her skirt to her knees. “I — uh, I…”

“Oh, you don’t have to explain, honey. There’s nothing wrong in finger-fucking yourself when you’re feeling horny.”

“I usually don’t — well, not like this,” Jody said, her face flushing.

“Hey, listen.” The blonde laughed. “Don’t be so embarrassed. I know exactly what you’re going through being here at this place with no guys around.”

Jody found herself being drawn to the girl. Suddenly she felt no shame at being caught finger-fucking herself. She gave the girl a shy smile.

“That’s better, honey,” the blonde said, sitting down next to Jody. “My name is Nicole Bradford. I see you around the school all the time but I guess we never had a chance to meet.”

“I’m Jody Wingate. Cindy spoke of you a couple of times.”

Nicole picked up the magazine Jody had been looking at. “Wow! Where did you get this?”

“I got it the last time I was home on a visit,” Jody admitted.

“God, I’ll give anything to have anyone of these guys humping between my legs,” Nicole said, staring at the photos. “Have you ever fucked a guy, Jody?”

“Well, once when I was real young, but it wasn’t very good.”

“God, you don’t know what you’re missing,” Nicole said. “I started fucking three years ago — only a couple of guys — but they sure knew what they were doing. Of course they were several years older than I.”

Nicole leaned back on the bed, her eyes glowing with lust as she looked at the magazine. Unconsciously she pressed her hand into her dress, directly upon her cunt.

Jody watched her, hearing the soft moan she made.

“Ooooooh, I sure wish I had a big juicy cock right now!” Nicole moaned. “I’m so fucking horny I’ll do anything to get off!”

Jody watched as Nicole pulled her skirt up around her waist. Her long shapely legs were firm and smooth. She wore a pair of sexy, red lace panties, and her blonde cunt-hair curled out from under the tight crotch. When Nicole rubbed her hand over her bulging crotch, Jody felt her own cunt oozing hot cream.

“I like playing with myself,” Nicole purred, sliding her fingers back and forth along her pantied cunt. “But I like it better when someone else plays with my pussy.”

Nicole stood up and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stepped in front of Jody, spreading her thighs and thrusting her crotch toward Jody’s face.

Jody looked up at Nicole, then dropped her gaze to the girl’s red panties. She licked her lips nervously.

“Go ahead, honey, touch it,” Nicole whispered. “Haven’t you ever wanted to touch another woman’s pussy before?”

Jody swallowed nervously. “But I-I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Yeah, but wouldn’t you like to?” Nicole said, sliding a finger into the crotch of her panties, pulling them aside.

Jody’s face was only inches away from the girl’s pussy, and she saw the damp blonde curls, the pink wetness of Nicole’s cunt-slit. The tip of Nicole’s clit seemed to jut out an inch.

“Come on, Jody, suck my cunt, then I’ll suck your cunt,” Nicole urged. “Make me come, and I’ll make you come. I’ll fuck your pussy with my tongue.”

There was a sweet scent coming from Nicole, as if she’d perfumed her cunt. The fragrance inflamed Jody’s senses. With shaking fingers, she stroked Nicole’s hips. She ran her tongue over her lips, then moved closer. She ran her tongue over the girl’s blonde cunt-hair, licking the insides of Nicole’s thighs.

Nicole moaned with pleasure, then spread her legs wider. She placed her hands on the back of Jody’s head, drawing her mouth to her cunt.

“Eat me, Jody! Eat my sweet pussy!” Nicole whimpered.

With a moan, Jody cupped Nicole’s firm asscheeks and pressed her mouth to the blonde’s glistening cuntlips. She lashed her tongue up and down the creamy slit, and she was surprised to find that the taste was pleasant. Becoming more excited, Jody eagerly slithered the tip of her tongue between the girl’s tangy cuntlips, lapping up the slick cream from Nicole’s cunt-mouth.

“Ooooooh, yes! That’s the way!” Nicole cooed, grinding her cunt against Jody’s mouth.

“Lick it! Suck my pussy! I love having my cunt licked!”

Jody clutched the soft cheeks of Nicole’s ass, pulling the girl’s steaming cunt tight against her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and shoved it as deep as she could into Nicole’s creaming pussy.

Nicole squealed, holding Jody’s head tightly as she twisted her pussy against Jody’s mouth. “Ooooh, suck it! Suck my cunt!”

Jody probed Nicole’s pussy with her tongue. The softness of Nicole’s pussy felt delightful on her face, the blonde hair tickling her cheeks. She gripped Nicole’s firm asscheeks even tighter, slurping in and out of her tight pussy, swirling her tongue around the blonde’s inflamed clit, then tonguing back between her creamy sweet folds again.

“Ooooooooooh, God! I’m about to come already!” Nicole whimpered, grinding her oozing cunt against Jody’s mouth.

Jody tongued the girl’s cunt faster, feeling the girl’s wet, soft pussylips starting to quiver against her mouth. She dug her fingers into Nicole’s ass, then rolled her tongue back and forth deep inside her gripping wet cunt.

Nicole began to tremble, thrusting her crotch hard against Jody’s mouth. Nicole’s sweet pussy began convulsing. Nicole pressed Jody’s head so tight against her cunt that Jody’s nose was, smashed into the silky hairs, almost smothering her.

“Aaaaaaahh, shit, I’m coming!” Nicole cried.

Her body jerked and twitched spasmodically, her pussy creaming furiously against Jody’s probing tongue.

Jody moaned as she lapped up Nicole’s tangy hot cream. She felt her own pussy leaking her juices, soaking the crotch of her panties. Finally when she felt Nicole’s body start to relax, she gave the girl’s cunt one last swipe with her tongue, then pulled away from the blonde’s steaming moist crotch.

“Jesus, that was simply fantastic!” Nicole gasped, sitting on the bed beside Jody.

Jody’s mouth was smeared with the slippery juices of Nicole’s cunt, and she ran her tongue across her lips to clean them off. She couldn’t believe that she’d gone down on another woman, that she’d actually sucked a pussy. And yet she found the experience quite stimulating.

Nicole stopped trembling, looking at Jody and smiling happily. “Now it’s your turn. I promised I’d eat your pussy, didn’t I?”

Jody nodded slightly.

“I’m not just going to eat your cunt, I’m going to make love to you,” Nicole said.

She dropped to her knees in front of Jody, and opened Jody’s blouse, revealing her large ripe tits.

“Mmmmmm, they’re beautiful!” Nicole whispered, caressing Jody’s tits. “I wish I had big tits like yours.”

Nicole bent down and took Jody’s left nipple between her lips. Her hot, wet mouth sent chills rippling through Jody’s body. Nicole moaned softly, sucking gently on the girl’s sensitive nipple, sliding her hands down Jody’s body to her hips, then moving her hands under the skirt. She caressed Jody’s thighs and hips, clinging to the fat nipple with her hot, greedy mouth.

Jody groaned and spread her legs as Nicole began to feel her moist cunt through her panties. She felt Nicole’s fingers sliding under the waistband of her panties, and she lifted her hips to allow Nicole to pull them off.

As Jody slid her ass toward the edge of the bed, Nicole suddenly slid a finger into Jody’s boiling cunt.

“I haven’t done much fucking.”

“God, I can tell. You have a very tight pussy,” Nicole said, thrusting her finger in and out of Jody’s narrow cunt-channel.

Nicole shoved Jody’s skirt up, then she lowered her head and kissed Jody’s thighs, licking along the girl’s soft inner flesh.

Jody moaned, and watched with lust-filled eyes as Nicole licked her way up to her crotch.

“Put your feet on the bed and spread your legs wide open,” Nicole instructed. “I want to get a good look at your beautiful little pussy.”

Jody had never felt so excited. She felt Nicole spreading her slick cuntlips.

Nicole moaned in pleasure as she stared at Jody’s black-furred pussy.

“Jesus, Jody, your aunt is so hairy and pretty!” Nicole whispered huskily. “I get all excited over a pussy this hairy and wet. And nothing smells better, or tastes better, than a hot juicy cunt.”

Quickly Nicole pressed her open mouth against Jody’s cunt. She slid her hands under Jody’s naked ass, squeezing the girl’s asscheeks as she began to suck in a frenzy.

Jody groaned as she felt Nicole’s tongue sliding up and down the wet slit of her aunt, then twist about her sensitive stiff clit. It seemed to Jody that Nicole was trying to swallow her entire clit.

“Oooooh, yes, yes!” Jody moaned, thrusting her cunt at Nicole’s greedy mouth.

Jody had never felt anything like it before. The sensation of having a tongue slipping and sliding in and around her cunt was so incredibly fascinating. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud, fearing someone might hear her moans of pleasure. She squirmed in ecstasy, her eyes half-closed, enjoying the sweet, hot feeling of Nicole’s tongue in her cunt.

“Mmmmmmm, such a sweet, wet pussy!” Nicole moaned. “Put your legs on my shoulders. I want to feel your thighs pressing against my head.”

Jody lifted her legs, draping them over the kneeling girl’s shoulders.

Nicole gave a soft squeal as Jody pressed her thighs tight against her cheeks. Her tongue darted into Jody’s cream-filled pussy, flicking in and out like a small dick.

Jody could feel the tongue licking at the gripping walls of her pussy, felt the delicious way Nicole sucked on her clit. The simmering fire in her belly became hotter and hotter.

“I’m going to come, Nicole! You’re going to make me come!” Jody cried, tightening her thighs about Nicole’s face. “Eat my pussy! Ooooooh, yes! Eat my pussy!”

The convulsions hit Jody like an explosion. She slammed her cunt hard, brutally, against Nicole’s face.

Jody jerked her hips up and down frantically, her pussy aching with the fiery wet climax.

She finally slumped onto the bed and sighed softly. “My God! I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life!”

Nicole, still on her knees between Jody’s legs, lapped up and down the creaming slit of Jody’s cunt, moaning softly.

“Oh, God, Nicole!” Jody cried. Nicole had shoved her tongue between the cheeks of Jody’s ass, probing the girl’s pink, puckered asshole with the tip of her tongue.

“Yes, I love a tight, hot whole, too,” Nicole said, smiling. She sat on the bed next to Jody. “I love a lot of things.”

Jody lay back on the bed. “I wish we had met three years ago. I like what we did.”

“So do I. But we better keep this our own little secret,” Nicole said, wiping her drenched pussy with a towel before slipping into her red panties.

“What are your plans after graduation?” Jody asked, sitting up.

“Go home and visit my folks for awhile, I guess. Why do you ask? You have something in mind?”

“Well, I thought maybe I’d invite you to go visit my mom with me,” Jody said eagerly. “I have a really neat mother, and I know you’ll like her.”

Nicole grinned and placed her hand on Jody’s still-wet and swollen cunt. “I might take you up on that if you make it interesting.”


Barbara Wingate felt the bed shift, and suddenly she felt Richard’s hard cock pressing up against her soft asscheeks. He was horny, and she dreaded putting up with another half ass, boring fuck as she had the night before.

“Richard, I have to go home. My head is killing me,” Barbara said.

“You have a headache, huh?”

“A big one,” she said, hoping it would cool him off.

“Fucking is the best remedy for a headache,” he said, continuing to rub his stiff cock against her warm, soft ass.

“Going home and resting is the best thing for my headache.”

She turned over onto her back and looked at Richard. She’d met him a week ago at a party, but it wasn’t until the night before that she’d gone to bed with him. He was a nice guy and all, but when it came to fucking he was terrible. She’d hoped that he would be the one man who could give her the kind of deep hard fucking she so desperately needed.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred as he tweaked her highly sensitive nipples.

“You like that, huh?”

“Uh-huh. But I really do have to get home.” He pulled the sheet away from her naked body, exposing her huge, pink-nippled tits. He ran his wet tongue over her nipples, while his fingers caressed her dry cunt.

“Please, Richard,” she said, trying to keep the irritation from her voice. “I’m no good for you now. Let’s wait until another time.”

“You want me to eat your cunt?”

He put his hand under her chin and forced her head back on the pillow. Her eyes suddenly turned weary. Her thighs quivered and she lay cold and unresponsive. For a moment she thought he might rape her.

“Touch it!” he demanded.

She reached out and circled his short, but thick cock in her hand. She stroked it back and forth slowly. Then she dropped her hand. “I’m not in the mood, Richard.”

“I’ll get you in the mood.” He held her wrists together in one hand, and started to stroke her pussy with the other. His hand fucked her roughly.

“Do you give good blow jobs?” he asked.

“I give great ones.”

“You want me to fuck you now?”

“Yes, Richard, fuck me, fuck me now,” she said, hoping he would hurry up and get it over with.

“Beg me.”

“Please, Richard, give it to me. Fuck me now!”

He rolled between her legs and entered her pussy with a single thrust. She winced in pain. He raised her legs and draped them over his shoulders, then he began to fuck her faster and faster. His orgasm was already approaching. He stopped his stroking, trying to hold back, but Barbara, wanting it over with quickly, seemed suddenly aroused and began thrusting her pelvis hard against him, squeezing her strong cunt muscles around his cock.

He exploded within her still-dry pussy. And as suddenly as it’d begun, it was over.

As soon as he withdrew from her cunt, she climbed out of the bed, wiped her pussy with some tissues, and started putting on her clothes.

“When will I see you again, honey?” he asked.

Barbara looked at him and wanted to laugh. She had no intentions of ever seeing him again. At least not in bed.

“I’ll give you a call in a day or so,” she lied, wanting to hurry and leave.

“I’ll be waiting, baby.” He grinned.

“Sure. Listen, I have to run now, but you’ll be hearing from me.”

Barbara arrived home twenty minutes later and went straight to her bedroom. The first thing she wanted to do was take a quick shower to get the smell of sex off her, then relax in a nice hot bubble bath.

“Barbara, you simply got to stop messing with these creeps and find yourself a real man,” she said to her reflection in the mirror.

She unbuttoned her silk blouse and tossed it on the bed. Her large, firm tits strained outward, her luscious pink nipples were hard and pointed. She cupped her tits, lifting them as if in offering. They thrust out saucily, her nipples arching upward. They tingled as she ran her thumbs over them.

Barbara was a very beautiful woman, with jet-black hair and exceptionally light-green eyes. She was a highly sexual woman, and her cunt always seemed to throb with lust for a nice hard cock. Not just any cock, but a big fat juicy one.

Getting to her feet, she let her skirt fall to the floor, looking at herself in the mirror. She wore tiny bikini panties, cut high on the sides, with just a row piece running up the crack of her ass. Her waist was small, her hips flaring out in feminine beauty. The dark triangle of her cunt hair was a teasing shadow beneath the bikini panties.

Spreading her feet on the floor, she arched her hip forward, liking the way her cunt filled her panties, puffing out against the crotch. Her ass was firm, and rounded into two perfectly shaped cheeks. Men were always telling her what a great as she had.

Her thoughts suddenly turned to her daughter, Jody, whom she hadn’t seen since two months ago. Barbara was eagerly looking forward to attending Jody’s graduation next week. Afterwards, Jody was coming to spend a few weeks with her.

Barbara and Jody had always been very clan to one another. Closer than most mother and daughter relationships. And even though there was a twenty-year difference in their age, they looked, and acted, more like sisters.

When she was nineteen, Barbara had met and married Jody’s father, Steven, who was several years older than herself, and whose parents were quite wealthy. The marriage lasted ten years, and they both agreed on a friendly divorce. In the way of property settlement, Steven had bought her a beautiful three-bedroom home, and deposited a substantial amount of money in her bank account. They also decided to share joint custody of Jody.

Barbara walked naked into the bathroom where she took a quick shower, then waked in the warm bubble bath for an half hour. She dried herself and went back in the bedroom to dress.

She had to go shopping for an outfit to wear to Jody’s graduation ceremony. She slipped into a tight pair of terry-cloth short shorts, and a matching halter-top. Before leaving the house, she checked herself out in the mirror, and liked what she saw. She was beautiful and sexy, and excitingly provocative.

Barbara was hot and sticky as she drove along the crowded boulevard on her way home. The hot day made her feel irritable, and the fierce throbbing in her cunt didn’t help matters any. She had finished her shopping, and now all she wanted to do was get home, take a nice cold shower, and then relax beneath the coolness of the air conditioner.

She whipped her burgundy Mercedes convertible through the heavy traffic that moved with maddening slowness in front of her, switching from one lane to another, accelerating rapidly as she came up to each intersection, trying to beat the light.

“Shit!” she said angrily as a red light caught her.

As she waited for the light to change, she dropped a hand to her lap and massaged her cunt through her shorts, trying to ease the throb. She just hadn’t had any good prick around lately. At least any that could satisfy her the way she wanted to be satisfied.

Just before the light turned green, she looked to her right and saw a guy jogging in the direction she was headed. She’d only caught a quick glimpse of his face, but from the back he was built the way she liked her men. His shoulders were broad, and his back tapered down into a narrow waist. He had a nice tight ass and his legs looked strong and muscular.

On impulse, Barbara cut across two lanes and pulled up to the curb twenty feet in front of him. She turned around in her seat and looked back at him, her eyes immediately drawing to the large bulge bouncing around inside his shorts as he seemed to glide effortlessly toward her.

God, he was so damn handsome he was almost beautiful, she thought to herself, and young, too. She estimated he was in his late twenties. She smiled when he slowed down beside her car.

“It’s much too hot to be out jogging like this,” she said, deliberately running her eyes up and down his hard, muscular body. “Besides, you don’t look as though you need that kind of exercise.”

He leaned forward, resting his hands on the door frame. He returned her stare just as deliberately, noticing the white terry-cloth halter holding her huge tits in check, and the tight shorts riding up high in the crack of her crotch. “And what kind of exercise would you recommend, Ms…”

“Wingate. Barbara Wingate.” She smiled sweetly. God, he had the deepest, most penetrating blue eyes she’d ever seen. She felt her pussy starting to throb and moistening like mad. “I would suggest something a little less strenuous, but a lot more enjoyable.”

“Mark Logan,” he said, offering her his hand. “You’re right. It is pretty hot out.”

“Listen, Mark, I’m on my way home, and when I get there I’d planned on getting into the pool. Would you care to join me?” she asked boldly.

Mark glanced down the boulevard and back to her. “I was just about finished anyway. And a swim does sound like a good idea.”

“Great. Hop in,” she said, opening the car door.

Mark climbed in next to her and settled back into the seat. Barbara glanced over her shoulder before easing back into the traffic.

“I generally don’t go around picking up strange men like this,” she offered as if reading his mind. “But you looked so hot running in this heat I thought you could use a little dip.”

Mark smiled at her explanation, wondering if she meant a dip in her pool, or in her cunt. Probably both, he figured. He’d noticed the way her eyes devoured his body. He glanced about her car, noticing the telephone, the tape deck, the luxury of it. “Nice car.”

She glanced at Mark, watching as he stretched his legs out, leaning back into the soft leather upholstery.

“I sure do like that hair around your belly button,” Barbara teased, wanting to reach over and put her hand on the thick bulge inside his shorts.

Mark simply smiled. He was used to having women saying things like that to him.

“What exactly is your thing, Barbara?”

“Oooh, I love a man who’s direct. I’m a divorcee with lots of time on her hands. I’m not a whore, but I do like to fuck. As much as I can with the right man.” She gave him a quick glance. “And what do you do besides run?”

“I’m a male dancer,” he replied. “A male stripper is a better word for what I do.”

“Hey, I think that’s neat!” Barbara exclaimed. “Where do you dance?”

“Place call Max’s.”

“I heard of it but I’ve never been there,” she said. “I bet you have all the women trying to entice you, huh?”

Mark smiled. “Yeah, you wouldn’t believe some of the offers I’ve had. I’ve even had a few toss their underwear on stage.”

“You working tonight?”

“As a matter of fact I’m not. Why do you ask?”

Barbara winked. “Because I figure we can spend the evening doing the kind of exercise I like doing.”

“Sounds fine to me!” Mark smiled, showing a set of beautiful white teeth.

A short while later they arrived at Barbara’s fabulous split-level home. He helped her carry her packages into the house.

“You have a beautiful place here, Barbara,” Mark said, looking around the sunken living room.

“Thank you. Make yourself at home.”

She turned, and he watched her delicious asscheeks bouncing lewdly under her shorts as she walked over to the stereo system. She put a cassette in the tape deck and turned back around.

“Care for a drink?”

“Some cognac if you have it.”

She pointed toward the wet bar. “Would you mind making us both one? I simply must get out of these sticky clothes.”

She vanished into one of the bedrooms while he found some ice and poured the drinks. She returned a minute later wearing nothing at all. She knew she had a body to be proud of, and she enjoyed showing it off.

Her tits were full, and jutted out from her chest like two ripe melons, and the pink, marble sized nipples were stiff with excitement. Her belly was flat and taut, and the black hair between her shapely legs had been shaved in the shape of a heart. Her pussy mound seemed to bulge with swollen lust.

She glanced down at his crotch, pleased to see his cock stirring around inside his jogging shorts.

“Jesus, Barbara, you’re built like a brick shithouse!” He walked toward her with her drink. “If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”

“How old do I look?” she asked, looking over the top of her glass at him in amusement.

“It’s hard to say. You look about twenty, but somehow you strike me as being much older,” he said.

“Would you believe I have an eighteen-year-old daughter? I’m thirty-eight.”

Mark looked surprised for a moment, running his eyes up and down her youthful, luscious body.

“Would you believe I prefer older women?” He smiled. “You look gorgeous, Barbara.”

“Thank you.” She took a couple of sips of her drink and set the glass down. “Aren’t you going to undress? You make me feel so naked.”

Mark grinned, then pulled his damp T-shirt up over his head and dropped it on the floor. He kicked off his jogging shoes, slipped off his shoes, then started removing his shorts.

“Mmmmmm!” Barbara moaned when she saw the large reddish head of his cock extending out from the top of his jock strap.

Groaning, she reached out and pulled the jock strap off him. She stared in awe at the massive column of cock-flesh that jutted out from his body like a miniature bat.

“My, God, Mark!” she gasped, kneeling in front of him. “I figured you were big, but I had no idea you were this well hung!”

She was beside herself with desire just staring at his enormous cock. He was a beautiful man with a big prick. She felt her swollen cunt creaming with lust.

“I’m all sweaty, Barbara. You better let me shower first,” he said, lifting her to her feet.

“Fuck a shower! Let’s go into the bedroom!” She grasped his cock and led the way into her bedroom.

Mark saw that the bed was round, and at least eight feet in diameter. It was covered with a blue velvet bedspread. There were mirrors everywhere, and at all angles. There was even a large circular mirror directly above the bed.

“I love watching myself getting fucked,” she explained.

Barbara bent forward to pull down the bedspread when she felt Mark slide his arms around her waist. She felt his hands caressing their way upward, cupping the heavy fullness of her tits. She moaned when he squeezed her sensitive nipples, and she pressed her quivering asscheeks back against him with a demanding, rotating motion, enjoying the feel of his hot massive cock against her soft ass.

She turned in his arms and her open lips eagerly pressed moistly against his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, measuring the thick throbbing shaft, and the size and heaviness of his bloated balls.

They fell across the bed, locked together. Barbara straddled his body and began sliding her wet tongue along his neck, his shoulders, then to his broad chest. She inhaled his male scent with a rising excitement. She sucked greedily on his nipples, then reached down to caress to the length of his thighs.

Lower and lower her seeking lips went, tasting the saltiness of his drying sweat, and she started to whimper, a faint sound at first, gradually becoming an almost harsh cry.

With her cunt creaming juice down her inner thighs, and her eyes shining with a wild gleam, she cupped his balls and buried her face in his groin.

“Mmmmmm, I love the smell of your cock!” she murmured, her nostrils flaring with desire.

She took his prick in her hands. She felt the bulging veins running like a road map along the entire length of it. She rubbed his cock as if she was kneading a chunk of dough, as if she was massaging a sore muscle, watching his cock expand and throb in her hands.

“Oh, Mark, you got such a beautiful cock!” She squeezed the fat head in her fist, watching the bubble of cream ooze out the shit hole. “So nice and long and thick!”

She brushed her hair to one side of her head, then took his cock in her hungry mouth. Her wet tongue lapped at the head of his prick, laving it with her warm saliva.

Mark let out a low groan as she took her own sweet time, licking up and down the length of his cockshaft and all around it. She teased the piss-hole with the tip of her tongue, and he uttered another groan of pleasure.

“Uhhh! Uuuuuuh!” Barbara moaned as she sucked on his prick.

Her wet lips slid smoothly over his blood engorged cockhead and down the thick shaft, sucking as much of his massive meat into her mouth as she could take. Her cheeks drew inward, her mouth making greedy slurping noises as her head bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock. Her pussy was creaming like mad, and she felt the heat steadily building in her cunt. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before she would come.

“Yeah, baby, that’s the way I like it, nice and slow!” Mark groaned, slowly pumping his hips in concert with her bobbing head.

Barbara enjoyed hearing his moans of pleasure. She knew she was pleasing him, and he was pleasing her with his ability of self-control. Most of the men she’d been with would have shot their wads by now.

Barbara moaned and whimpered as she hungrily sucked his cock. Her hands played with his balls as she sucked his prick, gently massaging each ball. Her fingers probed the base of his cock, applying pressure to the thick vein, then releasing it to let fresh blood flow back in.

Mark stared up at the mirror, watching her head bobbing up and down between his legs. His balls tingled, and his muscles were taut, wanting to hold out longer but not sure how much more he could take. He’d had lots of blow-jobs in his life, but Barbara was one of the best cocksuckers. She just didn’t suck his cock, she made love to it.

Barbara sucked more diligently as she felt herself soaring faster and faster to the edge of climax. She began to whimper deliriously, her tongue lapping up the constant bubble of cream that oozed from his prickhead. Her cunt was pulsing wildly, and suddenly the fire in her pussy exploded in orgasm.

“Ummmmm!” she groaned round his cock. She trembled violently as the fiery sensation rippled through her body.

“C’mon, Barbara! Make me give it up!” he urged, placing his hands on her head, moving his hips in rhythm with her bobbing head.

Barbara sucked him deeper into her mouth, letting the head of his cock touch the back of her throat. She held him there, moving her throat muscles around his cockhead, then drew him back out. She repeated this over and over, all the while looking up at him with lust-filled eyes.

She felt his fingers pulling at her hair. Suddenly he grunted loudly as his body stiffened, then she prepared herself as his spurting cum shot up through his cock and exploded into her hungry mouth, triggering another orgasm in her pussy. She shivered and moaned in ecstasy as his salty cum jetted into her mouth in pulsating spurts. She swallowed, greedily squeezing his cockshaft for every drop. She continued to squeeze and suck until she had milked his prick dry.

“Jesus, for a moment I thought I’d broken my dick string or something!” Mark gasped, his body relaxing. “I haven’t came that hard in a long time!”

Barbara gave the head of his cock one last swipe with her tongue, then held his wet prick against her cheeks.

“Hope I didn’t hurt the big fellow,” she said teasingly, pursing her lips in a tiny circle.

She rolled over onto her back, bending her legs back toward her. She reached down and spread her cream-glistening cuntlips, revealing the pink wet flesh within.

“Look, Mark! See how wet you’ve made me!”

Mark moved between her legs for a closer inspection, replacing her fingers with his thumbs. The black hair surrounding her cunt was matted with her juices, the lips were puffy and glistening with desire. Her asshole was pink and puckered tight, winking at him as she flexed her asscheeks. The heady scent of her aroused pussy rose to his nostrils like an intoxicating vapor. He pushed back the hood covering her clit, and her pearl-sized love button came out from hiding, stiff with excitement.

“I’m going to eat your pussy so hard you’ll have to beat me off with a stick!” he said hoarsely.

“Oooooh, sounds nice!” she cooed.

Barbara shivered when she felt his hot breath blowing softly against her drenched cunt. She gave a whimpering cry when his tongue made sudden contact with her clit, probing ever so gently but with enough friction to send tingling sensations racing through her body. She felt his tongue changing course, snaking its way deep into her cunt-channel, swirling, twisting, probing. She threw back her head, eyes shut, and moaned in pleasure, squeezing her tits together with her hands.

“Ooooooh, God! Mark, that feels so good!” she purred. “Eat me! Eat my pussy!”

He tongued her pussy a few more moments, then lifted himself up over her body and began kissing her, shooting his tongue deep into her mouth.

Barbara could taste her own cunt juices as their tongues fought a sweet battle. He kissed her throat, then sucked on the side of her neck for several moments. He eased downward, and she arched her back to offer him her huge tits.

She squirmed and moaned as he took one of her highly sensitive nipples in his mouth and began sucking on it, while sliding his fingers up and down her slippery cuntlips at the same time.

“Ooooooh, shit! Suck my nipples! Play with my pussy!” Barbara moaned deliriously.

She thrust her crotch against his hand as he skillfully played with her pussy. He went from one tender nipple to the other, sucking them, teasing them, nibbling them gently with his teeth.

He then slid his flat wet tongue down the middle of her body. Suddenly she felt him pushing her thighs farther apart as his mouth pressed against her creamy pussy again.

“Oh, God, Mark! Eat me! Eat me!” Barbara cried, staring up at the mirror with wide, lust filled eyes.

Her fingernails clawed at the sheets as she felt his tongue doing delicious things to her cunt. He held her legs back against her body, her pussy fully exposed as he ate her cunt diligently.

She squirmed and bucked and thrust her hips up to meet his eager tongue. She’d never been eaten like this before. His techniques were unlike any other man who’d eaten her before. He ate all of her — her cunt, her asshole, everything!

While his tongue was busy licking and probing around her asshole, he teased her clit with skillful fingers. His tongue and fingers were in constant motion, licking, squeezing, probing. She could feel the heat burning hotter and hotter in her groin, building up to a fantastic climax. Her head flopped from side to side as though she was losing her mind.

Suddenly, without any warning, she let out a deep grunt of surprise when he raised up between her gaping legs and drove his massive cock deep in her cunt with one long, smooth stroke.

“Awwwwwww, Jesus! What are you doing to me!” Barbara gasped, her orgasm triggered by the sudden deep thrust of his prick.

Her arms shot around his neck. She pulled him tight against her trembling body. She squeezed him, grinding her hips to lock his cock in deep. All the while uttering little moans of pleasure as she experienced yet another gut wrenching climax.

His cock was long and enormously thick, stretching her pussy beyond what she thought she could take. But to her surprise and delight, she was able to accommodate all of him without discomfort. Her pussy was super wet, and, as he began plunging in and out of her cunt, she began trembling from the frictioning sensation of his thick cock thrusting in and out of her tight narrow cunt. She grunted in raw lust each time his prickhead banged against her womb.

“Fuck me, Mark! Fuck the shit out of me!” she moaned hoarsely. “Fuck me hard and rough with that big fucking cock of yours!”

It was an added thrill to have him watching her fuck as well. She looked up into the mirror, his hard body over herb, his powerful buttocks squeezing and relaxing as he drove his cock into her cunt again. He alternated his thrusts from gentle to hard, from hard to gentle. Sometimes driving it in deep, other times using just the head at the mouth of her cunt.

She closed her eyes and moaned in his ear, urging him to fuck her hard and deep.

“Oh, God, you’re splitting me up the middle with this big dick of yours!” Barbara groaned. “But I love it! I love every fucking inch of it!”

Barbara felt his hands grasping her asscheeks and lifting her up to him. He then began long dicking her, hammering his cock deep within her cunt with smooth, penetrating strokes. Her eyes went wide, and before she could scream from the sudden fullness filling her pussy, Mark shot his tongue into her mouth. The sound she did make was a deep satisfying grunt of pleasure.

“Oh, oooh, God! Fuck me, honey! Spread my pussy wide open with that big cock?” Barbara cried, gasping for breath.

He fucked her hard for several minutes, then he lifted her legs up over his shoulders, and she felt the head of his cock plunging forward, filling her cunt even deeper. It felt as if be was thrusting all the way in to her belly button.

“Fuck me, Mark, fuck me! Fuck me hard with that cock!” she shouted, her eyes rolling wildly, her sharp fingernails digging into his forearms. “Do it to me, honey! Take me to the top! Oh, Jesus, your dick is so fucking good!”

She gasped and held onto his arms as he drove to her very depths, her pussy spreading from his thickness, his balls slapping repeatedly against her upturned asscheeks.

The harder he fucked her, the more she moaned. The more she moaned, the harder he fucked her. Their bodies were slick with sweat and their breathing became heavy. Suddenly, she drew in a deep gasping breath, her body going rigid, and she screamed out her pleasure. Her fingernails raked down his arms as her face became flushed with orgasm.

“Aaaaaagggggh! Shit, I’m coming! Oh, God, I’m coming!” she cried, grinding her hips up to meet his deep thrusts, her cunt muscles gripping his prick in its sucking wet folds. The sensation was so good that he shot his load along with hers.

“Goddamn, I’m coming!” Mark grunted hoarsely, hammering his cock hard and rough in and out of her wet snapping cunt.

“Aaaaaahh, yes! Yes, give it to me, Mark! Drop your hot load in my pussy!” Barbara hissed, squeezing her strong cunt muscles around his prick, sucking and milking his thick spurting cock.

They slammed and strained against each other, drawing out their orgasms as long as possible. Their juices mixed and oozed down the crack of her ass, wetting the sheets beneath them.

Barbara shuddered as the last convulsive spasm rippled through her body, and her legs dropped from his shoulders. He pumped into her a few more times before easing his cock from her sopping curt with a wet sucking sound.

Feeling happy and well-fucked, Barbara cuddled up against him and grasped his wet cock in her hand.

“Mmmmmm, I haven’t been fucked like that in quite awhile,” she said softly.

“You got some damn good pussy, Barbara.”

“Glad you like it.” She smiled, raising upon her elbow to look down at him. “I hope it was good enough to make you want more and more of it. You’re the first real man I’ve had in months.”

Mark smiled at her, cupping her ass. “You better believe I want some more of it. I already told you I like older women. Especially when they’re as sexy and horny as you.”


Barbara woke up Sunday morning with Mark’s leg draped over hers. She felt his heavy cock pressing against her hip, his hand resting lightly on the soft curls of her cunt. Turning and looking at his sleeping face, she smiled softly.

“So handsome,” she murmured quietly, “and such a wonderful lover.”

They’d been seeing one another for three days now, fucking and sucking themselves crazy, as though they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Every time she thought about how big his cock was, and how good it felt thrusting in and out of her hungry pussy, her cunt throbbed and creamed with lust.

She eased her hand between her thighs, trying not to disturb Mark, and she felt her warm moist cunt. She recalled the feel of his enormous cock stretching and filling her pussy. Just the thought of it was almost enough to make her come.

She turned on the bed gently, then pressed the creamy cheeks of her ass against him. Mark snuggled up against her back, one arm around her waist. She pulled his hand to her tit, then she closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

She might have, too, except she felt Mark’s cock growing against her ass. The harder his cock became, the wider awake she was. When she felt Mark’s hand squeezing her tit, she knew he was awake.

“Ooooooh, what a beautiful way to wake up!” she whispered, pressing her asscheeks against his cock. “I’d love to wake up every morning with a big hard cock against my ass.”

Mark kissed and licked Barbara’s shoulderblades, the tip of his tongue feeling feathery light on her skin. His cock probed at her ass, and Barbara slipped her hand between their bodies, adjusting his cock between the hot cheeks of her ass. The hard throb of his cock against her ass made her tremble with pleasure.

Squeezing Barbara’s tit, Mark prodded the swollen head of his prick against the hot tightness of her whole. The pressure felt strange to Barbara. In all her years of fucking, she had never felt a cock pressing directly against her asshole, yet the sensation was so good that she jutted her ass against him in pleasure.

They both remained quiet, breathing with quickening gasps.

Barbara drew Mark’s hand down her creamy stomach, pressing his fingers between her thighs and against her cunt. Mark pressed his hand into the hairy wetness, rubbing slowly up and down her creamy slit. The harder he pressed his cock upon her asshole, the more she shoved back at him.

Mark’s fingers were now slick with her cunt juices, and he covered the head of his cock with the warm cream. Dipping his fingers between her cuntlips again, he lubricated her whole, working her juices all around her tight, puckered brown-eye, getting it good and wet. Then he placed his prickhead back against her whole.

The pressure of Mark’s cock, his fat, swollen cockhead against her whole, excited her more and more. She pulled at the cheek of her ass, trying to spread her asscheeks for him.

“Rack me in the ass, Mark!” Barbara urged. “I’ve never been fucked up the ass before!”

“I’ll go slow, but you’ll have to relax your asshole.”

Barbara braced herself as Mark pressed hard, and she groaned as his cockhead suddenly penetrated the gripping tightness of her asshole. She muffled a scream when his entire prickhead popped inside her butthole. It seemed as if her asshole had suddenly been sliced by a sharp instrument.

The stretch was painful, but not so much where she couldn’t stand it. She was grateful that he paused, giving her time to adjust to the size of his cock.

After a few moments, the scaring pain began to ease, and a nice warm, tingling sensation took its place. It began to feel very good to Barbara, and she wiggled her ass experimentally. She worked her ass back slowly, feeling his prick sliding deeper into her asshole.

Mark rubbed at her cunt, which seemed to help her to accept his massive cock in her ass. Gasping, she pressed her asshole onto his cock, feeling it stretching and filling her anal passage.

“Is it all the way in, Mark?” she asked, gasping.

“Not quite,” he grunted, “you have about five inches to go.”

“God, I feel so stuffed!” she whispered. “But it’s a good feeling, too. Now fuck me, but do it slow, honey!”

Mark pulled his cock back, feeling Barbara’s asshole gripping tightly. He pulled until only his fat cockhead remained, then he thrust inward, slowly.

The stretching, filling sensation began to feel better and better. He fucked in and out slowly, and she could feel his cock throbbing hotly inside her asshole. She placed her hand over his, between her thighs, urging him to shove a finger into her cunt.

“Faster, Mark! Fuck me faster now!” she moaned.

Without breaking their coupling, Mark suddenly pulled Barbara up onto her hands and knees, then continued his fucking of her tight butthole.

Barbara was thrilled with the new position, and she ground her ass back against him, taking his cock deeper into her asshole. She began to gurgle as the pleasure-pain shot hot sparks through her, and she found herself squealing with delight as his enormous prick thrust in and out of her whole. She wiggled her ass, slamming it back to meet his deep, plunging strokes.

“Ooooh, yes, yes!” she sobbed. “Fuck me in the ass! God, your cock is so fucking hard and thick! You’re tearing my asshole apart, but I love it!”

Mark fucked harder and faster, grunting in pleasure with each thrust. Barbara’s asshole seemed to grip his prick so tight that he could hardly move. She arched her ass up for him, and he fucked into her asshole vigorously, probing her pussy with his fingers. The heat, of his grunting breath on her back sent her into shivering ecstasy. The sensation of his cock fucking into her asshole, the wet friction of his thick shaft rubbing against the tender ring of her butthole, had Barbara squealing and sobbing deliriously.

“Ohhh, Mark, Mark!” she cried. “Fuck my ass! Fuck me deep and hard! Oh, God, it feels so fucking good!”

Mark drove his hips back and forth, his prick brutally thrusting into Barbara’s clasping asshole. Barbara felt his balls slapping up against her pussy. She spread her legs as wide as she could, then his balls were smacking against the swollen, slippery wet lips of her cunt, his prick pumping in and out of her burning asshole faster and faster.

Mark’s fingers located her slippery clit, and he held it between his fingertips, squeezing and massaging the sensitive bud of flesh as he hammered her hot clutching asshole.

“Aaaaaahh, shit! Yes, that’s it, Mark! Play with my clit and fuck my ass!” Barbara hissed, feeling the heat in her belly burning hotter and hotter. “Oh, God, it feels like I’m going to come!”

Mark groaned as he fucked his prick in and out of Barbara’s juicy whole, fucking her so hard that his thrusts were jarring her body forward. He squeezed and pinched her clit. She sobbed in ecstasy, her fingers clawing at the sheets.

Then she screamed.

Startled by Barbara’s scream, Mark jerked, almost pulling his prick from her ass, thinking that he was hurting her.

“No, don’t!” Barbara shrieked, twisting her head around to look at him with lust-filled eyes. “Keep fucking me, Mark! Oh, God, keep fucking me! I’m coming! Oooooh, shit! I’m coming so fucking hard!”

Feeling her sash ole squeezing in hot waves around his cock, he began to fuck hard into her juicy whole again. Barbara arched her ass up lewdly, grunting and groaning as he hammered his long thick cock into her backside. Her whole squeezed and relaxed time and again around Mark’s thick cockshaft. She was sobbing with ecstasy, tears of pleasure streaming from her eyes.

Mark continued to fuck, thrusting his thick column of meat deep into her asshole, his balls smacking the soaked lips of her swollen cunt. Barbara cried and moaned, her naked ass shaking violently beneath him.

“Give me your cum, Mark! Fill my fucking asshole with your sweet, hot cum juice!”

Mark couldn’t have held off even if he’d wanted to, not with the hot gripping, sucking sensation of her asshole on his cock. His balls were tight, and his prick felt as if it would burst. He grunted deeply as his cock began to swell inside her asshole. Barbara moaned as his prick ballooned and throbbed deep within her bowels.

“Yes, that’s it, give it to me!” she cried as his cock jerked and twitched inside her asshole.

The hot come juice spewed from Mark’s cock like a firehose. His thick spurting cum splashed along the walls of her asshole, sending Barbara into another pit-wrenching climax. Her body trembled violently as they both bucked and strained against each other, hot waves of orgasm rippling through their bodies.

“Oh, God, I love it, Mark!” Barbara cried. “Aaaaaaaaaahhh, yes! I love it!”

Each spurt of his cum seemed to be enormous, splashing the delicate walls of her whole, and after he had finished, Barbara felt like she’d just been given an enema. She sprawled flat on the bed, gasping for air, her sooth rounded asscheeks quivering obscenely.

“Uhhhh!” Barbara moaned in protest when Mark pulled his cock out of her asshole with a wet noise.

He rolled onto his back, his muscular chest rising and falling from his exertion.

After resting, feeling her strength returning, Barbara crawled off the bed. Then looking shyly at Mark, she left him and went into the bathroom. She filled the tub, and eased into the soothing warm water. As she sat in the tub, she felt as if Mark’s cock was still up her ass. Her whole, so tender and tight, tingled pleasantly. Even her cunt felt as if it, too, had been fucked over and over.

After her bath, she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Mark. As she went about her task, she thought about her daughter, Jody. She was proud of Jody finishing school, and Barbara was eagerly looking forward to her daughter’s graduation.

She heard the shower going, and then minutes later Mark walked into the kitchen, naked, his hair damp.

“Oh, no,” she moaned, “you would have to walk around with your cock swinging around like that!”

“What’s wrong with that?” he asked, grinning.

“Because I can’t keep my mind on my food,” she replied with a smile.

Mark grabbed his cock, and playfully waggled it at her. She reached across the table for it, but he sat back down quickly, grinning at her.

“Keep fucking around and I’ll be eating you for breakfast,” she warned.

Mark settled down and they finished their food. Then they sat at the kitchen table for a cup of coffee. She reached between his legs, fondling his cock and his low-hanging balls.

“This evening my ex-husband and I are flying out for our daughter’s graduation tomorrow,” Barbara said, icily stroking his cock.

“I’ll bet she’s happy to be getting out of school.”

“Yes, she is. She’ll be staying here with me while she thinks about going on to college.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting her,” Mark said. “If she’s anything like you, then she’s a knockout.”

“She is a knockout. We look exactly alike, almost like twins,” Barbara said proudly, then smiled at him. “I’m just wondering if you can keep your eyes off her?”

“I promise to be good.” He grinned.

“We won’t be home until tomorrow evening. Will you miss me?” she asked, squeezing his cock.

“You better believe it,” Mark said, sliding his arm around her waist and hugging her, opening the top of her robe.

He licked her swollen nipple, then sucked it into his hot mouth. Barbara shivered and moaned, kissing the top of his head. His cock was swelling in her hand, and she stroked it up and down lightly.

“I wanna ride your cock,” Barbara said huskily. “Do it then,” he replied.


With her pussy throbbing like mad, she had Mark lie on the kitchen floor, with his cock standing straight up. She stood above him, gazing with a hungry lust at his massive cock and hairy balls. Her cunt began to cream with desire, cuntjuice oozing down her inner thighs. She turned her back to him, straddling his hips. She bent her knees, squatting down above his thick throbbing cock.

“Take off your robe,” he said, “I wanna watch.”

Barbara slipped the robe from her shoulders, and Mark stared at her ass, at the gaping pink gash of her oozing pussy. He grasped his prick, holding it upright as she rubbed her cunt along the head of his cock.

“Oooooooooh, shit!” she cooed, easing her pussy onto the fat knob of his enormous cock. She groaned as her pussy started stretching deliciously.

Mark watched the huge head of his prick disappear into Barbara’s cunt-mouth. Her slick, powerful cunt muscles tugged at his cock, sucking him deeper and deeper up into her tight cunt channel.

Barbara whimpered softly as she pressed her pussy down. When the cheeks of her ass rested on his groin, she sat there quivering for a long moment, enjoying the feel of his prick stuffing her pussy.

Bracing herself with her hands on his thighs, she bounced slowly on his cock, working it deeper inside her cunt. Leaning over him this way, her creamy cuntlips stretched around his thick shaft, was extremely lewd, and she shivered in delight.

She ground her pussy up and down on his prick, loving the tight friction sensation. The feel of her super-wet pussy coating his shaft with her cream felt very good, and knowing he was watching her pussy sent tremors of lewd ecstasy rippling through her.

She glanced over her shoulder at him, her eyes sparking with lust. “You like that, Mark? You like watching me riding your big fat prick?”

“You’re damn right, I like it!” he grunted hoarsely. “Keep riding it! Ride my big juicy prick!”

She reached down and cupped his balls, fondling them gently as she rode up and down on his massive shaft. Her other hand gripped the base of his cock as she screwed her pussy on his prick.

“Shit, that feels good!” Mark groaned.

“God, I know!” Barbara whimpered, rotating her hips in a circular motion. “I love the feel of your big prick inside my cunt!”

She felt her cuntlips stretching around the base of his cockshaft as she thrust downward on his cock. She sat upright, cupping her shaking tits with both hands, her back straight. His long prick was so deep inside her pussy that it felt as if she could feel the head of it all the way up in her throat.

“I’m going to suck your big prick with my cunt!” Barbara groaned. “I’m going to suck your cock with my snapping wet pussy!”

“Do it, baby!” Mark groaned, digging his hands into her creamy asscheeks. “Suck my prick with your pussy!”

Barbara’s cunt, filled with his enormous cock, was twitching, her engorged clit puffing outward.

She engulfed his cock to the hilt, sat there, and contracted her powerful cunt muscles around his massive cockshaft. Her creamy wet folds squeezed all the way up to his prickhead, clutching his hot throbbing cock like a velvet vise. It was such a delicious sensation, so obscene, that she felt an orgasm rumbling deep inside her cunt.

“Oh, God, Mark! I feel everything! Every vein in your prick! Every thick fucking inch of your cock! Oooooooh, shit! I’m going to come!”

Her cunt started convulsing.

Mark groaned as Barbara’s cunt squeezed his cock. He gritted his teeth in ecstasy, his prick throbbing deep inside her pussy. The way her snapping cunt seemed to suck at his cock felt as if she was trying to draw his entire body up inside her pussy. The sensation was so good that he felt himself nearing the edge of coming.

Barbara sat, her pussy packed with his cock, her body shuddering wildly with hard, gut wrenching orgasms.

“Ahhhh, shit! I’m ready to come!” Mark grunted.

“Wait! Hold it for a second!” Barbara yelled. She jerked her pussy off his cock with a wet sucking sound. She whirled around, scrambling quickly on her hands and knees. She was shoving her face toward his cock when he suddenly spurted. A hot splash of his cum juice struck her lips, and she opened her mouth quickly, closing her lips on the head of his prick, her tongue licking in a frenzy of his jetting piss-hole.

She gulped wetly, greedily, swallowing like a thirsty woman, starved for his thick, sweet cum. Her throat worked spasmodically, her eyes rolling in her head. She whimpered and moaned, her tongue becoming coated time and again by the sweetness that rushed from his bloated balls, roaring through his cock and into her hungry mouth. Her pussy was still convulsing, her orgasms so strong and intense that she felt faint, but not so much that her mouth left Mark’s spurting prick.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned when he finished coming.

She lifted up, rolling her tongue around inside her mouth and across her lips, the taste of his cum juice more delicious than anything in the world to her.

She remained on her hands and knees, watching, as his enormous cock slowly started to droop. “Oh, howl wish your cock could stay hard forever, honey! God, I think I’m in love with your prick!”

Barbara shoved her face into his crotch, sucking and licking, tasting the juices of her cunt. She licked Mark’s crotch, sucking his balls into her mouth, then releasing them to lick at the base of his cock, and finally taking his prick back into her mouth for a final suck.


“Oh, Mom, you don’t know how glad I am to be out of school! Especially that one!”

Barbara was in her daughter’s bedroom, helping her to unpack and put her things away. Jody’s graduation had taken place earlier that morning, and when it was over, they, along with Jody’s father, had immediately flown back home.

Jody’s father had prosing business matters to attend to and didn’t stick around, but he promised to get together with Jody in a few days to go pick out a car as a graduation present.

“Is your friend Nicole still coming to spend a couple of weeks with you?” Barbara asked, hanging Jody’s dresses in the closet.

“Yeah, she should be here tomorrow. She wanted to see her folks first.”

“What about college? Still undecided?”

“For now, yes,” Jody said with a smile. “I was so restricted in that school, you have one very horny daughter on your hands.”

“I can identify with that, honey. I’m horny all the time!” Barbara laughed. “But fortunately I have someone who gives me what I need.”

“Is he good in bed?” Jody grinned.

“You better believe his is! The best I’ve had.”

“Is he big?” Jody asked shyly.

“Very big.” Barbara smiled. “And very good, too.”

Barbara felt comfortable discussing sex with her daughter. She’d always been open and up front with Jody, and she was more than willing to answer any questions Jody might have, even if it concerned her own sex life.

“I hope I can meet someone like your guy,” Jody said wistfully. “When will I meet him?”

“You’ll meet him in a little while.” Barbara glanced at her wristwatch. “In fact I gotta run. He’s having some work done on his car so I have to go pick him up.”

“In that case I think I’ll have a nice hot bath while you’re gone,” Jody said.

“I just know you and Jody are going to hit it off,” Barbara said to Mark as she drove back home where Jody was waiting.

“You sure you’re not taking me to meet your daughter to get her approval as a suitable husband for you?” Mark asked teasingly.

“Now where would I get an idea like that?” Barbara laughed, giving him an affectionate pat on the leg. “But I’m sure Jody would give us her blessings.”

“Don’t you think we should get to know each other better first?” he said, continuing to joke with her.

Barbara reached down and squeezed the soft bulge of his cock through his pants. “This is all I need to know — right here!”

Barbara pulled the car into the circular driveway of her house and parked. They entered the house, and Jody, sitting on the couch watching television, looked up as they stepped into the sunken living room.

A shiver ran through Jody’s body as her eyes immediately came to rest on her mother’s boyfriend. He was tall, darkly handsome, with a serious candor about his mouth and eyes that caused a warm stirring deep inside her cunt. She had barely laid eyes on him and already he excited her like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Not even her lovemaking with Nicole.

“Hello, honey,” Barbara greeted, kissing Jody on the cheek. “Mark, this is my lovely daughter, Jody. Jody, this is my friend Mark Logan.”

“I’m delighted to meet you, Jody.” Mark smiled. “I must say you’re as lovely as your mother.”

“Thank you, Mark,” Jody said, blushing at the compliment. She smiled at her mother. “I think you did all right for yourself, Mom.”

“You see, Mark, I told you that you two were going to hit it off right away,” Barbara said, obviously pleased.

Barbara fixed them all a drink, slipped a cassette into the tape deck, and the three of them sat around the living room talking.

Jody kept sneaking glances at Mark, thinking she’d never seen a man who looked more sexier. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to ease the throbbing in her pussy, wondering what it would be like to have Mark humping between her legs.

“You remind me of one of those models you see in magazines,” Jody said.

“I guess you can say I’m a model in a sense,” Mark replied with an amused smile. “You see, I wear these tiny briefs and dance in front of women several nights a week.”

Jody gave him a confused look, not sure what meant. “You mean you…”

“That’s right, honey,” Barbara cut in. “Mark dances nude in front of a bunch of screaming women. Well, not quite nude, but pretty damn close.”

“Oh, how exciting!” Jody exclaimed. “I bet that’s lots of fun.”

She wondered what he looked like dancing on stage with only his cock and balls covered. She also wondered how big his cock actually was. Her mother said it was huge. The large bulge she’d noticed in his pants suggested that he had a really big prick.

“Maybe I can get Mom to take me to see you some night,” They said hopefully.

“Sure, honey. We’ll go one night this week,” Barbara promised.

“Let me know what night and I’ll reserve you a table up front,” Mark said.

They talked for another couple hours, then Jody said she was a little tired from jet lag and was going to bed.

Barbara cuddled next to Mark as they had another drink. She was feeling extremely horny, and she was anxious to get him in bed.

“Let’s go to bed early.” She rubbed his bulging crotch. “I got an itch deep inside my cunt and I need you to scratch it.”

Mark grinned lewdly at her. “I certainly got the tool you need.”

Jody couldn’t sleep. The constant throbbing in her cunt was keeping her awake. She thought about getting out her magazines and jacking off, but she knew that would only be a temporary release. She wished Nicole was here with her now.

Maybe a sleeping pill would put her to sleep. Naked, she sot out of bed, slipped on a robe, and walked out the bedroom, thinking there might be some sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom next to her mother’s room.

As she was passing her mother’s room, she paused when she thought she heard soft moans coming from inside. Curiously, she stepped to the bedroom door and saw that it was opened about a foot. A small, bedside lamp cast just enough light to give the room a soft glow.

From where she stood, Jody could look into several of the mirrors and see the entire bed from different angles.

What she saw caused a hot, tingling sensation in her pussy. She stood there in awe, stating at the long, thick cock sticking out from between Mark’s legs. Her mother’s head was bobbing up and down on the enormous column of flesh. She could hear the soft slurping sounds as her mother greedily ran her wet tongue up and down the long, thick shaft, leaving it glistening with her saliva.

Jody found herself powerless to move. She was mesmerized by the size of the cock that her mother was so diligently sucking on.

“Mmmmmm!” Barbara moaned, drawing her mouth off Mark’s cock with a wet sucking sound. “God, Mark, have you noticed how every chance I get I’m sucking your cock?”

“I think you’ve taken complete possession of my prick,” Mark replied huskily.

She held his thick, glistening cockshaft and slowly stroked it up and down. Her lust-filled eyes were wide as she squeezed his blood-filled cock.

“But I can’t help myself!” she moaned, “I just can’t seem to keep your prick out of my mouth!”

She slid her hands beneath him to cup his asscheeks, then continued to lick and kiss his cock until his massive erection gleamed with her saliva. She took the head of his cock between her lips, probing the tiny piss-slit with the tip of her tongue, licking away the bubble of cream, then she slowly swallowed more of his cock into her mouth.

She cradled his balls in one hand, while wrapping her other hand around the base of his throbbing prick. She moaned in ecstasy, sucking hungrily on his cock, until she could feel his prick pulsating, critically close to coming. She released his cock for a moment, running her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Finally, she took his prick back into her mouth again and brought him to the brink of exploding.

“Jesus, Barbara!” Mark groaned, watching her warm, wet mouth engulfing his cock.

Barbara moaned when she felt his cock swelling in her mouth. Then he was filling her mouth with his warm, spurting cum. She sucked greedily, slurping his cum from his prick as if she wanted more and wouldn’t stop until she got it.

A hot, intense tingling had Jody breaking out in goosebumps. Her aching nipples felt stiff and swollen against her robe. She was fascinated and ashamed at the same time. Watching her mother and Mark made her acutely aware of just how horny she was.

Mark’s head was now buried between Barbara’s legs, and her fingers were wrapped in his thick, dark hair as he ate her pussy hungrily. They had wasted no time in switching positions after Barbara had sucked him dry, and now he was doing the same to her.

Barbara moaned and squirmed on the bed as she felt his tongue probing inside her cunt. Her hips worked in a slow, grinding motion, lifting up against his mouth to meet his, searching tongue. She moaned, rolling her head from side to side on the pillow.

“Oh, God, Mark, eat me! Eat my fucking pussy!”

She brought her thighs up and tightened them against his ears, trapping his head between her legs. Her cunt was on fire, and she could feel her hot cream trickling down to the crack of her ass.

She gasped in pleasure when he suddenly pushed her knees back against her tits, exposing the full valley of her wet pussy. She quivered and groaned when she felt his tongue circling her swollen clit, teasingly, coming ever so close, but not quite making contact with her highly sensitive bud of flesh.

Barbara trembled wildly as she felt his tongue swirling around the contracting walls of her drenched cunt. Then she cried out in ecstasy as his lips closed on her clit, gasping sharply as his tongue made direct contact with her clit.

“Uuuugggghhh, shit! Do me! Eat me!” she screamed as she felt herself rushing toward orgasm.

Her belly and thighs quivered spasmodically as he sucked on her clit, flicking his tongue against it rapidly until it became too much for her.

“Ooohh, God! That’s it, Mark! That’s it! Ooooooohh, shit, I’m coming!”

She writhed beneath him, as if trying to escape from his hot lashing tongue, but he held her firm.

Jody watched her mother being eaten. She couldn’t turn away now even if she’d wanted to. As she stood there, watching through the crack of the door, she opened her robe, spread her legs, and placed a hand over her throbbing cunt. Her pussy was soaked, and she felt her juices oozing from her pussy and down the insides of her thighs. She slipped her middle finger between her puffy cuntlips, then began massaging her throbbing clit. She used her other hand to knead and squeeze her hardened nipples.

Mark’s cock was buried to the balls inside. Barbara’s cunt, and her long shapely legs were wrapped around his waist as he relentlessly drove his prick in and out of her gripping wet pussy.

“Oh, my, God, yes! Harder, Mark! Fuck me hard and rough! Ram that big prick deep in my pussy!” Barbara wailed.

Mark held the soft cheeks of her ass, as he hammered his enormous cock deep into her juicy cunt, just the way she wanted it. She loved the hot sensation of his thick cock stretching the walls of her pussy. She moaned in pleasure each time the huge head of his prick banged against her womb with each thrust.

“Yes, oh, God, yes, keep it up! Give it all to me! Shit, how I love your sweet prick!”

The fire in her cunt was getting close to exploding again.

Mark sensed her readiness, and he suddenly increased the pace of his hard, rough fuck-thrusts.

“Aggghhh, shit, shit!” Barbara screamed as the fire suddenly exploded, quickly spreading from the core of her cunt and through her body. Her hands desperately grasped his pumping ass, her body shaking violently from the intense pleasure of her orgasm.

Jody was now gasping, stroking her clit faster as she watched Mark fucking her mother. God, how she longed to go bursting into the room and demanding that he do the same to her!

Five minutes later, Barbara was on her hands and knees, wriggling her gorgeous ass at Mark. “Please, Mark! Fuck me in the ass! Let me feel that big rat prick of yours splitting my ass open!”

Mark kneeled behind her and held her by the hips, the swollen head of his cock poking at her tight puckered asshole. He drove his shaft into her wet pussy from behind, and stroked her clit a couple of times.

Barbara moaned and pushed her asscheeks against him, making sure that the entire length of his cock was good and wet with her cunt juices. She glanced back over her shoulder and watched as he withdrew his cock from her cunt, then he leaned over and licked her asshole, lubricating her brown-eye thoroughly with his saliva.

“Oooooooooh, Jesus!” she cooed as his wet tongue passed back and forth over her sensitive asshole.

She arched her back as he spread her asscheeks apart. He wedged the head of his prick against her asshole, and suddenly, with a gentle but steady thrust, she felt his massive cock entering her asshole.

“Uuuuuuuhhhh, God!” she grunted from the combination of pain and pleasure and thickness as half of his cock burrowed up her an.

She gasped as the muscular ring of her asshole closed around his cock a few times, then she relaxed and began hunching her ass back against him as the discomfort soon turned to pleasure.

Mark held her firmly by the hips and matched her slow tempo, gradually pumping his cock deeper into her hot gripping bowels until her soft asscheeks were flushed against his groin.

“Oh, Goddamn, Mark!” Barbara cried. “You’re splitting me apart! But don’t stop, don’t you dare stop!”

She felt him reaching around for her cunt. His searching fingers located her clit and he began massaging it as he butt-fucked her. Her shitter had loosened up some and he was fucking her easily now with deep slow strokes as she worked her inner muscles.

“Oh Mark! Mark, it feels so fucking good!” she murmured, loving the tight sensation that his thick cock caused nit thrust deep up inside her ass.

She moaned as he squeezed her clit and fucked her ass at the same time, causing waves of pleasant sensations to ripple through her quivering body.

Jody massaged her clit faster and faster as she watched her mother taking it up the ass. She didn’t see how her mother could handle such a large cock as Mark’s in her ass, but she was doing it, and Jody wished it was her who was taking that big thick prick up her own ass.

“Fuck me, Mark! Fuck my ass! Oh, God, it’s feeling so fucking good!”

The beginning of another orgasm started to build inside her. She increased her speed, grinding her ass back and forth on his harder and harder.

Jody fingered her clit faster and harder, setting the same furious pace as her mother and Mark were fucking. She wanted to come with them, to experience what they were experiencing.

“Oh, oh — oooooohhh, shit!” Barbara screamed as she arched her back and her fingers clawed the sheets.

She whipped her head around to look at him, her eyes widening. Suddenly her entire body stiffened as the fire inside her ass exploded.

“Oh, Christ!” she cried. “Oh, yessssss!”

She felt his throbbing cock swelling, then she heard him grunting as his cum-filled balls suddenly released their load. The feel of his hot cum splashing against the gripping walls of her asshole intensified, prolonging her own gut wrenching climax.

“Give it to me, Mark! Oh, yes! Give it to me!” she hissed, trembling violently.

Jody leaned against the door frame and muffled her moans as her self-induced orgasm suddenly overwhelmed her. Her fingers squeezed and pulled on her now-slick clit as she stared at her mother and Mark.

“Mark, I can’t… uhhh!”

“You can’t what?” he asked hoarsely, his cock still buried between her quivering asscheeks.

“Can’t take it! We have to stop… after this!” Barbara gasped.

“Had enough?” he asked, sliding his cock slowly back and forth in her asshole.

“Yes, damn it!” she whispered. “I surrender! I never thought I’d ever say this to a man, but I’ve had enough!”

Jody finally stopped shuddering as her orgasm began to subside. She leaned against the doorframe a moment longer. Then, when the strength had returned to her legs, she silently made her way back to her own bedroom.

Jody woke up in a daze, sexually aroused, her nipples hard and aching. It must have been a wild dream.

Pushing the sheet off her naked body, she reached between her legs. God, her pussy was wet! She bent her knees back and spread her legs open. She began to fantasize as two of her fingers became transformed into Mark’s lips and tongue, sucking her clit, alternating licking and sucking it. Three fingers of her other hand eased into her cunt, her wet convulsing pussy muscles sucking them deeply inside her.

Her hot cream trickled along her fingers in a steady flow, and drenched the flesh between her thighs.

“Oh, yes, now! Now!”

Her eyes were screwed shut as the ball of fire in her cunt intensified. Her body bucked and squirmed as her imaginary Mark plunged deep into her pussy, becoming more forceful with each passing stroke. She loved it!

“Deeper, harder, faster!”

Her back arched as Mark jerked her ass off the bed and thrust into her harder, deeper. The ball of tire suddenly exploded, and she cried out in sweet release, her body quivering with pleasure.

Finally, after it was over, she drifted back to sleep.


Jody came awake eagerly. The memory of what she’d witnessed the night before remained vivid within her. She had been so aroused that she’d dreamed about it all throughout the night.

She climbed out of bed, and after finishing her toiletry, she decided to relax by the pool. It was already eleven-thirty.

She looked out the bedroom window, which faced the backyard, and immediately saw Mark in the pool, lying on an inflatable air mattress, his eyes closed. He appeared to be asleep, but she was not sure. He wore a pair of white, ball hugging briefs, which were wet and slightly transparent. She liked the way his cock made a nice large bulge inside his briefs. She felt a throbbing in her cunt as she recalled how big his prick could get when he was aroused.

She’d only seen one other cock in the flesh besides Mark’s, but nevertheless she knew his prick was bigger than any of the ones in her magazine.

She turned from the window and searched her dresser drawer for her string bikini. The bikini — two simple twists of yellow cloth that barely concealed her cunt and nipples — looked good on her shapely body.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Jody saw to her satisfaction that the crotch hugged her cunt-mound, clearly revealing the slit of her cunt. Her pussy was bushy, and some of her cunt hairs stuck out from the sides, but she hoped the sight of it would turn Mark on.

She slipped on a short, yellow robe, then left the room with a feeling of excitement soaring through her.

The sun was intensely hot and bright as she stepped across the scorching flagstones of the patio, until she was standing by the edge of the pool.

Mark, on his air mattress, slowly circled the pool.

“Good morning, Mark.”

Mark opened his eyes a fraction against the glare of the sun. “Morning, Jody! I was wondering when you were going to make an appearance.”

“I’m usually a late sleeper,” she said, her eyes hungrily drawn to his bulging crotch. “Has mother left to go shopping yet?”

“She left a half hour ago.”

Mark rolled off the air mattress and swain to the side of the pool. He climbed out of the water and reached for a towel. He stared at her nearly naked body as he dried himself.

Jody’s luscious ass was literally uncovered, with just a mere string runnin up the crack of her smooth asscheeks. Her body was just as voluptuous as Barbara’s, and he could feel his cock stirring as he boldly ran his eyes over her.

Jody pushed out her chest and posed for him as he scrutinized her from head to toe. She felt her cunt starting to moisten under his gaze. She knew the effect her body had on men, and she wanted Mark to stare at her, to lust after her, as she deliberately enticed him with her body. She stole a look down at his crotch and was pleased to see that his cock had grown considerably.

“You look very sexy this morning,” he said with a smile, his eyes flirting with her. “In fact, in that bikini, you look down right ravishing!”

“Thank you,” Jody replied, blushing, proud of the fact that she had the kind of body that allowed her to get away with wearing such a daring, skimpy garment.

Mark knew she wanted his attention. His instincts told him it was sexual attention she was after. Why else would she be parading around in front of him in a highly provocative swimsuit?

“Is that the type of outfit you wear on stage?” she asked casually, indicating his white briefs.

“Something similar but only smaller.” He smiled.

“Gee, I’m just dying to see you perform!”

“Oh, you will! You can count on that!”

Their eyes locked for a long moment before she tore her gaze away. She pulled off her, robe and reclined in one of the chaise lounges. She put her feet up on the chair and spread her legs slightly, deliberately exposing her bikini-covered crotch.

Mark pulled up a chair in front of her and sat down. He’d noticed the look in her eyes when he saw her staring at his crotch. It was a look he knew well. The same hungry look her mother had given him the first day they had met. Jody wanted to be fucked, and he’d never been one to turn down pussy, especially a foxy chick like Jody.

“You know, Jody, I can’t get over how much you and your mother look alike. Both of you are beautiful, and as I once told your mom, you’re built like a brick shithouse.”

Jody laughed easily. “Thank you. Mark. I never heard that expression before, but I assume it’s the highest compliment a man can give a woman.”

“It is,” he replied. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“No, the school I went to was very strict and we weren’t allowed to associate with boys. Would you believe I’m still practically a virgin? I’ve only been with one guy, and that was three years ago.”

“Damn, you must really be in need!” Mark grinned.

“I am.” Jody laughed. “And you can believe I’m going to make up for all I’ve missed!”

“I don’t blame you.” Mark smiled. “There’s nothing better than some good hot sex.”

She saw him looking between her legs, and she was sure he could see her cunt fluttering with desire. Mark suddenly stood up and Jody’s eyes immediately went to his crotch, noticing that his cock was thicker then before inside his briefs. “Well, I better go hop in the shower,” he said. “Your mom is taking me to pick up my car and I want to be ready when she returns.”

Jody watched as he walked across the patio, admiring his broad shoulders and his tight trim ass. She would give him a few minutes, then follow him. She figured her mom wouldn’t be home for at least another hour, and she was determined to get some of that prick.

Inside the bathroom, Mark rinsed the foamy suds from his body, enjoying the steaming water. He turned off the water, pulled back the curtain and stepped out, rubbing the water from his eyes. He blinked a couple of times.

Jody was standing naked in front of him. For several long moments, he stood there staring at her lovely body.

Her large tits were high and firm, with long stiff nipples jutting from wide areolas. Her hips and thighs were smooth, and her stomach flat. Her cunt was covered with a lush, thick matting of black hair. Her body was firm and ripe, and he felt his pulse beating furiously, and now, his cock was sticking out so far that the head seemed to be reaching out for her.

Jody’s eyes took in his whole body, lingering on his massive prick. Without a word, she walked slowly toward him, her gaze hypnotic.

She placed her hands on his buttocks, pulling his huge cock against her cunt-mound. She kissed him hungrily, her tongue finding his, all the while grinding her pussy back and forth against his rigid cock.

Mark broke off the kiss and looked into her feverish eyes. “Listen, Jody, are you sure…”

Jody cut him off by placing her fingertips against his lips.

“You’re not talking me out of this,” she said huskily, pushing her cunt hard against his prick. “I need to be fucked right now, and I want you to fuck me.” She stared at him a moment. “As for Mom, let’s worry about that later.”

Mark smiled, then effortlessly he picked her up in his arms and carried her into her bedroom. He lowered her to the bed, and as he crawled up on the bed on his knees, she stopped him.

“Wait. Let me look at it,” she said hoarsely, sitting up in bed.

She used her index finger to trace the line of dark hair leading down from his navel to the damp matted pubic hair at his groin. His cock was long and as thick as her wrist. The network of veins seemed to throb as the blood rushed through them. She took his cock in her hands and caressed it as if it were a priceless work of art.

“God, Mark, you’re… so damn big and beautiful!” she whispered, her face flushed a deep pink, her eyes large and, lust-filled.

His prick was so thick that she could barely close her fingers around the shaft. She caressed his bloated balls. Finally, with a shudder, she fell back onto the bed with her legs gaped open.

“God, I’m so horny I could fuck for hours!” Jody moaned, rubbing her hand back and forth across her creaming pussy. “Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me like you fucked my mom last night!”

“So you were watching us, huh?”

“Yes, I-I couldn’t help it,” she replied huskily. “I saw that big cock of yours and I had to have it!”

“And I’m going to give it to you.” Mark grinned. “But first I’m going to get you good and ready.”

Mark leaned over her, supporting most of his weight on his elbows. He kissed her deeply, shooting his tongue into her mouth.

Jody whimpered in pleasure, sucking on his tongue as though it was a cock. They kissed a little longer, then Mark moved down to lick her juicy ripe nipples. She moaned in pleasure, running her fingertips lightly over the muscles in his arms, his shoulders and back. She continued to moan with pleasure as he tongued one nipple and then the other.

He squeezed her tits together and licked up and down the deep cleavage until her squirming body told him she wanted her nipples sucked.

Jody groaned in ecstasy when he took both her nipples into his mouth at the same time, sucking greedily on her sensitive buds.

“Jesus, that feels so good!” she biased. “I feel it all the way down in my pussy!”

Jody shivered as one of his hands caressed down her hot body until it found its way between her legs. His fingers lightly traced up and down the outer edge of her creaming cuntslit. The combination of his tongue on her nipples and his fingers playing with her cunt lips sent waves of pleasure throughout her nerve endings. The sensation was so new, so incredibly delicious, she wanted it to last forever.

She spread her legs wide, inviting him to explore all of her cream-filled cunt. A tingling warmth was spreading through her body, until the moist lips of her cunt were trembling from the pleasure that Mark was giving her.

She thrust her crotch against his hand. She felt two of his fingers slide between her pussy lips, working gently into her cunt. She sighed when she felt his fingers case into her tight little pussy.

“Ohhhh, yes, Mark! Open my pussy up! Get it ready for your big cock!” Jody groaned, shoving her cunt upward so that his fingers thrust deeper into her tight narrow channel.

She closed her eyes and whimpered in ecstasy as he finger-fucked hr pussy. Her body jerked spasmodically, and she gave a gasping cry when he suddenly began squeezing her sensitive clit.

“Ooooooh, God! I love that, Mark!”

Mark was driving her crazy with his greedy sucking of her nipples, and the skillful teasing of her pussy and clit. She’d never felt so aroused, so wet between her legs. She whimpered and moaned, her body squirming like a snake as the warmth in her belly was now a fire in her cunt, burning hotter and hotter.

It was when she thought of having his enormous cock inside her pussy that she shuddered with the first wave of orgasm.

“Oooooohhh, God! I’m coming!” Jody cried, grinding her pussy faster against his probing fingers.

She shivered in pure ecstasy as her climax rippled through her body.

Mark released her tits and began licking down her trembling body, his tongue trailing teasingly over her tits, then tracing a lazy path along her ribcage. He moved lower, lashing his tongue along her thigh to the side of her pussy with the tip of his tongue.

She cried out in anticipation as she felt him licking across her belly, along the inside of her other thigh.

“Open my pussy, Mark! Eat me!”

She groaned as he spread her puffy cuntlips and exposed the creamy pink wetness of her inner folds, her pussy scent strong with her excitement. He plunged his face into her fragrant mound of cunt-hair and his tongue stabbed into her cunt.

“Aaaaahhh!” Jody instinctively clutched Mark’s head to her crotch as his tongue probed inside her steaming clit channel.

Jody bent her knees back as Mark wiggled his tongue up and down between her cuntlips. He slowly rolled his tongue across her thick clit again and again, and she felt her cream oozing from her cunt and down to her asshole.

She moaned in sheer ecstasy, fanning her thighs against Mark’s head. He was driving her crazy with his skillful eating of her pussy, and she could feel the beginning of another orgasm simmering in her cunt.

“Yes, oh yes, Mark! Eat my pussy! Suck my clit!” she cried with increasing excitement.

Jody could feel the burning sensation in her pussy getting hotter and she knew she was only moments away from a fiery climax. His tongue worked feverishly to lick every inch of her soaked pussy, and she felt herself gushing with the pleasure of it.

“Aaaaaaggg, shit! I’m coming! Oh God, I’m coming, Mark!” she screamed, shivering wildly as her climax exploded.

Mark gripped her hips to hold her still. He grasped her clit between his lips. He started rolling and lashing his tongue back and forth across it, and Jody held his head as he sucked on her extremely sensitive joy button.

She cooed and whimpered, arching her drenched cunt against his mouth in a haze of pure ecstasy as another orgasm ripped through her. Every darting jab and lick of Mark’s tongue jolted her to climax like an electric shock.

“Uuuuuhhh, God, Mark! I can’t stop it! I’m coming, and coming!” she groaned deliriously, rolling her head from side to side on the pillow.

Her pussy heaved and thrashed on his face, grinding against his probing tongue. His tongue swept faster and faster over her inflamed clit, bringing her to yet another powerful intense orgasm.

She sighed in relief when he eased off her clit, it had become too sensitive. He slipped a finger deep up inside her sopping wet pussy, then another and then a third. He felt the strong contractions of her cunt muscles around his fingers, then the hot rush of cream as she climaxed again.

Jody was gasping for air, and she let out a weak moan of protest when he lifted her ass off the bed and swooped his mouth down on her cunt.

“No, no, please, Mark! I can’t take anymore!” she screamed. She strained upward, her eyes screwed shut as she felt his tongue licking her clit again. “Oh, God, Mark! What are you doing to me!”

Jody simply couldn’t take it anymore. Desperately, she brought Mark’s face up to her own and kissed him deeply, tasting her own cunt juices on his lips and tongue. Then she reached down for his cock, moaning huskily as his massive cockshaft filled her hand.

“I want your big cock inside me, Mark. Now, fuck me now!” she gasped, eagerly tugging on his enormous prick.

Mark cupped her asscheeks as he allowed her to guide the head of his cock to the mouth of her sopping wet cunt, spreading her pussy lips and arching her back as his prick entered.

He gently pushed into her, paused, then thrust into her a little deeper.

Jody gasped sharply. She grasped his hard ass frantically as she spread her legs as wide as possible to open up her pussy and suck him deeper into her clutching wet cunt. His fat prick thrust into her inch by inch. His cock felt so huge inside her, so thick and long as it stretched open her tight cunt channel.

With a gentle rocking of his hips, he pressed deeper and harder into her until at last she felt the throbbing knob of his cock bumping against her womb.

“My God, Mark? Oh, my God! It feels so fucking huge inside me!” she hissed. “Oh Jesus, I’ve waited so long for this!”

“You like my big cock?” Mark teased, loving the way her tender cunt muscles squeezed his cockshaft. “You want me to fuck you like I fuck your mother?”

“Yes, please! Yes, fuck me like you do Mom! Fuck me with this big cock like you do her!” Jody cried. “Fuck me, Mark! Oh please, fuck me!”

Mark released her ass and slid his hands under her shoulders, then he began thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt, slowly but steadily. Her cunt was tight, but after several fuck-strokes he could feel her pussy starting to adjust to his size, and soon he was fucking her pussy easily.

Mark stroked deep inside her. She groaned and clutched him, her long legs coming up around him, her ankles locking together at the small of his back. Mark felt her cunt muscles tensing, bunching up and beginning to quiver as he fucked her with smooth, deep strokes.

“That’s it! Fuck me, Mark! Give me the fucking I want!”

She pushed her crotch up against him until her damp asscheeks were off the bed, her tight snapping pussy gripping his cock as he drove his prick repeatedly in and out of her pussy. He paused in his stroking, and slowly moved the head of his cock just between the lips of her cunt. He sucked the stiff pointed nipples of her heaving tits.

“Ooooooh, shit!” she moaned, her body squirming.

With a great effort, she heaved herself all the way up, sucking his cock back into her hungry cunt. She’d never known fucking could be like this, with such a sweet, deep penetration, with such ecstasy.

Mark pushed her flat against the bed and began thrusting into her pussy again, stroking fast and deep to give her the maximum sensation. She gasped, trying to catch her breath, her slick cunt muscles contracting around his massive cockshaft as it slid back and forth deep in her pussy.

He draped her legs over his shoulders, and Jody’s eyes went wide as she felt his thick cock filling her to the hilt. She shuddered as he hammered deep inside her cunt, his swinging balls slapping lewdly now against her asshole with each hard penetrating stroke. She looked up into his eyes. They were intensely blue, the pupils large black spheres.

Jody whimpered loudly as she felt the fiery contractions bubbling deep inside her juicy pussy. She frantically dug her nails into his powerful forearms and pulled against him with all of her might, coming in a shattering series of intense spasms.

“Oooohhh, God, Mark! I’m coming! Oh, shit — I’m coming!” she screamed, her hips bucking against him, and her body trembling violently.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as Mark began thrusting into her creaming pussy hard and rough, just like her mother liked to be fucked. Her cunt was so soaked that there was a wet slurping sound as he drove his hard column of prick-flesh faster and harder into her juicy pussy.

“Give it to me, Mark!” she cried, quivering wildly with her climax. “Shoot off in my pussy! Give me your hot cum!”

Her slick cunt muscles clutched his cockshaft in an attempt to bring him off. A few moments later, she whimpered when she felt his prick swelling inside her pussy. Suddenly his hot spurting cum exploded from his prick and filled her milking pussy, sending her into another gut wrenching orgasm.

“Jesus Christ!” Mark grunted, his cum shot from his cock.

He began pile-driving his prick in and out of her pussy.

They bucked and strained against each other, moaning and groaning from the delicious sensation of their orgasm.

Finally, she felt his body give way to a shudder as he slowly relaxed against her.

A minute later, Mark withdrew his cock from her soaked pussy with a wet sucking sound, her cunt involuntarily contracting around his cockshaft in protest of its leaving.

Jody snuggled next to him, one leg thrown over his as they enjoyed the afterglow of their orgasm. She was still feeling horny, and she wanted more. She couldn’t get enough of his big thick prick.

“I’m still horny, Mark,” she whispered, fondling his glistening wet cock. “Can we do it some more?”

“Sure we can,” Mark said, cupping her soft ass. “You can have all the cock you want.”

“Mmmmm, horny as I am, I might just want it all the time!”

Jody leaned over him and began to kiss his cheeks and lips while fondling his wet cock until it was hard and stiff again in her hand. She moved her hungry mouth down his broad chest, snaking her wet tongue around his nipples. They became stiff under her tongue-teasing, and she groaned, running her hand up and down his cock as she sucked on his nipples.

She moved down his body, sliding her lips closer to his enormous cock. She released his prick long enough to reach between her thighs and massage her sopping wet cunt. She coated his entire shaft with her creamy wetness, then resumed stroking his throbbing cock.

“I want to suck your cock,” Jody moaned, staring at his hard massive prick. “I’ve always wanted to suck a cock, but I’ve never done it before.”

“Don’t let me stop you.” Mark grinned. “Suck to your heart’s content.”

Mark groaned when she opened her mouth and blew her hot breath against his glistening cock. She hadn’t directly touched his prick with her mouth, and when her head moved downward, he arched his hips up to help make the sweet connection.

But Jody had another goal in mind. She eagerly cupped his balls, then greedily sucked them into her hot mouth, sucking on one and then the other.

“Ooooh, shit!” Mark groaned, spreading his legs to give her greater access to his aching balls.

After laying each nut with her tongue, Jody greedily took his cock into her mouth, awed by the taste and thickness of his prick. Her tongue lapped at the fat head of his prick, washing it with her hot saliva. She lovingly toned the tiny piss-hole with the tip of her tongue.

Mark groaned, wanting to bury his cock deep inside her mouth. But she took her own sweet time, licking up and down the length of his thick cockshaft and all around it, tasting her own cunt juice as she licked. She worked her way back up his prick and slid her lips over the mushroom-shaped cockhead, sucking his cock deep into her steaming mouth. She began to suckle him, her cheeks caving in with her suction. Her tongue kept flicking, licking, stroking the fat knob of his cock with increasing passion.

At the same time, Jody played with his bloated balls, hefting the bag, gently massaging each ball. Her fingers probed near the base of his prick, applying pressure to the vein, then releasing it to let the blood rush in again. She sucked more of his cock into her mouth, to the back of her throat, until the head of his prick touched the opening. She held him there for several seconds, then drew him all the way out. She looked up at him with lust-filled eyes.

“God, Mark, I love it! I actually love sucking cock!”

She gripped his saliva-soaked cockshaft in her hands possessively. She kissed the huge reddish head a couple of times, then gobbled his prick back into her greedy mouth again.

“Jesus Christ!” Mark groaned, reaching down with both hands to stroke her dark hair.

He watched her head bobbing eagerly up and down on his trick, feeling her soft tits rubbing against his legs. She bathed his cock in warm saliva as he began to pump his prick into her mouth. Her succulent mouth was so hot and wet and soft, and knowing it was her first time with a prick in her mouth turned him on so much he felt himself nearing the edge of orgasm.

“That’s it, baby! Suck that big cock! I’m getting ready to come!” Mark groaned, his body stiffening.

Encouraged by his response, Jody sucked his cock with a hungry lust. Her jaw muscles were starting to ache from the hard sucking, but she was enjoying herself so much that she ignored the pain. She moaned and whimpered as she slid her hot juicy mouth up and down on his prick, making obscene wet slurping sounds as she gobbled his meat.

Suddenly she felt his cock expanding inside her mouth. He was getting ready to shoot his load!

She felt the wet hot throbbing between her legs radiating through her entire body, and quickly she pushed her aching pussy hard against his leg.

“Uuuuuummm!” she moaned as Mark’s jizz suddenly exploded in her greedy mouth.

She trembled wildly with her own orgasm as she worked frantically to swallow his spurting cum. It was her very first time tasting cum, and she moaned as the slightly salty cream filled her hungry mouth.

She pressed her convulsing pussy against his leg, grinding her creaming cunt-mound harder and harder against him as her climax soared through her. She sucked hard, loving the jizz she was receiving as she greedily swallowed his hot spurting cum.

She sucked him dry, wrapping her lips around the head of his prick as her hands jacked his shaft upward, pumping out the last drop of his creamy cum.

An hour later, Mark’s fingers and lips were teasing her squirming body until every inch of her was screaming with desire.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned when he began to fuck her for the fourth time that day.

His fuck-strokes were slow and controlled. She drew him urgently deeper and deeper into her wet pussy, running her fingernails up and down his back, grasping his rock-hard ass and pulling him to her, grinding her cunt up to him faster and faster.

With a sudden shift of positions, Mark hooked his arms behind her knees and bent her legs back and wide. He began thrusting his cock even deeper into the bubbling heat of her juicy cunt. She gasped and held onto his powerful arms as he drove into her pussy to the hilt, burying his prick all the way to his balls.

“Uuuuuggggh! Shit, Mark! You’re splitting me apart?” Jody cried, enjoying the feeling of his balls slapping against her asscheeks as he pumped in and out of her.

He had her pinned to the bed. The harder he thrust, the more she moaned. The more she moaned, the harder he fucked her, until their bodies were slick with sweat.

“You like the way I fuck?” Mark groaned as he hammered his massive cock in and out of her tight succulent pussy. “Do you like the size of my big cock?”

“Ooooooohh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I love the feel of your big cock pounding my pussy?”

Jody had so many orgasms she had long ago lost count. And just when she thought she had nothing left, the fire in her cunt suddenly ignited and spread through her body.

“Aaaaaggggggh! Shit! I’m coming — oh, God, I’m coming again!” she screamed, her body going into violent convulsion.

She uttered a grunting moan as she felt his cock expanding inside her, then exploding, filling her once again with his hot cum.

He was pounding in and out of her pussy so hard that her trembling body was bouncing up and down on the bed. She whimpered in ecstasy, clutching her powerful cunt muscles around his spurting cock, loving the sensation of his hot cum splattering the walls of her convulsing pussy.

She stared at him, gasping for air as her intense orgasm burned throughout her body. Finally, after what seemed like ten whole minutes, she shuddered with the last spasm of orgasmic convulsions. She fell back onto the bed and sighed deeply, her body jerking and twitching from the aftershocks of her climax.

“Enough… please, Mark! You’ve fucked me until I’m raw inside!” she murmured softly. “We have to stop before Mom returns.”

Mark smiled.

“But,” she continued after a pause, “we definitely have to do this again.”


“We passed by this little cafe where these big, fat, juicy frankfurters were routing in the window,” Barbara said as she was pulling off her slacks and blouse, “and all I could think about was sucking your cock.”

When Barbara had returned home from shopping, she found Mark and Jody sitting in the living room talking. After changing clothes, she drove Mark to pick up his own car, then followed him to his condominium.

She was now naked and enjoying the look on his face as he took in her curvaceous, well endowed body. Mark was sprawled across his bed, his cock stiff, massive and inflamed, spearing up from its thick mat of cock hair and large balls. His prick stood out like a fence post, quivering with anticipation.

She groaned, her cunt oozing in a hot wave of cream as she climbed on the bed and grabbed his thick reddened cock.

“I’m going to give this luscious cock of yours the kind of attention it so obviously needs. I’m just glad Jody didn’t wear it out.” She looked him straight in the eye. “You did fuck my daughter, didn’t you?”

The question was so sudden and unexpected that Mark was momentarily speechless.

Barbara laughed and squeezed his cock affectionately. “Don’t worry, honey, I’m not at all angry with you. But answer my question. Did you fuck her?”

Mark had never been able to lie, and he couldn’t bring himself to do so now, not even under these circumstances. “Sure, we got it on earlier this afternoon. But how did you know?”

“A woman can usually tell when another woman was very recently fucked. We get a nice glow about us that nothing else gives but a good hard fucking,” Barbara said with a smile. “Also Jody is a very horny young Jody, and I figured she’d make a play for a good looking hunk like you.”

Mark looked at her for a second or two, then smiled. “You didn’t by chance set this up, did you?”

“Well not exactly.” Barbara smiled broadly. “I just created a situation where you and Jody would be alone and hoped nature would take it’s course. And it did.”

“She saw us fucking last night, you know.”

“Yes, I saw her reflection in one of the mirrors.” Barbara grinned. “I hope she picked up a few pointers.”

It was Mark’s turn to grin. “She did.” Barbara rubbed his cockshaft, her mouth watering as she stared at his massive cock. “Now that that’s out of the way, suppose we get down to more important business.”

His prick bobbed up in the air, so swollen and stiff that Barbara had to fight a sudden impulse to jump on his thick column of flesh and fuck herself crazy.

Grasping the fat knob of his prick between her thumb and forefinger, she lowered her head and placed her full lips against the fur-trimmed tightness of Mark’s stomach.

“Mmmmmm!” he moaned, running his fingers through her long glossy black hair. “You handle my cock as if you’re in love with it.”

“Ummmmm, I am!” She smiled, pressing her lips lightly to his throbbing shaft. “I’m in love with the man, too.”

Her pink tongue flicked out. She licked along his rigid shaft, gliding up and across the huge, sensitive head, and worming the tip into the slit for the tangy bubble of cream which oozed out. Mark excited her more than any other man she’d ever known, and his enormous cock was only icing on the cake.

Mark groaned as she licked his prick, tonguing every inch of his big cock shaft until its entire length was glistening with her saliva.

Then she went to work on his balls, lapping and mouthing his hairy nut sack, sticking first one into her mouth for a while, and then releasing it for the other. As she hungrily sucked and teased both bloated nuts, she could practically feel the tingle that surged through Mark’s body as he clutched her hair harder.

“That’s it, baby! That’s the way I like it!” Mark crooned, enjoying the wet feel of her mouth and tongue.

“Ummmmmm!” she purred, her pussy gushing with hot creamy juice, her tongue licking greedily, trying to taste every bit of his cock at once.

Her tongue dipped past his balls and slid along his asshole, licking at the tight, hair-lined entrance, worming up into his asshole and into the puckered opening.

“Jesus Christ?” Mark groaned, arching his back to give her access to his asshole. “Lick my asshole! Oh shit, that feels good!”

It was the first time she’d ever reamed a man’s ass, and she couldn’t get enough of it. She wriggled the tip of her tongue around in his asshole until her jaws ached. She finally slid her tongue free and licked her way back along his balls toward the massive upright cock that her drenched pussy needed so much.

Mark began to pump his hips as Barbara’s warm, wet mouth sucked up and down on his prick. She knew how much he loved having his cock sucked, so she took her time, despite the raging inferno in her cunt. Inch after thick inch of his hard fat cock slithered into her mouth, throbbing along her licking tongue with growing urgency as she sucked and teased his cock greedily.

“Yeah, suck it, baby! Suck that big cock!” Mark groaned, arching up to slide his throbbing cockshaft between Barbara’s soft lips.

Barbara’s cunt was throbbing. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, she slipped a hand between her legs and dipped two fingers into her hot creaming cunt. Her fingers plunged deep into her pussy, stroking hard in an attempt to soothe the ache.

Mark loved the sight of Barbara fingerfucking herself as she simultaneously sucked his prick. He gritted his teeth and concentrated on her greedy pumping mouth. Soon he was thrusting his hips, shoving his cock as far as he dared into her mouth.

“Aaaahh, shit! You’re going to suck my cock from my body!” Mark gasped huskily.

Barbara slurped furiously on his cock, her fingers stroking in and out of her pussy at the same rapid pace. She grasped her throbbing clit between her fingertips and squeezed hard, moaning in ecstasy. She could feel Mark getting ready to come.

With a whimper of raw lust she sucked on his cock with all her might.

“Here it comes, baby! I’m shooting my load!”

Mark grunted like a bull. His cock swelled. Hot cum blasted in long spurting streams down Barbara’s throat.

“Uuuuummmm!” Barbara moaned as his hot cum filled her mouth.

She took it all, while her own flooding cream oozed from her convulsing cunt and trickled along her thigh. His cum flooded her mouth, and she barely had time to swallow the first load before it was followed by a second and then a third. She sucked greedily, slurping down every drop of his rich cream.

Finally Mark slumped back with a long satisfied groan. “You sure know how to suck a cock!”

“That’s because I love sucking your cock,” Barbara moaned, feeling the last of her orgasm rippling through her body.

Suddenly she decided to have her pussy filled with his massive cock. Even as the last little drops of cum dribbled from his prick, she rose, licking her lips.

She straddled his middle, her soaked pussy splaying open to expose its creamy depths. Her pussy hovered above Mark’s half-erect cock. She reached down and grabbed his prick, its length moist and semi-hard.

“I’m going to get this big bastard in my cunt and ride the hell out of it! I’m going to grind it down to a mere nub!” Barbara said hoarsely, her eyes ablaze with lust.

She raised up and wedged the head of his cock against the slick pink entrance of her pussy, then stuffed it in. Even though his prick wasn’t fully hard, Mark’s cock was still stiff enough to stretch her cuntlips open. She gave a hiss of ecstasy as his prick slid smoothly into her sopping wet cunthole.

Mark felt a warm, tingling sensation spreading through his balls. “Christ, you’ve got the sweetest pussy I’ve ever had!”

He groaned as Barbara squeezed his prick with a rippling motion. The hot friction soon had his cock swelling again, slowly stiffening back to its full thick length.

“Oh God, Mark! It feels so good growing inside of me!”

Her plump, juicy cuntlips closed on his swelling cock, wetly molding around its veined thickness and squeezing with a slurpy sucking motion as she started grinding eagerly on his prick.

“Aaaaaahhh! Yes! Yes!” she mooned, taking his cock deeper as it reached its full length, thickening in the slushy sheath of her pussy. “God, I simply love your cock!”

Mark’s cock was hard and throbbing inside her drenched cunt as she lunged up and down, taking it all with long, surging, grinding motions that slid his meaty prick out to the very rim of its inflamed head.

Barbara was groaning in ecstatic bliss, sliding up and down on his massive prick with a wild abandon as her own lust built to a fresh climax, bubbling up from her pussy in gushes of juicy heat.

“God! Oh my God! It feels so good, baby!” she sobbed, increasing the friction of their coupling with her strong cunt muscles. “So fucking good! Fucking you is so good!”

Her humping became more frantic as the fire in her cunt burned hotter and hotter. She started riding his cock in sheer pleasure as Mark’s prick filled her pussy, shoving deep in her belly to bang the very core of her cunt.

Mark grabbed her hips and thrust upward, pistoning his cock into her pussy as hard as he could.

“Ooooohhh, shit! Now you’re fucking me! Fuck me hard and deep!” she groaned, rotating her pussy up and down on his cock so hard that the suction of her cunt made wet sucking sounds with each upthrust. “Keep fucking my pussy like that! Fuck it hard and rough!”

Her moans rose to a shrill cry of ecstasy as she bounced on his prick, shoving it again and again into her creaming pussy until she had Mark groaning.

She was moving in a wild frenzy, twisting and bouncing on his cock, her cunt muscles clamping like a vise around the thick shaft and her hot cream streaming down over his balls. She gasped and gurgled, sobbing in ecstasy as she felt herself nearing the edge of orgasm.

“Fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard! Oooohhh, shit, I’m going to come! Oh God, Mark! Make me come!”

Grunting in pleasure, Mark held onto Barbara’s hips as he shoved upward. She was pounding on his cock in such a frenzy that the whole bed shook and squeaked. Her large jutting tits jiggled and bounced. Her inflamed, protruding clit rubbed against his long thick shaft with each up-and-down plunge of her cunt. Her rounded asscheeks slammed ion em his groin with lewd slapping sounds that made her whimper in pleasure. His balls began to tingle and ache for release.

“Take this cock, baby! I want you to have all of this big fat motherfucker!” he grunted drilling his cock hard into her pussy. Suddenly he felt his prick swelling up inside of her ad he groaned hoarsely. “Aaaaaahhh, shit. I’m coming!”

Barbara screamed when she felt his prick explode, shooting loads of thick cum in long powerful spurts, drenching her contracting clit flesh with his hot cream. It was so sudden and good that it unleashed heron climax, and she shoved her convulsing pussy down hard on his cock in a last burst of lust.

“Ohhhhh, sweet Jesus! I’m coming with you, Mark! Oh shit, I’m coming!”

They bucked and strained and groaned as their orgasms erupted in a fury of shocking spasms. Mark’s cock seemed to shoot an endless stream of cum up into her snapping wet pussy, and she whimpered in delicious pleasure, her cunt soaking up every creamy drop.

“My God, Mark, this is so wonderful!” she moaned in sheer ecstasy, her sopping wet pussy squeezing his massive cockshaft.

Though her climax only lasted moments, it seemed to go on and on for hours. When Mark slumped beneath her and his twitching cock had been sucked dry of its thick cream, she finally collapsed in a heap on top of him.

“Damn, you did it!” he sighed. “You wore me down to a nub. I feel as though I don’t have a single drop of cum left in me.”

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned, nuzzling against his broad heaving chat. “Jody is equally responsible, you know. I’m just happy I have a guy who can handle two cock-hungry females back-to-back with only a couple hours rest.”

“I still don’t see how you can be so calm about Jody and me.”

Barbara smiled. “I love my daughter more than anything, Mark. I’m secure enough with myself where I’m not afraid to share my man with her. I know eventually she’ll find a nice young man of her own, but for now, why shouldn’t she experience the best there is?”

A minute later Barbara drifted into a peaceful sleep, every so often her body twitching with the aftershock of orgasm, her soaked pussy still clutching Mark’s softening cock.


“God, Nicole, he’s incredible!” Jody exclaimed as they sat in the chaise lounges. “I’m telling you, he’s hung like a fucking horse, and he can last for hours!”

Nicole raised her head to look at Jody. “This guy must really be something,” she said, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight with her hand.

“You better believe he’s something.” Jody grinned. “I got so horny watching him and my mom fucking last night, I just knew I had to have him, too.”

“Hmmmmmmm, sounds nice,” Nicole said, turning on her side to face Jody. “But what if your mom finds out that you and Mark have been fucking behind her back?”

“I don’t know. Mom and I are pretty tight, but she might really get upset if she finds out about it.”

“Well, I hope you two don’t have a failing out over him,” Nicole said. “Why don’t you find your own boyfriend?”

“I will someday,” Jody replied. “But you haven’t seen Mark. I’m going to enjoy that big cock between his lop for as long as I can.”

Listening to them talk about her mother’s boyfriend was making Nicole curious and horny. Big cocks always fascinated her. And from Jody’s description of Mark, he had a monster of a dick hanging between his legs, and the thought of his huge cock made her curious and extremely horny.

Nicole reached over and began playing with Jody’s nipples. “You’re making me hot talking about this guy. I certainly hope I’ll get to meet him.”

“You’ll meet him, don’t worry about that.” Jody smiled, feeling her nipples stiffen under Nicole’s teasing.

“Oh yeah, when?” Nicole asked, running her fingers along Jody’s swollen crotch.

“Tonight,” Jody replied, spreading her legs so Nicole could play with her bikini-covered cunt. “Mom is taking us to the club where he works. But for now, why don’t we drop this conversation and do something nasty.”

Nicole glanced around and saw that the backyard was fully enclosed by a high wooden fence. She spread a large beach towel across an air mattress.

She removed her bikini top, and her juicy ripe tits spilled free, her pink nipples stiff with growing excitement. She untied the bikini bottom and pulled it from between her crotch. She looked down at her blonde pussy, then stretched out on the air mattress.

While Jody looked on, Nicole spread her legs and reached down to her pussy, spreading her swollen cuntlips to reveal the pink moistness within.

“Does this look good enough to eat, honey?” Nicole grinned as she watched Jody staring at her pussy with lust-filled eyes.

As Jody watched, Nicole started caressing her cunt, manipulating her fingers back and forth in a steady contact with her throbbing clit.

Jody was quivering with anticipation, and she felt her juices flowing, oozing past her cuntlips and soaking the crotch of her bikini.

“C’mon, Jody, let’s play with each other’s pussies!”

Jody quickly snatched off her scanty bikini and stretched out on the air mattress next to Nicole. Nicole slid her fingers along Jody’s wet slit, working them back and forth between her puffy cuntlips.

“I love playing with your cunt,” Nicole said. “It’s always so hot and wet, and ready!”

With a whimpering moan, Jody placed her fingers on Nicole’s creaming pussy. She eagerly slid her fingers up and down Nicole’s juicy clit slit, loving the feel of the girl’s soft, slippery lips against her probing fingers.

They thrust their aching clits against the other’s exploring fingers.

“Let’s bump pussies,” Nicole said, turning her body in the opposite direction. “Scissor your legs in between mine.”

Jody entwined her legs with Nicole’s, then scooted forward until her raven-haired crotch pressed against Nicole’s blonde crotch. Now their clits were flush against each other. Then with a slow, obscene, grinding motion, they began rubbing their wet pussies against each other.

“Ooooooh, yeah! This feels incredible, Nicole!” Jody cooed. “So hot and nasty.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Nicole said hoarsely.

By now both Jody and Nicole were sopping wet, and their slippery cuntlips made moist popping sounds as the wet flesh of their pussies slapped together.

Jody squeezed her throbbing, sensitive nipples as she bumped her creamy cunt hard against Nicole’s juicy wet cunt. Rubbing her cunt against Nicole’s was the most lewd sensation she’d ever experienced, and she immediately felt the rippling warm waves of a climax stirring deep in her pussy. She whimpered and moaned, knowing she was going to come in a matter of seconds.

“Oooooooohh, God, Nicole, this is too good! I’m getting ready to come!” Jody cried with increasing lust.

“Yes! Aaaaahh! Yes, I feel it too!” Nicole mused. “Grind that hot pussy on mine! Ooooohh, harder, Jody! Harder!”

They bucked and rotated their hips in a wild frenzy, bumping and smacking their juicy young cuss lewdly against one another. Nicole moaned in ecstasy, her thighs and belly quivering spasmodically as the inferno in her pussy finally exploded.

“Aaaaaagggggh, shit! I’m coming, Jody!” Nicole cried as she literally slammed her, convulsing pussy against Jody’s.

“Uuuuuuhhhh, yeah! Yes, I’m doing it too!”

Jody groaned, thrusting her cunt right back at Nicole.

They thrashed and squirmed against each other, moaning and sobbing in sweet release. Finally they fell back onto the air mattress, trembling and gasping for breath.

After a few moments, Nicole untwined her legs from Jody’s. She turned around and settled herself back between Jody’s legs, head first. She parted Jody’s inflamed cuntlips and watched as the creamy results of Jody’s recent orgasm oozed from her pussy. The longer Nicole stared at Jody’s enticing cunt, the more rapidly she licked her lips as she anticipated eating her friend’s pussy.

“I’m going to suck your cute little pussy as if it was a sweet George peach,” Nicole said huskily.

She lowered her head between Jody’s thighs, sliding her tongue up the gaping slit of Jody’s drenched clit.

Jody jerked and gasped as she felt Nicole’s warm, spongy tongue lapping at her pussy. She lifted her ass and spread her legs wider, exposing more of her pussy for Nicole’s eager tongue.

“Ooooooh! Eat my pussy out!” Jody moaned. “Stick your tongue inside my cunt!”

As Jody’s hips twisted and turned, Nicole slithered her tongue into the girl’s cunt passage, driving it back and forth as deep as she could inside Jody’s cream-filled pussy. She lapped slowly, savoring the tangy taste of Jody’s juices. She plunged her tongue faster inside Jody’s pussy, trying to lick every square inch of her lover’s cunt-flesh.

“Ooooooohh, Nicole!” Jody cooed, her asscheeks twisting and turning as she ground her pussy against Nicole’s greedy mouth.

As she lay there on the air mattress, Jody began to squirm frantically. As Nicole continued to suck and tongue her sopping wet cunt, Jody could feel the delicious sensation of Nicole’s tongue working deep inside her pussy, bringing her closer to the brink of a powerful orgasm.

While Nicole kept edging Jody closer to the point of climax, she clutched Jody’s thighs. She held on tightly, grasping with firmness as she sucked on Jody’s hot cunt.

Jody arched her ass up, gasping in heated passion as Nicole’s tongue stroked her pussy into a hotter blaze. She was actually getting off in a series of orgasms, building up to one powerful climax. She screwed her eyes shut and rolled her steamy cunt back and forth against Nicole’s greedy mouth.

“Aaaaaaahhh, shit! Suck my pussy! Oooooh, God! It feels so fucking good!” Jody moaned, her body quivering wildly.

As Jody’s hips kept twisting, Nicole decided it was time to switch into second gear. She took Jody’s stiff, protruding clit between her lips and began picking on the sensitive bud slowly, circling it with her tongue.

Jody jerked and twitched spasmodically when she felt Nicole’s lips enclose her aching clit.

“Oooooooohhh, you bitch! What are you doing to me!” Jody cried, feeling stream of cream oozing from her cunt and down between the crack of her ass.

Nicole suddenly started flicking her wet tongue back and forth across Jody’s clit.

Jody began bucking and thrashing in a gut wrenching orgasm.

“Awwwwww, shit, I’m coming! Eat me, Nicole! Oh my God! Eat me!” Jody wailed, twisting and turning her trembling body.

While Jody creamed in orgasm, Nicole grasped the girl’s asscheeks and the hot quivering flesh as she lapped up Jody’s tangy juices. Her tongue worked frantically as she swallowed every drop of cunt juice that streamed from Jody’s pussy.

Jody sobbed as Nicole’s tongue continued to lash back and forth across her inflamed clit. When she finally couldn’t take anymore, she collapsed on the air mattress with a deep sigh of pleasure.

“God, Nicole, I love the way you eat me!” Jody murmured hoarsely. “Now I want to do you. I want to plant my tongue deep inside that sweet pussy of yours.”

Nicole stretched out on her back, reached down with her right hand and stuck her middle finger inside her pulpy wet pussy. She stirred her finger around in her cunt, then spread her puffy cuntlips open to expose the pink inner folds of her creamy pussy-flesh.

“Be my guest,” Nicole said. “You can eat my pussy anytime!”

Jody wanted to take her time and slowly drive Nicole out of her mind with lust. Her fingers caressed Nicole’s drenched cunt, trailing back and forth over the soft inflamed lips, watching her cream ooze out between them. She pulled the soaked lips apart with her thumbs and gazed into the succulent hole of Nicole’s aroused cunt. She could smell the musky odor of Nicole’s excitement, and she longed to plunge her tongue into her delicious pussy.

“Eat me, Jody! Put your tongue inside!” Nicole whimpered.

Instead of going for her pussy, Jody raised up over Nicole and began sucking on the blonde’s erect nipples. She sucked on one for awhile, then switched to the other, greedily going back and forth until Nicole was moaning and squirming with delight, arching her back to shove her firm ripe tits at Jody.

After working on Nicole’s nipples, Jody began trailing her wet tongue down Nicole’s body. She probed around inside Nicole’s belly button, then continued licking her way downward.

With her head now between Nicole’s thighs, she kissed and licked along one velvet-soft thigh, across the blonde curls of Nicole’s cunt-mound, and then along to her other thigh. She lashed her tongue along the lips of Nicole’s cunt.

By now, Nicole was beside herself with the need to have her cunt eaten. She twisted her hips, desperately trying to shove her pussy against Jody’s teasing mouth.

“Ooooooohhh, God, Jody! Stop teasing me! Eat my pussy.”

Jody parted Nicole’s cuntlips and pressed her tongue against the girl’s gaping pussy-mouth, driving her tongue as far as she could inside Nicole’s succulent cunt. She rolled her tongue back and forth within Nicole’s creamy hot depths, moaning with a fierce hunger as she ate her lover’s pussy.

“Ahhhh, yes! That’s what I need, Jody!” Nicole sobbed, arching her hips.

Nicole bucked and squirmed. She gasped and moaned.

Jody kept up the pressure, driving her tongue deep, moving it rapidly as she slid it around inside Nicole’s cunt. She worked her tongue diligently, loving the tangy taste of Nicole’s sweet pussy, bringing the girl closer and closer to a blistering climax.

“Eat me, Jody! Ooooooohhh, God! Suck my pussy!”

Jody pulled her tongue from Nicole’s cunt, slithering it down between her quivering asscheeks, lashing it back and forth against Nicole’s puckered asshole.

Nicole gasped, feeling the delicious sensation of Jody’s wet tongue lapping her sensitive asshole. “Oooooooh, I love that!”

Jody tongued Nicole’s whole, then she raised up and sucked Nicole’s clit, toning the girl’s sensitive, throbbing clit with gentle little flicks of her tongue.

Nicole squealed in sheer ecstasy and thrust her creaming pussy harder against Jody’s hungry mouth. Her eyes were half-closed as she enjoyed the delicious sensation of Jody’s tongue licking her clit.

“Keep it up, Jody! Keep your tongue right there!” Nicole cried as her body shivered wildly. “Sweet Jesus! I’m going to come right in your mouth!”

Jody snapped her tongue back and forth against Nicole’s clit. Nicole’s ass twisted and turned with greater urgency as Jody tongued her clit. Then the fireball in her cunt suddenly exploded, and she went wild.

“Aggggh! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Nicole gasped for breath, trembling violently as the powerful orgasm rippled through her with a warm, tingling sensation. She bucked her hips oblivious to everything as Jody brought her to a full and complete climax.

Jody swallowed every bit of Nicole’s hot cream, slithering her tongue all over the girl’s pussy, searching, probing, licking, until Nicole couldn’t stand it any longer and pushed her head away from her inflamed, sensitive cunt.

Nicole lay on the air mattress, her beautiful tits quivering gently.

Jody got up slowly and reached for a towel, licking her cum-smeared lips as she looked down at Nicole’s cream oozing from her ravished pussy.

“We’d better cool it for now before Mom gets back,” Jody said, wrapping the towel around her body. “Fucking her boyfriend is one thing, but I don’t think she’ll understand this. Besides, we’ve got to get dressed and see Mark tonight.”

Sighing, Nicole got to her feet and followed Jody into the house on rubbery legs, her pussy still tingling from her gut-wrenching orgasm.


“Here he is, ladies! The man you all been so hornily waiting for — Marvelous Mark!”

The hostess introduced Mark as the next and final act. She was a platinum blonde, wearing a short blue dress, cut low in the front to reveal the deep cleavage of her huge tits.

Barbara, Jody and Nicole were seated at a small table a few feet from the raised dance floor.

Mark came out on the stage before the pack filled room of excited, gawking females. He wore a pair of red satin pants, matching jacket and bow-tie. He was bare-chested. He stood in full view of everyone, gyrating his hips lewdly as he moved gracefully about the stage.

“God, what a hunk!” screamed a middle-aged, good-looking woman.

“Ooooooh, I’ll give anything just to take him home for one night!” cooed a young woman.

“All right!” Jody said excitedly, turning to her mother. “This is wonderful, Mom! I’m glad you brought us here.”

“So am I!” Nicole agreed with equal enthusiasm. “God, the guys here are simply beautiful!”

“I figured you two might enjoy it,” Barbara replied, not taking her eyes off Mark.

He danced about the stage for a couple of minutes, winking and smiling at the women, letting the excitement build.

“Oh, God, I can’t stand it!” a woman cried. She ran up on the stage and pressed herself against Mark. A bare-chested male attendant restrained her.

Mark danced over to Barbara’s table and squatted down in front of her, Jody, and Nicole, his bulging crotch a few feet away from their flushed faces. The three of them stared at his crotch hungrily. Jody was licking her sensuous lips. Nicole was watching wide-eyed. Barbara winked at him with a conspiratorial smile.

The grasping and shrieking and whistling rose as the crowd went wild. Then one Jody with a few drinks under her belt shouted above the din: “Oh, Mark, I’ll suck your cock anytime!”

Mark rose to his feet, moving his body provocatively among the tables.

Women frantically waved dollar bills at him, luring him to them with their tips.

One woman tucked a bill into the deep cleavage of her tits, and pushed her chest out for him. Mark bent over and lowered his head toward her tits. With his mouth, he plucked the bill out from between her luscious tits.

Other hands reached out, stuffing money into his briefs.

“My God!” Nicole groaned huskily, still staring at Mark. “If what he’s packing inside that pouch is all cock, I sure would like to meet him.”

“Believe me, honey, it’s all cock,” Barbara replied, smiling. “And you’ll get to meet him a little later at the house.”

“Watching all these gorgeous guys has left me with an ache between my legs,” Jody said, crossing her legs as if to suppress the throbbing in her moist cunt.

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean,” Nicole said, giving Jody a knowing look.

Barbara merely smiled as she listened to them. She glanced at her wristwatch when she heard the hostess announce the last act.

“So when is Mark supposed to be here?” Nicole asked as they sat in Barbara’s living room.

She was still horny from watching the male strippers, and if she couldn’t get a nice stiff cock soon, then she was determined to have Jody’s hot tongue licking away at her throbbing pussy.

“He should be here any minute now,” Barbara replied, feeling the excitement building in her cunt.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if he brought a couple of his cute friends along?” Jody sighed.

“It’d be more than nice, it’d be great!” Nicole replied.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Barbara jumped up and rushed across the living room. She opened the front door and smiled.

Mark stood there with a broad smile on his handsome face, and she felt her pussy creaming like mad as she looked at him.

“Thought I wasn’t coming, huh?” Mark smiled.

“After watching you tonight you’d better show up, or I’d come looking for you!” Barbara laughed, giving him a light kiss on the mouth.

“Hello, Mark,” Jody greeted, her heart beating faster.

“Hi, Jody,” Mark replied with a big smile. He turned his head to look at Nicole and saw her eyes hold his for a moment before they dropped to the front of his pants. “You must be Nicole.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jody apologized. “Mark, this is my best friend, Nicole. Nicole, this is Mark Logan, whom you had the pleasure of seeing earlier.”

Mark offered Nicole his hand. “Glad to meet you, Nicole.”

“Nice meeting you as well.” Nicole smiled, taking his hand.

She felt her cunt starting to moisten as she held his hand and looked up at him. She also experienced a series of tingles rippling through her body at how darkly handsome he was. Unconsciously, she lowered her gaze to his crotch, and she felt a throbbing deep in her pussy as she longed to reach out and feel his cock. To see for herself how big his cock was.

While Barbara was at the bar fixing them a drink, Mark slipped off his jacket and sat on the couch between the two girls. “So how did you ladies like the show tonight?”

“I thought you were great!” Nicole replied, recalling his large cock bulge. “I bet you get all kinds of offers from the ladies. I mean you had all those hungry women lusting after you.”

“I get a few,” Mark acknowledged. “But actually, most of them rush home to take it out on their husbands or boyfriends.”

“And when they do, I bet they fantasize it’s you they’re making it with!” Nicole grinned.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t have to fantasize.” Barbara came into the living room, carrying a tray with their drinks on it.

“Nicole was being modest about your performance tonight,” Jody said, taking a sip of her brandy. “You had her so horny she was ready to rape you right there on the stage.”

“Jody!” Nicole cried, blushing. “I’m sure Mark isn’t interested in all that stuff!”

“The truth is you had them both squirming in their seats like two undecided nuns!” Barbara laughed.

“If you don’t mind my asking, how much do you make, Mark?” Nicole asked sweetly. “Those women were shoving their money at you.”

“I average about fifteen hundred a week with tips.”

“Fifteen hundred a week! Wow, I better get me a stripper for a boyfriend if you make that kind of money!” Nicole gasped.

“Me too!” Jody added.

Barbara sat in a recliner across from them, watching as Nicole flirted with Mark. She studied the beautiful girl. Nicole was a beautiful and sexy blonde, and Barbara felt a tingling sensation deep in her pussy. And even through the evening, while Barbara had sat next to Nicole at the club, her cunt had been seething, churning with a warm moistness as she fantasized sucking Nicole’s hot young pussy. She knew that Nicole was attracted to her as well.

It was while watching Mark’s performance that an idea formed in Barbara’s mind.

Mark looked across at Barbara, and she gave him that same conspiratorial smile she’d given him at the club. He suspected she was up to something, and he was aware that she had noticed how Jody and Nicole were constantly touching his thighs as they talked with him. His cock was semi-hard, making a large bulge inside his pants, and the girls kept staring down at it with craving eyes.

“I’m sorry, girls, but you’ll have to talk Mark to death some other time,” Barbara said, setting her empty glass on the tray and standing up. “He and I have some things to talk about.”

“I betcha I know what they are!” Jody teased.

“You’re right, dear, we’re going to my bedroom and to fuck each other crazy!” Barbara smiled sweetly. “Goodnight.”

After they’d left, Jody and Nicole looked at each other and giggled.

“Jody, you really have a terrific and beautiful mom. She has such an open personality.”

“Yes, I know. She’s the best mother a girl can have,” Jody said proudly.

“Oooooh, did you see that big lump in Mark’s pants?” Nicole cooed.

“I told you he was hung!” Jody grinned. “He’s got a big dick and big balls to watch.”

“God, how I envy your mother.” Nicole gave Jody a cunning look. “We’ve got to scheme up a way so I can get some of that.”

Jody looked at Nicole and grinned. “We’ll come up with something. Right now my pussy is so hot I’m burning up.”

Nicole slipped her hand under Jody’s dress and felt the girl’s swollen cunt.

“My God, honey, your pussy is as wet as mine!” she groaned. She took Jody’s hand and started to rise. “We may as well have us some fun too!”


“Suck it, baby! Deep-throat my big juicy dick? Yeah, that’s it? Take it all the way to the back!”

“Mmmmmmmm!” Barbara moaned. Mark grabbed two handfuls of her glossy black hair and slid a couple more inches of his stiff, throbbing cock into her mouth. She gulped it down eagerly, forcing her throat muscles to relax as more and more of his ten-inch prick slithered wetly between her stretched lips, its enormous head almost making her gag.

“Yes, yes, suck it, baby! Suck it slow and easy!” Mark groaned, watching her head bob up and down on his meaty veined cock.

He pumped his hips in grinding motions that made her give a muffled gasp as her full pink lips were stretched even wider.

Mark sat on the edge of the bed with Barbara heeling on the floor between his legs. She fondled his balls as she greedily increased the friction of her mouth on his cock, gobbling on it with an insatiable hunger. Her pussy was oozing hot streams of cream that made her groan and suck even harder, lusting for the hot load of cum that boiled in his hefty balls.

Mark’s cock was so hard that he thought it would burst from the hot pleasure of her hungry sucking. He loved having his prick sucked, but right now he had an incredible urge to fuck Barbara, to drive his cock deep into her body. Of all the women he’d fucked, Barbara had the best pussy of them all. She didn’t have one of those tight cunts that left his prick raw and sore after fucking. Instead, her pussy was snug but resilient, always wet and capable of fucking for hours at a time. She could control her cunt muscles beautifully, making her pussy squeeze his prick with a firm steady rhythm that seemed to suck the cum right out of him. But best of all, she was totally uninhibited, and willing to do anything he desired.

Her long, glossy black hair cascaded across his thighs, and her soft, smacking lips rode up and down on his cock with an intense hunger. He could hear moans coming from her throat as she worked on his prick.

Suddenly he couldn’t stand it anymore. He wanted to fuck her pussy. He reached down, grabbed her under the arms, and lifted her up to the middle of the bed with him, his prick slipping from her mouth with a wet plop.

“Uh! Uuuuuuuhhh!” Barbara whimpered in protest. She was getting off on sucking his prick, and she wanted to bring him to completion so she could drink his spurting hot cum. “I wanna finish sucking your cock!”

“Later,” Mark gasped, holding the base of his cock. “Right now I want some of that juicy pussy of yours.”

Barbara spread her legs and reached down to stroke her throbbing wet pussy.

“Come and get it while it’s hot! Fuck me good and hard, Mark! Harder than you fucked me this afternoon!”

Mark climbed between her wide-spread legs and let her pull his cock toward the waked, gaping mouth of her cunt. She rubbed the huge knob of his prick up and down between her swollen cuntlips, brushing it back and forth over her inflamed clit.

Supporting his weight with his hands, Mark thrust forward, and Barbara moaned as her tight cunt was stretched open to take the fat head of his cock. Pausing for a moment, Mark braced himself, then drove his cock in deep.

“I [missing text]!” Barbara wailed, gasping, as he plunged his cock to the hilt inside her tender, hot cunt.

There was a delicious eruption of pleasure as his cock slid deep into the delicate sheath of her pussy, then he began to stroke, gliding back and forth.

“Ooooooohhh, God! That feels good!” she squealed, hooking her long, shapely legs about his thighs and thrusting up to take the thick driving length of his massive prick. “Yes! At, yes! Stick it in my pussy hard! Fuck me hard and deep!”

Her cries rose as he pumped his cock into her pussy, boring every throbbing inch of his enormous prick deep into her gushing cunt. The silky feel of her pussy-flesh, the sticky heat of her cream, and the clutching vise of her cunt lips, all had his cock throbbing as it slammed in and out of her. He grunted with each powerful stroke of his prick into the grasping hot core of Barbara’s pussy.

“Take it! Take this big dick in your cunt!”

“Give it to me, Mark! Spread my pussy open! Oh, God! How I love your cock!” Barbara cried, her body shuddering under the hard, powerful thrusts of his fucking.

Mark stared at her lust-filled eyes as he relentlessly drove his big prick into her. The sensation of her soft, wet, cunt-flesh clenching around his hard-plunging cock was incredible, and the feeling urged him on to savage fucking.

Barbara began to tremble, and he knew he was fucking her to a climax. She gasped and whimpered in ecstasy as he slammed his prick hard into her wet, snapping cunt.

“Fuck me, Mark! Fuck my pussy, damn you! I’m coming — ohhhh, shit, I’m coming!”

Her shrieks of pleasure rose to an intense pitch as Mark plunged, hammering his cock into her cunt harder and harder. He wanted to come with her, but he held himself back, intent on giving her the most thorough fucking she’d ever had. Her breath hissed as he fucked her, feeling his heavy balls bang against her twisting asscheeks. Her pussy was super-wet, and wet sucking sounds could be heard as his thick shaft drilled her creaming cunt.

“Harder, harder! Aaaaaawwww, Mark! You’re making me come!” Barbara hissed as her cunt continued to gush molten cream.

He fucked into her harder and faster, making her shudder with every stroke. This was the kind of fucking Barbara loved best — hard and deep, getting fucked hard. She screamed, thrusting her pussy up to meet his pile-driving cock.

“Please, Mark! Give it to me! Oh baby, please come in my pussy! Fill it with your hot cum!”

She thrashed with such ferocity that it took all Mark’s strength just to hold her pinned to the bed. His long, meaty shaft rammed in and out of her cunt more furiously, turning her cries into ecstatic screams.

Her body soared up, her cunt gushing hot cream and seeping down the crack of her ass. Spasm after spasm rippled through Barbara’s pussy, and her cunt clung wetly around his thrusting prick.

Mark couldn’t hold out any longer. He slammed his throbbing cock into her cunt with a fierce thrust as the first warning itch shot through his balls.

“Squeeze my dick, baby! Suck my bone with that hot pussy of yours! Suck it so you can get this hot cum!”

Barbara eagerly obliged, closing her strong pussy-muscles around his massive cockshaft, feeling it throb and twitch inside her, every fat inch swelling with his onrushing climax.

“Shoot it in me, honey! Give me your sweet load! My pussy is ready and waiting!” Barbara cried.

With one last hard thrust, Mark shaved his prick deep into her slushy cunt.

“Aaaaaaahhh, shit! I’m coming, baby!” he grunted hoarsely.

“Uuuuggghhh, God! I feel it! Give it to me! Shit, I’m coming with you!” she screamed, trembling violently as she felt the hot cum splashing inside her cunt.

Thick spurts of cum filled Barbara’s convulsing pussy, and her body shuddered in orgasm. Load after load of Mark’s jetting hot cum streamed into her gripping cunt, and she arched her pussy mound to take it all. She and Mark clung to each other, panting and humping and quivering as they came together.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of climaxing, Mark slumped over Barbara with a grunt of satisfaction, hearing her moans of ecstasy as she squeezed her cunt-muscles on his cock.

“Ooooooh, baby, baby!” Barbara cooed. “No one fucks me like you do!”

“Yeah, and you got a real hungry pussy between your legs.”

“For you, it’s always hungry!”

Mark pulled out her cunt with a wet sucking sound and sat up. “Now tell me what you’re up to. You’ve been giving me these secret little grins all evening. What’s up?”

A wicked little smile crept over Barbara’s face. “I thought we might pay the girls a little surprise visit.”

“Oh? For the purpose of fucking and sucking, I assume.”

“Of course. I’m dying to eat Nicole’s pussy, and I want to watch while you fuck them both,” she replied. “But I won’t do anything with Jody. That’s going a little too far even for my taste.”

“I think that’s an excellent idea.” He grinned. Barbara smiled sweetly. “Shall we go?”

“Please, Jody, stick your tongue inside and stop teasing me like this!” Nicole urged as she felt the tip of Jody’s tongue tracing the outer edge of her cunt with a feathery touch.

She wanted to be eaten, and Jody was driving her mad with her playful teasing.

Jody raised her head and grinned at Nicole. “What’s your hurry, honey? We have all night to fuck around.”

She looked down at Nicole’s cunt, noticing the girl’s pink, swollen pussylips were inflamed with excitement.

Jody loved sliding her tongue into Nicole’s juicy cunt channel, and she loved the added thrill of feeling Nicole’s body jerk and squirm when she sucked on her engorged clit.

“Stop looking at it and eat me, Jody!” Nicole whimpered.

“Oh, all right,” Jody teased, lowering her head between Nicole’s parted thighs.

Nicole felt Jody’s hot, soft mouth press against her pussy and moaned as a jolt of pleasure ripped through her body. Cream gushed from her cunt and slickened Jody’s mouth. Nicole arched up, thrusting her aching pussy against Jody’s tongue.

“Oooooooh, yes! That’s what I want!” Nicole purred.

Jody pressed her mouth hard against Nicole’s cunt. She worked her tongue as far as she could inside her pussy-hole, swallowing the molten cream that flowed into her mouth. She pulled her tongue back out to the lips of Nicole’s cunt, paused a moment, then shot it in again, driving deep into the sopping passage of Nicole’s pussy.

“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhh my God!” Nicole gasped. Nicole squirmed and bucked when she felt Jody’s tongue starting to work on her clit. She felt the ball of fire in her belly building to the bursting point.

“Eat me, Jody! Suck my fucking cunt! Faster, oh please go faster!” Nicole cried.

Jody began to move her tongue faster, driving it in and out of Nicole’s cunt, then lashing it rapidly against her tender clit.

Nicole lurched up against the sweet darting tongue, unable to control her fiery reaction. Her pussy burst with juices and she screamed out her climax.

“Ooohh, yes! My God, yessssss!” she squealed.

Her body quivered like jello, jerking and twisting as Jody’s tongue brought her to an intense orgasm. She gasped as spasm after shocking spasm rippled through her body.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Barbara exclaimed.

Nicole froze, horrified.

At the same time Jody snapped her head around to look at her mother with shock-filled eyes, her mouth glistening with Nicole’s juices.

“Mom… ohhhh, shit!” The confrontation had happened so suddenly that Nicole didn’t have time to cover herself. Still dazed by her orgasm, she lay naked with her legs spread, her pink, blonde-furred pussy-slit oozing cream that seeped down between her quivering asscheeks. She gazed up at Barbara and saw the older woman staring directly at her exposed, sopping cunt.

“You girls weren’t engaged in a little extracurricular activity, were you?” Barbara grinned as she and Mark advanced into the room. “Hey, don’t look so shocked. You weren’t doing anything I wouldn’t do.”

“That’s right,” Mark added with a lewd smile. “We figured you two were doing a little something so we decided to come and join the fun. I even brought a dick along to make it more interesting.”

Nicole was too awe-struck to speak as she got her first look at Mark’s enormous cock. The sight of it made her puffy cuntlips flutter. He had the biggest prick she’d ever seen!

Mark’s cock stood out from, the black nest of curls and huge balls to its full wagging length. It was longer and thicker than any prick that Nicole had ever dreamed possible, standing out a good ten throbbing inches and as thick as her wrist. It strained forward with an eagerness that made her lick her lips and groan in anticipation.

She reached out for his cock with an eager, desperate hand, but Barbara stopped her.

“Not so fast, honey, you’ll get your turn,” Barbara said, climbing onto the bed to lie next to her. “I must get you ready for a cock that big. Besides, I have to sample the goods first.”

Mark turned his gaze to Jody’s cunt. The pink and moist lips flared open to display a lush finger-thick clit, and streams of clear creamy cunt juice made her cunt flesh shine in glistening invitation. Staring at her beckoning cunt, he climbed onto the huge bed between her gaping legs.

“I guess it’s me and you, huh?” Jody gazed at his cock with greed-filled eyes.

“You got that right!” Mark grinned as his massive cock quivered over her.

“Well come here then.”

Jody reached for his cock and pulled him toward her cunt until the head of his cock pressed against her oozing cunt-slit. He braced himself and drove his prick between her swollen pussylips, and into her warm, clutching wet folds.

“Ahhhh God!” Jody groaned as her cunt was filled with Mark’s long, thick cock. His prick slid deep into her young pussy, shoving deep between the soft, slippery folds of her cunt channel until half of his incredible cock-length was buried in her pussy.

He draped her legs over his shoulders and drove the rest of his cock deep into her cunt, groaning, as her tight little pussy wrapped itself around his cock like a glove, enclosing his thick shaft in a vise of hot, throbbing cunt flesh.

“Ohhhh, Jesus!” she grunted hoarsely, feeling his massive prickhead bang against her womb.

Jody felt her pussy spreading as his cock filled her up, plunging deep within her belly. The sensation of his enormous length stroking in and out of her clenching cunt channel sent chills of ecstasy racing along her spine. She moaned with each passing thrust of his rod.

“Yes, oooooohhh, yes!” Jody cried as his prick began to slide in and out of her wet cunt, picking up speed as he thrust. “Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me with your big fat cock! Split me up the middle!”

Nicole sucked on Barbara’s fat nipples while Barbara dipped her fingers in and out of Nicole’s juicy cunt. Nicole moaned in pleasure and spread her less wider, allowing Barbara greater access to her steamy pussy. With skillful and knowing fingers, Barbara caressed the moist lips of Nicole’s pussy, making her shiver and groan as Barbara’s thumb pressed against the girl’s stiff, sensitive clit.

“Sit on my face,” Barbara said. “I wanna eat your sweet pussy.”

Nicole eagerly straddled Barbara’s tits, moving forward until her glistening cunt was directly over Barbara’s face. She reached between her thighs and spread her puffy cuntlips open, her inflamed clit protruding from its fleshy hood, aching with desire to be sucked. She lowered her pussy to Barbara’s mouth, groaning in ecstasy when the woman’s tongue slithered its way inside her creaming cunthole.

“Oooooh, eat me, Barbara! Eat my hot pussy!”

Her soft asscheeks quivered as Barbara began eating her cunt with a fierce hunger.

“How do you like this dick, baby? You like the way I’m fucking you?” Mark said huskily, driving his enormous cock in and out of Jody’s gripping wet cunt! I love your big dick! “Ohhhhhh, God, I love the way you’re fucking my clit! Give it to me hard and deep!” Jody cried, bucking and twisting from the sensation of having his massive cock inside her little pussy.

Mark couldn’t believe how much Jody was like her mother. Both were hot, horny women and best of all he loved the way she worked her cunt-muscles, just like her mother.

He groaned as her wet cunt gripped every inch of his cock. Her delicate pussylips sucked his thick cockshaft, milking at it for the load of cum that was churning in his balls.

“Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me!” she cried, enjoying the deep hard thrusts of his cock. “Spread my pussy open with that big dick! Drive it deep and fuck me hard!”

The deep, driving thrust of his cock as he plunged into the ultimate depths of her pussy brought their sweating bodies smacking together that shook the bed.

Jody whimpered and moaned as her cunt was repeatedly filled with his thick, pounding cock. He was fucking her hard and rough, and she was felt herself nearing the edge of climax with each plunging stroke of his prick.

“Ooooh, oooohhh, yes, fuck me! Aaaaahhh, shit! You’re going to make me come!” Jody cried deliriously.

Nicole was gasping and sobbing in pleasure, her body shuddering as she thrust her pussy harder against Barbara’s hungry mouth, trying to get the maximum sensation possible.

“Eat me! Oh Jesus, Barbara! Eat ray fucking pussy!” Nicole cried, grinding her oozing hot cunt on Barbara’s mouth.

Suddenly, with a guttural moan, Nicole turned around and dropped her head between Barbara’s thighs. The two of them were now in a sixty-nine position, eating each other’s pussy hungrily.

Barbara slithered her tongue around Nicole’s cunt, and then she sucked the girl’s clit, flicked her tongue back and forth.

Nicole gave a muffled moon as Barbara furiously sucked on her clit. Her body trembled wildly as Barbara brought her to a powerful orgasm.

Barbara pulled her lop back as Nicole began working on her clit, sucking and licking on it.

She twisted and thrust her cunt hard against Nicole’s soft probing tongue, and suddenly Barbara was coming.

As her orgasm raged through her, she raised her head to slide the tip of her tongue around the pink, puckered rim of Nicole’s asshole, while using her fingers to squeeze Nicole’s clit.

They moaned and groaned, thrashing against each other, coating one another’s mouth with their hot seeping cream.

“Anaaaaaagggh! Stick it to me, Mark! Ohhhh, shit, I’m coming!” Jody screamed, shoving her convulsing pussy up at him in a wild frenzy. “Give me your hot cum, Mark! Shoot off in my pussy!”

With each backward of his hips, Jody thrust upward, screwing her pussy on the thickness of his prick and moaning in sheer delight when he drove back in. Mark’s cock drilled in to the hilt inside Jody’s milking cunt, and suddenly be was filling her pussy with thick hot spurts of his cum.

“Aaaaaaahhh! Yes! Come with me! Fill my pussy with your cum!” Jody screamed hysterically.

They bucked and strained against each other as Mark groaned each time his cum spurted from his prick. Their orgasms seemed to last forever. Load after load of his cum filled her cunt, and Jody felt it overflowing her pussy and seeping down her asscrack. When his cock was finally drained, she groaned as he pulled out with a wet plopping sound.

“Ohhhhh, Mark! That was some really good fucking! I love your dick! It’s so big and long, and so wonderfully thick!” Her fingers went down to her pussy to cup the streams of cum that oozed from her cunt.

Nicole and Barbara continued to work their tongues inside each other’s convulsing cunt, carrying out the other’s orgasm to the very end. Finally, after their climax had faded, Nicole rolled off Barbara and lay on her back, sighing in ecstasy.

Barbara was delighted to see that her daughter had been well-fucked by Mark. She glanced at his glistening wet cock and saw that it had only lost a little of its stiffness.

“Now it’s Nicole’s turn, Mark. Fuck her and show her what a real cock is all about.” She traced her fingertips along Nicole’s creamy cunt slit. “Give her a taste of your big dick.”

Mark was only too happy to oblige. He moved over to Nicole and kneeled between her wide-spread legs, looking down at her moist, blonde-furred cunt with its pink pouting lips. Her pussy was wet, its delicate puffed lips flared out to expose the slick inner folds of her cunt passage. Cream seeped out, sliding in a wet trickle down to the rim of her pink, throbbing asshole.

“Give it to her, Mark! Fuck the shit out of her like you did me!” Jody shouted, scooting over to sit next to her mother.

Nicole whimpered as she grasped his enormous cock and pulled it frantically toward her cunt.

“Yes! Oh God, get it in me! I want to feel your cock deep in my cunt!” Nicole moaned huskily, tugging at his prick.

Mark slipped his hands under her knees and pushed them up and back until they almost touched the sides of her head. She was now fully exposed, her pussy stretched open and her pink, juice-smeared asshole winking like a hungry little mouth.

Curled almost into a ball, Nicole watched with awe-filled eyes as Mark wedged the engorged head of his massive cock against her gaping pussy-hole.

“I hope you’re ready, Nicole, because you’re fixing to get the fucking of your life,” Mark said hoarsely.

He eased forward, letting the fat head of his prick sink between her swollen cuntlips. Her pussy was hot and wet, and it felt good to feel her cunt lips stretched around the knob of his cock. He moved his hips in a circular movement, rolling the tip of his cock around in her cunt-mouth.

“Uhhhhhmmm!” Nicole grunted when she felt the fat, swollen head of his cock stretching her cunt opening.

She moaned loudly, writhing in her helpless position, as Mark began to move his prickhead in and out purposely, teasing her pussy.

Mesmerized, Jody watched. She could see her friend’s cunt spreading open for Mark’s prickhead, engulfing the enormous tip of his cock completely.

“Give it to me, Mark! Stick it all in me!” Nicole squirmed frantically, trying to work his cock deeper into her cunt.

His massive cockhead thrust into her, spreading her stretched pussylips and forcing its way into the narrow slot of her cunt.

She gasped sharply as he pushed deeper into her. Her pussy was super tight, and Mark could feel the slick folds of her cunt gripping his cock with a snug warmth.

Mark began to fuck in and out of her, skewering her cunt.

She shivered, her mouth twisted into a mask of ecstasy, her lips drawn back over her gleaming white teeth. Her nostrils flared and her wide, blue eyes rolled as he began to fuck her with steady, short strokes, grinding his hips to meet each upward lunge of her cunt.

“Shit! Fuck me, Mark! Fuck the hell out of me!”

“Now I’m gonna give you all of this dick,” Mark grunted.

He thrust into her all the way.

Nicole gasped, her eyes going even wider as she felt more of his prick penetrating her pussy. She felt his heavy balls slapping against her asscheeks, and she knew she was now taking all of his cock, all the way to his banging hot nuts.

“Oh. Jesus fucking Christ!” Nicole cried, her body shuddering each time he banged against her spongy womb.

Jody watched in fascination as Nicole was getting fucked by Mark’s giant prick. The sight was enough to have her creaming in torrents, her fingers moving wildly over her cunt. One finger slid all the way up in her drenched pussy, and she was instantly fucking it in and out in a rhythm that matched their fucking.

Delirious at being fucked in a way she’d never known before, Nicole bounced and squirmed as Mark fucked even faster, slamming his cock into her with his full weight behind it. She’d never had her pussy so thoroughly stretched and filled with cock before, and the sensation was wonderful.

“Oooooooohhh, yes! Yesss, Mark! Fuck me!” she moaned, her body bouncing under his hard, penetrating strokes.

Her fingernails raked along his arms, and her soft inner cunt muscles were squeezing the entire length of his cock. She’d already experienced a series of small, but intense orgasms, but she felt the heat of a big one building in her belly.

“Fuck her, Mark! Drive that big juicy cock deep in her sweet young pussy!” Barbara urged.

Mark repeatedly thrust against Nicole’s upturned ass, slamming his cock straight into her cunt and driving her to the very edge of climax. Her entire body tensed up, and she began trembling violently as the hot, rushing sensation ripped through her cunt.

“I’m coming, Mark! Ooooooohhh, God, I’m coming! Fuck me! Aaaaahh, shit! It feels so fucking good!” Nicole screamed as her orgasm exploded.

Mark continued to fuck into her foaming cunt, stroking deeply, as he felt himself nearing the edge of completion. He racked under her, grasped her quivering asscheeks. He pulled her closer to him, driving his cock as deep as he could. “Oh! Oooohh! Ooooooohhhh, shit!”

“Get ready, baby, here it comes!”

He thrust into her, then his cock swelled and exploded, shooting his hot spurting cum deep inside her wet pussy.

His cum shot from his balls and splashed into Nicole’s cunt while she bounced on the bed. Her pussy seemed to clamp down on his prick shaft, sucking for more of his spurting cum.

They fucked each other hard, bucking and straining, as their gut-wrenching orgasms soared through their bodice. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they fell into gasping moans as their climaxes started to fade.

Mark rolled from between Nicole’s thighs, his prick plopping from her cunt with a wet sucking sound. He lay on his back, his enormous, soaked cock smacking against his belly.

He was so exhausted after fucking three horny women, one right after another, that he soon fell asleep.

“Poor baby, I’m afraid we wore him completely out,” Jody said.

“Well, what do you girl’s think? Isn’t he the best fuck you ever had?” Barbara asked, looking at her daughter and Nicole. “Now you’ll have something to compare your future boyfriends with.”

“I don’t know, that might be a tall order for most men to fill,” Nicole replied, still feeling the aftershocks of the fucking she’d just had.

“I agree, Mom,” Jody added. “Frankly, I think I’m already addicted to him.”

Barbara smiled as she gave Mark’s limp, big cock a nice little pat. “Well, if you ever find yourselves in need, you’re always welcome to come by for a fix.”

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