Two Hot Daughters

When Anita Loper touched her drippy pussy with her warm, soft fingers, her whole body jumped.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed to her friend, Diane Sager. “I’m so horny I could run out and fuck the first cock I see!”

“Really,” Diane agreed, her own fingers massaging her own aching cunt-mound. “We gotta figure something out. If we don’t start getting fucked soon, we might have to start fucking each other!”

“Oh!” Anita exclaimed, jabbing her finger deep into her cunt. “Don’t be gross, Diane! But, ohhhhh, I just gotta get me some cock!”

The two teenagers were sprawled on Diane’s big, double bed. Their school uniforms lay in crumpled heaps beside the bed, their white panties coiled on top of them. Anita still wore her regulation navy-blue knee socks, but Diane was totally naked, her pussy covered with light blonde cunthair. Diane’s hair was long and straight, her bangs feathered back away from her simple, attractive face.

Anita rolled from her back onto her belly, her stockinged legs bent back behind her. Her hand was trapped beneath her, her fingers clawing at her pussy.

Although she had never been fucked, Anita just knew that it would be wonderful. She’d seen a lot of pictures of people fucking in the magazines her older brothers sometimes read. And, once in a while, when she was very lucky, she got a glimpse of a real cock when one of the boys was passing to and from the bathroom. Nowadays it seemed to Anita that all she ever thought about was fucking. It was all she wanted, all that mattered, everything she dreamed of.

She just had to lose her cherry soon or she was going to go crazy!

And her friend, Diane, knew just how she felt — at least Diane thought she did. Diane had never been fucked, either, but she knew from her own feelings and from watching and listening to Anita that fucking would be the best thing in the world. Sometimes Diane felt a little embarrassed at the things Anita said about fucking and the photographs she showed her, but usually she just tried to act grown up, and usually she ended up feeling very hot — like now.

Outside, in the rest of the house, the Sager family came and went, but in Diane’s bedroom the two girls were alone and safe. They could say and do anything they felt like. They could fuck themselves in private and share their dreams of real fucking.

“I want a man with a nice big cock,” Anita said as she humped her hand, her fingers scratching at her cunt-mound. “Yeah, I want my pussy stretched real good the first time. I wanna feel it and maybe bleed.”

Diane giggled. “Oh, Anita, with all the finger-fucking you do, there’s no way you’ve got any cherry left to bleed!”

“But if he’s got a real big one — like telephone pole or something, I’d bleed then.” Diane laughed. “You’d die, then, if he tried to fuck you with anything like that!”

Anita laughed, too, drawing her creamy fingers out from the depths of her cunt and smearing their slippery coating all around her darkened cunt-lips.

“Yeah, but I’d sure have a smile on my face when I went out!”

The girls dissolved in a gale of laughter, and Anita rolled over onto her back. Her tits were larger and more developed than Diane’s, and when she turned, they rolled across her chest. Where Diane was long and blonde and simple, Anita was dark and cuddly. Her hair was cut in a modified pageboy, accenting her dark eyes. A thick, tuft of cunt-hair decorated her pussy.

Anita lay on her back with her knees bent and her legs drawn up. Her knees were parted, and both her hands went down between them to try and coax some kind of satisfaction out of her frustrated pussy. She rolled her fingers around and around the oozing mouth of her cunt, making her cunt tingle and pour out more of the erotic-smelling juices.

At the other end of the bed, Diane lay in a similar position. The blonde rested on her back with her legs curled up alongside her tits. Her cunt was up off the bed, and she had fingers sawing in and out of Diane’s tender pussy gripped her slender fingers tightly. She pulled her fingers out slowly, feeling them tug the inner walls of her cunt-tunnel. Then, when she soon fucked them back in, it felt like her cunt-walls were folding in on themselves, scrunching back up inside of her cunt. She bore down, flexing open her cunt-hole, and feeling her asshole flare open.

“Ummmm!” she sighed, feeling alive and touched by fucking.

Juices ran out of Diane’s cunt and she felt them tickle her whole. She tried to pretend that it was jism and that some handsome man, like her father, maybe, had just fucked her. Whenever Diane fucked herself, she almost always thought of her dad. She’d never even told Anita that but, whenever she got horny, her father was the first man to enter her thoughts.

Anita, on the other hand, had no clear picture of any man in her mind as she got herself off. She was getting so desperate she didn’t care anymore who her first fuck was. All she knew these days was that she needed to find someone willing, and fuck him like the devil as soon as possible.

Anita’s feet were tucked up against the rounded cheeks of her ass, her heels flat against the bedspread. Her knees fell open, parting to allow her hands full access to her aching pussy. She used both hands, now, to spread open the wide mouth of her cunt and stroke the soft, pink skin inside. Then, gasping, she bent two fingers and slithered them over the slippery edge of her cunt and into the dark, sensitive cavern below.

She bit her tongue to keep from crying out as her fingers fucked her. She didn’t even think about her remark about wanting to fuck a telephone pole as she whimpered and shifted her ass around, making room for the intrusion of her own fingers.

The warmth inside her body traveled up Anita’s arms and over into her brain. She pushed her fingers in deeper and felt the contour of her inner cunt-tunnel. Then she pulled her fingers back out, feeling as if her very being were going with them. As the tips reached the flowered lips of her cunt, she reversed their direction, burying them in her cunt’s depths once again.

“Oh man!” she sighed, wiggling around, licking her lips, her whole body excited. “That feels so good!”

Diane turned her head and, smiled at her friend, her own fingers working their own kind of magic. “Yeah, it’s the best!”

“Mmmmmm,” Anita moaned, “not the best — that would be real fucking. But, ohhhhhh, it sure beats homework!”

Diane chuckled, knowing that was what her family thought they were doing. Wouldn’t her mother just shit if she knew the truth!

Diane brought her knees in so they were directly over her curled body. She rubbed the backs of her knees back and forth over her spiked nipples, feeling new and different sensations roar through her. She didn’t understand why touching her tits made her pussy feel good, but it sure did. She twirled her finger around just inside the mouth of her cunt, the combination of sensations marvelous.

Tingles ran directly from her gaping cunt right to her stimulated nipple and back. The more she pinched or poked or jabbed at one erogenous zone, the more the other reacted. A complete circuit of erotic current ran through her, seeming to intensify with every revolution.

Oh Daddy! she thought, plunging her finger back deep up inside of her. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! she chanted silently, fucking herself to her internal rhythm.

Anita pulled her dark-tufted pussy wide open one finger hooked on either side of her soft, squishy cunt-hole. Her cunt was so tight it didn’t give much, but Anita imagined opening herself up for that big cock she’d been dreaming of. Cool air rushed into the opened hole of her pussy, and Anita felt a cunt-juice trickle out to meet it.

While she pulled her cunt apart, her index finger hooked in the dark cunt-hole, her thumbs met at the bumpy juncture of her clit. They gripped the pink clit between them and pushed, smashing it just right. Pleasant feelings of pain-tinged pleasure rushed up Anita’s spinal cord and exploded at the base of her brain.

“Oh fuck!” she grunted, shimmers of an orgasm bursting all around her. “Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

Diane again turned her head to watch her friend shuddering with orgasm.

Anita’s face darkened with the intensity of her orgasm. She sputtered, and her lower body jerked uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her fingers still applying plenty of pressure to the sensitive nub of her clit.

On the inside and on the outside, Anita could feel the convulsions of her climaxing cunt. Her pussy-tunnel fluttered, and she could feel it all along the strong-muscled tunnel buried deep inside of her body. But she could also feel the shudders of excitement on the exterior of her cunt, where her thumbs kept up their erotic torture of her clit.

Envious and more excited than ever, Diane stepped up her own finger-fucking. Like Anita had, she began to fuck her self with two fingers instead of just one. Immediately she could feel a difference when her arousal level jumped several notches.

“Ooooh!” she whimpered, and Anita looked over and smiled at her.

“Good, huh?” Anita asked, her own face still glowing with orgasm.

“Yeah,” Diane sighed, her voice tense with lust.

“Just think how much better it would be if you had a real cock inside of you right now.”

Diane closed her eyes. Immediately a very erotic image of her father, stark naked, his prick standing straight out from his groin, popped into her mind. Her cunt lurched, and she gave an involuntary groan.

“Yeah, it would be great, wouldn’t it?” Anita mused, still stroking her shivering cunt, stirring up a new batch of erotic sensations. “God! Where are those boys when you need them?”

But Diane didn’t answer. She didn’t want just any boy, she wanted her father. His was the first cock she wanted to feel up inside of her. She didn’t care about any of the boys from school or even movie stars. All she wanted was her very own dear old dad.

Diane fucked her two fingers in and out of her uplifted cunt rapidly. Her pussy tingled around them, and each time they disappeared inside of her and then pulled out a fresh helping of her rich cunt-cream, she felt herself move a little closer to orgasm.

Anita began fingering herself again in earnest, too. When she was as hot as she was now, her fast orgasm only served to better her second orgasm. One come was never enough. She needed at least two, sometimes more.

This time Anita formed one of her hands into a wedge, all the fingers gathered together. She then wormed her cunt open, coaxing the beginning of her tremendous fucking tool up inside her cunt.

Diane couldn’t see just what her friend was doing, but she could see the satisfied, then pained, expressions that passed over Anita’s face. Her own pussy was heating up. She continued to fuck two fingers in and out of herself, her tight cunt creating a satisfying drag on her insides.

The smell of cunt was thick in the room as the two girls went after themselves. Both cunts were ripe, and cunt-juices poured out of them, lubricating the way for whatever might be coming. Unfortunately for Diane and Anita, this time it was only their own skilled, fingers.

“Oh God, I’m still so hot!” Anita gasped, trying to force more of her wedge-shaped hand up inside of herself. “Ohhh, come on, I want more!”

But, push as she might, her body simply would not open to take her whole hand. She wanted it very badly, and she tried to make herself take it until her cunt was on the point of tearing. Finally, and reluctantly, she stopped trying to fill herself completely, and concentrated on bringing herself what pleasure she could with the amount of fake cock her pussy would allow.

“Yeah, oh, yeah!” she grunted, fucking herself with a rapid, even tempo.

Although she was less vocal about it, Diane was fucking herself straight toward climax, too. But she didn’t speak, she didn’t think. She simply kept her eyes closed and pictured her father, her sexy, naked father, and all the fun they could have together.

Of course, Diane didn’t actually expect to have sex with her own dad. The idea was impossible! It was incest? But, while she was hot it made a nice, little fantasy, and she took full advantage of it to bring her cunt to the boiling point.

Her whole body was moving with the motions of her fucking. Her knees again rubbed over her nips, but now she hardly noticed the erotic motions. She was only aware of the pleasure it brought her. The actual motion itself was lost in the purple haze of passion that swirled around her.

Little tremors rocked her cunt and she bore down. Her hand picked up the pace, flying in and out of her blonde-fuzzed cunt. Her knees smashed down against her nips, her body curled into some kind of obscene fetal position.

“Mmmm! Hmmmmm!” she moaned, not even aware that she was making any sort of noise.

Diane was aware of very little other than the vibrations taking place inside her cunt. They were coming closer and closer together, their strength and intensity growing. She fucked herself harder, faster, trying to turn the string of sensations into one long, continuous erotic chain.

Now it was Anita’s turn to be the observer.

She could tell that Diane was very close to coming, so she held back. She didn’t want to be so taken with her own orgasm that she missed watching Diane come. She loved watching the sexy expression was over Diane’s face. She couldn’t wait for the day when she could see that same look in some boy’s eyes while she fucked him.

“Do it! Go for it!” Anita cheered.

But Diane wasn’t even aware of that. Her pussy tensed around her fucking fingers, clamping down in a wet, velvety vise. She grit her teeth and set her jaw. Her ass bounced around, the cheeks curled up off the bed.

Then, as if a stick of dynamite had gone off somewhere inside of her, Diane seemed to explode. She let out a squeal, and her whole body seemed to draw up tight and then suddenly relax. Her eyes snapped open and her mouth clamped shut to keep any other loud, attention getting noises from escaping.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” she moaned. “Yeah, do it!” whispered Anita, her eyes glued to the sight of her climaxing friend. “Work it out, that’s right, Di!”

Visions of fucking with her father flew around in the darkness win Diane shut her eyes again. She saw them spinning together, fucking this way and that just like the people in the picture Anita had shown her. Her father’s prick felt wonderful up inside of her, and that fictional realization increased the very factual event of her climax ten-fold.

“God, that looked hot?” Anita exclaimed. “Can you talk yet?”

“Mmmm,” Diane mewled, still dizzy.

“We gotta do something, Diane. If we don’t get fucked soon, we’re gonna go nuts! Who would you fuck, if you could fuck anyone in the world?”

Her mind still aflame with the wonder of her orgasm, Diane didn’t stop to think before she answered.

“My daddy,” she said sweetly.

“What!” Anita exclaimed, nearly shocking Diane back to her senses. “You wanna fuck your own dad?”

“Well, I, ahhh, well…”

“That’s a great idea! I bet my dad has a pretty nice cock himself? It’d be perfect! Okay, let’s do it!”

“But wait!” Diane said, her thoughts finally forming in her lust-clouded brain. “We can’t do that. It’s not right to fuck with your own family!”

“You said yourself you wanted to.”

“Just because I want to doesn’t mean I’ll ever get to. No, come on, Anita, let’s think of some other guys to bit on.”

“Nope,” Anita said, swinging her feet off the edge of the bed and reaching for her panties. “We fuck our dads, and that’s that.”


Anita pulled her panties up and snapped the elastic around her hips as she stood up.

“Are you chicken?”

“Good,” she said, bending down to pull up her dark plaid skirt. “‘Cause I’m going home to start working on my dad. I’ll bet I can fuck him before you can fuck your old man!”

Suddenly Anita’s bossiness annoyed Diane. Even if they had been friends since they were in the third grade, sometimes she just didn’t like the way Anita tried to push things.

“You’re on!” Diane exclaimed, stretching out nude on her bed and offering her friend her hand to shake. “And may the best cunt win!”


Anita rushed home, her school shoes clicking on the sidewalk. Fucking with her dad, that was a great idea! She shook her head, wondering why she hadn’t thought about it herself. She pretty much had her father wrapped around her little finger. It would be a piece of cake to get him to take her cherry!

She turned the corner near her house, and came to a screeching halt. Her father wasn’t home from work yet! The driveway was empty.

Apparently her mother was gone somewhere, too.

“Damn,” Anita said softly, walking on more slowly.

Because she had cut herself off quickly at Diane’s house, she was still very horny. She hadn’t gotten to experience that needed second orgasm, and her pussy nearly smoked as she headed home to fuck her dad. And now, when she realized that she would have to wait for an hour or so before she could get any sort of satisfaction, lust and frustration bubbled up between her legs.

Sadly, she trudged up the walkway, the heat in her cunt making her sway slightly. She was halfway up the heavily shaked walk when there was a war whoop, and suddenly her twin brother Mike dropped down beside her from the tree that covered most of their front yard.

“No passem, white woman!” Mike said, grabbing Anita’s hair as if he were about to scalp her.

“Cut it out!” she snapped, struggling to get loose.

“This house, Indian house!” Mike insisted, trying to hold her.

Mike was about the same size as Anita, and he wore his dark, straight hair slightly long.

Right now, he had it pulled into a ponytail and he wore only light-colored shorts. His chest was bare, and Anita could see he had streaked it with something, trying to simulate war paint.

As they tussled, Anita dropped her school books. Mike held onto her with both his sweaty hands, mumbling and hooting like an Indian.

“Stop it!” Anita cried.

He’d caught her so off-guard that it took her a few seconds to really start to fight back. Finally, when she could tell that he wasn’t going to just let her go, she hauled off and kicked him in the shin.

“Ow! Shit!” Mike exclaimed, hopping back on one leg. “What’d you do that for?”

“So you’d take your grubby paws off me!” Anita stormed into the house, with Mike hobbling behind.

“What put you in such a good mood?” he asked, sitting on the couch and rubbing his injured leg.

“I just wanted to talk to Dad about something important, and now he’s not here, that’s all.”

“You wanna talk to me about it?”

Anita looked over at her brother. Because they were twins and got along very well, she now felt sorry about what she’d done. It was sweet of him to want to help her.

“Thanks, but I don’t think so. I need a real man, like Daddy.”

Mike jumped up and slapped his tanned chest. “Me real man!”

Anita laughed and went over to give him a hug. She gave him a short peck on the cheek. “Thanks anyway.”

But, when she tried to back away, Mike put his arms around her. In a flash Anita realized that, perhaps, her brother could help her. It was her pussy and not her brain thinking, but she relaxed in his embrace and put her lips back against his face.

She kissed the sweaty side of his neck, her eyes closed, some inner force telling her what to do. Each kiss she gave him seemed to make her pussy hotter, and she shimmied her legs together.

Mike stood very still and let his sister kiss him. He hadn’t expected her to act this way at all. He’d only held onto her as a joke — but what was happening between his legs was anything but funny. He was getting a big hard-on!

Now it was his turn to try and get free. But, just as he had held her before, Anita now kept him encircled with her arms. Her mouth moved back up to his face and across his cheek to his. “Sis — wait…”

But she cut off his protest with her soft lips. Their kisses were timed at first, neither girl knowing much about what they were doing. But Anita was hungry for it, and as the lust mounted in her blood, she grew bolder.

“Come up to my room with me,” she said breathlessly, gripping Mike’s hand and pulling him along behind her.

“What for?” he croaked.

But Anita didn’t answer. She just rushed them upstairs and closed the door to her room behind them. She whirled Mike toward the bed, letting go of his hand. He landed on the bed and bounced. Then, as he looked up, he saw Anita reach under her short, plaid uniform skirt and pull down her panties.

“I wanted Daddy to do this, but since he’s not here.”

Mike gasped as she came toward him and reached for the button on his shorts. Their dark eyes met and shared a look of understanding as he lifted his ass and let her slide his shorts and undershorts down and off.

The naked boy and the girl in the school uniform rolled across the bed. Their hands explored each other, touching here and there.

Anita kicked her legs apart, liking the feel of the cool air on her hot cunt. Her pussy was already very wet, and she touched herself, fingering her pussy open.

They came to rest with Mike on top of her, his naked body between her legs. Anita reached down and gathered up her skirt, baring her pussy. Mike looked down at her dark-tufted cunt-mound and moaned.

“I never did this before,” he said.

“Me neither,” Anita replied.

“But you wanna?”

“Oh yesssss,” she said, reaching down and taking hold of his cock.

It certainly was not the big cock she had imagined for her first fuck, but it felt good in her hand, and she was sure it would feel even better in her cunt.

“I want to,” she said.

Anita bent his cock downward, butting its head against her tight cunt-lips. But, because her pussy was so wet, her cunt opened to take in his throbbing cock. Easily, she fucked her twin brother’s prick just inside the flared lips of her cunt.

“Ummmmm!” she sighed.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned.

Anita wiggled her ass around, and his prick slipped into her deeper. Mite wiggled, too, and before the two teenagers knew it, his cock was completely buried in the soft warmth of her cunt.

“God,” Anita gasped, “we’re fucking!”

Mike giggled. “We are!”

Moving awkwardly at first, the boy drew back and then shoved forward. The results sent incredible tingles of wonderful sensations coursing through his body, and so he did it again — and again. Soon Mike had established a very respectable fucking tempo.

Anita lay stiff as a board beneath him. She lifted her legs up like the women in the pictures had done, but, other than that she didn’t know what to do. Her brother slammed down against her, fucking the breath out of her. She tried to time her breathing to his so that she didn’t make such horrid gasping sounds. And, once she did that, the fucking was much better.

Her cunt sizzled around his fucking prick. She had known it would feel good, but she hadn’t known it would feel this good. Glorious feelings radiated out from her cunt to the farthest reaches of her body. The ends of her hair even felt good!

To show her appreciation, she started moving, too, rocking with Mike, and, although she wouldn’t have thought it possible, the feelings got even better.

“Yeah, fuck me!” she panted, her words literally fucked right out of her.

Mike turned out to be a very good choice for her first fuck. He drilled his cock in and out of her, fucking her nicely after he got the hang of it. And, even if his prick wasn’t the biggest one she could have chosen, Anita came to realize that her brother’s cock felt just perfect.

Mike started out flat on top of her, his cock barely covering half the length of her cunt tunnel. But, as he grew more confident, he pulled himself back and fucked her with long, deep strokes. His cock had never felt so thick and hard, and he used it to their best advantage. The sweaty streaks of his pretend war paint smeared off against Anita’s white uniform blouse, but neither teenager cared. All that mattered right now was their wonderful fucking.

Anita used muscles she didn’t even know she had as she fucked back at her brother. Her uniform skirt was smashed between their bodies, wrinkles being pressed into it by their sweat, but that didn’t matter, either. She wiggled her ass around, making whatever motions her body craved. Mother Nature was her fucking guide, and she proved to be a good and eager student.

“Whoa! Take it easy, Sis!” Mike panted as his sister’s frenzied fucking picked up speed.

“I can’t help it!” Anita panted in reply, her body never slowing. “I’m so hot!”

“Man, you can say that again!”

“Don’t talk, just fuck meeeee!”

“Is this really what you wanted to talk to Dad about?”

“Ummmm! Ahhhhhh!”

“Anita! Were you gonna try and fuck Dad?”

The girl only moaned, pretending she didn’t understand his question.


Determined to get an answer, Mike gritted his teeth and jerked his cock out of his sister’s pussy. Anita gasped and grabbed for it, but Mike’s hand got to it first.

“You can’t have it back until you tell me the truth. Did you want to fuck Daddy?”

“Just you fuck me now, Mikey, okay?” Anita whimpered, her empty cunt pulsating.

“Uh-uh, not until you tell me.”

Mike’s cock throbbed with frustration. He wanted to fuck it back into his sister just as much as she wanted him to, but he was determined to use whatever leverage he could to get her to talk.

“Okay! Yes, yes, I wanted to fuck Daddy!”

Mike laughed.

“No, I told you I’d never done it. Now, come on!”

“Am I a good fuck?”

Anita squealed. “Yes! Now fuck me!”

She wrestled his slippery cock out from between his fingers and slipped it back into her curt. It hadn’t been easy on Mike to stop in mid-fuck but now that he knew the truth, he fucked her harder and faster than ever.

Sighing with renewed pleasure, Anita again relaxed and fucked back at Mike. It had been hell for her not to have his cock inside of her. After wanting something for so long and then finally getting it, she couldn’t stand to be without it for even a moment.

“Yeah, yeah!” she cried. “Ohhhh, that’s so gooooood!”

Cunt-juice rolled dirt of her cunt in greater abundance than it did when she finger-fucked herself. It sloshed around in her cunt, popping and snapping as Mike fucked his way through it.

Mike felt like her cunt-juices were basting and cooking his prick. Since he’d never fucked a girl before, he had nothing to compare his sister to, but instinct told him that Anita was an unusually hot girl. Her pussy cuddled his prick, alternating holding it tightly and softly babying it.

Anita wasn’t even aware of the way her cunt was gripping and loosening around her brother’s prick. It was something her body did automatically. She had no control over it, and she needed to have none. Her pussy was performing perfectly, left all on its own.

Mike’s cock jabbed at one side of her cunt tunnel and then the other. Pre-cum smeared the insides of her cunt, although Anita didn’t know it, making her pussy juicier than ever. Her pussy felt deliciously stretched and, briefly, she wondered if her cunt would even have been able to take a cock the size she imagined her father’s prick to be.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Mike grunted, slamming his hard-on through the tight ring of her cuntmouth and into the equally tight pussy-channel beyond. “Yeah, Sis, this is great!”

Anita wanted to agree, but she was too caught up in their fucking to speak. Instead she threw her arms around her brother’s back and held him tightly. When Mike bowed his head down toward her in a gesture of thanks, she kissed the side of his face, her lips soft and trembling.

Their bodies moved as one, all the awkwardness of their first fuck forgotten. Now they soared and dipped together, lost in a cloud of lust. It was as if they had never done anything but fuck. They were meant for it, just as they were meant for each other.

Anita felt hot all over. Her body temperature rose along with her arousal. She no longer had complete thoughts or finished sentences in her mind. Her brother was fucking her sense right out of her. Her entire world shrank down until it contained only herself and Mike, with their thrusting, gripping fuck-parts at the very center.

“God, oh God,” she gasped, sweat rolling down her sides, underneath her dark uniform.

Mike was very sweaty, too. His war paint was a dark mess, and wherever her hands gripped him, Anita felt them slide. But the girl found this strangely sexy. Her brother’s masculine scent mingled with the familiar smell of her own aroused cunt, and the combination went right to her head. She inhaled deeply, sucking in the sweetness, getting high on it.

Mike’s balls bounced against the cheeks of her upturned ass, and each time they hit her, the boy felt as if he might go through the roof. He’d never been so hot, and he didn’t know how much longer he could stand it. His sister’s cunt was driving him crazy! Racking was fantastic!

“Yeah! Go for it!” he said. “Yeah! Do it!” Anita rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and cheeks, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Her ass pumped off the bed, time and again, her energy level never fading. The harder and faster she fucked back at him, the harder and faster she tried to go. The more fucking she got, the more she craved.

“Ohhhhh!” she mewled, her face tense. “Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!”

Strange feelings started to circulate in Anita’s body. It was like she was going to come, but it was different than usual, better, more intense. She concentrated her feelings on those sensations, coaxing them together, making them more defined and exact.

“Ohhhh! I think I’m coming!” she mumbled, her body tight and stiff. “Ough! Look out!”

Mike nearly jumped away. He wasn’t sure what happened when a girl came. But, even if he had wanted to get away, his sister’s arms would not have let him. Anita held him tightly, her cunt thumping toward and away from his crotch. Her orgasm grew stronger, and she urged it to come together at last.

“Ugh! Ugh!” she grunted, working to make it happen.

Mike timidly kept fucking. He could feel the way her cunt was starting to jump around on the inside, and it thrilled him. It was like small earthquakes were rumbling through Anita’s body, making his cock shake and shimmy, too. He fucked her harder, and heard her cries of lust. Afraid he was hurting her, he held back, but she quickly grabbed him and begged for more.

“Don’t stop! Don’t slow down, Mike! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me!”

Obediently, Mike did as he was told. His own fuck-parts wanted it that way, too. His cock felt buffeted by the growing storm inside of Anita’s cunt-tunnel. He tried to keep fucking straight in and out of her, but it wasn’t easy. Her cunt was already convulsing so strongly that, at times, he could barely force his cock back up inside of her.

Anita whimpered and whined. It sounded to Mike as if she were in great pain. But the look on her face told him differently. She loved whatever it was she was feeling, that much was clear even to this inexperienced teen.

Then, all at once, Anita seemed to go to pieces. She cried out and clawed at him, her cunt clamping down harder than ever.

“Aieee!” the girl exclaimed, her body jumping. “Keep fucking me, keep fucking me!”

Mike did his best, but the convulsions inside of her were just too much for him. His cock responded to them in a most natural way, and suddenly Anita’s cries stopped as she tried to figure out what that new, strange sensation between her legs was.

“You’re coming!” she gasped, realization setting in. “Oh my God! You’re coming inside me!”

Again Mike tried to pull away, worried he had done the wrong thing. But, again, Anita held him right where he was. Her cunt kept on pulsing around his climaxing prick, milking out as much of his fuck-load as she could.

As soon as her orgasm passed, Anita started humping again. If one fuck could feel this good, then two fucks could only be better.

“Wait a second,” her brother said when he caught his breath.

“What’s, the matter?”

“Nothing, my cock just needs a minute.”

“You mean you can’t just keep going?”

“I will in a minute. It just hurts a little now.”

“It hurts?”

“Well, not really, forget it. Let’s fuck!”



The next day after school, Diane and Anita again headed straight to Diane’s house. Anita had called her friend the night before to tell her about fucking with her brother, but she hadn’t shared any of the details. Diane was dying to hear all about it. She was so jealous she could hardly stand it!

“Come on!” she said, taking Anita’s hand to hurry her along.

“Not so fast,” Anita whined. “My pussy is kinda sore, and I can’t run.”

“Oh God, it must have been great!”

Anita tried to be casual, but her smile would not be held back.

“It was great, Diane! Oh, it was better than great! It was, oh, I don’t know. Fan-fuckin’ tastic, I guess!”

Their asses twitching just as fast as they could, the girls disappeared into Diane’s bedroom, slamming the door behind them. Together they dove for the bed, sliding down on their stomachs, their skirts riding up on their thighs.

“Okay, start,” Diane said immediately, “and don’t leave anything out!”

“Maybe I should make you pay me for this,” Anita teased, holding back.

“No!” her friend whined, grabbing her arm and tugging on it to prove her eagerness. “Come on, I’m dying!”

Anita laughed and wrestled with Diane a little bit.

“Okay, okay. Well, I was coming from here and thinking about my dad, you know? And, like, I was still pretty horny.”

Diane interrupted her with a gale of nervous giggles. Cautiously, she glanced at the door to be sure it was closed. She couldn’t take a chance on her mother hearing this!

“So I was almost to the front door, and all of a sudden Mike jumped down out of that big tree and nearly killed me! He was dressed like an Indian and talking all weird.”

“On to the good stuff!”

“You said you wanted all the details.”

“Yeah, but, well, just hurry!”

“Okay, so he tried to pretend he was scalping me, and we started to kind of wrestle around and then, I don’t know why, I just got hot for and I kissed him and gave him a big hug. Then, when I went to let go, he just sort of held on to me, you know? And so I decided to fuck him.”

“Ohhhh, I can’t stand it!”

As Anita told her tale, both of the girls could feel themselves heating up. It was a real turn on for Anita to remember exactly how it had all happened. Diane was getting hot, too, living through her friend’s adventure.

“Diane, it was so crazy; I just took his hand and we went up to my room. He was laying there on the bed, and I could see this big bump in his pants that I knew was his prick. It made me so hot I just flipped up my skirt and took off my panties.”

“You didn’t even get undressed?”

Anita shook her head. “I kept on everything, my whole uniform, even my shoes! But Mike only had on those stupid shorts he always wears, and I took them off of him.”

Diane shrieked. “You did?”

“Yeah, and his cock jumped right up.”

“Was it big?”

“Pretty big.”

“God, I wish I could have seen it! What happened then?”

A devilish twinkle shot into Anita’s dark eyes as she looked at her curious friend.

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah! Are you kidding?”

Anita stood up and began to take off her clothes. As usual, Diane got up to do the same, but Anita shook her head.

“You be me. Just take off your panties.” Diane gasped. “Are you sure?” Anita let her plaid skirt drop to the floor and jerked off her knee socks.

“This way I can show and tell,” she said, her body totally nude in the warm, afternoon sunshine that filled the bedroom.

As Anita flopped back down on the bed beside her, Diane looked at her friend in a new way. She had always thought that Anita was pretty, but now she was more than that. She was a woman, she had been fucked. Her body even looked different, her curves more defined, her tits more bountiful.

Diane felt pale in comparison. She felt like such a child.

“So first we kissed a little bit,” Anita said, lying very close to Diane.

Slowly, Diane opened her arms and let Anita crawl into her embrace. She felt the other girl’s soft, warm, bare skin, and it made her feel strange. Then, when Anita pressed her closed lips against hers, Diane let her kiss her lips.

The kiss was meant to be brief, but once it started, neither girl wanted to seem chicken and be the first one to pull away. Bit by bit, their lips parted, their mouths opening. One girl added a little boldness and the other one followed and went a bit further. Their kiss grew wet and succulent, their lips rubbing together. Then came the tongues, each poking and probing. Anita didn’t want to break away to tell her friend it had been nothing like this with her brother.

Odd sensations raced down to Diane’s cherry cunt. She rubbed her legs together, feeling the sticky wetness in her naked pussy. She felt hot under all her clothes, not realizing that that was just how Anita had felt the day before.

Finally Anita gasped, coming up for air, and then kissed her friend again, this time softly on the cheek. Then, resuming her running commentary, she slipped down Diane’s body, kissing along her neck just as she had done to Mike.

“So I kissed him like this. There, you do it, you’re supposed to be me.”

“Are you sure?” Diane squealed, wanting to kiss her friend, yet not wanting to at the same time.

“If you want to learn about fucking, this is the best way. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Anita said.

Diane forced herself to kiss Anita’s neck the first time and then it got easier. She wiggled down below the other girl, kissing wherever her lips touched. Anita helped her by moving around herself, giving Diane’s mouth a constantly changing target.

While Diane kissed her, Anita reached down between them and pulled up her plaid skirt. She bunched the material up between their naked mound and stroked Diane’s blonde cunt Diane gasped. Her friend had never touched her that way before. No one had ever touched her that way before. Intense sensations shot through her and she licked Anita’s neck, her lust rising to new heights.

“Then,” Anita said, her voice, strangely husky, “I reached down and took hold of his prick with both of my hands. Go ahead, Diane, reach down.”

“But Anita…”

“Just do it — and pretend.”

Almost afraid of what she might find, Diane timidly lowered her hands down to her crotch. It was very hot down there, and she gasped when her fingers touched one of Anita’s buds. Two fingers of that hand were pointing up and out, simulating the rigid position of Mike’s hard-on. Anita had dipped them in her own slippery cunt, first, and when Diane touched them, they were wet and slick with pussy-juices.

“So I took hold of his prick and jacked on it. It was real hard, like a stick or something. But real soft on the outside, like it was covered with silk. And it was all wet, I don’t know why.”

Awkwardly, Diane pulled on the fingers, pretending, just as Anita had told her to. The usual visions of her father were with her now, and it grew easier to imagine that she really did have a man on top of her, his cock in her fingers. She pulled hard and fast, and the prick seemed to strengthen and grow.

Slowly at first, Anita started to make humping motions on top of her turned-on friend. She’d staffed this little charade for Diane’s sake but, as they went on with it, Anita found it very exciting. It was almost like losing her cherry all over again — or like taking Diane’s.

While Diane held her fingers, Anita humped so that their cunt-mounds ground together. Diane was quick to catch on to her rhythm and she began humping, too. When Anita looked into her face, she saw that Diane’s blue eyes were closed and a serene look covered her face.

“Ohhhh, Dadddddy!” Diane whispered.

Adding a bit to her script, Anita reached up under Diane’s white blouse and opened the front clasp of her bra. Then, her fingers trembling, doing what she had wished her brother had done to her, she cupped her friend’s tit. The tit filled her palm and she pushed down on it, making Diane sigh louder.

Diane’s tits were tight and perky, and Anita toyed with them lovingly. Her own naked tits were nearly in Diane’s face, forced upward as she lay on top of her friend. Anita looked down at her own rigid nipples while she tweaked Diane’s.

Pushing the rumpled, white, blouse back, Anita lowered her flushed face toward Diane’s chest. Her lips drawn downward by some strange force, she kissed first one and then the other of Diane’s pointy nipples.

“Ummmm, yesss!” Diane moaned.

Diane lost herself in fantasy. She didn’t want to think that this was her girlfriend doing these things to her. She wanted it to be a man, her father, and she dwelled on that thought. As Anita’s lips twirled and sucked around her nipple, Diane’s head swam with lust for her father.

Down at their crotches, Diane still held onto her girlfriend’s fingers. Now the pretend cock was wet with sweat, and dripping cunt-juice. Eager to have this prick inside of her, Diane pulled the fingers toward her cunt, unwittingly imitating Anita’s motions from the day before.

Anita felt what her friend wanted and went along with ft. When she felt her fingers entering Diane’s cunt, she trembled. It was just like fucking her own pussy — and then again, it was totally different. But Diane’s cunt was soft and wet and warm, just like her own cunt, and Anita concentrated on the similarities, not the differences.

Bravely, she shoved forward with her whole body, as if that were what it took to bury her fingers far up inside of Diane’s cunt.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you,” Anita said, trying to sound macho. “I’m gonna take your cherry, Diane!”

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” Diane said, her head tossing from one side to the other on the bed. “Fuck me, please, fuck me!”

Beginning slowly, just as her brother had, Anita drew her fingers back out of Diane’s clinging cunt and then pushed them back in. Immediately her hand was thick with milky cunt-juice and, as she drew it out, the scent of ripe cunt came with it.

With her hand between their bodies, Anita found that she could touch her own clit while she fucked Diane. Time and again her two fingers entered Diane, while her bent thumb stayed tight against her own clit.

To make the fucking as authentic as possible, Anita humped with her whole body. She threw herself down hard on Diane, using her full weight to try and crush out her breath as her brother had done to her.

Diane wiggled around and parted her legs more to give her fucking father more room to work. She was so sure that he was fucking her, that her cunt almost hurt, stretched by the size of his mammoth prick. Her imagination multiplied the girth of Anita’s fingers, and then thrilled to it.

As Anita fucked her, Diane readied up and took hold of her own naked tits. Diane gripped the tit-mounds with both hands, mauling them almost cruelly. As a result, more waves of feelings sizzled down Diane’s front and exploded in her curt like fireworks.

Diane twirled her pointed nipples around, making them swell even larger with her hot blood.

Anita watched her friend playing with herself. Their faces were very close together, but Diane’s eyes remained closed, her expression distant. Anita kissed her mouth again, and Diane responded by thrusting her tongue out and swirling it around eagerly.

Anita sucked on her friend’s tongue, poking her own far into Diane’s mouth. The girls shared spit while Anita’s fingers kept on moving between them, fucking them both, bringing them up together.

“Oh my God,” Diane panted, her hand clamped over her tits. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“Yes,” Anita agreed, “so good.”

Inside of Diane, Anita wiggled her fingers around, fucking Diane in a way her brother’s cock could never have fucked her. Diane responded by humping up and down faster and harder, making Anita work to keep up with her. Her blonde hair spilled out on the pillow behind her, making her look like an angel, with a halo of light around her pretty face.

Anita looked down into Diane’s face while she fucked her. The dark-haired girl wondered if her own face had worn a similar, sexy expression while Mike had fucked her. Diane’s face was flushed red, her nostrils flared to take in extra breaths. Sweat sparkled on her forehead, like sunshine on snow. Diane had never looked lovelier.

Pressing harder, Anita stabbed her fingers far up inside of Diane. Diane cried out and wiggled her ass, settling down around Anita’s fingers. Her cunt-tunnel held Anita’s fingers tightly, closing in around them as Anita pulled them back, and opening up to take them in again when she fucked forward. Anita scissored her fingers open and closed inside of Diane, making her cunt-tunnel expand around them. But, no matter what she did, Diane’s pussy-channel remained tightly clasped around her fingers, conforming to their every size and configuration.

As she fucked her friend, Anita did not neglect her own needs. The rounded knuckle of her thumb stayed right on top of her clit, grinding it around against the bone behind it. Cunt juice drooled from her empty cunt in a long, white, sticky line, and she could feel the heat of Diane’s aroused cunt against the opened meat of her own pussy.

She stirred her fingers around inside of Diane’s cunt, touching as many nerve-endings as she could. What her fingers lacked in size, they made up in agility, fucking this way and that, poking, probing, exciting. Diane groaned and writhed sexily, her body suddenly starting to shudder.

Unlike her inexperienced brother, Anita knew exactly what to expect when a girl came and, more importantly for Diane, she knew how to make it even better. Although she had only fucked with a boy once, she had gotten herself off hundreds of times, and now that experience came in handy. She kept on fucking Diane, and at the same time rubbing her own clit, feeling her heart pounding with her mounting passion.

Diane’s breathing was loud and labored, and it was matched by Anita’s gusting breath. The two girls panted as one, Anita’s fingers working them both together. Their crotches clashed, their cunt-bones bouncing together with jarring regularity.

“Oh Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, Daddy!” Diane panted, her fantasy never wanting. “Ohhhh!”

Little jerks shook her, and then the big one came. Anita had to put her full weight down on her just to keep Diane from jumping right up off the bed. Her body went wild, as if she were having some kind of fit. Anita worked hard to keep her fingers plowing in and out of Diane’s shivering, shuddering cunt-tunnel.

“Wheeeeee!” Diane screamed.

Panicked, Anita again covered her friend’s mouth with her own, choking off her orgasmic cries. All they needed was for Diane’s mother to come knocking on the door, wondering what they were doing.

Diane continued to moan into Anita’s mouth as her orgasm passed. But, even when she calmed, Anita kept fucking her. Anita’s cunt needed just a few more strokes and then she knew she would be coming, too.

Her orgasm passed, Diane gradually came back to reality. She opened her eyes and looked into Anita’s lust-contorted face. Now it was Anita who had her eyes shut tightly, her body tense with lust.

For an instant, Diane was shocked and embarrassed at what she and her friend were doing. But, when she felt Anita jump, and heard her whimpers of impending orgasm, she rocked with her, returning the favor she had just given her.

“Ohhhh, arghhh!” Anita gurgled and gasped, her clit smashed wonderfully by her own thumb. She felt the convulsions rush through her, and she hugged Diane, the warmth of another body increasing her pleasure.

Diane gladly returned her embrace, the two girls bucking and humping together. Diane followed her friend’s entire climax, doing whatever Anita did, moving with her as if they were dancing. Then, when Anita pulled herself off her, Diane let her go with a smile.

“Thanks,” Diane said, pulling her blouse back down over her tits and smoothing down her skirt chastely. “I think I understand a lot more about fucking now.”

Anita giggled, still too hot to speak.

“I can’t wait to fuck my dad,” Diane continued. “If it’s half as good as fucking you, I know I’m never gonna wanna stop.”

“It’ll be better,” Anita croaked, amused at her friend’s innocence. “It’ll be a lot better, you just wait.”


After a few more fucks with Mike, Anita felt ready to begin her quest for her father again. She’d enjoyed fucking with her twin, and she had gotten to be pretty good at it. But it was her father’s cock she really wanted, and only her father’s cock that would win her bet with Diane.

Anita thought about the best way to seduce her father a lot. She considered many options, but decided she needed to wait until a weekend, when she had a better chance of catching her dad in a good mood, with nothing better to do than fuck her brains out!

One Saturday morning she awoke to the sound of the shower in her parents’ bathroom. Knowing that her mother always showered at night and her father in the morning, Anita was automatically excited.

She jumped out of bed wearing her short, summer nightie, and did a quick check of the house. Both cars were gone, so that meant her mother and probably her oldest brother, Rick, were out of the house. Mike had baseball practice every Saturday mowing, so she knew he was gone. She checked her middle brother Chuck’s room, and he seemed to be up and away, too.

Thrilled to the bone, Anita ran a quick comb through her hair and ran to another bathroom to brush her teeth. She thought about changing clothes, but then decided there wasn’t time for that. She wanted to get to her father while he was still in the shower.

God, what he must look like all wet and naked! Anita thought, her cunt bubbling.

The bathroom was clouded with steam when Anita opened the door and let herself in. In a matter of seconds, her white nightie was stuck to her body, showing off her dark nipples and the tuft of dark hair on her cunt. She wore no panties, and her nightie stuck into the crack of her ass as she gathered her courage and went over toward the shower stall.

The stall had bubble glass, and through it Anita could see a tall, well-proportioned masculine form. She hugged herself.

This is it, she thought. I win, Diane, I win! “Daddy?” she said, hoping he could hear her over the roar of the shower water. “I have a present for you. I think you’re a very sexy man, and I love you very much and, well, if you want to, I thought that maybe we could, uh, we could, well, you know what I mean, don’t you, Daddy?”

Anita could tell from the way her father was standing that he could hear her. She wished he’d just open the door and take her right into his strong arms!

“Don’t you want me, Daddy?” she asked, starting to feel panicked. “Here, maybe if you can see all of me you’ll like me better.”

With that, Anita whisked her nightie up over her head and tossed it across the room. She then pressed her naked front against the glass shower panel, giving her father a two-dimensional view of her tits and belly.

“Open up, please? I want you!” From inside the stall she heard a muffled groan, and then she saw his hand reach for the latch. She pulled away, and got ready to toss herself into her father’s arms.

But, when the door opened, Anita’s sexy look went from lust to shock. The person inside the shower was not her father at all, but her middle brother, Chuck!

“Chuck!” she exclaimed, too shocked to move or cover herself up. “What are you doing in there? That’s Dad’s shower!”

“Dad got up early and went to play golf, so I decided to help myself. And now, boy, am I glad I did!”

Before Anita could get away, her brother had reached out and grabbed her. His grip was sure and strong, and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her upper arm.

“I guess Mike wasn’t lying, the shit,” Chuck said. “He told me about you, and what you two have been up to, but I didn’t believe it.”

Anita whimpered and tried to get away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“I think you do,” Chuck laughed, slowly pulling her into the shower with him. “Come on, it’s okay. I may not be Dad, but I sure could use same head.”

Anita was no match for her big brawny brother. Chuck pulled her into the shower and closed the door, holding her captive. The water was very loud in her ears, and he pulled her tight against him and gave her a big, watery kiss.

The girl still struggled a little bit, but, as he kissed her, his lips seemed to take the fight right out of her. And, when Anita realized that the mighty hunk of something that was pressed between them was actually his cock, she gave in completely and even let her fingers travel down to touch his prick. It was huge!

Chuck broke their kiss with a laugh. “You are a hot one! Dad is a lucky man, to have a cute piece like you after him.”

“Who says I’m after him?” Anita said softly. Chuck laughed harder. “Well, that doesn’t matter anyway. You’re mine now.”

Anita had a hold of his prick with both hands now, and she would not have left that shower even if her brother had asked her to. This was the big cock she had wanted, this was the sort of cock she had had in mind for her first fuck. His cock filled her hands with hard, solid warmth.

“Take a closer look,” Chuck said, pushing down on her shoulders, and forcing her to her knees in the shower.

Anita went down, never letting go of Chuck’s prick. She looked at his cock from very close up, going cross-eyed. His prick bobbed right up into her face. She’d never really looked at Mike’s cock, she’d only fucked it. But now, eye-to-eye with Chuck’s big cock, she got a whole new perspective on things.

“Kiss it!” Chuck said, his fingers tangled in her dark, wet hair. “Yeah, ahhhh, that’s right.”

Anita didn’t hesitate at all when she first got a taste of her brother’s cock. She slurped in the big knob of his prick, unable to take in more than that, and she liked the way it filled her mouth and made her lips stretch. She twirled her tongue around his cock-head, and tasted more of his delicious, salty pre-cum, and it made her cunt feel slick and funny.

“Mmmm,” she said, “I like this!”

Chuck laughed. “You’re not sorry anymore that I’m not Dad?”

“Oh, a little,” Anita admitted, lapping at his cock-head. “But not too much.”

Chuck’s laughter turned into sobbing groans as she went back to work on his cock. Like other things sexual, it didn’t seem to matter that Anita had little or no experience. She just let herself go, and the results were guaranteed erotic. She was meant for fucking, and took to it as naturally as a duckling takes to water.

She poked the head of his prick into one of her cheeks, making it contort her pretty face. Then she switched sides and let it slam against her other cheek. She bobbed her head back and forth a few times, massaging his cock with her teeth and the soft, padded inside of her mouth.

Chuck groaned, and leaned against the shower wall. The water hit his chest and ran down his body toward Anita’s sucking face. He kept one hand on the back of her head, but it did not have to guide her. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, and he certainly had no complaints. His cock felt harder than usual, and her soft lips teased and caressed it with a skill he’d seldom run across, even in girls several years older than Anita.

Water ran down through her fingers as she jacked on the part of his prick she could not fit into her mouth. She pushed her wet locks back away from her face, and forced herself forward, taking a bit more of his prick. She felt it hit against the back of her throat and then, like magic, it seemed to bend and follow the curve of her throat right down.

“Jesus!” Chuck grunted.

Anita looked up at him, her mouth filled with his prick. Her byes were bigger than usual, round and luminous in the dim lights at the shower. Her dark hair was darker than ever, plastered to her skull and cheeks. Her mouth was a big oval, her lips stretched pale around the shaft of his big prick.

“God!” he groaned, not believing this was his very own sister giving him such great head?

Anita pulled back, then she took it all back again, grating her teeth along it sexily. She liked the feel of his prick in her mouth, but she [missing text].

Now she would like the feel of it even better in her cunt. So, with a sudden decision, she popped her lips off of his prick and looked up at him again.

“You wanna fuck me?” she asked, kneeling at his feet.

Chuck almost choked. Why hadn’t he realized his sister was so hot before?

“Sure,” he said, pulling her to her feet. “Turn around and lean against that wall.”

“Standing up?” Anita asked, surprised.

“You’re gonna love it, I promise,” he said, twirling her around and grabbing his prick. “Stick your ass out a little bit.”

Anita bent her knees and arched her back. She felt her brother’s hand and the tip of his prick as he fit it into the hole of her pussy.

It felt very big already!

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I think so,” she said, biting her lip and trying to relax.

Chuck wrestled with his prick, fighting against her resisting cunt-mouth. Finally he got the tip of his prick securely inside her pussy-lips, and he gave a great shove, sensing the first few inches of his cock plowing into his sister’s guts.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Anita cried out, her body flattened against the tile wall. “Oughhhhh!”

But Chuck didn’t even ask her if she was all right. It didn’t matter to him once he got a taste of her tight, nearly virginal cunt. It felt wonderful to him, and he was not about to let her go even if she wanted him to.

For a moment, Anita did think about getting loose. But then her brother pulled back and fucked forward into her again a few times and she changed her mind. Her cunt quickly adapted to his bigger prick, and she began to like it.

It was just what she had always wanted.

Chuck shoved into her as far as he could, losing his prick in her cunt. Surprisingly, she took all of his prick, each and every inch, and her pussy seemed to beg for more. With a buck of his hips, he fucked in again, filling her up and then emptying her out as he drew his prick away from her.

She pushed her ass out, silently begging him for more, and Chuck gladly gave it to her.

His prick slammed against the end of her cunt-tunnel, his big, round cock-knob butting to a stop. Each time he filled her with his mighty cockmeat he quickly jerked it back out, filling and refilling her with as much cock as she had ever tasted.

Her cunt clutched his prick, keeping a tight, delicious hold on it. Whether he was fucking his cock in, or pulling it out, Anita’s cunt held him tightly, her soft insides making him hotter than a pistol.

“You want more?” he panted, his ass puckering in, fucking her with quick stabs.

“Yes, more, fuck me more!”

“You like it hard?”

“Ohhhh!” Anita sighed, “give it to me hard!”

“Yeah, you take it all, you father fucker! You take every bit of my big cock, and like it, bitch!”

Anita moaned and groaned, her body humping faster, too. It turned her on to hear her brother say those things to her while his big cock trenched out her cunt. It made her feel grownup and sexy, and she liked it. To show him, she humped her ass faster, making him work to keep up with her, his cock continually drilling forward and thundering back.

The hand that had, been around her waist slipped up her wet body until it cut across her tits. One hand cupped one tit, her other tit crushed underneath his hairy arm. His fingers gouged into the soft, pliant skin of her tit, giving Anita even more erotic sensations to enjoy.

“Yes, play with my tit, play with it, Chuck!” He leaned over her and bit into the side of her wet neck. Cool droplets of water fell from her hair and wet his face. Anita could hear, as well as feel, his hot, hard breathing as he turned them into a fucking machine. All their parts worked to one end — orgasm, the ultimate pleasure.

His teeth dug into her neck, hurting her and making her fuck back at him with even more zeal. She grunted and sputtered, her tit mauled by his big hand, her cunt ravaged by his big cock.

She felt possessed by him, owned by him. She was his to bite and claw and fuck — and she had never been happier.

“Ohhhhh!” she sighed. “I think I’m going to come!”

“Do it! Do it!” Chuck panted, as if daring her to climax. “I wanna feel you come!”

Anita’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she lost herself in the sensations he created within her body. Her younger brother had never done anything like this to her.

Chuck aroused her to a fever pitch. His hand twisted her nipple, turning it until she cried out with a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. Teeth marks marred the soft skin of her neck, and her cunt sizzled, alive with her approaching orgasm.

“Come! Come!” Chuck panted.

His words hissed in her ear, and she had no choice but to follow them. She arched her back even more deeply than usual, throwing her ass out and taking his prick in very deeply.

“Now!” she said, shudders already making her body tremble.

Like a crazed animal, Chuck fucked her madly while she came. Her cunt shook around his prick, making him grunt and then come, too. The end of Anita’s orgasm was the beginning of her brother’s, and then it was her turn to keep up the wild fucking pace.

“Grahhhhh!” Chuck groaned, sounding like a caged beast as he filled his sister’s tiny cunt with his great load of jism.

Their wet bodies slapped together, the droplets flying all around them. Chuck pounded her until he had no more strength, and his cock was a mere shadow of itself, lost now in the tingling darkness of Anita’s cunt-tunnel.

Exhausted, the boy finally pulled away. When he let Anita go, she crumpled on the shower floor, her fucked-out body, too weak to stand.

Chuck leaned back against the wall and turned off the shower spray, which had at some point gone cold. He looked down at Anita and shook his head.

“What a horny piece,” he said.

And then he opened the opaque door, and let himself out.


When Anita told Diane about fucking with her middle brother, Diane was positively green with envy. She tried to sound enthusiastic, laughing as she reminded Anita that she didn’t win their bet by fucking brothers. But, as the two girls spoke, Diane was very glad they were talking on the phone, so it was easier for her to bide her real feelings.

She congratulated Anita one last time, and then hung up her private phone and leaned back against her pink and white pillows. Now Anita was two boys ahead of her — and her own brothers, yet! How would she ever catch up? And, more important, how would she ever manage to fuck her father, when she couldn’t even interest the guy from down the street in fucking her?

“I’ll probably die a virgin,” Diane moaned, rolling onto her stomach and hugging her faithful bear. “What has Anita got that I haven’t got?”

She flopped her bear up so he was sitting on her lap and she could address him directly.

“So do you think I’m pretty?” she asked, making him stare into her face. “Would you want to fuck me if you had a cock?” His black, beady eyes looked at her blankly… “I’d sure fuck you if I could,” she said, stroking his fur. “Right now, I’d fuck just about anything!”

She put the bear flat down on her chest, humping up against him as if he really could fuck her.

“God, I’m so horny!”

She let the bear slide off of herself, and then turned over onto her side. She wore shorts and a simple, button-down summer blouse with short sleeves. Her long legs were bare, her blonde hair loose around her face. As she turned, she put her hand between her thighs and pushed it against the mound of her cunt. Just that diffused pressure made her pussy tingle.

“Why won’t somebody fuck me? Daddy, why won’t you fuck me?”

Lying on her side, she humped her hand, bouncing her pussy mound against it. Even through her shorts and panties, she could feel the contours of her cunt area, the button that was her clit, the cleft that led to the hole of her cunt. She cupped herself, the warmth of her I hand radiating out to excite her pussy.

Diane sighed and closed her eyes. She was tired of fucking herself with her fingers. Tired of wondering what fucking was all about. But she already felt that familiar ache between her legs, and she knew she would have to have some kind of relief. Even if it was only the kind she could give herself, it would, again, be better than nothing.

With a sigh, she shimmied out of her shorts and panties, and unbuttoned and shrugged off her blouse. She wore no bra and soon she was gloriously naked.

“That feels good,” she said softly, stretching out long on her bed.

She arched her back, working the kinks out of her shoulders and back. Then she formed herself into a big X, her limbs pointed to the four corners of the bed.

She then drew her feet up, following the line her legs had begun. When her heels met the cheeks of her ass, her thighs were spread wide, opening her cunt up to plenty of the warm, afternoon air. But compared to the temperature of her hot cunt, that air felt cool and refreshing, and Diane scissored her legs together and apart a few times to stir up an erotic breeze.

Her legs rocking, she brought her hands up onto her tits. Immediately she thought of Anita as she touched her tits. Diane was very aware that her body was slow in developing, especially compared to her curvy friend. She pinched her nipples savagely, punishing them for being so childish.

“Ough!” she cried, the hurt zooming up to her brain.

Her hands worked independently, one massaging her right tit, the other, her left. She rolled her nipples around and around, pushing down on them with the tips of her fingers. Despite their size, her tits were very sensitive, and she could feel the sensations she created within them radiating out to other pans of her body, especially her cunt.

The way her legs were working opened her juicing pussy. Already, Diane could feel the wetness gathering there along the furry crack of her cunt and ass. She shifted her hips, the heat in her loins mounting.

Her hands ran down her front, her fingers just touching the top of her blonde pussy triangle. She scratched her fingernails through I the kinky hair there, arousing the sensitive skin underneath it. She fluffed up her cunt-bush, I making what cunt-fur she did have stand up tall and thick.

Then she ran her hands back up herself slowly, letting them make tingling trails along her skin. She raked herself with her fingernails, liking the way she was making herself feel.

Briefly she wondered how much better fucking with a real man would be. For a moment, she remembered what it had been like fucking with Anita, but then she pushed that embarrassing thought from her mind. She didn’t want to turn into a lesbian, and she made herself promise never to let Anita do anything like that to her again, no matter how horny either of them got!

But, whatever she wanted to do to herself with her own hands was fine. It didn’t offend or embarrass her in the least to get herself off. In fact, she liked it.

But, she thought sadly, she would gladly have traded it for just one really good fuck-session with her father.

“Oh, Daddy,” she sighed, “I just have to fuck you. I just have to!”

She cupped her tits again, squeezing them in frustration. The white handfuls of skin turned pink, and then a bloodless white as she gripped them very tightly.

“There!” she gasped, at last letting them go, looking down to watch the blood rush back into the abused areas.

Gently then, Diane stroked herself, working out the pain she had created in her tits. Her nipples stood up stronger and straighter than ever, as if the worse she treated them, the better they liked it.

Although her lower body was calling her, her cunt starting to clutch and demand the touch of her experienced fingers, Diane concentrated on her upper body. She knew that the longer she made herself wait, the better it would feel when she finally allowed herself some stroking.

But, still, her pussy began to sizzle with need, her lust growing.

Her hands went up and down her sides, her fingers clawing and groping. She touched the tanned parts of her belly, and the small bit of white skin that showed the shape of her bikini. She crossed her arms over her chest, pulling them back across her front, her nails leaving narrow stripes of tingles.

“Ummmm,” she sighed, her eyes closed as she enjoyed whatever her hands did to her to the utmost.

While she played with her tits, her legs still moved in and out, in and out, pumping the juices up from far inside her cunt. She butted her heels against her ass, kicking herself slightly to jar loose even more cunt-juices. Her pussy was gulping in air, and Diane could tell that her cunt had gotten very juicy.

Slowly, she let her hands travel down toward her crotch. But, just before they got to the eagerly awaiting tangle of her cunt-hair, they split apart, one moving down one thigh, the other hand caressing her other thigh. The skin there broke out in goosebumps of anticipation, as her fingers touched parts of her that had long gone uncaressed.

With her bent knees pointing upward, she could reach clear to her knees, and all up and down her thighs and shin. She massaged herself, her fingers bringing good feelings to wherever she touched. When she grated her fingernails up toward her aching cunt, along the insides of her thighs, Diane could feel her entire cunt area contracting, the sensations very intense and very arousing.

When she reached her cunt, it took all of her strength to make her fingers reverse their motion, and back down away from her eager pussy once again.

“Oh, you tease me so good,” she sighed, her head tossed back, and her half-smile one of lust and longing.

She raked her fingers up and down her inner thighs a few more times. Each time she came near to her cunt, her body grew tense, and the tendons in her inner thighs tightened up.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her cunt was already clutching and throbbing without her fingers even touching it. She couldn’t put off what she really wanted a moment longer. Her body demanded some kind of relief, and she was just going to have to give in and satisfy herself now.

Both hands crept down over the curves of her inner thighs, toward her cunt. The skin there was sweaty underneath the soft covering of cunt-fur, and her fingernails rustled through it. She scratched her way toward her pussy-hole, feeling the heat rising and the humidity increasing.

“Yes, touch me, Daddy!” she said softly, her fingers arousing yet another sexy vision of her father.

What would it be like to have him touching her this way? she wondered. Would his big hands be soft or hard? Would his touch be tender or demanding? Would he maybe want to put his face between her legs, and eat her out before he fucked her? The erotic questions and possibilities drove her almost crazy.

At last the tips of her fingers touched the outer lips of her cunt, approaching them from both sides. Diane was surprised at how sensitive they were. Just the barest touch from her fingers made her jump with emotion.

“Ow!” she gasped involuntarily, her hips bucking upward as her finger first made contact with the sizzling skin of her cunt.

Gently, she massaged her outer cunt-lips, pushing them in together and then drawing them apart. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs as she peeled her pussy-lips away from each other. The heat from her aroused cunt had all but fused theta together, making Diane feel as if she were halving an orange when she opened her cunt up.

Her fingers slid inward, passing over the hairy part of her outer cunt-lips and touching the hot, slick cunt-meat inside. She pried herself open, farther, feeling a cool blast of air against her insides. The sensation made her suck in a gulp of air herself, it was so intense.


Still holding her cunt-lips open and apart with one hand, Diane began to stroke herself with the other. She used the very flip of one finger, probing gently, keeping her touch light and erotic. After only a few seconds, she had herself squirming around, her body reacting to the feeling she was conjuring up with one finger between her legs.

Lust shot out from her cunt, lighting up her whole life. Her finger circled around the pink inner meat of her cunt-mouth, not going far inside, but treating the mouth of her pussy to a barrage of tingling strokes.

Then, with the insides of her cunt already crying for it, Diane slipped her probing finger inside herself. Like magic, her cunt drew back away from it, opening her pussy and welcoming the long-awaited intruder.

Her finger disappeared into her cunt, as if it were made of butter. Her cunt just seemed to melt around it, sucking in her finger, and then closing down around it as if it would never let it go. Her finger went in all the way, gliding forward on a slick sheen of fresh cunt-juice until the palm of Diane’s hand was flat against the gaping mouth of her cunt.

Then, using all her strength, she began to pull her finger back out. Her cunt stuck to it tightly, staying right with it as she withdrew it. Her finger glistened with pussy-juice, and the breeze through the room felt cool against the wetness. Just the tip of her finger remained in the grip of her cunt, and this she wiggled around, teasing herself once again.

Her own finger was driving her nuts, and there was no time for playing anymore. She drove her finger back into her cunt savagely, drilling it in there and then stirring it around. Her cunt opened up around it, and Diane added another one, doubling her pleasure, and the amount of meat in her cunt.

“Yeah, fuck me, Daddy,” she panted, her body responding to her finger-fucking very strongly.

The two fingers were parted slightly, each rubbing against one side of her clasping cunthole. The soft flesh that surrounded them caressed them, coating them with precious fluid, and made them feel safe and secure. In return, the fingers increased their pace, fucking in and out of Diane’s cunt in such a way that couldn’t help but arouse the girl to a fever pitch.

The same juices that surrounded her fingers ran down the crack of her ass and onto her bedspread. Their fragrance excited Diane, and made her fuck herself faster. Her one hand stretched her pink cunt-meat open wide, while the other was a blur as it fucked in and out of her trembling cunt-hole.

Diane humped up toward her hands, increasing the depth of their fuck-stabs. Her ass came up off of the bed, her asscheeks tight with mounting lust. She held her ass up in the air, supporting the weight of her body on her neck and shoulders. Her feet were flat on the bed, her bent knees rocking forward and back to add yet another dimension to her fucking motions.

“Come on, Daddy, come on!” she cried, her mind ablaze with visions of her dad, and how she would fuck him if and when she got the chance. “Come on, stay with me, Daddy, stay with me. God, you fuck me so good!”

Her bridged body gyrated, her hands working quickly. Her fucking hand thrust in deeply, filling her up with as much substance as it could. Her other hand let her cunt-lips go, and they slowly curled back into position around her flying, fucking fingers. Then her hand took up a new post, stroking and thrumming her blood engorged clit.

Saving the best for last, Diane had put off even touching her clit until she knew she was very near to coming. Her breathing was harsh and fast, and she could hear her growing excitement in her own voice. Involuntary whimpers came from her parted lips, and she swallowed often, her spit feeling good along, the parched channel of her throat.

“Oh, it’s getting good,” she mumbled, her words not even registering in her lust-clouded brain. “Ohhhh, that’s right! Ohhhh, that’s so good!”

She pressed her clit flat, holding it down, and then grinding it around and around. The little knob of her clit throbbed with emotion, easily the most alive part of Diane’s very aroused body. Slicing bolts of wondrous sensations raced from her agitated clit making her body shine with a glow of impending orgasmic bliss.

As she played with her clit, her other hand kept on drilling straight down the tunnel of her cunt. More syrupy juice came from inside her pussy, and she smeared them around the outside of her cunt-hole, coating her pulsating clit.

Dressed in its erotic shroud of lubrication, her clit slid more easily than ever around and around underneath her fingers, and Diane got more aroused than ever before. It felt as if every nerve ending in her body were standing up on end, all of them trained on her crotch.

“Oh, Daddy, almost!” she gasped, feeling her blood boiling, and her heart pounding.

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her legs, causing her body to jump and dance. Diane gritted her teeth and kept up her stimulation of her fuck-parts. It was as if she needed to reach inside herself and grab hold of her orgasm, and pull it out of her pussy to the roots.

And, she knew, if that was what it took, then that would be what she would do. She had to come, and come soon, or she feared she might explode with unsatisfied lust.

“OhmyGod, ohmyGod,” she chanted, her eyes wide-open, but seeing nothing.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, her body all at once went wild with spasms. Her cunt convulsed wildly around her fucking fingers, which kept zooming in and out of her cunt with as much speed and depth as ever. Her toes fanned out, and her legs bucked up and down, every inch of her taken with the intensity of her come.

“Daddy!” she screamed, drawing the word out with her slightly stifled scream.

As usual, she had to watch herself, ever mindful of her mother discovering her sexy habits.

Then, bit by bit, the wonder evaporated, and Diane came back to reality to find herself again sprawled naked on her own bed, no fuck partner in sight. Tears of sadness and frustration filled her eyes, and she reached out for the comfort of her teddy-bear once again.

“There, there,” she said to him, cuddling him as if he were the one who was crying, “we’ll get Daddy to fuck you soon enough, and then everything will be all right. There, there, Mr. Bear, don’t cry, shhhhh…”


After fucking her two brothers, Anita turned her attention naturally to her older brother, Rick. While she hadn’t given up, or forgotten about, her desire to fuck her father and her bet with Diane — Rick was a constant temptation. She’d never noticed before just what a hunk he was.

So, she flirted with him, hoping he’d take the bait she made of herself. She figured she had enough cunt left to fuck all the men in her family and, besides, Anita was sure that Diane was still as cherry as the day she was born. She hardly considered it a contest anymore. As far as Anita was concerned, her father was as good as fucked. It was all just a matter of time.

And so, while she bided that time, she turned her attention to Rick. Although he still lived at home, Rick went to junior college and had a part-time job at a gas station. Like her other brothers, he was tall and dark and well-built. For Anita, it was like waking up from a wonderful dream only to find that reality was even better, as she discovered how attractive her brothers all were. She found it amazing that she’d never noticed that until now.

One Sunday afternoon, Rick was working on his car in the driveway. Anita had made a plan to go shopping with Diane but, when she saw that her brother was planning to spend the whole day around the house, Anita called her friend and cancelled. She told Diane she didn’t feel well, that she had her period. Diane sounded disappointed, but Anita couldn’t help that. She was thinking only of the erotic possibility of fucking her older brother.

“Hi!” she said, turning up beside him in a yellow sunsuit. “Need any help?”

Rick saw his sister’s legs from underneath the car, and shimmied out to talk to her. His handsome face was smudged with grease, and his skin glistened with sweat.

“I could use a cold beer, if don’t mind going in for one.”

Anita scampered away and came right back with two beers. She handed Rick one, and took a big pull off the other.

“I didn’t know you drank,” he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his greasy hand.

“Oh sure,” said Anita, trying to sound as if she liked her beer. “I do lots of grown-up things.”

“So I hear,” he said, looking at her meaningfully.

“What do you mean?” Anita asked, moving closer to him.

“You just better watch out that Mom and Dad don’t find out what you’ve been up to.”

“Do you think it’s wrong?”

“I’m sure Mom and Dad would think it’s wrong.”

Anita laughed, making her tits shake. “I didn’t ask you about Mom and Dad, I asked you about you. Do you think what I’ve been doing with Mike and Chuck is wrong?”

Rick paused considering his answer carefully. Anita waited anxiously, knowing this was the moment of truth.

“Nah,” he finally drawled, looking up at her sheepishly. “I think it’s kinda hot.”

Anita laughed happily. “Hooray! God, I’m glad you said that. So you wanna?”

She thrust one hip out and shifted her weight sexily. She and her brother just stared at each other, their eyes locked.

Finally Rick got up and opened the car door, in front of where Anita stood.

“After you,” he said, motioning her inside. “Welcome to my orgy room.”

“All right! I didn’t think you’d be so easy!”

Rick laughed as she climbed in behind her. “I’m easy but I’m not cheap!”

Anita clambered over into the driver’s seat, while Rick settled into the passenger seat. Then he reached across his sister to click the seat recline button, and Anita suddenly found herself flat on her back.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

He hit his own button, and then reached into the backseat for a beach towel. This he smashed down into the area between the two front seats, covering the gear knob. Then he reached out for Anita, and took her in his arms. He kissed her long and hard, then broke it off to hold her close.

“No,” he said, “I don’t see anything wrong with this at all.”

Anita reached up and drew his head back down to hers. Their arms entwined around their bodies, and their lips quivered and ground together. Anita put her feet on Rick’s side of the car, and together the brother ad sister stretched diagonally across the front seats.

When Anita felt her brother unbuttoning her sunsuit, she helped him along, wiggling out of the one-piece garment. When Rick reached down, to take off her panties, he got an erotic [missing text].

“No underwear!” he exclaimed, breaking their kiss, and looking down at her bare cunt.

Anita giggled. “I was hoping you’d say yes.”

“I swear, you better watch out…”

“The only thing I want to watch,” she said, grabbing his crotch, “is this.”

Rick moaned and let the naked nymph crawl across him and take off his clothes. He had to help her as she pulled down his undershorts and jeans.

“It’s great!” she said, staring at his prick. “I love it!”

Rick reached out and brought her hand over to his prick.

“Show it,” he said, his voice tight with excitement.

Anita jacked on his cock, her fingers barely reaching around its thick shaft. Great amounts of pre-cum ran from the slitted tip of his prick, and she smeared the pre-cum out and down his entire prickshaft. Her hand slid up and down his cock easily, greased by his thick fuck-juice. “Oh, baby,” Rick groaned, reluctantly pulling away from her and curling down into the floor of the car, between his sister’s outstretched legs.

“What are you doing?” Anita asked, her wet fingers already missing his prick.

Rick laughed. “I’m gonna eat your pussy out, silly.”

“You mean put your mouth there?”

“Sure! I like it. You mean you never did this before?”

Anita shook her head, her body jumping as his chin bounced against her tufted cunt-mound.

“Well, I’m glad to hear you don’t know everything about fucking. Get ready!”

Anita wiggled back into the seat, her legs spread wide, and her big brother crouched between them. Her ass stuck to the vinyl, and she felt tense. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to put his mouth on her cunt but, if Rick did, she certainly wasn’t going to stop him.

He took hold of the insides of her thighs and leaned forward. His face met the hot meat of her cunt, and he started tonguing and licking immediately. His tongue fluttered lightly over the darker outer lips of her cunt, batting the sensitive skin this way and that.

“Eeeee!” Anita screamed, incredible sensations radiating out from her pussy. “Ohhhhh, that’s great!”

Rick looked up over the mound of her cunt, and smiled at her with his eyes. His mouth continued to work, his tongue now licking straight up and down her cunt-gash, the flat of his tongue covering a wide patch of her cunt area.

Anita spread her legs out wider, wanting her brother to have all the room he needed to eat her cunt. She tossed her head back, her cunt feeling as if it would come at any moment.

Never had she experienced such direct, erotic stimulation! Pussy-eating was the best! She’d demand it of all her brothers from now on!

Rick lapped up and down her cunt-crack, taking down her cunt-juices eagerly. Her cunt was very creamy, and he had to swallow often to keep from drowning in her freely flowing pussy nectar. His flattened tongue covered a wide portion of her cunt area, and his hands tightened on Anita’s thighs to keep her still enough to tongue-fuck. Her ass was dancing around so much, he could barely get his mouth to keep up with it.

Then, for a change of pace, he curled his tongue into a tube, and began to fuck his sister with it as if it were a cock. Judging from the way Anita moaned and gyrated, Rick knew he had hit on something good, so he kept it up. His tongue flew in and out of her open cunt tunnel, reaching in as far as it could go.

Whenever he took his tongue out of her pussy, he flicked the tip of it around her fluttering cunt-lips, making his sister cry out all the louder.

“Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!” she sighed, her hands clenched into fists of excitement. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh!”

Her knee bounced up against the dashboard, her other leg stretched out nearly straight. She fluttered her eyes closed, wanting nothing visual to interfere with the incredibly sensual emotions running through her body. Her cunt clutched and trembled, all the nerve-endings raw with lust. As Rick trenched her cunt out with his pointed tongue, she felt her heart pounding and her cunt juicing up like never before.

Rick bobbed his face up and down, butting the bridge of his nose against her clit. Anita jumped higher than ever, her cunt trying to grab hold of his tongue and pull it right out of his fucking mouth. His teeth ground into the light circle of hair around her pussy-hole, chewing at the sensitive skin underneath.

Firecrackers began to burst in Anita’s brain and she climaxed like never before. Her whole body leaped around, the vinyl seat beneath her wet with cunt-juice and sweat. She shimmied and shook, her orgasm nearly overwhelming her.

“God, oh my God!” she panted as she trembled with orgasm.

Rick munched down her creamy cunt-juices, smacking his lips and kissing her pussy noisily. He could feel, both in her cunt and in the rest of her body, just how intense this orgasm was for Anita. She nearly lost herself in it, her body dancing around madly, her cunt-muscles clutching down on her tongue.

Once he’d gotten her off, Rick started to uncurl his big body and crawl back up into the seats. Now that he thought about it, his legs — as well as his cock — were cramped and killing him. But, as he started to get up, Anita put one of her warm hands on his shoulder.

“Do me some more,” she said. “I loved the way you tongued my pussy. Oh, come on, Rick, just eat me out a little more. I’ll fuck you good later, I promise! Come on, please?”

Her pleading clit him to the quick, and he curled back up on the floor. His cock bobbed up, pointing right at his face. When he looked down at it, he saw that a big blob of his thick pre-cum was clinging to the side of his prickhead. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have Anita’s lips locked around his spurting prick, sucking his juices out, and then slurping up the mess.

The mere idea made him crazy with lust, and he turned it loose on his sister’s waiting pussy-hole.

This time Anita knew what to expect, and she twined her fingers in her brother’s dark hair, pulling hard as he touched all the right places. She humped her crotch up to his face this time, meeting him halfway in the efforts of their tongue-fuck.

“Yeah, that’s good!” she sighed, her asscheeks puckering as she humped up and down. “Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!”

Rick blew a stream of hot air into her cunthole. The excited skin of her cunt drew back, curling away from the strange sensation. Then, again, he used the flat of his tongue on her pussy, lapping up and down, and leaving a wide path of tingling pussy-flesh.

Anita rocked up toward him, urging him to fuck her with his tongue as he had done before. It would have been so easy for her to just ask him to do as she wanted, so easy except she was too turned-on to speak. Only grunts and groans escaped her lips, now, and she did her best to communicate with them and the sexy motions of her body.

Pussy-juice rolled out of her cunt, and coated the length of Rick’s throat. But he liked the taste. To him it was better than expensive wine. His tongue curled up, like Anita wanted it to, and he probed her with it, going deeper and deeper with each and every stroke. More cunt juices poured out to greet him as her cunt showed him how much it liked what he was doing. Rick used his tongue like a straw to siphon down her delicious pussy-juices.

Hungrily, he moaned against the opened meat of her pussy, thrilling her that way. The vibrations his voice made against her cunt-meat sent tingles clear down to Anita’s toes. He moaned louder, and she cried out with lust.

“Ouuuuuu! That’s it’s — Ohhhhhh!” Delirious thoughts spun through Anita’s mind while her brother tongue-fucked her pussy. She still wanted his cock as much as ever, but she wanted this, too. This was new, and different, and a real turn-on for Anita. She only hoped that the rest of the family stayed away from the house long enough for her to enjoy having the cake of her brother’s big prick, and eating it, too.

Rick fucked her quickly, his tongue wiggling around deep inside of her. He flexed his tongue, making it change shape while he fucked to the root in her sizzling cunt. The walls of her pussy contracted around it, changing shape as it did, staying with it no matter what Rick did with his tongue.

Then, suddenly, he changed the tactic of his fucking. His tonguetip only penetrated her cuntmouth. But, to make up for the lack of size, he hurried his tonguetip around and around the circle of her cunt-mouth.

Her nerve endings stood up as his tongue went around and around, above them. They were never without oral stimulation for long and, after a few revolutions, Anita lost track of just where exactly his tongue was even touching her.

All she knew for certain was that his tongue was at her cunt, making her pussy cream with delight.

Rick fucked his tongue into her slightly, exciting all the ultra-sensitive nerves there the tip of his tongue could touch her cunt in ways his cock never could. There was a new kind of tenderness to this kind of fucking, and Anita learned to like it right away. Her pussy responded to his gentle tonguing mightily, and Rick responded to that.

He was the kind of man who liked to please his woman, and for him to feel his sister’s mounting excitement and lust was the best reward possible. He still wanted to fuck her, but he also wanted her to enjoy herself.

Anita certainly was doing that. Tension was beginning to gather in the pit of her belly again, and she readied herself for another come. She bucked her ass up off the sticky seat, feeding Rick her eager cunt. She clamped her hands over his ears, showing him how to bob his head to bring her the most enjoyment possible.

Rick let her guide him. She moved his had faster, and he did his best to be sure his tongue kept up. He was using it like a cock again, fucking it night in and out of her pussy-hole. Anita took it with sighs of pleasure, as she bucked her clit against his nose.

Rick breathed through his nose, the two hot blasts firing up Anita’s pussy. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he sucked down the cunt-juices that continued to pour from her aroused pussy. The harder he tongued her, the more she creamed, and by now the boy was nearly drowning in it. His whole lower face was slick with her pussyjuices, and they ran together to drip off his chin periodically.

“Ohhhhh! Almost! Ohhhh, Rick, ohhhhh!”

Really turning it on, Rick poured it to her. His tongue was like a piston as it slithered in and out of her cunt-hole. He shoved it in until his teeth were pressed against her lightly haired cunt-mound. Then he pulled his tongue back out, finishing each fuck-stroke with a flourish that encircled her clit and lashed it sexily.

Anita was breathing loudly, her grunts and sighs extra-loud in the enclosed car. Her cunt pumped up toward her brother’s face, her motions exact and demanding. She was working for her second orgasm, going after it in a way that hadn’t been necessary the first time. She strained for it, wanting it very badly.

Rick wanted it for her, too. His cock ached with need, and even his patience was running out. He worked his fingertips up into the soggy juncture of his mouth and her cunt, and used them to help bring about her badly needed come.

His fingers seemed to do the trick for, as he clawed at her pussy with them, Anita arched up, her ass lifting up off the seat. Rick craned his neck to keep his mouth glued to her cunt, and then he bobbed his head like a crazed bird as her orgasm hit.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she cried, her brow furrowed with relief and concentration. “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Bubbling cries of lust came from her mouth, without Anita’s even knowing what she was doing or saying. All along her cunt-channel, tremors rumbled along, feeding Rick even more cunt-juices. Finally, though, her cunt became unbearably sensitive, and she was forced to push his ever-licking, ever-sucking face away. Rick wiped away the slime of her cunt-juices, and pinned.

“You all right?”

Anita laughed. “Do I look all tight?”

Rick laughed, too. “You sure look all right to me, see?”

He gestured to his prick and Anita gasped. His cock was so swollen with blood it was almost purple!

“Here, let me…”

“Wait,” he said, taking her hand before she could touch his prick, “I gotta get out of here, so I can fuck you good! Let’s go in the house.”

“You’re not worried about Mom and Dad anymore?” she teased.

“Fuck ’em!” Rick quipped as he opened the car door for them, and pulled Anita along behind him, the two of them dashing in the front door of the house.


As Diane approached Anita’s house, she saw something very unusual. It looked like Anita and her oldest brother, Rick, running from the garage to the house — naked!

Diane stopped short, wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then she felt her anger rising. It was no trick, she realized, it was indeed Anita — fucking another one of her brothers! And she said she had her period!

Fueled by anger, Diane stormed up to the front door. The door was open, the screen in front of it closed. She was just about to knock when she froze, her raised fist in mid-air. She stared down, her eyes and cars alerted to what was happening just a few feet away from her.

“Oh, God, yessss, put it in!” Anita sighed as she crouched on all fours on the floor in front of her brother. “Come on, Rick, I’m so hot I can’t stand it!”

Diane’s big, blue eyes flashed past her naked friend and settled on the equally nude body of her brother. Rick was built like a God, with perfect muscles and a shock of dark hair that fell over his handsome face sexily. Diane had secretly been hot for him for a long time and now, watching him about to stick his prick into Anita’s cunt, she felt sick with envy.

Part of her knew she should leave for her own sanity. But another part, a stronger part, told her to stay and watch. If she couldn’t fuck Rick herself, she could at least enjoy watching him.

“Hurry!” Anita moaned.

Rick knelt behind her, fumbling with his incredibly rigid prick. His cock was so hard with blood that he had trouble bending it down so it could fit into his sister’s cunt-mouth. He struggled with it, butting his juicing cock-head around her pussy, and smearing their combined juices all around her cunt area.

Diane looked upon them from the side, their bodies a white contrast against the darkness of the room. She leaned against the door frame, her eyes heavy with lust and envy. She wanted so much to be in Anita’s place that, when she saw Rick at last insert his prick-tip into her cunt, she gave a moan of shared jay.

“Yessss, ahhhhh!” Anita crooned.

“Oh baby!” Rick cried, his prick at last buried somewhere soft and warm.

He leaned over her, starting right in on some fast, hard fucking. His cock ached from all the time it had had to wait while he ate her out in the car. But now, unfurled to its maximum length in the depths of her cunt, he worked the kinks out of it and his back by fucking his sister like there was no tomorrow.

His prick soared into her cunt, slamming against its back wall. Anita arched up, clearing the path for his fucking prick and, somehow, managed to pull a couple more inches of his cock-meat inside herself. Then, just as quickly as he had plowed into her, he jerked his prick back out, anxious to get on with his next forward fuck-thrust.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Anita said, alive with lust. “Yeah, fuck me hard, that’s great!”

Rick slammed his groin against her ass cheeks, pressing the white ass-globes flat. He fucked a cock into her as far as it would go, and then rolled his hips, holding his prick inside of her and stirring it round. The walls of her cunt suctioned around his grating prick, staying with it and keeping it in a tight, sexy squeeze.

Anita rolled her ass around, too, making her brother’s cock move around inside of her more crazily than ever. His big cock felt like it was pushing aside her organs and moving her guts about. She put her head down and concentrated, rolling her ass around and around and around.

Rick’s rutting fuck-strokes were long and sure, poking right into the depths of her cunt. Her cunt closed around his prick whenever he withdrew it, and fucking his prick back into her was like starting their fuck anew with each stroke. The tip of his cock burst into her cuntmouth, forcing its way clear to the back of her pussy-channel.

Her palms and knees grinding into the carpet, Anita took the dog-fuck like it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She wiggled her ass back at her brother, making her tits sway as they hung beneath her.

She felt wonderfully naked. Rick was a great fucker and she slammed her ass back against him, wanting to do all she could to make their fuck the best it could be.

From just outside the door, Diane watched them. Anita wore a look of savage intensity, and Rick looked more handsome than ever as he fucked her cunt-juice ran into the crotch of her shorts as she watched, and Diane danced her legs together, trying to bring herself some sort of satisfaction.

Oblivious to the fact that they were not alone, Anita and Rick went after each other with increasing urgency. Although she had come twice already, Anita was still as hot as ever to fuck her big brother, and fuck his cock pounding around inside of her, could not remember when he had fucked a cunt so tight and tender as the one he was fucking now. His sister’s pussy-meat felt perfect around his throbbing prick, and he fucked her harder because of it.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” he grunted, his hairy crotch banging against the cheeks of Anita’s ass. “Oh Anita, oh, oh, oh, Anita, ohhhhh!”

All along his prick-shaft, he could see her cunt-muscles working his cock-meat over as if they were fingers. The inside of her cunt caressed and massaged his prick so well, that Rick threw his head back and howled. Blasts of lust coursed through his veins, making him fuck her harder than ever.

Anita took all of his punishing fuck-stroke, and threw her ass back for more. She loved the way his cock was fucking her. It was great to feel so completely filled with cock-meat. Rick’s prick was even bigger and better than her brother Chuck’s, and she crooned and sighed.

Fucking Chuck had been good, but fucking Rick was even better.

Leaning over her back, Rick eased his hands around her to cup her hanging tits. His cock shifted around in her cunt-hole as he moved, and Anita moaned. The new direction his prick took on, and the way his hands started playing with her tits, added another dimension to her fuck-lust.

Rick mauled her tits, pulling them up tight against her chest, and then letting them fall. Their own weight made them swing sexily, and Rick took hold of just the nipples. His big fingers twisted them around, making Anita squeal with pain and pleasure. Sizzling sensations ran from her abused tit-tips right down to her cunt area. There, the passion her brothers coaxed from her nipples exploded and multiplied, coming back around to Rick via Anita’s urgently fucking cunt.

His hands slithered down her front, leaving her tits tingling and abandoned. For an instant, he flashed them between her legs, sucking his fingertips down with their mingling fuck-juices. Then Rick let his fingers walk back up his sister’s belly, leaving a sticky trail of milky lube that led right to her pointed nipples and dangling tit-globes.

“Ahhhhh!” Anita sighed as he creamed her nips with his load of finger-smearing cunt-juice.

Slick and slippery, her nipples rolled through his fingers. Rick twisted her nipples harshly, and caressed them lovingly. He used the fuck-lube he had brought to his best advantage, making Anita moan and sigh as he covered her tits with it.

As the boy played with his sister’s tits, he did not forget about her cunt. His cock fucked downward into her now, hitting against the bottom of her cunt-tunnel and then glancing back upward. His cock-tip grazed along one side of her cunt, poking at Anita’s sensitive pussy-meat, and making both teenagers cry out with excitement.

Diane wanted to cry out, too. Watching her friend getting so fabulously fucked only made her more frustrated than ever. She knew, now, that fucking was everything everyone ever said it was.

Why was she the only person in the world who wasn’t getting any?

She sighed, partially with sadness and partially with lust as she leaned heavily against the door, her cunt on fire, her eyes glued to the sexy sight.

Anita rocked forward and back, fucking Rick with her whole body. Her tits moved, even underneath Rick’s clutching hands. Her nips pointed against his sweaty palms as he pressed against them. More sensations were wrung from her tits, urging her to fuck her brother with all her might.

Just as Anita’s tits shimmied and shook, so did Rick’s balls. They bounced around, stirred about by their wild fucking. Rick could feel that they were heavy with fuck-cream, and he wanted to let them go, filling Anita with his hearty load. But he also wanted to keep fucking her. It felt so good to send his prick all the way into her cunt, time and time again.

It was a terrible choice to have to make. Either decision was a pleasant one, and so he decided to have both, more fucking, and then a glorious climax.

Although she wasn’t aware of the choices her brother was making, Anita was glad he did what he did. She would not have wanted their fuck to end just yet. She was really enjoying herself, her cunt wonderfully stretched and her tits passionately pawed. She wanted to keep on fucking just as long as her brother could manage and then some.

Cunt-juices snapped and popped at the union of their fuck-parts, and the smell of sex was all around them. Anita’s cunt was so ripe, and her brother’s prick so aroused, that Diane could smell them from where she stood. She inhaled deeply, letting their scent intoxicate her.

God, she longed to combine her own tastes and smells with those of her father!

As Diane watched her friend getting fucked, she tried to pay close attention so that, when she did get the opportunity to fuck her dad, she would know what she was doing. She didn’t want her father to think she was a dumb virgin or anything. Mentally taking very sexy notes, Diane took in Anita’s every move, the way she fucked back at Rick, and the way she wiggled around sexily, making her body twist and turn.

Again Diane was reminded of the afternoon Anita had fucked her with her hand. That had been rather instructional, but this was much better!

“Ohhhh, that’s so gooood!” Anita sighed, her ass bouncing all around. “Keep fucking Rick! Keep fucking me!”

Rick straightened back up, leaving her tits all on their own again. As he took his hands away from them, a rush of cool air hit them, making her nipples stand up as tall as ever before. Anita grunted, her nips taut with lust, and her brother’s cock again shifting around in the hotly clutching confines of her fabulously fucked cunt.

Rick put his hands on the cheeks of her ass, their tanned, slightly greasy skin an exciting contrast to the whiteness of Anita’s ass. He looked down at them curiously, watching, too, the way his cock pulled out of her cunt-hole, and then bored its way back in. Each time his cock was pulled from the small circle of her cunt it was nearly squeezed white, all the blood fucked out of the top layer of cum. Then, when he fucked it into her and it lounged in the soft nest of her pussy-tunnel, the blood returned, rushing to fill his prick anew.

“Oh baby, oh honey!” he panted, fucking her with jarring strokes, watching his cock go in and put of her.

Anita could feel her brother’s eyes boring into the exposed hole of her cunt. At first she was a little embarrassed, after, all, he was her brother! But then she warmed up to the idea, and it turned her on like crazy, especially since Rick was her brother!

She knew that she was doing and enjoying something most people considered to be very wrong. But, as her pussy constantly reminded her, there was nothing, nothing at all wrong with fucking her brother. In fact, it was one of the best things she had ever done!

Shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine as Rick’s cock thundered around inside her cunt-hole. Her pussy clutched his prick tightly, juices constantly flowing out to soak his fucking cock. Because of the two orgasms he had given her in the car, her cunt was tighter and more exciting than usual. And, to her advantage, his prick felt even larger as it moved about inside of her.

The juices that he fucked out of them both glistened in her dark cunt-hair. He looked down into them, his cock slithering back out of her cunt once again. The inner meat of her pink cunt was pulled out around his prick slightly as his cock slipped out. Then, each time he fucked back into her, the extended flesh seemed to fold back in on itself, and his cock tucked it neatly up inside of her pussy once again.

From where she was, Diane could see Rick’s cock each time he pulled it from Anita’s cunthole. She could tell that his prick was very hard, and she was a little intimidated by the size of it. She thought of how her cunt seemed when she finger-fucked it, and wondered if her pussy would ever be able to take anything so big.

But then she thought of Anita’s cunt and how it looked, too. She guessed that if Anita’s pussy would stretch enough to fuck something like that, then her cunt probably would, too. Plus, she thought, she would have done anything if it meant she would get to fuck her dad’s cock. She didn’t care if his prick killed her, just as long as she got to fuck it once before she died.

“Oh, Daddy, when?” she said involuntarily, her eyes never leaving the spectacle of Anita and Rick.

The sides of Rick’s ass-cheeks puckered as he fucked Anita with straight, strong strokes. Diane watched, hypnotized by the motions of the boy’s body. His sturdy body made Anita look small and frail, and Diane found the contrast very sexy.

“Why won’t somebody fuck me?” she moaned quietly, not wanting either of the happy fuckers to look her way and discover her.

But Diane need not have worried. As the pace and the urgency of their fucking increased, Anita and Rick were aware of very little other than the sensations their fuck-parts brought to them. They had no idea Diane was there, and probably would not have cared if they had known. Their fucking was all that mattered now, and if she wanted to watch, they could not have cared less.

Anita dropped her head down, looking underneath her body to watch her brother’s swinging balls. She saw the way his thighs tensed and relaxed, propelling his cock forward and back with such satisfying speed. His hairy legs looked so masculine and adult that Anita sighed, loving the whole sexy situation.

With her head down that way, it almost looked to Rick like he was fucking a woman with no head. There was a dip between her shoulder blades, and then nothing. The macabre notion excited the boy in a strange way, and he fucked deeper, filling the creature his sister had become with all the meat of his prick-shaft.

Straining, Anita reached back and cupped the writhing sack of her brother’s balls. She rolled them in her hand as if they were dice and she were shooting craps. She pulled them down, stretching out his ball-sac and causing Rick to cry out.

“Take it easy!” he said, his voice high and strange sounding.

“Ummmmm!” Anita moaned. “Don’t you like it when I do that?”

She gave his balls a tug to emphasize what she was talking about.

“Sure!” Rick yelped. “Just don’t rip ’em off, okay?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that! Then you couldn’t fuck me anymore!”

Rick laughed.

But the rest of his thought was lost as Anita pulled his balls once again. In retaliation, he slammed his groin against her ass, filing her cunt with as many inches of his prick-meat as it could possibly stand.

The new barrage on his sister’s cunt finally took its toll on Rick’s cock. With her hand mauling his balls, and the fingers inside her cunt working over his prick-shaft, it all became too much for him, and his balls contracted and then released their sticky wads of fuck-cream.

“Ohhhhhh!” he bellowed, fucking her faster than ever before.

Anita felt his balls writhing, and then felt the stream of cum filling up her cunt. She his balls some more, getting all that she could out of them. The warmth of their load filtered through her, and she felt her body starting to react to it. Simmering moments passed, and then her cunt joined her brother’s cock in orgasm.

“Ricky!” she cried, her body tense and bucking. “Ohhhhh, that’s so good, ohhh! Ohhhhh!”

Rick curved one hand around her bent body and held her ass back tight against his thundering cock. Their fuck-parts sealed so well that, until he released her, not one drop of cum escaped the pucker of her cunt.

The convulsions that passed through one body were felt by the other. They shared their climax and then, limp with exhaustion, Rick gently let his sister go and they stretched out on the carpet side-by-side, their breathing shallow.

Watching the great moment pass, Diane felt almost as if she had climaxed herself. It had been incredible! How she envied Anita! God, now she wanted to fuck more than ever and so, charged with sexual urgency, she turned away from the door and ran home, leaving Anita and Rick none the wiser.


Just moments after Diane disappeared around the front of the house, Anita and Rick nearly jumped out of their naked skin when they heard someone open the back door. They didn’t even have time to react before they heard Chuck cry out.

“Hey, Rick? Could I borrow your car to — holy shit!”

Hearing who it was, Anita relaxed.

But Rick still reached up toward the couch, and pulled the afghan down to cover his naked sister. It didn’t help, though, as Chuck strode into the room and then stopped dead in his tracks.

“Fuck, Anita, don’t you ever get enough cock?”

He stood towering over them, looking down with an expression that was a combination of lust and envy.

“Now just a minute!” said Rick. “Don’t you talk to her that way. She’s our sister!”

Chuck just laughed. “Our sister? Right, our fucking hot sister is what I’d call her. Did we fuck Ricky nice today?”

Beneath the afghan, Anita seethed with lust. It was a dream come true to have the opportunity to fuck two of her brothers at the same time. Now all she had to do was find a way to make them cooperate.

“Uh-huh,” she said sweetly, nodding her dark head. “And I’d fuck you, too, if you had your clothes off.”

“Anita!” Rick exclaimed, suddenly turning moralistic.

But Chuck just laughed and began to disrobe. “You heard what the lady said, Rick. Why don’t you just get lost?”

“No!” Anita cried, putting her hand on her older brother’s arms as he began to get up off the floor. “You stay, too. I want you both!”

The boys were stunned speechless. They looked at each other, Rick shocked, Chuck intrigued.

“Okay by me.” Chuck shrugged, tossing off the last of his clothes. “So long as I get her [missing text].”

“All right!” Anita said, clapping her hands. “Now, Rick, what do you say?”

“I don’t know…”

“Oh come on! I could suck you off.”

“She gives real good head,” added Chuck. “I should know!”

Unconsciously, Rick stroked his naked prick. His fingers soon discovered that his prick was plenty hard again. Maybe the idea of a threesome was a good one after all.

“Okay,” he said slowly, “but you go lock the back door, and I’ll close the front door. I don’t want anybody dropping in as fast as you did.”

While Anita lounged back in the blanket, rolling around on the floor like some kind of sex kitten, the boys secured the house. Then they came back to their sexy sister, one stretching out on either side of her.

“Ohhhh, this is the life!” Anita said happily as they started kissing opposite sides of her body. “Ohhhhh, you gays do that so good!”

Rick landed kisses all around her neck and face while Chuck moved right on down to her tit. They unwrapped the blanket from around her slender body, exposing her bit by bit, and making Anita feel very beautiful. She lounged back, arching up to meet Chuck’s tit-sucking mouth, her one hand working over the back of Rick’s dark head.

Chuck sucked in her sensitive nipple until it was pressed against the back of his throat. His cheeks puckered in with the strength of his sucking, and Anita felt as if he might suck her whole body into his mouth, tit first. Then he eased back a bit, railing his tongue around and around her luscious nipple, forcing more blood to flood the tiny tip.

Anita sighed and felt her nipple stand up straight and tall. Leaving it slick with his spit, Chuck took his mouth away from her tit and covered it with his hand instead.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked, speaking to her flushed face. “A slut like you really gets off on this kind of stuff! You are a real cunt, Anita, and I love you for it!”

Hearing his brother talk that way upset Rick, but he said nothing. He didn’t believe in any kind of abuse for women, not even using dirty words. He made a mental note to talk to his brother about it at a later time, and then turned his mental energies back to nibbling his sister’s earlobe.

Shivers ran down Anita’s side as Rick’s mouth bit and nipped around her car and neck. When he stuck his rolled tongue into her ear, she gave a squeal.

“Bested Rick, stop it.”

But Rick would not stop. He flicked her ear with his tongue, holding down her squirming body with one hand tight to her tit. Chuck saw what his brother was up to and joined in, torturing Anita’s other ear.

Kicking and screaming and laughing, the girl tried to get up and get away. But she had no chance of escape with her two big brothers surrounding her. Their nimble fingers tweaked and twisted her nips, and their tongue lapped around and through her ears. Finally, in desperation, the girl reached out and took hold of both of their cocks. Summoning up all her strength, she squeezed the two rigid cock-shafts as hard as she could.

“Ough!” exclaimed Rick, jumping back.

“Son of a bitch!” his brother agreed.

Anita laughed. “Now, I told you to stop! If you want to fuck me, fuck me nice.”

“You got it, bitch,” said Chuck, diving back onto her and throwing her lop apart. “I came for some pussy, anyway!”

Chuck grabbed her and pulled her toward his cock. He knelt down, his knees spread apart, and Anita slid up his thighs and right onto his prick.

“Normally I don’t do sloppy seconds,” Chuck said, feeling how squishy she was inside. “But with our cute fuck-happy sister, here, just about anything feels good.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah!” Anita agreed, closing her eyes and loving the feel of her brother’s prick. Then she opened them and motioned for Rick. “Come sit here, lemme taste your nice, big prick.”

Rick hesitated, looking at Chuck. If they were going to share Anita, they were going to have to get along or kill her.

“Come on,” Chuck said, nodding his head toward Anita. “She wants to suck your cock. What are you waiting for?”

Rick took a deep breath. “Nothing, I guess. Okay sure, let’s go.”

Awkwardly, he tossed one leg across Anita’s chest and settled in. His cock bobbed up right in her face, and Anita went cross-eyed looking at it. Then, with both hands, she reached out and grabbed it, drawing it to her mouth.

“Ahhhh!” Rick sighed, feeling her mouth around his prick-shaft.

Chuck, who had held back from fucking Anita to give her a chance to get a good grip of Rick’s prick, now let himself go. He put one hand underneath each of Anita’s ass-cheeks, and used her like a fuck-off doll, pulling her toward him and then letting her slide away.

Caught between the two boys, Anita reveled in the situation. She held Rick’s cock in both her hands, nursing on the tip of it as if she were a child at her mother’s breast. She cooed and moaned, loving the way her oldest brother’s hard-on stretched her mouth and lips.

Her moans made Rick moan, too. The vibrations her mouth made transferred to his prick at very erotic frequencies. He held himself up off of her slightly, gently pulling his prick back ever so slightly, and then fucked forward again.

Anita loosened her grip of his cock enough to let him move, but not so much as to allow him even the possibility of escape. She wanted to make love to his cock for a very long time.

Rick’s copious and flavorful cock-cream slithered down the back of Anita’s throat like so many oysters. She took down the clots and the thin gruel that flowed from his cock-tip between them. She sucked in her cheeks around his drooling prick, her outer cheeks dented in sharply.

At the other end of her body, Anita had less control over her fuck. The awkward way that Chuck had chosen to fuck her, with her ass and cunt elevated, allowed her very little mobility. She could only squirm and dance, making any real fucking motion just impossible.

Still, doing what she did encouraged Chuck, making him fuck her deeply. With each fuck stroke, he lunged toward her and pulled her toward him, making their bodies meet with joint crunching satisfaction.

“Ahhhh, fuck, that’s good!” Chuck moaned. Plunge after plunge, his cock gradually fucked out the remnants of Rick’s creamy load and turned Anita’s cunt into something that was all his. He felt the gooey squishiness of Rick’s old jizz less and less the more he fucked Anita, and he filled her cunt more and more enthusiastically because of it.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, Anita, come on! Move that ass! Yeah, move it!”

He pinched Anita’s ass hard, making her scream around Rick’s cock and jump around his. His big hands held her ass-cheeks up, mauling them around. His fingers ventured down into the furry crack of Anita’s ass, and that made her move as much as anything. No one had ever paid much attention to her ass before, and now she discovered, with a little help from Chuck’s fingers, that her ass was very sensitive.

The more Chuck made her squeal and squirm, the more Rick benefited. Anita cried out around his prick, thrilling him more than ever. She took her hands away from his prickshaft, too, clawing the carpet with them instead of gripping his prick. With nothing between her lips and the base of his prick except a few inches of his cock-meat, Rick took advantage of the situation and shoved his prick toward his sister with unexpected urgency.

“Mmmmmm!” Anita screamed, her eyes wide with shock and fright.

Rick held his prick down her bobbing throat. He gloried in the feelings his sister’s startled gullet gave his cock. The muscles rippled around his prick as she fought to expel him from her mouth. Her lips clamped down tightly around the base of his prick, snapping open and closed in muffled yelps. With an odd sort of detachment, he watched her face turn bright red, his cock having choked off her air supply. Only when she beat on his thighs with her clenched fists did he reluctantly pull back, giving her back her life.

“Shit!” Anita gasped, turning her face away from him and gasping for air. “What are you trying to do, kill me?”

Embarrassed now at what he had done, Rick tried to get up. He couldn’t believe he had behaved in such a way!

“Oh now,” Anita said, grabbing for his prick with both hands again, “you’re not going anywhere. It takes more than a little cock-meat to choke me.”

“But…” Rick said, but when his sister popped his cock back into her mouth, feeding on it, he forgot his thought and settled back down, his eyes rolling with pleasure.

Anita nodded her head up and back, taking and releasing his cock-shaft. She whirled her tongue around his prick as she slid her face from one end of it to the other. The combination of sensations was the best thing Rick had ever felt. Lust pounded through his body and he fucked back at her, gently this time.

But, down at her cunt, Chuck was being anything but gentle. While Anita and Rick had been fucking for a while, Chuck was still fresh and plenty horny. His cock throbbed inside of Anita’s cunt, and he lunged up over and over again, making her cunt take and take and take his prick-shaft.

Chuck started fucking her wildly, his prick coming all the way out of her cunt, and then thundering back inside. Cunt-juice and Rick’s previously shot load of fuck-cream lathered up her cunt area, and her whole crotch was soon slick with it. Chuck worked her ass up and down very quickly, fucking his prick in all the ways that felt best to him.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, bitch! Fuck me back!”

But Anita could do little more than relax her lower body and let her brother do with her as he wished. The position was too awkward, and his fucking tempo too extreme, for her to be able to keep up.

His cock came clear out of her cunt-mouth and then shot back inside her once again. The more he fucked her, the easier it was for him to shove his cock back inside of her in such a rude way. Anita’s pussy stayed open between fuck-strokes, her pussy-lips pouted apart, ready to take her brother’s next wild fuck-stroke.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chuck cried, losing himself in the frenzied fuck.

He was so caught up in what he was doing that, when he lunged forward one time, he didn’t at first understand why Anita’s cunt felt so different. It was tighter, drier, not as soft. He jerked his cock back out and then sent it in again, and only then, did he realize that he had pierced her asshole!

Anita’s head had been pumping up and down Rick’s cock with a very satisfying rhythm when, all at once, he felt her buck and try to scramble away. She screamed around his prick, her eyes wild with urgency. Rick just thought she was enjoying herself, and he put his hands down on either side of her face to keep her from pulling away from him.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” Anita screamed, knowing immediately where Chuck’s cock had landed, and not liking it one bit. “Mmmmm!”

Although Chuck could not see his sister’s face, he could sense her pain and fear. But, instead of making him take his prick right out of her asshole, it made him ass-fuck her even harder. He didn’t care whether she liked, it or not. All that mattered to him was that, his cock was being satisfied and, fucking his sister’s virgin asshole, he certainly had no complaints.

Anita felt like a red-hot poker had been shoved up her ass. She shimmied about, trying to break free. But the more she struggled, the tighter her brothers held her. Even Rick did not seem to understand that she wanted to be free. He just kept right on fucking her mouth, his eyes heavy-lidded with lust.

Anita’s ass made faint popping sounds as Chuck violated it time and again, faster and faster. Just as he had done while fucking her cunt, he drew his prick back out of her asshole at the completion of every fuck-stroke. That way he got the pleasure of fucking her from cock-tip to base every single time. And, as long as he fucked her, her ass never failed to satisfy him, puckering back up to allow maximum penetration pleasure.

“I love it, baby, I love it!” he panted, bending her legs back so he could actually watch his prick fucking in and out of her asshole. “It’s beautiful, Anita, I wish you could see how my cock fucks your asshole! It’s beautiful, baby, just fuckin’ beautiful! A real turn-on!”

Almost surprising herself, Anita found herself wishing that she could see Chuck’s cock pounding into her ass. She even shimmied around a bit, getting used to having his cock inside of her. What had once been great pain began to turn, changing tone like the sky at sunset. Her cool disinterest in ass-fucking brightened, changing instead into a hot red that craved her brother’s ass-fucking cock.

As she started to move with him, Chuck felt his prick beginning to give. The tight squeeze her ass put on his prick, and her apparent enthusiasm for ass sucking, combined to do him in. Fighting to hold back, he found it impossible and, before he could stop it, the flood of his come-juice was warming her sister’s bowels.

“Ahhhhh, gooood, ahhhh!” he cried, grunting as he strained to keep his exploding cock moving through the clutching tunnel of Anita’s ass.

Anita felt her ass balloon up with her brother’s exploding cum. She sucked harder on Rick’s cock because of the intense sensations radiating out from Chuck’s prick. But, with all her attention trained on her cum-sucking asshole, she didn’t even realize that she was pulling so mightily on Rick’s cock until she felt his creamy cock-load, too.

“Ungh, I’m coming, I’m coming!” he gasped, sounding as if he were in pain. “Ohhhhh, Anita, ohhhh, honey!”

His hands on either side of her face worked her mouth back and forth along the shaft of his prick. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he almost forgot to breathe as his fuck-cream drained through the maze of veins in his balls, out the tip of his prick, and into Anita’s waiting mouth.

Valiantly, Anita gulped down Rick’s cum load, and tried to keep her ass moving around Chuck’s jetting prick. Her body felt almost limp with exhaustion, and she snorted around Rick’s prick, gasping in air as she gulped down his cum.

“Ahhhh, baby!” Chuck finally sighed, sliding back and popping his cock out of her cunt. He leaned against the edge of the sofa and smiled. “That was just fine.”

Rick stretched out on the carpet. Zinging sensations were still careening through his body, and he needed time to catch his breath.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get it. Their orgy was just breaking up when the three teenagers heard someone try to open the locked front door. Then they heard their mother’s voice.

“Frank, do you have your key? The front door is locked.”

“Jesus!” Chuck exclaimed, jumping up and gathering up his clothes. In a flash he was gone.

Anita and Rick were slower to react, their fucked-out minds and bodies not immediately registering the danger. Just moments before their parents came in the front door, Rick grabbed his sister’s hand and pulled her upstairs, leaving nothing behind to hint at their orgy except a small puddle of cum.


Diane’s run took on a strange gait as she rushed home. Her cunt was so hot she limped as she trotted. Watching Anita getting fucked by her older brother had been the final straw for Diane. She had to get fucked right now, or she knew she would never be able to look herself in the eye again.

Panting with exertion and lust, she burst into the back door of her house to find her father calmly making himself a sandwich. He looked startled by the way his daughter burst into the house and the strange took on her face when she saw him.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” he asked, putting down his knife and grabbing Diane. “Are you all right?”

“Where’s Mom?” Diane puffed, her eyes darting about, her cunt temperature rising as her father took hold of both her shoulders.

“She’s gone out to lunch with some of her friends. Diane, honey, what is it? Is someone after you?”

Hearing that her mother was not at home sent bells off in Diane’s brain. This was it! Her big chance!

She moved in toward her father and hugged him. Her heart thudded against his belly and, not knowing what he was getting himself into, John Sager responded to his daughter’s urgent embrace.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you,” Diane mumbled against her father’s body. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Diane,” John replied, touched by his daughter’s sudden display of affection.

“No, Daddy, I mean I really love you!” Diane said, rubbing herself against her father.

“I love you more than anyone, more than Mom, and more than Barney.”

Barney was the family dog.

The way Diane was sliding her tits back and forth across his lower body was beginning to be distracting for John. While he knew his daughter didn’t mean to, he found that she was arousing him. Gently, he tried to push her away.

“That’s very sweet, honey,” he said.

But Diane held onto him tightly. “I don’t mean it to be sweet. I mean it, I mean it.” She took a deep breath. “I mean it to be sexy!”

John laughed nervously. “Did something happen over, at Anita’s? Something that’s upsetting you?”

“Daddy, come on!” Diane whined. “Don’t you understand me? I want you!”

Afraid that he did understand, John pleaded innocence. “Diane, now I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I think we should stop this. I love you very much, but you have to let me go right now.”

“No! Daddy, no!”

Diane clung to him, bouncing herself purposely against his crotch. At first she had felt nothing there but now, bit by bit, she could tell that his hard-on was beginning to form. Encouraged by his body, if not by his words, she ground herself against his surging crotch. “Diane, please, you don’t know what you’re doing!” John said, trying to extract himself from his daughter’s mighty grip graciously. “Honey, please!”

Diane reached up, straining on her tip-toes, and reached his neck and the open V of his shirt with her lips. She kissed him then, not with the soft, chaste kisses of a daughter to her father, but with the demanding kisses of a woman in heat to her lover. Despite himself, John felt his resolve weakening.

“Diane, you must stop,” he said lamely.

Sensing the change in her father, Diane turned it all on. Although she had never done this before, she had imagined it enough times to now seem very experienced. She kept one hand around her father’s neck, while her other one ventured down to where his rigid prick was. Not exactly sure what to expect, she cupped the big bulge there and then squeezed.

“Diane?” John gasped, increasingly aroused by his daughter’s touch. “Stop that!”

But his protests carried no weight at all now. He didn’t even try to get away from Diane as he spoke them. His cock jumped under her touch, and Diane curled her unsure fingers around it. She couldn’t believe this was really happening!

“Don’t send me away, Daddy,” she said, her fingers searching for and finding the tab of his zipper. “Don’t tell me no. I want to make love to you, Daddy, I’ve wanted it for a very long time.”

John tried to answer, but only gasped instead as her fingers wormed their way inside his fly and touched his prick. He could tell that her fingers were trembling as they encircled his prick-meat. His fingers trembled, too, as he reached down and cupped the back of her neck, bringing his face down to hers for a kiss of agreement.

When Diane’s mouth met her father’s willing lips, she knew that she had won. In victory, she thrust her tongue into her father’s open mouth, tonguing him with all the enthusiasm she had ever imagined. She tightened her grip around his cock-shaft and felt his prick throbbing.

Now, she thought, all I have to do is get this inside me and fast!

“Come up to my room, Daddy,” Diane said, breaking their kiss and giving her father’s cock a tug. “Come on, I really want you to!”

John let his daughter lead him, cock first, up into her pink and white bedroom.

Even when they stretched out together on her big bed, the reality of what he was about to do didn’t hit him. He merely followed Diane’s lead and took his clothes off, falling back together with her, both of them stark naked.

Diane reached out and stroked her father’s chest. Her eyes ran up and down his body, taking it all in as if she couldn’t believe he was real. Then, when she felt his hands reach out to touch her tits, she sighed, not caring if it was fantasy or not. Anything that felt this good she didn’t even want to question.

Her hands went again to his cock, and John rolled over on top of her. Diane was surprised that she didn’t feel shamed by her dad’s weight. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly, like two adjoining pieces of a puzzle. She opened her legs and let him fall in between them, just as she had dreamed of doing for so very long.

“Ohhhh, honey!” John sighed, his cock drooling against the side of her leg. “I love you so much!”

“I love you, too, Daddy!” Diane sighed, her hair fanned out sexily behind her. “Now hurry!”

As if in a dream, John reached down to his crotch and took hold of his bobbing prick. Thrusting forward, he aimed his prick-head at the hole of his daughter’s pussy. The tip of his cock breached the mouth of her cunt and he shoved again, this time sending the first inch or so of his prick-meat into the incredibly tight circle of her cunt-muscles.

“Oh, Diane!” he gasped, nearly losing consciousness because of the grip her cunt put on his prick. “God, you’re tight!”

Diane didn’t know if that was good or bad, so she said nothing. Whether her cunt felt good to her dad, or not, did not stop her from rolling her eyes with lust as he fucked into her. His prick was the best thing she had ever experienced. The way it filled her up and made her feel all soft and warm inside was fabulous. She pushed down, wanting all of the cock-meat her pussy could possibly stand to take.

John felt her eating up the inches of his prick, and it stewed in his mind. He’d had no idea his daughter was such a hot one. He pushed back at her, trying to match her enthusiasm. His cock felt strangled in the tunnel of her cunt, and he wondered, briefly, if she was a virgin. Then he told himself that just wasn’t possible. No inexperienced girl would come on to her own father like Diane had come on to him.

But Diane was a virgin, and she thrilled to everything her father did to her. It was all new and it was all wonderful. His cock surged forward and was then drawn back through the ring of her cunt. Diane sighed, loving it. It felt like her whole body was filled up with his cock, and she had never known a more pleasant sensation. Her cunt pulsated with lust, and she wiggled back at her father, not knowing exactly what she was supposed to do.

John drilled his cock into her, feeling how her elastic pussy-hole stretched to admit all of his cock-shaft. Her cunt-muscles caressed and massaged his cock-meat, making his prick feel right at home. Each time he drew back, it felt as if the tip of his prick might be kept by her pussy as a souvenir of their first fuck together. He had to strain his back to be sure that all of his cock exited his daughter’s clutching cunthole.

Had she been able to keep a bit of her father’s cock inside of her forever, Diane gladly would have. Her cunt danced and rocked around his cock-meat, holding it tightly, and letting it go very reluctantly each time he pulled it out of her.

“God, that’s great, Daddy!” Diane said, her cunt fluttering. “Am I doing okay?”

John exhaled loudly, his words taking a moment to form.

“You’re the best. Where did you learn to fuck like this?”

Diane managed to giggle. “I didn’t learn anywhere, Daddy, come on! This is my first time!”

John thought his heart would shoot right out of his open mouth.

“You mean you really are a virgin?”

Thinking that her father didn’t like the idea, Diane said, “Well, I fucked with Anita once, does that count?”

“With Anita?” John croaked, his cock surging through his daughter’s pussy at the very idea of Diane and her girlfriend naked together.

“Yeah, she pretended she was her bro — ah, a boy, and she used her fingers to fuck me.”

“Oh, good Lord!” said John, imagining the sexy scene. “But you’ve never slept with a boy before?”

“No, Daddy,” Diane said sadly. “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, honey, don’t be sorry,” John said, speeding up the pace of his fucking and kissing his daughter noisily between his words. “I’m honored to be your first lover. Thank you, darling. It’s the nicest compliment a girl could ever pay her father! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Diane giggled under the barrage of her father’s silly kisses. She wiggled around underneath him, making her cunt gyrate and dance. His cock kept right on trenching her out, filling her up and then puffing back, taking the insides of her cunt-meat with it.

She started to move with her dad, humping back at him. At first she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not, but then, when she heard the way her father started panting, she knew it was good. Inspired, she fucked herself at him harder, shoving her cunt up to meet his fucking prick, and then tucking it back out of his cock’s reach.

John put one hand on either side of her pretty face and kissed her. His back kept humping, his cock still working around inside of her cunt. And, just as his cock surged inside of her pussy, his tongue probed the inside of her mouth. He licked over her teeth and poked his tongue against the insides of her cheeks. His saliva drooled down into her throat, and he could feel, as he tongued her, how Diane swallowed down his drool.

John found his daughter’s mouth almost as sweet as her cunt was on his cock. Gradually he lost himself in her lips and mouth, holding back on his fucking while he kissed her.

Diane felt his cock-strokes slow and then nearly stop as they kissed. His hips still shifted his prick through her cunt a little, fucking her with just his rounded cock-tip. In and out it went through the ring of muscles that encircled her cunt-mouth. But, while his cock moved slowly, his tongue fluttered all around, fucking I her mouth and lapping all around her teeth and tongue.

She met his enthusiastic kisses with kisses of her own. Her tongue dodged back around his, sometimes encouraging him, sometimes avoiding him. Her lips were pushed tight against his, her mouth totally covered by his. She mumbled and moaned, her lust soaring with the intensity of their soul kiss.

Air blasted out of their nostrils as they sucked in air to fuel their long, languid kisses. Diane, who had had her eyes closed, opened them to find her father staring right at her. They looked at one another from very close up.

Almost forgotten in the tunnel of her cunt, his cock lolled around, the warm meat of her insides keeping his prick warm and excited. Even with neither of them moving much, her cunt still puckered and tossed his cock around. The muscles there convulsed involuntarily, fucking his prick despite their inertia.

Diane couldn’t stay completely still. Her body jerked involuntarily as her father’s tongue created feelings inside of her the likes of which she had never experienced before.

“Oh Daddy!” she gasped, finally coming up for air. “Ohhh, I’m so hot!”

“Mmmmm,” John cooed, kissing down the side of her neck and sucking around the pointed tip of her tit.

Diane arched her back, feeding her father as much tit-meat as she had. Tingles of intense excitement ran from one of her tits to the other, as if they were electrically connected. John seemed to feel the current, too, for he moved one of his big, clammy hands up and took hold of the tit his mouth did not cover.

“Oh, honey, you’re so beautiful,” he said, his words spoken right to the pointed mound of her tit. “So very, very lovely.”

Diane’s self-confidence soared as she heard that. Suddenly her tits were no longer an embarrassment for her. Her daddy said they were beautiful, and she believed him. If her father liked her tits, then so did she.

Happily, she bumped her crotch up and down, fucking her father more than he was fucking her. Her cunt sucked all along his prick-meat, taking in all his many inches. Her cunt creamed heavily, making it easy for her pussy to gulp down the meat of his prick. She shook herself from side to side, fucking that way, too, much to her father’s delight.

John puckered his mouth around his daughter’s tender tit-meat. Her age really came home to him as he tongued and fingered the globes. Her skin was so soft, so smooth. There wasn’t a sag or a wrinkle on her anywhere. She was just as perfect as the day she was born.

The way she was fucking back at his cock turned the man on like crazy. His cock roared through the tunnel of her pussy, filling her up just as often as her cunt liked. He felt how she was bucking and writhing underneath him, her whole body working to fuck his prick. His heart swelled with love and lust. To have a daughter like Diane was what life was all about.

The excitement her fucking body created within her father grew and grew. John was still, holding himself up and letting his daughter fuck him. He loved the way her body twisted and turned, her cunt rotating around his prick-shaft. He kissed her mouth and thrummed her tits. His cock-meat was as rigid as ever, the perfect dildo for his daughter to fuck herself with.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” Diane sighed, lost in a seas of lust. “I feel so funny!”

She was light-headed and weightless. The room around her faded until there was nothing in her consciousness other than herself and her father. She fucked at him as if her life depended upon it. She fucked at him as if it was the last thing she would ever live to do.

She fucked back at him as if it was all that mattered to her in the world — and that was true.

Fuck-cream was dredged up from somewhere deep and dark inside of her, and Diane felt it dribbling down the crack of her ass and puddling beneath her. She fucked her father faster and faster, her cunt lubed up by the creamy cunt-sauce from inside of her. Wet, smacking sounds came from between her legs, and she looked down her body, seeing her father’s angry-red prick as it came out of her cunt-hole time and time again.

John saw where her eyes were going and trained his down there, too. The mound of his daughter’s cunt was barely sheltered by a thin, light-colored spray of hair. Beneath it, he could see the rounded, white skin of her pussy-bump and the tip of his big cock disappearing down under it blew his mind. That, combined with Diane’s unceasing fucking, finally got the best of him.

“Hold on, honey,” he said, his head turned to the side, his breath hot and excited. “I’m coming!”

Diane prepared herself, although she didn’t exactly know what for. Then, as if someone had turned a garden hose on inside of her, she felt the hot stream of her father’s come burst forth and wet down the interior of her cunt.

“Daddy! Ohhhhh!” she exclaimed, still fucking him because she didn’t know what else to do. “I feel it! I feel you coming!”

John only grunted, his orgasm too incredible to allow him the luxury of speech. His cock drew back and then fired forward, recoiling like a shotgun and then busting forth again and again. Creamy bullets of his cock-cream shot against the back end of his daughter’s ever fucking pussy, and the older man cried out in wonder and joy.

“Diane! Diane, ohhh, Diane!”

The girl wrapped her arms around her trembling father, feeling his orgasm peak and then pass. She wrapped her legs around him, too, holding him as close to her as possible.

“That was perfect, Daddy,” she said when he finally came to a rest, “just perfect. Now, let’s do it again!”


John was shocked by his daughter’s request and saddened when he looked down at his cock and saw there was no way he’d be able to fuck Diane a second time. His prick just didn’t work like it used to, and now it was as wilted as week-old lettuce.

“Sorry, honey,” he said, giving his dead prick a flick with his index finger. “Looks like he’s had it.”

“Ohhhhh,” Diane said in frustration, her hand between her legs, pushing against her cunt to keep he father’s jizz up inside of her. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

John knew there was, but he didn’t know if he should suggest it. Then he looked into his daughter’s eyes and saw the lust that sparkled there. Well, he thought, if she wants it that bad…

“You could suck on my, ah, cock, and maybe you could make it hard again.”

“Suck on it!” Diane exclaimed. “Really?”

“Well, if you don’t want to…”

Diane looked at her father’s limp prick. It had their combined fuck-juices on it, and it was all red and wrinkled. She grimaced but then considered her options. She knew now that she loved fucking, and if she wanted to get fucked again, she’d have to put her dad’s cock in her mouth. When she considered all the facts, it became obvious she didn’t have much choice.

“Okay,” she said tentatively, “just tell me what to do.”

John swelled with pride. She was going to give him head! His own daughter was going to suck his prick! It was too good to be true.

“Ah, well, just take it in your mouth and see what happens,” he said, thrusting his crotch out to his daughter.

Diane crawled around so she was curled up between her dad’s legs. Then she flicked the curtain of her blonde hair back over one shoulder, and took his sticky prick between her fingers. She rubbed it around a little bit, wiping off some of the come and goo. Then, glancing up at her father first, she bent her pretty face down and tucked the end of his soft prick in between her lips.

Diane was surprised at how rubbery her father’s cock was. And she was also surprised by the taste. She didn’t know what she had expected, but this wasn’t it. She liked this flavor, it wasn’t at all the bad taste she had anticipated. Encouraged, she sucked in a bit more of her father’s squishy prick.

John lounged back on her bed, relaxing under her tentative but sexy mouthings. He let her play with his prick awhile, finding her obvious inexperience very refreshing. Her fingers fumbled around his cock-shaft, touching, feeling, caressing.

Her lips were very sweet, too. They touched his prick very gently at first, almost as if Diane were afraid of his prick. Then she seemed to gain confidence and she sucked in more of his cock, bobbing her head forward and back a little. Gradually her fucking motions increased, and she relaxed around the many inches of her father’s hard-on.

Diane explored with her tongue. She lapped around his cock-head, tasting all the flavors there. Again she was not disappointed. She liked what she gathered up, and she swallowed often as her own mouth juiced up around her father’s prick. Her tongue swirled around and around, touching his prick everywhere. Then, to her surprise, his cock actually began to grow!

“Ummmmm!” she said, popping her face off of his prick and holding it up for examination. “It’s working!”

She rolled his emerging hard-on around and around in her fingers, and John had to laugh at her amazement.

“Keep sucking, honey,” he said, urging her head back down around his cock-tip. “Just a little more, please.”

More eager than ever, Diane dove down around his cock-head, sucking it back in. His prick-tip thudded against one inner cheek and then the other. The taste of her father’s cock changed, and she realized that juice was coming out of the slitted tip of his prick-shaft.

Drawn to his piss-silt, her tongue ran back and forth across it, feeling it open up. Then she bored her tongue down into it, probing at it and munching toward the source of his oozing prick-juice.

“God, that’s nice,” John moaned, putting one hand on the side of her cock-sucking faces.

Diane looked up at her father, her mouth stretched around his pulsing cock-head. She grinned around his prick, giving his cock a little playful nip.

“Hey!” her father exclaimed. “Watch it!” Learning quickly, Diane puckered in her cheeks, caressing her father’s prick with the inside of her mouth. She had to spit out some of his cock as his hard-on grew larger and longer. But she kept his cock-head securely between her lips, her tongue still lashing back and forth across its very tip.

Slurping, smacking sounds came from Diane’s mouth as she worked his prick over. Drool ran down her chin, and her father reached up and swiped it away with one meaty finger.

John could easily have let her keep sucking his cock forever. Even when he knew his prick had reached its maximum length, he let her keep sucking. He never wanted her to stop, and it was only because he knew that fucking her again would be so good that he finally reached down and put his hands in her armpits and moved her up his body.

“I think it’s ready now,” he said.

Reluctantly, Diane let herself be pulled away from his big hard-on. She was thrilled to have learned about sucking a man’s cock. She wondered if Anita had done that!

Anita! Diane couldn’t believe she’d hardly thought of her friend. As her father hauled her up his body and got her ready to fuck, Diane’s head swam. She’d fucked her father without even thinking of her bet. She’d fucked him all on her own, and only because she’d wanted to do it for such a long time. Winning over Anita seemed only the icing on the cake.

John took her in his arms again and kissed her. Her mouth was just as sweet as before, and his tongue darted around inside it. His arms went around her, and hers around him. They clung to each other with his bulging cock trapped between their bodies. Diane rubbed herself against it, loving the way it felt against her stomach.

“Wanna try something different this time?” her father asked.

“Okay,” she replied, ready for anything. “Just tell me what.”

Surprising her, her father suddenly rolled over, making her land on top.

“There! Now you can sit on my cock!”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Just try it!”

Testing the waters, Diane sat up cm her father’s body. His cock stood straight up from his groin, and she could feel it running behind her, along the crack of her ass. She reached behind herself and took it in her hand. She jacked on his hard-on a few times, taking in the situation.

“Lean forward first a little, and then stick it in,” her father said easily. “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt you, I promise.”

He could see from the look on her face that she was still very unsure. But, when he reached up and pulled her toward him, she reached back and aimed the head of his cock at the vulnerable hole of her pussy.

Diane squirmed back at his cock-head. Her cunt clutched as she touched it with the tip of his prick. But, because her pussy had gotten very juicy while she was sucking his prick, his cockhead now slid right on into her.

“It’s working, Daddy!” she exclaimed.

John certainly didn’t need to be told. He could feel his cock making its way back into the gloriously tight confines of her cunt. Her pussy-mouth opened reluctantly, taking in his cock a bit at a time, and squeezing it just enough to make John groan with lust.

“Now sit back,” he said, letting her loose and allowing her to lean back.

Diane still held herself up as she leaned back. The tip of her father’s cock was held inside the mouth of her cunt, but the majority of his cock was exposed, connecting their bodies. The tip of his prick rolled around in her pussy-mouth, rotating around sexily.

“Now down,” John instructed.

Very slowly and warily, Diane bent her knees, lowering her cunt down around his upthrusting cock. As she went down, her father exhaled, as if she were fucking the breath and life right out of him. The fit of his prick was very tight, but not uncomfortable, and Diane took his prick an inch or so at a time until she had it all and she was seated in the dark cushion of his hairy groin.

“God,” he gasped, “that’s so good!”

Diane whimpered, too overcome to speak. She felt absolutely filled with cock-meat, as if she couldn’t have stood even an extra fraction of an inch. Her face was red, and her heart was pounding madly.

“You okay?”

Diane nodded weakly, not at all sure that she was all right.

“Good, okay, now, just start moving. Go up and down and back and forth and whatever feels good to you.” She made a short motion. “That’s fine!”

Diane leaned forward again, a determined look on her face. Her dad’s cock was already starting to feel more at home in her cunt and she eased back, letting his cock slide out of her. Then, with even more ease, she sat back down.

His cock surged up inside of her, opening her up and filling her with its many hard, smooth inches.

Setting up her fucking tempo took all of her concentration at first. The beginning strokes were not even pleasant for Diane. They were too much work to be enjoyable. But, after she got the hang of it and her pussy was moving up and down his prick-shaft with predictable ease, she smiled at John.

“Not bad, Dad! I like this!”

Being on top meant that Diane could fuck herself, at any pace and in any way she chose. She fucked him quickly at first, her ass flying up and down his cock-shaft. Juices cascaded out of her pussy, easing her fuck-strokes, and making her cunt glide all around her father’s mighty prick.

John lay back and rolled his eyes. He loved being serviced by a woman, and to have that woman be his daughter was nearly too much for him. He wanted to close his eyes and lose himself in Diane’s luscious fucking, but the sight of her bobbing up and down on his cock was one he couldn’t bear to be without. Torn, he watched Diane from beneath heavy-lidded eyes, his eyeballs darting from her face to her tits to the point where his cock disappeared inside her cunt.

Diane put both her hands flat on her father’s chest and leaned on them heavily. Her ass was pointed up and out, and she liked the way his cock fucked into her from that angle. His prick rubbed her in all the right places and made her smile. Fucking with her dad just seemed to get better and better.

She tucked her cunt in, and then let it out. Her father’s cock bounced against the walls of her inner cunt. She fucked her ass up and down, playing with John’s cock and making it do delightful things to her insides. It seemed like every motion she made caused new, more satisfying sensations than the last motion, and Diane loved it.

“Daddy, this is the best!” she laughed, totally relaxed in her role as a fucker. “I love it!”

John laughed, too, her enthusiasm contagious. He reached up and ran his hands up the front of her body.

His long fingers stretched up over her shoulders, and he massaged the taut muscles there. Then his hands slipped back down, and he caught her nipples between the sides of his fingers. Cupping her tit-mounds, he pinched her nips, sending new and very erotic feelings throughout her fucking, churning body.

Diane’s cunt moved with ease now. Her cunt tunnel was very juicy, and her fucking motions had become second nature to her. She eased her ass downward, and then jerked it back up, liking that. Then, reversing things, she plunged herself downward and took her time on coming up, letting her father’s cock ooze out of the tight tunnel of her cunt. She giggled some more. Whatever she did with her dad’s cock felt good. There was no way she could not enjoy fucking him.

“Wheeeee!” she cried, leaning back, her hands on her father’s thighs for support. “Let’s try it this way now!”

She certainly got no argument from John. His cock was twisted and turned in her pussy-tunnel like nothing he had experienced in years. There was nothing like fucking her. John had almost forgotten how good it could be.

“Ohhhh, baby!” he cheered. “Yeah, fuck it out, Diane! Fuck it right on out!”

Diane did her best. Cunt-juices ran down her dad’s prick as she took and released it time after time. She sat down hard, making the end of John’s cock pound against the end of her cunt tunnel. She stirred her hips around, bouncing his prick all around inside of her. Fucking sensations passed from one body to the other as she worked herself into a frenzy, trying to do everything she could think of with her father’s cock on this first-time-in-charge fuck.

Look at me now, Anita! she thought as she ground her cunt down around the base of her father’s prick. Yeah, I’m fucking my dad! Did you do that or did you just give your pussy to your brothers? Ha-ha! I beat you!

Happily, she laughed out loud, already celebrating her victory. Fucking her father was even better than winning. Fucking her father was better than anything!

“Yeah, Daddy, go!”

John got caught up in her refreshing lust. He started humping up, making Diane ride his cock like she might a bucking horse. Her hips swiveled, and her cunt stayed right with him, fucking him right down to the groin no matter how high or fast he moved his fucking prick.

“Yeah, all right!”

Diane laughed and cheered, as if fucking were the greatest thing she had ever done, John watched her with envy, trying to remember a time when he had been so excited by fucking. If he thought very hard he could, but it was long, long ago.

But, the more he fucked Diane, the younger and sexier he felt. His cock slipped in and out of her easily, but her cunt still put enough pressure on his prick-shaft to bring him incredible pleasure.

Each time Diane’s ass slammed back down against them, his balls rumbled with his cum. His nuts were very full with fuck-cream, even though he had just come. John couldn’t believe it. Not only did he feel like a teenager again, his body was acting like he really was.

Diane liked it when her father started fucking with her. His cock went into her with even more enthusiasm as they fucked as a team. She wiggled around, making his cock butt this way and that inside of her. John jammed his prick up, arching his back and holding his daughter around the waist to keep her securely fastened to his thrusting cock-shaft.

Tingles of orgasm fluttered through Diane, spurring her on and making her fuck faster. She had discovered that, when she had her dad’s cock buried completely in her cunt, she could crush her clit against his groin. Her clit sent sparks out, lighting up her toes and making the ends of her hair sizzle. She pushed herself down harder, working out her orgasm.

“Uhhhh, arghhhh!” she moaned, twisting herself about. “Ummmmm!”

John caught on to what she was doing, and forced her down around the base of his prick. She was completely filled with cock-meat, and her clit was smashed brutally against her pelvis. He watched the look on his daughter’s face change into the slack expression of impending orgasm.

“Come, Diane, come!”

Diane barely heard him. Tier body was on auto-pilot, slamming up and down. Her clit was on file and then, with one last twist of her hips, she brought herself off.

“Dad!” she sputtered. “Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!” John kept her slammed down around his cock, his buried prick taking all of her thundering, shuddering spasms. He tried to ride them out, but it was impossible. Before Diane had even stopped shuddering, he came, too.

His bellowing cries mixed with her high pitched squeals to form a very erotic cacophony. Their screams harmonized and bounced together, sounding like pure enjoyment. Then, right in the middle of it all, the white phone beside Diane’s bed rang.

“Shit!” John exclaimed, nearly jumping out of his skin as the clanging brought him back to [missing text].

Grabbing for it automatically, Diane put the receiver to her ear while her cunt was still vibrating.

“Hello?” she said, her voice breathless. “Hi!” came Anita’s voice. “Say, I’m feeling better now, and I thought you might want to come over. Maybe we can watch MTV or something.”

Diane’s pulse raced as she sat on the fleshy throne of her father’s cock.

“I’m kinda busy,” she said, looking down lovingly at her fucked-out dad.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

Diane let the question hang for a moment, then she burst out laughing.

“I’m fucking my dad! God, it’s incredible, Anita! I win!”

Then, without waiting to hear her friend’s reply, Diane put the receiver back in the cradle and curled up in her father’s arms.