Overeager slut secretary

Sam Bodie wanted to fuck me and I knew it, but there were too many stories around the office about how brutal he was. I even heard that Sam stuck a beer bottle up Suzie Connelly’s cunt when he took her up to the lake, and I sure didn’t want any asshole doing that to me. Even if Sam was the regional manager and could get me a nice salary raise. Besides, he was ugly. Short and squat, with sloping shoulders that made him look like he should walk on his knuckles, and deep-set eyes that made you shudder to look at him. Still it was in the back of my mind to let Sam at least touch my titties one of these days. That way maybe I could get a peek at his cock, which was said to be a masterpiece. Even those girls who let Sam fuck them — and then were forever terrified of him — even they were in a state of shock, a kind of precious awe, when they talked about Sam’s cock.

“Honest to God, Martha, Cynthia told me, you just wouldn’t believe it. Sam’s got a prick like a boa constrictor. Huge and long, with a head on it that goes searching around in your guts like it had eyes!”

The rest of the girls I talked to all agreed, and this bestial quality of Sam really got to me. Sometimes when he came up to our floor and walked through to the supervisor’s office, I found myself staring at his crotch. I felt myself shivering with a sort of animalistic desire that made the juice run hot in my pussy.

A few years ago I would have been ashamed of my own feelings. Girls were supposed to be sweet, and gentle, with little initiative when it came to sex. But now things have changed. Everybody knows that women have sex drives, and sex dreams, and it isn’t bad when a woman does her damnedest to get fucked!

Like the other day, when Cassandra and I decided to see what Pedro Gonzales had in his pants.

Pedro works in the stockroom, and it’s sort of quiet and private back there. A good place to spend a lunch hour when the blood is flowing hot in your veins.

Cassandra wasn’t as pretty as me, but I figured she’d have a better chance at Pedro than I would. She was twenty, almost two years older than me, and I know that men like mature women. Oh, sure, they like to look at us younger chicks, with your firm breasts and hard little buttocks, but when it comes right down to fucking, a man likes a woman.

Pedro was a happy-go-lucky kid about my own age, and all of us girls liked Pedro. But he had so much energy it was frightening. All day long he ran back and forth between the stockroom and the desks with supplies, and he was always bubbling with energy. He wore tight-fitting jeans so we could see the outline of his massive prick, and it caused the girls to make a lot of typing errors — they couldn’t take their eyes off his crotch.

Especially when we knew he had this sizzling energy that could rip a girl’s cunt all to hell.

So Cassandra and I decided to do something about it.

“I’m horny as hell!” she told me when she came over to my desk for lunch.

“I could use a nooner myself!” I admitted, though I didn’t see much chance of getting one.

“I ain’t kidding, Martha,” she squeezed her titties together with her arms. “My period starts in a day or so, and I always get hot this time of month.”

“I ain’t kidding either,” I turned off my typewriter and stood up beside her. “But I don’t have to wait for any day of the month. I was born horny!”

We both giggled about that little bit of truth and started for the lunchroom when we spotted Pedro. He was heading back to the stockroom, and I had a mental flash of that beautiful cock in his trousers.

Who gave a damn about food!

We weren’t really supposed to be in the stockroom, but when Pedro saw us, he just smiled.

“Hello, Martha! Hi there, Cassie!”

I didn’t want to scare him off by being too direct, so I asked him if he had any carbon paper. “Sum do, Martha. I’ll take some out to your desk.”

He was reaching up onto a shelf for the paper, while I was trying to figure out a way to get his pants off. But like I said, a mature woman has all the advantages. Cassandra didn’t fuck around. She walked over and grabbed Pedro by the balls.

“Let’s get it on, you beautiful bastard!” she groaned with passion as Pedro stared at her.

“Whatcha doing, Cassie!” Pedro seemed numb with shock as he stood watching Cassandra play with his balls.

“I need a fuck,” she panted as she gaped for his zipper.

Pedro kept protesting about the fact he had to work, and somebody might come in, and we shouldn’t be back here, but Cassandra was determined. She got that zipper undone and flopped out his cock. Already it had responded to her touch, because Pedro stood there with his mouth open while his beautiful prick stood throbbing and violent in her hand.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” she gasped. “Oh, my God, but it’s beautiful!”

I was ready to bawl with desire and my crotch was wet with cunt juice, but Cassandra wasn’t about to let me do much about it. For a few quick moments she stood there jacking off that magnificent prick, pulling the skin back and forth over that uncircumcised hunk of male meat while I groaned with envy, and then she tried to mount Pedro. She was so hot, she didn’t even take off her panties.

“Stick it in me!” she squealed as she lifted one leg and tried to fit his cock between her legs. “Oh, my God, do it to me!”

In her frenzy to get that cock between her legs she almost screwed up everything. Pedro wasn’t ready for her wild mount, and it knocked the two of them down onto a stack of cartons.

“Get it in!” Cassandra bellowed. “For Christ sakes, I’m gonna come already! Slick it in hard!”

She was fucking so hard with her trip hammer ass that Pedro was overwhelmed with the fury of her attack, and he didn’t have a chance to stick her good. He got his cock in one hand while he tried to pull her panties aside with the other, but Cassandra wouldn’t hold still long enough for him to get his cock inside her steaming cunt.

“I’m gonna come!” she screamed. “I’m gonna come!”

I think she already had about six orgasms, but this one almost did her in. Pedro never did get to fucking her, because Cassandra fell off the boxes onto the floor, and then she began squealing and pounding her ass against the floor, while her hand kept tearing at her cunt. I guess it was one of the most satisfying orgasms she ever got, even if Pedro didn’t get to bust her cunt.

I felt a little sorry for Pedro. Cassandra’s attack had been so sudden, so brutal, and so fast, that he still hadn’t caught up to the fury of it. I guess the nice thing for me to do would have been to apologize for Cassandra, and get Pedro back to his normal routine. But like I said, girls don’t have to be so nice and gentle any more.

I didn’t exactly rape Pedro.

He was already assaulted, so what I did was try to make it nice for him so he wouldn’t think too harshly about us office girls.

And besides, who could resist the sight of a young naked cock sticking out of a pair of jeans? A beautiful, hard, uncircumcised cock that was throbbing and ready to puncture a girl’s pussy!

I tried to be gentle.

I knelt down by the boxes and got that lovely pecker in my mouth, and when I started sucking, I could hear Pedro groan with delight.

“Oh yessss!” he moaned happily. “That’s better, Martha! Oh yesss! Oooww! Don’t bite the Goddam thing!”

He hit me on the side of the head when I got carried away, but I couldn’t help it. His cock was so hard that I couldn’t understand how it could still feel soft, and pliable, and so filled with life. I wanted to suck the vitality right out the end of his pecker, still there was a more urgent need inside of me.

A need to be penetrated.

I left Pedro gasping on the boxes for half a minute while I stood up and ripped off my panties. Then when I straddled him and got my crotch aimed at his rigid cock, I knew this was where I belonged. All that horse shit about a girl not really desiring sex, or the baloney about a female not being aggressive, was nonsense. If Pedro tried to get away from me right then, I’d have bit off his cock and stuffed it in me. I needed that hard tool more than any man ever needed a piece of ass.

I slipped down onto that hard cock, and when I felt the massive hunk of meat bust my cunt, I started to howl louder than Cassandra. I guess we both were oversexed that afternoon, because I only got about four strokes on Pedro before I started to come. It was a glorious sensation, the ultimate human act of pleasure, and Pedro shared it with me. I could feel him jizz inside of me, and that only made me come again, and then we fucked each other senseless.

Cassandra sort of passed out with joy, because after Pedro got through jizzing and his poor little pecker went soft, we had to stop. And then it took the longest time for us to get Cassandra back to her senses. Pedro finally had to get a cup of water and pour it onto her face, but we did get her function again. We all had to settle for a candy bar for lunch because the time was gone, but that was okay. And Cassandra and I had to give Pedro eight dollars each to help pay for the supplies we broke in the boxes, but that was a small price to pay for such a beautiful afternooner. Why, I’ve paid twice that much for a blouse or a pair of shoes, that didn’t bring me any real pleasure at all!

I still couldn’t think of a way to get Sam Bodie after me. And I had to see that serpentine cock of his if it was the last thing I ever did. Sam still scared me, and I had the feeling he was going to bring my death in a brutal way if he ever got me naked, yet I couldn’t resist the thought of holding his ugly cock in my hand.

“You’ve gotta be crazy,” Cassandra told me when I admitted my secret desire. “All those other girls he got to are terrified. Why do you want a mess with Sam?”

“He looks like a gorilla,” I told her. “Maybe I need to get fucked by an animal before I get satisfied?”

“You’ll never be satisfied, Martha. You got a hungry cunt and you’re stuck with it. Ain’t no man ever gonna satisfy you.”

“Nothing wrong with that is there?”

“Hell, no! That’s better than being frigid, like Sally Worthington.”

We all felt sorry for Sally. She was the librarian on the next floor, and she spent all day between those shelves of technical journals, afraid to smile at a mart. She was pretty, but she wore old-fashioned clothes and her horn-rim glasses and bun-tied hair were too severe for beauty. She made us nervous, which was a natural reaction. Nobody likes to see a Puritan in the middle of a sex-riddled office.

Maybe that’s why we decided to get her laid. Perhaps there was a bit of sadism involved, the way we did it, but maybe we were doing her a favor, too.

After all, nobody should be a virgin at thirty. A cunt was made for fucking, and emotions were put into a woman for her pleasure. Even when those emotions sometimes turn into horror while her lungs are filled with demonic screams.

We planned the violation very carefully. That part was easy, because in an office building this big here in New York, there’s plenty of opportunity to screw around. There are so many people that nobody knows who’s working or what the hell’s going on most of the time. And besides, the supervisors are the biggest jerkoffs of all. They’re always ready for something to break the monotony of their day. So when we said we were giving a party, everybody was ready. I think we said it was somebody’s birthday. But, at any rate, the party was set for Friday at five, when work was done. Naturally, half the office staff was drunk long before the appointed time, and some of them chickened out and went home, but that was just a way to weed out the party-poopers. There were still hundreds of us because people from the other floors came to join the fun. The more the merrier.

We pushed four desks together to put the whiskey on it, and we put the sandwiches in Mr. Digby’s office. But the important part was the library. Not everybody was in on the secret, and it almost got fouled up at the last minute. We tried to get Pedro Gonzales to fuck Sally Worthington, only he refused.

“I don’t wanta get mixed up with her!” Pedro shook his head. “No guy has to work that hard for it no more. Hell, there’s plenty of pussy these days!”

We even tried the janitor, but he refused, too. And the guys around the office already had their conquests staked out, so we were stuck for anybody to fuck Sally.

“What we gonna do, Martha?” Cassandra was getting anxious after the party started. “We gotta get somebody to screw her.”

I felt the same way, and so did the other girls and it had been hard enough to get Sally to stick around tonight. She was a real party-pooper. She never drank, she hardly ever talked, and the guys were ignoring her.

“I’ll only stay for a few minutes,” she had said when we cajoled her to the party. “I have to get home and reed my parakeets.”


We finally talked Danny into doing it to her. Danny was a runner, one of the boys who ran important papers between floors or across town when time was vital. He was a big boy, over six feet, with wild curly hair and sparkling blue eyes, and I wished I could have got him to fuck me instead of Sally. But this was important and it involved all of us girls, so I joined their bribes. We knew Danny wanted to advance in the company, that he fancied himself a future vice-president, so we told him we’d all help. We’d give good reports all around and help him get a better position.

“And all I gotta do is screw that old lady?”

We agreed to his terms, but I couldn’t understand why Danny was so much against the idea. Sally wasn’t old at all, but I suppose through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old boy, a woman, of thirty isn’t a chick any more.

We could have got into trouble the way we fed booze to Danny, only he seemed to hold his liquor real good. And it made him horny. He tried to screw me at six-thirty and I was willing, but the other girls fouled me up.

“You know what we’re here for, Martha,” they scolded me. “We can have our party later on.”

Getting Sally in the mood was another matter. One of the salesmen solved the problem. He told us go right at her, to “…rape the frigid bitch.”

We were kind of scared to do that, but he told us that once she felt a hand in her cunt, she’d go for it. That all sounded good, and it sounded very true, but all women weren’t put together the same way. Maybe Sally was one of those females who really didn’t like sex!

We got Sally in Mr. Digby’s big office. Told her to have a sandwich before she left for home. We figured there’d just be twelve of us, the ones who were really in on the forcible fuck, but even that big office couldn’t hold everybody who wanted to watch this moment of furious fucking.

Sally was standing by the desk looking over the sandwiches when we made Danny get her. “Grab her ass, Danny!”

“Pinch her tits, boy!”

“Give it to her good!”

Just knowing what was about to happen got me all hot and bothered until I was glad one of the salesmen was standing behind me with his rising cock pressed between the cheeks of my ass.

“Gee, I dunno…” Danny was going to chicken out.

But the mood was set and it was too late to back out now, with all us lecherous people egging him on. Somebody gave Danny a little push and he knocked into Sally.

“Oh, excuse me, Danny,” she turned slightly to smile at him.

And she saw the look on his face as she read the mood of the gang.

“I better leave!” she tried to push past Danny.

Until he grabbed her cunt.

“What are you doing! Ooowwwweeee!” she wailed as she tried to fight him off.

Right then most girls would start tearing off their underwear, but Sally Worthington acted like it was nightmare time. She screamed and kicked and bellowed like a stuck hog, and before you could say Jackie Robinson, she tore loose from that strong boy and came at us like a bulldozer. She wanted out of there. And she meant it.

But even a terrified person can’t knock down a whole room full of sex-crazed people, so we didn’t let her get away. We were in big trouble if we couldn’t make her like fucking, so we had to go all the way. One of the office managers held Sally’s arms while Danny tried to get her dress up to her thighs.

“God, look a that! She wears garters!” one of the guys muttered.

Sure enough, Sally had on a garter belt that held up her silk stockings. Her smooth white thighs were beautiful above the silk, milky white and flawless, and I guess I have a little lesbian blood in me because I got hotter than hell looking at those lovely legs. It got Danny even more hot. He seemed to go berserk when he saw the white flesh, and when he pushed her dress up far enough to see her pink panties he groaned like he was dying.

“God! Look at that!” He almost choked with passion. “I can see her fucking hairs right through her pants!”

Sally was blubbering and screaming, kicking and scratching, but somebody held her while Danny pulled off her panties.

Sally had a nice virgin cunt. Thick bushy hairs that were almost brown, and you could see the cleft of her cunt. Danny almost lost out right then. One of the salesmen decided that beautiful pussy was too much for a boy and tried to take over, but Danny was a real big lad. He knocked that salesman away as he reached for his zipper.

“Let her go!” Danny puffed. “Lemme get her on the floor!”

His trousers and under shorts came off fast, and it was easy to see we made a big mistake. Here we went to all this trouble to get Sally fucked, when I could have got Danny myself such a young and magnificent prick he had! It must have been ten inches long, a bit too slender, but the knob on it could have ripped the cunt of any woman! I tried to throw myself on the floor but somebody was holding my thighs, dry-fucking between my buttocks, and I guess we were all a little bit insane with sex right then. All but Sally. She still kept fighting and it took three people to force her to the floor.

“Stop it! You let me go! Aaahheeeee!” she kept bellowing and kicking while Danny tried to get between her legs.

Somebody else ripped off her blouse and bra until her smooth titties were exposed. It appeared no sunlight had ever reached those breasts. White as marble, pink nipples, small breasts, firm, now heaving with tenor. One of the girls, a female supervisor, lost her secret that hour. She got on those titties and began to suck with a violence I had never seen exhibited in a female before, and we all knew right then why she was not married.

But that didn’t stop Danny. He took that beautiful young cock of his and guided it right between Sally’s legs.

“Don’t you dare!” she screamed. “Don’t you put that awful thing in me! Oooohhhh! Aaaaauuggghhhh!”

Danny ignored her. He worked his cock to the lips of her cunt and started to push. As the cock-head penetrated her snatch, Sally screamed loud enough to be heard clear down to fourteenth street, and she bucked like a wild stallion.

But Danny kept at it.

He pulled her legs apart and pushed his cock deeper into her quivering cunt, and from the expression on his face, Sally must have been tight. It hurt the boy terribly, but he kept at it. Slowly that big cock was disappearing down her cunt hole, while the supervisor sucked those tits.

I could feel my own skirt being hoisted from behind, and I felt the groping hands pull my panties aside. I felt a strange pecker being inserted between my legs and I got an orgasm instantly. It was a smallish pecker, but it massaged my clitoris ever so joyfully so I orgasmed until I almost peed.

Danny had it all the way in her now. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. He was fucking Sally with slow rhythm because she was so tight it hurt, and he kind of supported himself above her with his hands — that supervisor’s head was in his way — but he fucked her good anyway. Sally kept screaming, and she kept trying to get away, but that boy rammed his cock inside of her right up to the balls.

Another thing about young studs that isn’t too good when it comes to fucking. They can’t hold very long. They get so carried away they jizz real fast, and that’s what Danny did. One minute he was fucking real slow, and the next he went to fucking with such violence it made the desk vibrate on the other side of the big room. Then he squirted in Sally. She felt it before we saw it, because she started to scream bloody murder and gave such a lunge it knocked the boy clear over against the water cooler. He sat there jizzing on the rug, with a satisfied grin on his face, and at the same time I felt the guy behind me shoot his load. It made me dizzy with pleasure for a few minutes so I lost out on exactly what happened with Sally. Except the next time I looked one of the guys from accounts receivable was on the floor, had his cock stuck in Sally, and was giving her another go. She still tried to fight it, but it was from her exhaustion that he was able to screw her. Sally had fought the boy so much she was all worn out and could hardly fight the new fucker. And maybe she figured it was already done, so what difference did it make if somebody else got it, too. At any rate, it appeared some of the other guys were gonna fuck her before it was over, and I had already got me a nice strange piece, so I left the big office to get me a cocktail. I felt real good. Even though I knew we had done a bad thing, I still felt good about it.

And even if Sally hated our guts for what we had done, there would surely come a time in her later life when she would look back and remember with a sort of thankfulness.

We weren’t prepared for what really happened after that party. Sally spent a week in the library tearing up all those important journals, and then she quit. She didn’t call the cops on us or anything, but she did send us a present. A great big beautiful plant for the office.

Poison Ivy.


One weekend, Sam Brodie invited Cassandra and I up to the lake near Peekskill, an hour out of New York, and near the Hudson River. After the turmoil of the city it was nice to see trees and green bushes, and watch the birds fly through the wide open spaces. But I’m a city girl and I love New York City, so I wasn’t all that impressed with the lair our gorilla friend had purchased in the country. Sure, it was nice to get away for a few days, but who in their right mind would want to live with bugs and mosquitoes miles from the theatre and a good hamburger!

Anyway, the ride was nice, except that Sam was too quiet. He never did say much at the office, but on the way to Peekskill he hardly uttered a word. I got to thinking that he was silent only because he was trying to imagine new ways to fuck us two girls. Once in awhile he’d lick his chops, and grip the steering wheel with ferccity, while his sullen eyes stared at the road as he drove on.

“He ain’t gonna beat us up or anything like that is he?” Cassandra whispered with a sort of fright as we sped upstate.

To tell the truth, I didn’t know what the hell he had in mind, and I was wishing we hadn’t come along. But a girl has to do something to keep from getting bored, and I was curious about Sam’s serpentine cock, so I gulped hard and remembered that the other girls always survived the weekend with Sam. They all survived, with a sort of awestruck horror in their expression.

The lake was quite small — like it was man-made — but there were giant trees over the countryside and lots of other cabins at the place. I didn’t feel so bad when I realized we wouldn’t be isolated with this frightening man, and when I found out we could go swimming, it made me relax a little bit.

Cassandra and I swam all afternoon, and sunbathed, and flirted with the good-looking males at the resort development. The cabins were separated by wild bushes and lots of weeds, and some families had brought their kids along. That gave me another sense of security until I began to wonder if the stories at the office were all a bunch of baloney.

That was before it got dark.

Now a girl who’s lived in the city most of her life is unaccustomed to silence. In town there’s always some kind of sound. Cars. Buses. People. Horns. Sirens. While the country life forces a girl in on herself. When the darkness comes, there are no street lights, no neon flashers, and a mind can play tricks on the imagination when it’s left to its own devices.

Cassandra felt it, too, and wondered if we would catch a bus back to town.

“I don’t think they have any buses up here,” I told her.

“Maybe we can walk back?”

“Not me! I ain’t gonna walk out there in the darkness! Maybe a bear’ll get us. Or something worse!”

I didn’t mean to frighten her, but I was scared, too.

It’s a funny thing how the human mind works. Here we were in the midst of a beautiful countryside, where rich people paid handsome prices to brag about a hunk of an acre, and we were already scared out of our wits. Sam Brodie hadn’t done one thing to make us nervous this way, and it was just our imagination that was creeping up on us. Maybe those other girls at the office told tales about Sam just from the same reason, that they were afraid of the dark?

That’s what I told Cassandra, and she hoped I knew what I was talking about, but we were wrong.

Sam made his move as soon as it was black outside. He came into the cabin and stared at us for a minute with those brutal eyes, then asked a simple question.

“Which one of you gets it first?”

It sounded like we were being led to the slaughter, and my curiosity about his serpentine cock vanished.

“You can have Cassandra first!” I almost squealed.

She looked at me with a helpless gaze, and she seemed to melt when Sam stared at her.

“Okay, honey, take ’em off.”

Sam gestured at her clothes, and Cassandra started to tremble.

“I think I wanta go home,” she whispered as she held an arm across her breast.

“Now don’t get coy on me, you two.” Sam’s voice was strong and forceful. “We came up here to fuck and you both know it. Get them fuckin’ clothes off!”

He made a move at Cassandra but she squealed and started to peel off her clothing. Sam wasn’t talking directly at me, but I took the hint. I got naked before Cassandra did, and hoped Sam would get it over with before I died of fright.

“Hmmmmmmm! Not too bad!” Sam stroked his chin as he stared at Cassandra’s naked body. “Your tits are a bit too big, and you’ve got too many hairs on your cunt, but I think you’ll do.”

He acted like he was selecting a steak for dinner and I felt goosebumps on my skin when he turned to me.

“Now that’s a little better!” he nodded approval as he stared at my naked cunt. “I could shave those hairs and you’d look like a ten-year-old! You’ve got perfect tits too, Martha. How old did you say you are?”

“Cassandra’s a better lay than me!” I blurted, wishing I was back on forty-second street.

“Fuck that shit. I’ll decide who’s the best.” Sam walked over to a closet and opened the door. “One of you close those drapes on the window.”

I went over and pulled them shut, happy to have something to take my mind off my fright for a moment. But when I turned back, I saw the reason for all those stories at the office.

Sam had a whole Goddam room full of sex gadgets. We stared with a sort of fascinated horror as he pulled the stuff out and spread it around the cabin. There were whips and vises, chains and locks, huge dildos and foam rubber cunts, and an assortment of knives and ice picks. I figured right then and there he meant to murder us, or chop us to pieces and gobble up our flesh. I felt so weak I was helpless, while Cassandra stared at the stuff in a sort of horrified fascination.

“Okay ladies, what’s your pleasure?” Sam stared at us.

“Whatcha mean!” Cassandra looked like a bird ready to be devoured by a lion.

“Ah, c’mon now,” Sam scoffed. “You girls know what the score is or you wouldn’t be here. So how d’ya like your sex. A little whipping?” he grabbed a long-thonged whip and smashed it across a chair. Cassandra yelped like she was bit and I almost pissed right there in the middle of the room.

“Geez, Mr. Brodie, I wanta go home!” Cassandra blubbered.

“Fuck that shit!” he dropped the whip and picked up a massive plastic cock. “You two are gonna get fucked, so you might as well enjoy it. One of ya want me to shove this thing up your ass?”

I could feel my bumhole tighten against the threat while a crazy thing happened in my head. In spite of my fright I was gad to be here. This threat of violence echoed something in my own desires until I wondered what it would feel like to have a plastic cock stuck in my anus. Surely some of the other girls at the office had tried just about everything Sam had in his cabin, and I could imagine the screams of pain and tenor while he used their bodies to perform all sorts of crude sex experiments.

“Okay, Martha, let’s start with you.”

Sam picked up a long chain and came toward me. I figured he was gonna brain me with the thing but instead he told me to stick out my hands.

“Lemme chain you up,” he said. “Then we can figure out just what turns you on.”

Actually I was about to get turned off. Any moment I was going to pass out. But a strange thing happened. When Sam put those chains around me, it sent shivers of helpless sexual response all through my spine. I felt like the women of old must have felt when they were carried off by rampaging barbarians. And it made me feel more feminine, more conquered than I could imagine.

“You sure are a pretty one,” Sam murmured as he stood there staring at my naked body. “I ain’t seen tits like yours since I fucked them high school broads. You sure you ain’t a virgin?”

I couldn’t answer because he put his finger in the lips of my pussy.

I had a quick, violent, fingerfucking orgasm.

Short, instantaneous, like my guts fell out in a glorious spasm of desperate need.

It didn’t satisfy me.

All it did was waken my desire for more passion, more response to this male touch.

But Sam was experienced. He knew when to quit so hi sex could last all night.

He left me there with cunt juice running down my legs while he went over tc Cassandra. She seemed rooted to the spot as he approached, and when he picked up that huge plastic dildo, she knew what he had in mind.

“We can’t do it!” she squealed. “It’s too big! I can’t take that thing! Oh, my God, don’t do it! Don’t do it!”

Sam wasn’t very tall, but he was strong. He picked up Cassandra and carried her to the middle of the floor, where he laid her on the rug. She was babbling as he forced her legs apart, and when he started to mess around with her cunt she groaned with sexual glory.

“That’s a mighty putty cunt!” Sam groaned as be got close to the hair-covered slit. “All puffed up and ready for fucking.”

He touched it and then spread the lips apart to see inside. He must have liked what he saw because he dropped the dildo and got right between her legs with his face. Next moment I heard him slurping at her pussy, licking it like a dog and sucking hard on it, while Cassandra laid there screaming with joy. She was fucking his face with such fury it almost knocked out his teeth, and when she wrapped her legs around his head I thought she was gonna smother him. I guess she would have, too, except like I said he had a lot of experience. Just when she was about to smother-fuck Sam, he took hold of that plastic dildo and rammed it into her asshole.

“Yeeeeeoooooowwwwww!” Cassandra screamed with agony and almost threw Sam across the room. He sat up with a crazy grin on his face and stared while Cassandra tried to pull that giant hunk of pecker out of her ass.

I got out of those chains then. I don’t remember quite how I did it, but tenor can do a lot of things to anybody’s strength. I’m not sure whether I was heading for the door or whether I was after that dildo for myself, but Sam helped me to decide. He got me real quick, and he smashed me down on the floor next to Cassandra.

“You fuckin’ women make me sick!” he cursed as he started to take off his clothes. “You know fuckin’ well what the score is and you try to pretend you don’t. Well, I’ve had better than you two, and I’m gonna teach you a thing or two right now!”

Cassandra was crying with pain and I was shivering with fear as we watched that man undress. His body was hairy all over, from his ankles to his neck, and his thighs were big around as tree trunks. He had a terrible scar across his stomach, all livid and jagged, and his arms were thick as steel girders. But the worst part of all was his genitals. He stood above us naked while we stared at his cock and balls. The scrotum sagged like a potato sack, all folded dark flesh covered with curly black hairs, and his testicles were big as billiard balls. But his prick was unbelievable. Honest to God, I had never seen anything like it! Not very big around, yet it was long enough to fickle a girl’s tonsils! From the crotch upward! That cock of his had to be fifteen inches long!

No woman could take a thing like that inside of her. Most guys with a big prick have about ten inches, big around, with a nice knob on the end.

While Sam had this slender monstrosity that would make a female horse puke if it was stuck in her cunt.

Sam stood over us and gave that cock a couple of jerks while he smiled down at us. But it wasn’t really a smile. Sort of a leer, the firm knowledge that he was about to fuck us like nobody got fucked before.

But he could only do one of us. One at a time, that is.

So I was trying to figure out a way to get the hell out of that cabin. Sure I wanted a fuck like any normal girl, but nobody wants their guts tore out!

Cassandra was crying. Her poor little asshole was sore and she was crying.

That’s why Sam got me.

I tried to fight him, but he was too strong. He held me as easily as a child holds a doll, while he got between my legs and aimed that serpentine prick at my crotch. I tried to tighten the muscles of my vagina so he couldn’t get it in, but his cock was too slender to get a grip on. I could feel his pecker slipping deeper and deeper into my pussy and for the first eight inches it felt wonderful. But when he reached a depth that was still virgin territory, and then kept right on going in, I damn near died. He must have passed my cervix and gone right into my uterus, but I don’t know for sure. I couldn’t hear myself think from all the screaming I was doing. Maybe he screwed me for a minute, or for an hour, but I don’t know. I was so far out of it I don’t even know if I had an orgasm.

Sam didn’t come. He knew just how far he could go, and then he pulled out of me. It felt like I just gave birth when he unrolled that monstrous tool from my guts and I laid there gasping while I heard Cassandra start to scream. He was fucking her now. I could hear the violent screams, and I could hear the animal sounds he made as he pumped that cock in and out of her violated body.

That’s when I should have got away. I could have escaped into the black night, naked, but safe. Yet I was drawn to this grotesque hour of sexual fury. Almost against my will I sat up and watched the agony in Cassandra’s face while that serpentine cock plunged into her cunt.

I watched Sam fuck that girl while she laid there screaming with agony. And in a way I guess we were luckier than most of the girls he brought up here. Because Sam got carried away and decided he was gonna jizz in Cassandra. If he held off I know he meant to use all those instruments on us before the night was over, but he passed the threshold of his own endurance.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot my load!” he cursed as he yanked that long hard tube out of her cunt. “But I’m gonna get it all the way in before I do. Roll over, you!”

With one brutal movement, he rolled Cassandra over on her stomach and guided that fifteen-inch instrument of pain into her bum.

When Cassandra felt his long cock puncture her ass, she started to bawl like a cow stepping on its udder. She screamed and bellowed while Sam pushed that tube of meat into her asshole.

“Oooowwwweeee!” she bellowed. “Take it out! I can’t take it! Aaauuugghhhh! I gotta shit! Oh, it feels like I gotta shit! Aaaauuggghhhh!”

Sam was jizzing in her now. I could see the bloated look on his face as he grunted and snorted, giving little jerks with his ass when the cum splurted out of his long cock. It was a funny-looking sight in a way, because it was more than Cassandra could take. When she felt that hot jizz wash deep inside her ass, she started to pee. Right there on the rug, she pissed all over the place while Sam took his last long strokes.

Finally Sam got quiet and laid still on top of her naked body, while Cassandra was all spread-eagled and making the most horrid noise I ever heard.


I got away soon after that. Cassandra wouldn’t leave with me, so I walked all the way out to the main road and hitched a ride back to town. For a while I thought of sending the fuzz up there to save my friend, but, after all, we did volunteer for the night so I let it go. And when I saw Cassandra on Monday I was really surprised. She was all bruised, her eyes were sunk in from lack of sleep, and her hair was a mess. But she let it be known she was in love with Sam Brodie, for the other girls in the office to lay off him, and she acted like I had seduced her lover. She wouldn’t even talk to me, so I never did find out what all those things in the closet were for. Cassandra must have tried them all, and she looked worn out, but for the rest of the time she was in our office, she was the happiest girl I had ever seen.

So I lost a friend over that little episode, only I learned one important thing. When a girl has a chance to get fucked, she better take it. No telling what might come in the future and nobody was ever sorry when she looked back to remember an hour of sex. It’s the times we missed that are frustrating, and become lost in memory. While every piece of ass we were able to get becomes a precious jewel of recollection.

I had this in mind when that lesbian supervisor called me into her office.

She was a big woman with enormous breasts and I could have told her to go fuck herself. After all, she wasn’t in my department so she wasn’t my boss, and I didn’t have to kiss her ass to keep my job. But I liked her pleasant mood and the aura of female sexuality that she exuded.

“I’m not too sun, Doreen,” I hesitated. “I ain’t never been to that kind of a party before.”

“Same as any other!” Doreen shifted some papers on her desk as she smiled. “A few cocktails, some music, and lots of love.”

“I never did it with a woman before.”

“Men will be there, too, Martha. We don’t force anyone into sex of any kind. It’s just that you’re so pretty, and you don’t seem to have many hangups.”

“How do you know that?”

“Oh, word gets around. And besides, I saw you at that little party we had for our librarian. Remember?”

“Sure I remember. It’s too bad she had to go and quit like that.”

“She was a kook. We’re well rid of her.”

“I thought she was nice.”

“She was an oddball, Martha. When someone thinks they’re too good for the rest of humanity, then something’s wrong with them. We’re all in this old shit together so we have to make the best of it. Have a little fun.”

“Maybe she just didn’t like fucking?”

“Bullshit. Everybody has a sex life of some kind, even a screwball like that librarian. She probably went home at night and fucked her parakeets.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Doreen. Nobody can fuck a bird.”

“You don’t think so?” the supervisor grinned with a mysterious knowledge. “Let me tell you something, Martha. You’re still young and you think you’re pretty well informed, don’t you?”

“I’m no prude if that’s what you mean.”

“The hell you aren’t! Nobody can be wised up at your age. Sure, you’ve had a few little pieces of ass. But what does that prove? Shit, a lot of kids go fucking under the porch before they get fuzz on their cunt. That doesn’t mean they know anything. Right?”

“I suppose…”

“It takes a lot more than a cherry-busting to understand what makes a woman tick.”

“I still say nobody can fuck a bird.”

“Listen, honey. That’s one reason we want you at our party. We all get a kick when we show somebody else how many possibilities there are with sex. Our little club has been at it for years now and we haven’t even scratched the surface. Fuck a bird? Shit, I’ve seen a woman get fucked by a horse.”

“Oh, you didn’t, really!”

“Horses, dogs, cats, snakes, you name it, Martha, and somebody’s fucked it. When a cock gets hard, or a cunt gets juicy, there ain’t no object on earth that doesn’t turn on somebody. One of our members is a psychiatrist who works at the women’s prison in Jersey. You know what she says? When those girls in there get hot, which is most of the time, they fuck themselves with any Goddam thing there is. And if they know a man has touched it, they stick spoons, candy wrappers, rocks, or any Goddam thing they can find up their cunt. They can stand right in the hallway with their legs crossed, and orgasm fifty times in a row without moving a step. Let me tell you, Martha, when a woman gets really hot, and she’s desperate, there isn’t anything in the whole Goddam world she won’t do to come.”

“You wouldn’t do anything goofy with me if I come to your party?”

“We don’t force anybody, Martha. But we provide some entertainment, and some possibilities, that’ll blow your mind.”

“How come you asked me, Doreen? There’s lots of pretty girls in the office.”

“Sure. And we’ve had a few of them over before. But I really like you, Martha. I think you could be a lot of fun. And I’d give anything to suck your sweet cunt.”

Doreen was truthful about the whole thing and so I trusted her, and besides I really liked fucking. Maybe she was right, that I was only living half a sex life, and I sure didn’t want to miss out on anything. All that talk about sticking foreign objects in my crotch made me shudder and I hoped I’d never get that hard up, and I wasn’t sure how I’d react if Doreen really started to lick my pussy, but an evening of sex was a lot better than some dull movie, so I agreed to the party.

Doreen lived down in the Village, in a building that looked about ready to topple. But inside it was gorgeous. It used to be a ballet studio she said, and that’s why the place was so big. When I got there it was already full of people and yet it was strangely quiet. Somebody was playing a flute with subdued tones some people were sitting on cushions on the floor, while some were mingling among the rest of the guests. I did recognize a few people from the office, but I only knew one of them — Pedro Gonzales. And when I talked to him, he said that Danny would be here, too. That settled me down a bit, since I never did feel relaxed among total strangers.

Even the atmosphere was charged with a new sexual vibration that made me tingle. Living in New York, I was accustomed to crowds, and I had been to parties before, yet this was entirely different. There was none of that strained behavior here, none of the phony ogling that always permeated other parties. Where before at parties everybody made strained jokes about how they’d like to screw somebody, here it was different. Everyone was relaxed and I wasn’t one bit surprised when I saw one girl standing against a wall with her eyes closed while another woman sucked on her titties. Nobody seemed to pay them any attention so I tried to ignore them, except that my own breast began to tinge something fierce.

I figured I could get laid real quick, but after an hour had passed I wondered what I was doing wrong. Pedro was fucking the hell out of a beautiful black girl over by the portable bar, and Doreen had taken another girl into one of the back rooms to lick her pussy. Maybe I really was an oddball and didn’t belong in such a world of sexual freedom, but it wasn’t my fault. I was willing, except that I didn’t know how to go about getting fucked. Oh, sure, I had a few drinks and talked to a few guys, but they seemed to sense my desperation and that turned them off. It seemed that nobody wanted to get mixed up with a girl who still had inhibitions, no matter how worldly she pretended to be.

After three cocktails I got a little more aggressive and tried to fuck a man with a white goatee. He was quite old, but extremely handsome and virile looking. But he cut me cold. It seems like women weren’t the only sex objects at the party, and this old gentleman couldn’t take his eyes off Danny.

I got to feeling like a sore thumb, and was cussing the party, when a girl rescued me from the doldrums. She introduced herself as an airline stewardess and said her home was in India, and asked if I would like to fly around the world.

“Gee, I can’t leave New York,” I told her.

She laughed gently as she touched my breasts.

“We don’t have to leave the room,” she said softly. “We can fly to the moon right here.” I could have kicked myself from being so dumb.

Her name was Nadia and she was wearing one of those Eastern dresses that sort of wrapped around her. On her forehead was a red dot, while her long black hair was tied in a sort of pony tail. We walked together back to one of the little rooms. Not that. I was bashful or anything, but with Nadia, it seemed appropriate to have a gentle hour of privacy.

The room was small but tastefully furnished, with a cot obviously provided to accommodate fuckers. Nadia looked at me, and I looked at her, and the room was filled with love. There is something sweet and gentle, something gloriously feminine about another woman. I could never be a true lesbian because I need the power of a man, the forceful entry, the brutal and guttural grunts that a man makes when he is fucking. Still there is something precious about sex with another female. The touch of her soft flesh, the smell of her femininity, the curves of her body. Nadia felt this too, because when she slipped that cloth from her body she gave a little shudder of ecstasy.

“You have a lovely figure, Martha,” she whispered as I stood naked before her.

Nadia was beautiful, too. Her breasts were small, but firm, with tiny dark nipples, and she had the tiniest waistline I ever did see. Her hips were sensuous and her thighs were smooth, while the dark hair over her pubic area gave promise of new joy.

“May I touch your titties?” she asked gently as she reached over to fondle my breasts.


Her touch sent a shock through me as I felt my nipples spring to life.

The men who had touched my titties had a feel of force, an overtone of violence. While Nadia gave me a tingle of pleasure unknown before. Her hands were eager as she stroked my titties, and when she took one of my nipples between her fingers, I felt my pussy get moist. It was a new kind of sexual heat. This way, with another woman, the sex was radiated back to me until I felt weak with pleasure.

“Shall we get on the bed, Martha?” Nadia touched my shoulder in a gentle gesture of persuasion.

I know I should have reciprocated, that I should have played with her body the way she was playing with mine. But her touch turned me to jello until all I could do was lay there passively while she took me around the world. She sucked on my breasts until I was screaming with joy, and then she took her tongue and licked my neck, my ears, my stomach, my fingertips. She found areas of pleasure that I had never imagined my body had, and when she got down to my feet I almost went bananas.

I’m sure Nadia did a lot of other things to me, but I was too green to appreciate them. Before she ever got to my pussy, I had come so many times the cot was soaking, and I know they heard me screaming all the way across town.

And you know what I gave Nadia for this precious hour of sexual glory? I gave her a broken rib. Honest to God. Not that I meant to do it, but when that beautiful woman got between my legs and tried to suck the life out of me, I really flipped. It felt so Goddam good that I couldn’t control myself. I got to screaming and kicking so hard that I broke the cot, and one of my wild kicks got Nadia in the ribs. It left her screeching with agony until somebody came in to see what was wrong. I think I tried to stick my fist in my cunt to take her place, only one of the guys was nice enough to fingerfuck me to a final orgasm. I went to sleep after that, sexually exhausted, or maybe it was the cocktails. At any rate, when I joined the party again they told me Nadia had to be taken over to the clinic to have her ribs taped, and everybody was mad as hell at me.

“You’ll never make a true swinger, Martha,” they told me. “You have to leant how to control yourself. Make it last for hours and hours. You take sex like some people eat breakfast. A gobbler. Slop it down. But you can’t be like that. You have to be a gourmet with sex, honey. A dabble of this, a taste of that, to savor all the sweetness of the entire meal.”

“How can you stop yourself when you have an orgasm?”

“Nobody can tell you that, Martha. You just have to learn to pace yourself. That way you get a whole night of sex instead of a few minutes.”

“Could I take a pill or something?”

“They don’t make pills for that, honey. And that’s why so many married people are bored. One of them fucks real quick and gets satisfied, while the other one goes around frustrated most of the time. It takes practice, just like good music or anything else.”

That all sounded good, but I figured they were right about my failure. When I got hot, there was no power in the universe that could stop me from having an orgasm! Sure, it would be great to be able to fuck all night the way they did, but I guess I just wasn’t cut out to be one of them.

I did have one thing in my favor, however. After a good screw I always felt totally satisfied, yet it doesn’t take long before I’m ready for seconds. In a way I suppose I was better off than the members of the club because my way brought explosive satisfaction while they had hours of little popcracker sex. So I didn’t make the team and they didn’t invite me as a permanent member of the club, but I did spend the rest of the night watching a lot of fuckers. I was somewhat disappointed because I didn’t get to see a horse fuck a woman, and in fact I didn’t see much of anything except regular sex.

“Most of that other stuff is on film,” they told me, except they didn’t show any of it. There were some albums, and I looked through those, but the pictures were mostly of giant cocks and pink cunts, or people screwing in all sorts of positions. There was one set of photos that got me going again. A big German shepherd dog, with a pecker as red as a watermelon, was fucking a real young Korean girl. You would think a dog cock that size would split that little girl right in halt but from the expressions on her face in that set of photos, she looked like she was having one hell of a good time! And that Goddam dog had a contented look on his face.


At least one nice thing happened from that party even though I didn’t get to be a member of the club. Doreen, the supervisor, asked to have me transferred to her department. I liked that idea since Cassandra wouldn’t talk to me any more. And besides, David Jones worked there. He used to play football with Syracuse and there were excited whispers in the building that David had a pecker like none other. A huge, black, heavy-veined cock that would do justice to a bull.

I sure intended to get a peek.

I was disappointed when David Jones ignored me. It was a blow to my pride, really, because David was black and I was white. Our generation still has some nutty idea that any black guy would give his left nut for any white girl. But, of course, those values are gone forever. Now a boy and a girl have to meet on equal terms and decide if they like salt and pepper. And David didn’t like me. Can’t say as I blame him very much, either. He was a big football hero with a magnificent build, tall, muscular, filled with the zing of life, while I was just another pretty girl trying to get in his pants. It became a sort of challenge at first, and after a couple of weeks it became an obsession to me. I even thought of sneaking into the men’s room, hiding in one of those terrible little rooms, and peeking out to see his big black cock. And I wasn’t alone. Lots of us girls giggled about it, and dreamed about that prick, and we all envied Madelaine Emerson. She was the black girl from the payroll office, and she was getting laid by David. She wore one of those highblown Afro hairdos and she had a nice trim figure, but she looked like a walking jewelry store. Rings and bracelets and beads and chokers and bells; she wore them all and she tinkled when she walked. Lots of the men in the office had the hots for her, but those two — David and Madelaine — were real bastards. They were in love and they didn’t fuck around, and it drove us all crazy. It just didn’t seem right to have a straight couple working in an office these days. There was something obscene about it, a throwback to pre-war days, as though they were trying to drag us all back to the morals of a lost era. But nobody got to fuck them. It made most of the office people mad, but it made me horny as hell. I just had to see a great big black cock to settle the curiosity in my imagination.

Of all the people to help, I never counted on Doreen. I was really dumb as I was finding out.

“Sure we can get David,” Doreen told me. “In fact I wouldn’t mind some of that black stuff myself.”

“But thought you were a… well, you know, somebody who likes other women?”

“That’s for sure, honey. But even a lesbian likes to get fucked by a man once in awhile. Sort of keeps the edge on, you know?”

“Does it feel good when a man does it to you?”

“In a different kind of way it does,” she frowned with the thought. “You’ve heard about guys in the service without women, how they let some cocksucker fix them up? Maybe that isn’t what they really need, but it does the job for the time being. And it makes them appreciate a woman even more when they get one. Same thing with us lezzies. We need sex all the time, and we need a little change of pace once in awhile. Nobody can eat steak every meal, right?”

“I’m learning something new every day,” I laughed. “But how can we get into David’s pants?”

“Well, he’s a real straight guy as you know, Martha. But that broad of his, that Madelaine, is a gold digger. She’s got David buffaloed but she ain’t shitting me at all. I’ll bet that broad would fuck a tiger if we bought her a little gold trinket.”

“So what’s that got to do with David?”

“You’re a funny bunny, honey. All ready to screw the world and yet you don’t know a damn thing. Can’t you see? If we get to Madelaine it’ll be a cinch to get her boy friend.”

“I’m gad you got me in your department, Doreen. Maybe one of these days I’ll stop acting like a kid.”

“Don’t knock it, Martha. Some people get turned on by innocence.”

“I’m not very innocent. Rut I sure am stupid sometimes.”

“We’re all innocent, Martha. Every time we try a new sex partner we’re innocent. We don’t know a damn thing about somebody else’s reaction, or the touch of their body, so we go to each new sexual partner as a virgin. That’s why everybody likes a strange fuck. There isn’t anybody in the whole Goddam world would rather fuck his wife instead of a strange piece of ass. Same with the wives. And there ain’t nothing wrong with sex. In fact sex is what makes the world go round. It’s the only thing that makes anybody really filled with pleasure.”

“I wish you were my mother, Doreen.”

“Maybe I should take offense at that, honey. I’m not that old, you know.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Didn’t you like your mother?”

“She was a bitch. Skinny as a rail, with a vile temper, and she beat me so many times I lost count. She was always drunk, and had these bums coming to the apartment to screw her, and they had real knockdown and dragout fights all the time.”

“You ever see her now?”

“Not if I can help it. I can’t forget that Goddam Russian sailor.”

“Why, what happened?”

“Oh, I was about nine years old, and she picked up this ugly Russian in one of those grimy bars she went to. That was okay because I was used to that. But this guy drank vodka like crazy. He stayed for two days and they both got stinking drunk, running around naked and fucking on the floor or on the table, wherever they damn well pleased. Mother didn’t give a shit what happened as long as she had a full bottle to guzzle.”

“So what happened?”

“Can’t you guess? That Russian bastard tried to stick his cock in me. Christ, I didn’t even have fuzz on my box then! But he tried to stick it in me, and he jizzed all over my stomach. I got to screaming so my mother beat the shit out of me. She thought more of that vodka than she did her own daughter’s safety.”

“Things like that happen all the time, Martha. But you can’t let it screw up your life. When a guy is drunk and has a hard on, he’ll stick it in a porcupine.”

“I didn’t blame the guy so much. But I never did forgive my mother for whipping me that way.”

“Well, forget about them, and let’s figure out how we’re gonna get that black pecker in our hands, okay?”

I was very agreeable to that suggestion so we got a few of the other people in the office and took up a collection. It cost us almost fifty bucks for a long necklace with tiny bells on it, but we knew we had the trap laid real good.

We told Madelaine the necklace was for a girl upstairs, for her birthday, but when Madelaine got a peek at that original piece of junk she really flipped. It was easy to bribe her to come down to Doreen’s place, and there was no doubt she was ready to fuck for the trinket.

“Bring David with you,” Doreen told her.

“Why sure, honey!” Madelaine bubbled with enthusiasm. “My man will go anywhere I say!”

I didn’t especially like her, but I will say she was one beautiful woman. Lithe and supple, with long crimson nails, she reminded me of a panther. And I figured she could be just as deadly if she wanted.

“You see the value of love now don’t you, Martha?” Doreen told me when it was all set. “So don’t ever let any guy screw up your mind with all that moonlight and flowers horseshit. That crap never does last, and you’ll be stuck in a life of boredom and misery.”

“I’m sure that somebody still believes in love,” I answered defensively.

“We all do, honey. Only now we see it for what it really is. Two people together, but sex doesn’t have to be the total basis for that relationship. Hell, the biggest lovers in history had mistresses, or studs. That’s how they were able to keep their feelings alive for each other!”

Doreen was throwing a little too much education my way and I’m not sure I could absorb it all at once, but that wasn’t important. The main thing was the chance to see David’s black cock.

There were a lot of new faces at Doreen’s place for the party, and some I recognized, but I couldn’t find my lovely Indian girl.

“She’s on a flight somewhere,” Doreen told me. “So relax and find another friend.”

“I didn’t think you’d have me back again, after the way I goofed last time.”

“You don’t really fit in yet, honey. But you have possibilities.”

David didn’t drink alcohol so we spiked his punch with a little powder Doreen kept for these emergencies. And just for good measure she slipped some of it to Madelaine.

“That isn’t really dirty pool,” she said. “Those people wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have it in their blood. We just speed things up a little this way.”

It sped things up all right. Half an hour later Madelaine was dancing alone in the middle of the floor, rubbing her cunt with a pillow and massaging her own breasts. David tried once to stop her, but she called him some jungle names so he went over to squat on a stack of pillows in one corner, sipping his punch and growling to himself.

It appeared there was going to be a big fight when Doreen tried to suck Madelaine’s titties. That damn David got all excited and started to raise hell, until Madelaine called him some other names and told him to grow up.

“He’s too strong,” Doreen told me. “We’ll have to give him a double dose.”

Except we never really had to do that. When Madelaine got to fucking around with a couple of the other guys, David wanted to get even with her. He kissed a few girls, and felt some titties, and when he saw that didn’t bother Madelaine, he just decided to get fucked and have done with it.

Except that I got screwed.

It was all my idea, and yet I got screwed. Because I didn’t get fucked.

David picked a redhead and there was nothing we could do about it. He took her into the same room I had the Indian girl in, and it was crowded in there from all of us who wanted to see that black tool.

“You motherfuckers want some fun!” David cursed as we watched him strip. “You think I don’t know what’s going on here! Well you motherfuckas can suck my cock!”

I think we all wanted to do just that, but he gave it to the red-headed woman. She wasn’t very pretty, kind of floozie looking and heavy, with massive tits and too much makeup on her face, but I must admit she was ready. She sprawled naked on that cot with her legs in the air until her bush was gaping like two hunks of raw liver. She didn’t have a very pretty cunt, only men aren’t concerned about that. What they want is a passionate woman, and that redhead filled the bill.

“Stick it in me, big boy!” she wheezed with joy as David yanked off his shorts. “Oh, my God, just look at that pretty thing! All black and beautiful, and so big!”

David had a good pecker, but it wasn’t as huge as we all imagined. Just sort of normal, with a large cock head and all swollen up ready to bust her cunt.

“You asked for it you bastard!” David cursed as he knelt on the cot and aimed his tool at the redhead.

“Give it to me, sweetie!”

He did just that. He rammed that ebony cock right up to the balls inside of her, and then he got to fucking real fast. It was obvious he forgot about his girl friend when the sex got feeling good, because he kept calling the redhead a lot of sweet names, and he kissed her a lot, and he sucked on her boobs like lollipops. It was a nice little fuck and it got me all hot, but I was a little disappointed. I thought a big football player like David would show us something real special, but he was a straight fucker with no imagination and no staying power. He jizzed real quick in that redhead and by the time he stood up his pecker was gone flabby. Even Pedro Gonzales was better than that, so I didn’t feel so bad for contributing to that necklace.

Still, it seemed like a real waste of money for us to buy that trinket for Madelaine because she was one red-hot Mamma! She took to fucking the way a duck takes to water and we could have got her to the party without a bribe. She let three different guys screw her in the next few hours, but she was a gusher. As soon as a guy got his cock in her snatch, Madelaine started to let go a flow of pussy juice that glistened like rainbows in the multicolored lights of the place. She got her jollies, as she called it, real fast but she was considerate enough to let the guy go on fucking until he busted his balls, too. So the guys screwed her even when they said she was a lousy lay. “Her cunt’s too big,” one of them mumbled. “No way to touch the fuckin’ sides!”

It was a disappointing evening in some ways, because I always heard a black guy carries the staff of life in his trousers. While the truth of the matter is David had a prick like any well-hung stud. And there was another thing that left me sort of sad. I figured David was all he-man, with that football and all, but Madelaine had him pussy-whipped. That beautiful black girl screwed wound as much as she wanted, while she taunted David, and he got so jealous he almost went pale.


George Halley was an intellectual and he was in charge of the computers that kept track of our far-flung business enterprises. He was a tall guy with thick glasses and he had a bad habit of staring over the glasses while you were talking to him and he kept saying, “Mmmmmm,” while you were talking, like he was trying to decipher hidden meaning in your words. I figured when he was fucking he kept count of the strokes. Still with all that overblown mental activity, George had to take care of his testicles when they got full, just like any other peasant, so he had little gatherings at his farm. He chartered two buses for us the time I went along and we damn near never made it. The bus driver almost clobbered a semi on the freeway and he ran a Volkswagen off the pavement, so we were held there for almost two hours while the highway patrol investigated. We all stashed our bottles while the cops were nosing around and we all got real tired with the waiting, but finally we made it to the farm. The other bus got there long before we did, and the barbecue was cold for us, so it wasn’t a very good beginning.

Yet it got better in a hurry. I saw one of the stallions in a near pasture and that beautiful dumb animal had a hard-on. His cock was hanging down two feet long and he must have had a few muscles in the thing because every once in awhile he’d make it sway with pleasure. I almost choked on my barbecued beef and I lost some of the potato salad off my paper plate while I stared at that evidence of animal sex. I couldn’t help but remember what Doreen had told me so I wondered just how I could get that horse to fuck me when it got dark. Would I lay down on my back and hope he didn’t step on me? Or should I get on my hands and knees, doggy-fashion? I was sorry Doreen hadn’t come with us because I just couldn’t figure out how a girl could go about getting screwed by a horse. I should have looked at those films when I had the chance. And right then I discovered something about myself that I should have known all along. Everybody has one secret desire when it comes to sex, and mine was getting stuck by an animal. Some people have a fantasy of fucking a youngster, some want somebody to pin in their face, while others dream of walking naked through acres of naked bodies. We all have some kind of fantasy and mostly it is unfulfilled, but I was determined to try that horse cock. If nothing else was possible, I sure as hell meant to sneak out there in the dark and feel that animal pecker! If I could just do that, maybe the edge would go off my phantom desire and I could settle down to normal fucking.

The farm itself was nice. So, we did a little exploring and it was fun. Except that we met George’s sister in one of the barns and she was real spooky. Her eyes were bulging and her hair was wild and her teeth were half rotted out. She scared the shit out of me just to look at her, but George told us she was a little abnormal and not to pay attention to her.

“She’s always been that way,” he said. “But she won’t harm anybody.”

That horse snorted when he saw her and I figured maybe that girl wasn’t so dumb as she looked. That horse must have known she was a sex object because he tried to climb the rails to get at her. She went over and stroked his nose and that horse spraddled his legs and pissed a bucket. So they had to be lovers, and I vowed to find out how she did it. Everybody needs sex, even a crazy broad like Angela, and I meant to learn her secret.

George had a bunch of electrical apparatus in his basement and some of us went with him to look it over. He tried to explain how it worked, and said he was trying to find the correct frequency for communications with the UFOs, but that was over my head. We all must have seemed bored because he offered to show us something else. Some fuck films.

Now that was something we could all understand, and it was the reason we came up here, so he got right on with it. We watched a lot of fuckers and it got me hot as hell, but there were no animals in the movies. Just a lot of guys and women screwing the shit out of each other. Oh, there was one who was kind of special at that. This young stud with a nice cock was fucking a blonde in a gymnasium. He screwed her for a long time and then got to doing acrobatics. He hung upside down on a crossbar while the blonde sucked him off, then he put her on a long hanging rope and had her swing into his cock. He couldn’t really hit her hole that way, but it looked real good, and he finally jizzed on her in a new way. He got on top of one of those athletic contraptions while she lay on the floor underneath. I thought he was going to dive right into her cunt but instead he jacked off and let the jizz fall down all over her body and face. It seemed a bit of a waste to me, still I must admit it was different from the rest of the straight fuckers, and it made me pant with excitement. There is something wild about crude sex, something beautiful about odd fuck scenes, that get you going more than all the straight fucks in the world.

Maybe that’s why I got such a charge out of George. I mean, the strange way he got his kicks.

We were still in the big basement, where he had it all fixed up nice with electrical gadgets that gave surrealistic lighting on the walls and weird music that seemed to emanate from nowhere. Of course, he tried to explain it all to us, only we were not very interested, until we got to fucking. After the films, in fact right in the middle of some of them, we had a few fuckers who couldn’t wait. Pete Katulas was sitting on a sofa while Mary Martine slobbered on his cock, and Danny was fucking Gloria Sanders in the ass. They were watching the films and fucking at the same time and that worked out fine. The films were silent, but Gloria was making enough sound for a dozen movies with her screams and groans and oohs and aahs. I don’t know why Danny fucked her in the ass except the film just then showed the same thing. It seemed like a good idea and I wanted to try it but the movie ended just then. I had to have a fuck so I pushed closer to the guy next to me, only he was playing with his cock while he watched the movies and he just sat there and masturbated after the lights went on. It was a real waste of sex and I didn’t want to be left out, so I helped him jerk off. When he felt my warm hand on his prick he began to shoot, and the jizz spurted all over the dress of a girl in front of us.

“Oh jesuschrist!” the guy groaned as he spurted white cum. “Oh, fuck almighty!”

It must have hurt or maybe he was sitting on one of his testicles, because he sort of fell to the floor and screeched with pain. That wasn’t fair of him since I meant to nibble on his knob and now I couldn’t get to it. But George came to the rescue.

“You’re such a pretty girl, Martha,” George said quietly as he stood over me. “I always thought you were the prettiest girl in the office.”

He might as well have said he wanted to fuck me because that’s what he meant and I knew it, so I let him know I was more than willing.

We went over by that Frankenstein apparatus he had in one corner and he told me he was going to hook me up.

“What do you mean?” I took a step back from all those wires and things.

“It won’t be painful, Martha,” he said as he fiddled around with the knobs. “I just like to keep a record of human reactions.”

“I don’t want no fucking gadgets stuck in me!” I protested.

“You needn’t fear, it won’t be that way. All I intend to do is put some of this jelly on particular spots of your body, then attach these electrodes. Some of them will be attached to me, too, and that way we can have a reading on our sexual responses. You see that tape there?”

Sure I saw it.

“Well, that will record our emotional responses with a graph.”

“Why do we have to do that?”

“I’m making a chart of human response patterns. One day soon I’ll have enough material to translate those responses into a mathematical formula. Then we can feed it into a computer and possibly build sex cells into future models.”

“You mean you want machines to have little machines?”

“The possibilities are endless, Martha. We’ve just begun to understand the mechanics of sub-atomic particles, and who knows what is possible?”

“All I wanted was a little fun, George. I don’t want to be no Goddam guinea pig.”

“There’s a little special treat for you if you comply to my study.”

“Can’t we just screw like the others are doing?”

“Aren’t you interested in my special treat, Martha?”

“Not especially. But what is it?”

“You see this little metal rod?”

He held up a four-inch copper tube with a wire attached.

“Sure. What about it?”

“Before we begin copulating, I will insert this into your rectum. Then when I sense your orgasm approaching, I depress this connecting switch and you feel a small jolt of electricity. That will enhance your orgasm.”

“Like hell it will! I ain’t gonna let you electrocute me for a piece of ass!”

“You are overreacting, Martha. The current is minimal. It couldn’t possibly injure you.”

“Stick it up your own ass, George!”

But there again I loused up a good time. I was still so fucking dumb, I lost out on most of the really good things, only there were others at the farm who weren’t so stupid. George had four other women who were eager to try the experiment so he selected Rosemarie Cranz. She was a brunette about twenty-three and she worked in the reception office. She started to peel off her clothes, but George wanted to do it. He took off her dress very slowly and then when he got to her underclothes, he went so slow it was maddening. I guess he liked to watch women undress because it was the first time that night I saw a glimmer of excitement in his manner. By the time he got to pulling off her white panties, he was actually licking his chops, and for a minute I thought he was going to forget about those electrodes and jump right on Rosemarie. Yet he was too involved in his experiment to forget anything that important.

We watched as he laid Rosemarie on an air mattress in the middle of the floor. Then he went about rubbing white gook on her, then attached electrodes to her flesh. Next he did the same to himself and then he told me to open the circuit.

“Whatcha mean?”

“Throw that circuit breaker next to the machines,” he pointed to a little handle set on the wall. “That will engage all the circuits for our records.”

I did what he said but I couldn’t take my eyes off that special little copper tubing. The one that would get stuck in Rosemarie’s bum.

Actually George was a dull fucker. There was this girl all laid out and ready for a screwing with her legs open and her twat twitching, while George made notes on a pad that was attached to the air mattress. He took measurements of the size of her bust, her thighs, the length of her cunt slit, while Rosemarie laid there and stared at him like a dummy. I think she was losing interest until George took that little copper thing and inserted it into her rectum.

“Ooohhbhhh, that tickles!” Rosemarie giggled. George even made a note of the exact time and then he went about the seduction. I wondered if he was going to keep a calculator handy so he could count the strokes, and I also wondered how he was going to fuck that receptionist with his cock soft. He had so many other things on his mind besides a willing cunt that his poor old pecker was limp.

But George had a powerful mind. When it came time to function sexually, he was just like one of his machines.

“Well then, shall we get on with it?” he sort of sighed when everything was hooked up.

And I’ll be damned! That cock of his started to swell on cue and he got a hard-on in fifteen seconds flat!

Rosemarie had lost interest like I said, so when George stuck his cock in her she was all dry.

“Owwwwww!” she groaned as he forced his pecker into her. “Take it easy will you, George!”

Except that George had no finesse. Two and two made four to him, and cock and cunt added up to fucking. He did just that. He fucked Rosemarie with a methodical surge of his naked hips, pumping and stroking until she caught the rhythm and responded with yelps of pleasure.

“Do it to me!” she squealed. “Oh, God, but that feels good! Do it to me, George!”

George did it to her.

Right out of the text books he did it to her. No excess feeling-her-up, no big kisses, and no position but the classical stomach to stomach. Rosemarie was having a hell of a good time while George might just as well have been brushing his teeth.

Until he felt Rosemarie ready to orgasm.

She was humping real fierce, squealing and squirming with sexual joy as she raised her hips in the moment of supreme pleasure.

George threw the little switch, the one to the copper tubing.

“Yeeeooooowww!” Rosemarie screamed with agony as she clawed at her buttocks. “Oh, you dirty son of a bitch! Aaaauugghhhh!”

The current in her ass must have been agonizing because she fought George like a maniac. He wouldn’t let her get to the copper tube while that etectricity shot into her rectum with ways of shock. She screamed and clawed and called him names until something happened to her senses.

“Oooooeeeee!” she babbled with a glorious sound of ecstasy. “Aaaannnhhihhggg!”

Now I have seen lots of girls come hard, but I have never seen anybody get such an orgasm as Rosemarie. She shuddered like she was getting killed and she screamed bloody murder, while her entire body was torn by convulsions like I never saw before. Even her eyeballs were lost in the back of her head and I swear her hair got frizzy from the terrible shock of her joy.

It looked so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and took that little copper tube from her body and I stuck it up under my dress. It tingled all through my body the first instant I touched it, but when it got inside my cunt I couldn’t help but fart. Like I got exploded in my guts. It knocked me to my knees with pleasure until I had to clench my fists to keep from screaming. I guess right then I could have had the most pleasureable orgasm a girl could ever know, except I wasn’t the only one who wanted a taste of it. I was helpless with the sexual quakes that shook my body so I couldn’t fight back when the other women tore the copper tube away from me, and in their frenzy to have a go at it they pulled the connections loose. It wouldn’t work any more.

“You’ve mined everything, Martha!” George cried as he stood up with his cock dripping semen. “Now I won’t be able to tell from the tapes just when Rosemarie reached her climax.”

I didn’t give a shit about his lousy experiments just then. All that was important was the hunger in my cunt, the need to be penetrated.

And I didn’t care if it was one of the guys in the room or that horse out in the pasture. All I needed was a good fuck, a chance to have an orgasm before I went crazy.

Yet who would have guessed the way it happened!


It seems incredible that you could be bored from watching a room full of fuckers, especially when most of them were strangers. Yet that’s what happened to me after George got through with his goofy experiment. There were people on the floor fucking, on the couch sucking, and one woman was masturbating herself. I didn’t know who she was, but she was kind of homely as she stood against a wall with her skirt pulled up while she stuck her finger in her own twat. It must have felt good because she was making tiny little sounds of pleasure and I could hear the “slurp, slurp” of juices as she masturbated. Still it seemed an extension of the movies to me, sort of unreal and one-dimensional, until all I could think of was that horse cock out in the pasture and I had to find a way to let that stallion fuck me.

It was darker than a son of a bitch outside. I just couldn’t get used to the darkness when there were no city lights around. So I stood against the house for a long time until my eyes got used to the dark, and then I discovered it wasn’t very dark at all. A full moon was rising over the far mountains to give a soft light to everything, and it made the hills less menacing while I listened to the strange night sounds of wild things.

The barns stood out in a dim silhouette in moonlight, but I couldn’t see that stallion in the pasture. Even so, I started down there, and got the fright of my life when something brushed against my leg.

“Oh, migawd!”

But it was just a big dog, a mongrel who wanted company in the night, so he tagged along while I went searching for my horse cock.

The stallion was lying down in the meadow. He looked so peaceful it was a sin to disturb him but I climbed the fence anyway. The stallion wasn’t asleep yet he didn’t move when I approached. Still the dumb bastard was lying on his side, with his legs half drawn up to his belly so that I couldn’t see his prick.

“Nice horsey!” I gulped hard as I smelled the wild odor of his huge body.

He sort of whinnied softly and raised his head to look at me. Maybe he thought I was that crazy sister or something because he gave a little snort like he was getting excited.

My legs were trembling as I reached down to feel his cock.

It wasn’t there.

Somehow that magnificent prick had telescoped back into his great body and all I could feel was the pouch where he kept it locked up.

“Oh, no!” I was desperate. Here I was this close to a dream come true and that fucking dumb animal wasn’t going to cooperate!

Now I’m smart enough to know that if you play with a cock it will get hard. Whether it’s an animal pecker or hanging on a man.

Yet, how can you jack off a horse when his meat is hid in his guts?

I felt around for his balls, but I couldn’t find any while the smell of his powerful body was overwhelming. To think I was this close to a real horse cock, while that dumb beast had it locked up like money in a bank!

Just at that moment something terrible happened. That damn mongrel dog got jealous from all the attention I was giving to the horse and he attacked.

That stupid mongrel idiot scared the shit out of the stallion. The horse jumped to his feet like a jack-in-the-box and went tearing off through the dark meadow with thundering hoofs. It all happened so fast I got knocked on my butt and for an instant I figured the horse killed me for sure. But I wasn’t hurt, except that I almost bawled to see that beautiful animal stampede away from my touch.

“If I had a car I’d run over you!” I screeched at the dog. “Now look what you’ve done!”

The dog whoofed at me with playful actions as he danced around my feet and when I tried to kick him in the head he thought I was playing with him.

I was looking for a rock or something to brain him when this guy came out of the shadows. Goose pimples ran up my spine.

“Hello, there!” the guy said in a friendly tone as he stood by the fence rails.

He wasn’t one of the party people, and he really looked like a farmer. Bib overalls and a straw hat on his head to keep out the moonlight.

I felt like stampeding like that stallion, yet there was something pleasant in this man’s nature. Something pleasant and at the same time with overtones of sexual violence.

“My name’s Sake Ranshid,” he said, and I was surprised the mongrel dog didn’t bark at him. “I live on the next farm over there,” he pointed across the valley.

“Oh, hi! My name’s Martha. I came up to the farm with George.”

“Yes, I figured that. George has parties all the time, but he never invites me. He doesn’t like to be friendly with his neighbors.”

“Did you want to see George?”

“I was window peeking.”

“You were what?”

“A Peeping Tom.”

“Why’d you do that?”

“I always do it when George has a party. He won’t let me come over, so I peek in the windows. Ain’t that right, Sandy?” he spoke to the dog.

“Does that mongrel belong to you?”

“Sure does. Best damn dog in these here parts.”

“He scared the hell out of me a while ago. And he barked at that horse to frighten him, too.”

“Yes, I was watching.”

“You haven’t got any right. Nobody should sneak around in the dark like that.”

“Nobody should go to sex parties either.”

“Aren’t you married? Can’t you get any sex up here in the country?”

“Yes, I’m married. Got a nice wife, too. But nobody likes the same old stuff all the time.”

“Yes, I know what you mean.”

“Were you trying to screw that stallion?”

“Your fucking right I was! And it isn’t any of your Goddam business!”

“Hey, don’t get mad, honey! I’m on your side, remember? I like sex in any form. That’s why I peek in at George’s parties. Well, it still isn’t right for you to be spying on me that way.”

“Have you ever had an animal do it to you?”

“No, I haven’t, not yet. But I sure did want to feel that horse cock.”

“Sandy’ll screw you.”

“What d’ya mean?”

“My dog here. He’ll fix you up.”

“Dogs never did interest me very much, Jake,” I told him. “I just have this thing about horses.”

“How about me? Can I have some?”

“Maybe you could. But you scared me so damn bad I lost my hots.”

“We can fix that up, Martha. Watch this. C’mere, Sandy.”

The dog was obedient and came right over, and then the damndest thing I ever did see happened. Jake knelt down by that mongrel and reached under his stomach to begin massaging that dog cock. It took about three seconds flat for Sandy to get a hard-on and before I could get my pants off, that Goddam mongrel was jizzing all over the meadow, throwing clumps of brush as he dry-fucked the air and his watermelon prick dangled there in the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight. A touch of bestial sex, and Jake was right. It got me hotter than a cockroach on the pavement in July.

“I do that for Sandy all the time,” Jake grinned as he stood up beside me. “He really likes to get jacked-off.”

“So do I,” I blurted out.

Jake reached over to pinch my titties and I fell in love with him. I needed a fuck so bad it felt like my pussy was on fire. Jake wasn’t handsome, but he was available, so right then he could do any Goddam thing he wanted to me.

“Let’s go in the barn,” he whispered as though somebody were listening.

I followed him into the place and he went over to one of the walls to light a lamp.

“You sure know your way around,” I said.

“I’ve spent a lot of nights here,” Jake chuckled as he tossed his hat in one of the cow stalls.

He must have slept in that hat because there was a pressure mark across his forehead where the band rubbed against forehead. His face was brown but his forehead was untanned. He didn’t have much of a figure, sort of chubby, and he was only about five-six. In the light of the lantern, he wasn’t much to look at, but he had a cock and that’s all I needed.

“Lemme see your tits,” he panted softly as he started to unloosen my blouse.

His manner was crude and I noticed his hands were all calloused, still it gave me a thrill when he took off my blouse. He had trouble with my bra so I flipped it off real fast for him.

“Man, oh, man, look at those tits!” he wheezed with excitement.

He kept staring while I needed massaging, so I took one of his hands and placed it over my breast. It sent a shock of pleasure throughout my body and I think I had one quick little orgasm from his touch.

“Do it to me!” I moaned, eager to find the fuck I needed so desperately.

But Jake wasn’t in that much of a hurry. He took off the rest of my clothes and then rubbed his hand in the hairs of my cunt.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped, unable to contain this terrible pleasure.

“Lordy, but you are a pretty one!” Jake wheezed as he started to peel off his bib overalls.

He was wearing long white underwear and I almost had to laugh except I wasn’t in that kind of mood. And when he got naked he looked like a tree trunk all stripped of bark. White, flabby, with big moles on his flesh. That might have turned off some girls, but I like my fucking too much. And you can’t always have an Adonis when it comes to screwing.

Jake had a pair of balls that were unbelievable! His scrotum hung down like a pendulum, all hair-covered and baggy, while his balls appeared like two swollen balloons inside the thing. I tried to let Jake be the aggressor the way men like, but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed those balls and squeezed them until he bellowed for mercy!

“Fuck all mighty, Martha!” he groaned when I let go. “You tryin’ to kill me or something? Fuck all mighty that hurts!”

I almost screwed up again because he was in real pain, but he wanted to fuck me too bad to give up.

“Now take it easy, okay?” he cautioned as he touched my arm.

He kissed me and I could smell the odor of hay on his breath. Not unpleasant. The touch of his naked flesh against me damn near sent me through the barn roof.

“Fuck me, Jake!” I begged as he rubbed his body against me. “For gawdsake, fuck me!”


We should have gone into one of the stalls where there was fresh hay, but I couldn’t wait. I got Jake on the floor right there in the dirt, and I mounted him. His cock was nice and thick, but short, and when I felt it against my clitoris I orgasmed so hard it made mud in the dirt. I was on top of Jake, fucking like a maniac, while he groaned with pleasure from my assault. I could feel the black hairs on his legs tickle my thighs. I was finally getting a fuck and I didn’t give a Goddam if the barn fell down!

I think I fucked that farmer two inches deep into the dirt floor, and I almost castrated him with the fury of my strokes, but then he almost did me in, too. I must have come a hundred times before I hit the big one. An orgasm that split the top of my head with vibrations of glorious sex before I collapsed on top of Jake. I could still feel him fucking up at me, trying to get one more stroke into my hot cunt, and I could hear that damn dog barking his head off at all the screaming and screwing. But right then nothing mattered. I was fucked to satisfaction.

Not that Jake was such a good fucker. Actually he was sort of mediocre. Yet when a girl needs a fuck as bad as I did, and her imagination is all fired up that way, she could fuck a snake and get an orgasm that could destroy her. That’s how Angela got her sex.

She had been hiding in the barn while I screwed Jake, and when she saw I was through she came down from the hay loft. I was just lying there, feeling all satisfied and beautiful, as I watched that monster girl get her share of sexual pleasure.

She came at Jake like a demon, creeping and crouching so he wouldn’t see her. In different circumstances she would have scared a man shitless but Jake was helpless in the dirt with his sexual joy, and he never realized it was Angela when he felt a hot mouth take his pussy-juiced cock.

“Ooohhhhhh!” Jake moaned with renewed pleasure. “That feels good, Martha! Suck it some more, Martha!”

I didn’t disturb the woman’s pleasure because everybody has a right to sex. And in fact there was a strange beauty about Angela as she sucked that cock and masturbated herself.

When Angela got astride Jake’s face, it was too late for him to recognize his new partner. So Angela got her cunt sucked and Jake got another hard-on, though a limp one, while I got to see another example of the glory of fucking. Right there on the dirt floor I vowed again to have all the sex I could, to enjoy the violent pleasures of the flesh while I was young enough to appreciate them.

I was just sorry I loused things up in George’s basement because that electrical fuck would have been something to remember. And I swore to myself that from now on, no matter what happened, I was going to indulge in sex no matter what form it took.

In fact, I was getting to the point where straight fucking didn’t seem that exciting. Oh, sure, I would always enjoy a good lay with any man, but for me there was going to have to be another element involved with sex. Maybe any strange male body would do the trick, or maybe I would need something extra like a gang-bang or electrodes stuck up my ass, but I knew that I could never settle for one person trying to satisfy me for the rest of my life. None of that dull fucking for me!

And I was damn glad I felt this way, when Doreen showed me that “gorbledoo”!

“That’s what we call it,” Doreen said.

The “gorbledoo” was sitting on her desk, all shining and bright, brand new. We had the door to her office closed but you could see faces pressed against the opaque glass while curious people tried to have a peek. There were only six of us girls in the office but from all the excitement it sounded like a hundred.

“Where’d you get it, Doreen!” Betsy Gordon was all excited.

“Yeah, Doreen, where’d you get it!”

“Are you sure it works?”

“What if it kills somebody!”

“Lemme try it first!”

We were all shook up and ready to have a go at it, but Doreen shushed us up.

“You want us to get fired?” she cautioned. “You know how old man Alexander is.”

“Ah, fuck that old goat!” somebody cursed. “He don’t own the fucking place.”

“Maybe not,” Doreen agreed, “but he can cause a lot of trouble if he knows what we got.”

The gorbledoo glinted from afternoon sunshine. “Where’d you get it, Doreen!”

We were curious, and passionate from just looking at the weird thing.

“George made it for me,” Doreen explained. “I helped him push through a new appropriation for his computers, so he made this for me.”

The gorbledoo was a special-made, unbelievable fucking apparatus. To begin with, George had taken one of those rubber dildos with a motor on it. Then he attached some of his electrodes through a junction box. One of the wires had that copper tube at the end so a girl could insert it into her asshole while two other wires terminated in a sort of half-cut steel ball. Hollow. For attaching to the nipples.

“A girl could blow her mind with that!” someone giggled nervously.

“Yeah, Doreen. When do we get to try it!”

“Me first!”

“Oh, no you don’t! I work harder for Doreen than you ever did!”

“Maybe it lights up your eyes like a light bulb!”

I was sure it would light up something inside of me, something that had never been touched before, and I was frantic to get such a magical orgasm.

It was obvious that George was wasting his talents. Spending his life with all those numbers and punching buttons, when he could invent things for women all over the earth. He could have been rich if he wanted!

“There’s only one hitch,” Doreen told us. “I promised George that one of us would go up to his farm one of these days. He wants to make a record of what happens when we use this thing.”

“How’d you come by that name for it, Doreen?”

“George christened it the gorbledoo. Me, I’d just call it a wired-up, fucking dildo.”

“When can we try it?”

“Right after work this evening, girls. I’ll okay some overtime for you and we can finish those drafts for the O’Keefe account. By then everybody’ll be gone and we can give it a try. Okay?”

She could have enticed the whole fucking building full of people to stay and she knew it, so it made us all feel good to realize Doreen liked us. It’s always good to be in with the supervisors, and besides, I liked Doreen very much. There was nothing phony about her.


We actually worked for two hours overtime to get that O’Keefe account finished, and I was kind of tired. So we sent down for some pizza and Cokes, ate a little snack, and then got on with it.

We couldn’t get all hooked up in the main office because there were still a few people wandering around while the janitors were cleaning up the place, so we decided on the lunch room.

“There’s some couches in there, too, if we need them,” Doreen reminded.

One of the salesmen, a guy from the Bronx district, kept watching out. He knew damn well something was up because he was fiddling around with nothing to do. But we just ignored him because we could get men later. Right now we had to have a go at that invention of George s.

The lunch room had four huge tables in it, a couple of couches, and lots of machines to put quarters in if you needed a snack. Yet right now it wasn’t anything out of those quarter-robbers we needed.

“Me first!”

“No, I told you I get first!”

“Like hell you say. I know George better than you do!”

You would think we girls were a bunch of oversexed females, a tribe of nymphomaniacs. In a way, maybe we were, only this was no way to decide who got it first. So we more or less drew straws. The winner was Polly Bernstein.

Polly was married and could have got her sex at home any time, so it didn’t seem fair. But we stuck to the draw and agreed to let her have first go.

“How’ll I do it?” She seemed frightened now that the actual moment had arrived.

“Take off your clothes and get on the couch,” Doreen instructed. “We’ll get you all hooked up.”

“Gee, I dunno. I’m kinda scared now.”

Polly’s dark eyes flashed with excitement and her olive-colored skin seemed to vibrate with anticipation. Maybe each one of us would have been hesitant under the circumstances, so we all helped to get her ready. First we took off her clothes and then we laid her on the sofa. She had a lovely body, all smooth and vulnerable, and just to get her in the mood, I nibbled on one of her nipples.

“Ooohhh, that feels good!” she moaned.

“Hey now Martha!” Doreen scolded. “You’re invading my territory when you try that! Let’s stick to our guns for awhile, okay?”

I didn’t want to stop because her nipples were firm and delicious and Polly was willing, but Doreen was right. If we got to fucking around, we’d never find out how that gorbledoo worked.

Polly kept moaning while we got her hooked up and when we pushed that copper tube into her ass, she grunted with joy. But when we tried to force that huge rubber dildo into her cunt, she bellowed with pain.

“Oh, fuck, that hurts! Take it out! It hurts too bad! Take it out! Aaahhggg!”

“You can’t do it that way,” Doreen scolded, all business-like and professional. “A woman’s got to have some lubrication for a thing that big. Here, let me show you.”

She got a little jar of Vaseline out of her purse and rubbed it all over the rubber cock, pushed some of the jelly into Polly’s cunt, and then knelt down to insert the dildo.

“Oooohhhhh!” Polly hunched up against the pain. “Aaauugghhnnn! That hurts even more! Ooowwwwwww!”

“Now sit up on it,” Doreen instructed. “Get on your knees and squat on that rubber cock.”

“Oh, I don’t think I can, Doreen! It’s too big for me! Ooowwwww, it hurts!”

But the pain only made us all the hotter, so we helped Polly lift up, and then pushed her down on the giant rubber cock.

“Owwwww! For gawdsakes, it’s killing me! Owwwwwww!”

It looked like Polly was going to abandon ship as she clawed at the thing trying to get it out of her, but we held her on it while Doreen flipped the switch.

“Oh, jesusfuckingchrist!” Polly screamed when she felt those volts sting her nipples and massage her rectum. “Oh, fuckamighty motherfucker bastard!”

I could see that rubber cock doing its job as it vibrated through her juicy cunt, but I could only imagine the ecstasy of having those electrodes attached to my nipples while my bum hole was getting done, too. It was a four-way fuck for Polly and she couldn’t take it. Maybe her husband was a good lay and maybe he wasn’t, but there was no comparison to what she was feeling now. She fucked that dildo with such ferocity that we had to hold her on the couch, and when she orgasmed, she screamed like somebody was cutting off her tits.

That could have screwed it up for us, only this time it wasn’t my fault. All that bellowing and screaming brought the janitors running to see what was wrong, and that salesman from the Bronx was with them. He knew damn well we were up to something good and he wanted in on it.

We ended up fucking the janitors and the salesman and for once in my life I didn’t screw up. I had a go at that contraption George built and it knocked me senseless. I always came too hard anyway, but George could make things happen that you wouldn’t believe, like that female cunt he manufactured and hooked up to a sump pump. That damn near killed Arnold Wheeler from accounts payable, because Arnold got his cock in it and it sucked him dry, but kept right on sucking.

Only that doesn’t tell how our night with the gorbieddo ended. Like I said, I got knocked senseless with pleasure so I wasn’t much use to anybody for a long time that evening. One of the janitors put his pecker in me and jizzed real hard, but by that time I was still so far gone I don’t even remember which one of them it was. And somebody bit on my titties so hard they were sore for a week. Now ordinarily that would have been the greatest of pleasures, but I was all fucked out. That thing George made was such a miracle I wanted to buy it. Except that one of the girls, or maybe one of the janitors or that salesman, stole the damn thing. We were all so damn wrapped up in fucking and coming that we didn’t know what was going on, so one of those dirty bastards stole our precious little gorbledoo. We tried to get George to make us another one later on, only he was so mad at us he wouldn’t even talk to us.

“All that work for nothing!” he fumed. “Dammit Martha, every time you get mixed up in one of my projects something goes wrong. Now I’ll never get that data I need!”

I don’t know why he blamed me, and I was willing to have another go at his contraptions, but he was disgusted with the bunch of us. In a way I couldn’t blame him, but then George didn’t know very much about women. Maybe he was some kind of genius when it came to understanding computers, but he sure didn’t have much on the ball when it came to females.

Still, George always came up with new sex inventions and we heard about some of them from his new friends. I felt bad about it because I wanted to try some of them only George pulled the plug on his interest with us. Like one of his machines, he just turned us off.

So we had to look around for other sensations.

Which weren’t hard to find in an office building as big as ours.

By this time that football hero had a fight with Madelaine so she was dating Sammy Brown, and Sammy had a lot of friends in the mail room. Good-looking men, handsome women, and they were normal like the rest of us. They all enjoyed a good gang-bang.

It was hard to get fucked in the office. Oh, sure there were plenty of eager beavers, people who enjoyed sex and were not afraid to admit it, and there were lots of others who sneaked around with their heads on crooked because they pretended sex didn’t exist. Still, it was very difficult to get laid in the office. The place was like Grand Central Station with people coming and going at all hours until a girl was lucky if she found a place where she could get stuck. I got it in the stockroom and the lunchroom, and one time I let a guy fuck me in the stairway. I needed it so bad one day that I put the make on one of those young runners who brought documents to the office. Like all young studs, he had a perpetual hard-on, so I just let him fuck me. We got between floors and that healthy bastard fucked me up and down the stairs with such frantic pleasure it left bruises on my back. He felt so good afterward that he’ll ran down the stairs, whistling all the way. And then had to ride the elevator back to get his runner pouch.

But mostly there wasn’t much opportunity to get screwed at the office. So as a rule we made our plans there and then met elsewhere for the fuck parties.

Still one definite fact remains. If a girl wants to get fucked bad enough she is going to get it, whether it’s on top of a desk at high noon or in the broom closet down the hall.

And that’s the way it was with those guys in the mail room.

Madelaine came to my desk one say and told me Bruce Cabotie had the hots for me.

“I don’t even know him,” I admitted.

“Sure you do, Martha. Bruce is that Italian guy with the mustache. The one who’s always singing when he’s on break.”

“I still can’t place him.”

“Well, anyway, he wants to screw you.”

“Send him around!”

“He wants a date with you.”

The idea was so old-fashioned, it really appealed to me. Having a third party as a go-between to get a date. I didn’t even know what Bruce looked like, but I told Madelaine okay. And I asked her what happened with her football hero.

“He was too square for me,” she said. “Remember, that night at Doreen’s place? Well, afterwards he cried like a baby and wanted me to promise nothing else like that would ever happen again. He even apologized for screwing around the way he did. It made me sick. That square wants things to be the way they used to be. Fuck him! I ain’t never gonna be a slave to some fucking stud.”

She really got violent when she talked about it so I changed the subject back to Bruce.

“Bring him out and let me meet him,” I asked.

“Naw, that ain’t the way he works, Martha. He wants to pick you up at your apartment Friday at eight.”

“What if I don’t like him?”

“Oh, you’ll like him okay. He’s a handsome bastard and he really can sing. If you like that opera crap.”

So I agreed to the blind date and Bruce came for me right on the dot at eight o’clock. I really got the willies when I opened the door and got a look at him. He was about six feet tall, with a swarthy complexion, dark bushy hair, and a twinkle in his eyes that spelled wild sex. I fell for him right off and asked him in.

Who needed a fucking movie when my bed was ready and waiting!


Bruce was nervous in my apartment so I fixed us a drink and turned on some music. I tried to find a record that he would like, something with opera, but all my records were rock or soul music.

“Anything’s fine,” he smiled when he saw me fumbling around.

His smile was contagious and Bruce gave me a feeling unlike anything I had experienced. Honest to God, I think I was falling in love with this handsome brute, and it was a delicate, beautiful sensation. Except that my emotions got all twisted until I was thinking about kissing, and squeezing, and hugging, instead of having all my thoughts center between my legs.

But for all my thoughts, I still wanted him to fuck me so I let him do it.

He was different from the usual run of men who realized they had a willing partner. Bruce took me into the bedroom instead of attacking me right there on the sofa. We undressed in the dark and slid between the sheets and he began to feel me up.

“Oooh, you’ve got nice breasts, Martha!” he whispered.

I already knew that, but I didn’t know how strange his hands would feel. I know it was all in my head, from the reaction to how I felt about him, still his hands burned with a fire I had never experienced. He massaged my titties with strong fingers, and then he pinched my nipples.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned with pleasure.

I was ready for fucking right then, but Bruce was a lover. And that’s a lot different than a fucker.

He kissed me and he fondled me, he touched me and he teased me, until I was almost crazy with desire. When he finally put his finger into my cunt I had a juicy orgasm that made me groan with delight.

“Do it to me, Bruce! Oh please fuck me!”

Yet he kept me dangling.

Touch. Squeeze. Massage. Kiss.

I forgot he was somebody special and tried to attack him, but Bruce was a strong guy. He held me off while he put his leg up between my crotch. When I felt that manly flesh rubbing the lips of my cunt, I started to blubber with passion, but then he stuck his tongue in my ear.

I went berserk.

No matter how strong Bruce was, I needed a fuck right now, and I rolled him over in the bed to mount him with sexual ferocity.

“Not yet, Martha!” he forced me back again. “Not just yet, honey!”

I could have killed him.

It just wasn’t right for a guy to get a girl this worked up and then leave her dangling. I needed a pecker, and I needed it right now!

And that’s when a thought flashed though my mind. We got undressed in the dark and I never did see Bruce’s prick. While he got me so damn hot, I forgot all about messing around with him! Maybe he never even had a prick?

One deft thrust of my hand and I discovered he had one all right. A hard, stiff, ready-to-bust cock that felt just the right size.

“Stick it in me,” I begged. “For chrissakes, do it to me, Bruce!”

He did.

He got on top of me and kissed me frantically, then he inserted that tool between my legs.

“Yeeoooowww!” I screeched, coming instantly before it was halfway in. “Oooooooooooowwwwwww!”

Bruce had a nice cock, he fucked me long, he fucked me strong, and he made me a woman for a night. Then when it was over he kissed me and hugged me, and said endearing words until I fell asleep.

In the middle of the night I woke from a sexually satisfying dream to find that Bruce was fucking me doggy-fashion, silently, with all the fury at his command. I didn’t even move a muscle. I just lay there silently to enjoy a stolen fuck, and when he got me to orgasm again I fell asleep while he clung to me with a frantic effort to catch up on his fucking.

It was nice.

Real nice.

But there was a price to pay.

Next morning while we were having eggs and toast, Bruce started to talk about babies.

“You didn’t get me pregnant, Bruce,” I assured him while I poured coffee. “You’ve heard about the pill haven’t you?”

“A girl shouldn’t take those things,” he frowned as he buttered his toast. “It ain’t natural. Women were made to have babies.”

In the light of morning I saw Bruce for what he really was. A handsome guy, very sweet, but too serious. One of those throwbacks who try to cling out-dated morals.

I wanted to get rid of him.

Not that I didn’t like him, because I really did. A girl could easily fall in love with a nice guy like Bruce. Yet that’s a price I wasn’t ready to pay. All that stuff about families and marriage and bills was too much for me in the early light of day. So I just let him talk while we ate breakfast, and after that I made him give me a little fuck to start the day off right, and then I told him I had things to do today.

“But I wanted you to come and meet my family!” he protested.

That was a scene I could do without. So I told him I already had plans for the day. Except Bruce wasn’t that easy to get rid of. I finally convinced him to leave and told him I’d see him at work on Monday.

“Can’t I call you tomorrow, Martha?” he asked at the door. “You could go to church with my family and me.”

“Some other time, Bruce. I was going out to Coney Island tomorrow.”

When he was gone it felt like a weight had been lifted from my heart. Sure it was swell to have a guy all hopped up over you. It was flattering and the warmth of his desire made you feel valuable and needed. Yet it was smothering. Like I couldn’t breathe.

So I went back to my friends at the office, the ones who lived in this century of freedom and pleasure.

At first that wasn’t easy. Bruce hounded me every day and he carried on in front of my desk until I was embarrassed, so I finally asked Doreen to do something. She carried a lot of weight around the office and she used it quickly. She got Bruce’s supervisor to threaten him with his job if he didn’t leave me alone. Maybe that was cruel, but I couldn’t stand his smothering devotion, and the sooner he left me alone the sooner he would find a girl who believed his sunshine and roses routine.

Yet even a bad experience sometimes brings a measure of pleasure, and that’s what happened because of Bruce. As I mentioned he worked in the mail room and there were a lot of other people in that huge place. Gossip is strong in an office building so word got around about me and Bruce. Some of the workers came to take a peek at me, like I was some kind of freak who caused their co-worker all this heartache. And that’s how I got invited to the gang-bang.


Of course they didn’t call it that, but happy people know what’s happening, so I agreed to go along. I tried to get Doreen to come with us only she had a party set for her place in the Village, and Madelaine had a date to go up to one of those Harlem nightclubs, so I asked Jenny to come with me.

“I don’t like to go to parties alone,” I told her. “And we’ll have fun.”

Jenny had pimples on her face and she wore braces on her teeth which made her look fifteen.

But she was older than me and none of the men at the office paid much attention to her, so she was eager to go to the party.

“Where’s it gonna be, Martha? You sure they’ll let me come with you?”

“They asked me to bring some extra girls, Jenny. We’re supposed to be there by ten.”

“That’s kinda late, isn’t it?”

“That’s what Harlin told me.”

Harlin McAllister was on the board of directors for the company, and he had invited me through some of the people in the mail room. I’d never really met Harlin, but I did have a lot of respect for him. He was a handsome man about fifty and he wore a Van Dyke beard, white like his hair. He was always pleasant when he came through our offices and he never looked down on the workers the way some of the other big-wheels did. We were supposed to be at his place at ten like I told Jenny, and I was all excited about it. Harlin lived on Fifth Avenue in one of those expensive apartment buildings, and I had never seen the inside of one. I’d have given Harlin a little screw just to walk in the lobby of that sumptuous place.

Jenny and I took a cab up Fifth Avenue instead of tiding the subway. We told the doorman that Mr. Harlin was expecting us, only he didn’t believe it. Until he made a call upstairs and was told to let us in.

“So there!” Jenny stuck out her tongue at the doorman.

Inside the great white building even the walls looked like they cost a fortune. Magnificent paintings, thick red drapes, and a carpet that let you sink up to your ankles.

There was a desk clerk all dressed up like a jockey, and a security man who talked to us like we were meat being delivered at the wrong entrance. Still they told us to ride up to the sixteenth floor, which we did. There were already a dozen people in the place and ten minutes after we got there some others started to arrive.

“What would you like to drink, girls?” a maid in a black dress with a little white apron asked us.

We each got a champagne cocktail, but it didn’t taste as good as gin, and I was a little put out that Harlin didn’t come over to welcome us. He was there all right, gabbing with other guests, but I suppose we were no more important than his other visitors. So Jenny and I walked around the place with our mouths open. I just couldn’t believe that such a magnificent place existed in the middle of dirty Manhattan. There must have been twelve rooms in the apartment, with stairs right in the center of the main living room, and my wages for a year wouldn’t have paid for one of the chairs. I wondered how a girl might go about staying here, but then I realized Harlin didn’t have to keep anybody as a pet. He could have a thousand women any lime he wanted, most of them by far more beautiful than I would ever be.

That’s when I really began to take notice of some of the women at the party. They wore gowns of breathtaking perfection, all shimmering with sequins, and they had enough diamonds among them to buy Central Park.

I felt like a duck in the middle of peacocks!

“Maybe we better get the hell, out of here!” I told Jenny. “We must look like oddballs to them!”

Yet Jenny was too fascinated by this display of wealth to move an inch, and to tell the truth, I was overawed myself. So we drank some more of that sour-tasting champagne, and we talked to some of the guests. They were all quite pleasant and even when they looked at our dime-store dresses they didn’t take offense. That made me feel better until the champagne started to work on me, and then I didn’t give a shit if I was in gunny sack.

Still Harlin hadn’t spoken to us. I could hear him talking with a group of guys about stocks and bonds and the price of silver. I wondered what the fuck that had to do with us.

It must have been close to midnight when they let their hair down. Come to find out these people with all that money were bored with life. They needed people like me and Jenny to keep in touch with reality. “Going slumming is what one of the women called it. I didn’t really react very, nice to her assessment of us, but she was truthful, and she was a lovely woman, so I pretended it didn’t bother me.”

Still, it was a weird way they got things going. That maid in the black dress was told something by Mr. Harlin, so she got a little hand-held gong and stood in the middle of the room.

“It’s time for peek-a-boo!” she giggled as the gong vibrated loudly.

It made me shudder. All talk of stocks and bonds stopped suddenly, lights were turned on brighter, and people began to disrobe. All those expensive gowns were dropped on the floor like so many rags while people began to paw each other in a sort of rehearsed manner. I got the feeling they had been doing this to each other for a thousand years, and maybe they had, but it left me with a feeling of disgust. There wasn’t the usual fierce sex involved here — more like a mechanical process.

They got right on with the fucking.

Bodies were everywhere, sucking and fucking, pinch a tit here and suck a cock there, tickle a twat on the couch or fondle a cock in the middle of the floor. It was all so quiet, so methodical, that it looked like they had all gone to shit in one big toilet.

All but Harlin.

He got naked all right, and he came over to fuck Jenny and me.

“You girls are mine for tonight,” he smiled with that dapper smile of his.

I should have told him to go fuck a doorknob, except that I was hot. All that fucking and sucking, even when it didn’t seem natural, still got to me. Especially when all those stiff cocks were strange and I wanted to taste every last one of them.

“Shall we undress, then?” Harlin extended his hand to remind us we were fully clothed.

Jenny appeared dumbstruck so I just shrugged and started to peel.

“Oh, yessss!” Harlin stroked his beard and smiled when he looked at my naked body. “Every bit as good as I thought it would be. Oh, yesssss!”

I looked at him, too, and I liked what I saw. Harlin was in better health than any young stud. Hard muscles, sun-lamp tanned flesh, and a cock that would make any girl squeal with delight. His pecker was about nine inches long, thick as a Coke bottle, and it had great huge veins sticking out around it. He was circumcised, so I could see the purple knob in all its glory, with the tiny slit at the end, and I started to tremble when I realized that magnificent hunk of meat was going to be in my cunt.

We dropped to the floor and Harlin stuck that big cock between my legs and got to fucking real hard. None of that sunshine and flower baloney or all that kissing and traumatic waiting. We got to fucking the way two people should do it, violent and ecstatic, cock in cunt, working our hips while the vital juices flowed like a river.

“Harder, Harlin!” I screeched. “Do it harder!”

“Oh fuck that feels good!” he panted as his pecker massaged my twat. “You’re so fuckin’ tender inside, Martha. Ooohhhh that feels good!”

By this time Jenny was naked, too, caught up in the fury of the fuck. She was kneeling beside us, frying to see between our naked bodies so she could watch the cock go in and out. She was panting as loud as I was and I grabbed at her cunt. Her slit was all moist when my firger slipped inside but she almost broke my wrist when she got to fucking my fist too hard.

“I’m gonna come!” she screamed.

Maybe she would have, too, except that I had to get on with my own fucking and I needed both hands for that.

I had my legs wrapped around Harlin with a death grip as I tried to pull his buttocks closer to my groin. There was half-an-inch of unused pecker that he couldn’t get in and I needed it. I wanted it bad!

“Fuck deeper!” I screamed. “Fuck me harder!” I’m not sure he got that last inch of cock into my quivering cunt, because I orgasmed just then. I came so hard it overwhelmed me. He got me so good I just bawled and screamed and kicked while Harlin jizzed in me. The hot fluid washed inside of my cunt like lava from a volcano.

I didn’t even know when Harlin had really finished because the next thing I knew I was lying there all cool, damp with sweat and nearly unconscious, while the room was filled with excited fuckers. It took a few minutes for me to get my wits about me and when I did I had to cuss. If I could have held off my orgasm a little longer I could have gotten a whole bunch of fucking. People were changing off in the middle of their strokes, and some of them were heaped in a pile at the middle of the room. Everybody was having a good gang-bang and I had orgasmed myself right out of it. But not Jenny. I could see her face, all flushed, as she was buried beneath a pile of naked bodies. She was getting fucked and sucked and reamed and creamed all at the same time, and from the frantic look in her eyes, she was coming loose at the seams. I could see naked cunts with fingers in them, dangling balls thumping against naked buttocks, hard cocks spurting jizz in the air, and pink-tipped titties with teeth around the nipples. It was a glorious sight and even if I did just get over a terrible orgasm I couldn’t help getting all hot and bothered again from watching. I guess I sort of gave a wail as I dived into the middle of that squirming mass of glorious flesh.

Somebody was trying to stick a tit in my cunt. I could see the breast and I could feel the tight little nipple massage my clitoris, while somebody had something in my rectum. Either it was a small cock or somebody’s finger, but that didn’t matter. And I wasn’t about to look and see. Right then I had a cock in my mouth and a tit in my hand, as I tried to pound my way down to the bottom of the stack. I couldn’t really orgasm again right then but that didn’t matter either. Some women can never get an orgasm, and that night I envied them. Without orgasming to end a fuck, a woman could go forever getting screwed!

So we spent the night with Harlin and his guests, and we fucked right on through to Saturday night. I was so sore when we got through that I could hardly walk, and we took another cab home. Not to impress anybody, but because I couldn’t stand on the subway. I needed sleep and rest and a hot bath.


It’s funny how a girl can have sex and believe she is a woman just because her cherry’s gone. And yet there is so much involved with sexual activity that we never stop learning, we never cease to expand our horizons. I really feel sorry for people who get one piece of ass, from one person, and that’s the end of it. No matter if they screw each other for a century. There’s nothing new involved, it becomes a habit, and the mystery of strange sex is lost. Maybe that’s why there has always been so much cheating in marriage, and maybe that’s why women watch soap operas all the time. A woman needs variety just as much as a man does. I’ve heard it all from my girl friends, and from their friends.

It’s so much nicer to indulge the sex urge! To have a fresh cock when you need it, or to listen when a man says, “thanks a million,” after you made his day beautiful.

I especially remember Dayton Clark. He lives in the same apartment building as me and he was always very friendly. I knew he needed a strange piece of ass, but I let him use his own initiative. He was only married a year or so and had a nice wife, they were happy and in love. But the newness had worn off and Dayton needed a strange piece of ass.

I accommodated him one Saturday morning.

He came over to borrow some sugar, but I knew what he really wanted.

“Where’s your wife?” I asked while I was filling his cup.

“She’s doing the dishes.”

His face, was tight as he stared at me. I was wearing one of my shortie nightgowns and I know he could see my white panties just below the gown.

He almost dropped the sugar.

“You sure are pretty, Martha!”

The words were strained, too loud, and his hard-on could be seen right through his trousers.

“Is there anything else you need, Dayton?”

He was from the old school of morals so he damn near choked with the need to express himself. He just couldn’t come right out and ask for a fuck.

I took off my panties, and lifted my gown.

“Oh, migawd!”

The sugar went crashing to the floor and his eyes were glued to my cunt. He got his cock caught in his zipper in the frantic action to get it open, and he fucked me standing up in the kitchen. His need was so great that he lifted me right off the floor on the end of his cock, then jerk-fucked me all over the room. I clung to his neck like a leech while he jizzed clear up inside of me. It was a marvelous little screw, sudden and violent, and he really satisfied me. I fixed him up good, too, because he tried to get me every day after that. Only his wife was suspicious about all that sugar he came to borrow and I didn’t need that kind of trouble, so I cut him short. Still it brought a warmth to our floor, the overtones of stolen beauty. And I think it made a better fucker out of Dayton because his wife went singing around the place for two weeks.

I mentioned some of these things to Doreen and she agreed with me.

“Everybody needs a jolt in their sex life once in awhile, Martha. It’s just a damn shame that so many people think love and sex are the same thing. They’re as different as eating and sleeping.”

“I’m glad I have you to talk to, Doreen. Sometimes I think I’m a weirdo, or maybe I’m too dumb to know how other people think.”

“Naw, you’re okay. Sex makes the world go around. Even those guys who are married to beautiful movie stars, even they fuck around with starlets. Don’t matter how pretty a girl is, how much a guy loves her, he still wants a strange pussy.”

“And it’s the same with women, right?”

“You bet your fucking boots that’s right! In fact it’s even worse with a woman. A guy can get his kicks with sports or making wars or some other Goddam activity. While a female’s world revolves around her cunt. If she tries to forget it, nature reminds her every twenty-eight days.”

Doreen always made me feel better when I talked with her because she had really been around. She had seen it all, done it all, and she knew personalities that I could only imagine. She reminded me that even here in the office, half the time was spent with innuendoes or giggles about sex. A word here, a glance there, a gesture. It happened incessantly and gave us all, male and female alike, a sense of well-being, a sense of being alive.

So I felt good about being a sexpot, someone who really enjoyed screwing. I got to thinking there was only one thing to stop it. One thing to destroy all this fun and games.


I had seen it around the office so often it scared me. A girl or a guy would be a real swinger, happy-go-lucky and filled with joy. They fell in love. And two months later they walked around with their chin on the floor and hardly ever found reason to laugh again.

I swore to keep clear of that trap.

And the best way to do that was to get all the screwing I could. After all, that thing called love was an extension of the hots for somebody.

Sometimes I had to work at getting laid, and sometimes it came unexpectedly. Like the time Harlin called me up to the board room. He needed a nooner and he liked me, so he called down for me to bring up some papers.

We got it on right on that huge mahogany desk, the one where they made important decisions. And I had to smile when I thought that lots of people would be influenced by the decisions that I helped to shape. Surely Harlin would be in a better mood for the next meeting!

Yet, the most exciting fuck we ever had at the office was around Thanksgiving and everybody was in good spirits. We were having a turkey after work to celebrate, with all the trimmings, and most of us had a few highballs to get things rolling. I ate too much as usual so I couldn’t get high very easily but some of the girls got drunk and had to leave early. Doreen took one of the tipsy girls into the lunchroom and sucked her cunt before she sent her home, and I saw one of the salesmen take Audrey into an office. But I had my eyes set on Errol Glynn. He was such a handsome bastard it was unreal and since all the girls wanted in his pants I didn’t figure to have much chance. But I got him.

In fact, a whole bunch of us got him.

It must have been after nine o’clock because lots of people had split for home when a gang of us decided to raid the executive suite.

It was lovely in the place, with plush carpets and a little whiskey bar set up in one of the cabinets. There were fourteen of us, eight girls and six men, and we all knew we came here for a gang-bang. There was no need for innuendos so we talked straight out about it.

“Let’s have a daisy chain!” someone shouted.

“Naw, let’s change partners every other stroke!”

“I want it in the pooper!”

“Not me, I want to suck a cock!”

“And I want to see a room full of naked cunts!” The voices were excited, eager, until we made the head count. Found we were two guys short. So one of the girls hurried down to the turkey room and brought back two more guys. Except that four more girls came along, too!

Anyway, we got to fucking and sucking and squirting love juice all over that expensive carpet. I got Errol to stick it in me.

“Oooohhhhh that feels good!” I squealed with delight when I felt his hard pecker between my legs.

It felt marvelous, especially when he chewed on my tits with such ferocity I yelped with pain. Errol was a good fucker and had sense enough not to jizz in me. There were too many eager cunts ready to be penetrated and he wanted to try them all. That was okay with rue, because when he got off me, I was topped real quick by somebody else until I felt like a flower being pollinated by a bunch of bees. It was glorious, fulfilling, precious and lovely. I could have stayed there all night fucking like mad, except somebody found the celery.

One of the guys had brought a stalk of celery with him from the turkey feast. He put it on the table when we, got to fucking, and now somebody found it.

“Hey, guys, look at this!” Elmer Jensen shouted as he held the thing high. “Wonder if this would fit up somebody’s cunt!”

He was only joking, but you can’t joke in, the middle of a gang-bang. People get carried away with all that sex and they’re liable to do anything. Any Goddam thing you can imagine.

Next thing I knew three of the guys lifted me onto a table and spread my legs. For one long moment they stared at my quivering cunt, then they opened the soft lips of my pussy and stuck that celery up my box.

“Oh, gawdamightyfuckingdamn!” I screamed when I felt my cunt walls raped by a vegetable. “Ooowwweeeeee!”

It felt good the way a pulled tooth feels. Very horrible, yet satisfying, ugly, yet glorious. The celery stalk was way too huge fur my vagina, but those guys, and some of the girls, tried to stick it clear up inside of me.

“Aaaauuuggghhhh!” I screamed in agony. “Take it out! Oh, fuck it hurts! I can’t take it! Oowwwwww!”

I really couldn’t stand it so they let me up. There were tears in my eyes as I sat there and examined my poor little twat. It felt like I was all torn up inside but I did have a nice little orgasm with that raw dildo.

“Hey, I think I’ll eat the motherfucker!” Elmer yelled. “I always wanted to eat a fucking cunt anyway!”

He did.

The celery was filled with pimento cheese, and now it was covered with cunt juice. So Elmer ate that Goddam piece of green stuff like it tasted better than anything on the face of the earth. He stood there chomping at it while he jacked off, to send a stream of semen splattering over one of the expensive paintings on the wall. Like I said, most of sex is in the mind, and I figured Elmer thought he was eating a cunt!

It got the rest of us even more worked up so we really did start a daisy chain. Cock to ass and cunt to ass, we made a circle around that mahogany table. Then we stumbled around while we fucked and got fucked, until one of the girls couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m gonna come!” she screamed, falling to her knees. “Oh, God! I’m really coming!”

She had to do the last part herself because she was on her knees and nobody made a move to help her finish. She just knelt there with her legs closed, her head on her knees and her eyes closed with joy, while she orgasmed to her heart’s content.

That kind of broke up the circle so we went back to fucking each other on a more personal basis. I got to suck Earl’s magnificent prick until he came in my mouth, and then he sucked my cunt while I orgasmed in his face. I could feel his teeth against my clitoris while I was giving him the wildest face-fuck he could imagine, and when we both had orgasmed, we tried to pet each other into another go at it. He was a real man and he got another hard-on, so we screwed until we cried out of pain.

It was wonderful, the way sex always is, and I’m gad I work in a big office like this. There are thousands of people who work here, with some leaving while others begin, and among the whole fucking lot of them I have never seen a single person who doesn’t like to fuck.

Can you imagine the fun I’m going to have!

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